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12.Jul.2006 Vereinigte Staaten von Südamerika" sfux Karl Weiss -

05.Jul.2006 -In einer offiziellen Feierstunde am -dem Unabhängigkeitstag Venezuelas, wurde Venezuela in Caracas offiziell in den gemeinsamen Markt Mercosur aufgenommen, der bisher von Argentinien, Brasilien, Paraguay + Uruguay gebildet wurde.

Neben allen fünf Präsidenten der Mercosur-Länder, Kirchner, Lula, Duarte, Vásquez und Chávez war auch der bolivianische Präsident Evo Morales anwesend.

Eine baldige Mitgliedschaft Boliviens wurde in Aussicht gestellt, das bereits...
Mexiko steht am Scheideweg sfux Karl Weiss -

Nach den bekannt gewordenen Wählerbefragungen am Ausgang der Wahllokale (“Exit Polls”) hat der sozialdemokratische Kandidat Obrador die Präsidentenwahlen in Mexiko vom

02.Jul.2006 mit klarem Vorsprung gewonnen. Aber dann, ab Montag, begannen die in Mexiko nicht unbekannten “Veränderungen" im Wahlprozeß.

Es kann keinen Zweifel geben:

Es wird versucht, mit massiven Wahlfälschungen Mexikos gewählten Präsident daran zu hindern, an die Macht zu kommen - so wie bereits zuvor.
New study indicates large dinosaurs were warm-blooded animals
Large dinosaurs that inhabited the earth 110 million years ago were not as cold-blooded as they were once thought.

On the contrary, they were capable of regulating their body heat like mammals, according to researchers from the University of Florida.
Rumsfeld in surprise Iraq visit US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is in Iraq on an unannounced trip for talks with the new government.
12.Jul.2006 MSPs to view secret McKie report Part of a report on the Shirley McKie fingerprint case is to be handed over to a Holyrood inquiry, BBC Scotland learns.
12.Jul.2006 Countries agree migration plans European and African countries meeting in Morocco agree a declaration on how to tackle illegal immigration.
12.Jul.2006 Asylum child detention attacked A Labour peer and two MPs condemn the practice of detaining children whose parents are seeking asylum.
12.Jul.2006 Morning sickness 'regulates diet' Morning sickness might have evolved to protect foetuses from unhealthy food, say scientists.
12.Jul.2006 Scientists seek to restore sight Technology found in digital cameras could be used to give blind people sight, a university team says.
12.Jul.2006 This Is a Computer on Your Brain Scientists are developing a brain-computer interface for Darpa that could help security officers sift through surveillance video or images 10 times faster than an unaided human.
12.Jul.2006 Hacker Spawns a French Watergate New evidence in the so-called Clearstream affair suggests a computer intruder cracked a Luxembourg bank to frame French politicians for bribery - adding a high-tech twist to a scandal that's become a national obsession. Bruce Gain reports from Paris.
12.Jul.2006 State Department Hit With Many More Break-Ins ScuttleMonkey 37 adjust28 writes to tell us

CNN is reporting that the US State Department has been dealing with a number of computer break-ins with regards to their headquarters and offices dealing with China and Korea over the past couple of weeks.

From the article:

"Investigators believe hackers stole sensitive U.S. information and passwords and implanted backdoors in unclassified government computers to allow them to return at will, said U.S. officials familiar with the hacking." 12.Jul.2006 Novak: Rove Was My Source For Outing Valerie Plame. It's Now Official. When Does Bush Fire Karl Like He Promised?
Bushopedia: This is one of the best glossaries of the Busheviks that we have come across. It is billed as "a comprehensive alphabetical guide to George W. Bush, the Bush administration, other aspects of the Far Right + related topics." In short, this 333-page book by Bill Potts is a clinical guide to the key players and concepts in the psychotic cult of Bushevism.
What Changed on 9/11? A Radical, Extremist Cabal Decided to Use a Terrorist Attack for the Dismantling of Democracy -- A Must Read BuzzFlash Editorial
The War On Journalism continues. The U.S. Army plans to call two journalists as witnesses to support charges filed against an officer who refused to fight in Iraq because of his objections to the war, the lieutenant's lawyer said on Monday. 7/12
TPM Muckraker: Buried in this new Business Week article by Eamon Javers and Dawn Kopecki is a startling revelation: MZM Inc., the company once owned by admitted felon Mitchell Wade, worked on assessing Saddam Hussein's nuclear capabilities during the runup to the U.S. invasion of Iraq. 7/12
Novak, Rove and CIA spokesman all appear to have given different stories about Valerie Plame leak. 7/12

12.Jul.2006 Bush gives senior staff a whopping raise, junior staff get nothing. It's good to be king. 7/12
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

12.Jul.2006 Declare John Murtha the Official Democratic Spokesperson on Iraq, Now. Enough of the Faux Dem, Republican Lite Duplicity. Our GIs and National Security are in Desperate Need of Denouncing the Lies of Bushevism that Endanger Us All: "Crackdown in Baghdad ineffective, U.S. general admits." 7/12
The Impeachment Option. Why Consideraton of the Issue is Not Radical, But Rather Necessary. "As timely as today's headlines, this vital book explains why impeachment should be deployed against the serial Constitution-shredder George W. Bush." Okay, if you think impeachment is a radical concept, answer this question? Tell Us Ten Reasons Bush and Cheney Should Not be Impeached. Okay, We'll Settle for One.

12.Jul.2006 See TPM Muckraker here + especially see emptywheel's amazing piece here. emptywheel suspects that the MZM/aluminum tube connection may be the dire matter that has Representative Hoekstra, normally a Bush supporter, in such a tizzy.
12.Jul.2006 My take: If the MZM connection is real, Hoekstra decided to get out in front of the issue before someone else made it public.
We still don't know precisely who snatched up those Niger forgeries and decided to use them to start a war, but many signs point to the P2 faction within SISMI.

The other cause for war was the aluminum tube fiasco - + the finger of blame may well point to one of the most corrupt individuals in Republican history. Permalink
12.Jul.2006 Wettbewerbsverfahren: EU verdonnert Microsoft zu 280 Millionen Euro Strafe
12.Jul.2006 Reaktion auf Entführung: Israelische Truppen dringen in den Libanon ein
12.Jul.2006 Verschärfte Kampagne: Musikindustrie will P2P- Nutzern den Onlinezugang sperren lassen
12.Jul.2006 Reform- Frust: Wähler haben Große Koalition schon abgeschrieben

12.Jul.2006 US- Justiz: Unschuldiger nach 18 Jahren Haft frei
11.Jul.2006 July 11, 2006 Think Progress 

A Treasury Department analysis “presented in the Mid-Session Review itself confirms what outside experts have consistently said - tax cuts do not come remotely close to paying for themselves .”

Conservatives are outraged that a strict new immigration bill in Colorado still allows children of undocumented immigrants to receive public assistance like food + healthcare:

We’re helping create the next generation of terrorists,” said Rep. Debbie Stafford, R-Aurora.

Spencer Ackerman on the Pentagon’s claim that U.S. military detainees are now protected by the Geneva Conventions :

The very obvious loophole is what will happen to detainees outside of U.S. military custody — as in CIA custody, such as the so-called ‘black sites,’ where Geneva is a sick joke.”

Michael Savage : “Liberalism is, in essence, the HIV virus.”

There is as much wind power potential off our coasts “as the current capacity of all power plants in the USA combined,” according to a new report sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, Massachusetts Technology Collaborative + General Electric.

Don’t believe Social Security phase-out is coming down the pike again next year?” Read this.
12.Jul.2006Novak Backs Off Pledge To ‘Reveal All’ Faiz 
Jun.2005 Robert Novak appeared on CNN with host Ed Henry and explained that while he could not answer questions about who in the administration gave him Plame’s identity, he would soon “reveal all:

NOVAK: Well, that’s what I can’t reveal until this case is finished. I hope it is finished soon. And when it does… I will reveal all in a column and on the air.

In an op-ed on Human Events Online, Novak writes that Fitzgerald has cleared him and that “frees me to reveal my role in the federal inquiry.” But Novak fails to “reveal all,” as he earlier pledged, in at least two respects.

1. Novak refuses to identify his primary administration source who revealed to him that Valerie Plame worked at the CIA as an undercover agent. He confirms Karl Rove was his second senior administration source + that CIA official Bill Harlow served as a confirming source. But Novak writes his primary source’s name “has not yet been revealed” and “has not come forward to identify himself.”

2. Novak also did not explain why he earlier said he was given Plame’s identity by the White House as part of an effort to intentionally out her. He said: “I didn’t dig it out [Plame’s identity], it was given to me…. They [the White House] thought it was significant, they gave me the name and I used it.” In his latest op-ed, Novak fails to address this issue + states simply that Plame’s “role in instituting her husband’s mission was revealed to me in the middle of a long interview with an official who I have previously said was not a political gunslinger.”

UPDATE: John Aravosis notes Novak’s interesting acknowledgement that his account differs from Rove’s.
12.Jul.2006 11.Sep.2001 -Conspiracy Prof. Allowed to Teach
12.Jul.2006 Novak: Rove Was a CIA Leak Source
12.Jul.2006 Full column to be at Human Events Onlines Tomorrow HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE - My Leak Case Testimony by Robert Novak Blogged with Flock
12.Jul.2006 Novak seems to discredit Fitzgerald's claim that the investigation was complete.
BOB NOVAK, My Leak Case Testimony: 'I learned Valerie Plame's name from Joe Wilson's entry in 'Who's Who in America'... MORE... Published reports that I took the Fifth Amendment, made a plea bargain with the prosecutors or was a prosecutorial target were all untrue... MORE... My primary source has not come forward to identify himself... MORE... Bill Harlow, the CIA public information officer who

12.Jul.2006 Hit Movie Director Slams Bush Administration Paul Joseph Watson Hit Movie Director Slams Bush Administration Linklater says Hollywood stars, including Bruce Willis, having political paradigms changed by 9/11 conspiracy
12.Jul.2006 MPs to debate extradition laws Britain's extradition accord with the US will be examined in an emergency Commons debate.
12.Jul.2006 Microsoft 'facing huge EU fine' Brussels is set to impose a huge fine on Microsoft for failing to comply with an anti-competition ruling.
12.Jul.2006 Boycott forces Saddam trial delay The judge in the trial of Saddam Hussein adjourns the trial until 24 July + orders lawyers to end a boycott.
12.Jul.2006 MSPs to view secret McKie report Part of a report on the Shirley McKie fingerprint case is to be handed over to a Holyrood inquiry, BBC Scotland learns.
12.Jul.2006 Bank for unclaimed cash proposed A new body should be set up to manage millions of pounds lying unclaimed in dormant UK bank accounts, a report will suggest.
12.Jul.2006 China gaining on U.S. chipmakers, CEO says Semiconductor industry in China is improving rapidly + the country could achieve technological parity with the U.S. in a few years.
12.Jul.2006 DARPA Developing 'Droid' Satellites ScuttleMonkey 53 eliot1785 writes

"DARPA is now developing a new breed of satellites that can be precision-maneuvered in unison and easily perform advanced operations with built-in sensors, computers and thrusters. From the article: 'David Miller, director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Space Systems Laboratory, says such satellites might be used for such tasks as building giant space telescopes and closely monitoring Earth. The shuttle Discovery last week delivered the second of three satellite test "droids" that are undergoing experiments at the International Space Station.'"
Indian Satellite Lost in Launch Explosion ScuttleMonkey 140

"BBC News is reporting that the recent communications satellite launch in India has met with disaster. The satellite, designed to enhance India's telephone and communications network, was lost when the rocket carrying it veered off course and exploded. This is the second disappointment in recent launch attempts, coming just one day after the failed long-range ballistic missile test launch."
Gaza- Streifen: Israel weitet Offensive aus

12.Jul.2006 Chicago: U- Bahn entgleist - mehr als hundert Verletzte

12.Jul.2006 Hartz- IV- Panne: Kein Geld mehr für Arbeitslose mit Lebensversicherung?
12.Jul.2006 Deutsche Umwelttechnik für China: Genug Dreck für alle

12.Jul.2006 Wettbewerbsverfahren: EU verhängt neue Millionenstrafe gegen Microsoft

12.Jul.2006 Bush in Stralsund: Die teuerste Grillparty der Welt
11.Jul.2006UPDATE: Out Of Control Police in Nashua, NH. Man arrested for filming own property Smartalix UPDATE: Lawyer and civil rights activist Christopher King has picked this case up. It promises to be an interesting case, as Mr. Gannon plans to sue once he beats the charges and because the police intend to make an example of him for allegedly being “verbally abusive”. A city man is ...
11.Jul.2006Net neutrality debate still simmers A Senate vote is expected in September. Meanwhile, supporters, foes of the concept jockey for position in Washington.
11.Jul.2006BREAKING: Novak Outs Former CIA Spokesman As ‘Confirming’ Source On Plame Think Progress Transcript from just now on MSNBC:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Bob Novak’s going to go on television tomorrow and give away one of the sources in the infamous Valerie Plame leak story. It’s going to be Bill Harlow, the spokesman for the CIA all those years. He’s going to identify him as one of his sources, apparently the other source is still maintaining his deep background sourcing role here. … Bob Novak’s office has just now confirmed to Hardball that his confirming source — that’s the one that said, “So you heard,” and backed up the initial source — in learning about Valerie Plame’s identity with the CIA, her undercover identity, was Bill Harlow, the former CIA Public Information Officer. Bill Harlow himself hasn’t commented so far.

Recall, Bill Harlow was the former CIA spokesman who repeatedly urged Novak that he was not to use Plame’s identity. From the Washington Post, 7/27/05:

Harlow, the former CIA spokesman, said in an interview yesterday that he testified last year before a grand jury about conversations he had with Novak at least three days before the column was published. He said he warned Novak, in the strongest terms he was permitted to use without revealing classified information, that Wilson’s wife had not authorized the mission and that if he did write about it, her name should not be revealed.

Harlow said that after Novak’s call, he checked Plame’s status and confirmed that she was an undercover operative. He said he called Novak back to repeat that the story Novak had related to him was wrong and that Plame’s name should not be used.

There has been tension between Harlow’s and Novak’s accounts. Novak has claimed that Harlow asked him not to publish the name, but that Harlow “never suggested to [Novak]] that Wilson’s wife or anybody else would be endangered.” Novak wrote, “If he had, I would not have used her name.”

OLBERMANN: And the idea of leaders and followers going down this path or perhaps taking a country down this path requires -- this whole edifice requires and enemy. Communism, al Qaeda, Democrats, me... whoever for the two-minutes hate. I overuse the Orwellian analogies to nauseating proportions. But it really was, in reading what you wrote about, especially what the academics talked about. There was that two-minutes hate. There has to be an opponent, an enemy, to coalesce around or the whole thing falls apart. Is that the gist of it?

And it came out that most of these people were pre-qualified to be conservatives and this, did indeed, fit with the authoritarian personality.

OLBERMANN: Did the studies indicate that this really has anything to do with the political point of view? Would it be easier to impose authoritarianism over the right than it would the left? Is it theoretically possible that it could have gone in either direction and it's just a question of people who like to follow other people?

DEAN: They have found, really, maybe a small, 1%, of the left who will follow authoritarianism. Probably the far left. As far as widespread testing, it's just overwhelmingly conservative orientation.

OLBERMANN: There is an extraordinary amount of academic work that you quote in the book. A lot of it is very unsettling. It deals with psychological principles that are frightening and may have faced other nations at other times. In German and Italy in the 30's, come into mind in particular. But, how does it apply now? To what degree should it scare us and to what degree is it something that might be forestalled?
Why did they murder Philip Merrill?

With the notable exception of Dick Cheney, the American ruling elites don’t shoot people in the head for pleasure, if only as they wish to avoid taking unnecessary risks.  In particular, they don’t shoot those of their own kind, with one major exception.  Like any organized crime group, they keep omerta + punish those who breach the code of silence.  The two classes of murders are those made to look like accidents, reserved for those who are going to be forced to testify + the more ignominious group of murders made to look like suicides, reserved for those who it is feared will rely on their consciences and testify voluntarily (it is thus much more honorable to be ‘suicided’ than to be ‘accidented’).  The fake suicide is always contrived to be good enough to look like a suicide to a coroner, but, like two shots to the head, is obviously a murder to anyone with any sense.  The obviousness is part of the warning to others that the code of silence will be enforced.

Sploid describes the ‘suicide’ of Philip Merrill:

If suicide were an Olympic sport, the old and ill Merrill, who managed not only to shoot himself in the head with a shotgun but then leap off the boat, but did so with the handicap of tying his legs up to an anchor first (and brought a cell phone and a wallet containing a lot of money, which he considerately left behind on the boat, on the theory that you can take it on the boat, but you can’t take it with you), would win a Gold Medal.  Obviously a murder, with the light anchor intended to submerge the body for only a few days (they wanted the family to have the body for a funeral).

What was Merrill going to talk about that he needed to be suicided?  Merrill was President of the Export-Import Bank from 2002 until 2005.  The Bank provided trade finance insurance to the Coalition Provisional Authority + later to the Interim Government of Iraq.  Merrill was a True Believer in the importance of foreign trade and foreign investment, facilitated by American institutions like the Export-Import Bank, in reviving the Iraq economy.  Instead, much of the money provided by American taxpayers + probably almost all of the oil revenues from Iraq itself, were stolen.  This is just now becoming an American political issue, but the focus is on amounts stolen in the last year or so.  The major thefts were from the time that the Coalition Provisional Authority was in charge of the money, the time when Merrill, who appears on all accounts to have been a straight shooter, would have had insider knowledge.

Bush used one of his famous signing statements to ensure that the Congress-mandated inspection of corruption in Iraq would not consider any contracts involving the Pentagon, effectively removing most of the point from having an inspector.  The major thefts were from the ‘Development Fund for Iraq’, set up by Paul Bremer and originally managed by the Coalition Provisional Authority.  At least nine billion dollars is missing from this fund.  The slush find could have been raided perfectly legally, if not morally, by using it to fund ‘legitimate’ reconstruction contracts to American firms.  Instead, this method of lifting of money from the Iraqi people wasn’t corrupt enough, so they simply stole it (i. e., they didn’t even bother to pretend to be providing a service for the money that was taken, possible because of the way in which the Coalition Provisional Authority managed the money).  As there is no effective monitoring of the specifics of the corruption (thanks to Bush’s signing statement), people like Merrill are the only officials who could put the blame on the friends of the Bush Administration who walked off with the billions of dollars.  Therefore, Merrill is dead.
11.Jul.2006 50 year study says conservatives 'followers'  Conservatives waiting on someone to tell them to denounce this study.
11.Jul.2006 Gecko that usually lives in the southeastern US found in Kansas  When I lived in Lawrence some friends of mine had a horrible cockroach problem. Their solution? Buy a gecko and let it loose in their apartment. Problem solved. The gecko ate all the bugs in their apartment and the apartment next door before moving across the alley to another building where it presumably kept up its cockroach diet until it passed away. Now I wonder...was that gecko pregnant?
11.Jul.2006 Quantifying A Mystical Experience: Hallucinogenic Research Gets To Grips With Spirituality  Researchers at Johns Hopkins have found that an active agent contained in "sacred mushrooms" can induce strikingly similar mystical experiences in different subjects; and the experiences seem to be descriptively identical to spontaneous epiphanies that people have reported for centuries.
11.Jul.2006 Agents in green tea could provide future cancer treatment, say FWCC researchers  Dr. James Cardelli, professor of microbiology and immunology and director of research at FWCC, believes that green tea could hold an answer in future cancer treatment, but perhaps not in its whole form.
11.Jul.2006 First tomb uncovered in Valley of Kings may be Tutankhamen's mother  It's King Tut's mummy!
11.Jul.2006The Four Most Overpaid White House Staffers Think Progress 

Today the National Journal published a list of salaries for the 403 White House staffers. Here are the four most overpaid:

Deborah Nirmala Misir Ethics Advisor $114,688
Erica M. Dornburg Ethics Advisor $100,547
Stuart Baker Director for Lessons Learned $106,641
Melissa M. Carson Director of Fact Checking $46,500

And yes, there is a White House Director for Lessons Learned. We aren’t making this up.
Legal Advocate For Torture Being Considered For Top Judicial Post Faiz 

The Financial Times reports this morning that the Pentagon, guided by General Counsel William Haynes, recently reversed course and decided that all detainees held in U.S. military custody are entitled to protection under the Geneva Conventions. The timing of the announcement appears in part to have been guided by an administration effort to build support for Haynes, whose nomination to sit on the 4th Circuit was taken up by the Senate Judiciary Committee today.

Haynes — who is strongly backed by Vice President Cheney — has been described as a “prime moverin the effort to contravene the dictates of the Geneva Convention with respect to the interrogation of prisoners. A 2003 working group appointed and supervised by Haynes argued the Geneva Conventions “must be construed as inapplicable to interrogations undertaken pursuant to [Bush’s] Commander-in-Chief authority.” That position, as applied to military commissions, was repudiated by the Supreme Court in the recent Hamdan decision.

A group of 20 retired military leaders recently wrote to Sens. Arlen Specter and Patrick Leahy to express their “deep concern” about the nominee (Read it HERE):

Had Mr. Haynes been ignorant of the likely consequences of these policies, the profound errors he made could perhaps be understood. But the uniformed JAGs of each of the services clearly and repeatedly expressed their concerns about the impact these policies would have both on the reputation of the USA and on the integrity and safety of military personnel. … These prescient warnings were echoed by the flag officer Judge Advocates General of the Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps. But Mr. Haynes failed to heed them.

