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04.Jul.2006 Greg Palast: Dispatch from Mexico City:

00.Nov.2000 -As in Florida- ,

02.Nov.2004 -as in Ohio- the exit polls show the voters voted for the progressive candidate, but the race is “officially” too close to call. But they will call it — after they steal it.

04.Jul.2006 Greg Palast: The Assassination of Hugo Chávez :

26.Aug.2005 the Lord spoke to His servant on cable television and His servant told the faithful watching in TV land: "Hugo Chávez thinks we're trying to assassinate him. I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it."

04.Jul.2006 Journalists besieged over Iraq, terror news: Media advocates are alarmed at what they see as a mounting assault on press freedom in country after country, arguing it is potentially chilling the pursuit of truth as U.S. and European leaders pursue wars on terror and in Iraq.

04.Jul.2006 Stephen Lendman: Dirty Secrets of the Temple - How the Federal Reserve Runs the US

04.Jul.2006 From Freedom To Fascism Aaron Russo's America: 14 minute video

04.Jul.2006 Postwar German government and CIA shielded Adolf Eichmann: The recent publication of some 27,000 pages of secret CIA documents has brought to light new details regarding the close ties between the political elite in post-war Germany and leading Nazis who survived the collapse of the Third Reich.
04.Jul.2006 Brian Cloughley: When Liberation is Worse Than Oppression: Of greatest concern is the pronouncement by Bush that Iraq and Afghanistan "are now democracies and they are allies in the cause of freedom and peace." If he truly believes this to be a fact, then there is no hope for either Iraq or Afghanistan. And there isn't much hope for America, either.

04.Jul.2006 Supreme Court ruling troubles GOP senators : McConnell, R-Ky., the second-ranking GOP leader in the Senate, said the 5-3 court decision "means that American servicemen potentially could be accused of war crimes."

04.Jul.2006 Mick Youther : The Big Waste: What we could have purchased with the same amount of money that is wasted in just one day of Mr. Bush's War

04.Jul.2006 Lieberman says he'll collect signatures for independent campaign: Facing a stronger-than-expected Democratic primary challenge and sagging poll numbers because of his support of the Iraq war, Sen. Joe Lieberman said Monday he'll collect signatures to run as an unaffiliated candidate if he loses next month's primary.

04.Jul.2006 Poll: Britons see US as vulgar empire builder: As Americans prepare to celebrate the 230th anniversary of their independence tomorrow, the poll found that only 12 per cent of Britons trust them to act wisely on the global stage. This is half the number who had faith in the Vietnam-scarred White House of 1975.

04.Jul.2006 Black propaganda: Alan Dershowitz: Should we fight terror with torture? : The USA' Supreme Court has ruled that military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay breach the human rights of inmates. But in an age of suicide bombings and mass civilian casualties, do our laws themselves need to be rewritten? Are we just ignoring the unpalatable truth: that the survival of our society may depend on the legalised torture of terror suspects?
04.Jul.2006 Al-Zarqawi had phone numbers of senior Iraqi officials stored in his cell phone : Abdul-Latif did not give names of the officials. But he said they included ministry employees and members of parliament.
04.Jul.2006 Raped And Murdered: Victim Was 15 year Old Child Details emerge in alleged atrocity by U.S. Troops -By Ellen Knickmeyer
He found Abeer sprawled dead in a corner, her hair and a pillow next to her consumed by fire + her dress pushed up to her neck.

04.Jul.2006 Orwell in Iraq: Snow Jobs, Zarqawi and Bogus Peace Plans - By Dahr Jamail
With the plan to secure Baghdad, "Operation Forward Together," now three weeks old + the so-called terror leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, killed, the security situation has only continued to deteriorate.

04.Jul.2006 Obstacles to the abolition of war - By John J. Neumaier
In spite of the ever growing inhumanity of war, people the world over tend to take the fighting of future wars for granted. All too many accept their governments’ recourse to war as “normal”, as a legitimate tool of a nation’s foreign policy.

04.Jul.2006 Bush's Assault on Freedom: What's To Stop Him? - By Paul Craig Roberts
Republicans are "outraged" that "liberal judges" have prevented Bush from "protecting us from terrorists." In the U.S. Senate, Majority Leader Bill Frist said that Republicans will propose legislation to enable Bush to get around the Supreme Court's decision.

04.Jul.2006 Shadows On The Wall - By Sheila Samples    

And so we sit, shackled by self-imposed chains of fear, captivated by shadowy forms that move discordantly across the walls of our perception. Once again we are eager to accept appearance for reality. The Supreme Court ruling last week rejecting George Bush's military commissions to try Guantanamo detainees casts a huge shadow on the wall. Many are saying it not only curbed Bush and Cheney's unlimited presidential power grab, but absolved us of the responsibility of having to do anything about it. Continue

04.Jul.2006 This Fourth of July is yours, not mine - By Frederick Douglass
Go search where you will, roam through all the monarchies and despotisms of the Old World, travel through South America, search out every abuse and when you have found the last, lay your facts by the side of the everyday practices of this nation, and you will say with me that, for revolting barbarity and shameless hypocrisy, America reigns without a rival.

04.Jul.2006 Finding Bolivar's Heir A special report by independent journalist Greg Palast
 The report offers a never-before-seen interview with Chavez, insight into Chavez’s relationship with the U.S. as well as Chavez’s plans for Venezuela, perspectives from opposition party members and raw footage from the slums of Caracas.
Click here to watch . QuickTime video

04.Jul.2006 Most Reliable Journalist on PlameGate with Inside Scoops, Murray Waas: Bush Admits Authorizing Leaking of "Highly Classfied Intelligence" to Discredit Joe Wilson. Bush is the Leaker-in-Chief. The Right Wing Should Attack Bush like Piranhas if They Aren't Hypocrites. But, of Course, They Are.

04.Jul.2006 New Poll: American Majority Says Iraq War Pointless
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04.Jul.2006 The Declaration of American Independence, Signed on July 4, 1776
Sign the Declaration of Independence from Gun Violence for the Fourth of July!
The CIA closed its unit dedicated to catching Osama bin Laden a year ago. What was the point of the war on terror, anyway?
CIA Analysts: Osama bin-Laden Wanted Bush Elected and Produced Videotape to Help Bush. For Real.

04.Jul.2006 Palestinian Extremists Do the Cause of a Palestinian Nation No Good by Holding onto or Killing Cpl. Gilad Shalit. Israel Does Its Cause no Good by Inflicting Collective Punishment. If things calmed down for awhile, we might have a solution: Israel and a Palestinian state living side by side. 7/4

04.Jul.2006 former Army soldier was charged Monday with the alleged rape and murder of an Iraqi girl and the slayings of three of her family members in their home south of Baghdad in March, federal prosecutors said. 7/5 The US ambassador to Baghdad, Zalmay Khalilzad, has said the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi last month has had no impact on the violence. 7/5
04.Jul.2006 Hear the tune, not the notes The opening four notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony gain power only when played together.

Similarly, these six headlines gain power when viewed as a group:
Al-Zarqawi's wife: Al-Qaida sold him out: "The woman...said al-Qaida's top leadership reached a deal with U.S. intelligence because al-Zarqawi had become too powerful."
C.I.A. Closes Unit Focused on Capture of bin Laden: "The unit, known as Alec Station, was disbanded late last year and its analysts reassigned within the C.I.A. Counterterrorist Center..."
CIA: Osama Helped Bush in '04 Acting CIA Director John McLaughlin concluded that Bin Laden released a video just before the 2004 election with the intention of scuttling John Kerry's chances of winning.
NYT: Bank program not news to terrorists
Olbermann named Melanie Morgan "Worst Person" for suggesting NY Times' Keller might deserve "gas chamber" Conservatives scream for the blood of an editor who "revealed" something Al Qaida already knew.
Feinstein says she was not briefed on the Bank Program Play the notes in sequence. Can you hear the tune? Bush does not consider Osama Bin Laden the enemy. We are the enemy. Permalink

feel Windows should be free to all users¿ for at least the first year, - if not longer as we are all working for Microsoft (unpaid) as their test engineers¿¿

Have you had any problems with Microsoft's anti-piracy tool? How big a problem do you think counterfeit software is?

Send us your views.

In its information for users Microsoft says that "validation failure is almost always caused by the use of a non-genuine Windows licence".

Michala Alexander, head of anti-piracy for Microsoft, in the UK, said the tool had been a huge success in countering piracy.

"Customers have been crying out for a tool which could tell them if they have been duped," she said.

But she admitted that the company could have been a bit more "open and honest" about the pilot tool when it was launched.

One person posted: "I have a Microsoft sticker on the back of the computer with 25 characters.

"Doesn't that assure me that the XP version on the CPU [Central Processing Unit] is genuine? Why everything was okay before (for three years) and suddenly I get this from Microsoft..."

Readers of the BBC News website have also reported their computers being forced to dial up to the net with their modems everytime they re-boot or having problems with brand new equipment.

WGA requires users to enter the key code that comes with every copy of Windows XP.

If the code is not genuine or has been used by someone else, users are told that they do not have a licence to use XP and are invited to buy a genuine copy at a discount price.
Gletscher, Safari und Zyanid - Barricks-Gold sfux Dr. Alexander von Paleske -

Barricks weltweite Jagd nach dem Gold - oder gestern schürften wir Gold in Amerika, heute und morgen in der ganzen Welt. Mitwirkende: Peter Munk, Chef von Barrick, Adnan Khashoggi der Waffenhändler und Grossbetrüger, der ehemalige US Präsident G.W. Bush Senior sowie sein Amtskollege der ehemalige kanadische Premierminister Brian Mulroney und Karl Otto Pöhl, Ex Bundesbankpräsident....
Was spricht gegen Bio-Kraftstoffe? Teil 2 sfux Karl Weiß -

In regelmäßigen Abständen werden die ?Argumente" der Öl- und Auto-Konzerne gegen regenierbare Energien, speziell gegen Bio-Treibstoffe, von den Medien in neue Form gebracht und aufbereitet, nach dem Motto: Irgendwann wird schon etwas hängen bleiben. Wahrer werden sie dadurch nicht. All diese Beiträge zeichnen sich dadurch aus, daß sie überhaupt nicht auf das dringendste Problem der Menschheit im Umweltbereich eingehen, die globale Erwärmung mit der drohenden Klimakatastrophe.
Microsoft faces second class-action spyware lawsuit
A second class-action lawsuit filed in less than a week against Microsoft alleges that a central pillar of the company's anti-piracy effort ? installed automatically on millions of computers ? amounts to spyware. But the attorney behind the first suit, filed on behalf of a Los Angeles man, said ...

04.Jul.2006 Yet another Lawsuit for Microsoft Smartalix 
I go back and forth between thinking we pick on Gates too much and thinking we’re not picking on him enough. A second class-action lawsuit filed in less than a week against Microsoft alleges that a central pillar of the company’s anti-piracy effort — installed automatically on ...

04.Jul.2006 The problem with "global warming"
And yet no one is marching in the streets, the outrage is largely intellectual and action is slow. (If you want to argue about the science, please visit the link above, this is a post about the marketing!) Is the lack of outrage because of the population's decision that this is bad science or ...

04.Jul.2006 Happy Independence Day StoneLion 
We're taking the day off to celebrate the US Independence Day holiday. We intend to reflect on traditional American values such as freedom of speech and religion, fairness, justice, respect for the rule of law, the right to pursue happiness, standing up for the underdog + taking responsibility ...

04.Jul.2006 Microsoft names Windows 98 and Millennium execution day Mike.magee SOFTWARE giant Microsoft has named the day that Windows 98 and Millennium users will no longer have support.
04.Jul.2006 Muslims 'must root out extremism' Tony Blair says there are limits to what governments can do, as he urges Muslims to root out extremism.
04.Jul.2006 Heatwave 'to give way to storms' The sweltering heat of the past few days is set to give way to severe storms, forecasters say.
04.Jul.2006 Indonesian bird flu toll hits 40 Indonesia confirms its 40th human bird flu death, taking it close to overtaking Vietnam as the world's bird flu nexus.
04.Jul.2006 Calderon set for Mexico victory Preliminary results indicate Felipe Calderon has won Mexico's presidential election by a very narrow margin.
04.Jul.2006 Zarqawi death has 'little impact' US envoy to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad admits the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has not reduced the violence.
04.Jul.2006 US Navy in sonar ban over whales A judge places a temporary ban on the US Navy's use of sonar equipment, in a bid to protect sea mammals.
04.Jul.2006 Anti-piracy tool confuses users An anti-piracy tool for Microsoft Windows XP is causing problems for some users of the system.
04.Jul.2006 Sex infections 'continue to rise' The number of sexually transmitted infections continues to rise, figures show.
04.Jul.2006 Hope for natural insect repellent Scientists say they have isolated the natural chemicals which make some people's body odour unpleasant to mosquitoes.
04.Jul.2006 How man woke from 'coma' Scientists may have found out how a man began to recover after spending 19-years in a near-vegetative state.
04.Jul.2006 “Get it out.” Judd Bush told prosecutors he “directed” Cheney to disseminate information he believed would discredit Joe Wilson, according to a new report by Murray Waas.
04.Jul.2006 The task of winning hearts and minds Faiz now extends to Britain.
04.Jul.2006 Hersh: Pentagon Commanders Increasingly Dissenting From Bush’s Iran Plans Faiz 
Last month, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) addressed the YearlyKos bloggers conference and announced that
he would propose the Iran Intelligence Oversight Act, legislation meant to ensure that each of the administration’s claims on Iran would be backed up by the consensus assessments of intelligence analysts.

The Iran oversight legislation was unanimously accepted in the Senate as an amendment to the 2007 Defense Authorization Bill, which passed in late June. Here’s why passage of the bill was so important.

In this week’s New Yorker, Seymour Hersh writes that Pentagon officials, who have been charged by Bush to draw up plans for a major bombing campaign inside Iran, are “increasingly challeng[ing] the President’s plans.” Military officials are voicing their concerns that the intelligence on Iran doesn’t stack up, according to Hersh:

A crucial issue in the military’s dissent, the officers said, is the fact that American and European intelligence agencies have not found specific evidence of clandestine activities or hidden facilities; the war planners are not sure what to hit. “The target array in Iran is huge, but it’s amorphous,” a high-ranking general told me. “The question we face is, When does innocent infrastructure evolve into something nefarious?”
A former senior intelligence official told me that people in the Pentagon were asking, “What’s the evidence? We’ve got a million tentacles out there, overt and covert + these guys”— the Iranians—“have been working on this for eighteen years + we have nothing? We’re coming up with jack shit.”
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and his senior aides “really think they can do this on the cheap + they underestimate the capability of the adversary,” [a senior military official] said.
[Ret. Army Maj. Gen. William Nash, former commander of the First Armored Division:] “Their first possible response would be to send forces into Iraq. And, since the Iraqi Army has limited capacity, it means that the coalition forces would have to engage them. … It would probably cause the war to spread. ”

If Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld + company don’t want to accept the judgments of intelligence experts before deciding what to do about Iran, it’s up to Congress to force them to.
Preteen magazine makes military recruiting pitch. Judd 
“Cobblestone magazine, which is put out by Carus Publishing in Peterborough, is aimed at children ages 9-14 and is distributed nationwide to schools and libraries. Its latest issue features a cover photo of a soldier in Iraq clutching a machine gun and articles on what it’s like to go through boot camp, a rundown of the Army’s ‘awesome arsenal’ and a detailed description of Army career opportunities,” the
AP reports.

04.Jul.2006 Conservative prof. chides Bush’s management style. Faiz 
Charles Kesler, a conservative professor at Claremont McKenna college, pens an op-ed in the LAT today, arguing, “[I]t’s not clear that being a master of business administration has made [Bush] a better chief executive. … Bush’s management style is long on decisions and short on explanations. He’s apparently better at listening to others than questioning their views.”

04.Jul.2006 Feinstein: I Wasn’t Briefed On Bank Records Program Until Administration Knew NYT Was Publishing Judd 
During the last week, President Bush and other members of the administration have lashed out at the New York Times for printing a story about a government program that monitors bank records. Bush has insisted that
Congress was briefed appropriately on the program:

Q Sir, several news organizations have reported about a program that allows the administration to look into the bank records of certain suspected terrorists…if neither the courts, nor the legislature is allowed to know about these programs, how can you feel confident the checks and balances system works?

THE PRESIDENT: Congress was briefed …And the disclosure of this program is disgraceful. We’re at war with a bunch of people who want to hurt the USA of America + for people to leak that program + for a newspaper to publish it does great harm to the USA of America. What we were doing was the right thing. Congress was aware of it…

Today on ABC, Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA), a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that she wasn’t briefed until after it was clear the New York Times was publishing the story. Watch it:

The administration is required under law to brief the entire intelligence committee on all intelligence programs.


STEPHANOPOULOS: The White House said they briefed the Congress on this matter and there is no law called into question. Do you believe that a law is called into question and that this program might have been illegal?

FEINSTEIN: Well, I’m on the Intelligence Committee. I can tell you when I was briefed and when the committee was briefed — and that was when it became apparent that the New York Times had the story and was going to run it. And that’s when and why they came to us and briefed us.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you knew nothing about it before the New York Times was asking questions?

FEINSTEIN: That’s correct.
$450,000. Judd Amount that the U.S. Air Force is spending for a three year study of blogs.
04.Jul.2006 66. Judd Percentage of Americans who believe the country is on the wrong track, according to a new TIME Magazine poll.
04.Jul.2006 An article in today’s NYT is an effort to help assassins Judd target Vice President Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, according to right-wing bloggers.

UPDATE: One of the photos at issue was taken with Rumsfeld’s permission.
04.Jul.2006 Opposition to Stem Cell Research Hurting Missouri Senator Think Progress 
Missouri is generally a conservative state. In 2004, President Bush won by
seven points (up from three in 2000), while Sen. Kit Bond (R) topped his opponent by 13.

But last week, President Bush flew into St. Louis to help raise funds for Missouri Sen. Jim Talent (R), one of Bush’s “most reliable allies on Capitol Hill,” but also “one of the most endangered” incumbents to Senate. Why is Talent in such dire straights?

Partly, Missourians are upset with President Bush and his rubber-stamp supporters in the Senate. (Bush’s approval rating in Missouri is down to 36 percent.) But more tellingly, “analysts believe Talent is being hurt by his opposition to a ballot measure to protect stem cell research from state restrictions,” called the Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative.

