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19.Aug.2006 U.S. Commander: Lebanon Conflict May Have Fueled Attacks On U.S. Troops - Faiz 

One of the effects of the Iraq war has been to encourage and embolden terrorist actors in the Middle East. It has inspired growing solidarity between Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria + Iran, among others.

The New York Times reported in the early stages of the fighting in Lebanon that the solidarity between Iraqi and Hezbollah fighters could result in increasing attacks against American troops:

The conflict already has had some effect in Iraq. On Friday, the firebrand Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr said in Baghdad that Iraqis would not “sit by with folded hands” while Israel strikes at Lebanon, signaling a possible increase in attacks from his militia on Americans in Iraq.

Now, at least one U.S. commander is reporting that the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict did indeed cause a spike in attacks against U.S. troops:

Rocket attacks on a U.S. base in eastern Baghdad doubled during the month-long war between Israel + Hezbollah, a U.S. Army commander said this week,

echoing concerns expressed by other American officials about Iranian support for Shiite militants in Iraq. Lt. Col. Mark A. Bertolini of the Fourth Infantry Division said the increase in Katyusha rocket attacks on Forward Operating Base Rustamiyah seemed related to the fighting in Lebanon.

As Slate’s John Dickinson writes, the question Americans should be asking is “whether Bush’s policies are inspiring the people who want to kill us.”
19.Aug.2006 I don’t believe terrorists favor - Amanda Democrats or Republicans. … What they are waiting for is the United States to prematurely pull out of Iraq.

There are appeasers in both parties but most are leading liberal Democrats,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT),

trying to clarify his earlier comments that Middle East terrorists are “waiting for the Democrats here to take control.”
19.Aug.2006 August 19, 2006 - Think Progress 

The Iraqi government has imposed a two-day vehicle ban in Baghdad, “in an effort to avoid bloodshed during a major Shiite festival this weekend.”

During last year’s festival, approximately 1,000 pilgrims died as a crowd stampeded across a bridge after rumors spread that a suicide bomber was among them.

Mosque attendance is “plummetingin Iraq as tens of thousands of Iraqis choose to pray at home out of safety concerns.

Gatherings at Friday Prayer are sometimes one-tenth the size of what they once were + parents no longer send their children to mosques for spiritual lessons.”

680,000 . Number of refugees pouring back into Lebanon, creating a “humanitarian emergency.”

The estimated costs for the development of major weapons systems for the US military have doubled since 11.Sep.2001,” even though these weapons would have “little direct role” in the Iraq + Afghanistan wars. Lawmakers are concerned that defense officials are simply “using the conflicts + the war on terrorism to fulfill a wish-list of defense expenditures .”

Blaming high gas prices, Ford is planning to halt production at 10 plants by the end of the year, its largest production cuts “since since the industry’s crisis of the 1980’s.”

FEMA has less than 84 % of its authorized personnel, even though

00.Mar.2006 the agency’s chief said that “he wanted his manpower strength to be at 95 % by the start of hurricane season June 1.”

Hurricane Katrina “exposed the soft underbelly of America as it relates to dealing with race and class. …

And I, to this day, believe that

if that would have happened in Orange County, California, if that would have happened in South Beach, Miami, it would have been a different response,” said New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin yesterday in a speech.

And finally: Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) caught on camera napping during the U.S. Senate Farm Bill Field Hearing. Good night, Senator.
19.Aug.2006 Scuderi Air-Hybrid Engine
Although the Prius configuration is viewed as the hybrid design, at least two other hybrid design types exist, either in prototype, or on the drawing boad.

The Prius, of course, recaptures braking energy, converting it into electricity that recharges a battery bank. That recaptured energy can ...
Beirut fury at 'ceasefire breach' Lebanon condemns an Israeli commando raid and warns that it may halt the Lebanese army deployment in the south.
19.Aug.2006 Germany bomb suspect arrested German police arrest a Lebanese student in connection with a failed attempt to bomb two trains last month.
19.Aug.2006 Viruses the New Condiment - ScuttleMonkey 30
Lip that a new bacteria killing virus has been deemed safe by the FDA as a food additive for ready-to-eat meats.

These bacteriophages are designed to kill a common microbe (Listeria monocytogenes bacteria) that has been attributed to hundreds of deaths every year. From the article:

"The viruses are grown in a preparation of the very bacteria they kill + then purified.

The FDA had concerns that the virus preparation potentially could contain toxic residues associated with the bacteria.

However, testing did not reveal the presence of such residues, which in small quantities likely wouldn't cause health problems anyway, the FDA said."
Sleek snoop center still leans on human factor High-tech eye candy, yes. But law enforcement intelligence center still relies on human communications to connect the dots.
19.Aug.2006 A green voyage around the globe Earthrace hopes to be the first high-tech powerboat to circumnavigate the globe on a renewable fuel known as biodiesel.
19.Aug.2006 BBC NEWS | Have Your Say | What is Baroness Thatcher's influence?

Thatcher, "there's no such thing as society ", will be remembered with hatred + dread by the millions of British people whose lives she wrecked. ...
There is no such thing as society - Margaret

Thatcher British prime minister Margaret Thatcher's most memorable quote.
19.Aug.2006 Wealthy 100 and the 100 Most Influential in Business

Edward Stephen Harkness : Oil (inheritance) Henry M. Flagler: Oil/Resorts : James Buchanan Duke: Tobacco : Israel Thorndike: Merchant/Shipping : William S. O'Brien: Mining
Bombenalarm: Hamburgs Hauptbahnhof gesperrt
19.Aug.2006 Terror- Verdächtiger: Verhaftung in letzter Minute
19.Aug.2006 Nahost: Libanon und Israel werfen einander Bruch der Uno- Beschlüsse vor

19.Aug.2006 Terrorismus: "Man sitzt wie auf einem Pulverfass"
19.Aug.2006 Vogelgrippe: Neuer Ausbruch im Herbst?
19.Aug.2006 Belgien: Massenausbruch aus dem Knast

19.Aug.2006 Nächtliche Verhaftung: Zugriff vor dem Döner- Imbiss
19.Aug.2006 China’s Central Bank Raises Rates in Latest Effort to Slow the Economy The Chinese government is trying to choke off a binge in speculative lending and investment in the country.
19.Aug.2006 Farben, Töne, Rhythmen, Weltraum und die Kosmische Oktave Weltraum, Rhythmen, Töne und die Kosmische Oktave ... Die Rotation der Erde bewirkt zum Beispiel unseren Wach- und Schlafrhythmus. ...

19.Aug.2006 Theoretische Modelle des Universums Schließlich sei Rotation im Weltraum allgegenwärtig -. in der Milchstraße, in anderen Galaxien oder in der Nähe Schwarzer Löcher. ...

19.Aug.2006 Israel mounts fresh Lebanon raid Israeli forces clash with Hezbollah deep inside Lebanon, hours after the UN warns of a "fragile" ceasefire.
19.Aug.2006 JonBenet: The Weirdest Investigation Ever?
White House Declares that Bush is Not Full of "Crap," as the Deputy Prime Minister of the UK Claimed. Ain't That Reassuring?
Bush Reaffirms That He is Above the Law. He Has the Right to Bypass the Constitution to Incompetently and Misleadingly Claim that He is "Daddy Dearest," Protecting America from Swarthy Enemies, When He is Just Grabbing Power from a Democracy.

19.Aug.2006 Thom Hartmann's Latest Book, "Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class." Just released.
The Danger of the NRA's License to Murder Laws are Real + the NRA is Tied at the Hip with Rove and Bush. 8/19
Israel Reportedly Violates Ceasefire Terms. If Accurate, Could be Continued U.S. Neo-con Backed Effort to Bait Syria and Iran Into Wider Conflict. 8/19
Conservatives' Response to Federal Court Decision Striking Down Illegal Wiretapping? Attack the Judge. How Predictable! -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis

19.Aug.2006 More on the Deadly Mix of Kids and Guns 8/19
Donna Brazile and Harold Ickes, a Top Hillary Clinton Adviser, Square Off on Changing Early Dem Primary Schedule.

Did Ickes Really Approvingly Site that in the Early Days of the U.S. "Only Landed Gentry Could Vote"? 8/19

19.Aug.2006 The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
Jack Cafferty Wants to Know What Constitutes Success in Iraq. A Must View Video Segment

19.Aug.2006 Stay tuned! Permalink
19.Aug.2006 Coupled with the Supreme Court decision on Hamdi v Rumsfeld, the administration is losing not just wiggle room but signficant bravado; in fact, the noose appears to be tightening.
Gonzalez announced that the ruling has been appealed and the injuction stayed + Judge Taylor's decision could of course be overruled. But then again, as Greenwald points out, because Taylor emphasized the Constitutional issues so strongly, AG should not count on a reversal.

19.Aug.2006 The great part about this factoid is that it means that all those efforts taken up by Bush and Arlen 'forked tongue' Specter to create an ex post facto law legalizing their future and past crimes are moot and worthless; Congress cannot pass a law that is unConstitutional.
19.Aug.2006 In the midst of all this, we cannot overlook the importance of Judge Anna Digg Taylor's courageous and bold decision in the Sixth District case filed by the ACLU on behalf of various parties claiming harm from illegal spying by the NSA. Glenn Greenwald offers the best analysis, as usual (though Jonathon Turley's synopsis on Countdown is also a great sketch) + he gives much to celebrate.
Judge Taylor, a black woman (appointed by Carter, facts making great hay in bushland), openly stated that the program violates the First and Fourth Amendments, FISA + several federal statutes. Included in the list of defendents are the US government and AT&T. Not only did she make it clear that the Justice Department's arguments on all but one point (state secrets) were not going to fly, she pointed out that what they have been doing through the NSA spying is not only illegal, it's unConstitutional.

19.Aug.2006 And, of course, we now have this bizarre twist on the JonBenet case dropping in at the most embarrassing moment, the perfect distraction
19.Aug.2006 dr. elsewhere here
So much going on, it really is impossible to keep up.

19.Aug.2006 Israel essentially loses its gamble, as do Bush and Blair in the whole matter; the London "plot" unravels; Marines - not just grunts or reserves - are caught hiding evidence in a classic CYA; Iraq spirals more and more out of control while Bush whines that they don't appreciate our sacrifices over there; and yet another court finds his administration has just no clue at all what laws or even the Constitution mean for them.

19.Aug.2006 Oliver Stone, 9/11 + the Big Lie : The Big Lie, first coined by Adolf Hitler in his 1925 autobiography Mein Kampf,was made famous by Joseph Goebbels, propaganda minister for the Third Reich. The idea was simple enough: Tell a whopper (the larger the better) often enough and most people will come to accept it as the truth.

19.Aug.2006 Terror Aagainst Its Own Population: The White House manipulated the reports of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about the air quality in the environment of Ground Zero after the attacks and thus exposed all the relief workers, residents and employees in south Manhattan to extreme health risks.
19.Aug.2006 Stephen Lendman : Venezuela Leading the Race For the UN Security Council Seat : Chavez is committed to building an alternative to the neoliberal Washington consensus and is undeterred by the power and threats against him by his dominant northern neighbor that wants Venezuela marginalized in the region and President Chavez ousted and replaced by someone willing to serve the interests of capital.

19.Aug.2006 Ditch US in terror war, say 80pc of Britons : A majority of British people wants the Government to adopt an even more "aggressive" foreign policy to combat international terrorism, according to an opinion poll conducted after the arrests of 24 terrorism suspects last week.

19.Aug.2006 UK: Reid looks at blocking websites in battle against terrorism: Ministers considered "positive profiling" of passengers, carried out before flights, based on "biometric identifiers" such as iris scans or fingerprints.

19.Aug.2006 "Terrorism" suspect released: Scotland Yard said last night a person arrested as part of its investigation into an alleged plot to blow up transatlantic jetliners has been released.

19.Aug.2006 Prescott lets slip that some suspects won't face serious charges: John Prescott let slip yesterday that some of the 24 people arrested last week over the alleged transatlantic terror plot will not face serious charges.

Police state America?: King endorses ethnic profiling: Declaring that airport screeners shouldn't be hampered by "political correctness," House Homeland Security Chairman Peter King has endorsed requiring people of "Middle

19.Aug.2006 Eastern and South Asian" descent to undergo additional security checks because of their ethnicity and religion.

19.Aug.2006 Terror cases unravel; ethnic profiling alleged: The perception of a national security threat, aired on cable news channels throughout the weekend, is unraveling, leading the FBI and at least one prosecutor to back off and provoking a storm of protest from Muslim-American groups who allege ethnic profiling.

19.Aug.2006 Federal judge nixes warrantless surveillance: U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit became the first judge to strike down the National Security Agency's program, which she says violates the rights to free speech and privacy as well as the separation of powers enshrined in the Constitution.

19.Aug.2006 Chertoff discusses new security measure: Airlines will soon be required to give the government passenger lists for all U.S.-bound international flights before takeoff, the nation's homeland security chief said Wednesday.

19.Aug.2006 Bush hopes terror war trumps Iraq in '06: As Republicans struggle to keep control of Congress, each new headline that relates some sign of progress in battling terrorism - President Bush's strongest issue - is a boon.

In case you missed it: Video: Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent: : How government and big media businesses cooperate to produce an effective propaganda machine in order to manipulate the opinions of the USA populace. 19.Aug.2006 Abbas says reached deal with militants on "calm": Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Thursday armed groups had agreed to stop firing rockets into Israel from Gaza, but militants said such a move would be dependent on Israel halting its offensive.

19.Aug.2006 George Bisharat : Gaza: The disengagement is actually formaldehyde: Israel still controls the entry and exit of people and goods into the region, patrols its coast and airspace, oversees its water, fuel, electric utilities + sewage + enters it with military forces at will. Under international law, "effective control" determines whether a territory is occupied.

