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12.Oct.2006 Dark Side - Ali Agca's Secret Services - sfux David Dastych -

The best Polish weekly "Wprost" (vprost) reported about new evidence, leading to an investigation by Polish authorities into the 25-year-old assassination attempt against John Paul II on St Peter?s Square in Rome.
In a four-page article, written by Leszek Szymowski...

Open Letter to the Rulers in Germany
Karl Weiss -

In fact you almost persuaded us. We were nearly convinced of the stories of the alleged welfare state making all of us into a great family, of the constitutional state that enjoins justice for everyone, of the democracy where3 we supposedly join in the conversation and of constitutionality allegedly protecting everyone.
We were almost convinced we really had the same interests as your corporations, banks and politicians.
We almost believed that all our desires could become reality in capitalism: enough money to live, suitable housing, education for the childre4n, child care so women could cooperate, sufficient jobs for everyone who wants to work, a complete and progressive health care, training and places at a unive4rsity, a future worth living for our children, a decent pension after a full working life and perhaps a little extra every now and then.
It would be beautiful if a just state could be created here in capitalism.
But now we must admit shocked that all this was only a sleeping pill with a limited effect for us. You in no way provided all this for us. Tat we wanted this seems bluntly absurd.

650 000 Iraker durch Kriegsfolgen gestorben - sfux SDA -

Durch die Folgen des Irak-Kriegs sind laut einer Untersuchung fast 655 000 Menschen ums Leben gekommen.

Die Studie amerikanischer + irakischer Ärzte wurde vom britischen Medizin-Journal "The Lancet" online veröffentlicht.
Damit sind seit Beginn der US-Invasion 2003 und der folgenden Gewalteskalation zweieinhalb % der irakischen Bevölkerung ausgelöscht worden.

Der US-Forscher Gilbert Burnham sprach vom bislang "tödlichsten internationalen...
The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good. - Amanda 

“At least 135 federal employees, including a White House staff member and National Security Agency employees, bought bogus online college degrees from a diploma mill.”
12.Oct.2006 BOOK EXCERPT: Rove Demands ‘Just Get Me A F—ing Faith-Based Thing. Got it?’ - Think Progress 

David Kuo, the former second-in-command of President Bush’s Office on Faith-Based Initiatives, has a new book detailing how the office was “used almost exclusively to win political points with both evangelical Christians + traditionally Democratic minorities.”

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann had an exclusive report on the book last night (watch the video) + part two of his report airs tonight at 8 PM ET.

ThinkProgress has obtained an excerpt from the book, set shortly after Bush’s 2001 inauguration:

Every other White House office was up and running. The faith-based initiative still operated out of the nearly vacant transition offices.

Three days later, a Tuesday, Karl Rove summoned [Don] Willett [a former Bush aide from Texas who initially shepharded the program] to his office to announce that the entire faith-based initiative would be rolled out the following Monday. Willett asked just how — without a director, staff, office, or plan — the president could do that. Rove looked at him, took a deep breath + said, “I don’t know. Just get me a f—ing faith-based thing.

Got it?” Willett was shown the door.

Kuo also writes that Rove referred to evangelical leaders as “the nuts,” and claims Rove deputy Ken Mehlman “knowingly participated in a scheme to use the office + taxpayer funds, to mount ostensibly ‘nonpartisan’ events that were, in reality, designed with the intent of mobilizing religious voters in 20 targeted races.”
12.Oct.2006 Unwilling To Investigate Bush Administration, Congress Returns To Clinton - Faiz 

A group of conservative lawmakers, led by Armed Services Committee Chairman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), called on House Government Reform Committee Chairman Tom Davis (R-VA) to once again investigate former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger’s handling of classified documents.

For a Congress that has conducted “only minimal oversight” of the Bush administration, the move to investigate a former Clinton administration official long out of office is both misplaced and a waste of time. In a letter objecting to the investigation, Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) wrote:

The Berger incident is not new + there is no conceivable standard under which it would be considered a vitally important national security matter.

As you know, the Justice Department thoroughly investigated the incident in 2004 + Mr. Berger pled guilty in April 2005 to a misdemeanor charge of taking classified documents without authorization.

At the time of Mr. Berger’s please, Noel Hillman, the chief of the Justice Department’s public integrity section, said Berger “did not have an intent to hide any of the content of the documents.”

Instead of pursuing a politically-motivated, dead-end investigation, here are some legitimate national security issues over which Congress should be exercising its oversight:

– The release of an intelligence estimate that paints a “grim” picture of the situation in Iraq which is being suppressed by the Bush administration

– The White House’s role in manipulating intelligence about Iraq through their pre-war public statements

– The National Security Agency’s warrantless wiretapping program

– The complicity of senior administration officials in the torture and mistreatment of detainees

Mother Jones has some ideas for other investigations Congress should pursue. Also see the Carpetbagger Report.
12.Oct.2006 Evangelist: Hastert Promised Me ‘In One Week, He Will Be Stepping Down’ - Think Progress 

This afternoon on MSNBC, controversial evangelist K.A. Paul announced that Speaker Dennis Hastert promised him on Tuesday that “he would resign with one week.”

Paul met with Hastert on Tuesday for more than thirty minutes, during which time Paul says he asked Hastert to resign. Hastert’s spokesman described it as a “cordial discussion,” but claimed that Hastert had been “duped” into the meeting.

Also on MSNBC, Paul said: “I know almost all the major Republican political leaders in this country, spent hundreds of hours talking to them, counseling them, in the past 10 years.

They have travelled with me extensively — Bob Dole, Jack Kemp, Tom DeLay, Dick Armey.” He added, “I have been a big supporter of President Bush. I have prayed with him before. He got on his knees.”

Watch it: More on Paul at TPM Muckraker.

UPDATE: Read more about Paul’s shady dealings on Mother Jones.


Q: What can you tell us about the conversation you had with Speaker Hastert?

PAUL: It’s a privileged conversation, as I said to the Associated Press reporter, but we had a very clear, detailed discussion for about 30-some minutes + then five, six minutes we prayed together.

He was very humble, very honest, very very sincere man. And he did clearly commit to me after the prayer, five, six minutes, that he going to announce that in one week, he will be stepping down for the good of the people, for his own future and his image.

Q: Speaker Hastert told you he was going to resign? Because that contradicts everything we have heard from him, from his office + from other Republican leaders.

PAUL: You know, they even contradicted — look at Chicago Sun-Times says, “Hastert Security Breach.”

That is ridiculous. If Hastert and President Bush cannot protect their own homes, how can they protect American people. You know, a lot of lies are going on. And Dennis Hastert never said — all he said is, it’s a privileged discussion.

Q: As long as you bring up the Sun-Times and lies, the Chicago Sun-Times is also reporting that Hastert was “duped” into a meeting with you. He thought he was meeting with a political supporter.

Is that true?

Was he misled?

PAUL: Ma’am, I am so sorry to say — I know almost all the major Republican political leaders in this country, spent hundreds of hours talking to them, counseling them, in the past 10 years.

They have travelled with me extensively — Bob Dole, Jack Kemp, Tom DeLay, Dick Armey. My board members are Nelson Banker Hampton and other wonderful Republican leaders.

I have been a big supporter of President Bush.

I have prayed with him before. He got on his knees. I have seen so many Republicans. All are wonderful people.
As Iraqis stand up, we will close their training schools. - Nico 

“The Bush administration plans to shut down a highly successful Iraqi police academy in Jordan even as security in Iraq worsens,” the New York Daily News reports.

At orders of the State Department, who wants to move all training centers to Iraq, the Jordan-based training center “will stop training Iraqi police recruits this year.”

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) called the closure “mystifying and maddening.”
Arnold Flashback: ‘Four More Years! Four More Years!’ - Judd 

Last night on Jay Leno, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed, “To link me to George Bush is like linking me to an Oscar. It’s ridiculous.”

But on August 31, 2004, in a prime-time speech, Arnold said, “Our president, George W. Bush, has worked hard to protect and preserve the American dream for all of us.

And that’s why I say, send him back to Washington for four more years.” As Vice President Cheney stood and applauded, he led the crowd in a raucous cheer. Watch it: Digg It! Transcript:

Clip 1:

To link me to George Bush is like linking me to an Oscar. It’s ridiculous.

Clip 2:

Well, ladies and gentlemen, America is back — back from the attack on our homeland, back from the attack on our economy + back from the attack on our way of life.

We’re back because of the perseverance, character and leadership of the 43rd president of the United States, George W. Bush.


My fellow Americans, I want you to know that I believe with all my heart that America remains the great idea that inspires the world. It’s a privilege to be born here. It’s an honor to become a citizen here.

It’s a gift to raise your family here, to vote here + to live here.

SCHWARZENEGGER: Our president, George W. Bush, has worked hard to protect and preserve the American dream for all of us. And that’s why I say, send him back to Washington for four more years.

SCHWARZENEGGER WITH AUDIENCE: Four more years. Four more years. Four more years. Four more years. Four more years. Four more years.

SCHWARZENEGGER: Thank you, America. Thank you + God bless you all. Thank you.
Abramoff’s Billing Records Detail Repeated Contacts With Pombo - Amanda 

Rep. Richard Pombo (R-CA) has repeatedly insisted that he never worked with fallen lobbyist Jack Abramoff:

I met the guy two or three times in my whole life — he never once lobbied me on anything.

ThinkProgress has obtained Abramoff’s billing records (HERE), which show that the lobbyist personally spoke with Pombo on Sept. 10, 1996 and Nov. 21, 1996. On 11 other occasions in 1996 + 1997, Abramoff’s staff met with either Pombo or his staff.

Two days after the first meeting on Sept. 10, Abramoff gave Pombo $500. The congressman eventually received a total of more than $35,000 from Abramoff and his Native American tribal clients. $27,000 of that money came from Abramoff’s client the Mashpee Wampanoag of Massachusetts, “which received federal recognition from a bill Pombo passed through the [House Resources] committee in 2004.”

Pombo’s spokesman is insisting that these billing records are “greatly inflated,” but they nevertheless indicate that Pombo’s office was contacted — and perhaps influenced — by Abramoff. Pombo’s committee, the House Resources Committee, had sole jurisidiction over the Mariana Islands, one of Abramoff’s client that he overcharged. Despite repeated requests from Rep. George Miller (D-CA) to investigate Abramoff’s dealings, Pombo has refused to do anything. (Say No To Pombo has more.)
12.Oct.2006 October 12, 2006 - Think Progress 

Former special assistant to President Bush on faith-based issues, David Kuo, writes in a new book that Karl Rove’s office referred to evangelical leaders as “the nuts.” Kuo said, “National Christian leaders received hugs and smiles in person and then were dismissed behind their backs and described as ‘ridiculous,’ ‘out of control,’ and just plain ‘goofy.’”

On the Tonight Show, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) said, “To link me to George Bush is like linking me to an Oscar.”

“The U.S. trade deficit unexpectedly widened to a record $69.9 billion in August as energy prices rose and the shortfall with China reached an all-time high,” the Commerce Department said yesterday.

“The levels of violence over the last few weeks are as high as they have been,” according to Gen. George Casey, the senior American commander in Iraq. While he anticipates the violence will eventually go down, “it’s not going to be something that we’re going to get done quickly.”

“The Shiite-dominated parliament Wednesday passed a law allowing the formation of federal regions in Iraq , despite opposition from Sunni lawmakers and some Shiites who say it will dismember the country and fuel sectarian violence.”

The Bush administration is blaming the intelligence agency for its North Korea policy failures . Officials tell the Washington Times that classified assessments stated that “Pyongyang did not have nuclear arms and until recently was bluffing about plans for a test.” The analyses in question were produced by senior officials within the office of the Director of National Intelligence John D. Negroponte.

Few major cities are prepared for evacuations. Cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, Miami, Philadelphia, Denver, Atlanta and Boston received failing grades in the report by the American Highway Users Alliance. The report measured “how well each city can evacuate its population before or after a major disaster.” Only Kansas City received an “A.”

A Washington Post photographer “who shot photos during a cross-country trip for a pro-Wal-Mart web site, broke the paper’s policy about freelancing and has been ordered to remove the photos .”
12.Oct.2006 Fox News Spins Plane Accident; Says It Could Affect Election - Paul Joseph Watson -Hysterical reactions invoke 9/11 as baseball star confirmed as pilot, passport found on street
12.Oct.2006 Turkey condemns 'genocide' vote Turkey criticises a French bill to make it a crime to deny Turks committed genocide against Armenians in 1915.
12.Oct.2006 Man admits UK-US bomb plot A man pleads guilty to conspiring to murder people in a series of bombings in Britain and the US.
12.Oct.2006 Divisions over N Korea sanctions UN Security Council members remain divided on a new US resolution on sanctions against North Korea.
12.Oct.2006 Pamuk wins Nobel Literature prize Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk, who has faced charges of insulting his homeland, is awarded the 2006 Nobel Prize.
12.Oct.2006 Chavez 'ready to defend Bolivia' Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez vows to defend Bolivia if there is an attempt to topple President Evo Morales.
12.Oct.2006 EU warns nations over CO2 The European Commission issues written warnings to nations that have failed to deliver plans on carbon cuts.
12.Oct.2006 Afghan ultimatum over corruption The Speaker of the Afghan upper house of parliament says he will resign if corrupt officials are not sacked.
12.Oct.2006 Panel questions the king of Nepal King Gyanendra is asked to explain his role in this year's crackdown against pro-democracy demonstrators.
12.Oct.2006 UK planning law on climate change A bill covering climate change and cuts in carbon dioxide emissions is being considered by the government.
12.Oct.2006 US trade deficit surges in August The US trade deficit widens by more than expected in August, raising concerns about the economy.
12.Oct.2006 Air passengers 'could be tagged' Electronically tagging passengers at airports could help the fight against terrorism, scientists say.
12.Oct.2006 US man charged with treason A California man who appeared in al-Qaeda propaganda videos is charged with treason by a US court.
12.Oct.2006 Probe peers into Venusian secrets Europe's Venus Express spacecraft is sending back a treasure trove of data on Earth's sister planet.
12.Oct.2006 Pumpkins May Power Phone Networks Biofuels derived from palm and pumpkin seed oil could soon replace the diesel that keeps cell phone service humming in rural Africa.
12.Oct.2006 Transmeta sues Intel for patent infringement Suit claims that Transmeta's intellectual property is embodied in $100 billion of chips sold by Intel--including Pentiums.
12.Oct.2006 Jupiter's Little White Spot Turns Red - timothy 48 Feelyat writes

"NASA is reporting that a small storm that formed on Jupiter last year has changed color from white to red. According to an article in Yahoo News, scientist Amy Simon-Miller speculates that the storm might have gained strength as it decreased in size, similar to how 'spinning ice skaters go faster when they move their arms closer.' She says that the storm has probably 'picked up red material from lower in the Jupiter atmosphere, most likely some form of sulfur which turns red as part of a chemical reaction ...' Well, we might be one planet down, but our Solar System can still surprise."
The Parallel Politics of Copyright and Environment - timothy 61 zumaya100k writes

"In recent months, Slashdot has covered the rise of the Pirate Party and the battles in Europe over iPod interoperability.

Canada's Hill Times has an insightful column from Michael Geist that links these developments as the growing importance of copyright as a political issue.

He argues that copyright is now tracking the environment as a mainstream political issue." (Geist is talking about Canada here, but much the same can be said about the U.S. and other places.)
Hubble Reinforces Planet Formation Theory - timothy 59 eldavojohn writes

"Physorg is running an interesting article on the most recent of Hubble's accomplishments. It has provided us evidence supporting that which Emmanuel Kant proposed over 200 years ago — that planets do indeed form from disks of gas and dust that surround stars. The trick, apparently, was observing many cases where a star's planet forms on the exact same circumstellar disk as the dust and gas. Hubble also aided the researchers in determining the weight of many extrasolar planets. Some had contended that these were not planets but rather brown dwarf stars — which is determined by measuring their weight."
Changes in Earth's Orbit Linked to Extinctions - timothy 215 Josh Fink writes

"A group of Dutch Scientists have recently released a study stating that they have found that changes in Earth's orbit around the sun are linked to mammal extinctions.

From the article: '"Extinctions in rodent species occur in pulses which are spaced by intervals controlled by astronomical variations and their effects on climate change..."

The cycles are associated with lower temperatures, changes in precipitation, habitats, vegetation and food availability which are the main factors influencing the extinction peaks, the study published in the journal Nature said.' So on top of worrying about global warming, it seems we should also worry about the physics that govern the orbit of Earth around the sun.

Too bad we don't have a way of keeping the Earth in the same orbit/on the same axis of rotation."
Libya Purchases 1.2 mil Wind-up Laptops - samzenpus 205 "The government of Libya is reported to have agreed to provide its 1.2m school children with a cheap, durable laptop computer by June 2008.

The laptops offer internet access and are powered by a wind-up crank. They cost $100 and manufacturing begins next year, says One Laptop per Child.

The non-profit association's chairman, Nicholas Negroponte, said the deal was reached on Tuesday in Libya.

