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17.Jun.2006 new articles on APFN  
The Senate's immigration-reform bill....YUK!!THE WASHINGTON TIMES,


16.Jun.2006 Votergate is the investigative documentaryVOTEGATE,

16.Jun.2006 The Flag of the Corporate States of AmericaCharles Sullivan,

16.Jun.2006 Followed the link and saw nothing.....Pepper,

16.Jun.2006 Isn't self defense a legitimate reason.....Pepper,

16.Jun.2006 I don't think Fitzgerald is on the up and up!Pepper,

16.Jun.2006 "Doin The Perp Walk" by Jim Hindehelicopter detonated,

16.Jun.2006 Is Zarqawi's Replacement Al-Masri a Pentagon Invention?Cheryl Seal,

16.Jun.2006 Media Blacks out the Murtha ResolutionCheryl Seal,

16.Jun.2006 Zarqawi hoaxkathaksung,

16.Jun.2006 The most comprehensive professional militaryBlackwater USA,

16.Jun.2006 Re: No Knock SearchesTom Fields,

16.Jun.2006 Who was Abu Musab al Zarqawi?Robert Sterling,


16.Jun.2006 D.C. GRAND JURY INDICTED ROVEOrlandoMary,

16.Jun.2006 truth factsRobert Moore,

16.Jun.2006 Time to oil up your Winchesters!maddog,

16.Jun.2006 You have to work with what you've gotCheryl Seal,

16.Jun.2006 Pro-legal immigrant radio campaignLet Freedom Ring,

16.Jun.2006 The complete sell-out of AmericaFrom: Vicky Davis,

16.Jun.2006 Senator Bennett Johnston - An Aledged O'Brien AbuserRich Sheridan,

16.Jun.2006 Bush TROUBLE NOWPatricia Johnson-Holm,

16.Jun.2006 PID radio interview on police death squadsjanetcphelan,

16.Jun.2006 PID radio interview on police death squadsPatricia Johnson-Holm,

16.Jun.2006 Time date delay - WHY?Patricia Johnson-Holm,

17.Jun.2006 President Kennedy was Shot from FRONT. Call for REOPENINGRalph C. Whitley, Sr. a Veteran,

17.Jun.2006 Remember 9pm PDT Call4Investigation on SCANTV.orgCall4Investigation,
17.Jun.2006 Fooled Again On 911 :: Where You Fooled By The 911 Myths?
17.Jun.2006 9/11 thefts not prosecuted - Crime & Punishment -
17.Jun.2006 The Tripolar Chessboard Putting Iran in Great Power Context By Michael T. Klare Click here to read more of this dispatch.
17.Jun.2006 Progress on Iran diplomacy? Author: Nico  

Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said Friday that his country was seriously considering an international proposal to resolve the dispute over its uranium enrichment program.”

In “vague but conciliatory remarks,” Ahmadinejad called the U.S.-backed package of incentives a “step forward.”
Hastert Defends Profits by Claiming $207 Million Parkway Provides No Benefits for Nearby Homeowners Author: Judd 
00.000.2005 House Speaker Dennis
Hastert secured $207 million in federal funds to build the “Prairie Parkway” through his Congressional district.

A few months later, Hastert sold land he had purchased in 2002 and 2004 — located just three miles away from the future parkwayearning a profit of about $2 million. (Check out a graphic timeline of the transaction.)

Hastert and his spokesperson now claim his profits had “nothing to do with the Prarie Parkway” because the land is too far away. Bill Allison of the Sunlight Foundation poses the essential question:

So, if being five miles away (actually three, as the same story later indicates) means

a prospective homeowner + commuter will reap no benefit whatsoever from the parkway, why are taxpayers spending $207 million to build it?

Another overlooked aspect of this story: Hastert’s profits are just beginning. He’s only sold about 70 acres of his initial 195 acre purchase.
16.Jun.2006 Author: Think Progress 

Atrios links Yglesias, and peers into the crystal ball: “ Iraq will be an issue in 2006, 2008, 2010… Iraq will be an issue for at least the next dozen Friedmans. I don’t know why no one seems to be aware of that.”

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) calls for a “ privacy bill of rights .” Aravosis has details.’s Mike Krempasky calls Ann Coulter ’s suggestion that Rep. John Murtha be murdereddisgusting.” He adds, “It’s despicableand frankly, so is Coulter.”

Rick Santorum doesn’t hold much sway these days. ” His amendment to enhance sanctions on Iran that once looked likely to pass, instead dealt him a “stunning defeatthis week.

See the latest commercial for An Inconvenient Truth . The movie will expand to over 400 theaters tomorrow.

The death toll for American soldiers in Iraq hit the 2,500 mark yesterday with the national press not particularly eager to make much of it .” Columbia Journalism Review faults the press for not taking the “opportunity to do what newspapers and broadcast journalists and editors [have] too seldom done: look deeply into the lives of the young soldiers who are being lost in this conflict.”

Supporters of the South Dakota abortion banare saying that women have a ’safety valve’ because the abortion ban still allows women to get Emergency Contraception . … It turns out that, like abortion, access to Emergency Contraception is also under attack in South Dakota.”

And finally: “If you’re a Windows user, open Notepad and type in this phrase, without the quote marks and with no carriage return: ‘Bush hid the facts’. Now save it and open it again. The subversive text is probably gone, replaced by a line of white boxes, or Chinese characters if you have the font. ” Spooky. Details here.
17.Jun.2006 Homeland Insecurity. Author: Faiz  

According to a new Department of Homeland Security report, New Orleans is still unprepared for another catastrophic hurricane more than 10 months after Katrina. Washington, D.C. and New York don’t meet guidelines for responding to major disasters. The shortcomings in emergency planning, including antiquated and uncoordinated response guidelines, are cause “for significant national concern,” Homeland Security’s analysis concluded.
17.Jun.2006 Bolton Blasts Annan for Criticizing U.S. Support of Somali Warlords Author: Payson 
At a press conference yesterday, a reporter asked U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan what he thought about the U.S. “
secretly supporting secular warlordsin Somalia.

(The same warlords who “reportedly fought against the United States 00.000.1993 .”)

Here’s his response:

I would not have supported warlords. I don’t think I would have recommended to the UN or the Security Council to support warlords.

Bolton quickly hit back, wondering if Annan was criticizing “American efforts to round up terrorists”:

Q: The SG [Annan] seems to be criticizing the United States support of warlords in Somalia. In some ways is this meeting a recognition of that policy, I don’t know that you have confirmed at this point, but that that policy was sort of misdirected and that there needs to be a real re-thinking of the approach to Somalia?

BOLTON: Well, I didn’t hear what the SG said. But the situation in Somalia + I certainly hope that it’s not an implicit criticism of American efforts to round up terrorists , I hope that’s not what he was saying.

Yet rather than “round up terrorists,” the clandestine support the administration gave to secular warlords “thwarted counterterrorism efforts inside Somalia and empowered the same Islamic groups it was intended to marginalize.”

Annan isn’t the only one who’s been critical of the policy – there’s been quite a bit of internal dissension within the State Department. The New York Times reported last week that “Leslie Rowe, the [Nairobi] embassy’s second-ranking official, signed off on a cable back to State Department headquarters that detailed grave concerns throughout the region about American efforts in Somalia.” In addition, “the State Department’s political officer for Somalia, Michael Zorick, who had been based in Nairobi, was reassigned to Chad after he sent a cable to Washington criticizing Washington’s policy of paying Somali warlords.”
17.Jun.2006 Karl Rove attacks the blogosphere. Author: Faiz 
“The Internet for the Left…has served as
a way to mobilize hate and angerhate and anger, first and foremost, at this President and Conservatives, but then also at people within their own party whom they consider to be less than completely loyal to this very narrow, very out-of-the-mainstream, very far Left-wing ideology that they tend to represent.”

17.Jun.2006 House passes sham Iraq resolution. Author: Nico 
The House
votes 256-153 on a resolution linking Iraq to the “war on terror,” and opposing a timetable. “42 Democrats broke ranks and joined with all but three Republicans to support the resolution.”

17.Jun.2006 Chicago Conference: Steven Jones Author: Paul Joseph Watson 
Chicago Conference: Steven Jones Alex Jones interviews Steven Earl Jones - a professor of physics at Brigham Young University who conducts research in nuclear

17.Jun.2006 Gegen Staatspropaganda Sender abschalten Author: Keine Gebühr fürs Internet 
00.000.2007 _Ab- soll jeder Bürger der einen internetfähigen Computer hat Rundfunkgebühr bezahlen.

Dabei ist auch egal ob er das Netz nutzt oder nicht. Erst recht wird ignoriert, dass Internetbenutzer gar kein Interesse an staatlich vorgefertigter Meinung haben.

Also schaffen wir die Sender ab. Blockade von ARD und ZDF. Der beste Weg gegen die Zwangsgebühr für Leute die keinene Bock auf ARD etc haben und dennoch zahlen sollen ist:

Laßt uns ein Aktion organisieren und diese Sender auser Funktion setzen. Organisieren wir eine politische Aktion vor den Sendern und in den Räumen der Sender.

