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Wind > Government blocks wind farm plans - The U.S. government has ordered work stopped on more than a dozen wind farms, saying the giant turbines might interfere with military radar.

More mundane politics may be to blame. ( PhysOrg ;
02.Jun.2006 > News Water Fuel Experimenter and Team Threatened

Ken Rasmussen's research team has been working on a process that turns out to have similarities to the super-efficient electrolysis process being developed by Professor Kanarev.

Rasmussen's work ceased after a member of the team was threatened at gunpoint. by Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News

16.May 2006 a technician who was one of a team of garage experimenters investigating a hydrogen-on-demand technology was run off the road near a rural intersection and accosted by four white, middle-aged males in black suits, carrying Glocks and Mac tens.  The assailants were driving a late model, black Lincoln Town Car.
This comes just one month after Bill Williams was similarly
threatened because of his experimentation with running a vehicle on a Joe cell.
The victim in this latest incident is an associate of New Energy Congress member,
Ken Rasmussen, who also runs an alternative energy news service at 

They had been working on the project together.
H from Water > Water Fuel Experimenter + Team Threatened - Ken Rasmussen's research team has been working on a process that turns out to have similarities to the super-efficient electrolysis process being developed by Professor Kanarev. Rasmussen's work ceased after a member of the team was threatened at gunpoint. ( PESN ;
03.Jun.2006 Rain forest.

Categories: Information. Rain forest.

Rain forest. , Australia.

A rainforest is a forested biome with high annual rainfall.

The apparent biodiversity shown in the fossil record suggests that the last few million years include the ... to how strongly the fossil record is biased by the greater availability ...
00.May.1989 Covert Action - Generally - A-B 7 : 20- 25 . [Petersen] ... "Ronald Reagan's Legacy: Eight Years of CIA Covert Action ." Covert Action Information Bulletin 33 (Winter 1990 ·

"The Catholic Right + the Knights of Malta, in particular Baron The Sovereign Military + Hospitaler Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes + of Malta, known also as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, or ...

ADERHOLT HARRY C (HEINIE) Covert Action Information Bulletin 1984-#22 (33) Covert Action Information Bulletin 1986-# 25 (37, 52, 56) Diamond,S. Spiritual Warfare.

WORLD ANTI-COMMUNIST LEAGUE WORLD ANTI-COMMUNIST LEAGUE ... Covert Action Information Bulletin 1986-# 25 (3, 32, 50-3, 56) ...

ccording to Covert Action Information Bulletin # 25 , Winter 1986, notable recent members of SMOM have included Dr. Otto von Habsburg (a...

Peter Dale Scott: Bibliography D.101 "How Allen Dulles + the SS Preserved Each Other," Covert Action Information Bulletin , 25 (Winter 1986), pp. 4-14. Summarized in...
03.Jun.2006 Robert Anton Wilson | Everything is Under Control Recent members: Covert Action Information Bulletin , # 25 , Winter 1986; Gordon: quoted in Irish Press (Dublin) 20.Aug.1984 ;
03.Jun.2006 The Horror On Howth Hill It was the rains, I swear-the interminable, unspeakable Irish rain-that drove us over the edge.

Conspiracy Theory As Naive Deconstructive History Clarkson, F. (1986). "Behind the supply lines." Covert Action Information Bulletin , ( 25 ), 56, 50-53.

(DRR Nummer 13) Maegerle&#038;Braasch1 Quellen: Covert Action Information Bulletin , Number 25 , Special: Nazis, the Vatican + the CIA, Washington ...

(DRR Nummer 14) Braasch2 ... nichts im Wege. Quellen: Covert Action Information Bulletin , Number 25 , Special: Nazis, the Vatican + ...
Council for National Policy Database A-G Armstrong confirmed this + agreed that some of the money may come from the South African government.

IRC | RightWeb | Group Watch: Thomas A. Dooley... 3. Fred Clarkson,"Behind the Supply Lines," Covert Action Information Bulletin , No. 25 , Winter 1986.

IRC | RightWeb | Group Watch: Citizens for America 20. Fred Clarkson, "Behind the Supply Lines," Covert Action Information Bulletin , No 25 , Winter 1986.
Cuba Solidarity Project : dirty war against cuba ... covert action information bulletin (now Covert Action Quarterly) 17:2-31; 18:58,59; 21:29,30; 22:16, 35; 25 ::3,7,26. "germ warfare...

The CIA on Campus Covert Action Information Bulletin , Winter 1989, pp. 25 -28 ... estimates that two to three hundred of these become clandestine officers. 25 ...

20041127 1984 Covert Action Information Bulletin 1986-# 25 (51) Covert Action Information Bulletin 1987-#28 (26) Covert Action Information ...
03.Jun.2006 Israel building new West Bank settlement: Israel has begun laying the foundations for a new Jewish settlement deep in the West Bank - breaking a promise to Washington while strengthening its hold on a stretch of desert it wants to keep as it draws its final borders.

03.Jun.2006 In case you missed it: Audio: Rabbi Goldstein gives a historic overview of Zionism.: "As soon as it was founded [zionism], it was condemned - Jews came out and said this is atheistic, this is idol worship..."

03.Jun.2006 In case you missed it: The rabbi who pricks Israel's conscience : Zionism is moral, not military, says activist convicted of blocking West Bank bulldozers

03.Jun.2006 In case you missed it: Why Orthodox Jews are opposed to the Zionist "State": The Zionists claim that they are the saviors of Israel, but this is refuted by twelve things:

03.Jun.2006 In case you missed it: Bible and sword: US Christian Zionists discover Israel :The first lobbying effort on behalf of a Jewish state in Palestine was not organized or initiated by Jews.

In 1891 It occurred, when a popular fundamentalist Christian writer + lay-preacher, William E. Blackstone, organized a national campaign to appeal to the then-president of the USA,

Benjamin Harrison, to support the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine

03.Jun.2006 Helen Thomas: Congress legislating our rights away: Why was Congress silent when Bush wrote his own military law to designate individuals as "enemy combatants," and deny them due process, before sending them into limbo?

03.Jun.2006 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. : Was the 2004 Election Stolen?:

Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having their votes counted -- enough to have put John Kerry in the White House.

03.Jun.2006 In case you missed it: Hail To The Thief: Palast: BBC Investigation Into How Voter Data Was Used To Prevent Democrats From Voting In The Last Presidential Elections.

03.Jun.2006 In case you missed it: Greg Palast: New Florida vote scandal revealed : A secret document obtained from inside Bush campaign headquarters in Florida suggests a plan - possibly in violation of US law - to disrupt voting in the state's African-American voting districts, a BBC Newsnight investigation reveals.

03.Jun.2006 9-11 Loose Change Second Edition Viewer Guide: And debunking of various 9/11 conspiracy theories
03.Jun.2006 In Las Vegas a pilot pulls the trigger. In Iraq a Predator fires its missile:

An RAF unit based in the Nevada desert is conducting highly secret operations against Iraqi insurgents + Afghan guerrillas using unmanned, powerfully armed American Predator aircraft.

03.Jun.2006 Guantanamo hunger strike spreads : More Guantanamo Bay detainees have joined a hunger strike, raising the total to 89, the US military says.

03.Jun.2006 Ahmadinejad: Iran will proceed with civil nuclear program: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Friday that Iran will proceed with its civil nuclear program in accordance with rules set by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United Nations' nuclear watchdog.

03.Jun.2006 Putin: Talk Of Sanctions Vs Iran Premature : "We are against the use of force in any circumstances," Putin said. "As for sanctions, it is too early to talk about that yet.

It is necessary to conduct a thorough discussion with the Iranian leadership."

03.Jun.2006 Russia, China can opt out of Iran sanctions-diplomat : Russia and China can opt out but will not block U.N. sanctions that may be imposed on Iran if it refuses to suspend its nuclear enrichment programme, a diplomat from the European Union told Reuters on Friday.

03.Jun.2006 War pimp alert: Rice warns Iran it doesn't have much time: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says Iran will not have much time to respond to an international offer of rewards aimed at halting its uranium enrichment.

03.Jun.2006 War pimp alert: As Iranian response is awaited - another US nuke warning: In a BBC interview earlier, US Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte warned that Iran could have a nuclear bomb between 2010-2015, 'which is a cause of great concern.'

03.Jun.2006 If Iran is ready to talk, the US must do so unconditionally : Ask anyone in Washington, London or Tel Aviv if they can cite any phrase uttered by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad + the chances are high they will say he wants Israel "wiped off the map".

03.Jun.2006 In case you missed it: Selective Memri : Brian Whitaker investigates whether the 'independent' media institute that translates the Arabic newspapers is quite what it seems

03.Jun.2006 Sham US Proposal to Iran Evokes Memories of Past Similar Ones: It’s simply just the latest ploy and example of US deceit designed to solidify support among its European allies as well as try to convince the Chinese and Russians to come aboard.

03.Jun.2006 Former CIA Analyst Says Iran Strike : Former CIA analyst and Presidential advisor Ray McGovern, fears that staged terror attacks across Europe and the US are probable in order to justify the Bush administration's plan to launch a military strike against Iran, which he thinks will take place in June or July.

03.Jun.2006 The Mother of All Scandals: From Vice President Cheney to the new Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte, so many of the Iran-Contra era scoundrels returned to the political stage these last years for a grim second bow and, perhaps not so strangely, similar results -- though this time not on the relatively parochial stage of Central America, but in the oil heartlands of our planet.

03.Jun.2006 In case you missed it: Coverup: Behind the Iran Contra Affair: Windows Media Video -Coverup exposes several of the most disturbing chapters in the history of U.S. covert foreign policy.

It presents a tale of politics, drugs, hostages, weapons, assassinations, covert operations and the ultimate plan to suspend the U.S.Constitution. Runtime 22 Minutes

03.Jun.2006 Russia to Establish Naval Base in Syrian Port of Tartus : Russia has begun works in the Syrian port of Tartus seeking to built a full-scale naval base for the ships of the Black Sea Fleet, currently based in Ukraine’s Sevastopol, the Kommersant newspaper reported on Friday

03.Jun.2006 Venezuela Backs Plan to Sell Oil in Euros: Venezuela supports the idea of selling oil in euros instead of U.S. dollars, a proposal also supported by fellow OPEC member Iran, the country's oil minister said

03.Jun.2006 Bush Squares Off with Bolivia and Venezuela : George W. Bush has come out with harsh words for the governments of Bolivia and Venzeuela.``Let me just put it bluntly - I'm concerned about the erosion of democracy in the countries you mentioned,' Bush said in response to a question put to him about Venezuela and Bolivia. ``I am going to continue to remind our hemisphere that respect for property rights and human rights is essential for all countries,” he added.
03.Jun.2006 Dilip Hiro: Wrong Mission Aaccomplished: How Invading Iraq Has Set Back Democracy In the Middle East

03.Jun.2006 Karzai condemns gunfire by U.S. troops: President Hamid Karzai on Thursday condemned the use of gunfire by U.S. troops to suppress Afghans angered by a traffic accident involving a military truck that sparked the worst riots in the capital since the fall of the Taliban.

03.Jun.2006 Worse to come for US, UK in Iraq, Afghanistan, says expert : The insurgent campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan are exerting severe pressure on US + UK forces - + there is more to come, according to a leading British security expert.
03.Jun.2006 'Please stop the American troops killing any more people' :

03.Jun.2006 Eleventh US soldier convicted over Abu Ghraib scandal: A US Army sergeant has been found guilty of assaulting a prisoner with his dog at Abu Ghraib prison, becoming the 11th soldier convicted in the scandal that President George W Bush called the biggest mistake of the US war in Iraq.
03.Jun.2006 U.S. troops routinely attack civilians, Iraqi leader says: In his comments, al-Maliki said violence against civilians had become a "daily phenomenon" by troops in the American-led coalition who "do not respect the Iraqi people."

03.Jun.2006 When AWOL Is the Only Way Out: As explained in a new book, Mission Rejected, the sight of U.S. troops kicking the heads of decapitated Iraqis around 'like a soccer ball' made Army soldier Joshua Key desert to Canada.
03.Jun.2006 Bolton: ‘This is Put Up or Shut Up Time For Iran, ’ Windows Media Video

Unilateral Military Action Is ‘On The Table’ Click here to watch

03.Jun.2006 New 'Iraq Massacre' Tape Emerges The BBC obtains new video evidence that US troops may have deliberately killed 11 Iraqi civilians in March.
The BBC has obtained disturbing pictures of the aftermath of an alleged massacre of 11 Iraqis by American troops. Iraqi police have accused US soldiers of killing the people in Ishaqi, north of Baghdad. -
Click here to view - Real Media and Windows Media

03.Jun.2006 New Report On The Haditha Killings BBC Video News Report - Reports from Iraqi witnesses. - Click here to view - Real Media and Windows Media

03.Jun.2006 More Lots More -By Mike Ferner
I can only hope that my fellow citizens are not being told that this latest outrage tumbling out of Iraq is some isolated incident; that Herr Rumsfeld will diligently investigate it + dispense timely justice to all guilty parties (below the rank of Lieutenant, of course).

03.Jun.2006 Who will weep for the cemetery of innocents? By Joan Chittister, OSB
Dinned day and night by TV replays of real life war strikes, life becomes one large unending Nintendo game for us. Reality becomes just like the software we buy so our children can shoot at digital figures who never bleed, never cry, never look us in the eye before we shoot them.

03.Jun.2006 Site Says 'Go Away!'; Federal Court Says No CowboyNeal 377+CaptainEbo writes

"Michael Snow was the webmaster of Stop Corporate Extortion, a private support group website for 'individuals who have been, are being, or will be sued by any Corporate entity.'

In order to access his site, users were required to register a username and password + agree to a statement saying they were not associated with DirecTV, Inc. Several defendants in suits brought by DirecTV would discuss their cases on Snow's site. When DirecTV's employees and lawyers ignored Snow's user agreement and accessed his site anyway, Snow sued, claiming they violated the Stored Communications Act (SCA) by accessing his site without authorization. In an unanimous opinion, the Eleventh Circuit rejected Snow's suit."
ISPs Offer Faster Speeds, Why Don't We Get Them? Cliff 561+ Ron Williams asks:

"I'm infuriated every time I see that companies are raising their speeds when they can't maintain their current speeds. Here's my biggest issue: my grandmother signed up for the 3Mbps DSL plan through Verizon, however a speed test said she was only getting 750Kbps. Why pay for the extra bandwidth when she's not getting it? She downgraded to the 768K plan expecting to still have 750K. Wrong, instead her speed dropped to 300K. So, how about instead of companies constantly claiming to increase their speeds, they get their actual speeds correct. Comcast has done the same thing, I had their 6Mbps plan at one point, I got 2.5Mbps usually and sometimes 3Mbps, so they're all doing the same thing. In closing, with all these speed increases, why is my Internet not getting faster?" What practices and tools do you use to test your bandwidth speed and how have you approached your ISP when the performance repeatedly fell short of your expectations?
Greg Palast on "How They Stole Ohio And the GOP 4-step Recipe to 'Blackwell' the USA in 2008 Abracadabra: Three Million Votes Vanish " -- Exclusive to
Taking The Long Way (CD), by the Dixie Chicks. "Show your support of the Dixie Chicks. Buy "Taking the Long Way" CD (which was officially released on May 23). They are good. You can curl right up to their music or turn them high as you drive around with the top of the convertible down."
Homeland InSecurity: The White House should be renamed the Heart of Darkness. -- A BuzzFlash Editorial
Shocker from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: The 2004 Election Was Likely Stolen in Ohio -- The Rolling Stone Article. "If the last two elections have taught us anything, it is this: The single greatest threat to our democracy is the insecurity of our voting system."

03.Jun.2006 The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
Ernie Fletcher is the Corrupt Governor of Kentucky Who Pardoned Nine Aides So They Wouldn't Testify Against Him. He's to Go to Trial Shortly. No Doubt, This Makes Him a Likely Bush Cabinet Appointee and the BuzzFlash "GOP Hypocrite of the Week."

03.Jun.2006 Barbara's Daily BuzzFlash Minute
Buy the Dixie Chicks' New Album and Send a Big F**k You to Repuglicans 6/3
Run, Al, Run Like the Wind -- Episode 45 of The Last Chance Democracy Cafe by Steven C. Day
Larry Beinhart: Foaming Republicans - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution

03.Jun.2006 There is a diary on DKOS, but not on the front page. Lots of comments though.

# posted by Anonymous : 11:49 PM   Oops, sorry, the DKOS link was wrong. Try the following.
03.Jun.2006 There will be change and soon. The winds are shifting and the scoundrels are about to inherit the whirlwind.
03.Jun.2006 Fourth, a comment on firedoglake caught my eye with a link to an interview with a Florida State University political science professor on the 2000 election fiasco.

