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10.Jun.2005 Torture's Part of the Territory : Brace yourself for a flood of gruesome new torture snapshots.

Last week, a federal judge ordered USA Defense Department to release dozens of additional photographs + videotapes depicting prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib.

10.Jun.2005 Departing Bolivia president warns of civil war threat : The departing president, Carlos Mesa, warned his country to step back from the brink of civil war.

Bolivian's pressing for expropriation of private oil companies occupied installations belonging to Repsol YPF of Spain + British Gas, forcing the companies to shut down production.

10.Jun.2005 Bolivia Unrest May Cut Natural Gas to Brazil in Days: Bolivian unrest may curtail natural gas supplies to Brazil, South America's largest economy, within days, leaving its industrial heartland without adequate energy to run factories + electricity plants.

10.Jun.2005 U.S. wants to allow Haiti to buy weapons : A spokesman for interim Haitian Prime Minister Gerard Latortue said money for a weapons purchase had already been deposited in a Florida bank + that Haitian authorities were simply waiting for a green light from Washington.

10.Jun.2005 World Bank Approves $2M Grant for Haiti : The World Bank on Tuesday approved a US$2 million (euro1.63 million) grant to help Haiti manage its finances, warning the country's economic recovery won't be effective without proper accounting of public resources.

10.Jun.2005 How African aid can be the new imperialism : The idea of the new American empire has been powerfully explained by Niall Ferguson, the Glasgow-born historian.

Washington, he argues, is the new Rome as it maintains a new global world order, at great expense.

10.Jun.2005 Broken promises leave three million children to die in Africa : Three million children will die in the poorest countries of sub-Saharan Africa as a result of the failure of the global community to meet its promise of slashing the death rates of the under-fives by 2015

10.Jun.2005 Child rights report critical of Australia : It highlights how the incarceration of children in detention centres is in breach of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

10.Jun.2005 5th Person Detained In Lodi "Terror" Investigation: U.S. attorney McGregor Scott stressed that investigators did not find the men in the middle of executing a specific plan.

Three people are being detained on immigration violations -- Shabbir Ahmed, Mohammed Adil Khan + most recently Khan's son, Mohammed Hasan Adil, 19.

10.Jun.2005 Affidavit: United States v. Hamid Hayat (pdf) Interesting reading!

10.Jun.2005 'No al-Qaeda camps in Pakistan' : Pakistan today denied claims that one of two terror suspects arrested in California had received training at an al-Qaeda camp in the South Asian country.

10.Jun.2005 Poll: Support Seen for Patriot Act Extension: Against a backdrop of heightened public concern about government intrusions, six in 10 Americans favor extending the Patriot Act, but majorities oppose expanding it by adding new FBI powers to issue subpoenas and access U.S. mail.

10.Jun.2005 Posada Carriles and Bush's Anti-Terror Hoax: Bush has thrown the Magna Carta into the garbage heap when it comes to Muslims suspected of pernicious thoughts toward the USA.

But if suspected terrorists turn their rage toward the detested Fidel Castro, these rules don't apply.

00.Mar.2002 -In- Welcome, torturer!: Uzbekistan tyrant Islam Karimov + NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg. You probably didn't see this photo in American papers.

10.Jun.2005 Lawmaker in DeLay Inquiry Tied to Lobbyist: The lawmaker who will head a House inquiry into trips that lobbyist Jack Abramoff arranged for Tom DeLay has his own links to the lobbyist.

08.Jun.2005 Really wicked solutions needed to beat Bush :

What if poverty in some of the worst affected areas of the globe is not simply the result of mismanagement + incompetence + corruption + indifference? What if it’s the result of deliberate „economic“ engineering?

10.Jun.2005 When Marine recruiters go way beyond the call : Faster than you can say "semper fi," an odyssey kicked into action that illustrates just how desperate some of the recruiters we've read about really are to fill severely sagging quotas.

10.Jun.2005 Feel that draft? : Recruitment for the U.S. Army + Marine Corps is on the brink of disaster.

A draft for the 21st Century is the only answer to our national security needs. Such a draft would have three tiers of youth service, with 18-month tours of duty for citizens ages 18 to 25.

The first tier would be modeled after a standard military draft.

10.Jun.2005 War swells US army divorce rate : The number of US army officers getting divorced has soared in the past few years, the Pentagon says, a trend blamed on wars in Iraq + Afghanistan.

10.Jun.2005 UN alert as nuclear plans go missing : Electronic drawings that give comprehensive details of how to build and test equipment essential for making nuclear bombs have vanished and could be put up for sale on the international black market, according to UN investigators.

10.Jun.2005 Germany: 9-11 terror suspect Mzoudi acquitted by high court : Germany's high court confirmed on Thursday the acquittal of Abdel-Ghani Mzoudi, 32, who had been accused of assisting the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

10.Jun.2005 The US and that 'other' axis: Beijing's increasingly close ties with Moscow and Tehran will thwart Washington's foreign policy goal of expanding US security footholds in the Middle East, Central Asia and Asia.

10.Jun.2005 China Plans to Invest Project Investments : Chinese officials on Thursday signed preliminary agreements to invest about $1.5 billion in construction, timber, agriculture and other industries in Russia.

10.Jun.2005 Israeli High Court: "The West Bank and Gaza, are not part of Israel." : Yoram Sheftel, an attorney for the settlers, said his expectations were low because the Supreme Court has a tendency of ruling against settlers.

10.Jun.2005 Israel attempts damage control on growing missile scandal: The Israelis are denying that the Colombian shipment was of complete missiles + are claiming that it was only "missile parts" + that previous shipments had already passed through Venezuelan transit muster without complaint ... previous shipments have amounted to the assembly of at least a dozen missiles

10.Jun.2005 What's Really 'Reprehensible?' : Flash presentation.

10.Jun.2005 Amnesty International Calls On Congress to Establish an Independent Commission + to Call for a Special Counsel :

The refusal of USA government to conduct a truly independent investigation into the abuses at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib + other detention centers is tantamount to a whitewash, if not a cover-up, of these disgraceful crimes.

10.Jun.2005 After Lowering Goal, Army Falls Short on May Recruits : Early last month, the Army, with no public notice, lowered its long-stated May goal to 6,700 recruits from 8,050.

Compared with the original target, the Army achieved only 62.6 percent of its goal for the month.

10.Jun.2005 U.S.-led forces in Iraq hold 6,000 prisoners -UN : Thousands of people are detained in Iraq without due process in apparent violation of international law, the UN said on Wednesday, adding that 6,000 of the country's 10,000 prisoners were in the hands of the U.S. military.

10.Jun.2005 Former CIA director calls for Iraq withdrawal : He also said that he believes there was a deeper reason behind the military action.

10.Jun.2005 Bush & Blair/Iraq denials raise questions : This is stunning. As Mark Danner wrote in Sunday's New York Review of Books, "Thus the idea of UN inspectors was introduced not as a means to avoid war, as President Bush repeatedly assured Americans, but as a means to make war possible."

10.Jun.2005 In case you missed it: Iraq Tony And The Truth: This is the story of what Mr. Blair did not tell us before sending UK troops into battle.

10.Jun.2005 In case you missed it:: Video: BBC Reports On The Secret Downing St. Memo: Real Video

10.Jun.2005 Washington confronts 'memogate': It has also provoked embarrassed questions in the US media as to why so many newspapers and broadcast outlets here ignored the story for so long.

10.Jun.2005 Papers Reach Iraq Boiling Point: Suddenly there seems to be something in the air -- the smell of death? Or something in the water -- blood?

In any case, this past week, widely scattered newspaper editorialists roused themselves from seeming acceptance of the continuing slaughter in Iraq to voice, for the first time in many cases, outright condemnation of the war

10.Jun.2005 Marines arrest US contractors : US marines said on Wednesday they had detained 19 employees of a contract security firm, including 16 US citizens, in the former rebel hotspot of Fallujah last month after they fired on US forces.

10.Jun.2005 Marines 'beat US workers' in Iraq : U.S. contractors say they were treated like Iraqi's

10.Jun.2005 War makes beasts of men Watch this video of an Arabic-speaking former soldier, Aidan Delgado, who faced abuse and attacks after filing for Conscientious Objector status.

His compassionate and powerful talk includes detailed Geneva Convention violations and shockingly personal accounts of the inhumanity he witnessed and experienced.

10.Jun.2005 Tortured Logic Bush's Propaganda Rubicon By Ted Rall
Failing an increasingly elusive military victory against the Iraqi resistance, the American public is looking for any excuse to cut and run.

Revelations of systemic torture of innocent civilian detainees by American troops at Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib and Bagram provide a perfect reason for immediate withdrawal.

There are neither WMDs to find nor hearts and minds to win, so why the hell are we there? Continue

10.Jun.2005 History carries no guarantees A Democratic Revolution in the Muslim World? By Abid Ullah Jan
The US and its allies are caught between the much vaunted democracy on the one hand and the exposed hypocrisy of allowing only those to be part of elections and power who suite their interest on the other.

The objective is clear to everyone in the Muslim world: the US and its allies want to install new strongmen for serving their interest, but this time under the label of democracy. Continue

10.Jun.2005 When Peace Is The Enemy Ten Deadly Enemies of Humanity in America : By Dr. Charles Mercieca
They are all linked to wars and they all view peace as their outright enemy since peace would eventually render their product obsolete.

"Unsere Ergebnisse bestätigen den wachsenden Konsens darüber, dass weder Veranlagung noch Erziehung allein,

sondern beide Faktoren zusammen

für das Verhalten + den Gesundheitszustand von Personen verantwortlich sind", erklärte Richie Poulton, der Leiter der Studie.

"Dies erklärt, warum der Konsum von Cannabis bei bestimmten Personen gravierende Folgen hat, während die meisten Konsumenten keine Schäden davontragen.

Wir hatten dafür bereits genetische Ursachen vermutet, aber bis zu den nun vorliegenden Ergebnissen war kein Gen identifiziert worden."
SPD: Münte meets Marx

10.Jun.2005 Börse am Morgen: Höchststand zu Handelsbeginn

10.Jun.2005 Linkspartei: Lafontaine tritt für neues Bündnis an

10.Jun.2005 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Keiner weiß, wie weit er gehen kann"

10.Jun.2005 Schillerjahr: Die längste Web-Adresse der Welt

10.Jun.2005 Veranlagung: Joints können Psychoserisiko erhöhen

10.Jun.2005 Machtprobe: US-Demokraten blockieren Bolton

Warum darf man Hitlers Taten nicht mit denen anderer Staatsleute vergleichen?

Weil, heißt es, Hitlers Taten unvergleichlich sind. Doch als unvergleichlich können sich Taten nur herausstellen, nachdem sie tatsächlich verglichen worden sind.

„Unvergleichlichkeit“ ist eine Redeweise, die ausdrücken soll: Was da vorliegt, sprengt jeden bekannten Rahmen.

Neue Taten, wie die von Thatcher oder Bush, müssen also mit den bisher „unvergleichlichen“ von Adolf Hitler verglichen werden – damit weiterhin gelten kann: Hitlers Taten sind „unvergleichlich“.

Oder aber: Die und die Taten der Premierministerin oder des Präsidenten ähnelten oder gleichen denen des Reichskanzlers.

10.Jun.2005 "Wer vegleicht, will herabsetzen" - sagt man.
Wenn es aber so ist, daß derzu vergleichende auf dem Verglichenen beruht ?
Es scheint in Deutschland noch nicht ganz angekommen zu sein, in welchem Maße Hitler, Adolf, ein Resultat von Bush, George W. Vorvätern ist.
Man kann sich auf meiner stümperhaften Webseite gerne davon einen
Eindruck davon verschaffen, wie das Strickmuster aussieht + ohne
wen weder Hitler, Adolf noch Hussein, Saddam noch bin Laden, Ossama
noch und nöcher synthetisiert worden wären.
Von der "antibolschewistischen" zur "antiterroristischen" "Front"
ist es nicht mal ein Schritt.
Und nicht mal ein "Bürgerkonvent" bietet die geringste Neuigkeit.

10.Jun.2005 The
[FREEDOM] to see and hear what is here, instead of what should be, was, or will be.

The [FREEDOM] to say what you feel and think, instead of what you should.

The [FREEDOM] to feel what you feel, instead of what you ought.

The [FREEDOM] to ask for what you want, instead of always waiting for permission.

The [FREEDOM] to take risks in your own behalf,instead of choosing to be only "secure" and not rocking the boat.

Authentic Happiness

A process that continually selects for more complexity is ultimately aimed at nothing less than omniscience, omnipotence + goodness.


Being consistent.

Being "internally tuned", like a laser.

Welcome! And thank you for visiting my site.

"Never again will we stand
On the threshold of a new age.
We that are here now are touched
In some mysterious way
With the ability to change
And make the future."

- from Ben Okri's
Mental Fight: An anti-spell for the 21st Century
Phoenix House, London, 1999
ISBN 1-861591 64 0.

10.Jun.2005 Hannsheinz Bauer, Wen darf man mit wem vergleichen? - Ein Euphemismus ? (18.Jun.2003 ).

10.Jun.2005 Discussion: They Knew... -- In These Times .

19.Aug.2004 Posted by Hinz on- at 3:09 PM. Yes, George W. Bush should have been impeached a long, tome ago ...

Pattern 4: Anticipating. "We establish routines based on our past experience with them." (few/no organizations get this far)

Pattern 5: Congruent. "Everyone is involved in improving everything all the time".

10.Jun.2005 No Sweat *The most notable is the strategic alliance between the Frente Authentico del Trabajo (FAT), which has been organising independent unions in Mexico for more ...

10.Jun.2005 Global Studies Association North America Events: North America Transnational Feminism: Mary Margarent Fonow (University of Arizona), Angeles Lopez (Frente Authentico del Trabajo, FAT, Leon, Mexico), Martha Zapata ...

10.Jun.2005 The Children of NAFTA: Labor Wars on the US/Mexico Border ... The most notable is the strategic alliance between the Frente Authentico del Trabajo (FAT), which has been organising independent unions in Mexico for more ...

10.Jun.2005 [m2c] Conference in Mexico: Women and Globalization ... Kenya) Transnational Feminism: Mary Margarent Fonow (University of Arizona), Angeles Lopez (Frente Authentico del Trabajo, FAT, Leon, Mexico), ...

10.Jun.2005 Citizens Of Upright Moral Character - Comments HOwever, mr. est, that is your handwriting, which kinda takes a bit of the sabor authentico out of the cock-tail on nakkin. please elaborate with details of ...

10.Jun.2005 WOMEN AND GLOBALIZATION Conference July 27-August 3, 2005 File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

Angeles Lopez (Frente Authentico del Trabajo, FAT, Leon, Mexico),. Martha Zapata Galindo (México). Women's Activism against Corporate Globalization and for ...

00.000.2004 World Social Forum United Electrical + Radio + Machine Workers of America (UE)+ Frente Authentico Trabajadores + GE Welfare Employees Association,..

Switching styles: ..

10.Jun.2005 Siyanda - Community Forum

Transnational Feminism: Mary Margarent Fonow(University of Arizona), Angeles Lopez (Frente Authentico del Trabajo, FAT, Leon,Mexico), Martha Zapata Galindo ...

10.Jun.2005 O Portal da História - Eu não sou um Rebelde de António Ribeiro ... (Manifesto authentico da Nação Portugueza á Europa, em 1641, na occasião de se subtrahir ao intruso dominio da Hespanha.) ...

10.Jun.2005 Center for Global Justice Transnational Feminism : Mary Margarent Fonow (University of Arizona), Angeles Lopez (Frente Authentico del Trabajo, FAT, Leon, Mexico), Martha Zapata ...

