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12.Dec.2004 Please have no faith in anything you read here.

„Unless + until you check the facts for yourself, that’s all they are, some stranger’s written words.

The following references are provided to start you on that road - or as an aid to sleep, whichever you prefer. (DS) Dom Stasi URL:
12.Dec.2004 And though Einstein, Albert had already proven that everything + anything can rightfully be considered the center of the universe, I’m speaking less prosaically.

For a young man in the morning of his career, or an old man at its dusk, + today I can speak with knowledge of both circumstances, Project Apollo was that something we would remember the rest of our days.

Physics aside, Apollo simply was for a time the center of the universe of men.

Anyone who had the great good fortune and talent to be a part of it, would be changed for the experience + changed for the better. „

Such harmless vanity is simply human nature. URL: The Mind Of The Bible Believer; by Cohen, Edmund Prometheus Books, 2003
An Anatomy Of American Nationalism, by Anatol Lieven; Oxford University Press, 2004.

06.Dec.2004 "The mere availability of computers at home seems to distract students from learning." Computers seem to serve mainly as devices for playing games.

Still, there were a few exceptions:

Academic performance rose among those who routinely engaged in writing e-mail or running educational software. URL:
Contrarian finding: Computers are a drag on learning By G. Jeffrey MacDonald | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

For all the schools and parents who have together invested billions to give children a learning edge through the latest computer technology,

a mammoth new study by German researchers brings some sobering news:

Too much exposure to computers might spell trouble for the developing mind.

00.Nov.2004 From a sample of 175,000 15-year-old students in 31 countries,

researchers at the University of Munich announced that performance in math + reading had suffered significantly among students who have more than one computer at home.

And while students seemed to benefit from limited use of computers at school, those who used them several times per week at school saw their academic performance decline significantly as well.

"It seems if you overuse computers + trade them for other [types of] teaching, it actually harms the student," says lead researcher Ludger Woessmann in a telephone interview from Munich.

"At least we should be cautious in stating that increasing [access to] computers in the home + school will improve students' math + reading performance." URL:

11.Dec.2004 23-03 -05 minutes ago- Military faces morale problems

11.Dec.2004 Britain, France, Germany Back Annan; Bush Wavers

Damaged trees sound alarm bells in Germany


11.Dec.2004 Guantánamo abuse 'still going on'

Writings Reveal War Through Troops' Eyes

11.Dec.2004 Bush, leaving a Maryland hospital after his annual physical Saturday, ignored a question about Kerik's withdrawal.
Giuliani, a close friend of Kerik's, said Bush administration officials asked Kerik from the beginning whether there were any issues involving domestic employees.
"He didn't think he had a problem," Giuliani. "He made a mistake."
Bush advisers, now having to deal with the kind of messy situation they had so far avoided, were taking Kerik at his word that he had not intentionally misled them, the official said.
Because the issued involved immigration - and the Homeland Security Department includes the immigration agency - Kerik had no choice but to withdraw, Giuliani said.

"Every time immigration issues came up this would be a problem."
"It would have been a bitter, difficult battle that probably would have ended without him getting confirmed," Giuliani said.
11.Dec.2004 Speaking from his home in Franklin Lakes, N.J., the 49-year-old Kerik said he had discovered a few days ago

he did not pay all required taxes for a family nanny-housekeeper +

that the woman may have been in the country illegally.
The surprise withdrawal by the former New York City police commissioner

sent Bush back in search of a nominee to head the sprawling Homeland Security Department, which was created 11.Sep.2001 -after- to improve coordination + protection against future terrorist attacks.
On Saturday, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has been mentioned as a possible choice, expressed no interest in the job. "I am not a candidate," he told reporters in New York.
Sen. Susan Collins, the Maine Republican who heads the Senate committee that will take up the nomination, said

two "terrific choices" would be Asa Hutchinson, the department's undersecretary for border + transportation security, + Sen. Lieberman, Joe D-Conn.
Among the names that had been circulating for the post before Kerik's selection on 03.Dec.2004 were

former director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency Allbaugh, Joe +

Leavitt, Mike, former Utah governor + now head of the Environmental Protection Agency +

White House homeland security adviser Fran Townsend.
But it was still possible that the White House would break the search wide open again rather than return to the previous stable of top contenders, said a senior administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity.
"We will certainly work to name someone as quickly as possible," White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan said Saturday.
11.Dec.2004 - 22 minutes ago Bush Passes Annual Physical
11.Dec.2004 15 minutes ago
Bush Seeks Security Chief As Kerik Exits
WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House renewed its search for a homeland security chief Saturday as
the candidate President Bush thought ideal apologized for an immigration problem involving a family housekeeper that forced him to withdraw.

"I owe the president ... a great apology that this may have caused him + his administration a big distraction," Kerik, Bernard said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press.

In other words: Resistance is futile. We’re America. We know what’s best.

11.Dec.2004 Yet USA troops are occupiers, even if occupation is only—officially— part of the “liberation” process.

It takes a total whackjob to deny this.

After all, it was just 00.Apr.2004 -this- when President Bush said of Iraqis,

“They’re not happy they’re occupied.

I wouldn’t be happy if I were occupied, either.” URL:

11.Dec.2004 All Headline News URL:
Live headlines + news from thousands of news sources worldwide, updated continuously throughout the day.
Web search for Breaking News

11.Dec.2004 Doctors: Ukrainian candidate was poisoned

22.May 2004 URL: GOP Hypocrite of the Week: Miller, Zell A BUZZFLASH EDITORIAL Listen to the GOPHOTW

"Letter from Jimmy Carter to Zell Miller" ( )

11.Dec.2004 Miller, Zell argues that the Democratic Party, as it now stands, is a far-left-wing party that is out of touch with USA of today + that the Republican party now embraces the conservative Democratic ideals that he has held for so long.

Many people have wondered why Miller, Zell has not switched parties in light of his strong alignment with the Republican Party + staunch opposition to the Democratic Party.

Miller, Zell says that he was born a Democrat + considers his party label "like a birthmark."

Critics claim that Miller, Zell remains a Democrat because of the increased attention Miller, Zell gets when Miller, Zell attacks the Democratic Party as a "fellow Democrat". Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe went so far as to accuse the senator of attacking his own party to sell books.

Sep. 2004, In Miller, Zell speech [1] ( )Miller, Zell struck what was regarded by many commentators as the fiercest tone of all the major speakers at the convention.

In it, Miller, Zell criticized the current state of the Democratic party.

Miller, Zell also criticized Kerry [KFJ966]'s Senate voting record, claiming that Kerry [KFJ966]'s votes against defense + weapon systems indicated support for weakening USA military strength.

In one widely-quoted line, Miller, Zell asked, referring to Kerry [KFJ966], "This is the man who wants to be the Commander in Chief of our USA Armed Forces? USA forces armed with what? Spitballs?"

00.000.2004 was not the first year in which Miller, Zell gave the keynote address at a party nominating convention in Madison Square Garden.

00.000.1992 Miller, Zell keynoted the Democratic National Convention, supporting then-Governor Clinton, Bill of Arkansas over then-President Bush [BGHW948].

In a memorable line contrasting his later endorsements, Miller, Zell said, "Not all of us can be born rich, handsome + lucky + that's why we have a Democratic Party."

11.Dec.2004 Imperial President - Opposing Bush becomes unpatriotic. By William ...
... That's the upshot of tonight's speeches by Vice President Cheney, Dick + Miller, Zell , the Republican National Convention's keynote speaker ... / -

11.Dec.2004 Wackenhut-guarded  US Nuclear Power Plants.

Wackenhut-guarded Department of Energy facilities.

11.Dec.2004 Updated White Paper, "Homeland In security: How The Wackenhut Corporation Is Compromising USA’s Nuclear Security."

Our updated White Paper, " Homeland Insecurity: How the Wackenhut Corporation is Compromising America's Nuclear Security," is the result of 

the first-ever comprehensive study of public documents, reports, news stories, + court filings related to nuclear security by America’s largest union of private security officers, SEIU (Service Employees International Union).

The documents find the Wackenhut Corporation at the center of the swirling controversy over our USA nation’s nuclear security readiness +

raise questions about the private firm’s fitness to provide adequate security at our nation’s most sensitive sites.

The report details how:

Numerous Security Problems Have Occurred at Multiple U.S. Nuclear Facilities Guarded by Wackenhut

Wackenhut Cut Back on Training at U.S. Nuclear Weapons Labs

Wackenhut Forced Guards to Work Excessive Hours

Wackenhut Ignored Security Concerns Raised by Guards at Nuclear Facilities + Illegally Punished the Guards Who Raised Them

USA Department of Energy Considers Federalizing Nuclear Guards

Employees who report fraud against the US Government are protected by federal law.

