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12.Apr.2006 Are laser weapons ready for duty? newsmaker Los Alamos honcho Doug Beason says directed energy beams will soon be able to zap missiles in flight.
12.Apr.2006 Phone-Jamming Records Point to White House Key figures in a phone-jamming scheme designed to keep New Hampshire Democrats from voting on

04.Nov.2002 had regular contact with the White House + Republican Party as the plan was unfolding, phone records introduced in criminal court show.
12.Apr.2006 Republican Party Perverts  GOP Pervert Hall of Fame now contains over fifty-five names. Truly disgusting. Manson Family Values.
18.Mar.2006 Credit derivatives rocked by loss at GM finance arm -by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard -The Telegraph London Saturday, In accordance with Title...  
11.Apr.2006 A BuzzFlash News Analysis - Okay, So Let's Get This Straight:

On Monday, Bush Admitted That he Lied About Leaking a Lie to Smear Someone Who Revealed the Truth About His Lying
Better Than a Dartboard. Read the Book, "Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O'Reilly,"+ Support Vent Your Spleen and Boost the Buzz!

11.Apr.2006 Clinton-Obsessed Richard Mellon Scaife Has His Little Second Marriage/Divorce Imbroglio to Show That He is Just Another Republican Moral Values Hypocrite
Okay, Bush Leaked Skewed Classified Information in Order to Lie to a Reporter About a Man Who Was Telling the Truth About His Lying.

No One Else in the Government Seemed to Know That He Had Magically Declassified the Information, Which Was Then Misrepresented.

In Fact, It Wasn't Even Legally Declassified Until 10 or So Days Later.

Why is This Man Still in Office?

11.Apr.2006 Bill O'Reilly is Worse Than Hemmorhoids After a Bowl of Chili
It Started with the Theft of the 2000 Election + Never Stopped: Phone-Jamming Records Point to White House. Unless a Thief Does the Time, They Will Continue with the Crime.
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

11.Apr.2006 A BuzzFlash Interview with Stephanie Hendricks, Author of "Divine Destruction," the Role of the Hard Core Religious Right in the Decimation of our Environment
U.S. Reports Death of 5 Soldiers in Iraq 4/12

11.Apr.2006 Carolyn Kay: What If They Had Made the Trains Run on Time? - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
11.Apr.2006 What we are seeing now is a bunch of inconsequential, trumped-up hoo-ha concerning conspiracy #1. This is all a distraction.

The neocons want you to boggle your brain attempting to sort out that nonsense so that you don't pay attention to conspiracy #2.
That's the important conspiracy. The one that helped brings us to war.
The real motive? When W first went into Iraq, Ron Reagan was hardly the only person to predict that the administration would plant evidence of WMDs.

Wayne Madsen -- yes, I know how problematical he is -- believes that the White House retaliated against Valerie Plame because the CIA Counter-Proliferation Division prevented the shipment of binary VX nerve gas from Turkey into Iraq 00.Nov.2002 .

The Brewster Jennings network in Turkey was able to intercept this shipment which was intended to be hidden in Iraq and later used as evidence that Saddam Hussein was in possession of weapons of mass destruction.

As always, Madsen derives this data from unspecified "intelligence sources," so caveat lector . Still, the idea does have a certain attraction. Permalink
11.Apr.2006 Joseph Wilson spoke at California State University at Northridge last Thursday; alas, I did not find out about his appearance "in a timely fashion" (as they say in court) + was thus unable to attend. He told the students that he had tried for five months to tell the White House that the Niger uranium claim was fraudulent:
"I had direct discussions with the State Department, Senate committees," Wilson said during a speech last Thursday. "I had numerous conversations to change what they were saying publicly.

I had a civic duty to hold my government to account for what it had said and done."
Wilson said he was rebuffed at every instance +

finally decided to write an op-ed in the New York Times + expose the administration for knowingly "twisting" the intelligence on the Iraqi nuclear threat to make a case for war.
11.Apr.2006 We learn from Jason Leopold that Bush was in on the Plame matter early on:

00.Jun.2003 -In early- Vice President Dick Cheney met with President Bush + told him that CIA officer Valerie Plame Wilson was the wife of Iraq war critic Joseph Wilson + that she was responsible for sending him on a fact-finding mission to Niger to check out reports about Iraq's attempt to purchase uranium from the African country, according to current + former White House officials + attorneys close to the investigation to determine who revealed Plame-Wilson's undercover status to the media.
Other White House officials who also attended the meeting with Cheney and President Bush included former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, her former deputy Stephen Hadley + Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove.

11.Apr.2006 So. Bush did not just authorize a leak, he also authorized a lie . And what does poor Scotty have to say about this?

The National Intelligence Estimate is the collective judgment of the intelligence community. It served as the underlying basis for how we viewed the regime's weapons program.
Now, an independent commission looked at all these issues and found out that the intelligence was wrong + that's why we've taken steps to implement a bunch of reform.

But at the time there were those who were making these wild accusations that we were misusing, or misrepresenting the intelligence.

That's why it was in the public interest to declassify that information, because it provided important historical information.
11.Apr.2006 The NIE document. Libby claims that Bush authorized him to spill a "key judgement" of the NIE document to Judith Miller -- the part that fingered Iraq as making a vigorous effort to acquire uranium. Unfortunately, no such "key judgement" existed within that document. The CIA guys who wrote the thing have confirmed as much to the Washington Post.
11.Apr.2006 Obstruction of justice . A larger number of people are coming to understand that if Bush lied to a prosecutor, we have serious grounds for impeachment.

From the Vichy Democrats site: Bush refused to be sworn or, IIRC, to allow a court reporter at his meeting with Fitzgerald.

But perjury isn't an element of the crime of obstruction, so being under oath is irrelevant + Fitzgerald -- who was accompanied by "several assistants" during his 70-minute interview with the President -- unquestionably has meticulous notes, which are more than sufficient and are what most obstruction prosecutions are based on.
No medications for the Gaza Strip : The Palestinian Ministry of Health slammed the Israeli decision to ban the entry of medication to the Gaza Strip, ´+ the American + the European Union decision to halt all aid to the Palestinian people.

11.Apr.2006 Red Cross Warns of Humanitarian Crisis in Palestine : Pierre Kraehenbuehl, the committee’s operations director, told reporters in Geneva that due to bans over exit and entries to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the economy in Palestine land continues to worsen everyday

11.Apr.2006 France denies visas for Hamas legislators: France has denied visas to two Hamas members of the Palestinian legislature invited to talks at the headquarters of Europe's leading human rights organization, the Council of Europe said Monday.

11.Apr.2006 U.K. coroner recommends war crimes charges for IOF soldiers : A U.K. coroner said on Monday that he would recommend that the British attorney general seek legal action over the deaths of two pro-Palestinian activists killed by Israel Defense Forces fire in 2003.

11.Apr.2006 Calls for UK to act over Britons shot dead in Gaza: The attorney general was last night called on to seek war crimes charges against five Israeli officers after an inquest jury found that a soldier under their command intentionally killed a British peace activist in Gaza.

11.Apr.2006 Israeli Spy Case: Lobbyists' Prosecutors Pointing to Spy Case: Federal prosecutors have reached back 60 years to a case involving a convicted Soviet spy as a precedent for indicting two former lobbyists for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) under the 1917 Espionage Act for receiving and transmitting national defense information.
11.Apr.2006 Iran's nuclear power will serve Gulf region -- president says: Iran is the eighth state in the world to acquire the technology for enriching low-grade uranium, he said, adding that the his country has the technology to enrich uranium at a 3.5 percent proportion.

11.Apr.2006 Going nuclear : No one need be surprised that when the Pentagon looked at military ways of dealing with Iran one idea it considered was a tactical nuclear attack. The surprise, according to the New Yorker magazine's veteran investigative reporter Seymour Hersh, is that when the US joint chiefs of staff later sought to cross it off their list the White House insisted on keeping it there.

11.Apr.2006 Countdown to U.S.-Iran War Has Begun: Presence of U.S. bombers in England seen as advance signals

11.Apr.2006 Bush prepares unmanned attack over nukes: THE Pentagon has secret plans for a "remote control" blitz on Iran if it does not comply with demands to curb its nuclear programme.

11.Apr.2006 Israel won’t allow Iranian nuclear capability – Olmert: Asked whether Tel Aviv is considering the use of military force for stopping Tehran’s development of nuclear warheads, he said, Israel would not wait until Iran develops nuclear weapons that might be used against it.

11.Apr.2006 Iran Switch to Euros? Inconsequential!: There are warnings that the US military will attack Iran, not so much because of its development of missiles and nuclear weapons, but because a switch to the euro would somehow cause a major fall of the US dollar.

11.Apr.2006 Will the US attack Iran?....yes, it will sooner than later: : It is irrelevant what Iran is trying to do...whether it is trying to develop nuclear weapons or if it is planning to open a new bourse to sell oil in euros which would undermine the dollar.

11.Apr.2006 Riyadh seeks Russian help to prevent US strike on Iran: Saudi Arabia, fearing that US military action against Iran would wreak further havoc in the region, has asked Russia to block any bid by Washington to secure UN cover for an attack, a Russian diplomat said on Tuesday.

11.Apr.2006 Israel breaking humanitarian law as 7 year-old girl is killed: "Yesterday the Israeli military fired a shell that hit the house of the Ghiben family in the town of Beit Lahya in the northern Gaza Strip. Hadil, a seven-year old girl, was killed + twelve people were injured, including Hadil's pregnant mother Sfia Ghiben, who was seriously injured," a human rights organizations said today.
11.Apr.2006 Iran joins world nuclear technology club: The president said that Iran has completed production of the nuclear fuel cycle on laboratory scale and produced enriched uranium with the purity needed for a nuclear power station on April 9, this year.

11.Apr.2006 Iran 'has joined nuclear club' : The White House has labelled Iran's declaration that it has joined the club of nuclear countries as "moving in the wrong direction" and threatened UN talks.
11.Apr.2006 Blood Fruit: The Blowback Harvest Begins : This is just the very beginning, the first, faint echoes of the coming whirlwind of blowback that will hit the USA and Britain as a result of the monstrous and murderous folly in Iraq.

11.Apr.2006 Patrick J. Buchanan:L Coming to terms with a failed policy in the Middle East: With the Gallup Poll showing 51 percent of Americans want all U.S. troops out of Iraq by year's end, John Kerry has made his move.

11.Apr.2006 U.S. Blind to Harbinger of Its Decline The first step for turnaround is to bring troops home -By Ramzy Baroud
The world is changing, yet the U.S. government refuses to abandon its old ways: militaristic, self-defeating and overbearing. Indeed, the U.S. must remold, not only its policies in the Middle East, but also its hegemonic policies throughout the world.

11.Apr.2006 Urananreicherung: Ahmadinedschad sieht Iran im Club der Atommächte
11.Apr.2006 Italien-Wahl: Prodi siegt, Berlusconi wütet
11.Apr.2006 Überraschungs-Coup: Nasdaq steigt groß bei Londoner Börse ein
Atomstreit: Iran meldet erfolgreiche Urananreicherung
11.Apr.2006 Vioxx-Opfer: Merck muss weitere Millionen-Strafe zahlen

11.Apr.2006 Debatte um Papstsatire: MTV wirbt nicht weiter für "Popetown"
11.Apr.2006 Gläserne Bürger: Informatiker protestieren gegen den "ePersonalausweis"
Lichttherapie: Laser lässt Fett schmelzen
11.Apr.2006 Italien-Wahl: Prodi fordert von Berlusconi Eingeständnis der Niederlage
11.Apr.2006 Illegal in USA: Massenproteste gegen schärferes Einwanderungsrecht

11.Apr.2006 Sicherheitspanne: Wirrwarr um "Air Force One"-Daten im Internet
11.Apr.2006 Top-Mafioso gefasst: "Harter Schlag gegen die Cosa Nostra"
11.Apr.2006 Wetterkapriolen: Bayern versinkt im Schnee
Zwei-Tonnen-Projektil: Nasa nimmt Mond unter Beschuss
11.Apr.2006 Italien-Wahl: Chaos in Rom
11.Apr.2006 Psychologie: Eltern und Lehrer durchschauen Kinder verschieden
11.Apr.2006 Machtkampf in Rom: Prodi erklärt sich zum Wahlsieger
11.Apr.2006 Preisrekorde: Iran-Konflikt erschüttert die Öl-Märkte

11.Apr.2006 ZEW-Index: Konjunkturbarometer fällt erneut
CIA-Affäre: Bush räumt Freigabe von Geheimdienstmaterial ein
11.Apr.2006 Manöver geglückt: Europäische Sonde umkreist Venus

11.Apr.2006 Content gegen Klicks: 600 Blogger beliefern US-Zeitungen
11.Apr.2006 Natur-Haftmittel: Superkleber aus der Bakterie
1,600 hosepipe users reported Hundreds of people coping with drought in the South East report neighbours for breaking hosepipe bans.
11.Apr.2006 Downer 'unaware of bribe reports' Australia's foreign minister tells an inquiry he did not see warnings that wheat exporters were making illegal payments to Iraq.
11.Apr.2006 French protesters to mark victory Students and unions in France plan another day of action as they celebrate defeating the youth jobs law.
11.Apr.2006 Oil tops $69 amid Iran tensions Crude oil breaks through the $69-a-barrel mark in London amid growing tensions between the US and Iran.
11.Apr.2006 Telescope looks to go to the edge The Swift telescope is about to see the most distant objects ever recorded, its chief scientist believes.
11.Apr.2006 Turnabout's Fair Play Citizens of India are co-opting surveillance techniques traditionally used by government agencies to gather incriminating evidence of their leaders' corruption. By Bruce Sterling of Wired magazine.
11.Apr.2006 Tiny Flyer Navigates Like Fly Author: ScuttleMonkey 25
Assassin bug writes to tell us the Discovery Channel is reporting on a new ultralight autonomous aircraft that could be the next 'fly on the wall'. From the article: "The 10-gram microflyer, being developed by a team of researchers lead by Dario Floreano at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, has a 36-centimeter (14-inch) wingspan. But it could one day be shrunk to insect size and used for search and rescue."

11.Apr.2006 Wal-Mart Controls Modern Game Design? Author: ScuttleMonkey 210
An anonymous reader writes "That Wal-Mart smiley face is looking pretty evil now that Allen Varney has explained how much influence they have on virtually every modern game: 'Publisher sales reps inform Wal-Mart buyers of games in development; the games' subjects, titles, artwork and packaging are vetted and sometimes vetoed by Wal-Mart. If Wal-Mart tells a top-end publisher it won't carry a certain game, the publisher kills that game. In short, every triple-A game sold at retail in North America is managed start to finish, top to bottom, with the publisher's gaze fixed squarely on Wal-Mart + no other.'"

11.Apr.2006 Microsoft Helps Write Oklahoma's Anti-Spyware Law Author: ScuttleMonkey 130
groovy.ambuj writes "The Inquirer reports that Microsoft has developed Oklahoma's 'Computer Spyware protection Act'. The law will supposedly protect people from unwarranted hackers or virus attacks and can fine individuals up to $1M who are found guilty of breaking into a computer without the owners knowledge. At the same time, it also allows some of the better known capable companies to 'look' into your computer for possible virus/spyware and fix the problem without informing you. And, while these friends are doing their job, they can also take the moment to do other things. "

11.Apr.2006 Braincast 26 - Bewusstsein Author: Arvid Leyh 

Mit Braincast 26 werden die Fragen groesser: Welchen Job hat das Bewusstsein? Welche nicht? Was ist es ueberhaupt und - nutzen wir es tatsaechlich? Erwarten Sie keine finalen Antworten, eher einen Ueberblick ueber den Stand der Dinge.
Das Bewusstsein beginnt ganz wunderbar mit
Nomads Theme von satYa, wird schoener mit Westerneast von Scott Helm, geht weiter mit Lipstick von Retail, Beautiful You von Jakit Patrick und endet - der Verwirrung ueber das Bewusstsein angemessen - mit Down the drain von Dave from Chub Creek. MP3 File
Der Philosoph Paul Churchland beschreibt in seinem Buch "Die Seelenmaschine" die Facetten des Bewusstseins sehr treffend - die Kommentare sind von mir:
Bewusstsein ...
... erfordert ein Kurzzeitgedaechtnis - um durchs Leben zu navigieren, braucht das Bewusstsein einen Kontext von wo und was, der einen zeitlichen Rahmen umfasst.

Dieser wird vom Kurzzeitgedächtnis geliefert
... ist unabhaengig von der aktuellen Wahrnehmung, denn es kann sich Dinge vorstellen - Gedanken sind frei und nicht an die Realitaet gebunden.

Besonders die Fantasie macht den Menschen zum Menschen. Doch dieser Punkt kann auch mehrere Simulationen einer Problemloesung gedanklich durchspielen und auf ihre Effekte überpruefen
... beinhaltet die Steuerung der Aufmerksamkeit - Das mag uns oft nicht so vorkommen, wenn wir uns gedanklich verhakt haben, aber wir koennen tatsaechlich unsere Aufmerksameit auf einen ganz anderen Punkt richten
... kann unscharfe Fakten interpretieren - Das bezieht sich nicht nur auf das "filling-in", wie wir es bei der Wahrnhemung gesehen haben, sondern auch auf Statistiken und politsche Reden.

Das allerdings erfordert schon hoehere Weihen der Intelligenz
... verschwindet im Tiefschlaf - aber kommt dannach wieder zum Vorschein. Es ist also auch konsistent gegenueber Unterbrechungen, ein Teil von Edelmans "reentranten Prozessen"
... bewegt sich durch Traeume - was wir bei intensiven Traeumen am naechsten Tag merken, der oft noch unter dem emotionalen Eindruck des Traumes steht
... kann mehrere sensorische Erfahrungen zu einer Erfahrung zusammenfassen - Bewusstsein behaelt den Ueberblick ueber mehrere Ereignisse, im kleineren - wie einer Achterbahnfahrt - + im groesseren Kontext von Beruf oder Beziehung. Hier zeigt sich dann auch, welchen Nachteil das System hat, denn es neigt zur Vereinfachung schert gerne ueber einen Kamm
... kann Bedeutung verleihen - Das ist einer der menschlichsten und merkwuedigsten Aspekte des Bewusstseins - hier wird es sehr subjektiv.

Fuer jeden Menschen ist etwas anderes bedeutend, auch wenn sich Bedeutungen oft ueberlappen
Braincast 27 - Sprache Author: Arvid Leyh 
Fangen unsere Gehirne an zu arbeiten, wenn wir aufhoeren zu reden?

