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14.Nov.2004 -20.Jan.2005 Upcoming Events URL:
DC: Counterinaugural planning
DC: Counterinaugural planning
DC: Counterinaugural planning
DC: Counterinaugural planning
DC: Counterinaugural planning
DC: Counterinaugural planning
DC: Counterinaugural planning
DC: Counterinaugural planning
DC: Counterinaugural planning
Counterinaugural demonstrations

Counterinaugural Ball

.2004 Comments: Major bugs found in Diebold vote systems:
Dr. Avi Rubin is currently Professor of Computer Science at John Hopkins University.

He "accidently"got his hands on a copy of the Diebold software program - Diebold's source code - which runs their e-voting machines.
Dr. Rubin's students pored over 48,609 lines of code that make up this software.

One line in partictular stood out over all the rest: #defineDESKEY((des_KEY8F2654hd4"
All commercial programs have provisions to be encrypted so as to protect them from having their contents read or changed by anyone not having the key..

The line that staggered the Hopkin's team was that the method used to encrypt the Diebold machines

was a method called Digital Encryption Standard (DES), a code that was broken in 1997 + is NO LONGER USED by anyone to secure programs.

F2654hd4 was the key to the encryption.

Moreover, because the KEY was IN the source code, all Diebold machines would respond to the same key.

Unlock one, you have then ALL unlocked.
I can't believe there is a person alive who wouldn't understand the reason this was allowed to happen.

This wasen't a mistake by any stretch of the imagination. This was a fixed election, plain + simple.
This second coup d'etat is either stopped now or USA America ceases to be.
00.Nov.2001 Who's Who? A monthly column on Washington personalities

Like many magazines, The Washington Monthly often gets letters from eccentrics insisting that a cabal of powerful men secretly controls world events.

00.Nov.2001 A recent story makes you understand why they might think that way.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Saudi Arabia's Binladen Group, the construction company owned by the family of bin Laden, Osama (from whom Osama is estranged),

has more than $2 million invested in a military contractor buy-out fund managed by the Carlyle Group.

Carlyle's chairman is USA ex-Secretary of Defense Carlucci, Frank.

Carlyle's senior counselor is former USA Secretary of State Baker, James.

Carlyle's senior adviser to Asian Partners fund is former USA President Bush [BGHW948]. URL:
14.Nov.2000-14.Nov.2004 within the last four years In Cincinnati, some 105,000 voters were moved from active to inactive status for not voting in the last two federal elections.

This is not required under Ohio law, but is an option allowed + exercised by the Republican-dominated Hamilton County Board of Elections.
Ohio Secretary of State Blackwell ruled that any voter registration form on other than 80-pound weight bond paper would not be accepted.

This is an old law left over from pre-scanning days.

Many voters who had registered on lighter paper, had their registration returned, even though the forms had been officially sanctioned by local election boards.
02.Nov.2004 On Election Day, fliers littered the inner city telling voters that Republicans were to vote on Tuesday + Democrats on Wednesday.
No Republican has ever won the presidency without carrying Ohio.

02.Nov.2004 voting irregularities suggest that Bush [BGW968] is the first Republican President to win the presidency without winning the actual Ohio vote.

Kerry won the vote in Ohio.

The exit polls are correct.

The mainstream media, instead of investigating the massive irregularities, are busy concocting theories as to

how all the exit polls,

the safeguards for fair elections, were all wrong on election night in the Buckeye State.

None dare suggest voter suppression + fraud. URL:
14.Nov.2004 The right-wing New Life Church voting glitch is interesting.

Free Press reporter Marley Greiner has been tracking Blackwell’s relationship with

Blackwell’s relationship with far right-wing „religious“ forces like Biblical America +

Blackwell’s relationship with „Christian“ dominionist groups that want to establish theocratic religious rule in America.

Blackwell was campaigning around the Ohio state with the Reverend Parsley, Rod

as part of a “Silent No More” tour in support of amending the Ohio Constitution to outlaw gay marriage, on the ballot as Issue One.

Many mainstream commentators claim it was the widely popular Issue One amendment campaign that brought out Bush [BGW968] voters in record numbers in rural Ohio.

Gay marriage was already outlawed by state statute, + six of the seven Ohio Supreme Court justices are Republicans.
The nonpartisan Citizen’s Alliance for Secure Elections (CASE) is investigating various other voting irregularities in Ohio, among them...: --> URL:
14.Nov.2004 Nowhere did the GOP try harder to keep minorities from voting - or having their votes counted - than in Ohio, as I'll show in a moment.

13.Dec.2004 -Just hold in mind that, barring unexpected defections, Ohio's 20 electoral votes will prove decisive -on-when the Electoral College meets in the various state capitols to cast their ballots.

