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00.Dez.2004 Navy says tactics seen in latest torture photos OK : Preliminary ... https://alfatomega.com/20041210.html

21.Dec.2004 THE SECRET NESTS: Flushing out some birds from deep cover! ... Mexican police, assisted by US drug agents, arrest Alberto Sicilia Falcon ,... for the Nicaraguan Contras, those photos were leaked to the media. ... https://www.the-catbird-seat.net/CIA.htm
07.May 2004 NucNews- Odom made his remarks before the Abu Ghraib photos were released. ...

Mexican police, assisted by US drug agents, arrest Alberto Sicilia Falcon, https://nucnews.net/nucnews/2004nn/0405nn/040507nn.htm
Historical Text Archive: Articles: Noriega and Key Players in the ...essays, documents, historical photos + links, screened for content, ...homicidal power-obsessed Cuban homosexual named Alberto Sicilia - Falcon, ...
https://historicaltextarchive.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=114 -
VHeadline.com - CIA operative secretly smuggled 22 tonnes of ...

Mexican police, assisted by US drug agents, arrest Alberto Sicilia Falcon ,... his $2-billion fortune as a cocaine supplier to Alberto Sicilia Falcon . ... https://www.vheadline.com/readnews.asp?id=12132
Drug War: Viva Zapata.. a CIA weapons brochure found in the personal papers of Alberto Sicilia – Falcon,

... photos - were forced to raid one of their own protected operations. ...https://www.drugwar.com/vivazapata.shtm

URL: https://www.clintonfein.com/home.html
21.Dec.2004 "We don't do body counts" -- General Tommy Franks
Numb & Number follows on the momentum of Clinton Fein's acclaimed New York exhibition, WARNING!, of which New York Times' Ken Johnson wrote:

"This South African provocateur's vitriolic, darkly comic digital montages attack President Bush, his cabinet and his Iraq policies."

Numb & Number features digital collages and photo-based work reflecting on the last four years of the Bush Administration.

From a misuse of the term fuzzy math that shaped the 2000 election to the daily count of the dead + wounded in the war in Iraq,

the show focuses on the extent to which numbers are used to numb, confuse + manipulate an increasingly insecure public.

Fein's digital "Weapons of Mass Destruction" are Photoshop, videos, music, poetry, text, photography + imported images off the Internet.

Seamless assemblages, photomontages, crude imagery + irony make up a virtual diary of the missteps and calamities of a second Bush regime. [Details] [View Images] [Select Reviews/Coverage]

URL: https://www.google.com/search?q=Clint%20Curtis&hl=en&lr=&start=30&sa=N
21.Dec.2004 Web   Results 31 - 130 of about 437,000 for Clint Curtis . ( 0.48 seconds) 

USATODAY.com ... Subject: Hearing - CLINT CURTIS - You GOT to be kidding To: Rep. John Conyers 07.Dec.2004 Mr. Lopisi, esq: You are an attorney? ...
Cleanup Crew - Answering questions re: Clint Curtis... Subject: "Answering questions re: Clint Curtis ", ... Answering questions re: Clint Curtis -Brad ( relayed by Wiley ), 09:08 PM,-07.Dec.2004 (0): ...
Crooks and Liars ... Clint Curtis, 46, claims that he built the software for Feeney in 2000 while working at a sofware design + engineering company in Oviedo, Florida (Feeney's ... www.crooksandliars.com/2004/12/06.html
November 2 Truth - Breakthrough Congressional Testimony... The BRAD BLOG has just received an exclusive first-hand account of Clint Curtis ' sworn testimony (as reported earlier) to the Judiciary Committee Democrats
Lefterer.com ~ Stoking the fire in your loins. I mean heart. More on Clint Curtis Story By Benjamin Harrison on Monday, 06.Dec.2004

00.Sep.2003 -Since last- .. A book by Clint Curtis came out, I ... www.lefterer.com/?page=feature&id=139

21.Dec.2004 Clinton Fein: Introduction.. with the self + the surface of things, Clinton Fein's work dissects ... Fein's politically charged art offers social critique through compelling, aggressive +www.clintonfein.com/home.html

21.Dec.2004 mikl-em's First Frickin' Friday #1: The Humor Against Terrorism ...... Gadeken (Artist, Producer & Kinetic Art Enabler); Harry ... https://www.harpers.org/weekly- review / good overview ... https://www.annoy.com Clinton Fein's biting satire is ... www.mikl-em.com/fff/fff1.html

21.Dec.2004 kal – dino_bird .. whole range of issues > www.annoy.com - Clinton Fein's biting satire ... i am broke, i make art, i hang with ... D. Hodge https://www.harpers.org/weekly- review a sample ...www.monkeyview.net/id/4/odds/and_ends/politics/dino_bird.vhtml

21.Dec.2004 DC Indymedia: newswire/75129 .. by Clinton Fein / Annoy.com (No verified email address), 30.Jun.2003 Modified: 11.Aug ... overlay/refinement that piles on the bullshit in the (jumpst) art form of ...dc.indymedia.org/newswire/display_any/75129 -

21.Dec.2004 Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | 2 Charged in China Illegal ...

president of Azure Systems Inc. of Orlando, Fla., + Hai Lin Nee, a Chinese citizen who works at Azure Systems.

They are charged with ... www.guardian.co.uk/uslatest/story/0,1282,-3867532,00.html

21.Dec.2004 November 2 Truth - Vote-rigging prototype story gains steam, but ...

Hai Lin Nee, who Curtis names in his affidavit, was arrested in a 4-year-old Immigration + Customs Enforcement sting operation for trying to mail sensitive ... https://nov2truth.org/article.php?story=2004121412424056 -

19.Dec.2004 TP: Update: Wahlbetrug in Florida?

Hai Lin Nee, von dem Curtis sagt, er habe für Yang Enterprises gearbeitet, wurde unter dem Verdacht festgenommen, Informationen über Waffen an China weiter ... www.heise.de/tp/r4/artikel/18/18969/1.html

21.Dec.2004 babble: Where is the Media?Allegations also included the employment of a suspected illegal alien, Mr. Hai Lin Nee, who worked as YEI's "quality control" manager. quote: ...

Cleanup Crew - Yang non-response to clinton curtis claims . claims", Question1)How did your TING-IH HSU HAI LIN NEE a/k/a Henry Nee get computer chips for HELLFIRE MISSLES to send to China ? ...

Stolen Election 2004: Tuesday Update | Democrats.com Blog + 00.Mar.2003 -Last- the Chinese national that Curtis discussed, Hai Lin Nee, was arrested in a 4-year-old Immigration + Customs Enforcement sting operation for ... blog.democrats.com/node/1935

Georgia Office of Homeland Security – News .. USA (US) citizen. Also arrested was an employee of Azure, Hai Lin Nee, who is a Chinese citizen. Hsu formerly worked for ...


ICE ARMS & STRATEGIC TECHNOLOGY INVESTIGATIONS Ting-Ih Hsu, a naturalized US citizen + president of Azure Systems, Inc, + Hai Lin Nee, a Chinese citizen + an employee of Azure systems, were charged in ... www.ice.gov/graphics/news/factsheets/ICEarmsstrategic.htm

21.Dec.2004 babble: Where is the Media? Allegations also included the employment of a suspected illegal alien, Mr. Hai Lin Nee, who worked as YEI's "quality control" manager. quote: ...

08.Dec.2004 ... Valdosta police. Hai Lin Nee, a Chinese national, was arrested for passing sensitive information on US weapons to China. Curtis ... www.makethemaccountable.com/archive/index_041208.html

21.Dec.2004 USATODAY.com ... Allegations also included the employment of a suspected > illegal alien, Mr. Hai Lin Nee, who worked as YEI's "quality control" manager. ...
https://ssl.capwiz.com/usatoday/bio/userletter/?letter_id=118564061&content_dir=congressorg -

URL: https://www.mail-archive.com/ctrl@listserv.aol.com/index.html#30114
[CTRL] Fwd: [bohemian_club] A FUNNY GEORGE BUSH JOKE Kris Millegan [CTRL] Fwd: Truth be told, lies are part of Pentagon strategy

URL: https://www.google.com/search?num=100&hl=en&lr=&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=Madsen++Inslaw+Affair+portugal&btnG=Search
21.Dec.2004 Web   Results 1 - 1 of 1 for Madsen Inslaw Affair portugal [DOC] THE WAR ON FREEDOM File Format: Microsoft Word 97 - View as HTML
... 1980s, actually 1979, by Bill Hamilton and a firm called INSLAW, in [the ... Cancer Metastasis Research Society + the Albert Schweitzer Award in Lisbon, Portugal . .

archives.econ.utah.edu/archives/a-list/2002/doc00001.doc -

URL: https://www.google.com/search?num=100&hl=en&lr=&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=Madsen++Inslaw+Affair&btnG=Search
21.Dec.2004 THE WAR ON FREEDOM - View as HTML
... they use to do this is a software called Promis software, which was developed in the 1980 s, actually 1979, by Bill Hamilton and a firm called INSLAW, in [the ...
archives.econ.utah.edu/archives/a-list/2002/doc00001.doc -

URL: https://www.mail-archive.com/ctrl@listserv.aol.com/msg30114.html
21.Dec.2004 Please do not just scan this info and disregard it.

It is the most important evidence you can have as to the basis of the motives behind the outrageous events in America in the last 20 years.

Take a lot of time on this research study it, print it + share it with your compatriots.

Not the names and dates of these events and who the players are.

