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".. "Terrorism" was the excuse given by officials in Warren County, Ohio, when they kept outsiders from peeking at the counting process. Neither the FBI nor Homeland Security had any knowledge of this alleged threat. Now reporter Erica Solvig of the Cincinnati Enquirer has uncovered the fact that the lock-out was planned well in advance, on 25.Oct.2004 Fishier and fishier... URL:

24.Nov.2004 Keith Olbermann discusses the finessed wording of the Democratic party's releases announcing their involvement in the Ohio recount. URL:

24.Nov.2004 The mainstreamers are coming around. Another "respectable" journal, Oregon's Register-Guard, has published a terrific story by Dianne Lobes on vote fraud allegations. URL: 24.Nov.2004 Swing state analysis. Computer scientist Bob Burnett, co-founder of Cisco Systems, has completed a study of the swing states + the exit polls + Computer scientist Bob Burnett, co-founder of Cisco Systems report takes us past the simplistic "exit polls can be inaccurate" crap we've been hearing from the mainstream media.02.Nov.2004 presidential exit polls were wildly off the mark in swing states; the difference between the expected + actual results was not randomly distributed, it was all in Bush's favor. URL:

24.Nov.2004 Now Cindy Cohn of the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco is looking into the matter. Rice University computer science professor Dan Wallach + security expert Bruce Schneier have agreed to help test the machines -- URL:

24.Nov.2004 Greg Palast may be the first reporter outside the blogosphere to note the divergent attitudes toward exit polling, depending upon whether the subject is the Ukraine or the USA.URL: 24.Nov.2004 This analysis details an odd phenomenon in east Cleveland. In precincts where voters historically favor Democrats to an overwhelming degree, far-right third party candidates received large numbers of votes - sometimes ridiculously large numbers. (Remember the "Jews for Buchanan" phenomenon of 00.000.2000 ?) Since the Bush percentage of the vote is consistent with that seen in past elections, any vote switch must have come at Kerry's expense. Yeah, the numbers are small -- but shennanigans of this sort do add up. URL:

24.Nov.2004 Also in Ohio: You'll want to read Bob Fritakis on "How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush." URL:

24.Nov.2004 Some had hoped the "allowable" provisionals could go as high as 90 %, the figure in 00.000.2000 . But Ken Blackwell ain't gonna let that happen. According to the Plain Dealer, he's tossing out one out of every three provisionals. URL:

24.Nov.2004 We've already established that this election was crooked. Now we are discussing how crooked. Here's a poser: What if we discover that Bush would have won (barely) even if his forces had not engaged in systemic e-vote manipulation? (I doubt that such is the case -- but for the moment, consider the idea as a hypothetical.) Would his reign maintain any legitimacy? In some countries, I am told, the law stipulates that any politician who attempts to rig the vote will automatically lose his post, regardless of the degree of tampering.While you ponder that one, here are some links....URL:

24.Nov.2004 Even many skeptics are coming around to the view that "something funny" occurred on 02.Nov.2004 If you look closely at various news accounts, you'll see that the focus is now on the question of whether that "something funny" was funny enough to swing the election. URL:

24.Nov.2004 Bev Harris still has not made the promised announcement. However, after her recent find in Florida -- I refer to the "duplicate" poll tapes which contain mysterious additions to the Bush vote -- the landscape has changed. (True, the New York Times hasn't deigned to cover her work yet -- but you can read about it here!) URL:

24.Nov.2004 The economy is headed for disaster. That's the word from Stephen Pizzo, respected author of Inside Job. (Any number of authors are saying the same thing.) When Bush was asked by a Columbian reporter how the U.S. would pay for the war on drugs despite its massive deficit, Bush answered: "By working very hard." (No, I am not making this up!) More proof that fundamentalists are sick freaks : In Anchorage, Alaska's Matanuska Christian School, principal Steve Unfreid had himself whipped in front of two teens, who had committed the "sin" of kissing girls. Go to Google, type in the words "miserable failure," then hit "I'm feeling lucky." Heh heh heh... URL:

24.Nov.2004 Terrorverdacht: Verfassungsgericht stoppt Auslieferung von Darkazanli 24.Nov.2004 Top-Spion geehrt: Brite verhalf Tausenden Juden zur Flucht 24.Nov.2004 Telefonaktion: Schröder setzt sich für Deeskalation in Ukraine ein 24.Nov.2004 Ukraine: Juschtschenko fürchtet Bürgerkrieg, ruft zum Generalstreik auf 24.Nov.2004 Ukraine: "Ich will keinen .."
".. concern for their employer, discovered a second billboard bearing the same image along the same route, paid for by Charles W. Clayton Jr. Clear Channel Outdoor Orlando said they could not respond to requests for comment this week because their press person was “away.” They referred calls to their San Antonio corporate parent, which did not return two messages for comment. URL: 23.Nov.2004 "Economic Armageddon" (link fixed) The only story more important than vote fraud is the hellish condition of the USA economy, due to the ghastly overspending of George W. Bush. Those who still don't get it must read this piece in the Boston Herald. Morgan Stanley's chief financial expert Stephen Roach, is privately telling associates that our nation has only a .."
".. the dollar will keep falling. To keep foreigners buying T-bills and prevent a resulting rise in inflation, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan will be forced to raise interest rates further and faster than he wants. The result: U.S. consumers, who are in debt up to their eyeballs, will get pounded. Wonder how the propagandists are gong to blame that situation on Bill Clinton?URL: 24.Nov.2004 The cult of Bush More proof that Bush-worship has become a cult can be found here. Warning: Click on that link only if you want to see a truly frightening image.# posted by Joseph : 5:11 PM  2 comments URL:

24.Nov.2004 But the news is pretty damn startling. The Government Accounting Office has finally decided to investigation the many reports of "irregularities" with the electronic vote. See also Judy Woodruff's report.Maureen Farrell has written a fine piece on the media reaction to the growing academic consensus that the official count does not reflect the will of the .."
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".. If you work in an office, consider running off a few copies of this piece. Bind them nicely. Leave them "just lying around." Alternatively, if you have conservative relatives, you may want to consider forcing them at gunpoint to study every page of this fine work. Do whatever you can to spread these words around; they provide the oil necessary to the gears of democracy. URL: 06.Jan.2005 "Eye on Ohio: The Informed Citizen's Guide to the 2004 Elections," is written by a Daily Kos diarist who operates under the name of georgia10. URL: 06.Jan.2005 It's never too early for polls! According to the recent Ipsos poll, if the presidential election were held today, a generic Republican would lose handily to a generic Democrat. Republicans may do that which Democrats may not . In Texas, three unsuccessful Republican state legislature aspirants are challenging their defeats. Whiners! Sore losermen! Conspiracy theorists! Tin foil hats! Black helicopters! Oliver Stone! Get over it! The time has come for the nation to move on... URL: 06.Jan.2005 Talking Points. Howard Dean supporters have compiled a list of talking points which we can use to counter commonly-heard misperceptions about the election controversy. This paper demonstrates some good, original thinking -- it presents arguments that don't just retrace those previously heard. URL: 06.Jan.2005 When Brad Friedman first sent me this news, my first reaction to was to make a snide comment about Colmes. On his site, Friedman informs us "Alan is a regular BRAD BLOG reader, so be nice! ;-)"URL: 06.Jan.2005 Recount challenged. What do David Cobb (Green), Michael Badnarik (Libertarian) and John Kerry (Democrat) have in common? Aside from the facts that they all ran for president in 2004 and all challenged various aspects of the Ohio vote count, they now have one further common denominator: They now also claim that the recount was highly dubious. Specifically, they allege tampering by Triad, based upon the affidavit of Sherole Eaton. (Is this the same affidavit that was tossed out by Moyer in the Arnebeck suit?) URL: 06.Jan.2005 More: "I have never shied away from giving the liberals fits," he remarked in the letter. "And I'm sure that with all the voter fraud we prevented during this last election, they will be looking to get even with me in my next political campaign." Uh...Kenny? There's a typo in your letter. The word "committed" was misspelled as "prevented." As for the "get even" remark: You bet your ass! URL: 06.Jan.2005 Kenny "the kapo" Konfesses : Raw Story editor John Byrne has uncovered an explosive letter in which Ken Blackwell, Ohio's controversial Secretary of State, reveals his true face. Before the votes were counted, he bragged about being "truly pleased" to "deliver" Ohio's votes to Bush. That phrasing will, of course, remind most people of .."
".. O'Dell's infamous declaration, which used the exact same wording. In apparent disregard for his nonpartisan role as Ohio's chief election official, the Republican Secretary and chairman of Bush's Ohio reelection campaign slammed Senator Kerry as a "disaster" who would have reaped "terrible" and "horrible" results on both Ohio and the United States. URL: 06.Jan.2005 Fritakis does it again . Bob Fritakis has another fine story on the Ohio debacle, as well as New Mexico and Florida. He quotes from various affidavits testifying to GOP malfeasance. His account nicely complements the House Judiciary COmmittee's report. Here are some samples -- and as you read the following, keep in mind Ken Blackwell's recently-disclosed bragging about "delivering" the Ohio vote: "I was a volunteer all day on Nov. 2 and noticed a big discrepancy in the number of voting machines. Where I vote, in an affluent neighborhood, a voting machine had been added (total of five machines). In the lower-income neighborhoods, there were two-three machines and people waiting over three hours to vote!" URL: 06.Jan.2005 As we all know, those conservative farmers in Iowa just can't get through their day without regularly checking on what good ol' Kos has to say. According to the conspiracy theory, those Iowa farmers saw the exits and said: "Shucks! Looks like Kerry's gonna win! Why bother voting? Guess I'll just stay here and plough the north 40..."Talk about your tin foil hat notions! URL: 06.Jan.2005 Exit polls: The Big Lie gets a big push . Since no-one now believes the "chatty Dem" theory of the great exit poll disparity, the Republicans must now publicize their "fall-back" position. Yep, they will try to convince the country that Mitofsky intentionally skewed the results to help Kerry . So far, this nonsensical notion has been relegated to the .."
".. corners of the net. (You may have noticed the snipings of a particularly obsessive right-wing conspiracy theorist in the comments section of this very blog.) But now the GOP Ministry of Love is making this idea the new Party Line. Yes, the meme is making the big time -- if you can call GOP flack Mickey Kaus the big time. Rush should be getting his copy of the script any day now.URL: 06.Jan.2005 I have never seen a more hard-hitting report by any congressional committee. Ever. URL: 06.Jan.2005 Blackwell stands specifically accused of direct violations of the Help America Vote Act, as well as Article 1, Section 5 of the Ohio Constitution (see page 48 of the report) -- not mention the first amendment to the United States Constitution (page 49), the Voting Rights Act and all constitutional guarantees of due process (page 52), Ohio statutes regarding ballot .."
".. Civil Rights Act of 1968 (page 65) + possibly the National Voter Registration Act (page 69). He also has a statutory obligation to investigate election irregularities; the paper documents numerous problems, most of which received no investigation from Blackwell's office.The report damns Blackwell for deliberately delaying the official count to render the recount challenges moot: URL: 05.Jan.2005 BRAVO, JOHN CONYERS! The report is in + it is awesome! (plus: More vote fraud news) This is a huge news day for those following the vote fraud controversy.The Report on Ohio vote tampering is here . Just a day before the ratification of the electoral votes, the House Judiciary Committee has just released its findings on the election horrors in Ohio. Yes, it's a long .."
".. misconduct and illegal behavior, much of it involving Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, the co-chair of the Bush-Cheney campaign in Ohio . The document presents page after page filled with courtroom-quality evidence against Blackwell -- and let me tell you, this stuff is damning . This vile manipulator should, must go to jail. He is nothing short of a criminal mastermind. URL: 06.Jan.2005 Tatsächlich besagte ein Report der Vereinten Nationen, dass die Bewohner einer Nachbarregion von Tangshan bestens auf das Beben vorbereitet gewesen seien, weil sie nachtaktive Tiere wie Wiesel und Ratten am helllichten Tage gesichtet hätten. Da die Berichte aber erst nach der Katastrophe bekannt wurden, ist ihr Wahrheitsgehalt heute kaum noch überprü .."
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  1. 20060218
    ".. eskow/cheneys-chappaquiddick-i_b_15711.htmlDowd: Cheney Complains "National Security Leaks Are Endangering America. Unless, Of Course, He's Doing The Leaking"... 18.Feb.2006

  2. They're trying to spin it as just a badly handled case of press relations, but it's could be a whole lot more than that.

  3. 18.Feb.2006 Comments: We need to stop playing. Don't buy the drugs that fund them. Don't buy the products that fuel the offshore companies, don't invest, no Walmart. I mean be strict with yourself. Toss the TV and cable (you're paying for propaganda), cell phone (it's tracking) If in govmt service (local, state, fed) don't accept illegal directives. Live simple, buy locally and frugally, know .."
    ".. Feb.2006 1942-The Battle of Los Angeles  The anniversary is almost upon us... 18.Feb.2006 Modern technology finds ancient Maya ruins  NASA and University of New Hampshire scientists are using space- and aircraft-based "remote-sensing" technology to uncover ancient Maya ruins. 17.Feb.2006 Was Diana murdered?  Could it be that we've all been fooled? 18.Feb.2006 Guantanamo: Why? I urge you to read Kevin Drum's new piece in the Washington Monthly, which summarizes the cover story of the National Journal. According to this account, many of the prisoners held in subhuman conditions at Gitmo were detained for reasons that were not just hazy, not just unproven, but downright false. 18.Feb.2006

  4. This report doesn't discuss the hellfire which will rain down on our warships by advanced new missiles...sold to Iran by China...and thus paid for by all those dollars you spent at Wal-Mart.But...hey. It's all good. After all, President Bush is right with Jesus. And Jesus is coming soon. Isn't he...? Permalink 18.Feb.2006

  5. WAR ON IRAN! It's inevitable. Here's a good look at what to expect... In Iran itself, the initial results might also appear to be a "success" for the United States, but the prospect may seem very different when Iranian forces (such as a revitalised Revolutionary Guard) infiltrate into Iraq, seek to sabotage oil facilities in western Gulf states + develop low-tech .."
    ".. within weeks, in the beginnings of a sustained and complex war, one that could certainly stretch to Lebanon and Afghanistan.Third, the report points to the near-certainty that any attack on Iran would lead to the country setting out quite deliberately to develop nuclear weapons as quickly as possible, withdrawing from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) forthwith. 18.Feb.2006

  6. By the way, did you know that the United States government is in "technical default"? That is, there is a $5.5. billion gap between our debt and the congressional ceiling on debt...Job creation lags behind population growth. Plants are closing, or moving overseas. Poverty is raising sharply. So are the numbers of people without health insurance. Rents are going up + so are evictions. The already sky-high rents in major cities may well double as hundreds of thousands of people with unpayable mortgages are forced to sell or give up their homes.18.Feb.2006

  7. Permalink 18.Feb.2006 Reddhedd over at firedoglake happened upon a similar fit of angst, and had what is actually a very reasonable response for the moment, the perfect Tom Paine quote. "These are the times that try men's souls...." 18.Feb.2006 today I'm asking myself: Can I understand well enough to give better aim to the chase and ask the really hard question? Surely we can all agree we have more than ample information and evidence, not only on the evil perpetrators, but on what fate awaits us. Now what, precisely, do we do about it? 18.Feb.2006

  8. Anyone out there identify with this angst? 18.Feb.2006

  9. And so what do I do? I keep chasin' the paper. Or, e-paper, whatever. I keep tracking down yet more information and evidence, as if there were not enough goods on these folks three years ago. As if I - ME! - I'm gonna find that one crystal, pure, unassailable, unequivocal, piece of truth that will reverse all this madness and set it straight again.18.Feb.2006 The information and evidence keep piling up, now at a pace that is so astounding one stays in a perpetual state of hyperventilation trying to take it all in. Any one of the scandals that make up this avalanche, at any other time in our history would have taken down even the most popular and distinguished of administrations. 18.Feb.2006 now, knowing what actually will happen but entertaining some speculation as to how, I find myself with yet another question. How much more information do we need?18.Feb.2006 most of you, I comb the internet on an almost daily basis, looking for yet more evidence that evil is afoot, nay, ahead. But how much more evidence do I need? 18.Feb.2006 it's not even clear to me that their plan requires another inside job; the 9/11 specter will suffice, in their minds, at least. The downside of another such event, after all, is that it would happen on their watch + they do capitalize a great deal on maintaining their role as our protectors. The upside of course would be martial law and all those dictatorial perks Bush has so openly salivated over. 18.Feb.2006 week, our very own Darth Vader appeared to be facing his ultimate demise while unseasonably warm and sunny days fed into the giddy frenzy that we might finally see him depart in disgrace. Today, though, intense winds bring in dark clouds and rain and plummeting tempteratures as I hear the Dick has foiled us yet again + watch footage of more torture in Abu Ghraib, read of the .."
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    ".. and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers. 11.Apr.2006 A BuzzFlash Interview with Stephanie Hendricks, Author of "Divine Destruction," the Role of the Hard Core Religious Right in the Decimation of our Environment U.S. Reports Death of 5 Soldiers in Iraq 4/12 11.Apr.2006 Carolyn Kay: What If They Had Made the Trains Run on Time? - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution 11.Apr.2006 What we are seeing now is a bunch of inconsequential, trumped-up hoo-ha concerning conspiracy #1. This is all a distraction. The neocons want you to boggle your brain attempting to sort out that nonsense so that you don't pay attention to conspiracy #2.That's the important conspiracy. The one that helped brings us to war.The real motive? When W first went into Iraq, Ron Reagan was .."
    ".. The Brewster Jennings network in Turkey was able to intercept this shipment which was intended to be hidden in Iraq and later used as evidence that Saddam Hussein was in possession of weapons of mass destruction. As always, Madsen derives this data from unspecified "intelligence sources," so caveat lector . Still, the idea does have a certain attraction. Permalink 11.Apr.2006 Joseph Wilson spoke at California State University at Northridge last Thursday; alas, I did not find out about his appearance "in a timely fashion" (as they say in court) + was thus unable to attend. He told the students that he had tried for five months to tell the White House that the Niger uranium claim was fraudulent:"I had direct discussions with the State .."
    ".. conversations to change what they were saying publicly. I had a civic duty to hold my government to account for what it had said and done."Wilson said he was rebuffed at every instance + finally decided to write an op-ed in the New York Times + expose the administration for knowingly "twisting" the intelligence on the Iraqi nuclear threat to make a case for war.11.Apr.2006 We learn from Jason Leopold that Bush was in on the Plame matter early on: 00.Jun.2003 -In early- Vice President Dick Cheney met with President Bush + told him that CIA officer Valerie Plame Wilson was the wife of Iraq war critic Joseph Wilson + that she was responsible for sending him on a fact-finding mission to Niger to check out reports about Iraq's attempt to purchase uranium .."
    ".. close to the investigation to determine who revealed Plame-Wilson's undercover status to the media.Other White House officials who also attended the meeting with Cheney and President Bush included former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, her former deputy Stephen Hadley, and Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove. 11.Apr.2006 So. Bush did not just authorize a leak, he also authorized a lie . And what does poor Scotty have to say about this? The National Intelligence Estimate is the collective judgment of the intelligence community. It served as the underlying basis for how we viewed the regime's weapons program.Now, an independent commission looked at all these issues and found out that the intelligence was wrong, and that's why we've taken steps to implement a bunch of reform. But at the time there were those who were making these wild accusations that we were misusing, or misrepresenting the intelligence. That's why it was in the public interest to declassify that information, because it provided important historical information. 11.Apr.2006 The NIE document. Libby claims that Bush authorized him to spill a "key judgement" of the NIE document to Judith Miller -- the part that fingered Iraq as making a vigorous effort to acquire uranium. Unfortunately, no such "key judgement" existed within that document. The CIA guys who wrote the thing have confirmed as much to the Washington Post.11.Apr.2006 Obstruction of justice . A larger number of people are coming to understand that if Bush lied to a prosecutor, we have serious grounds for impeachment. From the Vichy Democrats site: Bush refused to be sworn or, IIRC, to allow a court reporter at his meeting with Fitzgerald. But perjury isn't an element of the crime of obstruction, so being under oath is irrelevant + Fitzgerald .."
    ".. Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers. Secret Pentagon propaganda program has been working to exaggerate the importance of Zarqawi and Al Qaeda in Iraq, Washington Post reveals The NRA Believes in "Pre-Emptive Killing." Join the Fight to Stop People from Getting a Gun Lobby License to Murder. 10.Apr.2006 Interview: Iraqi blogger Riverbend 4/11 10.Apr.2006 In Nazi America... "Government lawyers tried to confiscate the gold tooth caps known as "grills" from the mouths of two men facing drug charges, saying the dental work qualified as seizable assets." Permalink 10.Apr.2006 But every leak, every interview, every public criticism that exposes the insanity of our Commander-in-Chief constitutes a quiet coup -- a subtle act of rebellion -- a volley in a "cold" civil war. Permalink 10.Apr.2006 Iraq enough of a Stalingrad-style disaster to provoke such a reaction? Can our officers find it within themselves to be not just warriors, but heroes ?10.Apr.2006 Maj. Gen. Paul D. Eaton (who commanded the training of Iraq's new security forces) also called for the removal of Donald Rumsfeld in a New York Times editorial. General Anthony Zinni also made the same public request.The officer class is bailing. Retention numbers for young Army officers keep getting worse: Last year, more than a third of the West Point class of 2000 left active duty at the earliest possible moment, after completing their five-year obligation. 10.Apr.2006 Officers against Bush. Lt. Gen. Gregory Newbold, "the three-star Marine Corps general who was the military's top operations officer" until his reitrement in 2002, has called for the replacement of Donald Rumsfeld. His critique of the Iraq war is devastating. In his view, the decision to go "was done with a casualness and swagger that are the special province of those who have never had to execute these missions — or bury the results." Newbold was a key source for the book Cobra II , in which he characterizes the Iraq war as a blunder.10.Apr.2006 Zarqawi the scarecrow. Take another look at a story you've probably already seen -- the revelation that the threat posed by terrorist "mastermind" Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is, to at least some degree, a fiction, or at least a hyperbole. Many bloggers noted the fishy scent perfuming the Zarqawi stories floating in and out of our newspapers + suspicions of fakery have now been proven valid.10.Apr.2006 The Pentagon adviser on the war on terror confirmed that some in the Administration were looking seriously at this option, which he linked to a resurgence of interest in tactical nuclear weapons among Pentagon civilians and in policy circles. He called it “a juggernaut that has to be stopped.” He also confirmed that some senior officers and officials were considering .."
    ".. “The internal debate on this has hardened in recent weeks,” the adviser said. “And, if senior Pentagon officers express their opposition to the use of offensive nuclear weapons, then it will never happen.” Giving this information to Hersh was an act of patriotic insubordination -- and let's hope we see more "leaks" undertaken in that spirit.10.Apr.2006

  2. Note the pattern...Seymour Hersh , in his instantly-famous New Yorker piece, writes that A senior Pentagon adviser on the war on terror expressed a similar view. “This White House believes that the only way to solve the problem is to change the power structure in Iran, and that means war,” he said. 10.Apr.2006 In case you missed it: Video: Torture Inc. Americas Brutal .."
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".. big guns and planes… But Iran has 150,000 American hostages. Continued 02.May 2006 Endgame for the Constitution -By Paul Craig Roberts Unless Bush is impeached and turned over to the war crimes court in the Hague, Americans will never reclaim their liberties from an executive branch that has established itself as the sole judge of the limits of its powers. Continue 02.May 2006 Who benefits? This observation makes perfect sense:To kick off his war against Poland, Hitler staged an attack by soldiers dressed in Polish uniforms targeting a German radio station near the Polish border. The attack was drawn out to give the radio station plenty of time to broadcast a report of the attack + WW2 got off to a grand start.So here we have a report of Iran shelling Iraq.Stop and think for a moment. Iran has about as much motive to attack Iraq right now as Poland had to attack Germany.It's a staged provocation, people. Permalink 02.May 2006 SOCOM We all know another terror attack is coming. When it does, Rumsfeld's Special Operations Command -- SOCOM -- stands poised to enforce dictatorial control over the USA and the rest of the world. Funded to the tune of $8 billion, SOCOM is a strike force of Green Berets and Navy Seals -- the best of the best, straight from the heart of Jesusland -- all of whom have been .."
".. which was anticipated by the founding fathers. Under new legislation the military is free to spy on American citizens, deploy mercenaries to natural disasters, and, in the event of a terrorist attack, arrest citizens without charges. The power-mad Bush administration has every reason to stage a new domestic attack. When it happens, do not believe one official word . Permalink 02.May 2006 If the struggle and the chanting are heard between 10:03 and 10:06, then why was silence heard in 2002? Permalink 02.May 2006 the same recording was played at the Moussaoui trial -- except now, the scenario was quite different. Three minutes after 10 a.m., passengers seem to be breaking through the cockpit door, fighting with the hijackers in a futile effort to take back the throttle. "Go! Go!" they encourage one another. "Move! Move!" But the terrorists have flipped the plane upside down. They spin it downward."Shall we finish it off?" a hijacker asks in Arabic.In its final plunge, the hijackers shout over and over in Arabic: "Allah is the greatest! Allah is the greatest!"The tape ends. 02.May 2006 But the final minutes of United Flight 93 are truly puzzling.00.000.2002 relatives of the victims were allowed to listen to the cockpit recordings. According to the Phildelphia Daily News, they heard sounds of a struggle at 9:58 a.m. There was a final "rushing sound" at 10:03. Then silence. The plane hit the ground at 10:06.02.May 2006 The agent for Monica Lewinsky's "tell-all" book was Richard Carlson, former Bush official and father to Tucker Carlson. The elder Carlson has now revealed that his good friend Scooter Libby -- of all people! -- drew up the actual contract.All coincidence, of course. Permalink 02.May 2006 If the war planners had not made an irrevocable decision for war, then why did they ask Turkey for the use of their bases? Why did the U.S. deep-six snap inspections of Iran's nuclear program? The men who covet Iran's oil are serious -- so serious, that they will stage a new "sink the Maine" scenario if one is needed. I'll say it for the second time today: The power-mad Bush administration has every reason to stage a new domestic attack. When it happens, do not believe one official word. Permalink 02.May 2006 Impeachment rules and routes02.May 2006 Well, attorney, former US Senator and VP candidate, John Edwards, has taken up this banner, written about it + set up an online petition to present to the good Prosecutor.You know what to do.Permalink 02.May 2006 Look again at the transcript: McClellan brought the matter up . He didn't have to answer the question that way. Without actually divulging something that he is pledged to keep secret, he has offered reporters a broad hint that they should look closer.Whaddaya think? Could it be that Bush's poochie decided to give his master a parting snarl? Permalink 02.May 2006 Occasionally, they get mentioned in mainstream publications: See the U.S. News and World Report quote here. (This page collects tunnel reports.) We know that the White House has an underground bunker -- remember Cheney during 9/11? -- and a moment's thought will tell you why there must be more than one way to enter and exit that bunker.02.May 2006 Talking Points Memo directs our attention to a really, really weird exchange between reporters and Scott McLellan regarding the Secret Service logs that should show how many times Jack Abramoff entered and exited the White House. Should...but won't : I wouldn't look at it as a complete historical record of things -- of events here at the White House. I'd just caution you on that. 02.May 2006 The house that Jack bought.... dr. elsewhere here Ah. Seems the ACLU (ya gotta love 'em) has forced the Secret Service to turn over logs of Jack Abramoff's visits to the White House, reportedly over 200 times in the first ten months of Bush's tenure. 02.May 2006 It appears that Jack Abramoff may well have visited the WH every single work day at least for the first ten months of Bush's presidency.Which would also mean that Jack was working far more than the President, of course.Now wasn't that fun? Permalink 02.May 2006 Verstaatlichung in Bolivien: Evos explosive Mai-Demo 02.May 2006 TV-Bericht: Terror-Verdächtiger soll in .."
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  1. 20050116
    ".. Stephen Roach, chief economist for Morgan Stanley and Co. is quoted in Forbes Magazine (Jan 7) as saying that Alan Greenspan has pushed both the US and world to the brink of financial ruin + specific cites risk of a residential housing "bubble". You can read more here: Can't get more mainstream than that eh? URL: # posted by NCvotewatcher : 2:06 PM   My partner and I are joining many other citizens and seriously exploring the option of moving to Canada. This is not some kind of "liberal temper-tantrum", as some have accused. Rather, it is an option that we want to fully explore and consider because Democracy as we understood it is dead, and the years of ripple effects from the Bushco policies will far exceed our lifetimes. Not trying to be a downer, just a realist.'Anonymous in PA # posted by Anonymous : 5:09 PM URL:

  2. 15.Jan.2005 Honestly, the way the Bush cabal is driving this truck like they stole it, I fully suspect that there may actually be some deliberate scheme to it. I know it's sick, but what a canny way to get rid of not only a whole host of "weak" people who are really just a drain on the system, right? But it also gets rid of the democracy and imposes the kind of tyranny conservatives have long envied of Roosevelt.And what do they care? With all the power in the corporations anyway, they don't even need a country. URL:

  3. 15.Jan.2005 Every economist my friend knows feels the crash will come in the next few months, this year, anyway. The real estate bubble will burst, and values will plummet, but Mr. Scott is likely correct to presume that rents will remain high or increase due to property tax increases. If you’ve spent any time in New England, or any intact neighborhoods from the 30s, you are aware of what happened to once large homes or even mansions during the Depression; quartered into multiple dwellings or made into boarding homes. URL:

  4. 15.Jan.2005 The problem is, our debt is so huge, those carrying it - dutifully - will soon just stop; Japan has been really taking it on the chin, but so has China, mainly because we are the greatest consumers of their cheap goods. But the dollar is so worthless now that these countries - + others (most Central + South American reserve banks have been quietly converting to the Euro in recent years + Russia announced just before the election that not only was it considering doing just this, but it wondered why oil trade did not convert to the euro as well, the death knell for the US) -- will no long find any benefit to investing in it. URL:

  5. 15.Jan.2005 This is the end...beautiful friends, the end... Yesterday, I discussed an interesting-if-flawed forecast by one Phil Scott (not an economist; just an average fellow exercising his right to rant on unsenet) of how the "economic Ragnarok" scenario might play itself out in the United States. A reader named Lynn sent me her own response, which I would like to pass on the readers:A good friend of mine is a retired investment banker + he has been keeping me abreast of the impending doom for a couple of years. First of all, one great source is foreign econo-mags. They have a much more realistic sense of what is going on than we do here. Big surprise.URL:

  6. 15.Jan.2005 URL:,1518,druck-336999,00.html Pikante Entdeckung - Pornobilder auf Islamisten-Computer [Propganda]Im Computer des Terrorverdächtigen Mounir al-Motassadeq haben Ermittler pikante Dateien entdeckt: Auf dem Gerät des nach eigenen Angaben strenggläubigen Muslim waren auch Pornobilder gespeichert. Hamburg - Im Hamburger .."
    ".. Wahlberechtigten gemacht.Leicht verändert waren die Zahlen nach der so genannten Sonntagsfrage: die SPD käme auf 32 % (plus zwei), die Grünen auf unverändert zehn %, wäre am nächsten Sonntag Bundestagswahl. CDU/CSU erhielten 39 % (minus zwei), die FDP unverändert sieben %. Die anderen Parteien, einschließlich der PDS, kämen auf sechs %.URL: /14.Jan.2005 ...view a suppressed documentary on the Nebraska affair. The 1994 film is called "Conspiracy of Silence,." It was originally intended to be broadcast on the Discovery Channel in the U.S. and on Yorkshire television in the U.K. URL: /14.Jan.2005 We are working with the Indonesian government on disaster relief -- and that government is working with affiliates of Al Qaida. Such, at least, is the conclusion drawn from this Democracy Now interview with Alan Nairn. The tsunami has given the Indonesian government an opportunity to ship Bin Laden supporters into the strife-torn Aceh region, where the outside militants .."
    ".. one of the rationales being the Indonesian military is needed to fight such Bin Laden-style military. This, Nairn alleges, is the real reason for those shocking photos of American aid being handed to men wearing Bin Laden couture. Nairn's analysis stands in stark contrast to the simplistic "America good, Muslims bad" view, as exrmplified by this Austrailian editorial. URL: /14.Jan.2005 Diebold and the other vilified companies have a proven history of hiring convicted criminals. (Felons cannot vote in some states, but they can count the votes.) Tom Eschenberger, vice president of ES&S, was fingered by charges of bribery and kickbacks. Phil Foster and Pasquale Ricci of Sequoia were indicted for paying a large bribe to the Louisiana Commissioner of .."
    ".. one member of the Gambino crime family. As for Diebold: Jeff Dean, the senior programmer and VP at this controversial firm has been convicted of 23 counts of felony theft. Five senior figures have rap sheets. Are we really supposed to believe that such men would balk at vote-rigging for fear of "ignominy"? Must we presume that such men would be unwilling to take a risk? URL: /14.Jan.2005 By contrast, those looking for a prime example of left-wing antipathy for this cause -- and there was plenty -- should check out this wrongheaded piece on the Tom Paine website. The article bends over backwards to be "fair" to the Bush forces. For example:Also, although incoming voter registration figures showed surges in certain areas, that didn't mean the newly registered would necessarily vote. And certainly not in greater numbers than in many established precincts where a high percentage of registered voters typically went to the polls. URL: /14.Jan.2005 Two views . Anthony Wade presents a fine piece on the "Boxer" rebellion and the Republican audacities which led up to it. He offers a rebuttal to all the robotic Republican talking points.URL: /14.Jan.2005 Conyers versus Blackwell. Ken Blackwell, fingered by the Conyers report as being a violator of both the law and his oath of office, has fired back at the congressman. "I think Rep. Conyers' inquiry and motivation speaks for itself." A man who once expressed admiration for the way Katherine Harris made out like a bandit -- forgive the grammar: I should have said as a bandit -- has now questioned the motivations of John Conyers. Incredible! URL: /14.Jan.2005 The Arnebeck suit is over . We were promised "smoking gun" evidence. Looks like we will never see it, if it ever existed. "This is not the end, this is merely the end of one state action," said Cliff Arnebeck, the challenge's lead counsel. "More importantly, it signals the emergence of a much broader effort where we plan to investigate and .."
    20050116.html - 13 matches

