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18.Nov.2004 New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson speaks to the regents of the University of California at their meeting on the campus at UCLA Wednesday,in Los Angeles.

Richardson urged the regents to submit a bid on the contract for the University of California to continue to run the Los Alamos National Laboratory. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon) URL:

18.Nov.2004 The New Hampshire recount. Trust him or mistrust him, Nader at least is going ahead with the recount in New Hampshire. This recount cannot change the outcome of the election in and of itself. But if it uncovers proof of the machinery of deception, you can expect recounts in other states.
Exit polls: This
UPI story offers some figures worth noting:
Exit polling by Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International, which created the National Election Poll for ABC, AP, CBS, CNN, Fox + NBC, had shown Kerry leading by 3 percentage points in Florida and by 4 points in Ohio. Kerry lost Florida by 5.2 percent, with Bush running ahead of his 2000 performance in 58 of the state's 67 counties. In Ohio, the margin was 2.5 percent.
Florida's 8.2-percent spread -- between the early exits and the results -- is more than double the standard error rate. In Ohio, the spread is 6.5 percent. The article goes on to discuss the various theories for this wide (wider than most people acknowledge) disparity. URL:
18.Nov.2004 Scientists, not lawyers.
This important story by a Democratic activist argues that instead of mustering an army of lawyers for election day, the Kerry campaign should have gathered together scientists and computer experts.
Olbermann: Did I call the shot, or what? Conservatives have now inaugurated Keith Olbermann into their
demon-of-the-month club.
Olbermann and Fisher: We should note that
Olbermann seems to have a cautious, perhaps even dismissive attitude toward Jeff Fisher, the Florida congressional candidate who has made startling claims regarding vote fraud in Florida. The brouhaha seems to center on one Kevin Zeese, a spokesman for Ralph Nader.

The Fisher site allegedly quoted Zeese as affirming that Nader would consult "with Jeff Fisher + Jan Schneider regarding the investigation of voter fraud and a statewide recount for the state of Florida."

Zeese denied to MSNBC that he had made such a comment.

The quote now seems to be missing from Fisher's site (at least I could not find it); Olbermann implies that the whole affair injures Fisher's credibility. URL:
18.Nov.2004 Ohio: If you haven't seen it yet, check out
this piece on the gross (and obviously intentional) violations of the Voting Rights Act: URL:
18.Nov.2004 Never give up: The election mess continues Bev Harris: You'll want to read about her recent battles in Volusia county; scroll down.
Felons: In some states, felons cannot vote -- but they can still
count the vote, according the investigator Daniel Hopsicker.
...the owner of Sequoia Pacific until recently was also accused of bribing public officials, in this case the Prime Minister of Ireland.
While the name Dr. Michael Smurfit is not well-known to Americans, his company manufactures the software used to compile more than two-thirds of the nation's electronically-counted votes. Smurfit?

We've placed our democracy in the hands of a guy named Smurfit ?
Jerry Fowler had run up some big gambling debts at Harrah's in Atlantic City, we learned. So he found the chance to pay off by making his voting machines "pay off" irresistible.

In all, 22 people were indicted, 9 pled guilty + Fowler went to jail.
But the Sequoia Pacific "Southeast Sales Manager," a man named Pasquale "Rocco" Ricci of Marlton, New Jersey, barely even got a slap on the wrist.

For the crime of suborning democracy in the state of Louisiana for over a decade, Mr. Ricci was sentenced to just a year...
A year of home detention. As is often the case with Hopsicker, his report breaks new ground yet leaves too many threads hanging loose (if I may be forgiven such a terribly mixed metaphor).

Still, any armchair sleuths will want to Google these names...
Reward: Remember the group that offered a cool hundred thou to anyone who could prove vote fraud (or rat out the fraudsters)? They've
doubled the offer.

They only catch: The evidence must change the outcome of the presidential race. URL:

18.Nov.2004 In one ward in the city of Manchester, the change was remarkable.

In 2000, Gore beat Bush 49 % to 48 %.

But this year Bush carried the ward with 53 % of votes.

In another Manchester ward where Gore won 52 percent to Bush's 44 percent in 2000, Bush won with 50 percent to Kerry's 49 percent this year.  

"The numbers could be real," Briggs said. "But to be this dramatically outside of the trend raises some red flags." URL:
18.Nov.2004 When Briggs broke the 71 wards down by voting equipment - separating wards into those that used traditional paper ballots + those that used optical-scan machines -

she discovered that 73 % of the wards used optical-scan equipment, while only 27 % used traditional paper ballots. Even more interesting was the breakdown per brand of voting equipment.

New Hampshire wards used optical-scan equipment made by Diebold Election Systems and Election Systems & Software.

About 62 % of the wards with anomalous results used Diebold machines.  

"Which is pretty high," Briggs said. "Especially in comparison to hand-counted paper ballots, which accounted for only 27 % of the out-of-trend wards."   URL:
17.Nov.2004 Vote Recount To Settle Doubts? Wired News
A vote recount in New Hampshire on Thursday could shed light on anomalies with election results in that state, voting activists say.

And if the recount finds problems with voting machines there, it could open the way for recounts in other states, such as Florida.  

Presidential candidate Ralph Nader requested the recount, which will include only a small percentage of voting districts in the state where anomalies appeared in the election results.

New Hampshire uses a combination of traditional paper ballots and optical-scan machines -- where voters mark a paper ballot with a pen before officials scan it through an electronic infrared reader.

The anomalies occurred mostly in districts that used optical-scan machines.   URL:
18.Nov.2004 Smart-1 will not land, but the scientists hope that analysing x-ray and infra-red radiation bounced off the surface will offer clues to its mineral composition.   The mission will also peer into the darker parts of the moon's south pole for the first time + search deep craters for signs of water.  

Smart-1 is only the second spacecraft to be propelled by an ion drive, which does not burn fuel but uses solar power to electrically charge atoms of xenon gas. These accelerate away from the spacecraft and produce thrust.   URL:

18.Nov.2004 The flight was the last in a $230 million-plus effort to test technology most likely to be initially used in military aircraft, such as a bomber that could reach any target on Earth within two hours of takeoff from the USA URL:

18.Nov.2004 All the while, the demand for our services and products against a ruthless and unconventional enemy has expanded geometrically and we are expected to deliver - instantly. We have reason to be proud of our achievements and we need to be smarter about how we do our work in this operational climate." URL:
18.Nov.2004 Among the moves that Mr. Goss said he was weighing was the selection of a candidate to become the agency's No. 2 official, the deputy director of central intelligence.

The name being mentioned most often within the CIA as a candidate, intelligence officials said, is Lt. Gen. Michael V. Hayden of the Air Force, the director of the National Security Agency, which is responsible for intercepting electronic communications worldwide. The naming of a deputy director would be made by the White House, in a nomination subject to Senate confirmation. URL:
18.Nov.2004 Tensions between the agency's new leadership team, which took over in late September + senior career officials are more intense than at any time since the late 1970's. The most significant changes so far have been the resignations on Monday of Stephen R. Kappes, the deputy director of operations, and his deputy, Michael Sulick, but Mr. Goss told agency employees in the memorandum that he planned further changes "in the days and weeks ahead of us" that would involve "procedures, organization, senior personnel and areas of focus for our action."

"I am committed to sharing these changes with you as they occur," Mr. Goss said in the memorandum. "I do understand it is easy to be distracted by both the nature and the pace of change. I am confident, however, that you will remain deeply committed to our mission." URL:
17.Nov.2004 New CIA Chief Tells Workers to Back Administration Policies - Goss, Porter J. the new CIA chief, has told Central Intelligence Agency employees that their job is to "support the administration + its policies in our work," a copy of an internal memorandum shows.

