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29.Jul.2006 It Is Not About a War on Terror. It Is About the Accumulation of Monarchal, Tyrannical Power. "U.S. citizens suspected of terror ties might be detained indefinitely and barred from access to civilian courts under legislation proposed by the Bush administration." The Bush Administration is the Enemy Within to Our Constitutional Form of Government.

29.Jul.2006 Letterman: Clinton's Response to Being Called Gay by Ann Coulter. Hard Hitting and Hysterical.
CBS: Lieberman stares into "political abyss" as voters abandon him 7/30

29.Jul.2006 Just Published: "Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq." The Making of a Disaster by Dunderheads Who Inhabit Fantasy Island. Written by a War Reporter Who Knows His Stuff.
Who Do You Think Deserves the BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award? Nominate Him or Her Now.

29.Jul.2006 Karl Rove complains that journalists criticize political figures when they should be criticizing themselves 7/30
52% of adult Americans want to see all U.S. troops out of Iraq within a year, with 19% advocating immediate withdrawal 7/30
Bush Finds the Time to Meet with American Idol Contestants, But Not His New Texas Neighbor Cindy Sheehan -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Fate of the Mideast has been left in the [In]capable hands of Condoleeza Rice 7/30

29.Jul.2006 "Passion of the Christ" director Mel Gibson ranted about Jews when he was arrested for driving drunk 7/30
29.Jul.2006 These photos of civilian casualties in Lebanon came from uruknet. I have not shown the worst.
ADDITIONAL NOTE: Where, exactly, were those Israeli soldiers when they were captured?

It's a key question, since that "kidnapping" provided the rationale for this war. For a good discussion of the issue -- including the changing stories and the (deliberate?) mistranslations -- see here. Permalink
29.Jul.2006 President Bush is at the helm of an administration that won't stop lying
The Bush Regime has killed tens of thousands of people in Iraq and Afghanistan, mainly women and children.

The deaths are excused as unintended "collateral damage" of the ongoing war, but the deaths are nonetheless important to the tens of thousands of relatives and friends. An equally important casualty...
Homeland Security can now search your laptop computer: Man gets 25 years for deleted image files
(NewsTarget) Three judges have ruled that border police can seize laptops and run forensic tests without warrants or probable cause.

Due to his criminal background, Stuart Romm was denied access by Canadian authorities into British Columbia. When he returned to the Seattle-Tacoma airport, he allowed...
The Real terrorist Assault on America is being committed by the Bush administration
The neoconservative Bush regime has adroitly used 9/11 to create fear of terrorism among Americans that blinds Americans to the Bush regime's assault on our constitutional system.

Americans have meekly acquiesced to the Bush regime's brutal assaults on civil liberties, human rights, the separation of...
U.S. government sifts through private financial records of thousands of Americans as part of counterterrorism program
(NewsTarget) - A secret finance-tracking program started by the Bush Administration shortly after 9/11 allows counterterrorism officials access to millions of U.S. citizens' private financial records in an effort to trace funding for terrorist activities. The program -- run by the CIA and overseen...

29.Jul.2006 US government caught secretly spying on Americans' financial records
Thanks to the LA Times, a new revelation about secret spying on American citizens by the Bush Administration is now emerging.

Only this time, it's not your phone records, airline travel records or internet traffic that's being spied on without your knowledge... it's your financial records. We're now...
Powering Up, One Step at a Time The world's most innovative renewable energy source might be right under our feet.
29.Jul.2006 E-Health Gaffe Exposes Hospital

An Indiana computer consultant finds a password hard-coded into a popular medical office application + that leads to patient data from a hospital in Washington, D.C. By Kevin Poulsen.
Largest Object in the Universe Discovered CowboyNeal 30 prostoalex writes

"Quick, think of the largest object you can imagine.

Whatever your imagination delivered it probably wasn't an 'enormous amoeba-like structure 200 light-years wide + made up of galaxies + large bubbles of gas,' a newly found object, as USA Today reports."
A Media Matters for America review

Media Matters - LA Times, networks, Fox News ignored ABA conclusion that Bush signing statements "weaken our cherished system of checks and balances and separation of powers"
28.Jul.2006 Economic Report Wage growth has been weaker than thought By Rex Nutting, MarketWatch

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- The growth of employee compensation, already thought to be the slowest in any post-WWII. recovery, has been even weaker than previously assumed, the Commerce Department said Friday. ...Read the rest of the story
Do shifting foreign appetites for U.S. debt threaten the economy?
Wal-Mart's reality check: Tough climate in overseas markets
Hot weather signals hot commodity prices
Financials weigh heavy among Canada's biggest stocks
The four secrets men harbor that sabotage their investments
Target-date retirement funds have some holes
U.S. stocks end higher; S&P 500 has best week in over 3 years
Wage growth has been weaker than thought
Joe Lieberman learns one of life's lessons
A loophole on Roth IRA conversions

29.Jul.2006 The suggestion was made by the Israeli Justice Minister, Haim Ramon
29.Jul.2006 All Headline News - U.S. Calls Israel's Claims "Outrageous" -

29.Jul.2006 report published Friday condemned the Bush administration for human right abuses
29.Jul.2006 All Headline News - U.S. Told To Shut "Secret Detentions" -

29.Jul.2006 new articles on APFN

28.Jul.2006 Immediate Action: Depleted Uranium Situation Worsens — Dr. Doug Rokke, PhD.,

28.Jul.2006 DAY 18: AUDIO: "Crisis in the Middle East" — ANDERSON COOPER 360 REPORTS:,

28.Jul.2006 This is insane! This is psychological warfare! — Blogging from Beirut,

28.Jul.2006 Re: CFR #8102: Building A North American Community — Keystone State,

28.Jul.2006 wanta — Keystone State,

28.Jul.2006 Babylon is Burning — The Shan,

28.Jul.2006 - — ROBERT MOORE,

28.Jul.2006 Ziophobia — John Kaminski,

28.Jul.2006 What WE Can Do For America — Michael Treis,

28.Jul.2006 AGENT X PROVIDES THE CLUE — Camilo H. Tapia,

28.Jul.2006 The biggest financial story in history — Rebublic Broadcasting Network,

28.Jun.2006 The Charles Goyette Show" — Radio Your Way,

28.Jul.2006 Chemical in Drinking Water Causes Cancer — By JOHN HEILPRIN,

29.Jul.2006 Open Letter To Liberal Hawks Hullabaloo
29.Jul.2006 This Carnage was planned..... senior Hamas leaders were in active dialogue with Israeli religious leaders in a round of bilateral peace negotiations

29.Jul.2006 Statement by Robert Greenstein

29.Jul.2006 The cluelessness of these neocon duped, 9/11 OBL myth swallowing, bloggers is just stupefying

The Anchoress » The rest is silence… technorati tags:911, CD, Controlled_Demolition, High_Explosives, Dumber_than_Dirt, OBL, Inside_Job
29.Jul.2006 ZNet |Repression | Why the Court Said No ZNet |Repression | Why the Court Said No: "If by 'creative thinking' Yoo means torturing suspects, 'disappearing' them into CIA black sites,......"
29.Jul.2006 The Israel Lobby and US – Iran Foreign Policy
29.Jul.2006 Iranian Backing Of Hezbollah Overblown? Crawfordslist Hot Topics In Media and Politics
Iranian Backing Of Hezbollah Overblown? By

I t is "unrealistic to think that Iran somehow controls Hezbollah" -- Anthony Cordesman , a senior analyst at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (BBC).

Iran's strategy "is to continuously defy the U.S. but stop short of trapping itself in a military confrontation it knows it cannot win" -

- Trista Parsi , a Middle East specialist at Johns Hopkins University.

The "top leadership in Tehran is focused on settling the nuclear issue diplomatically + fears that if the mess in Lebanon spreads, Iran's thorny negotiation track with the West could be derailed altogether" -- Azadeh Moaveni , Time.
29.Jul.2006 Studies of the mental processes of chess grandmasters have revealed clues to how people become experts in other fields as well
Scientific American: The Expert Mind

UNDERNEWS is the online report of the Progressive Review, edited by Sam Smith, who has covered Washington under nine presidents and edited alternative journals since 1964.

The Review is an online journal and archive of alternative news. It has been on the web since 1995. See main page for full contents

The man who wrote the IDF code of ethics, Professor Asa Kasher, has indicated that in the current circumstances in southern Lebanon, provided the appropriate precautions are taken, it may be "morally justified" to obliterate areas with high concentrations of terrorists, even if civilian casualties result.

"I don't know what the truth is about the circumstances," Kasher stressed.

"But assuming that we warned the civilians and gave them enough time to leave + that the civilians who remained chose, themselves, not to leave, then there is no reason to jeopardize the lives of the troops,"

he told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday. . .
Moshe Keynan, the father of a soldier killed in another conflict, said he was angry with the IDF for jeopardizing soldiers' safety to protect civilians.

"We need to worry that our kids return to their parents and we need to worry about our family and sons and wives, not how we look on BBC," said Keynan.
Meir Indor, director-general of the Terror Victims Association, seconded Keynan's concerns. "There is an argument which is dealing with the subject of how much danger soldiers can be exposed to in order to save civilians.

I think the world already decided that you don't sacrifice your soldiers in order to save enemy civilians," said Indor, whose organization is lobbying the military + the government against putting soldiers in unnecessarily dangerous situations. . .
Kasher told the Post that the IDF acts according to two sets of moral considerations. The first is the IDF's code of ethics,

The Spirit of the IDF, which was written by Kasher and a committee of generals in the early 1990s. The guidelines enumerate such values as sanctity of human life, human dignity + purity of arms.

Additionally, the IDF takes international law into consideration,

although Kasher noted that international law is directed more toward two countries fighting each other rather than a country fighting a guerrilla or terrorist group Link
29.Jul.2006 This needs further study... Haifa 'Missle Attacks' Make No Sense Whatever
29.Jul.2006 Israel as the Zionist entity WSWS replies to charge of anti-Semitism in coverage of US-Israeli war on Lebanon
27.Jul.2006 Bloglines - Leslie Haskin: WTC1 36th Floor Deconstructing a False-Flag Operation
Leslie Haskin: WTC1 36th Floor By culhavoc on 9/11 Research b
y Culhavoc

Deconstructing a False-Flag Operation

By chance, I happened to catch a brief interview with WTC survivor Leslie Haskin who worked for Kemper Insurance Company on the 36th floor of Tower One.

Haskin appeared on Chicago’s NBC5 to promote her book entitled “Between Heavan + Ground Zero“ which focuses on her struggle to cope with the severe post-traumatic stress disorder she suffers as a result of the attacks.

Haskin appears to support the official story of that day’s events, however, while describing the attack on Tower One she made the following comment:

“…from the second that the plane hit the tower we felt this enormous roar and the impact was underneath us and above us and on both sides of us, all at the same time.”

This coincides with the description of events reported by William Rodriguez + others who heard + felt explosions in the basement + lobby

11.Sep2001 -1 or 2 seconds before the impact of AA11. (audio download)

29.Jul.2006 Haskin will be speaking at Sabrinas in Hazelcrest, IL from 10am to 1pm.
Israel rejects UN aid truce call Israel refuses a UN plea for a three-day truce in Lebanon, as the US secretary of state returns to the region.
29.Jul.2006 Israel strikes on Gaza continue Israel is keeping up its offensive on the Gaza Strip, with air strikes on a suspected arms factory.
29.Jul.2006 Israelisches Bombardement: Mutter und sechs Kinder sterben bei Luftangriff

29.Jul.2006 Rumänische Warnung: Gasprom ist wie die Rote Armee - nur gefährlicher
29.Jul.2006 The UN sticks up for DC. Judd 

“The UN s Human Rights Committee on Friday urged U.S. lawmakers to give the District of Columbia a voting member of Congress, saying the lack of such representation appeared inconsistent with international law.”
29.Jul.2006 House Conservatives: $2 For Workers, But Only If Paris Gets Millions Faiz 
ThinkProgress reported this morning that congressional conservatives were planning to allow a vote on the minimum wage today or tomorrow, but only if it was coupled with a
poison pill provision that enacted Bush’s Associated Health Plans.

New reports indicate that conservatives are ditching one poison pill in favor of another. The AP writes:

Republican leaders are willing to allow the first minimum wage increase in a decade but only if it’s coupled with a cut in inheritance taxes on multimillion-dollar estates, congressional aides said Friday.

The estate tax — aka the Paris Hilton Tax — benefits only the ultra-wealthy. This year, the exemption level is $2 million ($4 million per couple), which means only 5 out of every 1,000 people who die will pay the tax.

Bill Samuel, a lobbyist for the AFL-CIO, said adding the estate tax to the minimum wage “is the mother of all poison pills. It can’t possibly pass the Senate.”

Sen. Edward Kennedy added, “It’s political blackmail to say the only way that minimum wage workers can get a raise is to give a tax giveaway to the wealthiest Americans. Members of Congress raised their own pay — no strings attached. Surely, common decency suggests that minimum wage workers deserve the same respect.”
29.Jul.2006 Bush Works For Lasting Peace In The Middle East Think Progress 
This afternoon at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Tony Blair, President Bush said he would “
make every effort to achieve a lasting peace” in the Middle East.

He got started right away. Here are some photos from the Oval Office immediately after the event:
29.Jul.2006 Eyeing ‘08, McCain drops reform. Nico 
Sen. John McCain’s name “
is conspicuously absent” from a new bill addressing public financing of presidential campaigns; McCain was the lead sponsor of a virtually identical bill last year. McCain’s spokesperson “did not return calls seeking comment…but several people involved in discussions about the legislation said the senator’s absence was related to his widely expected bid for the presidency in 2008.”

29.Jul.2006 U.S. Image Among Lebanese Plummets 30 Points Nico 
The ongoing violence in the Middle East, which the Bush administration has tacitly endorsed, has
sapped support for the USA in Lebanon, according to a new survey.

The latest poll by the Beirut Center found that 8 % of Lebanese feel the US supports Lebanon, down from 38 % in January. […]

“Look what America gives us, bombs and missiles,” says [Ghassan Farran, a doctor and head of a local cultural organization]. “I was never a political person and never with Hizbullah but now after this I am with Hizbullah.”

Analysts have noted that as the crisis grows, it “strengthens anti-Americanism worldwide and fuels radicalism in the Arab and Muslim world.” Assessing Arab media coverage, one found that in “the last few days, the main trend has been unmistakable: an increasing focus on the USA as the villain” of the conflict.

Pollsters have documented serious positive trends in Lebanese public opinion over the last several years.

00.000.2003-00.000.2005 Favorable opinion of the USA jumped from 27% to 42%.

00.000.2002-00.000.2005 The number of Lebanese who believed terrorism could sometimes be justified dropped from 73 % to 39 % , while

the number who believed democracy could work in Lebanon went from 75 % to 83 %.

Condoleezza Rice today pledged to return to the region but won’t say when. By the time she gets around to it, the damage to America’s reputation may be entrenched.
Bush: American Foreign Policy No Longer Seeks to ‘Manage Calm’ Judd 
At today’s press conference, NBC’s David Gregory noted that, three years ago, the Bush administration predicted that “the invasion of Iraq would create a new stage of Arab-Israeli peace,” but that hasn’t happened.

In response, President Bush proudly declared that American foreign policy no longer seeks to “manage calm,” and derided policies that let anger and resentment lie “beneath the surface.”

Bush said that the violence in the Middle East was evidence of a more effective foreign policy that addresses “root causes.” Watch it:

UPDATE: The video is now working. Transcript:

QUESTION: Mr. President, both of you, I’d like to ask you about the big picture that you’re discussing.

Mr. President, three years ago, you argued that an invasion of Iraq would create a new stage of Arab-Israeli peace. And yet today there is an Iraqi prime minister who has been sharply critical of Israel.

Arab governments, despite your arguments, who first criticized Hezbollah, have now changed their tune.

Now they’re sharply critical of Israel. And despite from both of you warnings to Syria + Iran to back off support from Hezbollah, effectively, Mr. President, your words are being ignored.

So what has happened to America’s clout in this region that you’ve committed yourself to transform?

BUSH: It’s an interesting period because, instead of having foreign policies based upon trying to create a sense of stability, we have a foreign policy that addresses the root causes of violence and instability.

For a while, American foreign policy was just, Let’s hope everything is calm — manage calm. But beneath the surface brewed a lot of resentment and anger that was manifested on 11.Sep.2001.

And so we’ve taken a foreign policy that says: On the one hand, we will protect ourselves from further attack in the short run by being aggressive in chasing down the killers and bringing them to justice.

And make no mistake: They’re still out there + they would like to harm our respective peoples because of what we stand for. In the long term, to defeat this ideology — and they’re bound by an ideology — you defeat it with a more hopeful ideology called freedom.
“We’re for staying the course in Iraq Nico and the war on terror.” — Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) shares the conservative national security message for 2006.
29.Jul.2006 Bush Repeatedly Ignores Blair’s Sound Advice Faiz 
In his meeting with President Bush today, British Prime Minister Tony Blair is expected to
advocate for a U.N. ceasefire resolution:

Tony Blair will press George Bush today to support “as a matter of urgency” a ceasefire in Lebanon as part of a UN security council resolution next week, according to Downing Street sources.

Britain’s former ambassador to the U.S. has already “dismissed Tony Blair’s ability to sway George Bush” on the issue. He’s right.

Despite having been a steadfast supporter of Bush’s endeavors in Iraq, Blair has received very little in return.

Here are some of examples of Blair’s sound advice that Bush has rejected or ignored –


Blair, who is hosting the G-8 summit, wants a strong international agreement that man-made pollutants are contributing to the problem + that mandatory reductions in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are the prudent solution…but [U.S. officials] stopped short of embracing Blair’s solution. [Washington Post, 07.Jul.2005 ]


Seeking billions in debt relief for Africa, newly re-elected British Prime Minister Tony Blair had to settle yesterday for extravagantly wrapped morsels of food aid + vague promises of more to come from U.S. President George W. Bush. [Toronto Globe and Mail, 08.Jun.2005 ]


[Blair] persuaded Bush to revive the Middle East peace process between Israel and Palestine that Bush had abandoned.

The new “road map” for peace there was the principal concession that Blair wrested from Bush [for support on Iraq]. …

But within the councils of the Bush administration that initiative was systematically undermined . [Salon, 14.Nov.2003 ]
29.Jul.2006 Chafee “not decided” on Bolton. -Nico- Sen. Lincoln Chafee (R-RI), who last year voted in favor of confirming John Bolton as U.N. ambassador in committee, says he “has not decided how he would vote in committee” this time around. Steve Clemons details Chafee’s aggressive questioning of Bolton yesterday.
29.Jul.2006 House Finally Allows Minimum Wage Vote, Attaches Poison Pill Judd 
Today, the leaders of the House of Representatives will finally allow a vote to raise the minimum wage from $5.15 an hour to $7.25 an hour over two years.

It would be the first increase in the minimum wage in ten years. Raising the minimum wage would benefit 7.3 million low-wage workers. Here’s how AP reports the story:

Republican Congressman Howard McKeon, the chairman of the House Education and the Workforce Committee, said Republican lawmakers would embrace the increase to $7.25 per hour + probably attach a proposal…that would make it easier for small business to band together and buy health insurance plans for employees at a lower cost.