  1. 20050615
    ".. danach entwickelten, hänge jedoch vor allem davon ab, was über den Film erzählt werde. 15.Jun.2005 CSPAN will cover the hearings on Thursday, as will Pacifica. There will also be gatherings around the country, not to mention an overdue rally in support of Conyers himself, which will take place in front of the White House at 5:00 p.m. For more information, go here. URL: 15.Jun.2005 The mainstream press may be running out of reasons to avoid this story. Check out the Minneapolis Star-Tribune: "Editorial: Fig leaf for war/Paper indicates U.N. was misled": URL: 15.Jun.2005 Also worthy of note is this piece from the overly-cautious Los Angeles Times:14.Mar.2002 -In one memorandum, dated- + labeled "secret - strictly personal," Blair's chief foreign policy advisor, David Manning, described to the prime minister a dinner he had had with Rice.URL: 15.Jun.2005 Mathematisches Modell: Mundpropaganda entscheidet über Erfolg im Kino 15.Jun.2005 Manipulierte Studien: Bush-Berater wechselt zu Ölkonzern 15.Jun.2005 Kompromiss: Lauscherlaubnis auf den letzten Drücker 15.Jun.2005 EU-Gipfel: Juncker und Barroso glauben nicht mehr an Erfolg 15.Jun.2005 Al-Qaida: Mutmaßliche Terroristen in Spanien festgenommen 15.Jun .."
    ".. example, he has issued dark insinuations - unjustified insinuations, in my view - about Fred Burks, with whom I've had some cordial correspondence. But Hopsicker is surely on firmer ground when he casts a wary eye toward the notorious Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi, who (Hopsicker claims) has helped to fund this "truth movement."And now Moon has gotten into the act. URL: 15.Jun.2005 I find the grimmest amusement in those hypocrites who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. When church-going Republican activist Mark Harris was arrested for raping an eleven year-old girl, he said the crime occurred "unintentionally." Bush appointee and anti-gay activist David Hager - who insists that Christians are victims of oppression(!!!) - repeatedly raped his wife anally; he later argued that he did so accidentally . (Hager's a gynecologist.) And not long ago, we heard fundamentalist Neal Horsley's admission of beastiality. To be specific: He admitted to sex with "consenting" mules. URL: 15.Jun.2005 We could note, for example, the case of Beverly Russell, a man who, like pastor Banuchi, is a leader of the Christian Coalition; Russell abused his 15-year-old stepdaughter. Another reverend, Stephen White - a champion of "traditional values" - was arrested on a charge of soliciting sex from a 14 year-old boy. Rising Republican politico Andrew Buhr was charged with raping a teenaged boy. Richard A. Dasen Sr., far-right funder of many Christian organizations, was charged with paying a 15 year-old girl for sex. URL: 15.Jun.2005 Why, I wonder, do so many fixate on the Michael Jackson case while ignoring the many truly bizarre Republican scandals listed here? URL: 15.Jun.2005 A little web surfing reveals further indications that the anti-homosexual vitriol of the Christian right may, in fact, be driven largely by self-hating closeted gays. One can cite the sad example of Mel White, the ghost writer for Pat Robertson''s conspiratorial frenzies and Jerry Falwell's apocalyptic madness. URL: 15.Jun.2005 Christian Roehmosexuals (and a few thoughts on the Jackson case) As we noted yesterday, the Rev. Bill Banuchi -- a leader of the Christian Coalition -- has demanded that gays wear identifying labels "for health reasons." Perhaps next he will ask that soldiers in Iraq wear belt buckles bearing the message "Gott mit Uns." URL: 15.Jun.2005 Some people still maintain that only alarmists draw comparison between modern times and the Nazi era. Heads up, my ostrich friends: It's happening again . URL: The next fashion trend: Pink Triangles The leader of a Christian lobbying group wants gays to wear warning labels, just like the pink triangles they had to sport under Uncle Adolf. Apparently, gays pose a "health risk" and therefore must be identified. URL: 15.Jun.2005 Looks like we have another six Downing Street memos relevant to the administration's willingness to lie our way into war. URL: 15.Jun.2005 The story was broken by Raw Story, which has done outstanding work recently. (Frankly, they've been leaving Salon in the dust.) Of course, you will also want to read the coverage on Brad Friedman's site. The striking revelations: 1. The Bushite neocons had no idea whatsoever as to what to do with Iraq after conquest. 2. The timing for invasion was set in stone as of May .."
    ".. interpretation of the relevant U.N. resolutions.4. References to United Nations resolutions in American oratory during the build-up to war were deliberately misleading. 5. The highest levels of the UK government disbelieved the claimed Al Qaida/Iraq link. (To be fair, the "linkage" rhetoric was disseminated not so much by USA administration itself, but by its supporters.) URL: 15.Jun.2005 Börse am Mittag: Dax erreicht Jahreshoch URL:,1518,druck-360470,00.html

  2. 15.Jun.2005 Der Neuzugang, der die Sonne Gliese 876 umkreist, ist aber vermutlich ein Planet aus Stein - und er wiegt nur etwa siebeneinhalb mal so viel wie die Erde."Das ist der kleinste extrasolare Planet, der bis jetzt gefunden wurde" .."
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  1. 20050103
    ".. short science fiction story.... 20050102 Those asking for fair elections are "dissidents" 20050102 An Open Letter to the U.S. Mainstream Media 20050102 Yahoo! Search Engine Clearly Politicized.... 20050102 Questions for Bush about God's Laws 20050102 The U.S. Elections Were Rigged! Eat it!!! URL: 20050102 Phantom votes in New Mexico URL: 20050102 The "Phantom Voter" phenomenon occurs when a precinct reports a higher number of votes than is justified by the number of ballots cast. For details, go here + here.URL: 20050102 There is also the cognate phenomenon of undrvotes -- ballots which register no preference in the presidential race. A small number of undervote ballots occur in every state, but the number in NM has long been very high -- suspiciously high. URL: 20050102 Exit polls . "TruthIsAll," the nomme-de-net of a poster on the Democratic Underground, directs our attention to a startling new interpretation of the exit poll figures. I hope no-one will mind if I republish the material here. Our attention is drawn, first and foremost, to this CNN page displaying exit poll information. (The page takes a while to load.) TruthIsAll then asks: URL: 20050102 More on exit polls . Dr. Steven Freeman has updated his investigation again. This summary says it all:National Election Pool pollsters have acknowledged that their polls deviate from official totals by 1.9% nationwide (a 3.8% shift from Kerry to Bush) and intimated that this deviation was caused by disproportionate numbers of Bush voters refusing to participate in the polls .."
    ".. reflects either the intent of the electorate or the way that the votes were cast.I expect this claim will meet with incredulity and anger. The idea of mass-scale electoral fraud in a US Presidential election may be difficult to fathom - or to stomach. The paper is a draft version, labelled "not to circulate." But it is nonetheless on the net for anyone to read -- so read it. URL: 20050102 Conyers will challenge . John Conyers will formally challenge the Ohio slate of electors + he will not be the only House member to do so. Conyers believes that the flagrant illegal activity on the part of Kenny "the kapo" Blackwell justifies discounting the Ohio electors. The point appears indisputable, even if we restrict the argument to the deliberately lengthened election lines in Democratic districts. URL: 20050102 Precinct cross-voting : In the past, we have discussed, briefly, how the rotating order of names on the Ohio ballots may have helped Bush in Ohio. The situation, we now learn, was worse than we once thought. This fine site explains the crime in detail, with lots of graphs + charts + all that good stuff. URL: 20050102 There's much more. The bottom line is the the cross-precinct phenomenon occurred primarily in Democratic areas -- and that this phenomenon will almost always artificially boost the numbers of the less-popular candidate. URL: 20050102 Additional indicators of fraud . If you are looking for a single story to send to Robert Byrd, send this Truthout expose of vote fraud in Ohio. (If Byrd receives about a trillion copies of this piece, he'll have to read it at least once.) I can't help passing along a choice quote: URL: 20050102 Provisionally speaking. Here's a fun fact you may want to pass along to your red state relatives: URL: 20050102 The story does not end there. As I've noted earlier, we have good reason to suspect that Blackwell simply tossed out a number of provisional ballots that went for Kerry. 20050102 ... Auch Verletzte und Schwerstverletzte wurden evakuiert. Der MedEvac-Airbus der Bundeswehr landete mit 49 Patienten in Köln-Wahn. Die meisten waren Deutsche . ... 20050102 www .."
    "..,1367,MAG-0-2244897,00.html 20050102 Krisenmanagement: 60 tote Deutsche identifiziert - Fischer reist in Katastrophenregion 20050102 US-Vorwürfe: Deckt Pakistans Geheimdienst Osama Bin Laden? 20050102 Sri Lanka: Häftlinge kehren ins Gefängnis zurück 20050102 URL: 20050102 Didja know? Angry Girl, a blogger who is also in the band Nightweed, has compiled a superb list of 20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA. I'll reprint just the facts; go to her page for the many supporting citations. Did you know....1. 80% of all votes in America are counted by only two companies: Diebold and ES&S.2. There is no federal agency with regulatory .."
    ".. html20041231 Kritik an Deutschen, die den Urlaub fortsetzen +++ [13.36 Uhr] Die deutschen Reisebüros und -veranstalter appellieren an die verbliebenen Urlauber in der Katastrophenzone, mehr Rücksicht auf Flutopfer und ihre Helfer zu nehmen. Die Kritik an Touristen, die ihren Urlaub auch in den zerstörten Regionen unverändert fortsetzen wollten, sei berechtigt. URL:

  2. 20041231 Exit polls and more The exit poll. Jonathan Simon and Ron P. Baiman will no doubt come in for the usual ad hominem attacks -- after all, when the Republican propagandists can't go after the data, they always go after those who dared to compile it. Even so, let's do what we can to publicize their latest, updated analysis of the exit poll controversy. Here's the summary they .."
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  1. 20050308
    ".. who called Dan Rather "Comrade Rather." Such hypocrisy! Brad has been tracking Feeney's ties to YEI, the firm which harbored an honest-to-Mao Chinese spy. Note the pattern: At colleges across the country, right-wing students place red stars on the doors of professors who do not love Bush -- the same president who has done nothing to stop the Chinese from stealing USA jobs. URL: 07.Mar.2005 Wead is also on the board of an extremely lucrative "faith healing" church (some would use the word "racket") run by one Benny Hinn. This page offers a skeptical look at Hinn.

  2. URL:

  3. 00.Jan.1991 Wead organized a prayer breakfast sponsored by the Reverend Moon, who spoke at the event, much to the consternation of some attendees. Another speaker was Anthony Evans, a leader in the Dominionist movement, devoted to replacing democracy with a Christian theocracy. As readers will recall, a key funder of this movement is the Ahmanson family -- which owns ES&S, the .."
    ".. also has links to the American Freedom Coalition, funded and staffed by Moon's people. Names, names, names...! The moment one attempts to track who works with whom in these circles, one soon finds oneself entangled in a vast web of associations. Wead is particularly well connected -- such, at least, is the purport of a terrific recent expose titled "Wead in the Rose Garden". URL: 07.Mar.2005 The explosive growth of right-wing media occurred directly the recovery of the Golden Lily treasure. Coincidence? One can go say much more about the fascist tentacles of the self-proclaimed Lord of the Second Advent. For more data, see here + here +, of course, Robert Parry's must-read series.One of Parry's pieces quotes moderate Republican Jim Leach as saying that the .."
    ".. administration.) Norquist got his start as the leader of a group called College Republicans, which was funded by Moon. Of course, Norquist has since gone onto infamy in the current administration -- although he isn't nearly infamous enough for his role in founding the Islamic Institute, directed by one Abdurahman Alamoudi. Almoudi has made no secret of his support for Hamas and Hezbollah. URL: 07.Mar.2005 Nobody knows the source of Moon's money, but much of it seems to have flowed into his coffers by way of Sasakawa, a businessman who was one of the most dangerous Japanese war criminals of WWII. -- indeed, his was one of the primary voices in Japan calling for aggression against the USA. A close friend of Admiral Yamoto, Sasakawa represented the Mitsubishi firm, which .."
    ".. been linked with Moon's group- As the Inside the Moonies site notes.Several Congressmen were entertained in a Washington Hilton hotel suite rented by the Moonies. Everything the girls learned about Senators + Congressmen was to be entered into the Moonie's confidential file, including details of personal lives. Rev. Moon was Vice President George Bush's guest to the Reagan inaugural. URL: 07.Mar.2005 Ryoichi Sasakawa .That was the Nixon connection to Moon. URL: 07.Mar.2005 One day, the Moonies covered every available space on the boulevard with posters of Moon announcing his rally for Nixon. This was during the doggiest of the dog days of Watergate, when nobody supported Nixon. URL: 07.Mar.2005 (Incidentally, the Children of God -- a cult notorious for permitting sex with children -- maintains a choir which was once invited to sing for the elder Bush at the White House!) URL: 07.Mar.2005 The maximum pain This article is just the latest in a series. For more than a decade now, the popular press has offered glimpses of research into non-lethal weaponry. Not many years ago, the articles would emphasize such items as "sticky-foam" and tasers. Usually, the last few paragraphs would offer hints -- mere whispers -- of more ominous developments: .."
    ".. heavily censored before release, asks researchers to look for "optimal pulse parameters to evoke peak nociceptor activation" - in other words, cause the maximum pain possible. Studies on cells grown in the lab will identify how much pain can be inflicted on someone before causing injury or death One can just guess how such a device would be used in a prison such as Abu Ghraib. URL: 07.Mar.2005 Jesus freaks and Roehmosexuals Many younger people don't realize that America's current fundamentalist plague originated in the hippie movement of the 1960s. But it's true. The transition from flower-power to Jesusmania was marked by poorly-drawn underground comics, Bible readings at communes, Jesus Christ Superstar , Godspell + the truly horrifying Truth of Truths . .."
    ".. a blind man see. They call that being "anointed" by God. His ministries enrolled thousands of kids. Some were so turned on they’d soon set out to become preachers themselves; many today are evangelical pastors at churches around the world. Alas, as the trippy Jesus Freak movement gave way to the uptight Religious Right, the evangelicals turned against Lonnie Frisbee. URL: 07.Mar.2005 Well, we still cannot confirm that the NYT cancelled the expose at Karl Rove's insistence -- but we do have strong evidence (in the form of a New Yorker piece) that Rove did, in fact, have a "friendly get-together" over drinks with NYT editor Bill Keller and Washington bureau chief Philip Taubman. This confab took place on October 22, shortly before the .."
    ".. particularly one pertaining to security. I doubt that the bulge truly is a security device, but I do not doubt for a second that the president's men would present it as such -- sotto voce , in strictest confidence + all that. So we cannot prove that Rove killed the story. But we know that it died an unnatural death + that he was at the scene of the crime. And he certainly had motive. L: 07.Mar.2005 Did Rove flatten the bulge? Bush Wired has an interesting update on the "why-was-W-imitating-Quasimodo?" mystery. 07.Mar.2005 URL:

  4. 07.Mä;r.2005 TIME Magazine Archive Article -- With Friends Like These -- Nov....The shadowy Garrison, who is constantly a .."
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  1. 20051017
    ".. zwei Jahren diplomatische Sanktionen gegen Havanna verhängt.16.Oct.2005,1518,druck-380077,00.html

  2. Zwei Wochen nach Beginn der starken Regenfälle in Mittelamerika und Südmexiko wird das Ausmaß der Katastrophe allmählich erkennbar. Ganz Landstriche sind verwüstet, in Guatemala starben rund 2000 Menschen. 16.Oct.2005

  3. The latest message from Al Qaeda appears to be a hoax. Such, at least, is the provisional judgment of Juan Cole, who is not known for conclusion-hopping. The most obvious giveaway: The letter uses the term "Imam" in a robustly Shiite fashion, even thought he purported author is a hard-core Sunni. 16.Oct.2005

  4. As for the letter: If this one's fake, what conclusions should we reach about the authenticity of any given terrorist communication?16.Oct.2005

  5. So far, Cole's skepticism has not been echoed by the mainstream media, with the partial exception of this Financial Times piece:Stephen Ulph, an analyst at the US-based Jamestown Foundation, said the letter presented a number of problems. There had been no clarification as to how it was intercepted and no independent corroboration of its authenticity. He also found it remarkable .."
    ".. the consequences can be catastrophic - as one largely forgotten instance demonstrates. By John Pilger''The propagandist's purpose," wrote Aldous Huxley, "is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human." The British, who invented modern war propaganda and inspired Joseph Goebbels, were specialists in the field. Continued 15.Oct.2005

  6. The Able Danger connection And what about Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, the man who revealed the DIA data mining operation which fingered Mohamed Atta well before 9/11 (and at a time when the FBI says Atta wasn't even in the country)? First, Cheney's office squelched Shaffer's testimony. Then Shaffer himself was punished and smeared. The charges refer to such ghastly crimes as "improperly flashing military identification while drunk and stealing pens." This, at a time when billions go missing in Iraq and nobody receives so much as a wrist-slap. Anyone with any sense knows that Shaffer wouldn't face such charges if he had not stepped on important toes. 15.Oct.2005

  7. The network resists definition by race, religion or region. Anti-Semites believe that the "club" is controlled by Israel; Arab-bashers believe that the club is controlled by Saudi Arabia. Neither view is correct. The group has no leadership, no headquarters, no single ideology. It is far more amorphous and elusive than Fleming's SPECTRE was. It has less internal cohesion .."
    ".. companies, bribes and assassination. To these people, lying is a sacrament and false documents are scripture. They will conduct covert operations that most "legitimate" intelligence agencies would reject as too risky. Boldness has brought them power: Power to unseat or elect a president, power over the mass media, power to initiate war and to profit thereby. 15.Oct.2005

  8. Many will wonder how anyone could use one hand to greet the Israelis while using the other to high-five fascists. I can't reconcile the dichotomy; I can only read and relate the history. The two forces do indeed share an intersection point -- and there stands Ledeen. 15.Oct.2005

  9. Trento calls "the rogue CIA" -- an amorphous group whose members have come to despise the legitimate CIA. In brief: In the space between WWII and his appointment to head the CIA, Allen Dulles pioneered the use of private intelligence networks. The Agency came to rely on various "cooperative" businessmen, who received infusions of capital and other aid in exchange .."
    ".. Anti-Carter forces within the Agency and the Pentagon relied on this secret network, which in turn formed alliances with shadowy figures throughout the globe. Many operative within this loose network weren't spooks -- not officially. But they were + are, "spooked up" in their associations and personal histories. Perhaps the best descriptor is intriguer . 15.Oct.2005

  10. I had intended to write at length about Ledeen at a later time, but this piece by Norman Dombey brings up some little-known aspects of the man's past that deserve wider acknowledgment. Further background information may help readers better appreciate Dombey's valuable essay. 15.Oct.2005

  11. The Downing Street Memo, leaked to the press last May, proved that Bush's stated reasons for war were actually pretexts. The author of the memo -- which should have caused Bush much more trouble than it actually did -- was one Matthew John Rycroft, heretofore identifed as a "foreign policy aide" to Blair.Not quite. He's actually an MI6 agent. (Go here and scroll down.) Apparently, Rycroft -- Matthew Rycroft -- has been stationed in Geneva, Paris, Washington and Sarajevo. 15.Oct.2005

  12. Let's not make too much of the recent poll. The question was asked with a qualifier: If Bush lied to start a war, then should he be impeached? If the question were asked sans the "if...then" formulation, the number saying "aye" would probably be substantially lower. You know and I know that Bush did (and does) lie. But for many, rationalization springs eternal. 15.Oct.2005

  13. Where Gannon and Rove intersect Some of the best writing on Jeff Gannon's possible role in Plame-gate can be found in the resurrected Is Bush Wired? blog (not to be confused with BushWired, which I mentioned yesterday. The headlines are pretty damned clever -- "The Rove That Dare Not Speak Its Plame," "Rove's Other Dummy" -- and the analysis is pretty juicy.The .."
    ".. perfect sense....She will be confirmed, probably as easily as John G. Roberts... When conservatives stop to think about it, they will be comforted by what Bush has achieved. He will have delivered the Court he promised, without the political bloodshed everyone assumed would take place. A principle of Sun-Tzu is to have won the war before the first shot is fired." 15.Oct.2005

  14. Now we learn more from Rycroft. A new book called Lawless World elides over his spooky history, instead referring to him as Tony Blair's personal aide. Thanks to Rycroft, we now have "fly on the wall" access to notes detailing phone conversations between Blair and Bush. The results should, if given proper publicity, prove even more humiliating to Dubya. Rycroft would not .."
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  1. 20060512
    ".. By Kevin Zeese The story of the invasion of Iraq and theft of the Iraqi economy is part of a larger story of multi-national corporations and corporate globalization affecting much of the world. Under the guise of "free trade" economic policies that make multinational corporations more powerful than governments. Laws favoring corporations are put in place: Continue 12.May 2006 It happens The U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln and the U.S.S. Enterprise are heading toward the Middle East. If Iran uses their devastating new missiles to prevent a first strike, nuclear war will result. Permalink 12.May 2006 The results of this OpEdNews/Zogby People's Poll are striking12.May 2006 Update: In other vote fraud news...They did it on purpose: The major news organizations may prefer to use the dreaded G-word -- "glitch" -- but don't be fooled: The security breach built into Diebold's machines was placed there deliberately. For all the agonizing details, see here: This document describes several security issues with the Diebold electronic voting .."
    ".. terminals are widely used in US and Canadian elections and are among the most widely used touch pad voting systems in North America. Several vulnerabilities are described in this report.One of them, however, seems to enable a malicious person to compromise the equipment even years before actually using the exploit, possibly leaving the voting terminal incurably compromised. 12.May 2006 The Wall Street Journal takes notice... Unfortunately, the paper still prefers to speak of "human error" at the voting booth. 12.May 2006 Sequoia denies the rumor that they are owned by Venezuela.12.May 2006 Sequoia also claims to be a leader in voter verified paper trail technology.... Permalink 12.May 2006 THE ROARING 20s! A new Harris poll breaches the 30% barrier. Bush gets a 29 % approval rating! 12.May 2006 CIA-Flüge: Magere US-Auskünfte enttäuschen EU-Parlamentarier 12.May 2006 EU-Lateinamerika-Gipfel: Morales statt Metternich 12.May 2006 NSA-Affäre: Helle Empörung über gigantische Abhöraktion 12.May 2006 Reid rejects public inquiry calls .."
    ".. eavesdropping program because the National Security Agency refused to grant Justice Department lawyers the necessary security clearance to probe the matter." No Accountability, Never. They Think That They Own the Government. Bush Claims Program That Monitors Tens of Millions of Americans 'Strictly Targets Al Qaeda'. He Brazenly lied. Again. When will someone stop him? 5/12 11.May 2006 When all these evil chickens come home to roost, they tend to converge on the same shit-pile: greed. Whether for money or power, it's still all greed.INSTANT UPDATES : Seems this one is really kicking up a storm on the hill. Bush wasted no time defending the program, which of course suggests that he's pretty nervous, though he postured all pissed and accusing USA Today of helping .."
    ".. to plow right into the munitions storage right under your nose. Translation: Probably because the wheels are coming off, they've sent the aircraft carriers to the Gulf. That's right; if they're up against the wall, they're gonna just do something really crazy.Despite all those reasons to celebrate, this might be a good time to stock up on water and canned goods. Permalink 11.May 2006

  2. Point six , so now when you take advantage of Joe's highlighting of these two crucial issues of Hayden's nomination + the threat to internet freedom - that have now converged so...conveniently - be sure you converge them in the minds of your Congressional representatives by pointing out that the very companies that have so willingly + unquestioningly played fast + loose with our 4th amendment rights are the very ones insisting on deconstructing the internet to suit their profit projections. 11.May 2006 Point five + furthermore, those companies - that include AT&T, Verizon + Bellsouth - are the very companies requesting the profit-making rearrangement of the internets (and cable public access) !!11.May 2006 Point three , this NSA database looks oddly similar to the intentions proclaimed for the quickly "ditched" Total Information Awareness (TIA) program by none other than convicted felon John Poindexter. There was such an outcry when word first leaked about this endeavor that it was supposedly scrapped, but given its nest in the DoD, what is your best bet that it's really dead?11.May 2006 Point two , recall that americablog exposed that several online companies .."
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  1. 20041028
    ".. releases/2003/12/images/20031222-3_b33s4873-515h.html27.Oct.2004 00.Jan.2002 00.Dec.2001 00.Nov.2001 00.Oct.2001 00.Sep.2001 00.Aug.2001 00.Jul.200100.Jun.2001 00.May 2001 00.Apr.2001 00.Mar.2001 00.Feb.2001 00.Jan.2001 27.Oct.2004 Let's all blame Kerry for the "invention" of this story - + let's all blame Kerry because the story does not receive more serious attention. URL: 27.Oct.2004 Apologists are already claiming that the president is wearing a bullet proof vest in this photo. Come on . Is Bush [BGW968] really so insecure that he feels the need to wear a bullet-prooof vest in the White House , just to meet a few Jewish kids?And some folks call me paranoid!People often compare conspiracy stories to the layers of an onion. Never has the analogy proven more apt. At first, the White House blamed the French hobbit who made Bush [BGW968]'s jacket. When that didn't work, W blamed his shirt. When that story fails to stick, he may mutter something about a "bad t-shirt." Finally, of course, we will hear vague references to an unusual skin condition... You'll appreciate what David Lindorff has to say about this... URL: 27.Oct.2004 Better question: cui bono ? Who benefits? Only Republicans will benefit -- because what they really want is an excuse to send out the stormtroopers URL: 27.Oct.2004 Republican strategists know the power of rumor. Remember URL: 27.Oct.2004 If rightists can point to just one instance of (say) a registration form filled out in the name of a dead person, they can justify placing Republican "guards" at polling places, where they will intimidate likely Democratic voters. (As the movie said: "You can usually tell 'em by the color of their skin.") These "guards" will issue dire warnings of stiff jail sentences if potential voters do not cough up two forms of identification -- which poor people usually don't carry. That's why they use check-cashing stores instead of banks. Even rumors of improper Democratic registration forms (and so far, rumor is all we have) will provide an excuse for election-day thuggishness. URL: 27.Oct.2004 We've already seen hard proof (the Parlock tale; see earlier posts) that Republicans have staged "attacks" against themselves in order to rally their troops and to demonize the opposition. URL: 27.Oct.2004 We've already seen hard proof (the Parlock tale; see earlier posts) that Republicans have staged "attacks" against themselves in order to rally their troops and to demonize the opposition. URL: 27.Oct.2004 We've already seen hard proof (the Parlock tale; see earlier posts) that Republicans have staged "attacks" against themselves in order to rally their troops and to demonize the opposition. URL: 27.Oct.2004 The BBC story comes to us via the remarkable Greg Palast, who found the incriminating lists. Palast also includes this noteworthy bit of Sherlock Holmes-ing:In Jacksonville, to determine if Republicans were using the lists or other means of intimidating voters, we filmed a private detective filming every "early voter" - the majority of whom are black - from .."
    ".. operation was part of a campaign of intimidation tactics used by the Republican Party to intimidate + scare off African USA voters, almost all of whom are registered Democrats. Also on the Florida front: 58,000 absentee ballots intended for Broward county (a county which could put Kerry over the edge) have gone "mysteriously" missing. Just an accident. Purely an accident. URL: 27.Oct.2004 Smile! You're on "Karl" camera! Those who doubt my previous post on G.O.P. election-fraud strategies should take a look at this important story:A secret document obtained from inside Bush [BGW968] campaign headquarters in Florida suggests a plan - possibly in violation of US law - to disrupt voting in the state's-USA -African voting districts, a BBC Newsnight investigation reveals...Two e-mails, prepared for the executive director of the Bush [BGW968] campaign in Florida + the campaign's national research director in Washington DC, contain a 15-page so-called "caging list".It lists 1,886 names + addresses of voters in predominantly black + traditionally Democrat areas of Jacksonville, Florida. URL: 27.Oct.2004 If you want to help win the battle of "the bulge" - if you want to get the earpiece story on the front pages before the elections - click here! URL:

  2. 26.Oct.2004 Devilish "Christians" A lot of good stories about the religious right - the zombies supporting Bush [BGW968] - have appeared recently. But this piece demands attention. 27.Oct.2004, die groß angelegte Anti-Bush [BGW968]-Initiative von Michael "Fat Mike" Burkett. Als Chef des unabhängigen und immens erfolgreichen Plattenlabels .."
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  1. 20041221
    ".. cache of internal emails from Global Elections Systems, which became part of Diebold. It's quite clear from this internal email that Global Election Systems knew that their machines dropped votes, and looked the other way. Check it out for yourselves here. The story, alas, is not told in a linear, easily-comprehensible fashion. You may want to download the links before they go away. URL:

  2. 21.Dec.2004Wired gives us a follow-up story on the mystery of the Triad employee named Michael Barbian who, while examining a voting machine during the recount, spoke of data loss due to battery failure. This comment mystified many who wondered how a bad batery could affect the hard drive.“ URL:

  3. 21.Dec.2004 It's the only game in town. "Against the House: Only Chumps and Compulsive Gamblers Keep On Playing in a Rigged Game" is a good opinion piece by James Heddle URL:

  4. 21.Dec.2004 Salon finally gives the Conyers investigation respectful treatment. Way to go! Salon had become so cautious, URL:

  5. 21.Dec.2004 Scripps-Howard News Service has conducted a study in ten counties in various states, proving widespread ballot-counting problems. The unofficial audit by Scripps Howard News Service uncovered malfunctioning voting machines, improperly designed ballots and poor accounting procedures around the nation. URL:

  6. 21.Dec.2004The American economy is just a big Ponzi scheme, with its prosperity an illusion created on its ability to borrow more and more money. Like all Ponzi schemes, this can't go on forever + eventually the rest of the world will figure a way to get out as painlessly as possible. This will cause problems all over the world, but mostly in the United States, as the .."
    ".. Unfortunately for the G.O.P. propagandists, it occurred during the Reagan and Bush administrations. Why did Republican administrations turn a blind eye to China's unfriendly behavior? Because the Chinese had provided SA-7 missiles to the Nicaraguan contras. Some believe that Reagan and Bush had come to a quid pro quo arrangement with China. (For a summary of this theory, see here.) URL:

  7. 21.Dec.2004 Clinton Curtis, Nee and China. Raw story has taken an in-depth look at the claims made by Conton Curtis, the vote-rigging whistleblower. In particular, they take at look at a fascinating subsidiary issue: Curtis' allegations of Chinese espionage conducted by one Henry Nee. Yang denies ever employing Nee, even though documentary evidence indicates otherwise. The Chinese .."
    ".. upgrading of Chinese weapons systems, no doubt making use of American know-how. The mysterious blogger known as Xymphora has published an interesting analysis of this strange business. You'll want to read his comments here and here. Xymphora's bottom line? Israel knows that the U.S. economy is headed down the tubes, and thus now hopes to befriend another 900 pound gorilla:“ URL:

  8. 21.Dec.2004Harder still to believe that no-one in the media noticed the dichotomous reaction of the White House. When the administration said "There's nothing there but an odd fold in the material," the mainstream media repeated the line. And they interviewed Bilbo de Paris, or whatever his name is, because the tailor provided a "hook" which made the line .."
    ".. convince themselves that the photographs showed something other than the obvious. Odd that the "bulletproof vest" explanation took hold so rapidly, even though no-one has shown me a picture of a vest that would create such a bulge. Early on, I told Salon that I was persuaded but not convinced that Bush wore a wire. Now I'm convinced. Most people don't lie without good reason. URL:

  9. 21.Dec.2004 "I can appreciate the broader factors weighing on the paper's top editors, particularly that close to the election. But personally, I think that Nelson's assertions did rise above the level of garden-variety speculation, mainly because of who he is. Here was a veteran government scientist, whose decades-long career revolves around interpreting imagery like features .."
    ".. choose [Nelson’s] opinion over that of a tailor," Revkin concluded, referring to news reports that cited the man who makes the president’s suits. "Hard to believe that so many in the media chose the tailor, even in coverage after the election." Harder still to believe that no-one in the media noticed the dichotomous reaction of the White House.“ URL:

  10. 21.Dec.2004 The photographic evidence was not speculative. It was photographic evidence. URL:

  11. 21.Dec.2004 Remember the bulge? Remember how David Lindorff reported that the New York Times was goin to report on the story after NASA scientist Robert Nelson climbed on board, but the editors decided to kill it? Well, the "killing" has now been confirmed: URL:

  12. 21.Dec.2004 E-Fundraising: "Da wird Masse bewegt" 21.Dec.2004 Grassierender Pessimismus: Konjunkturexperten kappen ihre Prognosen 21.Dec.2004 USA: Mehrheit der Bürger lehnt Irak-Krieg ab 21.Dec.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Am Ende müssen wir selbst dran glauben" 21.Dec.2004 Tagesrhythmus: Morgens um zehn ist Herzinfarkt-Zeit 21.Dec.2004 Herzprobleme: .."
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  1. 20060214
    ".. Members of the Bush Administration Who Don't. Texas sheriff barred from interviewing Cheney about shooting incident. Why is Cheney always above the law? Because he thinks he is a dictator, not a citizen of the USA subject to the rule of law. 2/14 Rabbi James Rudin, Author of "The Baptizing of America," Says the "Christocrats" are Here! A BuzzFlash Interview 14.Feb.2006 that's all deep background stuff + there's enough surface slime going down here to slide clear off the planet. Big questions, like why were wounds that were reported by Ms. Armstrong to be so superficial keeping the victim in the ICU for 48 hours? Was the shot fired from 30 yards or 30 feet; both have been reported? Why did it take almost three hours to get this poor guy .."
    ".. Cheney's gun was marked "unknown." Note also that Cheney's "hunting education" is marked "unknown," + Whittington's "no." And take particular note of the second paragraph of the press release; not only does it not make very good sense, but it does not note the times at which Whittington was moved to the two medical facilities.Permalink14.Feb.2006 Dickie Fudd story is veritably exploding out there. The press corps is on fire, the blogosphere is practically vaporizing + there are now so many angles exposed, it's hard to keep up. First of all, an alert commenter hooked us up with some background on Whittington's role in the funeralgate scandal during Georgie's last days as TX guv, one in which his Chief of Staff Allbaugh .."
    ".. hackers + bloggers. + Bloggers? 25 Okt.2005 Omega-News: The New York Times is reporting Vice President Dick Cheney and CIA Director Porter Goss met with Senator John McCain last week to urge him to back exempting CIA officers from a proposed Senate ban on torture. ... US-Regierung will für die CIA eine Ausnahme vom drohenden Folterverbot ... 14.Feb.2006 may want to take advantage of some of the background info provided by Brad within this post. Bottom line, Curtis - a whistle-blower - is running against Feeney - the criminal Congressman he blew the whistle against. Though a lifelong Republican, Curtis will be running as a "conservative" Democrat. 14.Feb.2006 Cheney, Bush and Rove Sabotaged Our National Security by .."
    ".. hired when a woman was suing the state for retaliation over investigating a Bush friend 2/13 Tom Noe, prominent GOP fundraiser, charged in Ohio with theft and money laundering in an investigation of a controversial state investment in rare coins that has embroiled Republicans in scandal during an election year. Cheney, Bush, Rove Cover-up Machine is Working Overtime! 2/14 14.Feb.2006 Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi -- friend to Bush and member of the ultra-right-wing secret society known as P2 -- has declared himself "the Jesus Christ of politics." In the accompanying photo, Berlusconi shows what Licio Gelli had him by.(Alternative photo caption: "Actually, I'm bigger than Jesus...") Permalink 14.Feb.2006 President KNEW If you haven't seen it yet, this photo-essay is damning. Permalink 14.Feb.2006 WANTS a new terror attack The first sentence of this AP story says it all: A company in the United Arab Emirates is poised to take over significant operations at six American ports as part of a corporate sale, leaving a country with ties to the Sept. 11 hijackers with influence over a maritime industry considered vulnerable to terrorism. Permalink 14.Feb.2006 SHADES OF SCHADENFREUDE!! Well, it does look like Dick Cheney's stars are just a tad outa line about now. Not only has he put an old (in both senses of the term) friend in the ICU (what can it mean to shoot a pal in the FACE??), but it now appears that Valerie Plame's beat was not just WMDs, but IRAN! 14.Feb.2006 Well, anyway. it will nevertheless be quite entertaining to watch him slime out of this one. meanwhile, it's pretty entertaining to watch Scottie sweat his way through a surprisingly aggressive WH press corps!14.Feb.2006 course, this imperious "above the law" attitude is just so Dick! But one cannot help but wonder just how all those federal and Supreme Court judges (scroll to end) he touted as the "greatest accomplishments" of this administration will help him in that podunk little Texas town.oh, woops, forgot; he owns Texas, too.14.Feb.2006 make matters even worse - maybe even worse than blaming poor old Whittington! - (NOT better, Dick, NOT better), the VP has evidently refused to cooperate with the local sheriff in the shooting's investigation. 14.Feb.2006 they are, trying so hard to get this new pre-emptive war off the ground (so to speak) + he pulls an Elmer Fudd. 14.Feb.2006,1518,druck-400585,00.html

