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29.Jun.2006 Cool light leads to greener chips Scientists have devised a new technique they say could lead to environmentally-friendly microchips.
29.Jun.2006 Terror raid tactics 'to continue' Anti-terrorism police will need to mount similar raids in the future to that carried out in Forest Gate, the Met chief says.
29.Jun.2006 Kuwaitis vote in landmark polls Kuwait holds parliamentary elections which, for the first time, allow women to vote and stand as candidates.
29.Jun.2006 Pakistan rejects Rice poll advice Pakistan rejects "outside" advice after US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice calls for

00.000.2007 "free" elections.
Open net calls fall on deaf ears Internet campaigners in the US fail to stop Senators backing a bill which could create a "two-tier" internet.
29.Jun.2006 Israel seizes Hamas legislators Israel detains dozens of Hamas MPs and ministers, as its bid to free a captured soldier in Gaza continues.
29.Jun.2006 MPs 'not misled by MI5 over 7/7' MPs investigating the London bombings were not misled by MI5, says the Intelligence and Security Committee chairman.
29.Jun.2006 Judge quashes anti-terror orders A key plank of the government's policy to combat terrorism is thrown out by the High Court.
29.Jun.2006 Musician 'willing to face prison' Musician Aki Nawaz says he is ready to go to jail for an album about suicide bombers and Osama Bin Laden.
29.Jun.2006 Delays in openness laws attacked Freedom of information requests are being delayed for months by government and other public bodies, say MPs.
29.Jun.2006 Ultrasound to treat war wounds The US military plans a portable ultrasound device to treat internal bleeding from battlefield wounds.
29.Jun.2006 US panel backs India nuclear deal A US Congressional committee backs a controversial plan to share civilian nuclear technology with India.
29.Jun.2006 Just One Word: Fructose Scientists have discovered a clean and efficient way to make soda bottles, computers and clothes from sugar instead of petroleum-based plastics.
29.Jun.2006 How to Check for NSA Taps Expert analysis by a former FCC technology adviser says you don't have to be an AT&T customer to have your internet traffic sniffed by the company's surveillance gear. Here's how to check if your packets are going into the secret room in San Francisco.
29.Jun.2006 Watergate Echoes in NSA Courtroom AT&T and Justice Department lawyers line up to try and kill a lawsuit alleging that the phone company cooperated in an illegal government surveillance program. AT&T's novel defense: We've done it before. Kevin Poulsen reports from San Francisco.
29.Jun.2006 Mug maps out message on global warming Blog: With the movie "An Inconvenient Truth" in theaters and researchers all over the world publishing new data about global warming,...
29.Jun.2006 Stolen laptop with veterans' info recovered Blog: An official announcement was made Thursday that a laptop computer containing the personal information of around 26.5 million veterans...
29.Jun.2006 GEM vehicles picked for G8 summit Russian government orders 30 Global Electric Motorcars to serve as official transportation during the summit.
29.Jun.2006 Colorado Sheriffs To WarDrive For Safety Zonk 30 rwx writes

"The Sheriff's Department in Douglas County, Colorado says it's going to start warning computer users that their networks may be vulnerable to hackers. It plans on equipping its patrol cars with devices that detect unprotected computer networks + distributing brochures to computer users in vulnerable areas, instructing them on how to password protect their networks."
NH Man Arrested for Videotaping Police Zonk 219 macinrack writes to mention a

story about a New Hampshire man who was arrested for videotaping police on his doorstep, using a fairly standard security camera system. He was officially charged with 'two felony counts of violating state eavesdropping and wiretap law by using an electronic device.' From the article: "The security cameras record sound and audio directly to a videocassette recorder inside the house + the Gannons posted warnings about the system, Janet Gannon said. On Tuesday night, Michael Gannon brought a videocassette to the police department + asked to speak with someone in 'public relations,' his wife said and police reported. Gannon wanted to lodge a complaint against Karlis, who had come to the family's house while investigating their sons, Janet Gannon said. She said Karlis showed up late at night, was rude + refused to leave when they asked him."
WGA Turning Off PCs in the Fall? Zonk 517 thesaint05 writes

"We all know about Microsoft's WGA initiative that started last July. Most of us were troubled to learn that the WGA has been 'phoning home' to Microsoft at every boot. Well, get ready, because eventually Microsoft may be turning off copies of Windows without WGA installed. According to a Microsoft technician, 'in the fall, having the latest WGA will become mandatory and if its not installed, Windows will give a 30 day warning and when the 30 days is up and WGA isn't installed, Windows will stop working, so you might as well install WGA now.'" A new version of WGA was released on Tuesday and, at least for the time being, Windows users have the option of removing WGA from their systems.
Internet Deconstructing State Church in Finland timothy 469 Agnostic writes

00.000.2003 "Freethinkers of the city of Tampere, who advocate separation of state + church in Finland, created a Web site to assist people in resigning from the church.

The Web site soon became a big success in Finland.

00.000.2004 39% of all resignations went through the web site +

00.000.2005 69% of all resignations went through the web site .

00.000.2005 -In the same process- 22% more people resigned from the church than 00.000.2004.

The most common reason cited for resigning from the church has been saving church income tax (1.3% on average)."
RIAA Drops P2P Lawsuit Strategy, Goes Local timothy 169 "Wondering why the RIAA hasn't announced 800 lawsuits per month any more? Well, they're still suing people, but have developed a new strategy according to Instead the RIAA is looking to be more localized, focused and personal with its new strategy." As another reader puts it, the RIAA "will opt to file lawsuits on a weekly basis and work with local media to give it a more geographically relevant feel." Perhaps they'll also pick their targets a bit more carefully.
29.Jun.2006 Canadian Scientists Regrow Teeth samzenpus 138+ 54mc writes

"APL reports that Canadian Scientists have created the first device able to regrow teeth and bones. The researchers at the University of Alberta in Edmonton filed patents earlier this month in the USA for the tool based on low-intensity pulsed ultrasound technology after testing it on a dozen dental patients in Canada."
Spain Outlaws P2P File-Sharing samzenpus 352+ Section_Ei8ht writes

"Spanish Congress has made it a civil offense to download anything via p2p networks + a criminal offense for ISP's to allow users to file-share, even if the use is fair. There is also to be a tax on all forms of blank media, including flash memory drives. I guess the move towards distributing films legally via BitTorrent is a no go in Spain." Here is our coverage of the tax portion of this law.
Scientists Sort Semiconducting Nanotubes by Size ScuttleMonkey 58+ SuperGrads writes

"Scientists working at Rice University have developed the world's first method for not only sorting semiconducting carbon nanotubes from their metallic brethren, but also for arranging them by diameter size. This ability is essential for building devices from these tubes and paves the way for high-speed nanoscale electronics."
ACLU Files for Info on New Brain-Scan Tech ScuttleMonkey 216+

"According to their website, the ACLU has filed a FOIA request seeking information on the new Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging service being made available to the government for use on suspected terrorists which can produce 'live, real-time images of people's brains as they answer questions, view images, listen to sounds + respond to other stimuli. [...] These brain-scanning technologies are far from ready for forensic uses and if deployed will inevitably be misused and misunderstood," said Barry Steinhardt, Director of the ACLU's Technology and Liberty Project. "This technology must not be deployed until it is proven effective -- and we are a long way away from that point, according to scientists in the field,"'"
New Top500 List Released at Supercomputing '06 ScuttleMonkey 184+ guybrush_T writes

"Today the 27th Edition of the Top 500 List of World's Fastest Supercomputers was released at ISC 2006. IBM BlueGene/L remains the world fastest computer with 280.6 TFlop/s. No new US system in the top10 this year, since they all come from Europe and Japan. The French Cluster at CEA (French NNSA equivalent) is number 5 with 42.9 TFlop/s. The Earth simulator (no 10) is no longer the largest system in Japan since the GSIC Center built a 38.2 TFlop/s Cluster, reaching the 7th place. The German cluster at Juelich is number 8 with 37.3 TFlop/s. The full list + the previous 26 lists, are available on the site."
Canadian ISP Shoulder Surfing ScuttleMonkey 322+ 1nfamous writes

"Canada's Largest ISP, Bell Sympatico, has informed its customers that it intends to 'monitor or investigate content or your use of your service provider's networks and to disclose any information necessary to satisfy any laws, regulations or other governmental request.' The new customer service agreement is effective June 15, 2006."
World's Fastest Internet Cafe CmdrTaco 158+ Thyrus writes

"An internet cafe offering connections 50 times faster than typical broadband services has opened in Cornwall. Computers at Goonhilly satellite station, on the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall, are connected to BT's global internet protocol network. That means users can download data at speeds of up to 100 megabits per second (Mbps). It is thought to be the first time such high speeds have been seen at a UK internet cafe. The service will be free to visitors."
White House Demands Encryption for Sensitive Data ScuttleMonkey 175+

"Stung by a series of data losses or disclosures at federal agencies over the past month, the White House is requiring all agencies to follow new guidelines when allowing employees to carry sensitive data on laptops or access the information from afar, according to the Washington Post. From the article: 'To comply with the new policy, agencies will have to encrypt all data on laptop or handheld computers unless the data are classified as "non-sensitive" by an agency's deputy director. Agency employees also would need two-factor authentication -- a password plus a physical device such as a key card -- to reach a work database through a remote connection, which must be automatically severed after 30 minutes of inactivity. Finally, agencies would have to begin keeping detailed records of any information downloaded from databases that hold sensitive information + verify that those records are deleted within 90 days unless their use is still required.'"
Spain Adds 'Copyright Tax' to Blank Media ScuttleMonkey 253+ Poker Forums writes

"Just read on Zeropaid that Spain has recently voted in compulsory copyright licensing, levying a tax on all blank media. This includes cd-r, dvd-r, flash media, printers, scanners, cell phones, everything. The tax will be collected by the government and 'given to the copyright holder.'"
Why Aren't Powergrids Underground? Cliff 348+ jonging asks:

"It is common knowledge that an underground power grid is less susceptible to the effect of a large thunderstorm. The American Transmission Company cites numerous reasons why it (and other power companies I assume) do not bury their transmission lines underground (e.g. environmental concerns, cost of installation and repair, etc.). Exactly how detrimental are underground transmission lines to the environment? Wouldn't the time spent without a power outage generate more than enough revenue to offset initial costs? Aren't the need for repairs in cities with successful underground power grids rare?" The linked article goes into extensive detail about the disadvantages in -initial costs- of putting in underground lines, but doesn't go into any detail about the maintenance costs of either option. With storms getting worse and worse (Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia have weathered torrential downfalls this week), might underground lines prove more resistant to storm-related power outages?
Herbert Wehner: Zuchtmeister und Stratege der Macht
29.Jun.2006 Nanotechnik: Die kleinsten Fußballfelder Deutschlands
29.Jun.2006 Neuer Reisepass: Digitaler Fingerabdruck kommt schon nächstes Jahr

28.Jun.2006 Israels Operation "Sommerregen": "Es ist zermürbend, die Leute leiden zu sehen"
29.Jun.2006 Verdacht auf Preistreiberei: US- Behörde verklagt BP- Tochter
Urteil zu US- Gefangenenlager: Guantanamo- Militärtribunale sind illegal
Atomstreit: Iran soll bis 5. Juli auf internationales Angebot antworten
29.Jun.2006 Tageszeitung "Libération": Mitbegründer Serge July nimmt Abschied

29.Jun.2006 Guantanamo: USA werden Gefangene nicht los

29.Jun.2006 Gesundheitskarte: "Gelenkte Demokratur"

29.Jun.2006 Höhere Mehrwertsteuer: Wirtschaft boomt laut ifo- Institut weiter
29.Jun.2006 Energie- Supermacht Russland: "Die Europäer könnten am Ende die Geiseln sein"
29.Jun.2006 US- Gefangenenlager: Fußball- WM als Belohnung für Guantanamo- Häftlinge

29.Jun.2006 Weniger Erwerbslose: Nur Lehrstellenlücke wird immer größer
29.Jun.2006 Space Shuttle: Start der "Discovery" gefährdet
Nahost: Israel will festgenommene Hamas- Minister vor Gericht stellen
Homosexualität: Pentagon rückt von Geistesstörungs- These ab
29.Jun.2006 Tal der Könige: Blumen und Schmuck im Sarkophag
29.Jun.2006 Bundesagentur für Arbeit: Zahl der Arbeitslosen sinkt überraschend deutlich
29.Jun.2006 Gebührenkrake: Wie die GEZ Hochschulen schröpft
29.Jun.2006 Schwere Überschwemmungen: US- Bundesstaaten rufen Notstand aus
29.Jun.2006 Baden- Württemberg: Hunderte Verletzte durch Hagelsturm

29.Jun.2006 Studentenproteste: Brennende Barrikaden in Wiesbaden
29.Jun.2006 Inselbegabte: Die Geistes- Giganten
29.Jun.2006 Nahost: Palästinenser töten israelische Geisel

28.Jun.2006 Geiselkrise Nahost: Israel nimmt Hamas- Minister fest
28.Jun.2006 Symbole: US- Bürger dürfen weiter ihre Fahne verbrennen
28.Jun.2006 Gaza- Militäroperation: Israel plant Geiselbefreiung mit allen Mitteln
28.Jun.2006 Präsidenten- Besuch: Am

13.Jul.2006 gegen Bush

29.Jun.2006 Israel: Minister droht mit Angriff auf Syrien
28.Jun.2006 Zensur in China: Schritt rückwärts
28.Jun.2006 Biosprit: Koalition einigt sich auf Besteuerung
28.Jun.2006 GfK- Index: Kauflaune auf 25- Jahreshoch
Turbulente Atmosphäre: Doppelwirbel am Südpol der Venus
Google vor Gericht: Verlag erleidet Schlappe gegen Buchsuchmaschine
28.Jun.2006 Kino- Dokumentation: Klimaforscher finden Al Gores Film korrekt
28.Jun.2006 Zwei- Staaten- Lösung: Hamas stimmte zähneknirschend zu
28.Jun.2006 Jüdischer Weltkongress: "Ahmadinedschad ist eine Gefahr für alle"

28.Jun.2006 Warnstreik bei Allianz: "Wer nicht kämpft, hat schon verloren"
28.Jun.2006 Diplomaten- Mord: Putin geht im Irak auf Terror- Jagd
28.Jun.2006 Will Amazon's Stonehenge rewrite history? 

