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26.Okt.2004 Deutschland laut EU-Kommission auch 2005 Defizitsünder
00.000.2001 A Special Report on the National Emergency URL:

Our rights cannot be taken, + yet a Congressional report clearly states...
"00.000.1933 -Since- the USA has been in a state of declared national emergency...

A majority of the people of the USA have lived all their lives under emergency rule. For 40 years [now 67 years], freedoms + governmental procedures guaranteed by USA Constitution have in varying degrees been abridged by laws brought into force by states of national emergency." URL:
26.Okt.2004 "A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy, or perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance + a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives."
. . . President James Madison, a Mainstream Militant Revolutionary
. . . from "Notes on Virginia"

26.Okt.2004 My World would not be complete without you. Welcome!!

Howdy Pardn'rs, I have put a whole lot of data on the WEB addressing the problems of SURVIVAL, Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Political. These pages are presented with Love to all my Brothers + Sisters that We might Learn to Survive Better at Peace Within Ourselves + With Each Other.

Barefoot's World is dedicated to bringing a message of Love and Hope and Peace and Truth into this world for the UNITY of ALL MANKIND and the Return of Constitutional Government to We The People of the United States. ... Educate Yo'Self!! ...

"When you are awake the dream is gone...
When you are Enlightened the 'world of illusion' is gone...
...and the TRUTH will make you FREE." URL:
Saudi-Arabien: Deutsche Botschaft warnt vor Anschlägen

26.Okt.2004 Nahost: Parlament stellt sich hinter Gaza-Abzugsplan

26.Okt.2004 URL:
" URL:
Message from Hopi Elders Received . .

Ein kleines Häufchen von Nervenzellen einer Ratte hat im Labor erfolgreich einen F-22-Flugsimulator gesteuert. Wissenschaftler hoffen, eines Tages Computer aus lebenden Zellen zu bauen, deren Intelligenz der des Menschen nahe kommt. URL:,1518,druck-324941,00.html

26.Okt.2004 "Zu Beginn, wenn man dieses kleine Gehirn mit dem Flugsimulator zusammenschaltet, weiß es noch nicht, wie es das Flugzeug steuern soll", erklärt DeMarse. Anfangs werde der Jet deshalb nur vom Zufall gelenkt. "Doch nach und nach, wenn immer mehr Daten hereinkommen, verändert sich das neuronale Netzwerk und es beginnt langsam zu lernen, wie man ein Flugzeug steuert URL:,1518,druck-324941,00.html

26.Okt.2004 Das "Hirn" bestand aus insgesamt 25.000 Nervenzellen, die DeMarse mit Hilfe von Enzymen aus einer bestimmten Gehirnregion von Rattenembryos entnommen hatte, dem so genannten Motor-Kortex. Dieser ist für die Ansteuerung der Muskeln verantwortlich. Die entnommenen Zellen kultivierte DeMarse in einer Petrischale.
Am Boden der Schale befand sich ein Netz aus 60 Goldkontakten.

Die Zellen begannen sofort, Verbindungen untereinander aufzubauen und ein lebendes neuronales Netz zu bilden, berichtet der Wissenschaftler. URL:,1518,druck-324941,00.html
Autoindustrie: Opelaner bereiten Milliarden-Klage gegen GM vor

26.Okt.2004 Europäische Union: Schröder und Chirac unterstützen Türkei-Beitritt

26.Okt.2004 Für Frühaufsteher: Totale Mondfinsternis am Donnerstag

26.Okt.2004 Rüffel aus Brüssel: Deutschland reißt Defizit-Hürde 2005 zum vierten Mal

26.Okt.2004 Irak: US-Regierung spielt Sprengstoff-Affäre herunter

26.Okt.2004 Medizin: Heilerfolge der Akupunktur nur Placebo-Effekt?

26.Okt.2004 Anti-Terror-Kampf: Kabinett will Mandat um ein Jahr verlängern

26.Okt.2004 Edutainment: Wissen für Wuselfans

26.Okt.2004 Guantanamo-Häftling: Schweden finanziert Klage gegen die USA

26.Okt.2004 Streit über Buttiglione: Barroso warnt das EU-Parlament

26.Okt.2004 Punks für Bush [BGW968]: Rechtsruck im 4/4-Takt

26.Okt.2004 Texas: Richterin empfängt Ausbrecher mit Party

26.Okt.2004 Diplom in vier Stunden: Wilhelm Reich und der Schabrackentapir

26.Okt.2004 10 Jahre SPIEGEL ONLINE: "Werdet dialektisch!"

26.Okt.2004 Hirnforschung: Rattenhirn steuert Kampfjet

26.Okt.2004 EU-Staaten: Fingerabdruck wird Pflicht für Reisepässe

26.Okt.2004 EU-Parlament: Barroso nimmt Buttiglione in Schutz

26.Okt.2004 Kerry [KFJ966] slams Bush [BGW968] over missing explosives
Rehnquist has cancer, will keep working
Clinton: Bush [BGW968] trying to scare voters
UN : Tons of explosives missing in Iraq
Sharon: Gaza plan only way to security
Volatile oil prices hold stocks down

26.Okt.2004 Drop fluoride, advocate says Randy Weiner wants Boulder to stop adding fluoride to its water supply.

Helping some people keep their whites pearly isn't enough of a reason to keep adding an environmental toxin without people's permission,

said Weiner, an environmental lawyer who sits on Boulder's volunteer Environmental Advisory Board. FULL STORY »

26.Okt.2004 Chief Justice Rehnquist hospitalized with cancer WASHINGTON - Rehnquist, William H. a conservative who is the second oldest man ever to be chief justice of the Supreme Court, has been hospitalized with thyroid cancer. FULL STORY »

26.Okt.2004 Denver drops from 9th to 39th on terrorism risk list DENVER USA Federal officials have dropped Denver from ninth to 39th on a list of USA cities most at risk of a terrorist attack, but they would not say why. FULL STORY »

22.Oct.2004 14:00 EDT A New Way to See the Energy Sector -By Christopher Edmonds This energy cycle looks different from the boom-and-bust cycles of the 1990s.

We have to face the reality that hydrocarbons are becoming a scarce resource.

Drilling wells and maximizing production is the name of the game now. URL:

26.Okt.2004 Nothing scares the „powerful“ more than persistence.
That’s one thing I did learn in high school.

While organizing a student strike – inspired in part by the mind-numbing curriculum I described earlier – I was caught wearing a home-made sign which saidthink for yourself.”

Refusing to remove it, I earned a three-day suspension. I was sent home under the perceptive charge of “persistent opposition to authority.”

It was an inspiring turn of phrase. The powerful have always been able to accommodate opposition that flares up and burns out quickly, like teenagers “going through a phase.”

They have trouble when their opposition is committed + shows no sign of dying out or giving up.

