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03.Aug.2005 Ray McGovern: Preempting Cheney: Whatever plans Dick Cheney and his neo-conservatives may have had to conjure up a nuclear threat from Iran as "justification" for military action have been sharply undercut by some timely leaks to the Washington Post. 

03.Aug.2005 Zambia agrees to deport London terrorism suspect to Britain : Zambia officially announced it would deport to Britain the alleged mastermind behind the July 7 London bombings after arresting Briton Haroon Aswat in Lusaka two weeks ago.

03.Aug.2005 Inconsistencies in the War on Terror : In what legal limbo can a terrorist who is accused of 73 counts of premeditated murder find shelter? What is the status of Venezuela's request for the extradition of Luis Posada Carriles?

03.Aug.2005 'I was living fiction' : A former CIA agent talks to Stephen Moss about what makes a terrorist

03.Aug.2005 Third terror trial prosecutor quits : A THIRD US military prosecutor has quit the military commission process under which Australian David Hicks will be tried over concerns it is unfair.

03.Aug.2005 Hicks can be tried in Aust, lawyers say : Two leading academic lawyers say Australian Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks could be charged and tried in Australia.

03.Aug.2005 Paul Craig Roberts: When Armageddon Gets No Press: Now that we really need them, the watchdog media has hired out as public relations and propaganda shills for the Bush administration and the neocon network.

03.Aug.2005 Old enemies' wargames send a powerful message to the US : Russia and China hope to sign a massive arms deal after staging joint exercises for the first time

03.Aug.2005 Why the US won't admit it was jilted : President Karimov of Uzbekistan has served notice to quit on the US base in his country. This completes a process of diplomatic revolution as Karimov turns away from the west and back into they embrace of Russia, with coy sideways glances at China.

03.Aug.2005 ' 'The 'Great Game' Heats Up in Central Asia'' : The "Joint Statement of the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation Regarding the International Order of the 21st Century," signed by Chinese President Hu Jintao and Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 2, addresses U.S. hegemony in several less-than-oblique passages.

03.Aug.2005 Hiroshima Film Cover-up Exposed : I was told by people in the Pentagon that they didn't want those [film] images out because they showed effects on man, woman and child. ... They didn't want the general public to know what their weapons had done

03.Aug.2005 SA mercenaries off to Haiti? : South African mercenaries are said to be involved in Haiti in the run-up to that country's elections later this year, News24 reported on Tuesday.

03.Aug.2005 Wave of protest condemns UN massacre of poor in Haiti : Emergency protests were held July 21 in Brazil, France and 13 U.S. and Canadian cities to express the world’s outrage at the massacre of at least 23 Haitian civilians on July 6 in the popular neighborhood of Cité Soleil by UN troops under Brazilian command.

03.Aug.2005 After 10-Year Hiatus, Pentagon Eyes New Landmine : The George W. Bush administration may soon resume production of antipersonnel land mines in a move that is at odds with both the international community and previous U.S. policy on the weapons, says a leading human rights organization.

03.Aug.2005 2 Aides to Rove Testify in C.I.A. Leak Inquiry: Two aides to Karl Rove, the senior White House adviser, testified last Friday before a federal grand jury investigating whether government officials illegally disclosed the identity of an undercover C.I.A. operative, according to a person who has been officially briefed on the case.

03.Aug.2005 Shaping politics from the pulpits : Ohio race shows how Christian right is changing the GOP

03.Aug.2005 High Court Nominee Roberts a Millionaire : ohn Roberts is a multimillion-dollar man, with a fancy golf club membership and some hefty investments, according to a financial statement filed with the Senate Judiciary Committee.

03.Aug.2005 Bok Review: How America Gets Away With Murder: Illegal Wars, Collateral Damage + Crimes Against Humanity : By Michael Mandel

03.Aug.2005 I'm sorry, but the world's still round: Review of Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat – A Brief History of the Globalized World in the 21st Century

04.Aug.2005 08/02/05: The Banner has been risen for Jihad inside the UK : We talk exclusively with two Islamic extremists about the London bombings. 

03.Aug.2005 War Of The Phantoms:: Who Is ‘The Secret Organization Of al-Qaeda In Europe’?

03.Aug.2005 'One of them made cuts in my penis. I was in agony' : Benyam Mohammed travelled from London to Afghanistan in July 2001, but after September 11 he fled to Pakistan. He was arrested at Karachi airport on April 10 2002 + describes being flown by a US government plane to a prison in Morocco. These are extracts from his diary.

03.Aug.2005 13 Killed As Car Bomb Targets US Convoy :

03.Aug.2005 Juan Cole: Fisking the "War on Terror" : Once upon a time, a dangerous radical gained control of the US Republican Party. The American Right, having created the Mujahideen and having mightily contributed to the creation of al-Qaeda, abruptly announced that there was something deeply wrong with Islam, that it kept producing terrorists.

