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29.Nov.2005 Kungfu Agent for Interpol comes clean on his career as an assassin.
29.Nov.2005 Mystery Saxon whip goes on display in London 
A small leather whip found in a 1,000-year-old rubbish dump may be evidence of the brutal treatment of slaves in Saxon London.
29.Nov.2005 Bowie brings magic to new film role 
Rock idol David Bowie has landed a new movie role, playing the inventor and electrical genius Nikola Tesla.
29.Nov.2005 Thousands still missing in Hurricane Katrina's hardest-hit areas 
The whereabouts of 6,644 people displaced by Hurricane Katrina have not been determined,

raising the prospect that the death toll could be higher than the 1,306 recorded so far in Louisiana and Mississippi, according to two groups working with the federal government to account for storm victims.
29.Nov.2005 Top terrorist 'may be master hypnotist'  
Amid fears that Indonesia's most wanted terrorist will strike again, some police have a new theory: Noordin Top is using hypnotism to elude capture and recruit more suicide bombers. Indonesia's top terrorist is named Noordin Top ? Sounds like the Silver Surfer's brother or a small village in England.
29.Nov.2005 Chinese fortune telling may be 4,500 years old  
New evidence suggests fortune telling has a history of at least 4,500 years in China, state media reported on Wednesday.
Archaeologists arrived at this conclusion after they unearthed a jade tortoise and an oblong jade article in an ancient tomb in Lingjiatan village, east China's Anhui province.
29.Nov.2005 Knuckling under Perceived authority carries much power, studies show Psychological experts say it is human nature to obey orders, no matter how evil they might seem - as was illustrated in one of the most famous and frightening human experiments of the 20th century.

Seeking to understand why so many Germans followed orders during the Holocaust,

00.000.1960+1961 Dr. Stanley Milgram, a Yale University psychologist, took out a classified ad inviting residents of New Haven, Conn.,

to take part in what they were told was a study of the relationship between punishment + learning.
29.Nov.2005 Project Paperclip: Dark side of the Moon. 
Sixty years ago the US hired Nazi scientists to lead pioneering projects, such as the race to conquer space.

These men provided the US with cutting-edge technology which still leads the way today, but at a cost.
29.Nov.2005 Stonehenge's purpose still a matter of debate 

For more than 1,500 years, countless Neolithic and Bronze Age peoples labored to build the mysterious stone structure known as Stonehenge.


What was its purpose? Legend once tied the structure to the Druids, but it was built far earlier than their era and there is no evidence they took any interest in it at all.
The mysterious death this summer of a military ethicist in Iraq, though ruled a suicide, is attracting further investigation.

A story in the Los Angeles Times posits that Col. Ted Westhusing, one of the Army's leading scholars of military ethics, may have been the victim of foul play, as he was getting close to uncovering corruption and human rights violations by US contracting companies in Baghdad.

12.Sep.2005 -published- Lockheed to Lead Archives Project

The National Records and Archives Administration has responsibility for the billions of electronic records that federal agencies produce annually, including architectural plans for federal buildings, weapons systems designs, White House e-mails + memos from every department + agency. By Jason Miller ,
USA: Bush kündigt harten Kurs gegen illegale Einwanderer an

Bootsunglück: Sechs Flüchtlinge ertrinken vor den Kanaren

28.Nov.2005 Israel: Unterstützung für Scharons "Vorwärts" aus der Arbeitspartei
Bootsunglück: Sechs Flüchtlinge ertrinken vor den Kanaren

28.Nov.2005 Israel: Unterstützung für Scharons "Vorwärts" aus der Arbeitspartei
'INFLUENCE FRANÇAISE EN ALLEMAGNE DE 1789 A 1848 (Conférence ... - Ver em HTML ... après avoir repoussé Napo -léon, sembla revenir au regime d'autrefois. ...

DE Becker ou la Garde sur le Rhin ( Die Wacht am Rhein) DE Schneckenburger. ...
Paul Krugman: Age of Anxiety 11/29 28.Nov.2005
The State Attorney in Broward County is Michael Satz.

If you want to get up to speed on Satz, you may want to check out this 2004 New Times story by Bob Norman.

Here's the sub-head: "Broward's top prosecutor loves to protect corrupt public officials." 28.Nov.2005
The Sun-Sentinel's coverage of the
Gus Boulis case includes this noteworthy paragraph:
The Broward County State Attorney's Office stated in court documents that it does not intend to issue subpoenas to either Kidan or Abramoff in the Boulis case.
Web Sites Offer Private Cell Phone Information:

A Problem Solvers investigation has discovered that several Web sites will sell the last 100 phone numbers you have dialed to anyone who knows your phone number.
Israeli professor of military history says " Bush deserves to be impeached" : For misleading the American people, + launching the most foolish war

_0009 -since Emperor Augustus in- sent his legions into Germany and lost them, Bush deserves to be impeached + once he has been removed from office, put on trial along with the rest of the president's men.

If convicted, they'll have plenty of time to mull over their sins.

28.Nov.2005 He Dared to Challenge Power and the Official Consensus : “I have learned from first hand experience that war is the destroyer of all that is good in the world.

It turns our young into soulless killers and we tell them they are “heroes” when they master the art of killing.” Conscientious Objector and Prisoner of Conscience, Sgt Kevin Benderman

28.Nov.2005 Dec 6 - National Day of Counter-Recruitment: Join CINDY SHEEHAN, HOWARD ZINN, DAHR JAMAIL, war resisters PABLO PAREDES + CAMILO MEJIA, Progressive Democrats of America director TIM CARPENTER, Iraq Vets Against the War & Campus Antiwar Network member DAVID AIRHART + many more in supporting this day of counter-recruitment action on 06.Dec.2005 !

28.Nov.2005 Egyptian vote could be bad news for US : The country's rulers, longtime American allies, are starting to show signs of panic:

Police have barred voters from polls and thugs have attacked Brotherhood supporters in recent days in an apparent effort to blunt the group's growing momentum.

28.Nov.2005 EU May Suspend Nations With Secret Prisons : USA has told the European Union it needs more time to respond to media reports that the CIA set up secret jails in some European nations +

transported terror suspects by covert flights, the top EU justice official said Monday.

28.Nov.2005 As we lecture other nations on freedom: US blocked experts from attending Cuba conference:

00.Mar.2004 -As recently as-J. Bolton,then-undersecretary of state for arms control + international security, told the US Congress in written testimony that Cuba "remains a terrorist + (biological weapons) threat to USA."

28.Nov.2005 Rep. Cunningham pleads guilty to conspiracy and accepting bribes: Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham admitted taking $2.4 million in bribes as part of guilty pleas Monday in a case that grew from an investigation into the sale of his home to a wide-ranging conspiracy involving payments in cash, vacations and antiques.

28.Nov.2005 Storm Clouds Gathering : Source: Scandal could take in at least a dozen in Congress

28.Nov.2005 It's Time To Dump The Dems, Support The Green Insurgency: Can anyone still take the Democrats seriously as an opposition party after leaders like Senators Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Hillary Clinton (D-NY) + John Kerry (D-Mass.) + Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) firmly distanced themselves from

17.Nov.2005 Rep. John Murtha's (D-Penn.) call for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq?

28.Nov.2005 Supreme Court rejects appeal by fired FBI linguist : The justices rejected an appeal by Sibel Edmonds, who worked as a contract linguist at the FBI's Washington field office

11.Sep.2001 -from shortly after the attacks until her dismissal 00.Mar.2002 -.

28.Nov.2005 The Ali Mohamed-FBI Bungle: The name "Ali Mohamed" came up briefly in 11.Sep.2001 Commission hearings, but his embarassing relationship with the FBI – + al Qaeda – was brazenly covered up.

28.Nov.2005 ImpeachPAC Announces First Congressional Endorsement: Impeach PAC, a political action committee launched earlier this month to support candidates in next year's congressional election who favor impeachment of Bush [BGW968] + Dick Cheney, today announced its first endorsement.

28.Nov.2005 GM to raise India workforce by 30% America's loss is turning out to be India's gain.

Within days of announcing 30,000 job-cuts in the US, automobile giant General Motors Corp will this week unveil plans to increase its workforce in India by nearly 30%

28.Nov.2005 The ties that tangle Iraq and Iran : What stands out is that Washington resorted to grandstanding in order to cover up the accelerating collapse of its regional policy in Iraq, which surely casts a shadow on the US capacity to force its will on the Iran nuclear issue.

28.Nov.2005 Report says Israel should dismantle nuclear weapons : This, according to a recent report, entitled “Getting Ready for a Nuclear— Ready Iran,”

published by the US Army War College, commissioned + partially funded by the Pentagon, argues that Iran’s nuclear weapon development cannot be stopped by any current military or diplomatic options.

28.Nov.2005 Hussein Argues With Judge as Trial Resumes in Baghdad : Hussein, appeared as defiant today as he did when the trial opened. 19.Oct.2005

On the first day, he refused to recognize the legitimacy of a tribunal set up with US guidance.