Diese These gehoert zu Douglas Adams, aber dass Sprache auch gepfiffen wird, Wale sich gut unterhalten + uns die Sprache auch begrenzt, darum geht Braincast 27.
Die musikalische Untermalung diesmal besteht passend zum Thema aus der
Shepherd's Serenade der Brobdingnagian Bards, dann etwas weniger schottisch Orion von Technetium, das sehr hübsche Sea von Taktfrequenz + Mystery von satYa. MP3 File

11.Apr.2006 Braincast 28 - Systemanfaelligkeiten Author: Arvid Leyh 
Willkommen im Gruselkabinett des Gehirns: Fremde Beine im Bett, alien hands, die Familie ersetzt durch Roboter und ich selbst - tot und von Maden zerfressen.

All das, aber auch weniger bildzeitungsmaessiges passiert in Braincast 28 ueber Systemanfaelligkeiten.
Die Musik diesmal ist primär schräg, was dem Thema durchaus entspricht:
In the Jungle von Cowtowncor, das hart-jazzige Last Station von Mark Bordernet, Chimichanga von Mauricio Cuburu, +, zum friedvollen Abschluss Aristotle von Technetium. Das letzte kurze Stück ist Feeling Stirred und stammt aus dem privaten Fundus von Last Future.
Ich wuensche schoene Ostern verabschiede mich bis nach Ostern!
MP3 File

11.Apr.2006 Insulating Bush
Karl Rove, President Bush's chief political adviser, cautioned other White House aides in the summer of 2003 that Bush's 2004 re-election prospects would be severely damaged if it was publicly disclosed that he had been personally warned that a key rationale for going to war had been challenged ...

11.Apr.2006 'Cancer-fighting tomato' on sale A super-tomato bred to have high levels of a chemical which may protect against cancer goes on sale.
11.Apr.2006 NASA's $73 Million Water-Finding Trick Author: Zonk 168
An anonymous reader writes "The folks at NASA, obviously looking for new ways to explore the universe, are planning to crash a two-ton probe into the moon. The goal? To find water." From the article: "NASA plans a series of robotic precursor missions including the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS, which will plow into the crater + the mapper, called the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. When LCROSS strikes the crater, it is expected to create a hole 16 feet deep and send up a 2.2 million-pound (998,000-kg) plume of debris for sensors and cameras stationed on a second spacecraft to monitor. Dozens of ground-based telescopes, as well as possibly space observatories, such as the Hubble telescope, will be trained on the plume as well."

11.Apr.2006 Where Computers Go To Die Author: Zonk 15
broohaha writes " has a featured article on where all our unwanted techno trash gets sent, and what is not being done enough to account for all the so-called 'recycling' we're doing. From the article: 'More than 50 percent of our recycled computers are shipped overseas, where their toxic components are polluting poor communities. Meanwhile, U.S. laws are a mess + industry and Congress are resisting efforts to stem the effluent of the affluent.' Some sites to visit dedicated to attacking the problem are Computer Take Back Campaign and Ban Action Network."

11.Apr.2006 Falsche Prognosen: Ratlose Institute
11.Apr.2006 Iran-Konflikt: US-Ölpreis peilt 70-Dollar-Marke an
Europäische Sonde: "Venus Express" biegt in den Orbit ein

11.Apr.2006 Italien: Prodi jubelt, Berlusconi will nachzählen

Those of you who cannot believe should learn the official truth by rote and perhaps you will be able to hide your ignorance.

Here are the bare bones of the WTC incident:  North tower struck 08-45, collapsed 10-29; 
South tower struck 09-03, collapsed 09-50; 
(See Using jet fuel to melt steel is an amazing discovery, really. 

It is also amazing that until now, no one had been able to get it to work + that proves the terrorists were not stupid people. 

Ironworkers fool with acetylene torches, bottled oxygen, electric arcs from generators, electric furnaces + other elaborate tricks, but what did these brilliant terrorists use? 

Jet fuel, costing maybe 80 cents a gallon on the open market.

Let us consider: One plane full of jet fuel hit the north tower at 8:45 AM + the fuel fire burned for a while with bright flames and black smoke. 

We can see pictures of the smoke and flames shooting from the windows. 
No easy answers on immigration conundrum
Here's my immigration "compromise": We need to regularize the situation of the 298 million non-undocumented residents of the USA. Right now, we get a lousy deal compared with the 15 million fine upstanding members of the Undocumented American community. I think the 298 million of us in ...

11.Apr.2006 Getting the balance right… Author: Group 
We've commented before on the "false objectivity of balance", i.e. the tendency for many journalists to treat scientific issues--for which differing positions often do not have equal merit-- in the same "he said, she said" manner they might treat a story on policy or politics. This approach can ...

11.Apr.2006 Centre left claims Italy victory Romano Prodi claims victory for his centre-left coalition in Italy's knife-edge general election.
11.Apr.2006 Bush dismisses 'Iran attack plan' The US president says a media report he is considering using nuclear weapons against Iran is "wild speculation".
11.Apr.2006 France to replace youth job law French President Jacques Chirac says the new youth job contract that sparked weeks of protests will be replaced.
11.Apr.2006 '100 bird flu outbreaks' in Burma A UN official says bird flu has spread rapidly in Burma, with more than 100 outbreaks among the country's poultry.
11.Apr.2006 US mass protests for immigrants Hundreds of thousands of people protest across the US against plans to tighten the law on immigration.
11.Apr.2006 Venus probe set to reach target The first space mission to Venus in over a decade is about to reach its target.
11.Apr.2006 Enron chief 'absolutely innocent' Former Enron chief Jeffrey Skilling tells a US court he is "absolutely innocent" and never believed that the firm would collapse.

Their work flies in the face of popular Darwinian theories of human behavior such as those espoused by Harvard University scientist Steven Pinker, whose recent book The Blank Slate takes for granted the idea that Homo sapiens hasn't changed since its long trek out of Africa 100,000 years ago.

Chicago geneticist Lahn is most intrigued by the possibility that cultural factors are involved in brain evolution. "We think some of these new gene variants may be as young as a few thousand years, a period when human culture was changing dramatically," he said. "Maybe these genes are selected not for hunting but because of organized society." He cautioned that this is just a hypothesis, but "recent cultural evolution and biological evolution may be linked."
Government-Aided Phishing Author: Zonk 51
Anonymous writes "A Florida county is posting the Social Security numbers, bank account info and other sensitive data of hundreds of thousands of current and former residents on its public Web site, Computerworld is reporting. A county official says there's no problem, since the postings are in compliance with state law requiring public availability of records." From the article: "The breach stems from the county's failure to redact or remove sensitive data from images of public documents such as property records and family court documents, Hogman said. Included in the documents that are publicly available are dates of birth and Social Security numbers of minors, images of signatures. passport numbers, green card details and bank account information."

10.Apr.2006 From the Heart of Oklahoma: "As more details are brought to the fore about the seamy underbelly of the Bush administration, the perpetually trusting souls among the American electorate are having trouble keeping those scales firmly in place on their eyes."
Improve World Working Conditions Through BuzzFlash Fair Trade Monday: Two Boxes of Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts Harvested in Peru
Bush acknowledges declassifying Iraq intelligence Libby leaked to press. No explanation on how the information was important for anything other than revenge against Joe Wilson and to Cover Up a Bush Lie With Another Bush Lie.. Worthy of Note is that a Citizen, Not a D.C. Reporter Asked the Question. 4/11

10.Apr.2006 Third Retired General Wants Rumsfeld Out. He also urged active-duty officers to speak out now if they had doubts about the war. The Politicians in D.C. Who Don't Speak Out for Rumsfeld's Removal Betray Our Soldiers, Indeed Doom Them. Of Course, Lieberman is Waiting in the Wings. He'll Do Anything for Bush and Cheney, Even Cheer the Nuke Bombing of Iran.
Larry Beinhart: Federal Confidential - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution from the author of The Librarian, Wag the Dog + Fog Facts

10.Apr.2006 This Video Of President Bush, Speaking This Morning, Presented Entirely Without Comment, Except That You Should Watch For The Part Where He Pants Like A Dog Toward The End. Oh + the really stupid answer he gives about military contractors in Iraq. 4/11
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
Secret Pentagon propaganda program has been working to exaggerate the importance of Zarqawi and Al Qaeda in Iraq, Washington Post reveals
The NRA Believes in "Pre-Emptive Killing." Join the Fight to Stop People from Getting a Gun Lobby License to Murder.

10.Apr.2006 Interview: Iraqi blogger Riverbend 4/11
10.Apr.2006 In Nazi America... "Government lawyers tried to confiscate the gold tooth caps known as "grills" from the mouths of two men facing drug charges, saying the dental work qualified as seizable assets." Permalink 10.Apr.2006 But every leak, every interview, every public criticism that exposes the insanity of our Commander-in-Chief constitutes a quiet coup -- a subtle act of rebellion -- a volley in a "cold" civil war. Permalink 10.Apr.2006
Is Iraq enough of a Stalingrad-style disaster to provoke such a reaction? Can our officers find it within themselves to be not just warriors, but heroes ?
19.Mar.2006 Maj. Gen. Paul D. Eaton (who commanded the training of Iraq's new security forces) also called for the removal of Donald Rumsfeld in a New York Times editorial. General Anthony Zinni also made the same public request.
The officer class is bailing. Retention numbers for young Army officers keep getting worse: Last year, more than a third of the West Point class of 2000 left active duty at the earliest possible moment, after completing their five-year obligation.

10.Apr.2006 Officers against Bush. Lt. Gen. Gregory Newbold, "the three-star Marine Corps general who was the military's top operations officer" until his reitrement in 2002, has called for the replacement of Donald Rumsfeld. His critique of the Iraq war is devastating. In his view, the decision to go "was done with a casualness and swagger that are the special province of those who have never had to execute these missions — or bury the results." Newbold was a key source for the book Cobra II , in which he characterizes the Iraq war as a blunder.
10.Apr.2006 Zarqawi the scarecrow. Take another look at a story you've probably already seen -- the revelation that the threat posed by terrorist "mastermind" Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is, to at least some degree, a fiction, or at least a hyperbole. Many bloggers noted the fishy scent perfuming the Zarqawi stories floating in and out of our newspapers + suspicions of fakery have now been proven valid.
10.Apr.2006 The Pentagon adviser on the war on terror confirmed that some in the Administration were looking seriously at this option, which he linked to a resurgence of interest in tactical nuclear weapons among Pentagon civilians and in policy circles. He called it “a juggernaut that has to be stopped.” He also confirmed that some senior officers and officials were considering resigning over the issue. “There are very strong sentiments within the military against brandishing nuclear weapons against other countries,” the adviser told me. “This goes to high levels.” The matter may soon reach a decisive point, he said, because the Joint Chiefs had agreed to give President Bush a formal recommendation stating that they are strongly opposed to considering the nuclear option for Iran. “The internal debate on this has hardened in recent weeks,” the adviser said. “And, if senior Pentagon officers express their opposition to the use of offensive nuclear weapons, then it will never happen.” Giving this information to Hersh was an act of patriotic insubordination -- and let's hope we see more "leaks" undertaken in that spirit.
10.Apr.2006 the pattern...
Seymour Hersh , in his instantly-famous
New Yorker piece, writes that A senior Pentagon adviser on the war on terror expressed a similar view. “This White House believes that the only way to solve the problem is to change the power structure in Iran + that means war,” he said.

10.Apr.2006 In case you missed it: Video: Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons: Savaged by dogs, Electrocuted With Cattle Prods, Burned By Toxic Chemicals, Does such barbaric abuse inside U.S. jails explain the horrors that were committed in Iraq?

10.Apr.2006 Helen Thomas : Want More Bush? Elect McCain: McCain's political record is not entirely pristine. He was a member of the so-called Keating Five -- five senators linked to Charles Keating in the savings and loan scandals in 1991

10.Apr.2006 Molly Ivins: A tough guy just bearing his cross?: In general, I'm against kicking 'em when they're down -- unless really awful people are involved. I figured Tom DeLay is so awful that plenty of people would gang up on him, so I could pass.

10.Apr.2006 UC Regents lose control of nuclear weapons program : Five admirals, Carlyle Group and Rand take over: Research on population control, preventing future births, is now being carried out secretly by biotech companies.

10.Apr.2006 U.S. Immigrants Rally by the Thousands: Atlanta police estimated at least 50,000 people, many in white T-shirts and waving American flags, joined a two-mile march from a largely immigrant neighborhood Monday morning. 10.Apr.2006 The War On Immigrants : The scenario I paint is a gloomy one in which the situation is grave, the stakes are immense and the time is short. It's a battle to save the republic and our sacred Constitutional rights. I'm desperately trying to sound the alarm against an out-of-control imperial state engaged in a permanent war abroad for empire along with a "second front" at home against all working people

10.Apr.2006 "Poor People, Disabled People, People of Color Are Not Welcomed Back to New Orleans" - Activists Paint Grim Picture of Struggling City

10.Apr.2006 Crumbling Under Debt: Americans are relying on borrowed money to maintain our standard of living. A major crash is coming unless we take action now.

10.Apr.2006 Bankrupt: Maxed Out in America": Listen to the radio documentary or read the transcript.
10.Apr.2006 The world's biggest prison system : More than 2.1 million people are in jail in the US at any one time; that is about one in 140 Americans, or as many people as live in Namibia, or nearly five Luxembourgs - and it is a number that continues to rise.
10.Apr.2006 U.S. accuses Venezuela of complicity in attack on ambassador's car : Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns summoned Venezuela's ambassador to the State Department. Burns told the Venezuelan diplomat that his country was in violation of an international treaty that requires the host countries to ensure the safety of foreign diplomats.

10.Apr.2006 Chavez Threatens to Expel U.S. Ambassador: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said the U.S. ambassador was "provoking the Venezuelan people" and threatened Sunday to expel the American diplomat, whose convoy was chased by pro-government protesters on motorcycles.

10.Apr.2006 U.N. accuses Haiti of massive illegal detentions: The head of the U.N. mission's human rights unit in Haiti accused judicial officials and the U.S.-backed interim government on Thursday of illegally detaining most of the 4,000 people behind bars in the country.
10.Apr.2006 Prodi wins Italy's election - exit polls: Italy's prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, looks to have narrowly lost the country's general election to a leftwing coalition led by the former European commission president Romano Prodi according to exit polls released immediately after voting ended today.
10.Apr.2006 A basic history of Zionism and its relation to Judaism: : It is the duty of everyone + particularly of Jews with a conscience and a sense of justice to speak out against the falsifications of history by the Zionist lobby + the dangerous misconceptions it has led the West to accept
10.Apr.2006 Abu Mazen Accuses Israel of Imprisoning Hundreds of Children : Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) stated, “Israel should be ashamed, imprisoning hundreds of Palestinian children when their only crime is yearning to live honorably like Israeli children and all the children of the world.”
10.Apr.2006 Target Iran: US hints at a new battlefront : Time is running out. Diplomatic moves are at a standstill because of the reluctance from Russia and China to impose sanctions against Iran, which has important support from developing countries where nuclear power is seen as a legitimate right.

10.Apr.2006 Bush warned against attacking Iran : Anthony Zinni, a retired general and former head of US Central Command, told CNN on Sunday that a pre-emptive strike on Iran would be extremely risky

10.Apr.2006 War pimp alert: Israel pressuring U.S. over Iran attack: Israeli officials who visited Washington recently gave the Americans an urgent message regarding Iran: The Islamic Republic was closer to developing a nuclear bomb than Washington realizes + the moment of decision is approaching quickly

10.Apr.2006 Pimping a war: "Israel Should Not Be on the Forefront of a War Against Iran": In an exclusive interview with TIME, Ehud Olmert, the Israeli prime minister warns about the threat from Iran, praises President Bush and vows to press ahead with West Bank withdrawals

10.Apr.2006 Patrick J. Buchanan: An October Surprise? : President Bush says Iranians are behind the more lethal IEDs, the roadside bombs killing our troops in Iraq. Rumsfeld warns the Iranian Revolutionary Guard may now be in Iraq. Cheney says Iran will not be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. McCain says, “the military option is on the table.” And Israel is getting impatient.
10.Apr.2006 'Forgers' of key Iraq war contract named: TWO employees of the Niger embassy in Rome were responsible for the forgery of a notorious set of documents used to help justify the Iraq war, an official investigation has allegedly found.

10.Apr.2006 Bush acknowledges declassifying Iraq intelligence: President George W. Bush acknowledged on Monday he ordered the declassification of parts of a prewar intelligence report on Iraq to respond to critics.

10.Apr.2006 Why Iraq Was a Mistake: A military insider sounds off against the war and the "zealots" who pushed it

10.Apr.2006 Galloway: 'Roasting' Iraqis keeps British pensioners cold : "The opportunity cost of burning other people's houses in foreign countries is that you can't build houses in your own country," he said.

10.Apr.2006 Cash Crop: Australian Wheat Board pumped $300 million into Saddam's slush fund:
10.Apr.2006 U.S. military plays up role of Zarqawi: The U.S. military is conducting a propaganda campaign to magnify the role of the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, according to internal military documents + officers familiar with the program.
10.Apr.2006 Iraqi prisoners vanishing in 'black hole': Blair envoy : - Iraqis arrested by US-led forces have been vanishing into a "black hole," British Prime Minister Tony Blair's human rights envoy told a Sunday newspaper.
10.Apr.2006 Murtha tells City Club the war is lost : "We needed to be able to pick up the trash, restore power and get the people working again." Instead, oil production remains below prewar levels; electricity is available for just 10 hours a day in the sweltering desert climate; 30 percent of the population is without drinkable water; 60 percent are unemployed.
10.Apr.2006 Iraqis struggle to cope with lower food rations : Critics blast government's decision to slash subsidies in face of mounting deprivation
10.Apr.2006 Civilizing Mission: - The US still mistakes national resistance for terrorism
10.Apr.2006 America’s "Noble" Cause: Preserving its Right to Murder, Exploit, Torture + Impoverish with Impunity -By Jason Miller
I suspect many of the ardent supporters of the American Empire truly believe that they are preserving and spreading noble principles like freedom, democracy, equality, and human rights. There is no shortage of propaganda to convince them of this “fact”.

10.Apr.2006 Beyond Capitalism: Problems and Solutions -By Charles Sullivan
It is up to the people of this country to not only drive out the Bush regime but also the system that made his rise to power possible. If we do the former without also accomplishing the latter, the cancer will return because it is inherent in the system. Nothing meaningful will have been accomplished. The names will change but not the result. We have to go all the way or not at all.

10.Apr.2006 The Great Western Demonology Circus Now Featuring The Halabja Show -By Gajendra Singh
Of course there are no trials of US leadership + British Prime Minister Tony Blair, in spite of illegal invasion of Iraq, proven crimes + violation of almost all international conventions + treaties + even laws at home.