Brazilian archaeologists say the extraordinary discovery of what appears to be a pre-colonial astrological observatory in the rainforest near French Guiana, throws new light on the ancient peoples of the Amazon, illuminating a far more intricate and advanced society than previously thought.
29.Jun.2006 What Were Those Clouds?  Freakish weather in Iowa. With pics and video.
29.Jun.2006 Report: Bush Plays Right Into the Hands of Al-Qaeda's Game Plan
From the Production Studio of Robert Greenwald: Get "The Big Buy: Tom DeLay's Stolen Congress (DVD)" because it's "More feisty and fun than a drunken barbecue in Beaumont," says the Tallahasee Democrat
Helen Thomas's "Watchdogs of Democracy?: The Waning Washington Press Corps and How It Has Failed the Public." This book deserves your attention. Thomas is fighting a one-person trench war to maintain the standards of professional journalism, such as it used to exist. She needs reinforcements. Let's give her some.

29.Jun.2006 Net Neutrality Bill Suffers Setback in Tie Vote in Commerce Committee. Next Stop the Senate Floor. Big Telecom Dollars are Influencing the Vote. 6/29
Froomkin: In accusing the press -- and specifically, the New York Times -- of putting American lives at risk, President Bush and his allies have escalated their ongoing battle with the media to nuclear proportions. It's a monstrous charge for the White House to suggest that the press is essentially aiding and abetting the enemy. But where's the evidence? Not once has the White House definitively answered this question: How are any of these disclosures actually impairing the pursuit of terrorists? 6/29

29.Jun.2006 To Restore Democracy in America, We are Going to Need More People with the Creativity, Moral Conviction + Poise of 15-year-old Ava Lowery, the BuzzFlash "Wings of Justice Award" Winner This Week.
Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman John Murtha is a tad more complicated than right-wing veteran haters (or we) might want to admit. He ain't all that progressive. 6/29

29.Jun.2006 Corrupt GOP Governor of Kentucky Takes Limo Across Street Each Day, While Encouraging State Residents to Walk More 6/29
Supreme Court Rules on Behalf of Gerrymandering Chaos: The court ruled 7-2 that state legislators may draw new congressional district maps as often as they like ? not just once a decade as Texas Democrats claimed. That means Democratic and Republican state lawmakers can push through new maps anytime there is a power shift at a state capital.
Growing Taliban violence, drug-smuggling, corruption and deteriorating foreign relations are eroding Afghan president Hamid Karzai's authority

29.Jun.2006 No soldier (in any nation, in all of history) ever died for his flag. Every flag ever sewn was just...material. Throughout history, men have fought for their countries , for their fellow citizens , for their leaders , for ideals , for duty , for honor , for a way of life -- for things that are real. Only a fool would die for a bit of stitching. Permalink
29.Jun.2006 Hamas denies recognising Israel : Hamas says it has not agreed to recognise Israel despite a political deal reached with Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday.

29.Jun.2006 War pimp alert: World Jewish Congress meets in Berlin on Iran :

"Iran is a danger for the whole world," WJC chairman Israel Singer told reporters after a one-day meeting of the US-based organisation.

29.Jun.2006 Iran's Jews learn to live with Ahmadinejad : Maurice Motamed has one of the loneliest jobs in the Middle East.

When Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made his controversial Holocaust statements, the sole Jewish MP in Iran's 290-member Majlis (parliament) felt he had no option but to confront him.

29.Jun.2006 Iran: Struggle against Israeli nuclear threat is supreme goal:

Iranian Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki said that Iran is concentrating its security efforts on preventing the spread of nuclear weapons + the threat posed by Israel.

29.Jun.2006 Germany can accept nuclear enrichment in Iran :

Iran should be allowed to enrich uranium for power generation provided there is close monitoring by U.N. inspectors to ensure it is not trying to develop atomic weapons, Germany's defense minister said on Wednesday.

29.Jun.2006 US House body votes for N-deal with India:

A Republican lawmaker, however, said the deal ‘knifed’ the international Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty + called it a sad day for efforts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons.

29.Jun.2006 EU members urged to admit to CIA renditions :

More than a dozen European governments yesterday came under severe pressure to own up to their secret services' role in handing over suspected terrorists to US intelligence

29.Jun.2006 CIA money trail probe under fire:

A civil liberties group has asked governments around the world, including Australia, to block the release of confidential financial records to US authorities tracking terrorist funding.

29.Jun.2006 CIA monitors personal bank data of Irish citizens:

The personal data of thousands of Irish citizens that have sent or received money transfers to + from the US has been covertly logged by US anti-terrorist agencies.

29.Jun.2006 Belgium to probe US monitoring of international money transfers: Belgian prime minister Guy Verhofstadt has ordered a probe into whether a Brussels-based banking consortium broke the law when it provided US anti-terror authorities with confidential information about international money transfers.

29.Jun.2006 Senator wants study of disclosure damage: In his letter to John Negroponte, director of national intelligence, Roberts wrote that "we have been unable to persuade the media to act responsibly and to protect the means by which we protect this nation."

29.Jun.2006 'Loose lips' kill Americans, says top Republican: - Declaring that "loose lips" kill Americans, a top Congressional Republican leader said on Wednesday the House of Representatives will debate a resolution condemning the U.S. media for exposing details of secret intelligence programs.

29.Jun.2006 Chris Floyd: The Bush War on Liberty Intensifies : The recent "controversy" over the New York Times report on the Regime's surveillance of bank records is, as Greenwald astutely notes, based entirely on outright falsehoods. It is also being deliberately stoked by the White House, whose lies about the non-existent "damage" the NYT story has done to national security are exposed here -- by their own words

29.Jun.2006 Venezuela's Chavez Calls Peruvian President-Elect 'Lap Dog' of US : Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has re-ignited a war of words with Peruvian President-elect Alan Garcia by calling him a "lap dog" of the USA and said bilateral relations with Peru cannot be fixed.

29.Jun.2006 Mahogany imports 'are wiping out Peru tribes' : In the jungles of southern Peru, these so-called "uncontacted tribes" face an unprecedented threat from illegal loggers who are increasingly moving into remote areas in search of rare mahogany trees.

29.Jun.2006 Bachelet Resists Calls to Spend Chile's Copper Profits on Poor : The price of copper, Chile's main source of foreign exchange, has rocketed to $3 to $4 a pound in the past year, from as low as 60 cents 00.000.2001. The high copper price has added billions of dollars of new wealth to a country that is now the richest in Latin America.

29.Jun.2006 Paper Retracts Report that Murtha Called U.S. the Greatest Threat to World Peace : The purported quote was seized upon by right-wing pundits, who claimed that Murtha had put “all Americans in danger” and was “in the thrall” of anti-American activists.

29.Jun.2006 UK: Judge quashes anti-terror orders : A key plank of the government's anti-terrorism laws has been dealt a blow by the High Court.

29.Jun.2006 Seeing isn't believing : A year on from 7/7, wild rumours are circulating about who planted the bombs and why. Some people even claim this picture of the four bombers was faked

29.Jun.2006 The story peddled by imperial apologists is a poisonous fairytale : Neocon ideologues are being given free rein by the media to rewrite the history of Britain's empire and whitewash its crimes

29.Jun.2006 Former Bush Spokesman Urges Newspapers to Run Pro-War Stories : Vets for Freedom is a very interesting organization. I call it a Republican front group. It might be more accurate to call it a Republican-financed, pro-war group geared toward helping the Republicans keep control of Congress and the Senate this November

29.Jun.2006 4 Republicans Plead No Contest in Ohio Ethics Case: They were accused of receiving money from prominent GOP donor Tom Noe, then contributing it to President Bush's re-election campaign in their own names in an alleged scheme by Noe to skirt laws limiting individual contributions to $2,000.

29.Jun.2006 47,600 workers take buyouts at GM and Delphi : The number, representing nearly a third of GM's 113,000 hourly workers, is significantly higher than the company had expected. As a result, GM, which intends to close 12 plants by 2008 to pare costs and become more competitive, will reach its goal of eliminating 30,000 jobs two years ahead of schedule
29.Jun.2006 Israelis Cut Power, Water in Most of Gaza: Palestinians dug in behind walls and embankments, preparing for a major strike after Israel sent in troops and tanks and bombarded bridges and a power station. Warplanes fired missiles in northern and southern Gaza.

29.Jun.2006 Collective punishment of Palestinian civilian population: Israeli Destroy Bridges Power Plant In Contravention of Geneva protocol-1 - Art 52. and Art 54: Aircraft struck at three bridges on key roads in what the army said was an attempt to stop militants moving the captive. A helicopter strike on a power plant plunged much of Gaza into darkness.

29.Jun.2006 The Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 + relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflict : It is prohibited to attack, destroy, remove or render useless objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population

29.Jun.2006 Hans Lebrecht - The Right to Resistance According to International Law : According to international law, the people of a country, occupied by a foreign power, has the full right to fight for their liberation. The Palestinian people, inhabitants of the territories, Israel has conquered and is occupying by military means since June 1967, too have this briefed right.

29.Jun.2006 Israeli military pummels Palestinians, warns Syria as it seeks soldier's release: Israeli warplanes buzzed the seaside home of Syria's president and bombed Hamas targets in Gaza on Wednesday to pressure Palestinian militants to free a kidnapped Israeli soldier.

29.Jun.2006 Syrian Air Defenses Fire on Israeli Jets : Air defenses fired on Israeli warplanes that entered Syrian airspace early Wednesday and forced them to flee, state TV said as Mideast tensions escalated over the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier by Palestinian militants.

29.Jun.2006 Palestinians back prisoner release call : For Walid al-Houdaly, 46, the capture of an Israeli soldier by Palestinian militants offers the opportunity that his wife + their 18-month-old child will be freed from prison.

29.Jun.2006 Israel won't let Abbas out of Gaza Strip:

Israel will not allow Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to leave the Gaza Strip, part of the closure clamped on the territory after the abduction of an Israeli soldier, military officials said today.
Iraq PM says no amnesty for killers of foreign troops: Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has said his peace plan will not offer amnesty for rebels who have killed US-led troops.

29.Jun.2006 Iraq "insurgents" want U.S. out in 2 years :

"Insurgents" are demanding the withdrawal of all U.S. and British forces from Iraq within two years as a condition for joining reconciliation talks, a senior Iraqi government official said Wednesday.

29.Jun.2006 1.3m people displaced in Iraq: "It is estimated that 1.3 million individuals are displaced inside Iraq, nearly five percent of the country's total population," said a UNAMI statement.
29.Jun.2006 Russians Send Special Forces to Iraq : President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered Russia's special services to hunt down the killers of four Russian hostages in Iraq, the Kremlin said.
29.Jun.2006 An Iraqi Withdrawal From Iraq By Dahr Jamail
Recent days have found a media feeding frenzy at the trough of the "National Reconciliation" plan by the US puppet "prime minister" of Iraq, Nuri al-Maliki. This "plan" was clearly a political move orchestrated from within Pentagon and State Department circles in preparation for the upcoming November mid-term elections in the US and has effectively changed, on the ground in Iraq, approximately nothing.

29.Jun.2006 American press stuck on sunny side of Iraq Reality-based lack-of-progress report by ambassador was met with stony silence.- By Paul Mulshin
If the ambassador to Iraq, over whose name the memo went out, is willing to admit that the USA has managed to hand Iraq over to Islamists even more fanatical than those in Iran, then any American "victory" in Iraq will be a Pyrrhic one indeed.

29.Jun.2006 The Miami Seven Must watch 4 minute video
 Jon Stewart takes a look at the case known to many as "The Miami Seven." He examines the careful and decisive evidence told to us by Alberto Gonzales.
Click here to view

29.Jun.2006 The Bourgeois Congress and Economic Violence By Charles Sullivan
If the greatness of a nation is measured by how it treats its poor rather than its military expenditure, America must rank near the bottom of the heap.

The disparity between rich and poor has never been greater and it is widening at an accelerating pace. Continue
29.Jun.2006 An Iraqi Withdrawal From Iraq By Dahr Jamail
Recent days have found a media feeding frenzy at the trough of the "National Reconciliation" plan by the US puppet "prime minister" of Iraq, Nuri al-Maliki. This "plan" was clearly a political move orchestrated from within Pentagon and State Department circles in preparation for the upcoming November mid-term elections in the US and has effectively changed, on the ground in Iraq, approximately nothing.