Motto: Sender abschalten.

Wir wollen kein Fernsehen also weg damit.

Wir wollen nicht zwangsschauen also soll auch sonst niemand fernsehen. Wir haben keine Lust die Sucht anderer zu finanzieren und die Probaganda diese Staates zu bezahlen.
Silicon Valley greed: The stock option scandal spreads
Corporate greedOver the past three weeks, a large scale stock option scandal has broken out in Silicon Valley and is affecting some of its largest companies -- and threatening to taint the tech industry's image at a time when it's fighting for policy change in Washington. Mike Langberg has the ...

17.Jun.2006 Tories attack home seizure plans The Tories accuse Labour of using the World Cup to bury bad news about new powers to claim empty homes.
17.Jun.2006 US shuttle launch set for 1 July The first attempt to launch a US space shuttle in almost a year will take place on 1 July, Nasa announces.
17.Jun.2006 Japan and US warn N Korea on test Japan and the US issue new warnings to North Korea amid reports of an imminent test of a long-range missile.
17.Jun.2006 Bolivia unveils anti-poverty plan The government announces a radical plan to reduce poverty and create employment in Bolivia.
17.Jun.2006 French immigration bill approved The upper house of the French parliament passes a bill that makes it harder for migrants to settle in France.
17.Jun.2006 Row over senior policeman's CBE A senior police officer is made a CBE, days after apologising over an anti-terror raid in which a man was shot.
17.Jun.2006 EADS boss denies A380 allegations The boss of EADS denies he did anything wrong ahead of a profit warning and other problems at plane firm Airbus.
17.Jun.2006 Japan to table whaling 'roadmap' Japan is to propose steps towards a return to commercial whaling, as more countries arrive in St Kitts.
17.Jun.2006 Blears admits voters turn to BNP Labour Party chairman Hazel Blears says the British National Party won votes in the local elections because people felt ignored by mainstream politicians
17.Jun.2006 The brain gets 'mellow' with age People become more "mellow" in response to negative emotions over their lifetime, research suggests.
17.Jun.2006 Yahoo 'Strictest' Censor in China Reporters Without Borders lambastes the Chinese version of the Yahoo search engine, saying it is more compliant than either Google or MSN in bending to China's repressive censorship laws. By Eli Milchman.
17.Jun.2006 Hawking says space is the live Blog: Renown physicist and best-selling author Stephen Hawking has set the clock and the drawn the road map for humanity's survival....
17.Jun.2006 First Embryonic Stem Cell Clinical Trial Imminent Author: ScuttleMonkey 28  
"California-based Geron has announced that the first embryonic stem cell trial may be in the not-so-distant future. Tom Okarma, Geron's CEO, recently announced that the company will be seeking permission from the FDA to begin clinical trials. From the article: 'Geron's plan is to treat people that have acute spinal injuries with oligodendrocyte progenitor cells grown from human ESCs. Oligodendrocyte cells support neurons in the brain and spine by sheathing them in myelin, a fat that helps neurons to transmit signals.'"

17.Jun.2006 Viral Marketing to Become the Norm? Author: ScuttleMonkey 85  
"One of the oldest advertising companies in the U.S., JWT, has just bought up all the Huffington Post's front-page ad space for a whole week. They are taking the unique approach of trying to create ad content interesting enough to make people want to watch, instead of the traditional ad agency approach of bludgeoning the user base over the head through interstitials and other forced ad techniques. Will the ad companies be able to put forth enough continued effort to make good ads that become viral, or is this just a short phase to gain publicity?"

17.Jun.2006 Dry Ice Made into Super-tough Glass Author: CowboyNeal 103   janus zeal

"A form of solid carbon dioxide that could be used to make ultra-hard glass or coatings for microelectronic devices has been discovered. The material, named amorphous carbonia, was created by scientists from the University of Florence in Italy. Writing in the journal Nature, the team says the material was theoretically possible but had never been created. It was made by squeezing dry ice, a form of carbon dioxide used to create smoke in stage shows, at huge pressure. Scientists are interested in the new material because of the potential applications. Also, they believe it could give them clues to the processes that happen in the center of huge gas giant planets such as Jupiter."
A New Technique to Quickly Erase Hard Drives Author: CowboyNeal 232   RockDoctor

"Stories about 'wiped' hard drives appearing on eBay (and other channels) and being stuffed with personably-identifiable data are legion; rarer are spy planes having to land on enemy territory, but it happened in 2001 to a US spy plane over an un-declared enemy (China + that's a topic in itself). Dark Reading reports the development of a technique to securely wipe a hard drive in seconds + which is safe for flying. (The safe for flying criterion rules out things like fun with packing the drives in thermite. Also thermiting the drives may not erase the platters to the standard required, which is moderately interesting itself."
EFF Gets Animated About DRM with The Corruptibles Author: CowboyNeal 131   Lurker McLurker

"An animation from the EFF shows DRM technology as a group of supervillans who aim to invade your home, interfere with your devices and stop you from using your digital media the way you want to, even if it is legitimate. Doesn't say anything about the subject most of us wouldn't know, but a great link to send to your friends as an introduction to the issue."
The Power of Accidental Discoveries Author: Zonk 123   schmiddy

"An article from Wired mentions the surprising number of discoveries that have been made entirely by accident. In an older article, The Discovery Channel's site points out a different subset of inventions that happened by accident. A much older article from PBS goes into more depth on the subject of accidental discoveries + gives a great quote from physicist Joseph Henry: 'The seeds of great discoveries are constantly floating around us, but they only take root in minds well prepared to receive them.'"
Scientists Find Missing Link in Bird Evolution Author: Zonk 175   BlueCup

"Dozens of fossils of an ancient loon-like creature that some say is the missing link in bird evolution have been discovered in northwest China. The remains of 40 of the nearly modern amphibious birds, so well-preserved that some even have their feathers, were found in Gansu province, researchers report in Friday's issue of the journal Science. Previously only a single leg of the creature, known as Gansus yumenensis, had been found."
Smithsonian Removes EV1 Exhibit Author: Zonk 327+   johnMG to mention a Seattle PI article on the Smithsonian's move to remove the EV1 electric sedan from display. From the article:

"The upcoming film 'Who Killed the Electric Car?' questions why General Motors created the battery-powered vehicles and then crushed the program a few years later. The film opens June 30th. GM happens to be one of the Smithsonian's biggest contributors. But museum and GM officials say that had nothing to do with the removal of the EV1 from display."
Bush Fails Us on National Security, Evidence #1,239,432: "Major cities aren't ready for catastrophes, government says"
Top Enron crook contemplated suicide. Would that have been a public relations stunt, or just an act of war?
Sex, Solicitation and More GOP Hypocrisy
23 dead in Baghdad after series of blasts 6/18
A limousine service connected with the Randy ?Duke? Cunningham

While we are focusing on that part of the world, perhaps I should mention that the primary British propagandist crying for war with Iran is "reporter" Con Coughlin, whose first name is very apt. Coughlin has a long history of carrying water for the British version of the miitary/intelligence complex + has been caught
peddling disinformation before. Permalink
Now the British secret service is making every attempt to squelch and censor
Tomlinson's blog, even though he no longer lives in the U.K. You may be interested in what he has to say -- particularly on the subject of British acquiescence in the CIA's "rendition" flights.
Outings I am always amused by the variable and hypcritical conservative reactions to the outing of secret agents. In the case of Valerie Plame, the practice was considered perfectly acceptable. But attitudes differ when the topic turns to
Richard Tomlinson.
Tomlinson, if you have never heard of him, is a New Zealand-born former agent of MI6 who ran into a great deal of opposition when he tried to publish a book about his years in the service.

You should take a look at what
Citizen Spook has to say about the strange responses coming out of Fitzgerald's office. If the case against Rove is truly over, why won't Randall Sanborn (spokesperson for Fitz) just come out and say so, instead of offering a terse "no comment"?
And why, when asked if the investigation is ongoing, does Sanborn continue to issue the same "no comment"? Surely he can tell us that much.
Speculation: Perhaps a "runaway Grand Jury" has commandeered the case. Or perhaps someone managed to clip Fitzgerald's wings.
I shall take the liberty of repeating CS's summary points: 1. We know Fitzgerald’s Office has done an about face with regards to the ongoing status of this investigation.
2. We know that Fitzgerald has not confirmed or denied Luskin and Corallo’s statements concerning Rove being cleared.
3. We know Fitzgerald cannot comment about any activity by the Grand Jury which has been sealed by the court.
4. We know that within three business days of Friday, May 12th 2006 the “Sealed vs. Sealed” entry was added to the District Court’s Pacer system by Judge Reggie Walton who is presiding over the Libby indictment. According to some excellent detective work by Marie26 at the Democratic Underground discussion board, we know that Case No. 06-CR-128 was probably entered on May 16 or 17th. Since the 17th was a Wed. and the Grand Jury meets on Wed., that date is more likely than the 16th...
5. We know that Rove’s spokesperson, Mark Corallo, when he worked as a press officer for Ashcroft at DOJ, was no stranger to the use of “Sealed vs Sealed”. The bottom line (for CS): If the Grand Jury returned charges which were not requested by Fitzgerald, such charges would not be signed by him. In fact, according to Constitutional law, the Grand Jury could eject Fitz from the Court and bring whatever charges they like without him. Such charges might read:
Grand Jury for the District of Washington D.C. vs. Karl Rove
And in that case, the charges may have been sealed until Judge Walton decides how to handle this unique Constitutional exercise of citizen authority. Is the scenario possible? Is it legal?

