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15.Jul.2005 the White House Press Corp Waking Up?: Q Scott, can I ask you this; did Karl Rove commit a crime?

15.Jul.2005 GOP talking points on Rove seek to discredit Wilson : An exclusive copy of Republican talking points on Bush adviser Karl Rove's leaking the name of a CIA agent to a reporter, circulated by the Republican National Committee to "D.C. Talkers" in Washington.

15.Jul.2005 Activists seek measure opposing recruitment: Hoping to build on the American public's growing frustration with the war in Iraq, anti-war activists in San Francisco on Monday submitted 15,000 signatures for a local ballot measure that would put the city on record as opposing the presence of military recruiters in public high schools and colleges

15.Jul.2005 The Arms Trader : The U.S. government spent two years on a sting operation, trapping an Indian man named Hemant Lakhani whom they suspected of being an illegal arms dealer. In the end, they got him, red-handed, delivering a missile to a terrorist in New Jersey. The only problem was nothing in the sting was what it appeared to be. Including the missile.

15.Jul.2005 Sidney Blumenthal: Rove's war : Bush's right-hand man is dispatching his troops to smear Joe Wilson - and save himself. He may win in Washington, but the special prosecutor will have the last word.

15.Jul.2005 CIA 'outing' might fall short of crime The alleged crime at the heart of a controversy that has consumed official Washington - the "outing" of a CIA officer - may not have been a crime at all under federal law

15.Jul.2005 Wilson Calls on Bush to Fire Adviser Rov: - Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson called on President Bush Thursday to fire deputy chief of staff Karl Rove, saying Bush's top-level aide engaged in an "abuse of power" by discussing Wilson's wife's job with a reporter.

15.Jul.2005 Leaked UK Memo Warned Iraq War a Key Cause for Growth of "Extremism" in Britain:

A leaked UK government study concluded that UK foreign policy + the Iraq war in particular,

was a key cause of young Britons turning to terrorism.

15.Jul.2005 A war between normal human people + savages?

The corporate terrorist of the Multinationals have invisibly joined hands with the religious zealots who have a mission to transform the Muslim world in their own image.

15.Jul.2005 The label of Catholic terror was never used about the IRA : Fundamentalism is often a form of nationalism in religious disguise
Battle For Central Asia: Russia Expands Military Forces In Kyrgyzstan

15.Jul.2005 China’s forex reserves increase to US$711bn:

China’s foreign exchange reserves increased by just over US$100bn in the first six months of this year to US$711bn, nearly double the rate at which its store of overseas currency rose in the same period last year.

15.Jul.2005 Brazil to Pay $5.1 Billion to IMF Ahead of Schedule :

Brazil will pay back $5.1 billion to the International Monetary Fund ahead of schedule as a surge in exports brings dollars into the country and sparks a currency rally, making the loan unnecessary.

15.Jul.2005 Russia to pay 818 mln euros of Paris Club debt to France:

Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin + French Ambassador to Russia Jean Cadet signed an agreement in Moscow that stipulated Russia would pay about 40% of its debt to France ahead of schedule,

an embassy news release said.

15.Jul.2005 Fellow Americans, I had to destroy the surplus to save it :

The US federal deficit – which hit $412bn, or 3.5% of GDP in the fiscal year ending last September – was largely self-inflicted by the Bush administration.

15.Jul.2005 Treasuries tick lower on weak 10-year TIPS sale:

The sale of $9 billion in 10-year TIPS (Treasury inflation protected securities) went at a high yield of 1.939 %.

It drew bids for 1.68 times the amount on offer, which, excluding reopenings, matched a 00.Jan.2001 low.

15.Jul.2005 Mission Creep in Latin America - U.S. Southern Command's New Security Strategy: U.S. security strategy in the Western Hemisphere has had, except in rare occasions, little or nothing to do with protecting national security and the U.S. homeland. Since the early 19 th century, the pursuit of U.S. national security in Latin America and the Caribbean has largely been grounded in the pursuit of U.S. interests.

15.Jul.2005 Bombing suspects' identities shock Leeds: ''If you met Shezzy, you'd love him," said Shabaz, 24, who works at his family's fruit and vegetable store. ''He was really calm and humble. Very intelligent.

All them boys was. That's why this is so shocking."

15.Jul.2005 He was proud to be British' : The promising young man died in a suicide attack on the London Underground, along with the seven commuters he murdered at Aldgate last week. He was 22.

15.Jul.2005 Tutu says 'western leaders' create terrorists : . The outspoken Archbishop says reprisals are all most always self defeating.

15.Jul.2005 War comes to the heart of Europe: Whether or not it is responsible for the attacks on London, the al-Qaeda nebula is now configured as a relentless jihadi recruitment mechanism, profiting from the fact that the American invasion and occupation of Iraq has been added to its original mix of extreme Wahhabism and Silicon Valley (which al-Qaeda's number two, Ayman al-Zawahiri, visited in the early 1990s).

15.Jul.2005 PM raises possibility of bombing in Australia : The Prime Minister John Howard has warned of the threat of potential suicide bombers living in Australia. He says Australia can't be complacent about the prospect, although he thinks the threat is less here than in countries like Britain.

15.Jul.2005 Straw: world's shame over Srebrenica massacre : The foreign secretary, Jack Straw, today said it was to the shame of the international community that the massacre of more than 7,000 Bosnian Muslims at Srebrenica 10 years ago had happened "under our noses".

15.Jul.2005 Abu Ghraib Tactics Were First Used at Guantanamo: Interrogators at the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, forced a stubborn detainee to wear women's underwear on his head, confronted him with snarling military working dogs and attached a leash to his chains, according to a newly released military investigation

15.Jul.2005 Hicks' father outraged as US defends Guantanamo 'dog tricks': US military investigator General Randall Schmidt has told a Congressional hearing that while Guantanamo Bay prisoners had been abused, the abuse was not bad enough to warrant disciplinary action against the soldier's superiors.

15.Jul.2005 Taliban 'obtains' anti-aircraft weapons:

Afghanistan's Taliban insurgents possess anti-aircraft weapons and are seeking to obtain even more powerful arms, a commander with the rebel movement told Al Jazeera television.

15.Jul.2005 Dems aim to increase army size : A team of Senate and House Democrats today are planning to introduce legislation today aimed at significantly increasing size of the U.S. Army.

15.Jul.2005 15.Jul.2005 Report: UK blast mastermind identified: British police have identified the man thought to be the mastermind of last week's bombings in London in which at least 52 people died.

15.Jul.2005 Lawmakers start to ponder Iraq factor in UK bombs:

In the immediate aftermath of bus + underground railway attacks that killed at least 52, only mavericks like firebrand George Galloway dared criticize the prime minister, airing arguments many would prefer not to hear.

15.Jul.2005 Speak up, speak out : In the wake of the bombs, we don't need soupy consensus in parliament but a vigorous testing of arguments

You Can't Say You Weren't Warned, Mr. Blair:

Last Thursday's bombings were not unexpected. Senior police officers had often warned that an attack in Britain was inevitable, a prediction they repeated as recently as last month

15.Jul.2005 Iraq and the Weakness of U.S. Hegemony: There’s little new to say about last week’s London terror bombing.

It has proved Bush’s “flypaper” theory – that if we “take the war to the terrorists” in Iraq, then “they” – whoever “they” are – won’t be able to attack “us” – to be nonsense, if we needed any more proof.

15.Jul.2005 Bush's Orgy of Carnage
For America, the prospect of London-type bombings is a mathematical certainty. By Mike Whitney
America has never been involved a war more clearly immoral than Iraq. From the phony pretext of weapons of mass destruction to the sadistic treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, the conflict has been a nauseating chronicle of butchery and deception. Now, the victims of that massive crime are striking back in London and Madrid while the Bush press-corps regurgitates the same stale theories about radicals and Islam.

15.Jul.2005 It is an insult to the dead to deny the link with Iraq Tony Blair put his own people at risk in the service of a foreign power - Seumas Milne
The first piece of disinformation long peddled by champions of the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan is that al-Qaida and its supporters have no demands that could possibly be met or negotiated over; that they are really motivated by a hatred of western freedoms and way of life; and that their Islamist ideology aims at global domination.

15.Jul.2005 Die höchst umstrittenen Notstandsgesetze, die der Regierung politische Instrumente im Fall des inneren + äußeren Notstands in die Hand gaben, das Stabilitätgesetz + die Neuordnung der Finanzverfassung. URL:,1518,druck-365153,00.html
Das Problem ist, dass keine der Parteien, egal in welcher Konstellation, in der Lage ist, das Erforderliche dem Wähler zu vermitteln, weil die Öffentlichkeit, angeheizt durch die Ungeduld der Medien, den Bankrott der Bundesrepublik als Tatsache nach wie vor nicht akzeptieren will. Wir bewegen uns auf eine Parteienkrise zu, ja auf eine Staatskrise. URL:,1518,druck-365153,00.html
Baring: Die Koalition damals hat wesentliche Veränderungen eingeleitet. Das Verrückte ist, dass das danach niemand mehr zugeben wollte. Die SPD wollte nach der Wahl 1969 das Regierungsbündnis mit der FDP als das bessere verkaufen, die CDU hat die große Koalition mit dem anschließenden Machtverlust assoziiert.

Dabei hat die große Koalition nicht nur die umstrittenen Notstandsgesetze durchgebracht, deren Verabschiedung noch eine Auflage der Alliierten war. URL:,1518,druck-365153,00.html

Lafontaine sagte am Donnerstagabend in der ARD: "Wir werden die deutsche Politik verändern." Die anderen Parteien hätten ihre Programme wegen des Linksbündnisses aus PDS und WASG umgeschrieben. Wenn das Linksbündnis im Bundestag sei, müssten die etablierten Parteien nicht nur anders reden, sondern auch anders handeln.
Augenzeugenberichte: Israel fliegt Luftangriffe im Gaza-Streifen

15.Jul.2005 Wenn sich das Buschfeuer nicht bald legt, so spekulieren einige inzwischen, gebe es für Rove keine Wahl, als sein Amt wenigstens formell niederzulegen. Seine Rolle hinter den Kulissen müsse er dabei ja nicht aufgeben: Bush, so schmunzelte ein Insider, könnte gut auch weiter von Roves "Gehirn profitieren, ohne den Körper in der Nähe zu haben". URL:,1518,druck-365168,00.html
Stunden lang wand sich McClellan: Warum hat Bush Rove nicht in Schutz genommen? Was hat Rove bewirken wollen? War das nicht moralisch verwerflich? Was hat Bush gewusst? Keine dieser Fragen beantwortete der Sprecher - obwohl er selbst Rove in der Vergangenheit noch mit klarsten Tönen gegen alle Vorwürfe verteidigt hatte. McClellans einziger Kommentar, in gequälter, wieder und wieder abgewandelter Form: Kein Kommentar.
Den Reportern platzte der Kragen URL:,1518,druck-365168,00.html
Bushs berüchtigte Rede von Januar 2003, in der er behauptete, Saddam Hussein habe versucht, "sich aus Afrika signifikante Mengen an Uran zu beschaffen". Wilson enthüllte das öffentlich als eine Ente. Woraufhin der Bush-nahe Kolumnist Robert Novak Wilsons Ehefrau als CIA-Agentin outete, unter ihrem Mädchennamen Valerie Plame.

Als Quelle gab er "Freunde" im Weißen Haus an.URL:,1518,druck-365168,00.html
Und nun eben um Karl Rove, den "rechten Arm Bushs", wie ihn Ex-Präsidentenberater David Gergen nennt. Womit, wie sie in Washington sagen, der Fall für Bush "radioaktiv" geworden ist. Denn das Problem ist nun nicht mehr nur juristisch, sondern politisch und moralisch: Geheimnisverrat im Herzen der Macht ist eine Staatsaffäre, ob fahrlässig oder heimtückisch. URL:,1518,druck-365168,00.html
"Wilson ist Freiwild", soll Rove gesagt haben
Ausgerechnet jetzt, da Bush alle Kräfte braucht für seine bisher größte Schlacht im Kongress, die um die Zukunft des Supreme Courts geführt wird. URL:,1518,druck-365168,00.html
New York - Es war politischer Slapstick, direkt aus dem West Wing in Millionen TV-Haushalte übertragen. Da saß George W. Bush gestern am Tisch seines Kabinettssaals und versuchte, mit klarer Stimme möglichst nichts zu sagen: "Dies ist ein ernstes Ermittlungsverfahren", sprach der US-Präsident. "Ich werde nichts lieber tun, als mich zu dieser Sache zu äußern, sobald das Ermittlungsverfahren abgeschlossen ist."
Der Mann, über den Bush nicht reden mochte, hockte dabei stumm auf einem Stuhl am Fenster: Karl Rove, sein Vize-Stabschef, engster Berater und der "Architekt" (Bush) seines Wahlsiegs im November. Roves Miene war zum Halblächeln gefroren. Doch die Augen schossen nervös hin und her - zwischen seinem Chef und den Reportern im Raum.
Wer wäre nicht nervös. Denn eigentlich, so war das Pressekorps gebrieft worden, sollte dieser Wortwechsel im Kabinettssaal etwas anders verlaufen: Bush werde die Gelegenheit nutzen, "Rove das Vertrauen auszusprechen". Doch nichts dergleichen. Bushs Schweigen, notierte der AP-Korrespondent, "war eine Überraschung für einige Berater im Weißen Haus und hochrangige Republikaner". Und für Rove. URL:,1518,druck-365168,00.html

Bei dem von Northrop Grumman und BAE Systems entwickelten Abwehrsystem soll ein Laser am Flugzeug das Suchsignal der Rakete stören und sie so vom Ziel ablenken.

Nach Angaben der Zeitung würde die Ausrüstung aller 6800 amerikanischen Verkehrsflugzeuge mit dem Schutz mindestens sechs Milliarden Dollar kosten - gut eine Million Dollar pro Jet.
"Es kostet Geld, aber es ist genau so teuer wie ein System mit Unterhaltungselektronik für die Flugzeuge", zitiert die Zeitung John Kubricky vom US-Heimatschutzministerium. Für das nächste Jahr habe die Regierung 110 Millionen Dollar zur Entwicklung der Raketenabwehr eingeplant. Bisher sind nur die Air Force One des Präsidenten und Militärmaschinen mit einem Abwehrsystem ausgestattet.
Eine in der Zeitung zitierte Studie des Washingtoner Cato-Instituts empfiehlt auch aus ökonomischen Gründen vermehrt Investitionen in die Raketenabwehr. Ein erfolgreicher Terrorakt könnte die Menschen vom Fliegen abschrecken und damit enorme Verluste in der Luftfahrt und der Gesamtwirtschaft verursachen.
Auch andere Länder prüfen eine Aufrüstung ziviler Flugzeuge. Israel soll bereits die Maschinen der Fluggesellschaft El-Al mit Raketentäuschern ausgestattet haben und plant, auch alle zivilen Passagier- und Frachtmaschinen zu schützen. In Großbritannien überlegt British Airways und in Australien die Airline Quantas den Einbau einer Raketenabwehr
Their main obligation is to their employer, not to their country."

Background - The company's founders are Scott Custer, a former Army Ranger and defense consultant + former CIA officer Michael Battles, who

00.000.2002 ran for Congress in Rhode Island + was defeated in the Republican primary. Battles is a Fox News Channel commentator. [1] )

Custer Battles From SourceWatch

Custer Battles, LLC is a security company based in McLean, Virginia, that promotes its services as including "security services", "litigation support", "global risk consulting", "training" and "business intelligence".


Aegis Defense Services


Blackwater USA

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Erinys International Ltd.

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International Convention Against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries

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Armor Holdings, Inc.

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PAE - Pacific Architects & Engineering

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surveillance services

International Intelligence Limited

15.Jul.2005 Did the Bush-men fund vote fraud with money earmarked for rebuilding Iraq? A poster to Democratic Underground offers a intriguing glimpse of a possible conspiracy to fund the G.O.P.'s 2004 election shennanigans. The scenario remains unproven and hypothetical. Still, we should tug on this thread to see how it unravels.
In essence: As coincidence - and I think it is coincidence - would have it, the lawyer for Matt Cooper (of Plame fame) not long ago had another interesting client: Custer Battles, a now-infamous firm accused of defrauding the U.S. taxpayers of $50 million earmarked for Iraq. URL:
The analysis also demonstrated that other voter statistics make it impossible for Bush to have won. Even if all Bush voters from 2000 showed up and voted for him, he still needed an additional 13 million votes. He didn't get them from new voters and those who did not vote in 2000; those voters preferred Kerry by an almost 3-to-2 margin. Because of this, a Bush victory required that he must win a whopping 14% of Gore 2000 voters, all of whom had to return to vote in 2004. But Gore voters were angry; they came back to defeat Bush once again after having the election stolen from them.
Logical absurdities and inconsistencies in Election 2004 abound...
This work is just part of a comprehensive set of election fraud work and analysis provided by the dedicated voting rights activists in DemocraticUnderground.Com's "2004: Election Results and Discussion" forum, a unique Net resource. URL:
15.Jul.2005 Ten thousand voter registrations documents shredded in Hocking County. The latest investigative piece by
Bob Fitrakis deserves the widest possible publicity.
Sherole Eaton, the unfairly fired election official in Hocking County, Ohio, claims that Elections Director Lisa Schwartze (a Republican activist accused of using her office for partisan fundraising) has illegally shredded as many as ten thousand voter registrations documents.
I suspect that the shredded documents were not chosen at random... URL:
Date/Time: 07/15/2005 00:4
Wilson sagte, dass seine Frau, die in den Medien unter ihrem Mädchennamen Valerie Plame bekannt ist, offiziell seinen Nachnamen angenommen habe. Deswegen tauge das Argument nicht, Rove habe in dem Gespräch den Namen der Agentin nicht genannt. "Er hat sie identifiziert", sagte Wilson.
Präsident George W. Bush nahm unterdessen mit einer symbolischen Geste seinen unter massiven Druck geratenen Chefberater in Schutz. Heute marschierte er Seite an Seite mit Rove vom Weißen Haus zu dem Hubschrauber, der beide in den US-Bundesstaat Indiana bringen sollte. Normalerweise schreitet der Präsident beim Gang zu seinem Helikopter immer weit vor seinen Gehilfen her, damit ihn die Kameras allein einfangen.
Umfrage: Linksbündnis überholt CDU im Osten

14.Jul.2005 CIA-Skandal: Ex-Botschafter fordert Rücktritt von Rove

14.Jul.2005 Sicherheitspolitik: Muslimen-Zentralrat befürwortet Observierung von Moscheen

14.Jul.2005 Al-Qaida: Bin Laden verliert laut Studie Rückhalt in islamischen Staaten

14.Jul.2005 Nationalfeiertag in Frankreich: Brennende Autos und Gewalt

14.Jul.2005 China-Waffenembargo: Bush darf keine Sanktionen gegen EU-Firmen verhängen

14.Jul.2005 Augenblick: Tod der Todesstrafe

14.Jul.2005 Wischtest in Brüssel: Kokainspuren auf dem EU-Parlaments-Klo

14.Jul.2005 Tsunami: Erdbeben verschob Inseln

14.Jul.2005 Terrorfahndung: Der Mann, der den Bus in die Luft jagte

14.Jul.2005 Italien: Richter streikten gegen Berlusconi

14.Jul.2005 Terrorabwehr: USA testen Raketenabwehr für Ziviljets

14.Jul.2005 Historischer Limes: Der "Teufelswall" als Welterbe
Vollstreckungslandkarte: Alle 20 Sekunden kommt irgendwo der Kuckuck
CIA-Skandal: Bushs Schweigen, Roves Verrat

14.Jul.2005 Päpstliche Potter-Schelte: Ratzinger mag Harry nicht

14.Jul.2005 Historiker Baring zur Großen Koalition: "Das Angebot an Führungspersonal ist kümmerlich"

14.Jul.2005 SPD: Ein Gespenst namens Große Koalition

14.Jul.2005 Untersuchungsbericht: Guantanamo soll Folter-Vorbild für Abu Ghureib gewesen sein

14.Jul.2005 Textilbranche: GAP-Näher schuften 60 Stunden die Woche und mehr
Gedenken an Anschläge: Europa steht für zwei Minuten still

14.Jul.2005 UN to take over Nepal, hold polls: King Gyanendra and the Maoist insurgents have agreed for the UN to administer Nepal for a year within which internally-monitored elections will be held + the scheme presented to UN secretary general Kofi Annan by US secretary of state Condoleezaa Rice was structured by India while the UK and Belgium co-sponsored it.

14.Jul.2005 America, India and the outsourcing of imperial overreach : In offering to make India a 'major world power', Washington wants a 'low cost ally' whose support in 'low-end tasks' will help free its own military for the 'high-end' military operations central to maintaining its power in Asia.

14.Jul.2005 Root of the Rove controversy is the war in Iraq: U.S. justification for waging war on Saddam still haunts White House

14.Jul.2005 Ted Rall: TreasonGate: It's Not Just Karl Rove : Since Karl Rove surfaced last week as the White House official who probably unmasked a covert CIA agent, new developments appear to confirm that the deputy chief of staff and chief Bush political strategist has committed treason

14.Jul.2005 Greg Palast: Mr. Rove And The Access Of Evil - Tells Us Your "Source" Judy : The only thing more evil, small-minded and treasonous than the Bush Administration's jailing Judith Miller for a crime the Bush Administration committed, is Judith Miller covering up her Bush Administration "source.

14.Jul.2005 Are the White House Press Corp Waking Up?: Q Scott, can I ask you this; did Karl Rove commit a crime?

14.Jul.2005 GOP talking points on Rove seek to discredit Wilson : An exclusive copy of Republican talking points on Bush adviser Karl Rove's leaking the name of a CIA agent to a reporter, circulated by the Republican National Committee to "D.C. Talkers" in Washington.

14.Jul.2005 U.S. Judge Slams New Deportation Law : The chief judge of U.S. District Court in Boston lashed out at Congress on Tuesday for putting what he called a ``chokehold'' on all federal district courts, stripping them of the authority to rule on deportation cases.

14.Jul.2005 Iran: World fed up with extensive violation of human rights by US Tehran: Foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi reacting to interfering statement of US President George W. Bush, said, "The United States is talking about violation of human rights in Iran, while the whole world is disgusted of extensive violation of human rights in USA and by US government around the world".

14.Jul.2005 Arafat poisoning theory gets boost: Farouq Kaddoumi became the most senior Palestinian figure to endorse the poisoning theory when he told reporters in Tunis on Monday: “I can categorically confirm that Abu Ammar (Arafat) was poisoned.

14.Jul.2005 Bush and Blair’s ‘Prime Evil’ : UK Presidency proposes that all ID cards have biometrics - everyone to be fingerprinted.

14.Jul.2005 UK EU presidency aims for Europe-wide biometric ID card: The UK is using its Presidency of the Council of the European Union to push for the adoption of biometric ID cards and associated standards across the whole of the EU.

14.Jul.2005 Pentagon hawk admits Iraq doubts: The outgoing Pentagon number three has admitted holding doubts over key areas of US military policy in Iraq.

14.Jul.2005 Voices of Resistance: An Interview with Dr. Mohammad al-Obaidi of Iraq's Peoples' Struggle Movement : The main purpose of the election process was to secure a government that will facilitate long-lasting agreements with the US to keep its forces on Iraqi soil and transform the country into an American colony.

14.Jul.2005 In case you missed it: Video: The Secret Government : Bill Moyers, documents U.S. support of terrorist regimes and the brutality of Americas foreign policy.

14.Jul.2005 U.S. hoping London blasts will unite West : U.S. policymakers are working this week to hammer home the Bush administration’s perspective on last week’s bombings in London, a view that emphasizes the bloodthirsty nature of al-Qaida, the necessity of re-examining long-established notions of law enforcement and the longer-term importance of bringing democracy to the Islamic world, beginning in Iraq.

14.Jul.2005 FOX News Sells: Saddam Hussein and Usama Bin Laden Link?

14.Jul.2005 Evidence indicates four suicide attackers carried out London bombings : Investigators will now have to determine whether the men acted alone or had help in planning the bombings.

14.Jul.2005 Suicide bombers had IDs : Police had no need of DNA evidence to identify the suspected bombers as the men were all carrying personal documents.

14.Jul.2005 A Replay Of The Pristine 9/11 Passport: It turns out, if you believe the Brooklyn Bridge is for sale, that actual IDs of bombers were found in separate piles of rubble at the sites of the blasts.

14.Jul.2005 The suicide bomb squad from Leeds: The man who planted the bomb at Edgware Road was named last night as Mohammed Sidique Khan, 30, the married father of an eight-month-old baby, who is believed to have come from the Leeds area.

14.Jul.2005 Bomb suspects 'had been arrested before' : Some of the suspected suicide bombers who attacked London last week had been arrested in 2004 but freed in a bid to catch a wider network, French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has revealed.

14.Jul.2005 Britain denies bomb suspects arrested in the past: British interior minister Charles Clarke on Wednesday hotly denied having told European Union counterparts that some of the suspects in last week's London bomb attacks had been arrested in the past.

14.Jul.2005 UK 'to face more suicide attacks' : HOME Secretary Charles Clarke today warned Britain must prepare for more suicide attacks amid fears scores more UK-based fanatics are ready to die for their cause.

14.Jul.2005 Galloway speaks on the bombings: Many of those caught up in the events were my constituents, heading to work in the City and the west end. I spent four hours or so this morning at the Royal London hospital in my constituency where the medical staff are toiling, without a break, to deal with the casualties who are being brought in in their scores—perhaps, by now, in their hundreds.

14.Jul.2005 Terrorism Comes with Empire: Why didn’t the terrorists strike Switzerland instead of England? After all, the two countries share the same “freedom and values,” don’t they?

14.Jul.2005 First Muslim killed in feared backlash against London bombings : A 48-year old man from Pakistan has been beaten to death outside a corner shop by a gang of youths in what is believed to be the first Muslim killed in a backlash against last week's bombings in London.

14.Jul.2005 128,000 Iraqi civilian casualties: An Iraqi humanitarian organization is reporting that 128,000 Iraqis have been killed since the U.S. invasion began in March 2003.

14.Jul.2005 100,000 Iraqi Civilian Deaths in 28 Months : An international research organization in Switzerland said US troops killed 39,000 civilians since the beginning of the war

14.Jul.2005 The label of Catholic terror was never used about the IRA Fundamentalism is often a form of nationalism in religious disguise -Karen Armstrong
We cannot hope to convert Osama bin Laden from his vicious ideology; our priority must be to stem the flow of young people into organisations such as al-Qaida, instead of alienating them by routinely coupling their religion with immoral violence. Incorrect statements about Islam have convinced too many in the Muslim world that the west is an implacable enemy .

14.Jul.2005 A war between normal human people and savages? By Abid Ullah Jan
The corporate terrorist of the Multinationals have invisibly joined hands with the religious zealots who have a mission to transform the Muslim world in their own image.

14.Jul.2005 Leaked UK Memo Warned Iraq War a Key Cause for Growth of "Extremism" in Britain
Broadcast 07/13/05 We go to Britain to speak with author and activist Milan Rai about how a leaked British government study concluded that British foreign policy + the Iraq war in particular, was a key cause of young Britons turning to terrorism.
Real Audio

14.Jul.2005 trade asian exporters fear damage japan rift mounting trade ... ... consortium headed pennzoil pzl offered block offers result applications ... legal dispute pennzoil pzl texaco fighting texas law requiring post bond ...

trade asian export fear damag japan rift mount trade friction and ... ... pct and orang nassau pct thi group consortium head pennzoil pzl offer block ... loan result legal disput pennzoil pzl texaco fight texa law requir post ...
CONCENTRAÇÕES DECIDIDAS EM 2001 - Ver em HTML ... 38/2002 - Shell Oil Company/Pennzoil - Quaker State Company. A operação de concentração, notificada em 2002-06-25, consiste ...

