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04.Jul.2000 USA CIA have supplied Israel Defence Force snipers with 50 of its ultra-secret super-pressure rifles that fire tiny transuranium bullets.

The bullets have no tell-tale muzzle flash - but have twice the impact of ordinary sniper rifles.

The guns have a killing range of 2 kilometres.

Approval to supply the rifle was personally given by Tenet, George, USA CIA Director, during his doomed recent attempt to broker peace between the PLO + Israel.

Sources close to Tenet, George, USA CIA Director say the Israelis insisted on having the new sniper rifles as part of their "defence system" in the event of Tenet, George, USA CIA Director 's initiative breaking down.

00.000.2000 -Days after- the 45 year old Tenet, George, USA CIA Director had returend to Washington, Tenet, George,USA CIA Director hopes of brokering peace had failed.

But Tenet, George, USA CIA Director still agreed - "as a mark of our good faith", claims one CIA source - that the rifles should be sent.

04.Jul.2000 USA s Day of Independence, the consignment of rifles plus crates of the bullets were loaded on an El Al 747 + flown to Tel Aviv from New York. URL:

02.Jan.2005 23:2

20041202 ..the INSLAW Affair, the INSLAW PROMIS software, Wackenhut Security .. who visited western Ukraine reported that ... 01.Jan.2005

20041221... to Combat Bioterror; Open Democracy - Ukraine , Greece ... & Loans scandal (S&L), the INSLAW Affair - INSLAW - PROMIS ... ... 024346 ` The Inslaw Affair ' W Madsen ... – 01.Jan.2005

Intelligence Briefs - July 2000 ... Bill Hamilton, President of Inslaw , said that "if he ... a copy of the latest Promis software , it could ... the luxuriously appointed 737 of Ukraine's president winged ...

http... also interviewed the co-owner of Inslaw , Bill Hamilton, who claims he helped prepare the Promis software for sale ... planes that left Russia + Ukraine, made stops,28,00.htm

Scoop: The Real Deal: The Money Lords Of Harvard / )... role in the management and use of Promis software for Endowment Bill Berkowitz BTL: Ukraine Crisis Could ... 01.Jan.2005

Scoop: Real Deal: CSC DynCorp & the Economics of Lawlessness... on Inslaw : Nothing is ... What is the role of PROMIS + similar -Bloch 11:07 am Bill Berkowitz BTL: Ukraine Crisis Could ... 01.Jan.2005

Nothing Is True! Everything Is Permitted!... after he investigated the Promis software scandal that .. of software from the Inslawcorporation +.. the same establishment as that Ukraine Presidential Candidate ... /

From The Wilderness Publications - FROM THE ...especially important: Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, + Ukraine .&#148 ... had stolen the software from Inslaw , the FBI .. s reported possession of Promis software was clearly ...

? legal forms - attorney forms irs power ... haul fleet by 00.Apr.2005 .) Meanwhile, Lufthansa ... Ukraine Parliament Votes for Sweeping Electoral ... Federal Corruption: Inslaw's PROMIS Software Really it's old ...

20050102 Erdbebenwarnung für Assam löst in Indien Panik aus +++ [20:10] Eine Erdbebenwarnung für den Unionsstaat Assam im Nordosten Indiens hat Angst und Schrecken unter der Bevölkerung ausgelöst.

Die Behörden von Assam gaben die Warnung heraus, nachdem mehrere indische Zeitungen von einer Erdbeben-Vorhersage eines seismologischen Forschungsinstituts in den USA berichtet hatten.
Newsticker: Kurzmeldungen zur Flutkatastrophe

20050102 Warning that officials had to ensure against the involvement of local mafias in the restoration work-FULL STORY
PM tough on uncooperative officials
Tsunamis' official death toll rises to nearly 5,000
Princess Sirindhorn presents New Year cards to tsunami victims and rescue teams
Govt sets aside Bt100m to battle post-tsunami disease
Dozens of navy officers killed by tsunamis
More earthquakes, but seismologists deny any tsunami danger
Govt leaders assigned annual nicknames
PM ensures Thais of economic strength in 2005
Official death toll from tsunamis rises to over 4,800
HM King praises hospitality and unity of Thais during crisis
PM appreciates Thais'unity during tsunami crisis
Govt draws up plans to repair provinces hit by tsunami
Thailand to attend in't conference on tsunami warning system
Tsunami warning systems
More than 4,000 bodies found in Phang-nga
Medics work round the clock to treat survivors
Govt to survey unused land
PM’s weekly radio programme does not break the electoral law
Research centre downplays impact of tsunami on economic growth
Official death toll from Sunday's tsunami rises to over 2,300
Meteorological Dept warns against more tsunami rumours
EC considers delaying the general election
More doctors sent to tsunami-stricken areas
Govt to step up psychological operations in the South
BOI to offer help to affected businesses in Sunday's tsunamis
Death toll likely to rise to 3,000, says PM
Tsunami tragedy won't adversely affect economy, says FPO
PM endorses Bt4.5 billion emergency relief
Ministry of Public Health races to deal with corpses

20050102 Plan to help fishing villages drawn up A coalition of NGOs and civic groups will draw up a rehabilitation plan for the fishing communities hardest-hit by last Sunday's giant tidal waves in the six coastal provinces.

20050102 CHEATING DEATH It is nothing less than a miracle that Jae-ar Pramongkit, together with several 100 villagers, survived the 26.Dec.2004 killer waves that struck Thai Mai village on Muang Phuket's Sirae island.

20050102 Candle-lit ceremonies, moments of silence usher in New Year The tsunami tragedy weighed heavily on people in Phuket who ushered in 2005 with candle-lit ceremonies and moments of silence in honour of the victims.

20050102 Nervende Verschwörungstheorien: "Das weltgrößte Geheimprojekt seit der Atombombe"

20050102 Der pakistanische Staatschef Pervez Musharraf ist nach Darstellung der CIA ein "Herrscher von ISIs Gnaden".

Er muss ständig hin und her lavieren zwischen seinem Geheimdienst, der praktisch Pakistan beherrscht + den Amerikanern, die ihn aus "übergeordneten politischen Gründen" zu ihrem engen Verbündeten gemacht haben.

"Das gestaltet die politische Szene in Pakistan so brisant", erläuterte der CIA-Experte.

Der ISI sage der CIA "natürlich nur das, was er in seinem Sinn weitergeben will".

Bis in die oberste Führung werde der ISI von Islamisten dominiert.

Es werde bezweifelt, ob Musharraf überhaupt noch seinem Geheimdienst irgendwelche Anweisungen geben kann.

Zu eng seien die Verbindungen zwischen ISI, den Taliban und Bin Laden, schilderte der CIA-Vertreter.
Größte Sorge hat Washington, dass bei einem Sturz Musharrafs die pakistanischen Atomraketen in die Hände der Islamisten kommen könnten.

Das wäre für die Welt ein GAU, betonte der CIA-Mann.

Als Beweis dafür, wie Bin Laden und seine Leute vom ISI geschützt werden, führte der Angehörige des amerikanischen Auslandsgeheimdienstes die vom pakistanischen Militär in diesem Jahr vorgenommene Offensive gegen die Qaida und die Kämpfer der Taliban im Grenzgebiet Afghanistans und Pakistans an.

Als es hieß, sie seien alle eingekesselt, "waren sie plötzlich weg, wie vom Erdboden verschluckt", berichtete der CIA-Mitarbeiter.

Jemand habe für die Öffnung des Kessels gesorgt.URL:,1518,druck-335227,00.html
20050102 Flutwelle: Das Wunder von Rai Lay

20050102 Indonesien: Retten ohne Wasser und Strom

20050102 King George the Malevolent: What the...

20050102 The Cheapest Toilet Paper in the USA!

20050102 A short science fiction story....

20050102 Those asking for fair elections are "dissidents"

20050102 An Open Letter to the U.S. Mainstream Media

20050102 Yahoo! Search Engine Clearly Politicized....

20050102 Questions for Bush about God's Laws

20050102 The U.S. Elections Were Rigged! Eat it!!! URL:

20050102 Phantom votes in New Mexico URL:
20050102 The "Phantom Voter" phenomenon occurs when a precinct reports a higher number of votes than is justified by the number of ballots cast. For details,
go here + here.URL:
20050102 There is also the cognate phenomenon of undrvotes -- ballots which register no preference in the presidential race. A small number of undervote ballots occur in every state, but the number in NM has long been very high --
suspiciously high. URL:
20050102 Exit polls . "TruthIsAll," the nomme-de-net of a poster on the Democratic Underground, directs our attention to a startling new interpretation of the exit poll figures. I hope no-one will mind if I republish the material here. Our attention is drawn, first and foremost, to
this CNN page displaying exit poll information. (The page takes a while to load.) TruthIsAll then asks: URL:
20050102 More on exit polls . Dr. Steven Freeman has
updated his investigation again. This summary says it all:
National Election Pool pollsters have acknowledged that their polls deviate from official totals by 1.9% nationwide (a 3.8% shift from Kerry to Bush) and intimated that this deviation was caused by disproportionate numbers of Bush voters refusing to participate in the polls. Analysis of the available data and theory, however, strongly suggests that at least part of the discrepancy is due to miscount. Moreover, a review of 2004 election processes suggests little reason for confidence that the count reflects either the intent of the electorate or the way that the votes were cast.
I expect this claim will meet with incredulity and anger. The idea of mass-scale electoral fraud in a US Presidential election may be difficult to fathom - or to stomach. The paper is a draft version, labelled "not to circulate." But it is nonetheless on the net for anyone to read -- so read it. URL:
20050102 Conyers will challenge . John Conyers will
formally challenge the Ohio slate of electors + he will not be the only House member to do so. Conyers believes that the flagrant illegal activity on the part of Kenny "the kapo" Blackwell justifies discounting the Ohio electors. The point appears indisputable, even if we restrict the argument to the deliberately lengthened election lines in Democratic districts. URL:
20050102 Precinct cross-voting : In the past, we have discussed, briefly, how the rotating
order of names on the Ohio ballots may have helped Bush in Ohio. The situation, we now learn, was worse than we once thought. This fine site explains the crime in detail, with lots of graphs + charts + all that good stuff. URL:
20050102 There's much
more. The bottom line is the the cross-precinct phenomenon occurred primarily in Democratic areas -- and that this phenomenon will almost always artificially boost the numbers of the less-popular candidate. URL:
20050102 Additional indicators of fraud . If you are looking for a single story to send to Robert Byrd, send this Truthout
expose of vote fraud in Ohio. (If Byrd receives about a trillion copies of this piece, he'll have to read it at least once.) I can't help passing along a choice quote: URL:
20050102 Provisionally speaking. Here's a
fun fact you may want to pass along to your red state relatives: URL:
20050102 The story does not end there. As I've
noted earlier, we have good reason to suspect that Blackwell simply tossed out a number of provisional ballots that went for Kerry.

20050102 ... Auch Verletzte und Schwerstverletzte wurden evakuiert. Der MedEvac-Airbus der Bundeswehr landete mit 49 Patienten in Köln-Wahn. Die meisten waren Deutsche . ...

20050102 31.Dez.2004

20050102 Einige besonders schwer Verletzte wurden zur Behandlung in umliegende Krankenhäuser gebracht. Eine belgische Militärmaschine brachte deutsche Touristen aus ...


20050102 - Flut in Asien: Rund 150.000 Tote befürchtet ...Deutschland behandelt, in Sri Lanka seien ungefähr 30 deutsche Verletzte im Krankenhaus.

20050102 Bis Donnerstagabend waren erst 2400 registrierte Tote gemeldet worden-,1367,MAG-0-2244897,00.html

20050102 Krisenmanagement: 60 tote Deutsche identifiziert - Fischer reist in Katastrophenregion

20050102 US-Vorwürfe: Deckt Pakistans Geheimdienst Osama Bin Laden?

20050102 Sri Lanka: Häftlinge kehren ins Gefängnis zurück


20050102 Didja know?
Angry Girl, a blogger who is also in the band Nightweed, has compiled a superb list of 20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA.

