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17.May 2005 Bob Herbert agrees: It's Called Torture:
“Extraordinary rendition” is the euphemism for seizing individuals and shipping them off to countries known to practice torture.
As a nation, does the USA have a conscience?

Or is anything + everything O.K. in 11.Sep.2001 -post- USA?

If torture + the denial of due process are O.K., why not murder?

When the government can just make people vanish - which it can, + which it does - where is the line that we, as a nation, dare not cross?

When I interviewed Maher Arar in Ottawa last week, it seemed clear that however thoughtful his comments, I was talking with the frightened, shaky successor of a once robust + fully functioning human being.

Torture does that to a person.

It's an unspeakable crime, an affront to one's humanity that can rob you of a portion of your being as surely as acid can destroy your flesh. URL:

17.May 2005 The Bush Record: Actions + Consequences + Failure + Disasters in 2000 ... Loss of freedoms in the USA.

In the USA you have ... to about 400 Chinese professors + graduate students at CAS ... Miller's speech based on email hoax, as reported at ...
17.May 2005
CAFR - The Politican's Secret $105 TRILLION Slush Fund CAFR - The Politican's Slush Fund.

CAFR = Comprehensive Annual Financial Report .

Below is the pertinent page from the 1998 CAFR submitted by the State of Louisiana ... the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report ."

Jeff Rense : Everyone listening right now, write ...

17.May 2005 Einstein-Ausstellung: Trompetensoli des Genies

17.May 2005 Hooligan-Kontakte: Ermittlungen gegen italienische Topclubs

17.May 2005 Verfassungsschutzbericht: Schily warnt vor Islamisten und Neonazis

17.May 2005 Infektionsgefahr: Neue Viren vom Affen auf den Menschen übertragen

17.May 2005 Schadenersatz: 600-Millionen-Schlappe für Morgan Stanley

17.May 2005 Online-Publishing: "New York Times "will Geld für Artikel nehmen

17.May 2005 Gesetzesentwurf: Hedgefonds sollen erklären, warum sie investieren

17.May 2005 "Confronting the Evidence: A Call to Reopen the 9/11 Investigation" 11.Sep.2001 URL:

16.May 2005 The Power of Money -

05.May 2001 The Mega Group story came full circle with the publication of a story in an obscure Israeli online publication, Media Monitors Network, by writer Israel Shamir.

Shamir noted, with no lack of irony, the meeting of the Mega Group, which had taken place the previous day at the Manhattan mansion of Edgar Bronfman.
Shamir first described a meeting he had recently had with a Vermont-based psychoanalyst, the nephew of Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion.

The nephew prided himself on the fact that his closest friends were Palestinians + that he rejected the idea of a Jewish "tribal" identity, preferring to view all human beings as brethren.

16.May 2005
Not So Cool But then, a

13.Mar.2001 dispatch by the Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) revealed that the Mega Group is more than a loose bunch of Jewish billionaires out to do good.

The JTA reported that newly installed Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was about to launch a two-pronged propaganda offensive inside the USA,

aimed at winning USA support for his Sharon plans to overturn the “Mideast peace process”.

First, the JTA revealed, the Sharon government announced that it was hiring two USA public relations firms- Rubenstein Associates + Morris, Carrick and Guma- to peddle the Israeli government "spin" inside the USA media + in policymaking circles in New York + Washington.
The JTA wire continued, "More controversially, a handful of Jewish mega-donors has created a think-tank they hope will generate long-term strategies for presenting Israel in a favorable light."
Indyk's "six-month sabbatical" never ended, but it was not until 00.00.1987 that the Australian got his first green card, permitting him to work in the USA.

12.Jan.1993 Indyk was made a USA citizen -just eight days before Indyk was appointed to the incoming Clinton Administration's National Security Council (NSC) staff as Senior Director for Near East + South Asian Affairs -

Indyk had already been an informal Mideast policy adviser to President Bush [BGHW948], at the initiative of Dennis Ross, Bush [BGHW948]'s Assistant Secretary of State, previously a deputy to Indyk at WINEP.

At the time of the Mega hunt, Indyk had Ross' old job as Assistant Secretary of State for the Near East. URL:
Even though the Mega hunt was formally called off, still in some USA intelligence quarters, the effort to unearth the suspected Israeli spy cell apparently continued.

00.Sep.2000 -after USA Ambassador Martin Indyk had his security clearances temporarily lifted- a CIA team of counterintelligence specialists arrived in Israel,

Ostensibly, Indyk had breached security guidelines by bringing classified USA government documents to his residence in Tel Aviv.

But it later was revealed that the CIA probe was triggered by an 00.Aug.2000 unauthorized meeting between Indyk + the former head of the Mossad, Ephraim Halevy, which the ambassador had never reported back to Washington. URL:
The idea that the Israeli government was running another spy operation inside the USA national security establishment created a tremendous stir.

07.May 1997 The Washington Post, in its leak, had reported, "One official with knowledge of the FBI investigation into the identity of Mega cautioned that much remained unknown.

But the official said that if it turned out that a senior USA official was passing sensitive information to Israeli authorities, it could prove more serious than the espionage case involving Jonathan Jay Pollard, a former Navy analyst who was convicted in 00.000.1986 of selling USA military intelligence documents to Israel."
16.May 2005 -To this day-, the Pollard affair is a hot-button issue inside the USA intelligence community.

00.Nov.1985 -At the time of Pollard's arrest-, it was known that the Navy analyst had been "tasked" to obtain specific USA military intelligence secrets, by someone much higher up in the USA intelligence community. To this day, the hunt for "Mr. X," Pollard's inside controller, continues.

00.000.1986 EIR had revealed the existence of not merely a "Mr. X," but an "X Committee," made up of nearly a dozen top-level Pentagon + National Security Council officials, all suspected of having been part of the Pollard spy network.
Given the seriousness of the Mega security breach, the abrupt shutdown of the mole hunt naturally prompted some wild speculation about the circumstances under which the search for Mega was abandoned.

00.Mar.1999 UK author Gordon Thomas released a book, Gideon's Spies, which alleged that Israel had blackmailed the Clinton Administration, with the threat to release tapped telephone conversations between the President and Monica Lewinsky, to force Washington to abandon the Mega hunt. Indeed, in her testimony before independent counsel Kenneth Starr, Lewinsky had reported that the President had warned her, on March 29, 1997, at the height of the Mega hunt, that he suspected the White House telephones were being tapped by agents of an unnamed foreign country.URL:
16.May 2005
"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective -- a new world order -- can emerge" -- Skull & Bonesman, President George HW Bush 11.Sep.1990 (eleven years prior, to the day)URL:
16.May 2005
WHO IS "MEGA" and Where is "DOV" ZAKHEIM ? - Forums powered by ... IIRC, Skolnick reported that MEGA was Rahm Emmanuel, then a Clinton senior ... a " Mr . X ," but an " X Committee," made up of nearly a dozen top-level ...

16.May 2005 The agents of the insurgency are able to consistently spy on the USA occupying army + know what the USA are going to do before most of the Americans know. This explains why the insurgents are clearly winning. URL:
16.May 2005
The shock was that the enemy was not supposed to be in this town at all.

Instead, USA intelligence indicated that the insurgency had massed on the other side of the river.

USA Marine commanders expressed surprise Monday not only at the insurgents' presence but also the extent of their preparations, as if they had expected the Marines to come .."
How do the insurgents always know when the Americans will show up? How did they know just what hotel room to fire at when Wolfowitz was in Baghdad?

How do they know exactly when + where to deploy their improvised explosive devices so they are in place just before the Americans drive by?

16.May 2005 The Italian military intelligence organization SISMI provided logistics + security at the first meeting, in Rome, in 00.Dec.2001 .

And the head of Sismi, Nicolo Pollari, as well as the Italian Defense Minister, Antonio Martino, attended the meeting, along with Michael Ledeen, Ghorbanifar, Pentagon officials Harold Rhode + Larry Franklin. [Sismi has been in the news recently for having been reported to have used an Italian middleman to put the forged Niger docs into circulation.]
3) Ghorbanifar told me he has had fifty meetings with Michael Ledeen since 11.Sep.2001 + that he has given Ledeen "4,000 to 5,000 pages of sensitive documents" concerning Iran + Iraq + the Middle East, "material no one else has received." Since the Italians have long-standing trade ties to Iran, one can easily understand why Ledeen's faction would use SISMI to arrange the enigmatic liaisons with Ghorbanifar.
00.000.1980 -In the s- a number of books + articles fingered Michael Ledeen as a member of Italy's fascist P2 "lodge," a pseudo-Masonic power group founded by former blakshirt + SS liaison officer Licio Gelli.

Gelli's fascist cabal infiltrated + largely controlled, SISMI. According to reports published in the 1980 s, Gelli had created an organization within the organization, jocularly labeled "Super SISMI."
How do we reconcile the seeming contradiction between Ledeen's hawkish pro-Israeli views + his reported alliance with the Nazi-fied Gelli? I'm not sure how to answer that one.

Neither can I explain why a man like Corsi, who also claims to support Israel, would spew ugly anti-Semitism on the Free Republic site.URL: . URL:
16.May 2005
Larry Franklin was passing highly sensitive information to AIPAC (translation: to Israel) in the same time period as those hush-hush meetings with Ghorbanifar. URL:
16.May 2005
The senior Administration official identified two of the defence officials who met Mr Ghorbanifar as Harold Rhode, Mr Feith's top Middle East specialist + Larry Franklin, a Defence Intelligence Agency analyst on loan to the undersecretary's office. (Emphasis added URL:
16.May 2005 from
Rightweb's profile of Ledeen: URL:
16.May 2005
A senior Administration official said the US Government had learned about the unauthorized talks by accident.
The senior official + another Administration source said the ultimate objective of Mr Feith + a group of neo-conservative civilians inside the Pentagon is change of government in Iran.
The immediate objective appeared to be to "antagonise Iran so that they get frustrated and then by their reactions harden US policy against them" URL:
16.May 2005 The road to war.Ledeen + his defenders
became angry when the Times of London described Ledeen as "the prominent neo-conservative who has led calls for an attack on Iran."As the Regime Change blog puts it:
Ledeen has long been an advocate of regime change in Iran. Perhaps they [ the Times ] drew the false conclusion he was referring to militarily forcing a regime change. But he has not led calls for an attack on Iran, but rather advocates supporting of a regime change in Iran using similar methods as were used in Romania + the Ukraine + Lebanon + elsewhere.

If that were the end of it, I'd have no overwhelming disagreement with Ledeen's position - although I strongly doubt that the Iranians will soon rise against the mullahs the way the Romanians rose against Ceausescu.
Ledeen, however, obviously wants to sneak war through the back door - indeed, this goal seems to have been the entire purpose of his more recent dalliances with Ghorbanifar.

09.Aug.2003 -From the Sydney Morning Herald of- URL:
16.May 2005 One of the web sites affiliated with the current crusade is
Regime Change Iran, which supports + is supported by, ultra-neo-con Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute.

(As Ted Koppel once put it: "Michael Ledeen is a Renaissance the tradition of Machiavelli." Of course, Ledeen lives in a world where a comparison to Machiavelli is considered complimentary .)
Ledeen, as you will recall, remains a die-hard supporter of the disgraced Iraqi exile leader Ahmed Chalabi. + why did Chalabi fall into disgrace? In large part because he was routing intelligence to Tehran.
Ledeen is also
strongly linked with the mysterious Iranian arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar.

Even though the CIA had dismissed Ghorbanifar as a prevaricator, Ledeen insisted on arranging a series of meetings between the Iranian + a number of likeminded Defense Department bigwigs.URL:
16.May 2005
Und ja, es gab damals auch einen salonfähigen Antisemitismus, der in der laxen Handhabung eine Rolle gespielt haben könnte, in USA wie in UK.

Trotzdem regt sich der Verdacht, dass Herr Matussek versucht, eine USA-UK Mitverantwortung durch Auslassung der schrecklichen Taten von Auschwitz durch das Hitler-Regime + seine Kohorten zu erreichen.

Das ist inakzeptabel.

Die Nazis haben diese Vernichtungslager errichtet + betrieben, niemand sonst, + die Verantwortung für die Millionen Toten liegt beim NS-Regime. Punkt.
16.May 2005
Nach derzeitigem Recht müssen Telekommunikationsanbieter solche Daten nach Beendigung der Verbindung löschen. Allerdings forderte Bundesinnenminister Schily am Rande der Computermesse Cebit 2005 bereits längere Aufbewahrungsfristen ein. Was der Verbrechensaufklärung dienen soll, wird von Datenschützern als Verletzung des informationellen Selbstbestimmungsrechts kritisiert.
16.May 2005
Konkurrenz für GPS: Ortungssystem basiert auf Fernsehsignalen

16.May 2005 Nachkriegsdeutschland: Der amerikanische Frühling

16.May 2005 Goldman Sachs: Strippenzieher der Wall Street

16.May 2005 5
98: The number of days left in the 109th Congress to pass election reform legislation. The debate over whether voting machines were hacked or there was deliberate suppression of minority votes will continue. We should all agree—given the shoddy, unaccountable and unverifiable state of our election machinery and procedures—that, unless we act, the next close election will prompt the same debates and public confidence in our democracy will suffer a potentially fatal blow. Of even more importance, we must be vigilant as Republicans try to roll our voting rights backwards

16.May 2005 4 Citizens for Honest Fighter Pilots Say Jerry Corsi Deserves As ... Fighter Pilots Say Jerry Corsi Deserves As Much TV Air Time As John O ' Neill ... Citizens For Honest Fighter Pilots Call On Bush To Explain His Military ...

23.Aug.2004 Citizens for Honest Fighter Pilots Say Jerry Corsi Deserves As Much TV Air Time As John O'Neill by Evelyn Pringle –

15.May 2005 Must-read article Tom Paine has published a powerhouse piece by John Conyers: "The GOP's Attack On Voting Rights." So why are you still here? Go there! URL:

16.May 2005
"Newsweek"-Herausgeber Mark Whitaker.

"Wir bedauern, dass wir uns bei einem Teil unserer Geschichte getäuscht haben", schrieb Whitaker in der neuesten Ausgabe des Magazins, die in den USA ab heute im Verkauf ist.
Weltweit hat der Bericht unter Muslimen Empörung ausgelöst. In Afghanistan kam es zu teilweise gewaltsamen Protesten, bei denen 16 Menschen starben und mehr als 100 verletzt wurden.

Auch in Pakistan + Indonesien + im Gaza-Streifen gingen Menschen auf die Straße. Ägypten + Saudi-Arabien + Bangladesch + Malaysia + die arabische Liga verurteilten eine Entweihung des Korans.

Gestern drohten muslimische Geistliche in Afghanistan die Ausrufung eines Heiligen Krieges gegen die USA an.
Das Magazin berichtet nun, die Informationen für den Bericht seien von einer "gut unterrichteten Regierungsquelle" gekommen, die "Newsweek" unter Verweis auf einen Militärbericht gesagt habe, dass Vernehmungsbeamte den Koran in Guantanamo Bay auf Kuba auf Toiletten ausgelegt + mindestens ein Exemplar heruntergespült hätten. Damit hätten Gefangene zum Reden gebracht werden sollen.
Die Quelle habe dem Magazin später gesagt, sie könne sich nicht mehr sicher sein, dass in dem zitierten Militärbericht von dem Vorfall die Rede gewesen sei.

Vielleicht habe sie stattdessen davon in anderen Ermittlungsdokumenten oder Entwürfen gelesen.
16.May 2005
Whitaker sagte, er wisse nicht, ob sich der berichtete Koran-Vorfall auf der Toilette überhaupt jemals ereignet habe. "Ob so etwas jemals passierte, wir wissen es einfach nicht", sagte er.

"Wir sagen nicht, es ist auf jeden Fall passiert, aber wir können auch nicht sagen, dass es auf keinen Fall passierte."
16.May 2005
UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS ... .. by Trireme Management LLC which has its principal office in New York. 33 ... 39. Perle is a member of Trireme Management LLC, the company that ...

[Wereldcrisis] Why was Richard Perle meeting with Adnan Khashoggi? ... Arabia + Singapore.=20 The letter mentioned the firm's government connections prominently: "Three of 20 Trireme's Management Group members currently ...

16.May 2005 Den Waffenlieferungen, Bei Den Waffenschieber Adnan Khashoggi

16.May 2005 Is there anything about author Gray, other than his association with Khashoggi ,which suggests his truthfulness might be in question?

10.Jan.2005 Former Iranian Shah Official Warns US of Terrorist Attack. Gray- When Khashoggi 's Genesis Intermedia went bankrupt, John Gray helped him loot the company for several hundred million.

What Do 9/11 & Heaven's Gate Have In Common? ... Is there anything

16.May 2005 The MadCow Morning News Gray is being sued with Khashoggi in a financial scam they allegedly participated in involving Genesis Intermedia, a company incorporated by Michael Roy Fugler ...

16.May 2005 Interview mit Wolfgang Leonhard: "Man stellte keine Fragen in Stalins Sowjetunion"

16.May 2005 Usbekistan: Friedhofsruhe in Andischan

16.May 2005 Irak-Besuch: Rice bittet Iraker um mehr Geduld

16.May 2005 Analyse: Usbekische Revolution im Blut erstickt

15.May 2005
Europäer und Ostafrikaner hätten die Erreger nach Westafrika gebracht. Über den Sklavenhandel sei die Lepra nach Südamerika und in die Karibik gelangt. "Der Kolonialismus war unter Gesundheitsaspekten für Teile der Welt sehr schlecht", sagte Autor Stewart Cole vom Institut Pasteur in Paris. Europäer hätten den Erreger auch in Nordamerika eingeführt.
15.May 2005 What Went Wrong: The Conyers Report is finally going to receive some part of the attention it has always deserved.

06.May 2005 Academy Chicago Publishers formally published this report under the title "What Went Wrong in Ohio: The Conyers Report on the 2004 Presidential Election."

