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09.Oct.2006 U.S. casualties in Iraq spiking. - Nico - 

“The number of U.S troops wounded in Iraq has surged to its highest monthly level in nearly two years as American GIs fight block-by-block in Baghdad

to try to check a spiral of sectarian violence that U.S. commanders warn could lead to civil war.”
LaHood Falsely Claims Hastert’s ‘Strong Leadership’ Was Responsible For DeLay’s Resignation - Faiz 

In the latest false defense of Speaker Hastert, Rep. Ray LaHood (R-IL) said today on CBS’s Face the Nation that Hastert showed “strong leadership” in dealing with the Tom DeLay scandal.

LaHood falsely claimed, “When Tom [DeLay] was having ethical problems, the speaker wen to him and asked him to leave.” Watch it:

In reality, Hastert repeatedly defended DeLay’s ethical misconduct + attempted to shield him from any responsibility.

Hastert replaced the Republican Chairman of the House ethics committee, Rep. Joel Hefley (R-CO), after the committee admonished DeLay.

The House, under Hastert’s leadership, then passed a rule change that would have shielded DeLay from having to step down from his leadership post if he were indicted.

The rule was later rescinded. DeLay resigned only after “a Texas grand jury indicted him and two associates on charges of conspiracy in fundraising.” Full transcript:

LAHOOD: Look at, I give Speaker Hastert high marks for strong leadership. He took care of Tom DeLay, his best friend.

When Tom was having ethical problems, the speaker went to him and asked him to leave.
George Allen in stock disclosure controversy. - Nico 

“For the past five years, Sen. George Allen, has failed to tell Congress about stock options he got for his work as a director of a high-tech company,” an AP analysis shows.

“Congressional rules require senators to disclose to the Senate all deferred compensation, such as stock options.”
Atomtest in Tiefe Null - sfux Harald Haack - Das ist auf dem Seismic Monitor: 09-OCT-2006 01:35:27 41.31 129.11 4.2 0.0 NORTH KOREA
09.Oct.2006 Kalter Krieg im wüsten Nahen Osten - sfux Michael Schulze von Glaßer ?

Ein Krieg, der nicht ausbricht, aber immer kurz zuvor stehen scheint, gilt als Kalter Krieg. Die Zeit von

00.000.1947-00.000.1990 ist gekennzeichnet davon.

Sechzehn Jahre nach dem Ende des ersten Kalten Krieges gibt es nun Anzeichen für einen neuerlichen Ausbruch dieses Phänomens.

Auslöser des Kalten Krieges im 20. Jahrhundert waren die verschiedenen...
Bio-Roulette - sfux Gordon Thomas & David Dastych -

Are KGB agents recruited by Al-Q'aida guarding post-Soviet biological weapons concealed in the United Kingdom? Like in Russian roulette, it is not clear where the bullet is or when it will...
South Korea, U.S. beef up military preparedness - sfux Jin Dae-woong -

South Korean + U.S. militaries went onto a high state of alert today after North Korea conducted a nuclear test despite warnings from the international community.The South Korean intelligence agency said today...
Nordkorea hat erfolgreich Atombombe getestet - sfux SDA/AP -

Nordkorea hat am Montag zum ersten Mal in seiner Geschichte eine Atomwaffe getestet. Der unterirdische Test sei sicher und erfolgreich verlaufen, meldete die staatliche nordkoreanische Nachrichtenagentur KCNA.
Es sei keine Radioaktivität ausgetreten. «Der Atomtest wurde mit 100 % unserer Weisheit und Technologie ausgeführt», hiess es in der Erklärung der KCNA.

Es handle sich um ein «historisches Ereignis», das die Fähigkeit des Landes zur...
N Korea claims nuclear test North Korea says it has carried out a successful underground test of a nuclear weapon, in defiance of international warnings not to do so.
09.Oct.2006 Iraq Sunni leader's brother shot Gunmen in police uniforms kill the brother of Iraqi Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi in Baghdad.
09.Oct.2006 Nato seeks answers on Taleban Nato's chief in Afghanistan is travelling to Pakistan amid claims the Pakistani spy agency is helping the Taleban.
09.Oct.2006 Saddam Hussein in court for trial The trial of ex-Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein for alleged genocide against the Kurds resumes on Monday.
09.Oct.2006 Poll gain for Belgium's far right Local elections in Belgium show an increase in support for the Flemish far-right Vlaams Belang party.
09.Oct.2006 Denmark hit by fresh cartoon row The Danish PM denounces the drawing of new cartoons by far-right activists mocking the Prophet Muhammad.
09.Oct.2006 Male contraceptive test widens Trials of a new male contraceptive are being expanded in the US after overwhelming initial interest.
09.Oct.2006 Cuba denies Castro cancer claims The interim leader of Cuba rejects media reports that his brother, President Fidel Castro, has terminal cancer.
09.Oct.2006 Foley e-mails 'known of 00.000.2000' A colleague confronted ex-lawmaker Mark Foley about his e-mails with teenagers 00.000.2000, a report says.
China bank aims for record float Chinese media says the country's biggest bank, ICBC, plans to raise up to $21bn when it floats - a record high.
09.Oct.2006 Chechens deplore reporter's death Chechnya's pro-Moscow leaders condemn reporter Anna Politkovskaya's murder, as mourning continues.
09.Oct.2006 Iran arrests controversial cleric Iranian cleric Mohammad Kazemeini Boroujerdi is arrested after his supporters clash with police in Tehran.
09.Oct.2006 Pakistan condemns Korea nuke test Pakistan says North Korea's nuclear test is a 'destabilising' development for the region.
09.Oct.2006 Blair condemns North Korean test Tony Blair says North Korea's apparent first nuclear weapons test is "completely irresponsible".
09.Oct.2006 Markets fall after N Korean test Asian and European share indexes fall after North Korea says it has carried out its first nuclear weapon test.
09.Oct.2006 Gas induces 'suspended animation' Hydrogen sulphide or 'sewer gas' induces a state of suspended animation in mice, say US researchers.
09.Oct.2006 Net crime 'big fear' for Britons More people fear net crime than they do burglary or being mugged, a survey backed by the UK government suggests.
09.Oct.2006 Tata 'to launch bid for Corus' Indian firm Tata Steel is close to launching an offer for Anglo-Dutch firm Corus, the BBC has learned.
09.Oct.2006 BP told to testify over explosion A US judge tells BP head John Browne to testify over the firm's Texas refinery explosion that killed 15 and injured many more.
09.Oct.2006 The Information Factories The?desktop?is?dead. Welcome to the internet?cloud, where massive facilities across the globe will store all the data?you'll?ever?use.

George Gilder from Wired magazine on the?dawning?of?the?petabyte?age.
Dunn, Fiorina lash out at HP board Both women blame former board members George Keyworth and Tom Perkins for their troubles at Hewlett-Packard.
09.Oct.2006 North Korea Says It Has Conducted Nuclear Test - Zonk 692 ScentCone writes

"North Korea says that it has conducted its first nuclear weapons test and 'brought happiness to its people.' Japan and China earlier issued an unusual joint statement saying that such a test would be 'unacceptable.'

As of 11:10PM EST, the USGS says that it has not detected any unusual seismic activity on the Korean peninsula in the last 48 hours."

From the article: "The North said last week it would conduct a test, sparking regional concern and frantic diplomatic efforts aimed at dissuading Pyongyang from such a move.

North Korea has long claimed to have nuclear weapons, but had never before performed a known test to prove its arsenal. The nuclear test was conducted at 10:36 a.m. (0136 GMT) in Hwaderi near Kilju city, Yonhap reported, citing defense officials."

Update: 10/09 05:50 GMT by J : The U.S. Geological Survey reports a 4.2 magnitude quake; South Korean news is reporting a 3.58 magnitude event; the White House apparently confirms a nuclear test.
2004081517 ... Meeting of Representatives of "Alfa-Bank" + " JP Morgan Chase Bank " attended by : ...

WWI.00.000.1918 Bush , Samuel P. ... banks of " JP Morgan Chase Bank "
09.Oct.2006 WWII. JP Morgan . John Adams. Joseph Goebbels. Lord Kitchener. Manchuria. Menachem Begin. Mohandas Gandhi ...

Army Famous Doughnuts Fed WWI. + WWII. Soldiers, Now ...
09.Oct.2006 History Channel: A Question About Wilson's Foregin ... How close were Wilson's overall relations with JP Morgan ? ... argue that Wilson entered the US into WWI. to make the world safe for US investments.
09.Oct.2006 Glossary of Events: Mi Among his targets were JP Morgan + banking practices, the Catholic church + ... Prior to the outbreak of WWI. the mayor and several other city positions ...

George W. Bush, The Neocons, & The Nazis: Ties That Bind During WWI. , J.P. Morgan was obsessed with the media + endeavored to control it. They all had wed daughters of Fredrick Zinsser, a partner of JP Morgan .
09.Oct.2006 Quia - STATE TEST REVIEW: Events, Laws, Organizations, etc. He stops the combination of western railroads under JP Morgan .

Anthracite Coal Strike (1902) ... Russia drops out of WWI and makes peace with Germany after ...
09.Oct.2006 J. P. Morgan J. P. Morgan . Joe Kennedy, William Randolph Hearst, JP Morgan and others were part of a ... Germanys secret police during WWI. ) + Warburg agent Herman ...
09.Oct.2006 Political Crossfire Forums :: View topic - Who contributed most to Germany's defeat in WWI. ? ...

00.Apr.1917 (when JP Morgan entered the USA into WWI. , on behalf of ... settled at the end of WWI. , the British (+ JP Morgan ) were in control of the ...
Atombombentest: Kim Jong Il schockiert die Welt

09.Oct.2006 Reaktion auf Atomwaffentest: Japan will aufrüsten
09.Oct.2006 Vererbung: Genmutation verdoppelt Brustkrebs- Risiko
09.Oct.2006 Wortlaut: Nordkoreas Erklärung zum Atombombentest

09.Oct.2006 Weltweiter Protest: Moskau bestätigt nordkoreanischen Atombombentest
09.Oct.2006 Politowskaja- Mord: Russische Zeitung setzt Kopfgeld aus
09.Oct.2006 Uralte Eichen: Prinz Charles kämpft für Draculas Schatz
US- Chemiefabrik in Brand: Chlorwolke bedroht Stadt

09.Oct.2006 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Klima der Einschüchterung"
09.Oct.2006 EU- Chefökonom: Deutsches Wachstum boomt 2007 weiter

09.Oct.2006 Atomtest: Seoul stoppt Hilfslieferung an Nordkorea
09.Oct.2006 Nordkoreas Atomtest: Asiens Börsen auf Talfahrt
09.Oct.2006 Energiegipfel: Koch will Atomausstieg rückgängig machen
09.Oct.2006 Trotz Uno- Warnung: Nordkorea meldet erfolgreichen Atombombentest
08.Oct.2006 Atomtest verschoben: Nordkorea will USA unter Druck setzen

09.Oct.2006 Dänemark: Neues Mohammed- Video empört Muslime
08.Oct.2006 TIME declares end of the Republican Revolution
If You Value, We Need Your Support.
Former aide expected to testify under oath that he warned speaker's office 00.000.2003 about Foley 10/9
Black comedy show in Iraq, "Hurry Up, He's Dead," pretends it's 2017 and "Rums bin Feld" still hasn't stopped wrecking the country 10/9
On the campaign trail with promising Dem Senate candidate Tester: "The Republicans have been pro-defense contractor, but not pro-defense." 10/9
Could Georgia, a U.S. ally, go to war with Russia? 10/9

09.Oct.2006 Dems Likely to Gain by Hastert NOT Resigning. Just Have Hastert's Face Morph Into Foley's In Campaign Ads -- And the House Goes Dem. Why'll You're At It, Have Bush's Face Morph Into Osama's. That's a Great Two-fer! 10/9
Thread that Hastert's Speakership is hanging by is the denial by his chief of staff that Kirk Fordham is telling the truth about Foley warnings 10/9
Hastert has repeatedly sent letters of congratulations to Rev. Moon's loopy "crown me King of Capitol Hill" tour -- just browse these wacky cult documents 10/9
Former page: I slept with Mark Foley 10/9

08.Oct.2006 Desertierter US- Soldat: Flucht vor der eigenen Armee

09.Oct.2006 Friedenspreisträger Lepenies: Der Denker als Feldherr
08.Oct.2006 Kleopatra: Die Traumfrau der Antike
08.Oct.2006 Dänemark: Neues Mohammed- Video empört Muslime
08.Oct.2006 Woodward: Cheney Cursed At Me About ‘State of Denial,’ Then Hung Up The Phone - Nico 

Today on Meet the Press, Bob Woodward described how Vice President Dick Cheney called him 10 days ago about Woodward’s new book State of Denial. Woodward says Cheney cursed at him (”he said what I was saying was bull-something”) and then hung up the phone.

Woodward called Cheney’s behavior a “metaphor for what’s going on. Hang up when somebody has a different point of view or information you don’t want to deal with.” Watch it: Digg It! Full transcript:

MR. RUSSERT: Have you spoken to the president or the vice president since this book came out?

MR. WOODWARD: The vice president called me I guess as it was coming out 10 days ago.


MR. WOODWARD: Well, he called to complain that I was quoting him about the meetings with Henry Kissinger that he and the president had. I had interviewed Vice President Cheney last year a couple of times at length about material I’m gathering on the Ford administration, on-the-record interviews, but he volunteered, he said, “Oh, by the way, Henry Kissinger comes in” and he, Dick Cheney, sits down with him once a month and the president every two or three months. And Cheney was upset I was quoting him. And I said, “Look, this–on-the-record doesn’t have anything to do with Ford, you volunteered that.” He then used a word which I can’t repeat on the air. And I said, “Look, on the record is on the record,” and he hung up on me.

MR. RUSSERT: What, what do you mean, he swore at you?

MR. WOODWARD: He, he said what I was saying was bull-something. No, but he, but he hung up. Now, look, I can, I can see, I went back and looked at the transcript that he can–ever had a disagreement about ground rules with someone. Have you?

MR. RUSSERT: Well, he thought he was talking, he thought he was talking to you for one project and you used it in another project.

MR. WOODWARD: Well, exactly. But it had nothing to do with it + it’s clearly spelled out that it’s an on-the-record interview. And so–now, what does he do instead of saying, “Well, OK, I look at it this way, you look at it that way.” It’s a metaphor for what’s going on. Hang up when somebody has a different point of view or information you don’t want to deal with.
McHenry Speechless When Asked To Provide Evidence That Foley Scandal Was Election Ploy - Nico 

Freshman Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) has been appearing on television shows all week suggesting that the Foley scandal was engineered by Democrats for electoral advantage.

Today on CNN’s Late Edition, he said “all the fact points lead to one question”: whether House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) timed the release of the Foley emails.