Consider this St. Louis Post-Dispatch poll on the stem cell ballot initiative released this week:
04.Jul.2006 “If the freedom of the press makes some Americans uneasy, Judd 
it is
anathema to the ideologists of terror.” — New York Times Editor Bill Keller and Los Angeles Times Editor Dean Baquet

04.Jul.2006 Judging from coverage of the race in the American press, U.S. journalists have already decided who should win. The New York Times calls the race between Calderón and AMLO a choice between “promise and fear.” The Wall Street Journal mentions AMLO in the same vein as the incompetent president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. Editorial pieces in The New Republic, Foreign Affairs and The New York Times portray AMLO a threat to Mexican democracy.

After reading these stories, readers could conclude that Mexico’s election is about to be stolen by a homicidal strong man. The opposite is true.
New investigation. Judd 
The U.S. Army is investigating allegations that American soldiers raped and killed a woman and killed three of her family members in a town south of Baghdad, then reported the incident as an insurgent attack, a military official said Friday.”

04.Jul.2006 Congressional rubber stamp of military commissions in doubt. Judd 
Sen. John Warner (R-VA) “said Friday that he was not sure that Congress should pass legislation to create new military tribunals for terror suspects, a stance that raised doubts about prospects for a White House plan to establish an alternative to the commissions struck down this week by the Supreme Court,” the
New York Times reports.

04.Jul.2006 Legal Expert: Congress Can’t Rubber Stamp Military Commissions Without Endangering U.S. Troops Judd 
Shortly after the Supreme Court issued its decision in the Hamdan case, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) went on television and said that all Congress needed to do was provide its “
blessing” to Bush’s procedures. Many others, especially critics of the decision, have echoed Graham’s position.

Today, Georgetown Law Professor Carlos Vazquez explained that things aren’t as simple as Graham and others would have you believe.

Vazquez said that Congress could pass a law authorizing the procedures ruled illegal by the court. But according to the court’s decision, doing so would abrogate Common Article 3 of Geneva Conventions. This would have serious consequences because the Geneva Conventions provide essential protections to U.S. troops abroad. Watch it:

Vazquez also noted that — contrary to some interpretations circulating in the blogosphere — the court did not find the Geneva Conventions were only relevant because they were incorporated into the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Even if you amend that law, Gevena still applies.

You can find a summary of Vazquez remarks on the Georgetown Law blog.
04.Jul.2006 Jane Mayer in The New Yorker: Nico 
18.Dec.2005 Colin Powell, the former Secretary of State, joined other prominent Washington figures at FedEx Field, the Redskins’ stadium, in a skybox belonging to the team’s owner.” The group began discussing news reports about the NSA’s warrantless surveillance of Americans. “According to someone who knows Powell, his comment about the article was terse. ‘It’s Addington,’ he said,” referring to Cheney Chief of Staff David Addington. “
He doesn’t care about the Constitution.

04.Jul.2006 ‘The Hero of Guantanamo’ Speaks Nico 
The right wing has wasted no time attacking the Supreme Court and those who supported its ruling on Guantanamo yesterday.

Rush Limbaugh’s website ran the headline, “Liberals Celebrate Supreme Court Victory for Terrorists.”

Attacking the patriotism of those who support the decision is ironic. The majority opinion in the case was written by Justice John Paul Stevens, “winner of a Bronze Star for his service as a Navy officer in World War II.” And Hamdan was represented by Charles Swift, a Navy lieutenant commander, who Washington Post defense analyst Bill Arkin today describes as “The Hero of Guantanamo.”

Here is a man in uniform who could have done a perfunctory job, who could have seen Hamdan as an assignment, or as an evil and not a human being; who could have saluted and followed orders; who risked promotion and now faces certain retirement without it. He is the hero of Guantanamo.

Swift was interviewed last night by Greta Van Susteren. Watch it:
04.Jul.2006 MSNBC regular advocates murder of newspaper editors. Judd 
Talk show host Melanie Morgan tells Gregg Sargent, “the best solution that I can think of to deal with any newspaper editor…who is responsible for leaking national security classified information, is to be
locked in a steel cage with the family members of slain troop members who would happily deliver the ultimate punishment of death. And then sent to the hottest corner of hell.” Watch some video of Morgan on MSNBC here.

04.Jul.2006 15 years. Nico 
The sentence handed out to three Louisianans convicted of
looting liquor from a grocery store six days after Hurricane Katrina. Meanwhile, two men convicted this week of bribing a federal official to falsify Katrina contracting documents received one year in prison and a $5,000 fine.

04.Jul.2006 University library cancels New York Times Judd 
in protest of their reporting on a government program that monitors bank transactions. The decision “outraged library staff [at the University of the Incarnate Word], who complained the dean was censoring information based on personal beliefs.” The Agonist has more.

04.Jul.2006 Please Vote in Poll to help Dr. Kevin Barrett, 9/11 Truth Teller! From: Cathy Garger 7b. Re: [WETHEPEOPLE_UNITED] Please Vote in Poll to help Dr. Kevin
04.Jul.2006 Can't Win the War? Bomb the Press!* From: Bugs
04.Jul.2006 Hamdan vs Rumsfeld (Geneva Conventions now, Nuremberg Principles
Protest Arrest
The Smirking Chimp - Mike Ferner: 'Has this country gone completely insane?'

04.Jul.2006 Iranian drone plane buzzes U.S. aircraft carrier in Persian Gulf From: Vigilius Haufniensis
04.Jul.2006 Former Reagan Cabinet Member and Colonel Questions 9/11 Official Sto From: Sean McBride
04.Jul.2006 SIMILE Timeline From: Sean McBride

04.Jul.2006 Ann Coulter on Bombing the New York Times -- Again From: Sean McBride
04.Jul.2006 Air Force to spend $450K datamining blogs for war on terror From: Sean McBride

04.Jul.2006 Data theft chart From: Sean McBride
04.Jul.2006 Bush to reporter on Gitmo: 'I'm sorry you had to waste your question From: Bill Giltner
04.Jul.2006 Bloglines - Guardian finds Afghan witnesses US couldn't From:
Refusing the 9/11 Evidence WHY AMERICANS REFUSE TO BELIEVE THE 9/11 EVIDENCE!!! blind2blind2blind2
An Analysis by - April - 2005
The attacks of 9/11 were so unthinkable that most Americans would refuse to believe the complicity of their own government, even if presented with a mountain of evidence.
Very simply, it is possible to escape blame if you do something that nobody in the world believes you could do.

04.Jul.2006 Council for Secular Humanism
04.Jul.2006 Pro-War "Vets for Freedom" Tied to Bush's PR Team
04.Jul.2006 - News - Lawmaker Wants UW Lecturer Fired Over 9/11 Views - News - Lawmaker Wants UW Lecturer Fired Over 9/11 Views
A Wisconsin lawmaker says that a part-time UW instructor should be fired for his views that the U.S. government was behind 9/11. What do you think?
Choice Votes Percentage of 1120 Votes
He should definitely be fired for making claims like this. 175 16%
I don't agree with him, but he has a right to his opinion. 169 15%
I don't want my taxes supporting someone with views like this. 123 11%
As long as he doesn't teach these views during class he shouldn't be fired. 125 11%
He shouldn't be fired; universities should be open to controversial ideas. 528 47%

04.Jul.2006 Spy Agency Sought U.S. Call Records Before 9/11, Lawyers Say Worldwide
04.Jul.2006 Wird der ?linke" Kandidat Lopez Obrador neuer Präsident? sfux Karl Weiss -

In Mexiko waren am Sonntag (2.7.) Präsidentenwahlen. Der ?linke" Kandidat Lopez Obrador hat eine Chance zu gewinnen, wenn die Wahlen nicht gefälscht werden oder Anlaß zu einem Militärputsch geben. Nach letzten Umfragen lagen die beiden hauptsächlichen Kandidaten, neben Obrador noch der neoliberale Calderon von der PAN, in etwa gleichauf. Zwar gab die letzte Umfrage Obrador einen Vorteil von 3 bis 4%, aber das will nicht viel besagen bei der Vorhersagegenauigkeit der Meinungsforschungsinstitute...
Former Reagan Cabinet Member and Colonel Says 9/11 "Dog That Doesn't Paul Joseph Watson 
Former Reagan Cabinet Member and Colonel Says 9/11 "Dog That Doesn't Hunt" Col. Ronald D. Ray asks why half a trillion defense budget couldn't protect

04.Jul.2006 USA Today Backs Off Initial NSA Story
USA Today backed off its NSA domestic spying story on Friday, saying it could not confirm the participation of either BellSouth or Verizon in the program. However, the company stood by its claim that AT&T was part of the program.

04.Jul.2006 This type of analysis can help information analysts’ searches be as productive as possible.
ARLINGTON, Va., June 29, 2006 – The Air Force Office of Scientific Research recently began funding a new research area that includes a study of blogs. Blog research may provide information analysts and warfighters with invaluable help in fighting the war on terrorism. Dr. Brian E. Ulicny, ...

04.Jul.2006 Getting serious about Net Neutrality Smartalix 
If we really want this, we have to do something about it. Any ideas? Would a letter-writing campaign work with this administration? It’s time to delve into net neutrality, see what yesterday’s Senate committee vote meant, what portents of doom are portending and if Google of Yahoo! is ...

04.Jul.2006 John Edwards courts tech crowd in Seattle Newmedia 
John Edwards, the former U.S. vice presidential candidate, sought common ground with bloggers and other hard-core techies in Seattle -- conceding, among other things, that he's sometimes too polished for the unvarnished Internet age.

04.Jul.2006 One individual for humanity
It is a well-known story, but can always bear being told again. Here's a quick summary a key turning point in Buckminster Fuller's life. From here, written by Amy C. Edmondson.The inventor of the geodesic dome—a structure light enough to be lifted by a helicopter yet strong enough to withstand h..

04.Jul.2006 The Monster Arrives: Software Patent Lawsuits Against Open Source Developers
We've warned you for a decade. Now the monster has finally arrived: attacks against Open Source developers by patent holders, big and small. One is a lawsuit against Red Hat for the use of the principle of Object Relational Mapping used in Hibernate, a popular component of enterprise Java ...

04.Jul.2006 State starts requiring stores to recycle old cell phones
Have a drawer full of old cell phones? Starting today, any store in California that sells cell phones must take them back for free recycling and proper disposal.

04.Jul.2006 Citibank Releases RFID Credit Cards
People who claim RFID marks the end of the world should probably step aside for a moment now that Citibank is starting to release credit cards that use the radio technology. The MasterCard PayPass...

04.Jul.2006 Obama: Democrats Must Court Evangelicals
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Barack Obama chastised fellow Democrats on Wednesday for failing to "acknowledge the power of faith in the lives of the American people," and said the party must compete for the support of evangelicals and other churchgoing Americans. "Not every mention of God in public is a ...

04.Jul.2006 Riding the rails at the top of the world Smartalix 
For a country we consider backward, they sure do some nice stuff on occasion. To score a ride sitting shotgun in a locomotive bound for Lhasa, it helps to like beer. I’ve just ditched my guide and wandered up to an unfinished train station at the edge of a dusty town high on the Tibetan plateau.

04.Jul.2006 Reality Check
I could’ve sworn that when I heard the Bush press conference Thursday morning, the President referred to “the USA and America” as two nations with a friendship one wouldn’t have predicted, since sixty years ago they were at war. But I haven’t heard or seen ...

04.Jul.2006 Paris Approves Law Aimed at Making iTunes Compatible With Rival Devices
The law will also reduce the penalties for the illegal downloading of music to little more than a parking fine.

04.Jul.2006 Microsoft antitrust lawsuit dismissed Newmedia  Microsoft Corp. won dismissal of an antitrust lawsuit filed by Go Corp., a maker of hand-held computers that claimed Microsoft drove it out of business.
04.Jul.2006 Geo-engineering in vogue… Gavin 
There was an interesting article in the NY Times this week on possible geo-engineering solutions to the global warming problem. The story revolves around a paper that Paul Crutzen (Nobel Prize winner for chemistry related to the CFC/ozone depletion link) has written about deliberately adding ...

04.Jul.2006 The Newbie's Guide to Detecting the NSA Tim 
Over on Dave Farber's IP List, John Bartas pointed to a blog entry on Wired about AT&T and the NSA wiretapping controversy. The entry begins: "It's not surprising that an expert hired by EFF should produce an analysis that supports...

04.Jul.2006 JupiterResearch Finds That Deployment of Corporate Weblogs Will Double in 2006
(New York, NY, June 26, 2006) -- JupiterResearch, a leading authority on the impact of the Internet and emerging consumer technologies on business, reveals that 35 percent of large companies plan to institute corporate Weblogs this year. Combined with the existing deployed base of 34 percent, ...

04.Jul.2006 Face transplant deemed a success The world's first face transplant is deemed a success by the surgeons who carried out the operation.
04.Jul.2006 Nasa proceeds with shuttle launch Launch preparations for the shuttle Discovery continue despite a defect in the orbiter's fuel tank insulation.
04.Jul.2006 Troops held over soldier's death Four soldiers are arrested in Wiltshire on suspicion of manslaughter after the death of a colleague.
04.Jul.2006 Mexico candidate firm over 'win' Mexico's ruling party candidate repeats his victory claim in the country's bitterly contested presidential poll.
04.Jul.2006 Infections 'may cause diabetes' Common infections may be a trigger for diabetes in children and young adults, research suggests.
04.Jul.2006 Reid appeals over terror ruling The government accuses a High Court judge of "misunderstandings and errors" over his ruling against control orders.
04.Jul.2006 UK 'faces al-Qaeda threat' The threat to the UK from al-Qaeda is increasing and the Iraq war has boosted support for extremist groups, say MPs.
04.Jul.2006 US aid threat angers Nepal rebel Maoist rebels in Nepal accuse the US of trying to undermine the peace process, after it threatens to cut aid.
04.Jul.2006 Test driving a cityscape The world's cities are growing all the time and in France, some are being modelled by computer for the purposes of urban redevelopment.
04.Jul.2006 India aids farmers after suicides India is giving aid worth nearly $815m to crisis-hit cotton farmers in the western state of Maharashtra.
04.Jul.2006 Long-haul birds 'returning early' Climate change is having unpredictable effects on migratory birds, say scientists.
04.Jul.2006 Blair urges party to 'hold firm' Tony Blair calls on Labour activists to have "self belief" in their principles after poor by-election results.
04.Jul.2006 Cuba concern over US Castro plans A senior Cuban official criticises a US report on the future of Cuba after Fidel Castro leaves office.
04.Jul.2006 US investigates new Iraq killings The US military opens a criminal investigation into the alleged killing of an Iraqi family by US soldiers.
04.Jul.2006 Russia lifts controls on currency The Russian government lifts restrictions on the rouble, making it fully convertible.
04.Jul.2006 Hain sceptical on nuclear power Peter Hain says he is sceptical about nuclear power a month after Tony Blair says it is back on the agenda.
04.Jul.2006 Simulated terror The next time a major terrorism incident occurs, readers should keep this notarized statement in mind. The author of the affidavit is one Robert M. Hayes, who says that he became involved in covert operations in the early 1970s. Along the way, he encountered an American operative using the name John Joseph Michaels (a.k.a. "Joe Sibley") who proposed a novel scheme: Blowing up a Catholic church and the U.S. Consulate in Sao Paolo, Brazil, in order to place blame on Cuba. I eventually returned to Lakeland in 1981 and buried the Brazilian incident and my other intelligence activities in my past. But Michaels returned to haunt me late last year when I read a November 16, 1987 Time magazine article titled "The Misadventures of el Patron." The article detailed the activities of John Hull, an American expatriate operating a farm on Costa Rica's northern border with Nicaragua. Hull was identified in the article and in previous testimony by himself and others as a CIA agent whose farm was used to transship weapons and other supplies to the Contra rebels opposing the Sandinista government in Nicaragua.
Although he has consistently denied it, Hull also has been accused in court testimony and published accounts of participation with others in an aborted plot to bomb the U.S. embassy in San Juan, Costa Rica and to blame the bombing on agents of the Sandinista government.
The article was accompanied by a color photograph of Hull, which I immediately identified as John Joseph Michaels. Hull became notorious in 1980s. He was the most prominent of the American "famers" who bought land on the Costa Rica/Nicaragua border.
Yes, I know that a claim is not necessarily true simply because it appears in an affadavit. I ask merely that you read the text. Come to your own conclusions regarding Hayes' credibility and the accuracy of his photo-identification. And keep this tale in mind next time something goes boom .

04.Jul.2006 By Chris Floyd 
22.Oct.2004 "Moscow Times" -- Now we come at last to the heart of darkness. Now we know, from their own words, that the Bush Regime is a cult -- a cult whose god is Power, whose adherents believe that they alone control reality, that indeed they create the world anew with each act of their iron will. And the goal of this will -- undergirded by the cult's supreme virtues of war, fury and blind faith -- is likewise openly declared: "Empire." 
You think this is an exaggeration? Then heed the words of the White House itself: a "senior adviser" to the president, who, as The New York Times reports, explained the cult to author Ron Suskind in the heady pre-war days of 2002. 
First, the top Bush insider mocked the journalist and all those "in what we call the reality-based community," i.e., people who "believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality." Suskind's attempt to defend the principles of reason and enlightenment cut no ice with the Bush-man. "That's not the way the world really works anymore. We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality," he said. "And while you're studying that reality, we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too + that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors ... and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."
Anyone with any knowledge of 20th-century history will know that this same megalomaniacal outburst could have been made by a "senior adviser" to Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini or Mao. Indeed, as scholar Juan Cole points out, the dogma of the Bush Cult is identical with the "reality-creating" declaration of Mao's "Little Red Book": "It is possible to accomplish any task whatsoever." For Bush, as for Mao, "discernible reality" has no meaning: Political, cultural, economic, scientific truth -- even the fundamental processes of nature, even human nature itself -- must give way to the faith-statements of ideology, ruthlessly applied by unbending zealots. 
Thus: The conquered will welcome their killers. The poor will be happy to slave for the rich. The Earth can sustain any amount of damage without lasting harm. The loss of rights is essential to liberty. War without end is the only way to peace. Cronyism is the path to universal prosperity. Dissent is evil; dissenters are "with the terrorists." But God is with the Leader; whatever he does is righteous, even if in the eyes of unbelievers -- the "reality-based community" -- his acts are criminal: aggressive war that kills thousands of innocent people, widespread torture, secret assassinations, rampant corruption, electoral subversion. 
Indeed, the doctrine "Gott mit Uns" is the linchpin of the Bush Cult.

