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18.Dec.2004 Orkantief "Dagmar": Strom weg im Schwarzwald, ein Toter im Norden

18.Dec.2004 Kranker Ex-Diktator: Pinochet nach Schlaganfall in Klinik eingeliefert

18.Dec.2004 Sorge in Japan: Verdacht auf Vogelgrippe bei fünf Menschen

18.Dec.2004 Französischer Aufpasser: Ariane setzt Spionage-Satelliten Helios aus

18.Dec.2004 Klammer Minister: Eichel will Goldreserven verhökern

18.Dec.2004 Integrationsprobleme: Bund will Zuzug von osteuropäischen Juden begrenzen

20041202 ... Richard Roeper , of the Chicago Sun - Times, calls us ... Incidentally, Roeper also spews ignorant insults at the Warren ...

01.Dec.2004 Asia Times - Asia's most trusted ...

18.Dec.2004 URL: SPEAKING FREELY - The appeal of fascism -By Richard Risemberg
Speaking Freely is an Asia Times Online feature that allows guest writers to have their say. Please
click here if you are interested in contributing.
"What constitutes the bulwark of our USA own liberty and independence?

It is not our USA frowning battlements, our USA bristling seacoasts, the guns of our USA war steamers, or the strength of our USA gallant + disciplined army.

These are not our USA reliance against a resumption of tyranny in our USA fair land.

All of them may be turned against our USA liberties, without making us stronger or weaker for the struggle.

our USA reliance is in the love of liberty which God has planted in our USA bosoms.

our USA defense is in the preservation of the spirit which prizes liberty as the heritage of all men, in all lands, everywhere.

Destroy this spirit + you have planted the seeds of despotism around your USA own doors.

Familiarize your USAselves with the chains of bondage, + you are preparing your USA own limbs to wear them.

Accustomed to trample on the rights of those around you, you have lost the genius of your USA own independence + become the fit subjects of the first cunning tyrant who rises." - Abraham Lincoln
in these days - What afflicts the people of the USA that they have developed the capacity not only to tolerate, but even to cherish +the blatant lies + hypocrisies + the injustices + the evasions + of course the invasions perpetrated by George W Bush + his neo-conservative cabal?

How can even conservatives themselves stomach this internationalist, interventionist, activist-court-packing, states'-rights-suppressing cat's-paw of the transnational culture of control that is the only heartfelt homeland of the corporate elite?
18.Dec.2004 Notes : URL:





[5] See table at:


[7] See table at:



"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power."Mussolini—Benito

But the overriding question of that original group of pilots was:

If we are at war, who is the enemy?

The group determined that the enemy is within the gates, that he has infiltrated into the highest policy-making positions at the federal level + has absolute control, not only of the purse strings, but of the troop buildup + deployment of our military forces, including active, reserve + National Guard units.

A more recent example is the conspiracy to assassinate Martin Luther King Jr. as described in detail by Attorney William Peppers in his book Act of State (2001).

00.000.1999 -after seventy witnesses provided unimpeachable evidence it took the jury only one hour to determine that J. Edgar Hoover + USA FBI + Richard Helms + USA CIA + USA military + USA local Memphis police + organized crime figures from New Orleans + Memphis plotted to murder King.

The very fact of the trial itself was buried by corporate media. URL:

... neste momento chegaram a El Salvador Rafael Quintero e Robert ... «Dutton e Quintero partiram logo de ... norte-americano do país, desaparecer as armas pessoais, os ...

PORTUGUES GRANMA INTERNACIONAL DIGITAL, CUBA ... Posada Carriles, Frank Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt, Rafael Quintero , José Basulto ... queixa a respeito da qualidade das armas enviadas por Richard Secord . ...

Stop Smiling Magazine: The magazine for high-minded lowlifes ... Carlos Castillo Armas , an army officer, took his ... s old enforcers, like Rafael Quintero ,Raul Villaverde ... Security advisor) and future general Richard Secord . ...

¡Terrorismo, NO! ... Posada, en este momento llegaron a El Salvador Rafael "Chi Chi ... Dutton y Quintero abandonaron rápidamente ... del país, hacer desaparecer sus armas personales, sus ...

NAMES ASSOCIATED WITH HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE It was at Quintero's Guadalajara ranch that USA DEA Agent Kiki ...

1974 , Curso de Armas Combinadas para Cadetes School of the Americas ... Samudio Molina, GEN Rafael (Colombia). ...




NARCOTRÁFICO, DEMOCRACIA Y SOBERANÍA NACIONAL EN COSTA RICA Caro Quintero ... Aeropuerto clandestino B. Piza Tráfico de armas y drogas. ... Hank G. Social Cristiana Rodríguez, el expresidente Rafael Calderón F. y embajador ...

00.000.1957 -After President Armas was assassinated-.. riots.. Shackley + Thomas Clines + Secord, Richard + Edwin Wilson + Albert Hakim + Rafael Quintero + Adolfo Calero ... Resisting Wars in Central America by Sanderson Beck

18.Dec.2004 Acerca de Fidel ... Los veteranos de Bahía de Cochinos Ramón Medina y Rafael Quintero eran los hombres clave en la compañía de transporte aéreo que entregaba las armas a los ...

18.Dec.2004 Michael Moore’s RACIST Words on Miami Cuban Exiles

Los Veteranos de Bahia de Cochino Ramón Medina y Rafael Quintero fueron los jefes principales de la compañia aerea de transporte que suplió las armas a los ...


18.Dec.2004 PortugalURL:
00.Mar.1986-00.Jun.1986 Secord + Hakim drew out their Lake Resources account
apparently in anticipation of the payment for the Iran shipment, which represented the start of a lucrative new venture for the Enterprise.

Phases V-VII of the Contra Arms Sales ()

27.Feb.1986-23.May 1986 the Enterprise paid Defex Portugal about $860,000 for contra weapons.

00.Mar.1986+00.Apr.1986 l + 00.May 1986 Weapons were delivered to Central America in three shipments.

00.Apr.1986-00.Jun.1986 CSF books show profit distributionsnumbered Phases V through VII, totaling $550,471.

20.Jun.1986 -In addition, there was an unnumbered distribution of $37,277 resulting from the Phase VII shipment.

18.Dec.2004 Walsh Iran / Contra Report - Chapter 11 USA v. Thomas G. ... ... America.

He worked primarily with the arms company Defex Portugal , maintaining a small office at the company in Lisbon. When the ...

00.000.1984+00.000.1985 Transworld Arms, Inc., a Montreal-based company that arranged for at least two shipments of arms to the Enterprise Defex -Portugal,Lda., a - BY GOVERNMENTS - Ver em HTML
Walsh Iran Contra Report, Chapter 8 ... II of the Contra Arms Sales () A second order, Phase II, was filled in two plane loads of arms purchased from Defex Portugal : one delivered ..

20041210 ..geomilitech&hl=de&ie=UTF-8target=nwin. 00.000.1984+00.000.1985 ; Defex - Portugal , Lda.,. a Portuguese arms brokerage firm that sold ...

18.Dec.2004 Defex DEFEX . Portugal

1984-1986: Bainerman,J. The Crimes of a President.

1992 (137); Christic Institute. Sheehan Affidavit.- 25.Mär.1988 (185 ...


18.Dec.2004 Lilliths Realm - ATPC - NOTES and REFERENCES ... DAF Special Products Division in the Netherlands; Nauteknik Defence & Security in Norway; Bravia -- Sodedade Luso-Brasileira & ITB in Portugal ; DEFEX + Santa ... -

18.Dec.2004 THE CONTRAS and US INVOLVEMENT - Ver em HTML TWA received their weapons supply from a company called Defex , based in Portugal . Defex arranged for a shipload of weapons ...

18.Dec.2004 Big Brother Incorporated Companies List ... NORWAY. Simrad Optronics A/S. PORTUGAL . Montagrex-Optagrex (Soc Portuguesa de Importaco e Exp). SAUDI ARABIA. ... Night Vision Optics. SPAIN. Defex SA. SWITZERLAND. ...

Tribunal por la Paz Italia, Berlusconi, Silvio, "il cavaliere" y el telecrata. Portugal , Duräo, Jose-Manuel, mercenario 1º. ... DEFEX . Empresa Nacional Bazán. ...

18.Dec.2004 PDF] ACrowd Control Technologies : An Assessment Of Crowd Control ... Ver em HTML . Netherlands Forces / Portugal Bravia-Sociedade Luso- Brasileira de Viatures / ... Gasin Gases Industriale / Spain DEFEX SA / / / East / West Engineering Co / ...

18.Dec.2004 PDF] Exportaciones españolas de armamento 1991 - 1996 Análisis de un ... - Ver em HTML

00.000.1993 recibió 200 Tms de armamento y munición de Defex , valorado en 1.676 millones de ... Portugal 1991 19 1992 1.601 1993 94 1994 114 1995 622 1996 102 TOTAL ...

18.Dec.2004 List of ASBA members. ASBA (the Australia Spain Business ...He was Chairman + CEO of FOCOEX, DEFEX , SOVHISPAN, all Spanish state-owned Carlos Jones has lived in Argentina + Portugal + Spain + UK, where he set up ...


HispaVista : La Bolsa : Noticias : Últimas noticias de la Bolsa ...... 25/07/03 Economía.- Berlusconi promete ayudar a Portugal a resolver los problemas de las ... a Izar para que realice la fusión por absorción de Defex y Defoback ...

18.Dec.2004 Companies - LandSystems Club .. Asia-Pacific Defence Reporter Representative in Italy, Spain. Asian Defence Journal Office for Italy/Switzerland, Spain.

DEFEX , sa, Spain. Einsa, Spain. ...

Companies - LandSystems Club ... Defense News, National Sales Manager, USA. Defense News, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, USA. DEFEX , sa, Spain.