Which is, in a large part, the problem they have with First Nations.
Non-Native people have got to accept that significant changes can take a long time. Change takes years of often bitter conflict, years of hard work + years of sacrifice.

But change is never achieved without that kind of persistence or at least the threat of it.

I still think it was ultimately the stubborn persistence of the Friends of the Lubicon,

the determination by our members to see justice done even under threat of personal bankruptcy + legal penalties, that won out over Daishowa.

A boycott which lasted only a year or two—the average lifespan of many under-funded volunteer campaigns—would have been easy to ignore.

A boycott which showed no signs of abating was a problem.
Even if we have nothing more to offer, persistence is one quality every individual who wants to support Aboriginal rights should nurture.

We have to be here for the long haul. URL:
26.Okt.2004 I remember the night the Friends of the Lubicon began the Daishowa boycott campaign.
Daishowa, a giant forestry transnational company had for some time been threatening to clear-cut almost the entire unceded Lubicon Lake Indian Nation traditional territory, a threat which the Lubicon people saw as the last straw in their lengthy battle to survive a corporate and government onslaught. Daishowa’s clear-cutting was a threat to destroy their home, their place of worship, their way of life. Although Daishowa had begun clear-cutting in 1990 through a subsidiary, an arson attack on logging equipment in Lubicon territory had put a halt to logging during that winter season. But with the next winter season fast approaching and thirteen Lubicon members already up on charges for that arson attack, the Lubicon Nation asked supporters to do what they could to hold back Daishowa. The problem was, how? As a fledgling group with fewer than a dozen members and even fewer resources (our total annual budget was at most a couple of thousand dollars, raised from rummage sales and raffles) the Friends of the Lubicon possessed no obvious means of stopping Daishowa.
All that changed one night in the spring of 1991 as we met over dinner in a Chinese restaurant in Toronto. When we got around to discussing Daishowa and the burning question of what we could do, Ed Bianchi held up a paper bag he had received the previous night when ordering a snack from a fast food chain. On the bottom of the bag was a small Daishowa logo. From that simple, exciting discovery we fleshed out the Daishowa boycott campaign—a campaign which has blocked clear-cut operations in Lubicon territory for the last ten years.
One would never think a small paper bag could fell a giant like Daishowa. It did. The paper bag offered us a means of stopping Daishowa. It offered us an answer to a number of the obstacles faced by non-Native support organizations. It gave us a means of directly and tangibly linking urban Canadians to events going on thousands of kilometres away in Lubicon territory, thus breaking the physical and psychological isolation of the issue. The Lubicon struggle would no longer be out of sight, out of mind—it was represented in consumer items Canadians came in contact with almost daily.
The boycott gave us a means of focusing our efforts on a small and weak link in Daishowa’s chain, the point at which they are dependent on other companies to buy their paper bags. We figured that other companies had no inclination to fight Daishowa’s battles for them, especially when viable alternatives were readily available for their paper bag needs. We figured that all we had to do was ask Daishowa’s customers not to use Daishowa bags + remind them that their own customers were watching how they handled the issue. URL:
26.Okt.2004 The most disempowering thing about my high school history class was the absence of stories about those who stood up to resist the German government during the build-up to World War II. Where were they? In a nation gripped by evil, were there no dissenters? My history class brushed aside any talk of Jewish or nationalist resistance to Nazi domination. Nor were there any Germans defying the tide of Nazism. Yet people did act + we need to hear about them and learn from them.
Outside of that class that I learned about groups like the White Rose Society, the young students who told the truth about genocide to their fellow Germans and who bravely faced execution for their efforts. I was trying to come to grips with the responsibilities we have when confronted with injustice, especially when we are members of the society responsible for such abuses. I looked to examples like the White Rose Society for answers. And it was that line of questioning that led me to the Friends of the Lubicon.
26.Okt.2004 Anonymous said...

Good grief, you're being "had" again. "Secret Service Agent" is the same joker as "Scott Zale." Misspellings, incorrect syntax....this is just some 8th grader with nothing better to do.
Read "Scott Zale"'s last paragraph:
"Please drop this for the good of our country. We have bigger problems and should not be distracted by matters that don't ultimately determine the measure of an honest man. I want to say that the right answers are what matter most, not whether or not those answers were "fed" my someone else. President Bush [BGW968] is a good messenger regardless."URL:
26.Okt.2004 I also think the "secret service letter" is a hoax. It sounds like the typical Rovian technique of setting up false evidence to disprove something that is true. URL:
26.Okt.2004 Why has Howard Kurtz challenged the validity of this story????
Now other journalists are being attacked, Kurtz thinks this is more newsworthy than the story itself??
Read what he posted today in 'Media Notes': "
National Review's Byron York chides the WP + NYT for jumping on the was-Bush [BGW968]-wired story after a Salon piece by Dave Lindorff:
"In both stories, it appears the Post and the Times placed particular faith in the judgment of Dave Lindorff. And who wouldn't? Just look at some of the things he's written.
"A pioneer in comparing Bush [BGW968] to Adolf Hitler, Lindorff wrote last year, on the website, that, 'It's going a bit far to compare the Bush [BGW968] of 2003 to the Hitler of 1933.

Bush [BGW968] simply is not the orator that Hitler was.

But comparisons of the Bush [BGW968] administration's fear mongering tactics to those practiced so successfully + with such terrible results by Hitler + Goebbels on the German people + their Weimar Republic are not at all out of line.'
"A few months later, Lindorff moderated his position just a touch, writing, "Bush [BGW968] is not Hitler. Yet."

But Lindorff added, "It's worth pointing out too that Hitler was not the monster of 1939 when he took power in 1933."
"Why would the Post and the Times rely on such a source for the 'mystery bulge' story? You'll have to ask them."
By the way, the New Yorker has a piece (not yet online) on The Note which says it is extremely + crucially important, almost as important as Mark Halperin thinks it is.

Peter Jennings, Al Gore, George Stephanopoulos, James Carville, Karen Hughes, Teddy White and Tom Edsall make cameo appearances.

It is really, really long, which is to say, almost as long as a typical edition of The Note.

A mega-must-read for the Googling monkeys. URL:
26.Okt.2004 Anonymous said...

The press is totally afraid of this issue or are just dumb. They pose softball questions such as "what was the bulge". And get dismissive answers.
Now the question to the White House needs to be: Did President Bush [BGW968] receive by electronic or other means assistance during the course of any of the three debates? YES or NO.
Watergate started unraveling for Nixon with the simple discovery of duct tape on a door lock. URL:
26.Okt.2004 Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm just crazy about that *inconsequential people* statement.
Is that what we are? Is that how they see us? Unbelievable.ASB URL:
26.Okt.2004 It's a truly astonishing post. There's no way to verify it, but it sure has an authentic ring, right down to the way the writer refers to the presidents he's served, and the blandly bureaucratic rationalizing of cheating. Here's the message in full:
As a Secret Service Agent, I can tell you that President is always wired with a communicator receiver to enable him to acquire detailed information in advance of situations that may arise. In the case of his first and second debates, campaign advisors were providing rebuttal information to President Bush [BGW968] as Senator Kerry [KFJ966] was answering questions. This is not uncommon for an incumbant president.