14.Nov.2004 If the present tally holds, Kerry + Edwards will get 252 votes against 286 for Bush [BGW968] + Cheney.

Were the Buckeye State Ohio to switch from red to blue, Kerry-Edwards would win 272 to 266.

As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.

Could Ohio still change its vote?

Yes, it could, but don't bet on it.

The Kerry-Edwards campaign + the White House + the major media have already awarded victory to Bush [BGW968] + Cheney, taking the public spotlight off Ohio election officials.

But, as with so much else in our Rube Goldberg version of democracy, wiggle room remains.

Concession speeches, no matter how moving, can be retracted, which - to quote a colleague - would be the mother of all flip-flops.

Nor, unless I missed something, do claims of victory from Rove, Karl or Jennings, Peter have the force of law.

The news, then, is that Ohio is still counting. According to Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, the chief election official,

Bush [BGW968] presently leads Kerry by 136,483 votes.

This includes domestic absentee ballots + those from civilians abroad, but not from overseas military, which will keep coming in until Friday, 12.Nov.2004 .

Bush [BGW968]'s lead will likely become smaller as Secretary Blackwell and bi-partisan County Election Boards sort out errors in the election night result. Most famously, Franklin County - which includes Columbus, the state capital - has reported a malfunction on a touch-screen voting system in one precinct.

According to officials, the precinct gave Mr. Bush [BGW968] nearly 4,000 more votes than he actually received.

All of Ohio's 88 counties have reportedly been asked to look for similar cock-ups.

Against Bush [BGW968]'s 136,483-vote lead, officials have in hand nearly 250,000 uncounted ballots.

Some 155,428 are provisional ballots, where voters were initially challenged or other problems came up.

Another 93,000 are "spoiled ballots," which - according to officials - showed either no vote for president or votes for more than one candidate.

These are paper punch cards like the ones with the hanging, dimpled + pregnant chads that in Election 2000 made my home state of Florida a national laughing stock.

Most pundits agree that Ohio's spoiled + provisional ballots came overwhelmingly from Democratic, heavily African-American precincts, while the far smaller number of overseas military ballots will likely break toward Bush [BGW968].

30.Sep.2004 -today at a press conference in the Ohio Statehouse- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ohio Democratic Senators call for Blackwell’s resignation

Fedor and Prentiss outline Ohio Secretary of State’s indiscretions

(Columbus)—State Senator Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) + State Senator C.J. Prentiss (D-Cleveland) called for the resignation of Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell.

“We have a chief election officer that is cooking the vote and is doing so in the eleventh hour,” Senator Fedor said.

“Secretary Blackwell has made too many mistakes at the expense of the citizens of Ohio + Secretary Blackwell needs to recognize that + step down.”

Senators Fedor + Prentiss outlined the following reasons as to why they believe Secretary Blackwell resignation is warranted:

Secretary Blackwell Created confusion with his 80-pound paper weight directive for registration forms
Secretary Blackwell Disenfranchised registered voters with his provisional ballot directive
Secretary Blackwell Disenfranchised ex-felons by misinforming them about their voting rights
Secretary Blackwell Spent over $15 million on a voter education initiative starring his name + face
Secretary Blackwell Allows an ongoing uncertainty regarding how many voters were purged from Ohio voter registration rolls + why

Every week Secretary Blackwell does something else to disenfranchise voters,” Senator Fedor said.

The problem is highlighted, he’s pressured to make a change + then he eventually flip-flops.

We can’t keep doing this every week. Secretary Blackwell needs to take responsibility for all of this + step down.”

“We have spent many hours in the African American community convincing them that their votes will count,” Senator Prentiss said.

“Unfortunately, Secretary Blackwell has chosen to increase the chances that their voices will not be heard by changing precincts yearly, enforcing confusing directives + misinforming the voters.”

State Senator Marc Dann (D-Liberty Twp.) + State Senator Robert Hagan (D-Youngstown) will hold a similar press conference today at 3 p.m. at the Mahoning County Board of Elections in Youngstown.

16.Nov.2000 Ken Blackwell: An impartial leader?

“While waiting for the court decisions, Blackwell joined the Bush [BGW968] ‘spin team’, making the rounds of cable television + national network television + radio broadcast tents.” –Cleveland Plain Dealer,

19.Nov.2000 “Mr. Blackwell popped up in West Palm Beach on Wednesday, as an electoral expert for the Bush [BGW968] campaign.” --Cincinnati Enquirer,

16.Nov.2000 --Columbus Dispatch, “Like a secret weapon moved to the battlefront, the Bush [BGW968] campaign 00.Nov.2000 -yesterday- dispatched its ‘principal electoral system advisor;

to ground zero of the Florida vote brouhaha…Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell.” . URL:

05.Nov.2004 Did Kerry Concede Too Soon? URL:
05.Nov.2004 Franklin County Board of Elections Director Matt Damschroder told the Dispatch that the voting machine glitches were “why the results on election night are unofficial.”
Damschroder is the former Executive Director of the Franklin County Republican Party + sources close to the Board of Elections tell the Free Press that

02.Nov.2004 -on Election Day- Damschroder + Ohio’s Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell met with President Bush [BGW968] in Columbus.
The Dispatch also confirmed a Free Press story, posted 02.Nov.2004 on Election Day, involving far fewer voting machines in predominantly black Democratic inner-city voting wards.