Gore Vidal provided the introduction, praise be unto him.
By all means, buy the book. But more than that: Call bookstores and ask if they have a copy. Call libraries and ask if they have a copy. Reader inquiries of that sort will help increase the work's visibility.
More votes than voters in Miami-Dade. Strange, isn't it, how all those
"glitches" keep piling up...? (Note: linking to Brad Friedman's replication of this story because the Miami Herald requires a sign-in process.)
A study by a member of the Miami-Dade Election Reform Coalition found frequent discrepancies between the number of votes cast + signatures collected by poll workers in the 02.Nov.2004 general election. URL:
15.May 2005
HOWTO: Internetzensur umgehen. Ein Tutorial zum aushebeln von ...: (einfach eine leere email ... The best thing would be to subscribe to a free email provider which allows ...
15.May 2005
Auch in Deutschland fordern manche Bundesländer, die Anbieter von Telekommunikationsdienstleistungen dazu zu verpflichten, Verbindungsdaten für einen Zeitraum von mindestens sechs Monaten zu speichern, um sie für die Strafverfolgung zur Verfügung zu haben. Noch können nur Verbindungsdaten von Anbietern von Telekommunikationsdienstleistungen nur so lange gespeichert werden, wie dies zur Abrechnung von Dienstleistungen notwendig ist. Das Cybercrime-Abkommen (6) des Europarats, das im November des letzten Jahres in Budapest von den Mitgliedsländern unterschrieben (7) wurde, verpflichtet die Telekommunikationsanbieter, Verbindungs- und Inhaltsdaten zu speichern und sie bei Bedarf nationalen und ausländischen Behörden zu übermitteln (Die wundersame Vermehrung der Zusatzprotokolle (8)).

15.May 2005 TP: Internet wird in der Schweiz zum Fahndungsnetz ... Provider mehr benutzen, sondern auf solche Provider im Ausland ausweichen, bei denen man sich kostenlos + anonym einen Mail - Account einrichten kann ...

08.Nov.2004 news ... Media Blacks Out Voting Problems ... Düsseldorfer Jurist attackiert George Bush Hat der Großvater des Präsidenten von Sklavenarbeit im KZ ...

12.May 2003 ; Vol. 18 No. 3 Top 100: What a difference a decade makes By
Nick Wakeman
00.000.1994 -When- Washington Technology published its first Top 100 list of federal IT contractors, a Democrat was in office, defense budgets were shrinking + the Internet was just emerging as a business tool.
Many of the top names from that first list are very familiar.

Electronic Data Systems Corp. stood at No. 2 + is now 12.May 2003 No. 9.

Computer Sciences Corp. was No. 5 then + is No. 5 today 12.May 2003 .

Unisys Corp. was No. 3 + now 12.May 2003 is No. 20.
Gone from the top, however, is AT&T Corp., which held the No. 1 spot in 1994 but is ranked No. 31 today 12.May 2003 .

Lockheed Martin Corp. + Northrop Grumman Corp., today’s 12.May 2003 No. 1 + No. 2, respectively, didn’t exist then.

But pieces of those companies + others can be found scattered around that first Top 100.
Lockheed Corp. ranked No. 30 in 1994.

Martin Marietta Corp. was No. 24.

But Martin Marietta had recently purchased General Electric Corp.’s aerospace business, which was No. 13 that year.

Lockheed + Martin Marietta then merged in early 1995.
Other pieces that later became part of Lockheed Martin included Loral Corp. at No. 25, which had just purchased IBM Federal (No. 4 in 1994).

IBM Corp., however, is No. 18 on this year’s 12.May 2003, after stepping up its efforts in the federal market a few years ago.
Grumman Corp. was ranked No. 18 in 1994, but the other half of its namesake, Northrop Corp., did not make the list that year.

The two companies merged later in 1994.
Plenty of other companies that eventually found their way into Northrop Grumman were on the list in 1994.

The biggest is Northrop Grumman’s most recent acquisition, TRW Inc., which was ranked No. 15 in 1994.

00.000.1998 TRW bought BDM Inc., No. 29 on 1994’s list.

Northrop Grumman also has purchased Federal Data Corp., No. 35, Westinghouse Electric Co., No. 47 + Litton Industries, No. 28, which in turn had bought PRC Inc., No. 16.
Another current top 20 company, BAE Systems plc, No. 10, also did not exist in 1994, but its roots are still present, mainly through General Electric Company plc, No. 37 + Tracor Inc., No. 96.

General Electric later bought Tracor.

BAE was then created when General Electric’s Marconi division + UK Aerospace merged in 1999.
GTE Corp. held the No. 6 spot in 1994, but the bulk of that business can now be found in General Dynamics Corp., No. 7 today 12.May 2003 + No. 39 in 1994.

Another part of GTE was sold to DynCorp, which was No. 99 in 1994, + was sold to CSC earlier this 12.May 2003 year.
Boeing is another top 20 member with a long legacy on the Top 100.

00.000.1994 the company was ranked No. 10 + is now 12.May 2003 No. 4.

Rockwell International Corp. was ranked above Boeing in 1994 at No. 8, but Boeing bought that company’s defense business in 1996.

Another legacy of Rockwell International, now known as Rockwell Collins, holds the No. 38 spot on this year’s 12.May 2003 list.
Raytheon Co., No. 6 on today’s 12.May 2003 list, was No. 22 in 1994.

E-Systems, which Raytheon bought in 1995, was ranked No. 41.
Affiliated Computer Services Inc., No. 16 today 12.May 2003, did not have a presence in the government market until it bought Computer Data Systems Inc. in 1997. CDSI held the No. 14 spot in 1994.
GTSI Corp. was known as Government Technology Systems Inc. in 1994 and was No. 44 that year.

It later bought Falcon Microsystems, No. 80 in 1994, + today 12.May 2003 is ranked No. 17.
Other notable moves from 1994 to 12.May 2003 today: MCI, now the brand name for WorldCom Inc., was No. 71 in 1994 + is No. 8 today 12.May 2003 .
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. was No. 70 in 1994 + is No. 11 today.

CACI International Inc. was No. 65 in 1994 + No. 19 today 12.May 2003 .
14.May 2005
A-Infos Hyper-Archive: (en) Report on General Electric Corporation ... as of GE's attainment of virtual controlling interest in Lockheed - Martin ... Connecticut, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of General Electric Company ...

14.May 2005 Corporate Partners ... the philanthropic foundation funded solely by the General Electric Company, .. Lockheed Martin – Enterprise Information Systems is responsible for all ...

14.May 2005 The Composites Corner, brought to you by the Turner Moss Company ... The General Electric Company (GE) is a large, diversified corporation with ... GE swapped its preferred stock in Lockheed Martin for certain assets, ..

14.May 2005 Windfalls of War - The Center for Public Integrity ... General Electric Company . 3135 Easton Turnpike. Fairfield, CT 06828-0001 ... Air Services + UNC + acquired Lockheed Martin's medical imaging unit ...

14.May 2005 CIA Narco-colonialism in the 20th Century The CIA & Drugs. (This a large page, it will take time to load) Introduction: One of the more astounding revelations of the recent investigations was the secret 1981 agreement between the Dept ... Contra drug ring, that of Rafael Caro Quintero + Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo (two Contra supporters based in ... I was posing as a ... mafia don. [ O]n videotape as ...
URL: 14.May 2005 01:30 Web results for "Geomilitech" (1 - 20 of 25)

09.Nov.2004 Bands Against Bush - Your apathy is their victory.: Vote Fraud - Exit Polls Vs Actuals ... Posted by: Katrina Sumner at 10:44 AM ...

14.May 2005
Die Polizei befürchtet nun, dass jährlich Tausende solcher Kinder ohne jede Spur in der Metropole verschwinden.

Den Angaben zufolge sind diese Verschwundenen in der Regel nicht die Opfer von Gewaltverbrechen, sondern von Kinderhandel.

Die Kleinen werden aus ihrer afrikanischen Heimat nach UK geschickt, um mit ihnen Geld bei den Sozialbehörden zu erschleichen, sie als Sklavenarbeiter auszubeuten oder auch sexuell zu missbrauchen, sagten Kinderschutzorganisationen.
Unzureichende Aufzeichnungen der Einwanderungsbehörden und das Fehlen der Meldepflicht in UK machten es nahezu unmöglich, die Spuren der vermissten Kinder zurückzuverfolgen, sagte ein Sprecher von Scotland Yard.

Bitten bei den afrikanischen Polizeibehörden vor Ort blieben zumeist ohne Antwort

14.May 2005 Does nobody give a shit? - ... The DOD lost $2.3 Trillion in FY2000...keep in mind the entire ... "According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions ," Rumsfeld admitted.

11.Sep.2001 Time-Line ... future Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, future Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, Florida Governor + ... [ DOD/, 01.Jun.2001 , FAA, 12.Jul.2001 , FAA 12.Jul.2001] ...

14.May 2005 UNKNOWN NEWS: � MOBYTHOR'S GUIDE TO THE BUSH UNDERGROUND REICH ...... Finally, the DOD has already moved to IPv6 ... — Donald Rumsfeld, Feb. 12, 2002, Department of Defense news briefing Posted 24 January, 2005 ...

14.May 2005 Killtown's: Did Flight 77 really crash into the Pentagon? - The ... - DoD (12.Oct.2001 ).

11.Sep.2001 Was Donald Rumsfeld psychic on 9/11, or was he just "spilling ... we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions ," Rumsfeld admitted ...

Killtown's: 9/11 coincidences + oddities page! 2001 - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld asks the Senate to approve the DoD's ...

we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions ," Rumsfeld admitted. URL:
13.May 2005 Suggested search words:
BT EC 007 103 BBC BND BBC BNP CIA DEA DGS EEC ELF FBI IRA IRD JFK KGB KYP LBJ LSD MI5 MI6 MOD NSA SAS SIS UFO WPC Blair Churchill Thatcher Wilson Clinton Kennedy Nixon Reagan Echelon Menwith Pentagon Cuba Egypt Iran Iraq Israel Libya Hess Hitler Murrell Fletcher Oyston MKULTRA disinformation espionage propaganda security surveillance mind Burgess Maclean Philby Diana Pope Vatican Oswald Ruby Bilderberg Pinay Communist Conservative Labour Liberal Tory Contras Irangate Watergate Spook BOSS Mossad assassinate conspiracy coup drugs intelligence murder propaganda secret spy suppressed Crozier Hollis Holroyd McWhirter Profumo Rothschild Shayler Stalker Tomlinson Wallace Wright Senator Kill Vote Fraud Embassy Fraud missile hidden gold nazi agent Cocaine MP Lockerbie bug

13.May 2005 Yuh-Feng Lee: Die Taiwan-Frage im Kontext der US-Strategie für Ostasien-Pazifik nach dem Ende des Ost-West- ... Chüan Chou in der Provinz Fukien unterstellt worden .3 ... im WWII. fiel Taiwan an China zurück ... Churchill zusammen beschlossen – festgelegt worden war + in der ...
07.May 2005
Stammzellen-Institut: Forscher gehen nach San Francisco

07.May 2005 Lohndumping: IG Metall verlangt weiteren Schutz deutscher Arbeitnehmer

07.May 2005 Cream-Revival: Jahrtausend-Konzert für Methusalems

07.May 2005 Lettland-Besuch: Bush verurteilt Sowjet-Besatzung des Baltikums

07.May 2005 Waldbrände in Südfrankreich: Über eine Million Haushalte ohne Strom

07.May 2005 Deserteure: Die vergessenen Opfer der Nazis

07.May 2005 Missbrauchsprozess: Zeugen bescheinigen Jackson reine Liebe zu Kindern

07.May 2005 Uno: Deutscher wird Annans Vize-Beauftragter im Irak

07.May 2005 Heute in den Feuilletons: Lügen, Kitsch und Wahrheiten

07.May 2005 Klimawandel: Saubere Luft macht Forschern Sorge

07.May 2005 Europa-Reise: Bush nutzt Gedenken zur Abrechnung mit den Sowjets

07.May 2005 Kriegsende 1945 - Heute vor 60 Jahren: "Wo ist die Freude?"

07.May 2005 Diplomatie: Millionär aus Ohio neuer US-Botschafter in Berlin

06.May 2005 Fundamentalist madness continues East Waynesville Baptist Church, in North Carolina, has excommunicated all its Democratic members.

Here we see proof, once more, that the "born again" contingent -- for all their talk of love -- seethes with primieval hatreds, fear and resentments.
The wonderful Georgia10 of Daily Kos has initiated a
discussion of this outrage. (By the way, if you scroll down on that page, you will discover that a participant has posted a remarkable series of church-issued propaganda advertisements which combine a call to Christ with military imagery -- i.e., soldiers holding guns. To sell Jesus these days, you need an ammo clip.)
People for the American Way has responded the East Waynesville insanity thus:
What have we come to when the doors of a church are closed to longtime members because of their political beliefs? When a pastor equates political support for the 'wrong' candidate with a sin before God?
I would say to Senator Frist and Karl Rove that this is what comes of attempts to manipulate religion for political gain. Americans simply will not accept the claim that ‘unless you accept my political beliefs, you cannot be a good Christian.

06.May 2005 Wall-Street-Schluss: Zinssorgen drücken die Kurse

07.May 2005 Vor Treffen mit Bush: Putin weist Kritik an Kreml-Macht zurück

07.May 2005 Preispoker mit ThyssenKrupp: VW will Billig-Stahl auch aus China

07.May 2005 Flirt mit Washington: EADS wählt US-Standorte aus

07.May 2005 Nordkorea: USA vermuten Vorbereitungen für Atomtest

07.May 2005 München: Gericht billigt Neonazi-Wache am 8. Mai
07.May 2005
Golf-Auktion: Der Papst ist verstimmt

07.May 2005 Junk-Bond-Status: Rating-Agentur zweifelt an Produktstrategie von GM und Ford

07.May 2005 Raumschiff-Design: Shuttle-Nachfolger nimmt Gestalt an

09.Mai in Moskau: Verlorene Siege

07.May 2005 Rundfunk-Kontrolle: Keine Macht für Brüssel

07.May 2005 Hilfestellung: Putin plädiert für deutschen Sitz im Sicherheitsrat

07.May 2005 Abrüstung: Struck will US-Atomwaffen loswerden

07.May 2005 "Mars Polar Lander": Verschollene Sonde angeblich gefunden

07.May 2005 Diesel-Rekordfahrten: In 30 Tagen viermal um die Welt

07.May 2005 Linkspartei in NRW: Kaum gegründet, schon zersplittert

07.May 2005 Reklame in Deutschland: Die neuen Leiden der Werber

07.May 2005 Agentur-Umbau: Auftritt der Werbe-Allrounder

07.May 2005 Neue Werbeformen: Auf der Jagd nach dem Konsumenten

07.May 2005 Kostendruck vs. Kreativität: "Das Deutsche-Bank-Syndrom grassiert"

07.May 2005 Kreditranking: General Motors und Ford nur noch auf Junk-Bond-Niveau

07.May 2005 Umstellung: Wie Dinosaurier zu Vegetariern wurden

07.May 2005 Kriegsende 1945 - Heute vor 60 Jahren: Kartoffeln aus dem Osten

07.May 2005 Google Maps: Wie Europa im Meer versank

07.May 2005 Palästinenser: Fatah gewinnt Kommunalwahlen

07.May 2005 Festnahme: Sohn von Bryan Ferry griff Blair an

07.May 2005 Bombenexplosion: New Yorks Polizei verfolgt Nahost-Spur

06.May 2005 Quotes "Can you smell money?!?!?!" Jack Abramoff wrote. --Quoted 01.May 2005 New York Times .
[1] ( )

06.May 2005
Jack Abramoff From SourceWatch

Jack A. Abramoff, a long-time Washington insider, has been a Republican lobbyist and fundraiser and was a Bush Pioneer. According to the College Republican National Committee (CRNC) web site ( ), he was Senior Director of Government Affairs for the Greenberg Traurig law and lobbying firm from January 2001 to March 2004, and was CRNC National Chairman from 1981-85. He is also a Director of the National Center for Public Policy Research think tank.

06.May 2005 Bedrohte Bundestagsmehrheit: SPD-Linke dementieren Austrittsmeldung (Politik, 13:05) UK-Wahl: Blair bereitet Gordon Brown den Weg

06.May 2005
International Freedom Foundation From SourceWatch

The International Freedom Foundation (IFF) was founded in 1985 by Jack Abramoff who was also for some time the chairman.

00.000.1995 the South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission revealed that the apartheid regime helped launch the IFF, paying it until 1992 $1.5 million a year. [1] ) [2] ( )

00.000.1992 they wrote about themself: " The International freedom Foundation is a non-profit, educational foundation which works to expand free markets + individual rights throughout the world.

IFF is headquartered in Washington D.C., + has offices in London + Hamburg + Brussels + Rome + Johannesburg. " [3] ( )

One year later it was over: " All the US participants involved with the IFF, including Abramoff, deny any knowledge that South African intelligence had funded any of IFF's operations.

00.000.1993 The IFF disbanded, when South African president de Klerk pulled the funding for most of the government's clandestine operations. " [4] ( )

IFF was amongst the first members of 'Town Hall' what in 1995 became ''.

06.May 2005 International Freedom Foundation - SourceWatch ... Retrieved from " ".MediaWiki. GNU

06.May 2005 Moral Values Scandal Shrouded in Religion - Movies ... like DeLay, had no idea that some of his consulting firm's Abramoff -Scanlon ... who pops up in this tale, the South African-born Rabbi Daniel Lapin .

06.May 2005 GOP leader's ties to lobbyist deepen his own controversy (a ... Congressman defends trips DeLay + Abramoff, an Orthodox Jew, were introduced in the early 1990 s by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, a Seattle-based talk show host ...

User Posts ... This Orthodox Jew is 100% behind Tom Delay, and not only because of his very ... Delay is a stand-up guy, understands the importance of tight moral ... - 101

Washington Business Forward - November/December 2002 - Government ... with his ally Tom DeLay poised to become House Majority Leader, Abramoff ’s still .. The two were introduced by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, a South African-born ...

05.Mai 2005 Oil Dilemma - Newsweek Politics - ... up: Jack Abramoff, who until recently was a close ally of both DeLay and ... When fundraising began for Bush’s re-election effort, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, .. /

06.May 2005 The New York Times > Washington > Associate of Lobbyist Tied to ...

00.000.2002 In a interview with The New York Times, Mr. Abramoff said he first met Mr. DeLay through Daniel Lapin, who would meet frequently with members of ...

The New York Times > Magazine > A Lobbyist in Full .. They had met through Daniel Lapin, a Seattle-based rabbi with strong ties ... Abramoff did DeLay smaller favors, like lending him premium sky-box seats ...

Island intrigue. Slave labor. Enron. Tom DeLay ... More importantly, Daniel Lapin introduced Abramoff + DeLay in 1994, just after the GOP won the House. (Need a scorecard yet?) ...

