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12.Aug.2006 Endgame- Google Maps RTS (beta) - CmdrTaco 84+ -jshanman writes

"Play the first Google Maps RTS!

Online players (2-25) randomly receive a set of countries with troop hitpoints based on real world population data.

To play: attack neutral and enemy countries in an effort to try to take over the world.

You have a 20% chance of receiving more troops when you overtake an enemy country.

More features to come! (currently in public beta status)."
Meinungsumfrage zum G8-Gipfel in Heiligendamm - Campinsky Video Dome 
Video-AktivistInnen vom Camp Insky machen eine Meinungsumfrage in Neubukow in der Naehe von Heiligendamm zum G8-Gipfel 2007, Privatisierung und den Folgen fuer die oertliche Bevoelkerung.

12.Aug.2006 Planes Remain Vulnerable Targets
With even the most sophisticated screening equipment unable to prevent terrorists from smuggling bomb ingredients on board a jetliner, a ban on many everyday items that could be used to trigger explosives may be coming. The way we travel could be changed forever.

11.Aug.2006 Tracking Your Cell Phone for Traffic Reports - CowboyNeal 66+ -BostonBTS writes

"IntelliOne Technologies has just launched a real-world test of Need4Speed, a real-time traffic-monitoring system that tracks drivers' cell phones. From their website: 'Unlike any other solution available today, the IntelliOne Roadway Speed Measurement System produces live roadway speeds for all highways and surface streets where mobile phone coverage exists, accurate to within three miles per hour.' Of course, any compulsory phone-tracking system raises privacy concerns. According to an article on LiveScience, 'the personal identification data of users will be stripped from cell phone signals before they are processed by IntelliOne's software.'

The cell phone companies have this data, but IntelliOne says they won't be keeping their copy."
Hoarders vs. Deleters- What Your Inbox Says - CmdrTaco 184+ -BlueCup writes

"You are your inbox. Take a clear-eyed look at how you answer or file each email. Notice what you choose to keep or delete. Consider your anxiety when your inbox is jammed with unanswered messages.

The makeup + tidiness of your inbox is a reflection of your habits, your mental health +, yes, even the way Mom + Dad raised you." I always knew my obsessive packratting said something important about me as a human being. 11.Aug.2006§ionid=18&id=67&Itemid=137
Israel 'set to widen offensive' - BBC News
Al Qaeda member held over foiled plot: Pakistan - SABC News
Castro to mark 80th birthday in recovery - Houston Chronicle
Al Qaida link to plot - Pakistan - Guardian Unlimited
UN: Deal on Middle East 'ceasefire' - Ynetnews
Can the GOP use terrorism to win - again? - CNN
British troops to launch offensive against Taliban - Glasgow Evening Times
LeT is part of al Qaeda compact: Narayanan - Hindu
EU Foreign Policy Chief in Middle East on Diplomatic Mission - Deutsche Welle
Russia, Iran presidents discuss Middle East conflict on phone - RIA Novosti
Lanka water battle boils - Times of India
Evidence points towards al-Qaeda and bin Laden - Sydney Morning Herald
UN steps up push for Lebanon deal - BBC News
Muslim leaders warn of terror plot 'backlash' - Monsters and

Castro to mark 80th birthday in recovery - Houston Chronicle
George Bush Seeks Political Gains From Foiled Airliner Plot
11.Aug.2006 Jane's Information Group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Established over 100 years ago, Jane ’ s Information Group has been described by CBS’ s 60 Minutes as "The closest thing to a commercial intelligence agency. ...'s_Information_Group
Jane's Information Group is the ultimate source for information in the world on the subjects of defence, geopolitics, transport and police. 09.Aug.2006 / / /
11.Aug.2006 Nahostkonflikt: Olmert stimmt Uno- Resolution zu
00.000.2003 an economic adviser to former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamed showcased the country’s readiness to establish the e-dinar system coinciding with their hosting of the Organization of the Islamic Conference summit the same year. Since Malaysia had healthy trade surpluses with most Islamic states, the scheme would mean that the country would be one of the biggest gainers from the dinar plan.
The industry-backed World Gold Council (WGC) in London said it was watching developments closely.

We would be interested if a new currency were to emerge backed with gold,” said one WGC director.
These are indeed interesting outlooks.

In Granada, Spain, Muslim shopkeepers agreed to start a project in which they would accept payments with the dinar + dirham.

This means that you can go to the supermarket and pay for your food in silver or even in gold.

It is mostly a test, but it shows that the gold + silver currency.

00.Nov.2000 -after the FL election of- Cynthia McKinney's questioning of ChoicePoint about the phony felons list that disenfranchsed 50,000 FL voters

caused ChoicePoint to finger its clients, Katherine Harris + Jeb Bush.

See Palast, "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy."
She is a hero. Everyone should see "American Blackout".
Watch her in action questioning Rummy and you'll see why she had to go. She'll be back!
# posted by WTC7WTF? : 9:17 AM  

01.Jan.2004 15:36:49 From: pedro calhau Blueprint for Plunder

The energy-task-force plan is a $20 billion subsidy to the ... leaders who used the provocation of terrorist attacks, continual wars,
Attorneys in Washington Hare Philip J Attorney · Hare- Jeffrey L. Attorney · Harfst- David L. Attorney · Hargrove- Emily K. Attorney · Harig- Lisa A. Attorney ...

11.Aug.2006 Experimental Psychology Libros - - Compras The Symlog Practitioner (2 Releases) Subtítulo: Applications of Small Group Research Editor: A. Paul Hare, Philip J . Stone - Richard Brian Polley

Washington Hare Philip J Atty · Harker Drew A Atty · Harkins Malcolm J III Atty · Harkless James M Lwyrs · Harman Scott A Lwyr · Harmon & Wilmot Pc Lwyrs ...

11.Aug.2006 Jihad Unspun - Al-Haznawi & The Tape: Why Now? In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Praise be to Allah who says, If ye have received a blow, the (disbelieving) people have received a ...

Jihad Unspun - The Unsual Case of Zacarias Moussaoui: In The Name ... Continued.

The Moussaoui case is only one of a number of indications that the US government had ample warning

that a major terrorist operation was under way ...
Terror- Ermittlungen: Bisher führt keine Spur nach Deutschland

11.Aug.2006 Libanon: Israelische Streitkräfte beschießen Flüchtlingskonvoi

11.Aug.2006 Terroralarm: Beckstein beklagt schlechte Zusammenarbeit

11.Aug.2006 Italien: Polizei nimmt 40 Personen fest
11.Aug.2006 Uno- Resolution: 15.000 Blauhelme sollen Frieden sichern

11.Aug.2006 Uno- Resolution: Israel setzt Sicherheitsrat mit Bodenoffensive unter Druck
11.Aug.2006 Terrorismus: Die Pakistan- Connection

11.Aug.2006 Krieg im Libanon: Uno- Menschenrechtsrat verurteilt Israels Vorgehen
11.Aug.2006 Sprudelnde Steuern: Unternehmer wollen Geld wiederhaben
11.Aug.2006 Unsichere Sicherheit: Fliegen nach 8/10
11.Aug.2006 Krieg in Nahost: Beiruts sogenannte Armee AN>Terrorverdächtige in London: Die gefährlich netten Jungs von nebenan
Umfragen in Israel: Rückhalt für Olmert schwindet
Intelligenzforschung: Gescheite, grantige Greise
11.Aug.2006 Nahost: Söhne von Scharon als Reservisten eingezogen

11.Aug.2006 Flüssigkeitsverbote: Duty- free- Läden fürchten den GAU
Kalifornien: Pornostar will gegen Schwarzenegger antreten

11.Aug.2006 Terrorkontrollen in Frankfurt: "Trinken Sie Ihren Hustensaft lieber gleich aus"
Allianz: Glänzendes Geschäft im ersten Halbjahr
11.Aug.2006 Viele tödliche Unfälle: Motorrad- Verband ruft zum defensiven Fahren auf
11.Aug.2006 Innere Sicherheit: Stunde der Schubladen- Hüter

11.Aug.2006 Immobilien- Aktien: Vom Ladenhüter zum Kassenschlager
Online- Auktion: Israeli bietet Katjuscha- Trümmer bei eBay an
11.Aug.2006 Flüchtlinge aus Afrika: EU überwacht Kanarische Inseln
11.Aug.2006 China: Taifun reißt Dutzende in den Tod
11.Aug.2006 Muslime in London: "Die Leute haben Angst vor mir"
11.Aug.2006 -

"Credible Public Figures"

11.Sep.2001 ----- a.m. -12 seconds before WTC1 collapse,

the tripod shakes + debris falls off the right side of the WTC1 building )
Note: The first 4 films compliment each other using Physics, Audio ... union.rm 4750 k.

From The Lone Gunman Series,

00.000.2001 -Springtime- wtc-lg.wmv 8041 k. wtcshake.mpg 4457 k. WTC-7: cutting charge flash at top, left of center. /
Total Shock -II (Pakistani Dragon)

This footage was shot by a camera mounted on a tripod. Notice how, moments before the collapse, ...
ToyotaUnderground.Net -
911 Forensic Seismology Shows Towers Were ... of seismic activity occuring just before one of the buildings collapse from the implosion :
Independent Media Center | | ((( i )))
Proof of the Demolition of WTC 1, 2, 6, 7 by Internal Explosives.

11.Jul.2004 11:30 GMT Alexander James
Styvoo.Ch Site sur les ravages de la mondialisation libéral et les dangers de l’hégémonie américaine, recherche de solution pour une politique mondial équitable…
A Coincidence Theorists Guide to 911 [Archive] - MyADSL & MyBroadband Then for some interesting video footage:

11.Sep.2001 ----- a.m - 12 seconds before WTC1 collapse, the tripod shakes) ...

General [M]ayhem - the WTC CS pictures ... which has been suggested was an underground detonation at the lowest level of the tower

(debris falls off ...
PACIFIC ESCORT REVIEW BOARD - View Single Post - WTC Basement ... Vancouver Escorts, Vancouver Escort Review Board.

Thread: WTC Basement Blast And Injured Burn Victim Blows 'Official 9/11 Story'. View Single Post ...
The Tool Page: Opinion - WTC structural report ( evidence of controlled demolition )
911 - Proof of Explosive Charges used to bring down the WTC ... Video of North Tower Collapse ( )

This footage was shot by a camera mounted on a tripod.
WTC Hero janitor blows 'Official 9/11 Story' Sky High! - Above Top ...

The WTC clearly shakes before it collapses, proving even more CD was
Conservative Underground - WOW - Former Bush Offical "doubts ... Discussion forum for both conservative + liberal views.
11.Aug.2006 Foo Fighters Postboard - 9-11: Towers of Lies + Deceptions

This is a discussion forum powered by vBulletin. To find out about vBulletin, go to .

Look for the camera to shake for about a second approximately 7 seconds into the clip + 10 seconds before ...
11.Aug.2006,1518,druck-430943,00.html "Überall ist es besser als hier" - davon scheinen viele der Messe-Besucher überzeugt zu sein.
11.Aug.2006,1518,druck-430943,00.html Jetzt versucht Sturz in der ostchinesischen Stadt Qingdao Thüringer Würste zu verkaufen.

00.000.1950 -Seit- haben nicht mehr so viele DEUTSCHE die Koffer gepackt wie im vergangenen Jahr.

00.000.2005 -145.000 Deutsche wanderten dem Statistischen Bundesamt zufolge aus - +

das sind nur die, die sich ordnungsgemäß abgemeldet haben. Wieviele pendeln oder ihren deutschen Wohnsitz formal behalten, darüber lässt sich nur spekulieren, sagen Fachleute.
11.Aug.2006,1518,druck-430943,00.html Gesucht werden vor allem Handwerker: Kfz-Mechaniker, Elektriker, Zimmerer.

"In Skandinavien sind Fachkräfte zurzeit schwer zu finden", erklärt Eric Roggenkamp von der norwegischen Zeitarbeitsfirma Job Zone.
11.Aug.2006,1518,druck-430943,00.html Hauptsache Arbeit, egal wo - so denken immer mehr Deutsche.

00.000.1950 -Seit- sind nicht mehr so viele Menschen ausgewandert wie jetzt. Ihr neues Zuhause kannten sie vorher oft nur aus dem Urlaub.

So kann die Suche nach einer neuen Existenz zum riskanten Abenteuer werden.

Hamburg - Der Mann, der strahlend durch den Flur der Hamburger Arbeitsagentur eilt, sieht nicht aus wie jemand, der grade beim Vorstellungsgespräch war.

Verwaschenes blaues T-Shirt, klobige Joggingschuhe, an seinen Gürtel hat er sich einen gelben Turnbeutel gebunden. Trotzdem ist er grade vom Fleck weg engagiert worden. "Die haben nicht einmal was zu meinem Alter gesagt", ruft der 50-Jährige, der seinen Namen nicht nennen will.

Er war einer der ersten auf der Auslandsjobbörse, die in der Behörde stattfindet. Hunderte Stellen in Dänemark, Norwegen und in der Schweiz werden angeboten. So hat der Mann die erste Anstellung nach zwei Jahren Arbeitslosigkeit gefunden, als Baggerfahrer. Dass er dafür nach Wettingen in die Schweiz ziehen muss, sei ihm "völlig wurscht", sagt er. "Was soll ich denn hier noch?" Die tätowierten Arme rudern in der Luft, während er über die Gesundheitsreform und die schmaler werdenden Renten in Deutschland schimpft. Er hat dicke Tränensäcke unter den Augen. Dass sich Arbeitgeber geradezu um ihn reißen, ist er nicht gewohnt.
11.Aug.2006 Deutschland gehführt zur Wertegemeinschaft des christlichen Abendlandes....

Erbes und unser gemeinsamer Wille zur Freiheit und Einheit sind Ausdruck ...

NATO-Truppenstatut), zur Ausstellung von Passersatzpapieren verpflichten ...

Die Zustimmung bildet jedoch kein Hindernis für die Ablehnung des Visums ... tgsh .de /ftp/deutsch/AuslG-VwV.rtf -

11.Aug.2006 Dictatorship.wav 927.0KB 2004-09-29
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grandfather bush" Offensive content filter:  On   -  Off
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father and grandfather bush GRANDFATHER AND FATHER BUSH.


00.000.1885 Prescott Sheldon Bush, born in Ohio, son of the manufacturer Samuel Prescott + Flora (Sheldon) Bush + father of George Herbert Bush.