Having worked for President Bush [BGWH948] + President W.Clinton. + now President Bush [BGW968], I am at all times aware that the president is wired, primarily to inform him of hostile crowds that he may encounter. Just because President Bush [BGW968] used this communicator receiver to provide voters with more appropriate rebuttal answers to questions posed does not warrant negative comment from this or any other website. The President has more on his mind than worrying about inconsequential people + whether his answers questions honestly, using his own thoughts, or the thoughts of campaign advisors and/or political analysts."
And here's a post to the site from another writer who also claims to know something about the matter:
"As a D.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and a communications specialist, I fully understand what has been said about the President being wired.

00.000.1998 a small communications receiver was developed for the RNC to allow candidates to be cued on answers to provide for certain types of questioning. This receiver does not interfere with the communications equipment worn by Secret Service personnel and operates on a completely different frequency. With an adapter attached to the receiver, worn either on a shoulder harness or waist belt, a single Secret Service Agent, using a split frequency transmitter, a warn the receiver's wearer of any approaching danger. In the case of the President, it enhances his protection. He does not hear multiple voices or the chatter of numerous people. Using a satellite uplink on the transmitter--primarily for long distance communications--political analysts and advisors could easily provide verbal instructions to the President during a question/answer/rebutal session, without any interference from an outside communications source. The corporation for whom I am employed, has developed numerous "special" communications devices for our government. The particular unit mentioned by the above listed Secret Service Agent is one of the devices we have manufactured. Anyone with $150,000 can purchase the transmitter base, satelite uplink adapter and receiver. However, they cannot purchase the unit with the same frequency used by the President."

posted by is Bush [BGW968] wired? at 3:44 AM   URL:
26.Okt.2004 Finally, here's the other misuse of rhetoric and reason employed by fake journalists who care little about the truth of this or any question: Rather than confront reality or ask questions, to do their jobs, in short, they use meaningless labels intended to slur the source: "bloggers" "internet conspiracy theorists." In the inversion of reality that we've come to expect in public life these days (except for life savers like Jon Stewart!) these fake journalists are themselves conspiracy theorists and fantasists: in the face of all evidence and experience, they cling to the fiction that the White House tells the truth.
Well, this story does not give IsBushWired a spooky thrill. There's nothing mysterious or sophisticated about Bush [BGW968]'s earpiece prompter: It's as simple as cheating at cards or golf or stuffing the ballot box, just plain old scummy behavior that ought to get a guy kicked out of Skull and Bones if not the White House.
Email tips and comments to All messages will be treated as confidential. URL:
26.Okt.2004 So, scratch S.1. Here's Syllogism 2:
"Bush [BGW968] and Rove have long made cheating and deception for advantage their first resort. If Bush [BGW968] thought he could get away with it, he would cheat rather than try to prepare for the debate. And in fact, he did not prepare for the debate, his advisors said. Case closed. URL:
26.Okt.2004 Because anyone who looks at the Fox pool feed, especially of the first debate, will see that there is a box-shaped object under the back of the president's jacket. And a cord, too, both of them way bigger and solider than a pucker on even the worst suit.
And anyone who follows the news will know that the White House first claimed the images were faked, and then, contradictorily, that there was nothing at all under the jacket + then that it was a rumple caused by a master tailor. And at last, the White House began stonewalling with japes that have the courtiers all in stitches.
So, who are the real conspiracy theorists here, the fantasists and true believers? And who are the real journalists? Those who ask the questions, or those who refuse, as an article of faith, even to look? As a public service, I offer this short refresher course: How to Reason, a Primer for Hacks of All Ages
Syllogism 1: "If Bush [BGW968] were cheating with a prompter, he wouldn't have done so badly, especially in the first debate. Therefore, he couldn't have been getting prompted."URL:
A New Way to See the Energy Sector   ( )

Halliburton Dividend Declaration   ( PR Newswire 

21.Okt.2004 Petroleum Development Oman Awards Halliburton Contracts up to $500 Million; Three Major Contracts Awards for Halliburton's Core Services   ( BusinessWire )
Election Study, FDA Approves Total Artificial Heart, Lowering Out of Pocket Medical Costs   ( BusinessWire )

26.Okt.2004 Karlsruhe - Das Gesetz verletze die Chancengleichheit kleinerer Parteien, entschieden die Karlsruher Richter. Der Staat dürfe die Wettbewerbslage unter den Parteien "nicht verfälschen".
Nach den 2002 geänderten Regeln sollten Parteien vom kommenden Jahr an nur noch unter erschwerten Bedingungen Anspruch auf staatliche Zuwendung haben. Voraussetzung sollte sein, dass sie in drei Landtagswahlen mindestens 1 Prozent der abgegebenen Stimmen erhalten oder bei einer Bundestags- oder Europawahl auf einen Stimmenanteil von 0,5 Prozent kommen.
Damit sollte verhindert werden, dass kleine, radikale Parteien wie die NPD oder die DVU bewusst die Stadtstaaten aussuchen, um mit möglichst geringem Aufwand an der staatlichen Teilfinanzierung teilnehmen zu können. Derzeit müssen Parteien nur bei einer Landtagswahl 1,0 Prozent erreichen.
Bundesverfassungsgericht: Karlsruhe stärkt die kleinen Parteien

26.Okt.2004 Wenn er Kandidaten für die einflussreichen Bundes- und Berufungsgerichte braucht, greift Bush [BGW968] gerne auf die Federalist Society zurück, eine streng konservative Juristenvereinigung.

Aber nicht ohne Gegenwehr der Demokraten: Die haben im Senat bisher fast ein Viertel aller Bush [BGW968]-Nominierungen blockieren können.

Dies war nicht zuletzt auch späte Rache dafür, dass die Republikaner zuvor viele Richterkandidaten des Bush [BGW968]-Vorgängers Bill Clinton in den Komitees hatten versauern lassen, bis der Machtwechsel in Washington vollbracht war
Wozu das führen kann, lässt sich am Appellationsgericht in Richmond/Virginia gut beobachten.

Die Kammer ist inzwischen eine der konservativsten US-Berufungsinstanzen, die meisten der Richter stammen noch aus den Zeiten Reagans + des ersten Bush [BGW968] s.

Dessen Sohn nutzt dies jetzt, um vor allem in vielen Verfahren gegen Terror-Verdächtige seine Befugnisse ausweiten zu lassen.

Ein liberales Gericht würde es ihm das schwerer machen.

