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Wells betrachtete sich als
Sozialist und stand der Russischen Revolution und dem marxistischen Programm Lenins positiv gegenüber (siehe Russia in the Shadows ).

Später distanzierte er sich von der sowjetischen Politik, insbesondere nach Stalins Regierungsübernahme.

Die drei großen Werke The Outline of History (1920), Science of Life (1929) und The Work Wealth and Happiness of Mankind (1932), waren alle dazu bestimmt, die Idee der Schaffung eines Weltstaates populär zu machen. Seiner Ansicht nach war dies die einzige Alternative zu einem Rückfall in die Barbarei und der endgültigen Vernichtung.

1933 veröffentlichte er seinen pessimistischen Zukunftsroman The Shape of Things to Come +

1934 erschien in zwei Bänden seine Autobiographie Experiment in Autobiography .

Auf seiner letzten USA-Reise im Jahre 1940 traf er auf den jungen Orson Welles, der am

30.Okt.1938 seinen Roman vom Krieg der Welten zu einem Hörspiel adaptiert und damit eine Panik in New York ausgelöst hatte.

Wells unterstützte den Ersten Weltkrieg als den "Krieg zur Beendigung aller Kriege".

00.000.1918 wurde er kurze Zeit Propagandaleiter gegen Deutschland in Lord Northcliffes Komitee für Propaganda gegen den Feind.

Sein bedeutendstes Werk, während des Krieges geschrieben und veröffentlicht, war Mr. Britling sees it Through (1916).
22.Oct.2006 THE OUTLINE OF HISTORY . BY. H. G. WELLS ... Figures. View directory of images. Redactor’s Notes.
Novak: ‘This Is Going To Be One Of The Least Important Elections That I Have Seen’ - Nico 

A new cover story by Rolling Stone describes the last six years in Congress as the “most shameful, corrupt and incompetent period in the history of the American legislative branch.”

Americans’ approval of the conservative-led Congress is “at its lowest mark in 14 years,” with half of Americans believing “most members of Congress are corrupt.”

Yet some conservatives are trying to downplay the stakes of the upcoming election. This morning on Meet the Press, conservative pundit Robert Novak said, “I would make the argument that this is one of the least important elections that I have seen.” Watch it: Full transcript:

RUSSERT: Would a Democratic majority go wild, or govern from the middle? Bob Novak?

NOVAK: There’s going to be a subpoena onslaught, which may or may not be politicaly beneficial. I have never found, in my time in Washington, that these congressional investigations are that effective.

I know that in six years of investigating everything possible in the Clinton administration, the Republican Congress was not all that effective.

Tim, let me say this. All politicians always say that this is the most important election that we’ve ever been in, because it is to them. I would make the argument that this is one of the least important elections that I have seen because everybody is really looking ahead to 2008 as an important election. Because if the Democrats win the House, as is probable, they can make and pass a lot of legislation, get nowhere in the Senate — the Senate is a very difficult thing to get through — and the President will suddenly discover his veto pen that he had lost track of for six years. I don’t think that much will happen substantively. It is a nice thing for Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House. But I don’t think there’s going to be much action out of her.
Bush: ‘I Have Not Read One Book About Me,’ Says There’s Nothing He Could Learn From Them - Nico 

On ABC’s This Week, President Bush said, “I have not read one book about me. … You know, I just — I feel uncomfortable reading about myself.”

Bush said it is “weird to be reading books about yourself when you’re still trying to be the President,” +

said that authors who comment on his administration before he’s out of office are “myopic.”

Stephanopoulos asked, “You don’t think there’s anything you could learn from these books in real-time?” Bush said: “No.”

Watch it: Bush_I_Have_Not_Read_One_Book_About_Me_Video">Digg It! Full transcript:

STEPHANOPOULOS: You said in your press conference last week, you joked about the books being written about your administration. Have you read any of them?



BUSH: You know, I don’t know. I haven’t read the bad ones. I haven’t read the good ones. I guess it makes me — It’s kinda weird to be reading books about yourself when you’re still trying to be the President.

I really haven’t.

STEPHANOPOULOS: How do you explain, though, how Bob Woodward, who has written three books –

BUSH: I didn’t read the book.

STEPHANOPOULOS: I know. But he’s written three books about your presidency –

BUSH: I didn’t read any of them.


BUSH: George, I have not read one book about me. I read a lot of books this year. But not one about myself. You know, I just — I feel uncomfortable reading about myself. It’s — it’s hard for you to relate, I think.

But my — I’m still in the midst of my presidency. And people are writing books about my presidency. It is so myopic in many ways. The true history of my presidency won’t be reflected until way after I’m gone.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You don’t think there’s anything you could learn from these books in real-time?

Biden: 12-14 Conservatives Would Vote To Change Course In Iraq If Senate Changes Hands - Faiz 

On Fox this morning, Sen. Joseph Biden (D-DE) said the upcoming elections in November may determine whether the U.S. changes course in Iraq. If control over the Senate changes hands, “you’re going to see twelve to fourteen” conservatives “freed up to go out and join in a bipartisan way to tell the President we are seriously off course,” Biden said. He added that if elections don’t result in a change of control, then the administration will view it as a reaffirmation of stay the course. Watch it:

Biden said three conservatives have told him personally that they want to change course, but won’t state so publicly until the outcome of the elections is determined. If Biden’s assertions are true, nearly a dozen conservative Senators have come to the determination that the course in Iraq is failing, but are unwilling to speak out.

2,791 U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq and this month has been the deadliest in Iraq this year. While troops are courageously fighting and dying in Iraq, conservative politicians at home can’t muster the courage to honestly state their views about the war.


WALLACE: Very briefly, Senator Biden, what’s at stake?

BIDEN: If the Democrats regain control, you’re going to see 12 to 14 Republicans freed up to go out and join in a bipartisan way to tell the President, we are seriously off course. If the Democrats don’t make gains, it will be a reaffirmation for this administration, stay the course + I believe that will happen.

WALLACE: You think there are a dozen Republicans chomping at the bit?

BIDEN: I know there are at least three that approached me before we left.
Bush: ‘We’ve Never Been Stay The Course’ - Nico 

During an interview today on ABC’s This Week, President Bush tried to distance himself from what has been his core strategy in Iraq for the last three years. George Stephanopoulos asked about James Baker’s plan to develop a strategy for Iraq that is “between ’stay the course’ and ‘cut and run.’”

Bush responded, ‘We’ve never been stay the course, George!’ Watch it:

Bush is wrong:

BUSH: We will stay the course. [8/30.2006 ]

BUSH: We will stay the course, we will complete the job in Iraq. [8/4.2005 ]

BUSH: We will stay the course until the job is done, Steve. And the temptation is to try to get the President or somebody to put a timetable on the definition of getting the job done.

We’re just going to stay the course. [12/15.2003 ]

BUSH: And my message today to those in Iraq is: We’ll stay the course. [4/13.2004 ]

BUSH: And that’s why we’re going to stay the course in Iraq. And that’s why when we say something in Iraq, we’re going to do it. [4/16.2004 ]

BUSH: And so we’ve got tough action in Iraq. But we will stay the course. [4/5.2004 ]

Bush_We_ve_Never_Been_Stay_The_Course_Video">Digg It!

Full transcript:

STEPHANOPOULOS: James Baker says that he’s looking for something between “cut and run” and “stay the course.”

BUSH: Well, hey, listen, we’ve never been “stay the course,” George. We have been — we will complete the mission, we will do our job + help achieve the goal, but we’re constantly adjusting to tactics. Constantly.
“There was arrogance and there was stupidity - Judd  from the United States in Iraq.” — Alberto Fernandez, a top U.S. diplomat in the State Department, 10/21/06
22.Oct.2006 Original NYT Story Strongly Suggests Suspended Staffer Could Not Be Source of NIE Leak - Judd 

A Democratic staffer’s access to classified information was recently suspended by House Intelligence Chairman Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), supposedly because the staffer requested a copy of a National Intelligence Estimate two days before it was reported in the New York Times.

But, as the Washington Post notes, the New York Times was interviewing government officials about the NIE for weeks before the story was printed:

Intelligence community sources, speaking anonymously because the NIE remains classified, have told The Washington Post that Times reporters were asking questions about the contents of that NIE weeks before publication of the story. In his story, Times reporter Mark Mazzetti wrote that over the weeks he had interviewed “a dozen United States government officials and outside experts . . . for this article.”

He added that all “had either seen the final version of the document or participated in the creation of earlier drafts.”

The staffer requested the NIE because Rep. John Tierney (D-MA) received a media inquiry about it. The staffer provided the NIE to Tierney in an appropriate manner. Once Tierney saw the NIE was classified “he refused to discuss it with reporters.”

Hoekstra’s only apparent reason for suspending the staffer was the timeline of his request. The timeline, however, virtually precludes the possibility that the staffer was the source of the leak.
Military Commissions Act Does Affect US Citizens - Paul Joseph Watson -Recent application of terror legislation proves American citizens not exempt from intent of bill
22.Oct.2006 Berry juice may be a heart tonic Scientists in India develop a way to extract juice from a berry believed to be good for the heart.
22.Oct.2006 Israel used phosphorous bombs Israel admits for the first time it used controversial phosphorous bombs during fighting in Lebanon.
22.Oct.2006 N Korea links tests to 'pressure' North Korea will only carry out a second nuclear test if "harassed" by the US, media reports in Asia say.
22.Oct.2006 Vietnam net users fear crackdown Vietnamese authorities are accused of creating a climate of fear amongst the country's internet users.
22.Oct.2006 More remains found at Ground Zero Workers find more human remains at Ground Zero as a new search for victims of the 9/11 attacks gets under way.
22.Oct.2006 Iceland 'breaks ban on whaling' Iceland reportedly breaks a 21-year-old international ban on commercial whaling by killing its first fin whale.
22.Oct.2006 Pakistan and India in spying row A row erupts after Indian officials detain a Pakistani diplomatic driver for allegedly receiving secret files.
22.Oct.2006 Warning over UK race riot danger The polarised debate over Muslim veils could spark race riots, the head of the UK race relations watchdog warns.
22.Oct.2006 BP attacked over safety standards The US body that investigates major industrial accidents has attacked safety standards at oil giant BP, the BBC learns.
22.Oct.2006 Immune alarm 'will help fight TB' A key way that the body fights back against tuberculosis has been identified by scientists.
22.Oct.2006 Germany's New Internet License Fee - Zonk 260 PapayaSF writes

"Beginning January 1st, Germany will require payment of a license fee of 5.52 euros a month on computers + mobile phones that can access TV + radio programs over the Internet. Like the current TV + radio license fees, the money will support national and local public TV and radio stations. German companies with many computers are predictably upset."

I'm not sure if this is the same story we discussed in 2004. Did this original fee go through + this is another fee on top of the original?
England Starts Fingerprinting Drinkers - Zonk 365 dptalia writes

"In an effort to reduce alcohol related violence, England is rolling out mandatory fingerprinting of all pub patrons.

If a pub owner refuses to comply with the new system + fails to show 'considerable' reductions in alcohol-related crimes, they will lose their license.

Supposedly the town that piloted this program had a 48% reduction in alcohol-related crime." From the article:

"Offenders can be banned from one pub or all of them for a specified time - usually a period of months - by a committee of landlords + police called Pub Watch.

Their offenses are recorded against their names in the fingerprint system. Bradburn noted the system had a 'psychological effect' on offenders."
Judge Rules In Favor Of Spamhaus - Zonk 180 Waylon writes

"U.S. District Judge Charles Kocoras has ruled in favor of The Spamhaus Project. e360 Insight responded on its homepage, saying the judge's ruling was 'a devastating loss of personal freedom for all U.S. citizens'. As opposed to shutting down a voluntary service which tries to mitigate the millions of unsolicited emails that e360 Insight pumps out every single day." From the article: "In his order, Judge Kocoras wrote that the relief e360insight sought is 'too broad to be warranted in this case' and that suspending the domain name would 'cut off all lawful online activities of Spamhaus, not just those that are in contravention' of the default judgment. He also called e360insight's motion one that 'does not correspond to the gravity of the offending conduct.'"
Feds Start Small on Smart IDs - Zonk 78 jcatcw writes

"Some government employees will be getting smart ID cards beginning this week. The unfunded mandate to have all employees and contractors use Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards is part of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12. The U.S. General Services Administration is providing enrollment centers that can verify the identities of employees, fingerprint and photograph the workers + issue PIV cards to them. The deadline for getting cards to all employees and contractors is the end of September 2008."
Opening Diebold Source, the Hard Way - kdawson 260 Doc Ruby about an article in the Baltimore (MD) Sun,

reporting that someone sent a package to a former legislator containing what appears to be Diebold source code. From the article:

"Diebold Election Systems Inc. expressed alarm and state election officials contacted the FBI

yesterday after a former legislator received an anonymous package containing what appears to be the computer code that ran Maryland's polls

in 2004... The availability of the code — the written instructions that tell the machines what to do — is important because some computer scientists worry that the machines are vulnerable to malicious + virtually undetectable vote-switching software. An examination of the instructions would enable technology experts to identify flaws, but Diebold says the code is proprietary and does not allow public scrutiny of it."

Read on for more of Doc Ruby's comments and questions.
Israel insists on Lebanon overflights: Sources in the Israeli military say that Israel would bomb Unifil sites in southern Lebanon if Israeli warplanes are intercepted.

22.Oct.2006 Israel admits using phosphorus bombs in Lebanon:

Israel admitted for the first time to using controversial white phosphorus shells against military targets in Southern Lebanon, an Israeli newspaper reported on Sunday.

22.Oct.2006 Feds Probe a Top Democrat's Relationship with AIPAC: The Department of Justice is investigating whether Rep. Jane Harman and the pro-Israel group worked together to get her reappointed as the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee

22.Oct.2006 Weary Israel loses faith in its leaders : The rape allegations against the President are just the latest in a long line of political scandals

22.Oct.2006 Israel founded using fake British banknotes: MORE than £130m worth of British banknotes forged by the Nazis was used by the Jewish underground to help establish the State of Israel.

22.Oct.2006 Iran vows to respond to any sanctions over nuclear program:

An Iranian official warned today that Tehran would not remain passive if the West imposes sanctions against it over its disputed nuclear program, but did not say how the country would respond.

22.Oct.2006 Up to 2,000 refugees a day flood into Darfur's camps of despair : The humanitarian catastrophe in Darfur is worsening by the day, as dramatic increases in fighting and militia raids on villages force thousands of people to flee their homes.

22.Oct.2006 'El Comandante' poised to lead Nicaraguans once again: Ortega, dressed in new political outlook, aims for first-ballot win in vote next month

22.Oct.2006 Bolivia for Single, Free Health Care: The Bolivian government pledged its commitment to a single and free health system in which all citizens have the same rights, according to a proposal presented to the Constituent Assembly on Saturday.

22.Oct.2006 Ex-German leader: Bush's stance as 'God-fearing' president provoked suspicion :While meetings with Bush at that time were friendly, Schroeder said he could not reconcile himself with the feeling that religion was the driving force behind many of the Bush's political decisions.

22.Oct.2006 Law allows torture, even if Bush doesn't call it that : Flanked by the panjandrums of shame and the dirty-hands gang, including the current attorney general and the vice president, President Bush on Tuesday signed into law the Military Commissions Act, a law that will go down in history as an obscenity against liberty and decency.