This is worth a visit, as he - Lance deHaven-Smith - has a book out as of last fall entitled The Battle for Florida that he describes as pretty brutal and embarrassing for Bush because he knows both the law + Florida politics + he says Bush lost Florida in 2000.
03.Jun.2006 The RFK Jr. piece on vote fraud It's here. It's good. Real good. Maybe it could have been a bit better, but Robert F. Kennedy Jr. still deserves an ovation. Permalink
03.Jun.2006 Massakervorwürfe: Washington will Wogen glätten

03.Jun.2006 Massaker an Zivilisten: US- Militär entlastet Soldaten
03.Jun.2006 02. JUNI 2006
Goldman Sachs: Blankfein wird Nachfolger von Paulson

03.Jun.2006 Vogelgrippe: Keine Einigung auf Medikamente
03.Jun.2006 Zensurmaßnahmen: Gewerkschaft ruft zum Yahoo- Boykott auf
Allerdings haben Forscher jetzt herausgefunden, dass man sich bei einem Sonnenbad an einem der vielen kalifornischen Strände um mehr sorgen sollte als um den passenden UV-Schutz. Die Experten der University of California in Los Angeles haben systematisch geprüft, was so alles im Sand der Strände steckt - und haben reiche Beute gemacht. Das allseits bekannte und zurecht unbeliebte Bakterium Escherichia coli kommt in den oberen Schichten des Sandes in großer Menge vor, genauso wie auch Enterokokken. Letztere tummeln sich etwa im menschlichen Darm - was die unangenehme Frage aufwirft, wie die kleinen Gesellen wohl in den Sand gekommen sein mögen.

Das Forscherteam um Jennifer Jay hat Strände in der Bucht von Santa Monica untersucht, darunter so berühmte Touristenmagneten wie Malibu Beach. Das Ergebnis: Bakterien sind allgegenwärtig, selbst wenn das Meerwasser sauber ist. Die höchsten Konzentrationen wurden ausgerechnet in den besonders idyllischen Mini-Badebuchten mit entsprechend isolierten Stränden festgestellt. "Die Enterokokken-Messwerte waren dort rund 1000 Mal höher als an Stränden am offenen Ozean", sagte Jay.

Einschlag eines globalen Killers?

Frese schätzt das Alter des Meteoriten-Einschlags, der den Krater verursacht haben soll, auf rund 250 Millionen Jahre. Dafür spricht, das im Kratergebiet noch ein Gesteinspfropfen zu erkennen ist, in dem Material aus dem Erdmantel in die darüber liegende Kruste gedrungen ist.

250 Millionen Jahre, dies ist in erdgeschichtlicher Zeitrechnung ausgerechnet der Übergang vom Perm zum Trias. An der Grenze der beiden Zeitalter erlebte die Erde ein Massensterben, dem fast alle Arten auf dem Planeten zum Opfer fielen.

"Die ganzen Umweltveränderungen, die so ein Einschlag ausgelöst haben könnte, würden wohl zu einem ätzenden Klima geführt haben, das wirklich schwer zu ertragen ist", sagte Frese. "Es passt also, dass damals ein Großteil des Lebens auf der Erde starb."

Von Frese ist auf die Erforschung von Kratern spezialisiert und hatte im Februar einen Fachaufsatz veröffentlicht, in dem er erklärte, wie der Mann im Mond sein Gesicht bekam. Allerdings haben andere Wissenschaftler erst kürzlich einen jüngeren Meteoriteneinschlag vom Verdacht freigesprochen, ein Massenkiller zu sein: Der Einschlag bei dem heutigen Chicxulub auf der mexikanischen Halbinsel Yucatan kam demnach zu früh, um vor etwa 65 Millionen Jahren ein Massensterben unter den Dinosauriern ausgelöst zu haben.

Australien vom Urkontinent getrennt

Älteste bekannte Analog-Rechenmaschine

Schwammtaucher hatten das mysteriöse Gerät im Jahr 1901 nahe der kleinen griechischen Insel Antikythera aus dem Wrack eines vor rund 2000 Jahren gesunkenen Schiffes geborgen. Was zunächst nur wie ein Klumpen oxidierten Metalls aussah, entpuppte sich als hochkomplexe Sammlung von Zahnrädern, Skalen und Ziffernscheiben.

Heute gilt der Antikythera-Mechanismus als älteste bekannte Analog-Rechenmaschine. Die komplizierte Zahnradmechanik besitzt ein 39-teiliges Getriebe und diente offenbar astronomischen Berechnungen. Restauratoren entdeckten auf dem Kastendeckel eine Art Gebrauchsanweisung. Zur Dateneingabe wird die Mondphase an einem Einstellring gewählt. Auf verschiedenen weiteren Ringen markiert dann ein Zeigermechanismus den Stand von Sonne und Mond zu den Sternbildern sowie die nächsten Sonnen- und Mondfinsternisse.

Mit hochmodernen Methoden - darunter auch magnetischen Tomografien - sei es Wissenschaftlern der Universitäten von Cardiff und Thessaloniki vergangene Wochen gelungen, eingravierte Gebrauchsanweisungen auf den Zahnrädern des Gerätes zu lesen, berichtete der griechische Rundfunk.

Suche nach Fragen für bereits bekannte Antworten
Atomstreit: Iran lässt Vetomächte abblitzen
02.Jun.2006 Dokumentation: "Aufruf zur Gründung einer neuen Linken"
02.Jun.2006 Verborgenes Ökosystem: Blinde Tiere überlebten Jahrmillionen in einer Höhle
02.Jun.2006 Top 100 der Kunst: Deutsche, wohin man blickt
02.Jun.2006 Russland: Putin entlässt einflussreichen Generalstaatsanwalt

02.Jun.2006 Blutige Tradition: Genitalverstümmelung der Mutter kann für Baby tödlich sein
02.Jun.2006 Interview mit Madeleine Albright: "Wir gewinnen den Krieg nicht"
02.Jun.2006 Gewaltiger Einschlag: Riesenkrater unter ewigem Eis entdeckt
02.Jun.2006 TV- Bericht: USA sollen hinter Torrent- Razzia stecken
02.Jun.2006 Kursschwankungen an der Börse: Angst isst Gewinne auf

02.Jun.2006 Linkspartei und WASG: Linke legen Gründungsmanifest vor
02.Jun.2006 Irak: Bush schwieg monatelang zu Haditha- Massaker
02.Jun.2006 Mysteriöses Uhrwerk: "Antiker Computer" soll letzte Geheimnisse preisgeben

02.Jun.2006 Bundeswehr: Jung sieht wirtschaftlichen Nutzen durch Kongo- Einsatz

02.Jun.2006 Massaker von My Lai: Ein amerikanisches Trauma
02.Jun.2006 BND- Affäre: Masri- Anwalt erwägt Klage gegen Bundesregierung

02.Jun.2006 Atomstreit: USA erwarten bis Juli Antwort von Iran

02.Jun.2006 Megafusion: NYSE und Euronext bilden weltgrößte Börse
02.Jun.2006 [Fwd: WW4/5 -the countdown and sideshow continues...]
WW4/5 -the countdown continues... Analysis by ewing2001 May 29, 2006
While the whole world is observing the current conflict between U.S. and Iran, it's still very obvious, that this 'crisis' was only constructed as a sideshow and pysOP 'warmup', to distract from the final steps for a new World War, this time between U.S., China and Russia.
In the worst scenario, a possible attack on Iran would be already an automatic trigger for this very same scenario.
Of course, this isn't also just a conflict between States or Governments, but between Corporate Identity, Fortune Millionaires, connected private military- and intelligence contractors and their associated thintanks and media.
Let's focus instead on the Organisations, which might build logical alliances, representing these US-Russia-China entities.
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization comprises the former Soviet republics in Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan - as well as Russia + China.... more at

02.Jun.2006 An Appeal to Silent Academics By somebigguy
Leading experts both in the East+the West are requested to give the following facts some serious thought before continuing support of the illegal war + occupation of Afghanistan with their words or with their continued silence.

02.Jun.2006 New Pentagon video heavily processed BG

02.Jun.2006 Specter's FISA bill includes 9/11 lies BG

02.Jun.2006 Neocons in the Democratic Party BG <,1,1757218,print.story?coll=la-news-comment >
02.Jun.2006 911InsideJobbers] NIST completes its self-destruction. BG re: Publicly available evidence to be presented at grand jury or civil/criminal trial proceedings :
02.Jun.2006 Christian Evangelicals and Israel: A Marriage of Convenience BG < >
02.Jun.2006 Bleak House: How America was Conquered by Hell's Bottom By

It's a familiar image: the American president followed by an aide with the "football," the ever-present attaché case that holds the codes for launching a nuclear attack. But for years, these supposedly supreme Commanders-in-Chief did not have the slightest idea which targets would actually be hit at their order. This occult knowledge was reserved for a small circle of Pentagon officers who called themselves the "guardians of the arsenal" and kept the true attack plans secret from the civilian leadership.
The first civilian to see the plans, during the Kennedy administration, was, ironically enough, Daniel Ellsberg – the Pentagon consultant who later leaked the "Penta gon Papers," revealing the disastrous lies behind America's war in Vietnam. What Ellsberg found was moral insanity almost beyond imagining. The only plan proposed by the "guardians" was an all-out nuclear strike on every city in the Soviet Union, on the Warsaw Pact nations and China as well, with a deliberately low-balled estimate of 400 million people killed immediately. There were "no intermediate steps, no flexibility + no warnings" incorporated in the plan, which could be triggered by a range of non-nuclear provocations, some posing no direct threat to the USA at all. What's more, the high priest of the nuclear cult, Gen. Curtis LeMay, reserved the right to launch this genocidal fury on his own, as a first strike, if he suspected the Soviets were preparing to attack.
Civilian control of the military was thus exposed as an empty myth; the center of power in the American government had shifted from the decisions of democratically elected leaders to the imperatives of procurement and militarist paranoia emanating from the five-sided fortress raised up in a Virginia wasteland known as Hell's Bottom.
This is just one of the many chilling stories recounted in James Carroll's important new book, "
House of War: The Pentagon and the Disastrous Rise of American Power." Carroll, an acclaimed novelist – and son of a top Pentagon official – provides a devastating inside history of the military state-within-a-state that usurped the Republic and now reigns unchallenged in Washington.

02.Jun.2006 ...And the horse you rode in on, Democrats! By

This is not exactly news, but the national Democratic Party is one big stink ing dead horse. If they could muster only 15 votes against a man who has overseen the most extensive and intrusive violation of privacy in American history (although "outright rape" is a better term for what the Bush gang has done to Americans' constitutional and human rights), then what in God's name are they good for? Sure, old Peeper-Creeper Hayden would have been confirmed in any case, given the Republicans' bootlicking obedience to the White House, but couldn't the Democrats at have made a pretense of opposition? Couldn't they have at least registered the slightest demurral against Hayden's nomination?
No, they could not. They are a fetid sack of quivering jellyfish: spineless, boneless, brainless, useless. Now watch them come begging for your money between now and November: "Oh please, give generously to our noble cause! We're the only ones who can you from the big bad Bushists!"
No, you're not. You won't stand up now, why should you stand up later? You won't do anything except the same damn thing you've been doing for the past five years: acting as eager, willing enablers of evil. You've done it again today with this vote. You'll do it again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.
God Almighty, what a shameful day. .

02.Jun.2006 Opinion split over 9/11 report BG 
9/11 Blogger - Blogging 9/11 Related Alternative News All comments are welcome! but please avoid hate speech and profanity, and use references when possible.
Opinion split over 9/11 report By somebigguy Good, unbiased article, this is what we're after, let the facts speak for themselves.
More than 40 % of Americans believe that the 9/11 Commission Report that investigated the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks is a cover-up , according to a recent poll. And nearly half surveyed said the attacks should be reinvestigated.
00.May 2006 a Zogby International poll of adults found that 42 % of adults polled believe the U.S. government and the 9/11 Commission "concealed or refused to investigate critical evidence" that contradicts the official explanation of the attacks.
However, 48 % polled believe there is no reason the 9/11 Commission would want to cover up information surrounding the terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 at the World Trade Center towers, Pentagon and in Somerset County, Pa....
"The media is not covering that fact that 45 % of voting Americans believe we should have another investigation," he said. "It deserves attention."
Though family members of victims of the attacks submitted about 400 questions to the 9/11 Commission, Gold said, only about a dozen were answered by the inquiry.
Poll respondents were equally divided - 44 % - over whether the Bush administration exploited the Sept. 11 attacks as a pretext for invading Iraq or used the terrorism to legitimately justify war.

02.Jun.2006 Libby case impacted by Judge Walton's ruling BG The American Thinker
02.Jun.2006 BELLACIAO - Iran Top Secret: Everything You Know Is Wrong - TJM - Collective Bellaciao
02.Jun.2006 The Zionist Network Shaping How Americans View 911 Christopher Bollyn -May 25, 06 - Bob Smith - Collective Bellaciao
02.Jun.2006 Amnesty attacks US 'disappearances' — FPF-fwd.: The Guardian, Fri May 26
02.Jun.2006 PNAC designed for failure... — Daniel E. Moore, Fri May 26
02.Jun.2006 ENRON: Lay Convicted, Bush Walks (and Ahnold Gets Lay'd) — FPF-fwd. Greg Palast, Fri May 26 13:53
Police place US Capitol under lockdown — Jerusalem Post, Fri May 26

02.Jun.2006 ENRON: THE UNTOLD STORY — TOP_VIEW, Fri May 26 15:55
Here are some quotes: 1-16-02 about Enron: — Ari (The Liar) Fleischer, Fri May 26

02.Jun.2006 Salute the Generals! - Pentagon Junta has taken over the CIA — Henk Ruyssenaars - FPF, Fri May 26
02.Jun.2006 BAXTER AUTOPSY POINTS TO MURDER — What Really Happened, Fri May 26 18:40
Enron: The Bush Connection — TODAY'S DEMOCRACY NOW!, Fri May 26 18:52
ENRON & Tony Blair..."Yes I was wired"! — GREG PALAST:, Fri May 26

02.Jun.2006 Why Weren't Lay and Skilling Arrested? — BlueBerry Pick'n, Fri May 26
02.Jun.2006 Grand jury eyes 9/11 hero Kerik - May 26, 2006
02.Jun.2006 Arkin misses the boat on the truth about 9/11.
Early Warning by William M. Arkin -
"As one of those people that Mr. Arkin so easily dismisses, I respectfully ask everyone to look at the evidence.

There are several good books in print about 9/11 that I would recommend as required reading. One is '9/11 Synthetic Terror' by Webster Tarpley.

Two other excellent books are by David Ray Griffin: 'New Pearl Harbor', and '9/11 Commission: Ommissions and Distortions'.
For those of you who are as convinced that there's no reason to doubt the official story of 9/11, I comprehend the thought process, yet can't respect your lack of diligence in researching the facts.
For those of you who want immediate evidence without having to buy a book, I would offer the following URL:
The target link covers the extremely odd case of World Trade Center Bldg. 7 (wtc7), which has been essentially ignored by most of the media + was in fact completely ignored by the 9/11 Commission Official Report."

June 1, 2006 Think Progress 

“Predictably, the left-wing press has run with the alleged massacre at Haditha … screaming about holding all of those involved accountable,” Bill O’Reilly said, introducing a segment on “Defending America.” “Why do so many rejoice when bad things happen to the USA?”

“President George W. Bush has been named the worst president in the last 61 years by American voters — with nearly twice the negative rating of Richard Nixon — in a new poll by Quinnipiac University.”

The Bush administration’s “ world-class flip-flop ” on Iran goes unnoticed.

“The environment and the economy have been totally misconstrued as incompatible.

They are opposite sides of the same coin — you can’t consider one without the other .” — Treasury Secretary nominee Hank Paulson. More at Gristmill.
02.Jun.2006 Sen. Bill Frist’s campaign committee violated the law, Judd according to the Federal Election Committee. CREW has the details.
02.Jun.2006 In fact, economists at UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy estimate the initiative “will help create new industries, technologies + tens of thousands of good paying jobs focused on renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean alternative fuels and clean alternative fuel vehicles.”

Needless to say, none of that made it into Novak’s column.
Bolton: ‘This is Put Up or Shut Up Time For Iran,’ Unilateral Military Action Is ‘On The Table’ Judd 
Yesterday on Fox’s Your World with Neil Cuvuto, U.N. Ambassador John Bolton explicitly said that unilateral military action against Iran was “on the table.” Bolton diplomatically added, “This is put up or shut up time for Iran.”
Watch it:

BOLTON: And I think when the President says it’s unacceptable, I think what he means by that is that it’s unacceptable. So it’s important…

CAVUTO: But unacceptable means that if it keeps going on you’re going to do something about it…

BOLTON: That no option is taken off the table. And Secretary…

CAVUTO: Military as well?

BOLTON: Exactly. Secretary Rice…

CAVUTO: Unilateral military action?

BOLTON: Secretary Rice made that point again today. But that’s why I think…

CAVUTO: That we would, I’m sorry Ambassador, that we would act alone if we had to?

BOLTON: That’s why he says no option is taken off the table. But it’s also why he has, the President, has reached out President Putin and other leaders in the past couple of days to say, “We’re making a significant step here,” that will be criticized by many of the president’s staunchest supporters here at home. But he’s taking this step to show strength and American leadership and to say he’s willing to do something that may be unpopular even with some of his supporters, to remove all excuses from Iran and its supporters to say, “We went the extra mile. We gave Iran really, this last chance to show that they are serious when they say they don’t want nuclear weapons.” This is put or shut up time for Iran.
Climate Scientist: National Review ‘Misrepresented My Study Just Like CEI Did’ Judd 
An advertisement by the Exxon-funded Competitive Enterprise Institute used a study to claim that the “
Antarctic ice sheet is getting thicker, not thinner” as a way of casting doubt on global warming science.