Writing in a separate letter, former Judge Advocate General of the Navy John Hutson argued, “If civilian leadership of the military means anything at all, it must mean there is accountability for failures such as his.” Read it HERE.
11.Jul.2006Top White House Staffers Pocket $4,200 Raise, Fight $2 Minimum Wage Increase Judd 

This year the highest paid staffers in the White House – including Karl Rove, Dan Bartlett and Steven Hadley – got a cost-of-living adjustment of $4,200, boosting their total salary to $165,200.

Meanwhile, the White House is backing Congressional efforts to beat back a modest increase in the minimum wage for the lowest paid Americans for the first time since 1997. Here’s a press release issued today by Rep. George Miller (D-CA):

For the fifth time in less than two weeks, Republicans in the House of Representatives today voted to block a vote on legislation to increase the national minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25 per hour…

A full-time minimum wage worker earns just $10,712 per year - which is $5,888 less than the $16,600 needed to lift a family of three above the federal poverty threshold…the minimum wage is at its lowest level in more than 50 years, when adjusted for inflation. Congress has not raised the federal minimum wage since 1997.

The good news is, after a hard day making sure that the working poor don’t get a pay increase, Karl Rove will have some extra cash for a nice dinner and a foot massage.
Pentagon Counsel Rebuffs Official Policy on Guantanamo Commissions Payson 

Today, the media obtained a memo from Undersecretary of Defense Gordon England telling Pentagon officials that all detainees are entitled to protections under the Geneva Conventions. Specifically, England says the Supreme Court found the administration’s “military commissions…are not consistent with Common Article 3? of Geneva:

The Supreme Court has determined that Common Article 3 to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 applies as a matter of law to the conflict with Al Qaeda. The Court found that the military commissions as constituted by the Department of Defense are not consistent with Common Article 3.

Apparently, someone from the Pentagon’s legal team didn’t get the memo. From today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on detainee treatment:

Under questioning from the committee, Daniel Dell’Orto, principal deputy general counsel at the Pentagon, said he believes the current treatment of detainees — as well as the existing tribunal process — already complies with Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions . […]

The military commission set up does provide a right to counsel, a trained military defense counsel and the right to private counsel of the detainee’s choice,” Mr. Dell’Orto said. “We see no reason to change that in legislation.”

The Pentagon needs to get on the same page - this page in particular.
11.Jul.2006Pentagon Counsel Rebuffs Official Policy on Guantanamo Commissions Payson 

Today, the media obtained a memo from Undersecretary of Defense Gordon England telling Pentagon officials that all detainees are entitled to protections under the Geneva Conventions. Specifically, England says the Supreme Court found the administration’s “military commissions…are not consistent with Common Article 3? of Geneva:

The Supreme Court has determined that Common Article 3 to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 applies as a matter of law to the conflict with Al Qaeda. The Court found that the military commissions as constituted by the Department of Defense are not consistent with Common Article 3.

Apparently, someone from the Pentagon’s legal team didn’t get the memo. From today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on detainee treatment:

Under questioning from the committee, Daniel Dell’Orto, principal deputy general counsel at the Pentagon, said he believes the current treatment of detainees — as well as the existing tribunal process — already complies with Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions . […]

The military commission set up does provide a right to counsel, a trained military defense counsel and the right to private counsel of the detainee’s choice,” Mr. Dell’Orto said. “We see no reason to change that in legislation.”

The Pentagon needs to get on the same page - this page in particular.
11.Jul.2006The administration’s decision that all detainees Amanda 

are protected under the Geneva Conventions is “not really a reversal of policy” White House Press Secretary Tony Snow said today. (Actually, it is.)
11.Jul.2006Gas Prices Spike to Second-Highest Level Ever, Analyst Predicts $4/Gallon This Summer Nico 

NBC News reported today on a new Lundberg Survey showing that the average national gas price has spiked up 11 cents over the last two weeks to $3.00 per gallon, the second-highest level in U.S. history.

TRILBY LUNDBERG: We’re within a couple of pennies of the nominal all-time high last September , when there was a shortage of gasoline brought on by hurricane damage. And we’re just six cents under the real high — the inflation-adjusted high of March ‘81 — in today’s dollars.

Also this morning, Brad Proctor of GasPriceWatch told ABC News he was expecting possible $4/gallon gas prices this summer. “We’ll see $3 and possibly $4 depending where the summer goes in terms of hurricanes and other natural disasters that may happen. We’ll see an upward trend occur.”

It’s definitely time to Kick the Oil Habit.
11.Jul.2006Gas Prices Spike to Second-Highest Level Ever, Analyst Predicts $4/Gallon This Summer Nico 

NBC News reported today on a new Lundberg Survey showing that the average national gas price has spiked up 11 cents over the last two weeks to $3.00 per gallon, the second-highest level in U.S. history.

TRILBY LUNDBERG: We’re within a couple of pennies of the nominal all-time high last September , when there was a shortage of gasoline brought on by hurricane damage. And we’re just six cents under the real high — the inflation-adjusted high of March ‘81 — in today’s dollars.

Also this morning, Brad Proctor of GasPriceWatch told ABC News he was expecting possible $4/gallon gas prices this summer. “We’ll see $3 and possibly $4 depending where the summer goes in terms of hurricanes and other natural disasters that may happen. We’ll see an upward trend occur.”

It’s definitely time to Kick the Oil Habit.
11.Jul.2006Rumsfeld Promises To Defeat The Taliban After Claiming 00.000.2002 It Was Defeated Guest 

Today Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and promised that the Taliban will be defeated:

At a joint news conference with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Rumsfeld said militants “don’t want to see a country like Afghanistan have a successful democracy. They won’t succeed .”

Yet for the past four years, Bush administration officials — including Rumsfeld — have been insisting that the USA has already defeated the Taliban.


18.Dec.2002 : KING: What’s the current situation in Afghanistan?

RUMSFELD: It is encouraging. They have elected a government through the Loya Jirga process. The Taliban are gone . The al Qaeda are gone.

President Bush echoed Rumsfeld’s comments

00.Sep.2004 saying the “Taliban no longer is in existence.” – Geoff Miller
11.Jul.2006Fox trashes Olbermann. Nico 

Because of his personal demons, Keith has imploded everywhere he’s worked,” Fox spokeswoman Irina Briganti told the New York Times. “From lashing out at co-workers to personally attacking Bill O’Reilly and all things Fox, it’s obvious Keith is a train wreck waiting to happen. … [W]e hope he enjoys his paranoid view from the bottom of the ratings ladder and wish him well on his inevitable trip to oblivion.”
11.Jul.2006Bush Celebrates Fourth Largest Deficit In History Judd 

Today, the Office of Management Budget projected a $296 billion federal deficit for fiscal year 2006. Bush held a press conference arguing that this is a vindication of his economic policies.

Actually, it would be the fourth largest deficit of all time. Here’s the top five:

1. 2004 (George W. Bush) $413 billion
2. 2003 (George W. Bush) $378 billion
3. 2005 (George W. Bush) $318 billion
4. 2006 (George W. Bush) $296 billion (projected)
5. 1992 (George H. W. Bush) $290 billion

When President Bush came into office, he inherited a surplus of $284 Billion. At that time, the Bush administration predicted a $516 billion surplus for 2006.

The fact that Bush now considers a $296 billion deficit an occasion to celebrate shows how far we’ve fallen.
Coolsville However it is our belief that the current administration of George W. Bush has used the mass communication of words and images in ways that have seriously harmed the political discourse in America.

Design Observer: writings about design & culture
11.Jul.2006Fox News Spin Attack Ends With Red-Faced Anchors Paul Joseph Watson Fox News Spin Attack Ends With Red-Faced Anchors 9/11 truth scholar Fetzer anticipated slant of Hannity and Colmes spot
11.Jul.2006Menschenjagd via Internet in England legitim? Heiko 
Ein möglicher "Kleinkrimineller" wird gnadenlos, weltweit per Internet zerstört. Wichtige Medien finden dies gut. Dabei wird nicht bemerkt, dass die entsprechende Webseite Rassismus, Sexismus und Homophobie verbreitet. Unter Vorspiegelung einer falschen Identität werden Fotos des Opfers in Kontaktforen gestellt und dort weiter Leute geleimt. Ihre E-Mails werden im Forum diskutiert. Das Opfer ist ein Brite iranischer Ethnizität, sein Leben ist möglicherweise zerstört. Es wird ihm Selbstmord empfohlen. Der Veranstalter, laut Spiegel ein englischer Student, kann offenbar immer weiter machen. Niemand stoppt ihn, auch nicht, die durch ihn offenbar viele Seitenbesucher bekommen.

11.Jul.2006 Israeli Occupation Forces readies 'massive' Gaza incursion: Israeli Occupation Forces were gearing up Tuesday afternoon for a planned massive incursion into the Gaza Strip.

11.Jul.2006 Israeli MP: Meshal is a Dead Man : During a Monday evening Channel 1 TV interview, MK (Labor) Danny Yatom stated that Hamas politburo leader Khaled Meshal is marked for death + the “long arm of Israel” will eventually reach him as well

11.Jul.2006 Gaza is starving in the darkness’: At least 51 Palestinians have been killed and over 150 wounded, the overwhelming majority of them civilians and mostly children, since Israel launched its incursions into the Gaza Strip.

11.Jul.2006 Israel’s aggression destroys any semblance of civic order: I cannot think of anything in recent times to compare with the Israeli terror tactics against the people of Gaza where the mightiest military nation in the region picks on the poorest, weakest and most vulnerable of peoples and pounds them and their infrastructure by night and day with bombs, artillery and tank shells.

11.Jul.2006 Six Human Rights Groups Petitioned Israeli High Court: Six human rights groups petitioned the Israeli High Court demanding that the crossings in Gaza be opened to allow for the steady and regular supply of fuel, food, medicine + equipment, including spare parts needed to operate generators.

11.Jul.2006 Why Critics of the Israel Lobby Are Politically Homeless : The Democratic Party base is pro-Israel country

11.Jul.2006 Anti-Arab Racism in the USA : Where it Comes From and What it Means for Politics Today

11.Jul.2006 Iran, EU end nuclear talks with no sign of result: "Tomorrow I will have a meeting with ministers of the six countries and I will report. We will make an analysis of the situation at this period of time and we will see how to proceed," Solana said.

11.Jul.2006 Iran vows not to back down: Iran has vowed not to cave in to international pressure, while its nuclear envoy, Ari Larijani, warned of a "long road" ahead before Tehran's atomic standoff with the West can be resolved.

11.Jul.2006 Russia believes Iran decades from nuke: Russia believes Iran to be 25 to 30 years away from possession of nuclear arms, but U.S. experts disagree.

11.Jul.2006 Our Last Chance? : The USA, should it attack Iran, will have created for itself a dilemma very similar to that of Israel, but on a much larger scale. We will have begun an endless struggle with much of the Muslim world, one in which we can inflict punishment without ever reaching any kind of political solution

11.Jul.2006 China rejects N Korea sanctions: China has again rejected possible UN sanctions against North Korea over Pyongyang's missile tests last week.

11.Jul.2006 China says Japan overreacts to N Korea : China said on Tuesday that Japan’s attempt to seek a United Nations resolution against North Korea was “overreaction” and would only add to tensions in the region.

11.Jul.2006 Split within UNSC deepens over North Korea resolution: The council delayed the vote again after a meeting of members who support the resolution. The group was to reconvene Wednesday morning to evaluate the situation,

11.Jul.2006 John Farmer: North Korea Nuke Threat Isn't What It Seems : If ever a "crisis" looked overblown, it's the one over North Korea's nuclear ambitions.

11.Jul.2006 Frist: Nonproliferation for North Korea: The Senate's Republican leader said Tuesday he will push legislation to add North Korea to a nonproliferation act that currently outlines sanctions against foreign individuals who supply weapons technology to Iran and Syria

11.Jul.2006 Gordon Prather: Condi vs. the Truth : Condi strong-armed the IAEA Board into improperly and illegally seeking to involve the U.N. Security Council in the Iran-Board confrontation.

11.Jul.2006 Video: Peak Oil?: The world is at the beginning of the end of the age of oil, according to a growing body of analysts. It stands at a precipice of "peak oil" – the point at which oil producing countries can no longer keep up with growing demand, where production climaxes and then plunges into irrevocable decline.

11.Jul.2006 Global oil output at peak, set to fall 32% by 2020: The world oil production is at its peak and is set to fall 32% by 2020 as discoveries wane, said Ali Samsam Bakhtiari, a former executive of Iran's state oil company

11.Jul.2006 U.S. Will Give Detainees Geneva Rights : The Bush administration said Tuesday that all detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and in all other U.S. military custody around the world are entitled to protections under the Geneva Conventions.

11.Jul.2006 Does a State of War Give Bush a Right to Commit War Crimes?: Right-wing columnist Charles Krauthammer has weighed in against the Supreme Court's latest ruling in Hamdan, claiming that the Court erred in barring President Bush from denying Guantanamo detainees the protections of the Third Geneva Convention.

11.Jul.2006 Could Bush Be Prosecuted for War Crimes?: A Nuremberg chief prosecutor says there is a case for trying Bush for the 'supreme crime against humanity, an illegal war of aggression against a sovereign nation.'

11.Jul.2006 PanAfrica: Aid for the Poor, Not for the Consultants: "Money is being spent on consultants who are earning up to 1,000 dollars a day," Caroline Sande Mukulira, South Africa country director for ActionAid International, told IPS Wednesday.

11.Jul.2006 Mexico: Obrador cries fraud with election videos: Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who narrowly lost Mexico's contested presidential election showed what he called video proof of fraud on Monday and refused to commit to accepting a final court ruling on the results.

11.Jul.2006 Gringo tactics don't help Mexico: The ongoing election dispute in Mexico has many similarities to what happened in Florida 00.000.2000.
Coincidence? Not when you consider that some of the people who helped George W. Bush prevail 00.000.2000 have been working in Mexico to help Felipe Calderon and his National Action Party (PAN) 00.000.2006.

11.Jul.2006 The cyber security spy ring: If the suspicions being expressed by Indian intelligence agents are true, the US may now be in possession of information on India’s war plans for the army, navy and air force.

11.Jul.2006 4 Minute Video: LA Police Brutality : Police using unnecessary force against anti-MinuteMan demonstrators

11.Jul.2006 US judge to rule on legality of warrantless wiretaps: A federal judge heard arguments in a suit arguing that US President George W. Bush overstepped his authority when he authorized the use of warrantless wiretaps on Americans.

11.Jul.2006 Vermont judge rejects U.S. Supreme Court search ruling: A Vermont District Court judge has rejected a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the power of police to search a private home, concluding that the state offers greater protections in such cases.

11.Jul.2006 Congressman's PACs spent lavishly on gifts, wife's firm: In the past two years, campaign and political action committees controlled by Rep. John Doolittle, R-Granite Bay, paid ever-larger commissions to his wife's one-person company and spent tens of thousands of dollars on gifts at Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany and Co. + a Ritz-Carlton day spa.
11.Jul.2006 Iran holds the key: Only the active involvement of Iraq's neighbour can now stop the country from toppling over into civil war.

11.Jul.2006 Justin Raimondo: Closing In on the Niger Uranium Hoax : Who lied us into war? The answer may be forthcoming

11.Jul.2006 Bill Gallagher: Joseph Wilson's Continuing Fight: Among his many other crimes, Bush deserves impeachment for that naked string of lies to the American people and his coverup of the leak scandal we now know he initiated. His co-conspirator was, of course, Dick Cheney.

11.Jul.2006 Former ambassador posts censored passages from memoir on website : Mr Murray has posted full texts of all passages the Foreign Office ordered deleted from the book version of Murder in Samarkand, the former Tashkent ambassador's account of alleged British complicity in torture by the despotic Uzbekistan regime.
11.Jul.2006 Aggression Under False Pretenses -By Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh
The current Gaza invasion is only the latest effort to destroy the results of fair and free elections held early this year. It is the explosive follow-up to a five-month campaign of economic and diplomatic warfare directed by the USA and Israel.

11.Jul.2006 Israeli Blood-sport in Gaza -By Mike Whitney
Another 50 civilians have been bumped-off in gangland-style hits authorized by the Knesset’s newest Mafia Don, Ehud Olmert. Olmert has put the carnage and destruction into high-gear eliciting criticism from his very own daughter who protested in front of her father’s home with signs that said, “Stop the Killing”

11.Jul.2006 Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Soldiers -By Cindy Sheehan
War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

11.Jul.2006 Militarism and the Corporate Welfare State -By Charles Sullivan
One need only examine the history of this nation to recognize the familiar patterns of conquest and oppression. The occupation of Iraq is the continuation of the policies that created the institution of slavery, following the genocide of the Indians. The military, far from being a defender of peace and freedom, has evolved into an extension of the corporate welfare state.

11.Jul.2006 Nationalize the US Defense Industry: Public Good Should Trump Private Greed -By John Stanton
“Converting the companies to publicly-controlled, nonprofit status would introduce a key change: it would reduce the entities’ impetus for aggressive lobbying and campaign contributions. Chartering the defense contractors at the federal level would in effect allow Congress to ban such activities outright, thereby controlling an industry that is now a driving force rather than a servant of foreign policy objectives."

11.Jul.2006 Diplomatic Deception: The Calm Before the Firestorm -by Chris Floyd
While the well-wadded poltroons at Time and the Times serve up Karl Rove's comfort food about a more "mature" and sensible Bush foreign policy, the world is actually drawing closer and closer to a even deeper level of darkness.

11.Jul.2006 What Changed on 9/11? A Radical, Extremist Cabal Decided to Use a Terrorist Attack for the Dismantling of Democracy -- A Must Read BuzzFlash Editorial
Bushopedia: This is one of the best glossaries of the Busheviks that we have come across. It is billed as "a comprehensive alphabetical guide to George W. Bush, the Bush administration, other aspects of the Far Right + related topics." In short, this 333-page book by Bill Potts is a clinical guide to the key players and concepts in the psychotic cult of Bushevism.
Declare John Murtha the Official Democratic Spokesperson on Iraq, Now. Enough of the Faux Dem, Republican Lite Duplicity. Our GIs and National Security are in Desperate Need of Denouncing the Lies of Bushevism that Endanger Us All: "Crackdown in Baghdad ineffective, U.S. general admits." 7/12
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

11.Jul.2006 The Impeachment Option. Why Consideraton of the Issue is Not Radical, But Rather Necessary. "As timely as today's headlines, this vital book explains why impeachment should be deployed against the serial Constitution-shredder George W. Bush." Okay, if you think impeachment is a radical concept, answer this question? Tell Us Ten Reasons Bush and Cheney Should Not be Impeached. Okay, We'll Settle for One.
Iraq says to ask U.N. to end US immunity. We Hope that Includes Cheney and Bush for War Crimes.
Call Chuck Schumer (202-224-6542) and Tell Him That He Either Announces he Will Support the Democratically Elected Winner of the Democratic Campaign for Senate in Conn. or You Won't Support the Senate Re-election Campaign Comittee (DSCC). "Lieberman files forms for independent run." Lieberman and the Dem. Senators are Supporting a Republican in Dem Clothing...They are All Betraying the Democratic Process. It's Just the Status Quo Capitol Hill Elite Buddy System At Work.

11.Jul.2006 BushCo, after a bludgeoning by the Supreme Court's decision on military tribunals, said Tuesday that "all detainees at Guantanamo Bay and in U.S. military custody everywhere are entitled to protections under the Geneva Conventions." PR stunt or will they finally follow to the law? More likely, the former. 7/12

11.Jul.2006 Republicans Have Preempted States Dozens of Times With Federal Laws. Who Needs State Sovereignty When You Have Washington? -- A BuzzFlash News Alert
Bush Spends Billions Creating More Terrorists in Iraq, But Tries to Cut Funding to Domestic Law Enforcement Programs That Actually Save Lives -- A BuzzFlash News Alert

11.Jul.2006 Believe it or not, this appalling fabricator actually poses as a Christian.
At the end of his disinfo masterwork, Farina had the audacity to ask: "And the French? They should reply to two little questions. What use did they make of the documents in the autumn of 2000 and in october 2002? And: aren’t they ashamed?"
As though France wanted this war! Sorry, Birchie -- it was your pals, Berlusconi and Bush, who made bloody use of that forgery. Aren't you ashamed?

11.Jul.2006 Farina appears to have lied not only to his readers, but to the court investigating the Abu Omar affair. In this country, we use the term "perjury" to describe that sort of thing; I don't know the Italian word for it.
So what lessons do we draw from this?

11.Jul.2006 The documents were obvious frauds, but the conspirators didn't care. They probably felt that after an easy win in Iraq, no-one would look into the origins of the conflict. After America won the Spanish-American war, only historians asked hard questions about what happened to the Maine .
We now know (thanks in part to
Laura Rozen and eriposte of the Left Coaster) that Renato Farina, the guy who wrote the "blame France" disinfo piece, was a SISMI agent all along, working under journalistic cover.

Although Libero is a small rag, Farina is nevertheless described as a Berlusconi "insider."

According to Renato Farina, a Berlusconi insider and deputy editor of the conservative daily Libero, the two leaders [ Bush and Berlusoni ] sometimes trade favorite passages from the Bible.

"Berlusconi is definitely a man of faith," Farina says. What's missing, however, is what Farina called "a sense of personal sin."

"I told him once that God will forgive many things for a single act of mercy + Berlusconi shot back: 'I don't need to be forgiven for anything. All I've ever done is work hard.'"

Good lord, does that arrogant crap sound like Berlusconi or what? eriposte has more:
Also discovered were receipts of payments made to a right-wing "reporter" Renato Farina (of the small Libero newspaper) allegedly to enlist Farina's "services" as a spy against Spataro and as a paid propagandist to propagate SISMI's denials on their involvement in the CIA rendition of Abu Omar. It appears SISMI head Nicolo Pollari himself was part of this latter scheme.

11.Jul.2006 Back to the Niger forgeries Remember the forged Niger "yellowcake" documents?