10.Jun.2005 [Iww-news] Fwd : NO INSURANCE, NO WATER.....UNION INDEPENDENTE ... U


10.Jun.2005 Web   Results 1 - 100 of about 5,800 for AUTHENTICO . ( 0.19 seconds

10.Jun.2005 79th in Neu Ulm I didn't have any field manuals or any tools or equipment. ... I asked him why + he said because of the unexploded allied ammo that had been dropped there ...

10.Jun.2005 BLACK AMERICANS IN DEFENSE OF OUR NATION A PICTORIAL DOCUMENTARY ... Ten days after D-Day, the black 333 Field Artillery Battalion landed on the ...
He was transferred to Wheelus Air Base in the Libyan Arab Republic in August ...


The Moroccan base, the Wheelus Air Base outside Tripoli,.. so they dump on us regularly while praising everyone from Hemmingway to Franzen...

10.Jun.2005 Roll Call R thru Z ... also went to Wheelus with the first F-105s to go for bomb and ... At least it gave our Ammo troops something to fight about on the ... Munitions Inspection/Bomb Dump...

10.Jun.2005 Bolivien: Oberster Verfassungsrichter ist neuer Übergangspräsident

10.Jun.2005 Linksbündnis: PDS und WASG treten gemeinsam bei Bundestagswahl an

10.Jun.2005 Parteienzwist: SPD-Linke sichert Schröder Unterstützung zu

10.Jun.2005 Polen und die EU-Verfassung: Todeskuss von Links

09.Jun.2005 Atomstreit: USA warnt Nordkorea vor Isolation

09.Jun.2005 Wall-Street-Schluss: US-Börse reagiert mit leichten Gewinnen auf Greenspan

09.Jun.2005 Jackson-Prozess: Nach 23 Stunden Beratung noch kein Urteil

09.Jun.2005 Syrien: Baath-Partei will Konkurrenten zulassen

09.Jun.2005 EU-Finanzierung: Blair und Chirac streiten über Briten-Rabatt

09.Jun.2005 Börse am Abend: Greenspan gibt Hoffnung

09.Jun.2005 Nato-Beschluss: Atomwaffen bleiben in Deutschland

09.Jun.2005 Terrorfurcht: Atombehörde vermisst Baupläne für die Bombe

09.Jun.2005 Renten-Notprogramm: Union gibt Blockadehaltung auf

09.Jun.2005 Wahlkampf: Sozialverbände kritisieren Arbeitslosen-Hatz

09.Jun.2005 Wohlstandsreport: Deutschland hat 760.300 Millionäre

09.Jun.2005 Apo-Opa als Rechtsausleger: Rabehl droht Verlust der Lehrerlaubnis

09.Jun.2005 Weltmeisterin Halmich: Die Königin des Boxrings

09.Jun.2005 EU-Finanzstreit: Berlusconi droht mit Veto

09.Jun.2005 "Cassini"-Bilder: Eisvulkan auf Titan entdeckt

09.Jun.2005 Mzoudi-Prozess: Freispruch mit bitterem Beigeschmack

09.Jun.2005 Finanznot: Hedgefonds greift nach Michael Jacksons Beatles-Songs

09.Jun.2005 Neuwahlen: Schröders Erklärung im Wortlaut

09.Jun.2005 Schöner Schein: Ausverkauf der deutschen Marken

09.Jun.2005 Innovationen: Google plant Stadtvirtualisierung in 3D

09.Jun.2005 Neuwahl: Schröder will Vertrauensfrage pur

09.Jun.2005 Mzoudi-Freispruch: Motassadeq-Anwälte schöpfen Hoffnung

09.Jun.2005 Eine ganze Reihe von Studien untersucht derzeit, welche Auswirkungen jahre- oder jahrzehntelange Meditation auf Wahrnehmungs- und Vorstellungsprozesse hat. Die Neurowissenschaftler Olivia Carter and Jack Pettigrew von der University of Queensland in Australien beispielsweise haben sich jetzt ein seit Jahrhunderten bekanntes Phänomen vorgeknöpft: Die sogenannte binokulare Rivalität, die schon im 16. Jahrhundert erstmals beschrieben wurde. Seitdem streiten die Gelehrten um die richtige Erklärung des Effektes. Auch Größen wie Hermann von Helmholtz haben sich im 19. Jahrhundert an der Debatte beteiligt - denn sie steht im Zusammenhang mit der großen Frage, wie unser Bewußtsein zustande kommt.
Wahrnehmungs- und Vorstellungsprozesse verändert
Den Effekt kann jeder selbst ausprobieren (Beispiele findet man zum Beispiel auf der
Webseite des Wahrnehmungsforschers Randolph Blake von der Vanderbilt University in Nashville). Hält man zwei verschiedene Bilder vor seine beiden Augen, kann man nicht beide gleichzeitig sehen. Das Gehirn entscheidet sich gewissermaßen für eines der beiden Bilder, schaltet aber nach einer gewissen Zeit auf das Bild vor dem anderen Auge um - ohne, dass man viel dagegen unternehmen kann. Über einen längeren Zeitraum hinweg springt das Bild im Kopf immer wieder vom rechten zum linken Auge und wieder zurück. Bestimmte Eigenschaften der Bilder können den Effekt allerdings verändern: Sieht man einen "schwächeren" Reiz, etwa ein Gitter aus horizontalen, dünnen Linien + einen "stärkeren Reiz", etwa ein vertikales Gitter aus dick gezeichneten Linien, dominiert der starke Reiz - er drängt sich öfter ins Bewusstsein als der schwache.
Trainierter Geist: Meditierende Mönche erleuchten Forscher

09.Jun.2005 Vogelgrippe: Wieder infizierte Gänse in China entdeckt

09.Jun.2005 Ötzis Gletscher: Rauschen aus einer anderen Welt

09.Jun.2005 Terrorprozess: BGH bestätigt Freispruch für Mzoudi

09.Jun.2005 Deutschlandbild junger Briten: Trendy Krauts statt Stechschritt

09.Jun.2005 Bosch-Chef Fehrenbach im Interview: "In Wirklichkeit bewegt sich wenig"

09.Jun.2005 Rock-Newcomer Madsen: Die ganze Welt in drei Minuten

09.Jun.2005 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Das Mahnmal ist ein großes Nichts"

09.Jun.2005 Rüstung: Nordkorea plant noch mehr Atombomben

09.Jun.2005 Terrorangst: Verdächtige Pakete in Australien

09.Jun.2005 Kriminalstatistik: Immer mehr Gewalt in Deutschland

09.Jun.2005 Umstrittenes Gefangenenlager: Bush lässt Alternativen zu Guantanamo prüfen

09.Jun.2005 Hoher Benzinpreis: Tanktourismus kostet 1,5 Milliarden Euro

09.Jun.2005 Sitz im Sicherheitsrat: Rice vertröstet Fischer

09.Jun.2005 Demographie: Die Alten werden jünger

09.Jun.2005 Erfolg für Anwälte: Richter verbieten willkürliche Beschlagnahme von Daten

09.Jun.2005 Ferndiagnose: Neue Theorie über Todesursache Jesu Christi

Einbruch in israelische Armeecomputer
Über eine offenbar schwerwiegende Sicherheitslücke in Computersystemen der israelischen Armee berichtet die Zeitung "Maariv". Eindringlinge hätten die Schwachstelle gezielt ausgenutzt, um in Computer des Verteidigungsministeriums einzubrechen. Die Sicherheitsabteilung habe den Fall im letzten Monat untersucht und festgestellt, dass der Zugang zu Computern mit hochsensiblen Daten sehr leicht möglich gewesen sei. Inzwischen habe die Armee Gegenmaßnahmen ergriffen, um weitere Angriffe zu verhindern, berichtet das Blatt.
Heute soll ein Verfahren zur Auslieferung in die USA eröffnet werden. Der Festgenommene wird verdächtigt, in den Jahren 2001 und 2002 in 53 Computer der US-Armee, der US-Raumfahrtbehörde Nasa und des US-Verteidigungsministeriums eingedrungen zu sein. Washington schätzt den entstandenen Schaden auf über eine Million Dollar.
Cooneys Manipulationen der Forschungsberichte waren meist subtil. So hat er laut "New York Times" beispielsweise das Wort "extrem" in diesen Satz eingebaut: "Die Zuordnung der biologischen und ökologischen Veränderungen zum Klimawandel ist extrem schwierig." Ein anderes Beispiel stammt aus einer Studie vom Oktober 2002. Der Originalsatz: "Viele wissenschaftliche Beobachtungen zeigen, dass die Erde sich in einer Phase der schnellen Veränderung befindet." Cooneys Version habe gelautet: "Viele wissenschaftliche Beobachtungen deuten auf die Schlussfolgerung hin, dass die Erde sich in einer Phase des relativ schnellen Wandels befinden könnte."
In einem Abschnitt über den möglichen Einfluss der Erderwärmung auf das Trinkwasser und die Gefahr von Überflutungen soll Cooney Beschreibungen der Gletscherschmelze ersatzlos gestrichen haben. In einer handschriftlichen Notiz warf Cooney, als Jurist und Ökonom frei von naturwissenschaftlicher Ausbildung, den Klimaexperten ein "Abschweifen von der Forschungsstrategie hin zu Spekulationen und Träumereien" vor.
Die US-Regierung lehnte es ab, den Artikel zu kommentieren. Änderungen an wissenschaftlichen Berichten seien Teil eines normalen Revisionsprozesses, sagte ein Sprecher des Weißen Hauses. "Alle Kommentare werden noch einmal durchdacht, einige werden akzeptiert und andere abgelehnt."
Der Öl-Lobbyist, der Klimaberater wurde Philip Cooney, ehemaliger Lobbyist der US-Energiebranche und mittlerweile Stabschef im Umweltrat des Weißen Hauses, soll wiederholt Regierungsgutachten nachbearbeitet haben - obwohl die Studien bereits von Wissenschaftlern der Regierung bestätigt worden seien, berichtet die "New York Times". Bevor Cooney 2001 ins Präsidialamt berufen wurde, habe er als Lobbyist für das American Petroleum Institute gearbeitet, die größte Interessengruppe der US-Ölindustrie.
09.Jun.2005 Allerdings gestaltete sich der Wissensdurst der Regierung Bush in Sachen Klimaschutz bislang recht selektiv - und meist zugunsten der Ölindustrie. Politisch motivierte Eingriffe in die Arbeit von Forschern, die bis zur
Unterdrückung kritischer Studien reichten, haben zu einem beispiellosen Zerwürfnis zwischen der Regierung und der Forschergemeinde der USA geführt. Die neueste Episode ist ein Skandal, den die "New York Times" jetzt publik machte: Ein ranghoher Berater Bushs hat demnach systematisch wissenschaftliche Studien manipuliert, um die Rolle des Treibhausgas-Ausstoßes für den Klimawandel herunterzuspielen.
Bushs zweites Argument gegen das Kyoto-Protokoll ist, dass es noch immer nicht sicher sei, ob der Mensch tatsächlich mitverantwortlich für den Klimawandel ist - auch wenn nahezu alle seriösen Wissenschaftler dies für eine gesicherte Erkenntnis halten. Die USA investierten Millionen von Dollar in die Klimaforschung und unternähmen andere Schritte, um das Problem der Erderwärmung anzugehen, sagte Bush. "Wir wollen mehr darüber wissen."
09.Jun.2005 Selektiver Wissensdurst
Die Ratifizierung des Kyoto-Protokolls verweigert Bush weiterhin mit dem Argument, das Abkommen würde der Wirtschaft der USA schaden - eine Annahme, die erst im April von seinem eigenen Wirtschaftsministerium konterkariert wurde.
Eine Studie hatte ergeben, dass verbindliche Grenzen für den Ausstoß von Treibhausgasen keinen signifikanten Einfluss auf das Wirtschaftswachstum der USA bis zum Jahr 2025 hätten.
Rep. John Conyers: The Fix Was In : Sounds like the intelligence and facts were being "fixed" around the policy, as the Downing Street Minutes claim. That sounds like deliberate deception to me.

09.Jun.2005 U.S. uses the magic mantra ‘Zarqawi’ to justify failures : For many Iraqis the name ‘Saddam Hussein’ has been replaced by ‘Zarqawi’. The only difference is that while they could easily verify the footage, the speeches + sound bites of the former, many of them believe the latter is the product of the U.S. propaganda machine.

09.Jun.2005 Aristocracy on the rise in U.S.: Propaganda from tycoon-funded Washington "think tanks" has conditioned virtually all Republicans and even many nominally Democratic pundits to cry, "Class warfare!" whenever anybody raises the issue. But today’s tycoon class pays nothing close to its fair share of the tax bill.

09.Jun.2005 False freedom is very expensive.: The evidence is overwhelming, compelling + alarming that George and his indecent bandits traitorously had intelligence fabricated to fit their goal of invading Iraq.

09.Jun.2005 Revealed: How oil giant influenced Bush : President's George Bush's decision not to sign the USA up to the Kyoto global warming treaty was partly a result of pressure from ExxonMobil, the world's most powerful oil company

09.Jun.2005 US official edited warming, emission link: A White House official, who previously worked for the American Petroleum Institute, has repeatedly edited government climate reports in a way that downplays links between greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, The New York Times reported on Wednesday.

09.Jun.2005 Lobbyist Helped Indian Leaders Meet Bush: An arrangement involving two Indian tribes, the head of an anti-tax organization and a lobbyist now under criminal investigation — plus $50,000 — secured Indian leaders a private audience with President Bush

09.Jun.2005 Bush, Blair differ over African aid : Bush, said that the USA needed to know more about global warming before it could effectively deal with the phenomenon. And Bush flatly rejected the allegations made in the so-called "Downing Street memo," written in July 2002 by a Blair foreign policy aide.

09.Jun.2005 US Threats to the International Criminal Court: This page provides information on two parts of the current US campaign against the ICC: impunity agreements and Security Council Resolution 1422.

09.Jun.2005 Feds Charge Father, Son With Al-Qaida Link: Hayat and his father, Umer Hayat, were arrested over the weekend, FBI agent John Cauthen said Tuesday. Two other men have been detained on immigration violations

09.Jun.2005 French Journalist Describes Mistreatment by U.S. Forces During Siege of Fallujah : French TV journalist Grégoire Deniau describes his ordeal in U.S. custody in Iraq. U.S. soldiers forced him to kneel for hours, gaffer-taped a hood over his face and hurled insults at him, calling him a dog and accused him, as a Frenchmen, of being pro-Arab.

09.Jun.2005 Liberation vs. Survival in Iraq: The frustration on the part of the soldiers on the ground in Iraq is reflected in a more sinister attitude: because troops cannot get timely information on the when and where of attacks, they come to regard every Iraqi as suspect and untrustworthy.

09.Jun.2005 Right-wingers to Bush: It’s Okay to Urinate on Hadjis : ‘Never apologize, son. It’s a sign of weakness.’”

09.Jun.2005 Jim Lobe : Jailhouse rock : Stung by Amnesty International's condemnation of US detention facilities in Iraq and elsewhere overseas, the administration of President George W Bush is reacting with indignation and even suggestions that terrorists are using the world's largest human-rights organization.

09.Jun.2005 Carter calls on U.S. to shut Guantanamo prison: Carter said the USA needs to make sure no detainees are held incommunicado and that all are told the charges against them.