Sounds great! A raise in the minimum wage and a bonus for small business.

Actually, the provision that Rep. McKeon plans on attaching to the minimum wage bill is an ideologically driven proposal to enact Association Health Plans (AHPs).

The proposal would “allow selective groups of small businesses to be exempt from state regulation – reducing their insurance premiums while raising them for those not in AHPs.” Here’s the impact:

– More uninsured. “A study by Mercer Consulting found that AHPs would increase the number of uninsured Americans by more than 1 million. ”

– Higher costs. “Only about one in five small employers would have lower premiums, while more than four out of five would actually see premiums go up.”

Rep. McKeon and his allies are counting on the fact that progressive members will find the Association Health Plan proposal so repugnant that they won’t vote for the bill raising the minimum wage.

It’s been 10 years. It’s time to stop playing politics and allow a straightforward vote on the minimum wage.
July 28, 2006 Think Progress 
“Senate and House leaders have made plans to adopt vastly scaled-back versions” of their lobbying reform packages . “
I’m happy where things are right now,” said Paul Miller, president of the American League of Lobbyists.

$1,318: The profits earned every second by Exxon in the second quarter, “topping forecasts” but coming in “just shy of a record.”

The “ tide of public opinion across the Arab world is surging behind” Hezbollah, turning the group’s leader Nasrallah “into a folk hero.”

Jordan + Saudi Arabia, which initially had criticized the group, are now publicly “scrambling to distance themselves from Washington.”

President Bush’s meeting with American Idol finalists at a moment of heightened tensions in the Middle East “demonstrate[s] a lack of seriousness.”

Darrell West, a political scientist at Brown University: “There’s the risk that people will ask, ‘Doesn’t this guy have something better to do? Shouldn’t he be solving foreign crises?’”

U.S. Sgt. Lemuel Lemus has said in a sworn statement that he was given an order to “kill all military-age men” during a raid in Baghdad by a colonel and a captain.

The colonel, Lemus’ commanding officer, has refused to testify at any stage of the court-martial, a “very rare” occurrence.

The Commerce Department reported today that the “ growth of employee compensation , already thought to be the slowest in any post-WWII. recovery, has been even weaker than previously assumed.”

00.0000.2003-00.000.2005-between-and the end of- Compensation grew a mere 2.3 %.

The Bush administration “should immediately abolish all secret detention + secret detention facilities,”

according to a new report by the United Nations, citing the administration’s failure to allow Red Cross observers access to the prisoners.

The military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy is becoming “a very effective weapon of vengeance in the armed forces.”

After public criticism of its management of the disastrous Big Dig project in Boston, the federal government is now dropping contracting giant Bechtel from a project to build a high-tech children’s hospital in Iraq “after the project fell nearly a year behind schedule and exceeded its expected cost by as much as 150 %.”
29.Jul.2006 Israelis Rain Down Deadly DU On Lebanese Civilians Paul Joseph Watson Israelis Rain Down Deadly DU On Lebanese Civilians Esteemed expert and whistleblower highlights US sale of GBU 28 weapons
29.Jul.2006 C-Span Airing Of L.A. Conference Shows Mainstreaming Of 9/11 Truth Paul Joseph Watson C-Span Airing Of L.A. Conference Shows Mainstreaming Of 9/11 Truth Fresh injection of credibility advances movement 29.Jul.2006 Kleiner Baustein der Repression AutorIn des Beitrags Strafandrohung für Demo-Sprecher wegen verklebens von Plakaten. 250.000 Euro wegen 6 Plakaten.
29.Jul.2006 UN deaths 'threaten peacekeeping' The UN says the peacekeeper deaths in Lebanon may deter countries from contributing to a future force in the area.
29.Jul.2006 Tehran faces UN nuclear deadline Major UN powers agree on a draft resolution giving Iran until 31 August to suspend uranium enrichment.
29.Jul.2006 House price woe for 'key workers' Workers such as police, teachers, nurses and firemen cannot afford to buy property in most UK towns, the Halifax bank says.
29.Jul.2006 Arab leaders fear Hezbollah rise Arab leaders have changed their tone on Lebanon, worried that the growing popularity of Hezbollah is shifting power towards Iran.
29.Jul.2006 Garcia begins fresh term in Peru The centre-left politician Alan Garcia is sworn in again as president of Peru, 16 years after leaving office.
29.Jul.2006 Spain tackles civil war fallout Spain's government backs a controversial bill to address the grievances of the losing side in the civil war.
29.Jul.2006 Airport to handle more US flights Two planes from the US carrying "hazardous cargoes" bound for Israel will are to refuel at Prestwick.
29.Jul.2006 City march over Lebanon conflict A demonstration is held in Cardiff city centre opposing Israel's military action in Lebanon.
29.Jul.2006 Worldcom's ex-boss loses appeal Ex-Worldcom boss Bernard Ebbers loses his appeal against his conviction for fraud and conspiracy.
29.Jul.2006 UK Muslims 'uneasy' on Mid East UK Muslims do not understand why the PM has not called for a Mid East ceasefire, MP Sadiq Khan says.
29.Jul.2006 Pentagon keeps eye on war videos The Pentagon closely monitors graphic videos its troops post on sites like YouTube, US military sources say.
29.Jul.2006 Diet 'affects arteries of foetus' Babies whose mothers do not eat enough during pregnancy appear to be at risk of hardened arteries later in life, research suggests.
29.Jul.2006 Americans 'too fat for x-rays' Increasing numbers of Americans are becoming too fat to fit into X-ray machines, US researchers report.
29.Jul.2006 Text Mining the New York Times Zonk 38 Roland Piquepaille writes

"Text mining is a computer technique to extract useful information from unstructured text. And it's a difficult task.

But now, using a relatively new method named topic modeling, computer scientists from University of California, Irvine (UCI), have analyzed 330,000 stories published by the New York Times

00.000.2000-00.000.2002 in just a few hours.

They were able to automatically isolate topics such as the Tour de France, prices of apartments in Brooklyn or dinosaur bones.

This technique could soon be used not only by homeland security experts or librarians, but also by physicians, lawyers, real estate people + even by yourself.

Read more for additional details and a graph showing how the researchers discovered links between topics and people."
Outsourced Call Centers Losing Feasibility? Zonk 72 Daniel Pronych writes

"BusinessWeek is running an article about how outsourcing call centers in India are no longer an 'inexpensive option' for American companies.

These shops are now striving for better outsourced work from the U.S. + Europe multinational companies; many are fed up with U.S. clients trying to continually lower prices.

New Delhi-based EXL Services, for example, terminated a contract with Dell Inc. because EXL was losing money in the deal."
Has Orwell's '1984' Come 22 Years Later? Cliff 577 gabec asks:

"This weekend my mother bought a grille lighter, something like this butane lighter.

The self-scanner at Kroger's locked itself up and paged a clerk, who had to enter our drivers license numbers into her kiosk before we could continue.

Last week my girlfriend bought four peaches. An alert came up stating that peaches were a restricted item + she had to identify herself before being able to purchase such a decidedly high quantity of the dangerous fruit. My video games spy on me, reporting the applications I run, the websites I visit, the accounts of the people I IM.

My ISP is being strong-armed into a two-year archive of each action I take online under the guise of catching pedophiles, the companies I trust to free information are my enemies, the people looking out for me are being watched.

As if that weren't enough, my own computer spies on me daily, my bank has been compromised, my phone is tapped--has been for years-

+ my phone company is A-OK with it. What's a guy that doesn't even consider himself paranoid to think of the current state of affairs?"

The sad state of affairs is that Big Brother probably became a quiet part of our lives a lot earlier. The big question now is: how much worse can it get?
Visualizing Ethernet Speed Zonk 109 anthemaniac writes

"In the blink of an eye, you can transfer files from one computer to another using Ethernet. And in the same amount of time, your eye sends signals to the brain.

A study finds that images transferred to the brain + files across an Ethernet network take about the same amount of time." From the article:

"The researchers calculate that the 100,000 ganglion cells in a guinea pig retina transmit roughly 875,000 bits of information per second.

The human retina contains about 10 times more ganglion cells than that of guinea pigs, so it would transmit data at roughly 10 million bits per second, the researchers estimate.

This is comparable to an Ethernet connection, which transmits information between computers at speeds of 10 million to 100 million bits per second."
Dropping Profits Sends Amazon In Odd Directions Zonk 145 tabdelgawad writes

"The Washington Post has a story detailing how Amazon has purchased the rights to turn a recently published book into a feature-length movie. The article also outlines other 'strange directions' Amazon has taken in response to declining profits and a plummeting stock price, including moving into the grocery business and producing original live webcasts and streaming shows."
Big Brother Wants Into VoIP At Any Cost Zonk 226 wallaby fly-half writes

"An amendment to the CALEA law would make it easier for the government to monitor calls made over VoIP + even temporarily store some packet traffic.

Ars Technica reports that the 'bill will put the technology in place to buffer packet streams + places the job of filtering those streams under government control.

We know from the NSA warrantless wiretapping program that the government is not limiting itself to access to under court orders + the CALEA bill must be considered in light of the capacity it generates.'"
More Time To Bomb Blair + Bush: Killing To Go On Until We Find A Plan -Must Watch 6 Minute Video. Click here to view

29.Jul.2006 Interview: Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah : Video and Transcript Talks With Former US Diplomats on Israel, Prisoners and Hezbollah’s Founding. Click here to view Real Video

29.Jul.2006 The War on the Border Video Report From South Lebanon - Warning - This video contains images depicting the reality and horror of war + should only be viewed by a mature audience. Click here to view - Real Video

29.Jul.2006 On a Red Cross mission of mercy when Israeli air force came calling -By Robert Fisk -Trusting the Israeli army + air force, which are breaking the Geneva Conventions almost every day, is a dodgy business. Continue 
29.Jul.2006 Bushevik "Detainee handling may amount to war crimes." Headline From St. Paul Daily Newspaper.
Bush Finds the Time to Meet with American Idol Contestants, But Not His New Texas Neighbor Cindy Sheehan -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
At a press conference this week, NBC?s David Gregory noted that,

three years ago, the Bush administration predicted that ?the invasion of Iraq would create a new stage of Arab-Israeli peace,? but that hasn?t happened. 7/29

29.Jul.2006 The Monopoly Board Game for the Age of Bushevism:

"Wreck the Nation."

Get It at a Reduced Price (Including Shipping) -- And Feel the Power of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to Destroy America! For Real. For Fun.
SEATTLE One person is dead, at least four others wounded, after a shooting in downtown Seattle.

Authorities say the shooting occurred at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle. One person has been arrested. May be Related to Current Warfare in the Middle East. 7/29

29.Jul.2006 Dispatch from the BuzzFlash Department of Reality: The escalating violence against civilians in Iraq this week did not prevent insurgents from inflicting casualties on U.S. forces at greater rate. 7/29
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Richard Mellon Scaife?s divorce could be one of the ?nastiest divorces in American history,? according to New York Daily News gossip columnist Lloyd Grove. But you?re not likely to hear much about the legal proceedings in the Scaife-owned Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ? or anywhere else. 7/29

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29.Jul.2006 # posted by Anonymous : 11:38 AM   Billy : How come we don't got no drug lords like other countries, Daddy?
Daddy : Only people from third world countries are terrorists and drug lords Billy. Not shut the ^$%$&! you little commie!
# posted by Anonymous : 12:41 PM   Interesting that Rainwater's name comes up in other news.

The American Prospect writes about the HCA buyout; there's a mention of Rainwater's relation to HCA.
Maggie Mahar writes, "As for HCA, the plot thickened

00.000.1994 when HCA merged with Columbia Healthcare, a chain created by Fort Worth financier Richard Rainwater + Rick Scott, a Dallas lawyer.

Under the terms of the union, Scott became CEO of Columbia/HCA Healthcare, while Tommy Frist, Jr., stayed on as chairman."
So, he's tied to the shrub (executive) and good ol' kitten killer Frist (legislative); any ties to the judicial branch? Roberts? Alito?

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29.Jul.2006 Hitzewelle in USA: Waldbrände bedrohen Anwohner
29.Jul.2006 Uno- Vorschlag: Israel lehnt Forderung nach Waffenruhe ab
29.Jul.2006 Nahost: Putsch und Barbarei
29.Jul.2006 Libanon: Israel fliegt 120 Luftangriffe
29.Jul.2006 Uranstreit: Uno setzt Iran neue Deadline

29.Jul.2006 Roboter: Fliegende Spielzeug- Spione

29.Jul.2006 Libanon- Truppe: Merkel äußert sich skeptisch zu Bundeswehr- Einsatz in Nahost

29.Jul.2006 Gehälter: Frauen verdienen erst in 150 Jahren so viel wie Männer

James R. Bath, it turns out, is a Texas businessman, a sometime aeronautics broker whose firm, Skyway Aircraft Leasing, LTD.,

was a Cayman Islands front amassing money for use by Oliver North in the Iran-Contra affair.

Bath also served as an agent minding American interests for a quartet of Saudi Arabian billionaires, one of whom was Sheik Salim bin Laden, the oldest son + heir of Sheik Mohammed bin Laden, father of fifty-four children including Osama. According to reports by the Houston Chronicle, the Wall Street Journal, Time + others, Bath did business in his own name but with the Saudis' money;

tax records indicate that he collected a fee of 5% on their multimillion dollar American investments.

00.000.1979 Bath contributed $50,000 to Arbusto Energy, a limited-partnership controlled by George W. Bush.

As Bath had little capital of his own, oil insiders trace the funds to his silent partners, specifically Salim bin Laden.

Such cash infusions from Bath's client sheiks + George H.W. Bush's cartel cronies could not, however, prop Arbusto up.

00.000.1981 The venture collapsed + merged into the Spectrum 7 Energy Corporation.

Spectrum—still with W. at the helm—evolved through more near-failures + mergers into Harken Energy, which,

00.000.1990 embarked upon a sweetheart deal to drill oil wells in Bahrain—this regardless of the fact that Harken had never drilled an overseas well, nor a marine well of any kind.

Oil industry cognoscenti again assume that the Bahrain contract was orchestrated as a favor from the Saudis to the American chief executive + his family.

The favor paid.

20.Jun.1990 George W. Bush sold two-thirds of his Harken stock at $4 per share.

Eight days later, Harken finished the second quarter with losses of $23 million; the stock promptly lost 75% of its value, finishing at just over $1 per share.

Two months later, Iraq invaded Kuwait + the Gulf War began.

All these events are cited in Lombardi's drawing.
Libanon: Uno fordert Feuerpause
28.Jul.2006 Börsenschluss: Dax und Dow auf Klettertour

28.Jul.2006 Libanon: 180 israelische Angriffe in 24 Stunden
28.Jul.2006 From
If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote They Would Have Given Us Candidates, by Jim Hightower:

Bush Plays Ball.

Meet one of George's special buddies: Richard Rainwater .

He's little known outside the rarefied world of high finance, but to those denizens he's considered a financial wizard and a skilled corporate deal maker.

Having been a bright Wall Streeter at Goldman Sachs , then having made a bundle handling investments for the gabillionaire Bass family of Fort Worth, he subsequently amassed his own portly portfolio, now owning such properties as Pioneer Oil Company , the huge Columbia/HCA Healthcare corporation + the sprawling Crescent Real Estate empire, which has billions invested in high-rise office buildings, golf courses + other developments.

He's also into casinos , costume jewelry, health-food restaurants + a joint venture with the Chinese called Richina (Richard, rich, China ...get it? Cute).

Bottom line is he now ranks among the one hundred richest people in America, with a net worth in the neighborhood of a billion + a half bucks .

Along the way to that posh neighborhood, he got cozy with the President's boy, who had not amounted to much and showed little promise.

After a stint in the National Guard (he helped defend Houston during the Vietnam War), Bush spent many years developing his partying skills, gaining the nicknames of "Boosto" + "The Bombastic Bushkin" along the way.

With a little help from Daddy and Daddy's friends, George W. went into the oil business, but failed.

When Rainwater entered his life, Bush wasn't doing anything but hanging around his daddy's White House . . .

To flower, every bush needs to be properly watered + Rainwater was just what "Junior" needed to grow into real wealth and to gain that "successful businessman" image that later allowed him to run for governor of Texas. Over the past decade, Rainwater has put Bush into oil deals, real estate investments + other business schemes, with the result that, as R.G. Ratcliffe of the Houston Chronicle reports, Richard Rainwater "is largely responsible for Bush's wealth."


America's Richest 400 People

Forbes Special Edition

Richard Rainwater - $1.5 billion (Rank: 189) - Investments, Fort Worth, Texas.

00.000.1997 -since- He's been predicting higher oil prices +, after 2 years of record lows, finally proven right.

Petroleum bets cost him hundreds of millions in recent years; paid off this spring when oil hit a 12-month high of $34 a barrel. Stake in troubled Columbia/HCA is also up.

Rainwater once handled Bush family investments , but says he hasn't talked to George W. for years, contrary to reports in the Texas press. Stanford M.B.A., got start managing $50 million Bass family portfolio 1979, scored big with Disney investment 1984.

Left to manage own money 1986, same year he entered The Forbes 400 list.

Says he's retired, isn't very convincing.

* * *

From People Profiles , ( : . . .

Rainwater grew up in Fort Worth . . . and ended up at Stanford Business School along with Sid Bass heir to the Bass oil fortune .

After graduation, Rainwater took a job at Goldman Sachs , then went work for the Bass family as a financial advisor, growing their $50 million of assets into a $5 billion fortune. . . .

00.000.1980 -In the 's- Rainwater went out on his own and built up positions in real estate, oil and gas + health care -- most famously Columbia/HCA , recently the subject of federal investigations.

Along the way, Rainwater was one of the owners (with Texas Gov. George W. Bush , among others) who bought + sold the Texas Rangers baseball team; he's still a part owner of the Dallas Mavericks .

He also purchased Canyon Ranch . . . .
in this milieu and context that India's minister for petroleum is calling for cooperation with China. It is not a gracious concession of the victorious but a cry of the vanquished.

China has been outbidding India in most foreign countries where petroleum reserves are available to be exploited.

China has, therefore, no reason to collaborate with India.

The Indian minister has charged that Goldman Sachs, that managed the sale of PetroKazakhstan assets, had changed the rules of bidding in Kazakhstan after the bidding started, which led to India's bid being rejected.

Is it too much to expect his ministry to inform the honourable minister that the country-head of Goldman Sachs China is the daughter of Jiang Zemin?
Fortune magazine, in its December 26, 2005 issue, profiles a Texas-based billionaire, Richard Rainwater.

This gentleman worries that "a coalition of Communist + Islamic States might decide to stop selling their precious crude to Americans any day now."

It is this instinct for self-preservation that has made them rich and it is this very instinct that India so willingly barters away for nothing.

In fact, India expects this very coalition of communists and Islamic states to help meet its present and future energy needs!
During Dubya's first term as governor he had an active and ongoing relationship with Hicks and Rainwater to the advantage of all three men.