They're kind of important, since, y'know, they helped to ignite the war and all that.
00.Sep.2004 -just as people began to make serious inquiries into the origin of these fakes + just as the truth started to come out, a conservative Italian writer named Renato Farina (a director of the right-wing journal Libero ) published
a piece which claimed to finger the real culprit: France . And what about our Rocco Martino? He’s in America.

It was he who took the French the first authentic documents regarding Niger to the French 00.000.1999.

They got greedy.

00.000.2000 -In the autumn of- he bought on their commission the false ones. The right-wingers loved this claim -- in fact, the above translation comes from a Free Republic site.
11.Jul.2006 Have Bushonomics really helped the least among us, as O'Reilly would have us think?

The number of Americans in poverty has increased every year under W. The numbers of Americans in poverty decreased dramatically under Clinton. If Bill O'Reilly thinks otherwise, perhaps he should consult the expert opinion of the folks who run inner-city rescue missions.
11.Jul.2006 Right now, Bush is crowing about the reduced deficit ($296 billion, as opposed to $413 billion 00.000.2004), created by an increase in federal tax revenues.

The "reduced" deficit is, of course, still a horror. Nothing can change the fact that the last three Republican presidents ( especially W) have run up the worst debt in history.

Roughly one-fifth of your tax dollar (some have offered higher estimates) goes to pay for the interest on borrowed money -- and a lot of that money came from communist China and the Arabs.

Our national debt is now nearly 200% of the size of our entire Gross Domestic Product. (At the end of WWII, debt was around 4% of GDP.)
11.Jul.2006 Peers back extradition suspension Extradition arrangements with the US should be scrapped until America signs its side of the deal, say peers.
11.Jul.2006 US detainees to get Geneva rights The US military is to observe Geneva Convention standards for detainees worldwide - a major policy shift.
11.Jul.2006 Tax credit frauds 'total £540m' Organised fraudsters tried to steal £540m from the UK's tax credit system 00.000.2005/06, figures show.
11.Jul.2006 Fraud video claim in Mexico poll Mexican presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador shows what he says is video proof of election fraud.
11.Jul.2006 'Nuclear' book wins £10,000 prize A travelogue dealing in nuclear and political issues wins the £10,000 Wales Book of the Year prize.
11.Jul.2006 Anybody Got Duct Tape? When the tethers to the astronaut's high-tech safety jetpack loosen during a spacewalk, Piers Sellers asks Mission Control to figure out a "tape fix."
11.Jul.2006 The Impotence of Being Ethanol It might seem green to jump on the corn-powered bandwagon, but the trendy alternative fuel can cut efficiency by 20 % and cost more than regular gasoline. In Autopia.
11.Jul.2006 Report: Forget fueling cars on corn or soybeans Think of ethanol as biofuel 1.0. Genetically modified plants or synthetic fuels could be the alternatives that gain traction.
11.Jul.2006 Bacterial DVD Holds 50TB ScuttleMonkey 6 CAMags writes to tell us that

a Harvard Professor is claiming to have developed a new variant of a protein called bacteriorhodopsin (bR) that, when layered on a DVD, can store up to 50TB of data. From the article: "The light-activated protein is found in the membrane of a salt marsh microbe Halobacterium salinarum and is also known as bacteriorhodopsin (bR). It captures and stores sunlight to convert it to chemical energy. When light shines on bR, it is converted to a series of intermediate molecules each with a unique shape and color before returning to its 'ground state.'"
Patriot Act Bypasses Facebook Privacy ScuttleMonkey 242 Geoffreyerffoeg writes

"An article from the National Association of Colleges and Employers contains yet another horror story about a prospective hire's Facebook being checked — with a different twist. The interviewee had enabled privacy on his profile, '[b]ut, during the interview, something he was not prepared for happened. The interviewer began asking specific questions about the content on his listing and the situation became very awkward and uncomfortable. The son had thought only those he allowed to access his profile would be able to do so. But, the interviewer explained that as a state agency, recruiters accessed his Facebook account under the auspices of the Patriot Act.' How can a 'state agency' use the Patriot Act to subpoena a Facebook profile?"
How Washington Will Shape the Internet Zonk 169 WebHostingGuy writes

"As reported by MSNBC, 'The most potent force shaping the future of the Internet is neither Mountain View's Googleplex nor the Microsoft campus in Redmond. It's rather a small army of Gucci-shod lobbyists on Washington's K Street and the powerful legislators whose favor they curry.' The article examines several pieces of legislation and lobbying initiatives which are poised to affect you and your rights online. Topics covered include Net Neutrality, fiber to the home, the Universal Service Fund, codecs + WiFi bandwidth usage." From the article: "After years of benign neglect, the Federal government is finally involved in the Internet — big time. And the decisions being made over the next few months will impact not just the future of the Web, but that of mass media and consumer electronics as well. Yet it's safe to say that far more Americans have heard about flag burning than the laws that may soon reshape cyberspace."
Open Source In the National Interest Zonk 118 munchola writes

"A new report from the Department of Defense's Advanced Systems and Concepts Office recommends that the DoD move to adopt open source software and methodologies as well as open standards in order to make the most efficient use of internal resources. According to CBR, the report states that a move to 'Open Technology Development' is not only in the U.S. national interest, but in the interests of U.S. national security. OTD incorporates open source methodologies and open standards, but also takes into account the fact that the DoD has systems that it would rather keep secret."
Virus Trackers Find Malware With Google Zonk 90 Casper the Angry Ghost writes

"Malware hunters have figured out a way to use the freely available Google SOAP Search API, as well as WDSL, to find dangerous .exe files sitting on thousands of Web servers around the world. Queries can be written to examine the internals of web-accessible binaries, thus allowing the hunters to identify malicious code from across the internet." From the article: "We're finding literally thousands of sites with malicious code executables. From hacker forums, newsgroups to mailing list archives, they're all full of executables that Google is indexing. About 15 % of the results came back from legitimate Web sites hijacked by malicious hackers and seeded with executables."
Menschengerichtshof: Brechmitteleinsatz gegen Drogendealer unverhältnismäßig
11.Jul.2006 Kartellverfahren: EU verhängt hohes Bußgeld gegen Microsoft

11.Jul.2006 USA: Guantanamo- Häftlinge erhalten Schutz der Genfer Konventionen
11.Jul.2006 Hintergrund: Anschläge auf Züge in Bombay

11.Jul.2006 General Motors: Opel schließt Werk in Portugal

11.Jul.2006 Anschläge in Bombay und Srinagar: Terrorwelle gegen die indisch- pakistanische Freundschaft
11.Jul.2006 Interview mit Indien- Experten: "Vermutlich ein Bezug nach Kaschmir"

11.Jul.2006 Mecklenburg- Vorpommern: 12.500 Polizisten sollen Bush schützen
11.Jul.2006 Vermögen: Iren sind die reichsten Europäer

11.Jul.2006 Börsengänge: Europa hängt New York ab

11.Jul.2006 Evangelische Kirche: "Armut ist ein Skandal"
11.Jul.2006 Indien: Anschlagsserie auf Züge in Bombay - über 130 Tote
11.Jul.2006 Jugendliche und Alkohol: Kinder reicher Eltern saufen mehr
"Discovery": Raketenrucksack mit Klebeband geflickt
11.Jul.2006 EU- Barometer: Deutsche haben wenig Ahnung von Europa

11.Jul.2006 Konjunktur: DIW erhöht Wachstumsprognose
11.Jul.2006 Pink Floyd's Barrett dies aged 60 Syd Barrett, one of the original members of rock group Pink Floyd, has died from complications to his diabetes.
11.Jul.2006 Rumsfeld praises Afghan mission The US defence secretary says his country remains committed to Afghanistan, during an unannounced visit.
11.Jul.2006 Nach 22 Jahren: Papstsprecher Navarro- Valls darf gehen
11.Jul.2006 Zionisten- Ehrenpreis: Beckstein und der fünfte Stamm
Gletscher: Alpen könnten im Jahr 2100 eisfrei sein
11.Jul.2006 Deutschland- Besuch: Bush lobt Merkels Iran- Politik
11.Jul.2006 July 11, 2006 Think Progress 

The Pentagon has decided in a major policy shift that all detainees held in US military custody around the world are entitled to protections under the Geneva Conventions,” the Financial Times reports.

Bush’s expected announcement today heralding the shrinking budget deficit is full of deception . “This will be the third year in a row that the administration put forth relatively gloomy deficit forecasts early on, only to announce months later that things had turned out better than expected.”

A federal judge ruled yesterday that the controversial seizure of records from Rep. William Jefferson’s (D-LA) legislative offices was legal. Investigators told ABC News “an indictment is likely sometime this summer.”

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) called new guidelines from the Bush administration on hurricane protection “nothing more than another slap in the face of Louisiana .”

The Army is staying on track to meet its target of 80,000 new soldiers this year. Lowered standards have helped. The Army has eased restrictions on high school drop-outs, raised the maximum age from 35 to 42 + admitted large numbers of neo-Nazis and skinhead extremists.

Rising interest rates and persistently high gasoline prices will pinch consumer spending more than previously estimated, weakening the U.S. economy for the rest of the year.”

[I]inefficiencies and wasteful practices” plague the Pentagon. Projects are as much as 50 % over budget and up to four years late in delivery. American Progress’ Lawrence Korb, a former Pentagon assistant secretary: “It’s always been bad, but I’ve never seen it this bad.”

A new study shows that global warming could wither many premium vineyards in California and across the nation by the end of the century.

Members of the House International Relations Committee heard about President Bush’s proposed nuclear pact with Russia the same way average citizens did — in the pages of Saturday’s Washington Post. And panel members and staff, from both parties, aren’t very happy about it.”
11.Jul.2006 Debt Levels Worry Bondholders Debt issuance by U.S. firms has surged, but some bondholders complain about using debt to fund stock buybacks and dividends.
11.Jul.2006 MSNBC’s Star Carves Anti-Fox Niche An aggressive general in MSNBC's newest campaign against its larger competitors, Keith Olbermann jabs at on-air rivals while "Countdown's" audience grows.
11.Jul.2006 Police State Files: Videotaping Cops Gets You Arrested In NM Uncle Dave Must have been afraid of being caught doing something illegal themselves.
11.Jul.2006 China chemical plant risk warning Nearly half of China's chemical plants pose major pollution risks, the country's environmental agency says.
11.Jul.2006 Identity cards facing delay The timetable for introducing identity cards to the UK from 2008 "might change", the Home Office has admitted.
11.Jul.2006 Man's murder conviction quashed A man who has spent 17 years protesting his innocence has his murder conviction quashed.
11.Jul.2006 Oil furthers UK May trade deficit The UK sees its trade deficit in goods rise unexpectedly in May, with its oil deficit at its highest since January.
11.Jul.2006 Crazy-Long Hacker Sentence Upheld An appeals court upholds a nine-year prison term for a Michigan man who hacked the Lowe's chain of home improvement stores through their unsecured Wi-Fi network.
11.Jul.2006 What Kind of Genius Are You? A new theory suggests that creativity comes in two distinct types -- quick and dramatic, or careful and quiet. By Daniel H. Pink of Wired magazine.
11.Jul.2006 Photos: Revving up on fast food The Big Green Bus from Dartmouth College runs on vegetable oil from deep fat fryers.
11.Jul.2006 BitTorrent Becomes Ever More Legit Zonk 9 lily_bt writes

"BitTorrent just signed a deal with 4 entertainment distributors to add more than 1,600 titles to its video library. From 'SuperSize Me' to The Three Stooges to Bollywood films, BitTorrent wants to offer the most comprehensive service when it launches its pay service. The best part is that this content will be made available by subscription." From the article: "Once distrustful of peer-to-peer technologies, Hollywood studios appear more willing to partner with companies such as BitTorrent and video-sharing site, which last month partnered with Warner Bros. to distribute movie titles. BitTorrent, widely used to both legally and illegally swap copies of copyright movies, has been aiming to turn its technology into a tool used for legal services."
BPI Requests ISPs Suspend Suspected Filesharers timothy 139+ MartinJW writes

"The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) has written to two of the UKs larger ISPs, Tiscali and Cable & Wireless, asking them to suspend the accounts of 59 users they have identified as 'illegal file sharers.' The BPI says they have 'unequivocal evidence' of IP addresses that were used to upload 'significant quantities' of music. Although the IP addresses were used to identify the ISPs involved, the providers are the only people able to identify the exact individuals responsible. This marks a significant change in the BPI's tactics; previously they have targeted individuals but it seems that they are now taking it one step further and requesting the ISPs take decisive action to uphold the terms in their own 'acceptable use policies.'"
Phishers Defeat Citibank's 2-Factor Authentication timothy 116

"Crypto experts and U.S. Government regulations (FFIEC) have been pushing the need for financial Web sites to move beyond mere passwords and implement so-called "two-factor authentication" — the second factor being something the user has in their physical possession like a token — as the answer to protecting customers from phishing attacks that use phony e-mails and bogus Web sites to trick users into forking over their personal and financial data. According to a Washington Post Blog, 'SecurityFix,' phishers have now started phishing for the two-factor token ID from the user as well. The most interesting part is that these tokens only give you one minute to log in to the bank until that key will expire. The phishers employ a man-in-the-middle attack against the victim and Citibank to log in via php and conduct money transfers immediately when logged in." (An update to the blog entry notes that the phishing site mentioned has since been shut down.)
Guantanamo Bay detainees face 'systematic' abuse: : Prisoners at the US detention center at Guantanamo Bay have been subjected to "systematic physical, psychological, sexual, medical and religious abuse," according to a report released Monday by the Center for Constitutional Rights

11.Jul.2006 Records Show Pentagon Silence Led to Prisoner Abuses: New documents show senior Defense officials ignored the request by military commanders to clarify interrogation methods.

11.Jul.2006 CCR Report In Full: Report Details Recent Torture and Inhumane Treatment in Violation of U.S. Law and the Supreme Court’s Recent Hamdan Decision;

11.Jul.2006 Dissident CIA faction 'exposed': A HIGH-ranking Republican congressman has exposed what he sees as a dissident faction within the CIA that he says "intentionally undermined" the policies of US President George W Bush.

11.Jul.2006 Hoekstra Says White House ‘Outside the Law': The White House possibly broke the law by keeping intelligence activities a secret from the lawmakers responsible for overseeing them, the House Intelligence Committee chairman said yesterday.

11.Jul.2006 Bush may have broken law over intelligence : The White House kept intelligence activities secret from the lawmakers responsible for overseeing them until whistleblowers revealed the programmes, the house intelligence committee chairman said yesterday.

11.Jul.2006 MI5 has secret dossiers on one in 160 adults: The Government was accused last night of hoarding information about people who pose no danger to this country, after it emerged that MI5 holds secret files on 272,000 individuals - a staggering one in 160 adults.

11.Jul.2006 Saving face over ID : What do you get when you combine an ambitious IT scheme run by the government and a plan that threatens to ride roughshod over civil liberties? The answer is an unholy mess.

11.Jul.2006 Man Arrested For Protesting Against War In Iraq: Victor Kittila, 55, of Eastpointe was standing near the road in Ferndale last week holding a sign that read "Honk if you want Bush Out," according to the Daily Tribune. Kittila lost the sign after police confiscated it and placed him under arrest.
11.Jul.2006 Japan Considers Strike Against N. Korea: Japan said Monday it was considering whether a pre-emptive strike on the North's missile bases would violate its constitution, signaling a hardening stance ahead of a possible U.N. Security Council vote on Tokyo's proposal for sanctions against the regime.

11.Jul.2006 N Korea ready for 'all-out war': NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong-Il has vowed not to make "even a tiny concession" to the USA and said Pyongyang was braced for "all-out war" after its missile tests, state television has warned.

11.Jul.2006 U.N. Postpones Vote On North Korea Sanctions: Ambassador Wang Guangya told reporters after a meeting with envoys from Russia, the USA, Britain, France and Japan that the resolution would have to be altered for the council to approve it.

11.Jul.2006 India's Test Of Nuclear-Capable Missile Fails: I India's first test-firing of a new missile designed to carry nuclear warheads across much of Asia and the Middle East was unsuccessful, the defense minister said. Although initially reported as a success by officials, the Agni III missile plunged into the Bay of Bengal short of its target

11.Jul.2006 K Gajendra Singh: The Mother Of All Battles: For Oil: For the first time in its history, Latin America , sharply split between a tiny rich white elite and huge poverty, is moving towards a degree of independence and also a degree of integration. So the USA is terrified.

11.Jul.2006 Mexico's leftist candidate presents evidence of fraud: The evidence to be presented to the Federal Election Tribunal includes alleged proof of computer manipulation of results +

that votes weren't counted, his party says.

11.Jul.2006 Ortega Reaches 30% in Nicaraguan Race: Voter support for former head of state Daniel Ortega increased last month in Nicaragua, according to a poll by Borge y Asociados. 30.1 % of respondents would back the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) member in this year’s presidential election
11.Jul.2006 The Wahbas' last meal : : It's a direct hit by the second missile fired by the excellent Israel Air Force pilot + it comes right into the dining room through the ceiling. Fatma, three months pregnant, is killed on the spot by the shrapnel that hits her spine. Her brother, Dr. Ahmed, is also killed. His daughter-in-law miscarries her child, the little girl Farah is moderately injured and the baby of the family, Khaled, is critically injured in the head. A puddle of blood collects on the floor.

11.Jul.2006 UN warns of Gazans' struggle to survive: He said in the north of Gaza Israeli forces had shot and destroyed rooftop water tanks and mains, while in the south more than 1,000 people had been forced to leave their homes. Rafah had no electricity because the army would not allow the UN to fix a minor fault, while the rest of Gaza had electricity for six hours a day.

11.Jul.2006 Israel bars Palestinian Americans for first time since 1967 : For the first time since 1967, Israel is preventing the entry of Palestinians with foreign citizenship, most of them Americans.

11.Jul.2006 After 30 years, wife loses right to enter Israel : There was no reason to suspect anything but an error. After all, throughout their 30 years together this was the drill: Every three months, a day or two before the Israeli tourist visa in her American passport was set to expire, she would go away for a few days - to Jordan, sometimes Cyprus or Egypt, then return with a new visa for another three months.

11.Jul.2006 'Apartheid Israel' worse than apartheid SA : The "apartheid Israel state" is worse than the apartheid that was conducted in South Africa, Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) president Willie Madisha said on Monday. He said Palestinians were being attacked with heavy machinery and tanks used in war, which had never happened in South Africa.

11.Jul.2006 Olmert on Iran: ‘I Rely on Bush’ : “I am confident that the international community, headed by President Bush, will take the required, effective measures to stop the threat of enriching uranium, posed by Iran.”

11.Jul.2006 Iran won't give final nuclear response Tuesday: Iran previously said it would not give a final response on Tuesday but, by repeating the comment a day before the meeting, the official undermined any prospects of a breakthrough.

11.Jul.2006 Tehran insider tells of US black ops: There has been a marked spike in unrest in Kurdistan, Khuzestan and Balochistan, three of Iran's provinces with a high concentration of ethnic Kurdish, Arab and Balochi minorities respectively.

11.Jul.2006 US to dangle nuclear energy deal in exchange for Russia's help on Iran : The USA said Saturday it is beginning negotiations with Russia on a potentially lucrative nuclear energy accord, but made clear any deal would be conditional on Moscow's full cooperation in US attempts to block Iranian nuclear ambitions.

11.Jul.2006 Chechen rebel leader Basayev killed: Shamil Basayev, the Chechen rebel leader who became the most wanted man in Russia, has been killed by the Russian security services.
Web   Ergebnisse 1 - 100 von ungefähr 18.600 für * children killed by * forces . ( 0,97 Sekunden) 
4 Children Killed By Israeli Occupation Forces: One Palestinian was killed in another IDF attack in the Karni crossing and several others wounded.
11.Jul.2006 Are Americans getting an accurate picture of what’s going on in Iraq?: : It’s a lot worse over here [in Iraq] than is reported. The administration does a great job of managing the news.
11.Jul.2006 Documents prove alleged Iraqi rape-murder victim was 14, not 20 as the military says : Documents obtained by Reuters on Sunday showed the rape victim was a minor aged just 14 + not over 20 as U.S. officials say. Abeer’s sister Hadeel was just six when she died of “several gunshot wounds”.

11.Jul.2006 Chris Floyd: Home Free: American Power in Mahmudiyah : Let this be a lesson to all the cannon fodder out there: don't get above your raising, don't emulate your betters. Law is for the lowly, not the great and good.

11.Jul.2006 American soldiers, keeping the streets of Iraq safe : Well, well, well. The Ministry of Truth has now scrubbed out Green's photo. If you access the cached version of the article you can still see it.

11.Jul.2006 Iraq to ask UN to end U.S. immunity after rape case: Iraq will ask the United Nations to end immunity from local law for U.S. troops, the human rights minister said on Monday, as the military named five soldiers charged in a rape-murder case that has outraged Iraqis.
11.Jul.2006 Democracy, Mexican Style -By Stephen Lendman
It was learned that Felipe Calderon's brother-in-law Diego Hildebrando Zavala wrote the vote-counting software + it's already been hacked. This new discovery is especially disturbing as whoever controls the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) computer systems can manipulate the vote process, control which votes get counted, which ones don't + what the final vote tally will be.

11.Jul.2006 Whack North Korea, Before It Can Protect Itself? -By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS
The US is the new Rome--there is no legitimate power but us. Any other power is a potential threat to our interests and must be eliminated before it gets any independent ideas. The US, however, is far more dangerous than Rome. Rome saw its world as the Mediterranean and, for a while, Northern Europe, but the US thinks the whole world is its oyster.

