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28.Sep.2002 Rumsfeld Says U.S. Has 'Bulletproof' Evidence of Iraq's Links to Al Qaeda 13:48:14 GMT ~ URL: https://www.intelmessages.org/Messages/National_Security/wwwboard/messages/1760.html

URL: https://www.dkosopedia.com/index.php/Voter_Registration_Fraud_Clearinghouse
16.Oct.2004 billhobbs.com vote fraud page (Dark Side Resource...)

16.Oct.2004 Wired - The question of whether Bush was wearing a hidden receiver during the first debate has made the jump from the Internet (Internets) to the mainstream press.

URL: https://availablelight.us/
16.Oct.2004 Catch-22, Yossarian - Marines in Iraq are speaking out in todays Washington Post.

Every day you read the articles in the States where it's like, 'Oh, it's getting better and better,' " said Lance Cpl. Jonathan Snyder, 22, of Gettysburg, Pa. "But when you're here, you know it's worse every day."

Pfc. Kyle Maio, 19, of Bucks County, Pa., said he thought government officials were reticent to speak candidly because of the upcoming U.S. elections. "Stuff's going on here but they won't flat-out say it," he said. "They can't get into it."

... Asked if he was concerned that the Marines would be punished for speaking out, Autin responded: "We don't give a crap. What are they going to do, send us to Iraq?"

16.Oct.2004 URL: https://www.dkosopedia.com/index.php/Main_Page
URL: https://availablelight.us/archives/000863.html
16.Oct.2004 Rove is as Machiavellian and ruthless as it gets. He doesn't care who he has to ruin, so long as he wins.

Increased vigilance + rapid response on our part seems to have pre-empted a scheme to disenfranchise Democratic voters in the west by discarding their registration forms + the Swift Boat Veterans peaked too soon to matter much, it seems. (With it remaining to be seen what happens with Sinclair.)

If we're lucky, those were his big guns and they misfired. If we're lucky, Joe Lockhart or Chad Clanton might have something up their own sleeves that will undercut anything more that Rove tries.

But we can't count on being lucky. Expect things to get dirty fast over the next two weeks + keep working hard to fight back.

Picture Rove as a wounded tiger backed into a corner. That's when he's most vulnerable, but also when he's most dangerous.

(It's not out of bounds to fight fire with fire, either. With his drooping mouth and a bit of drool at one point in the last debate, doesn't Bush look like someone recovering from a recent stroke? Did you notice he was breathing hard as he gave his closing statement, as though standing upright for 90 minutes was a real strain? Ask your undecided friends about that.)

We're not going to let them win. If we lose in a fair election, that's democracy. But we're not going to let another one be stolen. Posted by Flash at 14.Oct.2004 10:30 PM

16.Oct.2004 Home > News

23.Sep.2001 Chinese Border Closed to Osama Bin Laden (23.Sep.2001 )
China said on Saturday it would not let
Osama bin Laden enter its territory across the 70km border it shares with Afghanistan.
"I don't think this is a possibility," a Foreign Ministry spokesman said.
Meanwhile, President Jiang Zemin had discussed a global campaign against terrorism with French President Jacques Chirac for the second time this week.
The two leaders spoke by telephone
on Thursday, two days after Mr. Jiang discussed last week's attacks in separate calls with Mr. Chirac, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair + Russian President Vladimir Putin. "The two sides again exchanged opinions on counter-terrorism and protecting world peace," Xinhua said.
However, China + France share the view, as does Russia, that any decision on retaliation for the terrorist strikes should involve the UN Security Council.
Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan said on Thursday that Beijing was willing to help the
USA in its war against terrorism.
Mr. Tang met
USA Vice-President Dick Cheney at the White House + said later that China sent its condolences for the attacks.
"I've also made clear our desire and our readiness to further deepen our co-operation with the
USA, including over anti-terrorism," he said. https://www.chinaembassy.bg/eng/dtxw/t131695.htm
16.Oct.2004 Angry letter costs son inheritance A barrister cut out of his mother's will after he wrote to her while she was terminally ill with cancer saying:

"I would rather sit in the gutter than ask you for a penny piece" failed to win share of her estate

16.Oct.2004 Resurrected: lost Raphael painting of Christ An unknown work confidently believed to be by Raphael has been found beneath a later painting which had been put into the wall of an Umbrian church + forgotten. Guardian Unlimited Arts

16.Oct.2004 Bigley murderers' assets frozen Any UK assets of the terrorist group which murdered Ken Bigley must be frozen, the chancellor, Gordon Brown, orders.