If the propagandists can't come up with a single citation, then they reveal themselves -- once again -- to be liars. The Onion has swag for sale. Unless they can come up with a cite, don't buy their crap.
(By the way, the Onion's segment in The Aristocrats is suprisingly unfunny. But I urge you to see the movie anyways. Carlin kills .)
17.Jun.2006 Saudi- Arabien: Guantanamo- Tote werden obduziert
17.Jun.2006 Stimmungstief: Labour- Mehrheit will Blairs Abgang 2007
17.Jun.2006 Fledermäuse: Atemgeräusch führt Vampir zum Opfer
Sicherheitsbericht: USA schlecht auf Katastrophen vorbereitet
Miniflugzeuge in Los Angeles: Polizei testet Überwachungsdrohnen
17.Jun.2006 US- Personalstudie: Ex- Militärs sind bessere Manager
17.Jun.2006 Nuklearstreit mit Iran: Steinmeier fordert Atommächte zum Abrüsten auf

17.Jun.2006 Walfang: Niederlage für Japan
17.Jun.2006 Autokonzerne: 30.000 Jobs bei VW in Gefahr
17.Jun.2006 Irak: Pentagon berichtet über Gefangenen- Misshandlung
17.Jun.2006 Raumfahrt: Satellit richtet Laser auf Bayern
17.Jun.2006 Vietnam Airlines: 200 Passagiere entkamen Abschuss nur knapp
17.Jun.2006 Irak: US- Spezialkräfte verordneten 17 Tage Brot und Wasser
17.Jun.2006 Internationale Konferenz: Schlappe für Walfänger
Russland- Schulden: Deutschland könnte auf einen Schlag Milliarden zurück bekommen
17.Jun.2006 The Huffington Post's Daily Brief  
"In 39 years, I have never written these words in a movie review, but here they are: You owe it to yourself to see An Inconvenient Truth. If you do not + you have grandchildren, you should explain to them why you decided not to." Roger EbertHouse Debate On War: "Nothing More Or Less Than Really A Charade"... APIn yet another effort to capitalize on momentum from the death of terrorist Abu

17.Jun.2006 Free Internet Press - Federal Judge: U.S. Has Powers To Detain Noncitizens Indefinitely
14.Jun.2006 UrukNet] - [Daily Information from Occupied Iraq] - [newsletter] information from occupied iraq :: informazione dall'iraq occupato Depleted Uranium -

An American War Crime That Has No End

Euro Yank The use of depleted uranium weaponry by the United States, defying all international treaties, will slowly annihilate all species on earth including the human species + yet this country continues to do so with full knowledge of its
Daily digest - Volume: 2 Issue: 1418 (13 messages)  imra Volume 2 : Issue 1418

In this issue of the imra daily Digest:

UN Sec'y Gen.: Israel can't defend itself if Palestinians use human shields

ABBAS' PLAN IS PRESCRIPTION FOR TERROR NOT PEACE Hebron and Beit El, not Tel Aviv, inspired int'l community to support Jewish rights in Israel NGO Monitor: HRW "investigator" not credible,
new articles on APFN  
Waas Uncovers More Details in Valerie Plame CIA Leak Case — Murray Waas,

Cont'd..More Details in Valerie Plame CIA Leak Case — Murray Waas,

Jun 14 VIDEO: Immigration Gumballs — Roy Beck, Wed Jun 14 01:49 Gulag Suicides 'An act of War' ? — Mike Macaulay,

Jun 14 Pepper — Pepper,

Jun 14 Glad to see we agree! — Pepper,

Jun 14 Another American
Judges Press C.I.A. Lawyer Over Withheld Documents
14.Jun.2006 Cabinet secretary used CDC jet for routine travel
17.Jun.2006 The Israel Lobby, Dan Abrams and MSNBC  
The Israel Lobby, Dan Abrams and MSNBC Dan Abrams was recently appointed general manager of MSNBC. Here is another take on his neoconservative social/ideological grid: Israel National Review .

17.Jun.2006 Unraveling ‘Team Abramoff’s’ strategy - Politics -
17.Jun.2006 Safavian defends his actions - Politics -
17.Jun.2006 - News - FBI Shakes Up Management Of Wales Investigation - News - FBI Shakes Up Management Of Wales Investigation
17.Jun.2006 Bloglines - BlondeSense : I miss real journalists  Ziki - Bgiltner's last published content My aggregated content at BlondeSense :

I miss real journalistsI agree with John at Crooks and Liars. If you watch Jon Stewart interviewing a 'talking point neo-con' he easily debunks them with the facts and pointed questions. While it's amusing to see Stewart take them down, it's also quite unsettling that the only place in the media you can watch
Keith Olbermann - Yet Another Israeli Op in the Mainstream Media  

Comment: Keith Olbermann -- part of the same old con game, shell game, false opposition ops. His remark on the Mearsheimer/Walt paper is simply pathetic in its intellectual weakness. It's enlightening to see from the inside how Israeli gatekeeping and censorship operate in mainstream media outlets like MSNBC.
Right-Wing Shelves Vote on Minimum Wage Author: Payson 
Earlier this week, the House Appropriations Committee
voted to raise the federal minimum wage to $7.25 an hour by 2009. The increase passed as an amendment to the Labor-HHS spending bill after seven RepublicansReps. Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO), John Sweeney (R-NY), Ray LaHood (R-IL), Don Sherwood (R-PA), Mike Simpson (R-ID), James Walsh (R-NY), and Bill Young (R-FL) — broke ranks to pass the increase.

The right wing objected to the move on the grounds that the committee “shouldn’t be legislating on an appropriations bill.” (They forget how Sen. Frist (R-TN) and Rep. Hastert (R-IL) did exactly that last year when they slipped liability protections for vaccine makers into a defense spending bill.)

The “next stepfor the bill would have been for the House Rules Committee “to decide whether to ‘protect’ the amendment as part of the bill,” followed by a floor vote on their ruling.

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), who offered the amendment along with Rep. George Miller (D-CA), told ThinkProgress he was planning to fight attempts to take the increase out of the bill. “If there is an attempt to strip the amendment on procedural grounds,” he said, “we will fight back for the American people. The minimum wage is now at its lowest level in 50 years + hardworking American families deserve a fair, livable wage.”

But now it looks like the vote will be delayed indefinitely. CongressDaily reported yesterday that “the bill would not reach the floor next week” and “there is a chance it would not come up even the following week + possibly not at all.”

Conservatives are clearly afraid to be on the record opposing a minimum wage increase at a time when 83 percent of Americans support such a move.
17.Jun.2006 Bush Claimed Iraqis Oppose Timetable the Day After Iraq’s VP Personally Asked Him for One Author: Judd 
After Bush returned from his trip to Iraq this week, President Bush attacked those calling for a timetable for withdrawal. He said
Iraqis had “concerns” that a timetable would disrupt their strategy to create a secure and democratic Iraq:

And the willingness of some to say that if we’re in power we’ll withdraw on a set timetable concerns people in Iraq , because they understand our coalition forces provide a sense of stability, so they can address old wrongs and develop their strategy and plan to move forward. They need our help and they recognize that. And so they are concerned about that.

Today, the AP reports that Iraq’s Vice President, Tariq al-Hashimi, personally asked President Bush to set a timeline for withdrawal of U.S. forces the day before. Iraq’s President, Jalal Talabani, said he supported the request:

Iraq’s vice president has asked President Bush for a timeline for the withdrawal of foreign forces from Iraq, the Iraqi president’s office said. Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi, a Sunni, made the request during his meeting with Bush on Tuesday, when the U.S. president made a surprise visit to Iraq.

I supported him in this,” President Jalal Talabani said in a statement released Wednesday. Al-Hashimi’s representatives could not immediately be reached for comment Thursday.

Separately, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said that Iraqi security forces should be completely in charge of the nation’s security in 18 months.
16.Jun.2006 Author: Think Progress 
Vice President Dick Cheney
claimed that the Iraq war was “in part responsible” for the absence of terrorist attacks in the United States since the 11.Sep.2001 strikes. The State Department reported in April that the number of terrorist attacks worldwide increased nearly fourfold in 2005.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the flag-burning amendment yesterday. The 11-7 votewas supported by all committee Republicans and opposed by all but one Democrat — Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California.”