I'll reprint just the facts; go to her page for the many supporting citations.
Did you know....
1. 80% of all votes in America are counted by only two companies: Diebold and ES&S.
2. There is no federal agency with regulatory authority or oversight of the U.S. voting machine industry.
3. The vice-president of Diebold and the president of ES&S are brothers.
4. The chairman and CEO of Diebold is a major Bush campaign organizer and donor who wrote in 2003 that he was "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year."
5. Republican Senator Chuck Hagel used to be chairman of ES&S. He became Senator based on votes counted by ES&S machines.
6. Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, long-connected with the Bush family, was recently caught lying about his ownership of ES&S by the Senate Ethics Committee.
7. Senator Chuck Hagel was on a short list of George W. Bush's vice-presidential candidates.
8. ES&S is the largest voting machine manufacturer in the U.S. and counts almost 60% of all U.S. votes.
9. Diebold's new touch screen voting machines have no paper trail of any votes. In other words, there is no way to verify that the data coming out of the machine is the same as what was legitimately put in by voters.
10. Diebold also makes ATMs, checkout scanners + ticket machines, all of which log each transaction and can generate a paper trail.
11. Diebold is based in Ohio.
12. Diebold employed 5 convicted felons as consultants and developers to help write the central compiler computer code that counted 50% of the votes in 30 states.,2645,61640,00.html
13. Jeff Dean was Senior Vice-President of General Election Systems when it was bought by Diebold. Even though he had been convicted of 23 counts of felony theft in the first degree, Jeff Dean was retained as a consultant by Diebold and was largely responsible for programming the optical scanning software now used in most of the United States.
14. Diebold consultant Jeff Dean was convicted of planting back doors in his software and using a "high degree of sophistication" to evade detection over a period of 2 years.
15. None of the international election observers were allowed in the polls in Ohio.
16. California banned the use of Diebold machines because the security was so bad. Despite Diebold's claims that the audit logs could not be hacked, a chimpanzee was able to do it!
17. 30% of all U.S. votes are carried out on unverifiable touch screen voting machines with no paper trail.
18. All -- not some -- but all the voting machine errors detected and reported in Florida went in favor of Bush or Republican candidates.
19. The governor of the state of Florida, Jeb Bush, is the President's brother.
20. Serious voting anomalies in Florida -- again always favoring Bush -- have been mathematically demonstrated and experts are recommending further investigation. A fine start, Angry One, but there is oh-so-much-more. A few more fun facts:
21. The money power behind ES&S is the Ahmanson family, which also supports Dominionism, an anti-democratic form of Christian theocracy.
22. In Warren county, Ohio, the el-fake-o "Homeland Security" alert allowed the Republicans to keep media observers out of the Board of Elections. Not only that, all Democratic and third-party observers were kept out as well.
Gee -- you think they'll have something to say about the vote? Rev. Jesse Jackson has announced that he and Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones will hold a press conference at 2 pm on Sunday, January 2nd, at the Olivet Institutional Baptist Church, 88th and Quincy in Cleveland.
Jackson has already said that the Ohio recount "was not conducted in a meaningful manner based on uniform standards as required by the equal protection and due process provisions of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution."
Code orange. There is an international movement to make orange the official color of vote fraud protest. Not my favorite color, frankly. My lady hates orange. How about black? Black is both elegant and funereal -- very much in keeping with the title of this particular post. # posted by Joseph : 1:53 PM  3 comments

20050102 Internettagebücher: "Das passiert, wenn man Gräber aushebt"

20050102 "Da der Krieg gegen den Terror eine Langzeitanstrengung ist, ist es für uns sinnvoll, auch nach Lösungen für Langzeitprobleme zu suchen", wird der Sprecher des USA Department of Defence Speaker, Bryan Whitman, zitiert. URL:,1518,druck-335215,00.html
20050102 Das US-Außenministerium werde die entsprechenden Länder dazu verpflichten, Menschenrechtsstandards einzuhalten und dies auch überprüfen. Eine Sprecherin des US-Verteidigungsministeriums erklärte, sie habe keine Informationen über solche Pläne. URL:,1518,druck-335215,00.html
20050102 Terrorbekämpfung
Bush will Verdächtige für immer wegsperren - ohne Prozess
Der Verdacht soll genügen: US-Präsident George W. Bush will einem Zeitungsbericht zufolge hart gegen mutmaßliche Terroristen vorgehen. Die Regierungspläne sehen vor, Verdächtige notfalls lebenslang zu inhaftieren, auch wenn die Beweise für ein Gerichtsverfahren nicht ausreichen.

20050102 Newsticker: Kurzmeldungen zur Flutkatastrophe

20050102 Terrorbekämpfung: Bush will Verdächtige für immer wegsperren - ohne Prozess

20050102 Internettagebücher: "Das passiert, wenn man Gräber aushebt"

20050102 Fluthilfe: Tsunami stellt die Uno auf die Probe

20050102 Flutkatastrophe: Hilfslieferungen erreichen viele Notleidende nicht

20050101 Ich habe es getan, weil ich ihn hasse", zitierte Ansa den Maurer, der sich zu den Neujahrsfeiern in Rom aufhielt. "Ich hatte es bestimmt nicht geplant, aber als ich sah, wie er die Menschenmenge grüßte, konnte ich mich nicht mehr beherrschen." Berlusconis Sprecher sagte zu dem Vorfall: "Der Ministerpräsident ist traurig, sehr traurig." URL:,1518,druck-335185,00.html
20050101 Rom - Wie die Nachrichtenagnetur Ansa meldete, warf ein 28-jähriger Maurer aus Norditalien das Stativ, als Berlusconi kurz nach Sonnenuntergang auf dem Piazza Navona spazieren ging. Es traf den Ministerpräsidenten hinter dem Ohr. Der Angreifer wurde von Leibwächtern und Polizisten schnell abgedrängt. Berlusconi ließ sich vorsichtshalber von einem Arzt untersuchen.URL:,1518,druck-335185,00.html
20050101 Alleine in der in Thailand am schwersten getroffenen Provinz Phang Nga nördlich der Urlauberinsel Phuket könnte es mehr als 10.000 Tote gegeben haben, sagte heute einer der Helfer im Krisengebiet. Dort werden auch mehr als tausend Deutsche noch vermisst.
20050101 Seitdem die Schocktruppen des neuen CIA-Chefs Porter, Goss die Macht inUSA Langley übernommen haben, treffen sich immer mehr alte CIA-Kämpen im "Center for Career Transition" wieder, in dem Ausscheidende auf das Leben nach dem Geheimdienst vorbereitet werden.
Es gingen gerade die Besten, warnt Milt Bearden, ehemals der Afghanistan-Experte + eine der Legenden des Dienstes: "Das Universum steht Kopf."
Denen, die sich dem neuen Regime anpassen, verspricht die Bush-Administration goldene Zeiten.

Das Weiße Haus will den Etat für Agenten vor Ort um 50 Prozent erhöhen - damit könnte die CIA mehr Spione anheuern, als sie selbst haben wollte.

"Normalerweise bringt selbst der Weihnachtsmann nur das, was auf dem Wunschzettel steht", lästert

Philip Zelikow, der ehemalige Direktor des wichtigsten Untersuchungsausschusses im Kongress über die Hintergründe des 11.Sep.2001
Für Scheuer gibt es keinen Weg zurück. Er will an einer Universität Studenten beibringen, dass weder der Geheimdienstzar noch mehr Geld oder mehr Agenten Amerika sicherer machen werden, wenn nicht noch etwas anderes hinzukomme. Solange es Extremisten gebe, welche die USA hassen, werden sie mit Informationen nicht helfen.

Und weil dieser Hass zu immer mehr Gewalt führe, müsse etwas unternommen werden, damit er sich nicht weiter ausbreitet - etwas, was so ziemlich das Gegenteil des Irak-Kriegs sein müsste.
Denn so, wie die Dinge jetzt liegen, sagt Scheuer, hat "der Krieg gegen den Terrorismus noch gar nicht richtig begonnen". URL:,1518,druck-335059,00.html
20050101 Zwischen Agenten der Langley-Behörde und der Regierung ist ein Kleinkrieg entbrannt. URL:,1518,druck-335059,00.html
20050101 Der "Intelligence Reform Act" soll eine Art Wiedergeburt für einen der größten Spionageapparate werden, den je ein Staat unterhielt:

Dazu gehören nicht nur die CIA oder der Abhördienst NSA mit seinen weltumspannenden Lauschkapazitäten;

die Teilstreitkräfte der USA verfügen genauso über eigene Geheimdienste wie etwa das Außen-, das Finanz- oder das Energieministerium.

15 Dienste sind es insgesamt mit 200.000 Angestellten und einem Jahresetat von 40 Milliarden Dollar. Gemessen an solchen Zahlen müssten Amerikas Spionage und Gegenspionage eigentlich unbezwingbar sein.

Die Geheimen verfügen über eine gigantische Maschinerie mit einigen der größten und leistungsfähigsten Computer der Welt, die jeden Tag Abermillionen Telefongespräche auffangen und E-Mails lesen können.

Ihre Aufklärungssatelliten sind angeblich in der Lage, noch aus dem Weltall die Nummernschilder von Autos zu entziffern.

Die neueste Generation ihrer Himmelsspäher ist so beeindruckend wie das Weltraumteleskop Hubble. Statt ins All können sich deren Kameras auf jeden Fleck der Erde richten.
Und doch hat dieser Apparat in jüngster Zeit schmählich versagt.

11.Sep.2001 20010911 9/11 9-11 + + + Kein Agent im Hauptquartier der Aufklärer hat etwas von den Vorbereitungen für die Anschläge auf das World Trade Center + das Pentagon mitbekommen;

andererseits haben Geheimdienstanalysen das Waffenarsenal des Irak zu einer monströsen Bedrohung hochstilisiert, die in Wahrheit gar nicht vorhanden war. Monatelang mussten die US-Parlamentarier in Untersuchungsausschüssen des Kongresses eine peinliche Parade der Pleiten aufarbeiten. URL:,1518,druck-335059,00.html
20050101 Al-Qaida-Video: Erschießungen in aller Öffentlichkeit

20050101 Hygienenotstand: Ärzte bestätigen Ausbruch von Cholera

20050101 Newsticker: Kurzmeldungen zur Flutkatastrophe

20050101 Königshaus: Prinzessin Anne entkam bewaffnetem Entführer

20050101 Unternehmen: Easyjet-Gründer will deutschen Handymarkt aufmischen

20050101 Saudi-Arabien: Zwei Ausländer wegen Drogenschmuggels enthauptet

20050101 Irak: Bombenanschläge und Enthauptungen zum Jahreswechsel

20050101 Deutscher Arzt in Phuket: Die 96-Stunden-Schicht

20050101 Flutkatastrophe: Deutschland schickt mehr Helfer

20050101 Satellitenbilder: Wie Banda Aceh ausradiert wurde

20050101 Silvester rund um den Globus: Schweigeminuten, schwarze Tücher und weiße Rosen

20050101 Gärtnern virtuell: Und täglich grünt das Radieschenbeet

20041231 Attiki, Athens, Greece (
authentico index epinicia=Siegeslieder. 20041227. " War is a quarrel between two thieves too cowardly to fight their own battle; therefore they take

20050101 Newsticker: Kurzmeldungen zur Flutkatastrophe

20050101 Gärtnern virtuell: Und täglich grünt das Radieschenbeet

20050101 Wasser-Wirbel: In der Tiefsee toben Taifune

20050101 Angriff: Maurer bewirft Berlusconi mit Stativ

20050101 Katastrophenregionen: Ärzte befürchten Ausbruch der Cholera

20050101 US-Geheimdienste: Bruderkrieg der Spione


01.Dec.2004 "Kerry won"

Election 2004 The
02.Nov.2004 Presidential Election: Who Won The Popular Vote?