Professor Negroponte told the New York Times in an email that the project mirrored Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's political agenda of creating a more open Libya and he also expressed interest in purchasing the computers for poorer African neighbors."
Radioactive Snails Crawl Up From Beneath - samzenpus 324 slidersv writes

"Reuters is reporting discovery of radioactive snails in the area where three hydrogen bombs were lost by US in the 1966. The radioactive creatures crawl up from underground, where authorities suspect deposits of uranium and plutonium may be located."
FDA Gets Mixed Advice on Nanotechnology - samzenpus 52 mikesd81 writes,

"There's an article at the Associated Press about how the government must balance close oversight of the fast-growing field of nanotechnology against the risk of stifling new development. Contrasting view came from a panel of experts brought together to discuss how nanotechnology should be regulated. The article states that submicroscopic particles are being incorporated in the thousands of products overseen by the FDA, including drugs, foods, cosmetics and medical devices and the products consist of roughly 20% of each dollar spent by U.S. consumers. Matthew Jaffe of the U.S. Council of International Business says, "The key is to use science to weigh both the benefits and the risks of nanotechnology. That's a balance the FDA already seeks to strike in assessing other products." From the article: "'The success of nanotechnology will rely in large part on how FDA plays its regulatory role,' said Michael Taylor of the University of Maryland's School of Public Health. The FDA doesn't believe nanotechnology is inherently unsafe, but does acknowledge that materials at the nano scale can pose different safety issues than do things that are far larger. 'The FDA wants to learn of new and emerging science issues related to nanotechnology, especially in regard to safety,' said Randall Lutter, the agency's associate commissioner."
12.Oct.2006 Rocket Men 
The men who really, really want to fly More on the world's first rocketbelt convention. Via Boing Boing. posted by Prof. Hex

Baker's Panel Rules Out Iraq Victory 

A commission formed to assess the Iraq war and recommend a new course has ruled out the prospect of victory for America, according to draft policy options shared with The New York Sun by commission officials.
posted by
Prof. Hex


According to the source, Foley said he was being pressured by "the White House and Rove gang," who insisted that Foley run. If he didn't, Foley was told, it might impact his lobbying career. posted by Prof. Hex
12.Oct.2006 Diddlergate  Fordham to testify he warned about Foley
A balanced editorial from the Pasadena Weekly
Bush, Hastert to Appear at Fundraiser
Ethics panel questions page supervisors posted by Prof. Hex

12.Oct.2006 Fight the Real Enemy  New Rigorous Intuition. posted by Prof. Hex
12.Oct.2006 The House ethics committee Thursday questioned a Republican member of the House page board who said afterward that GOP leaders hid from her Rep. Mark Foley's inappropriate approaches to teenage male pages. Remember, the ethics committee is owned by Hastert. It is designed to reach a conclusion before the election that Hastert wasn't informed until two weeks ago of Foley's sexual predator behavior. Just remember, the fix is in.

12.Oct.2006 Brent Budowsky: Election: If GOP Wins, Bush Requests More Troops to Iraq, If Dems Win, Baker Moves Major Policy Change - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Why Can't the Democrats Invoke the Energizing Working Class Passions of Springsteen, Mellencamp and Seger? Get Bob Seger's First CD in Ten Years, "Face the Promise," on
George Lakoff: A Call for Progressive Unity - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution

12.Oct.2006 The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
Dave Lindorff: U.S. Military Has Killed 127-238,000 Iraqi Civilians -- as many as half of them Kids - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Who Killed the Electric Car? (DVD) Pre-order Now for Release Date of November 14. A Coroporate Murder Mystery.

12.Oct.2006 China says no to sanctions on N. Korea, wants talks. Bush fails at foreign policy and further isolates the U.S. with his incompetent "tough talk." And "talk" is all it is. 10/12
An Intriguing BuzzFlash Interview with Richard Viguerie, Founder of the Right Wing Direct Mail Fundraising and Alternative Media Strategy, Who Now Thinks Bush Has Betrayed the Conservatives -- A BuzzFlash Interview
Just When You Think Bush Can't Fail Any Worse Than He Has, He Surprises You: "Iraqi cop academy to shut despite surge in violence." 10/12

12.Oct.2006 Most Christians have long been deceived and deluded into failing to understand that the great deceivers, which ancient prophecies predict the fall of, are the rich and powerful nations, the three faiths of Abraham + the "three foul spirits" of money, religion and politics.
Now consider how money, religion + politics are inseparable because of the inescapable trap (bottomless pit) they form.

The symbolism of the bottomless pit refers both to an ancient trap (pit) and to its associated deceptions, hence the inability to "get to the bottom of it."

We are all trapped in a web of deception woven with money, religion + politics.

The great evils that bedevil us all will never cease until humanity finally awakens, shakes off these strong delusions + forges a new path to the future.
It's no wonder the Vatican and its many cohorts fear the truth more than anything else. Jews, Christians + Muslims have long been duped by the great deceivers I warned humanity about over the millennia.

What then is the purpose of "faith" but to keep good people from seeking to understand truth and wisdom?
Here is Wisdom !! Peace... # posted by Seven Star Hand :

12.Oct.2006 Howard Dean described an incident that occurred during a meeting with Bush, when both men were governors.

When forced to take a call from a Christian Coalition representative, W stomped off muttering "I hate these people."
Alas, most evangelicals still cling to their hallucinations of Republican piety. Maybe
this revelation by Tucker Carlson -- no liberal, he -- will finally awaken the entranced: CARLSON: It goes deeper than that though.

The deep truth is that the elites in the Republican Party have pure contempt for the evangelicals who put their party in power. Everybody in...
MATTHEWS: How do you know that? How do you know that?
CARLSON: Because I know them. Because I grew up with them. Because I live with them. They live on my street. Because I live in Washington + I know that everybody in our world has contempt for the evangelicals.

And the evangelicals know that + they're beginning to learn that their own leaders sort of look askance at them and don't share their values.
MATTHEWS: So this gay marriage issue and other issues related to the gay lifestyle are simply tools to get elected?
CARLSON: That's exactly right. It's pandering to the base in the most cynical way + the base is beginning to figure it out.

12.Oct.2006 Now that Kuo has exposed the charade, how should Democrats respond? Perhaps Dems should pledge to make the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives work as promised . Permalink
12.Oct.2006 Kuo served in the White House Faith-Based Initiative program, first as Special Assistant, next as Deputy Director.

A year ago, after leaving the program, Kuo denounced "Republican indifference and knee-jerk Democratic opposition."

He told the Washington Post: "From tax cuts to Medicare, the White House gets what the White House really wants. It never really wanted the 'poor people stuff.'"
Damning words -- unheard by the saved. Perhaps they'll listen to
what Kuo has to say now, in his new book Tempting Faith . His argument: The Bush White House conosiders evangelical Christians to be useful idiots.
He says some of the nation’s most prominent evangelical leaders were known in the office of presidential political strategist Karl Rove as “the nuts.”
“National Christian leaders received hugs and smiles in person and then were dismissed behind their backs and described as ‘ridiculous,’ ‘out of control,’ and just plain ‘goofy,’” Kuo writes.
More seriously, Kuo alleges that then-White House political affairs director Ken Mehlman knowingly participated in a scheme to use the office + taxpayer funds, to mount ostensibly “nonpartisan” events that were, in reality, designed with the intent of mobilizing religious voters in 20 targeted races.
According to Kuo, “Ken loved the idea and gave us our marching orders.”
Among those marching orders, Kuo says, was Mehlman’s mandate to conceal the true nature of the events. Keith Olbermann did a
fine piece on Kuo today and has promised more tomorrow.
Odd, isn't it, how all this is coming out at once? It's as though an unseen hand switched off the "Mighty Wurlitzer" of G.O.P. propaganda.

12.Oct.2006 Nothing is beyond our Ken Ken Blackwell, the man who fixed the Ohio vote in 2004, is no mere opportunist. The guy has a screw loose. Maybe two. Maybe all his screws fell down the drain and he now spends much of his time laughing maniacally about his disdain for screws.
Blackwell toured the state with Larry Pratt, author of ARMED PEOPLE VICTORIOUS, which advocates the creation of militant right-wing militias. Pratt has spoken and shared platforms in the past with Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi Aryan Nation members. I'm reminded of the little-known alliance between Elijah Muhammed and George Lincoln Rockwell -- an alliance that played an under-recognised role in the rift between Malcom X and the Nation of Islam.
Permalink # posted by Joseph : 10:57 PM 1 comments -: Larry Pratt is not merely a right-wing militia type. For example, he is or was associated for many years with Pat Buchanan, going back at least to when they were both in the Moon-linked Council for Inter-American Security in the 80's.
There's a good piece on this from 1996
here and more on Pratt and CIS here.
Blackwell in turn was involved in the 2000 Steve Forbes campaign -- as were a bunch of people who'd previously worked on the 1996 Pat Buchanan campaign. Notable among them was long-time GOP propagandist Greg Mueller, who in the 80's had more than his share of connections with Moon-linked organizations (like Christian Voice and the World Freedom Foundation) and then became Buchanan's communications director in 1992.
I don't know by what route Blackwell came to hook up with Pratt, but that old Buchanan/Mueller nexus looks like the likeliest point of contact.
# posted by starroute

12.Oct.2006 Bad trip TPM Muckraker draws our attention to the report that Joe Padilla's lawyer claims that his client received surreptitious dosings of LSD or some other hallucinogen. But through experiences like this, the government concluded the drug was worthless as an interrogation tool, a means to "flip" Communist agents, or anything else their Cold War minds had feverishly dreamed possible. Is it possible that they're experimenting with mind drugs again? That sounds completely outlandish.
1919 Adolph Hitler joins the Thule Society in Germany. ... government issued orders seizing two Nazi front organizations run by the Bush-Harriman bank: the "Holland-American ...

00.000.1940 The Buck Act is passed in the USA, allows any ... 28th, the government seizes two Nazi front organizations run by the Bush-Harriman bank: the Holland-American ...

00.000.1919 Adolph Hitler joins the Thule Society in Germany ... government issued orders seizing two Nazi front organizations run by the Bush-Harriman bank: the "Holland-American ...
Motassadeq: Opfer lehnen Prozessverkürzung ab
Umfrage: Jeder Zweite glaubt an das Scheitern der Großen Koalition
Ölpreis auf neuem Tiefststand
12.Oct.2006 Handelsbilanz: USA stellen Minusrekord auf
12.Oct.2006 Schlammvulkan auf Java: Sintflut aus Matsch
12.Oct.2006 Atomwaffen- Streit: USA wollen schon morgen Sanktionen gegen Nordkorea durchsetzen
12.Oct.2006 Armenier- Gesetz: Türken über Frankreich erbost
12.Oct.2006 Europäischer Wettbewerb: EU geht gegen Notar- Standesregeln vor
Fall el- Masri: Staatsanwaltschaft meldet BKA Namen der Kidnapper
Terror- PR im Internet: Osamas deutscher Bote muss offline bleiben
12.Oct.2006 Übersicht: Alle Literaturnobelpreisträger seit 1901
"Maulwurfmann": Forscher will drei Jahre in Höhle leben
12.Oct.2006 Aktienoptionen: Auch McAfee und CNET von Manipulationen betroffen
12.Oct.2006 Empörung in der Türkei: Frankreichs Parlament will Leugnung des Völkermordes an Armeniern bestrafen
12.Oct.2006 Designklau: Chinesen kopieren den Smart
12.Oct.2006 EU- Staaten: Verkehrsminister stimmen für Sky Marshals
Nordkorea- Konflikt: Südkorea wappnet sich gegen möglichen Atomangriff

12.Oct.2006 Folter in Tschetschenien: Politkowskajas letzte Recherchen veröffentlicht

12.Oct.2006 Vatikan und Faschismus: Päpste, die die Dämonen unterschätzten
12.Oct.2006 Nagetiere: Artensterben im Millionen- Jahre- Takt

12.Oct.2006 Netzwelt- Ticker: Lausch- Trojaner von Schweizer Behörde
12.Oct.2006 Terrorverfahren: Richter rechnen mit neuem Motassadeq- Prozess
12.Oct.2006 Schwankender Geländewagen- Markt: "Die Säufer saufen ab"
12.Oct.2006 Abessinischer Wolf: Neue Impfstrategie fürs Überleben
12.Oct.2006 Thailand: Militärregierung bestimmt neues Parlament

12.Oct.2006 Manhattan: Absturz eines Kleinflugzeugs versetzt New Yorker in Terrorangst
12.Oct.2006 US- Medienkonzern: Time Warner drängt ins europäische Internetgeschäft
12.Oct.2006 George Clooney: Zu viel Sex fürs Amt des Präsidenten
Atomkrise: USA legen neue Nordkorea- Resolution vor
11.Oct.2006 Nordkorea: Forderungen der USA ist Kriegserklärung - sfux SDA New York -

In einer Debatte der UNO-Generalversammlung über Atomwaffen hat die Schweiz den Atomtest Nordkoreas aufs Schärfste verurteilt. Die Schweiz befürchtet einen neuen Rüstungswettlauf.
Der Test bedrohe nicht nur die Sicherheit der Region, sagte UNO-Botschafter Peter Maurer in einer Rede am Nachmittag (Ortszeit) im Hauptquartier der UNO in New York. Durch Nordkoreas Handlung könnte gar eine Aufrüstung ausgelöst werden, deren Konsequenzen sich dem Einfluss der Staaten...

McCain Covers Up For Bush’s Nuclear Failures - Guest 

Senator John McCain’s claim that Bill Clinton is responsible for North Korea’s nuclear test this week is dead wrong. He should know better.

One more time, here are the facts:

North Korea’s bombs are built with plutonium. They produce their plutonium in a reactor they built during the Reagan presidency, starting around 1984.

They separated enough plutonium for perhaps two bombs during the first Bush presidency.

When they tried to make more plutonium under President Bill Clinton, he said he would go to war to stop them. He had plans prepared for the attack. The North Koreans backed down.

Bill Clinton froze the program in its tracks. North Korea did not separate a gram of plutonium while Bill Clinton was in office. He also stopped their missile tests.

George Bush walked away from the deal in his first months in office. In March 2001, Secretary of State Colin Powell said he wanted “to continue the process begun under Clinton.” Bush cut him down.

U.S. intelligence had detected signs near the end of the Clinton years that the North Koreans were trying to evade the freeze by beginning a uranium program.

When confronted with the evidence in 2002, the North Koreans admitted it and offered to put that program on the table as part of a comprehensive deal. Bush used it as an excuse to walk away from negotiations.

He thought he did not need to talk to the North Koreans. He thought he could overthrow the regime.

He failed. He issued threats and drew lines in the sand. The North Koreans walked right past them. They threw out the IAEA inspectors in December 2002, while Bush was preparing to invade Iraq.

The month after the invasion, they withdrew from the Non-Proliferation Treaty. In 2005, they reprocessed plutonium from the fuel rods Clinton had made them keep in pools under IAEA inspection.

They took another load of fuel out of the reactor and processed more plutonium. They reloaded the reactor to make even more plutonium.

They tested missiles, they made bombs, now they have tested a bomb.

Bush did nothing.

This is Bush’s Bomb. All the plutonium made for these bombs was made either during his presidency or his father’s. To blame his failure on Bill Clinton should not be allowed to stand. Senator McCain should be ashamed.

Joe Cirincione Note: Joe Cirincione held a teleconference call today with former Defense Secretary William Perry and top U.S. official on North Korea policy Wendy Sherman. Click HERE to listen.
11.Oct.2006 Over 650 of the nation’s leading economists - Amanda today called on Congress to increase the minimum wage. The group recommended a $1 to $2.50 hourly increase and argued that “future boosts should be indexed to inflation to protect workers purchasing power from rising prices.” (Read full statement HERE.)
11.Oct.2006 Small plane crashes into NYC high-rise apartment. - Nico 

Homeland Security officials say that “all indications” are that the crash is an accident. CNN reports that NORAD has scrambled fighter jets to fly over several major U.S. cities until the accident is confirmed.
The Foley coverup timeline - Faiz  has been updated. Check it out HERE. Let us know if there’s something we missed.
11.Oct.2006 How To Improve American Health Care: Focus On Prevention - Guest 

When we take a long view on improving health, we usually find reasons to celebrate. In the last century, for example, infant mortality dropped by 90 percent and maternal mortality decreased 99 percent. Yet today, despite scientific advances, we face the fact that we are not a healthy nation:

– Our children’s life expectancy may be shorter than our own.

– About 70 percent of deaths and health costs in the U.S. are now attributable to chronic diseases (e.g., cardiovascular disease, cancer) — many of which are preventable.

– More people die from obesity or tobacco than from homicide.

Our health care system has gravitated toward quick fixes rather than the persistent actions with lifetime rewards. Proven clinical and community preventive services go unused. Two out of three adults fail to get a flu vaccine or recommended colorectal screening. Millions of lives are lost needlessly. As a nation, we dedicate only three percent of our health dollars on health promotion — but over 20 percent of costs to the last year of life.

A new approach is needed. As part of its overall plan to fix the fundamentally flawed health system, the Center for American Progress proposes a Wellness Trust. The Wellness Trust would:

– Deliver prevention outside of the bounds of the health system by paying for services wherever they are delivered, in pharmacies or supermarkets, workplaces or senior centers.

– Use its pooled financing to create incentives for providers, employers, schools and individuals to prioritize prevention .

– Operate independently like Social Security , with expert Trustees.

The premise of the Wellness Trust is that disease prevention is more like homeland security than health insurance: everyone needs it, no one notices if it works + it depends on persistent, strong leadership and systems. While change will come at a cost, this cost would be dwarfed by the lost lives, productivity + public resources that will result from a failure to act. Jeanne M. Lambrew
11.Oct.2006 Global warming threatens fall foliage. - Amanda 

“Some climate scientists say that even if steps are taken now to limit global warming, temperatures in New England will rise enough over the next half-century that the source of much of that rich fall color, the sugar maples, will disappear from most of the region.”
11.Oct.2006 After Blaming Clinton For North Korea Nuke, McCain Blasts People ‘Engaging In Finger-Pointing’ - Nico 

Yesterday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) explicitly blamed the Clinton administration for North Korea’s nuclear weapons test on Sunday: “[I]t is a failure of the Clinton administration policies…that have caused us to be in the situation we’re in today.”

This morning on NBC, “Straight Talk” McCain had a different tune: “I think this is the wrong time for us to be engaging in finger pointing when in this crucial time, we need the world and Americans united.”

Watch the clips back to back:

For the record, here is a timeline of North Korea’s nuclear weapons development. A cheat sheet:

Bush I: 1-2 bombs worth of plutonium
Clinton: Zero plutonium
Bush II: 10-11 bombs worth of plutonium and counting, first nuclear test

Digg It! Full transcript:

McCain, 10/11.2006 , NBC Today

I think this is the wrong time for us to be engaging in finger pointing when in this crucial time, we need the world and Americans united in going to the United Nations to bring about sanctions against North Korea.