11.Dec.2004 Whistleblower Case Study: The Alaska Pipeline

Infamous Wackenhut Undercover Sting Operation

00.000.1990 -In the early s- Wackenhut was hired by Alyeska, an oil + gas company with ties to Exxon-Mobil, + other large oil companies, that runs the Trans-Alaska pipeline.

Working for Alyeska, Wackenhut conducted an elaborate, illegal undercover sting operation designed to entrap Alyeska employees

who were providing information on company wrongdoing to Chuck Hamel, a whistleblower who was passing information to the USA Government + Congress.[13]

Wackenhut conducted surveillance of Alyeska employees, as well as Mr. Hamel.

Wackenhut’s methods included analyzing telephone records, collecting + searching trash, + conducting background checks.

Wackenhut set up a bogus environmental organization called “Ecolit,” offering to help Mr. Hamel pursue litigation against the oil industry.

But Ecolit’s real purpose was to induce Hamel to reveal the names of his Alyeska sources.[14]

Wackenhut Held Responsible

When a multi-million dollar settlement finally was reached between Mr. Hamel + Alyeska,

Wackenhut was required to make some of the payments.[15]

The Honorable Stanley Sporkin, the federal judge who heard Hamel’s invasion-of-privacy lawsuit against Alyeska, described the Wackenhut spy operation as “reminiscent of Nazi Germany.”

Whistleblower Case Study: Salem/Hope Creek Generating Station, New Jersey

Current Wackenhut CEO Orders Illegal Suspension

00.000.1996 Griffith, Marianne discovered problems with Wackenhut’s perimeter security at the Salem Nuclear Plant.

Griffith, Marianne reported them to her supervisor, who did nothing.

With nowhere else to go, Griffith, Marianne took the information to her union, an action that led Wackenhut to suspend her.[8]

Whistleblower Case Study: Rocky Flats, Colorado Warnings At Nuke Site Go Unheeded

Mark Graf had worked for 17 years at the USA Department of Energy’s Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site,

which produced plutonium + uranium components used in USA ’s nuclear weapons.

After Wackenhut took over security at the site, Graf witnessed the elimination of their Wackenhut bomb detecting unit, sloppy emergency drills, + negligence in taking inventory of the plutonium for months at a time.[2]

When Graf believed that Wackenhut had ignored his concerns, he informed a US congressman + the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB), an independent federal oversight agency;

Graf was immediately reassigned.

When corrective actions were still not taken, Graf gave an interview with CBS News,

after which he was subjected to a psychological evaluation + placed on administrative leave.

As a condition for returning to work, he was gagged from speaking to Congress + the DNFSB + the media + under threat of job termination.[3]

00.Dec.1999 a USA Department of Labor judge found that Wackenhut had violated USA federal laws protecting whistleblowers.[4]

Wackenhut’s Illegal Retaliation Against Whistleblowers

A comprehensive study of public documents, reports, news clippings + court filings has found that -

when Wackenhut security officers at nuclear power facilities throughout the U.S. raised concerns about potentially dangerous security flaws,

they were punished by Wackenhut as their warnings went unheeded.

In some cases, as the security officers faced discipline, suspension, retaliation + even termination,

Wackenhut took no action to fix the problems until they became public.  

00.000.2002 for example, NRC identified three Wackenhut-guarded nuclear power plants for in-depth review due to the high number of security-related employee allegations.[1]

Wackenhut's Corporate Culture of Fear

Silencing Guards


Raise Questions

About Security Flaws


Nuke Plants


Warnings go Unheeded

For some employees of the Wackenhut Corporation, the USA government’s largest supplier of private security officers,

voicing your professional opinion may be hazardous to your professional health.

Wackenhut’s numerous retaliatory actions against its own employees have, in several cases, violated federal laws protecting whistleblowers.

The Wackenhut employees + others spotlighted in this newsletter have experienced a work environment that is hostile to their professional concerns + sometimes at the expense of a client’s security. We look at how Wackenhut has built a corporate culture of fear among its employees + the potential consequences to its clients of its habit of silencing its own security officers.

Wackenhut-Alutiiq Army Base Contracts; Alaska Native Corporations:

05.Dec.2004 "Alaskan weirdness," Editorial, Wilmington Morning Star (North Carolina),.

30.Nov.2004 "Companies owned by Alaskan natives gain Pentagon contracts that also benefit defense industry giants -- without bidding," Editorial, The News & Observer (Raleigh, North Carolina),

28.Nov.2004 “Tribes reap no-bid deals; Preferential rules let Alaskan native-owned companies win contracts for security at Fort Bragg , other bases,” The News & Observer ( Raleigh , North Carolina ).

30.Nov.2004 “TSA Reconsiders Technology Contract; Alaska Native Corporation Must Compete With Other Bidders,” The Washington Post.

28.Nov.2004 “Tribes reap no-bid deals; Preferential rules let Alaskan native-owned companies win contracts for security at Fort Bragg , other bases,” The News & Observer ( Raleigh , North Carolina ) .

25.Nov.2004 “ Alaska Native Corporations Cash In on Contracting Edge,” The Washington Post.

28.Nov.2004 “Little Big Companies: How did corporations like Halliburton get millions in government contracts designated for small minority businesses?”   Mother Jones.

12.Aug.2004 ““Army Turns to Private Guards,” Los Angeles Times.

12.Aug.2004 “Security for the Homeland, Made in Alaska ,” The New York Times.

07.Mar.2004 Contracts Take Alaska to Iraq ; Native firms can bypass normal bidding. Some say it speeds rebuilding; others are skeptical,” Los Angeles Times.

24.Feb.2004 “Congressional delegation miffed by security decisions,” Associated Press.

20.Dec.2003 “Alaska Senator Defends Record and Investments; Ted Stevens says he never used his office for personal gain, calls for review of ethics rules,” Los Angeles Times.

17.Dec.2003 “Senator's Way to Wealth Was Paved With Favors; Circle of Influence,” Los Angeles Times.

11.May 2003 Terror targets? Nuclear plant security is under the gun; Critics say tired guards can't protect nuclear plants, but officials declare them safe.” Star Tribune ( Minneapolis , MN ).

11.Dec.2004 Date/Time: 12/11/2004 21:35:29 URL:
GAO questions nuclear industry's security efforts=The The Hill is a non-partisan, non-ideological weekly newspaper covering Congress + its members.

15.Sep.2004 “ GAO questions nuclear industry's security efforts ,”Eye On Wackenhut -- Wackenhut in the News

15.Sep.2004 The Hill -“Security faulted BASIC&SEC=%7B4F0AB3C2-DE52-42D2-9527-90053D772FF8%7D - 58k - Supplemental Result Back to Document List
15.Sep.2004 The Hill. Wednesday. Pg. 18. 927 words. GAO questions nuclear industry's security efforts . By Jim Snyder. Government ... EndUser?Action=UserDisplayFullDocument&orgId=563&topicId=13680&...

15.Sep.2004 International Security Market: Security and security related ...International Security Market : News. GAO questions nuclear industry's security efforts.The Hill. By Jim Snyder Government ...

20041202 ... . 01.Dec.2004 GAO questions nuclear industry's security efforts - - 101k – 11.Dec.2004

International Security Market: Security and security related ...... more>> 15.Sep.2004 The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia). GAO questions nuclear industry's security efforts . Government investigators ... - 65k -

11.Dec.2004 Wie gesagt: Wenn ich das richtig interpretiere, dann kam der "Angriff" von einem der Rechner der ICANN - der Vergabestelle für Domains in den Staaten.

Betreibst du irgendwie ne Homepage? Das würde zumindest erklären, warum die evtl. meckern könnten und dich scannen.
Ansonsten würde ich (wenn du nix zu befürchten hast) denen mal ne eMail an die angegebene Adresse oben schreiben.

Dann dürfte sich doch alles aufklären. Muss nicht - kann aber URL:

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11.Dec.2004 21:16:19
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11.Dec.2004 20:35:58 The War In Iraq Cost the PEOPLE OF THE United States $149,617,186,352 Instead, we could have paid for .... URL:

11.Dec.2004 Curioso - Curiosamente sempre que existem eleições legislativas o assunto é abordado
11.Dec.2004 Camarate: comissão de peritos conclui que houve sabotagem
Esta é uma investigação concluída por uma comissão desconhecedora dos problemas técnicos da aviação e que alcança uma conclusão de apenas interesse político.“
11.Dec.2004 Finalmente
„Quem conhece um pouco da história do "acidente" de Camarate sabe perfeitamente que existem incongruências no processo, incongruências essas que ultrapassam o absurdo e que me levam a concluir que houve dolo e muita má-fé nisto tudo.

Infelizmente, este relatório, a ser aprovado, não deve ter consequências mais que não seja mostrar ao mundo que afinal a justiça tarda mas nao falha... pelas famílias das vítimas humildemente faço votos que possam descansar agora.“
11.Dec.2004 9:43 A eficiência "portuga" não pára de me espantar

Aquilo que a maioria dos portugueses sempre soube no íntimo veio finalmente à luz do dia.