  2. Bei Windgeschwindigkeiten von bis zu 100 Stundenkilometern gab es viele Schneeverwehungen. An der Küste von New England drohen Überschwemmungen. Den Winterstürmen war ein .."
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  1. 20060522
    ".. torture is just unbelievable. Just unbelievable! The fact that a small clique of attorneys in the Department of Justice can write how can we get around the Geneva Conventions so that we can torture during interrogations. I can't even get there mentally." 5/22 22.May.2006 Danny Schechter: Why Is The Media Downplaying Our Voting Scandal? - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution 22.May.2006 If Jefferson cannot offer a real good explanation real damn fast, he must go. Permalink22.May.2006 William Jefferson I supppose I should say what ought to be obvious. If the bribery allegations against William Jefferson -- a Democratic congressman from Louisiana -- are true, then he deserves something worse than removal from office. Something worse than jail time. He deserves to be kept in a public stockade and spat upon by every decent Democrat. And the same fate should await any other Dem who asks for or receives a bribe. Especially now . 22.May.2006 Truthout vs Rove Okay, here's the latest on the Truthout situation. It's not longer just a matter of Jason Leopold's word: His sources have spoken to his editors. So clearly, there are sources, of sufficient number and position to be considered, by a reasonable person, on first glance, credible. 22.May.2006 Also: The nation's top law enforcer also said the government will not hesitate to track telephone calls made by reporters as part of a criminal leak investigation... The story goes on to mention the Plame probe. Cute, huh? The Bushites use a crime they committed as an excuse to intimidate journalists.... Permalink 22.May.2006 Spying on reporters Alberto Gonzales has offered up some rather infuriating opinions: Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Sunday he believes journalists can be prosecuted for publishing classified information, citing an obligation to national security. 22.May.2006 Do we truly want to make non-violent protest a thing of the past?If the Soviet Union possessed non-lethal weaponry it would still exist. The threat of rebellion is the only thing that has ever kept any government honest. Any technology that makes rebellion impossible makes tyranny inevitable. Permalink 22.May.2006 Blind opposition The U.S. military plans to use blinding lasers against drivers in Iraq who do not heed checkpoints. The blinding effects are supposed to be temporary, but permanent damage remains possible. Such weapons are banned by a Geneva protocol -- but hey, who pays attention to those anymore?22.May.2006 Energiefrage: Regierung streitet über CO2- Emissionshandel 22.May .."
    ".. Revolution Will Not Be Televised Video Documentary: Their film records what was probably history's shortest-lived coup d'état. It's a unique document about political muscle and an extraordinary portrait of the man The Wall Street Journal credits with making Venezuela "Washington's biggest Latin American headache after the old standby, Cuba." Click here to watch : 21.May 2006

  2. Disinfo update Well, the yarn about Iran forcing Jews to wear identifying symbols has been well and truly debunked. Even the National Post of Canada no longer stands by the story. But does Matt Drudge, who did so much to publicize the hoax, link to any articles explaining the truth of the situation? No, he does not. Thus, millions of Americans will vaguely recall a fictional "fact." Permalink 21.May 2006

  3. Sessions refuses to see the point of Frost’s wisdom, summed up in his real point - "Something there is that does not like a wall" - even when the poet lays it out in laser clarity. Before I build a wall I'd ask to knowWhat I was walling in or walling out,And to whom I was like to give offense. It is never enough to listen to the poets; we must actually hear them.Permalink 21.May 2006

  4. Aren’;t these the self-same Republicans who claimed for Reagan + their own that most liberating + inspiring of Cold War events? Don't they take credit for tearing down that wall?21.May 2006 did the guns go? Remember the 200,000 (or more) AK-47s flown out of Bosnia by Viktor Bout, friend to both Al Qaeda and the Bush administration? I've heard that they went to Columbia and are intended for shipment to paramilitary forces in Venezuela and Bolivia. This report has not been verified. But keep an eye on developments in those countries... Permalink 21.May 2006 Sex- .."
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17. 20060808
".. October Revolution there are more influential personalities than the ... 08.Aug.2006 VffG 2/2001: R. Raico: Eine Neubewertung Churchills - Teil 1 08.Feb.1920 -In einem Artikel vom- im Illustrated Sunday Herald beschreibt Winston Spencer Churchill den Bolschewismus als jüdisches Übel. ... 08.Aug.2006 Permalink 00.000.1930 -in the s- The strongest anti-fascist voices came from anti-Zionist American Jews. In one of the maddest declarations made during the Nuremberg trials, arch anti-Semite Julius Streicher declared his willingness to fight on the side of the Zionist movement - - a bizarre pledge which hints at the longstanding psychological affinity between the two ideologies.08 .."
".. Better Place. It's the Fair Trade Store on Lieberman's Own Words on Iraq from the Beginning Show Why He Needs the Boot - A BuzzFlash News Analysis 08.Aug.2006 Pre-Midterm "Shift" in Cuban Policy Isn't Much at All Besides GOP Cuban Exile Politics as Usual to Influence Florida Vote 8/8 Bush Stalls Peace to Prolong War: Battles Rage in Southern Lebanon 8/8 08.Aug.2006 Permalink 08.Aug.2006 Gibson's friend Dean Devlin, who is Jewish, has said that Gibson will say things during a lapse which do not reflect his innermost character. I see no reason to question this judgment.Mel Gibson is no friend to the Iraq war. By taking an unforgiving attitude toward this man, the left has spurned one of the few famed individuals with an ability to present an anti-war case to the hard-core Bush supporters.08.Aug.2006 Democratic Underground errs when it accuses Mel Gibson of revealing his "true colors" during the notorious DUI incident08.Aug.2006 After all, Bush and a Republican congress have been in charge for five years since 9/11 + our border patrol remains ridiculously underfunded. Permalink 08.Aug.2006 Strategy By now, you've probably seen this important RAW story on a Republican document outlining their forthcoming strategy. Bottom line: The Rovian hordes depend on their ability to set the news agenda - because if you're defending, you're losing .The bad guys have managed to do this a lot lately, despite the President's poll numbers. Immigration. Flag burning. The Republicans .."
".. national security....Menendez decried how much of the cargo shipped into the nation's ports goes uninspected."We need to scan 100 % of the cargo," he said.Menendez was a vocal critic earlier this year of the Bush administration's plan to let a Dubai-owned company buy a stake in several U.S. ports.He also slammed the administration's chemical plant security policy. 08.Aug.2006 From the point of view of fundie Christians, they might be shocked to learn that while Judaism reviles and denies Jesus, Muslims revere him as the prophet of God. How is that for irony? # posted by sunny : 6:10 AM 08.Aug.2006 How much more delusional can you get? You think it's psychologically possible for them to keep this up? # posted by Anonymous : 11:29 PM 08.Aug.2006 If someone had explained to Adolf [Hitler] that advanced versions of the V-2 could carry nuclear weapons, he would have salivated at the prospect of all the world's Jews gathering in one small location far from Europe.08.Aug.2006 The problem of Zionism Josh Marshall has thus explained his support of Zionism: Here's what I mean. I believe in the project of building a democratic and secular Jewish state in Palestine.Some of Israel's enemies + too many of her friends + advocates use the word to mean in a Jewish state in all of historic Palestine or even, as used to be the Revisionist credo, a Jewish state on .."
".. That's not what I believe.I believe there should be a Palestinian state on the West Bank and in Gaza. Not a collection of autonomous cantons but a full state, with the border being the Green Line or some very near approximation of it. Marshall's terminology underscores the problem. Study each of these words:"...a democratic and secular Jewish state in Palestine..." 08.Aug.2006 It's useless to argue that Israel is secular. Although Judaism does not proselytize, conversions do occur. Anyone - you, me, any Palestinian - may covert to Judaism and thereby attain full citizenship rights in Israel.So let's stop pretending that Jewish religious intolerance does not reside at the heart of the conflict.And let's stop pretending that Zionism is or ever was a .."
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  1. 20041108
    ".. extra 3,893 votes, machines in North Carolina losing 4,500 votes, machines in Florida miscounting absentee ballots + voters in both Florida + Ohio reporting machines registering votes for Bush that were intended for Kerry. Y'know what's really unnerving? The "errors" always work to Bush's favor. That pattern tells you that these "errors" didn't happen by mistake. URL:

  2. URL:,1518,druck-326629,00.html

  3. 08.Nov.2004 Black, Cofer s Name in die Schlagzeilen geraten, nachdem das US-Außenministerium einen unter seiner Leitung erstellten Anti-Terror-Bericht korrigieren musste. In einer Bilanz der von Extremisten im Jahr 2003 weltweit getöteten oder verletzten Menschen musste die Gesamtzahl im Nachhinein .."
    ".. Christians should take "dominion" over USA society. Under their version of "biblical law," the death penalty would be required for over a dozen categories of offenders, including adulterers, homosexuals, witches, incorrigible children + those who spread "false" religions. They regard the teaching of evolution as part of a "war against Genesis." URL:

  4. 08.Nov.2004 There are only a few large providers of voting equipment + the ownership of these companies is incestuous. Perhaps the largest of these firms is ES&S, previously known as American Information Systems, which was owned by Ahmanson, Howard F. Jr., heir to a savings and loan fortune. Ahmanson is not just a right-wing Christian, not just a fundamentalist -- he is a .."
    ".. information + other data indicative of manipulation of electronic voting systems. What we do not know is the specific scope of the fraud. We are working now to compile the proof, based not on soft evidence - red flags, exit polls - but core documents obtained by Black Box Voting in the most massive Freedom of Information action in history. URL: URL:

  5. 07.Nov.2004 Fraud links I should have more on vote fraud fairly soon. Until then, Bob Parry's latest, on the links between vote fraud and CIA "cyber-war," is required reading. This page gives a good overview and many helpful links. (Thanks for the tip, BG!) This site is devoted to the vote suppression in Ohio. Here is a good general discussion of .."
    ".. in Ohio. Here is a good general discussion of the Florida vote. This letter provides a useful model. CommonDreams offers mandatory reading on the mechanics of computer fraud. Ohio residents march en masse against the fraudulent vote. And global monitors of our election don't like the way it was conducted. (International inspectors are okay for Iraq, but not for us, it seems...) URL:

  6. 08.Nov.2004 Congressman says the vote was hacked Florida, effing publishes a remarkable story by Thom Hartmann on vote fraud in that troubled state:When I spoke with Jeff Fisher this morning (Saturday, November 06, 2004), the Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Florida's 16th District said he was waiting for the FBI to show up. .."
    ".. but of who hacked it and how. And not just this year, he said, but that these same people had previously hacked the Democratic primary race in 2002 so that Jeb Bush would not have to run against Janet Reno, who presented a real threat to Jeb, but instead against Bill McBride, who Jeb beat. "It was practice for a national effort," Fisher told me. This is the key news. URL:

  7. 08.Nov.2004 Vote fraud and the Hunt family In my post below on the Ahmanson family, I've noted that people who dislike the very idea of democracy (at least secular democracy) have a strange tendency to buy into companies that provide voting machines. The Ahmansons, who tend toward the "Dominionist" version of fundamentalism, made their pile via Home Savings (an institution .."
    ".. the Council on National Policy, a far-right power group devoted to such lovely causes as eugenics. Their associates included prominent post-WWII fascist Karol Sitko as well as various associates of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who has made no secret of his theocratic ambitions. I have no knowledge that Carolyn ever had any link to this unsavory wonders... URL:

  8. 08.Nov.2004 Perfect numbers From the Daily Kos: The votes are still being counted in Ohio. If the provisional ballots narrow the gap to a point where fraud could've cost us the election, the Democrats and Kerry will fight. Fraud did not cost us 120,000 votes. However, if that narrows to 30-40,000 votes, then that changes things significantly. I cannot agree. From the point of view .."
    ".. margin is perfect for Ohio. A much higher number would not have been believable, while a significantly lower number might have triggered calls for a recount. We can apply the same principle to the nationwide popular vote margin. It's wide enough to spur talk of a mandate, but not so wide as to seem impossible. If I were tinkering with the tallies, these are the margins I would pick. URL:

  9. 08.Nov.2004 Oh...and remember Robert Nelson, the satellite imaging expert from JPL whose photo analyses did much to legitimize this story? Reliable word has it that forces "on high" have pressured him to keep his mouth shut. Something about a cut-off of funding. Gosh. Now why would that happen, if the bulge was just a bullet-proof vest? URL:

  10. 08.Nov.2004 And perhaps you could find out why Bush would wear a bullet-proof vest while debating Kerry, testifying before the 11.Sep.2004 commission, and lighting a menorah in the White House - even though he wore just a shirt (with rolled-up sleeves) to address large crowds at an outdoor rally? Did W really fear that one of those Jewish kids visiting the White House might pull a Jack Ruby? URL:

  11. 08.Nov.2004 Bulge-gate: This story never dies -- it just becomes odder URL: URL:,1518,druck-326975,00.html 08.Nov.2004 Die Forscher wollen die aktuellen Ergebnisse mit Magnetresonanzbildern vergleichen, die 00.000.1988 von Peeks Neuropsychiater Dan Christensen an der University of Utah angefertigt wurden. "Peeks Gehirn und seine Fähigkeiten sind nicht nur einzigartig, sondern er scheint auf seinen .."
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  1. 200504280517
    ".. labeled "Super SISMI." How do we reconcile the seeming contradiction between Ledeen's hawkish pro-Israeli views + his reported alliance with the Nazi-fied Gelli? I'm not sure how to answer that one. Neither can I explain why a man like Corsi, who also claims to support Israel, would spew ugly anti-Semitism on the Free Republic site.URL: . URL:

  2. 16.May 2005 Larry Franklin was passing highly sensitive information to AIPAC (translation: to Israel) in the same time period as those hush-hush meetings with Ghorbanifar. URL:

  3. 16.May 2005 The senior Administration official identified two of the defence officials who met Mr Ghorbanifar as Harold Rhode, Mr Feith's top Middle East specialist + Larry Franklin, a Defence Intelligence Agency analyst on loan to the undersecretary's office. (Emphasis added URL:

  4. 16.May 2005 from Rightweb's profile of Ledeen: URL:

  5. 16.May 2005 A senior Administration official said the US Government had learned about the unauthorized talks by accident.The senior official + another Administration source said the ultimate objective of Mr Feith + a group of neo-conservative civilians inside the Pentagon is change of government in Iran. The immediate objective appeared to be to "antagonise Iran so that they get frustrated and then by their reactions harden US policy against them" URL:

  6. 16.May 2005 The road to war.Ledeen + his defenders became angry when the Times of London described Ledeen as "the prominent neo-conservative who has led calls for an attack on Iran."As the Regime Change blog puts it:Ledeen has long been an advocate of regime change in Iran. Perhaps they [ the Times ] drew the false conclusion he was referring to militarily forcing a regime .."
    ".. disagreement with Ledeen's position - although I strongly doubt that the Iranians will soon rise against the mullahs the way the Romanians rose against Ceausescu. Ledeen, however, obviously wants to sneak war through the back door - indeed, this goal seems to have been the entire purpose of his more recent dalliances with Ghorbanifar. 09.Aug.2003 -From the Sydney Morning Herald of- URL:

  7. 16.May 2005 One of the web sites affiliated with the current crusade is Regime Change Iran, which supports + is supported by, ultra-neo-con Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute. (As Ted Koppel once put it: "Michael Ledeen is a Renaissance the tradition of Machiavelli." Of course, Ledeen lives in a world where a comparison to Machiavelli is .."
    ".. Chalabi. + why did Chalabi fall into disgrace? In large part because he was routing intelligence to Tehran. Ledeen is also strongly linked with the mysterious Iranian arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar. Even though the CIA had dismissed Ghorbanifar as a prevaricator, Ledeen insisted on arranging a series of meetings between the Iranian + a number of likeminded Defense Department bigwigs.URL:

  8. URL:,1518,druck-356062,00.html

  9. 16.May 2005 Und ja, es gab damals auch einen salonfähigen Antisemitismus, der in der laxen Handhabung eine Rolle gespielt haben könnte, in USA wie in UK. Trotzdem regt sich der Verdacht, dass Herr Matussek versucht, eine USA-UK Mitverantwortung durch Auslassung der schrecklichen Taten von .."
    ".. contributors/04/08/con04344.html 23.Aug.2004 Citizens for Honest Fighter Pilots Say Jerry Corsi Deserves As Much TV Air Time As John O'Neill by Evelyn Pringle – 15.May 2005 Must-read article Tom Paine has published a powerhouse piece by John Conyers: "The GOP's Attack On Voting Rights." So why are you still here? Go there! URL: URL:,1518,druck-356135,00.html

  10. 16.May 2005 "Newsweek"-Herausgeber Mark Whitaker. "Wir bedauern, dass wir uns bei einem Teil unserer Geschichte getäuscht haben", schrieb Whitaker in der neuesten Ausgabe des Magazins, die in den USA ab heute im Verkauf ist.Weltweit hat der Bericht unter Muslimen Empörung .."
    ".. isn't it, how all those "glitches" keep piling up...? (Note: linking to Brad Friedman's replication of this story because the Miami Herald requires a sign-in process.) A study by a member of the Miami-Dade Election Reform Coalition found frequent discrepancies between the number of votes cast + signatures collected by poll workers in the 02.Nov.2004 general election. URL: 2005 HOWTO: Internetzensur umgehen. Ein Tutorial zum aushebeln von ...: (einfach eine leere email ... The best thing would be to subscribe to a free email provider which allows ... URL:;mode=print

  11. 15.May 2005 Auch in Deutschland fordern .."
    ".. members because of their political beliefs? When a pastor equates political support for the 'wrong' candidate with a sin before God? I would say to Senator Frist and Karl Rove that this is what comes of attempts to manipulate religion for political gain. Americans simply will not accept the claim that ‘unless you accept my political beliefs, you cannot be a good Christian. URL: 06.May 2005 Wall-Street-Schluss: Zinssorgen drücken die Kurse 07.May 2005 Vor Treffen mit Bush: Putin weist Kritik an Kreml-Macht zurück 07.May 2005 Preispoker mit ThyssenKrupp: VW will Billig-Stahl auch aus China 07.May 2005 Flirt mit Washington: EADS wählt US-Standorte aus 07.May 2005 Nordkorea: USA vermuten Vorbereitungen für Atomtest 07.May 2005 München .."
    200504280517.html - 10 matches

  1. 20051025
    ".. ideological heirs of that far-right faction have achieved power in the present administration. 2. Because the public must understand that this strategy -- mass death engineered to seem the work of an opponent -- has precedent. The extreme right really will use such tactics to acquire and maintain power. Understand the past and you will better understand the future. Permalink 24.Oct.2005 Permalink 24.Oct.2005 did the levees go? It's STILL a mystery! As we deal with Wilma, let us not forget the lingering Katrina controversies.24.Oct.2005 Marines stood nearby + their commander, Brig. Gen. James Mattis, ached to join the fight to get Bin Laden. His request was denied.Mattis, along with another officer with whom I spoke, was convinced that with these numbers he could have surrounded and sealed off bin Laden's lair, as well as deployed troops to the most sensitive portions of the largely unpatrolled border with .."
    ".. Mahmood, a key figure in the development of the Pakistani bomb, was interrogated at the American embassy.One would think that the ultimate nightmare scenario -- a nuke-equipped Osama Bin Laden -- would have made his capture the + I mean THE number-one priority. So why didn't the administration call in the Marines?This scandal could -- should -- be massive . Permalink 24.Oct.2005

  2. Roughly 1500-2000 warriors accompanied Osama Bin Laden in Tora Bora until he made his escape, walking over snow-covered trails to a new hideout in a lawless area of Pakistan. The actual date of the escape remains disputed: Some sources state November 29, 2001, while the most recent NYT account gives the date of December 19. (I presume Berntsen will help us here.)At the very same .."
    ".. term?) tasked Franks with creating detailed plans for an invasion of Iraq. Iraq took precedence. Franks was so distracted by this new undertaking that he could devote little time to the capture Bin Laden.Or so runs the least embarrassing scenario. Some have posited a more disturbing idea: A faction within this administration intentionally allowed Bin Laden to get away.24.Oct.2005

  3. From a Newsweek overview of Berntsen's book:Berntsen says he had definitive intelligence that bin Laden was holed up at Tora Bora -- ?intelligence operatives had tracked him -- and could have been caught. "He was there," Berntsen tells NEWSWEEK. Asked to comment on Berntsen's remarks, National Security Council spokesman Frederick Jones passed on 2004 statements from former CENTCOM commander Gen. Tommy Franks. "We don't know to this day whether Mr. bin Laden was at Tora Bora in 00.Dec.2001 ," Franks wrote in an. 19.Oct.2005 New York Times op-ed. "Bin Laden was never within our grasp." Berntsen says Franks is "a great American. But he was not on the ground out there. I was." 24.Oct.2005

  4. 22.Oct.2005 What really happened at Tora-Bora? According to former CIA man Larry Johnson, the Bush administration will have to withstand a new controversy: Why did American forces fail to capture Osama Bin Laden?The CIA field commander for the agency's Jawbreaker team at Tora Bora, Gary Berntsen, has finally got approval to publish his book, which will hit the streets on 27.Dec.2005 ... Bernsten's key point in the book is his testimony that he and other U.S. commanders did know that bin Laden was among the hundreds of fleeing Al Qaeda + Taliban members. 24.Oct.2005

  5. Judy knew -- but not W 00.Jul.2001 : An intelligence source, tasked with intercepting terrorist communications, gave Judith Miller word of a big upcoming strike against the USA. The obvious question: Why brief her and not the President? Permalink 24.Oct.2005 non-partisan Government Accounting Office offered its report on electronic voting + found many problems -- the audit logs and the vote itself can be hacked. Left-wing bloggers have been making this argument for months -- years, actually -- while the mainstream media ostriches simply kept repeating such-things-cannot-be .Does the report go far enough? I've only skimmed, but so far, I would have to say no. 24.Oct.2005

  6. Carlson emphatically said that there is no evidence that the levees were deliberately blown in New Orleans. In fact (as Spike Lee, also on the panel, should have pointed out) we have several named witnesses who claim that explosions did occur. Others counter that these witnesses were mistaken. We should recognize the difference between disputed evidence and no evidence. 3. He averred that Congress bears much of the blame for the Iraq war, since they voted for it. In fact, Congress authorized war only if Saddam Hussein refused inspections. But weapons inspectors did enter the country + they did their work unhindered. From the start, this war was unauthorized, unconstitutional + illegal. Permalink

  7. 24.Oct.2005 Data on FBI cite abuses in secret surveillance : The FBI has conducted clandestine surveillance on some US residents for as long as 18 months at a time without proper paperwork or oversight, according to classified documents scheduled to be released today.

  8. 24.Oct.2005 Australia: How's this for sedition? : The latest legislative threat to our freedoms is worthy .."
    20051025.html - 10 matches

  1. 20041122
    ".. of Good Intentions . URL:

  2. 22.Nov.2004 German article on vote fraud A Dutch reader named flowski translated the article published in Der Spiegel. You can find it in the comments section of the preceding post, but this piece deserves more prominent display. (I've added a few touches of Americanization, plus a response.) * * * URL:'s automatic election victory It happened in Florida as well. After reports concerning irregularities in the for the US presidential elections important swing-state Ohio, now there is also doubt and annoyance in Florida. According to a study of Berkeley University electronic votingmachines were giving President Bush a clear edge. URL:

  3. 22.Nov.2004 The security level on these computer systems is terrible. I would be fired for some of these lapses. Some of these systems can be tampered with in a matter of moments. And the manufacturers are big time Republican supporters (um, conflict of interest?). Who could more easily hack one of these systems than the manufacturer themselves?And you combine this leaky software with exit polls showing Kerry winning in many states Bush won? URL:

  4. 22.Nov.2004 Many professors, scientists + other leaders in society saw what happened to Richard Clarke and Paul O’Neill. So I preface this article with the idea that the political elites (and their cronies around the world) in America are doing two things to pacify dissent:First + absolutely foremost, political elites are frightening the “best and brightest” in our society into to shutting-up, or worse, sucking them in. Second, political elites are stuffing many of their wallets and corrupting them with access to quid-pro-quo. URL:

  5. 22.Nov.2004 A fellow blogger who goes by the nomme-de-net "Political Commentator" has written a piece on the electin, which he has offered to share. For the graphics and links and all that jazz, you should visit his site. URL:

  6. 22.Nov.2004 "George Bush confesses! "How I stole the election," by George W. Bush.Another map shows a selection of serious election problems across the country. I was interested to learn of the vote-switching in Bernalillo county, New Mexico, which has a largely Native American population. Once more, this continent's original inhabitants have shown a strange penchant for voting Republican... URL: In election, 29 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, reported votes cast IN EXCESS of the number of registered voters - at least 93,136 extra votes total. And the numbers are right there on the official Cuyahoga County Board of Elections website... Let's see the debunkers try to explain away 93,136 votes by muttering vague nonsense about misplaced absentee ballots. Kerry .."
    ".. Post-Intelligencer. That's King County, Washington. Why would the G.O.P. suppress the results in a blue state? Because proof of vote fraud in one state justifies recounts in other states. And why would the Bush forces pad the vote in Washington, though not to a degree sufficient to swing the state? To add to the popular vote margin + thereby give Fearless Leader his "mandate URL:

  7. 22.Nov.2004 Let's look at the numbers. Katherine Yurica, who runs the Yurica Report, has done some remarkably good reporting, particularly on the threat of Dominionism. (This anti-democratic Christian cult has a direct bearing on the issue of election fraud, because the Ahmanson family, which owns much of this country's voting equipment, has definite Dominionist links.) She now addresses the issue of votergate 2004, concentrating on the academic studies. She directs our attention to Hout + Freeman, of course - and also to a couple of other studies which have received less attention than they deserve.A blogger named Ignatzmouse has delivered a comprehensive, detailed analysis of various oddities assailing the North Carolina vote. URL:

  8. 22.Nov.2004 Vote fraud. Is the notion "wildly improbable"? 00.000.1972 How many pundits would have used those very words to describe the proposition that Nixon's men would break into Democratic headquarters? 00.000.1980 How many pundits would still use such a term to describe the (pretty much proven) thesis that Reagan's team cut a deal with Iran ? 00.000.2003 How many pundits inwould have described as "wildly improbable" the thesis that Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction in order to grab another nation's oil reserves? URL:

  9. 21.Nov.2004 On the exit polls You can find an interesting discussion on Kos about Richard Morin's column on those damned bloggers who discussed the exit polls on election day.First, let us note the pattern: Bloggers (the newspapers tell us) did a fine thing when they gave Dan Rather a poke in the eye (even though the only qualified expert to comment on those controversial National .."
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  1. 20051110
    ".. counted. (If Joe Average were a Democrat, "might not" would probably have the edge.) But for Arnie, they cleared the matter up immediately, for fear that he might say "I'll be back."Conny B. McCormack, L.A. County Registrar, said that "This is someone who breached our protocol and was playing around in advance of the election."Heh heh heh. Permalink 10.Nov.2005

  2. Bye-bye civil liberties. W has created a private army of FBI agents under his personal control. 10.Nov.2005

  3. Ohio. An election reform measure failed in this state, despite the nationwide turn against conservatives throughout the rest of the nation. In other words, the powers-that-be put a "clean elections" measure on the ballot -- so people could vote on it. Since the vote went against the measure, we are supposed to conclude that folks in Ohio like elections the way they are. Can you see the flaw in this reasoning? Think about it verrrrrry carefully...

  4. 10.Nov.2005,1518,druck-384122,00.html

  5. Der Marsch gegen Randale solle vor allem jungen Leuten klar machen, "dass sie sofort mit der Gewalt aufhören müssen, weil sie sonst diejenigen unterstützen, die ein äußerst repressives Vorgehen in diesen Vierteln wollen", sagte M'Barek. Die Pariser Präfektur hat den .."
    ".. vor einer Katastrophe auslöste. Im Herbst 2003 haben US-Forscher in einem Militärlabor den Erreger der Spanischen Grippe rekonstruiert, die 1918 in aller Welt wütete und bis zu 50 Millionen Todesopfer forderte. Vor zwei Monaten hat das Team um Jeffrey Taubenberger seine Ergebnisse veröffentlicht - und erntete von Forschern Lob, aber auch harsche Kritik.10.Nov.2005 Speaking of the 1918 pandemic: Vials filled with that old-but-deadly disease are being shipped around the country. Shipped how , you ask? Heh heh. They're going out via Fed-Ex and DHL. Do you have any idea how easy it would be for a terrorist to knock over a Fed-Ex delivery truck? 10.Nov.2005 The Bushies say they don't do it and would never do it -- and that's why they must be allowed to do it. For some reason, this double-talk still makes sense to millions of Americans... 10.Nov.2005 owe more than you know. The deficits run up by George W. Bush are now equal to the debts incurred by every previous administration combined. W has run up a $1.5 TRILLION bill.10.Nov.2005 In Pakistan, the earthquake created three million homeless people, and a large percentage of them don't even have tents. Winters can be miserable in that part of the world. You'd think that aiding Pakistan would help the US win those proverbial hearts and minds, but our leaders prefer to let 'em freeze. 10.Nov.2005 war crimes . The US Army admits that it uses white phosphorus as a weapon, according to this Daily Kos diarist. Remember: This stuff rained down on women and children . Innocents burned in an unquenchable fire. Under the terms of the convention we signed, "any toxic chemical, regardless of its origin, is considered as a chemical weapon unless it is used for purposes that are not prohibited." You can see the ultra-gruesome visual evidence here. (You prefer to avert your eyes? Rest assured that everyone in the Arab world is looking at these horrors.),1518,druck-384101,00.htmlDer nun verabschiedete Entwurf ist trotz der Abschwächung in dieser Frage eine deutliche Verschärfung der bestehenden Anti-Terror-Gesetze. Neben der Verdoppelung der Inhaftierungsfrist ohne förmliche Anklage stellt das Gesetz auch die Verherrlichung von Terrorismus und die indirekte .."
    20051110.html - 9 matches

  1. 20041016
    ".. ip. You can investigate the company who is responsibel for the dial in. 16.Oct.2004 Hamburg: Polizei nimmt Terrorverdächtigen in Auslieferungshaft 16.Oct.2004 Nuklearfabriken: Gazprom schließt heiklen Atomdeal ab 16.Oct.2004 Kassel: Mann überfallen - Zeugen halfen nicht 16.Oct.2004 "Genesis"-Crash: Defekter Schalter ließ Raumkapsel abstürzen URL:

  2. 16.Oct.2004 The bloggers already have made one simple leap: Mr. Bush was wired when he went into that first debate. (They suggest as evidence the clue that the president suddenly said, "Let me finish," when nobody in sight was stopping him.) But there's no further evidence for this and wouldn't some connection to an earpiece also have been visible if this was the case? URL:

  3. 15.Oct.2004 Poll: CNN has a Promptergate poll. Most respondents (88% at this writing!) have chosen "electronic device" as the likeliest explanation for the mystery bulge.Blog: "Bush Wired," the third of the "bulge"-centric blogs (technically, cannonfire is still an "all-purpose" site) has updated information. URL:

  4. 15.Oct.2004 News round-up: Promptergate + more Promptergate + wiregate + audiogate + the mystery bulge - call it what you will, it continues to command attention. Here's the latest:It's obvious : Salon's David Lindorff - the best writer on this topic (which may be why the right has gone gunning for him in a personal way) - has interviewed a technical expert, Alex Darbut "who .."
    ".. Republican facing such accusations. Republican Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky used a teleprompter during a debate with his rival, Democrat Daniel Mongiardo. Bunning got away with this because he participated remotely, from DC. This is the same fellow who said that his opponent looked like one of Saddam Hussein's sons. The rhetoric this election season keeps finding new depths... URL:

  5. 15.Oct.2004 The morning after A couple of "morning after" observations on the debate, courtesy of my ladyfriend (the one who first spotted the mystery bulge, thereby setting this column on its recent course):The "flip-flop" accusation. It's pretty much gone. Didja notice? I guess Bush changed his mind on that one...After the debate, the cable shows reported that .."
    ".. artery disease, affects about 14 million men and women in the USA. Disease develops when a combination of fatty material, calcium, and scar tissue (plaque) builds up in the arteries that supply the heart with blood. Through these arteries, called the coronary arteries, the heart muscle (myocardium) gets the oxygen and other nutrients it needs to do its work, which is pumping blood. URL:

  6. 15.Oct.2004 It is my estimate that he received amphetamines beforehand, now Schedule II narcotics, but distributed freely by military doctors (for example to pilots on long bombing missions). As we know, amphetamines promote an artificial alertness but also "speediness," as well as subjecting the person to ungovernable excitement and anger, as in Bush's near physical .."
    ".. you experience any of the following symptoms: Palpitations Chest pain - Feeling faint or light-headed Actual fainting URL:

  7. 15.Oct.2004 Substances that may contribute to atrial flutter include the following: Alcohol (wine, beer, or hard liquor) Stimulants such as cocaine, amphetamines, diet pills, cold medicines, even caffeine URL:

  8. 15.Oct.2004 He needs help, he needs our expressions of compassion + he needs to be retired. We do not permit anyone with significant blood alcohol levels to drive an automobile, pilot a ship, fly a plane, or operate heavy machinery. Indeed, the penalties for doing so are severe, because it is universal common sense that a) these are all "weapons" with the potential to cause physical harm + b) alcohol causes potentially fatal failure of judgment and physical coordination. Why should we then tolerate an active drinker at the helm of State, driving the heavy machinery of our Armed Forces and nuclear arsenal. It would be insanity to permit this + an imperative duty of all citizens to relieve the drunkard of command IMMEDIATELY. URL:

  9. 15.Oct.2004 Remember that official White House photo of Bush in a t-shirt, with something the size of a ham sandwich affixed to his back beneath the cloth?Well, here's another shot taken the same day. And look at what our president has in his ear. Can't miss it. It's red.