19.Aug.2006 Palestinian diplomat: Gilad Shalit to be released within days: A Palestinian diplomat said in a visit to Moscow that the kidnapped soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit "is expected to be released within days in exchange for the release of 600 Palestinian prisoners."

19.Aug.2006 Compromise Will Allow Hezbollah to Keep Arms: Breaking an impasse, the Lebanese government on Wednesday ordered army troops to deploy across southern Lebanon under a compromise arrangement that allows the Hezbollah militia to retain some of its arms caches near the border with Israel.

19.Aug.2006 Israel threatens to resume Lebanon operation: The Israeli warning comes in reaction to reports in the Israeli media that Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Sinora reached a deal with Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah allowing the militant group to retain its weapons but to refrain from exhibiting them in public.

19.Aug.2006 Israel: Minister Rafi Eitan: Impossible to Uproot Hizbullah :He emphasized that Iran is behind Hizbullah and that Tehran wants to provoke an attack on its nuclear facilities so it will have an excuse to try to destroy


19.Aug.2006 "Look What You've Done!": AIPAC Congratulates Itself on the Slaughter in Lebanon

19.Aug.2006 The Day After / How we suffered a knockout: Bint Jbail will turn into a symbol of the second Lebanon war. For the Hezbollah fighters it will be remembered as their Stalingrad + for us it will be a painful reminder of the IDF's defeat.

19.Aug.2006 Now recriminations begin in Israel: The failure of the Lebanon campaign may destroy the Kadima party and its leader

19.Aug.2006 World Council of Churches: Israel planned to destroy Lebanon: Israel's assault on Lebanon was planned even before Hizbullah attacked and was aimed at driving a wedge between the different faiths that have been living in harmony in the country, a delegation from the World Council of Churches said on their return from a visit to Beirut and Jerusalem.

19.Aug.2006 Hollywood stars blast Nasrallah: Heads of the film industry in Hollywood and prominent movie stars have signed a statement blaming Hamas and Hizbullah for terror activities in the Middle East, the war in Lebanon + for harming innocents.

19.Aug.2006 CIA contractor guilty in Afghan torture / assault: Prisoner died following beating with flashlight during interrogation
19.Aug.2006 US charges Marine Corps officer in Iraq assaults: The U.S. military has charged a Marine Corps officer with assaulting three Iraqi civilians in a town west of Baghdad in April, the Marines said on Wednesday.

19.Aug.2006 Thanks Joe Darby: The pictures of naked men cowering before guard dogs or arranged in a pig pile in front of two smiling American guards shocked the world. If not for one American soldier, we may never have seen them.

19.Aug.2006 One Day in Iraq, One Lifetime to Recover: April 4 was Smith's first and only day in Iraq. The Army private from Brookfield, N.19.Aug.2006., was returning from a shooting range when the Humvee he was riding in struck a roadside bomb. The explosion took both of his legs from the knee down and nearly killed him.
19.Aug.2006 Ex-Bolivia President:US Won't Clarify His Missile Scandal Role: Bolivia's former president says Washington is refusing to clarify that he had nothing to do with the secret removal of anti-aircraft missiles to U.S. soil - an incident that has him facing treason charges under Bolivia's new leftist government.

19.Aug.2006 Sources: U.K. terror plot suspect forced to talk: Rauf allegedly taken to Pakistan-Afghan border to point out training camps

19.Aug.2006 Mass murder in the skies: was the plot feasible?: Were these guys for real, or have they + the counterterrorist officials supposedly protecting us, been watching too many action movies?

19.Aug.2006 Be skeptical ... be very skeptical: Wild stories of new plots in the making are in circulation. The latest was the "breaking news" regarding the emergency landing of an aircraft in Boston on Wednesday due to the tantrums of an "unruly" woman passenger. Last weekend, Michigan police locked up three hapless Palestinian-Americans for allegedly plotting an act of terrorism. The three "terrorists" were caught red-handed purchasing 80 cell phones from a Wal-Mart store.

19.Aug.2006 Alleged Crazy woman wrote anti Bush column : There are new details emerging about a Vermont woman’s bizarre behavior that forced a trans-Atlantic flight to be diverted to Logan Airport Wednesday.

19.Aug.2006 UK: Ryanair threatens government over airport security : Michael O'Leary, the outspoken chief executive of Ryanair, described the new restrictions as "farcical Keystone Cops security measures that don't add anything except to block up airports", as he issued the ultimatum.

19.Aug.2006 'Jihad Jack' conviction quashed : An appeal court in Australia has quashed the conviction of a man known as Jihad Jack, who was convicted of receiving funds from al-Qaeda.

19.Aug.2006 The CIA Torture Loophole: U.S. soldiers testified that Passaro kicked Wali in the groin and repeatedly beat him, at times with a metal flashlight, over a period of two days. Prosecutors said Wali pleaded to be shot to end his pain. A jury on Thursday found Passaro guilty of four counts of assault.

19.Aug.2006 "There Are No Hereditary Kings in America" : Judge Rules NSA Warrantless Spy Program Unconstitutional

19.Aug.2006 Wiretap Ruling Threatens Telecoms : Telecommunications and Internet companies accused of working with the Bush Administration's domestic eavesdropping program could be in for more legal headaches, after a federal judge ruled Thursday that the warrantless wiretaps violated the constitution.

19.Aug.2006 Breaking the law has consequences : For the last four years, the Bush administration has deliberately violated multiple laws because it has adopted radical theories which vest law-breaking powers in the President. It also happens to be well on its way to obtaining the power to criminally prosecute journalists for articles they publish about the administration's conduct.

19.Aug.2006 Caught and forgotten in USA's 9/11 detainee limbo : Of the estimated 1,200 mostly Arab and Muslim men detained nationwide as potential suspects or witnesses in the Sept. 11 investigation, Benatta would earn a dubious distinction: Human rights groups say the former Algerian air force lieutenant was locked up the longest.

19.Aug.2006 Patrick J. Buchanan: Judgement day coming -- for the neocons: Bush and the GOP are in trouble + neoconservatism is in the dock.

19.Aug.2006 Privacy groups slam use of CIA-backed software to index Canadian health files : Software that will help sort millions of Canadian health records was developed by a company funded through the CIA's venture capital partner, sparking concerns about the confidentiality of patient data.

19.Aug.2006 Extremists using Internet to plot, Gonzales says: Over 5,000 Web sites, attorney general warns

19.Aug.2006 Congress Poised to Unravel the Internet : Lured by huge checks handed out by the country's top lobbyists, members of Congress could soon strike a blow against Internet freedom as they seek to resolve the hot-button controversy over preserving "network neutrality."

19.Aug.2006 Teacher's radical 9/11 views raise red flag: Mr. Barrett is not a radical anarchist or a teenager peddling conspiracy theories; he's a lecturer at the University of Wisconsin, Madison – a fact that has outraged some state politicians.

19.Aug.2006 08/17/06 From Mania to Depression-By Uri Avnery
The brain-washing by the military commentators and the ex-generals, who dominated the media at the time, has turned the foolish--I would almost say "criminal"--operation into a rousing victory parade. The decision of the political leadership to stop it is now being seen by many as an act of defeatist, spineless, corrupt and even treasonous politicians.

19.Aug.2006 The real threat we face is Blair -By John Pilger
Who doesn't believe that 52 Londoners would be alive today had the Prime Minister refused to join Bush in his piratical attack on Iraq? A parliamentary committee has said as much, as have MI5, the Foreign Office, Chatham House and the polls .

19.Aug.2006 Bush Is Crap, Says UK's Deputy Prime Minister-By Colin Brown, Deputy Political Editor- John Prescott has given vent to his private feelings about the Bush presidency, summing up George Bush's administration in a single word: crap. Continue

19.Aug.2006 Every airport traveller 'will be fingerprinted' -Airport biometric procedures to be extended after alleged terror plot -BY GERRI PEEV
"As we face the threat of mass murder we have to accept that the rights of the individual that we enjoy must + will be, balanced with the collective right of security and the protection of life and limb that our citizens demand." - JOHN REID, THE HOME SECRETAR.

19.Aug.2006 Lebanon's pain grows by the hour as death toll hits 1,300-By Robert Fisk
Across Lebanon, they are systematically lifting the tons of rubble of old roofs and apartment blocks and finding families below, their arms wrapped around each other in the moment of death as their homes were beaten down upon them by the Israeli air force.

19.Aug.2006 Israel to expropriate 275 acres near Hebron: The Israeli government issued a military order on Thursday to expropriate some 275 acres of farmlands that belong to Palestinian farmers near Hebron, Palestinian sources reported.

19.Aug.2006 Israel: Olmert to be investigated for alleged benefits in apartment deal: Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his wife, Aliza, will soon be summoned for questioning by the State Comptroller's Office on suspicion of receiving benefits worth some half a million dollars.

19.Aug.2006 Israeli Justice Minister Ramon to be tried on indecent assault charges: Attorney General Menachem Mazuz decided Thursday to indict Justice Minister Haim Ramon on charges of indecently assaulting a female employee in his office.

19.Aug.2006 In case you missed it: Charges of sexual harassment swirl around Israeli president : Israel's president is being dogged by allegations of sexual harassment + the spiraling scandal has pushed the country's violent standoff with Hamas over a kidnapped soldier off the front pages.

19.Aug.2006 Labour agrees: Bush is crap : The Independent asked a group of Labour MPs what they though of John Prescott's outburst

19.Aug.2006 Iran is going to satisfy 30%-50% of Europe’s gas demand: Iran and Turkey have agreed to jointly finance a number of energy projects

19.Aug.2006 Iran To Launch Large-Scale Military Maneuvers: State television quoted army deputy commander General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani as saying that the upcoming maneuvers "aim at introducing Iran's new defensive doctrine."

19.Aug.2006 Cheney receiving suspect briefings : Intelligence officials doubt Iran uranium claims

19.Aug.2006 Former Iranian President Says US Should Not Confront Iran on Nuclear Issue : Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said in Tehran Friday he hopes the United States has learned enough + will not enter a new conflict which would unsettle the Middle East region.

19.Aug.2006 Lebanon: The stench of death awaits people returning : Behind a destroyed school, Nabil Chrara sat on a pile of rocks, crying his heart out as he watched a tractor dig up the bodies of four members of his family. "They refused to leave the house," he said.

19.Aug.2006 UN scrambles for troops after Paris disappoints : U.N. officials scrambled to put together a beefed-up peacekeeping force for southern Lebanon on Thursday after France sent planning into a tailspin by offering only a token number of troops.

19.Aug.2006 Lebanon army reaches Israel border: Villagers throwing rice and Hezbollah supporters holding banners have welcomed the country's army to the south after a nearly 40-year absence.

19.Aug.2006 Uncensored News Reports From Across The Middle East: Hezbollah Supporters Answer their Critics - Jumblat Sharply Criticizes Assad - Future TV, Lebanon - NBN TV, Lebanon - Israel’s Military Morale in Jeopardy - IBA TV, Israel

19.Aug.2006 Hizbollah stumps up cash for Lebanese war victims: Hizbollah handed out bundles of cash on Friday to people whose homes were wrecked by Israeli bombing, consolidating the Iranian-backed group's support among Lebanon's Shi'ites and embarrassing the Beirut government.

19.Aug.2006 US tries to counter Hizbollah rebuilding efforts : Concerned that Hizbollah has an early advantage in rebuilding shattered south Lebanon, the Bush administration is trying to speed up aid + encouraging Arab states to step in quickly, U.S. officials said this week.

19.Aug.2006 Hizbullah has achieved what Arab states only dreamed of : The sixth Arab-Israeli war, as some have called it, has ended in the first real setback for Israel's deterrent power
19.Aug.2006 16 killed as Afghan president condemns U.S. airstrike : President Hamid Karzai condemned a U.S. airstrike Thursday that Afghan officials said killed 10 border policemen.

Sixteen other people died in violence around the country, including an American soldier slain by a Soviet-era land mine.
All-night queues as Baghdad runs out of petrol : Iraq has the third largest oil reserves in the world but yesterday drivers were forming mile-long queues outside petrol stations,

knowing that they would spend the night in their cars before they could fill up.
Tampering With Evidence Is Possible In Haditha, Rape - Murder Case: It has been known that Marines who carried out the killings made false statements to investigators + that senior officers were criticized for not being more aggressive in investigating the case, in which most or all of the Iraqis who were killed were civilians.

But this is the first time details about possible concealment or destruction of evidence have been disclosed.

19.Aug.2006 21 Former diplomats and retired generals letter to president Bush: Words not War, A Statement on Iran

19.Aug.2006 Staying the Course’ In Iraq Would Increase Deficit By $1.3 Trillion Over Next Decade : A phased withdrawal would save $416 billion on the deficit over the next four years + $1.28 trillion over the next decade.

On the other hand, a strategy of “stay the course” will increase the deficit by $313 billion over the next four years and $1.3 trillion over the next decade.
Iran shells Iraq's northern frontier : Scores of Kurds have fled their homes in the northern frontier region after four days of shelling by the Iranian army.

Local officials said Turkey had also fired a number of shells into Iraqi territory.
19.Aug.2006 Bush
Must Negotiate to Make America Safer, Say Former Generals - By Aaron Glantz
Twenty-one former generals and high ranking national security officials have called on United States President George W. Bush to reverse course and embrace a new area of negotiation with Iran, Iraq + North Korea.

In a letter released Thursday, the group told reporters Bush's 'hard line' policies have undermined national security and made America less safe. Continue

19.Aug.2006 The army is back, but don't expect it to disarm Hizbollah -By Robert Fisk
Now you see them, now you don't. Hizbollah weapons? None to be seen. And none to be collected by the Lebanese army.