Prossigam agora com as investigações e punam os verdadeiros culpados, mas não demorem mais 24 anos por favor.
11.Dec.2004 E fiquei lixado por adiarem o teste para o dia seguinte
„Se vocês soubessem o que eu disse, depois de o engenheiro que me dava aulas no curso de electrónica ter dito que o teste não se realizava devido ao Sá Carneiro ter morrido – o acidente - e seria feito no dia seguinte, até caíam de cu.

É que tinha feito uma directa, pela primeira vez na minha vida e, estava cansado, mas sabia a matéria e o teste fora adiado. Ver: Comentário em .

Atenção: Eu considero-me um dos dos um por cento do artigo: "Jornalista do "Expresso" lança estudo sobre notícias na Internet", em
Vinte e quatro anos!
Temos uma conclusão após 24 anos!

Mas mesmo assim a conclusão foi feita à pressa.

Mais, esta conclusão o que é que tem de novo?

Parece aquela pergunta do BE:

estão um elefante e uma galinha numa sala.

Aparece um ovo.

Quem pôs o ôvo?

Só que a versão é mais macabra:

caiu um avião;

há peças do avião espalhadas por centenas de metros;

há vestígios de bário nos destroços;

há estilhaços nas pernas do co-piloto;



o que terá acontecido?

Daqui a 24 anos eu respondo, mas adianto: quem pôs o ovo foi a... Não digo mais nada! „
11.Dec.2004 O círculo vicioso
„É curioso que juntamente com o discurso inqualificável de Santana, de desespero total pela evidência da sua decadência, traga associadas notícias mais uma vez desenterradas de Camarate.

Seria possível acabar de vez com esta questão?

Afinal ou há ou não há razões para voltar ao problema?

Não vale a pena voltarmos às questões se for para ficar tudo na mesma como parece óbvio.„
11.Dec.2004 Até que enfim a verdade
Depois de tantas tropelias, de tanto imbróglio por parte da Procuradoria-Geral da Republica (no mandato do dr. Cunha Rodrigues) de jogos de cintura e contra informação e lapsos de memória por parte de figuras com peso político neste Portugal à "beira-mar plantado", a VIII Comissão de Inquérito sobre Camarate veio finalmente confirmar o que muitos portugueses de boa memória presumiam, com convicção, ter sido um atentado e não, como nos tentaram impingir no famigerado e encobridor "politicamente correcto" que os culpados eram os pilotos, eram falhas dos depósitos de gasolina, etc, etc. Só esperamos agora que os "mandantes" e os "operacionais"
sejam julgados e condenados por tão hediondo crime.

Haja coragem para dizer aos potugueses quem foram os "Buiças e o Costa" do século XX, bem como os nomes dos que pagaram e mandaram fazer este crime.

A política portuguesa poderá ser um regabofe de "tribos" instaladas, mas a justiça tem de sobrepor ao arraial exitente, bem pior do que os da Primeira República.

Os portugueses começam a estar cansados de tanta pouca vergonha, de tantas jogadas palacianas, de tanta contra-informação, de tanta hipocrisia, de ausência de responsabilidade e de falta de honra.

Basta! Queremos ser livres mas de cabeça erguida.“ URL:
11.Dec.2004 "Este conjunto de evidências parece-me suficientemente coerente para alicerçar os indícios de que

a aeronave Cessna 421A YV-314-P se despenhou em Camarate na noite de 04.Dez.1980 em consequência de um acto de sabotagem", refere o documento.
Os deputados do PSD pediram que se avançasse imediatamente com a preparação do relatório final da comissão de inquérito,

de modo a ser votado na próxima quinta-feira (previsivelmente o último plenário desta legislatura),

mas, a pedido da oposição, concordaram em marcar uma audição prévia com a comissão multidisciplinar de peritos, que poderá acontecer amanhã de manhã.
Os peritos são do Instituto Superior Técnico, da Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto e da Universidade de Coimbra.
"Estamos a fazer história", disse, por seu lado, o deputado social-democrata Duarte Pacheco, sublinhando que a composição da comissão de peritos faz com que as suas conclusões fiquem "acima de qualquer querela político-partidária".
O deputado do PSD propôs que, tendo em conta a anunciada dissolução da Assembleia da República, fosse elaborado "com urgência" o relatório final da comissão de inquérito, de modo a possibilitar a sua votação

na próxima quinta-feira. "Depois, quem lidera este país tem de avançar com as investigações", exortou.
O PS, através do deputado António Braga, invocou a falta de conhecimento aprofundado do relatório - só hoje distribuído - para não fazer qualquer comentário e propôs uma audição da comissão de peritos.

"Quanto ao relatório final, logo veremos depois desta reunião com os peritos", disse António Braga.
Também Rodeia Machado, pelo PCP, alegou não estar em condições de debater o relatório e

insistiu na reunião com os autores do documento "para mais esclarecimentos".
06.Dec.2004 – 16h31 Oitava comissão parlamentar Camarate: comissão de peritos conclui que existiu sabotagem - Por Lusa URL:

10.Oct.2004 The Lingering Cloud of 11.Sep.2001 by Jenna Orkin, World Trade Center Environmental Organization
The World Trade Center Environmental Organization's spokeswoman Jenna Orkin is a witness to the
lingering toxicity of the area surrounding what the media call "ground zero."

While the "war on terror" spreads its depleted uranium dust across Eurasia,

downtown New York City is one more place where people live + work while the damage of 11.Sep.2001 continues to expand. Read Now
25.Oct.2004 Popular Culture vs. Bush By Michael Kane
The hundred million USA Americans who don't vote may not be active citizens, but

they certainly are active consumers.

And what they consume is mass culture.

When a gigantic Hip-Hop star like Eminem releases a video

in which he impersonates George W. Bush's demented zone-out in the Booker Elementary classroom,

that's a very good thing for the 11.Sep.2001 911 Truth Movement. Read Now
31.May 2001
[From the issue of "From The Wilderness"]
Web RESULTS 1 - 4 of 4 for : Defex- Portugal, Lda., . ( 0,14 Sekunden) 

BY GOVERNMENTS HTML-Version ... Arms, Inc., a Montreal-based company that arranged for at least two shipments of arms to the Enterprise in 1984+1985; Defex - Portugal , Lda ., a Portuguese ...

Big Brother Incorporated Night Vision Optics. SPAIN.

Defex SA. SWITZERLAND ... Export/Imports : MILIPOL 91 - Exhibited via ITB - Comercio Internacional LDA - Portugal based company ...

BIG BROTHER INCORPORATED ... Night Vision Optics. SPAIN. Defex SA. SWITZERLAND ... Export/Imports : MILIPOL 91 - Exhibited via ITB - Comercio Internacional LDA - Portugal based company ... HTML-Version ... Pescanova Lda ., Portugal (Comercialización Gran Consumo) ... Frumar, Portugal (Comercialización Gran Consumo) ... Luxtor (Grupo Telepizza).

DEFEX (Exportación) ...

It gets curioser and curioser.

In his affidavit, Curtis pointed another finger at a fellow named Mike Cohen, allegedly present at meetings in which the vote-stealing program was discussed.

Cohen's name once "infected" documents available on the Yang website -- but that "infection" has been healed (praise Jesus) by some quick re-writing.

The original, Cohen-infested version of one such document can be found here.
(By the way, much of the Curtis info is cribbed from Brad Friedman, who assures me that he doesn't mind. Even his
supplemental site is sometimes hard to reach these days.)
11.Dec.2004 Now we have a firm accused of corrupt practice resorting to the same tactic.

Clint Curtis pointed the finger at Florida's Yang Enterprises, which, he claims, tasked him to cobble together prototype vote-theft software.

The company has responded with this message on its website:
Recently there have been several accusations against this corporation by Clinton Eugene Curtis.

All of the allegations are 100% FALSE!! An official statement will be forthcoming. Thank you for your concern and God Bless America.

11.Dec.2004 Felons can't vote -- but they can count votes . Many of you have seen
this fine piece posted on Buzzflash.

The article outlines many of the compelling reasons to mistrust the companies charged with keeping our vote safe.

Unfortunately, the author does not mention the nasty history of Sequoia, the third firm enganged in this pursuit. (We discussed Sequoia yesterday.)

Neither does the author discuss the anti-democratic tendencies of the Ahmanson fmaily, which owns ESS.
However, she does drop a name that has never received due mention in this column: John Dean, Diebold vice-president, convicted of planting back doors in his software.

11.Dec.2004 All -- not some -- but all the voting machine errors detected and reported in Florida went in favor of Bush or Republican candidates.,2645,65757,00.html /ElectionAftermat... /modules.php?op=modloa...

11.Dec.2004 the Yurica Report's analysis of Votergate. She now offers an
update which discusses apparently false election totals published "officially" by Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Election officials who bear false witness had best repent, lest they face hellfire.
11.Dec.2004 Consult this
book of numbers + you will see proof that the predictive polls + the exits largely agreed.