03.Aug.2005 Before the War, CIA Reportedly Trained a Team of Iraqis to Aid U.S. : Before the war in Iraq began, the CIA recruited and trained an Iraqi paramilitary group, code-named the Scorpions, to foment rebellion, conduct sabotage + help CIA paramilitaries who entered Baghdad and other cities target buildings and individuals.

03.Aug.2005 David Clark: Even when we leave Iraq, we face years of blowback : Escalating violence and the rise of theocratic rule bode ill in Baghdad

03.Aug.2005 Saddam's team boycotts Iraqi tribunal : Saddam Hussein's chief lawyer has said the former president's legal team will boycott proceedings until a man it claims attacked the former dictator at a hearing is brought to justice and the court apologises.

03.Aug.2005 Iraqis Accuse Kuwait of Stealing Oil : Iraqi legislators accused Kuwait of stealing their oil as well as chipping away at their national territory on the border — allegations similar to those used by Saddam Hussein to justify his invasion of Kuwait that began 15 years ago Tuesday.

03.Aug.2005 US asked to interrogate ‘ghost prisoners’ : British security forces think many of the ‘ghost prisoners’ held by the US Central Intelligence Agency ‘may have crucial information about the events in London’, it said.

03.Aug.2005 Senior Tory says that suicide attacks are 'totally explicable' : The Tory leadership distanced itself from Dominic Grieve, the shadow Attorney General, after he said the link between the Iraq war and the terror campaign could not be ignored.

03.Aug.2005 Australia: War in Iraq raised terror risk : Most Australians back much tougher anti-terrorism measures. A majority would be happy to see terrorist suspects detained without charge for up to three months, deportation of suspects, random bag searches and more security cameras. A national ID card is also backed by more than six in 10 people in the poll, conducted by ACNielsen.

03.Aug.2005 PM avoids Iraq risk issue: Rudd : PRIME Minister John Howard was denying Australia's involvement in Iraq had increased the risk of a terror attack at home because it would be politically uncomfortable for him to say otherwise, the Opposition said today.

03.Aug.2005 Australia: Hysteria, racism behind new terror law s: After a hysterical campaign led by the Murdoch press and radio shock-jocks, Attorney-General Philip Rudduck has floated the possibility of new laws to ban books “promoting” or “justifying” terrorism.

03.Aug.2005 New York Officials Back Terror Check Profiling : Middle Easterners should be targeted for searches on city subways, two elected officials said. - ``They all look a certain way,'' said Hikind, a Democrat from Brooklyn. ``It's all very nice to be politically correct here, but we're talking about terrorism.''

03.Aug.2005 The Faulty Logic of "Terrorist" Profiling : As it turns out, profiling is not only ethically questionable; it is also unlikely to prevent terrorism.

03.Aug.2005 In case you missed it : Despotism & Democracy : Explains how societies and nations can be measured by the degree that power is concentrated and respect for the individual is restricted. Where does your community, state and nation stand on these scales?

03.Aug.2005 Bush wants alternatives to Darwinism taught in school: President George W. Bush stirred the debate on the teaching of evolution in schools when he said this week that he supported the teaching of alternative viewpoints - such as the theory of Intelligent Design

03.Aug.2005 n case you missed it: Uncurious George: Despite what is unfolding before us, the majority of this country's honest, freedom-loving people seem ever less interested in knowing, and ever more inclined toward believing that what we're being shown and what we're being told and what is being carried out in our name, is truth.

03.Aug.2005 Where the heck is our sense of empathy?
Why can't we see ourselves in the faces of those kids firing RPGs at convoys of Halliburton trucks stealing Iraqi oil? - By Ted Rall
Cheering for the underdog is as American as fatty food. In the movies we love heroes who simply want to be left alone--but are willing, like Charles Bronson in "Death Wish," to dish out double-sized portions of blazing revenge when the baddies cross the line. Why, then, don't we pull for the Iraqi insurgents?

03.Aug.2005 Documents Tell of Brutal Improvisation by Gis - By Josh White
I t was inside a sleeping bag that the 56-year-old detainee took his last breath through broken ribs, lying on the floor beneath a U.S. soldier in Interrogation Room 6 in the western Iraqi desert. Two days before, a secret CIA-sponsored group of Iraqi paramilitaries, working with Army interrogators, had beaten Mowhoush nearly senseless, using fists, a club and a rubber hose, according to classified documents.