09.Jun.2005 Poll : 52% Say U.S. Has Not Become Safer : For the first time since the war in Iraq began, more than half of the American public believes the fight there has not made the USA safer, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

09.Jun.2005 USA: FBI nimmt zwei Terrorverdächtige fest

09.Jun.2005 Arbeitsmarkt: Leiharbeiter verdrängen Festangestellte

09.Jun.2005 US-Studie: Jeder dritte Forscher mogelt

09.Jun.2005 Äthiopien: Polizei eröffnet Feuer auf Demonstranten

09.Jun.2005 Ausweich-Piste: Space Shuttles können in Frankreich notlanden

09.Jun.2005 EU-Währung: Clement freut sich über schwachen Euro

09.Jun.2005 EU-Haushaltskrise: Briten klammern sich an ihren Rabatt

09.Jun.2005 Interview mit Fatih Akin: "Unsere Zeit ist zu unpolitisch"
Klimawandel: Bush-Berater soll Studien manipuliert haben

09.Jun.2005 Kabinettsbeschluss: DNA-Analyse soll ausgeweitet werden

09.Jun.2005 Verteidigung: Japan bereitet sich auf nordkoreanischen Angriff vor

09.Jun.2005 Großbritannien: "Gefährlichster Hacker aller Zeiten" gefasst

09.Jun.2005 Explodierter Stern: Schockwelle der Zerstörung

09.Jun.2005 EU-Verfassung: Auch Polen werden skeptischer

09.Jun.2005 Flug-Umleitung: Herrenloses Handy löst Bombenalarm aus

Date/Time: 06/08/2005 23:2 1998 Global Terrorism: Contents - View as HTML ..District Court for the Southern District of New York in connection with the ... cruise ship Achille Lauro + the murder of US citizen Leon Klinghoffer.

Patterns of Global Terorrism - View as HTML 19.May ---- the US District Court in the Southern District of New York unsealed an ... was responsible for the attack 00.000.1985 on the cruise ship Achille Lauro ...

08.Jun.2005 Jim Hougan has a new DT piece -- actually, a much-expanded version of a text posted below URL: on Counterpunch

08.Jun.2005 Laut Behörde geschmacklos: Autokennzeichen "F DUBYA" zu ersteigern

08.Jun.2005 Falsche Schublade: Größter Lurch aller Zeiten 30 Jahre lang übersehen

08.Jun.2005 Standort D: Experten erwartet weitere Deindustrialisierung

08.Jun.2005 Hilfsgelder: Bush und Blair wollen Afrika Schulden erlassen

08.Jun.2005 Mark Felt + the CIA.

We have not yet completed the puzzle, of course.

The scenario I've drawn here depends on one basic assumption -- an assumption I consider logical even though (as I freely admit) we have very little direct evidence backing the notion.
I presume that Mark Felt was approached and, in essence, recruited by someone associated with the CIA. That "someone" may have been James Jesus Angleton.URL:
Communications in Europe: Industrial Policy and Competition ... Brussels Former Minister of Economics, Germany Respondents: Lee de Boer President, HBO International, USA Edward D . Horowitz Senior Vice President, ...

08.Jun.2005 CITI - Events - 1995-1993 - Intelligent Agents: Revolutionizing ... Susan Deneholtz, Vice President, Dunn & Bradstreet; Edward D . Horowitz , CEO, Viacom In teractive Media; Katherine Kreech, Vice President, Hearst Online ...


08.Jun.2005 BAI Online | Banking Strategies | May/June 2000: Leap of Faith Edward D . Horowitz , for example, is chief executive of Citigroup's e-commerce unit, e-Citi. David Carroll is First Union Corp.'s chief e-commerce officer. ...

08.Jun.2005 paperJam - Who's Who EDWARD D . HOROWITZ - SES GLOBAL. EDWARD D . HOROWITZ - SES GLOBAL. EDWARD D . HOROWITZ a été nommé au poste de president et CEO de SES AMERICOM et, ...

Before joining Citigroup, Mr. Horowitz served as Senior Vice President, Viacom Inc., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Viacom Interactive Media and a member of the Viacom Executive Committee and, prior to Viacom, Mr. Horowitz held various senior management positions at Home Box Office (HBO), a subsidiary of Time Warner and was a founder of Suburban Cable.
Mr. Horowitz holds a B.S. in Physics from the City College of New York and an M.B.A. from Columbia University.
The largest supplier of satellite services in the U.S., SES AMERICOM, Inc. is recognized as a pioneer of global satellite communications services. Established in 1973 with its first satellite circuit for the U.S. Department of Defense, the company currently operates a fleet of 16 spacecraft in orbital positions predominantly providing service throughout the Americas. As a member of the SES GLOBAL family, SES AMERICOM is able to provide end-to-end telecommunications solutions to any region in the world. In 2001, the company established AMERICOM Government Services, a wholly owned subsidiary dedicated to providing satellite-based communications solutions to both civilian and defense agencies of the U.S. government. With its combined operations, SES AMERICOM serves broadcasters, cable programmers, aeronautical and maritime communications integrators, Internet service providers, mobile communications networks, government agencies, educational institutions, carriers and secure global data networks with efficient communication and content distribution solutions.
an.2005 JunkYardBlog on why the future belongs to those who blog:

Bloggers will work cheap, they'll work hard, they'll churn out a mountain of work and they'll build audiences without need for advertising. They'll use their laptop and their camera to create an ever-changing information source with a personality, something most local dailies lack. And as much as bloggers have set ourselves up as party crashers to the legacy media's perpetual cotillion, hiring a blogger brings one of us inside the walls for study. What better way for the legacy media to defeat bloggers than to co-opt a bunch of us by hiring us?

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31.Jan.2005 From the wonderfully pissed off Johnny Dollar's Place: RUSSERT: Do you believe that Iraq is less a terrorist threat to the USA now than it was two years ago?

KERRY: No, it's more.

That's no surprise; that's been the Dean mantra for some time now. But two minutes later, very sneaky, Russert returned to the same question:

RUSSERT: Is the USA safer with the newly-elected Iraqi government than we would have been with Saddam Hussein?

KERRY: Sure.

Okay, I think I have Kerry out of my system for today.

Vier Reihen von Blue Gene werden für diese Aufgabe zusammengeschlossen. Mit einer Prozessorgeschwindigkeit von 22,8 Teraflops, das heißt einer Rechenleistung von 22,8 Billionen Operationen pro Sekunde, wird sich somit einer der schnellsten Supercomputer auf der Welt des Problems annehmen.
Bis zu einem vollständigen Gehirnmodell ist es allerdings noch ein sehr langer Weg. Hunderttausende von Parametern müssten berücksichtigt werden, um die Komplexität des Hirns nicht zu verfälschen. "Das ist das ehrgeizigste Projekt in der Neurowissenschaft", sagt Makram. Der erste Schritt ist nun eine Software-Replikation eines säulenförmigen Schnittes durch alle Schichten des Kortex

Maschinen können nicht selbstständig denken. Doch der Supercomputer "Blue Gene" soll Neurowissenschaftlern künftig helfen, die Funktionsweise des menschlichen Gehirns zu verstehen. In zwei Jahren wollen Schweizer Forscher gemeinsam mit IBM ein digitales Abbild des Kortex erschaffen.

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne ·   Blue Gene von IBM soll bei Gehirnsimulation helfen
08.Jun.2005 "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences"

Aufgrund der genetischen Untersuchungen vermuten die Forscher aber dennoch eine relativ enge Verwandtschaft aller Delphine, die mit Hilfe von Schwämmen ihre Beute ausfindig machen. Deshalb würden wahrscheinlich alle diese Tiere von einem einzigen Weibchen abstammen, das die Biologen deshalb "Delphin-Eva" nennen. Einen zugehörigen Adam, der den Trick an seine männlichen Nachkommen hätte weitergeben können, gab es offenbar nicht.
Mama Delphinweibchen vor der Küste Australiens sind cleverer als viele ihrer Artgenossen: Sie benutzen Werkzeug, um an Nahrung zu kommen. Eine Studie zeigt jetzt, dass der Trick nicht genetisch vererbt, sondern von der Mutter an die Tochter weitergegeben wird.

Die Zukunft bleibt ein unbekanntes Land und verläuft nie so, wie man sie plant. "Je leichter etwas in der Zukunft zu erkennen ist, desto geringer ist der intellektuelle und kommerzielle Nährwert", lautet sein Credo.
Individuelle Musik und künstlich geschaffene Stars zählen für den Diplomphysiker und promovierten Philosophen zu den unabdingbaren Megatrends.
Die Werbebranche hat mit der Zukunft so ihre liebe Not. Wenn der Konsument ständig unterwegs ist und Werbeblöcke am digitalen Videorecorder überspringt oder womöglich teuer arrangiertes Product-Placement einfach ausradiert, lässt sich ihm schlecht habhaft werden. Rettung verspricht unter anderem die Neuropsychologie, die mittels Kernspintomografen die Kundenbedürfnisse und Kaufentscheidungen analysieren will. Neuromarketing nennt sich dieser Blick unter die Schädeldecke des Käufers, wo man dessen geheime Wünsche anzutreffen hofft, die sich im Idealfall mit denen des Werbetreibenden überschneiden.
Filme schaut man einfach unterwegs und zwischendurch auf dem Notebook oder PDA.
Handys gegenwärtig Medium Nummer eins und die ersten Mobiltelefone mit Gigabyte-Speicher für MP3-Musik gelangen gerade in den Handel. Da scheint es nur noch eine Frage der Zeit, bis der Musik-Download ausschließlich über die mobilen Funkzwerge abgewickelt wird.
Wer zuletzt klingelt, den bestraft das Leben
Quo vadis, Medienbranche? Was wird uns die Zukunft bringen? Werden wir in zehn Jahren noch Filme im Kinosessel sehen, Musik im CD-Laden kaufen und Computergames im Discounter? Oder haben sich bis dahin unsere Seh- und Hörgewohnheiten und somit der Konsum insgesamt radikal verändert, als Folge des sich abzeichnenden digitalen Umbaus der gesamten Entertainment-Branche? Lange gezögert hatte man dort, viel zu lange, angstvoll den Blick auf das Internet gerichtet. Erst nachdem die CD-Absatzzahlen so weit gesunken waren, dass man Neuerscheinungen den Raubkopierern gleich hätte schenken können, kam den Musikmanagern die Idee, ins verpönte Medium zu investieren. Jetzt sehen alle ihr Heil im Internet-Download, im Netzradio und im Run auf Mobile Media.
Man will das Jahr 2015 antizipieren + die bis dahin fälligen Branchentrends vorstellen.

"Wir bieten Raum für kreative Ideen, neue Kooperationen und visionäre Businessmodelle der Zukunft", verspricht Organisator Sven Gábor Jánszky.
Vor hundert Jahren machte eine ganze Generation besessener Visionäre mit ihren radikalen Zukunftsentwürfen von sich reden. In Literatur, Architektur, Kunst und Musik entstanden leidenschaftliche Visionen, viele von ihnen sind noch immer nicht eingelöst.
Und manche Gesellschaftsutopien waren ihrer Zeit so weit voraus, dass sie sich an der schnöden Wirklichkeit erst gar nicht messen lassen mussten. Vorteil vieler historischer Visionen war ihre zeitliche Distanz. Sich 1895 eine "Zeitmaschine" auszudenken, war für Herbert George Wells ungefähr so riskant wie die heutige These vom schrumpfenden Universum - eben schlecht zu überprüfen.
Blair bei Bush: Schuldenerlass für Afrikas ärmste Länder
Umfrage: Franzosen wollen neu über EU-Verfassung verhandeln

07.Jun.2005 Nahost: Neue Gewalt bedroht Waffenruhe

07.Jun.2005 Fischer in USA: Washington besorgt über EU-Krise

07.Jun.2005 Partei-Revolte: SPD-Linke beraten über Gegenkandidaten für Schröder

07.Jun.2005 Atomstreit: Nordkorea signalisiert Gesprächsbereitschaft

07.Jun.2005 Wall-Street-Schluss: General Motors und Green Span beeinflussen US-Börse

07.Jun.2005 Schleppender Golf-Verkauf: Volkswagen gewährt mehr als 20 Prozent Rabatt

07.Jun.2005 General Motors: 25.000 gestrichene Stellen sind noch nicht das Ende

07.Jun.2005 Linksbündnis: PDS will ihren Namen ändern

07.Jun.2005 Medienwelt 2015: Vorwärts und nicht vergessen

07.Jun.2005 Terrorismus: USA stoppen Bericht über Gefahr von Milchvergiftung

07.Jun.2005 Familien: Ministerin plant verbindliche Erziehungszeit für Väter

07.Jun.2005 EU-Haushalt: Lackmustest für die Handlungsfähigkeit der EU

07.Jun.2005 Stabilitätspakt: EU-Kommission leitet Defizitverfahren gegen Italien ein

07.Jun.2005 Kreml-TV: Image-Tuning für In- und Ausland ,

07.Jun.2005 "Anleitung für Terroristen": US-Behörde stoppt Studie über Milch-Vergiftung

07.Jun.2005 Super-Rechner: Computer soll Menschenhirn simulieren

07.Jun.2005 Spekulation um Kanzler-Rücktritt: Wie ein explosives Gerücht die SPD aufwühlt

07.Jun.2005 EU-Verfassung: Polen erwägt Verschieben des Referendums

07.Jun.2005 Sanierungsnot: General Motors muss 25.000 Stellen streichen

07.Jun.2005 Bolivien: Auswärtiges Amt gibt Reisewarnung heraus

07.Jun.2005 Saddam-Prozess: Tribunal weist irakische Regierung zurecht

07.Jun.2005 Sparkurs: Koch stimmt Deutsche auf harte Zeiten ein

07.Jun.2005 Passagierrechte: Airlines klagen gegen EU-Verordnung

07.Jun.2005 Trödelmarkt: Frau findet über 200.000 Mark in Wäschekorb

07.Jun.2005 Wunder von Weimar: Bach-Komposition entdeckt

07.Jun.2005 EU-Parlament: Streit über die Erweiterung ist neu entfacht

07.Jun.2005 Düsseldorf: 87-Jährige lag zwei Monate lang tot vor Altenheim

07.Jun.2005 Überraschungsfund: 141 Jahre altes U-Boot könnte "Nautilus"-Vorbild sein

07.Jun.2005 Uno-Tribunal: Kosovos Ex-Regierungschef kommt frei

07.Jun.2005 50 Jahre Bundeswehr: "Die Wehrpflicht hat sich bewährt"

07.Jun.2005 Kluge Tümmler: Delphine lernen Jagd-Trick von Mama

07.Jun.2005 Apple-Intel-Deal: Das geheime Doppelleben von Mac OS X

07.Jun.2005 Studie: Krieg gegen den Terror heizt Rüstungswettlauf an
Panik im Theater: Schauspieler schießt mit echter Pistole

07.Jun.2005 Bushs Vision: "Flut der Demokratie wird Kubas Küsten erreichen"

07.Jun.2005 Verfassungsgericht: Kinder nur eingeschränkt unterhaltspflichtig für Eltern

"Wir werden alles versuchen, um die Dunkle Materie endlich einzufangen", kündigt Wimp-Fahnder Rau an. "Und es müsste schon mit dem Teufel zugehen, wenn uns das nicht auch sehr bald gelingt."
Genauer gesagt: fast nichts