In response to his talk of “fact points,” Wolf Blitzer asked McHenry five separate times whether he had any evidence whatsoever to support his conspiracy theory. McHenry had no answer. Watch it:

The Hill reported last week that the source who gave Foley’s emails to news media says the documents came from a congressional aide “who has been a registered Republican since becoming eligible to vote.” Full transcript:

MCHENRY: The question remains, though: What person, group or political entity had these nasty instant messages and possessed the e-mails in order to solicit this story?

And in a partisan environment like we’re in right now in Washington, four weeks out from a national election, that question must be asked.

BLITZER: So what you’re suggesting — and correct me if I’m wrong, because you’ve been doing this for the last few days — that Democrats are behind the timing of the release of this information? Is that your accusation?

MCHENRY: Well, look, all the fact points lead to one question: Did Rahm Emanuel or Nancy Pelosi have any involvement on the strategic or tactical level?

This morning on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” the question was asked of Rahm Emanuel. His reaction was he did not see the instant messages or e-mails.

He repeatedly said, he did not see. I’ve asked him to testify under oath to assure the American people that he was not involved in this issue in any way, shape or form.

BLITZER: Do you have any evidence at all that Democrats or others might have been behind the timing of this scandal?

MCHENRY: Look, let’s be honest…

BLITZER: Do you have any evidence to back that charge up?

MCHENRY: No, no, actually, if the Democrats had any issue with saying this, putting all the facts out on the table, they would say, certainly, I’ll testify under oath that I had no involvement in it. They’ve said no.

BLITZER: Well, you don’t have any evidence, though, right?

MCHENRY: Well, look at the fact points.

BLITZER: Yes or no, do you have any evidence, Congressman?

MCHENRY: Do you have any evidence that they weren’t involved?

BLITZER: I’m just asking if you’re just throwing out an accusation or if you have any hard evidence.

MCHENRY: No. It’s a question, Wolf. The question remains, were they involved? And if they were not involved, they need to say clearly. And it’s a question. It’s not an accusation.
Reynolds abruptly cancels Sunday show appearance. - Nico 

Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY), the top House Republican campaign official who was told of Foley’s emails last spring, was “booked weeks ago” for an appearance on ABC’s This Week + “confirmed his appearance on Wednesday.” But by Saturday, “his office canceled without explanation.” A spokesman later said he had “flu-like symptoms.” A new poll shows him 15 points behind his opponent.
08.Oct.2006 Rep. Kingston: ‘It’s The Job Of The Speaker To Protect The Majority’ - Faiz 

In an effort to defend Speaker Dennis Hastert’s failure to act on warnings about Mark Foley’s predatory behavior, Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), the vice chairman of the House Republican Conference, claimed on Fox News this morning, “The speaker’s job is to protect the majority. … Why would the speaker protect one member in a safe Republican seat? He would not try to risk the majority for that. There would be no reason for him to have that motivation.” Rep. Martin Meehan (D-MA) responded that the prescise reason Hastert didn’t act was due to political considerations: “He didn’t want to risk his majority.” Watch it:

Hastert’s duty to protect the pages should have superceded his desire to “protect the majority.” Kingston’s comments underscore the reason why the House leadership has landed in the trouble they are now in.

Rather than addressing the Foley scandal from the perspective of protecting children, the leadership turned a blind eye to the problem, viewing it as a threat to its political power. Some examples:

Hastert acknowledged Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY) came to inform him of Foley’s inappropriate emails “in the context of maybe a half a dozen or a dozen other things…that might have affected campaigns.”

Hastert said the Foley scandal “is a political issue” and that “there are some people that try to tear us down.”

– Rather than address the issue in a bipartisan way that would have underscored a common desire to protect the young interns,

the conservative chair of the House Page Board — Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) — refused to inform the Democrat on the committee — Rep. Dale Kildee (D-MI).

Full transcript:

KINGSTON: The speaker’s job is to protect the majority. We know that this race has been a 15-seat race to keep the majority. Why would the speaker protect one member in a safe Republican seat? He would not try to risk the majority for that. There would be no reason for him to have that motivation.

WALLACE: Congressman Meehan?

MEEHAN: I think the reason why he did it is because he didn’t want to risk his majority.
“It was part of his everyday speech.” - Faiz 

Two new sources come forward to report that they heard Sen. George Allen (R-VA) use the N-word repeatedly when they played in poker games together. One of the sources said, “[W]henever [Allen would] get a black card that he didn’t like, he would refer to it as a ‘nig— card’ he needed to get rid of.”
08.Oct.2006 Foley engaged in sex with former page. - Faiz 

The LAT reports, “A former House page says he had sex with then-Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fla.).”

The ex-page said his correspondence with Foley began after he finished the page program for high school juniors, but the sexual encounter occurred when he was 21 years old.

“The former page’s exchanges with Foley offer a glimpse of possible predatory behavior by the congressman as he assessed male teenagers assigned as House errand-runners.”
08.Oct.2006 New Poll: Americans Losing Faith In Leadership - Faiz 

The Newsweek poll released yesterday showing Bush’s approval at a record-low 33 % also demonstrates a “larger loss of faith” in government leadership across the board.

Here are some of the other highlights:

– 52 % of Americans believe the Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert covered up Mark Foley’s actions

– For the first time ever in a Newsweek poll, a majority of Americans (58 % ) now believe the Bush administration knowingly misled the American people in building its case for war against Saddam Hussein

– 53 % believe it was a mistake to go to war at all , the first time the Newsweek poll has registered a majority in that camp.

– Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s approval rating has fallen to just 30 % + more Americans believe he should resign than remain, 48 % vs. 37 %
Japan visit warms ties with China China says the current visit of the new Japanese PM Shinzo Abe marks a turning-point in relations.
08.Oct.2006 Afghans 'could switch allegiance' Nato's commander in Afghanistan warns that the country's citizens could start supporting Taleban fighters.
08.Oct.2006 Iran rejects six nations' demands Iran says it will not suspend its nuclear programme after six key UN countries agree to debate possible sanctions.
08.Oct.2006 Latvian coalition retains power Latvia's governing coalition is the first administration to win re-election since independence 00.000.1991.
08.Oct.2006 Opec moves to cut production Oil ministers from producers' group Opec support an imminent reduction in production, the first in two years.
08.Oct.2006 Indonesia urged to aid smog fight Malaysia urges Indonesia to sign up to regional plans for fighting pollution from forest-clearance fires.
08.Oct.2006 New way to build stronger bones US researchers find a way to trigger bone production, raising hopes of new drugs to treat osteoporosis.
08.Oct.2006 Russia hunts journalist's killer Russian prosecutors say the killing of journalist Anna Politkovskaya may have been linked to her work.
08.Oct.2006 Mass Extinctions from Global Warming? - Zonk -77 uncleO writes

"The current issue of Scientific American has an interesting article, Impact from the Deep, about the possible causes for the five major global extinctions.

It contends that only the most recent one was caused by a 'dinosaur killer' asteroid impact.

Evidence suggests that the others were caused by 'great bubbles of toxic H2S gas erupting into the atmosphere' from the oceans due to anoxia." From the article:

"The so-called thermal extinction at the end of the Paleocene began when atmospheric CO2 was just under 1,000 parts per million (ppm).

At the end of the Triassic, CO2 was just above 1,000 ppm.

Today with CO2 around 385 ppm...climbing at an annual rate of 2 3 ppm, levels could approach 900 ppm

by the end of the next century."
Survey of Super Massive Black Holes Completed - Zonk 109 eldavojohn writes

"NASA has announced the completion of a survey of nearby supermassive black holes. Every galaxy that revolves around a supermassive black hole within 400 light-years of our own galaxy has been cataloged. From the article: 'Called active galactic nuclei, or AGN, these black holes have masses of up to billions of Suns compressed into a region about the size of our solar system.

The all-sky census, performed using NASA's Swift satellite over a nine-month period, detected more than 200 nearby AGN.' I'm starting to feel very lucky to have grown up in the Milky Way Galaxy."
U.S. Commerce Department Hacked Again - Zonk 122 evil agent writes

"The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), a branch of the Commerce Department, has sustained several successful attacks. Chinese hackers were able to gain access to its computers and install rootkits and other malware." From the article: "This is the second major attack originating in China that's been acknowledged by the federal government since July. Then, the State Department said that Chinese attackers had broken into its systems overseas and in Washington. And last year, Britain's National Infrastructure Security Co-ordination Center (NISCC) claimed that Chinese hackers had attacked more than 300 government agencies and private companies in the U.K."
Publishers Thank Google for Book Sales - Zonk 234 eldavojohn writes

"A few book publishers are actually thanking Google for an apparent rise in sales due to Google's scan plan. Google is busy defending itself against authors and publishers that have brought lawsuits for ignoring copyrights.

The director of the Oxford University Press said, 'Google Book Search has helped us turn searchers into consumers.'

It seems to work in favor of the smaller publishers:

'Walter de Gruyter/Mouton-De Gruyter, a German publisher, said its encyclopedia of fairy tales has been viewed 471 times since appearing in the program, with 44 % of them clicking on the 'buy this book' Google link.'

Do you think that Google's 'sneak peak' search access increases sales or violates copyrights on intellectual property?"
Foley Consuming GOP As Elections Draw Near
If You Value, We Need Your Support.
Here's the Reality of Bush's Failure to Protect American Lives: "The number of U.S troops wounded in Iraq has surged to its highest monthly level in nearly two years as American GIs" 10/8
Hastert Lied About Protecting a GOP Sexual Predator on the Internet. It's That Simple. And Now He Won't Comment, Using a Sham "Investigation" as An Excuse. If You Can't Trust the Republican Leadership to Protect Your Children From Online Sexual Predators, How Can You Trust Them to Protect the Nation?

09.Oct.2006 Bush Hits New Low in Latest Newsweek Poll. Dems Outpoll GOP on the "Values" Issue.
Cheney takes to the road to scare American public with talk of "mass death" 10/8

09.Oct.2006 In an Iraqi city Bush touted as safe, screams and shouts of weekend bomb victims 10/8
George Allen (R-Macaca)'s new accusers say he lied about never using the N-word -- threw it around so casually, he called a bad card in poker a "n****** card." 10/8
The Head of the So-Called "Ethics Committee" Was Personally Selected Chairman by Hastert Because the Prior One Was Being "Too Hard" on Tom DeLay. Now, Hastert is Using the Whitewashing Committee as Cover-up to Stay Silent About His Lies Confirmed by at Least Four People. It's Bush's Valerie Plame, Katrina, 9/11 Commission Rovian Strategy of Dealing with a Crisis Through a Contolled Sham Investigation with Pre-Determined Political Results. 10/8

09.Oct.2006 Last month marked two-year high for U.S. troops wounded in Iraq. Expert: "These days, wounded are a much better measure of the intensity of the operations than killed." 10/8
08.Oct.2006 1. Lying about Iran and Iraq. You may recall our previous discussion of the most inane falsehood about Iraq to spew from the American department of propaganda: That neighboring Iran has been supplying the Iraqi insurgency with weapons. Why would the Iranians want to destabalize a pro-Iranian government?
British team patrolling that border has been looking into this claim of weapons trafficking. And sure enough, they have found no evidence to support Dubya's nonsense. Permalink
08.Oct.2006 Iran propaganda 1. The new Chalabi. This expose by Laura Rozen is a must-read.

The neocons engineering war in Iran have long had a major problem: They don't have a faux-de Gaulle to prop up as the leader of Iranian resistance.

Iran’s best-known dissident, journalist Akbar Ganji, rejected invitations to meet with administration officials on a recent U.S. visit + asked instead to see the United Nations’ Kofi Annan + Noam Chomsky.

“I advocate change of the regime in Iran,” Ganji told me in July. “But that regime must be changed by Iranians themselves.”
"Opportunity" und "Spirit" haben Bell zufolge seit Beginn ihrer Mars etwa 160.000 Fotos geliefert. "Aber was wir diese Woche erhalten haben, ist auf den ersten Platz meiner Top-Ten-Liste gerückt", sagt Bell.
08.Oct.2006 Nasa- Roboter "Opportunity": "Grand Canyon auf dem Mars"

09.Oct.2006 Großbritannien: Umfrage sieht Konservative deutlich vor Labour

07.Oct.2006 Atomtest verschoben: Nordkorea will USA unter Druck setzen
07.Oct.2006 A secret society opens its doors 

For more than two centuries, the Freemasons + their grandiose rituals have played a secretive and mysterious role in American life. One of the Masons' symbols looks a lot like the all-seeing eye on the back of every $1 bill. And look whose picture is on the other side. posted by Prof. Hex
07.Oct.2006 4,000 birds mysteriously die in northwest Iran  Canary in a coal mine? posted by Prof. Hex
07.Oct.2006 Diddlergate  House ethics panel to subpoena documents
Voters Say Scandals Will Affect Votes
Ex-page says Foley messaged him 00.000.1990s posted by Prof.

07.Oct.2006 Accused GOP Pedophile Ties DA to Blackmail Plot  No, not Foley, another paragon of GOP family values.Best part:
After his 2003 arrest for his relationship with the Westminster High School freshman, Nielsen came out of the closet, joined liberal-leaning organizations and has attempted to portray his legal woes as anti-gay discrimination. Last year, Nielsen managed to get Orange County Register reporter Richard Chang to boost his public image with a story that hailed his concern for-you can't make this stuff up-kittens made homeless by the Katrina disaster in Louisiana. That story did not mention the sexual predator charges.

(Ken Brusic's Register, often a shameless if effective arm of the local Republican Party, has refused to tell its readers about Nielsen's arrest.)
Republicans always protect pedophiles in their midst. Via
Raw Story. posted by Prof. Hex

07.Oct.2006 Diddlergate  Three More Former Pages Accuse Foley of Online Sexual Approaches posted by Prof. Hex

In Case I Disappear 

I have been told a thousand times at least, in the years I have spent reporting on the astonishing and repugnant abuses, lies and failures of the Bush administration, to watch my back. "Be careful," people always tell me. "These people are capable of anything. Stay off small planes, make sure you aren't being followed." A running joke between my mother and me is that she has a "safe room" set up for me in her cabin in the woods, in the event I have to flee because of something I wrote or said.
I always laughed and shook my head whenever I heard this stuff. Extreme paranoia wrapped in the tinfoil of conspiracy, I thought. This is still America + these Bush fools will soon pass into history, I thought. I am a citizen + the First Amendment hasn't yet been red-lined, I thought.
Matters are different now.
posted by Prof.