"As agency employees we do not identify with, support or champion opposition to the administration or its policies," Mr. Goss, Porter J. said in the memorandum, which was circulated late on Monday.

Goss, Porter J. said in the document that he was seeking "to clarify beyond doubt the rules of the road."

While Goss, Porter J. words could be construed as urging analysts to conform with administration policies, Mr. Goss, Porter J. also wrote, "We provide the intelligence as we see it - + let the facts alone speak to the policymaker."

The memorandum suggested an effort by Mr. Goss, Porter J. to spell out his thinking as Goss, Porter J. embarked on what Goss, Porter J. made clear would be a major overhaul at the CIA, with further changes to come.

The changes to date, including the ouster of the agency's clandestine service chief, have left current + former intelligence officials angry + unnerved.

Some have been outspoken, including those who said Tuesday that they regarded Mr. Goss, Porter J. 's warning as part of an effort to suppress dissent within the organization. URL:

17.Nov.2004 In recent weeks, White House officials have complained that some CIA. officials have sought to undermine President Bush + his policies.

17.Nov.2004 "The (now former) USA Administrator of the Iraqi CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority) government, Paul Bremer,updated Iraq's intellectual property law to 'meet current internationally-recognized standards of protection.'  

The updated law makes saving seeds for next year's harvest, practiced by 97% of Iraqi farmers in 2002, the standard farming practice for thousands of years across human civilizations, now illegal.   Instead, farmers < will have to obtain a yearly license for genetically-modified seeds from USA corporations.

These GM seeds have typically been modified from IP developed over thousands of generations by indigenous farmers like the Iraqis, shared freely like agricultural 'open source.'

Other IP provisions for technology in the law further integrate Iraq into the USA IP „economy“."  

As part of sweeping "economic restructuring" implemented by the Bush Administration in Iraq, Iraqi farmers will no longer be permitted to save their seeds.

Instead, they will be forced to buy seeds from US corporations -- including seeds the Iraqis themselves developed over hundreds of years.

That is because in recent years, transnational corporations have patented + now own many seed varieties originated or developed by indigenous peoples.

In a short time, Iraq will be living under the new USA credo: Pay Monsanto, or starve.regards, Eric Sean Webber --URL:
New Iraq Law Outlaws Saving Seeds! Requires Licenses!

17.Nov.2004 To read more of the translation + comment on this exciting new development, head toward The Narcosphere:  

From somewhere in a country called América,   Al Giordano Publisher The Narco News Bulletin URL:
17.Nov.2004 Lula is expected to sign an executive decree on 24.Nov.2004 taking drug enforcement responsibilities away from police agencies + placing the problems of drug use under the jurisdiction of the Health Ministry, which will be charged with supporting the safe drug-use centers and make Harm Reduction - a policy to reduce the harms associated with drug use - the law of the land.   Here is an excerpt from today's report from Brazil's largest daily newspaper:   "Policy proposal considers drug consumption as a public health problem + no longer one for the police.

The government wants to create centers for drug use."   URL:

17.Nov.2004 Brazil To Decriminalize Drug Use On 24.Nov 2004

17.Nov.2004 Die russischen Bemühungen zur Modernisierung der Streitkräfte seien Washington bekannt.

Präsident George W. Bush und Putin hätten bereits früher darüber gesprochen. McClellan verwies zugleich auf gültige amerikanisch-russische Abkommen zur Verringerung der Atomwaffenarsenale beider Seiten.
17.Nov.2004 Topol-M-Raketen sind offenbar nur schwer aufspürbar.

Anfang des Jahres war aus dem russischen Verteidigungsministerium verlautet, Russland habe eine Waffe entwickelt, die das geplante neue Raketenabwehrsystem der USA nutzlos mache.
17.Nov.2004 Zurzeit sei der internationale Terrorismus eine besonders große Bedrohung, sagte Putin.

Aber "wenn wir Verteidigungskomponenten wie ein nukleares Raketenschutzschild ignorieren, könnten andere Bedrohungen auftreten", fügte er hinzu.

Deshalb wolle Russland seine Streitkräfte einschließlich ihrer atomaren Komponente ausbauen.URL:,1518,druck-328427,00.html
Rüstung: Russland entwickelt Mega-Atomrakete

17.Nov.2004 ES&S Employee found on Auglaize County, OH Computer! Just weeks before election! Fourth highest Bush Vote % in State!

17.Nov.2004 UPDATED! FBI & Homeland Sec. Officials Deny Warren County's Claim! Say they never warned Warren County about anything! SEE ORIGINAL STORY: Warren County, OH Vote Count Tallying Done in Secret! Officials site "homeland security warnings" from federal officials , County had near largest % of Bush votes in state!
Diebold Settles California Law Suit for $2.6 Million

17.Nov.2004 FRIDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: 250 Million to 1 Odds on Exit Polls; Good MSNBC Reporting; Green/Libertarian OHIO Recount Update

17.Nov.2004 nice roundup of Harris' troubling postings, today on Democratic Underground.
Nader's NH Recount to Begin Thursday!

17.Nov.2004 Kevin Rafferty, a former managing editor for the World Bank, is author of "City on the Rocks, Hong Kong's Uncertain Future" URL:
17.Nov.2004 As always, the flows will give the impression that this outcome is sustainable. In the end, nothing could be further from the truth. URL:
17.Nov.2004 When will the economic nuclear explosion occur? Like riding a bicycle, continuous momentum is important. The situation may continue as long as the rest of the world is prepared to accept dollar assets.

17.Nov.2004 The U.S. is spending at all levels like there is no tomorrow.

The trade deficit is hitting new records. The budget deficit is growing and will grow faster while Iraq bleeds American money.

Meanwhile, a demographic time bomb is ticking as aging baby boomers reach retirement age.

The number of Americans aged 65 and above will rise from 12.4 % of the total population to 18.2 % over the next 25 years, though that's well after Bush leaves the White House. URL:
17.Nov.2004 USA is now absorbing more than 80 % of the world's surplus savings, "requiring $2.6 billion of capital inflows each business day to fund its domestic saving shortfall."URL:
17.Nov.2004 Stephen Roach, Morgan Stanley's perceptive economist, drew attention to the fact that some of the numbers are nothing short of frightening.

USA currently has $38 trillion in debts + there is a $54 trillion federal funding gap - the difference between what USA government is committed to pay out + what it will receive in tax revenues.

17.Nov.2004 As a European, I find it hard to understand how the American people can swallow Bush's contradictory claim that the war against terror is going jolly well but that, since the danger is greater than ever before, he is the leader to keep America safe.

I pray that in the wake of his triumph, he listens to British Prime Minister Tony Blair's pleas that renewed efforts must be made in the quest for a Middle East peace as the key to defeating the terrorists.

The war in Iraq is more than a sideshow. Indeed, it is an expensive drain in both manpower and money on an already overstretched USA economy.

This is the real problem that Bush faces + it will not go away even if he zaps all the terrorists from Iraq to Afghanistan. URL:
17.Nov.2004 But while the rest of the world has the potential to recover, this is the beginning of the end of U.S. hegemony.

It will be a tougher new world that emerges, but as with the British Empire or Ancient Rome, there is nothing God-given or eternal that says Washington must rule the world forever.

Perhaps the only good thing about the USA election was that it was over quickly + cleanly.

However, the whole pantomime performance of the poll should raise doubts about the efficiency + validity of its contribution to democracy. URL:
17.Nov.2004 HONG KONG -- Sometimes it is difficult to fathom the mind of Mr. Market.

After the Congress Party won the Indian election, the stock market plunged.

After U.S. President George W. Bush's re-election was confirmed, markets everywhere were almost dancing with joy, seemingly oblivious to $50-a-barrel oil prices, the bloody mess in Iraq, the threats from al-Qaeda, America's jobless recovery and its yawning deficits.