14.Jul.2005 Afghanistan: Taliban haben angeblich flüchtige Extremisten aufgenommen

14.Jul.2005 Terror-Ermittlungen: Scotland Yard jagt zwei Qaida-Männer

14.Jul.2005 Daten-Retter: Fahndung nach Einsen und Nullen

14.Jul.2005 Staatsbürgerschaft: Kardinal Lehmann will Verfassungsbekenntnis von Muslimen

14.Jul.2005 Internet Archive: Kanzlei verklagt die Wayback Machine

14.Jul.2005 Ryanair: Londoner Anschläge kosten eine Million Umsatz

14.Jul.2005 Innere Sicherheit: Union will Muslime schärfer überwachen

14.Jul.2005 Startverbot für Space Shuttle: Treibstoffanzeige spielte verrückt

14.Jul.2005 Terror-Ermittlungen: Polizei identifiziert Drahtzieher der Anschläge

14.Jul.2005 Globalierungsdilemma: Sockenkrieg in Amerikas Südstaaten

Al-Qaeda cleric exposed as an MI5 double agent By Daniel McGrory and Richard Ford, March 25, 2004
ONE of al-Qaeda’s most dangerous figures has been revealed as a double agent working for MI5, raising criticism from European governments, which repeatedly called for his arrest.
Tony Bunyan of Statewatch, which monitors civil liberties in the EU, said: 'This proposal, with others, means that everyone living in the EU and their details are held on an EU-wide database.
At a time of great tragedy it is all the more important that we act with care and do not bequeath to future generations a society where every movement and every communication is under surveillance.'

posted by Fintan,
14.Jul.2005 As well as being director of New York's overall emergency response planning in the lead-in to 9/11,

Sheirer himself was the city's on-scene coordinator of multiple agency responses to the 9/11 attacks themselves.
And I suppose this is a good time to point out that Sheirer should really be addressed by his full title -courtesy of Her Majesty the Queen, in recognition of services to British/American relations- Mr. Richard J Sheirer CBE, honorary Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

28.Oct.2002 -On- The 9/11-related CBE was bestowed by the British Ambassador, Sir Christopher Meyer, in a most touching ceremony at the British Embassy, in Washington D.C..
I'm sure it was a proud moment for Sheirer. Even prouder than his

00.May 2002 attendance at an FCC media security meeting along with media baron, K. Rupert Murdoch.
14.Jul.2005 Meanwhile the competent Nico
just found exactly how well connected is Mr. Power.
It seems that Power served on the Advisory Board to the Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness(CCEP), along with none other than Richard Sheirer, Senior Vice President, Giuliani & Partners.
Former New York mayor Rudi Giuliani, who was in office at the time of the 11.Sep.2001 attacks, was, by sheer coincidence, in London when the recent bombings took place.

And by further sheer coincidence, just happened to be only "yards from Liverpool Street station when the bombs went off." [Source]
On the website of the CCEP, their internet page listing current advisors
shows only Mr Power. However.... if you go to the Google cache of the same page -a snapshot as of 27.Jan.2005- it shows both Power + Sheirer were on the advisory board together .
In case you forgot exactly who Sheirer is, let's quote from
his bio page on the CCEP website:
a few months ago the BBC broadcast a similar documentary on the same theme, although with much worse consequences [??].

It is hardly surprising therefore, that we chose a feasible scenario - but the timing and script was nonetheless, a little disconcerting. URL:
14.Jul.2005 which
Peter Power responds.
Thank you for your message. Given the volume of emails about events on 7 July and a commonly expressed misguided belief that our exercise revealed prescient behaviour, or was somehow a conspiracy (noting that several websites interpreted our work that day in an inaccurate/naive/ignorant/hostile manner) it has been decided to issue a single email response as follows: It is confirmed that a short number of 'walk through' scenarios planed [sic] well in advance had commenced that morning for a private company in London (as part of a wider project that remains confidential) + that two scenarios related directly to terrorist bombs at the same time as the ones that actually detonated with such tragic results. One scenario in particular, was very similar to real time events.
"However, anyone with knowledge about such ongoing threats to our capital city will be aware that... URL:

13.Jul.2005 Großbritannien: Polizeirazzia bei London

13.Jul.2005 Studie: Jeder vierte Deutsche ausländerfeindlich eingestellt

11.Jul.2005 Suche nach dem ersten Puzzle-Stück ... Ermittler deuteten gegenüber britischen Zeitungen und Nachrichtenagenturen an, dass der benutzte Sprengstoff aus den Lagern des Militärs stammen könnte. ...
08.Jul.2005 Viel sozialer Sprengstoff in der Zukunft Thedinghäuser Zeitung -

... viele trockene Zahlen, die aber, wie der SPD-Bundestagsabgeordnete Joachim Stünker feststellte, gewaltigen gesellschaftlichen Sprengstoff enthalten.
Embattled BBC governor Neville-Jones resigns LONDON (Reuters) -

Dame Pauline Neville - Jones is to stand down early from the BBC Board of Governors,

less than two months after former BBC Director General ...

Aid Workers Forum: Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) - Preparing ...

Dame Pauline Neville - Jones - QinetiQ

... an infrastructure-rich context for granted with a sophisticated “911” emergency management system as their fulcrum. ...

Khazad-Dum - The death of Dr Kelly ...

Dame Pauline Neville - Jones, a BBC governor, emerged as one of the main figures in the feud between the BBC + UK government in the fallout of the Hutton ...

Khazad-Dum - The death of Dr Kelly

... to an Economic Crisis

The plan to attack Afghanistan...before 9/11

The cost ...

Dame Pauline Neville - Jones, a BBC governor, emerged as one of the main figures in ...

14.Jul.2005 down with murder inc

00.Jan.1998 -since-Dame Pauline Neville - Jones has been a BBC Governor.

00.000.2005 -to the end of- Her term of office has been extended. ...

BBC NEWS | Europe | Serbian premier assassinated

Dame Pauline Neville - Jones -A former adviser to EU High Representative to Bosnia Carl Bildt,

Dame Pauline Neville - Jones, paid tribute to Mr Djindjic: ...

The Sexed-Up Dossier Saga Continues (

Dame Pauline Neville Jones, a former chairperson of the joint ...

... wasn't Dr Kelly or Pauline Neville Jones + it ...

... in street warfare. bush uses 9/11 as propaganda. ...

14.Jul.2005 In the shadow of the ministry of terror - [Sunday Herald]

Former head of the joint intelligence committee Dame Pauline Neville – Jones described it as simply “dangerous” to turn the security debate into a party ...


... + editor as well as publisher of PEACEKEEPING INTELLIGENCE:

Emerging Concepts for the Future (OSS, 2003, Foreword by Dame Pauline Neville - Jones, UK). ...

OSS.Net, Inc. Home Page

... an honor to have Forewords from Senator David Boren (D-OK) +

Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) as well as Dame Pauline Neville - Jones (for the edited work). ...

14.Jul.2005 PEPIS messages for 2004 - the archive 911 : In Plane Sight follows on from other videos such as 'Mohammed Atta +

... DAME PAULINE NEVILLE - JONES . Position: Chairs the BBC's audit committee + ...

Political manipulation of the BBC - Alasdair Milne - Zircon ...

Dame Pauline Neville - Jones - war profiteer in ermine + Greg Dyke's backstabber ...

Dame Pauline Neville - Jones, a BBC governor, emerged as one of the main ...

" GERMAN – DUTCH RELATIONS IN THE 20 th CENTURY - An International Intelligence Perspective "

Conference organized by the Netherlands Intelligence Studies Association (NISA) + the International Intelligence History Association (IIHA)

17.Jun.2005-19.Jun.2005 at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences Amsterdam URL:
Dr. Wolbert Smidt (Ger) ‘A European Intelligence Structure, the Future Role of Germany and the Netherlands’

17.Jun.2005-19.Jun.2005 11.45-12.15 Dame Pauline Neville-Jones (UK) (to be confirmed) ‘Intelligence and the FutureURL:
17.Jun.2005-19.Jun.2005 001
Dr. Peter Morré (Ger) ‘The Bundesverfassungsgericht and Joint Operations against RAF and the IRA’ URL:
THE COLD WAR 13.30-14.00 Frans Kluiters (Neth) ‘Abwehr Stay Behind in the Netherlands’

14.Jul.2005 Telegraph | News ... ultimate anchorman

By Thomas Harding and Sandra Barwick (Filed: 10.Sep.2001 ). ... of Lords, r John Ashworth, an economist + Dame Pauline Neville - Jones, who was ...

Telegraph | News Dame Pauline Neville - Jones (Filed: 10.Sep.2001 ).

A LATE entry into the race + a possible sop to Tory accusations of cronyism, Dame ...
House of Commons - Defence - Minutes of Evidence


However, from the MoD's submission,

in 2001 -02 30% of the MoD's £416 million ...

27.Feb.2003 House of Commons - Foreign Affairs - First Report Strategic Export Controls:

00.000.2001 -Annual Report for- Licensing Policy ... Dame Pauline Neville Jones, former Political Director and Deputy ...


08.Jun.2001-10.Jun.2001 ,Hamburg ‘Intelligence and the Future’. Dame Pauline Neville - Jones (UK) (to be confirmed). 12.30-13.00 ... Annual Meeting 2001, ...

White House in denial as Rove is named as a possible 'leak' of CIA agent's identity Marks & Spencer reports sharp fall in sales URL:
BBC hopefuls face their first interrogation By David Lister, Media and Culture Editor

10.Sep.2001 A secretive panel of figures from business + politics + the media + academia

will begin an exhaustive interrogation this week of the six candidates for the sensitive position of BBC chairman,

who will preside over some of the most revolutionary changes in the corporation's history.

Nicholas Kroll, permanent secretary at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, will chair a group believed to comprise Sir Christopher Hogg, the chairman of Reuters;

Liz Forgan, the former head of BBC Radio; +

Sir Brian Follett, an academic.

Although the BBC is publicly funded + in spite of promises of open government, a Whitehall spokesman refused to confirm the names on the panel.

Yet the quartet has just as much importance as the Media and Culture Secretary, Tessa Jowell, in the selection.

It will whittle down the names from six to probably two or possibly even one, who will then be interviewed by Ms Jowell.

She will forward her choice to the Prime Minister, finally to be rubber-stamped by Buckingham Palace.

The interviews are scheduled to take place on Thursday and Friday when most of those who run the British television industry are ensconced in Cambridge at the Royal Television Society conference.

The first big job for the new chairman will become clear at that conference – to oversee the establishment of the two controversial new BBC digital channels, BBC3 + BBC4.

Ms Jowell is expected to approve the new channels, one specialising in children's + youth programming + the other in culture.

Despite protests from commercial broadcasters,

the Government has been convinced by the BBC's argument that,

without an expansion of children's programming by the corporation, the country would be swamped by American shows from the likes of Disney, Nickelodeon and Fox.

The new channels will be in the vanguard of the corporation's attempts to be ready for the huge upheaval surrounding the planned turn-off of the analogue signal later in the decade.

The six on the shortlist for the chairmanship are understood to be the broadcaster David Dimbleby;

the current BBC vice-chairman, Gavyn Davies;

the former leader of the House of Lords, Baroness Jay of Paddington;

the ex-chief executive of Channel 4, Michael Grade;

the former chairman of the British Library, John Ashworth; +

the former diplomat Dame Pauline Neville-Jones.

The hot favourite remains Gavyn Davies.

The only whispers against him have been on account of his closeness to the New Labour élite.

Some feel there should be more of a political balance at the top of the BBC.

The director general, Greg Dyke, is a Labour supporter.

The outgoing chairman, Sir Christopher Bland, was appointed by the Conservatives.

The process has been delayed to give the new leader of the Tories a say in the selection.

Heather Rabatts,

a former chief executive of Lambeth council in London, who was rumoured to be a serious contender for the post, does not appear to be on the shortlist.

In the running:

The candidates for chairing the corporation

Gavyn Davies

The Goldman Sachs economist is the hot favourite.

Having chaired a government review on the financing of the BBC, he is an expert on the subject.

New Labour smiles upon him and his wife works for the Chancellor, Gordon Brown.

Baroness Jay Of Paddington

As with all the current candidates, she would be a hands-on chairwoman.

But with sensitivities about political leanings at the top of the BBC, someone who was so recently serving in the Government is unlikely to be appointed to the post.

Michael Grade

Personable cigar-chomper who now runs Pinewood Studios.

A brilliant scheduler at Channel 4, he also imported Friends and ER.

Keen to return to television.

David Dimbleby

Likely clashes with Greg Dyke would be interesting.

Expect to see Panorama promoted from its graveyard slot if the BBC current affairs supremo gets the job.

John Ashworth

A surprise candidate, this biochemist is believed to be a champion of public service broadcasting and would ensure close scrutiny of the BBC's output.

Dame Pauline Neville-Jones

Supported by Conservative lobby,

she chaired the Joint Intelligence Committee +

was managing director of NatWest Markets.

BBC block staff access to www.bilderberg.org05Apr02 - Tony Gosling

The BBC have blocked access for their staff to the website.

A researcher at BBC Bristol attempted to access pages yesterday containing information for a forthcoming programme when he received error messages.

After referring the matter to technical support he was told it was not a routine error but that the website had been permanently blocked to all BBC staff for no known reason.

The website contains background pages on political manipulation of the BBC, specifically the

00.000.1986 Thatcher government's sacking of director general Alasdair Milne as well as the

00.0001993 text of playwright Dennis Potter's 'Occupying Powers' speech to the Royal Television Society criticising the subsequent Birt regime at the corporation.

On the same page are also details of a recent £250,000 junket the current Director General Greg Dyke took to the USA which

10.Mar.2002 appeared in early editions of the Sunday Times.

10.Mar.2002 The article was removed from the newspaper at some stage in its print run.

The article appears below.

The reason for the BBC's censorship of the site is being investigated.

09.Apr.2002 -Tuesday—by-Access to the site from BBC terminals had been restored. URL:
"There is a new political divide: no longer ‘left’ and ‘right’; it's now ‘us and them’, with ‘them’ being politicians, the establishment and the broadcasters and media." URL:
22.Jan.2004 by David Cromwell
The Real BBC: Balanced, Fair and Honest... Unless it Really Matters

International Institute for Strategic Studies - what is it -

Critical description of IISS from "The Committee of 300" by Dr John Coleman: page 178

The IISS is the vehicle for MI6-Tavistock black propaganda + wet jobs (an intelligence over name denoting an operation where bloodshed is required),

adverse nuclear incidents and terrorism, which goes to the world's press for dissemination, as well as to governments and military establishments.

Membership in the IISS includes representatives of 87 major wire services and press associations, as well as 138 senior editors and columnists....

The IISS is nothing more than a higher echelon opinion maker, as defined by Lippmann + Bernays.

In the writing of books + in newspapers, IISS was formed to be a coordinating centre for not only creating opinions, but to get those opinions + scenarios out much faster and to a far greater audience than could be reached by a book for example....

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in a democratic society.

Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power in our country......

We are governed, our minds are moulded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of...." Edward Bernays

13.Jul.2005 liberty spring 2001/1st proof - HTML-Version Dr Stephen Whittle won the Human Rights Award 2002 for his work as vice-president and ...

Monira Hussain, Christopher Digby-Bell, Stephen Whittle, ...

13.Jul.2005 Accessible Hutton Inquiry – Evidence E-mail from Stephen Mitchell to Stephen Whittle and Mark Damazer. BBC/5/0056-0057 ...

E-mail between Ricahrd Sambrook + Mark Damazer + Stephen Whittle .

13.Jul.2005 Institute for Media, Peace & Security - Caught in the Crossfire

09:30 - 11:00 am, Making sense of the reporting mosaic (Chairman: Stephen Whittle (Editorial Policy Controller, BBC).

11:00 - 11:30 am, Tea/coffee break ... 11. Juli 2005

FCCJ : The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan

Stephen Whittle - A Turning Point for the BBC?

Stephen Whittle's job description is demanding in its simplicity: "To ensure that the BBC sets + ...

Mosaic Youth

Stephen Whittle . LGBT- BIG NAME OF THE MONTH. May/June: Stephen Whittle ... Stephen says: "I am extremely honoured to receive this. ...


00.Jul.2001 Stephen Whittle became the BBC’s Controller of Editorial Policy succeeding Phil Harding who moved to the BBC World Service as Director of ...

The Muslim Council of Britain Weekly E-Newsletter MCB Homepage ...

Stephen Whittle wrote to the MCB on Tuesday 28.May 20-- to apologise for the Corporation's use of the term 'Islamic Terrorist' in recent reports on the Kashmir ...

The truth about the Bush war of "pre-emptive" terrorism is that it will continue unless it is resisted by people committed to building a civilised world free from the fear of terrorism in all its forms + shapes.

The US cannot continue its violent Occupation in Iraq pretends to fight "terrorists".

If there are "terrorists" in Iraq, they are in Iraq because of the Occupation.

Once the Occupation forces withdraw from Iraq, the phantom of "terrorists" will withdraw with them.

Iraqis will be able to negotiate a peaceful solution that serves their nation interests and the interests of their communities without the interference of foreign forces.

In order to accept the use of "pre-emptive" attack in the name of self-defence, it is essential to first accept the existence of such a right under the UN Charter. According to Michael Bothe, Professor of Law and an expert on international law at W. J. Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany; "lawful self-defence requires the actual existence of an armed attack or of a situation to be considered as equivalent to an armed attack".

The UN Charter is very clear about the prohibition of the use of force. Article 2(4) stated: "All members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state or in any manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations". Iraq was a defenceless nation and Iraq posed no threat to the US, Britain and their allies. Further, there was no evidence of Iraq’s intention to attack any other state. The attack on Iraq was a premeditated act of terrorism.

The official definition of terrorism, according to a US Army manual: "is the calculated use of violence or threat of violence to attain goals that are political, religious, or ideological in nature. This is done through intimidation, coercion, or instilling fear" [1]. The British government definition of terrorism in the Terrorism Act 2000 is: "terrorism is the use, or threat, of action which is violent, damaging or disrupting + is intended to influence the government or intimidate the public and is for purpose of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause". In 2005, a UN panel defined terrorism: "as any action intended to cause death or serious bodily harm to civilians or non-combatants with the purpose of intimidating a population or compelling a government or an international organisation to do, or abstain from, any act".

While these definitions are important, they are only used when Western states and Western interests are attacked by so-called "retail" terrorists. They are deliberately avoided and ignored when Western forces attacked other states. For example, these definitions are not considered appropriate when discussing the daily acts of terrorism practised by Israel against the Palestinian people or the 1981 Israeli "pre-emptive" attack on Iraq’s nuclear reactor plant in Baghdad, killing two French technicians in the attack. These definitions were also not considered appropriate when the US "pre-emptively" attacked a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan in 1998 killing many civilians and destroyed the country’s vital source of medicinal supplies. The use of the term terrorism is deliberately ignored in the current indiscriminate attacks by US-British forces on population centres in Fallujah, Najaf, Ramadi, Al-Qaim, Hillah, Haditha, Karabila and many other Iraqi towns and cities using prohibited Napalm and chemical weapons. The current premeditated US terror, termed "collective punishments", to destroy Iraqi towns and cities is in complete violation of the Geneva Protocol and The Hague Convention. Sadly, it is encouraged by the deafening silence of the UN Secretary General, Mr. Kofi Anan, who is only interested in serving his imperial master than serves the principles of the UN Charter.

The US and its allies use terrorism as an "ideological instrument of propaganda and control". "It is the West and Western interests that have pushed terrorism to the forefront, not the ‘terrorists’", wrote Edward Herman. Terrorism is the driving force behind Western imperialism and the ongoing illegal conquest of people’s resources and livelihoods.

Furthermore, it is worth remembering that since 1991, the US and Britain used the phantom of WMD to enforce the murderous sanctions against the Iraqi people + to illegally bomb Iraq in order to force a change in Iraq’s leadership in total violation of international law.

In London wurde am 7.Juli 2005 im Frühverkehr der Alptraum all jener Wirklichkeit, die täglich die U-Bahnen der Grossstädte frequentieren. 3 Bombenexplosionen nacheinander, viele Tote, hunderte Verletzte, dann auch noch ein zerfetzter Autobus, was nach Selbstmordattentäter aussieht. Ich denke nicht an Madrid 2004, sondern an den Bahnhof von Bologna einstmals in Italien, einem Bombenattentat, das von rechten Terroristen im Auftrag europäischer geheimdienstlicher Strukturen verübt wurde. Im Buch "Gladio" schreibt Dario N. Azzellini zum 2. August 1980, wo Teile der Bahnhofshalle von Bologna durch eine Bombe zum Einsturz gebracht wurden und 85 Menschen starben: "Der Anschlag erfolgte, kurz nachdem bekannt geworden war, dass das Parlament im Fall P 2 ermitteln wollte. Der Prozess gegen die zwei hauptangeklagten Faschisten ging 1988 mit langen Strafen für sie zu Ende. In einem späteren Verfahren wurden auch drei Geheimdienstmitarbeiter und P 2-Logenmeister Licio Gelli wegen ihrer Versuche, falsche Spuren zu legen, verurteilt."

Medien wandten sich gegen Extremismus von Links und Rechts ähnlich den sofortigen Schuldzuschreibungen an Islamisten in späteren Zeiten. Bologna war nur ein besonders furchtbarer von vielen Anschlägen, die sich nicht nur in Italien gegen die Zivilbevölkerung richteten, diese einschüchterten, da "es" jederzeit und überall "passieren" kann. "Destabilize in order to stabilize" nennt sich diese Strategie, weil hierdurch stets mehr "Sicherheit" gefordert werden kann. Einer der neuesten Texte auf der kanadischen Globalresearch-Webseite wurde vor dem 7. Juli gepostet und handelt von vorbeugendem Terrorismus . Hierin wird die Definiton von Terrorismus zitiert, wie sie ein US Army Manual gibt: der kalkulierte Einsatz von Drohung oder Gewalt, um Ziele zu erreichen.


Italy, targeted by the new group, is now the scene of a major exposee on past U.S. and Israeli support for terrorist groups, including those infiltrated by U.S. and Israeli agents. These shadowy groups kidnaped Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro and bombed two trains in Bologna.

Hours before the London bombings took place, a highly-connected U.S. intelligence source, speaking on a condition of anonymity, postulated that Vice President Dick Cheney and a cabal of neo-conservatives working in his office and the Pentagon had prior knowledge of the 911 terrorist attacks on New York City and the Pentagon and used them for maximum political advantage. Bush, who reportedly had no pre-knowledge of the specific attacks, was nevertheless used as a stage prop by the neo-cons, going to locations where he was instructed to go and parroting pre-prepared anti-terrorism statements. Wayne Madsen

Bush Says He Will Not Comment on Rove's Role Former WorldCom CEO Bernard Ebbers To Get 25 Years In Prison Possible Redesign of Homeland Security Three Passenger Trains Crash In Southern Pakistan

Bush Passes on Public Endorsement of Rove AP

WorldCom's Ebbers Gets 25 Years, Weeps AP

Bush says won't prejudge CIA case, Rove's role Reuters

The Cato Institutes Doug Bandow kindly defines the wests liberal 'values' for us: Ignorance is strength

23.Nov.2003 - "It is hard for most people steeped in the humane, liberal values of Western Civilization to understand the massacre of innocents.

To slaughter to make a political point. But terrorism is not likely to disappear. Indeed, it is a surprisingly common practice.

Although Americans were taken unaware on 11.Sep.2001, many other peoples have long suffered from the murderous attention of domestic and foreign terrorists.

"Terrorism is common + will persist, because it is a tool of the weak versus the strong, a cheap military weapon to achieve expensive political goals.

As long as there are people willing to kill to advance their ends, there will be terrorists." Cato twats

Blair 'to reject bombs inquiry'

Tony Blair is expected to reject Conservative demands for an inquiry into the London bombings when he makes a statement to MPs later on Monday.

The prime minister is due to underline his confidence in the intelligence services after the attacks which killed at least 49 and injured 700. Conservative leader Michael Howard has called for an inquiry, to see if any lessons could be learned. But minister Hazel Blears said the idea was unhelpful and may distract police. She said that in the normal course of their inquiries the police would examine how things had gone in the aftermath of Thursday's atrocities but she did not want them distracted and forced to take their "eyes off the ball". Downing Street meanwhile said it had two priorities: identifying the dead and informing the relatives + finding the forensic clues that would help capture the perpertrators.

"It's not time for a knee-jerk response," the spokesman added.

Rumours? Urban Myths?

Correspondence on the London Evening Standard Internet Forum from two people who travelled by tube on the morning of the London bombings:

Hi everyone,Did anyone travelling in BEFORE the attacks began yesterday notice anything peculiar on their tube journey?
I catch the Piccadilly line at 07.15 am each morning from Southgate to reach my work in Kensington by 8.00. Normally, all seats are taken by Finsbury Park and carriages are packed by Kings Cross.
However, yesterday my tube journey was eerily quiet. For the first time ever there were spare seats in my carriage all the way through zone 1. It was noticeable enough for me to wonder what on earth was going on. This was at 7.45 - over an hour before attacks began.
I've also heard people saying that the Northern Line was being shut down at the same time. Is there something that we're not being told?

I was due to pick a work colleague up from balham at 7:15am, but when I got there I was greeted with Tube emergency vans, police and and hoards of people being turned away from a closed station.All very strange they must have known something was going to happen, they surely had a tip off. As I drove along the road, (which also follows the tubes) they were all shut and hundreds of people were queuing for buses.

When I reached Oval, which was open there were two armed policemen in a road next to the station, which for a quiet area like that is extremely rare. The northern line was shut from Morden to Stockwell.

They blatantly knew something was going down, they just got it wrong and are hoping no one mentions anything.

Da Galloway mal meinte, er habe so etwas kommen sehen, wollen ihm manche andere Abgeordnete etwas in den Mund legen. Er setzt u.a. fort: " When I was on the Labour Benches and spoke in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, I said that I despise Osama bin Laden. The difference is that I have always despised him. I did so when the Government, in this very House, gave him guns, money and encouragement + set him to war in Afghanistan. I said that if they handled that event in the wrong way, they would create 10,000 bin Ladens. Does anyone doubt that 10,000 bin Ladens at least have been created by the events of the past two and a half years? If they do, they have their head in the sand. There are more people in the world today who hate us more intently than they did before as a result of the actions that we have taken." Auch John Pilger meint in einem
Kommentar, es handle sich um Blairs Bomben, politisch verursacht.

Galloway speaks on the bombings

. "Let there be no equivocation: the primary responsibility for this morning's bloodshed lies with the perpetrators of those acts. However, it would be crass to do other than what the Secretary of State for Defence in a way invited us to do. We cannot separate the acts from the political backdrop. They did not come out of a clear blue sky, any more than those monstrous mosquitoes that struck the twin towers and other buildings in the United States on 9/11 2001. The Defence Secretary said that we must look at the causal circumstances behind the problems of security and defence in the world. I insist that we do so." Er spricht von den Menschen, die anderswo durch uns sterben und die weit weniger Mitgefühl bekommen:

Auch die Verwendung des Koran weist Fehler auf, was ein noch gravierenderes Argument sei. Gerüchte um einen Anschlag in Grossbritannien soll es seit etwa vier Monaten geben. Mit Bekennerschreiben ist es aber, dies als Anmerkung meinerseits, ohnehin so eine Sache: sofern sie nicht auf Details Bezug nehmen, die nur Täterwissen sein können, besteht kein direkter Zusammenhang zu Anschlägen.