Today, he denounced the presence of US guards in the high- security courtroom.

28.Nov.2005 Who is Saddam Hussein ?: While we are feed the sensationalism on every news channel of the Saddam Hussein Trial, it would certainly be honorable to insert some truth and clarity in our coverage

28.Nov.2005 Neocons Floated Idea of Bombing Al Jazeera Before : Sure enough, a search for “bomb al Jazeera” led me to this article,

00.Sep.2003 -written by Frank Gaffney-, in which he recommends “taking out” al Jazeera “one way or another.”
The illusion of phased withdrawal: Whether euphemized as "redeployment" or described frankly as withdrawal, the new strategy has moved into the mainstream. In this new context, the positions still being defended by Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld are beginning to look increasingly marginalized.
Caped Crusaders in a Comic Book War

Our valiant crusaders—oil executives by day, freedom fighters by night—return to the world stage once again - By Jerry Ghinelli

When we last left them, our heroes, Bush Wayne + his trusted companion, Dick Grayson-Cheney, were heading east to Iran to hunt for weapons of mass destruction +

free the Iranian people from the axis of evil + bring American-style democracy to all the good people of the Middle East.  Continued
Fascism then. Fascism now?
When people think of fascism, they imagine Rows of goose-stepping storm troopers and puffy-chested dictators.

What they don't see is the economic and political process that leads to the nightmare. - By Paul Bigioni
Before the rise of fascism, Germany and Italy were, on paper, liberal democracies. Fascism did not swoop down on these nations as if from another planet.

To the contrary, fascist dictatorship was the result of political and economic changes these nations underwent while they were still democratic.

In both these countries, economic power became so utterly concentrated that the bulk of all economic activity fell under the control of a handful of men. Continued.
The Grave Threat Is the Bush Administration - By Paul Craig Roberts
According to news reports, at a US Naval Academy speech on Wednesday, President Bush will announce plans for withdrawing US troops from Iraq. It will be diverting to watch the propagandists at Fox "news" flip-flop with the White House line and explain that now is the time to cut and run after all.

Syrian witness says Hariri's son forced him to lie - By Reuters
A man has appeared on Syrian state television saying Lebanese officials, including the son of Rafik al-Hariri, had forced him to testify falsely to a UN inquiry into the former Lebanese prime minister's assassination.

Where is the Iraq war headed next? By Seymour M. Hersh
The covert war in Iraq has expanded in recent months to Syria.

A composite American Special Forces team, known as an S.M.U., for “special-mission unit,” has been ordered, under stringent cover, to target suspected supporters of the Iraqi insurgency across the border. Continue
America's War: - By Scott Ritter
This is America's war.

This is Bill Clinton's war.

This is the Congress of the USA 's war.

This is an indifferent American public's war.

This is our war.

We're to blame.

We're responsible.

We're the ones that facilitated this mad rush to insanity that has occurred in Iraq today. MP3 + transcript. A must listen
Steinmeiers heikle Mission: Ärger in den USA - oder Ärger zu Hause
Mittelmeergipfel: EU einigt sich auf Anti-Terror-Erklärungen
Vermögende Eidgenossen: Ein Schwede ist reichster Schweizer

28.Nov.2005 Winterchaos im Münsterland: RWE schaltet erneut Strom ab - jetzt wegen Regen
Milliarden-Übernahme: ThyssenKrupp pokert um kanadischen Stahlkonzern

28.Nov.2005 Onlinemedien: "Washington Post" lässt Leser Nachrichten remixen
Ehrgeizige Pläne: 00.000.2020 wollen Chinesen Mond betreten
CIA-Geheimgefängnisse: EU droht Mitgliedsstaaten mit Stimmrechtsentzug
Haushaltsstreit: Blairs Sparpläne erzürnen neue EU-Mitglieder

28.Nov.2005 Münsterland: RWE lehnt Schadenersatz für Stromchaos ab

28.Nov.2005 Interview mit Tarik Asis' Tochter: "Mein Vater wird jeden Tag schwermütiger"
Pestizid-Test: Discounter-Obst teilweise stark belastet
Weltklimagipfel Montreal: Forscher suchen ideale CO2-Gruft
Stromchaos im Münsterland: 25.000 Menschen droht vierte Nacht ohne Strom
Domainnamen-Konkurrenz: Internet ohne .de und .com?
Geld verdienen übers Netz boomt in den USA. 2 % der US-Bürger handeln täglich über Internetseiten mit Waren oder Dienstleistungen.

Jeder sechste US-Amerikaner macht gelegentlich online Geschäfte
Wohlhabende und gut ausgebildete Männer sind unter den privaten Internet-Händlern besonders stark vertreten.

1577 erwachsene Internetnutzer waren für die Studie befragt worden.
Reisenden Kunstliebhabern droht aufgrund von Reizüberflutung Ungemach: Die Sinne scheinen ihnen zu schwinden, der Boden unter ihren Füßen beginnt zu schwanken.

Ende der siebziger Jahre prägte die italienische Psychiaterin Graziella Magherini für dieses Touristenleiden den Begriff "Stendhal-Syndrom", benannt nach dem französischen Schriftsteller, der solche Schwindelgefühle

00.000.1817 -nach dem Betrachten der Fresken in der florentinischen Kirche Santa Croce- erstmals beschrieben hatte.
Raffinierter Farbstoff: Tüftler entwickelt einfarbige Seifenblasen
Irak: Ehemaliger US-Justizminister verteidigt Saddam
Lebensversicherungen: Kommission empfiehlt Senkung des Garantiezinses
Online-Geschäfte: US-Bürger verdienen Geld im Netz

28.Nov.2005 Kunstliebhaber: Meisterwerk lässt Sinne schwinden
Mehrwertsteuer-Erhöhung: Verbraucher wieder pessimistischer
Kaukasus: Kreml-Partei gewinnt Parlamentswahl in Tschetschenien
CIA-Flüge: Steinmeier soll in USA für Klarheit sorgen
Schneechaos in Deutschland: 65.000 Menschen seit drei Nächten ohne Strom

Schätzungsweise 120.000 Menschen im Münsterland gingen heute Abend in die dritte Nacht ohne Strom.

Insgesamt waren nach neuen Angaben der RWE ursprünglich 280.000 Menschen bis in den Raum Osnabrück hinein ohne Strom gewesen, nachdem am Freitag ein Schneechaos über Nordwestdeutschland hereingebrochen war.
In den Kreisen Recklinghausen, Osnabrück, Vechta, Minden-Lübbecke, Grafschaft Bentheim und Teilen des Kreises Emsland sowie in Steinfurt war die Versorgung am Abend wiederhergestellt.
Bis zu einer vollständigen Wiederherstellung der Versorgung könne noch einige Zeit vergehen, sagte RWE-Sprecher Klaus Schultebraucks.

Nach seinen Angaben waren heute fast 300 technische Mitarbeiter von RWE im Einsatz.

Sie bemühen sich unter anderem, durch Verlegung von Ersatzleitungen unterbrochene Leitungsabschnitte zu überbrücken.

Wo Strom aus der Leitung fehlt, sind vielfach mobile Notstromaggregate im Einsatz - insgesamt rund 600.
Schneechaos: Schulen bleiben geschlossen

27.Nov.2005 CIA-Flüge: Koalition und Opposition setzen Steinmeier unter Druck
Irak: Ehemaliger US-Justizminister will Saddam verteidigen
The sole case presented against Osama bin Laden & Al Qaeda for the 11.Sep.2001 bombings was a white paper entitled, "
Responsibility for the terrorist atrocities in USA."

00.Oct.2001 -Published in- by Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the UK, this work acknowledges up front that it would not stand up in a court of law:

"This document does not purport to provide a prosecutable case against Usama Bin Laden in a court of law.

Intelligence often cannot be used evidentially, due both to the strict rules of admissibility and to the need to protect the safety of sources.

But on the basis of all the information available HMG is confident of its conclusions as expressed in this document."

The above statement is a classic example of how the authority of our national security state structure is founded on unaccountability, the antithesis of a truly democratic governing process.

With the intrinsic use of secrecy and wholesale suppression of information, we are consistently relegated to an infantile status of not knowing the full scope of reasoning officials employ in their policy + law-making decisions.
--David Ratcliffe,
We Do Not Know The Actual Sponsorship of 11.Sep.2001 ,from A Summary of Useful Research & References on the 11.Sep.2001 World Trade Center + Pentagon Bombings, 11 Sep 2003

The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear," a three-hour historical film by Adam Curtis recently aired by the British Broadcasting Corp., argues coherently that much of what we have been told about the threat of international terrorism "is a fantasy that has been exaggerated and distorted by politicians. It is a dark illusion that has spread unquestioned through governments around the world, the security services and the international media."
The following is mirrored from its source at:
11.Jan.2005 Is Al Qaeda just a Bush boogeyman? - by Robert Scheer
Los Angeles Times / Creators Syndicate

While the BBC documentary acknowledges that the threat of terrorism is both real and growing, it disagrees that the threat is centralized:

"There are dangerous and fanatical individuals and groups around the world who have been inspired by extreme Islamist ideas and who will use the techniques of mass terror

- the attacks on America + Madrid make this only too clear.