Wimps hingegen haben keine Ladung, nur Masse - nichts hält sie auf.
Das Universum ist voll von Wimps. Jeder Mensch wird in jeder Sekunde von 22 Millionen der ultraschweren Partikel durchquert. Ungehindert passieren sie sogar Berge und ganze Planeten. Elsässer: "Wir sind einem Dauerfeuer ausgesetzt - und merken nichts davon."
Was Laien wie Hexerei anmutet, ist für Physiker ein normaler Vorgang. Nur scheinbar bestehen Menschen, Tische oder Hochhäuser aus kompakter Materie. In Wahrheit enthalten auch feste Gegenstände vor allem eines: leeren Raum. Wenn man sich einen Atomkern auf die Ausmaße einer Erbse vergrößert vorstellt, kreisen die Elektronen in hundert Meter Entfernung herum - und dazwischen ist nichts.
Selbst in einer Betonmauer wäre demnach genügend Platz, um einfach hindurchzuschlüpfen. Warum können Menschen trotzdem nicht durch Wände gehen? Verhindert wird das nicht durch die massereichen Atomkerne, sondern durch die ultraleichten Elektronen. Weil diese negativ geladen sind, stoßen sich Atome gegenseitig ab.
Alles passt wunderbar zusammen", sagt Elsässer. "Erstaunlich, dass nicht schon jemand anders darauf gekommen ist; aber auch Wissenschaftler sehen manchmal den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht."
07.Jun.2005 Ü
brig blieb in den Satellitendaten jedoch eine aus allen Richtungen kommende, gleichmäßige Hintergrundstrahlung, die sich keinen bestimmten Himmelsobjekten zuordnen ließ. Den meisten Astrophysikern bereitet dies nur wenig Kopfzerbrechen. Das Gammarauschen stamme eben von so weit entfernten Sternen und Galaxien, so die Annahme, dass sich der Ursprung der Strahlungsquellen nicht mehr lokalisieren lasse. Doch Elsässer und Mannheim haben vorgerechnet, dass diese
Deutung nicht sehr plausibel ist - und präsentieren eine viel schlüssigere Erklärung für das Rauschen. Genau die beobachtete Art von Gammastrahlung, so zeigt ihre Analyse, wird bei der - äußerst seltenen - Vernichtung von Wimps freigesetzt.
Solange sie nicht zweifelsfrei nachgewiesen worden sind, bleiben die Wimps indes hypothetische Teilchen. Nach der Standardtheorie der Teilchenphysiker werden ihnen allerlei wundersame Eigenschaften zugeschrieben. Demnach sind die ominösen Wimps extrem schwer und träge - und lassen sich dennoch so gut wie nie einfangen. Ungehindert durchstreifen sie in Myriadenschwärmen das Weltall.
Und sie haben noch eine Eigenschaft, die sie von gewöhnlicher Materie unterscheidet: Wimps senden von sich aus niemals Strahlung aus und erscheinen deshalb vollkommen unsichtbar - und dennoch glauben die Würzburger Forscher, dass es ihnen gelungen sei, den geisterhaften Partikeln ihre Tarnkappe wegzuziehen.
Inzwischen gehen die meisten Forscher davon aus, dass die Dunkle Materie vor allem aus noch unentdeckten Elementarteilchen besteht: Nicht Riesen, sondern Zwerge halten offenbar das Weltall im Innersten zusammen.

Wie entscheidend diese verborgenen Schwerkraftzentren waren, zeigt eine Untersuchung, die vorige Woche im Magazin "Nature" veröffentlicht wurde.

Am Computer simulierte Volker Springel vom Garchinger Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik, wie sich im frühen Universum erste Strukturen bildeten. Unter dem Einfluss der Dunklen Materie, so sein Befund, verschmolzen kleinere Gas- + Staubwolken zu größeren Gebilden, die schließlich erste Protogalaxien formten.
"Ohne die Dunkle Materie", sagt Mannheim, "säßen wir heute nicht hier."
Aufgrund neuerer Beobachtungsdaten sind die Kosmologen inzwischen davon überzeugt, dass über 80 Prozent der Materie im All aus dem mysteriösen Dunkelstoff besteht. Alle sichtbaren Sonnen, Gaswolken, Planeten und Kometen bilden nach dieser Vorstellung nur Schaumkronen auf den unsichtbaren Materiewogen des Kosmos.
Folglich muss eine Art kosmischer Kitt die Fliehkräfte bändigen und dafür sorgen, dass etwa die rund 400 Milliarden Sonnen unserer heimatlichen Milchstraße nicht wie die Scheiben eines Diskuswerfers in alle Richtungen davonrasen.
Nach monatelangen Berechnungen sind sich die Himmelskundler von der Uni Würzburg jetzt sicher, auf eine Sensation gestoßen zu sein: auf eine Spur der Dunklen Materie - jener sagenhaften Schattensubstanz, die vermutlich das Rückgrat des ganzen Universums bildet.
Das renommierte Fachblatt "Physical Review Letters" hat die Arbeit von Elsässer und Mannheim soeben veröffentlicht. Bei den Kollegen sorgt der Artikel für Aufsehen. "Wir haben möglicherweise ins Schwarze getroffen und herausgefunden, was sich hinter der Dunklen Materie verbirgt", sagt Mannheim.
Wenn sich das bewahrheitet, haben die beiden Forscher eines der größten Mysterien der Kosmologie entschleiert. Schon seit vielen Jahren wird nach der unsichtbaren Rätselsubstanz gefahndet. Obwohl niemand sie bislang zu Gesicht bekommen hat, zweifelt kaum noch ein Himmelskundler daran, dass gewaltige Mengen davon zwischen den Sternen herumwabern.
Und doch hatten alle vor ihm etwas übersehen

Seit langem suchen Astrophysiker nach der Dunklen Materie. Die unsichtbare Rätselsubstanz hält das Weltall im Innersten zusammen. Jetzt haben Würzburger Forscher eine neue Spur gefunden. Ob sie recht behalten, könnte sich schon bald bei Experimenten tief unter der Erde erweisen.

07.Jun.2005 Abu Ghureib: Häftlinge proben Aufstand im Skandalgefängnis

07.Jun.2005 Lkw-Unfall: Über 20.000 Liter Kerosin ausgelaufen

07.Jun.2005 Missile deal draws a light term : Man who found himself on the edge of a terror plot gets time served.

07.Jun.2005 "Free Sami Al-Arian," says Andy Martin : The most ridiculous "show trial" since Stalin's purges in Russia in the 1930's has begun in a federal courtroom in Tampa, Florida. The Israeli government, using neo-con extremists in the Bush administration, is placing the Palestinian People on trial for the "crime" of fighting for their freedom.

07.Jun.2005 Them Stars And Swipes : The US probe on the Iraq 'oil-for-food scam' has exposed its own duplicity

07.Jun.2005 Residents say four killed in police raids in Haiti slum,: A slum-based human rights group demanded an investigation Sunday into reports that Haitian police shot and killed at least four people and burned 12 homes during raids to root out gang members in a slum filled with supporters of ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

07.Jun.2005 Propaganda's War on Human Rights Analyses the legal and practical implications of war propaganda and human rights. Examples of State Practise focus on the USA + the United Kingdom , particularly in relation to the ongoing 2003 Iraq war.

07.Jun.2005 Ernest Partridge: The Fall of the House of Bush: The Bush administration is confidently marching toward disaster + we are all unwilling passengers on this fool’s journey. Bush’s folly, if not diverted, will certainly lead to economic collapse, international isolation + dreadful terrorist revenge.

07.Jun.2005 In God we Trust: America's rising religious zealotry : Despite the separation of church and state being enshrined in the US constitution, more than 40 per cent of US citizens said religious leaders should use their influence to try to sway policy-makers. In France, by contrast, 85 per cent of people said they opposed such "activism" by the clergy.

07.Jun.2005 Los Alamos Lab Whistleblower Beaten Up : A Los Alamos lab whistleblower scheduled to testify before Congress was lured to a bar and then badly beaten in an attack his wife and lawyer believe was designed to keep him quiet.

07.Jun.2005 Bush attacked over £370m Africa cash : Aid agencies today panned US President George Bush's expected £370 million boost for famine relief in Africa, claiming it did not go nearly far enough.

07.Jun.2005 Firms tag workers to improve efficiency: New US satellite- and radio-based computer technology is turning some workplaces into "battery farms" and creating conditions similar to "prison surveillance", according to a report from Michael Blakemore, professor of geography at Durham University.

07.Jun.2005 The Climate Of Man: Disappearing islands, thawing permafrost, melting polar ice. How the earth is changing.

07.Jun.2005 The Pimping of the President : Jack Abramoff and Grover Norquist Billing Clients for Face Time with G.W. Bush

07.Jun.2005 AIPAC: Israel's real Olympics took place in Washington: Whenever Congress approves the transfer of USD 2.5 billion in military aid to Israel, or when the U.S. supports Israel during a U.N. vote, the lobbyists have something to do with it.

07.Jun.2005 US report criticizes human trafficking in Israel: A US State Department annual report on human trafficking released Friday ranked Israel in the second tier of countries, alongside Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, Congo + Japan.

07.Jun.2005 US cautions EU over Syria deal: Washington has urged the EU to hold off on signing a trade and aid pact with Syria, citing its doubts that Damascus withdrew all intelligence agents from Lebanon and was allowing fighters to enter Iraq.

07.Jun.2005 World military spending topped $1 trillion in 2004 : With expenditure of $455 billion, the USA accounted for almost half the global figure, more than the combined total of the 32 next most powerful nations, said SIPRI, which is widely recognized for the reliability of its data.

07.Jun.2005 Parents Are Right to Protect their Children from the Military : Do you remember the much-vaunted No Child Left Behind Act? That Act requires school districts to give the military access to the names, addresses + telephone numbers of high-school students as a condition of receiving federal funds.

07.Jun.2005 'War on Terror' Has Indigenous People in Its Sights: The ”war on terror”, identified in Amnesty International's annual report as a new source of human rights abuses, is threatening to expand to Latin America, targeting indigenous movements that are demanding autonomy and protesting free-market policies and ”neo-liberal” globalisation.

07.Jun.2005 Missiles Headed for Israel Intercepted in Caracas : Venezuela’s justice minister reported five missiles heading to Israel from Colombia were found in an international airport north of the capital.

07.Jun.2005 Venezuelan Authorities Seize Five Missiles Allegedly Bound for Israel: The missiles apparently arrived in Venezuela from neighboring Colombia late last month and "were destined for Tel Aviv, Israel," according to the statement issued by prosecutors.

07.Jun.2005 Mysterious Transport Of Missiles From Colombia To Israel: The sequester came as a surprise given that the material comes from the Colombian armed forces – closely tied in different activities to the US forces – and the motive is unclear of their systematic transferral to Tel Aviv on normal passenger flights.

07.Jun.2005 Mass Indigenous-led Rebellion Forces Bolivian President to Resign: Last night, President Carlos Mesa went on national television + announced he was stepping down.

We go to Cochabamba, Bolivia to speak with Jim Shultz of The Democracy Center.

07.Jun.2005 Israel evacuates citizens from La Paz: The Foreign Ministry launched an emergency rescue mission late Monday night to extricate some 120 Israelis trapped by internal strife inside Bolivia, Foreign Ministry officials said.

07.Jun.2005 Judge wants to question U.S. troops on Iraq deaths : A Spanish judge wants to question three U.S. soldiers as suspects in the death of a Spanish cameraman who was killed when a U.S. tank fired on a hotel housing foreign journalists during the 2003 assault on Baghdad.

07.Jun.2005 Marine lieutenant cleared of killing Iraqis : A decision the Marine Corps said was in "the best interests" of the officer and the country.

07.Jun.2005 Rep. John Conyers: The Fix Was In : Sounds like the intelligence and facts were being "fixed" around the policy, as the Downing Street Minutes claim. That sounds like deliberate deception to me.

07.Jun.2005 U.S. uses the magic mantra ‘Zarqawi’ to justify failures : For many Iraqis the name ‘Saddam Hussein’ has been replaced by ‘Zarqawi’. The only difference is that while they could easily verify the footage, the speeches + sound bites of the former, many of them believe the latter is the product of the U.S. propaganda machine.

07.Jun.2005 UK supplying over 90 per cent of arms transfers to Iraq London : UK supplied over 90 % of major conventional weapons delivered to Iraq in 2004 following the lifting of the UN arms embargo last June, according to the latest figures from Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

07.Jun.2005 Critics: Pentagon in blinders : Long before 9/11, the military was warned about low-tech warfare, but it didn't listen. WASHINGTON -- Nearly 16 years ago, a group of four military officers and a civilian predicted the rise of terrorism and anti-American insurgencies with chilling accuracy.

07.Jun.2005 False freedom is very expensive. The criminals foisted a Lie of Historic Proportions on the world. By Cindy Sheehan
The evidence is overwhelming, compelling, and alarming that George and his indecent bandits traitorously had intelligence fabricated to fit their goal of invading Iraq.

07.Jun.2005 Manufacturing 'Terrorists'
The US has a vast and very expensive Homeland Security bureaucracy with nothing to do. There hasn’t been a terrorist attack in America since 2001. by Paul Craig Roberts
As very few, if any, real terrorists have turned up, the FBI has resorted to creating terrorists by soliciting Muslim-Americans and appealing to them with schemes to aid "jihadists." Recently, two American citizens were caught in a FBI sting. One, an Ivy-League educated physician, is charged with agreeing to provide medical care to wounded holy warriors in Saudi Arabia. The other, a famous jazz musician, is charged with agreeing to train jihadists in martial arts.

07.Jun.2005 The Free American's Guestbook ... of 9/11 11.Sep.2001 ) + Radovan Karadzic (man behind creating Yogoslavian crimes against ..


( Tavistock : ...

10.Jul.2005 links18 ... London's Tavistock Institute concerned about gov secrecy ...

UK troops fail to seize Karadzic Gruesome Iraq Images Could Shake US Opinion ...

07.Jun.2005 DOC] UVOD HTML-Version ... Krstic, D. (1988). Psihološki recnik. Beograd, IRO ''Vuk Karadžic ''. Lederman, D., Loayza, N. & Menendez, AM (2000). ... London, Tavistock Publications. ... - Zusätzliches Ergebnis

RACCOLTA DI SCRITTI e APPUNTI SULL'ECOLOGIA UMANA Di Alessio ... - HTML-Version Page 1. RACCOLTA DI SCRITTI e APPUNTI SULL'ECOLOGIA UMANA Di Alessio Coppola Nota introduttiva dell'Autore La presente collezione è realizzata in progress. ... Relazione introduttiva al CEU 93 - HTML-Version... e distruttive come il nazismo di Hitler e la recente pulizia etnica serba siano anticipati dalla consulenza di psichiatri come Rudi e Karadzic , favoriti dal ...

07.Jun.2005 Order Book Part 1 ... with particular reference to (a) Radovan Karadzic and (b) General Ratko Mladic ... on healthy living programmes, when the Tavistock Institute evaluation ...

Psychoanalysis and Diplomacy: Part I. Individual and Large Group ...

Karadzic used a broad range of both base and intellectualized propaganda ...

London: Tavistock Publications. Bios, P. (1979). ...

The USA And Peacekeeping: Can It Work? The Bosnian Serbs under Radovan Karadzic wanted to form a separate breakaway republic in ... ( Tavistock (Devon, England): Army Quarterly + ...

Úvod - HTML-Version (Obálka). OSN – príprava na svetovú diktatúru. Povedat OSN alebo Univerzálna republika ci Spojené štáty sveta, Federácia ...

07.Jun.2005 POLIT203 1..126 – HTML-Version ... Tavistock Publications. Miles, R, 1989. Racism. London: Routledge. ... [T]the impunity to date of former Bosnian Serb Radovan Karadzic + ...

07.Jun.2005 Sonja Kuftinec - Odakle Ste? (Where Are You From?): Active ... Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic + Bosnian-Serb leader Radovan Karadzic . .. The Symbolic Construction of Community. New York: Tavistock , 1985. ...

Nieuwe pagina 1 ... en ín slecht=kwaad mens is, Pol Pot bijvoorbeeld, of Karadzic , of Bin Laden, of die ene, ... S. Milgram, Obedience to Authority, London: Tavistock 1974. ...

07.Jun.2005 "ETHNIC CONFLICT" UNDRESSED: PATTERNS OF CONTRAST, INTEREST OF ... want to be called “actual Serbs,” as Karadzic considered anyone who ... Community (London: Tavistock , 1985); JY Okamura, “Situational Ethnicity,” Ethnic ...