The author of the study, Curt Davis, issued a press release in response calling CEI’s ad a “deliberate effort to confuse and mislead the public about the global warming debate.” Davis noted that his finding were limited to the interior of the eastern portion of Antarctica and more snow was “a predicted consequence of global warming” as the ocean temperature warms.

In a National Review cover story, Steorts used a similar tact with Davis’s study. He used it to suggest all of Antarctica was gaining ice and cast doubt on global warming science. Nevertheless, he has repeatedly insisted that Davis’s criticism of CEI do not apply to him:

Rehashing its objection to the way I used a study by Curt Davis, Think Progress offers, for the second time, a link to a document detailing Davis’s concerns with the way the Competitive Enterprise Institute cited that study… those criticisms aren’t applicable to my article.

ThinkProgress talked to Curt Davis this morning. This is what he had to say:

When [Steorts] quoted my study he misrepresented it just like CEI did because he reported this as representative of the entire Antarctic ice sheet. I did not report a result for the entire Antarctic ice sheet. We know from other studies the coastal areas are losing lots of ice.

In his first response to our criticism, Steorts acknowledged that he falsely claimed Davis’s study applied to all of Antarctica but said it was inconsequential. Doing some calculations, Steorts asserted that even if you factor in Western Antarctica and costal regions, the continent is gaining mass.

Davis told me that Steorts “did his own math. But his math his wrong.” He assumes that ice lost on the coast has the same density as snow gained in the interior of Eastern Antarctica. Actually, ice is about three times more dense. (Even if Steorts got his math right, the data he is using for the coasts isn’t reliable enough to make such a comparison. That’s why it wasn’t included in Davis’s study.)

How much deeper a hole is Steorts going to dig himself? Only time will tell.

UPDATE: Davis writes in to more precisely describe how Steorts got his math wrong:

My study only reported the mass gain due to changes in the interior of the East Antarctic ice sheet. Steorts used the average elevation change of the entire area of study, which included large portions of East and West Antarctica + used the density of snow to convert to mass gain for both areas. In fact, the elevation change in the West interior is, in general, due to ice loss on the coasts while elevation change in the East interior is due to snow gain. Ice is about three times more dense than snow and the appropriate way to calculate the combined effect is to use an ice density for the West losses and a snow density for the East gains.

More importantly, even if Steorts got his math right, this type of calculation cannot be used to represent the entire Antarctic ice sheet. The altimeter data used does not cover coastal regions very well + we know from other studies there is significant ice loss on the coasts that must be considered in developing a realistic estimate for the overall contribution of the Antarctic ice sheet to sea level rise.
Rush Limbaugh attacks a listener Amanda who said Iraq is a “disaster,” demanding to know his real name, address + “when you’re gonna be in Las Vegas” [for Yearly Kos]. (Listen here.)
02.Jun.2006 How The National Review Bastardizes James Hansen’s Global Warming Research Judd 
Jason Steorts is on the defensive about his National Review cover story on global warming “
Scare of the Century.” Steorts’s article seeks to dismiss the conclusion of thousands of climate scientists on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that global warming is real, the result of human activity and, if unmitigated, will have grave consequences.

In his latest response to our critique, Steorts enlists James Hansen – the NASA climate scientist who was famously muzzled by the Bush administration for his outspoken views about the dangers of global warming – to bolster his point. Steorts quotes Hansen as saying “the IPCC scenarios are unduly pessimistic.”

Steorts never links to Hansen’s actual writing, but to a blog written by fellow climate skeptics characterizing Hansen’s work. Here’s what James Hansen actually said:

There are reasons to believe that the IPCC scenarios are unduly pessimistic. First, they ignore changes in emissions, some already underway, due to concerns about global warming. Second, they assume that true air pollution will continue to get worse, with O3, CH4 and BC all greater in 2050 than in 2000. Third, they give short shrift to technology advances that can reduce emissions in the next 50 years.

In other words, Hansen’s article is a call to action. He argues that we can reduce the impact of global warming if we limit carbon dioxide emissions, control air pollution and adopt new technologies.

Here’s how the same article begins: Global warming is real + the melting ice is an apt portent of potentially disastrous consequences…

Study of these forcing agents shows that global warming can be slowed, + stopped, with practical actions that yield a cleaner, healthier atmosphere.

Steorts uses the same tactic when he notes that Hansen “looked at the instrumental record and predicted 0.75 degrees of warming by 2050.”

Actually Hansen predicts that amount of warming if the growth in air pollutants and carbon dioxide emissions can be stopped.

Steorts takes a couple of words from Hansen’s call to action totally out of context to argue that action is unnecessary. This isn’t a real argument, it’s a shell game.
June 1, 2006 Think Progress 
Molly English, the editor of the Syracuse New Times, is considering legal action against Karl Zinsmeister , Bush’s new domestic policy adviser, for
altering quotations in a profile of him published by the paper in 2004.

“I find it insulting and his excuse is awfully lame,” she said.

The three-month probe of the reported massacre in Haditha , expected to be released next week, will likely conclude not only that “some officers gave false information to their superiors,” but that “senior Marine commanders were derelict in their duty to monitor the actions of subordinates.” Army Maj. Gen. Eldon Bargewell, who led the probe, “declined to say whether he would characterize it as a ‘coverup.’”

The House Appropriations Committee is a revolving door for staff members who later go to work as lobbyists trying to influence their former bosses.

At least 46 former aides on the powerful spending committee registered as lobbyists after leaving their congressional jobs since 1998, according to records compiled by the Center for Public Integrity.

Vice President Cheney “was dead set against” yesterday’s decision to offer the prospect of direct talks with Iran , one former Bush official said, but in the end “it came down to convincing Cheney + others that if we are going to confront Iran, we first have to check off the box” of trying talks.

African-Americans and Latinos are 30 % more likely to receive higher rates for home loans than white borrowers despite similar credit scores and risk factors, according to a new study by the Center for Responsible Lending.

Mark Corallo, former spokesman for Attorney General John Ashcroft, criticized the Bush administration’s subpoenas of reporters . “This is the most reckless abuse of power I have seen in years,” said Corallo. “You just don’t ride roughshod over the rights of reporters to gather information from confidential sources.”

The Army has started cutting costs to make its funding for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan extend for another month because Congress, which is currently on vacation, has failed to pass the 2006 emergency supplemental spending bill. Army Vice Chief of Staff Richard Cody said spending will gradually be restricted over the next few weeks, with options growing as dire as suspending recruitment efforts and postponing promotions.

“ If you print this, I’ll be killed, ” one local official says after criticizing the political infighting in Basra, Iraq, a city that was once “seemingly immune to the violence that has plagued the rest of the country,” but has now “sunk into chaos.”

Four conservatives running for Alabama’s Supreme Court are “making an argument legal scholars thought was settled in the 1800 s: that state courts are not bound by U.S. Supreme Court precedents .”

The issue last gained traction after conservatives “railed against federal court decisions striking down segregation in schools and public transportation.”

The data theft of 26.5 million veterans is worse than earlier reported. Not only were Social Security numbers and birthdates stolen, but phone numbers and addresses as well.

And finally: Kevin “K-Fed” Federline , rapper + husband of Britney Spears, dishes his media conspiracy theory:

“The same day Dick Cheney shoots someone, they’ve got me on the cover of MSN [Web site]. It’s like they’re diverting attention from what’s really going on.”
2006 May 31, 2006 Think Progress 
ThinkProgress is launching a new feature today, ThinkFast PM. It’s a lot like our morning edition of ThinkFast, except in PM we focus on blogs. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Today marks the very first Dependence Day, “the day each year when the USA effectively exhausts its supply of domestic oil and is forced to rely on foreign oil .” Check out

Could The New York Times have prevented 9/11 ? Judith Miller left executive editor Bill Keller in the dark about her big, unpublished scoop.

Of course global warming doesn’t exist , says one Religious Right activist. “Is God really going to let the Earth burn up? says it will offset one ton of carbon emissions for every other blog that links to it. (Treehugger has details.)

The Department of Homeland Security is slashing anti-terror funds for New York City and Washington, DC — the two places hit by terrorists on 9/11. They “will receive 40 % less in urban grant money compared to last year, with Washington dropping from $77 million to $46 million and New York falling from $207 million to $124 million.”

Will veterans shoulder the cost for the loss of their personal information?

President Bush, speaking in New Orleans on April 27: “If you are interested in helping the victims of Katrina , interested in helping them get back on their feet, come on down here.” “Don’t pack your bags though. FEMA has announced that on June 1 it will be closing the last 4 camps that house and feed volunteers coming to Louisiana to aid in recovery.”

When blogging is a path to prison: six bloggers in Egypt have been jailed after political demonstrations in Cairo.

And finally: Computers that are “powerful almost beyond human understanding,” and look great too. Photographer Simon Norfolk has “extraordinary new images of supercomputers and their architectural settings .”
02.Jun.2006 Treasury Secretary Or Cheerleader? Amanda 
President Bush, on the nomination of Henry M. Paulson as Treasury secretary,

[W]hen he is confirmed by the Senate, he’ll be a superb addition to my Cabinet . … The Treasury Secretary is the leading force on my economic team and the chief spokesman for my economic policies.

Sound familiar?

On John Snow, 12/9/02:

He’ll be a superb member of my Cabinet . … I’ll be proposing specific steps to increase the momentum of our economic recovery, and the Treasury Secretary will be at the center of this effor t.

On Paul O’Neill, 12/20/00:

The secretary of treasury is the chief financial officer of our nation , the successor to Alexander Hamilton. … I found such a man in Paul O’Neill .

Despite the talk, both were pushed out of the President’s inner circle and relegated to the role of administration cheerleader.

O’Neill “found himself on the outs after he aggressively pushed an agenda of his own” + Snow “has had little to do but promote policies made by others and wave the flag for economic growth.”
02.Jun.2006 Gore on Climate Skeptics: Some People Are Still Debating ‘Whether The Moon Landing Was Staged’ Judd 
This morning on CBS’s Early Show, host Harry Smith asked Al Gore about “more conservative elements of the press” who say “there is a debate going on” about whether global warming exisits. Gore responded that “in some quarters there’s still a debate over whether the moon landing was staged in a movie lot in Arizona” and debates about whether global warming exists were “in that category.”
Watch it:

Gore is right. There is no debate among credible sceintists about whether global warming exists. Science magazine analyzed 928 peer-reviewed scientific papers on global warming published between 1993 and 2003. Not a single one challenged the scientific consensus the earth’s temperature is rising due to human activity.

Instead climate skeptics are forced to make arguments like this one by Holman W. Jenkins Jr., that appeared in today’s Wall Street Journal:

In a million years, the time it takes the earth to sneeze, the planet will likely be shorn of any conspicuous sign we were ever here, let alone careless with our CO2, dioxins, etc. Talk about an inconvenient truth.

In other words, we shouldn’t worry about the world we are leaving to our children or grandchildren. A million years from now none of this will matter.

Of course, this kind of argument can be used to justify any disfunctional policy that will harm people, including ignorning the realities of global warming.


SMITH Let’s talk about this movie because I saw it yesterday. I remember when you wrote the book, which is almost twenty years ago already, right?

GORE: Yeah, well fourteen years ago + I have a new book out now, “An Inconvenient Truth,” same title as the movie, by Rodale. And I’ve been trying to tell this story for thirty years here.

And the debate among the scientists is over, there is no more debate. We face a planetary emergency + the phrase sounds shrill, but it is an accurate description of the climate crisis that we have to confront and solve.

SMITH: But if I look at more elements, the more conservative elements of the press, I would say there is a debate going on because, you know, they say that you’re just trying to create this kind of bogeyman to help slow down the economy and everything else. How do you respond to that?

GORE: Well, I guess in some quarters there’s still a debate over whether the moon landing was staged in a movie lot in Arizona or whether the earth is flat instead of round. And there may be some media reports that are constructed in a way that says, “On the one hand, on the other hand.” But really and truly, global warming is in that category – there is no more scientific debate among serious people who’ve looked at the evidence.
White House consults the “experts.” Nico 
Amir Taheri, “who published an op-ed in Canada’s National Post about an Iranian law that forced Jews to wear a yellow stripe” that
turned out to be a fabrication, this week “had a face-to-face with the President as one of a small group of ‘experts’ on Iraq that visited the White House.”

02.Jun.2006 “Democracy is on the march in Iraq.” Nico 
– Letter from President Bush to ten-year-old Emily Shrader of Canaan, Maine, who says she found it “upsetting to see that the war keeps on going on and on and
so many people keep on dying.” (HT: Hotline)

02.Jun.2006 New Orleans ‘dangerously unprepared Nico 
for hurricane season,’ according to a new report by
Gulf Coast Reconstruction Watch. “Due to delays in funding and construction, nearly 20% of New Orleans levees and floodwalls destroyed by Katrina have not been repaired,” and the city’s pump system, “designed to prevent flooding in low-lying areas, has not been tested and repaired.”

02.Jun.2006 Bush’s Domestic Policy Chief Wished Upon Iraq Journalists a ‘Very Loud Explosion Very Nearby’ Payson 
Karl Zinsmeister, Bush’s new domestic policy adviser,

Alas, many of the journalists observable in this war theater are bursting with knee-jerk suspicions and antagonisms for the warriors all around them. A significant number are whiny and appallingly soft. […] I almost wished there would be a very loud explosion very nearby just to shut up their rattling .

Reuters, today:

With the deaths of two CBS television crew members from a car bomb in Baghdad, the number of journalists who have died in hostile incidents in Iraq has risen to 71 - the same number killed or presumed dead during the Vietnam War.

(HT: Editor & Publisher)
02.Jun.2006 Robert Redford on kicking the oil habit: Faiz 
“Today the American people are
way out in front of our leaders. … People are coming together and demanding new answers. A grassroots movement is gathering today to promote solutions, like renewable fuels, clean electricity, more efficient cars + green buildings that use less energy.” Join the effort at

2006 May 31, 2006 Think Progress 
Out of the loop: White House Press Secretary Tony Snow said yesterday that President Bush learned of the reported Haditha massacre after the press did . Bush found out “
[w]hen a Time reporter first made the call,” said Snow. Time reported the events in March, nearly four months after they took place.

“Climate researchers at Purdue University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology separately reported new evidence yesterday supporting the idea that global warming is causing stronger hurricanes .”

City and state officials in hurricane-prone areas are pushing a “save-yourselves approach … after government agencies were overwhelmed by pleas for help after last year’s storms.” Officials say that “only the elderly, the poor and the disabled should count on the government to help them escape a hurricane or endure its immediate aftermath.”

“The South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families announced Tuesday that it had secured more than twice the number of signatures it needed to refer the abortion ban passed by the 2006 Legislature to a vote of the people this fall.” The group gathered 37,846 signatures - “more than double the 16,728 they needed to get.”

The Pentagon’s latest quarterly status report on Iraq, published yesterday, “shows an increase in the overall average number of attacks , from fewer than 500 per week last year to more than 600 per week in the most recent quarter.” “On average, nearly 80 Iraqis were killed or wounded every day…up from the previous quarter’s 60 per day.”

Afghanistan’s parliament approved a nonbinding motion calling for the government to prosecute U.S. soldiers responsible for a deadly road crash that sparked the worst riots in Kabul in years. USA Today writes, “The riots revealed a disturbing truth: At a time when the USA has enough trouble in Iraq, Afghanistan is increasingly beginning to resemble that war.”

The USA is “ready to meet with Iran and other nations for talks on Tehran’s nuclear ambitions if the Islamic republic gives up uranium enrichment.” Diplomats, however, said Washington would only join talks if Russia and China agreed to back U.N. sanctions against Iran “if it remains defiant.”

The FDA official who revealed that Merck’s Vioxx medication “caused 140,000 heart attacks and strokes testified that co-workers at his agency tried to damage his reputation.”

Rep. Bob Ney’s (R-OH) former chief of staff, Neil Volz, testified yesterday that “ Ney was a champion on Capitol Hill for Jack Abramoff and his clients before the lobbyist was disgraced.” Volz admitted to conspiring with Ney to underreport the cost of a 2002 golfing trip to Scotland.
02.Jun.2006 Why Bush's actions are relevant to us all
People often ask why I write about Bush when my primary focus is health, self improvement and personal empowerment. The answer is because, as I will explain here, the actions of Bush threaten the very freedoms that allow us the opportunities to be individually healthy and empowered.

02.Jun.2006 American Capitalism And The Moral Poverty Of Nations
Rolling through virtually any reasonably populous city or town in America, one encounters a surreal landscape blighted by grotesque temples to America's twin gods of Capitalism and Consumerism. As an increasing number of individual proprietors are driven to extinction, Wal-Mart, McDonald's + hundreds...