But the nightmare vision of a uniquely powerful hidden organization waiting to strike our societies is an illusion.

Wherever one looks for this Al Qaeda organization, from the mountains of Afghanistan to the 'sleeper cells' in America, the British + Americans are chasing a phantom enemy."

The fact is, despite the efforts of several government commissions and a vast army of investigators, we still do not have a credible narrative of a "war on terror" that is being fought in the shadows.

Consider, for example, that neither the 11.Sep.2001 commission nor any court of law has been able to directly take evidence from the key post-11.Sep.2001 terror detainees held by USA.

Everything we know comes from two sides that both have a great stake in exaggerating the threat posed by Al Qaeda:

the terrorists themselves + the military + intelligence agencies that have a vested interest in maintaining the facade of an overwhelmingly dangerous enemy.

Such a state of national ignorance about an endless war is, as "The Power of Nightmares" makes clear, simply unacceptable in a functioning democracy.
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood wins seats: The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood captured 29 more seats in weekend parliamentary runoff elections, the group and Interior Ministry officials said Sunday, meaning the organization will control at least five times more seats in the new legislature than it does now.

27.Nov.2005 Canning reform: In light of Islamist electoral victories, neoconservatives in Washington about face, seeing democracy in the Middle East as not such a good idea after all

27.Nov.2005 Sharon eyes 'Presidential system' if returned to power: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is eyeing at an overhauling of the Israeli political system if he returns to power, pressing for a 'Presidential system' in which the Premier would be directly elected by people along with regional polls to choose Knesset members.

27.Nov.2005 Europe protests CIA activity on its soil: Outrage in many countries triggers parliamentary inquiries and a handful of criminal prosecutions

27.Nov.2005 European investigator: Large CIA detention bases unlikely" It is possible that there were detainees that stayed 10, 15 or 30 days," Marty told reporters, without referring to any country.

"We do not have the full picture."

27.Nov.2005 Bolton loses British backing for UN tactics: The rare public disagreement between the two close allies comes as the showdown over reforms at the UN's New York headquarters becomes increasingly acrimonious.

27.Nov.2005 Lawmakers Under Scrutiny in Probe of Lobbyis t: Ney and DeLay Among the Members of Congress Said to Be a Focus of Abramoff Investigation

27.Nov.2005 In Terror Cases, Administration Sets Own Rules : The administration has argued, with varying degrees of success, that judges should have essentially no role in reviewing its decisions.

27.Nov.2005 Pentagon Expanding Its Domestic Surveillance Activity : The Pentagon has pushed legislation on Capitol Hill that would create an intelligence exception to the Privacy Act,

allowing the FBI + others to share information gathered about US citizens with the Pentagon, CIA and other intelligence agencies
The Plastic Turkey President : The plastic turkey president was the same president who warned Americans of a potential Saddam-sent mushroom cloud over USA - at a time when US intelligence said Saddam had no nuclear weapons;

27.Nov.2005 While We Were Sleeping: Where Was the Media Between Invasion + Murtha? Networks Gave Vietnam War Twice the Minutes Iraq Gets; Baghdad Bureaus Cut Back; Amanpour: ‘Patronizing’

27.Nov.2005 Clark Arrives to Assist Saddam Defense: Clark has been advising nearly a dozen international lawyers on Saddam's defense team.

He has contended that Saddam's rights have been violated in the legal process following his capture.
Militant looms as Iraq kingmaker : Wielding violence and political popularity as complementary tools, Sadr, the Shiite cleric who has defied the US authorities since the fall of Saddam Hussein, is cementing his role as one of Iraq's most powerful figure

27.Nov.2005 Bush plot to bomb al-Jazeera is a conspiracy theory, says Blair: People who have seen the document say the real reason that it is being suppressed by the Government is because it contains a potentially damaging private discussion between the two leaders about the controversial United States attack on the Iraqi city of Fallujah last year.

27.Nov.2005 The leak that revealed Bush's deep obsession with al-Jazeera : The US president planned to bomb the Qatar-based channel - that was the remarkable claim made in a top-secret memo.

Why is the world's most powerful man so worried about a TV station?

27.Nov.2005 Rumsfeld’s Al-Jazeera outburst: Al-Jazeera was accused by Donald Rumsfeld, the American defence secretary, of broadcasting “vicious, inaccurate and inexcusable” reports about the war in Iraq the day before President George W Bush met Tony Blair at the White House and apparently suggested bombing the station’s headquarters.

27.Nov.2005 So what have they got to hide? Official secrets, lies + the truth about the assault on Fallujah
Abuses as bad as under dictator, claims Allawi: Abuse of human rights in Iraq is as bad now as it was under Saddam Hussein, if not worse,

former prime minister Iyad Allawi said in an interview published yesterday.
'Trophy' video exposes private security contractors shooting up Iraqi drivers : The video has sparked concern that private security companies, which are not subject to any form of regulation either in Britain or in Iraq, could be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent Iraqis.

27.Nov.2005 Bush may signal Iraq drawdown: President Bush plans what is being billed as a major speech on Iraq for Wednesday amid signs that the administration is changing course.
Caped Crusaders in a Comic Book War

Our valiant crusaders—oil executives by day, freedom fighters by night—return to the world stage once again - By Jerry Ghinelli    

When we last left them, our heroes, Bush Wayne and his trusted companion, Dick Grayson-Cheney, were heading east to Iran to hunt for weapons of mass destruction, free the Iranian people from the axis of evil and bring American-style democracy to all the good people of the Middle East.  Continued

Is there any way to make this nation's many naive Christophiles - the ones who jumped every time Ralph Reed snapped his fingers - understand the truth about the thugs who commanded their loyalites? Permalink 27.Nov.2005
An interesting parallel. Daniel Hopsicker pointed out an eerie historical parallel which deserves wider comment.

Here's how Gus Boulis met his end:

06,Feb.2001 -on the night of- Boulis, 51, was driving on Miami Road when a car swerved in front of his BMW + slammed on brakes.

After Boulis stopped, a black Mustang going the opposite way pulled alongside +

its driver fired several shots into Boulis' car.

Boulis drove off + crashed into a tree.

00.000.1987 "Poppy" Bush's friend Don Aronow - the "speedboat king" who was heavily involved with drug-running - was murdered in a substantially similar fashion.

In the Aronow case, the shooter was on foot + the victim was given no chance to try to get away. 27.Nov.2005
Abramoff + beyond -

The Abramoff scandals are turning into one huge mega-scandal,

in which murder,




protection rackets,


the Israel-ueber alles faction +

the Christian right

all flavor the same fetid stew.
First, we have word of earwitness evidence in the murder of Gus Boulis, the fast-food magnate turned casino boat owner, who paid the price for refusing an offer he couldn't refuse:
Sometime between Thanksgiving + Christmas five years ago,

the plan to kill Fort Lauderdale business tycoon Konstantinos "Gus" Boulis unfolded inside a shiny, black Mercedes Benz, if the man who appears to be the state's star witness is to be believed.
From the back seat of the luxury car, Dwayne Lavade Nicholson listened as the man he served as a bodyguard,

Anthony "Little Tony" Ferrari, spoke with another man about a troublesome situation, according to court records make public Wednesday.
The other man, said Nicholson,

was Anthony "Big Tony" Moscatiello, a known associate of deceased New York City mob boss John Gotti + his Gambino crime family.
The conversation, relayed by Nicholson to Fort Lauderdale police detectives three days after Boulis' murder,

discussed the escalating business dispute between Boulis + the men who bought his SunCruz Casino business.

That's Kidan + Abramoff, folks.
According the
Josh Marshall, the Boulis killing has been directly tied to congressional corruption:
You know that when the casino boat line SunCruz was owned by Jack Abramoff + Adam Kidan,

the company paid the men who blew away SunCruz founder Gus Boulis.
Now it turns out they also had the company pay the National Republican Congressional Committee (the House GOP election committee) $10,000 on behalf of Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH).