Of course, bringing up this subject forces us to confront all those bedevilling pre-election controversies -- did Gallup unfairly weight Republicans?

Did the major polling organizations undervalue black turn-out?

11.Dec.2004 Donald Goldmacher, chairperson of the Voting Rights Task Force of the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club stated,

"After a series of public hearings in which citizens of Ohio testified under oath, it is now very clear that widespread voter intimidation +

criminal efforts to prevent African American + student voters from casting their ballots took place in that state.

It is our moral duty as citizens to demand a re-vote in that state, just as the people of the Ukraine have done.

To accept anything less, is to betray the very foundation of our democracy and those who gave their lives so all could vote freely in this country."
And, in another vein, the rally will include the contrary view of George Shrub, the singing CIA agent.

George asserts, "It's disappointing to see the citizenry obsessing over this election we've convinced them they had.

I'll be explaining this away for them, giving them my point of view on it so they won't need their own."
11.Dec.2004 Ministerkonferenz: Islamische Staaten versprechen Reformen

11.Dec.2004 Internet-Piraterie: Behörden sind Tausenden Nutzern auf der Spur

11.Dec.2004 Justizminister: Zeugnisverweigerungsrecht für Verlobte soll kippen

11.Dec.2004 Ukraine: Juschtschenko mit Dioxin vergiftet

11.Dec.2004 Taiwan: Opposition gewinnt Parlamentswahl

11.Dec.2004 Nazi-Urteil: Ex-SS-Offizier in Italien freigesprochen

11.Dec.2004 Geheimdienste: Aufstand der Unsichtbaren

11.Dec.2004 Patriotismusdebatte: Kardinal Lehmann warnt vor Heimatverklärung

11.Dec.2004 Konzernkrise: Ökonomen üben harsche Kritik an Opel-Sanierung

11.Dec.2004 Rückrufaktion: Chrysler ordert 600.000 Fahrzeuge in die Werkstatt

11.Dec.2004 Iran-Geschäfte: Staatsanwalt durchsucht Daimler-Zentrale

11.Dec.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: Grün als Lebensgefühl

11.Dec.2004 Amerikas neue Feinde: Warum eine Deutsche nicht in die USA reisen darf

11.Dec.2004 Antriebstechnik: Roboter frisst Obst und Fliegen

11.Dec.2004 Mafiakontakte: Geschäftspartner Berlusconis muss ins Gefängnis

11.Dec.2004 Kindermädchen-Affäre: Bushs Wunschkandidat Kerik sagt ab

11.Dec.2004 Irak: US-Soldat wegen Tötung eines verletzten Irakers verurteilt,3858,5039836-111274,00.html
something more modern + sceptical: "I want to try to make people look at things they think they know about in a new way."

The Power of Nightmares seeks to overturn much of what is widely believed about Osama bin Laden +

al-Qaida. The latter, it argues, is not an organised international network.

It does not have members or a leader.

It does not have "sleeper cells".

It does not have an overall strategy.

In fact, it barely exists at all, except as an idea about cleansing a corrupt world through religious violence.

Curtis' evidence for these assertions is not easily dismissed.

Curtis tells the story of Islamism, or the desire to establish Islam as an unbreakable political framework, as

half a century of mostly failed, short-lived revolutions + spectacular but politically ineffective terrorism.

Curtis points out that

00.000.2001 -until early- when the USA government decided to prosecute Bin Laden in his absence +

00.000.2001 -until early- the USA government had to use anti-Mafia laws that required the existence of a named criminal organisation -

00.000.2001 -until early- „al-Qaida“ did not even have a name .

Gen. Singlaub: Prepare for Biological, Chemical Attacks

Article Index: Helms' Contra/Cocaine Connection
Message Boards: Share your views!
Ambassador Tambs on Singlaub Mission (Page 1)
27.Mar.1986 USA Ambassador to Costa Rica Tambs, Lewis sent this "back-channel" cable to the CIA, State Department + the White House

to quietly inform Reagan officials of a deal struck between Helms envoy Singlaub, John + Pastora, Eden.

This version of the document, uncovered by Iran-Contra investigators, bears a note typed in the margin by one of the recipients: "[ARDE official] 'Popo' Chamorro is alleged... to be involved in drug trafficking."

Ambassador Tambs on Singlaub Mission (Page 2)
27.Mar.1986 USA Ambassador to Costa Rica Tambs sent this "back-channel" cable to the CIA, State Department + the White House to quietly inform Reagan officials of a deal struck between Helms envoy John Singlaub and Eden Pastora. This version of the document, uncovered by Iran-Contra investigators, bears a note typed in the margin by one of the recipients: "[ARDE official] 'Popo' Chamorro is alleged... to be involved in drug trafficking."
Six Years of History- From The Wilderness Journalism Milestones + Achievements –

00.Mar.1998 FTW mails first issue to 68 people.

00.Apr.1998 -in one month FTW doubles its size.

00.000.2004 -As of- FTW subscription base exceeds 12,000.

00.Mar.1998 FTW predicts that promised open

congressional hearings into the CIA's role in drug trafficking during the Contra era will never occur.

00.000.2000 -In the summer of- the investigation into the CIA's role in drug trafficking during the Contra era is closed without a single public hearing on the evidence.

00.Jul.1998 FTW takes up the case of fired CNN producer April Oliver, fired over her Tailwind stories reporting that,

00.000.1970 -during the Vietnam War-, the CIA had used Sarin gas on the orders of Kissinger, Henry.

00.Jul.1998 FTW becomes the first publication to publish the deposition of retired Joint Chiefs Chairman Thomas Moorer in the case.

In that deposition Moorer admitted that Sarin gas had been used and a multitude of suits + countersuits involving CNN + Singlaub, John + Oliver + her co-producer were quietly settled in secret.

FTW reported that although Oliver could not disclose the terms of the settlement she bought a new house and car and then paid her tuition to a prestigious law school in cash.

FTW also reported on a similar settlement for Oliver's co-producer, veteran journalist Jack Smith (the deposition and Sarin stories are still on the web site).

00.Sep.1998 FTW publishes a detailed account of how Osama bin Laden had been created, protected, trained + funded by the CIA + that bin Laden had been a guest of British intelligence in London as recently as 1996.

00.Oct.1998 FTW publishes detailed excerpts from Volume II of a CIA Inspector general's report, including declassified records proving the CIA 's direct role in the drug trade.

00.Dec.1998 FTW publishes a detailed investigation, including copies of US government documents, describing how twenty-eight C 130 aircraft had been funneled through the Forest Service into the hands of private contractors.

Instead of fighting forest fires, many of the aircraft wound up smuggling large quantities of cocaine and heroin. Court records established a CIA link and confirmed the details of this covert operation.

00.Apr.1999 FTW reports on the role of a young Assistant DA named Kerry [KFJ966] in Middlesex County Massachusetts in the questionable 1979 prosecution and murder conviction of Special Forces soldier Bill Tyree after Tyree threatened to expose covert CIA operations moving cocaine into Panama.

00.Apr.1999 FTW publishes a detailed account of NATO/CIA alliances with the Kosovo Liberation Army and Osama bin Laden under the direction of NATO commander Wesley Clark. At the time, law enforcement sources had documented that the KL A was controlling 70 per cent of the heroin entering Western Europe.

00.May 1999 FTW publishes a story by former Assistant Housing Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts on ethnic cleansing in America.

Using data obtained from HUD, FTW becomes the first to publish a map clearly connecting the 00.000.1980 s crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles to a systematically planned + executed operation to create thousands of single family mortgage foreclosures in the area.

00.Aug.1999 FTW publishes a two-part investigation, including interviews with state and federal officials as well as the publication of “sensitive” DoJ documents showing the direct funneling of drug money into Democratic Party campaign chests.

00.Aug.1999 With the help of former Assistant HUD Secretary Fitts – also a past managing director at Dillon Read – FTW becomes the first news agency to report on a series of documents showing massive financial fraud at HUD connected to covert operations and the manipulation of financial markets.

00.Aug.1999 FTW begins three years of extensive coverage on “Plan Colombia,” including plans to engineer US military involvement to secure control of drug cash flows + untapped oil reserves on land occupied by FARC rebels.

Also reports on a “cold call” by NYSE Chair Dick Grasso to rebel leaders asking them to invest their cocaine profits in Wall Street.

00.Sep.1999 FTW breaks an exclusive story tying the Bank of New York (BoNY) to the laundering of up to $15 billion in stolen IMF funds + organized crime proceeds from Russia.

This cash flow nearly quadrupled the Bank's share prices + resulted in three successive 2:1 stock splits.

In a prelude to the Enron scandal FTW also shows how the compensation packages for BoNY execs increased by 600 %.