07.Oct.2006 Still Crooked After All These Years  A nice litle round-up about presidential brother Neil Bush - cokehead, sex tourist + paragon of Bush family virtues. posted by Prof. Hex
07.Oct.2006 Nascar Fuel Expert Claims Invention of "Pigoline" Gas 

A Nascar fuel specialist claims he has invented a way to make high-end gasoline from animal waste. Dean Gokel says he can produce 110 octane "pigoline"--gasoline made from hog waste--that is indistinguishable on a molecular level from petroleum-based additives.
07.Oct.2006 Surprised GOP Reacts - Thought Child Molester Would Be 'Greeted As Liberator' 

So here's their next move: They're bringing in Jim Baker to clean up. You'll remember former Secretary of State Baker. He's the guy they called when it became clear they lost the 2000 election fair and square. He "fixed" that little problem pretty well + now they want him to fix this. posted by Prof. Hex
07.Oct.2006 Marijuana may block Alzheimer's  The active ingredient in marijuana may stall decline from Alzheimer's disease, research suggests. posted by Prof. Hex
07.Oct.2006 Rove aide resigns in fallout over Abramoff report  Last week's report by the U.S. House of Representatives Government Reform Committee said Rove aide Susan Ralston had passed inside White House information to Abramoff while she was also accepting his tickets to as many as nine sports and entertainment events. posted by Prof. Hex
07.Oct.2006 Source Undercuts Hastert on Foley Timeline 

House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert's chief of staff met with disgraced former Rep. Mark Foley to discuss the time and attention Foley was giving House pages years before the speaker's office admits becoming aware of the issue, a current House staffer told ABC News. posted by Prof. Hex
07.Oct.2006 Hastert Lied About Protecting a GOP Sexual Predator on the Internet. It's That Simple. And Now He Won't Comment, Using a Sham "Investigation" as An Excuse. If You Can't Trust the Republican Leadership to Protect Your Children From Online Sexual Predators, How Can You Trust Them to Protect the Nation?
If You Value, We Need Your Support.
Bush Hits New Low in Latest Newsweek Poll. Dems Outpoll GOP on the "Values" Issue.

07.Oct.2006 The secret Marine's "letter from Iraq" that has been floating around generals' inboxes tells the real story of the place Bush turned into "Dante's Inferno." "Biggest Outrage ? Practically anything said by talking heads on TV about the war in Iraq...Biggest Offender: Bill O'Reilly." 10/8

07.Oct.2006 It's already clear that Mr. Hastert, at least on this issue, is a fumbler and double-talker. He has been the epitome of ineptitude. And his effort at partisan deflection, in a Chicago Tribune interview, was pathetic. He said, "The people who want to see this thing blow up are ABC News and a lot of Democratic operatives, people funded by George Soros." There you have it. The real problem is bad publicity + the media and Mr. Soros, the billionaire Democratic contributor, should be blamed. Somehow. Maybe. Whatever. It's worked before.
"If Republicans really want to falsely accuse Democrats for having brought to light a child-stalking Congressman's vile behavior, Democrats should simply respond, "We didn't, but come to think of it; wish we had known and exposed Republican Foley's disgusting behavior. After all, since when and under what circumstances is it a bad thing to expose a potential pedophile whose job brings him in close contact with children?" Let the Republicans squirm their way from under that rebuttal." 10/8

07.Oct.2006 Foley may be an embarrassment to the Republicans, but they'll still use his money. Why? "It's a lot of money." 10/8
Stunner: Abramoff Bomb Lands In Karl Rove's Office, Deputy Resigns - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution from Brent Budowsky
When Things are Looking Up, They Really are Looking Up. Jeb Bush Forced to Fleed Protestors in Pittsburgh by Hiding Out in Transit Authority Janitorial Closet. 10/8
Hastert Proven Liar By Another Person, His Own Staffer: "House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert's chief of staff confronted then-Rep. Mark Foley about his inappropriate social contact with male pages well before the speaker said aides in his office took any action, a current congressional staff member with personal knowledge of Foley and his behavior with pages said yesterday." Hastert Knew And Kept It Under Wraps, Failing to Protect Pages from a GOP Sexual Predator.

07.Oct.2006 Russia + China - Shall we start worrying about Russia + China again? The idea carries a certain nostalgic appeal -- until you learn the details.
Missile mistake. Just in time for the upcoming war with Iran (which, as we know, will start a few days after Big Wedding II), the Pentagon has modified some nuclear missiles with conventional warheads. Unfortunately, the Russians may not know that the things have been de-nuked: "Any launch of a long-range nonnuclear armed sea or land ballistic missile will cause an automated alert of the Russian early warning system," Postol told reporters.
The triggering of an alert wouldn't necessarily precipitate a retaliatory hail of Russian nuclear missiles, Postol said. Nevertheless, he said, "there can be no doubt that such an alert will greatly increase the chances of a nuclear accident involving strategic nuclear forces."

07.Oct.2006 Bringing it all together: At the recent G8 Summit, there was a side meeting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Chinese Premier Hu Jintao and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Karat said the 21st century was not going to be an American century. "This will be an Asian century. Two countries, India and China, are to power Asia through their economic growth and political clout," he said.

Well, we coulda been a contenduh -- if not for you-know-who.
The following passages will be of great interest to those tracking the reasons for and likely results of the upcoming war with Iran.

Note that "SCO" refers to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, composed of Russia, China + "the Stans," with India + Iran as "observers": "The SCO countries are going to be the new power house of the world.

It is in India's enlightened interest that we understand its importance as we are a country which desperately needs energy," he said.
If the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline became a reality, the country would get gas at one-fourth of its price in the international market. Gee. How do you think the Russians will react when we nuke Iran?

07.Oct.2006 ABC runs a great vote fraud story I urge you to read this piece by math popularizer John Allen Paulos on the problems with electronic voting. Permalink
07.Oct.2006 I came across this story from last February, about the real American concentration camps now being constructed.
And then we have
this story from the Washington Post , which tells us that the Bushies have already compiled a list 325,000 "terrorists" to fill those camps.

Note the Post's sub-head: "Rights Groups Say Database May Include Innocent People." Some of us still adhere to the quaint notion that, absent a fair trail, everyone is innocent.
But of course, that idea represents pre-911 thinking. Habeus corpus is now a thing of the past. We must destroy freedom in order to preserve it.

Lügenskandal in Ungarn: Zehntausende demonstrieren wieder gegen die Regierung

07.Oct.2006 Tschetschenien- Expertin: Russische Journalistin ermordet

07.Oct.2006 Gesellschaft: SPD- Chef sorgt sich um wachsende Unterschicht
07.Oct.2006 33 % . - Nico President Bush’s approval rating, a new low, according to a Newsweek poll.
07.Oct.2006 Cunningham writes angry letter to reporters. - Nico 

Jailed ex-Rep. Duke Cunningham has written a vitriolic “error-laden” letter to the journalists who exposed his crimes. “My first sin each night is the failure to forgive the [San Diego Union Tribune].

Not just coverage but the brutal two and three pages each week that has nearly destroyed me and my family,” he wrote.

Notes TPMMuckraker’s Justin Rood: “I imagine the letter was difficult for the reporters to read — blinded, as they were, by the light glancing off the Pulitzer prizes they won by helping land Duke in jail.”
07.Oct.2006 Five Years Later: Afghanistan Reverts To Breeding Ground For Terror - Guest 

07.Oct.2001 -following the attacks of 11.Sep.2001 - the United States, backed by allied forces from around the world, invaded Afghanistan to topple the Taliban government + root out Al Qaeda.

In today’s Washington Post, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld writes, “Within weeks of our launching combat operations, …

the Taliban regime had been defeated, consigning yet another cruel regime to the dustbin of history.”

But today — exactly five years after the initial invation — the Taliban has returned with a vengeance, the Afghan economy is in shambles + reconstruction has faltered.

What’s worse, Osama bin Laden, who directed the 9/11 attacks from Afghanistan + Taliban leader Mullah Omar, who harbored him, remain at large.

And, Afghan insurgents have imported tactics from the Iraq war, such as roadside bombs and suicide bombings.

Despite Afghanistan’s direct links to the attacks of 11.Sep.2001, the Bush administration has continued its policy of benign neglect toward Afghanistan, instead directing essential resources and troops to the debacle in Iraq. We have seen what happens when Afghanistan is allowed to fail + we cannot let it happen again. Getting Afghanistan right is critical to preventing it from becoming a safe haven once again for terrorists.

This past Thursday, NATO expanded its mission all over Afghanistan, taking over security for the eastern part of Afghanistan and assuming control over 12,000 U.S. troops.

That’s an important step towards correcting the situation on the ground in Afghanistan. But the United States must remain committed to Afghanistan even as NATO increases its control over Afghanistan’s security.

A couple of critical steps must be taken immediately:

– U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan should be doubled to 40,000 from the approximately 20,000 U.S. troops deployed there today.

These troops should be sent from Iraq to Afghanistan under NATO leadership as reinforcements to complete the work left unfinished by the Bush administration.

– The United States must also conduct a more aggressive diplomatic campaign with Afghanistan and its neighbors , especially Pakistan, as well as lead an international effort in rebuilding Afghanistan.

We cannot afford to fail in Afghanistan again. Caroline Wadhams
07.Oct.2006 North Korea’s Atomic March - Guest  North Korea says it plans to carry out a nuclear weapons test + U.S. officials say the test may come “as early as this weekend.”

Last night, the U.N. Security Council issued a joint statement saying a nuclear test would “jeopardize peace, stability + security in the region + beyond” + “bring universal condemnation by the international community.”

It’s important to remember how we got here.

Below, a basic timeline of the build-up of North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

As the timeline clearly shows, virtually all of the growth of North Korea’s nuclear program has occured under conservative administrations known for their supposed “strength” on defense:


Mid-1980s: First signs of North Korea nuclear program detected by US intelligence . [Link]

00.000.1986 North Korea produces plutonium in reactor . [Link] PRESIDENT GEORGE H. W. BUSH

00.000.1991 US begins talks with North Korea to end to nuclear program. [Link]

00.000.1992 North Korea has separated an estimated 0-10kg of weapons-grade plutonium, enough for 1 to 2 bombs.


00.000.1993 North Korea announces it will leave nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty; US prepares to attack nuclear sites. [Link, Link]

00.000.1994 Clinton Administration reaches Agreed Framework, North Korea freezes nuclear production for the next eight years. [Link]

00.Aug.1998 North Korea tests medium-range “Taep’o-dong-1? missile. [Link]

00.Dec.1998 North Korea warns they will test another missile, but pressure from US dissuades them. [Link]

00.Sep.1999 Pyongyang agrees to long-range missile moratorium. [Link]

00.Oct.2000 Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is highest ranking US official to ever meet with Kim Jong Il.


06.Mar.2001 Secretary of State Colin Powell says the administration will “pick up where President Clinton left off.” [Link]

07.Mar.2001 President Bush undercuts Powell, declares negotiations will take on a different tone. [Link]

00.Jan.2002 Bush labels North Korea a member of the “Axis of Evil.” [Link]

00.Mar.2003 United States invades Iraq. [Link]

00.Apr.2003 North Korea withdraws from the Non-Proliferation Treaty; soon thereafter, they restart their reactor . [Link]

00.Apr.2005 North Korea appears to unload nuclear reactor with up to another 15 kg of weapons-grade plutonium. [Link]

19.Sep.2005 In six-party talks North Korea agrees to abandon its nuclear program in exchange for incentives package. [Link]

19.Sep.2005 US places sanctions on bank that provides financial support for North Korean Government Agencies; causes collapse of September 2005 agreement. [Link]

00.Jun.2006 North Korea is believed to have now produced enough plutonium for 4 to 13 nuclear bombs. [Link]

00.Jul.2006 North Korea tests missiles: one medium-range and five short-range. Medium-range “Taep’o-dong-2 fails. [Link]

03.Oct.2006 Kim Jong Il announces North Korea plans to test nuclear weapons.

04.Oct.2006 North Korea asserts that nuclear test is a measure to “bolstering its nuclear deterrent as a self-defense measure.” [Link]

Mid-200-: If North Korea unloads another batch of fuel, it may have enough nuclear material for 8 to 17 nuclear bombs. [Link] – Rachel Weise
07.Oct.2006 Bestürzung über Journalisten-Mord - sfux 
Der Europarat hat mit Bestürzung auf die Ermordung der regierungskritischen russischen Journalistin Anna Politkowskaja reagiert.

Die Umstände, unter denen sie ihr Leben verloren habe, machten ihn tief betroffen, erklärte der Generalsekretär des Europarats, Terry Davis, am Samstag in Strassburg.
Aussergewöhnlicher Mut und Entschiedenheit hätten die Journalistin ausgezeichnet. Ihre Berichte über den Konflikt in Tschetschenien hätten der russischen Öffentlichkeit und der ganzen...

Bald Prozess gegen 26 CIA-Agenten - sfux SDA -

Die Mailänder Staatsanwaltschaft hat die Eröffnung eines Verfahrens gegen 38 Personen im Zusammenhang mit der Entführung des ägyptischen Imams, Abu Omar, im Jahr 2003 in Mailand beantragt.
Unter anderem droht 26 Agenten des US-Geheimdienstes CIA der Prozess. Sie werden für die Entführung des ägyptischen Imams verantwortlich gemacht, wie die Staatsanwaltschaft mitteilte. Gegen die 26 CIA-Agenten wurden bereits früher Haftbefehle erlassen. Ein Verfahren...

Indonesia smoke blankets region Large parts of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore are covered by thick smog from Indonesian bush fires.
07.Oct.2006 US cinemas reject President film
Two US cinema chains will not screen a film portraying the fictional assassination of President George W Bush.

07.Oct.2006 Clandestine Internet Censorship in India - CowboyNeal 67 nooyi86 writes

"China and the Middle East block sites in order to suppress political or social dissent. Website blocking in India, on the other hand, is driven by national security-related paranoia, or hate speech that may lead to violence. The state must save its citizens from propaganda of both the extreme right and the extreme left. Shivam Vij has posted a comprehensive profile of Internet censorship in India."
Jurassic Marine Graveyard Yields 'Monster' Fossil - Zonk 46 M00NIE writes

"A 150 million year old giant fish-like reptile has been unearthed on an Arctic island off Norway, along with many other top marine predators.

The find is 'one of the most important new sites for marine reptiles to have been discovered in the last several decades.'" From the article:

"'One of them was this gigantic monster, with vertebrae the size of dinner plates and teeth the size of cucumbers,' Joern Hurum, an assistant professor at the University of Oslo, told Reuters on Thursday.

'We believe the skeleton is intact and that it's about 10 meters (33 feet) long,' he told Reuters of the pliosaur, a type of plesiosaur with a short neck and massive skull. The team dubbed the specimen 'The Monster.'"
Italien: Justiz will 26 CIA- Agenten anklagen
07.Oct.2006 Ermittlungen: US- Armee soll Terrorverdächtige in Mannheim festgehalten haben

07.Oct.2006 Körper- Ersatzteile: Brust- Ersatz im Schwein nachzüchten
07.Oct.2006 Americans want Hastert - Nico to resign.
07.Oct.2006 Conservatives Push False Talking Point Defending Hastert’s Handling Of Foley Scandal - Think Progress 

Top conservatives have fanned out on television to defend House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s role in the Foley scandal.

A key talking point: when ABC made Foley’s sexually explicit communications public, Hastert “dealt with it immediately” by going to Foley + telling him, “Resign or be expelled.” Both Ken Mehlman + Ed Gillespie said Hastert’s bold ultimatum to Foley was something not seen “in thirty years in this town.”