That was in exchange for Ney's putting anti-Boulis remarks in the congressional record that helped Abramoff + Kidan pressure Boulis to sell them SunCruz.
The guy who helped arrange Ney's anti-Boulis-trash-talking + the later pay-off was none other than Mike Scanlon, who later did public relations work for SunCruz,

in addition to going into the Indian gaming bilking biz with SunCruz owner Abramoff.
Scanlon is the guy who just agreed to testify against, well...everybody in the Abramoff cases. The
Miami Herald has more:

00.000.2000 -When US Rep. Bob Ney assailed the owner of SunCruz Casinos,

it seemed puzzling that an Ohio lawmaker would go out of his way to attack a South Florida businessman who was trying to sell his floating gaming empire.
It turns out, according to federal investigators, Ney publicly called SunCruz founder Konstantinos "Gus" Boulis a "bad apple" in exchange for the company's new owners contributing $10,000 - in his name - to a national campaign fund to help elect Republicans to Congress. More:
In his plea agreement, Scanlon agreed to help federal authorities in Washington + Miami.
He admitted to helping Abramoff + Kidan buy SunCruz by persuading Ney to insert comments into the Congressional Record that were "calculated to pressure the then-owner to sell on terms favorable" to the buyers.
According to court papers, both Scanlon and Abramoff "engaged in a course of conduct through which one or both of them offered and provided a stream of things of value to public officials in exchange for a series of official acts." Finally, this note:
According to federal court records, Kidan also diverted $310,000 from SunCruz to pay for luxury sports skyboxes in the Washington-Baltimore area -- part of Abramoff's GOP fundraising enterprise where he entertained politicians and donors at FedEx Field, MCI Center and Camden Yards.
In a civil court deposition, Kidan said $236,000 in SunCruz profits went for a skybox in Maryland at FedEx Field in 2000.
The rest of the money went for another box at MCI Center in downtown Washington. I hope Ney had a real good time at those games. He may be entering another box soon -- the non -luxury kind, the kind with bars on the door.
Daniel Hopsicker makes
this observation about the Boulis murder, a point I've seen nowhere else: After failing to pay for his purchase of Boulis’ SunCruz casino ship empire, Kidan added injury to insult, investigators now suspect, by using Boulis’ purloined company to pay for his own death. Keep in mind, as you read all this, that Abramoff's major partner in this series of scams was professional Christian Ralph Reed. Reed's major function (if I may over-simplify matters) was to cajole naive fundamentalists into bringing anti-gambling pressures against Indian casinos, who would then pay Abramoff to lobby those troubles away.
"Please don't bomb our supplier..." You know why Blair talked Bush out of bombing Al Jazeera? Because
Qatar (that's where Al Jazeera is) supplies the UK with one-fifth of its gas. Permalink
Jeder zehnte Neuinfizierte trägt resistente Viren
Was den Medizinern trotz aller Erfolge jedoch große Sorgen bereitet, sind die zunehmenden Resistenzen: Gerade solche HIV-Stämme breiten sich immer rascher aus, gegen die verfügbare Medikamente wirkungslos sind. Mittlerweile gibt es gegen alle zugelassenen Präparate bereits Resistenzen.

"In Europa finden wir bei jedem zehnten Neuinfizierten resistente Viren", sagt van Lunzen. "Ich erwarte, dass sich diese Situation in der Zukunft weiter zuspitzt."
"Verantwortlich für diese dramatische Entwicklung sind vor allem wenige Aids-Patienten, welche die Therapie zeitweilig ignorieren und damit später Mitmenschen in Lebensgefahr bringen", betont van Lunzen.

Kein Land der Welt konnte Aids bislang bremsen oder gar aufhalten. Auch Deutschland nicht:

Die Zahl der Neuinfektionen lag hier im ersten Halbjahr 2005 mit 1164 um 20 % höher als im Vorjahr, wie das Robert-Koch-Institut in seinem Halbjahresbericht feststellt.

Der Präsident des Instituts, Reinhard Kurth, zieht eine ernüchternde Bilanz: "Die Entwicklung gibt Anlass zur Sorge.

Weitere Anstrengungen sind nötig, um aufzuklären und zu vermitteln, dass es auch bei verbesserter Therapie keine Heilung der Erkrankung gibt."
Britische Armee: Brutale Schulmädchen- und Doktorspiele bei Rekrutenausbildung
Spektakulärer Ausbruch: Häftlinge fliehen aus Hochsicherheitstrakt
Juckreiz: Wanzen-Alarm in New Yorks Betten
Saddam-Prozess: Richter und Anwälte riskieren Kopf und Kragen

27.Nov.2005 Antrittsbesuch: Steinmeiers heikle Visite in Washington
Insel Kschem: Tote und Verletzte bei Erdbeben in Südiran

27.Nov.2005 Flüchtlingsdrama: Vor Spanien sterben mehr als 20 Menschen
Schneechaos: Winter hat Westeuropa im Griff

27.Nov.2005 Misshandlungen: Britische Rekruten zu barbarischen Ritualen gezwungen
Winterchaos: Armdicke Eismäntel um Stromleitungen
CIA-Flüge: Jagd auf Hercules N8183J

27.Nov.2005 Wintereinbruch: Schneeschock in NRW

27.Nov.2005 Bundeswehr: Jung kündigt höheren Sold bei Auslandseinsätzen an
Atomkonflikt: Steinmeier drängt Iran zum Einlenken
Atomrüstung: Mullahs helfen Stalinisten

27.Nov.2005 DSL-Alternativen: "Breitband" für das platte Land
Aidsforschung: Resistente Erreger breiten sich aus
Winterchaos: Hunderttausende verbringen zweite Nacht ohne Strom
The suit was filed by the law firm of Jones, Verras & Freiberg LLC of New Orleans in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana.

It is document number 02-3721 Section C, Blanchard and Co. Inc. v. Barrick Gold Corp.; J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.; and ABC Companies. A web site is being set up to provide ongoing information,
Barrick Gold Corp. And J.P.Morgan Chase & Co. Accused Of $2 Billion Illegal Gold Market Manipulation

Barrick Gold, JP Morgan Chase Sued for Gold Fraud by BLANCHARD & CO.
The Carlyle-Calpers Scam by BOB CHAPMAN
Gold Market Fraud Lawsuit Survives Hearing by CHRIS POWELL (
GATA Challenges BIll O"Reilly on Gold Scam by BUSINESS WIRE
South African Gold-Still Prey for the British Lion by REGINALD H. HOWE
Gold Cabal Sued for Price Fixing by REGINALD HOWE


Barrick Gold, JP Morgan Chase Sued for Gold Fraud
    by BLANCHARD & CO.

NEW ORLEANS, La. -- An anti-trust lawsuit filed today accuses
Barrick Gold Corp., Toronto + J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.,
New York City, of "unlawfully combining to actively manipulate
the price of gold" + making (US)$2 billion in short-selling
profits by suppressing the price of gold at the expense of
individual investors.
The suit was filed by Blanchard and Co. Inc. of New Orleans, the largest retail dealer in physical gold in USA + by Blanchard clients who bought gold bullion.

Blanchard ( ) is paying the costs of the suit, which asks the federal court to terminate the trading agreements between Barrick + J.P. Morgan Chase + other, as yet unnamed bullion banks.

Blanchard believes its clients have suffered substantial losses as a result of Barrick's + J.P. Morgan Chase's unlawful price manipulation, anti-trust violations + unfair trade practices.
00.000.1987 -"Since the end of-, when the collaboration between Barrick and J....

26.Nov.2005 Der Fraktionschef der Linkspartei, Oskar Lafontaine, forderte die Bundesregierung auf, den CIA-Fluggesellschaften die Lande- + Überflugrechte zu entziehen.

Offenbar hielten sich die USA an keine Regeln, sagte er der Chemnitzer "Freien Presse". 26.Nov.2005,1518,druck-387115,00.html
Grünen-Politiker Hans-Christian Ströbele kritisierte im ZDF, das Nato-Statut gebe der CIA nicht das Recht, von Deutschland aus Menschen in Foltergefängnisse zu bringen.

Er forderte die Frankfurter Staatsanwaltschaft zu Ermittlungen auf.

"Den dort Verantwortlichen kann ich angesichts der im Raum stehenden Vorwürfe nur sagen: Übernehmen Sie!", sagte er der "Frankfurter Rundschau".

Man könne sich auch durch Unterlassung der Folter schuldig machen. 26.Nov.2005,1518,druck-387115,00.html
Nach Iliescus Worten hatte Rumänien den USA lediglich erlaubt, den Militärflughafen Kogalniceanu im Süden des Landes zu benutzen.

Dort sollen nach Angaben Martys geheime Verhöre von Gefangenen stattgefunden haben.
In Bukarest sagte Marty, der CIA habe nach seiner Einschätzung wohl keine größeren Haftanstalten in Osteuropa errichtet.

Es sei aber möglich, dass Häftlinge "zehn, 15 oder 30 Tage" in osteuropäischen Ländern festgehalten wurden, fügte der Schweizer Abgeordnete hinzu. 26.Nov.2005,1518,druck-387115,00.html
Auch Justizministerin Brigitte Zypries hatte im ZDF erklärt, sie hoffe auf eine Stellungnahme aus den USA.

Die ARD berichtete, zumindest eine deutsche Sicherheitsbehörde habe Kenntnis von den Gefangenentransporten der CIA über Deutschland gehabt.

Die ARD nannte keine Details und berief sich auf Informationen ihres Hauptstadtstudios.

Der Bundesverfassungsschutz wollte sich zu dem Thema nicht äußern, der Bundesnachrichtendienst war für eine Stellungnahme zunächst nicht erreichbar.
Das Bundeskriminalamt erklärte, es habe von derartigen Vorfällen keine Kenntnis gehabt.

Mehrere Medien hatten berichtet,

00.000.2002-00.000.2004 -zwischen- seien Flugzeuge der CIA mehr als 80 Mal in Deutschland gelandet.