24.Oct.2004 "Wir sind jetzt ein Imperium", sagte ein Bush -Berater zu dem Journalisten Ron Suskind von der "New York Times", "und wir schaffen uns unsere eigene Realität. Während Sie diese von uns geschaffene Realität studieren, schaffen wir bereits neue Realitäten, die Sie wiederum studieren können. Wir sind die Akteure der Geschichte + Ihnen, Ihnen allen bleibt nichts, als die Realität zu studieren, die wir geschaffen haben!" URL:,1518,druck-324626,00.html
04.Jul.2006 Donald B. Redford, Israel Finkelstein & Neil Asher Silberman
The Exodus & the Expulsion of the Hyksos - Archaeology of the Bible - Peter Myers,

03.Jun.2004 update

13.Jun.2004 . My comments are shown {thus}. Write to me at You are at
04.Jul.2006 Oh. About that "reality-based community" quote. I would love more than chocolate and music combined to be able to get Suskind to tell us just who it was who actually uttered those words. To refresh: The aide said that guys like me were "in what we call the reality-based community," which he defined as people who "believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality." I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. "That's not the way the world really works anymore," he continued. "We're an empire now + when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality -- judiciously, as you will -- we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too + that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."
I have of course already put my love of chocolate and music on the line here, but I'd be willing to bet the farm (good money won't work; ain't got enough) it was Rove. Had to be Rove. Don't it sound just like something he'd say? Even the way he says it?

04.Jul.2006 Bradblog, as always, has the details. "....two federal whistleblower suits will soon be filed by RFK Jr. and Papantonio. They will be filed via Papantonio's Florida-based firm Levin, Papantonio, Thomas, Mitchell, Echsner & Proctor, P.A.
The first of the two suits, The BRAD BLOG can now reveal, is scheduled to be filed late next week — around the 13th — according to the attorneys preparing the case."
More to come....
What a great news break for our Independence Day weekend, eh?

04.Jul.2006 Vote Theft Election burglary is occurring as we speak in Mexico. Check out this on the scene report by Greg Palast. Permalink # posted by Joseph : 6:17 AM 1 comments Comments: First reports of exit polls: the left candidate is winning. Now: it's a dead heat in the exit polls
04.Jul.2006 Meanwhile, let these numbers add a smile to your cookouts and fireworks this holiday. Permalink
04.Jul.2006 US Politics Today took a look at the current popularity levels of the rightwingnut websites that for so long have supported the W + wouldja believe it? They're all down! And not just a little down;, is down 18%, is down 21%, is down 24% + - get this - is down 40%!! Among others, so you might want to read this link, just to make your day.
These same folks at
UPD who reported this wondered if it might be no more than an indication that folks have simply soured on the whole web news idea + have stopped visiting sites. But they also found that traffice at has increased by 13%!
Looking at these delicious numbers made
shakespearessister very curious, so she looked further to see if any other forward leaning, progressive, liberal sites were faring better + - shock of shocks! - there really ARE! Or, at least most of them. is up 17%, Center for American Progress is up 17% + is up 41%!! For what it's worth, both eschaton and have suffered some decline, perhaps due to more cutting edge liberal sites opening up. Still, she also found that Michelle Malkin's site is down by 30%!
Who knows? But it is encouraging to know that the American people are not entirely the dumb dolts our government would seem to reflect and yet appears to believe us to be.

04.Jul.2006 Bush's poll numbers
04.Jul.2006 post by Steve Clemons -- and especially to a reader's commentary: Israel will NEVER allow a truly democratic Palestine, because the FACTS ON THE GROUND are that Israel has murdered, enslaved, minimized, starved, caged + abused the Palestinians for so long that entities such as Hamas are seen by the Palestinians as champions and saviours. Perhaps the only ones who can salvage the situation are American Jews. They are permitted to criticize the genocidal Israeli government; all others are not. They should understand that, when it comes time to apportion blame for the coming murder of all Palestinains, the world will not discriminate between Israel's hawks and the Jewish people as a whole. And the world will never forget . Permalink
04.Jul.2006 Every rational person should now understand that Israel's ultimate goal for the Palestinians is the mirror image of Hitler's ultimate goal for the Jews: Physical annhilation . Israeli hawks will use every incident available to them to bring about this bloodbath. The time for genocide is now, while a compliant madman like Bush remains in office and his Jesusmaniac hillbilly followers remain mired their sick Apocalyptic fantasies.

Die U-Bahn-Linie, auf der das Unglück geschah, ist die älteste der vor 18 Jahren eröffneten Metro Valencias. Im September waren bei einem Zusammenstoß zweier U-Bahn-Züge auf derselben Linie 35 Menschen verletzt worden. Die Stadtverwaltung wies darauf hin, dass der Unglückszug erst vor wenigen Tagen überholt worden sei. Außerdem sei das Metro-Netz kürzlich für fast 130 Millionen Euro modernisiert worden. Die Gewerkschaften erklärten dagegen, das 150 Kilometer umfassende Schienennetz sei veraltet und werde nicht ausreichend gewartet.

Nach bisherigen Erkenntnissen war der mit rund 150 Fahrgästen besetzte Zug der Linie 1 in einem Tunnel mit überhöhter Geschwindigkeit auf die Jesus-Station im Südwesten Valencias zugerast. In einer Kurve sprangen zwei Waggons aus den Schienen und stürzten um. Anscheinend sei der Zug vor der Station schneller geworden, statt abzubremsen, meldete der Rundfunk. Einen Terroranschlag schloss die Polizei aus.
Marine- Übungen: US- Gericht schützt Wale
04.Jul.2006 Paranoia 'a widespread problem' One in three people in the UK regularly suffers paranoid or suspicious fears, clinical psychologists have found.
04.Jul.2006 England heatwave health warning The old, young and chronically ill are warned to take care as a heatwave is expected to spread across the whole UK.
04.Jul.2006 Juice 'can slow prostate cancer' Drinking a daily glass of pomegranate juice can significantly slow prostate cancer, research suggests.
04.Jul.2006 Piracy Zaps China's Tech Industry Communist leaders want China to become an "innovation society" that makes its own technology and brand names. But rampant piracy is forcing many tech companies to subcontract for businesses in other countries.
04.Jul.2006 Human Family Tree: Shallow Roots A geneologist and a statistician use a supercomputer to trace the common ancestor of all the inhabitants of this planet. They figure that forebear lived somewhere in East Asia around the time the great pyramids were built.
04.Jul.2006 Biodiesel Booming to Billions The U.S. biodiesel market triples + could reach 10 billion gallons per year. Plus: Despite Oval Office rhetoric, oil independence by 2025 is a pipe dream, according to the DOE. In Autopia.
04.Jul.2006 Forget Oil Independence President Bush's dream for 2025 has no chance of coming true, according to the latest projections from the Energy Department. Plus: American car buyers say foreign autos are much more appealing. In Autopia.
04.Jul.2006 Weapon of Mass Diffraction A new technology that corrects for the distortion of light through the atmosphere could help make the doomsday devices of tomorrow. By Noah Shachtman from Wired magazine.
04.Jul.2006 Watergate Echoes in NSA Courtroom AT&T and Justice Department lawyers line up to try and kill a lawsuit alleging that the phone company cooperated in an illegal government surveillance program. AT&T's novel defense: We've done it before. Kevin Poulsen reports from San Francisco.
04.Jul.2006 Academics break the Great Firewall of China University of Cambridge computer experts say they breached firewall but can use it to launch denial-of-service attacks.
04.Jul.2006 Worse outlook for Antarctic ozone hole Blog: A new computer model of the Antarctic ozone hole shows it's in worse condition than previously thought.A hole in the upper atmosphere...
04.Jul.2006 Swedes in good hands with P2P insurance policy? File-sharers in Sweden, which has cracked down on Net piracy, can now buy policy to protect against government fines.
04.Jul.2006 Networked Landmines Work Together ScuttleMonkey 78 crazedpilot writes

"New landmines will soon communicate via a radio network + move from place to place in order to be most effective." Termed the "self-healing minefield", the individual mines are capable of detecting an enemy breach and then moving to seal the gap.
Forensic Analysis of the Stolen VA Database timothy 98
"As you have probably heard, the FBI has recovered the stolen Veteran's Administration laptop. The FBI even said "A preliminary review of the equipment by computer forensic teams determined that the database remains intact and has not been accessed since it was stolen." This article looks at what the FBI forensic lab is doing to determine the sensitive information hasn't been accessed and how the thieves might have covered their tracks — thereby rendering the forensic results useless."

04.Jul.2006 The Software Internet Database timothy 57 Larry points out an interesting project called

The Software Internet Database, the goal of which "is to compile the largest database of software titles and credits on the Internet. This includes all types of software such as operating systems, security, financial, mapping, browsers, video editing, games, word processing, and more. They have made a good start but still need more titles. Please take some time to submit missing titles so that they may compile the database faster." It would be informative to have a subway-map overhead view to know which of these are still available from their makers,have been folded into other products, or are now abandonware.
Microsoft Denies the Windows Kill Switch CmdrTaco 143+ WindozeSux writes

"Microsoft has denied that WGA will kill pirated copies of Windows. According to Waggener Edstrom,"Microsoft anti-piracy technologies cannot and will not turn off your computer." Microsoft also says that WGA is a necessary part of its campaign to catch those illegally using Windows XP which leads one to think what WGA really does then."
NSA Had Domestic Call Monitoring Before 9/11? Zonk 193+ MarkusQ writes

"Bloomberg is reporting that, according to documents filed in the breach of privacy suit on behalf of Verizon and BellSouth, the NSA asked AT&T to set up its domestic call monitoring site seven months before the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. Could it be that they were intending to monitor domestic calls (and internet traffic) all along + the 'Global War on Terror' was just a convenient excuse when they got caught?" From the article: " unnamed former employee of the AT&T unit provided them with evidence that the NSA approached the carrier with the proposed plan. Afran said he has seen the worker's log book and independently confirmed the source's participation in the project. He declined to identify the employee."
U.S. Soldiers Recipients of Newest Prosthetic Technologies Zonk 175+ plaastik writes

"The next generation of naturalistic and touch-sensitive artificial limbs are being worn by U.S. Soldiers. Instead of the old velcro strap and cup these new models are fused directly to the bone and are controlled by controlled by the wearer's brain. From the article: 'Future prosthetic arms will fuse to existing bone, eliminating the need for awkward attachment systems. These more naturalistic limbs will use bionic nerves attached to natural nerves to send and receive signals from the brain. Chips embedded in the user's brain will help command artificial-muscle-activated, touch-sensitive, fully articulating hands.'"
Anonymous Online Publication - Fad or Trend? Cliff 168+ An anonymous reader asks:

"Across the web, stories abound regarding censorship and persecution of those who publish content online that may be offensive or conflicting toward certain governments or ideals. It almost seems that you can't attach your name to anything without being heavily scrutinized for the opinions you express. Lately though, I've begun to see several communities that promote an atmosphere of anonymity to protect their users and facilitate open communication on tough subjects. PostSecret is one of the most popular of these sites, allowing a one-way publication medium for visitors to vent their frustrations, similar to Group Hug. However, both of these sites are one-way mediums, and do not provide for anonymous interaction of users. Is anonymous blogging and publication a brief fad, or a serious, growing trend?"
Google Antitrust Suit May Go Forward Zonk 131+ TechForensics writes

"KinderStart, whose page hits and AdSense revenue dropped sharply after changes by Google demoted its appearance in search results, brought suit claiming the search engine effectively suppressed its first amendment rights by lowering the site's visibility. While the Court rejected that argument out-of-hand, it appeared more amenable to KinderStart's argument that since it was a search page, Google's suppression of a rival search engine is prohibited by antitrust laws. The suit may go forward with the judge's commentary."
Mysterious Website Actually Social Experiment CowboyNeal 220+ MaelstromX writes

"For six months a website called eon8 (probably down) has carried a countdown to July 1, along with vague and mysterious codes. In addition, strange code-bearing posts associated with the site were made in various webforums + the site carried a map of the world marked by spots of "deployment". All of this, along with some apparent recorded visits by US military and intelligence computers, led many people to believe this was an imminent terrorist operation or a massive virus to be unleashed on the web-surfing public. Turns out, it was just an experiment by a 23-year-old guy named Chris from Florida who wanted to see how people would react to an absence of information + he was disappointed that people expected the worst -- even going to so far as to attempt to hack his webserver and make phone calls to anyone with any perceived tangential connection to the site or its host. A mirror of the site in its current state is available with an explanation added by the site owner after the countdown expired."
Schneier on Economic Insights to IT Security CowboyNeal 27+ Scyld_Scefing writes "In his

29.Jun.2006 Wired News article, 'It's the Economy, Stupid,' Bruce Schneier covers the content of the 2006 Workshop on the Economics of Information Security. Schneier says that economic analysis of IT security issues is relatively new + links to one of the significant earlier papers from 1991, 'Why Information Security Is Hard -- An Economic Perspective' (.pdf). This article states: 'According to one common view, information security comes down to technical measures. Given better access control policy models, formal proofs of cryptographic protocols, approved firewalls, better ways of detecting intrusions and malicious code + better tools for system evaluation and assurance, the problems can be solved. In this note, I put forward a contrary view: information insecurity is at least as much due to perverse incentives. Many of the problems can be explained more clearly and convincingly using the language of microeconomics: network externalities, asymmetric information, moral hazard, adverse selection, liability dumping and the tragedy of the commons.'"
Google Explains ISP Rumors Zonk 96+ WindozeSux writes to mention a

Wired article explaining why Google bought all that dark fiber, the event that spurred rumors they were planning an ISP. From the article: "When asked by Wired News whether Google was buying up dark fiber, a company spokesman replied that 'Google has and will continue to invest in the equipment our company needs to give our users around the world the best and fastest search results.' Rumors of Google as an ISP were also fueled by the company being granted a large block of new IPv6 addresses last year." They plan to restrict their role as an ISP to the Mountain View and San Francisco areas.
Researcher Jailed for Falsifying Research Zonk 154+ Caldeso writes

"For the first time in U.S. history, a researcher has received jail time for falsifying research data to obtain federal grants. Eric Poehlman pled guilty to defrauding the government to the tune of nearly 3 million dollars by changing and making up research and was sentenced to a year in a federal prison work camp and a lifetime ban on further federal grants."
Five Men Arrested in LexisNexis Data Theft Zonk 60+ "Five men aged 19-24 were arrested last week in connection with the reported theft last year of some 310,000 personal records from database giant LexisNexis. The Washington Post reports that some of the individuals were also involved in the theft and online posting of revealing photos from socialite Paris Hilton's cell phone. All are being charged with 'aggravated identity theft,' which carries a mandatory 2-year jail sentence for those found guilty."
04.Jul.2006 Student Suspended Over IM Icon Zonk 566+ Chris Reimer writes

"C|Net is reporting that a 15-year-old student lost a lawsuit over having an instant messenger icon that represented a death threat against an English teacher on his personal computer that another student reported to school authorities. From the article: 'His parents sued, claiming that the icon was protected by the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of speech, that the school district failed to train staff in proper threat assessment and that the school board violated state law in not following proper procedures. [The judge] Mordue rejected the free-speech claims.'"
Windows Genuine Advantage Makes Few Friends timothy 293+

Readers left more than 800 comments on yesterday's report (based on the say-so of a Windows tech-support provider) that Microsoft may be turning off copies of Windows without WGA installed, as of this fall. (WGA is Microsoft's "Windows Genuine Advantage," a program using software of the same name installed on Windows users' computers intended to verify that the OS is correctly licensed.) Many suggested reasons that this sounds like no more than a rumor, while others took the opportunity to critique WGA as it currently operates on Windows machines, or to describe what they see as opportunities for the users and makers of operating systems other than Windows if (or perhaps when) Microsoft actually does shut down copies of Windows which it suspects are being used out of license. Read on for the Slashback summary to see some of the comments which defined the conversation.
Cell Users As Bad As Drunk Drivers Zonk 644+

" reports on a cell-phone use study which confirms that talking on your cell is as bad as being drunk, when it comes to driving skill. The researchers studied 40 volunteers in a driving simulator." From the article: "[The subjects were observed] while undistracted, using a handheld cell phone, using a hands-free cell phone and while intoxicated to a 0.08 percent blood-alcohol level--the average legal level of impairment in the USA--after drinking vodka and orange juice. Three study participants rear-ended the simulated car in front of them. All were talking on cell phones and none was drunk, the researchers said."
French Lawmakers Approve 'iTunes Law' Zonk 358+
"Lawmakers in the French government have passed a controversial iTunes law, which has the stated intention of forcing Apple to allow purchased music to be universally useable." From the article: "In a statement issued after lawmakers hashed out the final compromise text last week, Apple said it hoped the market would be left to decide 'which music players and online music stores are offered to consumers.' The final compromise asserts that companies should share the required technical data with any rival that wants to offer compatible music players and online stores, but it toned down many of the tougher measures backed by lower-house lawmakers early on."

03.Jul.2006 Internet- Studie: Zahl älterer Surfer hat sich verdoppelt
03.Jul.2006 Präsidentschaftswahlen: In Mexiko wird nachgezählt
Vogelgrippe: H5N1 tötet vor allem junge Menschen
03.Jul.2006 Netzwelt- Ticker: US- Luftwaffe analysiert Blogs
03.Jul.2006 Umfrage: Briten finden USA und Bush vulgär und imperialistisch
03.Jul.2006 Hamas- Festnahme: Palästinenser wollen Israel in Den Haag verklagen

03.Jul.2006 Flüchtlingsdrama: Massenansturm auf spanische Nordafrika- Exklave
03.Jul.2006 Gemüse: Mit Druck und Alkohol gegen Schädlinge
03.Jul.2006 Terrorismus: MI5 observiert Tausende Qaida- Sympathisanten
US- Insolvenzanwälte: Das Geschäft mit der Pleite
03.Jul.2006 Tiefsee: Mini- Quallen entziehen Atmosphäre Kohlendioxid
03.Jul.2006 Mexiko: Wahlausgang unklar - Ergebnisse erst am Mittwoch

03.Jul.2006 Unternehmen: Steuersatz soll auf knapp 30 Prozent sinken
03.Jul.2006 Nahost: Olmert kündigt Ausweitung der Angriffe im Gazastreifen an
02.Jul.2006 Demonstrationen: Massive Proteste bei Bush- Besuch geplant
02.Jul.2006 Irak: Geheim- Grab für Terrorfürst Sarkawi
02.Jul.2006 Südosteuropa: Etliche Tote nach heftigen Unwettern
Supreme Court Ruling is a Slender Victory for Constitutional Democracy
TIME on what Bush is serving at Gitmo: "A 20-year old named Yusuf al-Shehri, jailed since he was 16, was regularly strapped into a specially designed feeding chair that immobilizes the body at the legs, arms, shoulders and head. Then a plastic tube that is 50% larger + more painful to insert, than the commonly used variety was inserted up through his nose and down his throat, carrying a nutritional formula into his stomach."