00.Oct.1999 With journalist Dan Hopsicker FTW breaks an exclusive story – later picked up by the Associated Press – showing that Texas Governor George W. Bush routinely flew in a state airplane previously owned by the legendary drug smuggler Barry Seal. Ownership records of the airplane tied it to covert CIA operations during the Iran-Contra era.

00.Oct.1999 FTW Publisher/ Editor Mike Ruppert is visited by staff members of the House Intelligence Committee who copy 6,000 pages of FTW records only to bury them from public view.

00.Nov.1999 FTW openly advocates the decriminalization of all drug use to remove an estimated $600 billion in profits from the world's financial markets stating clearly that this cash flow epitomizes an economy which chooses to make profits by destroying life rather than improving it.

00.Nov.1999–00.Jan.2000 In a multi-part exposé, after obtaining court records of CIA documents, FTW breaks an exclusive story showing that the 00.000.1982 conviction of former CIA officer Wilson, Ed had been secured as a result of perjured CIA testimony and affidavits.

At that time FTW predicted that Wilson 's conviction would ultimately be overturned.

00.Oct.2003 The conviction was indeed overturned

00.Dec.2003 a criminal probe was launched by USA Department of Justice into the conduct of high-ranking officials involved in the case, including a US Appeals Court judge.

00.Feb.2004 it was announced that DoJ would not retry Wilson on the charges.

00.Feb.2000 FTW publishes a detailed analysis of the exploding prison population under Bill Clinton.

New inmates include 800,000 non-violent drug offenders.

FTW links this explosion in prison populations + boosts in various share prices on Wall Street.

00.Apr.2000 In The Democratic Party's Presidential Drug Money Pipeline (later reprinted in three languages)

FTW furnishes documentary evidence from the DEA + the DoJ tracking campaign donations from Dominican Drug lords (controlling most of the cocaine consumed on the Eastern Seaboard) into the Al Gore campaign.

Mike Ruppert is subsequently threatened with prosecution over his disclosure of a confidential DoJ memorandum.

The story also connects former DNC Charles Manatt's appointment as US Ambassador to the Dominican Republican to drug-connected campaign contributions.

FTW 's reporting establishes conclusively that drug money is an essential component of USA „economy“ + a necessary ingredient to both political parties in Presidential elections.

00.Jul.2000 FTW reports on an unpublished 9 th Circuit Court decision confirming a documentary record showing that an Iran-Contra defendant had smuggled cocaine directly for the CIA.

00.Sep.2000 After being contacted by members of the RCMP National Security Staff,

FTW breaks an exclusive story on the use of PROMIS software by intelligence agencies to monitor financial markets, track terrorists + manipulate sensitive financial, intelligence + natural resources data bases.

The story also documented that Canada 's version of the software had been compromised + tracked the history of US + Israeli use of PROMIS software against friend + foe alike.

11.Sep.2001 -after- This history of US + Israeli use of PROMIS software against friend + foe alike became critical when the FBI + DoJ officially acknowledged that they had been using PROMIS software after reports had surfaced that the software had been given to Osama bin Laden.

00.Oct.2000 FTW publishes The Bush-Cheney Drug Empire, a scathing exposé of Halliburton;

its political corruption, documented connections to drug smuggling, and campaign donations right before the 2000 election. The story predicted that under a Bush presidency, Halliburton, once chaired by Dick Cheney would engage in unheard-of levels of political and economic corruption. This story was cited by author Kevin Phillips in his 2004 best-seller American Dynasty.

00.Dec.2000 – Immediately after the contested 2000 election FTW predicts a major economic recession, massive deficits, hostilities in South America and a global conflict.

00.Jan.2001 As the Bush administration takes office FTW describes the regime as a “war cabinet” and states that the US has become an Empire intent on major new conflicts beyond anything imagined up to that point. FTW labels the administration as a bully which would not hesitate to use military and economic bludgeons to manipulate and control world events.

00.Jan.2001 FTW breaks original stories on depleted uranium (DU) poisoning in Iraq and Kosovo, including FAA documents proving that the US government knew that DU was toxic and lethal.

00.Jan.2001 Well before the UN rift over the invasion of Iraq FTW describes new, emerging alliances between Russia and Europe and between Russia and Japan.

00.Mar.2001 After attending an economic conference in Moscow, Mike Ruppert reports in detail on the Taliban's recent destruction of Afghanistan 's opium crop. Calling the move economic warfare against the US, Ruppert predicts that the move by the Taliban – which took an estimated $200 billion out of the world's banks and markets – would result in conflict between the US + Afghanistan.

00.Nov.2001 -Since the US occupation of Afghanistan, Afghanistan has again become the world's largest opium producer with crop yields 18 times larger than on 11.Sep.2001 .

00.May 2001 FTW reports that rampant criminality in USA financial markets is out of control as Citigroup pays $12 billion in cash to buy Mexico's largest drug money laundering bank, Banamex.

With that purchase Citigroup places drug laundering kingpin Hernandez, Roberto on

Citigroup's board of directors along with former CIA Director, Deutch, John.

00.Jul.2001 FTW begins an explosive two-part exposé on insurance giant A IG showing that the wife of Medellin Cartel co-founder Carlos Lehder is employed in the firm's San Francisco offices. FTW documents AIG's long-standing ties to the opium trade.

00.Feb.2004 candidate Kerry [KFJ966] was criticized in the press for receiving allegedly improper “donations” from AIG.

09.Sep.2001 FTW issues to its subscribers the first of the only two economic bulletins in FTW 's history thus far. It warns of an imminent collapse of US markets.

The 11.Sep.2001 attacks -two days later- prompt a massive US Treasury intervention which prevents the collapse.

As a result of the attacks George W. Bush is able to tap into the Social Security trust Fund.

00.Sep.2001 –Just 7 days after the attacks in New York and Washington FTW publishes stories documenting that the US government had received detailed warnings from at least seven countries and did nothing to prevent the anticipated attacks.

The number of countries now known to have warned the US with specific details exceeds 15.

FTW reporting, since vindicated by The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times + in congressional records, was the genesis of current battles over disclosure of Presidential intelligence briefs. These advance warnings and so-called ”failures,” as documented by FTW and forced into mainstream media, have formed the basis for pointed questions and challenges by former Florida Senator Bob Graham, Dennis Kucinich + Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney.

00.Sep.2001 – Again, less than a week after 11.Sep.2001 the attacks FTW becomes the first publication to expose + detail long-standing business relationships between the Bush + bin Laden families, including their joint participation in The Carlyle Group.

00.Sep.2001 FTW predicts massive unemployment and economic hardship for Americans.

00.Sep.2001 Less than a week after the attacks of 11.Sep.2001 FTW predicts that the coming conflicts, described by Dick Cheney as “a war that will not end in our lifetimes” would include wars that had nothing to with terrorism + would spread around the globe.

00.Sep.2001 -- FTW predicts that opium production in Afghanistan will soar and that the country will be occupied in time for the planting season which 00.Nov.2001 -begins in- .

00.May 2002-00.Jun.2002 -Afghanistan was, in fact, occupied in time to plant record crops which were successfully harvested in-.

00.Oct.2001 FTW publishes a detailed exposé of insider trading on the world's financial markets just before the 11.Sep.2001 attacks involving the stocks of American Airlines and United Airlines as well as other American and European firms which suffered heavy damage. In this report FTW breaks the news that many of the insider trades involving United Air Lines were handled by a firm previously headed by Buzzy Krongard who, on 11.Sep.2001 , was the Executive Director of the CIA. FTW also connects the insider trades with the fact that the head of that company – the Alex Brown unit of Deutschebank – had resigned the day after the attacks.

00.Oct.2001 Using foreign press reports, FTW discloses that the US invasion of Afghanistan had been known of and prepared for long before 11.Sep.2001 . At the same time, FTW was among the first publications to question erratic behavior by George Bush on the day of the attacks that was wholly inconsistent with the official version of events.

00.Oct.2001 FTW expands its coverage of the Carlyle Group and publicizes the Bush family's historical financial ties to both Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein.

00.Oct.2001 FTW is among the first USA news sources to publish the fact that $100,000 had been wired to Mohammed Atta just weeks before 11.Sep.2001 the attacks by the head of Pakistan's Intelligence Service (the ISI), General Mahmud Ahmad and that Ahmad had been in Washington on 11.Sep.2001 .

00.Nov.2001 FTW publishes a detailed legal analysis and breakdown of the just-passed USA Patriot Act detailing a number of constitutional violations in a story titled The “F” Word.

00.Nov.2001 FTW is the first to break a story highlighting a series of quotations from a 1997 book by former national Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Grand Chessboard.

These quotations, along with map s reproduced from the book, demonstrate clearly that a major war in Central Asia and the Persian Gulf had been planned for at least four years and that an attack on the order of Pearl Harbor would, in Brzezinski's words, be required to mobilize popular support for a “massive military mobilization”. The Brzezinski quotations are later picked up in dozens of publications and cited by Gore Vidal.