McCain, 10/10.2006 , press conference:

We had a carrots and no sticks policy that only encouraged bad behavior. When one carrot didn’t work, we offered another. Now we’re facing the consequences of the failed Clinton administration policies.

McCain, 10/10.2006 , Hannity & Colmes:

The fact is that it is a failure of the Clinton administration policies that I was heavily involved in at the time that have caused us to be in the situation we’re in today
Bush: Iraqis Are Willing To ‘Tolerate’ This ‘Level Of Violence’ - Amanda 

Today in his press conference, President Bush applauded the courage of Iraqis, stating that he is “amazed that this is a society which so wants to be free that they’re willing to — you know, that there’s a level of violence that they tolerate.” Watch it:

In reality, 890,000 Iraqis have moved to Jordan, Iran and Syria since Hussein’s fall and more than 300,000 have fled to other parts of Iraq to escape the violence. Additionally, 71 percent of Iraqis want U.S. forces to leave Iraq within a year, saying “they would feel safer if U.S. and other foreign forces left Iraq.”

Iraqis aren’t “tolerating” the violence. They’re just trying to survive.

Bush_Iraqis_Are_Willing_To_Tolerate_This_Level_Of_Violence">Digg It! Full transcript below:

SUZANNE MALVEAUX, CNN: Thank you, Mr. President. Back on Iraq, a group of American and Iraqi health officials today released a report saying that 655,000 Iraqis have died since the Iraq war. That figure is 20 times the figure that you cited in December at 30,000. Do you care to amend or update your figure and do you consider this a credible report?

PRESIDENT BUSH: No, I don’t consider it a credible report, neither does General Casey and neither do Iraqi officials. I do know that a lot of innocent people have died and it troubles me and grieves me. And I applaud the Iraqis for their courage in the face of violence. I am, you know, amazed that this is a society which so wants to be free that they’re willing to — you know, that there’s a level of violence that they tolerate.
‘Hero Of Guantanamo’ Passed Up For Promotion, Sending Chilling Message Through Pentagon - Faiz 

Lt. Commander Charles Swift, the lawyer who represented Guantanamo detainee Salim Hamdan in the landmark Supreme Court case that ruled President Bush’s military commissions unconstitutional and in violation of international law, will be “passed over for promotion by the Pentagon and must soon leave the military.” In a move that he had predicted, Swift confirmed recently that he had been denied a promotion to Navy commander “about two weeks after” the Supreme Court sided against the White House.

Dubbed the “hero of Guantanamo,” Swift reported in June 2005 that when he was first asked to represent Hamdan, he was instructed that he could negotiate only a guilty plea. He called the instructions “a clear attempt to coerce Mr. Hamdan into pleading guilty.” Refusing to back down, Swift “ended up fighting his commander in chief at the U.S. Supreme Court.” He explained:

As an officer, I have the deepest respect for the President. But as an officer, it is also my duty to point out when an order is wrong. What protects our democracy is that we do not just follow orders blindly.

National Law Journal had listed Swift among the nation’s top 100 lawyers. Eugene Fidell, president of the National Institute of Military Justice, argued Swift was “a no-brainer for promotion,” given his devotion to the Navy, the law + his client. The New York Times writes, “[T]here is no denying the chilling message it sends to remaining military lawyers.” Digg It!
11.Oct.2006 Staying the course. - Nico  The U.S. Army is “making plans to keep current Iraq troop levels through 2010,” the Associated Press reports.
11.Oct.2006 REALITY CHECK: Iraq Is 22 Times More Violent Than Washington DC - Judd 

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and others have claimed that living in Iraq is less dangerous than living in Washington DC. King claimed on the House floor, “my wife lives here with me + I can tell you, Mr. Speaker, she’s at far greater risk being a civilian in Washington, D.C. than an average civilian in Iraq.”

King has always been wrong. A new study by the British medical journal Lancet exposes the extent of his error. According to Lancet, 601,000 people have died in Iraq over the last three years due to violence related to the March 2003 invasion. Here is how violent deaths in Iraq over the last three years stack up to the violent death rate in Washington, DC:

The statistic for Washington DC is from the FBI’s Crime in the United States 2005.Digg It!
11.Oct.2006 October 11, 2006 - Think Progress 

655,000: The number of Iraqis who have died since March 2003, according to a team of epidemiologists at Johns Hopkins University.

The study “found a steady increase in mortality since the invasion, with a steeper rise in the last year.”

Former Bush Environmental Protection Agency head Christine Todd Whitman has set up a consulting firm that represents the oil industry .

Among her clients is Hovensa LLC, an “oil-refining operation” partially owned by Venezuela’s national oil company.

“I don’t care if we offend our allies in the Middle East,” said Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) , making his case for why President Bush should resume depicting the war in Iraq as part of a larger struggle against “Islamic fascism.”

For the first time, more Americans (36 percent) believe the terrorists are winning the “war on terror” than think the United States and its allies are winning (31 percent). Twenty-two percent (22%) say neither side is winning.

One in four . Number of veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who have filed disability claims.

70 percent of Americans “are talking politics with family and friends” as the “interest of American voters is at its highest level in more than a decade.”

“The FBI is investigating whether a member of Sen. Arlen Specter’s staff [Vicki Siegel Herson] broke the law by helping her husband, a lobbyist, secure almost $50 million in Pentagon spending for his clients.”

Rep. Charles Taylor (R-NC), who once directed $3.8 million for a park “directly in front” of the “flagship of his financial empire,” is “one of at least a half-dozen House members whose public actions in directing special-interest spending known as earmarks have also benefited their private interests or those of business partners.”

And finally: A very public typo. Ottawa County, Michigan “will pay about $40,000 to correct an embarrassing typographical error on its Nov. 7 election ballot.” The county must “reprint 170,000 ballots that were missing the letter ‘L’ in the word “public.” “It’s just one of those words,” the county clerk said. “Even after we told people it was in there, they still read over it.”
11.Oct.2006 Truth Movement, Political Wild Cards Back Off Staged Terror - Paul Joseph Watson -Danger remains high before election but Neo-Fascist's zeal stunted by unforeseen events
11.Oct.2006 N Korea to face 'repercussions' US President George W Bush says North Korea will face "serious repercussions" over its nuclear test claim.
11.Oct.2006 'Huge rise' in Iraqi death tolls An estimated 655,000 Iraqis have died as a result of the 2003 US-led invasion, a joint US-Iraqi survey says.
11.Oct.2006 Aide to testify in US e-mail row A top aide to disgraced ex-Congressman Mark Foley is to testify before a House of Representatives inquiry.
11.Oct.2006 No quick end to Thai martial law Thailand's defence minister says the martial law imposed after coup should stay in place for at least a month.
11.Oct.2006 Russian bank manager shot dead A Russian bank manager is gunned down at his home in Moscow in an apparent contract killing.
11.Oct.2006 Merkel plans to revive EU treaty Chancellor Angela Merkel says Germany will be "very ambitious" in trying to revive the EU constitution in 2008.
11.Oct.2006 New human bird flu case in Egypt Egypt detects its first human case of the bird flu virus since May in a woman who raised ducks at home.
11.Oct.2006 Opec doubts drive oil to 2006 low The price of oil sinks to a 2006 low as markets wait for oil-producer cartel Opec to finalise an output cut.
11.Oct.2006 Probe peers into Venusian secrets Europe's Venus Express spacecraft is sending back a treasure trove of data on Earth's sister planet.
11.Oct.2006 Tax bonanza helps cut US deficit Bumper tax revenues helped the US trim the 2006 federal budget deficit to a four-year low, the US Treasury says.
11.Oct.2006 Switzerland tests VoIP wiretap software Blog: The Swiss Government has reportedly been testing surveillance software that could enable it to eavesdrop on voice over Internet...
11.Oct.2006 AT&T, BellSouth merger passes antitrust test Department of Justice's antitrust division gives its blessing to the $67 billion merger between AT&T and BellSouth.
11.Oct.2006 Copper Wire as Fast as Fiber? - ScuttleMonkey 148
Krishna Dagli that a new consortium of hardware vendors and phone companies have banded together in order to try for fiber optic speeds over copper wiring. From the article: "To avoid interference, current DSL implementations use static spectrum management that is built for a "worst-case" scenario. Most actual phone lines would allow for far better performance + DSM technology will allow each DSL connection to be regulated in real time by the hardware based on measured crosstalk and on current data needs of each customer. The end result could be DSL connections that top out at 100Mbps or more."

Jury Awards $11 Million for Internet Defamation - ScuttleMonkey 481 dptalia writes

"A woman in Florida has been awarded $11.3 million dollars in a defamation case. Apparently the defendant was unhappy with the plaintiff's referral service and posted complaints all over the internet.

In a chilling slap at free speech, the jury decided that not only was this illegal, but that it was worth over $11 million. The defendant can't pay the judgement — she can't even pay for an attorney. The plaintiff says she doesn't care, but sued for the principle of the thing."
ICANN Grants Temporary Reprieve to Spamhaus - CmdrTaco 229 daringone writes

"ICANN released a statement that says they "...cannot comply with any order requiring it to suspend or place a client hold on or any specific domain name"

They do, however leave the door open for the registrar that registered the domain name to then be forced to turn the lights off for Spamhaus."
Ballmer Sounds Off - CmdrTaco 284 PreacherTom writes

"Steve Ballmer shares his thoughts on the Web 2.0 phenomenon, Zune, XBox, Vista, Bill's upcoming 2008 retirement, the future of Microsoft + other subjects. For example, regarding the GooTube deal: "Right now, there's no business model for YouTube that would justify $1.6 billion. And what about the rights holders? At the end of the day, a lot of the content that's up there is owned by somebody else. The truth is what Google is doing now is transferring the wealth out of the hands of rights holders into Google." He's blunt, if nothing else."
Laser TV — the Death of Plasma? - kdawson 310 spoco2 writes,

"As reported in major news outlets yesterday in Australia (The Age, the Herald Sun), a new television technology has been developed which is touted (by the developers) as far and away superior to both plasma and LCD. From The Age: 'With a worldwide launch date scheduled for Christmas 2007, under recognisable brands like Mitsubishi and Samsung, Novalux chief executive Jean-Michel Pelaprat is so bold as to predict the death of plasma. "If you look at any screen today, the color content is roughly about 30-35 % of what the eye can see," he said. "But for the very first time with a laser TV we'll be able to see 90 % of what the eye can see. All of a sudden what you see is a lifelike image on display."' The developing company, Arasor International, is said to be listing on the Australian stock exchange shortly."
Bernays, Edward L. impact -public relations in America-.html Bernays , Edward L. impact -public relations in America.

How did Edward L. Bernays impact public relations in America?

Pierce: Democracy and Propaganda , Edward Bernays . Today I'll read to you an expanded set of excerpts ... in propaganda , far more useful books are available.

Salon | The Hidden Persuaders ... nephew" of Sigmund Freud, Edward L. Bernays , a larger-than-life Svengali who was present ... critique of him is unsparing, Edward ...

November Address to Community Leaders ... an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our government. (1928, Edward Bernays – Propaganda ) ...

Propaganda from Thucydides to Thatcher by Prof Taylor ... study of propaganda was blossoming as an academic subject through the works of Harold Lasswell, Edward Bernays + Walter Lippmann, the ...

The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda by Noam Chomsky BACK TO : PROPAGANDA - General (theory, practice and history)

The Spectacular Achievements ... the public relations industry, Edward Bernays ...

Chicago Media Watch ... the propaganda game was PR genius Edward Bernays , Viennese-born nephew of Sigmund Freud. Bernays took propaganda seriously for ...

Democracy and Propaganda -- Free Speech, June 2002 ... titled Propaganda , by Edward Bernays .

Today, I'll read to you an expanded set of excerpts from Bernays ' book to ...

Grey Lodge Occult Review :: Issue #8 :: Chomsky on Propaganda ... the public relations industry, Edward Bernays , actually came out of the Creel Commission.

Bernays himself had an important ...

Elitism Vs Populism ... we have seen the words of Edward Bernays , the 'father of propaganda ', who has advanced the notion that it is not merely within the power ...
11.Oct.2006 The Latest on the Man Hastert Let Troll for Pages: "I would turn on my instant messenger + he would be online at all hours of the day or night. The talk would quickly turn sexual," he said. He says Foley requested that he send photos of himself performing sexual acts. If Hastert Didn't Know What Was Going On, He's Too Incompetent to be Running Congress. He Should be Removed Either Way, Because Either Way He is Not a Trustworthy Guardian of Our Nation's Youth.

11.Oct.2006 Who Among us is Now on the Road to Guantanamo? See the DVD, Which Only Had Limited Commercial Release Because of Its Explosive Political Subject Matter.
Candidate's Lone Issue is that She Had Sex With Packers Football Team. . . and the Republican Party is Behind Her! -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis

11.Oct.2006 More on "Operation Condor," Kissinger, What Horrors May Await America + the Disappeared -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
BREAKING: Plane crashes into Manhattan building. At least one death. It was not a terrorist act. 10/12
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

11.Oct.2006 Basically, As They Say, Hastert is More or Less Claiming Boehner and Reynolds Lied About Their Claims That They Warned Him About Foley Sexually Preying on House Pages. (Read Down) GOP Liars Fallout. 10/12
So many former Democratic presidents to blame - Last Chance Democracy Cafe by Steven C. Day

11.Oct.2006 "Al-Qaida is More Dangerous Than it Was on 9/11"; Some people think Bin Laden's network has been devastated by the war on terrorism, but Bruce Hoffman disagrees: The RAND Corporation expert talks to SPIEGEL ONLINE about al-Qaida's structure since September 11, Hezbollah's ambitions in Lebanon + the chances of American success in Iraq. 10/12

11.Oct.2006 The Cost of Doing Your Duty; "there is no denying the chilling message [Lt. Cmdr. Charles Swifts non-promotion] sends to remaining military lawyers about the potential consequences of taking their job + justice, seriously." Remember: Bush Seeks Revenge, At All Times. 10/12
11.Oct.2006 Manhattan: Klein- Flugzeug rast in New Yorker Gebäude
11.Oct.2006 Nordkoreas Atomtest: China schwankt zwischen Zorn und Ohnmacht
11.Oct.2006 Ratspräsidentschaft: Merkel will Weg für EU- Verfassung ebnen
11.Oct.2006 Italien: Satire über Drogentests bei Politikern abgesetzt
11.Oct.2006 Nordkoreas Atomtest: Experten halten Kims Bömbchen für Fehlschlag

11.Oct.2006 YouTube- Übernahme: Druck auf Yahoo und Microsoft wächst
11.Oct.2006 Irak: Bush stellt Studie zu Kriegsopfern infrage
11.Oct.2006 Jose Padilla claims US government tortured him : " The government's conduct vis-a-vis Mr. Padilla is a stain on this nation's character + through its illegal conduct, the government has forfeited its right to prosecute Mr. Padilla," his lawyers said in a legal motion filed this week.
11.Oct.2006 When migrants look like terrorists : The four people killed recently along the Israel-Egypt border appear to have little in common: two Egyptian policemen, a Bedouin drug smuggler and a Sudanese refugee. However, the circumstances of their deaths share a very obvious factor: They are the direct result of the Israel Defense Forces' new border policy.
11.Oct.2006 Report Indicates that 1 in 4 Veterans of the Global War on "Terrorism"Claim Disabilities: One in four veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars are filing disability claims, according to records released by the U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA) under the Freedom of Information Act after nine months of denying their existence and posted today on the National Security Archive Web site.

11.Oct.2006 We'll make sanctions hurt, vows US: THE US is pushing for UN sanctions so severe they will make dictator Kim Jong-il "rue the day" he ordered his country's first nuclear test explosion, the State Department's point man on North Korea said yesterday.

11.Oct.2006 N Korea: Sanctions 'an act of war': "If the US continues to hassle us and add pressure, we will consider this as a declaration of war and subsequently take physical measures," the spokesman was quoted as saying.

11.Oct.2006 Patrick J. Buchanan: It's begun: An Asian nuclear arms race: Why should we maintain an indefinite commitment to fight a war for South Korea when the result could now be escalation involving nuclear strikes on U.S. forces in the Pacific or the American homeland?
11.Oct.2006 Taliban are winning: Taliban troops have retaken control of broad swatches of the country and are beginning to stand and fight NATO units head to head. Violence is at its highest level since the early days of the conflict.
11.Oct.2006 Juan Cole: U.S. Business Will Try To Discredit Iraq "Excess' Death Toll" Study: Can you imagine the profits being made by the military-industrial complex on all this? Do they really want the US public to know the truth about what the weapons they produce have done to Iraqis?
11.Oct.2006 Study Claims Iraq's 'Excess' Death Toll Has Reached 655,000 -By David Brown
A team of American and Iraqi epidemiologists estimates that 655,000 more people have died in Iraq since coalition forces arrived in March 2003 than would have died if the invasion had not occurred .

11.Oct.2006 Study Claims Iraq's 'Excess' Death Toll Has Reached 655,000 -By David Brown
A team of American and Iraqi epidemiologists estimates that 655,000 more people have died in Iraq since coalition forces arrived in March 2003 than would have died if the invasion had not occurred .

11.Oct.2006 2.5 percent of Iraqi’s population have died as a consequence of the U.S. invasion, war and occupation. -By Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Estimated 654,965 additional deaths in Iraq between March 2003 and July 2006. Continue

11.Oct.2006 Mortality after the 2003 invasion of Iraq: a cross-sectional cluster sample survey By Gilbert Burnham, Riyadh Lafta, Shannon Doocy, Les Roberts
The number of people dying in Iraq has continued to escalate. The proportion of deaths ascribed to coalition forces has diminished in 2006, although the actual numbers have increased every year.

Gunfire remains the most common cause of death, although deaths from car bombing have increased . Read The Full Report [pdf]

11.Oct.2006 War Crimes Report Shows US Violations of International Law -Demands Prosecution of US Military and Civilian Leaders
The violence of the Iraq War, the chaos that has come to Iraq, can be traced directly to the illegality of the invasion + occupation of that country + the illegality of the tactics + weapons being used to maintain the occupation.