Bush-Nazi-Connection01. HOME

HOJE- Iraq Bans Weapons of Mass Destruction, Whatever That Means.

Maybe It Means that They Discarded the Biological + Chemical Weapons that the Reagan-Bush-Rumsfeld-Cheney Regime Sold to Them.

walker, bush & the nazis ... being + national security for personal profit.

Grandfather Bush, Prescott, certainly did this during WWII. when ...

Take Back The Media! Our Sponsors

The US Media - bought, paid for + working against the public interest.

Take Back The Media will call the Corporate Media to account + remind them of their obligation to the citizens of the USA. Take Back The Media!!

Prescott Bush,

Bush family history,

Bush father son relationship ... without understanding Prescott S. Bush (" Grandfather Bush ").

Prescott S ... Columbus, Ohio where his father Samuel ("Great- grandfather Bush ," 1863-1948) was the President of Buckeye ...

Yahoo! Answers - was bush,s grandfather involved whit bootlegging? 2 answers - Yahoo!

George Walker Bush, Bush family history, Bush father son relationship ... without understanding Prescott S. Bush (" Grandfather Bush "). George Walker Bush ...

28.Jul.2002 the bush nazi coke moonie connection

000.1924 -starting in-Bush, George Walker s grandfather Bush, Prescott & Bush, George Walker s great-grandfather Walker ...

t r u t h o u t - Bush Ancestor's Bank Seized by Gov't Lets get the Truth Out, changing things for the better through information.

American President - Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, Bush attended prep school, first in Houston, then in Andover ...

Shelltrack und Loving sind zwar seit 13 Jahren ein Paar, leben aber ohne Trauschein zusammen. Zudem ist Loving nicht der leibliche Vater von Shelltracks 15-jähriger Tochter.

Mit Unterstützung der ACLU will das Paar jetzt gegen die Entscheidung klagen. Erst im

00.Jul.2006 hatte die Bürgerrechtsorganisation in einem Prozess im US-Bundesstaat North Carolina erfolgreich gegen ein mehr als 200 Jahre altes Gesetz geklagt, das das Zusammenleben unverheirateter Paare verbot.
11.Aug.2006 Mystery animal puzzles Durham 
A monkey in Trinity Park? Witnesses aren't quite sure.
11.Aug.2006 "Never has so much military and economic and diplomatic power been used so ineffectively + if after all of this time + all of this sacrifice + all of this support, there is still no end in sight, then I say the time has come for the American people to turn to new leadership not tied to the mistakes and policies of the past." Who Said It and Won a Presidency? And Why Aren't the Dems Leaders Saying it Today?
We Need Your Dollars at BuzzFlash to Pay for the Truth. Isn't It Worth It? Wal-Mart and Pepsi May Sponsore the Nightly Propaganda News, But You are Our Only Sponsors. We Can be as Strong as Your Financial Support Makes Us.

11.Aug.2006 Cheney Held an Unusual Reporter News Conference on Tuesday Night Calling Ned Lamont Basically An Enabler of al-Qaeda. Then the Latest Round of Politially Timed Alleged Terrorist Arrests Yesterday. If Terrorism Like This is Still Such a Threat, What Have the Busheviks Been Doing for Six Years? Why are We Wasting Our Time In Iraq? Liquid Bombs Were Known to be Contemplated by al-Qaeda Over Ten Years Ago. Why Do the Busheviks Make It Sound Like They and The Brits Just Discovered This Concept?

11.Aug.2006 As BuzzFlash Predicted, White House Gleeful About Political Potential Of Latest Alleged Terrorist Plot. The Busheviks Only Know How to Profit from Fear.
"V for Vendetta" DVD, a Parable for the Despotism of Our Times

11.Aug.2006 Dispatch from the Department of Reality: Shiite mob torches Kurdish party office; bodies of 2 U.S. service members found 8/11
"As a result of mismanagement and the wrong funding priorities, we are not as safe as we should be," Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada countered. Of course, Lieberman disagreed and backed Bush. 8/11
Zogby: Released: August 10, 2006 Democrats Pleased Joe Got Beat in Connecticut Dems nationwide think their party is stronger for Lamont's victory + want their candidates to tout anti-war credentials 8/11
Special Purchase and Price. "How Democrats and Progressives Can Win: Solutions from George Lakoff" (DVD) ($9.75, including shipping)

11.Aug.2006 U.K. Terror Plot Foiled Just a Day after Lieberman's Defeat. Coincidence? - A BuzzFlash News Analysis. "I Want Them to Know That They Need Us," Said the Tyrannical Orwellian Ruler in "V for Vendetta." Ditto for Cheney and Bush. First Posted on BuzzFlash Thursday during the day.
11.Aug.2006 Well, Mama always said, terror is as terror does ...
In fact, most progessives oppose this war + this administration, precisely because Bush is not fighting the war on terror. His propaganda flacks may pretend otherwise, but look at the record:

11.Aug.2006 I am not among those theorists who believe that Osama Bin Laden and George Bush have consciously colluded.

But ask yourself:

If they did coordinate, if they were partners - just what, exactly, would Bush have done differently? Permalink # posted by Joseph : 7:06 PM 1 comments Comments:

In two years BushCoInc leaves office. Will Anne trust anyone else on earth to fight her war on terra>? BushCoInc has set the game plan, promoted the propaganda and now, who else could begin to fill those shoes?

What will happen when America speaks to people like Anne? # posted by Anonymous : 3:06 AM  
End This Tragedy Now By Fouad Siniora Prime Minister of Lebanon.
A military solution to Israel's savage war on Lebanon and the Lebanese people is both morally unacceptable and totally unrealistic. We in Lebanon call upon the international community and citizens everywhere to support my country's sovereignty + end this folly now. We also insist that Israel be made to respect international humanitarian law, including the provisions of the Geneva Conventions, which it has repeatedly and willfully violated.


Bei der Umweltschutzorganisation WWF meint man hingegen, dass über 80 Prozent der Brände vorsätzlich gelegt worden seien. Ein spanischer Staatsanwalt sprach gar von 90 Prozent.

In Spanien hatte die Polizei am Dienstag erstmals vier Verdächtigte festgenommen, die Feuer gelegt haben sollen.

Nach neuesten Angaben sind allein in der spanischen Region Galizien seit dem Ausbruch der Feuer in der vorigen Woche 20 mutmaßliche Brandstifter gefasst worden.

Mit Hilfe der Daten, die die beiden Sensoren liefern, wurden schon seit einiger Zeit Weltkarten erstellt, die aktuelle und frühere Brandherde zeigen. Der "ERS- 2 ATSR World Fire Atlas" der Esa ist nun auch im Internet nahezu in Echtzeit einsehbar.

Hunderte Feuerherde wegen Hitze und Brandstiftern

Besonders betroffen von der diesjährigen Waldbrand-Katastrophe sind Portugals Norden sowie die spanischen Regionen Galizien im Nordwesten und Katalonien im Nordosten. Am gestrigen Donnerstag habe es allein in Galizien über 100 Feuerherde gegeben, berichtet die Esa. 10.000 Hektar Wald seien mittlerweile verkohlt.

Zwar hat die Region Galizien eines der besten Systeme Spaniens, um die Brände zu bekämpfen. Doch eine Welle von Waldbränden wie in diesem Sommer habe es aber noch nie gegeben, werden Beamte vor Ort in den Medien zitiert.

Das gesamte Charlottenburger Tor an der Straße des 17. Juni hatte der südkoreanische Konzern nach Christo-Manier einhüllen lassen - mit einer Werbebotschaft für ein neues Mobiltelefon. Auch hier emanzipierten sich die - männlichen - Models von den Plakaten und scheinen mit einem beherzten Sprung aus dem Werbeplakat verschwunden zu sein. Die gesamte Verhüllung kostete den Konzern 150.000 bis 200.000 Euro, sagt Samsung-Sprecher Hong Lim. Bei diesen Summen versteht der Elektronikriese keinen Spaß: Die unbekannten Täter wurden wegen Sachbeschädigung angezeigt, das Poster nach kurzer Zeit wieder ausgebessert.

Angesichts der Frage, wer hinter den Model-Befreiungen stecken könnte, tappen die geschädigten Firmen und die Berliner Polizei im Dunkeln. "Das ist als neue Mode nur eine Randerscheinung", sagt Marko Moritz von der Graffiti-Sondereinheit der Polizei, "und in der Masse überhaupt nicht relevant."

"Das war jemand, der nicht ganz richtig im Kopf ist", dachte Nora Prautsch, Sprecherin des Einzelhändlers, zuerst.

Ähnlich wie bei Coca Cola hing ihr 3.500 Euro teures Plakat nur vier Tage, bis es künstlerisch verfremdet wurde.

Jetzt versucht die Firma "witzig und kreativ damit umzugehen"
Lebensmittel: Bestrahlte Froschbeine für Krautland

11.Aug.2006 Berlin: Verdächtige Koffer lösen Bombenalarm aus

11.Aug.2006 Sicherheitsgesetze: Anti- Terror- Datei und Bundeswehreinsätze auf der Wunschliste
Nahost: "Wir wollen keine Stellvertreterkriege im Libanon"
Vereitelte Flugzeugattacken: Die Spur führt nach Pakistan

11.Aug.2006 Lebenswandel: US- Gemeinde jagt Familie fort
Unternehmer mit Gangstergeschichte: Reichster Mann Japans gestorben
Terror- Chaos in den USA: Flug ins Ungewisse

11.Aug.2006 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Die Zeit der Marxisten kommt noch"

11.Aug.2006 Deutsche Airlines: Flugverkehr nach Heathrow normalisiert sich

11.Aug.2006 Aids: Gnade der späten Infektion

11.Aug.2006 Kongo- Wahl: Kabila liegt vor Bemba

11.Aug.2006 Bank von England: Die Namen der 19 Verdächtigen

11.Aug.2006 Grabstätten auf Baugelände: DaimlerChryslers Ärger mit der Ming- Dynastie

11.Aug.2006 Deutschland: Londoner Terroralarm löst Debatte über innere Sicherheit aus
China: Supertaifun wütet in China
Uno- Resolution: Israel lehnt russische Initiative ab

11.Aug.2006 Terror- Alarm: Bank von England sperrt Konten von 19 Verdächtigen
Verdächtiges Päckchen: Flugzeug muss notlanden
10.Aug.2006 TIA Keeping an eye on the Eye of Horus. MI-5 in ludicrous Heathrow terror stunt By Total
11.Aug.2006 Dirty Neo-Fascist Slugs Slam-Dunk Another Terror Scam - Paul Joseph Watson- Evening round-up of twilight zone manic spewing propaganda blitz
11.Aug.2006 Assets of 'plane plotters' frozen Nineteen terror suspects in the airline plot investigation have their assets frozen under terror laws.
11.Aug.2006 Passenger patience tested People waiting to board flights at Heathrow airport on Thursday were left waiting for hours because of the terror alert.
11.Aug.2006 Q&A: UK terror alert response The UK's massive security measures reflect fears there are other terror cells, BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera says.
11.Aug.2006 More delays likely at NI airports Air passengers face another day of delays at Northern Ireland's airports on Friday due to security concerns.
11.Aug.2006 DeLay on Liberals’ Reaction to Terrorists: ‘You Can’t Go After These Wonderful People that Just Killed a Bunch of Americans’ - Think Progress 

Just now on Fox News, criminally indicted ex-Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) said that liberals “don’t want to fight this war on terrorism.”

DeLay described the liberal world view as “Can’t we all get along?” +

said that liberals’ reaction to a terrorist attack is, “You can’t go after these wonderful people that just killed a bunch of Americans.” Watch it:

This is a classic Rovian tactic. An overwhelming majority (84%) of national security experts — liberal and conservative — believe America is losing the war on terror under the guidance of the Bush administration.

Instead of addressing the failure of their approach, Delay and other White House surrogates attack their opponents on the same issue.

It may or may not be a successful political strategy but it definitely doesn’t make the country safer.

Full transcript:

DELAY: They don’t want to fight this war on terrorism. If they did, Bill Clinton would have led us into the war on terrorism and against Islamic fanatics.

Their world view is, “Can’t we all get along? Surely we can talk our way out of this.” And so when we are attacked, their first reaction is to recoil + say, “This is really horrible.

It’s too harsh and you can’t go after these wonderful people that just killed a bunch of Americans.

You’ve got to just find a leader here or there, put him in jail,” instead of understanding, as the President understands, that we are at war.

We are at war all over the world and you have to go get these terrorists and either put them in a cell or a cemetery. That’s all they know. And we have to do it with overwhelming force.

That’s something that i criticize the administration for right now.


DELAY: You want to get rid of the insurgents in Iraq? Overwhelming force. Israel shouldn’t just let a few troops into Lebanon every now + then. They ought to call up the entire army and have overwhelming force in Lebanon.
Weeks before September 11th, this is going to play big.’ - Nico - A White House official shares his glee that the raid on suspected terrorists in London “would yield political gains.”
10.Aug.2006 British Lose Their Minds By Larry Johnson
by Larry C Johnson

I'm sitting in Europe, scheduled to take British Air back to the states on Friday + I'm watching British Authorities meltdown in the face of an alleged terrorist plot. Rule of thumb--initial, panicked reports are usually unreliable. The Brits reportedly have taken at least 18 people into custody--all residents of Great Britain.

The last significant, successful plot to bomb a plane was in January 1995, when a group linked to Osama Bin Laden (this group included Ramsi Yousef, mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing + Khalid Sheik Muhammed, nephew of OBL) had devised a way to carry on a liquid explosive disguised to look like water. The detonator was a combination of gun cotton (looked like cotton balls), a small light bulb, a nine volt battery + a Casio data watch. Ramsi Yousef conducted a successful dry run of this device and planted one on board a Philippine Airline flight in December 1994. That bomb killed one man (a Japanese citizen) and almost brought down the plane. The plan was to blow up twelve US jets transiting the Pacific basin. It was disrupted when an informant, Ishtiak Parker, walked into the US Embassy in Pakistan and ratted out Ramsi Yousef.

So, what next?

Instead of a common sense approach to security, the Brits have hit the panic button. Here's what needs to be done: No liquids on board a plane weighing more than one pound. Eight ounce bottles are okay but you must drink the liquid to demonstrate it is not an explosive. One carryone bag per passenger. All carry on bags hand searched. No cotton balls. No third party cargo on passenger aircraft.