Hauptdrehkreuz seien dabei die US-Militärflughäfen in Frankfurt + Ramstein gewesen.

Die CIA habe die deutschen Flughäfen auch genutzt, um unrechtmäßig gefangen gehaltene Islamisten zu Verhören ins Ausland zu bringen,

wo sie möglicherweise gefoltert wurden.

Der Europarat + der Europäische Gerichtshof haben bereits Untersuchungen eingeleitet.
15 CIA-Flüge in diesem Jahr
Berlin - Vertreter aus Regierung + Opposition

haben Außenminister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) aufgefordert, die Berichte über angebliche geheime US-Gefängnisse und Gefangenentransporte in Europa bei seinem Antrittsbesuch in Washington

in der nächsten Woche zu thematisieren.

"Ich gehe davon aus, dass Steinmeier dieses Thema in Washington ansprechen wird", sagte Unionsfraktionsvize Wolfgang Bosbach (CDU) der "Welt am Sonntag".

Die USA müssten ein Interesse daran haben, sagte Bosbach, nicht in falschen Verdacht zu geraten.
Auch Grünen-Chefin Claudia Roth sagte dem Blatt:

"Ich erwarte, dass Außenminister Steinmeier diese Frage bei seiner USA-Reise anspricht + die rückhaltlose Aufklärung dieser Flüge einfordert."

Der Außenminister müsse deutlich machen, "dass es hierbei um völkerrechtliche Verpflichtungen + die Wahrung von Menschenrechten geht", sagte die Parteivorsitzende.

Steinmeier reist am Montag in die USA.
Der innenpolitische Sprecher der FDP-Bundestagsfraktion, Max Stadler, forderte ein gemeinsames Vorgehen der EU-Staaten.

"Das ist ein brisanter Vorgang", sagte Stadler der "Welt am Sonntag".

"Wir wollen keine Vorverurteilungen treffen, aber wir brauchen eine umgehende Aufklärung durch die Bundesregierung."
"Was zu lesen ist, gibt Anlass zur Besorgnis",1518,druck-387115,00.html

CIA-Geheimflüge: Steinmeier soll von US-Regierung Aufklärung verlangen
26.Nov.2005 Top 37 results of at least 64 retrieved for the query < host:
> (Details)

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USE "CTRL" + "F" to search for 1 Name. /

Dominators.demise.Halliburton Buried as Investors Stop Believing - El Segundo, Calif. -

20041212 01.Dec.2004 GAO questions nuclear industry's security efforts -

A California teacher has been barred by his school from giving students documents from USA history that refer to God - including the Declaration of Independence.

Ask Jeeves


Diebold. Diebold Diebold's. Define DESKEY((des_KEY8F2654hd4" Diebold.

F2654hd4. KEYDieboldkey.

This second coup d'etat is either stopped now or USA America ceases to be. a cabal of powerful men secretly controls world events

20041009 But never, Pavitt said Friday, does he recall anything like "the viciousness + vindictiveness" now playing out in a battle between those aligned with the White House + the CIA.

The tensions have simmered for years, mostly over Iraq.

01.Dec.2004 Asia Times - Asia's most trusted ...

20041016 Im Krieg gegen den Terrorismus sei die Waffe der Desinformation [PROPAGANDA] unverzichtbar,

200504280517 Search Mega Group. Mega Group. Mega Group. Sharon. Sharon. Sharon !

20050405 BERNAYS. Bernays. Bernays. Bernays


20041029 Greenhouse, die geheimen Akten der Vierjahresplanbehörde. geheimen Akten der Vierjahresplanbehörde.

20041119 Breakthrough: Florida vote fraud. Florida Bushs automatischer Wahlsieg. Jetzt also auch Florida . -

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20050126 ... SOVHISPAN, all Spanish state-owned Carlos Jones has lived in Argentina ...

25.Jan.2005 Bush Inauguration Speech: A "Vacuous Sermon," A "Global Crusade ... ...

00.000.1987 -Established- Carlyle Group FIRM PROFILE The Carlyle Group is a private ...

02.Nov.2004 Presidential Election: Who Won The Popular Vote ? An Examination of the Comparative Validity of Exit Poll + Vote Count Data by Jonathan D. Simon, J.D. + Ron P. Baiman, Ph.D.

29.Dec.2004 Executive Summary:

Use "CTRL" + "F" to Find 1 Name

Bush [BGHW948] is alleged to had a close relationship with Gelli, Lucio, the infamous head of the P2 P-T masonic lodge. ...

20041227 We really have no choice. It is not, in the end, about business practices, nor is the goal to improve figures on the bottom line. It's really about the security of the USA. ...

.. never used his office for personal gain, calls ...


20041018 Independence Day for all Oppressed Peoples " - Anonymous Graffiti sprayed on wall in Plaza Real, Barcelona, Spain ,

Bush [BGW968]


MoonMoon's. MoonMoon 'sMoon's. perception management,"

Howard refuses to congratulate Bush [ BGW968 ] methodically conditioned. is sure to come.


26.Nov.2005 Search results for Morgan -SUCHEN - PROCURE -1,8 MB-

Rockefeller authentico ...


14.Mar.2003 Tagebuch aus Bagdad


Von Christoph Maria Fröhder

Die Sieger sind in Bagdad angekommen.

Sie sind leicht zu erkennen.

Sie sitzen meist ...

20010912_predicted_2000911 12.Sep.2001 We predicted it : < We predicted it" | -


CARTA de Mia Couto AO RESIDENTE BUSHSenhor Presidente: Sou um escritor de uma nação pobre, um país que já esteve na vossa lista negra. Milhões de moçambicanos desconheciam que mal vos ...

Search for Kissinger,Henry.html

Henry -illegal right now;

unconstitutional-take ...



Der Korrespondent der ARD in Bagdad , Stephan Kloss, berichtete am Morgen, alle privaten Satelliten-Anbieter in Bagdad , die für die ausländischen TV-Journalisten arbeiteten, hätten ...

250403antiwarblogg.htmlTo the deaf, a shout is as good as a whisper .“

Den Blinden erscheint alles plötzlich“

"Die Brutalisierung der ...


16.Apr.2003 22:46:41 AMERIKANISCHE KRIEGSKOSTEN 63 Milliarden für den Krieg, 2,5 Milliarden für den Wiederaufbau ...

010403antiwarblogg.html THE NEW AMERICAN SOLDIERS PRAYER (NO JOKE ) :

"I have committed to pray for you (THE PRESIDENT!), your family, your staff + our troops during this time of uncertainty + tumult. May ...

050403antiwarblogg.html Jeglicher Widerstand gegen die Politik der kuweitischen Regierung bleibt aus. Eine ...


The Web of Evil - Das innere Band der Geschichte - O Padrao do Pre ésente - Das Verbrechen hat Name und Anschrift -

Die Ihr hier eintretet,laßt von Euch fahren allen Zweifelmut !“ [ Dante,„Göttliche Komödie... You searched for propaganda. >selber suchen> search authentico-historia > 1.


28.Jul.2004 Redmond - Der größte Softwarekonzern weltweit zählt derzeit 57.000 Mitarbeiter, 28.000 Angestellte tummeln sich rund um den Hauptsitz Redmond im USA ...

2004072021_Report Vertraulicher Anti- Terror -Bericht lag am Straßenrand

Ein Londoner Geschäftsmann konnte sich jetzt ein genaues Bild darüber machen, wie sich die Polizei auf einen möglichen ...
Morgenstern,Susie geb.1945 Als ich erstmal sechzehn war ... Wie komm ich nur zu Geld - "C'est pas juste",dt. von Peter Prange + Ute Mäurer,Benziger

00.000.1986 Hallo Sarah! Hier ist Salah "Les deux moitiés de l'amitié",dt. von Peter Prange,Arena

00.000.1988 Als ich ...

Neue Bush-Doktrin im strengen,objektiven Sinn des Wortes imperialistisch
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1839-1937 Rockefeller, John Davison b. Richford, N.Y. American ... at age 16 went to work as a bookkeeper.

Rockefeller, John Davison moved with his family to a farm near Cleveland, 00.000. 1853

Rockefeller , John Davison Frugal + industrious,became a partner in a ...

29.Nov.2002 STOP BrIZANTIO NOW ! ... which broke in half + sank off the coast of Spain

00.Nov.200- -in the third week of-, was an aging oil tanker operating under a "flag of convenience" - registered with a „ nation “ unconnected with its ...

04.Dec.2002 Greenpeace continues to campaign -< Greenpeace continues to campaign against unsafe oil tankers in the aftermath of the disastrous Prestige ...

00.000.0870 URKUNDEN Treaty at Aix Between Louis II & Charles the Bald Concerning the Division of the Kingdom of Lothar II -SOURCE ->

07.Dec.2002 The Israelization of America.htm ... with a sense of both foreboding + dislocation.

The brutal tactics of the Israeli "Defense" Forces have been denounced for decades by human rights groups, the UN + ...