TV's talking heads were jubilant, declaring that a victory for tax cuts that would boost economic growth and send Wall Street and other markets soaring.

Perhaps it was the hallucinatory effect of the election slogans that had many voters believing that God + USA guns could keep gays and terrorists at bay while restoring peace, harmony + prosperity to the world.

The reality is that Bush will be forced to make hard choices + the American people will have to face pain for their profligacy. For the rest of the world, U.S. difficulties will bring hardships.

17.Nov.2004 "I was told that because I am a legislator and a Democrat I was being asked to step down," she said.

"This has upset my whole home. I am a pretty unlikely and undeserving target of this." URL:
17.Nov.2004 Lawmaker: Priest asked me to quit choir URL:

17.Nov.2004 This was a bit disturbing, since the employees there had said that bag was destined for the shredder.
By now, a county lawyer had appeared on the scene, suddenly threatening to charge Black Box Voting extra for the time spent looking at the real stuff Volusia had withheld earlier.

Other lawyers appeared, phoned, people had meetings, Lana glowered at everyone + someone shut the door in the office holding the GEMS server.
Black Box Voting investigator Andy Stephenson then went to get the Diebold "GEMS" central server locked down.

He also got the memory cards locked down and secured, much to the dismay of Lana.

They were scattered around unsecured in any way before that.
Everyone agreed to convene tomorrow morning, to further audit, discuss the hand count that Black Box Voting will require of Volusia County + of course, it is time to talk about contesting the election in Volusia.URL:

17.Nov.2004 The police finally let Harris and Wynne go, about the time the film crew arrived + everyone trooped off to the elections office. There, the plot thickened.
Black Box Voting began to compare the special printouts given in the FOIA request with the signed polling tapes from election night.

Lo and behold, some were missing. By this time, Black Box Voting investigator Andy Stephenson had joined the group at Volusia County. Some polling place tapes didn't match.

In fact, in one location, precinct 215, an African-American precinct, the votes were off by hundreds, in favor of George W. Bush and other Republicans.
Hmm. Which was right? URL:

17.Nov.2004 Lana Hires, a Volusia County employee who gained some notoriety in an election 2000 Diebold memo, where she asked for an explanation of minus 16,022 votes for Gore, so she wouldn't have to stand there "looking dumb" when the auditor came in, was particularly unhappy about seeing the Black Box Voting investigators in the office. She vigorously shook her head when Deanie Lowe suggested going to the warehouse.
17.Nov.2004 We all know many examples to prove the point. For the latest outrage, see
this story, about a state representative in "liberal " Massachusetts, asked to leave her church choir because she is a Democrat.
Last gasp of U.S. hegemony : This is the beginning of the end of U.S. hegemony.

17.Nov.2004 Empires as Ages of Religious Ignorance: George W. Bush's Crusade and American Fundamentalism

17.Nov.2004 US accused of ‘torture flights’ : AN executive jet is being used by the American intelligence agencies to fly terrorist suspects to countries that routinely use torture in their prisons.

17.Nov.2004 British guard firm 'abused scared Iraqi shepherd boy ' : Security man suspended as coalition probes claims teenager was ill treated

17.Nov.2004 Iraqi oil pipeline destroyed: The attack triggered a huge blaze, but firefighters were kept away because Iraqi fighters had warned of dire consequences if they intervened, he said.

17.Nov.2004 Nato missions 'threatened by refusal to send troops to Iraq': The American general who serves as Nato's military commander has warned that 10 member countries' refusal to send troops to Iraq for the alliance's new training mission threatens the long-term viability of the operation, making it difficult to find enough forces to serve in Baghdad.

17.Nov.2004 Only the buildings in Fallujah have fallen : American forces use tactics that anyone who has served in the British Army would find unacceptable.

17.Nov.2004 Helen Thomas: Attack on Fallujah can't be justified: Do Americans of good conscience really believe that we are making the United States more secure by bombing and killing the people of Fallujah?

17.Nov.2004 Rights Lawyers See Possibility of a War Crime : Human rights experts said Friday that American soldiers might have committed a war crime on Thursday when they sent fleeing Iraqi civilians back into Falluja.

17.Nov.2004 Denial of Water to Iraqi Cities : Water supplies to Tall Afar, Samarra and Fallujah were cut off during US attacks during the past two months, affecting up to 750,000 civilians. This appears to form part of a deliberate US policy of denying water to the residents of cities under attack. PDF Format

17.Nov.2004 Iraq's Allawi Is a 'Straw Man' and a 'Criminal,' Says Sy Hersh at NYU : "One story the press doesn't touch is this criminal -- this straw man that's been put in -- Allawi, this ridiculous figure that we've installed as the prime minister," Hersh said. "To keep him in power, we've exponentially increased the bombing. ...

17.Nov.2004 Haunted Empire: It's not enough that Bush wants Americans to look under their beds at night for Osama Bin Laden, a near-seven-foot specter dragging around a dialysis machine; or Abu Musab al-Zarkawi, a one-legged dead escape artist -- now he insists the people go through their days in a dead run, looking over their shoulders to see if History is gaining on them. 

17.Nov.2004 The Enlightenment of Resistance: Once more we find ourselves, surrounded by war, destruction and death, gnawed at by suffering and misery, living among the ignorant, fearful and easily led, taken hostage by fundamentalists, zealots and extremists, refusing to eradicate from our condition the plague called violence and the warmongering, greed-infected leaders who birth it. 

17.Nov.2004 A Confederacy Of Dunces

15.Nov.2004 US forces fail to capture Zarqawi : US and Iraqi officials claimed that Zarqawi was holed-up in Fallujah and had given residents an ultimatum to hand him over or face attack. Sunni clerics in the city repeatedly denied Zarqawi was in Fallujah.

17.Nov.2004 Two top CIA officials quit : The top two officials at the CIA's clandestine unit have resigned after clashing with the new management of the agency at a time when it is fighting terrorism and supporting U.S. operations in Iraq.

17.Nov.2004 Chirac says UK got nothing from Bush support: French President Jacques Chirac has said in a newspaper interview that Britain has gained nothing from its support for the United States-led invasion of Iraq.

17.Nov.2004 Blair calls on UN to ease invasion of 'bad' countries: Tony Blair warned the United States last night not to go it alone as the world's policeman as he urged America and Europe to unite behind a new doctrine that would allow the most powerful nations to intervene against regimes that harm their own people.

17.Nov.2004 Airlines Must Hand Over Passenger Data Next Week To Feds : Once each of the 72 domestic airlines submits data, including passenger name, reservation date, travel itinerary + form of payment for domestic flights between June 1 and June 30 of this year, testing is expected to last through the end of January.

17.Nov.2004 Long walk to freedom : Mordechai Vanunu served 18 years in an Israeli prison for blowing the whistle on the country's nuclear weapons programme. Last week he was arrested again - but not before he had given Duncan Campbell the following exclusive interview

17.Nov.2004 Who is the real enemy?: Do you support your country even if what it does is evil? So what does that make you?

17.Nov.2004 Powell was just a figurehead, not a player : Powell met with Israeli officials and was sent on missions to the region, but the Israeli file was always in the hands of President George W. Bush and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice.

17.Nov.2004 The Peter Principle and the Neocon Coup: The bloodletting has begun. : With the ravaging of the CIA and the ousting of Powell — instead of the more-deserving Rumsfeld — the coup of the neoconservatives is complete. They have achieved a remarkable political victory by failing upward.

17.Nov.2004 Politics and the CIA : Many intelligence personnel have leaked embarrassing—and accurate—information to the media about the Bush administration’s missteps in Iraq. Now it’s payback time from the White House.