The latter is the real gap in aviation security. Right now most checked baggage is subjected to inspection by a machine that can detect explosives. Hand carry and cargo are not. You can deal with the threat of hand carry by physical inspection but cargo is a different problem.

In the back of my mind I worry that this threat might be trumped up in order to divert attention from the disastrous US and British policy (or lack of policy) in Lebanon. More likely, we have an informant in the UK that identified a potential plot that was in the dreaming stage but had not progressed to actual implementation. Rather than act like security professionals, the Brits are acting like panicked nannies. Very sad.
Ezra Klein Madness By DymaxionWorldJohn (Posted by John.) Wow. I knew Krauthammer had issues, but... damn.

About three years ago, I saw Krauthammer flip out in synagogue on Yom Kippur. The rabbi had offered some timid endorsement of peace - peace essentially on Israel's terms - but peace anyway. Krauthammer went nuts. He actually started bellowing at the rabbi, from his wheel chair in the aisle. People tried to "shush" him. It was, after all, the holiest day of the year. But Krauthammer kept howling until the rabbi apologized. The man is as arrogant as he is thuggish. Who screams at the rabbi at services? For advocating peace?

I'm hardly a religious person, but I've also been to Church enough times to hear things from the pulpit I disagreed with, even stuff I thought was offensive. But heckling the holy like it was an episode of Jerry Springer? That never occurred to me.
LGF investigated by the FBI By John Amato on Racism -
Well, well, well–who would have ever thought this could happen. Greg:

Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a civil rights organization often vilified on Johnson’s blog, calls Little Green Footballs "a vicious, anti-Muslim hate site . . . that has unfortunately become popular." The irony, Hooper says, is that if the same kind of "hatred" that appears on LGF appeared on Muslim sites, it soon would be used by LGF’s fans to justify their worldview…

The FBI, according to Hooper, recently investigated several threats of physical harm against Muslims posted by Little Green Footballs readers. Johnson acknowledges the investigation but says Hooper’s organization initiated the complaints to try to stifle free speech on his blog…read on
JPost Article From Friend
- Israel says BBC not reporting war fairly

Officials: Foreign Ministry under pressure to boycott British news company. Click here to view the entire article:

Don't miss out on any of the important breaking news stories and in-depth analysis about Israel you can only get from The Jerusalem Post. Sign up for our EMail Edition today. Click on the link below to sign up: / For more news updates, go to /
Oy By Spooked - It will be interesting to see follow-up stories on this. I'm putting in much of the story here because details often change.

Aircraft Bomb Plot Thwarted in Britain By ERIC PFANNER International Herald Tribune
LONDON - British authorities said Thursday that they had thwarted a terrorist plot to blow up multiple airliners traveling between Britain + the USA, creating "mass murder on an unimaginable scale."
The police said they had arrested 21 people in connection with the plot, which apparently involved plans to smuggle explosives onto aircraft in hand luggage. In response, flights into London Heathrow Airport were canceled and airlines banned hand luggage on departing planes, causing chaos and long delays.
The police did not identify the suspects or their origin, though Paul Stephenson, the deputy metropolitan police commissioner for London, said "community leaders" had been alerted about the police action, using a code word for the British Muslim community.
The authorities did not say how many aircraft had been identified for attack. Sky News put the number at six, while other reports said between three and 10.
"We think this was an extraordinarily serious plot and we are confident that we have stopped an attempt to create mass murder on an unimaginable scale," Stephenson told reporters at Scotland Yard.
He said the people had been arrested in and near London and Birmingham + added that the searches would continue.
"We have been very successful in arresting those we were targeting but this is a lengthy operation + no doubt there will be further developments," he told reporters.
News of the foiled plot comes little more than a year after terrorists killed 52 people in an attack on the London Underground + nearly five years after the attacks of 11.Sep.2001 .
As heightened security measures went into effect at Heathrow, travelers were sometimes given little explanation, amid chaotic scenes.(snip)
Officials were requiring passengers to check everything except personal items like keys, wallets + passports, which they had to carry in plastic bags. Drinks and other liquid items were banned.
Travelers were required to remove spectacles or sunglasses from their cases + those travelling with infants were required to taste any baby milk in front of security officials.
Britain's Department for Transport said it was requiring secondary searches of travelers headed for the USA, with a particular eye to removing any liquids they might have with them.
"We hope that these measures, which are being kept under review by the government, will need to be in place for a limited period only," the department said in a statement.
Despite the arrests, the police said other people connected with the plot might still be at large.
"We believe that these arrests have significantly disrupted the threat, but we cannot be sure that the threat has been entirely eliminated or the plot completely thwarted," Michael Chertoff, the U.S. homeland security secretary, told reporters.
The anti-terrorist action came at a time when Prime Minister Tony Blair is on vacation in the Caribbean. The government said he has spoken to President George W. Bush about the situation.
Disclosure of the plot came one day after John Reid, the British home secretary, gave a speech in which he warned that Britain faced "probably the most sustained period of severe threat since the end of WWII."
"This has involved close cooperation, not only between agencies and police forces in the United Kingdom, but also internationally," Reid said.
The British government has come under criticism for anti-terrorism measures imposed in the wake of the July 7 bombings last year.
Despite the extra security measures, flights were still taking off from Heathrow on Thursday morning. Other British airports also reportedly faced delays and crowding.

Liquid-Based Explosives?
- Humint Events Online
The 9/11 hijacking attacks were very likely facilitated by a rogue group within the US government that created an Islamic terrorist "Pearl Harbor" event as a catalyst for the military invasion of Middle Eastern countries. This weblog will explore the incredibly strange events of 9/11/01 + other issues of US government responsibility.
Liquid-Based Explosives? By Spooked

Guardian: Reports suggested the plot revolved around liquid-based explosives + all passengers from the UK and the US were being told they could not carry liquid or lotions onto flights. Heathrow officials said all milk for babies would have to be tasted by an "accompanying passenger".
Sources said those arrested were British-born; Mr Reid would not comment on the background of the detainees.
Most of the suspects detained overnight were arrested in London; two people were also arrested in Birmingham and Mr Stephenson said there had also been an operation in the Thames Valley. There were reports of anti-terror officers being deployed in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Mr Stephenson said a number of addresses were being searched and it is believed some explosive materials have been found, though this has not been confirmed.
Peter Clarke, the head of the Met's anti-terror branch, said the operation had involved an "unprecedented level of surveillance" and had reached a "critical point" last night when officers move to "protect the public".
The focus of the long investigation had been on the "meetings, movement, travel, pending and the aspirations of a large group of people" and the alleged plot had "global dimensions", he said.
US officials are taking the developments extremely seriously and passengers in the US have also been prohibited from carrying liquids or lotions on flights. Michael Chertoff, the US homeland security secretary, said: "We believe that these arrests have significantly disrupted the threat, but we cannot be sure that the threat has been entirely eliminated or the plot completely thwarted." Weird.
Update: Ah
THESE liquid explosives: Plot Echoes One Planned by 9/11 Mastermind in ‘94 - By RAYMOND BONNER
JAKARTA, Aug. 10 — The plot to blow up several airliners over the Atlantic, uncovered by British authorities, bears a striking resemblance to a plot hatched by Al Qaeda operatives 12 years ago to simultaneously blow up airliners over the Pacific.
That plot was hatched in Manila by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was starting his climb to be a top lieutenant to Osama bin Laden + by Ramzi Yousef, who was the mastermind of the first bomb attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. It was financed by bin Laden.
Mr. Mohammed gave the operation the codename “Bojinka,” which was widely reported to have been adopted from Serbo-Croatian + to mean “big bang.” But Mr. Mohammed has told Central Intelligence Agency interrogators that it was just a “nonsense word” he chose after hearing it on the front lines in Afghanistan, where he was fighting with Muslim rebels against Russia, according to “The 9/11 Commission Report.” Mr. Mohammed was seized in Pakistan 00.000.2003 + is now being held by the C.I.A. at an undisclosed location.
The Bojinka plot was anything but nonsense. At an apartment in Manila, Mr. Mohammed and Mr. Yousef began mixing chemicals, which they planned to put into containers that would be carried on board the airliners, as the London plotters are said to have been planning to do.
In those days, it would have been relatively easy to get liquid explosives past a checkpoint.
Mr. Mohammed and Mr. Yousef studied airline schedules and planned to sneak the liquid onto a dozen planes headed to Seoul and Hong Kong + then on to the USA.
The plot was foiled in early 1995, when a fire broke out in the apartment where some of the plotters were working. Among the things found when the police investigated was Mr. Yousef’s laptop computer, containing a file called Bojinka. The police also found dolls wearing clothes containing nitrocellulose, according to the 9/11 report.
Mr. Yousef also was later captured in Pakistan, turned over to the USA, tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole.
Mr. Mohammed has told interrogators that after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which involved explosives in a truck and which failed to bring down the building, he “needed to graduate to a more novel form of attack,” according to the 9/11 report. That led to Bojinka + the first thoughts about using planes to bomb the World Trade Center. The question is: WHY are they recycling this old plot now???
Bush Admin Drafts War Crimes Amendment To "Immunize Past Crimes" Of US Personnel... By The Huffington Post on George W. Bush

The Bush administration has drafted amendments to the War Crimes Act that would retroactively protect policymakers from possible criminal charges for authorizing humiliating and degrading treatment of detainees, according to lawyers who have seen the proposal.

The White House, without elaboration, said in a statement that the bill "will apply to any conduct by any U.S. personnel, whether committed before or after the law is enacted"...

..."I think what this bill can do is in effect immunize past crimes. That's why it's so dangerous," said a third attorney, Eugene Fidell, president of the National Institute of Military Justice.

Fidell said the initiative was "not just protection of political appointees but also CIA personnel who led interrogations." Read entire article here.
10.Aug.2006 Culture of Life News The Blog Is Mightier Than The Sword
Pat Robertson Prays With Olmert For More Nazi Warfare By ElaineMeinelSupkis

The people invading Muslim countries would like to have us think this is a religious war but then get all krooked out of shape if we say they are doing this because they are religious bigots. Pat Robertson has trotted off to Israel to endorse ethnic cleansing in the name of a brutal god. He shows no compassion for Christians being ethnically cleansed. Many of the people now fighting in the Israeli army don't look very 'Jewish'. This is due to the huge number of Ukrainians who have adopted Israel as their new base of operations.TO READ MORE CLICK HERE
Jewish-Iranian Hostility is a Charade

Cytations: see through the murky waters Please do not curse or incite violence. Push for investigation, prosecution and change.
Jewish-Iranian Hostility is a Charade By Cyte

While the world is focused on Lebanon, Iran-backed Shiites have accelerated their slaughter of Sunni Arabs in Iraq.
I do not see that Hezbollah "rockets" are hitting anything of substance in Israel. The whole rocket thing may be an Israeli propaganda lie that is made credible by Hezbollah's false claim of responsibility.
Also, Hezbollah militants and locations are not being hit by Israel, although they are mostly known and visible. Israel's bombs are focused on Arab civilians, mainly poor Sunni "converts" to Shiism who rely for their survival on generous Iranian social services managed by Hezbollah.
Arab Shiites are acceptable "collateral damage" to Iran, both in Iraq and Lebanon. Although these poor people look up to the Ayatollahs, their slaughter is facilitated by edicts to punish traitors (in Iraq) or by Hezbollah's false claims of responsibility for hundreds of fictitious rockets that are supposedly falling on Israeli civilians.
In other words, Hezbollah's mother Iran and Israel are still de facto allies, if only Arabs and Americans would understand this fact.
On CNN, Robert McFarlane told the world that Caspar Weinberger overrode President Ronald Reagan's order to punish Hezbollah for bombing the Marine barracks in Beirut and killing hundreds. Why would a Jewish secretary of defense do that? Weinberger said that it would damage relationships with allies!
Iranian-Jewish hostility has always been a charade.
Arabs, Muslims and Christians who admire Hezbollah are missing the point.
Ashmore of Liberty Forum says:
Seems like he has a 99 - 99.9% degree of certainty no katusha rockets are going to be fired at his gun mount.
Looking at the way they like to set their gun positions right next to a high explosive stock pile gives one the impression none of the firing positions are seriously expecting any return fire what so ever.
They even bring their kids along and have bomb signing picnics.
And the rockets Hesbollah does fire are pretty weak and rather end user friendly. Some break glass while others left holes in the ground so big you could fit your foot in them.
At the same time we've seen photos of bomb craters in Lebanon large enough to park a bus.
LF's Monkeys_at_war says: the yellow-diamond marked shells are cluster bombs, completely illegal unless you're a . . .
Cyte says: Fox News and CNN reporters standing within reach of the sofar over "2000 Hezbollah rockets" never seem to ever be worried either, day or night, 24/7.

Fake Terror Obfuscates Lebanon and Iraq Failures
- Another Day in the Empire
Fake Terror Obfuscates Lebanon and Iraq Failures By Administrator on Uncategorized

Unable to window dress the obvious failure to eradicate growing resistance in Lebanon, Iraq + Afghanistan—even with the mighty propaganda power of a complaisant media—the neocon intelligence apparatus has staged yet another terrorist event, or would be terrorist event.

The 21 terrorist suspects arrested in the U.K. overnight had a ‘well-advanced plan’ to detonate electronic devices or liquid explosives disguised as beverages or onboard U.S.-bound aircraft, a sophisticated plot suggestive of al-Qaeda, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said,” reports Bloomberg. “The attacks were aimed at U.S.-bound planes of United Airlines, American Airlines and Continental Airlines at London’s Heathrow Airport, the Associated Press reported, citing unidentified [undoubtedly neocon] U.S. counter-terrorism officials in Washington.”

According to White House propaganda minister, Tony Snow (Job), “The president, prime minister and their key intelligence, law enforcement and security officials have been in close and regular contact. And as you would expect, he has spoken to Prime Minister Blair about these developments in recent days.”

Considering past events, including the “terrorist events” of seven-seven and nine-eleven, we can assume select “law enforcement and security officials” were “in close and regular contact” prior to this latest would-be attack as well.