While not proving a quid-pro-quo, here's what "Houston Chronicle" reporter R.G. Ratcliffe found (16.Aug.1998 ):

1. Bush proposed that the state consider privatizing state mental hospitals, which "could have benefitted Magellan Health Services, Inc... controlled by Richard Rainwater," who at that time was co-partner of the Texas Rangers (not in a Bush blind trust) and President of Crescent Real Estate Equities (in a Bush blind trust).

2."[Dem candidate for governor] Garry Mauro claims Bush vetoed the Patient Protection Act 00.000.l995 because it would have affected the profits of a major hospital chain that Rainwater controlled."

3. Bush endorsed a property tax reform bill that would have saved a Rainwater investment company $2.5 mil in school property taxes.

4. Bush-signed legislation will provide a $10 million bonus to Texas Rangers partners when a Dallas arena is built.

5. This arena will also enhance the worth of Thomas Hicks' hockey team. Further, Hicks bought the Texas Rangers from the Bush partnership. 6."In the six months after that bill was signed, Bush's political fund received $37,000 from Hicks, $ll,000 from Crescent President Haddock + $5,000 from Ross Perot, Jr. ... majority owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team." Crescent owns a share of the Mavericks.

7.Hicks is the chairman of The University of Texas Investment Management Co. which manages the Permanent University Fund.

Nearly $9 million of the PUF has been invested in Rainwater's Crescent Equities.
Conason's investigation of Governor Bush, his past employer + the money men who determine the use of the vast funds of the University of Texas should not end 00.000.1995 .

The relevant committee that the Board of Regents uses to decide upon how the University of Texas invests its billions is run by billionaire Tom Hicks, a Bush appointee who was Dubya's major campaign contributer to his

00.000.1998 gubernatorial race + a maximum contributor + one of his major fundraisers in his presidential campaign.

This investment banker to whom Bush + his billionaire mentor,Richard Rainwater, sold the Texas Rangers, owns a vast sports + media empire.

Bush has allowed him to head up a committee charged with "investing $1.7 billion of public university money in the form of investments in private companies."

Unfortunately, questions have recently been asked because "almost a third of the $1.7 billion has been committed to funds run by Hicks' business associates or friends (+).. five funds run by major Republican political donors."

Hicks has been unwilling to answer questions about his activities on the public's behalf.

"In the past three years, state auditors have criticized the secretive nature of [the Hicks committee's] investment decisions + have complained about the potential for conflicts of interest for board members," according to a 00.Mar.1999 report in the "Dallas Morning News."

by Jerry Politex, Wednesday, January 12, 9:00 p.m. ET

Bush tells folks outside of Texas that if they don't know what he's capable of doing, they should just come down to Texas and look around.

Then they'd know. Some are dismayed by what they've found.

On Monday we wrote that in the February issue of "Harper's" Joe Conason's will "report that scant weeks after Dubya was sworn in as first-term Texas governor

00.000.1995 the University of Texas Board of Regents voted to place millions of state dollars with the Carlyle Group,

even though Bush had just quit his job as a corporate director of Carlyle-owned Caterair, a leading U.S. airline caterer." (see below)

Independent of Conason, we went on to identify Bush billionarie friend, business associate + major campaign contributor Thomas Hicks as the Bush-appointed chairman of The University of Texas Investment Management Co. which manages the Permanent University Fund.

Nearly $9 million of the PUF has been invested in Richard Rainwater's Crescent Equities.

We previously noted that Rainwater, Bush + others sold the Texas Rangers to Hicks while Bush was Texas governor + Bush's Texas Rangers stock was not held in blind trust.

However, other Bush stock was held in blind trust, by Rainwater.

During his first term Bush proposed that the state consider privatizing state mental hospitals, which "could have benefitted Magellan Health Services, Inc... controlled by Richard Rainwater," according to

16.Aug.1998 : the "Houston Chronicle,".

During that same period he signed legislation that will provide a $10 million bonus to Texas Rangers partners when a Dallas arena is built.

This arena will also enhance the worth of Thomas Hicks' hockey team.

"In the six months after that bill was signed, Bush's political fund received $37,000 from Hicks,

$11,000 from Crescent President Haddock +

$5,000 from Ross Perot, Jr. ... majority owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team." Crescent owns a share of the Mavericks.

CNN's Brooks Jackson cuts to the chase and arrives at some telling conclusions about how George made his Bush bucks: "Bush started in the Texas oil business, after Yale University and Harvard Business School.

Wealthy family friends and others invested millions with him, but with poor results. A

00.000.1985 disclosure shows Bush's track record: Investors got back only 45 cents on the dollar, but few complained.

Investors also got tax deductions averaging more than 80 cents on every dollar invested.

Those early Bush ventures were mainly tax shelters."

Everyone agrees that Dubya's baseball venture was his most successful business experience:

"Bush takes credit for conceiving The Ballpark at Arlington, home of the Texas Rangers baseball team, which he bought

00.000.1989 with a wealthy group of investors.

Among them: billionaire Richard Rainwater of Fort Worth.

Bush invested just over $600,000, but Arlington taxpayers invested a lot more.

'It was $135 million worth of sales tax money,' said attorney Glenn Sodd.

'The city donated a good bit of land to the project. They got a sales tax exemption on all the items that were purchased for the stadium.

We have a property tax in Texas and they were given as part of the deal a property tax exemption.'

A total of at least $200 million, according to Sodd."

So there you have it, "Bush the businessman did prosper. But not by his bootstraps -- with help from wealthy friends and taxpayer subsidies."

Will George be smart enough to realize that pointing to such business "successes" as a presidential credential would be rubbing salt into the wounds of the average taxpayer? Politex, 00.May 1999 .
HOW BUSH REALLY MADE HIS MILLIONS, PT. 2. What George does to make a Bush buck is called "Crony Capitalism" by commentatorJim Hightower.

Case in point: Dubya's financial relationship with Richard Rainwater during his tenure as Texas governor.

Rainwater's "a billionaire speculator and money manager who ranks among the wealthiest 100 Americans.

It's well known that Rainwater has been a major financial backer of Bush's political career, but it's a little-known fact that he's also largely responsible for Bush's personal wealth.

He's put Bush into various profitable deals, from oil and gas to real estate, but the big one was the Texas Rangers baseball franchise."

Rainwater + Bush sold the baseball team to another Texas high roller + Bush campaign contributer, billionaire Tom Hicks.

But their relationship didn't stop there.

When Bush became Guv 00.000.1995, he put all but his Texas Rangers stock into a blind trust managed by--surprise--Rainwater.

Hightower implies the financial relationship wasn't a one-way street: "Bush is nothing if not loyal to Rainwater, who has done very nicely while his pal has been governor.

Among the favors Rainwater has enjoyed:

*State buildings sold to Rainwater's real estate company at bargain basement rates;

*State college and public school funds invested in Rainwater's company;

*A Bush-sponsored tax cut that failed, but would have cut millions in annual taxes for Rainwater; and

*A stadium-financing bill backed by Bush that gave a $10 million bonus payment to a Rainwater company." Politex, 00.May 1999 .

28.Jul.2006 HOW BUSH REALLY MADE HIS MILLIONS, PT. 3. Much of the information in parts 1 and 2 of this series can be traced back to a series of research pieces by R. G. Ratcliffe published last August in the Houston Chronicle.

Ratcliffe reports that when George was asked to comment upon various state actions such as his administration's relationships with Rainwater, "Bush angrily denied any collusion or conflicts of interest, saying, 'I didn't - I swear I didn't - get into politics to feather my nest or feather my friends' nests....

Any insinuation that I have used my office to help my friends is simply not true.'"

The Texas Observer's Michael King is intrigued by Bush's protestations of innocence:

"While specific state transactions might indeed be subject to conflict-of-interest inquiries, the state policies Ratcliffe describes - privatization;

regressive taxation; state subsidies + tax abatements for corporations; the systematic use of public resources for the benefit of private power - represent not a conflict, but a confluence of interests, between the state's major business entities and the politicians they support and underwrite.

The fact that among those entities are corporations and businessman with whom Bush himself has done particular deals - well, that's not corruption, exactly. It's just business as usual."

If nothing else, Ratcliffe concluded in his Houston Chronicle pieces, "a pattern emerges: When a Bush is in office, Bush's business associates benefit."

King goes on in his Texas Observer story to furnish some examples of the social, political + financial relationships between Bush + his associates:

"The partners who helped Bush dig himself out of the oil patch (William DeWitt + Mercer Reynolds of Spectrum 7) are among the investors gathered into the group who made a bundle in the Texas Rangers deal.

(Another noteworthy Rangers investor was Fred Malek, once a campaign manager for Bush's father, but most famous for dutifully fulfilling President Richard Nixon's demand for a list of Jews then employed at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.)

Richard Rainwater + his partner Edward "Rusty" Rose were also brought into the Texas Rangers deal, to a handsome return + under the Bush administration, their companies came to benefit from the investment policies of the Teacher Retirement System, the Permanent School Fund + the Permanent University Fund.

By the way, the Permanent University Fund is managed by the University of Texas Investment Management Company, whose chairman is Tom Hicks, now owner of the Texas Rangers (purchased from the Bush partnership) - also a major Republican donor and a member of the U.T. Board of Regents, whose chairman is Donald Evans, treasurer of the Bush campaign. Funny how things work out." Politex, 00.May 1999 .
Texas Rangers Bush lent his name; billionaire Richard Rainwater + the Texas taxpayers made him rich.

“But Bush + his partners weren't satisfied lining their pockets with average Texans' hard-earned cash.

They wanted land around the stadium to further boost its value.

To that end, they orchestrated a land grab that shortchanged local landowners by several million dollars.” (Charles Lewis/Center for Public Integrity, “The Buying of the Presidency”, excerpts at Tom Paine,

19.Jan.2000 :
The now-defunct Lone Star Casino Corp. Was the first land-based casino company on Tinian.

It had been owned by United Gaming, one of the nation's largest owners of video poker + other electronic gaming machines, a company controlled by a Texan named Richard Rainwater.

Who is Richard Rainwater?
At least 60 % of George W. Bush's income in the year he first ran for Texas Governor came from businesses he invested in with Fort Worth financier Richard E. Rainwater, records show.

Rainwater was the major investor behind George W. Bush’s purchase of the Texas Rangers. He was also one of Bush’s biggest campaign supporters.
28.Jul.2006 From Oil to Baseball To the Governor's Mansion

Mr. Bush's career with the Rangers baseball team, for example, is likely to come under intense scrutiny in the next 12 months.

00.000.1989 -when Mr. Bush brought together his investment group to buy the Rangers, the seller was Eddie Chiles, a longtime friend and supporter of President Bush.

Mr. Chiles let the president's son and his group go to the head of the line. But in a pattern repeated through his business career, Mr. Bush's play did not quite make the grade.

Baseball Commissioner Peter Ueberroth stepped in, brokering a deal that brought Fort Worth financier Richard Rainwater together with the Bush group.

Mr. Ueberroth's pitch to Mr. Rainwater was that he join the deal partly "out of respect" for President Bush, a source close to the negotiations told the New York Times.

Mr. Bush ponied up $500,000 as his personal grubstake in the $86 million purchase. He later invested another $106,000, bringing his share to 1.8% of the team.

For his organizing efforts, his new partners rewarded him with an additional 10% interest.

They also named him a managing general partner, a move that assured Mr. Bush a series of benign cameos in the limelight as he ramped up a run for Texas governor.

Mr. Bush kept a low profile as his new baseball partners aggressively + successfully lobbied for a special referendum in which the voters of Arlington, Texas, approved a sales-tax increase to cover the $135 million cost of a new stadium. Texas conservatives denounced the measure as "corporate welfare."

Mr. Bush borrowed the $500,000 for his stake in the Rangers from United Bank of Midland, Texas, where he had served as a director from 00.000.1984-00.000.1986 .

Karen Hughes, a spokeswoman for Gov. Bush, declined to detail the terms of the loan. But she said it was a "fully collateralized, traditional loan + fully paid off."

In fact, the loan was paid off through the sale of stock Mr. Bush had been awarded in his only successful venture in the oil business, as a director of Texas-based Harken Energy Corp. Barely afloat in the tough oil market in the early 1980s, Mr. Bush joined Harken as a director 00.000.1986. He was given 212,000 shares of Harken stock, worth about $500,000, or $2.50 a share, at the end of the year--although he had no daily management responsibilities. He later acquired an additional 133,000 shares through special offerings to company directors + he was paid between $42,000 and $120,000 a year for the next five years as a consultant.
28.Jul.2006 F
rom Oil to Baseball To the Governor's Mansion
Wall Street Journal
28.Sep.1999 Published: Micah Morrison, WSJ Editorial Writer
28.Sep.1999 04:49:44 PDT -Posted on- by


From Harper's Magazine

00.Feb.2000 : How George W. Bush Got Rich - A heartwarming tale of influence, cronyism + $1.7 billion , by Joe Conason: . . .

On December 6, 1994, one month after he defeated Ann Richards to become governor of Texas, George W. received a large but belated campaign contribution from an acquaintance named Thomas O. Hicks . . .

Of the scores of appointments made by an otherwise weak governor under the Texas constitution, a seat on the University of Texas Board of Regents is among the most desirable.

It carries significant prestige, opportunities for patronage + preferred access to coveted season tickets (or luxury boxes) at Longhorn football games.

For someone like Tom Hicks, however, being a regent provided something far more valuable than any such trifling tokens of status.

The prolific Hicks had conceived an ambitious plan for the state university system's financial assets -- more than $13 billion -- that matched his own bold investment style + with the governor's support, he parlayed his appointment into a position of unprecedented control over the university funds.

While the University of Texas invested hundreds of millions of dollars with Republican-linked partnerships under the guidance of Tom Hicks , it also placed hundreds of millions of dollars more with his friends + associates as well as with firms that did business with Hicks, Muse ...

Two former classmates of Hicks' at the University of Texas also were awarded large investments by UTIMCO .

One was his old fraternity brother Bruce Schnitzer , a New York insurance man who set up Wand Partners , which received more than $60 million in at least three separate deals with UTIMCO 00.000.1996-00.000.1998 . Schnitzer 's record of success was mixed at best; his companies' rates of return lagged behind the Dow average. . . .

Nor was it reassuring that he had resigned 00.000.1985 as the president of Marsh & McLennan , then the world's biggest insurance brokerage, after the company lost $165 million in unauthorized trading and was fined by the New York State insurance department . . . .

Despite those problems, Schnitzer maintained close connections not only with Hicks, Muse but with Richard Rainwater + the Bass family . After quitting Marsh & McLennan he had done multimillion-dollar deals with all of them, including one of the first major partnerships put together by Hicks, Muse. . . .
Enron - From
The Buying of the President (1996 ed), regarding contributions to Republican candidate, Phil Gramm:

The name of one company in particular might have caught Wendy Gramm's attention: Enron ....

It's a fairly large company, based in Houston.

Of all the companies that wrote to the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) seeking the exemption (of energy derivative contracts from federal regulation), Enron was the biggest donor to Gramm campaigns, giving $34,100 over the years. . .

After taking actions that led to the exemptions from regulation, Wendy Gramm (wife of Phil Gramm and chosen by Ronald Reagan to head the CFTC 00.000.1987) resigned on

20.Jan.1993 -the day Clinton was inaugurated.

Five weeks later, she was named to Enron's board of directors.

The part-time position pays her $22,000, plus $1,250 for each meeting she attends.

00.Apr.1993 the commodities commission voted 2 to 1 against regulating the business...

In its

00.000.1992 annual report, Enron calls itself the "manager of the largest portfolio of fixed-price and natural-gas derivative contracts in the world."

The company also has roughly $4.5 billion in interest-rate swaps, another exotic transaction that Wendy Gramm helped to exempt from deregulation while she was at the CFTC...

[ A Catbird Note: Bishop Estate's infamous McKenzie Methane deal was done

00.000.1989 -- during Wendy Gramm's tenure as head of the CFTC. Hmmmm.]

10.May 1999 From: Nurse Week/Health Week : . . . Fraud trial begins for four Columbia/HCA executives :

Several years after its investigation started, the government is trying four executives of Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp on charges they filed false healthcare claims in an attempt to cheat the government out of $2.8 million. . . .

The case, being heard in a Tampa, Fla., federal court, is the first to reach trial in the FBI's largest healthcare investigation ever ...

This trial is part of a larger fraud case against Columbia. That investigation has led to raids on Columbia facilities in several states and a management shakeup.

The company also is facing a number of lawsuits, including seven whistle-blower fraud suits....

For much more, GO TO > The Dissection of Fristy

Before Columbia + HCA merged, George W. Bush supporter Richard Rainwater put in about $125,000 in Columbia and $15 million in HCA .

17.Nov.1997 the Columbia/HCA board approved an internal operating reorganization plan + Goldman Sachs assisted the company in its evaluation of restructuring alternatives.

Hawaii's giant charitable trust, Bishop Estate, became a major investor in Columbia/HCA.

20.Dec.2001 New GOP Chairman Marc Racicot Mixes Politics and Profits

By Charles Lewis, from Steve Hamm mag


We must create ways to make politicians accountable for the misleading statements they make in their bids for election. After all, isn't it what they say that convinces the US public to vote for them?

For example, would Bush have been elected had he said things like "Once in office I will rescind the US's agreement to the Kyoto Protocols; abandon the ABM Treaty; pursue "Star Wars"; fill my cabinet posts with corporate America's elite; assign important posts to corporate lobbyists; and support every attempt to undermine constitutional rights and environmental protections"?

Not that this is a new practice, however, the following article highlights another way the current administration continues to concentrate power in corporate corridors. This article was taken from "The Public i", the investigative reporting arm of The Center for Public Integrity in Washington.

Please distribute far and wide. Thanks, Steve Hamm

Ranger George

00.000.1987+00.000.1988 -while still a consultant to Harken, Bush took time out to help in his father's successful campaign for the White House.

When President Bush was elected, George W. returned to Texas to contemplate his next move.

00.000.1988 -That same year- a Fort Worth oilman named Eddie Chiles, who had owned the Texas Rangers for many years, began to think about selling the club.

When word of that got out, one of the first people to hear was none other than William DeWitt, Jr., the Ivy Leaguer who clicked with Bush at the lunch that led to the Spectrum 7 deal.

DeWitt, whose family until recently had owned the Cincinnati Reds baseball team, began to put together a group of investors to buy the Rangers.

But Major League Baseball Commissioner Peter Ueberroth had problems with the lack of local money in DeWitt's group.

"We met with Ueberroth and he said, 'You've got a good group, but why don't you get more Texas investors,'" DeWitt recalls.

"It was clear at the time, as it is now, that the control person needs to be a resident of the city or area where the team is located."

So DeWitt undertook to enlist some Texans in the deal--and he immediately thought of Bush. "We were close friends throughout the period," DeWitt says.

"George was a great baseball fan. We used to go to games together when we'd be on the road."

But Bush had a problem. He wasn't rich, at least not by the standards of people who buy large interests in professional sports teams. Still, he had something no one else had, at least in quite the same way: a connection to Eddie Chiles. "On a personal level, George had the most contact with Eddie," DeWitt says. "I never really talked to him." DeWitt needed Bush to win the owner's blessing for a sale.