U.S. War Crimes in Iraq and Mechanisms for Accountability documents these violations and calls on us all to demand investigation and prosecution of violations of international law by military + civilian leaders. Continue

"Gewöhnliche Kamele tauchten im Mittleren Osten vor etwa 6000, 7000 Jahren auf", sagte Le Tensorer weiter. "Hier haben wir zum ersten Mal eine Wildform - und eine sehr, sehr alte noch dazu". Das Riesenkamel wirft nicht zuletzt deswegen viele Fragen auf: Woher kam es? Warum wurde es nie wieder gesehen? Wanderte es von Asien nach Afrika? Warum wurde es so groß?
Studie: Mehr als 650.000 Iraker an Folgen des Krieges gestorben
11.Oct.2006 Konjunktur: Deutschland dieses Jahr wieder Exportweltmeister
11.Oct.2006 Nordkorea: "Das Regime ist unempfindlich gegenüber Armut der Bevölkerung"

11.Oct.2006 Atomkrise: Japan verschärft Sanktionen gegen Nordkorea

11.Oct.2006 Elitetruppe KSK: Bundeswehr soll Misshandlungen in US- Lager zugesehen haben
11.Oct.2006 Russland: Bankmanager in Moskau erschossen
11.Oct.2006 Numerator: Was Falschparken über Korruption verrät

11.Oct.2006 Stabilitätspakt: Defizit noch geringer als erhofft
11.Oct.2006 Knochenfunde in Syrien: Forscher rätseln über Riesenkamel

11.Oct.2006 Atomkrise: Nordkorea betrachtet Sanktionen als Kriegserklärung
11.Oct.2006 Verkehrsforschung: Pendler schalten den Verstand aus

11.Oct.2006 Nach Mohammed- Spott: Angriff auf dänische Botschaft in Teheran

11.Oct.2006 Krise der Konservativen: Das Ende des christdemokratischen Sommers
10.Oct.2006 Welcome to the Nuclear Club! -By Norman Solomon
Rest assured that while President Bush was at a podium in the White House on Monday

denouncing the North Korean nuclear test as a "provocative act," Karl Rove was hard at work to fine-tune plans for a rhetorical onslaught linking this crisis to the "war on terror." Continue

10.Oct.2006 Nuclear Blackmail -By Eric S. Margolis
North Korea has repeatedly agreed to junk its nuclear weapons provided the US does three things:

1. deal directly with Pyongyang, which Washington refuses to do; 2. provide security guarantees that the US will not attack North Korea; 3. provide economic aid.

The Bush Administration’s hard-line neoconservatives refuse to ‘validate’ North Korea’s totalitarian regime through direct talks. Neocons are determined to overthrow Kim Jong-il . Continue

10.Oct.2006 Ambling towards Disaster; Bush’s North Korea Policy -By Mike Whitney
It took 6 years of relentless threats, sanctions and belligerence, but Bush finally succeeded in pushing Kim Jong-Il to build North Korea’s first nuclear bomb.

Now, Kim can just add a few finishing touches to his ballistic-missile delivery system, the Taepo-dong ICBM + he’ll be able to wipe out the 9 western states with a flip of the switch. Continue

10.Oct.2006 Bush’s Nuclear Apocalypse -By Chris Hedges
The aircraft carrier Eisenhower, accompanied by the guided-missile cruiser USS Anzio, guided-missile destroyer USS Ramage, guided-missile destroyer USS Mason and the fast-attack submarine USS Newport News, is, as I write, making its way to the Straits of Hormuz off Iran. The ships will be in place to strike Iran by the end of the month.

It may be a bluff. It may be a feint. It may be a simple show of American power. But I doubt it. Continue

10.Oct.2006 Wars and propaganda machines -By Rodrigue Tremblay
Propaganda machines are dangerous, even more so in a democracy than in a totalitarian regime, because their goal is to confuse, disinform, lie, raise fear and manipulate the opinions of the people.

10.Oct.2006 Where are the voices? -The shame of silence in the face of Israeli and US crimes -By Paul J. Balles
Where are the voices of moral righteousness that the world has always depended upon to rein in the evil forces of conquering warlords? The teachers and professors - why are they silent?

The virtuous - the clergy and elders of church and mosque and synagogue - who covered their mouths with duct tape and broke their pens and keyboards? Continue
11.Oct.2006 Australian coroner: Police killed Aboriginal prisoner on Palm Island: In a highly revealing ruling, a coroner has found that police bashed + killed an innocent Aboriginal man on Queensland’s Palm Island nearly two years ago. The report provides a damning case study of police violence and its systemic use against indigenous Australians.

10.Oct.2006 The freshwater boom is over. Our rivers are starting to run dry : We can avert global thirst - but it means cutting carbon emissions by 60%. Sounds ridiculous? Consider the alternative

10.Oct.2006 U.S. rules allow the sale of products others ban: Chemical-laden goods outlawed in Europe and Japan are permitted in the American market.
11.Oct.2006 German tells of Kabul jail torture: A German who says he was kidnapped in Europe and jailed for five months in the Afghan capital, Kabul, broke down as he told a Spanish court he was tortured, force fed and dumped in a forest hundreds of kilometres from home.

10.Oct.2006 Sarah Chayes on Life in Afghanistan After the Taliban and Why She Left NPR
Peak oil is definitely a scam. There is enough oil in U.S. oil shale + in Alberta, Cananda's oil tar sands, to extend the oil era for centuries. It seems that the opinion forming media wants us to believe that the oil era is just about over, in order to make us think there's going to be this big, near-term change forced on us. No, i'm sorry to say, they can continue to pump fossil fuel greenhouse gases into the atmosphere for many generations, folks + that's very bad news.
The problem is not peak oil, but global climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels -- principally oil and coal. If the catastrophe scientists say is looming ahead due to global warming comes to pass, running out of oil will be the least of our problems.
It's ironic that, if this catastrophe is not avoided, much of low-lying Israel will be inundated by the Mediterranean Sea + the promised land the Zionists screwed the world up to steal will be gone. Not to worry, though . . . the West Bank is high enough to remain dry.Burma Shave

11.Oct.2006 French embassy cancels N.Y. book launch over author's Israel views : The French Embassy on Monday canceled a New York party for a book about Vichy France's collaboration with Nazi Germany because of the author's postscript that says Israel has oppressed Palestinians.

11.Oct.2006 Indian politician took ’hefty’ bribe on Israeli missile deal - police : The leader of an Indian opposition party has been charged with taking a "hefty" kickback as part of a multi-million-dollar defence contract with a state-run Israeli company, police and officials said today.

11.Oct.2006 US inquiry into jail abuse a cover-up: Hicks lawyer : UNITED States Defence Department investigation that found David Hicks suffered no abuse while in US custody was the "biggest cover-up of all time", his US military lawyer says.

11.Oct.2006 Chavez says U.S. backing plot against Bolivian president : Chavez's allegation comes after a report Sunday in Bolivia's El Mundo newspaper alleged that a coup against Morales was planned for this week.

11.Oct.2006 Twilight of the Assassins: Why the U.S. Refuses to Prosecute the Cuban Exiles Luis Posada Carriles & Orlando Bosch For the 1976 Bombing of Cubana Airlines Flight 455

11.Oct.2006 Putin Suggests Creation of Oil Exchange in St. Petersburg: Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested creation of oil and oil product exchange in St. Petersburg.

He made the suggestion on Saturday, Oct. 7, during his meeting with the governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko

11.Oct.2006 Oil, Smoke & Mirrors. : An independent 50 minute documentary on peak oil, 9/11 and the war on terror.
11.Oct.2006 Britons face trial for leaking Bush-Blair bomb memo; Two former British officials accused of leaking details of a memo reported to include references to President George W. Bush discussing bombing Arab broadcaster Al-Jazeera will face trial in April, a judge said Monday.

11.Oct.2006 N Korea warns of attack : North Korea last night threatened a nuclear missile attack if trade + financial sanctions are not dropped, but also offered to return to negotiations about disbanding its atomic weapons program.

11.Oct.2006 North Korea 'could fire' nuclear warhead: Threatening to put nuclear warheads on missiles and conduct further nuclear tests, a North Korean official says his country will only return to disarmament talks if the US makes concessions.

11.Oct.2006 White House Rejects North Korea Talks : The Bush administration rejected anew Tuesday direct talks with North Korea and said it would not be intimidated by a reported threat from Pyongyang that it could fire a nuclear-tipped missile unless the U.S. acts to resolve the standoff.

11.Oct.2006 Pentagon Assesses Responses, Including a Possible Blockade : Any unilateral effort by the United States to cordon off North Korea by sea and air could founder along the country’s lengthy land border with China.

11.Oct.2006 Russia, China urge calm on North Korea: China and Russia have said that they strongly opposed threatening North Korea with a military strike in response to Pyongyang’s announcement on Monday that it had conducted its first test of a nuclear bomb.

11.Oct.2006 North Korea's nuclear policy is not irrational at all : We are heading towards another pre-emptive war and Japanese nuclear weapons unless pressure for disarmament revives

11.Oct.2006 In case you missed it: US grants N Korea nuclear funds: In releasing the funding, President George W Bush waived the Framework's requirement that North Korea allow inspectors to ensure it has not hidden away any weapons-grade plutonium from the original reactors.

11.Oct.2006 Israel worried North Korea may help Iran: Israeli officials said Tuesday they were concerned that North Korea's reported nuclear test would set a dangerous precedent and encourage Iran to press ahead with its nuclear program.

11.Oct.2006 Iran's Khamenei says no retreat on atomic rights: : "Our policy is clear, progress with clear logic and insisting on the nation's right without any retreat," he was quoted as saying in reference to Tehran's nuclear program. 11.Oct.2006 Iran: Nuke disarmament must begin with Israel: Iranian government spokesperson Gholam-Hossein Elham tells press conference ‘dismantling of nuclear arms in Middle East must begin with Zionist entity’; adds: Ban to use weapons of mass destruction should be imposed globally
11.Oct.2006 War Crimes Report Shows US Violations of International Law - Demands Prosecution of US Military and Civilian Leaders
The violence of the Iraq War, the chaos that has come to Iraq, can be traced directly to the illegality of the invasion + occupation of that country + the illegality of the tactics + weapons being used to maintain the occupation.

U.S. War Crimes in Iraq and Mechanisms for Accountability documents these violations and calls on us all to demand investigation and prosecution of violations of international law by military and civilian leaders. Continue

11.Oct.2006 Lost Wars and a Lost Economy Paul Craig Roberts
President Bush and his neocon nazis have simultaneously lost two wars and America’s economic future.

11.Oct.2006 Don Rumsfeld Bats Both Ways By Chris Floyd
The nuclear blast test that North Korea conducted this week is not only the result of the Bush Administration's incompetent and sinister diplomatic philosophy – which seems to consist solely of provoking unfriendly regimes into countermeasures which can then be used as excuses for war-profiteering "regime change" assaults – but also stems from the overwhelming lust for loot that lies behind the noble rhetoric of the third-rate goons of the Bush Gang .

11.Oct.2006 A splendid achievement - By Terry Jones
George Bush should be congratulated - he has surely earned the right to join the ranks of despots.

11.Oct.2006 Elections in the USA: Justice And The Perversion of Justice By James Petras
In a month in which the US Congress voted to legalize torture, discard the US Constitution by abolishing habeas corpus and increase the military budget to prolong the daily slaughter of hundreds of Iraqis and Afghanis, the big controversy among the mass media and elected officials is the sexual overtures of a Republican Congressman to adolescent boys employed by Congress .

11.Oct.2006 Who Killed Michael Moore? -By Mickey Z.
What if the U.S. government (or one of its proxies)-with the full support of the corporate media-transparently eliminated Michael Moore for his political beliefs and activism? Would we see anything more than a flood of articles, blog posts, t-shirts + open letters from Sean Penn? Would the reaction go beyond asking the state for permission to protest and agreeing beforehand how many of those protestors will consent to be arrested?

Would Bob Dylan re-write "Who Killed Davey Moore?" and have Bono sing it outside the Pentagon? Continue

11.Oct.2006 Syria: US lacks Mid-East vision -BBC Video interview with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said the United States does not have "the will or vision" to pursue peace in the Middle East. "How can you talk about peace and at the same time isolation?

How can you talk about peace and you adopt the doctrine of pre-emptive war?" he asked. Continue
11.Oct.2006 Flugzeugabsturz Brasilien: Fast unglaubliche Ansammlung von Fehlern - sfux Karl Weiss -

Am Anfang war der Flugzeugabsturz einer Boeing 737 mit 155 Menschen an Bord über dem Amazonasurwald in Brasilien vor allem von der Vielzahl der ungeklärten Fragen charakterisiert.

Jetzt geht das mehr und mehr in eine Polemik über die Ursachen über. Anscheinend hat sich, wie bei Unglücken häufig, ein tragisches Zusammenspiel von mehreren Irrtümern, Fehlern bzw. Fehlleistungen ereignet.
Deutscher? Al-Qaida-Blogger festgenommen? - sfux Harald Haack ?

Als ein deutsches Nachrichtenmagazin kürzlich über einen Islam-Blog berichtete, ohne den Link dazu direkt zu nennen, war das Wissen über die Existenz dieses Blogs, auf denen die ?Helden-Elegien? der Terrororganisation Al Qaida in deutscher Übersetzung zu finden ist, keineswegs neu. Doch das Nachrichtenmagazin hat damit maßgeblich die Möglichkeit zum Auffinden der terroristischen...
Saddam's WMDs and Russia / Part II - sfux The Russian scenario for the Iraqi WMD withdrawal in 2003
Just five days after the beginning of the 2nd war in Iraq (after March 19-20,2003), the Russia?s Foreign Minister, Igor Ivanov, declared that Washington could fabricate evidence of Iraq allegedly hiding WMDs (?) to justify the US-led attack on Baghdad. Speaking before the Federation Council (Russian Upper House), Ivanov said: "Even if the American-British forces report that they have found weapons...

11.Oct.2006 Weltweiter Zweifel am Atomtest - sfux Harald Haack ?

Hat Nordkorea nun eine Atombombe testweise gezündet oder nicht? Weltweit gibt es Zweifel darüber, ob die Atombombe echt war oder nur eine solche Bombe vorgetäuscht wurde.

Besonders in den USA ist der Zweifel groß. Noch immer gingen die US-Geheimdienste davon aus, es habe keinen wirklichen nuklearen Test gegeben, berichtet die ?Washington Times? unter ?Berufung auf namentlich...
FBI agents still don’t know Arabic. - Nico 

Five years after 9/11, “only 33 FBI agents have even a limited proficiency in Arabic + none of them work in the sections of the bureau that coordinate investigations of international terrorism, according to new FBI statistics.”
11.Oct.2006 Ashcroft Responds To 9/11 Foreknowledge Charges - Paul Joseph Watson Former Attorney General confronted on radio show, claims reports he stopped flying commercial before September
11.Oct.2006 N Korea raises threat of new test North Korea's number two leader warns of more nuclear tests if US policy remains "hostile", reports say.
11.Oct.2006 DR Congo children 'still armed' Thousands of children in the DR Congo are controlled by armed groups, three years after the war, says Amnesty.
11.Oct.2006 Lennon killer fails in parole bid John Lennon's murderer, Mark Chapman, is refused parole because of the "bizarre nature" of his crime.
11.Oct.2006 US tightens Cuba trade sanctions The US announces new measures to enforce trade sanctions against Cuba and punish those who violate them.
11.Oct.2006 Woman tops China's rich list Paper-recycling tycoon Zhang Yin becomes the first woman to top the list of China's richest people.
11.Oct.2006 New clients boost Infosys profits Indian software giant Infosys sees a 53% rise in net profits and raised its forecasts for the rest of the year.
11.Oct.2006 India probe names ex-minister India's top detective agency, the CBI, launches a probe against a former defence minister in a corruption case.
11.Oct.2006 Science teaching 'back to front' A group of leading scientists decry the "dumbed down" way of teaching science in some UK schools.
11.Oct.2006 Warning over 'broken up' internet The internet could be in danger of being broken up into separate networks, a leading member of the UN warns.
11.Oct.2006 Syria welcome in Israel - Peres Shimon Peres responds warmly to a suggestion by Syria that the two countries could hold peace talks.
11.Oct.2006 Politics Get Caught in the Web The internet gives political campaigns more opportunities to dig up dirt on their opponents, but with the information comes new ethical + legal concerns. Commentary by Jennifer Granick.
11.Oct.2006 Honey Remedy Could Save Limbs Modern, drug-resistant bacteria are meeting their match in an ancient medicine: honey. Sweeeeeet. By Brandon Keim.
11.Oct.2006 Data centers eye power costs Sun-commissioned study indicates that IT executives are considering energy in purchasing decisions.
11.Oct.2006 Colin Powell urges philanthropy, inspiring leadership U.S. businesses should make regular contributions to community action, the former Secretary of State tells a Salesforce show crowd.
11.Oct.2006 Google Code Search Reveals Dark Corners - kdawson 141 writes,

"The new Google Code Search isn't just for hackers sniffing for passwords. Jason Kottke and friends have discovered the new feature reveals all sorts of dark corners hidden in our code.

And you thought nobody ever read your comments!" From the article: "Code search is a great resource for web developers + programmers, but

like the making available of all previously unsearched bodies of information, it's given lots of flashlights to people interested in exploring dark corners."
MIT Looks to Give Group Think a Good Name - samzenpus 121 netbuzz writes

"With Friday's opening of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, researchers there hope to address this central question:

"How can people and computers be connected so that — collectively — they act more intelligently than any individuals, groups, or computers have ever done before?""
11.Oct.2006 Attack of the Flying Killer Robot Insects 

DARPA has recently awarded contracts to several companies to develope a micro-miniature, autonomous, hummingbird-sized robot. The specs are here. The salient specifications for purposes of this post are that this UAV nanodrone will be capable of searching for a target and delivering a small payload.