02.Jul.2006 Reagan's Navy secretary says Republicans can't fix Iraq quagmire. He is one of the most decorated Marines from the Vietnam War. He left the Republican Party over Bush's decision to invade Iraq. He's challenging Republican Senator George Allen. 7/2

02.Jul.2006 Hideous WSJ Editorial Board Inadvertently Proves NYT Set Up for Bushevik Red Meat Attack -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Dickhead Spotting at NASCAR Race 7/2

02.Jul.2006 L.A. Times opinion piece: Did Bush commit war crimes? 7/2
WashPost finds that $1.3 billion in "farm subsidies" have gone to non-farmers 7/2
A History of Publishing + Not Publishing, Secrets 7/2

02.Jul.2006 Glenn Greenwald: Conservatives' paranoid fantasies about the NYT travel section 7/2
Second Bin Laden message in two days tells Iraqis not to work with government 7/2

02.Jul.2006 Ann and Adolf on liberals Gary Buell at Covert History directs our attention to this quiz. We are given fourteen quotations about liberals. Then we are asked to guess who said it -- Ann Coulter or Adolf Hitler? 02.Jul.2006 Permalink
Spy Agency Sought U.S. Call Records Before 9/11, Lawyers Say
(Bloomberg) -

The U.S. National Security Agency asked AT&T Inc. to help it set up a domestic call monitoring site seven months before the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, lawyers claimed June 23 in court papers filed in New York federal court.

The allegation is part of a court filing adding AT&T, the nation's largest telephone company, as a defendant in a breach of privacy case filed earlier this month on behalf of Verizon Communications Inc. and BellSouth Corp. customers. The suit alleges that the three carriers, the NSA and President George W. Bush violated the Telecommunications Act of 1934 and the U.S. Constitution + seeks money damages.

``The Bush Administration asserted this became necessary after 9/11,'' plaintiff's lawyer Carl Mayer said in a telephone interview. ``This undermines that assertion.''

Jeff Battcher, a spokesman for Atlanta-based BellSouth, said that vindicated the company.

``We never turned over any records to the NSA,'' he said in a telephone interview. ``We've been clear all along that they've never contacted us. Nobody in our company has ever had any contact with the NSA.''

The case is McMurray v. Verizon Communications Inc., 06cv3650, in the Southern District of New York.

The word "conspiracy" means "two or more persons in agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act." The official account of the attacks is that 19 terrorists with boxcutters hijacked four planes and crashed them into targets. Isn't this a conspiracy theory, too? It only takes two for a conspiracy + 19 conspired to commit an unlawful act on 9/11, but only we are called conspiracy theorists. Why? Because people know the word "conspiracy" is associated with those who have completely lost their minds and who think there is always an alternative explanation to an official story.

Of what to believe about 9/11, the choice is not between a wacky conspiracy theory and an official account, but between two conspiracy theories. The question is: Which one is more plausible? I tend to side with the one that has more consistency and fewer holes.

Since there are three different versions of the official account (from the military, NORAD and the 9/11 Commission) and since the 9/11 Commission did everything in its power to distort the truth and exclude hard evidence and questions, my choice is government complicity.
Don't call me crazy just for seeking the truth about what really happened on Sept. 11, 2001 
Letter to the editor.
posted by Prof. Hex at
1:19 AM

Spy Agency Sought U.S. Call Records Before 9/11, Lawyers Say  The U.S. National Security Agency asked AT&T Inc. to help it set up a domestic call monitoring site seven months before the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, lawyers claimed June 23 in court papers filed in New York federal court.
Here comes the sun 
It really doesn't matter what brings you to summer solstice, the first day of summer, the longest day of the year and a good-time-for-all kind of holiday that seems to have started back with the ancient Celts thousands of years ago. Once you're there, you are welcome to celebrate the day that has made a big comeback over the past couple of decades among partygoers and Pagans.
02.Jul.2006 FBI and Western Union helped Israel With Targeted Assassinations By Shmuel Rosner, Haaretz Correspondent
American intelligence agents and company officials cooperated in tracking the data trail and in monitoring security cameras installed in Western Union branches in order to see who was picking up the funds.

02.Jul.2006 Spy Agency Sought U.S. Call Records Before 9/11, Lawyers Say : The U.S. National Security Agency asked AT&T Inc. to help it set up a domestic call monitoring site seven months before the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, lawyers claimed June 23 in court papers filed in New York federal court.

02.Jul.2006 Ex-president arrested in '68 massacre : The arrest of Echeverria, who is 84 and in poor health, came after two failed attempts by a special prosecutor to charge him with the deaths and disappearances of dozens of students and leftist dissidents in the late 1960s and early 1970s, a period known here as the dirty war.

02.Jul.2006 US gears up for post-Castro era in Cuba The report, which was ordered by President George W. Bush and is due to be released next week, also recommends a new U.S. "democracy fund" for communist-run Cuba worth $80 million over two years to boost opposition to Castro.

02.Jul.2006 Chavez urges Africa to unite against U.S.: Citing the example of Venezuela and Bolivia, he urged Africa to seize greater control of its energy resources. He described the low royalty payments made by some foreign oil companies as "robbery".

02.Jul.2006 Oil-rich Russia makes rouble convertible : The Russian rouble, riding high on Moscow's burgeoning status as an energy superpower, becomes fully convertible from tomorrow as the petrodollar giant unleashes on the world a currency to match its growing economic clout

02.Jul.2006 State's security office tracked protests : - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's office in charge of protecting California against terrorism has tracked demonstrations staged by political and anti-war groups, a practice that senior law enforcement officials say is an abuse of civil liberties.

02.Jul.2006 Report: Abramoff Had FBI Data: Convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff improperly obtained a top-secret FBI document and tried to use the information to aid his clients in the Pacific Island territories, according to a report released Friday by the Justice Department's inspector general

02.Jul.2006 Shock acquittal for 'Mafia cops' : A judge has overturned a racketeering murder conviction against two former policemen, despite acknowledging they are guilty of the "heinous" crimes.

02.Jul.2006 In case you missed it: Mafia Cops?: Stephen Caraccappa and Louis Eppolito, two highly decorated former detectives, were convicted last month of murdering eight people - murders committed on the orders of a vicious mob boss.

02.Jul.2006 Edwards calls for U.S. war on poverty: Former vice presidential candidate John Edwards, who is mulling over a run for the presidency in 2008, called for withdrawal from Iraq within the next 18 months + for the U.S. government to launch another war - on poverty
02.Jul.2006 Palestinian Official: Israeli Cpl. Alive: The soldier whose abduction sparked Israel's invasion of Gaza is in stable condition from his wounds, a Palestinian official said Saturday, while President Mahmoud Abbas warned the coming hours were "critical, sensitive and serious" for calming the crisis.

02.Jul.2006 Group Claims Second Israeli Soldier Held: Palestinian fighters have kidnapped a second Israeli soldier and threatened to kill him unless Israel ends its military offensive in the Palestinian territories, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades announced overnight on Friday.

02.Jul.2006 Israel rejects militant demands as jets strike Gaza: Israel has rejected Palestinian demands to free 1,000 prisoners as its warplanes pounded the Gaza Strip for a fourth straight night in a deepening crisis over a captured soldier.

02.Jul.2006 Channel 4 Report From Gaza: Overnight, Israeli bombers pounded targets across Gaza, including the only power station and Palestinian government offices

02.Jul.2006 Hamas refuses to trade arrested ministers : : As the United Nations warned that the destruction of a power plant in Israeli air raids was posing an imminent humanitarian crisis

02.Jul.2006 Israel Threatens to Hit Damascus : Israel holds Khaled Mashal, the leader of Hamas' Syrian branch, responsible for the abduction of two Israeli soldiers and wants Syria to expel Palestinian leaders from the country.

02.Jul.2006 Thousands in Egypt rally for Palestinians: Several thousand protesters at one of Cairo's main mosques called Friday for holy war against Israel to help the Palestinians in their conflict with the Jewish state.

02.Jul.2006 Thousands of Turks protest Israeli actions: Thousands of angry Turks burned an Israeli flag Friday and chanted "Murderer Israel, Get out of Palestine!" to protest Israel's offensive into the Gaza Strip.

02.Jul.2006 Demonstrators rally in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria: Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah told some 5,000 worshippers at a mosque in southern Beirut that Arabs and Muslims must support "the Palestinian people who are strongly standing fast against western racism that is backing Jewish racism."

02.Jul.2006 Arab states keep Israel in U.N. human rights dock: Arab and Muslim states on Friday put the occupied Palestinian territories on the permanent agenda of the U.N. Human Rights Council, overcoming Israeli and Western objections to singling out alleged abuses by the Jewish state.

02.Jul.2006 War pimp alert: Frist: Europe Missile-Defense Site Needed : Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist urged President Bush on Friday to intensify efforts to put interceptor missiles at a site in Europe to protect against potential attacks from Iran.

02.Jul.2006 War pimp alert: MI6 warns of Iran threat to UK: MI6 has warned that Iran could direct terrorist attacks on British interests, if talks over its nuclear programme fail.

02.Jul.2006 MP: US intends to corner Iran in future nuclear talks: "In addition to its attempts to corner Iran and exerting further pressure on it in nuclear talks, the US intends to misuse the situation to divert public opinion away from the country's nuclear issue by setting a deadline for Iran's response.

02.Jul.2006 Russia says Ukraine sold banned missiles to Iran, China : A Ukrainian firm supplied China and Iran with six long-range cruise missile in 2000-2001, Russia's defense minister said Friday.

02.Jul.2006 At Guantanamo, Dying Is Not Permitted: The Supreme Court handed the prisoners at Gitmo a victory, but authorities there continue to use harsh methods to break one of their most common methods of protest — the hunger strike

02.Jul.2006 'Real cases' rare in Guantanamo: THE Guantanamo camp may have only 30 to 40 "real" cases and the US detention centre should be shut down by 2007, the president of the Belgian Senate, who headed a European inspection team there, said overnight.

02.Jul.2006 Blair loses ruling in terror case : Throwing down a new challenge to the British government's tactics against terrorism, a High Court judge ruled Wednesday that so-called control orders - a form of house arrest without trial - were incompatible with European human rights laws.

02.Jul.2006 Rupert Murdoch is effectively a member of Blair's cabinet : Only a spin doctor would deny that the media baron has a say in all major decisions taken in Downing Street

02.Jul.2006 U.S. to bolster forces of old Somali regime : The Bush administration will work to bolster the police force and other security troops of Somalia's government in exile in the hope of marginalizing the Islamic militias now controlling much of the war- torn country, a senior U.S. official told Congress.
02.Jul.2006 Group Claims Second Israeli Soldier Held: Palestinian fighters have kidnapped a second Israeli soldier and threatened to kill him unless Israel ends its military offensive in the Palestinian territories, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades announced overnight on Friday.

02.Jul.2006 Israel rejects militant demands as jets strike Gaza: Israel has rejected Palestinian demands to free 1,000 prisoners as its warplanes pounded the Gaza Strip for a fourth straight night in a deepening crisis over a captured soldier.
02.Jul.2006 GIs may have planned Iraq rape, slayings : Investigators believe a group of U.S. soldiers suspected of raping an Iraqi woman, then killing her and three members of her family plotted the attack for nearly a week, a U.S. military official said Saturday.
02.Jul.2006 Did Bush commit war crimes? Supreme Court's decision in Hamdan vs. Rumsfeld could expose officials to prosecution.By Rosa Brooks
The real blockbuster in the Hamdan decision is the court's holding that Common Article 3 of the Geneva Convention applies to the conflict with Al Qaeda — a holding that makes high-ranking Bush administration officials potentially subject to prosecution under the federal War Crimes Act.

02.Jul.2006 When art is incapable of matching life By Robert Fisk
Violence has now become so close to all our lives that art sometimes seems incapable of matching the reality. Indeed, actors might be losing their credibility. After all, wasn't the 43rd President of the USA all dolled up in a jumpsuit when he mouthed the greatest lie of all? Mission accomplished?

02.Jul.2006 The Big Buy - Tom Delay's Stolen Congress Video

The film is a warning about how easy it is for American democracy to be hijacked by a combination of relentless ambition and corporate millions. It makes the case that DeLay built a "custom-made Congress" that is still providing votes for his agenda. Click here to watch

02.Jul.2006 Let America Be America Again By Langston Hughes
Say, who are you that mumbles in the dark?
And who are you that draws your veil across the stars?
I am the poor white, fooled and pushed apart,
I am the Negro bearing slavery's scars.
I am the red man driven from the land,
I am the immigrant clutching the hope I seek--
And finding only the same old stupid plan

Of dog eat dog, of mighty crush the weak. Continue

Zur globalen Katastrophe fehlte nur eine Winzigkeit - zumindest nach astronomischen Maßstäben: In rund 432.000 Kilometern Entfernung wird der Asteroid "2004 XP14" am Montag um 6.25 Uhr deutscher Zeit an der Erde vorbeirauschen. Das ist nur wenig mehr als der durchschnittliche Abstand zwischen Erde und Mond - und in den Augen von Wissenschaftler denkbar knapp. Wie knapp, macht eine Orbit- Simulation der Nasa deutlich.
02.Jul.2006 Nanotechnik: Tanz der leuchtenden Röhren
Verfassungsschutz: Fahnder sollen Folter- Aussagen nutzen
Lästige Centmünzen: Finnen werfen Kleingeld auf den Müll

02.Jul.2006 Beinahe- Kollision: Asteroid passiert Erde in wenigen Stunden
02.Jul.2006 Nahost: Israel beschießt Büro von Palästinenser- Premier

Supremo Tribunal dos EUA decidiu em 29.Jun.2006 que os tribunais militares de excepção são ilegais.
O Supremo Tribunal Norte Americano decidiu ontem que o Presidente Bush ultrapassou os seus poderes ao estabelecer por sua iniciativa os actuais tribunais militares. | ver artigo

Site interesses difusos, desenvolvido pela Procuradoria-Geral da República encontra-se disponível em
Este site foi desenvolvido pela Procuradoria-Geral da República e, além de constituir um instrumento de apoio aos magistrados, funcionará como um meio de divulgação da intervenção do Ministério Público e do seu empenho no incremento da defesa dos interesses da comunidade, esperando-se que o seu crescimento seja fruto da colaboração de todos. | ver artigo
Para mais notícias, por favor
consulte o bloco de notícias.

02.Jul.2006 Frankreich feiert: Paris steht Kopf

02.Jul.2006 Frankreich- Sieg gegen Brasilien: Kollektiv triumphiert über Einzelkämpfer

02.Jul.2006 Jubelndes Frankreich: Die Auferstehung des Wir- Gefühls
01.Jul.2006 Doha- Runde: WTO- Gespräche gescheitert
01.Jul.2006 Gespaltene Gesellschaft: Gewinnen und scheitern
01.Jul.2006 Irak: Wieder Mordvorwurf gegen US- Soldaten
Präzedenzfall Guantanamo: Kein Blankoscheck mehr für Bush

03.Jul.2006 Tibet: Höchste Bahnstrecke der Welt eröffnet
01.Jul.2006 Arbeitsmarkt: Bundesagentur rechnet mit 6- Milliarden- Überschuss
Präsidentschaftswahlen: Der linke Messias der Mexikaner

01.Jul.2006 Afghanistan: Deutsche Soldaten als Terror- Zielscheiben

01.Jul.2006 Rüstungsexport: Deutschland soll Israel Militärfahrzeug liefern
01.Jul.2006 Guantanamo: Verwirrung um Freilassung des "Bremer Talibans" Kurnaz
01.Jul.2006 Globalisierung: WTO- Verhandlungen vor dem Scheitern
01.Jul.2006 Hideous WSJ Editorial Board Inadvertently Proves NYT Set Up for Bushevik Red Meat Attack -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Time To Reel Off Another bin Laden Tape? -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis

01.Jul.2006 How Many Years Have We Been in the "Last Throes of the Insurgency"?: 66 Killed in Car Bombing at Baghdad Market
Chronicle of Bushevik Crooks, Liars and Thieves: Bernard Kerik pleads guilty to accepting gifts in corruption probe. Kerik was Bush's first choice for Homeland Security Chief, ordered to pay a total of $221,000 in fines 7/1
Judiciary Democrats Seek Hearings on Guantanamo -- A BuzzFlash News Alert

01.Jul.2006 Rob Kall: Progressive Democrats Are the New Conservatives 7/2
Darkness at Noon for Democracy --
A BuzzFlash Editorial

01.Jul.2006 Armchair Patriots: "They are the ones who are shouting the loudest for others to die in foreign lands, they are the ones waving the flag the most vigorously while undermining all that it is supposed to stand for." 7/1
We Have Been a Regular Critic of the NYT News Pages for Regularly Giving Bush Credibility that is Undeserved, But This Time We Applaud Them and Stand Behind Their Right to Stand Up for Transparency in Government. Bill Keller Explains Why They Printed the Bank Transaction Story. 7/1

01.Jul.2006 Republlican "Cut and Run" from the Hard and Real Issues Facing America by Playing the "Red Meat" Demagogue Card: Republican Ark. governor seeks gay foster parent ban
01.Jul.2006 Gaza power plant hit by Israeli airstrike is insured by US agency: The Palestinian power plant bombed by Israeli forces Tuesday is insured by a US government agency + US officials say they expect American funds to be used to pay for the damage.

01.Jul.2006 Jason Miller: Ravening Wolves in Sheep's Clothing : Israel has engaged in a long-term, multi-faceted effort to ensure the extinction of the Palestinians. Its patron and benefactor, the USA, shares equal culpability for their egregious crimes against humanity.