In standard fashion, in order to apply the correct spin from the outset, we are told this latest operation has “global dimensions,” that is to say it will be billed as not only an “al-Qaeda” operation but other designated “global” enemies will be fingered as well. “Last month, the global militant group al Qaeda called on Muslims to fight those who backed Israel’s attacks on Lebanon and warned of more attacks unless U.S. and British forces pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan,” reports Reuters. In the coming hours and days, we can expect the corporate media, eager stenographers for the neocon plan, to connect the dots—blame will be affixed to Iran, Syria + their “proxy,” Hezbollah, through “al-Qaeda,” now dedicated (or scripted) to helping Hezbollah, not that the homegrown resistance group needs any help, thank you very much.

Finally, as attention has now shifted to Muslim bad guys (either imagined or a parade of patsies), Israel will likely increase the severity of its criminal behavior against the civilians of Lebanon and those of Gaza as well, as the American public will be navel gazing video footage of inconvenienced air travel passengers.
Red Alert For Staged Government Terror Attack - Paul Joseph Watson- Terror alert a trial balloon for invasion of Iran, WWIII. Paul Joseph Watson/Prison
10.Aug.2006 Judge attacks 'Wild West' blogosphere
A US judge has launched a blistering attack on the blogosphere, saying it is a minefield of potential litigation. Judge Edward Fadeley, retired associate justice of the Oregon Supreme Court, called the blogosphere “a veritable Wild West of verbal ambushes and shootouts, with very little fear ...

10.Aug.2006 British Authorities Say Plot to Blow Up Airliners Was Foiled
British and American intelligence services had been tracking individual members of the group for several months, officials said, but it was not until late July that the suspected plotters seemed to accelerate their efforts to carry out the attacks.

10.Aug.2006 Advertising: Would You Like a Gas Guzzler With That?
McDonald’s has started putting toy Hummers in children’s Happy Meal boxes, calling it the “Hummer of a Summer” promotion. Not surprisingly, environmental groups are appalled.

10.Aug.2006 'Airlines terror plot' disrupted
A plot to blow up planes in flight from the UK to the US and commit "mass murder on an unimaginable scale" has been disrupted, Scotland Yard has said.

It is thought the plan was to detonate explosive devices smuggled in hand luggage on to as many as 10 aircraft.
Plot to blow up aircraft thwarted
A plot to kill thousands of people by detonating explosions on up to 10 transatlantic flights from UK airports was disrupted today. The home secretary, John Reid, today said such an attack could have caused civilian casualties on an "unprecedented scale".

New Airline Security Rules
The foiled UK terrorist plot has wreaked havoc with air travel in the country: All short-haul inbound flights to Heathrow airport have been cancelled. Some flights in and out of Gatwick have been suspended.

Security has been increased at Channel...
Ninth Circuit Mostly Eliminates Private-Sector Workplace Privacy Rights in Computers
This is a very long blog post in response to a troubling new Fourth Amendment decision handed down by the Ninth Circuit yesterday, USA v. Ziegler.

It’s a long post because the issues are both very important + very complicated + the only way to show the problems with the ...
10.Aug.2006 Wolves in Sheep's Clothing, Part 2:
Pakistan arrests in bomb plot Pakistan makes a number of arrests in connection with an alleged UK plot to blow up planes flying to the US.
10.Aug.2006 Judge increases Lord Black's bail A US judge increases media tycoon Lord Conrad Black's bail to $21m, ending a dispute over his finances.
10.Aug.2006 Drug Trial Behind Cyclops Birth? A hospital report says the mother of a one-eyed baby may have been given the experimental anti-carcinogen Cyclopamine. Scott Carney reports from Chennai, India.
10.Aug.2006 NSA Suits Head to San Francisco Multiple lawsuits against telecommunications companies for allegedly helping the National Security Agency wiretap Americans will all move to the judge who didn't buy the government's "state secrets" argument.
10.Aug.2006 Barbarians at Gate 8 Affordable air travel + ubiquitous internet access allows business to be conducted from most anywhere -by terrorists as well as legit workers.

Are nets + jets a menace to Western civilization?
Mobile-phone outage hits New York's outer borough Water damage in Verizon facility knocks out cell phone service for some Sprint Nextel customers in Queens.
10.Aug.2006 Photo galleries: Robots in action Rapid advances in robot development are leading to a whole new generation of tools and toys.
10.Aug.2006 HSBC accused of 'scandalous' security glitch Blog: Banking giant HSBC has been accused of leaving its online accounts exposed for more than two years due to a security flaw, according...
10.Aug.2006 James A. Van Allen - Dies at 91 - CmdrTaco 3
-Diamonddavej writes

"The New York Times reports that the respected astrophysicist, James A. Van Allan, died yesterday at the age of 91. Apparently the fellow regularly worked at his office/laboratory up until a month ago.

Prof. Van Allen team designed the Geiger counter that flew aboard Americas first orbiting satellite, Explorer 1.

It detected unexpectedly intense levels of radiation caused by energetic particles trapped in the Earth magnetic field, the magnetosphere.

The belts of radiation were mapped and characterised by later missions and were named the Van Allan belts in honour of their discoverer."
Next Generation Stack Computing - CmdrTaco 
- mymanfryday writes "It seems that stack computers might be the next big thing. Expert Eric Laforest talks about stack computers and why they are better than register-based computers.

Apparently NASA uses stack computers in some of their probes. He also claims that a kernel would only be a few kilobytes large! I wonder if Windows will be supported on a stack computer in the future?"
IAU Rules Pluto Still a Planet - CmdrTaco 111
- scottyscout writes

"NPR reports that Pluto has dodged a bullet. An international panel has unanimously recommended that Pluto retain its title as a planet + it may be joined by other undersized objects that revolve around the sun.

Some astronomers had lobbied for reclassifying Pluto as its so tiny. And at least one major museum has excluded Pluto from its planetary display.

But sources tell NPR that under the proposal, to be presented at a big meeting of astronomers in Prague

next week for a vote, Pluto would become part of a new class of small planets + several more objects could be granted membership."
Mehlman Attacks Murtha With Report Retracted Six Weeks Ago - Nico 

White House officials and surrogates have fanned out in a coordinated Rovian campaign to smear their opponents as “defeatists” and “cut-and-runners.” In a mass email yesterday, former Rove deputy Ken Mehlman turned his guns on Rep. John Murtha:

The message from Connecticut is clear + Ned Lamont isn’t alone. He is joined by Rep. John Murtha…who claims America is more dangerous than Iran and North Korea .

Mehlman is referencing a 6/25/06 story in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, which reported that Murtha said he believed the “American presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran.”

Three days later, the paper retracted the report. Murtha was actually citing an international public opinion poll, not expressing his own views. But why let facts get in the way of a perfectly good smear? Digg It!
10.Aug.2006 In a momentous expansion of the government’s authority - Nico 
- to regulate public disclosure of national security information,” a federal court has ruled that “even private citizens who do not hold security clearances can be prosecuted for unauthorized receipt and disclosure of classified information.” Under this interpretation, for example, the reporters who leaked the classified report on prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib “could apparently be prosecuted under the Espionage Act.”
Groups Attacking Global Warming Science Attack ThinkProgress - Judd 

Our post yesterday criticizing Bonner Cohen for spreading misinformation on global warming on C-SPAN has rubbed some folks the wrong way.

First, the National Center for Public Policy Research accuses us of “libelfor suggesting that Cohen receives funding from the fossil fuel industry.

That’s interesting. Cohen was asked yesterday who funds the National Center for Public Policy Research and, after some prodding, he acknowledged that it receives funding from the fossil fuel industry. Watch it:

NCPPR and Cohen emphasize that most of their money comes from “individual donations.” They don’t mention how many of those individuals are also connected to the fossil fuel industry.

Another group that employs Cohen, the Capital Research Center, is mad that we didn’t attack them instead:

So, Think Progress, if you’re reading this, please direct your venom regarding Cohen’s masterful, exhaustively documented expose of the environmentalist movement to the Capital Research Center in the future. We have more than enough intellectual firepower to cut through your irrational emotion-driven temper tantrums.

We accept your offer. Please use your “intellectual firepower” to substantiate Bonner’s claim that the “vast majorityof climatologists are “agnostic” on the existence of global warming. According to Bonner, that would mean they are undecided on the question of whether “there is a causal relationship between emissions of greenhouse gases and the climate.”

Hundreds of climatologists have agreed that global warming is real through the IPCC process — so it better be a pretty long list. We’re waiting. Transcript:

HOST: How is it funded?

BONNER: How is it funded? Mostly through individual donations. Vast majority. Over something like 95% come from individual donations. The rest comes from foundations and some minor corporate.

HOST: Energy industry at all?

BONNER: Yes, some.

HOST: Which forms?

BONNER: It would be, it would be — they they they come from from the fossil fuel industry.
Fewer than half of Americans - Nico 
- believe Muslims are loyal to the U.S., a Gallup poll shows. “Almost four in ten, 39%, advocate that Muslims here should carry special I.D.

That same number admit that they do hold some ‘prejudice’ against Muslims.”
Terroralarm in London: Fahnder sollen vor Probelauf zugegriffen haben
China: Massenflucht vor Taifun "Saomai"
Sicherheitsrat: Diplomaten erwarten rasche Einigung auf Libanon- Resolution

10.Aug.2006 Plus bei Steuereinnahmen: "Sensationell gutes Ergebnis"
Ausstellung "Erzwungene Wege": Auf schmalem Grat
Börsen: Terrorangst und Telekom drücken die Kurse
Terroralarm in London: "Direkte Bedrohung der USA" AN>Sticker- Sarkom: Ein Wolf steckte Hunde mit Krebs an AN>Interview mit Ralph Giordano: "Wer Gaarder zustimmt, ist Antisemit"
Umstrittenes Projekt: China will schon nächstes Jahr Tibet- Bahn verlängern

10.Aug.2006 Flüssigsprengstoff: Höllenstoff in Flaschen

10.Aug.2006 Alarm in London: Terror, made in Britain
Did Rove reach out to Lieberman?-Nico- ABC News has updated its report from yesterday: “Dan Gerstein called from the Lieberman campaign to say the…account from another Lieberman adviser is not accurate.

While confirming that Rove called Lieberman, he added: ‘Rove made a personal call, no help was offered + we are not interested regardless.’ A senior White House official also says that the account is ‘not accurate.’”
Lionel goes 9/11 Crazy By somebigguy Lionel - August 9, 2006 - Hour 1
Why are the mainstream media suddenly covering 9/11 truth seekers? Why all of a sudden? Who gave them the green light? For the first time in almost five years the MSM are asking questions and broaching the subject. What took them so long?
Lionel - August 9, 2006 - Hour 2
In a vain attempt to ask the same question that was asked in hour one, Lionel found that the critically intelligence-challenged failed to get it. Alas. Lionel persevered. Lionel also spoke with some callers who had their own exegeses on 9/11.
Lionel - August 7, 2006 - Hour 2
The mainstream media are starting to cover 9/11 investigators for the first time in almost five years. Even O'Reilly had on a conspiracy debunker. Lionel finds this newfound interest in 9/11 very interesting to say the least.
Lionel - August 7, 2006 - Hour 3
More of the above. There are simply no words adequate enough to explicate just how fascinating 9/11 discussions are. This hour has some great and insightful callers. Very querulous. Listen for the fellow from DC.

Where were the eyewitnesses? All of Lionel's shows are available here:
Police probe flights terror plot
Suspects are questioned and buildings are searched after police say a plot to bomb UK planes to the US has been disrupted. An attack may have been planned for the next few days, security sources tell the BBC.

10.Aug.2006 Bush says plot a 'stark reminder' President George W Bush says a plot to blow up US-bound airliners shows the US is still at war with extremists.
10.Aug.2006 The Real terrorist Assault on America is being committed by the Bush administration
The neoconservative Bush regime has adroitly used 9/11 to create fear of terrorism among Americans that blinds Americans to the Bush regime's assault on our constitutional system. Americans have meekly acquiesced to the Bush regime's brutal assaults on civil liberties, human rights, the separation of...

10.Aug.2006 This War Is Based On Denial: The reality beneath the flag-waving
Americans who get their propaganda from Fox "News" or are told what to think by right-wing talk radio hosts are outraged at news reports that US troops planned and carried out the rape and murder of a young Iraqi woman. They are not outraged that the troops committed the deed; they are outraged that...

10.Aug.2006 "Irak-Krieg war eine Verschwörung von Cheney, Bush und einer Bande im Pentagon" - sfux Presse Portal -

Der amerikanische Regisseur Oliver Stone fürchtet, dass sich der Konflikt im Mittleren und Nahen Osten zu einen Dritten Weltkrieg ausdehnen könne. "Angesichts all der Brandsätze mache ich mir Sorgen, dass wir uns auf eine Situation wie vor dem Ersten Weltkrieg zubewegen", sagte Stone in einem Interview mit dem Hamburger Magazin stern.
"Wir sehen...

Warum die ganze Stasi? Wegen des Terrors bestimmt nicht - sfux Karl Weiss -

Telephone abhören, Videoüberwachung an öffentlichen Orten, Abhören und Videoüberwachung in den Wohnungen, Überprüfen der Bewegungen auf den Bankkonten, Überprüfen der ?Bedürftigkeit? durch Ausforschen der Wohnungen, Abhören und Speichern des gesamten Handy-Gespräche, Orten von Personen durch Handy-Peilung.
Dazu Speichern aller E-Mails und Zugriff für Polizei...

O’Reilly: Lieberman’s Defeat Shows ‘Americans Have No Will To Restrain Iran’s Jihad’ - Judd 

Yesterday, Bill O’Reilly said that Joe Lieberman’s defeat in the Connecticut primary was “a chilling indication of what lies ahead in American politics.” O’Reilly said, “Iran’s betting we Americans have no will to restrain their jihad.” According to O’Reilly the results of the Connecticut primary shows Iran “might be right.” Watch it:

Lieberman was defeated in large part because of his support for the administration’s policy in Iraq. Having 130,000 troops bogged down in sectarian warfare in Iraq, has distracted the nation from dealing with the Iranian threat. For years, we essentially outsourced the entire effort regarding Iran to the EU.

Changing course in Iraq means taking the threat from Iran more seriously, not less.


OREILLY: I do not believe that Ned Lamont and his fellow travelers understand any of this. The far left continues to believe the USA is the root cause of the terror war + that Iran is not a major threat. The far left mantra goes, “Why shouldn’t the Iranians have nukes? Israel has them.”