22.Oct.2006 UK: Our dirty little torture secret: Officially, Britain disapproves of rendition, the CIA’s shadowy capture + transport of terror suspects. In reality we have helped, writes Stephen Grey

22.Oct.2006 Do ‘computer police' have too much power?: On Saturday morning,

23.Sep.2006 many police vehicles appeared in our driveway. Men in black with flak jackets ran to and around our house.
22.Oct.2006 Foley singled out "hot" boys: report 

Florida Republican Rep. Mark Foley made friends with a wide circle of teenaged House of Representatives pages, then singled out "hot" boys to write to, the Washington Post reported on Sunday. posted by Prof. Hex

Chinese debate over emperor's tomb  A Chinese economist's proposal to unearth the tomb of China's first emperor has sparked a row, triggering another debate on whether or not to leave the tomb alone. posted by Prof. Hex
22.Oct.2006 Alternate History: After the Nazis Won World War II  Book reviews and some history, from American Heritage. posted by Prof. Hex
22.Oct.2006 1.9 million Afghans need food assistance due to drought: The Afghan government and the United Nations appealed on Sunday for US$43 million (Ð34 million) in aid for 1.9 million people facing food shortages because of severe drought.
22.Oct.2006 Andrew Sullivan: Iraq is no Vietnam – it's far worse than that: A political solution, the only secure way to achieve peace in Iraq, has slipped across the horizon, as Sunni Arabs, Shi’ite Arabs and Sunni Kurds recoil into the protection of the clan, the tribe and the ethnic or religious family. After each round of violence a cycle of revenge follows.

22.Oct.2006 Now we know what we know, why is Blair still in office? : As more evidence of his role in the Iraq debacle emerges, it beggars belief that the Prime Minister hasn't been impeached
22.Oct.2006 The Next War-By Daniel Ellsberg. -"Harpers" -

A hidden crisis is under way. Many government insiders are aware of serious plans for war with Iran, but Congress + the public remain largely in the dark.

The current situation is very like that of 1964, the year preceding our overt, open-ended escalation of the Vietnam War + 2002, the year leading up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Continue 

22.Oct.2006 Robert Fisk: We've all been veiled from the truth -By Robert Fisk
We are supposed to look through the veil which Lord Blair placed in front of our eyes so that lies will become truth, so that what is true will become untrue.

And thus we will be separated from the truth. Which is why Blair himself now represents that "mark of separation". O tempora! O mores! Continue 
22.Oct.2006 Darfur- Krise: Sudan wirft Uno- Sondergesandten aus dem Land

22.Oct.2006 Gewalteskalation: US- Strategen suchen Ausweg aus der Hölle Irak
22.Oct.2006 Iraq: How to change? I suggest taking a look at Ratbang Diaries for some incisive comments on the great problem now confronting Bush:

How can the Infallible One change course in Iraq without confessing fallibility? (You'll also want to read Joy's preceding post about Harold Pinter.)
00.000.2008 run- Sen. Obama says he's weighing.

Hmmm, how about a Gore/Obama ticket. Gore would win every state he won in 2000 (including Florida) and pick up a slew of Western states and some others to boot.

A Gore/Obama ticket would be a likely landside victory.
Foley to page: "You could always stay at my place. I'm always here, I'm always lonely + I'm always up for oral sex."
You See the Value of BuzzFlash Every Day. Please Contribute.

22.Oct.2006 A Sneak Preview of the Lastest Member of the BuzzFlash Internet News Network Family,! We Will Formally Launch on Monday.
GOP's Mehlman seems to concede that Afghanistan is ruled by terrorists after U.S. abandoned it 10/23

22.Oct.2006 Ex-German leader Schroeder: I was creeped out by Bush's incessant God talk. "We rightly criticize that in most Islamic states, the role of religion for society and the character of the rule of law are not clearly separated. But we fail to recognize that in the USA, the Christian fundamentalists and their interpretation of the Bible have similar tendencies." 10/23
Biden tells Fox: If the Senate changes hands, no fewer than 12 conservative senators will vote to change course in Iraq 10/23

22.Oct.2006 Guardian: Last week a tipping point was reached as political leaders in Washington and London began openly to think the unthinkable -- that the war was lost 10/23
America showed arrogance, stupidity in Iraq, current U.S. senior Bushevik diplomat says

22.Oct.2006 The United States is tracking a North Korean ship described as suspicious by a U.S. official 10/23
22.Oct.2006 Bush in Paraguay: More info

An extremely good friend to this blog sent me a bit more information on the 100,000 acre Bush spread in Paraguay -- specifically, on the possible connection of Jenna Bush's trip to that neck of the woods.

Jenna met with Paraguayan president Nicanor Duarte and with U.S. Ambassador James Cason.
22.Oct.2006 This page appears to be Cuban in origin, so consider the source with caution.

It identifies Cason as CIA during his incident-filled stint in Havana.

I'm not sure that's accurate...

Alongside appointing Miami Cubans to high office in his administration, this strategy is also a pay-back to the Cuban mafia for its decisive role in the fraudulent presidential elections.

Chief of the US Interests Section in Havana + CIA member James Cason orchestrated operations, contacting mercenaries, hosting meetings at his own residence and securing the flow of money.
Despite USAID claims that its NGOs can’t provide cash to Cubans directly, over $100,000 in cash was found in the possession of the 75 mostly unemployed mercenaries who went on trial.

This was the Verala Project + the pro-American Cubans received far more than $100,000 -- more like $20 mill, according to writer Thomas Riggins.
22.Oct.2006 Agee himself (that was your cue to boo and hiss -- why aren't you booing + hissing?) offers an interesting profile of Cason:

James Cason is a career State Department diplomat who has served mostly in Latin American countries, not menacing to the eye, just a bit overstuffed in the round face, double chinned like a Porky Pig in his late fifties, with wide round glasses in front of half-closed eyes. Like he’s had too many two-hour lunches and not enough jogging.

Otto Reich, Cuban-American fanatic and one of the un-indicted criminals of Iran-Contra, who was serving a limited recess appointment (read no chance for Senate confirmation) as Bush’s Assistant Secretary of State for Latin American, gave Cason the job and apparently put an ample load of hot sauce on his appointee’s backside.
Cason swooped down on Havana like a fed from Gangbusters’ central casting with an “in your face” attitude big time. But give the guy credit. He ran his ass off all over this island burning his dissident friends, “our guys,” and sealing their fate as he went along. His blatant support for Washington’s civil society in Cuba looked for all the world like he was bent on getting himself PNG’d, expelled as persona non grata in diplomatic parlance. He made a show of unity with groups in the provinces as well as Havana; gave 24-hour passes to the Interests Section to favorites, including Cuban penetration agents, for free internet access and other facilities; attended meetings in dissidents’ homes where he gave the equivalent of press conferences to foreign journalists; personally launched the youth wing of the Liberal Party; entertained dissidents in his official residence, even hosting an independent journalists’ workshop there one Saturday. His conduct went so far beyond accepted diplomatic protocol that you might say he was the mother of all provocations.
But expelling Cason would have led to a new crisis with the U.S. + the Cubans didn’t take the bait. For six months they waited and watched through their highly placed penetrations of Cason’s dissident community. Then they decided to act. They had the evidence of criminal activities in support of Helms-Burton and in violation of other legislation on sedition, so they finally decided to sweep away Cason’s constituency in a stroke. And there he stood in March, appropriately like the Emperor who wore no cool. Indeed, there’s been not a peep from the man since his acolytes were picked up.
One can imagine the bitterness from prison with 75 of “our guys” reflecting on how stupid they were to fall for Cason’s grandstanding.

22.Oct.2006 From Wonkette: Cason apparently gets around. A former “political adviser” to the U.S. Atlantic Command and ATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic, Cason has been stationed in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama … basically everywhere the U.S. has run secret and not-so-secret wars over the past 30 years.
22.Oct.2006 As for Duarte and Paraguay, this Asia Times piece provides much of what you need to know. Some excerpts... Way back 00.000.1982, the US built and started operating a semi-clandestine airstrip in Mariscal Estigarribia, in the Chaco region in northern Paraguay near the Bolivian border, where B-52 bombers and C-5 Galaxy cargo planes are able to land with no hassle.

The airstrip is literally in the middle of dense forest. It also happens to be only 270 kilometers from the Brazilian border.
Some Brazilian diplomats bet off the record that a US permanent base is all but inevitable. But maybe not, as Brazil is known to play hardball with Paraguay.

Brazil would see such an official American base as a threat, which may be why this is all being done under the guise of Bush family private ownership.

If that theory is correct, then there ought to be an interesting money trail.

The Bushes would not use their own funds to create a United States air base.
Archäologie: Gräber der Pharaonen- Zahnärzte entdeckt
22.Oct.2006 Großprojekt: Volk stimmt über Erweiterung des Panama- Kanals ab

22.Oct.2006 Britisches Oberhaus: Reformpläne sehen drastische Veränderungen vor
22.Oct.2006 Chronologie: Der scheinbar endlose Prozess

Die Umstände der Attacke vor der Küste von Florida sind noch immer ein Rätsel. Laut Polizei war der stachelbewehrte Adlerrochen am Donnerstag plötzlich in das Boot gesprungen. Als Bertakis versuchte, sich den einen Meter langen Fisch vom Leib zu halten, habe dieser zugestochen und ihn ins Herz getroffen.

Nach Ansicht von Experten ist es sehr ungewöhnlich, dass Rochen sich so verhalten. Sie gelten als friedliche Tiere. "So etwas ist extrem außergewöhnlich", sagte eine Meeresbiologin von der Universität von Miami. "Selbst wenn die Tiere unter Stress stehen, greifen sie normalerweise nicht an."
Afghanistan: Taliban- Führer kündigt verstärkte Kämpfe an

22.Oct.2006 Aufstieg zur Wirtschaftsweltmacht: Indiens urbaner Rausch
22.Oct.2006 Irak: Gewalteskalation zwingt Bush zu Taktikänderung
Bildungslücke: Britische Schüler finden Großbritannien nicht auf der Karte

22.Oct.2006 Teure Dicke: Fettsucht kostet USA jährlich 90 Milliarden Dollar
Atomkonflikt: Nordkorea macht zweiten Test von US- Verhalten abhängig

22.Oct.2006 Wasserverschwendung: Australiern droht Singverbot unter der Dusche
22.Oct.2006 Bush is a Loserman Who Weakens America's National Security: U.S. sees deadliest month of '06 in Iraq
America showed arrogance, stupidity in Iraq, current U.S. senior Bushevik diplomat says

22.Oct.2006 A Sneak Preview of the Lastest Member of the BuzzFlash Internet News Network Family,! We Will Formally Launch on Monday.
Sign the Pledge to Keep Our Children Safe from Gun Violence in Their Schools. It's the Least We Can Do for Them.

22.Oct.2006 The World's Top 20 Tyrants, With a Special Chapter on George W. Bush
Ohio's Katherine Harris Goes Bonkers: Ken Blackwell Hits the Gutter Crawling 10/22
The corpse of Habeas Corpus: Island dungeon is above the law, White House tells courts 10/22
Some Recovery for GOP on Issues, But Congressional Election Outlook Still Looking Grim for Them, Very Grim 10/22
"Destined for Destiny: The Unauthorized Autobiography of George W. Bush." This book will cause you to laugh out loud on public transportation. "To help craft this lasting account of his life and leadership, George W. Bush turned to two writers who have earned not only his trust but his deep friendship [Uh + Iraq Had WMDs]: Scott Dikkers, editor-in-chief of The Onion and coauthor of the #1 bestseller Our Dumb Century + Peter Hilleren, former producer for public radio and some of the nation's finest public-access cable-television stations." On meeting Laura Bush: "I was blessed with the good fortune of meeting a wonderful small-town Texas woman who had a dazed and clueless stare reminiscent of a goat that had been struck between the eyes with a tire iron -- a halting kind of beauty which every man desires in a woman."

22.Oct.2006 New York Times reports that U.S. has secret timetable
22.Oct.2006 Anon...
The $296 billion deficit figure that the government touts does not include off-budget items like the ongoing war, which in Iraq alone is costing us 9 billion a month. Nor does it include surpluses in the Social Security and Medicare funds, which are also being spent without accounting for them. Yes, the deficit is almost 800 billion a year; that's how much more the Fed gov't spends than it actually takes in as revenue. And if future obligations are taken into account (such as federal pensions and the new prescription drug benefit obligations), which is how Generally Accepted Accounting Practices would do the math, the true federal debt is about 50 TRILLION, with this last year's true deficit about 3 trillion.
No, the US doesn't finance all its debts overseas, but the "foreign purchases" figure for gov't debt is running now at 72 billion a month, as of last week.
I get my figures mostly from the financial advisors on, which is generally recognized as a reliable site. You might try reading some of the commentaries there. I think you will be shocked to see how much the feds and their mouthpieces at the Wall Street Journal are massaging numbers to keep folks like you in the game.

No meanness intended toward you, but for your family's sake I hope you look further into this. # posted by unirealist
22.Oct.2006 The most pernicious myth, still believed by many, holds that anti-war protestors spat on returning soldiers. If you know of anyone who still believes this nonsense, show 'em this interview with Jerry Lembcke, who teaches Sociology at Holy Cross College. Lembcke examines the origins of this legend in a book called The Spitting Image .
I kept looking back in the historical records, when people were actually coming home from Vietnam and I found out that no, there was no record. Not only was there no record of people spat on, but none of anyone claiming that they were spat on. So then I got interested in the stories as a form of myth and found out that in other times and other places, especially Germany after WWI, soldiers came home and told stories of feeling rejected by people and particularly stories of being spat on. The correspondent who brought this interview to my attention offers these observations:
I was very active in the late 60's and 70's anti-Viet Nam War movement.
I can tell you categorically that all the many activists I associated with would never countenance anyone spitting, much less spitting on a military veteran. We took protesting seriously. Anybody engaging in such outrageously disgusting behavior would have been ostracized.
For us the Johnson and Nixon administrations were the culprits. We very clearly understood that our disapproval needed to be directed at the officials running the war + not at soldiers and/or common folk who were simply being duped and suckered by the government's lies and propaganda.
By 1970 the organization Viet Nam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) was in full swing and I distinctly recall that at any sizeable protest event a noticeable contingent of VVAWs was almost always present. Usually they wore camo or olive BDUs conspicuously decorated with very graphic anti-war messages. These guys tended to be fairly tough, no bull-shit patriotic working class guys who weren't kidding around. Civilian protesters greatly respected and admired the VVAW and even tended to be a little afraid of them. For example, the VVAWs generally wouldn't tolerate any misuse of the American flag in their presence. While firmly against the war, I can assure you the VVAWs would not have hesitated for a moment to physically attack any protester who spit on, or verbally denigrated a fellow soldier.
HOWEVER, I definitely recall that as an anti-war protester we were frequently bombarded with verbal abuse, epithets + worse by construction workers, cops, etc. For protesters, marching back then could be somewhat of a physically risky practice. In fact, for a long time, prominently wearing an anti-war button out in the street was likely to garner you some choice vituperations from a passing truck driver or cabby.
I'm glad this pathetic national myth of the "Spat upon Viet Vets" is finally being exposed.


Put that together with the head cutting motion and the whispering in the ear: conspiring + a rather unpleasant picture of St. Peter emerges. It seems that Peter is hiding his actions behind Judas. Curious.

"An institution that is particular to (Aquitaine) + that is stranger to the Gauls," says the highly esteemed author of the History of Gasconny, Abbé Monlezun, "is that of the solduriens, or, rather, saldunes (of Escualdunal, zaldi or saldi, horse; salduna, one who has a horse, horseman, l'eques romain); one names in this way soldiers who make a vow to a chief, to forever share their destiny or rather to identify so strongly with him that there is no example of one who ever survived. As soon as the chief succumbed, we saw them looking for a glorious death in battle + if they could find it, they came back and pierced themselves on the bodies of one who had their faith."

We can observe that in the account of the war against the Aquitains, Ceasar speaks only of the institution of the soldurii, without affirming elsewhere that the soldures existed in the other parts of Gaul. The term soldures, that in the Basque language beings no idea to mind, presents, on the contrary, in the language of the Technosages, a meaning perfectly in accord with the institution itself. It is the soldier devoted to his chief + the accidents of war will not separate them; the life of the soldura will not outlast that of his chief. - Soul (sôl), life, âme. - to dure (dioure), durer. - In our day, are not they called soldiers in the Anglo-Saxon ? From whence comes this soldier, if not from soldure (soldioure) + how would this term exist in the Anglo-Saxon if the institution of the soldurii was unique to the Iberians? This institution that, it seems to us, is common to the Celts and the Celtiberians, indicates to us how, on Aquitain soil, the fusion operated between the two families. The name of Occitania was used to designate Aquitain. [...]

