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From 911Encyclopedia:

00.Aug.1997-00.Jan.2001 Former assistant secretary of state for South Asian Affairs from.. now senior advisor to the Nuclear Threat Reduction Campaign (NTRC).

The NTRC is a project of the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation + The Justice Project.

00.000.1999 Inderfurth met Taliban's New York representative, Abdul Hakeem Mujahid to get more information on the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden.

After this meeting Mujahid claimed, that they don't know where he is, but religious scholars from the Taliban, who met with bin Laden

00.000.1999 -two weeks earlier- told bin Laden he could no longer use Afghanistan for political or military operations.

As Niaz Naik(->), former Pakistani minister for foreign affairs, told in some interviews with French television + the BBC, Inderfurth was in a

00.Jul.2001 -mid- meeting in Berlin, together with senior Americans + Russians + Iranians + Pakistanis.

On the American side was Tom Simons, a former US ambassador to Pakistan + Lee Coldren, who headed the office of Pakistan, Afghan + Bangladesh affairs in the State Department until 1997.

Naik claimed that Tom Simons issued a stern ultimatum that impressed upon him the significance of this meeting + the end of the negotiations route.

Naik quotes Simons as having said, "in case the Taliban does not behave + in case Pakistan doesn't help us to influence the Taliban,

then the USA would be left with no option but to take an overt action against Afghanistan."

00.Oct.2001 -The military action would then start in-
15.Mar.2000 SANDNet Weekly Update Karl Inderfurth, US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs, gave a major briefing of US policy interests in South Asia ...
On The Line: India’s New Old Government Host: Karl Inderfurth, what role is there for the USA in these negotiations going ...

Host: Well, let’s get Karl Inderfurth ’s sense of that then. ...

White House Delegations to India + Pakistan + Bangadlesh Karl Inderfurth, Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs James Steinberg, Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs ...

US: We can help build up a damaged Kashmir In a new spin to the role of the international community in the festering dispute, US Assistant Secretary of State Karl Inderfurth spoke about the ...

Moral Volcano Taliban played host to top US officials including former US assistant secretary of state for South Asia Robin Raphel, her successor Karl Inderfurth, ...

The US and the Taliban: a done deal, by Pierre Abramovici Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs Karl Inderfurth went to ...

Two days later, Karl Inderfurth went to Islamabad to meet Pakistan’s new ...
20.Okt.2000 Gotteskrieger, die eine Welt erschüttern - Die ... was sie tun + entsprechend reagieren", meinte Vizeaußenminister Karl Inderfurth - zuständig für Südasien - auf einem Kongress-Hearing in diesem Jahr. ...
Simulation Role Profiles: Eric David Newsom Military Affairs; Karl Inderfurth, Special Representative for Global ... (Economic Sanctions) 03.Sep.1998 Eric Newsom, Karl Inderfurth + James ...

PRESS BRIEFING BY NSC SENIOR DIRECTOR FOR NEAR EASTERN AND SOUTH ... Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs, Karl Inderfurth . Bruce will start. Thanks. MR. RIEDEL: Thank you very much. As PJ said, the ...

A Welcome to Rocca Just before her, Karl Inderfurth held the position in Clinton ... Karl Inderfurth, a seasoned diplomat gave the issues in the region all he had. ...

Pierre Abramovici Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs Karl Inderfurth went to ... Two days later, Karl Inderfurth went to Islamabad to meet Pakistan's new ...
29.Mar.2006 - Archives The sources, however, confirmed that Karl Inderfurth failed to convince ... Karl Inderfurth of conveying his proposals to the Supreme Shura Council as well ... Before meeting with Maulvi Abdul Jalil, Karl Inderfurth held a detailed meeting ... The sources, however, confirmed that Karl Inderfurth failed to convince ...
Bordering on Peace Karl Inderfurth, “South Asia: The most dangerous place in the world?”

Karl Inderfurth recently finished his term as Assistant Secretary of State for South ...
InFact - The 11.Sep.2001 Commission Report - Page 483 Karl Inderfurth interview (18.Feb.2004); Strobe Talbott interview (08.Feb.2004 )..

For aid to the exile groups, see Karl Inderfurth interview (Feb.

InFact - The 11.Sep.2001 Commission Report - Page 480 15, 2004); Karl Inderfurth inter- view (18.Feb.2004). 14.

On the civil war + UNOCAL, see Karl Inderfurth interview (Feb. ..

29.Mar.2006 The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - Opinions Karl F. Inderfurth, a key adviser of the Clinton Administration, discusses the evolution of the US-India ties in this exclusive interview to The Sunday ...

The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - World US Assistant Secretary of State Karl Inderfurth, left, meets with Pakistani Foreign Secretary Shamshad US Assistant Secretary of State Karl Inderfurth, ...

taz 11.1.02 Dubiose Kontakte zwischen Washington + den Taliban Karl Inderfurth, Sondergesandter des Außenministeriums für Südasien, reist nach Moskau. ... (13)

00.Mär.2001 Auf Oakley folgte Karl Inderfurth . ...
Karl Inderfurth Positions that Karl Inderfurth has held:. Quotes. No quotes or excerpts for this entity. Karl Inderfurth actively participated in the following events: ...
It's A Lie There, former state department official Lee Coldren passed [to the Taliban] on a message he had got from Bush officials: 'I think there was some discussion ...
The Daily Star Web Edition Vol. 4 Num 10 ... tells us importantly that 00.Jul.2001 a group of interested parties met in a Berlin hotel to listen to a former State Department official, Lee Coldren, ...

[Imc-uk] Letter to Daschle for public investigation of "11.Sep.2001" ... CIA, Niaz Naik, Tommy Thompson, Karl Inderfurth, Tom Simmons, Lee Coldren, ... (NC) VA Medical Center, Durham (NC) USDA laboratory and Iowa State ...
11.Sep.2001 Top 500 Questions | Do the Taliban know Karl E. Inderfurth + State Department ... Inderfurth (former Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian affairs) + Lee Coldren ...

GOVERNMENT COMPLICITY IN WTC - PENTAGON ATTACKS - Asian affairs) + Lee Coldren (former State Department expert on South Asia), meet with Pakistani + Russian intelligence officers in Berlin + ...
The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - World ... Tom Simons, a former US ambassador to Pakistan + Lee Coldren, who headed the ... Afghan and Bangladesh affairs in the State Department until 1997. ...

WTC-11.Sep.2001 - THE BASIC QUESTIONS Pakistan), Karl Inderfurth (former Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian affairs) and Lee Coldren (former State Department expert on South Asia) ...

Special Reports: 11.Sep.2001 Summary of Evidence [Guardian, 22.Sep.2001] At the meeting, former US State Department official Lee Coldren passes on a message from Bush officials. He later says, "I think there ...

Lee Coldren Positions that Lee Coldren has held:. Quotes. No quotes or excerpts for this entity. Lee Coldren actively participated in the following events: ...

Karl Inderfurth Tom Simons (former US Ambassador to Pakistan), Karl Inderfurth (former Deputy Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs) + Lee Coldren (former State ...
Five billion. 

To put this into perspective: 

20 days of occupation costs more money than what our government spends on vocational education + financial crimes enforcement + the Food and Drug Administration + housing for the elderly - COMBINED.
28.Mar.2006 What is wrong with America?
Blair demands green 'revolution' Tony Blair calls for a "technological revolution comparable to the internet" to slow global warming.
US-Notenbank: Fed erhöht Leitzins um 0,25 Punkte

"The placebo operates through expectancy. In this study, we've taken the pill out of the picture. We're just manipulating expectancies," he says.

"The results beg the question of what can we do to target anticipatory processes in our patients that might lead to better outcomes."
In short, the new study shows how expectancy affects how humans perceive sensory input + how events in the brain are directly related to those perceptions
28.Mar.2006 Brain Anticipates Taste, Shifts Gears 
As the prism of our senses, the human brain has ways of refracting sensory input in defiance of reality.
This is seen, for example, in the placebo effect, when simple sugar pills or inert salves taken by unwitting subjects are seen to ease pain or have some other beneficial physiological effect. How the brain processes this faked input and prompts the body to respond is largely a mystery of neuroscience.


Asner is reportedly going on to support Charlie Sheen's bold and brave stance calling for a real investigation of the events on September 11th, 2001 as well as to raise his own questions.

Also on Showbiz Tonight on March 27, actress Sharon Stone defended Sheen and his First Amendment right to speak out saying that he is brave and that it is important to confront authority.

Asner and Sheen are just two more of many celebrities who have already come forward to question the official story of what happened on 11.Sep.2001. Actor James Woods began questioning the official fable in the first weeks right after 11.Sep.2001. X-Files and Lone Gunmen star Dean Haglund has already gone public on the Alex Jones Show ( December 18, 2004 ) questioning the official story.

Ed Bagley, Jr. months ago hosted a 11.Sep.2001 Truth Symposium in New York City .
News Flash: The Dam is Breaking in the 11.Sep.2001 Cover-Up Author: Paul Joseph Watson 
News Flash: The Dam is Breaking in the 11.Sep.2001 Cover-Up More Stars Go Public,

Are Late Innings the Time for a Relief Pitcher?
Mr. Rove, his senior strategist + Mr. Card, his chief of staff, have increasingly been forced to fend off rebellious Congressional Republicans, complaints about the administration's competence + calls from within their party for an infusion of fresh thinking into the White House. Mr. Rove ...

US court takes up Guantanamo case
The US Supreme Court considers the legality of military trials at Guantanamo Bay prison camp.


Steve Watson/Infowars | March 27 2006

Retired Command Sergeant Major Eric Haney, founding member of the military's elite covert counter-terrorist unit, Delta force, has stated publicly for the record that he sees the war in Iraq as an "Utter debacle" based on intentions by the Bush administration that were "not what they stated" and that "there is no real threat to the U.S. in the world".

Haney made the comments in an exclusive interview with David Kronke for the LA Daily News published yesterday.

After Haney retired from the military his book "Inside Delta Force" became the basis for the hit CBS drama "The Unit," where he now assumes technical adviser and executive producer duties.

When questioned on Iraq Haney responded with the following:

Utter debacle. But it had to be from the very first. The reasons were wrong.

The reasons of this administration for taking this nation to war were not what they stated. (Army Gen.) Tommy Franks was brow-beaten + ... pursued warfare that he knew strategically was wrong in the long term. That's why he retired immediately afterward. His own staff could tell him what was going to happen afterward.

We have fomented civil war in Iraq.

We have probably fomented internecine war in the Muslim world between the Shias + the Sunnis + I think Bush may well have started the third world war, all for their own personal policies.

We'd better take it seriously when the founder member of one of the most elite military forces in the world says Bush has fomented a third world war for personal gain.

Der Prozess geriet zum Desaster - Zeugen der amerikanischen Luftfahrtbehörde FAA waren von einer Regierungsjuristin präpariert worden.

In der Strategie der Anklage klaffe eine "Glaubwürdigkeitslücke, groß genug, um einen Laster hindurchzufahren", schrieb sie in einer internen Mail.

Die empörte Richterin Leonie Brinkema drohte mit dem Abbruch des Verfahrens: "So etwas ist mir in all meinen Jahren noch nie passiert."

Agenten des FBI warfen ihren Vorgesetzen "kriminelle Fahrlässigkeit" bei den Ermittlungen gegen Moussaoui vor.

"Sie sind Ihr größter Feind"

Und während für seine Anwälte, mit denen Moussaoui nicht spricht, der Sieg schon möglich schien, schlägt sich Moussaoui jetzt auf die Seite der Ankläger.

Bis zum letzten Moment beschwören ihn die Verteidiger nicht zu reden, er lässt sie abblitzen: "Ich betrachte alle Amerikaner als meine Feinde."

Auch die Richterin, an die Kapriolen ihres Angeklagten gewohnt, mahnt noch einmal: "Sie müssen versprechen, die Wahrheit zu sagen."
Richtig bemüht scheint Moussaoui, die Lücken der Beweisführung zu schließen. Könne man sagen, lockt der Staatsanwalt, dass er gelogen habe, damit die Anschläge nicht entdeckt werden?

"Das kann man so sagen", antwortet Moussaoui. Er habe sich extra ein Radio für die Zelle besorgt, um die Ereignisse zu verfolgen, fügt er noch hilfsbereit hinzu.

30 Minuten spricht er mit leiser, fast sanfter Stimme. "That is correct", antwortet er ein Dutzend Mal auf die Fragen der Ankläger.

"Moussaoui liefert, wo die Zeugen der Regierung versagt haben", kommentiert NBC.
"Sie sind Ihr größter Feind", hat ihn Richterin Brinkema mehr als einmal gemahnt.

Er scheint wie jemand, der den Tod nicht erwarten kann. "Gott schütze Bin Laden", oder "Ich bin der Feind", skandierte er vor der fassungslosen Jury. Jetzt ist es an ihnen zu urteilen.
Was ist Dichtung, was Wahrheit? Kommt das gestrige Geständnis der Wahrheit nah, oder sucht Moussaoui nur den spektakulären Tod als Märtyrer?

Er ist kein Unschuldiger, viele Beweise deuten darauf hin, dass er etwas mit den Anschlägen des 11.Sep.2001 zu tun hat.

Nur was, das ist nach gestern noch schwerer zu beurteilen als bisher.
Israel, Mossad, Iran and a Nuclear False Flag Attack by R. Leland ... - HTML-Version
11.Jul.2001 in Berlin, US officials: Thomas Simmons, a former American. Ambassador to Pakistan, Lee Coldren, State Department expert on Asian ...

The Khobar Towers Bombing Ambassador to Pakistan, Thomas W. Simmons, Jr., refused to comment when asked ... Ironically, testimony at the 2001 criminal trial of some of the Al Qaeda ...

FTW-July – FINAL Ambassador to Pakistan Tom Simmons warned of a “military option” if the Taliban ... 24.000.2001 issue, story by Evan Thomas ]. 57. 11.Sep.2001-12.Sep.2001 - Nearly a ...

Globalcorp The events since 11.Sep.2001 have shown that FTW has been ahead of the ... Energy investment banker Matt Simmons a year ago in Berlin stated that he .. 28.Mar.2006 views

00.Jul.2001 Immediately after the G8 Summit three American officials - Tom Simmons (former US ambassador to Pakistan), Karl Inderfurth (former assistant ...
TIME GATE 2001: THE RESULTS FROM THE EXTRATEMPORAL SHADOWS OF OMEGA As Dr Whitaker + Major Thomas Bearden have demonstrated + in labs Dr. ...

11.Jul.2001 ­ Three American officials: Tom Simmons (former US Ambassador ...
Timeline Surrounding September 11th--If CIA and the Government ...

11.Jul.2001 Immediately after the G8 Summit three American officials - Tom Simmons (former US ambassador to Pakistan), Karl Inderfurth (former assistant ...

11.Sep.2001 -Timeline Surrounding- If CIA and the Government ... - HTML-Version
Ambassador to Pakistan Tom Simmons warned of a "military option" if the Taliban ... 24, 2001 issue, story by Evan Thomas ]. 52.

11.Sep.2001 - United Air ...
TIMELINE former Clinton Ambassador to Pakistan Tom Simmons warned of a "military ... issue, story by Evan Thomas ]. 53.

11.Sep.2001 - United Air Lines flight 23, ...


11.Jul.2001, in Berlin, US officials: Thomas Simmons, a : former American Ambassador to Pakistan, Lee Coldren, State ...
11.Sep.2001 -Timeline of events around- all coincidence?

11.Jul.2001 - Three American officials: Tom Simmons (former US Ambassador to ... Uncovering the Truth: Terror & Mass Persuasion by William Thomas ... » “Osama Bin Laden Contact With Iraq” Comment by Thomas . # 23.Mar.2006 Shawn, you must be really enjoying ...

11.Jul.2001 - Three American officials: Tom Simmons (former US Ambassador to ...

11.Jul.2001 in Berlin, US officials: Thomas Simmons, a former American Ambassador to Pakistan, Lee Coldren, State Department expert on Asian matters ...
Is this disinformation?

11.Jul.2001 in Berlin, US officials: Thomas Simmons, a former American Ambassador to Pakistan, Lee Coldren, State Department expert on Asian matters, ...
11.Jul.2001, in Berlin, US officials: Thomas Simmons, a former American Ambassador to Pakistan, Lee Coldren, State Department expert on Asian matters + Karl Inderfurth, Assistant Secretary of State for Asian matter met with Russian and Pakistani intelligence officers. At this meeting, which was under surveillance, it was stated by the Americans that the USA planned to launch military strikes against Afghanistan

00.Oct.2001 -of that year-.

The purpose of these strikes was to topple the Afghanistan government + the Taliban in order to replace it with a government "more sensitive to the needs of American oil interests."
Virginia Training Manual Lists Property Rights Activists As Terrorist -by P. J. Watson Virginia Training Manual Lists Property Rights Activists As Terrorists Says
In defense of bullshit Author: Jeff Jarvis 
The FCC has outlawed the single most essential word in political discourse + protest: bullshit.

This is not only an absurd misinterpretation of our community standards + another perilous attack on our First Amendment, I also believe it is a violation of our civil rights worthy of court ...
Bush signed a bill into law that was never passed by the House! Author: SN Bush needs to watch School House Rock
Group Sees Spy Threat in Lenovo PCs
Citing fears of espionage, the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) said Monday it would call for a probe into the plans for Lenovo to supply 15,000 computers to the U.S. State Department.