11.Jul.2006 Bush’s Scatterbrain “Reconciliation” Plan -By Mike Whitney
Bush is dreaming if he thinks that he can patch things together by throwing a bone to the resistance. What good does amnesty do when the country is in rubble and an American stooge is running the government from the Green Zone? This just forces the resistance to stiffen their resolve and continue the struggle. There's really no other option.

11.Jul.2006 Pellots from 3,000-year-old Yin Ruins might be missiles  A large number of pottery pellets have been discovered in the famous Yin Ruins in central China + now an archaeologist said they might have been used as catapult missiles more 3,000 years ago.
11.Jul.2006 Closing In on the Niger Uranium Hoax  Who lied us into war? The answer may be forthcoming...
11.Jul.2006 Putin Weighs In on Robots and Sex  And Cthulhu. Really.
11.Jul.2006 New letters reveal mysteries of Einstein's love life  Albert Einstein had half a dozen girlfriends and told his wife they showered him with "unwanted" affection, according to letters released on Monday that shed light on his extra-marital affairs.
11.Jul.2006 ''Witch of Pungo'' receives governor's pardon after 300 years  So, after 300 years, she isn't a witch.
So says Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, who today pardoned Grace Sherwood, known as the "Witch of Pungo," three centuries to the day she was convicted of witchcraft.

11.Jul.2006 Bring me the head of "Kenny Boy" Lay: Another convenient death invites new investigations of Enron-Bush crimes  Kenneth Lay, world-class Enron criminal, long-time Bush family friend and crime ally, was pronounced dead on

05.Jul.2006 allegedly of a heart-related condition.
Lay's name can now be added to the list of dubious Enron-related deaths, which include the alleged 2002 shotgun suicide of Enron Vice Chairman Clifford Baxter.

11.Jul.2006 Huashan Mysterious Grottos  The Largest Man-Made Cavern in Ancient China .
11.Jul.2006 Scientists consider benefits of yoga for cancer patients  Last month, the National Institutes of Health awarded University of Texas researchers some $2.4 million to investigate whether Tibetan yoga has a positive impact on women undergoing treatment for breast cancer. It's the largest award ever given to study the effects of yoga.
11.Jul.2006 Ancient suicide note unearthed  An ancient Egyptian poem is being hailed as the oldest description of feeling suicidal.

Trotzdem unterstützen namhafte Wissenschaftler, darunter der Präsident der amerikanischen National Academy of Sciences, Ralph J. Cicerone, den provokativen Vorstoß des Nobelpreisträgers. Zu den Befürwortern gehört auch Hans von Storch, Klimatologe an der Universität Hamburg und am GKSS-Forschungszentrum in Geesthacht: "Crutzen ist ja nun wirklich kein Dummkopf. Man sollte über seinen Vorschlag wenigstens nachdenken."

Den Provokateur selbst erstaunt der Aufruhr, den er ausgelöst hat, wenig: "Ich weiß, dass ich ein Tabu gebrochen habe. Natürlich wird das ein hässliches Experiment", sagt er. Trotzdem seien die Schadstoffinjektionen in die Atmosphäre, verglichen mit dem Schmelzen des Polareises und dem Vordringen der Meere, womöglich das kleinere Übel.

Stefan Brönnimann, Klimatologe an der Eidgenössischen Technischen Hochschule in Zürich, bezweifelt, dass die Methode überhaupt zur Abkühlung des Planeten taugen würde: "Es würde nicht überall kühler. In Nordosteuropa etwa würde ich eher eine Erwärmung erwarten."

Auch Stefan Rahmstorf vom Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung ist skeptisch: "Man müsste über viele Generationen hinweg mit den Schwefelinjektionen fortfahren, sonst käme es zu einer plötzlichen, massiven Erderwärmung." Außerdem führe das Treibhausgas CO2 auch zur Versauerung der Meere - und dieses Problem löse Crutzens Vorschlag nicht.
Auch Crutzens Vorschlag ist vorläufig nicht viel mehr als Science-Fiction - und doch hat er heftigen Streit unter den Klimaforschern entzündet. Zu den schärfsten Kritikern gehört Lennart Bengtsson vom Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie in Hamburg: "Der Plan ist beängstigend, weil er unerwartete Folgen haben kann." Wer könne schon alle Wechselwirkungen des Schwefeldioxids mit anderen Substanzen in der Atmosphäre vorhersehen?

Die Lösung, die Crutzen einfiel, war denkbar einfach: In Bodennähe verweilen Schwefelteilchen nur rund eine Woche, in der Stratosphäre aber überdauern sie ein bis zwei Jahre. In 50 Kilometer Höhe ist der Kühleffekt des Gases deshalb ungleich größer. Eine Million Tonnen Schwefel pro Jahr - etwa ein Prozent der heute am Boden ausgestoßenen Menge - würde die Welttemperatur bereits merklich senken.

Die Kosten für diese Radikalkur schätzt Crutzen auf jährlich 25 bis 50 Milliarden Dollar. Mit weniger drastischen Mitteln sei die Erderwärmung kaum noch aufzuhalten, befürchtet er. "Natürlich ist die Reduktion der Kohlendioxidemissionen das primäre Ziel. Aber ich habe große Zweifel, ob die Politik das je schaffen wird."

Experten schätzen, dass der weltweite Ausstoß des Treibhausgases CO2 um 60 bis 80 Prozent gesenkt werden müsste, um die Erderwärmung zu stoppen. Doch die Instrumente des Klimaschutzes versagen kläglich: Selbst die bescheidene Reduktion der CO2-Emissionen, die das Kyoto-Protokoll vorsieht, ist in unerreichbare Ferne gerückt. Die Emissionen steigen ungebremst - und mit ihnen die Temperatur.

Bei diesen Aussichten kommen auch gestandene Wissenschaftler auf skurrile Ideen. So manches zogen sie in Betracht, um Sonnenlicht von der Erde fernzuhalten: Spiegel im Weltraum, reflektierende Folien in den Wüsten oder auch weiße Plastikscheiben, die auf dem Meer schwimmen.

So zeigen die interaktiven Karten des "Wegweisers Demografie" der Bertelsmann- Stiftung, welche Städte sich bis 2020 auf Schrumpfung einstellen müssen. Nicht nur Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven oder Coburg tauchen da rot gefärbt mit der Prognose "stark abnehmend" auf. Vielerorts deutet der Trend in Mitteleuropa auf Mikro- statt Metacity.

So sagt der 15-Jahres-Ausblick auch Wuppertal, Duisburg und Gelsenkirchen einen Rückgang voraus. Alle drei zählen mit dem Ballungsgebiet Rhein-Ruhr noch zur einzigen deutschen Megacity. Weltweit übertreffen nur gut 20 urbane Zentren die zwölf Millionen Menschen an Rhein und Ruhr - noch.

Europa und Japan stehen einem Bevölkerungsproblem gegenüber, das beispiellos in der Geschichte der Menschheit ist: Bevölkerungsrückgang bei gleichzeitig steigendem Alten-Anteil", sagte Bill Rutz, Präsident des Think Tanks Population Reference Bureau in Washington.

"Diese Daten müssen wir mit Ernst akzeptieren", sagte der japanische Premierminister Junichiro Koizumi, als bekannt wurde, dass Nippons Gesamtbevölkerung 2005 zum ersten Mal überhaupt geschrumpft war. Japans Bevölkerung ist heute die älteste der Welt, gefolgt von Italien.

Während die Mehrheit der Weltbevölkerung künftig in Städten wachsen wird, schrumpfen zwei Inseln des Wohlstands - Japan und Europa. Nach Uno-Schätzungen wird die Bevölkerung Europas von derzeit rund 730 Millionen Menschen um rund 75 Millionen schrumpfen - mehr als ein Zehntel.
"Wir sitzen auf einer sozialen Zeitbombe", warnt Habitat in dem Bericht und geht hart mit der bisherigen Entwicklungs- und Siedlungspolitik ins Gericht. "Nur wenige Maßnahmen hatten wirtschaftliche oder soziale Auswirkungen auf die arme städtische Bevölkerungen."

Seit den sechziger Jahren hat sich die Zahl der Slumbewohner weltweit mehr als verdreifacht. Eine Milliarde Menschen leben schon heute in den Elendsvierteln rund um die Millionenstädte der Schwellen- und Entwicklungsländer. Nach Schätzungen von Habitat landen jedes Jahr 27 Millionen Menschen neu in den Slums der Großstädte.

Jährlich 27 Millionen Slum-Bewohner mehr
Die Slums am Rand der armen Riesenstädte werden künftig jede Dynamik in den reichen Ländern überflügeln, so das Szenario von Habitat.

Mit 95 Prozent verteile sich der Großteil des globalen Bevölkerungswachstums in den nächsten zwei Jahrzehnten auf die Städte der Schwellenländer. Auf vier Milliarden Menschen werde sich bis 2030 die Stadtbevölkerung in den Schwellen- und Entwicklungsländern verdoppeln. Gerade die seien am wenigsten auf die rasche Urbanisierung vorbereitet, warnt Habitat.

Im Jahr 2007 werden nun - zum ersten Mal in der Geschichte - mehr Menschen in Städten leben als auf dem Land, wie die Uno-Unterorganisation Habitat errechnet hat.

"Die Globalisierung macht aus dem 21. Jahrhundert ein Jahrhundert der Städte", sagte Habitat-Exekutivdirektorin Anna Tibaijuka. In dem frisch veröffentlichten Bericht "State of the Worlds Cities 2006/7" liefern Statistiker und Bevölkerungsforscher von Habitat Fakten für dieses Szenario.

Überraschend dabei: Landflucht und Verstädterung, die umwelt- wie entwicklungspolitisch lange als Wurzel allen Übels galten, werden nun wertfrei als unabwendbar hingenommen. Niemand spricht mehr davon, die Entwicklung zu stoppen oder gar umzukehren. Die Hochrechnungen von Habitat sprechen für sich: Bis zum Jahr 2050 werden schon über zwei Drittel der Menschheit - sechs Milliarden Erdbewohner - in Städten leben.

Bombays Slums haben mehr Bewohner als Norwegen

Erstmals in der Geschichte wird 2007 jeder zweite Mensch in einer Stadt leben - und mehr als ein Drittel in Slums. Während aber die gigantischen Siedlungen in den armen Ländern immer rasanter wuchern, leert sich Europa.

Forscher der Vereinten Nationen mussten einen neuen Begriff erfinden, um der Zukunft gerecht zu werden: Über-Stadt, englisch "Metacity", lautet das neue Schlagwort für den häuslichen Trend der Menschheit. In den siebziger Jahren hatte die Uno den Begriff Megacity eingeführt. Zunächst stand er für Städte mit mehr als fünf, dann mehr als acht, heute über zehn Millionen Einwohnern. Als Metacity zählen indessen Städte mit mehr als 20 Millionen Einwohnern - das sind mehr als die Einwohner Dänemarks, Norwegens und Schwedens zusammen.
Klima: Schwefel- Bomben sollen Erde abkühlen

Moskitos Stechmücken summen synchron
Mit dem Summen ihres Flügelschlags können Moskitos Menschen schier in den Wahnsinn treiben. Untereinander dient der Ton den Tieren zur Kommunikation. Bahnt sich eine Paarung an, summen zwei Tiere gar im Duett.

Wenig ist in warmen Sommernächten so enervierend wie das hohe, leicht variierende Geräusch summender Stechmücken. Eine einzige im Raum kann Stunden wertvollen Nachtschlafs rauben - gleichermaßen wegen der Angst vor einem juckenden Stich und durch den Ton selbst. Jetzt fanden Forscher heraus: Hinter einem Summen können sich gleich zwei Stechmücken verstecken.


Der britische Uno-Gesandte Emyr Jones Parry wies die chinesische Vorlage umgehend als unzureichend zurück. Der russische Botschafter Witali Tschurkin sagte dagegen, der Vorstoß sei "die richtige Antwort auf die aktuelle Lage". China und Russland lehnen alle Sanktionen gegen Nordkorea ab.

Der US-Sonderbeauftragte Christopher Hill wurde überraschend zu neuen Beratungen nach China entsandt. US-Außenministerin Condoleezza Rice habe ihn um weitere Diskussionen vor Ort gebeten. Er soll am frühen Nachmittag in Peking eintreffen. Wenige Stunden zuvor hatte der Uno-Sicherheitsrat seine Abstimmung über die Folgen der nordkoreanischen Raketentests verschoben. Rice sagte, die USA hätten sich mit einem Vorschlag Japans einverstanden erklärt, zunächst den Ausgang einer chinesischen Delegationsreise nach Nordkorea abzuwarten. Die chinesische Initiative habe "gewisse Erfolgaussichten", betonte Rice. Die Delegation aus Peking war zuvor am Montag in Pjöngjang eingetroffen. ler/AFP
Moskitos: Stechmücken summen synchron
11.Jul.2006 Berlin: Polnischer Botschafter kritisiert seine neue Regierung
Handytarife: Das Ende überteuerter Auslandsgespräche

11.Jul.2006 Tödliche Unfälle: EU warnt vor Mini- Motorrädern
11.Jul.2006 Stammzell- Forschung: Mäuse mit Ersatz- Sperma gezeugt
Europäische Wirtschaft: Furcht vor US- Wirtschaftsspionage
11.Jul.2006 Satellitenbilder: Nordkorea bereitet neue Raketentests vor
11.Jul.2006 Bevölkerung: Riesen- Städte wuchern rasant
Web Page Updated The 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing technorati tags:Oklahoma_City, Bombing, Revision, Bomb, Padilla, Murrah_Building
11.Jul.2006 Looks like Al-Cia-dah or Zionist Propaganda
10.Jul.2006 The Mujahideen Shura Council in Iraq issued today, a 4:39 minute video that shows the mutilated corpses of the two American soldiers the group stated to have captured on


The extremely graphic footage is preceded by an audio clip of a past Usama bin Laden speech + an audio track from Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is heard over the scenes in which the Mujahideen display + prod the corpses.

The Jawa Report: Beheading Desecration Video of Dead U.S. Soldiers Released on Internet by al Qaeda (Video/Images)

technorati tags:OBL, Osama, bin_Laden, deception
11.Jul.2006 JURIST - Paper Chase: BREAKING NEWS ~ Federal judge rules FBI raid on congressional office legal
Blogger Thoughts: The Opinion issued seems to completely avoid addressing the
Congressional Brief filed.
JURIST - Paper Chase: BREAKING NEWS ~ Federal judge rules FBI raid on congressional office legal

11.Jul.2006 Embracing Hamdan
Bainbridge continues to ignore the most fundamental issue with Hamdan + the Guantanimo environment that it addresses:

It is only with due process that anyone can begin to fairly establish who are and who aren't the so-called "Islamofascist terrorists".
The evidence is overwhelming that some of those at Gitmo are guilty of nothing, turned in by those wanting the bounty to be had. The treatment that has been enforced qualifies as the most barbaric and unjustifiable, short of summary execution. Evidently those who committed suicide a few months ago preferred death.
Bainbridge and everyone else who chooses to ignore the practical and theoretical implications of the atrocities that they seem to support is either a monster of indeterminate proportions, or they are so deluded by the propaganda of the "Terrorists myths" that their powers of reason have ceased to function.
Embracing Hamdan By Steve Bainbridge Dave Hoffman posts:

It is sometimes said of today’s progressives that our agenda is a defensive crouch. More energy is spent rehashing defending old decisions than imagining new victories. ... today's law students, of a certain mind, have few modern decisions that resonate like liberalism's now fifty-year-old great triumph in Brown v. Board. ... Thus, a colleague at Temple suggests to me an interesting question: is it right to think of Hamdan as this generation's Brown ?

It's an interesting commentary on the academic left, which would equate a decision on the purported rights of foreign Islamofascist terrorists with an opinion that tried to undo the legacy of slavery and centuries of racial prejudice and discrimination against a class of American citizens. It's also another example of how some - and I emphasize some - folks on the academic left can come off sounding as though they're neutral, at best, on the war on terror. (To be sure, Hoffman tries to characterize Hamdan as an opinion about executive power, but that's like calling Brown a case about the powers of school boards.)
Tired of Spin in the No Spin Zone? Wanting some Hardball but tired of a host that tosses NERF balls?

This blog takes no prisoners and offers no quarter on issues of your security in today's dangerous world.

We don't care if you agree or disagree with us.

We only care that you think about what we write.
Michael Scheuer's Glass House By Larry Johnson

Former CIA analyst, Michael Scheuer hit the hypocrisy trail last week with his attack op-ed on the credibility of Richard Clarke + the FBI.

According to Scheuer:

Media teasers about the mini-series have said that Mr. Clarke -- the former "terrorism czar" -- and a senior FBI officer, the late John O'Neill, will be the heroes of the saga.

If true + if ABC's fact-checkers are not diligent in verifying Mr. Clarke's stories + claims, the mini-series will be the 11.Sep.2001 commission's dream come true:

The Bush administration will be blamed for 11.Sep.2001,

the feckless moral cowardice of the Clinton administration will be disguised +

Mr. Clarke + Mr. O'Neill - in my view, two principal authors of 11.Sep.2001 - will be beatified.
11.Jul.2006 It could be said that Mike Scheuer + John O’ Neill were viewed as the faces of the CIA + FBI in their respective agency’s efforts against bin Laden and al Qaeda terrorists.

Of course, so many others in each organization contributed much to the fight and arguably played equal or more significant roles.

Mr. Scheuer’s quote in his article,

Mr. O'Neill was interested only in furthering his career and disguising the rank incompetence of senior FBI leaders”, is not only an inaccurate assessment; it is, petty and juvenile.

Mr. Scheuer’s jealousy of John O’Neill is apparent and reprehensible.

It further demonstrates that Mike viewed counterterrorism efforts as a contest rather than a coordinated cooperative effort.
Mr. Scheuer further states in his article, “Mr. Clarke's claim that ‘the CIA had taken months to tell the FBI’ several hijackers were in America is a lie.

FBI officers sat in the unit I first commanded and then served in and they read the same information I did.

If the data did not get to FBI headquarters it is because the FBI then lacked + still lacks, a useable computer system.”

Mr. Scheuer is accurate in his criticism of the FBI computer system;

however he is disingenuous in using that as the reason for the FBI not obtaining the information referred to in a timely fashion.
00.Jan.2000 -by- Mr. Scheuer had been relieved of command of the bin Laden Unit. According to unclassified documents,

00.Jan.2000 -early in- the CIA was aware that Khalid al-Mihdhar, one of the future 11.Sep.2001 hijackers, was an al Qaeda operative;

met with other operatives in Malaysia; and

had a multiple entry US visa.

00.Mar.2000 -by- they were also aware that Nawaf al-Hazmi, another future hijacker was at the same meeting + was in the US.

However, as stated above, Mr. Scheuer’s legacy lived on with his closest analytical subordinates who continued Mr. Scheuer’s practice of non cooperation with the FBI.

When an FBI Agent assigned to the Unit, learned of the meeting in Malaysia + that one of the participants held a multiple entry US visa, he drafted a communication from the CIA to the FBI.

This communication was not released, being withheld by one of Mr. Scheuer’s former subordinates; the Deputy Chief of the bin Laden Unit.

00.Jun.2006 -During- the US Department of Justice released a report from the Office of the Inspector General which stated in part, “In sum, the evidence shows that

00.Jan.2000 + 00.Mar.2000 the CIA uncovered important intelligence information about Mihdhar and Hazmi…..Yet, we found that the CIA did not share significant pieces of this information with the FBI….”

Further, “An FBI detailee at the CIA drafted a CIR (Central Intelligence Report) to share with the FBI, but the information was not released by the CIA to the FBI.”
We Need Reform of our Fed. Govt.. The Admin Branch and the Judicial Branch should be combined. Oh, wait: looks like that's already happening.
Judge: FBI raid on lawmaker's office legal

11.Jul.2006 In Hicks's case it's not the law that is the ass Bloglines user bill.giltner has sent this item to you.

In Hicks's case it's not the law that is the ass Richard Ackland
07.Jul.2006 -A WEEK ago the US Supreme Court determinedly upset much of the legal armoury with which George Bush and, by implication, John Howard have fought the war on terrorism. The Hamdan decision went much further than just striking down the bogus "trial" procedure that the Bush people had concocted to get alleged terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay convicted. The military commission process was illegal because it was not authorised by Congress and it offended the Geneva Conventions, which are judicially enforceable instruments.
But if Geneva Conventions and congressional approval are required for Guantanamo trials, what about the whole slew of "legal" devices that the Bush White House has manufactured for the war on terrorism? This includes warrantless eavesdropping, indefinite detention, interrogation techniques, torture, rendition and CIA black sites.
All these bits of apparatus in the war were conjured by Bush and offend the same principles that the court identified in the Hamdan case. The court's findings run much deeper than Bush and Howard might care to admit. It is the most important decision affecting presidential power since US v Nixon (hand over the tapes).
Back here the news was greeted by Howard with a bit of shuffling of the feet and something about receiving the wrong legal advice. Further, he wasn't much interested in this "bloke" Hicks coming back to Australia without facing "some trial in America" because we can't try him here. "Hicks should be brought to trial as soon as possible," he said.
How many years has that refrain been tapped out by this bloodless little coot? And yet the trial is as far away as ever because Congress is unlikely to grope its way to an agreed process any time quickly.
The true position of the US and Australian governments is that they are not so much interested in trials for the detainees as convictions. Even if the Guantanamo prisoners are innocent, the political imperative is that they should not be released because to do so would be an admission that the war on terrorism has been misconceived, or that it is not as terrifying as it's supposed to be.
Doing the Wrong Thing in Afghanistan: Depleted Uranium: The Definitive Moral Paradox Contributed by: mjclarke
It is Canada Day evening + I can barely hear the whistles, booms and bangs of the fireworks.