After giving us the meaning of the names of the Iberian tribes, the Celtic language explains just as easily those of the Aquitain tribes. In this part of Gaul, the Celtic family left larger and stronger traces than in its mix with the Iberian family. All authors have recounted the different character traits that separate the Iberians and the Celts: these were gay, light, ardent, loved to fight and were quick to attack; the Iberians, on the contrary, were grave, serious, almost somber, loved war as well and defended it with an invincible stubbornness. When the two people met, the shock must have been terrible.
In Plato's Theagetes Socrates confesses, "By the favour of the Gods, I have since my childhood been attended by a semi-divine being whose voice from time to time dissuades me from some undertaking, but never directs me what I am to do."

This remarkable set is not mere art! Like the windows, it contains thought, a message.

When we carefully observe the details, in the stalls, something immediately appears to our eyes: Demons and snakes, malevolent animals and monsters of all species swarm there. This invasion contributes to give to this whole a tragic aspect that also agrees very well with the profound movement of history that is narrated to us .

This tragic aspect is complementary and has to be put in relationship to the windows of Arnaud de Moles. The windows and stalls constitute a whole. The two masterpieces were designed at the same time. The same story is told. Its theme was proposed to the glaziers and the sculptors. This theme evokes the same reality: the reality of man in general.

One would almost think about Dante’s Inferno. But this obvious tragedy is not hell - it is the history of humanity on earth. Charity - empty handed - walks right before the monsters and demons, sustained by one same hope, going alone, but courageous, to face evil, the malevolent snake. At the end of the cycle, she becomes triumphant Strength. Her mission is accomplished because we see all malevolent snakes crushed under her feet or finally mastered in her hands.

Since this history is told and relived in retrospect, our artists knew in advance that this dramatic adventure had to bring us to Life.

What breadth! What perspective! that comes out of the thought of the woodwork of the choir of Auch. Some connoisseurs are not afraid to compare the extraordinary work of these stalls with the frescoes of Michelangelo. [Raymond Montané]

I would like to make a note of the fact that, after spending some time trying to find out who Arnaud de Moles actually was, the information I was able to obtain suggests that it was a name given to a group, The Companions Devoted to Liberty, or, perhaps an anagram. In terms of Green Language clues, the name "De Moles" is rich with meaning, ranging from the possibility of homophonic pronunciation "de Molay," as in the last Grand Master of the Templars, as well as the meaning of "mole," which, in French means "stone," or a jetty: a breakwater. In English, the Green Language leads us to a creature that lives underground, or the "going underground" of a tradition. And then, of course, it can also say "Mea Deus Leonard." A reader may find a better solution. There is more, but I don't want to divert onto that subject at the moment because I have a story to tell.
21.Feb.2005 Where is the Truth hidden?

Sometimes the Truth is not in the closet or any secret place. Sometimes the Truth is "hidden" in a plain sight - just staying before us, waiting to be seen. But to be able to see it we would have had an eyes to see. And I can assure you, this usually is the most difficult "exercise" for us, because we probably forgot the mastery of seeing. We're flowing blind and complacent in our illusory world - the World as taught to perceive it by our programs, our social and family imprinting, our hidden masters...
OK, let me point out only that this Samara cave is located in the Rhodope mountain, not in Iraq or Russia. Last detail - the artifacts were found in a place 350 m under the ground level.
Hmmm, who were the Thracians?

The find's pertainence to the epoch of legendary Mycenae derives from the found labris (short two-face ritual axe, characteristic of that civilization) and a silver amulet of the cult to Mother Earth, as well as pieces of surgery utensils.
We can find something more about this "Mother Earth cult". From
Standart News:
And if we have to trust the Greek or Roman sources, it seems Thracians were wild, illiterate, skilled in wars Barbarians. It seems also, that the treasures being unearthed regularly in this area, point to something different.
Let's take the recent news. Two Bulgarian sources presented a new discovery.
Novinite told:
The Eastern Rhodopes revealed an old-times funeral site obviously pertaining to an ancient Crete-Micenae cult dating 3,500 years ago. ...
The artifacts from the late bronze epoch were found in the nearby Samara cave.


-heute-Tel Aviv/Gaza-Der israelische Minister Jaakov Edri habe nach einer entsprechenden Anfrage einer Abgeordneten den Einsatz von Phosphorbomben im Libanon-Krieg bestätigt,

berichtete die israelische Zeitung "Haaretz".

"Die israelische Armee hat während des Kriegs gegen die Hisbollah Phosphorgranaten bei Angriffen auf militärische Ziele in offenen Gebieten eingesetzt", sagte Edri dem Bericht zufolge.

Israel habe sich bei dem Einsatz der hochgiftigen Waffe aber an das internationale Gesetz gehalten. Edri sagte nicht, welche Ziele genau angegriffen wurden.

Phosphor ist hochgiftig und verursacht bei Menschen schwere und oft tödliche Verbrennungen.

Bislang hatte die Regierung in Jerusalem angegeben, solche Bomben nur zur Markierung von Zielen oder Gebieten zu benutzen.

Der libanesische Präsident Émile Lahoud hatte Israel während des Libanon-Kriegs den Einsatz von Phosphorbomben vorgeworfen, nachdem von schweren Verbrennungen bei Zivilisten berichtet worden war.

Einige Militärexperten fordern, Phosphorbomben als chemische Waffen einzustufen und generell zu verbieten.

Menschenrechtsaktivisten haben allerdings nicht nur Israel, sondern auch der Hisbollah vorgeworfen, im Libanon-Krieg geächtete Waffen gegen den Gegner eingesetzt zu haben.

Laut Human Rights Watch hat die schiitische Miliz Streubomben auf israelische Ziele abgefeuert.
03.Jan.1992 102 Hearings:House Committee Meetings by Date (1992) 1992/01/03 Daily Digest - Friday, pages D1 - D2 (Bound vol. Chairman, American Battle Monuments Commission; + Robert W.

00.000.1991 102 Hearings: Senate Committee Meetings by Date () D6-D7) Committee Meetings (Committees not listed did not meet) ETHICS ... on Armed Services: Committee concluded hearings on the nomination of Robert W. ...
Selective Service System information information - Regional > North America > United States > Government > Agencies > ...

Robert W. Gambino . 1991-03-08 - 1994-01-31. George H. W. Bush. G. Huntington Banister ...
Where do I find Selective Service System information Selective Service System info here at ...

Robert W. Gambino 1991-03-08 - 1994-01-31 George H. W. Bush G. ...
Choice America Network :: Archive(2005/4)
"We can send free trade to Central America today, or we will be sending troops tomorrow" was a frequent refrain. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Cuba's ...

2004080709_und_Report While driving back from the speech later that day, Bush [BGW968] ...

00.Aug.2004 Loathed by the rich : Why Hugo Chávez is heading for a stunning victory ...

Muße ist nicht faulenzen, sondern schöpferische Gestaltung freier Zeit.

Frage: Erholen wir uns am besten dadurch, indem wir schöpferisch tätig sind?

Bellebaum: Allerdings. Muße im profanisierten Sinne ist für Menschen auf jedweder Bildungsstufe möglich.

Der Intellektuelle, der Künstler kann dies beim Denken, Lesen, Schreiben, Malen oder Musizieren tun.

Aber auch der Kleingärtner oder der Bastler im Hobbykeller kann Muße erfahren. Das Gespräch führte Holger Fuss Technology Review, Heise Zeitschriften Verlag, Hannover 22.Oct.2006,1518,druck-443706,00.html
Bellebaum: Hier geht es zunächst weniger um Lebenssinn, als um die Entgrenzung von Bedürfnissen.

Es ging uns noch nie so gut wie heute.

Dennoch sind viele Menschen unglücklich.

Mit der Befriedigung bestimmter Bedürfnisse können nämlich immer weitere Wünsche entstehen.

Der gläubige Mensch ist besser dran - er weiß, worauf es ankommt.22.Oct.2006,1518,druck-443706,00.html

Frage: Warum fürchten wir uns in unserer Kultur so sehr vor der Langeweile?

Bellebaum: Das hat mit überlieferten Vorstellungen zu tun.

Der Heilige Benedikt postulierte das "ora et labora", bete und arbeite.

In einer bestimmten protestantischen Ethik war es ein strenges Gebot, dass wir keine Zeit vergeuden.

Wo dieses Arbeitsethos wirksam ist, erleben wir eine als leer und unausgefüllt empfundene Zeit mit Verdruss.

Arbeitslose kennen das.

Frage: Darin scheint sich das Abendland vom Morgenland zu unterscheiden.

Bellebaum: Ja, im islamischen Kulturkreis herrscht ein anderes Zeitgefühl.

Wenn ein Araber stundenlang vor sich hindöst, muss er sich nicht langweilen, weil er es nicht als belastend empfindet.

Frage: Unsereiner aber leidet unter Untätigkeit?
Libanon- Krieg: Israel gibt Einsatz von Phosphorbomben zu
22.Oct.2006 Psychologie: Warum ist uns manchmal langweilig?

22.Oct.2006 Strategiewechsel: USA entwickeln neuen Zeitplan für Irak
22.Oct.2006 Ausländer- Bleiberecht: Aktion Barmherzigkeit vor dem Aus

22.Oct.2006 Schröders Memoiren: "Gewerkschaftsführer wollten mich zu Fall bringen"
21.Oct.2006 Containing North Korea the Old Fashioned Way - Guest 

This week, China put pressure on North Korea’s mercurial dictator, Kim Il Sung, apparently winning a pledge to not conduct another nuclear test. If it stands, this is the first good news to come from Secretary of State Condoleeeza Rice’s travel to Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing + Moscow drumming up support for the U.N. Security Council’s economic sanctions and trade interdiction package.

North Korea also appears ready to make concessions, the Chinese say, if the United States does as well. Sanctions and tough diplomacy cannot force the regime to collapse — in part because neither China nor South Korea want the chaos of a collapsed state — but they can prod the North Koreans back to the negotiating table.

This is how hard-nosed diplomacy should proceed in the face of North Korean intransigence. The question is: What took so long? It was clear over a year ago that President Bush’s “regime change” strategy for dealing with the “axis of evil” was a failure. And it’s been clear for some time that a tough, but more nuanced approach, could work — witness the success of negotiations with Libya stretching over three administrations that resulted in a deal that “cost little, caused no deaths + was 100 percent effective.”

The United States must now be prepared to implement the agreement struck in the six-party talks last September: security assurances and economic assistance in exchange for a complete, verifiable dismantlement of the nuclear program. We should all encourage the realists within the Bush administration to get back to basics. Joe Cirincione
21.Oct.2006 The Alex Jones Report October 20th 2006 - Paul Joseph Watson -Alex Jones discusses the real context of the Mark Foley scandal and how it may impact the upcoming mid-term elections.
21.Oct.2006 Putin Rape "Joke" Betrays Arrogance Of Power - Paul Joseph Watson -Elixir of power poisons world leaders to believe they are above moral law
Bush vows to adapt Iraq tactics President Bush says military tactics in Iraq will continue to change to deal with the threat posed by insurgents.
21.Oct.2006 Rice: 'N Korea escalating crisis' The US secretary of state accuses North Korea of seeking to escalate tension over its nuclear programme.
21.Oct.2006 Georgian anger at Putin war claim Georgia's leader dismisses Russian claims that it is readying for war in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
21.Oct.2006 US Republicans launch terror ad The Republican Party launches a controversial terror-linked TV ad to garner support ahead of November polls.
21.Oct.2006 Plastic pill to fight gum disease Scientists develop a tiny plastic pill that they say can prevent tooth loss by treating gum disease.
21.Oct.2006 Colombian leader ends Farc talks Colombia's President Alvaro Uribe breaks off talks on a prisoner exchange with left-wing guerrilla group Farc.
21.Oct.2006 Home Office plans floating jails The Home Office is moving ahead with its plans to use prison ships to ease overcrowding in jails.
21.Oct.2006 Envoy: 'German Jews feel unsafe' The Israeli ambassador to Germany speaks of his concerns for Jews in Germany, as neo-Nazis gather in Berlin.
21.Oct.2006 UN retains Liberian diamonds ban The UN votes to keep a ban on Liberian diamond exports, saying it must do more to meet international controls.
21.Oct.2006 Sit Locally, Listen Globally
A weekly, solar-powered radio show from a California cabin compiles top stories from shortwave radio stations in China, Cuba, the Netherlands and Russia into an easily-digestable MP3 file. In Listening Post.

21.Oct.2006 FBI Kids' Site Violates Law
A new FBI site to teach kids safe web surfing asks young'ns to give information online without requiring parental consent -- that's a no no under online child protection laws. In 27B Stroke 6.

21.Oct.2006 Microbes Key Ethanol Future
Genetically modifying plants and bacteria to more efficiently produce ethanol could help us escape our self-inflicted climate change, but we can't let the science run amok. In Autopia.

21.Oct.2006 Patents on Tax Reduction Strategies a Problem - Zonk 164 EsonLinji writes

"The International Herald Tribune has an article about how some lawyers are realising that patents on tax reduction strategies (a business method) might be a problem. The article states that there are already 50 such patents with more on the way + at least one lawsuit. Particularly worrying is the idea of needing a license to follow the law. Fortunately, some of the laws get that this is a problem. Tax patents, the lawyers wrote, amount to 'government-issued barbed wire' to keep some taxpayers from getting equal treatment under the tax code."
NASA Announces Record Ozone Hole - Zonk 140 Drewsk writes

"NASA has announced that the ozone hole over the Antarctic has broken all records. From the story: 'From September 21 to 30, the average area of the ozone hole was the largest ever observed, at 10.6 million square miles,' said Paul Newman, atmospheric scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. If the stratospheric weather conditions had been normal, the ozone hole would be expected to reach a size of about 8.9 to 9.3 million square miles, about the surface area of North America.""
21.Oct.2006 As we've noted, all the tabloids are controlled by the same right-wing parent company + they've long had ties to American intelligence. Something is up.
GOP fundraiser Craig Schelske, director of the theocratic group
American Destiny, is addicted to pornography and watches it with the children -- or so says his lovely wife, Sara Evans. According to his CraigsList ads, Schelske is particularly interested in having anal sex with strangers and threesomes. "We as Americans have forgotten our spiritual roots," or so run the opening words of the American Destiny home page. I'm a little suspicious of this organization, which doesn't seem to do much of anything; the only information provided on the site is a misleading account of founding fathers' attitude toward religion. (Our founders, products of the Enlightenment, tended toward Deism -- which is closer to agnosticism than to any form of Christianity.) I'm wondering if American Destiny is a front group... Permalink
21.Oct.2006 Weller's background. He's such an unsavory character that even the pro-Republican Chicago Tribune has refused to endorse him.
Meanwhile, Republican Rodney Alexander, who already plays a role in the Foley cover-up, now faces charges of
sexual harrassment. Elizabeth Scott, Alexander's former scheduler, claims that Royal Alexander, the Congressman's chief of staff, "engaged in a course of misconduct" that included "inappropriate sex-based comments, ogling and touching" and "sexual advances," according to Michael Hoare, Scott's attorney. Scott told the Congressman of his aide's alleged improper behavior but the Louisiana Republican took no action to correct the situation, Hoare said....
Scott said she was demoted from her position as scheduler to staff assistant by Royal Alexander in May 2006 when "she complained of possible sex discrimination" by him.