12.Dez.2002 DOW AND BHOPAL A message from Greenpeace web editor Tom ... I have just returned from 3 weeks in India working with the survivors of the

00.000.1984 Bhopal poison gas disaster that killed 20 .000 people - the world's worst industrial accident. To witness, firsthand ...


2003 Lies Father, Lies Son -updte-KEY-INFORMATION ON Present EVENTS < Bush -Nazi-Connection02 Bush -Nazi-Connection01

15.Feb.2003 Iraq Bans Weapons of ...

17.May 2002 Bush Is Lying A BUZZFLASH NEWS ANALYSIS.htm

Bush is lying.

It's that simple.

Today, in an effort to stop his presidency from hemorrhaging its ...

02.Dec.2002 Senators WARN - More terrorism if war starts

The Register-Guard, the main daily newspaper for Eugene, Springfield + Lane County, Oregon. News ...

US intelligence officials believe terrorists are planning attacks inside the US to ...

02.Dec.2002 Safra, Edmond Nurse,m, jailed for billionaire's death.htm

02.Dec.2002 Safra, Edmond Nurse ,m, jailed for billionaire's death <<

Maher wanted "to win greater respect"

An American male nurse has been sentenced to 10 years in ...

130 Warum Amerikaner fast alles glauben -D- ORIGINAL -E -

DEN BLINDEN begegnet alles plotzlic ...

Jesus + family values ... USA is in no sense founded upon the Christian doctrine." George Washington

"As the government of USA of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion ..."

24.May 2002 Bush,GW.on S.Hussein,25.05.2002 Guardian on US spraying ... Bush GW.on S. Hussein ,

00.000.1941 Gassing begins at Auschwitz with 250 „mental“ patients ...


Bush , George W., Knight of Eulogia GENERATIONAL WITCHCRAFT

" Bush men have been Yale men + ...

Der Weg der Nicht-Methode ist der Weg aller Buddhas.htm ... MORE SAYINGS :

00.000.1940 BUCK ACT - to CREATE a FEDERAL AEREA ... that land located within the exterior boundaries of a State "shall be deemed to be a Federal area located within such State .( " ) 1940 <


"Os EUA são a única democracia do mundo em que a extrema-direita ...

21.Dec.2001 Bush,G.W.-Fabulous year for Laura + me.htm

All in all, it's been a fabulous year for Laura and me.“ Bush ,G.W. (Apparently the deaths of almost 3 ...

09.Feb.2003 Schweinfurt - U$ -$oldat täU$chte Anschlag auf sich vor ...

Gemeinsam gestalten wir... Antikriegsdemonstration .. 14.-.15 .FEBRUAR.20 03 >

Kissinger,H.-illegal right now;unconstitutional-take a little longer ...

Bernays, Edward L. impact -public relations in America - This is evident in the popular folklore that surrounds so-called "subliminal advertising."

Whether or not "sex" is actually hidden in the ice cubes in liquor ads, the fact that people ...

20041027 20041027

26.Okt.2004 ...

20021122 22.Nov.2002 Das Web wurde durchsucht nach Dulles##+Bush ... authentico authentico -historia authenticamigos

2002 11 22 22.Nov.2002 Dulles ## Bush ## Gehlen ## Harriman ## G lobal Intelligence - Nw U $ * SHADO W - O F THE SWASTICA ...


May the Universe Bless us with the Profound Awareness of our Unity." Stupidity ...

19.Sep.2002 Transcript from USA"Senate 'Armed Services Committee ...

The Dean of the Congress - The West Virginian of the 20th Century

Corporate PROPAGANDA experts see US PEOPLE as "a herd waiting to be laid"

EXPOSING THE BUSINESS PROPAGANDISTS- Corporate PR experts see people as -a herd waiting to be led- By Ed Finn < One of the reasons - arguably the main reason - why the big ...

Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything - By altering his brain chemistry with natural psychotropics, Huxley tapped into a rich + fluid world of shimmering, indescribable beauty power.

With his neurosensory input thus ...

06.Oct.2002 Bernays,Edward L.,Father of PR & Propaganda-e.a.

The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political + economic ad ...

08.Jan.2003 Ex-Bush speechwriter: I was to provide a justification for ...

Ex- Bush speechwriter - I was to provide a justification for war - What's Left

January 8, 2003 Ex- Bush speechwriter : I was to provide a ...

BERNAYS EDWARD L NETWORK of RELATIONS,BERNAYS,MURRAY C PROPAGANDA PR! A Social History of Spin 00.000.1996 (3-18, 34-5, 146, 159-72, 190, 215, 294, 361-2, 373-80, 399-400) Green,F.

00.000.1988 American Propaganda Abroad . (13-4) Hersh,B.

00.000.1992 The Old Boys . (338)

Immerman,R. The CIA ...

authentico index ... describes in minute detail, the Bush [BGW966] administration' s preparations in the case of a terror ist attack by an out side enemy named the „ Universal Adversary“ (UA). 07.Jun.2005

Bernays, Edward L. Freud's American nephew & disciple

The Science of Ruling

It all began with Sigmund Freud . More precisely,..


01. " Jeder hat das Recht , sich selbst zu verteidigen " , sagte Bush im kanadischen Kananaskis, wo er sich im Vorfeld eines Gipfeltreffens der ... -

02.Dec.2002 Privacy concerns push conservatives to ACLU - The Register-Guard, the main daily newspaper for Eugene, Springfield + Lane County, Oregon.

News ...

+ USA government's expansive campaign of monitoring + detention, people are turning ...

02.Dec.2002 'Osama's 'Letter to America' - View from the left' Harley Sorensen:

02.Dec.---- Date: Monday, December 02 @ 09:55:39 EST Topic: War & Terrorism By Harley Sorensen, San Francisco Chronicle Harley Sorensen is ...

Charles Russell [Lord Killowen] 1832-1900 [Lord Russell of Killowen]; b. Ballybot [var. Killane DIH], nr. Newry, Co. Down; ed ... 7---------8---------9---------0---------1---------2---------3---------4-1942 Charles Taze 1852 ...

The Dissenting Internet - progressive "log-ons" we visit regularly-all ...


Here are the progressive "log-ons" that we visit regularly.

We recommend them all.

And if you are especially ...

07.Dec. 2002 9-11 Inquiry Recommends US Intelligence Changes WASHINGTON - (Reuters) A draft report of the congressional inquiry into 11.Sep.2001-related intelligence ...

29.Jan.2002 Bush asked Sen.Maj.Lead.T.DaschleD personally to limit ... Sept.11 probes! ..

15.Jan.2003 USA of America Has Gone Mad <

The author has also contributed ...
Jan.1970-31.Dec.1997 Timeline Mexico ... to life in prison.

00.000.1989 Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo was arrested for complicity in the murder ... was to turn Agualeguas, the lost family patrimony, into his official retreat ...
26.Nov.2005 Fitrakis for Guv? Bob Fitrakis - the editor of the Free Press who has sone so much remarkable work exposing Ohio vote fraud -- plans to run for governor of that state.

He's a Green.
And I don't know what to think.
On one hand, my realist side counsels against voting for any candidate who has no chance of winning.

On the other hand, the idealist in me says that we can't let such presumptions dictate the choice of conscience.

On the third hand...look, cah-MON, he really, really doesn't have any chance of winning.

On the fourth hand, what non-Republican does have a chance of winning in an election game rigged by Kenny the kapo?

Ohio elections have become surrealist exercises anyways.

On the fifth hand, Fitrakis will surely discuss the vote fraud issue during the campaign -

- AND he'll be well-positioned to mount challenges to the official tally.
Hm. You know, that "fifth hand" position is pretty persuasive.

Okay, I'm sold.

Fitrakis for Governor ! Permalink
Amnesty werde an seine weltweit zwei Millionen Mitglieder appellieren, mit Briefen an den britischen Premierminister gegen diese Politik zu protestieren.

Außerdem wolle die Organisation international Druck aufbauen, um zu verhindern, dass Verdächtige in Länder ausgeliefert werden können, die Folter anwenden.
Kritisch äußerte sich auch der Labour-Abgeordnete Mike Gapes, Vorsitzender des Parlamentsausschusses für Außenpolitik:

"Die Tatsache, dass die Regierung jetzt bereit scheint, Beweise zu nutzen, die unter Folter erpresst wurden, ist ein beunruhigendes Signal.

Das könnte nämlich bedeuten, dass - während wir Folter allgemein verurteilen - manche Länder das Gefühl bekommen, sie haben grünes Licht für Folter, wenn sie dabei Beweise für Terrorismus sammeln."

Amnesty startet Kampagne gegen Blair
Amnesty International beschuldigt Großbritannien, im Kampf gegen den Terror die Folter von Verdächtigen zu akzeptieren.

Die Menschenrechtsorganisation will morgen eine bislang beispiellose weltweite Anti-Folter-Kampagne gegen die Regierung von Tony Blair starten.