An Examination of the Comparative Validity of Exit Poll + Vote Count Data by Jonathan D. Simon, J.D. + Ron P. Baiman, Ph.D.
29.Dec.2004 Executive Summary:

There is a substantial discrepancy—well outside the margin of error and outcomedeterminative— between the national exit poll and the popular vote count.

The possible causes of the discrepancy would be random error, a skewed exit poll, or breakdown in the fairness of the voting process and accuracy of the vote count.

Analysis shows that the discrepancy cannot reasonably be accounted for by chance or random error.

Evidence does not support hypotheses that the discrepancy was produced by problems with the exit poll.

Widespread breakdown in the fairness of the voting process and accuracy of the vote count are the most likely explanations for the discrepancy.

In an accurate count of a free and fair election, the strong likelihood is that Kerry would have been the winner of the popular vote. Download the paper (PDF, 1.5MB)

20041231 Die Andamanen + Nicobaren bestehen aus insgesamt 550 Inseln, von denen etwa drei Dutzend bewohnt sind.

Doch noch immer konnten die Retter nicht zu jeder der betroffenen Inseln vordringen.

Offiziellen Stellen zufolge könnte es allein auf den Andamanen und Nikobaren 6000 Tote gegeben haben.

Insgesamt sind die Inseln Heimat von 350.000 Menschen, weniger als ein Zehntel davon sind Ureinwohner.
Den Eingeborenen seien wahrscheinlich der Katastrophe entgangen, weil sie vor allem mitten im Dschungel und nicht in Meeresnähe lebten, erklärte Singh.

Die etwa sechs Stämme, die sich als Halbnomaden durch Jagen und Sammeln ernähren, leben bereits seit Tausenden von Jahren abgeschottet vom Rest der Welt auf den Archipeln.
Unklar ist bislang, wie viele tote Stammesangehörige zu beklagen sind. Der Stämme der Großen Andamanesen umfassten vor der Flutwelle nur rund 40 Angehörige.

Zu den Onges zählten noch rund 100 Menschen. Dem Stamm der Sentinelesen gehörten bis Sonntag schätzungsweise 250 Menschen an.
Eine andere Hubschrauber-Besatzung, die nach der Flutwelle Hilfsgüter auf einer Insel abladen wollte, bewarfen Eingeborene vom Stamm der Sentinelesen mit Steinen.

20041231 Erste Opfer in Berliner Charité operiert +++ [11.14 Uhr] In der Berliner Charité sind die ersten beiden schwer verletzten Opfer der Flutkatastrophe operiert worden.

Dabei handelte es sich um zwei Berlinerinnen im Alter von 37 und 63 Jahren. Sie waren an Bord des Lazarett- Airbus der Bundeswehr am Flughafen Köln-Bonn gelandet.

Die beiden Patientinnen waren seit der Katastrophe vor fünf Tagen auf Phuket medizinisch völlig unversorgt geblieben. Noch immer steckten Holzstücke im Oberschenkel. Die Wunden waren stark infiziert.
20041231 ...deutsche Todesopfer identifiziert - Vermisstenzahl steigt weiter +++ [12.38 Uhr] Fünf Tage nach der Flutkatastrophe in Südostasien sind nach Angaben des Staatssekretärs im Auswärtigen Amt, Klaus Scharioth, insgesamt 34 deutsche Todesopfer identifiziert worden. Die Zahl der vermissten Deutschen steige weiter. Sie liege derzeit deutlich über 1000. Von den 34 Toten seien 27 in Thailand und sieben in Sri Lanka identifiziert worden. 5700 Urlauber kehrten bisher aus der Krisenregion nach Deutschland zurück.
20041231 Kritik an Deutschen, die den Urlaub fortsetzen +++ [13.36 Uhr] Die deutschen Reisebüros und -veranstalter appellieren an die verbliebenen Urlauber in der Katastrophenzone, mehr Rücksicht auf Flutopfer und ihre Helfer zu nehmen. Die Kritik an Touristen, die ihren Urlaub auch in den zerstörten Regionen unverändert fortsetzen wollten, sei berechtigt.

20041231 Exit polls and more The exit poll. Jonathan Simon and Ron P. Baiman will no doubt come in for the usual ad hominem attacks -- after all, when the Republican propagandists can't go after the data, they always go after those who dared to compile it. Even so, let's do what we can to publicize their latest, updated analysis of the exit poll controversy.
Here's the summary they offer:
There is a substantial discrepancy -- well outside the margin of error and outcome-determinative -- between the national exit poll and the popular vote count.
The possible causes of the discrepancy would be random error, a skewed exit poll, or breakdown in the fairness of the voting process and accuracy of the vote count.
Analysis shows that the discrepancy cannot reasonably be accounted for by chance or random error.
Evidence does not support hypotheses that the discrepancy was produced by problems with the exit poll.
Widespread breakdown in the fairness of the voting process and accuracy of the vote count are the most likely explanations for the discrepancy.
In an accurate count of a free and fair election, the strong likelihood is that Kerry would have been the winner of the popular vote. For the full report -- pdf-style, alas -- go
20041231 Gästebetreuung immer schwieriger: Reiseveranstalter bitten Touristen um Rückflug

20041231 Sri Lanka: Rettungsarbeiten mit bloßen Händen

20041231 Thailand nach der Flut: Mammutaufgabe für die Fahnder

20041231 Newsticker: Kurzmeldungen zur Flutkatastrophe

20041231 Wolkenkratzer: Ein Weltrekord aus 101 Stockwerken

20041231 Pfeile zur Begrüßung: Steinzeitvolk überlebt Tsunami

20041231 Servicio de noticias -
FINANZAS-CUBA: Férreo control de divisas LA HABANA, 30 dic(IPS) - Cuba dio una nueva vuelta de tuerca al proceso de centralización de su economía, al concentrar en el Banco Central los ingresos, asignación y uso de divisas.
RETOS 2004-2005: Triunfo del pragmatismo de Lula RIO DE JANEIRO, 30 dic(IPS) - La esperanza no acabó.

Pero el principal combustible de la campaña que llevó el ex obrero Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva a la presidencia de Brasil, hace dos años, se debilitó y buena parte de su sobrevida se debe al inesperado crecimiento económico de cinco por ciento en 2004.
RETOS 2004-2005: Portugal paga el precio de la fama LISBOA, dic(IPS) - La peculiar combinación europea entre fútbol y política logró este año poner a Portugal en el centro de la atención internacional, una situación que no se daba desde de 25.Abr.1974 cuando estalló la revolución militar de los capitanes izquierdistas. Pero ello le costará muy caro.
20041231 Las palabras mas buscadas de internet: Buscar Empresas

20041231 La Web   Resultados 1 - 3 de 3 de union española de $PREE TARGETS COPS ... :AMR lets union vote again -Encapuchados lanzan artefactos explosivos a los ... es.398.txt:Una empresa espaà ± ola abrirá sede ...

GigaBusca Relatório de Buscas... fire resumo do livro lucí ola de josà ... pensamentos jogosonline papeis sociais nos espaà §os educativos ... etica e moral estufa bella union artigos cientificos ...

Las palabras mas buscadas de internet ... ierl. » Ucayali. » UFINET. » Ultramar. » Una mujer desnuda. » Unilever. » Union espaà ± ola de explosivos . » Union española de

20041231 Interview mit Juschtschenko: "Putin darf unseren Weg in die EU nicht blockieren"

20041231 Feuerwehr am PC: Retten, löschen, bergen

20041231 Zwei-Klassen-Hilfe: Fernseher für Touristen, Lagerfeuer für Einheimische

20041231 Newsticker: Kurzmeldungen zur Flutkatastrophe

20041231 Top Ten der Forschung: Treibjagd auf Gene eröffnet

20041231 Phuket: Trotzdem leben

20041231 Flutkatastrophe: Sterbende Kinder und viel zu wenig Hilfe

20041231 Börsenschluss: Dax gewinnt 2004 sieben Prozemt

20041231 Khao Lak: Suche ohne Hoffnung

20041230 / News / Local / Mass. / Markey pledges battle on ... The Globe reported yesterday that a Massachusetts-based company, Premier Executive Transport Services Inc.of Dedham, is linked to the secret transfer of two ... / News / World / Terror suspects' torture claims have ... The Dedham law firm of Hill & Plakias houses the legal address for Premier Executive Transport Services Inc. , which owns a jet that allegedly ferries terror ... | Nation & World The plane's owner of record, Premier Executive Transport Services Inc., lists directors and officers who appear to exist only on paper. ...

20041230 Flug ins Ungewisse URL:,1518,druck-334876,00.html
Das Schicksal der Passagiere ist oft ungewiss.

"Wenn man ein richtig ernstes Verhör will, schickt man den Gefangenen nach Jordanien," sagt der Ex-CIA-Beamte Bob Baer.

"Wenn jemand gefoltert werden soll, nach Syrien. Und wenn man ihn verschwinden lassen will, dann nach Ägypten."

So gilt etwa der Aufenthaltsort eines gewissen Mohammed Madni als unbekannt.

Von ihm wurde angenommen, den "Schuhbomber" Richard C. Reid unterstützt zu haben.

Auch Madni wurde + zwar von Indonesien aus, mit der CIA-Maschine nach Ägypten geflogen.
Einen seltenen und manchmal durchaus skurrilen Einblick in die geheime Welt des US-Geheimdienstes und dessen Geheimflügen nahm nun aber die "Washington Post".

Die Zeitung hat zunächst den Schleier um die Betreiber des Jets gelüftet, die Premier Executive Transport Services.

Die Firma mit nur einem Flugzeug zählte sage und schreibe 325 Manager, die allesamt Postfächer in fünf Postämtern rund um die US-Hauptstadt besaßen.
Ansonsten waren die Jet-Eigner offenbar wohnungslos. Bei 44 Namen gab es weder Adressen, Telefonnummern noch irgendwelche Geschäftsangaben.

Die Mehrzahl besaß immerhin eine Sozialversicherungsnummer - die aber alle erst zwischen 1988 und 2003 zugeteilt wurden.

Das war schon kurios, denn die Geburtsdaten der vorgeblichen Manager stammten aus den vierziger, fünfziger und sechziger Jahren.

Im Jargon der CIA heißt all das "sterile Identität", mit der eine Verbindung zum Geheimdienst verborgen werden soll.
Die Saga der Gulfstream V freilich wird weitergehen:

Seit Anfang Dezember hat die Maschine mit interkontinentaler Reichweite (10.900 Kilometer) einen neuen Besitzer: die Firma Bayard Foreign Marketing in Portland (US-Staat Oregon).

Sie hat nun nur noch einen Manager + auch der ist - wie seine Vorgänger - nirgendwo gemeldet und hat nicht einmal ein Telefon.
Und schließlich müssen sich auch die "plane spotters" neu orientieren. Denn die Gulfstream V hat eine neue, bisher noch nicht bekannte Kenn-Nummer

20041230 The second being of the Fourth Prophet warned the light-skinned race might wear the face of death that would almost look the same as the face of brotherhood. 

"If they come carrying a weapon and if they seem to be suffering, beware.  Behind this face is greed. 

You shall recognize the face of death if the rivers are poisoned and the fish are unfit to eat."URL:
23.Dez.2004 hatten die US-Streitkräfte nach Angaben der Übergangsregierung Abu Marwan in Mossul verhaftet.

Er soll in dieser nordirakischen Großstadt für Sarkawi in führender Position gearbeitet haben.

Beide Fahndungserfolge hätten der Organisation Sarkawis "schwere Verluste" zugefügt, hieß es in der Mitteilung.
Bin Laden hatte am Montag in einer Tonband-Botschaft Sarkawi zu seinem Stellvertreter im Irak ernannt.