"Noch mehr als die Regierung seines Vaters", kritisiert der Juraprofessor Sheldon Goldman, "hat sich diese darauf koordiniert, Richter zu benennen, die ihre Philosophie teilen."
Denn Präsidenten kommen + gehen.

Doch Bundesrichter bleiben so lange, bis der Allmächtige, wiees der Fernsehprediger Pat Robertson einmal formuliert hat, "unsere Gebet erhöhrt". URL:,1518,druck-324930,00.html
26.Okt.2004 Konservative Justizgeschichte geschrieben
Die Meldung war Tagesthema in Washington, sie verdrängte sogar die Irak-Hiobsbotschaften aus den Schlagzeilen.

Dahinter steckt allerdings weit mehr als das Schicksal eines 80-Jährigen, dessen Votum, als Zünglein an der Wahlwaage, Präsident Bush [BGW968] im 00.Dez.2000 ins Weiße Haus beförderte.

Die neu entbrannte Debatte um eine Zwangspensionierung Rehnquist s wirft ein Schlaglicht auf die geschichtsschreibende Macht der "Supremes" (+ des Präsidenten, der sie ernennt)-

zumal unmittelbar vor einem Wahlgang, den womöglich abermals das höchste US-Gericht entscheiden könnte.
Dabei ist es nicht Rehnquist erstes Gebrechen.

Ein Rückenleiden + ein Knieschaden nährten vor zwei Jahren schon Gerüchte über einen Abtritt des konservativen Gerichtsvorstehers, spätestens zur Wahl 2004.

Dass sich das nun bewahrheiten könnte, rückt ein brisantes, doch lange vergessenes Reizthema in den Mittelpunkt des Wahlkampf - + sehr zum Unwillen Bushs:

dessen Plan, die Kammer durch die Ernennung politisch genehmer Richter auf Jahrzehnte nach rechtsaußen zu rücken + sich so weit über seine Amtszeit hinaus prägenden Einfluss zu sichern.
Es ist ein heimlicher Coup, dessen Kunst schon zwei andere republikanische Präsidenten verstanden, Nixon, Richard + Reagan Ronald.

Rehnquist ist dafür lebendes Beispiel: Von Nixon ernannt + von Reagan befördert, hat er mit seinen jüngsten Sprüchen zur Rassendiskriminierung, zur homosexuellen Liebe, zur Todesstrafe + zu den Rechten von Terror-Häftlingen Justizgeschichte geschrieben + den gesellschaftlichen Diskurs in den USA bestimmt - ganz im Sinne seiner Mentoren. Vier baldige Pensionierungen? URL:,1518,druck-324930,00.html
26.Okt.2004 The story of the looted explosives has overshadowed another report that Bush [BGW968] officials tried to suppress - this one about how the Bush [BGW968] administration let Abu Musab al-Zarqawi get away.

An article in yesterday's Wall Street Journal confirmed + expanded on an "NBC Nightly News" report from 00.Mar.2004 that asserted that before the Iraq war, administration officials called off a planned attack that might have killed Mr. Zarqawi, the terrorist now blamed for much of the mayhem in that country, in his camp.
Citing "military officials," the original NBC report explained that the failure to go after Mr. Zarqawi was based on domestic politics: "the administration feared destroying the terrorist camp in Iraq" - a part of Iraq not controlled by Saddam Hussein - "could undermine its case for war against Saddam."

The Journal doesn't comment on this explanation, but it does say that when NBC reported, correctly, that Mr. Zarqawi had been targeted before the war, administration officials denied it.
What other mistakes did the administration make?

If partisan appointees like Mr. Goss continue to control the intelligence agencies, we may never know.
This isn't speculation: Mr. Goss is already involved in a new cover-up.

26.Okt.2004 -Last week- Robert Scheer of The Los Angeles Times revealed the existence of a devastating but suppressed report by the CIA s inspector general on 11.Sep.2001 intelligence failures.

Newsweek has now confirmed the gist of Mr. Scheer's column.
The report, the magazine says, "identifies a host of current and former officials who could be candidates for possible disciplinary procedures."

But although the report was completed in June, Mr. Goss has refused to release it to Congress.

"Everyone feels it will be better if this hits the fan after the election," an official told the magazine.

Better for whom?
What really happened on 11.Sep.2001 , or in Iraq? Next week's election may determine whether we ever find out. URL:,1518,druck-324949,00.html
26.Okt.2004 The administration is trying to play down the importance of this loss, arguing that because Iraq was awash in munitions, a few hundred more tons don't make much difference. But aside from their potential use in nuclear weapons - the reason they were under seal before the war - these particular explosives, unlike standard munitions, are exactly what a terrorist needs.
Informed sources quoted by the influential Nelson Report say explosives from Al Qaqaa are the "primary source" of the roadside and car bombs that have killed and wounded so many U.S. Soldiers. +

thanks to the huge amount looted - "in a highly organized operation using heavy equipment" - the insurgents + whoever else have access to the Qaqaa material have enough explosives for tens of thousands of future bombs.
If the administration had had its way, the public would never have heard anything about this.

Administration officials have known about the looting of Al Qaqaa for at least six months + probably much longer.

But they didn't let the I.A.E.A. inspect the site after the war, and pressured the Iraqis not to inform the agency about the loss.

They now say that they didn't want our enemies - that is, the people who stole the stuff - to know it was missing.

The real reason, obviously, was that they wanted the news kept under wraps until after 02.Nov.2004 . URL:,1518,druck-324949,00.html
26.Okt.2004 Opinion -A Culture of Cover-Ups
The president's officials have thrown a shroud of secrecy over any information that might let voters assess his performance in the war on terror. By PAUL KRUGMAN

Aides to Kerry [KFJ966] say that if he wins, he'll replace Porter Goss as head of the C.I.A. Let's hope so: Mr. Goss has already confirmed the fears of those who worried about his appointment by placing Republican staff members from Capitol Hill in key positions and raising fears about a partisan purge.
But the flap over Mr. Goss is only a symptom of a much broader issue: whether the Bush [BGW968] administration will be able to maintain its culture of cover-ups. That culture affects every branch of policy, but it's strongest when it comes to the "war on terror."
Although President Bush [BGW968]'s campaign is based almost entirely on his self-proclaimed leadership in that war, his officials have thrown a shroud of secrecy over any information that might let voters assess his performance.
Yesterday we got two peeks under that shroud. One was The Times's report about what the International Atomic Energy Agency calls "the greatest explosives bonanza in history." Ignoring the agency's warnings, administration officials failed to secure the weapons site, Al Qaqaa, in Iraq, allowing 377 tons of deadly high explosives to be looted, presumably by insurgents.
Opinion: A Culture of Cover-Ups

26.Okt.2004 Vergreister US-Gerichtshof: Bush [BGW968]s heimlicher Coup

26.Okt.2004 Spanische Grippe: Gefährliche Versuche mit dem Jahrhundert-Killer

26.Okt.2004 Loch im Grenzzaun: Südkorea sucht nach Spionen aus Nordkorea

26.Okt.2004 Die Erklärung der Zentralbank wurde im Beisein von Castro im staatlichen Fernsehen verlesen. Castro hatte sich am vergangenen Mittwoch bei einem Sturz die Kniescheibe zertrümmert.
26.Okt.2004 Castro verbannt den Dollar
Von seinem schweren Sturz hat sich Fidel Castro offenbar gut erholt. Elf Jahre nach der Legalisierung lässt Kubas Staatschef den US-Dollar jetzt als Zahlungsmittel wieder abschaffen.

