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02.Nov.2004 Is V-Day for Blacks in Florida: Bitter memories of 2000 drive electoral activism in a county that is 60% USA African.

28.Oct.2004 Thousands of lawyers massing for Election Day battle: Lawyers on both sides of the political divide are armed for legal battle leading up to 02.Nov.2004 Election Day + thereafter in a state where the lawsuits have already piled up.

28.Oct.2004 Castro bans US dollar, asks for Euros : In a decision aimed to response to Bush [BGW968] s tighter sanctions, Cuba s President Fidel Castro announced the end of the circulation of the US dollar within the territory of the Island acting from November 8.

Eminem's new video 'Mosh' is a scathing indictment of President Bush [BGW968] + the War in Iraq . It just hit the internet and you can watch it here: Real Player, Windows Media -Warning - Contains some adult language

28.Oct.2004 Chile Group Plans Bush [BGW968] Welcome with War Crime Suit: Chileans opposed to the Iraq war have accused President Bush [BGW968] of war crimes in a criminal complaint lodged on Tuesday, less than a month before he is scheduled to visit the country.

28.Oct.2004 The Soldiers Who Said No: A pair of Mississippi women challenge the army brass on behalf of their soldier-husbands in Iraq

28.Oct.2004 Bush [BGW968] website blocked outside US: Surfers outside the US have been unable to visit the official re-election site of President Bush [BGW968]. The blocking of browsers sited outside the US began in the early hours of Monday morning

28.Oct.2004 BBC news boss slams US media bias : The head of the BBC's news operations has accused USA media organisations of being overly patriotic in their coverage of the lead-up to the Iraq war.

28.Oct.2004 Sen. Tom Harkin: "Bush [BGW968] has no choice but to reinstate draft" Indeed, President Bush [BGW968] has already imposed Stage 1 of a new draft.

Many soldiers whose enlistment period is up are not being allowed to leave the service + those who left the service years ago are being forced to put on the uniform again against their will.

It is clear that we already have a backdoor draft.

28.Oct.2004 A Soldier Speaks: One bad day in Iraq and a 19-year-old boy faces a lifetime without his right hand. This veteran speaks about his hopes and fears – and the long, hard road ahead.

28.Oct.2004 Setting a New and Dangerous Precedent in Iraq and Afghanistan : There is no way to assess the amount or time when there will be a major response from the Muslim world to these atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan. But, knowing history, that time will come

28.Oct.2004 Scientists warn of 'ethnic weapons': BIOLOGICAL weapons that target selected ethnic groups could become part of the terrorists' arsenal unless governments and scientists act now, the British Medical Association warns

28.Oct.2004 No Check of Bunker, Unit Commander Says: The unit's commander said in an interview yesterday that his troops had not searched the site and had merely stopped there overnight.

28.Oct.2004 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention and Iraq: A report for Parliament on the British Government's response to the US supply of biological materials to Iraq.
Iran prefers Bush [BGW968] over Kerry : USA President Bush [BGW968] got an Iranian endorsement on Tuesday over Democrat John Kerry.

28.Oct.2004 Anti-Sharon forces swell within his own Likud party

28.Oct.2004 Out but not over : Ariel Sharon is no dove.

On the ornithological scale that measures readiness for compromise on the enduring issues of peace and territory in the Arab-Israeli dispute, he has always been a hawk - + one with a dangerously sharp beak.
Amnesty condemns US 'torture tactics' : Amnesty International has accused USA of being more concerned with getting around international laws which prohibit torture than with safeguarding human rights as it wages its "war on terror".

28.Oct.2004 Iraq transfers war crimes : An international law expert from Harvard Law School says the USA government is guilty of war crimes for moving prisoners from Iraq to other countries.

28.Oct.2004 Study: Terror Warnings Up Approval Ratings : When the government issues a terror warning, the president's approval rating increases an average of nearly three points, a Cornell University sociologist says.

28.Oct.2004 How Bush [BGW968] blew it in Tora Bora : This is not a "wild claim", as Bush [BGW968] puts it: it's a serious charge that debunks the whole myth of Bush [BGW968] as a strong + resolute commander-in-chief of the "war on terror".

28.Oct.2004 Karl Rove: America's Mullah : This election is about Rovism + the outcome threatens to transform the USA into an ironfisted theocracy.

28.Oct.2004 US gave date of war to Britain in advance, court papers reveal : Secret plans for the war in Iraq were passed to British Army chiefs by US defence planners five months before the invasion was launched, a court martial heard yesterday.

28.Oct.2004 Rumsfeld: Pentagon had no plans for Iraqi insurgency : US Defense Secretary implicitly admits lack of planning for handling insurgency in Iraq after invading it.

28.Oct.2004 Bush [BGW968]s Iraq War: An Offer You Would Have Refused : Would you have bought into the Iraq War if Bush [BGW968] had made you an honest offer? This question is a revealing variant of one that people often ask and answer: “Is the war worth its price?”

28.Oct.2004 Psych - Wars : It should come as no surprise that the US would be up to its neck in such operations as kidnappings and executions, all purportedly orchestrated by one man, Abu Masaab al-Zarqawi who prior to Colin Powell's UN address in February 2003 was virtually unknown.

28.Oct.2004 Oil Wars And US Imperialism : Sooner or later, the rest of the world may very well unite against us + use economic pressure, rather than military force, to end USA imperialism.

28.Oct.2004 Ray McGovern: Moral cowardice at the CIA : Author asserts USA policies are recruiting terrorists

28.Oct.2004 The Terrorism of War and Occupation: The aim of the US is to create a colonial dictatorship in Iraq. The US is interested in securing military bases and skimming the nation’s wealth to benefit US corporations against the wishes of the Iraqi people and world peace.

28.Oct.2004 Civil claims provide glimpse into war's impact on Iraqi citizens: Tahsin Ali Hussein al-Ruba'i knew that danger waited in the darkened streets, where USA soldiers suspicious of every approaching vehicle lurked near poorly marked checkpoints.

28.Oct.2004 Collaboration won't buy Iraq's freedom : The British labour movement should avoid taking advice from Iraqis who work hand in glove with their occupiers

28.Oct.2004 Daily Independent Radio News Report From FlashPoints : Greg Palast catches the Florida Republicans red-handed trying to disenfranchise the African-USA community in the upcoming vote; plus, Israeli occupying forces swarm into the Gaza strip, killing Palestinians with new Hellfire missiles, we'll have an eyewitness account from on the ground in Rafah; also, an analysis of Sharon's decision on the Gaza so-called disengagement plan;

28.Oct.2004 US's Iraq POW scandal : The scandal of Iraqi "ghost detainees", prisoners not officially recorded by the USA, has links to top levels at the White House.

28.Oct.2004 Terrorism and international law: why conventions matter: If the "war on terrorism" truly is a "war," then the laws of armed conflict apply, both to the states combating terror and to the terrorists themselves. These laws, commonly known as the Geneva Conventions and their Protocols, prohibit acts of terror.

28.Oct.2004 Why, Despite Everything, John Kerry Must Win : Even though Kerry was briefed in 2002 by Scott Ritter, the former head weapons inspector for UNSCOM, that Iraq had already been disarmed, he stood up on the Senate floor and claimed that Iraq’s chemical and biological weapons arsenal was more dangerous than in 1991.

28.Oct.2004 One Hundred Forty Funerals + the Rest is History: A 17-day Israeli onslaught in northern Gaza left in its wake nearly 140 dead, one-third of them children.

28.Oct.2004 Doctors in Ramallah fighting to save Arafat's life : Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's health has deteriorated and he is in critical condition, Palestinian sources said on Wednesday night.

28.Oct.2004 Aide: Arafat health not in danger: Contradicting an Israeli Radio claim that the Palestinian leader has lost consciousness, Arafat aide Nabil Abu Rudeneh told Aljazeera on Wednesday night that the 75-year-old president was fine.

28.Oct.2004 In case you missed it: Uri Avnery: The prisoner of Ramallah: A Profile Of Yasser Arafat : He is one of the most maligned statesmen in the world, perhaps the very most.

26.Oct.2004 Saddam Hussein's regime used Al-Qaqaa as a key part of its effort to build a nuclear bomb.

Although the missing materials are conventional explosives known as HMX + RDX, the Vienna-based IAEA became involved because HMX is a "dual use" substance powerful enough to ignite the fissile material in an atomic bomb + set off a nuclear chain reaction.

Both are key components in plastic explosives such as C-4 + Semtex, which are so powerful that Libyan terrorists needed just a pound

to blow up Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988 , killing 170 people.
26.Oct.2004 VIENNA, Austria (AP) Monday - The UN nuclear agency warned that insurgents in Iraq may have obtained nearly 400 tons of missing explosives that can be used in the kind of car bomb attacks that have targeted USA-led coalition forces for months.