13.Jul.2005 I
n Verbindung mit der Unterwanderung auch vorgeblich kritischer linksgerichteter Organisationen ist interessant, was kürzlich ein Agent in der australischen Zeitung "The Age" enthüllte: ³We were basically paying up to US$10,000 a time to opportunists and criminals who passed off fiction and supposition about Zarqawi as cast-iron fact, making him out as the linchpin of just about every attack in Iraq.²

Dankbare Abnehmer für derlei Desinformation sind Massenmedien - es bedeutet, auf Recherche und Aufwand verzichten zu müssen, und vielleicht springt was extra raus für besonders engagierte JournalistInnen..... In Organisationen, die das "Richtige" über den islamischen Terrorismus und andere Themen vertreten sollen, sorgen die eingeschleusten agents provocateurs für Unruhe, Unfrieden und die Isolation all jener, die sich nicht auf Linie bringen lassen wollen. Was London betrifft, möchte Bowles bedenken, dass die britische Regierung gerade im Zusammenhang mit der engen Beziehung zu Bush und dem Irakkrieg jeden Rest an Glaubwürdigkeit verloren hat. (Und denen sollen wir glauben, was den Terror in London betrifft, werden sich wohl viele denken.) Den Effekt von Terror, der nicht mal die Ausmasse von 9/11 erreichen muss, sondern auch als Anschlagsdrohung existiert, beschreibt der Autor so:

Fake journalists - The BBC reponds Fake journalists

Fake journalists - The BBC reponds Fake journalists

11.Sep.2001 -VOR- gab es eine komische Geschichte über geheimnisvolle Obdachlose, die sich in einem der Türme im 91.Stock eingenistet hatten.

Nach 11.Sep.2001 war nirgendwo mehr die Rede von ihnen, niemand bezog sich auf jene Story vom 00.Aug.2001 .

Derlei Artikel sind ein Hinweis für Agenten oder bei zu stürzenden Personen nebenbei auch ein Einstimmen der Öffentlichkeit auf den zu erreichenden Zustand.

5 000 G-8-Kritiker eingesperrt - während sich zu 7/7 bislang wenig Interessantes in deutschsprachigen Medien findet, zeigt diese Meldung, wie nun mit GlobalisierungskritikerInnen umgegangen werden kann: "Die Polizei in Schottland hat ihr Vorgehen gegen Gegner des G-8-Gipfels verschärft. Am frühen Donnerstag morgen riegelten mehrere tausend Uniformierte einen Zeltplatz komplett ab, in dem globalisierungskritische Aktivisten campierten. Polizisten mit Schutzschilden, Schlagstöcken und kugelsicheren Westen sperrten den Haupteingang des Platzes sowie die Zufahrtsstraßen in die Ortschaft Stirling. Der Ort liegt 22 Kilometer südwestlich von Gleneagles, wo seit Mittwoch abend die Staats- und Regierungschefs der G-8 tagen."

13.Jul.2005 Schon seltsam, dass der Mann, welcher den Sprengstoff für die Zug-Anschläge besorgt haben soll, die private Telefonnummer des Chefs der Sprengstoffeinheit der Guardia Civil hatte.
Spain suspects 'were informants' ist auch eine britische Meldung, diesmal von der BBC:

Before today's attack, the Israeli Embassy in London was notified an attack was forthcoming." Was Letzteres betrifft, sind die widersprüchlichen Versionen ja auffällig, und gewesen sein kann es nur auf eine, nicht aber auf zwei, drei oder vier Arten.

13.Jul.2005 Scoop: BBC Say 'Fake Journalists' Will Not Be Used Again Dear Stephen Whittle ,. I am writing to you about the use of reports from ... Commissioning of this kind of item will not be repeated. Stephen Whittle ... 11. Juli 2005

13.Jul.2005 Stephen Whittle back to the BBC Stephen Whittle, Director of the ... Stephen Whittle has been the Director of the BSC since 1996. He ... Stephen Whittle is also a member of the Board of Governors of the ...

Stephen Whittle de retour à la BBC Stephen Whittle, Directeur de ... Stephen Whittle est directeur de la BSC depuis 1996. Il a travaillé ... Stephen Whittle est également membre du Conseil d'administration de ...

13.Jul.2005 BBC - Press Office - Stephen Whittle Stephen Whittle has been the BBC's Controller of Editorial Policy since July 2001. His role is to ensure that the BBC sets and observes the highest ethical ...

The BBC’s new editorial guidelines stipulate: ‘‘A delay must be installed when broadcasting live coverage of sensitive and challenging events such as the school siege at Beslan.’’

If it had been in place in 11.Sep.2001 the delay would have covered reporting of the twin towers tragedy in New York, which was broadcast live by the BBC and many other broadcasters.

The revised guidelines will come into effect July 25 and will replace the company’s producers’ guidelines to reflect a new broadcasting code by the British regulator OFCOM and the world’s ‘‘changing media environment’’.

ASSOCIATED PRESS LONDON, JUNE 23 The BBC will introduce a time-delay on its live coverage of sensitive news events such as September 11 and the school massacre in Beslan, Russia, the company said on Thursday. The time delay will last several seconds and will allow editors to cut any scenes they believe are too shocking for viewers. The decision was made following the unease felt in some quarters over the BBC’s coverage of the Beslan disaster in September, the British Broadcasting Corporation said.
BBC to time-delay live sensitive broadcasts ist eines der seltsamen Fundstücke, die immer wieder auf die Zeit vor Anschlägen verweisen. Am 24. Juni war nämlich zu lesen: "The BBC will introduce a time-delay on its live coverage of sensitive news events such as 11.Sep.2001 + the school massacre in Beslan, Russia, the company said on Thursday. The time delay will last several seconds and will allow editors to cut any scenes they believe are too shocking for viewers." Wie wir noch sehen werden, gab es auch eine merkwürdige Story in einer amerikanischen Tageszeitung, die unter anderem der britischen Königsfamilie gehört, über den Bau des Londoner U-Bahn-Netzes. Derlei Geschichten werden auch als Hinweise an Agenten verstanden....

in "Berliner Sicherheitskreisen skeptisch bewertet" wird.

"Verschiedene Indizien sprächen dagegen, daß das Bezichtigungsschreiben authentisch sei. Generell weise Al Qaida nur selten in Schreiben auf die eigene Urheberschaft von Anschlägen hin, üblicher seien bislang Videobotschaften oder Tonbandmitteilungen gewesen. Auch habe Al Qaida bei vorhergegangenen Anschlägen selten so unmittelbar öffentlich die Urheberschaft für das Terrornetz reklamiert." Ausserdem bleibt der "heilige Krieg" unerwähnt - und es wird nicht so direkt die Verantwortung für 7/7 übernommen, was wiederum stark an div. Bin Laden-Videos zu 9/11 erinnert.... Die "Berliner Sicherheitskreise" meinen aber ungeachtet ihrer eigenen Einschätzung, dass Al Qaida dahinterstecke, wegen der "Umstände der Tat". Was denn? Dass U-Bahnen nahezu zeitgleich in die Luft gejagt wurden, während sie Londons muslimische Viertel passierten?

Jeder zweite Bundesbürger fürchtet Terroranschläge in Deutschland  [13:07 Uhr]

13.Jul.2005 Jede Menge Sprengstoff Westfälischer Anzeiger - 23.Jun.2005 ... Verl, Gelsenkirchen + Kamen (unsere Zeitung berichtete) ausgebreitet: mehr als 1 000 Pistolen, Gewehre + Revolver + gut 18 Kg Sprengstoff...
STEINHAGEN: Waffenlager der Mafia in OWL entdeckt Gewehre und ... Neue Westfälische - 19. Juni 2005 ... Wie diese Zeitung aus Ermittlerkreisen erfuhr, wurden dabei zahlreiche Kriegswaffen, Pistolen, Gewehre und mehrere Kilogramm Sprengstoff beschlagnahmt. ...
Bei Razzien Gewehre und Sprengstoff sichergestellt e110 - 20.Jun.2005 Bei großangelegten Razzien in mehreren NRW-Städten hat die Polizei angeblich knapp 1000 Gewehre und Pistolen sowie 17 Kilogramm Sprengstoff sichergestellt. ...
Die Terroristen waren Nachbar-Jungs B.Z. - vor 2 Stunden gefunden ... Sein Sprengstoff ging an der Haltestelle Edgware Road hoch. ... In Leeds fand die Polizei zudem eine Bomben-Fabrik mit einer "Menge Sprengstoff ".
Politiker fordern mehr Überwachung zur Verhinderung von Terror Telepolis - 10. Juli 2005 ... Ansonsten könnte man höchstens, wenn ein Täter unvorsichtig gewesen ist und Spuren auf der Tasche mit dem Sprengstoff hinterlassen hat, falls diese zur ...
Agenda: Anti-Terror-Gebet Capital und 2 ähnliche Artikel »
Sprengstoff kam vom Militär Stern - 12. Juli 2005 Der bei den Londonern Anschlägen benutzte Sprengstoff kam aus militärischen Beständen. Trotz der "sehr beunruhigenden" Nachricht ...
"British born bombers" Telepolis - vor 21 Stunden gefunden ... Wohnungen. In einem der Häuser wurde angeblich Sprengstoff entdeckt. ... waren. In ihm scheint sich Sprengstoff befunden zu haben. ...
Wahrscheinlich Selbstmordanschläge in London
13.Jul.2005 20:5
11-07-05 22:11 Laut französischem Anti-Terror-Experten

Paris - Der bei den Anschlägen in London eingesetzte Sprengstoff ist nach Ansicht eines französischen Anti-Terror-Experten möglicherweise militärischen Ursprungs.

Dies sei sehr Besorgnis erregend, sagte Christophe Chaboud, Leiter der Koordination Anti-Terror-Einheit, am Montag in Paris.
Freace - Sprengstoff nach Invasion gestohlen In diesem Fall ist allerdings eine Menge Sprengstoff verschwunden, die zeitgleich gezündet die Stärke einer taktischen Atomwaffe hätte - wenn sie auch ...

???Sprengstoff Wasser“ - HTML-Version Zum Thema diskutieren Walter Hirche, Präsident der Deutschen UNESCO-. Kommission, Mike Bonell, UNESCO Paris, Reginald Tekateka, ...

13.Jul.2005 - Sprengstoff-Schnüffler: Sensor soll Hundenasen ... Amerikanische Forscher haben einen winzigen Sensor entwickelt, der den Sprengstoff Trinitrotoluol (TNT) und damit beispielsweise Landminen aufspüren kann.

13.Jul.2005 Tschechische Armee will überflüssigen Sprengstoff verkaufen - 12 ... Ein Sprengstoff, der wohl am markantesten durch den Lockerbie-Anschlag zu ... Vor allem dann, wenn es sich dabei um nicht gekennzeichneten Sprengstoff ...

Eine Tonne Sprengstoff beim Abriss entdeckt
Moskau - Russische Bauarbeiter haben beim Abriss des Hotels "Moskwa" in der russischen Hauptstadt Moskau mindestens eine Tonne Sprengstoff aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg entdeckt.
Verheerendes Zugunglück in Pakistan Islamabad - Bei einem der schwersten Zugunglücke in Pakistan sind mindestens 150 Menschen ums Leben gekommen. Fortsetzung

Sprengstoff-Affäre: Video aus Waffenlager bringt Bush in ... Das dubiose Verschwinden von 380 Tonnen Sprengstoff aus einem Waffenlager im Irak ist zum wichtigsten Thema im US-Wahlkampf geworden.,1518,325782,00.html

Es gebe einen starken Verdacht, meldete die Nachrichtenagentur Reuters eben, dass der Sprengstoff der verwendeten Bomben vom Balkan stamme.
"Wenn es diesen neuen Typen von Attentäter gibt", sagte ein deutscher Terror-Fahnder heute, "warum sollte es ihn nicht auch hier in Deutschland geben?" In den vergangenen Monaten hatten sich die Ermittler mit dem Muster aus Madrid vordringlich und mit Erfolg auf einen anderen Täter-Typ konzentriert.

Sprachen Experten nach der Zerschlagung der Qaida-Basis in Afghanistan noch vom Netzwerk mit dem Muster eines Franchise-Unternehmens, macht heute das Schlagwort von der Bewegung die Runde.
Nach Ansicht des Islamwissenschaftlers und Terrorexperten Guido Steinberg war die "blockierte Aufwärtsmobilität" diese entscheidende Zutat zur Bildung eines Terroristen. Das Gefühl mithin, im Leben auf Erden nicht dahin gelangen zu können, wo man gerne wäre, wie Steinberg vorletzte Woche auf einer Podiumsdiskussion in Berlin sagte. Hinweise darauf, dass al-Qaida gezielt nach solchem Nachwuchs Ausschau hält, gibt es aber nicht. Die Verherrlichung von Selbstmordattentätern durch al-Qaida, vor allem im Internet, spielt jedoch wahrscheinlich auch eine Rolle.
Eine Gemeinsamkeit hatten bisher alle Attentäter: Sie waren empfänglich für die Propaganda von al-Qaida & Co. Der Krieg der Gläubigen gegen die Ungläubigen, das Weiterlebens im Paradies verfing als Idee.

Schon jetzt aber sprechen Sicherheitsexperten bei diesem sauberen Typ des Terroristen - dem so genannten "clean skin" - vom worst case, dem schlimmsten Fall. Zum einen sind solche Attentäter in den eingebürgerten Migrantengemeinden aller europäischen Länder kaum im Vorfeld zu erkennen. Zudem können sie sich mit einem EU-Pass völlig ungehindert weltweit bewegen. Dies macht die potentiellen Täter weitaus gefährlicher als ausländische Terroristen, die in der Vergangenheit in kleinen Teams in ihr Zielland reisten. Wegen der intensiven Kontrollen an den Grenzen der EU würden diese nach dem 11. September eher auffallen.
Space Shuttle: Nasa sagt Start der "Discovery" ab

13.Jul.2005 Zeitgeist: Sehnsucht nach Ruhe

13.Jul.2005 Fotostrecke: Ein Leben im britischen Durchschnitt

13.Jul.2005 Bilanzskandal: Ex-WorldCom-Chef Ebbers erhält hohe Haftstrafe

13.Jul.2005 Neue Spur: Sprengstoff soll vom Balkan stammen

13.Jul.2005 7/7/2005: Neuer Terror-Typus stellt Fahnder vor schwierige Aufgabe

"Die USA müssen von vorne anfangen"
Die Topol-M-Raketen seien so konstruiert, dass sie weder in der Startphase noch während des Fluges durch Abwehrgeschosse zu stoppen seien. Normale ballistische Raketen werden nur in der Startphase angetrieben und fallen dann ins Ziel, ohne noch entscheidend steuerbar zu sein. Das russische System sei aber auch nach der anfänglichen Antriebsphase noch höchst manövrierfähig und könne außerdem bis zu drei Sprengköpfe sowie vier Attrappen zur Ablenkung verteilen, schrieb Ritter.
"Um der Bedrohung durch die SS-27 zu begegnen, müssen die USA wieder von vorne anfangen", schrieb Ritter in dem Blatt. Eine andere Gefahr seien niedrig fliegende Marschflugkörper, die nicht in ballistischem Parabelflug ins Ziel gebracht werden, sondern bis zum Schluss steuerbar sind. Auch für diese Herausforderung ist das momentane System nicht gerüstet.
Das Fazit des Waffenexperten: "Ein Raketenabwehrsystem zu finanzieren, das nicht funktioniert wie gedacht und selbst, wenn es das täte, Amerika nicht vor solchen Bedrohungen wie der Topol-M-Rakete schützen könnte, hat keinen Sinn."
Robocup 2005: Fußball-WM der Roboter

13.Jul.2005 Terror-Ermittlungen: Die netten Attentäter von nebenan

13.Jul.2005 Shuttle-Rivale: Europäer und Russen bauen eigene Raumfähre

13.Jul.2005 Terrorabwehr: EU-Minister wollen Telefondaten speichern

13.Jul.2005 US-Raketenabwehrsystem: Teuer, verspätet und wertlos

13.Jul.2005 Deutsch-Amerikanische Beziehungen: Uncle Sam wants Merkel

13.Jul.2005 Tropensturm-Gefahr: BP kämpft um seine Milliarden-Plattform im Meer

Nato-Geheimarmeen und ihr Terror - HTML-Version die Geheimarmeen zu Terrorzellen . werden konnten, welche Ziele mit ... lich «Gladio» und die «Strategie der. Spannung» entdeckt. «Diese zielt ...

Die Lösung sieht Grass in einer wie im Nord-Süd-Bericht entworfenen Einsetzung einer neuen Weltwirtschaftsordnung. Nur so könnten die ärmeren Staaten als gleichberechtigte Partner auftreten. "Wenn man das täte, wäre es weit wirkungsvoller im Kampf gegen den Terrorismus als alles, was man derzeit tut."

Zwar seien die furchtbaren Terroranschläge durch nichts zu entschuldigen, dennoch stünde die radikale Gewalt in einem logischen Verhältnis zur Politik der Großmächte. "Wenn wir auf der anderen Seite sehen, wie bedenkenlos die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika ihre militärischen Mittel mit angeblich zielgenauen Bomben einsetzen + wir seit Jahr und Tag sehen, wie zumeist Zivilisten die Opfer sind, dann muss man sich nicht wundern, wenn Terroristen ihre nach wie vor fragwürdige Begründung aus dieser Tatsache heraus formulieren: 'Ihr nehmt ja auch keine Rücksicht auf Zivilisten, warum sollten wir es tun?'"
Dies sei eine "Frage, über die man nachdenken muss, wenn man wirklich eine Lösung für diese schier unlösbar erscheinende Problematik sucht".
Raumfähre "Discovery": Shuttle soll von Deutschland aus zu sehen sein

13.Jul.2005 Anschläge von London: Scotland Yard sucht das Mastermind

13.Jul.2005 Günter Grass: "Dem Terrorismus das Wasser abgraben"
L'avantage humain de l'hérésie et de la réforme, différentes approches du totalitarisme.
Le droit se retourne contre le droit 7
"Losing ground" et "The Bell Curve : Intelligence and Class Structure" (Murray, Hernstein) feront le tour du monde en appui sur les réseaux de David et de Nelson Rockefeller .
Le premier écho théorique semble le prolongement évolutionniste de Lewis Henry Morgan (1818-1881) qui réduisait le développement humain à trois catégories : sauvagerie, barbarie et civilisation blanche.
Le second écho théorique défend le fondement racial de la mondialisation et, à un autre plan, répond à une ancienne catégorisation juridique nazie, à la race des seigneurs et à la race des sous-hommes d' Alfred Rosenberg (1893-1946), en germination dans le "mythe du XXème siècle" (1930). La police politique geheime staatspolizei (gestapo) mise au point par Goering (1934) utilisera ces catégories sociales et raciales de domination et plus encore le concept révolutionnaire de "race du peuplement" d' Himmler (1930) couplé au développement du recensement ethnique des populations par les machines Hollerith de Dehomag et les cartes perforées IBM.
Ni bonze, ni laic ou la Voie du plus faible - Essais sur l'esprit ...Le général Erich Ludendorff afin de lutter contre le "mal socialiste" organisera une ... d'Allemagne : la Deutsche Bank, la Dresdner Bank et la Commerzbank. ...
13.Jul.2005 Mit dem Hitlerputsch vom
8. und 9. November 1923 versuchten Adolf Hitler und andere Nationalsozialisten, die Regierungsmacht in München an sich zu reißen.

Der extrem nationalistische und monarchistische Generalstaatskommissar des Freistaates Bayern, Gustav Ritter von Kahr, plante schon länger einen Staatsstreich und einen "Marsch auf Berlin" nach dem Vorbild Benito Mussolinis . Die nationalsozialistische Bewegung um Hitler sollte daran beteiligt werden.

Das Gericht gab den Beklagten Recht.
Die Entscheidung läuft dabei keineswegs auf eine "weiche Erlaubnis" für P2P-Nutzung hinaus: In seiner Urteilsbegründung machte das Gericht klar, dass es seine Entscheidung vor dem Hintergrund der Art und Weise, wie die Musikfirmen an die Daten über die P2P-Nutzer gekommen seien, getroffen habe.
Brein, führte der Richter aus, habe sich um Hilfe an ein amerikanisches Dienstleistungsunternehmen gewandt, dass sich auf die Jagd nach P2P-Nutzer spezialisiert habe. Dieses Unternehmen habe Einblick in Dateiordner auf den Rechnern der P2P-Nutzer genommen und dabei "möglicherweise private Dateien" eingesehen. Dieses Vorgehen aber vertrage sich nicht mit dem niederländischen Recht, weil die Privatsphäre "in den USA unzureichend geschützt" sei.
Shuttle "Discovery": ISS-Besatzung wartet auf Mülltransport

13.Jul.2005 Börse am Mittag: Hoher Ölpreis schreckt Anleger nicht

13.Jul.2005 Raumfähre "Discovery": Wirbelstürme bedrohen Shuttle-Start

13.Jul.2005 Nahost: Rumsfeld vermutet Iran hinter Anschlag in Israel

13.Jul.2005 Niederlande: Gericht schützt Anonymität von Datentauschern

13.Jul.2005 Anschläge von London: Scotland Yard sucht das Mastermind

13.Jul.2005 Hirnstimulation: Starke Magnetfelder helfen gegen Depressionen

13.Jul.2005 Italien: Polizei startet Großrazzia gegen Islamisten

13.Jul.2005 Nahost: Israelische Armee tötet palästinensischen Polizisten

London: Überwachungskameras überführen Attentäter Erstellt: 13.07.2005 Die vier Selbstmordattentäter waren laut Scotland Yard pakistanische Briten. Drei konnten identifiziert werden. Bei einer Großrazzia in Leeds wurden 500 Personen evakuiert.
OECD: Experten stellen Zukunft des Euro in Frage Erstellt: 13.07.2005 Warnung an EU-Regierungen. Die OECD kritisiert eine völlig ausufernde Schuldenpolitik in der Euro-Zone. Eigene Währung als Vorteil. Eine Studie der britischen Großbank HSBC empfiehlt einigen Ländern den Ausstieg.
Schwierig und teuer
Arbeitslosigkeit "Markenzeichen" der Eurozone

Pakistan: 300 Tote bei Zugunglück? Erstellt: 13.07.2005 Nach letzten Meldungen sollen drei Züge an dem Unfall beteiligt gewesen sein. Offiziell beläuft sich die Opferbilanz auf 125 Tote.
Nun redet Pollari. Er rühmt Calipari, wie alle den 51-Jährigen in diesen Tagen gerühmt haben: als scheuen, bescheidenen, aus dem tiefsten Inneren heraus "guten Menschen", "immer zuerst für andere da, dann erst für sich." Calipari, das haben so viele hervorgehoben in diesen Tagen, habe sein Leben für das von Giuliana Sgrena geopfert.
Alles, was in Italien Rang und Namen hat, ist in der römischen Kirche Santa Maria degli Angeli versammelt: der Staatspräsident, die Regierung, die Opposition. Carabinieri und Geheimdienstler füllen die Kirche; deklarierte Kommunisten sind zu sehen - während der Messe ist die klassische, tiefe Spaltung der italienischen Gesellschaft in "Katholiken" und "Antiklerikale" überwunden.
Irak: US-Armee fasst Sarkawi-Vertrauten

13.Jul.2005 Raumfahrt: "Discovery" leicht beschädigt, Nasa hält an Start fest

13.Jul.2005 Sicherheitsrat: USA stellen sich gegen Deutschlands Uno-Pläne

13.Jul.2005 Anschläge in London: Ermittler gehen von Selbstmordattentaten aus

12.Jul.2005 Italien: Regierung plant neue Anti-Terror-Gesetze

12.Jul.2005 Terrorangst: Polizei entdeckt Sprengstoff in verlassenem Auto

12.Jul.2005 Nach Anschlägen: Rekordzugriffe auf News-Seiten im Netz

12.Jul.2005 EU-Plan: Mit aller Härte gegen Terror-Finanziers

12.Jul.2005 Währungsdebatte: Großbank HSBC sieht Vorteile bei Euro-Austritt

12.Jul.2005 Londoner Anschläge: Attentäter identifiziert, Festnahmen in Leeds

12.Jul.2005 Innere Sicherheit: Schily macht Tempo bei Anti-Terror-Datei

12.Jul.2005 Goya in Berlin: Millionen für den Teufelsmaler

12.Jul.2005 Unheimliche Drohbriefe: Lehrer fanden Bombenattrappen im Briefkasten

12.Jul.2005 Übersicht: Die schwersten Terroranschläge

12.Jul.2005 Razzia in Leeds: Britische Polizei nimmt Verdächtige fest

12.Jul.2005 Saturnsonde: "Cassini" filmt kosmischen Schwamm

12.Jul.2005 Falsche Bombendrohung: Warschauer U-Bahn evakuiert

12.Jul.2005 London: Anschläge stoppen Tourismus-Anstieg zunächst

12.Jul.2005 Top Bush adviser revealed as Plame source: Karl Rove, President George W. Bush's top political adviser, was the secret source who gave a Time magazine reporter permission to testify last week, thus avoiding jail for contempt of court, Newsweek reported on Sunday.

12.Jul.2005 David Corn: Why Bush Has To Fire Rove : In a 11.Jul.2003 email that Time magazine reporter Matt Cooper sent to his bureau chief, Cooper noted he had spoken to Rove on "double super secret background" + that Rove had told him that Wilson's "wife...apparently works at the agency on wmd issues." "Agency" means CIA. This is not good news for Rove and the White House.
Bolivia Worries About New U.S. Base In Paraguay : Washington has succeeded in establishing a bridgehead in Latin America. In Paraguay close to the Bolivian border and the Triple Borders, they constructed a base that will permit the landing of Galaxy airplanes and heavy armaments. Already 400 Marines have arrived but the base is prepared to house 16,000 military troops.

12.Jul.2005 In case you missed it?: Chalmers Johnson: Sorrows Of Empire : The United States has been inching toward imperialism and militarism for many years. Disguising the direction they were taking, American leaders cloaked their foreign policy in euphemisms such as "lone superpower," "indispensable nation," "reluctant sheriff," "humanitarian intervention," and "globalization." However, with the advent of the George Bush administration in 2001, these pretenses gave way to assertions of the Second Coming of the Roman Empire.

12.Jul.2005 Shanghai warning : WHEN THE Shanghai Cooperation Organization called on the United States and its NATO allies last week to set a deadline for leaving military bases in Central Asia that they have been using since the 2001 war in Afghanistan, the intent was to push the US superpower out of an energy-rich and strategically crucial region.

12.Jul.2005 UN Occupation Forces Carry Out Massacre of Poor in Port-au-Prince; US trade union and human rights delegation in Port-au-Prince discovered evidence of a massacre conducted by the UN forces, targeting the larger community itself.

12.Jul.2005 Team recounts fear in US detention : Contractors' tale reflects tensions with the military

12.Jul.2005 Israel's wonderful youth : They declare and they write: "Sharon will be murdered like Rabin," "Sharon, Hitler is proud of you," and mainly, "Death to the Arabs!"

12.Jul.2005 Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Does London: It should be noted there is absolutely no evidence al-Zarqawi had anything to do with any of the above incidents and he is associated with them due to the careless use of adjectives such as “purportedly” and “possibly” habitually employed by the corporate media based on nonsense uttered by “anonymous” and “unnamed” administration officials and other such dissimulators and con artists.

12.Jul.2005 Good Things Happening in Venezuela : Far from ruining the country, here are some of the good things the Chavez government has accomplished:

12.Jul.2005 Hagel: South American unrest poses threat to U.S.: U.S. Sen. Chuck Hagel said Monday that unrest in several South American nations poses a potential threat to the United States.

12.Jul.2005 Pentagon confirms Iran-Contra figure in senior job Mon: Robert Earl, who destroyed national security documents during the 1980s Iran-Contra scandal, is working as chief of staff to acting Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, the Pentagon said on Monday.