17.Nov.2004 Bush threatens mankind, says Caldicott : Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr Helen Caldicott fears US President George Bush's re-election will lead to Armageddon and she isn't sure if mankind would survive another four years.

17.Nov.2004 US forces arrest senior Iraqi official: US forces have detained the deputy head of Iraq's interim parliament and senior member of the Iraqi Islamic Party in a dawn raid on his Baghdad home.

17.Nov.2004 Should Canada indict Bush?: When U.S. President George W. Bush arrives in Ottawa — probably later this year — should he be welcomed? Or should he be charged with war crimes?

17.Nov.2004 Geneva Conventions on war spell out ban on harming wounded: Protection of wounded combatants is a basic rule in the universally accepted treaty on warfare applying to the U.S. investigation of the videotaped fatal shooting of a wounded and apparently unarmed Iraqi combatant, international legal experts said Tuesday.

17.Nov.2004 Children pay price for US offensive: Iyad Allawi says not a single civilian has died in the assault to retake Falluja, but the charred bodies in the streets of the city and the children in Baghdad's Naaman hospital tell a different story.

17.Nov.2004 Rebels, residents starving: A US helicopter swept continuously overhead shooting at virtually anything that moved, he said.

17.Nov.2004 Few Foreigners Among Insurgents: Judging from fighters captured in Fallouja, all but about 5% are Iraqi, U.S. officials say.

17.Nov.2004 NBC Says Marine Murdered Wounded Iraqi Prisoner : A television pool report by U.S. network NBC said on Monday that a U.S. Marine had shot dead an unarmed and wounded Iraqi prisoner in a mosque in Falluja.

17.Nov.2004 Jim Lobe: Hawks flying high with Rice posting: US President George W Bush's nomination of National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice to replace Secretary of State Colin Powell consolidates the control over US foreign policy of the coalition of hawks that promoted the war in Iraq, led by Vice President Dick Cheney.

17.Nov.2004 You Can't Blame the Neocons on Us!: The aid supplied by the Conservative Republicans in the 90s allowed the Neocons to survive, prosper, and ascend to the highest offices of power within the Bush administration so that they could deliver the first 21st century war to the world's doorstep. 

17.Nov.2004 U.S. Army to Punish Soldiers Who Refused Iraq Convoy: U.S. Army investigators recommended disciplinary action against about two dozen reservists who refused orders to deliver fuel along a dangerous convoy route in Iraq, officials said on Tuesday.

17.Nov.2004 The worst since era of J. Edgar Hoover: Saying that John Ashcroft was a controversial attorney general would be as understated as stating that Ohio's electoral votes were only slightly relevant in our most recent presidential election

17.Nov.2004 Britons reject Blair's closeness to the US: Tony Blair's "shoulder to shoulder" support for America is rejected today by a majority of British people, who believe it is more important to have good relations with European countries.

17.Nov.2004 Russia Developing New Nuclear Missile: President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Russia is developing a new form of nuclear missile unlike those held by other countries, news agencies reported.

17.Nov.2004 Blue states buzz over secession: The idea isn't just a joke; one top Democrat says, "The segment of the country that pays for the federal government is now being governed by the people who don't pay for the federal government."

17.Nov.2004 Vote recount in New Hampshire to Settle Doubts? : A vote recount in New Hampshire on Thursday could shed light on anomalies with election results in that state, voting activists say. And if the recount finds problems with voting machines there, it could open the way for recounts in other states, such as Florida.

17.Nov.2004 Government looking at military draft lists: The Selective Service System (SSS) and the U.S. Department of Education now are gearing up to compare their computer records, to make sure all men between the ages of 18 and 25 who are required to register for a military draft have done so.

17.Nov.2004 Chirac: Iraq war has made world more dangerous : Mr Chirac, the main European opponent of the war, said terrorism had increased since Iraq was invaded.

17.Nov.2004 We Don’t Do War Without War Crimes: “This chamber reeks of blood. Every Senator here is partly responsible for that human wreckage at Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval and all across our land - young men without legs, or arms, or genitals, or faces or hopes.”

17.Nov.2004 Army officer charged with murder: The charges mark the latest in several murder cases filed by the US military against American troops in Iraq

17.Nov.2004 Robert Fisk: What price innocence in the anarchy of Iraq?: If Margaret Hassan can be kidnapped and murdered, how much further can we fall into the Iraqi pit? There are no barriers, no frontiers of immorality left. What price is innocence now worth in the anarchy that we have brought to Iraq? The answer is simple: nothing.

17.Nov.2004 Margaret Hassan : Coincidence? The surfacing of a videotape that allegedly shows the execution of Margaret Hassan coming as it does fresh on the heels of the video of the execution of a wounded Iraqi resistance fighter by US Marines seems to be part of a pattern of diverting attention away from embarrassing revelations for the occupiers. Could it be that the people who kidnapped Margaret Hassan are not what they seem?

17.Nov.2004 Onslaught doomed Care chief : THE US-led offensive on the Iraqi city of Fallujah could have been the final straw that led to the execution of Care Australia's Baghdad chief, Margaret Hassan.

17.Nov.2004 Hassan murder 'a barbaric act' : "Margaret Hassan was an Iraqi national, Margaret Hassan was (a) humanitarian worker, Margaret Hassan opposed the military occupation of Iraq," "For 20 years she worked for the humanitarian interests of the Iraqi people.

17.Nov.2004 Hamas announces election boycott : "This election is a continuation of the Oslo process which has already failed and is finished."

17.Nov.2004 Sharon's Gaza Pullout: Not Gonna Happen!: For those who oppose Israeli occupation, it is clear, that Sharon's disengagement is just a plan for maintaining the occupation with more international legitimacy.

17.Nov.2004 Gaza Strip squatters may go to West Bank : Jewish squatters from the Gaza Strip and the northern West Bank will be able to use the compensation they receive from Israel to build homes in other West Bank squats, the director of the agency responsible for evacuating squatters said yesterday.

17.Nov.2004 Robert Fisk : Death, Delusion and Democracy : The Palestinians - the victims of 39 years of occupation - must prove themselves worthy of peace with their occupiers.

The death of their leader is therefore billed as a glorious occasion that provides hope. All this is part of the self-delusion of Bush and Blair. The reality is that the outlook in the Middle East is bleaker than ever

17.Nov.2004 Killing Wounded Prisoners And The Conscience Of Humanity : The Japanese and Germans killed prisoners, but not Americans. The Communists killed prisoners, but not Americans.

The "bad guys" kill prisoners, but Americans have a higher standard than others, because we're the "good guys." We follow the rules of the Geneva Conventions and we are more humane.

17.Nov.2004 Ted Lang : Bush's Mid East War is Out of Control : Our burning need to justify our reason for killing innocent civilians requires that we dehumanize the "enemy," excusing our own horrific brutality and inhumanity. It is just as Pilger suggests: Iraqis, Arabs and Muslims are all viewed by us as Hitler's "Untermenschen;" people who are less than human and therefore "killable.

17.Nov.2004 Sam Hamod : The New Mongols : Many hundreds of troops who came back from Iraq had either turned so cold that they refused to talk about Christ and mercy + others broke down and cried about what they’d done to women and children.

17.Nov.2004 Francis Boyle: Obliterating Fallujah: A War Crime in Real Time One generation ago the peoples of the world asked themselves: Where were the "good" Germans? - Today the peoples of the world are likewise asking themselves: Where are the "good" Americans?

17.Nov.2004 Rationalizing Atrocities: Bring Them Home Before They Kill Again It is depressingly predictable how "worked up" the Pentagon brass gets about an atrocity committed in gross violation of the Geneva Conventions when the crime is captured on film, But does anyone seriously believe that this particularly ugly atrocity is the only one that occurred during the assault?