For when this august body of men crossed the Litani river yesterday, their officers made it perfectly clear that it would not be the army's job to disarm the Hizbollah. Nor was anyone in Lebanon surprised. Continue

"Mass murder on an unbelievable scale"

19.Aug.2006 The timing is political -By Craig Murry
One of the alleged terrorists had made a bomb. None had bought a plane ticket. Many did not have passports. It could be pretty difficult to convince a jury that these individuals were about to go through with suicide bombings, whatever they bragged about on the net.

19.Aug.2006 Why Do We Hate Them? -By Jason Miller
Western corporate media shamelessly serve the Neocons by perpetuating a virtually endless cycle of hatred and violence. They incite and feed Islamophobia and they fabricate a plethora of false justifications for the malevolent actions of Israel and the United States. But then in a fascist nation, corporations are wedded with the state, militarism is the state’s primary focus, scapegoats and enemies are essential + the function of the Fourth Estate is to provide the propaganda to control the masses .

19.Aug.2006 Why Democracies evolve into Dictatorships - By James Cooke

Liberal commentators continue to respond with hysterics or dumfoundedness at the ability of Conservatives to destroy civil liberties while thus far waging three preemptive wars (yes Lebanon is a U.S. war).

It should have been clear by now— with the media and Democrats suppressing or supporting the most blatant atrocities engineered by the Republicans— that larger forces are at play. Continue

19.Aug.2006 Why America Needs Hezbollah -By Ted Rall- Who cares if Hezbollah is a State Department-designated terrorist organization? Unlike our worthless government, it gets things done! Continue

There is something terribly wrong with this country 7 Minute Video- How did this happen? Who is to blame? Click to view
19.Aug.2006 Londoner Terrorpläne: Mutmaßliche Terroristen produzierten Märtyrer- Videos
19.Aug.2006 Deuterium: Versteckspiel in der Milchstraße
19.Aug.2006 Libanon: Annan fordert Ende der Blockade

19.Aug.2006 Generalbundesanwalt bestätigt: Mutmaßlicher Bahn- Bomber verhaftet

CdS and GdS CdS was founded in 1876 in Milan and is the leading broadsheet newspaper in the Italian market.   It has a liberal view and long tradition in delivering objective and accurate news to the public. Its Editor-in-Chief, Ferruccio de Bortoli, is an esteemed journalist as well as a man with deep knowledge of the economic/financial world.

CdS is published seven days per week, with a circulation of approximately 700,000 copies.

GdS was founded in 1896 in Milan and is the European leading broadsheet daily sports paper. It is published seven days a week and covers all major sports events, with a particular attention to football.   Its average circulation is approximately 500,000, with a peak circulation of 900,000 on Mondays.

Both papers belong to   RCS Editori SpA, one of Europe’s largest publishing companies, which is also active in consumer magazines, books and online publishing.  

The Sydney Morning Herald is Australia’s leading broadsheet, published six days per week + is Sydney’s paper of record, with a reputation of independence, authority and integrity.   The Sydney Morning Herald is owned by John Fairfax Holdings Limited [ASX:FXJ], Australia’s leading publishing group, whose mastheads also include The Age, The Australian Financial Review, The Sun-Herald, Melbourne Express and BRW . In addition, the Company publishes financial and consumer magazines, regional and community newspapers + provides online and interactive services. In 2000, the Company had revenues of over $1.3 billion. Fairfax, through f2, its wholly owned subsidiary for its online and interactive businesses, is building a strong position in e-commerce and is Australia’s leading content provider on the Internet.
P2 - Propaganda Due director of Corriere della Sera . Maurizio Costanzo, Italian journalist and television anchorman of many Mediaset program ( the Berlusconi's commercial ...

Stichwort: Medien in Italien - HTML-Version
Chefredakteurs des " Corriere della Sera ", Ferruccio de Bortoli, ... conglomeration of local television stations, owned by Berlusconi, acting as a national ...

Propaganda Due - QuickSeek Encyclopedia Tassan Din, general director of Corriere della Sera ; Massimo Donelli, director of TV Sole 24 hours; Paolo Mosca, former director of " Domenica del ... /

19.Aug.2006 Fool's Cap: Pulling it Off Most notably, the editor of the Corriere della Sera, Paolo Mieli, wrote an editorial before the electoral campaign even began expressing his decision to ...

Fool's Cap: March 2006 Most notably, the editor of the Corriere della Sera, Paolo Mieli, wrote an ... Yet, in bold blacklegging mode, a newspaper nominally owned by Silvio ...

19.Aug.2006 different strings: A worldwide scoop? Corriere della Sera, an Italian daily, quoted Elisabetta Burba as saying her ... Corriere della Sera quoted the journalist as saying she went to Niger to ...

19.Aug.2006 Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Berlusconi dismisses voters ... The centrist Milan daily Corriere della Sera said the result revealed the ... The newspaper, owned by his brother Paolo, informed its readers of an ...,12900,976273,00.html
19.Aug.2006 Catholic Culture : Document Library : Edith Stein's Letter ... in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera

"That was the first mistake . ... issued by the Hoheneighen - Verlag Press, which was owned by Hitler.

Business Finance Directory Wholly owned subsidiary of News Corporation, HarperCollins is a broad-based ... Rizzoli Corriere Della Sera Mediagroup Spa(rcs) Formerly Known as Holding di ...
19.Aug.2006 Private ownership in the Italian media landscapeHTML-Version

The most of the 177 daily newspapers in Italy are owned by a small number of ... together with Corriere della Sera ) published with eight weekly supplements, ...
Corriere della sera - Corriere lavoro Our Client is a large multinational company, owned by a worldwide corporate, focused on medical advanced technologies. For its multi-countries italian based ...

19.Aug.2006 Reporters sans frontières - Italy Il Corriere della Sera is Italy's biggest daily newspaper with a circulation of 700000 . It is owned by the Rizzoli Corriere della Sera group ( RCS ) ...

MobileRead Networks - Corriere della Sera (Italian) By the way Corriere della Sera is the most important Italian Newspaper . ... MobileRead . com is a privately owned, operated and funded community . - Jun 10, ITALY (#37489) The Corriere della Sera, founded in Milan in 1876, is Italy's oldest newspaper ... which operates three nationwide TV networks, is a fully state - owned ... - Transcripts Joining us now to talk about all of this is Gianni Riotta, a New York based columnist with the Italian daily " Corriere Della Sera . " ...

19.Aug.2006 EFJ Mission to Italy, Rome, November 6-8, 2003 Dateiformat: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTML-Version
He adds that Corriere della Sera is owned by a group of industrialists, who all depend on. government subsidies. It is administered by a separate trust ...

EFJ Mission to Italy, Rome, November 6-8, 2003HTML-Version He adds that Corriere della Sera is owned by a group of industrialists, who all depend under some aspects on government subsidies. ...

American Samizdat: Rebel Scum Since 2001 (Must I add that Fallaci writes for Corriere della Sera, newspaper owned by right-wing premier, Berlusconi?) One of the main concerns of the manifestation ...

Silvio Berlusconi - definition of Silvio Berlusconi - Labor Law ... ... La Repubblica and Il Corriere della Sera is owned by Berlusconi and both have tended to report independently of the Berlusconi government.

19.Aug.2006 Fairfax, Sir James Reading (1834 - 1919) Biographical Entry ... At 16 he was apprenticed as a printer at the Sydney Morning Herald, then owned by his father and Charles Kemp . He entered the Herald office in George Street ...

Politics and Economics - Jan 20 | | Peak Oil ... Sydney Morning Herald FUNDS owned by Australian wheat farmers were used to provide nearly $US8 million ($10.6 million) to a BHP joint venture partner under ...
19.Aug.2006 Some aspects of the new Mrs Murdoch you haven't read in the ...

30.Apr.200- the Sydney Morning Herald owned by John Fairfax, a rival company to Mr Murdoch's News Corp in Australia published a long + detailed ...

FAIRFAX CORPORATE AFFAIRS The Sydney Morning Herald is owned by John Fairfax Holdings Limited [ASX:FXJ], Australia’s leading publishing group, whose mastheads also include The Age, ...

'Huge' Chemical Weapons Plant Found in Iraq | MetaFilter The Sydney Morning Herald is owned by Fairfax P/L. It has no connection with Murdoch.
The way the building collapsed must have been caused by explosions
One demolition expert on the day of the collapse said it looked like implosion but this is not very strong evidence. Implosion firstly requires a lot of explosives placed in strategic areas all around the building. When and how was this explosive placed in the building without anyone knowing about it. Second, implosion required more than just explosives. Demolition experts spend weeks inside a derelict building planning an event. Many of the beams are cut through by about 90% so that the explosion only has to break a small bit of steel. In this state the building is highly dangerous + there is no way such a prepared building could still be running day to day like WTC was.

19.Aug.2006 (Taken from
The structural system, deriving from the I.B.M. Building in Seattle, is impressively simple. The 208-foot wide facade is, in effect, a prefabricated steel lattice, with columns on 39-inch centers acting as wind bracing to resist all overturning forces; the central core takes only the gravity loads of the building. A very light, economical structure results by keeping the wind bracing in the most efficient place, the outside surface of the building, thus not transferring the forces through the floor membrane to the core, as in most curtain-wall structures. Office spaces will have no interior columns. In the upper floors there is as much as 40,000 square feet of office space per floor. The floor construction is of prefabricated trussed steel, only 33 inches in depth, that spans the full 60 feet to the core + also acts as a diaphragm to stiffen the outside wall against lateral buckling forces from wind-load pressures."Taken from

Harper's Magazine: Suicide Bombings
00.Nov.2000-00.Mar.2004 Timeline of events related to suicide bombing around the world.

Includes links to related timelines for Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Pakistan, terrorism, the

11.Sep.2001 terrorist attacks + related topics. From the website for Harper's Magazine. Topics: Death & Dying, September 11 & Beyond, Terrorism, Weapons -Last updated-
Peter Lance: Investigative Reporter, Novelist & Screenwriter This site promotes books by this author, among them a detailed critique of "The 9/11 Commission Report."

The site features a timeline tracing the origins of the 11.Sep.2001 attacks + a copy of a

00.000.1996 FBI report about topics connected with the attacks. Also includes links to other sites related to the attacks.
Federal (U.S.) Government, Government, Government, Military, September 11 & Beyond Last updated Nov 28, 2004

The Man Who Knew This site examines the career of John O'Neill, the FBI's leading expert on al-Qaida for six years.

It analyzes events + intelligence leading up to the

11.Sep.2001 terrorist attacks. Features interviews and speeches, an al-Qaida timeline + suggested further readings and links.

Originally produced in 2002, the site includes 2004 updates on "John O'Neill and the 9/11 Commission." From the PBS Frontline series.
September 11 & Beyond, Terrorism -Last updated Aug 12, 2005

The Librarian's Index to the Internet
While this resource is by no means as comprehensive as Yahoo! or DMOZ, it does offer a glimpse into how organizations might be structured by those outside the Internet field.

Of considerable interest to me was the selection criteria, which offer some excellent suggestions for any directory or site seeking to be listed and ranked.
19.Aug.2006,1518,druck-432472,00.html Hamburg -

Wie die "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" berichtet, enthielt der von Keitel kurz vor seiner Hinrichtung im

00.Okt.1946 verfasste Brief auch eine Aktualisierung seines

00.000.1944 in der Wolfsschanze formulierten Testaments.

Der Wehrmacht-Chef beteuerte, er sei durch ein "Treueverhältnis besonderer Art an den Führer Adolf Hitler gebunden" gewesen.

"Hätte ich diese Gefolgschaft nicht bis zuletzt gewahrt, wäre ich zum Verräter geworden."
Fahndung nach den Bahn- Bombern: BKA durchsucht Kieler Hauptbahnhof

19.Aug.2006 Palästinenser- Gebiete: Israelis verhaften Vize- Premier
19.Aug.2006 Wiretap Ruling Threatens Telecoms Businesses accused of helping the Bush Administration eavesdrop on customers could be in for a legal bruising
19.Aug.2006 Ryanair threatens government over airport security
Ryanair today threatened to sue the government for compensation unless airport security measures are returned to normal within seven days. Michael O'Leary, the outspoken chief executive of Ryanair, described the new restrictions as "farcical Keystone Cops security measures that don't add anything ...

19.Aug.2006 New airport security 'to remain' Ministers say new security measures at UK airports will stay for now, despite the threat of legal action.
19.Aug.2006 Israelis detain Hamas deputy PM Israeli forces detain Palestinian Deputy PM Nasser al-Shaer in a raid on his home in the West Bank.
19.Aug.2006 UN warns of growing Darfur crisis The UN says it is "extraordinarily concerned" about the situation in Darfur as pressure for peacekeepers rises.
19.Aug.2006 'Simple' way to test for anthrax Swiss scientists say they have found a fast and simple way to test for deadly anthrax.
19.Aug.2006 South Africa Aids policy attacked The UN's special Aids envoy accuses South Africa of "immoral" Aids policies, at the end of a major conference.
19.Aug.2006 This week in tech and politics A federal judge ruled that the warrantless Internet + telephone surveillance program authorized by the Bush administration violates the U.S. Constitution + must cease immediately. 19.Aug.2006 EE Times finds U.S. engineering salaries average around $100K Blog: The mean compensation for an engineer in the U.S. is $103,999, according to the annual salary survey published by EE Times. The...
19.Aug.2006 The Iraq war timeline - Faiz has been updated. Take a look + save it as a resource as we will be updating it periodically. Let us know in the comments section if there’s something we missed.
19.Aug.2006 Bush Ignores Calling For Minimum Wage Increase On 10-Year Anniversary Of Last Increase - Amanda -

After President Bush met with his economic advisors today, he spoke to the media on the state of the economy:

We discussed the state of the economy.

We discussed where our economy is headed.