YudelLine: Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff move America toward ... Given that Rabbi Daniel Lapin is credited with introducting Tom Delay to Jack Abramoff, it's not surprising that the latter is a member of Rabbi Lapin's ...

blatherWatch: terri schiavo, rabbi lapin, birth control + the ... Listening to the longwinded Rabbi Daniel Lapin (KTTH Sun 7-10p) last night was... Anderson says Lapin introduced Abramoff to Delay ten years ago. ...

blatherWatch: the rabbi with the tinfoil yarmulke (and we thought ... how much water one of our local talk hosts, Rabbi Daniel Lapin (KTTH Sun ... Who introduced Abramoff to Delay ? Why, it was the jolly Mercer Island ... Jack Abramoff - The friend Tom DeLay can't shake. By James Harding ... Abramoff is an orthodox Jew and DeLay is a committed Christian; ... They were introduced more than a decade ago by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, .. / 04.Mai 2005

Get Tom DeLay to the Church on Time ... Get Tom DeLay to the Church on Time. by Frank Rich ... yet another religious figure who pops up in this tale, the South African-born Rabbi Daniel Lapin ...

Seattle Weekly: News: Following the Money by Rick Anderson ... to DeLay by a mutual friend and fellow conservative, Seattle Rabbi Daniel Lapin ... Abramoff is also a board member of Lapin's Mercer Island nonprofit ... 4. Mai 2005

23.Feb.2005-01.Mar.2005 The Preston Gates Mates The venerable ... decade earlier by Seattle radio host Rabbi Daniel Lapin, a friend of both men ... he'd never met Rabbi Lapin's pal Abramoff, who, DeLay once declared, ..

Jack Abramoff ... Delay and Jack Abramoff move America toward Traditional values by Reb Yudel Given that Rabbi Daniel Lapin is credited with introducting Tom Delay ...

Get Tom Delay to The Church on Time ... Never mind that Mr. DeLay was joined abroad by Mr. Abramoff, .. religious figure who pops up in this tale, the South African-born Rabbi Daniel Lapin ...

The Raw Story | A Rational Voice ... is the source of the myth that Ed Buckham introduced Abramoff to DeLay ... that it was South African Rabbi Daniel Lapin who made the introductions ...

06.May 2005 Toward Tradition ... Jewish wisdom with all Americans through Rabbi Daniel Lapin ’s Torah teaching ... Rabbi Daniel Lapin is on KNMT Channel 24 (TBN Affiliate) in Portland, ..

Article -Religious Freedom is for Everyone-Not just Minorities Article by Rabbi Daniel Lapin in which he examines the controversy and protest of the film, "The Passion of the Christ," by some Jewish organizations.
Young America's Foundation Speaker Rabbi Daniel Lapin, president ... Rabbi Daniel Lapin president of Toward Tradition and popular KVI radio host studied theology, physics + mathematics in London and Jerusalem.

A Rabbinic Eulogy for the Pope, Rabbi Daniel Lapin What meaningful eulogy can a rabbi possibly add to the many heartfelt tributes being paid to the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II?

It’s Open Season on Christians Again - Rabbi Daniel Lapin ... Rabbi Daniel Lapin, is president of Toward Tradition: The American Alliance of Jews and Christians, a bridge-building organization providing a voice for ...

06.May 2005 The New York Times > Washington > Associate of Lobbyist Tied to ... Several contracts given to Jack Abramoff + his associates have provoked questions about ... Mr. Abramoff said he first met Mr. DeLay through Daniel Lapin,

06.May 2005 Pejmanesque: THE BIPARTISAN JACK ABRAMOFF ... Until now, Jack Abramoff has been best known for arranging trips primarily ... All of which reinforces my belief that the DeLay matter won't be pursued ...

15.Mar.2005 Republican Leader Denies Wrongdoing Over Trips WASHINGTON (Reuters) - USA House of Representatives Majority Leader Tom De Lay, admonished by his chamber's ethics committee last year, on Tuesday denied any wrongdoing in taking two foreign trips paid for by outside groups.

05.May 2005 Political Friendster - Jack Abramoff – Connections ... Jack Abramoff . Type, Individual. Position, Lobbyist. Political Party, Republican. Created by, copperqueen. Jack Abramoff's Friends. Tom DeLay ...

Political Friendster - Rate Connection - Jack Abramoff connected ... is a member of the Council for National Policy along with Jack Abramoff, etal. Abramoff has allegedly provided trips for DeLay, his wife + his staff ...

Political Friendster ... Jack Abramoff . Jack Bovender. Jack F. Matlock. Jack Kemp. Jack Reed. Jacobo. Jacques Chirac. James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy. James Baker ...

Political Friendster - Tom DeLay – Connections ... Jack Abramoff . Tom and Jack are associated in the Council for National Policy. (1 rating) More about this connection ...

Political Friendster - Pope Bededict XIV - Create a Connection ... J. Kenneth Blackwell, JP Morgan Chase, J. Roland Williams, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Jaap de Hoop-Scheffer, Jack Abramoff, Jack Bovender, Jack F. Matlock ...

Political Friendster - JP Morgan Chase - Create a Connection/Add ... J. Edgar Hoover, J. Kenneth Blackwell, J. Roland Williams, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Jaap de Hoop-Scheffer, Jack Abramoff, Jack Bovender, Jack F. Matlock ...

Political Friendster - Jack Bovender - Create a Connection/Add a ... Jaap de Hoop-Scheffer, Jack Abramoff, Jack F. Matlock, Jack Kemp, Jack Reed, Jacobo, Jacques Chirac, James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy ...

05.May 2005 Blair's Labour Party Wins Re-Election : Tony Blair won a historic third term as prime minister Thursday, but exit poll projections indicated his Labour Party suffered a sharply reduced parliamentary majority in punishment for going to war in Iraq.

Blair secures his third term - but how long will he last at No 10? : Labour's majority is slashed. War protest bites in London. Tories retake key marginals. Big swings help Lib Dems

Respect Party's Galloway wins Bethnal Green & Bow from Labour : George Galloway of the Respect Party has won the traditionally safe Labour constituency of Bethnal Green and Bow following one of the ugliest campaigns in the UK's general election.

Galloway's East End street fight : George Galloway's vehement anti-war stance was always going to be one of the highlights of the 2005 general election.

06.May 2005 Alle, die Seiten hauptsächlich besuchen, um fehlende Pflichtangaben zu finden, hier ist das

06.May 2005 High Crimes - September Hearts ... Cheney's Halliburton, Unocal (of El Segundo, CA and Sugarland, TX - Tom ... some of these meetings took place in Tom Delay's district --Sugarland, TX ...

06.May 2005 Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität, Nachrichten-Archiv ... Die Regierung Bush- Cheney und ihre Vollstrecker im Kongreß wie Tom DeLay ... als der jetzige US-Vizepräsident Cheney Chef der Mutterfirma Halliburton ...

06.May 2005 Tom Watson: The Cheney Scenario ... Halliburton contract was "coordinated" with Cheney's office ... Why We Don't Mourn III; Google's Tom DeLay Problem; The Iger Sanction; Sunday Papers ...

06.May 2005 Reindeer's Rants - Cheney defends his business with terrorists in ... Dick Cheney was CEO of the company "during which time Halliburton Products .. Cheney openly bragged about Halliburton's business dealings there during ...

06.May 2005 Behind The Mule: The Values President, part 2 ... Tom DeLay (R-Texas), received that amount from several Indian tribes, .. Halliburton may have been doing business with Iran while Cheney was CEO ...

06.May 2005 Tax Reform - Dick Cheney News - US Politics Today ... 00.000.2000 -until- Halliburton was headed by US Vice-President Dick Cheney ...

Gas prices, Social Security, Tom DeLay . What else can go wrong for Bush? ...

06.May 2005 CorpWatch: Halliburton Co. truck drivers Tim Bell + Bill Bradley disappeared 09.Apr.---- when their ... Key Republicans, including House Majority Leader Tom DeLay,

06.May 2005 Evelyn Pringle: Free Speech Banned by Big Pharma ... Under Cheney, Halliburton Helped Saddam Siphon Billions from UN Oil-for-Food program ...

Master of Corruption: the Ripening Scandals of Tom Delay ...

05.May 2005 The war on fact Progressives are coming to understand that American politics has become an exercise in epistemology. The right now refuses to recognise the very concept of objective fact.
Yesterday, I read a Los Angeles Times
piece on Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, which depends on the fact-checking ability of thousands of participants. Error and bias may be inevitable, but they are also quickly corectable, thanks to the cleverly-designed Wikipedia interface.
There are people who want to deface or even destroy Wikipedia. The right-wing blogger Ace of Spades — out of mischief and because he heard Wikipedia's operators were liberals — recently called on its readers to "punk" the site: to put up as much misinformation and nonsense as possible. Other blogs gleefully expose errors, even if those defects persist only for a few minutes. Exposing errors is, of course, quite legitimate. But deliberately polluting the information stream...?
This is war. A war on reality itself.

06.May 2005 ... Sun Myung Moon, a longtime advocate of theocracy himself, described the event as a gathering of "Secular humanists and leftist activists" who were maybe ... 04.Mai 2005 ... one of whom was Jack Abramoff, who is embroiled in a major federal influence-peddling... The Next Hurrah; Where in Washington, DC is Sun Myung Moon ? ...

Here's What's Left: No more fake debates ... press is countered with Fox News + Sun Myung Moon's Washington Times ... with gambling lobbyist Jack Abramoff —two months before DeLay helped kill ...

Information is Power! ... Abramoff and former DeLay spokesman Michael Scanlon were investigated by ... a series of clandestine payments from Sun Myung Moon ’s organization to the ...

Moon of Alabama: Frist They Came for the Jews ... is pure irony that Abramoff, a practicing Orthodox jew, is paying DeLay for ... when the religious right was young and Sun Myung Moon wasn't funding it ...

00.Apr.2005 Moon of Alabama: And must have whiskey Oh, you know why ... back when the religious right was young and Sun Myung Moon wasn't funding it ... www. moon

06.May 2005 The Carpetbagger Report » ‘Ever is a very strong word’ ... knowing that the Sun Myung Moon -owned paper would treat him with kid gloves. here was one exchange that kind of summed up DeLay ’s approach to ethics ...

The Carpetbagger Report » 2005 » March ... Mr. DeLay ’s ties to Mr. Abramoff might be innocent, in a strictly legal ... posing as a newspaper that is owned by would-be Messiah Sun Myung Moon, ..

The Wall of Separation Sun Myung Moon given a robe and crown in a US Senate office building March 23, .. the Coushatta's lobbyists, Jack Abramoff and Mike Scanlon, ..

The Wall of Separation Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church and reports of public schools in California using an ... the Coushatta's lobbyists, Jack Abramoff and Mike Scanlon, ..

06.May 2005 Suburban Guerrilla ... DeLay said Jack Abramoff had never been on his staff ... Senate to Bubble Boy: Ixnay on the ermanent-pay ax-tay uts -cay ...

NOT OF THE WORLD - the weblog of J. Collins Fisher: 00.Sep.---- .. Reed claims not to know of Jack Abramoff + Michael Scanlon's plans (Reed is ... involved with "The Hammer," House GOP string-puller Tom DeLay ...

A Radical Youth Journal Based in the US ... He can be reached at rjensen@ uts ... Authority + Class Warfare Abramoff Used DeLay to Fund Jewish Settler Militia The Color of ...

05.Mai 2005 Russia Business News - Media Monitoring Service by EIN News ... Dollar still gaining at UTS as euro moves down

28.Apr.2005 Tom DeLay News; Lobbyist Jack Abramoff News; Abstinence Education News ...

06.May 2005 The Nation | Blog | The Daily Outrage | Ari Berman ... Sun Myung Moon's cultish Unification Church has received funding ... adopted 00.000.1992 in response to growing protests against human rights abuses by.. ...

06.May 2005 Seeing The Forest - a Weblog of Politics ... Sun Myung Moon ’s Washington Times have expressed ... With the help of forensic computer experts from General Dynamics and the US Secret Service, ..

06.May 2005 Patterns of the Past: Christian Complicity in Global Disorder ... It will lay down the foundations for the effective involvement of the faith .. such as the Rev Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, may well openly ...

Types of international organization: detailed overview ... Christianity centred on Sun Myung Moon ... This formalization of organization dynamics is foreign to conventional thinking about formal organization but ...

06.May 2005 Pharyngula::Open Evolution/Creationism Thread ... Speaking as a professional philosopher, I can sum up my response to Joe Carter's ... Darwinism inspired by super fundie freakazoid Sun Myung Moon ? ... /

Pharyngula ... a property of systems of a certain complexity + dynamics ... the intent of 'destroying Darwinism inspired by super fundie freakazoid Sun Myung Moon ? ...

09.Oct.2000 NucNews - ... by testing its nuclear bombs in 00.May 1998 in response to similar tests by ... Sun Myung Moon is the surprise backer of Louis Farrakhan's big event in ...

21.Jun.2004 NucNews Japan, Russia + China began two days of working-level talks to lay the ... Sun Myung Moon, owner of the conservative Washington Times newspaper + ...

06.May 2005 Cults + Psychological Abuse ... recruitment and retention tactics + group dynamics, not ideology or theology. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, the late L. Ron Hubbard's Church of ...

06.May 2005 Did This Really Happen? - Marah Boards ... Muskie Moon Member, posted 04-02-2005 01:24 PM Click Here to See the Profile ... Cadwalader lobbyist Julius "Jay" Kaplan joined DeLay and Abramoff at a ...

News Hounds: Tom Delay ethics investigation on Fox - NOT! ... However if you Google "Response Dynamics Sun Myung Moon " you will find some ... Jack Abramoff and Michael Scanlon, DeLay's former press secretary, ... - Leading US Senator insists his corruption is legal ... Conspiracy: Apollo moon landings hoax. Conspiracy: war on Iraq, .. about DeLay's foreign travel and the involvement of lobbyist Jack Abramoff + other ... - Corrupt Republican from Texas broke Congress rules ... Tom DeLay is in serious danger of being declared in violation of House ... was charged to an American Express credit card issued to Jack Abramoff, ..

Information is Power! Abramoff + former DeLay spokesman Michael Scanlon were investigated by ... a series of clandestine payments from Sun Myung Moon ’s organization to the ... 13.Apr.2005 Saul Landau: the Bush-DeLay Axis of Naked Power ... The 13th Moon : Women Poets Read for Peace in Portland...

00.000.1997 DeLay had worked with Abramoff to foster sweatshop labor on Saipan.

04.Mai 2005 Christopher Brauchli: The Syndicate of Tom Delay ... Wal-Mart vs. the Pyramids of the Sun Moon . Greg Bates ... Abramoff, a major contributor to the Bush Cheney campaign + Tom DeLay paid Ralph Reed, ..

06.May 2005 The Christian Coalition: The Nature of the Beast ... and Sun-Myung Moon agents making up the Asian People's Anti-Communist ... him a congenial companion to Jack Abramoff in their keeping of DeLayAbramoff ...

05.Mai 2005 Mannikin: The Making of Tom DeLay ... Sun Myung Moon's cult. Alcoholics Anonymous has special relevance for DeLay's case, .. Ever since, Abramoff has been DeLay's chief financier, ..

06.May 2005 Endstation: "Opportunity" steckt im Mars-Sand fest

06.May 2005 Verkehrsprojekt Invent: Elektronische Mobilmachung

06.May 2005 Republikaner-Skandal: Bushs Vollstrecker in der Schlinge

06.May 2005 Online-Auktion: Ratzingers Golf brachte knapp 190.000 Euro
06.May 2005
Kapitalismus-Debatte: Manager räumen Fehler im System ein

06.May 2005 Internationale Presseschau: "Wähler haben Blair früher in den Ruhestand geschickt"

06.May 2005 Briten-Wahl: Schröder gratuliert doppelt

06.May 2005 Britische Unterhauswahlen: Labour siegt trotz starker Verluste

06.May 2005 Jugendgewalt: Straßenschlacht in Dresden

06.May 2005 Sanktionen: Bush hält Druck auf Syrien aufrecht

06.May 2005 London: Kriegsgegner Galloway bezwingt Labour-Kandidatin

06.May 2005 Sedgefield: Blair gewinnt Wahlkreis

06.May 2005 Abu-Ghureib-Skandal: Bush stimmt Degradierung von Generalin zu

05.May 2005
Washington - Der 58-jährige Lawrence Franklin hat nach Informationen von US-Medien das geheime Material an eine pro-israelische Lobbyorganisation weitergegeben.

Das Justizministerium ließ allerdings offen, wem Franklin das Geheimmaterial übergeben hat.

Der Iran-Spezialist arbeitete in der Nahost- + Südasien-Abteilung des Pentagons. Dem Pentagon-Mitarbeiter drohen bis zu zehn Jahre Haft.
00.Aug.2004 -bereits Ende- Der Fall hatte für erhebliches Aufsehen gesorgt, seitdem hatte das FBI ermittelt.

Franklin soll in einem Büro gearbeitet haben, in dem die frühen Pläne für den Krieg zum Sturz des irakischen Regimes von Saddam Hussein erarbeitet worden seien.

Die israelische Botschaft in Washington wies damals die Vorwürfe als falsch + empörend zurück.

05.May 2005 Wahlen in UK: Labour-Partei gewinnt laut erster Prognose

05.May 2005 Wall-Street-Schluss: Autokonzerne drücken die Kurse

05.May 2005 NRW-Wahl: Zuschauer sehen Steinbrück als Sieger des ersten TV-Duells

05.May 2005 Putin-Schröder-Interview: "Eine Aussöhnung, die aus dem Herzen kommt"

05.May 2005 Geheimnisverrat: FBI nimmt Pentagon-Mann fest

05.May 2005 Ehrung: Karlspreis für Italiens Präsidenten Ciampi

05.May 2005 Fremde Arten: Exoteninvasion gefährdet den Bodensee

05.May 2005 Kapitalismus-Kritik: Thierse fürchtet ums Vertrauen in die Demokratie

05.May 2005 Explosion vor britischem Konsulat: Neue Terrorfurcht in New York

05.May 2005 Berlin: Weltgrößtes Saurierskelett wird abgebaut

05.May 2005 USA: Tierschützer wettern gegen Online-Jagd

Das nun entstandene Dilemma vieler Musiker zeigt sich am deutlichsten in einem Vorfall vom

13.Apr.2005 Als Labour die letzte Wahlkampfphase zünftig mit dem U2-Hit "Beautiful Day" einläutete, distanzierten sich die linken Rocker eifrig von der Vereinnahmung. "Die Gruppe ist geschmeichelt", hieß es in einer offiziellen Erklärung der Iren, "behält sich aber das Recht vor, für oder gegen Inhalte jeglicher Partei zu sein." Eine recht kühle Reaktion, bedenkt man die zahlreichen Fototermine und öffentlichen Auftritte, die U2-Frontmann Bono in früheren Jahren gerne mit Blair absolviert hat. Heute ist von der Nähe nichts mehr zu spüren. Niemand will für Labour werben, aber es will sich auch kaum jemand öffentlich gegen sie stellen - und damit den konservativen Torys zuspielen.
05.May 2005
Evangelist fears Muslims in government: Televangelist and onetime presidential candidate Pat Robertson said Sunday that he would be wary of appointing Muslims to top positions in the USA government, including judgeships.