In an interview (video tape) Eric Arron Lighter (Federal Witness) reveals the connection between the events of Inslaw (PROMIS SOFTWARE) Ruby Ridge and the events that occurred at Waco in 00.Feb.1993-00.Apr.1993 .

Mr. Lighter also exposes' the OKC bombing.

With Terry Canady "The Truth As I See It".

I am not sure of the availablity of the video tape.

Eric Aaron Lighter is in the APFN NETWORK, + will receive a copy of this posting.

A lot of blanks need to be filled in + will be as you complete the study of the below information.

URL: https://www.mail-archive.com/ctrl@listserv.aol.com/msg30114.html
30.Nov.1999 [CTRL] Fwd: ***WACO, RUBY RIDGE & INSLAW ALL CONNECTED*** Kris Millegan
21.Dec.2004 Terrorists Profiled World's most comprehensive open source database www.world-check.com

21.Dec.2004 20041206 ... be made fully public.". As far as can be determined, the CIA's paramilitary group in Greece was never disbanded. In the eyes of senior ... alfatomega.com/20041206.html 20.Dec.2004

1998 Global Terrorism: Europe Overview ... At one point, Ocalan remained in Greece for several days. ... Only one paramilitary group -one of Northern Ireland's most vicious, the Loyalist Volunteer Force ...
21.Dec.2004 Ferdinand Schorner ... He was a member of Ritter Von Epps Paramilitary group . ... On April 6, 1941, the Division played an important role in the Invasion of Greece . ...
19.Dec.2004 MILNET: Terrorist Group Profiles ... of Greek firms involved in NATO-related defense contracts in Greece . ... Operation: Northern Ireland The UDA, the largest loyalist paramilitary group in Northern ...
21.Dec.2004 The Periscope : Interview with journalist Paddy Woodworth - ETA ... ... In the mid-1980s in Spain, the state-sponsored paramilitary group GAL (Grupos ... Seeks International Group to Combat Bioterror; Open Democracy - Ukraine, Greece ; ...
theperiscope.blogs.com/the_periscope_/ 2004/03/interview_with__1.html - 35k

ZAPATISMO NEWS PAGE ... having planned the assassinations of the four militants of the paramilitary group . ... Great Britain, Belgium, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Greece, Austria, Portugal ...
00.Dec.2004 Security News ... received for the 2004 summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, paid off ... The demobilization of 3,000 members of a Colombian paramilitary group represents an ... www.globalsecurity.org/security/library/news/2004/12 /

21.Dec.2004 CTRL] Fwd: ***WACO, RUBY RIDGE & INSLAW ALL CONNECTED***... In its 00.Sep.1992 Investigative Report, The INSLAW Affair, the House Judiciary Committee reported ... Next by Date: [CTRL] Fwd: FC: Wayne Madsen replies to New ... www.mail-archive.com/ctrl@listserv.aol.com/msg30114.html

20041202 ... the "Octopus," the Savings & Loans scandal (S&L), the INSLAW Affair - INSLAW - PROMIS ... Madsen /Palast: A Palast associate has reconfirmed to me that Wayne ...

[PS] Computer and Communications View as Text ... all or nothing. 024346 ` The Inslaw Affair ' W Madsen, Computer Fraud + Security Bulletin (Sep 93) pp 12 - 15 This article attacks ...

[PDF] Government, Cryptography + the Right To Privacy ... Center (NCIC), established in 1967, is “routinely” used for unauthorized purposes by federal, state and local agencies [McPartlin 1993] [ Madsen 1993a]. ...

21.Dec.2004 US Accuses Israel of Spying; Second Charge in 4 Months : Washington allegedly is so furious over the spying allegations that it has demanded the resignation of Amos Yaron, director general of Israel’s Defense Ministry, according several news sources.

21.Dec.2004 Torture Begins at the Top  : A recently disclosed FBI memo indicates that "marching orders" to abandon traditional interrogation methods came from the defense secretary himself.

21.Dec.2004 Terrorism? Resistance? Censorship! : Defining 'terrorism' is harder than you'd think: Peoples under foreign occupation have a right to resistance and a definition of terrorism should not override this right."

21.Dec.2004 U.S. isn't winning against Iraqi resistance, agencies warn : The CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the State Department have warned President Bush that the United States and its Iraqi allies aren't winning the battle against the Iraqi resistance, according to administration officials

21.Dec.2004 US free press faces tough challenge: Imprisoning journalists is typically associated with tyrannies and dictatorships, making it ironic that US judges in the past six months have threatened at least eight reporters with sanctions or jail time for not naming sources, said First Amendment Center Ombudsman Paul McMasters.

21.Dec.2004 U.S. accused of AIDS drug cover-up: South Africa's ruling party has accused top U.S. officials of treating Africans like guinea pigs amid questions over testing of a key HIV/AIDS drug before a U.S.-backed roll-out of the treatment across the continent.

21.Dec.2004 Bush overwhelmingly captures Catholic vote: Catholics, who have become a closely watched swing vote, favored Bush over Democrat John Kerry by 52 percent to 47 percent, according to national exit polls. That is a turnaround from 2000, when Bush got 47 percent to Democrat Al Gore's 50 percent.

21.Dec.2004 In case you missed it; Katherine Yurica: Conquering by Stealth and Deception: How the Dominionists Are Succeeding in Their Quest for National Control and World Power 

21.Dec.2004 Dominionist Dementia: What's Jesus Got To Do With It?: Jesus’ compassion would hardly include going to war, let alone constructing a panoply of lies to justify doing so.

21.Dec.2004 How Iran will fight back: The United States and Israel may be contemplating military operations against Iran, as per recent media reports, yet Iran is not wasting any time in preparing its own counter-operations in the event an attack materializes

21.Dec.2004 Russia may build 7 more reactors for Iran: Russia may build seven more nuclear reactors for Iran, to cost a total $10 billion, Alexander Rumyantsev, head of the Federal Atomic Energy Agency, has announced.

21.Dec.2004 Iran: Woman to Be Buried Up to Chest and Stoned to Death : An Iranian woman charged with adultery faces death by stoning in the next five days after her death sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court last month. Her unnamed co-defendant is at risk of imminent execution by hanging.

21.Dec.2004 US Congress probe into Yushchenko funding unlikely before Jan: A probe into the possible funding of the election campaign of Ukrainian presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko with money from American taxpayers could be conducted in US Congress not earlier that in January, an aide to Texas Republic congressman Ron Paul, Jeff Dist, said on Wednesday.

21.Dec.2004 Secret Pinochet payments linked to BAE : Sums of up to $5m (£2.57m) are listed in Gen Pinochet's bank records obtained by a Senate investigation in Washington.

21.Dec.2004 'Chemical Ali' And Hussein's Defense Minister In Iraqi Court

21.Dec.2004 US military sees sharp fall in black recruits : "Bush has two daughters. Let them go over and fight," she added, to a chorus of "That's not our war" from the others.

21.Dec.2004 US threatening UN over Arab report: The lead writer of a UN report on freedom and governance in the Arab world has said the United States is threatening to cut off funds to a UN agency if the United Nations releases it.

21.Dec.2004 Saddam bids to challenge case in US : SADDAM HUSSEIN is preparing a legal challenge in America to his trial for war crimes, according to leaked papers prepared by his defence team.

21.Dec.2004 Interview: Pilger On The Media: Journalist, author and documentary filmmaker John Pilger talks to Antony Loewenstein about the media.

21.Dec.2004 A System Bereft of Justice: While enjoying Christmas, good food and drink with family and friends in the warmth and comfort of your home, take a moment to remember the falsely imprisoned. Think about how your own family would handle the grief, because wrongful imprisonment can happen to you

21.Dec.2004 National ID Red Alert! : The year 2005 is now less than two weeks away. It might be the year what is left of Constitutional government in America faces its greatest test yet.

21.Dec.2004 In cae you missed it: General Ashcroft's Detention Camps: "Attorney General John Ashcroft's announced desire for camps for U.S. citizens he deems to be 'enemy combatants' has moved him from merely being a political embarrassment to being a constitutional menace.

21.Dec.2004 In case you missed it: Concentration Camps in Okanagon County? : Okanogan County Commissioner Dave Schulz says he's convinced his county is a designated home for a ``concentration camp'' in case of civil unrest.

Concentration Camps? That Could Never Happen Here!

21.Dec.2004 Charley Reese: The Three Stooges: Anybody who has any doubts that George Bush is a true believer in himself should finally be convinced by his awarding the Medal of Freedom to the three blunderers of the war in Iraq.

21.Dec.2004 'U.S. Soldier Killed Iraqi Teenager after Sex' : A US national guardsman who pleaded guilty to killing a 17-year-old Iraqi soldier said he shot the young man after they had consensual sex in a guard tower, a newspaper reported today, citing court-martial records.

21.Dec.2004 Freed Haitian Priest Gerard Jean-Juste: Aristide Supporters "Are Not Only Targeted, We Are Being Chased"

21.Dec.2004 The Coup Connection: How an organization financed by the US government has been promoting the overthrow of elected leaders abroad

21.Dec.2004 Report: Congresswoman's Family Profited: Rep. Maxine Waters' family members earned more than $1 million in the last eight years doing business with candidates, companies and causes she helped, a newspaper reported Sunday.

21.Dec.2004 Food stamp use is on rise across U.S.: Since 2000, Gray and more than 6 million other Americans have joined the ranks of the families who find it increasingly difficult to perform a most basic function - to put food on their tables.