80 Millionen - und steigend - Das Internet wächst weiter.

Nach einer Umfrage von "Netcraft" gesellten sich allein im vergangenen Monat 3,1 Millionen neue Domains hinzu. Damit gibt es derzeit insgesamt 80.655.992 Internet-Domains, was einer Verdoppelung seit April 2003 entspricht. Der Anteil der Windows-getriebenen Server nahm dabei im vergangenen Monat um 4,7 % zu. Verantwortlich für diese Verschiebung ist laut "Netcraft" in erster Linie der US-Registrar Go Daddy, der im vergangenen Monat 3,5 Millionen Domains vom Linux-basierten Apache auf Windows Server 2003 umstellte. Linux bleibt aber dennoch weit vorne und dient rund zwei Drittel aller Internet-Domains als Plattform während der Windows-Anteil bei 25 % liegt. Sun teilt sich die verbleibenden %punkte mit anderen Plattformen wie Zeus.
10.Apr.2006 Frankreich: Villepin beerdigt Ambitionen aufs Präsidentenamt

10.Apr.2006 Berlusconi gegen Prodi: Wahlkrimi in Italien
Ex-Enron-Boss Skilling: "Ich kämpfe bis ich sterbe"

10.Apr.2006 Verhärtete Fronten: Metallbranche steuert auf Streik zu
10.Apr.2006 Afghanistan: US-Militärgeheimnisse auf dem Basar zu kaufen
10.Apr.2006 Prognose: IWF dämpft Wachstumshoffnung für Deutschland
Iran-Konflikt: Bush dementiert Kriegspläne
10.Apr.2006 Frankreich: Villepin zieht Konsequenzen aus Reformdebakel
Erdbeben von 1906: Forscher simulieren San Franciscos Untergang

10.Apr.2006 Elektroden im Bauch: Magenschrittmacher soll schlank machen
10.Apr.2006 Präsidentschaftswahlen in Peru: Linksnationalist Humala muss in die Stichwahl

10.Apr.2006 Enron-Prozess: Endspiel für "Kenny-Boy"

10.Apr.2006 Italien-Wahl: Prognosen - Prodi vor Berlusconi
10.Apr.2006 Italien: Countdown für den Cavaliere
10.Apr.2006 Netzwelt-Ticker: Nerds machen Frauen glücklich

10.Apr.2006 Jagd auf Sarkawi: Geheimdienstler bezeichnen Kampagne als aufgebauscht
10.Apr.2006 Vogelgrippe: Opfer-Prognose schockiert Briten
10.Apr.2006 Kündigungsschutz in Frankreich: Chirac kippt Reformgesetz
10.Apr.2006 Enormer Eisberg: Kollision in der Antarktis
Kircheneinsturz: Tod beim Abendmahl
10.Apr.2006 Iran 'nuclear option' criticised Critics of the Bush administration are angry at reports the US considers using nuclear weapons on Iran.
10.Apr.2006 Howard to help Iraq wheat inquiry Australian Prime Minister John Howard will give a statement to an inquiry into wheat exports to Iraq.
10.Apr.2006 Union leader critical of Labour Labour policies are turning its supporters away from the party "almost daily", the leader of Amicus says.
10.Apr.2006 Weak brain links 'explain autism' Poor communication between brain areas may explain why people with autism do not interact well, a study says.
10.Apr.2006 Schizophrenia chemical flaw clue A failure in the chemical messaging system in the brain has been identified in people with schizophrenia.
10.Apr.2006 ESA to Send Spacecraft to Venus Author: ScuttleMonkey 103
teeto writes to tell us The International Herald Tribune is reporting that the European Space Agency is planning to send a spacecraft to peer at Venus." From the article: "If the robot craft pulls off the complex maneuver of slowing down enough to swing into orbit, scientists hope it will help solve the mystery of how the shrouded, churning atmosphere of Venus formed and how it maintains the planet's broiler-like temperatures."

10.Apr.2006 Venezuela: Proteste oder Oppositionsstrategie Author: Anna Krämer 
Einige Ereignisse haben in den letzten Tagen in Caracas und anderen größeren Städten Venezuelas zu Protesten der Opposition geführt. Auslöser war die Nachricht über die Ermordung der vor einem Monat entführten Söhne des kanadisch-venezolanischen Geschäftsmannes Faddoul und deren Chauffeurs. Die drei Jungen und der Chauffeur waren vor circa einem Monat auf dem Weg von der Schule nach Hause bei einer vermeintlichen Polizeikontrolle entführt worden. Der Fall hat besonders deswegen für Aufsehen gesorgt, weil vermutet wird, dass Polizisten in die Entführung verwickelt sind. Die Nachricht vom Tod der Entführten war Auslöser für Proteste und Straßenblockaden von einigen hunderten von Menschen. Die Meldung von BBC und Reuters, dass gegen die Demonstranten Tränengas eingesetzt worden sei, wurde durch die venezolanischen Medien nicht bestätigt.

10.Apr.2006 Death to User-Generated Content
Calling the beautiful, amazing, brilliant things people create online "user-generated content" is like sliding up to your lady, putting your arm around her and whispering, "Hey baby, let's have intercourse." They're words that creepy marketeers use. They imply something to be commodified, harvested,

10.Apr.2006 ABC Suspends John Green, Executive Producer of 'Good Morning America Weekend,' for E-Mail Messages
John Green was disciplined by executives at ABC on Friday, a week after the Drudge Report Web site reproduced an 18-month-old e-mail message in which he was critical of President Bush.

10.Apr.2006 European spacecraft to peer at Venus Author: Webhelp 
If the robot craft pulls off the complex maneuver of slowing down enough to swing into orbit, scientists hope it will help solve the mystery of how the churning atmosphere of Venus formed.

10.Apr.2006 In a First, the Stones Rock China, but Hold the Brown Sugar
The concert on Saturday, a late addition to the band's Biggest Bang world tour, was the product of long negotiations and numerous compromises: from the venue, a diminutive 8,000-seat indoor arena, to the songs allowed by Chinese censors. The five songs reported to have been banned were "Brown Sugar,

10.Apr.2006 500,000 Hispanics March for Immigration Reform Author: Alexander Muse 
Downtown Dallas on April 9th, 2006 500,000 march for immigration reform.

Viele der Kundgebungsteilnehmer zeigten sich empört über den anhaltenden Streit im US-Kongress über eine Reform des Einwanderungsrechts. Am Freitag hatte der US-Senat die Abstimmung über einen Kompromissvorschlag vertagt, der unter anderem für die rund sieben Millionen illegalen Einwanderer, die bereits seit mindestens fünf Jahren in den Vereinigten Staaten leben, ein Aufenthaltsrecht vorsah. Grund ist, dass der Kompromiss vor allem am rechten Flügel der Republikaner auf Widerstand stößt. Dort werden die Zugeständnisse an illegale Einwanderer für zu weitgehend gehalten.

Bis zu einer halben Million Demonstranten haben allein in Dallas für die Rechte von Einwanderern protestiert - und es sollen noch mehr werden: In mehr als 120 US-Städten wollen heute Menschen auf die Straße gehen.

Washington - Die Kundgebungsteilnehmer im texanischen Dallas forderten ein Bleiberecht für die illegalen Einwanderer und riefen den US-Kongress auf, den Streit um die Reform des Einwanderungsrechts zu beenden und einem derzeit heftig umstrittenen Gesetzentwurf zuzustimmen, der illegalen Einwanderern die Chance auf eine Aufenthaltsgenehmigung eröffnet. Der Marsch in Dallas war Auftakt einer Reihe von Kundgebungen, zu denen heute landesweit mehr als eine Million Menschen erwartet werden. Es sind Demonstrationen in mehr als 120 Städten geplant.
US-Massendemo: Hunderttausende fordern Rechte für Einwanderer
09.Apr.2006 Tories renew 7 July probe calls The Tories call for a new inquiry into last year's London bombings after a leaked report of the government's findings.
09.Apr.2006 Fake torrents flooding Mininova Author: Martin 
The battle against p2p users is on the beginning and it may conclude into serious problems. Probably the most used BitTorrent indexing directory,, is flooded by fake torrents in the last time. I’m also one of these daily visitors and I can see at least 2 or 3 confirmed fake ...

09.Apr.2006 U.S. Is Studying Military Strike Options on Iran
The Bush administration is studying options for military strikes against Iran as part of a broader strategy of coercive diplomacy to pressure Tehran to abandon its alleged nuclear development program, according to U.S. officials and independent analysts. No attack appears likely in the short term, ...

09.Apr.2006 Boeing Fined $15 Million for a Chip
CHICAGO, April 8 -- The Boeing Co. has agreed to pay $15 million to settle federal allegations that it broke the law by selling commercial airplanes equipped with a small chip that has military applications.

09.Apr.2006 Under the Hood of AT&T's Monitoring System Author: ScuttleMonkey 27
pkbarbiedoll writes "The recent discovery of AT&T's monitoring program has raised more than a few eyebrows. While the class action suit filed by EFF is pending (as well as a seperate suit filed against the NSA filed by the ACLU), interested parties are taking the time to learn more about the scope of this massive invasion of privacy. Bewert examines the Narus architecture used by AT&T in their previously shadowed (and ongoing) collaboration with the NSA."

09.Apr.2006 SF Chronicle: "Privacy advocates are raising concerns about Google Inc's plans to cover San Francisco with free wireless Internet access, calling the company's proposal to track users' locations a potential gold mine of information for law enforcement and private litigators."
09.Apr.2006 Streit um Kündigungsschutz: Chirac und Villepin wollen Kompromiss vorlegen
09.Apr.2006 Proteste in Frankreich: Chirac und de Villepin stürzen in Umfragen ab
Risk of human flu outbreak 'low' The chances of the bird flu virus spreading between humans are "very low", says the government's top scientist.
09.Apr.2006 UK dismisses talk of Iran attack UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw says reports of a possible US nuclear strike against Iran are "nuts".
Schon vor 140 bis 168 Millionen Jahren gab es die ersten Ameisen auf der Erde - mindestens 40 Millionen Jahre früher als bislang vermutet worden war. Das fand Connie Moreau von der Harvard University heraus, nachdem er einen genetischen Stammbaum mit Gensequenzen von knapp der Hälfte der heute existierenden Ameisenarten aus 19 von 20 Unterfamilien zusammengesetzt hatte.
09.Apr.2006 Evolution: Frühe Blüten ließen Ameisenarten sprießen
Iran-Konflikt: US-Regierung dementiert Berichte über Kriegspläne nur schwach
09.Apr.2006 Nanotech Gone Awry? Author: ScuttleMonkey 8
westcoaster004 writes "Chemical and Engineering News is reporting what appears to be 'the first recall of a nanotechnology-based product' due to health risks associated with it. The recall of 'Magic Nano' spray, which is for use on glass and ceramic surfaces to make them repel dirt and water, comes after at least 77 people in Germany contacted regional poison control centers after experiencing illness after using the product. The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment has also issued a warning." Relatedly dolphin558 writes "There is an interesting story in the Washington Post on the unknown dangers facing employees of nanotechnology firms. The jury is still out on whether traditional HAZMAT safeguards are suitable when handling nanomaterials, many of which can be harmful. Research into potential workplace hazards is beginning to ramp up as the industry and government become more aware of this issue."

09.Apr.2006 Phone firm 'plans free broadband'
Mobile phone seller Carphone Warehouse is expected to start offering free broadband connections.

09.Apr.2006 Coalition talks begin in Israel
Israel's political parties start talks to put together a coalition government, following March's election.

09.Apr.2006 Anti-Terror-Einsatz: Irak-Horror greift auf Afghanistan über
Vioxx-Opfer: Deutsche hoffen auf Zulassung von US-Klagen

Fitzgerald wrote that Cheney and his aides saw Wilson as a threat to "the credibility of the Vice President (and the President) on a matter of signal importance: the rationale for the war in Iraq." They decided to respond by implying that Wilson got his CIA assignment by "nepotism."

But the White House Iraq Group, formed in August 2002 to foster "public education" about Iraq's "grave and gathering danger" to the USA, repeatedly pitched the uranium story. The alleged procurement was a minor issue for most U.S. analysts -- the hard part for Iraq would be enriching uranium, not obtaining the ore + Niger's controlled market made it an unlikely seller -- but the Niger story proved irresistible to speechwriters. Most nuclear arguments were highly technical, but the public could easily grasp the link between uranium and a bomb.
A 'Concerted Effort' to Discredit Bush Critic
Prosecutor Describes Cheney, Libby as Key Voices Pitching Iraq-Niger Story

By Barton Gellman and Dafna Linzer
Washington Post Staff Writers
Sunday, April 9, 2006; A01

As he drew back the curtain this week on the evidence against Vice President Cheney's former top aide, Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald for the first time described a "concerted action" by "multiple people in the White House" -- using classified information -- to "discredit, punish or seek revenge against" a critic of President Bush's war in Iraq.

Bluntly and repeatedly, Fitzgerald placed Cheney at the center of that campaign. Citing grand jury testimony from the vice president's former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Fitzgerald fingered Cheney as the first to voice a line of attack that at least three White House officials would soon deploy against former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV.

Cheney, in a conversation with Libby in early July 2003, was said to describe Wilson's CIA-sponsored trip to Niger the previous year -- in which the envoy found no support for charges that Iraq tried to buy uranium there -- as "a junket set up by Mr. Wilson's wife," CIA case officer Valerie Plame.
This is just the tip of the Iceberg!
Wait until the Truth of 9/11 Surfaces!   "A 'Concerted Effort' to Discredit Bush Critic"

09.Apr.2006 THE IRAN PLANS
The Bush Administration, while publicly advocating diplomacy in order to stop Iran from pursuing a nuclear weapon, has increased clandestine activities inside Iran and intensified planning for a possible major air attack. Current and former American military and intelligence officials said that ...

09.Apr.2006 Iraq not in civil war, says Straw Foreign Secretary Jack Straw rejects claims by the Egyptian president that Iraq has descended into civil war.
09.Apr.2006 The neocons don't give the corporate media marching orders, by the way. The mainstream media are for the most part neocon/neolib-owned. The owners of the mainstream media are much more powerful than most high-level government and think tank members and officials. The government works for this international network of feudal billionaires, not vice-versa.
The actual situation that is developing is much scarier than the scenario suggested by this satire.

09.Apr.2006 What the Nazis did to Germany, the neocons and Christian Zionists have done to the USA for the last five or six years.  Every policy they have promoted has drastically reduced the security, well-being and quality of life of Americans.
09.Apr.2006 Ambassador Edward Peck is an Advisory Board Member for the Center on Peace and Liberty at the Independent Institute, was Deputy Director of the Cabinet Task Force on Terrorism in the Reagan White House and former Chief of Mission in Iraq + was in Jerusalem and the West bank as an international observer of the presidential elections in 2005, and in Gaza for the Legislative Council elections in 2006.
09.Apr.2006 As the only nation unstintingly providing Israel with vast amounts of money, arms and unhesitating political protection, the USA is perceived as the key facilitator of 40 years of occupation + oppression. The massive, growing political, economic and human costs of continuing that close relationship merit public, knowledge, discussion and debate.

The Israel lobby prevents it, as Mearsheimer and Walt have carefully documented.
09.Apr.2006 There is only rare, skimpy coverage of the ongoing Israeli mass punishments, house demolitions, illegal settlements, assassinations, settler brutality, curfews and beatings.

On the other hand, the blind Palestinian rage generated by decades of receiving humiliating, savage suppression in their homeland is reported in lurid, bloody detail.
09.Apr.2006 FBI Director Robert Mueller said the new contract with Lockheed Martin will face performance audits from investigators within and outside the FBI. Each of the four phases of the project will be reviewed, and the contract is structured so that the FBI can back out after any of the phases, he said. "We have learned from the mistakes of the past + we are intent on bringing this home," he said.,10801,110248,00.html
09.Apr.2006 Leahy's questions came a day after the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report saying the DoJ and other federal agencies contract with some data resellers that do not comply with federal rules governing the collection of data. Data brokers often do not restrict their collection of personal data, as required in federal fair information practices law + often do not inform the individuals whose data they are collecting, GAO said. DOJ and three other agencies spent about $30 million with data resellers in fiscal year 2005, the report said.

Leahy said he was concerned about the GAO report. "The Justice Department ... often doesn't even follow federal rules - doesn't follow its own laws - in protecting Americans' privacy," Leahy said. "You see my concern." 09.Apr.2006 Why is FBI still doing business with Israeli ChoicePoint? The same firm that recently was prevented from purchasing an American computer services company. ===
Senator questions FBI on ChoicePoint contract
Leahy wants to know why DOJ's still doing business with breached firm - News Story by Grant Gross
(IDG NEWS SERVICE) - A top Democrat in the U.S. Senate questioned Wednesday why the U.S. Department of Justice continues to do business with data broker ChoicePoint Inc.

a year after the company announced a data breach potentially affecting 145,000 U.S. residents.

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) blasted the DOJ and the FBI division for a recent five-year, $12 million contract for ChoicePoint to provide investigative analysis software to the FBI.

00.Feb.2005 ChoicePoint announced a data breach after criminals set up fake businesses that purchased private information from the data broker.
The Architects of the Iraq War: Where Are They Now?   [Zero accountability for a $2 trillion dollar disaster.  The American government is completely broken.]

09.Apr.2006 Cenk Uygur: The President is Trying to Get Impeached By Cenk Uygur on Iraq

My theory is that President Bush is trying to get impeached. He's tired and he just wants to go home. His bed in Crawford seems so enticing now. All this presidenting has worn him out.

After Katrina he hasn't even been able to take his signature five week vacations. So, he's subconsciously trying to get kicked out of school so he doesn't have to do the homework anymore.

Why else would you break so many laws?
09.Apr.2006 He welcomed the investigation because he couldn't wait for nap time. Calgon, take me away!

He says the person "will be taken care of" because he longs for the days when he was taken care of.

When he got awful grades in school and wanted to go to a top notch college anyway - no problem, dad will take care of it.

Didn't want to go to Vietnam or even bother showing up for National Guard duty - no problem, dad will take care of it. Run a business into the ground - no problem, dad will take care of it. If someone could just take care of him now, everything would be back to the way it was.

Don't worry George, we can make your problems go away. It's a little thing called impeachment. Just ask anyone in your party, they know all about it. I know you've been trying hard to get relieved of your command because it's too much homework.

Who wants the hassle of trying to catch the guy who actually ordered 9/11? Why else would you say: "I don't know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don't care. It's not that important." Of course, it's important, but it's hard work. And George is tired.