05.May 2005 Children Face Mass Death: Up to 300,000 Ethiopian children will die from malnutrition this year unless urgent food and aid is given, the United Nations has warned.

05.May 2005 In Bush’s World, Global Treaties are Just for Girlie Men : News that North Korea fired a missile into the Sea of Japan drove White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card into high dudgeon: “I think they’re looking to kind of be bullies in the world,” he told Fox News Sunday. It takes one to know one.

05.May 2005 Pat Buchanan: Bye-bye Bush Doctrine ... it's back to deterrence: Let us cease propping up unpopular regimes in the Middle East + remove our huge military presence. If we are no longer over there, they have no reason to come over here.

05.May 2005 Diplomacy By Death Squad: How Bolton Armed Haiti's Thugs and Killers : U.N. troops can usually be found providing support for the Haitian National Police as they execute peaceful demonstrators demanding the return of their democratically elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

05.May 2005 Haiti's jailed ex-PM wants freedom or death : Haiti's jailed former Prime Minister Yvon Neptune has been on hunger strike for about 15 days and has refused medical care until the government drops its accusations that he organized a massacre.

05.May 2005 Haiti: National Police must be held accountable for killings of civilians : The use of lethal and indiscriminate violence by the police to disperse and repress demonstrators only serves to increase tension in an already violence-torn country, said Amnesty International today

05.May 2005 Venezuela seeks extradition accused terrorist from US : Venezuela's Supreme Court has ruled that the Government should extradite from the USA an anti-communist Cuban exile wanted by Havana on terrorism charges .

05.May 2005 USA Denies Cuba's Accusation on Terrorist : A top State Department official denied on Tuesday Cuban allegations that the USA is providing a haven for a man Cuba accuses of perpetrating a terrorist bombing against a Cuban airliner in 1976.

05.May 2005 Bolton's Proudest Moment: Breaking the UN's Anti-Zionist Resolution

05.May 2005 Israel plans air strikes on Iran's nuclear sites : One of the Israeli pilots who bombed Iraq's nuclear reactor 00.000.1981 says that knocking out Iran's atomic program could prove beyond even Israel's capabilities.

05.May 2005 Iran slams US over nuclear stance : Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi demanded assurances that the US would not launch a nuclear strike on Iran.

05.May 2005 Nuclear double standards : States wishing to retain their enrichment + reprocessing capacity while denying facilities to others must ask themselves how serious they are about the need to prevent proliferation.

05.May 2005 Video: Promises and Betrayals : UK and the Struggle for the Holy Land : An intriguing look at how the UK double-dealing during WWI ignited the conflict between Arab and Jew in the Middle East. A disturbing picture of a duplicitous wartime government

05.May 2005 I was ordered to bring home bin Laden's head: former CIA officer : US spy chiefs ordered agents to deliver Osama bin Laden's severed head in a box of dry ice and hoist heads of other Al Qaeda leaders on pikes, a retired field officer has disclosed.

05.May 2005 Blair's next war : To present the Iraq war as a unique and unrepeatable event is to fundamentally misrepresent the current global picture and the UK's place within it. In fact UK could well be involved in further USA military action in the near future, perhaps in an assault on Iran as early as next month.

05.May 2005 The UK Labour Party isn't an option : In two days time the UK people are going to elect a war criminal to be their prime minister for another five years. Not only is Blair a war criminal who initiated an illegal war, but, the man is a compulsive liar who has surrounded himself with morally degenerate advisers and obedient servants.

05.May 2005 Did Your MP Vote for War?: This list reflects how MPs voted . "Yes" means pro-war, "No" means anti-war. If an MP is not listed, they didn't vote - some abstained.

05.May 2005 No vote for a criminal : I know the ancient lore about people never voting against their own interests, but in whose interest is it to give a warmonger a third term?

05.May 2005 Analyst Charged With Passing Secret Info To Israeli Group. : The FBI arrested a Pentagon analyst Wednesday on charges that he illegally passed classified information about potential attacks against USA forces in Iraq to employees of a pro-Israel group.

05.May 2005 Full Criminal Complaint & Arrest Warrant: U.S. V. LAWRENCE ANTHONY FRANKLIN: Newly unsealed criminal charges against a Pentagon analyst accused of passing top secret information to non-USA government persons "relating to potential attacks upon USA forces in Iraq," and keeping documents classified as 'top secret,' 'secret,' and 'confidential' at his home without authorization. 05.May 2005

05.May 2005 In case you missed it : Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2000 Congressional Candidates

05.May 2005 In case you missed it: Video: Israel Is Spying In And On The USA? : Some USA investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the USA, who may have known things they didn't tell us 11.Sep.2001 -before-.

05.May 2005 PM 'should be accountable' for hostage : PRIME Minister John Howard should be held accountable if an Australian man being held hostage in Iraq dies, Australian Greens Senator Kerry Nettle said today.

05.May 2005 Italy minister calls USA version of Iraq killing "a lie" : A USA account of how its soldiers killed an Italian agent in Iraq was "clearly a lie", an Italian minister was quoted as saying on Wednesday, further stoking tensions between Rome and Washington over the shooting.

05.May 2005 Turkey Is Gathering Troops Along Southern Border With Iraq : Ankara has long warned that it would not tolerate the presence of the PKK in northern Iraq. About 5,000 PKK fighters were said to have been operating along the northern border and operatives were sent to Turkey for insurgency attacks.

05.May 2005 USA policy fosters abuse : The policy, which remains unchanged despite last year's revelations, basically gives the American military a free hand in dealing with prisoners or detainees it considers potential terrorists. Terrorism, in this view, changes all the rules.

05.May 2005 Army misses April recruiting goal by 42 percent : The USA Army missed its April recruiting goal by a whopping 42 percent and the Army Reserve fell short by 37 percent, officials said on Tuesday, showing the depth of the military's wartime recruiting woes.

05.May 2005 US War Crimes and the Legal Case for Military Resistance : American commanders promote a widespread misconception that, once American youth sign an enlistment contract, they are obligated to participate in any kind of war, whether it is based on fraud or truth.

05.May 2005 Stop UARC & ROTC : In memory of the Kent State Massacre

05.May 2005 Insurgents Using USA Techniques 00.000.1965 the USA Army published a detailed manual on how to build + hide booby traps, complete with detailed diagrams illustrating various means of wiring detonators to explosives + advising on the best locations for concealing the deadly bombs along roadways + elsewhere.

00.000.1985 - Two decades later- the Iraqi military issued its troops an Arabic version of the same manual

05.May 2005 Proposed USA law upsets immigrants: Pro-immigration lobbies are protesting a proposed bill that they say would suspend the constitutional right to habeas corpus for the first time since the Civil War.

05.May 2005 Researchers Tested Drugs on Foster Kids: Government-funded researchers tested AIDS drugs on hundreds of foster children over the past two decades, often without providing them a basic protection afforded in federal law + required by some states, an AP review has found.

05.May 2005 No Nukes Is Good Nukes : An interview with longtime anti-nuclear activist Helen Caldicott: Helen Caldicott had an epiphany: all life on earth could end at any moment, simply because a few pig-headed people imagined they could "win" a nuclear war.

05.May 2005 Taliban profit from US largesse : The visits of Lieutenant-General David Barno, to Islamabad and their insistence that Pakistan restart a powerful campaign against al-Qaeda and the Taliban is the result of a new realization that the Taliban problem is back to square one.

05.May 2005 Pepe Escobar : Pentagon cut and paste : Talk about rebel technology: the Pentagon this week was not overwhelmed by a dirty bomb or a jet converted into a missile, but by a simple cut and paste job.

05.May 2005 UN says former Haitian PM jailed illegally: A top U.N. official in Haiti on Wednesday denounced the detention of former Prime Minister Yvon Neptune as illegal and the Organization of American States offered to help end what it called a standoff with serious moral implications.

05.May 2005 Yvon Neptune Nears Death: Yvon Neptune's last meal may have been on 17.Apr.2005 Haiti's most recent constitutional Prime Minister, now its most prominent political prisoner, stopped eating eighteen days ago to protest ten months of illegal imprisonment. He is weak, emaciated and near death-his internal organs are failing.

05.May 2005 A New American Century?: Henry Luce would be deeply disappointed. It seems that the majority of Americans remain, as he put it, “unable to accommodate themselves spiritually and practically” to empire. If the people have their way, the American century may turn out to be much shorter that he or his successors at PNAC could ever have imagined.

05.May 2005 Religon And Secrecy In The Bush Administration: The Gentleman, the Prince + the Simulacrum . Machiavelli has clearly had an impact on much of the Neoconservative movement now powerful in Washington

05.May 2005 Lobbyist Paid for Ireland Trip: If the records are accurate, the trip by Sen. Gordon Smith of Oregon, former Sen. Don Nickles of Oklahoma and Reps. Howard Coble of North Carolina, Harold Rogers of Kentucky and Clay Shaw of Florida violated ethics rules that bar lobbying firms from paying for trips taken by members of Congress

05.May 2005 House and Senate Leaders Often Take Corporate Jets : Companies Offer Discount Flights and Gain Access

05.May 2005 2 Republicans Step Aside From Ethics Panel: Two Republicans on the House ethics committee say they'll step aside from any investigation of Tom DeLay, acknowledging their contributions to the majority leader's defense funds will lead others to question their impartiality.

05.May 2005 Small blasts hit UK consulate in New York : Two homemade grenades exploded outside the Manhattan office building that houses the UK Consulate, shattering windows in the pre-dawn hours on Thursday as voters in UK went to the polls in a general election

05.May 2005 One quarter of voters uncertain as Labour sag at the final post : The survey suggests Labour is on course for a third successive term but that a last-minute advance by the Liberal Democrats leaves Tony Blair uncertain that he will secure a big enough majority to serve the "full term" he wants before standing down.

05.May 2005 Restrictions Imposed On Aid to Palestinians: Congress imposed the tight restrictions on aid to the Palestinians that President Bush had announced with fanfare in his State of the Union address, possibly dealing a blow to USA efforts to support new Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

05.May 2005 USA troops accused of arming Colombian death squads: Two soldiers arrested in raid : Colombians may not be able to prosecute pair under treaty

05.May 2005 Two USA Soldiers Detained in Colombia : Colombian police have detained two USA Army soldiers near a huge military base southwest of the capital in an alleged arms smuggling plot, Colombian and USA officials said Wednesday.

05.May 2005 Chavez says US troops in Colombia worry Venezuela : The Venezuelan leader, a fierce opponent of USA President Bush [BGW968], made his comments as he read a news report on state television about two USA soldiers arrested in Colombia for suspected arms smuggling.

05.May 2005 Army plans to test another increase in recruit bonuses : The Army is about to launch tests increasing cash bonuses for recruits above the current $20,000 limit and pairing returning veterans with recruiters to attract new soldiers, the service's top civilian said Wednesday.

05.May 2005 USA Officials Suspected of Embezzlement in Iraq : The USA government has opened a criminal inquiry into suspected embezzlement by officials who failed to account for almost $100 million they disbursed for Iraqi reconstruction projects, federal investigators said Wednesday.

05.May 2005 Court rules against arrest of US President : A Dutch judge has ruled that US President Bush [BGW968] can visit the Netherlands as planned this weekend and should not be arrested.

05.May 2005 Pakistan Reports Arrest of a Senior Qaeda "Leader"?: Some intelligence officials in Europe expressed surprise at hearing Mr. Libbi described as Al Qaeda's third-highest leader, pointing out that he does not figure on the FBI s most-wanted list.

05.May 2005 Pentagon Analyst Charged With Disclosing Military Secrets : The inquiry has cast a cloud over the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which employed the two men who are said to have received the classified information. The group, also known as Aipac, has close ties to senior policymakers in the Bush administration, among them Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who is expected to appear later this month at the group's annual meeting.

05.May 2005 Juan Cole: Franklin Arrested : When will AIPAC be made to register as an agent of a foreign power?

05.May 2005 Senate Probes Bolton's Pro-Israel Efforts: Senate staffers are reportedly probing many allegations regarding Bolton's management style, including claims that Bolton took part in unauthorized meetings with Israeli officials + prevented a State Department memo accusing Israel of violating American arms-export laws from reaching the desk of then secretary of state Colin Powell.

05.May 2005 The unholy trinity of electronic snooping: The three key participants who have emerged as orchestrating the misuse of NSA + other USA intelligence resources to conduct surveillance of those who opposed neoconservative plans to invade Iraq and ratchet up tensions with North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, the Palestinian Authority headed by the late Yasir Arafat, + the former government of Haiti are Bolton, Negroponte + Hayden:

05.May 2005 Israel freezes West Bank pullback: Senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said the Palestinian Authority was never formally notified of the Israeli freeze.

"It's a very unfortunate approach and decision," he said.

05.May 2005 Bulgaria to withdraw Iraq troops : BULGARIA'S outgoing parliament tonight voted for a withdrawal of all the country's troops from Iraq by the end of the year.

05.May 2005 No Charges In Fallujah Shooting -A Marine corporal who was videotaped shooting an apparently injured + unarmed Iraqi in a Fallujah mosque last year will not face court-martial, the Marine Corps announced Wednesday.

05.May 2005 Lifting the Censor's Veil on the Shame of Iraq : "Nobody wants to come forward about this," said Aidan Delgado. "I didn't want to come forward about this."

04.May 2005 Vote fraud: Europe takes note (Plus: More furor over the "Reluctant Bush Responder") International observers have taken a look at our system of elections + they do not like what they see.

The Nation offers a precis of a new report by Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).
The actual report is
here. (And it was damned hard to find!) Here's part of what The Nation has to say about it:
One would have thought the voter reform movement in this country would jump at the chance to see the USA judged by the same criteria as Ukraine, Georgia or Kyrgyzstan -especially since the report finds it badly wanting. Here, in black and white, is authoritative proof that the disenfranchisement of ex-felons, the uneven rules applied to provisional balloting, the unreliability of voter registration procedures and the dual role of election supervisors who also help run partisan political campaigns are not merely objectionable but also violate international norms to which the USA, as a participating member of the fifty-five-nation OSCE, is a leading signatory. More:
OSCE sources complain that US officials made "inappropriate" phone calls in the run-up to the report's publication, in the hope that its conclusions would not come down too hard on the dysfunctions of its electoral system. Russia and the other former Soviet republics, meanwhile, have accused both the USA and the OSCE itself of a glaring double standard--making no bones about criticizing the conduct of their elections (in Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and, most recently, Kyrgyzstan) while skirting over the inadequacies of voting in the world's sole remaining superpower. Unfortunately, the report doesn't have all the meat one might have hoped for. European nations, fearful of annoying the USA, did not send a full contingent of monitors -- something badly needed. Instead, the OSCE made do with a "targeted observation mission," which got only a part of the picture in certain swing states. But even that attenuated glance revealed sinister happenings.
(Why on earth does Europe continue to be cowed by Bush? We have no industry and we live on borrowed money. Why should the creditor fear the debtor?)
In the gentlest of language, the OSCE points to many of the problems we've been screaming about for months. Among their recommendations:
1. The USA government should shun election machine vendors with "conflicts of interest." (That means you, Mr. Ahmanson!)
2. Independent testing of voting machines -- which would require open software.
3. Permanent paper records (and let's have no tripe about storage problems).
4. A sensible, across-the board policy on re-enfranchising criminals who have paid their debts to society ("...federal and state laws should ensure that the principle of proportionality between offense and sanction is upheld").
These ideas strike me as a good start. But just a start.

21.Apr.2005 Wading Into the Conspiracy Swamps | Liberals Against Terrorism ... wing Republicans, people from Jesse Helms' office (John Carbaugh), etc + along with the Guatemalans, brought French ...

Jesse Helms: To mold a nation (Three decades of political soul ) [Free Republic] Jesse Helms championed North Carolina industry + salvaged Ronald Reagan's presidential aspirations, trumpeted old-time values + scorned liberals ... John Carbaugh, now an international...

21.Apr.2005 A Small Circle of Friends ... Others who attended the CAL conference included, John Carbaugh, an aide to North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms + Mario ... Terrorismo Cristiano - ULTRA DERECHA, CLERO-FASCISMO y TERRORISMO CRISTIANO EN LOS ... Otros asistentes a la conferencia CAL incluyeron John Carbaugh, ayudante del senador de North Carolina Jesse Helms y ...

TNI Publications ... a Pentagon report, quoted by USA defence specialist John Carbaugh, who advises the US defence industry + policymakers ...

04.May 2005 Washington - Der auf Iran spezialisierte 58-jährige Lawrence Franklin aus der Nahost- und Südasien-Abteilung des Pentagons stellte sich nach Angaben des Justizministeriums zufolge selbst.

Die Behörde teilte am Mittwoch nicht mit, wem Franklin das Geheimmaterial übergeben hat. Dem Pentagon-Mitarbeiter drohen bis zu zehn Jahre Haft.
00.Aug.2004 -bereits Ende- Der Fall hatte für erhebliches Aufsehen gesorgt. Nach Informationen von US-Medien soll Franklin das geheime Material an eine pro-israelische Lobbyorganisation weitergegeben haben.

Franklin soll in einem Büro gearbeitet haben, in dem die frühen Pläne für den Krieg zum Sturz des irakischen Regimes von Saddam Hussein erarbeitet worden seien.

Die israelische Botschaft in Washington wies damals die Vorwürfe als falsch und empörend zurück.
Nach Angaben des Justizministeriums soll Franklin weiterhin ohne Genehmigung geheimes Material der US-Regierung an einen "ausländischen Beamten" sowie an Journalisten übergeben haben.