29.Jun.2006 American press stuck on sunny side of Iraq Reality-based lack-of-progress report by ambassador was met with stony silence.By Paul Mulshin
If the ambassador to Iraq, over whose name the memo went out, is willing to admit that the USA has managed to hand Iraq over to Islamists even more fanatical than those in Iran, then any American "victory" in Iraq will be a Pyrrhic one indeed.

29.Jun.2006 The Miami Seven Must watch 4 minute video
 Jon Stewart takes a look at the case known to many as "The Miami Seven." He examines the careful and decisive evidence told to us by Alberto Gonzales

29.Jun.2006 Rockefeller Buys Encyclopedia Britannica !! Last edition of the famous encyclopedia before it became property of the Rockefeller Syndicate . Britannica becomes "Britannica, Inc.," after its purchase by ...
29.Jun.2006 Rome, Rockefeller, the US and Standard Oil. Yes! the Rockefeller Syndicate owns the venerable old Encyclopedia Britannica that so many people consider the "final authority." In 1890, Rockefeller took ..

29.Jun.2006 Afghanistan: Rice wirbt um Einigkeit im Anti- Terror- Kampf
28.Jun.2006 Flag burning amendment rejected. Nico The amendment failed 66-34, one vote shy of the 67 needed to send it to the states for ratification.
28.Jun.2006 Murtha Attacked by the Right For Quote Falsely Attributed to Him Nico 
UPDATE: Multiple
ThinkProgress readers report that Gail Bulfin of the Sun-Sentinel admits the paper’s report was inaccurate and says a correction will be printed tomorrow.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported on Sunday that Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) had claimed that the USA is the greatest threat to peace in the world:

American presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran, U.S. Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., said to a crowd of more than 200 in North Miami Saturday afternoon.

Though the Sun-Sentinel never provided a direct quote of Murtha, the story was featured on the Drudge Report and Murtha immediately came under attack from conservative pundits:

Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, 6/26:

Murtha has lost all perspective and did months ago, but his message is firmly entrenched in America’s far-left precincts. … [T]hat kind of extreme thinking, based on little evidence, by the way, is putting all Americans in danger .

Tucker Carlson, MSNBC, 6/26:

What is really going on here + you know it as well as I, is that Jack Murtha has been intoxicated by the amount of publicity that he has gotten from his anti-war crusade + he has become progressively more unreasonable, progressively more left-wing as the days go on + he is in the thrall of people who, I think, have hostility towards the USA .

Newt Gingrich, Fox News, 6/26:

For an American congressman to say that is beyond any acceptable behavior + I would hope the Congress would move to censure him .

One problem: Murtha apparently never said anything of the sort. What he did was cite a Pew poll released two weeks ago showing that people around the world, including in closely-allied countries like Great Britain, believe the U.S. is the greatest threat to peace.

A statement released by Murtha’s office today quotes an email from Melissa Sanchez of the Miami Herald, who also attended the speech, saying of the purported Murtha “quote”: “That was in reference to international polls. It was not so much his own conjecture, but a conclusion drawn from polls in various countries.” ThinkProgress confirmed with Murtha’s office that the email accurately reflects the views of reporters at the Miami Herald.

Email the Sun-Sentinel’s reader liason Gail Bulfin — — and ask that the paper print a retraction. See update above.
28.Jun.2006 The Intelligence Agencies Didn’t Get It Wrong, The Bush Administration Did Guest 
The Senate Democratic Policy Committee hearing yesterday was the
first time a congressional committee held a public hearing on the pre-Iraq War intelligence failure + the first time any testimony had been taken on postwar intelligence failings. We still do not know for certain why officials were wrong in every one of their claims that Iraq posed such an immediate threat. But the available evidence strongly points towards a systematic campaign by senior officials to manipulate the intelligence. I explained why to the DPC panel yesterday:

If it’s true that [the intelligence failures] were the fault of some “group think,” as the Senate Intelligence Committee said, or some “systemic weaknesses,” then surely the evidence of that would have showed up immediately after 1998, when the original UNSCOM inspectors were kicked out.

But we found that when you look at the intelligence assessments from 00.000.99+00.000.2000+00.000.2001 , you saw a rising level of concern as it became harder and harder for us to ascertain with certainty what Saddam was doing over these programs. But also deep caveats, deep cautions about what we actually knew.

No certainty at all in this + certainly nothing like the definitive answers that suddenly came out of the intelligence agencies

00.000.2002 particularly with the NIE.

The NIE took a dramatic leap forward that was a complete break with all previous intelligence. This led us to conclude that…intelligence failures were due primarily to political pressure brought to bear on the intelligence agencies by senior administration officials. [Video here.]

Here are three ways that administration officials systematically misled the American people about the nature of the Iraqi threat:

1. Administration officials repeatedly suggested that Hussein would transfer WMD to terrorist groups such as al Qaeda. There were no intelligence findings to support this claim.

2. Administration officials routinely dropped caveats and uncertainty present in intelligence assessments. E.g. Cheney said he knew with “absolute certainty” Iraq was developing its nuclear program. Powell said there was “no doubt” that Iraq had biological weapons.

3. Administration officials misrepresented the findings made by UN inspectors. Bush said prior to the war that U.N. inspectors concluded that Iraq had likely produced two to four times anthrax that had been found, but inspectors never said they actually had produced such materials.

These false claims have been extensively critiqued elsewhere, including in the Carnegie report, WMD in Iraq: Evidence and Implications.

It was not the analysts that killed the intelligence process, it was the politicians. America deserves a comprehensive assessment of the failure, including the operations of White House and Defense Department officials.

Joseph Cirincione
22.Jun.2006 FACT CHECK: There is Racial Bias in Texas Think Progress  Houston Chronicle, 6/22/06:

The House abruptly dropped plans Wednesday to vote on a renewal of the Voting Rights Act, a seminal law from the civil rights era, after criticism from Republican lawmakers from Texas . …

“ I don’t think we have racial bias in Texas anymore ,” said Rep. John Carter (R-TX).

“It would be dumb to discriminate,” said Rep. Henry Bonilla (R-TX). “That is the last thing anyone is trying to do.”

Report by the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, 6/26/06:

Texas leads the nation in several categories of voting discrimination , including recent Section 5 violations and Section 2 challenges. … Section 5 of the VRA, the preclearance requirement, was extended to Texas

00.000.1975 due to the State’s history of excluding Mexican Americans from the political process. … Texas is home to the second largest Latino population in the U.S.

Unfortunately, Texas isn’t the only state with continuing discrimination against voters — help renew the VRA.
28.Jun.2006 Gore’s movie gets five stars for accuracy Judd from the nation’s top climate scientists.
28.Jun.2006 Bush’s Nominee For Treasury Secretary: ‘I Don’t Believe That Tax Cuts Pay For Themselves’ Payson 
During speeches about the economy, President Bush has said, “You cut taxes and the
tax revenues increase.” Bush delivered a slight variation of this claim today:

One of the benefits of keeping taxes low and growing your economy is that you end up with more tax revenues in the federal treasury. I know that seems counterintuitive to some people.

Henry Paulson, Bush’s nominee to be Treasury Secretary, disagrees. Paulson told the Senate Finance Committee today, “As a general rule, I don’t believe that tax cuts pay for themselves.” (Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke also argued recently that “under normal conditions, tax cuts do not wholly pay for themselves.”)

Bush is getting better advice. Now all he needs is a better economic policy.
Luntz Converts On Global Warming, Distances Himself From Bush Faiz 
00.000.2000 conservative pollster Frank Luntz famously
penned a memo that recommended ways for President Bush and his allies to discuss global warming in a manner that cast doubt on the science. Among his suggestions, Luntz recommended the following key point:

Nearly six years later, Bush is still adhering closely to Luntz’s talking points. But the author himself has since backed away from his advice, believing the scientific issues are now settled. In a documentary that first aired on BBC + was broadcast last night on Canadian television, Luntz said he accepts that humans are affecting the climate + he distanced himself from the administration’s repudiation of global warming science. Watch it.

More at Tree Hugger and the Sierra Club. You can watch the full documentary here.

Transcript below:

NARRATOR: Today, Frank Luntz says the advice he offered the administration on global warming was fair when he gave it. But, he’s distanced himself from their policies since.

LUNTZ: It’s now 2006. Now I think most people would conclude that there is global warming taking place + that the behavior of humans are affecting the climate.

QUESTION: But the administration has continued to follow your advice. They’re still questioning the science.

LUNTZ: That’s up to the administration. I’m not the administration. What they want to do is their business. And it’s nothing to do with what I write. And it’s nothing to do with what I believe.
Sen. Levin and Fox Anchor in On-Air Scuffle Over Iraq Plan Nico 
This morning on Fox & Friends, anchor Brian Kilmeade and Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) had a heated exchange over Gen. George Casey’s stated plan to begin redeploying U.S. forces out of Iraq by the end of 2006.

Levin ended the segment by telling the anchor, “Well, thank you for your opinion. But I was hoping this would be an interview of me rather than an interview of you.” Afterwards, Kilmeade was shown scowling and shaking his head. Watch it: Read the full transcript HERE.
28.Jun.2006 Poll shows opposition to flag burning amendment. Nico 
54 percent of Americans
oppose amending the U.S. Constitution to ban flag desecration, compared to 45 percent who support the amendment, according to a new Gallup poll. Steve Benen has more.

28.Jun.2006 Hardball Guest Says NYT Editor Is Guilty of ‘Treason,’ Advocates ‘Prison For 20 Years’ Think Progress 
The White House has
launched an assault on the New York Times for publishing a story about the administration’s secret program to monitor bank records. Yesterday, President Bush said the paper’s conduct was “disgraceful” and White House Press Secretary Tony Snow implied they were undermining Americans’ “right to live.”

The right-wing echo chamber is taking the argument a step further. Appearing on MSNBC’s Hardball, talk show host Melanie Morgan said that New York Times editor Bill Keller is guilty of treason and that “Keller and his associates” should be thrown “in prison for 20 years. Watch it:

The maximum penalty for treason under federal law is death.


MATTHEWS: Let me ask you Melanie, do you really mean treason? You mean put them in jail for life?

I don’t know what treason carries as a sanction, but I assume the penalties are incredible severe, 20 years perhaps.


MATTHEWS: You are saying to put Bill Keller and his associates in prison for 20 years?

MORGAN: Absolutely. I am absolutely advocating that. What has happened is shameful If he’s the one that is ultimately responsible for making this decision.

MATTHEWS: Well, it’s his call. What about the NSA? Would you do the same in the NSA case?

MORGAN: Yes, absolutely. Absolutely I would.

MATTHEWS: You’d put them in jail for 20 years for that.

MORGAN: Yes, I would. When you break the law, you break the law. And the press, the media in this country have to learn one thing.

They have to operate under the same laws and the same rules and regulations that all of the rest of the American people do.
A photo of Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) Amanda  posing with members of an Abramoff tribal client he “didn’t recall meeting.”
28.Jun.2006 Seven Morons In A Warehouse Paul Joseph Watson Seven Morons In A Warehouse The latest terror cell to wage "ground war" on America
28.Jun.2006 Charlie Sheen at the 9/11 L.A. Conference Paul Joseph Watson Charlie Sheen at the 9/11 L.A. Conference Prison
28.Jun.2006 Terror Expert: London Bomber Was Working For MI5 Paul Joseph Watson Terror Expert: London Bomber Was Working For MI5 Khan used as informant for security services
28.Jun.2006 Rushing To Judgement: America’s Bush-Thumping Blowhard At It Again Uncle Dave 
This story kinda speaks for itself. Rush Limbaugh, sex tourist? As Melissa noted earlier in PEEK, from a CBS story:

“Rush Limbaugh was detained for more than three hours Monday at Palm Beach International Airport after authorities said they found a bottle of Viagra in his possession without ...
28.Jun.2006 IPod maker admits breaking Chinese labour laws
Nanofood: Science fiction or business opportunity?
The Innovation Society in Switzerland has a new report: Nano-Food Science-Fiction or Business Opportunity? Kellog’s decision to replace advertising, puzzles and product information on the back side of the cereal box with information on Nanotechnology demonstrates their desire to familiarize ...

28.Jun.2006 Israeli planes strike Gaza sites Israeli aircraft hit Gaza bridges and a power plant amid heightened tension over the capture of an Israeli soldier.
28.Jun.2006 Police officer shot on stakeout Five people are arrested after a police officer is shot during a surveillance operation in east London.
28.Jun.2006 Thefts at HSBC Indian call centre HSBC confirms that a financial scam at its Indian call centre has stolen money from customer bank accounts.
28.Jun.2006 Hamas resist Israel recognition Hamas negotiators say that their deal with Palestinian rivals Fatah does not mean recognition of Israel.
28.Jun.2006 Blair urges young to start firms More young people need to think about being entrepreneurs, perhaps in manufacturing, Tony Blair says.
28.Jun.2006 Last chance for China's dolphin A rescue plan is developed for the Yangtze River dolphin, probably the world's most endangered mammal.
28.Jun.2006 Three held over virus e-mail plot Police arrest a three men over an alleged conspiracy to spread computer viruses around the world.
28.Jun.2006 Germany to spark 'climate crisis' Germany is about to set lax carbon targets for its big industry, environmentalists fear.
28.Jun.2006 New advice on blood-pressure drug The NHS drugs watchdog rules out the use of beta-blockers to treat high blood pressure, in updated guidance.
28.Jun.2006 Big Brother eyes 'boost honesty' The feeling of being watched makes people behave more honestly, even when the eyes are not real, a study says.
28.Jun.2006 It's His Space Now Twilight of the media moguls? Not for this guy. With the $580 million purchase of MySpace, News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch is betting he can transform a free social network into a colossal marketing machine. From Wired magazine.
28.Jun.2006 Gazastreifen: Luftwaffe bombardiert Kraftwerk - Gaza ohne Strom
27.Jun.2006 Microsoft: Here's how to halt WGA alerts
Along with a new release of Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications, Microsoft shares how to remove the controversial antipiracy tool.