12.Jul.2005 Some morons still believe them: President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld have all gone out of their way in recent weeks to tell us we're "winning" the war in Iraq. - Some morons still believe them.

12.Jul.2005 U.S. Army National Guard's recruiting woes deepen: The Army National Guard, struggling more than any other part of the U.S. military to sign up new troops amid the Iraq war, missed its ninth straight monthly recruiting goal in June, officials said on Monday.

12.Jul.2005 Withdrawal would curb terrorism : Of course there is an Iraq-terror link - and it long predates 9/11

12.Jul.2005 Bush renews linking Iraq war to 9/11: After the Ldon bombings, the White House has embarked on a new effort to link the war in Iraq with the war on terrorism, beginning with a speech by President Bush yesterday saying it is vital to fight terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan and "across the world, so we do not have to face them here at home."

12.Jul.2005 Police make arrests in London bomb attack -Sky : Police made a number of arrests in the northern city of Leeds on Tuesday over the suspected al Qaeda attacks which killed 52 people in London last week, Sky news television reported.

12.Jul.2005 Vigil sends 'message of commiseration' : In the shadow of the London bombings, hundreds of anti-war protesters and Muslims came together to send a "message of commiseration" to the victims and their families.

12.Jul.2005 Al-Qaeda ordered attacks on Europe on May 29: The Islamist extremist group Al-Qaeda ordered attacks on Europe in a May 29 Internet message that the Spanish secret service forwarded to their British counterparts at the weekend, a Spanish newspaper reported.

12.Jul.2005 Why Iraq Has Made Us Less Safe ...: Sir Ivor Roberts, Britain's Ambassador to Italy, declared last September that the "best recruiting sergeant for al-Qaeda" was none other than the U.S. President, George W. Bush.

12.Jul.2005 Iraq Support Caused London Attack, Say Americans : Many adults in the United States believe London was targeted by terrorists because of Britain’s participation in the coalition effort, according to a flash poll by Gallup

12.Jul.2005 Bob Herbert: It Just Gets Worse : Whatever one's views on the war, thoughtful Americans need to consider the damage it is doing to the United States + the bitter anger that it has provoked among Muslims around the world. That anger is spreading like an unchecked fire in an incredibly vast field

12.Jul.2005 The Logic of Suicide Terrorism It’s the occupation, not the fundamentalism By Scott McConnell
Scott McConnell caught up with Associate Professor Robert Pape of the University of Chicago, whose book on suicide terrorism, Dying to Win, is beginning to receive wide notice. Pape has found that the most common American perceptions about who the terrorists are and what motivates them are off by a wide margin. - A conversation with the man who knows more about suicide terrorists than any other American.
Continue .

12.Jul.2005 The Horror In London When we kill them in droves, some of them will strike back. By Eric Margolis
We are horrified that anyone would attack innocent civilians packed in subway cars. But the extremists and fanatics who do so say they are exacting revenge for the 500,000 Iraqi civilians who died, (confirmed by the UN), from the ten year US-British embargo of Iraq. For the criminal destruction in 1991 of Iraq’s water and sewage treatment plants that cause massive cholera and typhoid. Or for the occupation of Iraq and destruction of the city of Falluja that killed tens of thousands more civilians, and, of course, for Palestine.
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12.Jul.2005 By Salah Al-Qallab - Edited By Rob Gibran -Translated From Arabic
The Americans should have realized this before sending their forces to occupy Iraq. It is illogical to expect countries like Syria and Iran to stand by meekly and wait for American forces to arrive at the center of their capitals.

12.Jul.2005 Finally, After Five Years, the Associated Press Gets a Headline Right About the White House: "On Rove's Behalf, the White House Issued Denials, Which Have Now Fallen Apart"

The Only Thing That Can Boost Bush's Polling Numbers is Terrorism. That's Pathetic and Dangerous for Americans URL:

This is coming from an
antiwar website??? The disinfo is flying thick + fast since the London bombs.
posted by Fintan,

AP Hypes-Up "Endless War"
This hardly needs comment. The key propaganda points in bold in the text below: London blasts suggest long siege -By CHARLES J. HANLEY- AP July 9, 2005
New York and Washington. Bali, Riyadh, Istanbul, Madrid. And now London. When will it end? Where will it all lead?
The experts aren't encouraged. One prominent terrorism researcher sees the prospect of "endless" war . Adds the man who tracked Osama bin Laden for the CIA, "I don't think it's even started yet."
An Associated Press survey of longtime students of international terrorism finds them ever more convinced, in the aftermath of London's bloody Thursday, that the world has entered a long siege in a new kind of war. They think that al-Qaida is mutating into a global insurgency, a possible prototype for other 21st-century movements, technologically astute, almost leaderless . And the way out is far from clear.
For James Kirkhope, the outlook is "depressing." His Washington consultancy, Terrorism Research Center, sometimes "red-teams" for U.S. authorities, playing a role in exercises, thinking like terrorist leaders. That thinking increasingly seems focused on a struggle for Islamic supremacy lasting hundreds of years, he said.

[Agency Reports] - UK Prime Minister Tony Blair today rejected an opposition call for an inquiry into how the London bombings might have been prevented.
Blair said it would be an unnecessary diversion at a time the security services, military and police are on such a high state of alert and fully occupied hunting the bombers. He also said the government held the right to introduce new anti-terrorist legislation should the security forces require them to prevent another attack, but said the government is sticking to its timetable to introduce already planned anti-terrorism legislation later this year.
There is much to indicate that the official version of the London bombings is not the real story -but this tale about a co-incident terror drill is going nowhere on the current evidence.
It a close call between Power and Jones as to who squeezed the most hype out of all this.
At the very least this has been a catastrophic error by Alex Jones and Paul Watson, sure to reflect badly on Jones' reputation.
12.Jul.2005 The article gives the clear impression that up to 1,000 personnel were involved in a London drill -including field agents who were active in the London Underground and providing cover for those planting the bombs.
That couldn't be more wrong.
In fact, Power's consultancy firm was running a small "corporate wargame" drill for the management team of a British company with 1,000 employees. Here's the BBC transcript of the interview Power gave [our emphasis] :
POWER: "At half past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning, so I still have the hairs on the back of my neck standing up right now." [
mp3 Audio]
Clearly, the figure of 1,000 refers to the size of the company whose managers were being drilled - and not to the number of participants in the drill.

12.Jul.2005 According to a story on the Alex Jones website, Power
... was running a 1,000 person strong exercise which drilled the London Underground being bombed at the exact same locations, at the exact same times, as happened in real life. Moreover, the Jones account alleged that Power's firm functioned as a cover for "government terrorists."
Rather large claims. Jones backed them up with links to BBC interviews.
An interesting blog named
Wagnews (a site previously unknown to me, until Xymphora linked to it) sets the record straight.

To put the matter very briefly, Alex Jones seems to have misrepresented his source material.

What happened in London did not recapitulate the "Vigilant Guardian" exercise on 11.Sep.2001 . URL:
12.Jul.2005 23:0
In den letzten zwölf Jahren stieg das Wasser jährlich um drei Millimeter, in den 40 Jahren zuvor waren es nur knapp zwei Millimeter pro Jahr. Ursache sind steigende Temperaturen.

Die richtige Dopaminbalance ist für ein normal funktionierendes Gehirn unerlässlich + das in gleicher Weise für Taufliegen wie für Menschen, schließen die Forscher.

Nicht nur Verurteilte auf Bewährung tragen kleine Sensoren zur Überwachung am Bein.

Auch Hunde dürfen seit einiger Zeit mit einem modischen GPS-Band vom Herrchen rund um die Uhr geortet werden:

12.Jul.2005 Satellitenmessung: Meere steigen drei Millimeter pro Jahr

12.Jul.2005 Irak: Ministerpräsident fordert Abzug von US-Einheiten

12.Jul.2005 Geologie: Glühende Grüße vom Friedhof der Kontinente

12.Jul.2005 Verfassungsgericht: Selbstbehandlung mit Cannabis bleibt verboten

12.Jul.2005 GPS-Ortung: Achtung, Hund verlässt Homezone

12.Jul.2005 Londoner Anschläge: Verseuchte Mail lockt mit Terrorvideo

12.Jul.2005 Titelseiten: "Niemand ist mehr sicher!"

12.Jul.2005 Londoner Anschläge: Anti-Terroreinheit durchsucht fünf Wohnungen

12.Jul.2005 Neurotransmitter: Taufliegen auf "Ice" balzen unablässig

12.Jul.2005 Irak: Studie spricht von 39.000 Toten seit Kriegsbeginn

12.Jul.2005 Uno: Heftiger Widerstand gegen Erweiterung des Sicherheitsrats

12.Jul.2005 Reisefreiheit: USA heben London-Bann für GIs auf

12.Jul.2005 The same kind of thinking might lead a President to manipulate + misuse national security agencies or their intelligence to create a phony reason to lead the nation into a politically desirable war.

Let us hope that is not the case. URL:
12.Jul.2005 To put it bluntly, if Bush has taken Congress and the nation into war based on bogus information, he is cooked. Manipulation or deliberate misuse of national security intelligence data, if proven, could be "a high crime" under the Constitution's impeachment clause. It would also be a violation of federal criminal law, including
the broad federal anti-conspiracy statute, which renders it a felony "to defraud the United States, or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose."

It's important to recall that when Richard Nixon resigned, he was about to be impeached by the House of Representatives for misusing the CIA and FBI . After Watergate, all presidents are on notice that manipulating or misusing any agency of the executive branch improperly is a serious abuse of presidential power.

Nixon claimed that his misuses of the federal agencies for his political purposes were in the interest of national security. The
Terrorism expert says at least one person tipped off to London attacks Tom Kenny Action News 36 Thursday07.Jul.2005

12.Jul.2005 This story can be found at:

UK-based dissident denies link to website that carried al-Qaida claim David Pallister Saturday July 9, 2005 Guardian

He had seen the message on Thursday morning and doubted its authenticity. "It was only there for a few minutes + they misquoted the Qur'an." He also said the website - or more accurately a bulletin board - could be used by anyone.

The server in Houston has intriguing connections. Everyone's Internet was founded by brothers Robert and Roy Marsh in 1998 and by 2002 had an income of more than $30m (now about £17m).

Renowned for his charitable work, Roy Marsh counts among his friends President George Bush's former sister-in-law, Sharon Bush + the president's navy secretary.

Everyone's Internet, which also hosts a number of pornographic sites, states: "We support the uncensored flow of information and ideas over the internet and do not actively monitor subscriber activity under normal circumstances."

London Underground Bombing 'Exercises' Took Place at Same Time as Real Attack Culpability cover scenario echoes 9/11 wargames Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson | July 9, 2005

The Anglo-American establishment that controls the military-industrial complex of the West has been caught over a hundred times carrying out bombings and other terrorist attacks around the world to further their corporate aims and to blame their enemies.

The US government has been caught planning to carry out attacks and carrying out attacks.

The British government has been caught red-handed as well. Members of Vladimir Putin's FSB were caught planting bombs in a Russian apartment building 00.000.1999 by the Moscow police.

This is not speculation. Kermit Roosevelt admited on NPR radio that in 1953 the CIA and British intelligence carried out a wave of bombings and shootings in Iran. He then went on to brag about how they subsequently blamed the bombings on Iran's President, Mossadegh. Do you understand, these people brag about what they do 40 years later?

The London bombings have the same signature as the Madrild bombings of 3/11. Both of these bombings are almost indistinguishable from the Bolognia bombing in 1980 that killed over 80 people.

12.Jul.2005 Then we were told that no such warning had occurred + that the attacks caught Scotland Yard entirely by surprise.
On July 8, I watched cable television coverage of various British officials (including the Mayor of London) + they all seemed quite nervous - to my eyes, at least - when fielding questions about the Israeli connection.
Some Israeli accounts confirm the warning (see
here). Yet Haaretz denies it.
Stratfor, the intelligence consulting agency widely considered a Mossad asset (or cut-out), now
confirms that Israeli spooks had gained advance knowledge, which they shared with the boys at the Yard. Stratfor further claims that the Israelis learned of the plot days - not minutes - before the event!
There has been massive confusion over a denial made by the Israelis that the Scotland Yard had warned the Israeli Embassy in London of possible terrorist attacks "minutes before" the first bomb went off July 7. Israel warned London of the attacks a "couple of days ago," but British authorities failed to respond accordingly to deter the attacks, according to an unconfirmed rumor circulating in intelligence circles. While Israel is keeping quiet for the time-being, British Prime Minister Tony Blair soon will be facing the heat for his failure to take action.

12.Jul.2005 The key revelation comes via a BBC interview with Peter Power, formerly of Scotland Yard, now the manager of a "crisis management" team involved with British national security:
POWER: At half past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning, so I still have the hairs on the back of my neck standing up right now.
HOST: To get this quite straight, you were running an exercise to see how you would cope with this and it happened while you were running the exercise?
POWER: Precisely + it was about half past nine this morning, we planned this for a company and for obvious reasons I don't want to reveal their name but they're listening and they'll know it. And we had a room full of crisis managers for the first time they'd met and so within five minutes we made a pretty rapid decision that this is the real one and so we went through the correct drills of activating crisis management procedures to jump from slow time to quick time thinking and so on. I believe it was Fox Mulder who said: "If coincidence is just coincidence, why does it feel so contrived?"
(If the conspiracy-minded Jones still makes you uncomfortable and you want another source for this story, try
The Aspen Institute
Aspen Ideas Festival : "For more than 50 years, the Aspen Institute has been the ... Aspen Ideas Festival - Speakers: "Alan Wolfe is professor of political ... URL:,1518,druck-364508,00.html
Bürgerrechtler sind besorgt über die Datensammelwut der Google-Boys, die inzwischen mehr über die Interessen und Surfgewohnheiten der Internet-Nutzer wissen als jede andere Firma der Welt. Denn jedes Suchwort, jeder Klick werden penibel registriert und für Jahrzehnte gespeichert. Was mit dem gigantischen Datenwust passiert, liegt völlig im Dunkeln.
NS-Zeit im Auswärtigen Amt: Fischer beruft Historiker-Kommission

11.Jul.2005 Katastrophenalarm: Überschwemmungen im Alpenvorland

11.Jul.2005 Ermittlungen in London: Suche nach dem ersten Puzzle-Stück

11.Jul.2005 Katastrophenschutz in Deutschland: Warnstufe Gelb mit Einschränkung

11.Jul.2005 Van-Gogh-Prozess: Angeklagter antwortet mit Koranvers

11.Jul.2005 Raumfähre "Discovery": Countdown für das schlachtreife Schlachtross
40-Tonnen-Koloss: Toter Finnwal vor Rügen entdeckt

11.Jul.2005 Umstrittener Link: Neuer Streit zwischen Musikbranche und Heise-Verlag
Terrorfurcht: Londoner steigen auf Fahrräder um

11.Jul.2005 Beschossener Komet: "Tempel 1" von feinem Pulver bedeckt

11.Jul.2005 Suchmaschinen: Jagd auf die Gepardenforelle

11.Jul.2005 Protest: Greenpeace-Aktivisten belagern Tagungsort der Union

11.Jul.2005 Budgetloch: Bundesagentur zweifelt an eigener Haushaltsplanung

11.Jul.2005 Milliarden-Deal: Allianz plant Beteiligung an Chinas größter Bank
Katastrophenschutz: Geordnetes Chaos in London

11.Jul.2005 Wiedergeburt der Wall Street: Geld besiegt die Angst

11.Jul.2005 Wirtschaftsforscher: Experten unterstützen Merkels Mehrwertsteuerpläne

11.Jul.2005 Lappland: Krieg im Wald
USA: Anti-Terror-Kämpfern geht das Material aus

11.Jul.2005 Gimmick: Hillary Clinton macht sich über Bush lustig

11.Jul.2005 Finanzinvestoren: Hedge-Fonds planen Angriff auf Mobilcom

11.Jul.2005 Gaza-Abzug: Israel will von USA zwei Milliarden Dollar

11.Jul.2005 USA: Bush-Berater Rove soll Identität von CIA-Agentin preisgegeben haben

11.Jul.2005 Union: Streit über Wahlprogramm voll entbrannt

11.Jul.2005 Terror-Abwehr: Britische Sicherheitskräfte in höchster Alarmbereitschaft

11.Jul.2005 Prozessauftakt: Van Goghs Mörder will schweigen

10.Jul.2005 Atomwaffen: Nordkorea will wieder verhandeln

10.Jul.2005 Paymasters Of Carnage The ghost at Gleneagles -By John Pilger
In the orgy of summit coverage something has been overlooked: the two men at the heart of it, telling us how the world should be run, are the men responsible for Fallujah and Abu Ghraib.

In einer Rede vor 2000 Veteranen im Horseguard-Palast hatte die Queen zuvor die Soldaten gewürdigt, die für die Befreiung der Welt vom Nazi-Terror ihr Leben ließen. Deren Opfer sei nicht vergebens gewesen, da der Konflikt zur Gründung der Vereinten Nationen, der Nato und der Europäischen Union geführt habe, sagte die Queen. "Es überrascht mich nicht, dass sich die Menschen an den jetzigen schweren Tagen für London ein Beispiel an der Belastbarkeit, der Stimmung und dem Mut derer nehmen, die unter den größten Entbehrungen gelitten haben." Die Erinnerung daran müsse stets lebendig bleiben, damit sich die jüngere Generation für Frieden einsetzen könne.
10.Jul.2005 Die "Sunday Times" berichtete, dass
der Syrer Mustafa Setmariam Nasar bei den Anschlägen eine Schlüsselrolle gespielt haben könnte. Nasar habe im vergangenen Jahr schon die Anschläge in Madrid geleitet.
Der in London lebende Marokkaner Mohammed al-Gerbouzi, den britische Medien ebenfalls als Verdächtigen genannt hatten, wehrte sich am Sonntag gegen die Vorwürfe: "Die britische Polizei sucht nicht nach mir", sagte er dem arabischen Nachrichtensender al-Dschasira. "Sie weiß, wo ich bin."
Ein Scotland-Yard-Sprecher bezeichnete all diese Berichte als Spekulationen. Auch die drei Terrorverdächtigen, die am Sonntag am Flughafen Heathrow bei der Einreise festgenommen wurden, stünden nicht im Zusammenhang mit den jüngsten Anschlägen.
Terror in London: Al-Qaida könnte Söldner bezahlt haben

10.Jul.2005 Informantenschutz: "Hohes Gut in Deutschland"

10.Jul.2005 „Wenn die Ökonomen sagen, dass die gegenwärtigen Verhältnisse – die Verhältnisse der bürgerlichen Produktion – natürliche sind, so geben sie damit zu verstehen, dass es Verhältnisse sind, in denen die Erzeugung des Reichtums und die Entwicklung der Produktivkräfte sich gemäß den Naturgesetzen vollziehen. Somit sind diese Verhältnisse selbst nach ihrer Meinung von dem Einfluss der Zeit unabhängige Naturgesetze. Es sind ewige Gesetze, welche stets die Gesellschaft zu regieren haben.

Somit hat es nach ihrer Meinung eine Geschichte gegeben, aber es gibt keine mehr; ...“ K. Marx, Elend der Philosophie, MEW 4, 139.

10.Jul.2005 „Die unmittelbare Wirklichkeit des Gedankens ist die Sprache.“

Es ist bemerkenswert, daß die offizielle marxistische Philosophie etwa in der Sowjetunion die im Westen weit verbreitete Gleichsetzung der Bewußtseinsleistung Denken mit der Tätigkeit von Computern ablehnt. Zwar gibt es in der marxistischen Philosophie zur Frage der Kybernetik, zum Verhältnis von Information und Widerspiegelung noch einander widersprechende Auffassungen, doch ist man sich weitgehend einig, daß von einem ,Maschinendenken‘ nicht gesprochen werden sollte: ein Computer ordne Informationen nicht wie der Mensch nach Bedeutungen, die es ihm ermöglichten, die richtigen auszuwählen, ohne jeweils den gesamten Bestand durchmustern zu müssen. Wenn Computer Beweise führen und Sprachen übersetzen, handeln sie ,buchstabengetreu“ und mechanisch. Der handelnde Mensch aber denke in der Regel über die Ergebnisse, die Folgen seiner Handlungen nach, sei sozial und schöpferisch, könne dialektisch denken, d.h. einen Denkstil pflegen, der nicht vollkommen formalisiert werden kann. Zur vollständigen Modellierung des Bewußtseins sei ein Modell des Gehirns prinzipiell unzureichend, denn erst die gesellschaftliche Arbeit lehre das Hirn denken. [25]

10.Jul.2005 Für Marx ist der entscheidende Unterschied, durch den sich die Menschen aus dem (übrigen) Tierreich herausheben, die Arbeit: Man könne die Menschen durch das Denken, die Religion oder was immer von den Tieren unterscheiden, sie selber fingen an, sich von ihnen zu unterscheiden, indem sie begönnen, ihre Existenzmittel zu produzieren, ein Schritt, der durch ihre Organisation bedingt sei. Die Arbeit sei in einem solchen Maße Grundbedingung des menschlichen Lebens, daß man sagen könne, sie habe den Menschen selbst geschaffen. Die Ereignisse im „Tier-Mensch-Übergangsfeld“ stellt man sich in etwa so vor, wie Engels sie in dem Manuskript “Anteil der Arbeit an der Menschwerdung des Affen“
[17] geschildert hat; Modifikationen aufgrund neuer Funde beziehen sich auf Details, nicht auf das Wesen der Sache:

Die affenähnlichen Menschenvorfahren, die auf Bäumen lebten, wurden durch veränderte Umweltbedingungen (Versteppung ihres Lebensraums) gezwungen, auf ebener Erde zu leben. Da sie nur über unspezialisierte Greifwerkzeuge verfügten und natürlicher Waffen ermangelten, mußten sie zur Verteidigung gegen Raubtiere vorgefundene Steine verwenden, die bald auch zur Jagd genutzt wurden. Die “Erfordernisse der systematischen Nutzung von Werkzeugen“ zwangen sie, Schritt für Schritt zur Bearbeitung der Materialien überzugehen, die sie in der Natur fanden + schließlich zur Produktion der Werkzeuge. Das alles führte zu einer wesentlichen Veränderung der vorderen Gliedmaßen. Sie paßten sich den neuen Operationen an und wurden zu einem natürlichen Werkzeug der Arbeitstätigkeit.“ [18] Man nimmt an, daß die sich ,im Arbeitsprozeß entwickelnde Hand die Vervollkommnung des gesamten Organismus, auch des Gehirns“ beeinflußte; „Arbeit zuerst, nach und mit ihr die Sprache, das sind die beiden Antriebe, unter deren Einfluß das Gehirn eines Affen in das bei aller Ähnlichkeit weit größere und vollkommenere eines Menschen allmählich“ überging, schrieb Engels: ,,[...] im Verhältnis, wie der Mensch die Natur verändern lernte, in dem Verhältnis wuchs auch seine Intelligenz.“ [19] Mit dem Gehirn vervollkommneten sich auch die Sinnesorgane, die „Logik des praktischen Handelns wurde im Gedächtnis fixiert und verwandelte sich in die Logik des Denkens. Es bildete sich die Fähigkeit zur Zielsetzung heraus.“ [20]

Zunächst überblickten die Menschen, so nimmt man an, ihre Handlungen und ihre Umgebung nur begrenzt, kamen nicht über sinnliche Vorstellungen und einfache Verallgemeinerungen hinaus. Aber langsam klärte sich das Bewußtsein, es bildeten sich Urteils- und Schlußvermögen. Die sich im Gegensatz zum natürlichen Milieu rasch verändernde gesellschaftliche Umwelt führte zur Herausbildung immer neuer bedingt-reflektorischer Bewußtseinsleistungen: die Menschen lernten auf allen Gebieten dazu. Und das Tempo dieses Lernens steigerte sich mit der Entstehung der Sprache, die die Weitergabe von Erfahrungen an künftige Generationen ermöglicht, so daß menschliches Wissen ständig akkumuliert wurde; die Erfindung der Schrift stellte einen qualitativen Sprung dar, der die Möglichkeiten solcher Akkumulation noch erheblich erweiterte.

Ähnlichkeiten mit dem Menschen Gesunde Schimpansen sind Allesfresser

01.Jan.2005 - Letzter affenartiger Vorfahre des Menschen gefunden?

Barcelona (Spanien) - Des Menschen möglicherweise letzten direkten Affen-Vorfahren haben jetzt spanische Wissenschaftler auf einer Grabungsstätte in der Nähe von Barcelona gefunden. Wie sie im Fachmagazin "Science" darlegen, handelt es sich dabei um den Pierolapithecus catalaunicus, einen Großaffen, der offenbar über gute Kletterfähigkeiten verfügte. Obwohl das Skelett dieses Affen in Spanien gefunden wurde, nehmen die Forscher an, dass diese Affenspezies sich einst in Afrika entwickelt hat. Wie andere Großaffen verfügt der Pierolapithecus catalaunicus über ein steifes unteres Rückgrat und andere anatomische Anpassungen, die zum Klettern, aber auch zum aufrechten Stehen auf zwei Beinen befähigen. Diese Eigenschaften und sein Alter von rund 13 Millionen Jahren lassen ihn für Salvador Moyà-Solà vom Institut de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont und seine Kollegen als Kandidaten für den lange gesuchten letzten Affen-Vorfahren des Menschen in Frage kommen. Andere Affen, die ebenfalls als Kandidaten für diesen Platz in der Evolution gehandelt wurden, waren der Kenyapithecus oder der Equatorius sowie die noch älteren Morotopithecus und Afropithecus. Doch diese Spezies weisen noch primitivere Merkmale auf als das jetzt gefundene Großaffen-Exemplar. Da das Pierolapithecus-Skelett fast vollständig erhalten ist, konnten die Forscher erstmals die große Ähnlichkeit mit modernen Großaffen in Schlüsselbereichen belegen. "Der Brustkorb ist der wichtigste anatomische Teil dieses Fossils", erklärt Moyà-Solà, "denn es ist das erste Mal, dass ein Brustkorb, der dem eines modernen Großaffen ähnelt, bei einem Fossilfund entdeckt wurde." Auch die Schulterblätter sind bereits modern gestaltet: Wie bei modernen Großaffen und beim Menschen liegen sie am Rücken und nicht an den Seiten des Brustkorb, wie bei anderen Affen und Hunden. Obwohl dieses Affen-Exemplar in Spanien gefunden wurde, nehmen die Forscher einen Ursprung in Afrika an. "Afrika ist die Primaten-Fabrik", erklärt Moyà-Solà. "Im unteren und mittleren Miozän [vor etwa 14 Millionen Jahren] in Afrika finden wir eine fantastische Vielfalt von primitiven Hominoiden mit affenähnlichen Körperstrukturen vor. In Eurasien sind Affen plötzlich im mittleren Miozän aufgetaucht - vorher waren sie dort völlig unbekannt." Darum liege der Ursprung seiner Meinung nach in Afrika.