17.Nov.2004 Counterinsurgency run amok : Dr al-Muhannadi also confirmed that American snipers killed more than 17 Iraqi doctors who had mobilized to answer an appeal from Fallujah's doctors broadcast on al-Jazeera:

17.Nov.2004 "Support the Troops": France invades US (part 6) Jerry Ghinelli
The US, he declared, had been "liberated" by France in order to bring "democracy" to USA +remove the brutal tyrant, George W. Bush, who had violated UN resolutions, possessed illegal weapons and invaded other countries, noted Jackson.

17.Nov.2004 Islamisten in Deutschland: Schily will gegen "Hassprediger" durchgreifen

17.Nov.2004 Börsenschluss: Von Jahreshoch zu Jahreshoch

17.Nov.2004 Spitzentreffen: Chirac wettert gegen Blair

17.Nov.2004 Rote Liste 2004: 15.000 Arten droht das Aus

17.Nov.2004 Deutschland: Vorschusslorbeeren für Außenministerin Rice

17.Nov.2004 US-Reservisten: Auf der Flucht vor Uncle Sam

17.Nov.2004 Wirtschaftsforscher: Deutsche arbeiten länger als angenommen

17.Nov.2004 Geologie: Atlantis ist nur ein Schlammvulkan

17.Nov.2004 Argentinien: Bomben explodieren vor drei Banken

17.Nov.2004 Atomprogramm: Iran soll waffenfähiges Uran aus Pakistan erhalten haben

17.Nov.2004 Uno-Programm: "Oil for Food" - Alptraum einer Weltbehörde

17.Nov.2004 In order to have an intelligent discussion on the news media...go to the following web site to find out who owns what thus who is answerable to whom;
17.Nov.2004 The Ohio recount is going to happen and I just bet these guys are going to be completely exposed. Bush probably really lost big time. What is the media going to say then?
17.Nov.2004 I do believe in attempting to cover up this fraudulent election, American media has stooped to an all time low, but of course we all expected it.

The fact is however, that we no longer need them. The people have the power to think for themselves and that is exactly what is happening.

The American people see the truth + we will rise to the occasion to save our democracy, with or without the help of the mainstream media.

’We shall know the truth and the truth will set us free’
17.Nov.2004 American journalists have failed our country so many times, from lamely ignoring the lack of evidence for WMD’s before the war in Iraq, to helping prop up Bush every step of the way in his absurd agenda for our country. When it was discovered that Bush had something rectangular on his back in the debates + was most likely wired and cheating, the media tried to pretend it didn’t happen.

When that didn’t work, they explained it away as a wrinkle when everyone could see clearly that is was something more.

Bush even stated on TV that he ’didn’t know what that was- uh- I mean it was a wrinkle’.

Once again Bush blatantly lies to the American people and we are supposed to let it go? It is amusing that the mainstream media even expects us to trust them anymore.

17.Nov.2004 As the vote fraud issues have become common knowledge, the mainstream media has taken to insulting bloggers on the internet, calling them conspiracy theorists and the like.

I would like to suggest to these supposed reporters, that if they were doing their jobs in the first place, America wouldn’t be in this situation and bloggers wouldn’t have to do their jobs for them.

17.Nov.2004 Our democracy is based on a free press and fair vote and it is becoming obvious that in this country we have neither.

As our supposed investigative reporters ignore the pile of vote irregularities favoring Bush, they are making their choice to support Facism.

But the American people also have a choice to ignore them and become the media themselves which is exactly what is happening.

More and more people are shutting their TV’s off and searching for real news on the internet.

16.Nov.2004 Mainstream media loses all credibility in attempting to cover vote fraud -9 comment(s).

The only power that the mainstream media has is that the American people trust them to tell us the truth. As more an more Americans realize that the mainstream media is spoonfed news bites that they want us to hear, their propaganda becomes less powerful. URL:
Vote Fraud Qs lead to: Did Kerry actually win the Primaries?

Why Isn’t Kerry Using $50M Unspent Campaign Money to Fund Recounts? by : Democracy Now
Back Box voting investigators catch election officials red handed-Volusia County on lockdown by :
Vote Fraud and Congressional Inaction- Demand the Resignation of Nancy Pelosi by : Martin Smith
Germany and American hypocrisy by : xymphora

17.Nov.2004 Complete Audio Coverage of Testimony on Ohio Voter Disenfranchisement and Voter Fraud by : Politicasso
Taking a Leak on the Bush Bulge by : Dave Lindorff
IRAQ: US launches mass slaughter in Fallujah by : Doug Lorimer
Democratic Underground Hacked? by : Go west young man
Inside Fallujah: one family’s diary of terror by : Dahr Jamail
Why Did John Kerry Abandon His Crew (US!) in Battle? by : Harvey Wasserman
After Arafat’s death Will the Palestinian Authority take the carrot? : Yossi Schwartz
Few foreigners are among insurgents captured in Fallujah by : Robert Burns
The invisible wound by : Matthew B. Stannard by : Michael Georgy
A city lies in ruins, along with the lives of the wretched survivors
Flashback:Remember James Bath? Charles "Bill" White does by : sander hicks
Who Is The Real Enemy? by : John Kaminski
Can someone compose a listing of media ownership? by : Politicasso
N.M. Still Counting Provisional Ballots by : ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.
Denial Of Water To Iraqi Cities by : Daniel O'Huiginn and Alison Klevnas
The Defeated Whimper, Lick Their Wounds + Scratch Their Heads...Meanwhile, Iraq is Burning by : DONNA J. VOLATILE
US has lost control of much of Mosul, say officials by : Charles Glass
Mainstream media loses all credibility in attempting to cover vote fraud by : Margaret Whitman
Recount in Ohio a Sure Thing by : WASHINGTON
U.S. to Probe Shooting of Wounded Iraqi by : STEVEN R. HURST
Amnesty: Rules of war violated in Fallujah by : Fallujah
Conspiracy theories: Republican delusions by : 2nd-op
A Legitimate Recount Effort in Ohio by : Steven Rosenfeld
A sunny ’W’ seizes the moment Bush intends to further consolidate power at the White House by : Kenneth T. Walsh
Chile: Pinochet crimes to be exposed for the first time by : Hernan Etchaleco
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US accused of ‘torture flights’ by : Stephen Grey
Top spies threaten to leave the fold over CIA reform by : Roland Watson
Violence erupts across Iraq and aid agencies warn of disaster as US declares battle of Fallujah is o by : Kim Sengupta
Bush Faces Mounting Allegations of Widespread Fraud in 2004 Election by : why we hate bush
Woman facing death penalty for pot: How to help... by : Indonesia
I Smell a Rat by : COLIN SHEA
Here is a message John Kerry’s brother sent out by : Cam Kerry
16.Nov.2004 URL:
Greg Palast vs. Farhad Manjoo. Root for your side.
17.Nov.2004 The digital vote tricksters are the same people who created a day-long Hell for voters in the mostly Black Broward County, Florida precinct where Marsha Johnson, an African American attorney from New York City, was assigned as a voter protection volunteer:
"I saw an incompetent poll clerk telling approximately 1 in every 5 registered voters (who voted at the very same polling place last year and who's voter registration cards indicated that they were at the correct polling site) that they had mysteriously been ‘reassigned’ to other sites but failing to tell them where to go, or worse, giving them incorrect information."
And so on, at thousands of locations, thefts of awesome dimensions and howling arrogance – the humiliation of African Americans in order to secure George Bush another chance to destroy the planet.

17.Nov.2004 So why did the election day voter and early voter groups match for every other race and ballot question, but not for Senate and President?