DEFEXPO, India ... -

18.Dec.2004 Indymedia Barcelona: newswire/79804 ... Aquitaine). Participaciones: 8% DEFEX . Grupo EXPAL: Explosivos de Burgos (EDB), Fabricaciones Extremeñas, SA (FAEX) y 99% de Nueva Ecia. ...

06.Feb.1998 Microsoft Word 6 - Ver em HTML 06.Feb.1998 04.Feb.1998. Source: Hardcopy from STOA, Luxembourg. Thanks

18.Dec.2004 - Lo nunca visto en Internet - Buscador ...... Defex An east coast punk band from New York City. ... DEFEX / En nueva ventana, Preview by Thumbshots. Deiter Inc. ... Arts/Music/Styles/Rock/Punk/Bands_and_Artists/D/ - 101k - Resultado suplementar

Noticias Hemeroteca de Noticias de Mundo del 09 de Enero ...... 13:01 - Europa Press Grupo Page, Ineco y Defex modernizarán equipos e ... 18:03 – Europa Press Protección Civil en Portugal activa la alerta ante el temporal de ...

SPAIN, Landmine Monitor Report 1999 All are a part of the group DEFEX (Defense and Export), which, in turn, is controlled

by the INI (the Industry National Institute). ...

Spain, Landmine Monitor Report 2004 Explosivos Alaveses (Expal), Explosivos de Burgos, Fabricaciones Extremeñas +Unión Española de Explosivos, which were all part of the DEFEX (Defense +

18.Dec.2004 PDF] ANNUAL INDEX Acrobat - Ver em HTML ... of union-controlled partner, 15191C,

4 Namibia, Ineco-Page- Defex (Spain) signs-

7 Largest recipient of foreign direct investment, 15285C,

7 Portugal agrees to ...

18.Dec.2004 IMC Praha: newswire/11421 ... Weigensbergova firma Transworld Arms v roce 1985 dodala nikaragujským povstalcùm zbranì, které prostøednictvím portugalské firmy Defex koupila v

18.Dec.2004 [CTRL] Fwd: [CIA-DRUGS] The Enterprise + Its Finances - Ver em HTML ... purchased from Defex Portugal : one delivered in 00.Jan.1985+ the. second in 00.Mar.1985. 8, 1985 Zucker told Farina that Defex Portugal,the

18.Dec.2004 Gehirn-Modell: Hält jeder Wissenschaftler den Schlüssel zur Genialität in den eigenen Händen? URL:,1518,druck-333347,00.html

18.Dec.2004 Eine Eigenheit kreativer Menschen konnten die Wissenschaftler aber doch identifizieren:

In ihren Gehirnen gibt es viel mehr verschiedene Assoziationen zu jedem Gedanken als bei weniger Begabten.

Das liegt einerseits daran, dass viele erfolgreiche und innovative Menschen sehr kontaktfreudig sind und sich im Gespräch mit anderen immer wieder neue Ideen und Anregungen holen.
Andererseits kann das Unterbewusstsein kreativer Menschen häufig sehr schlecht Wichtiges von Unwichtigem unterscheiden - ihr Gehirn nimmt einfach alles nahezu ungefiltert auf.

Dadurch haben diese Menschen viel mehr Informationen zur Verfügung, aus denen sich neue und fruchtbare Gedankenkombinationen bilden können.

Im Gegenzug sind ihre Gehirne durch den fehlenden Filter aber auch sehr viel schneller überlastet.

Die Folge können psychische Störungen wie beispielsweise Schizophrenie sein - eine Krankheit, die ebenfalls durch schlechtere Reizfilter gekennzeichnet ist. URL:,1518,druck-333347,00.html
18.Dec.2004 Eine Portion Eigensinn dagegen ist nötig, damit ein Wissenschaftler festgefahrene Gedankenwege überhaupt verlassen und alte Vorstellungen über Bord werfen kann.URL:,1518,druck-333347,00.html
18.Dec.2004 Der Zufall.
Der bestimmt schließlich schon, welchen Ideen, Theorien und Gedankenmodellen ein Wissenschaftler während seines Studiums begegnet.

Wenn diese Ideen dann im Kopf herumschwirren, ist es ebenfalls Zufall, welcher Gedanke auf welchen stößt.

Bildet sich dabei die richtige Kombination, kann daraus eine neue geniale Idee entstehen. URL:,1518,druck-333347,00.html
18.Dec.2004 Auch heute noch beschäftigen sich Wissenschaftler mit der Frage, warum bestimmten Menschen Dinge einfallen und anderen nicht.

Für Gerd Graßhoff, Professor für Wissenschaftstheorie von der Universität Bern, ist die Sache klar:

Fleiß, Geduld und Zeit - mehr braucht es nicht, um eine geniale Entdeckung zu machen. URL:,1518,druck-333347,00.html
18.Dec.2004 Graßhoffs These: Wenn alle möglichen Lösungen eines Problems systematisch getestet und ausprobiert werden, führt das automatisch zum Durchbruch.

Um das zu beweisen, hat der Wissenschaftler sogar ein Computerprogramm entwickelt, das nach diesem Prinzip wissenschaftliche Entdeckungen nachvollziehen kann,

berichtet das Magazin "Bild der Wissenschaft" in seiner Januar-Ausgabe.
Computern fehlt das Zufalls-Prinzip
Glaubt man dagegen anderen Wissenschaftlern wie dem amerikanischen Kreativitätsforscher Dean Simonton, kann ein Computer niemals eigene kreative Ideen entwickeln.

Dazu fehlt ihm nämlich das nach Ansicht von Simonton wichtigste Moment - der Zufall. URL:,1518,druck-333347,00.html
18.Dec.2004 Kreativitätsforschung
Macht nur Fleiß das Genie zum Genie?

Fleiß, Geduld und Zeit - mehr braucht es nicht für eine geniale Erfindung.

Das behauptet ein Forscher der Universität Bern.

Andere Wissenschaftler machen vor allem mangelhafte Selektionsmechanismen im Hirn für die Geistesblitze verantwortlich.

Für sie steht das Genie wortwörtlich an der Grenze zum Wahnsinn. URL:,1518,druck-333347,00.html

18.Dec.2004 Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D. has more on
vote inflation and vote switching in various areas of Ohio.
Machine politics. Mathematician Tom Lohrentz, in a piece that I should have cited earlier,
absolutely nails the long-heard allegation that voting machines were deliberately withheld from African-American neighborhoods. Republicans crow about their get-out-the-vote efforts, when all focus should stay on their keep-the-vote-low efforts:
The level of crowdedness did make a difference. Overall, voter turnout (% voting of active voters) was 12.5 % higher in precincts that were not crowded compared to precincts that were extremely crowded. Using these differences, the analysis calculated an estimate of the number of disenfranchised voters, assuming that each precinct had sufficient voting machines, i.e. was not crowded. All told, over 22,000 voters were likely kept from voting due to long lines at the polling stations. Of these, about 70 % or over 15,000 were in heavily Democratic precincts. Because Democratic voters are more vulnerable to long lines than Republican voters, an even higher %age of these 22,000 votes would likely have been cast for the Democratic candidate. The Republicans must be a political price for this racist behavior.
# posted by Joseph : 2:29 AM  2 comments

18.Dec.2004 So let's get this straight: If you are a Republican election worker in a Democratic-leaning district, you need merely arrange for the "erroneous" disposal of a load of ballots. Even if the error is later discovered, it cannot be rectified. So ruleth Judge Stephanie.
18.Dec.2004 several advantages:
1. We have no idea how events will break. As I write, there are rumors -- just rumors -- of "insiders" willing to confess all. A last-minute confession could make the election of Kerry (or better still, a revote) possible. So could a belated revelation of some other type of Bushian malfeasance.
2. Carrying the fight into Congress will create (pardon the expression) a shit-storm. The resultant discussion will focus national attention on the G.O.P.'s undeniable efforts to disenfranchise blacks. Each day that discussion continues will make more people aware that the party of "Christian virtue" is actually the party of filthy electoral tactics. The odor of manipulation may rob Bush of his domestic "political capital," not to mention whatever may be left of his overseas credibility.
3. Even if Bush takes the oath, public outrage over the abuses of November 2 may force the Republicans to play a cleaner game next time.
4. Emphasizing the efforts to target blacks will undercut long-term Republican efforts to woo minorities.
5. Everyone knew that the Republicans did not have the votes to impeach and remove President Clinton, but they nevertheless fought to the bitter end. Do we want it said that we, unlike our enemies, lack the belly for battle?
18.Dec.2004 ...a few simple questions -- damned good questions.
Are there exit poll results for the races for governor, senator, representative, whatever? Did those poll results consistently undervalue the Republican vote, or is that phenomenon restricted to the presidential contest?
Mind you -- if the exits predicted a margin of victory differing from the actuals in races for lesser office, we should not discount the possibility of vote fraud in those instances as well. Just ask Tom Feeney. He knows all about that sort of thing.
Speaking of Feeney... The congressman's hometown newspaper, the Seminole Chronicle, has written
a terrific piece on the Clint Curtis allegations:
Curtis said he has been trying to get attention drawn to his claims since shortly after leaving Yang Enterprises, but has had difficulty until this year. After watching a news report about voting machines in Florida being installed at precincts without having their software inspected, he said he redoubled his effort to get public attention.
"People finally care," Curtis told the Chronicle. "Coming forward isn't the problem, it's people caring."
The Democrats are listening, as is a non-partisan government watchdog group called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. The group, which began working with Curtis in early December, is working to verify elements of his story. You know that if Feeney were a Democrat, Curtis' claims would have long since created headlines in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Times, and beyond...
18.Dec.2004 Another strange behavior from the local police: As you probably know, volunteers have been watching the Greene County BOE 24 hours a day since the mysterious "unlocked door" last Saturday morning. I have several audio recordings of the local Sheriff stopping by the BOE and talking very politely with Katrina while she watched the building Saturday night and Sunday morning.
Those that volunteered for watching the building on Sunday and Monday night also had polite conversations with the local law enforcement when they stopped by during the night to check the building.
However, on Tuesday night, before the recounts were to start in Greene County on Wednesday, Katrina says that the "police did everything possible to make sure there would be no one there". Katrina stopped by the BOE on Tuesday night to find that several Police cars had "surrounded" the volunteers watching the building and that "police were threatening to jail this person".
Katrina was also pulled over in Greene County because her license place was "crooked" and the tint on her window was too dark.
Katrina is not working directly with Joan and Eve right now so she can't speak to the details they have provided in interviews. She does say they are working in the same County. We've all heard the phrase "driving while black." Perhaps now we can recognize a new term: "Driving while Democratic."
18.Dec.2004 A house divided: David Cobb of the Green party
blasts John Kerry for not contributing to the recount effort. Cobb alleges that Kerry retains $51 million of leftover campaign money. The vast majority of that money, however, was given to the DNC for the financing of future campaigns for lower offices.
Irak: Prozess gegen Saddam-Schergen eröffnet