The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, HHS + Education yesterday “voted to eliminate $115 million in federal funding for public broadcasting ” like NPR and PBS, representing “a 23 percent decrease in the previously-approved 2007 appropriation.”

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter is upset that he has not received a response to his request that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales testify before his committee on the NSA’s warrantless spying programs . Specter said yesterday, “I will ask for authorization for a subpoena if we do not get an adequate response.”

59: Percentage of Americans who say climate change warrants “some action” or “immediate” steps, up from 51% 00.000.1999, according to a WSJ/NBC poll.

The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor has documented in a U.N. report “thousands of alleged direct killings of civilians” and “a significant number of large scale massacres” in Darfur . The ICC “also registered hundreds of alleged cases of rape.”

The Smithsonian has removed an exhibit featuring a “rare surviving example” of the battery-powered car that is the focus of the new film “Who Killed the Electric Car?The movie shows how General Motors “created a dynamic battery-powered auto that drivers loved, only to crush it to smithereens.” GM is one of the Smithsonian’s “biggest contributors.”

A new Congressional Research Service report finds that since World War II, “the government has typically used emergency supplemental appropriations bills to fund ongoing military operations only sparingly, switching to regular annual budget submissions as soon as a better picture of costs were known.” In related news, the Senate passed the ninth emergency supplemental bill since 9/11.

A 74-page Pentagon briefing book with talking points on Iraq may be illegal . Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) sent a letter to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld complaining that his office had spent “taxpayer dollars to produce partisan political documents,” possibly in violation of laws prohibiting the Executive Branch from using taxpayer dollars for lobbying and propaganda activities.

And finally: Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) may be “one of the stalwart votes for ‘kid-friendly’ regulation in entertainment ,” but that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy a good video game. “I’ll have to confess, Mr. Chairman, that I am also a video game player. I have worked my way up to Civilization IV. I haven’t yet been able to beat it but I at least understand the fundamentals of it.”
17.Jun.2006 Breaking: Democrats strip Jefferson of committee seat. Author: Nico 
The House Democratic caucus voted tonight to strip Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) of his seat on the Ways & Means Committee. Jefferson is currently under criminal investigation for
allegedly accepting bribes to help a technology company win several contracts and business deals. He had been asked to voluntarily give up the seat but refused.

15.Jun.2006 Author: Think Progress 
CNN Headline News host Glenn Beck reacts to the possibility that global warming could lead to the flooding of Shanghai and surrounding areas, home to 40 million people: “
Does anybody really care? I mean, come on. Shanghai is under water. Oh, no! Who’s gonna make those little umbrellas for those tropical drinks?”

Press Secretary Tony Snow acknowledged recently that his retirement plan is based on his prior membership in a union -– the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Without a union, Snow would have had to rely on Social Security. AFL-CIO notes the irony.

Kevin Drum says “the Supreme Court has decided to eviscerate the Bill of Rights a bit further today.”

A letter from former Rep. Duke Cunningham to the Department of Homeland Security that urged Shirlington Limo be given a $21.1 million contract has “mysteriously disappeared from DHS files.” More from Harper’s.

A State Department report details the items given to federal employees in 2004 by “foreign government sources.” “President George W. Bush received a $10,000 sniper’s rifle, six jars of fertilizer, 11 antique handguns, ten pounds of dates + a DVD of ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ from various foreign leaders.”

And finally: Photo of the day : Rick Santorum’s new wardrobe? Or Chief of Staff Josh Bolten playing bass with his band, “The Compassionates,” on the White House lawn?
17.Jun.2006 Here’s a graphic timeline explaining how House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) used a federal earmark to turn a $1.5 million profit:

August 2002: “Hastert and his wife bought a 195-acre farm in Plano in 2002, of which 69.5 acres had no access to roads.” The parcel is located in Hastert’s congressional district (IL-14).

February 2004: Hastert and two partners purchase another 69 acres adjacent to the original property. Here’s a picture of the two parcels, outlined in yellow:

August 2005: Hastert secures $207 million in federal dollars to build the “Prairie Parkway” through his district. The Chicago Tribune describes it as a “pet project” of Hastert’s that will “cut through valuable farmland and increase suburban sprawl.” President Bush comes to IL-14 to sign the bill. Here’s a picture:

Here’s an overlay of Hastert’s property and the new highway, shown in green. The highway is just 5.5 miles away:

The “Prairie Parkway” transforms the Hastert property from an isolated parcel to one with convenient access to major cities.

December 2005: Hastert sells property to the Robert Arthur Land Company, who plans to builds 1500 homes on the property. Hastert earns at least $1.5 million in profit. His two partners makes another 1.5 million.

May 2006: The Kendall County Board votes “in favor of putting an interchange on Galena Road, giving residents of the new development easy access to the highway.”

TODAY: Hastert’s spokesman claims, “None of the properties purchased by the speaker are near enough to the Prairie Parkway to be affected by the proposed highway.”

More at the Sunlight Foundation.

UPDATE: Using Google Earth a commenter at the Sunlight Foundation concludes that the distance between the entrance to the highway and the Hastert development is 2.6 miles. (Hastert’s spokesman says it’s 5.5 miles.)
17.Jun.2006 Hastert: Supporters of Bush Iraq Policy ‘Show The Same Steely Resolve’ As United 93 Passengers Author: Think Progress 
House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL), encouraging his colleagues to vote for the
sham Iraq resolution during today’s debate on the Iraq war:

We in this Congress must show the same steely resolve as those men and women on United flight 93, the same sense of duty as the first responders who headed up the stairs of the Twin Towers. We must stand firm in our commitment to fight terrorism and the evil it inflicts around the world.

Watch it:

Full transcript below:

America’s response started high above a corn field in rural Pennsylvania. Brave men and women armed with nothing more than boiling water and dinner forks and broken bottles stood up as Americans always do when our freedom is in peril and they struck back. We know from the messages they left behind that their final thoughts were for their families and their loved ones, but they also spoke of their love of their country.

Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction. Perhaps the brave souls on United 93 reflected Ronald Reagan’s words, because the generation represented on that plane, like the patriots at Concord bridge were not going to let freedom be extinguished, not on their watch.

We in this Congress must show the same steely resolve as those men and women on United flight 93, the same sense of duty as the first responders who headed up the stairs of the Twin Towers. We must stand firm in our commitment to fight terrorism and the evil it inflicts around the world.
Snow on 2,500 U.S. Fatalities In Iraq: ‘It’s A Number’ Author: Think Progress 
White House Press Secretary Tony Snow was asked this afternoon if President Bush had any reaction to the death toll for U.S. troops in Iraq reaching 2,500. Snow responded: “It’s a number.”

Snow added that the President “feels very deeply the responsibility for sending men and women into harm’s way, and feels very deeply the pain that the families feel.” To illustrate, Snow reminded the press corps of when “you had this crowd of servicemen and women who were cheering loudly for the President + he got choked up.” Watch it:


Q Tony, American deaths in Iraq have reached 2,500. Is there any response or reaction from the President on that?

MR. SNOW: It’s a number + every time there’s one of these 500 benchmarks people want something. The President would like the war to be over now. Everybody would like the war to be over now. And the one thing that we saw in Iraq this week is further testimony to the quality of the men and the women who are doing that + the dedication and determination to try to ensure that the people of Iraq really do live in a free, effective democracy of their own creation and design.

Any President who goes through a time of war feels very deeply the responsibility for sending men and women into harm’s way, and feels very deeply the pain that the families feel. And this President is no different. You’ve seen it many times. You saw it, you saw it when he was in that ballroom, Terry + you had this crowd of servicemen and women who were cheering loudly for the President + he got choked up. So it’s always a sad benchmark + one of the things the President has said is that these people will not die in vain.

And part of what happened this very week when the President went to Baghdad + he sat down with the Prime Minister and he sat down with the cabinet + he sat down with the President and Vice President, he sat down with the national security team + he sat down with the leaders of all the major political parties, what he saw now is that after all of this, what you have in Iraq is a freestanding government that has been elected by the Iraqi people. It has a Prime Minister who is going to be there for four years, who is determined to act as a Prime Minister, who is determined to lead, who is setting priorities + he’s somebody we can work with. You have a Minister of Defense who has significant experience and is already working with his colleagues, not only here at the Pentagon, but also General Casey and others in the field. The President understands that those deaths cannot be in vain + you’ve got a government now that can help ensure that that is not the case.

Q Was he told about the benchmark, the President?

MR. SNOW: I don’t know. I’m sure he will hear about it.
Pentagon tried to ‘recall’ Iraq strategy book. Author: Nico 
Yesterday, Donald Rumsfeld’s office issued a
72-page briefing book to help war supporters argue their case during today’s House debate on Iraq. The office apparently soon realized it had sent the memo to a larger list of recipients than intended. The following message was sent last night:

—–Original Message—–
From: Scott, Traci CIV OSD LA [mailto: (email redacted) ]
Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2006 5:41 PM
Subject: Recall: Prep Book

The sender would like to recall the message, “Prep Book”.