01.Jul.2006 Rabbi Michael Lerner: When Will They Ever Learn? : Those who care about the Jewish people, want to preserve it and protect it, want to see a safe and secure Israel and a safe and secure Jewish people all around the world, have to shout out now in very clear words: “Stop what you are doing, Israel, not just at the moment, but in the essence of your policies.

01.Jul.2006 Israel strips J'lem residency from Hamas deputies: Israel on Friday revoked the Jerusalem residency of four Hamas legislators, including one cabinet minister, in an unprecedented punishment that takes away their right to live in the holy city and travel freely in Israel, officials said.

01.Jul.2006 UN Schedules Emergency Debate On Israeli Gaza Attacks: The U.N. Security Council scheduled an emergency debate Friday afternoon on the Israeli offensive in Gaza and the Palestinians said they will press for adoption of a resolution condemning Israel's aggression and demanding a halt to all military operations.

01.Jul.2006 Irish MP: Israel an "abhorrent and despicable" regime: Questioning the Minister for Foreign Affairs Dermot Ahern in the Dáil today he said the kidnap by Israel of some 25 democratically elected Palestinian representatives demonstrates "the true nature of Israel's commitment to not so democratic principles."

01.Jul.2006 G-8 demands Iran's 'clear' response by next week: The foreign ministers of the six counties that authored the proposal said they will meet to assess Tehran's position on July 12. Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, is scheduled to hold talks with Javier Solana, the foreign policy chief of the European Union, on Wednesday.

01.Jul.2006 Iran Refiner Plans Doubling In Gasoline Output -Report : Iran's Esfahan Oil Refining Co. is planning to more than double its gasoline production to 18.5 million liters a day, the Tehran Times reported this week, in the wake of the government's announcement that it will halt gasoline imports in September and ration the fuel.

01.Jul.2006 N Korea may have 'fuel for 13 nukes': During US President George W Bush's administration, North Korea has gone from having enough plutonium for one or two nuclear weapons to having enough for as many as 13, a new study suggests.

01.Jul.2006 Administration notifies Congress of five billion-dollar arms deal : The Bush administration has quietly notified Congress that it's approved the sale of 18 new F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan.

01.Jul.2006 Hamdan: Not Over Yet: The Supreme Court did the nation a favor yesterday: It confirmed a basic—but contested—cornerstone of the Republic: that we have a government of laws, not of the president or the vice president’s whims.

01.Jul.2006 The Hero of Guantanamo: Speaking to reporters, Swift said the ruling marked a "high water point" in American history. "It's a return to our fundamental values."

01.Jul.2006 Guardian finds Afghan witnesses US couldn't : The case illustrates the egregious flaws that have discredited Guantánamo-style justice and which led the US supreme court to declare such trials illegal on Thursday in a major rebuke to the Bush administration.

01.Jul.2006 SEC probe on Pequot was 'blocked': A former commissioner testified before senators that the SEC blocked his attempts to subpoena Morgan Stanley chief executive John Mack because of his political connections.

01.Jul.2006 House votes to end offshore drilling ban: Congress on Thursday took a major step toward allowing oil and gas drilling in coastal waters that have been off limits for a quarter-century, but a battle looms in the Senate over the issue.

01.Jul.2006 Get Ready for Internet Toll Roads: An amendment to require network neutrality -- the idea that all content moving across the Internet would not be prioritized for delivery on the basis of fees -- was defeated Wednesday in a U.S. Senate committee.

01.Jul.2006 Telecom bill would leave U.S. lagging behind rest of world: The bill is really a wholesale rewrite of the Telecommunications Act of 1934, the world's oldest existing telecom law. It is probably the most important piece of legislation the Congress will take up this session.

01.Jul.2006 As workers' pensions wither, those for executives grow: This is the pension squeeze companies aren't talking about: Even as many reduce, freeze or eliminate pensions for workers -- complaining of the costs -- their executives are building up ever-bigger pensions, causing the companies' financial obligations for them to balloon
01.Jul.2006 Israel warns: free soldier or PM dies: The unprecedented warning was delivered to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in a letter as Israel debated a deal offered by Hamas to free Corporal Gilad Shalit.

01.Jul.2006 Hamas will not bow to Israeli force: "Our people are patient. They can arrest leaders, assassinate leaders, but our flag will not fall," Haniya said.

01.Jul.2006 Mubarak: Hamas agreed to terms for soldier's release : In an interview with Egypt's leading pro-government newspaper, Al-Ahram, Mubarak said "Egyptian contacts with several Hamas leaders resulted in preliminary, positive results in the shape of a conditional agreement to hand over the soldier as soon as possible to avoid an escalation.

01.Jul.2006 Israel rejects Mubarak deal on soldier : Palestinian militants have agreed to a conditional release of the kidnapped Israeli soldier, but Israel has not yet accepted their terms, an Egyptian newspaper quoted Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president, as saying.

01.Jul.2006 Egypt warns Israel not to take peace treaty for granted: An Israeli "war on all fronts" drew a rare warning from Egypt on Thursday that the military escalation jeopardizes a peace treaty with Israel as the Arab League held an emergency session to discuss the crisis.
01.Jul.2006 4 Minute Video: Malcolm Kendall-Smith, the Royal Air Force officer jailed for refusing to go to Iraq recorded a short video message.

01.Jul.2006 U.S. losing terror war because of Iraq, poll says : The USA is losing its fight against terrorism and the Iraq war is the biggest reason why, more than eight of ten American terrorism and national security experts concluded in a poll released yesterday.
01.Jul.2006 The Israeli government is losing its reason By Haaretz Editorial
Bombing bridges that can be circumvented both by car and on foot; seizing an airport that has been in ruins for years; destroying a power station, plunging large parts of the Gaza Strip into darkness; distributing flyers suggesting that people be concerned about their fate; a menacing flight over Bashar Assad's palace; and arresting elected Hamas officials: The government wishes to convince us that all these actions are intended only to release the soldier Gilad Shalit.

01.Jul.2006 Is this the beginning of "Transfer" in Gaza? By Mike Whitney
In the minds of Ehud Olmert and the Israeli leadership, the invasion of Gaza is a "positive policy" which will "induce" vast numbers of Palestinians to leave. The humanitarian crisis they are precipitating is not seen as a disaster, but an opportunity.

01.Jul.2006 FBI and Western Union helped Israel With Targeted Assassinations By Shmuel Rosner, Haaretz Correspondent
American intelligence agents and company officials cooperated in tracking the data trail and in monitoring security cameras installed in Western Union branches in order to see who was picking up the funds.

Guantanamo's Legal And Medical Challenges By César Chelala and Alejandro Garro

In 2004, Dr. Robert Jay Lifton reported “increasing evidence that doctors, nurses and medics have been compliant in torture and other illegal procedures in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantánamo Bay.” The ICRC charged that US interrogators engaged the participation of medical personnel in what the committee called “a flagrant violation of medical ethics.” Continue

01.Jul.2006 Signing Away the Constitution? By William Fisher
"Many of the laws that Bush has decided to bypass or overwrite by this method involve the military, where he once again invokes the idea that as commander-in-chief he can ignore any law that seeks to regulate the m ilitary."

01.Jul.2006 The Big Buy - Tom Delay's Stolen Congress Video

The film is a warning about how easy it is for American democracy to be hijacked by a combination of relentless ambition and corporate millions. It makes the case that DeLay built a "custom-made Congress" that is still providing votes for his agenda. Click here to watch

01.Jul.2006 Stealing Mexico   By Greg Palast  
 The use of the Venezuela’s and Mexico’s voter registry files to fight terror is not visible — but the use of the lists to manipulate elections is as obvious as the make-up on Katherine Harris’ cheeks.

01.Jul.2006 Netzwelt- Ticker: Bono, erlöse uns von DRM!
Nahost: Israel bombardiert wichtigste Straßen im Gaza- Streifen

01.Jul.2006 Psychosen: "Beach Boy" zwischen Genie und Krankheit
01.Jul.2006 Darkness at Noon for Democracy --
A BuzzFlash Editorial

01.Jul.2006 Neil Young - "Heart of Gold" (DVD), directed by Jonathan Demme. "In perfect harmony with Young's music, Demme's direction is clear and straightforward, serving the music and the artistry."
Treason! At the NY Times! - A Guest Contribution from Larry Beinhart, author of Fog Facts and Wag the Dog

01.Jul.2006 Israel threatens to kill the Palestinian prime minister if its captured soldier isn't released 7/1
Carey Lee Cramer, Who Helped the Busheviks Attack Gore on TV in 2000, is Our GOP Pedophiliac Hypocrite of the Week. So Many Republican Hypocrites, So Little Time!
A very bizarre tale unfolds in Graceland: the Prime minister of Japan pretends he's Elvis, Michael Jackson's ex-wife is present + George Bush looks like a drugged-out Zombie 7/1
Arianna -- New Presidential Litmus Test: How Horny Are You for the Job? Would you rather be getting down with your spouse or getting the political lowdown from Henry Paulson, Stephen Hadley + John Negroponte? 7/1
Fourth investigation this month into troop behavior in Iraq as a family is slaughtered and a daughter is raped 7/1

01.Jul.2006 GOP Sen. John Warner not sure about kowtowing to Bush after power-grab setbacks from Supreme Court decision on Gitmo 7/1
A Secret That Terrorists Already Knew

01.Jul.2006 Umstrittenes Gesetz: Frankreich beschränkt Einwanderung
A Secret That Terrorists Already Knew
The USA is losing its fight against terrorism and the Iraq war is the biggest reason why, more than eight of ten American terrorism and national security experts concluded in a poll just released.
Experts to Bush on Iraq: You blew it bozo - The Last Chance Democracy Cafe by Steven C. Day
A Governing Philosophy Rebuffed; Ruling Emphasizes Constitutional Boundaries; Supreme Court "dismissed the notion that the president alone can determine how to defend the country" 7/1
Judiciary Democrats Seek Hearings on Guantanamo -- A BuzzFlash News Alert
From Newsweek: Before 9/11, Osama bin Laden?s group was small and fractious. How the Busheviks helped to build it into a global threat. 6/30

01.Jul.2006 Gerrymandering and the Constitution (which gives small states disproportionate power) still place the advantage with the Republicans. Permalink
01.Jul.2006 The Brennan Center Task Force on Voting Systems Security, an organization that comes out of the New York University School of Law, has issued a damning report: All three of the nation's most commonly used electronic voting systems are vulnerable to software attacks - attacks that could affect the outcome of local or national elections. More: * The systems are vulnerable to the injection of corrupt software or attack programs designed to take over a machine.
* Automatic audits are necessary.
* Wireless components are particularly at risk of infiltration + the report recommends banning such components.
* Most states haven’t implemented measures to detect software attacks.

01.Jul.2006 When a blogger is ignorant (as I often am), readers quickly step in and offer a straighter skinny. The mainstream media does not have that self-correcting mechanism.
Bill Clinton supports RFK jr.'s piece on election fraud. Asked his opinion about Robert Kennedy Jr.'s recent article in Rolling Stone, charging that John Kerry, not George Bush, won the majority of votes in Ohio and thus won the 2004 presidential election, Clinton said Kennedy made "a compelling case."
And, he said, "I think there's no question that Al Gore would have won Florida" if all the votes had been counted accurately and all the people who wanted to vote had been able to.

01.Jul.2006 2. Brad Friedman does a superb job of skewering the San Diego Union Tribune's reportage on the security breaches in the CA-50 election -- breaches reflected in other races.
01.Jul.2006 Vote notes Some important vote-manipulation stories demand your attention:
1. Grag Palast reveals that Bushco, in association with our good friends at ChoicePoint -- and all under the pretense of "anti-terrorism" -- hopes to interfere with this Sunday's vote in Mexico.
ChoicePoint, you will recall, provided the inaccurate caging list which disallowed the votes of so many African-Americans in Florida in 2000. The Supreme Court did not elect Bush -- ChoicePoint did. This data-mining company, which hopes to learn everything about everybody, may be the most dangerous company in America.
And in Latin America .

Murtha Misquote: O’Reilly and Hume Correct the Record, Scarborough and Carlson Stay Silent Think Progress 

Last Sunday, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported that Rep. John Murtha said he believed the “American presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran.” The report was quickly seized on by conservative media — including Brit Hume, Bill O’Reilly, Joe Scarborough and Tucker Carlson — to attack Murtha.

The story was false. Murtha was citing an international public opinion poll, not expressing his own views. On Wednesday, the Sun-Sentinel issued a correction. We urged ThinkProgress readers to contact the television outlets that pushed the innaccurate story and correct the record for their viewers.

Over the last two days O’Reilly and Hume have done so. Watch it:

According to a database search, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Tucker Carlson (who said Murtha was “in the thrall” of anti-American activists) haven’t bothered to inform their viewers that their attacks were based on a statement Murtha never made.

Email Joe Scarborough and Tucker Carlson —, — and tell them to do the right thing.
June 30, 2006 Think Progress 
The Senate “agreed yesterday to schedule a vote on a package of bills that would
loosen President Bush’s five-year-old restrictions on human embryonic stem cell research .”

In a “swipe at the media aimed primarily at The New York Times,” the House voted yesterday to condemn media organizations that had disclosed the Bush administration’s program tracking financial records.

President Bush has nominated Peter D. Keisler for a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Keisler is currently a senior Justice Department official and defended the administration’s policy of military tribunals , which was overturned yesterday by the Supreme Court.

Former counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke says the administration wants the “public to believe that it had not already occurred to every terrorist on the planet that his telephone was probably monitored and his international bank transfers subject to scrutiny.” “How gullible does the administration take the American citizenry to be?” Clarke wonders.

“Prospects for a swift renewal of the Voting Rights Act faded on Thursday as lawmakers called for new congressional hearings.” If not renewed, provision of the landmark 1965 civil rights legislation will expire at the end of 2007.

Time Magazine asks, “Is BP Really That Green?” “The question has come into stark relief following a series of environmental and safety lapses — and, as of this week, federal charges of price-fixing — which have muddied up the company’s carefully cultivated image.”

“China’s Internet regulators are stepping up controls on blogs and search engines to block material it considers unlawful or immoral.”

Salmon baby food : Sen. Ted Stevens’s (R-AK) newest $450,000 earmark in the fiscal 2007 Agriculture spending bill. “This is a cannery cartel at our [taxpayers’] expense,” said Tom Schatz, president of Citizens Against Government Waste.

“The Bush administration has been unable to muster even half of the 2,500 National Guardsmen it planned to have on the Mexican border by the end of June. … Some state officials have argued that they cannot free up Guardsmen because of flooding in the East, wildfires in the West or the prospect of hurricanes in the South.”

And finally: Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX) is taking his colleagues back 2 skool. He has introduced a resolution that “would require every member of Congress and each person on their staff to read the Constitution at least once per year .”
30.Jun.2006 Thomas attacks Stevens in Hamdan opinion. Nico 
Justice Clarence Thomas refers to Justice John Paul Stevens’ “unfamiliarity with the realities of warfare” in his dissenting opinion. ACSBlog notes: “Stevens served in the U.S. Navy from 1942 to 1945, during World War II. Thomas’s official bio, by contrast,
contains no experience of military service.”

29.Jun.2006 June 29, 2006 Think Progress 
We have never ever seen a case like this,” said Keith Ashdown of Taxpayers for Common Sense: The lobbying firm at the center of the House Appropriations Chairman Jerry Lewis (R-CA)/ Duke Cunningham scandal failed to report fully $2 million in lobbying fees.

Web traffic is dropping at, +, but it’s rising at many progressives sites , including Raw Story, Crooks and Liars + ThinkProgress.

Atrios vs. New Republic culture critic Lee Siegel, on whether Jon Stewart “is destroying democracy as we know it.”

“In 1999, Arkansas’ child welfare board banned gay people from becoming foster parents , arguing kids would be better off in orphanages. Four residents sued, claiming discrimination. Today, the state Supreme Court agreed.”

An SEC whistleblower “fired for trying to subpoena a politically connected Wall Street executive during an insider trading investigation was muzzled by his former agency during Congressional testimony this week.”

And finally: How to scam the “Nigerian letter” scammers by convincing them you’ll pay $150,000 for their wood carvings.
30.Jun.2006 NYT disclosure could help counterterror efforts? Nico Former 9/11 Commission member Bob Kerrey thinks so, as does Rep. Peter King (R-NY) “to some extent.”
30.Jun.2006 Rep. Bob Ney’s (R-OH) district aide has been subpoenaed. Amanda Additionally, three of his top aides are leaving or have already left, “the latest sign that Ney’s legal and ethical troubles stemming from the Jack Abramoff scandal are growing worse with each passing day.”
30.Jun.2006 Lott: Supreme Court Decision Is ‘Ridiculous and Outrageous,’ Has Our Enemies ‘Laughing At Us’ Judd 
Appearing on Fox News this afternoon, Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS) lashed out the Supreme Court, which ruled today that the Bush administration’s military commissions were illegal. Lott said the decision was “ridiculous and outrageous” and likely had our enemies “laughing at us.” Then he admitted he hadn’t read it.
Watch it:


CAVUTO: President Bush says he will ask congress to keep them going. But it does make you wonder, are some enemies laughing at us? A concern by Republican senator Trent Lott of Mississippi, who joins us now. Senator, what do you think?

LOTT: I think some people are probably laughing at us. This is ridiculous and outrageous. Now in legal speak, let me say, I have not read the entire opinion, nor the dissents. But preliminarily my opinion is they probably didn’t even have jurisdiction. They shouldn’t have ruled the way they did. This is not a bunch of pussycats we’re talking about here. These are people that have made it clear in many instances that they would kill Americans if they got out. This is Osama bin Laden’s driver. And this is one other example of why the American people have lost faith in so much of our federal judiciary. This is a very bad decision in my opinion.
Snow: ‘I Don’t Think It’s Ever Been the Goal of the Administration to Expand Executive Authority’ Judd 
During today’s White House Press briefing, Tony Snow insisted that the administration has not intentionally sought to expand executive power:

QUESTION: Is this [Supreme Court decision] a setback in terms of the broader goal of this administration to expand executive authority?

SNOW: I don’t think it’s ever been the goal of the administration to expand executive authority. In a time of war, the president has tried to act in a way that meets the needs and obligations of a commander in chief against a dispersed and highly unique kind of enemy.

But we don’t have expand executive power sessions. So nobody thinks in terms of, How do we expand executive power?