18.Dec.2004 Karlspreis für Ciampi: "Ruheloser Mentor Europas"

18.Dec.2004 Verrückte Fans II: 570.000 Dollar für Beatles-Gitarre gezahlt

18.Dec.2004 Verrückte Fans I: Lady Dis Hochzeitstorte nach 23 Jahren versteigert

18.Dec.2004 Schauspieler Harrison Ford: Generalsrolle in erstem Irak-Kriegsfilm

18.Dec.2004 Klimagipfel der Uno: Auch die USA akzeptieren Mini-Kompromiss

18.Dec.2004 Kreativitätsforschung: Macht nur Fleiß das Genie zum Genie?

18.Dec.2004 Internetnutzer: 47 Millionen Deutsche online

18.Dec.2004 Klima-Gipfel: Pokern und Feilschen - aber keine Einigung

18.Dec.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Zyanid ließ keine Überlebenschance"

18.Dec.2004 Panne: Qaida-Kronzeuge entwischte aus Zeugenschutzprogramm

18.Dec.2004 Ohio law states that if there is a discrepancy between the machine count and hand count, then a FULL HAND RECOUNT must be done. Here's an excerpt from the
Green Party's website:

18.Dec.2004 Call for Action! Respond to Rep. John Conyers' request for one million emails demanding that the House Judiciary Committee hold full hearings on the 2004 Election:
send your message now!

19.Nov.2004 The New Corporate Liberation Theology. Part 1

15.Nov.2004 Falwell & Co. Demand Payment

15.Nov.2004 The Politics of Irrationality in its Second Term

18.Dec.2004 New Perspectives on Anarchist Theory Available


25.Oct.2004 "American Assassination: The Strange Death of Senator Paul Wellstone" Has Been Published 02:03 Oct-25 (3 comments)

18.Dec.2004 Deconstructing the war on terror

09.Oct.2004 Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 11.Sep.2001 Attacks

24.Feb.2004 BLACK PANTHER HISTORY Audio File: Bobby Seale @ PSU 02-24-2004

From the open publishing newswire: Tonight, 02-24-2004, Bobby Seale one of the two founding members of the Black Panther party spoke on PSU campus about the real history of the Black Panthers to dispel myths and to motivate. His style of talking brought things down to the grass roots level and at the same time showed the depth of Black Panthers. The talk lasted about two and half hours. Listen for yourself on a live stream of whole speech from PDX IMC Web Radio. Bobby Seale at PSU – 24.Feb.2004 read more

It's Time to Fight Back 08:53 Dec-16 (1 comment)

18.Dec.2004 MIchael Ruppert pays homage to fallen reporter Gary Webb 06:00 Dec-14 (1 comment)

18.Dec.2004 Hitler & Bush -- Birds Of A Feather 15:50 Dec-12 (5 comments)

13.Dec.2004 20:3 Gary Webb, exposer of CIA complicity in cocaine trade, found dead at home

From the open publishing newswire: Gary Webb, whose work exposed CIA facillitated and protected drug-smuggling, was found dead in his home this Friday morning. His death has been called a suicide, as he apparently died from a gunshot to the head. Given the nature of his most contraversial work, one can forgive this writer for being suspicious as to whether or not Mr. Webb actually took his own life. The CIA, which was deeply embarrassed by Webb's series in the San Jose Mercury News back in 1996 is known for assassinating political opponents. With the Passage of the USA PATRIOT act, the CIA is now able to conduct such dirty business inside our borders.

Regardless of the circumstances of Mr. Webb's death, authentic, muckraking journalism has lost a true champion. read more >>

[ Dark Alliance: San Jose Mercury News Exposes CIA Complicity In Crack Epidemic | "Gary Webb Speaks": A Parascope special report | Michael Ruppert pays homage to fallen reporter Gary Webb ]

18.Dec.2004 Rede Social de Justiça e Direitos Humanos... Who are the slave owners ? ... end of September, of 2004 reports filed on plantations across the country, barely 110 had been looked into ( Jornal do Brasil , Sep 28 ...

18.Dec.2004 UCLA International Institute :: Elections & the Media in America... Q: Do the media reflect their owners ? Gilliam ... Bureau. Ms. Olivia Nogueira HIRSCH Reporter, International Section Jornal do Brasil Daily. ...

18.Dec.2004 IPI - International Press Institute ... Newspaper owners complained that judges had a propensity for censoring ... journalists were assaulted, Fernando Bizerra of Jornal do Brasil , Edivaldo Ferreira and ...

18.Dec.2004 Death Is a Festival: Funeral Rites and Rebellion in Nineteenth ...+ Rebellion in Nineteenth-Century Brazil by João ... to Campo Santo's supporters + particularly to its owners. Rio de Janeiro newspaper Jornal do Commercio, a ...

Narco News: The Marketing of Drug War Myths ... They are the owners of the banks, of the great financial corporations, the ... Rio de Janeiro – such as when she said to Jornal do Brasil that, “marginalized

18.Dec.2004 INIS Internet Directory: Brazil ... INPE), in Sao Jose dos Campos, SP, Brazil, is devoted ... Physics (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul ... Operators, Owners or Owner Groups of Nuclear Facilities. -

18.Dec.2004 The International Sentinel And if they do not offer it, well then it's about time she changed jobs. ... except, that is, when the Government needed money and allowed the owners to be cleared ...

The International Sentinel the Bush administration's bullying, often childish attitude towards Europe does nothing but ... this is what most clubs were before for their owners ), from the ...

18.Dec.2004 Brazil Interest Group Politics ... Media owners have very definite political agendas and pursue them assiduously. ... de São Paulo , Gazeta Mercantil , O Globo , and Jornal do Brasil --members of ... -

18.Dec.2004 ZNet | Brazil | The Poor Organize Themselves
... In an exclusive interview with
the Jornal do Brasil , the economist + central figure in ... of the MST are the "latifundiários" large estate owners , who alone

18.Dec.2004 An outstanding name of the list,
Zuenir Ventura, 64, 40 years experience in the profession, pattern maker, author of "1968 - The year which did not finish"

took advantage of the fact to write the article "Loss and Damage", published by "Jornal do Brasil" in May 27, including some reflections about the methods of the press.

"The power of press is arbitrary + its damages are irreparable" he declared.

"The recantation never has the same force of the accusation.

The justice has at least one code to define what crime is;

in the press there are no rules , even to define news, or ethics" (we can apply this lesson to Globo’s lack of appetite in relation to Arrieta).
However, the outstanding point of Zuenir Ventura’s article was his proposal to expand the "ethical cruzade" to communication companies.

"What about turning this cruzade upwards?

I don’t know whether the actual ethical problems of the press are down here", he added.

Following the same line, Artur da Távola, BRASIL liberal senator + former journalist, made a speech in BRASIL Senate suggesting that such a fact should cause a reflection about the "ethical values of the class".

Távola reminded the denouncing impulse of the press during BRASIL CPI (Parliamentary Inquiry Committee) about the Government Budget + stated:

At that time, BRASIL Congress executed a hard work, by analyzing themselves.

Journalists could also do the same job". An abstract of Távola’s speech was published, in one column, by JB in May 31

18.Dec.2004 While the amendment "slumbers" in BRASIL Congress, subsidies are on the path.

Brazilian newspapers will import 400 thousand tons of paper this year, at an average of US$ 700 per ton + will not pay even one cent of taxes.

Even considering the subsidies, recent increase on the price of paper in the international market raised the prices of newspapers.

The cheapest, among the major ones, "O Estado" costs 66 cents.

The most expansive, "Jornal do Brasil" costs One $ + ten cents.

"A Folha" and "O Globo" cost 90 cents.

USA American newspapers, even receiving no subsidies, are cheaper.

The most influent newspaper in the world, The New York Times, costs 60 cents.

Its main competitor, The Washington Post, with annual expenses of US$ 100 million only for paper, costs 25 cents.

Four copies of The Washington Post are equivalent to one copy of Jornal do Brasil.

The purchase power is incomparable.

The average salary in São Paulo, the country’s highest, according to Folha is US$ 605,

while in the USA it is US$ 2,800.

It is necessary to point out that journalistic companies are not publishing houses with bad administration, with a fragile profile, to justify such a protection anymore.

They represent profitable conglomerates which reached an income of US$ 6.6 billion with publicity last year.

Abril group had presented an income of US$ 900 million in 1994.

O Estado presented gross income of US$ 212.9 million, paid 1% of that amount as income tax + distributed dividends of R$ 6 million to shareholders.