16.Oct.2004 UK scientists bring hydrogen cars closer UK scientists have used nanotechnology to trap + store hydrogen gas for a generation of fuel cell car engines.

16.Oct.2004 Special report: waste and pollution

16.Oct.2004 Life: more science news and features

16.Oct.2004 Blair pleads with centre left to bury differences over Iraq Social democrats must bury their differences over Iraq, Tony Blair says at a Progressive Conference of centre left governments in Budapest.

16.Oct.2004 Brown 'diminished by not challenging PM' Gordon Brown is becoming a "diminished" political force because of his failure to challenge Tony Blair's dictatorial style and mount a leadership challenge, Clare Short says in a new interview.

16.Oct.2004 Law lords overturn gag on newspaper A ruling by five law lords yesterday makes it harder for the courts to stop publication of confidential material where disclosure is held to be in the public interest.

16.Oct.2004 Special report: human rights in the UK

16.Oct.2004 Food poisoning alert over salmonella in Spanish eggs Thousands of Britons have got food poisoning from salmonella in imported Spanish eggs, health officials said yesterday.

16.Oct.2004 Special report: what's wrong with our food?

16.Oct.2004 Special report: medicine and health

16.Oct.2004 Lib Dem peer Conrad Russell dies Conrad Russell, the historian-turned-Liberal Democrat peer and champion of threatened individuals and minorities, has died.

11.Sep.2001-16.Oct.2004 -Since- The making of the terror myth UK has been warned of the 'inevitability' of catastrophic terrorist attack.

But has the danger been exaggerated? Andy Beckett reports.

16.Oct.2004 Terror prosecutions curbed by Lords

16.Oct.2004 Special report: terrorism threat to UK

16.Oct.2004 Chaotic Olympiad of the Fringe and Commune begins Lack of organisation mars the start of the three-day European Social Forum in London.

16.Oct.2004 Special report: European Social Forum

16.Oct.2004 Farewell to the frog? A third of the world's amphibian species are in danger of extinction, according to the first ever global survey of the animals.

16.Oct.2004 Special report: conservation

16.Oct.2004 Life: more science news and features

16.Oct.2004 'Force workers to boost their skills' Workers should be forced to improve their skills, says Alan Milburn's special adviser.

16.Oct.2004 SocietyGuardian.co.uk

16.Oct.2004 Mirror sales hit 70-year low Sales of the Daily Mirror have fallen to their lowest level in more than 70 years after its circulation dipped under 1.8 million in September - down as much as 7.5% on last year.

16.Oct.2004 MediaGuardian.co.uk

16.Oct.2004 Legal curb to Canary Wharf protest The European Social Forum in London faces its first test of strength this afternoon as protesters from Globalise Resistance march on Canary Wharf.

16.Oct.2004 Hundreds excluded from 'antisocial' forum

16.Oct.2004 Bankers face extradition over Enron Three former NatWest bankers should face USA trial over Enron, a judge rules.

16.Oct.2004 More business news

16.Oct.2004 Special report: Enron

16.Oct.2004 Wall-Street-Schluss: Leichte Erholung nach Greenspan-Rede

16.Oct.2004 Gaza-Streifen: Hohe Opferbilanz nach Ende der israelischen Militäraktion

16.Oct.2004 Spanien: Anführer der Attentäter von Madrid identifiziert

16.Oct.2004 ("\n") ; document.write ("monitor to detect unwanted dialer's\n") ; monitor to detect unwanted dialer's Monitor to detect unwanted dialer's URL: https://direct.usenet-replayer.com/

Features: Checks every two minutes the ip where your requests come from. Makes an alert, if there is a new, unacknoleged ip. You can investigate the company who is responsibel for the dial in.

16.Oct.2004 Hamburg: Polizei nimmt Terrorverdächtigen in Auslieferungshaft

16.Oct.2004 Nuklearfabriken: Gazprom schließt heiklen Atomdeal ab

16.Oct.2004 Kassel: Mann überfallen - Zeugen halfen nicht

16.Oct.2004 "Genesis"-Crash: Defekter Schalter ließ Raumkapsel abstürzen

URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
16.Oct.2004 The bloggers already have made one simple leap: Mr. Bush was wired when he went into that first debate. (They suggest as evidence the clue that the president suddenly said, "Let me finish," when nobody in sight was stopping him.) But there's no further evidence for this and wouldn't some connection to an earpiece also have been visible if this was the case?

URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
15.Oct.2004 Poll: CNN has a Promptergate poll. Most respondents (88% at this writing!) have chosen "electronic device" as the likeliest explanation for the mystery bulge.
Blog: "
Bush Wired," the third of the "bulge"-centric blogs (technically, Cannonfire is still an "all-purpose" site) has updated information.

URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
15.Oct.2004 News round-up: Promptergate + more Promptergate + wiregate + audiogate + the mystery bulge - call it what you will, it continues to command attention.

Here's the latest:
It's obvious : Salon's David Lindorff
- the best writer on this topic (which may be why the right has gone gunning for him in a personal way) - has interviewed a technical expert, Alex Darbut "who designs and makes such devices for the U.S. military + private industry."

Darbut feels certain that Bush is indeed using a listening device. "It's a pretty obvious one - larger than most because it probably has descrambling capability."

This observation neatly answers those who have wondered why the Bush bulge is so apparent, given the technical expertise at his command.
Definitely hidden : The New York Daily News offers a brief interview with famed tailor Frank Shattuck - an acknowledged master of his craft + an undecided voter - who avers that something is "definitely hidden" between the shoulder blades.
"This isn't bad tailoring," he said pointing to the bulge in an Associated Press photo from the second debate.

"This suit fits around the neck + has balance, even though it lacks zip + looks like something off the rack from Today's Man."
Shattuck's best guess at what the foreign object was: maybe a back brace or some kind of body armor. If the former, why wouldn't the White House admit the fact? If the latter, why would the White House deny it?
The disease spreads :
Bush isn't the only Republican facing such accusations. Republican Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky used a teleprompter during a debate with his rival, Democrat Daniel Mongiardo. Bunning got away with this because he participated remotely, from DC. This is the same fellow who said that his opponent looked like one of Saddam Hussein's sons. The rhetoric this election season keeps finding new depths...

URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
15.Oct.2004 The morning after A couple of "morning after" observations on the debate, courtesy of my ladyfriend (the one who first spotted the mystery bulge, thereby setting this column on its recent course):
The "flip-flop" accusation. It's pretty much gone. Didja notice? I guess
Bush changed his mind on that one...
After the debate, the cable shows reported that the online polls were heavily pro-Kerry. "You can't trust those polls," I told her. "All they prove is that our side has finally learned how to work the 'internets.'"
"Of course," she answered. "Our side invented the internet."

URL: https://www.emedicinehealth.com/articles/10951-2.asp
Coronary Heart Disease Causes

Coronary heart disease is caused by any problem with the coronary arteries that keeps the heart from getting enough oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood. The most common cause by far is atherosclerosis. Lack of sufficient blood is called "ischemia," so coronary heart disease is sometimes called ischemic heart disease.

The etiology of coronary heart disease is related to multiple factors, known as "risk factors." The following risk factors are the most common:
URL: https://www.emedicinehealth.com/articles/10951-2.asp
High cholesterol: Levels of cholesterol in your blood are above healthy levels. This usually involves high levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), the "bad cholesterol," and low levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), the "good cholesterol."
Tobacco abuse: This includes not only smoking any form of tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, pipes), but also chewing tobacco.
- High blood pressure (hypertension) Diabetes - Lack of regular exercise - High-fat diet - Emotional stress - Type A personality (impatient, aggressive, competitive)

URL: https://www.emedicinehealth.com/articles/10951-1.asp#
When you were a child, the inner lining of your coronary arteries was quite smooth, allowing blood to flow easily. As you age, the cholesterol and calcium content in the walls of your coronary arteries increases, making them thicker and less elastic. Unhealthy habits, such as a diet high in cholesterol and other fats, smoking + lack of exercise accelerate the deposit of fat and calcium within the inner lining of coronary arteries.
This process is known as atherosclerosis, or "hardening of the arteries." The deposits, or plaques, eventually obstruct the blood vessel, which begins to restrict blood flow.

Plaque is like a firm shell with a soft inner core containing cholesterol. As blood hits it during each heartbeat, the plaque may crack open and expose its inner cholesterol core, which promotes blood clotting. Clots may further reduce blood flow, causing severe pain (angina), or even block it all together.

URL: https://www.emedicinehealth.com/articles/10951-1.asp
If plaque completely blocks blood flow, it may cause a heart attack
(myocardial infarction) or a fatal rhythm disturbance (sudden cardiac arrest).
A major cause of death and disability, coronary heart disease claims more lives in the
USA than the next 7 leading causes of death combined.