Recently-released court documents from the trial of Zacharias Moussaoui show clear evidence of the FBI attempt to cover-up the whereabouts and activities of lead 9.11 hijacker Mohamed Atta in Florida between January and May of 2001, confirming reports which have appeared exclusively in the MadCowMorningNews. posted by Prof. Hex
11.Oct.2006 And then I read about it. It’s a movie/docudrama, Death of a President.

At first, it seemed unreal, even unbelievable, but there it was. It was first shown at the Toronto Film Festival last month, winning the Fipresci Award + then aired last night on British TV.

It will likely hit theatres soon, having been purchased for distribution by the same company that did Gibson’s Passion of Christ .
Bush_assassination_circulates_1010.html">Here is a brief clip of and about the docudrama.]
The good news is that now the idea is in the public domain in a huge way, hopefully to dampen any ambitions out there to make it real.

The bad news is that, regardless of how it is done, the odds for bloodless coups in our future seem to be plummeting along with the GOP prospects for this mid-term election.

The stakes have simply become way too high for those in power + they’re less and less likely to allow such a thing without a bloody fight. # posted by Joseph
11.Oct.2006 And yet the Jesus voters continue to believe that Republican pols are all missionary-only straights and Democratic politicians are sexually abnormal. Permalink
11.Oct.2006 The real Iraq body count...? The Iraq body count seen at the top of this page now claims fewer than 50,000 deaths.

But a new study argues that the figure should actually be 655,000!
Let's sit back and watch the experts debate the methodology involved here...

11.Oct.2006 More on "Operation Condor," Kissinger, What Horrors May Await America + the Disappeared -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Who Among us is Now on the Road to Guantanamo? See the DVD, Which Only Had Limited Commercial Release Because of Its Explosive Political Subject Matter.
REQUIRED READING! Bush is the Master of Death: New Study Indicates More Than 600,000 Iraqis Killed as Result of War. From Johns Hopkins School of Public Health as Published in the Highly Respected British Lancet. "Deaths are occurring in Iraq now at a rate more than three times that from before the invasion of March 2003," Dr. Gilbert Burnham, lead author of the study, said in a statement. 10/11

11.Oct.2006 While Bush Was Obsessed with Iraq and Iran -- and Causing Needless Death and Misery -- North Korea Developed the Nuclear Bomb. The Christian Science Monitor Says, "North Korea's atomic weapon test Sunday night leaves Washington's nuclear elimination strategy on the peninsula in tatters." Are you feeling safer now? 10/11

11.Oct.2006 "And as far as the Foley scandal is concerned, the winds from that story are not about to die down. Because on top of the investigation into who new about the Foley page contacts when + who is telling the truth now, the House Speaker has now opened up the question of whether the buck really stops with him, or whether accountability will only apply to his staff." That's Some News Conference Hastert Gave In Front of a Graveyard. Talk About Visually Going Off Message. 10/11

11.Oct.2006 Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) on Tuesday joined a growing list of Republicans calling for a reassessment of America's strategy in Iraq. Snowe said in a statement that as conditions in Iraq continue to worsen, "there must be no question among the (Bush) administration, the Congress and the Iraqi unity government that staying the course is neither an option nor a plan."

11.Oct.2006 The religious right is demanding a purge of suspected communists, I mean gays, on the Hill. 10/11
110 bullet-riddled bodies found in Baghdad 10/11

11.Oct.2006 Michael Winship: America, You've Got Mail... from Iraq - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
"While certain names have been bandied about for years, the Foley scandal has put the spotlight on other members of Congress rumored to be gay, like Patrick McHenry (R-NC), who has been appearing on talking heads news shows in a bid to save House Speaker Hastert. His appearance on Tucker Carlson's MSNBC show prompted one liberal blog to ask, "But what could be more "sick" than a closeted gay Republican who rails about the "sanctity of marriage" while defending those who cover up the crimes of a child predator?"" 10/11

11.Oct.2006 Laura Hall For Auto Download of MP3s Need ... Little House books by... Laura Ingalls ... Laura Knight - Jadczyk . Patience pays. You are on the right track. The Adventures opens on the day Laura ...
11.Oct.2006 AlterNet: Blogs: The Mix: The Art of War for the anti-war movement - New West. Nykola. RadioNation with Laura Flanders. Rox Populi ...
11.Oct.2006 Nieuw Rechts in Vlaanderen. Het gedachtegoed van het Nieuw Rechtse tijdschrift Teksten, Kommentaren en Studies' (... Conservatieve revolutie' verwijst naar een bepaalde politieke denkstroming. ... invloedrijke "Ideenzentrale" de Berlijnse Juniklub rond Moeller van den Bruck ...

alcune note su mr. crowley : Italy imc ... era membro, era la continuazione dello Juniklub fondato da Mueller van den Bruck) ...

alcune note su mr. crowley : Italy imc A lui si deve il maggiore tentativo di creare una "religione magica" per il ... era membro, era la continuazione dello Juniklub fondato da Mueller van den Bruck) ...

Julius Evola ed il tradizionalismo russo - Politica OnLine Forum -Destra Radicale ... era membro, era la continuazione dello Juniklub fondato da Mueller van den Bruck) ...

Alexandr Dugin: Julius Evola e il tradizionalismo russo ... era membro, era la continuazione dello Juniklub fondato da Mueller van den Bruck) ... STORIA ANTICA. CELTI. MEDIOEVO. STORIA CONTEMPORANEA. TEIWAZ. RIVOLUZIONE ...

La terza Roma - - Domenica 08.10.2006 - Index Quotidiano scientifico ... egli era membro, era la continuazione dello Juniklub fondato da van den Bruck) ... COPERTINA. SCIENZA. TECNOLOGIA ...

Julius Evola ed il tradizionalismo russo La contestazione della realtà sovietica è stata presso di essi così totale ... era membro, era la continuazione dello Juniklub fondato da Mueller van den Bruck) ...
11.Oct.2006 The Scorpion The neo-conservative movement in the Weimar Republic was an elitist political ... elitist clubs of the time, the Juniklub , founded by Moeller van den Bruck + ...

Talk:Nazi Germany - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Archive 1, May 2001 – April 2006.

Nazi Germany is either included in the ... called the Conservative Revolution and founded the infamous Juniklub in 1919. ... Julius Evola and Russian Traditionalism By Alexandre Douguine 1) The Discovery ... itself was a continuation of the " Juniklub "founded by van den Bruck) where ...

Arthur Moeller Van den Bruck Moeller nació en Solingen en 1876 y murió en 1925, tras manifestar escepticismo ...

00.000.1919 Moeller fundó el " Juniklub " (que más tarde sería sustituido por el " ...

La terza Roma - - Domenica 01.10.2006 - L'idea escatologica del regno Cristiano-Ortodosso - "Mosca, la Terza Roma" ... egli era membro, era la continuazione dello Juniklub fondato da van den Bruck) ...

Edgar Julius Jung (1894-1934) Quand la guerre éclate, Jung se porte volontaire dans les armées impériales et ... avoir eu quelques contacts avec le Juniklub et le Herren-Klub de Heinrich von ...

Luca Lionello Rimbotti: Moeller Van den Bruck, un “ribelle” conservatore Una breve biografia di Arthur Moeller Van den Bruck, il padre della Rivoluzione Conservatrice ... tra i fondatori dello Juniklub , sodalizio nazionalconservatore di Berlino, e ...

Juniklub - Wikipedia Der Juniklub war zur Zeit der Weimarer Republik ein Diskussionskreis der ...

Der von Arthur Moeller van den Bruck gegründete Kreis gilt als bedeutendste anti-bolschewistische ...

Quick Links: Die Gründung des Juniklubs -

Der Juniklub und seine Publikationen -

Die Mitgliedschaft

12_2002Rut Juniklub

Juniklub | THG Lexikon Er benannte sich nach dem Monat der Unterzeichnung des Versailler Vertrages im Juni 1919.

Der Juniklub war zur Zeit der Weimarer Republik ein ...
11.Oct.2006 The Scorpion The neo-conservative movement in the Weimar Republic was an elitist political ... elitist clubs of the time, the Juniklub , founded by Moeller van den Bruck + ...

Talk:Nazi Germany - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Archive 1, May 2001 – April 2006.

Nazi Germany is either included in the ... called the Conservative Revolution and founded the infamous Juniklub in 1919. ... Julius Evola and Russian Traditionalism By Alexandre Douguine 1) The Discovery ... itself was a continuation of the " Juniklub "founded by van den Bruck) where ...

Arthur Moeller Van den Bruck Moeller nació en Solingen en 1876 y murió en 1925, tras manifestar escepticismo ...

En 1919 Moeller fundó el " Juniklub " (que más tarde sería sustituido por el " ...

La terza Roma - - Domenica 01.10.2006 - L'idea escatologica del regno Cristiano-Ortodosso - "Mosca, la Terza Roma" ... egli era membro, era la continuazione dello Juniklub fondato da van den Bruck) ...

Edgar Julius Jung (1894-1934) Quand la guerre éclate, Jung se porte volontaire dans les armées impériales et ... avoir eu quelques contacts avec le Juniklub et le Herren-Klub de Heinrich von ...

Luca Lionello Rimbotti: Moeller Van den Bruck, un “ribelle” conservatore Una breve biografia di Arthur Moeller Van den Bruck, il padre della Rivoluzione Conservatrice ... tra i fondatori dello Juniklub , sodalizio nazionalconservatore di Berlino, e ...

Juniklub - Wikipedia Der Juniklub war zur Zeit der Weimarer Republik ein Diskussionskreis der ... Der von Arthur Moeller van den Bruck gegründete Kreis gilt als bedeutendste anti-bolschewistische ...

Quick Links: Die Gründung des Juniklubs - Der Juniklub und seine Publikationen -

Die Mitgliedschaft

THG Lexikon Er benannte sich nach dem Monat der Unterzeichnung des Versailler Vertrages im Juni 1919.

Der Juniklub war zur Zeit der Weimarer Republik ein ...
11.Oct.2006 NS- Prozess in Italien: Lebenslang für Beteiligung an Massaker
Daten- Diebstahl bei VW: Keine Bundespolitiker- Limousinen betroffen
11.Oct.2006 Nebeneinkünfte von Abgeordneten: Verfassungsrichter prüfen Offenlegungspflicht
Deutsche Ratspräsidentschaft: Neuer Anlauf für EU- Verfassung
11.Oct.2006 Deutschland- Besuch: Putin verspricht Förderung der Pressefreiheit
11.Oct.2006 Atomkrise: Sicherheitsrat ringt um Strafmaß für Nordkorea
11.Oct.2006 Technische Universität München - Deutschland, Technical University of Munich - Germany " Entries 00501-00600 ... began when the universities started currying favor with the Nazi regime and thereby deprived themselves of the right to make their own decisions. ...
11.Oct.2006 The D'Anne Burley Show on Treaty gives CIA powers over Irish citizens ... took place, not in Nazi Germany but in the Nazi -created puppet state of Croatia.

Gypsies - men, women and children - perished in a gigantic holocaust. ...

11.Oct.2006 Snowe rebukes “stay the course.” - Faiz 

Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) said in a statement that as conditions in Iraq continue to worsen,

“there must be no question among the (Bush) administration, the Congress + the Iraqi unity government that staying the course is neither an option nor a plan.”
11.Oct.2006 McCain Blames Clinton For North Korean Nuke Test - Amanda 

Today at a news conference, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) blamed the current predicament with North Korea on the Clinton administration. Watch it:

CNN points out that McCain said the 1994 Agreed Framework negotiated by the Clinton administration was a failure.

The 1994 Agreed Framework wasn’t perfect and North Korea was not in 100% compliance. But it was the only thing that stopped North Korea from producing nuclear weapons and separating plutonium.

During the Clinton administration, North Korea didn’t make any nuclear bombs. Today, the country possesses material for as many as 13 nuclear weapons.

The vast majority of that material was created during the George W. Bush administration. (All the rest was created during his father’s adminstration.)

The difference between the Clinton administration’s North Korea policy and the Bush administration’s North Korea policy is the difference between success and failure.

Full transcript below:

CNN: Well John McCain blames Bill Clinton for the current predicament with Pyongyang.

The Republican senator says that Mr. Clinton didn’t do enough to make North Korea scrap its nuclear program in the 90s. He said the 1994 agreement was a failure.

McCAIN: Prior to the agreement, every single time the Clinton administration warned the Koreans not to do something — not to kick out the IAEA inspectors, not to remove the fuel rods from their reactor — they did it + they were rewarded every single time by the Clinton administration with further talks.

CNN: McCain spoke outside Detroit at a campaign stop for a GOP senate candidate.
Bush In 2003: ‘We Will Not Tolerate Nuclear Weapons in North Korea’ - Payson 

In May 2003, President Bush said the United States would “not tolerate nuclear weapons in North Korea” and “will not settle for anything less than the complete, verifiable + irreversible elimination of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.”

Three years later, North Korea has offered the first “manifest proof” of its nuclear capabilities + Bush has moved the goal posts. Yesterday, Bush said the US “would hold North Korea fully accountable” if they transferred nuclear material to other states or “non-state entities.” Watch it:

The difference is striking. Back in 2003, the administration was riding high after declaring “mission accomplished” in Iraq.

Today, the Iraq war rages on, sapping resources and energy away from other crises around the world.

For six years, the Bush administration has refused to engage in direct talks with North Korea.

The country now may possess enough weapons-grade plutonium for as many as 13 nuclear weapons.

Bush_In_2003_We_Will_Not_Tolerate_Nuclear_Weapons_in_North_Korea">Digg It! Transcript:

BUSH: We will not tolerate nuclear weapons in North Korea. We will not give into blackmail. We will not settle for anything less than the complete, verifiable + irreversible elimination of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. [5/23/03]

BUSH: The transfer of nuclear weapons or material by North Korea to states or non-state entities would be considered a grave threat to the United States + we would hold North Korea fully accountable of the consequences of such action. [10/9.2006 ]
11.Oct.2006 Snow Says It’s ‘Silly’ And ‘Gratuitous’ To Ask If Bush Made Any Mistakes On North Korea - Think Progress 

The Washington Post reported that North Korea’s apparent nuclear test “may well be regarded as a failure of the Bush administration’s nuclear nonproliferation policy.”

Today, a reporter asked if President Bush believes he has made any mistakes with respect to North Korea.

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow responded, “Oh, my goodness…it’s a silly question.” Later, he called the question “gratuitious.”

Snow explained that “you need to give presidents the benefit of the doubt when national security is involved.” Watch it:

To learn about Bush’s record on North Korea, see our timeline.

Bush_Made_Mistakes_With_N_Korea">Digg It!


QUESTION: Looking back, is there anything that the president would have done differently? Does he believe he has made any mistakes in this region?

SNOW: Oh, my goodness.

QUESTION: It’s a fair question.

SNOW: No, it’s a silly question.


SNOW: Yes, it is, because…


QUESTION: You just talked about…

SNOW: Well, let me ask you, give me some characterization of what you might think, because what typically happens is that any answer to that question is spun into: President made mistake, regrets.

What you do as president of the United States — and I have said this repeatedly from this podium + you need to give presidents the benefit of the doubt when national security is involved — is the very best, in their judgment, of what they can do.

Now, what will happen is over time you find out, Hmmm, that data point wasn’t right. We need to adjust. So for every adjustment, sure, in perfect hindsight you would want perfect information and therefore perfect policy.

But instead what you do have in this administration and in prior administrations is a full-on effort to do what you think, based on the intelligence and the facts available to you, that’s going to be the most effective way to secure the safety of the American people.

QUESTION: The notion that that’s a silly question, when you have a president who draws a red line three years ago and says, We will not tolerate nuclear weapons + now you have a country that just tested a nuclear weapon, you don’t think it’s fair to ask for some accountability as to what happened and whether there were mistakes made?

SNOW: The accountability lies in North Korea, not in Washington.
FLASHBACK: Rumsfeld Sat On Board Of Company That Sold Nuclear Reactors To North Korea - Faiz 

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell lauded what is known as the Agreed Framework that the Clinton Administration signed with North Korea. “Lots of nuclear weapons were not made because of the Agreed Framework and the work of President Clinton and his team,” Powell said. Now, conservatives are faulting President Clinton for selling light water reactors to North Korea under the agreement, but in doing so, they overlook Donald Rumsfeld’s role in the deal.

Rumsfeld was the only American to sit on the board of a company which six years ago sold two light water reactors to North Korea. The Guardian reported in May 2003:

Rumsfeld was a non-executive director of ABB, a European engineering giant based in Zurich, when it won a $200m contract to provide the design and key components for the reactors. The current defense secretary sat on the board from 1990 to 2001, earning $190,000 a year.

Rumsfeld has never acknowledged that he knew the company was competing for the nuclear contract. In response to questions about his role in the reactor deal, former Pentagon spokeswoman Victoria Clarke told Newsweek in February 2003 that “there was no vote on this” and that her boss “does not recall it being brought before the board at any time.” But an investigation by Fortune magazine revealed that Rumsfeld probably did know:

ABB spokesman Bjoern Edlund told Fortune magazine at the time that “board members were informed about this project.” … “This was a major thing for ABB,” the former director [who sat on the board with Rumsfeld] said, “and extensive political lobbying was done.” The director recalls being told that Rumsfeld was asked “to lobby in Washington” on ABB’s behalf. … Although he couldn’t provide details, Goran Lundberg, who ran ABB’s power-generation business until 1995, says he’s “pretty sure that at some point Don was involved,” since it was not unusual to seek help from board members “when we needed contacts with the U.S. government.”

Rumsfeld has since refused media requests to talk about his role in the light water reactor deal and has instead criticized it.
11.Oct.2006 Trandahl expected to break silence. - Nico 

“Jeff Trandahl, the former House clerk who oversaw the House Page Program, is expected to break his silence

Tuesday on the Foley page scandal, according to a colleague familiar with the media’s interest in the case.”
Hastert Tries To Shift Blame To Staff, Raises Prospect of ‘Cover Up’ - Judd 

At a press conference this morning, House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) set up his staff to take the blame for the Mark Foley scandal.

Asked if he was satisfied with how his staff handled the matter, Hasert said, “I understand what my staff told me. And I think from that response, they’ve handled it as well as they should.”