And we discussed the steps that we’re going to take to ensure that our economy continues to lead the world .

One important step that Bush didn’t discuss in his speech was an increase in the minimum wage. This Sunday,

20.Aug.2006 marks the 10-year anniversary of the

00.000.1996 minimum wage bill — the last time the minimum wage was increased.

Today, eight million Americans are still living on $5.15 an hour + the federal minimum wage is currently at its lowest level in 51 years.

Since President Bush took office, the number of Americans living in poverty has increased by 5.4 million. (Unemployment and poverty rates fell after the 1996 legislation.)

The Senate recently voted down a wage increase because it was tied, in a political ploy, to a cut in inheritance taxes on multimilllion-dollar estates.

The American economy can’t continue to lead if eight million people are left behind.
Pharmacists in New York are refusing - Dan to refill Plan B prescriptions. A CVS supervisor notes that the “pharmacists apparently had no religious or moral objections to E.C. [emergency contraception] the first time around; it was that second time that proved the women’s behavior was ‘irresponsible.’The New York Civil Liberties Union has filed a complaint.
19.Aug.2006 'Toxic diets' fuel child obesity The increase in childhood obesity is being caused by addiction to "toxic", sugar-filled foods, a US researcher has claimed.
19.Aug.2006 Teens Don't Think CD Copying is a Crime - Zonk 43

"An article in the Orlando Sentinel reports on a poll done by the LA Times and Bloomberg. The informal study looked at teenager attitudes towards copying media.

Only 31 % said they thought it was illegal to copy a CD borrowed from a friend who had purchased it. Attitudes about ill-gotten media were less clear + the article admits than even the legal system is slightly fuzzy on this issue." From the article: "Among teens aged 12 to 17 who were polled, 69 % said they thought it was legal to copy a CD from a friend who purchased the original. By comparison, only 21 % said it was legal to copy a CD if a friend got the music for free. Similarly, 58 % thought it was legal to copy a friend's purchased DVD or videotape, but only 19 % thought copying was legal if the movie wasn't purchased. Those figures are a big problem for the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America, both of which have spent millions of dollars to deter copying of any kind. The music industry now considers so-called 'schoolyard' piracy -- copies of physical discs given to friends and classmates -- a greater threat than illegal peer-to-peer downloading, according to the RIAA."
SpaceX, Rocketplane Kistler Win NASA Competition - Zonk 34 "Two emerging space companies have won a NASA competition to provide low cost commercial transport to the International Space Station. SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, is developing its two-stage reusable Falcon 9 launch vehicle and Dragon spacecraft, but it is making changes after the loss of Falcon 1 during its maiden launch. Rocketplane Kistler's K-1 is a two-stage reusable launch vehicle that has been in development for over a decade. Both companies represent a departure from business as usual at NASA. Boeing and Lockheed Martin are the largest companies in the aerospace industry and win most NASA contracts."
Computer Voodoo? - Cliff 287 jbeaupre asks:

"A corollary to 'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic' is that sometimes users have to resort to what I call 'computer voodoo.' You don't know why it works, you barely care how it works, but you find yourself doing the strangest things because it just seems to work. I'm talking about things like: smacking a PC every 5 seconds for an hour to keep it from stalling on a hard drive reformat (with nary a problem after the reformat); or figuring out the only way to get a PC partially fried by lightning to recognize an ethernet card, after booting into Windows, is to start the computer by yanking the card out and shoving it back in (thereby starting the boot processes). What wacky stuff have you done that makes no obvious sense, but just works?"
Turning Garbage into Gold - Zonk 77 bart_scriv writes

"Entrepreneurs are creating companies that exploit the creative opportunities in other people's junk, sparing the environment in the process. The article looks at green entrepreneurship in general and profiles some specific companies, whose products range from recycled printer cartridges to rubber sidewalks. It also includes a slideshow on the process of making rubber sidewalks. From the article: 'While innovation has always been the entrepreneur's trademark, a growing interest in the green movement is propelling small business owners to create new products and services that also happen to be inventive recycling solutions for the country's vast waste heaps. 'The sustainability and restoring of our environment are providing opportunities in many fields of small business,' says John Stayton, co-founder and director of the Green MBA program at San Francisco's New College of California.'"
Flash Drives Go To Work - Zonk 187

"USB drive capacity is outpacing Moore's Law by doubling every year, evolving from tchotchkes to devices capable of addressing corporate needs ranging from mobile computing platforms to files stores with encryption and biometrics protection. SanDisk and M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers launched a thumb drive with an intelligent U3 chip that can store and launch applications. Lexar's premium JumpDrive Lightning thumb drive has the fastest data-transfer rates at 18MB/sec write and 24MB/sec read. And some are strong on the outside, too. SanDisk touts a drive built to withstand 2,000 lbs. of pressure. Computerworld tested that claim by repeatedly driving a Volkswagen Beetle over the ruggedized thumb drive. While the drive's body came away with a few scratches, there were no dents + not a single lost file."
The Military Aims to Develop 'Smart' & Secure WiFi - Zonk 78 Krishna Dagli writes to mention a Network World

article about a military project to create a self-configuring, secure wireless network. From the article: "Academic concepts such as artificial intelligence and Tim Berners-Lee's 'Semantic Web,' combined with technologies such as the Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET), cognitive radio + peer-to-peer networking, would provide the nuts and bolts of such a network. Although the project is intended for soldiers in the field, the resulting advances could trickle down to end users. 'Military networks are going to converge as closely as we can to civil technologies,' says Preston Marshall, the program manager of DARPA's Advanced Technology Office."
The Thalamus - The Kernel in Your Mind - Zonk 64 corbettw writes

"This article on Yahoo Science News describes a new finding that explains how the thalamus is used by your brain to essentially boot your brain + provide for central processing and control of all impulses going to and from the cortex. The article describes its function as an operating system, but from the description it actually seems closer to the functions of a kernel." From the article: "The finding, published last week in the journal Neuroscience, changes the way scientists understand nitric oxide's role in the brain + it also has them rethinking the function of the thalamus, where it is released. The thalamus was thought to be a fairly primitive structure, sort of a gate that could either open and allow sensory information to stream into the cortex, the higher functioning part of the brain, or cut off the flow entirely. Godwin says the new research shows it's more accurate to think of the thalamus not as a gate but as a club bouncer, who doesn't simply allow a huge rush of people to go in or no one at all, but picks and chooses whom to let in and out. "

Mit Bezug auf den konkreten Fall - das Terrorkomplott von London - sind zumindest deutsche Behörden jedoch skeptisch. Es gebe eben keine Beweise, heißt es gleich in mehreren Sicherheitsbehörden, nur Behauptungen und Vermutungen. Außerdem sei für den Plan, so wie er bis jetzt bekannt sei, gar nicht einmal besonders viel Geld gebraucht worden - der Umweg mithin vielleicht gar nicht nötig gewesen. Und schließlich gibt es hierzulande ein zumeist unausgesprochenes Misstrauen gegenüber der pakistanisch-britischen Art, sich mit den Erfolgen der Ermittlung zu schmücken - und dabei, vielleicht auch politisch motiviert, übers Ziel hinauszuschießen.

Informationen aus Pakistan interessengeleitet?

Der Terrorexperte Guido Steinberg von der Berliner Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik teilt die Zweifel: Es habe seit den neunziger Jahren keinen konkreten Verdacht gegeben, dass eine islamistische Wohlfahrtsorganisation einen konkreten Anschlag finanziell gefördert habe. Außerdem hält Steinberg es für unwahrscheinlich, dass lokale Militante einen Anschlag ausgerechnet in London unterstützen würden. "Laschkar e-Toiba etwa ist eine kaschmirische Organisation mit einem Fokus auf Pakistan und Indien." Generell, so Steinberg, "sind Aussagen pakistanischer Sicherheitsbehörden in Terrorfragen nicht zu trauen. Sie sind interessengeleitet".

Deutsche Sicherheitsbehörden sind zudem verwirrt, weil die aus "pakistanischen Quellen" stammenden Informationen sich widersprechen: Auf der einen Seite bemüht sich Islamabad darum, eine Beziehung der gestoppten Attentäter zu al-Qaidas Zentrale herzustellen; auf der anderen Seite steht die jetzt ventilierte Finanzierungsgeschichte dem entgegen, weil Bin Ladens Rest-Netzwerk dadurch aus der eigentlich zugeschriebenen Rolle gedrängt wird - des möglichen Finanziers und Auftraggebers. Dass zugleich der Informationsfluss aus Großbritannien an die befreundeten + damit auch an die deutschen Behörden zu versiegen begonnen hat, stimmt die damit Befassten nicht zuversichtlicher, dass über die Finanzierung nun wirklich schon gesichertes Wissen bestünde.
Nahost: Israelische Kampfflugzeuge überfliegen Libanon
18.Aug.2006 Terror police find 'martyr tapes' Police probing an alleged plot to bring down airliners have found martyrdom videos, the BBC has learned.
18.Aug.2006 Preliminary ‘Lessons’ of the Israeli-Hezbollah War.” - Faiz 

A report prepared by military analyst Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies attempts to draw early lessons from the conflict. David Corn highlights an interesting portion: “One key lesson that the US badly needs to learn from Israel is the Israeli rush towards accountability.”

Castro erklärte, er habe in den frühen Morgenstunden des 1. August - einen Tag nach der Machtübernahme - entschieden, "unsere Kampfkapazitäten substanziell zu erhöhen". Zehntausende Reservisten und Angehörige von Milizen seien mobilisiert worden. Im Land herrsche "absolute Ruhe". Aus Parteikreisen war am Mittwoch verlautet, dass die zivilen Milizen inzwischen wieder demobilisiert seien.

Die Mobilmachung erklärte Castro damit, man habe nicht ausschließen können, dass innerhalb der US-Regierung "jemand ausrastet". In diesem Zusammenhang kritisierte er scharf den Plan von US-Präsident George W. Bush, die Kubaner bei der Errichtung einer der Demokratie verpflichteten Übergangsregierung zu unterstützen.
Sarkozy wies die Vorwürfe seiner nach Meinungsumfragen stärksten Konkurrentin im Präsidentschaftsrennen 2007 zurück. Weder sein Büro noch sonstige Dienststellen des Ministeriums hätten "vertrauliche Informationen zu einem möglichen Eindringen" in die Wohnung der Sozialistin verbreitet. Der "Figaro" hatte als Ursprung der Meldung "Polizeiquellen" genannt
18.Aug.2006 Jack Cafferty Wants to Know What Constitutes Success in Iraq. A Must View Video Segment.
Jeffords in Reverse: If Lieberman Wins, Will He Join the Republican Caucus? -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Thom Hartmann's Latest Book, "Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class." Just released.

18.Aug.2006 Conservatives' Response to Federal Court Decision Striking Down Illegal Wiretapping? Attack the Judge. How Predictable! -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

18.Aug.2006 Another Bush Fiasco in Iraq: Nation With Third Largest Oil Reserves Must Now IMPORT Oil!
Finding Your Inner "Macaca": George Allen is Our BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week

19.Aug.2006 "But for now, with a careful, thoroughly grounded opinion, one judge in Michigan has done what 535 members of Congress have so abysmally failed to do. She has reasserted the rule of law over a lawless administration + shown why issues of this kind belong within the constitutional process created more than two centuries ago to handle them." 8/18

18.Aug.2006 Steven Jonas: Joe Lieberman and the Coming Split in the Democratic Party
Edwards says his vote on Iraq was wrong 8/18

18.Aug.2006 Permalink
18.Aug.2006 What happened in Lebanon? I hope you will read Uri Avery's piece on Israel's ghastly Lebanese adventure. In fact, I hope people will read it fifty years from now.
This bloody incursion, which dispossessed over a million innocents, was intended to create a "new Middle East." But what did Israel actually accomplish? * The prisoners, who served as casus belli (or pretext) for the war, have not been released. They will come back only as a result of an exchange of prisoners, exactly as Hassan Nasrallah proposed before the war.
* Hizbullah has remained as it was. It has not been destroyed, nor disarmed, nor even removed from where it was. Its fighters have proved themselves in battle and have even garnered compliments from Israeli soldiers. Its command and communication stucture has continued to function to the end. Its TV station is still broadcasting.
* Hassan Nasrallah is alive and kicking. Persistent attempts to kill him failed. His prestige is sky-high. Everywhere in the Arab world, from Morocco to Iraq, songs are being composed in his honor and his picture adorns the walls.
* The Lebanese army will be deployed along the border, side by side with a large international force. That is the only material change that has been achieved.
This will not replace Hizbullah. Hizbullah will remain in the area, in every village and town. The Israeli army has not succeeded in removing it from one single village. That was simply impossible without permanently removing the population to which it belongs. Avery leaves out one other important result: Hezbollah, which previously commanded only minority support in Lebanon + which many Arab states had viewed with derision and suspicion, has now attained high levels of popular support and international prestige.

18.Aug.2006 Haditha- Massaker: US- Marines sollen Beweise versteckt haben
18.Aug.2006 Libanon- Eingreiftruppe: Uno bettelt um europäische Soldaten

18.Aug.2006 Notbremse: Ford drosselt US- Produktion drastisch
18.Aug.2006 Scharfe Terrorkontrollen: Ryanair stellt Ultimatum an britische Regierung
18.Aug.2006 Kuba: Raul Castro mobilisiert zehntausende Reservisten

18.Aug.2006 Uno- Friedenstruppe: "Soldaten aus Bangladesch sind katastrophal ausgerüstet"

18.Aug.2006 Notlandung: Schlechter Scherz löst Bombenalarm aus
18.Aug.2006 Mainstream TV Media Drops The Ball On NSA Ruling, Instead Devotes Attention To JonBenet Ramsey - Faiz 

Yesterday, a federal judge in Michigan issued “a sweeping rebuke of the once-secret domestic-surveillance effort the White House authorized following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.” The ruling was “a significant blow to Bush’s attempts to expand presidential powers,” but you wouldn’t know that by watching last evening’s network newscasts.