Exit polls and Florida : The afore-cited website also has an
excellent discussion, by one Jonathan Simon (whose work bears watching). Simon concentrates on both the exit poll anomalies (note in particular his comments concerning the issue of weighting for gender) and the brouhaha over those odd party shifts in Florida. Here are a few samples:
17.Nov.2004 Demonstration against vote fraud . It takes place in DC on November 19th, at noon. For details, visit the
We Do Not Concede Coalition.
17.Nov.2004 You may also want to read
this response to an unfair piece on voter fraud published in the New York Daily News.
17.Nov.2004 The media. According to
ReDefeat Bush:
Most television viewers, newspaper readers and radio listeners (except those watching one particular program on MSNBC at 8:00 each night) remain clueless. Today there was a glimmer of a clue in Brian Faler's Politics column in the Washington Post. Despite the tiny margin in the state that decided the presidency Faler's top story is that New York Senator Chuck Schumer is not going to run for governor in 2006. This comes as reports of voter fraud circulate widely through the Washington Post newsroom, mysteriously incapable of making it into the newspaper except to be derided as Internet rumors. The Faler column referenced above simply notes the upcoming Ohio recount. Hell, even Drudge does that.
Jeff Fisher : In the preceding post, we noted
this letter on Fisher's page which purports to name the names of the individuals involved with Florida vote fraud. Allegedly, drug rehab centers were used as main offices by those hacking into the central system.
Fisher also personally asked Ken Blackwell to recuse himself in Ohio. That won't happen. Blackwell is partisan and ambitious, and Bush rewards his servants well.
17.Nov.2004 Brad Friedman has
a lot more to say about ES&S shannigans in Indiana.
The series of reports from WISHTV earlier this year tell of ES&S employees surreptitiously installing illegal, uncertified software, into the voting and tabulating machines in Marion County, Indiana. They then ordered their regional ES&S project manager to lie about it to county officials. She refused. As had her husband in a previous ES&S incident, where he was also a project manager, in a different Indiana county. He was fired for his refusal. ES&S, you will recall, is run by the Ahmanson family, which is heavily linked to Christian Dominionism. (The least we should expect of the people involved with running our elections is that they believe in democracy.)
17.Nov.2004 Scary Indiana. Computers
transformed a straight party vote for the Dems into a vote for the Libertarians. The error was caught + the results of a local race changed. The important points: This story proves that the software has a serious potential for accident + that these "accidents" always seem to hurt the Democrats.
17.Nov.2004 A website belonging to a heavy Bush contributor
published Ohio results before they were official or made public.

This page will direct you to a pdf file outlining the statistical anomalies in various precincts in Cuyahoga County: "These range from over 200 votes cast for candidates Badnarik or Peroutka; voter turnout rates of under 10 percent; and over 30 ballots cast per precinct with no Presidential tally."
Similar anomalies appear in Athens and Mahoning counties, as well as Beachwood, Ohio.
detailed report of 93,000 "extra" votes in Cuyahoga county.

So here is today's news about vote tampering...
Ohio : The Cleveland Plain Dealer offers
a good summary of the meeting (noted earlier in this column) in which citizens complained of the ghastly way they were treated on election day, particularly in minority areas.
17.Nov.2004 The dollar seems
poised for collapse.

17.Nov.2004 Im laufenden Jahr liegen demnach 8,2 Millionen Haushalte über der Millionen-Marke. Das sind 33 Prozent mehr als im Vorjahr und entspricht sieben Prozent der amerikanischen Haushalte insgesamt.
Dass die Zahl der Millionäre trotz der Börsenkrise der vergangenen Jahre rapide wächst, begründet TNS mit der konsequenten Anlagestrategie der Neureichen. Diese zeichnet sich vor allem durch ein gehöriges Maß an Coolness aus.
So haben 48 Prozent ihre Strategie trotz der Turbulenzen nach dem 11. September nur minimal verändert. 46 Prozent haben gar nichts unternommen und einfach abgewartet

17.Nov.2004 Russland: Atomare Aufrüstung gegen die andere Bedrohung

16.Nov.2004 Zwiebelfischchen: Bushs Wahlsieg und andere Verbrechen

16.Nov.2004 Verglaste Bürotürme: Schwitzen in der Stromschleuder

17.Nov.2004 Irak-Chaos: Iran bietet USA Hilfe an

17.Nov.2004 Untersuchung: Kindersoldaten in 20 Ländern an der Front

17.Nov.2004 Falludscha: Rotes Kreuz will Erschießung untersuchen

16.Nov.2004 Dollarschwäche: Euro erreicht neues Allzeithoch

16.Nov.2004 Gutachten der "Fünf Weisen": Starker Euro und Ölpreis gefährden das Wachstum

17.Nov.2004 Neue Warnung: Auch Vitamin-C-Pillen steigern Herztod-Gefahr

17.Nov.2004 Der virtuelle Beichtstuhl: Und wie quälen Sie ihren Computer?

17.Nov.2004 Sixties-Ikone Nancy Sinatra: "Feuert eure Manager, Girls!"

17.Nov.2004 Nicaragua: Indianerstamm von kollektiver Hysterie befallen

17.Nov.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Der Torpedo ist zum Tarnkappenbomber geworden"

16.Nov.2004 Schmusen auf der Weide: Wenn Kühe dicke Freunde werden

17.Nov.2004 Van-Gogh-Mord: Spur nach Deutschland

16.Nov.2004 Politiker-Ratschlag: Deutsche Arbeitslose sollen sich Jobs im Ausland suchen

17.Nov.2004 Rekord: Nasa-Flugzeug erreicht zehnfache Schallgeschwindigkeit

17.Nov.2004 US-Außenministerium: "Rice ist eine Freundin Deutschlands"

16.Nov.2004 Condoleezza Rice: Die beste Stimme ihres Herrn

16.Nov.2004 Gutachten: Wirtschaftsweise wollen Bürgerpauschale

16.Nov.2004 Less clear is exactly what the U.S. government knew about the contra-connected drug trafficking and when. Reagan authorized CIA support for the contra army in mid- 00.Dec.1981 .

But the first publicly known case of contra cocaine shipments appeared in government files in an 22.Oct.1982 cable from the CIA's Directorate of Operations.

The cable passed on word that U.S. law enforcement agencies were aware of "links between (a U.S. religious organization) + two Nicaraguan counter-revolutionary groups [which] involve an exchange in (the United States) of narcotics for arms." The material in parentheses was inserted by the CIA as part of its declassification of the cable. The name of the religious group remains secret.