21.Dec.2004 Poll: Half of Americans Worry About Debts : One-half of Americans say they worry about the money they owe + many say they worry most of the time about their overall debts, an Associated Press poll found.

21.Dec.2004 Report: U.S. Rentals Unaffordable to Poor : - Most Americans who rely on just a full-time job earning the federal minimum wage cannot afford the rent and utilities on a one- or two-bedroom apartment, an advocacy group on low-income housing reported Monday.

21.Dec.2004 Earth-Hostile Chemical Gets White House OK : The Bush administration announced new rules Thursday to allow U.S. farmers who grow tomatoes, strawberries and other crops to continue using methyl bromide, an ozone-depleting pesticide that had been scheduled to be phased out worldwide next year.

21.Dec.2004 Weak dollar may threaten balance : A weakening dollar is raising alarms.

21.Dec.2004 Our disappearing dollar: Foreigners put up 90 percent of the $2 billion required every day to make sure Uncle Sam's checks don't bounce.

21.Dec.2004 Arabs wary about dealing with US banks : Wealthy Arabs, concerned about increased US scrutiny of their offshore bank accounts, are nervous about dealing with US banks and may seek safer havens if the conflict in Afghanistan spreads, bankers said Thursday.

21.Dec.2004 Revealed: Haiti bloodbath that left dozens dead in jail : Reed Lindsay is the only journalist to get into the Port-au-Prince prison since a riot three weeks ago when, it is said, guards executed inmates

21.Dec.2004 Believe it or not:  U.S. takes border war on the road: Boats being sunk near Ecuador: U.S. counterterrorism officials have set up a high-seas gantlet deploying Coast Guard cutters off Latin America and arresting foreign nationals trying to leave their own countries.

21.Dec.2004 Gordon Prather: Threatening Iran – despite the evidence: Director General Mohamed ElBaradei has just reported to the IAEA Board of Governors that after a year-long exhaustive and intrusive inspection he has – to date – found no evidence that Iran has – or ever has had – a nuke program.

21.Dec.2004 Report: Iran says it has uncovered spy ring for Israel : Iran said Sunday its intelligence services have uncovered a spy ring that collected intelligence information for Israel, according to a report by Israel Radio's Persian language program.

21.Dec.2004 Bush says may step up Syria pressure : President George W. Bush has said that the United States could step up diplomatic and economic pressure on Syria over interference in the election process in Iraq.

21.Dec.2004 Uri Avnery: The mountain and the mouse: Sharon's "vision" for Israel and the Palestinians exposed

21.Dec.2004 Irish Nobel Peace Prize winner compares Israel to Nazi Germany

21.Dec.2004 Israel: An entire village in the balance : If the orders are carried out, the Ministry of the Interior will be able in another 35 days (the legal period for appeal) to erase the entire village from the face of the earth.

21.Dec.2004 Deserters Are Heroes : Today let us take the sad, sordid case of one George W. Bush. Our president. Love him or hate him, it was he and he alone who decided that our mighty armies should travel to Iraq and kill tens of thousands of people, most of whom were guilty of nothing more than being there.

21.Dec.2004 Slain Soldiers' Kin Rip Robo-Rummy Letters : The grieving families of New York soldiers killed in Iraq blasted Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld yesterday for letting a machine sign his name to condolence letters they got in the mail.

21.Dec.2004 Polish special forces back home: POLISH special forces have ended their mission in Iraq where they took part in joint operations alongside US troops, the Polish military said today.

21.Dec.2004 Eric Margolis: West has bloodied hands: Who was the first high government official to authorize use of mustard gas against rebellious Kurdish tribesmen in Iraq? If your answer was Saddam Hussein's cousin, the notorious "Chemical Ali" -- aka Ali Hassan al-Majid -- you're wrong.

21.Dec.2004 Lawyers to resign over UK terror law: "My role has been altered to provide a false legitimacy to indefinite detention without knowledge of the accusations being made and without any kind of criminal charge or trial."

21.Dec.2004 Bin Laden's New Message:: Scheuer says he was particularly alarmed by the video of al-Zawahiri, aired 29.Nov.2004 on the Arabic TV network al-Jazeera,

in which he offered a "final piece of advice for America ... - "What bothered me is he said this is the 'final' time we're going to raise this.

21.Dec.2004 Deserters Are Heroes : Today let us take the sad, sordid case of one George W. Bush. Our president. Love him or hate him, it was he and he alone who decided that our mighty armies should travel to Iraq and kill tens of thousands of people, most of whom were guilty of nothing more than being there.

21.Dec.2004 Patrick Cockburn : A poll governed by fear: Millions will get no chance to vote + the war will go on

21.Dec.2004 Saddam claims election is US plot : Ousted Iraqi president Saddam Hussein has urged his compatriots to unite against the US occupation and warned that upcoming elections were designed to divide the nation.

21.Dec.2004 Bin Laden targets oil to bleed US : Osama bin Laden claims to have bled the Soviet Union into bankruptcy as an Islamic guerrilla fighter in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

Could he do the same to another hated superpower — the US?

21.Dec.2004 Iraq Pipeline Watch : A statement circulated in Bayji said that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had blown up a pipeline, following orders from ''supreme commander Osama bin Laden''.

21.Dec.2004 Rise of the Amerikan Nazis Part II Democracy at Death’s Doorstep

21.Dec.2004 Push for Broader Presidential Powers A Justice Department lawyer may have been laying the groundwork for the Iraq invasion long before it was discussed publicly by the White House. Continued

21.Dec.2004 The Enemies Among Us The new Intelligence reform bill is a more stunning attack on the Bill of Rights than the Patriot Act.

Most people have no idea how dramatically their "inalienable" rights have been savaged, or to what extent the Congress has sold them out.

It's no exaggeration to say that the foundation of personal liberty, guaranteed in the law, is cracking at the base. It'll be a miracle if we can put it back together in time to pass it on to our children. Continued
Disgraced by Silence Editorial - The Los Angeles Times
When will the president respond to the cascading allegations of prisoner abuse by the military?

A Marine guard in Iraq sprayed an alcohol-based liquid on a detainee, struck a match and ignited the prisoner, burning and blistering the man's hands. Another Marine held wires from an electric transformer to a detainee's shoulders, so that the man "danced as he was shocked," according to military documents made public this month. Continued

21.Dec.2004 a diarist on Kos, has stumbled across an online cache of internal emails from Global Elections Systems, which became part of Diebold.
It's quite clear from this internal email that Global Election Systems knew that their machines dropped votes + looked the other way. Check it out for yourselves here. The story, alas, is not told in a linear, easily-comprehensible fashion. You may want to download the links before they go away. URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
21.Dec.2004 „Wired gives us a
follow-up story on the mystery of the Triad employee named Michael Barbian who, while examining a voting machine during the recount, spoke of data loss due to battery failure. This comment mystified many who wondered how a bad batery could affect the hard drive.“ URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
21.Dec.2004 It's the only game in town. "Against the House: Only Chumps and Compulsive Gamblers Keep On Playing in a Rigged Game" is a
good opinion piece by James Heddle URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
21.Dec.2004 Salon finally gives the Conyers investigation
respectful treatment. Way to go! Salon had become so cautious, URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
21.Dec.2004 Scripps-Howard News Service has conducted
a study in ten counties in various states, proving widespread ballot-counting problems.
The unofficial audit by Scripps Howard News Service uncovered malfunctioning voting machines, improperly designed ballots and poor accounting procedures around the nation. URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
21.Dec.2004 „The American economy is just a big Ponzi scheme, with its prosperity an illusion created on its ability to borrow more and more money. Like all Ponzi schemes, this can't go on forever + eventually the rest of the world will figure a way to get out as painlessly as possible. This will cause problems all over the world, but mostly in the United States, as the drastic decline in the value of the U. S. dollar will cause the cheap Walmart consumer goods made in China - the real opium of the masses - to become expensive consumer goods made in China. There is some truth in this. But Xymphora's analysis does not explain the conundrum of the longstanding subterranean connections between the Reagan and Bush administrations and China.
Take note of the FBI's strange response to the Henry Nee spying scandal (see Brad Friedman's latest commentary
here), which is almost as striking as Washington's lenient attitude toward Israeli/Chinese cooperation on weapons. The FBI's latest commentary on the Nee case may indicate an initial burst of investigative zeal followed by a hasty bout of cover-up.
The Nee affair has an obvious parallel in the infamous Wen Ho Lee case. Of course, Lee was cleared while Nee has pled guilty. However, as Robert Parry and others have pointed out, Chinese "theft" (do note the quotation marks) of sensitive U.S. nuclear data did, in fact, occur.
Unfortunately for the G.O.P. propagandists, it occurred during the Reagan and Bush administrations.
Why did Republican administrations turn a blind eye to China's unfriendly behavior? Because the Chinese had provided SA-7 missiles to the Nicaraguan contras. Some believe that Reagan and Bush had come to a quid pro quo arrangement with China. (For a summary of this theory, see
here.) URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
21.Dec.2004 Clinton Curtis, Nee and China. Raw story has taken an
in-depth look at the claims made by Conton Curtis, the vote-rigging whistleblower. In particular, they take at look at a fascinating subsidiary issue: Curtis' allegations of Chinese espionage conducted by one Henry Nee. Yang denies ever employing Nee, even though documentary evidence indicates otherwise.
The Chinese angle puzzles me now even more than it did before. I cannot help but compare the Nee/Yang affair to another simmering scandal: Israel's upgrading of Chinese weapons systems, no doubt making use of American know-how.
The mysterious blogger known as Xymphora has published an interesting analysis of this strange business. You'll want to read his comments
here and here.
Xymphora's bottom line? Israel knows that the U.S. economy is headed down the tubes + thus now hopes to befriend another 900 pound gorilla:“
URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
21.Dec.2004 „Harder still to believe that no-one in the media noticed the dichotomous reaction of the White House.
When the administration said "There's nothing there but an odd fold in the material," the mainstream media repeated the line. And they interviewed Bilbo de Paris, or whatever his name is, because the tailor provided a "hook" which made the line easier to sell.
When the Secret Service changed the story and said "It's a bulletproof vest," the reporters decided that the bulge really did exist.