Links: Institut de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont. Quelle: Science

01.Mai. 2005 - Vorsänger

Die Neandertaler waren nach einer neuen Studie keine affenähnlich, brüllenden Grobiane, sondern sensible Wesen mit hoher Stimme, die sich vielleicht sogar Lieder vorsangen. Der englische Archäologieprofessor Stephen Mithen leitet dies aus einer Untersuchung des Kehlkopfes der altsteinzeitlichen Menschenart ab. Die Resultate zeigen eine intelligente Kreatur mit einem komplexen Gefühlsleben. Es ist möglich, dass die Neandertaler mit einer Sprache und mit Gesang kommunizierten. Seine Folgerungen aus einem Vergleich der Kehlköpfe mit dem von modernen Menschen und Affen lauten: Die Stimmen der Neandertaler waren laut, vom Klang her eher weiblich. Die Neandertaler müssen demnach zur Weitergabe von komplexen Ideen und sogar Spiritualität fähig gewesen sein. Quelle: krantz-online

10.Jul.2005 Zu den Gattungen, die gelegentlich Jagd auf größere Säugetiere (
Hasen, kleine Primaten, junge Paarhufer) machen, gehören Paviane und

10.Jul.2005 Zu den Gattungen, die gelegentlich Jagd auf größere Säugetiere (
Hasen, kleine Primaten, junge Paarhufer) machen, gehören Paviane und

10.Jul.2005 Gegen skrupellose Mörder, die Zivilpersonen attackieren, wie das gestern in London wieder geschehen ist, ist derzeit noch kein wissenschaftliches Kraut gewachsen.
Einen anderen Ansatz der Terrorismusforschung verfolgten Edward Kaplan von der Yale University und Moshe Kress von der Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey.

Die größte Schwierigkeit für die Forscher besteht darin, dass sie die Aussagen ihrer Modelle kaum in der Praxis verifizieren können

Die US-Regierung will mithilfe der Simulationen Optionen für ihr Handeln im Falle von Terrorattacken ergründen. Die Ergebnisse sind streng geheim. Wenn die Simulationen in die falschen Hände gerieten, erklärten Wissenschaftler, könnten sie als ultimative Waffe gegen die USA genutzt werden.

In den USA sind Wissenschaftler seit den Flugzeugattacken auf das World Trade Center am 11. September 2001 fest eingespannt in den Kampf gegen den Terror. Sie bauen nicht nur neue Waffen und tüfteln an neuer Kommunikationstechnik.
Am Los Alamos National Laboratory haben Forscher die wohl komplexesten Modelle der amerikanischen Gesellschaft entwickelt, an denen sie neue Strategien im Kampf gegen Terrorangriffe ausprobieren. In virtuellen Städten gehen Millionen Menschen täglich zur Arbeit, in die Schule, Einkaufen oder zum Sport. Virtuelle Kraftwerke erzeugen Strom; Gas und Wasser wird durch Leitungen transportiert, die allein im Computer existieren.
Diese heile Welt überziehen Wissenschaftler wie James Smith dann mit brutalem Terror. "Wir versuchen bestmögliche Terroristen zu sein", sagte Smith der "Washington Post". Er simuliert den Ausbruch von Pocken-Viren in Portland. "Hinterher denken wir manchmal: Zum Glück sind wir keine Terroristen."

10.Jul.2005 Referendum: Luxemburger stimmen für die EU-Verfassung

10.Jul.2005 London: Terrorabwehr - drei Festnahmen am Flughafen Heathrow

10.Jul.2005 Bruchfestes Glas-Skelett: Schwamm inspiriert Ingenieure

10.Jul.2005 Terror: Bombenexplosion in türkischem Ferienort

10.Jul.2005 Grüne Sicherheitsdebatte: "Was können wir aus London lernen?"

10.Jul.2005 Irak: USA und Briten erwägen massiven Truppenabzug

10.Jul.2005 Terror-Forschung: Wissenschaftler simulieren Attacken am Computer

10.Jul.2005 England: Unbekannte verüben Brandanschlag auf Moschee

10.Jul.2005 Ermittlungen: Britische Polizei fahndet nach verdächtigem Syrer

10.Jul.2005 Falscher Terror-Alarm: Absperrung des Zentrums von Birmingham wieder aufgehoben

Der saudische Staatsbürger, der von den USA auf mehreren Terror-Listen geführt wird, lebt seit Jahren in London. Er wies in mehreren Interviews darauf hin, dass er die Inhalte der Newsgroups auf seiner Seite nicht hundertprozentig kontrollieren könne. In der Tat findet sich auf der Seite auch ein Hinweis, der Gewalt verherrlichende Beiträge verbietet. Gleichwohl wurde der Mann in mehreren englischen Tageszeitungen bereits als Mitwisser der Anschläge vorverurteilt.
TIMEBASE - Selected Biographies – H Hedin was a close associate of Haushofer and a friend of Hielscher. (Pauwels).
00.000.1860-00.000.1904 HERZL, THEODOR Hungarian-born journalist and playwright who is ...

The Berzin Archives - The Nazi Connection with Shambhala and Tibet Haushofer developed the doctrine of Geopolitics + in the early 1920 s, ... Hedin engaged in pro-Nazi publishing activities in Sweden + made numerous ...

The Berzin Archives - Mistaken Foreign Myths about Shambhala Hedin acknowledged, however, that Tibet + the Dalai Lama were the ... Haushofer was the founder of the Vril Society in association with the Thule Society.

HEDIN, SVEN (1865-1952) Swedish explorer and expert on the Far East who lived for many years in Tibet + played an important part in establishing the Nazis' esoteric doctrines.

Hedin was a close associate of Haushofer + a friend of Hielscher. (Pauwels)

10.Jul.2005 Kriegsschuld "Wenn Hitler scheitert, wird sein Nachfolger der Bolschewismus sein; ... (Sven Hedin, Amerika im Kampf der Kontinente, 1943, S. 175; Hans Grimm, ...

Der österreichische Bergsteiger + ehemalige SS-Mann Heinrich Harrer wurde nach WWII. zum "Lehrer" des XIV. Dalai Lama + hat mit seinem Bestseller „Sieben Jahre in Tibet“ die Grundlagen für die Popularität des tibetischen "Gottkönigs" im Westen geschaffen.

Nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg wird Wien wiederum zu einem Zentrum des okkulten Neofaschismus,

Der zweite Teil des Buches stellt das verhängnisvolle Vermächtnis dar, das vom SS-Ahnenerbe an seine weltanschaulichen Erben hinterlassen wurde und gewährt Einblicke in die Ideologiekonstruktionen des   Neofaschismus der Nachkriegszeit bis heute. Es handelt sich dabei um eine mittlerweile schon sehr machvolle subkulturelle Strömung, in der Mythen, Religionsmuster, Dogmen, Fantasy- und Science-Fiction Stoffe, Verschwörungstheorien, Visionen, Imaginationen, okkulte Lehren und Aberglaube mit NS-Ideologien und der NS-Geschichte zu einer literarischen Einheit verschmolzen werden. In diesem Konstrukt ist das indisch-tibetische Kulturelement so stark ausgeprägt, dass man geradezu von einer "indischen Lehre mit nationalsozialistischen Inhalten" sprechen muss.

Die Sicherheit für die Öffentlichkeit habe aber "absoluten Vorrang", betonte die Polizei.
Betroffen war das Vergnügungsviertel der Stadt, in dem sich Polizeischätzungen zufolge rund 20.000 Menschen aufhielten. "Die West Midlands Polizei schließt jetzt die Broad Street und fordert die Menschen auf, das Stadtzentrum zu verlassen und nach Hause zu gehen", sagte ein Polizeisprecher.
Die Sicherheitsvorkehrungen in ganz Großbritannien sind nach den Terroranschlägen in London am vergangenen Donnerstag entschieden verschärft worden.
Insgesamt seien 7000 Verdächtige kontrolliert worden. Unter den Inhaftierten, die wegen verschiedenartiger Delikte festgenommen wurden, seien 83 Einwanderer, von denen 52 abgeschoben werden sollen, hieß es weiter. Die Polizei sei mit Metalldetektoren, Spürhunden und Spezialeinheiten im Einsatz gewesen.
10.Jul.2005 :
Großbritannien: Verdächtiges Paket - Polizei evakuiert Zentrum von Birmingham

Thus for more than a year the FAA has been in open dispute with NORAD on the issue of who informed whom and when about the Sept. 11 hijackings; unfortunately, this has never become the major media story it deserves to be.

09.Jul.2005 Vietnam War link confirmed between Agent Orange and diabetes: Pentagon: Agent Orange, the chemical defoliant widely used during the Vietnam War by US forces, is associated with diabetes found in American veterans, a Pentagon study said.

14.Jul.2005 One Soldier’s Fight to Legalize Morality:

28.Jul.2005 in a small non-descript courtroom on Ft. Stewart, Georgia, a Court Martial is scheduled to begin. Again. One Army NCO who decided that he had no choice but to make a conscious choice NOT to return to war is being put on trial for caring about humanity.

14.Jul.2005 Civil Rights Groups Urge Justice Department to Block Georgia Photo ID Law : More than two dozen civil rights, religious, labor and advocacy groups urged the Department of Justice to block implementation of a new Georgia law which they say will have a substantially negative "racial impact" on minority voters.

09.Jul.2005 Erekat to Israel: Don’t use London blasts : After Israel tried to link London blasts to the Palestinian resistance, senior negotiator Saeb Erekat warned it against using the attacks to "score points" diplomatically.

09.Jul.2005 In case you missed it: Israel strives to import America's war on terror : The Israeli political-security establishment is coming to the conclusion that the terror attacks on September 11 granted Israel and advantage; at a time when Israel was under increasing international pressure because of the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians.

09.Jul.2005 UK-based dissident denies link to website that carried al-Qaida claim : It was posted on an Arabic website,, which is registered by Qalaah Qalaah in Abu Dhabi + hosted by a server in Houston, Texas.

09.Jul.2005 'Police shot bombers' reports New Zealander : A New Zealander working for Reuters in London says two colleagues witnessed the unconfirmed shooting by police of two apparent suicide bombers outside the HSBC tower at Canary Wharf in London.

09.Jul.2005 Blair put us in the firing line : Amid all the punditry about whether there was an al-Qaida connection to Thursday's attacks on London commuters, it should not be forgotten that the bloody trail of blame leads straight to 10 Downing Street.

09.Jul.2005 Nothing could have stopped attacks : The home secretary, Charles Clarke, admitted today that his controversial plan to introduce ID cards for British residents would not have prevented the bomb attacks on London, but insisted the cards would "help rather than hinder" anti-terrorism efforts.

09.Jul.2005 Iraq Links London Attacks to Insurgency: Islamic extremists have been using Iraq as a planning center for attacks around the world since losing Afghanistan as their base in 2001, the government's chief spokesman said Friday.

09.Jul.2005 A Look in the Mirror for America : When Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt was asked about the images of American soldiers killing innocent civilians on Arab television, Kimmitt said: ''My solution is quite simple: Change the channel.

09.Jul.2005 We Were Right, They Lied: Flash presentation.

09.Jul.2005 When Lies Become Truth
Weekend Video  - Orwell Rolls In His Grave - A Must Watch Documentary
"Could a media system, controlled by a few global corporations with the ability to overwhelm all competing voices, be able to turn lies into truth?..."
Real Video

09.Jul.2005 This terror will continue until we take Arab grievances seriously Our focus must now be on the conditions that allow Bin Ladenists to recruit and operate-David Clark

We may capture the perpetrators of Thursday's bombings, but others will follow to take their place. Moreover, the actions of our leaders have made this more likely, not less. It's time for a rethink. Continue

09.Jul.2005 "The time of revenge has come" Blowback from Bush and Blair's incompetently pursued war on terror has hit London. When will the U.S. figure out how to fight smart? By Juan Cole
British Foreign Minister Jack Straw, "It has the hallmarks of an al-Qaida-related attack." Although U.S. President George W. Bush maintains that al-Qaida strikes out at the industrialized democracies because of hatred for Western values, the statement said nothing of the sort. The attack, the terrorists proclaimed, was an act of sacred revenge for British "massacres" in "Afghanistan and Iraq," and a punishment of the United Kingdom for its "Zionism" (i.e., support of Israel). If they really are responsible, who is this group and what do they want?

I know from experience on September 11th, 2001 that traditional communications systems broke down after the attack. Even many cell phones were inoperable during the hours following the attack on the World Trade Center. When 7 World Trade Center collapsed into a pile of rubble, NYC lost its command center.  How did the Office of Emergency Management of the City of New York, the NYPD + FDNY recover command and control and communications? The Internet and Incident Command System software enabled them to be online with an effective command center in Pier 92 within 24 hours of the attack!
The NRO is, effectively, the "eyes of the world". With the majority of American spy satellites at its fingertips, it can reasonably be assumed that NRO headquarters was an indispensable resource to NORAD and the Air Force from 8:28 when Flight 11 made its unplanned 100-degree turn over Pennsylvania, until 9:38 when it is said to have struck the Pentagon. The NRO claims as soon as the real world events "began to unfold" the drill was called off and all but the most essential personnel were sent home . (UPI, Aug 22, 2002) Read that last sentence again.

A NORAD spokesman noted, however, that the drills might have helped the command gear up quickly to respond to the 11.Sep.2001 attacks because its command posts were already staffed.
"It was quite fortuitous," said Maj. Douglas Martin of the Canadian Army and spokesman at NORAD headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo.
"The toughest thing for anyone is that we're using 12.Sep.2001 eyes to dissect 11.Sep.2001 ," he added. "No one is using 11.Sep.2001 eyes."
Investigators at the 11.Sep.2001 commission confirm they are investigating whether NORAD's attention was drawn in one direction - toward the North Pole - while the hijackings came from an entirely different direction.
"We are pursing this area very, very diligently," said Richard Ben-Veniste, a former Watergate prosecutor who is one of 10 members of Kean's bipartisan commission.
May 2001 -by presidential order, Cheney was handed direct control of all wargame + drill operations.

This meant he was solely in charge of the overlapping NORAD drills an+d wargames on the morning of 11.Sep.2001 that prevented Standard Operating Procedure from being implemented + any of the hijacked planes being intercepted.

3) OPERATION VIGILANT GUARDIAN: This exercise simulated hijacked planes in the north eastern sector and started to coincide with 11.Sep.2001

Lt. Col. Dawne Deskins, NORAD unit's airborne control + warning officer, was overseeing the exercise.

11.Sep.2001 8:40 am she took a call from Boston Center which said it had a hijacked airliner.

Her first words, as quoted by Newhouse News Service were, "It must be part of the exercise."

This is another example of how the numerous drills on the morning of 11.Sep.2001 deliberately distracted NORAD so that the real hijacked planes couldn't be intercepted in time.

NORAD confirmed two mock drills on 11.Sep.2001
Canadian DC Envoy Says Bush Ordered Flight 93 Shot Down

11.Sep.2001 Wargames Were Cover For the Operational Execution of 9/11

09.Jul.2005 Immigration And The Unmentionable Question Of Ethnic Interests Concentration Camps in Okanagon County? KXLY ... in Europe: MI5 knew for years of London mosque's role - Warnings on jail Muslims were ignored by...
Patriot Act/Patriot Act II

Examples of Non-Terror Cases and the Patriot Act

Patriot Act Enhancement Provides Death Penalty For Any Federal Crime Punishable By Over One Year In Jail

Patriot Act used to prosecute U.S. civilian

Northwoods Document

US planned fake terror attacks on civilians to establish public support for a war with Cuba - In the early 1960s, America's top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.

The Baltimore Sun - U.S. military leaders proposed in 1962 a secret plan to commit terrorist acts against Americans and blame Cuba to create a pretext for invasion and the ouster of Communist leader Fidel Castro, according to a new book about the National Security Agency.


Wie real das Risiko ist, dass Hochschulen zu einer Drehtür für destruktive Elemente werden, verdeutlichte der Fall Rihab Taba. Der frühere Kopf des irakischen Biowaffenprogramms studierte Anfang der achtziger Jahre an der University of East Anglia.
Zudem waren zahlreiche Labors an britischen Universitäten und Forschungseinrichtungen offenbar jahrelang nur unzureichend gesichert. Der Mikrobiologe Joseph Selkon von der Universität Oxford berichtete der BBC von der nach seiner Auffassung gängigen Praxis irakischer Wissenschaftler, sich mit Forschungsmitteln aus ihrem Heimatland Stellen an britischen Universitäten und medizinischen Einrichtungen zu verschaffen, um die Institute so infiltrieren zu können. Bis zu zehn irakische Wissenschaftler hätten sich so Zugang zu mikrobiologischen Sicherheitslabors verschafft, sagte Selkon. In der Folge wurden die Schutzmaßnahmen verschärft, und heute sind Universitäten regelmäßig Gegenstand strenger Kontrollen.
London nach den Anschlägen: Siegesfeier im Zeichen des Terrors

09.Jul.2005 Anti-Terror-Einsatz: Carabinieri nehmen Dutzende Verdächtige fest

09.Jul.2005 Ermittlungen in London: Bomben detonierten innerhalb weniger Sekunden

09.Jul.2005 Aggressiver Kanzler: Schröder tituliert Merkel und Kohl als Penner

09.Jul.2005 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Den Terror besiegen, heißt mit ihm leben zu lernen"

09.Jul.2005 Britische Unis: Anti-Terror-Zentren und Gefahrenherd zugleich

09.Jul.2005 Energie: Deutsche Ausgaben für Ölimporte explodieren

09.Jul.2005 Muslime in England: "Wir sind jetzt einfache Ziele für billige Rache"

09.Jul.2005 Qualle mit Leuchtköder: Rotlicht des Todes aus der Tiefsee

09.Jul.2005 Ubuntu: "Ein Linux für die Menschen"

09.Jul.2005 Reggae-Boom: Rauchschwaden gegen Babylon

09.Jul.2005 Terror in London: Behörden fahnden nach gebürtigem Marokkaner

09.Jul.2005 Donald B. Redford, Israel Finkelstein & Neil Asher Silberman Archaeologists Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman agree with Egyptologist Donald B. Redford that there was no Exodus. ...

08.Jul.2005 SPIEGEL ONLINE: Herr Torry, Großbritannien rüstet sich seit langer Zeit gegen mögliche Terrorangriffe. Nun ist es doch passiert. Müssen wir uns an die Gefahr von Terroranschlägen gewöhnen?
Torry: Es war in Großbritannien eine Frage der Zeit, bis das passiert. Der Londoner Polizeichef hat schon vor zwei Jahren davor gewarnt, dass ein solches Attentat langfristig kaum zu vermeiden ist. London ist eine Weltstadt, eine offene Stadt + wir können nicht alle Buspassagiere kontrollieren oder alle, die mit der U-Bahn fahren.

In der Forschungsstation Rothera in der Antarktis registrierten Wissenschaftler zudem drei Tage nach dem Shuttle-Start ein erhöhtes Auftreten von Eisen in rund 80 Kilometern Höhe. Normalerweise würden derartige Anomalien nur in Höhen über hundert Kilometern beobachtet, schreiben die Forscher. Die Eisenspuren seien zu hoch, um beim Eintritt von Meteoriten entstanden zu sein. Vielmehr stammten sie vom Space Shuttle: Das Eisen sei während des Aufstiegs verdampft.
"Die Daten zwingen uns Wissenschaftler, die Rolle polarer mesosphärischer Wolken im globalen Klimawandel zu überdenken", sagte Steven. Jegliche Interpretation jüngster Trends der Wolkenbildung müsse den potentiellen Einfluss von Raketenstarts berücksichtigen.
USA: Keine Landerlaubnis für französisches Flugzeug

(Reise, 22:53) USA: Oberster Richter tritt zurück

Contrary to original claims that Israel was warned “minutes before” the first attack, unconfirmed rumors in intelligence circles indicate that the Israeli government actually warned London of the attacks “a couple of days” previous. Israel has apparently given other warnings about possible attacks that turned out to be aborted operations. The British government did not want to disrupt the G-8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, or call off visits by foreign dignitaries to London, hoping this would be another false alarm.
The British government sat on this information for days and failed to respond. Though the Israeli government is playing along publicly, it may not stay quiet for long. This is sure to apply pressure on Blair very soon for his failure to deter this major terrorist attack. 

08.Jul.2005 In Seeking Unocal, Chevron Ruffles an Asian Partner : Chevron's managers have gone into overdrive to portray the Chinese government-backed offer as unfair competition and to close their deal as quickly as possible. They have received support from many lawmakers in Washington, who have painted the Chinese offer as a threat to America's national security.

09.Jul.2005 Democrats' letter: Rove must explain role in CIA outing or resign : The following letter, drafted by Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), was issued to other House Democrats for signature this afternoon

09.Jul.2005 Fitzgerald Hits Judith Miller Hard in Tuesday Decision : Special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald went after Judith Miller harshly Tuesday while arguing that the reporters at the center of the Valerie Plame/CIA case should not be allowed to serve their sentences for contempt as home detention. A

09.Jul.2005 Democrats blew it on CAFTA vote : When the Senate voted on CAFTA last week, a dozen Republicans abandoned the administration to vote "no." That meant that, if Democrats had been united in their opposition, the trade deal would have been easily defeated

08.Jul.2005 Galloway claims Africa deception : Mr Galloway told MPs the government was cynically trying to turn around its international reputation "on the sea of bodies" caused by poverty.

09.Jul.2005 'Power to the people': Thousands of protesters chanting "power to the people" began a march toward the site of the G8 summit on Wednesday under a quietly watchful police surveillance, after hours of acrimony sparked by a decision - later reversed - to ban the demonstration.

08.Jul.2005 Truth in a roadshow : The World Tribunal on Iraq has condemned the war in the country as one of the most immoral and cowardly in history

09.Jul.2005 Pentagon Weighs Strategy Change to Deter Terror : The Pentagon's most senior planners are challenging the longstanding strategy that requires the armed forces to be prepared to fight two major wars at a time. Instead, they are weighing whether to shape the military to mount one conventional campaign while devoting more resources to defending American territory and antiterrorism efforts.

09.Jul.2005 How The U.S. Military Eats 48 Cents Of Every Tax Dollar: For the third straight year, the Bush Administration has continued its deceptive practice of omitting the cost of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from the Budget

08.Jul.2005 Applying the US Standard: State Sponsors of Terrorism: The standards applied against those the U.S. considers terrorists, terrorist organizations, or state sponsors of terrorism, are instructive, particularly if one is inclined to apply the same standard to the U.S. as it applies elsewhere.

09.Jul.2005 Only 1 in 3 Think the U.S. Is Winning War on Terror : The number saying the U.S. is winning, 36%, is the lowest mark in more than two years.

08.Jul.2005 5 U.S. citizens held for suspected insurgent activity: Men of Middle Eastern descent had no apparent ties to one another, Pentagon says

08.Jul.2005 Abu Musab al-Zarqawi: An Arab Villain Right Out Bushcon Central Casting : Of course, there is no concrete evidence al-Qaeda is “in Iraq” or even if Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is alive, but never mind—his “internet tapes” are more than enough evidence the mercurial Jordanian wants to make sure civil war wracks Iraq soon as possible (as his master demands).

09.Jul.2005 Iraqis Say Security Forces Use Torture : As she tells it, security forces put her in solitary confinement for days on end, whipped her with electric cables and accused her of having sex with a stranger. Humiliated and fearful for her life, the 46-year-old Iraqi housewife went before a TV camera and "confessed" to helping insurgents.

09.Jul.2005 The Gitmo Experiment: How Methods Developed by the U.S. Military For Withstanding Torture are Being Used Against Detainees at Guantanamo Bay

09.Jul.2005 Fatal Error Deepens Mistrust of U.S. : "We were furious after seeing them not rescue her while she was still alive," Sabri said. "To them, killing a human being is nothing. When an American soldier gets killed, they make a big fuss. Helicopters and ambulances come to rescue. But when an Iraqi gets killed in the street, it means nothing to them."
Chomsky: It's imperialism, stupid: "Americans do not like to think of themselves as aggressors, but raw aggression is what took place in Iraq," national security and intelligence analyst John Prados concluded after his careful, extensive review of the documentary record in his 2004 book "Hoodwinked."

09.Jul.2005 Iraqi Anthrax: The United States breached the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC) by supplying warfare-related biological materials to Iraq during the 1980s, at a time when that nation was at war with its neighbour, Iran.

08.Jul.2005 US imposes controls on a new security threat - birdwatchers : US security agents have come up with a new target for increased scrutiny in their battle against terrorism: birdwatchers. Birdwatchers in certain areas are being forced to provide photographic identification, submit themselves to background checks + even pay for a police escort.

09.Jul.2005 Energy Co. Paid $25,000 for DeLay Meeting: A Kansas energy company said it donated $25,000 so that it could attend a golf outing with U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay to try to influence pending energy legislation

08.Jul.2005 Joseph Wilson Comments on 'Real Victims' in Plame Case : "The real victims of this cover-up, which may have turned criminal, are the Congress, the Constitution and, most tragically, the Americans and Iraqis who have paid the ultimate price for Bush’s folly."

09.Jul.2005 The American hand in Iran : The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)and its non-governmental organization (NGO) regime-change industry hope to stage another cardboard coup in Iran. But it could be a black and blue revolution.

08.Jul.2005 So, Mr Bremer, where did all the money go? : One ministry claimed to be paying 8,206 guards, but only 602 could be found : One American agent was given $23m to spend on restructuring; only $6m is accounted for

09.Jul.2005 In case you missed it: To the Victors Go the Spoils of War: British Petroleum, Shell and Chevron Win Iraqi Oil Contracts

09.Jul.2005 Robert Kennedy Jr: Video Lecture: Environment, Health and Democracy : The corrosive impact of excessive corporate power on American democracy

08.Jul.2005 Galloway: Bombings price of Iraq : Londoners have paid the price for Iraq and Afghanistan, says George Galloway.

09.Jul.2005 Israel Warned United Kingdom About Possible Attacks: Contrary to original claims that Israel was warned “minutes before” the first attack, unconfirmed rumors in intelligence circles indicate that the Israeli government actually warned London of the attacks “a couple of days” previous. The British government sat on this information for days and failed to respond.

09.Jul.2005 Report: Israel Was Warned Ahead of First Blast : The Israeli Embassy in London was notified in advance, resulting in Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remaining in his hotel room rather than make his way to the hotel adjacent to the site of the first explosion

09.Jul.2005 Netanyahu Changed Plans Due to Warning : British police told the Israeli Embassy in London minutes before Thursday's explosions that they had received warnings of possible terror attacks in the city, a senior Israeli official said.

09.Jul.2005 Scotland Yard has denied reports they were warned of an attack by Israel

09.Jul.2005 Israel not warned about blasts - foreign minister: A Foreign Ministry official had said earlier that British police warned the Israeli Embassy in London of possible terror attacks minutes before the first explosion

08.Jul.2005 Chavez's US-funded rivals in the dock: A Venezuelan opposition figure who was received by US President George Bush is to go on trial with three colleagues, accused of conspiring to change the government using US funds.

09.Jul.2005 Montana Police Have to Stop One Vehicle an Hour : A new policy requires state troopers to stop at least one vehicle an hour, whether the driver has done anything wrong or not.

09.Jul.2005 07/07/05: Ex-Mossad Chief Calls For World War After London Attack :  The executives must be empowered to act resolutely and to take every measure necessary to protect the citizens of their country and to carry the combat into whatever territory the perpetrators and their temporal and spiritual leaders are inhabiting.   

09.Jul.2005 Why London, Why Now? :  Regrettably, Tony Blair has already begun the spin in his statement from Gleneagles: 

09.Jul.2005 It's Up to the Anti-War Movement to Restrain the Thirst for More Blind Revenge: The bomb blasts were grimly predictable. Indeed, they had been widely and repeatedly predicted ­ not least by rank-and-file Londoners, who knew that by taking Britain into Iraq side-by-side with the USA, Tony Blair had placed their city in the firing line.

09.Jul.2005 West turns blind eye as police put Saddam's torturers back to work : RAQI security forces, set up by American and British troops, torture detainees by pulling out their fingernails, burning them with hot irons or giving them electric shocks, Iraqi officials say. Cases have also been recorded of bound prisoners being beaten to death by police.  

09.Jul.2005 Bush was right, but too late : I did a little linguistic analysis on George W. Bush's Fort Bragg address to Americans on June 28 and came up with some pretty strange results.
Two Years Into CIA Leak Probe, No Charges : A prosecutor's hunt for Bush administration leakers of classified information has produced no indictments after almost two years + legal experts say it's very possible the only person jailed will be a reporter who never wrote a story.