As it turned out, Chiles was a fan of the Bush family. "Eddie had lived in Midland and was very good friends with the Bushes," remembers Chiles's widow Fran, referring to the president and Barbara Bush.

Chiles recalls her husband referring to George W. as a "young pup" back in the 1940's + 1950 's.

Bush's presence in the ownership team, Fran Chiles says, sealed the deal for her husband. "Eddie didn't want to deal with anybody else after George got involved," she says.

"He was delighted to turn the team over to younger people and especially George Bush."

Bush was also helpful in bringing deep-pockets Dallas businessmen Richard Rainwater and Edward "Rusty" Rose into the deal. Each of them put in several million dollars--Texas dollars that would please Ueberroth.

Bush also brought in a big investor from New York, an old college friend named Roland Betts, who had initiated Bush into the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity years earlier at Yale + went on to make millions financing movies.

It worked; Chiles and Ueberroth approved and the sale took place


The purchase price was $46 million. Bush, who didn't have lots of cash available, borrowed $500,000 ("fully collateralized," according to his spokeswoman) to put in the deal, later adding a little more for a total investment of $606,000. That bought him a 1.8 % interest in the team. But he had another agreement with his partners through which he would be handsomely rewarded for his role in putting the deal together. The contract called for Bush to be a managing general partner; once all the partners recouped their investment with interest, he would be given an additional ten % interest in the team.

Then, instead of owning 1.8 % of the Rangers, he would own 11.8 %. It was the deal that would make Bush a rich man.

But first he had to get the money to pay off the loan he took to make his initial investment. His largest single asset was the chunk of Harken stock he had received in the merger.

00.000.1990 -Through the first half of- the stock price was quite consistent, moving between $4 and $5 a share.

00.Jun.1990 Bush sold two-thirds of his stake--212,000 shares--at $4 for a total price of $848,000.

At the time of the sale, Harken was moving into a period of financial difficulties.

In the months following Bush's sale, the company announced a quarterly loss and the stock price went into a long, slow decline;

00.000.1990 -by the end of- it was $1.25 a share.

Since Bush was not only a member of the board of directors but was also on a committee assigned to study Harken's financial situation, his decision to sell a few weeks before the slide began led to accusations that he used insider knowledge to get out when the getting was good.

Bush denies any wrongdoing and has often said he was unaware of the difficulties within Harken.

"He thought he was selling into good news," spokeswoman Karen Hughes told TAS, adding that if Bush had waited to sell the stock he could have earned considerably more than he got.

That would, however, have required his waiting at least a year;

00.Jun.1991 -it was not until- that Harken got back up to $4 a share.

00.Sep.1991 -By- it briefly hit $8 a share.

00.000.1991 the Securities and Exchange Commission investigated the sale + took no action against Bush or anyone else.

"I don't remember a lot about it, other than there wasn't a lot about it," says William McLucas, who was the SEC enforcement chief at the time.

"The facts just didn't support any judgment that this was something that would result in a serious enforcement proceeding."

00.000.1992 -Nevertheless, Democrats brought the issue up- as President Bush was running for re-election; it became part of several news stories recounting alleged business improprieties by Bush family members.

00.000.1994 -during the gubernatorial campaign Texas governor Ann Richards revived the story + also suggested, without evidence, that President Bush had rigged the SEC investigation, which commission officials denied.

Whatever headaches the stock sale caused George W. Bush, they were minor compared to the business opportunity--the Rangers investment--that the sale financed. And

00.000.1990 -in the early's- as part of the team's new management, he began work on the biggest deal of his life.
Dirty Money, Dirty Politics and Bishop Estate - Part I
Dirty Money, Dirty Politics and Bishop Estate Stealing the Legacy of a Hawaiian Princess - Sightings from The Catbird Seat ~ o ~ PART I - The Stealing Begins....

19.Dec.1831 PRINCESS BERNICE PAUAHI was born, the last in the royal lineage...
Blackstone Group - A New York-based private investment bank.

From The Conspirators : Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider , by Al Martin:


People in the media often ask me to give them examples of frauds that began in Iran-Contra and continue to this day, albeit under different names.

It’s essentially the same fraud and the same cast of characters.

The examples I always give (about which I have substantive information, since I was involved in all three of the original frauds + also involved in marketing some of the partnerships for the secondary fraud) are the Ocean Reef Development Group, Ltd., the Omni Development Group, Ltd. + the Tri-Lateral Investment Group, Ltd.

Who are the common players who are links between all three deals during Iran-Contra ?

They are Frank Carlucci + Richard Armitage .

When Frank Carlucci + Richard Armitage left government service immediately after Iran-Contra (they literally had to leave in order to avoid being subpoenaed as part of the overall coverup), they became principals with Pete Peterson , the infamous Republican player + GOPAC money launderer , in the Blackstone Investment Group , which is a big organization.

Then they simply continued the same real estate development frauds which were begun under Iran-Contra.

This time all the original deals went bankrupt. A certain set of banks got burned. The property reverted to them + then they refinanced the property again through Blackstone .

Subsequently they entered into an arrangement with another similar sounding company (there’s always been some confusion) the Capstone Development Group , which was also a post-Iran-Contra creature.

They are two separate organizations.

Some people will try to claim that Capstone was simply a subsidiary of Blackstone.

It is not. It is a separate company. Look at the directors. They are none other than Larry Eagleburger + Bernie Aronson , former co-workers of Frank Carlucci + Assistant Secretary of State, Richard Armitage .

However, the real estate frauds continued essentially until the early 00.000.1990 s.

It’s interesting to note how former government officials who were in the Reagan-Bush Administration during Iran-Contra profit by subsequent frauds – post-Iran-Contra frauds, if you will.

00.000.1994-00.000.1995 -For instance- there was the great Mexican Diversion Fraud,

when Blackstone immediately opened an office in Mexico City to take advantage of American taxpayers’ money being lent to Mexico vis-a-vis the OCED + OPEC + other USA lending +/or guaranteeing agencies.

The opportunity to commit fraud against the United States Treasury during that Mexican bailout was just like a walk in the park.

You buy a busted out Mexican company for pennies on the dollar, pump it up, make it look nice, make sure you’ve got your hands out for a twenty or thirty million dollar loan from somebody else, like the IMF, or a direct USA lending agency + you would be given Brady Bonds which could then be rehypothecated .

And it was such a scam.

Dinnerstein alone documented $130 million of fraud committed by former officials of the Reagan-Bush Administration during the “Great Mexican Turkey Shoot” as it became known.

And then what happened?

The Russian bailout.

Blackstone suddenly opened an office in Moscow and promptly proceeded to do the same thing again. This time they were raping and pillaging the American taxpayer with the same corporate schemes to get money out of U.S. agencies and/or collateral guaranty or fidelity instruments that could be rehypothecated.

It’s exactly the same scheme.

It was another $38 million of fraud according to our estimates at the time.

To follow fraud from the Iran-Contra period and to continue to do it to this day – just look at where the Blackstone Investment Group is opening up offices in the world. . . .

* * *

For more, GO TO > Birds that Drink from Cesspools ; The Blackstone Group ; Predators in Paradise
The Catbird Chronicles: Bishop Estate

00.000.1986 - Bishop Estate joins golf course designer Robert Trent Jones and North Carolina developer Clay Hamner in the purchase of 1,100 acres at Lake Manassas, Virginia.

00.000.1989 - Bishop Estate trustees approve the McKenzie Methane acquisition, with trustees, principle executives, managers, family members, business cohorts and other insiders co-investing millions of their personal money. Among the investors are the estate's tax-adviser, Mark McConaghy of Price Waterhouse .

00.000.1989 - HFH, a holding company originally comprised of four major investors, William E. Simon, Sr., Gerald L. Parsky, Larry B. Thrall + Roy Doumani , to purchase HonFed Savings & Loan Association , sells approximately 23 % of its ownership stake in the thrift.

00.000.1991 - Bishop Estate and partners set up RTJ Acquisition LP to develop the Lake Manassas property, which is to become the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club -- the object of controversy and a lawsuit in which the later owners of the club claimed fraud was involved in the sale. The purchasers allege Bishop Estate was both the buyer and the seller (BE trustee Henry Peters also served on the golf club's board of trustees) + also had failed to inform them of a $33 million development debt they would have to pay off -- to Bishop Estate.

00.000.1992 - Bishop Estate trustees invest $250 million of the trust's money in Goldman Sachs .

00.000.1992 - Bishop Estate invests $31 million in Mid Ocean Reinsurance Co. with partners J.P. Morgan & Co , Marsh & McLennan Co. and Texas deal-maker Richard Rainwater .

While a director of Mid Ocean, estate trustee Henry Peters received substantial director's fees and received options to acquire 6,000 shares of Mid Ocean Stock.

00.000.1993 - Bishop Estate, The MacArthur Foundation + Duke University Endowment Fund back the formation of a Boston merchant bank called Orion Capital Partners LP .

00.000.1993 - Robert Rubin , worth an estimated $100 million at the time, resigns Goldman Sachs to join the Clinton administration. Rubin makes a phone call to Bishop Estate and the estate "insures" Rubin's stake in Goldman Sachs for $100,000 a year -- a real "sweetheart deal" for poor Rubin?

00.000.1994 - Bishop Estate invests another $250 million in Goldman Sachs .

00.000.1994 - The records relating to the various investments held by the Trust Estate + its Pauahi Holdings, Inc. subsidiary, showed that combined losses and loss reserves of $264 million were recognized in fiscal year 00.000.1994.

00.000.1995 - The Wall Street Journal exposes the estate nationally with their in-depth, front-page article, Bishop's Gambit - Hawaiians Who Own Goldman Sachs Stake Play Clever Tax Game .

00.000.1995 - According to The Cheating of America : “Tax attorneys for Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard, McPherson and Hand – the Washington, D.C.-based law and lobbying powerhouse whose members include the likes of Bob Dole and former treasury secretary Lloyd Bentsen – prepared a thirty-page confidential report for a client (Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate) in search of a new home. The attorneys surveyed the tax and legal consequences of relocating in 49 states (only Hawaii was excluded), then recommended a single location to their client: the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota.”

00.000.1996 - Bishop Estate lends $1 million to Charles M. Harmon, Jr. , an investment banker and former general partner at Goldman Sachs + together with Larry L. Landry , chief investment officer of the MacArthur Foundation ; and Brad Heppner , a consultant at Bain & Co. and former director of private investments at the MacArthur Foundation , they form Crossroads Group to purchase Bigler Investment Management, a Conn. firm that manages fund-of-fund accounts. Bigler's clients include: Connecticut State Treasury ; Massachusetts' Pension Reserves Investment Management Board; Rhode Island Employees' Retirement System; City & Co. of San Francisco Retirement System; and pension funds of E.I. duPont de Nemours & Co.

00.000.1996 - The estate spends more than $330,000 on federal lobbying - most of it going to three firms to fight, unsuccessfully, the "interim sanctions" law that created penalties for employees or officers of charitable institutions who gain undue "excess benefits" from their positions. The three lobbying firms were Verner, Liipfert, Bernard, McPherson & Hand , a prominent Washington, D.C. firm that employs former Hawaii governor (and friend of Bill Clinton) , John Waihee ; Hecht Spencer & Associates ; and Price Waterhouse .

Other Verner firm members enlisted in the effort included former Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen of Texas, former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell of Maine and former Texas Governor Ann Richards .

Also, enlisted to fight the "interim sanctions" regulations was the Rev. Jesse Jackson .

00.Oct.1996 Bobby Harmon , the estate's Risk Manager + president of P&C Insurance , reports suspected fraud + collusion between Trustee Henry Peters;

Nathan Aipa , the estate's general counsel; + Marsh & McLennan, Inc. to the organizations' auditors, Coopers & Lybrand .

In November, Harmon is terminated from both positions.

From the start of his career, Lampert has sought out high-powered mentors.

At various stages he worked with former Goldman Sachs & Co. (GS ) head Robert E. Rubin, economics Nobelist James Tobin + investor Richard Rainwater.

Rubin, now at Citigroup (C ), was taken by his self-assurance, independence + discipline when Lampert worked for him at Goldman after graduating from Yale University.

When Lampert, then 25, told him he was leaving to start his own fund, the future Treasury Secretary argued that he was forfeiting a golden career.

"He had a clear-eyed view of the risk he was taking and the likelihood he would succeed," Rubin recalls. "I'd say it worked."
22.Nov.2004 This person Edward S. Lampert is Skull and Bones:
NOVEMBER 22, 2004 • Editions: N. America | Europe | Asia | Edition Preference
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The Next Warren Buffett?
Financier Eddie Lampert turned once-bankrupt Kmart into a $3 billion cash cow. Will he build it into a new Berkshire Hathaway?

All these questions led to some 30 years of research into the CIA, drugs + clandestine operations.

This in other words is a research path based on more direct "primary sources" unlike many who relied on Antony Sutton's 1980's books on the subject.

Interestingly, Milligan only found Antony Sutton's book on Skull and Bones

00.000.1988 --two years before his father died

00.000.1990 so father and son were unable to talk much about it.

(For more information on that, Millegan goes into that in his appearance at the San Francisco 9-11 Citizens Inquiry this year as well. That link is below as are several others.)
Kris has produced two drugs/CIA symposiums in 2000 of top researchers, whistleblowers, authors, researchers + academics in this field.
He is the author of what is being called the "encyclopedia and bedrock of Skull and Bones research", Fleshing out Skull and Bones, published in 2004.
Bush Jr.'s Skeleton Closet

Sex, Drugs and Rock 'N Roll Sources

"The smut monger's scoop", by Harley Sorenson, San Francisco Examiner, October 30, 2000

"Richard Rainwater: The invisible man behind one of the year's biggest deals", by John Morthland, Texas Monthly, 00.Sep.1996
Junior tripled his investment, like the other owners, with the help of
massive government intervention and subsidies.

But his real wealth came from simply being given 10% of the team as a "bonus" for "putting together the investment team."

Even if he really had done that work, it's an absurd bonus ($12.2 million), but the fact is that he didn't add much.

Cincinatti financier William DeWitt brought Bush in, not vice versa, shortly after George Bush Sr. was elected president. (DeWitt had also invested in Junior's oil companies.).

The only investor Bush actually brought in was Roland Betts, a Yale fraternity brother + that wasn't good enough.

Under Junior's management, the deal was about to fall apart until baseball commissioner Peter Uebberoth brought in another investment group led by Fort Worth Billionaire Richard Rainwater + Dallas investor "Rusty" Rose.

Since the deal, both men have profited greatly from business with the Texas administration of George Bush, Jr. Rose personally invested $3.2 million + became the other general manager of the team.

Under the team partnership agreement, Bush Junior couldn't take any "material actions" without Rose's prior approval.

There was also a method for removing Junior as a general partner, but no way to remove Rose. Yet Rose's "bonus" for his role in setting up the deal was less than half of Junior's.

What kind of owners would approve such a big payoff to Bush?

In addition to Rose and Rainwater, men with business pending before Texas government, the owners included William DeWitt + Mercer Reynolds, major contributors to President Bush who had also purchased Junior's failing oil company through their Spectrum 7 Energy company.

If this deal doesn't smell bad enough already, consider Bush's blatant hypocrisy.

The main value of the team is its new stadium (ranked by Financial World as the most profitable in baseball) + 300 acres of vacant land the team owns between the stadium + 6 Flags of Texas, which is next door.
Corruption in Texas Government; State $ to Big Contributors Bush's administration has consistenly shoveled large amounts of state controlled money to men who have either contributed large amounts to Bush's campaign, or who have made Junior personally rich through
sweet insider business deals, or both.

For example, the University of Texas' Investment Management Company (UTIMCO) invests $1.7 billion of state money. Most of this comes from profits from oil discovered on Texas state land.

Bush's cronies dominate this board + in return investment funds controlled by these very cronies or their friends have received nearly a third -- $457 million -- of that massive investment pool.

There may even be more, but this obscure group -- created under Bush -- cloaks its operations in a thick veil of secrecy.

UTIMCO's chairman, Tom Hicks, now owns the Texas Rangers; his purchase of the team made Governor Bush a very rich man.

Furthermore, Hicks + his brother gave $146,000 to the Bush campaign.

In return, $252 million of the invested money went to funds run by Hicks' business associates or friends, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Hicks even insisted that UTIMCO increase by $10 million an investment with a fund that he had an indirect financial interest in, but UTIMCO staff halted funding after they discovered the conflict.

Then there's Sam and Charles Wyly, the billionaire brothers who secretly bought $2.5 million of "independent" TV ads slamming McCain just before the critical Super Tuesday primaries.

( They have also given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Bush Jr.'s governor and presidential campaigns.)

They control Maverick Capital, an investment fund that received $90 million of UTIMCO money.

The brothers earn nearly $1 million in fees alone from that money, along with a share of any profits.

00.000.1996 Henry Kravis of Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts -- a longtime Bush contributor -- received a $50 million investment deal.

And there are many more Bush supporters who have received millions from UTIMCO, including the Bass family and Adele Hall of the Hallmark Cards family.

Another key player in the Bush world is Richard Rainwater, the billionaire Texas investor who made Bush Jr.'s original involvement in the Texas Rangers deal possible.

That's the deal that made Jr. rich, of course.

Bush had several other personal investments in Rainwater controlled companies.

But Rainwater has received much from Bush + the state of Texas' treasury, too.

UTIMCO invested at least $20 million in Rainwater companies.

And UTIMCO is not the only Bush administration agency funneling money and favors to his supporters and cronies.

The state teacher retirement fund sold three office buildings to Rainwater's real estate company at bargain prices + without bids in 2 of the cases.

The fund invested $90 million in the Frost Bank Plaza in Austin + sold it to Rainwater's Crescent Real Estate for $35 million.

Bush signed a law that will give his former baseball team co-owners -- including Rainwater -- a $10 million bonus payment when a new Dallas arena is built.

Bush also proposed a cap on business real estate taxes that would have saved Rainwater millions on his various properties (but it lost in the legislature).

In another example, Bush's state Housing department has been investigated for kickbacks + Florita Bell Griffin, who Bush appointed to the state Housing Board, was just convicted of bribery, theft, money-laundering + mail fraud for trading her influence for cash.

She faces 55 years in prison. And

Larry Paul Manley, Bush's director of the Department of Housing until he resigned

00.Jan.1999 is under police investigation for steering federal tax credits to cronies.

00.000.1997 Texas' top auditor discovered that 60% of department contracts went to Manley's former colleagues at local savings + loans, but refused to make the findings public until long after the criminal probes began.

Bush may or may not have violated state ethics laws with all of this big money backscratching, but there is no doubt that he and these businessman are operating corruptly - funneling large amounts of state money to the businessmen's companies + large amounts of their personal and business money into George Bush Jr.'s pocket and political campaigns. Sources
The Woodlands - George P. Mitchell , Chairman and CEO of Mitchell Energy & Development Corp , founded "The Woodlands" a 25,000-acre planned community located 25 miles north of Houston.

00.000.1974 -Opened- The Woodlands.