The USCC said the computers could be bugged to spy on the U.S. government.
France hit by mass job protests About one million people protest against French labour laws as Paris police clash with demonstrators.
UK to miss CO2 emissions target The UK is unlikely to meet its target of reducing CO2 emissions by 20% by 2010, a government report says.
Ex-defence chief Weinberger dies Caspar Weinberger, defence secretary under former US President Ronald Reagan, dies at the age of 88.
White House chief-of-staff quits White House chief-of-staff Andy Card resigns and is replaced by Josh Bolten, US President Bush announces.
Israel votes for new government Israelis go to the polls in a general election that is being called one of the most important in their history.
China bans transplant organ sales China is to ban the sale of human organs after several foreigners who received Chinese organs died.
HIV prisoners stage hunger strike More than 200 prisoners in a South African jail begin a hunger strike demanding free anti-retroviral drugs.
Brain Cells Fused with Computer Chips Author: Zonk 162
valamaldoran writes "Looks like organic computers aren't too far off. Live Science has an interesting article about fusing brain neurons with silicon chips. From the article: 'The achievement could one day enable the creation of sophisticated neural prostheses to treat neurological disorders or the development of organic computers that crunch numbers using living neurons.'"

Genfood Und Überbevölkerung ... Gordon Conway 1999 in einer Rede vor dem Aufsichtsrat von Monsanto, ...

Die Rockefeller -Stiftung hat eine düstere Vergangenheit + das schon seit ...

Geld und Reputation

00.Nov.1920 -ab- Friedrich Schmidt-Ott war Miglied im Aufsichtsrat von Bayer + ... Nicht zuletzt über das von Rockefeller finanzierte,

00.Jan.1923 ins ...
Time Magazine: Earth is At the Tipping Point. The climate is crashing and global warming is to blame. Another "Armageddon Here Thy Come" Disastrous Legacy of Bush Inc. Is He Talking to God or Satan? Cause It's Going to Get as Hot as Hell.
Busheviks Tell Iraqis They Don't Like the Outcome of Democracy, So the Busheviks are Going to Go Back to Publicly Install a Puppet Government Again
Tom DeLay?s Handgun License Suspended. Now All He Can Shoot Off is His Big Mouth.
Tom DeLay?s Handgun License Suspended. Now All He Can Shoot Off is His Big Mouth.
White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card Resigns. America Isn't Safe Until Bush and Cheney do the Same. 3/28
The Bushevik Sign of Omerta -- Scalia Gives America the Finger! (We Are Not Making This Up.)
"Bulldog" Waxman: Halliburton?s Performance Worsens under Second Iraqi Oil Contract 3/29
Bush Stumbles Toward Armageddon: Iraq's ruling parties demanded U.S. forces cede control of security on Monday as the government launched an inquiry into a raid on a Shi'ite mosque that ministers said saw "cold blooded" killings by U.S.-led troops. And the Democrats in Congress Just Sit on Their Hands. (Forget About the Republicans. They are Opportunistic Traitors.)
Held Over, Please Forward and Educate Others. You Know that Signing the Wrong Law and Violating the Constitution is Just a Technicality? America Under a Junta: An Update. -- A BuzzFlash Editorial
Scalia, An Embarrassment to Justice: Retired Generals Want Scalia Off Gitmo Case 3/28

28.Mar.2006 http: Hillary Clinton. But at least she isn't a theocratic thug. Whenever goons like Tancredo offer Bible lessons, I feel happy to remain caught 'twixt Gnosticism and Agnosticism.
28.Mar.2006 http: Kill for Jesus! Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo (whose last name is an anagram for "acned rot") likes to earn the occasional bucket of ink by making outrageous statements in front of microphones. His most notable outburst: Calling for the
nuclear annihilation of Mecca and Medina should Muslim extremists ever set off a weapon of mass destruction within our borders. Tommy, who considers himself a good Christian, thinks that Jesus would applaud a mass slaughter of the innocent.
Recently, Tom the Toon had it out with Hillary Clinton over her claim that the Republican anti-immigration bill "would literally criminalize the Good Samaritan and probably even Jesus himself."
Tom's reply: "Hillary Clinton doesn't know the first thing about the Bible. Her impression, her analysis, her interpretation of both the law and the Bible are certainly wrong."

28.Mar.2006 http:Oh + just in case
the media forgets how it's supposed to speak, FauxNews shows how to do the double speak, pure Orwell.
Not even Orwell could make this stuff up.


Nicht länger als eine halbe Minute wütete die Windhose am Montagabend in Hamburg-Harburg, teilte der Deutsche Wetterdienst (DWD) in Offenbach mit.

Das Ergebnis war dennoch verheerend: Die mächtige Luftsäule ließ zwei Baukräne umstürzen, riss die Kranführer in den Tod und hinterließ eine Schneise der Verwüstung.

"Mit einem Tornado wie dem von Hamburg-Harburg ist in Deutschland ungefähr alle zwei bis drei Jahre zu rechnen", erklärt Andreas Friedrich vom DWD im Gespräch mit SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Der Meteorologe zählt jedes Jahr zwischen 20 und 30 Tornados geringer Stärke in Deutschland. "Bei dem Harburg-Tornado handelt es sich allerdings bereits um einen stärkeren F2-Tornado", sagt Friedrich.

"Die Macht des Internet"

Hinter der basisdemokratisch anmutenden Aktion steckt offenbar politisches Kalkül:

Für die Veröffentlichung der Akten sorgte Peter Hoekstra, Republikaner und Vorsitzender des Geheimdiensausschusses im Kongress.

Zweck der Veröffentlichung sei, "die Macht des Internet" für die Auswertung zu nutzen, für die die Regierung sonst Jahrzehnte brauchen würde, sagte er der "New York Times".

"Die Leute sollen einen direkteren Blick auf Saddams Regime bekommen."

Der Zeitpunkt der Veröffentlichung gibt den Akten aber vor allem politische Brisanz:

Noch nie war die öffentliche Zustimmung zum Irak-Einsatz so niedrig wie heute.

Eine neu angefachte Debatte über Saddams Massenvernichtungswaffen könnte US-Präsident George Bush neue Zustimmung bescheren.

Der Geheimdienst-Historiker John Prados vom Nationalen Sicherheitsarchiv vermutet:

"Die Regierung steht unter Druck, weil sie ohne konkrete Bedrohung einen Krieg geführt hat.

Das Ziel muss darum sein, den Eindruck zu erzeugen, dass die Bedrohung real war."

Die Taktik schein aufzugehen:

Vor allem Blogger aus der rechten Ecke heben vor allem jene Dokumente hervor, die von einem Treffen Osama Bin Ladens mit einem irakischen Geheimdienstoffizier

00.000.1995 im Sudan handeln, einem Programm zur Ausbildung arabischer Fanatiker zu Selbstmordattentätern, sowie ein Dokument, indem davon die Rede ist, Chemiewaffen gegen Kurden einzusetzen.

Dass die Bush-Administration schon lange zu dem Schluss gekommen ist, dass der Irak vor der Invasion vor drei Jahren keine verbotenen Massenvernichtungswaffen besessen hat, spielt in den Weblogs keine Rolle.

"Es geht nicht um Politik", sagt Blogger Robinson. "Es geht um die Wahrheit."
Windhose: Hamburgs Tornado überrascht Experten
Frankreich: Krawalle bei Anti-Villepin-Demos
Sozialstudie: "Hartz IV macht Kinder arm"
Irakische Regierungsdokumente: Jeder kann Geheimdienstanalyst sein
Parteivorstand hat gesprochen: Entweder Sozialdemokrat oder Burschenschafter

(UniSPIEGEL, Handy-Roaming: Europa wird Inland
In einem dritten Bericht erklärt die GAO, dass die Ziele von Außenministerium + Heimatschutz schlicht "unrealistisch" seien.

Das Programm sei zudem finanziell kaum zu bewältigen.

Schon jetzt werde man damit rechnen müssen, das Budget von 342 Millionen Dollar zu überschreiten.
Zwei Teams hätten im Dezember 2005 gleichzeitig die jeweiligen Grenzen mit Fahrzeugen passiert, heißt es in dem Bericht des GAO.

Der Versuch sei ursprünglich durchgeführt worden, um die an den Grenzen installierten Geräte zur Messung von Strahlung zu testen.

Diese hätten auch angeschlagen.

Die Ermittler hätten die Grenze dann allerdings trotzdem passieren können - mit gefälschten Papieren, die zum Transport des Materials berechtigten.

Die behördlichen Schmuggler hatten sich für ihren Einsatz als Angestellte einer fiktiven Firma ausgegeben.

Das gefährliche Material hatten sie eigenen Angaben zufolge auf dem freien Markt erworben.

"Es ist ein Armutszeugnis für das System, dass es einfacher ist, radioaktives Material zu kaufen als Erkältungsmedizin", sagte ein Behördenmitarbeiter dem Sender CNN.

"Blinder Fleck im Sicherheitssystem"

In einem Brief des GAO an den republikanischen Senator Norm Coleman heißt es, die Grenzbehörden hätten die Echtheit der Dokumente nicht in Frage gestellt.

Coleman, Vorsitzender eines Unterausschusses für Heimatschutz, hatte den verdeckten Einsatz angeregt.

Er bekannte: "Wir haben einen massiven blinden Fleck in unserem Fracht-Sicherheitssystem."

Heute soll eine Anhörung vor dem Gremium stattfinden.

Vom Heimatschutzministerium gab es zunächst keine Stellungnahme.

Der Stabschef im US-Präsidialamt, Andy Card, tritt Regierungsangaben zufolge zurück.

Über sein Ausscheiden aus dem Weißen Haus wurde schon seit längerer Zeit spekuliert.

Washington - Andy Cards Nachfolger werde Budget-Direktor Joshua Bolten, teilte ein Mitarbeiter der Regierung heute mit. Die Personalie kommt mitten in einem dramatischen Umfrage-Absturz von Präsident Geroge W. Bush.
USA: Stabschef im Weißen Haus tritt zurück

28.Mar.2006 Röntgen-Film: Forscher lüften Rätsel des Vogelgesangs
Terrorgefahr: US-Ermittler schmuggeln Bombenmaterial über die Grenze
Satelliten-Messung: Meeresströmung in der Radarfalle

28.Mar.2006  Netzwelt-Ticker: Google Earth macht Deutschland scharf
Urheberrecht: Kampf um die Kunst

28.Mar.2006 Fußball-WM-Tickets: Student klagt gegen Datensammler DFB
Guantanamo-Häftling: Kurnaz' Anwalt erwägt Klage gegen Ex-Regierung
US-Senat: Ausschuss billigt umstrittenes Einwanderungsgesetz
Stabiler Aufschwung: Geschäftsklima überraschend positiv

28.Mar.2006 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Bürgerlich ist links"
Unwetter: Windhose verwüstete Teile Hamburgs
Moussaoui-Prozess: "Ich bin der Feind"
Energie-Umfrage: Mehrheit der Unternehmen gegen Atomausstieg

28.Mar.2006 Angeschlagener Autobauer: GM feuert Ingenieure

28.Mar.2006 Generalstreik: US-Außenministerium warnt Amerikaner vor Frankreich-Besuch

28.Mar.2006 Markenstreit: Wem gehört das "Volks"?
"Walking on a Tightrope:" Maintaining London As a Financial Center

Geoffrey Jones
This case focuses on the development of the City of London as a leading international financial center and the difficulties it faces maintaining its status. It looks at London's history as a financial center from Roman times to the present day. London's position in the 19th century rested on the great importance of Britain in the world economy and the role of sterling as the major international currency. By the mid-20th century, both of these factors were much reduced in importance, but London was renewed as the physical home of the Euromarkets. Examines the regulatory and other factors, including economies of agglomeration, which contribute to making a financial center.

Creating the International Trade Organization

David A. Moss, George Appling, Andrew Archer
In the late 1940s, officials at the U.S. State Department began campaigning for the creation of an International Trade Organization (ITO).

This new organization would oversee global negotiations on trade liberalization, foreign direct investment, cartels + commodity agreements; and it would complement the IMF + the World Bank, both of which were founded at the Bretton Woods Conference 00.000.1944 to address international financial flows.

Together, the IMF, the World Bank + the ITO would comprise a comprehensive system for the management of international economic affairs.

As it turned out, however, the proposed ITO proved extremely controversial both within the USA + around the world.

00.000.1949 When President Truman finally sent the ITO Charter to Congress, lawmakers there had to decide whether to endorse this product of three years of intense international negotiations or simply let it die an unceremonious death in Washington, D.C. In Search of Global Regulation

Geoffrey Jones
Surveys the history of the international regulation of global capitalism + addresses the challenges facing firms confronting international, national + regional regulation.

Follows the history of global regulation after 1914, from the League of Nations' Conference on the Codification of International Law to the establishment of the World Trade Organization.

Tracks initiatives by the OECD + the United Nations to develop regulatory regimes for multinationals + explores why none of these initiatives resulted in mandatory regulations.

Also describes a range of other regulation tools, including bilateral investment treaties and corporate codes of conduct.

Teaching Purpose: To consider the challenges of devising an appropriate level of global regulation by asking students to examine whether they think the world needs a system of global regulation.

If so, what form would that regulation take? Further, what responsibility do entrepreneurs and firms have to the global economy?

Multinational Corporations in Apartheid-era South Africa: Should they be made to pay? Geoffrey Jones
The case considers the law suits filed on behalf of victims of apartheid against multinationals which operated in South Africa prior to 1994.

It reviews the debates about divestment from and sanctions against South Africa from the 1950 s.

There are case studies of companies that divested - Eastman Kodak + IBM - and stayed - Royal Dutch/Shell and Johnson & Johnson.

It concludes with evidence on the use of the Alien Tort Clains Act against corporations in other international contexts.
Railroads and the Beginnings of Modern Management

Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.
Consists of three selections by the most innovative of the early American railroad managers describing the organizational structures and control systems they created.

Questions to be asked are: why and how were such managerial techniques created, how well did they work + how did they differ from present-day techniques. August Thyssen + German Steel

Thomas K. McCraw and Jeffrey Fear
Harvard Business School Case 796-005 Nations German Capitalism

Thomas K. McCraw and Jeffrey Fear

00.000.1945-00.000.1980 Control + Performance in Multinationals: Unilever in the U.S.

Geoffrey Jones
00.000.1945-00.000.1980 -in the USA - This case concerns the performance of Unilever's main U.S. affiliate, Lever Brothers,

The focus is on the problems faced by the European parent in asserting sufficient managerial control to reverse the competitive decline of Lever Brothers in the American market. More generally, the case demonstrates the problems of knowledge transfer even within large internationally experienced multinationals.
-before- Globalizing Consumer Durables: Singer Sewing Machine

Geoffrey Jones
Examines the global strategy of Singer, one of the world's first multinationals, before 1914.

Singer, a U.S. pioneer of the modern sewing machine, established its first foreign factory in Scotland in 1867.

Investments followed in manufacturing and marketing in other countries, especially Russia.

By 1914, Singer held a remarkable 90% share of all sewing machine sales outside the USA + was the seventh largest firm in the world.

Examines why sewing machines became one of world's first global products and the entrepreneurial and organizational factors behind Singer's international success.

Opium + Empire in the Nineteenth Century Geoffrey Jones
This case concerns the growth of multinational trading companies in the first global economy.

It examines two Scottish-owned merchant houses, Jardine Matheson + James Finlay.

It shows their changing trade and investment strategies + their use of an organizational form later known as business groups.

The case also demonstrates the role of ethnic networks in globalization in this historical period. Weetman Pearson and the Mexican Oil Industry (A) Geoffrey Jones
This case explores the role of the British entrepreneur Weetman Pearson in developing the Mexican oil industry before 1914.

The case shows this entrepreneur's evolution from a domestic British builder to an international contractor building tunnels, railroads + harbors worldwide, including the USA + Mexico.

In Mexico, where Pearson developed close relations with the dictator Porfirio Diaz, large oil concessions were awarded by the government.

00.000.1910 Pearson discovered one of the world's largest oil wells + this was used as a basis to build an integrated oil company, but

00.000.1918 -by- when the case ends - Pearson is considering whether to sell his investment in the face of growing political risk. Ivar Kreuger and the Swedish Match Empire

Geoffrey Jones
Globalization + corporate fraud are the central themes of this case on the international growth of Swedish Match in the interwar years.

00.000.1913-00.000.1932 Ivar Kreuger, known as the "Swedish Match King," built a small family-owned match business into a $600 million global match empire.

Despite the economic and political disruptions of the interwar period, Swedish Match owned manufacturing operations in 36 countries, had monopolies in 16 countries + controlled 40% of the world's match production.

Kreuger companies lent over $300 million dollars to governments in Europe, Latin America + Asia in exchange for national match monopolies.

00.000.1929 -by- Relying on international capital markets to finance acquisitions + monopoly deals, the stocks + bonds of Kreuger companies were the most widely held securities in the USA + in the world.

00.000.1932 -After Kreuger's suicide- forensic auditors discovered that Krueger had been operating a giant pyramid scheme.

Kreuger s accounts were ridden with fictitious assets, the truth hidden in a maze of over 400 subsidiary companies.

Swedish Match's deficits exceeded Sweden's national debt.
Henry Heinz: Making Markets for Processed Foods Nancy F. Koehn
Outlines many of the supply-side innovations, such as improved transportation, communication + technological developments, that greatly expanded the productive capacity of the USA in the late 19th century.