21.Oct.2006 The corpse of Habeas Corpus:
Island dungeon is above the law, White House tells courts

"Destined for Destiny: The Unauthorized Autobiography of George W. Bush." This book will cause you to laugh out loud on public transportation. "To help craft this lasting account of his life and leadership, George W. Bush turned to two writers who have earned not only his trust but his deep friendship [Uh + Iraq Had WMDs]: Scott Dikkers, editor-in-chief of The Onion and coauthor of the #1 bestseller Our Dumb Century + Peter Hilleren, former producer for public radio and some of the nation's finest public-access cable-television stations." On meeting Laura Bush: "I was blessed with the good fortune of meeting a wonderful small-town Texas woman who had a dazed and clueless stare reminiscent of a goat that had been struck between the eyes with a tire iron -- a halting kind of beauty which every man desires in a woman."

21.Oct.2006 Rumsfeld joins boss in defending Iraq "clear, hold and build" strategy, apparently mistaking war for Warcraft III 10/22
If Bush Voters Read the National Examiner and Globe Tabloids, It's Not Looking Good for George -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
However, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas, who holds a seat deemed safe for the GOP, said in a campaign debate Thursday she would have voted against the war had she known Saddam Hussein possessed no weapons of mass destruction. 10/22

21.Oct.2006 Another one? Rep. Jerry Weller, R-Morris, through his election attorney, lets House know that someone else in Congress may have been involved inappropriately with young page 10/22
Bluff and bluster, sure, but Condi Rice changed no one's mind in her Korea tour 10/22

21.Oct.2006 President Bill campaigns in Maryland to help Dems 10/22
Falwell's magic touch finding conservative philanthropists will be his legacy 10/22
"Nickel and Dimed" author: Downsized But Not Out 10/22

21.Oct.2006 Biography: John Paisley Assassination of John F. Kennedy, Political Events & Issues, ... Sullivan told CIA security chief Robert W. Gambino that there were ten moles in the CIA.


Wer ständig zu wenig schläft,

tut seinem Gedächtnis +

seiner Kreativität

keinen Gefallen.

Wer länger schläft als nötig,

kann zwar keine großen Vorteile mehr erwarten,

ist aber in guter Gesellschaft mit passionierten Langschläfern wie

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe +

Albert Einstein.21.Oct.2006,1518,druck-443842,00.html
Ein willkommener Effekt für Born, der seit Jahren das "Lernen im Schlaf" ergründet.

Dieses aktuelle Ergebnis der Forschung überrascht die Experten insofern kaum, als es eine zuvor gehegte Annahme bestätigt:

"Schlaf kommt vom Hirn,

wird vom Hirn gemacht +

nützt dem Hirn",

fasst der Schlafforscher Allan Hobson von der Harvard Medical School in Boston zusammen.

Das fügt sich auch in eine Theorie über den Zweck des Tiefschlafs ein:

Während der Wachphasen entstünden ständig neue, Energie verbrauchende Kontaktstellen zwischen den Nervenzellen,

erklärt Giulio Tononi von der University of Wisconsin, USA.

Nur ein kleiner Teil davon aber sei so wichtig, dass er dauerhaft erhalten bleiben müsse.

Der Schlaf diene dazu, überflüssige Nervenverknüpfungen abzubauen +

neue Synapsen indirekt zu festigen.

Dafür müssten die Nervenzellen ihre Aktivität synchronisieren,

was sich anhand des typischen langwelligen Hirnstrommusters nachweisen lasse.

21.Oct.2006 SPD und Unterschicht: Partei des gehobenen Proletariats

21.Oct.2006 USA: Güterzug entgleist - mehrere Explosionen

21.Oct.2006 Pariser Flughafen: Dutzende Gepäckarbeiter als Sicherheitsrisiko eingestuft

21.Oct.2006 Schlafforschung: Geistesblitze über Nacht

21.Oct.2006 Irak: USA und Briten suchen nach Auswegen aus dem Chaos
21.Oct.2006 CSU- Programmdebatte: Abgeordnete murren gegen geplante Anerkennung von Homo- Ehen
Congress' shameful retreat from American values:

None of the men and women who voted for this bill has any right to speak in public about the rule of law anymore, or to take a high moral view of the Third Reich, or to wax poetic about the American Ideal.

Mark their names

21.Oct.2006 Fear-mongers running rampant: Most elected federal-officials think "we the people" do not need the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Why? We have a president who, with a signing statement, declares the laws of the land do not apply to him. How can this happen?

21.Oct.2006 Padilla Was Drugged, Threatened by Authorities, His Lawyers Say : - Lawyers for accused terrorism supporter Jose Padilla say U.S. authorities drugged him with LSD or PCP, filled his cell with ``noxious fumes'' and threatened to slash him with a knife while he was being held without charges.

21.Oct.2006 Most of U.S. spending monitors sacked: Most private contractors keeping tabs on billions of dollars in governmental spending for the U.S. House Appropriations Committee have been let go. With about 60 investigators gone, the shakeup leaves only 16 full-time employees in the unit, USA Today reported.
21.Oct.2006 Nicaragua's Ortega Could Win in First Round: Former head of state Daniel Ortega is the clear frontrunner in Nicaragua’s presidential race,.

21.Oct.2006 Operation Because We Can: For 27 years, the most powerful nation in the world has found it impossible to share the Western Hemisphere with one of its poorest and weakest neighbors, Nicaragua, if the country's leader was not in love with capitalism.

21.Oct.2006 Venezuela’s UN Ambassador Accuses Bush Administration of Blackmailing Other Countries Over Contested UN Seat:

Guatemala has won every round of voting but has failed to secure the needed two-thirds majority.

21.Oct.2006 Britain to defy US over UN resolution on arms trade : The UK is next week expected to push through the United Nations a resolution to open the way for a landmark arms trade treaty, in spite of opposition from the US, Russia and China.

21.Oct.2006 The limits of liberty: We're all suspects now : Ten years ago, the novelist and polemicist Henry Porter would have felt silly speaking out about human rights in Britain. But that was before the most fundamental assault on personal freedom ever undertaken. Now, he argues, it's time we woke up to reality

21.Oct.2006 The International Committee of the Red Cross "concerned" over US anti-terrorism law : The president of Swiss-run humanitarian body, Jakob Kellenberger, said that there were questions over its compliance with the Geneva Conventions on the conduct of war.

21.Oct.2006 Court Told It Lacks Power in Detainee Cases: The administration has formally notified the U.S. District Court here that it no longer has jurisdiction to consider hundreds of habeas corpus petitions filed by inmates at the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba.

21.Oct.2006 John Yoo: Sending a Message : Congress to courts: Get out of the war on terror: The military commission bill, which President Bush signed into law on Tuesday, most of the press and the professional punditry missed the big story. In the struggle for power between the three branches of government, it is not the presidency that "won." Instead, it is the judiciary that lost.
21.Oct.2006 Peace Now: 43% of illegal squatter camps are built on stolen Palestinian land : According to a survey by Peace Now, some parts of 75 of the 102 outposts in the West Bank are on private Palestinian land. The survey, carried out by the organization's settlement monitoring team, found that the total area of the outposts is 16,196 dunams, out of which about 43 percent are on private Palestinian land (6,986 dunams);

21.Oct.2006 Talks Could Lead to Israeli Approval of Illegal West Bank Squatter Outposts: Illegal squatter outposts in the West Bank would get official government approval under a deal Israel's defense minister is working out, government officials and squatters said Thursday.

21.Oct.2006 Furor Over Carter’s South Africa Analogy : Use of the word — apartheid — and some of the book’s content are quickly leaking out + Jewish Democrats were scrambling this week to limit the impact on closely fought congressional races only weeks away.

21.Oct.2006 Jewish political partisans in U.S.: In their campaigns for the Jewish vote on Nov. 7, Republicans are pitching support for Israel and anti-terrorism, as they have for years. Democrats are reminding voters of the party’s traditional support for Israel but are emphasizing health care, keeping church separate from state and supporting reproductive rights, as they have for years.

21.Oct.2006 No more N Korea nuke tests - China: North Korea's Kim Jong-il tells Chinese envoy that Pyongyang is not planning to conduct further nuclear tests.

21.Oct.2006 South Korea prepares for attack: The South Korean army shot missiles at targets during a firing demonstration to prepare for military aggression from North Korea.

21.Oct.2006 N.Korea ship being tracked by U.S. intelligence : The “CBS Evening News,” quoting U.S. intelligence sources, reported that a North Korean ship possibly carrying military equipment banned by U.N. sanctions had left that country for an unknown destination.

21.Oct.2006 Seven in Ten Americans Favor Congressional Candidates Who Will Pursue a Major Change in Foreign Policy: U.S. Public Wants Less Emphasis on Military Force, More on Working Through U.N. A Majority Supports Direct Talks with North Korea and Iran

21.Oct.2006 CIA approached terrorism trial defendant about job as spy: A former university professor charged with plotting to bankroll Hamas terrorists was once asked by the Central Intelligence Agency if he wanted a job as a spy, his attorney told a jury Thursday.
21.Oct.2006 War pimp alert: Regime Change Only Solution for Iran, Israeli Expert Says : The Iranians "need to fear" the consequences if they continue in their nuclear pursuits, Olmert said, adding that he did not discuss specifics of what Israel would or would not do.

21.Oct.2006 ‘US might consider Iran strike’: With North Korea threatening more nuclear weapons tests, officials in Washington have placed the option of a military attack back on the table as they consider ways to prevent Iran from developing atomic weapons, experts say

21.Oct.2006 War pimp alert: Ultimately, the U.S. will Attack : Attacking will not provide a fundamental solution to the (nuclear) problem...only delay it. In order to bring about a halt to the nuclear program, there has to be a regime change (that) can take less time than it takes the regime of the ayatollahs to obtain nuclear weapons."

21.Oct.2006 Ahmadinejad: Attempts to strengthen fake Zionist regime doomed to fail : Addressing the supporters of this corrupt regime, he said, "As an option, I recommend you to comply with your claims to democracy and let the Palestinians determine their own destiny through a free and legal election.

21.Oct.2006 Force may be needed to guard Lebanese airspace -UN: U.N. peacekeepers may at some point resort to force to prevent repeated Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace, the commander of the U.N. force in southern Lebanon said on Thursday.
21.Oct.2006 NATO Occupation Forces Accused of Executing Afghan Civilians: "When they saw my son in wounded condition, they shot him and killed him in front of my eyes."
21.Oct.2006 A Soldier's Duty? The Ehren Watada Story: Video: On June 22, U.S. Army First Lieutenant Ehren K. Watada became the first commissioned officer to publicly refuse deployment to the unlawful Iraq War and occupation. For the first time since 1965, the military is prosecuting an objector for his opinions. He faces over eight years in prison - over six years for First Amendment speech alone!
21.Oct.2006 White House Resists Major Course Change in Iraq: President Bush will resist election-year pressure for a major shift in strategy in Iraq, the White House said on Friday, despite growing doubts among Americans and anxiety over the war among Republican lawmakers.
21.Oct.2006 Iraq 'hiding true casualty figures':THE Iraqi Government has told medical authorities not to reveal to the UN the true extent of civilian casualties in the country's conflict,French newspaper Le Monde said today

21.Oct.2006 Patrick Cockburn: Hospitals now a battleground in the bloody civil war : Iraqi hospitals are dangerous places. Policemen and soldiers carry their wounded comrades into operating theatres and demand immediate treatment, forcing doctors at gunpoint to abandon operations on civilians before they are completed.

21.Oct.2006 The End of Maliki?: Will a Coup Unravel Iraq

Former Top Bush Administration Official Calls For Withdrawal of U.S. Troops From Iraq:

00.000.2001-00.000.2005 Richard L. Armitage — served as deputy secretary of state from to-— is

advocating a phased withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq. From the New Jersey Express-Times:
After Pat’s Birthday -By Kevin Tillman

00.000.2002 Kevin Tillman joined the Army with his brother Pat.

22.Apr.2004 Pat was killed in Afghanistan.

Kevin, who was discharged in 2005, has written a powerful, must-read document. Continue

Medics beg for help as Iraqis die needlessly -By Jeremy Laurance
Half of all deaths preventable, say country's medics Reconstruction seen as disaster More than 2,000 doctors + nurses are killed 18,000 more leave the nation. Even the most basic treatments are lacking.

21.Oct.2006 Weldon's hit list Emails disclose that Republican Representative Curt Weldon (PA) contacted the Navy (and other departments, presumably) in order to draw together a "hit list" of individuals "in the national security field" supportive of his opponent, Joe Sestak. "If they don't think there will be retribution before or after the election, they're kidding themselves." Illegal? You bet. Permalink
21.Oct.2006 Apocalypse This is the news. All else is superfluous. From the Sydney Morning Herald:

TREASURER Peter Costello has called on East Asia's central bankers to "telegraph" their intentions to diversify out of American investments and ensure an orderly adjustment.
Central banks in China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong have channelled immense foreign reserves into American government bonds, helping to prop up the US dollar and hold down American interest rates.
Mr Costello said "the strategy had changed" and Chinese central bankers were now looking for alternative investments.
"Of course you can have an orderly adjustment," he told reporters. "And what I would recommend is that these matters be telegraphed well in advance. I think we should begin preparing ourselves for it."
Mr Costello said the "re-emergence" of China as the world's greatest economy "is not something to be feared". Thank you, George W. Bush -- the man who destroyed the American economy.
Permalink # posted by Joseph : 2:40 PM

-: Can't keep up. Between all the new stuff that comes out and the old stuff that I've been reading about, theres just too much to be pissed about. Was just reading up on the torture of John Walker Lindh over at Wiki. His charges were reduced from 10 to 2, 3 lifes sentences to 20 years in prison, in exhange that he be placed under a gag-order + not talk about what happened to him.

Sure wish he'd speak up anyways.# posted by LieparDestin : 4:51 PM

It won't be the apocalypse.

When the U.S. has to finance its own budget deficits, a few things will likely happen:

  1. taxes will go up,

  2. 2) spending (including military spending) will drop, 3) U.S. adventurism abroad will be abruptly curtailed, 4) interest rates will rise 1 to 2 points and 4) the dollar will drop.
    The sum effect is impossible to predict, but the adjustment won't be the end of the world. The standard of living for most Americans will undoubtedly drop, including for the most vulnerable, but there still might be positive consequences, if and when people begin demanding some measure of equity in earnings and taxes.
    # posted by Anonymous : 7:55 PM anonymous...
    On the contrary, it WILL be the apocalypse, which is exactly why foreign central banks keep loaning us $72 billion per month. They know that if they don't, the US dollar collapses + drags the whole global economy into chaos with it. The US budget deficit is now almost 7% of GDP. Making that up by raising taxes and/or cutting spending would plunge the US into a depression worse than the 30's. Have you ever run the numbers on 800 billion per year? That's nearly three thousand more in taxes per person per year + even that wouldn't touch the eight trillion in current debt, on which the interest rate would go to the moon.
    # posted by unirealist

    21.Oct.2006 Bush to America: "I Will Continue to Hold America Hostage to My Stubborness, Elitism, Ignorance + Love of Deciding Who Will Live and Who Will Die. So Live With It, Vassals! Besides, Karl Told Me That The Only Campaign Strategy We Have is To Continue to Try and Convince Americans that Being as Dumb as a Rock is Strength."

21.Oct.2006 "Destined for Destiny: The Unauthorized Autobiography of George W. Bush." This book will cause you to laugh out loud on public transportation. "To help craft this lasting account of his life and leadership, George W. Bush turned to two writers who have earned not only his trust but his deep friendship [Uh + Iraq Had WMDs]: Scott Dikkers, editor-in-chief of The Onion and coauthor of the #1 bestseller Our Dumb Century + Peter Hilleren, former producer for public radio and some of the nation's finest public-access cable-television stations." On meeting Laura Bush: "I was blessed with the good fortune of meeting a wonderful small-town Texas woman who had a dazed and clueless stare reminiscent of a goat that had been struck between the eyes with a tire iron -- a halting kind of beauty which every man desires in a woman."