And they went back to Bilbo for more confirmation.
Odd that no-one addressed the fact that the administration had lied for weeks. Odd that so many people were able to convince themselves that the photographs showed something other than the obvious.

Odd that the "bulletproof vest" explanation took hold so rapidly, even though no-one has shown me a picture of a vest that would create such a bulge.
Early on, I told Salon that I was persuaded but not convinced that Bush wore a wire. Now I'm convinced. Most people don't lie without good reason. URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
21.Dec.2004 "I can appreciate the broader factors weighing on the paper's top editors, particularly that close to the election.

But personally, I think that Nelson's assertions did rise above the level of garden-variety speculation, mainly because of who he is.

Here was a veteran government scientist, whose decades-long career revolves around interpreting imagery like features of Mars, who decided to say very publicly that, without reservation,

he was convinced there was something under a president's jacket when the White House said there was nothing.“
"He essentially put his hard-won reputation utterly on the line (not to mention his job) in doing so + certainly with little prospect that he might gain something as a result -- except, as he put it, his preserved integrity."
Revkin also told me that before Nelson called Broad, he had approached other media outlets as well.

None — until Salon — published anything on Nelson’s analysis.

"I'd certainly choose [Nelson’s] opinion over that of a tailor," Revkin concluded, referring to news reports that cited the man who makes the president’s suits.

"Hard to believe that so many in the media chose the tailor, even in coverage after the election."

Harder still to believe that no-one in the media noticed the dichotomous reaction of the White House.“ URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
21.Dec.2004 The photographic evidence was not speculative. It was photographic evidence. URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
21.Dec.2004 Remember the bulge? Remember how David Lindorff reported that the New York Times was goin to report on the story after NASA scientist Robert Nelson climbed on board, but the editors decided to kill it? Well, the "killing" has now been
confirmed: URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
21.Dec.2004 E-Fundraising: "Da wird Masse bewegt"

21.Dec.2004 Grassierender Pessimismus: Konjunkturexperten kappen ihre Prognosen

21.Dec.2004 USA: Mehrheit der Bürger lehnt Irak-Krieg ab

21.Dec.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Am Ende müssen wir selbst dran glauben"

21.Dec.2004 Tagesrhythmus: Morgens um zehn ist Herzinfarkt-Zeit

21.Dec.2004 Herzprobleme: US-Behörde warnt vor Bayer-Medikament

21.Dec.2004 Großbritannien: Unterhaus billigt Ausweispflicht

21.Dec.2004 Order aus Berlin: E.ON soll Gasprom-Anteil aufstocken

21.Dec.2004 Umfrage: Die Großen legen zu

21.Dec.2004 Putin-Besuch: Bütikofer verlangt von Schröder Gespräche über Jukos

21.Dec.2004 Gehaltsaffäre: RWE soll 40 weitere Politiker auf Lohnliste haben

21.Dec.2004 Erbkrankheiten: Gesetz gegen Diktatur der Gene

21.Dec.2004 Kritik an Abzocke: Müntefering greift Arbeitgeber an

21.Dec.2004 Unschuldig: US-Tribunal lässt Guantanamo-Häftling frei

21.Dec.2004 Schuldenrückzahlung: Putin plant riesiges Weihnachtsgeschenk

21.Dec.2004 Energiebranche: E.ON soll Gazprom-Beteiligung aufstocken

21.Dec.2004 Ukraine: Harter Schlagabtausch beim TV-Duell

21.Dec.2004 Jahresbilanz: Bush nimmt Rumsfeld in Schutz

21.Dec.2004 Jugansk-Auktion: Jukos-Anwalt attackiert Schröder und Deutsche Bank

21.Dec.2004 Juschtschenko gegen Janukowitsch: Spannung vor TV-Duell in der Ukraine

21.Dec.2004 Verkauf deutscher Goldreserven: Eichel sauer auf die Bundesbank

URL: https://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&hl=de&ie=UTF-8&rls=GGLD,GGLD:2004-15,GGLD:de&q=UNIFICATION+CHURCH
21.Dec.2004 Unification Church Unification Church, Rev. Sun This page contains information The Rick A. Ross Institute has gathered about the Unification Church . Visit www.rickross.com/groups/moonie.html

Church's Pistol Firm Exploits a Niche Unification Church, Rev. Sun ... Mintz. With parts of its sprawling business empire in decline, the Unification Church headed by the Rev. ...www.rickross.com/reference/unif/Unif35.html Religious Movements Homepage: The Unification Church The Unification Church . ... III. Beliefs of the Unification Church . Introduction. Unification theology pivots on three events in history ...

URL: https://www.wishtv.com/Global/category.asp?C=49590&nav=0Ra7JXq2

21.Dec.2004 Johnson County: Election Worker Fired

21.Dec.2004 Alternde Abwehr: Forscher finden Schwächling im Immunsystem

21.Dec.2004 Historienfilm "Alexander": Elan und Größenwahn

21.Dec.2004 Eine Meldung und ihre Geschichte: Wie ein Genie ein Zahlenmonster besiegt

21.Dec.2004 Weltrekord-Methode: In 11,6 Sekunden die 13. Wurzel ziehen

21.Dec.2004 Konzernkrise: Jukos-Großaktionär will mysteriöse Baikalfinanzgruppe verklagen

21.Dec.2004 The New Military Life: Heading Back to the War

21.Dec.2004 Jukos-Zerschlagung: Rätsel um mysteriöse Baikalfinanzgruppe

21.Dec.2004 Tosender Sand: Geheimnis der singenden Dünen gelöst

21.Dec.2004 Urabstimmung: Neue Linkspartei gründet sich im Januar

21.Dec.2004 Chronologie: Der Fall Daschner

21.Dec.2004 Entrüstung im Kongress: Rumsfeld ließ Kondolenzbriefe vom Automaten unterschreiben

21.Dec.2004 Tödliche Schläfer: Besiegter Krebs lauert im Körper

20.Dec.2004 New study: Kerry should have won electoral college and popular vote Economist/statistician Ron Baiman of the University of Chicago (anyone care to question his credentials?) has produced the closest thing we now possess to a definitive study of the exit polls and the "actual" tallies. It's in pdf form -- sorry! But it is a must-read . URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
04.Nov.2004 -Two days after the election- the Los Angeles Times printed a story: "Some backers of Bush say they anticipate a revolution."

That’s the headline. Well, I anticipated this revolution a quarter of a century ago, with some of the same players.

00.000.1979 I wrote about it in a piece, published in Playboy (a very highbrow, highly moral place dedicated to Christian values).
In the late 1960 s + early 1970 s, the enemies of the Equal Rights Amendment set out to smear the movement as lesbian.

All sorts of militant right-wing groups have since got into the act:

The Ku Klux Klan, the John Birch Society, the Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress, the Conservative Caucus and dozens of other like-minded groups.

Their aim was to deny equal rights to women through scare tactics. If the amendment is accepted, they warned us, lesbians will be able to marry each other.

Rape will be common. Men – the horror of this! – men will use women’s toilets.
This nonsense proved to be remarkably effective.

But then, as the Conservative Caucus’ Howard Phillips told the New Republic with engaging candor (this was about the time of the 1978 elections):

'We’re going after people on the basis of their hot buttons. In this past year, the two hot buttons have proved to be sexual – the ERA and gay rights legislation.' Save the family! Save our children!
Elsewhere in the badlands of the nation, one Richard Viguerie was now the chief money raiser for the powers of darkness.

00.000.1977 Viguerie told the Congressional Quarterly: "I am willing to compromise to come to power."

That’s a bit chilling, isn’t it? "There aren’t 50% of the people that share my view + I am willing to make concessions to come to power." This had a very familiar "Nuremberg" ring.
Viguerie was said to have at least ten million names and addresses on file. He sent out mailings and raised large sums for all sorts of far right political candidates and organizations.
Viguerie was not just a hustler; he was also an ideologue. "I have raised millions of dollars for the conservative movement over the years + I am not happy with the results.

I’ve decided to become more concerned with how the money is spent." He was beginning to discuss the creation of a new political party. Perhaps the "W" Republican party was now a-borning.
Viguerie vowed that the organized conservative community would put it many times more in the way of cash than ever before.

"Because I want a massive assault on congress in 1978.

I don’t want any token efforts. We now have the talent and the resources to move in a bold, massive way. I think we can move against congress in 1978, in a way that’s never been conceived of."
"Move against congress..." That sounds like revolution. URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
21.Dec.2004 The USA was founded by people who most definitely were not Christians, or Jewish, or Islamic.

They were men of the Enlightenment.

And they were dedicated to reason, to the idea that human beings with good will and faith in the honesty of each other could create a nation which would last.

They chose not a democracy.