On page one, under the misleading headline, “Suburbs were busiest even with more machines,” the Dispatch reports that:

“As seasoned voters in many of Columbus’ predominantly black neighborhoods waited in long lines Tuesday, they quickly recognized that the crush of new voters wasn’t the sole cause of congestion.

There also were fewer voting machines.”

In one precinct, the Free Press reported 12 voters leaving due to work or because they were handicapped or elderly. URL:
11.Nov.2004 Why Did John Kerry Abandon His Crew In Battle? Opinion: Harvey Wasserman
Why Did John Kerry Abandon His Crew (US!) In Battle? by
Harvey Wasserman From:

In the heat of battle, John Kerry abandoned his crew.

Not in Vietnam. This is not Karl Rovian Swift Boat libel.

No, John Kerry abandoned us here in Ohio and around the country at precisely the moment we needed him most....when the fire was heaviest and we were taking the heaviest casualties....right after Election Day.

This is also not about whether or not the election itself was stolen. Many of us believe it was + that the evidence is clear. Many don't and never will, no matter what the evidence.

But despite all his promises and those of his runningmate John Edwards---who repeated them that very morning---John Kerry left us hanging. His campaign threw in the towel---and a piece of our hearts---while we were (and are) still collecting evidence. It abandoned the commitment to full and fair elections not only in 2004 but, perhaps more importantly, for years to come.

There's no need to repeat the full laundry list of what went suspiciously wrong on 02.Nov.2004 . For us Ohioans, its enough to know that tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of those much vaunted "likely voters" came to inner city polling places in Cleveland, Columbus, Akron and elsewhere, saw lines stretching for four, six and eight hours + did not vote. They had jobs and families. While thousands of eager, committed Kerry volunteers moved heaven and earth to get these folks to the polls, Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell made sure there weren't enough voting machines to accomodate them.

He and Bush, Jeb also labored long, hard and successfully over the past four years to guarantee those voting machines had no paper trails. Jeb told the world there would be no recount no matter what happened.

George Bush [BGW968] has made it clear that history doesn't concern him. But no matter what anyone says or does, no one will never know what the true vote count was on 02.Nov.2004 .

Those machines say Bush [BGW968] won by 3.5 million votes. But the ultimate vote count was and always will be suspect, hostage to a few cynical keystrokes from the Republicans who own and control those machines. Nothing will ever change that.

There was much much more electoral abuse on 02.Nov.2004 , all of which cut to the core of whether or not the Kerry campaign could even hope to win. This had nothing to do with issues of the economy, Iraq or fundamentalist morality. It had to do with guaranteeing Americans the right to vote + to have those votes fairly counted.

14.Nov.2004 Many of Taft’s + President Bush [BGW968]’s major donors, like Diebold’s current CEO Walden “Wally” O’Dell, reside in Columbus’ northwest suburb Upper Arlington.

O’Dell is on record stating that he is “committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the President” this year.

26.Sep.2003 O’Dell hosted an Ohio Republican Party fundraiser for Bush [BGW968]’s re-election at O’Dell Cotswold Manor mansion.

Tickets to the fundraiser cost $1000 per couple, but O’Dell’s fundraising letter urged those attending to “Donate or raise $10,000 for the Ohio Republican Party.”
14.Nov.2004 The Governor of Ohio, Bob Taft + other prominent state officials, commute to their downtown Columbus offices on Broad Street. URL:

19.Oct.2004 The list. . .FRUITS OF CRIME -AP- Two former Los Alamos National Laboratory employees accused of being part of a purchasing scandal that rocked the nuclear lab

00.000.2002 -two years ago- have pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy + mail fraud. Bussolini, Peter, 66 + Alexander, Scott, 42, each entered guilty pleas in federal court Monday. U.S. District Judge James Parker said he would not formally accept the deal until he receives a pre-sentencing report.
Urananreicherung: Iran will Atomprogramm stoppen

14.Nov.2004 Arafats Todesursache: Keine Hinweise auf Gift

14.Nov.2004 Gaza: PLO-Chef Abbas entkam Schusswechsel unverletzt

14.Nov.2004 Arafat-Nachfolge: Mit welchen Problemen die Wahlhelfer zu kämpfen haben

14.Nov.2004 Now, even Los Alamos' most ardent supporter on the Hill, Sen. Pete Domenici (R-N.M.), is calling for the lab's $2 billion-per-year management contract to be put up for competitive bid when it expires in 2005.