02.Nov.2004 Der Tagesspiegel, "Droht Amerika, in einen sanften Faschismus abzugleiten", fragt der amerikanische Soziologe Richard Sennett , ohne sich selbst eine klare Antwort zu geben. Stattdessen raunt er: "Wir können uns eine harte und eine sanfte Variante von Faschismus vorstellen. Der harte Faschismus hämmert den Bürgern ein, dass sie mit eiserner Faust regiert werden, wie das bei Mussolinis theatralischer Gewalt der Fall war oder in George Orwells Alptraum 1984 . Der sanfte Faschismus hingegen kommt nicht etwa mit Samthandschuhen daher, sondern als unsichtbare Hand, also in Form von Überwachungsmaßnahmen, die ihrerseits jeglicher Kontrolle entzogen werden wie im 'Patriot Act II', sowie einer Unterdrückung der eigenen Bürger, die der Öffentlichkeit als bloß präventives Vorgehen gegen Gefahren verkauft wird... Im harten Faschismus macht sich der Staat eine konkrete Furcht zunutze, im sanften Faschismus reicht eine diffuse Angst .
02.Nov.2004 Auf den Tagesthemenseiten
kommentiert unter anderem Andrea Böhm die Wahloption als Alternative zwischen "John Kerry + dem Allmächtigen", Bernd Pickert arbeitet - unfreiwillige - Übereinstimmungen der Kandidaten heraus und Michael Streck berichtet aus Florida über betrugsvorbeugende Maßnahmen . Auf der Meinungsseite imaginiert Daniel Bax eine Weltabstimmung , deren Sieger Kerry heißen würde. Im tazzwei prophezeit Stefan Kuzmany, dass in jedem Fall des Wahlausgangs weder Orkane noch Revolutionen ausbrechen werden + die Medienseite bietet einen Überblick über alle (relevanten?) Sendungen zur Wahl heute Nacht.
02.Nov.2004 Frankfurter Rundschau -"Bush gewinnt" orakelt Christian Schlüter in Times mager und weiß auch, warum: wegen der unmöglichen Wahlmaschinen und des per Verfassung festgeschriebenen Verbots, eine Präsidentschaftswahl annullieren zu können. "Allein die in einigen, vor allem den bevölkerungsreichen Bundesstaaten verwendeten Wahlcomputer , mit denen ganz ohne Stimmzettel und nur per Knopfdruck abgestimmt werden kann, sollten das sicherstellen. Sie quittieren das Votum mit einem entsprechenden Hinweis auf dem Bildschirm, nicht aber mit einem papierenen Ausdruck. Im Falle der Anfechtung - weil zum Beispiel die Wahlsoftware manipuliert wurde oder das Computernetzwerk einfach defekt gewesen ist - gäbe es keine Möglichkeit, die Stimmen nachzuzählen . Sie wären buchstäblich verloren." Zum "schön rechnen" des Ergebnisses lautet Schlüters Tipp an Hacker : "Der Zugangscode der amerikanischen Wahlcomputer lautet 1111 ."
02.Nov.2004 SOUTH DAKOTA - GOP in South Dakota intimidates Native American voters by writing down their license plate numbers - judge orders them to stop the practice

Via Demos, here's a report in the Argus Leader [link outdated - see this alternate link sent by reader DB]:

Republican poll workers in Lake Andes were intimidating Native American voters on Monday, a federal judge ruled early today.
Republicans may not write down license plate numbers or follow Native Americans from polling places during today's election, U.S. District Judge Lawrence Piersol ruled in a temporary restraining order.
The ruling comes after Democratic Sen. Tom Daschle sued his opponent, John Thune, and the GOP in federal court in Sioux Falls on Monday, asking Piersol to stop what Democrats say was intimidation of voters.
"This ruling will hopefully ensure that every legitimate voter can vote free of intimidation on Election Day," said Daschle spokesman Dan Pfeiffer.
Piersol, whom Daschle chose for the federal bench, released his opinion about 1:45 a.m. today after hearing one witness from each side.
Daschle is depending on heavy turnout from Native American voters to win an expected close election.
Republicans had not decided whether to appeal, as of early today.
"It's a total joke," said Dick Wadhams, Thune's campaign manager. "What you've got is a situation where there is no credible evidence presented and the judge bent over backward for his long-time political pal."
Daschle charges that GOP poll observers have been crowding voters, making notes as they voted and writing down license plate numbers of cars bringing them to vote.

10.Nov.2004 Limbaugh: "Nobody ever said there was" a connection between Iraq, 9-11 attacks
145 comments Other items about: Rush LimbaughThe Rush Limbaugh Show
16.Nov.2004 Flunking history: Matalin exaggerated Bush victory, state of economy URL:

16.Nov.2004 Matalin falsely claimed that Bush "increased his margin in a greater proportion than anyone has done in many, many decades," and that today's U.S. economy is "a great economy, better than it was even in the Clinton years." Read more » URL:

13.Nov.2004 123 allegations of voter fraud from around the nation:

16.Nov.2004 I was convinced of one thing: we must let the system work + accept its result, no matter how unjust it might appear.
With this acceptance, we placed our implicit faith in the Bush Administration that it would not abuse its position: that it would recognize its fragile mandate for what it was, respect the will of the majority of people who voted against them + move to build consensus wherever possible and effect change cautiously when needed. Above all, we believed that both Democrats and Republicans would recognize the over-riding importance of revitalizing the integrity of the electoral system and healing the bruised faith of both constituencies.
This faith has been shattered. Bush has not led the nation to unity, but ruled through fear and division. Dishonesty and deceit in areas critical to the public interest have been the hallmark of his Administration. I state this not to throw gratuitous insults, but to place the Florida and Ohio electoral results in their proper context.

For the GOP to claim now that we must take anything on faith, let alone astonishingly suspicious results in a hard-fought and extraordinarily bitter election, is pure fantasy. It does not even merit discussion.
The facts as I see them now defy all logical explanations save one--massive and systematic vote fraud.

We cannot accept the result of the 2004 presidential election as legitimate until these discrepancies are rigorously and completely explained.

From the Valerie Plame case to the horrors of Abu Ghraib, George Bush has been reluctant to seek answers and assign accountability when it does not suit his purposes.

But this is one time when no American should accept not getting a straight answer. Until then, George Bush is still + will remain, the 'Accidental President' of 2000.

One of his many enduring and shameful legacies will be that of seizing power through two illegitimate elections conducted on his brother's watch + engineering a fundamental corruption at the very heart of the greatest democracy the world has known.

We must not permit this to happen again. URL:
16.Nov.2004 What to do? URL:
16.Nov.2004 The Greens did it The Greens raised enough money to conduct a recount in Ohio. Want to be an
observer in the recount?
16.Nov.2004 The second rat
A previously undiscovered species of rat, Republicanus cuyahogus, has been found in Ohio. Before the election, I wrote snide letters to a state legislator for Cuyahoga county who, according to media reports, was preparing an army of enforcers to keep ‘suspect' (read: minority) voters away from the polls. One of his assistants wrote me back very pleasant mails to the effect that they had no intention of trying to suppress voter turnout + in fact only wanted to encourage people to vote.
They did their job too well. According to the official statistics for Cuyahoga county, a number of precincts had voter turnout well above the national average: in fact, turnout was well over 100% of registered voters + in several cases well above the total number of people who have lived in the precinct in the last century or so.
In 30 precincts, more ballots were cast than voters were registered in the county. According to county regulations, voters must cast their ballot in the precinct in which they are registered. Yet in these thirty precincts, nearly 100.000 more people voted than are registered to vote -- this out of a total of 251.946 registrations. These are not marginal differences--this is a 39% over-vote. In some precincts the over-vote was well over 100%. One precinct with 558 registered voters cast nearly 9,000 ballots. As one astute observer noted, it's the ballot-box equivalent of Jesus' miracle of the fishes.

Bush being such a man of God, perhaps we should not be surprised.
What to do?
16.Nov.2004 The results are shocking. Overall, Bush received 2% fewer votes in counties with electronic touch-screen voting than expected. In counties with optical scanning, he received 16% more.

This 16% would not be strange if it were spread across counties more or less evenly. It is not. In 11 different counties, the ‘actual' Bush vote was at least twice higher than the expected vote.

13 counties had Bush vote tallies 50--100% higher than expected.

In one county where 88% of voters are registered Democrats, Bush got nearly two thirds of the vote--three times more than predicted by my model.
Again, polling can be wrong. It is difficult to believe it can be that wrong. Fortunately, however, we can test how wrong it would have to be to give the ‘actual' result.
16.Nov.2004 The intimation, clearly, is fraud. Ballots are scanned; results are fed into precinct computers; these are sent to a county-wide database, whose results are fed into the statewide electoral totals.