All three major TV networks led their evening news with stories on JonBenet Ramsey’s death and the comments made by arrested teacher John Mark Karr. The networks offered multiple segments and numerous expert analyses to provide in-depth coverage on the legal case. The NSA decision received only a passing mention from two of the newscasts, while ABC devoted a full segment to it .

Still, ABC devoted twice as much time to Ramsey as it did to the NSA story. More egregiously, CBS offered seven times as much airtime to Ramsey as it did to the NSA story, while NBC devoted 15 times more airtime. Below is a comparison of the allocation of time made by each network: NETWORK RAMSEY SEGMENT NSA SEGMENT
NBC 7:39 0:27
CBS 3:23 0:25
ABC 4:03 2:00

As CBS host Bob Schieffer wrapped up the Ramsey segment, he reassured the audience, “We’ll stay on this case. That’s for sure.”
Who’s going to do the dying?” - Payson  Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) asked about a military strike on Iran. “Some in this administration want some excuse to take military action,” Hagel said. “That would be disastrous, catastrophic. It would enflame the Middle East in ways we can’t imagine today.”
18.Aug.2006 Iraq Forced To Import Oil To Tackle Shortages - Amanda  Paul Wolfowitz,

27.Mar.2003 There’s a lot of money to pay for this that doesn’t have to be U.S. taxpayer money + it starts with the assets of the Iraqi people…and on a rough recollection, the oil revenues of that country could bring between $50 and $100 billion over the course of the next two or three years. … We’re dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction + relatively soon.

17.Aug.2006 : AP, Iraq has doubled the money allocated for importing oil products in August and September to tackle the country’s worst fuel shortage since Saddam Hussein’s 2003 ouster, a senior Iraqi official said Thursday. Even though Iraq has the world’s third-largest proven oil reserves, it is forced to depend on imports because of an acute shortage of refined products such as gasoline, kerosene and cooking gas. Sabotage of pipelines by insurgents, corruption and aging refineries have been blamed.
18.Aug.2006 UN plea for European peacekeepers The UN urges European countries to contribute more troops for the peacekeeping force in Lebanon.
18.Aug.2006 The Bush Power-Grab Scorecard
Thursday's ruling against the NSA's warrantless electronic surveillance of Americans is a blow to the administration's claim that the law doesn't apply in time of war. But other cases have afforded the president more latitude + some are still winding through the courts. By Kim Zetter.

18.Aug.2006 Apple: No Sweatshop IPod Labor
A company investigation refutes, to Apple's satisfaction, allegations that the Chinese manufacturer of its iPod music player imposes forced labor conditions at its factory. Employees are working longer hours than the contract calls for, however.

18.Aug.2006 Everybody Is a Star, er, Planet
Pluto's in and three other heavenly bodies are upgraded to planet status in a draft resolution by an international panel of astronomers. If approved, our nine-planet solar system would grow to an even dozen.

18.Aug.2006 Consumer Reports Creates Viruses to Test Software - Zonk 23 Maximum Prophet writes to mention an

MSNBC article about a Consumer Reports plan to test anti-virus software by creating viruses. Security companies are objecting, on the grounds that it's a generally accepted practice not to create viruses for any reason. From the article: "Consumer Reports didn't create thousands of new viruses from scratch. Rather, it took a handful of existing viruses and created hundreds of slight variants, changing the malicious programs just enough to evade detection by an antivirus program with a list of known threats. That's a common trick in the virus writing world; it's standard for a successful virus to inspire dozens of variants. "
Sony UK Refused P2P Software Patent - Zonk 84 blane.bramble writes

"The Register reports that Sony cannot patent inventions in the UK that remove the anonymity of the peer-to-peer (P2P) user experience. Sony tried to patent a method of passing around user reviews of shared files, but the UK Patent Office rejected it + then rejected it again on appeal. The article indicates the patents were rejected because the 'inventions' were not eligible for patenting. " From the article: "When a P2P user downloads a piece of content from another user's computer, be it a song or a game or a movie, he normally knows nothing about that user - or where that user obtained the content. Sony's proposal would change that experience. Sony describes a method for attaching a user history to content when it is shared among computers or other devices. When one user downloads a song, he can see who had it last and what he thought about it."
Wiretap Ruling Threatens Telecoms - Zonk 262 - ches_grin writes

"Yesterday's ruling on the NSA warrantless wiretapping program could mean that businesses that assisted in the program are in for some serious legal problems. The judge's decision clearly dismissed out of hand the arguments of the telecoms, saying that the protections due journalists and lawyers was a clear matter of the public's best interests." From the article: "Businesses accused of aiding the Bush administration in wiretapping could also be in for a legal bruising, say civil liberties groups that have sued telecom providers AT&T, Verizon + BellSouth for allegedly helping the NSA. The ruling could set a precedent other courts can't ignore. 'Every phone company that is assisting the government in its illegal surveillance would want to think long and hard before it continues that agreement,' says Ann Beeson, the ACLU's lead attorney in the case. 'There are already lawsuits claiming that their cooperation for the past several years is illegal and now that the judge has declared it is illegal, their liability increases. The risk is much greater from a business perspective.'"
Quote of the day: 'No hereditary kings in America'
Blog: U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor, in her landmark decision Thursday ruling the National Security Agency's warrantless surveillance...


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PM Geoff Gallop is a close friend of the Federal Labor leader, Kim Beazley + the British Labor leader, Tony Blair. Mr Beazley has paid tribute to Dr Gallop ...

Egypt is a close friend of America Egypt is a close friend of America, Egypt, Politics. - Your source for Daily News about the Arabic world.

Mubarak: Bush fulfills his promise Previous Stories: Bush will work for establishing the Palestinian state (10/17/2001) Egypt is a close friend of America (10/16/2001) ...
The FBI Software Upgrade That Wasn't - Zonk 85 Davemania writes

"Washington Post reports that the FBI's attempt to modernize their department has once again failed. The 170 million dollar Virtual case File system, the agency 2nd attempt to go paperless is reported to be useless. The finger seems to be pointing at the FBI leadership, greedy contractor and bad software management." From the article: "It appeared to work beautifully. Until Azmi, now the FBI's technology chief, asked about the error rate. Software problem reports, or SPRs, numbered in the hundreds, Azmi recalled in an interview. The problems were multiplying as engineers continued to run tests. Scores of basic functions had yet to be analyzed. 'A month before delivery, you don't have SPRs,' Azmi said. 'You're making things pretty. . . . You're changing colors.'"
Our Moon Could Become a Planet - CowboyNeal 225 anthemaniac writes

"Earth's moon is drifting away from us more than an inch every year. In a few billion years, if the system survives, the moon would be reclassified as a planet under the new IAU definition. You gotta wonder if the astronomers who dreamed this definition up had thought of that."
Boeing Scraps In-flight Internet Access - CowboyNeal 135 Dreamwalkerofyore writes

"According to the BBC, Boeing has recently announced that it has abandoned Connexion, its in-flight broadband service. Said Boeing CEO Jim McNerney: 'Regrettably, the market for this service has not materialized as had been expected. We believe this decision best balances the long-term interests of all parties with a stake in Connexion by Boeing.'"
Super-fast Transistors On the Way - CowboyNeal 144 nbannerman writes

"The BBC is reporting about a new kind of transistor, that recently set a world record of 110Ghz. From the article: 'To achieve the speed gain, researchers at the University of Southampton added fluorine to the silicon devices. The technique uses existing silicon manufacturing technology meaning it should be quick and easy to deploy.' The apparent applications for this process include mobile phones and digital cameras."
Spying an intelligent search engine Innovation in Web search using artificial intelligence may lead to the day when you could expect the Web to do the tedious tasks for you.
18.Aug.2006 Israel alarm at UN force members Israel voices concern that some nations offering to join the UN's Lebanon force do not recognise Israel's existence.
18.Aug.2006 Plane diverted after bomb scare A British plane flying to Egypt has been evacuated in Italy after a bomb threat was found on board, police say.
18.Aug.2006 'Terror plot' inquiry spanning UK Every police force in the UK is now involved in the investigation into the alleged air terror plot.
18.Aug.2006 Ryanair issues security ultimatum Ryanair threatens the government with a seven-day "ultimatum" to restore airport security to normal or it will sue.
18.Aug.2006 Chinese drought affects millions At least 18m people have been affected by China's worst drought in 50 years, the state news agency reports.
18.Aug.2006 German bombs 'mass murder' bid German police rule out blackmail as the motive for two bombs and now believe it was a terrorist plot.
18.Aug.2006 Olmert 'suspends' withdrawal plan The Israeli PM is suspending plans for a unilateral West Bank withdrawal, according to a minister.
18.Aug.2006 NHS report 'criticisms deleted' A report into the £6.8bn NHS IT upgrade had criticisms removed and toned down before publication, BBC learns.
18.Aug.2006 Alarm sounded for farmland birds The latest health check on UK bird numbers paints an alarming picture of decline in several threatened species.
18.Aug.2006 Apple admits excessive iPod hours Apple says workers at its iPod plant in China do more than 60 hours a week a third of the time.
18.Aug.2006 and they will go to any lengths to shout us down - including inventing quotes and using them to tar people with.

This latest example of ineptitude on the part of Moseley and World Net Daily only brings their other claims about 9/11 under further scrutiny. If they can't even ascribe the correct statements to the right people, yet use false allegations to try and smear the characters of respected professionals, how can we trust their assertions that 9/11 skeptics are wrong?

World Net Daily Forced To Issue 9/11 Hit Piece Retraction
"No such comments made by Jones," admits website as another attack exposed for baseless allegations and shoddy research

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | August 18 2006

Following a radio show debate yesterday in which a 9/11 hit piece article written by Jonathon Moseley for World Net Daily was exposed as containing numerous flaws and baseless allegations, the online news site was later forced to issue a retraction.

One of the most glaring inaccuracies of the article was Moseley's claim that Professor Steven Jones of the 9/11 Truth Scholars, during a conference aired on C-Span, called "for the violent overthrow of the government."

After painstaking analysis of all the tapes from the conference there was no evidence whatsoever that a statement even close to this nature was ever made by Jones.

Following the radio debate, World Net Daily were pressed into issuing the following retraction on their website.

Editor's note, Aug. 17, 2006: In paragraph four of this column, the author makes an assertion about professor Steven Jones' remarks at a 9/11 symposium broadcast by C-SPAN. A review of the program online evidenced no such comments by Jones."

Despite the fact that the claim has been ridiculed and a retraction issued, it can still be read in the fourth paragraph of the article. Since the false claim is potentially damaging to Professor Steven Jones' career - it should be removed altogether.

The last major instance where a retraction to a 9/11 hit piece was issued was in the case of Cinnamon Stillwell's San Francisco Chronicle article in which she claimed that the "whole country witnessed the horrific sight of planes flying into the....Pentagon," an obviously fraudulent claim given that no clear footage of whatever hit the Pentagon was shown on 9/11 or to this day.

"Cinnamon Stillwell's column Wednesday on SFGate originally stated that images of the plane that struck the Pentagon had been seen by the American public. No such images have been made public," read the Chronicle's retraction.
Police abuse in Miami. Cop says, "F@$K YOU PUT IT ON YOUR WEBSITE"
Police dressed in all black, fire on peaceful protesters not doing anything. They are not harassing or getting anybody riled up. They get shot gunned with rubber bullets in the face, blood gushes + the police laugh, cheer and act likes it's a football game. Turn up the volume it is not very loud.

18.Aug.2006 SPJ, After Probe, Will Honor 9 Santa Barbara Journalists
NEW YORK The Society of Professional Journalists announced today that it is presenting an Ethics in Journalism Award to nine California journalists who resigned recently at the Santa Barbara News-Press, citing alleged violation of provisions of the SPJ Code of Ethics. SPJ noted in a statement that ...

18.Aug.2006 World Net Daily Forced To Issue 9/11 Hit Piece Retraction - Paul Joseph Watson 
World Net Daily Forced To Issue 9/11 Hit Piece Retraction "No such comments made by Jones," admits website as another attack exposed for baseless allegations

18.Aug.2006 UK frames 9/11 researcher for shampoo terror By Total

The story of someone being held by the Crown without trial. From The Guardian Tuesday August 15, 2006: "Waheed Zaman, 22, is a student arrested last week under the Terrorism Act. His best friend tells his story: Kamran Siddique, 24, student [...] Contrary to the claims that is a biochemist, he studied biomedical science; he wanted to be a doctor, it was his lifetime ambition. Little did he know Link
18.Aug.2006 Former Military and Diplomatic Officials Caution Against Striking Iran - Payson 

Over the past few months, neoconservatives have pushed for military action against Iran, recycling pre-Iraq war arguments that military force would “trigger changesin the country and result in regime change. “Why wait?Bill Kristol asked in the July edition of the Weekly Standard. “Any way you cut it,” Herbert London of the Hudson Institute wrote, “military force seems like the most likely stratagem for success.”

Yesterday, a distinguished group of 22 former military and diplomatic leaders urged the Bush administration to ignore the neocons and instead “engage immediately in direct talks with the government of Iran without preconditions.” (View the list of signees HERE.) The full text of their letter:

Words not War, A Statement on Iran, August 2006

As former military leaders and foreign policy officials, we call on the Bush administration to engage immediately in direct talks with the government of Iran without preconditions to help resolve the current crisis in the Middle East and settle differences over the Iranian nuclear program.