27.Jun.2006 Whois data a key weapon in fraud fight, FTC says
The agency tells ICANN that the domain databases are critical to its fight against spyware and other Internet fraud.

27.Jun.2006 NBC strikes deal with YouTube Just months after confronting YouTube about copyright material, NBC reverses its course and will upload some clips to the video site.
27.Jun.2006 Scientists Blocking out the Sun ScuttleMonkey 105 Ashtangiman

The New York Times is running an article about geoengineering in which many solutions to global warming include decreasing the amount of sunlight that the planet sees. The ideas are not new, many have been around for quite some time, however they have been relegated to the fringes of science and many have never been published because of this. From the article: "Geoengineering is no magic bullet, Dr. Cicerone said. But done correctly, he added, it will act like an insurance policy if the world one day faces a crisis of overheating, with repercussions like melting icecaps, droughts, famines, rising sea levels and coastal flooding."
Encrypted Ammunition? ScuttleMonkey 640 holy_calamity writes

"A patent has been filed for bullets with built-in encryption. Pulling the trigger sends a radio signal to the cartridge in the chamber, but the charge only goes off if the right encryption key is sent. The aim is to improve civilian firearm security." Not sure I'm quite ready to trust the average techno-gadget failure rate on something like this just yet.
EU Prepared to Fine Microsoft $2.5 Million Per Day Zonk 486 Lord_Slepnir writes

"The European Union is unsatisfied with Microsoft's compliance with their anti-trust compliance from 2004 + is preparing to fine them 2 million Euros ($2.5m US) per day until they comply. Under that ruling, Microsoft must open up parts of their operating system to competitors + change how they bundle Media Player." From the article: "On Monday, Microsoft said it had begun to provide the information Brussels had demanded, but the Commission has signaled the company acted too late. In December, Brussels informed the software giant that it had failed to comply with the original ruling it issued in March 2004."
Mother Nature's Design Workshop Zonk 56+ abb_road writes

"Scientists creating new surveillance and defense technologies are studying the insect world for inspiration. Biomimetic researchers working on devices ranging from 360 degree lenses to mine-disabling robots are using biological principals as the backbone of their work. From the article: 'The tried-and-true designs of many insects are the product of millions of years of evolution. Even so, they are not perfect models. Natural selection isn't just a matter of physiological perfection, but how an organism's traits suit it for a particular environment, scientists say. For this reason, Bandyopadhyay stresses it is important not to just copy nature's work, but to take the best parts of it and apply it elsewhere.'"
27.Jun.2006 Spiegel online wirbt für indymedia

von autorin - 27.06.2006 22:16 xx Ein Teil des redaktionellen Kozeptes von spiegel online ist es, geschriebenen Artikeln oft ein kleines Kurzvideo beizufügen, in der Regel 20-120 sec.
So auch bei einem Bericht über studentische Protesaktionen unter der Überschrift: "Li-La-Listenklau - Attake der Störstudenten-Guerilla"
Doch ist dieses Video nicht etwa vom spiegel(-tv) selber oder von der dpa produziert, wie meist, sondern als Quelle wird indymedia angegeben.
Schaut man sich nun das Video an, ist festzustellen, dass es scheinbar unbearbeitet und ungeschnitten übernommen wurde.
Interessanter Weise wurden auch der Abspann und die darin gezeigten links nicht entfernt.
Daher kann nun der geneigte spiegel online Leser folgende Hinweise lesen: und
Schön, dass der spiegel sich ?absichtlich? so für die Sache der Studenten einsetzt?

Homepage::,1518,423765,00.html |
Obwohl die Anbieter den globalen Zugang zu Netzinhalten erleichterten, hätten sie sich im gesellschaftlichen und medienpolitischen Bereich als "ein Medium mit Informationsmacht" etabliert, erklärte etwa Veranstaltungsleiter Machill. Vor allem die drei großen US-Suchmaschinen Google, Yahoo und MSNsearch, die ein weltweites Oligopol beherrschten, seien bei der Aufbereitung von Inhalten "nur selten transparent". Die drei Anbieter hätten dabei zusammen mehr als 90 Prozent Marktanteil und seien so zum regelrechten Informationsfilter geworden.

Die Suchmaschinen seien von erheblichem öffentlichen Interesse und fielen daher "in den Bereich der Medienpolitik" und unter das Gesetz der Rundfunkfreiheit, betonte Machill. Deshalb seien auch seitens der Politik neue Instrumente zur Selbstregulierung gefordert. Deutsche Medien hätten 2005 einen Verhaltenskodex unterzeichnet, "um die Macht der Suchmaschinen nicht unbeobachtet zu lassen", sagte Machill. Doch insgesamt sei der Suchmaschinensektor für die Medienpolitik in weiten Teilen noch unerschlossenes Gebiet.

Eigentlich erleichtern Suchmaschinen wie Google den Zugang zu Informationen, aber sie filtern sie eben auch. Die Macht der Datenfinder werde vollkommen unterschätzt, warnen Experten deshalb jetzt - und fordern gesetzliche Regulierung. 

Berlin - Man solle die "Macht der Suchmaschinen nicht unbeobachtet lassen", erklärte Marcel Machill von der Universität Leipzig auf der Berliner Konferenz der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. Ein Fazit, zu dem viele Wissenschaftler auf dem Treffen kamen, bei dem es um den wachsenden Einfluss der Internet-Datenseiten ging. Der Einfluss der Online-Suchmaschinen bei der Meinungsbildung wird nach Ansicht der Experten, die sich bei dem Treffen zusammenfanden, bisher völlig unterschätzt.

In der Bodenstation seien die Wissenschaftler in Sorge, berichtet die Nachrichtenagentur dpa.

Das Objekt sei etwa 2,8 Kilometer von der ISS entfernt, teilte die russische Flugleitzentrale bei Moskau unter Berufung auf die US-Weltraumbehörde Nasa mit. "Die Lage ist ziemlich ernst", sagte der russische Flugbahnspezialist Alexander Kirejew.

Der zuständige russische Verantwortliche Jewgeni Melnikow sagte der russischen Zeitung "Trud", man habe der Nasa bereits Vorschläge für verschiedene Ausweichmanöver der Weltraumstation geschickt. Nach seinen Angaben müsste dann aber auch der Start der "Discovery" gestoppt werden.

Selbst das Weiße Haus wurde in Mitleidenschaft gezogen: Am Amtssitz von US-Präsident George W. Bush knickte unweit des Haupteinganges ein hundert Jahre alter Baum um.

"Mein Auto schwamm einfach davon", zitiert die "Washington Post" den Möbelverkäufer Bob Reifenberger. "Ich kletterte aus dem Fenster und habe ich mich festgeklammert."

Der Polizist Mark Bergin berichtet, dass er Sonntagnacht hüfthoch im Wasser stand + Menschen half, aus ihren Autos zu steigen: "Das war nicht nur Wasser, das war eine dunkle, rauschende Brühe. Umgedrehte Autos schwammen darin herum." Kollegen berichteten ihm außerdem, dass sie Menschen und Babys auf Autodächern gesehen hätten. "Es war unglaublich." Mit Hilfe der Feuerwehr hätten aber schließlich alle Menschen gerettet werden können.

Fischer begründete die Aufgabe auch seines letzten verbliebenen politischen Postens mit der persönlichen Lebensentscheidung, noch einmal einen neuen Anfang auf einem anderen Feld als der Politik wagen zu wollen. Ab Herbst wird er eine Gastprofessur an der Princeton University annehmen.
Nahost: Israelische Luftwaffe greift Gazastreifen an

27.Jun.2006Afghanistan- Einsatz: Pakistan stockt Truppen auf
Get BUSTED on DVD Make a $19.99 contribution to Flex Your Rights today and receive your own copy of BUSTED: The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters . Your support will help with our grassroots effort to promote the movie, which will teach more people how to flex their rights during police encounters.

Glacier expert says Earth's climate is changing abruptly Humans may not have the luxury of adapting slowly to the warming, scientist warns By DOUG STRUCK
Washington Post

COLUMBUS, OHIO - Earth's climate is undergoing an abrupt change, ending a cooler period that began with a swift "cold snap" in the tropics 5,200 years ago that coincided with the start of cities, the beginning of calendars and the biblical great flood, a leading expert on glaciers has concluded.

The warming around Earth's tropical belt is a signal suggesting that the "climate system has exceeded a critical threshold," which has sent tropical-zone glaciers in full retreat and will melt them completely "in the near future," said Lonnie G. hompson, a scientist who for 23 years has been taking core samples from the ancient ice of glaciers.

Thompson, writing with eight other researchers in an article published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, said the ice samples show that the climate can and did cool quickly + that a similarly abrupt warming change started about 50 years ago. Humans may not have the luxury of adapting to slow changes, he suggests.

"There are thresholds in the system," Thompson said in an interview in his lab at Ohio State University.

When they are crossed, "there is the risk of changing the world as we know it to some form in which a lot of people on the planet will be put at risk."

"I think the temperature will continue to rise, the glaciers will continue to melt. Sea levels will continue to rise. I think there is a good indication now that the magnitude of severe storms will rise," he said.

Unseen for 2 millennia
27.Jun.2006 How well does your family save water?

Beyond its weird pear shape, the enigma has a single "eye."

Only this cryptic explanation was offered on the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory site where the image appears:

23.May 2006 "N00061934.jpg was taken +

24.May 2006 received on Earth .

The camera was pointing toward TETHYS at approximately 509,689 kilometers away + the image was taken using the CL1 and CL2 filters.

This image has not been validated or calibrated.

00.000.2007 A validated/calibrated image will be archived with the NASA Planetary Data System."

The space thing was photographed in other positions, as well. Permalink
27.Jun.2006 New sea spider species found in icy waters  More than 10 new species of spiders from the sea have been identified, including some with legs spanning half a metre.
27.Jun.2006 Glacier expert says Earth's climate is changing abruptly  Earth's climate is undergoing an abrupt change, ending a cooler period that began with a swift "cold snap" in the tropics 5,200 years ago that coincided with the start of cities, the beginning of calendars and the biblical great flood, a leading expert on glaciers has concluded.
27.Jun.2006 What is it?  A bizarre pear-shaped object has been photographed zooming around Saturn by NASA's Cassini spacecraft.
27.Jun.2006 Limbaugh, Viagra + the Dominican Republic  Cannonfire has some questions about Limbaugh's latest mis-adventure.
27.Jun.2006 HOW TO protect yourself from cops when pulled over 
Russia rejects ultimatums that undermine UN authority - Putin : In an apparent reference to the long-running controversy around Iran's nuclear program, Putin told a meeting in the Foreign Ministry:

"We do not intend to join any form of ultimatum that lead to a dead-end + strike a blow against the authority of the UN Security Council. Boing Boing has the link to the video. Important stuff."

27.Jun.2006 CIA secret flights: EU official admits terror suspects handed to U.S.:

The European Union's top justice official on Tuesday acknowledged that terror suspects have been transferred to U.S. intelligence agents on European territory.

27.Jun.2006 EU urges all nations to sign global anti-torture convention: The European Union today urged all nations to sign a global anti-torture convention, calling the practice “cruel, inhuman and degrading” not only to victims but to perpetrators.

27.Jun.2006 Pentagon Resists Ban on "Degrading Treatment" : : As new reports detail further abuse by the U.S. military of its prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan, a behind-the-scenes battle is being fought between the U.S. departments of state and defence about whether a key section of the Geneva Conventions should be included in new rules governing Army interrogation techniques

27.Jun.2006 14 Guantanamo Detainees Transferred to Saudi Arabia: Fourteen detainees have been transferred from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to Saudi Arabia, the Department of Defense announced in a June 24 press release.

27.Jun.2006 UK refuses to help Hicks: THE father of Australian terror suspect David Hicks says Britain has used a flimsy technicality to refuse to lobby for his son's release from Guantanamo Bay.

27.Jun.2006 Posada's CIA ties uncovered in papers: Details have emerged about Cuban exile militant Luis Posada Carriles' CIA links 40 years ago in South Florida. One revelation: his tie to the agency's Miami bureau.

27.Jun.2006 CIA has access to Swiss transactions : The USA has confirmed it has been monitoring international financial transactions, including those in and out of Switzerland, for almost five years.

27.Jun.2006 First Data gave feds records: Colorado’s First Data Corp., the world’s largest processor of credit-card transactions and wire transfers, gave the FBI and CIA unfettered access to data on millions of customers shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks

27.Jun.2006 Bush's claims he can ignore laws he signs: The White House on Tuesday defended President Bush's prolific use of statements that tend to limit the impact of bills he signs into law, saying they help him uphold the Constitution and defend the nation's security.