Nobody except the Vice President of the USA. Here’s Cheney on 12/20/05:

I believe in a strong, robust executive authority. And I think the world we live in demands it…I think you’re right, probably the end of the next administration, you had the nadir of the modern presidency in terms of authority and legitimacy, then a number of limitations that were imposed in the aftermath of Vietnam and Watergate. But I do think that to some extent now, we’ve been able to restore the legitimate authority of the presidency.

From Day 1 of the Bush presidency, Cheney has lead a vigorous campaign to expand executive power, which he described to Bob Woodward. Today’s decision was, in fact, a setback in Cheney’s efforts.
30.Jun.2006 Congressional Authorization of Bush’s Military Commissions Is Not Enough Faiz 
Justice Breyer stated in today’s Hamdan
opinion, “Nothing prevents the President from returning to Congress to seek the authority he believes necessary.” Reacting to Breyer, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said on Fox, “The court is telling us that tribunals would be okay if you have the Congress’ blessing.”

President Bush seems to be quickly embracing the idea.

As I understand, a senator has already been on TV — I haven’t seen it. I haven’t heard what he said, but they briefed me and said he wants to devise law in conformity with the case that would enable us to use a military tribunal to hold these people to account. And if that’s the case, we’ll work with him.

But if Bush truly wants to devise law in conformity with the opinion, the military commissions will need to undergo significant changes. Mere congressional authorization of the military commission that the Bush administration has conceived will not be enough to pass the legal test. Today’s Supreme Court opinion makes clear that a congressionally-authorized military commission would need to comply with Geneva Conventions, particularly Common Article 3. From the opinion:

Common Article 3, then, is applicable here and, as indicated above, requires that Hamdan be tried by a “regularly constituted court affording all the judicial guarantees which are recognized as indispensable by civilized peoples.”
The commentary accompanying a provision of the Fourth Geneva Convention, for example, defines “‘regularly constituted’” tribunals to include “ordinary military courts” and “definitely exclud[e] all special tribunals.
Common Article 3 obviously tolerates a great degree of flexibility in trying individuals captured during armed conflict; its requirements are general ones, crafted to accommodate a wide variety of legal systems. But requirements they are nonetheless. The commission that the President has convened to try Hamdan does not meet those requirements.

In other words, Bush’s military commissions need more than a rubber-stamp from Congress.

UPDATE: Glenn Greenwald notes that Congress could decide to abrogate the Geneva Convention or exempt its application with respect to the military commissions. It would be an extraordinary step, but with this Congress, anything is possible.
30.Jun.2006 The US is responsible for 45% of global carbon emissions Judd from automobiles even though Americans make up just 5% of the world’s population, according to a new report by Environmental Defense.
30.Jun.2006 Supreme Court Decision on Gitmo Undermines Bush’s Legal Case For Warrantless Wiretapping Judd 
The impact of today’s Supreme Court decision on military commissions goes well beyond Guantanamo. The Supreme Court has ruled that the
Authorization for the Use of Military Force – issued by Congress in the days after 9/11 – is not a blank check for the administration. From the syllabus:

Neither the AUMF [Authorization for the Use of Military Force] nor the DTA [Detainee Treatment Act] can be read to provide specific, overriding authorization for the commission convened to try Hamdan. Assuming the AUMF activated the President’s war powers, see Hamdi v. Rumsfeld, 542 U. S. 507 + that those powers include authority to convene military commissions in appropriate circumstances, see, e.g., id., at 518, there is nothing in the AUMF’s text or legislative history even hinting that Congress intended to expand or alter the authorization set forth in UCMJ Art. 21 .

The point here is that the AUMF does not authorize activity that was not specifically contemplated in the text or legislative history. This is incredibly significant. The administration is relying on the AUMF to justify its warrantless wiretapping program. Here’s Alberto Gonzales on 12/19/05:

Our position is, is that the authorization to use force, which was passed by the Congress in the days following September 11th, constitutes that other authorization, that other statute by Congress, to engage in this kind of signals intelligence.

The Bush administration doesn’t argue that warrantless wiretapping was something specifically contemplated in the text or by Congress. Rather, the administration argues that it is implied as part of a broad authorization to “use all necessary and appropriate force.”

The Supreme Court has rejected that expansive interpretation. It’s a huge blow to the administration’s legal rationale for warrantless wiretapping.
BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules Bush Overstepped His Authority At Guantanamo Faiz 
In a 5-3 decision (Chief Justice Roberts abstaining), the Supreme Court ruled that President Bush
did not have authority to set up military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, finding the “military commissions” illegal under both military justice law and the Geneva Convention. The opinion of the Court, written by Justice John Paul Stevens, declares that “the Executive is bound to comply with the Rule of Law that prevails in this jurisdiction.”

UPDATE I: The AP has more: “The ruling, a rebuke to the administration and its aggressive anti-terror policies, was written by Justice John Paul Stevens, who said the proposed trials were illegal under U.S. law and international Geneva conventions.”

UPDATE II: SCOTUSBlog has the voting breakdown: “The main opinion [was] written by Justice John Paul Stevens. That opinion was supported in full by Justices Stephen G. Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and David H. Souter. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote separately, in an opinion partly joined by Justices Breyer, Ginsburg and Souter…Justices Samuel A. Alito, Jr., Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, the dissenters, each wrote an opinion.” Read the opinions (pdf).

UPDATE III: From SCOTUSBlog: “ The Court appears to have held that Common Article 3 of Geneva aplies to the conflict against Al Qaeda. That is the HUGE part of today’s ruling. The commissions are the least of it. This basically resolves the debate about interrogation techniques, because Common Article 3 provides that detained persons ’shall in all circumstances be treated humanely,’ and that ‘[t]o this end,’ certain specified acts ‘are and shall remain prohibited at any time and in any place whatsoever’—including ‘cruel treatment and torture,’ and ‘outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment.’ This standard, not limited to the restrictions of the due process clause, is much more restrictive than even the McCain Amendment. … This almost certainly means that the CIA’s interrogation regime is unlawful. ”

UPDATE IV: “Justice Clarence Thomas wrote a strongly worded dissent and took the unusual step of reading part of it from the bench something he had never done before in his 15 years. He said the court’s decision would ’sorely hamper the president’s ability to confront and defeat a new and deadly enemy.’” Justice Breyer responded in the opinion that Bush should consult with Congress to receive specific authority, and doing so, would strengthen the nation’s ability to deals with threats:

Nothing prevents the President from returning to Congress to seek the authority he believes necessary. Where, as here, no emergency prevents consultation with Congress, judicial insistence upon that consultation does not weaken our Nation’s ability to deal with danger. To the contrary, that insistence strengthens the Nation’s ability to determine—through democratic means—how best to do so. The Constitution places its faith in thosedemocratic means. Our Court today simply does the same.
June 29, 2006 Think Progress 
President Bush again smeared opponents of the Iraq war last night, accusing them of “
waving the white flag of surrender.” Bush counselor Dan Bartlett was asked last week to name a single person “waving the white flag” — he couldn’t do it.

“The Pentagon is revising a document that calls homosexuality a mental disorder , officials said Wednesday. Lawmakers, medical professionals and others had pressed for the change.”

94: The percentage of Americans who strongly (77%) or somewhat (17%) agree that global warming “is becoming a major threat to our country and the world.”

A class action suit is being filed against a new Medicaid law requiring 53 million recipients to prove their citizenship. “[M]any Americans — including numerous Southern blacks denied access to hospital maternity wards during segregation days” — won’t be able to provide the necessary papers.

Romania will withdraw its troops from Iraq by the end of the year. “The announcement regarding Romania’s 890 troops follows a similar move by Italy, while Japan began withdrawing its troops from the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq last week.”

Rep. Richard Pombo’s (R-CA) bill to open natural gas drilling off the coasts — expected to pass the House today — may make it easier to drill in the Rockies and “let oil companies run roughshod over our environment.”

A Veterans Affairs employee is being unfairly scapegoated for the loss of 26.5 million veterans’ personal data that was stolen from his home. The department originally reported that the employee was not authorized to take home the data, but new documents show that he was.

Employers across the country are scaling back health care benefits for retirees by tightening eligibility requirements or canceling coverage completely.

The Big 3 American automakers pledged yesterday to double production of “flex fuel” vehicles that can run on ethanol. Meanwhile, Japan plans to require “that all vehicles on the road” be flex fuel by 2030. Said one official, “Adopting the new technology is not that difficult.”

“Just months after a new standard took effect to limit levels of arsenic in drinking water , Sen. Larry E. Craig (R-ID) will introduce a measure today to suspend enforcement of the rule for small water systems, including more than 100 in California.”

And finally: Former Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) led an auction of a “sheared beaver vest” at a recent Safari Club International Washington Metro Chapter dinner. DeLay reportedly “had folks rolling out of their chairs…with a double-entendre-laden montage of … beaver jokes .” “Who wants a beaver?” DeLay riffed. “The best thing about it, it’s a shaved beaver!” “Best 1,400 bucks I ever spent,” said Rob Smith, the beaver vest’s proud new owner.
28.Jun.2006 June 28, 2006 Think Progress 
Bad news for Internet freedom: the Senate Commerce Committee today rejected a network neutrality amendment , “handing cable and phone broadband access providers yet
another victory.”

Chris Bowers criticizes Sen. Barack Obama’s speech on religion today for echoing the false narrative that progressives “are hostile toward people of faith.” American Progress’ Denis McDonough disagrees, saying of Bowers’ critique: “I couldn’t find it because he [Obama] didn’t say it.”

After the “[w]orldwide hysteria” over North Korea’s “imminent” missile launch , Defense Tech points out that it appears “clear that a world-class hoax had gone down.”

Senate Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter (R-PA) lambasts a Justice Department official for the administration’s use of “signing statements” to get around laws the President doesn’t like.

“ Poor Glenn Beck. While Glenn Beck is on the road having a mid-life crisis, the radio-turned-Headline News host’s ratings are sinking.”

And finally: A video that will make your skin crawl — a giant centipede in Venezuela snatching a bat right out of the air for dinner.
30.Jun.2006 Chevron-Funded Schwarzenegger Sells Out The Environment Rohan 
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) repeatedly touts the environment as
his top priority — he even changed his official campaign color to green.

Yet Schwarzenegger recently announced his opposition to the Clean Alternative Energy Initiative, a landmark ballot measure that would finance alternative energy research and development by imposing a tax on oil companies. (The initiative is backed by dozens of California green groups + would boost the state’s economy according to UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy.)

The governor’s opposition might have something to do with the nearly $2 million in campaign contributions from oil companies he’s received since 2002. Chevron gave a total of $600,000 to his campaign and paid for his trip to the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City. Chevron also reportedly enjoyed “considerable influence” over the content of the Governor’s major reform proposals in 2004, which included significant benefits for the oil industry.

And which oil company is the #1 donor to the group opposing the clean energy initiative? Chevron, which has given a whopping $3,740,000, more than three times the amount of the next 14 donors combined.
30.Jun.2006 Sen. Pat Roberts’ Double Standard on Intel Leaks Payson 
Senate Coverup Committee chairman Pat Roberts (R-KS) attacked the media for writing about the SWIFT bank records tracking program + he called for a “formal damage assessment” to be done by Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte. (Dan Froomkin today explained how the “existence of SWIFT itself has not exactly been a secret.”)

Roberts began his attack on the media yesterday:

If another attack occurs because of this information going out… the people who have written these stories and the people who have made their decisions should look in the mirror .

But Roberts is the one who needs to “look in the mirror” about the effects leaks have on national security. The National Journal’s Murray Waas reported in April that during the start of the Iraq war, Roberts disclosed sensitive intelligence in a speech he delivered (ironically enough) to the National Newspaper Association:

[T]hree years ago on the eve of the invasion of Iraq, Roberts himself was involved in disclosing sensitive intelligence information that, according to four former senior intelligence officers, impaired efforts to capture Saddam Hussein and potentially threatened the lives of Iraqis who were spying for the USA.

On March 20, 2003, at the onset of military hostilities between U.S. and Iraqi forces, Roberts said in a speech to the National Newspaper Association that he had “been in touch with our intelligence community” and that the CIA had informed President Bush and the National Security Council “of intelligence information from what we call human intelligence that indicated the location of Saddam Hussein and his leadership in a bunker in the suburbs of Baghdad.”

The former intelligence officials said in interviews that Roberts was never held accountable for his comments, which bore directly on the issue of intelligence-gathering sources and methods + revealed that Iraqis close to Hussein were probably talking to the USA.

As former intelligence officials told Waas, the incident showed “how rank and file intelligence professionals now have much to fear from legitimate and even inadvertent contacts with journalists, while senior executive branch officials and members of Congress are almost never held accountable when they seriously breach national security through leaks of information.”
‘American Values Agenda’ off to a rocky start. Nico 
House Majority Leader Boehner (R-OH) yesterday released a package of bills called the “
American Values Agenda” aimed at “energizing social conservatives five months before the midterm elections.” The first bill, to keep the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, has already failed. “Republicans could not muster a simple majority on the issue in a committee where they outnumber Democrats by six.”

30.Jun.2006 Another Bush Administration Official To Plead Guilty In Abramoff Probe Faiz 
Legal Times reports that another Bush administration official is expected to plead guilty as a result of the ongoing Abramoff probe:

Roger Stillwell, the desk officer for the Mariana Islands at the U.S. Department of the Interior who dealt closely with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, is expected to plead guilty to a misdemeanor count of false certification, his attorney confirmed Wednesday.

Stillwell has previously acknowledged that he accepted dinners at Abramoff’s restaurant and tickets to Washington Redskins games. He also said he sent Abramoff copies of e-mails he sent to his boss, but he claimed that there was nothing “wrong with doing that.”

The guilty plea will come on the heels of a conviction handed down by a jury last week against former White House procurement chief David Safavian. “So far five people — Abramoff and former associates Michael Scanlon, Tony Rudy, Neil Volz + Adam Kidan — have pleaded guilty.”

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands was a major client of Abramoff, paying him over $1 million to stop legislation aimed at cracking down on sweatshops and sex shops in the American territory. (That legislation still hasn’t passed).

More at TPMmuckraker. Read about the Abramoff scandal HERE.
30.Jun.2006 Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) planned a personal WMD hunt Amanda 
in Iraq with Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-MI). The “congressmen planned to persuade the U.S. military commander to lend them the equipment and
men to go digging by the Euphrates” for a cache of WMD believed to be there.

30.Jun.2006 ‘A single person could swing an election.’ Nico 
new report on electronic voting machines by New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice — “billed as the most authoritative to date” — finds that “it would take only one person, with a sophisticated technical knowledge and timely access to the software that runs the voting machines, to change the outcome” of an election. Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ), who leads Congress on the issue, has much more.

30.Jun.2006 Paper Retracts Report that Murtha Called U.S. the Greatest Threat to World Peace Nico 
The South Florida Sun-Sentinel has
retracted its false report that Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) called the USA the greatest threat to world peace:

Correction: An article in Sunday’s editions misinterpreted a comment from U.S. Rep. John Murtha , D-Pa., at a town hall meeting in North Miami on Saturday. In his speech, Murtha said U.S. credibility was suffering because of continued U.S. military presence in Iraq ,and the perception that the U.S. is an occupying force. Murtha was citing a recent poll , by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, that indicates a greater percentage of people in 10 of 14 foreign countries consider the U.S. in Iraq a greater danger to world peace than any threats posed by Iran or North Korea.

The purported quote was seized upon by right-wing pundits, who claimed that Murtha had put “all Americans in danger” and was “in the thrall” of anti-American activists. Now they need to correct the record and let their viewers know that Murtha was quoted erroneously.

Email Bill O’Reilly, Brit Hume, Joe Scarborough + Tucker Carlson —,,, — and urge them to correct the record for their viewers. (Feel free to repost your letters in the comments section + let us know if you hear back.)
30.Jun.2006 VIDEO: Hatch Says Banning Flag Burning Is ‘The Most Important Thing The Senate Could Be Doing’ Judd 
On the Senate floor yesterday, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) said there was nothing the Senate could be doing that was more important than banning flag burning.
Watch it:

Is Hatch familar with the Iraq war, terrorism, the energy crisis, the 45 million Americans without health insurance or the 37 million Americans living in poverty?


I was asked this afternoon by a large body of media: Is this the most important thing the Senate could be doing at this time? I can tell you: You’re darned right it is.
Lavish Congressional Fishing Vacations May Have Violated Ethics Rules Amanda 
00.000.1996 -since- at least
10 current and former lawmakers have attended an annual “Waterfall Fishing Tournament” at the expensive Waterfall resort in Alaska. Marketplace, which reported on this story yesterday, noted that the event benefitted a charity run by former Sen. Frank Murkowski (R-AK). Some facts on the trip:

The trip was an opportunity for “the energy industry’s top brass” to influence lawmakers. In addition to the lawmakers, high-ranking executives from the nation’s top oil firms — including British Petroleum, American Petroleum Institute + Amoco — attended the Waterfall excursions. Companies with business before Congress occasionally provided free trips to Waterfall for lawmakers and top executives on private company jets.

Lawmakers may have violated congressional ethics rules by not paying for the trips. A 1996 letter to Murkowski from the Senate Ethics Committee “expressly forbid senators from accepting free travel or lodging to attend the event.” A separate 1996 rule also banned House members. Nevertheless, nine out of the 10 lawmakers who attended the Waterfall trips accepted free travel or lodging. (Sen. Daniel Akaka (D-HI) was the only lawmaker who personally paid for the total costs.)

Marketplace could find no PAC, personal, or campaign payments for the trip from Hastert, Lott, or Murkowski. While the House lifted its ethics restrictions in 2003, Hastert went on the Waterfall trips in 1999 and 2000 and was therefore bound by the rules. View more images from the Waterfall trips here.
30.Jun.2006 Court mostly upholds DeLay’s partisan redistricting. Nico 
The Supreme Court has “
upheld most of the Texas congressional map engineered by former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.” The Court did throw out an effort to shift 100,000 Hispanics “out of a district represented by a Republican incumbent and into a new, oddly shaped district,” finding the move violated the Voting Rights Act. More analysis here.

30.Jun.2006 Senate Committee Launches Taxpayer-Funded Misinformation Campaign About Gore Movie Judd 
Your tax dollars are being used to fund a misinformation campaign about Al Gore’s movie,
An Inconvenient Truth.