  10. 15.Oct.2004 Internet-Telefonie-Anbieter: "Regulierungsbehörde schützt die Telekom" 15.Okt .."
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  1. 20041026
    ".. changed when he talked, but you'd expect that. It's the loss of muscle tone there that's really kind of concerning. And it was pretty much persistent throughout the entire debate." Some have also wondered whether Bush's mysterious on-then-off trip to Crawford, TX had any links to health concerns. This site reports that Bush's resting heart rate is 45. Is that true, + is it stable?URL:

  2. 25.Oct.2004 We could go to war...but it would be wrong George Tenet, until recently the head of the CIA, admits in public that the invasion of Iraq was "wrong." Yet millions of beans-for-brain G.O.P. supporters think they know something about Middle East politics that Tenet doesn't. URL:

  3. 24.Oct.2004 Can a Kerry Justice Department bring a RICO suit against the Republican Party? You know about the scurrilous tactics of the Rovians this election. You've heard, for example, of the illegal registration drives, which threw out Democratic registration forms. Now we have fake "election officials" collecting absentee forms from voters in Florida. Democratic votes - .."
    ".. What we face here is nothing less than a criminal conspiracy. Which means that the ringleaders -- a group which may well include Ed Gillespie and Karl Rove -- can, should and must be prosecuted under the RICO statutes. Kerry, as a former prosecutor, knows how to break a conspiracy wide open: Grab some small fish + pressure them until they agree to testify against the higher-ups. URL:

  4. 24.Oct.2004 Can AP rig the vote? This article, by former BBC writer Lynn Landes, alleges that Associated Press has unprecedented authority over the election night vote totals:The Associated Press (AP) will be the sole source of raw vote totals for the major news broadcasters on Election Night. However, AP spokesmen Jack Stokes + John Jones refused to explain to this journalist how .."
    ".. vote on the west coast by giving iffy wins to such states as Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio and Minnesota. Even if the data is corrected as the night progresses, depressed Democratic voters in Nevada and Oregon may not see much point in going to the polls. This could be a particular problem in Oregon, where an anti-gay marriage ballot proposition will fetch a heavy Jesus-voter turnout. URL:

  5. 24.Oct.2004 October Surprises and Iran -- it's a tradition Former Reagan NSC aide Wayne Madsen reports that his sources tell him the October Surprise will be a strike against Iran. Odd, isn't it? The Iranian government just said that it endorses Bush over Kerry! URL:

  6. 24.Oct.2004 Drudge is trying to convince his readers that anti-Bush writers are all bloodthirsty bastards. I should note that all three (yes, I said all three ) of the persons named were of the right; Hinckley was the son of a Bush family friend. The link went to this hilarious article by Charlie Brooker. A few excerpts:Quite frankly, the man's either wired or mad. If it's the .."
    ".. as a nice jab against double-standardized Drudge himself.A suggestion, Mr. Brooker: Never joke about assassination. We cannot fairly castigate Ann Coulter for this sort of remark while at the same time exempting you. Aside from that ill-considered jest in the final paragraph, yours was a terrific article - one of the best to come out of the "promptergate" controversy. URL:

  7. 24.Oct.2004 These words get near the correct answer. The USA fundamentalist has entered into a world of perfect paranoia; any data which does not fit into the fundamentalist-approved scenario is a viewed as a lie told by a "liberal" media commandeered by Satan himself. Outsiders cannot even begin to conceive of the influence wielded by Tim LaHaye and his fear-mongering comrades. I saw much the same thing happen in the 1970s. Hal Lindsey's The Late Great Planet Earth swept the country by storm -- but it was an underground storm (if you'll forgive such a skewed metaphor). The thing had nationwide impact precisely because intelligent people thought it unworthy of response. If Bush wins, he'll have LaHaye to thank. URL:

  8. 24.Oct.2004 One poster to noted this startling irregularity:Here is a remarkable passage from Bill Minutaglio's First Son, George W. Bush and the Bush Family Dynasty, Random House, NY, 1999 Pg. 151."David Anderson was another PULL employee, two years older than Bush, and he especially liked the fact that Bush had made arrangements to take some of the PULL kids .."
    ".. current civilian license?Apart from the law, did Bush endanger the lives of these children by taking them up in a plane when he was unfit to fly? One follow-up question: Would the parents of this kids have appreciated seeing the youngsters "get high" with a guy doing community service for coke use?11.Sep.2001 -Looks like- was not the only time Bush endangered children! URL:

  9. 23.Oct.2004 Vote fraud! America is the new Florida You want a conspiracy, folks? Just look at the way this election is shaping up. I'll still cover every detail of the bulge business ( see the "second voice" post directly beneath this one! ). But we also need a site -- actually, a few dozen sites -- devoted to tracking the many allegations of vote-stealing dirty tricks. .."
    20041026.html - 8 matches

  1. 20051029
    ".. mind would take on the mission of defending a gaggle of treasonous liars and warmongering murderers against the clearly stated, time-tested legal boundaries of the United States Constitution? Is there an attorney so ignorant of Constitutional law or so loyal to Bush [BGW968] that covering his sorry ass trumps all reason, dignity, democratic principles or truth? Continued 28.Oct.2005

  2. Permalink 28.Oct.2005 Libby's source. Everyone, even Fox, seems to agree that Libby's going to "get it." Libby's notes, according to previous report, held that he received the Plame information from Cheney. But Richard Sale says otherwise. "That is simply not accurate," a very former senior CIA official told this repoter. "Libby's notes on this are misleading and inaccurate or both." 28.Oct.2005

  3. The other cover-up. According to Murray Waas, Cheney and Libby orchestrated another, related cover-up in 2004, when they kept key materials from the Senate Intelligence Committee's investigation of pre-war Iraq intelligence. 28.Oct.2005

  4. Or will Fitz get a do-over? Raw Story says that the current Grand Jury will not receive an extension -- instead, Fitzgerald will seek a new Grand Jury to look into the origins of the Niger forgery. 28.Oct.2005

  5. Permalink 28.Oct.2005

  6. Although I hesitate to mention the matter, many writers aver that Israeli technicians hid a "back door" within the Promis software once used by intelligence agencies throughout the world, including the KGB. (Why the hesitation? Because some of the stories surrounding the Promis scandal seem rather over-the-top.) This back door was used to leech secret data out of secure .."
    ".. the publishing magnate who, we now know, functioned as an Israeli spy -- acted as a channel between Mossad and an anti-Gorbachev faction within the KGB, shortly before the fall of Communism. Maxwell's motive (aside from the economic incentive) was to secure the release of thousands of Jews and dissidents. Who knows how much data was passed back-and-forth at that time? 28.Oct.2005

  7. Anyone who has followed spy stories over the past decade must have read accounts of Israeli penetration of the Soviet and Russian espionage establishment. See, for example, this little-known report out of China, which reveals that a Russian operative named Gregory Gifens switched his allegiance to Israel.Jonathan Pollard, the spy-for-Israel within America's apparatus, relayed much information from Russian sources to Mossad. 28.Oct.2005

  8. So how did the Ames angle first become public? Readers may be able to discover an earlier citation, but right now, the first mention of the matter I can find is this October 11, 2003 piece by New York Times editorialist Nicolas Kristoff: First, the C.I.A. suspected that Aldrich Ames had given Mrs. Wilson's name (along with those of other spies) to the Russians before his espionage arrest in 1994. So her undercover security was undermined at that time + she was brought back to Washington for safety reasons. 28.Oct.2005

  9. In an interview with Wolf Blitzer, former CIA man Larry Johnson sets the matter as straight as it's likely to get right now:My understanding is that, as a result of the Aldrich Ames betrayal, the damage assessment there came up with the possibility that she may have been compromised, so she's moved back to the United States, home-based here, but continues to operate from here, .."
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  1. 20060821
    ".. dieser Frage. Der 72-Jährige hatte selbst jahrelang für die Gießerei in Lauchhammer gearbeitet, die Marx am 06.Okt.1974 -einen Tag vor dem 25. Jubiläum der DDR, aufgestellt hatte und jetzt auch wieder abnimmt. Dass die Universität ihn nicht an ihr neues Gebäude hängen will, das könne er gut verstehen. Diese Zeiten seien eben vorbei. 21.Aug.2006 Luskin's announcement came after his receipt of a letter from Fitzgerald, the federal prosecutor dogging the case. Up to that point, everyone was certain Rove was toast + Jason Leopold even reported that he had been indicted, but the indictment was placed under seal as Sealed v. Sealed , evidently a most unusual event. The timing of that filing coincided with the framework Leopold reported, but no indictment was ever announced. He suffered a great deal of animosity from the public, including liberal bloggers, but 21.Aug.2006 Of course, Plame and her husband, Joe Wilson, have filed a lawsuit against Rove, Cheney, Libby + unnamed others, but that is somewhat of a side issue, though the overlap will make for fascinating revelations. The latest on the lawsuit includes the fact that Plame/Wilson have added another attorney to their team who has pointed out that Cheney may have a hard time using Constitutional immunity to wiggle out of the suit, as they plan to use the Supreme Court decision against Clinton in the Paula Jones case. Poetic (in)justice, eh (I never thought that ruling made any sense)? And then there's the fact that Cheney has lawyered up, likely his best move since resigning from Halliburton.21.Aug.2006 the only information the public has gained in the past several months, technically since Libby was indicted, has come from Rove's lawyer, Robert Luskin of "my innocent client paid me in gold bricks" fame + Robert Novak, of "publish the CIA identity" fame. Like we should trust either one of these guys. 21.Aug.2006 Rove Revisited - dr. elsewhere here Just when it seemed Rove's status in the CIA leak case had gone the way of Florida's 2000 election results and bin Laden's whereabouts, Jason Leopold provides us with an updated refresher. 21.Aug.2006 Illegale Rüstungsgeschäfte: Iran erhielt aus Deutschland Navigationssysteme für Drohnen 21.Aug.2006 Spanien: Acht Menschen sterben .."
    ".. Terrorists. British Intelligence Honchos Asks Busheviks to Stop Leaking Details About Recent London Arrests. Another Bush Betrayal of American National Security for Political Purposes. 21.Aug.2006 Barbara's Daily BuzzFlash Minute Bush's No. 1 Poodle, Tony Blair, "Feels Betrayed by Bush on Lebanon' Name the bigger crook: Bush or Nixon? Comment at the Last Chance Democracy Cafe. 21.Aug.2006

  2. Two weeks before the announcement of the latest jetliner plot, Pakistani authorities arrested Rashid Rauf, the alleged terrorist mastermind, Al Qaeda link-man and beauty product entrepreneur. I've always found the sequence of events odd: One would presume that the arrest would have cancelled any plans. Now we learn that the information .."
    ".. Pakistani authorities exaggerated Rauf’s role to appear ‘tough on terrorism’ and impress Britain and America.A spokesman for Pakistan’s Interior Ministry last night admitted that ‘extradition at this time is not under consideration’. This whole "plot" is starting to look like just another scarecrow, designed to frighten the gullible.21.Aug.2006

  3. Craig Murray notes the the binary liquid explosive myth (if myth it is) can be used by authorities who want to smear someone placed under arrest. The acetone under your bathroom sink doesn't make you a terrorist, but it could lead to some ominous headlines about "precursor chemicals" in your apartment.Murray likens the current .."
    ".. been discovered. In the end, all those accused were found not guilty by the court. The "traces of ricin" were revealed to be the atmospheric norm.The "intelligence" on that plot had been extracted under torture in Algeria - another echo here, as the "intelligence" in this current case has almost certainly been extracted under torture in Pakistan. 21.Aug.2006 The jetliner plot: Another scarecrow? Recent stories tend to confirm suspicions that the latest UK "terror plot" was something other than advertised.The most interesting piece comes from our Australian friend Gavin Gatenby ("Nick Possum"). A chemist told him the straight skinny on TATP (Triacetone Triperoxide), the "secret ingredient" which, we are .."
    ".. authorities exaggerated Rauf’s role to appear ‘tough on terrorism’ and impress Britain and America.A spokesman for Pakistan’s Interior Ministry last night admitted that ‘extradition at this time is not under consideration’. This whole "plot" is starting to look like just another scarecrow, designed to frighten the gullible. Permalink 21.Aug.2006 Very weird Karr stuff Yes, I know that the John Mark Karr story has rapidly turned into silly-season material. Face it: We're hooked.21.Aug.2006 Our foreign policy is just plain wrong : The relationship between Mr Bush and Mr Blair has done untold damage both at home and abroad 21.Aug.2006 Heading toward an (inevitable) war in Kirkuk: Continued US inaction most likely will lead to .."
    20060821.html - 8 matches

27. 20061017
".. including a young boy caught stealing, as punishment. Varela also notes that Columbus was "surprisingly greedy. He was always tremendously worried about making money." 17.Oct.2006 Who really sailed the ocean blue in 1492?  Spanish scholars are on a mission to demystify Christopher Columbus's life, long shrouded in a veil of mythic heroism.posted by Prof. Hex 17.Oct.2006 Islam, is it really how the media portrays it? Is it really all about terrorism and extremism? Ever wondered? Here is your chance to find out! Visit our blog--> # posted by Admin 17.Oct.2006 thanks to, "Zontar" for bringing this matter to my attention.) Permalink17.Oct.2006 Here is the actual statement of the Sh'ite clans, in English. An excerpt: We learned from the Occupation the lesson that Iraq will never ever enjoy stability and will never ever be prosperous and that the dignity of its women and men will never ever be safeguarded without the existence of a strong and central leadership which asserts the law of justice and strikes with an iron hand .."
".. return of his Excellency will mean the return of security and stability and the end of the murders, rapes, plunder, humiliation, state disrespect, wide spread corruption and daylight robberies, in order to regain sovereignty and independence. I cannot believe that this statement reflects the sentiment of all or even most Shi'ites in Iraq. Is this text a forgery? Disinformation?17.Oct.2006 This comes from a blog called Cytations:But after watching the Kurds recently lower the Iraqi flag as a sign of secession, the Southern Shiite clans of Iraq have decided to bear arms and join the resistance. They also demanded the return of Saddam to power.The flag lowering also alienated many Kurds.The Northern Iraqi clans and the clans of Baghdad had recently made a similar .."
".. typischen Farbe auftritt - zum Beispiel Bananen (gelb), Möhren (orange) + Salat (grün)16.Oct.2006 Zeugen Jehovas - Facharbeit (Schule ... 1916 starb Charles Taze Russsell während einer Vortragsreise in Texas. 00.000.1931 -Im Sommer- änderten die Bibelforscher ihren Namen in Zeugen Jehovas. . 16.Oct.2006 Iran-amuck, pt. 2 From RAW Story: The Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Peter Hoekstra (R-MI), has recently held meetings in Paris with a front man working for Iranian arms dealer and Iran-Contra figure Manucher Ghorbanifar, US and foreign intelligence sources tell RAW STORY. There seems to be a faction within the Iranian power structure that wants .."
".. technologies, experience he uses to help investors evaluate technologies for development or financing. He works closely with former Soviet biological warfare scientists and scientists at American universities to develop novel approaches to bolster the immune system in order to counter biological weapons. Something big is up. I've been saying that a lot lately, haven't I? Permalink 16.Oct.2006 Scott Ritter claims the U.S. army does have a division available to put into Iraq -- however (according to Ritter) when BushCo discovers that our "intervention" doesn't spark an overthrow of the Iranian government (by, of course, a pro-American government which loves Israel, GWB and the Fortune 500 --so go their fantasies) and things don't go as planned in the neo-con .."
".. S. will find itself with its army effectively entrapped. At that point, Bush will use tactical nuclear weapons.Ritter, who describes himself as a conservative Republican, claims to have seen such war-game plans + to have talked to high-level military planners.You can get the whole interview (or will be able to) at, Leonard Lopate show, 10/16.# posted by Anonymous 16.Oct.2006 The Bush family buys into...PARAGUAY? (Update) This report claims that George Bush Sr. has purchased a 98,842-acre farm in northern Paraguay, between Brazil and Bolivia.A source privately tells me that the elder Bush appears to have made the purchase through an organization called Fundación Patria, a group based in the Dominican Republic which claims as its goal the improvement of life for impoverished students in the third world. The same correspondent says that the ranch will be administered by W's former abassador to Paraguay, Timothy Towell.I cannot verify this information at this time, so apply a strong note of caution to all of the above.16.Oct.2006 UPDATE: As doc elsewhere reminds us, this area is home to the world's largest aquifer, which will play an important role in the water-starved world to come. And as this piece points out, Bolivia's vast gas fields are nearby.Right-wing blogs have long reported an Al Qaeda "presence" near the area now allegedly under Bush ownership. (Rancho Poppy is supposedly in northern .."
20061017.html - 8 matches

  1. 20061022
    ".. will become truth, so that what is true will become untrue. And thus we will be separated from the truth. Which is why Blair himself now represents that "mark of separation". O tempora! O mores! Continue  22.Oct.2006 Darfur- Krise: Sudan wirft Uno- Sondergesandten aus dem Land 22.Oct.2006 Gewalteskalation: US- Strategen suchen Ausweg aus der Hölle Irak 22.Oct.2006 Iraq: How to change? I suggest taking a look at Ratbang Diaries for some incisive comments on the great problem now confronting Bush: How can the Infallible One change course in Iraq without confessing fallibility? (You'll also want to read Joy's preceding post about Harold Pinter.)22.Oct.2006 Sen. Obama says he's weighing 2008 run. Hmmm, how about a Gore/Obama ticket. Gore would .."
    ".. 10/23 22.Oct.2006 Guardian: Last week a tipping point was reached as political leaders in Washington and London began openly to think the unthinkable -- that the war was lost 10/23 America showed arrogance, stupidity in Iraq, current U.S. senior Bushevik diplomat says 22.Oct.2006 The United States is tracking a North Korean ship described as suspicious by a U.S. official 10/23 22.Oct.2006 Bush in Paraguay: More info An extremely good friend to this blog sent me a bit more information on the 100,000 acre Bush spread in Paraguay -- specifically, on the possible connection of Jenna Bush's trip to that neck of the woods. Jenna met with Paraguayan president Nicanor Duarte and with U.S. Ambassador James Cason. 22.Oct.2006 This page appears to be Cuban in origin, so consider the source with caution. It identifies Cason as CIA during his incident-filled stint in Havana. I'm not sure that's accurate... Alongside appointing Miami Cubans to high office in his administration, this strategy is also a pay-back to the Cuban mafia for its decisive role in the fraudulent .."
    ".. own residence and securing the flow of money.Despite USAID claims that its NGOs can’t provide cash to Cubans directly, over $100,000 in cash was found in the possession of the 75 mostly unemployed mercenaries who went on trial. This was the Verala Project + the pro-American Cubans received far more than $100,000 -- more like $20 mill, according to writer Thomas Riggins.22.Oct.2006 Agee himself (that was your cue to boo and hiss -- why aren't you booing and hissing?) offers an interesting profile of Cason: James Cason is a career State Department diplomat who has served mostly in Latin American countries, not menacing to the eye, just a bit overstuffed in the round face, double chinned like a Porky Pig in his late .."
    ".. finally decided to sweep away Cason’s constituency in a stroke. And there he stood in March, appropriately like the Emperor who wore no cool. Indeed, there’s been not a peep from the man since his acolytes were picked up.One can imagine the bitterness from prison with 75 of “our guys” reflecting on how stupid they were to fall for Cason’s grandstanding.

  2. 22.Oct.2006 From Wonkette: Cason apparently gets around. A former “political adviser” to the U.S. Atlantic Command and ATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic, Cason has been stationed in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama … basically everywhere the U.S. has run secret and not-so-secret wars over the past 30 years. 22.Oct.2006 As for Duarte and Paraguay, this Asia Times piece provides much of what you need to know. Some excerpts... Way back 00.000.1982, the US built and started operating a semi-clandestine airstrip in Mariscal Estigarribia, in the Chaco region in northern Paraguay near the Bolivian border, where B-52 bombers and C-5 Galaxy cargo planes are able to .."
    ".. stations." On meeting Laura Bush: "I was blessed with the good fortune of meeting a wonderful small-town Texas woman who had a dazed and clueless stare reminiscent of a goat that had been struck between the eyes with a tire iron -- a halting kind of beauty which every man desires in a woman." 22.Oct.2006 New York Times reports that U.S. has secret timetable 22.Oct.2006 Anon...The $296 billion deficit figure that the government touts does not include off-budget items like the ongoing war, which in Iraq alone is costing us 9 billion a month. Nor does it include surpluses in the Social Security and Medicare funds, which are also being spent without accounting for them. Yes, the deficit is almost 800 billion a year; that's how much more the Fed gov't .."
    ".. is generally recognized as a reliable site. You might try reading some of the commentaries there. I think you will be shocked to see how much the feds and their mouthpieces at the Wall Street Journal are massaging numbers to keep folks like you in the game. No meanness intended toward you, but for your family's sake I hope you look further into this. # posted by unirealist 22.Oct.2006 The most pernicious myth, still believed by many, holds that anti-war protestors spat on returning soldiers. If you know of anyone who still believes this nonsense, show 'em this interview with Jerry Lembcke, who teaches Sociology at Holy Cross College. Lembcke examines the origins of this legend in a book called The Spitting Image .I kept looking back in the historical records, .."
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  1. 20041117
    ".. Bush running ahead of his 2000 performance in 58 of the state's 67 counties. In Ohio, the margin was 2.5 percent. Florida's 8.2-percent spread -- between the early exits and the results -- is more than double the standard error rate. In Ohio, the spread is 6.5 percent. The article goes on to discuss the various theories for this wide (wider than most people acknowledge) disparity. URL:

  2. 18.Nov.2004 Scientists, not lawyers. This important story by a Democratic activist argues that instead of mustering an army of lawyers for election day, the Kerry campaign should have gathered together scientists and computer experts.Olbermann: Did I call the shot, or what? Conservatives have now inaugurated Keith Olbermann into their demon-of-the-month club. Olbermann and Fisher: .."
    ".. affirming that Nader would consult "with Jeff Fisher + Jan Schneider regarding the investigation of voter fraud and a statewide recount for the state of Florida." Zeese denied to MSNBC that he had made such a comment. The quote now seems to be missing from Fisher's site (at least I could not find it); Olbermann implies that the whole affair injures Fisher's credibility. URL:

  3. 18.Nov.2004 Ohio: If you haven't seen it yet, check out this piece on the gross (and obviously intentional) violations of the Voting Rights Act: URL:

  4. 18.Nov.2004 Never give up: The election mess continues Bev Harris: You'll want to read about her recent battles in Volusia county; scroll down.Felons: In some states, felons cannot vote -- but they can still count the vote, according the investigator Daniel Hopsicker. ...the owner of Sequoia Pacific until recently was also accused of bribing public officials, in this case the Prime .."
    ".. too many threads hanging loose (if I may be forgiven such a terribly mixed metaphor). Still, any armchair sleuths will want to Google these names...Reward: Remember the group that offered a cool hundred thou to anyone who could prove vote fraud (or rat out the fraudsters)? They've doubled the offer. They only catch: The evidence must change the outcome of the presidential race. URL:

  5. 18.Nov.2004 In one ward in the city of Manchester, the change was remarkable. In 2000, Gore beat Bush 49 % to 48 %. But this year Bush carried the ward with 53 % of votes. In another Manchester ward where Gore won 52 percent to Bush's 44 percent in 2000, Bush won with 50 percent to Kerry's 49 percent this year.   "The numbers could be real," Briggs said. "But to .."
    ".. polling tapes from election night. Lo and behold, some were missing. By this time, Black Box Voting investigator Andy Stephenson had joined the group at Volusia County. Some polling place tapes didn't match. In fact, in one location, precinct 215, an African-American precinct, the votes were off by hundreds, in favor of George W. Bush and other Republicans.Hmm. Which was right? URL: URL:

  6. 17.Nov.2004 Lana Hires, a Volusia County employee who gained some notoriety in an election 2000 Diebold memo, where she asked for an explanation of minus 16,022 votes for Gore, so she wouldn't have to stand there "looking dumb" when the auditor came in, was particularly unhappy about seeing the Black Box Voting investigators in the office. She vigorously shook her head when Deanie Lowe suggested going to the warehouse.URL: We all know many examples to prove the point. For the latest outrage, see this story, about a state representative in "liberal " Massachusetts, asked to leave her church choir because she is a Democrat. 17.Nov.2004 Last gasp of U.S. hegemony : This is the beginning of the end of U.S. hegemony. 17.Nov.2004 Empires as Ages of Religious Ignorance: George W. Bush's .."
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  1. 20041129
    ".. hackers committee Click Here . 28.Nov.2004 Yes I am angry that all I believed my whole life, the honesty, integrity was the way to conduct your successful life is a sham.Now it is play as dirty as you can and you will get the rewards! Pretend you are a Christian and the masses will follow. Whatever happen to the thinking, questioning people who encouraged thinking how to improve life? URL:

  2. 28.Nov.2004 Doesn't anyone think it strange that we are interfering in Ukraine's election but not looking at ours? The media is so afraid of having the debacle of Dan Rather's story they won't touch all the evidence piling up on the stolen election.How much evidence is needed before SOMEONE with authority can bring some light on it.

  3. URL:

  4. 28.Nov.2004 I think there is a conspiracy to steal the vote, but it's difficult to determine what information is genuine and what is a red herring. I think Madsen is on the up and up at this point + it would not surprise me if former FBI agents were posing as security officials as he outlined. I do want to point something out that .."
    ".. a front page article in the Cincinnati Enquirer. Homeland Security said they had issued no such warning to them and if an official warning were in order, Homeland Security would issue it, not the county sherrif or police chief. I find it odd that two counties in Southwest Ohio claimed they received warnings of "terrorist threats" that Homeland Security denied issuing.

  5. URL:

  6. 28.Nov.2004 In Canada, Laurentian is synonymous with "Rothschild" + this is the bank that put Chretien in power. See what Lenny Bloom at says about it. He knows what's going on in Toronto. URL:

  7. 28.Nov.2004

  8. 27.Nov.2004 Vote notes Ohio. According to the Columbus Free Press, a floodtide of evidence indicates fraud in this state. Brad Friedman's comment says it all: "I dare you to read this entire Columbus Free Press article + then explain to me why Ohio's election shouldn't be .."
    ".. back 30 % for Bush. This one came back 40 % for Bush. I don't know. Also, they sealed up their provisional ballots before I had a chance to count them and let them know how much provisional ballots were there. Also, she signed off as an official witness at the end of the day, even though she was a Republican worker. And Richard Lugar has the audacity to complain about the Ukraine! URL:

  9. 28.Nov.2004 Hacking sites? Reports keep surfacing of interference with sites looking into the e-vote controversy -- for example, one reader claims that the Green party's donation page stopped working. Paranoia? Maybe. Probably. But these days, who knows? URL:

  10. 28.Nov.2004 Suing Mr. Blackwell: People for the American Way has sued Ken Blackwell over the 8000 provisional ballots consigned to the round file in Cuyahoga county. "The suit is a mandamus action, which asks a court to compel a public official to perform a duty." The suit also says that any vote cast in the wrong precinct should be counted, if the voter did not receive instruction as to the correct precinct. The suit also says that votes should not be discarded if they were cast in the right building but at the wrong table. Sounds sensible to me. I'll be amused to hear Republicans spin this effort as an attempt to "steal" the election. URL:

  11. 28.Nov.2004 Ukraine: Previously, we've noted that an institute conducting the exit polls in the Ukraine had received funding from organizations linked to USA + UK intelligence. Keep that factor in mind as you read the Guardian's take on the elections in the former Soviet republic:There are professional outside election monitors from bodies such as the Organization for Security and .."
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  1. 20050715
    ".. The scenario remains unproven and hypothetical. Still, we should tug on this thread to see how it unravels. In essence: As coincidence - and I think it is coincidence - would have it, the lawyer for Matt Cooper (of Plame fame) not long ago had another interesting client: Custer Battles, a now-infamous firm accused of defrauding the U.S. taxpayers of $50 million earmarked for Iraq. URL:

  2. 15.Jul.2005 The analysis also demonstrated that other voter statistics make it impossible for Bush to have won. Even if all Bush voters from 2000 showed up and voted for him, he still needed an additional 13 million votes. He didn't get them from new voters and those who did not vote in 2000; those voters preferred Kerry by an almost 3-to-2 margin. Because of this, a Bush victory .."
    ".. back to defeat Bush once again after having the election stolen from them.Logical absurdities and inconsistencies in Election 2004 abound...This work is just part of a comprehensive set of election fraud work and analysis provided by the dedicated voting rights activists in DemocraticUnderground.Com's "2004: Election Results and Discussion" forum, a unique Net resource. URL:


  4. 15.Jul.2005 Ten thousand voter registrations documents shredded in Hocking County. The latest investigative piece by Bob Fitrakis deserves the widest possible publicity. Sherole Eaton, the unfairly fired election official in Hocking County, Ohio, claims that Elections Director Lisa Schwartze (a Republican activist accused of using her office for partisan fundraising) has illegally shredded as many as ten thousand voter registrations documents.I suspect that the shredded documents were not chosen at random... URL:,1518,druck-365232,00.html

  5. 15.Jul.2005 00:4 Wilson sagte, dass seine Frau, die in den Medien unter ihrem Mädchennamen Valerie Plame bekannt ist, offiziell seinen Nachnamen angenommen habe. Deswegen tauge das Argument nicht, Rove habe in dem Gespräch den Namen der Agentin nicht genannt. "Er hat sie .."
    ".. SERVICES RENDERED In case you forgot exactly who Sheirer is, let's quote from his bio page on the CCEP website:

  6. 14.Jul.2005 a few months ago the BBC broadcast a similar documentary on the same theme, although with much worse consequences [??]. It is hardly surprising therefore, that we chose a feasible scenario - but the timing and script was nonetheless, a little disconcerting. URL:

  7. 14.Jul.2005 which Peter Power responds. URL:

  8. 14.Jul.2005 Thank you for your message. Given the volume of emails about events on 7 July and a commonly expressed misguided belief that our exercise revealed prescient behaviour, or was somehow a conspiracy (noting that several websites interpreted our work that day in an inaccurate/naive/ignorant/hostile manner) it has been decided to issue a single email response as follows: It .."
    ".. company in London (as part of a wider project that remains confidential) and that two scenarios related directly to terrorist bombs at the same time as the ones that actually detonated with such tragic results. One scenario in particular, was very similar to real time events. "However, anyone with knowledge about such ongoing threats to our capital city will be aware that... URL:

  9. 13.Jul.2005 Großbritannien: Polizeirazzia bei London 13.Jul.2005 Studie: Jeder vierte Deutsche ausländerfeindlich eingestellt 11.Jul.2005 Suche nach dem ersten Puzzle-Stück ... Ermittler deuteten gegenüber britischen Zeitungen und Nachrichtenagenturen an, dass der benutzte Sprengstoff aus den Lagern des Militärs stammen könnte. ... 08.Jul.2005 Viel .."
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  1. 20050803
    ".. of a nuclear strike on US targets within a decade." Continue

  2. 03.Aug.2005 Marc Cooper. In this week's L.A. Weekly , Cooper denounces the After Downing Street movement as "masturbatory." I know Cooper and his brand of leftism of old. When he cries out against a grassroots movement, that means the movement has done something worthwhile. Keep it up, Downing Streeters! URL:

  3. 03.Aug.2005 Brad Friedman exposes the latest propaganda blitz by the allegedly non-partisan Republican front group AVCR (AMerican Center for Voting Rights), which is trying to blame vote fraud on the Democrats. Typical Rove tactic: Always play offense, never play defense. URL:

  4. 03.Aug.2005 UPDATE: A reader has asked me to reprint the full piece from 2001. If fate is with me, I'll do so tomorrow. As you'll see, the distinction is striking: The Novak of 2001 was very different from the wildly self-contradictory Novak of today:In the August 1 column, Novak stated that the "unanimous Senate Intelligence Committee report ... said that Wilson's wife 'suggested him for the trip.'" But in a July 15, 2004, column, Novak clearly recognized that the committee did not reach an official conclusion about how the CIA made the decision to hire Wilson... URL:

  5. 03.Aug.2005 a column dated October 15, 2001, little more than a month after the tragedy.The author: Robert Novak.I can't quote it verbatim (I'm not writing from home) but the gist is this: On that date, Novak claimed that he heard whispers that the Bush White House planned to use the WTC attacks as a reason to begin a new war with Iraq. Even then, the writing on the wall was .."
    ".. that such an attack would be unjustified. Saddam had no Weapons of Mass Destruction, said Novak. Saddam also had no ties to Al Qaida. ALl in all, not a bad column. Sounds like Novak's "intelligence sources" were sensible folk of the Valerie Wilson sort.One thinks fondly of those precious few months back in 2001 when the newspapers printed real news, not neocon propaganda. URL:

  6. 03.Aug.2005 Old newsclips have few fans, but sometimes you can find interesting nuggets in them thar archives. URL:

  7. 03.Aug.2005 Bob Fitrakis is, as always, on top of the story...But Noe was more than a mere fundraiser. The New York Times dubbed him Toledo's "Mr. Republican," the GOP "man to see" in northwest Ohio. While Tom chaired the regional Bush-Cheney campaign, his wife Bernadette chaired the scandal-torn Lucas County Board of Elections that played a key role in caging .."
    ".. 12.6 million in coin-fund related expenses for managing the $50 million investment between 1998 and 2004. Federal and state officials are now investigating these expenses. A "Ponzi scheme" is what Ohio's Republican Attorney General Jim Petro calls the method by which Noe may have stolen millions of dollars from the state of Ohio's Bureau of Worker's Compensation (BWC). URL:

  8. 03.Aug.2005 A new culprit in the Ohio vote-rigging scandal? Raw Story points the finger at Bernadette Noe, wife of Tom Noe, embroiled in money laundering probes related to "Coin-gate." The scandals come together! To paraphrase Flannery O'Connor, everything that sinks into the morass must converge. Also check out what Brad Friedman has to say...You'll also want to read John Conyers' blog for other recent devlopments on the coin-gate scandal URL: URL:,1518,druck-367928,00.html

  9. 03.Aug.2005 Durch die globale Klimaerwärmung sei diese Lebenswelt jedoch in Gefahr, befürchten die Forscher. Tiere aus südlicheren Gewässern könnten bei steigenden Temperaturen in die arktische Tiefsee eindringen und das Ökosystem zerstören.URL: .."
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  1. 20050808
    ".. 2005 Licht-Phänomen: Polarlicht umhüllt Saturnpole 08.Aug.2005 Paranoid folk will recall that the World Trade Center attack took place during an exercise designed to test our air defense system. We now have similar exercises scheduled for the near future, in two separate areas: The threat of a ship-borne nuclear payload + the threat of an airborne chemical attack... URL: For a fascinating history of tests on unwitting American populations, see this page. URL:

  2. 08.Aug.2005 Gassing New York Newsday reports that the Department of Homeland Security will gas New York's streets and subways. The intent is to use harmless substances to trace the potential damage of an airborne chemical attack. The test gases will include PFT, or perfluorocarbon tracer gas + sulfur hexafluoride. I have no reason to doubt that these substances are benign.Even so .."
    ".. government. Exactly similar tests occurred in the 1950s, pursuant to the CIA's Project MKULTRA and cognate Defense Department programs. The simulated attacks were designed to test the spread of airborne biological agents and airborne chemicals. The tests in New York and San Francisco were quite extensive -- presumably more extensive than the three-week project about to get underway. URL:

  3. 08.Aug.2005 already taken note of this remarkable piece by Clayton Hallmark, which delves deeper into the role played by Italian wheeler-dealer Rocco Martino in the peddling of the Niger forgeries. (Josh Marshall was, I believe, the first to uncover Martino's part in this sorry matter.) The fakery - + the forthcoming Iraq war - were, according to Hallmark, discussed at a key meeting .."
    ".. enough. But P2 is much more -- it's a secret society devoted to the resurgence of fascism. P2 was founded by Licio Gelli, a former Mussolini "black shirt" who later functioned as an SS liaison officer. If Hallmark's report is accurate (and at this point, I must withhold final judgment), then AIPAC has hopped into bed with a partner that would disgust most American Jews. URL:

  4. 07.Aug.2005 the Plame/Rove affair. Just such a linkage is a subtext of this Justin Raimondo column which cites a UPI story (yes, I know who owns UPI) as follows:Federal law-enforcement officials said that they have developed hard evidence of possible criminal misconduct by two employees of Vice President Dick Cheney's office related to the unlawful exposure of a CIA officer's .."
    ".. said."According to these sources, John Hannah and Cheney's chief of staff, Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, were the two Cheney employees. 'We believe that Hannah was the major player in this,' one federal law-enforcement officer said... Hannah was the director for Washington Institute for Near East Policy -- euphoniously acronymed WINEP -- a think tank linked at the hip with AIPAC. URL:

  5. 07.Aug.2005 , my previous discussion on the forthcoming war with Iran elicited some intriguing discussion points. The Dark Wraith's analysis of neocon plans are surely worth reading (start here), URL:

  6. 06.Aug.2005 Iran, Ledeen, Rove, AIPAC + more Remember the disinformation peddled by NBC news -- the story that Iran has supplied the Iraq insurgents with sophisticated new bombs? I registered my skepticism yesterday. That skepticism has been authoritatively confirmed by Juan Cole in his latest column. Do you notice how there are 250,000 tons of missing munitions in Iraq, such that it is not necessary for the Baath military intelligence to import very many from elsewhere? Damn straight. I should have made that point myself. URL:

  7. Jerome a Paris on Daily Kos has a fine run-down on the administration's attempts to foment a new war with Iran. 07.Aug.2005 "Buena Vista Social Club": Kubas Sänger-Legende Ibrahim Ferrer ist tot

  8. 07.Aug.2005 Grüne contra Linkspartei: "Lieber in die Opposition als mit denen" 07.Aug.2005 Unterwasserdrama im Pazifik: Russische Matrosen nach 76 Stunden .."
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  1. 20051129
    ".. FRANÇAISE EN ALLEMAGNE DE 1789 A 1848 (Conférence ... - Ver em HTML ... après avoir repoussé Napo -léon, sembla revenir au regime d'autrefois. ... DE Becker ou la Garde sur le Rhin ( Die Wacht am Rhein) DE Schneckenburger. ... 28.Nov.2005 Paul Krugman: Age of Anxiety 11/29 28.Nov.2005

  2. The State Attorney in Broward County is Michael Satz. If you want to get up to speed on Satz, you may want to check out this 2004 New Times story by Bob Norman. Here's the sub-head: "Broward's top prosecutor loves to protect corrupt public officials." 28.Nov.2005

  3. The Sun-Sentinel's coverage of the Gus Boulis case includes this noteworthy paragraph:The Broward County State Attorney's Office stated in court documents that it does not intend to issue subpoenas to either Kidan or Abramoff in the Boulis case.