International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei reported the disappearance to the UN Security Council on Monday, two weeks after he said Iraq told the nuclear agency that the explosives had vanished from the former Iraqi military installation as a result of "theft + looting ... due to lack of security."

The disappearance raised questions about why the USA didn't do more to secure the Al-Qaqaa facility 30 miles south of Baghdad + failed to allow full international inspections to resume after the March 2003 invasion.

The White House played down the significance of the missing weapons, but Democratic presidential hopeful Kerry, John accused President Bush [BGW968] of "incredible incompetence" + his Kerry, John campaign said the administration "must answer for what may be the most grave + catastrophic mistake in a tragic series of blunders in Iraq."

22.Dec.2003 URL:

May 2001

27.Oct.2004 Let's all blame Kerry for the "invention" of this story - + let's all blame Kerry because the story does not receive more serious attention. URL:
27.Oct.2004 Apologists are already claiming that the president is wearing a bullet proof vest in this photo. Come on .

Is Bush [BGW968] really so insecure that he feels the need to wear a bullet-prooof vest in the White House , just to meet a few Jewish kids?
And some folks call me paranoid!
People often compare conspiracy stories to the layers of an onion. Never has the analogy proven more apt. At first, the White House blamed the French hobbit who made Bush [BGW968]'s jacket. When that didn't work, W blamed his shirt. When that story fails to stick, he may mutter something about a "bad t-shirt." Finally, of course, we will hear vague references to an unusual skin condition... You'll appreciate what
David Lindorff has to say about this... URL:
27.Oct.2004 Better question: cui bono ? Who benefits? Only Republicans will benefit -- because what they really want is an excuse to send out the stormtroopers URL:
27.Oct.2004 Republican strategists know the power of rumor. Remember URL:
27.Oct.2004 If rightists can point to just one instance of (say) a registration form filled out in the name of a dead person, they can justify placing Republican "guards" at polling places, where they will intimidate likely Democratic voters. (As the movie said: "You can usually tell 'em by the color of their skin.")
These "guards" will issue dire warnings of stiff jail sentences if potential voters do not cough up two forms of identification -- which poor people usually don't carry. That's why they use check-cashing stores instead of banks. Even rumors of improper Democratic registration forms (and so far, rumor is all we have) will provide an excuse for election-day thuggishness. URL:
27.Oct.2004 We've already seen hard proof (the Parlock tale; see earlier posts) that Republicans have staged "attacks" against themselves in order to rally their troops and to demonize the opposition.
27.Oct.2004 We've already seen hard proof (the Parlock tale; see earlier posts) that Republicans have staged "attacks" against themselves in order to rally their troops and to demonize the opposition.
27.Oct.2004 We've already seen hard proof (the Parlock tale; see earlier posts) that Republicans have staged "attacks" against themselves in order to rally their troops and to demonize the opposition.
27.Oct.2004 The BBC story comes to us via the remarkable Greg Palast, who found the incriminating lists. Palast also includes
this noteworthy bit of Sherlock Holmes-ing:
In Jacksonville, to determine if Republicans were using the lists or other means of intimidating voters, we filmed a private detective filming every "early voter"

- the majority of whom are black - from behind a vehicle with blacked-out windows.
The private detective claimed not to know who was paying for his all-day services.
On the scene, Democratic Congresswoman Corinne Brown said the surveillance operation was part of a campaign of intimidation tactics used by the Republican Party to intimidate + scare off African USA voters,

almost all of whom are registered Democrats.

Also on the Florida front: 58,000 absentee ballots intended for Broward county (a county which could put Kerry over the edge) have gone "mysteriously" missing.

Just an accident. Purely an accident. URL:
27.Oct.2004 Smile! You're on "Karl" camera! Those who doubt my previous post on G.O.P. election-fraud strategies should take a look at
this important story:
A secret document obtained from inside Bush [BGW968] campaign headquarters in Florida suggests a plan - possibly in violation of US law - to disrupt voting in the state's-USA -African voting districts, a BBC Newsnight investigation reveals...
Two e-mails, prepared for the executive director of the Bush [BGW968] campaign in Florida + the campaign's national research director in Washington DC, contain a 15-page so-called "caging list".
It lists 1,886 names + addresses of voters in predominantly black + traditionally Democrat areas of Jacksonville, Florida. URL:
If you want to help win the battle of "the bulge" - if you want to get the earpiece story on the front pages before the elections - click here! URL:
26.Oct.2004 Devilish "Christians" A lot of good stories about the religious right - the zombies supporting Bush [BGW968] - have appeared recently. But
this piece demands attention.

27.Oct.2004, die groß angelegte Anti-Bush [BGW968]-Initiative von Michael "Fat Mike" Burkett. Als Chef des unabhängigen und immens erfolgreichen Plattenlabels Fat Wreck Chords mobilisierte Burkett nahezu alle zugkräftigen Bands für mittlerweile zwei "Rock Against Bush [BGW968]"-Sampler und eine begleitende Wahlkampf-Tournee. URL:,1518,druck-323902,00.html
27.Okt.2004 Unterdessen erhob in Großbritannien und Europa bereits die zweite Punk-Generation ihre wütende Stimme. Es war die Geburtsstunde des Anarcho-Punk, geprägt von hochpolitisierten Gruppen wie Crass, Conflict und den Subhumans. Dem Ausverkauf der Vorgänger begegneten sie mit konsequenter Verweigerung gegenüber den Mechanismen des Musikgeschäfts + die Subversion des Systems war ihnen weit mehr als nur schmissige Parole. Der neue Punk-Untergrund nutzte die Musik als Sprachrohr des aktiven Widerstands, der sich in verschiedenster Form manifestierte, ob in illegalen Tierbefreiungen aus Versuchslaboren, antifaschistischen Aktionen oder militanten Protesten gegen die kapitalistischen Verwerfungen des Thatcherismus.
Ganz anders die Entwicklung in den USA. URL:,1518,druck-323902,00.html
27.Okt.2004 Das belagerte Bürgertum reagierte zunächst mit ungläubiger Abscheu, dann mit Polizeigewalt und schließlich mit Geld: Binnen zweier Jahre wurde die Revolution aus den Straßen und Clubs in die kapitalistische Warenwelt überführt. The Clash unterschrieben ihren Plattenvertrag bei CBS + auf der Londoner Kings Road konnten Touristen überteuerte Punk-Devotionalien ersteigern. Der große Rock 'n' Roll Schwindel, den die Punk-Pioniere ebenso ironisch wie prophetisch herbei gesungen haben, war vollendet. URL:,1518,druck-323902,00.html
27.Okt.2004 Jedenfalls wenn es nach Nick Rizutto geht, der auf seiner Website "Conservative Punk" um Unterstützung für die Republikaner wirbt. Das simple Credo der virtuellen Wahlhelfer um den 23-jährigen Agitator lautet: Punk ja + zwar patriotisch und vor allem pro Bush [BGW968]. Damit sorgen sie für hitzige Diskussionen innerhalb einer Szene, die sich trotz aller Differenzen zumeist auf einen antiautoritären Grundkonsens verständigen konnte.
Der große Rock 'n' Roll-Schwindel
In US-amerikanischen Punk-Fanzines wie "Punk Planet" und "Maximumrocknroll" sowie in den zahllosen Internet-Foren von bis wird seit Monaten heftig über die selbsternannte "right side of punk" diskutiert. Das Spektrum der Reaktionen reicht von spöttischer Belustigung über vehemente Angriffe bis zur gelassenen Abkanzelung.