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works issued a press release headlined “AP Incorrectly Claims Scientists Praise Gore’s Movie.” It doesn’t substantiate the claim. The AP contacted 100 climate scientists, including noted “climate skeptics,” and of the 19 that had seen the movie, all commended its accuracy.

The Committee release faulted the AP for not cherry-picking the handful of scientists around the world who make a living questioning the scientific consensus on global warming. For example, an Australian scientist named Bob Carter told an obscure Canadian paper that Gore’s arguments are “so weak that they are pathetic.” How could the AP exclude this kind of incisive analysis?

The release is also full of misinformation about global warming science. Here are just three of the most blatant errors:

1. The research of Dr. Michael Mann is “now-discredited.” A report released last week by the National Academy of Sciences, created to Congress to provide scientific guidance, found Mann’s research – which concluded the warming in the last several decades is unprecedented in the last 1000 years — “has subsequently been supported by an array of evidence.”

2. “Scientific reports” concluded Mt. Kilimanjaro’s glacier is not disappearing due to global warming. The climate scientists at explain studies of Kilimanjaro “only support the role of precipitation in the initial stages of the retreat, up to the early 1900’s.” Moreover, “the Kilimanjaro glacier survived a 300 year African drought which occurred about 4000 years ago.” The most likely explanation for why it has almost completely disappeared this time is “anthropogenic (human-induced) climate change.”

3. A literature review in the journal Science which claimed consensus on global warming is “flat out incorrect.” The release relies on the analysis of Benny Peiser, which was egregiously flawed. Benny claimed that 34 abstracts “doubted or rejected” the scientific consensus. Actually, there wasn’t a single peer-reviewed abstract that opposed the scientific consensus.

Marc Morano and Matt Dempsey, who work for the committee, encourage you to contact them about the release. Please be substantive and polite with any criticism.
28.Jun.2006 June 28, 2006 Think Progress 
“Top executives at oil giant Shell have begun a 50-city tour across the USA this summer in hopes of
persuading angry consumers that Big Oil is not ripping them off.”

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) announced the Senate will not vote on a bill reducing the Paris Hilton Tax this week.

The administration sent Deputy Assistant Attorney General Michelle Boardman to the Hill yesterday to defend Bush’s use of signing statements to contravene laws passed by Congress . Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) told her, “[01.Jul.2006 ]ou know, it’s almost irrelevant what you say because, once again, this administration has said…they don’t care what we think.” Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-PA) said he is “seriously considering” filing legislation to give Congress legal standing to sue Bush over the issue.

Last October, Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott made headlines by announcing his support for an minimum wage increase . But now, critics say, “the company has abandoned Scott’s pledge” and “cynically dumped the issue, even as major trade groups it belongs to…help lead the fight against a higher minimum wage.”

Do Nothing Congress: The House will vote on a conservative-backed resolution “today or Thursday” that is expected to attack The New York Times for its recent disclosure of the government’s secret monitoring of Americans’ bank transactions.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and declared, “I don’t know anyone who is more admired and respected in the international community than President Karzai.” Earlier this week, the Washington Post reported, “Many Afghans and some foreign supporters say they are losing faith in President Hamid Karzai’s government.”

The U.S. Surgeon General has issued the “ most detailed statement ever on secondhand smoke ,” which found “indisputable” evidence that secondhand smoke “is a serious health hazard that can lead to disease and premature death in children and nonsmoking adults.”

“Warren Buffet’s generosity is the exception, not the rule. Well-heeled Americans are not inclined to fork over their fortunes to charity .” According to a new U.S. Trust Survey of Affluent Americans, 74 percent of the funds go to offspring while just 9 percent would be given to charity.

Army Chief of Staff Peter Schoomaker reprimanded Congress yesterday for its “ inability to pass annual and supplemental appropriations on time ,” saying it “has forced the service to siphon money from its regular programs to pay for wartime operations for the last two years.”

And finally: Another administration official with a criminal record? “In answer to whether he had ever been arrested,” Treasury Secretary nominee Henry Paulson said that in 1969, “I climbed a fence of a public swimming pool in West Lafayette, Ind. + swam in this pool after-hours. I was arrested for trespassing and fingerprinted. Subsequently, all charges against me were dropped.”
27.Jun.2006 June 27, 2006 Think Progress 
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has promised “to
block a congressional pay hike” until the minimum wage is raised .

A new campaign targets Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH) as the “leader of the apologist pack” in Congress trying to rubberstamp the Bush administration’s warrantless spying on Americans .

Conservative pundit/eyedrops spokesman Ben Stein pens a touching ode to Karl Rove , who is “amazingly fit and trim,” “helps wash the dishes,” and even agreed to drive Stein to a bookstore after their dinner. “Now, this is a great man.

Ratings for Fox News — particularly among the most important age demographic — are “dropping precipitously.”

Gristmill gives Rep. Henry Waxman’s Safe Climate Act — the first bill ever to target global warming pollution — a rave review.

Salon’s War Room points to a new Congressional Research Service report on spending in Iraq + asks, “If we’re making so much progress in Iraq, how come the war keeps getting more expensive?”

And finally: A charming computer simulation of Earth being destroyed by a 100km-wide asteroid .
30.Jun.2006 Alternative theories into the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
30.Jun.2006 Digest Number 1277 political-research Messages In This Digest (25 Messages)
30.Jun.2006 City Pages - The Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much
30.Jun.2006 Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers.
30.Jun.2006 BBC NEWS | Americas | US Guantanamo tribunals 'illegal'
30.Jun.2006 Digest Number 1276 political-research Messages In This Digest (25 Messages)
30.Jun.2006 U.S. cybersecurity chief quits - Security -
U.S. cybersecurity chief quits - Security -

30.Jun.2006 Claude Covassi: Communiqué à l?ATS/SDA sfux Claude Covassi -

Un article du Blick daté d?aujourd?hui indique que « des mails, envoyés en allemand depuis l?Italie, affirment : «M. Covassi est impliqué dans un trafic d?ecstasy». L?article poursuit : «M. Covassi est un islamiste dangereux, et il travaille depuis plus longtemps qu?il a indiqué pour les services secrets suisses.»
Massenvernichtungswaffen für den Iran sfux Dr. Alexander von Paleske -

Transport von Massenvernichtungswaffen in den Iran durch Israel und Grossbritannien in den Jahren 1992-1994, organisiert von einer deutschen Firma in Bad Homburg + die Beteiligung eines Geschäftsführers in den missglückten Putschversuch in Equatorial Guinea, in den auch Mark Thatcher verwickelt war.
SPD-Struck fordert Ächtung der Arbeitslosen sfux Karl Weiss -

Ächten solle man die Arbeitslosen, die Schwindler, die sich Vorteile zu erschleichen versuchen, sagte Struck dem ?Spiegel?. Hmmm, eigentlich keine schlechte Idee. Greifen wir doch einmal seinen Vorschlag auf und ächten wir alle, die sich ungerecht Vorteile verschaffen, angefangen vom Vorsitzenden der SPD-Bundestagsfraktion über die Kanzlerin und den Ex-Kanzler, Clement, Rezzo Schlauch, Fischer.
Israel bombardiert palästinensisches Innenministerium sfux AFP -

Die israelische Luftwaffe hat weitere Ziele im Gazastreifen bombardiert, darunter in der Nacht das palästinensische Innenministerium in Gaza. Das Gebäude wurde schwer beschädigt und stand in Flammen, wie ein AFP-Reporter berichtete.
Ein Luftangriff in der Nähe des Flüchtlingslagers Nusseirat habe einem Posten der palästinensischen Sicherheitskräfte gegolten, teilten Sicherheitskräfte und Augenzeugen mit. Verletzt wurde demnach niemand. Die radikalislamische...

Keine Zeitungen für Häftlinge sfux SDA -

Insassen der US-Haftanstalten darf es verboten werden, die Zeitung zu lesen. Dies entschied der Oberste Gerichtshof in Washington.
In dem zugrunde liegenden Fall ging es um eine Vorschrift in einem Gefängnis in Pittsburgh im Bundesstaat Pennsylvania. Darin wird den Insassen eines bestimmten Trakts der Zugang zu Zeitungen, Zeitschriften und Fotos untersagt, die keinen religiösen Charakter haben.Mehrere Häftlinge hatten gegen...

Bill Gates und George Soros investieren in Alkohol sfux Karl Weiss -

Die gute Nachricht ist: Endlich hat es sich herumgesprochen, daß Ethanol als Kraftstoff (und Bio-Diesel als Diesel-Ersatz) so viele und so wesentliche Vorteile gegenüber den jetzt benutzten Kraftstoffen hat/haben, daß es auf keinen Fall einen Weg drumherum gibt, zu ihnen zu wechseln, zumindest in wesentlichem Maße.
Das gilt nicht nur für die Zukunft der Menschheit im Sozialismus, sondern schon jetzt im Kapitalismus. Die schlechte Nachricht:...

BAZL-Direktor bestätigt CIA Flüge sfux Stephan Fuchs / AP -

00.Feb.2001-00.Feb.2006 -In der Schweiz wurden 58 Landungen von bekannten CIA Flugzeugen registriert, bestätigte der Sprecher des helvetischen Bundesamtes für Zivilluftfahrt BAZL der Nachrichtenagentur AP.
Putin: Geheimdienst soll Diplomaten-Killer liquidieren sfux Rufo/Moskau -

Kreml-Chef Wladimir Putin hat den russischen Geheimdiensten den Auftrag erteilt, die Mörder von vier russischen Botschaftsangehörigen im Irak aufzuspüren und zu liquidieren. Dazu müssten alle nötigen Mittel ergriffen werden, sagte der Staatschef am Mittwoch bei einem Treffen mit dem saudischen Prinzen Salman Ben Abdel Asis al Saud in Moskau.
Bei der Suche nach den Tätern hoffe Russland auch auf die Mithilfe seiner Partner in der arabischen...

Söldner, Gauner, Waffen und Rohstoffe sfux Dr. Alexander von Paleske -

Ein Blick auf das Spinnennetz von Privatarmeen, Waffenhändlern, Finanzakrobaten und Politikern. Mitwirkende unter anderem: Adnan Khashoggi, Tim Spicer, Rakesh Saxena, Tony Buckingham, Simon Mann, Viktor Bout(Butt), Sanjivan Ruprah, Amador Pastrana und viele andere, sowie die Firmen Ägis, Sandline, Executive Outcomes, Deutsche Bank.
Proof That 'Flight 77' Eyewitness Report Skewed Paul Joseph Watson Proof That 'Flight 77' Eyewitness Report Skewed 'I saw faces of passengers' man furious with newspaper for twisting his words
30.Jun.2006 Net Neutrality is Dead
Senate panel narrowly rejected strict Net neutrality rules on Wednesday, dealing a grave setback to companies like eBay, Google and that had made enacting them a top political priority this year. By an 11-11 tie, the Senate Commerce Committee failed to approve a Democrat-backed ...

30.Jun.2006 Bill Gates' piracy confession Robert L. Mitchell 
If you read way down to the bottom of a Wall Street Journal interview with Bill Gates that ran yesterday, you'll discover that the Microsoft executive admitted to watching pirated movies on the Internet. The confession came as he was talking about content he had viewed on YouTube.

30.Jun.2006 Password-Protected Bullets
New invention, just patented: Meyerle is patenting a design for a modified cartridge that would be fired by a burst of high-frequency radio energy. But the energy would only ignite the charge if a solid-state switch within the cartridge had...

30.Jun.2006 Man arrested for filming own property Smartalix 
Can anyone who supports this crap explain it to me? A city man is charged with violating state wiretap laws by recording a detective on his home security camera, while the detective was investigating the man’s sons. Michael Gannon, 49, of 26 Morgan St., was arrested Tuesday night, after he ...

30.Jun.2006 Irish schools being blocked from accessing social networks Tom Raftery 
RTE is the Irish national broadcaster and Morning Ireland is RTE’s flagship news program. Morning Ireland reported this morning that social networking sites MySpace and Bebo will be blocked from all Irish schools from September this year. The reason given for blocking the sites is that they ...

30.Jun.2006 Microsoft Sued Over WGA Program
Microsoft is the target of a class action lawsuit after a California man sued the company over violations of spyware statutes for its Windows Genuine Advantage anti-piracy program. The suit was filed Monday in a U.S. District Court in Seattle.

30.Jun.2006 Nuclear weapons debate urged The Commons defence committee calls for a "genuine public debate" on the future of Britain's nuclear weapons.
30.Jun.2006 New 'Bin Laden message' posted A new recording purporting to be by al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden is posted on an internet site.
30.Jun.2006 UK pondered China nuclear attack The UK wanted China to believe nuclear action would follow if China attacked Hong Kong, secret papers show.
30.Jun.2006 Chinese president denounces graft Chinese President Hu Jintao calls on the Communist Party to combat corruption, after several high profile cases.
30.Jun.2006 Sunnis condemn Iraq amnesty plan A leading Iraqi Sunni group says the government's amnesty offer for insurgents is meaningless.
30.Jun.2006 Ants 'use an internal pedometer' Desert ants have an internal "pedometer" to measure exact marching distances, according to a study.
30.Jun.2006 Bush refuses to abandon tribunals President Bush refuses to rule out military tribunals for terror suspects despite a damning Supreme Court ruling.
30.Jun.2006 Iran rejects early nuclear reply Iran refuses a call to reply next week to an international offer of incentives to halt its nuclear programme.
30.Jun.2006 Reformist gains in Kuwaiti vote Reformists make strong gains in parliamentary elections, while women candidates fail to win seats.
30.Jun.2006 Advisers warn on nuclear power Nuclear power alone will not make the UK more energy efficient, advisers to the government advisers warn.
30.Jun.2006 Early signs of elephant butchers Early humans in Britain were killing elephants for meat 400,000 years ago, according to archaeologists.
30.Jun.2006 Record levels of alcohol illness Drink-related hospital admissions in England have reached record levels, NHS statistics show.
30.Jun.2006 Job stress raises blood pressure Working under constant stress can put health at risk by raising blood pressure, experts warn.
30.Jun.2006 Bird flu vaccine '10 years away' Some experts meeting at a bird flu conference in Paris believe an effective vaccine against a human form of the virus could still be many years away.
30.Jun.2006 Fewer kick light cigarette habit People who smoke light cigarettes are half as likely to quit than other cigarette smokers, research suggests.
30.Jun.2006 Cannabis effects on MS trialled Multiple Sclerosis patients are recruited for a trial to determine whether chemicals in cannabis can slow the disease.
30.Jun.2006 As the World Melts Could climate change spell catastrophe for the world's glaciers? Wired News talks with paleoclimatologist Lonnie Thompson about what long-frozen ice cores stored within the world's highest peaks can tell us about global warming.
30.Jun.2006 Congress May Add Record Requirements to MySpace Zonk 35
"CNet is reporting that Congress may be working to extend the record retention requirements they're already working on for ISPs to social networking sites. Sites such as MySpace or FaceBook would be required to hold onto content access records for an unspecified length of time." From the article: "In those meetings, Justice Department representatives went beyond the argument that data retention was necessary to protect children--and claimed it would aid in terrorism investigations as well. During Wednesday's hearing, politicians also claimed that social-networking sites were not doing enough to verify that their users who claimed to be a certain age were telling the truth. (Recent news reports have said that sex predators are using MySpace and similar sites to meet up with teens.)"

30.Jun.2006 Space Shuttle Gains Remote Control Landing Capability CowboyNeal 130 rufey writes

"An article over at mentions two new tools that Space Shuttle Discovery will have aboard during its upcoming flight, designated STS-121, scheduled to lift off on July 1, 2006. One tool is for tile repair. The other tool is a 28 foot long cable that would be used to connect an avionics bay located on the middeck with the flight-deck controls. The cable enables flight controllers on the ground to land the Shuttle completely by remote control, including the ability to lower the landing gear. The remote control landing would be used in the case where the Shuttle was damaged to the point that it would be too risky to land it with humans aboard, but could be landed without humans aboard in an attempt to save the vehicle. The astronauts would take refuge on the ISS while mission control in Houston attempt to land a damaged Shuttle."
Ants Use Pedometers to Find Home CowboyNeal 158 Ant writes

"New Scientist (a short video clip included) reports that desert ants have an internal pedometer that keeps track of how many steps they take, according to a new study. The insects seem to rely on this system to find their way back to the nest after foraging. Other insects may also possess this pedometer-like system. Some types of ants appear to use visual cues or leave scent trails to find their way home. But desert ants have a remarkable ability to retrace their steps from their nesting site even though they travel on flat terrain that is devoid of landmarks + any odors quickly fade in the hot temperatures."
Microsoft Sued Over WGA CowboyNeal 361 Hope Thelps writes

"The Seattle PI is reporting on a lawsuit being brought against Microsoft in response to their WGA spyware. Groklaw is also covering the story. Although there are a lot of similarities to Sony's rootkit, the actual harm done is less concrete. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out."
Stolen VA Laptop Recovered Zonk 155+ lancejjj writes

"Remember how the VA was pinning the theft of 26.5 million veterans' personal records on a hard working-but-renegade employee whose laptop was stolen? Surprise! It turns out that the employee had written permission to bring the sensitive data home. Fortunately, the laptop has been recovered. It is still unclear how the laptop was recovered, or if any of the veterans' personal data was leaked."
Regierungskrise: Drei Frauen bringen Holland in Not
30.Jun.2006 Für zum Aanluure: Microsoft setzt auf Dialekt
30.Jun.2006 Kuweit: Islamisten siegen bei Parlamentswahl
Wettbewerbsbedenken: EU- Kommission geht gegen MasterCard- Gebühren vor

Hochgeschwindigkeits-Wüstenameisen (Cataglyphis fortis) kehren nach der Nahrungssuche auf direktem Weg in ihr Nest zurück - dazu ist eine genaue Orientierung unerlässlich.

Wie die Tiere jedoch die Distanz abmessen, war bislang unklar. Ihre Wege führen oft mehr als hundert Meter weit über strukturloses Wüstengelände, um dann geradlinig auf dem kürzesten Weg zu ihrem Ausgangspunkt zurückzukehren.

Auch Ameisen können zählen - und zwar nicht nur bis drei. In einem Experiment stellte sich heraus, dass Wüstenameisen sich anhand ihrer Schrittzahl orientieren.

Forscher fanden das heraus, indem sie den Tieren die Beine verlängerten oder kürzten.