In fact, their entire story is a fabrication. Hastert could not have issued an ultimatum to Foley after the sexually explicit instant messages were made public, because by that time, Foley had already resigned. ABC did not make Foley’s sexually explicit communications public until Friday, September 29, at 6pm ET. Foley had already resigned three hours earlier, at around 3pm ET.

As ABC producer Maddy Sauer has described, Foley decided to resign not after an ultimatum from Speaker Hastert, but after ABC called his office on Friday morning and read Foley staffers the instant messages they had obtained. According to Sauer, Foley’s office called ABC an hour later and said the congressman would be resigning.

Speaker Hastert himself acknowledged that he had no role in Foley’s resignation in his first statement on the issue on Monday:

When [the instant messages] were released, Congressman Foley resigned. And I’m glad he did. If he had not, I would have demanded his expusion from the House of Representatives.

Full transcript video:

HASTERT: When Congress found out about the explicit messages, Republicans dealt with it immediately + the culprit was gone. [10/5.2006 ]

HASTERT: I, first of all, learned of this last Friday, when we were about to leave Congress for the break, to go out and campaign. And that’s the first time that I heard of the explicit language. When it happened, Republicans acted. And the guy’s gone. [10/5.2006 ]

HOEKSTRA: I mean, we were all disgusted by what we found out last week Friday.

But we also need to remember that what we did do on Friday is the speaker, the leadership and the House Republican conference, we spoke with clarity. It was a defining moment for us. We said, Resign or be expelled. Mark Foley left the House of Representatives within hours of this information becoming public. [10/6.2006 ]

MEHLMAN: The fact is, what Denny Hastert did is something that we haven’t seen done in thirty years in this town in Washington DC + that is he said to a member of congress, either you go or we’re going to make you go. That happened the moment that Denny Hastert found out about this. [10/6.2006 ]

GILLESPIE: In fact, voters are starting to understand that speaker Hastert reacted very strongly.

As the father of a 16-year-old son, I appreciate him going to Mark Foley + saying, “You either resign or you’re going to be expelled.” That would be the first time in thirty years. [10/6.2006 ]
BREAKING: Key Rove Aide Resigns From White House Over Abramoff Scandal - Faiz 

Susan Ralston, Karl Rove’s key aide in the White House, submitted her resignation today “in the wake of congressional report that listed hundreds of contacts between disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff and the White House.” (Read the letter.)A recent House Government Reform Committee report highlighted her role in the Abramoff corruption network:

[The report] singled out Ralston — Rove’s assistant and Abramoff’s former employee — who was lobbied 69 times, the most contacts with any individual named in the report. She also received numerous tickets to concerts and sporting events.

“Her role in brokering requests to Rove from her former boss raises questions … about some of her activities,” the release said.

Some background on Ralston:

– She worked at two lobbying firms with Abramoff prior to joining the West Wing
– Jack Abramoff
recommended her hiring to Karl Rove
– She had
testified in the Valerie Plame leak investigation
– She once said she was “
involved in much of what goes on at the White House

White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino said, “We support her decision and consider the matter closed.” The White House may consider the case closed, but Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) and others believe serious questions remain, including “whether officials accepted items like concert tickets and whether they reported them on financial disclosure forms.”

UPDATE: Waxman issued a statement, stating:

It looks like the White House is trying to make Susan Ralston the scapegoat. … It is ludicrous for the White House to say it considers the review of Committee report “complete” when it has not provided answers to any of the most important questions involving Mr. Mehlman and other senior White House officials.
Bush Asserts Constitutional Right To Hire Incompetent People At FEMA - Think Progress 

On Wednesday, the President signed “The Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act of 2007.” In response to FEMA’s disastrous response to Katrina — led by the former Commissioner for the International Arabian Horse Association, Michael Brown (a.k.a. Brownie) — Congress included some minimum professional requirements for FEMA’s director. From the bill:

President Bush, however, released a “signing statement” at the time he signed the bill. In it, he asserted his constitutional right to continue to install incompetent FEMA administrators.

From the statement released by the President:

Section 503(c)(2) vests in the President authority to appoint the Administrator, by + with the advice + consent of the Senate, but purports to limit the qualifications of the pool of persons from whom the President may select the appointee in a manner that rules out a large portion of those persons best qualified by experience and knowledge to fill the office.

The executive branch shall construe section 503(c)(2) in a manner consistent with the Appointments Clause of the Constitution.

It’s unclear how requiring someone to have five years of management experience and some knowledge of emergency management “rules out a large portion of those persons best qualified.”

Georgetown Law School professor Marty Lederman noted, “It’s hard to imagine a more modest and reasonable congressional response to the Michael Brown fiasco,” he said.

Nevertheless, President Bush has “asserted that he has the executive authority to disobey” the law.
07.Oct.2006 Gitmo guards brag of beatings. - Nico 

“Guards at Guantanamo Bay bragged about beating detainees and described it as common practice, a Marine sergeant said in a sworn statement,” AP reports. The Marine described practices such as “hitting the detainee’s head into the cell door” and “punching [them] in the face.”
07.Oct.2006 Washington Post Editor Falsely Claims Conservatives ‘Have An Edge In Use Of New Media’ - Amanda 

Washington Post political editor John F. Harris + ABC News political director Mark Halperin have written a new + much-touted book entitled The Way To Win, which includes the chapter “How Matt Drudge Rules Our World.” Today Harris wrote a front page analysis of the influence of the “new media” in politics. One of the story’s headlines in the print edition:

Some examples of the “new” media Harris cites:

1. Conservative talk radio, such as Rush Limbaugh (on air since 1988).
2. Internet sites, such as The Drudge Report (started 00.000.19
3. Cable news networks, such as Fox News (which is celebrating its
10th birthday today).

Some examples of the real new media Harris completely ignores:

1. Blogs
4. Social networking sites (
Myspace, Facebook)
5. Social news sites (
Digg, Reddit,

In the introduction, Harris cites the Foley scandal, Sen. George Allen’s (R-VA) “macaca” debacle + President Bill Clinton’s recent interview on Fox News as examples of the new media’s success in breaking and shaping stories before “charging into the traditional world of newspapers and television networks.”

All three “uproars” named by Harris were mainly driven — and sometimes broken — by liberal blogs. Harris, however, uses the word “blog” just once — when referring to conservative Hugh Hewitt’s dual role as a blogger and radio host.

Conservatives don’t have the edge in the real new media. According to, there are four liberal blogs in the top 25 blogs, but just one right-wing blog. (Fortunately, others reporters have noticed the increasing role of the real new media: see here, here + here)

John Harris, welcome to the 21st century. (Eric Boehlert has more.) Digg It!
07.Oct.2006 In Baghdad, Rice says Iraq ‘making progress.’ - Nico 

Meanwhile, her trip “began inauspiciously when the military transport plane that brought her to Baghdad was forced to circle the city for about 40 minutes” because the airport was under attack. “On Thursday evening, during her meeting with President Jalal Talabani, the lights went out, forcing Ms. Rice to continue the discussion in the dark. It was a reminder of the city’s erratic — and sometimes nonexistent — electrical service.”
07.Oct.2006 Ashcroft Launches Attack On 9/11 Commission - Faiz 

Former Attorney General John Ashcroft this week became the first Cabinet-level Bush official to attack the 9/11 Commission, writing in his newly-released memoirs that it “seemed obsessed with trying to lay the blame for the terrorist attacks at the feet of the Bush administration, while virtually absolving the previous administration of responsibility.” Given his record on 9/11, Ashcroft is the last one who should be lobbing attacks on others.

In State of Denial, Bob Woodward writes that Condoleezza Rice received a briefing on

10.Jul.2001 “showing the increasing likelihood that al Qaeda would soon attack the U.S.” According to the State Department,

17.Jul.2001 Ashcroft “received the same CIA briefing about an imminent al-Qaida strike on an American target.”

Despite the accumulating evidence that he failed to act on these pre-9/11 warnings, Ashcroft told NBC’s Today Show earlier this week that he had never received any evidence of a domestic threat:

ASHCROFT: If there had been such a meeting that had taken place, with Ms. Rice + she had been told there was a domestic threat — that that was the feature of the meeting — I’m surprised they wouldn’t have such a briefing for the Attorney General as well.

NBC: You never heard of any domestic threat impending at all?

ASHCROFT: There was a lot of talk about threats. The kind we had endured before. But when asked about is there any evidence that the threat would be domestic, the answer simply was no.

Ashcroft’s credibility surrounding the events of 9/11 has been repeatedly called into question. Previously, the former Acting Director of the FBI, Thomas Pickard, testified to the 9/11 Commission that Ashcroft explicitly told him prior to 9/11 that he “didn’t want to hear about” domestic terrorism threats anymore. Ashcroft denied ever having said that.

Now, criticism is being leveled against Ashcroft from a former Republican member of the 9/11 Commission, Slade Gorton. Gorton said that Ashcroft “may very well have been the worst witness we interviewed” because he was “very unresponsive and unhelpful.” Digg It!
07.Oct.2006 Tips for IM Privacy One good thing to come out of the Foley story is that now everyone knows that instant message isn't as secret as they thought. In Sex Drive Daily.
07.Oct.2006 O’Reilly Marks Fox’s 10th Anniversary With Powerful Insight About Women’s Shoes - Payson 

Ten years ago today, Rupert Murdoch changed the face of cable news with the premier broadcast of the Fox News Channel. Last night, Bill O’Reilly reminded us just how much the “fair and balanced” network has, in the words of Roger Ailes, “changed the dialogue about news and information.”

His segment started out, “What is it with the shoes, ladies? I’m not getting this.” Watch it:

Outfoxed has a more complete 10th anniversary tribute. Digg It! Transcript:

Time now for the most ridiculous item of the day. What is it with the shoes, ladies? I’m not getting this. I have five pair of shoes. They all look the same. Black and brown, that’s it. Chances are you have many, many more shoes than I do. And here what happens you fall down. Some of these shoes are dopey, you can’t walk in them. Why would anybody wear shoes you can’t walk in? I don’t know. But I do know it’s ridiculous.
For the record. - Judd  ThinkProgress agrees with Michelle Malkin.
07.Oct.2006 Page’s lawyer: Drudge’s story is “fiction.” - Nico 

Matt Drudge yesterday accused a former page of “goad[ing] Foley to type embarrassing comments” as part of a “prank.” The page’s lawyer calls the story “a piece of fiction,” and says “there is not any aspect of this matter that is a practical joke nor should anyone treat it that way.”
07.Oct.2006 October 6, 2006 - Think Progress 

36 % : President Bush’s approval rating, down from 38 % in August, according to a new Time poll. “Two-thirds of Americans aware of the congressional-page sex scandal believe Republican leaders tried to cover it up.”

After returning home from a week in Iraq, Sen. John Warner (R-VA) yesterday told reporters, “[I]n two or three months, if this thing hasn’t come to fruition and if this level of violence is not under control and this government able to function, I think it’s a responsibility of our government internally to determine: Is there a change of course that we should take? ”

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s delay in replacing former deputy Robert Zoellick, who quit in June, is creating policy gaps on major issues from China to Sudan ,” according to U.S. foreign policy analysts.

Congress passed a law establishing new job qualifications for the FEMA director in last week’s homeland security bill, requiring a candidate who has “a demonstrated ability in and knowledge of emergency management” and “not less than five years of executive leadership.” Bush signed the homeland-security bill; then, hours later, he issued a signing statement saying he could ignore the new restrictions .

“Despite their packed megachurches, their political clout and their increasing visibility on the national stage, evangelical Christian leaders are warning one another that their teenagers are abandoning the faith in droves .”

PBS Newshour — described as “the mother ship of balance” by a Public Broadcasting ombudsman — “fails to provide either balance or diversity of perspectives,” according to a new study.

CREW, the watchdog group “that first provided the FBI with suspicious e-mails from then-Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) said yesterday that FBI and Justice Department officials are attempting to cover up their inaction in the case by making false claims about the group.”

Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA), the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, again said the Bush administration is suppressing a classified intelligence report on Iraq that paints a “grim” picture of the situation. Harman wrote a letter to CIA Director Michael Hayden requesting the document’s release.

A new report from the Justice Department Inspector General says the federal Bureau of Prisons “does not read all the mail for terrorist and other high-risk inmates on its mail monitoring lists.” It is also “unable to effectively monitor high-risk inmates’ verbal communications,” including phone calls. The Washington Post wonders why the Bush administration is “blowing the easy ones.”