Der Jordanier hatte bereits im 00.Okt.2004 seine Loyalität zu Bin Laden bekundet. URL:,1518,druck-334964,00.html
20041230 Sexpionage has a very long history. One of the most notorious cases was that of a Dutch spy known as Mata Hari.

The seductress was a "nude dancer" who operated as a double agent for both the French and German armies during WWI.

The UK Security Service claim that Mata Hari was a Jewess who's real name was Margaretha Geertruida Zelle.

1917 Mata Hari was executed in by a French firing squad. URL:
IN RE: DANIEL THOMAS SHEEHAN, JR. ... IN RE: DANIEL THOMAS SHEEHAN , JR. ... the order + by SJC Rule 4:01, § 17(1)(c) + (5), to notify his clients of his suspension, file an affidavit of compliance .

SECRET TEAM OF WEAPONS DEALERS by Vince Bielski A "secret team" of ... ... In the affidavit , which cites 79 seperate sources, Sheehan said he learned of the "secret team" from a former US intelligence officer who worked in Iran, a ...

Hansson's Affidavit, Part 2 ... The Cutolo Affidavit and accompanying documents (reproduced in the Appendix) which was sent to ... that fools like me and John Judge and Dan Sheehan were complete ...

Hansson's Affidavit, Part 1 ... He was arrested within a week after filing an affidavit in which he warned of ... mess, I returned to California briefly to meet personally with Dan Sheehan in Los ...
Jose Basulto - Brothers to the Rescue 1983 (51-3). Christic Institute. Sheehan Affidavit . 1/31/87 (33 43) Christic Institute. Sheehan Affidavit . 3/25/88. Cockburn,A.& L. Dangerous Liaison. ...

November 2001 eDebate Archives: [eDebate] operation unrelentin ... Specialists. 1986 (11) Christic Institute. Sheehan Affidavit . 1988-03-25 (299) Codevilla,A. Informing Statecraft. Christic Institute. Sheehan Affidavit

Subject CONTRAGATE - A REVIEW LAWSUIT REVEALS DEPTH OF IRANCONTRA ... ... our democracy will be in grave peril." [NY Transfer Editor's note: Seems we are getting another chance here!]

Copies of the Sheehan affidavit are available for ..

Skeptic Tank Text Archive File ... Blumenthal,S. Rise of the Counter-Establishment. 1988 (81) Christic Institute. Sheehan Affidavit . 3/25/88 (41-2) Covert Action Information ... /
Richard Secord vs. Leslie Cockburn ..that the Sheehan affidavit was false or that she had serious doubt as to its. . that the defendant knew the Sheehan affidavit was false or that she had serious.

PEN-L message, [PEN-L:3294] Biblio on Basulto (fwd) ... 1983 (51-3) > Christic Institute. Sheehan Affidavit . 1/31/87 (33 43) > Christic Institute. Sheehan Affidavit . 3/25/88 > Cockburn,A.& L. Dangerous Liaison. ...
20041230 OPERATION MONGOOSE Background | USNEWSLINK Report on Plots to Assassinate Fidel Castro 1967-04-25 (3-4, 7); Christic Institute. Sheehan Affidavit . 1987-01-31 (34); Christic Institute. Sheehan Affidavit .
Fluthilfe: Tsunami vertieft Kluft zwischen Uno und USA

20041230 Nasa-Entwarnung: Asteroid wird Erde knapp verfehlen

20041230 Seebeben: Forscher warnen vor Tsunami an US-Westküste

20041230 Interview mit DRK-Koordinator in Colombo: Hilfe aus Deutschland für 20.000 Flutopfer

20041230 Sri Lanka: Welle der Panik

20041230 Flutkatastrophe: Mehr als 120.000 Tote

20041230 Flutkatastrophe: Deutsche spendeten zehn Millionen Euro - Briten 28 Millionen

20041230 Hilfe für Tsunami-Opfer: Schuldenmoratorium findet breite Zustimmung

20041230 Essay: Wie konnte Gott das zulassen?

20041230 Milliardenschäden: Katastrophenjahr 2004 bricht alle Rekorde

20041230 Flutkatastrophe: Angst vor neuen Beben

20041230 Flutkatastrophe: Die aktuellen Opferzahlen

20041230 Gefangenentransport: Der fliegende Teppich der CIA (

20041230 Politsatire "Team America": Bombenstimmung überall

20041230 Katastrophenhilfe: USA entsenden Flugzeugträger

20041230 Kampf gegen Terror: US-Einheit will wichtigen Fang gemacht haben

20041230 Flutkatastrophe: Mehr als 87.000 Menschen von Tsunamis getötet

20041230 Infarktrisiko: Krank arbeiten schadet dem Herzen

20041230 Indonesien: Hunger, Plünderungen und flüchtende Häftlinge

20041230 Gewalt an Schulen: Prügel für Friedliche

20041230 Kiew: Oberstes Gericht weist Janukowitsch-Klagen ab

20041230 Irak: Rebellen gehen in die Offensive

20041230 Ticker: Kurzmeldungen zur Flutkatastrophe

20041230 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Der Intellektuelle als Dissident"

20041230 Saudi-Arabien: Extremisten wollten Ministerium stürmen

20041230 What can change the situation? A political miracle. We need a striking new piece of evidence . It need not be conclusive, but it must grab attention. And we need this evidence within a week. URL:
20041230 Fertik goes on to detail many similar attempts at disenfranchisement.

He then summarizes subsequent developments, familiar to all regular readers of this column:
As polls closed on Election Day, the National Election Pool's exit poll showed Kerry winning Ohio by 3.2%.

Two polling experts, Steven Freeman + Ron Baiman, independently concluded the chances of the exit poll being so different from the "official" results are "impossible."

Those polling experts - + Rep. John Conyers - asked the NEP to release the raw data, but they have adamantly refused.
On Election Night, officials in Warren County - which alone produced 35% of Bush's margin of "victory" - cited a bogus "homeland security" warning to prevent the media and the public from observing the vote count.
In Miami County, officials mysteriously added 19,000 votes to their original tally. Several precincts reported nearly 100% turnout; a recent canvass by the Free Press found many voters did not actually vote.
A comparison of the Presidential race with the Ohio Supreme Court race found C. Ellen Connally, a black woman from northeastern Ohio, did far better than John Kerry in southwestern Ohio suburbs.

This unlikely result is a key element of the Green/Libertarian contest - and possible evidence of "vote-flipping" software in the voting machines or tabulating systems.
Rep. John Conyers and other dedicated Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee have held several hearings in Washington DC and in Ohio.

They have examined dozens of fraud allegations and sought answers to 36 specific questions from Ken Blackwell.

Blackwell replied with utter contempt. This lack of transparency and accountability alone is sufficient to justify a challenge to Ohio's electors on 06.Jan.2005.

Fertik then goes on to outline recount oddities: URL:
20041230 Bob Fertik has just written an open letter to Kerry, asking the Massachusetts senator to
challenge Ohio's electors on 06.Jan.2005 URL:
20041230 The Chief Justice also sees no particular need for emergency relief to preserve evidence in Ohio despite the fact that "Tabulator test deck reports were discarded after the election." URL:
20041230 The Ohio lawsuit . Remember the affidavits testifying to highly-suspicious behavior on the part of that Triad employee? Chief Justice Moyer
tossed 'em out today, even though the events in question were (to a large degree) verified.
The reasons for this dismissal were largely technical. Moyer claims that the affidavit by Sherole Eaton relies on hearsay.

(I would question this; I thought Eaton was careful to specify what she witnessed personally.)

He also argued that her affidavit lacks a statement from the notary that he or she personally witnessed Eaton's signature.

Moreover, the Chief Justice makes clear that even if the affidavit were unassailable, it remains "unclear" that the Triad employee engaged in ballot tampering.
Much the same objection is lodged against the deposition of Catherine Buchanan.

First, we get technical objections: "Neither the exhibit nor the contestors' motion, however, specifies who Buchanan is, where she works..." Then we get to the meat of the matter: URL:
20041230 YEI, the former employer of Clinton Curtis (the guy in Florida who claims Tom Feeney asked the company to create a prototype vote-rigging software) is now also making serious lawsuit noises against the Seminole Chronicle, the Florida paper which gave coverage to Curtis' story.

According to Brad Friedman, the letter from YEI's attorneys bears striking similarities of language to the letter written by Feeney's representatives. URL:
Legal Breach: The Government's Attorneys and Abu Ghraib

20041230 Ukraine: Wahlsieger Juschtschenko will Timoschenko zur Regierungschefin machen

20041230 Kopistenvorwurf: Spielzeughersteller Lego in USA verklagt

20041230 Nachbeben: Indien gibt Tsunami-Warnung heraus

20041230 Flutkatastrophe: Hunderttausende Überlebende von Krankheit bedroht

20041230 Sri Lanka: Wie Altkanzler Kohl der Flut entkam

20041230 Thailand: Weniger Verletzte, immer mehr Tote

20041230 Animalische Instinkte: Wildtiere entkamen dem Tsunami

28.Dec.2004 Governments also lacked systems to send out notifications.

Events of this magnitude (9.0 or greater in the ocean) have occurred five times in the last 60 years, including Japanese, Peruvian + Alaskan waters.

The most recent quake was not as large as some of these, but far more people lived in areas exposed to the Indian Ocean tsunamis.URL:

20041229 MESTRES DA GEST? - 42 GURUS DO MANAGEMENT EM DIRECTO - Ver em HTML... 109 Daniel Goleman —

Um mestre da gestão que está disposto a aprofundar as emoções “É um risco ignorarmos as competências emocionais”. 117 ...

20041229 Katastrophe in Thailand: Die Feuer von Lom Kaen

20041229 Tsunami: "Es war ein unglaublicher Anblick"

20041229 Zeitungsbericht: Schwere Vorwürfe gegen thailändische Meteorologen

20041229 Flut: Rotes Kreuz rechnet mit mehr als 100.000 Toten

20041229 Überblick: Kurzmeldungen zur Flutkatastrophe

20041229 Südasien: Die genaue Opferzahl wird nie jemand kennen

20041229 Ukraine: Opposition sperrt Janukowitsch aus

20041229 Luxushotel "Magic Lagoon" bei Khao Lak: Nur wenige Deutsche gerettet

20041229 Tsunami-Katastrophe: Verschollene über Handy geortet

20041229 Opel-Zahlen: Unternehmenskreise sprechen von Riesenverlust

20041229 Katastrophenopfer: Das kleine Wunder von Phuket

20041229 Flutkatastrophe: Unermessliche Zerstörungen in Südasien

20041229 Hilfe für Flutopfer: Sat.1, ARD und ZDF bereiten Benefiz-Shows vor

20041229 Augenzeugenbericht: "Koh Phi Phi war ein Alptraum"

20041229 Flutkatastrophe: Schröder meldet mehr als 1000 Deutsche als vermisst
Flutgebiete: Viele Touristen wollen bleiben

20041229 Ukraine: Verlierer Janukowitsch startet Klageserie

20041229 Im thailändischen Phuket traf heute ein Lazarett-Airbus der deutschen Luftwaffe ein. Die Besatzung der fliegende Intensivstation der Bundeswehr werde so schnell wie möglich verletzte Touristen betreuen und nach Deutschland zurückfliegen, sagte ein Sprecher der Luftwaffe in Köln.
Am Flughafen Phuket hängt nach Informationen von SPIEGEL ONLINE ein 12-köpfiges Rettungsteam des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes fest, das gegen Mittag thailändischer Zeit dort eingetroffen ist. Das Team war gestern in den frühen Abendstunden in Deutschland abgeflogen. Die deutsche Botschaft soll dem Team gesagt haben, sie sollten am Flughafen bleiben, weil es dort Verletzte gäbe. Tatsächlich wartet die Mannschaft bis jetzt untätig vor Ort. Der Weg vom Flughafen nach Phuket dauert ungefähr eine Stunde. Ohne Einsatzbefehl der deutschen Botschaft scheint die Teamleitung nicht tätig werden zu können oder zu wollen. In den Krankenhäusern treffen immer noch Verletzte ein, wobei der Andrang seit gestern deutlich zurückgegangen ist.
Flutkatastrophe: Schröder schaltet sich in Rettungsmaßnahmen ein