So sieht etwa "Number 2", Bassist der äußerst erfolgreichen linkspolitischen Punkband Anti-Flag, im Interview mit keine echte Chance für die Conservative Punks:

"Das hat nichts mit Punk zu tun. Die haben ja nicht mal Bands." URL:,1518,druck-323902,00.html
27.Okt.2004 Politologen lässt das hoffen. Die normalerweise müde Wahlbeteiligung der Amerikaner werde diesmal von 54 Prozent in 2000 auf "58 bis 60 Prozent" ansteigen, prophezeit Curtis Gans, der Direktor des Centers for the Study of the USA Electorate. Dies wären 12 bis 15 Millionen mehr Wähler als vor vier Jahren - ein bisher statistisch unerfasster Zulauf, der eine Prognose des Wahlverlaufs obsolet macht.
Apropos: Manche Kenner rechnen damit, dass das rechnerische Wahlergebnis diesmal genau andersrum ausfallen könnte als vor vier Jahren. "Es ist gut möglich, dass Bush [BGW968] jetzt die absolute Mehrheit gewinnt und Kerry die Mehrheit der entscheidenden Wahlmänner-Stimmen", sagt der renommierte Demoskop Maurice Carroll. Das wäre bittere Ironie - und der passende Abschluss dieses Spektakels.
27.Okt.2004 Bush [BGW968] sorgte mit seinen endlosen Terror-Alarmen und einer schamlosen Parteitags-Show dafür, dass die Wähler 9/11 ja nicht vergaßen. Cheney donnerte, eine Stimme für Kerry sei nichts anderes als eine Stimme für al-Qaida. URL:,1518,druck-325187,00.html
27.Okt.2004 Der Wegfall der Schamgrenzen überraschte nicht. Die Fronten waren hart wie nie, Nerven lagen bloß, Leidenschaft vermischte sich mit Gift und Galle. Das war, wie der "New Yorker" in einer Analyse nachzeichnete, die direkte Folge der drei "schwarzen Dienstage" in der jüngsten US-Geschichte: der 7. November 2000, als die Mehrheit der Wähler Al Gore zum Präsidenten wählte, der 12. Dezember 2000, als die Mehrheit des Supreme Courts Bush [BGW968] zum Präsidenten machte und der 11. September 2001, "der schwärzeste Dienstag von allen".
27.Okt.2004 Eine Stimme für al-Qaida
Bald empfahl Vizepräsident Dick Cheney dem demokratischen Senator Patrick Leahy: "Go fuck yourself." Und Kerry nannte die Gegner "die betrügerischste, verlogenste Gruppe von Menschen, die ich je gesehen habe".
27.Okt.2004 Oder auch nicht. Denn diese sechs Monate haben einem allerhand darüber gelehrt, wie amerikanische Politik in den Zeiten nach 9/11 funktioniert. Wie rasant sich alles verändert hat, selbst seit der historischen Pannenwahl von 2000. Damals fürchteten die Experten bereits, das System sei "völlig kaputt", wie Rob Richie, der Exekutivdirektor des Centers for Voting and Democracy sagte. Sie hatten keine Ahnung, was da noch alles kommen würde.
27.Okt.2004 Es war ein Wahlkampf der grotesken Rekorde - in jeder Hinsicht: der teuerste, längste, spannendste, bitterste, schmutzigste, verlogenste, skurrilste, leidenschaftlichste. "Das Beste und das Schlimmste, was die Demokratie zu bieten hat", bilanziert das Wochenmagazin "Time".
Und was hat es am Ende gebracht? Die Kandidaten stehen einander fast genau so gegenüber wie vor sechs Monaten, als alles begann: Kopf an Kopf, mit einem statistisch bedeutungslosen Vorsprung des Amtsinhabers. Den Aufwand hätte man sich sparen können.
3,9 Milliarden Dollar Spesen
Date/Time: 10/27/2004
Neben der Gruppe der 36 Blätter, die die Seite wechselten, listet die "Washington Post" neun weitere Zeitungen auf, die Bush [BGW968] den Rücken kehrten, aber sich nicht dazu durchringen konnten, sich hinter Kerry zu stellen. Sie zogen es demnach vor, gar keine Empfehlung abzugeben. Bush [BGW968] gelang es lediglich, sechs Zeitungen, die im Jahr 2000 den Demokraten Al Gore unterstützt hatten, für sich zu gewinnen.
Insgesamt "führt" Kerry nun mit 142 zu 123 Wahlempfehlungen von Zeitungen, oder - gemessen an der Auflagenstärke - mit 17,5 zu 11,5 Millionen. Auch die "Washington Post" hat sich kürzlich für Kerry ausgesprochen. Unter der Überschrift "Kerry for President" hieß es, nach Abwägung aller Fakten habe Kerry mit seiner Entschlossenheit, die mit Klugheit und Aufgeschlossenheit gepaart sei, einen größeren Anspruch auf das Vertrauen der Nation als Bush [BGW968].
Arabs In Florida Angered By Bush [BGW968]

05.Oct.2004 URL:
Muslims Could Prove Key In Choosing Next US President

09.Oct.2004 URL:
27.Okt.2004 Bush [BGW968] & Blacks? Muslims, Beware! President Bush [BGW968] is on course to become the first president since Warren Harding (1920-1923) to
never meet with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), considered the country's oldest and most well respected civil rights organizations. On the other hand, John Kerry has already confirmed that he will attend the NAACP convention that Bush [BGW968] has turned down invitations to for the fourth straight year.
With the President's new precedent, one must question his possitions on civil rights, his opinions of minority constituents + his (lack of) commitment to Muslim and minority issues -- especially in light of Kerry's own writings and actions supporting these communities. (
Continued here)
09.Jul.2004 | - Posted by Nabeel on 4:29 pm
Muslims Could Prove Key In Choosing Next US President

09.Oct.2004 Muslims Mobilize For November Elections

05.Oct.2004 Arabs In Florida Angered By Bush [BGW968]

05.Oct.2004 Zogby Poll Reveals USA Muslims Overwhelmingly Backing Kerry

22.Sep.2004 More news here
27.Okt.2004 An Ounce Of Prevention, Not Pre-emption By Umair Khan and Aaron S. Green - Throughout the world today we witness live images of atrocious carnage, whether in the form of suicide bombings, beheadings, genocide, or the different horrors of occupation. We see USA families in tears after learning that their sons and daughters have fallen in battle. Each day on the way to work or class, we notice small yellow ribbons reminding us to support our troops, the "true defenders of freedom." Set against this backdrop are the festering questions of "What are we doing there? What are we achieving?" And most importantly, "When are we going to get out?" There are no easy answers to these questions. But, with Yom Kippur concluded and Ramadan quickly approaching, now is as appropriate a time as any for open and honest reflection upon the violence that plagues our world. (
Continued here)
04.Oct.2004 5:49 pm - Posted by Umair URL:
27.Okt.2004 Statement By John Kerry On The Beginning Of Ramadan John Kerry issued the following statement today as Muslims across America and around the world mark the beginning of Ramadan:
"I send my sincere greetings to Muslims across America and around the world who are beginning the fast for the holy month of Ramadan 1425. During this month of charity and reflection, we join you in praying for peace and understanding. USA Muslims span nearly every culture and race and we honor and recognize the valuable contributions that Muslim Americans have made to our nation. Freedom of religion is a founding principle of our nation. USA society and democracy are stronger when we welcome people of all faiths and traditions. America needs people of goodwill, and conscience, to come together and promote peace, as Islam teaches. True understanding and real progress can only come about when we are all willing to look beyond our differences and embrace our common humanity."
15.Oct.2004 - Posted by Admin on | 4:49 pm
Bush [BGW968] Administration Calls Arabs & Muslims
A "Dangerous Class" At a meeting today of the USA Commission on Civil Rights (USCCR), Republican Commission members failed in their attempt to have a
highly critical review (.pdf file of full report) of the Bush [BGW968] administration's record on civil rights removed from the public domain.

This draft report details the blatant lack of progress Bush [BGW968] has made on civil rights in USA during the last four years.

The report places special emphasis on Bush [BGW968]'s failed record + broken promises to the Arab USA community,

detailing the Bush [BGW968] administration's failure to stop racial profiling, to strengthen hate crimes legislation + improve the lives of the nation's newest immigrants.

President Bush [BGW968] authorized USA federal officials to round up hundreds of Arabs + Muslims + Arab Americans as material witnesses in its investigation of the attacks + detain them on minor immigration violations.

Arab + Muslim immigrants + visitors were identified as a "dangerous class," signaling USA government's intention to deny them entry into USA whenever possible.

"This report confirms what we already know: President Bush hasn't followed through on his promises to make Arab USA's safer + more secure.

In fact, Bush has failed to secure the rights of Arab Americans," said Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Terry McAuliffe. "