We strongly caution against any consideration of the use of military force against Iran. The current crises must be resolved through diplomacy, not military action. An attack on Iran would have disastrous consequences for security in the region and U.S. forces in Iraq + it would inflame hatred and violence in the Middle East and among Muslims elsewhere.

A strategy of diplomatic engagement with Iran will serve the interests of the U.S. and its allies + would enhance regional and international security.

These leaders join a long list of people who think there are no good military options in Iran.
18.Aug.2006 An undeclared war” - Faiz - is going on between the Bush administration and Stuart Bowen, the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction. “As is his mission, Mr. Bowen simply puts out a series of reports detailing failings in the reconstruction effort.” The Washington Times reports, “Privately, Bush administration officials tell us that Mr. Bowen’s quarterly reports and audits are too negative.”
18.Aug.2006 August 18, 2006 - Think Progress 

Politicizing terror isn’t working. “White House strategists are disappointed that the arrest of alleged terrorist plotters in the United Kingdom hasn’t increased President Bush’s job-approval ratings very much.” President Bush’s job approval rating stands at 37%, virtually unchanged from July.

77 %: Number of likely voters who “agree that the government and politicians should stay out of a woman’s personal and private decision whether or not to have an abortion,” according to a new NARAL Pro-Choice America poll.

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott denied Thursday that he called President Bush a “cowboy with his Stetson hatwhose progress on a Middle East peace plan was “crap.” Meanwhile, members of the Labour Party expressed broad approval with Prescott’s reported sentiments.

Three NASA advisers who spoke out against budget cuts to the space agency’s science programs turned in their resignations this week.” One scientist said their commitment to NASA’s science program “didn’t comport with the kind of advice that the administrator and the chairman of the committee were looking for.”

Conservative talk radio host Mike Gallagher defends his call for a “Muslims Only” line at security checkpoints in our airports. “We allow pilots and flight attendants to go to the head of the lines in order to make their flights on time. Let’s extend that same convenience to Muslim passengers. After all, %age-wise, there are fewer Arabs flying than non-Arabs, right? So it stands to reason that a Muslim-only security line would go quickly, even with highly concentrated security efforts.”

President Hamid Karzai condemned a U.S. airstrike Thursday that Afghan officials said killed 10 border policemen. “I have repeatedly asked the coalition forces to take maximum caution while carrying out operations,” he said in a statement, adding that such incidents “must not be repeated.”

Three months since the signing of a tenuous peace deal, Sudan appears to be preparing a major military offensive in its troubled Darfur region, aid workers are increasingly at risk + the population ‘may have to relive the horrors of late 2003 and early 2004 + hundreds of thousands of lives will be at risk,’” according to a top U.N. official.

A federal judge ruled yesterday that big tobacco companies have violated civil racketeering laws, by conspiring “for decades to deceive the public about the dangers of their product.”

And finally: Liquid items discarded at an Oregon airport in response to the foiled terror plot “have turned into balm for the city’s homeless.” One volunteer dug through trash bags at the airport and took every bottle of shampoo and shaving cream he could find, but he “didn’t take the can of Easy Cheese, or the minibottle of brandy, or the tube of something called Vampire’s Blood.” “Oh, the things people bring on planes,” the volunteer said, as he considered the item in his hand, a container of lavender body butter.
18.Aug.2006 BKA den Einkaufszettel-Bombern auf der Spur - sfux Harald Haack ?

Das Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) in Wiesbaden glaubt den Bombenbastlern, die in Koffern versteckte Gasflaschen-Bomben in Zügen der Deutschen Bahn AG deponierten, auf der Spur zu sein. Gemäß der BKA-Ermittlungen soll es sich um inländische Terroristen handeln, deren Angehörige in rund 200 Essener Familien libanesischer Herkunft zu suchen seien.
The Crimes of Mena - sfux Sally Denton and Roger Morris -

Barry Seal: gunrunner, drug trafficker + covert C.I.A. operative extraordinaire - is hardly a familiar name in American politics. But nine years after he was murdered in a hail of bullets by Medellin cartel hit men outside a Salvation Army shelter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he has...
Fax-Affäre: Militärjustiz verhaftet Unschuldigen - sfux -

Seit Januar ermittelt die Militärjustiz, wie der ägyptische Geheimfax über CIA-Gefängnisse in Europa zu SonntagsBlick gelangte. Jetzt glaubt sie, die Schuldigen gefunden zu haben.
Bulelani Ngcuka and his Apartheid Soldiers - sfux Dr. Alexander von Paleske -

Bulelani Ngcuka's shameful business connections with former apartheid soldiers Jan Breytenbach, Steyn Fourie and Willy Ward Bulelani Ngcuka, former boss of the National Prosecuting Authority and...

Tungurahua macht Schlagzeilen. Immerhin ist der Ausbruch des ecuadorianischen Vulkans der schwerste seit Jahren. Doch auch im Nachbarland Peru sind die Vulkane nicht gerade ruhig.
Kofferbomben: Terroristen im Deutschlandtrikot
18.Aug.2006 Chemie vor der Krise: Konzerne machen sich wetterfest
18.Aug.2006 Bombenalarm: Flugzeug nach Brindisi umgeleitet - Terrorfahnder vor Ort

18.Aug.2006 Sicherheitsdebatte: Mehrheit wünscht sich Überwachungskameras

Task Force und intensivierte Asteroidenfahndung an der University of Hawaii - ganz wohl ist den Forschern dabei freilich nicht. Denn sie wissen: Je genauer sie suchen, umso mehr gefährliche Objekte dürften sie finden. Verunsicherung oder gar Panik könnten die Folge sein. Oder aber Gleichgültigkeit und das Wiegen in falscher Sicherheit, wenn wiederholte Meldungen über drohende Kollisionen sich immer wieder als Fehlalarm entpuppen.

"Wir werden solche Objekte einmal pro Woche finden statt einmal pro Jahr", erklärte Nasa-Forscher David Morrison, der die Task Force der Astronomenvereinigung IAU leiten wird. Mittel zur Astroidenabwehr gibt es bislang keine. Denkbar sind unbemannte Raumflugkörper, die gefährliche Objekte rammen oder mit Projektilen beschießen.

00.000.2036 wird "99942 Apophis" sich wieder der Erde nähern - und diese mit einer Wahrscheinlichkeit von 1:5500 treffen. So glaubte man zumindest bisher.

Nach neuesten Berechnungen, die gestern auf dem Astronomenkongress in Prag vorgestellt wurden, liegt die Zahl aber bei 1:30.000 - das Risiko wäre also kleiner als gedacht. Verunsicherung oder gar Panik?
Asteroiden-Jäger fürchten Panik vor Resultaten ihrer Arbeit
Die International Astronomical Union intensiviert die Suche nach Asteroiden, die die Erde bedrohen. Dabei stehen die Forscher vor einem Problem: Je genauer sie suchen, umso mehr potentielle Killer-Asteroiden könnten sie finden und Menschen in Panik versetzen.

Der Besitzer des bespitzelten Rechners staunt nicht schlecht, als Friedrichs ihm den Datenklau vorführt. Auch Uwe Claaßen hat dabei zugesehen: Er ist beim Verfassungsschutz Niedersachsen für das Thema Wirtschaftsspionage zuständig.
"Es gibt keine zuverlässigen Zahlen, wie viele Firmen mit dieser Methode ausspioniert werden", berichtet Claaßen, "denn im Gegensatz zu Einbrechern oder Computerviren hinterlassen diese Angriffe keine Spuren. Wer kann schon sagen, ob letzte Woche vielleicht ein unauffälliger Lieferwagen vor der Tür geparkt war?"
"Tempest" - so nennen Fachleute die Ausnutzung dieser Lücke in der Datensicherheit: Kaum ein Computernutzer weiß, dass jeder Bildschirm wie eine Antenne wirkt und elektromagnetische Pulse ausstrahlt. Wer diese Abstrahlung mit einer Antenne aus der Luft fischt und am Computer wieder zusammenpuzzelt, kann den Spitzelfunk nutzen, um sich in Ruhe mit vertraulichen Daten berieseln zu lassen.

18.Aug.2006 Arbeitskampf: Streik in der Mega- Mine
18.Aug.2006 Drohende Kollisionen: Asteroiden- Jäger fürchten Panik vor Resultaten ihrer Arbeit

18.Aug.2006 Versuchte Kofferanschläge: Fahndungsvideo zeigt zwei mutmaßliche Terroristen
18.Aug.2006 Libanon- Truppe: Ärger über Uno- Botschafter Matussek

18.Aug.2006 Nachwirkungen der Hitzewelle: Lebensmittelpreise schießen in die Höhe

18.Aug.2006 Israel: Olmert legt Abzug von Westbank auf Eis
18.Aug.2006 Singende Sterne: Samba im Weltall
18.Aug.2006 Nahost- Politik: Ex- Generäle fordern Kurswechsel von Bush
18.Aug.2006 "Crap"- Affäre: Labour- Abgeordnete spenden Beifall für Bush- Beschimpfung
18.Aug.2006 Hisbollah- Chef: Krieg macht Nasrallah zur Kultfigur
Milliarden- Bestellung: Saudi- Arabien kauft 72 Eurofighter

18.Aug.2006 Nahost: Israelis feuern aus Drohne, zwei Palästinenser sterben
18.Aug.2006 Ein Jahr nach "Katrina": Wettrennen mit dem Killersturm
18.Aug.2006 Emulgatoren: Wasser und Öl auf Knopfdruck mischen
18.Aug.2006 Vulkanausbruch in Ecuador: "Chaos wie in Dantes Inferno"

18.Aug.2006 Enttäuschte Wähler: "So viel Frust wie selten"
18.Aug.2006 Spionage: Abgehörte Flachbildschirme SPAN>Japan: Todesurteil für Aum- Chemiker bestätigt
Milliardenschäden durch Krieg: "Der Libanon braucht einen Marshall- Plan"
9/11 Neo-Con Hit Piece Explodes Into Controversy - Paul Joseph Watson - Jonathon Moseley's World Net Daily hit piece on the 9/11 truth movement, which contained salacious personal
18.Aug.2006 Judge Orders Halt to NSA Wiretapping
The Bush administration suffered a stunning defeat Thursday as a federal judge in Detroit ruled that the National Security Agency's warrantless wiretapping program was unconstitutional + ordered an immediate halt of all surveillance.

18.Aug.2006 Judge slaps down NSA domestic spying program - Smartalix 
It’s amazing how many people will accept almost any intrusion to obtain the semblance of safety. I’m glad there are still some judges out there that actually understand the Constitution. U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit became the first judge to strike down the ...

18.Aug.2006 Decoding Judge's NSA Injunction Legal experts begin to decipher a federal judge's ruling ordering the administration to stop its secret wiretapping. A Supreme constitutional battle may be at hand.
18.Aug.2006 Macrovision Wants Old DRM to Work Forever - CmdrTaco 20
Grv writes

"Macrovision's best-known form of copy protection inserts noise into analog video signals to make it difficult to get a good copy of the DVD or VHS recording. A company named Sima has products that eliminate this noise when digitizing such video, as any good digitizer would do. Macrovision argues that this is a violation of the DMCA + a court sided with them in June. Now the injunction is being reviewed + several organizations are siding with Sima and Fair Use, including the American Library Association, the Consumer Electronics Association, the Home Recording Rights Coalition + the Electronic Frontier Foundation. If it isn't overturned, this decision could make it illegal to develop products for making copies of commercial analog recordings." This story selected and edited by LinuxWorld editor for the day Saied Pinto.
Housing bubble peaks as 28 states see decline in home sales (NewsTarget)

For the past five years, the U.S. housing market enjoyed a record economic boom as the lowest mortgage rates in more than 40 years drew a multitude of buyers, but experts say the bubble may be set to burst as sales dropped in 28 states and the District of Columbia this spring. The National...
18.Aug.2006 Bush
s Empty Promises: Katrina Victims Still Waiting For Homes To Be Rebuilt - Guest 

27.Apr.2006 President Bush went to New Orleans for a photo-op + visited 74-year old Ethel Williams, whose house was badly damaged when Hurricane Katrina struck.

Putting his arms around Williams, Bush promised that her house would be rebuilt:

Mrs. Williams has invited myself and the Mayor and the Governor and Congressman into her home which had been wiped out by the storm .

And she went to Texas for a while and she made it clear to me she was glad to be out of Texas and back home. But the amazing thing that’s happened in her home is that there are people from across the country here who are helping to rebuild it .

But four months later, as NPR reports, “not much has happened.” Williams said, “[W]e all disappointed because nothing’s been done.”

Unfortunately, the rest of the New Orleans hasn’t fared much better. A recent report from the Brookings Institution found that rent prices have sharply increased over the past year, while unemployment rates remain higher than pre-Katrina levels. Crime levels are also up in certain districts + 60% of houses and businesses are not receiving electricity. New Orleans’s current population is only at around half its pre-Katrina level.
I said something stupid.” - Amanda -

Congressional candidate Tramm Hudson, apologizing for his earlier statement: “I grew up in Alabama. I understand, uh, I know from experience, that blacks are not the greatest swimmers or may not even know how to swim.”
CBO Forecasts ‘Staying the Course’ In Iraq Would Increase Deficit By $1.3 Trillion Over Next Decade - Faiz 

Today, the Congressional Budget Office released its budget projections, estimating the deficit will rise to $286 billion in fiscal 2007, up from this year’s $260 billion projected deficit. Moreover, the long-term outlook remains bleak; total deficits over the next decade are estimated at $1.7 trillion.

The CBO offers an analysis of the impact that the Iraq war will have on future deficit numbers based on different policy options we could pursue. The highlighted numbers in the chart below compare the impact on the deficit between a “stay the course” strategy and a phased withdrawal. The numbers make for a strong economic argument for redeployment.

A phased withdrawal would save $416 billion on the deficit over the next four years and $1.28 trillion over the next decade.