Who wants to actually bother trying terrorists in a court of law when you can just keep them in secret prisons indefinitely? Who wants to do legal interrogations when you can just torture? Who wants to bother getting permission from a judge before wiretapping Americans? Who wants to bother cleaning up Iraq? Who wants to bother rebuilding New Orleans?

Georgy needs a nap. He's dying to get fired. Will someone put this guy out of his misery and impeach him already? Believe me, you'd be doing him a favor. Link
09.Apr.2006 UK cheated Afghan poppy growers: report
Kashar ((World News)) Get News In Real Time UK cheated Afghan poppy growers: report By Kashar News BRUSSELS, March 29 (SANA): The British government has failed to honour its pledge to compensate Afghani farmers for eradicating poppy crops, causing widespread anger in the volatile south of the

09.Apr.2006 Forensic Economist from Cambridge University Issues Open Letter to Insurance Committee
9/11 Blogger - Blogging 9/11 Related Alternative News All comments are welcome! but please avoid hate speech and profanity, and use references when possible. Forensic Economist from Cambridge University Issues Open Letter to Insurance Committee By dz 9/11 - Bank Buys Broker for CONCEALED DEMOLITION

09.Apr.2006 Bloglines - Bring on the bombs
SeanMcBride ( Antony Loewenstein Bring on the bombs By Antony Loewenstein on Israel The following full-page advertisement, funded by the American Jewish Committee, appeared in the New York Times, Financial Times, International Herald Tribune and New York Sun on April 4. Who is pushing for war?

09.Apr.2006 Fish Holds Breath for Months Understanding of how animals cope with oxygen starvation may help scientists solve similar problems in humans.
09.Apr.2006 The World: Set Out the Good China, the President's Coming The Chinese are calling Hu Jintao's first trip to Washington as China's president a state visit. The Americans say it is not.
09.Apr.2006 Fuel bulk buy 'could help elderly' Low-income households could save 15% on bills if the government bought fuel on their behalf, a report says.
09.Apr.2006 Tests find no new bird flu cases No birds tested for avian flu since an infected swan was discovered in Fife have been found to have H5N1.
09.Apr.2006 Library Autonomous Zone: Government Info Archives You can download audio of Bill Moyers ' keynote address as well as the panels with ... The CIA + Dick Cheney notwithstanding, there is no secret government

Download Sites for Listed Media - ! ?The Info Bunker? ! - Here's a bitTorrent link: torrent /4...atibillity · join to post · Abraxas ... Bill Moyers - The Secret Government American Drug Lords

09.Apr.2006 The TorrentChannel - New files The Torrent Channel ... Bill Moyers , "the Secret Government "; 4. Coverup: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair; 5. School of Assassins; 6. ... -

What I've Learned About USForeign Policy (The TorrentChannel) What_Ive_Learned_About_U_S_Foreign_Policy. torrent (437 MB) ... Bill Moyers , "the Secret Government "; 4. Coverup: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair; ..

09.Apr.2006 CIA Briefings of Presidential Candidates - View as HTML
CIA Briefings of Presidential Candidates. Author: John L. Helgerson. The Center for The Study of Intelligence supports research and publishing on The ...

TOP 100 most popular Web Sites Directory Pass it on. by Bill Moyers Text of Speech to the Take back America conference sponsored by the Campaign for America s Future June 4, 2003 Washington, ...

09.Apr.2006 The Big Brother Files #51: The Mother Of All Smokescreens Bill Moyers , Secret Government , PBS (Public Broadcasting Service)

00.000.1987 Moyers : “The Secret Government is an interlocking network of official functionaries,
Pirate News Video Archive

The Secret Government - PBS + Bill Moyers documents US support of terrorist regimes, dictators + Nazi warcriminals + the brutality of "America's" ...
09.Apr.2006 Could a cabal of some dozen-or-so congressfolk change the Constitution? Article V does allow for the calling of a new Constitutional Convention, which would also need ratification by two-thirds of the "several States." And some right-wingers have lusted after this very possibility. See, for example, here. You may also take an interest in the hypothetical arguments raised here.
Pleasant dreams!
A participant on the
Randi Rhodes forum brings our attention to another story which may prove germane. On January 9, 2005, the Boston Herald published an article titled "Congress passes 'Doomsday' plan." With no fanfare, the U.S. House has passed a controversial doomsday provision that would allow a handful of lawmakers to run Congress if a terrorist attack or major disaster killed or incapacitated large numbers of congressmen...
But under the new rule, a majority of living congressmen no longer will be needed to do business under "catastrophic circumstances."
Instead, a majority of the congressmen able to show up at the House would be enough to conduct business, conceivably a dozen lawmakers or less...
The House could be run by a small number of lawmakers for months, because House vacancies must be filled by special elections. Governors can make temporary appointments to the Senate. You consider that law unconstitutional? Don't expect the current Supreme Court to agree with that view.

09.Apr.2006 Permalink
09.Apr.2006 And now we learn that they've been testing bunker-busting nukes.
Saner minds in the military have argued against this ghastly plan. Will they prevail? I doubt it. After Big Wedding II, sanity will be considered tantamount to treason. As Steinberg writes: We know that Bush talked with Tony Blair about how to goad Saddam into throwing the first punch against us three years ago." It is probably safe to assume that such high-school logic still prevails. So the Administration will look for ways to provoke such an attack again.
One possibility we cannot dismiss out of hand is a "false flag" strategy.

09.Apr.2006 Whiff the air and you'll smell it: Nuclear war .
It's coming. Raw Story editorialst John Steinberg has detected the scent; his
recent piece is 100 percent on target. He cites, as I have cited, this all-important analysis by Mark Gaffney which proves that Iran's new missiles give them theater advantage. Nothing I've read since the publication of that piece has undermined Gaffney's findings.
It's a fact: Our ships cannot get near Iran with conventional weapons. Ground troops entering through Iraq or Afghanistan will be in danger of having their supply lines cut off. The war must soon go nuclear.

09.Apr.2006 John W. Dean: The Truth About Lewis "Scooter" Libby's Statements to the Grand Jury : The filing indicates that the President and Vice President departed radically + disturbingly, from long-set procedures with respect to classified documents - and that the Vice President, in particular, exceeded his declassification authority.

09.Apr.2006 Libby, Gonzales Provide More Grounds for Censure or Impeachment: Two blockbuster revelations on April 6 provide ample additional grounds for censuring or impeaching George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

09.Apr.2006 Rep. Henry Waxman's Letter to Bush Plame Leak : pdf format: In a letter to President Bush, Rep. Waxman asks for a full accounting of the President's and Vice President's actions in authorizing leaks of classified intelligence about Iraq, while at the same time concealing the President's knowledge of serious doubts about Iraq's pursuit of nuclear weapons.

09.Apr.2006 U.S. Quits Race for Human Rights Council, Possibly Fearing Defeat: "A country that routinely relies on the death penalty, even allowing
the execution of minors and mentally disabled prisoners, does not belong on the Council," she pointed out.

09.Apr.2006 Local Teacher's Run-In With Homeland Security Creates Insecurities: Leander Pickett, a teacher's assistant at Englewood Elementary, said he was manhandled and handcuffed by two plain clothed Homeland Security officers in front of the school Tuesday for no reason at all.

09.Apr.2006 Increasingly Vicious Laws Push Out Homeless: Communities nationwide appear intent on testing the lengths they can go to suppress or expel their homeless populations -- anything to avoid having to see, let alone help, the least fortunate.
09.Apr.2006 Robert Fisk: Silent for too long, the witnesses to evil : The mass rape and slaughter of tens of thousands of Armenian girls in 1915 can only be acknowledged in a "personal capacity". The mass murder of Turkish Armenia's manhood in 1915 can only be conceded in a "personal capacity". And even then you are liable to get fired.

09.Apr.2006 Indian police arrest hunger striker: India's best-known environmentalist was in a critical condition last night after nine days of hunger strike to protest against the displacement of 35,000 families by a dam project.

09.Apr.2006 Did Bush Lie to Fitzgerald? : What did the President tell the special prosecutor about this issue in 2004 and what is Bush’s legal status in the federal criminal probe?
09.Apr.2006 Israel controversy threatens free speech: Two academics who recently discussed the power of the so-called Israel lobby have come under intense fire.

This episode threatens free speech—and not just on campuses.
Abbas: 'Convergence' will lead to war: Abbas added that Olmert's plan will only endanger the chances of reaching a long term agreement, since it bypasses negotiations with the Palestinians.

09.Apr.2006 Israeli Soldier Murdered British Filmmaker: "Based on the evidence laid before us, we the jury unanimously agree it was unlawful shooting, with the intention to kill Mr. James Miller.

We can come to no other conclusion than that Mr. Miller was indeed murdered," the jury concluded.

09.Apr.2006 Judge denies journalists’ motion in AIPAC case : The group wanted to file a brief arguing that AIPAC operates as a quasi-intelligence organization that infiltrates Congress and the White House.
09.Apr.2006 Kleenex Workers : Was it only three years ago that some of our puffed up patriots were denouncing the French as “cheese-eating surrender monkeys,”

Throughout the month of March + beyond, they were demonstrating, rioting, and burning up cars to preserve a right Americans can only dream of: the right not to be fired at an employer’s whim.

09.Apr.2006 'The war is illegal. I can't pay for a government killing machine' : A man has vowed to go to prison rather than pay taxes which he believes would fund a "blatantly illegal war" in Iraq.
09.Apr.2006 Wisconsin voters want U.S. troops out of Iraq: On Tuesday, folks in 34 cities and towns across Wisconsin cast their votes on referendums calling for immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops.

The referendums passed in 24 out of 32 communities.

09.Apr.2006 Bush 'planning nuclear Iran strike': Article in New Yorker says that U.S. government is preparing a massive campaign to neutralize Iranian nuclear sites.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad is compared in the White House to Hitler

09.Apr.2006 In case you missed it : Philip Giraldi: Deep Background : It is hardly a secret that the same people in and around the administration who brought you Iraq are preparing to do the same for Iran.

The Pentagon, acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney’s office, has tasked the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM) with drawing up a contingency plan to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the USA.

09.Apr.2006 American Democracy Indicted: The American people are largely ignorant of political reality — deeply ignorant
09.Apr.2006 A Culture of Corruption
Let's Save Our Democracy by Getting Money Out of Politics -By Bill Moyers
Money is choking our democracy to death. Our elections are bought out from under us and our public officials are doing the bidding of mercenaries. So powerful is the hold of wealth on politics that we cannot say America is working for all Americans. The majority may support such broad social goals as affordable medical coverage for all, decent wages for working people, safe working conditions, a secure retirement + clean air and water, but there is no government "of, by + for the people" to deliver on those aspirations.

09.Apr.2006 The Iran Plans
One of the military’s initial option plans, calls for the use of a bunker-buster tactical nuclear weapon -By Seymour M. Hersh
Air Force planning groups are drawing up lists of targets + teams of American combat troops have been ordered into Iran, under cover, to collect targeting data and to establish contact with anti-government ethnic-minority groups. The officials say that President Bush is determined to deny the Iranian regime the opportunity to begin a pilot program, planned for this spring, to enrich uranium.

09.Apr.2006 Belligerent Until the Bitter End If You Can't Win One War, Start Another -by Paul Craig Roberts
The Bush regime currently has wars underway in Afghanistan and in Iraq and can bring neither to a conclusion. Undeterred by these failures, the Bush regime gives every indication that it intends to start a war with Iran, a country that is capable of responding to US aggression over a broader front than the Sunni resistance has mounted in Iraq.

09.Apr.2006 The Anti-War Movement? -By Cindy Sheehan
The anti-war movement is not on the "verge of collapse" because we are not organized, or because we don't take a "warriors" view of attacking the neocons and the war machine using the tactics of Napoleon, or Sun Tzu—but because the two-thirds of Americans who philosophically agree that the war is wrong, BushCo lied + the troops should come home, will not get off of their collective, complacent + comfortable behinds to demonstrate t their dissent with our government.


London - Die Tageszeitung "The Observer" berichtet heute von einem amtlichen Bericht, der offiziell erst in einigen Wochen herauskommen soll. Die zentrale Erkenntnisse darin sei, dass es keine Anhaltspunkte für die ursprüngliche Vermutung gebe, die Anschläge vom 7. Juli 2005 seien von einem international operierenden Netzwerk wie etwa der von Osama Bin Laden angeführten Terrororganisation al-Qaida und mit erheblichem logistischem Aufwand vorbereitet worden.
Untersuchungsbericht: Londoner Attentate ohne Verbindung zu al-Qaida

09.Apr.2006 Israel: Olmert will Nahost-Konflikt im Alleingang lösen

09.Apr.2006 Volksabstimmungen: Warum Politiker das mürrische Volk einbinden sollten
09.Apr.2006 ISS-Besatzung gelandet: Aus dem All in die Kälte Kasachstans
March 22, 2006 Paranoid schizophrenic with homicidal tendencies

What would you think of a man who not only kept an arsenal in his home, but was collecting at enormous financial sacrifice a second arsenal to protect the first one? What would you say if this man so frightened his neighbors that they in turn were collecting weapons to protect themselves from him? What if this man spent ten times as much money on his expensive weapons as he did on the education of his children? What if one of his children criticized his hobby and he called that child a traitor and a bum and disowned him? And he took another child who obeyed him faithfully and armed that child and sent it out into the world to attack neighbors? What would you say about a man who introduces poisons into the water he drinks and the air he breathes? What if this man not only is feuding with the people on his block but involves himself in the quarrels of others in distant parts of the city and even in the suburbs? Such a man would clearly be a paranoid schizophrenic... with homicidal tendencies.
--Robert Anton Wilson -The Illuminatus!

AT&T Sued Over NSA Eavesdropping
The Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a class-action lawsuit against AT&T on Tuesday, accusing the telecom company of violating federal laws by collaborating with the government's secret, warrantless wiretapping of American citizens' phone and internet usage. The suit (.pdf), filed by the civil ...

08.Apr.2006 Bruce Perens on the Status of Open Source Author: ScuttleMonkey 3
Lars Lehtonen writes to tell us that Bruce Perens has posted the text of his LinuxWorld press conference. In his talk he takes a look at many of the hot topics surrounding the open source community including ODF, NTP vs RIM + GPLv3. From the article: "It's interesting to note that Jack Abramoff, the lobbyist implicated in scandal with Republican Tom Delay, was employed by Bill Gates' dad's law firm "Preston Gates", a political proxy for Microsoft. Microsoft succeeded in lobbying both Republicans and Democrats to oppose ODF."

08.Apr.2006 Last Hope For Impeachment Author: Paul Joseph Watson Last Hope For Impeachment If Democrats don't do it now they are clearly
08.Apr.2006 Study Explains Evolution's Molecular Advance Author: ScuttleMonkey 
Pnewhook writes "The New York Times is reporting that 'by reconstructing ancient genes from long-extinct animals, scientists have for the first time demonstrated the step-by-step progression of how evolution created a new piece of molecular machinery by reusing and modifying existing parts. The ...

08.Apr.2006 Hoaxer admits Alien Autopsy faked Author: Smartalix 

A special effects expert claims he made models that 10 years ago fooled the world into thinking they were really watching the dissection of a real-life extra-terrestrial.
Stones rock full house in China The Rolling Stones play their first concert on mainland China to a packed audience in Shanghai.
08.Apr.2006 Iran nuclear checks set to start UN nuclear inspectors are set to visit an Iranian plant amid international pressure for a research freeze.
08.Apr.2006 Alarm over shopping radio tags Concerns have been raised over the planned widespread roll-out of RFID tags in supermarkets in Europe.
08.Apr.2006 US accuses Venezuela over attack The US warns Venezuela after a convoy carrying the US ambassador is pelted with tomatoes and eggs.
08.Apr.2006 Sy Hersh: Bush thinking of nuking Iran + comparing the Iranian president to (sigh) Hitler. Here we go again -- but this time, Operation Restore Bush's Ratings could spark WWIII.
New Yorker: White House believes ?a sustained bombing campaign in Iran will humiliate the religious leadership and lead the public to rise up and overthrow the government.?... Speaking of President Bush, the House member said, ?The most worrisome thing is that this guy has a messianic vision.?
State Department blames Venezuela for attack on American diplomat 4/9

08.Apr.2006 Here's Something You Can Do to Improve the World in a Click of the Mouse. Support Fair Trade on Empowering People, Creating Jobs, Sustaining Lives. It's in your hands to make a difference.
Democrats want to stop Republicans from screwing up the Internet's level playing field for video delivery 4/9

08.Apr.2006 The revelation that Bush authorized former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby to divulge classified information about Iraq fits a pattern of selective leaks of secret intelligence to further the administration's political agenda. 4/9
The fist of Frist: PAC invitation featured startling gay hanky code 4/9
Lieberman's silence on Bush leak mystifies people who haven't caught on that he's enchanted with the Bush White House 4/9
Iraq ambassador says civil war could spread 4/9

08.Apr.2006 NASCAR furious after NBC planted Muslims in the bleachers to gauge bigotry 4/9
08.Apr.2006 Bush's plan: Nuke Iran I've long said that war with Iran will go nuclear + now Sy Hersh confirms the idea. One former defense official said the military planning was premised on a belief that "a sustained bombing campaign in Iran will humiliate the religious leadership and lead the public to rise up and overthrow the government"... You think the Japanese had similar beliefs before Pearl Harbor? Permalink 08.Apr.2006
Brian Doyle, the Department of Homeland Security official arrested for cyber-propositioning a "14 year-old girl" who was actually a law enforcement official, turns out to be a registered Democrat. Many people, including yours truly, had presumed him to be a Republican appointee. I'm grateful to
Wizbang (which referenced one of my posts) for this correction, although they curiously neglected to mention the many other examples of Republican child abuse in that piece. They also refused to note the unmistakable larger pattern.
08.Apr.2006 Global New Matrix -- up and running again -- argues that the USA Capitol complex may be the next terror target. At first, I dismissed the idea as mere sensationalism. But GNM links to a fascinating story which appeared in The Hill 29.Mar.2006 + after reading it, I must now confess to being intrigued. Not convinced, not persuaded, not greatly worried -- but intrigued.
03.Apr.2006 the Capitol Building was evacuated after a
power outage. GNM sees a parallel to a similar power outage in the South Tower of the World Trade Center the weekend before the great tragedy.

The latter link goes to an interview with one Scott Forbes, who worked in the WTC complex + whose words have been seized upon by the dreaded "controlled demolition" aficionados.
08.Apr.2006 But, as the linked story makes clear, the recent difficulties at the Capitol appear to have increased the presence of police and firemen + their presence cannot have made work easier for any of the nefarious covert operators presumed, in GNM's scenario, to have been scuttling around the complex.