20041229 Nach dem Seebeben: Größte Hilfsaktion aller Zeiten läuft an

20041229 Live-Ticker: Kurzmeldungen zur Flutkatastrophe

20041229 Computerspiele: Gehirntraining mit dem Shooter

20041229 Ex-Ferrari-Arzt: "Jeder dritte Formel-1-Pilot kokst"

20041229 Hollywood-Studie "Ein eigenes Reich": Das Publikum im Blick

20041229 Krankenstand: Unternehmen sparen rund eine Milliarde Euro

20041229 Drastische Gebührenerhöhung: Deutsche Web-Radios vor dem Aus?

20041229 Juschtschenko und Putin: Zum Zweckbündnis verdammt

20041229 Satellitenbilder: Sri Lanka vor und nach der Welle

20041229 Flutkatastrophe: Welthungerhilfe ruft TV-Sender zu gemeinsamer Aktion auf

20041229 Bestätigung aus Thailand: 49 deutsche Urlauber tot - Hunderte vermisst

20041229 Naher Osten: Scharon sieht EU nur als Geldgeber

20041229 Hacker-Kongress: "Wer nicht hören will..."

20041229 Ukraine: Oppositions-Anhänger blockieren Janukowitschs Amtssitz

20041229 Thailand: Tragödie auf den Inseln

20041229 Top Ten der Forschung: Medikamente für die Welt

20041206 As far as can be determined, the CIA's paramilitary group in Greece .1975 GENERAL GIANADELIO MALETTI , head of Italian counter-intelligence "The USA Americans

20041229 The largest provider of security to the US federal government View as HTML Wackenhut security teams work at the Departments of Energy ... related ser- vices at the nuclear test site in Nevada, the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology ...

10.Feb.1997 The Denver Business Journal . of Energy announced 400 more job cuts at Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site . .affect Kaiser Hill team employees, including Wackenhut Services, DynCorp ... - domain record.... Plant, Nevada Test Site , Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site , Savannah River Site , Transportation Safeguards ... Group 4, Falck, Wackenhut , Group 4 ...

20041212 Energy’s Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site, which produced plutonium + uranium components used in USA ’s nuclear weapons. After Wackenhut took over

20041229 You'll find that using the DCOMbobulator is simple, quick, clear + reassuring.

Since all versions of Windows after 95 (+ even some Windows 95 systems) have DCOM enabled, tell your friends to visit this page to download their own copy of the DCOMbobulator so that they can increase the security of their systems and avoid any future trouble with DCOM.

20041229 Gustav Gabriel Cohen: Zwei Schriften aus den Anfängen des Zionismus
Die zionistische Bewegung hat in ihren Anfängen vor allem durch Theodor Herzls Schriften ein weitreichendes Echo gefunden, aber auch der Hamburger Bankier Gustav Gabriel Cohen (1830-1906) setzte sich mit seinem Essay Die Judenfrage und die Zukunft engagiert für einen jüdischen Nationalstaat ein... URL:

20041229 9/11 - ...11.Sep.2001 International) contacted Saudi sheiks of Khalid bin Mahfouz and Salem ... Houston Gulf Airport was passed on to bin Mahfouz . ... the ISI along with Osama bin Laden +.. showPrevMessage?topicID=37.topic
[tacticalmedialist]ANTIFA INFO-BULLETIN, No. 318 -Saudi Arabian banker + BCCI principal Khalid bin Mahfouz inherited his..(Bin Mahfouz's sister is also a wife of Osama ... group is linked to Osama bin – Laden 's Al ...
Democratic Underground Forums - What is BCCI ... But really gives the detils on Promis software ... One BCCI principle, Ghaith Pharaon, was a partner of Khalid bin Mahfouz , brother in law of bin Laden, +...

11.Sep.2001 Other links between Bush + Mahfouz can be found through ... refused to produce key witnesses such as Khalid Shaikh Muhammad or Ramzi bin al-Shibh + ...
Scoop: UQ Wire: 911 Commission - Forgedda Boudit ... Delta Oil is owned by the two Saudi families of Khalid bin Mahfouz and Mohammed Hussein al ... Bin Mahfouz is Osama's brother-in-law. His sister married bin Laden. ...
Truth, Lies + The Legend of 11.Sep.2001 ... Clinton ; + that the Israelis stole the sophisticated PROMIS software , which eventually ... a brother-in-law of Osama bin Laden, Khalid bin Mahfouz , was reported .
US-Wahlen: Wahl-Computer gehackt | Politik | Forum | Khalid Bin Mahfouz Gast, ... für Gerüchte + Spekulatives aus Politik, Showbiz & Promis , Sport, Wirtschaft ... PHP-Nuke is Free Software released under the GNU/GPL ..
20041229 Several of your private names are being served up to the Internet by the Windows networking system.

While it's unlikely that this information can be exploited, you should know what anyone can learn about you + your system URL:

Shields UP! is checking YOUR computer's Internet connection security . . . currently located at IP: 878.676.455.098  Please Stand By.. Attempting connection to your computer. . .
Shields UP! is now attempting to contact the Hidden Internet Server within your PC.

It is likely that no one has told you that your own personal computer may now be functioning as an Internet Server with neither your knowledge nor your permission.

And that it may be serving up all or many of your personal files for reading, writing, modification and even deletion by anyone, anywhere, on the Internet!
Your Internet port 139 does not appear to exist!
One or more ports on this system are operating in FULL STEALTH MODE! Standard Internet behavior requires port connection attempts to be answered with a success or refusal response.

Therefore, only an attempt to connect to a nonexistent computer results in no response of either kind.

But YOUR computer has DELIBERATELY CHOSEN NOT TO RESPOND (that's very cool!) which represents advanced computer and port stealthing capabilities.

A machine configured in this fashion is well hardened to Internet NetBIOS attack and intrusion.
Unable to connect with NetBIOS to your computer.
The attempt to connect to your computer with NetBIOS protocol over the Internet (NetBIOS over TCP/IP) FAILED .

But, as you can see below, significant personal information is still leaking out of your system and is readily available to curious intruders.

Since you do not appear to be sharing files or printers over the TCP/IP protocol, this system is relatively secure .

It is exposing its NetBIOS names (see below) over the Internet, but it is refusing to allow connections, so it is unlikely that anyone could gain casual entry into your system due to its connection to the Internet.
Unfortunate as it is, the dangers presented by unprotected use of the Internet are very real + they are growing every day.

Please help to prevent system intrusions by spreading the word and telling your Internet friends about these free services.

They will always be free + they will be enhanced from time to time as other security needs and problems arise.

Iran's air force ordered to defend nuclear facilities from `flying objects' :

The timing of the reported increase in sightings, coming as USA is urging allies to confront Iran over its nuclear program, has strengthened Iranian public perceptions that the objects are surveillance or hostile aircrafts monitoring Iran.

20041229 Zionists Do Not Represent Jews: From the inception of the Zionist State + particularly in recent times, the impression has been created in the World that there is some connection between the State, which falsely calls itself Israel + the Jewish people as a whole.

20041229 Blair ally in African coup plot: FORMER UK cabinet minister Peter Mandelson, a close friend of Tony Blair, is the latest high-profile figure implicated in the foiled plot to overthrow the president of oil-rich Equatorial Guinea.

20041229 Helen Thomas: Bush wants to break promise of Social Security: President Bush is proposing to erode the Social Security system by privatizing part of it, making Wall Street the big winner of a huge financial windfall.

20041229 Gov. Bush considers privatizing some welfare assistance program: More than 2.3 million of the state's poorest citizens may have decisions on their Medicaid eligibility and other welfare assistance programs made by a company if Gov. Jeb Bush decides to award a $700 million program to the private sector.

20041229 30 000 missing on Indian islands: 30 000 people are missing after five villages in the archipelago were swept away by a tsunami, district official GC Gupta said on Monday.

20041229 Neo-fascism in America   : Too many people believe fascism is only about goose-stepping, jack-booted Nazis. Too many people believe that American democracy is so strong that fascists could never take control of America. If you are sympathetic to those views, I invite you to consider the possibility that you are mistaken.

20041229 Dissent is not disloyal : ` Can an American who wants the United States to lose the war in Iraq be patriotic?'

20041229 20041229 Mortuary Unit in Iraq Trying on Marines : These Marines must cope with one of the most psychologically punishing but unavoidable tasks of war.

20041229 Patrick J. Buchanan : 'Staying the Course' Won't Do : For some of Bush's countrymen, there is a sense of having been had, of having been made victim to one of the great bait-and-switches in the history of warfare.

20041229 The US falls for the Soviet trap in Iraq : The record of the US-led occupation of Iraq appears to be somewhat worse. An assessment over the past 20 months clearly reveals that proportionally the US has caused more damage to Iraq and its people and has incurred more human and material costs than the Soviets did in Afghanistan.

20041229 Naomi Klein : Yes, you must pull out - but also pay for the damage : The US isn't protecting or feeding Iraqis, it's stoking violence and hardship

20041229 Shopping for War: You might think that the debacle in Iraq would be enough for the Pentagon, that it would not be in the mood to seek out new routes to unnecessary wars for the United States to fight. But with Donald Rumsfeld at the apex of the defense establishment, enough is never enough.

20041229 Tales Of Torture and The American Dream : I'd been a reporter for twenty-five years and considered myself a professional skeptic, yet I'd been duped. I consoled myself with the thought that I was in good company. If I'd been duped, so had the Pentagon, the Coalition Provisional Authority + one of the nation's most esteemed newspapers.

20041229 American gulag? : FBI documents make Guantanamo Bay seem not much different than Abu Ghraib

20041229 Alberto Gonzales : Hispanics can do better than 'yes man': Many of these Latino organizations will refuse to utilize their reasoning skills and will support and defend Gonzales just because he is a Latino

20041229 The Right's Assault on Kofi Annan: The neoconservative and paleoconservative assault on him and the UN has been like a slightly slower version of the Swift Boat veterans' campaign against Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry--right down to the halfhearted and belated disavowals by George W. Bush.

20041229 China Expands. Europe Rises. And the United States . . .: The signposts, at the end of this year, are ominous. As an economic power, the United States no longer sets the rules, much less rule the game.

20041229 Russia and China to Hold Joint Maneuvers : Russia and China are set to hold unprecedented joint military maneuvers on Chinese territory next year involving both nations' air forces and navies, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said in the Kremlin on Monday.

20041229 Ukraine's Yushchenko Wins Presidency: Opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko will be Ukraine's next president, election officials said Monday. Latest figures gave Yushchenko 53 percent of the vote to Yanukovych's 44 percent.

20041229 Opposition Win Could Open Ukraine for Investment: Liberal opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko's victory in Ukraine's election will help revive reforms, improve the business climate and put the former Soviet state on foreign investors' maps after years of neglect.

20041229 Uzbekistan: International Observers Say Vote Fell Short Of Standards

20041229 Syria slams Israel for not replying to peace offer: Syrian Vice President says US regards Palestinian resistance in occupied territories as terrorism.

20041229 Poll shows troops in support of war : Sixty-three percent of respondents approve of the way President Bush is handling the war + 60% remain convinced it is a war worth fighting. Support for the war is even greater among those who have served longest in the combat zone: Two-thirds of combat vets say the war is worth fighting.

20041229 Injured Soldier Critical of War in Iraq: "There's a lot of people that don't think we should be there ... like my unit," Herrera says. "We're not doing good out there. We're just soldiers dying left and right."

20041229 Disasters Natural and Unnatural: Before there was an earthquake and tsunami, there was Wolfowitz . Indonesia finally makes the front page in the U.S. Unfortunately, it's not because of Paul Wolfowitz's activities there.