21.Oct.2006 BuzzFlash Department of Reality: Sadr Militia Seizes Control of Southern City of Amarah in Iraq. 10/21
Dispatch from the BuzzFlash Department of Reality: "Al-Qaida-linked gunmen staged military-like parades Friday in a string of towns west of Baghdad, underlining the growing confidence of Sunni insurgents in a part of Iraq where U.S. and Iraqi forces maintain a heavy counterinsurgency presence." Bush is a Loserman. 10/21

21.Oct.2006 If Bush Voters Read the National Examiner and Globe Tabloids, It's Not Looking Good for George -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
A Sneak Preview of the Lastest Member of the BuzzFlash Internet News Network Family,! We Will Formally Launch on Monday.
Bush Will Send a Stern Message to North Korea About Exploding Nuclear Bombs by Attacking Iran, Which Doesn't Have Any + Other BuzzFlash Insights Into Bush Strategies Gleaned from "The Mad Hatter" -- -- A BuzzFlash Editorial

21.Oct.2006 Media Must Provide Gruesome Iraq Reality if Bush Won't. War will Continue as Long as we are "Numb to Iraq Troop Deaths" -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
LaHood Admits He Was ?Playing Politics? When He Asked For Intel Staffer To Be Suspended 10/22

21.Oct.2006 Bush hasn't learned a thing. "I won't change strategy in Iraq" He can't learn. And ask his press secretary what strategy means, because like Bush, he doesn't know. 10/21
A Short History of Saddam-Bush-Noriega Business ... all the tapes + all the photos that he had of his meetings ...

Seems to be a nice picture of Nic Du Toit. seemslikeadream. Mar-13-04

Democratic Underground - Operation GLADIO ... (RAI) allege that the CIA paid Lucio Gelli to "foment terrorist activities. ...

Seems to be a nice picture of Nic Du Toit. seemslikeadream. Mar-13-04

LIBERATION THEOLOGY, THE VATICAN + THE CIA: GHOSTS AND PHANTOMS Lucio Gelli, the head of P-2, a secret, virulently anti-Communist Masonic lodge ... have succeeded in creating a total picture of the Christian reality + this ...
Wasser als Ursache und Mittel internationaler Konflikte Das ...
In der Türkei leben zu Beginn der 1990er Jahre etwa 10 -12 Mio. Kurden, im Irak 3 Mio., in Syrien 1 Mio. und im Iran. 4 Mio., vgl. Bozkurt (1997: 140).

21.Oct.2006 Proteste in fünf Städten: Gewerkschaften wettern gegen Regierungskurs
Genervte Nachbarn: Brite muss an Weihnachten im Dunkeln bleiben
Innovative Verbrechensbekämpfung: Mit Sex- Entzug und rosa Farbe gegen das Böse

21.Oct.2006 US- Wahlkampf: Werbespot der Republikaner erzürnt Demokraten
21.Oct.2006 Atomtest- Krise: Kim Dae Jung warnt vor Vergeltungsschlägen aus Nordkorea
Leo Kirch wird 80: "Erschossen hat mich der Rolf"

21.Oct.2006 Energiepolitik: Putin lässt Europäer abblitzen
21.Oct.2006 Aufmarksamkeits- Kurven: Die Hype- Zyklen neuer Technologien
21.Oct.2006 Chaos im Irak: Bush berät über Strategiewechsel
20.Oct.2006 Junge Union: Mißfelder fordert Abgrenzung von den "Sozis"
21.Oct.2006 AKW Belene - Alle vier deutsche Banken distanziert - sfux Michael Schulze von Glaßer ?

Der Vorstandvorsitzende der letzten noch verbliebenen deutschen Bank, der Hypo Vereinsbank, teilte dem Umweltbündnis gestern Abend mit, dass sich die Hypo Vereinsbank und deren Muttergesellschaft, die Uni-Credit Gruppe, ebenfalls nicht an dem Projekt beteiligen wird. Noch im Juli 2006 erklärte das Vorstandsmitglied der Deutschen Bank Tiessen von Heidebreck gegenüber...
AKW Belene - Deutsche Bank verkündet Rückzug - sfux Michael Schulze von Glaßer ?

Die rumänische Regierung plant den Bau eines neuen Atomkraftwerkes an der bulgarisch-rumänischen Grenze geplant. [journalismus ? nachrichten von heute] berichtete...
21.Oct.2006 First Time in U.S. History a Jury Convicts an Illegal Immigrant of Conspiracy to... - sfux Rachel Alexander -

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio are the only law enforcement officials in the country arresting and prosecuting illegal immigrants under an anti-human smuggling (coyote) statute.
21.Oct.2006 U.S. intelligence has detected the departure from a North Korean port of a North Korean ship suspected of carrying military equipment banned under a U.N. sanctions resolution against Pyongyang's Oct. 9 nuclear test, CBS News reported Thursday.
Unterschicht? ? Deutschlands zynische Debatte - sfux Dr. Alexander von Paleske - Am

17.Okt.2006 war der ?International Day for the Eradication of Poverty?

Während in Deutschland dieser Tag wohl wenig Aufmerksamkeit fand + statt dessen die Debatte darüber entbrannte, ob es wohl eine Unterschicht gibt, hat in Ländern der Dritten Welt, wie auch hier In Botswana,

der Tag die gebührende Aufmerksamkeit gefunden und zwar mit Veranstaltungen und...
DIE FALSCHMELDUNG ? Franzosen zu nett zu ausländischen Touristen - sfux KURZ/VERTICKERT ?

Die ?Grande Nation? ist zu nett zu ihren Touristen. Besonders Pariser Taxifahrer verhielten sich zu ihren Fahrgästen mehr als vorbildlich. Dies ergab eine Studie, die im Auftrag des französischen Innenministeriums erstellt wurde. Sprachprobleme gebe es laut dieser Studie in Frankreich nicht. Kellner und Verkäufer seien die Lieblinge aller Touristen und die Gastfreundschaft sei im ganzen Land nicht zu stoppen.
Who Is 'Any Person' in Tribunal Law? - sfux Robert Parry -

The New York Times lead editorial gives false comfort to American citizens by assuring them that they will not be victims of George W. Bush?s new draconian system for prosecuting enemies of the U.S. government in military tribunals outside constitutional protections.
?This law does not apply to American citizens,? the Times editorial stated, ?but...

Petition zum Verbot von Wahlcomputern - sfux CCC -

Der Chaos Computer Club unterstützt die Online-Petition beim Deutschen Bundestag zur Abschaffung von Wahlcomputern in Deutschland. Hierin wird die ersatzlose Streichung des § 35 Bundeswahlgesetz (Stimmabgabe mit Wählgeräten) gefordert.
Die Petition findet sich unter unter dem unten angegebenen Link. Die faktische Nichtüberprüfbarkeit der Auszählung einer Computerwahl durch den Bürger verletzt die...

LaHood Admits He Was ‘Playing Politics’ When He Asked For Intel Staffer To Be Suspended - Judd 

This week, on the request of Rep. Ray LaHood (R-IL), Intelligence Chairman Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) suspended a Democratic staffer’s access to classified information. Hoekstra said the suspension would remain in place pending a review to determine if that staffer leaked a classified National Intelligence Estimate to the New York Times.

Today on Fox News, LaHood said, “I’ll tell you why I did it. The reason I did it was because Jane Harman released the Duke Cunningham — who sat on our Intelligence committee — report.” That report, which detailed the misconduct of Cunningham, who is now serving a jail term, was not classified.

A Fox anchor asked, “So, it’s payback?” LaHood responded, “There are some of us on the other side who can equally play politics + I’m not afraid to do it.” Watch it: Watch it: Digg It!


LAHOOD: Well, look, we’ve had far too many leaks in the intelligence committee + I’ve been on the committee eight years and I’m the vice chairman of the committee + I’m sick and tired of leaks. And when I learned that this information was available to this staffer and a member + then printed in the New York Times two days later, I really felt compelled, as a member of the committee that’s fed up with the leaks, to send a letter to the chairman and ask him to investigate it. And that’s what’s going on and given that fact that we, you know, we’ve tried to do things in a bipartisan way, this, you know, obviously clearly is a breach of that. So we just felt compelled to send the chairman a letter.

ANCHOR: Congressman, you wrote that letter nearly three weeks ago + your letter is just surfacing now, at least to us in the media, you know a lot of Democrats are upset today, saying this is all happening just two weeks before the election, the timing is just suspect.

LAHOOD: Yeah, I’ll tell you why I did it, Jane. The reason why I did it is because Jane Harman released the Duke Cunningham — who sat on our Intelligence committee — report, in violation of the trust that she gave to Chairman Hoekstra, in saying that it would be released in a bipartisan way. She released it arbitrarily + I’m furious about that. She betrayed the trust of the committee because that report was to be released in a bipartisan way. She released it to the media just to embarrass, 21 days before the election, Republicans on the committee. That’s the reason that I released my letter today.

ANCHOR: So it’s payback?

LAHOOD: Look it, this is–we’re in the political season + if the ranking member on our committee wants to play politics, there’re some of us on the other side that can equally play politics + I’m not afraid to do it.
Rep. Weller (R-IL) refers new page allegation. - Nico 

Rep. Jerry Weller (R-IL) “moved Thursday to inform the House that a former page or intern may have been the subject of inappropriate attention from another lawmaker.” A spokesman said “the congressman was not prepared to reveal the identity of the youth, the timing, nor the identity of the lawmaker, but felt confident that a former page or intern was ‘inappropriately invited to a social function by another congressman.’” Rep. Weller has been the focus of recent Internet rumors suggesting he had acted inappropriately towards a page.
21.Oct.2006 Big Oil Companies Bankroll Deceptive California Campaign Against Alternative Energy - Amanda 

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has repeatedly stated that he is committed to end his state’s addiction to oil. But Schwarzenegger has refused to support Proposition 87, even though it provides one of the strongest prospects for the state to raise funds for alternative energy research and development.

The initiative would raise the extraction fee on oil pumped in California. Funds raised from Prop. 87 “would be used to finance research and development of alternative fuels in universities; education campaigns; and subsidies to consumers who buy vehicles that use alternative fuels and businesses that produce and distribute alternative fuels.”

Up until now, as New York Times columnist Tom Friedman points out, “oil companies in California have paid a very low extraction fee compared with those in other states — a rip-off they want to keep.” Chevron lobbyist Jack Coffey even admitted that Prop. 87 is “worth a lot of money” to the oil companies. These companies have launched the massive, deceptive “No On 87? campaign to defeat Prop. 87. Some lowlights:

– Oil companies have concealed their funding of No On 87. According to No. on 87 campaign ads, “a coalition of taxpayers, educators, public safety officials, businesses, energy producers, Chevron Corporation and Aera Energy LLP” are funding the effort to defeat Prop. 87. But in reality, oil companies are bankrolling more than 99 percent of the $35 million campaign against initiative. Chevron and Aera have contributed more than $25 million.

– Oil companies claim that Prop. 87 will force them to raise gas prices. The No On 87 campaign’s website claims that the burden of higher production taxes will force oil companies to raise gas prices for consumers. This claim is false. The head of the American Petroleum Institute recently told Congressbig oil is powerless to control prices at the pump.” Additionally, the California Attorney General has confirmed that Prop. 87 makes it illegal for oil companies to raise gas prices to pass along the cost to consumers.

As President Clinton recently stated, Prop. 87 gives Calfornia and Gov. Schwarzenegger the “opportunity…to do something remarkable to save the planet, improve our national security and create the next generation of good jobs for the American people.” Help support the Yes On 87 Campaign HERE. Digg It!
21.Oct.2006 VIDEO: Cheney Still Lying About Iraq-Al Qaeda Link - Faiz 

Just last month, the Senate Intelligence Committee — chaired by Bush-ally Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) — concluded that there was absolutely no relationship between Saddam Hussein and the late al-Qaeda operative Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Nevertheless, in an interview with a South Bend, Indiana television station yesterday, Vice President Cheney falsely asserted that Zarqawi was proof of a connection between Iraq and al Qaeda. Watch it:

Cheney’s statement is a lie. Here’s precisely what the Senate Intelligence Committee found:

Saddam Hussein attempted, unsuccessfully, to locate and capture al-Zarqawi and…the regime did not have a relationship with, harbor, or turn a blind eye toward Zarqawi. [p. 109]

Watch the entire interview HERE.


Q: Are you saying that you believe fighting in Iraq has prevented terrorist attacks on American soil? And if so, why, since there has not been a direct connection between al Qaeda and Iraq established?

CHENEY: Well, the fact of the matter is there are connections. Mr. Zarqawi, who was the lead terrorist in Iraq for three years, fled there after we went into Afghanistan. He was there before we ever went into Iraq. The sectarian violence that we see now, in part, has been stimulated by the fact of al Qaeda attacks intended to try to create conflict between Shia and Sunni. Digg It!
21.Oct.2006 Harman: Intelligence Committee Chairman Abused Power, Suspended Staffer To Settle Political Score - Judd 

This week Intelligence Committee Chairman Peter Hoekstra (R-MI) suspended a committee staffer’s access to classified information. Hoekstra said the suspension would remain in place pending a review to determine if the staff leaked a classified National Intelligence Estimate to the New York Times.

Today, Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA), the ranking member of the committee, fired back:

The Chairman’s unilateral action is without basis and an abuse of his power to provide security accesses. There is no evidence to suggest that the professional staff member in question did anything wrong.

In May, the NIE was provided to multiple congressional committees and made available to thousands of individuals throughout the intelligence and policymaking community. The document was posted on the internal Committee website and available to every Committee staff member days before the story was published. In securing the document and providing it to a Member of the Committee in the secure Committee offices, this staffer acted appropriately.

The Chairman has acknowledged in a letter to me that his action was a direct response to my decision to release the 5-page unclassified Summary of the Cunningham Report by the Special Counsel.

The Majority staff has also informed Minority staff that they do not believe the staffer in question actually leaked any classified information, but they felt “compelled” to take this action because a Majority member of the Committee requested an investigation.

Harman also sent a letter to Hoekstra. You can read it HERE.
21.Oct.2006 EXCLUSIVE: Lewis Falsely Implies Mass Suspension Of Committee Investigators Was ‘Bipartisan’ - Think Progress 

Powerful House Appropriations Committee Chairman Jerry Lewis (R-CA) has abruptly suspended the contracts of “60 investigators who had worked for his committee rooting out fraud, waste and abuse, effective immediately.” The investigators were “brought on to handle the extraordinary level of fraud investigations facing the panel.”

Lewis is currently under federal investigation over corruption charges reportedly uncovered during the Duke Cunningham investigation. He has spent nearly $800,000 in legal fees since May.

Lewis’ spokesman yesterday tried to portray the suspensions as part of a bipartisan review that occured with the support of the committee’s ranking member Rep. David Obey (D-WI):

Committee spokesman John Scofield said Thursday that the contracts were not renewed because the panel is conducting a “bipartisan review” of the unit’s staff .

“Frankly, the work we’ve been getting as of late has not been that good,” Scofield said. “There is nothing sinister going on.”

Scofield said the review has the backing of ranking Democratic House appropriator David R. Obey of Wisconsin.

But a source tells ThinkProgress that while Committee Democrats agreed that there were problems with the investigative staff that needed to be addressed; committee Democrats had not been consulted prior to the suspension of the investigators . The source also said that problems with the investigations unit were only part of an overall issue involving the alarming deterioration of the committee’s oversight activities.