Explores a range of demand-side shifts, including rising incomes, population growth + urbanization, that changed s' wants and needs.

These developments, taken together with those on the supply side, altered the nature of the American economy, ushering in widespread industrialization, markets of unprecedented size + consumption on an entirely new scale. Investigates how H.J. Heinz created a successful food processing business in the last three decades of the 19th century.
1763-00.000.1848 John Jacob Astor-

Thomas K. McCraw
Astor, the wealthiest American of his time, engaged in fur trading, shipping, real estate investment + general merchandise trading. Astor's career illustrates the immediate pre-modern management era: types of decisions, time horizons + number of transactions.

Cartelizing Oil Geoffrey Jones
00.000.1920-00000.1930 -in the s + s- the development of an international cartel in the oil industry -This case examines-

It focuses on the decisions + actions of the leading multinational oil companies - particularly Standard Oil of New Jersey, Royal Dutch/Shell + Anglo-Persian (BP) - in acting together to try to stabilize prices + market shares

00.000.1920 -beginning in the late s- through the Achnacarry or "As-is" Agreement.

Set against the backdrop of the development of the global oil industry, the case examines the causes of the change in firm strategy from competition to cooperation + offers an opportunity for readers to assess the success of efforts at inter-firm coordination and stabilization.

It also explores the personal + professional relationships between the leading oil-industry executives who forged the cartel, including Henri Deterding,

Walter Teagle + John Cadman. Important sub-issues include the changing nature of the oil industry in the 1910s and 1920s, the rise of oil diplomacy + the impact of U.S. anti-trust laws on the global oil business.

Anonyme Autorin für Literaturpreis nominiert
Sie verbirgt sich hinter ihrem Internet-Namen "Riverbend" und veröffentlicht seit Jahren ein spektakuläres Online-Tagebuch. Der Inhalt: Erlebnisse einer jungen Frau im Irak. Die Texte sind in einem Buch erschienen, das nun für einen Literaturpreis nominiert wurde.

London - Die Autorin, die ihren wahren Namen nicht nennen will, veröffentlicht seit August 2003 unter regelmäßig Einträge in ihrem "Mädchen Blog aus dem Irak". In dem ersten Eintrag heisst es: "Ich bin weiblich, irakisch und 24 Jahre alt. Ich habe den Krieg überlebt. Das ist alles, was Sie wissen müssen. Und alles, was heutzutage überhaupt wichtig ist."
Charlie Sheen's Statement to the London Guardian Author: Paul Joseph Watson Charlie Sheen's Statement to the London Guardian Challenges Press to Stop
CNN Poll Ends At 83% In Support Of Charlie Sheen Author: Paul Joseph Watson CNN Poll Ends At 83% In Support Of Charlie Sheen Prison | March 27
Another Prominent Military Figure Denounces NeoCons, Iraq, War on Te Author: Paul Joseph Watson Another Prominent Military Figure Denounces NeoCons, Iraq, War on Terror Delta
Everything I know about the universe I did not learn from newspaper headlines Author: Sean The new WMAP results have told us a lot about the universe. The basic findings are: The LambdaCDM model — a universe comprised of about 4% ordinary matter, 22% dark matter + 74% dark energy — passes yet another test. The data fit quite well + we have some new constraints on the ...
Moussaoui lies 'let 11.Sep.2001 happen' Al-Qaeda plotter Zacarias Moussaoui tells a court he lied to US agents to stop the 11.Sep.2001 plot being discovered.
Political storm over Iraq deaths The US military faces growing political pressure in Iraq over a raid on a mosque complex that left 20 people dead.
Households on 'money knife-edge' Two million UK households are living on a financial knife-edge, a Financial Services Authority (FSA) suggests.
No 10 defends Blair leaving plan No 10 tries to play down remarks by Tony Blair that it was "a mistake" to say he would stand down before the next election.
Wind power 'ahead of predictions' Onshore wind farms are being built ahead of predictions and will provide 5% of UK electricity by 2010.
Mortgage approvals rising again The number of new mortgage approvals goes up again, reflecting a continued pick-up in the UK property market.
Tao Te Ching, Chapter 42:
The Tao begot one. One begot two. Two begot three. And three begot the ten thousand things. The ten thousand things carry yin and embrace yang. They achieve harmony by combining these forces. Men hate to be "orphaned," "widowed," or "worthless," But this is how kings and lords describe themselves. For one gains by losing and loses by gaining. What others teach, I also teach; that is: "A violent man will die a violent death! " This will be the essence of my teaching.

Health system 'neglects elderly'
Elderly people are being neglected and poorly treated by England's health system, inspectors say.

Pigs bred to produce oils
Scientists create pigs which produce compounds which have been widely touted as good for the human heart.

First Digital Simulation of an Entire Life Form Author: Zonk 31
An anonymous reader writes "LiveScience is reporting on what appears to be the first digital simulation of an entire life form. Researchers created more than a million digital atoms to reverse engineer the satellite tobacco mosaic virus, a relatively simple organism. But is it really a life form? From the article: 'Viruses are tiny bundles of protein and genetic material that straddle the line between life and non-life. Many scientists prefer to call them "particles" because even though they contain RNA or DNA like other lifeforms, they can only replicate inside other living cells.'"

42 *IS* The answer to Life, the Universe and Zeta Author: Hemos 241
Venusian Treen writes "In their search for patterns, mathematicians have uncovered unlikely connections between prime numbers and quantum physics. The gist is that energy levels in the nucleus of heavy atoms can tell us about the distribution of zeros in Riemann's zeta function - and hence where to find prime numbers. This article discusses this connection + introduces two physisicts who tell us 'why the answer to life, the universe and the third moment of the Riemann zeta function should be 42.'"

27.Mar.2006 New World map may be real 
A map that purports to show Chinese mariners discovered the New World before Christopher Columbus could be genuine, university scientists in New Zealand said yesterday.
27.Mar.2006 Have boffins found the missing link? 

For years, the mystery of how man evolved from the Homo Erectus to the Homo Sapiens have puzzled palaeontologists. The recent find of a prehistoric skull may finally unveil this mystery...
Gitmo case challenges presidential powers: Supreme Court to consider military tribunals’ legitimacy

27.Mar.2006 Bush's nuclear agreement with India on shaky legs : Growing resistance to President Bush's proposed nuclear cooperation deal with India is threatening to slow + possibly kill, an agreement that the president has described as vital to improved relations with the budding South Asian power.

27.Mar.2006 DOJ: NSA Could've Monitored Lawyers' Calls : The National Security Agency could have legally monitored ordinarily confidential communications between doctors and patients or attorneys + their clients, the Justice Department said Friday of its controversial warrantless surveillance program.

27.Mar.2006 Librarian fights USA Patriot Act: In libraries, the law gave federal authorities access to business records of any type.

It meant law enforcement officers - through the authorization of a secret court or a National Security Letter signed by an FBI agent - could demand access to anything from books + reference materials to computer servers if they believed it could aid an ongoing terrorist investigation.

27.Mar.2006 Lawyers who gave to GOP got state work: $170M in legal fees went to contributors
Video: Robert Fisk: The five biggest lies about the War on Terror : Phil Vine lists the five biggest lies the public have been fed about the War on Terror in Iraq. And we get Robert Fisk to elaborate.

27.Mar.2006 US planning bases across Middle East, Central Asia: The USA is planning to build at least six bases across the Middle East + Central Asia in the next 10 years for “deep storage” of munitions + equipment to prepare for regional war contingencies.

27.Mar.2006 Exclusive Interview With Robert Fisk : Robert Fisk explains how and why terrorism is spreading

27.Mar.2006 God, greed and gushers: What motivates George W. Bush's America: God or greed? Both, according to U.S. political writer Kevin Phillips, in a distinctly unholy alliance that threatens not only U.S. prosperity and geopolitical supremacy, but American democracy itself.

27.Mar.2006 In case you missed it: John Pilger: The great charade The 'war on terror' is a smokescreen created by the ultimate terrorist ... America itself
Earth Is At ... The Tipping Point
Polar Ice Caps Are Melting Faster Than Ever... More And More Land Is Being Devastated By Drought... Rising Waters Are Drowning Low-Lying Communities... By Any Measure, Earth Is At ... The Tipping Point.
No one can say exactly what it looks like when a planet takes ill, but it probably looks a lot like Earth.

Never mind what you've heard about global warming as a slow-motion emergency that would take decades to play out.

Suddenly + unexpectedly, the crisis is upon us. Continued
27.Mar.2006 In case you missed it:
Christian Zionism: The new heresy that sways America : Christian Zionism is a theology that supports a political regime based on apartheid and discrimination - yet millions of people in the US express their support for it. How dangerous is it given the US role in the Middle East? 

27.Mar.2006 An Empire Built of Paper: The president moves about like Caesar Augustus, with a vast, graded court of civil + military aides, doctors, secretaries, valets, hairdressers, makeup artists, bodyguards, drivers, baggage handlers, cooks, food tasters, Praetorian guards, snipers, centurions, bulletproof limos, a portable hospital + an armored rostrum. And that’s when he travels in the U.S.

27.Mar.2006 Between 500,000 to 2 Million Demonstrate Against Anti-Immigrant Bill: Stretching for 26 blocks, the crowd of over half a million people marched peacefully in what was possibly the largest gathering in the city's history. Some estimates put the crowd total at around two million.
Moussaoui Says He and Reid Planned to Attack the White House : ``Yes, I was supposed to pilot a plane to hit the White House,'' Moussaoui said. He also said, ``I knew the towers would be hit,'' referring to the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York.

27.Mar.2006 MI5 'helped IRA buy bomb parts in US': A FORMER British Army mole in the IRA has claimed that MI5 arranged a weapons-buying trip to America in which he obtained detonators, later used by terrorists to murder soldiers and police officers.
27.Mar.2006 File this under hypocrisy :
Blair issues plea for 'global alliance' : Tony Blair today made an impassioned plea while speaking to Australian politicians for an international alliance to protect "global values" of fairness, justice and freedom.

27.Mar.2006 Torture and Task Force 121 : The CIA Paramilitary are not considered as ‘part of the armed forces,’ are therefore exempt from the Geneva conventions,” i.e. not governed by the laws of war. “The Special Activities Staff (SAS) is one of the least known covert units operating on behalf of the US Government.”

27.Mar.2006 Bush Signs Statements to Bypass Torture Ban,: When President Bush signed a law banning torture he quietly signed a statement saying he could bypass it. Earlier this month, Bush signed the USA Patriot Act but signed a statement that said he did not consider oversight rules binding.

27.Mar.2006 Guantanamo Bay Briton was MI5 spy, court is told: Bisher al-Rawi, 37, who has lived in Britain for more than 20 years, says that he was working for British Intelligence when he was picked up by the CIA during a trip to Africa.

27.Mar.2006 No Legal Rights for Enemy Combatants, Scalia Says : He also told the audience at the University of Freiburg in Switzerland that he was "astounded" by the "hypocritical" reaction in Europe to the prison'

27.Mar.2006 Should Scalia Recuse Himself From Gitmo Case? : Supreme Court: Detainees' Rights—Scalia Speaks His Mind

27.Mar.2006 Justice Scalia flips the finger in church: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia startled reporters in Boston just minutes after attending a mass, by flipping a middle finger to his critics.

27.Mar.2006 Parliament vigil man is arrested : Anti-war protester Brian Haw, who won a court battle to maintain his Parliament Square vigil which began in 2001, has been arrested.

27.Mar.2006 Towns, Cities Pass Resolutions Urging Impeachment: Brattleboro, Vermont, has joined nine other towns and cities, five state Democratic parties + 19 local Democratic committees in passing resolutions urging the impeachment of President Bush and -- in most cases -- Vice President Cheney.
27.Mar.2006 BBC
Hardtalk - Iraq: Debating a new government : Three years after the US led invasion of Iraq President Bush looks at Iraq and sees, a 'free and secure people getting back on their feet'. Former interim Prime Minister, Iyad Allawi sees a country already descended into civil war.
Secret Memo: Bush Was Set on Path to War,: During a private two-hour meeting in the Oval Office on

31.Jan.2003 Bush made clear to Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain that he was determined to invade Iraq without a second resolution.

27.Mar.2006 Bush-Blair Iraq war memo revealed : The memo indicates both leaders acknowledged it was possible no unconventional weapons would be found in Iraq before the invasion, the New York Times says.

27.Mar.2006 Charley Reese: Told You So : What we are witnessing is the beginning of the end of Euro-American domination of the planet.

When the emperors start being idiots, the empire is on the way to the ash heap of history. If you have any grandchildren, you might suggest that they study Chinese.

27.Mar.2006 Purported Saddam aide sends message: A taped message purported to be from Saddam Hussein's former deputy calls on Arab leaders to support the Iraqi "resistance" + boycott the government.

27.Mar.2006 US troops arrest Iraq forces: US troops today arrested at least 40 Iraqi Interior Ministry forces who were holding 17 foreigners in a secret bunker complex, political sources said.
Iraq parties demand U.S. cede control: Iraq's ruling parties demanded U.S. forces cede control of security on Monday as the government launched an inquiry into a raid on a Shi'ite mosque that ministers said saw "cold blooded" killings by U.S.-led troops.
Exposed: How American Contractors With The Help Of U.S. Government Raped Iraq

27.Mar.2006 Iraq's Missing Billions -Dispatches/GuardianFilms
A shocking story of fraud, incompetence and corruption, unscrupulous foreign contractors who made millions from dodgy contracts + literally billions of dollars which cannot be properly accounted for.

Sending mentally ill soldiers back to Iraq -By Stephen Soldz 
These soldiers are armed with lethal weapons and are often in a position to make split-second life-or-death decisions.

Iraq minister says US, Iraqi troops killed 37 -By Reuters
"They were all unarmed. Nobody fired a single shot at them (the troops). They went in, tied up the people and shot them all. They did not leave any wounded behind," he told Reuters.


Man habe die Mitschnitte erst jetzt herausgegeben, so hieß es aus der Justizbehörde, um sicher sein zu können, dass alle klar identifizierbaren Anrufe in voller Länge zur Verfügung gestellt werden können. "Die Erfahrung hat uns gelehrt, dass es am besten ist, alle Informationen gleichzeitig herauszugeben", sagte eine Behördensprecherin. Bruchstückhafte und unausgegorene Informationen führten nur dazu, dass sich die Familien falsche Hoffnungen machten.

Dass die brisante Post dennoch ohne Vorwarnung an die Familien der Opfer verschickt wurde, habe an einem Missverständnis gelegen, ließ Bürgermeister Michael Bloomberg mitteilen. Eigentlich hätten E-Mails an die Angehörigen verschickt werden sollen - dies sei aber nicht rechtzeitig geschehen. "Wir bedauern das sehr", teilte er in einer Pressemitteilung mit.
Woher das Hirn die Windungen bekommt
Warum besitzt das menschliche Gehirn Windungen? Forscher könnten einer Antwort auf die alte Frage jetzt einen großen Schritt näher gekommen sein. Ihrer Studie zufolge zwingen mechanische Kräfte die Großhirnrinde in ihre charakteristische Struktur.

Die bisherige Forschung habe "oft unterschlagen, dass das Gehirn auch ein physikalisches Objekt ist". Dass die Nervenfasern selbst mit ihrer Spannkraft die Windungen des Gehirns formten, sei vor Jahren als höchst umstrittene Theorie im Fachblatt "Nature" veröffentlicht worden. "Wir haben jetzt erstmals quantitative Belege dafür gefunden", so Hilgetag. Die neuroanatomische Datensammlung an der Boston University sei über Jahrzehnte gewachsen und die Hochschule in dieser Hinsicht weltweit führend.
Did You Know that Signing the Wrong Law and Violating the Constitution is Just a Technicality? America Under a Junta: An Update. -- A BuzzFlash Editorial
Fair Trade Organic Tea: Available from to Empower People, Create Jobs and Sustain Lives. (Ceylon Lemon Green and Ceylon Chai.)

27.Mar.2006 Okay, democracy has a price. Almost alone among proressive websites, we will not be compromised by third party advertising. Period. But we do have to pay a $20,000 Visa Bill on Tuesday. In addition, we don't charge a subscription + don't charge for our e-mail alerts. Help make BuzzFlash the new model of citizen-accountable journalism, because our only responsibility is to you.

27.Mar.2006 Months Late on the Story, New York Times finally confirms one of the bombshell Brit "Downing Street" memos in which Bush was dead set on war while pretending otherwise: "Our diplomatic strategy had to be arranged around the military planning..." Bush talked about several ways to provoke a confrontation, including a proposal to paint a U.S. surveillance plane in the colors of the United Nations in hopes of drawing fire, or assassinating Saddam. It's Like the News Arrives by Donkey Express at the NYT.

27.Mar.2006 Is Rove "Cooperating" with Fitzgerald's Office?
Death Toll Jumps to 30 in Iraq Bombing
Laugh Through Your Tears Satire: "In a rare show of unity, the Democratic Caucus, by near unanimous vote, has passed a Resolution censuring Senator Russell Feingold, for his proposed censure of the President for violating the FISA law."