Eine über Hundert Jahre alte Hypothese aus der Zoologie ist endlich bestätigt worden - und dabei spielten Schweineborsten eine entscheidende Rolle, obwohl der Gegenstand der Forschung Ameisen waren.
Orientierung: Ameisen zählen ihre Schritte
30.Jun.2006 Texas political adviser convicted of abuse  A political consultant whose company was behind a television ad accusing the Clinton-Gore administration of giving away nuclear technology was convicted of child molestation charges.
Just add his name to
the list. Why is the Republican party full of child molesters?

30.Jun.2006 Tomb's last coffin holds mystery, not mummy  Archaeologists had hoped that the first tomb discovered in the Valley of the Kings in 80 years would hold the mummy of King Tut's mother. They opened the last of eight sarcophagi Wednesday, revealing no mummies but finding something almost as valuable: embalming materials and ancient woven flowers.
30.Jun.2006 Research aims at understanding mysterious music phenomenon  Mari Kimura is a New York based solo violinist that usually lectures at the acknowledged Juilliard School of Music. She is one of the extremely few people who can produce controlled subharmonic tones on violin.
30.Jun.2006 Mystery apes are 'fat chimps'  A tribe of apes living in remote forests in the northern Democratic Republic of Congo are unusually large chimpanzees, not a new species of giant ape or a chimp-gorilla hybrid, New Scientist says.
30.Jun.2006 Reverse evolution theory about the Johor Bigfoot  The Johor Bigfoot could be a Homo erectus that had undergone "reverse evolution".
Homo erectus ("upright man") is a hominid species that is believed to be an ancestor of modern humans. It is a large-brained species which lived from approximately two million to around 400,000 years ago.

30.Jun.2006 Mafia, Geheimdienste und Politik der USA Nicht nur mit dem Irak, sondern auch mit dem Iran, Saudi-Arabien , ... Der saudische Botschafter und Bush-Freund Prinz Bandar erhielt am 25.8. den Befehl aus ...

Das 19-minütige Video zeigte ein älteres Standbild Bin Ladens sowie bewegte Bilder aus dem Leben von Sarkawi.

Der Anführer der Qaida im Irak war am 07.Jun.2006 bei einem US-Luftangriff nordöstlich von Bagdad getötet worden.

Aus US-Geheimdienstkreisen verlautete, die Aufnahme werde geprüft. Es bestehe jedoch kein Grund, an ihrer Echtheit zu zweifeln. "Dies es Teil der laufenden Propaganda-Kampagne von al-Qaida und ein Teil von Bin Ladens Versuch zu zeigen, dass er noch von Bedeutung ist", hieß es in den Kreisen. Es wäre die vierte Tonaufnahme von Bin Laden in diesem Jahr. lan/AP/reuters/AFP/dpa
Anti- Terror- Kampf: Bush sucht Ausweg aus Guantanamo- Dilemma

30.Jun.2006 Siemens und Bayer: Milliardendeal im Laborgeschäft
30.Jun.2006 Arme Staaten: Weltbank erlässt Schulden
Mubarak: Hamas zur Freilassung unter bestimmten Bedingungen bereit
29.Jun.2006 Diagnostika- Sparte: Milliarden- Deal zwischen Bayer und Siemens
29.Jun.2006 Canadian Military Police Kidnap, Detain, Torture Bilderberg Investig Paul Joseph Watson 
Canadian Military Police Kidnap, Detain, Torture Bilderberg Investigators Interrogators threatened to "cut off arms" during 6 hour marathon of hell Paul Joseph

30.Jun.2006 Blink 182 Star Latest Celebrity To Question 9/11 Paul Joseph Watson 
Blink 182 Star Latest Celebrity To Question 9/11 Attack was "not perpetrated by a bunch of people who just learned to fly planes" says pop icon on San Diego FM

30.Jun.2006 Charlie Sheen Says 9/11 Movement "Juggernaut Of Truth" Paul Joseph Watson 
Charlie Sheen Says 9/11 Movement "Juggernaut Of Truth" Sends mainstream media a warning during speech at L.A. American Scholars Symposium

30.Jun.2006 Auf dem Weg zum überregionalen Freifunk-Netz Mario Behling 
Viele Freifunker kennen das: Man ist der erste und hat keinen Kontakt zur "großen Wolke". Auch wenn sich einige Freunde in der Umgebung mit anschließen, solange kein Kontakt zur großen Wolke besteht, bleibt das Freifunk-Erlebnis doch ziemlich unspektakulär. Warum also den ganzen Aufwand betreiben und mitmachen? Warum nicht warten, bis sich die Lücke zu zum lokalen Netz schließt? Um verstreute Netze - kleine und große miteinander zu verbinden, gibt es nun das FreifunkVPN-Projekt. Denn, mittels VPN-Technik ergibt sich die Möglichkeit einzelne Wolken über das Internet mit einem Tunnel zu verbinden und so die Freifunkwolken in einer Stadt und sogar die Netze verschiedener Städte in einem gemeinsamen überregionalen Freifunk-Netz zu vereinen. Dies ermöglicht nun auch den Freifunkern in kleinen Netzen mit größeren Freifunk-Wolken in Kontakt zu treten und so direkt mit entfernten Teilnehmern zu kommunizieren - ein starker Motivationsschub.

30.Jun.2006 Spain Outlaws Unauthorized P2P Filesharing Dave Legg 
Last Thursday, the Spanish congress approved new laws making it a civil offense to download any copyrighted content, even for personal usage. This legislation toughens previous laws which permitted downloads if they were for purely personal use. From now on, Spaniards caught illegally downloading ...

30.Jun.2006 Amish farmer trapped in sting - for practicing “family values” Eideard 
Milking equipment in Arlie Stutzman’s milkhouse Arlie Stutzman was busted in a rare sting when an undercover agent bought raw milk from the Amish dairy farmer in an unlabeled container. Now, Stutzman is fighting the law that forbids the sale of raw milk, saying he believes it violates his ...

30.Jun.2006 Do you search the future? Tom Raftery 
I did a small bit of blog and social media consultancy for Roam4Free yesterday and it still never ceases to amaze me how few people are aware of prospective search. Prospective searching is the ability to search the future. It is the ability to enter a search term in a search engine and say tell ...

30.Jun.2006 Template for News Stories on Data Gathering Sadly, more true than funny....
30.Jun.2006 Senate deals blow to Net neutrality Declan McCullagh, for;Anne Broache, for 
Narrowly rejects strict Net neutrality rules, dealing setback to companies that had made enacting them top political priority.

30.Jun.2006 Mobile phone doubles as a metal detector
" /> Nokia has devised a mobile handset that can also double as a metal detector, enabling the owner to look for concealed guns, hidden electrical cables and lost car keys, the British weekly New Scientist reports. The US patent application filed by Nokia says the phone is fitted with an induction ...

30.Jun.2006 Hubble Rumor JoAnne 
Just heard a rumor at dinner that the main camera on Hubble had a voltage overload a couple days ago and is now off-line. The backup camera system has now been activated. Anyone out there know more about this? Any confirmations or denials or more info?

30.Jun.2006 Huge Asteroid to Fly Past Earth July 3
An asteroid possibly as large as a half-mile or more in diameter is rapidly approaching the Earth. There is no need for concern, for no collision is in the offing, but the space rock will make an exceptionally close approach to our planet early on Monday, July 3, passing just beyond the Moon’ ...

30.Jun.2006 Congress Learns How Little Privacy We Have
Reuters story: Almost every piece of personal information that Americans try to keep secret -- including bank account statements, e-mail messages and telephone records -- is semi-public and available for sale. That was the lesson Congress learned over the last...

30.Jun.2006 Microsoft: Here's how to halt WGA alerts
Along with a new release of Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications, Microsoft shares how to remove the controversial antipiracy tool.

30.Jun.2006 With a Cellphone as My Guide
A new service in Japan allows users to point a cellphone at a point of interest and the phone will display information describing the object they are looking at.

30.Jun.2006 Damage Study Urged on Surveillance Reports
A senator wants to know the effects of the revelation of programs to monitor phone calls and bank transactions.

30.Jun.2006 Design and the World Cup: what can we learn?
Germany is know for great design. Some of the best designed automobiles in the world, for example, are from Germany.

BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche are not only wonderfully designed cars, their very names today represent some of the strongest brands...
Snake that can change color found in Borneo
A water snake with chameleon-like ability has been found in the forests of Borneo island by researchers from the U.S. and Germany working in the area. The World Wildlife Fund said Tuesday the previously unknown snake, which is poisonous, can change the colour of its skin spontaneously like a chameleon.

30.Jun.2006 US Guantanamo tribunals 'illegal' The US administration has no authority to try Guantanamo suspects by military tribunal, the Supreme Court rules.
30.Jun.2006 Israel justifies Hamas detentions Israel denies planning to use dozens of detained Hamas MPs as bargaining chips to get a captured soldier freed.
30.Jun.2006 Geldof pushes G8 on aid to Africa The world's richest countries need to do more in the global fight against poverty in Africa, Bob Geldof says.
30.Jun.2006 US Fed ups interest rate to 5.25% The US Federal Reserve raises interest rates for the 17th consecutive time amid continuing concerns about inflation.
30.Jun.2006 Blunkett blast at civil service Democracy will be damaged unless the civil service shapes up for the modern age, David Blunkett tells MPs.
30.Jun.2006 Jerome R. Corsi: North American Union to Replace USA? : President Bush is pursuing a globalist agenda to create a North American Union, effectively erasing our borders with both Mexico and Canada. This was the hidden agenda behind the Bush administration's true open borders policy.

30.Jun.2006 Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America : The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) was launched in March of 2005 as a trilateral effort to increase security and enhance prosperity among the USA, Canada and Mexico through greater cooperation and information sharing.

30.Jun.2006 Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America: Canada, the USA and Mexico announced the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) for North America on March 23, 2005 in Waco, Texas.
30.Jun.2006 Blair laid bare: the article that may get you arrested : In the guise of fighting terrorism and maintaining public order, Tony Blair's Government has quietly and systematically taken power from Parliament and the British people. The author charts a nine-year assault on civil liberties that reveals the danger of trading freedom for security - and must have Churchill spinning in his grave

30.Jun.2006 Supreme Court: Gitmo war crimes trials are illegal : Two years ago, the court rejected Bush's claim that he had authority to seize and detain terrorism suspects and indefinitely deny them access to courts or lawyers. In this follow-up case, the justices focused solely on the issue of trials for some of the men.

30.Jun.2006 Supreme Court Decision on Gitmo Undermines Bush’s Legal Case For Warrantless Wiretapping : The impact of today’s Supreme Court decision on military commissions goes well beyond Guantanamo. The Supreme Court has ruled that the Authorization for the Use of Military Force – issued by Congress in the days after 9/11 – is not a blank check for the administration.

30.Jun.2006 Guantanamo Bay Detainee 'In Great Pain' : A BAHRAINI detainee at Guantanamo Bay can barely stand or exercise after being subjected to painful force-feeding in an effort to make him abandon his hunger strike, his lawyers claimed yesterday.

30.Jun.2006 Guantanamo Bay doctors under fire : Dr Iain Banks said it was a scandal that doctors were "becoming involved in torture practices".

30.Jun.2006 NSA Internet surveillance program covers domestic traffic : The AT&T spy rooms are "in far more locations than would be required to catch the majority of international traffic"; the configuration in the San Francisco office promiscuously sends all data into the secret room;
30.Jun.2006 Israeli Occupation Forces Continue To Destroy Civilian Infrastructure: The Egyptians say that they wish to prevent both the flight of Gazan Arabs into Egyptian territory

30.Jun.2006 Iranian drone plane buzzes U.S. aircraft carrier in Persian Gulf : A pilotless Iranian reconnaissance plane circled for 25 minutes over a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf before returning safely to its base, a senior Iranian official said Tuesday.

30.Jun.2006 Pakistan Angrily Reacts to Rice's Comments : Pakistan's Foreign Ministry responded angrily to a call by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for democratic elections next year, saying it doesn't need ``outside'' advice.
30.Jun.2006 Democracy Now! Report: Nearly half of the Gaza Strip remains without power following Israeli air strikes that knocked out a main power station. We go to Gaza to get a report from Chris McGreal of the London Guardian. This is a must listen
30.Jun.2006 Seizure of Hamas MPs raises international alarm : Israel's seizure of Hamas MPs and cabinet ministers raises "particular concerns", the G8 group of industrialised countries said today, echoing appeals for calm from many other parts of the world.

30.Jun.2006 US: Israel has right to defend itself: US State Department spokesman Adam Ereli said in response to the arrest of some 60 senior Hamas officials that “Israel has a right to defend itself.”
30.Jun.2006 Cost of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to top $500 Billion in 2007 : The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service said in a report that through the current fiscal year ending Sept. 30, the government will have spent $437 billion on overseas military and foreign aid funding. That includes the latest supplemental
30.Jun.2006 Hawaii's Last Queen

16.Jan.1893 four boatloads of USA Marines armed with Gatling guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition came ashore in Honolulu, capital of the independent Kingdom of Hawaii. As the Royal Hawaiian band played a concert at the Hawaiian Hotel, 162 troops marched through the streets of Honolulu, heading for the palace. The Queen of Hawaii, Lili'uokalani, looked down from her balcony as the troops took up their positions.

The following day, she surrendered at gunpoint, yielding her throne to the government of the USA. Click here to watch.
30.Jun.2006 Next We Take Tehran  News: The confrontation with Iran has very little to do with nukes—and a lot with the agenda of empire   By Robert Dreyfuss
President Bush may or may not order a massive aerial bombardment of Iran later this year. Or he may wait until 2007. Or he may simply escalate a risky confrontation with Iran through covert action and economic sanctions. But whatever the next act in the crisis, don’t be fooled by the assertion that the problem is Iran’s pursuit of nuclear arms.

30.Jun.2006 Bush Props Up Another Saddam One Year After the Andijon Massacre -By Ted Rall
Despite the USA' loss of an airbase and a new mutual defense treaty between Tashkent and Moscow, however, the Bush Administration continues to ply the butcher of Andijon with cash and military aid.

30.Jun.2006 The High Price of American GullibilityBy Paul Craig Roberts
In National Socialist Germany, by the time propaganda lost its grip, Germans were in the hands of a police state. It was too late to take corrective measures. Not even the military could correct the disastrous policies of the executive. In the end, Germany was destroyed. Does a similar fate await Americans?

30.Jun.2006 Insurgents offer to halt attacks in Iraq -By Associated Press
Eleven Sunni insurgent groups have offered an immediate halt to all attacks -- including those on American troops -- if the USA agrees to withdraw foreign forces from Iraq in two years, insurgent and government officials told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

30.Jun.2006 Israeli "Retaliation" and Double Standards -By JONATHAN COOK
We can ignore the weeks of shelling by the Israeli army of Gaza, the firing of hundreds of missiles into the crowded Strip that have destroyed Palestinian lives and property, while spreading terror among the civilian population and deepening the psychological trauma suffered by a generation of children.

30.Jun.2006 Supreme Court rejects Guantanamo military tribunals-By James Vicini
In a sharp rebuke of President George W. Bush's tactics in the war on terrorism, the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday struck down as unlawful the military tribunal system set up to try Guantanamo prisoners.

30.Jun.2006 Bob Herbert: The Bull in the China Shop
"Talking Right: How Conservatives Turned Liberalism into a Tax-Raising, Latte-Drinking, Sushi-Eating, Volvo-Driving, New York Times-Reading, Body-Piercing, Hollywood-Loving, Left-Wing Freak Show," by Geoffrey Nunberg. It's Like Reading George Lakoff with Tabasco Sauce.

30.Jun.2006 Unexpected Supreme Court Upholding of the Constitution and Blow to Bushevik Tyranny: "The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that President Bush overstepped his authority in ordering military war crimes trials for Guantanamo Bay detainees....[The ruling] said the proposed trials were illegal under U.S. law and Geneva conventions.

30.Jun.2006 Support Senator Wyden's Efforts to Save the Internet - A BuzzFlash Editorial
BuzzFlash Interviews Nir Rosen, a Journalist Who Reports on the Reality Track in Iraq, Instead of Bush's Fantasy Propaganda for American Domestic Consumption. Rosen Offers Us a Journey Into the Chaos That Bush Has Unleashed.

30.Jun.2006 The Bush administration has been unable to muster even half of the 2,500 National Guardsmen it planned to have on the Mexican border by the end of June. 6/30
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

30.Jun.2006 Cmdr. Charles Swift, the Navy lawyer assigned by the military to represent Mr. Hamdan, called today's ruling "a return to our fundamental values. That return marks a high-water point. It shows that we can't be scared out of who we are + that's a victory, folks." 6/30

30.Jun.2006 From the Production Studio of Robert Greenwald: Get "The Big Buy: Tom DeLay's Stolen Congress" (DVD) because it's "More feisty and fun than a drunken barbecue in Beaumont," says the Tallahasee Democrat We Are Targeted: "We have been through this route before. The agent sought to involve a group of Black men in a conspiracy ? of his own making." 6/30
30.Jun.2006 Finally, No Rove Finality -dr. elsewhere here

30.Jun.2006 To read the rest, click "Permalink" below)
This is not even the world of truthiness, folks; this is the full tilt boogeyman world of the rabbit hole. We'd all here in liberal blogoland be well-advised to avoid playing the role of the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen in this script, lest we find ourselves unwittingly (with full spectrum emphasis on the meanings of "wit") shilling Humpty Dumpty Rove's own personal brand of jabberwocky.
30.Jun.2006 Building on my earlier post, in which I analyzed the waffle wording in Luskin's announcement, let's focus now on the Leopold story about Rove’s indictment and the many reasons we should resist dismissing Jason’s claims out of hand.
29.Jun.2006Neues Gesetz: Biosprit wird künftig besteuert
29.Jun.2006Niederlande: Regierung stürzt über Hirsi- Ali- Affäre

29.Jun.2006USA: Notenbank hebt Leitzinsen an
29.Jun.2006Atomstreit: Iran widersetzt sich internationalem Druck
Guantanamo- Urteil: Ohrfeige für Bush, Unklarheit für Gefangene

29.Jun.2006Surf- Schnüffelei: PC- Schnelltest führt auf Spur der NSA

29.Jun.2006Militante Palästinenser: "Es wird noch mehr Entführungen geben"
29.Jun.2006Pressefreiheit: Bush- Kampagne gegen "New York Times"

29.Jun.2006Kampagne gegen Brausegiganten: Studentenvertreter beschließen Coca- Cola- Boykott