20041229 Tsunami's toll climbs to 44,000 : The death toll from a tsunami that pummelled 11 countries rose to 44,000 people on Tuesday after Sri Lanka and Malaysia dramatically boosted their number of confirmed deaths.

20041229 Dramatic Images Of Tsunami Emerge: From NBC News and the Associated Press, new images of the South Asian tsunami disaster.

20041229 Ohio GOP Election Officials Ducking Subpoenas as Kerry Enters Stolen Vote Fray

20041229 History will show U.S. lusted after oil: A year-and-a-half into the U.S. occupation of Iraq, with the carnage over there spiraling ever more out of control, don't expect media discussions of Iraq to stray much beyond the issue of "fighting terrorism."

20041229 Unemployed and gray? Truly, Uncle Sam wants you : They are desperate. How else can I explain the fact that I am 54 years old and the military is trying to recruit me?

20041229 An Open Letter to Our Leaders From an Iraq War Soldier: Our soldiers are putting their lives on the line. - We see no pictures of the sacrifice. That is hidden + our media is ordered not to show it. We see only words and videos of politicians speaking boldly about supporting our military + honoring their service with all the best equipment, supplies + motivation. We see nothing of the loss, the destruction: It is kept from us. 

20041229 In case you missed it: Back-Door Draft: In the military, a "stop loss" order keeps military personnel on duty beyond their contracted time. Some soldiers are protesting. They claim that the military has broken their contract. Kevin Benderman's service has been extended an additional 9 months. He shared his feelings about the stop loss order.

20041229 Commentary: Osama's new strategy: Don't hold your breath, but it begins to look like a new al-Qaida MO -- shifting the focus of terrorist attacks from the U.S. mainland to U.S. interests in the Middle East and European governments that support the United States in Iraq.

The Truth About Terrorism : 85 percent of Bush supporters said that the country was "safer from terrorism" in 2004 than it was in 2000 + 79 percent said that the war in Iraq "has improved the long-term security of the United States."

20041229 Abuse claims match those described by FBI : At least 10 current and former detainees at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have lodged allegations of abuse similar to the incidents described by FBI agents in newly released documents, claims that were denied by the government but gained credibility with the reports from the agents, their attorneys say.

CIA makes no disclosures on abuse: The CIA is refusing to disclose any information about abuse of detainees in Afghanistan and at the U.S. naval base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, invoking a legal precedent that involved a secret project by the billionaire Howard Hughes to recover a sunken Soviet nuclear submarine in the 1970s.

'Ghost' jet used for terror suspects: A US jet registered to a ghost company whisks terror suspects to countries that use torture, according to the Washington Post.

Juan Cole: Bin Laden votes in Iraq and Shoots himself in the Foot: In declaring "infidels" all who vote under the "infidel" interim constitution negotiated by Iraqi politicians with US civil administrator Paul Bremer last winter, Bin Laden is seeking to counter the decree of grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani that Iraqis must vote in the upcoming elections or they will be consigned to hell.

20041229 Analysis: Iraq edges towards civil war : Iraq faces the prospect of civil war as Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's government loses credibility and violence against U.S. forces increases, according to almost a half dozen former and serving administration officials.

Inside Falluja: 'Nothing to come back to' : I was there, inside the city - about 60% to 70% of the homes and buildings are completely crushed and damaged + not ready to inhabit at the moment.

20041229 It's Time To Support The Troops
By Sheila Samples I have a considerable stash of words, but none sufficiently harsh to describe the contempt I feel for these Democrat and Republican legislators who silently lowered their heads -- who turned their backs -- and allowed Bush and Rumsfeld to send their young constituents to their deaths.
Continued .

17.Mar.2003 Israel's Secret Weapon Broadcast on BBC Two -This film is the story of the bomb, Vanunu and Israel's wall of silence.  Click here to watch it online.

20041229 The Power of Nightmares "Baby It’s Cold Outside”

In the past our politicians offered us dreams of a better world. Now they promise to protect us from nightmares.

The most frightening of these is the threat of an international terror network. But just as the dreams were not true, neither are these nightmares.

This is a must watch BBC documentary - Updated 12/28/04;  Now has full transcript.    Click here to watch it online now!

20041229 An Observation about the nature of 'Security'
A number of Microsoft spokesmen have publicly stated that Windows XP is the most secure operating system they have ever produced. The declaration itself is patently absurd.

'Security', like the endurance of an alloy, can only be proven over time.

Microsoft can say that they hope Windows XP will be the most secure system they have ever made, or that they tried to make it secure.

But they have no basis for a statement that it is actually secure. That judgement may only be properly made by history.
It should escape no one's attention that, thus far, Windows XP has proven to be THE LEAST SECURE operating system Microsoft has ever produced.
20041229 Can't anyone make an honest mistake?
Of course, but this was intentional + Microsoft has still not learned their lesson: Do not enable Internet servers to be running, by default, in consumer computers.

The last time Microsoft did this, the server was called "File and Printer Sharing". The insecurity of that decision has caused untold customer damage through the years and it still causes serious problems.

Consequently, the most troubling aspect of this issue is that the POTENTIAL for this insecurity was intentionally and needlessly designed into Windows XP from the start.

ALMOST NO ONE uses or needs to have Universal Plug and Play enabled today. Yet every copy of Windows XP sold has it enabled and running by default.

This goes to the heart of Microsoft's lack of understanding,
or lack of honest concern, about security.

For Microsoft to proclaim that Windows XP is the most secure Windows operating system ever shipped - while every copy has an unnecessary Internet server running - makes a mockery of their professed commitment to security.

20041229 the ballooning absentee vote numbers in Turnball County, Ohio:
The Trumbull County investigation showed some 650 more absentee votes than there were absentee voters identified in the poll books examined.

If the absentee vote inflation rate there were consistent statewide, then over 63,000 votes were up for grabs in Ohio.

This unexplained problem would have been brought to light much earlier had it not been for an unlawful directive by Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell to prevent any public inspection of poll books prior to vote certification. Let us summarize.
A right-leaning Ohio newspaper damns Conyers because of an unproven allegation of "funny numbers" in Detroit.

But when similar allegations come backed by actual data + when the dubious activity occurs in Ohio, + when a Democrat suffers -- that isn't anything for an Ohio newspaper to worry about. URL:
20041229 attempt to smear Conyers because it gives us a hint as to the propaganda barrage the Republicans will surely mount, should his efforts justify a major counter-attack.URL:
20041229 An anti-Conyers editorial in an
the Port Clinton News Herald (an Ohio newspaper)URL:
Video proof. Want to see a strong video demonstration of the outrageous efforts to disenfranchise black voters in Ohio?
Click here URL:
The revelation that Triad used a modem to hack into the tabulators before the recount is verified by the
Green Party Website. (You'll have to scroll down.)URL:
20041229 By the it true (as
this story claims) that shadowy Republican pollster Frank Luntz helped run the exit polls in the Ukraine? For an eye-opening run-down on Luntz' startling career, check here.
More on Triad : A professional computer consultant offers a
few choice words on Triad's "ever so helpful" system of offering modem access to tabulating machines: URL:
20041229 Let's all hang with the Kerrys : There is a movement to maintain a
vigil outside John Kerry's house, in order to pressure him not to certify the electoral college vote on 06.Jan.2005 URL:
According to
today's AP story on the recount, "Kerry gained 734 more votes in the recount, and Bush picked up 449." URL:
This blogger's account from 18.Dec.2004 shows evidence that Coshocton County, Ohio, showed a wide variety of reported vote totals. At some point between Blackwell's official count on 06.Dec.2004 + an official county announcement of vote totals issued on December 10, the number of votes jumped from 16,242 to 17,300. The recount brought the number up to 17,329. Over a thousand new votes were "found."URL:
friendly dictators... have few rights + adultery by women is punished ... to extend Pinochet's rule, so he altered the constitution ... his downfall; he was overthrown when photos of him ...
Timeline 2001a... in Oregon reported the 1st genetically altered monkey produced - arrested in San Jose after a photo lab clerk - explosives rigged car injured one woman in Jerusalem

20041229 Report on fact-finding mission to Afghanistan 1-29 November 1997 ... View as HTML 5. Penalties for women 6. Position of women in Hazarajat F. Religious matters 8.Afghan refugees in neighbouring countries A. Iran : increase/decrease?
20041229 Pic: Christina Aguilera Dressed Like a 42nd St. Whore. ... Compassionate Conservatives: Woman gets run ... CIA Bin Twistin: Facts Altered in Anti-Terror Effort.

20041221 .. & Number features digital collages + photo-based work ...+ Stoned to Death : An Iranian woman charged with .. UK terror law: "My role has been altered to provide

20041229 URL: the Guardian:
Cliff Arnebeck, an attorney representing the voters in the challenge, wasn't taking much stock in the recount effort.

Cliff Arnebeck questioned why there was no independent investigation into the accuracy of USA counting machines to determine whether the machines had been tampered with.
Cliff Arnebeck : "You're allowing the original error to be repeated a second time, so it's not a meaningful recount" . URL:
For a
fine analysis of the trouble USA Ohio Supremes have just handed Cliff Arnebeck, go to georgia10's extremely helpful diary on Daily Kos.

You'll have to scroll down to the update at the very end. URL:
20041229 The
Free Press also reports that Blackwell is doing his damnedest not to make any statement about the election under oath:
Richard Conglianese, Ohio Assistant Attorney General, is seeking a court order to protect Blackwell from testifying under oath about how the election was run. Blackwell, who administered Ohio's November 2 balloting, served as co-chair of the Bush-Cheney campaign.
James R. Dicks, Miami County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, filed a motion to block a subpoena in his county while Conglianese filed to block subpoenas in ten key Ohio counties. All of which has a "we've got 'em on the run" flavor." Alas, matters are not so simple. The Supreme Court of Ohio has moved to dismiss a large part of Arnebeck's case. That Court, dominated by Republicans, has also been asked to quash the subpoenas on Bush and his comrades. URL:
20041229 Subpoenas for the Prez, Cheney + Rove?

The Nashua Advocate asserts that the lawyers involved with Cliff Arnebeck's suit in Ohio will attempt to depose the men who run our country + will also seek a deposition from George W. Bush. URL:
Brad's response to the latest anti-Curtis barrage by Keith Olbermann. Face it, folks: Olbermann's no longer on our side.

That's not the problem. The problem is, he seems to have gone over to the other side. URL:
Ukraine: Oppositions-Anhänger blockieren Janukowitschs Amtssitz

20041229 Top Ten der Forschung: Medikamente für die Welt

(Wissenschaft,Forum zur Flutkatastrophe: Wer sucht Angehörige, wer hat Informationen?

20041229 Börse am Morgen: Dax startet mit neuem Jahreshoch

20041229 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Als Muslim habe ich Angst"

20041229 Seebeben: Indonesien schätzt Wiederaufbau-Kosten auf eine Milliarde Dollar

20041229 Flutwellen-Katastrophe: Vierjähriger überlebte auf einem Baum

20041229 Deutsche Touristen: Nur noch ein Wunder kann die meisten Vermissten retten

29.Dec.2004 , Südasien-Katastrophe: Massengräber für die Opfer der Tsunamis

20041229 Zitate von Susan Sontag: "Amerika ist ein Land voll religiösem Irrsinn"

Kultur, Kampf um Präsidentschaft: Juschtschenko will Regierungsgebäude weiter blockieren

Search for missing people in the database, someone may know about them. If they are not yet in the database, please create a new record with accurate information If you are a victim too, search for your own name; someone might be looking for you too.