On the other hand, a strategy of “stay the course” will increase the deficit by $313 billion over the next four years and $1.3 trillion over the next decade.
Liquid explosive detection systems - Amanda - are already in place at the White House and the Supreme Court.

But they are still not in America’s airports because the Bush administration hasn’t provided TSA with enough funding.

The TSA has not outfitted airports with the devices, in part, because officials have to prioritize where they spend limited dollars, according to Frank Cilluffo, Bush’s former special assistant for homeland security.”
White House Searching For ‘Alternatives’ To Democracy In Iraq - Payson 

In light of the recent violence in the Middle East,” President Bush said recently, “some are questioning whether democracy can take root in the region. I believe that the Iraqi people are showing us their answer.”

But privately, White House officials are wondering if the “free and democratic IraqBush envisions is still possible amid continued sectarian violence.

The New York Times reports today that officials are now “considering alternatives other than democracy” for Iraq:

[S]ome outside experts who have recently visited the White House said Bush administration officials were beginning to plan for the possibility that Iraq’s democratically elected government might not survive .

Senior administration officials have acknowledged to me that they are considering alternatives other than democracy,” said one military affairs expert who received an Iraq briefing at the White House last month + agreed to speak only on condition of anonymity.

Everybody in the administration is being quite circumspect,” the expert said, “but you can sense their own concern that this is drifting away from democracy.”

Bush has rationalized the Iraq war by arguing “a free Iraq at the heart of the Middle East” would transform the region and be remembered as a “watershed event in the global democratic revolution.”

Now, even the administration admits this rosy scenario is becoming less likely by the day.

UPDATE: Rich Lowry reports that an administration official tells him: “I checked again today and no one, repeat no one, here is talking about ‘alternatives to democracy.’”
Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT): - Amanda 
Middle East terrorists are “waiting for the Democrats here to take control, let things cool off and then strike again.”
Administration Expected To Push For Specter’s Sham ‘Compromise’ Legislation On NSA Program - Faiz 

In the wake of a federal district court ruling that the NSA domestic spying program is unconstitutional, the administration may now shift attention to compromise legislation offered by Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA). CNN’s White House correspondent Ed Henry reports:

This [ruling], if anything, could really provide a spark for Republican Senator Arlen Specter, the Senate Judiciary Chairman, who has been critical of this program +

has been trying to craft some sort of compromise legislation on the Hill — that could give the administration the cover it feels it needs to push this program forward while also trying to appease Democrats a bit

in terms of the legality of the program and whether you need warrants.

The Specter bill is not a compromise, “but a full-fledged capitulation on the part of the legislative branch to executive claims of power.”

Bush would receive a “blank checkto continue operating the program. Here are a few reasons why the Specter “compromise” is a sham:

1) Nothing in the Specter legislation requires the Attorney General to obtain court approval before engaging in electronic surveillance.

The compromise makes optional what Bush is already required to do.

2) Section 801 of the Specter bill includes the following statement:

Nothing in this Act shall be construed to limit the constitutional authority of the President to collect intelligence with respect to foreign powers + agents of foreign powers.”

The provision would reserve the right for the president to do an end-run around any procedures that FISA offers as long as he claims inherent authority under the Constitution.

3) The Specter “compromise” scraps the individualized suspicion standard required under the Fourth Amendment, instead allowing the FISA court to authorize the entire NSA surveillance program.

Thus, the Specter legislation would presumably allow U.S. persons to be spied upon simply because the spying program was at one time deemed constitutional.

The administration has the burden of demonstrating why it cannot comply with current law — the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

And until it can do so, no sham “compromises” should be struck.

UPDATE: Some commenters have questioned whether the Specter legislation is relevant, given that the judge ruled the program unconstitutional.

I argue the constitutional claims are based on the violation of FISA + thus, Specter’s attempts to change FISA are still relevant.
BREAKING: Federal District Court Rules NSA Wiretapping Program Unconstitutional - Think Progress 

Fox News reports a federal district court in Detroit has ruled that the Bush administration’s NSA warrantless wiretapping program is unconstitutional and ordered an immediate halt to it.

A separate federal district court in San Francisco had previously rejected the administration’s argument that the courts could not hear the case due to a “state secretsprivilege.

The lawsuits have alleged that NSA program violated the First and Fourth Amendments, as well as a number of federal statutes, including the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

The defendants included AT&T + the federal government.

Check back for more updates.

UPDATE: Judge Anna Diggs Taylor’s opinion HERE. She writes:

In this case, the President has acted, undisputedly, as FISA forbids. FISA is the expressed statutory policy of our Congress.

The presidential power, therefore, was exercised at its lowest ebb and cannot be sustained.

UPDATE II: Kathryn Jean Lopez at The Corner blasts the decision as a “terrorist-friendly ruling.”

UPDATE III: A copy of the injunction HERE. It enjoins the administration from “directly or indirectly utilizing the Terrorist Surveillance Program.”

UPDATE IV: White House Press Secretary Tony Snow: “We couldn’t disagree more with this ruling + the Justice Department will seek an immediate stay of the opinion and appeal.”
Crap.” - Amanda - British Deputy Prime Minister sums up what he thinks of the Bush administration’s policies.
18.Aug.2006 Media Have Largely Dropped Iraq Coverage Since Israel-Hezbollah Fighting Broke Out - Amanda 

Last night on CNN, Jack Cafferty pointed out that since the Israel-Hezbollah fighting began

12.Jul.2006 the media have drastically cut back their coverage of the war in Iraq.

01.Jan.2006-31.Jun.2006 -In the first six months of the year- the media devoted 39 minutes/week to Iraq coverage.

12.Jul.2006-17.Aug.2006 -Since- the media have devoted just 13 minutes/week.

Additionally, in the last seven weeks, the media spent 510 minutes covering the Israel-Hezbollah conflict + just 94 minutes on Iraq.

In the month-long conflict, approximately 1,200 Lebanese + 159 Israelis were killed.

00.Jul.2006 -in the month of- In contrast, 3,402 Iraqi civilians died.

As Cafferty pointed out, while the media were focused on Israel + Lebanon, “things in Iraq were going from bad to worse.”
Rep. Peter King (R-NY) proposes ethnic and religious profiling. - Admin 

Declaring that airport screeners shouldn’t be hampered by ‘political correctness,’

House Homeland Security Chairman Peter King has endorsed requiring people of ‘Middle Eastern + South Asian’ descent to undergo additional security checks because of their ethnicity and religion.”
August 17, 2006 - Think Progress 

1,666: Number of roadside bombs that went off in Iraq

00.Jul.2006 the highest monthly total of the war.

Seventy % of those bombs were directed at U.S. troops.

The insurgency has more public support + is demonstrably more capable in numbers of people active + in its ability to direct violence than at any point in time,” said a senior Pentagon official.

Hollywood stars condemn Hezbollah, Hamas.

A group of 84 high-profile Hollywood stars, including Nicole Kidman, Michael Douglas, Sly Stallone + Bruce Willis, took out a full-page advertisement in today’s Los Angeles Times to condemn acts of violence by terrorist groups. “If we do not succeed in stopping terrorism around the world, chaos will rule and innocent people will continue to die,” the ad says.

00.000.2005-00.000.2006 -from-“ Opium cultivation in Afghanistan has hit record levels — up by more than 40 % - despite hundreds of millions in counternarcotics money.”

About half of adults in middle-income families reported serious problems in paying for their health care

while even those in more affluent circumstances said they had troubles with medical bills,” a new study by The Commonwealth Fund found.

The Lebanese government ordered army troops to deploy across southern Lebanon under a compromise arrangement that allows Hezbollah to retain some of its arms caches.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah “fighters put down their guns and turned into relief organizers.”

The Israeli foreign minister and the Bush administration expressed concern that Hezbollah’s intensified relief efforts could strengthen its political standing and future electoral prospects.

One in three U.S. national parks are “choking on pollution,” according to the National Parks Conservation Association.

There are between 5,000 and 6,000 extremist websites on the Internet, each one encouraging extremists to cultivate relationships with like-minded people,” Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said yesterday.

This radicalization is happening online and can therefore develop anywhere, in virtually any neighborhood + in any country.”

A University of California, Berkeley study found capping greenhouse gas emissions in the state “would create 17,000 new jobs + add $60 billion to the gross state product by 2020.”

And finally: Summer is here + for Sen. Bill Frist (R-TN) that means seersucker, grossgrain + polos in Nantucket:

Perhaps as the next round of elections draw near we can interview Dr. Frist + ask him where he stands on important issues like collar popping and the monogramming of barware.”
Bragado Virtual lo adelantó en exclusiva el 09.Aug.2006 : El Capitán Fabio Roldán se hace cargo hoy de la Patrulla Rural de Bragado.

NOVEDADES EN LA CAUSA TABORDA El titular el Juzgado de Primera Instancia en lo Civil 18.Aug.2006 Comercial Nº 10 de Mercedes, Tomás Etchegaray, envió un oficio a la Comisaría de Bragado informando la existencia de un juicio del Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires contra Celestina Edit...

18.Aug.2006 E-1: The Untold MAJOR Ethnic Cleansing Project in Jerusalem (Al Quds)
Saracen A friend of mine and I were talking over this topic the other day. It concerns a major and almost untold project involving the silent annexation of Eastern Jerusalem by the Zionist state.

The project has been titled "E1", named after the urban land bridge that would connect East Jerusalem with the settlement of Ma'ale Adumim + concerns the major West Bank settlement of Ma'ale Adumim. This is a settlement that Israel has repeatedly re! fused to dismantle. During the farce that was the Gaza "pullout", the Israelis got enough of the media diversion they needed in order to underhandedly speed up this project of settlement expansion and outrightly illegal land acquisition...

Why do the Israelis Continue its Crimes of Destruction Murder and Robbery
Hayam Noir /PalestineFreeVoice

During the past five weeks the world have been able to watch the full scale of Israeli capabilties of criminal terrorism - their havok of Lebanons fragile infrastructure -

Television teams from every corner of the world have exposed from the frontlines every minute of the day.

On the contrary the Palestinians on Palestine territories have suffered under decades, from Israeli terror under exactely the same conditions + even so much worse - with a few exeptions no TV teams have been reporting what the the Zionists are capable of to the outside world...

To Lebanon with love
Israeli Watch Or how Israel?s paper trail of mass destruction, annihilation, chaos and leaving civillians with no basic infrastructure in Beirut, since everything decent has actually gone up in smoke?.

Vaseline, Letters from al-Qaeda + a Pack of Matches
Kurt Nimmo Never mind that the suspects in the British "terror plot" were not in possession of bombs, or airline tickets + some of them didn?t even have passports. "I have a feeling that all the Muslims detained in connection with the recent police operation to foil and alleged plot are innocent and will soon be proven so," writes Azzam Tamimi, director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought in London. "I also suspect that the entire episode has been deemed, despite its enormous cost, to be of utility to a government that is increasingly out of touch with reality and seriously short of public support and sympathy. I wonder whether this was also intended to smear the image of Islam and the Muslims at the time when the entire world can see that they are the victims of a most unjust world order dominated by the USA and the UK who both support and sponsor Israeli terrorism against Muslims in Palestine and Lebanon and who both oppress the Muslim peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq through direct occupation?."

With the Israeli army's invincibility myth shattered, it's time to address the other Zionist myths
Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD, Online Journal Contributing Writer On Saturday, the son of Israeli peace activist and famous novelist David Grossman was killed in action in South Lebanon. I grieved for this man and his son (who was my son?s age -- 20) + I reflected on the futility of wars. How does one assess the latest Israeli adventure taking the lives of 1,000 Lebanese civilians and 53 Israeli civilians (and 104 soldiers! ) and devastating Lebanon? Is there anything positive that could come out of this debacle?

Or will Israeli forces simply continue the "routine" rampage, killings + home demolitions (which have been ongoing in Gaza and the West Bank)?...

Why don't those Palestinians just protest peacefully?
Eli Stephens, Left I on the News People trying to be "even-handed," and criticize Palestinians + Israelis alike, often distance themselves from the Palestinians (and Hizbollah) by asking why they don't just protest non-violently, you know, like Gandhi? Well, aside from the fact that there is no equivalence between the violence of the oppressed + the violence of the oppressor, there are very practical reasons why Palestinians eschew the "non-violent" road -because it's frequently met with Israeli violence.

Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall are just two names well-known to those of us in the West because they were Westerners; they weren't the first and they won't be the last to be killed while protesting non-violently against Israeli actions.

Now you can add the names of Rina Klauman and Lymor Goldstein to the list (fortunately not yet to the list of those who have died)...

The A B C of politics for the Dummies
Imad Khadduri, Free Iraq "President Bush made clear in a private meeting this week that he was concerned about the lack of progress in Iraq and frustrated that the new Iraqi government ? and the Iraqi people ? had not shown greater public support for the American mission, participants in the meeting said Tuesday. Those who attended a Monday lunch at the Pentagon that included the president?s war cabinet and several outside experts said Mr. Bush carefully avoided expressing a clear personal view of the new prime minister of Iraq, Nuri Kamal al-Maliki...

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Wednesday, 16.Aug.2006
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice ...In a dispatch posted at 1pm Makkah time Wednesday afternoon, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that fierce fighting broke out in several neighborhoods of al-Mawsil in northern Iraq between Iraqi Resistance fighters and Iraqi puppet police. The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported eyewitnesses in the city as saying that the combat erupted in the al-Yarmuk neighborhood of southwestern al-Mawsil when Resistance fighters attacked the puppet police station in the neighborhood in an attempt to seize control of it. Fighting then spread to the al-Mawsil al-Jadidah district and the Suq al-Ma'ash area in the east of the city. Witnesses said that the sheep market, al-Muthanna district, the al-'Amil neighborhood and most neighborhoods of western al-Mawsil also were the scenes of fighting, as Resistance men armed with light and medium weapons engaged the puppet police...