  4. 28.Nov.2005 Web Sites Offer Private Cell Phone Information: A Problem Solvers investigation has discovered that several Web sites will sell the last 100 phone numbers you have dialed to anyone who knows your phone number. 28.Nov.2005 Israeli professor of military history says " Bush deserves to be impeached" : For misleading the American people, + launching the .."
    ".. free the Iranian people from the axis of evil and bring American-style democracy to all the good people of the Middle East.  Continued 27.Nov.2005 Question: Is there any way to make this nation's many naive Christophiles - the ones who jumped every time Ralph Reed snapped his fingers - understand the truth about the thugs who commanded their loyalites? Permalink 27.Nov.2005

  5. An interesting parallel. Daniel Hopsicker pointed out an eerie historical parallel which deserves wider comment. Here's how Gus Boulis met his end: 06,Feb.2001 -on the night of- Boulis, 51, was driving on Miami Road when a car swerved in front of his BMW + slammed on brakes. After Boulis stopped, a black Mustang going the opposite way pulled alongside + its driver fired several shots into Boulis' car. Boulis drove off + crashed into a tree. 00.000.1987 "Poppy" Bush's friend Don Aronow - the "speedboat king" who was heavily involved with drug-running - was murdered in a substantially similar fashion. In the Aronow case, the shooter was on foot + the victim was given no chance to try to get away. 27.Nov.2005

  6. Abramoff + beyond - The Abramoff scandals are turning into one huge mega-scandal, in which murder, bribery, drugs, corruption, protection rackets, racism, the Israel-ueber alles faction + the Christian right all flavor the same fetid stew. First, we have word of earwitness evidence in the murder of Gus Boulis, the fast-food magnate turned casino boat owner, who paid the price for .."
    ".. company to pay for his own death. Keep in mind, as you read all this, that Abramoff's major partner in this series of scams was professional Christian Ralph Reed. Reed's major function (if I may over-simplify matters) was to cajole naive fundamentalists into bringing anti-gambling pressures against Indian casinos, who would then pay Abramoff to lobby those troubles away. 27.Nov.2005

  7. "Please don't bomb our supplier..." You know why Blair talked Bush out of bombing Al Jazeera? Because Qatar (that's where Al Jazeera is) supplies the UK with one-fifth of its gas. Permalink,1518,druck-386889,00.html

  8. Jeder zehnte Neuinfizierte trägt resistente Viren Was den Medizinern trotz aller Erfolge jedoch große Sorgen bereitet, sind die zunehmenden Resistenzen: Gerade solche HIV-Stämme breiten sich immer rascher aus, gegen die verfügbare Medikamente wirkungslos sind. Mittlerweile gibt .."
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35. 20060913
".. Wing Roots  Your liberal media in action. 13.Sep.2006 All your votes they belong to us  This paper presents a fully independent security study of a Diebold AccuVote-TS voting machine, including its hardware and software. We obtained the machine from a private party. Analysis of the machine, in light of real election procedures, shows that it is vulnerable to extremely serious attacks. Cannonfire has a few comments as well, including the need for fake polls to make the results look palatable.Important stuff. Another goodie via Boing Boing. posted by Prof. Hex 13.Sep.2006 File-sharing site eDonkey kicks it P2P firm agrees to $30 million settlement in copyright case, becomes latest victim of illegal file-sharing crackdown. 13.Sep.2006 Wal-Mart demands double RFID chips with groceries Wal-Mart says 500 new stores and clubs will roll out RFID for case- and pallet-level tracking before the end of the fiscal year. 13.Sep.2006 Keith Olbermann Twenty, thirty, forty years from now, journalists will no longer point to Edward R. Murrow's scolding of McCarthy as the great moment of their profession. They will point to this. Permalink 13.Sep.2006 Gerichtsentscheid: Stichwahl- Termin im Kongo ungültig 13.Sep.2006 Mess in NewYork, Mess in NewOrleans, Mess in Iraq, Mess here, Mess there! Good God someone grab the freaking diapers.Miss P.13.Sep.2006 Tracy Costin of DataUSA (a.k.a. Viewpoint USA) has been found guilty of wire fraud related to her penchant for fake polling: Costin told employees to alter poll data + managers at the company told employees to "talk to cats and dogs" when instructing them to fabricate the surveys.An FBI affidavit from 2004 quotes a supervisor of the company estimating that 50 % of the .."
".. falsified. In another story, this tidbit caught my eye: Leonard Mastri, Costin's ex-husband, told the FBI the results for a Metro-North survey were fabricated.Mastri, the former owner of Computer Guys and PM Consulting in Bridgeport, was arrested and convicted for selling computers stolen from Sikorsky Aircraft. What a fun couple! Our democracy is safe is such hands...Permalink 13.Sep.2006 Speaking of Diebold: The Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University has released a "Security Analysis of the Diebold AccuVote-TS Voting Machine" which proves that these machines are about as vulnerable as a naked 19-year-old blonde tied to a bed in the middle of a men's prison where all the guards are snoozing or strung out on dope. Abstract: This .."
".. requires voters to present a photo ID or other proof of identity at the polls.The leader, Leonard Gorman, testified that many Navajo who spend their lives herding sheep in remote areas cannot fulfill the new requirements because they do not drive, nor do they have mailboxes or even the utility bills that are accepted as alternative forms of identification under the new law. 13.Sep.2006 this interesting piece came up on patricia heaton's site: interesting for presenting the project as based on the commission report and for being 'stranger than fiction.' knowingly lying. that's all it takes to sue.# posted by dr. elsewhere : 7:30 AM   13.Sep.2006 Having read "Buzz" Patterson's book, "Dereliction of Duty" back 00.000.2003 I know his slant on Clinton. "DoD" was an insipid hit piece, but what I found telling was on page 139 of "DoD" Buzz said he had read a PDB 00.000.1996 - a security violation IMO - which talked about the Operation Bojinka plot. So the fact that Airplanes could be used .."
20060913.html - 7 matches

  1. 20041119
    ".. BCCI. John Kerry tried his damnedest to shut BCCI down. There is one other thing you should know about Bush’s money-man, Khalid Bin Mahfouz: According to Komisar and others, he also headed up a "charity" which channeled funds to Al Qaeda. (However, former DCI James Woolsey apparently was in error when he identified Bin Mahfouz as Osama Bin Laden's brother-in-law.)URL:

  2. 19.Nov.2004 Younger progressives, who may not have clear recollections of what occurred in the late 1980s + early 1990s, are the obvious targets for the latest disinformation barrage. Listen closely and you’ll hear sly voices mutter ominous vagaries about "Skull and Bones," as if shared membership in a silly college fraternity somehow makes Bush and Kerry partners in some grand scheme. Don’t be fooled. URL:

  3. 19.Nov.2004 The CIA knew all along that BCCI was a criminal bank involved with drug trafficking, but didn’t want to stop it because it was also the CIA bank that was used for all kinds of black ops. Well, Kerry found out about this through his investigations into the Iran/contra scandal + he wanted to look further into this + he was stopped all along the way. He was a .."
    ".. took the information to New York District Attorney Robert Morgenthau + he is the one who did an investigation that led to a grand jury indictment. And a month later the U.S. justice department was forced to hand down an indictment. If it hadn’t been for Kerry and his investigators and Morgenthau, nothing would have happened to the bank. That is the truth of the matter. URL:

  4. 19.Nov.2004 Journalist Gary Webb revived the allegations, which provoked an investigation by the CIA’s Inspector General in 1998. The first section of the I.G.’s report was boilerplate stuff + received widespread media attention. The less-publicized second half of the report, released later, contained the real juice. Parry: The overall point was correct -- that the contras were deeply involved in drug trafficking, that it involved not just a few people but dozens + dozens of operatives + that the Reagan administration had hidden the facts and protected the drug traffickers because they didn’t want to embarrass what they considered a very important national security program... URL:

  5. 19.Nov.2004 In late ’85, we did the first story at AP. In ’86 Kerry picked up on it; he assigned members of his staff to do the investigating. He was stonewalled by the Reagan-Bush administration. We now know that he was lied to about information that was within the US government that would have supported his investigation...So he was pretty much out there on his own trying to do this. After he did a very courageous report in ’89 describing for the first time how the US government had tolerated drug trafficking into the USA during the contra war, the stories were buried about his report. They were put way inside newspapers. Newsweek called him a "randy conspiracy buff..." URL:

  6. 19.Nov.2004 First: I’ve seen no evidence to justify the remark about Kerry’s father. As for the outrageous allegation that Kerry “covered up” Iran-contra and BCCI – well, this claim stands history on its head. For the facts of the matter, visit this page and scroll down (and down) until you find the recorded interviews with Robert Parry and Lucy Komisar. Parry, formerly with AP and Newsweek, did pioneering work on the Iran-contra story. Komisar is a respected journalist who has extensively investigated BCCI, the powerful Pakistani bank devoted to money laundering and other unsavory practices. URL:

  7. 19.Nov.2004 We also discover today that Ken Blackwell is trying to toss out perfectly legit provisional ballots.There also appears to be a small (or perhap not so small?) epidemic of double-counting in certain Ohio counties. And for those who still say that the polls predicted a Bush win, here is an excerpt from a good overview in the Orlando Weekly:Princeton professor Sam Wang, .."
    20041119.html - 6 matches

  1. 20041202
    ".. friedliche Lösung 01.Dec.2004 Welt-Aids-Tag: Die verdrängte Seuche URL:

  2. 01.Dec.2004 Co-IntelligenceCo-stupidityCo-stupidity and our collective problemsIntelligenceWhat is intelligence?Six basic manifestations of co-intelligenceMultiple intelligences.Collaborative intelligence.Collective intelligence.Universal intelligence URL:

  3. 01.Dec.2004 Recounts in New Mexico and Nevada. The Greens are also initiating a recount in New Mexico and Nevada:The New Mexico presidential election was marred by reports of voter suppression and problems with electronic voting machines. In Nevada, the lack of paper trails or receipts for electronic voting machines is the primary concern. In an unrelated legal challenge, an .."
    ".. Daily News , who (as noted above) have provided hard evidence of the rampant fraud in Ohio. Incidentally, Roeper also spews ignorant insults at the Warren Commission critics, another group of "boneheads" which once included + may still include, his partner Roger Ebert. I wasn't a big fan of Gene Siskel. But now I miss him. # posted by Joseph : 4:35 PM  2 comments URL:

  4. 01.Dec.2004 Transparent ballot boxes meant that these observers could frequently see how people had voted. This OSCE-approved innovation made intimidation of voters for the more unpopular candidate in any district easier since few supporters of the minority would wish it to be seen how they had voted.From what BHHRG observed, the opposition exercised disproportionate control over .."
    ".. have even falsified the vote in opposition-controlled areas. So-called “administrative resources” in places visited by BHHRG appeared to be in the hands of the opposition, not the government + this may have frightened voters. After all since Sunday, police and security personnel in some western towns have declared their loyalty to “president” Yushchenko. URL:

  5. 01.Dec.2004 Helsinki Human Rights Group is challenging the media reports of government sponsored election fraud in Ukraine.Although Western media widely claimed that in Ukraine the opposition was, in effect, excluded from the broadcast media, particularly in western Ukraine the opposite was the case. On the eve of the poll – in flagrant violation of the law banning propaganda for candidates – a series of so-called “social information” advertisements showing well-known pop stars like Eurovision winner Ruslana wearing the orange symbols of Mr Yushchenko’s candidacy and urging people to vote appeared on state television! URL:

  6. 01.Dec.2004 About a half of all Ukrainians who voted for Yanukovych did not do so solely on the grounds of his pro-Russian outlook, however. As the Financial Times noted on November 19, strong economic growth of 13 percent has helped his campaign of "peace and stability." This year's grain harvest will reach 45m tones, the highest since Ukraine gained independence from the .."
    ".. alienate Russia at a time when her cooperation is sorely needed in the war against Jihad. Well, hard to get to the bottom of this, but things are never as black and white as reported in western press. It appears likely that USAID funding of Ukraine elections since 1998 included funding for The Committee of Ukraine Voters (CVU). Ukrainian Embassy in Israel reported during election:URL:

  7. 01.Dec.2004 More here. Excerpts:Votes in the heavily pro-Russian Donetsk and other eastern regions were deemed "probably falsified" but we were not informed of equally credible claims that vote-rigging was rampant in Yushchenko's western Ukrainian strongholds, including turnouts in excess of 100 % of registered voters, total local media control + multiple voting by .."
    ".. monitoring of election abuses has focused exclusively in areas favorable to Yanukovych but it has ignored or even suppressed documented abuses in pro-Yuschchenko areas. A seasoned Western analyst who visited western Ukraine reported that the news media "is all under Yushenko's control, even state TV"...."In fact, Yushenko and the mob control Kiev and all points West."URL:

  8. 01.Dec.2004 The New York Daily News today presents powerhouse evidence of vote fraud in Ohio. Previously, we published a brief squib on the black precincts where Kerry [KFJ966] votes seem to have been siphoned off into the tallies for right-wing third party candidates. Here are the details:In precinct 4F, located at Benedictine High School on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Kerry .."
    20041202.html - 6 matches

  1. 20041219
    ".. braucht es nicht für eine geniale Erfindung. Das behauptet ein Forscher der Universität Bern. Andere Wissenschaftler machen vor allem mangelhafte Selektionsmechanismen im Hirn für die Geistesblitze verantwortlich. Für sie steht das Genie wortwörtlich an der Grenze zum Wahnsinn. URL:,1518,druck-333347,00.html URL:

  2. 18.Dec.2004 Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D. has more on vote inflation and vote switching in various areas of Ohio. Machine politics. Mathematician Tom Lohrentz, in a piece that I should have cited earlier, absolutely nails the long-heard allegation that voting machines were deliberately withheld from African-American neighborhoods. Republicans crow about their get-out-the-vote .."
    ".. stations. Of these, about 70 % or over 15,000 were in heavily Democratic precincts. Because Democratic voters are more vulnerable to long lines than Republican voters, an even higher %age of these 22,000 votes would likely have been cast for the Democratic candidate. The Republicans must be a political price for this racist behavior. # posted by Joseph : 2:29 AM  2 comments URL:

  3. 18.Dec.2004 So let's get this straight: If you are a Republican election worker in a Democratic-leaning district, you need merely arrange for the "erroneous" disposal of a load of ballots. Even if the error is later discovered, it cannot be rectified. So ruleth Judge Stephanie. URL:

  4. 18.Dec.2004 several advantages: 1. We have no idea how events will break. As I write, there are rumors -- just rumors -- of "insiders" willing to confess all. A last-minute confession could make the election of Kerry (or better still, a revote) possible. So could a belated revelation of some other type of Bushian malfeasance.2. Carrying the fight into Congress will create .."
    ".. force the Republicans to play a cleaner game next time.4. Emphasizing the efforts to target blacks will undercut long-term Republican efforts to woo minorities. 5. Everyone knew that the Republicans did not have the votes to impeach and remove President Clinton, but they nevertheless fought to the bitter end. Do we want it said that we, unlike our enemies, lack the belly for battle? URL:

  5. 18.Dec.2004 ...a few simple questions -- damned good questions.Are there exit poll results for the races for governor, senator, representative, whatever? Did those poll results consistently undervalue the Republican vote, or is that phenomenon restricted to the presidential contest?Mind you -- if the exits predicted a margin of victory differing from the actuals in races for lesser .."
    ".. listening, as is a non-partisan government watchdog group called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. The group, which began working with Curtis in early December, is working to verify elements of his story. You know that if Feeney were a Democrat, Curtis' claims would have long since created headlines in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Times, and beyond...URL:

  6. 18.Dec.2004 Another strange behavior from the local police: As you probably know, volunteers have been watching the Greene County BOE 24 hours a day since the mysterious "unlocked door" last Saturday morning. I have several audio recordings of the local Sheriff stopping by the BOE and talking very politely with Katrina while she watched the building Saturday night and .."
    ".. place was "crooked" and the tint on her window was too dark.Katrina is not working directly with Joan and Eve right now so she can't speak to the details they have provided in interviews. She does say they are working in the same County. We've all heard the phrase "driving while black." Perhaps now we can recognize a new term: "Driving while Democratic."URL:

  7. 18.Dec.2004 A house divided: David Cobb of the Green party blasts John Kerry for not contributing to the recount effort. Cobb alleges that Kerry retains $51 million of leftover campaign money. The vast majority of that money, however, was given to the DNC for the financing of future campaigns for lower offices.

  8. 18.Dec.2004 Irak: Prozess gegen Saddam-Schergen eröffnet 18.Dec .."
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  1. 20050303
    ".. Under the "Trading With the Enemy Act", USA...avait le Dr Vannevar aussi, plus tard, Nelson Rockefeller, Dulles, Allen... More from this site Sociétés Secrètes Partie B .. BANK". Un de ses plus proches collaborateurs fut Bush [BPS917], père de GEORGE BUSH, ex-président des Etats-Unis...URL:

  2. 00.000.19-- When I was young, nearly everyone who passed high school understood this history, just as nearly everyone viewed the more barbaric books of the Old Testament as relics from an age of savagery. 02.Mar.2005 Today, millions of modern fundamentalists view Deuteronomy + Joshua as holy, as inspired works with contemporary relevance.02.Mar.2005 America USA was born of the Enlightenment, which derived from the Renaissance, which derived from the Greeks. URL:

  3. 02.Mar.2005 (Can you imagine the uproar if any American film-maker dared to suggest that General Giap might have had a few admirable qualities?)Campbell contrasts the civilized attitude of the Greeks with the one found in Deuteronomy and Joshua, which I consider the most vile scriptures ever labeled holy. In these works, a bloodthirsty tribal deity demands genocide against an enemy .."
    ".. was compiled during the Babylonian exile. Enslaved people rarely develop an appreciation for moral complexity; a slave wants to hear nothing beyond "We are right; they are wrong." I can understand why the Jewish and Greek worldviews differed.What I can not understand is why our nation -- a nation of victors, not of slaves -- has turned against its classical inheritance. URL:

  4. 02.Mar.2005 Now ask yourself the next question: Why does the right hate drama? Why do they hate any reminder that life is a complex, morally messy business?I found an answer of sorts while flipping through Joseph Campbell’s Myths to Live By . Surprisingly, Campbell blames the Old Testament. URL:  "Melodrama is the conflict between good and evil; drama is the conflict between good and good." So wrote George Bernard Shaw. URL:

  5. 01.Mar.2005 Let us bulge forward Bushwired directs our attention to this photo, published on the back cover of a W hagiography titled The Right Man. Does this image show the device beneath Bush's jacket? If so, its appearance here is pretty damned brazen! Bushwired also opines that most of the photos from Bush's Euro tour simply show a translation earpiece, not (as some have alleged) a secret listening device. I concur. Believe it or not, the bulge-spotters even have their own Yahoo group now! URL:,1518,druck-344421,00.html

  6. 02.Mar.2005 Ziel sei es nun, weitere ähnlich alte Galaxiehaufen zu finden. "Wenn wir wissen, wie viele es gab, können wir Aussagen zur Massendichte des Universums treffen", sagte Lamer. Das sei wichtig für eine Vorhersage über die Zukunft des Alls. Derzeit nehmen Astronomen .."
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  1. 20060311
    ".. government must be a concentration camp waiting to be activated. If you believe the crazies they probably have enough capacity to lock up half the population of the nation. And don't forget Operation Garden Plot a long forgotten plan from the 1960s to authorize the military to help in suppressing civil unrest which was put together in response to the riots in 1967 and 1968. 11.Mar.2006

  2. Permalink 11.Mar.2006 How could Tehran possibly benefit from a nuke smuggled into an American port?Obviously, the leaders of Iran must dread the propect. They know full well that they would bear the blame for such a tragedy, no matter who the actual perpetrators might be. They know that any such disaster would initiate a nuclear war they cannot hope to win.11.Mar.2006

  3. Gee. And there are people who say I occasionally go over the top.11.Mar.2006

  4. Other right-wingers are starting to abandon Bush. Those who jump ship tend to dive into the dark seas of conspiracy theory. And we're talkin' 'bout some really weird conspiracy theories. Yep, it's 1994 all over again!Note, for example, this piece by Jerome Corsi, author of the "Swift Boat" attack book on John Kerry. His bottom line:Maybe the explanation is that President .."
    ".. seriously the idea of establishing a Bush-Clinton dynasty and he just seized the opportunity to allow Hillary Clinton to move to the center, leading with Senate hawks who see the Bush administration decision as risking our national security by turning over control of our ports to an Arab Islamic state that is obviously too comfortable with terrorists. (My emphasis added.)

  5. 11.Mar.2006

  6. In Orwell's 1984 , the citizens of Oceania could transfer their affections from Eastasia to Westasia in less than one week. But not even the most skillful Republican propagandist can pull off a similar trick in real life. They cannot convince their staunch supporters to trust an Arab government while relying on anti-Arab hatred to fuel their movement.11.Mar.2006

  7. As Juan Cole reminds us: In a poll taken after 11.Sep.2001, only 14% of the American people believed that Islam fosters violence against other religions. That number is now 33% -- a figure not far removed from the 34% approval rating W received in the recent CBS poll.This rise in religious bigotry did not happen by accident. As the old song reminds us, you have to be carefully taught.11.Mar.2006

  8. However, I do know that Dubai has threatened to retaliate if the port deal breaks down. The money we pay for oil gets recycled into American investments; if Islamic states decide to take their investment dollars elsewhere, this country will be in serious trouble.11.Mar.2006 Concentration Camps in America?  The latest cause celebre of the fervent fringe is the idea that the all .."
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41. 20060415
".. Growing ranks of ex-generals bash Rumsfeld 4/15 2 Marines Killed, 22 Hurt in Western Iraq 4/15 15.Apr.2006 Gary Hart Has Come Up with a Thoughtful, Realistic and Effective National Security Plan. With Those Characteristics, You Can be Sure the Republicans Will Summarily Dismiss It. Meet Mr. Republican: Jack Abramoff; The secret history of the most corrupt man in Washington 4/15 15.Apr.2006 Political porn -- It's hypnotic! Over at Awful Forums , a regular poster code-named Martin Random -- who claims to have a job inside the White House -- has spilled many an alleged secret about the people running the country. Mostly he relays humiliating dirt concerning personal habits and eccentricities. 15.Apr.2006 But the stuff about Donald Rumsfeld -- well, you have to read it to believe it. Tom Ridge comes off even worse.15.Apr.2006 Read. Do not necessarily believe. Try to spot "tells" indicating fakery. I guarantee one thing: You will not be bored. This is political porn of the highest order. (Oh yeah: He says Condi Rice smells good. Real good. "Random" is obsessive on the subject. Maybe that's why Rumsfeld is the way he is...) Permalink 15.Apr.2006 Nuke news LEAVE THIS PAGE THE MOMENT YOU FINISH READING THIS POST and watch this computer animation produced by the Union of Concerned Scientists. You will discover the hard truth about "bunker-buster" nuclear weapons :15.Apr.2006 You've heard a lot of hooey about Iran being "16 days" away from producing a nuclear bomb. Here's the truth, according to Juan Cole: Despite all the sloppy and inaccurate headlines about Iran "going nuclear," the fact is that all President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday was that it had enriched uranium to a measely 3.5 %, using a bank of 180 centrifuges .."
".. allegedly Roman in origin, which may be open to the public from 2007. 14.Apr.2006 International Society for First World War Studies – WWI. BIBLIOGRAPHY - BIBLIOGRAPHIE DE LA GRANDE GUERRE ... Die Weißen Flecken hatten ein Gesicht. Illustrierte Verlustlisten und das Berliner Nachweisbüro im Ersten Weltkrieg ... 14.Apr.2006 Interesting that they don't reveal how they acquired this 'comprehensive view of al-Qaida's strategy in Iraq' but express their 'highest confidence' in the letter's authenticity. The US, therefore, has no doubt that the letter was written by Ayman al-Zawahiri.They would have us believe that whilst Al-Qaeda are smart enought to plan + execute a massive operation like 11.Sep.2001 .."
20060415.html - 6 matches

  1. 20060429
    ".. River. While Kennewick Man ignited a legal battle over the control of ancient bones, the skull at CWU has barely raised a ripple. 29.Apr.2006 Ajax's long-lost palace discovered on Greek island On a deserted green hill above the Aegean Sea, archaeologists have unearthed what may be the palace of Ajax,one of the greatest heroes in Greek mythology29.Apr.2006 Is the Zarqawi video a hoax?  Cannonfire has some questions. Thought provoking as always. 29.Apr.2006 BROTHER, CAN YOU SPARE $4 BILLION?  What's a few billion between friends? 29.Apr.2006 'As Many as a Half a Dozen' Members of Congress May Be Involved in Prostitution Scandal  Last night on MSNBC's Scarborough Country, Dean Calbreath of the San Diego Union Tribune - which recently won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the .."
    ".. Christianity "too horrible to contemplate". 29.Apr.2006 Egyptologists launch online encyclopedia  Frustrated with the poor quality of many Web sites dealing with ancient Egypt, a professor at the University of California has decided to create a massive online encyclopedia devoted solely to Egyptology. 29.Apr.2006 Pionier-Versuch: Gen-Gerste erstmals im Freien gesät

  2. 29.Apr.2006 I have questioned whether supposed 9/11 hijacker Hani Hanjour looks like HIS pictures: # posted by George Washington

  3. 29.Apr.2006 I too, have doubts about the authenticity of the video + posted on it when it first came out at unbrainwashed 29.Apr.2006 National anthem should be sung in English: Bush29.Apr.2006 Loonie hits highest level since 00.Jun.1978 against U.S. dollar29.Apr.2006,1518,druck-413839,00.html Ein Redemanuskript .."
    ".. condition.'" 28.Apr.2006 Boston Globe: "A coastal Maine blogger who criticized the state's tourism office has been hit with a lawsuit seeking potentially more than $1 million in damages for allegedly making false statements and posting on his website, Maine Web Report, images from proposed tourism advertisements a New York agency prepared for Maine officials." 28.Apr.2006 Fisk is hardly the only skeptic to make such a claim -- see, for example, this page of links. (Note: A number of the links go to pages I consider less than credible.)28.Apr.2006 the Washington Post revealed that the "threat" posed by this alleged Al Qaeda leader was largely the creation of a military PSYOPS unit. The propaganda campaign targeted both the foreign press and the U.S. "home audience." Also targeted were our troops: When they unleashed "Whiskey Pete" on civilians in Fallujah, they did so in the belief that they were fighting Zarqawi.On the same day the Post story appeared, Bush -- in a speech -- cited as genuine a Zarqawi letter now known to be fake.28.Apr.2006 Is the Zarqawi video a hoax? People still snicker whenever anyone suggests that the American intelligence community has, in the past, manipulated the American press. Yet nobody laughed at Donald Rumsfeld when he claimed that "The terrorists, Zarqawi and bin Laden and Zawahiri, those people have media committees. They are actively out there trying to manipulate the press in the .."
    20060429.html - 6 matches

43. 20060618
".. From the article: "The upcoming film 'Who Killed the Electric Car?' questions why General Motors created the battery-powered vehicles and then crushed the program a few years later. The film opens June 30th. GM happens to be one of the Smithsonian's biggest contributors. But museum and GM officials say that had nothing to do with the removal of the EV1 from display." 17.Jun.2006 Fails Us on National Security, Evidence #1,239,432: "Major cities aren't ready for catastrophes, government says" Top Enron crook contemplated suicide. Would that have been a public relations stunt, or just an act of war? Sex, Solicitation and More GOP Hypocrisy 23 dead in Baghdad after series of blasts 6/18 A limousine service connected with the Randy ?Duke? Cunningham 17.Jun.2006 we are focusing on that part of the world, perhaps I should mention that the primary British propagandist crying for war with Iran is "reporter" Con Coughlin, whose first name is very apt. Coughlin has a long history of carrying water for the British version of the miitary/intelligence complex + has been caught peddling disinformation before. Permalink 17.Jun.2006 the British secret service is making every attempt to squelch and censor Tomlinson's blog, even though he no longer lives in the U.K. You may be interested in what he has to say -- particularly on the subject of British acquiescence in the CIA's "rendition" flights.17.Jun.2006 I am always amused by the variable and hypcritical conservative reactions to the outing of secret agents. In the case of Valerie Plame, the practice was considered perfectly acceptable. But attitudes differ when the topic turns to Richard Tomlinson.Tomlinson, if you have never heard of him, is a New Zealand-born former agent of MI6 who ran into a great deal of opposition when he tried to publish a book about his years in the service. 17.Jun.2006 should take a look at what Citizen Spook has to say about the strange responses coming out of Fitzgerald's office. If the case against Rove is truly over, why won't Randall Sanborn (spokesperson for Fitz) just come out and say so, instead of offering a terse "no comment"?And why, when asked if the investigation is ongoing, does Sanborn continue to issue the same " .."
".. Grand Jury could eject Fitz from the Court and bring whatever charges they like without him. Such charges might read:Grand Jury for the District of Washington D.C. vs. Karl RoveAnd in that case, the charges may have been sealed until Judge Walton decides how to handle this unique Constitutional exercise of citizen authority. Is the scenario possible? Is it legal? Permalink 17.Jun.2006 the propagandists can't come up with a single citation, then they reveal themselves -- once again -- to be liars. The Onion has swag for sale. Unless they can come up with a cite, don't buy their crap.(By the way, the Onion's segment in The Aristocrats is suprisingly unfunny. But I urge you to see the movie anyways. Carlin kills .) Permalink 17.Jun.2006 Saudi- Arabien: Guantanamo .."
20060618.html - 6 matches

44. 20060819
".. Hillary Clinton Adviser, Square Off on Changing Early Dem Primary Schedule. Did Ickes Really Approvingly Site that in the Early Days of the U.S. "Only Landed Gentry Could Vote"? 8/19 19.Aug.2006 The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers. Jack Cafferty Wants to Know What Constitutes Success in Iraq. A Must View Video Segment 19.Aug.2006 Stay tuned! Permalink 19.Aug.2006 Coupled with the Supreme Court decision on Hamdi v Rumsfeld, the administration is losing not just wiggle room but signficant bravado; in fact, the noose appears to be tightening.Gonzalez announced that the ruling has been appealed and the injuction stayed + Judge Taylor's decision could of course be overruled. But then again, as Greenwald points out, because Taylor emphasized the Constitutional issues so strongly, AG should not count on a reversal. 19.Aug.2006 The great part about this factoid is that it means that all those efforts taken up by Bush and Arlen 'forked tongue' Specter to create an ex post facto law legalizing their future and past crimes are moot and worthless; Congress cannot pass a law that is unConstitutional. 19.Aug.2006 In the midst of all this, we cannot overlook the importance of Judge Anna Digg Taylor's courageous and bold decision in the Sixth District case filed by the ACLU on behalf of various parties claiming harm from illegal spying by the NSA. Glenn Greenwald offers the best analysis, as usual (though Jonathon Turley's synopsis on Countdown is also a great sketch) + he gives much to .."
".. First and Fourth Amendments, FISA + several federal statutes. Included in the list of defendents are the US government and AT&T. Not only did she make it clear that the Justice Department's arguments on all but one point (state secrets) were not going to fly, she pointed out that what they have been doing through the NSA spying is not only illegal, it's unConstitutional. 19.Aug.2006 And, of course, we now have this bizarre twist on the JonBenet case dropping in at the most embarrassing moment, the perfect distraction 19.Aug.2006 dr. elsewhere here So much going on, it really is impossible to keep up. 19.Aug.2006 Israel essentially loses its gamble, as do Bush and Blair in the whole matter; the London "plot" unravels; Marines - not just grunts or reserves - are caught hiding evidence in a classic CYA; Iraq spirals more and more out of control while Bush whines that they don't appreciate our .."
20060819.html - 6 matches