00.000.1997 The Woodlands was sold to a partnership of Richard Rainwater's Crescent Real Estate Equities Company and Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund II. * * *

From Conspirators Hierarchy, by Dr. John Coleman: The Committee of 300 has planted its agents in the muscle and sinew of the USA, in its government, in Congress, in advisory posts around the President, as ambassadors and as Secretaries of State.

From time to time, the Club of Rome holds gatherings + conferences which, although they appear under innocuous titles, break up into action committees, each of which is assigned a specific task and a specific target date by which time their assignments must be completed. If it does nothing else, the Committee of 300 is working to a very strict time-table.

00.000.1969 The first Club of Rome conference in the USA was called by the Committee of 300 under the title: "The Association of the Club of Rome."

00.000.1970 The next meeting was held under the title "Riverdale Center of Religious Research" + was directed by Thomas Burney.

00.000.1971 -starting-Then followed the Woodlands Conference in Houston, Texas, .

Thereafter, regular conferences have been held at Woodlands every year.

(For those of you not familiar with the Committee of 300 , members include Barkleys Bank, Corning, William Simon, Robert Beck, Price Waterhouse, Prudential, Xerox + GEORGE H.W. BUSH )

Now, Bush owned the Texas Rangers as part of a scheme put together by his old buddy Richard Rainwater , part of which involved abusing the eminent-domain laws to force dozens of Arlington-area residents to sell their land and homes to Rainwater's outfit for the creation of The Ballpark at Arlington . Since a good portion of this properly never wound up as part of The Ballpark, Rainwater made a tidy sum selling the excess land for a good deal than he paid for it. But Clary and his wife Pat, so far as I can see, are among the few civilians on the USS Greeneville who weren't Texans, oil/energy people and/or a donors to George W. Bush and/or the Republican Party.


Bush inaugurated. Aides tell the press that the new administration would rather "stay one step behind than be one step ahead."

Bush authorizes CIA support to Noriega's opposition, giving Noriega an excuse to annul Panama's elections.

Bush claims executive privilege to avoid testifying in the Oliver North trial, thus becoming first president to use this power to keep his acts as vice president under wraps.

Two months after his father's inauguration, George W. Bush announces that he and a syndicate of investors have purchased the Texas Rangers . The investors are Edward "Rusty" Rose, Richard Rainwater , Bill DeWitt, Roland Betts (a former Yale frat brother) and Tom Bernstein (Bett's partner in a film investment concern). While Bush appears to lead the group, Rainwater makes clear that Rose is to control how the business is run. Bush's stake in the $86 million deal is 2%, financed with a $500,000 loan from a Midland Bank of which he had been a director and $106,000 from other sources. Rainwater and Rose put up 14.2 million, Betts and Bernstein invested about $6 million and the balance comes from smaller investors and loans. Bush will eventually sell his share for $15 million .

But there is nothing from the DEA—not one peep—about an American registered plane carrying more than a half billion dollars worth of product destined for the U.S.

In the lobby of the CIA there’s an inscription on the wall which reads: “Ye Shall Know the Truth + the Truth Will Set You Free.”

If t he DEA puts one up in their lobby it should say: “Mum’s the word.”

Skyway, "has left a trail of tangled litigation and angry investors, including 24 Kuwaiti and Saudi nationals," said an article in the August 26, 2005 Tampa Business Journal.

Investors "poured money into a company that promised to protect airplanes from terrorism and provide high-speed Internet at 30,000 feet.”

In a bankruptcy hearing, federal Judge Paul M. Glenn called the case "murky." "I have a great deal of concern about this case," Judge Glenn said. "There's a great deal we don't know."
How come we don't got no drug lords, Daddy?

Also last week, a second group of investors, mostly from Kentucky, have filed a lawsuit against Sky Way in in Hillsborough County court, accusing the company and its principals of fraud, civil theft and conspiracy to defraud, among other charges.

The company "shamelessly used the tragedy of 9/11 to concoct an elaborate scheme of fraud designed to prey upon the vulnerable mind set of the American public," the lawsuit states.

We think its a fair question to ask: What was the nature of SkyWay’s connection to Richard Rainwater + to George W. Bush?
The registered owner of an airliner caught with more than five tons of cocaine had been leasing, for no easily-discernible purpose, an expensive airport property owned by George W. Bush’s biggest backer

SkyWay, a company with no products + thus nothing needing "repair," nonetheless announced in July 2003 “their newly established Part 145 repair station” in a building owned by LIT Industrial Texas Limited Partnership, a venture of Texas real estate giant Trammel Crow, the flagship corporation in the far-flung empire of billionaire speculator Richard Rainwater.
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The Bigotry of the Busheviks Undermines the National Security of the USA of America: Army dismisses gay Arabic linguist 8/28
Paul Krugman: But when Orwell wrote of ?a nightmare world in which the Leader, or some ruling clique, controls not only the future but the past,? he was thinking of totalitarian states. Who would have imagined that history would prove so easy to rewrite in a democratic nation with a free press?

28.Jul.2006 BOMBSHELL: SKYWAY AND BUSHCO! Remember the drug jet? Remember the DC-9 loaded up with 5.5 tons of coke, which was discovered by Mexican authorities? Remember when we learned that it was owned by Skyway, a scam company designed to bilk investors, a company run by the (allegedly) spooked-up Kovar family?
Daniel Hopsicker has tied this drug smuggling scandal directly to the immediate circle of George W. Bush: The company which owned the seized "Cocaine One" DC9, SkyWay Aircraft of St. Petersburg FL, leased a 70,000 square foot “repair” facility at DFW Airport in Dallas for more than $20,000 a a building owned by a man called “George W. Bush’s biggest supporter” and “the power behind the throne” during Bush’s first Presidential campaign.
SkyWay, a company with no products + thus nothing needing "repair," nonetheless announced in July 2003 “their newly established Part 145 repair station” in a building owned by LIT Industrial Texas Limited Partnership, a venture of Texas real estate giant Trammel Crow, the flagship corporation in the far-flung empire of billionaire speculator Richard Rainwater.
Ranked among the 100 wealthiest Americans, Rainwater backed George W. Bush in four separate business ventures, including the Texas Rangers baseball team from which Bush, who had been drilling “dry holes” until then, profited handsomely. In a heated 1994 Governor’s race, Texas Democratic Governor Ann Richards charged Rainwater “owned" her Republican opponent Bush. There's more; follow the link. What the hell do we have to do to force the mainstream media to pay attention?


Die Wissenschaftlerin Danah Boyd, die an der Berkeley University in Kalifornien die Entwicklungen im Netz verfolgt und erforscht, wurde in ihrem Blog deutlicher: "Weil dies sowohl Schulen als auch Bibliotheken betrifft, wird es die digitale Kluft dramatisch vergrößern. Arme Jugendliche finden nur in Schulen und Bibliotheken Zugang zu solchen Seiten. Durch dieses Verbot werden arme Jugendliche keinen Zugang mehr zu den kulturellen Schöpfungen der Gegenwart bekommen." Zudem werde das Gesetz auch Erwachsene in ihren Möglichkeiten einschränken: Viele Institutionen werden kaum in der Lage sein, unterschiedliche Rechner für Minder- und Volljährige zu unterhalten.

Der sehr populäre Blogger Michael Arrington sekundiert auf seiner Seite Techcrunch: "Wenn Jugendliche diejenigen sind, die am wahrscheinlichsten neue soziale Software annehmen, dann, meine ich, wäre es im Interesse all derer, die sich für soziale Software interessieren, die Versuche der US-Regierung genau zu beobachten, Kinder davon fernzuhalten."

Auch SPIEGEL ONLINE wäre nach dem DOPA-Vorstoß nicht mehr für Kinder und Jugendliche geeignet - weil man auch hier im Forum Nachrichten an andere versenden und Persönliches über sich verraten kann, wenn man das möchte.

"Parteilichkeit und Panik"

Das DOPA-Gesetz ist ein klassisches Beispiel für "Sack gemeint, Esel getroffen": Der Text (PDF) ist so schwammig formuliert, dass das halbe kommerzielle Internet künftig für all jene Jugendlichen, die auf öffentliche Internetzugänge angewiesen sind, nicht mehr erreichbar sein könnte. Die Definition von "Community-Website" enthält die Merkmale "kommerzieller Betreiber", "Möglichkeit, Profile anzulegen, die detaillierte persönliche Informationen enthalten", "Möglichkeit, ein Online-Tagebuch zu führen" und "Möglichkeit, zur Kommunikation zwischen den Nutzern".
Aufgepumpt wird sie mit Zeit - der Zeit, die all die Community-Mitglieder da draußen investieren, um bei YouTube lustige Videos einzustellen, bei interessante Webseiten zu empfehlen oder bei MySpace an ihrer Profilseite zu feilen. Investiert wird diese wertvolle Zeit, die ein neues Online-Wirtschaftswunder schaffen soll, vor allen von denen, die viel davon haben: Schülern und Studenten nämlich, die beispielsweise einen großen Teil der gen 100 Millionen strebenden MySpace-Population ausmachen.

Und gerade diese arbeitswilligen, enthusiastischen Gemeinschafts-Arbeiter im Teenager-Alter will das US-Repräsentantenhaus nun aussperren. Zumindest von öffentlich mitfinanzierten Internet-Zugangsstellen sollen "Community-Websites" künftig nicht mehr erreichbar sein für Minderjährige. Mit der überwältigenden Mehrheit von 410 zu 15 Stimmen verabschiedete das Repräsentantenhaus am Donnerstagabend den "Deleting Online Predators Act", kurz DOPA - seltsamerweise fast ohne öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit. Während die Blogosphäre sich bereits die Finger wund tippt, um gegen das Gesetz zu protestieren, ist von den etablierten US-Medien rein gar nichts zu hören zu dem ziemlich revolutionären Vorstoß.

Das Totschlag-Argument von den pädophilen Jägern
Internet: US- Repräsentanten sperren Jugendliche aus dem Netz

28.Jul.2006 Nahost: Bush und Blair wollen internationale Friedenstruppe schnell entsenden
Abzug des US- Giganten: Deutsche Wal- Mart- Mitarbeiter müssen bangen

28.Jul.2006 Angriff auf Afula: Hisbollah feuert iranische Raketen

28.Jul.2006 Medienbetreuung der Hisbollah: Lasst Bilder sprechen

28.Jul.2006 Medienbetreuung in Israel: All- inclusive- Paket für Kriegsberichterstatter
Uno- Menschenrechtsrat: Schließung geheimer US- Gefängnisse gefordert
Handys im Libanon: Psychokrieg per Telefon

28.Jul.2006 Neue Reformdebatte: Arbeitslose zu Altenhelfern

28.Jul.2006 17:12)Kinderarmut: "Es gibt kaum Verständnis für Armut"

28.Jul.2006 Vortrag und Gespräche: Ex- Außenminister Fischer reist nach Iran
CSU- Vorschlag: Langzeitarbeitslose sollen gratis arbeiten
28.Jul.2006 Kongo- Wahl: Bestialischer Mord in Kinshasa - Uno- Direktor Conze besorgt

28.Jul.2006 Drittes Minusjahr: Löhne in Deutschland schrumpfen
Südlibanon: Rakete trifft Hilfskonvoi, Uno zieht Soldaten ab
28.Jul.2006 Streit vor US- Kongress: Rüpeleien unter Klimaforschern
28.Jul.2006 Tod von Uno- Soldaten: Sicherheitsrat verzichtet auf Verurteilung Israels

28.Jul.2006 Israel und die Uno: Eine vergiftete Beziehung

28.Jul.2006 Israelische Militäroffensive: Umstrittener Erfolg im Kampf gegen die Hisbollah

28.Jul.2006 Irak: US- Soldat wirft Kameraden Tötung von Gefangenen vor
Deutscher unter Terror- Verdacht: Die Bombe im Zug
28.Jul.2006 Steuergesetz 2007: Neue Schnüffelpläne
28.Jul.2006 Hitzeopfer Firn und Frost: Die Damokles- Berge
28.Jul.2006 Die Manipulation der Medien Ein wenig Ausgrabungsarbeit ist nötig. Man muss dazu mindestens ein Stockwerk tiefer buddeln als bis dahin, "was jeder weiß".

Dr. Tim O'Shea ...
Heute in den Feuilletons: Unheimliche Welle der Prüderie
28.Jul.2006 Iran- Resolution: Veto- Mächte vor Einigung
28.Jul.2006 Einzelhandel: Wal- Mart gibt in Deutschland auf
28.Jul.2006 LEAKED MEMO: Coal Industry Coordinating Propaganda Blitz Attacking Global Warming Science Judd 
A secret memo by the coal industry details a coordinated campaign to spread misinformation about global warming. The memo expresses fear that if the government addresses climate change — through a carbon tax or regulating greenhouse gasses — it will cut into their profits.

Their solution: “support the scientific community that is willing to stand up against the alarmists.” (The memo also refers to people who believe in global warming science as those “whose true motivation is to stop growth, develop renewable resources [and] discontinue the use of fossil fuels, especially coal.”)

But the coal utility ran up against a problem: there is no scientific community who agrees with them. The memo acknowledges almost everyone who disputes global warming science have no “involvement in climatology.” So they’ve decided to lavish funding on one climatologist who will do their bidding: Pat Michaels.

The memo describes how the coal-based utility contributed “$100,000 to Dr. Michaels this year.” It also “contacted all the [utilities] in the USA” asking for contributions to Michaels’ research and “obtained additional contributions.” Here are a few highlights from Michaels’ career:

00.000.2003 Michaels famously “proved” that global warming was mostly hype by mixing up degrees and radians.

00.000.2004, Michaels told Business Week, “We know how much the planet is going to warm. It is a small amount + we can’t do anything about it. ”

00.000.2006 -This year- Michaels completely misrepresented a study by Curt Davis to falsely claim that Antartica has been gaining ice in recent years .

00.000.2003 A Harvard scientist told the Senate Republican Policy Committee that Michaels has “published little if anything of distinction in the professional literature,

being noted rather for his shrill op-ed pieces and indiscriminate denunciations of virtually every finding of mainstream climate science.”

Funding Michaels is part of a larger propaganda campaign, involving several industries, described in the memo.

Other activities include bankrolling a movie that attacks An Inconvenient Truth, deceptive advertisements by the Competitive Enterprise Institute + aggressive lobbying.

Corporations meet regularly with Michaels + CEI to discuss strategy.

You can read the memo here. Desmog blog has more.
Armitage Fears Bombing Campaign Will ‘End Up Empowering Hezbollah’ Nico 
Richard Armitage dramatically broke ranks with his neoconservative allies yesterday, saying in a radio interview that he feared it was impossible to eliminate Hezbollah through airstrikes + that by attempting to do so, “you’re going to end up empowering Hezbollah + perhaps introducing an element into the body politic in Lebanon that will take some great period of time to recover from.” Armitage also criticized the Bush administration for refusing to talk directly to Syria.

According to a database search, no major media outlets have yet printed Armitage’s remarks. Listen:

Armitage was Assistant Secretary of Defense under President Reagan when the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon was bombed 00.000.1983 + served as second-in-command at the State Department under President George W. Bush. 00.000.1998, he signed the Project for a New American Century letter to President Clinton urging regime change in Iraq.

The Bush administration has thus far “giving a tacit blessing” to the escalating Mideast violence. During crisis talks in Rome yesterday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice bucked the “entreaties of nearly all of her European and Arab counterparts” to push for a ceasefire.

Full transcript:

NPR: You were an assistant secretary of defense back 00.000.1982, when a peacekeeping force was sent into Lebanon, a multinational force stationed there but ultimately forced to withdraw. Talk to us about that + what we might draw from that.

ARMITAGE: It was a very troubled time, actually + sooner rather than later we became involved — or were seen as taking sides — in someone else’s civil war. And ultimately we lost 241 Naval and Marine personnel.

NPR: In the bombing of the…

ARMITAGE: Yes, in the October ‘83 bombing.

NPR: Are there parallels between that peacekeeping force and now?

ARMITAGE: Well, I remember with stunning clarity one of our Israeli interlocutors sitting in my office, telling me that, “Don’t worry about this peace in Galilee operation. We understand our neighbors very well. We understand them better than anyone. We know all the dynamics of the situation in Lebanon.” And that turned out not quite to be the case.

I suspect that people in government now are also hearing that from Israel. Don’t get me wrong — if I thought that this air campaign would work + would eliminate Nasrullah and the leadership of Hezbollah, I think it would all be fine. But I fear that you can’t do this from the sky + that you’re going to end up empowering Hezbollah + perhaps introducing an element into the body politic in Lebanon that will take some great period of time to recover from.

NPR: An element into the body politic that as yet we do not know?

ARMITAGE: I think we do not know. And we’re not, as far as I’m concerned, using all the levers that we have, such as having the Secretary of State talk to the Syrians. I think they want to get involved. I think they want to become more central to a solution + you might as well give them the opportunity. If they step up to it, fine. If they don’t, we’ll know them for what they are.
Good news: 9/11-linked pilot goes missing posted at 9:28 pm on July 27, 2006 by Allahpundit

Remember him? The FBI is convinced he’s a potential terrorist hijacker, simply because he’s a young Muslim male. From Saudi Arabia. Who was known to get a little excitable during Friday prayers. And took flying lessons in the summer of 2001.

And roomed with the guy who crashed Flight 77 into the Pentagon.

He skipped town in 2002 for the sunny pastures of the Kingdom, but turned up in New Zealand in February of this year. Under an assumed name. To study English, which he already spoke fluently.

And immediately began applying to flight schools.

New Zealand deported him back to the Kingdom last month, where he was detained by authorities. And then released a few weeks later.

And now, wouldn’t you know it, they’ve lost track of him.

Well. I’m sure he’ll turn up.