The Appropriations Committee makes decisions on nearly a trillion dollars a year in federal spending yet the diligence with which the committee monitors the use of those funds has declined steadily over the past decade, with the administrative problems of the Surveys and Investigations unit being only part of a much larger problem. In 2003, Lewis personally intervened to block a committee review of the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans that was responsible for a great deal of the misinformation used by the administration to justify the invasion of Iraq.
Weldon’s “FBI informant” is a campaign staffer. - Nico 

Citing information he received from an “ex-FBI agent,” Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) has been suggesting to reporters that federal agents investigating Weldon have been working in cahoots with his Democratic campaign opponent Joe Sestak. Weldon “failed to mention” that the “ex-FBI agent” is one of his own staffers, who has been on his campaign’s payroll since May.
21.Oct.2006 Former Top Bush Administration Official Calls For Withdrawal of U.S. Troops From Iraq - Judd 

President Bush and other administration officials have been smearing anyone who suggests we begin to withdraw troops from Iraq as “defeatist” and “cut-and-runners.”

Now Richard L. Armitage — who served as deputy secretary of state from 2001-2005 — is advocating a phased withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq. From the New Jersey Express-Times:

“ We notify the Iraqis that we’re going to be drawing down a reasonable but careful percentage of our troops over a reasonable interval of months — just for example, 5 percent of troops every three months,” Armitage told a crowd of 850 at DeSales University.

“This will show seriousness of purpose, I think. It will give our population some hope and enthusiasm that this is not a never-ending affair. And also it will put the heat on the Iraqis, because ladies and gentlemen, we can’t win this militarily. By the way, we can’t lose this militarily.”

Armitage’s remarks acknowledge the failure of the administration’s “as Iraqis stand up, we’ll stand down” strategy. As Armitage points out, until Iraqis know we will stand down, they may never stand up.

Armitage was intimately involved in the Iraq war policy and recognizes that he and other top administration officials bear responsibility for a policy that ended up being a colossal failure.

“A lot of us, including me, are going to have a lot to answer for,” Armitage said.

Armitage’s proposal closely tracks a plan that the Center for American Progress has been advocating for more than a year, Strategic Redeployment. Digg It!
21.Oct.2006 Former Top Bush Administration Official Calls For Withdrawal of U.S. Troops From Iraq - Judd 

President Bush and other administration officials have been smearing anyone who suggests we begin to withdraw troops from Iraq as “defeatist” and “cut-and-runners.”

Now Richard L. Armitage — who served as deputy secretary of state from 2001-2005 — is advocating a phased withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq. From the New Jersey Express-Times:

“ We notify the Iraqis that we’re going to be drawing down a reasonable but careful percentage of our troops over a reasonable interval of months — just for example, 5 percent of troops every three months,” Armitage told a crowd of 850 at DeSales University.

“This will show seriousness of purpose, I think. It will give our population some hope and enthusiasm that this is not a never-ending affair.

And also it will put the heat on the Iraqis, because ladies and gentlemen, we can’t win this militarily. By the way, we can’t lose this militarily.”

Armitage’s remarks acknowledge the failure of the administration’s “as Iraqis stand up, we’ll stand down” strategy. As Armitage points out, until Iraqis know we will stand down, they may never stand up.

Armitage was intimately involved in the Iraq war policy and recognizes that he and other top administration officials bear responsibility for a policy that ended up being a colossal failure. “A lot of us, including me, are going to have a lot to answer for,” Armitage said.

Armitage’s proposal closely tracks a plan that the Center for American Progress has been advocating for more than a year, Strategic Redeployment. Digg It!
20.Oct.2006 October 20, 2006 - Think Progress 

Iraq’s Prime Minister had ordered the country’s health ministry to “stop providing mortality figures to the United Nations, jeopardizing a key source of information on the number of civilian war dead in Iraq .”

President Bush recess-appointed former coal industry executive Richard Stickler to head the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

The Senate had twice refused to confirm him “because of his troubling mine safety record — the mines he managed from 1989 to 1996 incurred injury rates double the national average.”

“Moving quickly to implement” the new Military Commissions Act, the Bush administration “has formally notified the U.S. District Court here that it no longer has jurisdiction to consider

hundreds of habeas corpus petitions filed by inmates at the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba.”

00.000.1995, just three days into her tenure as Secretary of the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department, Rep. Heather Wilson (R-NM) removed a routine working file alleging that her husband had engaged in inappropriate contact with a minor . The file, uncovered only recently, reports that Wilson’s husband touched a then-16 year old boy “in a manner that was not welcome.” Wilson sat on the Congressional Page Board and currently serves on the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children’s caucus.

The Government Accountability Office yesterday released a report stating that government-funded abstinence education materials must also contain “medically accurate information on condom effectiveness.” In the past, the Bush administration has insisted that its materials did not need to discuss condoms.

The Bush administration took “another step yesterday toward building a new stockpile of up to 2,200 deployed nuclear weapons that would last well into the 21st century.” The administration announced it will begin the process of repairing and replacing nuclear production facilities as part of an attempt to replace the aging Cold War stockpile of nuclear warheads with a smaller, more reliable arsenal.

In the middle of “National Character Counts Week,” President Bush yesterday went to Pennsylvania to campaign for Rep. Don Sherwood (R-PA), who is being sued for repeatedly beating a woman with whom he had an affair. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank notes that “Bush was careful to avoid the usual lines about family and conservative values.”

“The number of ‘dead zones’ in the world’s oceans may have increased by a third in just two years, threatening fish stocks and the people who depend on them,” the U.N. says. The number has previously doubled every decade since the 1960s.

And finally: California Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides (D) had an unorthodox campaign appearance on the Adam Corolla radio show. Prior to his segment, a “72-year-old woman named Sarah made out with a 20-year-old man” trying to get event tickets. Angelides’ daughter, who was with him, “received a hearty leering” while someone “suggested smearing mayonnaise on her.” Angelides also “made a pitch for some Playboy Mansion tickets for a staff member.”
21.Oct.2006 Congressman carries out mass firing of investigative staff. - Nico 

Powerful House Appropriations Committee Chairman Jerry Lewis (R-CA), who is currently under federal investigation for corruption charges, has “fired 60 investigators who had worked for his committee rooting out fraud, waste and abuse, effective immediately.” According to Congressional Quarterly, “The investigators were contract workers, brought on to handle the extraordinary level of fraud investigations facing the panel.”
21.Oct.2006 Rumsfeld inspired by God. - Nico 

“The top US general defended the leadership of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld today, saying it is inspired by God. ‘He leads in a way that the good Lord tells him is best for our country,’ said Marine General Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.”
21.Oct.2006 Neo-Fascist Pigs In Space: Part Two - Paul Joseph Watson -Space really is "the final frontier" for the Neo-fascist US crime syndiacte Steve Watson / | October 19 2006
21.Oct.2006 Neo-Fascists Threaten Terror Unless Voters Approve Dictatorship - Paul Joseph Watson -Bush junta deploys Osama campaign videos to frighten sheep into tacitly supporting unitary
21.Oct.2006 Drug-induced labour 'riskier' Women who have their births drug-induced are at greater risk of an amniotic-fluid embolism, a study shows.
21.Oct.2006 Eating bread 'raises cancer risk' People who eat a lot of bread are more at risk of kidney cancer, a new study suggests.
21.Oct.2006 Putin confident on EU energy pact Russian President Vladimir Putin says he thinks Russia and the EU will find a common approach on energy.
21.Oct.2006 Anger as new 9/11 remains found Relatives of 9/11 victims demand a new search of Ground Zero after more human remains are found.
21.Oct.2006 Iraq aide laments troop failings A top Iraqi adviser says Iraqi forces in Baghdad are under funded, badly trained and poorly equipped.
21.Oct.2006 Muslim staff in Paris airport row Muslim baggage handlers at Charles de Gaulle airport appeal against a security ban on their employment.
21.Oct.2006 N Korea 'not planning more tests' Japan has unconfirmed information that North Korea is not planning more nuclear tests, reports say.
21.Oct.2006 Iran warns of revenge over Israel Muslims around the world will take revenge against states that supported Israel, Iran's president says.
21.Oct.2006 Nigerian leaders 'stole' $380bn Some $380bn has been stolen by Nigerian leaders since independence 00.000.1960, the anti-corruption chief says.
21.Oct.2006 Mexico governor under Senate fire Mexico's Senate criticises the governor of Oaxaca state for failing to halt a political crisis, but decides not to sack him.
21.Oct.2006 Brazilian Indians leave iron mine A group of about 200 Xikrin Indians in Brazil agree to leave an iron mine they had been occupying since Tuesday.
21.Oct.2006 Solomon Islands PM offices raided Australian forces raid the office of the Solomons prime minister as tensions rise over a controversial sex case.
21.Oct.2006 Putin's 'rape joke' played down Russia's president is overheard joking about the virility of his Israeli counterpart, who is accused of multiple rape.
21.Oct.2006 Iran 'blocks Israel soldier deal' An Israeli diplomat accuses Iran of blocking a deal to free a soldier captured by Palestinian militants.
21.Oct.2006 Iran 'should stop student bans' Iran must stop banning students from university because of their political views, a human rights groups says.
21.Oct.2006 Police cells used for new inmates Police cells are being used to hold new prisoners as jails approach full capacity, the Home Office says.
21.Oct.2006 Chrysler to cut car prices in US Chrysler reveals plans to cut the price of every car it sells in the US by $1,000, as it aims to revive sales.
21.Oct.2006 The Green Room Consumer choice is not going to deliver the changes needed to combat climate change, says this week's Green Room.
20.Oct.2006 The Clintons Get Their Village Bill and Hillary join other "opinion drivers" at Hotsoup, a new issues-oriented, non-partisan online community that hopes to connect its participants to the world around them. By Steve Kettmann.

20.Oct.2006 No Cash Prize for Darpa Race
Millions in prize money motivates contestants in Darpa's Mojave Desert robot race.

But Bush signs a new law preventing the agency from awarding dollars for the vehicle best able to navigate rough terrain without a human driver.
Medical Refugees Forced Abroad
Not able to afford a life saving treatment? You might be forced to join the swelling number of medical refugees filling Indian hospitals. But don't worry, they're safe. In Bodyhack.

20.Oct.2006 Adapter Lets Any Car Use Ethanol Hybrid owners (or anyone else) who wish they could fill their tanks with ethanol can purchase a gadget and drive green. In Autopia.
20.Oct.2006 Paging Dr. Robot A telemedicine network uses robotics to extend neurologists' expertise to Michigan hospitals. One doctor calls the practice "the wave of the future."
20.Oct.2006 Microsoft bows to the Belgians Company agrees to remove links to articles from Belgian papers to avoid copyright lawsuit threatened by publishers.
20.Oct.2006 'Super Telco', Net Neutrality Debated in Europe - Zonk 
My Nipples Explode With Delight writes to mention a ZDNet article looking at a proposal for a 'super-telco' regulation board for the EU. The idea was ripped apart, at an event where Net Neutrality in Europe and roaming charges were also discussed. From the article: "'The Commissioner thinks Net neutrality needs to be addressed,' said Blowers, who claimed a lack of relevant regulation in America had led to the issue being so explosive there. 'It is probably not sufficient to just talk about competition powers to deal with Net neutrality,' he continued, before suggesting that, if tiered services were introduced in the UK and Europe, 'there should be sufficient transparency in the market that consumers can make informed choices'."

20.Oct.2006 Boy Scouts Introduce Merit Badge for Not Pirating - Zonk 151 The_Slaughter writes

"The MPAA has recruited the boy scouts of America to do their dirty work. Scouts will now be able to learn a merit badge for anti-piracy related activities, including create public service announcements urging others not to steal movies or music. No word yet on if that includes helping the MPAA file lawsuits against 80 year old grandmothers."
Telemarketers Use Emotionally Intelligent Software - Zonk 95 eldavojohn writes

"There's a new kind of software that's being used more and more.

It's software that detects emotion and now it's being used in call centers. It's a $400 million industry according to Forrester Research that relies on volume, pitch + even the words & phrases being used.

Are we inadvertently getting closer to software that can understand us by filling the needs of telemarketers who need to know when I'm upset that they just interrupted my dinner?"
Opera to Start Phoning Home? - Zonk 134
"Near the end of a story about Opera's determination to stay in the game: 'Earlier this week, Opera announced an addition that will keep it in step with its rivals. Johan Borg, a developer working on the browser, said Tuesday in a blog that the next edition, Opera 9.1, will include beefed up anti-phishing and anti-fraud features. Rather than simply indicate that a site is secure with a notation in the address bar, Opera 9.1 will also query Opera-owned servers for information on any site visited. Those that Opera has identifies as fraudulent will be automatically blocked by the browser.'"

YouTube Removed 30,000 Japanese Videos from Site - Zonk 220 Grooves writes

"YouTube has been asked to remove almost 30,000 videos from their site, according to reports. The Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) found 29,549 videos on the site that had materials contained in them that where not authorized by rights holders. From the article, 'A spokesperson for that organization said that they were considering petitioning YouTube for a better screening process. Although YouTube is legally obligated to remove infringing material when notified, some copyright holders have expressed irritation at the notion that they need to police YouTube themselves.' Now that Google's is attached to the site, will events like this become more commonplace?"
Google Launches Website Optimizer - CowboyNeal 60 Rockgod writes

"Google Analytics Senior Manager Brett Crosby unveiled the tool, called Google Website Optimizer, this morning at the eMetrics summit in Washington D.C. If you find web site traffic heat maps like CrazyEgg, ClickDensity or Google Analytics' own heat map interesting, this looks like the next generation of that kind of tool.

If Google's Website Optimizer can score high on usability, I expect it to be a big hit with small and medium size website publishers."
Strange Bacteria Sustains Itself Without Sunlight - CowboyNeal 259 Hahnsoo writes

"A colony of bacteria found 2.8 kilometers below the Earth's surface in a South African gold mine is able to sustain itself without energy from the Sun. While sub-surface colonies of microorganisms utilizing sulfur (mostly near deep sea hydrothermal vents) is not new, this particular colony is unusual. The colony does it by relying on radioactive uranium to split water into hydrogen gas. Thus, instead of solar energy and photosynthesis, this species relies on radioactive materials and sulfur/hydrogen to facilitate its energy needs. There is some speculation about life on other planets in the article as well."
A Single Pixel Camera - CowboyNeal 166 BuzzSkyline writes

"Scientists at Rice University have developed a one pixel camera. Instead of recording an image point by point, it records the brightness of the light reflected from an array of movable micromirrors.

Each configuration of the mirrors encodes some information about the scene, which the pixel collects as a single number. The camera produces a picture by psuedorandomly switching the mirrors and measuring the result several thousand times. Unlike megapixel cameras that record millions of pieces of data and then compress the information to keep file sizes down, the single pixel camera compresses the data first and records only the compact information. The experimental version is slow and the image quality is rough, but the technique may lead to single-pixel cameras that use detectors that can collect images outside the visible range, multi-pixel cameras that get by with much smaller imaging arrays, or possibly even megapixel cameras that provide gigapixel resolution.

11.Oct.2006 The researchers described their research at the Optical Society of America's Frontiers in Optics meeting in Rochester, NY."
Wer trägt die Verantwortung für das Erstarken der NPD?
... es gäbe keine Alternative zu Hartz IV, können die rechtsradikalen Parteien die soziale Frage ...

Diese Demonstrationen, die nun schon seit Wochen anhalten, setzen die Regierung unter Druck ...
20.Oct.2006 [U.S. Senate, Overman Committee, 2:2009.]

Phoenix Journal 116 - View as HTML
00.000.1919 The Overman Committee published a report of its ... the more one is convinced that Bolshevism is a Jewish movement which can be explained by the ...

00.000.1918-00.000.1939 Anarchist Timeline/Almanac/Chronology: Part 3, ; from ... [1- 21 -1919] --

US: New York City Police Inspector Thomas J. Tunney testifies before a Senate subcommittee, chaired by Senator Overman, investigating links ...
00.Apr.1935 Class Struggle, Volume 5 Number 4 -

In a letter to Senator Overman, they took a lot of pains to explain to this ...

“Hitler is the knight that saves Europe from Bolshevism + trade unionism.” ...

Communism - Parts 19 through 24

The Overman Report to the Senate quoted testimony to the effect that of the 388 members of the Bolshevik central government, with headquarters in St. ...
Hawken Blog - Political Discussion From Across The Spectrum

-Gouvernor Morris, head of the committee that wrote the final draft of ...