Obviously, the email didn’t work.
17.Jun.2006 Specter’s dishonesty. Author: Judd 
Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) claimed a bill he authored didn’t provide amnesty for illegal surveillance, as
the Washington Post reported. That isn’t true. Glenn Greenwald has the details.

17.Jun.2006 Administration Moves to ‘Plan B’ In Somalia Author: Payson 
Last month, news reports revealed that the administration was “
secretly supporting secular warlordsin Somalia against Islamic militias as a way to “crack down on terrorismin East Africa. Some of these secular warlords “reportedly fought against the United States 00.000.1993.”

The Islamic groups have since taken Mogadishu and are “consolidating their hold over a large swath of Somalia.” Some American officials believe our actions “thwarted counterterrorism efforts inside Somalia and empowered the same Islamic groups it was intended to marginalize.”

Having seen their policy fail, the administration is now “preparing for a more diplomatic kind of intervention:

On Thursday, the US will initiate a “Somalia contact group” of interested countries and organizations to begin deliberating on how the international community can help stabilize what experts consider to be a “failed state.” The tone suggests a carefully revised US position on Somalia, analysts say.

The broader lesson, they add, may be that instead of rejecting Islamist political groups outright, the US will have to do more to differentiate friend from foe within Islamist political movements .

It sounds like Plan A didn’t work, so we’d better try Plan B,” says Jim Bishop, who was the last US ambassador to Somalia , before the US evacuated its embassy there 00.000.1991. […]

Of course, we want stability and we don’t want to see a terrorist haven there, but discussion and finding a compromise is better than Plan A.”

Leave it to the Bush administration to set aside diplomacy as their “Plan B.”
Tony Snow Attacks President Carter Author: Nico 
Radio/television host Don Imus and White House Press Secretary Tony Snow attacked former President Jimmy Carter yesterday.

Imus called Carter a “dope” and claimed his presidency had “humiliat[ed] America,” prompting laughter from Snow. Snow then drew two “comparisons” between Carter and Bush:

1. Whereas Bush “snuck off” to visit Iraq, Carter “ used to sneak off and fish on the weekends .”

2. “[U]nlike in the Carter years, where… you had the humiliation of hostages being taken in Iran ,” in Bush’s case, “you’ve got the president who’s showing up in Baghdad and talking with the new government.” Watch it:

A couple points:

1) Tony Snow is in no position to mock President Carter for vacationing. President Bush has spent more time vacationing than any president in modern history, with 319 days worth as of 00.Aug.2005.

President Carter took 79 vacation days during his 4 years in office, the lowest of any president in modern history.

2) Kidnapping has become a “scourge of Iraqi unrest.” Tony Snow claims the hostage crisis in Iran was a humiliation for President Carter. But “at least 280 foreigners” — including many Americans — “and thousands of Iraqis…have been taken hostage since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003,” and Baghdad has become the “kidnap capital of the world.”

In any case, apparently it’s now acceptable for a sitting White House Press Secretary to publicly level ad hominem attacks against a former President of the United States.

Full transcript below:

SNOW: [Describing preparations for Tuesday’s visit to Iraq] We all snuck off and got ourselves on one of those big old Chinook helicopters. Made our way to Andrews, the President wearing a baseball cap, actually schlepping luggage. Who would think the a president would schlep luggage? So, we did a good pretty job of getting out of here without anybody knowing.

IMUS: Didn’t that dope Jimmy Carter — I shouldn’t refer to the former president as a dope. [Laughter] I apologize. Didn’t Jimmy Carter, when he was humiliating America, didn’t he carry his own luggage or something? [Snow laughs]

SNOW: I don’t think — he also used to sneak off and fish on the weekends at Camp David. The thing you got here is, unlike in the Carter years, where from November 4, 1979 until November 4, 1980, obviously, when Reagan was elected, you had the humiliation of hostages being taken in Iran. Meanwhile, in this case, you’ve got the president who’s showing up in Baghdad and talking with the new government.
Coulter suggests Murtha should be murdered. Author: Nico 
In an interview with a right-wing website, Ann Coulter said that Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) is “
the reason soldiers invented ‘fragging.’

Fragging is a term “most commonly meaning to assassinate an unpopular member of one’s own fighting unit by dropping a fragmentation grenade into the victim’s tent at night.” Meanwhile, Coulter’s media blitz continues.
17.Jun.2006 Religious Right Seeks Unprecedented Constitutional Convention To Ban Gay Marriage Without Congress Author: Judd 
Earlier this month, efforts to ban gay marriage by amending the Constitution
failed badly in Senate.

Now the religious right is considering appealing to state legislatures to call a Constitutional Convention under an obscure provision of Article 5 that would allow amendments to the Constitution without congressional approval.

The Evans-Novak report has the details:
17.Jun.2006 AM: June 15, 2006 Author: Think Progress 
The Pentagon
reports the U.S. military death toll in Iraq has reached 2,500 .

From 2000-2005, the 10 members of the House Ethics Committee and their aides “accepted about 400 such trips valued at nearly $1 million,” according to a new Center for Public Integrity Report.

(The lawmakers spent the majority of the money.)

President Bush today “will create the world’s largest marine protected area ,” a wildlife-rich collection of reefs and atolls that “will be larger than all of America’s national parks combined.”

The decision “is a turnaround for the administration, which five years ago considered stripping more limited protections from the area.”

Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) has been investigating “why FDA officials approved the sale of the antibiotic Ketek even after the government learned safety tests on the drug had been forged .”

Yesterday federal health officials refused to give the senator information on the drug. “I smell a cover-up,” said Grassley.

Emergency medical care in the United States is on the verge of collapse, with the nation’s declining number of emergency rooms dangerously overcrowded + often unable to provide the expertise needed to treat seriously ill people in a safe and efficient manner,” three new reports from the Institute of Medicine show.

To me, the administration does not act like there’s a war going on ,” Rep. Wayne T. Gilchrest (R-MD) said yesterday.

The Congress certainly doesn’t act like there’s a war going on.

If you’re raising money to keep the majority, if you’re thinking about gay marriage, if you’re doing all this other peripheral stuff, what does that say to the guy who’s about ready to drive over a land mine?”


the Senate voted unanimously to “force President George W. Bush to submit a budget for the Iraq + Afghanistan wars instead of financing them in emergency bills that are pushed through Congress with minimal scrutiny.”

George Washington University’s National Security Archive is suing the CIA over its “recent practice of charging Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) fees to journalists pursuing news.”

Though journalists are supposed to be charged only copying fees, the CIA last year began charging additional fees if it felt the journalist’s request was “not newsworthy enough.”

And finally: A landmark victory for all American potbellied pig owners .

The Colorado Springs City Council “has voted to allow potbellied pigs within the city limits in a 5-4 decision that came after a woman challenged a century-old swine ban in one of the state’s biggest cities.” Chrystal McEntee, who fought for the change said, “I’m going to go home and celebrate with my family.”
17.Jun.2006 Streng öffentlich: Ex-Spion droht Geheimdienst bloßzustellen Author: sfux 
World Content News - Er weiß viel über die dunklen Geheimnisse der Schweiz. Mit dieser Botschaft pokert er jedenfalls.

Er droht tabula rasa zu machen, wenn er nicht bald vom Kontrollausschuss der Geheimdienste angehört wird.

Der Aussteiger Claude Covassi bringt damit seine ehemaligen Arbeitgeber, zwei Schweizer Geheimdienste, sowie ermittelnde Staatsanwälte und führende Politiker in höchste Verlegenheit.
Affäre Covassi: Wer trägt die Verantwortung? Author: sfux 
Stephan Fuchs ? Die Schweizer Geheimdienste werden von einer parlamentarischen Geschäftsprüfungsdelegation (GPDel) überprüft.

Das oberste Aufsichtsorgan soll kontrollieren, dass die Geheimdienste nicht aus dem Ruder laufen. Die GPDel hat, nicht zum ersten Mal, versagt.
Blitzmädels vom Fernseh-Fließband Author: Malte Olschewski 
=Tessa= ist =Schluchz!= um rund hundert Folgen verkürzt worden. =Tessa=, =Julia= und andere deutsche Telenovelas dienen zur Stabilisierung der herrschenden Ordnung.

In diesen Serien wird selten etwas in Frage gestellt. Die billigen Produktionskosten werden in der Dramaturgie deutlich sichtbar.

Die Quote beginnt nun die Form und Länge dieser Serien zu bestimmen. Paßt die Quote nicht,wird neues Personal insertiert.Oder die Heldin muß =sterben=.
Geschichtsstunde WM 1974: Chile si! Junta no! Author: Autonomes Forschungskollektiv Geschichte 
00.000.1974 -Schon- fand eine Fussballweltmeisterschaft in der BRD statt.