02.Jun.2006 Gesetz gegen Zwangsimplantierung in Wisconsin sfux 
Stephan Fuchs ? Governeur Jim Doyle unterschrieb einen Vertrag der es Firmen und den Regierungen im Staate Wisconsin untersagen soll, Personen gegen deren Willen mit Verichip zu implantieren.
Das Gesetz kam, nachdem die Firma Verichip, die den gleichnamigen implantierbaren Chip Verichip produziert die Vermarktung für

02.Jun.2006 Former CIA Analyst Says Iran Strike Set For June Or July Paul Joseph Watson 
Former CIA Analyst Says Iran Strike Set For June Or July McGovern: Staged terror attacks across Europe, US "probable" in order to justify invasion

02.Jun.2006 Latest Neo-Con Lie: Iraq Safer Than Washington DC Paul Joseph Watson 
Latest Neo-Con Lie: Iraq Safer Than Washington DC Old and distorted figures used to sell wonderful war

02.Jun.2006 UN Closes Book On Milosevic Cover-up Paul Joseph Watson 
UN Closes Book On Milosevic Cover-up Investigators clear themselves despite overwhelming evidence of foul play

02.Jun.2006 Freispruch in Sachen Online-Demo gegen Lufthansa Initiative Libertad! 
01.Jul.2005 wurde ein Libertad!-Aktivist wegen der Online-Demo vom 20.Jun.2001 gegen die Deutsche Lufthansa AG verurteilt.

Dieses Urteil wurde jetzt mit Beschluss (1 Ss 319/05) vom 22. Mai 2006 durch das OLG Frankfurt kassiert und der Angeklagte freigesprochen. Also doch: online protest is not a crime!
GEZ Tricks Schwarzseher In den letzten Wochen werde ich und einige Nachbarn von der GEZ penetriert. Dabei wenden diese einige Tricks an, diese moechte ich nun kundtun, damit andere nicht auf sowas reinfallen.
02.Jun.2006 Buch über Autonome soll auf Index laser Auf Bestreben der Familienminsterin von der Leyden (CDU) soll das Buch "Autonome in Bewegung" auf den Jugendschutzindex. Auslöser ist das Thema Militanz. Der Verlag Assoziation A spricht von einem Zensurversuch.
02.Jun.2006 Bad Security: Everyone Does It Bank defends its bad security by saying that everyone else does it too....
02.Jun.2006 British news outlets seek to fill U.S. hole Webhelp The British are coming again, this time with cameras, microphones + notebooks.
02.Jun.2006 New Orleans sinking even faster than thought John C Dvorak This can't be good news.
02.Jun.2006 Elementary school students scoring well in science
WASHINGTON - Elementary schoolers are doing very well in science, but their middle and high school counterparts are not showing such progress, according to the 2005 National Assessment of Educational Progress. This is a federal test that is regularly given to pupils and is thought to be the best measure of the performance of American students and how the various states compare.

02.Jun.2006 New 'Iraq massacre' tape emerges The BBC obtains new video evidence that US troops may have deliberately killed 11 Iraqi civilians in March.
02.Jun.2006 Ancient creatures found in cave Eight unknown species isolated from the outside world for millions of years are found in an underground cave in Israel.
02.Jun.2006 Ethics lessons for US Iraq troops US-led troops in Iraq are to undergo ethical training after an alleged massacre of civilians at Haditha.
02.Jun.2006 Iran cautious over US talks offer Iran says it is ready to talk to the US but rejects Washington's call for it to first halt uranium enrichment.
02.Jun.2006 Spanish 9/11 conviction quashed Spain's Supreme Court quashes an al-Qaeda suspect's conviction for helping plan the 9/11 attacks.
02.Jun.2006 Child screen-time warning Teenagers and children spend two-and-a-half months on average each year staring at screens, a study says.
02.Jun.2006 Annan slams lack of HIV progress United Nations general secretary Kofi Annan has criticised the lack of progress in combating HIV.
02.Jun.2006 Crashing the Wiretapper's Ball They come from all over the world to hobnob with fellow snoops and learn the latest tradecraft for intercepting your phone calls and internet traffic. The press isn't invited, but they can't keep us out of the hotel bar. Thomas Greene reports from Crystal City, Virginia.
02.Jun.2006 A Radical Let Loose on Science Harold Varmus won a Nobel Prize for changing how we think about cancer. Then he overhauled the National Institutes of Health. Now he's battling to make all scientific research free and universally available.
02.Jun.2006 Scroll May Hold Religious Insight
Sophisticated digital analysis helps researchers recover the text of a half-burnt, 2,400-year-old philosophical treatise. They hope to gain a greater understanding of the cult of Orpheus, which influenced later monotheistic faiths.

02.Jun.2006 North Pole Looked Like Paradise Researchers extract core samples from below the sea floor that indicate a mysterious "thermal event" millions of years ago turned the Arctic into a swampy, subtropical zone.
02.Jun.2006 New Orleans' Free Wi-Fi Is Scarce Local officials tout the city's wireless network, but few prospective users can get online. Debbi Gardiner reports from New Orleans.
02.Jun.2006 Administration touts 'virtual' border fence plans President, Homeland Security chief talk up idea of more motion sensors, infrared cameras and UAVs to combat illegal crossings.
02.Jun.2006 Tesco to track milk deliveries by RFID Radio-tagging trial is part of European supermarket giant's move toward wider supply-chain tracking.
02.Jun.2006 MS to Launch Paid Security Subscription Service samzenpus 291+user24 writes

"MSN reports that Microsoft 'is launching a subscription service aimed at providing better protection for the Windows operating system, which has been vulnerable to Internet attacks. Windows Live OneCare will protect up to three computers for about 50 dollars a year.' From the OneCare website: 'Windows Live OneCare works continuously, automatically + quietly in the background on your PC, ever vigilant against threats but never in the way, allowing you to have fun and be more productive:'"
Mob Rule on China's Internet Zonk 35Alien54 writes to mention an

International Herald Tribune article about the growing phenomenon in China known as internet hunting; Using the web to track down individuals who have violated social more or broken the law. From the article: "In recent cases, people have scrutinized husbands suspected of cheating on their wives, fraud on Internet auction sites, the secret lives of celebrities and unsolved crimes. One case that drew a huge following involved the poisoning of a Tsinghua University student - an event that dates to 1994, but was revived by curious strangers after word spread on the Internet that the only suspect in the case had been questioned and released. Even a recent scandal involving a top Chinese computer scientist dismissed for copying an American processor design came to light in part because of Internet hunting, with scores of online commentators raising questions about the project and putting pressure on the scientist's sponsors to look into allegations about intellectual property theft."

“When I first came here to Stanford,” Mueller said, “I was surprised that there wasn’t a student group specifically for students who are secular, for students who do not subscribe to any religious beliefs. This is a forum for those sorts of issues.
Only Oedipus scores higher.
01.Jun.2006 Rome skeleton find pre-dates city  Italian archaeologists digging in the Roman Forum have found a well-preserved skeleton of a woman who lived 3,000 years ago.
However, the astonishing fact about this discovery is that it dates back to at least 300 years before the traditional date of the founding of Rome, 753 BC.
posted by Prof. Hex at 10:35 AM

01.Jun.2006 Jesus Never Lived, Speaker Says  ...a small number of academics, including Carrier, argue that there was never even a historical Jesus. They believe that the biblical apostle Paul founded Christianity + in his conception, Jesus was an incorporeal, allegorical figure.
01.Jun.2006 05/30/06 Why it's over for America By Noam Chomsky
An inability to protect its citizens. The belief that it is above the law. A lack of democracy. Three defining characteristics of the 'failed state'. And that, says Noam Chomsky, is exactly what the US is becoming. In an exclusive extract from his devastating new book, America's leading thinker explains how his country lost its way.

01.Jun.2006 Congress balks at Pentagon 'war on terror' missile : Congress has stalled Pentagon plans to put conventional warheads on inter-continental missiles for use in Washington's "war on terror", out of concern that they could trigger a nuclear war.

01.Jun.2006 Court annuls EU-US data sharing agreement: The EU's top court has annulled an EU-US agreement on EU handovers of air passenger data to US security agencies + dismissed the European Commission's assurance that Washington could provide necessary privacy protection for such data.

01.Jun.2006 Proliferation Wars in the Intelligence Community: Since 2001, the National Security Agency (NSA) has had a presidentially authorized, law-breaking, warrantless surveillance program to listen in on the international phone calls of possibly tens of thousands of U.S. citizens

01.Jun.2006 High court limits whistle-blowers' protection : The Supreme Court made life a bit tougher yesterday for government whistle-blowers, ruling that the First Amendment does not protect public employees who disclose waste and fraud as part of their jobs.

01.Jun.2006 Impeach Alberto Gonzales? Why, yes! : "We have the power to impeach the attorney general," Issa told Tuesday's Judiciary Committee hearing titled: "Reckless Justice: Did the Saturday Night Raid of Congress Trample the Constitution?"

01.Jun.2006 Robert Scheer: Bush Links Energized Enron : The Bush family consistently acted to put Enron and its longtime CEO, Ken Lay, into a position to rip off investors and taxpayers. Why is the mass media ignoring that fact now that Lay has been convicted in arguably the most egregious example of white-collar fraud in U.S. history?

01.Jun.2006 Electronic Voting Machine Security Flaws Exposed: A report released earlier this month details what experts say are the most serious electronic voting machine flaws ever documented.
01.Jun.2006 Bolivia announces new energy clampdown: Bolivia's president said that foreign energy firms must turn over their retail firms to state-owned Yacimientos Petroliferas Fiscales Bolivianos in a month.
01.Jun.2006 Canada's largest union has voted to boycott Israel: Delegates to the Canadian Union of Public Employees Ontario convention in Ottawa voted overwhelmingly Saturday to support the campaign until it sees Israel recognizing the Palestinians' right to self-determination

01.Jun.2006 Israel: British war crimes lawyer denied entry: The Interior Ministry denied entry to Kate Maynard, the British lawyer who submitted a complaint in London against Maj.-Gen. (res.) Doron Almog, demanding he be prosecuted on war crimes charges related to his service as OC Southern Command from 2000 to 2003.

01.Jun.2006 Birds of a feather : 71 % of American citizens do not share our prime minister's Israeli good cheer. They are sick and tired of their president, they don't trust his judgment and they don't have the same faith in his integrity and good sense that Olmert has.

01.Jun.2006 Regional pro-Israel PAC to back more Republicans: Gearing up for the 1996 national elections, a Northern California pro-Israel political action committee already plans to back more Republican candidates than it did last fall.
01.Jun.2006 U.S. to Join Talks With Iran If Enrichment Ends, Rice Announces : The U.S. will join European talks with Iran about its nuclear program if the government there agrees to ``verifiably'' halt enrichment of uranium, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said today.

01.Jun.2006 Iranian Official: U.S. Position a Non-Starter : Jalali also said the U.S. was unreliable and would have to prove itself first, before the Iranians.

01.Jun.2006 What Iran should say to Condoleezza Rice : We suspended our enrichment activities for more than two long years. During this time, slowly, one by one, incendiary, allegations were investigated and found to be without merit, by the IAEA.

01.Jun.2006 U.S. Accepts Draft on Iran That Omits Use of Force : The Bush administration, seeking to enlist Russian support for a United Nations Security Council resolution on Iran, has agreed to language ruling out the immediate threat of military force

01.Jun.2006 Iran to build two more nuclear plants: Iran plans to build two 1,000 megawatt nuclear reactors and will solicit bids within the next two months, a senior official told Reuters on Wednesday.

01.Jun.2006 'World War III is Already Here' : Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Gillerman, told assembled national representatives that the global war with Islamist terrorism is WWIII.
01.Jun.2006 Troops told Geneva rules don't apply to Taliban: Canadian troops in Afghanistan have been told the Geneva Conventions and Canadian regulations regarding the rights of prisoners of war don't apply to Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters captured on the battlefield.

01.Jun.2006 EU says US must close Guantanamo prison: Austrian Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik urged the USA on Wednesday to close a prison for terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay as soon as possible, saying the detention of suspects there creates a legal vacuum.
01.Jun.2006 War widows find that everything is 'just gone' : The wives who lived at Fort Lewis had six months to pack up and leave after their husbands' deaths, the first signal that they lost more than a spouse.

01.Jun.2006 Saddam witness accuses prosecutor of bribing him: Speaking from behind a curtain to hide his identity, a defence witness, who said he worked at a U.S. base, accused chief prosecutor Jaafar al-Moussawi of offering him money in 2004 to give false testimony.

01.Jun.2006 Saddam trial witnesses ordered held: An order for the arrest of four defence witnesses in the trial of Saddam Hussein has been made.
01.Jun.2006 Bolivia President Morales Says U.S. Seeks to Kill Him: Bolivian President Evo Morales said the U.S. organized teams to track down and kill him, according to a note published on the Bolivian presidential Web site.

01.Jun.2006 Have Bolivia, Ecuador set themselves up for a fall? : In recent weeks, both Bolivian President Evo Morales and Ecuador's president, Alfredo Palacio, have taken a page out of Venezuelan populist President Hugo Chvez's natural resources manual.

01.Jun.2006 Walter C. Uhler : Gorbachev Calls Cheney a "Durak" (fool, idiot): Many Russians, don't care much for Americans these days. Like most of the rest of the world
01.Jun.2006 Gush Shalom breaking the ice towards Hamas: Gush Shalom calls for the immediate opening of negotiations between the Israeli and Palestinian governments, with no preconditions and on the basis of stopping all violent acts on both sides.

01.Jun.2006 US lobby group enters Israeli academic boycott row : A powerful American civil liberties group has called on US academics to boycott British lecturers who boycott Israeli universities.
01.Jun.2006 U.S. Says Troops Fired at Crowd In Afghan Capital : U.S. military officials acknowledged Wednesday that American troops had fired at an angry mob that surrounded the scene of a traffic accident in the Afghan capital Monday morning. Officials previously had said the troops fired only into the air.

01.Jun.2006 The President Seems Out of Touch With Events on the Ground in Iraq: On May 27, President George W. Bush delivered a speech at the graduation ceremonies of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the president used the occasion to review the actions he and his subordinates have taken during the past five years and to vow that "we will not rest until the promise of liberty reaches every people and every nation."

01.Jun.2006 Gold Star Mother Urges Americans to Sign the Voters Pledge: No More Pro-War Candidates, No More Wars of Choice
01.Jun.2006 Iraqi Kurds accuse Turkey of shelling: Turkey has been accused of shelling villages inside in Iraq's autonomous region of Kurdistan.

01.Jun.2006 Iraqis' Accounts Link Marines to the Mass Killing of Civilians : She said American troops shot and killed her husband, Rashid Abdul Hamid. They killed her father-in-law, Abdul Hamid Hassan Ali, a 77-year-old in a wheelchair, shooting him in the chest and abdomen, she said.

01.Jun.2006 U.S. Conducts Three More Probes Into Military's Conduct in Iraq : The U.S. military, facing allegations that Marines killed civilians in November in western Iraq, is conducting at least three more probes into the conduct of its forces in Iraq, spokesman Major-General William Caldwell said.

01.Jun.2006 A Time For Mutiny? : Prior to this war, we were trained to be killers, not murderers. We killed combatants, not women and children.

01.Jun.2006 Values training in Iraq: The top U.S. general in Iraq today ordered American commanders to conduct core values training on moral and ethical standards on the battlefield.

01.Jun.2006 The really big question with no answers: It's four Memorial Days and counting since "Mission Accomplished." We still have 132,000 American troops in Iraq. A million of our men and women have served by now, giving of themselves in tragic and extraordinary ways. Yet the insurgency is growing bolder - not fading away.
01.Jun.2006 Politicians Lie? Say it Ain't So! By Michael Boldin
The federal government extracts over Two Trillion Dollars from us every single year.  Yet, with all this unthinkable wealth, it has been incapable of reducing poverty, improving our schools, preventing 9-11, catching those who perpetrated the attacks, making health care affordable, reducing crime + so on.  Going even further, each year, it passes new laws that make it legal to pry into your life even more.

01.Jun.2006 American Capitalism and The Moral Poverty of Nations Of Faustian Bargains and Disposable Human Beings By Jason Miller
While our heavily entrenched corporate elites and affluent decision-makers cut their own taxes, reduce spending on social programs + lavish insane amounts of the working poor’s and middle class’s tax money on a military which exists to protect and expand their pecuniary interests, they offer the weakest members of our society, our homeless people, a quality of life that would repulse a sewer rat.

01.Jun.2006 Endgame in Iran      By Mike Whitney
US carrier groups are already moving to the Gulf and the finishing touches are being put on the battle plans. Lt General Sam Gardiner expects that an attack will come as early as June 2006.  

01.Jun.2006 Iraq War Vets talk about random civilian killings

Excerpt From BBC Documentary

Newsnight follow a group of former US soldiers who have returned from Iraq deeply affected by the experience. As they march across America to protest, shocking interviews emerge on the indiscriminate killing of Iraqi civilians. Click here to watch.
01.Jun.2006 The 10,000th Haditha By Ted Rall
Months after Time magazine reported that U.S. Marines had carried out a My Lai-style massacre of at least two dozen innocent Iraqi civilians, the average "support our troops" American is waking up + smelling the butchery.

01.Jun.2006 Harvard Business School Lowers Its Standards and Admits Bush's Mint-Schlepper to M.B.A. Program, Even Though He Has Only One Year of College. The First Exception They Made Was Bush Himself, Who Has Only One Brain Cell.
Karl Zinsmeister, the new chief domestic adviser to President Bush, while embedded with the 82nd Airborne in Kuwait in 2003, declared that "many of the journalists observable in this war theater are bursting with knee-jerk suspicions and antagonisms for the warriors all around them. A significant number are whiny and appallingly soft."