To Greg Mello, with the Los Alamos Study Group, yesterday's new pit declaration was an attempt by the University to say "We can contribute to national security."

But the pits can also be put in a larger context, Nuclear Watch's Coghlan points out.

The Nuclear Posture Review expanded USA s list of nuclear targets to include countries like North Korea, Syria + Iran.

Those countries could be hit with preemptive nuclear strikes if they were found to have weapons of mass destruction.

The White House considered such an attack on Iraq in the months leading up to the second Gulf War, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Saddam wouldn't have been afraid of such a threat, the nuclear hawk argument goes, if he didn't believe the hearts of these weapons were shiny and new.

"We need an arsenal that everybody believes is perfect," said Spector, from the Monterey Institute. "That's the whole concept of deterrence.",1283,58592,00.html

14.Nov.2004 San Jose Police Take Law Enforcement Into Future URL:
00.Mar.2004 What is the nationalist leader so often, if not a barker from telemarketing for whom social uprooting has prepared favorable conditions?
Roveretans, "Experiment on the World", Which War , Guerra Sociale

14.Nov.2004 Als die Supernova damals am Nachthimmel aufblitzte, überstrahlte sie sogar den Vollmond. Selbst tagsüber war der Feuerball am Firmament zu sehen.

Über Zehntausende Jahre prasselte deutlich mehr kosmische Strahlung auf die Erde nieder als sonst - mit womöglich weit reichenden Folgen: Hat dieses Bombardement in die Evolution eingegriffen?

Wurde der sterbende Stern am Ende gar zum Geburtshelfer für den Menschen?
Auffällig ist: Ungefähr zur gleichen Zeit, als die Nachbarsonne zerplatzte, vollzog sich auf der Erde eine drastische Klimaveränderung.

Bis vor 2,8 Millionen Jahren war die Welt fast vollkommen eisfrei. Doch dann kam es zu einer spürbaren Abkühlung. Im Herzen Afrikas schrumpfte der dichte Urwald.

Grassavannen machten sich breit, das Nahrungsangebot wurde knapper.
Der Klimaschock hatte zur Folge, dass sich die Gruppe der Hominiden aufspaltete: Einige waren besonders erfolgreich darin, im offenen Grasland zu überleben.

Bedroht von Hungertod und Raubtieren, stellten sie plötzlich Werkzeuge her - damit begann der Aufstieg des Menschen.
Manches an diesem Szenario ist noch wissenschaftliche Spekulation.URL:,1518,druck-327748,00.html

14.Nov.2004 The media mind-control apparatus is busy spinning Bush [BGW968]’s election as an Orwellian mandate for Bush [BGW968] to provide four more years of deceit, fascist neocolonialism, hypocrisy + political and economic serfdom. Meanwhile, astute observers have noticed coincidentally that the states with electronic voting all went against the exit polls, while states with verifiable tabulations matched the exit polls.

What does this mean? It means that when people left the polls and they spoke to pollsters, they informed them how they voted. However, many times the punch cards used in Ohio and electronic machines used around the nation did not tabulate the vote they cast. It means people - like 2,000 - voted for Bush [BGW968]’s opponent, but the cards and machines recorded their votes for Bush [BGW968] or their votes were thrown out without being counted!

14.Nov.2004 If Bush [BGW968] stole the election so he could continue trading blood for oil, the thousands, like this drummer, who flooded the streets of San Francisco Tuesday night to protest the U.S. attack on Fallujah looked as if they’re ready to take over the country.

14.Nov.2004 The Oakland Tribune editorial concludes: “NNSA failed miserably in its policing responsibilities.

It should be reorganized or axed + Brooks and other top officials should be replaced with more independent, less-compromised leadership.”

The regents’ meeting ended before Dr. Walter Kohn, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist representing the UC faculty opposed to UC management of nuclear weapons labs, was able to speak before the regents. Regent Sherry Lansing, CEO of Paramount Pictures, stood up and announced in a loud voice, “Oh, Walter, I want to hear your presentation (at a future meeting), but I have a plane to catch,” and she crossed the room to give him a big kiss. By this time, I had decided to investigate the UC Regents and their ties to the defense industry.

Later that evening, a friend told me, “They ARE the Carlyle Group!”

14.Nov.2004 I told him I was not surprised, that my allegations had been reported many times to the FBI by other more senior lab staff and they were ignored as well.

14.Nov.2004 DOE culture at the labs: the fox guarding the henhouse

An editorial in the Oakland Tribune the day before the UC Regents’ meeting on 17.Aug.2004 remarked that the NNSA (the National Nuclear Security Administration) was established by the Department of Energy in 1999 after the Wen Ho Lee scandal but had failed to address real security lapses since. NNSA is in bed with the lab administrators, which it supposedly is overseeing.