09.Jul.2005 Leakers and Liars: Will Fitzgerald Indict Rove?: Earlier this week I reported that a handful of Washington insiders had admitted that they believed Bush's top political strategist, Karl Rove, would be indicted for perjury within the next two weeks.

08.Jul.2005 In case you missed it?: Everything You Need to Know About Michael Ledeen: Would you be surprised to find that a man who was deeply involved in the Iran-Contra scandal during the Reagan Administration, a man who is the darling of the Bush White House and is an adviser to Karl Rove, a man who loves Machiavelli and studies him.

08.Jul.2005 In case yopu missed it: ADL Dinner for Berlusconi Causes a Stir : At a Tuesday-night dinner to honor Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi, the crowd gave a resounding applause when ADL national director Abraham Foxman announced, "I like Bush. I like Sharon. And Silvio Berlusconi, we are delighted to have you here tonight." But the solidarity of the moment did not extend far beyond the Plaza Hotel Ballroom.

08.Jul.2005 Human Life in East & West: A hell of a Difference : When a whole country is occupied it is for not occupation but liberation. But when a fraction of all that killing takes place in the West, it becomes an attack on freedom.

08.Jul.2005 Bush and Blair, both absolutely blameless? : If killing innocent people is wrong and heinous for the “terrorists” then surely it is also wrong for these governments to do exactly that, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Which is worse killing innocent civilians without provocation or killing them in retaliation? Surely the former (aggression) is worse than the latter (revenge).

08.Jul.2005 How To Stop Bin Laden : The World Needs Justice, Not More Terror . ‘ Bin Laden has been precise in telling America the reasons he is waging war on us. None of the reasons have anything to do with our freedom, liberty and democracy, but have everything to do with U.S. policies and actions in the Muslim world.’

08.Jul.2005 In case you missed it: Britain will pay 'blood price' - Blair : Britain must be prepared to pay a "blood price" to secure its special relationship with the US, Prime Minister Tony Blair has told the BBC ahead of talks on Iraq with President Bush. Friday, 6 September, 2002:

08.Jul.2005 London is Burning : A government that is fully engaged in some criminal colonialist activity better prepare its voters for the outcome of its policies.

08.Jul.2005 Chalmers Johnson : The Smash of Civilizations: At a time when American pundits were warning of a future "clash of civilizations," our occupation forces were letting perhaps the greatest of all human patrimonies be looted and smashed.

08.Jul.2005 Italy to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq in September, Berlusconi says

08.Jul.2005 103 Iraqi Parliamentarians Demand Withdrawal of US Troops: 103 members of the National Assembly (the Parliament) have demanded the adoption of a resolution cancelling the request made by the Government to the UN Security Council to extend the presence of multinational forces + urging the Government to put “a clear plan for army building and a timetable for the withdrawal of occupation troops” from Iraq.

08.Jul.2005 Dark Waters : The shadow of Josef Mengele: Withholding treatment from tortured prisoners, breaking medical confidence to tell interrogators of prisoners' physical and psychological weak spots + other heinous practices approved by the White House and codified in Pentagon directives for military medical staff.

08.Jul.2005 Americans deserve the unspun truth about Iraq : No more excuses. No more using the unrelated terrorist attacks of 9/11 or terrorism in general as a crutch to explain Iraq. No more pap about taking the fight to the terrorists so we won't have to fight them at home. No more canned speeches about spreading liberty and justice for all when Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo beg to differ.

08.Jul.2005 "London Has Reaped Blair's Involvement in Iraq" Democracy Now!
We go to London to get reaction from British antiwar MP George Galloway, author and Guardian columnist George Monbiot and journalist Stephen Grey of the Sunday Times of London.
Real Audio And Transcript .

08.Jul.2005 The struggle against terrorism cannot be won by military means
The G8 must seize the opportunity to address the wider issues at the root of such atrocities -By Robin Cook
President Bush is given to justifying the invasion of Iraq on the grounds that by fighting terrorism abroad, it protects the west from having to fight terrorists at home. Whatever else can be said in defence of the war in Iraq today, it cannot be claimed that it has protected us from terrorism on our soil.

08.Jul.2005 The price of occupation The "war against terror" is immoral and counterproductive. Tariq Ali

Most Londoners (as the rest of the country) were opposed to the Iraq war. Tragically, they have suffered the blow and paid the price for the re-election of Blair and a continuation of the war.  Continue.

08.Jul.2005 The reality of this barbaric bombing
If we are fighting insurgency in Iraq, what makes us think insurgency won't come to us? By Robert Fisk
It is easy for Tony Blair to call yesterdays bombings "barbaric" - of course they were - but what were the civilian deaths of the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq in 2003, the children torn apart by cluster bombs, the countless innocent Iraqis gunned down at American military checkpoints? When they die, it is "collateral damage"; when "we" die, it is "barbaric terrorism".

Above all, keep encouraging Americans to see Iran as a nation best understood with Washington's policy-driven clichés, rather than a country with a complex and authentic political process underway. The less that Americans really know about Iran, the easier it will be to launch the missiles.

Norman Solomon, executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, is currently in Tehran. His latest book, "War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death," came off the press this week. For information, go to:

08.Jul.2005 Reaktion auf Anschläge: Briten berufen Sondertreffen der EU-Innenminister ein

08.Jul.2005 Sicherheit: Berlusconi wähnt sich im Visier von Terroristen

08.Jul.2005 Web   Ergebnisse 1 - 100 von ungefähr 13.600 für LaOla welle .

08.Jul.2005 Michel Chossudovsky: Fabricating an Enemy ... (2002) classified outbrief drafted to guide the Pentagon « calls for the creation of a so-called « Proactive, Pre - emptive Operations Group » ( P2OG ), ... 06.Jul.2005

UNITED STATES: Pentagon plans to provoke terrorist attacks ... the new organisation — the Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG ) — will carry out secret missions designed to “stimulate reactions” among ...

08.Jul.2005 THE WORLD WILL KNOW THE TRUTH euphemism as the Proactive Pre - emptive Operations Group, or P2OG, will provoke terrorist attacks which would then require "counter-attack" by the ...

08.Jul.2005 Web   Ergebnisse 1 - 100 von ungefähr 816 für Proactive Preemptive Operations Group P2OG . (

Neoliberalismo, nuevo desorden mundial y éxodo forzado - Translate this page Neoliberalismo, nuevo desorden mundial y éxodo forzado
+++ Britische Börsianer verlieren Milliarden +++
[19.02] An der Londoner Börse haben Anleger nach den Anschlägen Milliarden verloren. Der Leitindex der britischen Börse, der FTSE-100, beendete den Handel mit einem Minus von 1,4 Prozent bei 5158,3 Punkten. Damit wurden allein in diesem Index 17 Milliarden Pfund - umgerechnet fast 25 Milliarden Euro - vernichtet.
+++ Londons Bürgermeister bringt Irak-Politik und Anschläge in Zusammenhang +++
[16.58] "Die Stadt wäre nicht das Ziel von Anschlägen gewesen, wenn Großbritannien keine Truppen im Irak hätte", sagt Ken Livingstone, Bürgermeister von London.
Auch wenn manche US-Politiker noch leugnen, dass der Mensch das Ökosystem der Erde gewaltig durcheinander bringen kann - sie brauchten nur einmal einen Blick auf die Geschichte Australiens zu werfen, um eines Besseren belehrt zu werden. Denn der Mensch hat das Ökosystem auf dem Kontinent bei seiner Ankunft vor 50.000 Jahren drastisch verändert. Das glauben zumindest Gifford Miller und seine Kollegen von der University of Colorado in Boulder.
Bislang konnte das Aussterben von mehr als 85 Prozent aller großen Säuger vor 45.000 bis 55.000 Jahren in Australien auf keinen eindeutigen Auslöser zurückgeführt werden. Miller und sein Team haben nun den Menschen als Übeltäter entlarvt. Hinweise darauf lieferten Eierschalen und Zähne von damals bereits in Australien einheimischen Pflanzenfressern, dem Emu und dem Wombat + der mittlerweile ausgestorbenen Vogelart Genyornis, schreiben die Wissenschaftler in der Fachzeitschrift "Science" (Bd. 309, S. 287).
08.Jul.2005 Vote Fraud: New report Professor Ron Baiman of the University of Chicago at Illinois has offered a
new study of the 2004 vote. He refutes the "chatty Dem, taciturn Republican" theories which have taken root as the official explanation for the exit poll discrepancies.
08.Jul.2005 Cooked evidence? .
Xymphora has already suggested that the Bush administration will find evidence blaming the attacks on a state actor. The only question (in Mr. X's mind) is which state - Iran or Syria?
Advance warning. Intriguingly, the Israelis received
advanced warning of the attack:
The Israeli Embassy in London was notified in advance, resulting in Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remaining in his hotel room rather than make his way to the hotel adjacent to the site of the first explosion, a Liverpool Street train station, where he was to address and economic summit. Should we take this to me mean that the Israelis knew not only that an attack was imminent, but also where the attack would take place? Was Netanyahu himself targeted?
A striking thought, that. How could a terrorist leaving a bomb-laden package behind on a train be absolutely sure where that train would be at the time of detonation?
Fox News responds characteristically. Fox News host Brian Kilmeade, in an
on-air exchange with fellow-Foxer Stuart Varney, opined that this outrage "works to our advantage." Nobody ever accused Fox News of good taste.
Varney responded:
It puts the Number 1 issue right back on the front burner right at the point where all these world leaders are meeting. It takes global warming off the front burner. It takes African aid off the front burner.

Hinweise auf terroristische Angriffe auf London während des G-8-Gipfels in Gleneagles hatten die Fahnder demnach nicht. So sieht es Scotland Yard auch jetzt: Es habe keine Anzeichen für die Anschläge gegeben, keine Warnung, sagte ein Sprecher gestern und wiederholte es heute.
Im schottischen Gleneagles herrschte die höchste Sicherheitsstufe. Um die versammelten Staats- und Regierungschefs zu schützen, wurden 1500 Polizisten aus der Hauptstadt nach Schottland beordert. Dass Scotland Yard von der Attacke in der Hauptstadt so überrascht worden sein soll, ist für Fachleute schwer nachvollziehbar. Es sei doch bekannt, dass al-Qaida niemals solch hochgesicherte Ziele angreife. "Warum den Tiger angreifen, wenn es so viele Schafe gibt?", sei deren Philosophie, sagte Terror-Experte David Capitanchik von der Universität Aberdeen.
Denn unmittelbar nach der Detonation der ersten Bombe am Bahnhof Liverpool Street lief das Szenario genau so ab, wie es die Sicherheitskräfte es bei einer Übung simuliert hatten.
Um eine Massenpanik in der Bevölkerung zu verhindern, streute die Polizei zunächst die Information, ein Kurzschluss habe die U-Bahnen in ganz London lahm gelegt. Mehr als eine Stunde lang wurde diese Meldung verbreitet - mit Erfolg. Pendler, Touristen und andere nicht direkt von den Explosionen betroffene Fahrgäste behielten die Ruhe. Augenzeugen berichteten später, die meisten hätten sich nur über die vermeintliche Panne geärgert und seien über die Verzögerung ungehalten gewesen.
Andere jedoch ahnten oder wussten bereits, dass es nicht nur um ein technisches Problem ging. "Als ich das Wort Kurzschluss hörte, wusste ich, das war ein Trick", zitiert die britische Zeitung "Guardian" einen Mitarbeiter der Londoner U-Bahn. Denn: "Die drei Bahnhöfe sind an unterschiedliche Stromnetze angeschlossen".
Terroranschlag: Falschmeldung sollte Panik verhindern

08.Jul.2005 Türkei: Schafe begehen Massenselbstmord

08.Jul.2005 Grabung in Hamburg: Forscher suchen die verschollene Burg
Reformen: Bundesrat blockiert höheres Arbeitslosengeld für Ältere

08.Jul.2005 Australien: Mensch verursachte Ökokatastrophe

08.Jul.2005 Anschlagsversicherungen: Unternehmen schutzlos gegen den Terror

08.Jul.2005 Analyse: Cool Britannia

08.Jul.2005 Terror-Ermittlungen: Londons Polizei setzt auf sieben Millionen Helfer

08.Jul.2005 Al-Qaidas Strategie: Und morgen Rom?

08.Jul.2005 Terror in London: Banken rechnen mit Milliarden-Schaden

08.Jul.2005 Gipfeltreffen: G-8 einigen sich auf 50-Milliarden-Dollar-Hilfe für Entwicklungsländer

08.Jul.2005 Prototyp: Handy mit Brennstoffzelle

08.Jul.2005 Britisches OK: Terror soll Olympia nicht beeinträchtigen

08.Jul.2005 Terrorgefahr: Britische Regierung warnt vor weiteren Anschlägen

08.Jul.2005 Terror in London: Das Muster Madrid

08.Jul.2005 Pharma-Land China: Milliardenmarkt mit Macken

08.Jul.2005 ARD/ZDF: Arbeitsteilung verzögerte Terror-Nachrichten

08.Jul.2005 Raumfähre "Columbia": Shuttle formte mysteriöse Wolken

08.Jul.2005 Terror in London: Veranstalter bieten kostenloses Storno an

08.Jul.2005 Gläserne Manager: Bundesrat winkt Gehältergesetz durch

08.Jul.2005 Börsen nach Terrorakt: "Da muss schon mehr passieren"

08.Jul.2005 Interview mit dem britischen Botschafter Sir Peter Torry: "Meine Tochter saß in einer der U-Bahnen"

08.Jul.2005 Wahlumfrage: Schwarz-gelbe Mehrheit schmilzt

08.Jul.2005 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Angriff auf die Arbeiterschaft"

08.Jul.2005 Exotische Klänge: Physik des Didgeridoo-Spiels enträtselt

08.Jul.2005 Großbritannien: Entwarnung - Evakuierung von Bahnhof in London wird abgebrochen

08.Jul.2005 Reaktionen in USA: Normalzustand nach 9/11

08.Jul.2005 Lukrativer Abgang: Morgan-Stanley-Chef bekommt 113 Millionen Dollar zum Abschied

08.Jul.2005 Gleneagles: G-8 gibt sich als schlagkräftige Antiterrorgruppe

08.Jul.2005 Terrorfolgen: US-Börsen reagieren cool

08.Jul.2005 Teurer Treibstoff: Benzin und Heizöl so teuer wie nie

08.Jul.2005 Antiterrorkampf: Union will Schutzlücken schließen

08.Jul.2005 Terrorattacke: London sucht die Attentäter

Der Einsatz von Sprengstoff-Hunden gehört in Silverstone ohnehin zu den üblichen Maßnahmen.
Der Ölpreis hat sich unterdessen von seinem historischen Hoch entfernt. Nach Bekanntwerden der Terroranschläge in London fiel die Notierung für die Referenzsorte Light Sweet Crude im elektronischen Handel in New York zwischenzeitlich um mehr als vier Dollar auf 57,20 Dollar, nachdem kurz zuvor noch ein Rekordstand von 62,10 US-Dollar erzielt worden war.

07.Jul.2005 Knappes Öl: Norweger wollen in der Arktis bohren

An dem Schreiben ist allerdings auch einiges auffällig. Schreiben die Autoren beispielsweise: "Freut Euch, Gemeinschaft der Muslime, freut Euch, Gemeinschaft der Araber " - Das ist deshalb erwähnenswert, weil al-Qaida zwar im Kern eine arabische Organisation ist, zugleich aber immer betont, dass es allein darauf ankomme, ob jemand ein nach ihren Vorstellungen gläubiger Muslim ist. Die Frage der ethnischen Zugehörigkeit spielt in der Regel keine Rolle. Ebenfalls überraschend: das frühe Erscheinen des Dokuments. Denn in aller Regel gilt: Je größer der Anschlag, desto später die Reaktion von al-Qaida. Zwei Stunden sind eine sehr kurze Frist. Aber das sind nur Erfahrungswerte, aus denen relativ wenig abgeleitet werden kann - zumal sie keine neuen Spuren auf eine andere Tätergruppe eröffnen.
7/7/2005: Chronologie der Angriffe

07.Jul.2005 Augenzeugenberichte: "Auf den Gleisen lagen Körper"

07.Jul.2005 Analyse: Terroristen haben ihr Top-Ziel getroffen

07.Jul.2005 16:43) Army-Aufträge: Halliburton bekommt Fünf-Milliarden-Dollar-Job

Gordon Corera : BBC Television Centre : 1455 BST

There is still nothing confirmed regarding responsibility + I don't think we should expect anything to be confirmed for some time while the attacks are being investigated.

But the indications, from the timing and the method, the nature of the attack and the lack of warning, are clear.

The most worrying trend has been the way al-Qaeda has fragmented.

At first people thought that was a good thing, because that meant a sign of its defeat, but lots of groups have popped up in other countries which are inspired by them.

And even a teenager is distracted from her magazine as Tony Blair makes an announcement.

Dominic Casciani : Royal London Hospital : 1540 BST

It's a sad fact of life that faith leaders in the East End have been preparing for the fallout of terrorism in London. The Bishop of Stepney, Stephen Oliver + Dr Mohammed Abdul Bari, the chairman of the East London Mosque, have just spoken together outside the Royal London Hospital saying the East End and the whole of London must remain united in the face of terror.
Der Neckar wurde vermutlich aufgrund seines stürmischen Laufs als männlich empfunden, der Name geht zurück auf das ureuropäische Wort "nik", das "losstürmen" bedeutet.

So geht der Rhein auf das altgermanische Wort reinos zurück, welches "großer Fluss" bedeutet. Die Endung -os zeigt an, dass der Rhein schon bei den alten Germanen männlichen Geschlechts war.

Eines haben sie (fast) alle gemein: Ob sie nun Alster, Aller, Iller, Inn, Werra, Naab, Main oder Leine heißen - der Name geht meistens auf ein altes Wort für Fluss, Sumpf, Bach oder Au zurück.
Momentaufnahme aus London: "Wir haben es ja alle irgendwann erwartet"

07.Jul.2005 Londoner Anschläge: Schily erhöht Sicherheitsmaßnahmen in Deutschland

07.Jul.2005 15:54) Londoner Explosionen: Märkte erholen sich nach Terrorschock

07.Jul.2005 Hurrikan-Alarm: Karibik bereitet sich auf "Dennis" vor

07.Jul.2005 15:28) Explosionen in Bussen und Bahnen: Terrorangriff auf London

07.Jul.2005 15:27) Notfallplan: Wie sich London auf den Terror vorbereitete

07.Jul.2005 15:26) Reaktionen: G-8 sagt Terroristen den Kampf an

Media cartels and government agencies are seeking to reimpose the regime of the broadcast era in which the customers of technology will be deprived of the power to create and left only with the power to consume. That power struggle is what the battles over file-sharing, copy-protection, regulation of the radio spectrum are about. Are the populations of tomorrow going to be users, like the PC owners and website creators who turned technology to widespread innovation? Or will they be consumers, constrained from innovation and locked into the technology and business models of the most powerful entrenched interests?

07.Jul.2005 The Jerusalem Post reports that the Army was dispatched to seal off the Israeli Embassy as Israel's Finance Minister is present for a conference. The army have reportedly been involved with rescues at
Covent Garden. Police have denied this report (originally made on Sky news).

More than 30 die in London blasts". BBC News,

07.Jul.2005 "Home Secretary statement on London explosions: full text".

Home Office 07.Jul.2005 "Explosions hit London, casualties reported".

Reuters 07.Jul.2005 "Blasts Hit London Bus And Underground".

Sky News 07.Jul.2005 "London rocked by terror attacks".

BBC News 07.Jul.2005 "Several London underground stations evacuated".

Reuters 07.Jul.2005 "Several hurt in London explosion". 07.Jul.2005 "'Explosion' heard at station".

Press Association 07.Jul.2005 "BLASTS ON TUBES AND BUS".

skynews 07.Jul.2005 "Markets fall after London blasts".

BBC News 07.Jul.2005 "Timeline of London blasts".

CNN News 07.Jul.2005 "Two killed in London explosions".

BBC News 07.Jul.2005 "6 Blasts Rock London, Killing at Least Two".

Associated Press 07.Jul.2005 "Explosions hit London as G8 leaders meet".

Reuters 07.Jul.2005 "Breaking News".

Jerusalem Post 07.Jul.2005 "Police confirm three bus blasts in London". 07.Jul.2005 "Qaida-Bekennerschreiben zu Anschlägen in London".

Der Spiegel 07.Jul.2005 "Timeline of London Blasts".

CNN 07.Jul.2005 "Transport For London".

TfL 07.Jul.2005 "Major U.S. cities raise vigilance".

CNN 07.Jul.2005 Jane Wardell (Associated Press) "Four London Blasts Kill 40, Injure 300".

ABC News 07.Jul.2005

The Associated Press is reporting that a US law enforcement official has put the toll at 40 killed.

Emergency Services press conference at around 15:15 BST (UTC+1) confirms at least 33 fatalities, not including those resulting from the incident on the number 30 bus.

According to the Associated Press, a senior Israeli official said Scotland Yard told Israel minutes before the explosions that it had received warnings of possible terror attacks. Sky News says this has been denied by Scotland Yard. Sir Ian during his interview with Sky confirmed the absence of any specific intelligence.

German news magazine Der Spiegel (as well as unconfirmed information from CIA) has reported that a letter from an organization calling itself "Secret organization - Al Qaeda in Europe" has appeared, claiming responsibility for the bombings. See our related story for more details.

R. D. Laing is one of the prominent psychiatrists who was associated with the Institute. Laing, who also served in the British Army Psychiatric Unit, became well known + highly controversial, for his experimentation with LSD and his views on schizophrenia. Laing suggested that schizophrenia was a way of experiencing the world, not a disease.

A key figure in the history of Tavistock was Brigadier-General Dr. John Rawlings-Rees, author of The Shaping of Psychiatry by War .

The Second World War saw many of the Tavistock's professional staff joining the armed services as psychiatric specialists, where some - notably psychoanalyst
Wilfred Bion - introduced radical new methods of selecting officers, using the so-called leaderless group as an instrument to observe which men could take responsibility for others by being aware of their preoccupations rather than simply by giving orders. This led to reductions in the number of applicants who were rejected.

Tavistock Institute
The Tavistock Institute is an outgrowth of the Tavistock Clinic, which was founded in 1920 in Tavistock Square in London. The Institute, founded in 1946, was originally called the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. These institutions were entirely private, supported by private donors. The Inst..

It is also interesting to note that the Tavistock Institute is based directly in the heart of the Square Mile as well. If there was ever a totally Luciferian organisation created then the Tavistock Institute is definitely the one. The Windsor Illuminati sure have trauma-based psychotronic mind control down to a fine tee in this place. The CIA, FBI, NSA, DoD and the US Army have all been regular users of the Tavistock Institutes services and functions. It basically creates psychosocial policy by which the British and American governments shape their policies on many, many different issues.
Its just that we are given close up views and fragments of these situations and therefore see no interconnection.
It is the same interconnection that clearly has been proven to exist between pretty much all terrorist organisations on Planet Earth. The Irish Republican Army, (IRA) worked closely alongside the Columbian Cali and M18 as well as the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, (PLO). All of them were drug running, human trafficking and shipping in and out illegal goods. None of what i have written here is in any part a 'conspiracy theory'. I guarantee if any individual worth his salt does not believe me then go and do the research yourselves. You will become shocked at what you find. - Stephano

07.Jul.2005 London PR Consultancies Moorgate Group, Debt Market Communications, 4-14 Tabernacle Street, London, EC2A 4LU ... Tavistock Communications Ltd, One Angel Court, London EC2R 7HX ...

Er habe die Nachrichten aus Großbritannien "mit Schmerz verfolgt" und verurteile "die Attentate als unmenschliche und unchristliche Handlung", hieß es in einem an den Erzbischof von London, Murphy O'Connor, gerichteten Telegramm

+++ Innenministerium spricht von vier Explosionen +++
[13.59] Der britische Innenminister Charles Clarke hat die Zahl der Anschläge nach unten korrigiert. Demnach hat es am Donnerstag vier Explosionen gegeben. Drei davon hätten sich in der U-Bahn ereignet, eine vierte in einem Bus. "Wir wissen nicht, wer oder welche Organisation dafür verantwortlich ist", sagte Clark vor dem britischen Unterhaus. Zunächst war von bis zu sieben die Rede gewesen.
Date/Time: 07/07/2005 15:0:
In München wurden nach Polizeiangaben die Besatzungen der Streifenwagen sensibilisiert

Date/Time: 07/07/2005 15:0:
+++ Selbstmordattentäter soll Bus gesprengt haben +++
[13.31] Ein Selbstmordattentäter hat nach Informationen des Nachrichtensenders Sky News einen der sechs Anschläge in London verübt. Wie der Sender am Donnerstag meldete, sprengte er einen Bus in die Luft. Die Polizei erklärte dagegen, es sei noch zu früh zu sagen, ob Selbstmordattentäter beteiligt seien.

Date/Time: 07/07/2005 15:0:
+++ Die Notfallpläne beginnen zu greifen +++
[12.52] Sicherheitskräfte bekommen die Lage langsam unter Kontrolle. Das sagte Polizeichef Ian Blair dem Nachrichtensender Sky News. "Die Notfallpläne beginnen zu greifen", sagte er. Laut dem Polizeichef lagen den Behörden keine Warnungen auf die Anschläge vor.

+++ Armee rückt in London ein +++ [12.26] Einheiten der britischen Streitkräfte rücken nach Informationen des Nachrichtensenders Sky News in London ein. Wie der Sender weiter meldete, sollen sie an zentralen Plätzen der Stadt nach den sechs Explosionen für Ordnung und Sicherheit sorgen.
+++ "Knall" in der U-Bahn +++ [9.12] Die britische Bahnpolizei um schließt die U-Bahn-Station Liverpool Street. Es habe einen "Knall" gegeben, hieß es um 8.12 britischer Zeit.
Register of Collaborative Provision - City University London The Tavistock Institute . 30 Tabernacle Street. London. EC2A 4UE ... Vincent Square Centre. Vincent Square . London. SW1P 2PD. Foundation year with Mechanical ...

07.Jul.2005 The Truth Seeker - More Tales from the 'City of London' It is also interesting to note that the Tavistock Institute is based directly in the heart of the Square Mile as well. If there was ever a totally ...

07.Jul.2005 Institute of Alcohol Studies - HTML-Version Tavistock House, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9HR. Tel: 020 7388 4449 ... Head Office, 30 Tabernacle Street, London EC2A 4DD ...

07.Jul.2005 Coming Soon Medical Association British BMA House Tavistock Square WcI Medical Laboratory
Sciences Institute Of 12 ... Metropolitan Tabernacle E1ephant & Castle Se1 ...

07.Jul.2005 Walking informal education - Great Russell Street to Fitzrovia From there walk on (east) to Tavistock Square . Cross to Tavistock Place in the south eastern corner of the square . Look out for Mary Ward House. ...

07.Jul.2005 MEMORIALS FOR PEACE The latest addition to the square was a massive granite stone to commemorate the struggle ... Conscientious objection Gandhi. Tavistock Square, London WC1 ...

07.Jul.2005 Dokumentation: Truppen im Irak und in Afghanistan

07.Jul.2005 Explosionen in Bussen und Bahnen: Terrorangriff auf London

07.Jul.2005 News-Ticker: Die neuesten Nachrichten aus London

07.Jul.2005 Londoner Explosionen: Europas Märkte unter Schock

07.Jul.2005 Augenzeugen: "Aufgerissen wie eine Sardinenbüchse"

07.Jul.2005 Reaktionen: G-8 sagt Terroristen den Kampf an
Americas – Events Tuesday

01.Feb. Seminar, 5.00 pm, Room 12, 35 Tavistock Square Argentina and the Nazis: Verifying Notions, Deconstructing Myths Ignacio Klich ...