27.Mar.2006 Sorry, Ken Mehlman: Feingold's censure proposal looks like a hit with voters 3/27
Cynthia Tucker: War Hawks Show Callous Disregard for Working-Class Troops 3/28
Fight .50 Caliber Terror 3/28

27.Mar.2006 http:
This Daily Kos diary by gjohnsit is must-read material. The headline: "America is effectively bankrupt."
27.Mar.2006 http:Are these assertions valid? gjohnsit draws his conclusions from the work of respected economist Walter J. "John" Williams. You can hear a good interview with him
here. As the interviewer prefaces: "It's not for the faint of heart; strap yourselves in." John Williams' website is here; you'll also want to visit OpEd News.
27.Mar.2006 http:Other signs of economic ragnarok:
-- Iran is not the only Middle Eastern nation switching away from the dollar.
Saudi Arabia and the UAE look ready to make the jump to the euro.
27.Mar.2006 Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke (an expert in the causes of the Great Depression) has announced that the possibility of a future "disruptive correction" of the trade deficit "cannot be ruled out." When a Fed chairman says something like that, what he really means is " Watch out! "

The trade gap will bite us in the ass + the U.S. dollar -- which has been losing value slowly -- will soon plummet in value.

And since oil may no longer be denominated in dollars, that fill-up will hurt your wallet a lot more than it does at present, because we will have to pay in more valuable euros.

Higher trasportation costs means higher costs for...well, everything .
-- Isabel V. Sawhill and Alice M. Rivlin of the Brookings Institution announced darkly that "...the federal budget deficits pose grave risks - a category 6 fiscal storm - to the U.S. economy.

The current course is simply not sustainable.

Promises to the elderly, especially about medical care, cannot be kept unless taxes are raised to levels that are unprecedented or other activities of the government are slashed.

Postponing such action would be reckless and short-sighted.

Massive amounts of capital have flowed in from around the world, financing much of America's federal deficit, as well as its international (or current account) deficit.

While this inflow of foreign capital has kept investment in the American economy strong it means that Americans are accumulating obligations to service these debts + repay foreigners out of their future income.

As a result, the future income available to Americans will be lower than it would have been without the government deficits.

The right-wing spin-meisters are preparing Americans for this by pretending that Bush brought about this problem through an over-abundance of "compassion" - not through military misadventure + corruption.
-- The percentage of mortgage delinquencies keeps rising.

The same dummies who kept voting for Bush also thought that adjustable rate mortgages were just ever so nifty-neato.

Truth be told, one cannot easily feel sorry for people operating at that level of doltishness.
The end of the housing bubble may be even uglier than you ever imagined. Check out what
John R. Talbott, author of "Sell Now!", has to say:

The problem, he says, is that home prices are way overvalued - just as Internet stocks were during the 1990 s before that sky collapsed.

As evidence, he points to the growing discrepancy between Bay Area home prices and rents, an indicator commonly used by economists to determine a property's true value...
To buy these overvalued homes, he says, many s overextend themselves financially by borrowing more from banks. They end up paying an inordinately high percentage of their monthly income on mortgages.

In Los Angeles, he points out, the average new homeowners, usually a young couple, are spending 55 percent of their monthly income on a mortgage payment...
Banks are lending more, he says, because they are sticking to their old qualifying formula of computing the ratio of the loan applicant's salary to the mortgage payment.

They're doing this, he said, without adjusting for inflation.
"So the banks are using the same stupid formula. They convince these young couples to borrow a million-dollar note that they're never gonna get out from under..."

More: Because of the above factors, Talbott predicts a wave of loan defaults and foreclosures.

Bank presidents will be fired for making so many risky loans.

The new presidents, wanting to clean up the mess, will unload the properties at a loss, perhaps for 40 to 60 cents on the dollar.

This will flood the market and deflate home prices further.
And then, according to Talbott's prediction, the financial impact will, like an especially vicious virus, spread.

First, the real estate industry will falter. Then, industries tied to real estate - including banking, construction, home supply stores - will be hurt.
"And then you've got a real recession," he says, "that will wash across the middle of the country."

Some of you may be thinking: "That will be the time to buy! Low housing prices!" Yeah, but - in a depression, will you continue to have a job ?

Of course, one must ask how to reconcile the predictions of resurgent inflation, due to the printing of money to pay off our debtors, with the falling home prices that will occur once the current bubble bursts.
When that famous fan gets hit by a certain brown-n-smelly substance, rest assured that red-state idjits (the ones who keep voting for pork-lovin' Republicans) will continue to tell themselves that we got into this mess by taxing the rich and tossing too much money at welfare cheats and not praying to Jeebus often enough. Such people are beyond education.

27.Mar.2006 Our worst covert op Which covert operation undertaken by members of the USA intelligence community did us the most harm in the long run?

That was the question posed a few days ago over on The Next Hurrah.

00.000.1953 -In my view- the ouster of democratically-minded Iranian leader Mossadegh should top the list.

Restoration of the Shah led to the Iranian revolution, which helped spread Islamic fanaticism.
One can take this point further. Many believe that the CIA aided the rise of Khomenei in the late 1970 s, once they understood that the Shah could not maintain power.

Our spooks considered an Islamic Republic preferable to the socialist alternative which had once seemed poised to take power in Iran after the Pahlavi dynasty fell.

A region-wide religious resurgence had the potential of helping to undermine the Soviet Union -- or so it was once felt.
Of course, the boldest voices will tell you that worst crimes committed by our spooks were the assassinations of the 1960 s.

latest Downing Street Memo proves -- again -- that despite public pronouncements, George W. Bush was always intent on war with Saddam Hussein, even if international arms inspectors scoured Iraq and determined the place to be clean and WMD-free.
The administration does not question this document. Yet Scotty McSpokesman refuses to budge from the previously-determined spin: McClellan noted previous U.N. resolutions had warned Saddam Hussein of serious consequences if he did not comply with U.N. mandates over weapons of mass destruction and its compliance with the inspection regime.
Saddam had been given numerous opportunities to do so but chose not to, McClellan stressed.

But Saddam did comply.

Inspectors had free run of Iraq. And the memo, along with plenty of other evidence, proves that compliance was never the issue;

Bush was determined to invade no matter what Saddam Hussein did.
Qaida-Mann wollte Jet ins Weiße Haus steuern
Überraschende Wende in Amerikas spektakulärstem Terroristenprozess:

Der Franzose Moussaoui erklärte vor Gericht, er sollte am 11.Sep.2001 ein Flugzeug ins Weiße Haus steuern.

Den Auftrag dazu will er von Terrorboss Bin Laden bekommen haben.

Wie glaubwürdig seine Aussagen sind, ist offen.
Asmus: Der Vorgang ist zu frisch, um ihn abschließend beurteilen zu können. Wir sind irritiert - zumal solch ein Phänomen am

19.Jul.2005 vorigen Jahres schon einmal aufgetreten ist. Damals meldete das Radar ein 400 Kilometer dickes Regenband von Friesland bis Hessen.
SPIEGEL: Wie bitte?
Asmus: Es ist bekannt, dass die Briten und Deutschen im Zweiten Weltkrieg Stanniolfäden vom Himmel fallen ließen, um das gegnerische Radar zu stören.

Heute werden dafür hauchdünne metallüberzogene Kunststofffäden genutzt, die Düppel. Sie sind wenige Zentimeter lang und werden in der Atmosphäre ausgestreut.

So bildet sich eine Art unsichtbare Mauer, die Radarstrahlen reflektiert.
SPIEGEL: Das Verteidigungsministerium hat aber dementiert.

Es gebe "keine Anhaltspunkte dafür, dass die Wolke von unseren Luftstreitkräften verursacht wurde".
Asmus: Beweisen können wir nichts. Aber am wahrscheinlichsten scheint derzeit dennoch, dass im Luftraum über der Nordsee Erprobungen mit Metallfäden stattfinden,

die unsere meteorologischen Geräte stören + uns eine falsche Wetterlage vorgaukeln.
Legendärer Palast: Forscher wollen Zitadelle des Ajax gefunden haben

27.Mar.2006  Interview mit Stanislaw Lem: "Wir steuern auf einen Nuklearkrieg zu!"
Mechanik im Kopf: Woher das Hirn die Windungen bekommt
11.Sep.2001: Letzte Hilferufe erreichen Angehörige erst jetzt
Kanzlerwohnung ausgespäht: BKA ermittelt
Berlusconi-Wahlkampf: "Kommunisten verkochten Babys zu Dünger"
Neue Richtlinie: Einheitlicher EU-Führerschein kommt ab 2012
Globale Umverteilung: Die Profiteure des Ölpreisschubs - und seine Verlierer

27.Mar.2006 Blutbad in Bagdad: Gouverneur stoppt Zusammenarbeit mit US-Truppen
Ungesättigtes Bauchfett: Forscher klonen Fett-weg-Schweine
Großbritannien: Blair nennt Erklärung über Amtsverzicht einen Fehler
Ibiza: Richter stoppt Autobahn-Bau zum Flughafen

27.Mar.2006 Wetter-Radar: Geisterwolke über der Elbe
Milliarden-Plus: Experten erwarten mehr Steuereinnahmen
Magnetschwebebahn: Glos drängt auf deutschen Transrapid

27.Mar.2006 Britische Studie: Deutsche sollen intelligenteste Europäer sein
Internetbotschaft an arabische Länder: Saddam ruft zur Unterstützung von Aufständischen auf
Bundesrat: Große Koalition verpasst knapp Zwei-Drittel-Mehrheit
The oil in your oatmeal A lot of fossil fuel goes into our breakfast
Please join me for breakfast. It's time to fuel up again. On the table in my small Berkeley apartment this morning is a healthy-looking little meal -- a bowl of imported McCann's Irish oatmeal topped with Cascadian Farms organic frozen raspberries + a cup of Peet's Fair Trade Blend coffee. Like ...

Former DeLay Aide Enriched By Nonprofit
A top adviser to former House Whip Tom DeLay received more than a third of all the money collected by the U.S. Family Network, a nonprofit organization the adviser created to promote a pro-family political agenda in Congress, according to the group's accounting records. DeLay's former chief of ...

Crooks and Liars
Petrelis Files: The latest issue of the New York Review of Books has a must-read report from Baghdad by UC Berkeley journalism dean Orville Schell on the state of the press in the Iraqi city.

Speak Speak News: The FBI investigates the president of Common Cause...for criticizing the Patriot Act at ...
Court Case Challenges Power of President
Seized by U.S. forces in Afghanistan and imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Osama bin Laden's former chauffeur is now seeking victory over President Bush in a new arena: the Supreme Court.

Michael Ware on Bill Maher (VIDEO) Author: Ian 
Description from an earlier post Michael Ware, TIME Magazine’s Baghdad bureau chief appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday night.

He called the situation in Iraq, like “watching a slow trainwreck” then goes on to tell Maher how is drinking now and that he’s drunk ...
500,000 March in L.A. Against Immigration Bill LOS ANGELES

They surprised the police + maybe themselves, their T-shirts turning block after block of downtown Los Angeles streets white in a demonstration so massive that few causes in recent U.S. history could have matched it.
New distillation method fuels interest in ethanol by Webhelp The excitement over ethanol derives from research that has cut the cost of converting nonfood plant matter like grasses + wood chips into alcohol.
Renewed effort to oust Thai PM Tens of thousands march in Bangkok in a bid to get Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to quit.
US activists rally for immigrants About half a million activists in Los Angeles protest against plans to criminalise undocumented workers.
Hoon warns peers to back ID cards Commons leader Geoff Hoon warns peers to stop blocking plans for all passport applicants to get ID cards.
NSA Might Listen to Lawyer Calls Responding to questions from Congress, the Justice Department says confidential calls between doctors and patients or attorneys + clients are not off limits to NSA warrentless surveillance - + such material can be used in court. It's all legal says DOJ.
Police Use MySpace to ID Suspects When a party turns violent, detectives find the suspects in the crime by using the victim's friends' list on MySpace.
Evidence of the Missing Link Found? Author: ScuttleMonkey 189
HUADPE writes to tell us CNN is reporting that scientists in northeastern Ethiopia recently discovered a skull that they think may be evidence of the "missing link" between Homo erectus and modern man. From the article: "The hominid cranium - found in two pieces + believed to be between 500,000 + 250,000 years old - 'comes from a very significant period + is very close to the appearance of the anatomically modern human,' said Sileshi Semaw, director of the Gona Paleoanthropological Research Project in Ethiopia."

New Data Transmission Speed Record Author: ScuttleMonkey 203
An anonymous reader writes "Gizmag is reporting that a team of German and Japanese scientists have collaborated to shatter the world record for data transmission speed.

From the article: "By transmitting a data signal at 2.56 terabits per second over a 160-kilometer link (equivalent to 2,560,000,000,000 bits per second or the contents of 60 DVDs) the researchers bettered the old record of 1.28 terabits per second held by a Japanese group. By comparison, the fastest high-speed links currently carry data at a maximum 40 Gbit/s, or around 50 times slower."
3D Face Imaging in 40 Milliseconds Author: ScuttleMonkey 148
Roland Piquepaille writes "Computer scientists at Sheffield Hallam University, UK, have developed a new face recognition software which can produce an exact 3D image of a face within 40 milliseconds. A pattern of light is projected on your face, creating a 2D image, from which an accurate 3D representation is generated. This technology should speed airport check-ins, but it could also be used in banks or for checking ID cards as it allows full identification in less than one second."

Homeland Security Okays Closed Proceedings Author: ScuttleMonkey 245
CNet is reporting that a newly created branch within the Homeland Security Department that brings together many different federal agency employees and private sector players has been given the go-ahead to disregard a law requiring meetings to be open and proceedings public. From the article: "The 1972 law generally requires such groups to meet in open sessions, make written meeting materials publicly available + deliver a 15-day notice of any decision to close a meeting to the public. The last is a particular point of concern for Homeland Security officials, who anticipate that private emergency meetings may need to be scheduled on short notice."

26.Mar.2006 CSA begins with a quote from
George Bernard Shaw. "If you are going to tell people the truth, you'd better make them laugh. Otherwise they'll kill you." ";->"
Second Dubai firm confirms U.S. review: Dubai International Capital LLC said it plans to buy a British precision-engineering company with two U.S. plants that make precision parts used in engines for military aircraft + tanks.

26.Mar.2006 Government cracks down on dissent in name of 'anti-terrorism': Two releases of local law enforcement files in recent days have shed new light on just how far the Bush administration, federal + local law enforcement are going to suppress political dissent in the aftermath of 9-11.

26.Mar.2006 IRS Audited Greenpeace At Request of ExxonMobil-Funded Group: The Wall Street Journal revealed this week a little-known watchdog group was responsible for getting the IRS to audit the environmental organization Greenpeace.

26.Mar.2006 Audit: Millions Wasted on Katrina Response: The government wasted millions of dollars in its award of post-Katrina contracts for disaster relief, including at least $3 million for 4,000 beds that were never used, federal auditors said Thursday.
So pro-Israel that it hurts : The new John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt study of "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy" should serve as a wake-up call, on both sides of the ocean. The most obvious and eye-catching reflection is the fact that it is authored by two respected academics and carries the imprimatur of Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

26.Mar.2006 Israeli Spy Affair: Judge: Charges against AIPAC officials may be unconstitutional: A federal judge on Friday questioned the constitutionality of a law under which two former lobbyists with a pro-Israel group have been charged with receiving and disclosing national defense information.

26.Mar.2006 UN accused of ignoring 500,000 Chernobyl deaths: United Nations nuclear and health watchdogs have ignored evidence of deaths, cancers, mutations and other conditions after the Chernobyl accident, leading scientists and doctors have claimed in the run-up to the nuclear disaster's 20th anniversary next month.

26.Mar.2006 The pollution gap: Report reveals how the world's poorer countries are forced to pay for the CO2 emissions of the developed nations
Milosvic: First Victim Of U.S. Franchised Street Revolutions "Dies" In Custody: Western media describes Milosevic as the Butcher of the Balkans, but what about the well established butchers of Falluja, Baghdad, verily, Iraq ( and Afghanistan) under the so called 'Operation Iraqi Freedom ',inspired by God .

26.Mar.2006 Gordon Prather: Bush's unilateral agenda: The stances of Moscow and Beijing on Iran are laid down in the joint declaration signed by the two countries' leaders last week in Beijing, whereby Russia and China "oppose attempts to use the situation around the Iranian nuclear program to solve certain political issues on someone's unilateral agenda."
A New Ethics Needed to Save Life on Earth: Affect, care, cooperation and responsibility are the four central principles of a new ethics that humanity urgently needs to adopt, in order to avoid becoming extinct as "a victim of itself," Leonardo Boff, one of the founders of liberation theology, said Thursday.
Rescue in Iraq surprises Canadians: While Canadians rejoiced at the news that two of their citizens were rescued from captivity in Iraq, some were surprised to learn Canadian special forces were involved in the mission and curious as to how many troops are on the ground.

26.Mar.2006 "A Model Democracy Is not Emerging in Iraq": Francis Fukuyama was a life-long neo-conservative prior to the election of the Bush Administration.

The Iraq war led him to change his mind. SPIEGEL ONLINE spoke to Fukuyama about the US handling of Iraq, the moral superiority of America + Europe's dangerous addiction to anti-Americanism.

26.Mar.2006 Senate hearing set on move to censure Bush : The Republican-led U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee announced on Friday it would hold a hearing next week on a call by a Democratic lawmaker to censure President George W. Bush for his domestic spy program.

26.Mar.2006 Jason Miller: Democratizing the World: One Torture Victim at a Time : Psychological torture, sleep deprivation, brutality, severe sexual humiliation + murder summon visions of a dank dungeon in a remote region of pre-invasion Iraq, Iran, or North Korea, replete with evil inquisitors and hooded executioners. However, those manifestations of horror did not spring forth from the Axis of Evil.