Talking Points” understands that geopolitical analysis is difficult + that the Bush administration has not fully explained the grave danger we face from Iran. Joseph Lieberman and others do understand that danger and did not — he did not sell out his country to pander to the anti-war vote. For that, Lieberman was defeated.

Now, I believe this is a chilling indication of what lies ahead in American politics. Iran’s betting we Americans have no will to restrain their jihad + judging from the Connecticut vote last night, they might be right. And that’s the memo.
DeLay calls Scalia’s rejection of his case “stupid.” - Amanda 

Upset that Justice Scalia rejected his appeal to get off the Texas ballot, Tom DeLay told the National Review’s Byron York: “You can always count on the judiciary to make stupid rulings. … Not only stupid, but dangerous.”
Cheney: Lieberman Loss ‘Disturbing’ Because al Qaeda Is ‘Betting They Can Break The Will of The American People’ - Think Progress 

As the Mideast sits on the brink of regional war, Vice President Dick Cheney spent his time yesterday holding a teleconference to discuss the outcome of the Democratic Senate primary in Connecticut.

Cheney said that to “purge a man like Joe Lieberman” was “of concern, especially over the issue of Joe’s support with respect to national efforts in the global war on terror.” He explained:

The thing that’s partly disturbing about it is the fact that, the standpoint of our adversaries, if you will, in this conflict + the al Qaeda types, they clearly are betting on the proposition that ultimately they can break the will of the American people in terms of our ability to stay in the fight and complete the task.

Cheney’s argument assumes that the war in Iraq is helping the USA defeat terrorists. He’s wrong. His own State Department found last April that Iraq had become a safe haven for terrorists and attracted a “foreign fighter pipelinelinked to terrorist plots, cells and attacks throughout the world. An overwhelming bipartisan majority (84%) of national security experts believe we are losing the war on terror + 87 % think Iraq has had a negative impact.

Cheney should spend less time analyzing the Democratic primary in Connecticut and more time acknowledging the administration’s critical policy failures and trying to fix them. (A good place to start is the American Progress plan, Strategic Redeployment 2.0.) Read the full Cheney transcript HERE. Digg It!
10.Aug.2006 August 10, 2006 - Think Progress 

Red: The security alert level “for commercial flights [to the USA] originating in the United Kingdom.” The move to the highest level of alert was made after “Britain said it had foiled a plot to blow up flights to the USA.” All other commercial flights to or from the USA will operate under orange (”high”).

New Orleans still struggling after Katrina. One big problem is affordable housing, after thousands of now-useless houses have been destroyed. Other problems include “a lack of public transportation, child-care services and hospitals.” More details in a report by the Brookings Institution.

The Department of Transportation announced yesterday a “ U.S. government computer loaded with approximately 133,000 drivers’ + pilots’ records - including Social Security numbers - was stolen last month.”

A neocon cuts + runs.

Prominent neoconservative Max Boot, writing in the Los Angeles Times, suggests “reducing U.S. forces from today’s level of 130,000 to under 50,000 +

changing their focus from conducting combat operations to assisting Iraqi forces.”

$14.6 billion. China’s trade surplus with the USA in July, its highest ever.

The number is “raising doubts as to whether any conventional policy measures will be able to significantly reduce the imbalance.”

The “Prince of Darkness” speaks. Joseph Steffen, a former member of the administration of Maryland

Gov. Robert Ehrlich (R-MD) nicknamed “The Prince of Darkness,” admitted “he teamed with the governor’s appointments office in targeting workers to be terminated + that their political affiliations informed his recommendations.”

Steffen’s admission appeared to be at odds with sworn testimony from other members of the Ehrlich administration.

Reports of “ harassment and discrimination against Muslims are rising.” According to a new USA Today/Gallup poll, 39 % of Americans said they “felt at least some prejudice against Muslims” + 22 % “wouldn’t want Muslims as neighbors.”

Emily Hesaltine, a 20-year-old intern for the Federation of American Scientists, took two months to single-handedly improve the Department of Homeland Security’s preparedness site, Check out her work at

And finally: Porn star Mary Carey is once again running for California governor against Arnold Schwarzenegger. “I think I’m more serious now,” Carey said. “As you can see I’m dressed more seriously. I’ve got brown in my hair because brunettes are taken more seriously.” Carey plans to “barnstorm across California colleges in a shock the vote’ tour aimed at her core constituency: young men.”
British Lose Their Minds
Tired of Spin in the No Spin Zone? Wanting some Hardball but tired of a host that tosses NERF balls? This blog takes no prisoners and offers no quarter on issues of your security in today's dangerous world. We don't care if you agree or disagree with us. We only care that you think about what we write.
British Lose Their Minds By
Larry C Johnson

I'm sitting in Europe, scheduled to take British Air back to the states on Friday + I'm watching British Authorities meltdown in the face of an alleged terrorist plot. Rule of thumb--initial, panicked reports are usually unreliable. The Brits reportedly have taken at least 18 people into custody--all residents of Great Britain.

The last significant, successful plot to bomb a plane was in January 1995, when a group linked to Osama Bin Laden (this group included Ramsi Yousef, mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing + Khalid Sheik Muhammed, nephew of OBL) had devised a way to carry on a liquid explosive disguised to look like water. The detonator was a combination of gun cotton (looked like cotton balls), a small light bulb, a nine volt battery + a Casio data watch. Ramsi Yousef conducted a successful dry run of this device and planted one on board a Philippine Airline flight in December 1994. That bomb killed one man (a Japanese citizen) and almost brought down the plane. The plan was to blow up twelve US jets transiting the Pacific basin. It was disrupted when an informant, Ishtiak Parker, walked into the US Embassy in Pakistan and ratted out Ramsi Yousef.

So, what next?

Instead of a common sense approach to security, the Brits have hit the panic button. Here's what needs to be done: No liquids on board a plane weighing more than one pound. Eight ounce bottles are okay but you must drink the liquid to demonstrate it is not an explosive. One carryone bag per passenger. All carry on bags hand searched. No cotton balls. No third party cargo on passenger aircraft.

The latter is the real gap in aviation security. Right now most checked baggage is subjected to inspection by a machine that can detect explosives. Hand carry and cargo are not. You can deal with the threat of hand carry by physical inspection but cargo is a different problem.

In the back of my mind I worry that this threat might be trumped up in order to divert attention from the disastrous US and British policy (or lack of policy) in Lebanon. More likely, we have an informant in the UK that identified a potential plot that was in the dreaming stage but had not progressed to actual implementation. Rather than act like security professionals, the Brits are acting like panicked nannies. Very sad.
Madness By DymaxionWorldJohn (Posted by John.) Wow. I knew Krauthammer had issues, but... damn.

About three years ago, I saw Krauthammer flip out in synagogue on Yom Kippur. The rabbi had offered some timid endorsement of peace - peace essentially on Israel's terms - but peace anyway. Krauthammer went nuts. He actually started bellowing at the rabbi, from his wheel chair in the aisle. People tried to "shush" him. It was, after all, the holiest day of the year. But Krauthammer kept howling until the rabbi apologized. The man is as arrogant as he is thuggish. Who screams at the rabbi at services? For advocating peace?

I'm hardly a religious person, but I've also been to Church enough times to hear things from the pulpit I disagreed with, even stuff I thought was offensive. But heckling the holy like it was an episode of Jerry Springer? That never occurred to me.
Ex-Chiefs at Comverse Tied to Options Fraud
Ex-Chiefs at Comverse Tied to Options Fraud Options Charges
The Justice Department says Alexander wired $60 million from his own brokerage account to Israel "in an attempt to conceal the proceeds from the U.S. authorities."
Comverse ex- chiefs, Israel and 9/11 are closely linked (see red highlighting).
U.S. Police and Intelligence Hit by Spy Network Charles R. Smith
Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2001 Spies Tap Police and Government Phones

In the wake of the 11.Sep.2001 terrorist attack, the FBI has stumbled on the largest espionage ring ever discovered inside the USA. The U.S. Justice Department is now holding nearly 100 Israeli citizens with direct ties to foreign military, criminal and intelligence services.

The spy ring reportedly includes employees of two Israeli-owned companies that currently perform almost all the official wiretaps for U.S. local, state and federal law enforcement.

The U.S. law enforcement wiretaps, authorized by the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), appear to have been breached by organized crime units working inside Israel and the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad.

Both Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller were warned on Oct. 18 in a hand-delivered letter from local, state and federal law enforcement officials. The warning stated, "Law enforcement's current electronic surveillance capabilities are less effective today than they were at the time CALEA was enacted."

The spy ring enabled criminals to use reverse wiretaps against U.S. intelligence and law enforcement operations. The illegal monitoring may have resulted in the deaths of several informants and reportedly spoiled planned anti-drug raids on crime syndicates.

Global Spy and Crime Network

The penetration of the U.S. wiretap system has led to a giant spy hunt across the globe by American intelligence agencies. U.S. intelligence officials now suspect the spy ring shared and sold information to other nations.

"Why do you think Putin so nonchalantly and with such great fanfare announced the shutdown of the Lourdes listening post in Cuba?" noted Douglas Brown, president of Multilingual Data Solutions Inc. and program director at the Nathan Hale Institute.

"Besides the PR benefit right before his visit here, the Russians don't need it anymore. They've scraped together a cheaper, more effective monitoring system. Is the Israeli company an element of that system? I don't know," stated Brown.

"With all the whining and crying about Echelon and Carnivore, critics, domestic and foreign, of U.S. electronic eavesdropping vastly overestimate our abilities to process and disseminate the stuff," noted Brown.

"The critics also underestimated the incompetence and total ineptness of the people running our intelligence and law enforcement services during the Clinton-Gore years. One guy uses his home computer for storing top secret documents; another high-tech guru guy can't figure out how to save and retrieve his e-mail + the guy in charge of everything is having phone sex over an open line with one of his employees," said Brown.

"On the other hand, the Europeans, including the Russians, have been much more focused on the nuts and bolts of practical systems to process the information they scoop up. The stories linking German intelligence and the L&H scandal got very little play here but were widely noted in the European software community," said Brown.

"Except for a few Germans and an occasional Pole, nobody can match the Russians in designing and developing algorithms. We may have some of the world's greatest programmers, but the Russians and Europeans do a better job of matching up linguists and area experts with their programmers," noted Brown.

The discovery of a major spy ring inside the USA is straining the already tense relations with Israel. Although, Israel denied any involvement with the penetration of the U.S. wiretap system, the CIA and FBI are investigating the direct government ties to the former Israeli military and intelligence officials now being held by the Justice Department.

Israeli Company Provides U.S. Wiretaps

One company reported to be under investigation is Comverse Infosys, a subsidiary of an Israeli-run private telecommunications firm. Comverse provides almost all the wiretapping equipment and software for U.S. law enforcement.

Custom computers and software made by Comverse are tied into the U.S. phone network in order to intercept, record and store wiretapped calls + at the same time transmit them to investigators.

The penetration of Comverse reportedly allowed criminals to wiretap law enforcement communications in reverse and foil authorized wiretaps with advance warning. One major drug bust operation planned by the Los Angeles police was foiled by what now appear to be reverse wiretaps placed on law enforcement phones by the criminal spy ring.

Flawed laws Led to Compromise

Several U.S. privacy and security advocates contend the fault actually lies in the CALEA legislation passed by Congress that allowed the spy ring to operate so effectively. Lisa Dean, vice president for technology policy at Free Congress Foundation, delivered a scathing critique of the breach of the U.S. law enforcement wiretap system.

"We are exercising our 'I told you so' rights on this," said Dean.

"From the beginning, both the political right and left warned Congress and the FBI that they were making a huge mistake by implementing CALEA. That it would jeopardize the security of private communications, whether it's between a mother and her son or between government officials. The statement just issued by law enforcement agencies has confirmed our worst fears," concluded Dean.

"How many more 9/11s do we have to suffer?" asked Brad Jansen, deputy director for technology policy at the Free Congress Foundation.

"The CALEA form of massive surveillance is a poor substitute for real law enforcement and intelligence work. It is an after-the-fact method of crime fighting. It is not designed to prevent crime. Massive wiretapping does not equal security. Instead, we have elected to jeopardize our national security in exchange for poor law enforcement," said Jansen.

"For example, FINCEN monitoring of all money transactions did not detect al-Qaeda, nor did it find Mohamed Atta before he boarded his last flight. It was an ATM receipt left in his rental car that led the FBI to the bin Laden bank accounts," noted Jansen.

U.S. National Security Compromised

"The CALEA approach is the same approach law enforcement has been pushing for a number of years. It's the same approach that was used to push Carnivore, Magic Lantern, FINCEN and even the failed Clipper project. This approach leads to a compromise in national security and in personal security for the American public," said Jansen.

"In addition, there is always government abuse of these kinds of systems," stated Jansen. "Law enforcement on all levels does a very poor job in policing itself. We need to hold our police and government officials to the highest standards."

"This also hurts the U.S. economy when the whole world knows that our communication systems are not secure. We cannot compete with inferior products when other countries are exporting secure software and hardware. New Zealand, India and Chile already offer security products that actually provide real security," stated Jansen.

"The current mentality of law enforcement is what failed to protect us from 9/11. CALEA wiretaps will not protect us from terror attacks in the future. The system does not provide better intelligence information. It actually leads to less security and more crime. We get the worst of both worlds," concluded Jansen

Oliver Stone: WTC Movie Review

11.SEp.2001 , Chuck Sereika crawled into a burning black hole in the unstable pile of debris that was once the World Trade Center + was the first man to reach trapped Port Authority officer Will Jimeno. At least he was in real life. In Oliver Stone's World Trade Center, Sereika's glory goes to New York City police officer Scott Strauss, a member of the elite Emergency Service Unit.
UrukNet] - [Daily Information from Occupied Iraq] - [newsletter 9 Aug 2006 - Part One] -
uruknet. info :: information from occupied iraq:: informazione dall'iraq occupato
Lebanon's Descent into Hell
Mike Whitney ...Bush and Olmert agree that the "real enemy" is Arab nationalism and Muslim solidarity; the 2 vital threats to the US/Israeli occupation strategy. The same solution applies to Lebanon as Iraq; divide and conquer; pit one group against the next until the whole society is torn apart in a paroxysm of bloodshed. Will Israel succeed in inciting chaos and civil strife or will they have to jump-start the process by packing explosives in the trunks of cars and detonating them ! in marketplaces and mosques like counterinsurgency operations in Iraq? We?ll have to wait and see. Lebanon is at the beginning of a long descent into hell. Every opportunity for peace has been foreclosed by the Bush administration. The failures in Iraq and Afghanistan have done nothing to slow the machinery of state terror. The ghastly specter of mutilated corpses crushed beneath the twisted iron and powdery debris of bombed-out buildings only whets the appetites of the imperial warlords.