And finally: Earlier this year, London comedian Mark Thomas made headlines “when he helped a bunch of teenaged schoolgirls set up an online arms dealership . Before long, they were pricing out tanks” and “negotiating for grenade launchers.” The stunt spurred action in Parliament + yesterday, two men were arrested for internet arms sales.
07.Oct.2006 America, Fascisim and God: Davidson Loehr - Paul Joseph Watson -Alex is joined in-studio by researcher, author and the progressive Pastor of the local Austin Unitarian Universalist
07.Oct.2006 Existence of "Al-Qaeda" Is Crap; Quite Literally - Paul Joseph Watson -Did Osama really choose to name his terror network after potty humor or was it a computer database he used to
07.Oct.2006 Vioxx patients lose US court bid UK patients who claim they had heart attacks after taking the drug Vioxx are denied the right to take US legal action.
07.Oct.2006 Shots fired amid Korean tension South Korean troops fire warning shots at North Korean soldiers amid rising tension over nuclear weapon tests.
07.Oct.2006 Georgia makes 'cleansing' protest Georgia likens Russia's treatment of its citizens since the spying row to a "mild form of ethnic cleansing".
07.Oct.2006 US medic jailed over Iraq murder US sailor is sentenced to 10 years in jail over his role in the murder of an Iraqi man, but will only serve one year.
07.Oct.2006 Latvians vote in general election Latvians head to the polls, but low turnout is expected amid a lack of issues and series of corruption scandals.
07.Oct.2006 Blair-Rice talks to focus on Iran Tony Blair and Condoleezza Rice will discuss possible sanctions against Iran when they meet at Chequers.
07.Oct.2006 'Powder keg' in S Africa - Tutu Archbishop Desmond Tutu warns that poverty in South Africa could explode into social unrest.
07.Oct.2006 Microsoft engaging with hackers Microsoft seeks the help of those who besiege Windows at the world's largest hacker conference.
07.Oct.2006 Blair in Afghanistan troops pledge British forces in Afghanistan will be provided with whatever resources they need, the prime minister says.
07.Oct.2006 Sudan denies 'threat' over Darfur Sudan's government denies warning African and Arab countries not to send peacekeepers to Darfur.
07.Oct.2006 Canada in protest over rendition Canada is to protest formally to the US over the case of a Canadian deported to Syria over alleged terror links.
07.Oct.2006 Mexican police 'probed on drugs' The entire police force of the Mexican city of Tijuana is under investigation for links with organised crime.
07.Oct.2006 China threatens shoe retaliation China says the EU's decision to apply a two-year tariff on shoe exports was flawed and warns it may respond in kind.
07.Oct.2006 Japan shrine 'to review display' A controversial Tokyo shrine is to review a display that says Japan was provoked into war by the US, reports say.
07.Oct.2006 Astronauts set for mini-missions Astronauts from Europe and other nations could fly early to the space station to make ready new laboratories.
07.Oct.2006 Palestinian PM collapses at rally Palestinian PM Ismail Haniya collapses while addressing tens of thousands of supporters in the Gaza Strip.
07.Oct.2006 Karzai for jirga to crush Taleban Afghan President Hamid Karzai wants Pashtuns on both sides of the Pakistan border to work together against the Taleban.
07.Oct.2006 Thousands going to 'poor schools' A top government adviser says about 80,000 children go to underperforming secondary schools each year.
07.Oct.2006 Mars orbiter looks down on rover Nasa's Opportunity Mars rover is pictured from space by the recently arrived Reconnaissance Orbiter.
07.Oct.2006 Truce halts Bolivia mine violence A truce halts a violent miners' dispute in Bolivia that has left 16 dead, as the minister for mines is sacked.
07.Oct.2006 Putin calls for Georgia pressure Russia's President Vladimir Putin urges international pressure on Georgia, as tensions continue to escalate.
07.Oct.2006 Venezuela in Cuba 'bomber' plea Venezuela demands the US extradite one of its nationals wanted for bombing a Cuban jet 00.000.1976.
07.Oct.2006 Thousands told to flee US blast Up to 17,000 people are told to leave their homes after a huge explosion at a chemical plant in North Carolina.
07.Oct.2006 US hails EU flight data deal US security chief Michael Chertoff says a deal on sharing EU passenger data will help fight terrorism.
07.Oct.2006 Chemo makes brain 'work' harder Chemotherapy produces long-term changes in the part of the brain dealing with memory, research suggests.
07.Oct.2006 Sharks swim into political waters Australian environmentalists urge state and federal authorities to do more to help grey nurse sharks.
07.Oct.2006 Georgians deported as row deepens Russia deports more than 100 Georgians as a row sparked by the arrest in Tbilisi of alleged spies escalates.
07.Oct.2006 Hungary PM wins confidence vote Hungary's embattled PM Gyurcsany wins a confidence vote in parliament despite opposition protests.
07.Oct.2006 Fears over South Africa's exodus South Africa should be worried by the huge numbers of skilled white people leaving the country, the opposition says.
07.Oct.2006 Argentina rights trials condemned Thousands of people take part in a demonstration against the Argentine government's human rights policies.
07.Oct.2006 Israel 'must explain' war probes Israel's Supreme Court orders ministers to explain a decision to hold no state commission over the Lebanon war.

At other sites, the researchers have found barbed points that were most likely used for hunting sea mammals - possibly sea otters.

They also unearthed examples of 9,000-year-old basketry as well as 8,600-year-old shell bead jewellery.

One of the digs, at Daisy Cave, on San Miguel Island, has yielded scores of bone "gorges", a form of fish hook.

The gorges were covered with bait to be swallowed whole by fish, which were then reeled in.

These are between 8,600 and 9,600 years old and are associated with more than 30,000 fish bones. They are the oldest examples of such artefacts in the New World.
genetic studies, for example, suggest a major early human expansion out of Africa occurred along the southern coastline of Asia, leading to the colonisation of Australia 50,000 years ago.
Learning how to live off the sea may have played a key role in the expansion of early humans around the globe.

After leaving Africa, human groups probably followed coastal routes to the Americas and South-East Asia.

Professor Jon Erlandson says the maritime capabilities of ancient humans have been greatly underestimated.

He has found evidence that early peoples in California pursued a sophisticated seafaring lifestyle 10,000 years ago.
Early humans followed the coast Learning how to live off the sea played a vital role in the expansion of early humans around the globe.
07.Oct.2006 US Congress opens sex row probe An inquiry into a sex scandal inolving a former Republican lawmaker begins at the US Congress.
07.Oct.2006 Comeback for Sweden's Bildt Sweden's centre-right leader Fredrik Reinfeldt names his government, including ex-PM Carl Bildt.
07.Oct.2006 U.S., EU Share Air Passenger Data An anti-terror deal struck between the United States and the European Union gives U.S. law enforcement access to passenger data on U.S.-bound flights. The agreement was deadlocked for months as the EU held out for privacy rights.
07.Oct.2006 Google ropes Microsoft, Yahoo into copyright lawsuit Blog: Google is sending subpoenas to Microsoft and Yahoo as part of its legal defense in a copyright lawsuit brought against it by authors...
07.Oct.2006 Tech Politics Podcast: E-mail and its (political) discontents Why do otherwise bright and powerful people in business and politics continue to do stupid things with e-mail?
07.Oct.2006 RFID software market to boom Study predicts customers 00.000.2010 will spend $191 million on software to handle data produced by RFID-tagged devices.
07.Oct.2006 Report: Feds waste work time on Net porn, auctions and games Blog: They're supposed to be studying rocks and protecting national parkland, but, like the best of us, some of the U.S. Department...
07.Oct.2006 HP's boardroom drama Internal investigation into media leaks at tech giant blows up into full-fledged media event.
07.Oct.2006 Another Millenium Problem May Have Been Solved - Zonk 20 S3D writes

"After recent verification of the proof of the Poincaré conjecture, another of the Clay Institute's Millenium Problems may have been solved. This new solution is for Navier-Stokes equations under physically reasonable conditions. Navier-Stocks equations describe the motion of fluid substances such as liquids and gases. Penny Smith has posted an Arxiv paper entitled 'Immortal Smooth Solution of the Three Space Dimensional Navier-Stokes System' which may prove the existence of such solutions."
Fall Kurnaz: Zweifel an Misshandlungs- Vorwürfen des "Bremer Taliban"
07.Oct.2006 Friedenspreisträger Lepenies: Vom Kulturtick zum Politik- Knick
07.Oct.2006 Working from a Third Place - Zonk 60 Krishna Dagli writes to mention a USA Today report on the social and business ramifications of working from a third place - somewhere that is neither home nor office. From the article: "An estimated 30 million Americans, or roughly one-fifth of the nation's workforce, are part of the so-called Kinko's generation, employees who spend significant hours each month working outside of a traditional office. This rootless army is growing 10% annually, according to Gartner Dataquest research. The reason? Corporations are increasingly supportive of teleworking for reasons that range from saving money on office space to needing a backup in the event of a natural disaster or terror attack."
Creating Water from Thin Air - Zonk 243 Iphtashu Fitz writes

"In order to provide the U.S. Military with water in places like Iraq, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency gave millions of dollars in research funding to companies like LexCarb and Sciperio to try to extract water from the air. Amazingly, a company that DARPA didn't fund, Aqua Sciences, beat them all to the punch by developing a machine that can extract up to 600 gallons of water a day from thin air even in locations like arid deserts. The 20 foot machine does this without using or producing toxic materials or byproducts. The CEO of Aqua Sciences declined to elaborate on how the machine works, but said it is based on the natural process by which salt absorbs water."
The Web as Political Weapon - Zonk 100 cultrhetor writes

"John Harris of the Washington Post has noticed that the three largest recent political controversies have stemmed from work done by digital inhabitants. In the article, New Media a Weapon in the New World of Politics, he notes the connections between the recent scandals involving Mark Foley, George Allen + Bill Clinton were representative of the new, web-driven age of American politics." From the article: "Each originally percolated in the world of new media — Web sites and news outlets that did not exist a generation ago — before charging into the traditional world of newspapers and television networks. In each case, the accusations quickly pivoted into a debate about the motivations and alleged biases of the accusers. Cumulatively, the stories highlight a new brand of politics in which nearly any revelation in the news becomes a weapon or shield in the daily partisan wars + the aim of candidates and their operatives is not so much to win an argument as to brand opponents as fundamentally unfit."
EFF Sues the Dept. of Defense Over Surveillance - Zonk 116 "The Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched a lawsuit against the US government, demanding the publication of information about FBI cyber surveillance operations. The EFF launched its action after the authorities failed to disclose information requested under the Freedom of Information act. The EFF wants to find out more about two electronic surveillance systems used by the government agency to monitor electronic communications." From the article: "A Justice Department Inspector General report in March said the FBI had spent about $10 million on DCS-3000 to intercept communications over emerging digital technologies used by wireless carriers before next year's federal deadline for them to deploy their own wiretap capabilities. The same report said the FBI spent more than $1.5 million to develop Red Hook, "a system to collect voice and data calls and then process and display the intercepted information" before those wiretap capabilities are in place."
One Mars Probe Photographs Another - Zonk 127 sighted writes

"In one of the more remarkable shots ever taken by robotic space explorers, the Opportunity Mars rover has been photographed by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter ." From the article: "Shown in the image are 'Duck Bay,' the eroded segment of the crater rim where Opportunity first arrived at the crater; 'Cabo Frio,' a sharp promontory to the south of Duck Bay; and 'Cape Verde,' another promontory to the north. When viewed at the highest resolution, this image shows the rover itself, wheel tracks in the soil behind it + the rover's shadow, including the shadow of the camera mast. After this image was taken, Opportunity moved to the very tip of Cape Verde to perform more imaging of the interior of the crater."
Google Subpoenas Microsoft & Yahoo - Zonk 155 eldavojohn writes

"Mercury News is running a story reporting that Google has filed subpoenas with Microsoft and Yahoo, in relation to their legal battles with publishers and authors. Google faces charges of massive copyright infringement surrounding its online book project. The company claims that Microsoft and Yahoo have taken the exact same steps in acquiring print-related rights. Google therefore wants to show that 'everyone is doing it.'" From the article: "McGraw-Hill Cos. and the Authors Guild, along with other publishers and authors, contend that a Google project to digitize the libraries of four major U.S. universities, as well as portions of the New York Public Library and Oxford University's libraries, ignores the rights of copyright holders in favor of Google's economic self-interest ... Is the library of the future going to be open? Or will it be controlled by a couple of big corporate players?"
EU and US Reach Deal On Airline Data - Zonk 120 gambit3 writes

"According to the BBC, the EU and the US have struck a new deal for sharing airline passenger data. It will replace a deal struck down by the European Court of Justice in May, which allowed the US its own access to passenger data. Under the deal, the EU will 'push' the data — 34 pieces of information per passenger — to the US, replacing the current 'pull' system. The new deal will expire at the end of July 2007."
Private Data Sold From Indian Call Center - Zonk 56+ Matt Freman writes to mention a ZDNet article on reports that

private data is being sold out of an Indian call center. A U.K. television programme, 'Dispatches', follows a 12-month investigative report on illegal privacy-related activities.

During the taping of the show thousands of U.K. bank customers had their personal information sold by the staff of a call center. From the article:

"Indian IT trade organization Nasscom criticized Channel 4 for refusing to show it any of the footage before it was broadcast on Thursday evening.

It urged the program makers to cooperate in rooting out and prosecuting any 'corrupt' call center workers. 'The whole issue of data security is a global problem,' said Sunil Mehta, a vice president at Nasscom.

'There are bad apples in every industry around the world + these incidents happen in India and the U.K.

This is not a widespread problem in India. Security measures and practices that Indian companies have are the best in the world.'"
Extent of Government Computers Infected By Bots Uncertain - Zonk 61+ Krishna Dagli writes to mention findings by the company Trend Micro on the extent of bot infection in U.S. Government computers.

The article by Information Week indicates that, while the 'original' findings were much harsher, the security vendor has since backed down from some of its claims.

Still, the extent to which information-stealing software has penetrated our national infrastructure is enough to take note. From the article:

"While it may be tempting to discount the warnings of security vendors as self serving--bot fever means more business for Trend Micro--there's unanimity about the growing risk of cybercrime.

In its list of the top 10 computer security developments to watch for 00.000.2007, released last week, the SANS Institute warns that targeted attacks will become more prevalent, particularly against government agencies. 'Targeted cyber attacks by nation states against U.S. government systems over the past three years have been enormously successful, demonstrating the failure of federal cyber security activities,' SANS director of research Alan Paller says in an e-mail. 'Other antagonistic nations + terrorist groups, aware of the vulnerabilities, will radically expand the number of attacks.'"
A New Angle on Martian Methane - CowboyNeal 62 dusty writes

"A recent hypothesis paper entititled 'Martian CH4: Sources, Flux + Detection' delves into the production of methane on Mars.

This hypothesis compares Mars with South Africa + draws the conclusion that the radiolysis of martian ice + water while reacting with carbon dioxide can produce enough methane to account for recently observed concentrations. Methane is important because it is hard to explain. It has a short half-life and must be replenished frequently.

As recently as 2005 the public line from NASA/JPL was that the methane could be produced by volcanism.

Mars' dormant Olympus Mons is the largest volcano in the solar system but auspiciously quiet. A recent study from NOAA throws into question the whole idea stating,

'If Mauna Loa is a valid terrestrial analog, our findings suggest that volcanic activity is not a significant source of methane to the Martian atmosphere.'"
Brief an OSZE: Putin verschärft Konflikt mit Georgien

07.Oct.2006 Großbritannien: Proteststurm gegen Straws Anti- Schleier- Appell
07.Oct.2006 Streit um SS- Bekenntnis: Grass attackiert die "FAZ"

07.Oct.2006 Nordkorea: Experten erwarten Atomtest am Sonntag
07.Oct.2006 Anti- Nobelpreis: Warum Spechte keinen Kopfschmerz kennen
07.Oct.2006 Unternehmenskrise: Spedition des BDI- Chefs vor dem Aus
Großbritannien: Ex- Minister Straw fordert Musliminnen zum Ablegen des Schleiers auf

07.Oct.2006 Waffenhandel: Englands mächtigster Komiker
07.Oct.2006 Zeichenwettbewerb: Dänische Rechte provozieren mit Mohammed- Spott
07.Oct.2006 E- Mail- Affäre: Neue Sexvorwürfe belasten Republikaner
07.Oct.2006 Geheimgefängnisse: Menschenrechtler klagen über CIA- Verhöre in Deutschland

07.Oct.2006 Chemieunfall: US- Behörden verhängen Notstand
06.Oct.2006 Satellitenbild der Woche: Klimaphänomen El Niño kommt zurück
06.Oct.2006 Manipulier- und Abhörverdacht: CCC fordert Verbot von Wahlcomputern
06.Oct.2006 Milliardär Flick: Tod eines bekennenden Steuerflüchtlings

06.Oct.2006 "USS Macon": Hightech- Wunder seiner Tage am Meeresgrund
06.Oct.2006 Hohe Strompreise: Kunden zahlen 26 Milliarden Euro zu viel
06.Oct.2006 "Bestseller"- Autor Modick: "Die Nazi- Zeit verkommt zum Genre"
Deutsche Industrie: Investitionsboom überrascht Experten
06.Oct.2006 Die Flick- Affäre: Ein Mann kaufte die Republik
Revanche- Fouls: Magnetspule stoppt Rachedurst

06.Oct.2006 Einigung zwischen EU und USA: FBI darf auf Passagierdaten zugreifen
06.Oct.2006 USA: Die Topeinkommen der Topmanager

06.Oct.2006 Tod am Wörthersee: Milliardär Flick gestorben
06.Oct.2006 WHO- Bericht: Dreckluft tötet zwei Millionen Menschen im Jahr
06.Oct.2006 Able Danger ist unangenehm.
Nicht nur dass die Leiter des Able Danger Programmes noch immer darauf beharren, dass sie vor 9/11 dreizehnmal Mohamed Atta identifiziert hätten: „Weldon said that

pre- 11.Sep.2001 intelligence conducted by a secret military unit identified terrorist ringleader Mohamed Atta 13 different times.