Americas – Events Wednesday

02.Feb. Seminar, 5.30 pm, Room 12, 35 Tavistock Square The United States and International drug enforcement policies ...

There are many fire engines and ambulances rushing past the window of my building.

There are a lot of people phoning loved ones to make sure they are ok. Feels a bit like 11.Sep.2001 all over again here. -Amy Hinkley, London

I had just got on tube at Liverpool street and just before the doors shut, an explosion went off in the next carriage.

Lights went out and people calmly left the tube.

There was smoke coming from the carriage. On my alternative route to work, I walked up Southampton Row when I heard another explosion and people running in a panic from Russell Square. Michael Dunn, London

I reached Euston station by Silverlink county at close to 9am, walked to Euston square tube to find police blocking it. So went back to Euston central again to access Euston underground, cops evacuating there too, saying Liverpool st possible explosion. So took no 59 bus to reach Holborn. As the bus passed a bit after Tavistock square park, we heard an explosion - something like a big bang, sort of muffled inside a metal container. We looked back from the upper deck - saw a huge metal scrap thing on the road, with a few fumes coming out, someone was on the road trying to pull something out of it. All of us panicked and hurried to get out of bus, people losing it completely. I am lucky to be writing this. This was the first time I smelt death so near.
Krishnakumar Nair, Wembley Middlesex

I work on Old Broad Street, just off Liverpool St. We have been instructed not to leave the building and police have cleared the immediate surrounding streets.
Savio Correia-Afonso, London, UK

We were held at Kings Cross Station for about 20 minutes, stuck inside the tube. The station had already been evacuated but they wouldn't let us off. When we were finally evacuated, Kings Cross area was bedlam. I tried to get on a bus, no chance! Decided to walk to work instead and when I got to around the Euston Square area there was a massive explosion in the road next to me. People were running away screaming and in shock-it was terrifying. I later found out that this was the bus explosion. We're now being held in our offices and provisions are being made for us to stay here overnight
Sasha Hudson, London

I arrived at Kings Cross at

09:35 on an over ground train from Cambridge. All passengers were immediately evacuated from the station into the streets.

I crossed the Euston Road, heading south along Argyle Street towards Grays Inn Road. At

09:47 I heard a loud bang, presumably the Tavistock Square bus explosion a few streets away.
Richard Hare, Cambridge

I would just like to say a spectacular "Well Done" to our Emergency Services, also please pass on my sympathy to all those involved + my utter disgust to those responsible - Lisa Lynch, Clacton - Essex

Eins sei aber schon vorher klar gewesen: "Die Retina ist ein vorgeschobener Teil des Gehirns, ein komplexes neuronales Netzwerk - da kann schon einiges an Verarbeitung ablaufen." Man dürfe diese Vorverarbeitung, die in der Netzhaut stattfinde, aber nicht überbewerten: "Es ist ja nicht so, dass der Salamander nur mit Hilfe seiner Retina die Umwelt erkennen könnte."
Datenkompression, den die Netzhaut beherrscht: Weil die Welt um uns herum sich aus Objekten zusammensetzt, die oft eine relativ gleichmäßige Oberfläche haben, lassen sich visuelle Eindrücke sparsam abbilden. Bestimmte Zellen in der Netzhaut vergleichen die Lichtintensität an einem bestimmten Punkt mit der, die aufgrund benachbarter Punkte zu erwarten wäre, glauben viele Forscher. Wenn der gemessene Wert von der Vorhersage abweicht, wird diese Differenz weitergeleitet. Solche Differenz-Signale haben eine geringere Schwankungsbreite als die Rohdaten für jeden bestimmten Punkt im Raum - man kann den Mechanismus mit Bild-Kompressions-Verfahren in elektronischen Medien vergleichen. Auch dort wird manchmal die Regel "Sieht genauso aus wie der Pixel nebenan" angewendet, um die Datenmenge zu reduzieren, mit der ein Bild beschrieben wird

When I arrived just after 9am I saw some people, walking with now familiar black faces and arms. Since then the situation has developed rather dramatically.

All leaders seem to have decided not to give the terrorists what they were looking for - the cancellation of the summit.

There are well established procedures in place. Which is why we're seeing all these emergency procedures being put in place, such as transport being shut down. They have been preparing for this.

Guto Hari : BBC Television Centre : 1210 BST Tony Blair has talked on many occasions about what keeps him awake at night. And it seems that his worst nightmare is now happening.

Fergal Parkinson : Tavistock Square : 1220 BST I'm outside the British Medical Association on Tavistock Square where a lot of the injured are still being treated. People are lying on the ground being treated by paramedics and doctors - some of whom obviously work at the BMA.

There's a very low level of trading largely because many of the big banks have evacuated their offices.

Jeff Randall : City of London : 1235 BST There are lots of men in suits coming out of the City of London - clearly they couldn't leave their offices and get on to the tubes and taxis so they're simply walking home - it's an extraordinary sight.

Andrew Winstanley : Liverpool Street : 1239 BST The station is still closed and all the shops are being closed with people still inside; there seems to be a general lockdown.

Police are going from door to door searching apartments above shops to check them out. There is concern that there may be more undetected devices.

In Tavistock Square the wreckage of the roofless red London bus sits outside the offices of the British Medical Association, newspapers blowing in the road. A symbol of an ordinary Thursday morning commute cruelly interrupted.

Reporters' Log: London explosions There have been several explosions on the London Underground Tube network this morning + on a bus in central London. BBC News correspondents are on the scene with the latest details.

Dominic Casciani : Aldgate East : 1325 BST

Workers in the city of London are still trying to take in what has happened. And almost every pub around Liverpool Street is packed with people wanting to watch the One o' clock news.

At the East India Arms, a small pub on Fenchurch Street, bankers quietly sipped their pints of Young's bitter while listening to the news and watching the pictures of how their city has been changed. Those in the pub were recounting tales of the morning's events, some of them speculative, much of it rumour. When the prime minister's statement came up on the news the pub almost immediately fell silent.

However, the strange thing is that despite this terrible attack, there really is an air of people just trying to get on with things. As soon as the prime minister stopped talking, the pub erupted in conversation with all the usual talking points - contracts, deadlines and projects.

07.Jul.2005 Londoner Anschläge: Ökonomen erwarten keine langfristigen Auswirkungen

07.Jul.2005 14:33) Reaktionen auf London: Alarmstufe Gelb in Berlin

07.Jul.2005 14:31) URL:,1518,druck-364139,00.html
Ein Feuerwehrsprecher sagte, es gebe noch keine Informationen oder die Brandursache. Es sei zu früh, um über einen Zusammenhang mit den Explosionen in London zu spekulieren.
US journalism has been rocked by a series of scandals - from Jayson Blair's fabricated stories in the New York Times to Newsweek's retracted story on desecration of the Koran at Guantanamo Bay.

Earlier this year, a Pew Institute poll found 45% of Americans believe little or nothing that they read in newspapers. Twenty years ago, just 16% of readers expressed similar doubts.

"Public approval is our life-support system + it is now at risk," Kristof wrote.

"It's imperative that we respond... by working far more diligently to reconnect with the public."

"It's time for Congress to acknowledge that the cost of good journalism shouldn't be prison," the Washington Post says.

There have been concerted efforts, especially by the Bush administration, to reduce the availability of information and to tone down the aggressiveness with which the press pursues it," he told the BBC News website.

"This is not just attributable to 9/11, but it appears to be a continuation of three decades of efforts," he said.

No White House spokesperson was available to comment on the matter at the time of writing.

Some US lawyers for the news media say the legal climate has also turned chillier for those seeking to protect confidential sources.

Paris-based Reporters Sans Frontieres called the Supreme Court decision not to hear the journalists' appeal "retrograde and freedom-curtailing".

Some media lawyers say more subpoenas are being issued against reporters amid what one editorialist called a "contempt epidemic".

But others are sceptical.

"I don't buy that there is any increase in subpoenas," New York lawyer Martin London told the New York Times.

"The Miller-Cooper case is very unusual; it has a lot of wrinkles that are just sort of extraordinary.

"But it's perfectly reasonable in a post-9/11 world for the government to be concerned about the security of CIA information."

CIA LEAK CASE July 2003: Valerie Plame's work is revealed by conservative newspaper columnist Robert Novak Sept 2003: Department of Justice launches probe into allegations that White House staff illegally blew her cover Feb 2005: Appeals court rules Miller and Cooper must testify about their sources to inquiry June 2005: Supreme Court refuses to take up the case
Londoner Explosionen: Europas Märkte unter Schock

07.Jul.2005 Polen: Regierungsgebäude in Warschau brennt

07.Jul.2005 Augenzeugenberichte: "Und dann flog der halbe Bus durch die Luft"

07.Jul.2005 Intelligente Netzhaut: Das Auge rechnet mit

07.Jul.2005 Reaktion des IOC: "Kein Zusammenhang mit Olympia" (

Sport, Anschlag in London: Parallele zu Madrid drängt sich auf

07.Jul.2005 Frankreich: Paris ruft zweithöchste Sicherheitsstufe aus
Momentaufnahme aus London: "Eine Frau schrie, dass jemand stirbt"

07.Jul.2005 Anschläge in London: Verwirrung um angebliche Warnungen von Scotland Yard

07.Jul.2005 Reaktionen: Blair verlässt G-8-Gipfel, kehrt nach London zurück
Terrorism expert Professor Michael Clarke from the International Policy Institute at King's College London, speculated that the problems might be a security measure.

"I've heard rumours that the mobile network is down, possibly shutdown," he said.

"This could be because the MO (modus operandi) in Madrid was by setting off devices with mobile phones."

Essential calls

The problems with the mobile networks has had a knock-on effect on fixed lines phones.

We're asking that people only make essential calls to limit the congestion
BT spokesman

07.Jul.2005 0849 An incident on the Metropolitan Line between Liverpool Street and Aldgate is reported to British Transport Police

1023 British Transport Police confirm an explosion on a bus in Tavistock Place

1025 PA reports two buses damaged in explosions - one in Russell Square and another in Tavistock Square. Witness, Belinda Seabrook said of the Russell Square blast: "I was on the bus in front and heard an incredible bang, I turned round and half the double decker bus was in the air"

EUROPE Two die in London terror blasts MIDDLE EAST Two Palestinians die in attacks

Are police right to allow G8 protest?

Two die in London terror blasts Two people are killed and many more injured in terror attacks on London's transport network. OTHER TOP STORIES UK's Blair set to leave G8 summit US detains Americans in Iraq

BBC reports Al Qaeda claims responsibility

BBC News have reports on a ‘European’ website that is displaying the text that Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for today’s attacks in London. Posted by bignoseduglyguy at 12:17 PM

Going home

I for one am not sticking around despite the advice. I was due to go back home to Bristol today anyway. This has, of course, hit the news big time. Probable terrorist attacks on London transport infrastructure.

At the moment I'm in Heston services on the M4. It's just east of Heathrow and I'm waiting for my brother to come and pick me up. Fifty odd quid taxi ride later and I'm out of the city. With what's happened today there was no way on earth that I was going to get on a coach.

Call me a coward if you like, but the first instinct was to get as far away from London as possible. And I was not alone. I have NEVER seen so many taxi's on the motorway heading west away from the city.

I can't imagine the horror that anyone caught up in this must have gone through this morning, but my heart goes out to anyone who has been touched by this.

I'm shaking now and it's difficult to type so that's it for now. Posted by Chris at 12:46 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)
All in all, though, people seem pretty calm, if a bit subdued. Which is good. There doesn't seem to be much panic. Helpfully.

I hope they announce soon if there's anything we can do - give blood or volunteer somewhere or anything. It's very difficult when they throw all sorts of horrid information at you and you're left to process it and react to it and feel entirely powerless to do anything about it. I'd much rather they stay away from the eyewitness reports + give us all something to do so we don't just sit in front of our TVs absorbing all of this negative information.

The Met Police Commissioner Ian Blair has just been on the television to give three messages:
1. Stay where you are
2. Do not contact the emergency services unless there you have a life-threatening situation
3. He will return with information as soon as possible
EADS N.V. - Shared Companies ... Among the Spanish companies in which CASA participates as a capital shareholder ( Defex, Detycom, Inisas, etc ... de Aragón, 404, 28022 Madrid · Spain ... "Good event and we will be definitely coming back 2004" Defex - Spain . Ms. Peggy Lambert ... LASUEN JOSE RAMON. Spain 1983-1984 ... 1992 (270-271) DEFEX . Trento,S. The Power House ...;_ylt=AuzE8b00DXzWqgthzGUsZOZXNyoA/SIG=12jbt4n5n/EXP=1120823019/*- ...

John has been working in Spain since 1996 with Spain and Latin America's largest bank, Banco ...

Chairman and CEO of FOCOEX, DEFEX, SOVHISPAN, all Spanish state-owned companies ...

Block Companies - Land Systems Club The catalogue of the companies-members engaged in manufacturing weapon for land, naval + air forces as well in developing military techniques. ... Somalia - SO South Africa - ZA South Korea - KR Spain - ES Sri Lanka - LK Sudan - SD Suriname - SR Swaziland ... Office for Italy/Switzerland. Spain .

DEFEX, s.a. Spain . Einsa. Spain ...
Momentaufnahme aus London: "Eine Frau schrie, dass jemand stirbt"

07.Jul.2005 Anschläge in London: Scotland Yard soll Israelis vorgewarnt haben

07.Jul.2005 Terroranschläge: Blair verlässt G-8-Gipfel, kehrt nach London zurück

07.Jul.2005 Auf der Webseite
"Metroblogging" schreiben verschiedene Londoner, die in der Innenstadt arbeiten, über ihren Alltag. Heute berichten sie von den Ereignissen, die das öffentliche Leben in der Stadt fast zum Erliegen gebracht haben.

Ein Blogger mit dem Bildschirmnamen "Chris" steckt mittendrin im Londonder Chaos: "Die Straßen sind voller Leute, die alle hinereinander herlaufen in der vergeblichen Hoffnung, dass irgendjemand vorne dran weiß, wo es hingeht. Ich bin in einem Starbucks mitten in Chelsea (glaube ich). Alle Taxis sind natürlich voll. Ich muss rausfinden, wie ich zu einem Busbahnhof komme, damit ich irgendwann nach Hause kann." Später: "Update: Ich komme auf meinem Mobiltelefon mit Vodafone zu niemandem durch. Muss überlastet sein durch Leute, die ihren Chefs mitteilen, dass sie zu spät kommen werden."

Während das Mobilfunknetz in London zusammengebrochen zu sein scheint, dringen einige Stimmen über Blogs und Foren nach draußen.

Blogger zu Hause und in Internetcafes in der Innenstadt berichten über das Chaos im Zentrum.

Auf der Webseite "Metroblogging" schreiben verschiedene Londoner, die in der Innenstadt arbeiten, über ihren Alltag.

Heute berichten sie von den Ereignissen, die das öffentliche Leben in der Stadt fast zum Erliegen gebracht haben.
Londoner Explosionen: Europas Märkte unter Schock

07.Jul.2005 Blogger aus London: "Überall Leute, die nicht wissen, was los ist"

07.Jul.2005 Terror: Al-Qaida-Bekennerschreiben zu Anschlägen in London
Anschläge in London: Beängstigende Ruhe auf den Straßen

07.Jul.2005 News-Ticker: Die neusten Nachrichten aus London

07.Jul.2005 Lufthansa: Luftverkehr nach London nicht beeinträchtigt

07.Jul.2005 Wahrnehmung: Muttergeruch justiert Babynase

07.Jul.2005 Finanzmärkte: Terrorangst lässt Europas Börsen abstürzen

07.Jul.2005 Terror in London: Dutzende Tote und Verletzte

07.Jul.2005 Fossiler Abdruck: Raubsaurier-Spur in Alaska entdeckt

07.Jul.2005 Börse am Vormittag: Dax bricht nach Londoner Explosionen weg

07.Jul.2005 Pressefreiheit in den USA: "Gefährliche Zeiten für Journalisten"

07.Jul.2005 Weltsicherheitsrat: Uno trifft Vorentscheidung über deutschen Sitz

07.Jul.2005 Tropenstürme: Cindy und Dennis treiben Ölpreis auf Rekordhoch

07.Jul.2005 G-8-Gipfel: Streit ums Klima, Hoffnung für Afrika

07.Jul.2005 Legenden: Der Mann hinter Markus Wolf

07.Jul.2005 Malta: Parlament stimmt für EU-Verfassung

Tausende starben durch Brauns Raketen

Tausende Zwangsarbeiter wurden zu Tode geschunden, um Hitlers Vision vom Endsieg durch Wunderwaffen zu verwirklichen. Tausende Zivilisten starben bei den deutschen V2-Attacken auf Städte in England, Belgien, Frankreich und den Niederlanden. Braun und seine Kollegen nahmen dies billigend in Kauf, um ihre Forschung voranzutreiben. URL:,1518,druck-363908,00.html
An den eigentlichen Tagungsort dürften die Konferenz-Gegner wohl kaum nahe herankommen. Das Hotel wird von rund 10.000 Polizisten aus ganz Großbritannien gesichert. Das Gebäude ist zudem mit einem acht Kilometer langen Stahlzaun abgeriegelt. URL:,1518,druck-363908,00.html
In einem auf eine Wand gesprühten Slogan in der Ortschaft Bannockburn hieß es: "10.000 Pharaonen - Sechs Milliarden Sklaven". In der Ortschaft Crieff blockierten etwa 50 "Öko-Krieger" mit Baumstämmen und Ästen eine Brücke, weil sich in dort Gipfeldelegierte aufhalten sollten. "Wir sind hier, um die G8 zu stoppen", sagte eine aus London stammende 39-jährige Demonstrantin. Es zerstöre die Erde, wenn die Industrienationen nur an ihrem Gewinn interessiert seien, sagte sie. Auf der Zugstrecke zwischen Stirling und Perth fanden sich Demonstranten zu einer Sitzblockade ein. Ein Vorortzug konnte nicht weiterfahren.
Die Vereinten Nationen stellten unterdessen einen Aktionsplan zur Eindämmung der Vogelgrippe in Asien vor. Die Seuche werde noch bis zu zehn Jahre lang in Asien grassieren, sagte Joseph Domenech, Chef der Welternährungsorganisation FAO, in der malaysischen Hauptstadt Kuala Lumpur. Die Behörde werde in den nächsten drei Jahren mehr als 100 Millionen Dollar (83 Millionen Euro) investieren, um die Vogelgrippe besser zu erkennen und Ausbrüche zu dokumentieren.
Shigeru Omi, Direktor der Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO), sieht die Vogelgrippe in einem kritischen Stadium. "Wir glauben, dass ein entscheidender Punkt erreicht ist", sagte Omi. "Entweder wir kehren den Trend um, oder die Dinge werden uns aus den Händen gleiten. Wir müssen Krieg gegen dieses Virus führen."
Wall-Street-Schluss: Ölpreisanstieg drückt Kurse

06.Jul.2005 Gleneagles: Bush stürzt mit dem Fahrrad

06.Jul.2005 USA: Reporterin muss ins Gefängnis

06.Jul.2005 G-8-Gipfel: EU verspricht eine Milliarde für die Ärmsten

06.Jul.2005 G-8-Gipfel: Bush erklärt Kyoto-Protokoll für gescheitert

06.Jul.2005 Vogelgrippe: Aggressives Virus in Zugvögeln gefunden

06.Jul.2005 Gute Noten gegen gutes Geld: Der magische Zyklus von Harvard

06.Jul.2005 USA: Konservative wollen schnellere Hinrichtungen

06.Jul.2005 Scheitern der Softwarepatente: "Erfolg der Bürger Europas"

06.Jul.2005 US-Studie: Bio-Sprit ist umweltschädlich

06.Jul.2005 Hedgefonds-Regulierung: Deutsche Banken unterstützen Kanzler

06.Jul.2005 Iran: Rätselraten um Atomunterhändler

06.Jul.2005 Summary of Research 2001, Institute for Defense Systems ... This report contains project summaries of the research projects in the Institute for Defense Systems Engineering and Analysis (IDSEA), Institute for ...

06.Jul.2005 Raumfahrt-Visionen: Wie Wernher von Braun den Mars erobern wollte

06.Jul.2005 Sextherapie: Weibliche Lust kommt ohne männliche Hormone aus

Bob Fitrakis'
response to the Justice Department.s alleged investigation of election abuses in Franklin County, Ohio. An excerpt:
06.Jul.2005 One site that deserves your attention, however, is Gary Buell's
Covert History - if you have an interest in the JFK assassination and the spy scandals of yore, this site will definitely reward.

Bob Fertik, of, offers this interesting insight into the growing impeachment movement:
A nationwide group opposed to President Bush's policies cites a new poll as showing that it is time for a serious national dialogue on the impeachment of Bush and other top officials.
The Zogby International poll found that 42% would support impeachment, while 50% would oppose. Even 25% of Republicans would now support impeaching Bush. Support was never so great for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. In 10 polls taken before the House began impeachment hearings, only 26% supported impeachment. Shortly prior to his impeachment, an NBC poll found that only 27% favored impeachment while 69% opposed. Even after Clinton admitted lying and was impeached by the House, various polls found only 33% supported convicting Clinton in the Senate, while 60% opposed. That nationwide group can be found at
Umstrittene EU-Richtlinie: Europaparlament stimmt gegen Software-Patente

06.Jul.2005 G8-Gipfel: Schröder will vollständigen Schuldenerlass für Afrika

06.Jul.2005 Vor Abstimmung: Keine Mehrheit für Software-Patente

06.Jul.2005 Reisende Roma: Im Drachenboot nach England

06.Jul.2005 G8-Gipfel: Zusammenstöße zwischen Demonstranten und Polizei

06.Jul.2005 Wahlkampf: Wirtschaft kritisiert SPD-Wahlmanifest

06.Jul.2005 Seltene Solidarität: Vermieter rufen Mieter zu Gaspreis-Protest auf

06.Jul.2005 Kampf gegen Armut: Uno beklagt realen Rückgang der Entwicklungshilfe

06.Jul.2005 Bush Advises Blair Not to Expect Special Treatment at G-8 Summit : President Bush told British Prime Minister Tony Blair to expect no favors at this week's Group of Eight summit of major industrialized countries in return for backing the war in Iraq.

06.Jul.2005 Bush, the obstacle to a deal on global warming : Can America prevent the rich countries agreeing what to do about climate change? That's the other vital question at Gleneagles alongside Africa and its poverty and, last night, the omens did not look good.

06.Jul.2005 Oil 'will hit $100 by winter' : Worst-ever crisis looms, says analyst · Surging demand to keep prices high

06.Jul.2005 Forget cameras - spy device will cut drivers’ speed by satellite : IT IS the ultimate back seat driver. Motorists face having their cars fitted with a “spy” device that stops speeding.

06.Jul.2005 Revealed: grim world of new Iraqi torture camps : Secret torture chambers, the brutal interrogation of prisoners, murders by paramilitaries with links to powerful ministries... Foreign affairs editor Peter Beaumont in Baghdad uncovers a grim trail of abuse carried out by forces loyal to the new Iraqi government

06.Jul.2005 Ted Rall: Karl Rove : Worse Than Osama Bin Laden : In war collaborators are more dangerous than enemy forces, for they betray with intimate knowledge in painful detail and demoralize by their cynical example. This explains why, at the end of occupations, the newly liberated exact vengeance upon their treasonous countrymen even they allow foreign troops to conduct an orderly withdrawal.

06.Jul.2005 Rice and the Middle East dream : It was the Americans who orchestrated the first coup d'etat in Syria in 1949, toppling the democratically elected president Shukri al-Quwatli and replacing him with General Husni al-Za'im, a stooge of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), because the latter promised to respond to US needs in the Middle East.

06.Jul.2005 Russia Will Equip Iranian Subs with Missiles : The new anti-ship missile complex Club-S with the target distance of 200 km will be installed on these subs.

06.Jul.2005 White House Described Darfur as 'Genocide' to Please Christian Right : America's former ambassador to the United Nations, John Danforth, made the admission in an interview in which he confirmed that the Bush administration's stance was dictated by domestic considerations.

06.Jul.2005 George Monbiot: Africa's new best friends : "In the name of making poverty history, the G8 has given a new, multi-headed East India Company a mandate to govern the continent."

06.Jul.2005 The Rumsfeld Solution; "liberating Iraq, one journalist at a time" : "The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is calling on the United States to investigate 3 new cases of journalists killed in Iraq in the last week.This brings to 17 the number of journalists and media staff killed by US soldiers."

06.Jul.2005 The Zarqawi Phenomenon: Given that the invasion and occupation of Iraq has now been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be based upon administration lies and manipulations, I had begun to wonder if the vaunted Zarqawi even existed.

06.Jul.2005 MoD plans Iraq troop withdrawal: The Ministry of Defence has drafted plans for a significant withdrawal of British troops from Iraq over the next 18 months and a big deployment to Afghanistan, the Financial Times has learnt.

06.Jul.2005 A fiction as powerful as WMD : It is not withdrawal that threatens Iraq with civil war, but occupation

06.Jul.2005 In case you missed it: U.S. Decision On Iraq Has Puzzling Past : Six days after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, President Bush signed a 2½-page document marked "TOP SECRET" that outlined the plan for going to war in Afghanistan, the document also directed the Pentagon to begin planning military options for an invasion of Iraq, senior administration officials said.

06.Jul.2005 In case you missed it: Yes, Bush lied : On 01/01/02, one of the most important documents in U.S. history was published and couriered over to the White House.

06.Jul.2005 Did one woman's obsession take America to war? : She is a conspiracy theorist whose political conceits have consistently been proved wrong. So why were Bush and his aides so keen to swallow Laurie Mylroie's theories on Saddam and terrorism?

06.Jul.2005 Mom, Who Lost Son In Iraq, Talks About 'Disgusting' White House Private Meeting With Bush: What she encountered was an arrogant man with eyes lacking the slightest bit of compassion, a President totally "detached from humanity" and a man who didn’t even bother to remember her son’s name when they were first introduced.

06.Jul.2005 'I'm Not Going to Come Home': One Marine's Third Iraq Tour : Just a few months before he died, Mortenson sent his mother an e-mail: I am really sorry about [forgetting] your birthday . . . I am so streesed out that it is really bring [ing] me down. . . . I have had so much on my mind . . . going off to war 4 the 3rd time isn't easy.

06.Jul.2005 Iraq envoy accuses US of killing : Iraq's ambassador to the UN has demanded an inquiry into what he said was the "cold-blooded murder" of his young unarmed relative by US marines.

06.Jul.2005 Practices undercut nation's principles Is this what so proudly we hail, at the twilight's last gleaming? By Trish O'Kane
This July Fourth, the hood seems a more fitting patriotic symbol than the flag. For we the people, as a nation, have donned one so we do not have to face ourselves or the family members of people like Dilawar.

06.Jul.2005 Are Americans too craven to die for their ideals? By Chris Satullo If we all had the guts to die for the idea we call America, the halls of Congress would be jammed, the White House encircled, by citizens demanding an end to the sinful violations of our ideals: Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay + "extraordinary rendition." Continue

06.Jul.2005 The report published by STOA states: "In October 1999 NATO announced a new policy on non-lethal weapons and their place in allied arsenals" (34). "In 1996 non-lethal tools identified by the U.S. Army included directed energy systems" and "radio frequency weapons" (35) - those weapons, as was suggested in the STOA report as well, are being associated with the effects on human nervous system. According to the Russian government informational agency FAPSI, in the last 15 years, the U.S. expenses on the development and acquisition of the means of informational war grew four times and at present time they occupy the first place among all military programs (17),(3).Though there are other concepts of informational war than mind control, the unwillingnes of the USA to engage in the negotiations aimed at the ban of the manipulation of human brains might indicate their intent to use those means in internal as well as international affairs.
One clear consequence of the continuation of the apparent politics of secrecy surrounding technologies enabling remote control of human brains might be that the governments, who would own such technologies, could use them without having to take into consideration the opinion of the general public. The concept of the democratic world would be, though secretly, disrupted in this way + in the future the world populations could live in only fake democracy where their own or foreign governments might, by means of secret technologies, shape their opinions.