They chose a republic as their model, where you would have elections, representative government.

And for a long time, in a messy way, our system worked.
We’ve always had problems with groups that wanted to seize control -- wanted to keep us from drinking alcohol, take drugs, have sex, do this, do that.

We’ve had many pressure groups. But we’ve never had, until now, a pressure group take over the executive branch of the government, the two branches of congress and the judiciary.

That is a clean sweep for what are called neoconservatives, conservatives or reactionaries URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
21.Dec.2004 So we’re in a curious bind. We’ve been turned into a Christian nation when we’re not one. We’re a diverse nation, not based on any religion at all – some people are religious, some are not.

The state is not religious – and this must be emphasized heavily, because any attempt to make it so is an attempt to overthrow the original republic, which is the aim of these people who say they want revolution.
There was about as much revolution in the recent election as I think Americans can bear.

Going any further in the in the direction of banning Roe vs. Wade, or whatever it is that they happen to be shooting for, is going to cause great resistance.
And we must guard carefully, as Thomas Jefferson warned us, the tree of liberty.

This always offends the right wing, because they don’t like Thomas Jefferson.

They don’t like the American republic + they don’t really like the founding fathers.

They are willing to worship them as long as they don’t have to listen to them or be guided by them.
Jefferson warned us early on. As you’ll remember, he wanted to have a constitutional convention every thirty years or so, because, he said, "the earth belongs to the living."

We are not to be held by our forefathers; no matter how wise they were, we must design each society for ourselves.
Well, I’ll say they are good Jeffersonians, the faith-based religious right.

They are going to base everything on the good book, which they regard as the ultimate good.

And those of us who are more skeptical, including the founding fathers of our country, don’t find this to be the case.

We find that we are being invited into a prison – which, by the way, is one of the growing activities in the United States, building prisons.

And as we’ve seen in Iraq, we are certainly masters at running prisons + would like to have many more of them all over the earth.

And we shall have, if the current Bush/Cheney junta continues to have its way around the world. URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
21.Dec.2004 the Mark Levine interview with this famed "vote fraud" whistleblower, but an archive of the broadcast should soon appear
here or here. URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
21.Dec.2004 Steele has cobbled together a
persuasive report on vote tampering. The closing words deserve quotation: URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
21.Dec.2004 William Rivers Pitt's 15.Dec.2004
expose of the increasingly-dubious recount occurring in Ohio.
URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
21.Dec.2004 Feds approve new Voting machine that prints paper receipts! Sounds great, eh? Here's the catch:

The machines are provided by a company called Populex -- and initial signs indicate that this group may be partisan.
The advisory board is headed by Frank Carlucci.

Yes, this is the same spooky fellow known for his links to the Carlyle group + to Iran/contra.
I've been trying to learn more about the president of Populex, Sanford Morganstein.

So far, I've found that he is the man who popularized the phone tree ("Press 1 for...) -- a fact which some may consider sufficient grounds for hatred.

In the past, Morganstein worked for Rockwell Communications, ITT + RCA.
Several other bigwigs in this company appear to be Republicans.

They also list Democrat Tony Coelho on their board of advisors.
Obviously, a paper recipt helps quell some fears. And the description of the system given here makes a good initial impression:

By counting the most meagre form of life (existence) as the standard, indeed, as the general standard - general because it is applicable to the mass of men.

He turns the worker into an insensible being lacking all needs, just as he changes his activity into a pure abstraction from all activity.

To him, therefore, every luxury of the worker seems to be reprehensible +

everything that goes beyond the most abstract need - be it in the realm of passive enjoyment, or a manifestation of activity - seems to him a luxury.

Political economy,

this science of wealth, is therefore simultaneously the science of renunciation, of want, of saving - +

it actually reaches the point where it spares man the need of either fresh air or physical exercise.

This science of marvellous industry is simultaneously the science of asceticism + its true ideal is the ascetic but extortionate miser + the acetic but productive slave.

Its moral ideal is the worker who takes part of his wages to the savings-bank + it has even found ready-made a servile art which embodies this pet idea:

it has been presented, bathed in sentimentality, on the stage.

Thus political economy--despite its worldly and voluptuous appearance--is a true moral science, the most moral of all the sciences.

Self-renunciation, the renunciation of life and of all human needs, is its principal thesis.

The less you eat, drink and buy books;

the less you go to the theatre;

the dance hall, the public house;

the less you think, love, theorise, sing, paint, fence, etc., the more you save--the greater becomes your treasure which neither moths nor rust will devour--your Capital.

The less you are, the less you express your own life, the more you have, i. e., the greater is your alienated life, the greater is the store of your estranged being.


.] and the glittering illusion about the nature of wealth, blinded by sensual appearances, is confronted by the working, sober, prosaic, economical industrial
.] But nature too, taken abstractly, for itself--nature fixed in isolation from man--is nothing for man. It goes without saying that the abstract thinke
.] exists for the other person as the other exists for him, insofar as each becomes a means for the other. The political economist reduces everything (just
“prototype of all unscientific doctrinairism.

URL: https://gutenberg.spiegel.de/marx/nrz/me_nrhz.htm
Date/Time: 12/20/2004 10:13:12

01.01.1849 Die revolutionäre Bewegung
Ein Bourgeoisaktenstück
Das Budget der Vereinigten Staaten und das christlich-germanische
Eine Neujahrsgratulation
Der magyarische Kampf
Die Schweizer Presse
Montesquieu LVI.
Preußischer Steckbrief gegen Kossuth
Die Berliner "National-Zeitung" an die Urwähler
Zustand in Paris
Die Situation in Paris
Die "Kölnische Zeitung" über die Wahlen
Der Steuerverweigerungsprozeß
Der politische Prozeß
Die Teilung der Arbeit bei der "Kölnischen Zeitung"
14.02.1849 Der erste Preßprozeß der "Neuen Rheinischen Zeitung"
Der demokratische Panslawismus
Preußische Finanzwirtschaft unter Bodelschwingh und Konsorten
Der Wiener Korrespondent der "Kölnischen Zeitung"
Die "Kölnische Zeitung" über den magyarischen Kampf
Die Proklamation der Republik in Rom
Weiterer Beitrag zur altpreußischen Finanzwirtschaft
Eine Denunziation
Der Prozeß gegen den Rheinischen Kreisausschuß der Demokraten
Die Thronrede
Die Handelslage
Der Eid der englischen Soldaten
Der Märzverein
Wien und Frankfurt
Drei neue Gesetzentwürfe
Der Hohenzollernsche Gesamtreformplan
Die Milliarde
Der Adreßentwurf der zweiten Kammer
Der Frankfurter Märzverein und die "Neue Rheinische Zeitung"
Der 18. März
Die "Neue Preußische Zeitung" über den 18. März
Der Hohenzollersche Preßgesetzentwurf
Der Krieg in Italien und Ungarn
Die Adreßdebatte in Berlin
Die Niederlage der Piemontesen
Die französische auswärtige Politik
Die Komödie mit der Kaiserkrone
Lohnarbeit und Kapital
Auslieferung politischer Flüchtlinge
Die Sitzung der zweiten Kammer in Berlin am 13. April
Die Russen
22.1849 -27.04.1849
Die Debatte über das Plakatgesetz
Auflösung der zweiten Kammer
Die kontrerevolutionären Pläne in Berlin
Der preußische Fußtritt für die Frankfurter
Verbot der rheinischen Gemeinderäteversammlung
Der rheinische Städtetag
Der Dritte im Bunde
Die preußische Armee und die revolutionäre Volkserhebung
Frage an die Arbeiter
Der Zar und seine Unterknäsen
Die Taten des Hauses Hohenzollern
Offensive der Kontrerevolution und Sieg der Revolution
Die neue preußische Verfassung
Das Blutgesetz in Düsseldorf
Der Aufstand im Bergischen
Erkaufte Gemeinheit der "Kölnischen Zeitung"
Die "Kreuzzeitung"
Neuer preußischer Fußtritt für die Frankfurter
Die neue Standrechts-Charte
Die standrechtliche Beseitigung der "Neuen Rheinischen Zeitung"
"An mein Volk"
An die Arbeiter Kölns
11.Sep.2001 09-49 am -around 15 minutes after the Pentagon strike the F-16s reached the Pentagon.

Simple calculations reveal that the F-16s could have reached the Pentagon before the assault, but also flew at an average of 24% of their top speeds.

11.Sep.2001 10-01 am the FAA ordered the 180th Fighter Wing out of Swanton, Ohio, to scramble F-16 fighters. 8

Unlike many other bases, Swanton had no fighters on stand-by alert status. Yet Swanton managed to put jets in the air 16 minutes later. URL: https://911research.wtc7.net/planes/defense/

11.Sep.2001 References :
Transcript for Sept. 16,MSNBC,9/16/01 [cached]
2. General Myers Confirmation Hearing,,
14.Sep.2001 3. Three Flight Recorders Recovered From two of the Hijacked Planes,CBS Evening News
21.Aug.2002 4. 'I thought it was the start of World War III',Cape Cod Times
09.Sep.2002 5. F-16 Pilots Considered Ramming Flight 93,Aviation Week and Space Technology
03.Jun.2002 6.
Exercise Jump-Starts Response to Attacks,Aviation Week + Space Technology [cached]
18.Sep.2001 7. NORAD
09.Dec.2001 8.
Toledo's Air Guard called to defend U.S. on Sept. 11,Toledo Blade [cached] URL: https://911research.wtc7.net/planes/defense/
Date/Time: 12/19/2004 23:1 Not the U.S.S.R, but the oil-rich Iraq, Iran, Saudi-Arabia, Columbia (
* ), Venezuela ( * ) are now the enemies.