Hastert, however, raised the prospect of a “cover up” led by senior members of his staff + noted that they will be interviewed “under oath.”

He told reporters, “If they did cover something up, they should not continue to have their jobs.” Watch it:

It will be tough for Hastert to succeed in his efforts to pin the blame exclusively on his staff.

Hastert was directly informed of Foley’s inappropriate emails last spring by both House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) and Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY).

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QUESTION: How satisfied are you with how your staff handled the scandal so far and whether anyone resign in your office?

HASTERT: I understood what my staff told me + I think from that response, they’ve handled it as well as they should. However, in 20/20 hindsight, probably you could do everything a little bit better. If there is a problem, if there was a cover up, then we should find that out through the investigation process. They’ll be under oath and we’ll find out. If they did cover something up, they should not continue to have their jobs. But I — but I didn’t think anybody at any time in my office did anything wrong. I found out about these revelations last Friday. That was the first information I had about it.
Reuters editor loses his job - Nico  for writing a book criticizing Ann Coulter.
11.Oct.2006 John Gibson Suggests North Korea Nuke Test ‘Balances Out The Bad News’ From Foley Scandal - Judd 

Yesterday on “The Big Story,” Fox’s John Gibson suggested that the alleged North Korean nuclear test was good news. Gibson asked Washington Times editor Tony Blankley: “Does the fact that the North Koreans actually tested a nuclear weapon balance out the bad news from this Foley scandal?” Watch it: <script type="text/javascript"> var flvbalance2320240 = new SWFObject('//10/balance2.320.240.flv&autoStart=false', 'em-flvbalance2320240', '320', '260', '6', '#ffffff'); flvbalance2320240.addParam('quality', 'high'); flvbalance2320240.addParam('wmode', 'transparent'); flvbalance2320240.write('flvbalance2320240');

The alleged North Korean nuclear test is not only bad news for our national security; it’s bad news for Congressional leaders like Dennis Hastert who have supported President Bush’s policy in lockstep. It’s the culmination of six years of failed policy, typified by little else than tough rhetoric.

For details, see our North Korea nuclear timeline. Digg It! Transcript:

GIBSON: Does the fact that the North Koreans actually tested a nuclear weapon balance out the bad news from this Foley scandal?

BLANKLEY: It doesn’t balance it out. It’s not a big enough story. As big as it should be, I don’t think it will take the oxygen out of the news cycle. I think it will take some of the breathlessness out of the reporting of the Foley story, but there will be some room, as we’re seeing today, both stories are getting coverage.
October 10, 2006 - Think Progress 

Axis of Evil update: “Nearly five years after President Bush introduced the concept of an ‘axis of evil’ comprising Iraq, Iran and North Korea, the administration has reached a crisis point with each nation.”

Three national polls released today find the American public has deep concerns over Iraq . A USA Today poll found a 56 percent majority saying that sending troops to Iraq was a mistake. A WP/ABC poll said only 35 percent approve of Bush’s handling of Iraq. According to a NYT/CBS poll, only 3 percent are saying the war is going very well.

The FBI is “struggling to reinvent itself to fight terror,” a NYT analysis shows. “If you look at, for example, the four key ingredients for counterterrorism success — agents, analysts, managers and computers — the F.B.I. is struggling to get the basics right on all of them,” an analyst says.

Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK), the Senate’s king of pork , “killed a requirement for the Defense Department to evaluate unauthorized earmarks imposed by members of Congress on the Pentagon,” Bob Novak reports.

Stock options that Sen. George Allen (R-VA) failed to report were “worth as much as $1.1 million at one point,” Bloomberg reports. Allen claimed the options were “worthless” in a story published Sunday.

79 percent of Americans believe the House leadership was more interested in their own political standing than in the safety of the pages as the Foley scandal emerged, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll.

“Hotter temperatures and higher sea levels” caused by climate change “could devastate Asian economies , displace millions of people and put millions more at risk from infectious disease,” Australia’s main research agency found. “Local and regional economies will be hit hard from chronic food and water insecurity and epidemic disease, as well as extreme weather events.”

U.S. Gen. James Jones, the top NATO commander, last week “did not dispute” claims in Woodward’s new book “saying he described the Iraq war as a debacle and considered resigning over the conflict.”

The Foley scandal is sparking political concerns at the highest levels of the White House, with strategist Karl Rove conceding in a private briefing yesterday that the matter “complicates things” for conservative candidates who have been linked to the scandal.

And finally: The Stewart/Colbert dream ticket will have to wait. Jon Stewart dispelled any rumors he would appear with Stephen Colbert on a presidential ballot. Stewart said people wearing “Stewart/Colbert ‘08? t-shirts “are a real sign of how sad people are” about the country’s direction. “Nothing says ‘I am ashamed of you my government’ more than ‘Stewart/Colbert ‘08,’” he added.
11.Oct.2006 Neo-Cons Spin Dud Test To Hide Nuclear Hypocrisy - Paul Joseph Watson -Drudge Report, Washington Times downplay blast to conceal stupidity of attacking Iran, source of North Korean
11.Oct.2006 Psoriasis 'ups heart attack risk' Adults with psoriasis, especially younger ones with severe cases, seem to be at more risk of a heart attack, a study says.
11.Oct.2006 UN debates action over N Korea China and Russia condemn North Korea's claim to a nuclear test, as the UN meets to discuss sanctions.
11.Oct.2006 Khamenei defends nuclear 'right' The Supreme Leader of Iran says the country will continue developing nuclear technology.
11.Oct.2006 Bachelet to visit torture camp Chilean President Michelle Bachelet will visit the detention centre where she was tortured, she announces.
11.Oct.2006 Liberia's truth commission opens Liberia's Truth and Reconciliation Commission begins work probing crimes committed over 24 years.
11.Oct.2006 Nigerian youths seize oil station Armed young men seize a flow station belonging to Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell in Niger Delta, police say.
11.Oct.2006 Oaxaca demo reaches Mexico City Thousands of protesters from Oaxaca arrive in Mexico City to demand their state governor resigns.
11.Oct.2006 EU backs strong law on chemicals An EU committee backs a new chemicals law which would force companies to replace dangerous substances.
11.Oct.2006 Nato chief holds Musharraf talks Nato's chief in Afghanistan meets Pakistan's president amid claims the Pakistani spy agency is helping the Taleban.
11.Oct.2006 Kiran Desai claims Booker title Indian-born author Kiran Desai wins the UK's leading literary award for her novel The Inheritance of Loss.
11.Oct.2006 Brown backs Straw over veils Gordon Brown backs Commons leader Jack Straw over his comments on Muslim women wearing veils.
11.Oct.2006 Oil falls below $59 on Opec delay The price of oil falls to its lowest level in eight months, as markets wait for Opec to make a decision on output.
11.Oct.2006 Fresh look at dwarf planet Ceres Astronomers take a close look at Ceres - once the largest asteroid, now the smallest "dwarf planet".
11.Oct.2006 Giant camel fossil found in Syria Archaeologists have discovered the 100,000-year-old remains of a previously unknown giant camel in Syria.
11.Oct.2006 Generating Power From Kites Italian researchers are getting ready to set a new sail-powered wind generator aloft, one that could produce as much energy as a nuclear power plant. By Nicole Martinelli.
11.Oct.2006 FDA: Nanotech Gets Mixed Reviews A conference convened by the Food and Drug Administration brings out experts with widely differing views on the benefits and risks of nanotechnology + how it should be regulated -- or not.
11.Oct.2006 Shape-Shifting Aircraft Studied Engineers looking for ways to improve aircraft performance are exploring designs that would enable planes to change shape during flight -- flexible wing skins and devices that harvest energy are on the drawing board.
11.Oct.2006 Never Assume Text Is Private Can you trust your chat buddies not to post your sexual conversations online or send your transcripts to the media? Are you sure? Commentary by Regina Lynn.
11.Oct.2006 Google's billion-dollar video play With $1.65 billion buy of YouTube, Google takes lead in Internet video--and possibly a host of copyright woes.
11.Oct.2006 Solar start-up SolFocus pens Indian deal Investor Moser Baer India will manufacturer and distribute solar concentrators by 2008.
11.Oct.2006 Billions of dollars can seem cheap: Google not spooked by ghosts of deals past Blog: Every deal is unique. Every deal gets compared to past wins and losses. Most deals look good the next day. Google's YouTube... 11.Oct.2006 Aliens, ancient civilizations, lasers, and...Yahoo? Blog: It's not every day that a major dotcom decides to try to communicate with aliens from atop an ancient pyramid. With lasers. But...
11.Oct.2006 Protein Gel Quickly Stops Bleeding - kdawson 61 Stefan vd Linden writes,

"An international team of scientists has discovered a substance to heal bleeding wounds within seconds. They're using a solution of protein molecules that self-organizes into a biodegradable gel. Until now they've only tested it on animals, but the tests were highly successful. From the article: 'Some surgeons are already excited about the material. "I see great potential in the eye field, the gastro-intestinal field + in neurosurgery," says Dimitri Azar, head of ophthalmology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, US. "In the eye, even a drop of blood will blur your vision for a long time," Azar adds. "A material that would stop the bleeding could lead to a paradigm shift in how we practice surgery in the eye."'"
Comprehensive Projection of World Oil Exports - kdawson 269 Prof. Goose writes,

"This article is a comprehensive assessment of world oil exports, defined has the total amount of liquid hydrocarbons that are surpluses in producing countries. This assessment is made by projecting into the future fixed change rates that reflect current trends in liquids production and consumption in all countries where presently the difference between the two factors is positive. The outcome of this assessment is rather worrisome." Here is the money graph through 2020.
Indian ISPs Taxed for Generating "Light Energy" - kdawson 213 CaptKeen writes,

"The Hindu is reporting that the Indian Government is trying to tax optical broadband providers (think fiber to the premises) for generating 'light energy.' According to the Commercial Tax Department, optical broadband providers operate on light energy which is 'artificially created and sold to customers for the purpose of data transmission and information.' This classification would make Internet access goods (since you are buying light) as opposed to service — and would be subject to a 12.5% VAT."
Black Hole Observed by X-Ray Satellite - Zonk 105 eldavojohn writes

"Scientists at JAXA and NASA used the Japanese Suzaku satellite to collect data and observations at a distance nearer to a black hole than we've ever been. From the article: 'The observations include clocking the speed of a black hole's spin rate and measuring the angle at which matter pours into the void, as well as evidence for a wall of X-ray light pulled back and flattened by gravity. The findings rely on a special feature in the light emitted close to the black hole, called the "broad iron K line," once doubted by some scientists because of poor resolution in earlier observations, now unambiguously revealed as a true measure of a black hole's crushing gravitational force.' Suzaku also has been providing images and data of super novas and their activities. It's always nice to see national space agencies working together, it almost gives me hope that the world might one day be united in space exploration."
Teen Plays Videogame With Brain Signals - Zonk 176 SkyFire360 writes

"A team of ECoG (ElectroCorticography) researchers from Washington University in St. Louis successfully wired a young man's brain up to a computer and began reading the neurological firings in his brain. After analyzing the action potentials created when a neuron fires, they were able to get two-dimensional control of a cursor. Taking the research one step further, they decided to connect an old Atari 2600 to the signal processing computer to see if the young man could control the videogame system."
Engineering Food at the Molecular Level - Zonk 232 Krishna Dagli writes to mention a

New York Times article about the possibility of manipulating food at a molecular level. Though some of the initial suggestions are a little pointless (lower-fat ice cream, harder-to-melt M&Ms), weighter goals could eventually be achieved here as well. From the article: "Given the uncertainty about the risks of consuming new nano products, many analysts expect near-term investment to focus on novel food processing and packaging technology. That is the niche targeted by Sunny Oh, whose start-up company, OilFresh, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., is marketing a novel device to keep frying oil fresh. OilFresh grinds zeolite, a mineral, into tiny beads averaging 20 nanometers across and coats them with an undisclosed material. Packed into a shelf inside the fryer, the beads interfere with chemical processes that break down the oil or form hydrocarbon clusters, Mr. Oh says. As a result, restaurants can use oil longer and transfer heat to food at lower temperatures, although they still need traditional filters to remove food waste from the oil. Mr. Oh said OilFresh will move beyond restaurants into food processing by the end of the month, when it delivers a 1,000-ton version of the device to a 'midsized potato chip company' that he said did not want to be identified. "
One Last Spamhaus Warning Before The End - Zonk 481 kog777 writes to mention that

Spamhaus has released a final warning about an increase in junk email, as they prepare to lose their domain to an Illinois court ruling. From the article: "According to Spamhaus, more than 650 million Internet users - including those at the White House, the U.S. Army and the European Parliament - benefit from Spamhaus' 'blacklist' of spammers that helps identify which messages to block, send to a 'junk' folder or accept. Losing the domain name would make it more difficult for service providers and others to obtain the lists. 'If the domain got suspended, it would be an enormous hit for the Net,' said Steve Linford, Spamhaus' chief executive officer. 'It would create an enormous amount of damage on the Internet.'"

It is a well known fact that learning + memory, advances exponentially when it is tied to an emotion. That emotion can be positive, or negative. The latter is an easier + more effective way to learn. For example, when a kid burns himself on the stove, he will never do it again. The emotion derived from the pain of the event brands a "learned" experience. Their perception of that pot has changed.
11.Oct.2006 frontline: the wall street fix: interviews: susan kalla | PBS ... Grubman at Salomon Smith Barney or Harrison and the guys over at JP Morgan Chase.

So I started managing my own money, made a tremendous amount of money ...
10.Oct.2006 seattle 24x7: explore your iland > ... VCs and even to the East Coast, where our investors include JP Morgan Chase.

... from analysts all the way up to managing directors --and get together informally. ...
10.Oct.2006 Drug Culture Eulogized By Musicians From The North ... rifles, ostrich boots and belt buckles with images of poppies, the flower that ... prominence in the 1980's; +

Rafael Caro Quintero , imprisoned for his role in ...
1961-00.000.2003 Terrorism -From-to- ... orders of narcotrafficker Rafael Caro Quintero , Drug Enforcement Administration ... Submit theNSAisWATCHIN News Monster Images Archive News Monster Archive ...
10.Oct.2006 Benicio Del Toro Zone:

00.Jan.1990 Drug Wars " Rafael Caro Quintero " Drug Wars: The Camarena Story.

January 1990 " ... Rafael takes anything he wants + anybody. The one man he could not buy was Kiki ...
10.Oct.2006 Syriens Außenminister: Deutschland soll stärker in Nahost vermitteln

10.Oct.2006 Interview: SPD will Minijobs beschneiden
10.Oct.2006 Falscher Alarm: Bombendrohung legt Genfer Hauptbahnhof lahm
10.Oct.2006 Illuminaten Kindergarten? ... nicht Politiker Hirnen ) über [ insert your favourite conspiracy theory here ... dollar - schein mit dem banner " novo ordo seclorum = neue weltordnung ...

International Mens Organisation and Fathers Fighting Injustice ... that they have not yet put into operation the final stages of their conspiracy .

The inscription " Novo Ordo Seclorum " means "New Secular Order.

Bioweapons Bioweapons:. The Silent Assassins. Bioweapons: The Silent Assassins. Of Microbes and Mock Attacks: Years Ago, The Military Sprayed Germs on US Cities ...

Usenet Archive Map Of The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy :

There are a number of mechanical devices which increase sexual ...
The Anthrax Hoax on the back of every dollar bill-" Novo Ordo Seclorum ." Without entertaining broad conspiracy theories, current events demonstrate a "New World Order" is ...
Shane's News: Civil Rights ... if they have formed or are engaged in a conspiracy against the public peace and ... Welcome to the NOVO ORDO SECLORUM (look at a Federal Reserve Note). ...

0.3 fr-FR Novo ... ... service.feed Novo Ordo Seclorum application/atom+xml escaped text/html ...

EveryonesConnected [News] The Curse of Canaan , 141 ) The inscription " Novo Ordo Seclorum " means " New ... How do you spell " conspiracy theory " ? Jason M, 23.Dec.2005

10.Oct.2006 EVANA UK/London: Anderson will für Tierschutz-Organisation nackt in einem Schaufenster posieren

Source/Quelle: Anderson will für Tierschutz-Organisation nackt in einem Schaufenster posieren ... Organisation nackt in einem Schaufenster posieren ...

Vision: Gel soll auf Schlachtfeld Verwundeten helfen

Außerdem muss man dieses Pflaster nicht wechseln wie herkömmliche, denn die Substanz baut sich automatisch ab:

Sobald die Wunde zu heilen beginnt, zersetzt der Körper die Proteinfragmente nach und nach in ihre Bausteine - die dann zum Wiederaufbau des beschädigten Gewebes genutzt werden können.

Ellis-Behnke und seine Kollegen haben nun Vermarktungsideen: Das neue Material könne herkömmliche Methoden zur Blutstillung ersetzen, Klammern und Schwämme zum Beispiel oder auch Druckverbände und Verödungen.

Die flüssigen Pflaster

ließen sich auch in der Notfallmedizin einsetzen,

etwa auf


Und nach Ansicht der Wissenschaftler könnten Chirurgen unerwünschte Blutungen schneller stillen, besser in die Wunde hineinsehen und hantieren.

"Eine Operation könnte nur noch halb so lange dauern wie normalerweise", sagte der Hirnforscher.

In einer Umfrage des Meinungsforschungsinstituts Gallup, die im Auftrag von "USA Today" erstellt wurde, lagen die Demokraten in der Gunst der Befragten 23 %punkte vor den Republikanern.

21 Punkte betrug der Vorsprung in einer CNN-Erhebung. In einer gemeinsamen Umfrage von "ABC News" und der "Washington Post" führten die Demokraten mit 54 zu 41 %.

Einen derart großen Vorsprung hatten sie "ABC" zufolge so kurz vor dem Wahltag seit mehr als 20 Jahren nicht mehr verbucht.