Bei einer Durchsuchung des Privathauses seien insgesamt 83 verschiedene Dokumente sichergestellt worden.
04.May 2005
Stellenabbau: IBM streicht 13.000 Jobs

04.May 2005 Spionage: FBI nimmt Pentagon-Mitarbeiter fest (Politik, 22:09) Abu-Ghureib-Prozess: Zweifel an Englands Schuldbekenntnis (Politik, 20:51) Folter in Abu Ghureib: Richter stoppt Prozess gegen Lynndie England

04.May 2005 Schlag gegen al-Qaida: Bush spricht von entscheidendem Sieg

04.May 2005 Bernays also pioneered the PR industry's use of psychology and other social sciences to design its public persuasion campaigns. "If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it," Bernays argued. He called this scientific technique of opinion molding the "engineering of consent." URL:
04.May 2005 the flaw in Bernays's claim that "manipulation of the masses" is natural and necessary in a democratic society. The fascist rise to power in
Germany demonstrated that propaganda could be used to subvert democracy as easily as it could be used to "resolve conflict."

In his autobiography, titled Biography of an Idea, Bernays recalls a dinner at his home in 00.000.1933 where Karl von Weigand, foreign correspondent of the Hearst newspapers, an old hand at interpreting Europe + just returned from Germany, was telling us about Goebbels + his propaganda plans to consolidate Nazi power.

Goebbels had shown Weigand his propaganda library, the best Weigand had ever seen.

Goebbels, said Weigand, was using my Bernays book Crystallizing Public Opinion as a basis for his destructive campaign against the Jews of Germany.

This shocked me Bernays ... Obviously the attack on the Jews of Germany was no emotional outburst of the Nazis, but a deliberate, planned campaign.

Bernays is held in high regard by some + thoroughly despised by others even today + was even named as one of the 1000 most influential people of all time. URL:
04.May 2005 Bernays defined the profession of "counsel on public relations" as a "practicing social scientist" whose "competence is like that of the industrial engineer, the management engineer, or the investment counselor in their respective fields." To assist clients, PR counselors used "understanding of the behavioral sciences and applying them—sociology, social psychology, anthropology, history, etc."

In Propaganda, his most important book, Bernays argued that the scientific manipulation of public opinion was necessary to overcome chaos and conflict in society: URL:
04.May 2005 Bernays's clients included USA President
Calvin Coolidge + Procter & Gamble + CBS + American Tobacco Company + General Electric + Dodge Motors + the fluoridationists of the Public Health Service.

Beyond his contributions to these famous + powerful clients, Bernays revolutionized public relations by combining traditional press agentry with the techniques of psychology + sociology to create what one writer has called "the science of ballyhoo."

PR industry historian Scott Cutlip describes Bernays as "perhaps public relations' most fabulous and fascinating individual, a man who was bright, articulate to excess + most of all, an innovative thinker and philosopher of this vocation that was in its infancy when he opened his office in New York in June 1919." Much of Bernays's reputation today stems from his persistent public relations campaign to build his own reputation as "America's No. 1 Publicist." During his active years, many of his peers in the industry were offended by Bernays's continuous self-promotion. According to Cutlip, "Bernays was a brilliant person who had a spectacular career, but, to use an old-fashioned word, he was a braggart."

"When a person would first meet Bernays," says Cutlip, "it would not be long until Uncle Sigmund would be brought into the conversation. His relationship with Freud was always in the forefront of his thinking and his counseling." According to Irwin Ross, another writer, "Bernays liked to think of himself as a kind of psychoanalyst to troubled corporations." In the early 1920s, Bernays arranged for the US publication of an English-language translation of Freud's General Introduction to Psychoanalysis . In addition to publicizing Freud's ideas, Bernays used his association with Freud to establish his own reputation as a thinker and theorist—a reputation that was further enhanced when Bernays authored several landmark texts of his own, most notably Crystallizing Public Opinion (1923, ISBN 0871409755), Propaganda (1928, ISBN 080461511X) + "The Engineering of Consent" in Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (00.Mar.1947). URL:

04.May 2005 Madrider Qaida-Prozess: Verdächtiger bricht in Tränen aus

04.May 2005 Suche im Netz: Wikipedia bei Yahoo auf Platz Eins

04.May 2005 SPD: Tierschutzbeauftragter findet Heuschrecken-Vergleich inakzeptabel

04.May 2005 International anerkannt: Deutsche Forscher auf Platz drei

04.May 2005 Sicherheitsdebatte: Kratzer im Image des "Wahl-O-Mats"

04.May 2005 Intelligenzmessung: Rückkehr der Rassenlehre

04.May 2005 Vatikan: Benedikt XVI. verzichtet auf Seligsprechungen

04.May 2005 Telefonat mit Berlusconi: Bush erneuert seine Beileidsbekundung

04.May 2005 Pakistan: Bin Ladens Chefplaner gefasst

04.May 2005 Schweiz: USA lassen Russlands Ex-Atomminister verhaften

04.May 2005 Kühne Vision: Hightech soll Tieren das Leben versüßen

04.May 2005 Britische Popstars: Kein Bock mehr auf Blair

04.May 2005 Zeitungsbericht: Japan verzichtet auf Fusionsreaktor "Iter"

04.May 2005 US-Kongress: 82 Milliarden Dollar für den Krieg

04.May 2005 In a move that may not have any precedent, three men in Houston suing the Catholic church pursuant to the priest-abuse scandal have now named Joseph Ratzinger a.k.a. Benedict XVI as one of the suit's targets.
The men claim that they were molested by a priest in 00000.1995 when their ages ranged from 11 to 13.

00.May 2003, Cardinal Ratzinger (who then headed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) wrote a letter to various bishops which includes the phrase "cases of this kind are subject to the pontifical secret." URL:
05.Apr.2005 -
Heute 00:16:00 sendet das Esa-Kontrollzentrum in Darmstadt das Signal zum Ausfahren der ersten Hälfte der Hauptantenne an "Mars Express".

In Abständen von jeweils 3-4 Tagen sollen die zweite Hälfte + die Zusatzantenne folgen.

Wird das Manöver wie geplant abgeschlossen, soll Marsis ab dem 17.Mai 2005 während einer dreiwöchigen Testphase erste Daten liefern.
Im besten Fall wissen die Forscher anschließend, ob es unter der Oberfläche Refugien für Lebensformen gibt + wo genau künftige Landesonden nach Mikroben suchen müssten.

"Sollten wir Grundwasser finden, würde das die Theorie stärken, dass es noch heute Leben auf dem Mars gibt", sagt Schmidt.

Er selbst rechnet sich dem Lager der Forscher zu, die an noch existierende Mars-Mikroben glauben.

"In jedem Fall hat es 'Mars Express' geschafft, dass sich unser Wissen über den Mars vollkommen verändert hat."

05.Apr.2005 Tertullian : Apologetikum ... Grausamkeit abgeschafft + die Todesstrafe in eine Strafe der Infamie verwandelt ... was zur Entstehung + zur Erhaltung des Menschen vorgesehen ist, ..
Grundwasser-Radar: "Mars Express" fährt Antennen aus

05.Apr.2005 Geschichte einer Schlagzeile: Frau will Schmerzensgeld für unfreiwilliges Bild in "Bild"

05.Apr.2005 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Der große Feind des Liberalismus ist Angst"

05.Apr.2005 Kriegsende 1945 - Heute vor 60 Jahren: "Was haben wir angerichtet!"

05.Apr.2005 Webby-Awards: Al Gore wird für Lebenswerk geehrt

05.Apr.2005 Milliardengewinn: Allianz übertrifft die Erwartungen

05.Apr.2005 Kapitalismus-Kritik: Müntefering legt Vier-Punkte-Plan vor

05.Apr.2005 Fehlender Satz: US-Notenbank patzte bei Zins-Mitteilung

05.Apr.2005 Tarifkonflikt: In der Stahlbranche droht Streik

05.Apr.2005 Wahl in UK: Labour fürchtet Schock-Ergebnisse

03.May 2005 Kampf gegen Terror: Europarat verabschiedet neue Abkommen

03.May 2005 Referendum in Frankreich: Chirac beschwört seine Landsleute, der EU-Verfassung zuzustimmen

03.May 2005 URL:,1518,druck-354473,00.html
03.May 2005
Die United Launch Alliance soll unter anderem das US-Militär und die Nasa mit Flugkörpern beliefern. Die amerikanische Regierung als Auftraggeber für die Raketen werde von der Kooperation mit jährlichen Einsparungen zwischen 100 + 150 Millionen Dollar profitieren, hieß es.
Die Kooperation beendet einen jahrelang schwelenden Streit zwischen den US-Rüstungsgiganten. Erst vor wenigen Monaten hob das Pentagon einen fast zweijährigen Bann gegen Boeing auf. Das Unternehmen war von Aufträgen für die Raketensparte ausgeschlossen worden, weil es Dokumente vom Konkurrenten Lockheed entwendet hatte.
Die Verantwortlichen betonten entsprechend die nunmehr guten Beziehungen zwischen den Konzernen. "Wir können als Team zusammenkommen", sagte ein Boeing-Sprecher. "Die Kooperation garantiert der Regierung volle Kostentransparenz", sagte Lockheed-Chairman Robert J. Stevens.
03.May 2005
Werbetricks: "Es geht nur ums Abzocken"

03.May 2005 Umfrage: Leichter Aufwind für die SPD

03.May 2005 US-Geldpolitik: Greenspan hebt Leitzins auf drei Prozent

03.May 2005 Fall Calipari: Peinliche Panne mit vertraulichem US-Bericht

03.May 2005 Grass-Kritik: "Parlament missrät zu Filiale der Börse"

03.May 2005 Münteferings Heuschrecken: Streit um Wolffsohns Nazi-Vergleich

03.May 2005 Kapitalismus-Kritik: Grüne unterstützen Müntefering

03.May 2005 Europa-Vergleich: Deutschland rutscht bei der Kaufkraft ab

03.May 2005 Unter Druck: Wie US-Zeitungen die Revolution verschliefen

03.May 2005 2300 Jahre alt: Mumie bezaubert Archäologen

03.May 2005 Trendsport Blogging: US-Prominenz will auch mitmachen

03.May 2005 EU-Verfassung: Deutsche Intellektuelle appellieren an Franzosen

03.May 2005 Transportpanne: 600.000 Personaldaten-Sätze aus Lkw verschwunden

03.May 2005 Terrorismus: Die mageren Ergebnisse der Binladologen

03.May 2005 Alternative Medizin: Akupunktur im Hirn messbar

03.May 2005 Rüstung: Boeing und Lockheed bilden Raketenallianz

03.May 2005 Bilanzfälschungen: EU-Gericht gibt gegen Berlusconi nach

03.May 2005 Heute vor 60 Jahren: Ratternde Maschinengewehre

03.May 2005 Briten verärgert: US-Gesetze behindern Privatflüge ins All

03.May 2005 The legacy of Agent Orange : Thirty years after hostilities ended between the US and Vietnam, relations remain strained by one of America's most notorious weapons during the war, the chemical Agent Orange 03.May 2005 USA has new trade war: Starting today, American exporters of a wide range of products will be hit with penalty tariffs of 15 percent levied by Canada and the 25-nation European Union because of USA government payments to American companies that have been ruled illegal by the World Trade Organization.

01.May 2005 Draft USA paper allows commanders to seek preemptive nuke strikes : : The paper says in allowing combatant commanders in the Pacific and other theaters to maintain an option of preemptive strikes against "rogue" states and terrorists

03.May 2005 Israeli Arabs: 'Unequal citizens' : An Israeli report said that the government's handling of the Arab population had been both "neglectful and discriminatory" and it criticised the police service for its attitude towards Arab demonstrators.

03.May 2005 Top Gov’t Lawyers: Balfour Declaration Doesn’t Allow for Jews to Settle in Yesha : Israel’s top government lawyers, representing the Attorney General, have asserted that Jews have no legal right to settle in Judea, Samaria + Gaza, at least according to the Balfour Declaration.

03.May 2005 Bunker-busting nukes could devastate civilians : Nuclear “bunker busters” could destroy enemy hideouts hundreds of metres underground but, if the target is in an urban area, a strike could lead to more than a million civilian deaths, warns a report from the US National Research Council

03.May 2005 Blair promises new nukes : Tony Blair has decided to equip UK with a new generation of deterrent nuclear weapons, to replace those currently deployed on Trident submarines

03.May 2005 Iran readies defense of its nuclear program : Iran is planning to mount a staunch defense of its nuclear energy program at an international conference beginning today and will insist on rights to the same technology afforded to all members of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

03.May 2005 USA may allow nuke strikes over WMD: Proposal would reverse 10-year policy

03.May 2005 Full Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations

03.May 2005 Charge Blair, army families demand : The possibly devastating consequences of fighting in an illegal conflict were set out in the Government law chief's secret advice to Mr Blair on the UN Security Council's Iraq Resolution 1441, which was finally revealed in full on Thursday.

Yesterday, relatives of 87 servicemen who died demanded Mr Blair now face prosecution.

03.May 2005 Italy media reveals Iraq details : Italian media have published classified sections of an official US military inquiry into the accidental killing of an Italian agent in Baghdad.

02.May 2005 More Torture Revelations From Guantanamo : "I think the harm we are doing there far outweighs the good + I believe it's inconsistent with American values," says Saar. "In fact, I think it's fair to say that it’s the moral antithesis of what we want to stand for as a country."

Abu Ghraib is not an aberration Torture is nothing new to USA Political Prisoners + POWs, nor to everyday people of color + others oppressed in the ghettoes + barrios + reservations + towns + cities throughout USA Amerika. 03.May 2005 Blair hit by new leak of secret war plan : A SECRET document from the heart of government reveals today that Tony Blair privately committed UK to war with Iraq and then set out to lure Saddam Hussein into providing the legal justification.

03.May 2005 Blair planned Iraq war from start: INSIDE Downing Street Tony Blair had gathered some of his senior ministers + advisers for a pivotal meeting in the build-up to the Iraq war.

23.Jul.2002 09-00 am - eight months before the invasion began + long before the public was told war was inevitable

03.May 2005 Quandary of Afghan opium industry : According to one development expert who did not want to be named: "The US is starting another Columbia-style war on drugs here."

03.May 2005 Aristide's Ex-PM Refuses to Leave Haiti : A former prime minister on a hunger strike refused to leave for medical treatment in the Dominican Republic, demanding instead his unconditional release from house arrest, the government said Monday.

03.May 2005 Nuclear Terror? USA called unprepared : Security experts consider a terrorist nuclear strike highly unlikely because of the difficulty in obtaining fissionable material and constructing a bomb

03.May 2005 Planned US-Israeli Attack on Iran : A massive buildup in military hardware has occurred in preparation for a possible attack on Iran.

Bush [BGW968] + the gospel of freedom + liberty: USA administration's omnipresent emphasis on freedom + liberty functions as the centerpiece for "a theological version of Manifest Destiny."

If so, one must note the risk of repeating today what previous versions of Manifest Destiny did in the past:

03.May 2005 Yesterday and Today: Nazis + the Righteous Right
If we take a look at pre-WWII. Germany, we notice it has some things in common with the USA now. By Donna Glee Williams
Our belief in our own exceptionality erodes the walls that hold back human greed, fear of otherness + violence. Exceptionality makes the unthinkable possible, even reasonable.

03.May 2005 Der aktuelle Browsermarkt: Zwei gegen Microsoft

03.May 2005 Folterskandal von Abu Ghureib: Richter akzeptiert Geständnis von Lynndie England

03.May 2005 Folterskandal von Abu Ghureib: Lynndie England bekennt sich schuldig

03.May 2005 Weltsicherheitsrat: Streit zwischen Italien und Deutschland spitzt sich zu

03.May 2005 Interview mit Hans Koschnick: "Wir müssen den Balkan europäisieren"

03.May 2005 Quartalszahlen: Deutsche Börse erzielt Rekordergebnis

03.May 2005 Wall-Street-Schluss: Energieaktien treiben Kurse

03.May 2005 This Newsday story draws our attention to an enigmatic aspect of the Pope's history:

00.000.1999 the Now- Pope joined with the current president's brother, Neil Bush, in the creation of a little-known Swiss ecumenical group called The Foundation for Interreligious + Intercultural Research.
The Foundation lists wide-ranging participants - France's chief rabbi Rene Samuel Sirat, the late Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, Jordan's Prince Hassan + others.
03.May 2005 The most noteworthy link in all of this is to
this letter from Gordon Logan to Blair opponent Reg Keys:
All the discussion on the Iraq war is essentially a diversion.

00.000.1983 There is a secret clause in the Trident submarine treaty that was signed by Mrs Thatcher -in-.

The secret clause states that the UK Prime Minister is required to go to war if he/she gets the order from the President of the USA.

You will appreciate that this information explains a lot, notably why Blair has repeatedly gone to war, but only when required to by the USA.

It also explains why Blair is so different from his Labour predecessors, such as Harold Wilson, who refused to send our UK troops to Vietnam 00.000.1968 .

The secret agreement was designed by Thatcher to secretly tie the hands of UK Prime Ministers for many years to come.

Without naming sources, I received this information from a UK Army officer a couple of years ago.
Some people (Martin Bell?) may try to dissuade you from raising this information in your campaign.

That would be a grave mistake. it could cause a sea change if you can get it into the media.

It is convincing, it is true and it explains things. If you can get it into the news somehow, you will be able to take the initiative, even if you lose this election. Well, we've now done our part... URL:

03.May 2005
"For a quarter of a century the CIA has been repeatedly wrong about every major political and economic question entrusted to its analysis.” Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, The New York Times, 1991 They still are. 

00.000.1993 -Since- the Real Time Systems & Robotics Group (PDV) has been developing autonomously operating flying robots for participation in the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International's (AUVSI)   International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) This work has been done basically by students in the framework of the project course "PDV-/Robotik-Projekt" + master's theses.

Present -The MARVIN Project is currently part of the COMETS project which is funded by the European Community.

Its main objective is to design + implement a distributed control system for cooperative activities using heterogeneous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Unmanned helicopters and airships are included.
2000 MARVIN has won the competition on 30.Jun.2000 .
Again MARVIN was the only robot in the competition to fly autonomously,
recognize target drums and persons and correctly transmit the positions.
Press release in German
Please visit the
"Photo Gallery for the AD2000 Millennial Event at HAMMER" offered from the AUVSI.
1999 MARVIN has taken the lead of the competition on 26.Jun.1999 .