26.Okt.2004 Umfragen zur US-Wahl: Hauchdünner Vorsprung für Bush [BGW968]

26.Okt.2004 US-Wahlkampf: Schwarzenegger vergleicht Ted Kennedy mit einem Kürbis

26.Okt.2004 Abstimmung in der Knesset: Schicksalstag für Scharon

26.Okt.2004 Kuba: Castro verbannt den Dollar

26.Okt.2004 Doonesbury is one of the few media voices to give this story some coverage. The result is one of Trudeau's more hilarious offerings...
On related fronts : Shrub scrubs.

We mentioned that the White House has scrubbed its website clean of embarrassing photos, videos + text.

Turns out all such efforts are not just ethically dubious, but potentially illegal . Check out this report, by a blogger who happens to be a fellow Los Angeleno.
Left eye open; right eye blind . A couple of days ago, we told you about Charlie Booker's piece for the U.K. Guardian.

Booker finally managed to get Matt Drudge to link to a promptergate story -- no small trick, since Drudge has avoided this issue the way Bush [BGW968] avoids admission of error.

Drudge made a huge deal out of Booker's final paragraph, which spoke wistfully of Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth and John Hinckley Jr.
An obvious joke. Poor taste? You bet. If I were Booker's editor, I'd have crossed out that text faster than a dart reaches the target.
Some did not take those words as humor, however. According to
this piece, the Secret Service has been looking into the matter.
Funny, innit? When Ann Coulter called for the assassination of Bill Clinton, in terms even less oblique than those employed by Mr. Booker, the Secret Service did not pounce.

Some writers have standards - + some have double standards.
26.Oct.2004 One such rumor has it that the Kerry [KFJ966] campaign is about to spring evidence that Mr. Bush [BGW968] somehow was "wired," so aides could instruct him during the debates.

Well, Big John did give W a pat on the back after the second debate...URL:
25.Oct.2004 Interesting bulge stuff... The latest from David Lindorff includes this eye-opener:
The latest dodge + obfuscation has been to cite an article in the pro-Bush [BGW968] Moonie paper, the Washington Times (long known for its penchant for misinformation) claiming on no evidence whatsoever that, the Kerry [KFJ966] camp was behind planted stories about Bush [BGW968] wearing a wire for the debates.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Neither I nor any of the alert people who first called attention to this story after seeing the rectangular bulge in the jacket during the first debate

had any help or even contact from the Kerry [KFJ966] camp. URL:

26.Oct.2004 Israel is waiting for a Lincoln : The opposition that Sharon's proposal has stirred up is threatening Israel with a civil war.

This too is just a prelude to the inevitable: In the Middle East, both among the Israelis + among the Palestinians, anyone who wants peace must prepare for a civil war.

26.Oct.2004 Germany + Israel restart talks on sale of submarines : Israel will buy German submarines & Germany will ignore dead Palestinians

26.Oct.2004 New documentary indicts US as co-defendant with Saddam : What if Saddam Hussein were to have a genuinely fair trial?

That is the central question of a hard-hitting documentary to be aired on French television Tuesday.

26.Oct.2004 Suppressing the overseas vote : Record numbers of Americans abroad have registered, but bureaucratic snafus may prevent many from actually voting, writes Alix Christie

26.Oct.2004 Letter from the people in Fallujah to Kofi Annan : Calling for help to end the bombardment and prevent the threatened assault

26.Oct.2004 The colonial precedent : The growing brutality and deception of the Iraq war mirrors Britain's recent imperial history

26.Oct.2004 Paper Apologizes for Assassination Remark : A British newspaper apologized Monday for a weekend article in which a writer appeared to call for the assassination of President Bush [BGW968].

26.Oct.2004 While US GI's get shot, corporations and mercenaries make $1000's per day : Jerry Zovko's contract with Blackwater USA looked straightforward: He would earn $600 a day guarding convoys that carried food for U.S. troops in Iraq. But that cost -- $180,000 a year -- was just the first installment of what taxpayers were asked to pay for Zovko's work.

26.Oct.2004 The Killing of Iman al-Hams: Executing Another Child in Rafah: Iman al-Hams was a 13-year old refugee schoolgirl who was executed -- after being wounded -- by an Israeli platoon commander on the sad sands of Rafah.

26.Oct.2004 Bush [BGW968] isn't the only one in a bubble: An astounding 75 percent of Bush [BGW968] supporters still believe that Iraq was providing support to al-Qaida, according to a poll this month by the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland.

26.Oct.2004 Freedom & Democracy: Illusion by Stealth : If our Founding Fathers suddenly arose from their graves and surveyed our present situation, to a man, they would hold that not only are we not free and not a democracy, but instead a subjugated and down trodden people.

26.Oct.2004 Was 11.Sep.2001 Allowed to Happen?: America’s top military leaders drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in US cities to trick the public into supporting a war against Cuba in the early 1960s. Approved in writing by the Pentagon Joint Chiefs, Operation Northwoods even proposed blowing up a US ship and hijacking planes as a false pretext for war.

26.Oct.2004 Zbigniew Brezezinski: How to Make New Enemies: The notion of a new Holy Alliance is already being promoted by those with a special interest in entangling the United States in a prolonged conflict with Islam.

In case you missed it: September 4, 2001: Wanted: Enemy to Justify $344 Billion War Budget:: Here's the deal: We know our politicians have their work cut out for them. They need to find an enemy to justify maintaining the Pentagon budget as if the Cold War never ended.