URL: https://www.emedicinehealth.com/articles/10951-1.asp
The plaque often narrows the artery so that the heart doesn't get enough blood.
This slowing of blood flow causes chest pain, or angina.

URL: https://www.emedicinehealth.com/articles/10951-1.asp
Coronary heart disease (CHD), also called coronary artery disease, affects about 14 million men and women in the USA.

Disease develops when a combination of fatty material, calcium + scar tissue (plaque) builds up in the arteries that supply the heart with blood. Through these arteries, called the coronary arteries, the heart muscle (myocardium) gets the oxygen and other nutrients it needs to do its work, which is pumping blood.
URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
15.Oct.2004 It is my estimate that he received amphetamines beforehand, now Schedule II narcotics, but distributed freely by military doctors (for example to pilots on long bombing missions). As we know, amphetamines promote an artificial alertness but also "speediness," as well as subjecting the person to ungovernable excitement and anger, as in Bush's near physical altercation with Gibson, the moderator.
This is not merely a campaign point. I am seriously alarmed that an active drunkard, who has to be temporarily "medicated out of" his incapacitating symptoms, should be in control of our nation's armaments. He needs help, he needs our expressions of compassion + he needs to be retired. We do not permit anyone with significant blood alcohol levels to drive an automobile, pilot a ship, fly a plane, or operate heavy machinery. Indeed, the penalties for doing so are severe, because it is universal common sense that a) these are all "weapons" with the potential to cause physical harm, and b) alcohol causes potentially fatal failure of judgment and physical coordination. Why should we then tolerate an active drinker at the helm of State, driving the heavy machinery of our Armed Forces and nuclear arsenal. It would be insanity to permit this + an imperative duty of all citizens to relieve the drunkard of command IMMEDIATELY.
In pursuit of this goal, I feel that the DNC should be made aware of this further evidence from tapes of Bush's nomination speech + that without rancor, and with expressions of compassion, it should ask publicly and persistently for a release of Bush?s full medical records BEFORE the election -- liver function tests, MRI brain scans, any cognitive function measurements'to reassure our nation's citizens in the capacity of this man to pilot the helm of state.

Many statistical documentations of our concern can be cited, from alcohol connected accidents + fatalities in automobiles to the many nautical accidents found to be alcohol related, such as the Staten Island ferry disaster last year when it slammed into the NYC pier + the captain was found to have been drinking (+ fled the scene.)
Furthermore, the same urgent demand should be made for Cheney's full medical records -- cardiac treatments, surgeries, ongoing test results, + MEDICATIONS PRESCRIBED - since he is the proverbial "heartbeat away from the presidency" + we cannot have a VP who is physically and MENTALLY unfit to assume the helm.

His memory lapses. Did he not forget he had met John Edwards on numerous, lengthy occasions?

Let us not label this lies. Poor man, VP Cheney is showing one of the serious consequences of cardiac blockage and arteriosclerosis - the narrowing vessels prevent oxygen from reaching the brain, leading to confusion and forgetfulness.

And many of the drugs used to treat this narrowing - especially beta blockers - lower blood pressure + actually make the memory losses worse, by reducing the pressure with which the pathologically limited supply of oxygen penetrates the cells in the cerebral cortex.
Both of these gentlemen, Bush and Cheney, fall well within the definition of "incapacity" under which our constitution indicates a new leader should relieve them of duty.

URL: https://www.emedicinehealth.com/articles/10807-2.asp#
Risk factors for atherosclerosis + angina include the following. Some of these are reversible. High blood pressure
(hypertension) High levels of cholesterol + other fats in the blood Diabetes Smoking Male sex - Inactive (sedentary) lifestyle - Family history of coronary heart disease – Aging - Regular use of stimulants, especially nicotine, cocaine, or amphetamines: Other stimulants include theophyllines, inhaled beta-agonists, caffeine, diet pills, + decongestants. URL: https://www.emedicinehealth.com/articles/10807-2.asp#
When a person has underlying atherosclerosis, spasm, or damage to the coronary arteries, angina symptoms usually are set off by one of the following "triggers":

Physical exertion or exercise - Emotional stress URL: https://www.emedicinehealth.com/articles/10807-1.asp#
Time is very important in angina.

The more time your heart is deprived of adequate blood flow (ischemia) + thus oxygen, the more your heart muscle is at risk of heart attack or heart rhythm abnormalities.
The longer you have chest pain from angina, the more your heart muscle is at risk of dying or malfunctioning.

Not all chest pain is angina. Pain in the chest can come from a number of causes, which range from not serious to very serious.