MARVIN was the first + only robot in the competition to fly autonomously, recognize a target drum + correctly transmit its position. Press release in German URL:
02.May 2005
Das ist das erste System, das einen Helikopter ohne menschliche Einflussnahme steuern kann", sagte Amir Rochman, CEO von Steadicopter Limited. Es gebe zwar eine Reihe von Miniaturhubschraubern, diese müssten jedoch vom Boden aus bedient werden. Dies verteuere den Einsatz, weshalb die unbemannten Helikopter vor allem von Militärs und der Filmindustrie genutzt würden.
Ganz so einzigartig, wie Rochman behauptet, ist der Steadicopter freilich nicht. So bauten Informatiker der TU Berlin bereits vor einigen Jahren einen ähnlichen Flugroboter mit dem Namen Marvin (Multi-purpose Aerial Robot Vehicle with Intelligent Navigation), der beim Wettbewerb "International Aerial Robotics Competion" erfolgreich Testflüge absolvierte.
Steadicopter Steuerung: Flugziele eingeben, den Rest erledigt die Software
Die Software zur Steuerung des israelischen Flugroboters eignet sich nicht nur für kleine Geräte, sie kann prinzipiell auch größere Hubschrauber vollautomatisch steuern.

Der Bediener benötigt keine spezielle Flugausbildung. Er muss an einem Steuer-PC lediglich die gewünschten Flugdaten eingeben - den Rest erledigt die Steuersoftware.

Der Prototyp kann einen Umkreis von rund 30 Kilometer Durchmesser beobachten und funkt einen Echtzeit-Videostrom zum Boden.

02.May 2005 Die amerikanische Debatte über Chimären hält Wolfgang-Michael Franz von der Universitätsklinik Großhadern in München im Übrigen für heuchlerisch. Rigorose ethische und rechtliche Gebote gäbe es in den USA nur für staatlich geförderte Forschung. "In privaten Laboren ist das meiste erlaubt; vieles, wovon wir im strikt reglementierten Deutschland nur träumen können, wird drüben längst gemacht", klagt der Kardiologe, der aus Stammzellen gewonnene menschliche Herzmuskelzellen in Mäusen erproben will.
"Das Ganze ist nur ein Alibi für den US-Präsidenten, der seinen konservativen Wählern dann sagen kann: ,Schaut her, ich tu was dagegen'", sagt Franz.

Die deutsche Forschung gerate im internationalen Wettlauf um die Therapie mit embryonalen Stammzellen mit jedem Tag weiter ins Hintertreffen.URL:,1518,druck-354135,00.html
02.May 2005
Schon Ende Juni, kündigt Simitis an, werde sich der Ethikrat mit dem Thema Chimären befassen.

Die Stammzellforscher würden das Thema am liebsten umgehen, weil sie fürchten, dabei ein Frankenstein-Image verpasst zu bekommen. Doch Ethikwächter Simitis will sich in seinem Eifer nicht bremsen lassen.

Eile sei geboten, denn "in den Laboren passiert sowieso schon mehr, als wir wissen".URL:,1518,druck-354135,00.html
02.May 2005
Längst arbeiten Forscher schon daran, den menschlichen Anteil im Tier zu maximieren. Entsprechende Versuche hat der kalifornische Biologe Irving Weissman geplant. Dazu braucht er Gen-Mäuse, deren eigene Hirnzellen noch vor der Geburt absterben. Als Ersatz will er den Tieren menschliche Hirnstammzellen einspritzen. Das erwachsene Mausegehirn bestünde in diesem Fall weitgehend aus menschlichen Nervenzellen. Das sei ein hervorragendes Modell, an dem sich Hirnkrankheiten des Menschen erforschen ließen, so der Stanford-Professor.
Es gibt aber sogar noch mehr Mensch im Tier: Südkoreanische Forscher statteten ein Mäuse-Embryo in einem noch sehr jungen Stadium mit embryonalen Stammzellen des Menschen aus - die menschlichen Anteile fanden sich angeblich in Herz, Leber und Nieren wieder.

"Nach heftigen Protesten", so Park Se Pill, Direktor der Firma Mariabiotech, hätten sie 00.Jun.2003 die Experimente eingestellt.URL:,1518,druck-354135,00.html

02.May 2005 Atomwaffen: Annan fordert weltweite nukleare Abrüstung

02.May 2005 Biomedizin: Deutsche Forscher mischen Mensch und Tier

02.May 2005 Folterskandal von Abu Ghureib: Lynndie England bekennt sich schuldig

02.May 2005 Kapitalismusdebatte: Grüne wettern gegen Heuschrecken-Vergleich

02.May 2005 Textilhandel: Importeure drohen mit Entlassungen bei neuen Quoten

02.May 2005 Kapitalismusdebatte: SPD fordert Konzept von Merkel

02.May 2005 Kapitalismuskritik: Finanzinvestoren drohen der Regierung

02.May 2005 ISS-Terminplan: Start von Astronaut Reiter verschiebt sich

02.May 2005 Kapitalismuskritik: Wie Bund und Länder die Heuschrecken fütterten

02.May 2005 Rückenschmerzen: Gen für Bandscheibenleiden entdeckt

02.May 2005 Kriegsende 1945 - Heute vor 60 Jahren: Die Krieger der letzten Tage

02.May 2005 50 Jahre Goggomobil: Ferrari der kleinen Leute

02.May 2005 Kapitalismuskritik: Analysten rechnen nicht mit Investoren-Flucht

02.May 2005 UK-Wahl: Blair warnt seine Anhänger vor Apathie

02.May 2005 Unbemannter Hubschrauber: Robocopter fliegt auf Knopfdruck

02.May 2005 Umfragen: Kritik am Irak-Krieg kann Blair nichts anhaben

02.May 2005 Auch einige Überlebende der Atombombenabwürfe auf die beiden japanischen Städte waren unter den nach Angaben der Veranstalter rund 40.000 Demonstranten.

Hunderte von ihnen formten im Central Park mit ihren Körpern das Peace-Symbol der internationalen Friedensbewegung.

Anlass der Demonstration war die Konferenz von 189 Staaten zur Überprüfung des Atomwaffensperrvertrages, die heute im Uno- Hauptquartier beginnt.

Deutschland wird bei der Konferenz durch Außenminister Joschka Fischer (Grüne) vertreten, der Sonntagabend in New York eintraf. URL:,1518,druck-354295,00.html
02.May 2005
Demo in New York - Zehntausende fordern Zerstörung aller Atomwaffen
Bei einer Großdemonstration in New York haben Zehntausende Menschen die Vernichtung aller Atomwaffen auf der Welt gefordert. Deutsche Politiker aus Regierung + Opposition plädierten für einen Abzug aller US-Nuklearwaffen aus der Bundesrepublik. URL:,1518,druck-354295,00.html

02.May 2005 Niedersachsen: Gift-Efeu rankt im Privatgarten

02.May 2005 Künstliche Intelligenz: Interview mit einem Schlaumeier

02.May 2005 Die Roboter sind laufende Mini-Bomben, die auf Körperwärme reagieren + explodieren.
Trifft Petree auf einen Freund, der ihn für den Feind hält, sendet Petrees Computer einen Code, der ihn identifiziert. Sollte Petree sich verirren, würde ihm sein Satelliten-Kompass sagen, wo er ist.

Ohne Computerhilfe funktioniert der Abzug, noch.

00.Dez.2001 werden die ersten 1.800 Ausrüstungen ausgeliefert.

00.000.2020 sollen 425.000 US-Soldaten vernetzt sein. URL:
02.May 2005
Zu Beginn des Kosovo-Krieges war die Furcht vor Wahlniederlagen so groß, dass die späteren Sieger eine Todsünde begingen. Sie offenbarten ihre Strategie und sagten Milosevic, sie würden keine Bodentruppen einsetzen. Im Krieg der Zukunft wird die Nato den Bodenkrieg wieder führen müssen. Der Kampf in den Städten ist nicht anders zu gewinnen. Um dieses Ziel zu erreichen, warfen die amerikanischen Stabschefs ein langgedientes Dogma auf den Müll. Es hieß: Feuerkraft ist Macht.

Im Strategiepapier „Joint Vision 2010“ steht nun „Wissen ist Macht“. Mehr Kommunikation zwischen Befehlshaber + Truppe soll die Gefahr für die Soldaten mindern. URL:
02.May 2005
In den Verteidigungsministerien der Nato macht sich seit einiger Zeit die Einsicht breit, dass der WWIII. bereits begonnen hat, dass man ihm nicht entgehen kann + dass es nicht der Krieg ist, den die USA + Westeuropa 50 Jahre lang gefürchtet hatten. Die große Schlacht fällt aus. URL:
02.May 2005
Spicer hofft, dass dieser Moment nicht mehr lange auf sich warten lässt. Zwar nennt Enrique Ballesteros, der Söldner-Beauftragte der Uno, alle Söldner „Kriminelle“, aber US-Präsident Bill Clinton teilt diese Meinung offenbar nicht.

Im vergangenen Jahr schickte er 150 Söldner der US-Firma DynCorp ins Kosovo, um den Abzug der serbischen Truppen zu beobachten. Das ist ermutigend, findet Spicer + glaubt in eine glänzende Zukunft zu blicken.

02.May 2005 Revolution von oben - : Wirtschaft&Karriere : Unternehmen ... BDI-Chef Hans-Olaf Henkel und der Unternehmensberater Roland Berger.

Berger sitzt in seiner Zentrale in München + erläutert mit müder Stimme, ..

02.May 2005
"Beklagenswerter Mensch, der mit dem edelsten aller Werkzeuge, mit Wissenschaft + Kunst, nichts Höheres will + ausrichtet als der Taglöhner mit dem schlechtesten!

der im Reiche der vollkommensten Freiheit eine Sklavenseele mit sich herumträgt!" URL:

02.May 2005 Umfrage: Franzosen mit Chirac unzufrieden

02.May 2005 Milliardäre unter sich: Warren Buffett macht Bill Gates zum Nachlassverwalter

02.May 2005 Demo in New York: Zehntausende fordern Zerstörung aller Atomwaffen

02.May 2005 "Wall Street Journal" in Not: Flaggschiff in der Flaute

01.May 2005 Demonstrationen: Mai-Krawalle verliefen zumeist glimpflich

01.May 2005 Grossbritannien: Tony Blairs letzter Ritt

01.May 2005 Laura Bush: "Ich bin eine verzweifelte Hausfrau"

01.May 2005 Schiller: Das peinliche Genie

01.May 2005 Umweltministerium: Geheime Gutachter

01.May 2005 Mai-Kundgebungen: Müntefering mit Eiern beworfen

01.May 2005 Parents. The Anti-Drug. - Drugs & Terror - News ... Hear what President Bush has to say + view the ads in the Media Gallery ... from Sinaloa state who, with Rafael Caro Quintero, was imprisoned for the 1985 torture ...
01.May 2005

08.Jan.2001 Revised DRUGS
01.May 2005
Web Ergebnisse 1 - 100 von ungefähr 1.080 für Global Hawk zakheim . ( 0,45 Sekunden) 

01.May 2005 NTI: Global Security Newswire ... Richard Myers + Pentagon budget chief Dov Zakheim appeared before the ... the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk to the Persian Gulf, the Post reported ...

01.May 2005 Now consider Operation Northwoods: 00.000.1962 USA military leaders designed a plan to conduct terrorist acts against USA Americans + blame Cuba, to create popular sentiment for invasion of that country. Operation Northwoods included: Plans to shoot down a CIA plane designed to replicate a passenger flight and announce that Cuban forces shot it down.

Creation of military casualties by blowing up a US ship in Guantanamo Bay + blaming Cuba: "... casualty lists in the US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation," + Development of a terror campaign in the Miami + Washington, DC.

Information on Operation Northwoods can be found in James Bamford's Body of Secrets, (Doubleday, 2001) + at the following URLs.

In other words, USA allies + people within the US military establishment are not opposed to killing USA Americans, given the right goal. URL:
01.May 2005
The Army's School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS ) thinks Israel is capable of doing exactly that. 

10.Sep.2001 The Washington Times ran a front page story which quoted SAMS officers:

"Of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say:  'Wildcard.  Ruthless + cunning. 

Has capability to target US forces + make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.'" ("US troops would enforce peace under Army study," The Washington Times ,.. 10.Sep.2001, pg. A1, 9.)  Just 24 hours after this story appeared, the Pentagon was hit + the Arabs were being blamed.

These SAMS officers are obviously interested in protecting their country, but not all USA Americans are. 

Some are traitors + pay allegiance to Israel

08.Jun.1967 -Recall the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty + American complicity in the attack.

During the Six Day War, the Liberty, an USA intelligence gathering ship, was sailing in international waters. 

Israeli aircraft + torpedo boats attacked it for 75 minutes.  Read the story at the USS Liberty Memorial Website, at

When four US fighter jets from a nearby aircraft carrier came to protect the Liberty, President Johnson, through USA Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, ordered the jets NOT to come to the Liberty's aid.  Johnson reported said he did not care who was killed or what happened to the ship, he just didn't want his allies embarassed.
Mirror of this page: URL:

01.Max 2005 " Bush said as he prepared to fly to campaign events in Wisconsin. "He was doing so with the intent of restarting his weapons program once the world looked away." Note that Bush presents himself as a clairvoyant who can see into Saddam's inner thoughts. URL:

01.May 2005

01.May 2005 Not All Jews Are Zionists Although there are those who refuse to accept the teachings of our Rabbis and will continue to support the Zionist state, there are also many who are totally unaware of the history of Zionism + its contradiction to the beliefs of Torah-True Jews. URL:
01.May 2005
Demonstration Outside Israeli Consulate, NYC
28.Apr.2005 10,000 Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews demonstrated in front of the Israeli Consulate, New York City to protest Zionist brutality during a series of stormy demonstrations against the desecration of ancient Jewish graves near Kibbutz Regavim, Israel which resulted in the arrest of prominent Rabbis + the brutal stabbing of a picketing student by a security guard on 17.Apr.2005 . URL:
01.May 2005
Words of the Zionists - Today's Quote Dr. Chaim Weizmann In the Zionist Congress which took place in London in 1937, Dr. Weizmann established the line of policy with his words:

"The hopes of Europe's six million Jews are centered on emigration. I was asked, 'Can you bring six million Jews to Palestine?'I replied, 'No'....From the depths of the tragedy I want to save two million young people...The old ones will pass. They will bear their fate or they will not. They were dust, economic and moral dust in a cruel world...Only the branch of the young shall survive...They have to accept it." ...Holocaust Victims Accuse, pp 25.
Chaim Weizmann reporting to the Zionist Congress 00.000.1937 on his testimony before the Peel Commission in London, 00.Jul.1937 . Cited in Yahya, p. 55. URL:

01.May 2005 Given the fact that "terrorist" was coined by the UK press to refer to the Israelies who dressed up as Arabs and bombed the King David hotel, and given the long history of Mossad and Zionists even turning against their own allies (US Liberty) for the sake of the Israeli State I can understand Hamas saying they're freedom fighters + that Israeli carried out 11.Sep.2001 911 URL:

01.May 2005 Israel's had no reservations in sacrificing its own citizens in the past, the Israelies who dressed as Arabs not only killed UK rulers, but also Israeli citizens. Israel also killed American allies in their attack on the U.S. Liberty, and drew America into attacking Libyia in the Lavon affair. URL:

01.May 2005 the FOX "X-Files" spin-off show, "The Lone Gunman" pilot episode had a plot about an passenger airline on remote control, without the knowledge of its pilots, on it way to hit the W.T.C., which aired 00.Mar.2001 + the fact that Colin Powell personally delivered $43.5 million to the Taliban 00.May 2001 ; show that Osama watches FOX + how he got the money!

That's if don't beleive the rotten buildings were imploded so its Jewish owner could double the money on his investment of three months.
Now back to the 853,000 illegals Mexicans who made it across the border in a three month period as seen by USA s best high-tech drone....
War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ingnorance is Strenght, 2+2=5.... URL:
01.May 2005
I would strongly caution against blanket anti-semitic hatred though, as it is self defeating + simply wrong.

It is not well known, but there is a recognition in many Jewish circuits, that Zionism causes grave danger to peaceloving observant Jews.

These people know better than us, that Zionism colluded with the Nazis to the degree as to prevent them to peacefuly leave Germany, or the Zionist opposition to bomb the rail lines leading to the concetration camps.

The statement by a Zionist leader of the day that he valued a milking cow in Israel more than a whole Jewish family in Germany, reflected the prevailing Zionist attitudes about their brethrens.

The Zionist leaders needed Jewish wictims as propaganda tools for the post war period. They have not stopped exploiting that tragedy to their own selfish purpose ever since.

This is of course a betrayal of the highest order + recognized + condemned as such by the Torah Jews + other anti Zionist Jews.

These Jews are recognizeable by their usage of the Menorah as their true peaceful symbol + their rejection of the so called 'Star of David' (a misnomer) as a blasphemous kaballistic symbol originating from the Babilonian exile. My point is, that we should see this conflict not simply as a Jew-Gentile conflict but more as a conflict bettween Zionism with its various New Age + Evangelical Cristian allies against traditional True Torah Jews with their various traditional religious allies of Abrahamic faith. (Yes, that includes religious Muslims as well.

Jews has lived peacefuly among the Muslims throughout the centuries + they respected each other.)

This Christinan-Muslim, Jewish-Muslim conflict is completely artificial, created + incited by an Illuminist cabal marching toward New World Order. Their slogan is: Order out of Chaos.

01.May 2005
What we have are American crooks working together with Israeli crooks to make the world a more hellish place and populations of sheep who keep putting the Demopublican + Likudnik scum into positions of power instead of onto the business end of a rope. URL:
01.May 2005
This is where the real juice is now, the military intel apparatus, along with the contractors like Blackwater USA, Wackenhut (even though the old man is dead, the company only gets stronger), Halliburton, Kellogg Brown & Root + others. A good source to pick out some players is ASIS. American Society of Industrial Security (don't ask me how I know ;~) ). Long a haunt for old spooks, their yearly convention is a hotbed of companies who ply the trade. URL:
22.Sep.2001 -Finally, on- the New York Times stated "There were, in fact, only three Israelis who had been confirmed as dead: two on the planes + another who had been visiting the towers on business + who was identified + buried." URL:

01.May 2005
The president of baNco Ambrosiano, Roberto Calvi, was so tight with the Vatican, he was known as "God's banker."

During the middle of the scandal, Calvi hanged himself, found beneath the Blackfriars Bridge in London, England, two days after his secretary committed suicide.

At first, Calvi's death was also thought to be suicide.

But Monday in Rome, four people have been charged with the God's banker murder. Italian indictments name businessman Flavio Carboni and his girlfriend Manuela Kleinszig with murder, along with alleged mafia associate Guiseppe Pippo Calo and businessman Ernesto Diotallevi.