26.Okt.2004 URL: Nachrichten Verwandte Bush [BGW968]s werben für Kerry [KFJ966]

26.Okt.2004 Ex-US-Präsident Clinton ruft zur Wahl des Demokraten Kerry [KFJ966] auf

26.Okt.2004 Kerry [KFJ966] wirft Bush [BGW968] Versagen im Irak vor

27.Okt.2004 Das Erste mit umfassender Berichterstattung zu den US-Wahlen // Reportage "Endspurt ins Weiße Haus" -am-t.2004 -Weltspiegel a

26.Okt.2004 Mit Zahlen nimmt es Kerry [KFJ966] im Wahlkampf nicht so genau

26.Okt.2004 «Ein Schuft, Grobian, Verbrecher»

26.Okt.2004 Kerry [KFJ966] bescheinigt Bush [BGW968] Verstoß gegen Gebot der Nächstenliebe

26.Okt.2004 Bush [BGW968] s + Kerry [KFJ966] s gemeinsamer dunkler Punkt

26.Okt.2004 Bush [BGW968] und Kerry [KFJ966] konzentrieren sich auf «Swing States»

26.Okt.2004 Bush [BGW968] in Umfrage nur noch einen Prozentpunkt vor Kerry [KFJ966]

26.Okt.2004 Bush [BGW968] sieht keine besondere Terrorgefahr zu Präsidentschaftswahl

26.Okt.2004 Bush [BGW968] und Kerry [KFJ966] verschärfen Ton

26.Okt.2004 "Washington Post" gibt Wahlempfehlung für Kerry [KFJ966] ab

26.Okt.2004 Nun gibt «Washington Post» auch Wahlempfehlung für Kerry [KFJ966] ab

26.Okt.2004 Privatflieger stören Wahlkampfveranstaltung von Bush [BGW968]

26.Okt.2004 Ein Außenseiter-Kandidat kann Kerry [KFJ966] den Wahlsieg kosten

26.Okt.2004 Auch "Washington Post" gibt Wahlempfehlung für Kerry [KFJ966] ab

26.Okt.2004 Bush [BGW968] + Kerry [KFJ966] verlegen sich in Wahlkampfspots auf die Tierwelt

26.Okt.2004 Bush [BGW968] baut Vorsprung vor Kerry [KFJ966] offenbar aus

26.Okt.2004 Kerry [KFJ966]: Bush [BGW968] liess 2001 Bin Laden entkommen

26.Oct.2004 Bush [BGW968]-Verwandte rufen zu Wahl von Herausforderer Kerry [KFJ966] auf. URL:

25.Okt.2004 Washington (AFP) - Verwandte von US-Präsident Bush [BGW968] setzen sich im Wahlkampfendspurt für dessen Herausforderer Kerry [KFJ966] ein. Auf einer eigens geschaffenen Website erklären die sieben entfernten Angehörigen des Präsidenten, sie wollten ihren kleinen Beitrag dazu mehr... (AFP)

26.Okt.2004 This is an important development for the WIRED THEORY. For the first time THE BULGE has been seen in another crucial situation where President Bush [BGW968] could have benefitted from wearing a "wire"... The 11.Sep.2001 Commission Hearings. If you remember, when Bush [BGW968] + Cheney appeared before this commission, they refused to testify under oath, no taping, photos, or transcripts were allowed.

Nobody knows what happened behind those closed doors, but these stipulations raised many eyebrows among the press + ordinary Americans.

Now that that the familiar "rectangular shape" has appeared again in a very crucial situation, I'm sure more questions will continue to be asked.

I believe it is time for the "Major Media" to begin to look seriously at this strange but very important issue. AMERICA DESERVES AN ANSWER!
The American Media Has Failed Again A new story... I'll agree with that!
New Article asks, "But has anyone in the media tried to find out what that bulge really was?"
The Tailor speaks again!! From today's THE HILL. Gee, this sounds kinda familiar... I thought they fired him! See the picture... this is funny, well, not really. I can't believe they are still standing behind the statement that the BULGE was a WRINKLE! Does ANYBODY buy this?
26.Okt.2004 Dems keeping BULGE "on ice"?
BULGE, THE OCTOBER SURPRISE? ...or, Blogtober Surprise more exactly.
Editorial Commentary ..."What's the Fuss over a Bush [BGW968] Audio Receiver?"

26.Okt.2004 Bush [BGW968] doesn't 'Misspeak.' He lies. "Time's up. Americans are out there dancin' alone on the brink of catastrophe, + nobody's covering their backs.

They've been played for fools by the media, betrayed by their political leaders + cuckolded by their religious leaders. Continued

26.Oct.2004 The Bush [BGW968] Cult:   Now we know, from their own words, that the Bush [BGW968] Regime is a cult - a cult whose god is Power, whose adherents believe that they alone control reality, that indeed they create the world anew with each act of their iron will. And the goal of this will - undergirded by the cult's supreme virtues of war + fury + blind faith - is likewise openly declared: "Empire." Continued

26.Oct.2004 Bush [BGW968] courts Jewish votes, sends Rice to address AIPAC : Seemingly undeterred by a probe into whether the AIPAC lobbying group passed classified information to Israel - an allegation it denies - the White House has given the organization almost unparalleled access to top officials, from Bush [BGW968] + Vice President Dick Cheney on down.

26.Oct.2004 Killing for Christ: The Destructive Power of Faith

26.Oct.2004 God is Not a Republican. Or a Democrat: Send a message that the Religious Right does not speak for you. Remind America that Jesus taught us to be peacemakers, advocates for the poor + defenders of justice.

26.Oct.2004 Kerry [KFJ966] will make his adoring anti-war groupies look like fools: To support Kerry [KFJ966] in the hope that he would make American military policy more doveish is absurd. All the evidence is that he will do the exact opposite.

26.Oct.2004 Powell declares North Korea a 'terrorist state' : U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, on a mission to restart talks on North Korea's nuclear program, on Sunday branded North Korea a "terrorist state" that shows "no respect whatsoever for human rights."

26.Oct.2004 Americans living on borrowed time : In the first of a three-part series Larry Elliott and David Teather explore the economic recovery that never was

26.Oct.2004 Fearful Florida: Suspicious black voters on guard against repeat of 2000 disenfranchisement Can election be stolen? Troubling allegations fuel America's sense of foreboding

26.Oct.2004 Iraqi oil money can't cover reconstruction despite U.S. predictions

26.Oct.2004 Rebel militias deny holding British aid worker Hassan : Confusion surrounded the fate of the Iraq aid worker Margaret Hassan last night after main rebel groups denied being involved with her kidnap.

26.Oct.2004 CIA-Mossad False Flag Terrorists Threaten to Kill Margaret Hassan ? : Either the resistance in Iraq is so stupid they can’t put their shoes on in the morning without help or the people who kidnapped Hassan work for the CIA + Mossad.

26.Oct.2004 Portrait of a country on the verge of a nervous breakdown: Andrew Gumbel reports on the traumatising effects of this bitter campaign and how, as the world's most powerful democracy talks of exporting freedom to Iraq, it is at risk of becoming an object of international ridicule

26.Oct.2004 US won't ratify Kyoto pact : "We have no intention of signing or ratifying it.

We have not changed our views," a defiant deputy State Department spokesperson Adam Ereli said after the European Union + environmentalists across the globe hailed Moscow's decision + urged Washington to follow suit.