28.Dec.2004 Kreditwürdigkeit: Ratingagentur mahnt zum Reformeifer

28.Dec.2004 Bundesbank: Teurer Euro lässt Gewinne schmilzen

28.Dec.2004 Interessen-Kollision: Berlusconi nicht mehr Milan-Präsident

28.Dec.2004 Literatur: Susan Sontag ist tot

28.Dec.2004 Seuchengefahr: WHO befürchtet Verdoppelung der Opferzahlen

28.Dec.2004 Flut-Waisen: Die Geschichte des kleinen Hannes

28.Dec.2004 Optimistischer Kanzler: "Der Gewinner sind wir"

28.Dec.2004 Mafia-Prozess: Andreotti in letzter Instanz freigesprochen

28.Dec.2004 Gefährlicher Aufstieg: Auch Wale werden taucherkrank

20041228 Flutschaden: Versicherer rechnen mit zweistelligem Milliardenbetrag

20041228 Monsterwellen: Tsunamis lauern überall

20041228 Khao Lak: Tod im Paradies

28.Dec.2004 Minister-Tod in der Ukraine: Wer hat den Karussellmeister auf dem Gewissen?

20041228 Wahl auf den Malediven verschoben: "Unsere Nation ist in Gefahr"

Südasien-Katastrophe: 50.000 starben in den Fluten

20041228 Spanien: Islamisten planten Anschlag mit schmutzigen Bomben

20041228 Folgen der Flut: Ökonomische Schäden überschaubar

20041228 Tsunami-Warnungen: Radiosender spielten die Gefahr herunter

20041228 Bush: The Cabinet of Incuriosities

20041228 GG thread was an NSA op. GLP is now under their thumb. Bills for internet access limitations will soon be announced in Congress.

20041228 Die Verschwörungs-Anhänger verweisen nun erneut darauf, dass es kurz nach den Angriffen mehrere Augenzeugenberichte aus Shanksville gegeben habe, die alle von einem zweiten, militärisch aussehenden Flugzeug nahe der entführten Maschine berichtet hatten.
Doch laut CNN bleibt das Pentagon dabei: Rumsfeld habe sich an Weihnachten schlicht versprochen.
20041228 Washington - Es war auf dem überraschenden Flug Donald Rumsfelds am Weihnachtsabend nach Bagdad.

Vor Begleitern + Journalisten sprach Rumsfeld unter anderem auch über den United Airlines-Flugs 93 am 11.Sep.2001.

In seinen Anmerkungen sprach Rumsfeld von:

"den Leuten, die die Vereinigten Staaten in New York angegriffen haben, die das Flugzeug über Pennsylvania abgeschossen haben und das Pentagon angegriffen haben."
Ein Sprecher des Pentagon beeilte sich laut CNN, den Passus als Versprecher Rumsfelds abzutun.

Doch da ging es in den Verschwörer-Foren im Netz schon längst hoch her.

"Was es ein Ausrutscher?

War es ein Irrtum?

Oder war es die Wahrheit, die schließlich drei Jahre nach der Tragödie die Öffentlichkeit erreicht?", schrieb etwa jemand im .
11.Sep.2001: Rumsfeld liefert neues Verschwörungsmaterial

20041228 Top Ten der Forschung: Kein Schlag ins Wasser

20041228 Katastrophe in Indonesien: Der Krieg nach der Flut

20041228 Stabilitätspakt: Künftiger EU-Ratspräsident Juncker fordert eiserne Disziplin

20041228 Die Zukunft der Überwachung II: Wachsende Missbrauchsgefahr

20041228 Deutsche Urlauber berichten: "Die Kinder sind einfach überrollt worden"

20041206 The Gladio " Sheepskin " group was involved in a campaign of terrorist bombings, which were ... the nation from a "Communist take-over", he plunged Greece for the ... 27.Dec.2004

"Staying Behind" NATO's Terror Network As the 50th anniversary of ...infiltrating special units into Greece specifically in ... the Greek based "Operation Sheepskin " mentioned in ... branch - codenamed Operation Gladio - was exposed in ...

Vornado Realty Trust - GREECE : "In the 00.Apr.1967 national elections in Greece , the veteran liberal ... TheGladio ' Sheepskin ' group was involved in a campaign of terrorist bombings ...;read=45923

A Strategy of Tension -Through Operation SHEEPSKIN , the CIA worked with former Nazi collaborators in Greece to institute a ... Italian organization called Il Gladio — set up in

Gladio oder die Rache Moros - In the 00.Apr.1967 national elections in Greece , the veteran liberal ... was one ideological common denominator: extreme rightism." The Gladio " Sheepskin " group was ...

20041228 WHAT THE GARY WEBB CORRECTIONS MEAN - Crack the CIA! Just one CIA drug ring, that of Rafael Caro Quintero and Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo based in Guadalajara, Mexico was smuggling four tons A MONTH into the US ...

20041228 US Army - Timeline of Terrorism.. Kidnapping of US Officials in Mexico, 07.Feb.1985 Under the orders of narcotrafficker Rafael Caro Quintero , Drug Enforcement Administration agent Enrique ...

20041228 TP: Drug dealer charities and drug dealer blessings (12-97)... the basilica of Guadalupe, doctor in theology and professor of the Papal University of Mexico, qualified as "generous donors," Rafael Caro Quintero and Amado ...!TP.97.12/9712.arturo.eng.html

20041228 Founding of the NED The NED was first funded by President Ronald Reagan in 1982 and shaped by an initial study undertaken by the American Political Foundation.

20041228 Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Carlyle pulls out of Iraq debt ... ... Carlyle pulls out of Iraq debt recovery consortium David Leigh Friday October 15, 2004 The Guardian The Carlyle Group , a large investment firm linked to US + ...,3604,1327956,00.html
Alternatives : Carlyle Covers Up ... was hard evidence that the Carlyle Group -the “ex ... 18 months we ever had,” boasted Carlyle Chief Investment ... in swing states, if another election needs stealing ...
Old Right News: News Drop for page OLD RIGHT News on NewsIsFree ... deadlock Terms of repeat presidential election not yet ... Dezember soll in der Ukraine erneut per Stichwahl ... services and buyouts, the Carlyle Group , Apex Partners .

AxisofLogic/ Global Empire ... Qatar), Global Empire US intervenes in disputed Ukraine election : Who the ... Greg Palast, -Greg Global Empire The Carlyle Group and US ...
IRI : Around The Globe ... Baker & Botts + Senior Counselor to the Carlyle Group . ... the 1994 + 1995 elections in Ukraine , 1994 elections ...

He served as an IRI election observer in Nigeria ...

The Left Coaster: Offshoring The Outrage ... regional election monitoring effort" in Ukraine , involving more ... for helping other people win elections and take ... The Carlyle Group would stand to make a lot of ...

RIGZONE - Is Gazprom Going To Get Yukos? ... The Ukraine election , reportedly fraught with significant amounts of ... is that the Ukrainian election is taking ... player has not been mentioned, the Carlyle Group . ... 26.Dec.2004
20041228 Stop the Carlyle Group ! The English Version ... the Bush family or why the recent election was all ... Don't want The Carlyle Group to be angry... 08.Dec.2004 - Ukraine Government Was to Stage Terror Attack. 26.Dec.2004

Political Affairs Magazine ... Book Review - The Iron Triangle: Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group, ... US Government Behind Ukraine's Election Crisis (online edition), ...

US Accused of Using Poison Gases in Fallujah: ... shtml === Truth and Consequences in Ukraine : When the ... to Democracy: With the re- election of George W ... html === Investing in War: The Carlyle Group profits from 11-30-04/discussion.cgi.18.html
20041202 ... a bit like a Company that Carlyle Group would have .. full revote - as is now proposed for the Ukraine ? . boneheads" for continuing to question the election results ... - 101k

Onex Corp. News and Latest Information ... Carlyle Group , an investment firm based in Washington, DC + the Canadian investment group Onex Corp. ... GKN PLC, Carlyle Group , Vought Aerospace and Onex Corp. ...

IHT: Alaska loophole for no-bid contracts... with an Alaskan native corporation called Alutiiq + Vance ... t otherwise need help getting contracts ," said Danielle ... for the Project on Government Oversight, a .

[PDF] Wackenhut White_7-04 - View as HTML ... According to Wackenhut’s financial reports, nuclear power plants and sensitive government contracts accounted for 40 percent of Wackenhut’s 2002 ... %7B86E08E92-2AA4-4C57-9747-F8358B59C1E8%7D.PDF

20041228 Tip: Try Google Answers for help from expert researchers Suburban Guerrilla ... that a voting company representative tampered with voting equipment in ... watched a representative of Triad Systems enter ... also known as dominionists ), a smaller ... /

20041221 .. by Stealth + Deception:

How the Dominionists Are Succeeding ... on the mystery of the Triad employee named .. Barbian who, while examining a voting machine during

Sensibly Eclectic Main As the Dominionists continue their announced intentions to ... him to existing allegations that Triad Systems, a Republican-linked supplier of voting machines to ... blogs/index.php/mainsite?skin=babyblues - 101k - 26 Dec 2004

The Hybrid Series #10: Mastering Fear in the Face of Utter Demonic ...the coattails of the tyrannical triad , not realizing ... and a gaggle of other dominionists now in ..election"- with conventions, debates, ads, voting , the whole

20041228 Irak: Bin Laden ruft zum Wahlboykott auf

20041228 Verbrecherjagd: SMS-Fahndung floppt

(Netzwelt,Ukraine: Janukowitsch beklagt Einmischung der USA

20041228 Touristen in Südostasien: Thomas Cook holt alle Rückreisewilligen bis Donnerstag zurück

20041228 indred cole said:
Just a guess on my part but i would have to say that if this
much chatter was made on the net previous to + regarding 911 11.Sep.2001,
there is a good chance the Zionistas would have had second
thoughts about going ahead with the operation."
That´s hands down one of the best comments I´ve read in this
whole thread. Tip to the hat.

20041228 Just a guess on my part but i would have to say that if this much chatter was made on the net previous to + regarding 11.Sep.2001, there is a good chance the Zionistas would have had second thoughts about going ahead with the operation. jmo

20041228 i can´t believe you guys are still "waiting" for something; earthquake tsunami kills 15,000 wasn´t big enough for u? are there still people who believe we can´t manipulate the weather? cia has had earthquake causing capabilities for decades; but i think they were testing new technology.

20041228 Re: 27.Dec.2004 ... Expect "something big" ... This is it, folks
"The communists in Western Europe and America must ... strive everywhere to awaken the masses + draw them into the struggle ... It is difficult to do this in Western Europe and America, but it can be done and must be done. Propaganda, agitation and organization inside the armed movements and among the oppressed must be coordinated in a new way." V.I. Lenin

28.Dec.2004 Ohr-Motoren: Fliegen besitzen mechanische Schallverstärker

28.Dec.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Trällernde, hüftschwingende Hitlers"

28.Dec.2004 Thailand: Mehr als 700 ausländische Flutopfer in Khao Lak

28.Dec.2004 Ukraine: Minister tot in Datscha gefunden

Three New Satellite Books from Clarke Foundation Vice Chairman Dr. Joseph N. Pelton Cover Wide Range of Topics
Arthur C. Clarke Foundation Announces Scholarships Honoring John L. McLucas and Burton I. Edelson
Retired Lockheed Martin Executive Norman R. Augustine Presents 2004 Arthur C. Clarke Lecture; Former Matra Marconi Space Chief Claude Goumy Receives Arthur C. Clarke Lifetime Achievement Award
24.May 2004
Arthur C. Clarke Foundation Unveils New Website
22.May 2004
Sir Arthur Clarke Named Recipient of 2004 Heinlein Award
Dominion. As you know, the vote-riggers justify their criminality through a belief in Christian Reconstructionism, or Dominionism. This is the weltanschauung of the Ahmanson family, which runs ESS, the company that counts so many of our votes. I urge you to check out
this video on the Dominionist menace.
20041228 Revote in Florida and Ohio! Sign the
petition! Do I think that these petitions serve much purpose in real life? Um...hard to say.