14.Nov.2004 There has still been no explanation or mention of real espionage by high level Mossad agent Robert Maxwell, who sold PROMIS software to Los Alamos with a “back door” in the software for Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, to spy on the lab (see “Robert Maxwell”).

18.Sep.2004 Quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle- Holian said, “The damage to Los Alamos National Laboratory + to the country from this shutdown could be incalculable.”

In a 1,500 word article he submitted to Physics Today, he says a two-month shutdown is the “squandering of hundreds of millions of tax dollars” + “the climate of blame + ‘zero tolerance for errors’ has been devastating to the morale of the scientists” (see “Los Alamos crackdown”).

Holian said that at earlier meetings, Admiral Nanos used colorful language +

Holian said that at earlier meetings, Admiral Nanosreferred in harsh terms to certain staff members as “cowboys” + “butt-heads” +

Holian said that at earlier meetings, Admiral Nanoswas “yelling or slamming down viewgraphs onto the projector.”

This kind of conduct by the most senior staff member at the lab will put a chill on recruiting young scientists + young staffers are so disheartened that some are already leaving, as well as older staff, who are taking early retirement.

Holian reported that a recruiter he knows was told by young students, “We’re not sure we want to put our careers in jeopardy by going to a place like Los Alamos.”

14.Nov.2004 18:5 They did it again, they stole another election URL:

14.Nov.2004 18:5 Ready again for revolution URL:

14.Nov.2004 18:5 Investigate Votergate by Bill Simpich URL:

14.Nov.2004 18:5 Part 2: URL:
00.Jan.2003 As Admiral George P. Nanos, appointed director of the Los Alamos lab, +

Admiral S. Robert Foley Jr., appointed UC vice president for laboratory management in 02.Nov.2004 03, I sat down at the table where the UC Regents waited, I began to wonder how many more admirals were involved + why. It did not take long to find out.
Admiral Foley informed the regents about the missing CREM, computer storage devices with classified data +

Admiral Foley : acknowledged that the security lapse damaged UC university’s chances of retaining its Los Alamos contract.

Admiral Foley : “This erodes your position, without any question at all,”-

Admiral Foley : “It’s about as bad as it could be when you’re trying to prepare for a re-competition.”
Admiral Foley : announced that Killeen, Jack had been appointed to the UC President’s Office as
special assistant for Los Alamos security:

Admiral Foley : Killeen, Jack ’s our guy. Killeen, Jack was with Wackenhut + he’s our guy.”
00.000.1958 -going back to- Wackenhut has ties to (Lockheed) Martin-Marietta – 70 % of (Lockheed) Martin-Marietta is now owned by the Carlyle Group -

00.000.2001 -by- Wackenhut’s revenues topped $2.8 billion as the leading provider of security at USA national defense sites, with a global presence on six continents.
00.000.2003 “ECRR: 2003 Recommendations of the European Committee on Radiation Risk – Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation Exposure at Low Doses for Radiation Protection Purposes, Regulator’s Edition: Brussels,,” .

00.000.2000 “Life’s Delicate Balance: Causes and Prevention of Breast Cancer” by Dr. Janette Sherman,, .

05.May 2003 “Asthma; Infant Mortality; Recruiting Foster Parents” by Lynda Crawford, Gotham Gazette, .

00.000.1990 “Deadly Deceit: Low Level Radiation, High Level Coverup” by Jay Gould + B. Goldman , .

06.Aug.2004 “Letter to Employees of University of California-managed National Labs,” Today at Berkeley Lab, .

14.Feb.2002 “A Career in Microbiology Can Be Harmful to Your Health:

Death Toll Mounting as Connections to Dyncorp, Hadron, PROMIS Software and Disease Research Emerge” by Michael Davidson + Michael C. Ruppert .

00.Jul.2004 Media coverage of Los Alamos security lapse .

17.Aug.2002 “NASA plans to read terrorists’ minds at airports” by Frank J. Murray, Washington Times,. .

10.Dec.2001-11.Dec.2001 Air Travel Privacy FOIA Documents: “NASA Ames Research Center Northwest Airlines Briefing ” Electronic Privacy Information Center, .

Stop Carlyle! website, .

Parts 2-4 of this exposé will appear in the Bay View in the coming weeks. The entire article is available at

17.Aug.2004 URL:
UC Regents meeting.: two admirals stage ‘the setup’

04.Aug.2004 UC President Dynes, a physicist + consultant to Los Alamos + former chancellor of UC San Diego, +

UC Regents Chair Parsky, Gerald visited Los Alamos + met with employees over chronic + recent security + safety lapses at Los Alamos lab.