They are actually drawn from official post- 11.Sep.2001 US policy.
Battle for Baghdad 'has already started' : The battle between Sunni + Shia Muslims for control of Baghdad has already started, say Iraqi political leaders who predict fierce street fighting will break out as each community takes over districts in which it is strongest.
Iraq Redux
When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty.”   ~ George Bernard Shaw

By Dom Stasi

Today, only slaves to their personal biases cling to the myth of might is right, Go W, These Colors Don’t Run, Power Of Pride + God Bless America. Which god might that be? Which America would he deign to bless? Continue 26.Mar.2006 War Making 101 - A Users Manual -By Stephen Lendman
Here's one definition of a dictator or at least one practicing to become one. It's a head of state able to decide alone with unchallengeable authority whether or not to take a nation to war for any reason.

Here's an add-on to that definition. If a leader does it for any reason other than to respond to an attack by another nation or clear evidence an attack is coming, that leader is also a war criminal. Continue

26.Mar.2006 Some Thoughts about Jesus, The Church, My Country + The War -By Doug Soderstrom
There can be no misunderstanding that Jesus’ mandate to love is uncompromisingly opposed to the mass slaughter that defines the character of war. However, because so many have successfully distorted the teachings of Jesus, our country has been allowed to launch a decades-long campaign of death and destruction formulated to destroy all who refuse to play “the game” according to our rules.

Impeachment or Resignation: Pick Your Poison   By Ralph Nader
Attention please, good people! Adjust your routines and come to the aid of your country + your children with your thoughtful patriotism. Don't just hope for impeachment, demand the resignation now of the mad hatters in the White House--George W. Bush and Richard Cheney.


Etwa 1500 Tote pro Jahr

Experten wie Friedrich schlagen Alarm, weil sich die Zahl antibiotikaresistenter Staphylokokken in Deutschland, Frankreich und Belgien in den vergangenen zehn Jahren verzehnfacht habe. Hochrechnungen zufolge infizieren sich hier zu Lande pro Jahr etwa 30.000 Menschen mit MRSA, rund 1500 sterben, wie der Mikrobiologe sagt. Genaue Zahlen gebe es nicht, da diese Infektionen nicht meldepflichtig seien.
Drei neue Landtage: Wahlbeteiligung auf US-Niveau
Kanada: Umstrittene Robbenjagd gestartet
Sicherheitspanne: Wachleute filmten heimlich Merkels Wohnzimmer
Studentenrevolte in Frankreich: Generation der Verunsicherten

26.Mar.2006 Gefährliche Keime: Neue Strategien gegen multiresistente Bakterien 
Selling Universal Healthcare Author: Kevin Drum 
SELLING UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE....Steve Benen points to polling data that says 70% of Americans think the government spends too little on healthcare + concludes,

"Public opinion is already leaning towards single payer, whether they&apos;re familiar with the phrase or not." I...
Bush Shows Strategy for Keeping Hill Majorities INDIANAPOLIS,

President Bush on Friday provided a preview of his two-front strategy for protecting the Republican congressional majority in an ominous political climate:

hammer Democrats on national security and the economy + raise millions of dollars for embattled GOP candidates...
Justice Dept. Says NSA Wiretaps Can Spy On Doctor-Patient, Attorney-Client Calls... Author: The Huffington Post 
The National Security Agency could have legally monitored ordinarily confidential communications between doctors and patients or attorneys + their clients, the Justice Department said Friday of its controversial warrantless surveillance program. Responding to questions from Congress, the ...

11.Sep.2001 Lawyer Won't Testify On Her Actions
A government lawyer whose misconduct nearly derailed the death-penalty trial of Zacarias Moussaoui will not have to testify about her actions at a hearing Monday, court officials said yesterday.

Darkhorse Marines Do What They Can Author: Bluto 
From the not-exciting-enough-for-the-nightly-news file comes word that Marines from Company I, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment delivered a new top-of-the-line pediatric wheelchair to a little girl in Al Hasa, Iraq. The Marines became aware of the girl in January, when...

20,000 in Phoenix Rally for Immigrant Rights
LOS ANGELES, March 24 (AP) — Thousands of people across the country protested Friday against legislation cracking down on illegal immigrants, with demonstrators in cities including Los Angeles, Phoenix and Atlanta staging school walkouts, marches and work stoppages. Congress is considering ...

Germany Accepts Strict Piracy Law Author: ScuttleMonkey 142
A beautiful mind writes "The TimesOnline is reporting that Germany has accepted a new piracy law, currently the toughest in Europe, which comes into effect on January 1, 2007. From the article: 'Germans risk two years in prison if they illegally download films and music for private use under a new law agreed yesterday. Anybody who downloads films for commercial use could be jailed for up to five years.' Many politicians defended the new law, amongst them Günther Krings, the Christian Democrat legal affairs spokesman, who claimed: 'There should be no legal distinction between stealing chewing gum from a shop and performing an illegal download.'"

And people who choose to heal with plants go to jail
How we survived jail hell

For two years the Tipton Three have been silent prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.

Now, in this remarkable interview with David Rose, they describe for the first time the extraordinary story of their journey from the West Midlands to Camp Delta David Rose
14.Mar.2004 Observer
How we survived jail hell, part two

Read part one here David Rose
14.Mar.2004 Observer Interrogation

Study: AIPAC Works Against US Interests Ex-UN Chief: America Has 'Lost Its Moral Compass' "Free" Traders Now Aiming to Exploit North Korea's Enslaved workers The Farcical End of the American Dream GIVE US YOUR HUDDLED MASSES – OR NOT Look at the Latins Unions Rally for Palestine The Star-Spangled Fantasyland of the Fake and Home of the Bogus Cold Blooded Killers After Three Years of War

Please keep your comments on topic - Thank you.

In God's name, this video can not come off of this site as of 3/25/06 as stated.

It needs to stay here in plane sight of the entire world for as long as needed until these horrors + inhumanities + the monsters that perpetrated them + the government that created them can be exposed, stopped + punished. God help us! The Doc | 03.22.06 - 5:44 pm | #

Please fix it and you must compile these truths and make a permenant space for them. HB | 03.22.06 - 10:25 pm | #

I suggest you do what ever you need to do to see this video.
No one can watch this video and not call for the release of everyone in Americas gulag.
No civilized society would condone this.
Guess who? |
Homepage | 03.22.06 - 10:47 pm | #

I feel wounded and tearful to see and hear the actual faces and voices of these men and what has been done to them.

Perhaps they are young enough or strong enough to continue thier lives uneffected, but I doubt it.

I would expect to hear of thier difficulty adjusting, nightmares, difficulty trusting, among other problems.

Have they no legal recourse?

It is incredible story to watch them lose their innocense + the black spot they will need to overcome for the rest of thier lives.
As well, as an American, I am deeply saddened by what has been done in my name; that this is what they have in mind when they say all possible is being done to guarantee my security.

The price, the cost is too high + will boomerang. We will all be in debt for a long time. God help us if justice is not ultimately served. Dennis M | 03.23.06 - 2:01 am | #

uh, everybody understands that this isn't a documentary, it's a docu-drama. most of the time we're watching actors re-enacting purported events. it's a nice job though. hooboy | 03.23.06 - 2:34 am | #

I wish I could tell these men I'm so sorry.
Every American needs to see this film.

I'm going to write to every news organization + talk show encouraging them to invite these three men, Michael Winterbottom, Mat Whitecross + possibly the actors to the US to discuss this film.

First on my list is Oprah Winfrey, she reaches more people than cable news or any news show for that matter.

I would encourage everyone to do the same. This story needs to be told. Sam | 03.23.06 - 3:40 am | #

They really do control through fear eh?

My fear of writing a response, for starters....

Perhaps that's why, hours after the 3/4 of this moving video through which I could get + tossing + crying throughout the night, when I come to reload the remainder, I find a mere six responses?

Are we to believe that we are the only 6 whom watched this...or are we the only brave 6, now 7, who dare to risk what we own, have, know + love to speak out?
I could care less that these are reinactments. Duh, Neocon, no one is doubting that..

The fact remains that IN AMERICA, faithful Muslims and good people, like "us" in all other ways, ARE being drug from their homes and interrogated relentlessly, only to return + resume their "regular" life if + when "lucky"...drug to other horrors if not so.

THAT is the documentary I expect from this man next, but in such a world of information vs. dissinformation all to keep a power crux, what will we ever really see? What will any of us ever really know?
Do I believe that this has the power to awaken many people? Absolutely.

Do I wish like heck that those working for would find a permanent space for this video? Absolutely.

Will Oprah for all the publicists, viewers, or money in all the world EVER air anything remotely close to this....HECK NO...but it is time to awaken others.

Most of us who watched this already knew....

What more should we each find in our hearts/souls to teach and do to stand up against this tyranny and these consistent atrocities committed in our name + honour?
My nation has died...And herein lies the proof.
ThePontificator | 03.23.06 - 7:48 am |

A truly heartbreaking and touching film. A film that consolidates the fact that the US uses the excuse of terrorism to practice terror.
However one slight criticism of the film in my eyes was that not enough emphasis was given to the torture and agony that the prisoners probably encontered and continue to do so.
But overall a very moving piece of media.

I encourage every person reading this comment to tell their family, friends, colleagues etc to watch this movie to ensure that the illegal & amoral practices + polices carried out by the US army and government can be displayed clearly.
One has to remember that this film only focuses on three of the innocent prisoners that were wrongfully held.

One cannot ignore the fact that their continues to be over 400 innocent (until proven guilty) people that are being held in Guantanamo, that are most likely encountering the same, if not higher levels of anguish and torture.
Let’s do everything in our power to work for the release of the remaining prisoners as ‘Those who have the privilege to know, have a duty to act” Albert Einstein.
Rizwaan Sabir BA Politics undergraduate Manchester, England Rizwaan Sabir | 03.23.06 - 4:18 pm |

Just like the other video, this one will not play, maybe the Goverment does not want this video view in Pennysilvania. I'm getting real mad. Scott | 03.23.06 - 5:09 pm | #

I watched this late last night + had nightmares.
It is revolution time.

We can hold out until the next election, but everytime you hear how democrats are not selling themselves + the republicans are in "virtual dead heats" with the dim dems, then KNOW you are being prepared to have another "close election" decided by faulty machines.
If we do not get rid of bush + I disagree with anyone who says he should not be impeached, that we've had enough of this "back + forth, you got me, now I'm gonna get you," as stated by Murtha, then know they are wrong
I falsely supported clinton, because he talked a good game most of the time + because he wasn't a republican who wanted to turn back the clock.

Okay, I was wrong, but even still, I thought he should have been impeached for lying.

Even for the highly personal shit because he saw fit to lie to us instead of standing up for his + thereby our, right to privacy.
bush needs to go. chcney needs to go. rumsfeld needs to go. gonzalez needs to go back to the gay bars.

Why are closeted gays always the worst? (Because nasty straight people get the right to propagandize, but that's entirely another issue.)
We must stop this bus in its tracks. Revolution? You bet. kdaves | 03.23.06 - 5:11 pm |

Is it possible to convert the video to windows media and quick time (Please try and keep the file size small while maintaining quality) so that we can increase the number of people who can view this video
Email me with the video location. Thank you. Tom |
Homepage | 03.23.06 - 5:20 pm | #

Its time to stand up and shout, instead of sit down and shut up.

America, takeback your country, set an example to the rest of this world!. Now! David | 03.23.06 - 6:05 pm | #

This has made me so sick. tho i cant reclick, link wont work i want to watch again.

This is so terrible, so many people ae going thru this + its unjust, they dont deserve this.

What the American military and government are doing is extremely evil.

Bush has earned his spot right next to Hitler. May God Bless Us all.

This is seriously mind blowing PEACE AND LOVE -just-another | 03.23.06 - 7:03 pm | #

I real enjoyed this video but I think it made the US & Uk soldiers look like Angels compaired to what they are really like.
We need more videos like these, good work Information Clearing House. Andrew | 03.23.06 - 7:58 pm |

The nsa is blocking most .RA files from this site (every free non commecerial player of realplayer files is affected) at least every one i have tried to plug into FIRFOX has crashed on every RA file in the clearinghouse.
is there a fix that works without more spyware + NSA holes?

Please speak up to mozzilla (they think i am a config kiddy) but they will have to help after more folk start help thread on this at the fourms. Masher1 | Homepage | 03.23.06 - 8:22 pm | #

Also RealPlayer files from other "non political sources" seem to work just fine? Why?

does the clearinghouse use some special form of REALPLAYER to encode it's stuff? I Hardly think this is the case.

The NSA press rel. tell me that it is CONDI and HER NSA super computer stopping this content from working (anyone seen a big hit in torrent function?)

This is the Early stages of "Total Spectrum Control". p.s. No i am NOT parinoid. Masher1 | Homepage | 03.23.06 - 8:34 pm | #

Four or five times I've tried watching the video, but it quits early on. I'll keep trying.

Reading the comments of those who HAVE seen it, gives me a sense of the devistating, deliberate 'mans-inhumanity-to-man' cruelty and horrors;

suffered at the hands of sick, degenerates;

these three & countless other faceless souls endured & are still.

Q: IS there a 'humane' penalty and Just punishment for such INjustices? Namely?

Q: Considering the abundence of [allegedly] closed U.S. military bases; all things considered; why hasn't U.S. interest long since been abandoned?

Am I alone in wondering what sort of quiet 'bargain' must exist that causes the Cuban govt. to continue to allow U.S. access to and/or ANY use of this specific 'U.S. military instillation' on their soil?

What am I MISSING? M. Lloyd Michigan | 03.23.06 - 9:03 pm | #

Just WHO Is the AUTHOR of this FILM?
Anyone? Who made this Film? Sure has an CIA propaganda film. Masher1 |
Homepage | 03.23.06 - 9:47 pm | #

The techniques used are brutal and stupid.

I can't get over the idiocy of the cartoonish questions asked of these guys.

Who trained these 'interrogators' -with nothing but the same stupid cliches coming out of their ignorant mouths?

And we in America are supposed to feel safer with this Army of Clowns?

Is this what Guantanamo is all about?

What a waste of money and effort.

I don't think that if this is the best the US can come up with that the world's hyperpower will last for long...but then look at how they messed up in something as basic as Katrina.

No wonder they have to bomb impoverished people back into the stoneage.

While these screwball British fellows suffered, they clearly came away with nothing but contempt for their captors... so much for 'Shock and Awe'...

You would have thought the US authorities would have just killed their useless prisoners out of embarassment so that their incompetence wouldn't become public knowledge.

This is the way America gets its 'intelligence'?

Is this why Mr. Atta and company succeeded?

Please now I really am scared for my country.

My dad always said 'military intelligence was an oxymoran'. robin | 03.23.06 - 10:02 pm | #

Every American should watch this, alright!!.

Wake up you people.

It is a severe indictment on your Government and a worse indictment on yourselves.

You have been scared into submission, to scared to comment in case there is a knock at your door .

18 comments about this. Its pathetic. Merv | 03.23.06 - 10:10 pm | #

Who would get this level of access for a film of this type,at a time like this.

Really access to large transport planes for filming REAL rounds used and other Unusual levels of access to US/british stuff
Just what is this movie here for?
Can anyone think of a good reason to release this film? I surely can.
This is a PLAY an Very elaborate + cunning CIA farie show to make you aware of + to respect this level + tenor of treatment you can expect to see if this Charlie Sheen type stuff continues.

Get it stupids it's a tune-up America.

This will be you if you fight the coming level of civic rights loss + other losses that FACE every single so-called American after this plans next part is revealed + loosed upon the WORLD.
Masher1 |
Homepage | 03.23.06 - 10:14 pm | #

This is one video that should be shown throughout our blinded and purposely misinformed nation. You will find nothing even remotely as informative as this film on the Controlled Media such as Fox News or Cable TV.
I watched it all the way through, not wanting to miss a second of these young men's terrible ordeal...from their young-men innocence about life, all the way through to their sad awakening to the horrors that abound in this world...horrors that could come upon any one of us when we least expect it.
I know that what we have been shown is only the tip of what those innocent young men endured. After two years of deprivation and torture and not even an apology or any form of restitution ! What recourse do they + others like them have ?
I am so ashamed of what my country is doing secretly + yet supposedly with my approval. Anyone that can still believe a word that emanates from the mouth of anyone connected to this Administration would have to be wearing blinders, or else be totally ignorant. It is past time to clean out the White House. I am including the Congress and Senate, as well. Most of them have been a party to probably the worst debacle in the history of our nation, bar none.
Democrats, get up on your hind legs and start acting like leaders before it is too late. A good example to follow is Senator Russ Weingold. We do not want more Republican Lites pretending to be Democrats.
Thank you, PCH.
VJS v. sanborn | 03.23.06 - 10:19 pm |

The link is dead right now. As for the authors of the film, one would have thought anyone who had been following the international news over the last month would know who they are:
Rowan Berkeley | 03.23.06 - 11:08 pm |
# no, I take that back, the link works - there is a lag of a few minutes and a drag on your browser while it loads and buffers up. Rowan Berkeley | 03.23.06 - 11:16 pm | #

I can read dude. I also know about google
so let me get this strait this mark dude pulled all this togher the c130 the armour the troops the uniforms all the live fire everything. sorry dudes this is just not even close to being believable.