In Chile hatte sich einige Monate zuvor Pinochet an die Macht geputscht und ging mit grausamen Mitteln gegen die Linke vor.

Aktivist/innen aus der Internationalismusbewegung nutzten das Großereignis für politische Aktionen.

19.Jun.1974 -vom- Nachfolgend ein lebendiger Bericht aus den "Chile-Nachrichten" über Hintergründe und Ablauf der Proteste während des Spiels Chile-BRD in Westberlin.
Working full time at Microsoft through 00.Jun.2008 Gates then will continue as chairman + advisor ... REDMOND, Wash.

Microsoft Corp. today announced that effective

00.Jul.2008 Bill Gates, chairman, will transition out of a day-to-day role in the company to spend more time on his global health and education work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Riya supersizes plan: will become a "visual" search engine
Riya, the Silicon Valley photo recognition start-up, is expanding its ambition:

It wants to become a full-fledged "visual" search engine. The move was signaled today by chief executive Munjal Shah, who told us in a phone call that he has radically transformed the company in recent days to go ...
Yahoo 'Strictest' Censor in China
Reporters Without Borders lambastes the Chinese version of the Yahoo search engine, saying it is worse than either Google or MSN when it comes to complying with Chinese censorship laws. By Eli Milchman.

17.Jun.2006 Hawking vs. The Pope Author: Smartalix Why doesn’t the church just shut up about science?

Famed physicist Stephen Hawking said Thursday that Pope John Paul II tried to discourage him and other scientists attending a cosmology conference at the Vatican from trying to figure out how the universe began.  The British scientist ...
Thank You World Author: Molly I have to say thank you all. You are my family, you give me strength. I love you with all my heart.
17.Jun.2006 Border Security and the DHS Surreal story about a person coming into the U.S. from Iraq who is held up at the border because he used to sell copyrighted images on T-shirts: Homeland Security, the $40-billion-a-year agency set up to combat terrorism after 9/11, has...
17.Jun.2006 The Earth Times Online Newspaper - Education and Reference News Title: Bird fossil found in China may be the missing link
Geologists working in an excavation site in Gansu province, some 2,000 kilometers from Beijing in China, have discovered well-preserved fossils of birds resembling waterfowl, believed to be 110 million years old. The five fossils, considered the oldest remains of what can be said anatomically modern birds, had the feathers and webbed feet intact.

17.Jun.2006 Scientists create hybrid butterfly species in lab
Scientists have managed to create a new species by merging two different species in a way that they say has been happening naturally over the years. The new species is a distinctive red and yellow butterfly and is nearly identical to a species called Heliconius heurippa, which is commonly found in Columbia.

17.Jun.2006 'Shoe bomber' hits Baghdad mosque At least 11 die at a Shia mosque in Iraq in what the imam says was a shoe bomb attack aimed at him.
17.Jun.2006 Jury told of 'plane hijack plot' A jury at a terror trial at the Old Bailey hears of a plan to hijack and crash a British Airways plane.
17.Jun.2006 S Africa marking Soweto uprising South Africa marks 30 years since the student protest that was pivotal in the fight against apartheid.
17.Jun.2006 UN agrees Taylor trial transfer The UN Security Council agrees to allow the transfer of the trial of Liberia's ex-leader Charles Taylor to The Hague.
17.Jun.2006 East Timor rebels begin to disarm Rebels in East Timor give in a small number of weapons to foreign peacekeepers + pledge to fully disarm.
17.Jun.2006 Leaders chart future for Europe European Union leaders agree how to move forward with constitutional reform at a summit in Brussels.
17.Jun.2006 EU endorses Palestinian aid plan European Union leaders back a plan to resume aid to the Palestinian people, bypassing the Hamas government.
17.Jun.2006 Maoists to join Nepal government Nepal's government agrees to set up an interim administration that will include Maoist rebels.
17.Jun.2006 Graduates 'in arrears' with loans Many UK graduates are failing to keep up with their student loan repayments, statistics show.
17.Jun.2006 Whaling meeting set for key shift Pro-whaling nations are expected to gain control of the International Whaling Commission at a meeting.
17.Jun.2006 Google listens to screen routine A system that targets web adverts by analysing television habits has been developed by Google.
17.Jun.2006 World Cup is rapped over sponsors World Cup bosses are criticised sponsorship from companies selling "unhealthy" food and drink.
17.Jun.2006 Wales approves bowel drug Bowel cancer patients in Wales will be the first in the UK to be treated on the NHS with a drug, although it could soon be withdrawn.
17.Jun.2006 KFC sued in US over cooking fats The fast food chain KFC is being sued in the US to try to stop it using cooking oil linked to health problems.
17.Jun.2006 'Breakthrough' for bowel cancer A Northern Ireland company makes a medical breakthrough in the treatment of bowel cancer.
17.Jun.2006 Ban call over salmonella findings Some egg imports should be banned after figures revealed high levels of salmonella in some European countries.
17.Jun.2006 Where 2.0 Gives the World Meaning Building on technologies like Google Earth and increasingly available digital maps, "neogeographers" gather in Silicon Valley to swap recipes for a machine-readable planet. Annalee Newitz reports from San Jose, California.
17.Jun.2006 The Naked Truth About Sex Ed A new book recognizes that young people today live in a very different world, sexually speaking, than their elders did. Thank goodness.
17.Jun.2006 Is This Oz a Wizard? As Bill Gates steps away from the day-to-day running of Microsoft, the company is faced with the almost impossible task of filling his shoes. Ray Ozzie, a soft-spoken programmer with an enormous reputation in the industry, is the man who is going to try.
17.Jun.2006 Apple Launches China Labor Probe The company says it is looking into allegations that employees at a Chinese iPod factory are working in substandard conditions.
17.Jun.2006 Forbes' 100 Top Celebrities Tom Cruise tops Forbes' annual list of the 100 top celebrities.
17.Jun.2006 How to Foil Identity Thieves A confused Congress is poised to make things easier for the crooks, but you can take steps to protect yourself from becoming a statistic.
17.Jun.2006 God Backs Hacker in DNA Dispute Adrian Lamo turns to scripture in his bid to avoid giving the FBI a blood sample for its DNA database.
17.Jun.2006 The Scariest Terror Threat of All Invite the public to dream up frightening terrorist attacks for an internet competition + you'll get some spectacular recipes for destruction.
17.Jun.2006 Millennium Prize Sees the Light This year's recipient of the Millennium Technology Prize developed a new light source that may replace the lightbulb, but just as importantly successfully challenged a Japanese corporation over the matter of intellectual property rights.
17.Jun.2006 Netscape Reinvents Self, Again Having failed as a browser company and an "internet community," Netscape hopes to finally hit paydirt as the next-generation news service.
17.Jun.2006 Intel's Middle East gray market tussle: rumors worse than evidence Blog: Recently, there has been gossip and chatter that Intel's inventory overhang from last year has increased the amount of gray market... 17.Jun.2006 Capitalism, charity and Bill Gates Blog: Bill Gates has left the building. Well, sort of.Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates said Thursday that he would soon step...
17.Jun.2006 Photos from a dog's point of view Blog: We'd heard of dog cameras as fashion statements and even video cameras mounted atop police dogs' heads, so it was probably inevitable...
17.Jun.2006 Behind the new game controllers Also on Extra: The scariest terror threat of all.
17.Jun.2006 Microsoft Confirms Excel Zero-Day Attack Author: Zonk 24   Guglio

"Eweek has a story about a new, undocumented Excel flaw that is being used in a targeted attack against an unnamed business. The latest zero-day attack comes just two days after Patch Tuesday (coincidence?) and less than a month after a very similar, 'super, super targeted attack' against business interests overseas. The back-to-back zero-day attacks closely resemble each other and suggest that well-organized criminals are conducting corporate espionage using critical flaws purchased from underground hackers."
PayPal Security Flaw Allows Identity Theft Author: Zonk 77  miller60

"Phishing scammers are actively exploiting a security flaw in the PayPal web site to steal credit card numbers belonging to PayPal users. The scam tricks users into accessing a URL hosted on the genuine PayPal site, which presents a valid 256-bit SSL certificate confirming that the site belongs to PayPal. However, some of the content on the page has been modified by the fraudsters via a cross-site scripting technique + victims are redirected to a spoof site that requests their account details."
A New Search for MySpace Author: Zonk 63  garzpacho

"Businessweek is reporting on MySpace's new strategy. They're going to pit the large engines against each other in a bidding war to provide the popular social networking site with a new search engine.

From the article:

'Search is a driver of traffic and advertising revenue for other major Web destinations, but it's a largely untapped source of growth for MySpace and other Fox Interactive Media properties such as online gaming site IGN and sports site Scout. Given MySpace's power, Google, Yahoo! + MSN are expected to compete fiercely for the right to be the search engine of choice for MySpace and the rest of Fox Interactive. News Corp. won't say how much money it expects to derive from a deal, but industry experts say it could conceivably boost MySpace's annual revenue several times over.'"
The Un-Google - The Search Competition Author: Zonk 77  WinEveryGame

"The Economist is running an article on the state of the competition for Internet Search.