01.Jun.2006 101 People Who Are Really Screwing America (And Bernard Goldberg is Only #73)
Supreme Court Puts a Lid on Whistleblowing. Alito Casts Deciding Vote. The Busheviks Have Their Made Man in Place Now.
Bush, the Puppet, Appoints Another Puppet as Treasury Secretary, AKA Secretary of the Largest American Debt in History 5/31
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

01.Jun.2006 Marine at Haditha: 'I can still smell the blood' 5/30
GOP operative fresh from a prison term for his role in the New Hampshire phone jamming scandal will start teaching at a Republican "campaign school"
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01.Jun.2006 Barbara's Daily BuzzFlash Minute
01.Jun.2006 democracy. Permalink
01.Jun.2006 Heller's in trouble. From his web page: Stephen Heller is a whistleblower; he is alleged to have seen and then exposed legal documents proving that Diebold Election Systems, Inc., the country's leading manufacturer of electronic voting machines and voting machine software, was using illegal, uncertified software in their California voting machines, thereby defrauding the state of California, the taxpayers of California + disenfranchising the voters of California. On February 21, 2006, Stephen was charged in Los Angeles Superior Court with 3 felonies: felony access to computer data, commercial burglary and receiving stolen property. He pleaded not guilty. This is an outrageous abuse of the law and of power. The guy happened to come across these incriminating documents while working a temporary gig in the offices of the lawyers used by Diebold. Heller doesn't have much money. But he does have a whole lot of legal bills.
01.Jun.2006 adjective "ruthless"...? Permalink
01.Jun.2006 A terrific New York Times piece on the drive to disenfranchise: Florida recently reached a new low when it actually bullied the League of Women Voters into stopping its voter registration efforts in the state. The Legislature did this by adopting a law that seems intended to scare away anyone who wants to run a voter registration drive. Since registration drives are particularly important for bringing poor people, minority groups and less educated voters into the process, the law appears to be designed to keep such people from voting.
It imposes fines of $250 for every voter registration form that a group files more than 10 days after it is collected, and $5,000 for every form that is not submitted — even if it is because of events beyond anyone's control, like a hurricane. There's more...

01.Jun.2006 2. Business Week thinks the vote fraud "conspiracy theory" is worth pursuing -- as long as it's the right theory. Or rather, the right- wing theory, which holds that Venezuela controls ES&S. This theory is, so far as I can tell, groundless; Antonio Mugica, the largest shareholder, happens to hold Venezuelan citizenship, but that doesn't make him a partner of Chavez
01.Jun.2006 Vote fraud 1. Democratic Underground and Velvet Revolution put together a powerful, artfully-done mini-documentary on vote fraud.
01.Jun.2006 But even a silly fraud can compel us to ask what really happened.
A hoax that hints at a hidden truth. Hoaxiness.
01.Jun.2006 Hoaxiness Stephen Colbert gave us the concept of "Truthiness" -- a "truth" based on gut instinct (or wishful thinking) as opposed to verifiable fact. Conspiracist Tom Flocco specializes in the related concept of "Hoaxiness" -- stories that your rational mind dismisses out of hand, yet which seem to convey a kind of truth. A symbolic truth, perhaps.
Take the
latest: Bush administration officials operated Memorial Day weekend damage control to cover up the deaths of three foreign intelligence operatives—two British and one French—involved in a Friday morning shootout in the House of Representatives parking garage.
The altercation turned into an exchange of automatic weapons fire over a pouch containing evidence files documenting an operation to bomb the rail system along the Northeast corridor on Thursday—with the full knowledge of George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair who was in Washington while the operation was being hatched.

01.Jun.2006 The most striking quote: Pollster Lou Harris calls the 2004 Ohio vote "as dirty an election as America has ever seen."
RFK fingers Kenny "the kapo" Blackwell as a knowing co-conspirator. Gosh, I sure hope that allegation doesn't affect the race for governor in Ohio...
01.Jun.2006 Bush's "expert" on Iran matters Remember Amir Taheri, the propagandist who put out that fake news story about Iranian Jews being forced to wear identifying insignia? Yesterday, he was invited to brief the President, along with a couple of high-ranking military men. Taheri, of course, is connected to the P.R. firm Benador, which functions as a neocon clearinghouse. This guy is more than just another right-wing hack. Permalink
01.Jun.2006 "Sinclair [Lewis] is one of my biggest heroes. A couple of years ago, I read his infamous It Can’t Happen Here , published as the Nazis were gaining a foothold in Europe; it has now been returned to print by popular demand. Though highly stylized and a bit stilted as a work of fiction, its prescience is absolutely bone-chilling. And it has an ambiguous, not a happy, ending. A must read."
01.Jun.2006 Comments: If I'm not mistaken, "It Can't Happen Here" was written by Sinclair Lewis, not Upton Sinclair. I hunted it down on the net and re-read it and agree with your assessment. Upton Sinclair was slimed by Teddy Roosevelt for writing The Jungle which exposed the reality of meat packing. Upton Sinclair published his first book in 1901 and his last in 1961 and spoke at our high school just before his death. Easy to confuse the two names.
# posted by Paranoid Pessimist : 10:56 AM   "It Can't Happen Here" was written by Sinclair Lewis, not Upton Sinclair. --Paranoid Pessimist
Don't feel bad, Doc. A lotta people think that James Joyce wrote "Trees".

01.Jun.2006 I therefore urge all of you to go out and buy the latest Rolling Stone (the sales figures will make a statement in themselves) and read RFK, Jr.’s courageous and pivotal piece on <Ohio '04.
Then contact all the major papers and networks and insist – RELENTLESSLY – that they get RFK, Jr. on the air and expose this heinous crime against our Constitution and our citizenry.
It is therefore perfectly fitting that, of all our media out there, the Rolling Stone is exercising this, our most precious democratic gift - THE FREE PRESS - with a muckraking expose of the dangerous threat to our equally most precious democratic gift - OUR VOTE , on this, the 100th anniversary of the first such expose by our most heroic of American free press muckrakers, Upton Sinclair.

01.Jun.2006 and they are poised to revisit the media ownership nightmare yet again.
These guys never give up. It’s utterly amazing. Not only did the
public make their resistance to such nonsense unequivocally clear at the time, Congress and the courts soundly nixed the idea.
Not only do “these guys” never give up (who “they” are, really, who knows?), but they don’t miss the fact that the Nazis could not have taken over Germany without the radio falling in line with them, as well as the papers under the vicious, racist + perverted manipulation by Julius Streicher. Nor do they miss the fact that those Americans who watch Faux Snooze and listen to Rush and Savage and Boortz et al., actually fall right in line with what they want us all to think and feel.
Nor do they miss the fact that, if and only if they can get the media – importantly including the
internet – under their control, they will be able to do precisely what they want.

consider the latest decision by the Supreme Court regarding
whistleblowers. The upshot of that total abortion of Constitutional justice is that the Supreme Five (you know who they are) is that government agencies are given unprecedented power over individual employees, whose rights as citizens are “set aside,” if you will, in order for agency managers to implement policy.
01.Jun.2006 But as our starting point, I would like for every one to take a moment to celebrate the 100th anniversary of one of the most important press leaks in our history. As it happens, it spawned the term “muckraker,” which was hurled by President Teddy Roosevelt at a true national hero, Upton Sinclair.
The Jungle , now a century old, was not torture, but an inspiration to read as a kid, because it framed for me the living example of just how our freedoms ought to work, and forced me to realize just why a free press is so important in a democracy.
Greg Mitchell at E&P today honors the events surrounding that publication + it’s important to visit his excellent take on the history if for no other reason (there are so many) than to see yet another example of how nothing really changes, certainly in terms of politics, greed, and corruption. Another good reason is to see just how a hero can help the public get information that they can - and will - act on.
01.Jun.2006 Dokumentation: Die Erklärung des BND zum Fall El- Masri
01.Jun.2006 Urteils- Revision: Online demonstrieren ist nicht strafbar

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Vor dem Abspann präsentieren Sie in "Flug 93" einige Fakten: Unter anderem steht dort geschrieben, dass die nächsten Kampfflugzeuge der US-Luftwaffe Hunderte Kilometer entfernt waren, als Flug 93 abstürzte. Wie stehen Sie zu den Theorien, die genau das Gegenteil behaupten?

Greengrass: All die Verschwörungstheorien sind unwahr, obwohl ihnen weiträumig Glauben geschenkt werden. Das ist für mich ein Indikator dafür, dass der Film genau zur richtigen Zeit in die Kinos kommt. Je mehr Verschwörungstheoretiker sich um ein Ereignis Gedanken machen, desto bedeutender ist es. Die Wahrheit macht mir viel mehr Angst: Dass das System zusammengebrochen ist. Dass der nächste Kampfjet - übrigens ohne Raketen - 700 Meilen entfernt war. Dass die Behörden keine wirksamen Befehle geben konnten. Der Film handelt davon, dass niemand die Situation unter Kontrolle bekommen konnte - nicht das Militär, nicht die Flugaufsichtsbehörde. Unser Leben ist geprägt von Systemen, wir sind abhängig von ihnen und können ihnen auch zum Opfer fallen.
Greengrass: Genau dafür ist das Kino erfunden worden: Im Gegensatz zu Nachrichten im Fernsehen oder in Zeitungen, die berichten und kommentieren, schafft ein Kinofilm Bilder, die sich im unbewussten kollektiven Bewusstsein festsetzen. Auf diese eindringliche Art ist das Medium Film einzigartig. Wir werden auf einer sehr sinnlichen Ebene gepackt, gerade weil das Kino mit seiner großen, übermenschlichen Leinwand und seinem lauten, kraftvollen Ton mehr bietet als andere audiovisuelle Medien.

Einen Anhaltspunkt, wie die Erde ihre Hitzewallung vor 55 Millionen Jahren überwunden haben könnte, haben die Wissenschaftler übrigens auch entdeckt. Sie vermuten, dass sich durch die starke Erwärmung in der Arktis ein Farn ausgebreitet hat, das möglicherweise große Mengen von Kohlenstoffdioxid aufnahm. Allerdings dauerte es etwa 800.000 Jahre, bis die Erde wieder abkühlte.
Vor 45 Millionen tauchten auch in den Sedimenten am Nordpol verräterische Zeichen auf, schreiben die Forscher: kleine Steine, die mit den Eiszungen vom Land auf das Meer hinaus gewandert sein müssen. Das zeige, dass sich die Eisdecken über dem Nord- und dem Südpol wahrscheinlich doch gleichzeitig gebildet haben.

"Es war das erste Mal, dass wir die Arktis untersucht haben + das Ergebnis war eine große Überraschung für uns", sagt Kathryn Moran von der University of Rhode Island, Hauptautorin einer der drei Fachartikel. Die Forscher sind nun beunruhigt, dass die derzeit beobachtete Erderwärmung wesentlich stärker ausfallen könnte als bisher angenommen. "Die bisherigen Schätzungen sind wohl eher am unteren Ende einzuordnen", erklärt Appy Sluijs von der Universität Utrecht in den Niederlanden, ein Mitglied der Forscherteams.

Die Ergebnisse der Studie bewiesen, dass eine starke Zunahme von Kohlendioxid in der Atmosphäre globale Klimaerwärmung verursachen könne. Ähnliche Ergebnisse hatte ein anderes Forscherteam erst vergangene Woche veröffentlicht: Auch seinen Studien zufolge muss die Klimawirkung des Kohlendioxids deutlich nach oben korrigiert werden.

Eis spielt die zweite Hauptrolle

Den Forschern zufolge beweist der Fund des Skeletts, dass vor 3000 Jahren ein Wandel der Totenrituale stattfand - von Verbrennungen zu Erdbestattungen.

Die Gräber der Nekropole wurden auf die Zeit um 1000 vor Christus datiert. Damit sind sie älter als die Stadt Rom, die der Legende zufolge 753 vor Christus von den Zwillingsbrüdern Romulus und Remus gegründet worden ist. Nach Meinung der Experten war die Totenstadt den Gebeinen hochgestellter Persönlichkeiten wie Kriegern und Priestern vorbehalten. Sie hätten die Stämme und Clans angeführt, die in kleinen Dörfern auf den Hügeln lebten, auf denen später Rom entstand.
Drogenbuch auf dem Index: Legalisiert Leary!
01.Jun.2006 Drehung im All: Saturnmond schlug Purzelbaum
01.Jun.2006 Versinkende Stadt: Von New Orleans zu New Atlantis
01.Jun.2006 Atomstreit: Iran will von Zugeständnissen an die USA nichts wissen

01.Jun.2006Urmenschen: Flores- Hobbits fertigten Steinwerkzeuge
01.Jun.2006 Afrika- Mission: Bundeswehr- Soldaten lehnen Kongo- Einsatz ab
01.Jun.2006 US- Reaktionen auf Haditha: "Möglich, dass man mal ausrastet"

01.Jun.2006Irak: US- Soldaten erschießen Schwangere
01.Jun.2006 Atomstreit: Iran lehnt Verhandlungen mit Washington ab

01.Jun.2006 Bundeswehr am Hindukusch: USA erwarten blutigen Sommer in Afghanistan
01.Jun.2006 31. MAI 2006
Gefangenenlager Guantanamo: EU fordert erneut die Schließung
01.Jun.2006 Atomstreit mit Iran: Bush reklamiert Führungsrolle für friedliche Lösung (
01.Jun.2006 Dokumentation: Die Iran- Erklärung von US- Außenministerin Rice

01.Jun.2006 Klimawandel: Böse Überraschung im Nordpol- Bohrkern
01.Jun.2006 Haditha: Interner Armee- Bericht bestätigt Massaker
Handke ohne Heine- Preis: Schlechter Nachgeschmack
01.Jun.2006 Rom: Skelett ist älter als die Ewige Stadt
Demonstrationen in Chile: 700 Schüler festgenommen

01.Jun.2006 Atomkonflikt: USA wollen direkt mit Iran verhandeln
01.Jun.2006 Kongo: Dutzende Tote bei Kämpfen zwischen Milizen und Uno
01.Jun.2006 Hurrikan "Katrina": New Orleans war nur auf Kuschelsturm vorbereitet
01.Jun.2006 Haditha- Massaker: US- Soldat spricht von "blindem Hass"
Iran- Konflikt: Teheran will weitere Atomkraftwerke bauen

01.Jun.2006 Wählergunst: Union auf Jahrestief

01.Jun.2006 Handke- Debatte: "Das Ende der Aufklärung"
01.Jun.2006 Fluggastdaten- Streit: USA sollen legal weiter schnüffeln können
01.Jun.2006 SPIEGEL- Gespräch mit Ahmadinedschad: "Amerika hat uns beleidigt"
01.Jun.2006 Weltbank- Chef Wolfowitz: Der Falke auf der Lauer
31.May 2006,1518,druck-418877,00.html

New York - Der israelische Uno-Botschafter Dan Gillerman beschrieb Iran und Syrien als Teil einer "Achse des Terrors".

Iran sei "einer der größten staatlichen Sponsoren des Terrorismus und die größte Bedrohung für den internationalen Frieden", sagte Gillerman gestern Abend in New York.

Der syrische Diplomat Ahmed Alhariri entgegnete, Syrien stehe im Kampf gegen den Terrorismus an vorderster Front. Er forderte den Sicherheitsrat auf, eine Doppelmoral in der Terrorismusbekämpfung zu verhindern.

"Allen ist bewusst, dass die Quelle des Terrorismus in der Region in der anhaltenden Besatzung arabischen Territoriums liegt", erklärte Alhariri.

Er kritisierte, dass Gillerman in seiner Rede Syrien und Iran scharf angegriffen habe, das israelische Atomprogramm aber nicht erwähnt habe.

Er empfahl, die Charter der Vereinten Nationen zu lesen. "Wenn sie nicht lesen können, sollten sie nicht hier bei den Vereinten Nationen sein", sagte Alhariri.
31.May 2006
Geflutete Maya- Höhlen: Tore zur Unterwelt

31.May 2006 Nuklearkonflikt mit Iran: Baradei warnt vor Wiederholung von Fehlern
31.May 2006 Neues Gesetz: China verbietet P2P
31.May 2006 Aufschwung: Arbeitslosenzahl im Rekord- Tempo gefallen
31.May 2006 US- Geheimdienst: Hayden als neuer CIA- Chef vereidigt

31.May 2006 Verschwörungstheorie: Bolivianischer Präsident unterstellt USA Mordversuch
31.May 2006 Rauchen in der Kindheit: Eine Zigarette verdoppelt das Suchtrisiko
31.May 2006 The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change
Policy-makers and the media, particularly in the USA, frequently assert that climate science is highly uncertain.

Some have used this as an argument against adopting strong measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For example, while discussing a major U.S. Environmental Protection ...
31.May 2006
Pew: Nearly 50 MM Americans Create Web Content Rss User-generated content has moved beyond the Internet elite as high-speed connectivity reaches more U.S. households.
31.May 2006 Stolen Lives: Technology and Easy Credit Give Identity Thieves an Edge One in six adults in Arizona had their identities stolen in the last five years, about twice the national rate.
31.May 2006 Power Surge: The Constitutional Record of George W. Bush
In recent judicial confirmation battles, President Bush has repeatedly?and correctly?stressed fidelity to the Constitution as the key qualification for service as a judge.

It is also the key qualification for service as the nation's chief executive.

20.Jan.2005 for the second time, Mr. ...
31.May 2006
Blue-collar broadband
Now that the price of high-speed Internet access is coming down fast, working-class America is signing up in increasing numbers : Broadband adoption increased 59 % from March last year to March 2006 among U.S. households with incomes between $30,000 and $50,000, according to a survey to be ...