The true reason for this film is going to STUN most USA residents i think.
better look into it USA.
Masher1 |
Homepage | 03.23.06 - 11:46 pm | #

I mean heck THIS FILM produced in this political climate without some HIGH level help is Just not going to happen.

The NEO-CON Total control of the release of 11.Sep.2001 info in the AMERICAN + BRITSH media will not succumb why this film.

Or what you are saying is that this one GOT THORUGH eh?

one little victory for the good guys eh?

look at the content. look at the delevery.

Who gets access to gitmo for fillming.

Also look at the very carefully chosen personalitys in the film. sooner or later America YOU will have to take control of your land
Sooner or later.
Revere it if you want.
Propaganda is what is.
The CIA is the source.
Masher1 |
Homepage | 03.24.06 - 12:02 am | #

The link appears to be out Tom.
ian | 03.24.06 - 12:19 am |

i cant open this link and watch the video ... its not working -cateye | 03.24.06 - 12:27 am | #

I just finished watching it. As I said, it takes a few minutes to load and buffer up.
The idea that the makers of the film were part of some sort of CIA scheme is a little naive.

I don't think "Masher1" understands the difference between the British TV networks + the US ones.
Having said that, it is no part of my agenda to "revere" the film. Rowan Berkeley | 03.24.06 - 1:36 am |

It might cheer "masher1" up if I point out though that one function of the film is to exculpate MI5 from responsibility -

right at the end it carries a printed screen message to the effect that the supposed MI5 interrogator confessed to being an american phony. Rowan Berkeley | 03.24.06 - 1:43 am | #

definitely problems with the link, I started watching it yesterday, but hadn't time, today it freezes my computer. ian | 03.24.06 - 1:56 am | #

Yeah, Rowan I caught that too.

The British intelligence is just as involved, they don't get a free pass.

The thing I've been thinking about todays is the release of the three christian peacemakers.

Interesting that the story pushed the massacres by US troops of the front pages .

I know it sounds far fetched but I honestly wouldn't put it past this administration to have had some of thier liberated Iraqi friends holding these guys.

After all, they were expendible peacenicks.

It's really sad that our government is so twisted that I'd even fathom the thought.

I've never been one to believe in all those far fetched conspiracy theories but I wouldn't put it past our current government.

I'm also left wondering about the fact that Canadians had special forces in Iraq.

I always suspected they were one of the countries that supported the US/British "coalition" but didn't want to be publicly named.

I think my suspicions have been confirmed. Sam | 03.24.06 - 2:03 am | #

I find outfits like the so called "CPT" really irritating.

If people want to help the Iraqis must they send emissaries, can't they just support Iraqi helping organisations? Rowan Berkeley | 03.24.06 - 2:12 am | #

I just downloaded it now without problems, I suppose it depends where you live. Try downloading from the website of channel 4 . Andrew | 03.24.06 - 2:12 am | #

For those of you having trouble watching it try right clicking on the video and playing it in real player.

I've had no trouble watching any of the videos but the sound is all screwed up so I can't watch from the site directly. Sam | 03.24.06 - 2:13 am | #

the above is not working try is one Andrew | Homepage | 03.24.06 - 2:14 am | #

Naive Eh? Well SOD oFF YA fool. Go ahead keep your head in the sand i could not care less.

But this film is GARBAGE ment to further KILLING.

You think this WILL STOP KILLING?

this is a step down the ladder if you don't see the message in the PROPER LIGHT.
this is a CIA trick i assure all the real intrested folk (regardless of NSA bott posts promoting this ENTRTAINMENT)
Me i KNOW government flix when i see them.

Really this is so blatent that i am sort of shocked to see this WEIRD fawning over this Obvious ganada flic.
Are You! Brainwashed? Mr UK? Masher1 |
Homepage | 03.24.06 - 2:56 am | #

And I study Many lands MEDIA + government very closely and do not comment lightly about such topics.

As to the lack of understanding well that is not even worth mention really. Masher1 | Homepage | 03.24.06 - 3:03 am | #

Most Brits don't even know WHO owns London. Masher1 | Homepage | 03.24.06 - 3:04 am | #

perhaps its is you who is to have a learning session on what is truth. Try
there is a mitt full of real Canadian TRUTH here have a look. no Fights needed this is just plain NEWS folks
This film is long on show but short on real hard idenifiable facts.
REAL pretty tho all the action and death strewn about nice and real like.
If you are into that crap i suppose.
"Snach back your BRAINS Zombies"
"Snach Em back and hold Em" Ice-T (johnny nememonic) Masher1 |
Homepage | 03.24.06 - 3:20 am | #

I guess the soldiers whould have been better off just beheading the poor guys, like their counterparts do to the prisoners they kidnap.

At least these people can have nightmares, the beheaded ones are just dead. joe | 03.24.06 - 3:26 am | #

"This movie shows the sadism and stupidity of the US and British soldiers."
quite a subjective view i see you have there. note: it doesnt matter who is in power, who's in empire or who's occupying the weaker.

They will always appear brutal. tally ho england. C | 03.24.06 - 3:34 am | #

COUNTERPARTS? WTF? Must be Another NSA bott (JOE)
CIA was the chopper of the copper man NEVER FORGET THIS. Masher1 |
Homepage | 03.24.06 - 3:35 am | #

hey can I produce something that follows the victims of 11.Sep.2001 as they burn and fall to their deaths.

I think it would be a good counter point to watch as the dead fall and this shit plays. good juxtaposition. if you have not been over thier then shut the fuck up. Anonymous | 03.24.06 - 4:12 am | #

better yet I will ask that cat in Afghanistan that might be put to death for his religious beliefs if these fucks that a re portrayed in this piece of fiction should be shot.

until you actually get off your asses and stop crying and go see the truth for your SELVES wake up you fucking morons your just cattle on the trail, realise the situation your in.

you think Islam is gonna cry for you when they slit you open cause you voiced an opinion. Morons -Anonymous | 03.24.06 - 4:19 am | #

hey Iv got some video for ya, its great instead of portrayals and fake shit it shows real people getting beheaded for helping children read and fight infection, oh yeah + teaching women to read. hell they deserved it women should shut the fuck up and stay in the home... Anonymous | 03.24.06 - 4:23 am | #

Anonymous, are you Deadeye dick Cheyney, Rummy? no, 'cause if you're mr average American, we're all fucked. ian | 03.24.06 - 4:29 am | #

You idiots. It's a DRAMA!!! You're the same fools that believed Farenhype 11.Sep.2001. Drinking that much Koolaid will make your teeth rot out. Tom Detko | 03.24.06 - 5:09 am | #

"cant handle the truth, huh?"
(just thought I'd throw that in, it sounds tough) Rowan Berkeley | 03.24.06 - 5:22 am |

anyway, to summarise the objections:
(1) its all lies
(2) but even if its true they deserve it
(3) why do you all hate america? Rowan Berkeley | 03.24.06 - 6:04 am |

Tom Detko, you're probably right, as I've a feeling it's a lot worse than the video showed in Gitmo.

As for the Farenhype, well I don't know, Michael Moore no doubt made some money.

The crunch is, us ordinary folks choose what to believe + given the fact that Bush/the rest, lied lied + better lied to get a war that's making the elite billions + we might die in the war but we won't get squat other than higher fuel prices which will be passed on thus eating at our pockets.

I think I'll believe that 11.Sep.2001 was an inside job (do your own research), to get the wars the elite wanted.

Gitmo is a shit hole and against every international law there is, so they got round that by calling them enemy combatants.

They Gitmo'ized Abu Grhaib because it wasn't tough enough + it wasn't a 5 star hotel, ask Lyndie.

As for Iraq, the middle east was the cradle of civilisation, most of the stars you see at night have Arabic names.

They had history in the middle east, though perhaps now no future, due to the DU that's been dumped on them by the ton + the Halliburton built military camps + last but not least, what the fuck's Koolaid.
ian | 03.24.06 - 6:24 am |

My god, some of you americans have your heads so far up your arses that i think the apocalpse is the only way forwards.

You are going to lose the war in iraq too many people will die and your freedom will be lost.

i personaly feel bad for the intelligent people who still believe in democracy + understand the base level of irony that currently runs your country,

to them i say get out but the rest of you racist moronic sanctimonious creationist fools can self destruct if you want but leave the rest of the world out of it.

you can't even realise the fact that critiscism of your government does not mean hatred of your country,

this film was made because someone had to tell another side of events other than the one you get. propaganda is a two way street. Anonymous | 03.24.06 - 6:32 am | #

Thank you Information Clearinghouse for making this available. It's a devastating docudrama that exposes the truth about the brutality of the American and British military. See the two-part article about the Tipton Three (the three men featured in this film) at the Observer from March 2004:,00.html
Remember, this is a docudrama which means it's a reenactment of events as described by the Tipton Three.

If even 1/10 of what they say is true (and I suspect most of it is very accurate), this is a powerful indictment of the war crimes perpetrated by the Americans + British. CitizenKit | Homepage | 03.24.06 - 7:26 am | #

Omg .. i hope + pray that US gvt + british gvt get paid back for all the crimes + murders they are guilty of .. bush + his croonies.. blair + so on should be hanged for warcrimes ... bastards cateye |03.24.06 - 9:16 am | #

If this is a flick put out by the gestapo or not i think is irrelevant.

The movie clearly shows the mindless madness of the NWO gang who took over on 11.Sep.2001.
Remember kids, though the aqueduct be dirty + leaky, it still gets water to the thirsty.
Rather than squabble about the origins of the piece look/listen to it's message. loner | 03.24.06 - 9:19 am |

We need more Mike -ian | 03.24.06 - 12:59 pm | #

Somebody has been playing silly buggers with this file. It will sort of play on Real Player, but when I tried to convert it to .MPG the file turns out to be corrupted at 27 seconds.
I suspect that somebody has already converted it from its original DIVX format to RM, but they did not know what they were doing and messed it up. People, the rule is if you don't know shit don't do shit.
If anybody has a decent original copy + is willing to chat about sending it to me,

I can convert it to VCD which can then be copied on any CD-Rom burner. It will play on the TV + DVD player. Exile | Homepage | 03.24.06 - 3:20 pm | #

The windows file works well and I watched it yesterday on RM and it was fine. Windows file | Homepage | 03.24.06 - 3:24 pm | #


All in North America + Britain need to see this film.

Please do not remove on the 26th.

I am angry and although I know there are many good people in the USA, I await the day the country collaspes. "the arc is long but it bends toward justice." Martin Luther King - alice hesselrode | 03.24.06 - 5:30 pm | #

Annonymous, so how do you blame the beheading of people by radicals on these UK citizens?

Further, how do you justify that?.. hey the nazis burned the jews.. that means we can burn all the germans! An ample display of american hypocracy. - Andrew | 03.24.06 - 5:39 pm | #

It is amazing to me that you people are so willing to readily accept this docuDRAMA as fact.

IF this truly happened then what happened is sad.

However I find it VERY hard to believe that these guys decided it would be a good idea to just go over to Afghanistan to check things out, see what was going on.

This isn't like going to the mall to see if there are any sales people.

I think what is sad is that there are obviously people in this country that willingly + readily want to believe that America is bad.

You are a bunch of kooky people! Realist | 03.24.06 - 5:52 pm | #

I watched this film in horror!

I must confess that I did not watch it all.

It literally made me sick.

It took me back to scenes from the movies in my childhood which showed scenes from the Nazis slaughtering the Jews + others.

I don't want to believe this atrocity but I must be a realist.

Our country is FUBAR.

The criminals who are responsible for this must be prosecuted and I don't mean the hired hands.

I mean the real criminals who created this horror.

Impeachment is the only answer! Or else it calls for a revolution! -Sue McFadden | 03.24.06 - 5:58 pm | #

I sure HOPE the good Americans step up soon. Masher1 | Homepage | 03.24.06 - 6:31 pm | #

Canada is open, why dont you all go there ya commie liberal pinkos LOL -Donna | 03.24.06 - 6:32 pm | #

Just to correct Andrew ....There is MORE evidence that the CIA chopped off that particular bunch of heads than there is that some Zarqui dude no one ever sees was the cutter.

(read:CIA was using this event to inflame US public hate AGAINST Iraqi's)
This golden dome getting blown only caused the isreal/whiehouse residents to cheer no one else gained. -Masher1 |
Homepage | 03.24.06 - 6:42 pm | #

Isreal's war machine is getting restless + Sharon becoming veggies has really kinked ther style. as soon as US intrests signal "kik some butt" this PARTY is going to really start sorting out the Good from BAD.
Has history not shown you ZIONIST folk you cannot win. Give it up all ready. Masher1 |
Homepage | 03.24.06 - 6:51 pm | #

THANK YOU for providing those download links!

As an archivist, such links as these are a lifesaver - especially since my poor, hard-battered Linux browser crashes (the whole thing, not just one windowfull of tabs!) every time I mistakenly click onto one of those "gotta' see but no link just watch" pages, as convenient as they likely are for those of us who run the corporate product from Redmond.
Please, please DO continue to provide download-links (or a separate download page; that'd work GREAT!) for all these precious videos.

I burn these items to CDs + DVDs for passing on to trustworthy associates with less cybertech resource than I am blessed with. (Your hard-won Social Security paycheck dedux hard at work for America!)
We better be willing to learn a ton o' healing tech right quick.

This world had enuf trouble already, long before the global BushCo Corporate Crime Empire took over the US government.

Now we have major damage done to our psychosocial and sociospiritual infrastructire - and that is no joke.

Too bad the Bilderbergers + other international bankers of this world weren't as careful with their credit + background checks on the Huge War Loans to these Huge War Criminals as our local lending centers are with us proles.

A little better exercise of discretion on the part of the Big Money Crowd would have saved the pleasures of Davos for generations more.

As 'tis, once the DU is in the water, that's that.

(It showed up in England nine hours after the Shock + Awe blitzkrieg wound down, by one account found in passing.)

Stupidly, criminally malicious to be sure, blowing up live nuclear power plans just outside Baghdad. (Remember Chernobyl? GOOGLE!)
Ditto for when the goodwill finally evaporates and worldwide pissoff takes hold. Mr. Putin still has lots of nukes, remember?
Pray for peace and take action accordingly.

Heaven bless the peacemakers and help us all.

We got Hell's Cowboy himself to chase down, corner, subdue, arrest + stuff into Slobodan Milosovic's old cell at the Hague.

Also every White House cabinet officer AFAIK.
So riddle me this: How many members of a Citizens Arrest Posse does it take to screw in a White House light bulb?
A: Exactly one + only if the light bulb in question is both burnt out *and* the only one in the Oval Office.

Otherwise, needless screwing around is simple dereliction of duty.

Especially if the bracelets are not applied to all them RePigliPerpy wrists FIRST.
Got cuffs?
Rev. C. Walking Turtle Mann |
Homepage | 03.24.06 - 7:13 pm | #

I have been very interested in Western values for a long time, but for the last few years, I saw Western values as completely corrupt kinds of fascism.
I am happy to stay an Italian-Muslim.
Thank you Geegee Geegee | 03.24.06 - 7:33 pm |

Unbelievable. I kept asking myself the same question, 'Why weren't they released sooner?'

And at the conclusion the only thing that answers that question is the same answer for everything that has happened with this invasion, lies!!!!

Lies about 11.Sep.2001, lies about iraq, lies about wiretapping, lies about torture + they just keep getting away with it.
Viva la Revolucion! - Jessica Newbern | 03.24.06 - 8:13 pm |

This fake empire will vanish soon and the world will be at peace for a long time... herr obergefreiter | 03.24.06 - 8:17 pm | #

LOL? This video is complete horseshit. LOL | 03.24.06 - 9:01 pm | #

This video boggles the mind of every sensible person + it makes you think how civilized + humane are those bullies who are propagandizing all over to make this world safer!

We all need to spread the word out to every nook & corner of this planet if we want to stop this bloodshed of innocent people by those who proclaim to "make our country safer".

Don't just watch those horrible crimes commited by our government, we need to speak up + stand against those who are dehumanizing the human values. Saj | 03.24.06 - 10:36 pm | #

Anyone who has a free Torrent client like BitTorrent can download this video in better quality + DIVX format from Canada | 03.24.06 - 10:39 pm | #

A fairly good Jason Miller article about torture, here: https://civillibertarian.blogspot...ure- victim.html
Incidentally, a comment I posted last night appears to have vanished from this thread. Rowan Berkeley | 03.24.06 - 10:52 pm |

1) It might be the work of CIA
2) Might be another childs play by zionists.
3) Or yeah it might just be true.
1) G Bay still exists
2) CIA/MI5/Moussad is still master minding
3) and yeah it scares me, thinking what would I have done if I were one of the 'kings'.
p.s. Like your website..keep up the good work. - Jay | 03.24.06 - 11:40 pm |

For all those that don't believe this film is based on truth try reading some accounts of other prisoners held at Guantanamo.

They seem to be similar and even worse.

It's highly unlikely they they all made up similar stories.
Andrew I don't think it's fair to use the phrase "typical AMERICAN hypocrisy".

Lets face it everyone has bouts of hypocrisy.

Americans are constantly blamed by non-americans for "reaping what they sow" I suppose it's those same type of people that also like to blame UK citizens.

Many people justify violence against Americans + British by stating they deserve what they get for electing warmongers + a brutal foreign policy.

But what about those that oppose them + support a change in policy?