As President, John Kerry will put his words into action to lead our country in a new direction."
09.Oct.2004 | 5:33 pm - Posted by Admin on | 5:33 pm
27.Okt.2004 Kerry Vs. Bush [BGW968]: The Final Word It's been a long campaign + increasingly sophisticated Muslim voters have made a choice to support John Kerry nearly 10-to-1 over Bush [BGW968], as shown by many reputable polls. While many Muslims are voting for Kerry to keep Bush [BGW968] out of office, the truth is that the majority of Muslim voters find themselves in agreement with Kerry and the Democratic Party on a wide range of issues. The latest
ProjectMAPS/Zogby poll, released just a week ago, shows that on key issues affecting all Americans, Muslims overwhelmingly side with Kerry and the Democratic Party. Let's take a look at each issue + see how the candidates stack up with the way USA Muslims feel. (Continued here)
27.Okt.2004 Konservative Muslime halten Bush [BGW968] zugute, dass er den Islam nach den Terroranschlägen von 2001 demonstrativ vor pauschalen Verurteilungen in Schutz genommen habe. Und muslimische Geschäftsleute schätzen ihn für seine Steuersenkungen.
Deshalb hat der 24-jährige Filmemacher Muhammad Ali Hasan, in Colorado geboren und in Südkalifornien lebend, eine neue Internetseite gegründet. Nabeel Yousef, der glühende Kerry-Anhänger, glaubt, dass höchstens Hasans reiche Familie hinter der Seite steht - im Gegensatz zu seiner Kerry-Seite, für die er von "islamischen Studenten in den ganzen USA" Unterstützung erhalte. Yousefs Ärger ist nachvollziehbar: Hasans Internetauftritt heißt
27.Okt.2004 Zehn islamische Organisationen haben sich derweil zur "USA Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Election" zusammengeschlossen. Die "Taskforce" weist darauf hin, dass die Bush [BGW968]-Administration mit weit reichenden Überwachungsmaßnahmen die gesamte muslimische Gemeinschaft in den USA schikaniere. Ermittler hätten über 200 islamische Organisationen - einschließlich Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen - aufgesucht und erniedrigende Befragungen angestellt. Als Konsequenz empfehlen die "Taskforce"-Mitgliedsorganisationen, Bush [BGW968] bei der Wahl abzustrafen.
In einer Anti-Bush [BGW968]-Erklärung des "USA-Arab-Discrimination Committee" heißt es: "Zu Hause werden unsere bürgerlichen Freiheiten und Rechte angegriffen. Unsere Verwandten und Freunde müssen im Mittleren Osten mit den Konsequenzen amerikanischer Außenpolitik leben. All das soll bei der Wahl am 2. November berücksichtigt werden."
Den Wahlkampfstrategen beider Parteien bleibt keine Wahl: Sie müssen sich, vor allem in jenen US-Bundesstaaten, in denen weder Bush [BGW968] noch Kerry eindeutig die Nase vorn hat, um die Stimmen der Muslime bemühen. Das "Arab American Institute" in Washington schätzt, dass in den Schlüsselstaaten rund 515.000 arabischstämmige Wähler leben: 235.000 in Michigan, 120.000 in Florida, 85.000 in Ohio und 75.000 in Pennsylvania. Um ihnen die Wahl zu erleichtern, bietet das Institut auf seiner Internetseite eine Übersicht über die Politik Bushs und Kerrys - ganz ohne Wahlempfehlung.
27.Okt.2004 Aber auch bei früheren Wahlen standen Muslime meist mehrheitlich hinter den Republikanern. "Das liegt an der eher konservativen Ausrichtung", sagt Hossain. Befragungen haben ergeben, dass die islamische Gemeinde in den USA gegen Abtreibungen ist, Homosexualität ablehnt, ein Verbot von Pornografie unterstützt und die Todesstrafe befürwortet - inhaltlich spricht aus ihrer Sicht vieles für die Republikaner.
"Die Lebenssituation in den USA hat sich für uns Muslime seit Bush [BGW968] s Wahl, vor allem aber 11.Sep.2001 -seit dem- ziemlich verschlechtert", sagt Nabeel Yousef, Politikstudent an der Georgetown Universität.

Die Bürger- + Freiheitsrechte würden im Umgang mit Arabern + anderen Muslimen oft nicht mehr beachtet, bei der Einreise in die USA müssten sie Diskriminierungen ertragen.

"Außerdem werden immer wieder Moscheen geschändet oder zerstört, aber davon liest man nur in kleinen Zeitungen. Die großen Medien berichten davon nicht", beklagt sich Yousef.
Der 21-Jährige hat deshalb die Internetseite gegründet. "Wir gehören keiner politischen Gruppierung an, wir wollen nur über die beiden wichtigsten Präsidentschaftskandidaten informieren", erläutert er gegenüber SPIEGEL ONLINE die Absicht der islamischen Studentengruppe, die sich in den USA für die Wahl Kerrys engagiert.

In den vergangenen zwei, drei Monaten habe sich Kerry deutlich als der bessere Kandidat herausgestellt, findet Yousef. "Deshalb sagen wir: Wählt ihn!"
27.Okt.2004 "Ich glaube, Muslime sind die am stärksten sensibilisierten und motivierten Wähler in diesem Jahr", sagt Hossain im Gespräch mit SPIEGEL ONLINE. Über 90 Prozent von ihnen mit US-amerikanischem Pass haben sich nach seiner Erkenntnis für die Wahl am 2. November registriert. Nach Angaben der Georgetown Universität in Washington D.C. leben knapp acht Millionen Muslime in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. Umfragen zufolge werden die meisten für Kerry stimmen - rund 40 Prozent.

Zu Bush [BGW968] bekennen sich Hossain zufolge nur 23 %. Knapp 30 % seien noch unentschlossen. Andere Umfragen sprechen sogar von rund 80 % für Kerry + weit unter zehn % für Bush [BGW968].
27.Okt.2004 Vor vier Jahren noch hatte US-Präsident Bush [BGW968] [BGW968] die amerikanischen Muslime auf seiner Seite. Dann kam der 11. September 2001, drastische Sicherheitsmaßnahmen, der Irak-Krieg und eine halbherzige Nahost-Politik. Nur noch die wenigsten US-Muslime wollen Bush [BGW968] - obwohl aus ihrer Sicht vieles für den Konservativen spricht.

27.Okt.2004 Nahost: Verwirrung um Arafats Gesundheitszustand (

27.Okt.2004 US-Wahlkampf: 36 Zeitungen wenden sich von Bush [BGW968] ab

27.Okt.2004 Bagdad: Irakischer Oppositioneller erschossen

Sunspot Activity at 8,000-Year High
NASA Scientist: Bush [BGW968] Stifles Global Warming Evidence
Physicists Say Big Bang was 'Nothing Special'
Mars Rovers: Still Squeezing Out Science
NASA Works to Lower Shuttle, ISS Flight Risk
Kerry Promises 'A More Balanced' NASA
Get Ready for Wednesday: Top 10 Lunar Eclipse Facts
Franken-Rodent: Rat Neurons in a Dish Play Flight Simulator
Cassini Snaps Closest Images Ever of Saturn's Moon Titan
27.Okt.2004 23:18
England: Mystery cloaks 3,000-year-old chalk carving in English countryside By: ED JOHNSON (Wed, Nov/13/2002)
The White Horse in Uffington, Oxordshire, England, is set in a dramatic landscape, sculpted by the glaciers of the last Ice Age + stands guard over the undulating, verdant farmland in the valley below. (AP)
UFFINGTON, England - Galloping across the Berkshire Downs, yet never getting anywhere, the White Horse of Uffington is one of the great mysteries of the English countryside.
The stylized figure, some 360 feet long, was gouged from the white chalk bedrock some 3,000 years ago. But why and by whom remains an enigma.
"The latest theory is that it was dedicated to the Celtic goddess Epona who represented the triumph of good over evil," says Sharon Smith, curator of a small museum behind the village church in Uffington.
Over the centuries, legends and folklore have gathered around the horse. Historians in the 18th century argued the elegant design was ordered by King Alfred to celebrate his victory over the pagan Danes in 871.
Others say the design was cut by Hengist, the leader of Anglo Saxon hordes in the 5th century, in the image of the horse on his standard. Folklore also claims the chalk carving is not a horse at all, but the dragon killed by St. George, England's patron saint.
"None of these myths can tell us who made the horse or why," says David Miles, chief archaeologist at English Heritage. "But we can say when it was made and how."
Miles surveyed the site in the 1990s and discovered the horse was made by digging trenches 3 feet deep and filling it with rammed chalk.
Using a process called Optical Stimulated Luminescence, Miles and his team from the Oxford Archaeological Unit determined the lower levels of chalk were last exposed to sunlight in the late Bronze Age, some 3,000 years ago. "Which makes it by far the oldest chalk hill figure in England," Miles says.
The horse is set in a dramatic landscape, sculpted by the glaciers of the last Ice Age + stands guard over the undulating, verdant farmland in the valley below. Although partially visible for miles around, the full shape can only truly be seen from the air, suggesting it had a strong religious significance.
"If the horse was built for the ancestors to see from up in the sky, it was very well placed," Miles says.
"In the late Bronze Age horse riding was very new and of great significance. Horses were regarded not only as a powerful weapon but were also seen as an important religious animal.
"There is thought to have been a cult worshipping a horse + one of these symbols was the horse pulling sun chariots through the sky."
The White Horse is easy to find. The charming village of Uffington, in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside, is a mere 2 hours drive from London.
From there, visitors can drive a couple of miles to a small car park and take an easy 20-minute walk across the grassy downs to see the figure close up.
Some say the horse marks one of many ley-lines crisscrossing the country, and the eye of the horse is said to mark the point where the earth's force is particularly intense.
"The local folklore has it if you turn round three times in the eye of the horse and make a wish, it will be granted," Smith says.
The National Trust, which owns the site, prefers visitors do not stand on the carving, however.
Smith is a fountain of knowledge about Uffington's history and happy to chat with visitors about the many customs and rituals that have grown up around the chalk carving.
One such ritual is the "scouring," when locals would gather to clean the chalk and keep it free of grass. Archives show the scouring of 1857 drew thousands of people from neighboring counties and London, eager to see the horse and take part in games such as pig chasing and greasy pole climbing.
"Local people are very proud of their horse," Smith says. "The old people always comment on it. One of the local sayings is, 'When the horse looks close, it is going to rain, but when the horse looks far away, it is going to be fine."'
The White Horse is just one of many reasons to take a weekend break from London to visit the countryside in Oxfordshire.
Lush pastureland and fields of corn stretch to the horizon. Winding country lanes, lined with hedgerows bursting with flowers, lead to picturesque villages and market towns complete with thatched cottages dating back to the 16th century.
Traditional inns preserve the great traditions of the English countryside - serving real ales such as Old Speckled Hen and Green King and fresh country produce, including pheasant, duck and trout.
This corner of Oxfordshire, replete with thousands of years of history and the enduring mystery of the White Horse, is rural England at its very best. Article's URL:

27.Okt.2004 AP Worldstream; 4/4/2002; ED JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer

Dateline: UFFINGTON, England Galloping across the Berkshire Downs, yet never getting anywhere, the White Horse of Uffington is one of the great mysteries of the English countryside.

The stylized figure, some 110 meters (360 feet) long, was gouged from the white chalk bedrock some 3,000 years ago. But why and by whom remains an enigma.

"The latest theory is that it was dedicated to the Celtic goddess Epona who represented the triumph of good over evil," says Sharon Smith, curator of a small museum behind the village church in Uffington.

Over the centuries, legends and fo...

27.Okt.2004 Lem’s novel points to one of the central principles of contemporary life: The ability to manipulate simulations is a form of power and the inability to see through simulations is a form of powerlessness. Those who manipulate appearances, today, exercise power over those who are taken in by appearances.

Fortunately, it is also possible for millions of people to be in on the unmasking of simulations, which is what happens every time television news programs expose the way candidates stage events. The same technology and human ingenuity that are causing simulation confusion are also providing us with ways not to be fooled - for those willing to search for the truth behind appearances.

27.Okt.2004 Bin Laden is in China This confirms Gordon Thomas, a journalist with contacts in the most important intelligence services. The terrorist had reached an agreement with China, which now negotiates its surrender with Bush [BGW968]. It is his greatest electoral trick. 

Translated from El Mundo Gordon Thomas 
13.Oct.2004 "
El Mundo " -During the home stretch of the USA elections, Osama bin Laden could prove to be the ace in the sleeve of president Bush [BGW968]. As we speak, Washington is negotiating a highly secretive agreement with Beijing, the Chinese capital, for the eviction of bin Laden from his sanctuary in the turbulent Muslim provinces of China, in the Northwest of the Great Wall nation. 
27.Okt.2004 The capture of Bin Laden would virtually guarantee the reelection of Bush [BGW968] Jr., as it would confirm to the millions of undecided voters of the USA that the war against terrorism was judstified after Bin Laden had authorized the attacks of 9/11 against New York and Washington. 
"A new administration Bush [BGW968] would present China as its great new ally in the war against terrorism. China would enjoy in Washington the status of a most favored nation with all of its facets. Contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars would be approved by fast track. The history of human rights violations in China would be ignored," confirmed last week a high-level representative of the Pentagon. He added that only a small number of "members of very high rank" in the Bush [BGW968] administration knew about the plan to "seize Bin Laden in exchange for a special relationship with China." With almost certainty, among them would be the vice-president, Dick Cheney + the defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld. 
Agreeing to speak under anonymity, the functionary offered details of the plan to capture Osama Bin Laden as a means to keep Bush [BGW968] in the White House. He explained that this is not the first time that an USA administration has resorted to similar maneuvers during an electoral campaign. 
Towards the end of the presidency of Jimmy Carter, a secret deal was signed between the then future president of the USA, Ronald Reagan + Iran, in which the USA diplomats, who had been kidnapped in Teheran, the Capital of Iran, would be freed the very day that Ronald Reagan would be inaugurated to the White House. 
According to Ari Ben-Menashe, the former national security advisor of the Israeli government of Yitzhak Shamir, " they paid an enormous sum of money to the Ayatollas of Iran." Ben-Menashe affirms that this deal formed a pivotal piece in the negotiations that later became known as Reagan's October surprise. 
Theresa on the campaign trail 
27.Oct.2004 Ziemlich klar ist jedenfalls, was den Homo floresiensis auslöschte: ein Vulkanausbruch vor etwa 12.000 Jahren. Er ebnete den Regenwald, den natürlichen Lebensraum des Homo floresiensis, ein und rottete so die "Hobbits" ebenso aus wie ihr bevorzugtes Jagdwild, die Zwergelefanten.
Bleibt die Frage, wie ein Meter große Menschlein die bis zu drei Meter langen Komodo-Drachen jagen konnten, die auch Ziegen, Wasserbüffel und gelegentlich sogar Menschen anfallen. Ganz einfach, erklärt Mark Morwood: "Die Drachen sind am Morgen, wenn es kalt ist, ziemlich träge. Sie hätten einfach hingehen und sie mit einem Stein bewusstlos schlagen können."
27.Oct.2004 Forscher entdecken neue Menschen-Art -Auf der indonesischen Insel Flores haben Forscher die Überreste einer bislang unbekannten Unterart der Spezies Mensch gefunden. Der Homo floresiensis war winzig und hatte ein sehr kleines Gehirn. Dennoch jagte er Drachen und Mini-Elefanten. Erst vor 13.000 Jahren verschwand der neu entdeckte Urmensch.

27.Okt.2004 Preiserhöhungen: Trittin bezeichnet Stromkonzerne als Abzocker

(Wirtschaft, 19:34) US-Folter in Afghanistan: "Sie haben uns stundenlang mit Schlagstöcken geprügelt"

27.Okt.2004 Hobbits in Indonesien: Forscher entdecken neue Menschen-Art

27.Okt.2004 Börse am Nachmittag: Ölpreis sinkt, Dax steigt

27.Okt.2004 Bundeshaushalt: "Die Löcher sind doch gar nicht neu"

(Wirtschaft, 18:00) Interview mit SPE-Fraktionschef Schulz: "Ich erwarte jetzt Buttigliones Verzicht"

(Politik, 17:52)Streikfolgen: Opel kündigt Werksblockierern

Wirtschaft, 17:41) Atomstreit: Iran schlägt Angebot der EU aus

27.Okt.2004 US-Wahlkampf: Wählen im Namen Allahs

(Politik, 17:31) Demokratie im Ausnahmezustand: Die verhüllte Freiheitsstatue

(Kultur, 17:29) Debatte: Europa bleibt liberal. Basta.

Bin Laden is in China - [ Diese Seite übersetzen ]
NEWS YOU WON'T FIND ON CNN. Bin Laden is in China This confirms Gordon Thomas , a
journalist with contacts in the most important intelligence services. ... - 16k

Epona The Hutchinson Dictionary of the Arts; 01.Jan.1998 Epona In Celtic mythology, goddess of horses + stables, worshipped by Celtic units in the Roman army. She is often associated with the downland white horses carved in chalk hillsides. Helicon Publishing Ltd. 1998. All rights reserved

27.Okt.2004 Mystery cloaks 3,000-year-old chalk carving in English countryside
AP Worldstream; April 4, 2002; ED JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer  ... years ago. But why + by whom remains an enigma.

Epona who represented the triumph of good over evil," says Sharon Smith, curator of a small museum behind the village church ...

27.Okt.2004 "A nation can survive its fools + even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very hall of government itself. For the traitor appears not traitor - he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims + he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation - he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city - he infects the body politic so that is can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared." - Cicero, 42 B.C.

00.000.1997 The New Culture War/ Ken Sanes

There is a culture war brewing in America. It pits two groups of people with very different ideas about the future shape of this society. On one side, are cultural elites who are defending their own power and position. On the other is a smaller, less powerful, group of people who believe they have morality on their side + who accuse the first group of undermining America's values.

But this culture war isn't the deadening conflict between the left and right that has been going on for the last two decades. The people who claim to have morality on their side aren't the Robert Borks and Pat Robertsons. Nor do they want to return America to the kind of family-centered society we had in the 1950s.

This is another political conflict, one that could end up occupying center stage in the next few years. On one side are many of those who control television, politics, news and the most of the rest of public culture. It includes not merely Hollywood producers and other favorite targets of the right, but also many leaders of both the major political parties, the corporations and the burgeoning computer industry.