It sounds a bit like distant bombs exploding, reminding me of the incredible moral paradox our federal government’s aggressive military role in Afghanistan has created for all Canadians.
Our government, military, newspapers, television and radio media are efficiently dispersing the official sound bytes: “our troops in Afghanistan have the moral authority”;

Canada is doing the right thing”; “it’s a noble mission”; and, “we are just spreading freedom and democracy”.
But, they are not telling us that there is something else we are spreading around Afghanistan that any truly moral person would instinctively consider immoral and evil.

It is something very real, but some governments refuse to recognize it even exists.

Despite their duplicity, it certainly brings to the table a supreme criminal culpability that historians may someday benchmark as the definitive moral paradox

marking the failure of Western democracies to resist the rise of global corporate fascism.
Can you say: "Mountain out of a Mole Hill"? The American Thinker about BLT's (I mean WMD's) technorati tags:wmd, iraq, desperation, nonsense
11.Jul.2006 A Hundred Firecrackers 9/11 Blogger - Blogging 9/11 Related Alternative News All comments are welcome! but please avoid hate speech and profanity + use references when possible.
A Hundred Firecrackers By George Washington Original is here.
There were numerous eyewitness reports of loud explosions right before the collapse of each of the Twin Towers.
Defenders of the official story argue that the explosions were actually floors "pancaking" on top of each other.
However, such a theory doesn't explain the reports from credible witnesses of a series of rapid-fire sounds like "gunshots" or "firecrackers". For example:
A witness interviewed on television stated "it sounded like gunfire . . . . bang bang bang bang bang . . . and then three big explosions"
And a paramedic said
"at first I thought it was -- do you ever see professional demolition where they set the charges on certain floors and then you hear pop pop pop pop pop -- thats exactly what I thought it was" (page 9)
Now, the guys who made the video Loose Change have found another witness. Specifically, the brand new trailer for the final cut of the video Loose Change includes a news interview with a witness who heard the following, right before the collapse of one of the towers:

"It sounded as if you had a hundred of those . . . firecrackers and you lit them all off at once . . . it sounded like the finale of the Fourth of July over the East River"
(at 15:21)
How can pancaking floors sound like hundreds of firecrackers during the grand finale at a major fireworks show?
On the other hand, wouldn't hundreds of cutter charges going off at once make exactly that sound? "

11.Jul.2006 And now back to Oklahoma City and all those years and events since... In oklahoma city bombing

Let us assume things being reported now about the 1995 OKC atrocity are even half true. After that, wouldn't you be inclined to become a bit of a "9/11 skeptic" as well?

Wouldn't you want to demand that those events too be adequately investigated?
A second aide to Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) Amanda 

has been subpoenaed in the Jack Abramoff investigation. Court documents have described Ney “as having received gifts, trips and other things of valuefrom the fallen lobbyist.
10.Jul.2006 July 10, 2006 Think Progress 

Will Ann Coulter be dropped from The Shreveport Times? The paper says it’s been “buried alive under an avalanche” of emails over the question, but has “yet to make a decision.” Write the editor with your thoughts.

The National Review’s John Derbyshire explains why he’s uneasy about immigration: “ The U.S.A. was born with two race problems : the African Americans and the Native Americans. … Would it be wise to import a new one? Mass immigration from (say) Indonesia or (say) Bangladesh would add a huge visibly identifiable minority to our nation.”

In his book, Ron Suskind writes that President Bush authorized CIA interrogators to threaten the wife and children of Khalid Sheik Muhammed if he did not talk. Andrew Sullivan laments how the President of the USAbecame the moral equivalent of a mafia boss.”

Mark Nickolas of The Bluegrass Report has filed suit against Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R). Gov. Fletcher banned the blog from state computers last month, one day after Nickolas was quoted in a New York Times article critical of Fletcher.

A new GAO report finds that Medicare prescription drug plan providers “failed to give accurate or complete answers on costs of the plans more than 70% of the time and ‘often severely underestimated the actual out-of-pocket costs beneficiaries would face.’”

Former Medicare chief Tom Scully agreed to pay the government $9,782 to settle allegations relating to his misuse of federal funds while working at the agency. One example cited in the agreement states Scully used a government-funded trip to Atlanta to spend most of the day interviewing at Alston & Bird — where he now worksand held only a “perfunctory” meeting with local Medicare officials.
11.Jul.2006 President Bush will likely cast the first veto Nico 

of his presidency if the Senate, as expected, passes legislation to expand federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research, White House aide Karl Rove said today. ‘The president is emphatic about this,’ Rove said in a meeting with the editorial board of The Denver Post.”
11.Jul.2006 Right-Wing Mayor Calls for McDonald’s Boycott Over Spanish-Language Ads Nico 

Mayor Steve Lonegan (R) of Bogota, New Jersey is “calling for a McDonald’s boycott if the fast-food chain does not take down a Spanish-language billboard advertising iced coffee.”

Lonegan said the advertisement is “offensive” and “divisive” because it sends a message that Hispanic immigrants do not need to learn English.

The true things that bind us together as neighbors and community is our belief in the American flag and our common language ,” Lonegan said. “And when McDonald’s sends a different message, that we’re going to be different now, that causes resentment.”

Lonegan’s remarks must come as quite a surprise to the U.S. Army, which launched a major Spanish-language ad campaign 00.000.2001. The tagline is “Yo Soy El Army(I Am The Army):

Here’s the official “Yo Soy El ArmyH2 humvee:

You might also be interested in the Spanish-language recruitment sites for the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force. So when does Mayor Lonegan launch his boycott against the U.S. military?
11.Jul.2006White House Accuses Clinton of Sending ‘Flowers and Chocolates’ To Kim Jong-il Judd 

Facing increasing criticism of their North Korea policy from the right and left, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow lashed out at the Clinton administration. Snow accused the Clinton administration of going to North Korea with “flowers and chocolates.” He said the Clinton strategy “failed” and President Bush had “learned from that mistake.” Watch it:

Let’s review the progress of North Korea’s nuclear program during the last three administrations:

1. George H. W. Bush : one to two bombs’ worth of plutonium

2. Bill Clinton : zero plutonium

3. George W. Bush : 4-6 nuclear weapons’ worth of plutonium

There are legitimate criticisms of every administration’s approach to North Korea’s nuclear program. But the Clinton administration’s strategy, objectively, has been the most successful.


QUESTION: When you hear from your allies on Capitol Hill and elsewhere who are in favor of the preemptive doctrine + they are critical of the administration, they think that the administration is not doing enough in terms of North Korea and Iran, essentially continuing the Clinton administration policy in North Korea, for instance, what’s your response? What do you tell them?

SNOW: This is not the Clinton administration policy.

I understand what the Clinton administration wanted to do. They wanted to talk reason to the government of Pyongyang + they engaged in bilateral conversations. And Bill Richardson went with flowers and chocolates + he went with light water nuclear reactors + he went with promises of heavy oil and a basketball signed by Michael Jordan + many other inducements for the dear leader to try to agree not to develop nuclear weapons + it failed.

But there was at least a good faith effort on the part of some very smart people to use that as an approach.

SNOW: We’ve learned from that mistake. One reason not to go bilateral with the North Koreans is what we’re seeing right now, which is that you need to have concerted pressure, especially from those who have very close and ongoing ties with the government of North Korea, so that you can get results.
So this is not a continuation of the Clinton program.

The horrors of Iraq. Nico 

CNN’s Nic Robertson: “One international official told me of reports among his staff that a 15-year-old girl had been beheaded and a dog’s head sewn on her body in its place; and of a young child who had had his hands drilled and bolted together before being killed.” More at The Plank.
11.Jul.2006 Bush Can Forget About Poland Amanda 

Poland has been a strong Bush administration ally in the Iraq war. It was one of the original countries to join the 2003 invasion and President Bush has repeatedly pointed out the country’s support, reminding Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) 00.000.2004 that he “forgot Polandand its support for the war.

But the Bush administration’s mishandling of Iraq is alienating even this strong ally. In a recent interview, Poland’s undersecretary of state for defense, Stanislaw Koziej, said that Poland is unlikely to join the USA in a future attack on Iran because of its experience in Iraq:

[The operation in Iraq] wasn’t optimal, wasn’t very effective and quite a lot of mistakes were done there and still we make a lot of mistakes. … I personally believe that military intervention in Iran is improbable . … So we should get used to the fact that we will have to deal with Iran having nuclear armaments.

It appears the Bush administration’s incompetence in Iraq will complicate U.S. foreign policy for years to come.
Newsweek Falsely Claims that Bush has Conceded Global Warming is Caused by Human Activity Judd 

The most recent Newsweek has an article called “The President: Shades of Green,” examining the President’s environmental record. Newsweek reports that Bush has conceded human activity is responsible for global warming:

And on global warming, the most controversial part of his green scorecard, Bush acknowledged back in June 2001 that the National Academy of Sciences believed climate change was “due in large part to human activity.” The dispute is what to do about that warming.

Bush did say that in June 2001. (In the next sentence he says “we do not know how much effect natural fluctuations in climate may have had on warming.”) Since that time, however, he has said there is a “dispute,” not just about the solution, but about whether human activity is responsible. For example, on

26.Jun.2006 Bush said: I think — I have said consistently that global warming is a serious problem. There’s a debate over whether it’s manmade or naturally caused.

Bush is describing a debate that doesn’t exist. There is a scientific consensus that global warming is real and the human activity is largely responsible. This is reflected in the most recent report by International Panel on Climate Change, which was vigorously reviewed and accepted by thousands of scientists + every peer-reviewed journal article since 1993.

Bush is way out of the mainstream on global warming. You just wouldn’t know it by reading Newsweek.
July 10, 2006 Think Progress 

Karl Rove was asked about the outing of Valerie Plame last week. He reportedly said that after a “careful, thoughtful, aggressive investigation,” the person responsible for leaking should be fired.

Do-nothing Congress. Lawmakers return today “from a weeklong break [and] will resume work on a long list of unfinished — and possibly insurmountable – tasks.” Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX), said: “I’m not sure what this Congress has accomplished.”

Insiders tell U.S. News that President Bush has been working on a memoirs project for a year. “‘ He’s doing a memoir ,’ one insider says. ‘He’s keenly interested in it.’ But here’s the odd part: Bush hasn’t actually written a word yet.”

00.Jan.2002 State Department lawyers warned the White House against creating a “lawlessuniverse where detainees had no rights: “Even those terrorists captured in Afghanistan…are entitled to the fundamental humane treatment standards of…the Geneva Conventions .”

Brutality and corruption are rampant in Iraq’s police force, ” according to confidential Iraqi government documents. Abuses include the rape of female prisoners, the release of terrorism suspects in exchange for bribes + participation in insurgent bombings.

A sharp rise in bloodletting between Shiites and minority Sunni Arabs has raised new fears of a slide to all-out civil war .” A day after more than 60 Iraqis were killedin a dramatic escalation of sectarian violence” in Baghdad, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki pleaded for Iraqis to “unite as brothers.”

Tom DeLay “is planning an aggressive campaign to retake the House seat he quit in June if an appeals court lets stand a ruling by a federal judge last week that his name must stay on November’s ballot–even though he has moved to Virginia.”

Lobbying reform legislation remains stalled in Congress + public interest groups think that’s a good thing. “I’d much rather see Congress fall on its face and not pass anything this year,” said Public Citizen’s Craig Holman. “What they’re considering is really nothing but a PR gimmick to placate the American voters.”

Post-election turmoil continues in Mexico. Yesterday, lawyers for Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador “turned in documented allegations of irregularities that they said cost him the July 2 presidential election + a senior aide warned that Mexico faces an ‘insurrection’ unless all 41 million ballots are recounted.”

And finally: Happy 1st Birthday to the National Zoo’s panda cub, Tai Shan . “For his birthday, staffers prepared a giant fruitsicle for the cub, a frozen melange of apples, yams, carrots and fruit juices.”
11.Jul.2006 Limbaugh Distorts Numbers To Downplay Global Warming Science Faiz 

Rush Limbaugh, last Friday:

I read something the other day that says in the last four years, surface temperatures on average have not gone up. They’ve gone down one-tenth of a degree Celsius. If they’re trending anywhere, they’re trending down the last four years.

NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, 1/24/06:

00.000.2005 was the warmest year in over a century, according to NASA scientists studying temperature data from around the world. …

The result indicates that a strong underlying warming trend is continuing. Global warming since the middle 1970s is now about 0.6 degrees Celsius (C) or about 1 degree Fahrenheit (F). Total warming in the past century is about 0.8° C or about 1.4° F.

The five warmest years over the last century occurred in the last eight years,” said James Hansen, director of NASA GISS. They stack up as follows: the warmest was 2005, then 1998, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

Rush may not like the scientific facts, but he’s not entitled to create his own.
Hoekstra: Admin. Must ‘Keep the Intelligence Committees Fully Informed of What They Are Doing’ Faiz 

The New York Times reports today that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Peter Hoekstra (R-MI) wrote a “sharply worded letterto his ally President Bush in May stating that the “U.S. Congress should not have to play Twenty Questions to get information that it deserves under the U.S. Constitution.” Hoekstra appeared on Fox News this morning and said he wrote the letter because he “wanted to reinforce to the President…by law the requirement that they keep the legislative branch informed of what they are doing.”

Hoekstra debunked the administration claim that Congress is always kept informed of intelligence programs. Hoekstra revealed that administration whistleblowers have brought to his attention secret programs that Congress should have told about previously, including “at least one significant activity that we had not been briefed on that we have now been briefed on.”

More from TPM and Emptywheel.

Full transcript:

QUESTION: Are you saying that as the chairman of the house intelligence committee that you were not briefed about other secret programs?

HOEKSTRA: Chris, that letter focused on three things that our committee has a passion about. Number one, getting the right people in the right leadership spots in the intelligence community. Second thing is standing up the office of the Director of National Intelligence to make sure that that reform effort moves forward. And the third thing is doing complete and aggressive oversight of all of the programs in the intelligence community. This is actually a case where the whistle blower process was working appropriately. Some people within the intelligence community brought to my attention some programs that they believed we had not been briefed on. They were right. We asked by code name what some of these programs — about some of these programs. We’ve now been briefed on those programs. But I wanted to reinforce to the president and to the executive branch and the intelligence community how important and by law the requirement that they keep the legislative branch informed of what they are doing.

QUESTION: Chairman, the President always says in these cases that congressional leaders, including you as the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, are briefed. How do you explain this failure and how seriously do you take it?

HOEKSTRA: Well, I take it very, very seriously. Otherwise, I would not have written the letter to the President. You know, how do you explain it, there are lots of programs going on in the intelligence community. You know, we can’t be briefed on every little thing that they are doing. but in this case, there was at least one major what I consider significant activity that we had not been briefed on that we have now been briefed on + I want to set the standard there, that it is not optional for this president or any president or people in the executive community not to keep the intelligence committees fully informed of what they are doing.
Hume: A Preemptive Strike on North Korea Would Be a ‘Successful Strategy’ Judd 

This morning on Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume said North Korea’s missiles are “sitting there like the Washington Monument” and “knocking the missiles out” would be “a successful possible strategy.” Watch it:

Joe Cirincione explains why a preemptive strike on North Korea’s missles would be a disastrous blunder.


WILLIAMS: I don’t think you’re suggesting in General Kristol mode that we start bombing the sites of their

HUME: That’s what we could do.

WILLIAMS: If we do that, what are you inviting? What are you guys suggesting here is the hard line with North Korea?

HUME: The one thing about knocking the missiles out on the ground, they’re sitting there like the Washington Monument, they can be struck. That is something we could do and would make a successful possible strategy.
9/11 Symposium: Professor Jim Fetzer Paul Joseph Watson 

11.Sep.2001-Symposium: Professor Jim Fetzer Professor Jim Fetzer discusses his recent appearance on Hannity and Colmes and how he was able to prepare for the attack
Rep. Congressman: Impeach Bush For Violating Constitution - Not Paul Joseph Watson 

Rep. Congressman: Impeach Bush For Violating Constitution - Not Partisan Payback Says American Union is bellwether for world government
Ein Überflieger lässt krachen sfux Harald Haack -

Das Airborne Warning and Control System (Abkürzung: AWACS) ist ein radarbasiertes elektronisches Frühwarnsystem. Gemeinhin wurde der Begriff ?Frühwarnsystem? mit AWACS verbunden. Spätestens seit der Tsunamie-Katastrophe aber wurde der Begriff dem militärischen Bereich entlehnt und wird nun auch im zivilen Bereich genutzt. Bayerns Ministerpräsident Stoiber, durch die kürzliche...
500 auf FileSharing Demo in Stockholm init 
31.Mai 2006 hatte die schwedische Polizei im Auftrag der Rechte-Mafia etliche Server der Filesharing-Suchmaschine "The Pirate Bay" beschlagnahmt. Gestern äußerten die Betreiber der Seite und viele UnterstützerInnen auf einer Kundgebung in Stockholm ihren Unmut über diese Willküraktion.

11.Jul.2006 Dortmund - Linke Freiräume schaffen Manuh Dortmund - Linke Freiräume schaffen - gegen Polizei- und Ordnungsamtwillkühr
11.Jul.2006 Magic Mushrooms Induce Effects “Descriptively Identical” To Religious Experiences, Say Scientists… The Huffington Post 
A universal mystical experience with life-changing effects can be produced by the hallucinogen contained in magic mushrooms, scientists claim today. Forty years after Timothy Leary, the apostle of drug-induced mysticism, urged his hippie followers to "tune in, turn on + drop out", researchers ...

11.Jul.2006 Frank Rich of 'NYT' Hits 'WSJ' and White House For Attacks
NEW YORK As shown by earlier comments by its top editor and its publisher, The New York Times' leadership was not amused by the recent Wall Street Journal editorial that slammed the paper for publishing its bank records surveillance story (even though the Journal ran much the same story itself). ...

11.Jul.2006 Police Abuses in Iraq Detailed
BAGHDAD — Brutality and corruption are rampant in Iraq's police force, with abuses including the rape of female prisoners, the release of terrorism suspects in exchange for bribes, assassinations of police officers and participation in insurgent bombings, according to confidential Iraqi ...

11.Jul.2006 Is That A Balloon Pump In Your Pocket, Or A Bomb?
Uhm, really? According to Police Chief Michael Collins "officers took prudent steps to handle what may have been a dangerous situation" on Thursday when eight officers jumped and arrested a balloon artist as he pulled his bike up to his normal place of business outside of the Central Park Zoo. His ...

08.Jul.2006 Contender Alleges Mexico Vote Was Rigged MEXICO CITY -

Downtown Mexico City swelled Saturday with the accumulated frustration and rage of the poor, who were stoked into a sign-waving, fist-pumping frenzy by new fraud allegations that failed populist candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador hopes will overturn the results of ...
What Do You Know? Ritholtz 
Remember the wisdom of Lao Tzu: He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened. What do you know?-Paul Farrell This seems to be Paull Farrell appreciation week at the Big Picture. I sense his frustration levels are increasing as he continues to rail against some of...

11.Jul.2006 It’s Good To Be The King! — Why We Should Scrap Democracy And Bring Back Feudalism Uncle Dave Could it really be worse than it is now?
11.Jul.2006 US Military Braces For Series Of High-Profile Criminal Cases From Iraq... ROBERT F. WORTH 
No American serviceman has been executed since 1961. But in the past month, new cases in Iraq have led to charges against 12 American servicemen who may face the death penalty in connection with the killing of Iraqi civilians. Military officials caution against seeing the cases as part of any ...

11.Jul.2006 The ad truth is out there. Hostmaster-nospam 
Caffeinegoddess told us about: Brita claims tap water is dirty - upsets water providers The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association has filed a complaint with the Advertising Standards Council. The Advertising Standards Canada has been running an ad in London, Ontario, Canada for the past few ...

11.Jul.2006 "Worst copyright law in Europe" passed in France Jzb 
The French Parliament has passed what the anti-Digital Rights Management (DRM) group EUCD.INFO calls "the worst copyright law in Europe." Popularly known as DADVSI (Loi sur le Droit d'Auteur et des Droits Voisins dans la Société de l'Information, or Law on Author's Rights and Related ...

11.Jul.2006 The New Gender Divide: At Colleges, Women Are Leaving Men in the Dust A quarter-century after women became the majority on campuses, men are trailing in more than just enrollment.
11.Jul.2006 How Bush “Slam Dunked” Bob Woodward Into Selling The War Uncle Dave Manipulating the media for war.
11.Jul.2006 Cenk Uygur: Note to Dense Mainstream Media -- Why We Hate Lieberman Cenk Uygur 
I am constantly amazed by how uninformed people are when their job is to inform others. Every press article or editorial I've seen on the Lieberman issue completely misses the point. We are not against Joe Lieberman because we are leftists who require ideological purity. We are against him ...