Besides, the lights merely flickered (except in the visitors gallery); the entire building did not go dark.
08.Apr.2006 A number of people have noted the similarities between the tragedy of 9/11 and the finale of another Alan Moore graphic novel, Watchmen .

Pray, if you are the sort to pray, that this history does not repeat itself.

"Remember, remember/The Fifth of November" -- and while you're at it, consult your rhyming dictionary to see what goes with April, May, June or July... Permalink
08.Apr.2006 The Iran Plans One of the military’s initial option plans, calls for the use of a bunker-buster tactical nuclear weapon -By Seymour M. Hersh
Air Force planning groups are drawing up lists of targets + teams of American combat troops have been ordered into Iran, under cover, to collect targeting data + to establish contact with anti-government ethnic-minority groups. The officials say that President Bush is determined to deny the Iranian regime the opportunity to begin a pilot program, planned for this spring, to enrich uranium.

08.Apr.2006 Iraqi official: 'It's civil war': A senior official in the Iraqi government has for the first time admitted the country is in a state of civil war.

08.Apr.2006 Bush 'planning nuclear Iran strike': Article in New Yorker says that U.S. government is preparing a massive campaign to neutralize Iranian nuclear sites.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad is compared in the White House to Hitler

08.Apr.2006 In case you missed it : Philip Giraldi: Deep Background : It is hardly a secret that the same people in and around the administration who brought you Iraq are preparing to do the same for Iran.

The Pentagon, acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney’s office, has tasked the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM) with drawing up a contingency plan to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the USA.

08.Apr.2006 American Democracy Indicted: The American people are largely ignorant of political reality — deeply ignorant

08.Apr.2006 In case you missed it : The Blue Pill People : There are none so blind as those who will not look. If you are one of those who will look, take a look around.

You are surrounded -- surrounded by millions who will not look. These are the blue pill people. Who are these blue pill people and why won't they look?

08.Apr.2006 Judge denies journalists’ motion in AIPAC case : The group wanted to file a brief arguing that AIPAC operates as a quasi-intelligence organization that infiltrates Congress and the White House.

08.Apr.2006 Michael Scheuer: Does Israel Conduct Covert Action in America? : You bet it does
08.Apr.2006 Elbhochwasser: Pegel überschreiten Rekordstände und steigen weiter
08.Apr.2006 Magazinbericht: Bush soll Atomangriff gegen Iran erwägen
08.Apr.2006 Konzertpremiere in China: Stones in Shanghai so zahm wie nie
Interview mit Geflügelfarmbesitzer: "Die Vogelgrippe ist Naturschauspiel"
08.Apr.2006 Vogelgrippe: Polizeischutz für Veterinäre
08.Apr.2006 Berlusconi-Biografie: Regieren, profitieren, korrumpieren
08.Apr.2006 Reformen: Platzeck fordert neuen Sozialstaat

08.Apr.2006 Unwetter: Tornados wüten im Süden der USA - mindestens elf Tote
08.Apr.2006 Spekulationen: Weißes Haus soll über Atomschlag gegen Iran beraten
Planetenschmuck: Uranus' neue Ringe sind rot und blau
08.Apr.2006 Tod im Gaza-Streifen: Gericht erklärt Doku-Filmer zum Mordopfer der israelischen Armee
08.Apr.2006 Bild erklärt Deutschland für überfremdet Author: Der wahre antideutsche 
Schon gestern druckte die Bildzeitung ein Interview mit einem rassistischen Proffesor ab, der Deutschland für überfremdet erklärte. An den Fragen die Bild dem Mann stellte konnte man sehen das sie der gleichen Meinung waren. Ein solches Interview hätte so auch in der jungen Freiheit stehen können... Heute wurde nochmal einer draufgesetzt!

08.Apr.2006 Testimony Adds New Element to Probe of CIA Leak
The allegation that President Bush authorized the dissemination of secret intelligence as part of an effort to buttress his case for war with Iraq introduces a new dimension to the long-running CIA leak investigation, while posing troubling new political problems for the administration. Until now, ...

08.Apr.2006 Alternative Media Research Series I:
The culmination of six months of primary research, this report found that blog, podcast and RSS advertising are the fastest growing segments of the alternative media industry. These segments, known as user-generated online media, expanded at an aggregate 198.4% to $20.4 million in 2005 + are ...

08.Apr.2006 Going Unconventional to Market Movies New Line Cinema, wants to take the lead in finding alternative ways to market movies beyond traditional methods.
08.Apr.2006 Bush under pressure in leak row The US president faces pressure to say whether he was behind the leaking of classified information on Iraq.
08.Apr.2006 Senate delays US immigration deal The US Senate fails to approve a much-heralded deal to overhaul immigration law for the first time in decades.
08.Apr.2006 Officer sold secrets to gangsters A police officer who sold force intelligence to gangsters is jailed for three and a half years.
08.Apr.2006 Dead swans not killed by bird flu Tests carried out on the dead swans found in Counties Down and Antrim show they did not die from bird flu.
08.Apr.2006 UK 'tops binge drinking league' People in the UK top the western European binge drinking league, a study shows.
08.Apr.2006 World 'lacks 4m health workers' Four million health workers are needed to combat the "chronic shortage" around the world, experts warn.
08.Apr.2006 Drug trial man refuses more tests A man who volunteered for a drugs trial which went dramatically wrong claims he was told he would not be paid unless he had further tests.
08.Apr.2006 Whistle-Blower Outs NSA Spy Room According to a former AT&T employee supporting a lawsuit, an NSA visit to a key switching center led to the creation of a secret wiretap room, where all long distance and internet traffic was siphoned off to the government. By Ryan Singel.
08.Apr.2006 Wiretap Whistle-Blower's Account Former AT&T technician Mark Klein speaks out in support of the EFF's lawsuit against AT&T for its alleged complicity in the NSA's extrajudicial electronic surveillance. Wired News presents Klein's public statement on the purported spying.
08.Apr.2006 Photos: Satellites keep close watch on coral reefs NASA satellites monitor Great Barrier Reef for signs of coral bleaching.
08.Apr.2006 IRS Leaves Taxpayer Data Largely Unprotected Author: CmdrTaco 92
LogError writes "Two weeks ago, Department of Treasury received a D-minus grade in the Federal Computer Security Report Card for 2005, down from a D-plus grade in 2004. The majority of Treasury systems are those belonging to IRS. The government-wide computer-security grade for 2005 was D-plus, while Homeland Security and Defense both received an F. Grades are based on reports submitted to Congress by the agencies; the reports are required under the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002.8 The scores are meant to reflect whether departments meet federally mandated security standards."

08.Apr.2006 Former BSA VP Confirmed as Tech Undersecretary Author: CmdrTaco 146
RedOregon writes "The Senate has confirmed Robert Cresanti as the Commerce Department's new undersecretary for technology. Who's that, you ask? He was the former vice president of public policy at the Business Software Alliance. Does this give anyone else the Heebie Jeebies??"

08.Apr.2006 Cleaner Air Adds To Global Warming Author: samzenpus 619
shmlco writes "In the "You Can't Win For Losing" department, an article on the BBC web site is reporting that reduced air pollution and increased water evaporation appears to be adding to man-made global warming. Research presented at a major European science meeting adds to other evidence that cleaner air is letting more solar energy through to the Earth's surface. Burn fossil fuels, you make things worse. Clean up your act, and you make things worse. Is it time to set off a few nukes and see if nuclear winter can cool things down?"

08.Apr.2006 The Software of Space Exploration Author: Zonk 19+
David Boswell writes "The O'Reilly Network is running an article called The Software of Space Exploration that looks at a number of the software projects that NASA has released as open source under their NOSA license. It explores how they are using other free and open source projects for use in some of their missions. Information about the European Space Agency and other space organizations is also covered." From the article: "A number of tools allow you to track objects in space, from asteroids to shuttle missions. A consortium of scientists working in the field of celestial mechanics has released OrbFit as free software under the GPL. This software can compute the orbits of asteroids and predict an asteroid's future position. You can also track artificial satellites with several free-as-in-beer and free-as-in-freedom options. Amateur radio enthusiasts use Linux and these tools to hear transmissions from the space station or from other satellites in Earth orbit."

08.Apr.2006 The final question is thus a matter of political judgment. Do Democrats run on the issue of impeachment in 2006? Permalink
08.Apr.2006 A final question. We know that Democrats will win in 2006. But by what sort of margin will they have to win in order to be allowed to hold a majority of seats in congress?
08.Apr.2006 Blackwell. Speaking of the incestuous relationships between the voting machine compnaies and various election officials, how about Ken Blackwell, Ohio's notorious Secretary of State? Ohio is reeling with a mixture of outrage and hilarity as Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell has revealed that he has owned stock in the Diebold voting machine company, to which Blackwell tried to award unbid contracts worth millions while allowing its operators to steal Ohio elections. A top Republican election official also says a Diebold operative told him he made a $50,000 donation to Blackwell's "political interests."
08.Apr.2006 The Ohio recount was fixed. We knew that already, but now they admit it. In the days before Dec. 16, 2004: Election workers, fearing the cost and publicity of a monthlong hand recount, a special prosecutor now contends, meet in secret to crack open the ballots and hand-count votes, identifying precincts where the machine count of votes from election night exactly matches the hand count. The Cleveland Plain Dealer does not see fit to mention the fact that this is all very illegal. Of course the recount will testify to a clean election if you cherry-pick the precincts.
08.Apr.2006 Vote fraud Yes, I've been lax at covering electoral issues. But the latest on BradBlog is too juicy not to mention here. Dennis Vadura, the former CEO of Accupoll -- an election machine company -- has this to say about the current state of the industry: "I think that something needs to be done. I'm not sure what it is, it probably doesn't include AccuPoll at this point, but I do not feel that any of the vendors has a system that voters can trust. I think that vendors outright misrepresent the robustness, stability + security of their systems. You just have to look at the litany of problems and it points at one thing, bad fundamental design + not enough checks and balances. I also wonder why the other vendors were so adamant in fighting a VVPAT system requirement. They spent much more in fighting it than in implementing it."
08.Apr.2006 Why did the Bushies leak to Novak about Plame? Because they were arrogant. They thought they could get away with anything . And they would have been correct in that presumption, if Corn, Buzzflash and their net-based compatriots had not sunk their incisors into this issue. Permalink
08.Apr.2006 Buzzflash reminds us of an interesting bit of history. Plamegate started when David Corn made a close read of Novak's column and thought Something's not right here ...
08.Apr.2006 Although the press gaggle gave Scotty a hard time, the press still has not awoken to the key question of Bush's interview with Fitzpatrick. Rep. Maurice Hinchey argues that Bush may have "knowingly lied about uranium to the Congress, which is a crime." Absolutely true, but let's not forget that it is also against the law to obstruct an investigation.
08.Apr.2006 Obstruction of justice. Lying to a prosecutor. Game over. Georgia thinks Bush can spin his way out of this one; I cannot agree. The American media may allow themselves to be bamboozled, but Fitz won't.
08.Apr.2006 It's not every day that this humble blog can get ahead of the wonderful georgia10 over at Daily Kos. Today she hammers home a point I mentioned, but did not sufficiently stress, yesterday: Fitzgerald probably spoke to W about the NIE estimate during his interview with the president. If Bush did not 'fess up at that time to authorizing the leak + if Libby is telling the truth on this score (as I think he is) -- then Fitz has him .
08.Apr.2006 MSNBC poll "Do you believe President Bush misled the nation in order to go to war with Iraq?" Right now, 94% of respondents say yes .

Such a poll has little scientific merit, of course. Still... ninety-four freakin' percent! Jeebus. You can't get 94% of the American people to agree that orgasms feel good. Permalink
08.Apr.2006 Tribals demand withdrawal of army : Thousands of tribesmen in Pakistan's North Waziristan region bordering Afghanistan have demanded the Pakistan military withdraw all its forces there.

08.Apr.2006 Australian man jailed on evidence derived from torture: The judge also established a far-reaching legal precedent by explicitly sanctioning the use of evidence obtained illegally under duress.

The prosecution case relied almost totally on an interview conducted with Thomas in a Pakistani jail where he was denied his right under Australian law to first seek legal advice.

08.Apr.2006 Rice moves to block Chavez power play: Condoleezza Rice, the American Secretary of State, is heading a concerted, but little-publicised, diplomatic effort by Washington to thwart the ambitions of Hugo Chavez, the firebrand Venezuelan President, to create and lead an anti-American axis in Latin America.

08.Apr.2006 White House refuses to discuss Bush's role in Iraq war leaks : Indicted former top White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby revealed in court papers, made public Thursday, that Bush had authorised intelligence leaks ahead of the war in Iraq.

08.Apr.2006 Libby Sings: For those who questioned George Bush’s modus operandi in the months leading up to the invasion of Iraq and afterwards these are perhaps not unexpected developments. But the gradual emergence of the contents of the Libby grand jury testimony is important not only because it contradicts the president’s public denials of the leaks, but also for potentially placing the president at the center of a smear campaign.

08.Apr.2006 Bush, GOP Approval Ratings Hit New Lows: President Bush's approval ratings hit a series of new lows in an AP-Ipsos poll that also shows Republicans surrendering their advantage on national security grim election-year news for a party struggling to stay in power.

08.Apr.2006 Deal allows illegals to stay: Senate leaders reached agreement Thursday on a broad, bipartisan compromise that would put the vast majority of the nation's estimated 11 million illegal immigrants on a path to citizenship.

08.Apr.2006 Immigration proposals fail in Senate test vote: A compromise bill to overhaul US immigration law failed on Friday on its first test vote as the US Senate failed to breach the divide on measures to allow most of the country's illegal immigrants to remain in the US legally.

08.Apr.2006 Silence in class : University professors denounced for anti-Americanism; schoolteachers suspended for their politics; students encouraged to report on their tutors. Are US campuses in the grip of a witch-hunt of progressives, or is academic life just too liberal?

08.Apr.2006 BBC Video: 9/11 - The Fall of the World Trade Center: First broadcast in March 2002, this documentary looks at the factors that caused the collapse of the twin towers, as investigated by professionally qualified structural engineers.
08.Apr.2006 ElBaradei: Iran nuclear program not diverted : The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Mohamed ElBaradei said here Thursday night his agency has not seen any indication that nuclear material in Iran has been diverted or is being diverted to develop nuclear weapons.

08.Apr.2006 US, Allies Mull Bypassing UN To Pressure Iran: U.S. officials and allies are talking about forming a " coalition of the willing" to bring pressure against Iran's nuclear program, citing dimming hopes for tough action from the United Nations, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

08.Apr.2006 U.S. Officials Are Mulling Iran Strikes, Experts Say: Key players in the Bush administration think a military confrontation with Iran is unavoidable, leading to stepped up military planning for such a prospect, according to several experts and recently departed senior government officials.

08.Apr.2006 Why Israel can't wipe out Iran's nuke plants : IRAN still poses a threat to Israel - as well as the Western and Arab worlds. That was the message conveyed by the former Israeli ambassador to Zimbabwe, Gershon Gan, at a UJIA-arranged talk at Liverpool's Harold House.

08.Apr.2006 Moscow issues West a warning -Russia's foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, on Thursday warned the West against isolating his country from helping to broker disputes with Iran + other conflicts in the Middle East. 08.Apr.2006 U-S ambassador warns of threat of sectarian war to entire Middle East : The U-S ambassador to Iraq says a conflict that could affect the entire Middle East might emerge if efforts to build an Iraqi government don't succeed.
08.Apr.2006 Those ungrateful Iraqis! By Rosa Brooks: AT LAST, there's consensus on who's to blame for the mess in Iraq: the Iraqis! Continued

08.Apr.2006 Iran: The Next Neocon Target HON. RON PAUL OF TEXAS
Before the U.S. House of Representatives  

Once again we’re unilaterally declaring a pre-emptive war against a country and a people that have not harmed us and do not have the capacity to do so. And don’t expect Congress to seriously debate a declaration of war resolution. For the past 56 years Congress has transferred to the executive branch the power to go to war as it pleases, regardless of the tragic results and costs.  Windows Video and transcript

08.Apr.2006 The Century of the Self

Why are the American people so apathetic in regard to the Iraq war, torture + the slaughter of innocent civilians by our own troops?

How politicians and business learned to create and manipulate society.

This a must watch video

  The Century of the Self tells the untold and sometimes controversial story of the growth of the mass- society in Britain and the USA. How was the all-consuming self created, by whom + in whose interests? 

Im dritten und letzten Kapitel des Beziehungsdramas schließlich kommen sich die beiden Schwarzen Löcher so nahe, dass starke Gravitationswellen frei werden. Dabei geht weitere Energie verloren und es kommt zur Verschmelzung.

Das Ergebnis wird ein supermassives Schwarzes Loch sein, dessen Masse so extrem groß ist, dass es nach Meinung der Forscher Milliarden Sterne auffressen könnte.

Angezogen von ihren gigantischen Kräften seien die beiden Schwarzen Löcher unentrinnbar miteinander verbunden, erklärte Reiprich. Ihr Abstand werde sich immer mehr verringern.

"Die beiden Schwarzen Löcher im Galaxienhaufen 'Abell 400' sind bereits seit geraumer Zeit wegen ihrer Radiowellen bekannt", sagte Reiprich.

"Mit dem Röntgensatelliten 'Chandra' konnten wir jetzt endlich unsere Vermutung beweisen, dass sie durch die Schwerkraft aneinander gefesselt sind und irgendwann verschmelzen werden."

Craig Sarazin von der University of Virginia erklärte, die Frage sei gewesen, ob es sich um ein "verheiratetes Paar" Schwarzer Löcher handle oder um zwei Fremde, die einander zufällig begegnet seien.

"Jetzt wissen wir, dass sie verbandelt sind - aber eher wie zwei Schwarze Witwen." Bei den Spinnen endet der Liebesakt oft tödlich für das Männchen: Es wird vom Weibchen verspeist.
Internetadressen: Riesen-Ansturm auf ".eu"-Domains
08.Apr.2006 Schwache Beweislage: Oberstes Gericht Spaniens hebt drei Terrorurteile auf
08.Apr.2006 CIA-Affäre: Bush dementiert nichts
08.Apr.2006 Hochwasser: Hitzackers Altstadt versinkt in den Fluten
08.Apr.2006 Zensierte Rolling Stones: Kein Sex in Shanghai
"Man kann diese dramatische Verhaltensänderung nicht damit erklären, dass die Leute nur nach dem größten Gewinn suchen", sagt Bettina Rockenbach von der Universität Erfurt.