London - Amnesty International (ai) reagiere mit der Aktion auf Äußerungen aus dem UK Außenministerium, wonach Informationen, die durch Folter in einem anderen Land erlangt wurden,

durchaus genutzt werden könnten, um Terroranschläge zu vereiteln, berichtet die Zeitung "Independent".
Der spanische Zivilschutz gab wegen heftiger Schneefälle, Eisglätte und stürmischer Winde für 11 der 17 Regionen des Landes Unwetterwarnungen heraus.

Betroffen ist vor allem die Nordhälfte Spaniens, wo am Samstag bereits mehrere Straßen für den Verkehr gesperrt werden mussten.

Zudem waren rund 70 Pässe geschlossen oder nur mit Ketten befahrbar, wie die Behörden mitteilten.
Die «Polarkälte» ließ die Temperaturen in der Nacht vielerorts unter den Gefrierpunkt fallen, die Schneefallgrenze sank auf 300 Meter.

Etwas wärmer soll es nach Angaben der Meteorologen erst vom Montag an werden. Auf den Kanarischen Inseln freuten die Menschen sich dagegen am Wochenende über frühlingshafte Temperaturen bis 22 Grad.
In den Niederlanden und Großbritannien verursachte der Wintereinbruch ebenfalls massive Probleme.
Verzweiflung machte sich nachts bei denen breit, die stundenlang in der Bahn eingeschlossen waren:

"Bei uns liegen die Nerven blank", sagte ein 38 Jahre alter Mann, der gemeinsam mit rund 400 weiteren Fahrgästen in einem Intercity-Zug aus Köln festsaß.

"Wir wissen nicht einmal, wo wir sind. Wir warten immer wieder irgendwo im Niemandsland. Keiner informiert uns."
Chaos auf den Autobahnen

Heftige Schneefälle von in der Region bisher nicht gekanntem Ausmaß und stürmischer Wind hatten das gesamte Münsterland in der Nacht zum Freitag in ein Winterchaos gestürzt.

In den Kreisen Borken und Steinfurt wurde Katastrophenalarm ausgelöst. Hunderte mussten die Nacht in ihren Autos verbringen, weil Straßen und Autobahnen unpassierbar waren.

Der Zugverkehr brach zusammen. Am Hauptbahnhof Münster nächtigten rund 50 Menschen in einem Luftschutzbunker, weil weder Züge noch Taxis verkehrten und umliegende Hotels ausgebucht waren.

Sie wurden von Technischem Hilfswerk und Feuerwehr versorgt.
Schnee, Eis und Sturm legten auch die Region Osnabrück (Niedersachsen) und das Grenzgebiet zu den Niederlanden lahm. Mehrere hundert Reisende steckten stundenlang in Zügen fest.

Andere wurden in Notquartieren wie Turnhallen und Schulen untergebracht. Sie konnten ihre Reise nicht fortsetzen, weil Schnee und umgestürzte Bäume die Schienen blockierten.

"Das war das blanke Chaos", sagte ein Polizeisprecher.
Tief "Thorsten"

Das rund 4,6 Milliarden Jahre alte Gestein soll auch neue Aufschlüsse über die Entstehung unserer Galaxie liefern.
Erstmals in der Geschichte der Raumfahrt ist es gelungen, Gestein von einem Asteroiden zu nehmen. Eine japanische Sonde schoss eine Probe aus dem Himmelskörper.

Die Forscher haben das Ziel, die Erde vor möglichen Kollisionen zu schützen.
Schneechaos: Wintersturm kappt Stromleitungen für 250.000 Menschen
Afghanistan: US-Truppen bestreiten absichtliche Leichenschändung

26.Nov.2005 CIA: US-Militär bestreitet Geheimgefängnis im Kosovo
Friedensmission: Steinmeier sieht Bundeswehr noch viele Jahre in Afghanistan
Streit über Folter: Amnesty startet Kampagne gegen Blair
Fahndung: Maut-System als Terror-Falle

26.Nov.2005 Schneechaos: 250.000 Menschen sind ohne Strom
Nach der neuen Mondgesteinsuntersuchung, die jetzt im Fachjournal "Science" veröffentlicht wurde, beträgt das Alter des Erdtrabanten 4527 Millionen Jahre.

Die Ungenauigkeit betrage lediglich noch zehn Millionen Jahre, hieß es.

Die Forscher um Thorsten Kleine von der Universität Münster hatten die Häufigkeit des Isotops Wolfram-182 im Mondgestein untersucht, das bei Apollo-Missionen eingesammelt worden war.

Das Isotop ist teilweise aus radioaktivem Hafnium-182 entstanden, das nach geologischen Maßstäben sehr schnell zerfällt.

Die Menge von Wolfram-182 gibt daher relativ genauen Aufschluss über das Gesteinsalter.
Die neuen Erkenntnisse geben auch Einblicke in die Entstehungsgeschichte der Erde, erklärten die Wissenschaftler.

Schließlich hätten Erde und Mond eine gemeinsame Vorgeschichte. Nach der weithin anerkannten Giant-Impact-Theorie entstand der Mond, als ein etwa Mars-großer Planet mit der Protoerde kollidierte.

Die Trümmer der Kollision bildeten eine Scheibe um die Erde, woraus sich der Mond formte.
Die freigesetzte Energie hat einen Großteil des Mondes aufgeschmolzen und einen Magma-Ozean erzeugt.

Nach den neuen Ergebnissen muss der Magma-Ozean auf dem Mond sehr schnell, in weniger als 20 Millionen Jahren, komplett erstarrt sein.

Die jetzt vorgestellten Ergebnisse lieferten wichtige Belege für die Hypothese des "Giant Impact", erklärten die Forscher.
Sie simulierten diese Druckänderungen mithilfe einer Blutdruckmanschette.

Wenn Gefäßwände nicht oder nur schwach auf derartige Änderungen im Durchfluss reagieren, gilt das als frühes Warnsignal für eine Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankung.
Das Ergebnis war eindeutig: Der Konsum von phenolreichem Olivenöl verbesserte die Anpassungsfähigkeit der Gefäßwände an schnelle Schwankungen der Blutmenge.

Kein Effekt zeigte sich dagegen nach der Einnahme von phenolarmem Öl, berichtet Juan Ruano von der Universität in Cordoba im Fachmagazin "Journal of the American College of Cardiology" (Bd. 46, S. 1.864).
Nahrungsmittel wie Hamburger oder Pommes, die reich sind an anderen Fetten als Olivenöl, verschlechtern hingegen die Dehnfähigkeit der Gefäßwände und damit die Blutzirkulation.

Wie sich eine fettreiche Mahlzeit auf die Blutzirkulation auswirkt, hänge also von der Art des enthaltenen Fettes ab, schreiben die Forscher.

Konsumenten sollten möglichst nach Olivenölsorten greifen, die mit "virgin" oder "extra virgin" bezeichnet werden: Sie weisen den höchsten Phenolgehalt auf.
Raumfahrt: Erfolgreiche Attacke auf Asteroiden
CIA: Mehr Gefangenen-Flüge als bisher bekannt

26.Nov.2005 Altersbestimmung: Mond ist 4527 Millionen Jahre alt
CIA allegedly flying terrorist suspects via German airports : Terror suspects detained by the US DE-Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) landed at American airbases in Germany, a newspaper reported Friday.

25.Nov.2005 Amnesty International: Torture is killing a person without them dying: One US research group estimates there to be some eight to 15 secret detention sites throughout the world in at least eight countries.

It's believed that detainees are being moved from site to site to evade public knowledge and scrutiny and that foreign intelligence agents are being used to extract information, usually through torture and ill-treatment.

25.Nov.2005 Video: Secrets of the CIA

25.Nov.2005 Secret British document accuses Israel : A confidential Foreign Office document accuses Israel of rushing to annex the Arab area of Jerusalem,

using illegal Jewish settlement construction + the vast West Bank barrier, in a move to prevent it becoming a Palestinian capital.

25.Nov.2005 Secret EU report launches scathing attack on Israel : European governments should consider direct intervention

in an attempt to curb the systematic measures being undertaken by Israel to increase its control + population in the historically - + legally - Arab eastern sector of Jerusalem, a highly sensitive EU report concludes.

25.Nov.2005 Chávez the Bush baiter : Hugo Chávez knows how to wind up the US government.

His latest wheeze - selling discounted home heating oil to chilly residents of Massachusetts - follows his offer to help victims of Bush administration bungling over Hurricane Katrina.

But the Venezuelan president's tweaking of Washington noses extends beyond weather-related crises.

25.Nov.2005 Ukraine demands 'genocide' marked : Ukraine has designated 26 November as an official day of remembrance for victims of "Holodomor" - meaning murder by hunger - and other political crackdowns.

25.Nov.2005 US Poor Expected to Bear Brunt of Budget-Cutting Measures: A budget-cutting bill that passed the US House of Representatives last week has left countless groups -

especially those advocating on behalf of the poor and the environment--devastated by what they say is irresponsible favoritism of rich individuals and corporations.

25.Nov.2005 Paul Krugman : Bad for the Country : GM's woes are yet another reminder of the urgent need to fix our health care system.