Like the old saying goes: fish gotta swim, dogs gotta hunt. Saudis gotta fly.
Staying in Iraq. Faiz “Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Thursday directed more than 2,500 U.S. troops who have spent the past year in Iraq to stay up to four months past their scheduled departure date, boosting the size of the U.S. force amid unrelenting violence in Baghdad, officials said.”
28.Jul.2006 Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) opens fire on firefighters Payson who had come from Virginia to Montana to put out a 92,000-acre blaze. Burns told the firefighters, who earn $8 to $12 an hour and time-and-a-half for overtime, they had “done a poor job” and “should have listened to the ranchers.”
28.Jul.2006 What Would It Take?
George Washington's Blog
What Would It Take? By George Washington What would it take to convince you that 9/11 was an inside job? I'm just talking hypothetically, not real-world.
Is there any proof, any piece of evidence, any confession -- no matter how far-fetched or impossible -- which could, just hypothetically , convince you?
You might have responded "confession by high-level insiders". If only such a confession would convince you, think about this for a second:
If you helped to kill 3,000 of your own people, would you admit it?
Probably not.
That's why most criminal convictions take place in spite of the fact that the defendant strongly denies he committed the crime. But there's enough evidence from other witnesses or the crime scene that the judge or jury finds him guilty. Or maybe there is such strong evidence that the defendant had the motive to commit the crime -- because he would benefit handsomely from it -- that he's convicted.
You might say that 9/11 is different. If there was a conspiracy that big, someone would have spilled the beans by now. Right?
But that's not true. If -- just hypothetically -- 9/11 was an inside job, then it was carried out by a group of very disciplined military type folks who know how to carry out a military operation and keep their mouths shut. Moreover,
a small group of people could have carried out 9/11.
And when you think of confessions, you're thinking of small-time criminals. High-level criminals like the Nazi leaders didn't really confess their crimes (some did at the Nurenberg trials, but not before).
In any event,
many witnesses who are high-level officials + firefighters, police and FBI have come forward to testify against the U.S. government's official story of how 3,000 people were murdered on 9/11.
So can you at least consider the possibility that 9/11 might -- just possibly -- be an inside job even if none of the actual perpetrators have yet confessed?
Of course, it's IMPOSSIBLE that anyone in our government would do that. We know that because we know that we're the good guys, right? And that our government tries its hardest to protect us.
Its like a defendant falsely accused of a crime. The jury should find him innocent, because he's a good guy + his life, his actions have been those of a basically decent guy. Right?
It would be very different if the defendant had previously been found guilty of similar crimes. Obviously, in that case, it would be alot more like that the defendant did it this time, too.
A good example is evil nations who have
terrorized their own people for political gain (this includes Muslim countries). If the leaders of one of those countries was accused of a terrorist act, we might think "hmmm . . . its possible they did it again". Right?
Well, here's the thing. American political leaders have occassionally
exaggerated military intelligence a little for political gain.
And, our leaders have in fact
used terrorism in the past.
So we can't assume, without looking at the facts of 9/11, that this is not the kind of thing that our leaders would do .
What would it Really Take?
So what would it really take for you to believe 9/11 was an inside job?
Disproof of the official story?
Scientific experts saying it?
Or do you just NOT want to believe it? That's okay. Admit it.
Then when you are ready, take a look at the evidence . . .
You can start by actually reading the information contained at the links.

28.Jul.2006 Allahpundit Again Does Not Seem to Realise the Evidence of the Controlled Demo
Hot Air » Blog Archive » Video: Kevin Cosgrove’s 911 call from the World Trade Center Listen to the massive rumble at the end of the call. This is NOT a collapse based on failure of "softened" steel due to fire! technorati tags:WTC, CD, Controlled_Demo, Phone_Call, WTC2, Cosgrove Blogged with Flock

28.Jul.2006 Allahpundit has no idea that his post is another strike against the 9/11 Govt. Story Hot Air » Blog Archive » Good news: 9/11-linked pilot goes missing Blogged with Flock
28.Jul.2006 new articles on APFN
DAY 17: AUDIO: "Crisis in the Middle East" — Radio Your Way,

27.Jul.2006 Israel and the Middle East - RESOURCES — Special report - The road map to peace,

27.Jul.2006 Condoleezza Rice's trip to the Middle East. — AUDIO UPDATE: Condoleezza Rice,

27.Jul.2006 Could U.S. Troops End Up in Lebanon? — Harpers,

27.Jul.2006 CFR #8102: Building A North American Community — Selling out of America,

27.Jul.2006 Dobbs: Why is the president ignoring our laws? — Les Lemke,

27.Jul.2006 My Hero — Kate Mucci,

27.Jul.2006 IINTERVIEW: FFF.ORG "WE BELEIVE IN OPEN BORDERS" — "The Charles Coyette Show",

27.Jul.2006 7/27/06 "The Al Franken Show" — "The Al Franken Show",

27.Jul.2006 Is the World Court a Great Big Sham? — Call4Investigation,

27.Jul.2006 No more Foreign Aid for the Whore (Israel)! — Curtis Roys,

27.Jul.2006 9/11 Dr. Kevin Barrette + Voice of Arizona Radio Show — Michelle Laurienti,


27.Jul.2006 Details on Digital Signatures — call4investigation CV 9835303 Joiner-1,

27.Jul.2006 Carrying out of the "Clean Break" policy ..." — Dr Hesham Tillawi,

27.Jul.2006 "Clean Break discussed.....Strategy for Securing the Realm — The Randi Rhodes Show",

27.Jul.2006 DAY 18: AUDIO: "Crisis in the Middle East" — Radio Your Way,

28.Jul.2006 Immediate Action: Depleted Uranium Situation Worsens — Dr. Doug Rokke, PhD.,

28.Jul.2006 DAY 18: AUDIO: "Crisis in the Middle East" — ANDERSON COOPER 360 REPORTS:,

28.Jul.2006 This is insane! This is psychological warfare! — Blogging from Beirut,

28.Jul.2006 ...pretext of ‘self-defense’, is immoral bullshit. xymphora: Suicide mission to fill swimming pools Blogged with Flock
'Beyond politics' By David Neiwert- One of the really offensive aspect of the right-wing drumbeat of eliminationism is that so many of its purveyors -- notably Rush Limbaugh and his many imitators, including Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin -- try to slough off criticism of the nastiness of
28.Jul.2006 Belgian Jewish Leader: Israel Committing War Crimes By _H_

Jewish associations have begun to react against the Israeli offensive into Lebanon. Head of the Union of Belgian Jewish Progressives (UPJB) Dr. Jacques Ravedovitch stated that Israel is committing war crimes in Lebanon. In an interview with Zaman in Brussels, Ravedovitch said that while former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon committed indirect war crimes, current Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
Haaretz News : Israel says UN can't be part of probe of deadly attack on post Israel's UN ambassador on Thursday ruled out major UN involvement in any potential international force in Lebanon, saying more professional and better-trained troops were needed for such a volatile situation. ...
28.Jul.2006 bin Laden... returning to a screen near you ... Soon! The Next Level :: View topic - The dogs of war Blogged with Flock
28.Jul.2006 Democratic insiders working to crush unions, limit citizens legal rights and, of course, perpetuate our corporate-written trade policy Sirotablog: Wash Post exposes real agenda of Wall Street Democrats
28.Jul.2006 I was no fan of President Bush's first attorney general... Ashcroft Nostalgia

ASSOCIATED PRESS - Citing national security, a federal judge Tuesday threw out a lawsuit aimed at blocking AT&T Inc. from giving telephone records to the government for use in the war on terror.

"The court is persuaded that requiring AT&T to confirm or deny whether it has disclosed large quantities of telephone records to the federal government could give adversaries of this country valuable insight into the government's intelligence activities," U.S. District Judge Matthew F. Kennelly said. . . Kennelly's ruling was in sharp contrast to last week's decision from U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker of San Francisco, who said media reports of the program were so widespread there was no danger of spilling secrets. Link
28.Jul.2006 Smoking Mirrors As long as certain twisted souls feel the need to lie, cheat and murder to achieve their ends some of us need to keep pointing it out. Visible Origami is the metaphysical mirror side.
The Strange Case of Doug Thompson and Others By Visible

Yes, I have not been around for awhile. I’ve been thinking. I’m still puzzled. I’m puzzled about Doug Thompson over at Capital Hill Blue; once a fairly entertaining source of well written commentary on administration humbuggery and various other buggeries as well. I’m puzzled about what happened to Doug as I am puzzled about what happened to Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens also was entertaining and
This book exposes the ugly side of Zionism and Israel Blood and Religion: The Most Important Book You'll Read this Year
28.Jul.2006 Big Brother? Shii’s Rocky Middle Path » Goatse now illegal in the USA
28.Jul.2006 In Thursday, July 27th DSC, Adam Curry shows his ignorance Adam's Profile -

1st) He says the news media is free (as in free from propagandists' influence) in America and Europe. So crazy.

2nd) He says somebody should follow up with Bush's "impromtu" comment about Hezballuh.

As usual I'm not sure which is a sadder situation:

1) Adam is this clueless or 2) He is tainted by the Zionist Agenda Blogged with Flock
28.Jul.2006 NYT op-ed talks of "Jewish bin Ladenism" By The American Thinker A New York Times op-ed today by Abbas El-Zein concludes:...
28.Jul.2006 Poisonous Tree The American StreetCurrent events and progressive politics from people across the USA
Poisonous Tree The Talking Dog has been putting together a stunning series of interviews over the last several months. He's interviewed lawyers and clients involved most deeply in the Constitutional battle waging around Guantanamo and BushCo's drive to expand the power of the executive. He lists links to all the interviews in the left [...]

Bielefelder Uni täuscht die Öffentlichkeit Sara Jochmeyer Der zwischenzeitlich abhandene Generalschlüssel der Universität Bielefeld ist zurück. Die Uni-Leitung verschweigt das, hetzt weiter gegen Gebührengegner, lanciert Falschmeldungen und kriminalisiert ihre Studierenden.
28.Jul.2006 The Underground Blogosphere Deep underneath the blogosphere lies a network that's just as big and powerful. It has a lots of participants, yet it's completely invisible to those who do not blog. It's the Underground Blogosphere. The Underground Blogosphere is an intricate web...
28.Jul.2006 Blair set for White House talks Tony Blair is travelling to the US for talks with President Bush about the Middle East as fighting in Lebanon continues.
28.Jul.2006 N Korea threatens to quit talks North Korea threatens to walk out of Asian security talks if its recent missile tests are denounced, reports say.
28.Jul.2006 UN 'shock' at Lebanon bomb deaths The UN Security Council voices "shock and distress" at the deaths of UN troops in an Israeli raid on Lebanon.
28.Jul.2006 West End facing more power cuts Shops and offices in central London face more power cuts as engineers work to fix faults in the system.
28.Jul.2006 Food labels 'should list trans fats' Food labels should list dangerous fats to help reduce coronary heart disease, say scientists.
28.Jul.2006 Dark skin 'does not block cancer' Dark-skinned people are more likely to die from skin cancer than people with fairer skin, experts warn.
28.Jul.2006 Funding a Global-Warming Skeptic Alarmed by "alarmist" scientists, utility companies raise big money to bankroll a dissenting voice. Some call the doubting climatologist more lobbyist than researcher.
28.Jul.2006 Rants 'n' Raves: Monitor Me Readers debate the government's right to conduct surveillance and call for more positive movie reviews.
28.Jul.2006 Army to Require Trusted Platform Module in PCs CowboyNeal 36 Overtone writes "Federal Computer Week is reporting that the US Army will require hardware-based security via the Trusted Platform Module standard in all new PCs. They are a large-enough volume buyer that this might kickstart an adoption loop."
28.Jul.2006 Treating Traumatic Stress with Videogames Zonk 49 garzpacho writes

"Doctors at the Virtual Reality Medical Center are using VR video games to treat post-traumatic stress disorder among vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The software behind the treatment incorporates elements from the military training video game Full Spectrum Warrior + had some input from designers of America's Army. From the article: 'Dr. Dennis Wood takes patients on what some might consider an odd journey. He starts off leading them to a military compound in Fallujah, Iraq. He then guides them through an Iraqi marketplace before they accompany a patrol through Iraqi homes. And if he thinks they're up to it, he may even take them onto a battlefield, in the midst of explosions and aircraft flying overhead.'"
The Challenges and Rewards of 'Place-Shifting' Zonk 104 Grooves writes

"Ars Technica has an insightful look at the challenges facing place-shifting. The article talks about new European legislation that could require broadcast licensing for all place-shifting devices + they review some of the fair use problems in the US and how they could hurt innovation." From the article: "A few cables here, a few networking adjustments there + you can use a product like the Slingbox or the software-based Orb to watch your TV (or TiVo, or DVD player) from just about anywhere you can get a network connection, be it your office, your hotel room, or the other side of the planet. Yet what makes place-shifting devices so powerful also makes them appear very dangerous to established entertainment and media companies."
On a Red Cross mission of mercy when Israeli air force came calling By Robert Fisk
Trusting the Israeli army and air force, which are breaking the Geneva Conventions almost every day, is a dodgy business.

28.Jul.2006 'Everything In My Life Is Destroyed, So I Will Fight Them' -By Dahr Jamail
"I am in Hezbollah because I care," the fighter, who agreed to the interview on condition of anonymity, told me. "I care about my people, my country + defending them from the Zionist aggression." I jotted furiously in my note pad while sitting in the back seat of his car. We were parked not far from Dahaya, the district in southern Beirut which is being bombed by Israeli warplanes as we talk.

28.Jul.2006 Tide of Arab Opinion Turns to Support for Hezbollah By NEIL MacFARQUHAR
With hundreds of Lebanese dead and Hezbollah holding out against the vaunted Israeli military for 15 days, the tide of public opinion across the Arab world is surging behind the organization, transforming the Shiite group’s leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, into a folk hero and forcing a change in official statements.

28.Jul.2006 How Much Longer? By Eduardo Galeano- How much longer will the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers be allowed to justify the kidnapping of the entire nation of Lebanon? Continue

28.Jul.2006 Sergeant Tells of Plot to Kill Iraqi Detainees -By ROBERT F. WORTH
He said he had witnessed a deliberate plot by his fellow soldiers to kill the three handcuffed Iraqis and a cover-up in which one soldier cut another to bolster their story. The squad leader threatened to kill anyone who talked. Later, one guilt-stricken soldier complained of nightmares and “couldn’t stop talking” about what happened, Sergeant Lemus said.

28.Jul.2006 Detainee Abuse Charges Feared - By R. Jeffrey Smith
An obscure law approved by a Republican-controlled Congress a decade ago has made the Bush administration nervous that officials and troops involved in handling detainee matters might be accused of committing war crimes + prosecuted at some point in U.S. courts.

28.Jul.2006 Hizbullah support tops 80 % among Lebanese: 87 % of Lebanese support Hizbullah's fight with Israel, a rise of 29 % on a similar poll conducted in February. More striking, however, is the level of support for Hizbullah's resistance from non-Shiite communities. Eighty % of Christians polled supported Hizbullah along with 80 % of Druze and 89 % of Sunnis.

28.Jul.2006 Israeli Justice Minister: IDF Entitled to Kill Everyone in South Lebanon : Ramon made these comments on Israeli Army radio. He was apparently not asked about the IDF’s practice of blowing up the cars full of civilians fleeing south Lebanon.

28.Jul.2006 Criminalizing Civilians : Look at this logic: since Israel has asked civilians to leave, any that disobeyed have forfeited their status as civilians.

28.Jul.2006 Anger in the Arab World : The rhetoric about "terrorism" has mesmerized those who parrot it, blinding them to the fact that Hezbollah and Hamas are deeply rooted popular movements that have developed as a response to occupation--of the West Bank and Gaza for nearly forty years + of southern Lebanon from 1978 to 2000.

28.Jul.2006 100,000 Whiners for War Crimes : Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called for 100,000 apologists for Israel to spam web sites reporting the Israeli Death Forces' horrors in Lebanon.

28.Jul.2006 Oil spill adds ecological crisis to Lebanon's agony: Lebanon's Environment Ministry says the oil flooded into the sea when Israeli jets hit storage tanks at the Jiyyeh plant south of Beirut on July 13 and 15, creating an ecological crisis that Lebanon's government has neither the money nor the expertise to deal with.

28.Jul.2006 US rejects weapon flight concerns : The White House has dismissed UK concerns about the use of Prestwick Airport, in Scotland, by US planes carrying bombs to Israel.

28.Jul.2006 PM urged: Stand up to Bush and call for ceasefire : Tony Blair will face fresh pressure over the Middle East crisis today when he arrives in Washington to meet President George Bush.

28.Jul.2006 UK peers call for Blair to be stripped of power to go to war without vote: A House of Lords committee has called for Prime Minister Tony Blair to be stripped of his power to send Britain to war.

28.Jul.2006 Stephen Lendman : The Crime of Lebanon and Palestine : The fate of the corrupted neoliberal model may be what's now at stake. That model is already unraveling in Latin America where Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is proving his alternate Bolivarian participatory democracy is overwhelmingly popular and working. It's based on a government serving the people by providing essential social services, especially to the poor and desperate ones most in need of it.

28.Jul.2006 South America: Hugo Chávez to the fore : While the world was focused on the tragic events taking place in Lebanon and northern Israel, something very disturbing happened in South America last week.

28.Jul.2006 Battle Over Bolton Could Be Decided by Jewish Support: "I believe almost every Republican will be supporting" Bolton in the Senate + "you're going to have a surprising number of Democrats supporting him because of his record" of "courage, intelligence and eloquence," said Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America

28.Jul.2006 U.S. Extends Religious Rights Sanctions Waiver For Saudi Arabia: The State Department officials on Wednesday said that the USA has extended a waiver that avoids imposing sanctions on Saudi Arabia. The waiver comes two years after the U.S. put Saudi Arabia on a watch list, warning its Middle East ally it could put sanctions on the oil exporter if it did not expand religious freedom.

Chris Floyd: Belief and Betrayal: The New Jahiliyyah : No doubt every well-wadded, White House-connected televangelist justifying aggressive war, pimping for tax cuts and frothing with preternatural anxiety about homosexuals thinks he's walking in the footsteps of the backwoods preacher from Galilee.
FOX News Deliberately Hides Fact That "Middle East Analyst" Is Apocalyptic Christian Preacher 
BERNAYS EDWARD L NETWORK of RELATIONS,BERNAYS,MURRAY C ... share the indicated number of pages,

The Holocaust Chronicle PROLOGUE: Roots of the Holocaust, page 537 Jewish-American Lieutenant Colonel Murray C. Bernays is assigned by the U.S. Army Civil Affairs Division to collect evidence of war crimes committed against American servicemen.

Photo of Palace of Justice in Nuremberg, Germany where war crimes ...

Conot, the idea for the common plan charges against the Nazis came from Lieutenant Colonel Murray C. Bernays, a Lithuanian Jew who had emigrated to American ...

00.000.1900 at the age of six

The Avalon Project : International Conference on Military Trials ... 584;

Murray C. Bernays, "Legal Basis of the Nuernberg Trials", Survey Graphic, 00.Jan.1946, vol. 35, p. 4; and Robert H. Jackson, The Nuernberg Case, ...

M. Weber: The Nuremberg Trials and the Holocaust. Do the "War Crimes" Trials Prove ... US Army Colonel Murray C. Bernays persuaded War Secretary Henry Stimson + others to accept the ...

American historian Robert Conot called Bernays "the guiding spirit leading the way ....

The Avalon Project : International Conference on Military Trials ... Murray C. Bernays, USA Army Sidney S. Alderman, Associate Counsel Francis Shea, Assistant Attorney General ...   7. Rudolf Hoess: The legal implications of his forced confession ... by another young attorney of Jewish descent (Murray C Bernays) who was related to Supreme Court Justice Felix ... "

05.Oct.19-- Bernays took the opportunity at a routine conference ...

Grand Admiral Karl Donitz: Last President of a United Germany ... are Henry Morgenthau Jr., Murray C. Bernays, Sidney Alderman, Bernard Bernstein, Felix ... Roosevelt), Herbert Wechsler, Frederick Bernays Weiner + Harry Dexter White (Weiss, the ...

Murray C Bernays BERNAYS MURRAY C. Click on a name for a new proximity search: ... BERNAYS MURRAY C. pages searched: 8. These names share the indicated number of pages with ...

Truman Library Photograph Search Truman Library Photograph Search ...

Herbert C Pell HERBERT C. Click on a name for a new proximity search: BERNAYS MURRAY C ? Simpson,C. The Splendid Blond Beast. 1993 (183). BERNSTEIN BERNARD ...   26.JAN.2003 FACTSAMPLERDAYLYXTRKS starting point today , 26.Jan.2003 DONE.