UC Regents ChairParsky, Gerald told them employees:

US “The regents will be left with no choice about the contract competition if we Regents do not feel confident that you employees understand the importance of security +, procedures + safety at Los Alamos lab .

If we US “The regents feel that you employees understand this + that you employees steps are being taken to address these we US “The regents issues,

we US “The regents the regents will not only endorse competing for this contract – we US “The regents we will compete to win.”

17.Aug.2004 During three minutes of public comment before the Regents I informed them that the lab contract was going to the University of Texas; it was a “done deal.”

17.Aug.2004 During three minutes of public comment before the Regents I told them that the management contract change was a chess move the Carlyle Group was making to privatize the nuclear weapons program, that Carlyle owned 70 % of Lockheed Martin Marietta + that Lockheed a year ago had bought Sandia Labs - they make the trigger for nuclear weapons.

17.Aug.2004 During three minutes of public comment before the Regents When “Carlyle” was mentioned,

I noticed that Parsky, Gerald the chair + Blum, Richard the vice chair who is.... married to Sen. Feinstein, Dianne started shifting around in their chairs.

Body language can say a lot. They began a disruptive + loud conversation carried on through the rest of my comments.

17.Aug.2004 During three minutes of public comment before the Regents As a Livermore whistleblower, I commented that the loss of computer discs with classified information + missing keys had happened almost daily for 61 years under sloppy UC management + that science fraud as well as health + safety violations had been just as bad.

14.Nov.2004 Astronomie: Supernova-Überreste am Ozeangrund entdeckt

14.Nov.2004 Integration: Imame sollen in deutscher Sprache predigen

14.Nov.2004 Betrüger im Netz: Naiv und gierig

14.Nov.2004 Elfenbeinküste: Jagd auf die Weißen

14.Nov.2004 Falludscha: Hilfskonvoi darf nicht in die Stadt

14.Nov.2004 Nahost: Arafat-Nachfolger wird am 9. Januar gewählt

14.Nov.2004 Nach Familienstreit: Badenixe schwimmt von Ägypten nach Saudi-Arabien

14.Nov.2004 Blitztod: US-Rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard stirbt im Studio

14.Nov.2004 Wahlvorbereitungen: "Die Iraker wollen das Kapitel endlich abschließen"

14.Nov.2004 It's a relatively crude analysis + better analysis would have to wait on more complete data,

but basically what it's telling us is that we can say with 99.8% certainty that "mistabulation" played some significant role in this election.

Dryden Flight Research Center

15.Nov.2004 -on Schedule For- X-43A Mach 10 Flight

15.Nov.2004 still on schedule for Monday afternoon, The final flight of NASA's X-43A hypersonic research aircraft, weather permitting.

The mission is intended to flight-validate the operation of the X-43A's supersonic-combustion ramjet - or scramjet - engine at a record airspeed of almost Mach 10, or 10 times the speed of sound.

The final X-43A mission is also expected to be the last research mission for NASA's venerable B-52B "mothership" heavy launch aircraft, which is due to be retired in

on Thursday, Nov. 11.The X-43A and its modified Pegasus booster rocket were mated to NASA's B-52B launch aircraft

Pre-flight checks of the X-43A + the booster are occurring Friday + Saturday, with final closeouts + fueling slated for Sunday, Nov. 14th.

Takeoff on Nov. 15 is tentatively scheduled for about 1 p.m. Pacific time, with launch about an hour later over the Pacific test range off the coast of Southern California.

A post-flight news media briefing will be held about an hour after the mission concludes, or no earlier than 4 p.m. Pacific time (7 p.m. EST).

The briefing will be carried live on NASA Television + webcast at


14.Nov.2004 Against TCPA | TCPA would TAKE your FREEDOM | This is NO FAKE As TCPA would take all the freedom mankind fought for, now we have to fight again to keep this freedom.

05.May 1920 in the University of Leyden Ether and the Theory of Relativity Albert Einstein, an address delivered -on-

14.Nov.1940 Schwerer Angriff auf Coventry -Bei einem Angriff der deutschen Luftwaffe wird die englische Stadt stark beschädigt, zahlreiche Menschen kommen ums Leben.

11.Mai 1941 Weil entscheidende Erfolge ausbleiben, wird der Luftkrieg gegen England abgebrochen. Wenn Sie mehr zu einem Thema wissen wollen... URL:
14.Nov.1945 "Nürnberger Prozesse" beginnen. Die Anklage wirft ihnen Massenmord, militärische Aggression, Massendeportation, etc. vor..

08. Mai 1945 Nach der bedingungslosen Kapitulation des nationalsozialistischen Deutschen Reiches müssen sich hohe NS-Funktionäre vor einem internationalen Tribunal verantworten.