07.Jun.2005 Annotated CEDAW Bibliography – HTML-Version ... London : Tavistock Publications (1987). "The importance of socialization ... cases of Jane Doe v. Radovan Karadzic and S. Kadic v. Radovan Karadzic . ...

07.Jun.2005 AMPP: The Systems Method: Bilderberg and Club of Rome ... who has operated from an apartment next door to Karadzic's office. ... known as the IISS and located at 23 Tavistock Street in London, was formed in ...

07.Jun.2005 Chaos and Terror ... Other “psychopolitics” centers include Tavistock ... name of Radovan Karadzic , allowed the mass torture, rape and. murder of the innocent. ...

07.Jun.2005 The Invisible Power House - The Bilderberg Group ... It involved the two Serb leaders, Milosevic and Karadzic , according to Hough. .. known as the IISS and located at 23 Tavistock Street in London, ...

07.Jun.2005 MVP RH /Odjel za informiranje 141/95 ... Karadzic i njegovi prijatelji u Tavistock Institutu dobro znaju da su muslimani najosjetljiviji upravo na cistocu svojih zena. Istu ...

07.Jun.2005 Christian Forums - Brainwashing Americans: Music ... to young Americans in the precise mold ordained by the Tavistock Institute. ... From here Ayatollah Khomeini, Radovan Karadzic and Milosevic among others were all ...

07.Jun.2005 Usenet Culture - Royal Terrorists Go To Hell Just Like Any Other ... she said at her Dartmoor home near Tavistock , Devon. Mrs Yallop also revealed her son ... Karadzic to prepare Serb forces for war in Croatia in 1991. ...

07.Jun.2005 Mental Health Abuse-Chaos And Terror ... Other “psychopolitics” centers include Tavistock Institute in UK + ... Radovan Karadzic, a psychiatrist, student + loyal friend of Raskovic,..

07.Jun.2005 Beatles, Rock&Roll and Mind Control ... When Tavistock brought the Beatles to the USA nobody could have ... From here Ayatollah Khomeini, Radovan Karadzic + Milosevic among others ...

das zerbrochene Gewehr #55 ... Zeremonie am Gedenkstein für Kriegsdienstverweigerer am Tavistock Square, ... die als Kriegsverbrecher angeklagt sind, insbesondere von Karadzic , ...

07.Jun.2005 :: View topic – Tavistock ... People like the bosnian-serb leader Radovan Karadzic were trained at the Tavistock Institute in London. Back to top. View users profile Send private ...

Dutchbat contra psycho-killer... van de Amerikaanse pers wordt de 'psycho-oorlog' zoals Karadzic en de zijnen ... bedrijven als belangrijkste geldschieter van het Tavistock -instituut. ...

Psych Assault - The Bosnia and Kosovo Conflicts ... Raskovic and Karadzic were reportedly both trained at UK's Tavistock Institute and Germany's Frankfurt School which both specialize in ...

07.Jun.2005 Shofar FTP Archives: people/l/larouche.lyndon/eir.082593 ... UK psychological warfare, the London Tavistock Institute, ... Khmer Rouge or to the Karadzic crowd of Bosnian-Serb mass rapists, mass murderers, ...

07.Jun.2005 Tragédie dans les Balkans - Éthique & Liberté ... Ces travaux, effectués avec sa femme Liljan Zelen- Karadzic , ... ont été publiés par le Centre Tavistock à Londres, où ils peuvent être consultés à la ...

E&L 14 - juin 99 p1 et 3 ... été publiés par le Centre Tavistock à. Londres, où ils peuvent être consul- ... Karadzic à la tête du SDS de Bosnie. Ce fut la période des meetings en ...

Illuminati News: What Happened To the War Criminals From the ... What happened to Radovan Karadzic and his trained killers? ... They were all trained in Tavistock Center in England, an Illuminati created institute for ...

Date/Time: 06/07/2005 22:1 Production

Although Spain no longer produces antipersonnel mines, it has in the past. Officially, Spanish production of landmines was stopped in May 1996. Spanish companies used to produce five types of APMs, including the Expal P4B blast mine, the Expal P4A blast mine, the Expal P5 blast mine, the P5 AR (with anti-handling device) + the P Salta bounding fragmentation mine. [3]

Mines were produced by five Spanish private companies: Bressel, Explosivos Alaveses (Expal), Explosivos de Burgos (EDB), Fabricaciones Extremeñas (FAEX) + Unión Española de Explosivos (UEE). Three of them (EDB, Expal + FAEX) all belong to a bigger company, UEE, itself owned by the KYO group (a company from Kuwait) until it was sold to Pallas Investment, from the Netherlands. All are a part of the group DEFEX (Defense and Export), which, in turn, is controlled by the INI (the Industry National Institute). That means that although they are private companies, they receive public subsidies + most of their sales come through so-called FAD loans (Development Aid Funds, which are a type of Spanish Official Aid for Development). [4] Spain has produced landmines under the license of companies of other countries (Italy, for instance). Today under Law 33/1988 production is banned in Spain.

Apparently Spanish companies are not producing Claymore mines. It is unclear if these munitions are banned under Law 33/1998 as “Arms of Similar Effects.” These kind of arms with similar effects to antipersonnel landmines are described in the revised 1996 Protocol 2 of the CCW. It does not seem that Spain is engaged in research and development on or production of alternatives to antipersonnel landmines.

Spanish companies used to produce cluster bombs, antitank mines, landmine delivery systems and others munitions, some of which might function like an antipersonnel mine. [5] It is not known if Spain is producing components (e.g. casing, fuse, detonator, chip) that are designed for use in APMs but, it was done so in the past. [6] Delivery systems designed to be used for APMs have been banned by the 33/1998 Law. However, in November, the Italian Campaign to Ban Landmines asked for follow-up on negotiations between a former Italian landmine producer Valsella Meccanotecnica- and Expal, one of the former Spanish producers. Although the Italian firm had ceased production been converted to civilian production, it still had some commitments with foreign companies. Among those was the production of the ISTRICE delivery system for use with both APMs and antitank mines for Expal. The Spanish Campaign has sought clarification in writing from both Expal + the Spanish government. As of yet, there has been no response from either.


Before the Mine Ban Treaty, the Spanish government passed a unilateral moratorium on the export of landmines. This was first approved in 1994 (February) and again one year later. Finally, in May 1996 an indefinite moratorium was approved by the Spanish government. The ban on the exports in the 1998 Spanish law has replaced the former moratorium.

As far as exports and imports are concerned, it is still very hard to obtain information on recipients, quantity, types, value, date of transfer, etc. from governmental sources, since these matters are usually considered to be state secret. However, Spanish landmines have been found in Iraq, Mauritania, the Falklands + Morocco, as the Red Cross has revealed. The same lack of transparency affects data on imports as well. The only thing we could add is that the Spanish army was entirely supplied by Spanish companies.

Spain’s position on the legality of another country transiting APMs across Spain’s national territory is also well defined. The Spanish Law clearly bans the transit of another country’s APMs across Spain’s national territory, since it applies to its whole; this affects the US stockpiles in Spain. [7]

Date/Time: 06/07/2005 08:5
New York - Die Datenträger mit den Kundeninformationen seien beim Logistikunternehmen United Parcel Services UPS während ihres Transports in ein Kreditbüro in Texas verloren gegangen, teilte das Unternehmen mit. Die Kunden seien darüber bereits am Samstag informiert worden. Die Bank habe allerdings noch keine Berichte über unbefugte Aktivitäten erhalten.
Alle Affen richteten ihre Aufmerksamkeit fast ausschließlich auf den Monitor, auf der die richtige Anzahl von Artgenossen erschien, zeigte die Auswertung. Die Wissenschaftlter folgern daraus, dass die Tiere nicht nur unterscheiden können, wie viele verschiedene Rufe sie hören, sondern diese Erkenntnis auch auf die Informationen übertragen, die sie sehen. Diese Fähigkeit sei für das tägliche Leben in freier Wildbahn sehr wichtig. Schließlich müsse sich die Gruppe darauf einstellen, ob sich lediglich zwei fremde Artgenossen nähern oder gleich zehn.
Affen haben einen ausgeprägten Sinn für Zahlen: Hören sie die Stimmen von drei Artgenossen, erwarten sie auch drei verschiedene Gesichter zu sehen.

Das hat ein amerikanisch-deutsches Forscherteam bei Versuchen mit Rhesusaffen nachgewiesen. Die Tiere können demnach eine zahlenmäßige Übereinstimmung auch dann erkennen, wenn die Informationen von verschiedenen Sinnen stammen.

Für ein solches Zahlenkonzept ist Sprache daher im Gegensatz zu bisherigen Annahmen keine Voraussetzung, schreiben Kerry Jordan von der Duke University in Durham + ihre Kollegen in der Fachzeitschrift "Current Biology" (Bd. 15, S. 1034).
Clevere Primaten: Rhesusaffen können zählen

07.Jun.2005 Ost-SPD: Harte Abrechung mit Schröder

07.Jun.2005 Grüne: Trittin warnt seine Parteifreunde vor Linksruck

07.Jun.2005 Euro-Debatte: EU-Finanzminister attackieren Italien

07.Jun.2005 Bolivien: Präsident tritt nach Massenprotesten zurück

07.Jun.2005 Atommüll: Castoren erreichen Zwischenlager Ahaus

07.Jun.2005 EU-Verfassung: Blair hat noch einen Funken Hoffnung

07.Jun.2005 Citigroup: Datenverlust von Millionen von Kunden


07.Jun.2005 Kleptocracy, Hollinger

07.Jun.2005 Hollinger, Black

01.Feb.1987 R3719, White House Communcations Agency News Summary ..., Khasoggi Wants His Money Back, Wallace/Polk (38:02 NBC) ...,

12.Dec.1987 R3773 Perle to Resign, Brokaw (30:50 NBC) ...
Date/Time: 06/07/2005 02:0
English speaking community on the French Rivierafrench riviera ... Neo-con Richard Perle hspace=0 has uncovered that o­ne ... alleged meetings with arms dealer Adnan Khasoggi in Marseille Bizarre! ...

00.000.---- -Prior to the Holocaust - Zionism in the Age of the Dictators 1. Zionism + Anti-Semitism
Jun.2005 Read article:
Zionism in the Age of the Dictators Zionism + anti-semitism

We implore and beseech our Jewish brethren to realize that the Zionists are not the saviors of the Jewish People + guarantors of their safety, but rather the instigators + original cause of Jewish suffering in the Holy Land and worldwide. The idea that Zionism + the State of “Israel” is the protector of Jews is probably the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the Jewish People.

00.000.1945 -since- Indeed, where else have Jews been in such physical danger as in the Zionist state?!

Jews are enjoined by their religious laws to be loyal to the country of which they are citizens._

_00.000.---- -some two thousand years ago-ever since- the destruction of the holy Temple in Jerusalem + the exile of the Jewish People, we have been enjoined to be scrupulously loyal to the countries we reside in,

One of the great biblical prophets, Jeremiah, in chapter 29 of his book proclaimed G-d's message to all the exiled; verse seven reads, "Seek out the welfare of the city to which I have exiled you + pray for it to the Almighty, for through its welfare will you have welfare."   This has been a cornerstone of Jewish morality throughout our history to this very day.
07.Jun.2005 Conrad Black and Hollinger International: a financial oligarchy ... fees to Hollinger International, these fees were paid to Black and Radler ... Even Black began to tire of Perle —despite the latter nodding through ...

"In fact, many of the consents that Perle signed as an Executive Committee member approved related-party transactions that unfairly benefited Black and Radler + cost Hollinger millions."   But the report treads more lightly on other board members including former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger.   The report concludes that Kissinger and others "were acting reasonably in relying on the reports of the Audit Committee."

07.Jun.2005 Competitive Intelligence: Conrad Black & the Hollinger Kleptocracy ... it called the "corporate kleptocracy" Black and Radler created at Hollinger. ... From 1997 to 2003, the report said, Black , Radler and other controlling ...

SEC files fraud charges against Lord Conrad Black and Hollinger, Inc. ... + CEO Conrad M. Black , former Deputy Chairman + COO F. David Radler, .. The SEC alleges that from approximately 00.000.1999-00.000.2003 , Black , Radler ...

07.Jun.2005 O Mundo às Avessas ou História de uma Guerra Anunciada ... É de 00.000.1975 um plano de Henry Kissinger que iria transformar a prazo essa ... (Robert Dreyfuss , The Thirty-year Itch, Mother Jones 00.Mar.2003-00.Apr.2003 ). ...

07.Jun.2005 The Annual International Conference on Contaminated Soils ... the feasibility of remediating MTBE - contaminated sites at reasonable costs. ... Biological Treatment of Methyl tert-Butyl Ether ( MTBE ) Contaminated ...

07.Jun.2005 MTBE: Concern or Crisis for US Drinking Water ... the state of California has identified 10000 MTBE - contaminated groundwater sites. ... studying the possible effects of drinking MTBE - contaminated water. ...

However, there is another school of thought, which views the resistance as comprising a
broader mixture of disaffected Iraqis, many if not most of whom are unconnected with Al Qaeda or the old regime, which may be lesser elements in a broad and fragmented religious/nationalist uprising.
Asia Times Online recently reported that “ Recent meetings of the so-called Higher Committee for National Forces (a grouping of Iraqi resistance bodies) and the 16th Arab National Congress held in Algiers played a pivotal role in building consensus among various Iraqi communist, Islamic, Ba'athist and nationalist groups on several issues, such as the right of Iraqis to defend themselves against foreign aggression and imperialism + the right of Iraq to demand a political process untainted by occupation and which reflects the uninhibited will of the Iraqi people for a pluralistic and democratic Iraq. The groups also condemned the continued occupation of Iraq and the establishment of any permanent US bases in the country, the privatization of the Iraqi economy and foreign corporations' unrestricted access to Iraq's resources. ”
The mention of “ a pluralistic Iraq ” is certainly at odds with Cole's view of “ [a] guerrilla tactic of fomenting civil war ”. Its worth noting that, contrary to popular belief, the vast
majority of insurgent attacks are not on civilians but on military targets (contrasting sharply with the activity of US forces, who continue to terrorise the population with indiscriminate attacks, e.g. colossal aerial bombardment of civilian areas). It appears that sectarian insurgent attacks that target civilians are in fact the work of an extremist minority within the broader resistance.

Nixon's shaming for the Watergate scandal, far from being a triumph for the free media and democratic accountability, was rather like the conviction of Mafia Godfather Al Capone for
tax evasion. He was guilty, but that was hardly the point. In fact, if we're to take all of Nixon's real crimes into account, the contrast between these and the Watergate scandal stands as a potent symbol of how western democracies routinely allow criminals in high office to go entirely unmolested.

06.Jun.2005 Dissapearing Arctic Lakes Linked To Climate Change: "This is the first paper that demonstrates that the changes we are seeing in Alaskan lakes in response to a warming climate is also occurring in Siberia,"

06.Jun.2005 Majority of states pressing for taxing all Internet sales : 43 states have joined together in a coalition to collect sales tax on all Internet purchases.

06.Jun.2005 Richest getting even richer: The people at the top of America's money pyramid have so prospered in recent years that they have pulled far ahead of the rest of the population, an analysis of tax records and other government data by The New York Times shows. They have even left behind people making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

06.Jun.2005 Court Says Government Can Prosecute Medical Marijuana Patients : Federal authorities may prosecute sick people whose doctors prescribe marijuana to ease pain, the Supreme Court ruled Monday,

06.Jun.2005 Animal rights activists face trial under terror law: New Jersey is using an anti-terrorism law for the first time to try six animal rights activists charged with harassing and vandalizing a company that made use of animals to test its drugs

06.Jun.2005 Bill Moyers: The Mugging of the American Dream: Washington is a divided city -- not between north and south as in Lincoln's time, but between those who can buy all the government they want + those who can't even afford a seat in the bleachers.