It can be caused by acid reflux (gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD), an upper respiratory infection, or asthma.

Chest pain is frequently due to muscles and ligaments in the chest being sore (chest wall pain).
If pain in the chest is severe and/or recurrent, you should see your health care provider. 
Go to a hospital emergency department if you have any of the following with chest pain:
Other symptoms such as sweating, weakness, faintness, numbness or tingling, or nausea

29.Jan.2003 "Der Lauf dieser Nation hängt nicht von den Entscheidungen anderer ab",

sagte Bush in der zweiten Rede zur Lage der Nation seiner Amtszeit.

"Dieses Land steht vor vielen Herausforderungen.

Wir werden unsere Probleme nicht leugnen,

wir werden sie nicht ignorieren,

wir werden sie nicht an andere Kongresse,

andere Präsidenten +

andere Generationen

weitergeben", sagte Bush URL: https://alfatomega.com/conteudo29Jan2003.html

29.Jan.2003 SPRUCH DES TAGES - Quote of the day - Ditado do dia - URL: https://alfatomega.com/conteudo29Jan2003.html Jared Israel https://www.emperors-clothes.com/

Written 28.Aug.1998, revised 16.Sep.1999, reposted 18.Feb.2001 We read these rumors, these half truths, these completely one-sided concoctions of hype + false history + they stick.

They stick.

After all, we are not studying newspaper stories critically, we are reading with our guard down + these packagings of misinformation, pitched, altered, replaced if they don’t fly,

nevertheless remain in our heads, remain as impressions, joining an ever-growing clutter of mis-impression, coloring our view of the world until we can hardly see at all.


15.Oct.2004 Spekulationen über ein "neues Pearl Harbour" URL: https://alfatomega.com/20030429_amerikaner.html

Um für solche kühnen Unternehmungen gerüstet zu sein, verlangte die Lobby-Organisation

"Project for the New American Century" (PNAC) eine -zig Milliarden $ teure

"Transformation" des USA -Militärs in eine jederzeit global einsetzbare Kriegsmaschinerie. [OBJECTIVE FORCES]

"Dieser Umwandlungsprozess wird wahrscheinlich sehr lange dauern, es sei denn, ein katastrophales Ereignis tritt ein, das als Katalysator dient - - wie ein neues Pearl Habour. “ ,

hiess es noch in einem "Project for the New American Century" (PNAC) -Strategiepapier aus dem 00.Sep.2000 -

Kurz nachdem das katastrophale Ereignis - am 11.Sep.2001 - eingetreten war, Bush sah den rechten Zeitpunkt gekommen.

Wenig später ordnete Bush [BGW968] per geheimem Exekutivbefehl nicht nur den Kreuzzug gegen den Terrorismus an,

sondern auch die Erarbeitung von Plänen für einen Irakkrieg.

Dabei hatte Bush [BGW968] s Regierung schon gleich nach dem 11.Sep.2001 die Version verbreitet, [PROPAGANDA] die Attentäter seien vom Irak unterstützt worden.

Viele USA Amerikaner allerdings glaubten offenbar eher der USA CIA , die Bush [BGW968] öffentlich widersprach:

USA CIA sehe keine Verbindung zwischen Saddam und der al-Qaida.

So bekennt der einstige USA CIA -Direktor Gates, Robert in seinen Memoiren, dass die USA

00.000.1979 -im Sommer- mit verdeckten Hilfsaktionen für islamische Untergrundkämpfer [THERRORISTEN] [THERROKRATEN] [ANTIBOLSCHEWISTISCHE FRONT] [ANTIPROLETARISCHE AKTION] die Sowjetunion zur Intervention in Afghanistan provoziert zu haben.

00.000.1979 -im Sommer- "Die Geheimoperation war eine exzellente Idee, sie hatte den Effekt, die Russen in die afghanische Falle zu locken." erklärte der vormalige USA -Sicherheitsberater Brzezinski, Zbigniew

Jahre später in einem Interview. URL: https://alfatomega.com/20030429_amerikaner.html

Als die Sowjets einmarschiert seien, so Brzezinski im "Nouvel Observateur", habe er an Präsident Carter geschrieben, nun hätten auch die Russen "ihren Vietnamkrieg".

Und tatsächlich habe der zermürbende Krieg am Ende "zur Demoralisierung und zum Z usa mmenbruch" des Sowjetreichs geführt.