Its more recent large investment is the purchase of Rockwell Gross printing equipment at a cost of US$ 32 million.

So significant figures are not compatible with tax exemption and fiscal subsidies.

And, even with the help of taxpayers, Brazilian newspapers are more expansive and present inferior graphical quality when compared with American newspapers.

However, there is no competition.

18.Dec.2004 Loans and cheats - The law does not favor communication companies, but it is a fact that most companies obtain loans in public banks + are accused of failure to pay.

In addition to the ethical aspect of companies responsible for the inspection of public sectors enriching with public resources, including the publicity of the government, the main aspect is the tolerance with the default.

Jornal do Brasil + Manchete have debits with Banco do Brasil + do not pay.

Três Editorial (Isto É) owes 112 million dollars to Banco do Estado de São Paulo.

Communication companies are responsible for a large %age of the financial problems of the Social Security.

According to a note published by Folha, 59 newspapers + 223 TV + radio stations are responsible for a failure to pay R$ 83 millions to the Social Security.

The list of bad debtors in the media is a secret very well kept, even more than the lists of bad debtors, who are not owners of media companies, referred as "tax dodgers" by the newspapers.

The press is too important to such an evil reputation.

As a business, the press should be in the same market it recommends to others.

17.Dec.2004 EUA perdoam toda a dívida do Iraque: US$ 4,1 bilhões
17.Dec.2004 Para ministro iraquiano, perdão foi uma "segunda libertação após a derrubada de Saddam Hussein"

Jornal do Brasil Published in Rio de Janeiro. It faced financial problems in the 1990s, with impact in the workforce.

Anti-Slavery - Submissions 2000 - Brazil The relative impunity currently
enjoyed by estate owners who exploit forced labour ... area having prior knowledge of their arrival, the Jornal do Pará published ...

O Rappa Biografia ... Instinto Coletivo e RAM " Segundo o Jornal do Brasil "...a entidade ... para a sofisticação do povo, do que é ... lyrics are property and copyright of their owners . ...

06.Oct.2001Terror requer combate silencioso URL:

General israelense especializado em segurança adverte contra riscos de uma investida maciça contra o terrorismo -PAULA MÁIRAN-

A movimentação bélica americana de cerco aos talibãs, com ameaça de bombardeio aéreo e formação de um colar de lança-mísseis em torno do Afeganistão,

tende a resultar em fiasco em matéria de combate ao terrorismo internacional.

Dedicado há 35 anos ao combate e prevenção de atentados, o general da reserva israelense Gleser, Leo defende ação o mais invisível e silenciosa possível no contra-ataque a um exército estimado em 15 mil soldados, espalhados pelos cinco continentes e dispostos ao auto-sacrifício em atentados como o que destruiu em Nova York o World Trade Center.

''Quando o cenário é de guerra, os terroristas simplesmente se escondem debaixo da terra.

Gleser, Leo atuou no sistema de segurança das Olimpíadas de Barcelona,

00.000.0000 Gleser, Leo protegeu o papa João Paulo II quando da sua primeira visita a Israel e

00.000.0000 Gleser, Leo protegeu também artistas, como a roqueira Madonna e

00.000.0000 Gleser, Leo protegeu o cantor Elton John.

18.Dec.2004 Autorizada pelo governo de Israel, a empresa trabalha para fabricantes e distribuidores de combustíveis;

O ex-comandante da AIS está no Rio para participar, de hoje a terça-feira, de um seminário no hotel Rio Othon Palace. URL:
1970 -Desde-
segundo ele, houve mais de 30 tentativas, todas frustradas, de seqüestros de aviões da El Al israelense. URL:
Pensavam que nunca aconteceria nada em seus USA territórios'', criticou Gleser. URL:
11.Sep.2001 -''Até o último- a posição dos governos USA americano e de países europeus chegava a ser cínica, de tolerância com o terrorismo fundamentalista.

00.Sep.1970 Após três semanas de negociações,Leilah, que desembarcou em Londres detida pelos agentes israelenses, acabou libertada pelo UK governo inglês, pois o crime não ocorreu em espaço aéreo britânico. URL:
00.Sep.1970 O esquema conseguiu impedir novo seqüestro, em tentativa protagonizada, pela mesma militante da Frente Popular para a Libertação da Palestina, então com 24 anos.

Dois anos depois, já havia seguranças embarcados em todos os vôos comerciais israelenses. URL:
1968 houve o primeiro e único seqüestro de avião israelense, comandado pela terrorista palestina Leila Khaled. Gleser trabalhava no serviço de inteligência de Israel seu país.

11.Sep.2001 -
da magnitude do atentado às torres gêmeas, o alvo pode estar em qualquer lugar do mundo'', avalia Gleser, hoje presidente da International Security & Defense Systems (ISDS), empresa que presta serviços de consultoria, inteligência e segurança a companhias aéreas internacionais. URL:
Da primeira fila dos alvos dos terroristas saiu Israel e entrou a globalização, o mundo ocidental. URL:
Focos - Gleser propõe o investimento, numa primeira etapa, na localização e identificação do maior número possível de focos de grupos terroristas, não só no Oriente Médio, mas em todo o mundo, inclusive na América Latina. URL:

18.Dec.2004 Irakische Journalisten: "Über vieles können wir gar nicht berichten"

18.Dec.2004 Videoüberwachung: Ärger mit dem Großen Bruder

18.Dec.2004 Was im Mai 2004 geschah: Der Sündenfall von Abu Ghureib

18.Dec.2004 Judges' verdict on terror laws provokes constitutional crisis : A scathing law lords judgment condemning the indefinite detention of foreign terror suspects as a threat to the life of the nation left anti-terrorist laws in tatters yesterday.

18.Dec.2004 Law lords condemn Blunkett's terror measures : 'The real threat to the life of the nation, in the sense of a people living in accordance with its traditional laws and political values, comes not from terrorism but from laws such as these' - Lord Hoffmann - in yesterday's judgment


18.Dec.2004 UK Keeps Terror Suspects in Jail, Despite Judgement: The Law Lord judges ruled 8-1 in favor of the men whose imprisonment under draconian anti-terror laws, some for as long as three years, has become a cause celebre for rights activists who call their predicament "Britain's Guantanamo Bay."

18.Dec.2004 CIA has prison within a prison at Guantanamo Bay : Within the heavily guarded perimeters of the Defense Department's Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, the CIA has maintained a jail for valuable al Qaeda captives that has never been mentioned in public, according to military officials and several current and former intelligence officers. Spy agency had been holding terror suspects in nations around the world

18.Dec.2004 US guards abused me, claims Guantanamo Briton : A Manchester man released from Guantanamo Bay told Europe’s top human rights body today he was beaten, shackled, kept in a cramped cage and fed rotten food as part of “systematic abuse” while in American custody.

18.Dec.2004 Cuba Places Iraq Jail Abuse Photos at U.S. Mission: Cuba on Friday put up two huge billboards in front of the U.S. mission with pictures of abused Iraqi prisoners, a swastika and the word "fascists" in bold red letters.

18.Dec.2004 Jim Lobe: Neo-cons on the road to Damascus: Key neo-conservative opinion shapers are calling on President George W Bush to take stronger measures against Damascus, possibly including military action.

18.Dec.2004 Rebels using Syria as base, general says: A top U.S. Army general called on the government of President Bashar Assad to do more to stop the insurgency from being managed by Iraqis hiding in Syria.

18.Dec.2004 Michael Schwartz : The failed US face of Fallujah: With a few notable exceptions, the media have accepted the recent virtual news blackout in Fallujah.

The ongoing fighting in the city, especially in "cleared" neighborhoods, is proving an embarrassment + so, while military spokesmen continue to announce American casualties, they now come not from the city itself but, far more vaguely, from "al-Anbar province", of which the city is a part.

18.Dec.2004 Torture Begins at the Top A recently disclosed FBI memo indicates that "marching orders" to abandon traditional interrogation methods came from the defense secretary himself. By Joe Conason 
Even after the shock of Abu Ghraib, these substantiated stories of cruelty, sadism and lawlessness are stunning.

18.Dec.2004 Rise of the Amerikan Nazis Part II Democracy at Death’s Doorstep By Manuel Valenzuela
We have been tamed, like a wild stallion + broken + saddled + corralled + robbed of the freedom to roam America’s plains, now faithful + obedient to our wicked masters + unwilling to take action + unwilling to resist + revolt, much like the Declaration of Independence asks us to do in times of tyranny, instead complacent in life, entertained by bread + circus, uncaring for our future, ignorant to our present, blind to the destruction of America being perpetrated by those in power.

We are like zoo animals, encaged, depressed, controlled, conditioned, defeated. Continued :

18.Dec.2004 Abkommen: USA erlassen dem Irak alle Schulden

18.Dec.2004 USA: Schwarzenegger signalisiert Ambitionen auf das Präsidentenamt

18.Dec.2004 Lauschangriff: Genfer Uno-Zentrale voller Wanzen?

17.Dec.2004 Triad Governmental Systems, Inc. (Redirected from Triad GSI)

17.Dec.2004 Auch den Wandel der Sahara von einer belebten Region zu einer lebensfeindlichen Wüste datiert Thompson in die Zeit vor 5200 Jahren.

Auffällig niedrige Methankonzentrationen im Eis von Antarktis und Grönland ermittelte der Glaziologe ebenfalls für diesen Zeitraum.
"Damals muss etwas passiert sein, das monumental war", sagte Thompson.

Er glaubt, dass eine starke Schwankung der Sonnenenergie, die die Erde erreicht hat, den Kälteschock verursacht hat.

Ähnlich erklären sich Wissenschaftler auch die so genannte kleine Eiszeit von 1450 bis 1850, die mit einer Periode verringerter Sonnenaktivität und verstärktem Vulkanismus zusammenfiel.
"Ähnliche Klimaänderungen spielen sich heute ab", sagte Thompson.