06.Jun.2005 Republican assault on public broadcasting targeted liberal commentator Bill Moyers : The Republican Party thought police encounter no serious resistance from the Democrats or the media establishment.

06.Jun.2005 The Munich Post: its undiscovered effects on Hitler : Protesters to Hitler fought with their hearts and jeopardized their freedom and lives hoping the world would listen. They faced imprisonment and death, trying

06.Jun.2005 unsuccessfully to warn the world about the man who embodied evil, Adolf Hitler.

06.Jun.2005 Schwarzenegger Donors Rewarded With Access : Top contributors to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger have been rewarded with a private telephone number that gives them access to his closest advisers - + even to the governor himself.

06.Jun.2005 Sidelining the CIA : A new White House memo excludes CIA director Porter Goss from National Security Council meetings The biggest changes in Washington often come about with just a few strokes of the pen. - It's the latest evidence that Negroponte is consolidating his power as the nation's intelligence czar.

06.Jun.2005 'Secret' Senate meeting on Patriot Act: In a move that could expand the police powers in the Patriot Act, the Senate Intelligence Committee will meet behind close doors to discuss, among other things, "a little-discussed provision to enlarge the FBI's ability to wiretap people who it suspects are national security threats."

06.Jun.2005 Chavez "attacks" US : Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accused the USA on Sunday of trying to impose a "global dictatorship". He said the US, not Venezuela, should face scrutiny by the Organisation of American States.

06.Jun.2005 Mexico rejects 'tutelage' of others on democracy : ``In principle, we are not in agreement with any tutelage from anybody,'' presidential spokesman Ruben Aguilar said at a news conference in Mexico City. ``

06.Jun.2005 Shuck and Awe : Pretend soldier Dick Cheney, wearing a faux-military jacket while campaigning at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio in March 2004. Cheney himself was no grunt or flyboy. His excuse way back when: "I had other priorities in the '60s than military service."

06.Jun.2005 Hezbollah, Allies Sweep Vote in Lebanon : Hezbollah, the armed group considered a terrorist organization by the USA + its allies swept voting in southern Lebanon during the second round of nationwide parliamentary elections, the interior minister said Monday. Israel, which has long clashed with the group, expressed its concern.

06.Jun.2005 High-flying professor faces US terror trial : The professor of computer engineering goes on trial today in what is being billed as the most important terrorism case in the USA since September 11.

06.Jun.2005 U.S. Navy Court of Inquiry’s investigation into the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty : For more than 30 years, I have remained silent on the topic of USS Liberty. I am a military man and when orders come in from the Secretary of Defense and President of the USA, I follow them. However, recent attempts to rewrite history compel me to share the truth.

06.Jun.2005 US Military May be Closing Bases at Home, but It's Expanding Abroad : In recent times, we have watched millions of American jobs transferred overseas--the new term for this being dubbed "outsourcing." I fear that concept will shortly be joined by its kissing cousin, "outlocating," as that one relates to the shifting US military presence worldwide.

06.Jun.2005 13 US Bases in Afghanistan?: Six US bases are already established in Afghanistan; 7 more are being built or are at the planning stage.

06.Jun.2005 Uzbekistan: When protesters die as terrorists : For the people of the eastern city of Andijan, the trial of 23 reputable local businessmen on charges of Islamic extremism was the straw that broke the camel’s back. In the early hours of 13 May, gunmen stormed the prison releasing the accused and all other inmates.

06.Jun.2005 U.S., Russian, Chinese interests may clash in Kyrgyzstan : China's Huaxia Shibao newspaper published a sensational report yesterday, saying China intended to send troops to Kyrgyzstan, prompting experts to say U.S., Russian + Chinese interests may clash in the Central Asian region, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, a daily, reported.

06.Jun.2005 In New Book, Weldon Says Plot Against Nuke Plant Was Ignored: Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa., warned U.S. intelligence about a terrorist plot to crash a plane into the Seabrook nuclear power plant in New Hampshire in 2004, based on information from a secret source: “Ali.” But the intelligence community wouldn’t listen, the congressman writes in a new book.

06.Jun.2005 Republican senator says US prisons best in the world: Charges of prisoner abuse at Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib notwithstanding, a top US Republican senator on Sunday took pride in the US prison system, calling it the best managed in the world.

06.Jun.2005 In case you missed it: Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons: Savaged by dogs, Electrocuted With Cattle Prods, Burned By Toxic Chemicals, Does such barbaric abuse inside U.S. jails explain the horrors that were committed in Iraq?

06.Jun.2005 Bush's Foreign Policy Shifting: Spreading democracy has become his top priority, at times trumping urgent issues. Some specialists dismiss his vision as unrealistic.

06.Jun.2005 Bushy democracies and the future of the Muslim world : The end of the Cold War, symbolized by the fall of the Berlin Wall, was also taken by US policy-makers as the beginning of a new phase in world history in which all other civilizations would adopt the three idols of Western civilization — democracy, freedom + the free market economy—as their gods as well.

06.Jun.2005 After the Downing Street Memo: The Case for Impeachment Builds : We take a look at the so-called "Downing Street Memo" which reveals how the former director of the UK intelligence agency, MI6, told Prime Minister Tony Blair that the U.S. had already made plans to attack Iraq as early as 00.Jul.2002 .

06.Jun.2005 False freedom is very expensive. The criminals foisted a Lie of Historic Proportions on the world. By Cindy Sheehan

06.Jun.2005 The evidence is overwhelming, compelling + alarming that George + his indecent bandits traitorously had intelligence fabricated to fit their goal of invading Iraq. Continue

06.Jun.2005 Mark Felt was no angel. Yes, I know tht he did what he did because he wanted to inherit Hoover's position. Maybe Felt's family would be free from all anxiety over finances if he was as corrupt as William F. Buckley URL:
Buckley here admits that he has learned the truth about an appalling presidential scandal + about a conspiracy to commit murder. What did he do? URL:
One needs large wall charts to navigate the complex slimeways of the Nixon years -- everyone hated everyone, everyone was bugging everyone, everyone was informing on everyone, everyone was joining or forming or betraying factions.
Take, for example, the case of columnist Jack Anderson, then quite well-known for his administration sources.
Hoover hated him passionately. At the same time, the naive, young Yeoman Charles Radford, of Moorer/Radford fame (basically, this was a military conspiracy against Nixon and Kissinger) was told a bizarre tale about Anderson and his alleged links to the Zionist/Rockefeller cabal. Now, you would think that the Hoover faction and the Moorer/Radford faction (which was linked to Angleton's CIA faction) would be sympatico, since they both hated Anderson. But these two groups were also at odds, because Hoover would not share "black bag" dirt with any other part of the intelligence community.
Oh, but it gets more complex: Anderson still received leaks + even seems to have cooperated with an attempt to blame the Moorer/Radford spy operation (once it was blown) on Radford, the easily-gulled young Native American who was the ultimate fall guy. A little later, G. Gordon Liddy of CREEP (Nixon's private covertops unit) made serious plans to murder Anderson. Hoover despised both Anderson and Nixon's private team of spooks.
06.Jun.2005 the recent column by
William F. Buckley illustrates. After referring to Mark Felt in scabrous terms -- calling him a "Brutus" and worse -- Buckley partially reveals a bit of history he has never heretofore divulged:
05.Jan.1973 Howard Hunt, an old friend and my sometime boss in the CIA, came to see me, accompanied by one of his daughters (my goddaughter, as it happened). He told me the appalling, inside story of Watergate, including the riveting news that one of the plumbers was ready and disposed to kill Jack Anderson, the journalist-commentator, if word came down to proceed to that lurid extreme.
I took what I thought appropriate measures. I do not believe Jack Anderson's life was actually imperiled, but meanwhile, in an adjacent theater, Mark Felt, posing as an incorruptible agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was advancing his own drama. And now he wants some money for it.
06.Jun.2005 Dead again Wow! Iraqi terror leader Abu Musad al-Zarqawi has died
again! For the second time this year! I believe this is his fourth demise, all told. URL:
20030502 Edward Becker--finest living judge in the US ... aholic Becker studied the sentencing of all 31 convicted Watergate defendants and of ... judge" moniker to his friend and colleague Anthony Scirica , Becker glanced ...

Silha Bulletin - Fall 2002 ... Deportation hearings have a tradition of openness, Scirica wrote, ... for his work in breaking the Watergate story during the Nixon administration. ...

Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom ... court’s unusual special sitting—the first time since the Watergate tapes case in ... Anthony J. Scirica + Judges Thomas L. Ambro + Julio M. Fuentes.

VALUE PLURALISM IN LEGAL ETHICS – HTML-Version ... Professor Geyh attributes it to the “ Watergate mentality” of the last thirty ... author of this opinion was Judge Anthony Scirica , who has for several ...

annika's journal ... Chief US Circuit Judge Anthony J. Scirica , speaking for the court in Walz v. ... He has been involved in no great scandals, Watergate or otherwise [not ...

THE RECORD – HTML-Version ... Letter to Judge Scirica , US Court of Appeals re: Subcommittee on Attor- ... A. The Collapse of the Watergate -Era Campaign Finance System ...

06.Jun.2005 TalkLeft: Lea Fastow Gets a Year in Jail ... I would say the judge is following the philosophy expressed by Judge Scirica in the Watergate cases + many other judges since -- that unless the ...

WorldNetDaily: US Judge Lamberth deserves cautious praise ... Watergate Judge John Scirica went into the White House and seized the Nixon tapes and still lost 18 minutes of them. How much evidence will Lamberth ...

06.Jun.2005 The Presidency in Crisis: - HTML-Version ... as a testament to the legacy and genius of Congressman Peter Rodino, is that the inquiry will be modeled on the rules used during the Watergate hearings and ...

Die Waffen stammen den Angaben zufolge aus Kolumbien + sollten nach Israel transportiert werden.

Caracas - Die Raketen seien entdeckt worden, als eine erste Rakete mit einem normalen Linienflug nach Israel transportiert werden sollte, berichteten Medien in der venezolanischen Hauptstadt unter Berufung auf die Staatsanwaltschaft.
Lufthansa teilte mit, man arbeite bei der Klärung eng mit den zuständigen Behörden zusammen. Das Unternehmen legte Wert auf die Feststellung, es habe sich bei den konfiszierten Stücken um "Raketen-Teile" gehandelt.

Die Waren seien völlig legal von Kolumbien nach Venezuela gebracht worden und hätten sich im Transit befunden.

Der Transport erfülle alle internationalen Auflagen, hieß es. Transporte kolumbianischer Waffenteile nach Israel seien bereits in der Vergangenheit durchgeführt worden.
Venezuela: Raketen in Lufthansa-Lager entdeckt

06.Jun.2005 Wall-Street-Schluss: Sinkender Ölpreis stützt US-Aktienmarkt

06.Jun.2005 Kriegseinsätze: Ströbele kündigt Widerstand der Grünen an

06.Jun.2005 EU-Verfassung: Durchhalteparolen nach Absage der Briten

06.Jun.2005 Historischer Wechsel: Apple gibt Deal mit Intel bekannt

06.Jun.2005 EU-Finanzministerrat: Eichel und Juncker halten Euro-Debatte für Unsinn

06.Jun.2005 Umfrage: Chirac auf dem Tiefpunkt

06.Jun.2005 Unethisches Verhalten: Norwegen verkauft Anteile von US-Ölbohrfirma

06.Jun.2005 Frühbucher-Rabatt: LTU führt Billigtickets ein

06.Jun.2005 Hirnschrittmacher: Stromstöße helfen gegen Parkinson

06.Jun.2005 Prager Biennale: Wie Saddam reingelegt wurde

06.Jun.2005 Europa in der Krise: Großbritannien sagt Referendum über EU-Verfassung ab

06.Jun.2005 EU-Kartell-Verfahren: Konkurrenten sollen Windows-Schnittstellen prüfen

06.Jun.2005 Magnetschwebebahn: Transrapid bekommt Chance in Großbritannien

06.Jun.2005 Nasa: Raumanzüge für Weltraum-Spione entdeckt

06.Jun.2005 Basketball: Piepsende Bälle für Blinde

06.Jun.2005 Prozess im Irak: 14 Anklagepunkte gegen Saddam

06.Jun.2005 Apple-Fans verärgert: Intel? Igitt!

06.Jun.2005 Umstrittene These: Gene sollen Krebstod vorhersagen

06.Jun.2005 108.000 Stellen nach dem Komma: Mathefans schaffen Weltrekord im Pi-Vorlesen

06.Jun.2005 Rekordvorlage: 110.000 Nachkommastellen der Zahl Pi

06.Jun.2005 Virales Marketing: Möge der Burger mit dir sein!

06.Jun.2005 Pakistan: Musharraf übergibt Qaida-Führer al-Libi den USA

06.Jun.2005 "Deep Throat": Reden ist Gold

06.Jun.2005 Durchbruch: Impfstoff gegen Ebola und Marburg gefunden

06.Jun.2005 Hedge-Fonds: Geld wie Konfetti

06.Jun.2005 Nepal: Dutzende Tote bei Explosion einer Landmine

06.Jun.2005 Gesundheitspolitik: Schmidt dementiert Pläne zur Abschaffung der privaten Krankenkassen

06.Jun.2005 Neue Partei: Grüne Russen

06.Jun.2005 Mexiko: Vulkan spuckt glühendes Gestein

06.Jun.2005 Süd-Libanon: Hisbollah und Amal holen alle Mandate

06.Jun.2005 Mars-Rover: "Opportunity" befreit sich aus Sand-Falle

06.Jun.2005 Jerusalem: Zusammenstöße auf dem Tempelberg

06.Jun.2005 Vertrauensfrage: SPD-Linke will für Schröder stimmen

06.Jun.2005 EU-Verfassung: Absage aus Großbritannien erwartet

06.Jun.2005 Firmenjäger: US-Investor darf deutsche Bank betreiben

06.Jun.2005 Gesundheitspolitik: Schmidt will private Krankenversicherung abschaffen

06.Jun.2005 Falschgeld: Mehr falsche Euro-Münzen im Umlauf

06.Jun.2005 Neuwahl-Verfahren: Unterstützung für Schröders Plan

06.Jun.2005 In the case of Yugoslavia, a U.S law occasioned the dissolution of that republic, as it was so intended.

05.Nov.1990 the U.S. Congress passed Foreign Appropriations Law 101-513, which required that election procedures + results in the individual Yugoslav republics meet the approval of the U.S. State Department.

Those republics that could not pass muster with the U.S. lost federal aid + could not secure loans from the U.S. controlled International Monetary Fund.

As a result, disparities in wealth and privilege began to emerge + shortly thereafter, the country lapsed into a horrendous civil war. How to defeat Bushism in the U.S. in 2004 Joseph P. Diaferia
05.Jun.2005 Where's Osama? : Bush Doesn't Care. Do We?

05.Jun.2005 Conyers reaches, extends signature goal; creates tip line : The office of Representative John Conyers (D-MI) believes it has surpassed its stated goal of 100,000 signatures requesting an investigation into the Downing Street Memo, minutes of a UK Prime Minister's meeting on 23.Jul.2002 .

05.Jun.2005 Bush, The Spoiled Man-Child : What causes the fall of empires? Why, stubborn leaders who speak like toddlers and never admit mistakes

05.Jun.2005 A study in emasculation : In the US media, a mission to explain has been replaced by a mission to avoid

05.Jun.2005 CIA Gave $10 Million to Peru's Ex-Spymaster: Vladimiro Montesinos, who now faces trial on murder + arms + drug trafficking charges, used millions of CIA dollars to, among other things, send guns to Colombia's FARC guerrillas.