"Sie verzichteten auf Gewinn, um der kooperativen Norm zu folgen." Das passt zu Theorien über die Entwicklung menschlicher Gruppierungen:

Wir suchen Gesellschaft, die uns weiterbringt, sagen die - und wir sind dann auch sehr schnell bereit, nach deren Regeln zu spielen.
Sanktionen sind gut fürs Geschäft
Das strikte Regime half - insgesamt liefen die Geschäfte für das Kollektiv besser in der Gruppe, in der gestraft werden konnte. Sanktionen machen es eben viel leichter, sich ums Gemeinwohl zu sorgen. Den Mitgliedern der friedlich-straflosen Gruppe wurde nach jeder Runde die Möglichkeit gegeben, zu den Bestrafern zu wechseln - und sie liefen in Scharen über. Auch Spieler, die eben noch hemmungslos schmarotzt hatten, kooperierten nun fleißig - und gaben ihrerseits Geld aus, um Abweichler zu bestrafen. Aus Trittbrettfahrern wurden Kontrolleure.


Yucatán war nicht nur das Zentrum der präkolumbischen Hochkultur der Maya. An der Nordküste der Halbinsel schlug auch vor etwa 65 Millionen Jahren ein gewaltiger Meteorit ein. Lange ist dieses Ereignis, der sogenannte KT-Impact, für das Massensterben am Ende der Kreidezeit verantwortlich gemacht worden.

Neue Forschungsergebnisse entlasten den Meteorit von Chixculub aber von dem Verdacht, die Dinosaurier ausgelöscht zu haben. ded/stx
08.Apr.2006 Fusion Schwarzer Löcher: Gigant könnte Milliarden Sterne fressen
08.Apr.2006 Teures Tanken: Benzinpreis markiert Jahreshoch
08.Apr.2006 Ungarn-Wahl: Watergate an der Donau
08.Apr.2006 Hochwasser: Elbpegel übertrifft Höchstwert von 2002
08.Apr.2006 EU-Kommissar Verheugen: Deutscher Strommarkt ist "außerordentlich kritisch"
08.Apr.2006 Seuche in Sachsen: Ein Meer toter Vögel

08.Apr.2006 Linkspartei: Petra Pau zur Vizepräsidentin des Bundestags gewählt

08.Apr.2006 Geheimdienste: Bundestag beschließt BND-Untersuchungsausschuss

08.Apr.2006 Gruppendynamische Studie: Zuchtmeister schlagen Schmarotzer
08.Apr.2006 CIA-Affäre: Was wusste Bush? AN>Heute in den Feuilletons: "Ihr seid ein Subjekt!"
EADS: Neue Runde im deutsch-französischen Machtkampf
Umfrage: Wachsende Unzufriedenheit mit Großer Koalition

08.Apr.2006 Hartz-IV-Horror: Milliardenloch bei Arbeitslosengeld II

08.Apr.2006 Hochwasser: Norddeutschland rüstet sich für Rekord-Pegel
ARD-Umfrage: Appetit auf Geflügel-Produkte kaum gebremst

08.Apr.2006 Moussaoui-Prozess: Ex-Bürgermeister schildert Schreckensbilder vom 11. September

(Things were very different just three years later, when the Italian government gladly paid the same militants $4.5 million for the release of a local political figure, Ciro Cirillo.)

Secondly, the "Red Brigade" was reported to be a covert CIA terror operation conducting "false flag" attacks in Italy as a way to kill the popularity of leftist politicians, just as the 9/11 attacks in the USA destroyed the fortunes of liberal politicians for several years.

The bizarre-yet-true story of Operation GLADIO shows that U.S. intelligence agencies, NATO, MI6 and fascist paramilitary Italian gangs worked together to terrorize Italians in a staggering series of executions, kidnappings and mass murder.

Thirdly, the Moro hit was said to be at the command of the neofascist P2 Masonic lodge, a secret society controlled by a criminal troika of the Vatican, right-wing political extremists and CIA agents in Italy. For nearly 20 years, P2 was the unseen hand controlling Italian crime, government, finance and religion.

The whole strange tale was brought back to life on Friday by current Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who is fighting to keep his position

The beloved prime minister's bullet-riddled body was found in the trunk of a car.

Suddenly, Prodi's ghostly informer was of great interest to police and the whole terrified country. And Prodi was supposed to be a dedicated Roman Catholic, yet he was engaging in witchcraft.

The kidnapping and murder of Aldo Moro was a bizarre affair all the way around.

The scholars interviewed by "Primetime" agreed that the real importance of the Gospel of Judas is the window it provides into what some early Christians were thinking. But they acknowledged that some in the organized church will not like the discovery of this Gospel.

"Absolutely, they won't," Pagels said. "Some will be very offended, and they'll say this proves that all of those texts are rubbish, because it's an utterly preposterous idea that Judas could have been involved in a secret mystery with Jesus."

But that would miss the point, she added. "The Christian message is a message about faith and hope and, you know, the relationship between God and human beings. It's not a matter of historical fact."

Pagels said she hoped the find will have a big impact.

"I would think there are some questions of integrity that would be raised about that, for him to sort of script it in such a way that he's using his disciples to go and set this up would suggest a sort of level of hands-on intention to it, where he's not just submitting to the will of God in his life," Witherington said. "He's actually got his hands on the wheel + he's driving the wheel of history in a particular direction. And some would find that troubling."
Pagels said the text shows that Christ, in fact, asked Judas to betray him for an undisclosed reason. "The Gospel of Judas does suggest that the betrayal of Jesus is not a reprehensible act, not the act of a traitor, you know, the worst villain in the history of the world, but that it's a secret mystery between him and Jesus," she said.
"And Jesus says, 'Yes, in fact, they will think that you are a terrible person because of what you did. This is part of the burden that you bear. But they will be wrong about that.' So it is an extraordinary transformation of the ordinary understanding of Judas Iscariot."

So what is in the Gospel of Judas? It is a dialogue that claims to be a conversation between Jesus and Judas in which Jesus asks Judas to betray him.

"Radio carbon dating of the papyrus from the Gospel of Judas confirms that it's from the third to the fourth century A.D.," Jull said, "and this supports the authenticity of the Gospel of Judas."

Did Jesus Ask to Be Betrayed?
Papers: Cheney Aide Says Bush OK'd Leak Moussaoui Jury Hears About Impact on Kids Congress Unites for Illegal Immigrant Deal
06.Apr.2006 War Against Iran, April 2006
Biological Threat and Executive Order 13292
Jorge Hirsch History repeats itself, but always with new twists.

We are back to the good old days when a Declaration of War preceded the start of a war.

16.Mar.2006 -Such declaration occurred -on- .

Reversing the old order, we are now in the "Sitzkrieg", to be followed shortly by an aerial "Blitzkrieg" in the coming days.

In the old days, Congress declared war + directed the Executive to take action.

In the new millenium, the Executive declared war last March 16th, then Congress will pass H.R. 282, "To hold the current regime in Iran accountable for its threatening behavior + to support a transition to democracy in Iran."

This bill + previous ones like it are in direct violation of the legally binding Algiers Accords[pdf] signed by the USA + Iran on

19.Jan.1981 that states

"The USA pledges that it is and from now on will be the policy of the USA not to intervene, directly or indirectly, politically or militarily, in Iran's internal affairs";

however, this is clearly of no interest to the 353 policymakers sponsoring the bill...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:
9/11 tapes will be played in court (103) 9/11 tapes will be played in court 
06.Apr.2006 Evangelicals Rally Their Flocks Behind Israel
by Bill Berkowitz Search the archives for political-research at
9/11 Widow Writes Scathing Article Regarding Upcoming Giuliani Court Appearance By dz

The following article is from Kristen Breitweiser in response to the recent news that Rudy Giuliani would be testifying in the upcoming sentencing phase of the Moussaoui trial.
Giuliani's Deadly Impact? -
Can someone please explain to me why Rudy Giuliani gets to give a victim's impact statement at the Moussaoui penalty phase hearing?

Which family member did Guiliani lose in the attacks?
Forgive me, but Giuliani is the person responsible for deciding to locate NYC's emergency command center in the World Trade Center along with a diesal fuel tank (against the advice of certain FDNY officials) before 9/11.
Locating the city's emergency command center in a known al Qaeda target (the towers were struck in 1993 + al Qaeda publicly promised to return to finish the job) was a colossal failure in judgment on his part that cost hundreds of lives on 9/11.
During the attacks, because the command center was rendered inoperable, NYC had no clear chain of command and no physical command structure in place to coordinate the emergency response. Frankly, the whole reason Giuliani was on television all day and available for interviews was because he was scrambling around the streets trying to set up a command post since the one he had designed and located was paralyzed during the attacks.
Anyone who wants to witness the results of NYC's abysmal emergency response to the attacks need only listen to the recently released 911 tapes that chillingly reveal a total lack of coordination and flow of vital life-saving information plaguing the city and its emergency response apparatus that day. (By the way, Mayor Bloomberg has yet to fix the 911 system--even five years later.)
Furthermore, Giuliani is also responsible for giving the FDNY inoperable Motorola radios. This, too, cost hundreds of lives when firemen did not hear the order to evacuate the towers prior to their collapse. (By the way, those radios are still not fixed--blame this on Bloomberg, too.)
How is a man who is responsible for such horrific and deadly judgments invited to give a victim's impact statement as to how 9/11 impacted him?
By these standards, should I expect Condoleezza Rice (Ms. "Nobody knew planes could be used as missiles"), George Tenet (Mr. "I failed to tell the FBI for 18 months that two known al Qaeda killers were living in San Diego and planning the 9/11 attacks") + perhaps, George Bush (Mr. "I was reading a story about a pet goat while thousands of people perished and burned alive in the World Trade Center because I didn't want to alarm the school children.") to provide victim's impact statements, as well?
Wow, all I can say is 'right on'. Giuliani appearing at the trial seems more like a parade than a judicial court proceeding. Kind of ironic that Giuliani's new line of business is a security consulting business..

Wem gehören öffentliche Geodaten? Author: Malt Zahn Die europäischen Insitutionen beraten derzeit darüber, wem die Geodaten gehören sollen, die der Staat sammelt.
06.Apr.2006 Giuliani describes 9/11 horrors The former mayor of New York recounts the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui.
06.Apr.2006 BAE Systems to sell Airbus stake UK defence and aerospace group BAE Systems is to sell its 20% stake in European aircraft maker Airbus.
06.Apr.2006 Film-maker 'murdered' by soldier A British cameraman shot dead in the Gaza Strip by an Israeli soldier was murdered, an inquest jury says.
06.Apr.2006 Judge labels case 'PC gone mad' A court case against a boy of 10 accused of racist name-calling in the playground is criticised by a judge.
06.Apr.2006 Bush 'ordered leak', ex-aide says A former top White House aide claims George Bush approved the leak of classified information on the Iraq war.
06.Apr.2006 French PM defends youth job law Embattled PM Dominique de Villepin says he will fight on to solve youth unemployment despite student protests.
06.Apr.2006 Man Utd sign £56m AIG shirt deal Manchester United sign a £56m shirt sponsorship deal with US insurer AIG, the UK's biggest kit agreement.
06.Apr.2006 Attack on school 'fundamentalism' A teachers' leader says there is enormous concern about the influence of some faith groups.
06.Apr.2006 New pictures of 'living fossil' A rodent that has been living undiscovered in Laos for millions of years is more common than first thought.
06.Apr.2006 Swan tests confirm deadly virus A swan found dead in Scotland tests positive for the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu.
06.Apr.2006 Algae protein may aid eye health Scientists have been able to make eye nerve cells respond to light by adding a protein from green algae.
06.Apr.2006 Bill Would Clean Up Caller ID New legislation targets users of caller ID spoofing sites -- which already face FCC and law enforcement scrutiny. By Kevin Poulsen.
06.Apr.2006 FDA Probes Cell Phone Safety Following a Swedish study linking some brain tumors to prolonged mobile phone use, the Food and Drug Administration plans a safety review.
06.Apr.2006 Why VOIP Needs Crypto Internet phone calls can be wiretapped in ways that would have made Richard Nixon giggle with glee. It's time for strong encryption to become the rule, rather than the exception.
06.Apr.2006 Snagging Facts From Fish Stories Researchers tap the memories of Maine fishermen to map the salty secrets of the sea. By Geoffrey Gagnon from Wired magazine.
06.Apr.2006 Prof Denied Funds Over Evolution Evidence Author: Zonk 155
radarsat1 writes "The Montreal Gazette today reported that a professor at Montreal's McGill University was refused a $40,000 grant, allegedly because 'he'd failed to provide the panel with ample evidence that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is correct.' Ironically, the grant was for a study into the detrimental effects of intelligent design on Canadian academics and leaders." From the article: "Jennifer Robinson, McGill's associate vice-principal for communications, said the university has asked the SSHRC to review its decision to reject Alters's request for money to study how the rising popularity in the USA of 'intelligent design' - a controversial creationist theory of life - is eroding acceptance of evolutionary science in Canada."

06.Apr.2006 RIM Chairman Wants Changes to U.S. Patent Law Author: Zonk 158
florescent_beige writes "The Globe and Mail is reporting that James Balsillie '... called on U.S. lawmakers yesterday to fix a system that he says boxed the company into one of the largest legal settlements in U.S. history.' Although this will do nothing to change the $612.5M(US) settlement RIM was forced to sign with NTP, Mr. Balsille says he wants to help 'assure that no other company experiences what we endured over the past five years.' Mr Balsillie's rhetoric was direct: he said RIM's treatment at trial was like '... a judge in a murder case pondering execution while ignoring DNA evidence that exonerates the accused ... RIM was virtually held up for ransom by NTP...'"

06.Apr.2006 Google/Earthlink Wins San Francisco WiFi Deal Author: Zonk 126
maximander wrote to mention coverage in the San Francisco Chronicle of that city's final decision on their city-wide WiFi system. They've chosen to go with Google and EarthLink. From the article: "In choosing to negotiate with the Google-EarthLink team, the city is going with two Internet giants with marque names. Both firms have deep pockets and proven track records online, but only limited experience building a large wireless network. The project, championed by Mayor Gavin Newsom, is intended to boost the city's technology credentials and help bridge the digital divide between the Internet haves and have-nots. It has also generated intense interest from other cities looking to build similar networks. "

06.Apr.2006 Sploid: The Judas Cover-up  Some 1,700 years after it was hidden from the Imperial Romans who were brutally creating their own government-sanctioned version of Christianity, the Gospel of Judas was finally released to the world today ... or was it?
06.Apr.2006 Workers accused of fudging '04 recount  Is Democracy dead in Ohio?
06.Apr.2006 Devil-board occultist to lead Italy?  Sploid's got it.
06.Apr.2006 Ancient pyramid discovered  Archeologists said Wednesday they have discovered a massive sixth-century Indian pyramid beneath the site of a centuries-old re-enactment of the Crucifixion of Christ.
06.Apr.2006 The Dropa Stones  In 1938, Chinese archaeologists discover strange stone disks in a remote mountain cave + they may contain an incredible message.
06.Apr.2006 Did Jesus Ask Judas to Betray Him?  It is a mystery 2,000 years in the making, buried in the desert and fueled by centuries of debate and doubt, theft and deceit.
06.Apr.2006 Fish oil may help protect against retinal degenerative diseases 

The role that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil play in protecting cells in the retina from degenerative diseases like retinitis pigmentosa + age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of loss of vision in those older than 65.
06.Apr.2006 Libby Claimed Bush Authorized Plamegate Leak 
A former top aide to Vice President Dick Cheney told a federal grand jury that President George W. Bush authorized him to leak information from a classified intelligence report to a New York Times reporter.
Die Möglichkeiten der neuen Suchmaschine sind gewaltig. Ob sie ihre volle Power bald entfalten kann, hängt allerdings von der Zahl der Nutzer ab. Je mehr mitmachen und fleißig Punkte vergeben und Spam aussortieren, umso zuverlässiger wird Wikio arbeiteten. Die Blogosspähre wird sicher ihre Freude an der Seite haben - auch weil die Onlinetagebücher hier gleichrangig mit klassischen Medien behandelt werden. Ob der Durchschnittsurfer den Mix aus Blogs und News mag, muss sich erst zeigen.

Bunte Themenwelt

Die von Wikio erfassten Meldungen werden automatisch in verschiedene Kategorien sortiert, etwa Kultur, Wissenschaft oder High-Tech. Diesen Kategorien haben die Programmierer auch bestimmte Farben zugeordnet: Violett steht für Kultur, Grün für Sport. "Unsere Ergonomietests haben ergeben, dass fünf bis sechs Farben das Maximum sind, was ein Surfer verarbeiten kann", heißt es es im Wikio-Blog.

Mit "Web 2.0"-Techniken will die neue Nachrichtensuche Wikio Angeboten wie Google News oder Technorati den Rang ablaufen. Wikio setzt konsequent auf Tags, Wikis + Bewertungspunkte und indiziert neben Newssites auch Tausende Blogs. Surfer können auch selbst Nachrichten verfassen.

Google-Progammierer träumen schon seit längerem vom perfekten elektronischen Chefredakteur. Vollautomatisch soll er rund um die Uhr Tausende Nachrichtenseiten im Blick haben, Wichtiges von Unwichtigem unterscheiden und Meldungen zum gleichen Thema erkennen können. Aus der Vielzahl der Artikel soll er eine Nachrichtenübersicht generieren, in der die wichtigsten Themen ganz oben stehen.

Google News ist zwar ein solcher elektronischer Chefredakteur - doch die Seite arbeitet längst nicht so gut wie ein erfahrener Journalist. Häufig landen Meldungen vom Vortag ganz oben.

Sie verdienen die Bezeichnung News zwar kaum noch - sind aber im Web besonders häufig zu finden. Ähnliches gilt für den Newsbot aus dem Hause Microsoft.

So interessant die Aussagen sind, so wenig klar ist ihre Entstehung.

Deutlich ist in den Papieren vermerkt, dass KSM "im Angesicht der Nationalen Sicherheit nicht persönlich oder per Video-Link für eine Aussage zu Verfügung steht".

Auch sei eine Vernehmung durch das Gericht nicht möglich.

Allerdings weisen die Behörden daraufhin, dass die Vernehmungen "unter Umständen gemacht wurden, die dafür geschaffen seien, wahrhaftige Aussagen aus dem Zeugen herauszuholen".

Den Verdacht der Folter schließt dieser Satz jedenfalls keineswegs aus.
Gegenüber den US-Ermittlern sparte der Scheich nicht mit Kritik an seinem Chef. Durch seine Geschwätzigkeit habe dieser den Plot des 11. September mehrmals massiv gefährdet.