26.Oct.2004 The Bush [BGW968] Hypnosis File: Among modern era statesmen, only Adolf Hitler comes close to Bush [BGW968]’s skill level as operator of the public consciousness.

26.Oct.2004 I Didn't Know I Was Unamerican : "Restriction of free thought + free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions.

It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us." -Justice William O.Douglas

26.Oct.2004 Juan Cole: Bush [BGW968] is Making us Safer?: If Bush [BGW968] cannot even protect our troops from explosives at a sensitive facility in a country he had conquered, how is he going to protect the American public from terrorists who have not even yet been identified?

26.Oct.2004 Chaos, murder and mayhem : Kidnapping and killing is a daily reality in Iraq, but in the west the atrocities go unrecorded and the dead are unnamed

26.Oct.2004 I dread what is going to happen in Fallujah: We will kill + maim you and yours until you agree to our domination + say you are ecstatic to be given this 'freedom'

26.Oct.2004 Prewar intelligence predicted Iraqi insurgency : The moment when U.S. troops realized they had badly underestimated the resistance they would encounter from Iraqi guerrilla fighters can be pinpointed to the minute.

26.Oct.2004 "Never again.": The Creaky Coalition: Even if Kerry [KFJ966] defeats Bush [BGW968], any British government will find it difficult, if not impossible, to muster popular support for a future American-led military intervention. A senior British diplomat put it bluntly to NEWSWEEK: "Never again."

26.Oct.2004 International Republican Institute Poll: Muqtada as Popular as Allawi: Prime Minister Iyad Allawi and his arch nemesis radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr are in a virtual tie for second place

26.Oct.2004 Army Denies Most Claims From Iraqis: The Dayton Daily News' analysis of 4,611 civil claims in Iraq - hundreds alleging abuse and misconduct by American military personnel - showed just one in four resulted in some type of payment.

26.Oct.2004 Those who claim abuse in Iraq advised to file U.S. civil suits : He crossed the border from Jordan in a Mercedes loaded with $70,000 in cash, he said. He was stopped by Americans who took his car, his cash, + threw him into Abu Ghraib, he said. There he remained for three months, he said + he never saw his car or his money again.

26.Oct.2004 Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From Site in Iraq: The Iraqi interim government has warned the United States and international nuclear inspectors that nearly 380 tons of powerful conventional explosives - used to demolish buildings, produce missile warheads and detonate nuclear weapons - are missing from one of Iraq's most sensitive former military installations

26.Oct.2004 Dozens of Iraqi soldiers found executed : The corpses of 50 soldiers of Iraq's new army have been discovered northeast of the capital Baghdad.

26.Oct.2004 Massacre at Baquba: 49 Iraqi soldiers executed in attack designed to send message to US : To the insurgents, they were seen as traitors working hand-in-hand with the hated powers of occupation. And so, they were massacred, 49 of them, in one of the most brutal acts of violence in the current rebellion.

26.Oct.2004 Bush [BGW968] exploits suffering of 11.Sep.2001 , says Carter : Bush [BGW968] [BGW968] has exploited the suffering of September 11 and turned back decades of efforts to make the world a safer place, the former president Jimmy Carter says

26.Oct.2004 The Bush [BGW968] Cult: Now we know, from their own words, that the Bush [BGW968] Regime is a cult -- a cult whose god is Power, whose adherents believe that they alone control reality, that indeed they create the world anew with each act of their iron will. And the goal of this will -- undergirded by the cult's supreme virtues of war, fury and blind faith -- is likewise openly declared: "Empire."

25.Okt.2004 Wie entstehen Bewusstsein + Ich-Erleben, wie werden rationales und emotionales Handeln miteinander verknüpft, was hat es mit der Vorstellung des "freien Willens" auf sich?

Die großen Fragen der Neurowissenschaften zu stellen ist heute schon erlaubt - dass sie sich bereits in den nächsten zehn Jahren beantworten lassen, ist allerdings eher unrealistisch. Selbst ob wir sie bis dahin auch nur sinnvoll angehen können, bleibt fraglich.

Dazu müssten wir über die Funktionsweise des Gehirns noch wesentlich mehr wissen.
25.Okt.2004 Geist + Bewusstsein - wie einzigartig sie von uns auch empfunden werden - fügen sich also in das Naturgeschehen ein und übersteigen es nicht.

Und: Geist und Bewusstsein sind nicht vom Himmel gefallen, sondern haben sich in der Evolution der Nervensysteme allmählich herausgebildet.

Das ist vielleicht die wichtigste Erkenntnis der modernen Neurowissenschaften.

25.Okt.2004 Auch wenn wir die genauen Details noch nicht kennen, können wir davon ausgehen, dass all diese Prozesse grundsätzlich durch physikochemische Vorgänge beschreibbar sind. Diese näher zu erforschen, ist die Aufgabe der Hirnforschung in den kommenden Jahren und Jahrzehnten.

25.Okt.2004 Vieles spricht dafür, dass neuronale Netzwerke als hochdynamische, nicht-lineare Systeme betrachtet werden müssen.

Das bedeutet, sie gehorchen zwar mehr oder weniger einfachen Naturgesetzen, bringen aber aufgrund ihrer Komplexität völlig neue Eigenschaften hervor. Repräsentationen von Inhalten - seien es Wahrnehmungen oder motorische Programme - entsprechen hochkomplexen raumzeitlichen Aktivitätsmustern in diesen neuronalen Netzwerken. Um diesen Signalcode zu entschlüsseln, bedarf es wahrscheinlich paralleler Ableitetechniken, die eine gleichzeitige Messung an vielen Stellen des Gehirns erlauben.
Doch auch wenn viele Geheimnisse noch darauf warten gelüftet zu werden, hat die Hirnforschung bereits heute einige ganz erstaunliche Erkenntnisse gewonnen. Beispielsweise wissen wir im Wesentlichen, was das Gehirn gut leisten kann und wo es an seine Grenzen stößt. Mit am eindrucksvollsten ist seine enorme Adaptions- und Lernfähigkeit, die - und das ist wohl der überraschendste Punkt - zwar mit dem Alter abnimmt, aber bei weitem nicht so stark wie vermutet. Lange Zeit dachte man, die Hirnentwicklung sei irgendwann in der Jugend abgeschlossen und die neuronalen Netzwerke seien endgültig angelegt. Mittlerweile steht aber fest, dass sich auch im erwachsenen Gehirn zumindest im Kurzstreckenbereich - auf der Ebene einzelner Synapsen - noch neue Verschaltungen bilden können. Außerdem können für bestimmte Aufgaben zusätzliche Hirnregionen rekrutiert werden - etwa beim Erlernen von Fremdsprachen in fortgeschrittenem Alter.
25.Okt.2004 Denn dass sich all das im Gehirn an einer bestimmten Stelle abspielt, stellt noch keine Erklärung im eigentlichen Sinne dar. Denn "wie" das funktioniert, darüber sagen diese Methoden nichts, schließlich messen sie nur sehr indirekt, wo in Haufen von hundert Tausenden von Neuronen etwas mehr Energiebedarf besteht. Das ist in etwa so, als versuchte man die Funktionsweise eines Computers zu ergründen, indem man seinen Stromverbrauch misst, während er verschiedene Aufgaben abarbeitet.
25.Okt.2004 Nach welchen Regeln das Gehirn arbeitet; wie es die Welt so abbildet, dass unmittelbare Wahrnehmung und frühere Erfahrung miteinander verschmelzen; wie das innere Tun als "seine" Tätigkeit erlebt wird und wie es zukünftige Aktionen plant, all dies verstehen wir nach wie vor nicht einmal in Ansätzen. Mehr noch: Es ist überhaupt nicht klar, wie man dies mit den heutigen Mitteln erforschen könnte.