45. 20061012
".. it is. 10/12 An Intriguing BuzzFlash Interview with Richard Viguerie, Founder of the Right Wing Direct Mail Fundraising and Alternative Media Strategy, Who Now Thinks Bush Has Betrayed the Conservatives -- A BuzzFlash Interview Just When You Think Bush Can't Fail Any Worse Than He Has, He Surprises You: "Iraqi cop academy to shut despite surge in violence." 10/12 12.Oct.2006 Most Christians have long been deceived and deluded into failing to understand that the great deceivers, which ancient prophecies predict the fall of, are the rich and powerful nations, the three faiths of Abraham + the "three foul spirits" of money, religion and politics.Now consider how money, religion + politics are inseparable because of the inescapable trap .."
".. future.It's no wonder the Vatican and its many cohorts fear the truth more than anything else. Jews, Christians + Muslims have long been duped by the great deceivers I warned humanity about over the millennia. What then is the purpose of "faith" but to keep good people from seeking to understand truth and wisdom?Here is Wisdom !! Peace... # posted by Seven Star Hand : 12.Oct.2006 Howard Dean described an incident that occurred during a meeting with Bush, when both men were governors. When forced to take a call from a Christian Coalition representative, W stomped off muttering "I hate these people."Alas, most evangelicals still cling to their hallucinations of Republican piety. Maybe this revelation by Tucker Carlson -- no liberal, he -- will .."
".. evangelicals know that + they're beginning to learn that their own leaders sort of look askance at them and don't share their values.MATTHEWS: So this gay marriage issue and other issues related to the gay lifestyle are simply tools to get elected?CARLSON: That's exactly right. It's pandering to the base in the most cynical way + the base is beginning to figure it out. Permalink 12.Oct.2006 Now that Kuo has exposed the charade, how should Democrats respond? Perhaps Dems should pledge to make the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives work as promised . Permalink12.Oct.2006 Kuo served in the White House Faith-Based Initiative program, first as Special Assistant, next as Deputy Director. A year ago, after leaving the program, Kuo denounced "Republican indifference and knee-jerk Democratic opposition." He told the Washington Post: "From tax cuts to Medicare, the White House gets what the White House really wants. It never really wanted .."
".. idea and gave us our marching orders.”Among those marching orders, Kuo says, was Mehlman’s mandate to conceal the true nature of the events. Keith Olbermann did a fine piece on Kuo today and has promised more tomorrow.Odd, isn't it, how all this is coming out at once? It's as though an unseen hand switched off the "Mighty Wurlitzer" of G.O.P. propaganda.12.Oct.2006 Nothing is beyond our Ken Ken Blackwell, the man who fixed the Ohio vote in 2004, is no mere opportunist. The guy has a screw loose. Maybe two. Maybe all his screws fell down the drain and he now spends much of his time laughing maniacally about his disdain for screws.Blackwell toured the state with Larry Pratt, author of ARMED PEOPLE VICTORIOUS, which advocates the creation of .."
".. Mueller, who in the 80's had more than his share of connections with Moon-linked organizations (like Christian Voice and the World Freedom Foundation) and then became Buchanan's communications director in 1992.I don't know by what route Blackwell came to hook up with Pratt, but that old Buchanan/Mueller nexus looks like the likeliest point of contact.# posted by starroute 12.Oct.2006 Bad trip TPM Muckraker draws our attention to the report that Joe Padilla's lawyer claims that his client received surreptitious dosings of LSD or some other hallucinogen. But through experiences like this, the government concluded the drug was worthless as an interrogation tool, a means to "flip" Communist agents, or anything else their Cold War minds had feverishly .."
20061012.html - 6 matches

  1. 20041111
    ".. dispiriting effect on Republican voters across the country." Why is it that the RNC head can see the pattern which so many of our Democratic brethren refuse to acknowledge? Of course, that pattern actually indicates a fraudulent final tally, not fraudulent exit polling. Since the corporate media heads want to stay in the GOP s good graces, expect Ed to get his evil way on this.URL:

  2. 10.Nov.2004 Homeland Security. Heretofore, I've tended to ignore the story of Warren County, Ohio, where the officials locked down the administration building on election night, citing potential terrorism as the reason for removing observers. But this story is odd. An FBI agent supposedly told officials that the place rated a "10" on the terrorism scale. Apparently, Osama has a bug up his ass about Warren County. And here, I thought his next target would be the Sears Tower...! URL:

  3. 10.Nov.2004 Backdoor. (I wonder what sort of remark dear Ana Marie would insert here...?) This older article from New Zealand linked to the files providing the backdoor to the GEMS system. Maybe you'd like to rig the next election...? URL:

  4. 10.Nov.2004 The Globe refuses to address the question of why the "accidents" all favor Bush [BGW968]. I've said it a hundred times + I won't mind saying it another thousand times: What matters is not the inaccuracy, it's the pattern of inaccuracy. URL:

  5. 10.Nov.2004 The Boston Globe tells us that "none of the vote-counting problems and anomalies that have emerged are sufficiently widespread to have affected the election's ultimate result." That's like saying no single car can clog up a freeway. What counts is the cumulative impact. URL:

  6. 10.Nov.2004 Terrorgefahr: USA wollen erhöhte Warnstufe wieder lockern

  7. 10.Nov.2004 Van-Goch-Mord: Welle der Gewalt erfasst die Niederlande

  8. 10.Nov.2004 Niederlande: Dschihad hinterm Deich

  9. 10.Nov.2004 VotersUnite! presents the following compilation of problems reported in the media about the 2004 general election . Starting with early voting, we are seeing a wide array of problems .."
    20041111.html - 5 matches

  1. 20041212
    ".. via ITB - Comercio Internacional LDA - Portugal based company ... HTML-Version ... Pescanova Lda ., Portugal (Comercialización Gran Consumo) ... Frumar, Portugal (Comercialización Gran Consumo) ... Luxtor (Grupo Telepizza). DEFEX (Exportación) ... URL:

  2. 11.Dec.2004 It gets curioser and curioser. In his affidavit, Curtis pointed another finger at a fellow named Mike Cohen, allegedly present at meetings in which the vote-stealing program was discussed. Cohen's name once "infected" documents available on the Yang website -- but that "infection" has been healed (praise Jesus) by some quick re-writing. The original, Cohen-infested version of one such document can be found here.(By the way, much of the Curtis info is cribbed from Brad Friedman, who assures me that he doesn't mind. Even his supplemental site is sometimes hard to reach these days.)URL:

  3. 11.Dec.2004 Now we have a firm accused of corrupt practice resorting to the same tactic. Clint Curtis pointed the finger at Florida's Yang Enterprises, which, he claims, tasked him to cobble together prototype vote-theft software. The company has responded with this message on its website:Recently there have been several accusations against this corporation by Clinton Eugene Curtis. All of the allegations are 100% FALSE!! An official statement will be forthcoming. Thank you for your concern and God Bless America. URL:

  4. 11.Dec.2004 Felons can't vote -- but they can count votes . Many of you have seen this fine piece posted on Buzzflash. The article outlines many of the compelling reasons to mistrust the companies charged with keeping our vote safe. Unfortunately, the author does not mention the nasty history of Sequoia, the third firm enganged in this pursuit. (We discussed Sequoia yesterday.) Neither does the author discuss the anti-democratic tendencies of the Ahmanson fmaily, which owns ESS.However, she does drop a name that has never received due mention in this column: John Dean, Diebold vice-president, convicted of planting back doors in his software. URL:

  5. 11.Dec.2004 All -- not some -- but all the voting machine errors detected and reported in Florida went in favor of Bush or Republican candidates.,2645,65757,00.html /ElectionAftermat...

  6. /modules.php?op=modloa...

  7. URL:

  8. 11.Dec.2004 .."
    20041212.html - 5 matches

  1. 20050630
    ".. the medieval Catholic church, Ludlow offers a list of unanswerable charges against Southern Baptist fundies who learned their false faith by way of the cathode ray tube. If you have any arrogant fundamentalist relatives who keep attempting to launder you in the blood of the lamb, send 'em a copy of Ludlow's list. Maybe they'll see that they could use a good cleaning themselves. URL:

  2. 29.Jun.2005 Unfortunately, not enough people are aware that these documents even exist. That's why Conyers intends to hold "town hall meetings" on this issue across the country. For updates on when and where, keep checking Conyers' blog. Another "must-click" site is AfterDowningStreet, which should keep readers up to date. As Brad Friedman notes:We are told that "at least" 10 U.S. Congressional Members will be holding these Town Hall Meetings, and that -- unlike Bush and Cheney's phony Town Hall Meetings -- the forums will actually be open to the public for discussion. No loyalty pledges to be required before attending. URL:

  3. 29.Jun.2005 Sloan does not mention the fact that Costello himself had profound connections to the CIA. A brief summary of the origins of this relationship can be found here: The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), the CIA's parent and sister organizations, cultivate relations with the leaders of the Italian Mafia, recruiting heavily from .."
    ".. Communist Party. The CIA also formed alliances with Asian gangsters involved with the heroin trade. Costello became one of the primary distributors of this product in the United States.Although some argue that the CIA did not renew its mafia linkages until the assaults of Cuba, evidence indicates that Costello maintained an ongoing relationship with the CIA throughout the 1950s. URL:

  4. 29.Jun.2005 After being graduated from MIT at the age of 19, the brilliant young Generoso Pope joined the CIA circa 1950, operating (by his own later admission) as a specialist in psychological warfare. This period marked the beginning of the CIA's efforts to alter the perception and behavior of groups and individuals -- Projects Artichoke, Bluebird, MKULTRA and so forth. This was also the period when the CIA funded much American sociological research, as documented in Christopher Simpson's invaluable study, Science of Coercion: Communication Research and Psychological Warfare 1945-1960. The Company's goal was to develop ways to alter the political and social beliefs of large populations. URL:

  5. 29.Jun.2005 Bush is giving a major address at 8:00 tonight, in front of a group of military personnel assembled at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Yet, in an astonishing divergence from the known laws of time and space, CBS News has already published an "after the fact" report on Bush's speech. CBS has even provided the Democratic response. Apparently, this "wrap up" piece made its appearance a couple of hours ago. URL: URL:;key=privuti

  6. 28.Jun.2005 mp3: Speaking with Vladimir Godar about live... 28.Jun.2005 Apocalypse soon - Orient Express During a later brief interview, Timmerman clarified his war prediction by saying that ... of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs ( JINSA ) ... Apocalypse soon - .."
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  1. 20050913
    ".. And that vacuum has been filled by rumor" The Guardian 08.Sep.2005 The death of Maynard G. Krebs, Gilligan and an American icon Washington Post 13.Sep.2005 One of our favorite commentators has provided this nicely-designed piece of agit-prop. Check it out! It's the visual equivalent of Bill Maher's priceless observation this week: "Maybe he's just unlucky..." URL:

  2. 13.Sep.2005 The most important decision in history ... will be made by ESP.That, it seems, is the purport of this Washington Post piece about the newly-revised doctrine for the use of nuclear weapons. A "summary of changes" included in the draft identifies differences from the 1995 doctrine + says the new document "revises the discussion of nuclear weapons use .."
    ".. adversary "intends" to use WMDs? How do we know whether germ warfare is imminent?I mean, I thought the Pentagon shut down Grill Flame and all those other experimental "remote viewing" programs...This is the world we now find ourselves in. It was an awfully short step from the concept of "preventive invasion" to "preventive nuclear war"... URL:

  3. 13.Sep.2005 California quakin' The hot behind-the-scenes topic of conversation right now seems to be "What will FEMA do when the Big One hits those ghastly Satan-worshipping flag-burning coke fiends out in California?" We've had the major terror strike and the Gulf Coast hurricane; a good-sized quake would seem next on the agenda. California's regional FEMA director -- our very own Mike Brown, if you will -- is this woman, Karen Armes. She looks like a very nice lady, to be sure. But what are her qualifications? Well...she received a degree in Recreation. I'm not kidding: Recreation . URL:

  4. 13.Sep.2005 Operation PUNISH BLUE Looks like Bush's declaration of a state of emergency covered only those areas of Louisiana likely to vote Republican -- in othe words, New Orleans and other coastal areas were on their own. This map is a mind-blower. Check it out! URL:

  5. 13.Sep.2005 There's a rumor. Is it possible...? Or should we consider the very idea to be a distraction from the real issues?Either way, we should at least discuss the rumor as a rumor, because the idea -- which was born shortly after the city of New Orleans was flooded -- is spreading rapidly. The question comes down to this: Were the levees deliberately destroyed?From a conspiracy .."
    ".. take place during Hurricane Katrina, but rather a day after the hurricane struck. Several residents of New Orleans + many Emergency Workers reported hearing what sounded like large, muffled explosions from the area of the levee, but those were initially discounted as gas explosions from homes with leaking gas lines. The video in question, which I have not yet seen, is here. URL: 13.Sep.2005 We had to kill our patients by CAROLINE GRAHAM and JO KNOWSLEYDoctors working in hurricane-ravaged New Orleans killed critically ill patients rather than leaving them to die in agony as they evacuated hospitals Continue 13.Sep.2005 New Orleans Unmasks “Apartheid, American Style” By Jason MillerAmerica’s wealthy, predominately white power-brokers .."
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  1. 20051218
    ".. matter further and found that Horizon Sports and Optimum Composite Design have the same address . 4. Optimum Composite has a pseudo-website which is registered to PerfectWave, one of Wilkes' more notorious subfirms. (I still doubt that PerfectWave actually does anything, although the SDUT claims that this firm has made use of an acoustical technology developed by Scripps.) 17.Dec.2005

  2. Porter brings war The CIA Director visited Turkey to prep them for the upcoming war against Iran. (See this version of the story for some appropriate illustrations.) Someone should explain a couple of things to the Turks: 1. A war on Iran will inevitably go nuclear, and 2. Airborne radioactive fallout might make Turkey a less attractive vacation spot. Oh: And it seems as though we need not choose between Iran or Syria. Long as we're throwing the Big'uns around, why not do both ?Obviously, justifying this war will require the most impressive Reichstag fire ever staged. That triggering event might take many different forms -- but as long-time readers know, I'm betting that this web-page will need to be redesigned. Permalink

  3. 17.Dec.2005 Geheimerlass: Präsident Bush gibt Lauschaktion zu 17.Dec.2005,1518,druck-391069,00.html

  4. Hongkong - Es waren die schwersten Ausschreitungen seit Beginn der Welthandelskonferenz am Dienstag: Demonstranten griffen die Polizei heute mit Stöcken und Eiern an. Die Aktivisten befestigten außerdem Seile an zwei .."
    ".. Kontogiannis ran afoul of the law. He and an official at the U.S. Embassy in Athens were arrested by the FBI for taking bribes to provide phony U.S. visas.Both pleaded guilty + Kontogiannis was sentenced to five years' probation.He told The Post recently he was only trying to help a Greek national visit his dying mother... Sources said his motive was pure greed. ... 16.Dec.2005

  5. As long as we are engaging in thoroughly irresponsible speculation (but at least having the decency to label it as such), let's note a few other points: 1. The Abramoff and Cunningham scandals have merged.2. Abramoff was hired to do PR for a Saudi billionaire named Saleh Abdullah Kamel, chairman of the General Council for Islamic Banks -- whose good buddy is, or at least was, Osama .."
    ".. than NBC news) to Magdy el-Amir, a former client of Homeland Security director Michael Chertoff. (Much more here.) Seems to me that the New Jersey cell would have a vested interest in obtaining visas. Now, I am not entirely familiar with the geography in that part of the world, but I do know that there is an immigration office in Newark, closer to the cell in question. 16.Dec.2005

  6. Permalink 16.Dec.2005 you may want to note that the Cunningham case is not the only occasion in which the name "Kontogiannis" and the word "bribery" have been mentioned in the same sentence. Look here for the 2002 case.

  7. 16.Dec.2005,1518,druck-390886,00.html

  8. In einem Zugeständnis an Kritiker sollte die Zulassung umfassender Abhöraktionen sowie die Auswertung von Daten aus Firmen, Krankenhäusern oder Büchereien darüber, wer beispielsweise bestimmte Bücher oder CDs ausgeliehen hat, befristet werden. Bush und Justizminister .."
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  1. 20060324
    ".. Programm zur Erforschung der Vogelgrippe unterstützt, beschränkt sich die Ausbreitung des Influenza-Erregers auf die heimische Fauna. Bei etwa 226 Wildvögeln, drei Katzen und einem Steinmarder wurde der gefährliche Erreger der Geflügelpest bislang festgestellt. Zum Glück. Menschen stecken sich nur bei engem Kontakt mit infizierten Tieren an.

  2. 23.Mar.2006 my how the standard story accounts for the antenna, attached to the core, beginning to move downward as soon as the collapse began. How can the standard story explain the topmost 20 floors or so, tipping over sideways (as shown in the photos), not landing well outside the footprint of the building, but instead being pulverized to dust IN THE AIR. Are there any of the alleged mechanisms that can yield a near-free fall time for the collapse of the buildings, even though they would have been falling through redundantly strong steel and concrete floors below?# posted by Anonymous 23.Mar.2006

  3. Read these articles..9/11 and the American Empire: How Should Religious People Respond? by Dr. David Ray Griffin Significant Pattern to 9/11 Report's Omissions & Distortions by Dr. David Ray Griffin The 9/11 Commission .."
    ".. story=20060118104223192 Flights 11, 175, 77 + 93: The 9/11 Commission's Incredible Tales by David Ray Griffin Possible Motives Of The Bush Administration - By Dr. David Ray Griffin

  4. # posted by Ministry of Truth 23.Mar.2006

  5. Something is turning + it is happening here in NYC where about 50% of people polled, people who saw that shit, think it was at least in part an inside job.What is totally scary is that for many of us who speculated about 9/11 truth issues for the last several years, and hoped for the truth to come out, if we are right, then all bets .."
    ".. next. It's terrifying to consider what would happen if even some of the theories were proven to the public and ratified by the media: truth and reconciliation style commissions going back to JFK or lynch mobs in DC looking for cabinet members and congressmen? I don't know but you can smell it in the air here in NYCHamdenRice from DU # posted by Anonymous : 9:47 AM   23.Mar.2006

  6. On the other hand, there is something very much in the air, here in NYC. It is sometimes hard to keep in mind given the borderless internet that geography still matters with respect to the media + I recall that you are in LA. There is a lot of buzz here in NYC, because major local media are actually beginning to take 9/11 truth .."
    ".. I asked. At 47 stories, it would be a skyscraper in most cities, centerpiece of the horizon. But in New York, it was nothing but a nondescript box with fire coming out of the windows. “When?”“Tonight . . . Maybe tomorrow morning.” This was around 5:15 p.m. I know because five minutes later, at 5:20, the building, 7 World Trade Center, crumbled. 23.Mar.2006

  7. If the Worcester Polytechnic Institute is puzzled by the presence of sulfur, I suppose I ought to be as well. Even so, this laymen would like to remind you of the presence of 109,000 gallons of oil, and that the type of oil used in the generation of electricty has (as a little googling will tell you) a notable sulfur content which would be dispersed into the air as the oil burns. .."
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52. 20061002
".. where it's revealed that the CIA Director warned Rice about Bin Laden two months before 9/11. And strangely, the meeting was never mentioned during all the 9/11 commission reports making you really question what exactly they were actually hearing that was more important than the CIA director telling the National Security Advisor that Bin Laden was going to attack Americans. 02.Oct.2006 Don't forget that 00.000.1962 the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff made a recommendation to then Defense Secretary Robert McNamara. The plan was called, "Operation Northwoods". It recommended false-flag attacks on U.S. ships, military personnel and civilian targets in order to justify a military response against Cuba. Luckily, McNamara turned it down, but the mere thought that .."
".. with pages he "cruised" around with 10/2 02.Oct.2006 Brent Budowksy -- Independent Investigation Needed: Did Congressional Republicans Cover Up Page Abuse Scandal? House Speaker asks Justice Department to probe Foley letters 10/2 02.Oct.2006 Elliot D. Cohen: Bush's Chilling New Definition of "Unlawful Enemy Combatant" MSNBC: Turns out Powell was fired 10/2 02.Oct.2006 On the vote front... Although I consider USA Today mediocre, I have always scoffed at the proposition that this periodical functions as nothing more than a propaganda organ. You hear that accusation often from the 9/11 Turthiness types, because eyewtnesses to the Pentagon crash included many USA Today employees.The paper employs at least one top-flight writer: Andrew Kantor. .."
".. that there is no danger in using Diebold machines, here's an important question: What will it take to convince them that these machines are not safe?And I mean that. There has to be some threshold of evidence that will cause them to de-certify these machines. What is it? Does the San Diego Chicken have to be elected governor before you admit there's something wrong? Permalink 02.Oct.2006 The comment about the put options scares the bejesus out of me, any way to verify? The links didn't work for me, maybe it is a hoax-worth verifying for certain!# posted by Anonymous : 12:50 PM   Go here for more complete URL's. Sorry. # posted by sunny 02.Oct.2006 Posted at RI forum by MASONIC PLOT:Saturday, September 30, 2006 - A faithfull reader and commentator, "A. Magnus" has written the following email, posted to FMNN General Feedback: "Do you like October suprises? Is there a big bang coming to hit the markets? If you believe that those in the know use insider information before major events then you .."
".. Receipts (SPY): / And the NASDAQ (QQQQ): / Even the Market Vectors Gold Miners has significant puts for October 6th: / Make no mistake - something wicked this way comes + the smart money has already taken preventative steps." # posted by sunny : 10:43 AM   02.Oct.2006 "Remember the Eisenhower!" A "strike group" led by the nuclear aircraft carrier Eisenhower is heading to the Persian Gulf today. Many observers presume that Bush plans to hit Iran. I think the strategy could be more devious.As noted in earlier posts, the Iranians possess a new class of cruise missiles which can easily destroy any ship in the Gulf. I believe that .."
20061002.html - 5 matches

53. 20061114
".. countries that it says go the furthest to censor the Internet. Photos document the worldwide protests and continuing struggles. Not surprisingly, China is described as the pioneer of internet censors, dedicating more resources than any other country to restrict online freedoms." This week we also discussed the Reporters Without Borders' 13 Enemies of the Internet list. 13.Nov.2006 Say WHA'?? dr. elsewhere here Ok. We all know the guy is just a complete dolt who has no earthly clue about the US Constititution, but did Bush really say THIS?? "Whatever your opinion of the outcome, all Americans can take pride in the example our democracy sets for the world by holding elections even in a time of war .” (my emphasis) Has he fired his minders, too??Daddy alert!Permalink 13.Nov.2006 "...and in closing, Pakistan must be destroyed!" Frank Morse, a Republican senator in the Oregon legislature, outsourced the writing of a recent speech to a firm in India. Permalink 13.Nov.2006 BuzzFlash Pre-Holiday Campaign for Support: Our Goal is $10,000 New York Post Declares "Rove Genius No More" 13.Nov.2006 The Collected Idiocy of "Dumbass": He's .."
".. of the GOP are out now! "Bush faces GOP ire over Rumsfeld timing." The Royal Court is in revolt! 11/13 Pelosi backs Murtha for majority leader 13.Nov.2006 Lieberman refuses to close door on switching parties 11/13 Will Durst: San Francisco Values 13.Nov.2006 "Inherit the Wind" (DVD): When History Reflects the Present -- And the Present Reflects History 13.Nov.2006 My southern friends, it's time you understood that you owe your pork to some hard-working Californians. Think about that next time you carp about Nancy Pelosi's alleged "San Francisco values." Moochers don't have the right to carp about their benefactors. Permalink13.Nov.2006 But...hippies? Commies? Do they really run the joint, as popular imagination would have it? In a word: No.13.Nov.2006 Lib-rule The hard copy version of this Los Angeles Times story has an unwelcome sub-head. The headline reads "Liberal groups expect postelection results," and the sub-head (as seen on newsracks) reads: "Abortion, gun control."Excuse me?I've been following progressive web sites fairly closely -- some would even say that I run one -- and neither abortion nor gun .."
20061114.html - 5 matches

  1. 20041019
    ".. raised in talks with the interim government aimed at restoring state authority in Fallujah before nationwide elections due in January. "At this point in time, the negotiations are halted for the sake of consultation. We did not suspend any negotiations ... they were stopped by the government," Mr Maddab said. Most wanted man

  2. / 18.Oct.2004 Best thing that can happen: Kerry wins in the electoral college but loses the popular vote. That way, we can finally get the country united against this outdated system.PS -- I hear the bulge got mentioned on "Meet the Press." How much longer can the GOP laugh this one off? / 18.Oct.2004 Khashoggi + cults? Daniel Hopsicker has a startling new piece on the Heaven's Gate suicide cult + its alleged links to - get this - Saudi wheeler-dealer Khashoggi, Adnan. https://cannonfire.blogspot.com18.Oct.2004 Promptergate: The best evidence Read this new piece by David Lindorff right now. He presents what may be the best evidence so far that we are dealing with a very real situation.For those of you who still prefer to believe that the Bush-in-France "pre-echo" was a mere technical glitch, as opposed to evidence of prompting -- prepare to have your comforting illusions shattered. / 18.Oct.2004 Unfit for service New information with regard to the meaning of a special code which appears on George W. Bush’s Air National Guard discharge papers indicates that he was being thrown out of the Air National Guard for failing “to possess the required military qualifications for his grade or specialty, or does not meet the mental, moral, professional or .."
    20041019.html - 4 matches

  1. 20050413
    ".. before the break-in + well before he officially met Fensterwald - sent a number of large checks to (or through ? ) Fensterwald's CIA. To this day, no-one has explained why McCord would be funding Fensterwald. One occasionally hears the argument that the Committee to Investigate Assassinations was being used as a money laundry. 00.000,1973 The press discovered this odd business. URL:

  2. 13.Apr.2005 I remind readers of this "ancient history" to drive home one lesson, a lesson which even Orson Welles neglected to mention: The boycott worked. The mightiest pressfaker of his generation was brought low by organized action. The mightiest pressfaker of our generation is, of course, Rupert Murdoch. Can the same tactics used against Hearst also work against him? URL:

  3. 13.Apr.2005 But Seldes reminds us of another factor:From California to New York, labor + liberals + the unions + the universities + notable men including the President + Senators + the head of the Society of Newspaper Editors + hundreds of organizations + thousands of men + women who are the leaders of the intelligent minority, have taken a forthright stand against Hearst. There has been a great boycott of his newspapers + his magazines + his newsreels + his radio stations. There has been repudiation in Congress, in the press, on the platform + from the pulpit. URL:

  4. 00.000. 1938 George Seldes' classic expose of press bias + manipulation, “Lords of the Press”. In an eye-opening chapter on William Randolph Hearst (available online; see here), Seldes includes a passage pertinent to our own day:00.000.1935 -The year- marked the height of the Hearst Red-baiting campaign in the universities. It must be remarked here + now that there is no .."
    ".. terms are contradictory. Liberalism + education are one + all Hearst did was to call liberal education "Red" education. What has changed since those days? The attacks remain the same, but nowadays we don't have a Seldes bold enough say without apology: "No school can supply an anti-liberal education, or a Fascist education, as these terms are contradictory." URL:

  5. 13.Apr.2005 Wall-Street-Schluss: Notenbank-Protokoll beflügelt Börse 13.Apr.2005 Italien: Berlusconi erzielt Millioneneinkünfte 13.Apr.2005 Visa-Missbrauch: Probleme bereits unter Kanzler Kohl 13.Apr.2005 Schleswig-Holstein: Simonis führt ihr Scheitern auf männliche Intrige zurück 13.Apr.2005 Irak: Bush dankt US-Soldaten für Einsatz 13.Apr.2005 .."
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  1. 200505190602
    ".. Security. Let's watch. (Videotape, "Last Best Chance"):

  2. 01.Jun.2005 Nuke's a-comin' Meet the Press devoted an episode to the likelihood of a nuclear attack within the USA. Iran + North Korea are, naturally, labelled the "most dangerous actors." The panelists do not discuss Al Qaeda's documented interest in creating a portable nuclear device. We are being prepared .URL:

  3. 01.Jun.2005 What we have here, then, is the sad spectacle of an old man being manipulated. For the record, it seems to me that if anyone proposes to identify Deep Throat, or to identify the lead singer in the choir of sources subsumed by the identity of Throat, they must meet a very basic criterion. That is, they must demonstarate, at a minimum, that their candidate met repeatedly + .."
    ".. Committee.) Woodward's gratefulness was manifest in the way he kept the CIA, in general + the Robert R. Mullen Company, in particular, out of his stories. (I obtained the Lukoskie memo under the Freedom of Information Act. Eric Eisenstadt's reaction to that memo, which I also obtained under FOIA, was considered so secret that it was delivered by hand to then-CIA Director Richard Helms.URL:,1518,druck-358628,00.html

  4. 01.Jun.2005 New York - Nach der Ablehnung der EU- Verfassung in den Niederlanden ist der Euro am Abend auf ein neues Acht-Monats-Tief zum Dollar gefallen. Die Gemeinschaftswährung sank Reuters-Daten zufolge auf 1,2211 Dollar, nachdem eine erste Prognose eine deutliche Mehrheit gegen die Verfassung zeigte. .."
    ".. Fediay , who developed anti-Dukakis ads for the group, may have gotten newspaper clippings about Horton from a Bush campaign worker. ADVO ACQUIRES CIRCULAR BUSINESS: ADVO Inc. 31.May 2005 I've always said that the important question was not "Who was Deep Throat?" but "Who was behind Deep Throat?" URL:

  5. 31.May 2005 A few will recall that Woodward had lunch with the aged Felt in 1999, perhaps to ask for permission to reveal all. Carl Bernstein's son once blurted out to friends that Felt was Throat. Nixon himself suspected that Felt was leaking information; according to the transcript of a taped conversation, the soon-to-be-ex-president asked Haldeman if Felt was Catholic. Haldeman responded "Jewish," a revelation Nixon seemed to consider revelatory. Felt has long denied the Throat identification + once told a reporter: "I would have done better. I would have been more effective. Deep Throat didn't exactly bring the White House crashing down, did he?" URL: 31.May 2005 "Vanity Fair" berichtet jetzt, bei "Deep Throat" habe es sich um einen FBI-Beamten namens Mark Felt gehandelt. Der heute 91-jährige Pensionär habe nach mehr als 30 Jahren sein Schweigen gebrochen. "Ich bin der Typ, den sie Deep Throat nannten", sagte Felt der Zeitschrift nach deren Angaben. Er lebt heute mit seiner Tochter Joan in .."
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  1. 20051104
    ".. president with the most impressive hatred quotient? I hope so. Strange and corrupt as that man was, he was a more capable politician than the current wretch could ever hope to be. Permalink 03.Nov.2005 Limbaugh heard Democrats saying things that no Democrat actually said. And yet this buffoon accuses us of living in an alternate reality!Brad Friedman pays special attention to another Rush gem: 03.Nov.2005 New Mexico case. Permalink 03.Nov.2005 However: A success in the New Mexico courts would illustrate a principle. Millions of Americans would understand that the large voting concerns are corrupt + that they have engaged in a conspiracy with the Republican party to undermine democracy. The G.O.P. would lose all credibility for at least a generation.Similar lawsuits can occur in other states, demonstrating .."
    ".. Vote fraud: Fighting on a new level In recent times, the rush of events seduced me into ignoring the almost-all-important issue of vote fraud. A thousand apologies. Today, we learn of an effort in New Mexico to take the issue to court -- on a whole new level. This suit, brought by the non-profit group Voter Action, is not just about the 2004 elections; it's about the future .URL: 03.Nov.2005 URL for this article: =Emperor's Clothes= Ex-Security Chief Brzezinski's Interview makes clear:The Muslim Terrorist Apparatus was Created by US Intelligence as a Geopolitical Weapon Le Nouvel Observateur's Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser  Published 15 .."
    ".. caught out in innumerable lies, presiding over a debt-ridden economy, tied to a war that America cannot win, led by a staggeringly unpopular president -- still act as though they command the moral high ground.Republicans, it's time you got the message: You are predatory scoundrels. You are infectious bacteria. We will never have enough respect for you to care about your opinions.URL: Permalink URL:,1518,druck-382764,00.html