31.May 2006 Film explores anti-electric car forces Smartalix 
The fact is that American automakers are money-grubbing jerks who would rather kill innovation than create better vehicles. WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? chronicles the life and mysterious death of the GM EV1, examining its cultural and economic ripple effects and how they reverberated through the ...

31.May 2006 Positive feedbacks from the carbon cycle David 
Two papers appeared in Geophysical Research Letters today claiming that the warming forecast for the coming century may be underestimated, because of positive feedbacks in the carbon cycle. One comes from Torn and Harte + the other from Scheffer, Brovkin, and Cox. Both papers conclude that ...

31.May 2006 The Democratic Web Has Always Been An Illusion Scott Karp 
In a pro-”net neutrality” piece in the Times, Adam Cohen invokes the old saw about freedom of press belonging only to those who own one — he declares that the Web is the most democratic medium ever — but it’s really an illusion. The problem with the democratic web ...

31.May 2006 Buying a stairway to heaven? David 
Just in the last year or so, a new type of scheme for reducing personal carbon emissions has appeared, the remarkably painless purchasing of “carbon offsets”. claims to neutralize a person’s CO2 footprint on the Earth for the low, low price of $99 per year, plus if ...

31.May 2006 House panel votes for Net neutrality Enan Hawk 
By a 20-13 vote Thursday that partially followed party lines, the House Judiciary Committee approved a bill that would require broadband providers to abide by strict Net neutrality principles, meaning that their networks must be operated in a "nondiscriminatory" manner. All 14 Democrats on the ...

31.May 2006 Cannabis and Cancer: Jonathan Adler 
The Washington Post reports on a recent study that unexpectedly failed to find a link between smoking marijuana and lung cancer. Dan Filler wonders how federal agencies will respond....

31.May 2006 On the Apple decision Dave 
A very simple editorial on yesterday's decision by the Sixth District Court of Appeals that bloggers are entitled to the same protection as print journalists; that a rich corporation can't control the bloggers that cover it. 1. The day a U.S. court comes to a different conclusion will be the day ...

31.May 2006 Canada's Largest Retail Bookstore Bows To Fear of Anti-Cartoon Demonstrations, Eugene Volokh 
And removes from its shelves the current issue of Harper's Magazine — the issue that reprints the cartoons in the context of an article by Art Spiegelman, the author of Maus...

31.May 2006 MPAA accused of hiring a hacker
A lawsuit filed Wednesday accuses the Motion Picture Association of America of hiring a hacker to steal information from a company that the MPAA has accused of helping copyright violators. The lawsuit (click for PDF), filed in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California by Torrentspy.

31.May 2006 The Notion: Rise and Fall of the Enron Boys The Nation 
Let Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling now serve as symbol for the shame of modern capitalism. Let them do the time for all the other financial con men who gamed the system, looted pension funds, lied to investors--and got away.

31.May 2006 Print experts stand by McKie ID Fingerprint experts at the centre of the Shirley McKie case tell MSPs they still believe the print belonged to the former detective.
31.May 2006 US court backs online reporters Digital rights groups have welcomed a US court ruling giving online news sites the same rights as offline media.
31.May 2006 Niger probes uranium health scare Niger investigates reports that people near a uranium mine may have been exposed to high levels of radioactivity.
31.May 2006 Too many in jail, says top judge There are too many people being sent to prison in England and Wales, the country's top judge says.
31.May 2006 Guantanamo hunger strike grows The number of Guantanamo detainees on hunger strike increases and now involve 75 inmates, the US says.
31.May 2006 Europeans urged to act on climate A campaign to convince Europeans they can help stop climate change is being launched by the EU.
31.May 2006 Property 'no alternative pension' Homeowners believing their property will sufficiently fund their retirement could be in for a shock, economists warn.
31.May 2006 At least 1,000 UK soldiers desert Over 1,000 members of the British military have deserted since the start of the war in Iraq, the BBC learns.
31.May 2006 Bush invokes resolve of Cold War The US president likens his "war on terror" to the Cold War fight against communism, at a military graduation event.
31.May 2006
The viral video online revolution Video-sharing websites where anyone can upload their movie are challenging traditional media outlets.
31.May 2006 Bush and Blair admit Iraq errors Tony Blair and George W Bush acknowledge mistakes in Iraq, but urge support for the new government.
31.May 2006
UK attacked over terror flights Ministers are failing to meet their duties to investigate claims about secret terror flights, say MPs and peers.
31.May 2006 Pay out over nerve gas death The family of an RAF man who died after a nerve gas experiment in 1953 wins £100,000 compensation.
31.May 2006 Call to close fingerprint bureau An MSP calls for the Scottish Criminal Records Office fingerprints bureau in Glasgow to be closed.
31.May 2006 Enron's Lay and Skilling guilty The Enron jury finds Jeffrey Skilling and Kenneth Lay guilty on charges including fraud and conspiracy.
31.May 2006 Plan for cloaking device unveiled Research teams in the USA and Britain reveal their blueprints for building a cloaking device.
31.May 2006 Migrating birds suffer huge loss Migratory birds have suffered a dramatic decline in numbers over the last thirty years, according to a study.
31.May 2006 US 'swayed Iraq war law advice' The attorney general was swayed by the US when he decided the Iraq war was legal, says an ex-minister.
31.May 2006 Easy fit' pump for heart disease A heart pump which can be inserted without the need for open heart surgery has been developed by UK scientists.
31.May 2006 Tumours 'sabotage immunity' Scientists have shown how tumours can manipulate the immune system to stop it attacking cancer cells.
31.May 2006 Prozac effect on brain pinpointed Researchers have discovered how the widely prescribed drug Prozac acts on the brain to counter depression.
31.May 2006 Britons report 'psychic powers' More than half of Britons believe in psychic powers such as mind-reading and premonitions, a survey reveals.
31.May 2006 Bloggers Win, Apple Loses A California appeals court kills Apple's efforts to unmask an anonymous source who'd leaked inside info to two blogs, rejecting Apple's argument that the bloggers aren't covered by reporter's shield laws.

31.May 2006 Poison Ivy will likely thrive as global warming increases Blog: Not every living species is getting harmed by the rise in greenhouse gases.Poison Ivy grows faster as the amount of carbon dioxide...
31.May 2006 Gonzales pressures ISPs on data retention In private meeting at the DOJ, attorney general and FBI director pressure Internet providers to record their customers' activities.
31.May 2006 EU Court Blocks Passenger Data Deal with U.S. Zonk 44+Reinier writes

"The BBC reports that the European Court of Justice has ruled the airline data agreement with the USA is illegal. The 'agreement' required airlines to share 34 items of personal data of their passengers with American authorities at least fifteen minutes before take-off of any flight to the US. The Court of Justice examined the agreement after the European Parliament objected. A PDF of the ruling is available online."
31.May 2006
Automate Spamcop Submissions CmdrTaco 133+hausmasta writes

"Spamcop is pretty much dependent on user input. If no one submits and verifies spam, then they will have no blacklist. However that whole submission and verification process is a bit annoying. Why should I bother to actually submit spam to Spamcop and have it verified? If I just delete it, that will take less time.. This tutorial shows how to automate the Spam Cop submission and verification process. All I do is just put the spam into certain folders and our good old friend cron does the rest."
31.May 2006
Amnesty International vs. Internet Censorship CmdrTaco 216+

"Amnesty International has a new online campaign against governments which censor websites, monitor online communications + persecute citizens who express dissent in blogs, emails, or chat-rooms. The website, contains a web-based petition (to be presented at a UN conference in November 2006) and also a downloadable web gadget which displays random excerpts of censored material on your own website."
31.May 2006 B
SA Claims 35% of Software is Pirated Zonk 441+hdtv writes

"Business Software Alliance says 35% of packaged software installed on PCs globally is pirated + estimates the losses at $34 bln. From the article: 'The countries with the highest piracy rates were Vietnam (90%), Zimbabwe (90%), Indonesia (87%), China (86%) + Pakistan (86%). The countries with the lowest piracy rates were the USA (21%), New Zealand (23%), Austria (26%) + Finland (26%).' TechDirt analysis debunks some of the myths: 'The BSA claims that all of these "lost sales" represent real harm to the economy. It's the same bogus argument they've trotted out before, which is easily debunked. Much of that unauthorized software is being used to make firms much more productive than they would be otherwise -- probably benefiting the overall economy quite a bit.'"
31.May 2006
Science Ability Down in U.S. High Schools Zonk 488+ "According to the International Herald Tribune, a nationwide test has shown that the ability to reason scientifically is less well developed across the board for high schoolers. Fourth graders, ironically, are actually better at reasoning in the sciences now than they were ten years ago." From the article: "The drop in science proficiency appeared to reflect a broader trend in which some academic gains made in elementary grades and middle school have been seen to fade during the high school years. The science results come from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, a comprehensive examination administered in early 2005 by the Department of Education to more than 300,000 students in all 50 states, the District of Columbia + on U.S. military bases around the world."
31.May 2006 A DNA Database For All U.S. Workers? Zonk 511+fragmer writes

"New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg suggested a plan on Wednesday that would establish a DNA or fingerprint database to track and verify all legal U.S. workers. The mayor said DNA and fingerprint technology could be used to create a worker ID database that will 'uniquely identify the person' applying for a job, ensuring that cards are not illegally transferred or forged. Bloomberg compared his proposed federal identification database to the Social Security card, insisting that such a system would not violate citizens' privacy and was not a civil liberties issue."
31.May 2006
U.S. Pressures ISPs on Data Retention Zonk 166+packetmon writes

"According to Wired's Declan McCullagh 'In a private meeting with industry representatives, Gonzales, Mueller and other senior members of the Justice Department said Internet service providers should retain subscriber information and network data for two years ... A more extensive mandate would require companies to keep track of e-mail messages sent, Web pages visited and perhaps even instant-messaging correspondents.'"
31.May 2006
Google's Insular Nature Zonk 145+stockpicker_dude_78 writes

"Robert Cringley has written a thought-provoking article on Google's insular nature + compares them to the similar environment at Microsoft." From the article: "Google is secretive. This started as a deliberate marketing mystique, but endures today more as a really annoying company habit. Google folks don't understand why the rest of us have a problem with this, but then Google folks aren't like you and me. The result of this secrecy and Google's 'almighty algorithm' mentality is that the company makes changes -- and mistakes -- without informing its customers or even doing all that much to correct the problems."
31.May 2006
Fake Soldier Confession Video Runs As Cover For Real Slaughter Paul Joseph Watson Dilutes impact of genuine war atrocities like phony rape photos distracted from Abu Ghraib
31.May 2006 A Construction Drill Provides A Martial Law Drill Paul Joseph Watson A Construction Drill Provides A Martial Law Drill Capitol shutdown highlights manic panic of post-9/11 mentality
31.May 2006 Another Staged Charade From The War Criminals Paul Joseph Watson Another Staged Charade From The War Criminals Bush/Blair press conference feigns Iraqi support for Globalist occupation forces
31.May 2006 Tony Blair Will Make Britain Look Like It Lost To The Nazis Paul Joseph Watson Tony Blair Will Make Britain Look Like It Lost To The Nazis The crypto-fascist surveillance state says 'show us your papers'
31.May 2006 With One Pen Stroke, Bush Raises Taxes Twice
31.May 2006 Murtha on Haditha: ‘I Know There Was a Cover-up … The Chain of Command Tried to Stifle the Story’ Nico 
Last November, a group of U.S. Marines apparently went on “the worst rampage by U.S. service members in the Iraq war,
killing as many as 24 civilians in cold blood.” Today on ABC, Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) said that U.S. officials learned of the alleged massacre in Haditha “a few days” after it happened and organized a cover-up:

MURTHA: This is what the Marine Corps told me at the highest level. The Commandant of the Marine Corps was in my office just last week, so you know. I know there was a cover-up someplace. They knew about this a few days afterwards and there’s no question the chain of command tried to stifle the story. I can understand why, but that doesn’t excuse it. Something like this has to be brought out to the public + the people have to be punished.
31.May 2006
Bush Caught In Lie About Snow Resignation
31.May 2006
Former Ney aide names names. Amanda 
Neil Volz, Rep. Bob Ney’s (R-OH) former top aide testified today in the
trial of David Safavian, saying that when he worked for Abramoff, he received help from not only from Ney, but also Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), Rep. Don Young (R-AK), and Rep. Steven LaTourette (R-OH).

31.May 2006 T CHECK: National Review’s Cover Story Distorts Facts On Global Warming Think Progress 
The National Review’s June 6 cover story, Scare of the Century by Jason Lee Steorts, has several serious errors and omissions. By distorting evidence, Steorts misleads his readers about the threats of global warming. Here’s a debunk of some of Steorts’s inaccurate claims:

31.May 2006 Supreme Court rules against gov’t whistleblowers. Nico 
“The Supreme Court on Tuesday made it harder for government employees to file lawsuits claiming they were retaliated against for going public with allegations of official misconduct,” the
AP reports. By a 5-4 vote, justices ruled “that the First Amendment does not provide protection for comments that a public employee makes in the course of performing regular duties, even if the comments alleged public corruption or government wrongdoing.” Justice Samuel Alito cast the tie-breaking vote.

UPDATE: More on the ruling from SCOTUSBlog: “This apparently means that employees may be disciplined for their official capacity speech, without any First Amendment scrutiny, and without regard to whether it touches on matters of “public concern” — a very significant doctrinal development.”
31.May 2006 Treasury Secretary Nominee Says Failure To Ratify Kyoto Undermines U.S. Competitiveness Judd 
President Bush’s new nominee for Treasury Secretary, Goldman Sachs Chairman Henry M. Paulson Jr., not only endorses the Kyoto Protocol to limit greenhouse emissions, but argues that the USA’ failure to enact Kyoto undermines the competitiveness of U.S. companies. Here’s
a statement from the Nature Conservancy, where Paulson serves as chairman of the board:

The Kyoto Protocol is a key first step to help slow the onslaught of global warming and benefit conservation efforts …Until the USA passes its own limits on global warming emissions, innovative companies based here will lose out on opportunities to sell reduced emission credits to companies complying with the Kyoto Protocol overseas. Additionally, without enacting our own emission limits, U.S. companies will lose ground to their competitors in Europe, Canada, Japan + other countries participating in the Protocol who are developing clean technologies.

Goldman Sachs, under Paulson’s leadership, argued that the danger from global warming is imminent and requires “urgent” action by government to reduce emissions:

[C]limate change is one of the most significant environmental challenges of the 21st century and is linked to other important issues such as economic growth and development … Goldman Sachs is very concerned by the threat to our natural environment, to humans and to the economy presented by climate change and believes that it requires the urgent attention of and action by governments, business, consumers and civil society to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

As a result, Paulson’s nomination is strongly opposed by a coalition right-wing groups seeking to cast doubt on climate science, such as the National Center for Public Policy Research, describing Paulson as “diametrically opposed to the positions of [the Bush] Administration.”
30.May 2006 May 30, 2006 Think Progress 
Afghanistan is suffering its “ worst street violence since the fall of the Taliban ,” a “
full-blown anti-American riot” that broke out after a major car accident involving a U.S. vehicle. Slate sums up the subsequent murky details: “A crowd gathered and started throwing stones — or the truck pulled a hit-and-run and later was blocked by a crowd. Five Afghans died in the accident — or they were shot to death, by either U.S. or Afghan troops.”

“ Another reason to worry about global warming : more and itchier poison ivy.” Ivy grows “faster and bigger” as carbon dioxide levels increase.

The death toll from Indonesia’s latest earthquake tops 5,400, with 6,500 more survivors badly injured + 200,000 displaced. The United Kingdom has pledged the largest amount in international assistance, $7.4 million. The USA has pledged just $2.5 million.

75 : The number of Guantanamo Bay detainees staging a hunger strike, up from three, according to U.S. officials. The spike reflects “increasing defiance among men who have been held for up to 4 1/2 years, most without charges and with little contact with the outside world.”

The State Department has transferred Michael Zorick , “formerly Somali political affairs officer at the U.S. Embassy in Kenya,” to a post in Chad after Zorick spoke out against the administration’s support of Somali warlords. “He really decided to take up the battle,” one diplomat said. “He realised very well what he was doing.”

Privatization problems: “Several major U.S. cities that have hired private companies to run their water systems have had problems with pollutants, bad water and corruption,” a Los Angeles Times report shows.

Peter Piot, who heads the United Nation’s HIV/AIDS program, warned that the disease “shows no sign of letting up after 25 million people have died a quarter-century into the epidemic.” “Intervention is very low,” Piot warned, “for many critical populations in many countries. We need to really intensify the response to AIDS .”
31.May 2006 Treasury Secretary John Snow is resigning Nico and will be replaced by Goldman Sachs Chairman Henry M. Paulson Jr., CBS News reports.
31.May 2006 Fox Analyst: Global Warming is ‘Bogus…Dreamed Up by The Greens Because They Hate Industry’ Judd 
This weekend on the show “Cashin’ In,”
Fox News analyst Jonathan Hoenig asserted that global warming was “bogus,” and “dreamed up” by environmentalists to stop economic development:

There’s no scientific proof that global warming even exists. To be honest, it’s a bogus consensus dreamed up by Greens because they hate industry. They hate advancement. They hate technology…Greens will lead us back to the stone ages.