At any rate, big numbers will hearten everyone who cares about this issue.
Feeney sues . Representative Tom Feeney has
filed a lawsuit against the Seminole Chronicle for the story they did on Clinton Curtis, the programmer who has claimed under oath that he was Feeney tasked him to come up with a prototype vote-rigging program. I strongly suggest that you read not just Brad Friedman's in depth reportage, but also the very revealing reader commentary.
Computer vote fraud in Texas . The office is a small one, but the issues loom large:
"As I look back over the General Election held on Nov. 2, 2004, I know that voting is a 'right' that is being taken away everyday," writes Brenda Denson-Prince.

But she is not writing about far away places like Ohio or Florida. She is writing about her own attempt to become the first woman in Kaufman County, Texas to sit on the County Commissioners Court.

Bottom line: The central tabulators stole the election from her. The problem was, of course, labeled a "glitch." She called for a recount, which was also gamed:

20041228 Kerry files .
William Rivers Pitt reports that John Kerry has filed motions to preserve possible evidence of electoral fraud in Ohio.

I'm glad that he is getting into this + I'm glad that the dialogue is turning to "fraud," as opposed to "problems."
Of course, as anyone who has ever been involved with a lawsuit knows, the filing of a motion does not mean that a judge will allow it.

But if it is allowed, Triad will have to offer a sworn deposition. It'll be interesting to see who pays the bills for his lawyer.
Unconcession? you may have heard
a rumor that Kerry will "un-concede" on January 6 (the feast of the Epiphany and Joan of Arc's birthday).

20041228 The fire at the Ramada Inn on JFK near the Beltway has gone to three alarms. Right now, we don't know the cause of the fire. Ramada Worldwide spokesman Emanuel Naim said everyone inside the three-story 128-room hotel had been evacuated

20041228 A second alarm was called at about 03:20 p.m. after flames broke through the three-story hotel's roof.Officials said the hotel had been evacuated and that no injuries had been reported.

More than 100 firefighters are battling a three-alarm fire at a north Houston hotel near Bush Intercontinental Airport.The cause of the fire has not been determined.
Hotel fire on JFK Blvd. goes to three alarms Firefighters are trying to prevent the fire from spreading across the roof.

A spokesperson for Bush Intercontinental Airport report that the fire had not affected air traffic or airport operations.

Posted on Monday, December 27 @ 14:35:37 PST by

Breaking News Firefighters Battle Blaze At Hotel Near Bush Intercontinental

HOUSTON TX USA)- Firefighters are battling a three -alarm fire at a north Houston hotel near Bush Intercontinental Airport. Firefighters were called to the Ramada Inn, 15350 John F. Kennedy Boulevard at World Houston Parkway, at about 3 p.m. after the fire was reporte
20041227 "In Germany, we have the best knowledge of styling," said Jurgen Burkhardt of Leinfelden-Echterdingen, a former world champion. 'Beard Olympics'

1755 starben 60.000 Bewohner Lissabons, als sie nach einem Erdbeben an das Tejoufer flüchteten und dort von einer riesigen Welle überrascht wurden.
20041227 Genau genommen fließt dabei kein Wasser wie in einem Fluss; lediglich die Energie wird weitergeleitet, indem ein Wassermolekül an das nächste stößt. Rund 80 Prozent aller Monsterwellen suchen den Pazifischen Ozean heim.
20041227 Dabei wird schlagartig eine kaum vorstellbare Energiemenge freigesetzt.

Am Sonntag entsprach sie, so Klaus-Peter Hinzen von der Erdbebenwarte der Universität Köln, dem gesamte Energieverbrauch der USA in einem Jahr.

Der Potsdamer Forscher Lühr schätzt, dass der Meeresboden schlagartig um etwa zehn Meter nach oben geschossen ist.

Was dann passierte, erklärt Lühr mit einem kleinen Experiment in der Badewanne: "Wenn man ein Brett im Wasser schnell nach oben bewegt, steigt der Wasserspiegel darüber kurz an und eine Welle entsteht."
20041227 Im Meer vor Sumatra drückt die indisch-australische Platte auf die eurasische. Am Sonntagmorgen kam es zum Big Bang:

Auf mehreren Hundert Kilometern zerbrach der Meeresboden. Riesige Flächen wurden in Sekundenbruchteilen um 10 Meter nach oben gedrückt, kaum vorstellbare Energiemengen freigesetzt.

Mob tie unknown to clients -- at first - Sunday, 4/18/99 They gave it the trimmings of a certain amount of legitimacy," said Lothar Genge , a former assistant US attorney, who helped close EZ and prosecute its owners. ...

Rafael L Corona Secret Money Market. 1990 (167). FRIEDMANN DAVID A: Covert Action Information Bulletin 1990-#35 (47). GENGE LOTHAR : Houston Post 1990 ...

United States v. LaFontaine 00.Aug.1998, one of LaFontaine's former lawyers, Lothar Genge , requested a modification of the bail conditions to allow LaFontaine to speak with Reyes Jr.

Gotti Heir Busted ... said. Corozzo, 56 + Davino, 53, may not be back on the street for some time, according to Assistant US Attorney Lothar Genge . "We

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The Mouthpiece File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML January B-Days Terry Long 1 Doug Davis 12 Al Escobar 13 Dan Baeza 15 Christian Cao 15 Jaime Sanchez 16 Julianne Lake 23 Lothar Genge 24 Keith Sherrill 30 Juan ...


frontline: drug wars: archive: who profits from drugs? | PBS LOTHAR GENGE , Prosecutor Mr. Gissendanner, in fact, was in turn ah, using substantial amounts of cash and making cash deliveries to persons in the Tallahassee ...

Omega-News: Religious Exploitation + the New American Creed - ... Omega-News. Religious Exploitation + the New American Creed. Moral Victory by Dom Stasi . Starmail - am Dienstag, 14. /

The following references are provided to start you on that road - or as an aid to sleep, whichever you prefer. (DS) Dom Stasi

All the President's Pis -CIA. IGI does auditing, intelligence + security work for major clients including 3M, Lockheed , Sen. Ted ... Cobain. Wackenhut Corp. - Founded

A Hiroshima in the US? (August 4, 1999) Some of them go to work for Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin + other ... Wackenhut Services, which provides security for the Rocky Flats nuclear facility near

Attendee List for Spring 98 Meeting Gary Branson, Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies Corporation (LMITCO), (208)526-6529, (208)526-8526. ... Kevin Cannon, Wackenhut Services, Inc.

Aug 2-I've Got Nothing Up My Sleeve ... Test Site and the Federal Counterterrorism facility, both managed through Bechtel, Wackenhut and Lockheed Martin are also located on Western Shoshone lands.

Lista di manager Richard Powers: KB Home Corp.,. Richard R Wackenhut : Wackenhut Corp,. ... Robert Astley: Sun Life Financial Inc.,. Robert B Coutts: Lockheed Martin Corp.,. ...

Search Three firms-- Wackenhut , CCA and Cornell Companies (CRN)--do almost all the ... divisions of huge companies like Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Lockheed Martin (LMT ...

Nuclear Weapons Facilities TodayCONTRACTORS: Becktel Nevada Corporation, Lockheed Martin Nevada Technologies,Inc. Johnson Controls Nevada, Inc. Wackenhut Services, Inc. ...

NDIA Mile High Chapter Companies ..& Data Systems Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. ... Wackenhut Services, Incorporated Washington Group International WestStart Woodmoor Group Woodward Woodward ...

US Nuclear Weapons Research, Development, Testing + Production ...testing activities) CONTRACTORS: Bechtel Nevada Corporation; Johnson Controls Nevada, Inc.; Lockheed Martin Nevada Technologies, Inc.; Wackenhut Services, Inc.

Companies and Organizations Wackenhut Corporation - Wackenhut Special Securities Division based in Coral Gables...Lockheed , McDonnell-Douglass, Northrup-involved with the replication of

20041227 Carlyle Group Takes Over US Nuclear Weapons Program ..+ he’s our guy.” Wackenhut has ties to ( Lockheed ) Martin-Marietta – 70 % of Lockheed is now owned by the Carlyle Group - going back to 1958.

20041227 Take a look inside the Nuclear Industrial Complex .. of plutonium239 CONTRACTORS: Bechtel Nevada Corporation; Lockheed Martin Nevada Technologies, Inc.; Johnson Controls Nevada, Inc.; Wackenhut Services, Inc.

20041227 Tennessee Independent Media Center: feature/3270 Wackenhut Security was one of the main sponsors of the event, + other groups included Bechtel Jacobs and Lockheed -Martin, all of which are criticized by

20041227 Wackenhut and Privatization - Sidebar In-Q-It . Corp.'s Palo Alto Research Center; Lee Ault, director of Equifax Alex Brown; Stephen Friedman of Goldman Sachs; Norm Augustine, chairman of Lockheed Martin Corp ...

20041227 Power Tools for Fighting Privatization - Horror Stories Wackenhut officials say they are not obligated to pay property taxes at the two prisons ... Lockheed Martin child support enforcement automation contract canceled.

20041227 ON OTHER PAGES Another Junee prisoner has been charged with the death. Junee is run by Australasian Correctional Management ( Wackenhut ). Lockheed again. ...

20041227 Field Office Reports 4005105 2000 192,354 0 0.0 0 0.00 Lockheed Martin/MK-Ferguson Co. ... 2001 1,996,288 2 1.0 3,654 1.83 Total 11,200,662 25 2.2 38,647 3.45 Wackenhut services - OR

20041227 Lockheed Is King of the Contractors -- Again ( ... but dropped down after it sold off most of its federal business to Lockheed... be kind of surprised to find themselves on the list include Wackenhut Services + ...

20041227 CONTENTS .. consortia are: Lockheed Martin with EDS, AT Kearney and Securicor Custodial Services; Group 4 and ICL; PRISM, comprising Premier Prison Services ( Wackenhut and ...

20041227 AOL ::: Find the Alexandria legal jobs you want and other jobs ...Lockheed Martin's vision is to be the world's best systems integrator in ... DC-Washington,Armed Justice Protective Services Officers, Wackenhut Services Inc.

20041227 USDOL/OALJ Reporter: Whistleblower Caselist -- 1997 to 1998-ERA 1998-ERA-35 Glenn v. Lockheed Martin Energy Systems, Inc. ... 1998-ERA-37 Graf v. Wackenhut
Services LLC Order Granting Motion to Quash Subpoena (ALJ Jan. ...

20041202 Don't forget the Carlyle Group Halliburton in addition to Kellogg Root Brown. Wackenhut & Lockheed Martin are in on it too. LOS ALAMOS ken
Auswärtiges Amt Anfangs waren imBRD Auswärtigen Amt mehr ehemalige Mitglieder der NSDAP beschäftigt als während der Zeit des 3. Reichs, noch 1968 waren dort 520 ehemalige ...

Das Auswärtige Amt im Dritten Reich Bis zu Beginn der Weimarer Republik besaßen sowohl sozialdemokratische wie jüdische Beamte keinen Zugang zum Auswärtigen Amt . ... 25.Dez.2004

20041227 Neu Delhi - Kurz nach Registrieren des schweren Seebebens sei Kontakt zu mehreren USA Botschaften und zum US-Außenministerium aufgenommen worden. Der Versuch, die zuständigen Behörden in den asiatischen Staaten zu erreichen, sei aber vergebens gewesen.
Die indische Regierung kündigte inzwischen an, ein Tsunami-Warnsystem zu errichten. Alleine in Indien starben in Folge der verheerenden Flutwelle vermutlich mehr als 6900 Menschen.
Flutwellen-Katastrophe: Neue Berichte über deutsche Opfer

20041227 Seebeben-Katastrophe: "Aber ich weiß doch nicht, wo meine Frau ist!"

20041227 Neues Tonband: Bin Laden ruft Iraker zum Wahlboykott auf

20041227 Ukraine: Janukowitsch will Niederlage nicht anerkennen

20041227 Fernsehbericht: USA wollten vor Flutwelle warnen - kein Alarmsystem