I understand the anger around the world but terrorism is indiscriminate intentional killing.

I don't believe in the Iraq war but I also don't believe in killing civilians for their political beliefs or to get back at governments.
I make an effort not to be hypocritical and fair and to see things from both sides of the fence.

One thing I've learned from living abroad for many years is we're all very much alike whether American, European, Israeli, Palestinian etc...

At times I really get fed up with people who like to demonize any one group -Americans, Muslims and any other group. Sam | 03.25.06 - 1:34 am | #

i just imagine what might have happened to hundreds of people who didnt have legal rights or families like these guys who were pushing for their release through legal means.
"a bunch of selfish guys are playing with the whole innocent(foolish) world" -Anonymous | 03.25.06 - 4:26 am |

We like things in others what we don't have, no wonder in America cowboy movies are so much liked.

The idea of fair fight, is always had been alien to American culture, it is invention of their minds.

How can it not be, look at the foundations up which this country is built.

We Pakhtuns are slow to move but surely we will drive you out + we will ruin your dreams + we will know what honor is + it is not when you competeing your frari against a fiat.
When these punks GI jos sit with my brethern they think, they are liked,nay it is just hospitality.
Allah is setting the stage for your demise. - Noor udeen Zangi | 03.25.06 - 6:37 am |

I morally support the fight of the Afghan + Iraqi people against the occupation.

It is their right to be masters of their own destiny.

But I don't support any religion - whether Christianity or Muslim or Jew - whose god is nothing but a brutal blood-spilling imagination.

Such a beastly imaginary being does not deserve worship.

If 'your' (personal) religion is not one of peace with yourself + the world, then no matter who you are, you are worshipping a "false god". - Canada | 03.25.06 - 7:18 am | #

To all amerians-you been had by your government + by a little shitty country called Israel ,
what should worry you is that your troops doing the killings + the beatings + let's not forget lying + stealing are about to come home.

A lot of these kooks want to become policemen,but most end up on the streets-- baggers theives crooks.

If they killed women old men children--your in line folks.

The sad part is that the israelie military is training our young men as killers. the outcry + exposure in these beatings + killings has only made our troops--just kill-iers.

No prisoners-women children bullets in the head.
I suggest that all watchers of this video get to see the documentary called--Hidden War of desert storm. this turned me againist USa.
also--IFCH ought to link the movie called--Wolves in the Valley--you ain't seen the Ugly americans dark side yet!!! -Archers | 03.25.06 - 8:04 am |

Since you're on the subject of comparative religion, Canada, perhaps you can tell us which religions you think have such a god. - Rowan Berkeley | 03.25.06 - 8:05 am | #

It is the personal interpretation of the desires of their "God" by each human being.

Many people profess - what on the outside appears to be -'the same' religion + yet the execution of that belief in the real world is as different as night is from day between different adherents.
If one's personal interpretation of their religion requires the persecution or killing of another human being - whether it be George Bush's War God, or the Taliban's War God - then that persons religion + god are False Gods who only exist in their own imagination in order to justify the brutality and violence of their own mind + heart.
A "God" that cannot defend himself except through the violence of his adherents, is an evil figment of man's imagination + does not exist.

If "God" is Almighty, then let him fight his own battles without human hand. Canada | 03.25.06 - 8:40 am | #

It seems to be a western tendency - ultimately derived from the jewish bible - to separate the 'good' + 'bad' aspects of 'god' + treat them as antagonistic to one another.
Hindus for example don't do this.

They don't have any problem grasping that the same 'god' can be infinitely kind and infinitely cruel at the same time.
I think that because we are unable to do this, we like to pretend that 'our' god will show only his kind face to us + only his cruel face to our enemies.

Rowan Berkeley | 03.25.06 - 9:06 am | # Name: Email: URL: Comment:  ? Commenting by HaloScan

Weil Reester seine Demonstration nicht von der neo-faschistischen British National Party vereinnahmt sehen will, arbeitet er eng mit der Polizei zusammen.

Die ist denn auch "auf alles gut vorbereitet", wie Superintendent Dave George sagt.

Was darunter wohl zu verstehen ist? Über die Meinungsfreiheit und ihre Ausübung wird auf der Insel zwar viel gestritten.

Vor kurzem etwa sorgte die gerade erst eingeführte Bannmeile rund ums Parlament für Aufregung.

Unter Berufung auf die Sperrzone war die Polizei gegen eine junge Kriegsgegnerin strafrechtlich vorgegangen worden,

die am zentralen Kriegerdenkmal in der Nähe des Unterhauses die Namen der mittlerweile 100 im Irak getöteten britischen Soldaten verlesen hatte.
Weißrussland: Steinmeier rügt brutales Vorgehen gegen Demonstranten
Proteste in Frankreich: Studenten reden nicht mit Villepin
Neuer Raketenantrieb: In fünf Stunden um die Erde
Leben auf Mars: Meteorit könnte Bakterienspuren enthalten
Urananreicherung: Iran beschleunigt Atomprogramm
Anglikaner und der Islam: Hohepriester des Appeasements
Area Soon to Be Mostly Minority
The minority population in the Washington region will become the majority in well under a decade, a benchmark of the racial + ethnic change that is reconfiguring the area's political, economic and social identity.

Marshals Seize Waco Evidence From FBI
The U.S. Marshals Service, acting on orders from the Justice Department, yesterday seized from FBI headquarters new evidence about events preceding the fatal fire that ended the 51-day siege of the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Tex., 00.000.1993. The extraordinary development, which underscored ...

Russia Denies Giving U.S. Intel to Iraq AP -

Russia on Saturday denied that it provided information on U.S. troops movements and plans to Baghdad during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the Interfax news agency reported.
Democrats Are Split As Impeachment Whispers Get Louder
HOLYOKE, Mass. -- To drive through the mill towns and curling country roads here is to journey into New England's impeachment belt.

Three of this state's 10 House members have called for the investigation and possible impeachment of President Bush.
THE $64,000 QUESTION IS ANSWERED Author: Rick Moran 
Why did the Bush Administration drag its heels for nearly 3 years in releasing the millions of document that fell into its hands after the fall of Saddam?

This is why: BAGHDAD, Iraq — The Russian government had sources inside the American military command as the U.S. mounted the invasion of ...
Hundreds join free speech rally About 300 people from a new movement calling for freedom of expression in the wake of the cartoons controversy, stage a rally.
Thousands flee from CAR violence Refugees cross into Chad to escape alleged systematic killing of men and boys in the Central African Republic.
Probe returns first Mars pictures Scientists study the first pictures of the surface of the Red Planet taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Hierzu gab es vor kurzem ein Feature bei Indy -Maxe 23.Feb.2006 15:16

Project Censored - Unterdrückte Nachrichten 2006
Seit rund 30 Jahren veröffentlicht das an der Sonoma State University in Kalifornien beheimatete Project Censored jedes Jahr eine Liste von ausgewählten Nachrichten,

die von den Mainstream-Medien trotz ihrer Relevanz unterdrückt oder ignoriert werden.

Die meisten Themen werden einzig von kleinen und eher alternativen Medienprojekten oder in der Bloggerszene aufgegriffen.
Ende letzter Woche erschien eine Liste mit 25 ausgewählten Nachrichten, die im Jahr 2005 untergingen.
Der deutsche Ableger "Initiative Nachrichtenaufklaerung" wird seine Liste am 14.Feb.2006 im Rahmen einer Pressekonferenz an der Universität Bonn der Öffentlichkeit vorstellen.
Feature lesen:
Damit war Indymedia die einzige deutsche Quelle, die über Project Censored berichtet!
In den Ergänzungen steht dann noch was zur deutschen Project Censored- Liste, die etwas später rauskam.

"Censored 2006" enthält ausserdem die Polemik eines eingeleiteten ethischen Gerichtsverfahrens - oder einer "professionellen Lynchjustiz", ( theoretisch natürlich!) - von Dan Rather, ein Mann, der bei CBS-televison verankert ist und seinem Team aus vier Journalisten.

Greg Palast beschreibt, wie sein Kollege sich der Regierungs-Propaganda seit VIETNAM bis IRAK, hingegeben hat.
Weiter beinhaltet sind Arbeiten von Dahr Jamail, der aus dem Irak über das dortige Alltagsleben und die ständige Gegenwart des Todes berichtet.

Jamail ist Journalist - durch den Zusatz unabhängig - vielleicht der einzige US- Journalist der in permanenter Gefahr lebt, weil er sich im Irak befindet, ohne in die Truppen der USA "eingebettet" zu sein.
Die 25 "Top"- Berichte
Der Kern des Buches besteht aus den 25 meistzensierten Berichten, die durch eine Medienuntersuchung ausfindig gemacht wurden wurden + den Zeitraum von 00.Mär.2004-00.Apr-2005 umfassen.

Die "Tops" in diesem Jahr enthalten die fortschreitenden Verheimlichungen in der Regierung der USA

- das grosse Töten an ZivilistInnen im Irak

- die falsche, journalistische Deckung der Perfektionierung des Wahlbetrugs, der im November 2004 im Streit um die Präsidentschaft Bush´s angeklagt worden war

- die Zerstörung der Umwelt = Natur

- Die Überwachungspolitik der Regierung und die Unterordnung des Krieges unter die Geo-Politik der Vereinigten Staaten; unter vielen anderen Themen...
"Censored 2006"
Andere Themen des Buch´s: Die geheime Einführung der Überwachungsgesellschaft

- Die USA nutzen den Tsunami um sich militärische Vorteile in Südost-Asien zu verschaffen

  • Öl für Nahrungsmittel, der grosse Betrug - Journalisten mit völliger Schutzlosigkeit und ohne Versorgung konfrontiert

  • - Bremers Instruktionen gefährden landwirtschaftliche Betriebe im Irak

  • - neues Kommerzialisierungssystem für Öl fordert den Dollar

  • - Erdrutsche bedrohen das ökologische-und ökonomische System

  • - die Rechtsverletzungen des Universalen Untersuchungsprogramms zur geistigen Aneignung

  • - die Anmusterung von Menschenrechtsverletzern im Irak

  • - die reichen Länder können nicht ohne globale Kompromisse leben

  • - die grossen Körperschaften erzwingen Veränderungen in der Justiz

  • - Plan der Konservativen elliminiert die akademische Freiheit in den Unterrichtssälen

  • - Kanada, Teil der us-amerikanischen Integrationspläne - die USA nutzen Militärbasen zur Erweiterung ihrer Kontrolle Süd Amerikas

  • - die Vertuschng der Auswirkungen des Betrugs auf die us-Ökonomie

  • - Kinder in Waisenhäusern für Aids-Experimente benutzt

  • - der Ressourcenraub an den Indigenas

  • - neuer Einwanderungsplan begünstigt Ausbeutung

  • - gesundheitsschädliche Auswirkungen der Nanotechnologie

  • - auch die palästinensischen Kinder erleiden die Repression Israels

  • - Körperschaften und Regierung beuten die Ethnien Äthiopiens aus

  • - Patriot-Act der USA, ein Instrument der Verurteilung... Censored 2006
    Argenpress veröffentlicht die 25 Themen in spanischer Sprache :

    Los Angeles - "Ohne Einwanderer würde dieses Land es zu nichts bringen", wurde die 15-jährige Anna Benitez von der "Los Angeles Times" zitiert.

  • "Wir sind Menschen. Wir sind keine Verbrecher. Wir sind hier, um zu arbeiten", sagte sie, als sie gestern an den Protesten teilnahm.

In Los Angeles sind heute weitere Großdemonstrationen geplant. Gestern waren dort junge Latinos mit Fahnen und Protestschildern durch die Stadt gezogen.

An einer Schule kam es dabei zu Prügeleien zwischen schwarzen und hispanischen Jugendlichen.

Im US-Staat Georgia legten nach Angaben der Organisatoren bis zu 80.000 Latinos die Arbeit nieder, um gegen ein am Donnerstag vom Repräsentantenhaus in Atlanta beschlossenes Gesetz zu protestieren.

Falls der Senat zustimmt, werden in Georgia lebende Ausländer ohne gültigen Aufenthaltstitel künftig keinen Anspruch mehr auf staatliche Leistungen haben.

Zudem sollen sie bei Überweisungen in ihre Heimatstaaten eine Sondergebühr zahlen müssen.
USA: "Projekt zensiert "2006 Author: Ticker 
Mit "Censored 2006" wurden die 25, im vergangenen Jahr meistunterdrücktesten Nachrichten der US-Presse ans Licht der Öffentlichkeit gebracht...

Ein Projekt von Akademikern/rinnen, Studenten/tinnen und kalifornischen Aktivisten/tinnen - hochbrisant -
Bush shuns Patriot Act requirement Author: Site admin How long will this sort of thing continue?
Canada seal cull to get under way Canada's annual seal hunt is due to get under way, despite international calls for an end to the controversial cull.
Tories pressed to reveal lenders Labour urges the Conservatives to disclose the names of those who gave them loans before the last election.
French student group snubs PM A French student group refuses to meet the prime minister on Saturday about a controversial youth labour law.
Tim Berners-Lee on the Web Author: ScuttleMonkey 122
notmyopinion writes "In a wide-ranging interview with the British Computer Society, Sir Tim Berners-Lee criticizes software patents, speaks out on US + ICANN control of the Internet, proposes browser security changes + says he got domain names backwards in web addresses all those years ago."


Washington - Russische Agenten hätten demnach strategische Informationen von Quellen "innerhalb des amerikanischen Oberkommandos Mitte" erhalten, heißt es in einem gestern veröffentlichten Bericht des US-Verteidigungsministeriums.

Die Informationen über Truppenbewegungen + Angriffspläne seien dann vom russischen Botschafter in Bagdad an die damalige irakische Regierung weitergeleitet worden.

Dies sei in den ersten Kriegswochen Ende März und Anfang April 2003 geschehen.

Die amerikanische Seite beruft sich auf offizielle irakische Dokumente.

Die russischen Geheimdienste widersprachen dem Bericht.

"Wir halten es nicht für nötig, zu solchen Erfindungen einen Kommentar abzugeben", sagte Boris Labusow, der Sprecher des Außengeheimdienstes.

USA: Irak soll seine Grenzen selber sichern
Raumfahrt: Billigflieger-Rakete explodiert
Gutachten für eine schrullige Frau
00.000.2004 Die Geschichte von Anna S. beginnt.

Weil die alte Dame ihr mehrere tausend Quadratmeter großes Grundstück offensichtlich verwahrlosen lässt, fühlen sich die Beamten des Amtes Pinneberg-Land auf den Plan gerufen.

Sie schalten das Amtsgericht Pinneberg ein. Die Richter lassen zwei Gutachten von der etwas schrulligen Frau erstellen.

Laut dem "Hamburger Abendblatt" bescheinigt das erste der Frau ein "gesundes Misstrauen", das zweite dagegen "paranoide Schizophrenie".

Anna S. wird unter rechtliche Betreuung gestellt, das Gericht stellt ihr die beiden Betreuer zur Seite - für die Richter fast schon Routine.
Denn bundesweit werden Jahr für Jahr immer mehr Menschen unter rechtliche Betreuung gestellt, viele davon sind Alzheimer-Patienten.

Nach einer Statistik des Bundesjustizministeriums hat sich die Zahl der zum ersten Mal unter Betreuung Gestellten

00.000.1994-00.000.2004 fast verdoppelt + lag in

00.000.2004 bei 218.254.

Einer völligen Entmündigung kommt eine solche Betreuung noch nicht gleich:

Die Vormundschaft wird vom Gericht nur auf den Lebensbereich angewandt, in dem sich der jeweils Betreute nicht mehr selbst helfen kann, beispielsweise in Finanzangelegenheiten.
Für Anna S. bedeutete das:

Ihre Betreuer kümmerten sich um ihre Schulden, die sich Zeitungsberichten zufolge auf 40.000 Euro belaufen haben sollen.

Nach Angaben ihres Anwalts hatte Anna S. viel Geld auf der Bank + sie besaß verschiedene Immobilien wie das Haus in Kummerfeld, das ihr besonders ans Herz gewachsen war.

Doch Annika L. und Rolf S. entschieden, ausgerechnet dieses Haus zu verkaufen - gegen den ausdrücklichen Willen ihrer Betreuten.

Käufer war die Gemeinde Kummerfeld - und damit indirekt die Behörde, die die rechtliche Betreuung für Anna S. vorschlagen hatte.

Die Kommune will das Grundstück nun komplett neu bebauen lassen.
"Bereichert sich das Dorf?"

"Orbiter"-Mission: Nasa-Sonde fotografiert Kanäle auf dem Mars
Nebenverdienst: Parlamentspräsident bezieht Geld vom Kohle-Konzern

25.Mar.2006 Deutsche Rentner: Generation der Quengler

25.Mar.2006 Irak-Krieg: Moskau soll US-Pläne an Saddam verraten haben
Bundeswehr: 7000 Soldaten sollen WM schützen
Charlie Sheen: 'Challenge Me On the Facts' Author: Paul Joseph Watson Charlie Sheen: 'Challenge Me On the Facts' Actor's first response since media
Hannity & Colmes Piece on Sheen 11.Sep.2001 Comments Author: Paul Joseph Watson Hannity & Colmes Piece on Sheen 11.Sep.2001 Comments Prison | March 24 2006
: Sea rise could be 'catastrophic' Melting of the ice sheets could commit the Earth to a catastrophic rise in sea level, the journal Science reports.
No Longer The Minority: 82% Plus Support Charlie Sheen Author: Paul Joseph Watson No Longer The Minority: 82% Plus Support Charlie Sheen Over four-fifths back
Steve Jobs on France's DRM Law

00.000.2002 Steve Jobs said, "If you legally acquire music, you need to have the right to manage it on all other devices that you own."