It’s Hoenig that’s living in a dream land. Science Magazine analyzed 928 peer-reviewed scientific papers on global warming published between 1993 and 2003. Not a single one challenged the scientific consensus the earth’s temperature is rising due to human activity.

A big part of the solution to global warming, of course, is technology – more efficient cars, renewable energy, cleaner production methods. Don’t bother telling that to Hoenig, however. He’s too busy with his conspiracy theories. 31.May 2006 Blair caved to White House on global warming, Iran? Faiz 
Josh Marshall, “Prime Minister Tony Blair caved in to White House pressure by sharpening language on Iran and softening it on global warming in a speech he delivered Friday at Georgetown University, according to a British press report Sunday that Blair’s office immediately denied.”

31.May 2006 Cheney’s guy. Faiz 
The Boston Globe
reports David Addington, i.e. “Cheney’s guy,” screens legislation before it reaches Bush’s desk in an effort to remove any limits it might place on presidential powers. Addington is the architect of the “signing statements” that Bush has used to assert his right to ignore laws passed by Congress. More at Firedoglake.

31.May 2006 Hagel: ‘Things Are Worse Off In The Middle East Today Than They Were Three Years Ago’
31.May 2006 Leading Climate Skeptic Compares Gore to Hitler Judd 
Last week, Sterling Burnett – a senior fellow at the Exxon-backed National Center for Policy Analysis –
compared Al Gore to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

In this weekend’s Washington Post magazine, meteorologist Bill Gray – one of the most prominent climate skeptics – directly compared Al Gore to Adolf Hitler:

Gore believed in global warming almost as much as Hitler believed there was something wrong with the Jews.

It’s telling that so many of the attacks on Al Gore and his movie are ad hominem, not substantive. There really is no credible scientific rebuttal to An Inconvenient Truth, so people are forced to attack the messenger.
31.May 2006 U.S. considering direct talks with Iran. Nico 
“The Bush administration is beginning to debate whether to
set aside a longstanding policy taboo and open direct talks with Iran, to help avert a crisis over Tehran’s suspected nuclear weapons program,” the New York Times reports. Said former deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage, “Some people in the administration think that diplomacy is a sign of weakness. In fact, it can show that you’re strong.”

31.May 2006 Loyalty to Bush is this Administration’s Affirmative Action Policy Guest 
In a veiled attempt to undermine affirmative action for minorities, President Bush in 2003 assailed the University of Michigan’s law school admissions policy
as unconstitutional, charging the law school with giving minorities preferential treatment in reaching diversity targets for its incoming class. This principle, however, doesn’t seem to apply to President Bush or his administration.

Blake Gottesman, a.k.a. “Peanut”, Special Assistant to the President and Personal Aide, is stepping down in August to attend Harvard Business School. It’s a great accomplishment considering the school only admits 10% to 15% of its applicants. But to even be considered for admission, the school states firmly at the top of its qualifications, a prospective student “must have completed a degree program at an accredited U.S. four-year undergraduate college/university.”

Peanut on the other hand, only attended college for one year + never finished. He has, however, dated Jenna Bush, makes the President peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches + dog-sits for Miss Beazley.

It is inconceivable President Bush did not lend a helping hand in getting Peanut and Julian Flannery accepted into HBS. Loyalty is this administration’s affirmative action policy and loyalty to Bush seems to be Harvard’s too.

– Sam Davis
31.May 2006
Cheney’s secrecy violates an executive order. Faiz 
The Office of the Vice President failed to report statistics regarding Cheney’s classification and declassification activity in 2005,
defying an executive order requirement that he do so. The Office of the Vice President has declined to report such data since 2002.

31.May 2006 Bartlett Falsely Claims Bush Supports Full Investigation of ‘Any Allegation of Public Corruption’ Faiz 
Dan Bartlett, senior counselor to President Bush, appeared on CNN this evening and was asked where the President stood with regards to the FBI raid on Rep. William Jefferson’s office. Bartlett said it was important to pursue the investigation to wherever it may lead:

BARTLETT: The good thing is that all parties recognize it’s critically important that this investigation continue; that anytime that there’s any allegation of public corruption of a public official or a congressman, that we do everything we can to fully investigate this.

A very sound principle — one that unfortunately does not apply to President Bush. Here’s Bartlett on CNN, 1/29/06:

BLITZER: What’s wrong with the White House releasing the photographs of the president with Jack Abramoff?

BARTLETT: Because they’re not relevant to the investigation. And one thing that the president argued this past week is that there is an important investigation. Here is a man who has admitted guilt to some egregious conduct and behavior in the course of several years. It’s important that the prosecutors get to the bottom of that case and follow that case wherever it may take them. But the fact that the president has taken a picture or two or five or however many it may be at fundraisers or other events is not related to the investigation.

Remember, as the “decider,” Bush gets to decide what’s relevant to the investigation.
31.May 2006 Abramoff Considered Hastert ‘A Reliable Ally For His Clients’
31.May 2006 House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) continues to
deny he is under investigation in the Jack Abramoff conspiracy case, despite an ABC report by Brian Ross saying he is “in the mix.”

But Kim Eisler, national editor of the Washingtonian magazine and friend of Abramoff, told Think Progress that “ Jack considered Hastert a reliable ally for his clients .”

Abramoff evidently trusted Hastert enough to have him help one of his tribal clients in Louisiana, far from Hastert’s district in Illinois. The client, the Coushatta tribe, opposed a plan by the Jena Band tribe to open a competing casino in Louisiana. Abramoff successfully lobbied his congressional allies to write a June 10, 2003, letter to then Interior Secretary Gail Norton opposing the casino. Co-signers on the letter included Hastert and Reps. Tom DeLay (R-TX), Roy Blunt (R-MO) + Eric Cantor (R-VA), a group of people “who do not normally weigh in on Indian issues.”

Note that Abramoff held a fundraiser for the Speaker on June 3, a week before Hastert signed the letter. At that event — hosted at Abramoff’s restaurant — Abramoff’s firm and tribal clients gave at least $21,500 to Hastert’s PAC. Eisler also tells Think Progress that “the pictures of Bush that I saw at Jack’s house several months ago, many of them were taken at a Hastert fundraiser.”

It’s hard to imagine that the FBI could responsibly investigate Abramoff’s corrupt dealings without putting Hastert “in the mix.”
31.May 2006
Rumsfeld’s Revisionist History: ‘We Know Where The WMD Suspect Sites Are’ Faiz 
Last night on CNN’s Larry King Live, Donald Rumsfeld was asked about 27-year CIA veteran Ray McGovern, who recently told the Secretary of Defense he lied when
he said he knew where the WMD were located in Iraq

00.Mar.2003. Rumsfeld refused to acknowledge his error and falsely claimed he was talking about “suspect sites.” Watch it:
31.May 2006 Here’s what Rumsfeld said last night:

I said because they’ve just gotten in the southern part of the country and we know, I said something to that effect, that the suspect sites or sites were — meaning suspect sites were up in the area of Baghdad and north. That’s where the intelligence community said them. And we weren’t there yet. We hadn’t covered that piece of real estate.

In fact, Rumsfeld made no mention of “suspect sites” in his entire March 2003 interview on ABC’s This Week. He plainly stated, without qualification, that “we know where [the WMD] are.” Here’s a transcript:

STEPHANOPOULOS: [I]s it curious to you that given how much control U.S. and coalition forces now have in the country, they haven’t found any weapons of mass destruction?

RUMSFELD: Not at all. If you think — let me take that, both pieces — the area in the south and the west and the north that coalition forces control is substantial. It happens not to be the area where weapons of mass destruction were dispersed. We know where they are. They’re in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat.

CNN has the full transcript.
31.May 2006 Rebuttal To Gore Movie, Enthusiastically Embraced By The Right, Grossly Distorts Scientific Facts Judd 
An article published on Tech Central Station is buzzing around the right-wing blogosphere as the definitive rebuttal to Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth. It’s written by Dr. Robert Balling, a climatology professor at Arizona State University who has received over $400,000 in funding from ExxonMobil, OPEC and the fossil fuels industry over the last decade.

31.May 2006 May 26, 2006 Think Progress 
The new White House domestic policy chief, Karl Zinsmeister, altered his own quotes and other text that appeared in a published profile of him , originally written by the Syracuse New Times but later
amended and posted on the AEI website. The White House claims that the alterations were “corrections” due to “misattributions” by the reporter, an unlikely story given that Zinsmeister emailed the New Times reporter after the interview to thank him for his “fair and thoughtful treatment.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Sen. Rick Santorum’s residence : “He doesn’t live here anymore.” The paper sent a letter to Santorum’s supposed residence in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania in March, only to watch the letter bounce back “with a sticker from the U.S. Postal Service checked as ‘Not Deliverable As Addressed — Unable To Forward.’”

In an e-mail and robocall message, Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) attacks his opponent , Zack Space, as too liberal because he appeared on Rachel Maddow’s Air America show. Ney calls her a “cross-dressing lesbian” who “uses a different name when dressed ‘in drag.’”

Meanwhile, two of Ney’s top aides have been subpoenaed in the Jack Abramoff bribery investigation . Paul Vinovich, formerly Ney’s top aide with the House Administration Committee + Will Heaton, Ney’s current chief of staff, both accompanied Abramoff, Ney, Ralph Reed, David Safavian + Neil Volz on an Aug. 2002 golf trip aboard a private jet to Scotland.

ABC’s Brian Ross stands by his story that House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) is under FBI investigation. “I think our story is accurate. We’ve gone back to our sources + they believe what we reported was accurate as they knew it.” George Stephanopoulos, ABC’s chief Washington correspondent, called the implications “potentially seismic.”

“Deserts in the American Southwest and around the globe are creeping toward heavily populated areas as the jet streams shift, researchers reported yesterday. The result: Areas already stressed by drought may get even drier. ”

A British Joint Committee On Human Rights charged with evaluating the Blair government’s compliance with the United Nations convention against torture has concluded that the government has not adequately investigated allegations of renditions . The report states the British “should take active steps to ascertain more details about certain flights known to have used UK airports and suspected of involvement in extraordinary renditions.”

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has “ordered a probe of dozens of television stations” after a report by the Center for Media and Democracy found that at least 77 stations had “ aired advertisements as if they were news reports ” in violation of an FCC warning to disclose sponsors.

The data analyst whose house was burglarized, resulting in the loss of 26.5 million veterans’ personal information, routinely took home data for three years, without authorization. “It will cost at least $10 million to inform veterans that their personal information may be in the hands of criminals.”
31.May 2006 Bush says he regrets saying “bring ‘em on” Judd as a taunt to Iraqi insurgents in July 2003. Since that time more than 2200 U.S. troops have died.
31.May 2006 Treasury Secretary on his way out. Faiz CNBC is reporting Treasury Secretary John Snow will resign by mid-June.
31.May 2006 0. Nico Number of times Ken Lay’s name was mentioned during today’s White House press gaggle with Tony Snow, which began 30 minutes after the guilty verdict was announced.
31.May 2006 Novak told Rove he would protect him. Judd 
29.Sep.2003 -three days after it became known that the CIA had asked the Justice Department to investigate who leaked the name of covert CIA officer Valerie Plame, columnist Robert Novak telephoned White House senior adviser Karl Rove to assure Rove that he would protect him from being harmed by the investigation, according to people with firsthand knowledge of the federal grand jury testimony of both men,”
Murray Waas reports in the National Journal.

31.May 2006 President Bush’s new domestic policy advisor, Nico longtime AEI scholar Karl Zinsmeister, on race: “[C]olorblindness has become a real risk today. … The penalty for the person who, ignoring race, turns down the wrong street today can literally be death.” Greg Sargent has more at his new blog, The Horse’s Mouth.
31.May 2006 Enron founder Ken Lay found guilty on all counts, Nico former CEO Jeffrey Skilling found guilty of conspiracy, wire fraud and securities fraud.
31.May 2006 President Bush is showing signs that he is "deranged, disconnected and dangerous"
17.Mar.2006 William Rivers Pitt wrote that Bush is "deranged, disconnected + dangerous." In his March 20 Cleveland speech, Bush proved Pitt right. Bush gave a delusional speech that shows he is detached from reality. "We're going to help the Iraqis build a strong democracy that will be an inspiration...

31.May 2006 Why Americans are terrified of learning a second language (satire)
Nothing terrifies Americans more than the idea of having to learn a second language... or, similarly, the idea that somebody might actually come to America and not bother to learn English. Generally speaking, Americans are linguaphobes who think that anyone speaking anything other than English must be...

31.May 2006 Das Menschenbild des Grundgesetzes ?...datenschutzrechtlich nicht hinnehmbar" sfux 
Karl Weiss - Die Datenschutzbeauftragten der Länder haben eine gemeinsame Erklärung zum Hartz-IV-Verschärfungsgesetz abgegeben, nachdem der Bundes-Datenschutzbeauftragte sich bereits im gleichen Sinne erklärt hatte. Neben Selbstverständlichkeiten enthält die Erklärung einiges Bemerkenswertes. Das Gesetz wird insgesamt als ?datenschutzrechtlich nicht hinnehmbar" angesehen.
Als ersten und am offensichtlichsten im Widerspruch zum Datenschutz stehenden...

31.May 2006 Gouverneur Lembo erleichtert sein Herz sfux 
Karl Weiss - Kaum je erlebt man einmal, daß einer der führenden Politiker in einem der Regime der großen Länder seiner Wut freien Lauf läßt und sein Herz ausschüttet. Jeder weiß, daß damit seine Karriere beendet wäre und kommt deshalb auch nur auf solche Posten, wenn er bereits bewiesen hat, daß er sich immer (fast vollständig) im Griff hat.
Doch aufgrund der speziellen Umstände in Brasilien hat der Gouverneur (Ministerpräsident) des Bundesstaates São...

31.May 2006 China und Indien bereits auf Plätzen 2 und 4 sfux 
Karl Weiss - Nachdem bereits die Zahlen der konventionellen Vergleiche der Brutto-Nationaleinkommen (früher: Brutto-Sozialprodukte) für 2005 vorlagen, sind nun auch die Zahlen für die modernen Vergleiche mit dem PPP-Verfahren (Brutto-Inlandseinkommen) veröffentlicht worden. China hat bei diesen Vergleichen bereits Platz 2 in der Welt erobert, nicht mehr fern den USA + Indien steht bereits auf Platz 4 vor Deutschland.
Seit 1999 wird das Brutto-Sozialprodukt...

31.May 2006 DC 9 Kokainflieger war in Kolumbien sfux 
Stephan Fuchs ? Wie die Drogenbehörde in Venezuela bekannt gab, war die in Mexiko geschnappte DC 9 Maschine auf Umweg in Kolumbien. Ein Geheimflug um 5,5 Tonnen Koks zu laden. Das Kokain war für Amerika bestimmt.
Die nordamerikanische DC 9 Maschine mit der N-Nummer N900SA wurde von einer pleitegegangenen Firma mit Verbindungen zu Tom Dealay und Casino Jack Abramoff an die liierte Firma Royal Sons...

31.May 2006,1518,druck-418863,00.html

Paris - Von der radioaktiven Gefahr würden auch die Weinberge für den berühmten Schaumwein aus der Region bedroht, hieß es in einem Bericht, den die Umweltschutzorganisation am Dienstag dem Senat in Paris vorlegte. Demnach wurde nur zehn Kilometer von der Anlage in Soulaines entfernt radioaktiv verseuchtes Grundwasser entdeckt.

Die französische Atombehörde hat bereits vor einer Woche einen Defekt in der Anlage in der Champagne eingeräumt. Demnach kam es zu einem Riss in einem der Betonbehälter zur Aufbewahrung des Atommülls. Der Zwischenfall habe jedoch keine Umweltschäden verursacht.