05.Jun.2005 Venezuelan VP José Vicente Range: The CIA is plotting to kill Chávez: Rangel added that both Colombian paramilitary troopers + hired assassins + Cuban exiles in Miami are plotting to assassinate Chávez, while "the Central Intelligence Agency is pulling the strings."

05.Jun.2005 Venezuela to stage mass war games : Hugo Chavez aims to have a two-million-strong reservist force

05.Jun.2005 Rumsfeld blames Aljazeera over Iraq: US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has alleged that Aljazeera is encouraging armed Islamist groups by broadcasting beheadings of foreign hostages in Iraq.

05.Jun.2005 Officials say al-Zarqawi did not make Syria trip : U.S. intelligence has no evidence that terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi visited Syria in recent months to plan bombings in Iraq + experts don't believe the widely publicized meeting ever happened, according to U.S. officials.

05.Jun.2005 US admits it has no leads in hunt for 'wounded' Zarqawi: A senior US military official played down any suggestion yesterday that the net was tightening on America's most-wanted man after Osama bin Laden.

05.Jun.2005 Pentagon spin doctors control media coverage of Quran Desecration : Releasing the report when most beat reporters have left for the weekend was a calculated move by White House + Pentagon spin doctors to control media coverage of the explosive report.

05.Jun.2005 Guantanamo Bay: A "Gulag Of Our Times" or a "Model Facility"? A Debate on the U.S. Prison & Amnesty International. Real Audio & Transcript

05.Jun.2005 Rights Group Defends Chastising of U.S .: An official of Amnesty International said Friday that the term gulag in its annual report to describe the USA prison camp at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, was chosen deliberately + she shrugged off harsh criticism of the report by the Bush administration.

05.Jun.2005 None Of Us Are Free - If One Of Us Is Chained : Flash presentation.

05.Jun.2005 Nixon was given the Felt tip by his own spy in the FBI : JUST two months after the Watergate break-in, the Nixon White House already knew that Mark Felt was leaking information to reporters -- because Nixon had his own spy in the FBI.

05.Jun.2005 The Plight of Whistleblowers : The plight of whistleblowers – those employees who sound the alarm about anything from dangerous conditions in the workplace to missed or ignored intelligence regarding our nation’s security – is a story that seems to grow stronger and with more frequency every day.

05.Jun.2005 Running all out, U.S. refineries can't meet demand for gasoline: Imports of the fuel are expected to rise: America's unquenched thirst for gasoline is stretching the nation's refineries to their limits.

Even so, no new refineries are likely to be built soon + that helps ensure that gas prices will stay high as America becomes increasingly dependent on foreign-made gasoline.

05.Jun.2005 Swaziland, the first country to die of AIDS?: Three years ago, the adult infection rate was 34.2 per cent. "We were hopeful that we would be stabilising the situation," she said.

"But when you see the figures rising again, you ask: what more can I do? It is dispiriting and sometimes devastating."

05.Jun.2005 Satellite toll plan to make drivers pay by the mile: Each of UK's 24 million vehicles would be tracked by satellite if a variable "pay-as-you-drive" charge replaces the current road tax.

05.Jun.2005 Along An Imaginary Axis: Iran from the Inside : Iran wants nuclear weapons as a deterrent against the threats made by the US + Israel + these concerns about future preemptive strikes by the US are founded in fact. - The hypocrisy of the Bush administration couldn't be more transparent.

04.Jun.2005 India will not bow to US pressure on Iran gas deal - minister : India said it would not come under pressure from any country over its proposed 4.16bn USD [US dollar] Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline + that its decision would be based on the interests of its people.

05.Jun.2005 In case you missed it: Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.? Fox News has learned some U.S. investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in + on the U.S., who may have known things they didn't tell us before September 11. Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron has details in the first of a four-part series.

05.Jun.2005 Israeli Spy Affair: AIPAC Source to Be in Court June 13 : Larry Franklin, the Pentagon worker who is accused of passing information to two American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) analysts, faces a court hearing 13.Jun.2005 his attorney Plato Cacheris said.

05.Jun.2005 AIPAC the unstoppable : The fact that AIPAC never had to register as a foreign agent demonstrates Israel is an integral part of the body politic, a de facto 51st state of the union.

05.Jun.2005 Israel bugged Syrian first lady’s e-mails : THE personal computer of Syria’s UK-born first lady was bugged by Israeli military intelligence to build up a profile of her husband, President Bashar al-Assad, it emerged last week.

05.Jun.2005 Israel: Spy Software Code Had Design Flaw June : The spy software at the center of an Israeli economic espionage scandal quietly harvested stolen business documents and e-mails from victims' computers + secretly transmitted them to a computer in London, where police arrested a key suspect.

05.Jun.2005 Biden: U.S. needs to close Cuba prison : A leading Senate Democrat said Sunday the USA needs to move toward shutting down the military prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

05.Jun.2005 Officials: Bolton Provoked Unlawful Firing : A former Bolton deputy says the U.S. undersecretary of state felt Jose Bustani ``had to go,'' particularly because the Brazilian was trying to send chemical weapons inspectors to Baghdad. That might have helped defuse the crisis over alleged Iraqi weapons and undermined a U.S. rationale for war.

05.Jun.2005 Jews Protest Against Salute To 'Israel' Parade in New York : The Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews will be denouncing the very existence of the State of Israel, which is strictly forbidden according to Jewish Law (the Torah).

05.Jun.2005 Amnesty official says US running " archipelago" of prisoners around the world "The USA is maintaining an archipelago of prisons around the world, many of them secret prisons into which people are being literally disappeared + in some cases, at least, we know that they are being mistreated, abused, tortured and even killed," he said.

05.Jun.2005 Occupation is cause of suicide bombings: : "Islamic fundamentalism is not the primary driver of suicide terrorism," Pape said.

"Nearly all suicide terrorist attacks are committed for a secular strategic goal - to compel modern democracies to withdraw military forces from territory the terrorists view as their homeland."

Blutsonntag - Wikipedia Blutsonntag . aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Die Bezeichnung Blutsonntag findet Verwendung für mehrere historische Ereignisse: Weblinks
Media Matters has a good piece on cable news coverage of the revelation, which has emphasized the reactions of Watergate conspirators Colson and Liddy - without telling the audience that the crooks were, in fact, crooks. Here's a little history: G. Gordon Liddy once threatened to murder his boss Magruder, a threat Liddy later said was meant humorously, although it was taken quite seriously. He also made very real plans to murder reporter Jack Anderson. He forthrightly told a Playboy interviewer that getting Nixon re-elected was more important than the democractic process itself. And yet this fascistic swine recently had the audacity to say (on Joe Scarborough's propaganda-fest) that Mark Felt was "unethical" when he leaked to Bob Woodward!
05.Jun.2005 I recommend
John Dean's fine study, which proves that the Felt revelation only adds a new layer of mystery to Watergate. He notes a couple of points that I've not seen elsewhere:
1. Mark Felt (allegedly) has compared the Nixon-era surveillance efforts to the Nazi regime, yet Felt himself - when he was virtually running the FBI - authorized even those black bag operations that Hoover wanted shut down.
Die Dimensionen sind beachtlich: Mit einer Größe von etwa 170 mal 270 Metern sei das Bunkersystem das größte Rebellenversteck, das im vergangenen Jahr - wenn nicht seit Kriegsbeginn - entdeckt wurde, erklärte ein Sprecher der US-Marines gegenüber der Zeitung.

US-Truppen finden riesiges unterirdisches Bunkersystem
Dusche, Klimaanlage, Waffenlager: Nach einem Zeitungsbericht haben US-Marines im Zentralirak ein ganzes System üppig ausgestatteter unterirdischer Bunker entdeckt.

Der weit verzweigte Gebäudekomplex gilt als eines der größten je entdeckten Rebellen-Verstecke im Irak.

05.Jun.2005 Schengen-Abkommen: Schily begrüßt Votum der Schweizer

05.Jun.2005 Koran-Schändung: US-Senator fordert Schließung von Guantanamo

05.Jun.2005 Michael Jackson: Vom Idol zum Halloween-Gespenst

05.Jun.2005 Milliardenlöcher im Haushalt: Union will im Falle eines Wahlsieges knallhart sparen

05.Jun.2005 Tarifpolitik: DGB droht Union mit "Häuserkampf"

05.Jun.2005 China: Mehr als 200 Tote durch Überschwemmungen

05.Jun.2005 Referendum: Schweizer sagen Ja zu Schengen

05.Jun.2005 Tyrannosaurus rex: Knochen verraten Sauriergeschlecht

05.Jun.2005 Irak: US-Truppen finden riesiges unterirdisches Bunkersystem

05.Jun.2005 Geheime Aufzeichnungen: Privatsekretär will Testament von Johannes Paul II. ignorieren

05.Jun.2005 Madrid: Hunderttausende demonstrieren gegen Eta-Verhandlungen

05.Jun.2005 Bilder die dass Auge zaubern lassen. Bilder, die das Auge zaubern lassen:. Wundern Sie sich nicht!

Punkte??? Zwischen den schwarzen Quadraten erkennt man Punkte, die gar nicht da sind ...
05.Jun.2005 Opposition to military recruiters at Bronx Community College is building + last Thursday (17.Mar.2005 ) students were able to drive them out of the BCC Cafeteria.

The Revolutionary Reconstruction Club was distributing a leaflet building for the protest when two recruiters in Army fatigues walked in.

They were clearly shaken by the signs and leaflets denouncing the recruiters, the imperialist murder machine they serve + the dirty colonial war in Iraq.
Things quickly heated up. We started chanting "Military recruiters off campus now!" Many students who were looking on took up this chant.

It spread inside the cafeteria. More and more students yelled out their own angry comments, like "I'm not going to die for their army."

Our chants echoed through the building, interspersed with hard-hitting speeches against the war in Iraq. Among those joining us were students with close relatives who had been snared into enlisting.
The recruiters were unable to go about their deadly "business" of preying on students there. They kept making calls on their cell phones, evidently seeking orders.

At one point they were escorted down the hall by campus cops. Finally, our protest drove the recruiters out of the building. As students yelled "Out, out, out!" they disappeared.
16.Apr.2005 Bronx Students Force Military Recruiters Off Campus For A Third Time in recent weeks students protesters at Bronx Community College drove military recruiters off campus.

Targeted so far have been recruiters from the Army, Air Force National Guard +

most recently - on Wednesday - the Marines. Here is a report w/photos from one of the earlier anti-recruiter actions in the Bronx.

The protests appear to be largely organized by a group called The Revolutionary Reconstruction Club.

01.Jun.2005 Dioxin becomes most dangerous man-made poison -

03.Jun.2005 Russian inventor designs chessboard suitable for three players at once - Chess pieces sit on three sides of the board
He has been dreaming of building a chessboard for three players ever since he was a boy. He was always unhappy about a situation when only two people could play chess.

But three was always a crowd for this game. Mr. Kononov eventually made his dream come true.

Having realized that he might spend a lifetime checking calculations and getting his plans off the ground, he focused on his old dream of a chessboard for three players More...

03.Jun.2005 Adamov's legacy or the nuclear blackmail?
31.May 2005
Referendum in France to aggravate Russia's relations with EU
Georgia is a bridgehead for U.S. offensive against the Russian Caucasus

05.Jun.2005 Russian foreign minister + his Georgian counterpart reached an agreement stipulating the withdrawal of Russian military installations from Georgia
00.000.2008 -by- The pullout is to be completed.

The agreement was signed despite last week's remarks on the issue by Russian president Putin who commented on the demands of the Georgian side by saying that he saw "nothing special that would require an urgent removal of the Russian troops" from the Russian military bases in Batumi + Akhalkalaki. More...
France and the Netherlands spit the face of United Europe

03.Jun.2005 Bolivia stalemate rapidly turns into power vacuum

02.Jun.2005 George W. Bush unwilling to quarrel with Putin

01.Jun.2005 Latin American economies to keep fast growth in 2005

09.Nov.2000 Ru reader Dmitri Pronin has proved one of those who are not satisfied with the speeches of officials.

He has carried out an investigation of his own, based on Internet sites + discovered that the Norwegian frigate named "Oslo" actually sank in 1994.

The point is, however, that it is not that concrete frigate that is meant but… a class of the Norwegian ships bearing this name.

Anyway, a whole photo gallery of frigates of this class is on the Internet site of the Norwegian naval forces.

Thus, the press secretary of the Norwegian military base appears to have told elementary lies, claiming that the photo, published by the "Version", can not be true as the frigate in the picture is sunk.

One is sunk, indeed.

But how many frigates of this class still remain? URL:
2003 HAARP Poses Global Threat
The use of the new geophysical weapon might lead to the global catastrophe
A lot of specialists + scientists believe that unpredictable natural disasters + several man-caused catastrophes that struck Europe + Asia in the summer of the year 2002 say that there might be certain global reasons that caused them all. First and foremost, it goes about a possibility of secret geophysical weapon tests. Those tests were either secret or unauthorized.

The Russian Federation State Duma spent almost a year, considering the global threat of the HAARP program. The Duma finally prepared two addresses: to President Putin and to the UN, international organizations, parliaments and governments of all countries, to the scientific community of the world, as well as to mass media. The Russian parliament suggested the global banning of HAARP tests.

00.Sep.2002 the State Duma of Russia discussed this question + conducted the voting in order to send the mentioned addresses to the adequate addressees.

One hundred and eighty-eight deputies voted for the address to President Vladimir Putin, whereas the same subject for the UN returned 220 votes.

This proved that Russian parliamentarians were rather concerned about the development and possible use of geophysical weapons.
Yuru Solomatin, Ukrainian deputy, the secretary of the Ukrainian committee for the economic policy, nature management + for the liquidation of Chernobyl tragedy consequences. Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

Related links: (15.Jan.2003)

Pravda.RU HAARP Poses Global Threat ... American scientist Bernard Eastlund is considered to be the godfather of this program ...

China has a deadly new weapon PRAVDA.Ru

Nuclear weapon prevented World War III PRAVDA.Ru

Biological weapon of the XXI century: Genetically modified bugs PRAVDA.Ru

USA’s image: The savages and the Voice of America PRAVDA.Ru

Viagra: The lethal weapon PRAVDA.Ru

Bin Laden’s new weapon : torpedo man PRAVDA.Ru
Coverup alleged at UC weapons lab San Francisco Chronicle :
North Korea denies admission of secret nuclear weapons The Independent (UK) :
While Kim Jong-il eats pizza and develops nuclear weapons, his children are starving Daily Telegraph (UK) :
Terror weapon from a humble bean The Guardian (UK). :



war with iraq

howard co. news

04.Jun.2005 Schröder und Chirac in Berlin: "In schwierigen Zeiten enger zusammenrücken"

04.Jun.2005 Treffen in Berlin: Schröder und Chirac beraten Ausweg aus EU-Krise

04.Jun.2005 Genügend Material gesammelt: Verfassungsschutz hält NPD-Verbot für möglich

04.Jun.2005 Blair may walk away from U.S. as G8 ally : In the face of seemingly immutable U.S. opposition to proposals for the cancellation of debt + the tripling of aid to the poorest nations, Prime Minister Tony Blair is now considering going ahead without Washington.

05.Jun.2005 Sheila Samples: Who Will Save The Children? : As if we needed yet one more shudderingly repulsive account of a Republican who is virulently anti-gay by day + an abusive pedophile by night...

05.Jun.2005 Satanist paedophile ring 'ritually raped up to 25 children': In the cypress flats of Tangipahoa, a fervently religious area in the swamps north of New Orleans, local people still remember proudly how the Rev Louis Lamonicay vowed to "take Tangipahoa parish for Jesus".