Weldon said the unit, code-named "Able Danger," also identified "a problem" in Yemen two weeks before the attack on the USS Cole.”

Schrieb ABC News am

14.Feb.2006 .

Und weiter fragte sich der republikanische Kongressabgeordnete Mr. Weldon: “Mr. Speaker, I rise because information has come to my attention over the past several months that is very disturbing.

I have learned that, in fact, one of our Federal agencies had, in fact, identified the major New York cell of Mohamed Atta prior to 11.Sep.2001 ;

and I have learned, Mr. Speaker, that

00.Sep.2000 , that Federal agency actually was prepared to bring the FBI in + prepared to work with the FBI to take down the cell that Mohamed Atta was involved in in New York City, along with two of the other terrorists.

I have also learned, Mr. Speaker, that when that recommendation was discussed within that Federal agency, the lawyers in the administration at that time said, you cannot pursue contact with the FBI against that cell. Mohamed Atta is in the U.S. on a green card + we are fearful of the fallout from the Waco incident. So we did not allow that Federal agency to proceed.”
Das Pentagon dementierte die Identifikation Atta’s. Nicht die Leiter und Mitarbeiter von Able Danger.
Mohammed Atta: Gelungene Überraschung
The Road to Guantanamo
Weldon rejects DOD report on able danger & harassment of military officer
Father of Mohammed Atta says Video a Fake
Die Video Clips
LtCol Anthony Shaffer - Whistleblower Retaliation? sfux – 06.Okt.2006 08:07

Und Atta?
Er war, das sagen einige Quellen, in Afghanistan. Aber und das ist unter diesen Umständen ein Schlüssel, offensichtlich unter dem Mantel des Geheimdienstes.

Im Guardian vom

30.Sep.2001 steht: “What has emerged in the past week is that - like Beghal and his friends in both Paris + London - Atta was not unknown to the authorities.

Indeed he was under surveillance between

00.Jan.2000-00.May 2000 -last year (2000)- after he was reportedly observed buying large quantities of chemicals in Frankfurt, apparently for the production of explosives and for biological warfare.”

In Government Security News steht im Interview mit Anthony Shaffner:
“SHAFFER: No. This was simply a chart showing up with potentialities or clusters of information. That’s what it showed.

I took a copy of those clusters of information, a copy of a chart produced by Smith and company which showed, early on in the process, the Atta guy and other terrorists.

It was this sheet that I hand-carried personally from LIWA down to Tampa and gave to Captain Philpott.
Der zweite Affe
Nichts sehen, nichts hören, nichts sagen. Die drei Affen sind Bestandteil der buddhistischen Lehre. Eigentlich heisst es „Nichts böses sehen, nichts böses hören, nichts böses sagen.“ Ist das der Grund, dass wir in dem Video nichts hören von Atta, Jarrah und bin Laden? Sagt er nichts Böses? Ist es einfach ein Treffen einer bäuerlichen Bevölkerung? Ist es nicht so, dass wenn der schweizerische, rechtslastige SVP Justizminister Christoph Blocher eine Rede hält auch mit Sicherheit einige Skinheads darunter sind? Ist deshalb die SVP eine Nazi Partei? Sind deshalb Bauern im Berner Oberland Skinheads? Und wenn sie Bärte tragen, das eidgenössische Feldschiessen mit Sturmgewehren schiessen und dann zum Wurst essen ins Festzelt gehen gar „hardcore Nazis“? Sicher nicht!

06.Oct.2006 Limbaugh Blames Pages For Foley’s Misconduct - Judd 

Today on his radio program, Rush Limbaugh blamed Congressional pages for Mark Foley’s misconduct. He said that the communications reported by ABC were example of “young kids” who like to “make fun of gay people.”

Rush’s evidence? As a child, he used to order refrigerators over the phone for adults he thought were “odd or weird” as a prank. Here’s an excerpt:

Back in these days you could call Sears and order a refrigerator on the phone.

I had a teacher living up the street + it was the biggest thrill in the world to just call and order a refrigerator + watch Sears deliver it to an unsuspecting teacher and his wife + far stranger things than that.

But we always picked out adults that we just thought were odd or weird + it would be fun to make fun of them + I don’t think kids today are any different…

But you know as well as I do that young kids make fun of gay people. They make fun of the way they talk; they make fun of the way some of them walk and so forth.

Who knows what the word around town about fellow Foley was. Who knows? We all know that young people gay bash. Young people do a lot of stuff. They don’t have the maturity to understand this kind of stuff…

I tell you, folks, you’ve got this page out there; you probably have a bunch of pages laughing and making fun of Foley and the way he comes on to them + he’s gay and so forth, so they egg him on and so forth….

Matt Drudge is advancing the same incoherent story. At the same time, more pages are stepping forward with details of unsolicited advances from Foley. One page told ABC, “this was no prank.” Digg It!
06.Oct.2006 Bush approval drops. - Nico  President Bush’s approval rating is at BushJob.htm">38 % in a new AP-Ipsos poll + BushJob.htm">37 % in a new Pew poll. (HT: Atrios)
06.Oct.2006 Seizures of radioactive materials fuel 'dirty bomb' fears - sfux Lewis Smith, Environment Reporter -

Seizures of smuggled radioactive material capable of making a terrorist ?dirty bomb? have doubled in the past four years, according to official figures seen by The Times.
Smugglers have been caught trying to traffick dangerous radioactive material more than...

Taliban erhöhen durch Zauberkräfte die Drogenproduktion in Afghanistan - sfux Karl Weiss -

Die New York Times (NYT) lügt + verdreht keineswegs, sie gibt nur selektiv jene Meldungen an ihre Leser weiter, die nicht den Verdacht aufkommen lassen können, der Überfall auf Afghanistan im Jahre 2001 sei auch deshalb unternommen worden, um den Anbau von Mohn zur Heroin- und Opium-Herstellung wieder anzukurbeln.
03.Sep.2006 zum Beispiel erschien als Aufmacher der New York...

Mohammed Atta: Rückenmarkbrecher nicht haltbar - sfux Stephan Fuchs ?

Was am ersten Oktober als Oktoberüberraschung der Bush Regierung angefangen hat, könnte wohl bald als Oktoberüberraschung der 9/11 Skeptiker gehandelt werden. Die von der Sunday Times veröffentlichten Videosequenzen die den lachenden Atta zeigen kommen in Erklärungszwang.
Die Konkurrenz der Kanäle - Nikaragua will eine historische Wasserstrasse bauen - sfux Malte Olschewski -

Schon die Konquistadoren hatten um 1539 den spanischen Hof zur Errichtung eines Kanals durch Nikaragua aufgefordert. 467 Jahre später will der Staat Nikaragua dieses Projekt in Angriff nehmen. Präsident Enrique Bolanos erklärte Anfang Oktober bei einer Konferenz in Managua, dass sein Land mit internationaler Hilfe den Kanal bei Kosten von 14 Milliarden Euro in zwölf Jahren...
DIE FALSCHMELDUNG ? Vier Jahre Haft für Beleidigung des Türkentums - sfux KURZ/VERTICKERT -

In der Türkei hat ein Prozess gegen in Europa lebende Schriftstellerinnen und Schriftsteller begonnen. Der Prozess findet in Abwesenheit der Autoren statt. Ihnen wird Beleidigung des Türkentums vorgeworfen, weil sie in ihren Büchern die Türkei nicht erwähnen und auch keine türkischen Protagonisten schufen. Ihnen droht bei einer Verurteilung bis zu vier Jahren Haft in der Türkei. Zudem müssten sie ständig damit rechnen, von ihrem Aufenthaltsort in der Europäischen...
Indian dengue toll climbs to 38 India's health minister holds urgent talks as he confirms 38 deaths in an outbreak of dengue fever.
06.Oct.2006 Pay organ donors, expert suggests People should be paid for living organ donations, argues a US surgeon in a leading medical journal.
06.Oct.2006 Money 'can buy you love' Researchers in Nottingham discover that, contrary to the saying, money can buy you happiness.
06.Oct.2006 Antique false teeth go on display A 200-year-old pair of French false teeth go on display for the first time at the British Museum.
06.Oct.2006 Black tea 'soothes away stress' Daily cups of tea can help you recover more quickly from the stresses of everyday life, research suggests.
06.Oct.2006 Passenger data deal for US and EU The US and the EU agree a new deal to share details about airline passengers, after lengthy talks.
06.Oct.2006 Hungary PM faces confidence vote Hungary's opposition urges mass protests outside parliament as the embattled PM faces a confidence vote.
06.Oct.2006 Ministers mull next steps on Iran Six key nations are to hold talks on next steps - and possible sanctions - in the row over Iran's nuclear activities.
06.Oct.2006 US blocks bomb suspect's release The US administration blocks the release of a man wanted by Venezuela and Cuba for a plane bombing 30 years ago.
06.Oct.2006 UK Muslim veil row deepens Cabinet Minister Jack Straw says he would prefer Muslim women not to wear veils at all.
06.Oct.2006 Miners killed in Bolivia dispute Clashes between state-employed and independent miners kill at least nine at Bolivia's largest tin mine.
06.Oct.2006 US judge drops Karr porn charges Child pornography charges against a former suspect in the killing of US child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey are dropped.
06.Oct.2006 UN to pressure N Korea over test The UN Security Council look set to agree a statement calling on North Korea to call off a threatened nuclear test.
06.Oct.2006 Tonga 'should have elected MPs' A committee in Tonga says all lawmakers should be elected by the public rather than appointed by the king.
06.Oct.2006 Eurozone rates up to 3.25% The European Central Bank raises eurozone interest rates by a quarter point to 3.25%, as widely forecast.
06.Oct.2006 Rice meets Iraqi Kurdish leaders US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrives in the Kurdish area of northern Iraq for talks with leaders.
06.Oct.2006 The Green Room British farmers can meet the nation's demand for both food and fuel crops, argues Peter Kendall, in the Green Room.
06.Oct.2006 Making Water From Thin Air Supplying troops with potable water is a logistical nightmare in the parched Iraqi desert. But a new technology that creates water literally from air might solve the problem + save billions of dollars in the process. By Audrey Hudson.
06.Oct.2006 Never Assume Text Is Private Can you trust your chat buddies not to post your sexual conversations online or send your transcripts to the media? Are you sure? Commentary by Regina Lynn.
06.Oct.2006 Why it's so hard to value social networking sites Also: Online glitch leads to ID of Foley accuser.
06.Oct.2006 Migrating Birds Take Hundreds of Powernaps. - CowboyNeal 9 Ant writes

"MSNBC reports that to help make up for sleep lost during marathon night flights, migratory birds take hundreds of powernaps during the day, each lasting only a few seconds, a new study suggests.

Every autumn, Swainson's thrushes fly up to 3,000 miles from their breeding grounds in northern Canada and Alaska to winter in Central and South America. Come spring, the birds make the long trek back.

The birds fly mostly at night and often for long hours at a time, leaving little time for sleep."
2006 Ig Nobel Prizes Awarded - CowboyNeal 55 davidwr writes

"The Ig-Nobel Peace Prize went to Howard Stapleton for his groundbreaking research in teenager-repellent technology. D. Lynn Halpern won an award for research into why fingernails on a chalkboard are almost as annoying as teenagers. Ivan Schwab garnered his award for research into avian headacheology. Two french researchers cooked up a medal for spaghetti research. Read more about these and other prizes here and at the Improbable Research official web site. To those Slashdotters who were expecting an award, better luck next year."
Warrantless Surveillance To Continue For Now - CowboyNeal 236
NormalVisual writes "It appears that the unconstitutional and controversial warrantless surveillance program being conducted by the Bush Administration can continue until an appeals court can hear the case, according to an AP article. The 6th Circuit ruled that while the lower court had ruled the program was unconstitutional, they felt that the case's chances before the appeals court and the possible danger to national security warranted their decision to let it continue despite the likelihood that the appeal process will take months."

U.S. Government Crippled by Sex, Gaming Sites - Zonk 239 BobB writes

"The U.S. Department of the Interior's inspector general has released a report that says department employees are wasting their taxpayer-funded work time going to prohibited web sites. Some of these sites relate to sex, computer games, gambling and auctions. The study found that almost $2 billion a year in productivity was being lost to these 'excessive indulgences.'" From the article: "Computer-use logs revealed more than 4,732 entries relating to sexually explicit Web sites and gambling sites. Some computers accessed sex sites for 30 to 60 minutes during the test period. More than 1 million log entries were discovered indicating 7,763 Department computer users spent 2,004-plus hours accessing game and auction sites. Extrapolated over the year, that could account for 100,000 lost work hours. Put another way, this would equal 50 full-time employees doing nothing but surfing online game and auction sites."
The Age of Technological Transparency - Zonk 141 endychavez writes

"Executives and politicians may be starting to realize that privacy is dead and secrets can no longer be kept in the information age. There is always a technological trail + transparency is pervasive. Just ask Patricia Dunn and Mark Foley. In a piece at eWeek, Ed Cone from CIO Insight talks about the specific technologies that brought them down." From the article: "Foley may have thought his IMs were disappearing into the ether as soon as they cleared his computer screen. Instead, the messages were saved + his career was ruined + the House leadership is left to fight for survival. We talk a lot a about transparency as a virtue in the age of the web + hold it up as a marketing technique and a better way to run an enterprise. Sun's blogging CEO, Jonathan Schwartz, is lobbying the SEC to allow more financial information to be disclosed online. Corporations are using all manner of web-techs to speak more directly to stakeholders. But transparency needs to be understood as more than a slogan or a strategy. It's a reality. It can be imposed on you by the Internet, whether you want to be transparent or not."
How Al Qaeda views a long Iraq war: A letter from Al Qaeda leaders found in Iraq shows that the group sees the war as a boon for its cause.
06.Oct.2006 Will November Bring Hope or Another Stolen Election? -By Paul Craig Roberts
The Democrats, of course, have done nothing to protect us from Bush’s illegal war or from his assaults on the Constitution and civil liberty.