Though in the open scientific literature only some 30 experiments were published, supporting this assumption (1),(2), already in 1974, in the USSR, after succesfull testing with military unit in Novosibirsk, the installation Radioson (Radiosleep) was registered with the Government Committee on the Matters of Inventions and Discoveries of the USSR, described as a method of induction of sleep by means of radio waves (3), (4), (5). In the scientific literature technical feasibility of making a human being asleep by radio waves is confirmed in the book by English scientist carrying out research on the biological effects of electromagnetism (6). In the report by World Health Association on nonionizing radiation from 1991 we read "Many of biological effects observed in animals exposed to ELF fields appear to be associated, either directly or indirectly, with the nervous system" (2). Among the published experiments there are experiments where pulsed microwaves caused the synchronization of isolated neurons with the frequency of pulsing of microwaves - for example a neuron firing at a frequency 0.8 Hz was forced in this way to fire the impulses at a frequency of 1 Hz. As well pulsed microwaves changed the concentration of neurotransmitters in brain (neurotransmitters are a part of the mechanism which causes the firing of neurons in the brain) and reinforced or attenuated the effects of drugs delivered into the brain (1). The experiment where the main brain frequencies registered by EEG were synchronized with therequency of microwave pulsing (1,2) might explain the function of the Russian installation Radioson. Microwaves pulsed in the sleep frequency would cause the synchronization of the brain activity with the sleep frequency and in this way produce the sleep. Pulsing of microwaves in frequency predominating in the brain at awaked state could by the same procedure deny the sleep to a human being.
Brain Manipulation From a Distance
Last year, in October, the congresman Denis J. Kucinich introduced in the American Congress a bill, obliging the American president to get engaged in the negotiations aimed at the ban of space based weapons. In this bill the definition of a weapon system includes: any other unacknowledged or as yet undeveloped means inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populationsor the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations" (12). As in all legislative acts quoted in this article the bill counts with sound, light or electromagnetic stimulation of human brain. Psychotronic weapons remain, at least for a layman uninformed of secret military research, in the sphere of science fiction, since so far none of the published scientific experiments was presented in the way which would allow for its replication.

06.Jul.2005 New law on state secrets may violate the Constitution Wladimir Lopatin, an independent Duma deputy and member of the Security Committee which worked on the amendment, dismissed any connection to the Nikitin ...

06.Jul.2005 "13th SYMPOSIUM ON HIGH CURRENT ELECTRONICS & 7th CONFERENCE ON ... Vladimir Lopatin High Voltage Research Institute at Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia Efim Oks Institute of High Current Electronics, Russia ...

06.Jul.2005 PMag v13n6p08 - Eastern and Western activists meet in Moscow On the first day, Vladimir Lopatin, a deputy in the state Duma, made a speech calling for the resolution of the conflict between two incompatible political ...

The Deception Of Detente' A recent Defense News interview with Vladimir Lopatin, a member of the Soviet Congress of People's Deputies and an advisor to President Boris Yeltsin of the ...

06.Jul.2005 Mind Control and Psyochotronic Weapons In 1999, V. Lopatin, together with Russian scientist Vladimir Tsygankov, published book Psychotronic Weapon and the Security of Russia" (3). ...

06.Jul.2005 IS THAT FEASIBLE TO MANIPULATE HUMAN BRAIN AT DISTANCE? In 1999, V. Lopatin, together with Russian scientist Vladimir Tsygankov, published a book *Psychotronic Weapon and the Security of Russia??? (3). ...

International Movement for the Ban of Manipulation of Human ... And the last important information : Vladimir Lopatin is no more the deputy of the Russian State Duma (the reason is not known to me so far). ...

Terrorists are better organized and reach their purposes more effectively than state antiterrorist organizations.

This grassroots impeachment effort has launched a massive public education campaign through placement of the people's call to impeach in major media outlets around the country.

This is a grassroots campaign + we need your financial help. The VoteToImpeach ad has appeared in full page ads in the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, the Boston Globe, as well as in other U.S. newspapers, with the help of people all around the country. Please help support the impeachment campaign's work and help place the new Impeach Bush ad in additional major newspapers and other mass media.

Join the over 512,105 who have already voted in the referendum to Impeach Bush Now!

10.Nov.2004 Click here to join the over 466137 who have already voted in the referendum to Impeach Bush Now!

06.Jul.2005 The development of ancient and medieval shipbuilding techniques Many people are impressed by the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt, but I am far more. impressed by what was in a pit beside the pyramid — a disassembled but ...
"Die Existenz von 40.000 Jahre alten Fußabdrücken in Mexiko belegt, dass das 'Clovis First'-Modell für die Besiedelung Amerikas keineswegs das erstmalige Betreten des Kontinents durch Menschen berücksichtigt", sagt David Huddart von der Liverpool John Moores University. Die Forscher wollen ihre Ergebnisse demnächst im Fachmagazin "Quaternary Science Review" vorstellen.

Erstmals seit Jahrzehnten haben Wissenschaftler wieder eine neue Delphinart gefunden. Die Forscher haben den Meeressäuger, der vor Australien lebt, nach seinen Stupsflossen benannt

Als Avoparcin in der Landwirtschaft in Europa ab Mitte der neunziger Jahre verboten wurde, ging auch die Zahl der Fälle resistenter Bakterien beim Menschen zurück - für die Forscher ein klarer Hinweis darauf, dass der Einsatz des Antibiotikums in der Landwirtschaft für die Resistenzen beim Menschen verantwortlich ist.
05.Jul.2005 Bakterien, die mit keinem bekannten Antibiotikum mehr bekämpft werden können, kommen immer häufiger vor - und können mitunter
grauenhafte Erkrankungen auslösen. Ein Grund für die steigende Verbreitung ist der oft hemmungslose Einsatz von Antibiotika in der Medizin, selbst bei harmlosen Erkrankungen wie etwa einer Erkältung. Nicht wenige Forscher sehen in multiresistenten Bakterienstämmen eine der größten Gefahren der Zukunft.
Streit um Informantenschutz: US-Journalisten drohen 120 Tage Haft

05.Jul.2005 AU-Gipfel: Afrika will Sitze im Sicherheitsrat und Schuldenerlass

05.Jul.2005 Frankreich und USA: Iranisches Atomprogramm wird nicht akzeptiert

05.Jul.2005 Guantanamo: OSZE spricht sich für Schließung aus

05.Jul.2005 Teurer Treibstoff: Wirbelsturm lässt Ölpreis klettern

05.Jul.2005 Fremdarbeiter-Debatte: "Lafontaine sollte sich historisch weiterbilden"

05.Jul.2005 Wahlstrategie: Warum die Alt-Parteien vor Lafontaine zittern

05.Jul.2005 Proteste gegen G-8-Gipfel: Demonstranten vor dem Haftrichter

05.Jul.2005 Positionengerangel: Blair setzt Gipfel-Teilnehmer unter Zugzwang

05.Jul.2005 Vor der Abstimmung: Die Patentrichtlinie wackelt

05.Jul.2005 Russland: Terroristen drohen mit Anschlägen, falls Moskau Olympische Spiele bekommt

05.Jul.2005 Besiedlung Amerikas: Fußabdrücke sollen 40.000 Jahre alt sein

05.Jul.2005 Neuwahlen: Linksbündnis im Osten gleichauf mit CDU

05.Jul.2005 "Deep Impact": Komet enthält Wasser und Zyanid

05.Jul.2005 Fotostrecke: Erste Ergebnisse von "Deep Impact"

05.Jul.2005 Konservative US-Journalisten: Lasst es gut sein im Irak

05.Jul.2005 G-8-Gipfel: Briten empört über Chiracs Scherze

05.Jul.2005 USA vs. China: Kampf um Unocal wird zum Politikum

05.Jul.2005 Überraschung: Neue Delphin-Art entdeckt

05.Jul.2005 Servicewüste: Krankenkassen knausern bei Leistungen

05.Jul.2005 Pfahls-Prozess: Kohl und Genscher als Zeugen geladen

05.Jul.2005 Anti-Amerikanismus: Mit Absinth und Tollwut gegen Bush

05.Jul.2005 Superbakterien: Resistente Erreger vom Bauernhof

05.Jul.2005 Amnesty-Vorwurf: Waffenschieber sollen Kongo-Krieg angeheizt haben

04.Jul.2005 Gesundheitspolitik: Krankenkassen haben erheblich weniger Schulden

04.Jul.2005 Wahlkampf: Schönbohm droht Lafontaine mit Verfassungsschutz

04.Jul.2005 Somalia: Uno stoppt Schiffslieferungen wegen Piraterie

04.Jul.2005 Chavez warns US on ties at Caribbean summit: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday accused the United States of meddling in his efforts to create an energy alliance with Caribbean neighbors and said he may one day have to cut ties with Washington.

04.Jul.2005 Bush sets up domestic spy service : US President George W Bush has ordered the creation of a domestic intelligence service within the FBI, as part of a package of 70 new security measures.

04.Jul.2005 FBI Turned Loose: Privacy rights may disappear if a new Senate Intelligence Committee bill passes

04.Jul.2005 Time Will Comply With Order to Hand Over Documents: Time Warner Inc., the world's largest media company, said it will hand over subpoenaed records to a U.S. prosecutor investigating the leak of a CIA operative's identity.

04.Jul.2005 The party's over for betrayed Republican: As of today, after 25 years, I am no longer a Republican. I take this step with deep regret + with a deep sense of betrayal.

04.Jul.2005 The lobbyists' scandal: The secret world of Washington : The Capitol's grubby secret is the swarm of lobbyists in a sea of money, washing around the Congress and Senate. But one lobbyist may have just over-reached himself. By Rupert Cornwell

04.Jul.2005 In case you missed it: US forces' use of depleted uranium weapons is 'illegal' : BRITISH and American coalition forces are using depleted uranium (DU) shells in the war against Iraq and deliberately flouting a United Nations resolution which classifies the munitions as illegal weapons of mass destruction.

04.Jul.2005 In case you missed it: After the War Comes Cancer : Information collected for a German project investigating the use of uranium-charged ammunition in Iraq shows that when Iraqi women fear for their children's health, it is with good reason.

04.Jul.2005 In case you missed it: WHO ‘suppressed’ scientific study into depleted uranium cancer fears in Iraq: Radiation experts warn in unpublished report that DU weapons used by Allies in Gulf war pose long-term health risk

04.Jul.2005 CIA abduction in Italy shows U.S. bungling-experts: CIA agents charged with kidnapping a Muslim cleric in Milan appear to have bungled their way into an international incident by ignoring the most basic rules of the spy trade, experts say.

04.Jul.2005 Bush Is Right to Link 9/11 With Iraq: President Bush was correct in once again linking 9/11 with his invasion and occupation of Iraq in his speech to the nation last night. Why? Because the motivation behind the 9/11 attacks was the same as the motivation behind the insurgency in Iraq: U.S. foreign policy.

04.Jul.2005 Bob Herbert: Dangerous Incompetence: The president who displayed his contempt for Iraqi militants two years ago with the taunt "bring 'em on" had to go on television Tuesday night to urge Americans not to abandon support for the war that he foolishly started but can't figure out how to win.

04.Jul.2005 The biggest of Big Lies : On Tuesday night, the president abandoned the narrow patch of high ground that he had staked out and dove into the raging flood of deceit that his administration had unleashed.

04.Jul.2005 Day after Bush's optimism, State Dept says Iraq perilous: The State Department called Iraq too dangerous for American travellers on Wednesday, hours after President George W Bush pointed to "significant progress" there ..

04.Jul.2005 Chavez's 'citizen militias' on the march : Rafael Cabrices does not know whether the attack will come by sea, by land, or even from within Venezuela. But he is sure that US President George W Bush is plotting to oust leftist President Hugo Chavez - and Mr Cabrices is preparing his people to fight.

04.Jul.2005 Defence Pact with the U.S.: India entering risky territory : The new military agreement with the U.S. will help advance Washington's strategic goals in Asia and expand the global market for American defence contractors. But it is not clear what good it will do for India and Asia.

04.Jul.2005 MSNBC Analyst Says Cooper Documents Reveal Karl Rove as Source in Plame Case : Friday night, on the syndicated McLaughlin Group political talk show, Lawrence O'Donnell, senior MSNBC political analyst, claimed to know that name-and it is, according to him, top White House mastermind Karl Rove.

04.Jul.2005 Mixed reviews for Bush offer to double African aid : Mr Bush's offer, centering initially on a $1.2bn injection to cut malaria deaths in half by 2010, was greeted sceptically by aid agencies, some of whom claimed the bulk of the money was coming from already earmarked US funds and was anyway likely to be rejected by a Republican Congress.

04.Jul.2005 Blair may snub US on climate: Tony Blair is contemplating an unprecedented rift with the US over climate change at the G8 summit next week, which will lead to a final communique agreed by seven countries with President George Bush left out on a limb.

04.Jul.2005 U.S. Won't Cede Control of Net Computers: The U.S. government will indefinitely retain oversight of the main computers that control traffic on the Internet, ignoring calls by some countries to turn the function over to an international body, a senior official said Thursday.

04.Jul.2005 06/30/05: How They Get Away With It: Three reasons Washington’s empire-builders don’t have to worry about ’60s-style dissent—not including the volunteer Army

04.Jul.2005 Ted Rall:  Ahead: Six Decades Of Humiliation: The world hates us more than ever

04.Jul.2005 Torture Fatigue: Only one-third of Americans questioned in a Washington Post-ABC News poll last May defined what happened at Abu Ghraib as "torture." 

04.Jul.2005 Imperial defiance: Weapons, wealth and might do not always determine the course of events. People do.

04.Jul.2005 Report: Guantanamo should be shut: The United States must close its Guantanamo Bay prison, says a new report by a top European body

04.Jul.2005 Guard unit monitored peace rally: A new California National Guard intelligence unit meant to help local law enforcement deal with terrorist threats tracked a recent protest co-sponsored by the Davis chapter of Code Pink: Women for Peace.

04.Jul.2005 ACLU Calls on California Governor to End Surveillance of Peaceful Protesters : The American Civil Liberties Union today called on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to take immediate steps to stop the California National Guard from spying on people who engage in peaceful protest

04.Jul.2005 Arnie tells Bush to face up to global warming : The Republican governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, today sent a robust message to US President George Bush to face up to the reality of global warming.

04.Jul.2005 Dreaming of a new dawn : A couple of years ago US cotton farmers received more in government subsidies than the entire GDP of Burkina Faso where two million people depend on cotton production. It's hardly surprising that these farmers - half of them poor - cannot compete with their US counterparts. "

04.Jul.2005 The Rove Factor?: Time magazine talked to Bush's guru for Plame story: The e-mails surrendered by Time Inc., which are largely between Cooper and his editors, show that one of Cooper's sources was White House deputy chief of staff Karl Rove, according to two lawyers who asked not to be identified because they are representing witnesses sympathetic to the White House.

04.Jul.2005 In case you missed it? : Bush aide accused of CIA leak : President George Bush's closest political adviser, Karl Rove, was yesterday at the centre of a criminal investigation into allegations that he leaked the name of a CIA agent in an attempt to suppress criticism of the administration's Iraq policy

04.Jul.2005 Web visits put man in jail : Mohammad Radwan Obeid is a threat to national security because he surfed terrorist Web sites and visited terrorist chat rooms, the FBI claims.

04.Jul.2005 Russia, China give U.S. veiled rebuke : Russia and China warned other nations Friday against attempts to dominate global affairs and interfere in the domestic issues of sovereign nations in what appeared to be a veiled expression of their irritation with U.S. policy.

04.Jul.2005 Brits and Americans divided over Iraq pullout as Afghanistan slides toward civil war: There is clearly a behind-the-scenes struggle going on between the Brits and Americans over a pullout from Iraq,

04.Jul.2005 Daniel Ellsberg: I Wrote Bush's War Words - in 1965 : In July 1965, I had the same task as Bush's speechwriters in June 2005: how to rationalize and motivate continued public support for a hopelessly stalemated, unnecessary war our president had lied us into.

04.Jul.2005 Memo to Iraq War: This Is the First Day of the Rest of Your Death: "So long as enough Americans go along with the phantom goal of “victory,” you get to keep killing in Iraq. To that end, a massive PR operation is underway."

04.Jul.2005 Sidney Blumenthal : Empty words: : By citing bin Laden, Bush raised him to the stature of a foreign leader. But he went further, embracing bin Laden's understanding of the war's dynamics as a crusade. By endorsing bin Laden's notion of a "third world war," the American president lent the prestige of his office to the terrorists' vision. Using bin Laden's statement to justify his own course, Bush legitimated their war.

04.Jul.2005 Bush speech flies in the face of reality in Iraq: Iraq Combat Veterans describe occupation of Iraq as a “runaway train.”

04.Jul.2005 Revealed: grim world of new Iraqi torture camps : Secret torture chambers, the brutal interrogation of prisoners, murders by paramilitaries with links to powerful ministries... Foreign affairs editor Peter Beaumont in Baghdad uncovers a grim trail of abuse carried out by forces loyal to the new Iraqi government

04.Jul.2005 Report: Egyptian Imam Was a CIA Informant : A radical Egyptian cleric allegedly kidnapped from Italy by the CIA once provided the American spy agency with valuable information about Islamic militants in Albania, according to a published report.

04.Jul.2005 CIA methods exposed by kidnap inquiry : Agents' use of commercial mobiles gives Italian police detailed picture of how Muslim cleric was abducted

04.Jul.2005 America talks: but are these the real rebel leaders?: Despite clandestine negotiations with Iraqi insurgent groups, US officials are still uncertain that they are speaking to the real leaders of the minority Sunni rebellion against democratic rule.

04.Jul.2005 UK aid funds Iraqi torture units : British and American aid intended for Iraq's hard-pressed police service is being diverted to paramilitary commando units accused of widespread human rights abuses, including torture and extra-judicial killings

04.Jul.2005 World Tribunal On Iraq Preliminary Declaration Of The Jury Of Conscience Recommendations
Recognising the right of the Iraqi people to resist the illegal occupation of their country and to develop independent institutions + affirming that the right to resist the occupation is the right to wage a struggle for self-determination, freedom + independence as derived from the Charter of the United Nations, we the Jury of Conscience declare our solidarity with the people of Iraq.

04.Jul.2005 Heaven's Gate Let's deal in truth. Let's talk about crime. -By Chris Floyd
Bush is a nasty little moral cretin fronting a gang of elitist thugs whose only concerns are loot and power. Nothing he says has the slightest credibility. Only his actions - crimes soaked with human blood - have any meaning or truth .

04.Jul.2005 Show your Independence on the 4th; Burn a Flag The flag has fallen from its once lofty perch and merged with the sludge of corporate profiteering, calculated sadism and pre-emptive war. -by Mike Whitney
It's odd that Congress would pass a bill banning flag burning on the same week that reports confirmed the US military used napalm in Iraq. Apparently, it's alright to incinerate Iraqis, but not okay to burn a 5'x7' piece of tri-colored cloth.

SPIEGEL: Rechnen Sie mit weiteren Überraschungen?
Andreae: Das ist durchaus möglich. Zum Beispiel können wir jetzt erstmals einen anderen Effekt einigermaßen berechnen, der den Treibhauseffekt verstärkt: Durch die Erwärmung der Erde arbeiten die Mikroben in den Böden, vor allem in Waldgebieten Sibiriens oder Alaskas, schneller und setzen größere Mengen des Treibhausgases Kohlendioxid frei als bislang gedacht. Dieses Ergebnis ist ein Warnruf an die Forschung, aber auch an Politik und Gesellschaft. Wir können mit Gegenmaßnahmen nicht mehr warten, bis wir diese Effekte zweifelsfrei bis auf die letzte Stelle hinter dem Komma berechnet haben.
Neuwahlen: Wahlforscher halten Große Koalition für wahrscheinlich

04.Jul.2005 Schwache Währung: Euro rutscht auf 14-Monats-Tief

04.Jul.2005 Atlantiküberquerung: Drei Himmelhunde fliegen zu langsam

Wie die römische Zeitung "La Repubblica" heute berichtete, wurden bereits drei Verdächtige festgenommen. Gegen mindestens 24 weitere laufen die Ermittlungen.
Justizminister Giuseppe Pisanu habe drei Beamte vom Dienst suspendiert. Die Parallel-Polizei unter dem Namen "Abteilung für strategische Anti-Terror-Studien" habe wie eine Art Geheimdienst innerhalb der normalen Einheiten operierten. Zwei der führenden Drahtzieher seien Angehörige der Polizei, die rechtsradikalen Kreisen angehören sollen, hieß es weiter. Die Parallel-Einheit sei durch Regierungsgelder finanziert worden und habe aus den offiziellen Polizeieinheiten vertrauliche Informationen erhalten.
Den Festgenommenen, die unter Hausarrest gestellt wurden, werde laut Medienberichten unter anderem Amtsanmaßung und die unerlaubte Benutzung von Regierungsinformationen vorgeworfen. Die Fahnder seien der illegalen Parallel-Einheit im vergangenen Jahr auf die Spur gekommen, als sie die Entführung und die Ermordung des Italieners Fabrizio Quattrocchi im Irak untersucht hätten.
Diplomatischer Streit: Berlusconi will mit CIA-Kidnapping nichts zu tun haben

04.Jul.2005 Gipfelvorbereitung: Chirac unterhielt Putin und Schröder mit Britenwitzen

04.Jul.2005 G8-Gipfel: Industrienationen wollen sich auf Klimaschutz einigen

04.Jul.2005 G8-Gipfel: Schröder scheitert mit Hedgefonds-Regeln

04.Jul.2005 Riesige Dampfsäule: Japanischer Unterwasservulkan bricht aus

04.Jul.2005 Ranking: Google zählt zu den 100 größten Konzernen

04.Jul.2005 Horoskop verzerrt: Russische Astrologin verklagt Nasa

04.Jul.2005 Klima: "Abgase kühlen den Planeten ab"

04.Jul.2005 Beihilfen: Bush und Blair fordern Ende der Agrarsubventionen

03.Jul.2005 Terrorismus: Jordanier lassen Sarkawis Mentor frei

03.Jul.2005 Exporte: Anschläge kosten Iraks Ölbranche 11 Milliarden Dollar

03.Jul.2005 Italien: Geheime Parallel-Polizei aufgedeckt

03.Jul.2005 G8-Gipfel: Bush will Klimaerwärmung als Fakt anerkennen

03.Jul.2005 Kosmisches Trugbild: Forscher entdecken Einstein-Ring

03.Jul.2005 Irak: Britische Entwicklungshilfe für Folterkommandos?

03.Jul.2005 Bürgerrechte: Straßburg gewährt Schutz vor EU

03.Jul.2005 Die Atlantik-Brücke erinnert mit dem alle zwei Jahre verliehenen Eric-M.-Warburg-Preis nicht nur an einen ihrer Begründer, sondern auch an einen der Gründerväter der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und deren feste Einbindung in die Gemeinschaft der westlichen Welt. Sie will damit zugleich Persönlichkeiten in Deutschland und den Vereinigten Staaten ehren, die im Geist Eric Warburgs dazu beigetragen haben, Deutschlands Platz in der atlantischen Gemeinschaft zu sichern und zu festigen. Eric Warburg selbst war 1988 der erste Empfänger des nach ihm benannten Preises.
03.Jul.2005 Expertengespräch mit dem U.S.-European Command
Seit dreizehn Jahren lädt einmal jährlich der NATO-Oberbefehlshaber zusammen mit der Atlantik-Brücke zu vertraulichen Expertengesprächen über aktuelle sicherheitspolitische Fragen ein. Teilnehmer sind die Befehlshaber aller in Europa stationierten amerikanischen Teilstreitkräfte – Armee, Luftwaffe, Flotte und Marineinfanterie – sowie deutsche Experten der Sicherheitspolitik.
03.Jul.2005 School of Journalism, Columbia University, New York, fortgesetzt.
c) Seminarprogramm für amerikanische Offiziere
00.000.1960-03.Jul.2005 -Seit den sechziger Jahren- arbeitet die Atlantik-Brücke weniger auffällig, dafür aber umso nachhaltiger mit den amerikanischen Streitkräften in Deutschland. Zusammen mit dem Haus Rissen, Institut für Politik und Wirtschaft, in Hamburg, werden amerikanische Offiziere zu Beginn ihres Deutschlandaufenthaltes eine Woche lang mit den Verhältnissen in unserem Land vertraut gemacht. Rund 10.000 amerikanische Offiziere erhielten auf diese Weise bleibende Eindrücke von Deutschland.

03.Jul.2005 "A graduate of Columbia University with a bachelor's in government, Zakheim earned his doctorate in economics + politics at Oxford."

03.Jul.2005 07.Apr.1893-29.Jan.1969 Dulles, Allen Watertown New York - Washington DC Son of a Presbyterian minister + grandson of a secretary of state + grew up in household that valued public service and where world affairs were a common topic of discussion.

Dulles, Allen graduated from Princeton + in

00.000.1916 Dulles, Allen entered the diplomatic service.

00.000.1926 Dulles, Allen earned a law degree from George Washington University and took a job at the New York firm where Dulles ', Allen brother, Dulles, John Foster was a partner.

01. Jan.1930-31.Dez.1939 - During the- Dulles, Allen gained much experience in Germany, which made Dulles, Allen ' selection in

00.000.1942 as station chief in Berne, Switzerland, for the newly formed Office of Strategic Services a logical one. Dulles, Allen supplied his government with much sensitive information about Nazi Germany.

00.000.1945 – In- Dulles, Allen played a central role in negotiations leading to the unconditional capitulation of German troops in Italy.

00.000.1945 WWII.- After the war -in Europe, Dulles, Allen served for six months as the OSS Berlin station chief.

00.000.1947 -In USA -Congress created the Central Intelligence Agency. Dulles, Allen was closely involved with its development + in

00.000.1951 Dulles, Allen was named deputy director ( CIA). Under President Eisenhower, Dulles, Allen became CIA director .

00.000.1946-00.29.Jan.1969 -during the height of the „Cold War“, As the nation's top spy Dulles, Allen gave equal emphasis to the clandestine collection of information

and covert activities. Dulles, Allen saw this kind of activity as an essential part of the struggle against communism, even if it did not always comply with the law. The president agreed.

00.000.1953 The CIA was instrumental in the overthrow of the government of Iran

00.000.1954 The CIA was instrumental in the overthrow of the government Guatemala

00.000.1955 - after- The development of the U-2 spy plane greatly enhanced the CIA' s ability to monitor Soviet activity.

00.Apr.1961 The reputation of the agency CIA and its director Dulles, Allen declined, however, with the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.

00.Sep.1961 The new president, John F. Kennedy, held the agency CIA and its director Dulles, Allen responsible + accepted his resignation -the following September.

Dulles, Allen always believed the operation could have succeeded had the president, John F. Kennedy, authorized sufficient military support.

29.Jan.1969 Dulles, Allen at age 75 died of influenza, complicated by pneumonia, in Washington, D.C.,.

03.Jul.2005 John Cleve Green ( 00.000.1800 -00.000.1875): married to Sarah Griswold; gave a fortune in opium profits to Princeton University, financing three Princeton buildings and four professorships; trustee of the Princeton Theological Seminary for 25 years.

03.Jul.2005 Adresse: Suchergebnis: OrgName: Princeton University OrgID: PRNU Address: Office of Information Technology

Other Russell partners were John Cleve Green, whose opium fortunes f