So predigte er im Sommer 2001 vor Anhängern im berüchtigten al-Faruk-Camp nahe der afghanischen Stadt Kandahar, sie sollten für den "Erfolg einer wichtigen Operation von 20 Märtyrern beten". KSM + Mohammed Atef, ebenfalls weit oben in der Qaida-Hierarchie, stockte der Atem. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt waren die Todes-Piloten bereits in der Ausbildung in den USA. Nur der kleinste Verdacht hätte sie auffliegen lassen können.

Doch auch wenn so manche Entwicklung zum Schmunzeln einlädt, ist die Messe nicht in erster Linie eine Show der Skurrilitäten.

Letztes Jahr wurden in Genf Geschäfte in Höhe von rund 30 Millionen Dollar gemacht.

70.000 Besucher erwarten die Veranstalter dieses Mal - die meisten seien Profis, die Lizenzen erwerben wollen oder Produkte suchen, die sie vermarkten können, heißt es seitens der Veranstalter.

Die Aussteller kommen aus 40 verschiedenen Ländern. Das Treffen ist das größte seiner Art.
"Geh und lebe": Das Kind des Jahrhunderts

06.Apr.2006 H5N1-Bekämpfung: EU zufrieden, Seehofer prüft Stallpflicht
Frankreich: Villepin will seine verlorene Schlacht weiterschlagen

06.Apr.2006 Pelzige Müßiggänger: Faule Mulle sind rund und fit
Inside Qaida: 9/11-Planer rechnet mit Osama Bin Laden ab
06.Apr.2006 Nachrichtensuche: Wikio soll Online-News revolutionieren
06.Apr.2006 Vogelgrippe in Sachsen: Behörden fahnden nach fünf Tonnen Geflügelfleisch
06.Apr.2006 Italien-Wahl: Berlusconi will mit Anti-Terror-Politik punkten

06.Apr.2006 Sprüchesammlung: Berlusconis bizarre Welt
Nuklearpläne: USA wollen jährlich 125 Atombomben bauen
06.Apr.2006 Irak: Entführer von Giuliana Sgrena gefasst AN>Vogelgrippe in Sachsen: "Weiß der Teufel, wie es weitergeht"
06.Apr.2006 Zwischenruf einer Direktorin: Wie Hauptschüler ums Überleben kämpfen
Deutschtürkischer Komiker Topal: "Die Unschuldigen baden es aus"
06.Apr.2006 Streit um ZDF-Reportage: Fernsehteam zahlte prügelnden Jugendlichen 200 Euro

Die Techniken, die Kunsthandwerker ursprünglich zur Perlenproduktion entwickelt hatten, könnten also auch bei Zahnbehandlungen erfolgreich eingesetzt worden sein, erklären die Forscher.

Wahrscheinlich wurde ein kleiner Bogen benutzt, um die Feuersteinspitze des Bohrers in den Zahn zu treiben. Ein Nachbau des Feuerstein-Bohrers zeigte im Experiment eine erstaunliche Effizienz:

Die Wissenschaftler benötigten nach eigenen Angaben weniger als eine Minute, um ähnliche Löcher zu bohren.
Ein französisches Forscherteam hat jetzt bei Ausgrabungen im pakistanischen Mehrgarh 9000 Jahre alte, mit Feuersteinspitzen behandelte Zähne gefunden.

Die Funde aus dem jungsteinzeitlichen Gräberfeld in der Provinz Belutschistan sind damit die ältesten ihrer Art: Bisher waren nur Fälle nachgewiesen worden, die jünger als 6000 Jahre sind.
Mexiko-Stadt - Die Kultstätte, die auf dem Sternenhügel (Cerro de la Estrella) im Südosten von Mexiko-Stadt entdeckt wurden, hatte nach Angaben mexikanischer Wissenschaftler eine Grundfläche von etwa 150 mal 120 Metern und war rund 18 Meter hoch.

Die gesamte Anhöhe sei eine große Stadt der um das Jahr 1000 untergegangenen Teotihuacán-Kultur gewesen, sagte Jesús Sánchez vom Nationalen Institut für Anthropologie und Geschichte (INAH).
Ausgrabung: Pyramide in Mexiko-Stadt entdeckt

06.Apr.2006 Jugendgewalt: "Nimmt dich dein Vater manchmal in den Arm?"
Nervöse Märkte: Analysten sehen Ölpreis vor neuem Allzeithoch

"Boykottiert diesen Film!", wütet jedoch ein Mann namens Paul Antoine in dem Internetforum, das die Produktionsfirma Universal Studios für "United 93" eingerichtet hat.

"Dies ist der abscheulichste und schamloseste Akt der Profitmache aus einem schrecklichen Ereignis."
Bush-Regierung: Rumsfeld düpiert Rice
06.Apr.2006 11. September im Kino: "Zu früh! Zu früh!"
06.Apr.2006 Vogelgrippe-Eindämmung: Verzögerungen bei Desinfektion und Keulung
06.Apr.2006 Prähistorische Medizin: Schon Steinzeitmenschen drohte der Bohrer
06.Apr.2006 Flut in Brandenburg: Wasser steigt schneller als erwartet

06.Apr.2006 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Jeder kämpft für sich allein"
Skurrile Auktion: Chinese verkauft seine Seele
USA: Republikaner beenden Streit um Einwanderungsreform
Moussaoui-Prozess: Gericht lässt Tonband aus 9/11-Flugzeug zu

06.Apr.2006 Integration von Muslimen: USA rüffeln Europa
06.Apr.2006 NeoBushismus: 00.Mar.2004 Zuvor hatten sich Minister der Clinton- + Bush-Regierungen die Schuld nur gegenseitig zugeschoben.
06.Apr.2006 urknall.wav Dateiinformation   wav •  00:00:03 sek
68cis.wav Dateiinformation   wav •  00:00:05 sek

Dateiname  first1Myr.wav Dateiinformation   wav •  00:00:05 sek
March to Redeem the Soul of America: The unifying themes of speakers on the first two days was the need for citizens to begin to get control of the combine of government and major corporations - not only to stop the Iraq war, but to protect human rights and civil liberties.

06.Apr.2006 Sex tourism thriving in U.S. Bible Belt: "Men fly in, are met by pimps, have sex with a 14-year-old for lunch + get home in time for dinner with the family," said Sanford Jones, the chief juvenile judge of Fulton County, Georgia.

06.Apr.2006 Fake TV News: Widespread and Undisclosed: A multimedia report on television newsrooms' use of material provided by PR firms on behalf of paying clients

06.Apr.2006 Martin Luther King shooting tapes released online: Thirty-eight years after he was assassinated on a motel balcony, photographs, recordings and police files that describe the death of Martin Luther King Jr. have been placed on the internet.
Video: The Spanish Inquisition : For years now, the Basque people of Spain have alleged that Spanish police have regularly tortured suspects, arrested for having connections with the Basque separatist group ETA. Recently, those allegations have been backed up by the UN Human Rights Commission.

06.Apr.2006 Helen and Sylvia, the new face of terrorism: Two grandmothers from Yorkshire face up to a year in prison after becoming the first people to be arrested under the Government's latest anti-terror legislation.

06.Apr.2006 Dr. David Ray Griffin:"9/11, The Myth & The Reality,": In this definitive presentation given on March 30th, 2006 at the historic Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, California, Griffin deconstructs nine official myths, given that day.
Israeli soldier murdered Briton: An award-winning British cameraman shot dead in Gaza by an Israeli soldier was murdered, a London inquest has found.

06.Apr.2006 Film crew 'begged Israeli soldiers to save colleague' : A television producer has told an inquest into the death of a British cameraman killed in Gaza how he begged the Israeli soldiers who shot his colleague to help save his life.

06.Apr.2006 Palestinian Child Day 2006: 400 in Israeli prisons, 740 killed by Israeli forces, tens of thousands injured as Israel is clearly not honoring International Treaty on Children

06.Apr.2006 Israel, Turkey suspend deal to ship water in huge tankers : Israel and Turkey have suspended what was meant to be a breakthrough deal: shipping water in huge tankers from Turkey to the parched Holy Land.

06.Apr.2006 Bolivia: Evo Morales 'padlocked' in palace : The president of Bolivia has alleged that multi-national companies are funding a campaign against his government. Newsnight's Paul Mason has been to Bolivia to meet Evo Morales and find out more about the challenges he is facing.

06.Apr.2006 Video: Witness To A Revolution : Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez spoke to Newsnight about his country's oil reserves. Mr Chavez was bullish over Venezuela's Opec standing and US policies in Latin America. Greg Palast reports from Caracas.

06.Apr.2006 Venezuela in Washington’s Sights : In the face of the left-oriented shift of Latin America’s politics, the Bush administration seems to be determined to block the re-election of the Bolivarian president. It looks like the design of the FTAA, the dream of the White House, will only be a reality over the ashes of a Bolivarian counter-model that they need to destroy.

06.Apr.2006 Chinese influence in Brazil worries US; Alarm bells ring in the US at China's rising credibility in the developing world as a model for ending poverty.

06.Apr.2006 Ollanta Humala: Peru's next president? : Ollanta Humala - a firebrand nationalist anti-globalisation campaigner - is a front runner in the race for Peru's presidency. For Newsnight's Inside Latin America week, Gavin Esler caught up with Mr Humala in Lima.

06.Apr.2006 'Internally Displaced Persons' : A world of misery : What can the UN do to protect the 24 million internally displaced persons around the world?
Net closes in on Gaza fisherman: Isreali gunboats stop Palestinians from fishing as a communal punishment or to prevent attacks
06.Apr.2006 The tethered goat strategy : Since the Iraqi elections in January, US foreign service officers at the Baghdad embassy have been writing a steady stream of disturbing cables describing drastically worsening conditions.

06.Apr.2006 John Kerry: Two Deadlines and an Exit : Half of the service members listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall died after America's leaders knew our strategy would not work. It was immoral then and it would be immoral now to engage in the same delusion.

06.Apr.2006 How Massacres Become the Norm: US soldiers killing innocent civilians in Iraq is not news. Just as it was not news that US soldiers slaughtered countless innocent civilians in Vietnam. However, when some rare reportage of this non news from Iraq does seep through the cracks of the corporate media, albeit briefly, the American public seems shocked.

06.Apr.2006 Iraqi Lullaby: Vocals by Laura Bush and Mothers of America : Pictures provided by President G W. Bush

06.Apr.2006 Noam Chomsky: Returning to the Scene of the Crime, War Crimes in Iraq

06.Apr.2006 Amnesty International Report Condemns U.S. Treatment of Detainees : A new report released Wednesday by the human rights group Amnesty International says that the CIA used private airplanes owned by front companies to send terror suspects to secret locations or to send them to countries that condoned torture.

06.Apr.2006 Full Amnesty Report: Secret flights to torture and 'disappearance' : Sending prisoners overseas to extract information through water torture, removal of toenails and fingernails, beatings, and electrocution at the request of US officials is inhumane and must be stopped.- US Congressman Edmund Markey, March 12, 2005

06.Apr.2006 International laws hinder UK troops - Reid: John Reid demanded sweeping changes to international law yesterday to free British soldiers from the restraints of the Geneva conventions and make it easier for the west to mount military actions against other states.

06.Apr.2006 CIA made '185 rendition flights through Britain': CIA aircraft used in secret flights to transport terrorist suspects around the world made nearly 200 calls at British airports over the past five years, according to a report released today.

06.Apr.2006 Torture around the world : Governments are often more reluctant to discuss torture than to practice it

06.Apr.2006 American Jewish Committee Pimps War With Iran: The following advert appeared in the Financial Times: UK

06.Apr.2006 AIPAC Pimps War With Iran: The video and maps below are intended to help you better understand the escalating threat that is Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.

06.Apr.2006 Two B-2s could take out Iran’s nuclear assets’: Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions will be history by the time US President George W Bush leaves office, said a report published here.

06.Apr.2006 Iran conducts fourth missile test: Iran successfully test-fired an air-launched anti- ship missile Wednesday during war games in the Gulf, the fourth launch in six days, state television reported.

06.Apr.2006 Iran's Persian Gulf oil bourse on track: Iran is still insisting on opening a Persian Gulf oil bourse with the southern Iranian island Kish as its base, state-television reported Saturday. 'The issue has already been agreed upon and the oil ministry has been instructed to open this bourse in the Persian Gulf island of Kish,' Economic and Finance Minister Davoud Danesh-Jafari said.

06.Apr.2006 If one side in a conflict goes nuclear, the other is bound to follow suit : The Iranian crisis can only be understood as the inevitable result of Israel's US-backed WMD monopoly in the region

06.Apr.2006 US blueprint for 125 nuclear bombs a year: THE Bush Administration has unveiled a blueprint for rebuilding the US's decrepit nuclear weapons complex, including restoration of a large-scale bomb manufacturing facility
Channel 4 Video Report on UK Mercenaries shooting Iraqi Civilians : "We don't know whether it was an innocent civilian or whether that was an insurgent - we don't know, because we never stop". The words of a former security consultant, explaining the story behind the video footage.
06.Apr.2006 Trillion Dollar War Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz
Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, 63, discusses the true $1 trillion cost of the Iraq conflict. The only people benefiting in this war are Bush's friends in the oil industry. He has done the American economy and the global economy an enormous disfavor, but his Texan friends couldn't be happier.

06.Apr.2006 Retired CIA Official Says Bush Is A War Criminal
An in-depth interview with former high-level CIA analyst Ray McGovern; McGovern talks about his work as an advisor to Bush 1 and his belief that Bush 2 is a war criminal and should be tried for crimes against humanity.
Real audio

06.Apr.2006 Libby Says Bush Authorized Leaks By Murray Waas
Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff has testified that President Bush authorized him to disclose the contents of a highly classified intelligence assessment to the media to defend the Bush administration's decision to go to war with Iraq, according to papers filed in federal court on Wednesday by Patrick J. Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor in the CIA leak case.

In Court Filings, Cheney Aide Says Bush Approved Leak
BuzzFlash Reviews "The Secret Way to War: The Downing Street Memo and the Iraq War's Buried History," by Mark Danner. With a Preface by Frank Rich.
Wouldn't Tom DeLay Make a Great Villain in a James Bond Film? Just Call Him "Bushfinger." -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis

06.Apr.2006 Vote Against Bush by Giving to BuzzFlash. Do It Now. Support David Against Goliath.
Signs point to federal investigators zeroing in on DeLay

06.Apr.2006 The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
Coultergeist: Ann Coulter Calls Tom DeLay an ?incredibly honorable man.? 4/6

06.Apr.2006 Watchdog Group Issues Annual 'Pork' Report: Republican-Run Government Hits New Record of $29 Billion in Pork Barrel Spending. 4/7
Senators seal immigration deal, giving some illegal immigrants a path to citizenship and creating a temporary worker program. Pending amendments and negotiations related to the House's draconion bill could derail it. 4/7
Molly Ivins: Good Riddance to DeLay's Crucifix-Shaped Hammer 4/6

Permalink Should Weldon's display of hideous taste impact the Able Danger story? No.

The allegations do not rest on his word. His primary informant was Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer -- who, as far as I know, has not made any ridiculous comments about the medical treatment given to young children.

Shaffer's claims have been backed up by others, as my previous post makes clear. Research into Able Danger continues

The old warrior has amazingly still not lost hope.

He somehow feels that ultimately justice must prevail.

The matter of the involvement of the Inter-Services Intelligence ISI + other intelligence agencies in the manipulation of politics + the disbursement of the people’s money for that purpose is by no means over nor has it, apparently, even abated.
Bhutto’s interior minister, another retired general, Naseerullah Babar, had disclosed in the National Assembly 00.000.1994 how the ISI had disbursed funds to purchase the loyalty of politicians and public figures so as to manipulate the 00.000.1990 elections + form the IJI + bring about the defeat of the PPP.
21.Jul.2005 "
Asia Times" There are no confirmed reports at this stage that the London bombers attended camps in South Waziristan, although it is thought they visited madrassas (Islamic seminaries). 
Pakistan analysts stress, however, that what has been dug up by various foreign intelligence agencies is scattered information that fails to focus on the broader perspective of London's blasts + how they were different from September 11. 
"The resistance is a global franchise beyond the bounds of specific geography.

It is a human instinct that has been triggered. So when Muslim youths saw destruction through daisy-cutter bombs and other weapons of destruction, they formulated their targets according to their resources + locations," said former director general of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, retired Lieutenant General Hamid Gul. 
"This global franchise of resistance is a truth of the day. Now the West blames madrassas, but the fact of the matter is that the youths allegedly identified in incidents [in London] were all educated in Western education centers, very much like the top al-Qaeda leadership. One or two visits to a seminary has nothing to do with the radicalization of a youth. It is more related to the reactions of the individuals [to events].

Social details available on the youths tell that they were very much part and parcel of British society.

They lived like Brits, had girlfriends + all the other things common in British society," Gul commented. 
Syed Saleem Shahzad, Bureau Chief, Pakistan, Asia Times Online. He can be reached at 

Commentary: Know Your Enemy WASHINGTON (UPI) Mar 21, 2005
"Nuclear Pakistan terrifies the world + this serves Pakistan well."

So spoke retired Gen. Hamid Gul, a former head of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency, on the eve of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's arrival in Pakistan.
19.Feb.2001 NEWSWEEK FEBRUARY 19, 2001 ASIA 32
The military has so far refused to crack down on such strident Islamist groups.

One reason is that there are so many believers within its own ranks.

The entire top leadership of Thnzeemul Ikhwan

is drawn from retired senior Army officers,

and hundreds of current officers and soldiers attend its ideological training sessions.

"Pakistani Army soldiers have always been religious,

but now growing numbers of officers have turned Islamist,“

says Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul,

former head of the Inter-Service Intelligence,

the secretive military group that is Pakistan's government within the government.


now closely aligned with Islamist groups,

advocates a "soft Islamic revolution."

Will he get it?

Seventy percent of the people are rural,

and they're far more comfortable with the saints,


and music

of the Sufi mystic tradition

than they are
with the strict Saudi-style Islam.

Resistance blueprint The former head of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, Lieutenant General Hamid Gul, no stranger to resistance movements, tells Syed Saleem Shahzad the chilling implications of events in Iraq. ( 12.Nov.2004 )
06.Apr.2006 A Pretty Good Way to Foil the NSA The man who angered the world's eavesdroppers by releasing PGP in the 1990 s is back, this time with voice-encryption software that might be good enough to frustrate illegal telephone surveillance - no matter who's doing it. Ryan Singel reviews Zfone.
06.Apr.2006 Microsoft: Don't sell PCs without operating systems Naked PCs: Free software supporters are angry that Microsoft is putting pressure on PC vendors not to sell machines without an operating system installed Microsoft has urged UK PC vendors not to give customers the opportunity to buy a PC without a pre-installed operating system.
06.Apr.2006 YouTube receives $8 million in venture funding Video upload site has received $8 million in funding from venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, the companies announced Wednesday.