It's long past time to move to a national system that would reduce cost, diminish the burden on employers who try to do the right thing and relieve working American families from the fear of lost coverage.

25.Nov.2005 Carbon dioxide levels highest in 650,000 years: studies : With the first in-depth analysis of the air bubbles trapped in the ice core of east Antarctica,

scientists have discovered that today's atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are the highest in 650,000 years.
Andrew Greeley: Is Bush lying about his lies?: Not only did the Bush administration deceive the American people about the reasons for invading Iraq, it is now deceiving them about the deceptions.

25.Nov.2005 Crude Designs: The Rip-Off of Iraq’s Oil Wealth : While the Iraqi people struggle to define their future amid political chaos + violence,

the fate of their most valuable economic asset, oil, is being decided behind closed doors.

25.Nov.2005 15,000 hepatitis cases reported in Baghdad neighborhood: The investigation shows dramatic increases not only in hepatitis, a serious disease of the liver, but also in cases of major communicable diseases.

25.Nov.2005 Taliban's letter with the body: 'India, stop work, we fighting America': The note found on Maniyappan's body asks India not to intervene in Taliban's fight against the US + demands stoppage of all work.

25.Nov.2005 US ran Guantanamo-style prison in Kosovo : The Council of Europe's Human rights commissioner Alvaro Gil-Robles said he had been 'shocked' by conditions at

the barbed wire-rimmed centre inside a US military base, which he witnessed in 2002.

25.Nov.2005 Thanksgiving in the CIA's Secret Prisons: The inmates rarely see daylight + the CIA gives them the bare minimum to make sure they do not die in US custody.

That includes the cans of Ensure and shots of vitamin B12.
Chris Floyd: First Light : We should take heart from events like Murtha's declaration and Bush's freefall in the polls.

There has been a shift in the political landscape, which provides cautious but credible grounds for hope of some measure of change.

Not a false triumphalism, for there is never any final "triumph" in human affairs; there is only the continual, never-ending task of trying to rise above our worst instincts.
US already planning Iraq pullout, lawmakers say : The lawmakers' remarks are among the first indications that concrete steps are being taken to redeploy some of the 160,000 troops currently in Iraq

25.Nov.2005 Poland to withdraw troops from Iraq next year: Poland will pull its troops out of Iraq 00.000.2006 but it may move the deadline for withdrawal from January to mid-year, Polish Defense Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said on Friday.

25.Nov.2005 Lithuania to Withdraw Part of Troops from Iraq

25.Nov.2005 Doubts Now Surround Account of Snipers Amid New Orleans Chaos -By James Rainey
A teenager critically wounded that day, speaking about the incident for the first time, said in an interview that police shot him for no reason, delivering a final bullet at point-blank range with what he thought was an assault rifle. Members of another family said one of those killed was mentally disabled, a childlike innocent who made a rare foray from home in a desperate effort to find relief from the flood.

Mainstream journalism is the voice of rampant power -By John Pilger
The Indian writer Vandana Shiva has called for an "insurrection of subjugated knowledge." The insurrection is well under way. In trying to make sense of a dangerous world, millions of people are turning away from the traditional sources of news and information and to the World Wide Web, convinced that mainstream journalism is the voice of rampant power.

Torture claims 'forced US to cut terror charges' -By Jamie Wilson in Washington
The Bush administration decided not to charge Jose Padilla with planning to detonate a radioactive "dirty bomb" in a US city because the evidence against him was extracted using torture on members of al-Qaida, it was claimed yesterday.

Indictment Portrays Padilla as Minor Figure in a Plot -By NEIL A. LEWIS
Among the overt acts that the government says demonstrate his participation in the conspiracy is his 1996 application for a passport.

Verschärfte Diktatur: Weißrussland stellt politische Opposition unter Strafe

Gefangenentransporte auch über Portugal
Die Affäre um angeblich geheime Gefangenentransporte der CIA weitet sich aus. Nun meldet auch Portugal verdächtige Flüge.

Lissabon - Wie in zahlreichen anderen europäischen Ländern gibt es nun auch in Portugal den Verdacht, dass der amerikanische Geheimdienst dort verbotene Aktionen durchgeführt hat.

00.000.2002-00.000.2004 - Bestehe bei 34 Flügen der Verdacht, dass sie zum Transport mutmaßlicher islamischer Terroristen genutzt wurden.

Das berichtet die angesehene Zeitung "Diário de Notícias" heute.
Besonders akut sei dieser Verdacht bei einer Maschine, die im 00.Nov.2003 zum US-Militärstützpunkt Guantánamo auf Kuba geflogen sei +

auf den zu Portugal gehörenden Azoren einen Zwischenstopp eingelegt habe.
Der portugiesische Außenminister Diogo Freitas do Amaral hatte kürzlich betont, dass der Regierung bislang keine Anhaltspunkte für illegale Gefangenentransporte vorlägen.

Das Verteidigungsministerium führe eine Untersuchung.
In einem Wohngebiet von Jakarta, in dem das jüngste Todesopfer lebte, wurden am Freitag rund 400 Hühner + andere Vögel getötet.

Arbeiter in Schutzanzügen verbrannten die Kadaver zusammen mit Käfigen und Ställen.

Im Gegensatz zu anderen Ländern werden in Indonesien nicht routinemäßig Hühner geschlachtet, sobald ein Verdachtsfall gemeldet wird.

Die Behörden erklärten, sie hätten nicht die nötigen Mittel, um die betroffenen Bauern zu entschädigen.
Auch in Vietnam ist die Vogelgrippe nicht zu stoppen, wie staatliche Medien berichteten.

Der neueste Fall sei aus der Provinz Long An im Mekong-Delta gemeldet worden, hieß es.

00.Oct.2005 -Seit- wurden im ganzen Land mehr als eine Million Hühner getötet.

In der Provinz Tien Giang floh ein Mann aus einem Krankenhaus, der möglicherweise mit der Vogelgrippe infiziert ist.

Die Zeitung "Tuoi Tre" berichtete, der Mann sei zunächst auf eine Isolierstation verlegt worden.

Er habe jedoch noch einige persönliche Dinge kaufen wollen und sei nicht wieder aufgetaucht.

Der Mann sei eine Woche vor seiner Erkrankung mit kranken Hühnern in Kontakt gekommen.
In China hat sich die Lage ebenfalls zugespitzt.

Die nordwestchinesische Region Xinjiang meldete den siebten Vogelgrippe-Ausbruch in nur zehn Tagen, wie die amtlichen Medien heute berichteten.

Das gefährliche Virus H5N1 sei auf einem Bauernhof in Turpan nachgewiesen worden.

Mehr als 5000 Tiere im Umkreis von drei Kilometern seien vernichtet worden.

00.Oct.2005 -Seit Mitte- sind damit in China schon 22 Fälle der Geflügelseuche berichtet worden.
Entstanden ist die rotierende Struktur möglicherweise Anfang 2004, vermuten die Forscher.

Eine mögliche Erklärung, wie es dazu kam, lieferten ihnen Computersimulationen: Demnach könnte einer der winzigen Begleiter des Saturn, ein Steinbrocken namens S/2004 S6,

beim Durchtritt durch den F-Hauptring Material aus diesem herausgeschleudert haben, aus dem sich dann allmählich die rotierende Spirale bildete.
00.000.2009 -Ende- wird Prometheus, einer der Saturnmonde, sehr nahe an den F-Ring herankommen. Die Wissenschaftler halten es für sehr wahrscheinlich, dass er die Bildung weiterer Spiralen auslöst

Medienbericht: Deutsche Behörde soll von CIA-Flügen gewusst haben
CIA-Grauzone im Kosovo: "15-20 Gefangene in orangefarbenen Anzügen"
Chinas Wunderwirtschaft: Land der vergifteten Flüsse
CIA-Geheimflüge: Europarat bittet EU, Uno und Nato um Hilfe
Dehnbare Gefäße: Olivenöl lässt Blut leichter zirkulieren
CIA-Flüge über Deutschland: FDP setzt Regierung unter Druck
H5N1-Virus: Vogelgrippe in Asien nicht zu stoppen
Giftunglück in China: Staatsmedien attackieren Regierung
CIA-Geheimflüge: Gefangenentransporte auch über Portugal
Interview mit Priester Kügler: "Katholische Kirche ist größte transnationale Schwulenorganisation"
Geisterhafte Geräusche: Das Singen der Eisberge

25.Nov.2005 Geheimgefängnisse: Europäer wollen CIA mit Satelliten nachspüren
Generalstreik in Italien: Alitalia muss 230 Flüge streichen
Planet Saturn: "Cassini" lüftet Geheimnis des F-Rings
Atomstreit: EU und USA drohen Iran mit Weltsicherheitsrat
Geheim-Aktion: CIA soll weiterhin Terrorverdächtige durch Deutschland transportieren
25.Nov.2005 24. NOVEMBER 2005
Diplomatischer Eklat: US-Botschafter wirft Simbabwe Nazi-Methoden vor