They won?t be happy until the fire they stared in Iraq consumes the entire Middle East in a pyramid of flames...

Starving Babies and Making Lebanon Dark
Kurt Nimmo It should be obvious by now Israel intends to ethnically cleanse southern Lebanon, all the way up to the Litani River where the United Nations proposed rebuilding a bridge in order to deliver humanitarian aid. "UN officials contacted the Israeli army to inform them that a team of Chinese military engineers attached to the UN force in Lebanon intended to repair the bridge on the Beirut to Tyre road to enable the transport of humanitarian supplies," reports the Gua! rdian. "According to the UN, Israeli officials said the engineers would become a target if they attempted to repair the bridge"...

Did you know?
Sabbah's blog Did you know that India have banned Arab TV channels under pressure from Israel. In a country widely referred to as the world's largest democracy, the Indian government has succumbed to mounting Israeli pressure and ordered a nationwide ban on the broadcast of Arab television channels?! Now you know! Do you know the two nations that stand out above all others as notorious serial abusers of UN resolutions are the US and Israel?! Now you know! Did you know that Israel attempted to kill P! alestinian PM, Esmail Haniya, with "poison gas"?! Now you know!...

War crimes and responsibility of the Bush administration
Rodrique Tremblay, Online Journal Guest Writer Can a democracy turn fascist and militaristic? It sure can + that is the most severe threat a democracy can ever face. The 20th Century example was Germany in the 1930's. The Nazi Party was elected in November 1932, with only 33.1 % of the votes, but when its leader Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor on January 30, 1933, it immediately began subverting the German Weimar Constitution by concentrating! political power in its own hands, while increasing military expenditures. The Nazi government then suspended a number of constitutional protections of civil liberties under the pretext of external and internal threats to its security. The following steps taken by Nazi Germany were to initiate a series of illegal wars of aggression against other countries. This culminated with World War II in which more than 50 million people died. After the war, principles of international law were established in order to prevent future mischievous politicians from embarking upon wars of aggression. In the first instance, the U.S. participated in establishing the Nuremberg standard of international criminal justice, which states that it is a war crime to launch a war of aggression...

Sarah Meyer, INDEX RESEARCH Danny Schechter at Media Channel sent me the following notice: Israel Solidarity Mission, Tuesday August 22nd Saturday August 26th (after Shabbat). 4 days (3 nights at hotel) A Unique Way to Show Our Solidarity with the People of Israel. Not only solidarity but much more: * Touring the embattled North of Israel and personally sharing our friendship with families there who have lived through the terror of Katyusha rockets falli! ng on their homes; * Visiting an air force base where we will thank the brave pilots who are defending Israel and see, up close, the advanced F-16-I jets they fly; * Receiving a briefing from the Brigade Commander and his troops defending against Hamas terrorism in Gaza; * Meeting with top officials of Israel's government to hear what lies ahead and to learn how we can help....

The Failures Of The Antiwar Movement, Summer ?06
Joshua Frank Summer is quickly winding down. President Bush is off to Crawford for his usual R&R. Cindy Sheehan, who just purchased a piece of land near the Bush ranch, is setting up camp in hopes of drawing Bush out from his dark quarters and into the light. The war in Iraq, even though it's bloodier than ever, has taken a back seat to the crisis in Lebanon, where Israel has opted to target and kill innocent civilians to brandish Hezbollah. Conflict in the Middle ! East is worse than it was just one year ago. The only visible opposition to all this madness here in the US is Cindy Sheehan and her followers. If it wasn?t for her bravery and commitment it's certain the antiwar movement would still be sitting here without a voice or a conscious. But for all the wonderful things Sheehan has done for us, I still don?t think she understands the importance of breaking with the Democratic Party - the two-faced warmongers that they are...

Morgue body count highlights Iraq bloodshed
Alister Bull Almost 2,000 bodies were taken to Baghdad's morgue in July, the highest tally in five months of rising sectarian bloodshed which has forced the USA to boost troop levels in the capital to head off a civil war. Morgue assistant manager Doctor Abdul Razzaq al-Obaidi said on Wednesday that about 90 % had died violently. "Most of the cases have gunshot wounds to the head. Some of them were strangled and others were beaten to death with clubs," h! e told Reuters...

Bush's Sham 'Ceasefire' Resolution Is A Plan For More War and Aggression
Naim I. Farhat It is now clear that tens of thousands of people are coming to Washington, DC on August 12 to condemn the U.S.-Israeli assault and show solidarity with the people of Palestine and Lebanon. Now is the time for the people of the USA to stand up and be counted. The whole world is condemning the U.S. and Israeli war that has made nearly one-quarter of Lebanon's entire population, 800,000 people, refugees in their home co! untry. The Israeli military, supplied and supported by the USA government, has destroyed the infrastructure of a nation, deprived families of water and left them starving and foraging to keep alive + slaughtered hundreds of people, burying children and parents under their homes or in shelters where they have desperately sought refuge...

Three US soldiers killed in western Iraq
Turkish Press BAGHDAD - Three US soldiers were killed in action Wednesday in Iraq's restive western province of Anbar, the US military said. "Three soldiers assigned to 1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division died from enemy action while operating in Al-Anbar province today," a statement said.

Bush Wants Wider War
Robert Parry, George W. Bush and his neoconservative advisers saw the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah as an opportunity to expand the conflict into Syria and possibly achieve a long-sought "regime change" in Damascus, but Israel's leadership balked at the scheme, according to Israeli sources. One Israeli source said Bush's interest in spreading the war to Syria was considered "nuts" by some senior Israeli officials, although Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has generally sha! red Bush's hard-line strategy against Islamic militants. After rebuffing Bush's suggestion about attacking Syria, the Israeli government settled on a strategy of mounting a major assault in southern Lebanon aimed at rooting out Hezbollah guerrillas who have been firing Katyusha rockets into northern Israel...

Israel to expand ground offensive Israel has ordered an expansion of its ground offensive in Lebanon aiming to strike harder at Hezbollah and curb its cross-border rocket attacks. The decision was announced on Wednesday by the office of Ehud Olmert, the Israeli prime minister, after the cabinet voted to send soldiers deeper into Lebanon, possibly as far as the Litani river, up to 20km north of the border. The statement said: "The security cabinet approved the recommendations of the defence establish! ment for the continuation of operations in Lebanon."...

US Blackhawk down in Iraq, two crew missing
AFP A US Blackhawk helicopter crashed in western Iraq and two of the six troops on board are missing, the US military Wednesday. "The aircraft has been located. Search and rescue efforts are ongoing for two missing crewmembers. The remaining four are in stable condition," US Marine Corps spokesman Major Riccoh Player said of Tuesday's crash...

International Action Center ...The obstacles to peace in the Middle East are not Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria or Iran. The obstacle is the U.S. government and its client, the Israeli settler state. Republicans and Democrats alike have united to back the expansionist Israeli war against Palestine and Lebanon. This war is really an extension of the U.S. war and occupation of Iraq. The expansion of U.S.-backed Israeli aggress! ion in the Middle East is 'justified' through a widespread campaign of demonization against Hezbollah and Hamas. These are the movements of national resistance in Lebanon and Palestine. It is an urgent task, for those of us opposed to war and injustice, to clarify for the people of the U.S. he reality--that the problems of the Middle East are not rooted in a struggle between religions. The wars are driven by greedy imperialist policymakers in the U.S., like Bush and his super rich friends, to dominate, colonize, exploit and rob the natural resources (especially oil) of the people of the Middle East...

"Positive Conditions" - The Water Crisis In Gaza
Alice Gray The political rhetoric and frequent violence of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict often serve to mask underlying environmental issues which, if not resolved, may pose an even greater threat to the well-being of the Palestinian population than the guns and bombs of the military occupation. Environmental degradation threatens to undermine the viability of any future Palestinian state and create conditions that will make life in many parts of the Palestinian! Territories impossible. Many environmental problems are accelerated and exacerbated by Occupation practices, which prevent effective environmental management. This problem is particularly acute in Gaza in relation to the water resources and the ongoing military conflict...

Israeli war crimes aimed at ?cleansing? south Lebanon
Bill Van Auken, WSWS On Tuesday, Israeli warplanes struck the southern Lebanese town of Ghaziyeh, killing at least 14 people. Missiles demolished civilian homes just as some 1,500 mourners were participating in a procession to bury 15 of their relatives and neighbors slain just the day before. The explosions sent the crowd running in panic, dropping shrouded corpses in the street. Ghaziyeh's normal population of 23,000 has reportedly been swelled by a wave of ! refugees.

It is a predominantly Shiite town near Sidon, a region where most of the population is composed of Sunni Muslims.

Many people from further south had fled there to stay with relatives + friends...

Israel "warns" journalists
Siege of Lebanon To members of the foreign press, The IDF has announced a limitation on travel in any kind of vehicle in all areas south of the Litani River in Lebanon. The limitation took effect at 22:00 on August 7, 2006 + will remain in effect until further notice. Information regarding the limitations was communicated to the population in southern Lebanon via media outlets and leaflets as well as through local channels. Passage of humanitarian convoys continues throughout all of ! Lebanon in coordination with the IDF. We would like to stress that these limitations apply to journalists as well...

Kind Regards, The State of Israel
Lenin's Tomb Via Angry Arab, Israel's leaflet promising massacres and translation: It reads: To the Lebanese citzens residing south of the Litani River. Read this document with full comprehension and do as it orders. The IDF will escalate its activities and will hit with the most excessive force terrorist elements that uses you as human shields and fires rockets/missiles from inside your houses in the direction of the state of Israel. Every car including any type that moves! south of the Litani river will be bombed because it is suspected in transporting rockets/missiles and military and ruining equipment It is your duty to do so as every person in any car is placing their life in danger. State of Israel...

Tomgram: Dahr Jamail, The Damage in Lebanon - and Beyond
Tom Engelhardt & Dahr Jamail ...According to statistics provided by the Lebanese Government on July 24th, there had already been well over $2.1 billion of damage to the civilian infrastructure of Lebanon - all three of its airports and all four of its seaports had by then been bombed + in the weeks to follow it was only to get worse. By estimates that go quickly out of date as the brutal bombing campaign continues, there has already been nearly $1 bill! ion of damage done to civilian residences and businesses, with over 22 gas stations as well as fuel depots bombed and the major highways along which fuel resupply would take place badly damaged. Scores of factories, worth over $180 million, have also been damaged or destroyed. Red Cross ambulances, governmental emergency centers, UN peacekeeping forces and observers, media outlets + mobile phone towers have all been bombed, each a violation of international law. Mosques and churches have been hit; illegal weapons such as cluster bombs and white phosphorous used; and, as far as can be told at this early point, over 90% of the victims killed have been civilians. As of this writing, the Lebanese government had already announced at least 900 deaths + that number is now certainly well over 1,000...

Today in Iraq The police found a beheaded body of a man in al-Zab, an area about 35 km southwest of Kirkuk. A roadside bomb exploded near a U.S. patrol in eastern Baghdad's Shiite neighborhood of Habibiya, killing one bystander and wounding one U.S. soldier. Police found the bodies of three men who were shot in the head and dumped in two locations in southwestern Baghdad. Gunmen abducted two Iraqi contractors working with the U.S. military on Tuesday in the oil refinery city of Baiji. Five people were killed and 20 wounded overnight when a rocket hit three-storey building in the religiously mixed city of Baquba. The building collapsed and witnesses said more may be trapped in the rubble...

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Tuesday, 8 August 2006.
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice. In a dispatch posted at 7:45pm Makkah time Tuesday evening, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a short while earlier, a high-explosive Iraqi Resistance bomb went off by a US military column in the "12 Rabi' al-Awwal" neighborhood of al-Qa'im, nor far from the Syrian border in western Iraq. The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported eyewitnesses living in t! he area as saying that the blast destroyed a Humvee, killing or wounding all the Americans aboard it. The witnesses said that that explosion was so powerful that it shattered some window glass in nearby buildings. One witness said the explosion and shrapnel hurled one of the American soldiers out of the Humvee, killing him instantly...

GI Special 4H9: 60% Disapprove Bush On War - August 9, 2006
Thomas F. Barton 60% Of Americans Disapprove Bush On Iraq War 8.3.06 Los Angeles Times
A Times/Bloomberg poll found discontent with President Bush's leadership on a variety of key fronts, including the war in Iraq, with 60 % disapproval + the economy, with 59 % disapproval.
Terror Plot Mirrors Bojinka: Run By US Government Agent - Paul Joseph Watson 
Terror Plot Mirrors Bojinka: Run By US Government Agent Prison Planet | August 10 2006 MSNBC reports that the dastardly new terror plot is a re-hash of

10.Aug.2006 Threat Level Change for the Aviation Sector
In response to a serious terrorist threat to international aviation security, the Secretary of Homeland Security has elevated the Homeland Security Advisory System Threat Condition to Severe, or Red, for all commercial flights from the United Kingdom to the USA + to High, or Orange, ...

10.Aug.2006 'Airlines terror plot' disrupted A plot to blow up planes from the UK to the US would have caused "mass murder", Scotland Yard says.
10.Aug.2006 Plot to blow up aircraft thwarted
An alleged plot to kill thousands of people by detonating explosions on up to 10 transatlantic flights from UK airports was disrupted overnight. The home secretary, John Reid, today said such an attack could have caused civilian casualties on an "unprecedented scale".

10.Aug.2006 New Airline Security Rules
The foiled UK terrorist has plot wreaked havoc with air travel in the country: All short-haul inbound flights to Heathrow airport have been cancelled. Some flights in and out of Gatwick have been suspended. Security has been increased at Channel...

10.Aug.2006 Statistics not intellectual property of MLB
ST. LOUIS (AP) - Fantasy baseball leagues are allowed to use player names and statistics without licensing agreements because they are not the intellectual property of Major League Baseball, a federal judge ruled Tuesday. Baseball and its players have no right to prevent the use of names and ...