27.Jun.2006 Relief' for aristocracy: If achieving one's goals is the measure of a successful presidency, then George W. Bush is one of the more successful presidents in history. He has, after all, helped transfer much of the nation's wealth into the hands of the already wealthy, which has long been a major goal of the Republican right.

27.Jun.2006 Nightmare scenario hangs over Mexico election: Millions of angry protesters claiming vote fraud, chaos in the courts, financial markets collapsing, troops in the streets -- that's the nightmare scenario should Mexico's July 2 presidential election have a disputed finish.
27.Jun.2006 US cannot accept Israeli nuclear weapons: Arab League chief: The USA cannot denounce Iran’s nuclear program while accepting Israel’s possession of nuclear bombs, the head of the Arab League said on Tuesday. 27.Jun.2006 Road to Map to Starvation: What's Next for the Palestinians?: The Israelis + their Hard Right Zionist supporters in the U.S., should be put on notice that a day of justice is coming.
27.Jun.2006 Hamas, Fatah agree on plan implicitly recognizing Israel : The rival Hamas and Fatah movements agreed on a plan implicitly recognizing Israel, a top Palestinian official said Tuesday after weeks of acrimonious negotiations meant to lift crippling international aid sanctions.

27.Jun.2006 US reacts cautiously to Hamas recognition of Israel: The USA on Tuesday reacted cautiously to the Palestinian Hamas groups recognition of Israel to exist, saying it will await the formal version of the announcement.
27.Jun.2006 Opponents of Iraq war rally around Lt. Watada: Recently founded in Oakland, Calif., Courage to Resist is one of several organizations around the country trying to stop the Iraq war by focusing on those ordered to wage it.

27.Jun.2006 Refusing to Kill is Not a Crime: “I refuse to be silent any longer. I refuse to be party to an illegal and immoral war against people who did nothing to deserve our aggression. My oath of office is to protect and defend America’s laws and its people. By refusing unlawful orders for an illegal war, I fulfill that oath today.” - U.S. Army First Lt. Ehren Watada

27.Jun.2006 Murtha says U.S. poses top threat to world peace : American presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran, Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa

27.Jun.2006 Wars Force Army Equipment Costs to Triple: The annual cost of replacing, repairing and upgrading Army equipment in Iraq and Afghanistan is expected to more than triple next year to more than $17 billion, according to Army documents obtained by the Associated Press.

27.Jun.2006 Ex-offical's firm gets Iraqi contract: A security company headed by a former U.S. State Department official said Monday it will oversee the $300 million construction of a large international airport in the southern Iraqi city of Najaf.
27.Jun.2006 Soldier Who Killed Handcuffed Iraqi Is Freed : An American soldier convicted in the

00.000.2004 fatal shooting of a handcuffed Iraqi cow herder was freed from a military prison in Oklahoma on Friday, more than a year before his sentence was up

27.Jun.2006 US Marine exonerated for song about killing Iraqis: The U.S. military will not punish a Marine who performed an obscenity-laced song to a laughing + cheering crowd of fellow troops in Iraq making light of killing Iraqis, the Marine Corps said on Tuesday.
27.Jun.2006 Moscow Blames U.S. for Russian Hostages Death in Iraq: “Every day dozens of innocent people are dying + now diplomats are geting killed, too.

The responsibility for what is going on in Iraq lies upon those who sought mass destruction weapons here, but found nothing,” she said.

27.Jun.2006 Senate Hearing on Pre-War Iraq Intelligence, Points Finger at Vice-President : Watch the testimony. Then judge for yourself whether this administration’s machinations descended to the utterly condemnable.
27.Jun.2006 Three Days in Rome? By Laura Rozen
News: In which a neoconservative jack-of-all-trades, a pair of Pentagon hawks + an Iranian exile with a knack for tall tales try to outflank the CIA and conjure a coup in Tehran.

27.Jun.2006 Musings From Tom Joad Country By Sheila Samples
Okies love America, they love their born-again idiot president + they are proud to be blind and brazen warriors in God's Very Own Army. Together, they and Bush are proudly in lockstep -- insanely marching to Zion.. .

27.Jun.2006 This paragraph from a recent news release puts the Limbaugh incident in an interesting light: Yesterday officers from the Dominican Republic National Police led a raid that resulted in the rescue of 24 children who were being sold for commercial sexual exploitation. The youngest victim rescued is believed to be seven years old. In addition, fiveperpetrators were arrested for trafficking related offenses . (Emphasis added.)
27.Jun.2006 The use of viagra -- which may or may not have been legally prescribed -- indicates that the Republican party's chief propagandist traveled to the Dominican Republic intending to have sex.
The question is: What kind of sex?
This report on the epidemic of child prostitution in the Dominican Republic may be roughly ten years old, but the situation remains unchanged:
Though there is + has always been, some local demand for child prostitutes, it is tourism that has fuelled the rapid growth of this market for children bodies.

27.Jun.2006 Congressional Preview: Bush Gopher to Justify Bush Continually Breaking the Law. Bush Makes John Dillinger Look Like a Law Abiding Citizen.
"Watchdogs of Democracy?: The Waning Washington Press Corps and How It Has Failed the Public," By Helen Thomas. This book deserves your attention. Thomas is fighting a one-person trench war to maintain the standards of professional journalism, such as it used to exist. She needs reinforcements. Let's give her some.
Study shows US electronic voting machines vulnerable
Post Your Comments on the Latest Rush Limbaugh Illegally Prescribed Drug Activity - Viagra or Bust!
Glenn Greenwald Exposes the Lies about Bush's Finance Record Spying: The Bush lynch mob against the nation's free press; "A book could and ought to be written about the corrupt reasoning and truly unparalleled dangers characterizing this anti-media lynch mob. But for now, following are what I believe are the most noteworthy points..." 6/28
GOP Threats to NY Times for Reporting on Transaction Monitoring Is Critical Threat to Free Press -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Rush Limbaugh was detained at Palm Beach airport for possible possession of illegal prescription drugs. This time it allegedly was for -- and stop that snickering -- Viagra! Must be Hard to Get It Up When You're a Junky, Riding High on Those Other Illegally Prescribed Drugs.
Call Ron Wyden and Thank Him. He Promises to Block Any Bill That Would Harm Pro-Democracy "Net Neutrality." Says Wyden, "I will do anything I can to block a major telecom rewrite that undermines what makes the Internet special. I will block it. I will do anything I can to derail it." Call His D.C. Office and Thank Him for Standing Up for "Net Neutrality." 6/28
Powell's Chief of Staff and Others Confirm Bush's Lies on Iraq Intel -- A BuzzFlash News Alert
Monica Schrack: Self-Censored Press - A BuzzFlash Reader Contribution

200407300802_und_Report Jul.2004 Marijuana smuggling case first local use of Patriot Act provision . 31.Jul.2004 Man tells public about FBI's 'intimidation of activists': When an ...

27.Jun.2006 Zimmer mit Einsicht - 2006, week 5 New Patriot Act Provision Creates Tighter Barrier to Officials at Public Events · US-Senat bestätigt Alito als Obersten Richter ...

27.Jun.2006 Homepage von Gudrun Eussner ACLU Challenges Patriot Act Provision Used to Exclude Prominent Swiss Scholar from the USA (1/25/2006) ...

27.Jun.2006 Nahost: Fatah und Hamas akzeptieren Zwei- Staaten- Lösung
Krankenkassen: Gesundheitsreform auf Kosten der Patienten
27.Jun.2006 Atomstreit mit Iran: Revolutionsführer Chamenei hält Verhandlungen mit USA für nutzlos

27.Jun.2006 Fischers Abschied: "Die Tür ist zu"
27.Jun.2006 Google und Co: Experten warnen vor Informationsübermacht

27.Jun.2006 Malta: Tumulte in Flüchtlingslager
27.Jun.2006 US- Umweltschutz: Bush bezeichnet Klimawandel als "Problem"

27.Jun.2006Interview mit Fatah- Führer Frangi: "Die israelische Bedrohung schmiedet zusammen"
27.Jun.2006 TV-Nachrichten: Eine Militarisierte Zone sfux Norman Solomon -

Als die Bombardierung Aghanistans am

08.Okt.2001 wieder aufgenommen wurde, zeigten pensionierte Generale, auf ihren Posten unter den gleissenden Scheinwerfer der Fernsehstudios kein Zeichen von Müdigkeit. Auf CNN setzte sich der ehemalige NATO Oberkommandierende Wesley Clark mit Maj. General Don Shepperd zusammen, um militärische Strategien zu erklären; ihre Einsichten...
Der amerikanische Aufschrei sfux Karl Weiss -

In Europa unterliegen wir leicht der Illusion, daß das US-amerikanische Volk in weiten Teilen mit der Politik ihrer Oberen überinstimmt. Das ist nicht der Fall. Es handelt um Minderheiten im Bereich von 20%, die tatsächlich auf Bush-Kurs sind. Ein Artikel und seine Kommentare zeigt erneut, wie weit die Sensibilität der US-Amerikaner geht und wie kritisch die meisten gegen ihre Regierung eingestellt sind, trotz der Einheitsbrei-Gehirnwäsche der US-Medien.
Guantanamo Häftlinge freigelassen sfux Stephan Fuchs ?

14 saudische Gefangene wurden letzte Woche aus Guantanamo Bay entlassen. Sie wurden mit der saudischen Boeing 747 ?Saudia? mit der Kennung SVA7267 über den marokkanischen Flugplatz Mohammed V in Casablanca nach Hause geflogen.
Neue Standortbestimmung: BND in Nöten sfux World Content News -

Heillose Verwirrung beim Bundesnachrichtendienst: Während des Prozesses gegen den Exagenten Norbert Juretzko wegen Geheimnisverrats, der Anfang Juni mit einem Freispruch endete, sind die Decknamen der BND-Residenturen durch die Presse gewandert und somit künftig unbrauchbar geworden. Damit gerät jetzt die gesamte Geheim-Logistik des Dienstes in Gefahr.
Anti-Terrorkrieg steigert Terrorgefahr sfux Karl Weiss -

In einer Studie hat die Regierungsunabhängige britische Forschungsgruppe ?Oxford Research Group" herausgefunden, daß der Anti-Terrorkrieg der britischen- und amerikanischen Regierung die Terrorgefahr deutlich erhöht hat. Ob das nicht beabsichtigt war?
Die Studie kommt zu dem Schluß, daß die Regierungen ihre Stellung in der Welt durch militärische Gewalt sichern wollen, ohne sich Gedanken über die Ursachen und Zusammenhänge der Bedrohungen...

Abteilung Späh und Horch - eine Farce? sfux Karl Weiss -

Ich habe einen Bekannten von mir über seine Erfahrungen mit den (west)deutschen Schnüffeldiensten interviewt, nachdem das Thema nun mit der ?Oberaufsicht? über Peter Grottian, über Ramelow und über Lafontaine sowie die ganze Linksfraktion wieder ins Licht der öffentlichen Aufmerksamkeit gerückt ist. Ich nenne den Interviewten Max.
Wie bist du in das Fadenkreuz der bundesdeutschen Späher und Schnüffler geraten?

June 27, 2006 Think Progress 
50: Percentage of Americans who
support redeploying U.S. forces out of Iraq “immediately or within 12 months,” according to a Gallup poll. A Washington Post survey shows 47 percent backing a timeline, up 8 points since December.

150,000: Number of additional displaced Iraqis since the bombing of a prominent Shiite shrine in February 2006.

Taxpayers lost $2 billion to fraud and waste in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, representing 11 percent of the $19 billion spent by FEMA on those reconstructions.

Warren Buffett reiterated his support for the estate tax yesterday, saying he favored equality over “giving incredible head starts to certain people who were very selective about the womb from which they emerged.”

The Pentagon is speeding up “plans to deploy advanced Patriot interceptor missiles on U.S. bases in Japan,” in response to last week’s report that North Korea finished fueling a long-range ballistic missile. But Slate throws doubt on that report: “ the missile could stay ready for only a few days since the fuel is corrosive stuff and eats through things like metal. It’s now been a week.”

A study done by the minority staff of the House Government Reform Committee reported yesterday that there has been a “precipitous drop” in enforcement activity at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration over the last five years. Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) said, “FDA can’t do its job when its enforcement arm is tied behind its back.”

$17 billion . Next year’s cost of replacing, repairing and upgrading Army equipment in Iraq and Afghanistan, more than triple this year’s cost.

A ballot initiative to “establish full public financing for statewide elections ” qualified yesterday in California. If passed, “candidates who collect a set number of small-$5-contributions and agree not to take more private money, qualify for a grant of public money to run their campaigns.”

And finally: Time to rethink DUI laws? “Four pelicans suspected of being drunk on sea algae were being tested at a Southern California wildlife center Saturday after one of them crashed headlong into a car,” Reuters reports. Three others “were found wandering dazed in the streets of Laguna Beach.”
26.Jun.2006 June 26, 2006 Think Progress 
“ Is CO2 ‘
life‘ or a ‘pollutant‘? “: American Progress Director of Environmental Policy Ana Unruh Cohen describes “in a nutshell” what the Supreme Court will decide when it takes up Massachusetts v. EPA .

At a Democratic Policy Committee hearing this afternoon, former Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research Carl Ford said lawmakers share some responsibility for intelligence failures , telling lawmakers “not to accept the crap we give you.”