Democrats have been intimidated by the threat of being politically placed in the “against us” camp + Democrats are as much in the pockets of AIPAC, the oil industry + the military-industrial complex as Republicans. Continue
06.Oct.2006 October 5 - Day of Mass Resistance
05.Oct.2006 people everywhere will walk out of school, take off work + come to the downtowns & townsquares and set out from there, going through the streets and calling on many more to join us - making a powerful statement: "NO! THIS REGIME DOES NOT REPRESENT US! AND WE WILL DRIVE IT OUT!"

06.Oct.2006 U.S. Won't Accept Nuclear N. Korea-By Dafna Linze r
The Bush administration delivered a secret message to North Korea yesterday warning it to back down from a promised nuclear test + it said publicly that the United States would not live with a nuclear-armed Pyongyang government.

06.Oct.2006 War or Rumors of War? -By Frida Berrigan
According to Time, the Navy has issued “Prepare to Deploy Orders” (PTDOs) to a strike group including minesweepers, a submarine, an Aegis class cruiser + a mine hunter. Taken alongside disclosures that the chief of naval operations asked his planners for a rundown of how a blockade of Iranian oil ports would work, these military preparations led Time to conclude cautiously that the USA “may be preparing for war with Iran.”

06.Oct.2006 The Real Foley Scandal is Much Bigger than Foley-By Dave Lindorff
How are we to compare the Republican Party's cover-up of a member's efforts to corrupt young pages with the same party's conspiracy to cover up the Bush administration's ineptness and possible foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks + of the campaign of lies and misinformation it used to drum up hysteria for an illegal and totally unwarranted invasion of Iraq?

00.000.1993, Straight received dismal publicity concerning its abusive treatment of young people. At that time, published reports revealed that kids were beaten and bashed against walls, while others were forced to sit wallow in menstrual blood, urine and feces. Youngsters enrolled with the program were forbidden to have any unsupervised communication with their parents.
Straight did not really cease; it merely changed its name to the Drug Free America Foundation. Some clinics use other names.
My earlier stories on Straight are
here and here. The best exposes of the cult are by Jeff Gorenfeld and Wes Fager.
Foley goes Straight You already know that former congressman Mark Foley was a closeted gay within the gay-unfriendly Republican party. You know about his fixation on underaged pages. You probably also know about Foley's ties to Scientology, a cult founded by a man who declared that all homosexuals should be quarantined.
But you may not know that Foley has an even deeper connection with another cult notorious for its abuse of young people: Mel Sembler's Straight -- a network of alleged "anti-drug clinics" fashioned after the notorious SEED program, which was shut down in the 1970s.

New Times reporter Trevor Aaronson conducted a
superb investigation on Growing Together. Here are a few glimpses: The children also claimed staff had beaten and physically restrained them, Butler says.

She even met one young girl who claimed a therapist had broken her arm. Other kids asserted that the building was always filthy.

Growing Together administrators admitted to Butler (and later in court documents) that the facility had rats + that several urinals had been backed up for days at a time.
00.Mar.2000 Butler and her ex-husband, Stephen, who shared custody, removed John from the program. Stephen Butler was moving to Arkansas and wanted to take the boy.

Once free, John told his mother that he had suffered a sprained wrist at Growing Together when a therapist slammed him down on a table. And... A female client complained that she had severe cramping and bleeding.

Staff did not refer her to a medical doctor. Only days later, when her mother became aware of the condition, did she see a physician. The girl was pregnant and miscarried.
More: "I still can't get the screams out of my head from hearing kids dragged down the hall by the hair on their heads," says a former graduate of the program who asked to remain anonymous.

"The crimes that were committed there have never been told in public. Nobody has ever put these people on trial."
Rik Pavlescak, a former investigator with the Department of Children and Families (DCF), wrote reports on the program in the early '90s that detailed beatings, restraint, imprisonment + systematic humiliation.

He alleges that influential outsiders have undermined investigations of the group. Among those influential outsiders was Mark Foley.

From Wes Fager's site (with paragraph breaks added for readability):

Former Republican Congressman and gay, alleged pedophile Mark Foley, formerly co-chair of the Congressional Missing + Exploited Children's Caucus, once wrote to Charlie Crist + Jeb Bush to close down a nudist beach in Pasco County, Florida because 11 year old children participated. He ran on a ticket to protect children from sexual abuse and introduced legislation to stop child porn.
Growing Together is a second generation Straight which operated, until recently, in Lake Worth, Florida.

00.000.1990 Florida state health officials claimed that GT turned its patients into "virtual prisoners" while Florida Judge Michael Gersten said of a girl's treatment in it "smacks of abuse." [Sun Sentinel, 3-9-90].

Yet Mark Foley endorsed it.
There have been patient riots at GT just as there were at Straight. Yet Mark Foley endorsed it.
00.000.1997 theStraights published a police report about the sexual assault of a boy at a Growing Together host home. Two boys restrained a third as a fourth tried to put his cock in the teenager's mouth.

But the boy resisted. One boy masturbated in his hair. Yet Congressman Foley continued to endorse the program.
00.000.2004 News Times did an expose on Growing Together, yet Mark Foley did not remove his endorsement. Growing Together and the other Straight offshoots have received much bad publicity -- as has Scientology. Yet Foley continued to lend his then-good name to both. Why?

Ex-page Says He Began Receiving Sexually Suggestive E-mail from Foley 00.000.1997! This is ANOTHER Page to Step Forward + This Dates Foley Internet Sexual Predator Behavior Back Nearly 9 Years!
The Hastert Ethics "Investigation" Sham -- or Whitewash. "Both Republicans on the House ethics subcommittee investigating the Mark Foley scandal have financial ties to Speaker Dennis Hastert, whose handling of the former congressman's lurid Internet messages to House pages is under scrutiny."

06.Oct.2006 Bush Chooses Party Over Protecting Our Youth from Internet Predators, Backs Hastert.
From FOX News, Of All Places: "Internal Poll Suggests Hastert Could Devastate GOP...And the difference could be between a 20-seat loss and 50-seat loss." Okay, Maybe We Should Root for Hastert to Stay On, Because Then He Will be Kicked Out by the Voters Come Election Day.

06.Oct.2006 If you are a person worried about the Republicans stealing congressional and senate elections 00.000.2006, "American Blackout" reminds you that tens of thousands of Democratic votes are suppressed before the polling places even open. Get the DVD from BuzzFlash. Buy Progressive and Make a Difference!
Amb. Joseph Wilson's Introduction to "George W. Bush Versus the U.S. Constitution" - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

06.Oct.2006 M.J. Andersen: Midterm vote may be hard to trust 10/6
Basic Illogic of the Media Accepting GOP Spin Comes Through in This Passage from Associated Press Article: "The Illinois Republican earned fresh votes of confidence from President Bush and fellow House GOP leaders on Thursday after assuming direct responsibility for the damage inflicted on the party just weeks before the Nov. 7 midterm elections by the scandal involving disgraced former Rep. Mark Foley R-Fla." Okay, What Does Accepting "Reponsibility" Mean if He Won't Resign? He Lied, Did He Admit to Lying? He Covered Up for an Internet Youth Predator. Did He Admit to That? No, He Hasn't Accepted Any Responsibility. He Merely Said That He Has Accepted "Responsibility" So the Mainstream Media, Such as the Associated Press, Would Report Such Nonsense, Since He's Only Saying That to AVOID Responsibility. 10/6
Keith Olbermann: "It defies belief that this president and his administration could continue to find new unexplored political gutters into which they could wallow." 10/6

06.Oct.2006 Commerce One e-Government Solutions Becomes Aquilent Brubaker leads management team buyout; Commerce One and new firm to maintain strategic alliance.
06.Oct.2006 Aquilent - Homepage Aquilent , Inc. is an integrator focused on Web-based software development for the Federal Government. Founded 00.000.1979, Aquilent specializes in agency-wide ...

Aquilent - About Us - News Aquilent awarded $25M contract to provide software support services to the NIH National ... Aquilent awarded contract to redesign RFA’s web presence, ...
06.Oct.2006 [DOCID:201944tx_xxx-51] From the Government Manual Online via GPO ... Conniff Deputy Executive Director Bruce Sherman Legal Counsel Carol Booker Chief ...

The BBG encompasses all US international broadcasting services, ...
RADIO FREE EUROPE/ RADIO LIBERTY Also pictured are BBG Deputy Executive Director Bruce Sherman , RFE/RL Comptroller Tony Scardino, BBG Governor Norman J. Pattiz, RFE/RL Estonian Service ...

Reclaim the Media Unfortunately, he hasn't treated the BBG with any greater gravitas.

Last winter, he prevailed in a lengthy battle to remove Bruce Sherman , ...

BBG - Broadcasting Board of Governors BBG 2004 Annual Report. BBG 2003 Annual Report. BBG 2002 Annual Report. BBG 2001 Annual Report. BBG 2000 Annual Report. BBG 1999 Annual Report ...
CubaNet - News/Noticias: State Department exonerates Radio, TV ... ... stemmed from charges by Radio Marti Deputy Director Bruce Sherman that he ... On Monday, Burke released a statement saying, ``My BBG colleagues + I ...

06.Oct.2006 Bruce Sherman is a Certified Public Accountant + the president of Sherman Creative Promotions, Inc. a distributor of imprinted promotional products. ...

BBG - Broadcasting Board of Governors Larry Hart, Communications Coordinator Oanh Tran, Special Projects Officer Bruce Sherman, Strategic Planning Manager Brenda Hardnett, Executive Assistant

BBG 2002 Annual Report/web - View as HTML of Governors ( BBG ) respectfully submits its seventh annual report. It ... Bruce Sherman , Deputy Executive Director/Strategic Planning Manager ...
Bully Pulpit Last winter, he prevailed in a lengthy battle to remove Bruce Sherman , the BBG's deputy executive director + author of Radio Sawa's strategic plan, ...

Board of Directors Howard Wohl, Chairperson Stacy Schusterman, Vice Chairperson Robert B. Spitzer, Vice Chairperson Andrew Suzman, Vice Chairperson Bruce Sherman, Treasurer Barbara Gervis Lubran, Secretary Lynn Schusterman, Past Chairperson
Also Known As: BBYO, Inc. 2020 K St NW
Suite 7400 Washington, DC 20006 Mission and Programs Mission

BBYO is the leading pluralistic Jewish teen movement in North America aspiring to involve more Jewish teens in more meaningful Jewish experiences.

For more than 80 years, AZA and BBG (boys and girls chapters respectively) in communities around the world have been providing exceptional leadership programs + Jewish identity enrichment, shaping the lives of 250,000 alumni who are among the most prominent figures in business, politics, academia, the arts and Jewish communal life.

Now, more than ever, BBYO offers innovative opportunities for teens to connect with one another, serve their communities, navigate the college admissions process and travel the world, providing each participant with a network of lifelong friends, a perspective which adds value and meaning to life + a shared commitment toward strengthening the Jewish future. Programs

Inspired by our past and motivated by the needs of the future, BBYO is committed to reaching Jewish teens in unprecedented numbers.

This commitment comes at a critical point, as the Jewish community is struggling to connect young people to their heritage and history.

Fewer + fewer Jewish teens are engaging in Jewish life following their b'nai mitzvot + one study shows that by the time Jewish teens reach their senior year of high school, less than 30% are involved in any formal or informal Jewish experiences.

As a teen-led, pluralistic organization, BBYO is uniquely positioned to reverse this trend + to ensure a more secure Jewish future by using new approaches + emerging technologies to capture the Jewish teen market in ways that were once unimaginable.

Key to the organization's success has been a highly effective leadership model operating on the local, national and international levels through a fraternity/sorority-based chapter structure.

Formerly affiliated with B'nai B'rith, 00.000.2002, BBYO was restructured as an independent international organization.

While still capitalizing upon its leadership development programs, this move to independence affords BBYO the opportunity to forge a new direction + adopt a much more expansive and transformational approach to engaging Jewish teens. BBYO now offers a broad array of social, political, spiritual and cultural opportunities.

Jewish teens are encouraged to create and lead their own communities through local chapters and BBYO's unique online network -

Once connected, they have access to a variety of resources to help them through the college admissions process, take part in community service projects, travel to Israel + around the world + communicate with their peers
Milliardär Flick gestorben

06.Oct.2006 Chemieunfall in den USA: Tausende flüchten vor giftiger Gaswolke

06.Oct.2006 Astronomie: Milchstraße könnte Milliarden Planeten besitzen

06.Oct.2006 Passagierdaten: EU und USA erzielen Einigung

"Die Verkaufsleiter bekommen mächtig Druck von oben + den geben die meisten nach unten weiter", bestätigt Branchenkenner Kostowski.

Sie sollen die Umsätze steigern, die Kosten drücken + Inventurverluste möglichst klein halten.

Überwachung und Bespitzelung der Mitarbeiter machen deshalb einen beachtlichen Teil der Arbeitszeit aus. Frühkontrollen, Spät- und Schichtwechselkontrollen, Probekäufe und Ehrlichkeitstests mit angeblich im Laden gefundenen Geldbörsen gehören nach Aussage von Lidl-Managern zum Standardrepertoire.

Doch nicht nur die extremen Arbeitszeiten und der raue Umgangston, bei dem Untergebene gern auch mal als "Penner" oder "blöde Zicke" tituliert werden, machen vielen Nachwuchsmanagern zu schaffen. Es sei vor allem die "Mischung aus Willkür, permanentem Misstrauen und dubiosen Kontrollmethoden", sagt Hölscher, die den Job im Discountmanagement zu einer ganz besonderen Erfahrung für die Neuen mache.
Atomstreit: USA relativieren Warnung an Nordkorea
06.Oct.2006 Absturz in Brasilien: US- Piloten weisen Schuldvorwürfe zurück

06.Oct.2006 E- Mail- Affäre: Repräsentantenhaus- Chef lehnt Rücktritt ab
05.Oct.2006 School Says Police, Social Services Will Snatch Kids Of Late Parents - Paul Joseph Watson -A junior high school in Indiana threatens parents with police and child protective service
05.Oct.2006 Ethics Committee Chairman Corrects Himself After Claiming Hastert Has Done An ‘Excellent Job’ - Payson 

Moments ago during a press conference, a reporter asked House ethics committee chairman Doc Hastings (R-WA) if he supports Speaker Hastert. “I think the Speaker has done an excellent job,” Hastings replied.

But moments later, sensing his previous comments might lead some to question his impartiality, Hastings added that his praise for Hastert was “not related to the matter at hand here.” Watch it: Transcript:

REPORTER: Mr. Hastings, do you still personally support the speaker?