The oil market must be controlled by the U.S. corporations.

The CIA is funded + connected with these power players who fundamentally strive for a global oil market dominance

(the Bush dynasty + practically everyone in the White House 2000) + is courted by renewed increases in weapons trades (the Carlyle Group).

This requires an extremist law&order policy as the general backbone for its needs (practically everyone in the Republican Party) +

not to forget the cooperation of the Department of Defense (who get their Star-Wars program in return).

This dynamic isn't new, it  has been going on since president Roosevelt's days, who warned the world for this 'military-industrial complex'. Rightly so, it turns out. URL: https://lightscion.911review.org/index.html

19.Dec.2004 https://news.google.com/news?q=ohio
Voters re-file legal challenge to Ohio Presidential results
19.Dec.2004 Official Wire, NY - 7 hours ago ... COLUMBUS, OH -- (OfficialWire) - A group of voters who claim fraud, errors + numerous inexplicable problems with the Ohio voting process on ...
Ohio Voters Refile Election Challenge ABC News

19.Dec.2004 Ohio vote count battles escalate amidst new evidence of potential ... Columbus Free Press

00.000.1845 Wir sehen also, daß die Gemeinschaft der Güter gar nichts Unmögliches ist, sondern daß im Gegenteil alle diese Versuche vollkommen geglückt sind.

Wir sehen auch, daß die Leute, welche in Gemeinschaft leben, bei weniger Arbeit besser leben, mehr Muße zur Ausbildung ihres Geistes haben + daß sie bessere + sittlichere Menschen sind als ihre Nachbarn, die das Eigentum beibehalten haben.

Alles das haben auch die Amerikaner, Engländer, Franzosen und Belgier sowie eine Menge Deutscher bereits eingesehen.

In allen Ländern gibt es eine Anzahl Leute, welche sich mit der Verbreitung dieser Lehre beschäftigen und für die Gemeinschaft Partei er griffen haben.

Wenn diese Sache für alle wichtig ist, so ist sie es ganz besonders für die armen Arbeiter, die nichts besitzen, die ihren Lohn, den sie heute verdienen, morgen wieder verzehren + jeden Augenblick durch unvorhergesehene + unvermeidliche Zufälle brotlos werden können.

Diesen wird hierin eine Aussicht auf eine unabhängige, sichere + sorgenfreie Existenz, auf eine vollkommene Gleichberechtigung mit denen gegeben, die jetzt durch ihren Reichtum den Arbeiter zu ihrem Sklaven machen können.

Diese Arbeiter geht die Sache am meisten an.

In andern Ländern bilden die Arbeiter den Kern der Partei, die Gütergemeinschaft verlangt + es ist die Pflicht auch der deutschen Arbeiter, sich die Sache ernstlich zu Herzen zu nehmen.

Wenn die Arbeiter untereinander einig sind, zusammenhalten und einen Zweck verfolgen, so sind sie unendlich viel stärker als die Reichen.

Und wenn sie vollends einen so vernünftigen und das Beste aller Menschen wollenden Zweck im Auge haben, wie die Gemeinschaft der Güter, so versteht es sich ja von selbst, daß die besseren + verständigeren unter den Reichen sich mit den Arbeitern einverstanden erklären und ihnen beistehen.

Es gibt auch schon eine große Menge wohlhabender + gebildeter Leute in allen Teilen Deutschlands,

welche sich für die Gütergemeinschaft offen erklärt haben + die Ansprüche des Volks auf die von der reichen Klasse mit Beschlag belegten Güter dieser Erde verteidigen.Aus: "Deutsches Bürgerbuch für 1845", Darmstadt 1845. S. 326-340 URL: https://gutenberg.spiegel.de/marx/schrift2/me02_521.htm

Die sittliche Erziehung beschränkt sich auf die Anwendung des einen Satzes:

Was du nicht willst, das andere dir tun sollen, das tue du ihnen nicht,

also auf die Durchführung vollkommner Gleichheit + brüderlicher Liebe

00.000.1845 "Einer, der hinter dem Pfluge gepfiffen hat", der Londoner Zeitung "Morning Chronicle" darüber zu berichten, folgende Beschreibung ("M[orning] Chr[onicle]",13.Dec.1842).

00.000.1845 Die Hauptsache ist, daß alle Schwierigkeiten nicht aus der Gemeinschaft entstehen, sondern daraus, daß die Gemeinschaft noch nicht vollständig durchgeführt ist.

Denn wäre sie dies, so würden die Mitglieder nicht all ihren Verdienst zur Abbezahlung von Zinsen + geborgten Geldern verwenden müssen, sondern sie könnten davon die Anlage vervollständigen + besser bewirtschaften;

+ dann würden sie auch ihre Verwaltung selbst wählen + nicht immer von der Direktion der Gesellschaft abhängig sein.

00.000.1845 Der Erfolg, dessen die Shakers, Harmonisten + Separatisten sich erfreuen,

sowie das allgemeine Bedürfnis einer neuen Ordnung der menschlichen Gesellschaft +

die daraus entsprungenen Bemühungen der Sozialisten + Kommunisten, haben viele andre Leute in Amerika veranlaßt,

in den letzten Jahren ähnliche Versuche anzustellen.

So hat Herr Ginal, ein deutscher Prediger in Philadelphia, eine Gesellschaft gebildet, welche 37 000 Morgen Wald in dem Staat Philadelphia angekauft, dort über achtzig Häuser errichtet + schon an fünfhundert Personen, meistens Deutsche, dort angesiedelt hat.

Sie haben eine große Gerberei + Töpferei, viele Werkstätten + Vorratshäuser, + es geht ihnen recht gut.

Daß sie in Gütergemeinschaft leben, versteht sich, wie bei allen nachfolgenden Beispielen von selbst.

Ein Herr Hizby, Eisenfabrikant zu Pittsburg (Ohio), hat in seiner Vaterstadt eine ähnliche Gesellschaft errichtet, die im vorigen Jahre etwa 4 000 Morgen Landes in der Nähe jener Stadt gekauft + die Absicht hat, eine Ansiedlung mit Gemeinschaft der Güter darauf anzulegen.

- Ferner besteht eine solche Ansiedlung im Staate Neu-York zu Skaneateles, welche von A. Collins, einem englischen Sozialisten, im Frühjahr 1843 <im Original: 1813 (wahrscheinlich Druckfehler)> mit dreißig Mitgliedern angefangen wurde;

dann zu Minden im Staate Massachusetts, wo seit 1842 etwa hundert Personen angesiedelt sind;

dann zwei in Pike County im Staate Pennsylvanien, die ebenfalls neuerdings errichtet wurden;

dann eine zu Brook Farm, Massachusetts, wo fünfzig Mitglieder + dreißig Schüler auf etwa zweihundert Morgen leben + eine ausgezeichnete Schule unter der Leitung des unitarischen Predigers G. Ripley errichtet haben; sodann eine zu Northampton in demselben Staate, die seit 1842 besteht + hundertzwanzig Mitglieder auf fünfhundert Morgen Landes, mit Ackerbau, Viehzucht und in Sägemühlen, Seidenfabriken + Färberei beschäftigt, +

schließlich eine Ansiedlung ausgewanderter englischer Sozialisten zu Equality bei Milwaukee im Staate Wisconsin, welche im vorigen Jahre von Thomas Hunt angefangen wurde + rasch fortschreitet.

Außer diesen sollen noch mehrere Gemeinschaften neuerdings gegründet sein, worüber aber noch Nachrichten fehlen. -

Soviel ist indessen gewiß, daß die Amerikaner + namentlich die armen Arbeiter in den großen Städten Neu-York, Philadelhia, Boston usw. sich die Sache zu Herzen genommen + viele Gesellschaften zur Stiftung derartiger Ansiedlungen gegründet haben + daß alle Augenblicke neue Gemeinschaften angelegt werden.

Die Amerikaner sind es müde, noch länger die Knechte der wenigen Reichen zu sein, die sich von der Arbeit des Volks nähren;

+ bei der großen Tätigkeit + Ausdauer dieser Nation ist es augenscheinlich, daß die Gemeinschaft der Güter bald in einem bedeutenden Teile ihres Landes eingeführt sein wird.

00.Okt.1844 Sozialismus auf dem Kontinent

00.Dez.1844 Rascher Fortschritt des Kommunismus in Deutschland

00.000.1845 Beschreibung der in neuerer Zeit entstandenen und noch bestehenden kommunistischen Ansiedlungen

00.Feb.1845 Zwei Reden in Elberfeld

00.Sep.1845 Das kürzliche Gemetzel in Leipzig - Die deutsche Arbeiterbewegung

00.Sep.1845 Victorias Besuch - Die "Königshäuser" im Streit - Krach zwischen der Vic und ...