The Senate Commerce Committee will take up the telecom legislation again tomorrow + Net Neutrality needs your support . McJoan has details..

Administration plan for withdrawal sound familiar? Needlenose points to similar promises in 00.000.2005 + 00.000.2004 .

The big news from today’s Supreme Court ruling : Unlike Justices Scalia and Thomas, Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito actually “believe that a great many of the country’s campaign contribution laws are constitutional. This is a very big deal and good news for those of us who support such limits.”

And finally: The Washington Times’s new intern blog : “better than watching ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’ before going to Washington.”
27.Jun.2006 Warren Buffett: Major Philanthropist and Opponent of Estate Tax Repeal Nico 
Warren Buffett, the world’s second-richest man, announced this week that he plans to
give away 85 percent of his $44 billion fortune to charity. Buffett explained his motivation in today’s New York Times:

“I love it when I’m around the country club + I hear people talking about the debilitating effects of a welfare society,” he said. “At the same time, they leave their kids a lifetime and beyond of food stamps. Instead of having a welfare officer, they have a trust officer. And instead of food stamps, they have stocks and bonds.”

It’s hardly a suprise, then, that Buffett also opposes repealing the Estate Tax (aka the Paris Hilton Tax), a “graduated inheritance tax on big fortunes“:

Mr. Buffett said repealing the estate tax “would be a terrible mistake,” the equivalent of “choosing the 2020 Olympic team by picking the eldest sons of the gold-medal winners in the 2000 Olympics.” …

“We have come closer to a true meritocracy than anywhere else around the world,” he said. “You have mobility so people with talents can be put to the best use. Without the estate tax, you in effect will have an aristocracy of wealth, which means you pass down the ability to command the resources of the nation based on heredity rather than merit.” [NYT, 2/14/01]

Buffett was also opposed to President Bush’s dividend and income tax cuts for the wealthy. “If class warfare is being waged in America,” he wrote, “my class is clearly winning.” Congress ought to listen.
27.Jun.2006 How is Gen. Casey’s Iraq timeline Nico 
different from the Iraq timeline proposed in the Senate last week? Tony Snow offers a
crystal clear explanation.

27.Jun.2006 Bush Ignores Science, Claims ‘There Is A Debate’ Over The Cause of Global Warming Faiz 
This morning, President Bush was asked whether he believed global warming was a “real and significant threat to the planet.” Bush claimed there is still a real debate over the cause of global warming.
Watch it.

Despite Bush’s repeated efforts to muddy the picture, there is no real scientific debate over whether global warming is manmade or naturally-caused. Most recently, the National Academy of Sciences has unequivocally stated that natural causes cannot explain the unprecedented warmth over the last 400 years. Rather, “human activities are responsible for much of the recent warming,” the report states. The failure to acknowledge this scientific fact prevents Bush from taking the necessary actions to regulate carbon dioxide emissions, which he once pledged to do.

Full transcript below:

QUESTION: I know you’ve said you are not planning to see Al Gore’s new movie, but do you agree with the premise that global warming is a real and significant threat to the planet?

BUSH: I think it’s — I have said consistently that global warming something is a serious problem. There is a debate over whether it’s manmade or naturally caused. We ought to get beyond that debate and start implementing the technologies necessary to enable us to achieve a couple of big objectives. One, be good stewards of the environment + two become less dependent on foreign sources of oil for economic reasons and for national security reasons.
Snow Lashes Out at Media, Suggests NYT Has Undermined Americans’ ‘Right to Live’ Nico 
President Bush today called the New York Times story revealing the administration’s monitoring of bank records “
disgraceful,” and said the decision to publish details of the program “does great harm to the United States of America.”

Press Secretary Tony Snow followed up with another attack at today’s press briefing:

[T]he New York Times and other news organizations ought to think long and hard about whether a public’s right to know in some cases might override somebody’s right to live + whether in fact the publications of these could place in jeopardy the safety of fellow Americans. Watch it:
26.Jun.2006 Weekly Standard: Give Me Bandwidth...No one to root for in the net neutrality debate. Akessler - issue of The Weekly Standard

Finding it hard to understand the net neutrality debate? On one side are the hip, cool, billionaire web service companies like Google, eBay, Yahoo + even Microsoft. Net neutrality is their rallying...
Hamas 'implicitly accepts Israel' Palestinian militants Hamas agree to a document backing a two-state fix to the Mid-East conflict, officials say.
27.Jun.2006 Enron UK three face trial in US Three former NatWest bankers wanted in the US over the Enron scandal fail in their attempt to avoid extradition.
27.Jun.2006 Clarke's doubts over Blair's future Tony Blair may not be able to recover his authority after recent difficulties, ex-Home Secretary Charles Clarke says.
27.Jun.2006 Watchdog backs CIA flights report Europe's rights body passes a resolution accusing European states of helping the CIA transfer terror suspects.
27.Jun.2006 Mother's womb 'makes men gay' A man's sexual orientation may be determined by conditions in the womb, according to a study.
27.Jun.2006 Bush blasts 'terror funds' report The US president attacks American papers for publishing details of a secret scheme to monitor terror funds.
Ukrainians protest over gas hike Tens of thousands rally in the Ukrainian capital Kiev against plans to sharply raise gas and electricity prices.
27.Jun.2006 Talks with US 'no benefit to Iran' Iran's supreme leader says he sees "no use" in talking to the US about Iran's nuclear activities, state TV reports.
27.Jun.2006 Nuclear accord faces US scrutiny The US Congress considers a controversial plan to share civilian nuclear technology with India.
27.Jun.2006 Snake displays changing colours A 'chameleon' snake with the ability to change its colours is discovered in the forests of Borneo.
27.Jun.2006 Wi-fi pioneers offer cheap router A Spanish firm is to sell cheap routers as part of a plan to turn home wi-fi networks into public hotspots.
27.Jun.2006 Police offer terror suspects help Police family liaison officers will help relatives of terrorist suspects cope with the aftermath of an arrest or raid.
27.Jun.2006 Tribal Curse Haunts Launch Pad In the 40 years since the Air Force built its SLC-6 launch pad atop an Indian burial ground in California, the site has been dogged by failed launches and aborted missions. Now, Boeing launches a U.S. spy satellite from the pad. By Philip Chien.
27.Jun.2006 Who Decides If Emissions Unsafe? Should the EPA regulate the level of carbon dioxide emissions in an effort to reduce the threat of global warming, or is the Bush administration's position favoring voluntary measures legal? The Supreme Court will decide.
27.Jun.2006 Japan's Plan to Bury CO2 Following the lead of a Canadian experiment, the Japanese hope to cut carbon dioxide emissions by turning factory waste into liquid form and pumping it into underground aquifiers. 27.Jun.2006 Charge It Up, Please
The Brits have come up with a vending machine sporting 24 different chargers -- perfect for charging your mobile gadgets in malls, airports or train stations. The boxes are being deployed in East Asia and around the U.K.

27.Jun.2006 Cell Phones Excite the Brain
An Italian study shows cell phone emissions affect the brain, but it's unclear whether or not the effects are harmful. Plus: Congress finds that most people's personal information is for sale…. A federal judge stops the government from offering free credit monitoring to veterans whose personal data was stolen.... and more.

27.Jun.2006 Stanford robot featured at Smithsonian
Blog: Stanford University's robotic wonder "Stanley" is a software-and-sensors powered Volkswagen that drove autonomously for 136 desert...

27.Jun.2006 FCC Commissioner Copps ponders Net neutrality Video:

FCC Commissioner Copps ponders Net neutrality.

CNET's Stefanie Olsen interviewed the FCC's Michael Copps after

23.Jun.2006 he spoke at Supernova in San Francisco.

Copps talked about the issue of Net neutrality that's swirling in Washington D.C.
$5 Social Wi-Fi Router Zonk 55 slashjunkie writes

"BBC News is running a story about the Spanish firm Fon, selling subsidized Linksys WRT54GL Wi-Fi routers for $5, in exchange for the buyer agreeing to a 12 month contract of providing access to other Fon users within range. With the financial backing of Google and Skype, their goal is to create Wi-Fi networks, street by street, across Europe and the US. Buyers of the subsidized routers can classify themselves as 'Linuses', whereby they also get free access to all other Fon hotspots, or 'Bills', where they receive 50% of the revenue made by on-selling their Wi-Fi to other Fon users. 'Alien' users can buy 24-hour passes for 3 Euro. To deter misuse, all Fon users must identify themselves by a username and password before they can access the hotspot.

As long as the owner's personal LAN is not accessible, this could be a good way to offset the costs of the average geek's bandwidth bill."
Supercomputer Models Sun's Corona Dynamics ScuttleMonkey 68 gihan_ripper writes

"Researchers from San Diego are using supercomputers to accurately predict the shape of the Sun's corona, based on magnetic field data from the photosphere. It is hoped that this model will enable us to predict Coronal Mass Ejections. When CMEs reach the Earth, they produce geomagnetic storms and can wreak havoc with communcations, GPS + power networks. In the decade or so, the researchers hope to be able to predict CME collisions with the Earth and determine their impact."
27.Jun.2006 Newspaper Ad Mockup Released ScuttleMonkey 319 Benjamin Horst writes

"The volunteer effort raising $10,000 to place at least two backpage ads in New York City's free daily paper Metro is now entering its second full week. We've collected over 10% of our goal already and continue to find new pledge donors at a healthy pace. Our project's purpose is to help 'cross the chasm' and bring awareness of 2.0 to the large number of computer users who stand to benefit from its broad feature set and range of useful capabilities. This is not the first time an open source project has sought a high-profile newspaper ad buy. In fact, our effort was directly inspired by the Firefox New York Times ad. Firefox's famous effort announcing its arrival on the world stage helped push it from about 10 million downloads to its current tally of over 185 million!"
Canadian Gov't Gives Big Bucks to Copyright Lobby timothy 126 5degreez writes

"The Toronto Star is reporting that the Canadian government is providing hundreds of thousands of dollars to a copyright lobby group that claims that education groups are 'devoted to abolishing creators' rights on the Internet.' Documents obtained under the Access to Information Act by Prof Michael Geist reveal that government officials recognized that the funding established a bad precedent, yet they still plan to pay big bucks 00.000.2008 -until- ."
PGP & GPG samzenpus 122+ Ben Rothke writes

"PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), as most Slashdot readers know, is one of the most popular software encryption programs ever. It is so good and so effective that in the early 1990s the FBI launched a multi-year investigation against Phil Zimmerman, the creator of PGP, for possible violation of federal export laws, especially ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation). After many years of investigation, the FBI ultimately dropped its case against Zimmerman. Even though PGP is synonymous with end-user encryption, there have only been a few books written on the subject. Jump to 2006 + PGP & GPG: Email for the Practical Paranoid is a welcome title." Read the rest of Ben's review.
Interstate Highway System: 50th Anniversary Hemos 602+ Steve Melito writes

"This week, CR4: The Engineer's Place for Discussion and News, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System, "a giant nationwide engineering project" that transformed a nation.

00.000.1994 the American Society of Civil Engineers described the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System as "one of the Seven Wonders of the USA".

00.000.2006 this network of roads includes 46,000 miles of highway; 55,000 bridges; 82 tunnels + 14,000 interchanges. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), excavation for the interstate system has moved enough material to bury the State of Connecticut knee-deep in dirt. The amount of Portland cement could build more than 80 Hoover dams, or lay six sidewalks to the moon. The lumber used would consume all of the trees in 500 square miles of forest. The structural steel could build 170 skyscrapers the size of the Empire State Building + meet nearly half of the annual requirements of the American auto industry. Check back with CR4 all week as we cover the 'Roots of the Road,' 'the Politics of Passage,' 'Adventures in Civil Engineering,' and 'The Road Ahead.'" One of the things that's interesting about why Eisenhower pushed for the highway system was that he saw the Autobahn system in Germany during the occupation post-WWII and knew that that was one of the things that the USA needed to develop.
Nahost: Palästinenser einig - Israel wird anerkannt
27.Jun.2006 Im Tal der Gescheiterten: "Wie können sie Menschen fangen und in der Sahara aussetzen?"

27.Jun.2006 Feinstaub: EU- Staaten wollen Richtlinie später einhalten

27.Jun.2006 Neue Art: Giftschlange kann ihre Hautfarbe ändern
27.Jun.2006 EU gegen BRD: Streit um Sparkassen eskaliert
27.Jun.2006 Arbeitsbedingungen in Europa: Ver.di erhebt neue Vorwürfe gegen Lidl
27.Jun.2006 Palästinenser: Hamas erkennt Staat Israel an
27.Jun.2006 Private Daten online: US- Schulen erwirken einstweilige Verfügung gegen Google
27.Jun.2006 Nordkorea: Kims Raketenpoker
Brand in Bahnstation: Chaos beeinträchtigt Londons Schienenverkehr

27.Jun.2006 Geheime Kontenüberwachung: Bush beschwert sich über Swift- Veröffentlichung
27.Jun.2006 Heftige Regenfälle: Land unter in Washington

27.Jun.2006 Gaza- Streifen: Palästinensische Militante machen mobil

27.Jun.2006 Drohende EU- Strafe: Microsoft soll täglich Millionen zahlen

27.Jun.2006 Sorge um ISS: Unbekanntes Müll- Objekt bedroht Raumstation

27.Jun.2006 Mathematik: Muttersprache bestimmt Zahlen- Verarbeitung
"São os donos do Universo todo
senhores à força
mandadores sem lei
enchem os bolsos comem os pacóvios
dançam de alegria neste país sem roque ou rei."