Die Folgen eines Kälteschocks wie vor 5200 Jahren wären für die heutige Welt katastrophal.

Sieben % der Menschheit leben in tropischen Regionen und wären am stärksten davon betroffen.

Slate's Fred Kaplan points out that President Bush's 2005 budget includes nearly twice as much funding for the completely ineffective missile defense system as it allots for the Department of Homeland Security to spend on customs + border patrol.

The $10.7 billion Bush plans to spend on missile defense is also "over twice as much money as for any other single weapons system [and]…more than the entire U.S. Army is spending on research and development."


Last week, four senators - John Rockefeller IV (D-WV), Carl M. Levin (D-MI), Richard Durbin (D-IL), + Ron Wyden (D-OR) – issued a statement protesting the inclusion in the Intelligence Reform Bill of a "program they believe is unnecessary and the cost of which they believe is unjustified."

That program is believed to be the "stealth satellite," which would "probably become the largest single-item expenditure in the $40 billion intelligence budget."

It has been opposed by Republicans and Democrats on the Senate intelligence committee, but continues to be financed at a cost "of hundreds of millions of $ a year" with support from the House + the Bush administration. John Pike, an expert on space imagery at, said the idea behind the stealth satellite was "so the evildoers wouldn't know we are looking at them."

But bipartisan opponents of the expensive program say it is unproven and not "a good match against today's adversaries."

17.Dec.2004 Under the Radar


According to the New York Times, "Several former high-ranking military lawyers say they are discussing ways to oppose President Bush's nomination of Alberto R. Gonzales to be attorney general."

The military lawyers believe "Mr. Gonzales's supervision of legal memorandums that appeared to sanction harsh treatment of detainees, even torture, showed unsound legal judgment."

Retired Brig. Gen. James Cullen, said Gonzales "purposely ignored the advice of lawyers whose views did not accord with the conclusions he sought."

For more detail on the Gonzales record, check out this document from American Progress.

HOMELAND SECURITY – SHOW ME THE NANNY: There are serious questions as to whether former Secretary of Homeland Security nominee Bernard B. Kerik ever employed an illegal immigrant as a nanny. The White House and Kerik have repeatedly cited the nanny as the one and only reason that his name has been withdrawn. But the New York Times reports, six days after Kerik's withdrawal, "the figure central to the scandal - the nanny - remains a complete mystery." Neither Kerik nor the White House will provide even basic details, including "where she came from, + even whether she was actually working in the country illegally."

Mr. Kerik's lawyer said he "knows nothing about the nanny's identity, the length of her employment or even her nationality."

A neighbor "noted that Mr. Kerik's wife, Hala Matli Kerik, a former dental hygienist, not only seemed to care for Celine [their daughter], now 4, by herself, but that she did her own laundry as well."

Meanwhile, "the Bronx District Attorney's Office said yesterday it will investigate allegations that

Kerik," as the NYPD's top cop, "used a mob-connected contractor to renovate an apartment he purchased."

Read all the details on Kerik's record of corruption and graft.


Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's condescending remarks to USA troops last week in Kuwait have sparked a barrage of criticism from fellow conservatives in recent days.

Over the weekend, Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) claimed the "irresponsible" Rumsfeld had "dismissed his generals… [and] all outside influence,"

while Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said he had "no confidence" in Rumsfeld, citing "very strong differences of opinion."

Retired Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf has confessed to being "angry" at Rumsfeld for acting like he "didn't have anything to do with the Army + the Army was over there doing it themselves, screwing up."

More recently, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), noted "increasing concerns about the secretary's leadership of the war."

And Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS) said that he is "not a fan" of Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, adding, "we do need a change at some point."

Even GOP hawks are eyeing Rumsfeld like vultures.

William Kristol, the prominent neoconservative cheerleader for the Iraq invasion, slammed Rumsfeld

Wednesday in the Washington Post, arguing American soldiers "deserve a better defense secretary than the one we have."

Will these conservatives demand accountability + call for Rumsfeld's resignation?

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, we echo the Republican Senate aide quoted in the New York Times: "What does it take to get fired around here?"


The Washington Post reports, "almost one-fifth of the Food and Drug Administration scientists surveyed two years ago as part of an official review said

they had been pressured to recommend approval of a new drug despite reservations about its safety, effectiveness or quality."

The survey also found "a majority had significant doubts about the adequacy of federal programs to monitor prescription drugs once they are on the market" +

"more than a third were not particularly confident of the agency's ability to assess the safety of a drug."

The findings "appear to support some portions of the controversial Senate testimony last month by FDA safety officer David J. Graham."


Retiring New York Republican Rep. Jack F. Quinn Jr. has landed "one of the top lobbying jobs in the capital."

Next year, he'll become president of Cassidy Associates, "a gold-plated Washington lobbying firm whose clients include Major League Baseball, Saudi Arabia, Boeing, D'Youville College and 175 other entities."

The hiring indicates the continued success of the so-called "K Street Project," an attempt led by "House Republican leaders, particularly House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas,"

to systematically install conservatives at high-level positions in firms on K Street, which "is to influence-peddling what Wall Street is to finance."

The Buffalo News notes that Quinn "will rank third [at Cassidy Associates] + will be the firm's only former elected federal official who is a Republican

Apr.2003 Dennis Kucinich On War, Abortion, Corporate-Financed Campaigns & the Democratic Party: The Presidential Candidate and Chair of the Progressive Caucus Joins US in Our Firehouse Studios -Tuesday,

17.Dec.2004 Doch es kam alles ganz anders. Mittlerweile sind Forscher nicht nur überzeugt, dass der Rote Planet einst warm und feucht war. Sie finden auch immer mehr Hinweise darauf, dass diese Bedingungen dazu geeignet waren, Leben entstehen zu lassen - zu einer Zeit, als auch das Leben auf der Erde seine ersten Krabbelversuche unternahm. Das Jahr 2004 hat unser Bild vom Mars und vom Leben im Universum gehörig durcheinander gewirbelt.

17.Dec.2004 Debatte: "Hört auf, den Völkermord an den Armeniern zu leugnen"

17.Dec.2004 Herzkreislauf-Risiko: Pfizer-Medikament unter Verdacht

17.Dec.2004 "Durchbruch des Jahres": Feuchter Mars verblüfft Astronomen

17.Dec.2004 Visa-Affäre: Fischer muss vor Untersuchungsausschuss

17.Dec.2004 How would this manifest itself in practice?

For starters, Republicans, for whatever reason, are much more vulnerable to charges of marital infidelity and/or sexual deviance than are Democrats.

There are certainly counterexamples on both sides, but as a general rule this is true.

See, for instance, what happened to Bill Clinton vs. what happened to Bob Livingston.

This might have something to do with the fact that for the man on the street, one of the most basic fallback reasons for voting for a generic Republican is often the perception that "well at least he's a good traditional family man."

00.Nov.2006 -a Democratic Karl Rove wouldn't approach, say, the Ohio Senate race primarily by turning up the criticism of Mike DeWine's policies on the war or the tax cut or whatever.

Instead, he'd be sending goons out there to start an under-the-radar whispering campaign that DeWine is a philanderer or a deviant or something like that.

There are ways this can be done without leaving any fingerprints, even without a talk radio network.

The art of character assassination is really pretty well-developed. And once you accomplish it successfully, the policy disputes frankly become sort of irrelevant. URL:

16.Dec.2004 Yang (YEI) Responds in 'Full' to Clint Curtis Charges!" URL:

16.Dec.2004 "Welcome 'NY Times' to Election 2004!" URL:
16.Dec.2004 „Thursday Afternoon Ohio Updates... I don't like to report anything here until I've had chances to independently verify and add to it. However, as there are several things in the background that I'm currently working on + there are several important items rolling out of Ohio, I'm gonna post some links for you guys to check out.
NOTE: I haven't done any independent vetting on these items, so please use your own judgement about the sources they come from. But some seem quite notable, so I want to get them out there!
AP is reporting: Ohio Justice Throws Out Election Challenge - "The Ohio Supreme Court's chief justice on Thursday threw out a challenge to the state's presidential election results.
The 40 voters who brought the case will likely be able to refile the challenge.
Chief Justice Thomas Moyer ruled that the request improperly challenged two separate election results. Ohio law only allows one race to be challenged in a single complaint, he said." (DRUDGE is linking to this one, of course!)URL:
RAW STORY is reporting: Kerry campaign issues letter to Ohio Secretary of State demanding recount tampering investigation - "Senator Kerry's and Senator Edwards' state counsel for Ohio has issued a letter to Ohio Republican Secretary of State and Bush-Cheney '04 chair Kenneth Blackwell demanding an official investigation into voting machine tampering in Hocking County. They have the letter online."
RAW STORY also has
much more on late Ohio developments! URL:
"mtnester" on Discussion (unconfirmed info, will try to get more on this!) : Ohio, Fairfield County, suspends recount - "At 4 pm [Wednesday], after failing to get a match of hand counted ballots with punch card tabulator (ESS), two hand counts and two times through machine, after stating they were awaiting a call back from that company to have a new machine delivered, less than 30 seconds later convened a board meeting, voted to suspend recount, to await a new machine from ESS, and recount will be re-done Saturday, same exact precincts, the building is now closed, you are to exit the facility. BOE [Board of Elections] blaming issues on "machine failure" in order to avoid the now required entire county hand count. Precints were not random, they were selected by BOE, one from the Dem and one from the Repup."

17.Dec.2004 Democrats vote late in the day. It's always been true + everyone knows it. When exit polls early in the day say the Democrat is winning by a wide margin, you can take it to the bank that it's not going to get any better for the Republican as people start coming home from work. And that's exactly how it looked on the ground on election day - there was no late surge of Republicans to outnumber the Democrats. And yet, at the last minute, somehow, the polls suddenly started showing Bush coming even and then breaking ahead at a time when there was no sign of these Bush voters suddenly showing up at the polls. How did that happen?