I see a relationship between Nietzche's overman + this perspective on feminism. ...

June Grem, The Money Manipulators, ch 9

These three banking firms were mentioned in the Overman Report of the United States ...

00.000.1947 he became counsel to the Senate ’s Special Committee to ...

WHMC-Columbia--Clark, Champ (1850-1921) and Bennett Champ (1890 ...

Senate Munitions Investigation Committee, patronage requests, ...

Otis, Merrill E. (1884-1944);

Otto, Robert W. Overman, Lee S. (1854-1930);

Panama ...


In the accounts of the proceedings of the Senate Committee investigating " Bolshevism in America," there was submitted, according to newspaper accounts, ...

Chapter I: The War Department From Root to Marshall

Senator James W. Wadsworth of New York summed up the attitude of his colleagues on the committee + of industrialists generally by asserting that "the ...

Text collection

Senate Judiciary Committee "Bolshevik propaganda.

Hearings before a subcommittee of the committee on the judiciary. United States Senate.

Page 1 104 Dick. L. Rev. 289, * Copyright (c) 2000 Dickinson ... - View as HTML
designed to "fight Bolshevism + preach Americanism" + teach 100% American-ism to ...

Overman, Chair, Special Investigative Committee (December 23, ...
Recognized HTML document Dropper. Reminiscences of The Lusk Committee 's Investigation of Bolshevism ...

Neither Mr. Overman nor Mr. the Muscovites.-New York Evening Sun. ...
Chapter III.

Well-publicised witch-hunts such as the Overman Judiciary Subcommittee hearings of the United States Senate, helped to give substance to that fear even in ...

00.000.1901-00.000.1919 Emma Goldman: Chronology

Goldman defends Bolshevism against attacks by the American press and liberals. ...

Tunney testifies before a Senate subcommittee chaired by Senator Overman ...

The SLP and The SLP and The USSR The USSR - View as HTML
00.000.1921 the Party sent an open letter to Senator Overman, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The committee was a part of the ...

overman Senate . Judiciary Committee .

«Bolshevik propaganda.

Hearings before a subcommittee of the committee on the judiciary. United States Senate .

U.S. Senate, Overman Committee, 2:2009. [ 82 ] : Jean Bardanne.

FrontPage :: Yesterday's Jihadists by Chuck Morse ...

North Carolina Senator Lee S. Overman,

Utah Senator William H. King,

Postmaster General Albert Berlson, ...

United American Committee ...

Visit Russia - TRAVEL - Society :) - Perspectives

Congress. Senate . Judiciary Committee . «Bolshevik propaganda.

Hearings before a subcommittee of the ... .

The Seven Churches Chapter 7 This is a matter of public record in congressional hearings

00.000.1919 chaired by Senator Overman . The New York Times even reported a party held in New York ...

to Senator Lees Overman of the Committee Investigating German ...

The I.W.W. and Bolshevism have replaced the 'Yellow Peril' + 'Prussianism' as the great ...

Conditions in Russia, by William H. King, senator

Mr. OVERMAN. Did the Senator find any Americans over there?

It was stated before a committee of which I was a member, in an investigation conducted a year ...
Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution/How western capitalists ...

00.000.1919 the U.S. Senate Overman Committee investigated Bolshevik ...

While Givatovzo professed anti- bolshevism, he was in fact acting in behalf of the ...

Jews and Judaism The U.S. Government's ' Overman Committee ' Said Jews Dominated Bolshevism

In Russia: Overman Senate Subcommittee, Judiciary Committee, headed by Senator Lee ...


00.000.1919 the U.S. Senate Overman Committee investigated Bolshevik propaganda + German money in the United States + incidentally touched on the source of ...


00.000.1919 the Senate Overman Committee also established that Guaranty Trust had ... 32This section is based on the Overman Committee hearings, U.S., Senate
H-Net Review: Milton Goldin <MiltonG525@AOL.COM> on The "Jewish ...

12.Feb.1919 In testimony before the Senate Overman Committee on Bolshevism the Reverend George Simons held Lower East Side Jews responsible for ...

Joseph W. Bendersky. The Jewish New York: Basic Books, 2000. 560 ... - View as HTML
in the newly created states in Central and Eastern. Europe. on

12.Feb.1919 In testimony before the Senate Overman Committee on Bolshevism ...

The Roaring 20s and the Roots of American Fascism The infamous Lusk Committee followed on the heels of the report from the United States Senate Overman Committee .

The Overman Committee began hearings on ...


Senator Overman's committee stepped up its investigation. ... to go humbly before a Committee Investigating Bolshevism with the naive purpose of explaining.


For example, witness the testimony of Albert Rhys Williams, an astute commentator on the revolution, before the Senate Overman Committee : . . . it is ...


This section is based on the Overman Committee hearings, U.S., Senate, Brewing + Liquor Interests + German + Bolshevik Propaganda, Hearings before ...
The Roaring 20s and the Roots of American Fascism On

12.Feb.1919 the Reverend George Simons testified in front of the Senate's Overman Committee, shocking listeners with the tale of a secret ...

The American Peace Movements

It began with the Overman Committee in the U.S. Senate that investigated "radical" activity in the peace and labor movements + it climaxed in the Palmer ...

willie martin reference willie martin zionism2 html

The following extracts are quotes from the testimony of those who appeared before the U.S. Senate Overman Committee .[60]:

"The leaders of the movement, ...

00.Jul.1927 Catt,"An Open Letter to the D.A.R.,"

She denied any connection between pacifism + Bolshevism + explicitly ... to the Overman Committee investigating the possibility of Reds in America, ...

JSTOR: Romantic Revolutionary: A Biography of John Reed

... with its Islamic holy war over-tones, or

the Red versus White armies, or

00.000.1919 the witch- hunting investigations of the Senate's Overman committee ...

JSTOR: A Warmth of Soul: Samuel Northrup Harper and the Russians ... Harper next assisted the Overman Committee of the United States Senate in selecting witnesses for its investigation of Com- munist propaganda. ...

Christy Jo Snider - Patriots and Pacifists: The Rhetorical Debate ... Therefore, when a subcommittee of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee (popularly known as the Overman Committee ) and the New York State Joint Legislative ...

P P : T R D P, P, I, 1914–1930 committee of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee (popularly known as the. Overman Committee ) and the New York State Joint Legislative Committee ...

American Communism + Anticommunism: Chaired by Senator Lee Slater Overman, the committee linked Bolshevism to Imperial German espionage + to beer + liquor interests.

Free Speech Policy of the Democratic Party

A Senate committee headed by Less S. Overman, a Southern Democrat of North Carolina, focused on attempting to suppress radical + Bolshevik activities with ...
05.Sep.2005 portland imc-Don't Give Your Hurricane Donations to ...

The Senate Overman Committee noted that Wardwell was favorable to the Soviet regime although Poole, the State Department official on the spot, ...
Arthur L. Frothingham. Handbook of War Facts and Peace Problems ...

[The Overman Committee of the judiciary of the Senate undertook a thorough investigation of Bolshevism in Russia as far as was possible by calling witnesses ...

William Hard. Raymond Robins' Own Story. 1920. Contents. Chapter Five.

To hurt Bolshevism you need at least to get its number.

... had passed + till the Overman Senate Committee officially summoned him to speak.

Beyond the Backword - 11/02 He notes further, "

00.000.1919 the Senate Overman Committee also established that Guaranty Trust had an active role in financing German WWI. efforts in ...

Zionism's Master Plan for World Power The following extracts are quotes from the testimony of those who appeared before the U. S. Senate Overman Committee . Also printed in DEMOCRACY AND WORLD ...

Reds | Joe McCarthy | McCarthyism in Twentieth-Century America

00.000.1919 A pro-Soviet rally in New York City, caused U. S. Senator, Lee Overman, to call a hearing, "the first of many congressional investigations of
HoloHoax - Parts 4 through 6

00.000.1919 The Overman Committee, published a report of its findings which are ...

one is convinced that Bolshevism is a Jewish movement which can be explained ...
10.Feb.2003 Lies Father, Lies Son -updte-Remarks to the 2nd ...

the Senate Overman Committee also established that Guaranty Trust had an active role in financing German

WWI. efforts in an 'unneutral' manner."

00.000.1980 -in the's- The largest source of spare change for covert activities was, of course, the cocaine trade, which

00.000.19-- began as a side note to the Contra operation +

00.000.1984 -by about- had become the dominant factor.

It's never been clear where the profits of that all went -- certainly not to the Contras, who were constantly complaining about being under-supplied.
The extent of Israeli involvement in Latin America during that period also continues to surprise me the more I learn about it. We tend to forget that Mossad agent David Kimche, together with Robert McFarlane, set up *both* ends of Iran-Contra. Israel was already involved in Latin America by the late 70's, when it took up extensive arms dealing in response to the economic strains of the 1973 war and the subsequent oil shocks. An involvement with the drug trade followed very quickly, much of it by way of Mike Harari's association with Noriega.
And that's not even getting into the active presence in the same areas of the World Anti-Communist League, Reverend Moon + their fascist friends. (One of the things that gives me conniptions is the extent to which the Israelis and the old Nazis seem to have been on the same side in things like the 1980 Cocaine Coup in Bolivia.)
Among other things, the WACL -- then still known as the Asian People's Anti-Communist League -- had been involved in Latin America as far back as the 1954 coup against Arbenz (thanks to E. Howard Hunt) + its ties there ran very deep.

00.000.1982 Moon's CAUSA also set up a Guatemala office under Montt.
So there's no lack of larger context for these events.

Even Ollie North might bear consideration here, as someone with ties to prayer-breakfast Christianity as well as to the Enterprise/Operation Phoenix gang.

And Christian Reconstructionist gun-nut Larry Pratt was also down in Guatemala in the 80's, both arming and evangelizing civilian militias.
For that matter, I find on checking my files that Wayne Madsen links both Rios Montt and Jerry Weller to the Fellowship Foundation, in his expose called "The 'Christian'Mafia."

Like most of Madsen's claims, that would be extremely interesting, if it can be confirmed.
Overall, the period c. 1977-85 was a time when many different right-wing factions came together, were energized by the dominance of conservativism in much of the world + formed a variety of unlikely alliances and working partnerships. This, along with the covert nature of much of what was going on, makes sorting it out extremely difficult.

But the fact that it still continues to have fallout today also makes it crucial.# posted by starroute :
20.Oct.2006 speaking of spin, weller's latest strategy is right out of the rove playbook:
20.Oct.2006 The GOP woos Jews. In Arizona, surrogates for Republican congressman J.D. Hayworth -- who endorsed Henry Ford's anti-Semitism -- attended a synagogue event at which they managed to offend every Jew in the room. The comment by Jonathan Tratt, a spokesman for the Hayworth campaign, drew loud and angry boos and caused nearly three-quarters of the crowd of more than 200 to walk out in disgust. After the walkout, another Hayworth surrogate, Irit Tratt, stood on the Temple's bimah as she told members of the audience who gathered to ask questions, "No wonder there are anti-Semites."
20.Oct.2006 The GOP woos Hispanics. GOP congressional candidate Tan D. Nguyen sent out a letter threatening Spanish-speaking voters with arrest if they try to vote.
20.Oct.2006 If Bush Voters Read the National Examiner and Globe Tabloids, It's Not Looking Good for George -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Only You Can Help BuzzFlash Grow. So Do It Now -- And Help Change America Back to a Constitutional Democracy.
Bush Will Send a Stern Message to North Korea About Exploding Nuclear Bombs by Attacking Iran, Which Doesn?t Have Any + Other BuzzFlash Insights Into Bush Strategies Gleaned from "The Mad Hatter" -- -- A BuzzFlash Editorial

20.Oct.2006 Media Must Provide Gruesome Iraq Reality if Bush Won't. War will Continue as Long as we are "Numb to Iraq Troop Deaths" -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
We've lost battle for Baghdad, US admits. As one of our waggish readers noted, Bush admits Iraq is like Vietnam, except that Bush had a plan for getting out of Vietnam.
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

20.Oct.2006 Destined for Destiny: The Unauthorized Autobiography of George W. Bush. This book will cause you to laugh out loud on public transportation.
Pat Tillman's Brother, a Fellow GI, Speaks Out on Behalf of His Fallen Bro: "Somehow torture is tolerated. Somehow lying is tolerated. Somehow reason is being discarded for faith, dogma + nonsense. Somehow American leadership managed to create a more dangerous world. Somehow a narrative is more important than reality."
Carla Binion: Bush's Absolute Power Grab - A BuzzFlash Reader Contribution

20.Oct.2006 Bush Should be in the Dock: The U.S. military announced the deaths of three U.S. troops in fighting, raising the toll for American troops in October to 74. The month is on course to be the deadliest for U.S. forces in nearly two years.
20.Oct.2006 Ever notice...? In the stylized donkey image used by Democrats, the stars point upward. In the stylized elephant seen on all Republican web sites and campaign literature, the stars invariably point down.
The inversed pentacle is widely considered a symbol of black magic.
Who designed these symbols? I know that Thomas Nast came up with the Democratic donkey and the Republican elephant, but who came up with the widely-seen modern versions?
Magic Specialist Gary Garland Discusses Part 2 of the Christian Fechner Collection of American & English Magic at Auction on October 26.
2004070403_Report The only hopeful sign I saw was a year ago when 10 million people demonstrated in ... He claimed the bench had been bribed by the US-led coalition

Trata-se da primeira Obra em Portugal, que desenvolve a área do Aconselhamento Filosófico, com uma análise histórica nacional e internacional, uma exposição de vários métodos de trabalho na Consulta individual ou em grupo/institucional, uma reflexão partilhada com o leitor sobre alguns casos práticos e reais, etc.
Esta obra está já a ser utilizada como Manual de Cursos, Workshops, Debates, etc.
Por todas estas razões, esta obra dá inicio a uma Nova Colecção: «Filosofia Aplicada».


Jorge Dias pertence à nova geração de Filósofos que acreditam que a Filosofia deve estar presente em todas as dimensões da vida e que pode ser um contributo real à resolução de questões e problemas que dizem respeito à natureza do Ser Humano. Neste livro, através de uma linguagem perfeitamente acessível, introduz o leitor no mundo do Aconselhamento Filosófico utilizando amiúde exemplos da sua própria experiência, o que dá um dinamismo e humanismo muito peculiares à sua exposição.

O autor é professor de Filosofia, Formador e Consultor para a área da Ética.

Tem realizado sessões de Aconselhamento Filosófico Individual, tendo-se especializado na Society for Philosophy in Practice, em Londres.

É membro do Conselho Científico da «Revista Internacional de Filosofia Prática» (Grupo ETOR – Universidade de Sevilha) e foi convidado para ministrar um seminário de Aconselhamento Ético no Mestrado: «Prática Filosófica e Gestão Social», na Universidade de Barcelona.

01.Aug.2006 Revista OLHAR entrevista Jorge Dias
Filósofos são uma espécie de conselheiros
Filosofia para todos os gostos e necessidades
Quem disse que a Filosofia é só teoria e apenas interessa aos currículos escolares, talvez se tenha esquecido dos ensinamentos de Sócrates e de outros tantos filósofos gregos que viveram nos séculos VI e V antes da nossa era. Talvez desconheça certos desenvolvimentos práticos da Filosofia em curso no mundo actual e que sugerem aos seus cultores: máximas, raciocínios e atitudes interessantes a uma vida mais feliz. Posted by olhaquedois
20.Oct.2006 Perigosos Ataques de Cães ... Na nossa legislação a responsabilidade por danos causados por animais ... atacadas pelos perigosos cães de guarda. ANTONIO SILVEIRA RIBEIRO DOS SANTOS.

Juiz de Direito em São Paulo ...
Página pessoal do Paulo Laureano ... Página pessoal do Paulo Laureano. Página de ... de animais potencialmente perigosos de acordo com a legislação nacional ...