2.Jan.2006 Eingetragen von robman. mad world

Bei der Zeit gibt es ein sehr interessantes Interview mit einem ehemaligen CIA-Mann zum Thema "Sonderbefragungen" (Neusprech für Verschleppung inkl. Folterverhör).
Bilateral ties date from the earliest years of the USA. Following the Revolutionary War, Portugal was the first neutral country to recognize the USA. On

21.Feb1791 President George Washington opened formal diplomatic relations, naming Col. David Humphreys as U.S. minister.
Essay: "Warum bis morgen warten, um zu erfahren, was heute geschehen ist?"
Klimawandel: Tropengletscher so warm wie seit 2000 Jahren nicht mehr
27.Jun.2006 Uri Avnery: Israel uses World Cup as cover for murder: The Israeli government has exploited the focus of attention on the World Cup to murder more than 20 Palestinians, including children, a pregnant woman, a doctor and several paramedics.
27.Jun.2006 Group Holding Israeli Soldier Makes Demand : A statement faxed Monday by Palestinian groups purporting to hold an Israeli soldier demanded the release of women and children under 18 held in Israeli prisons.
27.Jun.2006 Resistance in the US Military to the War on Iraq : Acts of resistance, big and small, recognized nationally or never heard of by most, by military and civilians are all important elements of ending the illegal War, the War crime, committed by the Bush administration. People of conscience all over the country are refusing to be silent and are taking courageous steps to end the illegal War on Iraq.

27.Jun.2006 What are you willing to sacrifice?" Interview With Lt. Ehren Watada: A 10 minute interview with Lt. Ehren Watada, the first commissioned officer to refuse deployment to the war in Iraq.

27.Jun.2006 Letter From Mother of Lt. Ehren Watada, Resister of Illegal War : After weighing the evidence, he came to the conclusion that he could no longer be silent while atrocities were committed in the name of democracy. He could no longer be a tool of an administration that used deception and lies to make the case for pre-emptive war.

27.Jun.2006 An Oath Betrayed : It is a harrowing documentation of how the military medical profession has been corrupted by the Bush-Rumsfeld interrogation rules.

27.Jun.2006 In case you missed it: Constant Conflict: US Army War College Quarterly: There will be no peace. The de facto role of the US armed forces will be to keep the world safe for our economy and open to our cultural assault. To those ends, we will do a fair amount of killing.

27.Jun.2006 War pimp alert: Israel Needs A Preemptive Nuclear Strike Against Iran : One of the best ways to ensure the world doesn’t get wobbly over Iran, is to make it understand that although Israel prefers to regard the rogue Islamic regime as an international problem, we will, if necessary, do whatever it takes to ensure our survival, including a preemptive nuclear strike.
Warnings on WMD 'Fabricator' Were Ignored, Ex-CIA Aide Says: The call amounted to an admission that all of the CIA's claims Powell used in his speech about Iraqi weapons were wrong.
27.Jun.2006 War is Still a Racket By Charles Sullivan
The lies espoused by our so called leaders do not matter on the battlefield. They do not matter when the bodies come home in oversized cardboard boxes, hauled by fork lifts to airport curbs and deposited at the feet of grief-stricken families like a commodity. In a sense, that is what they are.

27.Jun.2006 Three Iraq Myths That Won't Quit By Scott Ritter
Iraqi military policy is made by the USA. Its borders are controlled by the USA. Its economy is controlled largely by the USA. In fact, there simply isn't a single major indicator of actual sovereignty in Iraq today that can be said to be free of overwhelming American control.

27.Jun.2006 Intelligence Officers, Learn From History By Ray McGovern
The truth will out. If you fabricate, or acquiesce in the fabrication of, evidence used to "justify" launching a war of choice, you will have to live with that for the rest of your life.

27.Jun.2006 Iraq between genocide and coincidences By Gabriele Zamparini
You could not make it up! Just a few days after Iraq Body Count’s numbers have lost any credibility (1) the Los Angeles Times published “War's Iraqi Death Toll Tops 50,000”

27.Jun.2006 We’re Bending the Arc of the Universe Toward Injustice By JASON MILLER

Shut Up, Go Shopping, Support the War...and Nobody Gets Hurt! Continue

27.Jun.2006 The Iron Wall : Highly Recommended 60 Minute Documentary
This eye-opening documentary exposes the Israel's colonization policy and follows the timeline, size, population of the "settlements," and their impact on the peace process.

This film also touches on the latest project to make the settlements a permanent fact on the ground; the annexation Wall that Israel is building in the West Bank + its impact on the Palestinian people.
'Death of a Nation: The Timor Conspiracy' A Documentary Film By John Pilger
Pilger uncovers the shocking complicity of the US and Great Britain governments in the East Timor genocide - the same governments who were willing to go to war with Saddam Hussein for his invasion of Kuwait, but who stood aside as Indonesia broke the exact same UN regulations to rape and pillage East Timor using Western arms. Click here to watch

Der neue Patriotismus stimme ihn keineswegs "freudig". Es sei wichtig, gerade in der Schule auf Kontroversen in der Geschichte hinzuweisen. Zum Beispiel darauf, dass der Verfasser des Deutschlandliedes, Hofmann von Fallersleben, kein Demokrat, sondern Antisemit gewesen sei.
Rush Limbaugh has been detained at Palm Beach airport for possible possession of illegal prescription drugs.
The "reconciliation" plan announced on Sunday by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki is part of a grand strategy by the Bush administration to stabilise Iraq - or to stabilise the perception of Iraq - in advance of the mid-term elections for Congress in November. From the BBC.

27.Jun.2006 Billions for Rupert Murdoch or Dollars for BuzzFlash? Your Choice.
Dick Cheney Makes a Rattle Snake Look Honorable -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Did Cheney know of Pentagon general's redeployment plan when he said redeployment was "worst possible thing we could do?" Of course he did. Cheney makes a rattle snake look honorable. 6/27
John Stauber: Pro-War "Vets for Freedom" Tied to Bush's PR Team - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution

27.Jun.2006 Evicted Gun Show is ?Paradise? for Gun Guys 6/27
Jim Ridout: Home Grown Terrorists? Ann?

27.Jun.2006 Murtha says U.S. poses top threat to world peace 6/27
Blanched Democrats: Why preserving the estate tax is one of the most defining votes a Democrat can cast. 6/27

27.Jun.2006 If I recall correctly, Limbaugh's marriage ended -- which means that he intended to have sex in a way unapproved by Jesus. If I had money, I'd offer a prize to the person who best predicts how Rush will blame his equipment failure on Bill Clinton. Permalink
27.Jun.2006 Handel mit Kleinwaffen: Deutschlands unrühmliche Spitzenposition
Guantanamo: Probleme bei der Freilassung von Häftlingen
General Motors: 35.000 Mitarbeiter wählen Abfindung oder Vorruhestand

27.Jun.2006Naher Osten: Israel bereitet massiven Militärschlag vor
CNBC Anchor Argues ‘Puny, Gnawing Little Humans’ Can’t Change The Climate Judd 

CNBC anchor Joe Kernen used Richard Lindzen’s grossly inaccurate column in today’s WSJ to repeatedly claim there is “no consensus” on whether global warming exists. Kernen suggests that “as old as the planet is” there is no way “puny, gnawing little humans” could change the climate in “70 years.” Watch it:
WSJ Hit Piece on Gore Movie Relies on Grievously Flawed Study Judd 

In today’s Wall Street Journal, prominent climate skeptic Richard Lindzen tries to make the case that “There Is No ‘Consensus’ On Global Warming.”

Most of the article is, typically, invective against Al Gore + his movie, An Inconvenient Truth.

27.Jun.2006 Lindzen does acknowledge that thousands of scientists from 120 countries have agreed, through the extraordinarily rigorous International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) process, that human activity is driving global warming. He also acknowledges that this consensus was recently confirmed by a report prepared for Congress by the National Academy of Scientists.

Here is Lindzen’s only substantive response:

More recently, a study in the journal Science by the social scientist Nancy [ sic — Naomi ] Oreskes claimed that a search of the ISI Web of Knowledge Database for the years 1993 to 2003 under the key words “global climate change” produced 928 articles, all of whose abstracts supported what she referred to as the consensus view. A British social scientist, Benny Peiser, checked her procedure and found that only 913 of the 928 articles had abstracts at all + that only 13 of the remaining 913 explicitly endorsed the so-called consensus view. Several actually opposed it.

Peiser’s work – and Lindzen’s reliance on it — is an embarrassment. Here’s why:

1. Peizer misunderstands the point of Oreskes study. The point was not that every article about climate change explicitly endorsed the IPCC conclusions. The point is that if there was real uncertainty there would be “substantive disagreement in the scientific community” that would be reflected in peer reviewed literature. There wasn’t.

2. Peiser didn’t find any peer reviewed studies that oppose the scientific consensus. Peiser claimed that 34 papers “reject or doubt” the consensus view. Tim Lambert got Peiser to send him the abstracts of those 34 papers. The vast majority of these papers express no doubt whatsoever about the consensus view. Only one paper, by the Association of Petroleum Geologists, cited by Peiser actually rejects the consensus view and it “does not appear to have been peer reviewed outside that Association.”

Peiser has admitted that his work included errors. But ultimately, it doesn’t make a difference. The point of activity like this isn’t to be right, it’s simply to provide fodder to people like Lindzen to create the appearance of uncertainty.
Court strikes down Vermont campaign finance law. Nico 

The Supreme Court has voted 6-3 to strike down a 1997 Vermont law that put a sharp ceiling on how much a candidate for state office could spend. (Candidates for governor could spend no more than $300k, candidates for lieutenant governor no more than $100k, etc.) A federal appeals court had previously upheld the law.
June 26, 2006 Think Progress 

“Climate experts have started to worry that the ice cap is disappearing in ways that computer models had not predicted.” Greenland’s glaciers are melting twice as fast as they were five years ago . Should all of the ice sheet thaw, sea levels could rise by 21 feet and swamp the world’s coastal cities.

As the summer heat soars to over 120 degrees in Iraq, “power supply still falls about 33% short of demand.” Power in Baghdad comes on for approximately 90 minutes once every six hours.

Former CIA officer Tyler Drumheller said he personally crossed out a reference to Iraq’s supposed mobile bioweapons labs from a classified draft of Colin Powell’s Feb. 2002 U.N. speech because he recognized the source (”Curveball”) as someone who was mentally unstable and a liar. Powell still claimed to “have firsthand descriptions of biological weapons factories on wheels and rails.”

$135,000: Amount White House staffers have accepted in free trips since Nov. 2004. Among those picking up the tab are some of the President’s top business supporters and dozens of conservative and religious groups.

Leading conservative members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said that the administration should talk directly with North Korea to resolve the ongoing tensions. “We need to talk directly with North Korea. The sooner we do that, the sooner we’re going to get this resolved,” said Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE). Chairman Richard Lugar (R-IN) also lent his support to the idea.

“The White House and key congressional committees have begun crafting legislation that would try to overcome legal objections to the Bush administration’s controversial domestic surveillance program and subject it to review by a secret intelligence court.”

00.Jul.2005 “Bush’s business backers were cheered by the appointment of Judge [John] Roberts.” After the completion of his first term, Bloomberg reports why: “ Companies and business groups got most of what they sought in Chief Justice John Roberts’s first U.S. Supreme Court term, including limits on antitrust and securities suits and the prospect of new caps on punitive damages next year.”

Japan admits to buying pro-whaling votes: “Less than a week since Japan and its allies scored a stunning victory at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) conference - paving the way for a possible return to commercial whaling - the Japanese government has inadvertently revealed how it was done: by buying the votes it needed.”

2 million: Number of passports the Iraqi government has issued in the past 10 months as the country’s best, brightest flee from violence. More than 40 percent of Iraq’s professional class has left the country since late 2003.

And finally: British army mascot Billy the goat was demoted in disgrace “after it marched out of line before a host of dignitaries during a parade to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday.” One soldier accused Billy of “trying to head-butt the waist and nether regions of the drummers.” “Since the goat’s demotion, soldiers of a lower rank are no longer expected to salute Billy as a sign of respect,” said a spokesman.
27.Jun.2006 Day 5 (BG) Day 5
Today is Day 5 of indicted Governor Fletcher's (R) efforts to censor political speech by blocking access to and the next few days promise to keep the state and national press interested.