  2. 02.Nov.2005 Blindsight" lässt sich also auch bei Menschen mit völlig intaktem Gehirn simulieren. Was genau das über das Sehen an sich und über unbewusste Wahrnehmung aussagt, ist noch nicht geklärt, eins aber zeigt die Studie: Das Rechenzentrum ist nur die .."
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58. 20051208
".. By Harold Pinter Video and text of his Nobel Prize acceptance speech The 2,000 American dead are an embarrassment. They are transported to their graves in the dark. Funerals are unobtrusive, out of harm's way. The mutilated rot in their beds, some for the rest of their lives. So the dead + the mutilated both rot, in different kinds of graves. Continued 07.Dec.2005 Permalink 07.Dec.2005's out to get Dean It's not every day that the son of a president calls for the death of a major figure like Howard Dean. 06.Dec.2005 Yesterday, radio personality Michael Reagan said "Dean should be hung" for advocating an Iraq pullout.I think Reagan meant to say "Dean should be hanged ." 07.Dec.2005 proposition that taxpayer monies were funneled into political campaigns is hardly outside the realm of the thinkable, especially in light of the Wilkes + Wade CIA connections. For decades, the CIA has used similar methods to engineer elections in other countries - in Italy + in France + in Lebanon + in Japan + .. The old Covert Action Information Bulletin once printed a story - which claimed that some Agency hands used these very same "covert funding" tactics to help unseat Frank Church, the congressman who had caused the Company some annoyance 00.000.1970 -in the s-.07.Dec.2005 happy warrior who has taken aim at the beast is Laura Rozen. Check out her latest:-today- Heard a funny story about Brent Wilkes, alleged Cunningham co-conspirator 1. That Brent Wilkes has a whole lot of water bottles in his office. When someone remarked on them, Wilkes said he was going to be selling that water to the government. Hey, who said Pure Aqua Technologies was a shell company?,1518,druck-389083,00.html"Cassini" hatte schon im August erste Anzeichen für die überraschende Aktivität entdeckt. Die neuen Bilder belegen nun eindrucksvoll, dass die Forscher mit ihren ersten Vermutungen richtig lagen. Zu sehen sind mehrere Partikelstrahlen, die von der Region um den Südpol von .."
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59. 20060402
".. 01.Apr.2006 CURRENT ISSUES IN CORRECTIONAL TREATMENT AND EFFECTIVE COUNTERMEASURES - HTML-Versioninmates . The prison administration within. the framework of its penal legislation. classifies the prisoners + determines the treatment programm for them. ... 01.Apr.2006 On the other hand, I could countenance Rohrbacher's suggested use of slave labor - on one condition : The first prisoners sent out to pick fruit must be Ann Coulter (after her conviction for voter registration fraud) and Rush Limbaugh (after his conviction for drug abuse). Permalink 01.Apr.2006 Do a little reading about working class living conditions in Europe in the 19th century + you'll come away with the impression that capitalism works only when subjected to a reasonable degree of regulation. Without such limitations, the natural instinct of the owners is toward peonage and slavery.As if to prove the point, Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher today suggested that severely-underpaid migrant workers should no longer do the grunt work of agriculture. Better, he thinks, to force the prison population to perform such tasks. Why pay even a sub-minimum wage when you can use slave labor ?01.Apr.2006 The return of slave labor "At the age of five years to enter a spinning-cotton or other factory + from that time forth to sit there daily, first ten, then twelve + ultimately fourteen hours, performing the same mechanical labour, is to purchase dearly the satisfaction of drawing breath. But this is the fate of millions + that of millions more is analogous to it." - Arthur Schopenhauer 01.Apr.2006 I've always rather liked Larry Flynt. Here's why. Mr. Bush: You Must Leave Office Now!Get out, Mr. Bush. It's time to leave. We won't ask why you're leaving, whether it's because of incompetence, corruption, treason, criminal negligence or whatever. We just want you to resign and take that war profiteer Dick Cheney with you. We are sick + tired of the Vice President's corrupt .."
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60. 20060530
".. as toll surpasses 4,300 5/29 29.May 2006 Turns out it's Dick Cheney's office that's deciding for Bush what laws he gets to ignore, intercepting all incoming legislation 5/29 Republican House members facing the toughest races this fall are overwhelmingly opposed to immigration compromise -- hurting Bush's chances of making it work 5/29 Baghdad numb to massacre reports 5/29 29.May.2006 guess W really is a man who thinks with his Dick. But Bush is still the titular leader, which means he is open to impeachment if an opposition party gets into power. What we need are as many clear examples as we can gather of disobeyed legislation. The signing statements simply announce a willingness to disobey. Permalink 29.May.2006's talking about it -- the blockbuster Boston Globe story by Charlie Savage on the real power behind the "signing statements." It's Cheney, of course. All the presidential signing statements are vetted by Cheney's counsel and chief of staff, David Addington.Cheney formulated his theory of the omnipotent executive during the Iran/contra scandal, when he was in .."
".. "They lied and lied and lied about everything...How many lies do you get to tell before someone calls you a liar? How many times can you be exposed in America today?" 5/28 Illegal immigrants fight American wildfires for us in the Northwest. Oops. 5/28 29.May 2006 In closed-door meeting, attorney general asked telecom leaders to record your Internet activities 5/28 28.May.2006 Is McAfee owned by the same Spectrum involved with either the New Hampshire Republican phone jamming incident; the attempted rescue of Gizmondo (Calif Ferrari wreck); or the purchase of QTC Management that overcharged for disabled veteran physicals?28.May.2006 really ARE out to get us From ABC News: The government concluded its "Cyber Storm" wargame Friday, its biggest-ever exercise to test how it would respond to devastating attacks over the Internet from anti-globalization activists, underground hackers and bloggers.Bloggers? Yeah. Bloggers? (For that matter: Antiglobalization activists? When did they ever do anything , .."
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61. 20060603
".. Makes Him a Likely Bush Cabinet Appointee and the BuzzFlash "GOP Hypocrite of the Week." 03.Jun.2006 Barbara's Daily BuzzFlash Minute Buy the Dixie Chicks' New Album and Send a Big F**k You to Repuglicans 6/3 Run, Al, Run Like the Wind -- Episode 45 of The Last Chance Democracy Cafe by Steven C. Day Larry Beinhart: Foaming Republicans - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution 03.Jun.2006 There is a diary on DKOS, but not on the front page. Lots of comments though. # posted by Anonymous : 11:49 PM   Oops, sorry, the DKOS link was wrong. Try the following. 03.Jun.2006 There will be change and soon. The winds are shifting and the scoundrels are about to inherit the whirlwind.03.Jun.2006 Fourth, a comment on firedoglake caught my eye with a link to an interview with a Florida State University political science professor on the 2000 election fiasco. This is worth a visit, as he - Lance deHaven-Smith - has a book out as of last fall entitled The Battle for Florida that he describes as pretty brutal and embarrassing for Bush because he knows both the law + Florida politics + he says Bush lost Florida in 2000. 03.Jun.2006 The RFK Jr. piece on vote fraud It's here. It's good. Real good. Maybe it could have been a bit better, but Robert F. Kennedy Jr. still deserves an ovation. Permalink 03.Jun.2006 Massakervorwürfe: Washington will Wogen glätten 03.Jun.2006Massaker an Zivilisten: US- Militär entlastet Soldaten 03.Jun.2006 02. JUNI 200603.Jun.2006 Goldman Sachs: Blankfein wird .."
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62. 20060714
".. BuzzFlash Guest Contribution Michael Chertoff, Another Clueless and Feckless Bushevik Who Puts Americans at Risk. For Deciding Indiana Was the Number One Site for Terrorist Attacks in the U.S., He is the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week. Poll: Most Americans plan to vote for Democrats. But They Must Hold Off the Rove Onslaught of Fear, Being Used for the Third Election Cycle. 14.Jul.2006 Incidentally, the Wilsons have a web page up for their case. Permalink 14.Jul.2006 They do not name this source in their legal complaint, but they do target Cheney as acting in a "supervisory capacity" over Libby. The complaint comes close to stating (paragraph 18, subparagraphs v, w and x) that Cheney authorized a leak to Matt Cooper, although subparagraph u implies that Libby learned about the leak to Novak after the fact.14.Jul.2006 Joy Tomme, in the under-appreciated blog Ratbang Diary, argues that Rove and Novak ratted out someone more important than Rove. The only guys on a higher level are Cheney or Bush.14.Jul.2006 They do not name this source in their legal complaint, but they do target Cheney as acting in a "supervisory capacity" over Libby. The complaint comes close to stating (paragraph 18, subparagraphs v, w and x) that Cheney authorized a leak to Matt Cooper, although subparagraph u implies that Libby learned about the leak to Novak after the fact.Paragraph 23 of the complaint .."
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  1. 20060725
    ".. the Jewish faith and others correctly point out that Jews are often blamed for the sins of others. They may be about to be proven right again, in a big way. The current conflict may escalate to the point where the US will use nuclear weapons against Iran, in what will be the first use of nuclear weapons in war since Nagasaki. And the world will blame it on the Jews. Continue 25.Jul.2006 "We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation + the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population. " - David Ben-Gurion, May 1948, to the General Staff. From Ben-Gurion, A Biography, by Michael Ben-Zohar, Delacorte, New York 1978. Unfortunately, Israel has no intention of living peacefully with it's Arab neighbors + .."
    ".. macht mobil. Am Wochenende organisierten alle gemeinsam die letzte Demonstration, mit dem Tatort-Schauspieler Peter Sodann als prominenten Vorkämpfer. Rund 300 Menschen nahmen daran teil, meldete die Polizei. 24.Jul.2006;Z=100

  2. Boeing And QinetiQ Expand Network-enabled Capabilities In U.K. And U.S. Bernama Jul 20 2006 5:36AM GMT 24.Jul.2006

  3. [3] Associated Press – July 21, 2006 “The house, displaying a foreign affairs solidarity lacking on issues such as Iraq, voted overwhelmingly yesterday to support Israel in its confrontation with Hezbollah guerrillas. The resolution, which was passed on a 410-8 vote, also condemns enemies of the Jewish state.” The vote was .."
    ".. Lichtstrahl das Glas oder streift es, leitet die Elektrode einen elektrischen Impuls weiter. Das sagt noch nichts über den Ort des Kontakts aus. Werden aber viele Fasern als Netz übereinandergelegt, lassen sich diese Punkte zwischen den Faserkreuzungen lokalisieren. Ein Computer errechnet aus diesen Signalen dann eine Art Bild. Richtung von Lichtstrahlen feststellen 24.Jul.2006 What, then, do we make of those all-too-convenient rocket attacks and kidnappings? Perhaps we should categorize them alongside the staged "attack on German soldiers" used to justify the Nazi invasion of Poland. I do not trust Barry Chamish (who often gets into conspiratorial realms too dank and confused for even me ) but his recent claims may spark others to do some .."
    ".. become victimizers. At what point can we fairly say that the victims of the Nazis have become Nazis?"Israel is a democracy !" shout that nation's defenders -- but so was the United States during the slaughter of the Indians. And so was Germany when Hitler came to power. Does anyone doubt that Hitler would have won had fair and honest elections been held 00.000.1939?24.Jul.2006 The propagandists have tried to sell this attack as a self-defense measure, but that assertion is falling apart. We know now that this war was provoked by neither rocket attacks nor kidnappings -- in fact, it was planned long ago.24.Jul.2006 Einkaufsstraßen- Ranking: Köln ist Mekka des Konsums 24.Jul.2006 Irak: USA erklären Sicherheitsoffensive für gescheitert .."
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  1. 20060918
    ".. 18.Sep.2006 Ahoy, mateys ! Thar be Jewish pirates!  The Jewish pirates were Sephardic. Once they were kicked out of Spain [in 1492], the more adventurous Jews went to the New World," said Ed Kritzler, whose yet-untitled book on Jewish pirates will be published by Doubleday in spring 2007. 18.Sep.2006 Weird weather events in Pitt County  Includes black hail. 18.Sep.2006

  2. I am not a 9/11 conspiracy guy, but if the tape shows nothing, whay has it been classified for so long? # posted by dermo : 2 18.Sep.2006

  3. This blog will always condemn the inexcusable atrocities committed by the Islamic fundamentalists who back Bin Laden. I will also condemn the inexcusable atrocites committed by the Jewish fundamentalists who back Olmert and the Christian fundamentalists who back Bush. If justice prevailed, the World Court would condemn all three men to spend the rest of their lives in prison cells surrounded by images of their victims.Osama has killed his thousands of while Bush and Olmert have killed their tens of thousands. Comparison is not just acceptable; it is necessary. Permalink 18.Sep.2006 Watch the important documentary Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre here.You may also want to scan the mainstream news stories collected here. Examples: A hospital official said over 600 Iraqis were killed in Fallujah alone - mostly women, children and the elderly. (AP, April 12, 2004) One woman, shot in the gut, was making rasping, gurgling noises as the doctors worked frantically to .."
    ".. wound. All around were the sounds of muffled moaning. The clinic was running low on crucial supplies. The woman's small son had a bullet wound in the neck; his eyes glazed, he vomited continually as other doctors raced to save his life. The desperate work in the clinic continued, off and on, into the night as more victims arrived. (American Friends Service Committee, April 14) 18.Sep.2006 An unacceptable comparison...? Bush_says_terrorists_are_coming_again_0915.html">"Time is running out" claims Bush, vis-a-vis a new terror attack. We may interpret this statement to mean that an election is coming up and Republicans may lose unless Big Wedding II occurs first. In the same speech, Bush said something worthy of further study:"It's unacceptable .."
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65. 20061106
".. Oct. 22."The military editorial that has the White House livid: "Time For Rumsfeld To Go" 11/6 "AS UP to 100 million Americans go to the polls tomorrow to decide whether Democrats or Republicans will control Congress during the last two years of George Bush's presidency, controversy, bad news and bad timing continue to dog the Republican Party." 11/6 05.Nov.2006 I consider Michael Ledeen the most interesting rascal in the rogues' gallery of neoconservatism + Kos writer Meteor Blades has caught the man in a extraordinarily bold lie.It seems that Ledeen is yet another necon pretending that he never supported the Iraq misadventure. "I opposed the military invasion of Iraq before it took place," writes ML in the National Review .."
".. wholehearted support to Dubya's blunder. From a 2002 interview: Question #2: Okay, well if we are all so certain about the dire need to invade Iraq, then when do we do so?Ledeen: Yesterday. The man's a proven liar. Keep that fact in mind if he should ever deny membership in P2, or if he should claim that he had nothing to do with "Bulgarians shot the Pope" hoax. Permalink 05.Nov.2006 exposure yesterday of 1999 war games that showed an invasion of Iraq would require at least 400,000 troops + even then there would be no guarantee it would not end in chaos. 05.Nov.2006 National Review Online just published a couple of hours ago a set of their neocon rebuttals, replete with a Michael Ledeen screed. Or counter-screed, as he would no doubt prefer (indeed, he whines we really should be in Iran, like that would have gone so much better).05.Nov.2006 Vanity Fair has a teaser up as of this weekend excerpting from David Rose's Neo Culpa, interviews with various vocal neocons who are now not quite so, erm, shall we say insistent about the need to invade liberate Iraq.05.Nov.2006,1518,druck-446581,00.html Der italienische Ministerpräsident Romano Prodi sprach sich als Konsequenz aus dem .."
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  1. 20061108
    ".. capital investment in the status quo that benefits the wealthy and marginalizes those with neither wealth nor property. That explains why substantive change is rarely accomplished through the vote in America. It also explains the remarkable consistency and homogeneity of governmental policy through the decades; domestic and foreign, regardless of which party is in power. Continue 08.Nov.2006 Tom Harkin from the Archives: "I also have doubts and questions about Mr. Gates' role in the secret intelligence sharing operation with Iraq. Robert Gates served as assistant to the Director of the CIA....In that capacity he helped develop options in dealing with the Iran-Iraq war, which eventually involved into a secret intelligence liaison relationship with Saddam Hussein's .."
    ".. Robert Gates "was close to many figures who played significant roles in the Iran/contra affair and was in a position to have known of their activities." Kos: Bush's penchant for bringing out the most corrupt of retreads of past Republican administrations continues. 11/9 08.Nov.2006 Comment and Vote on the Top News Stories! Submit Them too! This is a democracy, right?

  2. 08.Nov.2006 But wouldn't you have loved to be a fly on Bush's wall last night when we took the House? And don't you know these guys are starting to really sweat? Pelosi has mentioned the subpoena word already, and so those battles begin. But between a decidedly unfriendly Congress, the Libby trial, all those ongoing investigations into Abramoff and Cunningham and Halliburton, the Plame lawsuit + Iraqi bloodshed, you gotta know these guys are starting to lean psychotic in their attempts to maintain their imperial delusions. 08.Nov.2006 The position everyone should be taking now is to emphasize that Democrats are pursuing this essential issue of election reform precisely because it is the foundation of our democracy + EVERY CITIZEN - DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLICAN - STANDS TO BENEFIT FROM REFORM OF OUR ELECTION PROCESS . Rahm Emanuel coined what should be our rallying cry from here on out: .."
    ".. is the Winner of This Week's BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award Poised to become the first female speaker of the House, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi Tuesday night celebrated her party's return to power in Congress after 12 years. 11/8 Dems Regain Majority of Governorships 11/8 08.Nov.2006 South Dakota voters have rejected a state law banning almost all abortions. 11/8 08.Nov.2006 Now that we have majorities in Congress, we need investigations into vote fraud. More than that. We need prison sentences. Alas, here we have a problem. The Dems will offer anything to Joe Lieberman to assure his stay in their camp. And Holy Joe will probably want to run the Senate Ethics Committee. Permalink08.Nov.2006 Nahost: Hamas ruft erstmals seit eineinhalb Jahren zu .."
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  1. 20041014
    ".. standhaltenden Propagandaschriften ist die der Finanzierung Hitlers durch die Bankiers Warburg.

  2. 13.Okt.2004 Why hasn't anyone else discussed how Kerry gave Bush a "man hug" when they met on stage. He deliberately patted the back of Bush, who quickly stepped away from the pat.I bet someone asked him to check for a box on Bush's back.

  3. 13.Okt.2004 The thing that strikes me as odd about this whole story is that you don't need a box that big for an earpiece radio receiver. Think about cellphones, or a pocket FM receiver. I think there's probably other compelling evidence for wondering whether Bush uses an earpiece, but if he does, I don't know if I believe that it's controlled from that box. 13.Okt.2004 If you go to this site + go to the debate videos its the one where Bush is talking about the draft. 5:46 into the clip Bush unbuttons his coat + you can see the wire its under his tie.

  4. 00.000.1997 -Ende des Jahres- zu einem politischen Skandal erster Güte kommt es , als durch Recherchen von "Panorama" bekannt wird, dass der bekannte Neonazi-Führer 00.000.1995 Roeder als Referent bei der Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr eingeladen wurde. Der mehrfach vorbestrafte Rechtsanwalt referierte dort .."
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  1. 20041027
    ".. employed by Mr. Booker, the Secret Service did not pounce. Some writers have standards - + some have double standards. 26.Oct.2004 One such rumor has it that the Kerry [KFJ966] campaign is about to spring evidence that Mr. Bush [BGW968] somehow was "wired," so aides could instruct him during the debates. Well, Big John did give W a pat on the back after the second debate...URL:

  2. 25.Oct.2004 Interesting bulge stuff... The latest from David Lindorff includes this eye-opener: The latest dodge + obfuscation has been to cite an article in the pro-Bush [BGW968] Moonie paper, the Washington Times (long known for its penchant for misinformation) claiming on no evidence whatsoever that, the Kerry [KFJ966] camp was behind planted stories about Bush [BGW968] wearing a wire for the debates. Nothing could be further from the truth. Neither I nor any of the alert people who first called attention to this story after seeing the rectangular bulge in the jacket during the first debate had any help or even contact from the Kerry [KFJ966] camp. URL: 26.Oct.2004 Israel is waiting for a Lincoln : The opposition that Sharon's proposal has stirred up is threatening Israel with a civil war. This too is just a prelude to the inevitable: In the Middle East, both among the Israelis + among the Palestinians, anyone who wants peace must prepare for a civil war. 26.Oct.2004 Germany + Israel restart talks on sale of submarines : Israel .."
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  1. 20041109
    ".. when and if they emerge. 3. "Those small optical scan counties in Florida went haywire!" Yeah, I was saying the same thing -- for about a day. Then I looked at the voting history in those small counties. If voter manipulation occurred in Florida (and I think it did) it occurred everywhere , in rather subtle percentages. Look to the GEMS system, the central vote tabulator.URL:

  2. 09.Nov.2004 Blue and Red? No: Producers and Leeches We are now a country of red and blue states. Who, I wonder, picked those colors? At one time, the election-night color schema was the reverse. In 1976, Gerry Ford chanted "Go Blue!" while watching the returns come in. I'm not happy about consigning the color red to the other side. (As perhaps you've guessed, I like red.) .."
    ".. productivity of the days before the Reagan revolution, when unions were strong, taxation progressive and the working man got a decent wage.Resolved: Everyone must replace the misleading "red and blue" terminology with the more accurate "Producer state" and "Leech state." It is so ordered. Rome has spoken.# posted by Joseph : 8:27 AM  1 comments URL: URL:

  3. 09.Nov.2004 SAIC. Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) is part of the small consortium running our elections. And they have disturbing connections to Admiral Bill Owens (connected to Frank Carlucci and Dick Cheney) and former DCI Robert Gates. Do we really want a "former" CIA-guy counting our votes? 25.Okt.2004 Die Wallfahrer-Stadt Altötting, Zentrum .."
    20041109.html - 3 matches

  1. 2005041827
    ".. Against Christianity. Nothing gets the Dominionists to their feet faster than ringing condemnations of judicial tyranny. "Activist judges have systematically deconstructed the Constitution," roars Rick Scarborough, author of Mixing Church and State. "A God-free society is their goal!" The current battle over the filibuster must be seen in light of this goal. URL:

  2. 26.Apr.2005 A modest suggestion: Define the Reverend Moon and all (ALL) Dominionists as individuals devoted to the overthrow of the USA of America -- because, once you cut past their casuistry, that is precisely what they are. They do not differ from Osama Bin Laden. Arguably, our home-grown theocrats pose a greater long-term threat than does Osama. After all, Bin Laden does not .."
    ".. this nation into a theocracy.Once our government properly equates Moon and the Dominionists with the Nazis, the Soviets and other past menaces to liberty, we must arrest every politician and business leader who has received money from, or formed an alliance with, these anti-democratic forces.The charge: Treason. Arrest them. Try them. And if they are found guilty -- execute them.URL:

  3. 26.Apr.2005 But some noteworthy developments demand our attention...Protecting Osama's privacy. Before we proceed, please note that this story comes to us by way of Judicial Watch, an organization I don't much like. They were a major part of the propaganda effort against Clinton, although in recent years they seem to have gone off script. (G.O.P. activists now treat Judicial Watch .."
    ".. essence: JW filed a FOIA request for an FBI report dealing in part with Osama Bin Laden. Information was redacted, as one might expect. The FBI, as is always the case, had to list reasons for the redactions. According to JW, data relevant to Osama Bin Laden was blacked out to protect his privacy rights . Can this be true? Does the leader of Al Qaeda really have a right to privacy? URL:

  4. 26.Apr.2005 Web   Ergebnisse 1 - 5 von 5 für Klose atlantikbrücke . ( 0,30 Sekunden)  Eine Freundschaftsbotschaft an Amerika ... Deutsche Atlantikbrücke veröffentlicht eine Solidaritätsanzeige in der New ... Hans-Ulrich Klose und Berlins Regierender Bürgermeister Klaus Wowereit ... politikforum - Thema: .."
    2005041827.html - 3 matches

  1. 20050929
    ".. South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission, based in Fiji, is funding projects to study the use of coconut oil for power generation and transportation - their introductory paper is a useful overview of efforts thus far to utilize this promising biofuel. UNDP's Equator Initiative also has an excellent case on "Coconut Crude", focusing in part on Tony Deamer's work. URL:

  2. 28.Sep.2005 If Able Danger liaison Tony Shaffer was allowed to speak freely to representative Curtis Weldon + even to the ghastly Michael Savage (who blames "liberal lawyers" at the DIA!), then why aren't "the Able Danger Five" allowed to speak to Spector's committee?The Wikipedia entry contains a fascinating note on one J.D. Smith, a civilian contractor working on the project. (Is he one of the Five? I presume so.) "Smith stated that Atta's name had emerged during an examination of individuals known to have ties to Omar Abdul Rahman, a leading figure in the first World Trade Center bombing."URL:

  3. 00.000.1994 the district attorney in New Jersey was Michael Chertoff, now the head of Homeland Security. One of the funders of Rahman's mosque was a mysterious man named Magdy El-Amir -- who has also been accused of funding Al Qaeda. When Chertoff returned to private practice, he took El-Amir as a client. Many have wondered why Bush picked the lawyer for an accused Al Qaida moneyman .."
    ".. Ausgeburt des Satans auf Erden, ... 28.Sep.2005 Neue Solidarität 15-16/2004:Schacht, Skorzeny & Allen Dulles - Teil 2 00.000.1950 wurde Allen Dulles zunächst Planungschef der CIA, wenig später ... Anklage gegen RSHA-Chef Kaltenbrunner auf, der zum Tode verurteilt wurde, ... URL:

  4. 27.Sep.2005 For some reason, Europeans just love the missile-hit-the Pentagon fable, which may be the silliest conspiracy tale to emerge from 9/11 11.Sep.2001 . The current story obviously derives from the older hallucination. URL:,1518,druck-376969,00.html

  5. 27.Sep.2005 Blair. "Ich habe niemals daran gezweifelt, dass unser Platz nach .."
    20050929.html - 3 matches

72. 20051023
".. act", becoming final in record time. 08.Nov.2004 In view of the fact that the genocidal + omnicidal (killing of all living things) impact of the US + the UK's military tactics in .." ".. aware of the growing opposition to uranium weapons from US citizens, + are therefore currently outsourcing the manufacturing of uranium into munitions to Belgium and South Africa. 20041105 08.Nov.2004 conspiracy theories offered by left-wingers: The CIA aids - or at least overlooks the activities of - drug kingpins useful to .." ".. nevertheless amassed the better track record. They don’t ask for immediate credence – just a hearing. # posted by Joseph : 3:14 PM Comments: Really thoughtful post, nicely done.# 08.Nov.2004 The China/Soviet split was a fraud! So, at least, ran a theory popular within certain CIA circles throughout the 1960s. The prime mover behind this idea was counterintelligence chieftain James Jesus Angleton, a patriotic paranoid who nearly destroyed the agency he had hoped to serve. 08.Nov.2004 The Illuminati controls the world! Actually, the Illuminati was an anti-royalist society in Bavaria, squelched by the same .." 20041018 ".. um mit dieser heiligen Aufgabe betraut zu werden. Und ganz zufällig hielt er sich für einen der wenigen. Bernays, Edward L. War .."
20051023.html - 3 matches

  1. 20051114
    ".. eines Toten zu lösen und danach auf einen Empfängerkopf zu transplantieren.13.Nov.2005 Welcome to Hoaxworld. We have a wide variety of realities on display. If you don't see the reality of your choice, please contact a sales associate. We may have that reality in our stockroom. Or we can order a custom reality tailored to your specifications. Permalink 13.Nov.2005

  2. If Blair wants to save himself, he should follow Berlusconi's example and place as much distance as possible between himself and Dubya. And he had better do it quick .Here, W is unpopular. Elsewhere, he is radioactive . Permalink 13.Nov.2005

  3. First Blair, then Bush? Just a few days ago, British papers reported that all talk of impeaching Tony Blair had been pushed to one side. But now they're revving up plans again.The impeachment process effectively stalled last year when just 23 MPs signed a Commons motion. But the scale of the government’s defeat on its anti-terror legislation last week – where 49 Labour .."
    ".. proceedings to be invoked.Organisers say they are expecting 200 cross-party signatures, including those of former government ministers, to force the Commons to set up a Privy Council investigation that would examine in detail the case for impeachment against Blair.The size of the Labour revolt, allied to unified opposition benches, is said to have changed the climate inside the Commons.

  4. 13.Nov.2005 

  5.,1518,druck-384731,00.html"Ich will den Veranstaltern mehr Flexibilität geben", so Reding. Nach dem Richtlinienentwurf ist - erstmals für viele EU-Staaten - auch Werbung in Nachrichten und Kindersendungen erlaubt, jeweils einmal pro 20 Minuten Sendezeit. Mit Zuschauerprotesten gegen die weitgehende .."
    20051114.html - 3 matches

  1. 20051117
    ".. About Bush's National Guard Duty -- But She's Back to Bear Witness. She is This Week's Winner of the BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award. (Text AND Audio Version) GOP Senator Hagel chastises Bush for criticizing war critics. Diogenes, put out the lamp - we've finally found an honest Republican. Well, honest for a day anyway. Hagel's had some voting machine involvement. 11/16 16.Nov.2005 Rozen raps the noses of bloggers -- such as yours truly -- who discussed reports that an Italian Parliamentary Commission had investigated the necon cabal behind Nigergate. We were told that Fitzgerald had obtained a copy of this report.Rozen says that this commission never existed + that Italy's parliament has been irritatingly inactive on these questions. Fitzgerald cannot .."
    ".. Rozen misses a key point. Not all untrue stories should be thoughtlessly stashed in the file cabinet marked "rumor." To cite a relevant example: The so-called Bulgarian connection to the shooting of the Pope may have been a lie, but it was no mere rumor . Anyone using that term does history an injustice. That story was disinformation -- a different beast altogether16.Nov.2005 download Ian Masters' interview with Laura Rozen.16.Nov.2005 / Laura Rozen. Her work is vital. Her blog is a must-read. She has researched the Niger matter "on the scene" in Italy.16.Nov.2005 Nur echter Zucker macht glücklich 16.Nov.2005,1518,druck-385115,00.html

  2. Diesen Effekt haben aber praktisch nur Süßigkeiten, die richtigen Zucker enthalten und nicht künstliche .."
    20051117.html - 3 matches

  1. 20051124
    ".. The Federal Aviation Administration lists Stevens Express Leasing as the owner of four airplanes — three Beechcrafts and a DC-3." After reading Daniel Hopsicker's Welcome to Terrorland (a mandatory volume for anyone who wants a glimpse of what's really going on), I think the next step should be an investigation of the airport those planes call home. Permalink 24.Nov.2005

  2. If I may be permitted a very speculative observation, I would note that the time and location of the the ministry's origin point -- Indiana in the early 1970s -- is strikingly redolent of the early days of the Jim Jones cult. Jones, who also had an interest in thought control and jungle locales, began his operations in Indiana at a slightly earlier time. Could there be a connection .."
    ".. about the ghastly practices of the Scientologists have shocked the world, yet these "Christians" have managed the formidable trick of making the Hubbardites seem relatively benign. In recent days, I've wondered how "our boys" could commit such atrocities in Iraq. Now I'm wondering how many of them had a history of Fundamentalist cult abuse. Permalink 24.Nov.2005 "Christian" mind control In the past, I've discussed Melvin Sembler -- friend to the Bush family, former ambassador to Italy + founder of the "Straight" program, a fake drug rehabilitation center which tortured teens until they mentally broke. Straight was part of a larger problem. A growing problem.Abusive "Christian" schooling is a subject that .."
    ".. leaves him bleeding on the ground + just stoops down and says a prayer over him... Escuela Caribe is part of a larger network of alleged "reform schools" called New Horizons Youth Ministries. Scheer's experience was hardly unique. I encourage readers to study the testimony found at a site called The Truth About New Horizons Youth Ministries. Some of the accounts are sickening.

  3. 24.Nov.2005 


  5. Bei einer näheren Untersuchung der Fundstelle stießen die Forscher dann auf eine ehemalige Grabanlage. Darin fanden sie nicht nur eine zweite Fibel, bronzenen Ringschmuck sowie Teile einer Halskette, sondern auch zwei reich verzierte Goldanhänger etruskischer Herkunft. Ähnlich .."
    20051124.html - 3 matches

  1. 20051202
    ".. Continued 02.Dec.2005 Freedom? What freedom? - By Monica Benderman Americans don’t know freedom. Americans know fear –and so America goes to war. We will continue to imprison or destroy anyone who disagrees – as long as we fear facing the question of being wrong. Continued Looks like the Dems have an answer: Why Mommy is a Democrat . No paranoia; just niceness. 02.Dec.2005

  2. Sometimes the simplest games are downright addictive. And sometimes they are also downright hilarious. Check out the "Give Bush a Brain" game + see if you can beat my score of six brains. A perfect score may end the war. 02.Dec.2005

  3. What's in a name? Rumsfeld has announced that from now on, the insurgents in Iraq won't be called "insurgents." Blogger Tim Dunlop adds: "He also decreed war to be peace, freedom to be slavery, ignorance to be strength and that he would in future be known as Dimples 'Hung-Like-A-Horse' O'Toole, the handsomest man in the world." Permalink 02.Dec.2005

  4. UPDATE: I .."
    20051202.html - 3 matches

  1. 20060301
    ".. 3/2005 wenn Sie mehr über das Projekt wissen wollen, besuchen Sie die Heimseite: 01.Mar.2006,1518,druck-403829,00.html

  2. Am Ende sei der Krieg davon wohl kaum beeinflusst worden: "Eine Schlacht plant man nach seinen eigenen Vorstellungen, nicht nach gegnerischen Skizzen aus unklarer Quelle."01.Mar.2006

  3. It's official: We have a movement It won't be a quiet week in Lake Wobegon, out there on the edge of the prairie. Garrison Keillor -- one of the few Democratic voices heard and respected by red staters, a man difficult to smear or "swift boat" -- has called for the impeachment of George W. Bush. Our adventure in Iraq, at a cost of trillions, has brought that country to the .."
    ".. Waifs and Owls, neglecting the most basic job of government, which is to defend this country. Snicker if you must, but I say that Keillor is one of the best writers America has ever produced. Don't be fooled by his quiet manner, his folksy approach and his un-hip radio audience: This guy has balls . How many other men of letters in our country will join his call? Permalink 01.Mar.2006

  4. Them good old boys have definitely been drinking too much whiskey and rye. If Rush Limbaugh told those poor, easily-hornswoggled kids (most of whom -- let's face it -- are southern) that we went to Iraq to protect the summer home of Santa Claus, would they believe that story? Permalink 01.Mar.2006 Zogby's new poll of American soldiers serving in Iraq contains some positive news. But the soldiers also seem misinformed -- severely misinformed -- regarding the question of why they are there.The wide-ranging poll also shows that 58% of those serving in country say the U.S. mission in Iraq is clear in their minds, while 42% said it is either somewhat or very unclear to them, that .."
    20060301.html - 3 matches

  1. 20060307
    ".. America into their own personal ATM machine? Continued 07.Mar.2006 Fisk Paints a Middle East in crisis-By ABC Australia 03/06/06 Robert Fisk says that in his three decades of reporting from the Middle East for British newspapers, he's never seen it more dangerous + that he's certain another major crisis, possibly even another 11.Sep.2001, is coming. Audio and transcript 06.Mar.2006 has changed in our society over the past thirty years? Back in the late 1960s, people asked: "Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?" Nowadays, the question seems to be: "Suppose they released a new version of the Pentagon Papers and nobody read them?" Permalink 06.Mar.2006

  2. Yesterday, we read that two former high-level CIA officials (not named) had informed ABC News that the Inspector General was looking into allegations that Brent "bribe-master" Wilkes had received lucrative CIA contracts via his old friend at the Agency, Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, who is now the Number Three "company" man. (Amusingly, this Los Angeles Times story notes that the CIA still won't confirm whether Wilkes had any such CIA contracts. Obviously, if no contracts existed, there would be no investigation.)06.Mar.2006 Murray Waas' latest in the National Journal is mandatory reading. Waas delivers more proof - although at this point, we hardly need more -- that W and co. knew full well that their justifications for war were misleading.The most interesting passage - to my eyes, at least -- concerns former DCI George Tenet: The one-page 00.Oct.2002 President's Summary specifically told Bush that .."
    20060307.html - 3 matches

79. 20060329
".. Just Sit on Their Hands. (Forget About the Republicans. They are Opportunistic Traitors.) Held Over, Please Forward and Educate Others. You Know that Signing the Wrong Law and Violating the Constitution is Just a Technicality? America Under a Junta: An Update. -- A BuzzFlash Editorial Scalia, An Embarrassment to Justice: Retired Generals Want Scalia Off Gitmo Case 3/28 28.Mar.2006 Hillary Clinton. But at least she isn't a theocratic thug. Whenever goons like Tancredo offer Bible lessons, I feel happy to remain caught 'twixt Gnosticism and Agnosticism. Permalink 28.Mar.2006 Kill for Jesus! Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo (whose last name is an anagram for "acned rot") likes to earn the occasional bucket of ink by making outrageous statements in front of microphones. His most notable outburst: Calling for the nuclear annihilation of Mecca and Medina should Muslim extremists ever set off a weapon of mass destruction within our borders. .."
".. Toon had it out with Hillary Clinton over her claim that the Republican anti-immigration bill "would literally criminalize the Good Samaritan and probably even Jesus himself." Tom's reply: "Hillary Clinton doesn't know the first thing about the Bible. Her impression, her analysis, her interpretation of both the law and the Bible are certainly wrong." 28.Mar.2006 + just in case the media forgets how it's supposed to speak, FauxNews shows how to do the double speak, pure Orwell.Not even Orwell could make this stuff up.Permalink 28.Mar.2006,1518,druck-408488,00.html Nicht länger als eine halbe Minute wütete die Windhose am Montagabend in Hamburg-Harburg, teilte der Deutsche .."
20060329.html - 3 matches

80. 20060418
".. For all the polarization the 42nd president inspired, Clinton's strong disapproval never got above 37 % in Post-ABC polls during his presidency." Anger Against Bush Could Spell Defeat for Republicans in the Mid-terms. The Turtle Creek Chorale, a Gay Choir, Celebrates 25 Years of Accomplishment and Community Deep in the Heart of Baptist Texas -- A BuzzFlash Interview 17.Apr.2006 Greg Palast shares an intriguing anecdote from a different general, one Jay Garner, that provides yet another angle on the whole holy mess. The ultimate point, of course, is that - for all Rummy's flash and contemptuous conceit - he's not the boss. Some idiot hired him + that same idiot refuses to fire him. That idiot is the guy who should go. Along with Dummy Rummy, Darth the Dick + the entire cabal of criminals. Permalink17.Apr.2006 No doubt most of you are as grateful as I am to hear this string of generals spilling the down and dirty on the DOD Secretary. (Oh + you can now add General Wesley Clark to the list.) Sounds so good, doesn't it, to hear all these brassy truths, even if they are just a few years too late.But 17.Apr.2006 Obviously, anyone who sneaks into a fireworks factory and strikes a match must want to see an explosion.(For more on the shadowy world of Opus Dei, see here.) UPDATE: While my focus above was on Opus Dei and the rather mysterious Ahmed Abu-Laban, I should also have noted that Jyllands-Posten is run by a lady named Merete Eldrep, who was once the Deputy Director of the Danish Energy .."
20060418.html - 3 matches