00.Oct.2001 –Three years before Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan said it, FTW predicts that Social Security would become insolvent + that cuts in benefits would be inevitable.

00.Nov.2001 –In dozens of lectures in the USA + Canada + Australia, FTW Editor Mike Ruppert states clearly that the so-called war on terror will be nothing but a sequential war to control the last remaining oil reserves on the planet.

00.Dec.2001 FTW begins its now legendary scientific coverage of Peak Oil, the fact that the world is beginning to run out of hydrocarbon energy, including natural gas.

The reality of Peak Oil has since been confirmed by CNN + The BBC + The Wall Street Journal + Nature + The Guardian + ABC News + The Financial Times + official energy sources including former UK cabinet minister Michael Meacher.

00.000.2002-00.000.2004 FTW pioneers a groundbreaking series of stories in biological warfare + the mysterious deaths of as many as 15 world-class microbiologists,

all of whom have specialties connected to gene sequencing +/or disease agents.

Newspapers in Canada + UK + USA follow up + post similar stories.

00.Aug2002 the New York Times expends 8,000 words in a futile attempt to debunk what is obviously a string of related murders.

00.Apr. 2002 –In a world exclusive called The Elephant in the Living Room,

FTW uncovers massive political conflicts of interest involving Ashcroft, John campaign donations + two major oil companies (ExxonMobil + British Petroleum) under grand jury investigation.

In this special report FTW obtains statements from DoJ attorneys indicating that Ashcroft has intervened in these investigations even though the targets had been major campaign donors.

00.Jun.2002 FTW issues its second-ever economic alert to subscribers warning of an imminent plunge in the Dow + NASDAQ + other markets.

00.Jun.2002 -A week later- the Dow begins an historic plunge which takes away 25% of its value in three months.

00.Aug.2002 –Based upon an analysis of troop deployments and oil supply shortages FTW announces that an Iraqi invasion is inevitable, regardless of political opposition, more than six months before it happens.

00.Aug.2002 –After a detailed analysis of political + economic instability in Saudi Arabia, along with a discussion of Saudi money in the USA markets FTW predicts the coming US-backed destabilization of the Saudi regime + ultimate seizure of the Saudi oilfields by the USA military, most likely after the 2004 election.

This is almost a year before massive terror attacks + explosions rock the Saudi capital.

00.Oct.2002 – A full year before reports in major publications like CNN, the New York Times, The Asia Times + the Financial Times, FTW states that China will be the end game for oil by detailing the skyrocketing levels of Chinese oil consumption + importation, coupled with massive increases in Chinese auto sales + industrial consumption of oil + gas.

00.Oct.2002 FTW is among the first to evaluate a just-released report from the Project for a New American Century showing that plans had been in place for the Iraqi invasion since at least 2000, long before the 11.Sep.2001 attacks.

00.Nov.2002-00.Dec.2002 FTW conducts a detailed investigation into the plane crash killing Senator Paul Wellstone + his wife.

The investigation discredits much of the government's official explanation, at the heart of which lie untenable claims about the role of weather in the crash.

FTW concludes that Wellstone was murdered, + details of its investigation including weather analyses, interviews with on-scene investigators + FAA procedures are quoted in Minnesota newspapers.

00.Dec.2002 FTW reports that the anticipated Caspian oil bonanza is a bust after 20 of 25 wells drilled result in dry holes.

In an interview with world petroleum expert Colin Campbell, FTW again confirms Peak Oil and what the coming shortages will look like.

00.Jan.2003 FTW predicts $3.00 a gallon gasoline in the near future.

00.Mar.2003 -Just before USA invades Iraq FTW predicts that the USA occupation of that country will be long-term + that the conflict will degenerate into a Vietnam-like quagmire with heavy US casualties + guerilla warfare.

00.Mar.2003 FTW reports on a methodical move in congress to document impeachable offenses by the Bush administration over forged documents purporting to verify Iraqi attempts to purchase uranium ore in Niger. This was months before the illegal outing of Valerie Plame as a CIA case officer and six months before the empanelling of a grand jury in the case.

00.Mar.2003 FTW reports that energy investment banker Matt hew Simmons, an advisor to the secretive energy task force headed by Dick Cheney, had advised the Bush campaign before the 2000 election that the impact of Peak Oil was imminent and serious.

00.000.2002-00.000.3003 – FTW pioneers investigations into the development of gene-specific and genetically-modified bioweapons.

00.Apr.2003 FTW continues its in-depth coverage of Colombia, describing covert operations and military aid (post-11.Sep.2001 ) intended to destabilize a country with untapped oil reserves.

FTW also documents unsuccessful US attempts to destabilize the regime of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

00.May 2003 Reporting from an international Peak Oil conference in Paris, FTW details a number of reports from automakers like Daimler-Chrysler, financial institutions like Deutschebank + world-class oil experts on the certainty + proximity of Peak Oil.

It is in Paris that FTW learns from an Iranian oil executive that Saudi Arabia may have already peaked; +

if Saudi Arabia has peaked, the earth has peaked.

00.May 2003 – FTW publishes an exclusive 22-page report on the SARS epidemic suggesting that it may be a bioweapon designed to constrain an exploding Chinese economy.

The report documents interesting connections between the specialties of many of the dead microbiologists and the technology need to produce one or more SARS-like viruses.

00.May 2003 – FTW confirms Saudi Arabia as a coming target for US intervention and adds that West Africa is a growing zone of conflict in the infinite war. This is three months before N A TO announces a policy and strategic shift to West Africa and two months before the US gives six warships to the Nigerian Navy after repeated domestic unrest upsets oil production. This is seven months before the first press reports surface showing that China is increasing military aid to West Africa.

06.Jun.2003 -Eight weeks before it happens, FTW Editor Mike Ruppert, while speaking at an economic conference in Mexico predicts a massive US power blackout that will ultimately be shown to be the result of an irreversible natural gas shortage throughout North America.

00.Jun.2003 –After a year of evaluating alternative energy regimes, using academic sources, FTW concludes that there is no combination of alternative energy sources capable of sustaining current world population and consumption. FTW publishes nine critical questions to be used in the evaluation of alternative energy sources. Hydrogen is a joke; ethanol a wasteful energy-losing subsidy for agribusiness.

00.Jul.2003 In a special report, Watergate II, FTW describes how the Bush administration has angered financial markets and big business. FTW predicts criminal investigations and a certain impeachment should Bush steal the 02.Nov.2004 election. FTW states clearly that the global economic elite will pursue a policy of “management change” without making any serious revelations about 11.Sep.2001 , economic corruption and instability, or Peak Oil.

00.Aug.2003 In an exclusive interview with FTW, the world's largest energy investment banker, Matt hew Simmons – whose clients include The World Bank, Kerr-McGee and Halliburton – confirms natural gas shortages as a primary cause of the New England blackout along with deregulation. In this interview, a full six months before confirming stories appear in The New York Times, Simmons confirms that Saudi Arabia may have passed its peak of oil production.

00.Oct.2003 In Beyond Bush II – long before the first Democratic primary in New Hampshire and at a time when the press focused its attention on Dean, Howard FTW predicts that Kerry [KFJ966] will become the nominee.

00.Oct.2003 FTW 's Dale A llen Pfeiffer, in the “most frightening story FTW has ever published”, confirms the role of oil + natural gas in food production + demonstrates that 10 calories of hydrocarbon energy go into every calorie of food consumed by Americans.

The story predicts coming food shortages 60 days before grain shortages are reported in China + a month before CNN's Lou Dobbs reports that Canada + USA may soon be unable to export grain.

00.Jan.2004 – In Your Face, Mike Ruppert 's most important article in two years, dissects documents + map s unearthed in a lawsuit from the secretive energy task force headed by Dick Cheney.

With a Supreme Court ruling due in the summer of 2004 on the release of the panel's records, FTW documents that, well before 11.Sep.2001 the energy task force was already discussing ways to carve up Middle East oil deposits.

00.Feb.2004 – Documenting military manpower requirements and shortfalls, FTW publishes an exclusive two-part series predicting that the draft will soon be implemented in the US. FTW undertakes to contact the foreign ministries of 75 foreign governments to determine which countries will and will not extradite US draft evaders.

00.Apr.2004 -citing an FTW exclusive published 30 days earlier, BBC names FTW as a source in an artlcle on Peak Oil titled, "When the Last Oil Well Runs Dry."

Date/Time: 12/11/2004 13:00:45

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11.Dec.2004 Bush manipulated N Korea intelligence like he did in Iraq: USA expert:

The USA manipulated intelligence on North Korea's nuclear program in a similar fashion to its use of weapons of mass destruction to justify the war on Iraq, a USA foreign policy expert said in an article

11.Dec.2004 Lies are a part of war strategy: In the old days of the Cold War, USA's propaganda war was fought by the USA Information Agency,

which was forbidden from distributing any propaganda inside the USA.