Die Auswirkungen des Foley-Skandals verdeutlicht die Erhebung von "CBS News" und der "New York Times": 79 % der Befragten gaben an, dass die Republikaner ihrer Meinung nach ein größeres Interesse an politischer Macht als an dem Wohlergehen von Minderjährigen hätten. Und gegenüber CNN gaben 52 % an, dass der Präsident des US-Repräsentantenhauses, Dennis Hastert, seinen Hut nehmen solle. Hastert wird vorgeworfen, von der Foley-Affäre lange gewusst, aber nichts unternommen zu haben.
Quellenschutz: Ordnungsgeld gegen Redakteur verhängt
10.Oct.2006 Journalistenmorde: Russland drittgefährlichstes Land für Reporter
10.Oct.2006 Atomtest: Uno ringt um Strafe für Nordkorea
10.Oct.2006 Grossbritannien: Blair steht Straw im Verschleierungsstreit bei
Höchster Geldadel: Die zehn reichsten Deutschen
10.Oct.2006 Entwarnung in Heathrow: Polizei nimmt Verdächtigen fest

10.Oct.2006 YouTube- Verkauf: Der Club der Millionäre
10.Oct.2006 Flüssiges Pflaster: Blutung binnen 15 Sekunden gestoppt
Investoren- Legende Sequoia: Reibach mit YouTube und Google

10.Oct.2006 Internet- Propaganda: Osamas Bote aus der niedersächsischen Provinz

10.Oct.2006 US- Kongresswahl: Bushs Republikaner vor herber Niederlage
10.Oct.2006 Ehrensenf: Weltherrschaft ohne Atombomben
10.Oct.2006 Griechenland: Flüchtlingsboot vor Küste gesunken

10.Oct.2006 Nordkoreas Atomtest: USA fordern harte Sanktionen

Doch jetzt zeichnet sich eine Wendung ab. Der entscheidende Richter hat die Internet-Domainverwaltung Icann dazu aufgefordert, die Domain von Spamhaus zu löschen - Icann steht auf amerikanischem Boden und müsste der Anordnung Folge leisten. Da die Abhängigkeit der Icann von der US-Regierung aber gerade heftig diskutiert wird, könnte die Icann die Chance nutzen um ihre Unabhängigkeit zu demonstrieren.

Spamhaus ist derweil selbstbewusst: Wir stoppen jeden Tag 50 Milliarden Spam-Mails. Uns abzuschalten wäre eine Katastrophe für das Internet, sagen sie in einer Stellungnahme gegenüber Ars Technica.
Phase Eins des BBC- Experiments ist ganz einfach:

Schweiz: Kommissar Trojaner

Während die Überwachung von herkömmlichen Telefonleitungen längst Normalität ist, stellt gerade die Telefonie über IP - VoIP - ein Hindernis für Ermittlungsbehörden dar. Wie Heise Online mit Hinweis auf die schweizerische Sonntagszeitung berichtet, soll das Eidgenössische Departement für Umwelt, Verkehr und Kommunikation nun eine Spionagesoftware testen, mit deren Hilfe sich Gespräche über Skype und ähnliche VoIP-Programme abhören lassen sollen, ohne dass die Gesprächspartner Wind davon bekommen.

Zusätzlich soll es angeblich möglich werden, den Raum, in dem sich ein abgehorchter Rechner befindet, über dessen Webcam und Mikrofon bei Betrieb überwachen zu können. Die Software soll laut Hersteller keine Probleme mit Firewalls und Antiviren-Software haben, für's Einschleusen soll der Provider verantwortlich zeichnen.

Doch, wie viele Kommentare zum Artikel hervorheben: Werden hier nicht einfach nur große Töne gespuckt? Schon vor Jahren konnte man mit dem Programm Back Orifice fremde Webcams und Mikrofone anzapfen. Wer ein exotisches VoIP-Programm oder gar Verschlüsselung verwendet, dem ist schwer beizukommen.

Aber wie ebenfalls oft kommentiert wird: Prinzipiell sind Firewalls und Antiviren-Software kein Problem - da die Mehrzahl der User ganz auf die essentiellen Sicherheitsmaßnahmen verzichtet, also sowieso nichts unternimmt, um den Computer gegen ungewollte Eindringlinge zu verteidigen. Wie leicht ein ungeschützter Computer unter feindliches Feuer gerät, zeigt zum Beispiel folgender Test der BBC.
"Wir kennen die Mausoleen von Hadrian und Augustus, aber nur wenige Begräbnisstätten für die Mittel- und Unterschicht."

Die Totenstadt wurde nach Angaben der Wissenschaftler in der Regierungszeit des römischen Kaisers Augustus angelegt, die vom Jahr 27 vor bis 14 nach Christus dauerte. Die letzten Bestattungen in der Nekropole hätten in der Zeit Kaiser Konstantins im vierten Jahrhundert stattgefunden.

Besucher werden demnächst von eigens konstruierten Stegen auf die Skelette herabblicken können. Erst beim Bau der Wege, als die Ausgrabungen bereits beendet waren, wurden die Knochen eines Kindes entdeckt, das mit einem Hühnerei in der Hand begraben wurde. Das Kind steckt noch immer zur Hälfte im Erdboden und hält die Reste der Eierschale in der Hand. Das Ei könnte die Hoffnung auf eine Wiedergeburt zum Ausdruck gebracht haben, sagten Vertreter des Vatikanmuseums.

Einblicke ins antike Alltagsleben

Jedes Jahr gelangt Staub aus der Sahara auf den Nordatlantik - mal mehr, mal weniger; vor allem in den Sommer- und Wintermonaten, manchmal aber auch gar nicht. Dabei scheint es so, als ob viel Staub die feuchtwarmen Wirbelstürme, die sich auf dem Nordatlantik bilden, dämpfen oder gar zunichte machen könnte. In Zeiten, in denen Staubteilchen recht spärlich in der Atmosphäre vorhanden waren, waren die Wirbelstürme besonders aktiv - und in Jahren, in denen stärkere Staubstürme aufkamen, wirbelten weniger Hurrikane über den Atlantischen Ozean hinweg. Das berichten US-Wissenschaftler im Fachmagazin "Geophysical Research Letters".
"Kleines Pompeji": Die Totenstadt des Vatikans
10.Oct.2006 Exklusiv- Ranking: Die zehn reichsten Deutschen
10.Oct.2006 Reisepass: Chip speichert Fingerabdruck ab Ende 2007
Terror: "Al- Qaida ist gefährlicher als vor 9/11"
Bundesverfassungsgericht: Keine Hausdurchsuchung wegen Falschparkens
10.Oct.2006 Nukleartest: Nordkorea droht mit Zündung von Atomrakete
10.Oct.2006 Mainzer Hauptbahnhof: BKA startet Biometrie- Überwachung
Harem: Sexreports für eine prüde Gesellschaft

10.Oct.2006 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Schande des Überlebenden"

10.Oct.2006 Projekt Zeitkapsel: Yahoo will Texte an Außerirdische beamen
10.Oct.2006 Finanzen: EU- Minister setzen deutsches Defizitverfahren aus

10.Oct.2006 Staubwolken: Hurrikan- Bremse aus der Sahara

10.Oct.2006 Energiegipfel: Streit um Atomkraft wird zur Chefsache

10.Oct.2006 Fluggesellschaft Alitalia: Prodi nennt Lage "außer Kontrolle"

10.Oct.2006 Rap- Thema Crack: Surfen auf der Drogenwelle
10.Oct.2006 Atomkrise: China distanziert sich von Nordkorea

10.Oct.2006 Mord an Politkowskaja: Polizei sucht nach fünf Verdächtigen

10.Oct.2006 Deutsch- russische Beziehungen: "Moskau wird dämonisiert"
Olanzapin (Zyprexa® von Liily Pharma) wurde bisher in Deutschland unter dem Markennamen Zyprexa® zur Therapie von Schizophrenie eingesetzt.
10.Oct.2006 Erdbeben: Geröll könnte Nordsee- Tsunami auslösen
10.Oct.2006 Lebensdauer: Mäuse- Sport ist kein Mord
10.Oct.2006 Nordkoreas Nukleartest: Angst vor Pjöngjangs Atom- Basar
10.Oct.2006 Festnahme in Osnabrück: Iraker soll Terror- Propaganda im Netz verbreitet haben
10.Oct.2006 Flaggots

A couple of days ago, Americablog reported rumors of another secretly gay Republican congressperson involved in scandal.

John Aravosis refused to divulge the name (even in private correspondence
10.Oct.2006 What about the irresponsible rumor that Hastert's wife, when in DC, maintains Denny and Scotty's privacy by staying at a hotel?

Turns out that "rumor" found ink in no lesser source than the Chicago Sun-Times -- in a column published on (get this!) Valentine's Day:
Just ran into Jean Hastert, the wife of House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) in the hallway outside the speakers' Capitol office suite. She just dropped in on her husband.
It's a rare D.C. appearence for Mrs. Hastert. She was here a few weeks ago for President Bush's State of the Union address.

She was off to an afternoon tea, at an ambassador's residence, sponsored by some international group.
When in Washington, the speaker lives in a group house with his chief of staff, Scott Palmer and top deputy, Mike Stokke.
I asked her if she is bunking with the guys.
She is not. She stays in a hotel.

10.Oct.2006 Wayne Madsen, as is his wont, takes this story into very strange territory. Apply all the usual qualifiers and disclaimers to the following. WMR has also learned of additional Senate links to the Pagegate scandal. There is much focus on GOP Sen. George Allen's predominantly white male staff. There is also interest in the activities of a senior GOP Senator from a Rocky Mountain state.
10.Oct.2006 we have the undeniable facts that Hastert is Bush's enabler + Bush would not have his job without the votes of this nation's gay-bashers. Force that constituency to see how the world really works and history will change. Permalink
10.Oct.2006 Madsen has more, including the wildest theory on the John Mark Karr affair ever mooted.
All of which leaves humble bloggers such as myself in something of a quandary. Is it ethical for a progressive writer to discuss Denny Hastert's unusual living arrangements?

10.Oct.2006 Here's something else to make you scream. Another agency got a $200 million ontract to come up with a new campaign for the Army. The new slogan...?
I'm not kidding. That's the new "Be all you can be." Sounds like something Thongor the Barbarian might come up with, doesn't it? "Army strong! Army big! Army KILL!"
You've got other services to bid for. My suggestions:
By the way, the CIA really is running TV commercials these days.
10.Oct.2006 Google Admits Terror Storm Blackout - Paul Joseph Watson -But claims "error" and not censorship for second successive time as 9/11 film enters top 100
10.Oct.2006 Ein unterernährter Atomtest - Nordkorea hat in einem Bergwerk seinen ersten A-Versuch... - sfux Malte Olschewski -

Es sei eher ein ?Zischen? als ein Knall gewesen, sagen amerikanische Militärexperten, die den ersten Atomtest Nordkoreas belauscht hatten. Am

09.Oct.2006 01: 35: 27 habe es im Nordosten des Landes eine Erschütterung mit Stärke 4,2 gegeben.

Gleichzeitig verkündete die nordkoreanische Agentur KCNA: Der Test nahe der Stadt Kilju habe eine Stärke von 550 Tonnen TNT (Hiroshima:...
Saddam's WMDs and Russia / Part I - sfux David Dastych -

In the 1970s and 1980s there were several indications about Saddam Hussein?s development of the WMD programs (biological, chemical and nuclear).

The Israeli attack on the Iraqi French-made Osirak nuclear reactor...
Nordkoreas großer Bluff? - sfux Harald Haack ?

War Nordkoreas Atomtest nichts als ein großer Bluff? Falls dies zuträfe, so wäre es eine große ?dank der Weisheit und einer zu hundert % einheimischen Technik? verursachte Peinlichkeit für Nordkorea.
Einige Seismologen äußerten sich inzwischen skeptisch zum angeblichen Atomtest. Angesichts der geringen Sprengkraft von ca. 550 Megatonnen TNT hätte...

Das Maß ist voll! - Die neuesten Hartz-Sauereien - sfux Karl Weiss -

Hartz IV war vom ersten Tag an darauf angelegt, die Arbeitslosen zu demütigen, auszugrenzen, zu schikanieren + zu Bittstellern zu degradieren (so als ob sie nicht jahrelang Sozialabgaben gezahlt hätten), um sie zum abschreckenden Beispiel zu machen für jene, die noch Arbeit haben, die dann fast jede Verschlechterung hinnähmen, um ihren Arbeitsplatz ein paar Wochen oder Monate länger zu behalten (so wie...
UN-Sicherheitsrat berät über Sanktionen gegen Nordkorea - sfux AFP -

Nach dem nordkoreanischen Atomwaffentest beraten die fünf ständigen Mitglieder des UN-Sicherheitsrates und Japan heute über mögliche Sanktionen gegen das kommunistische Land.

Der Botschafter der USA bei der UNO, John Bolton, forderte eine rasche Reaktion des Gremiums.

Die USA hatten am Montag einen Resolutionsentwurf gemäß Kapitel VII der UN-Charta eingebracht, der die Möglichkeit von Sanktionen + der Einsatz militärischer Gewalt vorsieht. Bundesaußenminister Frank-Walter...

Aber während in der IT-Industrie tendenziell E-Mails und SMS die gleichen Kontroll- und Sicherheits-Eigenschaften zugeschrieben werden, sind E-Mails bei Jugendlichen mit dem Makel behaftet, an Arbeit und Schule zu erinnern: Nach einer Studie der Berkeley University gelten neben SMS vor allem Instant Messaging und Mitteilung in sozialen Netzwerken wie MySpace als authentisch und zeitgemäß.

Ähnlich scheint das übrigens auch der Medienmogul Rupert Murdoch zu sehen, dessen Konzern News Corporation nach MySpace im September auch die Mehrheit am Handy-Services-Anbieter Jamba übernommen hat.

Und Murdoch sollte über den Verdacht erhaben sein, unüberlegt kurzfristigen Hypes aufzusitzen: Die MySpace-Akquise hat sich jedenfalls durch eine langfristige Vereinbahrung mit Google bereits rentiert.
Bans 'not influencing smokers' More than four-fifths of smokers planning to quit are not influenced by proposed bans, a survey suggests.
10.Oct.2006 N Korea 'facing tough measures'
North Korea faces tough punitive measures and further isolation over its claimed nuclear test, diplomats say.

10.Oct.2006 European Union 'faces TB crisis' New strains of tuberculosis are putting EU states at risk of a deadly outbreak, health officials warn.
10.Oct.2006 India tightens child labour laws A new law in India makes it illegal to employ children as domestic servants, in an effort to address exploitation.
10.Oct.2006 Italy MPs 'caught in drugs sting' A satirical television show exposes what appears to be widespread drug use among Italy's parliamentarians.
10.Oct.2006 Nato to press Pakistan on Taleban Nato's chief in Afghanistan is in Pakistan amid claims the Pakistani spy agency is helping the Taleban.
10.Oct.2006 Oaxaca demo reaches Mexico City Thousands of protesters from Oaxaca arrive in Mexico City to demand their state governor resigns.
10.Oct.2006 North-south health divide remains There is still a significant north-south health divide in England, government data has revealed.
10.Oct.2006 Vision and hearing loss connected Vision and hearing loss are likely to occur hand-in-hand in older people, research suggests.
10.Oct.2006 Corruption 'huge' issue for firms Corruption continues to be a "huge international issue" for firms, a report by security firm Control Risks shows.
10.Oct.2006 Swiss to Use Spyware to Listen to VoIP - ScuttleMonkey 109
"Heise Security is reporting that the Swiss Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications is entertaining the idea of utilizing the 'Superintendant Trojan', a spyware program designed to allow eavesdropping on VoIP conversations. According to ERA IT Solutions, the creator of the software, it will only be distributed to investigation agencies in the hopes of keeping it out of the hands of malicious hackers since firewalls apparently 'do not present a problem' for the software."

Google Buys YouTube for $1.65 Billion - kdawson 149
Over 30 readers wrote about Google's purchase of YouTube today for $1.65 Billion, as rumored last week.

The all-stock transaction is the single largest purchase in the company's 8-year history.

The move follows on the heels of Google's convincing Sony and Warner Music to put music videos online for free. Reportedly, YouTube will retain its brand + all its 67 employees, including co-founders Chad Hurley + Steve Chen. 10.Oct.2006 Geek- Anthropologie: Besser kommunizieren in 160 Zeichen
Amtliches Endergebnis: Österreichs Grüne überholen FPÖ im Nationalrat
10.Oct.2006 Einbruch bei VW: Diebe stehlen brisante Daten über Politiker- Limousinen
Atomtest: USA und Japan drängen auf Sanktionen gegen Nordkorea
10.Oct.2006 Schützenfische: Für jedes Opfer das passende Geschoss
10.Oct.2006 Atomtest in Nordkorea: Steinmeier fühlt "Ohnmacht"

10.Oct.2006 Österreich: Grüne landen unerwartet auf Platz 3

09.Oct.2006 Milliardendeal: Google übernimmt Videoportal YouTube
09.Oct.2006 Iran Attack Looks More Likely as Eisenhower Carrier Group Sails for Iran Theater - A Guest Contribution from Dave Lindorff, co-author of "The Case for Impeachment"
Bush N. Korea policy "a huge mistake," says former top adviser to Vice President George HW Bush

09.Oct.2006 Robyn Blumner: We Americans really ought to be ashamed. It happened on Sept. 29 at 2:47 p.m. That was the seismic minute that Congress passed the Military Commissions Act and formally granted President Bush royal powers he had been unilaterally arrogating. The historic action may one day be remembered as the moment the great American experiment in liberty ended. It was a good run.