Todos os cães são "potencialmente perigosos ", sendo que o ...
Cães & Cia On-Line - Seu Bicho Preferido - Leis - Direitos e deveres do dono de animais ... de São Miguel Arcanjo, interior de São Paulo, foi condenada a ... pessoas também são alvo das leis. A legislação paulistana obriga o uso de focinheira em cães " perigosos " e sua ...
20.Oct.2006 Stadtler, Eduard- Weltrevolutionskrieg, Düsseldorf 1937

00.000.1933-00.000.1934 Stadtler ,Eduard war der politische Leiter des Ullstein-Verlages.

Stadtler, Eduard: Die Diktatur der Sozialen Revolution.

My Photo Gallery! "GIVE WAR ACHANCE". Antibolschewistische Front, Stadtler ,WELTantiREVOLUTIONSKRIEG,IV.KAPITEL Stadtler ,S.177 ANTIBOLSCHE- WISTISCHE FRONT 1919 ...
public relations commentary
Back to Top. Bottom line: Target audience behavior change that leads directly to achieving the manager's objectives. ... on how well you positively impact the behaviors of those outside audiences ... people whose behaviors affect the organization the most, the public relations mission is accomplished ...
Iris Communications Inc., Public Relations, Vancouver BC Canada
PUBLIC RELATIONS . The Future Face of Public Relations . Transparency, Strategy, Values. The practice of public relations is evolving as it adapts to globalization. ... that key decisions have an impact on their public reputation in an information-laden society ... your stakeholders and can affect your public reputation. Public relations is much more ...
Press Release Expert Paul Hartunian's Free Publicity Information Center
Paul Hartunian shows you how to use a Press Release to get free publicity with the media. This can be done by anyone, without any special skills, complicated systems or insider contacts.
Incidents that affect Security and Public Relations
Achieve Qests' Incident Management System is a modular software package that facilitates and promotes the effective implementation of management systems for the recording of the security and ... Property Damage. Security & Public Relations . Environmental Impact . Resulting Outcomes ... Incident Management : Incidents : Security & Public Relations . Security / Public Relations ...
the corporate sector. To date, most research on the subject assumes that corporate PR has. benefited businesses by promoting pro-business values and policies to the general public . In ... of debates and decisions that affect them.The focus of this article is corporate public relations - the sector where ...
Bernays, Edward L. impact -public relations in America-.html
Bernays, Edward L. impact - public relations in America ... to profoundly affect . public agendas in the United States ...
Government Relations, Public Policy, Advocacy, & Communications - Global Public Affairs
Global Public Affairs delivers ... public affairs services, from insight to impact . We work with clients to identify public policy issues that affect ... insight + impact are what ...
A Winning Public Relations Game Plan
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Der russischen Zeitung "Kommersant" zufolge äußerte sich Putin wesentlich direkter. "Wir alle beneiden ihn", soll er über Katzav gesagt haben.

"Was für ein starker Kerl! Zehn Frauen hat er vergewaltigt", zitierte die Moskauer Tageszeitung Putins Worte. Den Angaben nach fuhr Putin bei dem Treffen am Mittwoch fort, Katzav habe alle überrascht.

Moskauer Medien rätselten, ob das als Ironie oder als moralische Unterstützung für Katzav zu verstehen sei.

Der für die Berichterstattung aus dem Kreml zuständige "Kommersant"-Journalist Andrej Kolesnikow kommentierte das Gehörte mit den Worten, das sei einer jener Momente gewesen, in denen man seinen Ohren nicht traue.
Energieversorgung: Russland lehnt EU- Forderungen ab
20.Oct.2006 Uno: Schmuggler werfen afrikanische Flüchtlinge Haien zum Fraß vor
20.Oct.2006 Iran: Ahmadinedschad warnt den Westen vor Unterstützung Israels
20.Oct.2006 Neues Grundsatzprogramm: CSU entdeckt Alleinerziehende und Schwule
20.Oct.2006 Nach Irak- Einsatz: Traumatisierter US- Soldat zerstückelte Freundin
Größte Primzahl: Rekordwurm aus 9,8 Millionen Ziffern
20.Oct.2006 Big Brother Awards 2006: Kultus- und Innenminister räumen ab
20.Oct.2006 Ground Zero: Bauarbeiter finden Leichenteile in Kanalisation
Erste Säuberungswelle: YouTube löscht 30.000 Videos

20.Oct.2006 Meteoriten- Einschlag: Außerirdisches Sandkorn setzt Gartenlaube in Brand
20.Oct.2006 Genmanipulierte Nahrung: EU will Zwangstest für Reis aus USA
Nordkorea- Krise: Agentur meldet Stopp von Kim Jong Ils Atomtest- Programm
20.Oct.2006 JU- Chef zur Wirtschaftspolitik: "Die alte Wahrheit gilt häufig nicht mehr"
20.Oct.2006 Antarktis: Rekord- Ozonloch so groß wie USA und Russland
20.Oct.2006 Börsengang: Rekordnachfrage nach chinesischen Bankaktien
20.Oct.2006 Datenschutz 2.0: Privatsphäre ist einfach Mega- out
20.Oct.2006 Börse: US- Vorgaben heben Dax auf neues Jahreshoch
Finanzspritze: Fünf Millionen Euro mehr für den Kampf gegen Rechts
20.Oct.2006 Wettersatellit gestartet: "Metop" saust um die Pole

20.Oct.2006 Offener Brief: Blair und Balkenende warnen vor Klimakatastrophe
20.Oct.2006 C.I.A.-- Mantra and Truth These competing factions would frequently arrest each other.

One of Shackley's colleagues was an old contact, Alberto Sicilia-Falcon, a Cuban exile ...

20.Oct.2006 John P Morgan [JP Morgan] The most famous banker in the world, John Pierpoint Morgan acted as the Central Bank and Federal Reserve in the United States when none ... / ·

John Pierpont Morgan, the son of a successful financier, was born on

17.Apr.1837. Educated in Boston + Germany, he trained as an accountant

The American Experience | America 1900 | People & Events Events J.P. Morgan John Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913) began his career in ... became a partner in Drexel, Morgan and Company in 1871, which ... ·
20.Oct.2006 CQ: Facing Fed Probe, House GOP Spending Chief Axes Investigative Staff  This evening, Congressional Quarterly reports (sub. req.) that in a round of calls Monday evening, Lewis fired 60 investigators who had worked for his committee rooting out fraud, waste and abuse, effective immediately. As in, don't bother coming in on Tuesday.
Un-freaking believable. Lewis has spent nearly $800,000 in legal fees to defend himself against the probe. posted by Prof. Hex at
7:22 PM

Weller rumor update  Cannonfire has a cautious update on the Jerry Weller rumors with good links. posted by Prof. Hex
20.Oct.2006 From Weller to Rios Montt to Falwell to Disney to...Oliver Stone?  Cannonfire has more great background on Jerry Weller. Fascinating stuff.
LieparDestin has some too. posted by Prof. Hex

20.Oct.2006 Ruins of Peruvian city yielding secrets of lost civilization  A trip to Caral, the oldest city in the Americas. posted by Prof. Hex
Weller is married to Zury Rios Montt, a member of the Guatemalan parliament. She is the daughter of religious madman
Efrain Rios Montt, installed by the CIA as Guatemalan dictator in the 1980s, at which time he murdered many thousands, mostly indigenous Mayans.
The best precis of the Rios Montt years may be
this page, which tells us that Rios Montt belonged to a fundamentalist church in Northern California called Gospel Outreach, which somehow acquired the funding and organization to spread far-right Protestantism in Guatemala and other Latin American nations, under the name El Verbo: Gospel Outreach is an evangelical Pentecostal church with headquarters in Eureka, California + Guatemala. It grew out of the 'Jesus People' movement of the 1960s in the United States.

After the 1976 earthquake, 28 Gospel Outreach evangelicals from California arrived in Guatemala to help rebuild the country and establish El Verbo church. Much of the money appears to have come from (or through) some well-known American televangelists: "Rios Montt has been supported by Pat Robertson (Christian Broadcasting Network), Jerry Falwell (Moral Majority, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Liberty Federation) + Loren Cunningham (Youth with a Mission) . They have worked with the Florida Cuban community. . . Jimmy Swaggart Ministries has provided financial support for the schools of El Verbo in Guatemala. This is done under the ‘Programa Ayuda Infantile,’ a branch of the Swaggart ministry.” (Emphasis added.) We've dealt with Youth With a Mission before in relation to the Path to 911 debacle; see here.
From a 1987 issue of Covert Action Information Bulletin (as cited in the afore-linked page): "Israel also installed computer surveillance equipment in Guatemala and, under the pretext of providing agricultural assistance, helped devise Rios Montt's 'beans and bullets strategic hamlets, modeled after the CIA's Operation Phoenix. . . [ed. note: ‘beans and bullets’ refers to Rios Montt’s policy, ‘If you are with us, we’ll feed you; if not we’ll kill you.’]
[Richard Paradise of Gospel Outreach] says he works under the auspices of the World Zionist Organization as a liaison with U.S. evangelicals, with the assigned role of working against anti-Semitism within the U.S. . . According to a special report entitled 'Sectas y Religiosidad en American Latina' published in October 1984 by the Chile-based Instituto Latinoamericano de Estudios Transnacionales, during Rios Montt's rule, members of Gospel Outreach's Verbo church took jobs in espionage and torture and accompanied Israeli and Argentinean experts during interrogation sessions ."

An Israeli Knesset member is on record as saying that Israel acted as a cut-out for the American intelligence community when it did "dirty work" in Latin America.
Rios Montt's son-in-law, Weller, has tried to squelch the congressional report on Duke Cunningham. We know from the official precis that this report details suspicious meetings between Cunningham and certain "foreign nationals." I have argued in a previous post that these "foreign nationals" were probably
YWAM emerged as the secret funder of Path to 911, the deceptive anti-Clinton documentary which ABC (Disney) broadcast w ithout commercials.

No mere missionary organization has that sort of money or clout. A psyop like that is obvious spook stuff + anyone who thinks otherwise is too damned naive to take seriously.
But Disney isn't the only studio to come under the influence. The right-wing screenwriter for Path to 911 was
Cyrus Nowresteh, linked not only to YWAM but to David Horowitz (right-wing propaganda machine -> ) and his Israel ueber alles crowd -- not to mention Richard Mellon Scaife, the anti-Clinton zealot who has bragged about his links to a faction of American intelligence.

Think Progress: After steering clear of political controversy with 9/11 heroism tale “World Trade Center,” Oliver Stone and Paramount Pictures are venturing into edgier territory with “Jawbreaker.” Pic will focus on America’s response to the terrorist attacks with the invasion of Afghanistan and hunt for 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden.
Cyrus Nowrasteh, whose most recent credit was the controversial ABC miniseries “The Path to 9/11,” is set to write a second draft of “Jawbreaker.” Jawbreaker is a deceptive CIA-vetted book which blames Clinton unfairly. Although author Gary Berntsen confirms that we had intelligence concerning the presence of Osama Bin Laden at Tora Bora, the book tells only part of the story. The Bush administration made a deliberate decision to allow not just Bin Laden but literally planeloads of Al Qaeda functionaries to escape. The truth of the matter can be found in many places, not least among them the fine documentary 9/11: Press for Truth . (See the ad on the right-hand side of this page; also see my earlier piece

20.Oct.2006 Weller's wife Zury is undeniably lovely.

She is also a member of the Guatemalan Parliament. More than that: She is the daughter of mass-murdering dictator and noted religious nut Efrain Rios Montt.
20.Oct.2006 We've lost battle for Baghdad, US admits. As one of our waggish readers noted, Bush admits Iraq is like Vietnam, except that Bush had a plan for getting out of Vietnam.
Pat Tillman's Brother, a Fellow GI, Speaks Out on Behalf of His Fallen Bro: "Somehow torture is tolerated. Somehow lying is tolerated. Somehow reason is being discarded for faith, dogma + nonsense. Somehow American leadership managed to create a more dangerous world. Somehow a narrative is more important than reality."
Bush Should be in the Docket: The U.S. military announced the deaths of three U.S. troops in fighting, raising the toll for American troops in October to 74. The month is on course to be the deadliest for U.S. forces in nearly two years.

20.Oct.2006 While the GOP has run out of people who can properly govern, they never seem to run out of sexual perverts. The BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week Tells Why.
"Hidden Power" by Charles Derber - Thom Hartmann's Independent Thinker of the Month Review

20.Oct.2006 Sign the Pledge to Keep Our Children Safe from Gun Violence in Their Schools. It's the Least We Can Do for Them.
Have You Had Enough of the NRA Shoving Guns Down Our Throats and Making American Schools Killing Fields? Support the Forces of Sanity and Public Safety. Donate Goods and Services to an Auction for Gun Control.
The Gun Industry Profits Off of Murder. Help Fight Back
Jerry Lewis, Not the One the French Inexplicably Love, But the GOP Congressman Jerry Lewis is Under Investigation for Corruption, So He Fires House Investigatots. It's the Republican Way! 10/20
Tom Wieliczka: Anybody Have a Lot of Spare 'Crows' To Be Eaten? - A BuzzFlash Reader Contribution


Dass Lebensgemeinschaften fern jeglicher Sonneneinstrahlung existieren können, ist an sich nicht Neues. Allerdings hatten bisher alle untersuchten entlegenen Mikrobenpopulationen immerhin Verbindungen zum Sonnenlicht, wenn auch nicht als Hauptenergiequelle. Das Ökosystem in Südafrika, das Lins Team untersucht hat, ist hingegen völlig sonnenunabhängig und in der Lage "Millionen von Jahren aktiv zu bleiben, ohne dabei auf Photosynthese angewiesen zu sein", schreiben die Forscher. Sie könnten sich gar unendlich lang selbst erhalten, solange die geologischen Bedingungen gegeben sind.

Eine langsame Lebensweise sichere das Überleben der Mikroben in dieser recht unwirtlichen Tiefe, berichtet das GeoForschungszentrum Potsdam (GFZ), das an den Untersuchungen beteiligt war. Immerhin würde das Nährstoffangebot und die damit verfügbare Energie nur langsam nachgeliefert.

Damit ließe sich abschätzen, dass die Bakterien 45 bis 300 Jahre brauchen, um ihre Anzahl zu verdoppeln, sagte Johanna Lippmann-Pipke vom GFZ.

Der Superbunker wäre eine Attraktion für Touristenmassen - doch daraus wird vorerst wohl nichts.

Auch wenn mitunter angemeldete Besuchergruppen zu bestimmten Bereichen Zutritt bekommen, bleibt der unterirdische Bunker auf Standby.

"Für den Fall, dass wir doch noch mal einen Rückzugsort brauchen", sagte ein Militärsprecher der "New York Times".

Zuletzt war es am 11.Sep.2001 soweit. Nach den Terroranschlägen wollte der Secret Service den Präsidenten aus Sicherheitsgründen unbedingt dorthin schaffen.

Für solche Fälle bleibt bis auf Weiteres eine Minimalbesetzung im Berg, um ihn einsatzbereit zu halten - sicher ist sicher.
Grasso war im Herbst 2003 zurückgetreten, nachdem herausgekommen war, dass er insgesamt rund 187 Millionen Dollar an Bezügen erhalten hatte, darunter mehr als 100 Millionen Dollar Pensionszahlungen. Die Affäre hatte dem Image der Börse und des Verwaltungsrates stark geschadet.
20.Oct.2006 Urteil: Ex- Chef der New Yorker Börse soll 100 Millionen Dollar zurückzahlen
Unterirdisch: Einsiedler- Bakterien lebten Jahrmillionen ohne Sonne
20.Oct.2006 Atomwaffentest: Bericht über Entschuldigung Kim Jong Ils

20.Oct.2006 Reaktion auf niedrigen Preis: Opec- Staaten drosseln ihre Ölproduktion