!! Warnung : Hier wird versucht, Dir ein "U" als ein "X" ... Bernays, Edward L. Freud's American nephew + disciple ... Bernays, Edward L. impact -public relations in America- ...  

Memorandum from Murray C. Bernays and DW Brown, 04.Jan.1945 War Crimes File, Rosenman Papers, Harry S. Truman Presidential Museum & Library ...

Dachau Trials - Trial of 61 men for war crimes at Mauthausen Concentration Camp ... was the innovative idea of Lt. Col. Murray C. Bernays, a Lithuanian Jew who had emigrated to the ...

The following words, written by Bernays before the end of the war ...

Max Bernays Murray, RCN, Flag Officer, Newfoundland Force, remarked of Bernays that "the manner in which this comparatively young rating ... Introduction; Cdr C.T. Beard; Cdr R. Bourke; Lt Cdr R. Baker...

Memorandum for Record by Murray C. Bernays, accompanied by related ... Memorandum for Record by Murray C. Bernays, accompanied by related correspondence, January 23, 1945, War Crimes File, Rosenman Papers, Harry S. Truman ...

Arthur R. Butz: The Hoax of the Twentieth Century A key member of Jackson's London staff was Colonel Murray C. Bernays, who was one of the first people who had been involved in war crimes problems.

Graduated from Harvard 00.000.1915, he established ...

The War Crimes Trials at Nuremberg Cutter to Murray C. Bernays, accompanied by a copy of a memorandum from Myron Cramer to John McCloy

22.Nov.1944 View document (6 pages) Memorandum from Myron C.

Nuremberg: the legal and historical background But it was Colonel Murray C. Bernays who first conceived of the trial + identified the fundamental bases upon which it was to be constructed. ...
War Is Heck 
More douchebaggery from the Bushies. Now they want to stick it to Ken Burns for the salty language used by WWII vets in his new documentary "The War". Apparently, Hitler was a nincompoop.
'No right to privacy' 
Going, going, gone.
28.Jul.2006 As many BuzzFlash Readers know, "Air America" almost didn't get off the ground. It was underfinanced and almost crashlanded. That's why you should watch "Left of the Dial."
Stop Here, Right Now. If You Don't Support the New Media, Who Will? Yes, Our BuzzFlash Credit Card Payment is Coming Up. We Need Your Support Today.
The Bigotry of the Busheviks Undermines the National Security of the USA of America: Army dismisses gay Arabic linguist 8/28
Just Published: "Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq." The Making of a Disaster by Dunderheads Who Inhabit Fantasy Island. Written by a War Reporter Who Knows His Stuff.
Sheehan to Bush: Enjoy Your Vacation, Neighbor! Mother of GI Killed in Iraq Buys Land Near Bush's Crawford Ranch. Will Laura B. Have a "Welcome Wagon" Party for Cindy? Stay Tuned. 7/28
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Waiting to Get Blown Up: Some Troops in Baghdad Express Frustration With the War and Their Mission 7/28
Blood for Oil: Record Big Oil Profits Say It All -- A BuzzFlash Editorial
More Government Waste Cited in Bipartisan Report; Largely from No-Bid Contracts -- A BuzzFlash News Alert
New York City is using a big slice of the $1 billion it got from the feds post-9/11 to fight first responders who claim they got sick on the site, a lawyer who is suing the city charged yesterday. 7/28

28.Jul.2006 Kooks are now "experts" The esteemed Professor Hex has drawn my attention to this Newshounds expose: To educate the American public on the current crises in Lebanon and Iraq, FOX News has given air time to two "Middle East experts" with no credentials beyond authorship of some wacky books in the lucrative Christian "Apocalypse soon" genre. Worse, FOX hides the backgrounds of these authors, allowing viewers to conclude that these guys must be professors or intelligence analysts or policy advisors -- you know, actual experts .
The geniuses in question are Michael D. Evans -- author of The American Prophecies: Ancient Scriptures Reveal Our Nation's Future -- and Mark Hitchcock, author of What Jesus Says About Earth's Final Days . If you want a whiff of a typical Evans product, smell this: Is America in prophecy? Yes, it is. As a Middle East analyst and minister who has worked closely with leaders in that region for decades, I tended to be skeptical of attempts to come up with schemes to plug America into prophetic interpretations. I have often referred to such teachers as "Pop Prophecy Peddlers." But, after thousands of hours of research, I am totally convinced that America is found in prophecy + I believe you will, too, after reading [my] book.
In a nutshell, here is how the USA fits into Bible prophecy. America has married two brothers, both descendants of ancient Abraham, who was told by God to get out of Ur of the Chaldees (modern day Iraq). The LORD had said to Abram...

28.Jul.2006 Finally: Maybe OIL is the new oil: Did you know that there once was a pipeline which brought oil from the Iraqi city of Mosul to Israel's northern port of Haifa? Some folks in Israel hope to restore this pipeline -- but doing so would require regime change in Syria. Permalink
28.Jul.2006 Covert op? I strongly urge readers to check out Xymphora's latest. Turns out that those captured Israeli soldiers were inside Lebanon . Mr. X suspects that Israeli intelligence intentionally blew their mission in order to create a cause for war. Anyone who has read Victor Ostrovsky's books will recognise the plausibility of this hypothesis.
Chemical Weapons: The
Sydney Morning Herald reports on the likely Israeli use of CBW.
Oil spill disaster: When Israel bombed a power plant in Lebanon, 10,000 to 30,000 tons of oil spilled into the Mediterranean. Even under the best of circumstances, Lebanon has no ability to repair an ecological disaster on that scale.
U.S. Troops? Condoleeza insists that American soldiers will play no role in Lebanese peacekeeping, but Ken Silverstein of
Harpers reports that ...a well-connected former CIA officer has told me that the Bush Administration is in fact considering exactly such a deployment.
The officer, who had broad experience in the Middle East while at the CIA, noted that NATO and European countries, including England, have made clear that they are either unwilling or extremely reluctant to participate in an international force. Given other nations' lack of commitment, any “robust” force—between 10,000 and 30,000 troops, according to estimates being discussed in the media—would by definition require major U.S. participation. GIYUS is an acronym for
Give Israel Your United Support, an "Israel First" web site promoting the use of a tool called "Megaphone." This application facilitates the sharing of pro-Israel articles and alerts users to online polls on the Israeli invasion. This software is part of a larger plan by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs to mobilize 100,000 propagandists. So far, GIYUS has attracted fewer than a thousand participants. For more, read here and here.


Die Berechnungen ergaben, dass rund 100.000 Ganglienzellen in der Netzhaut eines Meerschweinchens etwa 875.000 Bits pro Sekunde übermitteln. Hochgerechnet auf die etwas größere Netzhaut eines Menschen sind dies etwa eine Million Bits pro Sekunde, oder 1 MBit/s - soviel wie durch eine voll ausgelastete Standard-DSL-Leitung fließen können.
Tod von Uno- Soldaten: Sicherheitsrat verzichtet auf Verurteilung Israels

28.Jul.2006 Libanon: Israelische Luftwaffe zerstört Hisbollah- Zentrale

28.Jul.2006 Sehnerv: Mit 1 MBit/s vom Auge ins Gehirn
Kongo: Tote und Verletzte bei Ausschreitungen

27.Jul.2006 Stärkere Einbindung: G7 will Zusammenarbeit mit China erweitern

27.Jul.2006 Uno- Erklärung: Milde Rüge für Israel

27.Jul.2006 Zeitungsbericht: Reallöhne sinken erneut
Bolton More Committed To Right-Wing Think Tank Than Stopping Genocide Amanda 
Today Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) questioned U.N. Ambassador John Bolton about his failure to attend the U.N. Security Council mission to Sudan in early June. Bolton responded that he had “ a personal commitment in the United Kingdom ” and couldn’t “break the commitment” to address the ongoing genocide in Sudan. Watch it:

The “personal commitment in the United Kingdom” that kept Bolton from going to Sudan was actually a speaking engagement at the Centre for Policy Studies, a right-wing think tank in London.

Most other nations, including the UK, China and France, viewed the Sudan trip as a priority and sent their top representatives.

Full transcript below:

FEINGOLD: Getting a U.N. peacekeeping mission into Darfur has been a high-level U.S. priority + I just want to ask why you didn’t travel with other Security Council members to Darfur when they went to Sudan earlier this year. Is that some indication of the importance of the issue to you? Could you say a bit about that?

BOLTON: Yeah, I had long before the timing of that mission was scheduled made a personal commitment in the United Kingdom. A lot of people had gone to a lot of effort to put that in place and I didn’t feel that I could break the commitment as a matter of my personal word. Instead, I sent our alternative representative to the Security Council, Ambassador Sanders, who was with the delegation through its entire trip in Ethiopia, Sudan + Chad.

FEINGOLD: This thing was a personal commitment of a business nature. This was not a personal commitment in the sense of your own family.

BOLTON: Right, that’s correct.
Best. Video. Ever. Ask and ye shall receive: A kind soul sent us the video of Jodi Applegate's on-screen freakout + it's every bit as enjoyable as we expected. At this point we feel any further comment would be superfluous; just watch and enjoy. Earlier: The One Time We Should Have Been Watching Fox...
27.Jul.2006 US rejects weapon flight concerns The White House insists the "paperwork" was in order to let bomb-carrying planes land at a UK airport.
27.Jul.2006 U.S. defense contractors sending classified work to China? Blog: First, China began to assemble household products for the U.S. market. Then the country graduated to notebooks. Now Chinese companies...
27.Jul.2006 New draft of GPL 3 The Free Software Foundation has released a new draft of the controversial version 3 of the General Public License.
27.Jul.2006 Libanon- Offensive: EU wirft Israel Fehlinterpretation der Rom- Erklärung vor

27.Jul.2006 Israels Militäroffensive: Libanon spricht von bis zu 600 Toten
"Cicero"- Affäre: Ein Fall fürs Bundesverfassungsgericht
27.Jul.2006 Unifil- Berater: "Jeder Kampftag ist ein Sieg für die Hisbollah"

27.Jul.2006 Testosteron: Mit dem Sexualhormon über alle Berge
BTW, I can't find evidence anywhere on the internet about the information contained herein this post, about the discrepancy of time of plane impacts [Lamont-Doherty vs the 9/11 Commission Report].
I discovered this last night when I thought it funny that Lamont-Doherty could even pickup seismic data from airplane impacts 80 floors up in the air. I thought that most of the energy would be absorbed by the building before it got down to the ground, so how could Lamont-Doherty pick up a seismic reading? That's when I noticed the time of impacts were precise and thought, "Hmm, I wonder what the official government times are for the impacts?...and are they precise also?...and, what if they're different?"
OK, I admit it; I was hoping I could find more evidence of duplicity and coverup.
So, I ended up with this: The seismic readings happened before the planes hitHow could this be? What does this mean?
I can only come up with one conclusion: VERY LARGE EXPLOSION(S).

Post to Conspiracy 911
WTC7 must be the focal point to exposing the govt's coverup...HOWEVER I'd like to take a sharp turn if I may and give you something else to think about:
The official 9/11 Commission Report (your tax dollars wasted) states the following:
Impact time, AA Flt 11: 8:46:40 a.m.
Impact time, UA Flt 175: 9:03:11 a.m.
the official data readings from Lamont-Doherty give the following seismic events:
time 8:46:26: 0.9 Richter, signal duration 12 seconds [reported as first impact, WTC1]
time 9:02:54: 0.7 Richter, signal duration 6 seconds [reported as second impact, WTC2]
Two notable seismic events occurred before the planes ever hit the towers and were so close timewise to the actual impacts of the planes that Lamont-Doherty reported them as the impacts.

The logical conclusion (which coincides with many eyewitnesses in the basements, e.g., William Rodriquez) is that these were explosives detonated to coincide with the aircraft hitting the towers.

They were very close to getting the timing right. This is one time I'm going to believe the gov't; I think their times are correct, down to the second!
And, oh yes, getting back to WTC7, it did have quite a conflagration of fire that day on the south side of the building + yes, it did have fairly large damage to the south face from debris of WTC1 hitting it...HOWEVER, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that these caused it to collapse IN NEAR-PERFECT SYMMETRY EXACTLY LIKE A CONTROLLED DEMOLITION; there is also no evidence to back a claim that support trusses for the floors 5 through 7 were damaged so as to cause the building to collapse.
Putting hypotheticals and conjectures aside (which are not evidence), we do have the fact that WTC7 fell in near-perfect symmetry at free-fall speed, exactly like a classic controlled demolition + this is for all the world to see.
ONE OTHER THING: if you view the video "Eyewitness 9/11", you will see indisputable evidence by scientific sound analysis of the collapse of WTC1 that shows massive explosions occurred before the tower began to collapse; and, as would be expected, the first notable came from the basement.

Israelische Luftwaffe für Bushs ?New War? greift Ambulanzfahrzeug an sfux Kommentar von Karl Weiss -

Wenn irgendein Photo ohne Kommentar charakterisieren kann, was Israel mit dem Libanon macht, so ist es dieses. Ein Ambulanzfahrzeug des Roten Kreuzes, das deutlich erkennbar war, wurde von einem israelischen Geschoß von einem Kriegsflugzeug genau im Zentrum des großen aufgemalten Roten Kreuzes auf dem Fahrzeug getroffen.
Will Joe Lieberman Oppose John Bolton? Think Progress 
, the Bolton nomination passed out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee but ran into a filibuster on the Senate floor. It appears likely that his re-nomination will proceed on a similar path. All indications are that Sen. Joseph Lieberman will play a crucial role in determining whether the Bolton nomination will ultimately pass the Senate.

Lieberman was part of “a tiny group” of Democrats who voted for Bolton to become Undersecretary of State in 2001. In 2005, Lieberman reportedly was “considering voting for Bolton” had a vote come up. His spokesman Matt Gobush elaborated:

Senator Lieberman remains undecided about Mr. Bolton’s nomination. As a general rule, he believes the president should have the latitude to choose his own Cabinet, except in the most extraordinary cases. The senator is studying the issues raised by the committee to determine whether this is one of those cases.

Reports indicate that the White House is “trying to take advantage of the current crisis in the Middle East to gin up support for Bolton, an aggressive defender of Israel, among Jewish organisations, despite the fact that most of their members traditionally vote for Democrats.”

A source tells ThinkProgress that Senate moderates will be looking to Joe Lieberman, a long-time advocate for Isreal, before deciding how to vote. A stance against Bolton could weaken the White House’s strategy and embolden moderates to fight the nomination.
The Bush administration has been “slow to implement” -Amanda- major changes to intelligence sharing that were seen as critical to preventing another 9/11, according to a bipartisan report to be released today by the House Intelligence Oversight Subcommittee.
27.Jul.2006 VIDEO: Protester Disrupts Bolton Hearing Think Progress Sixty % of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track. The widespread discontent is popping up at high-profile political events. Yesterday, a protester interrupted the Iraqi Prime Minister’s speech to Congress. Today, a protester disrupted U.N. Ambassador John Bolton’s confirmation hearing. Watch it:


I have no representation on this panel or in this senate. I’m strongly opposed to the nomination of this man John Bolton as U.N. ambassador. He is a discredit to the USA. He is not a legitimate public representative of the USA. He should not go to the U.N. He is not representing our best interests. The man will only…
56%. Judd - %age of Americans who think the USA should “set a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq.” Forty % oppose a timetable.
27.Jul.2006 Why Bolton’s First Year Was A Failure Faiz 

While John Bolton has certainly proven to be an ineffective diplomat by souring relations with U.S. allies, his proponents claim that he deserves a permanent placement at the U.N. due to his record on the job. Heritage writes, “Over the past year, Bolton has proven a forceful advocate of American interests.”

While Bolton did successfully negotiate a “weakened resolution” to condemn the North Korean missile tests, Bolton’s tenure has been marked by gridlock and strife as U.N. member-states have sought to advance an agenda that Bolton has repeatedly obstructed. Here are some of the lowlights of Bolton’s first year at the United Nations.

• Bolton isolated the U.S. from its allies on the Human Rights Council. Because Bolton was unable to negotiate favorable terms on the creation of a new Human Rights Council, the U.S. was one of four nations to oppose the creation of the Council, while 170 nations voted for it. Out of 30 or so negotiating sessions over the creation of the Council, Bolton attended just one.

• Bolton blocked the Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide from briefing the Security Council on Darfur. “Bolton said he had objected to the briefing to make the point the council should be ‘talking more about the steps it can take to do something about the deteriorating security situation’ in Darfur. [But] he gave no new proposals.”

• Bolton unable to build consensus on U.N. reform. Kofi Annan’s deputy Mark Malloch Brown said that there is global consensus on the need for U.N. reform, but that international perception of U.S. motives are hindering those efforts. “There is currently a perception among many otherwise quite moderate countries that anything the U.S. supports must have a secret agenda aimed at either subordinating multilateral processes to Washington’s ends or weakening the institutions + therefore, put crudely, should be opposed without any real discussion of whether they make sense or not,” he said. Bolton has not been able to breakthrough the deadlock, but has instead reinforced the perception.

• Bolton blocked and delayed approval of funding for U.N. renovation plan. The USA was the lone holdout on a U.N. committee that tried to approve an estimated $1.6 billion renovation plan for the U.N. The U.N. building violates New York safety and fire codes; it is packed with asbestos, has no sprinkler system + leaks about a quarter of its heating. Bolton’s position provoked “an America-versus-the-world standoff.” Ultimately, Bolton’s obstruction caused Louis Frederick Reuter, the official in charge of the renovation, to quit his post.

• Bolton sought to undermine the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDGs aimed to convert rhetoric into hard numbers on such issues as reducing poverty and hunger, enrolling children in primary school, etc. Just days after he arrived in New York after a recess appointment, Bolton released over 700 edits to the draft document for the summit, excising all mentions of the MDGs. Bush and Rice later had to backtrack from Bolton, reassuring the U.N. of its commitment to the agreed upon goals.

Much more at The Washington Note.
July 27, 2006 Think Progress 

It sucks. Honestly, it just feels like we’re driving around waiting to get blown up . That’s the most honest answer I could give you,” said 28-year old Army Specialist Tim Ivey, about U.S. troop morale in Iraq.

60 %: Number of Americans who believe President Bush is not respected by foreign leaders, according to a new CBS News/New York Times poll.

“Following on the heels of daily papers in Augusta, Ga. + Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a weekly in Greensboro, N.C., has decided to drop Ann Coulter’s regular column .” The paper explained reader feedback showed approval for “cutting her column at a ratio of two to one. And numbers don’t lie (unless, some would say, they’re being wielded by Ann Coulter).”

Exxon posted $10.36 billion in profits this quarter, the “ second-largest quarterly profit ever recorded by a publicly traded U.S. company.” Royal Dutch Shell pocketed $7.32 billion, a 40 % rise from the same period last year.

In a half-hour speech to Congress yesterday, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki “embraced the stance of President Bush in calling Iraq a key front in a wider battle against terrorism and in evoking the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.” Slate wonders whether the White House wrote the speech. Tony Snow acknowledged there had been “conversations” about the address within the administration.