On the other side, pointing the accusing finger, are critics who say that those who control America have sold us out. Although they may phrase it in different ways, all complain that America's power elites have given us a new kind of culture that turns much of what it touches into a form of fiction. It specializes in converting reality into "unreality" and producing simplified and exaggerated images that it can sell to us or use as marketing ploys to sell virtually everything else.

The critics who are making this complaint have been around for some time, as has the culture of unreality they oppose. But this fight is only now beginning to break out into the larger society as this culture becomes so pervasive, it is eclipsing virtually every other element of public life.

Lets look at some of its products to understand why it is provoking so much opposition:

27.Oct.2004 Introduction
The New Culture War

A new political battle is being fought against the culture of the image. Here's what the scene of battle looks like from a distance. This and the next two pieces provide a good general overview of the ideas in this section. The last piece in the section provides a more detailed theoretical overview of the same issues.
Faking It This appeared in the Boston Globe in.  

27.Oct.2004 3. Simulation Confusion
Culture of Deception We are constantly confusing simulations for what they imitate.

We do so by accident + because a great many people profit by tricking us. Our governing elites now largely rely on deceptive appearances to maintain their wealth + power.
27.Oct.2004 Web   Ergebnisse 1 - 100 von ungefähr 2.050 für orson welles 1938 experiment

27.Oct.2004 More to the point, we live in a time in which the ability to create deceptive simulations, especially for television, has become essential to the exercise of power. And the inability to see through these deceptions has become a form of powerlessness. Those who let themselves be taken in by the multiple deceptions of politics, news, advertising and public relations, are doomed, like the more gullible members of the radio audience in 1938, to play a role in other people's dramas, while mistakenly believing that they are reacting to something genuine.

The Age of Simulation

27.Oct.2004 One might say that War of the Worlds and the game show scandal foreshadowed the age of simulation that was still to come. Allowing for a little poetic overstatement, the Milli Vanilli scandal served as a rite of passage or symbolic marker, making clear that we now live in an age of simulation confusion in which our tendency to mistake fakes for what they imitate has become one of the characteristic problems of the age.

27.Oct.2004 As in the previous two instances, there was a stunned response. But unlike the experience of 1938 or even the 1950s, the social context was different because simulations had become commonplace + attempts to use them to trick the public were the rule rather than the exception. Also by this time, a global culture had developed, which meant that tens of millions of people around the world were drawn into the same illusion

27.Oct.2004 But in 1990, it happened again. Audiences around the world discovered that they were taken in by the ultimate Hollywood illusion in which two performers faked their own talent, lip-syncing, to create the impression they were singing. What millions of fans had believed were two talented singers was actually a composite, another seamless interweaving of sensory simulations in which two people provided the visuals, while vocalists provided the audio.

27.Oct.2004 In the 1950s, America had another taste of the power that simulations have, to draw people into a world of delusional fantasy, when paired with mass communications. This time it was revealed that a number of television game shows were simulations, in which contestants who knew the answers ahead of time were pretending to guess at their responses. But unlike the invasion from Mars, here the fakery was unambiguously intentional; it was the work of producers who had concluded they could create fictional game shows that would be more exciting than the real thing.

Once again, there was a shocked reaction from the public. Once again, those involved became objects of public anger. And, as happened with the Orson Welles broadcast, an effort was made to ensure that such manipulations wouldn't recur.

27.Oct.2004 In a prescient column, in the New York Tribune, Dorothy Thompson foresaw that the broadcast revealed the way politicians could use the power of mass communications to create theatrical illusions, to manipulate the public.

"All unwittingly, Mr. Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater of the Air have made one of the most fascinating and important demonstrations of all time," she wrote. "They have proved that a few effective voices, accompanied by sound effects, can convince masses of people of a totally unreasonable, completely fantastic proposition as to create a nation-wide panic.

"They have demonstrated more potently than any argument, demonstrated beyond a question of a doubt, the appalling dangers and enormous effectiveness of popular and theatrical demagoguery....

"Hitler managed to scare all of Europe to its knees a month ago, but he at least had an army and an air force to back up his shrieking words.

"But Mr. Welles scared thousands into demoralization with nothing at all."

27.Oct.2004 News of the panic (which was conveyed via genuine news reports) quickly generated a national scandal. There were calls, which never went anywhere, for government regulations of broadcasting to ensure that a similar incident wouldn't happen again. The victims were also subjected to ridicule, a reaction that can commonly be found, today, when people are taken in by simulations. A cartoon in the New York World-Telegram, for example, portrayed a character who confuses the simulations of the entertainment industry with reality. In one box, the character is shown trying to stick his hand into the radio to shake hands with Amos n' Andy. In another, he reports to a police officer that there is "Black magic!!! There's a little wooden man -- Charlie McCarthy -- and he's actually talking!"

27.Oct.2004 As it listened to this simulation of a news broadcast, created with voice acting and sound effects, a portion of the audience concluded that it was hearing an actual news account of an invasion from Mars. People packed the roads, hid in cellars, loaded guns, even wrapped their heads in wet towels as protection from Martian poison gas, in an attempt to defend themselves against aliens, oblivious to the fact that they were acting out the role of the panic-stricken public that actually belonged in a radio play. Not unlike Stanislaw Lem's deluded populace, people were stuck in a kind of virtual world in which fiction was confused for fact.

27.Oct.2004 Hold on, will you please, I'll be back in a minute."

As it listened to this simulation of a news broadcast, created with voice acting and sound effects, a portion of the audience concluded that it was hearing an actual news account of an invasion from Mars. People packed the roads, hid in cellars, loaded guns, even wrapped their heads in wet towels as protection from Martian poison gas, in an attempt to defend themselves against aliens, oblivious to the fact that they were acting out the role of the panic-stricken public that actually belonged in a radio play. Not unlike Stanislaw Lem's deluded populace, people were stuck in a kind of virtual world in which fiction was confused for fact.

27.Okt.2004 Bochum/Hamburg/Rüsselsheim - "Beide Kündigungen liegen uns vor", bestätigte am Mittwoch Lothar Marquardt vom Betriebsrat Opel Bochum. Einer der betroffenen Mitarbeiter sei ebenfalls Mitglied des Betriebsrates.
Die fristlosen Kündigungen wurden vom Betriebsrat zurückgewiesen, sagte Marquardt. Nähere Angaben wollte er zu den laufenden Verfahren nicht machen. Beide Fälle könnten jetzt vor dem Arbeitsgericht in Bochum verhandelt werden.
Die Kündigungen hätten nichts damit zu tun, dass die Betroffenen sich an der Arbeitsniederlegung beteiligt hatten, teilte Opel am Mittwoch in Bochum mit. Beide Mitarbeiter hätten auf andere Weise gegen ihre arbeitsvertraglichen Pflichten verstoßen. "Die Verstöße schließen die Bedrohung von Arbeitskollegen und Nötigung ein", hieß es in der Stellungnahme. Ob intern gegen weitere Mitarbeiter ermittelt wird, konnte der Sprecher nicht sagen.
"Bild" für Bush [BGW968]: Versuchsballon für Bundestagswahl?

27.Okt.2004 Streikfolgen: Opel kündigt Werksblockierern

27.Okt.2004 EU-Kommission: Barroso will sein Team umbilden

27.Okt.2004 Der Tiefflug soll den Abwurf der europäischen Tochtersonde "Huygens" im Januar 2005 vorbereiten und deren Operationsgebiet erkunden, erläuterte die Europäische Weltraumorgansation (ESA). Am 14. Januar 2005 wird sich "Huygens" in die Gashülle des Saturn-Trabanten stürzen und eine Landung versuchen. "Cassini" wird weiter um den Saturn kreisen.

Die Doppelsonde "Cassini-Huygens" hatte im Sommer nach sieben Jahren Flugzeit den Planeten erreicht und spektakuläre Fotos von dessen legendärem Ringsystem zur Erde gefunkt.
27.Okt.2004 Titan hüllt sich in Wolken - Der haarscharfe Vorbeiflug am Saturnmond Titan ist geglückt. Die ersten, relativ unscharfen Fotos des rätselhaften Himmelskörpers, die "Cassini" zur Erde funkte, sind die besten Nahaufnahmen, die es von Titan gibt.

Beim gemeinsamen Projekt von Nasa und Esa lief alles wie am Schnürchen: Die Doppelsonde "Cassini-Huygens" näherte sich bis auf 1200 Kilometer dem Mond Titan + schoss rund 500 Fotos.