10.Aug.2006 Google to continue storing search requests despite AOL gaffe
SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) - Although he was alarmed by AOL's haphazard release of its subscribers' online search requests, Google Inc. CEO Eric Schmidt said Wednesday the privacy concerns raised by that breach won't change his company's practice of storing the inquiries made by its users. "We are ...

10.Aug.2006 9/11 Conspiracy theorists grow bolder in their assertions - Smartalix 
The biggest problem with any conspiracy theory is that for any real questions there are a dozen hair-brained ideas as to what happened. No matter what happened on 9/11, the event has become a new Kennedy assassination in the lore of possible conspiracies, with theories ranging from stupidity and ...

10.Aug.2006 Market Behavior after the Fed Finishes - Ritholtz We have discussed ad nauseum what has happened after the Fed finished their tightening cycle. It turns out to be a bit more complicated than either the Bulls or the Bears expect. 1980 seems to be a dividing line when it comes to Fed cycles. In the majority of cases...
10.Aug.2006 Travel chaos grips UK's airports Security is stepped up at all UK airports after a police say they have foiled a terror plot.
10.Aug.2006 Foiled Terror Plot Makes Nice 'World Trade Center' Tie-In Goooooood morning, fear-stricken Americans! British authorities have announced that they've foiled a major terror plot to blow up planes traveling between Britain and the U.S. 21 people were arrested overnight; the plan was to smuggle liquid-based explosives in their carry-on luggage. American, ...
10.Aug.2006 Ideas & Trends: Is It the Drunk or the Drink Doing the Talking? Was Mel Gibson's alcohol-fueled soliloquy an ugly insight into his character? Or was it just the tequila talking?
10.Aug.2006 U.K.: Plot to bomb plane thwarted British authorities said Thursday they had thwarted a terrorist plot to simultaneously blow up several aircraft heading to the U.S. using explosives smuggled in hand luggage, averting what police described as “mass murder on an unimaginable scale.” Meantime, a U.S. counterterrorism official ...
10.Aug.2006 Blogs – Our “Morning Paper” - Fred Breakfast Originally uploaded by kirsten_pdx. The first guys I worked for in the venture business, Milton and Bliss, used to sit at their desk and read the Wall Street Journal for 20 minutes over a cup of coffee before starting...
10.Aug.2006 At schools, less tolerance for 'zero tolerance' "Zero tolerance" discipline policies that are enforced widely in U.S. schools are backfiring: They may be promoting misbehavior ...
10.Aug.2006 'Plot to blow up planes' disrupted A plot to blow up planes to the US mid-flight and cause "mass murder on an unimaginable scale" has been disrupted, Scotland Yard says. Heightened security is causing severe delays at all UK airports.
10.Aug.2006 In pictures Scenes of massive security at British airports
10.Aug.2006 Security fears Airport checks facing new threats in 21st Century
10.Aug.2006 At-a-glance Latest travel information at the UK's airports
10.Aug.2006 UN attacks Lebanon aid 'disgrace' The UN's top humanitarian official criticises Israel and Hezbollah for hindering access to south Lebanon.
10.Aug.2006 General warns of Afghan threat UK troops in Afghanistan face a greater threat than in any other conflict since the 1950s, a British general says.
10.Aug.2006 HSBC online banking warning HSBC will "look at different ways" of securing its online banking system after warnings of a possible loophole emerge.
0.Aug.2006 New typhoon slams into SE China More than 1.3 million people are evacuated in south-east China as a major typhoon, Saomai, makes landfall.
10.Aug.2006 US boosts marshals on UK flights The US will deploy extra air marshals on transatlantic flights after an alleged plot to blow up airlines is disrupted.
10.Aug.2006 Bomb alert fuels share sell-off Airline and travel shares fall across Europe after Scotland Yard says it has disrupted a plot to blow up planes.
10.Aug.2006 Gaza crossing briefly reopens The Rafah border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt reopens for the first time in seven weeks.
10.Aug.2006 Patient dies after IVF treatment Officials at a Leicester hospital confirm a woman has died after undergoing fertility treatment.
10.Aug.2006 Security increased at NI airports Passengers at NI's airports experience delays as security is increased after a major UK terrorist alert.
10.Aug.2006 Security clamp placed on airports Scotland's airports are on a high-security alert after an alleged plot to blow up planes from the UK is foiled.
10.Aug.2006 Increased security delays flights There are delays at Cardiff and Swansea airports after a UK terrorist plot to blow up planes mid-flight is disrupted.
10.Aug.2006 Carousel crooks try to net £10bn Criminals tried to claim almost £10bn in VAT on exports in the three months to June, official figures show.
10.Aug.2006 Parties 'united' over terror plot There is unity among the UK's main political parties over the disrupted terror plot, the home secretary says.
10.Aug.2006 Young drive 'radical media shift' The "networked generation" of 16 to 24 year olds is driving a radical shift in media consumption, a report reveals.
10.Aug.2006 Profits up at Thames owner RWE, the German owner of UK water supplier Thames Water, reports a 19% rise in first-half operating profits.
10.Aug.2006 Ex-Met chief's Damilola 'relief' The former head of the Metropolitan Police speaks of his relief at the convictions of Damilola Taylor's killers.
10.Aug.2006 Alaska queries BP oilfield checks The governor of Alaska questions whether BP misled it over the condition of its pipelines, given the Prudhoe Bay leak.
10.Aug.2006 Analysis Security crackdown reflects fears of other terror cells
10.Aug.2006 Israeli tanks push into Lebanon Israeli troops advance on a town in south Lebanon, after the government decides to extend ground operations.
10.Aug.2006 Troops in Iraq 'under-equipped' British forces fighting the escalating violence in Iraq are "under-equipped and overstretched", MPs warn.
10.Aug.2006 £2m fine for Dounreay spillage The operators of the Dounreay nuclear site are fined £2m over a radioactive liquid spill.
10.Aug.2006 Water waste 'threatens wildlife' Water wastage needs to be tackled to prevent "devastating" impact on the environment and wildlife, campaigners say.
10.Aug.2006 Water waste 'threatens wildlife' Water wastage needs to be tackled to prevent "devastating" impact on the environment and wildlife, campaigners say.
10.Aug.2006 Annan warning over Gaza situation Kofi Annan warns the world not to forget the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as Israeli missiles kill three in Gaza.
10.Aug.2006 Mumbai 1993 bombings verdict due An Indian judge is set to deliver verdicts on those accused of bombings which killed 257 in Mumbai in 1993.
10.Aug.2006 Doctors fear research funding cut Doctors fear research funds may be raided, potentially hampering the development of new treatments.
10.Aug.2006 Teens 'using condoms wrongly' Teenagers are failing to use condoms properly, risking unwanted pregnancies and infections, a snapshot study suggests.
10.Aug.2006 Parents shaky about kids' safety online special feature Most parents say they use monitoring software or content-filtering tools to keep kids out of harm's way, according to new study.
10.Aug.2006 Photos: Israel's treatment of water The water treatment industry thrives in Israel because of a lack of water needed for agriculture and human use.
10.Aug.2006 Pumping power onto the grid from your basement GridPoint has developed Net-connected energy storage appliances, which it says will save money by using electricity off-peak.
10.Aug.2006 Water wizards of the desert One of Israel's most promising industries centers on the preservation of a crucial natural resource: water.
10.Aug.2006 Is that a cell phone strapped to that pigeon's back?
Video: Is that a cell phone strapped to that pigeon's back?. Several pigeons, were equipped with pollution measurement and GPS devices, were released at the ZeroOne Festival in San Jose, Calif., on Aug. 8.

The birds, tracked live via a Google Maps mashup at , will be feeding data to the site via SMS.

The data provides the location, carbon-monoxide levels and identification for each bird. CNET's Neha Tiwari was on hand for the official takeoff.
AOL gaffe draws Capitol Hill rebuke - Democratic politician says flap shows new laws are necessary to force Web sites to delete data. Not everyone is convinced.
10.Aug.2006 For kids, more online porn, less solicitations
Blog: Fewer American children are being targeted by sexual predators on the Internet today than five years ago, according to a new study--an...

10.Aug.2006 HSBC Online Banking Security Flaw Analyzed - timothy 46 - greenechidna writes

"The BBC is reporting that a vulnerability has been found in the online banking service of HSBC by researchers at Cardiff University. According to the story the attack would allow an attacker to log on to an account within 9 attempts. The attack relies on a keylogger being installed on the victim's machine. The article doesn't have any further technical details." David Nicholson adds links to coverage at CNN and at the Guardian, writing "The attack revolves around the order that customers are requested to enter random security numbers on the site. The main news stories fail to detail the vulnerability but I have provided an analysis of it here."
The Technology of Drug Prohibition - timothy 174 -ches_grin writes

"Although the GWOT gets all the headlines, technology is proving to be the key factor in the 'war on drugs'. This article and slideshow take a look at the current state-of-the-art for both federal agents and drug traffickers, from greenhouses to Predator drones: 'In the pitched battle surrounding illegal drugs, each side has its advantages. Law enforcement can take advantage of private sector expertise, expensive machines, and, of course, the law. Those who cultivate, manufacture + smuggle illegal drugs can leverage vast sums of cash, generated by constant demand.'"
Homeland Security says 'Patch Windows Now' - timothy 249 -gregger writes "Wow, so the Department of Homeland Security is really concerned with Microsoft patches now... enough to come out and tell us to patch our machines. This warning, chronicled in eWeek, was issued less than a day after the release of 23 patches from Redmond. So, if you don't apply the patches, then what?"
10.Aug.2006 Google to Continue Storing Search Requests - samzenpus 200 - sabotage3 writes

"Although he was alarmed by AOL's haphazard release of its subscribers' online search requests, Google Inc. CEO Eric Schmidt said Wednesday the privacy concerns raised by that breach won't change his company's practice of storing the inquiries made by its users."
BBC Reports UK-U.S. Terror Plot Foiled - timothy 920 -j823777 was one of several readers to point out a BBC report that

"A terrorist plot to blow up planes in mid-flight from the UK to the U.S. has been disrupted, Scotland Yard has said. It is thought the plan was to detonate up to three explosive devices smuggled on aircraft in hand luggage. Police have arrested 21 people in the London area after an anti-terrorist operation lasting several months. Security at all airports in the UK has been tightened and delays are reported. MI5 has raised the UK threat level to critical — the highest possible." spo0nman adds a link to the Associated Press's coverage. Update: 08/10 12:57 GMT by T : Several readers have pointed out new restrictions imposed as a result of this plot on passengers' carry-on luggage. In the UK, nearly all possession (including laptop computers) must be carried in the cargo hold; while their rules don't yet go quite as far, U.S. airlines are stepping up their enforcement of carry-on-restrictions, including banning substances like toothpaste.
Researchers Make Mount Etna Sing - samzenpus 71 -The Interfacer writes

"Predicting eruptions will become easier now scientists are using technology to translate the patterns in a volcano's behaviour into sound waves. "The research project, which brings together experts from Europe and Latin America, digitally collects geophysical information on seismic movements before using data sonification to transform them into audible sound waves, which can then be 'scored' as melodies. The resulting 'music' is then analysed for patterns of behaviour and used to identify similarities in eruption dynamics and so predict future activity."
Has Anyone Seen the Moon Pictures? - samzenpus 345 -
NASA has received a lot of bad press in the last few years. Now in a stunning move to prove how much they have learned from past mistakes, it appears they have lost the magnetic tapes that recorded the first moon walk. They also seem to have misplaced the original recordings of the other five Apollo moon landings. Hopefully nobody has taped an episode of "The OC" over them yet.

10.Aug.2006 I enourage everyone to read this important Kos diary by lauptifer exposing the fake "hack attack" on Lieberman's web site.

Remember the accusations that Lieberman and his people made regarding his site being hacked?

At one point, while investigating bogus reports of email services being down, SmokeyMonkey from DailyKos noticed that someone was changing the DNS / MX records for the Lieberman camp - adjustments they were making themselves, not as a result of any hack attack.

Added in the full functionality of the other sites that are based on and hosted from the same server + the smoke begins to rise.

Obviously, we're dealing with another Rovian trick - a variant of the classic "bug yourself and blame the enemy" routine.
Lauptifer uncovers other potential shennanigans involving a dmonain called (+ .net

No actual web pages exist at those addresses at the moment, but the registration looks awfully mysterious.

The ISupportJoe domains have been assigned to the same name servers that help web-surfers make their way to pages of such illustrious RNC favorites as get their Internets service from expert operative Becki Donatelli + Campaign Solutions: Bottom line: Why would this White House use the "hard Zell" to keep Lieberman in the Senate?

I think some internal polling has suggested the possibility that the Republicans could be in trouble in November.

Holy Joe may have promised to make his party switch official if doing so would preserve a Republican majority.
By the way, I cannot vouch for for the authenticity of the photo above.

10.Aug.2006 The Tuesday upset of Lieberman was a triumph for the reality-based community - A BuzzFlash News Analysis (Remember, You Can Now Register for Free and Comment on All BuzzFlash Original Articles.)
The New GOP "Jim Crow Poll Taxes"

10.Aug.2006 Special Purchase and Price. "How Democrats and Progressives Can Win: Solutions from George Lakoff" (DVD) ($9.75, including shipping)
If You Value BuzzFlash, We Need Your Dollars to Spread the REAL News.It's What Keeps BuzzFlash Going. You Can Get the Truth on BuzzFlash Because Our Readers are Our Funders.
"Rice cancels U.N. visit as issues grow over Mideast cease-fire plans." Translation: Bush is Still Hoping that Syria and Iran Can be Drawn Into the War.

10.Aug.2006 A CBS News/New York Times exit poll of nearly 2,700 voters on Tuesday found that 61 % said Lieberman should not run as an independent. 8/10
The BuzzFlash Mailbag - Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

10.Aug.2006 Fox Military Analyst on Syria: ?We Can Talk To Them When We Line Them Up and Kill Them?
Dispatch from the BuzzFlash Department of Reality: Suicide Bomber Kills 30 in Southern Iraq 8/10
The pendulum is swinging, driven by the all-too-apparent shortcomings of the Bush administration. To paraphrase a great Democrat, the only thing Democratic leaders have to fear is timidity in the face of opportunity. 8/10

10.Aug.2006 US seeks to shield its war interrogators: The administration's two other responses to the Supreme Court's rejection of its military tribunal system have been to seek legislation blocking Guantanamo prisoners' right to sue to enforce their newly won protections; and to draft a bill that replaces an absolute human rights standard with consideration of intelligence-gathering needs during interrogations.