00.000.2006 France said, "The must be able to listen to the music they have bought on no matter what platform."
"Terrorist with Nuke" Movie Plot Since when did The New Scientist hire novelists to write science stories?

A truck pulls up in front of New York City&apos;s Grand Central Station, one of the most densely crowded spots in the world. It is a typical weekday...
Russia 'gave Iraq intelligence' Russia gave Saddam Hussein intelligence on US military moves during the Iraq war, a Pentagon report says.
Tory lenders 'feared reprisals' Tory backers did not want to be named because they feared losing government contracts, the party says.
BT goes after broadband gluttons BT is targeting more than 3,000 broadband users who it says are exceeding their monthly download limits.
25.Mar.2006 BBC
Video: UK's Role In Bringing Nukes To The Middle East: Top secret documents reveal that Britain secretly supplied Israel with plutonium during Harold Wilson's government.

The revelations come as Britain is expressing total opposition to Iran's nuclear programme. Michael Crick reports.

25.Mar.2006 Give Iran The Bomb: The USA gives India, already a nuclear power, greater nuclear capability, but threatens war, death, the destruction of Iran's oil supply + a world wide financial catastrophe if Iran dares to want the same thing.

25.Mar.2006 MEPs look into two more cases of extraordinary rendition : “I am not a terrorist.

I am not a member of al Qaeda” he told MEPs, as the committee investigating alleged use of European countries by the CIA for the transportation + illegal detention of prisoners discussed

25.Mar.2006 FBI, police spying is rising, groups allege: The ACLU has filed Freedom of Information requests for more than 150 groups + individuals.

25.Mar.2006 Bush shuns Patriot Act requirement: When President Bush signed the reauthorization of the USA Patriot Act this month, he included an addendum saying that he did not feel obliged to obey requirements that he inform Congress about how the FBI was using the act's expanded police powers.

25.Mar.2006 John W Dean: An Update on President Bush's NSA Program: The Historical Context: According to U.S. News & World Report, the President may also have authorized warrantless break-ins + other physical surveillance, such as opening regular mail, in violation of the Fourth Amendment

25.Mar.2006 Death raises concern at police tactics : The recent killing of an unarmed Virginia doctor has raised concerns about what some say is an explosion in the use of military-style police Swat teams in the USA.

25.Mar.2006 Katrina Donation Earmarked for Bush Firm Former first lady Barbara Bush gave relief money to a hurricane relief fund on the condition that it be spent to buy educational software from her son Neil's company

25.Mar.2006 Workers On The Slag Heap Of History : Today, in America, the richest country on earth, the gates of many towns welcome visitors with abandoned factories.

And the communities these factories flank tell you more about what's really destroying America than any Wall Street analyst or Washington policy wonk ever could.

25.Mar.2006 Video: Professor David Ray Griffin: Author of The New Pearl Harbor &The

11.Sep.2001 Commission Report: Omissions + Distortions Professor Griffin addresses how the White House managed the 11.Sep.2001 Comission's investigation.
Israeli restrictions create isolated enclaves in West Bank : The regime of restriction on movement imposed by Israel on the Palestinians has crumbled the West Bank into dozens of closed or partially closed enclaves isolated from each other despite their geographical proximity.

25.Mar.2006 41% of Israel's Jews favour segregation : · Poll reveals widespread anti-Arab sentimen
24.Mar.2006 File this under propaganda:
ABC News says Saddam OK'd bin Laden contact : The document is handwritten + has no official seal

25.Mar.2006 File this under pathetic: Did Russian Ambassador Give Saddam the U.S. War Plan? :

Iraq Archive Document Alleges Russian Official Described Locations, Troops, Tanks + Other Forces Before Operation Iraqi Freedom Began Basra, the Danish central army command said.

25.Mar.2006 Report: Russia Had Sources in U.S. Command : The Russian government collected intelligence from sources inside the American military command as the U.S. mounted the invasion of Iraq + the Russians fed information to Saddam Hussein on troop movements and plans, according to Iraqi documents cited in a Pentagon report released Friday.
Children Continue To Be Main Victims Of U.S. Occupation -By Dr. César Chelala
00.000.1980 -In the s- Iraq had one of the best health care systems in the region.

00.000.2003 -Following the invasion by the coalition forces, an ongoing cycle of insurgent violence + occupation forces’ counter-attacks have significantly damaged the basic health infrastructure in the country.

As a result, Iraq’s health system cannot respond to the most basic health needs of the population. Continued 
Iraq on its own to rebuild, U.S. Says -By Thomas Frank
The head of the US-led program to rebuild Iraq said Thursday that the Iraqi government can no longer count on U.S. funds + must rely on its own revenues + other foreign aid, particularly from Persian Gulf nations.
24.Mar.2006 Latest Impeachable Offense: When Bush signed the reauthorization of the USA Patriot Act this month, he included an addendum saying that he did not feel obliged to obey requirements that he inform Congress about how the FBI was using the act's expanded police powers.

24.Mar.2006 Washington Post Eats the Rug: Right Wing Blogger Resigns. What Was His Total Stay at the Post, a Few Hours?
"Divine Destruction: Dominion Theology + American Environmental Policy,"

The Role of the Religious Right in Destroying America's Natural Beauty and Causing Catastrophic Damage to the Environment.

Available from

24.Mar.2006 It's That Time of Month to Help BuzzFlash Pay Off Its Visa Card on March 28. Don't Just Get Mad, Get America Informed. Fight Back. Support Outrage Matters. We Won't Accept Advertising in Order to Stay Independent. You Make That Possible. BuzzFlash Supporters Give to the Pro-Democracy Movement and a Voice for the Truth.
Bush Treasury Secretary John Snow is's GOP Hypocrite of the Week

24.Mar.2006 E.J. Dionne: "Is President Bush the leader of our government, or is he just a right-wing talk-show host? The question comes to mind after Bush's news conference this week in which he sounded like someone who has no control over the government he is in charge of. His words were those of a pundit inveighing against the evils of bureaucrats." 3/24
BuzzFlash Interviews Elizabeth Kolbert, a New Yorker Writer, About Her New Book, "Field Notes from a Catastrophe: Man, Nature + Climate Change" About the Global Warming Crisis that the Bush Administration Ignores.

24.Mar.2006 Washington Post Eats the Rug: Right Wing Blogger Resigns.

What Was His Total Stay at the Post, a Few Hours?

Y The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

24.Mar.2006 Bush's blameless men; "since the Abu Ghraib horrors first shocked the world:

Bush has clung to the fiction that the abuse of prisoners was just the work of a few rotten apples, despite report after report after report demonstrating that it was organized and systematic + flowed from policies written by top officials in his administration." 3/25

Just this week, Eric Schmitt and Carolyn Marshall provided a bloodcurdling account in The New York Times of how a Special Operations unit converted an Iraqi military base into a torture chamber, even using prisoners as paintball targets, in their frenzy to counter a widely predicted insurgency for which Rumsfeld had refused to prepare.

In early 2004, an 18-year-old man suspected of selling cars to members of a terrorist network was arrested and beaten repeatedly.

Another man said he had been forced to strip, punched in the spine until he fainted, put in front of an air-conditioner while cold water was poured on him and kicked in the stomach until he vomited.

His crime? His father had worked for Saddam Hussein.

These accounts are tragically familiar.

The names and dates change, but the basic pattern is the same, including the fact that this bestiality produced little or no useful intelligence.

The Bush administration decided to go outside the law to deal with prisoners + soldiers carried out that policy.

Those who committed these atrocities deserve the punishment they are getting, but virtually all high-ranking soldiers have escaped unscathed.

And not a single policymaker has been called to account.

Colonel Thomas Pappas, the former intelligence chief at Abu Ghraib, testified at the dog handler's trial that the use of dogs had grown out of conversations he had had with military jailers from Guantánamo Bay led by Major General Geoffrey Miller, who had been sent to Iraq to instruct soldiers there in the interrogation techniques refined at Guantánamo under Rumsfeld's torture-is-legal policy.

Pappas said Miller had explained how to use the "Arab fear of dogs" to set up interrogations.

What of Miller?

He invoked his right against self-incrimination to avoid testifying + Time magazine reported this week that he was exonerated by an army whitewash. Apparently he was not responsible for the actions of soldiers operating under rules he put in place.

About the only high-ranking officer whose career has suffered over Abu Ghraib is Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez, who was the commander in Iraq at the time. Sanchez should certainly take responsibility, but he was also a victim of administration blunders.

Sanchez was vaulted inappropriately from head of the 1st Armored Division to overall commander because Bush declared "mission accomplished": The war's over.

He was then denied the staff, soldiers and equipment he needed to deal with the insurgency that quickly broke out and produced thousands of prisoners.

Bush has refused to hold himself or any of his top political appointees accountable for those catastrophic errors.

Indeed, he has promoted many of them.

And this is not an isolated problem.

It's just one example, among many, of how this president's men run no risk of being blamed for anything that happens, not matter how egregious.

The contrast could not have been more stark, nor the message more clear.

On the day that a court-martial imposed justice on a 24-year-old U.S. Army sergeant for tormenting detainees at Abu Ghraib with his dog, President George W. Bush said once again that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, whose benighted policies and managerial incompetence led to the prisoner abuse scandal, was doing a "fine job" and should stay at his post.

We've seen this sorry pattern for nearly two years now, since the Abu Ghraib horrors first shocked the world:

Bush has clung to the fiction that the abuse of prisoners was just the work of a few rotten apples, despite report after report after report demonstrating that it was organized and systematic + flowed from policies written by top officials in his administration."
24.Mar.2006 + while the administration’s claim renders the USAPATRIOT Act irrelevant, it does
bail out the airlines who are being sued by 11.Sep.2001 families.

Maybe they think that frying Moussaoui + saving the airlines are more important than justifying the USAPATRIOT Act? Permalink
24.Mar.2006 was only in the car a few minutes, but I did catch a call in from a lawyer from South Carolina who made this terrific point.

In the Moussaoui sentencing case, where they'll decide if the government gets to execute him, the prosecution is asserting that, had Moussaoui alerted the authorities, the FBI would have been able to stop the 11.Sep.2001 attacks.
The caller’s point was that, if the prosecution's assertion is true, then the USAPATRIOT Act was not + is not, needed .

24.Mar.2006 I first began discussing "bulge-gate," many scoffed at the idea. Now, most people - even the Bush supporters I ocasionally meet - seem to accept it.
24.Mar.2006 Fertik brings to our attention a possible further indication that W is wired: While Bush listens to a reporter ask his question, Bush nods with mild contempt and mentally formulates his dismissive answer.
But then Karl Rove starts speaking into his earpiece (always kept in his right ear), which causes Bush to turn reflexively towards his right - a dead giveaway that he is wired!!!
Bush immediately realizes his mistake and quickly jerks his head back to face the reporter who asked the question - a move he has probably practiced hundreds of times.
But the jerk is so conspicuous on tape that Blogenlust calls it Tourette's. Blogenlust has
the clip in question
24.Mar.2006 does the history of an educational software firm read like the script of a James Bond movie?
There must be a hidden story here. Incidentally, many teachers have accused Ignite of "dumbing down" education. For example, the Constitution is reduced to a rap song.
Ask not "Is our children learning?" Ask " What is our children learning?"
24.Mar.2006 NB also went to
Dubai to hunt for investors for Ignite.
24.Mar.2006 2 Neil Bush, kidz is lerning real gud

There's something odd about the Ignite Learning software company owned by Neil Bush, the presidential brother infamous for his role in the Silverado swindle.

Thanks to "No Child Left Behind," Ignite has received some very lucrative contracts to place their software in Florida and Texas.
1. The
San Francisco Chronicle reports that Ignite has received big contracts as part of the Katrina rebuilding effort.

This, at a time when homeless Katrina victims are being evicted from shelters.

There's no money for them, but plenty of bucks for the brother of the prez.
China reports 11th bird flu death A 29-year-old woman becomes the 11th person to die from bird flu in China, state media report.
Trojan horses steal bank details, passwords Cybercriminals use new Trojan horse tricks to steal money via bank Web sites and to nab personal passwords.
Airborne laser weapon gets closer to takeoff Blog: Flight testing is set to begin by the end of the year for the U.S. Air Force's Airborne Laser project, in which a modified Boeing...
Photos: Airborne laser enlists for missile defense The Pentagon is modifying a 747 to carry a megawatt-class laser intended to shoot down enemy missiles.
Feds Kill Check Point's Sourcefire Bid Author: ScuttleMonkey 140
Caffeinated Geek writes to tell us The Register is reporting that Check Point Software has removed their bid to buyout rival software company Sourcefire

following objections from the FBI + the Pentagon to the Treasury's Committee on Foreign Investments.

From the article: "Federal agency objections to the security software tie-up center on the implementation of Sourcefire's anti-intrusion software 'Snort' by the Bureau and Department of Defense, AP reports.

In private meetings between the panel and Check Point, FBI and Pentagon officials took exception to letting foreigners acquire the sensitive technology."
First Steps Toward Artificial Gravity Author: samzenpus 400
CompaniaHill writes "Have scientists been able to artificially generate a gravitational field? Researchers at the European Space Agency believe so.

"Small acceleration sensors placed at different locations close to the spinning superconductor, which has to be accelerated for the effect to be noticeable, recorded an acceleration field outside the superconductor that appears to be produced by gravitomagnetism.

This experiment is the gravitational analogue of Faraday's electromagnetic induction experiment in 1831."

The effect is very small, so don't expect to see it used in spacecraft any time soon. But the effect is still many times larger than the predictions of Einstein's theories.

"If confirmed, this would be a major breakthrough," says [Austrian researcher Martin] Tajmar.

"It opens up a new means of investigating general relativity and it consequences in the quantum world.""

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Während seiner ersten Amtszeit hat Präsident Bush seine Doktrin präsentiert, die es den USA erlaubt, im Notfall präventiv anzugreifen.

Warum haben die USA geglaubt, dass die Welt das akzeptieren würde?

Fukuyama: Wir glaubten, dass die Motive der Vereinigten Staaten besser sind als die von anderen Leuten und dass man uns diese Art von Macht anvertrauen kann.

Die Neokonservativen haben gedacht, dass Amerika moralischer sei als andere Länder + dass andere Leute verstehen, dass unsere Hegemonie so viel wohlwollender ist als die von vergangenen Imperien.

Das haben sie falsch eingeschätzt.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Der Irak-Krieg hat eine Welle des Anti-Amerikanismus in Europa ausgelöst. Ist das vielleicht der größte Schaden, den er angerichtet hat?

Fukuyama: Der Irak-Krieg hat natürlich eine ganze Menge Schaden in allen möglichen Bereichen angerichtet.

Es wird mindestens eine Generation dauern, um die vorherige Modellrolle Amerikas und den Respekt, den es genossen hat, in der Welt wieder herzustellen.

Wenn wir jetzt von Demokratie sprechen, denken die Leute doch nur an Abu Ghureib und Guantanamo.
Lage im Irak: USA wollen direkt mit Iran reden
Wahlkampf: Italiens Präsident ruft zu Mäßigung auf
"Nun haben wir aber erwachsene Stammzellen mit Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten in alle Gewebe, was bislang nur bei embryonalen Stammzellen bekannt war", betont Hasenfuß.

Wissenschaftler um den Göttinger Humangenetiker Gerd Hasenfuß fanden ähnlich wandlungsfähige Zellen jetzt in den Hoden erwachsener Mäuse.

Sollten sich solche Zellen auch aus menschlichen Hoden isolieren lassen, könnten sie eine ethisch unbedenkliche Alternative zur Gewinnung von Stammzellen aus menschlichen Embryos werden,

schreiben die Forscher in ihrer Studie, die kommende Woche in der Online-Ausgabe der Fachzeitschrift "Nature" veröffentlicht werden soll.
Maue Bilanz: EU-Energiegipfel spart Top-Themen aus

24.Mar.2006 Gewandelter Wortführer: "Die Neocons zogen die falschen Schlüsse"

24.Mar.2006 Möglicher Durchbruch: Forscher gewinnen Stammzellen aus Mäusehoden
Trotz Vogelgrippe: Führungen zu Ringelgans und Austernfischer finden statt
Mülhausen: Professor stirbt bei Explosion in Chemie-Labor
Frankreich: Villepin lässt Gewerkschafter auflaufen
Florida: Jahrhundertealtes Schiff an Land entdeckt
Elektroschrott: Wegwerfen ab sofort verboten

24.Mar.2006 Urheberrecht: "Wir machen aus Kindern keine Kriminellen"

24.Mar.2006 Einbürgerung international: Wie werde ich...?
Frankreichs Streikbrecher: "Lasst uns rein, wir wollen wieder studieren"
Frankreich: Ein Toter und Verletzte bei Explosion in Hochschule

24.Mar.2006 Spanien: Eta-Waffenstillstand in Geheimverhandlungen vorbereitet

24.Mar.2006 Rügen: Eine Insel kämpft um ihre Zukunft
Netzwelt-Ticker: Explorer mit Löchern
Berlusconis Ex-Berater: "Ich erkenne ihn nicht wieder"