Wegen der großen Entfernung zur Erde (1,3 Milliarden Kilometer) brauchte ein Bild eine Stunde: 14 Minuten, bis es die Bodenstation erreichte.
27.Okt.2004 Bush [BGHW948] senior, US-Präsident von 1988-1992 + Vater von Amtsinhaber Bush [BGW968] der einst gesagt hatte, dass USA Familien näher bei den glatt gebügelten "Waltons" als bei den flippigen "Simpsons" sein sollten.
27.Okt.2004 Umfrage "Welcher US-amerikanische TV-Charakter soll ins Weiße Haus einziehen?" beteiligten, entschieden sich die meisten für das träge, etwas moppelige Oberhaupt der Familie aus Springfield. Der chronisch unterspannte Angestellte eines Atomkraftwerks mit ausgeprägter Vorliebe für Bier soll im Oval Office künftig das Zepter schwingen - getreu seinem Ausspruch in einer Folge: "Keine große Regierung, nur große Taillenumfänge." Es werde, zitiert ihn die "Radio Times", "mit mir als Präsidenten weniger Nuklear-Katastrophen geben als mit mir als nuklearen Sicherheits-Inspektor".
27.Okt.2004 Das Gerät gegen Sprachschwierigkeiten besteht aus einer Handvoll Elektroden und einer Batterie. Legt man die Elektroden für 20 Minuten am Kopf an und lässt den vergleichsweise geringen Strom von 0.002 Ampere durch den Kopf fließen, dann setzen die eigenen Sprachkünste zu einem Höhenflug an.
Der Schwachstrom führe zu einer "signifikanten Verbesserung" der Fähigkeiten, ohne das dabei Nebenwirkungen auftraten, berichtete die amerikanische Forscherin Meenakshi Iyer vom National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke in Maryland auf einer Tagung der Society for Neuroscience in San Diego.
Die 103 Freiwilligen hätten ihren Experimenten anfangs äußerst skeptisch gegenüber gestanden: "Ich musste ihnen zu Beginn alles ganz genau erklären", sagte die Wissenschaftlerin nach Angaben des Newsdienstes von "Nature". Aber nachdem sie die Kandidaten überzeugt habe, dass der fließende Strom harmlos sei, habe es keine Schwierigkeiten mehr gegeben.
27.Okt.2004 Noch erwarten Bundesbank und Wirtschaftsforscher 1,5 Prozent Wachstum für 2005, die Regierung ist etwas optimistischer.
27.Okt.2004 "Damit ist das Jahr 2004, was den Konsum als Konjunkturmotor betrifft, mehr oder weniger gelaufen. Auch zum Jahresende sind keine spürbaren Impulse mehr zu erwarten", sagte Bürkl. Den bislang besonders unter der fehlenden Kauflaune leidenden Branchen konnte er denn auch keine Hoffnung auf baldige Besserung machen. "Gegenwärtig ist es eher unwahrscheinlich, dass die Verbraucher kurzfristig ihre Zurückhaltung aufgeben werden", sagte der Experte. Der Indikator für die Konsumneigung sei um 1,2 auf minus 28,6 Punkte zurückgegangen. Die fehlende Kauflaune der Deutschen gilt als Hindernis für einen kräftigeren Wirtschaftsaufschwung in Deutschland.
27.Okt.2004 Mozart war 1791 in Wien im Alter von 35 Jahren gestorben und zunächst in einem Armengrab auf dem Wiener Friedhof St. Marx beigesetzt worden. Erst Jahre später wurde der Leichnam exhumiert und in ein Einzelgrab verlegt. Bis heute ist allerdings umstritten, ob es sich bei dem Skelett wirklich um den Komponisten handelte.
PR-Patzer: Australische "Financial Times" säuft ab

27.Okt.2004 Konsumklima: Die Angst lähmt den Aufschwung

27.Okt.2004 Elektroden am Kopf: Schwachstrom bringt Hirn auf Trab

27.Okt.2004 Zwiebelfisch: Der angedrohte Wille

27.Okt.2004 Institutionskonflikt: Schröder sorgt sich um Arbeitsfähigkeit der EU

27.Okt.2004 Schnellster Zeppelin aller Zeiten: US-Milliardär Fossett stellt Weltrekord auf

27.Okt.2004 Machtkampf in Straßburg: EU-Parlament erzwingt Rückzieher von Barroso

Download the Final Program (4.7MB)

Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle's (D-S.D.) Views on Neuroscience

New Understanding of Neural Circuits May Help Speed Development of Thought-Controlled Prosthetic Devices for Paralyzed

Early Life Stress Harms Mental Function and Immune System in Later Years, According to New Research

Several New Techniques Show Promise for Spinal Cord Repair

Marijuana-Like Compounds May Aid Array of Debilitating Conditions Ranging From Parkinson's Disease to Pain

27.Okt.2004 Machtkampf in Straßburg: Barroso bittet um EU-Krisensitzung

27.Okt.2004 Waffenembargo gegen China: SPD und Grüne stellen sich gegen Schröder

(Politik, 13:10) Wahlkampf-Bilanz: Sex, Lügen und zwei Pseudo-Helden

27.Okt.2004 Britische Exzentrik: Leprakolonie mit hohen Promillezahlen

27.Okt.2004 Banken-Krise: Breuer kündigt den großen Umbruch an

27.Okt.2004 Mozart-Schädel: Gentest soll Authentizität beweisen

27.Okt.2004 Ego-Test: Sind Sie ein Narziss?

27.Okt.2004 Abzugspläne: Nach dem Sieg feuert Scharon Minister

27.Okt.2004 USA Splendor": Ein Bild von einem Loser

27.Okt.2004 Opinion: Pants on Fire?

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27.Okt.2004 Der Versuch, seinen bürgerlichen Rechten nachzukommen, scheiterte, bevor er richtig begonnen hatte.

Der Amerikaner Philip Sutherland, in München für Siemens tätig, wollte sich für die Präsidentschaftswahlen als Briefwähler registrieren lassen.

Für den 46-Jährigen eine Premiere, nie zuvor hatte er gewählt. Doch diesmal drängt es ihn an die Urne: "Ich will Bush [BGW968] abwählen", sagt er.
Sutherland ging auf eine Internet-Seite, die die US-Regierung extra für Auslandsamerikaner eingerichtet hatte.

Doch nichts klappte. "Ich konnte die Seite nicht aufrufen", sagt Sutherland. An eine simple Panne glaubt er nicht. Denn wie ihm ging es Millionen Auslandsamerikanern.

In über 20 Ländern scheiterten sie am Versuch, sich für die Wahl anzumelden.
Verantwortlich für das fehlerbehaftete Registrierverfahren ist das US-Verteidigungsministerium - + so manch ausgebooteter Wähler munkelt von dunklen Mächten und Manipulation:

Hat das Pentagon zivile Wähler im Ausland mit Absicht behindert?

Diese Zielgruppe gilt eher als demokratisch. Sie auszubremsen nützt Bush [BGW968].
Tatsache ist, dass die Internet-Blockade erst beendet wurde, als sich USA Kongressabgeordnete einschalteten.

Da aber waren die Verzögerungen bereits so erheblich, dass viele Stimmen zu spät in den USA eintreffen werden.

Erst seit vergangener Woche können sich Wahlwillige Not-Wahlzettel aus dem Internet herunterladen. Das aber auch nur, wenn sie schon als Wähler registriert sind.
Übrig bleibt ein fader Beigeschmack. Werden im "Land of the Free", der Wiege der Demokratie, schon wieder ganz ungeniert Wahlen beeinflusst? Die Indizien dafür häufen sich.
Abstimmung über EU-Team: Barroso bittet um Aufschub

27.Okt.2004 Wahlempfehlung: "Bild" kämpft für Bush [BGW968]

27.Okt.2004 Umfrage: Deutsche rechnen mit Kerry-Sieg

27.Okt.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Deine blöde Ehrlichkeit!"

27.Okt.2004 Abzugspläne: Nach dem Sieg feuert Scharon Minister

27.Okt.2004 Hirnforschung: Gehirnprothese besteht erste Tests

27.Okt.2004 Umfrage: Nur noch knappe Mehrheit für Union und FDP

27.Okt.2004 Musik via Internet und Satellit: MP3s aufnehmen statt kaufen

27.Okt.2004 Steuerverschwendung: Freibrief für mehr Mauschelei

27.Okt.2004 Sprengstoff-Affäre: US-Truppe soll nichts gegen Plünderer unternommen haben

27.Okt.2004 But the really big deal is this....

all of ES&S's touch screen machines contain modems, "allowing them to communicate - + be communicated with - while they are in operation," reports Bollyn.

That communication capability includes satellites.

"Even computers not connected to modems or an electronic network can still be manipulated offsite, not during the election, but certainly before or after," says voting systems expert Dr. Rebecca Mercuri.

ES&S supplied the touch screens for Miami-Dade and Broward counties where the worst machine failures occurred.

But the debacle was nothing new for ES&S. Associated Press (AP) reporter Jessica Fargen wrote in 00.Jun.2000,

"Venezuela's president + the head of the nation's election board accused ES&S of trying to destabilize the country's electoral process.

In the USA, four states have reported problems with equipment supplied by the company.