11.Jul.2006 Nuclear plants set for go ahead New nuclear power stations are expected to be given the green light in the government's energy review.
11.Jul.2006 Security Council split on N Korea UN Security Council is deeply divided on how best to respond to last week's missile tests by North Korea.
11.Jul.2006 Terror suspect fights extradition A British computer expert accused of running terrorist websites is due to begin his appeal against extradition to the USA
11.Jul.2006 EU set to host Iran nuclear talks Iran's top negotiator and the EU's foreign policy chief meet to try to defuse a row over Tehran's nuclear plans.
11.Jul.2006 US in $80m 'Cuba democracy' plan US President Bush approves a fund of $80m to boost democracy measures in Cuba over the next two years.
11.Jul.2006 Chechen rebel chief Basayev dies The most wanted Chechen rebel warlord, Shamil Basayev, dies in what Russia says was a "special operation".
11.Jul.2006 Saddam boycotts 'malicious' trial Ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and his lawyers say they will boycott his trial as closing arguments begin.
11.Jul.2006 House price inflation picks up The rise in house prices is continuing to accelerate, government figures indicate.
11.Jul.2006 Extinction fear for black rhino Black rhinoceros appear to have become extinct in West Africa, the world's conservation body says.
11.Jul.2006 Terror warnings to be public A new online warning system is to alert the public to the threat of attacks by terror groups.
11.Jul.2006 UN delays N Korea sanctions vote A UN Security Council vote on sanctions over North Korea's missile tests is postponed to give diplomacy more time.
11.Jul.2006 Heritage body 'no' to carbon cuts The World Heritage Committee rejects calls to protect special sites through cuts in greenhouse emissions.
11.Jul.2006 Managers blamed for NHS deficits Inadequate leadership and management are the cause of the worst deficits in the NHS, a watchdog says.
11.Jul.2006 'Needless' stroke deaths attacked Insufficient priority is being given to stroke services, causing unnecessary deaths and suffering, MPs say.
11.Jul.2006 'Lab-made sperm' fertility hope Scientists have proved for the first time that sperm grown from embryonic stem cells can be used to produce offspring.
11.Jul.2006 Mental unit sex assaults 'rife' A study reportedly finds more than 100 woman were sexually assaulted in NHS mental units over two years.
11.Jul.2006 More taken ill in E.coli outbreak The number of people in Leeds affected by an outbreak of the food poisoning bug E.coli rises to 21.
11.Jul.2006 Code of the Caveman A new DNA mapping technique may solve an ancient mystery: Do modern humans carry Neanderthal genes?
11.Jul.2006 Engineers Make Like a Tree Need to design a stronger bridge or a more-versatile fabric? Try ripping off Mother Nature. Scientists study tree trunks, microscopic algae and leaves for high-tech inspiration
11.Jul.2006 More Secret White House Intel
Whistle-blowers tell the House Intelligence Committee of another major intelligence program run secretly by the Bush administration, according to Rep. Pete Hoekstra, the committee's chairman. He's not happy about the legislative branch being kept in the dark.

11.Jul.2006 Hybrid Tech Could Save SUVs GM and DaimlerChrysler will try to break the SUV slump by adding electric motors to their largest models.
11.Jul.2006 Stem-Cell Bill: GOP's Catch-22
President Bush promises to veto an embryonic stem-cell bill that's expected to pass the Senate by the end of July. Let's watch the political posturing from members of Congress facing mid-term elections.

11.Jul.2006 Online Video Boom Sparks Concerns
Homemade videos are posting at the rate of 50,000 a day on YouTube, according to site administrators. Parents worry about kids finding obscene or violent material + upload sites say monitoring the explosion of online video is tough.

11.Jul.2006 Einstein- Husband, Lover and Father CmdrTaco 139+ evilsheep writes

"A large collection of correspondence shedding light on Einstein's personal life and perspectives was made public today by The Albert Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Spanning almost 3500 pages, the correspondence encompasses letters to and from his first and second wives and children between the years 1912- 1955.This newly released batch of letters fill in details to create a 'higher resolution' image of Einstein beyond what was previously known of his personal life. The collection has been in the Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University for many years, but was not made public in accordance with the will of Einstein's stepdaughter, Margot, who specified that they not be revealed until 20 years after her death. Margot died in July 1986. Einstein wrote almost daily letters to his second wife Elsa and to her daughter Margot whilst away from home about delivering and listening to boring lectures, playing music with friends, or trying to stop smoking."
Physicists Find Users Uninterested After 36 Hours Hemos 115+ SuperGrads writes

"Statistical physicists working in the US and Hungary have found that the number of people reading a particular news story on the web decreases with time by a power law rather than exponentially as was previously thought. The finding has implications for the study of information flow in social networks, marketing and web design."
The Energy of Empty Space != Zero Hemos 280+ Raindeer writes

"Lawrence Krauss(well known physicist and author of the science of Star Trek) invited a group of 21 cosmologists, experimentalists, theorists + particle physicists and cosmologists. Stephen Hawking came; three Nobel laureates, Gerard 'tHooft, David Gross, Frank Wilczek etc. He wrote about the conclusions of this session in Edge, in short: "there appears to be energy of empty space that isn't zero! This flies in the face of all conventional wisdom in theoretical particle physics. It is the most profound shift in thinking, perhaps the most profound puzzle, in the latter half of the 20th century. And it may be the first half of the 21st century, or maybe go all the way to the 22nd century. Because, unfortunately, I happen to think we won't be able to rely on experiment to resolve this problem.""
Baghdad Erupts in Mob Violence, While Bush Lives on Fantasy Island - A BuzzFlash Editorial
Had Enough Thug Corruption? Maybe Not. Tom DeLay May be Back Like a Vampire at Nightfall.

10.Jul.2006 Get Your Organic Tanzanian Coffee from; "Aromatic tastes of Dutch cocoa and a long pleasant finish"
Hope Vs. Fear: Cast Your Vote for BuzzFlash. You can make the difference today. It's a Small Price to Pay for Preserving Democracy.
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

10.Jul.2006 Another secret US intelligence program? House Intelligence Committee only briefed after whistleblower alerts chairman. 7/11
Children in Iraq's Basra are dying of common diseases for lack of medicine, NGOs report 7/10

10.Jul.2006 What's Your Favorite Political Movie? - The Last Chance Democracy Cafe by Steven C. Day
Gunmen ambush bus in Baghdad, killing 7 7/10

10.Jul.2006 Japan may postpone North Korea resolution; "China asked Japan to postpone the vote until later this week and Japan is prepared to accept" 7/10
10.Jul.2006 In the case of Reed, I have no doubt. I refuse to believe that a man with such a relentlessly evil history could hold any genuine religious beliefs. He is out to fleece the suckers -- period. Permalink
10.Jul.2006 You can't explain these things easily to the dullards who vote Republican. But Garrison Keillor knows how to do it. Here's a choice bit of Keillor on the insanely corrupt pseudo-Christian Ralph Reed, running for Lt. Governor of Georgia:
10.Jul.2006 Seymour Hersh revealed last week that Bush repudiated his first strike option in Iranian negotiations three months ago.
I guess what most upsets me about this wonderfully unexpected turn of events is the way this announcement has been kept very quiet - ostensibly even by Hersh himself.
(To read the rest, click "Permalink" below)
Some readers may be familiar with my struggles to ascertain Missouri Representative, Ike Skelton's position on nuking Iran - and my complete frustration in not even having had the courtesy of an appropriate response from him. Also my attempts to receive a slightly less than blood-thirsty response on the Iranian negotiations from my Democrat Senate candidate, Claire McCaskill, took me more than a few emails to finally get a reply from a staffer: "At this time, Claire would be opposed to using nuclear force against Iran and, unless Iran presented a immanent threat to use nuclear weapons against us or our allies, Claire would not support using nuclear weapons in the future." And here's the kicker: "I think even the Bush administration realizes that using nuclear weapons would be a last resort and isn't seriously considering using nuclear weapons at this time."
Alex Skog, McCaskill's Media Corps Such naïve, openhearted optimism about our president is so refreshing in today's cynical political scene.
Of course nothing on Claire's website would give you the slightest clue that this was actually her position:
"…they (Iranians) need to know our talks, if unsuccessful, will be followed not by rhetoric and reprisal, but by the FULL strength and force of the American military." (my emphasis)
Sounds the same as it did a month before my inquiry. In light of recent developments it seems candidate McCaskill is more of a warmonger than Bush himself. Don't they ever revise their boilerplate? Or is Claire sticking with a deliberately incorrect impression in a misguided attempt to appeal to the Red-Staters? This Blue-State Democrat is not impressed.
"If a tree falls in the forest…"
I think that when no one knows about an event - it might as well not have happened. Where the hell is the newspaper of note (NYT) on this - or the progressive blogs? An issue of this import and implication is certainly worth more than passing interest. In fact it changes the whole negotiating picture rather dramatically. How can anyone make any judgment about this issue as an informed media consumer absent this vital development?
As I said, any agreement, promise or policy statement Bush makes on this (or anything else) isn't worth a congressional bill after a signing statement. Everyone knows that. What we need to do is use Bush's agreement (to take the nukes off the Iranian negotiating table) as leverage to get others to go on the record against the nuclear option. We can now take this to the Republicans as well as embarrassing the wimpy dead-center Democrats. We need to use the fact that Bush has now taken the nuclear option off the table to try to leverage candidates and elected officials to make similar public pledges - never to employ nuclear weapons on a first strike basis. Even if it doesn’t work it could embarrass a whole lot of Republicans (and Democrats!)
You know and I know that Bush doesn’t mean a bit of what he says. But of course as with the courtiers of the naked emperor, no one, Republican or Democrat, would dare accuse Bush of insincerity or misleading the public. When Bush actually does decide to order the Iranian Holocaust, perhaps we might be able to stay, by a few moments, his malicious paw on the red button of destruction. Somewhere in the dim recesses of that simian brain an image might briefly pass - of all those Republicans lined up in support of his anti-nuke stand with large quantities of egg on their faces. The thought might just produce a trace of discomfort. These days this is the best we can hope for.
Here are some examples of ways this strategy might be employed:
Letter to a Republican or Democrat elected official
Dear _______,
As you may already know, this past April, President Bush agreed to take the nuclear option off the table in our negotiations with Iran.
00.Jul.2006 New Yorker Magazine, - The War Over Iran - Military doubts about a military solution. By Seymour M. Hersh
This unprecedented stand certainly holds the possibility of a far better world for ourselves and future generations. I have as yet failed to notice anything in your official communications that might reflect support for the President on this important issue.
This humane commitment, I believe, transcends narrow partisan political considerations and re-establishes an important precedent that will make us and our children safer.
I eagerly await your response on this matter.
Respectfully submitted,
John Q. Taxpayer
Letter To The Editor
(This applies to my constituency. Others can tailor it to suit theirs.)
Dear Editor,
Now that President Bush has finally taken the first strike nuclear option off the negotiating table with Iran, it is time to inquire as to how many of our elected officials support him in this principled stand.
00.Apr.2006 -"In late- the military leadership, headed by General Pace, achieved a major victory when the White House dropped its insistence that the plan for a bombing campaign include the possible use of a nuclear device to destroy Iran's uranium -enrichment plant at Natanz… This period is known to many in the Pentagon as 'the April Revolution'."
00.Jul.2006 New Yorker Magazine, - The War Over Iran - Military doubts about a military solution. By Seymour M. Hersh
Many of our own elected officials, most notably Missouri Senators Bond and Talent as well as Representatives Hulshof, Akin, Blunt, Carnahan, Graves and Skelton are unwilling to stand with Bush on this issue. It has taken a great deal of courage and statesmanship on the part of our chief executive to refuse to be the second American president in history to visit the horrors of the atomic bomb upon another country in a time of war.
All citizens, supporters and critics of the president alike, should contact their representatives and demand that they publicly voice their support for our President on this vital issue.
John Q. Public
Loyal reader
Direct question to candidate at press conference and/or public forum.
Mr.______. Sir (or madam) Can you please tell us if you support President Bush in his position of taking the nuclear option off the negotiating table in dealing with Iran? And can you tell me if you might also know what is the position of your Party on this issue?
Note 1: Be sure to bring Seymour Hersh's article with the incriminating statement highlighted.
Note 2: Wouldn't you love to hear some "journalist" with a death wish, question Bush concerning this issue?
10.Jul.2006 Interestingly, rightist Mexican president Vincente Fox cried "vote fraud"

00.000.1991, when he lost a race for governor in Guanajuato. At that time, Fox's PAN party got 35% of the vote, compared to PRI's 53%. Permalink
10.Jul.2006 Why are so many people pissed off? Because in precincts across Mexico, folks noticed a sharp divergence between the numbers visible on the "acta" (the signed and posted results) and those reported on the official computer tally. Here's a shot of the acta in one precinct in the state of Mexico:
10.Jul.2006 Vote fraud in Mexico: Lies and protests Whatever you may think about Wayne Madsen, his most recent entry hits the target. He scores AP for "rounding down" the number of protestors who converged on Mexico's Zocalo Square to protest the stolen election.
AP says that only 100,000 people showed up. Oh really? Here's the photo:

10.Jul.2006 I hope every American sees this girl's face.

Are our red-state Jesusmaniacs so blinded by their anti-Muslim bigotry -- so blinded by the lies told by our war-loving president and his propagandists - that they cannot recognise the humanity + innocence in that little girl's eyes? This war has had many victims; let her face represent those we cannot see. Permalink
10.Jul.2006 The USA now officially admits what we already knew: Abir Hamza, the victim of that vicious assault, was born 00.000.1991.

She was only 14 when a squad of all-American "Christian" good-old-boys killed her family, raped her + burned her body. Not a single member of the unit shirked from this task.

None of them felt guilty about what they had done to her (although they did regret the retaliatory measures against Americans).
"Our boys," raised within our suposedly enlightened "Christian" culture, considered this girl a sub-human -- a thing to be used. After all, she was Muslim.

Dorf fehlt auf Google Earth: Area 51 in Niedersachsen?
10.Jul.2006 Ringstorff zum Bush- Besuch: "Merkel muss sich Kritik gefallen lassen"

10.Jul.2006 Polen: Präsident Kaczynski ernennt Zwillingsbruder zum Regierungschef
10.Jul.2006 Krise um Raketentests: Japan denkt über Präventivschlag gegen Nordkorea nach

10.Jul.2006 Arktis: Faszinierende Fotos vom Boden der Barentssee
10.Jul.2006 Vermögen: Geldberater öffnen sich für die Masse
10.Jul.2006 Bücherverbrennung: Staatsanwaltschaft weitet Ermittlungen aus

Auf einer Tagung europäischer Neurowissenschaftler in Wien berichtete Berkum seinen Kollegen, dass die beiden unterschiedlichen Sorten von Irritationen für dieselben charakteristischen Zacken auf den EEG sorgten. Sie zeigten an, dass irgendetwas der Erwartung des Zuhörers widerspreche, sagt Berkum. Bisher habe man angenommen, dass das Gehirn die Bedeutung von Sprache zunächst vor allem aus den Wörtern eines Satzes ableitet. Die neuen Ergebnisse zeigten jedoch, dass die Identität des Sprechers dabei von Anfang an genauso wichtig sei, sagt van Berkum.

Die Information, wer spreche, werde sehr schnell berücksichtigt: Bei einer unerwarteten Identität des Sprechers reagierten die Probanden innerhalb von 200 bis 300 Millisekunden.
Heißes Wasser: Unterhaching will sich von Öl und Gas befreien

10.Jul.2006 Gaza- Offensive: Israel weist EU- Kritik zurück
10.Jul.2006 Unternehmen: Finanzinvestoren kauften so viel wie nie
10.Jul.2006 Frankreich: Träumen mit Zizou, Aufwachen mit Chirac
10.Jul.2006 Hirnströme: Unfug schlägt Zacken in Messkurve
10.Jul.2006 Statistik: Krankenstand sinkt auf neues Rekordtief
10.Jul.2006 Konflikte: Nordkorea wirft USA Kriegstreiberei vor

An Iran contra operative named Lt. Col Al Martin recounted a conversation he had once with Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, after he threatened to “go rogue” and tell the truth about what he knew about that scandal.

If he did, Jeb Bush told him, in a comment we still remember with a chill, don't expect to get any medals for it...

There is no constituency for the truth,” Bush told him.

Help us prove Jeb Bush wrong.  
The Miami Herald owes us all an explanation

Mexican newspapers have been clamoring for officials to come forward to explain their curious silence.   

Where are the results of the investigations of the airplane seized with cocaine?” asked on June 28. “Why is there nothing but silence?”

How is it possible that this confiscation, as important as it is, has not been explained? When will there be information about this?

Sharp questioning in the Mexican press is in marked contrast to the tepid response of the mainstream media in the U.S

Although the Mexican press pretended to be startled , it must have been difficult... Because this is just business as usual.

Citing sources in the Mexican Dept. of Civil Aeronautics, Mexican newspapers reported last week that the “Cocaine One” DC9 made at least seven previous flights along the same route before being caught.

Thus one possible Geffon defense, that the letter dated April 7 was in the mail for four days before reaching the FAA, is eliminated. 

And the only apparent conclusion is that the documents submitted by Geffon have been back-dated .

The FAA’s stamp indicated they received the documents on 11.Apr.2006

However, the plane was busted April 10th.

FAA spokesman Roland Herwig told Howard Altman of the Tampa Tribune that the FAA received a copy of a letter from Royal Sons dated April 7, asking that the plane be exported to Venezuela + that the FAA officially took Royal Sons' name off the books three days after the cocaine bust.
Kent also runs a company, Online Satellite Communication, which uses an
address in Las Vegas which also houses Voters Outreach of America, a Republican Party operation accused of illegal activity and electoral dirty tricks, including destroying thousands of Democratic registration forms, during the 2004 Presidential election.

According to SkyWay SEC filings, Kent “served in various government contract management positions supporting projects of the Department of Defense, National Security Agency + Department of the Navy.”  

Mexican newspapers last week began openly speculating last week on the role of high officials in the ruling party of President Vicente Fox in the huge drug load…
They are also reporting that the DC9's flight from Caracas to an airport in the western Yucatan was not a one-of-a-kind occurrence, but that the airliner had made at least seven previous flights along the same route.
The DEA has made a deliberate effort to downplay the importance of the seizure, underestimating its value by hundreds of millions of dollars.

The MadCowMorningNews has learned new details in what is becoming a growing drug trafficking scandal implicating elements in the ruling parties in both Mexico and the US:

Released FAA registration records from the American-registered DC9 (N900SA) airline show that documents informing the FAA the plane had been exported to new owners in Venezuela were not submitted until after its seizure in Mexico.
09.Jul.2006 Peruvian Soldier With Spain Forces Killed In Afghanistan : -A roadside bomb blast killed a Peruvian soldier attached to the Spanish military Saturday and wounded four other NATO troops in western Afghanistan, the Defense Ministry said.
09.Jul.2006 US officers ignored massacre reports: SENIOR US marine officers failed to carry out a proper investigation into reports that troops had killed civilians in Haditha, according to Lieutenant-General Peter Chiarelli, the second highest ranking commander in Iraq.

09.Jul.2006 U.S. reaps what the Army sows: This administration never holds anyone in senior positions accountable for derelict performance. However, unless there is full accountability for the war crimes of Iraq - wherever the evidence leads - there is a high probability that the lessons today's lieutenants and captains need to learn about the law of war and command leadership will never be sufficiently absorbed

09.Jul.2006 Police report: Foreign policy helped make UK a target : The effect the war in Iraq has had on motivating Muslims planning acts of violence in the UK is underlined to senior Scotland Yard officers in a private briefing document compiled by anti-terrorist specialists.

09.Jul.2006 UK Government takes legal action against Craig Murray : These documents clarify and support many of the claims in the book about the government's use of intelligence gained through torture + also reveal the extent to which the Foreign Office sought to censor the book.
09.Jul.2006 Terrorism was a part of the struggle -By Gwynne Dyer
Jomo Kenyatta in Kenya, Archbishop Makarios in Cyprus, Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and a dozen other national leaders emerged from prison to negotiate independence after "terrorist" organizations loyal to them had worn down the imperial forces that occupied their countries. In the era of decolonization, terrorism was a widely accepted technique for driving the occupiers out. South Africa was lucky to see so little of it, but terrorism was part of the struggle there, too.

09.Jul.2006 "Packing It In" -By Dahr Jamail
Lovely to watch how people like Cheney + the minions who support his ilk, conveniently forget that there was no terrorism in Iraq prior to the US invasion/occupation. And one must love his "logic." For according to Cheney, "whether we complete the job or not in Iraq" his beloved "terrorism" will "continue" ... "only it'll get worse."

09.Jul.2006 A Republic or an Empire? By Paul Craig Roberts
A person might think that it would be national news that Stanford University students would not allow the President of the US on campus. It happened to be a day that hundreds of prospective freshmen were on campus with their parents, many of whom joined the demonstration against Bush. I did not hear or read a word about it.

09.Jul.2006 The Rendition of Christ : Winning the Battle for their Souls -By Jason Miller
America as the beacon of human rights and dignity is but a dream yet to be realized. While the dream has lain dormant, amoral opportunists have busily unleashed their nightmare on billions of human beings. And all the while they have trumpeted the many virtues of the USA as a Christian nation.

09.Jul.2006 The house of slaves -By Andrew Stephen
In the murky basement of his home in Washington's affluent Georgetown district, Andrew Stephen makes a discovery that leads him to some terrible truths about America, past and present .

09.Jul.2006 The Making of a Slave -By William Lynch
Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave: This speech was delivered by Willie Lynch on the bank of the James River in the colony of Virginia 00.000.1712. 

Lynch was a British slave owner in the West Indies. 

He was invited to the colony of Virginia 00.000.1712 to teach his methods to slave owners there.

The term “lynching” is derived from his last name. Continued
09.Jul.2006 Whistleblower alerts congressman to more illegal Bush spy programs
Frank Rich on how Bush milked the New York Times story "to reboot its intimidation of the press, hoping journalists will pull punches in an election year."
Hope Vs. Fear: Cast Your Vote for BuzzFlash. You can make the difference today.

09.Jul.2006 BuzzFlash Takes a Break from Doom And Gloom: Two Signs of Hope. -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
"It's an administration headed by someone who dodged service in Vietnam by pretending to serve in the National Guard + whose veep had a politically powerful daddy wangle him a deferment. His chief adviser, Karl Rove, also got a deferment + his chief cheerleader, Rush Limbaugh, also had a politically powerful daddy get him one ? based on a big pimple on his fanny."