While Google clearly dominates + continues to have positive momentum, its leadership is still vulnerable. The search-engine battle is not over yet." From the article: "In terms of momentum--mass times velocity--Google's lead indeed looks daunting. It has by far the most mass, with an American market share of 43% as of April, which reaches 50% counting AOL, an internet property that uses Google's search technology. This compares with 28% for Yahoo!; 13% for MSN, which belongs to Microsoft; and 6% for Ask, which is owned by IAC/Interactive Corp, a conglomerate of about 60 online media brands. Google also has velocity: its market share grew by 17% in the four quarters to this spring, whereas Yahoo! and MSN both lost share. Only Ask has more velocity--its share grew by 35%--but then again it has little mass."
Why Ballmer Should Leave Microsoft Author: Zonk 206  
"In the wake of the announcement of Bill Gates' departure from the top spot at Microsoft, CNN Money is carrying an article arguing that Steve Ballmer should step down as well."

From the article:

"Since Gates stepped down as CEO in 2000 in favor of Ballmer, the company has floundered technically and strategically.

As the company's chairman, chief software architect and supposed visionary, Gates deserves blame for missing the wave of Web-based software that has propelled Google and Yahoo.

But Ballmer has made gaffes of his own in his longtime role as head of the company's business side. They include an undistinguished push into business applications to compete with Oracle, financial maneuvers that have failed to stir the stock - which has slumped 16 percent so far this year - and continuing antitrust problems in the United States and Europe."
Amazon Asks Congress to Curb Patent Abusers Author: CowboyNeal 161  theodp

"As Amazon urged Congress to change the law to protect the e-tailler from patent abusers, Rep. Lamar Smith had a question: 'Could not be accused of being a troll for patenting the one-click?' Smith asked, a wry smile on his face." While it's nice to see to see tech companies behind such legislation, it would seem there's some pots calling the kettle black, so to speak.
Shuji Nakamura Awarded the 2006 Millennium Prize Author: CowboyNeal 116  Mictian

"University of California professor Shuji Nakamura, the japanese inventor of the bright green, white and blue GaN LEDs and a blue laser, has been awarded the 2006 Millennium Technology Prize. While blue LEDs are considered cool and thus needful things by most nerds, Nakamura adapted his blue LEDs to make a blue laser in the mid 90s. The next generation optical storage formats, HD-DVD and BluRay, are of course both based on blue laser. Also, his white LEDS need far less energy than normal incandescent lamps and can thus provide plenty of opportunity for energy-saving in the industrialized world. But probably the most significant future application for Shuji Nakamura's invention comes in the form of sterilizing drinking water, since the the water purification process can be made cheaper and more efficient with the use of ultraviolet LEDs. This can improve the lives and health of tens of millions people in developing countries."
Google to Launch Government Search Site Author: CowboyNeal 115  Billosaur

"Word has come out via the Washington Post on Google's plan to launch a a tool for searching US Government web sites. The tool,, is meant to be used by Federal employees who may need to search across several different sites for information + ' also designed to help citizens navigate convoluted pages of government-speak and tailor news feeds to their interests. Users can customize the layout of their page to remain updated on government-related news from official and commercial sources, including the White House, Department of Defense, The Washington Post and CNN. Google is also working with agencies to increase the frequency of news updates to keep content current.'"

Auf dem Satellitenbild der europäischen Raumfahrtbehörde Esa erkennt man den Grund für die Gefahr: Ins üppige Grün des Regenwaldes fressen sich die braune Flecken menschlicher Siedlungen. Landlose und Arme roden Wald, um auf den Parzellen Landwirtschaft zu betreiben. Der Flickenteppich aus Feldern und Hütten schiebt sich langsam näher an den Xingu. Zusätzlich entdecken Holzfäller die Gegend für sich.

Die Siedlungen schieben sich mittlerweile auch an die Grenzen des Xingu-Nationalparks, der seit 1961 eigentlich für den Schutz von Ureinwohnern und Tieren sorgen soll. Jedoch führt die Autotrasse mit der hochtrabenden Bezeichnung "Transamazon Highway" durch dieses Gebiet. Er dient Kleinbauern, Holzfällern und Goldgräbern als Erschließungsweg. In den Flüssen zeugen Giftstoffe und fortgespültes Erdreich von ihren Aktivitäten.

Per Satelliten-Fernerkundung lassen sich solche Prozesse beobachten und dokumentieren. Örtlichen Entscheidungsträger können darauf das Ausmaß der wilden Siedlungen erkennen.

Das Bild zeigt einen Ausschnitt von über 450 Kilometern Breite und wurde mit dem Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (Meris) des Umweltsatelliten "Envisat" aufgenommen. Seine Auflösung beträgt 300 Meter pro Pixel.

Der Xingu-Fluss fließt durch das brasilianische Amazonas-Becken und mündet nach 2100 Kilometern in den Amazonas. Auf diesem Weg durchfließt er unberührte Regenwald-Landschaften von großer Artenvielfalt. An den Ufern des Xingu leben schätzungsweise 14.000 Ureinwohner, die neun unterschiedlichen ethnischen Gruppen angehören - ein grünes Paradies, so scheint es.
USA: Repräsentantenhaus stützt Bushs Irak- Kurs
16.Jun.2006 Künstliche Flutung: Mont- Saint- Michel soll wieder Insel werden
Sarkawi- Nachfolge: Abu Wer? Abu Was?
16.Jun.2006 Knochen- Analyse: Forscher halten Saurier für Warmblüter
16.Jun.2006 Satellitenbild der Woche: Hässliche Flecken auf grüner Lunge
16.Jun.2006 Erste Hilfe für Studenten: Muddi weiß alles
16.Jun.2006 Flugsicherheit: EU- Parlament will Sky- Marshals an die Kandare nehmen
16.Jun.2006 WHO- Bericht: Umweltverschmutzung tötet 13 Millionen Menschen
16.Jun.2006 Gaza- Explosion: Menschenrechtler belasten israelisches Militär
16.Jun.2006 China: 50.000 Menschen vom Trinkwasser abgeschnitten

16.Jun.2006 Fossil- Fund: Ältestes Krokodil war Australier
16.Jun.2006 Microsoft: Bill Gates will nur noch Wohltäter sein
16.Jun.2006 Atomstreit: Ahmadinedschad begrüßt internationale Vorschläge
16.Jun.2006 Kernenergie: Betreiber wollen Atomausstieg aushebeln
Microsoft: Bill Gates zieht sich zurück

16.Jun.2006 Konjunkturbremse: US- Notenbank kritisiert Energiepreise
16.Jun.2006 Militäreinsätze in Afghanistan und Irak: US- Kongress genehmigt 66 Milliarden Dollar
16.Jun.2006 Sarkawis Strategiepapier: Al- Qaida wollte Krieg zwischen USA und Iran entfachen
16.Jun.2006 Aids: Unfall der Evolution machte HIV zum Killer
16.Jun.2006 Missverständlicher Text: US- Marine entschuldigt sich für zynischen Irak- Song
US- Regierung: Bushs Wortveredler verlässt das Weiße Haus
Bioethik: Proteste gegen EU- Beschluss zu Stammzellforschung
16.Jun.2006 Netzwelt- Ticker: Netscape attackiert Slashdot und Digg
Nordsee: Klimawandel wirbelt Jahreszeiten im Meer durcheinander
16.Jun.2006 Faszinierende Farben: Schmetterlinge benutzen Licht- Trick
16.Jun.2006 Schmetterlinge: Talfahrt der Tagfalter
16.Jun.2006 Pressestimmen: "Deutschland im Delirium"
16.Jun.2006 A380: EADS- Großaktionär beklagt schwere Krise
16.Jun.2006 Republikaner- Ikone Coulter: Blondes Gift
16.Jun.2006 Uralt- Technik: Hangar wird zu weltgrößter Kamera
16.Jun.2006 Report fuels spy plane theories : The UK knows more than it is saying about top secret American aircraft projects, recently declassified documents reveal. The release of the MoD documents have once again fuelled debate about spy planes. Liz MacKean reports for the BBC.

16.Jun.2006 Standing Down on the Rove Matter: Truthout - published an article on May 13 which reported that Karl Rove had in fact already been indicted. Obviously there is a major contradiction between our version of the story and what was reported yesterday.

16.Jun.2006 Why a Global Economic Deluge Looms: People who know the most about the world financial system are increasingly worried + for very good reasons. Dire warnings are coming from the most "respectable" sources. Reality has gotten out of hand. The demons of greed are loose.

16.Jun.2006 High court gives police more power: Police who burst into a private building without first knocking and announcing their presence can use evidence they discover in a criminal case.

16.Jun.2006 Judge Rules That U.S. Has Broad Powers to Detain Noncitizens Indefinitely : A federal judge in Brooklyn ruled yesterday that the government has wide latitude under immigration law to detain noncitizens on the basis of religion, race or national origin + to hold them indefinitely without explanation.