This latest round of funding comes . . .
MPs fearful over Afghan mission British troops deploying to Afghanistan face "fundamental tension" over their mission, MPs warn.
06.Apr.2006 Court to hear 9/11 cockpit tape The cockpit audio from the 9/11 flight which crashed in Pennsylvania is to be played in public for the first time.
06.Apr.2006 Fixed penalties target graffiti New powers for councils to crack down on environmental crimes and anti-social behaviour come into force.
06.Apr.2006 Saddam dismisses evidence Saddam Hussein tells his trial documents suggesting he approved the execution of minors are fake.
06.Apr.2006 Bomb plot witness is 'fantasist' The key witness against seven men accused of plotting to plant bombs in the UK is called a "fantasist".

The commission set up to investigate the 9/11 attacks described the final minutes of the flight in its report and released some details of what was heard on the cockpit recording.

Prosecutors wants to use the recording to show the jury how passengers were treated by 9/11 hijackers.

Flight 93 was one of four planes hijacked on 11.Sep.2001 .

En route from New Jersey to California, it crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, killing 40 passengers and crew.

Mobile phone conversations from passengers and flight attendants showed that they had heard about the other hijackings and planned to fight back.

It is thought that hijackers crashed the plane, believed to be heading for Washington, when passengers were close to overwhelming them. Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2006/04/05 23:26:57 GMT


Vogelgrippe erreicht Großbritannien
Die Vogelgrippe hat nun auch Großbritannien erreicht. Das Virus vom Typ H5 sei in einem toten Schwan in Schottland entdeckt worden, teilte die schottische Regionalverwaltung am Mittwoch mit.

London - In weiteren Tests solle nun festgestellt werden, ob der nördlich von Edinburgh gefundene Vogel an der gefährlichen Vogelgrippe-Variante H5N1 erkrankt ist, hieß es. Ergebnisse sollten am Donnerstag vorliegen.

In Großbritannien war bisher nur bei einem aus Südamerika importierten Papagei das Vogelgrippe-Virus gefunden worden. In Deutschland war die die Krankheit am Mittwoch erstmals bei Nutztieren diagnostiziert worden. Hierzulande wurden bereits mehrere mit dem Virus infizierte Wildvögel gefunden.
Toter Schwan: Vogelgrippe erreicht Großbritannien
Court to hear 9/11 cockpit tape The cockpit audio from the 9/11 flight which crashed in Pennsylvania is to be played in public for the first time.
French unions give law deadline French unions threaten more protests unless the government repeals a youth labour law by mid-April.
Nepalese opposition set to strike Opposition activists in Nepal are to stage a four-day general strike, as part of anti-monarchy protests.
Poultry farmers hold their breath The UK's first case of avian flu will inevitably concern the country's poultry industry, the second biggest in Europe.
Rice defends India nuclear deal US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urges Congress to ratify a civil nuclear technology deal with India.
Bird flu confirmed in dead swan Preliminary tests on a swan found dead in Fife confirm the H5 avian flu virus, health officials reveal.
Cat bird flu risks 'overlooked' Extra precautions should be taken to prevent the spread of bird flu to cats - and then to humans, scientists warn.
Premature babies 'feel true pain' Premature babies experience feelings of pain rather than simply displaying reflex reactions, a study says.
Swan find halts bird flu test-run An exercise to test plans for a bird flu outbreak in Britain is cancelled as tests find the H5 virus in a swan in Fife.
Bid to gauge animal suffering A study is examining whether it is possible to measure the suffering of animals during scientific procedures.
Audio: Did Jesus really walk on ice? A recent blog about research on the possibility excited such heavy reader feedback that we got the professor on the phone to elaborate.
Feds fail to protect privacy rights, auditors report
Blog: Government agencies that use private-sector databases to pull up information on American citizens without their knowledge often...

Two Legged Robot Sets Speed Record Author: ScuttleMonkey 74
An anonymous reader writes "Researchers in Germany and Scotland have made the fastest two-legged robot yet (for it's size) called RunBot. It is controlled by a simple program that mimics the way neurons control reflexes in humans and other animals. From the article: 'We wanted to show that a very simple system with a simple neuronal controller could walk in a natural manner - and fast,' says Florentin Wörgötter, from the University of Göttingen in Germany. The story also features couple of videos of RunBot in action."

MN Bill Would Require Use of Open Data Formats Author: ScuttleMonkey 74
Andy Updegrove writes "A bill has been introduced in Minnesota that would require all Executive branch agencies to 'use open standards in situations where the other requirements of a project do not make it technically impossible to do this.' The text of the bill is focused specifically on 'open data formats.' While the amendment does not refer to open source software, the definition of 'open standards' that it contains would be conducive to open source implementations of open standards. The fact that such a bill has been introduced is significant in a number of respects. First, the debate over open formats will now be ongoing in two U.S. states rather than one. Second, if the bill is successful, the Minnesota CIO will be required to enforce a law requiring the use of open formats, rather than be forced to justify his or her authority to do so. Third, the size of the market share that can be won (or lost) depending upon a vendor's compliance with open standards will increase.

And finally, if two states successfully adopt and implement open data format policies, other states will be more inclined to follow."
Zeitungsbericht: Rentenkassen senken Erwartungen
Health Problems Related to the Geek Lifestyle Author: ScuttleMonkey 349
jonasj writes "A doctor and former programmer has written a good article on common geek health problems.

From the article: 'If I were to go and try to run a few miles this weekend, I would not be able to easily do so. [...]

However, if you take one of the these college basketball athletes, any of them would be able to run miles without even breathing heavy.

However, if you made them sit down and try to learn Java for 12 hours a day, most of them would be asleep at their desk before lunch.

The typical geek trains their brain to be heavily focused while multitasking day after day. Is it surprising that this same brain does not do well when forced to isolate down to one task?'"
Your Digital Inheritance? Author: CmdrTaco 333
eldavojohn writes "I wrote a journal entry musing on the idea of passing on accounts and digitally stored information from generation to generation.

Has anyone done this or inherited anything? Does anyone else plan to do this? Is there a slip of paper in your deposit box at the bank with websites, account names and passwords?"
Buy PC Without an OS... Get a Visit From MSFT? Author: CmdrTaco 547+
sebFlyte writes "'Don't sell PCs without operating systems or we'll send the boys round.' That seems to be the general message coming out of microsoft's antipiracy unit, according to ZDNet.

While MS seems to accept that people might want to get hold of PCs without Windows so they can put Linux on them, they don't think that's a good enough excuse.

"We want to urge all system builders -- indeed, all Partners -- not to supply naked PCs. It is a risk to your customers and a risk to your business," says Microsoft.

The FSF has given this policy short shrift, saying: "It looks like a private sniffing service which is supposed to spy on these who do not want to pay the Microsoft tax anymore.

It is an incredible piece of impudence.""
Where the Online Traffic is Going Author: CmdrTaco 68+
vitaly.friedman writes "While growth is slowing at most top Internet sites, it is skyrocketing at sites focused on social networking, blogging and local information.

The dramatic success of those Internet categories is apparent from a recent online-traffic analysis provided by market research firm ComScore Media Metrix, which examined visitor growth rates among the 50 top Web sites over the past year."

With such conditions, a floating patch of ice could develop above the plumes resulting from the salty springs along the lake's western shore in Tabgha.

Tabgha is the town where many archeological findings related to Jesus have been found.

"We simply explain that unique freezing processes probably happened in that region only a handful of times during the last 12,000 years," said Doron Nof, a Florida State University Professor of Oceanography.

"We leave to others the question of whether or not our research explains the biblical account."
05.Apr.2006 Ohio Official Invested in Vote Machine Co. 
The state's top elections official said Monday he accidentally invested in a company that makes voting machines. And then I accidentally rigged the election!
05.Apr.2006 Two in Homeland Security now charged with child sex crimes  Another one.
And they're not even counting
the guy busted on TV by NBC's Dateline and Perverted Justice, an Internet watchdog group. That's three.

05.Apr.2006 Democracy In Iraq Not A Priority in Bush Budget: A White House Built on a Foundation of Propaganda and Lies
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Al Gore: For People and Planet 4/5

05.Apr.2006 The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
Navy LCDR Charles Swift Stands up for the Constitution + We Salute Him as This Week's BuzzFlash "Wings of Justice Award" Winner
Maureen R. Sinclair: Thank You, Mr. Bush - A BuzzFlash Reader Contribution

05.Apr.2006 Words for right-wing pundits to choke on: how the mainstream media spun us into war
Bushevik Incompetence AND Perverted Family Values: The deputy press secretary for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security was arrested Tuesday for using the Internet to seduce what he thought was a teenage girl. Bush's Dept. of Homeland Child Sexual Predators.
DeLay Down and Ney to Go?

05.Apr.2006 more information on all these matters, I urge you to visit the website of Alliance for Community Media, and then please, PLEASE, contact your local Congressional representative TODAY and TOMORROW, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, to let them know just how seriously you take this matter. The website for ACM has a list of six talking points to make that easier for you to speak intelligently about the matters at hand, although getting to the place where you actually know enough about the details to make sense of those talking points will require some education, but education the ACM site offers brilliantly.
And by all means, alert everyone you can to this important issue. We as a motivated public managed to block the media ownership madness, despite complete media blackout on the topic (gee, why would they do that??). There is of course another blackout on this local public access issue now, too, so it's up to us to do something, fast and furious. We're going to have to win back our democracy + our free press, one battle at a time, so gear up!
Democracy is not a spectator sport!! ACT NOW!

Left eye open, right eye blind So let me get this straight: Dick Cheney shoots a guy, refuses to accompany his victim to the hospital, and refuses to speak to a sheriff or any other outsiders for 15-or-so hours, by which point there is no way to determine objectively whether or not he was shnockered at the time of the incident.
None of which bothers our right-wing friends.
More recently, House member Cynthia McKinney, unrecognized by a Capitol Hill policeman, is grabbed from behind. She whirls around and either slaps the man or pokes him or pushes back; accounts differ. In fact, accounts differ to a suspicious degree: In one version, she whacks him with a cell phone. Sean Hannity says she punched the cop. I'm looking forward to the variant where she takes out her bullwhip and starts tossing ninja stars. In all versions, the bottom line is the same: It was okay for the cop not to recognize her, but unforgivable for her not to have known that the guy grabbing her from behind was a cop.
And that incident, according to our right-wing friends, constitutes an offense to God and man.
McKinney claims that this scuffle amounts to racial profiling. I cannot agree. She was singled out not for her race, but for her stance on 9/11. I suspect that Rovian forces, knowing that she was touchy about having to identify herself, decided to stage one of those diversionary melodramas they love so well. If she were a right-wing Republican politician, the Capitol Hill police would have been instructed to toss flower petals ahead of her wherever she walked.
Check out Sean Hannity's response (by way of
Bradblog): Hannity accuses her defenders of being people who "weren't even there." Vas you dere, Seanie? Permalink
05.Apr.2006 "Well, it happens on both sides," apologists might say. But it doesn't -- not nearly to this degree. I am not saying that no liberal has ever committed an offense against the underaged. But try this experiment: Google the words "Republican child molesters," then google "Democratic child molesters." Tell me what you find.
The evidence is clear, the data are in, the pattern is overwhelming: Child abuse and conservatism are linked . Psychologists must study this linkage; future editions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders should cite ideology as one indicator of a potential for pedophilia. It's no longer a question of if the link exists, but why .
05.Apr.2006 Item: The American military is predominantly Southern, Christian + Republican. Keep that in mind as you read this report of what really happened at Abu Ghraib: I saw [redacted] ***ing a kid, his age would be about 15-18 years. The kid was hurting very bad and the covered all the doors with sheets.

Then when I heard the screaming I climbed the door because on top it wasn't covered and I saw [redacted], who was wearing the military uniform putting his **** in the little kid's ***. I couldn't see the face of the kid because his face wasn't in front of the door. And the female soldier was taking pictures.

That's the part of the Abu Ghraib scandal they've been hiding from you all this time.
05.Apr.2006 Item: In a story headlined "Sex Tourism Thriving in Bible Belt," we learn that Atlanta, Georgia -- a city run by and for fundamentalists -- has become America's answer to Bangkok:
"Men fly in, are met by pimps, have sex with a 14-year-old for lunch, and get home in time for dinner with the family," said Sanford Jones, the chief juvenile judge of Fulton County, Georgia.
A new federal law passed in 2003 ensures that American sex tourists landing on foreign soil and hiring prostitutes under the age of 18 can get 30 years in prison.
But in Georgia, punishment for pimping or soliciting sex with a girl under 18 is only five to 20 years, according to Deborah Espy, the Deputy District Attorney of Fulton County.
"Men are coming to Atlanta to have sex with a child," said LaKendra Baker, project manager for the Center to End Adolescent Sexual Exploitation (CEASE).
Half of the street-level prostitutes in Atlanta are believed to be under 18, according to experts.
Others are booked through Internet sex sites and from social sites like Black Planet, where girls innocently post profiles, said Baker. An overwhelming proportion of Georgians consider themselves Christians.

Oddly enough, you don't see these kinds of news stories coming out of post-Christian Europe.
05.Apr.2006 Stop Republican Pedophilia.
Nearly every week brings fresh examples. Here's the latest:
Item: On Tuesday, a high-ranking spokesman for Homeland Security,
Brian Doyle (55) was arrested for trying to seduce a "14 year-old girl" he met on an internet chat room.

The adolescent was actually a Sherrif posing as a girl; one breaks the law when one tries to arrange sex with someone underaged, even if the "victim" is masquerading.

Apparently, this was not one isolated chat -- he had gone to great lengths to court the "girl" over a period of time. News stories do not specify his party registration, but one may easily guess.

Damit sei Tiktaalik eindeutig eine Übergangsform, die zwischen dem noch deutlich fischartigeren Panderichthys und dem bereits auf dem Land lebenden Ichtyostega einzuordnen sei.

"Wir wussten, dass die Felsen auf der Ellesmere-Insel einen Blick in die richtige zeitliche Periode erlauben würden", sagt Studienleiter Daeschler.

"Sie entstanden in der richtigen Umgebung, um Fossilien zu enthalten, die diesen wichtigen evolutionären Übergang dokumentieren." mbe/AFP/ddp/dpa

Aus dem Schlick eines längst eingetrockneten Flussbetts rund 1000 Kilometer vom Nordpol entfernt haben Wissenschaftler fossile Überreste eines Ur-Fisches mit Schulterknochen, Ellenbogen und Handgelenk-Ansätzen geborgen. Das krokodilähnliche Tier aus der heutigen Arktis könnte das "fehlende Bindeglied" in der Entwicklung von den Fischen zu den Landwirbeltieren sein, berichten US-Paläontologen im  britischen Fachblatt "Nature".

dpa / Ted Daeschler Fossil von Tiktaalik roseae: "Missing link" zwischen Meeresbewohnern und Landwirbeltieren?
Tiktaalik roseae, so sein wissenschaftlicher Name, lebte vor etwa 383 bis 375 Millionen Jahren in den flachen Ufergewässern von Flüssen.

Das Tier besaß sowohl Kennzeichen eines Fisches als auch Charakteristika eines vierbeinigen Landwirbeltiers, schreiben Edward Daeschler von der Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia und seine Kollegen.

Schädel, Hals, Rippen und vordere Gliedmaßen ähneln demnach bereits stark denen von Landtieren - während das Tier gleichzeitig Flossen, Schuppen und die primitiven Kiefer eines Fisches aufweist.

Damit schließt Tiktaalik nach Meinung der Forscher zumindest teilweise die Lücke, die in der Reihe der bislang entdeckten Fossilien von Übergangstieren klaffte.

"Ikone der Evolution
Teures Bier: Brauereien planen Preiserhöhungen
05.Apr.2006 Evolution: Forscher finden Fisch-Fossil mit Beinen
05.Apr.2006 Reaktionen auf Apple-Coup: "Bloß keinen Windows-Support"

Ministeriumssprecher wegen Kinder-Sex-Affäre verhaftet
Er war einer der höchsten Beamten der Superbehörde, die Amerika vor Terror und organisierter Kriminalität schützen soll.

Gestern wurde Brian Doyle, stellvertretenden Sprecher des US-Heimatschutzministeriums verhaftet. Er ging einer verdeckten Ermittlerin auf den Leim, die sich als 14-Jährige ausgegeben hatte.

Washington - Was für den 55-jährige Brian Doyle wie ein Sex-Abenteuer mit einer 14-Jährigen aussah, stellte sich als Falle heraus.

Der stellvertretende Sprecher des amerikanischen Heimatschutzministeriums geriet im Internet an eine Undercover-Beamtin einer Polizei-Abteilung in Florida zur Bekämpfung der Computerkriminalität.

Er wurde in seiner Wohnung in Silver Spring im US-Staat Maryland festgenommen, als er mit seiner Internet-Bekanntschaft gerade im Chat war.
H5N1-Ausbreitung in Deutschland: Die Spur des Virus
05.Apr.2006 Handy-Telefonate: Netzagentur will Kostensenkung erzwingen
05.Apr.2006 Merkur-These: Gewaltiger Crash formte Planeten
05.Apr.2006 Streit um Kündigungsschutz: Reformkritiker stellen Frankreichs Regierung neues Ultimatum

05.Apr.2006 Nationale Sicherheit: Lucent-Übernahme beunruhigt US-Senat
Konserviertes Essen: Unter Druck machen Viren schlapp

05.Apr.2006 Hightech-Konzern: Frankreich schmiedet Satelliten-Riesen

05.Apr.2006 Mord an Ex-IRA-Funktionär: Polizei warnte Doppelagenten Donaldson
CIA-Geheimgefängnisse: Die Spur führt nach Osteuropa

05.Apr.2006 Vogelgrippe: Erstmals H5N1 bei Nutzgeflügel in Deutschland
Interview zur Italienwahl: "Kein Kerker für den Cavaliere"
Interview mit Paul Ginsborg: "Berlusconi will die Herrschaft seines Clans auf ganz Italien ausbreiten"
05.Apr.2006 Irak: Wüste Entgleisungen Saddams vor Gericht
05.Apr.2006 Aktienverkauf: DaimlerChrysler reduziert EADS-Anteil

05.Apr.2006 Telekommunikationskosten: Fast alles ist billiger
Preisverfall: Handy-Gespräche werden immer billiger
Brooklyn: Polizeieinsatz gegen 75-Jährigen löst Randale aus
US-Heimatschutz: Ministeriumssprecher wegen Kinder-Sex-Affäre verhaftet
CIA-Flüge: Amnesty erhebt neue Vorwürfe gegen US-Geheimdienst
Bundeswehreinsätze im Inneren: Jung fordert Grundgesetz-Änderung