00.Okt.1845 Deutsche Zustände

00.Dez.1845 Geschichte der englischen Korngesetze

00.Feb.1846 Nachträgliches über die Lage der arbeitenden Klassen in England

00.Jul.1845 Ein Fragment Fouriers über den Handel

00.000.1846 Das Fest der Nationen in London

00.Jan.1846 Erklärung

URL: https://gutenberg.spiegel.de/marx/nrz/me_nrhz.htm
Date/Time: 12/19/2004 URL: https://gutenberg.spiegel.de/marx/schrift2/me02_001.htm
Karl Marx / Friedrich Engels Artikel aus der "Neuen Rheinischen Zeitung"

01.Jun.1848 Erklärung des Redaktionskomitees der "Neuen Rheinischen Zeitung"
Die Frankfurter Versammlung
Die neueste Heldentat des Hauses Bourbon
Die demokratische Partei
Camphausens Erklärung in der Sitzung vom 30.1848 Mai
Lebens- und Sterbensfragen
Das Ministerium Camphausen
Die Kriegskomödie
Die Reaktion
Comité de sûreté générale
Programme der radikal-demokratischen Partei und der Linken zu Frankfurt
Berliner Vereinbarungsdebatten
Die Adreßfrage
Neue Teilung Polens
Das Schild der Dynastie
Köln in Gefahr
Inkompetenzerklärung der Versammlungen zu Frankfurt und Berlin
Die Berliner Debatte über die Revolution
Stellung der Parteien in Köln
Die Vereinbarungsversammlung vom 15.1848 Juni
Der Prager Aufstand
Valdenaires Haft - Sebaldt
Die Vereinbarungssitzung vom 17. - Juni
Das Amendement Stupp
Neue Politik in Posen
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06.Jan.2005 10:00 AM starting at -Join the Constitutional Insurrection to Drive Bush from Power on
Citizens from across the country will be coming to a vigil + rally in Upper Senate Park (adjacent to the U.S. Capitol) on January 6th to demonstrate our support for our leaders inside.

We want an honest and transparent vote for president, but if we can't have that then we want to see Congress reject electoral votes sent from OH, FL, NC, IN + any other states in which massive fraud + vote suppression inflated George W. Bush's totals + diminished John Kerry's.
If you want our mobilization on January 6th to succeed, here are the top dozen things you can do:URL: 

URL: https://www.redefeatbush.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=284
Boston Globe and the Washington Post have run stories dismissing the questions about the legitimacy of the 2004 presidential election as just another Internet hoax. Here, thanks to Washington attorney Cynthia Butler, are six reasons why they are wrong, foremost among them that the journalists are covering this as a rumor rather than analyzing the validity of the central allegation.

URL: https://www.redefeatbush.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=284
19.Dec.2004 Inside the Capitol our brave leaders will rise to challenge the legitimacy of the 2004 presidential election. Outside we must show them we stand with them.

Join us in Upper Senate Park adjacent to the Capitol from 10:00 AM until they emerge to speak to us.
URL: https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,druck-333645,00.html
19.Dec.2004 Rumsfeld unterschreibt Kondolenzschreiben persönlich
US-Verteidigungsminister Donald Rumsfeld will künftig die Kondolenzbriefe an die Angehören getöteter US-Soldaten persönlich unterschreiben.

Washington - Das meldet die "Washington Post". Bisher hatte Rumsfeld dies in den rund 1300 Todesfällen seit dem Einmarsch in den Irak vor fast zwei Jahren durch eine Signiermaschine erledigen lassen, so die Zeitung. Er habe die Briefe nicht selbst unterzeichnet, um zeitliche Verzögerung zu vermeiden, wenn er nicht im Pentagon sei, hieß es.
19.Dec.2004 Jukos-Sprecher Alexander Shadrin nannte die Auktion am Sonntag illegal und völkerrechtswidrig. Der Gewinner, wer auch immer er sei, habe sich keinen Gefallen getan. Er habe seiner Reputation geschadet und sich erhebliche rechtliche Risiken aufgeladen. Ein Sprecher des Russischen Unternehmerverbandes monierte in einem Radiointerview in Moskau, es schade dem Ansehen des Standortes Russland, dass der größte Ölföderbetrieb des Landes an eine völlig unbekannte Firma verkauft worden sei.
19.Dec.2004 In Medienberichten hatte es vor der Auktion geheißen, westliche Banken wollten das Gebot durch Gasprom finanzieren.

Die Kaufsumme solle mit Krediten eines Bankenkonsortiums unter Beteiligung von

JP Morgan, der Deutschen Bank, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, ABN Amro + BNP Paribas aufgebracht werden.

Nach dem Richterspruch aus den USA hieß es, die westlichen Banken würden sich doch neutral verhalten + die Kreditsumme für Gasprom wieder einfrieren.

Die Deutsche Bank hatte keinen offiziellen Kommentar dazu abgegeben.
Gasprom liefert über Pipelines auch nach Deutschland.

Der Energiekonzern E.ON ist mit 6,5 % an dem russischen Unternehmen beteiligt.

Das Engagement deutscher Unternehmen hatte ebenso für Kritik gesorgt wie die Haltung des deutschen Bundeskanzlers Gerhard Schröder.
Tim Osborne, der Chef des Jukos-Hauptaktionärs Menatep, hatte Schröder Anfang der Woche bei einem Auftritt in Berlin vorgeworfen, aus wirtschaftliche Interessen nicht gegen die Jugansk-Versteigerung opponiert zu haben.

Menatep ist die Holding-Gesellschaft, über die Chodorkowski Jukos kontrollierte.
19.Dec.2004 Saudische Surfgewohnheiten -Lieber XXX-Sites als al-Qaida
Für die Bürger Saudi-Arabiens sind viele Seiten im Internet gesperrt, entweder aus politischen oder aus moralischen Gründen. Trotzdem versuchen viele Surfer, diese Sites aufzurufen. Meist ist es nicht die Sympathie mit Terroristen, die sie dabei umtreibt.

Riad - Die staatliche Internet-Behörde teilte am Sonntag in der Hauptstadt Riad mit, dass rund 92,7 % aller Versuche, Seiten zu betrachten, die in Saudi-Arabien gesperrt sind, "Pornografie" betreffen.

Als pornografisch werden in dem arabischen Land allerdings zum Teil auch Inhalte eingestuft, die in westlichen Staaten als nicht anstößig gelten.
Wie der stellvertretende Direktor der Behörde, Meschal bin Abdullah al-Kadhi, mitteilte, hatten lediglich 7,3 % der verbotenen Seiten, die Saudis beim Surfen ansteuerten, politische oder religiöse Inhalte oder riefen zum Terror auf.
Psychologie-Studie: Frau = Sonnenschein

19.Dec.2004 US-Urteil: Spam-Geschädigter streicht eine Milliarde Dollar ein

19.Dec.2004 Palästina: Blutigster Militäreinsatz seit Arafats Tod

19.Dec.2004 Überraschungsgebot: Unbekannte Finanziers kaufen Jukos-Tochter

19.Dec.2004 Getötete US-Soldaten: Rumsfeld unterschreibt Kondolenzschreiben persönlich

19.Dec.2004 Lorbeeren: "Time" wählt Bush zur Person des Jahres

19.Dec.2004 Prozess: Saddam setzt auf US-Justiz

19.Dec.2004 Putin vs. Jukos: Countdown bis zur Zerschlagung läuft

19.Dec.2004 Kongo-Krise: Das heimliche Massensterben

19.Dec.2004 Natur-Multikulti: Deutschland ist Einwanderungland für Tiere und Pflanzen

URL: https://www.kathymcmahon.utvinternet.com/mrn/
"Ruling Elite" Kerry is Hindering Recount -Cobb
The Green Party's David Cobb has lashed out at John Kerry, saying he has tried to 'undermine,' and 'minimize' the Ohio recount while not spending 'a single dime' towards Ohio recount efforts.
"Sadly, John Kerry seems to be trapped under the pile of $51 million that is preventing him from getting up and standing up," Cobb told RAW STORY.
"As a member of a ruling elite, the one thing that John Kerry values over everything else is continued membership in the ruling elite."  

17.Dec.2004 Voting Activists ScoreDiebold Legal Victory
Obstruction Found in Recount say Greens
Ohio Recount Sham
Ohio Recount Fixed by "clean" precincts
PDF of Latest Ohio Supreme Court Filing
Confident of New Joined-up Writing Prowess – Bush Signs Intelligence Bill Despite Inherent Oxymoron

URL: https://www.kathymcmahon.utvinternet.com/mrn/
Ohio Supreme Ct Challenge on Election Filed Again
Recounts Continue Across Ohio --But expert questions precinct picks
Secret Ohio Slush Fund as Problems Mar Recount URL: https://www.kathymcmahon.utvinternet.com/mrn/
Greens say Random Recounts Not Random

19.Dec.2004 Ohio Voting Problems Cost 220,000 Votes
Bev Harris Comes Clean on The Money - A Little
New Ohio Lawsuit over voting irregularities URL: https://www.kathymcmahon.utvinternet.com/mrn/

URL: https://www.firebaseskull.com/
U.S. Money Helped Opposition in Ukraine By MATT KELLEY Associated Press Writer
10.Dec.2004 WASHINGTON (AP) - The Bush administration has spent more than $65 million in the past two years to aid political organizations in Ukraine, paying to bring opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko to meet U.S. leaders and helping to underwrite exit polls indicating he won last month's disputed runoff election.

URL: https://www.libertyforum.org/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=news_members&Number=1092638
19.Dec.2004-11.Sep.2001 All that was needed was for technologists to devise a "back door"...
Enter the US government + its defense contractors, who began joint development of remote flight control + flight circumvention technology at least two decades ago, using the full force of their virtually infinite R&D resources.

The existence of these programs + of the resulting technology, was verified

11.Sep.2001 -soon after- by a panel of commercial and military pilots participating in an independent inquiry (16).
The existence of such technology IN ANY FORM raises intriguing questions/possibilities about 11.Sep.2001:

1) could the planes have been hijacked via this technology alone?