Greenpeace berichtete ferner von Messungen im Umkreis eines Atommülllagers in der nördlichen Provinz La Manche an der Kanalküste. Dort sei eine Radioaktivität gemessen worden, die die in Europa zulässigen Grenzwerte 170 Mal überschreite.
31.May 2006
Getöte Zivilisten: Schwere Vorwürfe gegen US- Soldaten
31.May 2006
Frankreich: Atommüll sickert laut Greenpeace ins Grundwasser
31.May 2006
CMD Report "Fake TV News" Triggers FCC Investigation Topics:
video news releases | media | activism Source: Bloomberg, May 25,

Bloomberg reports that, in direct response to CMD's groundbreaking exposé 'Fake TV News,' the "Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin ordered a probe of dozens of television stations. ... The April report by the non-profit Center for Media and Democracy found at least 77 stations, including 23 affiliates of Walt Disney Co.'s ABC network and seven Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. stations, ignored an FCC warning to disclose sponsors. The maximum fine for each violation is $32,500, rising to $325,000 for multiple infractions, said FCC spokesman Clyde Ensslin. 'If the investigation leads to significant fines, the FCC could cause stations to put disclosures in place that make clearer the corporate role in local news,' said analyst Blair Levin of Stifel Nicolaus & Co. in Washington. 'It depends how hard Martin wants to push it.'" 1 comment | permalink
31.May 2006
Fake TV News" Report Now in PDF Form Topics:
video news releases | media Source: Center for Media and Democracy, May 26,

With the U.S. Federal Communications Commission investigating the television stations that CMD documented airing corporate video news releases, you might want to read through the report that started it all. Luckily, "Fake TV News: Widespread and Undisclosed" is now available in PDF format! Download it from our website, print it out and take it along on your summer holiday. It's 114 pages long -- chock full of important information, harrowing tales of media deception + some great puns. The URL to download the report is: login or register to post comments | permalink
31.May 2006
Pentagon Primes Propaganda Plan Topics:
propaganda | U.S. government | war/peace Source: U.S. News and World Report, May 29,

The Pentagon's new "strategic communications roadmap" will soon be approved, according to U.S. News and World Report . The plan seeks to "create a culture" that sees strategic communications as "not just public affairs, information operations or psychological operations, legislative affairs or public diplomacy, but ... the totality of that that you have to work to be effective," explained Lt. Gen. Gene Renuart of the Joint Staff. The Pentagon has already established a Strategic Communications secretariat, to "research important or contentious issues, such as the recent Dubai ports debate"; a Strategic Communications Integration Group "will decide how to handle those issues." In 2004, the U.S. Strategic Command established a Joint Information Operations Center in San Antonio, Texas, to send support teams "to the various combatant commands in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Latin America." And the Special Operations Command in Tampa, Florida, sends psychological operations units around the world. login or register to post comments | permalink
.May 2006
This article is owned by, or has been licensed to, the New Zealand Herald. You may not reproduce, publish, electronically archive or transmit this article in any manner without the prior written consent of the New Zealand Herald. To make a copyright clearance inquiry, please
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American TV stations in 'fake news' inquiry By Andrew Buncombe

30.May 2006
The Derveni Papyrus — which has been in the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki since its charred fragments were found among the remains of a funeral pyre in 1962 — is described as a “philosophical treatise based on a poem in the Orphic tradition and dating to the second half of the 5th century BC.”
30.May 2006
"This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector." - Plato
Plato knew it all those centuries ago. So, why doesn't the American public, until it is too late?

30.May 2006
There will be a police state. In Oregon the police already attack unarmed protesters with beatings, mace, tazers, pepper spray and pellet guns. And the protesters were carrying PEACE NOW signs.
Americans never think it can happen to them, but when power and money corrupts, the guys at the top care very little about rules, regulations and the people beneath them.

30.May 2006
One of the purposes behind the National Guard, the militia of the States, is to be a line of defense preventing a President from using marshal law against the interests of the States. Rumsfeldt, who this writer considers the most dangerous man in the world, has blatantly decimated the National Guard by throwing them into the forefront of his war on Iraq. Although their equipment was never state of the art, they return with little of what the previously had while their numbers plummet. Training of military police in the techniques of torture, building new secret prisons in the US, creation of domestic databases, are ominous signs. We maybe simply an event away from being pushed down a very dark path and worst of all only a few of our political leaders demonstrate little concern for our Constitutional protections or for that matter the common people of our country. In addition, Christian fundamentalists have invaded all branches of our government and their theocratic beliefs run contrary to democratic principals which evolved from our “one out of many” historical development. We appear to be at a fork in the road as a country, one of those paths could lead to a dark age for America and maybe the world.
30.May 2006
The Bushies are the world's most prolific creators of junk. Their wars create junk galore, their words create junk galore. Their ignorance creates junk science. Their real beliefs create junk religion. Their corruption creates huge debts and turns intelligence agents into propagandists. The biggest disaster is the fact that the Bushies are still in power. Every day they are in power degenerates the USA and the rest of the Earth. IMPEACH!
30.May 2006
(Tongue in cheek)
Boy, did you guys get screwed or what? Opposing the Sovjets for half a century, only to find that your own system has degenerated to the same levels, nay! even lower... At least the Sovjet Union offered free healthcare, free education, guaranteed employment + all the other social security benefits that the US is still lacking.

30.May 2006

“Kids read about the great scientists and their discoveries throughout history + marvel that people once did these things,” Lazar says. “But they marvel a little too much. Taking chemicals and lab equipment away from kids who love science is like taking crayons and paints away from a kid who may grow up to be an artist.”
30.May 2006

To Bill Nye, the “Science Guy” who hosted an Emmy award-winning series on PBS in the 1990s, unreasonable fears about chemicals and home experimentation reflect a distrust of scientific expertise taking hold in society at large. “People who want to make meth will find ways to do it that don’t require an Erlenmeyer flask. But raising a generation of people who are technically incompetent is a recipe for disaster.”
30.May 2006

“To criminalize the necessary materials of discovery is one of the worst things you can do in a free society,” says Shawn Carlson, a 1999 MacArthur fellow and founder of the Society for Amateur Scientists. “The Mr. Coffee machine that every Texas legislator has near his desk has three violations of the law built into it: a filter funnel, a Pyrex beaker + a heating element. The laws against meth should be the deterrent to making it – not criminalizing activities that train young people to appreciate science.”

The increasingly strict regulatory climate has driven a wedge of paranoia between young chemists and their potential mentors. “I don’t tell anyone about what I do at home,” writes one anonymous high schooler on, an online forum for amateur scientists. “A lot of ignorant people at my school will just spread rumors about me … The teacher will hear about them and I will get into legal trouble … I have so much glassware at my house, any excuse will not cut it. So I keep my mouth shut.”

Ironically, a shadow of suspicion is being cast over home chemistry at a time when the contributions of amateurs to the progress of science are highly regarded. In recent years, citizen scientists have discovered comets and supernovas and invented tools for gauging Earth’s magnetic field. Peer-reviewed journals like Nature now welcome papers coauthored by auto-didacts like Forrest Mims III, who studies solar storms and atmospheric conditions at his home observatory in Texas. Personal computers, digital cameras + other consumer electronic devices are putting more accurate means of recording and measuring phenomena into the hands of home tinkerers than were available in high-end labs just a few years ago. The Internet is the ultimate enabling technology, allowing amateurs to collaborate with their counterparts at NASA and other organizations.
30.May 2006

Many of Moore’s illustrious peers also first got interested in science by performing experiments at home. After reading a book called The Boy Scientist at age 10, Vint Cerf – who became one of the architects of the Internet – spent months blowing up thermite volcanoes and launching backyard rockets. Growing up in Colorado, David Packard – the late cofounder of Hewlett-Packard – concocted new recipes for gunpowder. The neurologist Oliver Sacks writes about his adolescent love affair with “stinks and bangs” in Uncle Tungsten: Memories of a Chemical Boyhood . “There’s no question that stinks and bangs and crystals and colors are what drew kids – particularly boys – to science,” says Roald Hoffmann of Cornell University, who won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1981. “Now the potential for stinks and bangs has been legislated out.”
30.May 2006 American TV stations in 'fake news' inquiry 
Federal authorities are investigating dozens of American television stations for broadcasting items produced by the Bush administration and major corporations + passing them off as normal news.
30.May 2006 'Oldest' papyrus is decoded  Greek and foreign experts have used cutting-edge technology to decode the Greek text of the world's oldest literary papyrus more than four decades after its discovery, it was revealed yesterday.
30.May 2006 The 500 Hours of 9/11  A vast archive of images from the Sept. 11 attack and its aftermath, assembled by Steven Rosenbaum, a Manhattan producer of documentaries, can be sampled on the Internet at The future of the collection is uncertain.
30.May 2006 Osama Tape Appears Fake, Experts Conclude  The latest audio tape attributed to Osama bin Laden appears to be one more installment in a succession of evidence fabricated by the US government to deceive the American people, according to Scholars for 9/11 Truth.
30.May 2006 Bush's Enron Lies  Contrary to the official story, the Bush administration did whatever it could to help Enron as the company began to go under.
30.May 2006 Mega-church minister linked to paramilitary video game  Imagine: you are a foot soldier in a paramilitary group whose purpose is to remake America as a Christian theocracy + establish its worldly vision of the dominion of Christ over all aspects of life. You are issued high-tech military weaponry + instructed to engage the infidel on the streets of New York City. You are on a mission - both a religious mission and a military mission -- to convert or kill Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, gays + anyone who advocates the separation of church and state - especially moderate, mainstream Christians.
30.May 2006 Top 10 Signs of the Impending U.S. Police State  From AlterNet.
30.May 2006 Don't Try This at Home  Garage chemistry used to be a rite of passage for geeky kids. But in their search for terrorist cells and meth labs, authorities are making a federal case out of DIY science.
30.May 2006 Hartz IV: Kauder will arbeitslose Akademiker zur Feldarbeit einsetzen
30.May 2006 Nahost: Israel stößt in Gaza- Streifen vor

30.May 2006 Frühjahrsbelebung: Rückgang der Arbeitslosigkeit stärker als erwartet

(Wirtschaft, Verdächtige Pakete in San Francisco: Entwarnung nach Rathaus- Räumung
30.May 2006 Aids in Deutschland: Mehr HIV- Infektionen als im Vorjahr
30.May 2006
Welt- Aids- Bericht: HI- Virus verbreitet sich langsamer
30.May 2006 Bundestag: Mehrheit für Kongo- Einsatz zeichnet sich ab
30.May 2006
00.Mar.2003 Denmark : a cross-party parliamentary group in Denmark challenged both the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Foreign Affairs as to why Danish shipping companies were continuing to transport arms to countries such as Myanmar, China + Sudan. Despite these countries being subject to EU embargoes that prohibit the export of weapons to repressive governments, Danish shippers are circumventing the legislation by claiming that they are only transporting, not exporting, weapons. A spokesperson for the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) stated that: "Denmark is one of the only countries where ships carrying arms are allowed to sail to countries blacklisted by the EU."(122)
30.May 2006 Top Republican To WH: "I Intend To Do Everything I Can To Kill The ...Bout was reported by the UN to be using Flying Dolphin Air - Another player in that scandal was Russian-Israeli mobster Arkady Gaydamak
30.May 2006 The Yorkshire Ranter At the time, Viktor Bout had a lucrative operation flying fuel to locations in Angola, ... and the arms dealers Arkadi Gaydamak and Pierre Falcone. ...

The Yorkshire Ranter This Slight Update covers both a bit of Bout + some black site flights. ... + the arms dealers Arkadi Gaydamak + Pierre Falcone

Foreign Policy: Profits of doom. (In Box).(arms traffickers)(Brief ... War is hell, but not for men like Victor Bout + Tim Spicer + Arcadi Gaydamak + Jacques Monsieur. For them, war is big business. ...
International - The Center for Public Integrity WASHINGTON,

20.Nov.2002 Victor Bout's air cargo companies shipped ... WASHINGTON,

13.Nov.2002 Arcadi Gaydamak claims to be among the five ...

Assassinats de Coopérants - Trafic d'armes : Profession, marchand ... WIDTH=32 Pierre Falcone, Gaydamak et Cie, brasseurs de milliards. ... Bout démarre ses activités de marchand d'armes en Belgique, sur l'aéroport d'Ostende, ...
30.May 2006 Asia Times - Asia's most trusted news source The first indictment, handed down in April 1999, dealt with Gaydamak's ... to Bout + Vab Impex, the company implicated in the Falcone/Gaydamak arms ...

HALLIBURTON HAS LINKS TO AN OLD FRIEND OF THE TALIBAN VIA DUBAI Another player in that scandal was Russian-Israeli mobster Arkady Gaydamak , who is tied into an ...

30.May 2006 Techno’s Edge Profits of Doom Sheepkeepers R US Pop Anti- Americanism HTML-Version
Victor Bout , Tim Spicer, Arcadi Gaydamak + Jacques Monsieur. For them, war is big business. Bout , nicknamed “the merchant of DEATH ...

RFI - Trafic d''armes - Le règne des marchands de mort Il a ses «vedettes», Arcadi Gaydamak , Victor Bout , Pierre Falcone, et incidemment Charles Taylor. Il a aussi ses hommes de l'ombre, comme l'homme d'affaire ...

30.May 2006 [] Arcadi Gaydamak : "Je n'achète pas "France Soir" pour régler mes comptes" ... Pour services rendus en Irak, le trafiquant Viktor Bout décroche l'aide des ...
30.May 2006 GR35 - Verslag - Compte rendu Les noms de Pierre Falcone et Arcadi Gaydamak , au centre de « l'Angolagate ... De banden tussen de netwerken van de Tadzjiek Viktor Bout en van de Congolese ...

30.May 2006 Cover Contents and Arcadi Gaydamak had allegedly helped arrange the sale of small arms to Angola ... Central African Airlines - owned by former KGB officer Viktor Bout ...$File/ACT3000304.pdf

30.May 2006 Que no se transfieran armas para cometer atrocidades HTML-Version
Mapa con las rutas de transporte de armas de la flota de Viktor Bout , desde la Fede- ... y Arcadi Gaydamak habían facilita-. do la venta de armas pequeñas a ...

30.May 2006 Crónica del comercio del terror En este contexto, cabe señalar que la empresa de Viktor Bout transportó armas ...

00.Nov.1993 al parecer, Pierre Falcone y Arcadi Gaydamak habían ...
30.May 2006 RFI - Trafic d''armes - Profession : trafiquant Il a pour associé Arcadi Gaydamak .

Dans les années 1970, ils étaient devenus mandataires ... Jacques «Kiki» Lemaire : pilote belge associé à Viktor Bout . ...
30.May 2006 Undermining Global Security: the European Union's arms exports

00.Nov.1993 Pierre Falcone + Arcadi Gaydamak had allegedly helped ... by former KGB officer Viktor Bout - to ship illegal arms to Sierra Leone.

5. Servicios de corretaje y transporte de armas HTML-Version ... de Arcadi Gaydamak , emigrante y hombre de negocios ruso radicado en Israel. ... ciente al ex agente del KGB Viktor Bout , en el transporte de armas ilegales ...
30.May 2006 IVAW hints at, but does not directly ask, the key question: Is Macbeth a fantasist, or is he a plant?
We have good reason to suspect the latter. While most progressives have never heard of the guy, he has loomed large in the demonology of the rightists. On cue and en masse, they have scrutinized
every detail of the man's existence the way a Biblical scholar might study every jot and tittle of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
I would note that MacBeth first surfaced in 2004, in a
completely separate incident in Arizona which served the purposes of right-wing propagandists: In early March, a young veteran of the war in Iraq, Jesse MacBeth, 20 years old, was banned from Coffee Plantation, where he had he was enjoying a drink that he had bought. His crime? He was dressed in his informal military uniform, which had insignia on it + he was told by the owner that he could not sit at the table dressed in it, that it was offensive. MacBeth launched a very public "protest" of the store, whose manager denied that he had ever asked the man to leave. Obviously, the entire incident was staged to create the impression that America-hating "liberals" in a college town spit on American soldiers. (An unfounded rumor with a similar theme targeted Starbucks.)

30.May 2006 Lord Have Mercy on Our Souls! "Newt Says Jeb Might be President."

y GOP operative fresh from a prison term for his role in the New Hampshire phone jamming scandal will start teaching at a Republican "campaign school"
NYT: Iraq has been the deadliest conflict for journalists in modern times. More reporters killed than in Vietnam, Korea and World War II
"We're running the planet like a company in liquidation," the former US vice-president Al Gore told an audience at the Hay festival, in an impassioned plea to act on climate change before it is too late. "For some reason we have now convinced ourselves, too many of us, that we don't have to care about the future," he said. 5/30

30.May 2006 "Let Every Nation Know: John F. Kennedy in His Own Words" -- Thom Hartmann: Independent Thinker of the Month Book
The top American commander in Iraq has decided to move reserve troops now deployed in Kuwait into the volatile Anbar Province in western Iraq to help quell a rise in insurgent attacks there, two American officials said Monday. 5/30

30.May 2006 The bad news for Bush from Iraq keeps piling up 5/30
Let's Search Frist's Office! What an Idiot! 5/30

30.May 2006 Yada, Yada, Yada: Senate panel to hold hearings on atrocity reports 5/30
Barbara's Daily BuzzFlash Minute

30.May 2006 Atomstreit: Blockfreie wollen Position Irans unterstützen
30.May 2006 Amtswechsel: US- Finanzminister John Snow tritt zurück
30.May 2006 Stickstoffdioxid: Diesel- Abgas gefährlicher als gedacht
30.May 2006
Privatinvestitionen: Noch nie floss so viel Geld in Entwicklungsländer
30.May 2006
Daewoo: Ex- Konzernchef muss ins Gefängnis - und 18 Milliarden Euro zahlen
30.May 2006
EuGH- Votum zu US- Flügen: Scheinsieg für den Datenschutz
30.May 2006
Sexualität: Gen- Mutation dosiert Begierde

30.May 2006 Alternativer Sprit: Die Kohle- Bomber kommen

30.May 2006 Mobilfunk: Vodafone macht 25 Milliarden Euro Verlust
30.May 2006
Griechenland: Bombenanschlag auf Kulturminister
30.May 2006
Neue Jugendkrawalle: Verletzte und brennende Autos in Paris

30.May 2006 Sozialkassen: Loch von 3,3 Milliarden Euro

30.May 2006 rteil: Weitergabe von Flugpassagierdaten an USA illegal
30.May 2006 Papua: Neues Beben löst Panik in Indonesien aus

30.May 2006 Amnesty- Kampagne: Gegen die Zensur des Internet
30.May 2006
Studie: Ost- Länder verschwendeten Milliarden
30.May 2006
Studie zu Aktien: Einfacher Name führt zu größerem Börsenerfolg
30.May 2006
Java: Beben macht Vulkan noch gefährlicher