09.Jul.2006 The Reality, Not the Bushevik Fantasy: "Brutality and corruption are rampant in Iraq's police force, with abuses including the rape of female prisoners, the release of terrorism suspects in exchange for bribes, assassinations of police officers and participation in insurgent bombings, according to confidential Iraqi government documents detailing more than 400 police corruption investigations." 7/10

09.Jul.2006 Larry let Laura lie to him: Every single Bush poll has been on the front page 7/10
Cult training center owned by Washington Times publisher wins certification as Ph.D school in New York -- weirdo Republican activists call for war on Christian cross 7/10
The Reality, Not the Bushevik Fantasy: "Brutality and corruption are rampant in Iraq's police force, with abuses including the rape of female prisoners, the release of terrorism suspects in exchange for bribes, assassinations of police officers and participation in insurgent bombings, according to confidential Iraqi government documents detailing more than 400 police corruption investigations." 7/10
Gore pic passes Madonna's "Truth or Dare" to become no. 4 documentary of all time 7/10

09.Jul.2006 Daniel Hopsicker. His recent investigation of the Skyway drug jet bust relates to the current controversy over the Mexican election, since both the Mexican authorities and the Republican party seem to be in on it. Evidence indicates that the coke plane had ties to the spook world.
For a bit of historical background, you may want to go
here to see a memo from Ollie North, back in the heyday of Iran-Contra: On February 10, 1986, Owen ("TC") wrote North (this time as "BG," for "Blood and Guts") regarding a plane being used to carry "humanitarian aid" to the contras that was previously used to transport drugs. The plane belongs to the Miami-based company Vortex, which is run by Michael Palmer, one of the largest marijuana traffickers in the USA. Despite Palmer's long history of drug smuggling, which would soon lead to a Michigan indictment on drug charges, Palmer receives over $300,000.00 from the Nicaraguan Humanitarian Aid Office (NHAO) -- an office overseen by Oliver North, Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs Elliott Abrams + CIA officer Alan Fiers -- to ferry supplies to the contras

09.Jul.2006 Proof of fraud Go here now. Al Giordano delivers the most thorough, most convincing expose of Mexican vote fraud available on the net -- with photographic proof of tampering. Permalink
09.Jul.2006 network by (¯`·._nFo_.·`¯) author of cms-bandits 2.2 ... Giro d'Italia: Trikottausch beim T-Mobile-Team.

NSA -Skandal: Bush nennt Abhöraktionen gesetzmäßig ... nur ohne Drohungen möglich.

NSA - Abhöraktion : Anti-Terror-Kampf dient Bush als ...

20060205 01.Feb.2006 AT&T sued over NSA spy program: The lawsuit, scheduled to be filed Tuesday ... 01.Feb.2006 Angebliche Hilfe bei Abhöraktion : Bürgerrechtler verklagen Telefongesellschaft ...

Abhöraktion bringt Bushs CIA-Kandidaten in Bedrängnis - Yahoo! Nachrichten

Die Berichte über eine umfassende Telefonüberwachung in den USA ... des Militärgeheimdiensts NSA , den Hayden von 00.Mär.1999 ... verteidigte am Freitag die Arbeit der NSA .

Deren Arbeit sei ...

Demnach ging es der NSA darum, eine nationale Datenbank aller ...

Das Sammeln millionenfacher Daten über Telefongespräche in den ...

des Militärgeheimdienstes NSA lösten am Donnerstag bei seiner ...

sagte, alle Maßnahmen der NSA stünden im Einklang mit dem ...

Demnach ging es der NSA darum, eine nationale Datenbank ...

EXPRESSEN.SE/Nyhetskollen: Vi älskar nyheter ... Fönfrisur für eine Leiche. NSA -Affäre: Helle Empörung über gigantische Abhöraktion . Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ...

Mycoplasma genitalium.

Mit 517 Genen besitzt es von allen Lebewesen das kleinste bekannte Erbgut + dem rücken Venter und Smith nun zu Leibe.
Überraschend ist, dass es bei der RNA in Szostaks Urzellen letztlich nur auf eine einzige Eigenschaft ankommt:

"Unsere Versuche zeigen, dass man für einen darwinschen Konkurrenzkampf unter Zellen einfach nur RNA benötigt, die sich im Zellinneren vervielfältigt", sagt Szostak.

Entstünden nämlich durch zufällige Replikationsfehler RNA-Moleküle, die sich schneller replizieren und deren Menge dadurch schneller zunimmt, dann würden diese Vesikel schneller als andere wachsen

Damit wir ein Gebilde als lebendig bezeichnen, muss es nach herrschender Übereinkunft drei Eigenschaften aufweisen:

Es muss sich selbst replizieren, es muss sich von einer Generation zur nächsten weiterentwickeln können + schließlich muss es über einen Stoffwechsel verfügen, der Energie einsammelt und diesen Prozess antreibt.

Während über diese grundlegenden Eigenschaften weitgehend Einigkeit herrscht, sind die weiteren Details offen.

Sicher ist: Die Aliens werden unter uns leben.

Aus der abseitigen Spielwiese der synthetischen Biologie ist inzwischen ein lebhaftes Forschungsfeld mit ersten Firmengründungen entstanden.

Norman Packard etwa, Gründer der Firma Protolife in Venedig, ist ein typischer Vertreter der neuen Biotech-Revoluzzer - nicht ungewöhnlich ist das völlige Fehlen einer Ausbildung in Biologie oder Chemie.

Der amerikanische Physiker und Chaosforscher geriet erstmals Ende der 1970 er Jahre in die Schlagzeilen, als er zusammen mit einigen befreundeten Studenten einen Computer entwickelte, der den Lauf einer Roulette-Kugel vorhersagen sollte. Schon früh hatte er sich aber auch mit der Simulation komplexer biologischer Prozesse beschäftigt - und diese Faszination ließ Packard nicht mehr los:

"Ich wollte die grundlegenden Mechanismen der chemischen Evolution verstehen."

Gesetzmäßigkeiten des Lebens
Irak- Einsatz: US- Deserteure entfliehen dem Kriegshorror
09.Jul.2006 Irak: Studie entlarvt Polizisten als brutal und korrupt
09.Jul.2006 Parteienmisere: Bürgertum koppelt sich von Union ab
Synthetische Biologie: Forscher wollen neuartige Organismen erschaffen
Abschuss: Indien testet atomwaffentaugliche Rakete

Does anyone remember the editorial that The Wall Street Journal published on

19.Sep.2001 ? "So much for Florida," the editorial began, celebrating the way the terrorist attack had pushed aside concerns over the legitimacy of the Supreme Court decision that installed Mr. Bush in the White House. The Journal then warned Mr. Bush not to give in to the "temptation" to "subjugate everything else to the priority of getting bipartisan support for the war on terrorism."

Instead, it urged him to use the "political capital" generated by the atrocity to push through tax cuts and right-wing judicial appointments.

Things have changed since then: Mr. Bush's ability to wrap his power grab in the flag has diminished now that most Americans no longer consider him either competent or honest.

But the administration and its supporters still believe that they can win political battles by impugning the patriotism of those who won't go along.

For the sake of our country, let's hope that they're wrong.

But now the chuckling has stopped: somehow, nobody seems to find calls to send Bill Keller to the gas chamber funny.

And while the White House clearly believes that attacking The Times is a winning political move, it doesn't have to turn out that way — not if enough people realize what's at stake.

For I think that most Americans still believe in the principle that the president isn't a king, that he isn't entitled to operate without checks and balances.

And President Bush is especially unworthy of our trust, because on every front — from his refusal to protect chemical plants to his officials' exposure of Valerie Plame,

from his toleration of war profiteering to his decision to place the CIA in the hands of an incompetent crony — he has consistently played politics with national security.

And he has done so with the approval and encouragement of the same people now attacking The New York Times for its alleged lack of patriotism.
Gaza assault 'may continue'
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says the military offensive in Gaza could continue indefinitely.


Patrick Zdunich, works on the glow plug of the small jet engine mounted under the fuselage of the aircraft. The tiny jet (used normally for big model aircraft), will get the plane moving on the ground up to takeoff speed before the flapping wings take over in flight.
The flapper, as it's affectionately known, sustained flight over about a third of a kilometre for 14 seconds at about 10:20 a.m. before being hit by a crosswind and almost flipping over, damaging the nose and front wheel on the runway at Downsview Park.

But the flight was long enough to prove DeLaurier's mechanical flapping-wing design for a manned, jet-boosted aircraft works. The successful test flight was longer than the first powered flight by aviation pioneers the Wright brothers

00.Dec.1903 that lasted 12 seconds over a windswept beach in North Carolina. Beating that record was enough for DeLaurier.

"It is a perfect day," he said after the flight. "If I have the big one now, I'll die happy."
Another Ornithopter Takes Off CmdrTaco 49 mnmn writes

"Ornithopters have been around for a while, but a professor at the Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies has made progress with his. It flew for 14 seconds and covered a third of a kilometer. However it landed with a bit of a crash. Interestingly it uses a glow jet turbine from RC aircraft."
US soldiers charged in rape case Four US soldiers are charged with rape and murder over an attack on an Iraqi woman who was killed with her family.
09.Jul.2006 US urges talks on N Korea tests The US calls for negotiations over North Korea's missile tests, but threatens isolation if more tests follow.
09.Jul.2006 Labour in addicts' children plan Drug addicts may be told not to have children under a plan being considered by the Scottish Labour Party.
09.Jul.2006 UK sees nuclear power as 'viable' The UK is reportedly expected to say nuclear power is "economically viable" when it unveils an energy review.
09.Jul.2006 Lib Dems back more Afghan troops Liberal Democrats leader Sir Menzies Campbell says he supports sending more UK troops to Afghanistan.
09.Jul.2006 Cracking the GPS Galileo Satellite ScuttleMonkey 111 Glyn writes

"Newswise is reporting the the encryption in the Galileo GPS signal has been broken. The pseudo random number generator used to obscure the information stored in the Galileo GPS signal has been broken. From the article: 'Members of Cornell's Global Positioning System (GPS) Laboratory have cracked the so-called pseudo random number (PRN) codes of Europe's first global navigation satellite, despite efforts to keep the codes secret. That means free access for consumers who use navigation devices -- including handheld receivers and systems installed in vehicles -- that need PRNs to listen to satellites.'"
Mexican presidential candidate claims vote was rigged. Judd 

Lopez Obrador ignited the smoldering emotions of his followers Saturday morning, alleging for the first time that Mexico’s electoral commission had rigged its computers before the July 2 election to ensure the half-%age-point victory of Felipe Calderon.”
09.Jul.2006 Key ally suggests Bush administration broke the law. Judd 

Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-MI) says “the administration might have violated the law by failing to inform Congress of some secret intelligence programs.” Hoekstra is usually one of the administration’s most reliable supporters on intelligence matters.
09.Jul.2006 Great. Just look forward to the Dollar declining 23% over the next 5 years.
Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal: A Community College Dean Looks at the Macroeconomic Situation + Panics

technorati tags:US, Economy, Dire, Performance Blogged with Flock
09.Jul.2006 Op-Ed Contributor: The Myth of the New India India's problems are unlikely to be solved as long as the wealthy, both inside and outside the country, choose to believe their own complacent myths.
09.Jul.2006 Annan warning on Gaza 'disaster' The UN demands urgent Israeli action to prevent a humanitarian disaster in Gaza as military strikes continue.
09.Jul.2006 Archbishop in terror faith plea The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, will call for people to trust in God in the wake of terror attacks.
09.Jul.2006 E-coli outbreak infects 14 people Fourteen people in Leeds are infected with a strain of E-coli described by one official as "very severe".
09.Jul.2006 Gas pipeline begins in Venezuela Venezuela and Colombia start work on a $200m pipeline which will carry Venezuelan fuel to Central America.
09.Jul.2006 Doubt cast on body clock theory Assumptions have been challenged about how a gene known to control the internal clock of the body works.
09.Jul.2006 Why Do Laptops Schlep Such Data? With so much sensitive personal information going AWOL because a corporate or government laptop is stolen, some ask why the data is allowed on the mobile machines at all.
09.Jul.2006 Gay sex causes eathquakes! Yes. Forget all that silliness about geotectonic shifts: Earthquakes are caused by gay sex. And abortion rights advocates caused the tsunami. Katrina? Don't blame global warming + don't blame poor levee construction or land management policies. Blame the queers. So sayeth the religious leader and opinion writer quoted here.
(The worst earthquake in American history occurred in 1811. Our pioneer forefathers must've been kinkier than most people think.)

09.Jul.2006 Ameisen zählen ihre Schritte sfux Harald Haack - Ameisen zählen ihre Schritte. Das haben Zürcher Forscher herausgefunden. Mehr als hundert Meter weit durch die Sahara jagen die Wüstenameisen (Cataglyphis fortis) ihre Beute oft, um dann auf dem kürzesten Weg wieder zum Ausgangspunkt zurückzukehren und dabei zählen sie ihre Schritte.
Den Beweis dafür gelang den Forschern, nachdem sie den Ameisen, die...

07.Jul.2006 Guantanamo ought to be closed immediately” Judd Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, 7/7/06
09.Jul.2006 Ken Lay: Another Martyr? Minister to Hold Ceremony
``I plan to tell them this is not the first time somebody good has been falsely accused and even crucified,''...

09.Jul.2006 William Rodriguez: 9/11 Hero Paul Joseph Watson William Rodriguez: 9/11 Hero 9/11 hero and truth activist William Rodriguez was rescuing people from the burning towers when men twice his size were afraid to
09.Jul.2006 Representative Of Largest 9/11 Families Group Says Government Paul Joseph Watson 

Representative Of Largest 9/11 Families Group Says Government Complicit In Attack Tells radio host 9/11 Commission a sham, "cover-up beyond belief"
American Scholars Symposium Panel Discussion Paul Joseph Watson American Scholars Symposium Panel Discussion The information highlight of the symposium was undoubtedly the Sunday morning panel discussion.
09.Jul.2006 Not Waiting For Godot — How The Ultra Religious Are Laying The Groundwork For Armageddon Uncle Dave "We want apocalypse, now!"
09.Jul.2006 Sorry, I don’t do Social Networks anymore Robert Scoble The Friendster patent isn’t a reason why I don’t do social networks anymore. I simply find that they are annoying. I get TONS of emails asking me to join things like LinkedIn, Friendster, Orkut + other social networks. Even Flickr could be seen as a social network of types
09.Jul.2006 The Plot To Hijack Your Computer Consumers have strong opinions about Direct Revenue's software. "If I ever meet anyone from your company, I will kill you," a person who identified himself as James Chang said in an e-mail to Direct Revenue last summer. "I will f------ kill you and your families." Such sentiments aren't unusual. " ...
09.Jul.2006 Canadian Casino refuses to pay out over $200,000 in Keno winnings, claims the “win” was really just a “software error”! SN Casino refuses to pay out winnings
09.Jul.2006 Runaway tipping points of no return Gavin I wonder if any else has noticed that we appear to have crossed a threshold in the usage of the phrase 'tipping point' in discussions of climate? We went from a time when it was never used, to a point (of no return?) where it is used in almost 100% of articles on the subject. Someone should come ...
09.Jul.2006 "I'm Not George Bush"... The Huffington Post 
U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman sought to distance himself from the Bush administration during a televised debate with his upstart Democratic primary challenger Thursday, telling him: "I'm not George Bush." Lieberman's opponent, political newcomer Ned Lamont, has gained in statewide polls by accusing ...

09.Jul.2006 ABC wants to disable FF on DVRs
ABC HAS HELD DISCUSSIONS ON the use of technology that would disable the fast-forward button on DVRs, according to ABC President of Advertising Sales Mike Shaw, with the primary goal to allow TV commercials to run as intended.

09.Jul.2006 Former AT&T Customers Sue Cingular
Cingular has been sued by former AT&T Wireless customers who accused the company of breaching contracts + violating the law in the way it handled subscribers of the acquired company. The suit seeks class action status.

09.Jul.2006 Hate Groups Are Infiltrating the Military, Group Asserts
Recruiting shortfalls caused by the war in Iraq have allowed &#034;large numbers of neo-Nazis and skinhead extremists&#034; to join the military, a watchdog group said.

09.Jul.2006 Bush On Convicted Ken Lay: "He's A Good Guy"... The Huffington Post 
Transcript: KING: The death of Ken Lay. G. BUSH: Yes, yes. KING: I know he was your friend. How do you feel? Were you shocked? G. BUSH: I was. I was very surprised. You know, just -- my hope is that his heart was right with the Lord + I feel real sorry for his wife. She's had a rough go + ...

09.Jul.2006 Lawsuits Over The Google Party Jet; Arguments Over Bed Sizes On Board
New details out now about the Google Jet we've written about before, the used 767 that Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have purchased. Turns out, there are lawsuits filed over the retrofit of the plane + with them, news of hammocks hanging from the ceiling and an apparent fight ...

09.Jul.2006 Property Rights Initiative in Washington State Eduardo_Penalver 
Property Rights groups in Washington State appear to have managed to gather enough signatures to get an initiative put on the ballot in the fall that would, if approved by voters, require compensation for government regulation that results in any...

09.Jul.2006 Think-tank attacks crime strategy Government criminal justice reform policies are based on a 'flawed' analysis of problems, a think tank claims.
09.Jul.2006 Court challenge to Mexican poll The losing Mexican presidential candidate vows to challenge the result in court, citing irregularities.
09.Jul.2006 Al-Qaeda suspect held in Germany A German citizen accused of ties to a suspected 9/11 plotter and to Iraq suicide attacks is held.
09.Jul.2006 Terror suspects 'flee Saudi jail' Seven terror suspects - reportedly linked to al-Qaeda - escape from prison in Saudi Arabia, officials say.
09.Jul.2006 Hostel blaze victims 'let down' The father of a victim of an arson attack at an Australian hostel criticises a decision not to prosecute its operators.
09.Jul.2006 UK trial for Enron trio rejected The attorney general rejects calls for three bankers wanted over the Enron scandal to be tried in the UK.
09.Jul.2006 US 'finds Iraq killing failings' Marines at all levels failed to probe conflicting reports of US killings in Haditha in Iraq, a report quoted by media says.
09.Jul.2006 Japan seeks N Korea sanctions Japan presents a draft resolution to the UN Security Council urging sanctions over North Korea's missile tests.
09.Jul.2006 Religious row over stem cell work Scientists condemn a leading Catholic cardinal's calls for those who carry out embryonic stem cell research to be excommunicated.
09.Jul.2006 EU says disputed Mexico vote fair EU election monitors say they saw no irregularities in last Sunday's hotly disputed presidential election.
09.Jul.2006 Iran 'positive' on nuclear offer Iran's chief nuclear negotiator says he is positive about an incentives package agreed by world powers.
09.Jul.2006 Dolls 'help Alzheimer's patients' Dolls and teddy bears can help people with Alzheimer's disease interact and communicate, research suggests.
09.Jul.2006 Blood markers for dementia risk Blood levels of two proteins important in Alzheimer's disease may predict pending dementia, say scientists.
09.Jul.2006 Summer smog 'killing thousands' More than 3,000 people die each year because of summer smog, the Liberal Democrats claim.
09.Jul.2006 Codeine 'does not relieve cough' Codeine is barely more effective than a dummy drug in treating coughing in chronic lung disease, a study finds.
09.Jul.2006 Navy: Sonar vs. Whales Appealing to a federal court, the Navy tries to block a court order preventing the use of active sonar for war games off Hawaii. Environmentalists claim the sound waves might harm whales; the military says they need the sonar for national security.
09.Jul.2006 Five dampers on IT worker confidence Also: School admins demand access to students' cell phones.
09.Jul.2006 FBI plans new Net-tapping push New legislation, seen by CNET, forces Net providers, networking-gear makers to build in Big Brother.
09.Jul.2006 Security agency war game tries to teach Net defense In a less clandestine role, NSA pushes federal agencies--and everyone else--to master art of guarding networks.
09.Jul.2006 FBI Planning New Net-Tapping Push ScuttleMonkey 84 Section_Ei8ht writes to tell us

CNet is reporting that the FBI is pushing for legislation to allow law enforcement officials free access to networking gear via built in backdoors for eavesdropping. From the article: "Jim Harper, a policy analyst at the free-market Cato Institute and member of a Homeland Security advisory board, said the proposal would 'have a negative impact on Internet users' privacy. People expect their information to be private unless the government meets certain legal standards,' Harper said. 'Right now the Department of Justice is pushing the wrong way on all this.'"
Wind Powered Freighters Return ScuttleMonkey 109 thatoneguyfromphoeni writes

"It appears that sails could return to the ocean's freighters soon. Newsweek is reporting on a technology to assist with cross-ocean travel. From the article: 'SkySails' system consists of an enormous towing kite and navigation software that can map the best route between two points for maximum wind efficiency. In development for more than four years, the system costs from roughly $380,000 to $3.2 million, depending on the size of the ship it's pulling. SkySails claims it will save one third of fuel costs.'"
Voice Phishing Hits PayPal CowboyNeal 117 Chai Vanilla writes

"The latest social engineering phishing attack is now using phones instead of fake web sites. Identity thieves have spammed fake PayPal account compromise warnings to lure users into dialing a phone number and giving up credit card information. Unlike normal phishing e-mails, there is no URL or response address. Instead, the e-mail urges the recipient to call a phone number and verify account details."
School Admins Demand Access to Students' Cellphones Zonk 605 Reverberant writes

"School administrators in Framingham MA have implemented a policy allowing them to not only confiscate cell phones, but also to search through students' cell phone data as part of their anti drug/violence efforts. Students claim that the policy is an invasion of their privacy."
The Myth of the New India Zonk 143+ theodp writes

"An NYT op-ed on The Myth of the New India reports that only 1.3M Indians are participating in the so-called new economy of BPO, leaving 400M have-nots without a piece of the pie. Despite recent gains, nearly 380M Indians still live on less $1 a day, setting the stage for rural and urban conflict." From the article: "No labor-intensive manufacturing boom of the kind that powered the economic growth of almost every developed and developing country in the world has yet occurred in India. Unlike China, India still imports more than it exports. This means that as 70 million more people enter the work force in the next five years, most of them without the skills required for the new economy, unemployment and inequality could provoke even more social instability than they have already."
Solar System in a Can May Reveal Hidden Dimensions Zonk 196+ dylanduck writes

"A model solar system, made of tungsten and placed in space, could reveal hidden spatial dimensions and test alternative theories of gravity. If the system's 'planets' moved slightly differently to the way predicted by standard gravity, it would signal the presence of new physical phenomena." From the article: "Once at the Lagrange point, the artificial solar system would be set in motion inside the spacecraft. An 8-centimetre-wide sphere of tungsten would act as an artificial sun, while a smaller test sphere would be launched 10 cm away into an oval-shaped orbit. The miniscule planet would orbit its tungsten sun 3,000 times per year."
A Profile of the Electronic Frontier Foundation Zonk 103+ Somnus writes

"MSNBC discusses the evolution and current criticisms of the EFF." From the article: "The EFF continues to tackle issues like anonymity, electronic voting, patents and copyright, but the Sept. 11 attacks nearly five years ago have forced the EFF to spend more time on surveillance. It has sought to require more evidence before law enforcement can legally track people's locations by their cell phones + in January the group sued AT&T, saying the San Antonio-based company violated U.S. law and the privacy of its customers. AT&T and NSA officials declined comment for this article."
Dishonesty and Stupidity Behind Afghan Fiasco: The debacle of Britain-in-Afghanistan cannot be ignored, because British troops are at risk. - They are sweltering and dying in Helmand not to prop up an embattled regime in Kabul, for which they are hopelessly undermanned, but to keep NATO alive in Europe, an unworthy mission.