Cops Arrest AFP Journalist Christopher Bollyn
Kurt Nimmo "I was harassed, beaten + shocked with a Tazer-like gun in my front yard before my wife and children + then abused for 6 hours by the ADL-trained local police," explains American Free Press journalist and Republic Broadcast Network talk show host Christopher Bollyn on the RBN website. "I have every reason to believe it is because of my journalistic investigation into 9/11. I have been threatened before in my career as a journalist, but this is the first time I have been intentionally beaten and abused?by the cops?.

I intend to seek asylum in Norway or Switzerland. I can read the writing on the wall."

"Look What You've Done!"
AIPAC Congratulates Itself on the Slaughter in Lebanon
30.Jul.2006 to friends + supporters of AIPAC, JOHN WALSH "My fellow American," Howard Friedman, President of AIPAC, begins his letter-

"Look what you've done"! After warning that "Israel is fighting a pivotal war for its life," by which he means Israel's wanton slaughter + all-out destruction in Lebanon, Freiedman condemns "the expected chorus of international condemnation of Israel's actions" + Europe's call for "a cease-fire immediately."

Then he exults: "only ONE nation in the world came out + flatly declared:

Let Israel finish the job. .

That nation is the United States of America--+ the reason it had such a clear, unambiguous view of the situation is YOU + the rest of America Jewry."

Here I must take issue with President Friedman since I bet that most Jewish Americans, in contrast to the AIPAC crowd, were horrified by the slaughter in Lebanon.

In fact if anyone other than President Friedman wrote this,

he would be accused of fabricating a Jewish plot + labeled a nutty conspiracy theorist + scurrilous anti-semite.)...

Sarah Meyer, INDEX RESEARCH ..."Thirty-six-year-old Khuder Gazali, an ambulance driver whose arm was blown off by an Israeli rocket, told IPS that his ambulance was hit (NB: War Crime) while trying to rescue civilians whose home had just been bombed. ? On way to the hospital an Israeli Apache helicopter hit his ambulance with a rocket, severely injuring him and the four people in the back of the vehicle, he said. "So then another ambula! nce tried to reach us to rescue us, but it too was bombed by an Apache, killing everyone inside it," he said. ? A 43-year-old man from Durish Zhair village south of Tyre lay at the Labib Medical Centre with multiple shrapnel wounds and half his body blackened by fire. "Please tell them to stop using white phosphorous," he said"...

Israel's freeze of familiy unification in the Occupied Territories splits tens of thousands of Palestinian families
Report, B'Tselem/HaMoked Today, B'Tselem and HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual, are publishing Perpetual Limbo, a report on Israel 's policy freezing family unification for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories . Although the policy affects almost every Palestinian family living in the Occupied Territories, it is unknown to the Israeli public. For almost six years, since the begi! nning of the second intifada, in September 2000, Israel has forbidden Palestinians of the Occupied Territories from living with their spouses who are foreign residents. Israel also prohibits the foreign family members from visiting the Occupied Territories. Israel refuses to process the more than 120,000 requests for family unification that have been submitted during this period...

Sarah Meyer, INDEX RESEARCH The following is an update of source material for Index on Illegal US Weapons in Lebanon. (30.07.06.) (...) "Bush is now rushing depleted uranium (DU) bombs to Israel. ? Laser guided GBU-28 bunker penetration bombs and much of the tank ammunition, such as M829 A1 shells, have DU penetrators built into them. What is even more galling is the likelihood that Rakon NZ probably manufactured the software to guide these obscene weapons? The silence of mo! st of the media is deafening over this increasing menace to our global atmosphere."

Speech of President Bashar al-Assad at Journalists Union 4th Conference
...We meet today when the Middle East they aspire to and which is based on submission, humiliation and on depriving peoples of their identities and their rights, has become an illusion. It has actually turned into a popular uprising throughout the Arab world, an uprising which is pan-Arab by nature, characterized by dignity and the rejection of all pretexts and excuses for keeping us submissive so that we are killed in silence in the same w! ay that sacrifices used to be offered in the past to avoid the wrath of the gods. But offering sacrifices in the past was considered a form of wisdom. So, are we supposed to adhere to that wisdom today? And does wisdom have a meaning if it was separated from courage?

GI Special 4H16: Payback Come Soon - 16.Aug.2006
Thomas F. Barton [O]n

20.May 2006 US group Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) issued a statement that explained:

"The massacre at Haditha is not an exception to the situation in Iraq, it is a punctuation mark in a longer atrocity, the war itself."
The statement said that foreign troops "cannot simultaneously be empathetic to population + be obliged to control that same population by pointing guns at them, breaking into their homes, turning them into collateral damage + taking vengeance on them out of the inevitable frustration of fighting an urban counter-insurgency".

Lebanese deaths + Israeli war crimes, kept off the balance sheet
Jonathan Cook During Israel?s war against the people of Lebanon, our media, politicians and diplomats have colluded with the aggressors by distracting us with irrelevancies, by concocting controversies + by framing the language of diplomacy. In the fragile truce that is currently holding while Lebanon waits for Israel to withdraw, we are simply getting more of the same. One example of the many distractions during the war that neatly reveals th! eir true purpose is the "faked Reuters photograph" affair. The supposed scandal of a Lebanese photographer tampering with a picture to add and darken smoke from an Israeli missile attack -- to little or no effect, it should be noted -

has not only been decried by activists on Zionist websites but amplified by mainstream commentators into a debate about whether we can trust the images of this war...

Israel threatens to resume Lebanon operation
Independent Online Israel will resume operations in Lebanon if a United Nations force being assembled to deploy in the south of that country does not disarm Hezbollah fighters, the Jerusalem Post daily reported Wednesday, quoting "an official in the prime minister's office." The Israeli warning comes in reaction to reports in the Israeli media that Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Sinora reached a deal with Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah allowing the militant group to ! retain its weapons but to refrain from exhibiting them in public...

Israeli forces demolish home with family still inside, father and son killed
Ma'an News Khan Younis-Ma'an-A Palestinian father, 65 and his son, 45, were killed and another 2 seriously injured in an Israeli air strike on a home in Sheikh Nasser, east of Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, an activist affiliated to the Al Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement, was killed and another one arrested during an armed clash in Al Farahin, east of Khan Younis. Medical sources at the! Nasser hospital said that Hasan Sha'ath, 65 + his son Ibrahim, 45, who were killed in the air strike, were totally dismembered when they were brought to the hospital. They said that the two injured people wwere in a critical condition...

Humanitarian Disaster in Gaza: "People are crying, hungry, thirsty + desperate"
Urgent Appeal from Churches in Gaza
Father Manuel Musallam, The current situation in the Gaza Strip is descending precipitously into a serious humanitarian disaster. Caritas Jerusalem operates a medical centre in the Gaza Strip as well as a mobile medical clinic. Our medical centre also engages in numerous local and regional health campaigns to help build the health capacity of families and children in ! Gaza through project activities conducted in schools and community based organizations. We also undertake social and educational assistance programs as well as programs and direct assistance for catastrophic medical care cases in Gaza...

Israeli Chief of Staff involved in Insider Trading prior to ordering War on Lebanon This Report from Israel suggests that there was Insider Trading prior to the aerial bomb attacks on Lebanon. Chief of Staff Dan Halutz, however, was not the only person who had prior knowledge of the war on Lebanon. The war on Lebanon was part of a broader US sponsored military agenda. Further investigation into this matter is required...

We will combat your bloodthirsty god!
Al Nasser Bi Ismillah, Al Moharer - Iraq patrol ...You sold our Iraq to the Evil
You the puppets
The stooges of your western masters!
Thousands scores we have to set together!
And by God almighty we will prevail!
Triumphant we are!
This is Baghdad, you who sold Baghdad!
Baghdad will return!
Baghdad will come back more delicious than a dream,
proud like a date palm!...
Neo-Fascists Declare War On Truth Movement - Paul Joseph Watson- False flag provocation likely to occur within months, 9/11 & truth activists targeted for elimination
18.Aug.2006 Scientists identify gene sequence that made humans a brainy lot
Scientists working on human genes believe they have identified the gene sequence that is central in giving humans their unique brainpower.

While the DNA sequences of humans + chimpanzees are 98 per cent identical, the 2 % difference represents some 15 million changes in human genes

-since the time of the common ancestor for humans + the chimps some six million years ago, the scientists feel.
Terror detectives 'find bomb kit' Police probing an alleged planes bomb plot have found items which could be used to make a bomb, the BBC learns.
18.Aug.2006 US airport in 'explosives' alert A US airport terminal is evacuated after containers in a passenger's bag test positive for explosives.
18.Aug.2006 States pledge troops for Lebanon Several countries say they will offer troops for the expanded Lebanon peace force, following a UN call.
18.Aug.2006 US judge rules wiretaps illegal A US government wiretap scheme breaches the constitution and should be halted at once, a judge says.
18.Aug.2006 UN agrees Med oil spill plan Experts draw up a 50m euro action plan to tackle a huge oil spill along the Lebanese and Syrian coastline.
18.Aug.2006 Anger as father ejected from US A father says he was forced to miss a family holiday in Disneyland by US officials during last week's terror alert.
18.Aug.2006 Safety alert over staff 'crisis' Environmental health officials issue a warning about a recruitment and training crisis in the profession.
18.Aug.2006 Good news triggers oil price fall Oil prices close near two-month lows as strong US oil stockpiles and the Lebanese ceasefire calm the markets.
18.Aug.2006 US brushes off 'crap' accusation The White House laughs off claims that John Prescott said the US was "crap" over the Middle East road map.
18.Aug.2006 Hubble glimpses faintest stars Researchers peering at the Universe's first-born stars have uncovered the key to predicting a star's destiny.
18.Aug.2006 NHS trusts 'breaking race laws' Few NHS trusts appear to be meeting legal requirements on race equality, warns the Healthcare Commission.
18.Aug.2006 Any form of tobacco 'is harmful' Public health experts warn more needs to be done to alert people in the developing world to the dangers of smoking tobacco.
18.Aug.2006 Wasp-sting warning after deaths The deaths of two men from wasp stings have led experts to reinforce warnings of the dangers of allergic reactions.
18.Aug.2006 Traversing the "Googlearchy" - CmdrTaco 20
baloney farmer writes

"How much do search engines influence the availability of information online? A new study gives some surprising results.

Search engines help with popularity, but not as much as you'd think: 'Traffic increased far less than would be expected if search engines were enhancing popularity.

It actually increased less than would be predicted if traffic were directly proportional to inbound links.

In the end, it appears that each inbound link only increases traffic by a factor of 0.8.

The results suggest that the reliance of web users on search engines is actually suppressing the impact of popularity.'"
Are Liquid Explosives on a Plane Feasible? - CmdrTaco 475
permaculture writes

"The Register describes the difficulty of mixing up a batch of liquid explosives on a plane.

Further, it opines that such a plot might work in a Hollywood film, but not in the real world. Liquid explosives were used for the 7/7 London bombings

00.000.2005 according to the official account — or not, as now seems more likely." This story selected and edited by LinuxWorld editor for the day Saied Pinto.
Judge Rules NSA Wiretapping Unconstitutional - timothy 611
strredwolf writes

"CNN is reporting that NSA's warrantless wiretapping program has been ruled unconstitutional.

This is the ACLU lawsuit on behalf of journalists, scholars + lawyers. From the article:

"U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit became the first judge to strike down the National Security Agency's program, which she says violates the rights to free speech and privacy.""
Anticrime group calls for laws to curb 'cyberbullying' To target "new pernicious threat," law enforcement officials urge Congress to pass laws funding antibullying programs in every school.
18.Aug.2006 But think back to the millions upon millions -- no, billions -- of dollars lost or misallocated during the reconstruction of Iraq.

Think of the obscene profits made after Katrina.

Perhaps the American citizenry can get a better deal if we simply offer to transfer funds directly from the U.S. Treasury to Haliburton? Permalink
Finding Your Inner "Macaca": George Allen is Our BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week
Jeffords in Reverse: If Lieberman Wins, Will He Join the Republican Caucus? -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Another Bush Fiasco in Iraq: Nation With Third Largest Oil Reserves Must Now IMPORT Oil!
Edwards says his vote on Iraq was wrong 8/18
USA TODAY EDITORIAL: Wiretap ruling affirms that presidents aren't monarchs 8/18
"But for now, with a careful, thoroughly grounded opinion, one judge in Michigan has done what 535 members of Congress have so abysmally failed to do. She has reasserted the rule of law over a lawless administration and shown why issues of this kind belong within the constitutional process created more than two centuries ago to handle them." 8/18
From the BuzzFlash Department of Reality: Attacks Aimed At GIs In Iraq On Rise 8/18
Let the Bill of Rights take a bow - The Last Chance Democracy Cafe by Steven C. Day
DNC: Dean On Bush's Disappearing Credibility On Iraq 8/18

18.Aug.2006 The documents he uncovered demonstrated that Diebold used software that had never been certified -- thereby defrauding the taxpayers and, possibly, miscounting the ballots. For his heroic attempt to right a great wrong, Heller was charged with commerical burglary and receiving stolen property. He has pleaded not guilty.
18.Aug.2006 Vote fraud: The plight of Stephen Heller, persecuted whistleblower Stephen Heller is the brave California whistleblower who exposed some of Diebold's illegalities in this state. While working for a law firm, he came across documentary evidence of our unfavorite vote-counting company's shady practices.
18.Aug.2006 If you have the urge to support a good cause +

if the near-homeless state of Your Obedient Servant + his pooch moveth you not, the Stephen Heller Defense Fund can use your help. Permalink