09.Oct.2006 Bush Orders Militarized, Nuclear Space Program to Fight al-Qaeda... He's Sure No Rocket Scientist -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Torture, Murder, Bush, Kissinger and The Mothers of the Disappeared in Argentina: America on the Brink of Horror -- A BuzzFlash Editorial from Buenos Aires
The Proof that Hastert and Shimkus Lied is Becoming So Large That You'd Have to Hide It Under an Elephant, Which They are Trying to Do. "The revelation pushes back by at least five years the date when a member of Congress has acknowledged learning of Foley's behavior with former pages. A timeline issued by House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) suggested that the first lawmakers to know, Rep. John M. Shimkus (R-Ill.), the chairman of the House Page Board + Rep. Rodney Alexander (R-La.), became aware of "over-friendly" e-mails only last fall. It also expands the universe of players in the drama beyond members, either in leadership or on the page board. A source with direct knowledge of Kolbe's involvement said the messages shared with Kolbe were sexually explicit + he read the contents to The Washington Post under the condition that they not be reprinted."
No promotion for Navy lawyer who took on Bush. Lt. Cmdr. Charles Swift, 44, will retire under the military's "up or out" promotion system. Swift said "the notification came about two weeks after the Supreme Court sided with him and against the White House." 10/10
An Inconvenient Truth (DVD) -- Advance Order for Release Date of November 21. Reserve Now from (See the Trailer.)
From the Archives: In 2002, The US gave $95m to North Korea as part of an agreement to replace the Stalinist country's own nuclear programme. "In releasing the funding, President George W Bush waived the Framework's requirement that North Korea allow inspectors to ensure it has not hidden away any weapons-grade plutonium from the original reactors. ...Bush argued that the decision was 'vital to the national security interests of the United States'." Hmmm. Very interesting. 10/10

09.Oct.2006 Kellogg Brown & Root, a Halliburton subsidiary, is constructing a huge facility at an undisclosed location to hold tens of thousands of Bush's "unlawful enemy combatants." Americans are certain to be among them. 10/9
09.Oct.2006 E-Pass gehackt - Vortrag auf BlackHat - GreyHad 
Lange wurden die neuen E-Reisepässe von allen Innenministerien als sicher und unfälschbar verkauft. Na nu? Einige technikinteressierte Hacker haben sich dem Thema recht früh angenommen und auf der Black Hat Sicherheitskonferenz ihr Vorgehen vorgestellt. Der technische Aufwand ist vergleichbar gering um eine Kopie der Daten auf dem RFID-Chip zu erstellen ...

09.Oct.2006 The Phony Drug War & CIA Sponsored Latin American Terrorists: Cele - Paul Joseph Watson - Castillo Alex welcomes former DEA Agent turned whistleblower, Cele Castillo, to the Infowars
09.Oct.2006 North Korea Nuke Test Derails Iran Invasion? - Paul Joseph Watson -Has Rummy's madcap dictator arming resulted in a blowback that undermines the Neo-Con war machine? Paul Joseph
09.Oct.2006 52 percent. - Amanda  Number of Americans who believe Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) should resign, according to a new CNN poll. Just 31 percent think he should keep his post.
09.Oct.2006 President Bush is “ticked off big-time” - Faiz  at former aides who helped Bob Woodward paint a lurid portrait of a dysfunctional, chaotic administration in his new book, “State of Denial.” The NY Daily News reports, “In the obsessively private Bush clan, talking out of school is the ultimate act of disloyalty + Bush feels betrayed from within.”
09.Oct.2006 “Why should I care about North Korea?” - Faiz 

In State of Denial, Bob Woodward recounts a conversation between then-Gov. George W. Bush and then-Saudi ambassador to the U.S. Prince Bandar, in which Bush wonders why he should care about North Korea. “I get these briefings on all parts of the world,” Bush said, “and everybody is talking to me about North Korea.”
09.Oct.2006 October 9, 2006 - Think Progress 

After warnings from the U.N. Security Council just two days ago to not conduct a nuclear test, North Korea yesterday announced that it had set off an atomic weapon underground . The test was the first “manifest proof” of the country’s nuclear capabilities. (Timeline of North Korea’s atomic march HERE.)

Yesterday, James A. Baker, the Republican co-chairman of a bipartisan panel reassessing Iraq strategy for President Bush, said he “absolutely” agrees with Sen.

John Warner’s (R-VA) recent remarks on setting a timetable for redeployment from Iraq . “[T]here are alternatives between the stated alternatives…of ’stay the course’ and ‘cut and run,’” said Baker.

“The United Nations human rights chief said on Monday ’several hundred’ civilians — far more than first thought — may have died in late August attacks by militias in the south of Sudan’s violent Darfur region .”

“Rising concern over immigration has prompted a wave of cities and states this year to try to make English the official language .” Critics charge that the measures are “a way of putting immigrants in their place.”

“Moving with unusual speed,” the House Ethics Committee has started interviews in its probe of the Mark Foley scandal.

Longtime Foley aide and former chief of staff for Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY) Kirk Fordham will be testifying this week.

There are “compelling reasons beyond the Foley case to call for the speaker’s resignation from the post,” conclude American Progress’s Scott Lilly + the American Enterprise Institute’s Norman Ornstein, who examine Rep. Dennis Hastert’s (R-IL) “dodgy real estate deals.”

And finally: Florida’s Projet H.O.P.E. — funded by FEMA tax dollars — is supposed to provide “crisis counseling” for victims of hurricanes Wilma and Katrina.

But H.O.P.E. officials often cannot locate victims because FEMA refuses to release their names.

Instead, counselors “regularly attend ’stress management’ sessions that have included collecting shells on the beach, ‘silly string and art therapy,’ + ‘the toilet paper game.’”
09.Oct.2006 Kolbe confronted Foley about improper emails in 2000. - Faiz 

Retiring Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) confronted Mark Foley in 2000 about his personal communications with pages.

Kolbe had been informed of sexually explicit Internet messages from Foley that had made the youth feel uncomfortable with the direction Foley was taking their email relationship.

“The revelation pushes back by at least five years the date when a member of Congress has acknowledged learning of Foley’s behavior with former pages.”
09.Oct.2006 Nordkoreanischer Atomtest verursachte mutmaßlich eine Reihe von Erdbeben - sfux Harald Haack ?

Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (ISIS), ein US-amerikanisches Universitäts-Konsortium zur Erforschung von Erdbeben + seismischer Wellen in der Erde, mit Sitz in Washington DC,

verifizierte die im ISIS-Seismic-Monitor angegebene Position des nordkoreanischen Atomtests + bezieht sich dabei auf das National Earthquake Information Center (USGS). Demnach trat...
N Korea 'nuclear test' condemned The UN Security Council attacks North Korea's 'nuclear test' and debates next steps amid calls for rapid action.
09.Oct.2006 New UN chief proposed The UN Security Council nominates South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon as eighth secretary general.
09.Oct.2006 Planet enters 'ecological debt' Rising consumption of natural resources means that humans have begun "eating the planet", a study suggests.
09.Oct.2006 Reporter's death 'tragic' - Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin calls the murder of investigative reporter Anna Politkovskaya "tragic".
09.Oct.2006 Syria: US lacks Mid-East vision Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says the US lacks the will or vision to pursue peace in the Middle East.
09.Oct.2006 US scoops Nobel economics prize US professor Edmund Phelps wins the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work on unemployment and inflation.
09.Oct.2006 Vatican 'clarifies' Pope speech The Vatican issues an amended version of a speech by Pope Benedict XVI that angered many Muslims.
09.Oct.2006 Iraq police rebrand to foil fakes Iraqi police are issued with new uniforms to stop death squads dressing up as members of the security forces.
09.Oct.2006 Cells plan to ease prisons crisis Up to 500 places are to be made available in police cells for prisoners, Home Secretary John Reid says.
09.Oct.2006 Schizophrenia term use 'invalid'

The term schizophrenia is "scientifically meaningless" and should be abolished, experts say.

The Official ZYPREXA Olanzapine Site Bipolar disorder + schizophrenia can be treated with ZYPREXA .

Learn how ZYPREXA can help control your symptoms here from Eli Lilly and Company. www.
Outcry at N Korea 'nuclear test' Condemnation greets North Korea's claim to have tested a nuclear weapon, with the US leader calling it provocative.
09.Oct.2006 France warned over 'genocide' law An EU official and Turkish ministers urge France to drop a bill outlawing denial of the Armenian "genocide".
09.Oct.2006 Russia dethrones US metals king A merger led by Russian group Rusal has demoted US aluminium giant Alcoa from its position as global number one.
09.Oct.2006 Scanning African American Genomes Scientists launch a study of African American genes to find those associated with disease. In Bodyhack.
09.Oct.2006 British ID card scheme to cost billions The U.K's push to introduct biometric identity cards will cost more than $10 billion over the next 10 years.
09.Oct.2006 Photos: Solar boat trek--Switzerland to New York It's going to take several months, but these sailors are ready to cross the Atlantic in a solar-powered boat.
09.Oct.2006 The BBC's Honeypot PC - kdawson 228 Alex Pontin writes,

"This article from the BBC shows how vulnerable XP Home really is.

Using a highly protected XP Pro machine running VMWare, the BBC hosted an unprotected XP Home system to simulate what an 'average' home PC faces when connected to the internet."

From the article: "Seven hours of attacks: 36 warnings that pop-up via Windows Messenger.

11 separate visits by Blaster worm. 3 separate attacks by Slammer worm. 1 attack aimed at Microsoft IIS Server. 2-3 "port scans" seeking weak spots in Windows software."

The machine was attacked within seconds of being connected to the Internet + at no time did more than 15 minutes elapse between attacks.
Bush Reveals New Space Policy - CmdrTaco 352 Josh Fink writes

" is reporting that President Bush has unveiled his new space policy. From the article:

'U.S. assets must be unhindered in carrying out their space duties,' the Bush space policy says, stressing that 'freedom of action in space is as important to the United States as air power and sea power.'... As a civil space guideline, the policy calls upon NASA to 'execute a sustained and affordable human and robotic program of space exploration and develop, acquire + use civil space systems to advance fundamental scientific knowledge of our Earth system, solar system + universe.' While this policy does seem to push for more civil involvement in space for exploration and research, the article does go on to say, 'The policy calls upon the Secretary of Defense to "develop capabilities, plans + options to ensure freedom of action in space, and, if directed, deny such freedom of action to adversaries."' So it will push into the intelligence community + will supercede a similar policy from 1996. You can read the entire policy."
Chinese "Cyber-Attack" US Department of Commerce - CmdrTaco 133 Kranfer writes

"The register has an article about how the Chinese have recently launched an attack against the US Department of Commerce. From the article: '...attacks originating from computer crackers largely located in China's Guangdong province are aimed at extracting sensitive information from targets such as the Commerce Department's technology export office. Security consultants and US government officials reckon the assaults have at least the tacit support of the Chinese government...' This is not the first time Chinese hackers have attempted to gain access to US Government systems."
Billy Graham et les Illuminati C'était donc un témoin oculaire direct qui lui offrait son concours. Mais ce dernier témoin est allé bien plus loin dans ses affirmations.

Faules Gehirn: "Bekanntes ist positiv, Unbekanntes negativ"

"Das Bekannte ist positiv. Und das Unbekannte ist negativ, womöglich gar gefährlich", fasst Leder im Gespräch mit SPIEGEL ONLINE den Bewertungsmechanismus in unserem Kopf zusammen.

Ist unser Gehirn also schlichtweg zu faul, auch Außergewöhnliches, Andersartiges, Unbekanntes als attraktiv einzuschätzen?
"Und ein deformiertes Quadrat dürfte als unattraktiv bewertet werden, weil es ein mieses Quadrat ist."

Auf der Suche nach weiteren Erklärungen

Der Mechanismus der leichten Verarbeitung lässt sich also leicht manipulieren. Unklar blieb jedoch: Welche anderen Antwortmöglichkeiten gibt es noch auf die Frage, warum wir Prototypen und Bekanntes attraktiver finden?

Offensichtlich keine. Das lässt sich aus Winkielmans neuesten Forschungsergebnissen schließen. Die Publikation, erschienen im Fachmagazin "Psychological Science", sei "eine überzeugende Demonstration, dass die entscheidende Variable die Leichtigkeit der Verarbeitung ist", meint Norbert Schwarz. Was andere Erklärungen ausschließe.

Der Psychologe Piotr Winkielman aber meint: Prototypen, also durchschnittlich aussehende Objekte und Grundmuster, "sind attraktiv, weil sie einfach zu verarbeiten sind".

Bekannte und Allerweltsgesichter werden "flüssiger" erkannt

Dahinter steckt ein simpler Funktionsmechanismus: die Leichtigkeit der Verarbeitung, von Experten auch als "Ease of Processing" bezeichnet. Je durchschnittlicher ein Muster, ein Gesicht oder ein Gegenstand aussieht und je bekannter dieses Objekt ist, desto einfacher kann es das Gehirn verarbeiten - und desto flüssiger läuft dieser Prozess auch ab. Dementsprechend kann man das Objekt schneller erkennen.

"Man kann ein Bild, auf dem die eigene Frau zu sehen ist, schneller verarbeiten als das Bild einer unbekannten Person", erläutert Helmut Leder, der an der Universität Wien die Psychologie der Ästhetik erforscht.

Norbert Schwarz von der University of Michigan ergänzt: "Die Leichtigkeit der Erkennung oder Verarbeitung wird als emotional positiv erlebt und resultiert in positiveren Bewertungen."

Je leichter ein Objekt erkannt wird, als desto attraktiver wird es eingestuft: Das berichtete der aus Deutschland stammende Schwarz bereits vor zweieinhalb Jahren in einem Übersichtsartikel für das Fachmagazin "Personality and Social Psychology Review" - zusammen mit Rolf Reber von der Universität Bergen (Norwegen) und Piotr Winkielman von der University of California.
Größtes Gasfeld der Welt: Solo für Gasprom
09.Oct.2006 Atomtest: Sicherheitsrat berät Sanktionen gegen Nordkorea
09.Oct.2006 China: Marode Fabrik vergiftet mehr als 950 Kinder

09.Oct.2006 Energiegipfel: Merkel will an Atomausstieg festhalten
09.Oct.2006 Mohammed- Spott: Dänemark fürchtet neue Wut- Welle

09.Oct.2006 Wahlcomputer: Behörde hält Manipulationen für möglich
09.Oct.2006 Politkowskaja- Mord: Zeit der Verschwörungstheorien

09.Oct.2006 Ökonom Phelps: Nobelpreis für Weitblick

09.Oct.2006 Annan- Nachfolge: Sicherheitsrat nominiert Ban Ki Moon
09.Oct.2006 Nordkorea: Bush sieht durch Atomtest Weltfrieden bedroht
Weltgrößter Alu- Konzern: Russen hängen Amerikaner ab
Mord an Journalistin: Putin muss sich unbequemen Fragen stellen

09.Oct.2006 Fall Kurnaz: "Konsequenter Schweige- Kurs"
09.Oct.2006 Digitale Gesellschaft: Europa liest im Netz
09.Oct.2006 Nordkoreas Bombe: Atomare Gefahr von unbekanntem Ausmaß

09.Oct.2006 Nordkoreas Atomtest: Experten rätseln über Sprengkraft der Bombe
09.Oct.2006 Psychologie: Faules Hirn denkt sich Gewöhnliches schön
09.Oct.2006 Kaffeebar- Boom: Starbucks greift nach der ganzen Welt

09.Oct.2006 Offizielle Bestätigung: Bundesregierung erwägt Einstieg bei EADS

09.Oct.2006 Abgaben auf Internet- PCs: Software soll GEZ- Gebühr verhindern
09.Oct.2006 Islamische Comic- Helden: Allahs Superkräfte
09.Oct.2006 Sinkende Ölpreise: Opec- Chef will Förderquote senken
09.Oct.2006 Nobelpreise: Der Homerun der US- Forscher
09.Oct.2006 Nordkorea: Pjöngjang meldet erfolgreichen Atombombentest
09.Oct.2006 Auszeichnung: Amerikaner Phelps gewinnt Nobelpreis für Wirtschaft
09.Oct.2006 Torture, Murder, Bush, Kissinger and The Mothers of the Disappeared in Argentina: America on the Brink of Horror -- A BuzzFlash Editorial from Buenos Aires
Robyn Blumner: We Americans really ought to be ashamed. It happened on Sept. 29 at 2:47 p.m. That was the seismic minute that Congress passed the Military Commissions Act and formally granted President Bush royal powers he had been unilaterally arrogating. The historic action may one day be remembered as the moment the great American experiment in liberty ended. It was a good run.

09.Oct.2006 The Proof that Hastert and Shimkus Lied is Becoming So Large That You'd Have to Hide It Under an Elephant, Which They are Trying to Do. "The revelation pushes back by at least five years the date when a member of Congress has acknowledged learning of Foley's behavior with former pages. A timeline issued by House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) suggested that the first lawmakers to know, Rep. John M. Shimkus (R-Ill.), the chairman of the House Page Board + Rep. Rodney Alexander (R-La.), became aware of "over-friendly" e-mails only last fall. It also expands the universe of players in the drama beyond members, either in leadership or on the page board. A source with direct knowledge of Kolbe's involvement said the messages shared with Kolbe were sexually explicit + he read the contents to The Washington Post under the condition that they not be reprinted."
An Inconvenient Truth (DVD) -- Advance Order for Release Date of November 21. Reserve Now from (See the Trailer.)
Kellogg Brown & Root, a Halliburton subsidiary, is constructing a huge facility at an undisclosed location to hold tens of thousands of Bush's "unlawful enemy combatants." Americans are certain to be among them. 10/9
GOP losing advantage with married moms. They should lose advantage with any sane person concerned about their personal safety, national security, the fate of the planet, the national debt...just picak an issue.

09.Oct.2006 U.S. military deaths in Iraq hit 2,744
Dave Lindorff: Police Spying in the Birthplace of the First Amendment - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution from the co-author of "The Case for Impeachment"
Paul Krugman on Hastert's Paranoid Style

09.Oct.2006 Bush Regime Corruption Udpate, Ohio Style: "Federal prosecutors, aided by Mr. Kidd, proved that Noe poured more than $45,000 into the President's campaign to become a Bush "Pioneer" - a distinction posted on the campaign Web site for those who raised at least $100,000. On

12.Sep.2006 a federal judge sentenced Noe to 27 months in prison + ordered him to pay $136,200 in fines for illegally laundering the money through two dozen friends and associates to the Bush/Cheney campaign." 10/9