81. 20060625
".. Brüsseler Vorort La Hulpe sitzende internationale Finanzdatenbank "Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication" (Swift) im Anti-Terror-Kampf Daten nach Washington übermittelte, hieß es.25.Jun.2006 Saturn- Sonde: "Cassini" beobachtet Mond- Ballet 25.Jun.2006 Geheimer Abzugsplan: USA wollen Truppen im Irak massiv reduzieren 25.Jun.2006 Gary Buell at Covert History offers an apt quote from Ehud Barak: "There's no way to win an occupation. It's just a matter of choosing the size of your humiliation." Permalink25.Jun.2006 L.A. Times: At least 50,000 Iraqis have died violently since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, according to statistics from the Baghdad morgue, the Iraqi Health Ministry + other agencies - a .."
".. billions of transactions a year. From the article: Together with a hundredfold expansion of the FBI's use of "national security letters" to obtain communications and banking records, the secret NSA and Treasury programs have built unprecedented government databases of private transactions, most of them involving people who prove irrelevant to terrorism investigators. 24.Jun.2006 Other measures will include "Giving control of all overseas human intelligence operations to the CIA." Looks like the Agency is no longer in the doghouse. Well, maybe this is a good development. Over the past few years, progressives have had to oppose the administration's attempts to make the CIA parrot a predetermined "party line." If the Company has become another Bush team player, progressives can resume their traditional opposition to runaway CIA covert operations. Permalink 24.Jun.2006 Still another intelligence agency I suppose the brouhaha over the bizarre and silly "Sea of David" cult will help justify the creation of still another intelligence agency. The new service may or may not operate within the current FBI structure; this BBC story is rather hazy on that key point. The FBI is to be re-organised + will include another new intelligence body .."
20060625.html - 3 matches

82. 20060729
".. advocating immediate withdrawal 7/30 Bush Finds the Time to Meet with American Idol Contestants, But Not His New Texas Neighbor Cindy Sheehan -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis Fate of the Mideast has been left in the [In]capable hands of Condoleeza Rice 7/30 29.Jul.2006 "Passion of the Christ" director Mel Gibson ranted about Jews when he was arrested for driving drunk 7/30 29.Jul.2006 These photos of civilian casualties in Lebanon came from uruknet. I have not shown the worst.ADDITIONAL NOTE: Where, exactly, were those Israeli soldiers when they were captured? It's a key question, since that "kidnapping" provided the rationale for this war. For a good discussion of the issue -- including the changing stories and the (deliberate?) mistranslations -- see .."
".. American history,? according to New York Daily News gossip columnist Lloyd Grove. But you?re not likely to hear much about the legal proceedings in the Scaife-owned Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ? or anywhere else. 7/29 29.Jul.2006 Want to Sound Off in the BuzzFlash Mailbag? Click Here. If You are Offended by a Photograph of a Mother Breast Feeding Her Baby, Then You are a Boob 7/29 29.Jul.2006 # posted by Anonymous : 11:38 AM   Billy : How come we don't got no drug lords like other countries, Daddy?Daddy : Only people from third world countries are terrorists and drug lords Billy. Not shut the ^$%$&! you little commie!# posted by Anonymous : 12:41 PM   Interesting that Rainwater's name comes up in other news. The American Prospect writes about the HCA .."
".. with Columbia Healthcare, a chain created by Fort Worth financier Richard Rainwater + Rick Scott, a Dallas lawyer. Under the terms of the union, Scott became CEO of Columbia/HCA Healthcare, while Tommy Frist, Jr., stayed on as chairman."So, he's tied to the shrub (executive) and good ol' kitten killer Frist (legislative); any ties to the judicial branch? Roberts? Alito?29.Jul.2006 Democracy? Our president loves democracy the way Godzilla loved Tokyo. Permalink 29.Jul.2006 Hitzewelle in USA: Waldbrände bedrohen Anwohner 29.Jul.2006 Uno- Vorschlag: Israel lehnt Forderung nach Waffenruhe ab 29.Jul.2006 Nahost: Putsch und Barbarei 29.Jul.2006 Libanon: Israel fliegt 120 Luftangri .."
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  1. 20061111
    ".. news of the moment at! Another One Bites the Dust: Mehlman to Get Das Boot from the RNC 11/10 Karl, You are About to Learn the Price of Failing a Bushevik. You Might Want to Pull That Knife Out of Your Back. MI5 chief says Iraq war is driving British Muslims into terrorism 11/11 11.Nov.2006 Dollars for Democracy. Please buy a premium or donate. You are our lifeline. 11.Nov.2006 Why we need more exit polls BradBlog has published what should be a blockbuster story about the latest congressional race in CA-50, the Francine Busby (Democratic challenger) vs. Brian Bilbray (Republican incumbent) match.As you will recall, this is Duke Cunningham's old seat. The first election was highly controversial, since the voting .."
    ".. online

Video- Manipulation:Blogosphäre reagiert 10.Nov.2006 Video aufgetaucht: US- Polizisten misshandeln Festgenommenen 10.Nov.2006 Thomas Lubanga: Der Mann, der unzählige Kinder in den Tod schickte 10.Nov.2006 I'm a little disconcerted by the speed of Allen's concession (scheduled for just a few hours from now). A recount might have uncovered a telling discrepancy between the electronic tallies and the paper trail, as gleaned from absentee ballots, provisionals and so forth. Perhaps Allen decided to concede early to keep national observers from studying every jot and tittle of the .."
".. undervote. Here's the telling detail: In addition, absentee voters, who didn't have to use the voting machines, had only an estimated 1.8 % undervote. Touch screen voters had a bizarre 13% undervote, while paper voters had a normal undervote of less than 2%. So startling a difference between the paper vote and the compu-vote constitutes prima facie evidence of vote fraud.10.Nov.2006 the vote issue: i'm going to put this in a real post tonight, but i am so disgusted with atrios i could vomit. he has come out and said ok folks, we won, can we put this vote fraud crap to bed? what kind of patriotism is THAT??finally, impeachment. liz holtzmann was on DN! this morning, with daniel ellsberg + she pointed out that the dems kept impeachment off the table for a long .."
20061111.html - 3 matches

  1. 2005060210
    ".. Klinghoffer. Patterns of Global Terorrism - View as HTML 19.May ---- the US District Court in the Southern District of New York unsealed an ... was responsible for the attack 00.000.1985 on the cruise ship Achille Lauro ...

  2. 08.Jun.2005 Jim Hougan has a new DT piece -- actually, a much-expanded version of a text posted below URL:

  3. on Counterpunch 08.Jun.2005 Laut Behörde geschmacklos: Autokennzeichen "F DUBYA" zu ersteigern 08.Jun.2005 Falsche Schublade: Größter Lurch aller Zeiten 30 Jahre lang übersehen 08.Jun.2005 Standort D: Experten erwartet weitere Deindustrialisierung 08.Jun.2005 Hilfsgelder: Bush und Blair wollen Afrika Schulden erlassen 08.Jun.2005 Mark Felt + the CIA .."
    ".. yet completed the puzzle, of course. The scenario I've drawn here depends on one basic assumption -- an assumption I consider logical even though (as I freely admit) we have very little direct evidence backing the notion.I presume that Mark Felt was approached and, in essence, recruited by someone associated with the CIA. That "someone" may have been James Jesus Angleton.URL:

  4. 08.Jun.2005 Communications in Europe: Industrial Policy and Competition ... Brussels Former Minister of Economics, Germany Respondents: Lee de Boer President, HBO International, USA Edward D . Horowitz Senior Vice President, ... 08.Jun.2005 CITI - Events - 1995-1993 - Intelligent Agents: Revolutionizing ... .."
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  1. 20060205
    ".. The White House memo -By: Gary Gibbon C hannel 4 News tonight reveals extraordinary details of George Bush and Tony Blair's pre-war meeting in January 2003 at which they discussed plans to begin military action on March 10th 2003, irrespective of whether the United Nations had passed a new resolution authorising the use of force. Continued 03.Feb.2006 Permalink 03.Feb.2006

  2. Pennsylvania: A group called Butler County Democrats for Change is suing to keep voting machines out of PA. One of the heartening aspects of this suit is that it targets ES&S machines. The public keeps hearing about Diebold + I fear that many will come under the impression that the fault rests with a bad company, not a bad technology.In Allegheny County, the Board of Elections is still deliberating the issue:"Obviously we've read a lot of the allegations that people are talking about," she said, referring partly to criticisms that some Diebold officials were too close to Republicans. "Obviously we cannot base our decision on hearsay or what's on the Internet." 03.Feb.2006 couple of vote fraud notes... Arizona: According to this Arizona Republic article (clued into which I became via good old Brad Blog), the FBI has seized ballots in a close Republican primary for the office of state representative in Arizona's District 20. There have been lingering suspicions over this battle for quite a while now.Here's what's really odd: The County refused an .."
    20060205.html - 2 matches

86. 20060506
".. Democratic Party says. 5/6 Gannon Comes Out of the Closet, Or Was It the Oval Office Pantry? 5/6 06.May 2006 Of the Sudden Goss Departure, With No Replacement in Sight: CNN's national correspondent John Roberts observed, "But this idea that he would suddenly leave, and particularly without there not being another candidate to take over from Goss, is quite startling." 5/6 06.May 2006 Goss bosh Now we're being told that Goss got the boot because he could not get along with John Negroponte.Oh, come off it . If the explanation were so prosaic -- and if the confrontation had been building up for as long as ABC News claims -- the Bushites would have found a way to handle the Goss exit far more adroitly.06.May 2006 Time reports that the spot will probably go to Air Force General Michael Hayden, an even more troubling figure. The rules state that a military man cannot hold both the number one and number two spots at CIA, so either the rules get bent or Calland's days are numbered.What do we know of Hayden? He's close to Cheney. He appeared with Gonzales to defend the wiretapping program. This .."
20060506.html - 2 matches

87. 20060712
".. of the Issue is Not Radical, But Rather Necessary. "As timely as today's headlines, this vital book explains why impeachment should be deployed against the serial Constitution-shredder George W. Bush." Okay, if you think impeachment is a radical concept, answer this question? Tell Us Ten Reasons Bush and Cheney Should Not be Impeached. Okay, We'll Settle for One. 12.Jul.2006 See TPM Muckraker here + especially see emptywheel's amazing piece here. emptywheel suspects that the MZM/aluminum tube connection may be the dire matter that has Representative Hoekstra, normally a Bush supporter, in such a tizzy.12.Jul.2006 My take: If the MZM connection is real, Hoekstra decided to get out in front of the issue before someone else made it public.We still don't know precisely who snatched up those Niger forgeries and decided to use them to start a war, but many signs point to the P2 faction within SISMI. The other cause for war was the aluminum tube fiasco - + the finger of blame may well point to one .."
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88. 20060811
".. Solutions from George Lakoff" (DVD) ($9.75, including shipping) 11.Aug.2006 U.K. Terror Plot Foiled Just a Day after Lieberman's Defeat. Coincidence? - A BuzzFlash News Analysis. "I Want Them to Know That They Need Us," Said the Tyrannical Orwellian Ruler in "V for Vendetta." Ditto for Cheney and Bush. First Posted on BuzzFlash Thursday during the day. 11.Aug.2006 Well, Mama always said, terror is as terror does ...In fact, most progessives oppose this war + this administration, precisely because Bush is not fighting the war on terror. His propaganda flacks may pretend otherwise, but look at the record:11.Aug.2006 I am not among those theorists who believe that Osama Bin Laden and George Bush have consciously colluded. But ask yourself: If they did coordinate, if they were partners - just what, exactly, would Bush have done differently? Permalink # posted by Joseph : 7:06 PM 1 comments Comments: In two years BushCoInc leaves office. Will Anne trust anyone else on earth to fight her war on .."
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89. 20060831
".. " 8/31 31.Aug.2006 Dispatch from the BuzzFlash Department of Reality: In Iraq, Insurgents kill 77 in Iraq as bloodshed mounts 8/31 Sidney Blumenthal: As he travels the nation to commemorate Katrina and 9/11, the president is only highlighting the tragedy of his own incompetence. 8/31 KAWAN: Protest the South Korea-US Free Trade Agreement Talks Sept. 6-9 in Seattle 8/31 31.Aug.2006 Visit Scoop Independent News here.31.Aug.2006 The plaintiffs lost their suit for an election contest and recount in this one congressional district. However, by bringing suit, they achieved an outcome that clearly proves the arguments expressed across the political spectrum from conservative legal scholar Bruce Fein to former Vice President Al Gore. In unambiguous terms, they and others decry the rapid descent of the United .."
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90. 20061009
".. People. It's Bush's Valerie Plame, Katrina, 9/11 Commission Rovian Strategy of Dealing with a Crisis Through a Contolled Sham Investigation with Pre-Determined Political Results. 10/8 09.Oct.2006 Last month marked two-year high for U.S. troops wounded in Iraq. Expert: "These days, wounded are a much better measure of the intensity of the operations than killed." 10/8 08.Oct.2006 1. Lying about Iran and Iraq. You may recall our previous discussion of the most inane falsehood about Iraq to spew from the American department of propaganda: That neighboring Iran has been supplying the Iraqi insurgency with weapons. Why would the Iranians want to destabalize a pro-Iranian government?A British team patrolling that border has been looking into this claim of weapons trafficking. And sure enough, they have found no evidence to support Dubya's nonsense. Permalink 08.Oct.2006 Iran propaganda 1. The new Chalabi. This expose by Laura Rozen is a must-read. The neocons engineering war in Iran have long had a major problem: They don't have a faux-de Gaulle to prop up as the leader of Iranian resistance. Iran’s best-known dissident, journalist Akbar Ganji, rejected invitations to meet with administration officials on a recent U.S. visit + asked instead .."
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91. 20061020
".. Perception Management -By Stan GoffThe USA is not suffering from some collective personality disorder called compassion fatigue.  We are suffering from the most well-funded thought-control experiment in history, more sophisticated and deadly by many orders of magnitude than anything contrived by Kim Jong Il—the latest bete noir of American public discourse. Continue 19.Oct.2006 The reliable CrimeBlog has a good summary of what we know so far. Weller is indeed a scoundrel (at least by my lights), but the page story remains unproven.19.Oct.2006 Weller update LieParDestin, Kos diarist + friend to this humble blog, published his cautious take on the Jerry Weller accusation. That piece references this Illinois political site, CapitolFaxBlog, whose proprietor has tried to verify the story.Bottom line: High-level reporters have not been able to find any solid evidence + Weller's spokesman denies the claim:19.Oct.2006 As .."
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92. authentico index
".. explains it! 08.Oct.2004 SEARCH : 10.Nov.2004 UPDATED ----Online--<1> -----------<2>   DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER 001. Goethe, ->Entgegnung-> 25.Mar.2002 DISCLAIMER 002 Slaves of Our Desires the Guardian of London - ARCHIVE EXTERNAL NAMEBASE The Iraq War Links URL: LinksBuzzFlash Bush Watch Counterbias Media Matters Democracy Now American Politics Journal Democratic Underground Common Dreams Information Clearinghouse Talking Points Memo Daily Kos Kicking Ass (DNC) Atrios Daily Howler Informed Comment Xymphora War and Piece Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy Tapped Talk Left Flogging the Simian The .."
".. jhtml;sessionid=0JMZZGGPRSHGFQFIQMGCM5OAVCBQUJVC?xml=/news/2004/09/18/nwar18.xml 28.Nov.1999 Rockefeller - Murder by Injection Western Massachusetts IMC: newswire/392 06.Sep.2001 20010906_drugs_impunity_cia 19.Sep.2001 20010912_predicted_911 10.Feb.2003 Lies Father, Lies Son -updte-Remarks to the 2nd edition – Sep. Bush [BGW968] - ANTI -AKTIV Bush [BGW968] George Dubya Bushisms -Need SORTING! CANNONFIRE BLOGSPOT Archives 01.Jan.2004-30.Apr.2004 07.Mar.2004-13.Mar.2004 14.Mar.2004-20.Mar.2004 21.Mar.2004-27.Mar.2004 28.Mar.2004-03.Apr.2004 04.Apr.2004-10.Apr.2004 11.Apr.2004-17.Apr.2004 18.Apr.2004-24.Apr.2004 25.Apr.2004-01.May 2004 01.May 2004-31.Jun.2994 02.May 2004-08.May 2004 09.May 2004-15.May 2004 16.May 2004-22.May 2004 23.May 2004-29.May 2004 30.May 2004-05.Jun.2004 06.Jun.2004-12.Jun .."
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  1. 20041012
    ".. states: 'Most frightening for Cohen is the relative ease by which neutron bombs can be created with a substance called red mercury. Red mercury is a compound containing mercury that has undergone irradiation. When exploded, it creates tremendous heat + pressure - the same type needed to trigger a fusion device such as a mini-neutron bomb. 11.Oct.2004 Bush Interpreter Says W Uses An Earpiece

  2. 11.Oct.2004 During those 90 minutes, President Bush not only covered all the points, he covered them quite well + without any notes! Not once during the entire meeting did he look at any notes or receive cues from anyone present in discussing the Indonesian political situation with depth and intelligence. I was astonished! "How could this be?" I asked myself. It was a huge .."
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  1. 20041031
    ".. whole thing is phony; this is coming from partisans. Now, having said that, without them -- would we be talking about it? I don't know. It's a good question. BROOKE GLADSTONE: Okay. Chris, thanks a lot. CHRIS SUELLENTROP: Thank you. BROOKE GLADSTONE: Chris Suellentrop is deputy Washington bureau chief for + he joined us from the Kerry campaign trail in Des Moines, Iowa. URL:

  2. 30.Oct.2004 Bulge-gate: An additional note Lots of news about bulge-gate; please scroll down a bit to see it all. You'll also want to read this exchange on why the Washington media has not covered the story. There's more to come, very soon...# posted by Joseph : 6:24 AM  1 comments Osama's latest: Is it real? Since I've promised to hold my pessimism in check, I will not discuss .."
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  1. 20041101
    ".. government has been funding the developement of this type of device for years. The device, the MET™ Ossicular Stimulator, is manufactured by Otologics ( and does not require any external mechanics at the ear...making it undetectable from side views. They must have needed a transponder to pick up the signal and transfer it to the device ... hence the bulge. URL:

  2. 01.Nov.2004 Happy Halloween Just came back from my Halloween jaunt. I did not dress up as a hump-backed W, as announced. Instead, I was the Devil. Insert your own joke here. Tomorrow, you should see a fairly longish piece on the bulge, perhaps my last. I've spent some time looking for an old newsclip that would go a long ways toward legitimizing this story. I've also been looking .."
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  1. 20041115
    ".. search?sourceid=navclient&hl=de&ie=UTF-8&q=Simons1999.pdf14.Nov.2004 portland imc - 2004.10.08 - How to hide a crime in plain sight - [ Diese Seite übersetzen ] ... 28, Perception, 1999, pages 1059-74. add a comment on this article. THAT explains it! 08.Oct.2004 14:19. ... URL:

  2. 10.Nov.2004 Comments: Major bugs found in Diebold vote systems: Dr. Avi Rubin is currently Professor of Computer Science at John Hopkins University. He "accidently"got his hands on a copy of the Diebold software program - Diebold's source code - which runs their e-voting machines.Dr .."
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  1. 20041216
    ".. been a consistent pattern in the Administration’s actions: laws that are designed to promote public access to information have been undermined, while laws that authorize the government to withhold information or to operate in secret have repeatedly been expanded. The cumulative result is an unprecedented assault on the principle of open government. Extended Overview » URL:

  2. 15.Dec.2004 LATER FOLLOWUP EMAILThank you so much!!!!Each encouraging word is like a block of strength right now. Last night I was returning from Columbus and was scared out of my mind. First I’ve been getting calls from a man that has been able to tell me each and every place I’ve been or roads I’ve been traveling on (a group of 3 other women heard this while .."
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98. 20050209
".. intelligence.html 09.Feb.2005 Usenet Archive Halliburton did business with Muammar el-Qaddafi + the ayatollahs of Iran... 09.Feb.2005 Rumor has it that Deep Throat, the as-yet unnamed inside source who helped Woodward + Bernstein uncover the Watergate scandal, is ill. Woodward has promised to reveal the name when Throat dies .. .URL: 09.Feb.2005 suchhai- April Bundesregierung Neuigkeiten: Ministerium: Verfassungsklage gegen Kontenabfrage ohne Chance Karlsruhe/Berlin ... 469E-11D4-AE7B-000 8C7F31E1E} (c) FAZ Bundeswehr Bundesregierung ... 09.Feb.2005 >> << 22.7.2008 16:37) Baden-Württemberg Treibjagd auf Teufel - FAZ .NET - Politik ...wie in den Niederlanden vorbeugen soll .."
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99. 20050418
".. 2005 Question for Alice Walker: Your novel "The Color Purple" is set in the 1930s. Why don't you talk about Adolf Hitler in that book? Why doesn't your novel describe the rise of Mao? Why no chapters devoted to the Spanish civil war? Huh? Why'd you cut all that important stuff out? Why the censorship?The answer is obvious: The artist is free to narrow his or her focus. URL: 17.Apr.2005 Madeleine Byrne: The Pitfalls of Privatizing War 17.Apr.2005 Susan Lenfestey: Pushing Ten Commandments; Forgetting Ten AmendmentsDerrick Jackson: US Takes the Lead in Trashing Planet 17.Apr.2005 John Nichols: John Bolton vs. Democracy 17.Apr.2005 Adam Werbach: Should Municipalities Get in the Wi-Fi Business? 17.Apr.2005 Friday, April 15 Naomi Klein: The Rise of Disaster .."
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100. 20050720
".. re Bush's boss. He works for us. Unless that changed on 9/11 (or 12/20/00). Rove had no right to give away state secrets, even to protect Bush. Continue 20.Jul.2005 Some bloggers have fingered a potential new leading player in the Plame affair: David Wurmser, Bolton's special assistant - another neo-con with a Likud ueber alles 'tude. Check out Dark Wraith Forums + this Kos diary.URL:,1518,druck-365760,00.html

19.Jul.2005 Britische Regierungsvertreter waren gegenüber der "New York Times" zu einer Stellungnahme über den Jtac-Bericht nicht bereit. Die Behörden beteuern, dass die Änderung der Alarmstufen keine Auswirkungen auf die Einsatzbereitschaft der Polizei auf der Insel habe. .."
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101. 20051026
".. 2005 Hariri-Mord: Syrien verspricht Hilfe bei Aufklärung26.Oct.2005 Fiat-Dynastie: Die Fehltritte des Agnelli-Sprösslings 26.Oct.2005 Angst vor Gespenst: Sieben Grundschüler in China totgetrampelt 26.Oct.2005 Kriegsbilanz: 2000 US-Soldaten und 30.000 Zivilisten starben im Irak 26.Oct.2005 Hariri-Mord: Syrien unter Druck der Uno 26.Oct.2005

/ says that Fitzgerald will release one to five indictments tomorrow. The Financial Times makes a similar prediction. So does John Roberts of CBS: Lawyers familiar with the case think Wednesday is when special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will make known his decision, and that there will be indictments. Supporters say Rove and the vice .."
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102. 20051030
".. politik/ausland/0,1518,druck-382414,00.html US-Präsident unter Druck Bush versucht die Flucht nach vorn US-Präsident George W. Bush gerät zusehends in die Defensive. Erst scheitert die Nominierung seiner Kandidatin für den Obersten Gerichtshof, dann wird einer seiner wichtigsten Regierungsberater wegen Meineids angeklagt. Bush plant nun den Befreiungsschlag. 30.Oct.2005

So the argument comes down to Libby's willingness to withstand pressure. We can be certain of this much: This man does not want to do time, and his "bad memory" defense is laughable. Literally. Reporters guffawed when Fitzgerald gave a dead-pan rendition of Libby's inane story. Bush can pardon Libby. But will the President take that step? As I see it, he's facing three .."
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103. 20051203
".. taxpayer $$ went out to a con artist? How many other crooks like Wilkes have helped to empty our national treasure-house? Why is there no money for armored Humvees in Iraq, but plenty of cash for right-wing Republicans with connections?And when will the mainstream media stop pretending that Wilkes' many phony-baloney "businesses" were anything other than web-based cons? Permalink We thought he was exaggerating when former Ambassador Wilson wrote in his recent book that the sordid spectacle we have all been forced to witness has been caused by “a small pack of zealots whose dedication has spanned decades + that through years of selective recruitment has become a government cult with cells .."
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104. 20060111
".. der Versorgung ausmacht, jährlich immerhin 17 Prozent des derzeitigen deutschen Erdgas-Jahresbedarfs liefern. Das ist das Ergebnis einer noch unveröffentlichten Studie der des Bundesverbandes der deutschen Gas- und Wasserwirtschaft (BGW), wie das "Handelsblatt" berichtet. Das wäre eine Energiemenge von 166 Milliarden Kilowattstunden pro Jahr. 09.Jan.2006

Republicans have a new tool to silence critics W just signed a bill which - in one of those little-noticed provisions unrelated to the main thrust of the law - makes it illegal for any anonymous or pseudonymous writer to use the internet to "annoy" someone. That's the wording: Annoy.Whoever...utilizes any device or software that can be used to originate telecommunications .."
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105. 20060120
".. assistance to the government's preparation of its defense of the constitutionality of this important statute,'' government lawyers wrote, noting that Google is the largest search engine. Google has the largest share of U.S. Web searches with 46 percent, according to 00.Nov.2005 figures from Nielsen//NetRatings. Yahoo is second with 23 percent + MSN third with 11 percent. 19.Jan.2006

By hook or by crook, W wants information...INFORMATION... The Bush administration wants Google to turn over a ton of info on you and me -- including records of ALL Google searches. The excuse: The Bushies are gunnin' for child molesters. I suspect that their definition of "molester" is broad enough to include anyone who criticizes the war. Of course, if the Feds were .."
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106. 20060128
".. auffällig war im vierten Quartal die Schwäche der Binnennachfrage, die gerade einmal um 1,1 % zunahm - im dritten Quartal lag sie noch bei 4,1 %. Der Konsum der Privathaushalte gilt als Motor der US-Wirtschaft. Auch der Zuwachs der privaten Immobilieninvestitionen ließ deutlich nach - von 7,3 % im dritten auf 3,5 % im vierten Quartal.Export-Rate enttäuscht 27.Jan.2006

Permalink Katie Couric had the audacity to lie to Howard Dean's face. She told Dean that he was the liar. This happened on Today , which apparently has been dragooned into the effort to provide RNC spin on the Abramoff affair.She kept repeating the lie that Jack Abramoff gave money to Democrats, which he did not. Furthermore, his clients/victims - casino-owning Indian tribes - .."
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107. 20060223
".. agency's director, George Tenet, told the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks on the USA on Thursday." These are the People Bush is Putting in Charge of Our Port Security. Uh, If They Were Visiting bin Laden, Aren't They Considered Terrorists by Bush? I Guess He's Kind of Selective About Which Oil Sheikhs Who Support bin Laden are Enabling Terrorism Against Us. 2/22 22.Feb.2006 negative reaction among the right-wing faithful was an all too predictable, classic example of the monster turning on its creator: After years of pumping their fawning admirers full of trror and working as hard as they can to blur the distinction between regimes in the Middle East that had nothing to do with 11.Sep.2001 + the people who did, the Bush Administration shouldn't be .."
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108. 20060515
".. they are increasingly using a blunt instrument to make their influence felt 5/15 TIME: Why not talk to Tehran? Former official: "It appears that the Administration thinks that dialogue equates with weakness, that we've called these regimes 'evil'--either Iran or North Korea--and therefore we won't talk to them." 5/15 Clinton bows to Bush Sr. in Tulane ceremony 5/15 15.May 2006 Visit firedoglake for a review of some of the interesting "sidebar" issues with regard to Team Libby's latest filing. Just as interesting, though, are the comments, which variously consider15.May 2006 Energie: RWE mit überraschendem Gewinnsprung15.May 2006 Bei US-Angriff auf Iran: Chavez warnt vor Ölpreis über 100 Dollar (Politik Konflikte: Nordkorea .."
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109. 20060519
".. Gorton at it again Able Danger Blog Able Danger was a small, military intelligence unit under Special Operations Command. It was created as a result of a directive 00.Sep.1999 to develop a campaign against transnational terrorism, specifically al-Qaida. According to claims made by Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer and confirmed by others, Able ... 19.May 2006 Two strange 9/11 stories (Update: Make that THREE) CANNONFIRE Two strange 9/11 stories (Update: Make that THREE) By Joseph I must bring two strange 9/11 tales to your attention: 1. Judy knew! 00.Jul.2001 Judith Miller got advance word of a big Al Qaeda attack from a White House Source. S'funny -- why has ... 17.May 2006 Daily Information from Occupied Iraq] - information from occupied iraq - informazione dall'iraq occupato Iraq: Security .."
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110. 20060622
".. the time. There are definitely some people who do that -- they are a small fraction. A much larger part of the population is not into that so much. The Internet is not that important to them. It's a support tool for them. Bloggers tend to be all one extreme edge. It's really dangerous to design for a technical elite. We have to design for a broad majority of users.'" 22.Jun.2006 I'll of course let you all know if I hear anything back, though I don't think we should hold our breath. While we're waiting to exhale, though, tomorrow I'll summarize what I learned this morning. Nothing earth-shattering, but definitely confirming. Permalink 22.Jun.2006"Merrill was assistant secretary general to the North .."
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111. 20060629
".. congressional district maps as often as they like ? not just once a decade as Texas Democrats claimed. That means Democratic and Republican state lawmakers can push through new maps anytime there is a power shift at a state capital. Growing Taliban violence, drug-smuggling, corruption and deteriorating foreign relations are eroding Afghan president Hamid Karzai's authority 29.Jun.2006 No soldier (in any nation, in all of history) ever died for his flag. Every flag ever sewn was just...material. Throughout history, men have fought for their countries , for their fellow citizens , for their leaders , for ideals , for duty , for honor , for a way of life -- for things that are real. Only a fool would die for a bit of stitching. Permalink 29.Jun.2006 Hamas denies .."
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112. 20060704
".. side by side. 7/4 04.Jul.2006 former Army soldier was charged Monday with the alleged rape and murder of an Iraqi girl and the slayings of three of her family members in their home south of Baghdad in March, federal prosecutors said. 7/5 The US ambassador to Baghdad, Zalmay Khalilzad, has said the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi last month has had no impact on the violence. 7/5 04.Jul.2006 Hear the tune, not the notes The opening four notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony gain power only when played together. Similarly, these six headlines gain power when viewed as a group:Al-Zarqawi's wife: Al-Qaida sold him out: "The woman...said al-Qaida's top leadership reached a deal with U.S. intelligence because al-Zarqawi had become too powerful."C.I.A. Closes Unit .."
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113. 20060802
".. 02.Aug.2006 Raw Story | Blue Lemur :: View topic - Building # 7, World Trade ... The SEC has not quantified the number of active cases in which substantial files were destroyed [in the collapse of WTC 7]. Reuters news service + the Los Angeles Times ... 02.Aug.2006 From the Christian Science Monitor: Hizbullah's capture of two Israeli soldiers on 12.Jul.2006 was a direct result of Israel's silent but unrelenting aggression against Lebanon, which in turn is part of a six-decades long Arab-Israeli conflict.Since its withdrawal of occupation forces from southern Lebanon 00.May 2000, Israel has violated the UN-monitored "blue line" on .."
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114. 20060823
".. More details can be found here, including this: In a telephone interview Tuesday night, Le Sueur said several former church members had come forward in the past six months, claiming they had been molested for several years. The deputy said incest was involved, adding he understood that this was the third generation of church officials who participated in child sexual abuse . 23.Aug.2006 # posted by Sam : 12:22 AM It's about time they caught him. A pity they didn't catch him while he was still working for the state department. I wrote more about him in my blog. # posted by Sam : 12:31 AM I agree with Atrios, WTF was armitage meeting with the scientology wigs about? .."
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115. 20060827
".. governments’ claims of a bomb plot concocted by 24 Brits of Pakistani origin . Continue 27.Aug.2006 Protection Racket: Judicial Cover for Crony Contractors - By Chris FloydJust last week, a federal judge - appointed by Ronald Reagan, no less - issued a bold ruling that offers shield and succor to a small, despised minority on the fringes of American society. War profiteers. Continue 27.Aug.2006 on the cell phone spying/dead whistleblower scandal Few readers responded to my previous post on the telecom spying scandals in Italy and Greece - scandals which may have resulted in the non -suicidal deaths of Adamo Bove and Costas Tsalikidis, two important whistleblowers. Still, these related matters are finally getting some much .."
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116. 2006082
".. 29.Aug.2006 What is the definition of Paradoxical Behavior ? [Web Answer] "War is not an answer to human conflict any more than cannibalism is to human hunger ... Paradoxical behavior is often explainable by a hidden agenda. · 29.Aug.2006

Joseph, keep the faith. Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.10.Feb.2003 Lies Father, Lies Son -updte-Remarks to the 2nd edition ... " War is not an answer to human conflict any more than cannibalism is to human hunger. Gulf War for the greatest show on earth, a monster ... 29.Aug .."
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117. 20060927
".. books to his name: Crystalizing Public Opinion (1923) + Propaganda (1928). 27.Sep.2006 Bernays , Edward L. impact -public relations [propaganda] in USA -.html 5. ... Adolf's minister of propaganda, studied and adopted Bernays , Edward L.'s ... authentico-historia.planetaclix.ptpropaganda.html 27.Sep.2006 The ABC/Disney movie Path to 9/11 brought an entirely unintended consequence: it was interpreted as a declaration of war. I think Mr. Rove dreadfully miscalculated. I think that movie was the trivial event that just started a civil war in this country.The latest poll in PA shows Senator Rick Santorum LOSING BY FOURTEEN POINTS. Santorum is a dyed-in-the-wool Republican, a made man, .."
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118. 20061102
".. relations pioneer Edward L . ... In Crystalizing Public Opinion , for example, he dismisses the semantic ... psychologist Edward Bernays , a ... 02.Nov.2006 Under the Cloak of Patriotism Louis Cohen, Democratic Party, " PR Unmasked," 1940 ... " PR is based on the sound American principles of majority rule with ... / 02.Nov.2006 So, what's happening here? Just as Bush is setting up his generals to take the blame for his Stay the Course non-strategy, it appears Rove may well be setting up his very own Republican candidates to take the blame for what may very well be inevitable losses in Congress.And potentially big ones. Despite Rove's "genius" strategies, the trends in polling just are not .."
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119. Ledeen
".. Zurückweisung geben", sagte ihr Führer Benzi Lieberman 04.Aug.2005 One final mystery remains. Just which Iranians were dealing with Ledeen and Chalabi? Ghorbanifar is one answer, but who else? Obviously, someone in Tehran hopes to function as the future puppet ruler of Iran -- presuming there's anything left of Iran to rule after Cheney & Co. finish with the place. URL:

04.Aug.2005 If it happened in 2001-2002, it can happen again -- especially if a portable nuclear device demolishes a portion of Chicago or some other American city. Long time .."
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