27.Jun.2006 L.A. 9/11 Truth Conference Gets Fair Media Play Paul Joseph Watson 
L.A. 9/11 Truth Conference Gets Fair Media Play Conference a huge success, C-SPAN to air segments this week Paul Joseph Watson/Prison

27.Jun.2006 American Scholars Symposium A Huge Success Paul Joseph Watson 
American Scholars Symposium A Huge Success Attendees from around the globe attest to 'best 9/11 truth conference ever'

27.Jun.2006 Italy resoundingly rejects reform Over 60% of Italian voters reject sweeping reforms that would have boosted the PM's powers
27.Jun.2006 Lab tuned to gravity's 'ripples' The giant GEO 600 gravitational wave detector is put in a continuous observational mode.
27.Jun.2006 Kalashnikov backs gun control The inventor of the AK-47 rifle backs stricter controls as a key small arms forum gets under way in New York.
27.Jun.2006 When Fluffy Catches the Bird Flu Public health officials are waking up to the fact that house pets could spread disease during an epidemic. The lovable little critters might need to be quarantined, or worse.
27.Jun.2006 State governments push for Net neutrality laws Attorneys general in New York and California say they'd like a federal law prohibiting network operators from offering a "fast lane" on the Internet.
Im Mai berichteten schleswig-holsteinische Forscher von asiatischen Gespensterkrebsen (Caprella mutica) an Sylter Hafenmolen. Wo die Nordsee an die Hafenmauern schwappte, wimmelte es nur so vor Fremdlingen. Mehr als 3000 Tiere pro Quadratmeter wurden gezählt - als heimisch gelten sie auf Sylt nicht. Chinesische Mühlrad-Algen fischten Wissenschaftler des dortigen Meeresforschungsinstituts aus dem Wasser vor Helgoland. Das Plankton war zehn Mal so groß wie seine lokalen Verwandten.
26.Jun.2006 IPPNW relevante Themen in den Medien im Januar 2000 Dubai /Bagdad (dpa) - Kontrolleure der Internationalen Atomenergie- Agentur ... wegen unzulässigen Umgangs mit Geheiminformationen angeklagt und verhaftet.
26.Jun.2006 Terrorismus: Schäuble setzt der Pressefreiheit Grenzen
30- Milliarden- Spende: Buffett macht Gates- Stiftung zur Supermacht
Ballastwasser: Blinde Passagiere im Schiffstank
26.Jun.2006 Schadstoffbelastung: Pestizide begünstigen Parkinson
26.Jun.2006 Uno- Drogenbericht: Kokain- Konsum in Europa steigt
26.Jun.2006 Rohstoffkonzerne: Megafusion in US- Metall- Branche
26.Jun.2006 Immunizing the Internet ScuttleMonkey 19 jonny4001 writes

"The Harvard Law Review has published a student-written article that argues that hackers, worms + viruses are good for network security and that the law and public policy should encourage 'beneficial' hacking. From the article: 'Exploitation of security holes prompts users and vendors to close those holes, vendors to emphasize security in system development + users to adopt improved security practices. This constant strengthening of security reduces the likelihood of a catastrophic attack -- one that would threaten national or even global security [...] Current federal law, however, does not properly value such strategic goals.'"
Flooding all over Buffalo today… Kevin 
Torrential rain and flooding made for pretty hairy but fun driving… This afternoon, MrBig and I were helping Florence move house from her place in downtown Elmwood. Halfway through, torrential rain started to pour. While the sudden rain on a hot summer’s day was quite a surprise, the ...

26.Jun.2006 Drug firms attacked on marketing
Top European drug firms use unscrupulous marketing to promote products, a report says.

26.Jun.2006 Rep. King: NYT Reporters Should Be Charged Under Espionage Act Nico The New York Times reported on Friday that the Bush administration has “examined banking transactions involving thousands of Americans and others in the USA” allegedly linked to terrorist networks.

This morning, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) argued that the NYT reporters, editors + publishers responsible for that story should be charged under the Espionage Act, which is punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

[N]o one elected the New York Times to do anything. And the New York Times is putting its own arrogant elitest left wing agenda before the interests of the American people + I’m calling on the Attorney General to begin a criminal investigation and prosecution of the New York Times — its reporters, the editors who worked on this + the publisher.

We’re in a time of war, Chris + what they’ve done has violated the Espionage Act, the COMINT act. Watch it:

Moments later, Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) called King’s proposal “premature” and paraphrased Thomas Jefferson: “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”

Full transcript below:

WALLACE: Congressman King, let me bring you in on this as well. From what you know, do you have any problems with the Swift program, this tracking of financial records + what about the argument that if it — even if it was an emergency after 9/11, that five years after the fact, this has become a permanent program and that you should get approval from the courts and Congress?

KING: Chris, I think the administration acted entirely appropriately. The 1976 U.S. Supreme Court case gives them, to me, the absolute right to do this. They’re in full compliance with all statutes. To me, the real question here is the conduct of the New York Times by disclosing this in time of war, they have compromised America’s anti-terrorist policies. This is a very effective policy. They have compromised it. This is the second time the New York Times has done this. And to me, no one elected the New York Times to do anything. And the New York Times is putting its own arrogant elitest left wing agenda before the interests of the American people + I’m calling on the Attorney General to begin a criminal investigation and prosecution of the New York Times — its reporters, the editors who worked on this + the publisher. We’re in a time of war, Chris + what they’ve done has violated the Espionage Act, the COMINT act. The time has come for the American people to realize + the New York Times to realize, we’re at war and they can’t be on their own deciding what to declassify, what to release. If Congress wants to work on this privately, that’s one thing. But for them to, on their own, for the editor of the New York Times to say that he decides it’s in the national interest — no one elected them to anything. Remember, this is the newspaper that brought us Jason Blair. Going back a few years ago, they’re the ones who gave Fidel Castro his job in Cuba. They have no right to do this at all. The First Amendment is not absolute, especially when it comes to something like this, which is a clear violation of statutory law.
Netzwelt- Ticker: Flugzeug- Internet vor Bruchlandung
26.Jun.2006 Creutzfeldt- Jakob- Krankheit: Kannibalismus führt nach Jahrzehnten zum Tod
26.Jun.2006 Sen. Levin: Administration Planning Reduction of Troops in Fall to Help Win Elections Amanda 
This week Gen. George Casey, the top American commander in Iraq, announced U.S. troop reductions in Iraq by the end of 2007. On when those troops will be withdrawn, the New York Times reports:

If executed, the plan could have considerable political significance. The first reductions would take place before this falls Congressional elections, while even bigger cuts might come before the 2008 presidential election.

Today on Fox News Sunday, Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) reiterated that the timing of the troop withdrawals is politically motivated:

[Troop withdrawals] shouldn’t be a political decision, but it is going to be with this administration . … It’s as clear as your face, which is mighty clear, that before this election, this November, there’s going to be troop reductions in Iraq and the President will then claim some kind of progress or victory. Watch it:
Swedish bomb-belt fear over (BG) 
Swedish bomb-belt fear over Residents claim that they heard the man say he had been kidnapped last week and had the belt forcibly placed on him. A local shopkeeper told Swedish news agency TT the man was "behaving strangely, sitting here outside crying".

26.Jun.2006 Fascist Wall of Shame
26.Jun.2006 Hey America » Blog Archive » North American Union imminent
26.Jun.2006 History is Replete with Conspiracies - a small dose of reality
26.Jun.2006 9/11 conspiracy theorists gather at LA conference (BG) World |
Young People's Web Postings Worry Summer Camp Directors
Some camps are telling counselors, parents and campers to remove camp references from personal Web pages, blogs or social networking sites like MySpace or Xanga.

26.Jun.2006 In-flight phones cut off Webhelp 
Verizon Airfone, whose phones have graced the backs of airline seats for more than two decades, will end its phone service on commercial airliners before the end of the year.

26.Jun.2006 Officials Defend Financial Searches
A secret program that allowed U.S. officials to examine hundreds of thousands of private banking records from around the world in search of terrorist ties has been "absolutely essential" to protecting the country from further attacks, Vice President Cheney said yesterday.

26.Jun.2006 TNR's defection to the Right is now complete
People talk about the need for the left to work together and have a unified message in the face of a unified conservative noise machine. So a google group was created called "Townhouse" + it included many bloggers and other representatives of the netroots as well as a large number of partisan ...

26.Jun.2006 A Tyrant Boss, Even Without the y Chromosome
Female tyrants can spread a different brand of misery than the more common male variety + research provides some clues to how those differences arise.

26.Jun.2006 MSPs to grill print report author
MSPs will hear the Scottish Fingerprint Service was guilty of "professional negligence" in the Shirley McKie case.

26.Jun.2006 Sewage works is source of slick
A five-mile fuel slick off the north Wales coast is discovered to have come from an abandoned sewage works.

26.Jun.2006 Rosneft reveals $11bn share float
Russian oil giant Rosneft sets out its plans to raise $11bn with a market flotation, valuing itself at $60bn-$80bn.

26.Jun.2006 How hospital bug can evade attack
Scientists decode the genetic make-up of a bacterium responsible for many hospital-acquired infections.

26.Jun.2006 PC users 'want greener machines'
Consumers say they are willing to pay extra for computers that contain fewer chemicals, research shows.

26.Jun.2006 France honours Muslim war dead
France marks 90 years since the Battle of Verdun with a monument to Muslims who fell in the key WWI battle.

26.Jun.2006 Gov't Break a Law? Change It
Congressional critics of the White House's warrantless surveillance program push for review by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, saying the executive branch has no blank check to break the law.

But the law may be simply be rewritten.
Attacks on Web Services Increase
E-mail, friendship circles and online payment services are magnets for cyber criminals, who discover new vulnerabilities as fast as companies can plug them.

26.Jun.2006 Israeli companies sneaking products into Arab world
Blog: Tel Aviv--A large number of Muslim nations do not recognize Israel and do not have formal diplomatic ties. Still, these nations...

26.Jun.2006 Billions Donated to Charity ScuttleMonkey 817 Anonymous Philanthropist writes

" Warren Buffet , the world's second richest man, announced over the weekend that he will soon donate 85% of his entire net worth, weighing in at around $37 Billion, to charities, with over 80% of it going to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This makes it the single largest monetary donation in history."
Warren Buffetts Milliardenspende: Der gute Mann aus Omaha
26.Jun.2006 Luftfahrt: 780- Millionen- Loch bei Flugsicherung
26.Jun.2006 WHAT?: Proposal to Implant Tracking Chips in Immigrants:

Scott Silverman, Chairman of the Board of VeriChip Corporation, has proposed implanting the company's RFID tracking tags in immigrant and guest workers.

16.May 2006 Scott Silverman, Chairman of the Board of VeriChip Corporation made the statement on national television on.
In Comoros, outrage over sentence for French mercenary:

Comorans said on Wednesday they were outraged by the suspended sentence handed to French mercenary Bob Denard, who four times overthrew the Indian Ocean archipelago's governments.
Gwynne Dyer: : Hidden agendas lie behind defiant North Korea's impending rocket launch : : When I was a little boy + I knew that I was being watched, I would sometimes put on a show for the hidden audience - generally by acting in ways that I thought were tough and dangerous - without ever letting on that I knew the observers were there.

26.Jun.2006 Stephen Lendman : The Wall Street Journal Calls Hugo Chavez A Threat to World Peace : The continued hostile rhetoric is clearly to signal another attempt to oust the Venezuelan leader at whatever time and by whatever means the Bush administration has in mind. Stay tuned.

26.Jun.2006 Robert Parry: Terrorists in Miami, Oh My!: The Bush administration finally took action against alleged terrorists living in plain sight in Miami, but they weren’t the right-wing Cuban terrorists implicated in actual acts of terror, such as blowing a civilian Cuban airliner out of the sky. They were seven young black men whose crime was more “aspirational than operational,” the FBI said.

26.Jun.2006 Tall story of terror a chilling warning : The alarming news flashed across television screens in the USA on Friday: Government agents had thwarted an al Qaeda plot, using home-grown American terrorists, to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago in a ghastly repeat of September 11.

26.Jun.2006 Kurt Nimmo: FBI Exploits Mentally Ill in “Homegrown” Terrorism Effort : It is now an established pattern: the government seeks out mental cases and disturbed individuals and turns them into “al-Qaeda” terrorists, or wannabe al-Qaedaites.
Letter From Mother of Lt. Ehren Watada, Resister of Illegal War : After weighing the evidence, he came to the conclusion that he could no longer be silent while atrocities were committed in the name of democracy. He could no longer be a tool of an administration that used deception and lies to make the case for pre-emptive war.

26.Jun.2006 In case you missed it: Constant Conflict: US Army War College Quarterly: There will be no peace. The de facto role of the US armed forces will be to keep the world safe for our economy and open to our cultural assault. To those ends, we will do a fair amount of killing.

26.Jun.2006 War pimp alert: Israel Needs A Preemptive Nuclear Strike Against Iran : One of the best ways to ensure the world doesn’t get wobbly over Iran, is to make it understand that although Israel prefers to regard the rogue Islamic regime as an international problem, we will, if necessary, do whatever it takes to ensure our survival, including a preemptive nuclear strike.
We’re Bending the Arc of the Universe Toward Injustice

Shut Up, Go Shopping, Support the War...and Nobody Gets Hurt! Continue

26.Jun.2006 The Iron Wall Highly Recommended 60 Minute Documentary
This eye-opening documentary exposes the Israel's colonization policy and follows the timeline, size, population of the "settlements," and their impact on the peace process.

This film also touches on the latest project to make the settlements a permanent fact on the ground; the annexation Wall that Israel is building in the West Bank + its impact on the Palestinian people.

Click here to watch . Windows Media  
26.Jun.2006 Egypt archaeologists find sarcophagi near pyramids 
Egyptian archaeologists have found two ancient sarcophagi close to the pyramids, the head of Egypt's Supreme Council for Antiquities said on Sunday.
26.Jun.2006 King Tut's necklace shaped by fireball 

Scientists believe they have solved the mystery surrounding a piece of rare natural glass at the centre of an elaborate necklace found among the treasures of Tutankhamun, the boy pharaoh.
1st Bush Administration Formerly involved with JINSA -

The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs - which included Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Paul Feith , John Bolton +