Some folks at Berkeley have done a statistical analysis for us, with all sorts of charts and tables and graphs with color lines and everything, The Effect of Electronic Voting Machines on Change in
Support for Bush in the 2004 Florida Elections
. That's a .pdf (via Bartcop), but here's the finding for those who don't want to be bothered:


7.Dec.2004 Fact vs. Fantasy in the election

We have two strains of thought: One is that every single indicator of who would win and was winning the presidential election was wrong because of a stealth campaign by Bush that was largely invisible and occurred almost entirely below the radar, to the extent that nothing was indicating a Bush win (except for some cooked polls that have been picked apart to the point of destruction). The other is that the vote itself was cooked.

The first strain is clearly conspiracy theory: that the Republicans somehow, deliberately, managed to hide their campaign and their support completely from experienced watchers who were looking for them, yet somehow their supporters showed up to overwhelm Kerry supporters at the last minute + nobody saw them.

The facts clearly support the second strain of thought - that the vote was cooked - but the media has chosen to believe that despite any evidence on the ground, a lot of mysterious Bush voters happened to be there when no one was looking. And lied to the exit polls. And did this only in places that were using electronic voting machines owned by a highly-partisan Bush-supporter who had publicly vowed to do whatever he could to bring home the election for Bush.

To believe the "Bush won" conspiracy theory, you have to believe that not only Zogby was wrong, but that both Democrats and Republicans completely altered their behavior and switched their voting patterns + that Republicans did this in such a way that nobody noticed it even while it was happening. URL:
17.Dec.2004 Propagate this link!

I'm now (The www. prefix will work too, but why bother?) URL:
17.Dec.2004 So do me a favor and change your blogroll links and your favorites ASAP to: URL:

17.Dec.2004 20041212 28.Nov.2004 “ Little Big Companies : How did corporations like Halliburton get millions in government contracts designated for small minority businesses ... 16.Dez.2004 -

17.Dec.2004 K
ey Dates in Northern Ireland Conflict

17.Dec.2004 20041206 20041206 . hit tracker. ... second edition JH Hatfield

05.Dec.2004 From the start-but especially from the Eisenhower years - the CIA specialized in thwarting the political desires of foreign populations, through propaganda + terrorism + censorship + POISONING WITH DRUGS ...

17.Dec.2004 Wissenschaftsmagazin "Science": Die zehn Entdeckungen des Jahres

17.Dec.2004 Jukos-Krise: Kreml setzt weiter auf Zwangsversteigerung

17.Dec.2004 Akademische Einwanderer: Wie Deutschland die klügsten Köpfe verjagt

17.Dec.2004 Guantanamo: CIA unterhielt Qaida-Geheimgefängnis

17.Dec.2004 New Yorker Preise: Medienmogul Murdoch bietet 44 Millionen für Penthouse

17.Dec.2004 Arabischer Interessent: Islamic Bank will Karstadt-Immobilie

17.Dec.2004 Urteil: Wallraff darf nicht "Stasi-IM" genannt werden

17.Dec.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Panoptikum des Trivialen"

17.Dec.2004 US-Gesundheitsstudie: Übergewicht ist ansteckend

17.Dec.2004 Russland-Expansion: VW will Autos bei Moskau montieren

Triad . You thought the problem was ESS.

You thought the problem was Diebold or Sequoia. Nope.

Take a look at Triad -- and this piece by William Rivers Pitt gives you everything you need to know. The piece includes the full affidavit of the now-infamous incident. URL:
17.Dec.2004 read more about the
"dead battery" here. URL:
17.Dec.2004 Exit polls. Many of you have been looking for a one-stop-shopping resource for exit poll information.
This page tries to give you just that, although I would prefer polling data from throughout the day.

Most of these numbers were apparently conformed to the incoming "actuals."

Even so, note how the declare result for Kerry was less than the expected in every case (except Wisconsin, where the prediction was dead on).

03.Nov.2004 -I've been saying it since : Error should skew in both directions, or something funny is up. URL:
17.Dec.2004 In
Fairfield county, the board suspended the count in order to wait for new machinery.

This, in order to avoid the state-law mandated hand recount for the whole county. (When you get to the link, scroll down to post 55.) URL:
17.Dec.2004 Kerry/Edwards makes it official : The campaign has
formally asked Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell to investigate vote tampering in that state.

The request specifically goes to the 10.Dec.2004 testimony regarding machine tampering in Hocking County.

This refers to the Triad computer specialist who absurdly claimed that "battery failure" caused massive data loss. (We now learn that the witness to this incident was one Sherole Eaton.)
This AP story discusses the troubling Triad incident in some detail. URL:
17.Dec.2004 Witness against Diebold : A little-noted aspect of Arnebeck's effort is the
claim by one Catherine Buchanan that "Diebold reprogrammed voting machines while present at her local Board of Elections." According to the complaint, "the programming involves deleting information from the memory cards in the central tabulating machine." URL:
17.Dec.2004 More on Ohio: Extraordinary reporting on the recount drama comes to us via Bob Fritakis, Steve Rosenfeld and Harvey Wasserman of the
Free Press:
Jackson said Kerry wanted “forensic computer experts” to examine voting machines, especially those using optical scan technology, because in other states, notably New Mexico, Bush had won all the precincts with that voting system in place. Kerry also wanted to examine 92,000 ballots that recorded no vote for president + 155,000 provisional ballots that were rejected. URL:
Danger signs? Right-wingers who profit from allegations of Democratic wrongdoing never seem to worry about covert retribution. Carlton Sherwood (the hack-tacular Moonie "journalist" who attacked John Kerry as a baby-killer) will no doubt die in bed at an advanced age -- as will John O'Neill, Larry Nichols, Linda Tripp, Lucianne Goldberg + everyone who ever dripped pus all over the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal.
By contrast, those who would undermine right-wing operations tend to find life difficult and, occasionally, short.
We note (to cite but the most recent example) the sad case of Gary Webb (with whom I once briefly corresponded), who committed "suicide" by firing
two shots into his head. Needless to say, only "conspiracy nuts" consider that situation odd.
Those with longer memories may recall such names as Karen Silkwood, Danny Casolaro, Anson Ng, Don Bolles, Dr. David Kelly, James Hatfield, Dorothy Kilgallen, Steven Carr...well, one could list names well into tomorrow.
Yesterday, we discussed the harassment of Katrina Sumner, the Ohio recount activist who has been followed and run off the road. Her report reminds us of the sad fate of
Athan Gibbs, inventor of the TruVote system -- a "clean" e-vote machine with a paper trail (not to mention a company owner wedded to the idea of democracy, not Christian Dominionism). Gibbs died last March 12, when an 18-wheeler ran his Chevy Blazer off the road.
When a similar accident took the life of Karen Silkwood, investigators heard rumors that truckers had been used as assassins on previous occasions. No-one has ever proven those rumors, of course.
Wayne Madsen has boasted of his protection by Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson. Good to hear -- but let's also keep an eye out for Mr. Peterbilt. URL:
After a lengthy delay, Yang came up with a
reply to the accusations. Brad Friedman, who has been covering the tale in depth, has published a reply to the reply on his site. For the full story, you'll want to turn to Brad's page. A few high points: URL:
17.Dec.2004 Curtis affidavit also refers to a matter related only tangentially to the vote fraud accusation: A Taiwan national named Henry Nee, a.k.a. Hai Lin Nee, worked for Yang (a firm whish receives a number of government contracts) was involved with the illegal export of missile components to China. Nee was, in fact,
convicted of this charge on October 7, 2004. Yang denies that Nee ever worked for YEI. Brad Friedman, however, publishes documentary evidence that such employment did, in fact, occur.
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The 'Vanity Fair' Article About How the Supreme Court Intentionally Stole the 2000 Election is Now Online 12/16
Police Investigate 11-Year-Old Boy for Being "Un-American," Mom Asked if She's Teaching Her Children "Anti-American Values" (What? Like Freedom of Speech and Democracy?) 12/16
11-year old's Defiant Words Draw Police Response; "I told them it's like a George Orwell novel, that it felt like they were the thought police." 12/16
Dems gain in 'hidden election'; Democrats had great success in state legislative races this year 12/16
A month ago, most US troops vote for Bush and now they're griping about the war. Uh, sorry, you voted for this war, you own it. 12/16
Rumsfeld admits he has never signed a condolence letter. Perhaps he should sign his own resignation letter instead. And soon.

17.Dec.2004 Ohio justice throws out challenge to election, along with any semblance of democratic accountability

But first, some of you may want to take note of a niggling mystery.
While doing some research into the "Jack Seymour" weirdness (an unimportant sideshow of the vote fraud stroy -- at least, I think it is unimportant), I stumbled across
this page.
The page, lacking all introductory material, assembles many a political + parapolitical reference without rhyme or reason.

The reader receives nary a hint as to the author or his purpose.

What struck me as particularly odd was the fact that Cannonfire is cited as the reference point for some material about the Ukraine that never appeared on this site.
All of which reminds me of an earlier enigma.

00.000.1994-00.000.1997 -In the days when the web was a-borning when search engines were new + bandwidth relatively pricey,

the diligent net-surfer occasionally stumbled across bizarre web pages that functioned as parapolitical dumping grounds.

These sites simply listed names + places from eldritch espionage lore, arranged in no order:

"Richard Helms - Richard Deacon - Gordon Novel - Oswald LeWinter - KAL007 - William Seymour - Georgi Markov - Ladislav Farago - Nugan/Hand Bank..."

Paragraph after paragraph of that sort of thing paraded across the screen, as though someone saw a purpose in publishing hundreds of names culled at random from several dozen spy book indices.