Gut zehn Jahre nach der "covert operation" in Afghanistan - bei der die USA Amerikaner die Vorläufer der WTC-Terroristen rekrutierten :

bewaffneten, munitionierten und instrumentalisierten - fernlenkten begleiteten schmutzige [PROPAGANDA] tricks den Golfkrieg. Babymorde, von [PROPAGANDA] -Agenten erfunden.

Absurd? Kaum einem gesunden Hirn würden solche Gedanken entspringen - wenn, ja wenn nicht Pläne für eine Geheimoperation mit dem Codenamen "Northwoods" existierten, die 00.000.1962 entwickelt .." ".. nicht ernst genommen.

11.Sep.2001 -nach den WTC-Anschlägen- Als USA Washington erklärte, im Krieg gegen den Terrorismus sei die Waffe der Desinformation [PROPAGANDA] unverzichtbar ,

schlagartig stieg in einem Teil der USA -Gesellschaft das Misstrauen in die USA Washington Bush [BGW968] Regierende n an. URL: https://alfatomega.com/20030429_amerikaner.html

URL: https://www.emedicinehealth.com/fulltext/10851.htm
15.Oct.2004 If you have been diagnosed and are being treated for atrial flutter, go immediately to a hospital emergency department if you experience any of the following symptoms: Palpitations
Chest pain - Feeling faint or light-headed Actual fainting

URL: https://www.emedicinehealth.com/fulltext/10851.htm
15.Oct.2004 Substances that may contribute to atrial flutter include the following: Alcohol (wine, beer, or hard liquor)
Stimulants such as cocaine, amphetamines, diet pills, cold medicines, even caffeine

URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
15.Oct.2004 He needs help, he needs our expressions of compassion + he needs to be retired. We do not permit anyone with significant blood alcohol levels to drive an automobile, pilot a ship, fly a plane, or operate heavy machinery. Indeed, the penalties for doing so are severe, because it is universal common sense that a) these are all "weapons" with the potential to cause physical harm + b) alcohol causes potentially fatal failure of judgment and physical coordination. Why should we then tolerate an active drinker at the helm of State, driving the heavy machinery of our Armed Forces and nuclear arsenal. It would be insanity to permit this + an imperative duty of all citizens to relieve the drunkard of command IMMEDIATELY.
URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
15.Oct.2004 Remember that official White House photo of Bush in a t-shirt, with something the size of a ham sandwich affixed to his back beneath the cloth?
Well, here's another shot
taken the same day. And look at what our president has in his ear. Can't miss it. It's red.

15.Oct.2004 Internet-Telefonie-Anbieter: "Regulierungsbehörde schützt die Telekom"

15.Okt.2004 Terrorbekämpfung: Bundesländer wollen gemeinsame Terror-Datei

15.Okt.2004 Mysteriöser Niedergang: Unter Amphibien geht der Tod um

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/technologie/0,1518,323241,00.html
15.Okt.2004 Kostenfalle Transfervolumen
Neben dem Platz und der Software auf dem Server beinhalten die Angebote von Webhostern in der Regel auch ein limitiertes Transfervolumen für die Übertragung von Daten.

Datenverkehr verursacht nicht nur die Pflege der eigenen Homepage, etwa wenn neue Dateien auf den Server geladen werden.

Auch jeder Surfer, der auf der Seite vorbeischaut, ruft mit seinem Browser Daten vom Server ab und belastet das Datenkonto.

Ist das im Webspace enthaltene Transfervolumen aufgebraucht, berechnen die Hoster weitere Datenübertragung extra.

Die Kosten hierfür bewegen sich zwischen 5 Cent und 60 Euro pro Gigabyte (GB).

Am besten ist es daher, bereits vorher abzuschätzen, wie viel Datenverkehr der eigene Auftritt verursachen wird. Für einen kleinen privaten Auftritt mit ein paar Fotos sollten fünf GB pro Monat mehr als genug sein.