A former Indian intelligence official said the U.S. nuclear deal with India “will allow India to produce 50 more nuclear warheads a year than it can now, by freeing up existing uranium reserves for military use.” Meanwhile, the House overwhelmingly approved the deal and “rejected amendments that aimed to curb India’s nuclear weapons program.”

Today, Bush will sign the renewal of the Voting Rights Act , reauthorizing provisions that a decade ago he called a burdensome and unnecessary federal intrusion. “The Bush administration has really done a flip-flop on this,” said Edward Blum, a senior fellow at the Center for Equal Opportunity.

“The U.S. government’s crackdown on media indecency could prevent World War Two veterans from sharing their stories in an upcoming TV documentary series by Ken Burns. … If the expletives make it to air, they could lead to crippling fines for the offending stations as a result of a new law signed last month by President George W. Bush.”

Since the Department of Homeland Security was formed in 2003, an “explosion of no-bid deals and a critical shortage of trained government contract managers have created a system prone to abuse,” according to a bipartisan congressional report to be released today.

And finally: Global warming leads to more severe heat waves + the skyrocketing temperatures have led to more shirtless men in the UK . British lawmakers are considering banning “public nudity of the middle-aged shirtless man variety.” Said one official, “But one of the things that is depressing for anyone going shopping is the numbers of shaven-headed men, mainly in their 30s and 40s, who seem to think people want to see their torsos.”
Deluxe High Quality Terror Storm Now Online Paul Joseph Watson Deluxe High Quality Terror Storm Now Online Prison | July 27 2006 A super-high quality version of Alex Jones' latest firebrand documentary
27.Jul.2006 Fox News Says Hezbollah 'Certain' To Nuke Major City Paul Joseph Watson Fox News Says Hezbollah 'Certain' To Nuke Major City Channel is terror group's biggest cheerleader as Americans hit with the sum of all fearmongering
27.Jul.2006 As Diplomacy Falters, Military Struggle Deepens With the failure of an international conference in Rome to agree on a plan to end the war between Israel and the Shiite militia Hezbollah, leaders of the two fighting forces have redoubled their commitment to war. Two weeks into the war, the ground battle in southern Lebanon has intensified into ...
27.Jul.2006 U.S. voices openness to private Net control

WASHINGTON--The USA may be willing to cede at least some of its historic control of the Internet domain name system after all, a U.S. Commerce Department official said Wednesday. Despite bold statements last year that seemed to indicate otherwise and ignited a worldwide debate, John ...
Nigeria orders first million $100 laptops Nigeria has officially ordered and paid for one million of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) devices, according to the Nigerian Vanguard newspaper. The deal is the first actual order for the project that aims to provide Linux-powered laptops to children in developing economies. - Tom Sanders, vnunet
27.Jul.2006 “They are treating us like meat in a butcher’s shop” Eideard 
Shells and bombs continue to rain down on Lebanon yesterday, targeting roads, bridges, buildings, homes, vehicles and people. Last week, a leading Israeli hawk coined a new euphemism, describing the Israeli Air Force's targets as Lebanon's 'material and human infrastructure'.

27.Jul.2006 Rebtel Makes International Calling Cheap and Easy Nik Cubrilovic 
Sweden-based Rebtel have launched a product that will allow users to dial any international number at the cost of a local call. It works by having the two ends of the call use local connections (over low-cost local calls) to a VoIP point and then bridge the call to the recipient at the other end

27.Jul.2006 Israel to bolster army numbers Israel calls up fresh reserves but will not launch a larger ground operation in Lebanon, sources say.
27.Jul.2006 Saddam to learn fate in October The trial of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein is adjourned until October when a verdict is expected.
27.Jul.2006 Britain set for more hot weather The hot weather looks set to continue into August following a July which experienced record temperatures.
27.Jul.2006 Voices from Iran and Syria Contrasting views from Syria and Iran on Hezbollah's role in the conflict in Lebanon.
27.Jul.2006 Q&A: Middle East crisis BBC World Affairs editor John Simpson is in Jerusalem and Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen is in Beirut reporting from the different sides of the conflict.
27.Jul.2006 Bush extends landmark Voting Act President Bush signs into law an extension to the Voting Rights Act, a key piece of civil rights legislation.
Abbas hints at Gaza captive deal An Israeli soldier held by Palestinian militants is on the verge of being freed, the Palestinian leader says.
27.Jul.2006 Fury at airport bomb flights role Residents and MSPs condemn the US for landing transport planes carrying bombs to Israel at Prestwick.
27.Jul.2006 US says trade deal still possible US trade representative Susan Schwab says America remains committed to a new global trade deal.
27.Jul.2006 Immigration corruption 'is rife' Fresh allegations show the immigration system is "out of control" and "riddled" with corruption, it is claimed.
27.Jul.2006 Flying reptile mystery 'solved' The distinctive crest on the head of the prehistoric pterosaurs was a sign of sexual maturity, say scientists.
27.Jul.2006 Sun kills 60,000 a year, says WHO As many as 60,000 people a year die from exposure to too much sun, warns the World Health Organization.
27.Jul.2006 50 warship crew catch latent TB A Royal Navy ship is hit by an outbreak of TB, with three confirmed cases and 50 crew with a latent form of the disease.
27.Jul.2006 Tiny Tremors May Flag Big Quakes Japanese researchers say a key to predicting earthquakes may be almost imperceptible tremors deep in the earth. Mapping these miniscule pre-quakes may lead to a system that signals the big ones.
27.Jul.2006 Report: U.K. failing to fight Net fraudsters Police not helpful as they could be to businesses, individuals who suffer Internet fraud, warns top legal advisor.
27.Jul.2006 USA Cedes Control of the Internet samzenpus 304 greenechidna writes

"The Register is reporting that the U.S. is relinquishing control of ICANN. The story states: 'In a meeting that will go down in internet history, the USA government last night conceded that it can no longer expect to maintain its position as the ultimate authority over the internet. Having been the internet's instigator and, since 1998, its voluntary taskmaster, the US government finally agreed to transition its control over not-for-profit internet overseeing organization ICANN, making the organization a more international body.'"
Kazaa Agrees to Pay $100m to the Record Industry samzenpus 220 siddesu writes

"BBC has the following breaking story: File-sharing site Kazaa will become a legal music download service following a series of high-profile legal battles. The peer-to-peer network has also agreed to pay $100m (£53m) in damages to the record industry. The announcement follows the release of a music industry report that says more than 20 billion music tracks have been downloaded illegally in the last year. Hungry artists across the globe rejoice."
27.Jul.2006 Weitere Dokumente:  EU über die HAARP Anlage , die Wellen in den Chemtrails strahlt. Antwort des Bundesweltamtes vom 10.03.2004 auf einer Chemtrails-Anfrage: Blatt 1, Blatt 2 Climate Report 1999Das Wetter als Verstärkung für das Militär - Research Paper presentedto Air Force 1996

Was es früher nicht gab sollte jetzt also voll normal sein ? Bilder vom August 2004 aus Konstanz 

At its peak, Jamestown would have been home to about 250 settlers and part time residents -- legislators who traveled there for the earliest governmental sessions in Britain's American colonies, he said. A team of 12 archaeologists started digging Monday through what amounted to their trash.

Finds included a halberd, a 17th century ceremonial staff often carried by military sergeants; a hammer; and an intact ceramic bottle called a Bartmann jug or a "bearded man," which was made in Germany and could date back to 1590, Kelso said.
27.Jul.2006 The miracle book from the bog 
The book has about 20 pages and has been dated to 800 AD to 1 000 AD. According to Trinity College manuscripts expert Bernard Meehan, it is the first discovery of an Irish early medieval document in 200 years. Never before has such a document been found buried in the soggy earth of Ireland.
27.Jul.2006 Iran: The Next War  From Rolling Stone.
27.Jul.2006 Will we ever be told the truth about the death of Dr David Kelly?  I'm gonna guess no.
27.Jul.2006 'Columbus was an Ottoman spy'  Amateur historian Cezmi Yurtsever has again claimed to have decrypted secret codes on a map belonging to 16th century Ottoman Admiral Piri Reis and has come to the conclusion that Christopher Colombus was an Ottoman spy.
27.Jul.2006 ALASKA REFUSES - AGAIN - TO RELEASE 2004 ELECTION DATA!  Brad Blog has the news.Via Cannonfire.
27.Jul.2006 Mexico quietly ends probe of killings along border  Federal officials have quietly closed a three-year inquiry into the rape-strangulation of 14 women and teenagers in the border city of Juarez, leaving relatives with little hope the killings will ever be solved. Via this Rigorous Intuition post.
27.Jul.2006 Cell Phone Picture Called Obstruction Of Justice  Police harassment on a whole new level.
27.Jul.2006 FOX News Deliberately Hides Fact That "Middle East Analyst" Is Apocalyptic Christian Preacher  Lovely.
First World - Feature Articles - Of Fraud and Force Fast Woven: Domestic Propaganda During The First World ... ... After the war, Edward Bernays , who directed CPI propaganda ... remove certain baneful German influences in our education (teachers ... Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays , took the techniques he ...
Choice America Network :: Who in YOUR family? Chickenhawk after chickenhawk forcefully proclaim the legitimacy of this war.

Yet in appearance after appearance on NBC, NPR, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC, ...
ICOMMU : The Internet Community Union The Chickenhawk Database Detailing the means by which various right-wing politicians + personalities avoided military service in WWII. + Korea + Vietnam ...
27.Jul.2006 Smoke signals from the battle of Bint Jbeil send a warning to Israel By Robert Fisk- Is it possible - is it conceivable - that Israel is losing its war in Lebanon? Continue

27.Jul.2006 Is Beirut Burning? -By Uri Avnery
A war in which our huge military machine cannot overcome a small guerilla organization in 11 days of total war certainly has not rehabilitated its deterrent power. In this respect, it is not important how long this war will last + what will be its results - the fact that a few thousand fighters have withstood the Israeli army for 11 days + more, has already been imprinted in the consciousness of hundred of millions of Arabs # Muslims.

27.Jul.2006 Great soul of power -By Noam Chomsky
A prevailing truth was expressed by US President John Adams two centuries ago: "Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak." That is the deep root of the combination of savagery and self-righteousness that infects the imperial mentality — and in some measure, every structure of authority and domination.

27.Jul.2006 Dean Calls Iraqi PM an 'Anti-Semite' -  By BRIAN SKOLOFF- Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean on Wednesday called Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki an "anti-Semite" for failing to denounce Hezbollah for its attacks against Israel. Continue 

27.Jul.2006 Idiot Nation - By John S. Hatch 
It’s hard to imagine how a proud nation could surrender its soul without so much as a whimper. Does it matter that crimes can be proven against America’s leaders? How is it so easy to devolve from Christianity to snarling dogs and sodomy committed against young  imprisoned boys,  to massacres and murders, the use of white phosphorous and depleted uranium.

27.Jul.2006 Israel Attacks US -By Jerry Ghinelli -
The government of Israel today launched a massive air assault on suspected terrorist targets along coastal cities of the USA of America. Termed operation Just Reward II, hundreds of Israeli fighter jets streamed across the Atlantic in precise formation and fired surgical air strikes at alleged terrorist strongholds in the heavy Muslim populations of Jersey City and North Bergen, New Jersey.

27.Jul.2006 Standing up for Canada? By David Orchard
Prime Minister Stephen Harper stated: “Israel’s response, under the circumstances, has been measured.” He announced that it was “too early” to call for a ceasefire. These words, in essence, signalled a green light from Canada for the bombing to continue.

27.Jul.2006   Israeli tank shelling kills two Palestinian sisters in Gaza Strip : Two Palestinian sisters, aged at two and nine, were killed and their mother critically wounded Wednesday evening in an Israeli tank shelling at the eastern town of Jabalya in northern Gaza Strip, Palestinian medics and witnesses said.

27.Jul.2006 At least 21 Palestinians killed as Israeli occupation forces invade Gaza: At least 21 Palestinians were killed yesterday when the Israeli army renewed its hostilities in the Gaza Strip. About 50 tanks and armoured vehicles entered northern Gaza and began demolishing buildings and trees at dawn. Armed Palestinians attacked the forces and fighting continued all day.

27.Jul.2006 A Statement By The Saudi Royal Court: It should be stated that patience could not last forever. If the Israeli military brutality persisted with killings and destruction no one could predict the consequences and then regreat will be in vain

27.Jul.2006 Israel Jails Ohio College Professor For Spying? : An Ohio college professor has been accused by Israel of spying for Hezbollah and Iran, his lawyer and Israeli government officials in the USA told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

27.Jul.2006 Gabriel Kolko: Bankers Fear World Economic Meltdown: The vultures from the investment houses and banks have begun to position themselves to profit from the imminent business distress – a crisis they see as a matter of timing rather than principle.

26.Jul.2006 Cowards -  Cowards - Cowards World Leaders Cower Before U.S. Power Diplomats Back Troops, but Not Cease-fire, for Mideast -By HELENE COOPER-
In the face of USA opposition, an international conference here today stopped short of calling for an immediate cease-fire in the Lebanon crisis.

The conference instead adopted more nebulous language that reflected America’s desire to give Israel time to continue its bombardment of Hezbollah targets. Continue

27.Jul.2006 Empire: War and Propaganda -  By John Pilger-
The US role in supporting Israel’s military assault on Lebanon falls into a pattern of imperial tyranny, where history is rewritten to suit America’s needs while Europe stands cravenly by.

27.Jul.2006 Lebanon's Children and Israeli Phosphorous Bombs -By Randa Takieddin
Did the American people see on CNN the child whose face was burnt by Israeli phosphorous bombs in Lebanon? Did they hear him screaming in pain at Sidon Hospital, with his mother falling to pieces in agony beside him because of the injury he sustained from the terrible bombs? How can the American people accept their elected President George W. Bush's rejection of a ceasefire?

27.Jul.2006 Israeli Bombs Kills 4 UN Observers -By Reuters-

"I am shocked and deeply distressed by the apparently deliberate targeting by Israeli Defence Forces of a UN Observer post in southern Lebanon," Mr Annan said. Continue

27.Jul.2006 UN Officials: Observers Asked Israel 10 Times To Halt Bombs -By Associated Press-
U.N. peacekeepers in southern Lebanon called the Israeli military 10 times over a six-hour period to ask it to halt its nearby bombing before their observation post was hit, killing four people, according to details of a preliminary U.N. report on the incident released to The Associated Press on Wednesday.

27.Jul.2006 Israeli missiles had clearly pierced the very centre of the red cross on the roof of each ambulance -By Robert Fisk
The USA sees this bloodbath as an 'opportunity' rather than a tragedy, a chance to humble Hizbollah's supporters in Tehran and help to shape the 'new Middle East' of which Ms Rice spoke so blandly yesterday.

In fact it will more likely to prove to be Syria's attempt to humble Israel and the USA in Lebanon. Continue
Blood For Oil Profits Dispatch: Shell 2Q profits up 40 pct. to $7.32B
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Just Published: "Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq." The Making of a Disaster by Dunderheads Who Inhabit Fantasy Island. Written by a War Reporter Who Knows His Stuff.
Big Living Wage Victory from Chicago, BuzzFlash's Headquarters: A groundbreaking measure requires stores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot to pay $10 an hour by 2010. Fighting for just wages from the "big box" stores. 7/27 Ruth Lopez: Bush Fails? -- A BuzzFlash Reader Contribution

27.Jul.2006 Molly Ivins: Ratcheting up the fear factor isn't news 7/28
"There is ... strong evidence, based on a review of thousands of military documents and hundreds of interviews with military personnel, that the U.S. approach to pacifying Iraq in the months after the collapse of Hussein helped spur the insurgency and made it bigger and stronger than it might have been." 7/27
Blood for Oil: Record Big Oil Profits Say It All -- A BuzzFlash Editorial

27.Jul.2006 Gee, Some People are Just Realizing NOW that Bush is the Master of Mayhem, Chaos, Bloodshed and Incompetence! 7/27
But a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll released earlier this week and taken over last weekend shows that Bush must believe the majority of Americans are unethical and immoral. A 58-% majority of poll respondents say they disapprove of Bush vetoing the stem cell bill, while 36 % -- probably the same crew that still approves of his overall job performance -- agreed with his decision. 7/28

27.Jul.2006 Astounding vote fraud news

Something stinks in Alaska. John Gideon of Brad Blog has received some amazing facts about the 2004 vote in that state - where the Secretary of State has tried to keep the info hidden:

The State of Alaska website shows 16 of 40 house districts with more than 200% voter turnout,

Also, if you add up the vote totals from each district they come to more than 100,000 votes for state wide candidates than the summary reports show.
More than 7 months ago the Democrats asked for an explanation. The state said it could not release the data files because they were proprietary to Diebold.
Diebold gave the state permission to release the files.
The state still refused.

27.Jul.2006 Placing a thick lock on the front door of the building means nothing if you leave the side doors wide open. Permalink
27.Jul.2006 Need some good news? Chicago passed a living wage ordinance, forcing the biggest retailers to pay employees at least ten bucks an hour.

Wal-Mart responded with a threat to pick up its marbles and play elsewhere. Two words: good + riddance . Permalink
Libanon: Die Illusion vom schnellen Krieg

27.Jul.2006 Extremwetter: Hitze weicht Autobahnen auf - Autos beschädigt

27.Jul.2006 Energie: Kohle aus dem Kochtopf
Saturn- Mond: Es nieselt auf dem Titan
27.Jul.2006 Israel: Hisbollah- Rakete trifft Chemiewerk
27.Jul.2006 Terrorismus: Al- Qaida entdeckt den Libanon für sich

27.Jul.2006 Terrorprozess: Die Stunde des Lokman M.

27.Jul.2006 Tauschbörsen- Tod: Kazaa muss 100 Millionen Dollar zahlen

27.Jul.2006 Wetteropfer weltweit: Zahl der Hitzetoten steigt dramatisch

27.Jul.2006 Zukunftsenergien: Rauschmittel im Tank

27.Jul.2006 Sicherheitsrat: Keine Einigung über Nahost- Erklärung
Videobotschaft: Al- Qaida- Vize Zawahiri droht Israel
27.Jul.2006 Massierte Kanzlerin: Bushs Grabsch- Gate
27.Jul.2006 Mörderischer Alltag in Bagdad: "Hier redet man über Gewalt wie übers Wetter"

27.Jul.2006 Hitzewelle: Schweiz warnt vor Flutwellen in den Alpen
Libanon- Offensive: Israel wertet Rom- Konferenz als Rückendeckung

27.Jul.2006 Elektrotherapie: Wunden heilen unter Strom besser
Brisante Statistik: Zahl der Unfälle unter Drogeneinfluss explodiert
Leere Regale in Moskau: Wodka? Njet!
Konsumklima- Index: Katerstimmung ist absehbar

27.Jul.2006 Start in Baikonur: Umgebaute Interkontinentalrakete abgestürzt
Mexiko: Wahlverlierer Obrador erklärt sich zum Präsidenten
Armut: 2,5 Millionen Kinder leben auf Sozialhilfeniveau

27.Jul.2006 Rekordtemperaturen: Politiker fordern Siesta bei Sommerhitze