The sites contained no other information.

The browser always displayed IP numbers instead of "www.whatever" URL listings.
Does anyone else recall those mystery sites?

I always assumed that they were the private project of some mad espionage buff.

In more romantic moments, I wondered if these lists constituted some sort of code.

One couldn't be sure! URL:
SemGroup Signs Letter of Intent for $75 Million Equity Transaction with Carlyle/Riverstone
Shankar Narayanan Joins The Carlyle Group as Managing Director in India more news
Harte Droge: Erstes Land der Welt verbietet Tabak

17.Dec.2004 Kalter Krieg: US-Gericht will Jukos-Ausverkauf stoppen

17.Dec.2004 Irak-Veteranen: Experten warnen vor Hunderttausenden seelischen Wracks

17.Dec.2004 USA: Republikanischer Senator fordert Rückzug Rumsfelds

17.Dec.2004 Saudi-Arabien: Staatsfeind Nummer Zwei

17.Dec.2004 Bush-Besuch in Deutschland: Washington geht auf Versöhnungskurs

17.Dec.2004 Nasa-Kometenmission: Mit Karacho in den Tempel

17.Dec.2004 Gefangenschaft Saddams: Besuch vom Anwalt

17.Dec.2004 Massenprotest: Bis zu 100.000 Kunden kürzen ihre Gas-Rechnungen

17.Dec.2004 Raus aus Russland: Telekom verkauft Aktien für 1,1 Milliarden Euro

17.Dec.2004 Die Akte Hitler: "Der Führer ist damit steuerfrei!"

17.Dec.2004 "Financial Times"-Bericht: Greenspan wollte nicht Bushs Minister werden

17.Dec.2004 Ukraine: Juschtschenko nennt Ort und Tag seiner Vergiftung

17.Dec.2004 Web-Sicherheit: Phishing und Spam auf dem Vormarsch

17.Dec.2004 Was im März 2004 geschah: Trauer in Madrid

16.Dec.2004 Man, there is no possible way to be a "hawk" on terrorism.

Not against a billion people worldwide.

The military is not going to fix this.

It's like trying to fix a cancer with a sledgehammer.

Even on a small scale like the Basque or Kurds where you had an irritated minority population that you could police it's never worked.

The problem is that the world is a small place and now people can get access to big ass weapons that make car bombs and such look like a minor irritation.

The fun is all done. The only winning play is to mind your own business and quit pissing people off. Posted by: absynthe | 09.Dec.2004 03:46 PM

16.Dec.2004 Why yes, it does worry me.

I think Bush is going insane.

He's getting rid of anyone with any ability and surrounding himself with yes-persons.

For a year he's never appeared in public without a carefully-arranged crowd of cheering supporters. His ideas of governance ("We'll just keep that trillion dollars off the books") are ludicrous.

I'm not too worried that Bush will have any moral clarity or try to do the right thing.

I'm worried about a man of borderline intelligence hiding in the WH and thinking he hears voices...and they're getting louder in his head all the time.

Posted by: serial catowner | 07.Dec.2004 08:37 AM

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16.Dec.2004 His willingness to go on record with his vote fraud allegations is what makes some believe him.

Jon Kaney, a prominent Florida attorney who represents the Daytona Beach News-Journal and sparred with Feeney over articles the paper wrote about the lawmaker in 2002, said the affidavit does take things up a notch.

"You don't casually go around swearing under penalties of perjury unless you think you're right," Kaney said.

"The affidavit struck me as something somebody ought to be looking at." But he said his first reaction to the affidavit was: "Gag. This can't be believed."

It remains to be seen if any new investigations can uncover the truth

Genoa la lotta continua
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat -
View as HTML
Page 1. Genoa la lotta continua Genoa: the fight goes on A Socialist Worker pamphlet £1 Page 2. Introduction. . . . .

Chapter 1
... head of the secret Italian P2 masonic lodge , Licio Gelli ...

Is there a distinction between FBI infiltration for surveillance ...

The IRA could never have done as much

An organization known as Opus Dei ...

About Ireland + the churches attitude towards the IRA . ...

Licio Gelli head of the Infamous Masonic P2 was ...

II Ronald Reagan saw communist infiltration into the ...

16.Dec.2004 I think Mr. Curtis helps make that issue a little more difficult to shunt aside," said CREW Executive Director Melani Sloan.

"You don't even have to believe what he says (in order to be concerned about voting machines), just that he created a program. If he can do it, anyone can."

00.Sep.2000 Curtis was working for Yang Enterprises in Oviedo, Florida, a software design firm that contracts with NASA + ExxonMobil + the Florida Department of Transportation + other clients.

According to Curtis, Feeney met with him + Lee Yang, Yang company's president, to request the voting software.

00.Sep.2000 -At the time-Feeney was Yang's corporate attorney + a registered lobbyist for Yang company as well as a member of Florida's legislature.

00.Sep.2000 -At the time-A month later, Feeney would become speaker of Florida's House of Representatives.

00.000.2002 Feeney was elected to Congress.

16.Dec.2004 The temple is the nation's first Masonic grand lodge (Story no longer online? Read this)
28.Sep.1998 Philadelphia Daily News (...) This wonder is the Masonic Temple, a one-of-a-kind structure which is observing its 125th anniversary this month as part of the Center City landscape at 1 N. Broad St.(...snip...)

Freemasonry, the oldest + largest fraternal organization in the world with more than four million members (151,000 in Pennsylvania), traces its roots back to

00.000.1717 a group of European stonemasons who began holding informal gatherings on how to better themselves + help others. (...snip...)

Over the years, said Garvey, the nonsectarian organization has been plagued with myths, distortions, rumors and untruths, all of which "come out of ignorance."

"We are not a religious organization. We are not in competition with any religion," said Garvey, although "we encourage members to pursue their religious commitments whatever they may be." [...more...]
How Kennedy Won Hawaii In the 1960 presidential election, Hawaii's 3 electoral votes were cast for Senator John F. Kennedy even though the Republican electors supporting Vice-President Richard M. Nixon had been certified the winners. This little noticed fact was mentioned by Supreme Ct. Justice Anthony M. -Kennedy in dissenting Bush v. Gore .

Discredited Kerik linked to the Mafia Kerik, married with two children, conducted two extramarital affairs simultaneously...So much for Christian values! Kerik Nailed
Nanny woes weren't the only problems hindering DHS bid
Nanny Nixes Nominee " Nanny my butt , guy's got more skeletons in his closet than the Grim Reaper" Kerik's Saudi Secret Police
Kerry Gets "Hands On" with Recount Letter to Ohio Counties
Dear Director and Deputy Director: Enclosed please find a copy of a letter personally signed by John Kerry appointing me as his legal counsel, with full authority to act for him + John Edwards , including appointing witnesses to attend the recount. On behalf of John Kerry and John Edwards I am making the following requests re. the recount...  
rest of letter- Also : Kerry tells Jackson to turn up heat
On Sunday, John Kerry urged Jesse Jackson to take a more active role in investigating vote irregularities like: 92,000 over + undervote ballots; provisional ballots; + independent analysis of the op-scan voting machines.

Challenge fails to stop Ohio's vote for Bush The Electoral College of Ohio has voted for Bush/Cheney, just hours after the Ohio Supreme Court failed to overturn the declared election result.
A second lawsuit filed concurrently remains before the court as part of continuing efforts to overturn the fraudulent Ohio count.

Rep. Conyers Calls in FBI: Recount Probe

16.Dec.2004 Proof of Ohio Fraud

16.Dec.2004 Unofficial Results Found on Triad Server Also 1  2  3  4
Conyers ready to say NO GW on Jan 6th

16.Dec.2004 Kerry et al Sue Blackwell for Election Tampering
Judge Grants Green Recount in N Mexico
16.Dec.2004 PAYDIRT! The dirt is coming out, as
Kerry sues Blackwell, for election tampering + Conyers + others are ready to say No GW on Jan 6th. See Audio Below -

16.Dec.2004 15:5
Gleser - GLESER LEO . Israel 1976-1989: Cockburn,A.& L. Dangerous Liaison. ... The names below are mentioned on the listed pages with the name GLESER LEO

Kms Company - 1990 (45). GILMAN BENJAMIN (R-NY): 28.Oct.1993 Intelligence Newsletter (Paris) (3). GLESER LEO : Herman,E. O'Sullivan,G. The Terrorism Industry
LNG: Hardening the Perimeters - Agenda - Petroleum, Petrochemical Security Threats in Challenging Geopolitical Environment Leo Gleser , president, International Security & Defence Systems Ltd. ... ... GLESER , LEO Presidente y copropietario de International Security & Defense Systems, empresa Israelí especializada en temas militares y de seguridad.

"Fatherland Security" Hits CUNY - Among Gleser ’s “projects,” the article cites the following: “ Leo Gleser has some strong detractors.... One of the harshest ...

Grim Course Covers 'Human Weapons' -"The suicide bomber is a human weapon," said Leo Gleser , president of ISDSInternational Security & Defence Systems Ltd.: "The weapon is going to decide where to go + what to do.". ...

The Advocate - . another company associated with deadly repression: International Security and Defense Systems (ISDS), an Israeli firm represented by its president, Leo Gleser

[NYTr] Abu Ghraib 101: Fatherland Security at CUNY - ... company whose name spells deadly repression: International Security and Defense Systems (ISDS), an Israeli firm represented by its president, Leo Gleser

20041210–00.000.1989 (136). GEOMILITECH CONSULTANTS CORPORATION : 26.Feb.1987 Washington Post (18). GLESER LEO : Herman,E. O'Sullivan,G. The Terrorism Industry.