10.Aug.2006 Witness: CIA Contractor Admitted Hitting Afghan Prisoner: A former CIA contract worker charged with beating an Afghan detainee who later died was "full of rage" during the man's interrogation and later admitted assaulting the prisoner, witnesses at the ex-contractor's trial said Tuesday.

10.Aug.2006 War Crimes Act Changes Would Reduce Threat Of Prosecution: The Bush administration has drafted amendments to a war crimes law that would eliminate the risk of prosecution for political appointees, CIA officers and former military personnel for humiliating or degrading war prisoners, according to U.S. officials and a copy of the amendments.

10.Aug.2006 6 Minute Video: Justice Anthony Kennedy at the American Bar Association: Keynote address from annual meeting in Hawaii, from ABA website - "we are at a turning point in the history of law."

10.Aug.2006 The Sweetness of Lieberman’s Defeat: Any morning which carries the fragrance of a defeat for Joe Lieberman is one that should be savored. And his humiliation at the hands of Connecticut voters yesterday is all the sweeter for the fact that it looks as though we may be able to enjoy another Lieberman defeat in November.

10.Aug.2006 Lamont's Victory & Lieberman's Insult to Democracy & the Democratic Party: Lieberman is announcing he will move forward with plans to abuse loopholes in Connecticut's election laws, ignore Democratic Party voters who voted in our democratic process for change + mount a Lieberman for Lieberman Independent bid.
'Evangelicals the world over are praying for Israel' : Wearing white and trusting that God will watch over him in a war zone, the American Christian Evangelical leader Pat Robertson is visiting Israel this week to offer his support for a country whose very existence he believes is threatened by Hizbullah in Lebanon.

10.Aug.2006 One minute video: Compassionate Conservatives: FOX News Laughs at Lebanese Civilian Deaths

10.Aug.2006 MAX BLUMENTHAL: Birth Pangs of a New Christian Zionism: Over the past months, the White House has convened a series of off-the-record meetings about its policies in the Middle East with leaders of Christians United for Israel (CUFI), a newly formed political organization that tells its members that supporting Israel's expansionist policies is "a biblical imperative."

10.Aug.2006 Pigs at the trough: Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2006 Congressional Candidates

10.Aug.2006 Handy-Dandy Guide To U.S. Foreign Policy :

Q: What is the difference between a regime and a government? -

A: A regime is a government disliked by the USA.

A government is a regime that the USA likes.

10.Aug.2006 Ted Rall: 3,000 Miles From Doom: Huge Buffer Zone Protects Us From Islamohordes

10.Aug.2006 2 Minute Video: Scott Ritter - Debunks Iranian Nuclear Threat: "Nothing Iran is accused of is illegal"

10.Aug.2006 Iran ‘will hit back 100 times harder’ : Any US or Israeli attack against Iran will be returned by a force 100 times stronger, the head of the Revolutionary Guards said yesterday, as pressure mounts on Tehran’s atomic work and its support for Hezbollah.

10.Aug.2006 For some evangelicals, Mideast war stirs hope; Believing the Mideast conflict is a sign that Christ will return soon, some evangelical groups have cheered Israel's military actions

10.Aug.2006 The Water Crisis in Gaza: Missile strikes + ground incursions have repeatedly damaged and destroyed pipelines + maintenance personnel have been arrested, shot at or even killed whilst trying to carry out repairs.

10.Aug.2006 Finland slams EU foreign policy leaks: "It has long been known that all EU documents that deal with the Middle East also are known in Tel Aviv within an hour after having been distributed to the member states + probably also in Washington and Moscow,"

10.Aug.2006 Report: US sailor spied for Israel: - A US Navy sailor, Ariel J. Weinmann, is suspected of spying for Israel and has been held in prison for four months

10.Aug.2006 Russia Possibly Involved in U.S. Navy Spy Scandal:

The suspect allegedly copied confidential information on board over a two-month period, possibly putting it on a navy laptop + then allegedly disappeared with the computer.

10.Aug.2006 Chavez likely to cut Venezuela ties with Israel:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Tuesday Venezuela would likely sever relations with Israel in protest over Israel's military campaign against Lebanon.
IDF's new weapon: Snipers who fought in Cechnya : They were active in the past in operational activity in the Gaza division, but at a certain point finished their service in the division once the impression was created that they were "trigger happy."

10.Aug.2006 Top US envoy tells Lebanese Israel has rejected troop withdrawal : It was a top U-S envoy who carried the message to Lebanon that Israel is rejecting a troop withdrawal.

10.Aug.2006 Israel isolates Tyre with threat to bomb all traffic : No exemptions for humanitarian convoys says military

10.Aug.2006 Robert Fisk: Israel's promise of humanitarian corridors is exposed as a sham : : Requests from humanitarian organisations for clearance from the Israelis are now being refused. Even the Red Cross admits there is now, in effect, a blockade on a vast area along the Lebanese border where thousands of civilians are still cowering in their homes.
Sixty % of Americans oppose Iraq war: poll: Sixty % of Americans oppose the U.S. war in Iraq and a majority would support a partial withdrawal of troops by year's end, a CNN poll said on Wednesday.

Eric Margolis: A Foolhardy War, Unleashed by Fools: The news about the Mideast most North Americans get is heavily biased by the media’s need to cater to reader prejudices and misconceptions.

10.Aug.2006 Concerns over Syria's links to Hezbollah BBC Video Interview
Stephen Sackur talks to Syria's Ambassador to Washington about his country's role in the Middle East and concerns over links to Hezbollah.

10.Aug.2006 Was Israel's Aim to Clear Path for US War on Iran? Analysis by Gareth Porter
Israel has argued that the war against Hezbollah's rocket arsenal was a defensive response to the Shiite organisation's threat to Israeli security, but the evidence points to a much more ambitious objective - the weakening of Iran's deterrent to an attack on its nuclear sites.

10.Aug.2006 Apocalypse Near -Interview With Noam Chomsky
Following intellectuals' letter, Prof. Noam Chomsky explains his doctrine, discusses danger of Israel's nukes compared to 'Iranian threat,' global media's role in escalating Mideast conflict and US's place in picture .

10.Aug.2006 Ethnic Cleansing: Constructive, Benign + Nefarious -By Edward S. Herman
Ethnic cleansing is clearly acceptable when it is serviceable to the USA or carried out by one of its allies or clients, but it is assailed with great energy and indignation and opposed by force when engaged in (or asserted to be engaged in) by a U.S. target .

UK: MP resigns over Middle East crisis : The government today suffered the first resignation over its stance on the Lebanon crisis.

The Scottish MP Jim Sheridan resigned from his post within the defence team over the use of Prestwick airport for flights supplying arms to Israel.

10.Aug.2006 Airports on red alert after police 'foil terror plot' : A major terrorist plot to blow up aircraft in mid-flight has been thwarted by the Metropolitan Police's anti-terrorist branch and the security service, the force said today. Hand baggage is being banned at UK airports and MI5 has raised the threat level to 'critical'.

10.Aug.2006 U.S. gets back at Russia for Venezuela: The sanctions imposed by the U.S. State Department on two Russian companies, Rosoboronexport + Sukhoi, for cooperating with Iran have nothing to do with such cooperation.

10.Aug.2006 U.S. Gets as Much as it Gives to the U.N.:

00.000.2004, the USA took in 24.1 % (315.8 million dollars) of all U.N. contracts, amounting to a total of 1.3 billion dollars.

00.000.2005, the % age was 20.4 % (331.0 million dollars) out of total U.N. purchases of 1.6 billion dollars..

10.Aug.2006 McKinney Loses Runoff for Georgia Seat ; McKinney, her state's first black congresswoman, has long been controversial.

Her suggestion that the Bush administration had advance knowledge of the 11.Sep.2001 terror attacks helped galvanize opposition +

00.000.2002 she lost her seat, but won it again two years ago.

10.Aug.2006 McKinney opponent rakes in pro-Israel cash : In her first stint in Congress, which began in 1993, McKinney angered pro-Israel donors and voters with positions that were viewed as hostile to Israel.
Report: Neocons siphoning secret U.S. intelligence to Israel 5 Minute Video Report
Are neocons in the Bush administration actually siphoning secret intelligence to Israel in hopes of keeping the war going, the war Rice is ostensibly trying to stop? James Bamford says so.
Click here to view

10.Aug.2006 Lebanon Prepares 35,000 Reserve Troops : The army has 60 US-made M-48 tanks, 160 Soviet-made T-55 + T-56 tanks + 1000 US-made M-113 armored personnel carriers.

10.Aug.2006 15 Israeli soldiers killed Wednesday in south Lebanon : Fifteen Israel Defense Forces troops were killed on Wednesday, the IDF announced late Wednesday night, as fierce fighting with Hezbollah guerillas raged in the southern Lebanon villages of Ayta al-Shaab and Debel.

10.Aug.2006 Stranger than fiction: Robertson, Olmert pray for victory: Israel's war against Hizbullah in Lebanon is the free world's "struggle for freedom" against Islamic-Fascism, which will soon imperil the security of the same European countries that are now criticizing Israel's war in Lebanon, prominent American Evangelical Christian leader Pat Robertson said Wednesday.
Lebanon’s Descent into Hell -By Mike Whitney
The ghastly specter of mutilated corpses crushed beneath the twisted iron and powdery debris of bombed-out buildings only whets the appetites of the imperial warlords.

They won’t be happy until the fire they started in Iraq consumes the entire Middle East in a pyramid of flames. Continue

10.Aug.2006 Why the Dems Have Failed Lebanon By Stephen Zunes
The Democrats have once again overwhelmingly thrown their support behind the president and his right-wing counterpart, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Anti- Cola- Protest in Indien: Flaschen in Flammen
Amman: Mann stürmte Cockpit - überwältigt

Tatsächlich stießen die Astronomen auf eine Reihe kurzer, aber deutlicher Verdunkelungen des Röntgenlichts.

Hochgerechnet auf das gesamte Sonnensystem müsste es demnach etwa eine Billiarde TNOs mit einem Durchmesser von weniger als 100 Metern geben, schreiben die Forscher in der Wissenschaftszeitschrift "Nature".
In Taiwan bediente man sich daher eines Tricks: Da jedes Mal, wenn ein solches Objekt zwischen die Erde + einen hellen Neutronenstern gerät, das Röntgenlicht des Sterns für wenige Sekundenbruchteile schwächer wird,

kann man aus der Häufigkeit solcher Intensitätsschwankungen auf die Anzahl vorbeiziehender Objekte schließen.

Auf diese Art hat ein Team um Hsiang-Kuang Chang von der Tsing-Hua-Universität im taiwanesischen Hsinchu abgeschätzt, wie viele Objekte jenseits des Neptuns umherfliegen.

Die von den Astronomen untersuchten kleinen Gesteinsbrocken gehören zu den sogenannten Transneptunischen Objekten (TNO), die unter anderem den Kuiper-Gürtel am äußeren Rand des Sonnensystems bilden. Bisher kennen Forscher etwa 50.000 TNOs mit Durchmessern von mehreren hundert Kilometern, darunter beispielsweise auch den Planetoiden mit dem Spitznamen Xena, der als Kandidat für den zehnten Planeten des Sonnensystems gilt - + schon drauf und dran war, Pluto aus der Planetenriege zu verstoßen.

Theoretische Modelle legen zudem nahe, dass es jenseits des Neptuns noch mindestens eine Milliarde kleinerer Objekte geben müsste, deren Existenz bisher allerdings nicht bewiesen werden konnte.
Israel: Soldaten wollen Sperma einfrieren lassen
Alarm in London: Terror, made in Britain
Trübe Aussichten: Jede siebte Jugendliche arbeitslos

10.Aug.2006 Gaza- Streifen: Grenze nach Ägypten wieder geschlossen
Nahost- Krieg: Israel droht mit schweren Angriffen auf Beirut

10.Aug.2006 Börsenreaktion: Terroralarm lässt die Kurse rutschen
Rost: Sonnenstürme setzen Pipeline unter Strom
Sicherheitsmaßnahmen: Babymilch muss vor den Augen der Security probiert werden

10.Aug.2006 Gestrandete Passagiere in Frankfurt: "Ich habe Angst"

10.Aug.2006 Vereitelter Terroranschlag: Passagiere sitzen fest

10.Aug.2006 Handy- Überwachung: Eine Wanze für jeden Mann

10.Aug.2006 Prozess: Ex- Infineon- Manager räumt Schmiergeldannahme ein
Gentechnik: Iraner wollen Schaf geklont haben
Abhöraktion: Hofberichterstatter drohen zwei Jahre Haft
Simultane Anschläge auf Flugzeuge geplant: Terrorfahnder verhindern Massenmord über den Wolken

10.Aug.2006 Netzwelt- Ticker: AOL schockt Kunden
Krisenfall Telekom: Aktie kollabiert, Vorstandschef unter Druck

10.Aug.2006 "World Trade Center"- Premiere: Das Wunder von Manhattan
Krieg im Libanon: Israel gibt Diplomatie letzte Chance

10.Aug.2006 Sportwetten- Monopol: Sachsen entzieht Bwin die Lizenz

10.Aug.2006 Fossilien: Peniswurm hat uralte Verwandtschaft

10.Aug.2006 Pipeline- Pannen: Alaska droht BP mit Klage

10.Aug.2006 Trans- Alaska- Pipeline: 1280 Kilometer Rohr
Sicherheitsmaßnahmen in Heathrow: Babymilch muss vor den Augen der Security probiert werden

10.Aug.2006 Blaupause für Flugzeugattacken: Das Modell Jussuf

10.Aug.2006 Webzensur in China: Online- Enzyklopädie abgeschaltet

10.Aug.2006 Anschläge in London vereitelt: Terroristen wollten mehrere Passagierflugzeuge sprengen

10.Aug.2006 Arbeitszeit- Jongleure: Arbeitest du noch, oder lebst du schon?
Sonnensystem: Eine Billiarde Felsbrocken hinter Neptun

10.Aug.2006 Festnahmen in London: Terrorangst lässt auch Börsianer zittern
Motoren im Rad: Der Abschied vom bekannten Auto
Terror- Alarm: Flughafen Heathrow hebt Landesperre auf
Irak: Britische Parlamentarier beklagen schlechte Ausrüstung von Soldaten