Prosecutors now say Calvi was laundering mafia money and that Calo ordered his murder.

01.May 2005 T H E L A S T C I R C L E The following condensed version of The Last Circle was provided 00.Oct.1996 to a secret Investigative Committee comprised of Congress people, lawyers + former POWs, at their request.

Wackenhut Top Secret Military Bases. Security Force. Wackenhut. The history of Wackenhut Corporation is best described from its own literature ... The CEO of FIDCO is George Pender + Bob Maheu was Vice President ... profile + should have been above reproach. FIDCO had a companion company called Euramae Trading which operated ...

T H E L A S T C I R C L E - David Icke E~Magazine April 2001 Volume 23 T H E L A S T C I R C L E. By Carol Marshall. CHAPTER 6.

At Michael Riconosciuto's trial in Tacoma Washington, Peter Videnieks testified that while working for the Justice Department he had contact with the PROMISE software ... The CEO of FIDCO is George Pender + Bob Maheu was Vice President ... " FIDCO was an NSC ... Security Council] corporate cutout. FIDCO was created to be the corporate vehicle ...

The Last Circle - Chapter 6 CHAPTER 6. At Michael Riconosciuto's trial in Tacoma Washington, Peter Videnieks testified that while working for USA Justice Department he had contact with the PROMIS software ...

The CEO of FIDCO is George Pender + Bob Maheu was Vice President ... profile + should have been above reproach. FIDCO had a companion company called Euramae Trading which operated ...

The Last Circle The CEO of FIDCO is George Pender + Bob Maheu was Vice President ... + should have been above reproach.

FIDCO had a companion company called Euramae Trading which operated ...

Untitled Document ... international company, First Intercontinental Development Corporation ( FIDCO ) that she said led her "straight to ... of Directors of FIDCO who included Robert Maheu Snr, right hand man ...

The Last Circle INTRODUCTION. RE: "The Last Circle" The following condensed version of The Last Circle was provided 00.Oct.1996 to a secret Investigative Committee comprised of Congress people + lawyers + former POW's at their request.*-'s%20Ted%20Gunderson%20CIA-FBI.html ... The CEO of FIDCO is George Pender + Bob Maheu was Vice President ... " FIDCO was an NSC ... Security Council] corporate cutout. FIDCO was created to be the corporate vehicle ...'sTedGundersonCIA-FBI.html

Yahoo! Groups : warmongrels Messages : 98-127 of 423 Yahoo! Groups - Free, easy email groups ... First Intercontinental Development Corporation. ( FIDCO ) – a firm in which Nichols was a ... Board of Directors of FIDCO . who included Robert Maheu Snr, right hand man of ...
01.May 2005
The Last Circle - Chapter 7 CHAPTER 7. Through one of Michael's contacts, I was able to obtain the corporate documents on F.I.D.C.O ... of Directors of FIDCO consisted of the following principles: (1) Robert Maheu, Sr, Vice President ... President + General Counsel to FIDCO former Assistant to the President [Reagan ...

The Last Circle CHAPTER 7, P.1. Through one of Michael's contacts, I was able to obtain the corporate documents on F.I.D.C.O ... of Directors of FIDCO consisted of the following principles: (1) Robert Maheu, Sr, Vice President ... President + General Counsel to FIDCO former Assistant to the President [Reagan ...

Plot Thickens ... Development Corp. ( FIDCO ), a building/construction company ... partners at FIDCO in the 00.000.1980 s were Michael McManus, then an aide to President Reagan; Robert Maheu, former chief...

The Plot Thickens In PROMIS Affair - Part 2 ... Development Corp. ( FIDCO ), a building/construction company ... partners at FIDCO in the 1980s were Michael McManus, then an aide to President Reagan; Robert Maheu, former chief ...

~~ The Plot Thickens in PROMIS Affair ~~ (Part II of IV) [Free Republic] In the second of a four-part series, Insight investigates the relationships between a convicted felon, a prominent USA security firm, government officials + mobsters ... Development Corp. ( FIDCO ), a building/construction company ... partners at FIDCO in the 1980s were Michael McManus, then an aide to President Reagan; Robert Maheu, former chief ...

The Plot Thickens in PROMIS Affair ... Development Corp. ( FIDCO ), a building/construction company ... corporate partners at FIDCO in the 1980s were. Michael McManus, then an aide to President Reagan; Robert Maheu, former ...

Democratic Underground Forums - "Hotels/Casinos/Indian Reservations/CIA/Biological Warfare Labs" ... Development Corp. ( FIDCO ), a building/construction company ... corporate partners at FIDCO in the 1980s were. Michael McManus, then an aide to President Reagan; Robert Maheu, former ...*- ... at FIDCO in the 1980s were Michael McManus then an aide to President Reagan Robert Maheu ... + FIDCO were associated with USA ...

AN OCTOPUS NAMED WACKENHUT: Sightings from The Catbird Seat A look into the murky depths of politics + organized crime ...

The CEO of FIDCO is George Pender + Bob Maheu was Vice President ... profile + should have been above reproach. FIDCO had a companion company called Euramae Trading which operated..

Octopus III ... Development Corp. ( FIDCO ), a building/construction company ... partners at FIDCO in the 00.000.1980 s were Michael McManus, then an aide to President Reagan; Robert Maheu, former chief..
01.May 2005
TED GUNDERSON PATRIOT SPY BEWARE? ... The CEO of FIDCO is George Pender + Bob Maheu was Vice President ... " FIDCO was an NSC ... Security Council] corporate cutout.

FIDCO was created to be the corporate vehicle ...
01.May 2005
Reformstau: Post-Chef Zumwinkel fürchtet sieben Millionen Arbeitslose

01.May 2005 Sexualforschung: Alkohol-Worte steigern männliche Lust

01.May 2005 Mai-Kundgebungen: DGB wirft Wirtschaft Erpressung und Machtmissbrauch vor

01.May 2005 Berlin: Festnahmen und Verletzte bei Mai-Krawallen

01.May 2005 Kriegsende 1945 - Heute vor 60 Jahren: "Woina kaput!"

29. APRIL 2005

29.Apr.2005 Kapitalismusdebatte: Kapitaler Krach zwischen SPD und Arbeitgebern

29.Apr.2005 Fall Sgrena: Offener Streit zwischen USA und Italien

29.Apr.2005 Togo: Maskierte stecken Goethe-Institut in Brand

29.Apr.2005 Oliven-Orakel: Wie man den Papst passend macht

29.Apr.2005 NS-Vergangenheit: Schily hält Aufarbeitung für unnötig

29.Apr.2005 Kuckuckskinder: Union will Gesetz für geheimen Vaterschaftstest

29.Apr.2005 Terrorismus: Al-Qaida-Magazin wagt sich wieder ins Web

29.Apr.2005 T-Online-Hauptversammlung: Ricke lässt Kleinaktionär von Polizei abführen

30.Apr.2005 Josh Mittledorff, of the Philadelphia Inquirer, wrote a column on the Nashville conference that deserves your attention:
I met David Griscom, a retired physics prof who spent months with colleague John Brakey poring over election tapes, signature rosters and "consecutive number registers" from Brakey's Tucson home precinct.
They audited and verified, one by one, the 895 votes in the precinct + found: 12 innocent + unsuspecting voters who had their names duplicated on the roster + their votes for Bush counted twice.

Twenty-two "undervotes" where the machine had failed to register a preference for president + these had been dutifully and meticulously converted to 22 votes for Bush.
The "Republican" + "Democratic" co-directors of the polling place were a local fundamentalist preacher + his wife.

Thirty-nine of their parishioners from another precinct had cast provisional ballots, which were (illegally) converted to regular ballots + passed through, all 39 for Bush.
I met Richard Hayes Phillips, a geologist from New Hampshire who was invited to Ohio to study the integrity of the vote, and realized that a complete inventory of lost and miscounted votes was needed.

To date, Phillips has analyzed 15 of Ohio's 88 counties + by his most conservative estimate has found 101,000 uncounted Kerry votes - 136,000 is the margin by which Bush officially defeated Kerry. URL:

30.Apr.2005 Jo Angerer: "Schlacht um Herzen und Hirne". Die Geschichte deutscher Kriegspropaganda ... 1932 . Zu seinen Wahlkampf auftritten kam Hitler per Flugzeug. Die "Deutschlandflüge des Führers" waren zumeist so organisiert, daß die Landung unmittelbar neben den Kundgebungs ...

01.Mar.2005 Secret Society: Council for National Policy Secret Society. By Sarah Posner. AlterNet.

Just who is the Council for National Policy + why isn't it paying taxes? ... were the Coalition for America, the Council for National Policy, Free Congress + Free the Eagle ... The original directors, as listed with CNP's articles of incorporation filed with ...
Maikrawalle: Wannenbad im Steinehagel

30.Apr.2005 Aktionärsdebakel: Telekom drückt T-Online-Übernahme durch

30.Apr.2005 Blutige Unruhen: Deutsche fliehen aus Togo

30.Apr.2005 Terrorismus: Schily plant weiteres Sicherheitspaket

30.Apr.2005 Optische Täuschung: Kuckuck ermogelt Futter mit Farbtrick

30.Apr.2005 Gegen Google-isierung: Sechs EU-Länder für Europäische Digitale Bibliothek

30.Apr.2005 Kapitalismus-Debatte: Unternehmensberater Berger warnt vor neuer RAF

30.Apr.2005 Kriegsende 1945 - Heute vor 60 Jahren: "Über Berlin ein echtes Inferno"

30.Apr.2005 U-Verfassung: Überraschender Stimmungswechsel in Frankreich

30.Apr.2005 Kapitalismusdebatte: CDU-Politiker für Eingriffe bei Managerbezügen

29.Apr.2005 23:3 INFORMATIONSBLATT ZUM Klimawandel ... Verteilung unregulierter Ökosysteme werden sich mit der Anpassung der einzelnen Arten ... Mehrere Modelle sagen voraus, daß heftigere Regenfälle als ...

MEGA-SUCCESSIONS AND CLIMAX IN THE TERTIARY ... Verteilung der Regenfälle pro Jahr ... to which - within the Old World - the present day geographic area containing Crete - Persia - Japan roughly corresponds ...

29.Apr.2005 urban75 forums - Movements in Money Supply Indicates Possible ... martial law, special tribunals, press and media ... saying that those associated with such ... do with Rumsfeld's " Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG )" do you

Usenet Archive... Activity, an organization it dubs the Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG ), to bring ... for support > > LARA JAKES JORDAN > AP > > BIRD-IN ...

Usenet Archive ... an organization it dubs the Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG ), to bring ... president, Alan Garc?aP?rez, knew ... But as the AP reported in ...

29.Apr.2005 Libertythink : Encouraging Cognitive Liberty in an Age of ... an organization it dubs the Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG ), to bring ... + a call charge associated with the ... American Free Press asked Ulman if he ...

Urantia Network Lite ... organization--the " Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG )"--will carry ... LIZ SIDOTI, AP Writer WASHINGTON ... 536&e=8&u=/ap/20041012/ap_on_el_pr ...

Detod - Blawg Search ... it dubs the Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group, ( P2OG ), to bring ... By JOHN NOLAN, AP Writer CINCINNATI ... 694&e=1&u=/ap/ohio_registrations Florida ...

Majority Report Radio: Comment on Sunday Open ... for Rumsfeld by his Defense Science Board, the new organization--the " Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG )"--will carry ... AP | 01.Jul.2004 ...

Comments on 21281 | MetaFilter ... capitalism), a freer press, more international ... state + its associated government legitimate ... dubs the Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group, ( P2OG ), to bring ...

29.Apr.2005 Kurt Nimmo: Inventing Crimes ... As the drugs-for-weapons plan matured, Ali told an AP reporter from a jail, .. or Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group . P2OG would roll together CIA ...

Two That Didn't Get Away ... a naturalized citizen born in India, told the AP ... or Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group . P2OG would roll together CIA and military ... - Must Read III ... Flashback: Proactive Preemptive Operations Group P2OG <== Bush Selects Evangelical For Attorney ... Could The AP (AP) Rig The Election? <= ...

Complete 911 Timeline ... via Federal Express from the AP bureau in ... call for imposing restrictions on press freedom” (see ... an inspector general runaway train.” [AP, 27.Sep.---- ...

Center for Cooperative Research ... sent via Federal Express from the AP bureau in ... his general appearance is captured [AP, 16.Sep.---- ... call for imposing restrictions on press freedom”(see ... 11.Sep.2001

High Country Citizens for Peace and Justice - High Country ... calls the black world to press the war ... the growing government secrecy associated with the ... it dubs the Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group, ( P2OG ), to bring ...

The Smirking Chimp ... the money," Ali told Dirk Beveridge of AP ... FBI field offices, according to AP reporter John ... Vander Wall, The COINTELPRO Papers, South End Press ) ...

The Secret War Frustrated by intelligence failures, the Defense ... the "black world" to press the war . + the growing government secrecy associated with the ... it dubs the Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group, ( P2OG ) , to bring ...

The Sagebrush Saloon powered by Ikonboard ... the new organization -- the " Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG )" -- will carry ... black world" to press the war ... government secrecy associated with the ...

Clark Community Network | Comments General Discussion ... on Bush's Judgment By THE AP Published: 20.Sep.---- ... He should press our NATO allies to open ...

Print Page ... the last orange alert the AP reported; "The Bush ... Board, the new organization - the " Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG )" - will carry ...;action=printpage;threadid=3948

Politrix dot Org - Pentagon plan to provoke terrorist attacks ... by his Defense Science Board, the new organization--the " Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG )"--will carry ... Associated Topics USA of America ...

Political Corrections ... to the Coalition Provisional Authority, told The AP ... Board, the new organization--the " Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG )"--will carry ...

Political Corrections ... Board, the new organization--the " Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG )"--will carry ... to the Coalition Provisional Authority, told The AP ...

Von Steuben Student Forums - View Topic ... new organization--the " Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG )"--will carry ... By JOHN HEILPRIN, AP Writer WASHINGTON ... tmpl=story&u=/ap/20030823 ...

Capitol Grilling: CI - CT Discussion Thread - Part II ... + whores of the press are part ... One bureau analyst immediately associated the quote ... a new, elite " Proactive Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG )," reporting to ...;f=1;t=007764

03.May 2003 ... the new organization--the " Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG )"--will carry ...

03.Nov.2002 -AP reported on- ... 4 years ago (20.Aug.2002 AP) ...

00.May 2003 The Blatant Truth - Archive .. Activity, an organization it dubs the Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group, ( P2OG ), to bring ... more details, mass-media USA Today via the AP ...

Zitat des Tages Atomexplosionen haben Konsequenzen
Nukleare Explosionen können böse Folgen haben für alle, die gerade in der Nähe sind. Das, so glauben einige US-Wissenschaftler offenbar, haben amerikanische Politiker noch nicht richtig begriffen.

"Der Verlust von Leben, Verwundungen und die Zerstörung von Eigentum während eines nuklearen oder radiologischen Angriffs haben bedeutende wirtschaftliche und auch persönliche Konsequenzen."
Aus einer Mitteilung des Pacific Northwest National Laboratory über Handlungsempfehlungen, die Politikern "die Auswirkungen nicht einheitlicher Standards für Aufräumarbeiten klar machen" sollen.
Bundesrat: Freier von Zwangsprostituierten sollen bestraft werden

An der Theorie des Treibhauseffekts zweifelt kaum noch ein renommierter Wissenschaftler. Doch vor allem die US-Regierung weigert sich, die Klimaerwärmung als Tatsache anzuerkennen.

29.Apr.2005 Im Oktober hatten US-Forscher zudem vor einem
galoppierenden Treibhauseffekt gewarnt. Aus dem sprunghaften Anstieg der Kohlendioxid-Werte in der Atmosphäre in den vergangenen zwei Jahren folgerten sie, dass Ozeane und Wälder ihre Grenzen als Klimagas-Schlucker erreicht haben könnten.
Auch die Nasa-Wissenschaftler haben die Existenz des Klimawandels bestätigt. Der Wärmeaustausch zwischen Erde und Weltraum sei aus dem Gleichgewicht geraten, berichten Hansen und seine Kollegen in "Science". In diesem Jahrhundert werde die Durchschnittstemperatur damit um mindestens 0,55 Grad Celsius steigen, selbst wenn der Ausstoß von Treibhausgasen sofort eingestellt werde.
Sollten die Klimagas-Emissionen noch weiter zunehmen, könne alles "außer Kontrolle" geraten, zumal der Meeresspiegel wegen der schmelzenden Eisdecke in Grönland und in der Antarktis steigen werde, erklärten die Forscher. Der Bericht bestätigt die bisherigen Berechnungen zur Klimaentwicklung mit Hilfe von Superrechnern.
"Das Energie-Ungleichgewicht ist der Beweis, nach dem wir gesucht haben", sagt Hansen, an dessen Forschungen noch 14 weitere Experten der Nasa, der Columbia University und des US-Energieministeriums beteiligt waren.
"Es gibt keinen Zweifel mehr", erklärte der US-Wissenschaftler James Hansen. Die von den Menschen verursachten Treibhausgase seien die wesentliche Ursache für die globale Erwärmung. Die Erde nimmt nach Berechnungen von Nasa-Forschern derzeit nahezu ein Watt pro Quadratmeter mehr Energie von der Sonne auf, als sie an Wärme wieder ins All zurückstrahlt.
Dies erscheine zunächst wenig, sagte Hansen. Doch könnte man damit theoretisch in 10.000 Jahren eine Eismenge schmelzen, die den Meeresspiegel um einen Kilometer ansteigen ließe.

Schuld an der Energiebilanz seien vor allem die Treibhausgase fossiler Brennstoffe, wie Hansens Team vom Goddard Institute for Space Studies der Nasa in der Online-Ausgabe des Wissenschaftsjournals "Science" berichtet

29.Apr.2005 Raumnot: Boom der privaten Endlager

29.Apr.2005 SAIC: Chinesen erwägen Einstieg bei Fiat

29.Apr.2005 Irak-Krieg: Pentagon zeigt erstmals Fotos von Soldatensärgen

29.Apr.2005 Einzige Therapiechance: Höchstes britisches Gericht erlaubt Baby-Selektion
Mathematik: Enthält die Zahl Pi ein geheimes Muster?

29.Apr.2005 Chinesisch-chinesische Gespräche: Epochales Treffen der Bürgerkriegsgegner

29.Apr.2005 Meeressonden: Messungen bestätigen Treibhauseffekt

29.Apr.2005 Guantánamo: Fingierte Gefangenen-Verhöre für Politiker?