In dieser Hinsicht befinden wir uns gewissermaßen noch auf dem Stand von Jägern und Sammlern.
25.Okt.2004 Grundsätzlich setzt die neurobiologische Untersuchung des Gehirns auf drei verschiedenen Ebenen an.

Die oberste erklärt die Funktion größerer Hirnareale, beispielsweise spezielle Aufgaben verschiedener Gebiete der Großhirnrinde, der Amygdala oder der Basalganglien.

Die mittlere Ebene beschreibt das Geschehen innerhalb von Verbänden von hunderten oder tausenden Zellen.

Und die unterste Ebene umfasst die Vorgänge auf dem Niveau einzelner Zellen und Moleküle.

Bedeutende Fortschritte bei der Erforschung des Gehirns haben wir bislang nur auf der obersten und der untersten Ebene erzielen können, nicht aber auf der mittleren.
25.Okt.2004 Hirnforschung im 21. Jahrhundert
"Das Jahrhundert der Hirnforschung"
Carsten Könneker
"Schöne neue Neuro-Welt"
Ulrich Kraft
"Das Manifest"
Heftartikel als PDF-Datei
"Grenzen der Erkenntnis"
Kommentar von Frank Rösler
"Neue Ideen tun Not"
Kommentar von Wolfgang Prinz
"Das Gehirn und seine Semantik"

19.Oct.2004 Aboriginal Healing Forum wraps up on Bitter Note Submitted By: London Free Press ,

An Aboriginal forum convened to build cultural bridges ended on an angry note yesterday when a native teacher said he doesn't forgive whites for stealing his land.

Bruce Elijah, a spiritual teacher from Oneida of the Thames, said Aboriginal people were systematically pushed aside by Europeans who brought smallpox, alcohol and a Bible "based on lies." "I'm told I need to work on forgiveness. I've got a ways to go on that one," Elijah said. "But I will never, ever forget what my people have sacrificed."

The two-day forum was arranged by the Ipperwash Inquiry as a way to promote understanding and healing. The inquiry is examining the 1995 shooting death of native protester Dudley George.

Elijah, the final presenter, said governments in Canada and the United States broke every treaty ever signed with First Nations. For their generosity and trust, he said, 15 million Aboriginal people living east of the Mississippi at the time of Christopher Columbus were nearly wiped out. "Your churches...your military did away with our people."

An uneasy silence grew when Elijah, speaking at the Forest Golf and Country Club, predicted Natives will rise up and take back the land within seven generations.

But it will be done peacefully, not by arms or a coup, he added. "If you teach people the truth, they will take it upon themselves to use it in a good way."

The Ipperwash Inquiry is probing the circumstances surrounding the shooting of George by an Ontario Provincial Police officer in 1995 after a group of Natives occupied Ipperwash Provincial Park, citing the presence of a sacred burial ground. Copyright ©  The London Free Press 2001, 2002, 2003 URL:
Friends of the Lubicon: How a Small Group of People Can Change the World

25.Okt.2004 Sozial-Katechismus des Vatikan: Wider das wilde Leben

25.Okt.2004 Justiz: Oberster Richter der USA schwer erkrankt

25.Okt.2004 Carter über Bush [BGW968]: "Der Präsident hat den Terrorschock ausgenutzt"

25.Okt.2004 Barroso-Krise: EU-Kommission droht Handlungsunfähigkeit

25.Okt.2004 Späte Einsicht: Opel-Management räumt Fehler ein

25.Okt.2004 US-Wahlkampf: "Tretet den Briten in den Hintern"

25.Okt.2004 Dotcomtod: Rückkehr der indiskreten Lästermäuler

25.Okt.2004 Kosmisches Geschoss: Komet soll in Bayern eingeschlagen sein

25.Okt.2004 Norwegen: Arbeitskampf auf Bohrinseln treibt Ölpreis hoch

25.Okt.2004 Mysteriöser Mond: "Cassini" rast im Tiefflug über Titan

25.Okt.2004 Profi-Hippie in Kalifornien: "Ich arbeite für das Peace Department"

25.Okt.2004 Irak: Hunderte Tonnen Spre

25.Okt.2004 Private Weltraumtrips: Captain Kirk will endlich mal ins All

25.Okt.2004 Box Office: Asiatische Schreckensherrschaft

25.Okt.2004 Flüchtlingspolitik: Schily empört über US-Asyl-Urteil

25.Okt.2004 Umfrage: Bush [BGW968] wieder knapp vor Kerry [KFJ966]

25.Okt.2004 VW-Tarifstreit: IG-Metall stellt Konzernspitze Ultimatum

25.Okt.2004 Voll getankt: Betrunkener Tankerkapitän festgenommen

25.Okt.2004 Tolerante Marine: Royal Navy gestattet Satanismus an Bord

25.Okt.2004 Interview mit SPD-Außenpolitiker Voigt: "Kerry [KFJ966] würde weniger ändern, als die Deutschen denken"

25.Okt.2004 "Live Movie" beim ZDF: Angst vor dem Blackout

25.Okt.2004 Gescheiterte Aufholjagd: EU kapituliert vor Wirtschaftsmacht Amerika
Berufsrisiko: Suchtgefahr im OP-Saal

25.Okt.2004 Hoffnungssignal: Geschäftsklima-Index legt überraschend zu

25.Okt.2004 Handy-Strahlenwerte: Tchibofonieren ohne Siegel

25.Okt.2004 Wall-Street-Vorschau: Krumme Geschäfte mit dem Krieg

25.Okt.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Herumstehen ist Freiheit"

25.Okt.2004 Vor US-Wahl: Euro nimmt Kurs auf Rekordhoch

25.Okt.2004 Käuferumfrage: "Geiz-ist-geil-Ära neigt sich zum Ende"

25.Okt.2004 US-Wahl: Teurer Endspurt