00.000.1990 -s. during the mid-USIA was first gutted + then folded into USA Department of State

11.Dec.2004 USA Secret spying system put under USA public fire : For two years, USA senators have disclosed,

Republicans + Democrats on the panel have voted to block the secret program, which is believed to be a system of new spy satellites.

But it continues to be financed at a cost that former congressional officials put at hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

11.Dec.2004 Measure Expands Police Powers : The intelligence package that USA Congress approved this week includes a series of little-noticed measures that would broaden the government's power to conduct terrorism investigations, including provisions to loosen standards for FBI surveillance warrants + allow the Justice Department to more easily detain suspects without bail.

11.Dec.2004 USA Senator Robert C. Byrd: The eroding character of the Senate: It is as though USA Congress is too afraid to mention the fact that faulty intelligence claims deceived the public into believing that there was an imminent threat from Saddam Hussein.

11.Dec.2004 PAC faults Democratic leader: Liberal powerhouse MoveOn has a message for the ''professional election losers" who run the Democratic Party:

''We bought it, we own it, we're going to take it back."

11.Dec.2004 Deserters: We Won't Go To Iraq: The Pentagon says more than 5,500 servicemen have deserted since they started the war in Iraq.

11.Dec.2004 USA Army plagued by desertion and plunging morale: WHILE insurgents draw on deep wells of fury to expand their ranks in Iraq, the USA military is fighting desertion, recruitment shortfalls + legal challenges from its „own“ troops.

11.Dec.2004 CIA official sacked for not faking reports on Iraq WMD : A sacked CIA official is suing the agency for allegedly retaliating against him for refusing to falsify his reports on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction to support the White House’s pre-war position

11.Dec.2004 Ex-CIA officer alleges agency retaliated after he didn't falsify report : A senior CIA operative who handled sensitive informants in Iraq asserts that CIA managers asked him to falsify his reporting on weapons of mass destruction + that

CIA managers retaliated against him after he refused.

11.Dec.2004 Whitewashing torture? : After Ford raised the torture allegations,

Artiga immediately said Ford was "delusional" + ordered a psychiatric examination, according to Ford.

But that examination, carried out by an Army psychiatrist, diagnosed him as "completely normal."

11.Dec.2004 Intel Agent Strapped to Gurney and Flown Out of Iraq by USA Army After Reporting Torture of Detainees : A veteran sergeant who told his commanding officers that he witnessed his colleagues torturing Iraqi detainees was strapped to a gurney + flown out of Iraq - even though there was nothing wrong with him.

We speak with the reporter - former USA Army counterintelligence agent David DeBatto - who broke the story. Audio + transcript.

11.Dec.2004 USA media still hiding bad news from Americans

11.Dec.2004 John Pilger: Kosovo - The site of a genocide that never was - is now a violent "free market" in drugs and prostitution. What does this tell us about the likely outcome of the Iraq war?

11.Dec.2004 War is inherently evil, unless God is on your side: It’s as if nothing is learned from history and the idiocy of previous states that walked our path.

We are in the ceaseless clutch of a prolonged great power syndrome: the globe is our backyard, the world must be fashioned in our image, we are and must remain number one .

11.Dec.2004 Lost in a masquerade: Hoooo-rah! Rummy finally got called on the carpet. Not by the President, of course, but by troops fighting in Iraq.

Some of them are finally fed up enough to rumble about his back-door draft and failure to provide them with the proper armor for their Humvees, leaving them scrambling to improvise with what they call “hillbilly armor.”

00.Mar.2004 Ghali Hassan: Iraq’s Democracy: The El Salvador Model: In the elections, the USA used fear + threat against the Salvadoran people to promote its preferred candidates, members of the ARENA party.

00.Mar.2004 The Salvadorian people voted with a gun pointed to their head.

11.Dec.2004 USA: Congress Tries to Undermine War Crimes Court: The USA intensified its assault on international justice with Congress' approval yesterday of the "Nethercutt Amendment," Human Rights Watch said today. This provision, part of an overall spending bill, mandates withholding antiterrorism funds and other aid from countries that refuse to grant immunity for USA citizens before the International Criminal Court.

11.Dec.2004 UK: Butler launches attack on Blair : Former civil service chief Lord Butler has attacked the way the Iraq war was "sold" to the public, with important warnings on the strength of the intelligence left out.

11.Dec.2004 Impeach Blair: Sign the Impeach Blair Petition Online

11.Dec.2004 Canada blocks torture charges against Bush: The Canadian government used a claim of diplomatic immunity to block torture charges laid under the Canadian Criminal Code against President George W. Bush. The charges concerned the well-known abuses at Abu Ghraib prison, photos of which shocked the world earlier this year, as well as similar abuses at Guantánamo Bay that have emerged more recently.

11.Dec.2004 Nukes, Neo-Cons + the Bush Who Cried Wolf : Exhilarated by the prospect of still having their way with the world, many Neo-Cons are now pushing harder than ever to apply the same pre-emptive approach to Iran, whether by Israel or the USA

11.Dec.2004 Jude Wanniski : Who's behind the oil-for-food scandal?:
All hail to Caligula's horse : Bush's new head of homeland security is perfect for the job

11.Dec.2004 Kerik Made Millions From Agency Contractor : Bernard Kerik, President Bush's choice to run the Homeland Security Department, made $6.2 million by exercising stock options he received from a company that sold stun guns to the department - and seeks more business with it.

11.Dec.2004 Millionaire Kerik A Former Deadbeat : While a recent stock windfall has left Bernard Kerik sitting on $6 million, President Bush's nominee to head the Homeland Security department hasn't always been so flush. In fact, Kerik was once a deadbeat who declared bankruptcy when he couldn't handle his credit card bills

11.Dec.2004 Official Who Criticized Homeland Security Is Out of a Job: The man who has issued many critical reports about the mismanagement and security flaws at the Department of Homeland Security was told Wednesday night that he was out of a job.

11.Dec.2004 Please, Sir, May I Have Some Armor?: We're used to hearing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld answer questions about things that went wrong in Iraq by saying they went right. When he does that to reporters, it's annoying. When he does it to troops risking their lives in his failed test of bargain-basement warfare, it's outrageous.

11.Dec.2004 'Kill everyone and everything': I mean honestly, it seems to me that Bush and his cronies are killing, at least figuratively, someone or something new. Continually. It's all I can do to keep up with it.

11.Dec.2004 The Inevitable Triumph of Progressive Thought

11.Dec.2004 Memos Say 2 Officials Who Saw Prison Abuse Were Threatened : When the two objected to the treatment, they were threatened and told to keep quiet by other military interrogators.

11.Dec.2004 Memo Ordered Silence in Iraqi Abuse Case : USA special operations forces accused of abusing prisoners in Iraq warned defense intelligence personnel not to talk about the alleged mistreatment they saw, according to a government memo to a top adviser of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld
A vicious cycle with China: Japan's naming Friday of China for the first time as a defense concern in its new defense policy outline poses the danger of intensifying bilateral tensions and may even lead to a vicious cycle of further military buildup in the region.

11.Dec.2004 The votes that really count have not yet been cast: In Ohio, a recount is being rejected because the votes have not even been counted completely the first time. Civil rights activists such as Jesse Jackson are outraged, since "Ohio determines the election, but the state has not yet counted the vote."

11.Dec.2004 OPEC to Cut Output by 1M Barrels a Day
Defeat For an Empire The USA has lost the war in Iraq + that's a good thing.
As a USA citizen, I welcome the USA defeat for a simple reason: It isn't the defeat of the USA - its people or their ideals - but of that empire.+ it's essential that the USAn empire be defeated + dismantled.

11.Dec.2004 "Mr President" De La Mancha Given his reality-challenged "vision" of ridding the entire world of evil +

riding shotgun for God by personally delivering the gift of freedom to the few who remain, one has only to look at the clueless, "look ma -- no hands" Bush to suspect that making this guy look presidential -- or even remotely sane -- can be a chore.

It's work. Hard work. Really hard worky work... Continued

11.Dec.2004 At risk: 1,000,000,000 of the world's children One billion children are at risk today from war, poverty + hunger, failed by the world's governments.
They are a billion strong. Diseased, malnourished, uneducated, they are a people on the run from wars that take the lives of their brothers and sisters. And they are all children - half the children on earth today.

11.Dec.2004 Rumsfeld to soldier:"You can have all the armor in the world on a tank and it can (still) be blown up."

That was Rumsfeld's answer to a worried soldier's question :" Why do we soldiers have to dig through local landfills for pieces of scrap metal + compromised ballistic glass to up armor our vehicles?"

Can you imagine being told that?"