HASTINGS: I think the speaker has done an excellent job. +++++

HASTINGS: I want to thank you all for coming. Before I, before we quit here, I just simply want to say the remarks that I made regarding Speaker Hastert is not related to the matter at hand here.
“I’ve done nothing wrong,” Hastert said - Nico  at his press conference today. He said he expects to run again for House Speaker after the election.
Mau Mau to sue UK government Victims of Kenya's independence war with Britain are to start proceedings to claim compensation.
05.Oct.2006 Goodyear staff strike on closures Workers at Goodyear factories in the US and Canada walk out in a dispute over factory closures.
05.Oct.2006 Stem Cell Agency Unveils Plan The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine has laid out a plan for spending its billions over the next several years. In Bodyhack.
05.Oct.2006 Why it's so hard to value social networking sites Also: Online glitch leads to ID of Foley accuser.
05.Oct.2006 Billions of Planets In Milky Way? - kdawson 105 jeffsenter writes,

"The Washington Post has the story: 'NASA scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope have discovered what they believe are 16 new planets deep in the Milky Way, leading them to conclude there are probably billions of planets spread throughout the galaxy.' What sets these potential planets apart is they are in the central bulge of the Milky Way where most stars are located. More planets in the galaxy means more chances for life." The 16 are planet candidates at this point, until verified by spectroscopic measurement of their parent stars' wobbles, which probably can't be done until the James Webb Space Telescope files 00.000.2013.
05.Oct.2006 Back to Foley. You may be interested to learn what his fellow Floridian Katherine Harris has to say:
In an interview with WESH Channel 2 in Orlando, Harris said, “if anything, the Republicans didn’t know about these issues and we’re going to be very anxious to find out who in the media and on the other side of the aisle (Democrats) knew about it and kept this from the public interest, because our children were at stake.” Of course, the Republicans knew about "these issues" all along + kept the Democratic member of the page oversight board completely in the dark.
FOX will probably claim that these serial misidentifications were 'just an accident.' Back 00.000.2004, the Kerry "metrosexual" smear was also just an accident. Remember how the Soviets would crudely alter old photographs to eliminate any visual reference to Trotsky? That too was just an accident.
(This week's unforgivable pun: Why don't congressmen use bookmarks? Because they like to bend over pages.)

05.Oct.2006 The Alex Jones Report October 5th 2006 - Paul Joseph Watson 2006 Alex discusses the Bush junta's Eastern European gulag network and the imprisonment and torture of 14,000 detainees in
05.Oct.2006 Al Qaeda Tapes: Direct Link To Military Psyops And Donald Rumsfeld - Paul Joseph Watson -Following the trail for five minutes leads to Pentagon
05.Oct.2006 Google Again Censors, Stifles 9/11 Film's Growth - Paul Joseph Watson -Video viewership figures for Terror Storm being reset to prevent movie going "Loose Change" viral Paul Joseph
05.Oct.2006 MSNBC: Pelosi Blocks Hastert From Naming Freeh To Overhaul Page Board - Nico  MSNBC’s Mike Viqueira reports:

Denny Hastert, it turns out, reached out to ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh. He wanted him to head up an overhaul of the page program, but it’s not going to happen now, for the time being anyway.

Hastert gave a call to Nancy Pelosi in Washington today. Nancy Pelosi said no, that’s not good enough. We don’t want an overhaul of the page program. We need a more thorough investigation. That’s something that both Democratic and Republican aides that I’ve just spoken to agree on, that Pelosi refused. So Freeh, for the time being, will not be heading up, as other news organizations have been reporting, will not be heading up…a probe, or an overhaul…of the page program here in the House.
Majority believe House leaders covered up Foley behavior. - Nico -

“Sixty-one % of American adults believe that Republican leaders have been ‘protecting [Mark] Foley for several years.’ A Rasmussen Reports national opinion survey conducted Tuesday and Wednesday nights shows that only 21% believe that the leadership ‘just learn[ed] about Foley’s problems last week.’”
05.Oct.2006 REPORT: Hastert Picks Ex-FBI Chief Louis Freeh To Investigate Foley Scandal - Think Progress 

Roll Call reports that will Speaker Dennis Hastert will “announce today that former FBI Director Louis Freeh will oversee an investigation of the House page program.”

Fox News reporter Major Garrett reported that Hastert’s office spent hours recruiting individuals to head the probe. Other names on his list, according to Garrett:

– Right-wing pundit Bill Bennett
– Lobbyist and politician
Susan Molinari
– Former Rep.
Bill Paxon (R-NY)

Paxon was the immediate predecessor of Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY) + has already publicly defended Reynolds’ role in the Foley scandal. Paxon and Molinari are husband and wife.
05.Oct.2006 CNN: Leadership Staff Says Hastert Will ‘Go On The Offense,’ ‘Try To Be More Aggressive’ - Nico 

House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) has delayed a scheduled press conference for hours + has reportedly been in “lockdown” in his Illinois home for most of the day.

According to CNN, he’s finally decided on a strategy: dig in.

CNN’s Dana Bash moments ago:

Now just to give you a little context here, what the speaker’s office is trying to do today in the wake of all of these new questions about what his office knew and when they knew it is to try to be more aggressive and to try to go more on the offense . We understand that there was actually a meeting here on Capitol Hill just a short while ago with Republican press secretaries where the Speaker’s staff told the Republican press secretaries that they’re going to try very hard to change the mood, change the atmosphere, go on the offense . And that, we understand, will include at least the speaker making it clear he does take full responsibility for this. We don’t believe — we don’t believe that he is going to announce, though, that he’s going to step down or in the near future.

UPDATE: Hastert has cancelled his fundraisers over the next two weeks, according to an MSNBC reporter:

[Hastert] has canceled all of his fundraisers. You know, he was bragging recently that he was gonna hit, it was 34 districts in 30 days to do fundraisers. He has canceled all of his fundraisers for this week and for next week. That is big.
CBS Evening News Uncritically Reports ‘Gay Cabal’ Conspiracy Theory - Nico 

Josh Marshall warned last night that the House leadership’s “last gambit” may be “to blame the Foley debacle on a cabal of gay staffers who hid and/or enabled Rep. Foley’s behavior for years.” The accusation is that gay staffers were willing to cover up for Foley simply because he also is gay. Already, The Nation’s David Corn reports that a list is being circulated detailing “top-level Republican congressional aides who are gay.”

Last night on Katie Couric’s CBS Evening News, this homophobic conspiracy theory was paraded to tens of millions of people. Their segment featured Family Research Council president Tony Perkins suggesting that the House leadership failed to investigate Foley months ago because they were “afraid to stand up to that network” of gay GOP staffers.

No views questioning this theory were aired. Watch it:

Anyone who shirked responsiblity or withheld evidence or participated in a cover up should be held accountable. But it’s grossly irresponsibile for the right-wing to use the Foley scandal to launch an anti-gay witchhunt + CBS shouldn’t be aiding their efforts. Digg It! Full transcript:

GLORIA BORGER: Just a few hours after Kirk Fordham resigned as chief of staff to Tom Reynolds, the House Republican campaign chairman, Fordham told the Associated Press that he had more than one conversation with senior staff at the highest level. That means Hastert’s staff. Fordham was once a top aide to Mark Foley and is known to be gay. CBS News has learned that several other top Republican staffers who handled the Foley matter are also gay. Their role in this controversy has caused a firestorm among Republican conservatives who charge that a group of high-level gay Republican staffers were protecting a gay Republican congressman.

TONY PERKINS: Was the leadership afraid to stand up to that network out of fear of being labeled homophobic or gay bashing?

BORGER: Hastert’s office didn’t immediately respond to Fordham’s charges, saying it’s a matter for the ethics committee to handle.

But Republicans won’t wait that long and they could still decide that Hastert has to go. Katie?

KATIE COURIC: Alright, thanks so much, Gloria.
The Foley emails known about for months - Nico “were classic examples of the tactics predatory adults use to approach young people and called for close and immediate examination, psychiatrists and other clinical experts on sexual misconduct said Wednesday.” Conservatives, House leadership + the media continue to refer to them simply as “overly friendly.”
05.Oct.2006 Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL), head of the House page board, - Amanda said he was “proud” of how he handled the Foley situation and said he has no intention of stepping down from his position: “What else do you want me to do? Take off my shirt and give myself 40 lashes? Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve.”
05.Oct.2006 Cheney stands by Hastert. - Nico 

I’m a huge Denny Hastert fan — I think he’s a great speaker,” Cheney tells the Washington Examiner. “And it makes no sense at all for him to think about stepping down.”
05.Oct.2006 October 5, 2006 - Think Progress 

“The source who in July gave news media Rep. Mark Foley’s (R-Fla.) suspect e-mails to a former House page” says the documents came to him from a congressional aide who “has been a registered Republican since becoming eligible to vote,” The Hill reports.

Nevertheless, Speaker Hastert continues to peddle conspiracy theories : “When the base finds out who’s feeding this monster, they’re not going to be happy. The people who want to see this thing blow up are ABC News and a lot of Democratic operatives, people funded by George Soros.”

A Congressional Research Service report states that Bush’s frequent use of signing statements is “an integral part” of his “comprehensive strategy to strengthen and expand executive power” + is meant to “inure Congress, as well as others, to the belief that the president in fact possesses expansive and exclusive powers upon which the other branches may not intrude.”

“The government can continue to use its warrantless domestic wiretap program pending the Justice Department’s appeal of a federal judge’s ruling outlawing the program, an Appeals Court in Cincinnati ruled on Wednesday.”

“The Iraqi Interior Ministry has suspended an entire Iraqi police brigade on suspicions that some members may have permitted, or even participated in, death squad killings.”

Death squads “are the main cause of Iraqi deaths now.”

According to a Union of Concerned Scientists report, climate change “could strain the Northeast’s power grid, farms, forests + marine fisheries” and “summers in Boston could feel like July in South Carolina,” unless carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 3 % per year.

British commandos in southeastern Iraq have “found nothing to support the Americans’ contention that Iran is providing weapons and training in Iraq .”

The scarcity of African Union forces in Darfur has forced them to stop escorting women outside their refugee camps to collect wood for fuel.

The result: in one camp, 21 women have been raped in the last two weeks, many in broad daylight.

And finally: “Excessive Indulgences” at the Interior Department.

The department’s inspector general “has uncovered an impressive amount of time spent by department employees surfing porn, game, gambling + shopping Web sites.”

“Our review of one week of computer use logs revealed over 4,732 log entries relating to sexually explicit + gambling Web sites by department computers,” the report finds, adding that the estimates are “conservative.”
Russians 'in N Korea test talks' Russia says it is attempting to dissuade North Korea from carrying out its plan to test a nuclear weapon.
05.Oct.2006 Rice in talks on Iraqi violence US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is in Baghdad for talks with Iraqi leaders on soaring violence.
05.Oct.2006 US House debates e-mail scandal A House panel discusses the actions of Congressman Mark Foley, who sent lurid e-mails to teenage boys.
05.Oct.2006 EU and US push for air data deal EU and US negotiators make a new effort to resolve a dispute over the transfer of data about air passengers.
05.Oct.2006 FBI joins hunt for E.coli spinach Agents seeking the source of spinach contaminated with the E.coli bacteria search two plants in California.
05.Oct.2006 Perth land title ruling contested Australian's government says it is to appeal a court ruling granting native title rights over Perth to Aborigines.
05.Oct.2006 Straw asks women for veil rethink Relations with the Muslim community are made more difficult when women wear veils, Jack Straw says.
05.Oct.2006 Dunn to surrender Thursday Four of the five people facing charges in HP spying case are set to turn themselves in soon.
05.Oct.2006 Dutch Blackbox Voting Pwned - kdawson 250
"In a just-published report (PDF, in English, cached here), the Dutch we-don't-trust-voting-computers foundation (Dutch + English) details how it converted a Nedap voting machine, of a type used in Holland + France, to steal a pre-determined % age of votes and reassign them to another party. The paper describes in great detail how 'anyone, when given brief access to the devices at any time before the election, can gain complete and virtually undetectable control over the election results.' As a funny bonus, responding to an earlier challenge by the manufacturer, the researchers reflashed a voting machine to play chess.

The news was on national television (Dutch) last night and is growing into a major scandal. 90% of the votes in the Netherlands are cast on these machines and national elections will be held in a month."

Please create mirrors for the 8.1-MB PDF and post their URLs. You might also try John Graham-Cumming's service to tell you when the slashdot effect subsides from any of the mirrors.
Calif. AG Files Felony Charges In HP Probe - kdawson 140 PreacherTom writes,

"Former Hewlett-Packard Chair Patricia Dunn, along with 'ethics chief' Kevin Hunsaker and others, was indicted yesterday on four felony counts by the California Attorney General. The charges, including wire fraud + conspiracy, carry a maximum penalty of 12 years in prison and $30,000 in fines.

The indictments follow on the heels of an HP investigation of internal leaks that conducted "bugged" emails to C-Net reporter Dawn Kawamoto, illicitly obtained hundreds of phone numbers + spied on HP board members."

One of the indictments was for a private investigator retained by HP. The article has links to the complaints and warrants.
"Die Übertragung von Quanteninformation kann bedingungslos sicher gemacht werden", sagte Polzik - auch wenn sie Laien wie ein Spuk erscheint.

Erstmals ist Wissenschaftlern die Quanten-Teleportation zwischen Licht + Materie gelungen, konkret zwischen einem Laserstrahl und einem kleinen Häufchen Gasatomen.

Der Zustand zwischen diesen beiden Medien sei erfolgreich ohne physischen Kontakt über eine Strecke von 50 Zentimetern verschränkt worden,

schreibt eine Forschergruppe um Eugene Polzik vom Niels-Bohr-Institut der Universität Kopenhagen in einem "Nature"-Beitrag.

Polziks Team war von Ignacio Cirac vom Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik in Garching bei München unterstützt worden.

Er war es, der vor anderthalb Jahren auf die entscheidende Idee gekommen war: eine gemeinsame Eigenschaften zweier unterschiedlicher Systeme - wie Licht und Materie - zu verschränken.

Im vorliegenden Experiment ist das die harmonische Schwingung.

Erfolgreich in 64 % der Versuche
Terror- Furcht: Saudi- Arabien will Grenzwall zum Irak bauen
Risiko Bagdad: Rice wartet 35 Minuten auf Landeerlaubnis

05.Oct.2006 Terror- Propaganda: Finstere Taliban- Drohungen gegen die USA
05.Oct.2006 Pontifex- Festung: Schweizer Garde rüstet auf

05.Oct.2006 EZB- Entscheidung: Zinserhöhung lässt die Märkte kalt
05.Oct.2006 Irak: Assistent des Qaida- Fürsten al- Masri festgenommen
Ukraine: Blau drängt Orange ins Abseits

05.Oct.2006 Handgepäck: USA akzeptieren neue EU- Vorschriften
05.Oct.2006 Quantenphysik: Erste Teleportation zwischen Licht und Materie

05.Oct.2006 Spionage- Affäre: Russland droht Georgien mit höheren Energiepreisen
05.Oct.2006 Feinstaub: WHO hält EU- Grenzwerte für viel zu hoch
US- Wrack: Tauchgang zum Kriegszeppelin
Passagierdaten: EU und USA streiten über Weitergabe an FBI

05.Oct.2006 Sehen und Fühlen: Mechanischer Schnurrbart für Roboter
Inflationsdruck: EZB erhöht Leitzinsen um 0,25 Prozentpunkte