09.Jul.2006 Imperial Racism: Racism, the ideology that came into full flower as a justification for European conquest of most of the planet, is now headquartered in the USA – with an annex in Israel. Tel Aviv is a very active annex.

09.Jul.2006 4 Million British banking secrets sent to America : Details of 4.6 million British financial transactions are being secretly disclosed each year to American intelligence agencies, privacy campaigners say.

09.Jul.2006 EU Parliament demands to know more about secret U.S. programs : The Parliament voted 302 to 219, with 22 abstentions, to demand that the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the EU's 25 member states "explain fully the extent to which they were aware of the secret agreement" between Swift, an international banking consortium + the U.S. government.

09.Jul.2006 U.S. authorities say they disrupted terrorist plan to attack NYC tunnels: The planning appeared to be in the early stages + the tunnels and other transportation routes weren't believed to have ever been at serious risk.

09.Jul.2006 Two more NY plot suspects held abroad: FBI: Two more suspects in a plot to attack a New York rail tunnel are in custody abroad, in addition to a man arrested in Lebanon, a senior FBI official said on Friday.

09.Jul.2006 That's Their Big Gun?: Republicans running on their anti-terror exploits are just plain nutty.

09.Jul.2006 Paul Krugman: The Treason Card : Over the last few months a series of revelations have confirmed what should have been obvious a long time ago: the Bush administration and the movement it leads have been engaged in an authoritarian project, an effort to remove all the checks and balances that have heretofore constrained the executive branch.

09.Jul.2006 Cheney really wants U.S. dictator : The USA is caught up in a new campaign for a military dictatorship -- rule by a military chief with absolute power. The White House, inspired by Vice President Dick Cheney, has argued that in time of great danger, the president has unlimited powers as commander in chief.

09.Jul.2006 The strange death of Joe Lieberman: The man who used to be the next vice president of the US is in trouble + it doesn't augur well for Hillary Cllinton.

09.Jul.2006 Guantánamo inmate tells of worsening conditions : David Hicks said he had not been told about a landmark US court ruling that cancelled his proposed military trial, his lawyer, David McLeod, said.

09.Jul.2006 In Hicks's case it's not the law that is the ass: If Geneva Conventions and congressional approval are required for Guantanamo trials, what about the whole slew of "legal" devices that the Bush White House has manufactured for the war on terrorism? This includes warrantless eavesdropping, indefinite detention, interrogation techniques, torture, rendition and CIA black sites.

09.Jul.2006 Norman Baker MP on the Death of Dr David Kelly : Video: British LibDem MP Norman Baker is now two months into a private, year-long investigation into the death of Dr David Kelly, the scientist who found himself under seige after apparently accusing the government of "sexing up" the case for war to a BBC journalist.
09.Jul.2006 Juan Cole: Israel's failed-state strategy: Olmert's smashing of Gaza reveals his greatest fear: A viable Palestinian government he'd have to negotiate with.

09.Jul.2006 India votes against Israel at UNHRC: Concerned over the "deteriorating humanitarian conditions" of the Palestinian people, India and 28 other countries have demanded an end to military action by Israel in the occupied areas and sought immediate release of arrested Palestinian ministers and members of Palestinian Legislative Council

09.Jul.2006 D.C. Showdown Expected on Hamas Bill: Jewish organizations are making one last lobbying push as members of both chambers of Congress are set to meet in a conference committee to reconcile two versions of the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006.

09.Jul.2006 A gift horse or a Trojan horse? Pro-Israel preacher goes a-lobbying. A Texas preacher is coming to Capitol Hill later this month with a present for the Jews: some 2,000 heartland Americans lobbying for Israel.

09.Jul.2006 Iran says Islamic world can explode: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, has warned that continued Israeli strikes against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip can lead to an "explosion" in the Islamic world that would target Israel and its supporters in the West.

09.Jul.2006 Washington rejects a German compromise on Iran: German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung's suggestion that Iran should be allowed to carry out a limited enrichment program - has exposed a fundamental crack in the facade of unity among the six countries that have given Iran a proposal aimed at halting all its enrichment activities.

09.Jul.2006 N.K. long-range missile flew for 7 minutes, not 42 seconds:: North Korea's long-range Taepodong-2 missile travelled for about 7 minutes after liftoff before it plunged into the East Sea, a top South Korean military officer said Thursday.

09.Jul.2006 Russian foreign minister warns against threatening North Korea: Russia's foreign minister on Thursday warned against threatening North Korea with sanctions after its missile tests, saying this would provoke a hostile response.

09.Jul.2006 North Korea defends missile tests, vows to continue launches : The North Korean government promised Thursday to "continue with missile launch drills" and threatened to "take stronger physical actions" against anyone who tried to stop the missile tests.

09.Jul.2006 N.Korea envoy says sanctions are declaration of war: North Korea considers sanctions against it as a declaration of war, its deputy ambassador to the United Nations was quoted as saying by South Korea's Yonhap news agency late on Friday.

09.Jul.2006 China may veto resolution condemning N.Korea - Wang: China on Friday said it will not join unanimity when the Security Council votes in the near future on a draft resolution condemning North Korea for test-firing six missiles

09.Jul.2006 North Korea issues new "threats ": North Korea threatened Japan on Friday for imposing sanctions after it test-fired missiles this week, while the USA struggled to get a unified diplomatic response to the launchings.

09.Jul.2006 15 Afghan civilians killed in US strike’ : Members of the affected families and witnesses told the private Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) that 15 civilians, including women and children, perished in the bombing by coalition aircraft. Earlier, the coalition forces had claimed that 35 Taliban fighters were killed in the air strike on a “known Taliban compound”
09.Jul.2006 Cindy Sheehan : Conduct Unbecoming : Everyone, male or female, in the Bush Regime should be charged with Ungentlemanly Conduct which is Article 133 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

09.Jul.2006 Group says racists joining military: A decade after the Pentagon declared a zero-tolerance policy for racist hate groups, recruiting shortfalls caused by the war in Iraq have allowed "large numbers of neo-Nazis and skinhead extremists" to infiltrate the military, according to a watchdog organization.
07.Jul.2006 Most Israelis want Hamas leaders assassinated-poll -By Reuters

The vast majority of Israelis believe the Jewish state should assassinate leaders of the governing Palestinian movement Hamas in response to the crisis in Gaza, a newspaper poll published on Friday showed. Continue

09.Jul.2006 Hegemonic Tyrant Courts Doom By Paul Craig Roberts
Gentle reader, consider what it means when our government believes other countries have no right to their own interests unless they coincide with US interests. It means that we are the tyrant country. We cannot be the tyrant country without being perceived as the tyrant country. Consequently, the rest of the world unites against us.

09.Jul.2006 The Washington Post's War-mongering Scribe -By Mike Whitney
All the pompous victory speeches and blather about "dead-enders and terrorists" was just more empty rhetoric. The real strategy is to conceal America's ignominious defeat while keeping a couple of well-placed bases in the Iraqi oil fields.

09.Jul.2006 Democracy, Mexican Style By Stephen Lendman
What do these presidential elections all have in common: Mexico, 1988 + US, 2000 + US, 2004 + Colombia + Peru 2006 + the just concluded Mexican election on 02.Jul.2006 ?

In each case, the outcome was "arranged" and known in advance before voters went to the polls. Continue

09.Jul.2006 America's Hidden History Video - The Plot To Overthrow FDR
When Franklin Delano Roosevelt won the Presidency 00.000.1932, many Americans looked to his bold New Deal plans as the way out of the dark days of the Depression. But a powerful group of financiers and industrialists saw his economic policies as a threat.
Click here to watch

09.Jul.2006 Taliban 'energised' by British troops' presence: The UK, Defence Secretary, Des Browne, has said that the presence of British forces in Afghanistan has "energised" the Taliban.

09.Jul.2006 Inside the anti-US resistance : Osama Bin Laden is ill and invisible, but five years after 11.Sep.2001, his al-Qaeda movement has become the fulcrum of a global, Islamic resistance against the USA.

09.Jul.2006 U.S. Guided Missile Destroyer Deployed To Japan: Amid tensions over North Korean nuclear tests, the USA has dispatched a top-of-the-line guided missile destroyer to Japan.

09.Jul.2006 CIA sent me to be tortured in Afghan prison, says Algerian : Testimony by an Algerian national caught up in the CIA's extraordinary rendition programme, held for 16 months in secret prisons and later released without charge, has revealed how he was chained by the wrists and ankles and left hanging from the roof of a torture chamber for hours on end.

09.Jul.2006 No serious plot for NYC, just hate chatter : One former intelligence field officer says + two other CIA officials confirm, that the alleged plot by Muslim extremists to bomb the Holland Tunnel in New York City was nothing more than chatter by unaffiliated individuals

09.Jul.2006 The Tunnel of Fear : It’s hard to know what to make of the FBI’s reported disruption of a plot to blow up the Holland Tunnel. But the timing of the leak — and its intended political impact — is indisputable.

09.Jul.2006 Terror crew urged to hit FBI's bldgs. : An FBI informant urged seven terror suspects to target FBI offices throughout the country - including one in New York - and even helped the men scout the buildings, law enforcement sources told the Daily News yesterday.

09.Jul.2006 Stranger than fiction?: California Man Revealed as al Qaeda Leader: For the first time, a former Orange County, Calif. teenage rock music fan has revealed his role as a top al Qaeda leader.

09.Jul.2006 The Terrorism Index : Is the USA winning the war on terror? Not according to more than 100 of America’s top foreign-policy hands. They see a national security apparatus in disrepair and a government that is failing to protect the public from the next attack.

09.Jul.2006 Pair charged after terror raids : The charges against Mr Altimimi relate to the possession of articles for the purposes of terrorism,

09.Jul.2006 FBI plans new Net-tapping push : The FBI has drafted sweeping legislation that would require Internet service providers to create wiretapping hubs for police surveillance and force makers of networking gear to build in backdoors for eavesdropping,

09.Jul.2006 E-Book: The Plot To Seize The White House: Americans can no longer be shocked by the discovery that information directly affecting their personal freedom is withheld from news media to protect persons with governmental influence. But it still comes as a shocking revelation that 00.000.1933 there was an actual attempt to make a fascist puppet of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

09.Jul.2006 "Now and Some Day??" : Just say that schools were to have the compulsory subject of 'civics' .. including such as history, geography and political systems. And just say that, in order to be able to vote for anyone, you would have had to have passed some leaving exam ... if you were going to have the right to vote in future.

09.Jul.2006 Putin: Russia to withdraw WTO pledges if no agreement with US : Russia will revoke all obligations it has assumed during negotiations on joining the World Trade Organization if it cannot reach agreement with the USA on its WTO bid, President Vladimir Putin said

09.Jul.2006 Russia forces US-funded radio services off the air : Two radio news services funded by the US government that broadcast across Russia + were often critical of the Kremlin have been largely taken off the air.

09.Jul.2006 Germany: Massive protests at Bush visit planned: 30 organizations want to protest against US president George W. Bush’s policies during his visit to Germany 00.Jul.2006 .

Under the motto “Not welcome, Mr. President”, the organizer expects demonstrators from all over Germany.

09.Jul.2006 Special Coverage: Socialism 2006 Conference: Over 1500 people attended this 4 day Socialism 2006 conference in New York, held at Columbia University.

See coverage with transcripts at Socialist Worker. We present audio coverage of the Saturday night rally and panels

09.Jul.2006 Greg Palast: Mexico and Florida have more in common than heat :  There is evidence that left-leaning voters have been scrubbed from key electoral lists in Latin America

A must watch: Charlie Rose Interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: President of Waterkeeper Alliance and professor of environmental law, Pace University - Interview begins at 37:25 into the program

09.Jul.2006 Was The Ohio Vote Fixed: Video: Voting Machines Whistle Blower Testimony
09.Jul.2006 War crimes : Israel’s offensive against peace : The 1949 Geneva Conventions state, in article 54 of their additional protocol: “Starvation of civilians as a method of warfare is prohibited”. It is also “prohibited to attack, destroy, remove or render useless objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population”.

09.Jul.2006 Haniyeh proposes ceasefire; Israel rebuffs offer : "We will not negotiate with hostage-takers," Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said.: Haniyeh is also demanding the release of eight Hamas cabinet ministers detained by Israel.

09.Jul.2006 What Is Israel Doing? A Call By Jews In Britain. PDF

09.Jul.2006 The Age of Irony: It is tragic to witness the transformation of a victim into the worst perpetrator of that which he suffered from in the past. But this is what is unfolding before our eyes.

09.Jul.2006 Stop Israel's Attacks on Gaza : Hold Israel to account for its killing of civilians and destruction of civilian infrastructure in the Gaza Strip.
09.Jul.2006 Poll: 62 % Say "Bring the troops home : "It is perhaps fair to say that a significant majority of Americans would like the USA to either withdraw troops from Iraq or make specific plans to do so, although there is no majority demand that troops be withdrawn immediately."

09.Jul.2006 I Was a Mouthpiece for the American Military” : An embedded TV producer's frank assessment

09.Jul.2006 Haditha Massacre Cover-up: An investigation into the cover-up of the alleged murder of 24 Iraqi civilians in the town of Haditha last November concludes Marine officers at every level up to and including the colonel who commanded the regiment failed to investigate inaccurate and conflicting reports of how the civilians were killed.

09.Jul.2006 Supporting the Troops: The yearly cost of unemployment benefits for disabled military personnel has ballooned to $3 billion. Is the U.S. prepared for the oncoming wave of Iraq war vets?

09.Jul.2006 Israel bombs Gaza home, at least 6 dead: According to witnesses, a six-year-old girl was among the dead.

09.Jul.2006 Israel bomb kills 3: A SIX-year-old Palestinian girl, her elder brother and her mother were killed. 39 Palestinians + one Israeli soldier have been killed since Israel launched its invasion of Gaza late Wednesday
09.Jul.2006 All Iraq is Abu Ghraib By Haifa Zangana

Our streets are prison corridors and our homes cells as the occupiers go about their strategic humiliation and intimidation. Continue

09.Jul.2006 Why Is America Terrorizing Muslims? By Mahboob A. Khawaja, Ph.D.
President Bush invoked the “War on Terrorism”, as a dictum of power, not reason and wisdom, to camouflage the prospective future with acts of barbarity and to dispel the notion of accountability in global affairs. Historically, people and nations pursuing this path of behavior have ended up in self-defeat and self-destruction.

09.Jul.2006 North Korea and the vanishing American Empire Does Kim Jung Il read the newspapers? By Mike Whitney
If Kim thumbed through today’s news he would have seen the limp and bloodied body of a dead Palestinian boy being rushed away from the site of Israel’s latest attack in Gaza.

He would have read about the mysterious explosions that rocked Kabul overnight and the 30 or so “alleged” Taliban that were blown up in America’s scattershot carpet-bombing of southern Afghanistan.

He would have seen that 24 new bodies of bound and brutalized Iraqis had been dumped at the Baghdad morgue after being abducted and tortured by the roaming death squads which control the capital. Continue

09.Jul.2006 Slaying Goliath: Give David A Stone Bo Filter
Imagine thousands of people demanding that money be pulled away from the military to fund a peace-industrial complex . Imagine across the street or next door to every recruiting office is an equally funded peace office extolling the virtues of exporting bread instead of bombs.

09.Jul.2006 The Republican National Committee poured nearly three million dollars into Tobin’s legal expenses -- more than it spent on the entire state election.

Oddly enough, Tobin made 115 calls to a number in the White House in the month leading up to the election. Those calls went to an office run by Ken Mehlman, now the head of the RNC.
The Bush White House says that the phone-jamming scheme never came up during these conversations. If that’s true, then it really would not be fair to suggest that the RNC paid millions of dollars just to keep Ken Mehlman’s name out of the scandal.
But if Hansen's story is true... well . I wonder how Ken Mehlman is feeling right now? Permalink
09.Jul.2006 Shaun Hansen, the guy who owned the company that did the dirty work, is now arguing that the White House approved of the phone jamming scheme. His lawyers say that the Bushfolk assured his superiors that the tactic was legal. Any such assurance indicates White House foreknowledge of the scheme.
09.Jul.2006 Who killed democracy? Don't you hate it when someone keeps calling and hanging up, without bothering to say hi?
That's what happened in New Hampshire 00.000.2002. The target -- as most of you know -- was Democratic headquarters, where folks were trying to arrange a get-out-the-vote effort on election day. Republican John Sununu was fighting a tough race for the Senate against Democrat Jeanne Shaheen. For the Democrats, voter turnout was everything.

09.Jul.2006 Catherine Crier of CourtTV has broadcast a blistering attack on the current state of our elections. See it here.
Hand job. Looks like there will be a hand recount of the paper ballots in the disputed
CA-50 election -- the one where all those all-too-hackable election machines were kept stored in private homes. Two problems:
1. The recount is expensive -- $130,000 or so. Double-checking democracy commands a steeper price in San Diego than elsewhere because. Why? Because. That's why.
2. Recounting the paper ballots is not the same thing as recounting the machine ballots. (Thanks, as always, to the inestimable

08.Jul.2006 Vote news Greg Palast has the latest from old Mexico: The official count of the ruling party is: 36.38% for the ruling party and 35.34% for the challenger.
Or, to put names and numbers to it: The Bush-o-philiac candidate, Felipe Calderon, collected 402,000 more votes than Bush-bashed Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. But the big winner was Mr. Blank -- the 827,000 ballots without a mark for president.
I smell something rotten… eau d'Ohio, vintage 2004. In that state, as in Mexico this week, the presidential "winner," George Bush, had victory margin smaller than the combined "undercount" (blank ballots) and rejected and mangled ballots.
Blank ballots are rarely random - in the USA, nearly 88% were cast 00.000.2004, notably, in minority areas, the result of bad voting machines. That is, Democrats' ballots "spoil" and "blank out" a heck of a lot more often than Republican ballots. What about in Mexico?
I intend to find out. As soon as I saw the "official" vote count, I booked a plane to Mexico City. I'll be there to tomorrow to join our investigators on the ground - and to fill in the blanks.
And what about the "spoiled" vote - ballots rejected, lost, mangled? Well, some are sitting in dumpsters in Veracruz State which is controlled by the old ruling PRI. (There's a darn good chance that the PRI, hoping to stave off its extinction, played a bigger role than Calderon's PAN in shoplifting votes from challenger Lopez Obrador.)

08.Jul.2006 Many Bin Laden tapes have been questioned -- see here and here. Conspiracy buffs aren't the only ones voicing doubts: Even Walter Cronkite has toyed with these suspicions.
Those suspicions come backed by expert opinion. 00.000.2002, a respected Swiss research institute proclaimed a then-recent
Osamacast to be phoney. See also this piece by Arabist Kevin Barrett, from last February: The trouble is, it's all based on a Big Lie. Take the recent "bin Laden" tape, please! That voice was no more bin Laden than it was Rodney Dangerfield channeling my late Aunt Corinne from Peoria. I recently helped translate a previously unknown bin Laden tape, a real one from the early '90s, back when he was still alive. I know the guy's flowery religious rhetoric. The recent tape wasn't him.
The top American bin Laden expert agrees. Professor Bruce Lawrence, head of Duke University's religious studies department, has just published a book of translations of bin Laden's speeches. He says that the recent tape is a fake and that it is possible bin Laden is not even alive. Who knows? Maybe Bin Laden really did die 00.000.2001, as many have claimed. Maybe al-Masri really has been in Tura prison. Maybe Zarqawi is living under an assumed name in Albuquerque. Maybe Al Qaida's central committee is a conclave of scarecrows.

08.Jul.2006 "Discovery"- Flug: Erfolgreicher Ritt auf dem Roboterarm
08.Jul.2006 Abu Dhabi: Gehry baut größte Guggenheim- Galerie
Unwetter in Berlin: Wassermassen unterspülen Mehrfamilienhaus
08.Jul.2006 Unterwanderung: Bürgerrechtler warnen vor Neonazis in US- Armee
08.Jul.2006 Massaker in Haditha: Offiziere haben bei Ermittlungen geschlampt
08.Jul.2006 Datenschutz: Verhaltens- Kodex für Waren mit Funkchips gefordert
Kleiner Unterschied: Geschlecht bestimmt Gen- Aktivität