Reicht das enthaltene Freivolumen dann doch nicht - weil die eigene Seite inzwischen sehr populär geworden ist - bietet es sich meistens an, in einen besser ausgestatten Tarif zu wechseln.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/technologie/0,1518,323241,00.html
15.Okt.2004 Bei einem Test von Webspace-Angeboten mit fortgeschrittener Ausstattung der Fachzeitschrift "PC Professionell" (Ausgabe 11/2004) hat der Hoster all-inkl.com am besten abgeschnitten. Für knapp 5 Euro im Monat bietet das Unternehmen seinen Kunden ein halbes Gigabyte (GB) Speicherplatz und 50 GB Datentransfer-Volumen sowie PHP und MySQL. Bei der eigenen Suche nach dem besten Angebot hilft zum Beispiel www.webhostlist.de. Die Site verfügt über eine Datenbank mit über 2000 Webspace-Anbieter, die sich durchsuchen lässt.
URL: https://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/technologie/0,1518,323241,00.html
15.Okt.2004 Nichts für Anfänger: Dynamische Webseiten
Als Datenbank hat sich im Internet MySQL durchgesetzt. Dynamische Webseiten werden häufig in PHP geschrieben, einer Skriptsprache, die auf dem Server ausgeführt wird. Für ein entsprechendes Angebot müssen daher beide Funktionen auf dem Server installiert sein. Inzwischen gibt es in PHP geschriebene, frei verfügbare Systeme zur Verwaltung von Website-Inhalten. Eines der bekannteren ist zum Beispiel PHP-N
uke (https://phpnuke.org). Sie erfordern allerdings eine gründliche Einarbeitung.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/technologie/0,1518,323241,00.html
15.Okt.2004 Soll das Internet-Angebot nicht nur aus statischen HTML-Seiten bestehen, benötigt der Anwender weitergehende Funktionen. Ein dynamischer Aufbau der Site ist immer dann sinnvoll, wenn Inhalte häufig geändert werden sollen oder mehrere Benutzer etwa am Auftritt eines Vereins arbeiten. Dynamische Websites setzen sich zusammen aus Seitenvorlagen (Templates), in denen das Layout gespeichert ist und den Inhalten. Sie liegen in einer Datenbank auf dem Server und werden beim Aufruf der Seite über einen Browser abgefragt.

URL: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/
15.Oct.2004 Tracking: Zogby: Bush 48, Kerry [KJF966] 44, Nader 1 | Rasmussen: Bush 49, Kerry [KJF966]46
15.Oct.2004 TIPP: Bush 47, Kerry [KJF966]44, Nader 2 | Bush 47, Kerry [KJF966] 43
15.Oct.2004 New Jersey: Fairleigh Dickinson University - Bush 46, Kerry [KJF966] 46, Nader 2
15.Oct.2004 Michigan: Research 2000 - Kerry [KJF966] 48, Bush 43, Nader 2
15.Oct.2004 OK Senate: SoonerPoll - Carson (D) 43, Coburn (R) 41
15.Oct.2004 SD Senate: Rasmussen: Daschle (D) 49, Thune (R) 49
15.Oct.2004 Facing Our Madrid - Powl Smith, Weekly Standard

15.Oct.2004 Change Is Inevitably Not Popular - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal

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15.Oct.2004 Nader Still A Threat to Kerry [KJF966] - Ryan Lizza, New Republic

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15.Oct.2004 ELECTION 2004 POLLS: Presidential, Graph | Battleground States | USA Senate
15.Oct.2004 Washington Post: Bush 48, Kerry [KJF966] 48, Nader 1
15.Oct.2004 Rasmussen: Bush 48, Kerry [KJF966] 46 | Zogby: Bush 46, Kerry [KJF966] 45, Nader 1
15.Oct.2004 TIPP: Bush 47, Kerry [KJF966] 44, Nader 2 | Bush 46, Kerry [KJF966] 42
15.Oct.2004 Ohio: Rasmussen (10/7-10/13) - Bush 49, Kerry [KJF966] 47

14.Oct.2004 >> Daily Poll Summary - October 14

14.Oct.2004 The Man Who Was Unchanged - Max Boot, Los Angeles Times

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15.Oct.2004 USA-Armee: Rumsfeld will Abu-Ghureib-General befördern

15.Oct.2004 R.E.M.-Sänger Michael Stipe: "Die USA sind unregierbar"

15.Oct.2004 Polens Soldaten im Irak: "Keine Stunde länger als nötig"

15.Oct.2004 Opel-Krise: "Ein Käuferstreik ist sicher"