01.Okt.1946 "Nürnberger Prozesse" Urteile werden am verkündet Wenn Sie mehr zu einem Thema wissen wollen...
UN Workshop on Remote Sensing in the Service of Sustainable Development in Mountain Areas

14.Nov.2004 BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | 130-year-old Chinese fire put out []
Now THAT'S a bonfire.URL:

28.Feb.2003 Subject: China Pursues Ambitious Role In Oil Market

China has to be kept in line from getting cheap access to the oil in Iraq and the Caspian Sea basin + oil has to be kept on the dollar not the Euro.

These are two main reasons for going into Iraq, which switched over to the Euro a year ago + encouraged OPEC to follow.

This puts into perspective a news story this week about a plane going down in the sea flying from Karachi which had on board :

several Pakistinian foreign ministers, the oil minister from Afghanistan + the petroleum minister from China.

China Pursues Ambitious Role In Oil Market - Energy Needs Push Beijing To Bid High for Access
26.Dec.1997 by David B. Ottaway + Dan Morgan, Washington Post ,URL: URL:
2003 Subject: Gulf War Vet Group: US Troops Set Kuwait Oil Fires
Gee, what a surprise! What else aren't we lying about? It's not about the oil, George?

Gulf War Vet Group: US Troops Set Kuwait Oil Fires
by Jon Rappoport, 26.Feb.2003
USsetFires.html URL:
26.Feb.2003 S
ubject: 11.Sep.2001 -post- Restrictions on Academic Research
An interesting development,
all lines of approach to the truth are closing under this new regime + information is a commodity of the national security state.

11.Sep.2001 -Post- Restrictions on Academic Research - Harvard, MIT panelists decry federal rules - by Nathan J. Heller, The Harvard Crimson , 24.Feb.2003

26.Feb.2003 Subject: Debunking the 11.Sep.2001 Conspiracy Theorists

He gets some of the facts wrong, but humor + satire can be a powerful approach, I use it in my talks all the time.

It reminds me of the researcher asked by the Dallas Morning News reporter on the Grassy Knoll on

22.Nov.2003 what was the craziest conspiracy theory he ever heard.

His answer was, "The Warren Commission". "No, be serious" said the reporter. "I am serious" he said.

Debunking Conspiracy Theorists Paranoid Fantasies About 11.Sep.2001 Distract From the Real Issues URL:

09.Jan.2003 by Gerard Holmgren, DCTPFA911.html URL:
14.Nov.2004 Arbeiterfotografie-Reportage: Bilder zum Anfordern
MANY, MANY, MANY photo sets over over the past THREE years.

17.Feb.2003 Subject: U.S. Military Plans the War of Words
Will the press be "embedded for life" with the Pentagon? Should they get blood tests, a license and a ring?

U.S. Military Plans the War of Words
by Carol Brightman, Los Angeles Times , 16.Feb.2003

6.Feb.2003 Subject: Iraq - Dossier: Sample text

Re-hashed tripe passes for "intelligence" and is always little more than propaganda and opinion. The recent piece falsely "proving" that Hussein "gassed his own people" when in fact the Iranians used cyanide on the Kurds following Iraqui gas attacks on Iranians, was written by Jeff Goldberg, who is the son of Sydney and Lucianne Goldberg, intelligence supported disinformation specialists from North American Newspaper Alliance (NANA) founded by British intelligence operative Ian Flemming after WWII. They have falsified history about events as long ago as Lee Harvey Oswald's 1959 "defection" to Moscow and as recently as the "sex scandal" of President Clinton that spelled his end in office. Here's one more example + I am sure the funding of these "academic" writers would be revealing as well.

Iraq - Dossier: Sample text by Jonathan Rugman, Channel 4 News , 06.Feb.2003 dossierSampl.html

2003 Subject: Special `Conspiracy Theory' Edition
This is my favorite paragraph in what follows:
The following quote from Rumsfeld appeared in an article on the front page of the 16.Jan.2003 edition of the L.A. Times :

"The fact that the inspectors have not yet come up with evidence of Iraq's [weapons of mass destruction] program could be evidence in + of itself of Iraq's noncompliance."

04.Feb.2003-11.Sep.2001 - What Aren't We Being Told? Analysis by John Judge This is an e-mail archive of John's analysis + observations on "news" specific to the
crimes against humanity committed on 11.Sep.2001 .
(See also
Web Reference Links High-Lighted by John Judge for other analysis.) NOTE: Please let me know if you find that a link to a news story is no longer valid. I will make a local copy here to keep this archive complete.

14.Nov.2004 The Boston Globe + the Washington Post have run stories dismissing the questions about the legitimacy of the 2004 presidential election as just another Internet hoax.