At any point after physical ballots become databases, the system is vulnerable to external hackers.
15.Nov.2004 Fraud, fraud, fraud If this is your first visit here in a couple days, scroll down until you read the latest from Jeff Fisher, the Florida congressional candidate. He claims to have an "inside" source spilling the beans about Republican vote fraud.
New oddities. If you've been following this story as I have, you probably have seen the same web pages pop up repeatedly.

But this compendium of resources will direct your attention to at least a few stories you haven't seen before.
State by state. You will also want to study the
"Swing State Irregularities" page. Turning to the Arizona page, we encounter such gems as:
The hotline received a call from Pima County, Arizona, indicating that Democratic voters received calls throughout Monday evening, providing incorrect information about the precinct location.

Voters have had to be transported en masse in order to correct the problem. And:
...the Lawyers' Committee on Civil Rights filed a complaint with the FBI today against the Arizona Republican Party.

The Lawyers Committee received a call from a voter in Tuscon who received an automated call instructing her to vote tomorrow.

The number that showed up on the voter's caller ID led to Tuscon's GOP headquarters.

There are so many of these tales across the country, I really feel that Democrats should initiate a class action lawsuit against the Republican party.
Ohio. The recount is almost certainly a go. But will the outrageously biased Ken Blackwell
recuse himself?
I smell a rat. A relevant article appeared on the Zogby site earlier; the author was one Colin Shea. The piece disappeared quickly. In case you missed it, here it is:
I smell a rat. It has that distinctive and all-too-familiar odor of the species Republicanus floridius.

We got a nasty bite from this pest four years ago and never quite recovered. Symptoms of a long-term infection are becoming distressingly apparent.
The first sign of the rat was on election night. The jubilation of early exit polling had given way to rising anxiety as states fell one by one to the Red Tide.

It was getting late in the smoky cellar of a Prague sports bar where a crowd of expats had gathered. We had been hoping to go home to bed early, confident of victory.

Those hopes had evaporated in a flurry of early precinct reports from Florida and Ohio.
By 3 AM, conversation had died and we were grimly sipping beers and watching as those two key states seemed to be slipping further and further to crimson.

Suddenly, a friend who had left two hours earlier rushed in + handed us a printout.
"Zogby's calling it for Kerry." He smacked the sheet decisively. "Definitely.

He's got both Florida and Ohio in the Kerry column. Kerry only needs one."

Satisfied, we went to bed, confident we would wake with the world a better place. Victory was at hand.
The morning told a different story, of course.

No Florida victory for Kerry--Bush had a decisive margin of nearly 400,000 votes.

Ohio was not even close enough for Kerry to demand that all the votes be counted.

The pollsters had been dead wrong, Bush had four more years and a powerful mandate. Onward Christian soldiers--next stop, Tehran.
Lies, damn lies + statistics
I work with statistics and polling data every day. Something rubbed me the wrong way.

I checked the exit polls for Florida--all wrong. CNN's results indicated a Kerry win: turnout matched voter registration + independents had broken 59% to 41% for Kerry.
16.Nov.2004 Die Zeitung "Washington Post" berichtete, der Mann habe das Blatt vorab über die geplante Selbstanzündung "an einem unerwarteten Ort" informiert.

In einem Brief habe Alanssi erklärt, das FBI habe nicht seine Versprechen eingehalten, ihn zu schützen.

Alanssi hatte Informationen über die Finanzierung des Terrors in Jemen gesammelt. Er sei dann verzweifelt gewesen, dass er seine Frau in Jemen nicht mehr besuchen konnte.
In einem weiteren, mit der Selbstanzündung nicht in Verbindung stehenden Vorfall kletterte ein Mann über den Zaun des Weißen Hauses. Wachleute nahmen ihn fest. Der Zwischenfall werde untersucht, hieß es.
16.Nov.2004 Es wurde erwartet, dass auch Vize-Außenminister und zugleich ein Freund Powells, Richard Armitage, sein Amt niederlegen wird.
Debatte: Deutschland setzt auf den "Euro-Islam"

16.Nov.2004 Kriegsverbrechen in Falludscha: Uno fordert Untersuchung

16.Nov.2004 Gemischte Gefühle: Reaktionen auf Rices Ernennung

16.Nov.2004 Medienbericht: Arafat starb an Leberzirrhose

16.Nov.2004 Zeugenaussage: Motassadeq soll von Terroranschlägen gewusst haben

16.Nov.2004 US-Regierung: Bush ernennt Rice zur neuen Außenministerin

16.Nov.2004 EU-Kommission: Barrosos Mannschaft auf der Zielgeraden

16.Nov.2004 USA-Regierung: Rücktrittsserie erfasst Tom Ridge

16.Nov.2004 Kostbares Bauwerk: Biber stopften Tausende Dollar in Damm

16.Nov.2004 Schlafphasen: Aggressive Träume sind Frage der Zeit

16.Nov.2004 Bobpilot Christoph Langen: Trotz Herzinfarkt Olympia im Visier

16.Nov.2004 Kämpfe in Falludscha: Todesschuss in der Moschee schockiert Amerika

16.Nov.2004 Hightech-Panzer: Dinosaurier trugen schusssichere Westen

16.Nov.2004 Bombenanschläge von Madrid: Junger Terrorhelfer zu sechs Jahren Haft verurteilt

16.Nov.2004 Interview mit Computerforscher Kurzweil: "Wir werden uns mit nicht-biologischer Intelligenz vermischen"

16.Nov.2004 Debatte: Es gibt Schlimmeres als George W.

16.Nov.2004 Gefühlte Wirklichkeit: Lebt die Menschheit in der Matrix?

16.Nov.2004 Smart-1-Mission: Ionenstrahl-Sonde erreicht den Mond

16.Nov.2004 Kölner Klüngelmeister: Das Geldhaus der Superreichen

16.Nov.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Viele Europäer kennen die Türkei nicht"

16.Nov.2004 Condoleezza Rice: Bushs Nachhilfelehrerin beerbt Powell

16.Nov.2004 Auftragsmauschelei: Früherer Boeing-Boss gesteht Gesetzesbruch URL:,1518,druck-328070,00.html

16.Nov.2004 Der schwache Dollar bereitet vor allem Europas Exporteuren Sorgen.
Frankreichs Finanzminister Nicolas Sarkozy sagte, die Minister seien sich einig in ihrer Sorge über "die schnellen und destabilisierenden Entwicklungen der Währungen", die der US-Politik zuzuschreiben sei.
Im asiatischen Handel ist der Euro-Kurs am Dienstag leicht auf 1,2950 Dollar zurückgegangen. In New York hatte er am Vorabend noch fast 1,2950 Dollar gekostet. Die Äußerungen der Finanzminister machten aber wenig Eindruck auf die Devisenhändler. Der Euro war vergangene Woche auf ein Rekordhoch von 1,3006 Dollar gestiegen.
Währungspolitik paradox: Euro-Finanzminister fordern starken Dollar

16.Nov.2004 Rice soll Powell nachfolgen
US-Fernsehsender berichten übereinstimmend, dass die bisherige Sicherheitsberaterin Rice Nachfolgerin des zurückgetretenen Außenministers Powell werden soll.

Ihr Stellvertreter Hadley soll neuer Sicherheitsberater werden. Den zurückgetretenen Powell würdigte Bush als einen "großen Patrioten und Staatsmann". URL:,1518,druck-328070,00.html

16.Nov.2004 Verbalattacken im Tarifstreit: "Gier der Bosse ist unersättlich"

16.Nov.2004 Krieg der Karten: American Express klagt gegen Visa und Mastercard

16.Nov.2004 USA: FBI-Informant zündet sich vor Weißem Haus an

16.Nov.2004 Falludscha: US-Soldat tötet verwundeten Gefangenen mit Kopfschuss

16.Nov.2004 US-Regierung: Rice soll Powell nachfolgen