10.Dec.2004 The label "conspiracy theorist" hardly describes those of us who insist that our vote-counters ought to be honest people who believe in democracy.
The Wall Street Journal editorial pages - a hotbed of wild conspiracy tales during the Clinton administration -

now denounces those wacky theorists who assert that our elections are rigged.

The matters mentioned in our previous section (i.e., the dubious folk behind Diebold + ESS + Sequoia) do not trouble the good folk of the Wall Street Journal .

Wall Street Journal wants its readers to believe that we hate Blackwell, Ken because -- get this! -- he Blackwell, Ken is black.
Wrong. -

- We hate Blackwell, Ken because Blackwell, Ken is a "kapo" who is helping to disenfranchise blacks. URL:
10.Dec.2004 same University of Washington site mentioned above also offers a piece -- dismissive, but not as dismissive as you might suspect -- on the likelihood of
conspiracy to rig the vote.

Author Tara Hendershott mentions "rumors" linking Diebold chairman Wally Odell to the Republican party. (Yeah, Tara -- and I've also heard "rumors" that the earth revolves around the sun.) Alas, she does not mention the fact that ESS is largely owned by the Ahmanson family, which also funds the ant-democratic Christian Reconstruction movement. She also neglects to note that another voting-machine company, Sequoia Pacific, is run by people accused + in one case, convicted -- of bribery of public officials.
But the
Sequoia Pacific "Southeast Sales Manager," a man named Pasquale "Rocco" Ricci of Marlton, New Jersey,

barely even got a slap on the wrist.

For the crime of suborning democracy in the state of Louisiana for over a decade, Mr. Ricci was sentenced to just a year...
The label "conspiracy theorist" hardly describes those of us who insist that our vote-counters ought to be honest people who believe in democracy.
10.Dec.2004 The problem: With the electorate so polarized, the margin of victory in many races will be smaller than the rate of error.
10.Dec.2004 New elections. Ken Renier of the UN Observer and International Report has issued a call for a
The internet, Pacifica radio + a small number of independent stations are the only ones with news of what the entire world recognizes as the most fraudulent election in the history of great nations,

excluding those of course by Joseph Stalin + Adolph Hitler...

I agree with the sentiment -- but please: That's AdolF, with an F. The "ph" spelling is American.
Raising Kane. An interesting news nugget on potential USA manipulation of Ukrainian politics can be found in the latest piece by
Hopsicker, Daniel .

Hopsicker, Daniel claims that

00.000.1996 the former Director of Security at CIA, a man with the Wellesian name of Charles Kane, went to the Ukraine

with the intention of helping to train unnamed Ukrainian "political parties."
This same Kane played a decidedly controversial role in the 2000 Florida vote.

Those of you with long memories may recall :

the outraged howls that accompanied the revelation that Republican operatives were caught "fixing" Republican registration forms missing the necessary voter identification numbers.

(Compare that act of largesse with Blackwell's insistence that Democratic Ohio registrations be tossed into the round file if they were printed on paper of the incorrect weight.)

One of the fixers was Kane, Charles.
Hopsicker does not link Kane to the 2004 vote in the Ukraine.

Still, one would like to know just what role this ex-CIA guy played in the land formerly considered the breadbasket of the Soviet Union.
For a worthwhile non-mainstream look at what is really going on the Ukraine, check out
Justin Raimondo's take.

For those of you interested in the political phenomenon of "strange bedfellows," note that

Haaretz has linked Yushchenko, Viktor - the candidate Bush hopes to get into power - with anti-Semitic Ukrainian nationalists.

For more on these ties, check out this report by the UK Helsinki Human Rights Group.
Wall-Street-Schluss: General Electric treibt Kurse an
USA: Oberster Gerichtshof verhandelt über Internet-Tauschbörsen

10.Dec.2004 Spekulation über Vergiftung: Juschtschenko lässt sich in Wien untersuchen

10.Dec.2004 Irak-Politik: Powell beschwichtigt nach Strucks Wutausbruch

10.Dez.2004 Korruptionsprozess: Freispruch zweiter Klasse für Berlusconi

10.Dez.2004 Irak: USA-Soldat gibt Mord an Zivilisten zu
EADS: Dickes Umsatzplus bei Rüstung erwartet

10.Dez.2004 Knauseriges Kartell: Opec fördert weniger Öl

10.Dez.2004 Chronik: Berlusconis Prozesse in den vergangenen Jahren

10.Dez.2004 USA-Kabinett: Bushs macht Finanzexperten zum Energieminister

10.Dez.2004 Mailand: Berlusconi von Korruptionsvorwurf freigesprochen

10.Dec.2004 Spionage: Bundesanwalt ermittelt wegen Nachtsichtbrillen-Geschäft

10.Dec.2004 Ver.dis Lidl-Schwarzbuch: Wie in der Fremdenlegion

10.Dez.2004 Pariser Flughafen: Polizei verliert Sprengstoff bei Antiterrorübung

10.Dec.2004 Konzernkrise: GM saniert Opel auf Staatskosten

10.Dec.2004 VW Überprüfung: Kleine Dieselmotoren müssen kontrolliert werden

10.Dec.2004 Übersinnliche Wahrnehmung: Zweifel an Geisterstunde im Magnetfeld

10.Dec.2004 Afrikanische Dynastie: Dürre im Land der Regenkönigin

10.Dec.2004 Abschlussbericht: Leukämie-Häufung in der Elbmarsch bleibt ungeklärt

10.Dec.2004 Eurobarometer: Europäer vereint in ihrer USA-Kritik

10.Dez.2004 Nobelpreis für Elfriede Jelinek: Renitenz und Differenz

10.Dec.2004 Friedensnobelpreis für Maathai: "Ermutigung für Menschen überall in Afrika"

10.Dec.2004 Verschämte USA-Bürger: Kanadier in 30 Sekunden, eh?!

10.Dec.2004 Kursmassaker in Moskau: Zehn Milliarden Dollar an einem Tag vernichtet

10.Dez.2004 Japan: Fingerabdrücke und Fotos bei der Einreise

10.Dec.2004 Dokumentation: Auszüge aus dem Lidl-Schwarzbuch

10.Dec.2004 Umfrage: Wenig Lust auf Patriotismus

10.Dec.2004 Diplomatischer Eklat: Struck wirft Powell Unverschämtheit vor

10.Dez.2004 Terrorübung im ZDF: Mit dem Zweiten bombt man besser

10.Dec.2004 Satellitenatlas: Die Welt mit Astronauten-Augen sehen

10.Dec.2004 Im Trockenwald Nordbrasiliens haben Wissenschaftler beobachtet, wie

Kapuzineräffchen fast täglich Hilfsmittel bei der Futtersuche eingesetzt haben.

Die Tiere benutzten Steine, um Samenkörner und hohle Äste aufzubrechen,

berichten Antonio Moura und Phyllis Lee von der University of Cambridge im Fachmagazin "Science" (Bd. 306, S.1909).

bisher sei Ähnliches Verhalten nur von Tieren in Gefangenschaft bekannt gewesen.
Am liebsten setzten die wilden Kapuzineräffchen die Steine zum Graben ein, schreiben die Forscher:

die wilden Kapuzineräffchen hielten den Stein in einer Hand + schlugen damit mehrmals auf den Boden,

während die wilden Kapuzineräffchen mit der freien Hand die gelockerte Erde beiseite räumten +

Knollen, Wurzeln oder Insekten zu Tage förderten.

die die wilden Kapuzineräffchen zerteilten die Knollen mithilfe der Steine in mundgerechte Stücke.
Die Forscher haben auch beobachtet,

wie die wilden Kapuzineräffchen mit Zweigen nach Honig, Insekten + Wasser in Baumhöhlen + Felsspalten stocherten.

Vor der Futtersuche haben Einige wilden Kapuzineräffchen Tiere die Zweige sogar bearbeitet, indem sie störende Blätter + Stängel abrissen.

Allerdings lohnt sich für die Affen der Griff zum Werkzeug offenbar nur in der langen Trockenzeit, vermuten die Forscher.

Dann wird die Nahrung oft so knapp, dass die Tiere mit den Hilfsmitteln schneller an mehr Futter kommen.
Microsofts Wohnzimmer-PC: Schicke Fassade, eingeschränkte Funktionen

10.Dec.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Welch gottverdammt trauriges Ende"

10.Dec.2004 Bushs Weltraumpläne: Rätselraten um mysteriöses Rüstungsprojekt

10.Dec.2004 Schwere Unwetter: 10.000 Argentinier werden obdachlos

10.Dec.2004 Nahrungssuche: Wilde Affen benutzen Werkzeug

10.Dec.2004 Texas: Kleinflugzeug auf Lastwagen notgelandet

10.Dec.2004 Tag des Urteils: Berlusconi drohen acht Jahre Haft

10.Dec.2004 FBI-Warnung: Terroristen testen Einsatz von Laser-Kanonen

10.Dec.2004 Biometrischer Reisepass: 130 Euro für ein bisschen mehr Sicherheit