15.Okt.2004 Seit 1995 lebt Sabine Reichel in Los Angeles, genauer: in Hollywood. Es geht ihr gut, aber da ist ein Gefühl, das immer stärker wird. "Ich habe Sehnsucht nach Europa - je mehr Amerika den Bach runtergeht. Mit dem Land stimmt was nicht, es ist eine Fehlkonstruktion." Die Amis, sagt Sabine, litten an einer "neurotischen Pflicht zum Glücklichsein", dabei könnten sie "keine Konflikte und keinen Schmerz aushalten", deswegen die vielen Scheidungen, Morde und Selbstmorde, die Teenie-Schwangerschaften und die Gewissheit, "alles zu haben und alles zu wissen". Ihr nächstes Buch ist schon in Arbeit: "Dear Amerika, Are You Crazy? Eine Nation nervt". Sie will es in Deutschland zu Ende schreiben. URL: https://www.spiegel.de/reise/fernweh/0,1518,323169,00.html
15.Okt.2004 John Lennon, ihren Lieblingsdichter, mit einer Zeile aus dem Song "Working Class Hero": "They're are still fucking peasants, as far as I can see."
15.Okt.2004 Anthropologen-Skandal: Vermisste Nazi-Akten zum Teil wieder aufgetaucht

15.Okt.2004 Geschützter Sex: Eine Salbe gegen Aids?

15.Okt.2004 Terror-Datei in Verzug: "Das kann sich jeden Tag rächen"

15.Okt.2004 Lesbische Tochter: Cheney empört über Kerrys Hinweis

15.Okt.2004 Asien: Schwere Erdbeben in Taiwan und Japan

15.Okt.2004 Altlasten: Gaddafi fordert Entschädigung für Rommels Minen

15.Okt.2004 Weltweite Umfrage: Alliierte gegen Bush

15.Okt.2004 Diplomaten: Geräte aus Atomanlagen im Irak von Experten entfernt

15.Okt.2004 Die Bundes-PDS reagierte entsetzt auf den Zusammenschluss.

Ein Bund mit NPD und einer weiteren rechtsgerichteten Partei widerspreche all dem, "was wir politisch wollen", sagte Parteisprecher Hendrik Thalheim der Zeitung.
Wie der Landesgeschäftsführer der PDS, Michael Kretschmer, am Abend in Düsseldorf mitteilte, ist das in den Kreistag gewählte Mitglied auf Druck seiner Partei am Nachmittag aus der PDS ausgetreten. Die Gründung der Fraktion sei gröbste Wählertäuschung gewesen.
URL: https://www.spiegel.de/politik/deutschland/0,1518,323185,00.html

15.Okt.2004 Zusammenschluss in NRW: NPD und PDS bilden gemeinsame Kreistags-Fraktion

15.Okt.2004 Bitte stören: Michael Moore vergibt Krawall-Stipendium

15.Okt.2004 USA-Wahlkampf: Der Endspurt beginnt

15.Okt.2004 Überwachungstechnik: USA-Regierung genehmigt Funk-Implantat

15.Okt.2004 Zwiebelfisch: Und täglich berichten die Kreise

15.Okt.2004 Schlappe für Berlusconi: EuGH-Gutachterin verwirft römisches Verjährungsgesetz

15.Okt.2004 Gift im Reifen: Gefahr auf weichen Sohlen

15.Okt.2004 Streit um Buttiglione: EU-Sozialdemokraten drohen Barroso

15.Okt.2004 Arbeitsplatz-Sicherung: Jeder zweite Deutsche zu Lohnkürzungen bereit

15.Okt.2004 Chip im Hirn: Gelähmter schickt E-Mails kraft seiner Gedanken

15.Okt.2004 Bush-Messer: Der Vorsprung ist dahin

15.Okt.2004 Pepsi oder Coke: Die Erinnerung trinkt mit

15.Okt.2004 Neue Krankheit: Warum eine Frau im Schlaf über wildfremde Männer herfällt

15.Okt.2004 Terrorpläne in Luxemburg: Islamisten wollten EU-Gebäude angreifen

15.Okt.2004 Schock in Bochum und Rüsselsheim: GM streicht 10.000 Arbeitsplätze in Deutschland

15.Okt.2004 Neue Hoffnung in der SPD: "Hartz IV haben wir gewonnen"

15.Okt.2004 Media-Center-PC: Der dritte Anlauf

15.Okt.2004 Blitzumfrage: Kerry [KJF966] abermals Punktsieger

15.Okt.2004 Kopf unterm Vorderbein: Dinosaurier schliefen wie Vögel

15.Okt.2004 USA-Wahlkampf: Bushs Vorsprung ist dahin

15.Okt.2004 Schröders Libyen-Reise: Friedenspfeife im Beduinenzelt

15.Okt.2004 Weltraumforschung: Neue Besatzung fliegt zur Raumstation

15.Okt.2004 Bundeswehr-Einsatz im Irak: Powell hoffte auf deutschen Kurswechsel

15.Okt.2004 TV-Duell in Arizona: Aggressiver Schlagabtausch zwischen Bush und Kerry [KJF966]