16.Jun.2006 Judge rules in favor of racial profiling and prolonged detention of non-citizens : Yasser Ebrahim, a plaintiff in the case, described his reaction today: "I am very disappointed and shocked. I can't believe the court would allow this to happen. I am frightened for other Muslims in the United States, who could face the same discrimination and abuse that I suffered."

16.Jun.2006 Officials sued over phone records acces: The federal government sued the New Jersey attorney general and other state officials Wednesday to stop them from seeking information about telephone companies' cooperation with the National Security Agency.

16.Jun.2006 Government Increasingly Turning to Data Mining: The Pentagon pays a private company to compile data on teenagers it can recruit to the military.

16.Jun.2006 Documents suggest Pentagon lied about Cheney's role in awarding no-bid contract to Halliburton: Newly-released government documents indicate the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) may have publicly lied about Vice President Dick Cheney's role in awarding a $7 billion no-bid Iraqi oil reconstruction contract to Halliburton in the weeks preceding the March 2003 invasion, the conservative activist group Judicial Watch disclosed today.

16.Jun.2006 House Panel to Examine $1.4 Billion in Improper Payouts by FEMA : The improper payments, which the Governmental Accountability Office report estimated ranged from $600 million to $1.4 billion, included funds sent to people who used United Parcel Service stores, post-office boxes and cemeteries as their addresses.
16.Jun.2006 US opens new war front in North Africa: Despite a setback in Somalia, where anti-Islamist warlords recently lost control of the capital, Mogadishu, to a jihadist militia, the United States is plunging into a far vaster set of commitments, stretching across the "Wild West" of Saharan Africa.

16.Jun.2006 CIA 'held rendition prisoners in Europe' : European countries colluded with the CIA, to stage secret flights for terror suspects, according to a human rights watchdog. The report also says evidence suggests prisoners were held in Poland or Romania - claims both countries deny. Stephen Grey reports for the BBC.

16.Jun.2006 US denies Britain consular access to Hicks: The United States has denied the British Government consular access to David Hicks at Guantanamo Bay.

16.Jun.2006 US military suspends Guantanamo visits by lawyers, journalists

16.Jun.2006 Family wants autopsy of Gitmo detainee : Family members of a Saudi inmate found dead at Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba said Thursday they want his body back for an autopsy because they do not believe U.S. claims that he committed suicide.

16.Jun.2006 Chavez to visit Iran, Syria, Russia, China, North Korea: The trip to Syria is key for Venezuela's ambition to become a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, a plan supported by Damascus.

16.Jun.2006 Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: How the U.S. Uses Globalization to
16.Jun.2006 Time is Running Out: Palestine on the Brink: The political and ideological division separating Palestinian society in the Occupied Territories has metamorphosed into a formidable chasm, despite the urgent need to consolidate Palestinian national unity in this current crisis.

16.Jun.2006 The Continuing Tragedy of Israel's Occupation of Palestine : After the killing of a Palestinian family on a Gaza beach, a variety of reactions and how they shape the next stages of an ongoing tragic saga between Israel and Palestine.

16.Jun.2006 Zbigniew Brzezinski: A Dangerous Exemption : Given that the Middle East is currently the central challenge facing America, Professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt have rendered a public service by initiating a much needed public debate on the role of the “Israel lobby” in the shaping of U.S. foreign policy.

16.Jun.2006 Non-aligned states to back Iran : Non-aligned states will back Iran's right to nuclear fuel production at a UN meeting this week, unmoved by US calls to join efforts to get Tehran to stop enriching uranium, diplomats said.
16.Jun.2006 War pimp alert: Senate Backs President's Iran Policies : The Senate on Thursday endorsed President Bush's "diplomatic" approach to the problem of Iran's 'nuclear" program

16.Jun.2006 Condi Rice tells Southern Baptist Convention America's job to spread freedom: In an address that was received like a campaign stump speech, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke to the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting, exhorting her listeners to support the United States in spreading freedom around the globe.

16.Jun.2006 Iran would 'use nuclear defense' if threatened : Iran's defense minister on Thursday vowed that his country would "use nuclear defense as a potential" if "threatened by any power."

16.Jun.2006 Iran, Syria sign defense agreement: Defense deal is aimed at consolidating support for one another against common threats presented by Israel, US.

16.Jun.2006 Iran's place at summit raises fears of anti-West alliance: Iran's hard-line president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, arrived in China last night for a summit of Asian states and Russia that Washington fears is forming a new anti-western alliance.

16.Jun.2006 Resurgent Russia aims for the summit: Two telephone calls from President George W Bush to President Vladimir Putin within the five days from May 30 to June 5 + a visit by Henry Kissinger, the ace US statesman of realpolitik, to the Russian leader's residence at Novo Ogaryovo in the Moscow suburbs last Wednesday
16.Jun.2006 Security firm cleared by US army : The US military launched an inquiry after a video showing an Aegis Defence Services contractor firing at civilian cars in Iraq was shown on the internet.

16.Jun.2006 In case you missed it: Under the Aegis: Channel 4 Video Report: "We don't know whether it was an innocent civilian or whether that was an insurgent - we don't know, because we never stop".

16.Jun.2006 House members draw party lines in debate on Iraq: Nearly four years after it authorized the use of force in Iraq, the House on today will embark on its first extended debate on the war, with Republican leaders daring Democrats to vote against a nonbinding resolution to hold firm on Iraq and the war on terrorism.

16.Jun.2006 A fresh blow for Lieberman: After years of undermining Democratic unity and voting with the GOP on everything from the Iraq War to right wing judges to Alberto "torture memo" Gonzales (to the infamous kiss pictured here), the blogs took it upon themselves to show Lieberman that there's more to being a Democrat than the "D."

16.Jun.2006 Webb vs. Allen: Anti-war Democrat Jim Webb just won the Virgina primary against political hack Harris Miller, despite being outspent 2 to 1.

16.Jun.2006 John Pilger: 'War by Media': What should journalists do? I mean, journalists who give a damn? They need to act now. Governments fear good journalists. The reason the Pentagon spends millions of dollars on PR, or “perception management” companies that try to bend the news is because it fears truth tellers, just as Stalinist governments feared them.
16.Jun.2006 Pentagon says U.S. military deaths in Iraq hit 2,500 : In addition, the Pentagon said 18,490 U.S. troops have been wounded in the war, which began in March 2003 with a U.S.-led invasion to topple President Saddam Hussein. Tens of thousands of Iraqis have been killed.

16.Jun.2006 Father's Day: The Dangerous Notions of Michael Berg By Chris Floyd
Pentagon documents unearthed by the Washington Post this April revealed that the elevation of Zarqawi's profile was a deliberate, multimillion-dollar propaganda campaign aimed at the American people to foment the lie that the insurgency was largely an al Qaeda terrorist operation, not a native rebellion against the occupation.

16.Jun.2006 omarsch-przyr Keine Militärverfassung und keine Militärpläne ! ... wie im Ersten Weltkrieg an Weihnachten 1914 – zu Beginn hatte es ja geheißen: an ...

Skrupellos, Roewer , Helmut- versandkostenfrei bei Die Machenschaften der Geheimdienste in Rußland und Deutschland 1914 -1941 ... Er durchleuchtet Kriege und Revolutionen , Aufstände und Militärpläne ...

Herder-Institut - Inhalt Neben den Artikeln des polnischen Historikers Pawe³ Piotrowskis über die Militärpläne der 1960 er ... http ://www .lib .byu .edu /~rdh /wwi / 1914 /austdocs / ...

BOL | Bücher: Skrupellos von Helmut Roewer ... der Geheimdienste in Rußland und Deutschland 1914 - 1941 von Helmut Roewer ... Er durchleuchtet Kriege und Revolutionen , Aufstände und Militärpläne ...;jsessionid=fdc-ck2p2virhv3.fdc31

Alles um und über die deutsche Wehrmacht Truppenbewegungen und die gemeinsamen Militärpläne der Briten und ... Wie 1914 sind wir für den nicht weniger edlen Grund in den Krieg eingetreten ...

-Suchergebnisse@dataspace Das ewige Enfant terrible – Türkei blockiert EU- Militärpläne jungle World: 25/2001 (Zeitschrift, Seiten: 13) Schmid, Bernhard ... wert1=*Milit%E4r*&PHPSESSID=8911f487fe15f8392a90b2f4356...

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Carl Einstein Biographie 1936-1939 1885-1906 | 1907- 1914 | 1914 -1920 | 1920-1928 | 1928-1936 | 1936-1939 ... in Russland" und "Struktur der faschistischen Militärpläne " in Spanien. ...

Erster Weltkrieg: Europas erstes Inferno - Panorama - SPIEGEL ... ... sich eigene Militärpläne zurechtgelegt. Und so war Europa zum Pulverfass geworden, das nur auf den fliegenden Funken wartete - bis zum