29.Apr.2005 Kameradenmord: US-Soldat zum Tode verurteilt

29.Apr.2005 Rice in Lateinamerika: "Unser Ziel ist die Ausrottung von Tyrannei"

29.Apr.2005 Kapitalismuskritik: Arbeitgeber werfen Müntefering unpatriotisches Verhalten vor

29.Apr.2005 Deutsche Bank: Ackermann will Jobabbau fortsetzen

29.Apr.2005 22:3 Bush-Pressekonferenz: "Wir sind noch immer im Krieg"

29.Apr.2005 Visa-Ausschuss: Grüne wechseln ins Normalo-Lager

29.Apr.2005 [Bristol_NUJ] Observer/NATO kills European civilians ... In each case where NATO/Gladio involvement has been proven, .. National Union of Journalists NATOs Secret Armies: Operation Gladio + Terrorism in ...

»In Nato-Geheimarmee dienten ehemalige SS-Leute« Schweizer Forscher veröffentlichte Untersuchung über »Stay behind«-Strukturen. Militärpakt in Terror verwickelt.

Ein Gespräch mit Daniele Ganser URL:
NATO-Geheimarmeen gab es seit den 50er Jahren + vermutlich bis 00.000.1990 in ganz Westeuropa.

In Italien hieß diese Truppe Gladio, in der Schweiz P 26, in Norwegen ROC, in Belgien SDRA 8 + in der Türkei Counter-Guerilla.

In Deutschland arbeitete sie unter dem Tarnnamen »Bund Deutscher Jugend – Technischer Dienst« (BDJ-TD).

00.000.1950 -er Jahre schon Anfang der- aufgedeckt wurde Diese deutsche Sektion.

Diese Geheimarmeen waren Teil der sogenannten »Stay behind«-Strukturen, die von geheimen Abteilungen der Nato koordiniert wurden.

Ihre Aufgabe wäre es gewesen, im Spannungsfall hinter den Linien militärisch zu operieren.

F: Würde es Sie wundern, wenn auch im Falle der Attentate vom 11.Sep.2001 ganz andere Fakten ans Licht kämen?

Ich habe mich seit zehn Jahren im Fachbereich Zeitgeschichte auf das Thema verdeckte Kriegführung spezialisiert, auf Terror, Staatsstreiche, Counter-Insurgency etc.

Mich wundert überhaupt nichts mehr. Die zentrale Frage ist aber, auch bei 9/11: Was sagen die Quellen?

Es hat sich herausgestellt, daß es an diesem Tag NORAD Manöver der US-Streitkräfte gab.

Es sollte ein Terroranschlag mit Hilfe eines Passagierflugzeuges simuliert werden, Soldaten schlüpften dabei in die Rolle von Terroristen.

11.Sep.2001 Die Luftraumüberwachung NORAD der USA war offenbar überfordert [WORDEN],

so daß sie nicht mehr zwischen einem realen oder einem fiktiven Angriff unterscheiden konnte.

14.Apr.2005 Interview: Peter Wolter junge welt

Gefahr für Weltkonjunktur US-Wirtschaft geht die Puste aus
Amerikas Wirtschaft ist im ersten Quartal so langsam gewachsen wie seit zwei Jahren nicht mehr. Europas Börsen gerieten nach den überraschend schwachen Konjunkturzahlen unter Druck.

28.Apr.2005 Another Ex-Colleague Criticizes Bolton : A former colleague says the undersecretary of state doesn't have what it takes to be the USA ambassador to the United Nations. "Bolton has none of the qualities needed for that job," Frederick Vreeland, a former USA ambassador to Morocco.

28.Apr.2005 Saudi Arabia detains 40 Christians - newspapers: Saudi Arabia has detained 40 Pakistani Christians for holding prayers at a house in the Muslim kingdom, where practicising any religion other than Islam is illegal, newspapers said on Saturday.

28.Apr.2005 Dubya doesn't like them "Mexicans down in Venezuela".: The USA government knew of a plot to oust Venezuela's leftist president, Hugo Chávez, in the weeks before a 2002 military coup that briefly unseated him, newly released CIA documents show, despite White House claims to the contrary a week after the coup.

28.Apr.2005 US Pro-Israeli Lobbyist Funded Settler Gangs with Swindled Indian Tribe Money: A US magazine revealed today that a pro-Israeli lobbyist in close contacts with US Congressman Tom DeLay defrauded his Indian tribe clients and funneled large amounts of money in the form of paramilitary gear to Israeli settler gangs in the West Bank.

28.Apr.2005 US prepares for nuclear stand-off with Pyongyang . A North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said: "If the USA wants so much to drag the nuclear issue to the UN Security Council, it may do so. But we want to make clear we will regard sanctions as a declaration of war."

28.Apr.2005 Venezuela: USA considers sending more money to help oust President Chávez : The Bush administration is weighing a tougher approach, including funneling more money to foundations and business and political groups opposed to his leftist government, American officials say.

28.Apr.2005 Italian Opposition Slams USA Report on Iraq Killing: Italian opposition parties branded a report that cleared USA soldiers of blame for the killing of an Italian agent in Iraq an insult Tuesday and urged the government to press for a fuller investigation.

28.Apr.2005 Evidence that the USA May Be Losing the Global War on Terror : Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s office is suppressing data showing that the number of major terrorist attacks worldwide exploded from 175 in 2003 to 625 in 2004, the highest number since the Cold War began to wane in 1985

28.Apr.2005 Ex-Officials Say Bolton Inflated Syrian Danger : John R. Bolton clashed repeatedly with American intelligence officials in 2002 and 2003 as he sought to deliver warnings about Syrian efforts to acquire unconventional weapons that the Central Intelligence Agency and other experts rejected as exaggerated, according to former intelligence officials.

28.Apr.2005 Wiretaps in USA Jump 19 Percent in 2004: The number of secret court-authorized wiretaps across the country surged by 19 percent last year, according to court records which also showed that not a single application was denied. The numbers, released Thursday, do not include court orders for terror-related investigations

28.Apr.2005 Oil surge boosts Shell's earnings : Meanwhile, oil firm Exxon Mobil posted first quarter net profits of $7.86bn.

28.Apr.2005 Economy Grows at Slowest Pace in Two Years: Consumers and businesses turned cautious in their spending in the January-to-March quarter, a key factor in the slower economic growth. High energy prices and rising borrowing costs are causing Americans to tighten their belts a bit.

28.Apr.2005 Blow to Bush as Bolton panel widens its inquiry : The Senate committee assessing John Bolton's nomination as the next US ambassador to the UN yesterday widened its inquiry to interview several more potentially hostile witnesses, in a fresh blow to the White House.

28.Apr.2005 Sidney Blumenthal: The "good" soldier's revenge : In Colin Powell's battle to block Bush's nominee to the UN, far more is at stake than John Bolton's unsuitability

28.Apr.2005 Congresswoman Waters Demands That The Senate Investigate Arms Shipment To Haiti : Today, Rep. Maxine Waters (CA-35) released a statement denouncing last year's shipment of thousands of weapons to Haiti by the USA Government, in violation of a 13-year-old arms embargo on Haiti, and demanding that the USA investigate why John Bolton allowed these weapons sales to occur while serving as Under Secretary of State for Arms Control + International Security Affairs.

28.Apr.2005 Haiti: Former Prime Minister To Continue Hunger Strike : "I am continuing my hunger strike, so that I can regain my freedom and my security and so that the de facto Government will stop threatening my life, while it continues to trample on my dignity."

28.Apr.2005 Rice Lauds Colombia, Slams Venezuela: Colombia is the world's No. 1 supplier of cocaine and a major producer of heroin. The USA has committed $3.3 billion to Plan Colombia

28.Apr.2005 USA Grants USD 600 Million to Columbia for Fight against Terrorism and Drug Trafficking

28.Apr.2005 Politics, drugs and the gun: Colombia's right-wing paramilitaries : The AUC is deeply involved in drug-trafficking and kills more civilians than its foes, the left-wing guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

28.Apr.2005 US Wants Venezuelan Arms Monitored for Rebel Fears: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Wednesday that Washington wants arms sales to Venezuela to be monitored due to concerns they could be transferred to Marxist rebels in neighboring Colombia.

28.Apr.2005 Venezuela's Chavez increases minimum wage : Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday announced a 26 percent increase in the country's minimum wage, but he acknowledged that it would still be insufficient for many poor families.

28.Apr.2005 Hard Times in Central America: Nicaragua on a Dollar a Day...Forever?: Visiting areas of Nicaragua hard hit by Hurricane Mitch in 1998, one steps unmistakeably into the vicious colonial class war being waged by corporate plutocrats and their political and institutional fronts against the world's poor.

28.Apr.2005 Dominican Republic Inmates Await Justice: Nearly 9,000 continue to be held without charges.

28.Apr.2005 Saudis, Oil, Israel, & America : The possible overthrow of the Saudi monarchy. Israeli and American national security professionals are conversing about the likely consequences of present US policy: the need to use military force to secure 'our' supply of cheap oil.

28.Apr.2005 The Facts About "Pattern Of Global Terrorism: The number of significant incidents of terrorism in 2004 (a significant incidents means someone was killed, wounded, or kidnapped or there was property damage greater than $10,000) was the highest ever recorded. In addition, the number of fatalities is the second highest total recorded in 37 years.

28.Apr.2005 Belgian Doctors Bill USA for Treating Iraqi Girl : Belgian doctors sent an Iraqi girl home on Thursday after treating her for leg wounds caused by a bomb during the USA invasion -- and sent the 51,570 euro ($66,650) bill to the USA embassy.

28.Apr.2005 Robert Higgs: Benefits and Costs of the USA Government’s War Making: If the government were able and willing to carry out an effective global “war on terrorism” by means of its present policy of empire building and naked aggression (politely called “preventive war”), would the benefits of that policy justify the costs being borne? Not for a moment.

28.Apr.2005 Video: The Power of Nightmares : Instead of delivering dreams, politicians now promise to protect us from nightmares. They say that they will rescue us from dreadful dangers that we cannot see and do not understand. And the greatest danger of all is international terrorism.This is a must watch documentary

28.Apr.2005 CIA details botched hunt for Iraq's WMD : US military interrogators botched the questioning of Iraqi scientists in the search for weapons of mass destruction and their detention "serves no further purpose", a new CIA report has found.

28.Apr.2005 Planned bomb sale to Israel raises fears of strike on Iran: The Pentagon has notified Congress of a proposed US sale to Israel of 100 guided bunker-busting bombs, a move raising concerns about a unilateral Israel strike against Iran.

28.Apr.2005 Russia plans nuclear fuel shipments to Iran mid-2005: The Russian nuclear fuel trader TVEL should start fuel shipments for a Moscow-built nuclear reactor in Iran six months before the unit becomes operational in early 2006, a senior company official said on Thursday.

28.Apr.2005 Scandal Stymies Israeli Effort to Pressure Tehran: Aipac Shakeup Hurts Advocates of Tough USA Stance on Iran Nukes

28.Apr.2005 Iranian newspaper warns against Israeli nuclear arsenal: Iranian newspaper of 'Kayhan al-Arabi' has stressed that the "Zionist nuclear arsenal constitutes a threat to the whole world, because it is not subjected to the international supervision and the west in general and the US in particular ignore it

28.Apr.2005 Secret Iraq war advice published: Publication of a secret 2003 memo from the government's top lawyer questioning the Iraq war's legality buffeted Prime Minister Tony Blair on Thursday, just a week before the May 5 election.

28.Apr.2005 Full Text : Advice from Attorney General on legality of Iraq war

28.Apr.2005 Blix insists there was no firm weapons evidence : The head of the United Nations weapons inspectors in the run-up to the Iraq war, Hans Blix, last night undercut one of the main grounds offered by the attorney general, Lord Goldsmith, in his legal advice to Tony Blair.

28.Apr.2005 UK: Blair accused of 'gross deception' as Goldsmith's advice is published : Families of some of the UK soldiers killed in Iraq said they were preparing a legal case against the Prime Minister, based on the leaked document.

28.Apr.2005 Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression : Strong, credible allegations of high-level criminal activity can bring down a government. When the government lacks an effective, fact-based defense, other techniques must be employed. The success of these techniques depends heavily upon a cooperative, compliant press and a mere token opposition party.

28.Apr.2005 Iraq's Ahmad Chalabi: He's now Mr. Oil : Controversial figure, with no industry experience, to run ministry

28.Apr.2005 IRAQ: Doctors warn of increasing deformities in newborn babies.: Health officials and scientists said this could be due to radiation passed through mothers following years of conflict in the country.

28.Apr.2005 Brigadier shocks and awes: there is no war on terrorism
The so-called global war on terrorism does not exist, a high-ranking army officer has declared in a speech that challenges the conventional political wisdom. By Cynthia Banham
In a frank speech, Brigadier Justin Kelly dismissed several of the central tenets of the Iraq war + the war on terrorism, saying the "war" part is all about politics and terrorism is merely a tactic.

28.Apr.2005 PC-WELT - FORUM - Zeitung: Microsoft + Google haben über ... Mehr info's zur google - Zensur gibt es übrigens auf (interessanter weise findet man die sogar über google :-) ...

28.Apr.2005 NETZEITUNG INTERNET: Google löscht umstrittene Websites ... Zittrain + Edelman waren der Google - Zensur auf die Schliche gekommen, .. Vorwürfe, dass Google mit einer Zensur begonnen hat, gab es schon länger.

NETZEITUNG INTERNET: Zensur per Suchmaschine ... Suchmaschinen wie Google und ihrer Haltung zum Thema Zensur kommt in diesem Zusammenhang eine große Bedeutung zu ...

28.Apr.2005 Web   Ergebnisse 1 - 100 von ungefähr 839 Seiten auf Deutsch für La-Ola-Welle . ( 0,28 Sekunden URL:
Die Wanderung der Furche: eine La-Ola-Welle im Auge Dies ist eine online Textseite des Kapitels 34 des "Seyffert" - 5

Neurogenetik - online: Ausführliches Inhaltsverzeichnis ... Die Wanderung der Furche: eine La - Ola - Welle im Auge. Die Synchronisation der Zellteilung und die Induktion der neuronalen ...

Drohgebärde gegen Iran: USA liefern Bunkerbrecher-Bomben an Israel

28.Apr.2005 Überraschungsfund: Totenstadt in Äthiopien entdeckt

Die Oxford-Forscher haben ihre Entwicklungen zum Spin-Transistor bereits als Patent angemeldet. Isis Innovation ist auf der Suche nach Partnern in der Industrie. Chiphersteller dürften sich brennend für die Oxforder Spintronik-Technik interessieren, denn sie hat einen profitablen Nebeneffekt, wie Projektmanager Pollard erklärte: "Ein Großteil der bisherigen Fertigungsstrecken in Chipfabriken kann weiterhin genutzt werden."
Milliardengewinn der Deutschen Bank: SPD-Politiker fordert Verzicht auf Stellenabbau

28.Apr.2005 "Spintronik": Forscher melden Durchbruch bei Super-Rechnern

28.Apr.2005 Krise in Mexiko: Präsident Fox feuert Generalstaatsanwalt

28.Apr.2005 Vergangenheitsbewältigung: Innenministerium verzögert Auskunft zur NS-Geschichte

28.Apr.2005 Gefahr für Weltkonjunktur: US-Wirtschaft geht die Puste aus

28.Apr.2005 Quartalszahlen: DaimlerChrysler-Gewinn bricht dramatisch ein

28.Apr.2005 Online-Kampagne: "Stoppt Softwarepatente!"

28.Apr.2005 Fußfesseln für Arbeitslose: Verrückte Idee oder verunglückte Formulierung?

28.Apr.2005 Spion im Vatikan: Historiker werfen Priester Spitzeldienste vor

28.Apr.2005 Hamburger Tümpel: Rätsel um explodierende Kröten gelöst

28.Apr.2005 Rüstung: Putin stoppt Raketendeal mit Syrien

28.Apr.2005 Arbeitslosigkeit: Clement sieht Trendwende im Westen

28.Apr.2005 Quartalsbericht: Deutsche Bank überrascht mit neuem Milliarden-Profit

28.Apr.2005 Kriegsende 1945 - Heute vor 60 Jahren: "Bald brauchen wir gar nichts mehr zu essen"

28.Apr.2005 ISS-Gourmet: Russischer Astronaut vermisst den Wein

28.Apr.2005 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Marx is in the air"

28.Apr.2005 Staatsbesuch in Israel: Putin kann mit Friedensgipfel nicht begeistern

28.Apr.2005 Waffenlager Deutschland: Warum die FDP gegen US-Atombomben kämpft

28.Apr.2005 US-Bericht: Fast 2000 Menschen starben letztes Jahr bei Terroranschlägen

27.Apr.2005 USA: 20 Millionen Beschäftigte nicht krankenversichert

27.Apr.2005 Wahlkampf: Briten debattieren über Rechtmäßigkeit des Irak-Kriegs

27.Apr.2005 Wall-Street-Schluss: Sinkender Ölpreis zieht die Kurse hoch

27.Apr.2005 US-Energiepolitik: Bush will Bau von Atomkraftwerken und Raffinerien fördern

27.Apr.2005 Wahlkampf-Wunsch: Blair würde gern weitere Diktatoren stürzen

28.Apr.2005 Elias concludes his letter to us, "Regardless of whether it's a receiver or not, a foreign object of some kind is clearly visible on the president's back during the first debate.

The public has a right to know what it is.

The White House could put the entire issue to rest by telling us. Their failure to do so suggests there is no legitimate explanation." URL:
Oct.2004 Bush Speaks: The Empire Has No Clothes "We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality." -- senior Bush advisor quoted by Ron Suskind in The New York Times Magazine . URL:

10.Sep.2004 -- two days after Rather aired his report -- Gannon was scurrying around the White House, even though the press gaggle was held aboard Air Force One on that day.

Gannon stayed from 11:19 to 12:55. Two hours later, he sent an email to Sean Hannity, offering a "scoop" about the origin of the Texas Air National Guard documents.

This scoop alleged that the documents had been provided by CBS News producer Mary Mapes, who was also a key figure in uncovering the Abu Ghraib scandal.URL:
28.Apr.2005 Take all that with a grain of salt + always consider the source. But that's not the only source. For example, here is an
entire web page devoted to reports and rumors of secret presidential tunnels. Read, follow the links + come to your own conclusions.

00.000.1919-00.000.1933 Die wirtschaftliche + finanzielle Lage der USA nach dem WWI.

Der neue Kurs der US- Außenpolitik, der sogenannte Isolationismus, führte nicht ...