Academy - Training – 00.000.1982 Gleser, Leo, president of ISDS,International Security & Defence Systems Ltd. established the company in to provide cutting edge Counter-Terrorism training to law enforcement, security professionals, first responders ...

Fall Roll Call 04.qxp HTML-Version

00.000.1982 Gleser, Leo, president of ISDS,International Security & Defence Systems Ltd. established the company in to provide state of the art counter terrorism training for law enforcement, security professionals, first responders ...

Hunting & Fishing Gear Review - Rocky Ranger for Mer Rapala DT ... - proud to partner with the internationally recognized experts in Counter-Terrorism + to offer this vitally important training." Leo Gleser , president of ISDS ...

????? Chinese ()

Qué Pasa: La cita en Chile de los ex Mossad [31/10/2003] nacionales. Por Carlos Saldivia.

El nombre de Leo Gleser activó las alertas de varios organismos de inteligencia chilenos. Su mención ...

16.Dec.2004 Bienvenido/aa - organismos nacionales. El nombre de Leo Gleser activó las alertas de varios organismos de inteligencia chilenos. Su mención llevó ...

:::??????::: ... meetings. More companies will joint. ISDS Participant: Mr. Avnat Arieh, Gleser Leo , Galperin Nahan, Directors. Business ...

Smith & Wesson unit to offer counter-terrorism classes - 2003-07 ...

Leo Gleser , president of ISDS, established the company in 1982 to provide counter-terrorism training to law enforcement, security professionals, first -

16.Dec.2004 Artículos Manténgase en marcha, manténgase seguro Escribe: Leo Gleser ( * ) El periodo más vulnerable para cualquier persona expuesta a posible secuestro es el tiempo ...


10.Jul.2001 internacional - Terror requer combate silencioso -
... terrorismo. PAULA MÁIRAN. Carlo Wrede. Leo Gleser . Para Leo Gleser , na luta
contra o terrorismo, deve-se conhecer bem os adversários. A ...

Israeli Company to Plan Security for Athens 2004 - ... work. ISDS, owned + managed by Leo Gleser + based in Moshav Nir Zvi, will be responsible for designing the security system. for ...

Middle East - P.224-225 IDF Col. Leo Gleser a veteran of the 1976 entebbe rescue mission in Uganda, was hired along with his Israeli team by Honduran Gen. Print Version -
... among others, UK Great Britain's Captain Graham Botterill, special advisor to the House of Lords on Ship Safety, Ferriby Group + Leo Gleser , president of ...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - ... UK House of Lords on Ship Safety, Ferriby Group; Rob Burton, Regional Director for the Americas, IDS International LLC; Leo Gleser , President, International ...

16.Dec.2004 expuesta a posible secuestro es el tiempo que tarda en trasladarse entre su casay el lugar de trabajo habitual o reunión social, dice Leo Gleser " Nota: Este ...

Especialista prevê represálias dos fundamentalistas - Nacional ...Rio de Janeiro - O presidente da Internacional Security & Defense Sistems (ISDS),Leo Gleser , que está no Rio coordenando o 1º Seminário de Segurança ...

Reflexões sobre o terrorrismo ... DEBAIXO DA TERRA No Rio, o general israelense reformado Leo Gleser , há 35 anos envolvido com a prevenção de atentados, adverte para a ineficácia de ações ... -

16.Dec.2004 La Jornada 3 de mayo de 1997 Su presidente, Leo Gleser , dijo que para mantener el nivel requerido, los geris deben recibir más adiestramiento y capacitación en el manejo de armas. ...

16.Dec.2004 Zionism Exposed - Zoughbi Zoughbi, The Visit (To Indian Reservations), AMEU December, 1999. HONDURAS.

00.000.1981 Leo Gleser , “co-owner” of International Security and ...

Razón y Acción :: Ejercicio Plural y Reflexivo de Jalisco Para ...Leo Gleser nos hizo ver la potencialidad existente por parte de la tecnología moderna en telecomunicaciones e informática para que grandes potencias como -

16.Dec.2004 Inst Arg Security & Defence Systems - Filial Argentina ISDS es una empresa registrada y calificada por SIBAT - Ministerio de Defensa de Israel Presidente: Leo Gleser ..

16.Dec.2004 "This was fun, even if I'm ambivalent about the system," said Richard Kelley of Seattle. "This makes me think about how antiquated the institution is. It's almost pre-democratic. We could actually overturn the will of the people. I think we could do better."

Donovan said the system is "damaging for democracy" and often prompts calls for a constitutional amendment, particularly after the close elections like 1948, 1968 and 2000. A swing of a relatively few votes in a handful of small states could have made Kerry the winner this year without carrying the popular vote, he said.

"Why should somebody's vote, like in Wyoming, be worth twice as much as someone's in California?" he said in an interview. "If you were setting up a democracy right now, you wouldn't do this. You wouldn't do this in Afghanistan."

Former legislative leader Val Ogden, D-Vancouver, said she'd be surprised if the system is abolished. For now, she said, it's fun to be a little footnote in the history book + gratifying to cast a vote for her candidate, who narrowly lost both the popular and electoral votes.

"Hey, this is something to tell our grandchildren," Whitefoot said.

16.Dec.2004 "I think it's kind of old-fashioned and we should use the popular vote," said Ashley Jimenez, 18.

Bryce Tynan, 17, a Kerry backer, enjoyed watching his candidate sweep up all of the state's electoral votes, but added, "Popular vote makes more sense."

Even some of the delegates agreed.

16.Dec.2004 The list of companies suing Google for trademark infringement include other major companies, such as insurance giant AXA Group + smaller firms such as Plymouth, Mich.-based American Blind and Wallpaper.

Drummond, David Google's vice president + general counsel, called the decision a victory for consumers.

"It confirms that our policy complies with the law, particularly the use of trademarks as keywords," Drummond said. "This is a clear signal to other litigants that our keyword policy is lawful."

Another attorney suing Google for trademark infringement described Brinkema's ruling as "very narrow" and predicted it won't insulate the search engine from similar claims.

"It's not a sweeping declaration that makes it legal for Google to profit from the sale of keywords using other companies' trademarks," said David Rammelt,

a New York lawyer representing American Blind and Wallpaper Factory Inc. in a trademark case. "I think you will see the other six or other seven cases like this forge ahead."

Google has asked a San Jose federal judge to dismiss American Blind's case.

In the Geico case, Google's attorneys argued that the company was simply acting as a publisher by allowing competitors' ads to appear on the same screen when the names of their rivals are typed in.

Geico said it is losing customers who use the search engine to look for Geico but are led to other Web sites that win business at Geico's expense.

16.Dec.2004 Uraltes Instrument -Eiszeitflöte betört die Forscher-
Archäologen haben auf der Schwäbischen Alb das vielleicht älteste Musikinstrument der Welt entdeckt.

_35.000 -Die rund -alte Flöte wurde mit enormem Aufwand aus massivem Elfenbein geschnitzt.

Damit scheint bewiesen, dass Menschen schon in der Eiszeit zum Tanz aufgespielt haben.

16.Dec.2004 Uraltes Instrument: Eiszeitflöte betört die Forscher

16.Dec.2004 Börse am Nachmittag: Dax weiter über 4200 Punkten

16.Dec.2004 Schlappe für Blair: Höchstes Gericht kassiert britische Antiterrorgesetze

16.Dec.2004 Softwarebranche: Symantec schluckt Veritas

16.Dec.2004 China: Pandabären vom Hungertod bedroht

16.Dec.2004 Millionenstrafe bestätigt: Bundesgerichtshof lässt Haffa-Brüder abblitzen

16.Dec.2004 US-Hypothekenriese Fannie Mae: Neun-Milliarden-Loch in der Bilanz

16.Dec.2004 Großbritannien: Blair bildet Kabinett um

16.Dec.2004 Verschuldete Soldaten: Kredithaie jagen Bushs Veteranen

16.Dec.2004 SAP vs. Oracle: Schwierige Strategiespiele in Walldorf

16.Dec.2004 Klimawandel: Wissenschaftler fürchten plötzlichen Kälteschock

16.Dec.2004 Saudi-Arabien: Störsender gegen die islamistische Opposition (15.12.2004),1518,332946,00.html

16.Dec.2004 Saudi-Arabien ist eine absolute Monarchie.

Eine Gruppe von Regimekritikern, die kürzlich eine Umwandlung des Landes in eine konstitutionelle Monarchie gefordert hatte, steht inzwischen vor Gericht.

00.Okt.2003 -Bereits im- waren Hunderte von Menschen einem ähnlichen Aufruf Faqihs gefolgt.

00.Okt.2003 -damals- Rund 350 Demonstranten waren festgenommen worden.
Neues Tonband: Bin Laden sagt saudischem Königshaus den Kampf an

16.Dec.2004 Kooperation: Yahoo sucht regional

16.Dec.2004 Klickjubiläum: Wer wird Milliardär?

16.Dec.2004 Spanische Grippe: Jedes neue Killervirus könnte ansteckender sein

16.Dec.2004 SPIEGEL-Studentenbefragung: Die besten Mathematiker

16.Dec.2004 Frankfurter Flughafen: Unbekanntes Gas ausgetreten - Abflughalle gesperrt

16.Dec.2004 Angebot aus Island: Asyl für Bobby Fischer

16.Dec.2004 Indonesien: Arsen in der Suppe des Vizepräsidenten

16.Dec.2004 Annäherungsversuch: Bush plant Deutschlandbesuch für Februar

16.Dec.2004 Megafusion: US-Pflasterkonzern J&J schmiedet Medizinriesen

16.Dec.2004 Interview mit Chefredakteur Boniecki: "Manche Bischöfe müssen Glasnost erst noch lernen"

16.Dec.2004 Polen: Wo der Papst ewig jung ist

16.Dec.2004 Portland: Mutter Natur in die Betonwüste