Here, thanks to Washington attorney Cynthia Butler, are six reasons why they are wrong, foremost among them that the journalists are covering this as a rumor rather than analyzing the validity of the central allegation.
Journalist Ron Klein in his front page Boston Globe article

in wishfully dismissing the Internet stories of fraud, suppression + chicanery in the foul play of the Election of 2004 totally + completely misses the point + investigates the rumor, not the central allegation.

Zogby had it right; Ron Klein did not.
Some of his error is found within his own story.

First, if Cameron Kerry's law firm email server almost crashed for all the people who for at least two straight days deluged it beyond capacity,

of first hand reports of voter fraud + intimidation (because that is what the email called for; if they had facts) that there might be something serious going on worth investigating?
Second, the issue with long lines isn't just convenience- it is a suppression issue when people are told (wrongly) that because of heavy turn-out they can come back tomorrow + a fraud issue when they know that the turn out will be out the door, around the block + down the highway + only put two or three voting booths in minority locations- that is also potentially a Voting Rights Act of 1965 issue.
Third, when the computers malfunction to such a statistical percentage that in 12 Counties in Florida + all of Cleveland more votes came in for both Presidential Candidates tallied on election night than showed up at the polls, we know someone is playing fast + loose with basic arithmatic.
Fourth, when the statistically improbably if not impossible event occurs where after the numbers started coming in that jumped in five concurrent states at the same time for Bush, we know it is time to call the computer geeks at Stanford, MIT + Microsoft to investigate.
Fifth, we know that purging of the rolls was done aggressively + in many cases improperly (one woman I obtained an Affidavit from in Texas declared under oath that she was told she was purged because she did not show up for jury duty for example.)
Sixth, we know that people were often not told of the HAVA law right to obtain a provisional ballot, were actively discouraged from casting them because of statements such as "they are too much paperwork to bother" + "they probably won't count" which when coupled with long lines, people simply left + did not vote while they wanted to.

In many places the Republican precinct 'Election Judges" who are neither attorneys nor judges simply advised voters that they ran out of forms -- as early as 11:00 am.
As for the person he quotes from the campaign who allegedly organized the campaign election protection effort, he is misinformed.

The election protection effort was undertaken by several groups only one of which he supervised.

Cam Kerry's letter makes clear that there were 17,000 attorneys doing election protection, not the number Klein quotes.
The People for the American Way, the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights +

other attorneys on Get Out the Vote efforts such as myself who are trained election protection attorneys in other venues such as the DCCC performed election protection function.
Consequently, for the Boston Globe to publish a letter in which he glibly dismisses the fraud + suppression allegations as not amounting to much is superficial spin +

the easy quote from a Harvard professor who says she never saw anything makes one wonder-- How much was she paying attention + how hard was she looking? URL:
14.Nov.2004 U
nbedingt notwendig sei aber bei solchen Führungen, dass auf soziale Verträglichkeit geachtet werde. Man müsse sich mit den Betroffenen absprechen und dürfe auf keinen Fall stören oder aufdringlich sein. Gerade wegen der steigenden Besucherzahlen in vielen Gegenden Deutschlands sei nachhaltiger Tourismus sehr wichtig. Neben der Sozialverträglichkeit gehöre dazu auch die Kultur- und Naturvereinbarkeit.
"In den letzten zehn Jahren ist das Bewusstsein für nachhaltigen Tourismus auch bei den Gästeführern gewachsen, es geht aber nicht schnell genug", kritisierte Bianco.

Eine einheitliche und hochwertige Qualifizierung der Gästeführer sei für den Gästeführerverband deshalb das wichtigste Anliegen in der Zukunft.

In diesem Jahr feiert die Organisation ihr zehnjähriges Bestehen.URL:,1518,druck-327827,00.html
14.Nov.2004 Es zähle immer mehr, hautnah etwas zu erleben. "Für Touristen ist es beispielsweise sehr spannend, die versteckten Gänge in einem Herrenhaus zu erkunden, in denen sich das Dienstpersonal bewegen musste."
14.Nov.2004 Berlin - "Eine normale Stadtrundfahrt kennen die meisten und finden das langweilig. Viele wollen etwas Authentisches erleben", sagt Gisela Bianco, Vorsitzende des Bundesverbands der Gästeführer in Deutschland.

Touristen in Deutschland seien immer mehr an Abenteuern + ungewöhnlichen Erlebnissen bei der Erkundung ihres Urlaubsortes interessiert.URL:,1518,druck-327827,00.html
14.Nov.2004 EU-Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte: Kritik für Deutschland, Lob für die Türkei

14.Nov.2004 Ermittlungsverfahren: Justizministerium wird nicht mehr vorab informiert

14.Nov.2004 Rebellenhochburg Falludscha: Der Widerstand ist gebrochen

14.Nov.2004 Lagerfeld-Aktion von H&M: Letzte Chance auf dem Schwarzmarkt

14.Nov.2004 Pille für den Mann: Immunsystem statt Kondom