04.Jun.2005 Israeli Spy Affair: FBI Tapped Talks About Possible Secrets : Case Against Ex-AIPAC Officials Could Focus on Several Contacts With Defense Analyst

04.Jun.2005 'U.S. knew about nuke plans': Declassified documents show U.S. knew of Israel's nuclear intentions as early as 00.000.1961

04.Jun.2005 Kissinger warns of energy conflict : Henry Kissinger, former US secretary of state, on Wednesday warned that the global battle for control of energy resources could become the modern equivalent of the 19th century “great game” the conflict between the UK + Tsarist Russia for supremacy in central Asia.

31.May 2005 Chinese media reported China is considering the possibility of deploying a military base in Kyrgyzstan, China plans rapid expansion of its military, to secure strategic mineral resources + strategic presence

05.Jun.2005 China, Venezuela and the U.S.A – trouble brewing: While Bush + Cheney asked Congress to increase U.S. indebtedness with its additional $81 billion to maintain forces in Afghanistan + Iraq, China offered more than $50 billion in investment + credits to countries inside the traditional Monroe Doctrine’s shield.

00.Nov.2004 Chinese President Hu Jintao signed 39 commercial agreements with five Latin American nations. Chinese investments in Argentina alone totaled some $20 billion.

05.Jun.2005 China + Russia will expand military + strategic presence in Central Asia – will India join?

Central Asia will eventually become flash point between China-India-Russia coalition + the West (NATO).

China + Russia plan to start the deployment with Kyrgyzstan.

05.Jun.2005 Framing Venezuela: US Media's Anti-Chavez Bias : The analysis suggests that U.S. newspapers attempt to conceal their biases by choosing to cite particular independent analysts - whose political affiliations are not revealed-- to support contentious claims against the Chávez government.

05.Jun.2005 Venezuela mobilises to defend PDVSA and against terrorism: " We want to make known to the USA that all of Venezuela is united + prepared to defend the country against any form of attack + that we demand to be left alone so as to be able to live in peace”.

05.Jun.2005 Crime and Maybe Punishment in Latin America : It has taken up to three decades, but some Latin American leaders suspected in politically motivated assassinations + death squad massacres may soon face justice following three unrelated developments in Chile + Colombia + Peru.

05.Jun.2005 Indigenous Uprising: The Rebellion Grows in Bolivia: Bolivia's US-backed President, Carlos Mesa, is scrapping to maintain control of the government + there are rumors in the air of coup plots.

05.Jun.2005 U.S. watching Bolivian situation: The U.S. State Department said Wednesday it had spoken with the government of Bolivia about maintaining democracy there in light of violence in the country.

04.Jun.2005 Fifteen Months? Try Eight Years Instead: Facing an extremely difficult recruiting environment, the U.S. Army has begun to offer a shortened 15-month active duty enlistment option.

As with most things, the Devil is in the details.

04.Jun.2005 Video: UK's Iraq war poster boy: 42-year-old Colonel Tim Collins was UK s Iraq war poster boy. The adulation suddenly died away when Collins was accused of war crimes.

He was totally cleared by a searching investigation.

04.Jun.2005 But when he left the army and began to speak his mind about the Iraq war and the wider war on terrorism, many in the UK establishment must have wanted to strip him of his OBE.

04.Jun.2005 Memo to Mainstream Media: I have a three-word response to the media frenzy that followed revelation of the long-secret identity of Deep Throat: Downing Street Memo.

04.Jun.2005 Protest draws attention to memo: Just a stone's throw away from a life-size gorilla dressed in military fatigues was another oddity along Kennedy Boulevard Thursday - people protesting about a memo.

04.Jun.2005 Death-squad style massacres: For Iraq, "The Salvador Option" Becomes Reality: This article looks at the evidence for death-squad style massacres in Iraq +

draws attention to the almost complete absence of investigation.

04.Jun.2005 Banned weapons equipment 'missing from 109 Iraq sites' : United Nations experts say equipment and material that could be used to make biological or chemical weapons and banned long-range missiles has been removed from 109 sites in Iraq.

04.Jun.2005 Cheney praises Iraq, Afghan wars : Promises "great victories to come.": "You will be among those who lead us to victory against freedom's enemies," he said. "And you will play an historic role in the great victories to come."

04.Jun.2005 Kurt Nimmo: Cheney at the Air Force Academy: Perpetuating Murderous Illusions : Dick “Bunker” Cheney visited the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs yesterday. In essence, he told the next generation of bullet-stoppers for empire they can expect to get their hindmost quarters shot off.

04.Jun.2005 Judge: Release Abu Ghraib Videos: A judge has ordered the government to release four videos from Abu Ghraib prison and dozens of photographs from the same collection as photos that touched off the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal a year ago.

04.Jun.2005 US lowers standards in army crisis : New recruits no longer dismissed for drug abuse, alcohol, poor fitness or pregnancy.

04.Jun.2005 US orders staff out of Uzbekistan : The US and Israel have withdrawn non-essential diplomatic staff and their families from Uzbekistan, following warnings that they could be targeted by Islamist militants.

04.Jun.2005 Israeli Apartheid: As US President George W Bush had his first White House meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas -- a summit giving Bush a platform for his phony $200 million "aid" package -- devastating new realities are being constructed in Palestine.

04.Jun.2005 We killed police for revenge, Israeli soldiers confess: Two Israeli soldiers have come forward to describe how they took part in what they say was an officially ordered "revenge" operation to kill Palestinian police officers ­ among them several unarmed men.

04.Jun.2005 Where's Osama? : Bush Doesn't Care. Do We?

04.Jun.2005 Administration's offenses impeachable : It means that our president and all of his administration are war criminals. It's as simple as that. They lied to the American people, have killed and injured and traumatized thousands of American men and women doing their patriotic duty, killed at least 100,000 Iraqi civilians

04.Jun.2005 Code Red : Bush's minions went to court earlier this year in a bid to cut off medical aid to Marissa Amora, who, at the age of 2, had been abandoned by Jeb's "Department of Children and Families" despite overwhelming evidence of horrific past abuse -- + the imminent danger of more to come.
U.S. Effort to “Spread Democracy” Leaves A Trail of Conflict and Suffering
One-Tenth of Arabs live directly under foreign occupation. — Statement by Rima Khalaf, assistant secretary-general of the United Nations Development Program, New York Times, 06.Apr.2005 . By Rachelle Marshall
Given George Bush’s practice of saying one thing while doing another (hailing the “advancing rights of mankind” at the United Nations while his Justice Department was jailing immigrants without due process), it is not surprising that his campaign to bring democracy to the Middle East so far has only meant replacing unfriendly regimes with more obliging ones. The people of Afghanistan and Iraq are still waiting for real freedom.

04.Jun.2005 Before The U.S. Attacked Iraq
Facts EVERY war supporter should have known
Who "mass-graved" thousands of Iraqis by bulldozing over them?
Where did the figure of "300,000" originate as the number of Iraqis "killed by Hussein"?
What nation had the highest number of citizens with PhDs on the world? And had more PhDs than America?
What nation won Humanitarian Awards for its literacy programs?
Answers Here

04.Jun.2005 The questions is: Which faction of CIA wanted to bring down the President -- Colby's or Angleton's? URL:
Secret Agenda author Jim Hougan -- who also writes terrific spy novels under the name "John Case" -- has offered further thoughts on the recent revelations. He has given permission to pass this text along.
What follows below the asterisks are his words, not mine; anyone quoting this blog should be careful in assigning credit or blame.
* * * Mark Felt, Jason Blair and "Misty Beethoven" -By Jim Hougan
Mark Felt is "Deep Throat." URL:
Not surprisingly, the public becomes increasingly cynical as "news" devolves into "entertainment."
And along comes Mr. Felt. Who is applauded, but not much examined. Who is he, other than a G-man? URL:

04.Jun.2005 Neuwahl-Dilemma: Ex-Verfassungsrichter empfehlen Grundgesetzänderung

02.Apr.2001 HEXENFORSCHUNG Digest for Monday,

00.000.1950 -um- Hexereianklagen

2. Vorstellung Karin Lange-Herbst

3. Einen Vortrag über das Thema "Gesellschaft ohne Mitleid - Hexenverfolgungen im Alten Reich " hält Dr ...

... seems that ectoplasm wasn't the only thing that flowed from Mrs Duncan: so did ...

Genf - Stadtbewohner tragen nach Angaben des UN-Umweltprogramms Unep am meisten zur Erderwärmung bei, sehen aber wenig von deren Folgen, weil diese vor allem in abgelegenen + dünn besiedelten Regionen auftreten. Die Städte verbrauchten riesige Mengen Wasser, Nahrung und Holz und produzierten viel Müll, sagte Unep-Direktor Klaus Töpfer am Freitag in Genf.
"Ich bitte die Städter der ganzen Welt + vor allem der Industrieländer, im Interesse der lokalen + weltweiten Umwelt sparsam mit Ressourcen umzugehen", sagte Töpfer

bei der Vorstellung des neuen Atlas' "One Planet Many People" (Ein Planet, viele Menschen). Darin werden Satellitenfotos aus vergangenen Jahrzehnten aktuellen gegenüberstellt.
Uno-Umweltatlas: Satellitenfotos zeigen dramatische Zerstörung

04.Jun.2005 Sturm und Hagel: Mehrere Tote bei heftigen Unwettern

04.Jun.2005 Keilerei in Kirgisien: Präsidentschaftskandidat würgt Wahlleiter mit Krawatte

04.Jun.2005 Skandal: Tabakindustrie bezahlte Studien deutscher Wissenschaftler

04.Jun.2005 Neuwahl-Coup: Schröder beklagt Erpressungspotential der SPD-Fraktion

04.Jun.2005 Verbalattacke: Rumsfeld wirft China heimliche Aufrüstung vor

04.Jun.2005 Umfragen: Deutsche stehen EU-Verfassung immer kritischer gegenüber

04.Jun.2005 Neue These: Kometen eher steinig als eisig

03.Jun.2005 Konkurrenz für US-Unis: Komm nach Kanada!

03.Jun.2005 Nigeria-Mails: Bauernfänger im Netz

04.Jun.2005 RTP
14.Jun.2003 Em Portugal não há Justiça Por: Anibal Tomás Germano de Matos ... Conheço um caso, já ultrapassado, que nunca recebeu ajuda sem ser dos ...

Profiles of stalkers have not been clearly delineated, but can overlap with characteristics offered in the domestic violence literature.

The most common type of stalker (Simple Obsessional) includes those individuals who were prior intimates that may have engaged in domestic violence.

There are several psychological characteristics: mood, anxiety, and/or  substance abuse disorders; low self-esteem; social insecurity; narcissism; intense jealousy; morbid infatuation.

12.May 2005 Google to Become Stalker URL:

The Media Drop reports Google has acquired (hired the execs of) Dodgeball, a company that enables cell phone users to have a text message sent to their phone when their friends are nearby.

Now, not only will Google know your every online move, they will potentially know your physical location anywhere in the world enabling them to port their online contextual ad model to an offline, geotextual, SMS ad model. there's no stopping these guys. » File under: Mobile/Wireless
Iran: Teheran will sofort Gespräche über Atomprogramm

03.Jun.2005 Wall-Street-Schluss: Arbeitsmarkt belastet US-Börse

03.Jun.2005 UN : Israel will in den Sicherheitsrat

02.Jun.2005 New film predicts nuclear threat to Chicago

Thanks to a reader, I can pass along a link to a new film about nuclear terrorism called The Last Best Chance;

the movie stars Fred Thompson + was financed by those lovable funsters, Warren Buffett + Sam Nunn.

Get this: They're giving it away as a FREE DVD .
The target of the attack, according to this scenario: Chicago.
Last Best Chance was produced with support from the Nuclear Threat Initiative, with additional funding from the Carnegie Corporation of New York + the John D. + Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.
This film is based on facts. Some events depicted may have already happened. Some may be happening now.

All may happen in the near future if we don't act now to prevent them. More prep work. URL:

03.Jun.2005 Berlin: Gabriel will SPD nach Wahlniederlage erneuern

03.Jun.2005 Neuwahlen: Clement verzichtet auf Bundestagsmandat

03.Jun.2005 EU-Krise: Schröder schlägt Denkpause vor
Pkw-Markt: Starker Mai für deutsche Autobauer

03.Jun.2005 Börse am Abend: US-Arbeitsmarkt belastet Dax

03.Jun.2005 Tumulte in Iran: Islamisten greifen Chatami an

03.Jun.2005 Suche nach Leben: "Phoenix" soll 2007 zum Mars aufbrechen

03.Jun.2005 EU-Geld: "Der Euro ist für die Ewigkeit"

03.Jun.2005 Gesundheitskrise: US-Behörde behandelt Fettleibigkeit wie Epidemie

03.Jun.2005 Ranziges Blondes: Archäologen finden Bier aus dem Krieg

03.Jun.2005 PDS: Gysi, der gedrängte Kandidat

03.Jun.2005 Europa in der Krise: Union warnt Schröder vor Finanzzusagen an EU

03.Jun.2005 Menschenrechte in China: "Lichtstreifen am Horizont"

03.Jun.2005 EU-Krise: Das britische Erfolgsmodell

03.Jun.2005 Interview: Grüne lassen Wahlprogramm von Internetnutzern schreiben

03.Jun.2005 Dividenden: Goldenes Jahr für Aktionäre

03.Jun.2005 Paarungsbereite Fliegen: Forscher finden das Balz-Gen

03.Jun.2005 Neuwahlen: Schröder denkt nicht an Rücktritt

03.Jun.2005 Bundestagswahl: Gysi tritt als PDS-Spitzenkandidat an

03.Jun.2005 Referendum in Luxemburg: Juncker will bei Nein zurücktreten

03.Jun.2005 Machu Picchu: Zehnjahresplan soll Inka-Ruinen retten

03.Jun.2005 Artensterben: Mutierte Super-Killer sollen Todeszyklus ausgelöst haben

03.Jun.2005 Gas-Autos: Kostensenker im Kofferraum

03.Jun.2005 Schweiz: Schengen-Gegner nutzen EU-Krise

03.Jun.2005 Budget-Poker: Deutschland drängt Großbritannien zu Verzicht auf EU-Rabatt

03.Jun.2005 Blamage: Microsoft-Seite in Korea wurde gehackt

03.Jun.2005 Unter Druck: Filesharing für Fernsehzuschauer

03.Jun.2005 Gestrandete Wale: Fast alle Tiere gerettet
Linkes Bündnis: WASG will nicht auf PDS-Liste

03.Jun.2005 Hedgefonds-Angriff: Wyser-Pratte zwingt IWKA-Chef Hans Fahr zum Rücktritt

03.Jun.2005 Informationsfreiheitsgesetz: Gelber Rettungsring fürs rot-grüne Prestigeobjekt

03.Jun.2005 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Getrieben von der Zukunftsangst"

03.Jun.2005 Brain Drain: Bundesregierung feiert heimgekehrte Forscher

03.Jun.2005 China: Über 70 Tote nach Unwetter

03.Jun.2005 Vernetztes Europa: "Die Mitgliedsstaaten wollen die Datenspeicherung"

03.Jun.2005 Zeitsparende Fitness: Kurzes Sprinten ersetzt langes Joggen

03.Jun.2005 Visa-Affäre: Staatsanwalt ermittelt gegen Diplomaten

03.Jun.2005 Euro-Diskussion: Italienischer Minister fordert Wiedereinführung der Lira

03.Jun.2005 Brückentücken: Tower Bridge klemmte

03.Jun.2005 Appell: Verbraucher sollen nicht so geizig sein

03.Jun.2005 Neuwahl: Experten rechnen trotz Umfragen mit Patt

03.Jun.2005 Airbus A380: Werke streiten über Schuld beim Zeitverzug

03.Jun.2005 Uno: China torpediert Schröders Sicherheitsratspläne

03.Jun.2005 EU-Verfassung: Regierungen wollen Europa retten

02.Jun.2005 EU-Verfassung: In Dänemark wächst die Zahl der Gegner