Faulty ES&S machines used in Hawaii's 1998 elections forced that state's first-ever recount."

Sequoia is another voting systems company that sends a cold chill down my spine. "Mob ties, bribery, felony convictions, and threats of coercion are visible in the public record of the election services company," according to investigative journalist + filmmaker Daniel Hopsicker + reported in Hopsicker says that Pasquale "Rocco" Ricci, a 65-year-old senior executive with Sequoia, # the firm's Louisiana representative, recently pled guilty to passing out as much as $10 million dollars in bribes over the course of almost an entire decade."

According to USA Law Education Rights & Taxation (ALERT), Ricci is the president of Sequoia International, which also manufactures casino slot machines.

That's just great. Now, we could possibly have both the Russian mafia + the USA mafia involved in our elections.

00.May 2002 Sequoia was bought by De La Rue, based in England.

By their own estimate, De La Rue is "the world's largest commercial security printer + papermaker, involved in the production of over 150 national currencies + a wide range of security documents such as travelers checks + vouchers.

Employing almost 7,000 people across 31 countries, (De La Rue) is also a leading provider of cash handling equipment + software solutions to banks + retailers worldwide." +

De La Rue develop technology for secure passports, identity cards, + driver's licenses.

Okay, add Dr. Evil to the mix and be on the look-out for international money launderers, drug kingpins + Nazis.

27.Okt.2004 Israeli Moving Van Mystery Deepens
The leader of the two Israelis arrested after leading police on a high speed chase in a moving van last Saturday in rural Tennessee is the son of the spokesman for the Likud Party of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, the MadCowMorningNews has learned. 
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27.Okt.2004 COINTELPRO 11.Sep.2001 9.11 - Peak Oil & 'The Level Above Saudi' 
00.000.1984-00.000.2004 -Exactly twenty years late, arrived in USA with a vengeance on this month’s third anniversary of the 9/11 attack.

Billing themselves as the “9/11 Truth Movement," a group which has been aggressively spamming on the Internet for several years held a press conference in New York City on the third anniversary of the attack. Read Full Story
2007 -Erst wird es wieder eine von Deutschland aus sichbare totale Mondfinsternis geben;

00.000.2005+00.000.2006 kommt es nur zu einer Teilfinsternis. Viele Sternwarten werden in der Nacht zum Donnerstag geöffnet haben,

27.Okt.2004 Fred’s message ( The 9/11 X-Files - A review of The New Pearl Harbor)   was enthusuatic, but a little stilted, like a book review in English class.  He sounded about as sincere as sincere can be,  but what he sincerely wanted me to know sounded more than a little dubious.  “This is the by far best book I've seen on the 9/11 cover-up,” gushes Fred, about “The New Pearl Harbor,” by David Ray Griffin a theology professor at Claremont college.  “It has already woken up many, many thousands of people… I can't recommend this book highly enough.”

We mulled over Fred’s advice.  Apparently a groundswell of public opinion was developing around the central premise that Divinity Professors are an underused resource in homicide investigations. 

We’d somehow missed it. On the off-chance that there was something else in play, we wondered: who the f- is Fred? 

And we were, of course, shocked —shocked! —when we discovered that Fred—and this is a  coincidence!—used to work for + sometimes still does, President Bush [BGW968], who was the beneficiary of a campaign by Fred to get people to pray for him.

We thought: isn't that precious. Then we read this quote from Fred: "I'll be sitting in a room with President Bush [BGW968] + President Megawati of Indonesia helping them to communicate with each other by interpreting. Several other top government leaders from the US and Indonesia will be present. What I like to do in these meetings whenever I'm not interpreting is to channel divine love to everyone present."

Now we thought: isn't that creepy.

Here again we feel that maybe we've missed something... Has Fred's boss (and prayer buddy!) Bush [BGW968] suddenly changed course and come out for full disclosure of the truth about 9/11?

You can appreciate the problem. 

Famous Chicago Nelson Algren had a list of prohibitions. "Never play cards with a man named 'Doc.' Never eat at a restaurant named 'Mom's.' And never sleep with anyone with more problems than you."

The Graduates of 9/11 Clown College have today prompted us to add to Nelsen Algren’s List.  “Never trust anyone  trying to convince you Professors of Theology know any hot skinny at all about the 9/11 attack.” 
"Weekending with Just Plain Folks" 

We discovered that— as it happens— Fred is an associate of Mike Ruppert's and Inquiry organizer Carol Brouillet. They all spent a weekend together last year speaking to a Unitarian Universalist’s Social Justice Committee shindig in Berkeley. 

Anyone 'down' for a weekend called "Coup Against the People” (whether pro or con wasn't specified) is clearly on relatively intimate terms with his or her fellow speakers. Its not like they just bumped into each other while presenting at the People’s Choice Awards. 

A weekend with the Social Justice Committee probably isn’t the hottest ticket in town. We doubt there were very few “walk-ins” showing up after seeing all the excitement. 

We don't mean to suggest Fred’s employment by the Bush family disqualifies him from recommending books.

We do mean to suggest he peddle his bullshit elsewhere + not spam our mailbox with his puerile posturing that we never asked to receive. “The critical mass needed to create powerful, positive changes in this world is slowly awakening!" gushes Fred. "Thanks for playing your part in this + please continue to help by spreading the word! Take care and have a great week ahead!”

27.Okt.2004 Real Skinny, Unretouched

Because the most extraordinarily-damning fact that’s been dredged up so far about the 9/11 attack is this one, unearthed in Florida: 

During the same month that Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi began flying lessons at his flight school, the flight school owner’s Lear jet was seized by DEA agents who found 43 pounds of heroin aboard.”

It goes to the heart of the relationship between Mohamed Atta and his Hamburg cadre and their criminal hosts here in the USA + leads directly to the network supporting, employing, +/or doing business with the terrorists.

It is likely this is the point of conspiracies pointing in other directions, towards, say, Sirius the Dog Star. 

After restricting access to evidence and witnesses with inconvenient knowledge about the attack + clamping down on the major media, "Keeping the lid on" probably required infiltrating Bush Crime Family operatives into independent citizen's investigations into the  9/11 attack. 

So someone came up with this brilliant idea...

27.Okt.2004 “Send in The Clowns.” 
Remember the “Remote Controllers?” You don’t hear about them anymore. But the fecund minds at Camp Disinformation had a dozen other equally colorful and implausible scenarios up their sleeve.
  No Plane Hit the Pentagon. Explosives in the WTC.  And our personal favorite, See The Flash, pointing out to new initiates the pods beneath the wings of the hijacked planes.
  Clowns formed the false opposition—people pretending to oppose those to whom they secretly owe allegiance. Like the Phony Bought-Off Left before them, planted to divert and deflect the attention of the only medium  which wasn't completely under control  at the time of the 9/11 attack.
  It started when we received several dozen spams from  previously-unknown individuals who needed to tell us of their delight in a new book. One typical message came from someone named "Fred Burks" at something named
27.Okt.2004 It was as if the president's loyalty lay more with Saudi Arabia than with America's safety,” said Sen. Bob Graham in a comment met with thundering media silence. 

27.Okt.2004 "Big Fix 2004: Take 37"

Three years earlier...+ the firefighters cheering Bush [BGW968] during his visit to Ground Zero “weren’t cheering for regime change in Iraq,” wrote Maureen Dowd in the N.Y. Times. 

They wanted the head of Osama bin Laden.” (continued below.)

27.Okt.2004 The two-year long investigation into Mohamed Atta & his contacts and associates in Florida. 
Chapter One
27.Okt.2004 Four boxes contain the tools that effect political change,
XYZ ..BROKENLINKSBulge_poster.jpg">
27.Okt.2004 URL:
27.Okt.2004 Wreck the vote A
brand new ABC poll tells us that most Americans feel that we won't know who the new president will be on election night.
Who can blame them for being cynical? With each passing day -- hell, each passing hour -- we receive a clearer picture of a nationwide conservative plot to crush all hopes of a fair vote. Amy Goodman of Democracy Now has devoted an eye-opening segment to
this issue.
A round-up of a few recent warning signs:
26.Okt.2004 The bulge: A good illustration Some wonder why I make a huge deal of the "bulge" story. After all, our boys are dying in Iraq -- isn't that more important?
Indeed so. But debate cheating is no small matter + neither is presidential idiocy.

Neither is a hidden medical problem -- a theory arguably buttressed by the President's recent surprise trip to Crawford (at this time...!).

You may want to download XYZ ..BROKENLINKSBulge_poster.jpg">this image (it'll work nicely as a windshield broadsheet) which another researcher put together.

I'm a little stunned by the sight of Bush [BGW968]'s tailor, the wonderfully-named Georges de Paris.

How did Gimli get hold of Gandalf's wig? -->