2) Were they?

3) Remote hijacking and on-board hijacking are not mutually exclusive scenarios;

if there were actual human hijackers on those planes, their plot may have been remotely co-opted by another party they knew nothing about,

leaving them as horrified as anyone when the planes took control of themselves and banked straight into buildings.
Photographic evidence and eye-witness accounts support the idea that the override functionality of the planes' computers was somehow defeated, allowing "the hijackers" to make prohibited maneuvers.

For example, there are multiple photographs and video clips showing AA Flight 175 making an outrageously hard turn into the second tower.

According to official information, the plane that hit the Pentagon also made aerobatic descent maneuvers worthy of a fighter pilot.

To have flown the planes in this manner, Atta and the rest would have needed

1) advanced large plane skills +

2) a way to defeat the planes' avionic systems.

Since that flight school they attended in Venice, Fla. probably didn't offer a course titled "Hot-dog Maneuvers with Airliners 101,"

they must have possessed these abilities already, so why would they have bothered with flight lessons at all?

Any benefit they realized in terms of understanding new control layouts would have been at the cost of increased exposure, thus endangering their mission.

On the other hand, if they were as inexperienced as the presstitutes tell us ("I just want to learn how to steer"), they couldn't possibly have flown the planes this way at all, which means someone else must have.
However distasteful, there is a real possibility that remote circumvention occurred on those planes, a possibility that any credible investigation would hardly ignore.

All the more so because the necessary hardware isn't just a cockamamie theory: a fully developed, totally programmable remote flight control platform actually exists.

Suggestively named the "Flight Termination System," it is manufactured by Systems Planning Corporation of Rosslyn, Virginia, which maintains web pages devoted to the FTS and various subsystems:
A system overview: https://www.sysplan.com/Radar/FTS The transmitter hardware: https://www.sysplan.com/Radar/CTS Related software: https://www.sysplan.com/Radar/MkVSW
19.Dec.2004 If the computer can override the pilot some of the time, a potential exists for it to override the pilot ALL of the time. URL: https://www.libertyforum.org/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=news_members&Number=1092638
19.Dec.2004 If the speeches of Bush and Cheney often sound as if they came from the lips of Sharon, one of the reasons may be that their speechwriters, Joseph Shattan, Mathew Scully and John McConnell, are neo-cons, as is Cheneys Chief-of-Staff, Lewis Libby.
The immense influence of this largely Jewish group stems from its close alliance with the extreme right-wing Christian fundamentalists, who nowadays control Bush's Republican party.

The founding fathers were Jerry Falwell of the Moral Majority, who once got a jet plane as a present from Menachem Begin +

Pat Robertson of the Christian Coalition + the Christian Broadcasting Network, which help to finance the Christian Embassy in Jerusalem of J.W. van der Hoeven, an outfit that supports the settlers and their right-wing allies.
... The man who symbolizes this victory is General Jay Garner, who has just been appointed chief of the civilian administration in Iraq.
He is no anonymous general who has been picked accidentally. Garner is the ideological partner of Paul Wolfowitz and the neo-cons.
Two years ago he signed, together with 26 other officers, a petition organized by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs

19.Dec.2004 Their big moment arrived with the collapse of the Twin Towers.

The American public and politicians were in a state of shock, completely disoriented, unable to understand a world that had changed overnight.

The neo-cons were the only group with a ready explanation and a solution.

Only nine days after the outrage, William Kristol (the son of the group's founder, Irving Kristol)

published an Open Letter to President Bush, asserting that it was not enough to annihilate the network of Osama bin Laden,

but that it was also imperative to "remove Saddam Hussein from power" and to "retaliate" against Syria and Iran for supporting Hizbullah.
Following is a short list of the main characters. URL: 
19.Dec.2004 You're kidding, right?
Kissinger, Perle and Sonnenfeldt Back In The Day Now back to Zakheim. : ) URL: https://www.libertyforum.org/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=news_members&Number=1092638
19.Dec.2004 Flag to: Fletch, beowolf One of the major reasons that dual citizens shouldn't be allowed into government is for the doubt that's sown by their presence.
Zakheim isn't just chief beancounter.

Zakheim 's THE resource allocator and financial policy planner for the DoD.

The funding of our defense relies on the decisions of Zakheim -someone that has split allegiances.

After the debacle of Perle + Pollard + other Israeli spies in highly placed positions in American government, it strikes me that the interests of the American people are no longer being given even a second thought.
19.Dec.2004 "It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable now since I began to live it out." -George Soros
19.Dec.2004 In addition to the fixed site capability, the Test Wing's NP-3D aircraft can be configured to provide airborne CTS functions as an over-the-horizon repeater or "stand-alone" transmitter."

URL: https://www.libertyforum.org/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=news_members&Number=1092638
19.Dec.2004 The RF signal is frequency modulated by selected tones (IRIG 20 tone format) that correspond to particular control functions of the missile, aircraft or boat.

Four of these systems are located at Laguna Peak + three are located on SNI. The fourth system at SNI is expected to be operational in fiscal year 1997. URL: https://www.libertyforum.org/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=news_members&Number=1092638
19.Dec.2004 2
The CTS at the Sea Range provides safe, controlled testing of unmanned targets, platforms and missiles, including ballistic missiles and other long-range vehicles.
19.Dec.2004 The CTS is a tunable UHF FM transmitter designed for ground use in controlling guided missiles, pilotless aircraft and pilotless boats.

URL: https://www.libertyforum.org/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=news_members&Number=1092638
19.Dec.2004 ...+
is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and other professional organizations. Dr. Zakheim is a member of the advisory boards of the Center for Security Policy, the Initiative for Peace and Cooperation in the Middle East + the American Jewish Committee.
Dr. Zakheim is the recipient of the Department of Defense Distinguished Public Service Medal (1986), the Bronze Palm to the DoD Distinguished Public Service Medal (1987), Congressional Budget Office Director's Award for Outstanding Service (1979) + the SPC Director's Award for Outstanding Service (1997). URL: 
19.Dec.2004 Dr. Zakheim also studied at the London School of Economics.

Dr. Zakheim earned his doctorate in economics + politics at St. Antony's College, University of Oxford, where Zakheim was a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow, a Columbia College Kellett Fellow, + a post-doctoral Research Fellow.

Zakheim has served as Adjunct Professor at the National War College, Yeshiva University + Columbia University + as Presidential Scholar + Adjunct Professor at Trinity College, Hartford, CT.
Dr. Zakheim served for two terms as a Presidential appointee to the United States Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad.

00.000.1997 Zakheim was appointed by Secretary of Defense Cohen to the Task Force on Defense Reform.

00.May 1998 Secretary Cohen named Zakheim to the first Board of Visitors of the Department of Defense Overseas Regional Schools.

00.Feb.2000 Zakheim was appointed to US Defense Science Board Task Force on the Impact of DoD Acquisition Policies on the Health of the Defense Industry. URL: https://www.libertyforum.org/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=news_members&Number=1092638
bluegrass writes: " 1 Dov S. Zakheim:
Dov S. Zakheim is Corporate Vice President of System Planning Corporation (SPC), a high-technology, research, analysis + manufacturing firm based in Arlington, Virginia. He is also Chief Executive Officer of
SPC International Corporation, a subsidiary of SPC that specializes in political, military + economic consulting + international sales + analysis.

In addition, Dr. Zakheim serves as Consultant to the Secretary of Defense and the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. He is an Adjunct Senior Fellow for Asian Studies of the Council on Foreign Relations, Adjunct Scholar of the Heritage Foundation + a Senior Advisor at the Center for International and Strategic Studies.
00Mar.1985-00-Mar.1987 Dr. Zakheim was USA Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Planning and Resources.

In that capacity, Zakheim played an active role in the Department of Defense's system acquisition + strategic planning processes + guided Department of Defense policy in a number of international economic fora.

Zakheim also successfully negotiated numerous arms cooperation agreements with various U.S. Allies.
00.000.1981-00.000.1985 Dr. Zakheim served the Reagan Administration in a variety of other senior Department of Defense posts.

previously Zakheim had served as Principal Analyst with USA National Security and International Affairs Division of the Congressional Budget Office. URL: https://www.libertyforum.org/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=news_members&Number=1092638
19.Dec.2004 Add-on options are available from SPC for remote control features. For more information on an integrated control system, see SPC's
Flight Termination System Download a CTS brochure.

URL: https://www.libertyforum.org/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=news_members&Number=1092638
19.Dec.2004 External modulation inputs may be used to modulate the transmitters with externally-generated tones from 10 Hz to 100 kHz.

The system can be switched automatically or manually between transmitters. Automatic switching to the redudant system is completed in less than 5ms upon detection of an internal fault or at preset RF power thresholds. The system is mounted in two standard 60"-high racks for easy installation in mobile platforms.

URL: https://www.libertyforum.org/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=news_members&Number=1092638
19.Dec.2004-11.Sep.2001 The remote control theory -of- looks a little better every day.

Command Transmitter System

System Planning Corporation's Command Transmitter Systems (CTS) provide remote control + flight termination functions through a fully-redundant self-contained solid-state system.

The exciter incorporates state-of-the-art Direct-Digital-Synthesis technology to simultaneously generate an RF carrier + up to 6 of 20 available standard IRIG-B tones.

It has 20 watts of output power + an internal ferrite isolator. The exciter may also be used as a standalone unit.

High-Power Amplifier