03.Aug.2005 Former CIA worker analyses bin Laden threat
This Is A Must Watch Interview
Michael Scheuer worked for the CIA for 22 years, eight of them as chief of the bin Laden unit, which he set up in 1996. He resigned from the CIA late last year after becoming frustrated with political and bureaucratic inaction on intelligence indicating that bin Laden was going to kill thousands of Americans if he was not stopped.
Click here to watch .

03.Aug.2005 Revisiting Hiroshima -By Noam Chomsky
Robert McNamara, Kennedy’s defence secretary, endorses the judgment of William Perry, President Bill Clinton’s defence secretary, that "there is a greater than 50 per cent probability of a nuclear strike on US targets within a decade."

03.Aug.2005 Marc Cooper.
In this week's L.A. Weekly , Cooper denounces the After Downing Street movement as "masturbatory." I know Cooper and his brand of leftism of old. When he cries out against a grassroots movement, that means the movement has done something worthwhile. Keep it up, Downing Streeters! URL: 
Brad Friedman exposes the latest propaganda blitz by the allegedly non-partisan Republican front group AVCR (AMerican Center for Voting Rights), which is trying to blame vote fraud on the Democrats. Typical Rove tactic: Always play offense, never play defense.
URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
03.Aug.2005 UPDATE: A reader has asked me to reprint the full piece from 2001. If fate is with me, I'll do so tomorrow. As you'll see, the distinction is striking: The Novak of 2001 was very different from the wildly self-contradictory
Novak of today:
In the August 1 column, Novak stated that the "unanimous Senate Intelligence Committee report ... said that Wilson's wife 'suggested him for the trip.'" But in a July 15, 2004, column, Novak clearly recognized that the committee did not reach an official conclusion about how the CIA made the decision to hire Wilson...
URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
a column dated October 15, 2001, little more than a month after the tragedy.
The author: Robert Novak.
I can't quote it verbatim (I'm not writing from home) but the gist is this: On that date, Novak claimed that he heard whispers that the Bush White House planned to use the WTC attacks as a reason to begin a new war with Iraq. Even then, the writing on the wall was unmistakable.
Novak made clear to his readers that his "intelligence sources" had made clear to him that such an attack would be unjustified.
Saddam had no Weapons of Mass Destruction, said Novak. Saddam also had no ties to Al Qaida.
ALl in all, not a bad column. Sounds like Novak's "intelligence sources" were sensible folk of the Valerie Wilson sort.
One thinks fondly of those precious few months back in 2001 when the newspapers printed real news, not neocon propaganda. URL: 
Old newsclips have few fans, but sometimes you can find interesting nuggets in them thar archives. URL: 
Bob Fitrakis is, as always, on top of the story...
But Noe was more than a mere fundraiser. The New York Times dubbed him Toledo's "Mr. Republican," the GOP "man to see" in northwest Ohio. While Tom chaired the regional Bush-Cheney campaign, his wife Bernadette chaired the scandal-torn Lucas County Board of Elections that played a key role in caging votes to put Bush back in the White House.
Noe's fortune came in part from charging the Bureau of Worker's Compensation (BWC) $12.6 million in coin-fund related expenses for managing the $50 million investment between 1998 and 2004. Federal and state officials are now investigating these expenses.
A "Ponzi scheme" is what Ohio's Republican Attorney General Jim Petro calls the method by which Noe may have stolen millions of dollars from the state of Ohio's Bureau of Worker's Compensation (BWC).
URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
03.Aug.2005 A new culprit in the Ohio vote-rigging scandal?
Raw Story points the finger at Bernadette Noe, wife of Tom Noe, embroiled in money laundering probes related to "Coin-gate." The scandals come together! To paraphrase Flannery O'Connor, everything that sinks into the morass must converge. Also check out what Brad Friedman has to say...
You'll also want to read John Conyers' blog for other recent devlopments on
the coin-gate scandal
URL: http://cannonfire.blogspot.com/

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/erde/0,1518,druck-367928,00.html
Durch die globale Klimaerwärmung sei diese Lebenswelt jedoch in Gefahr, befürchten die Forscher.

Tiere aus südlicheren Gewässern könnten bei steigenden Temperaturen in die arktische Tiefsee eindringen und das Ökosystem zerstören.
"Unsere Forschung ist ein Bezugspunkt. Wir hoffen, dass sie in den nächsten Jahrzehnten wiederholt wird, um herauszufinden, welche Änderungen sich in dem Ökosystem ergeben haben", sagte Gradinger. Das Team erhofft sich durch die Daten auch Aufschluss über die Auswirkungen des Klimawandels auf die Meere. Nach einer Studie der Vereinten Nationen könnte die Arktis im Jahr 2100 größtenteils eisfrei sein.
Das internationale Forscherteam amerikanischer, kanadischer, russischer und chinesischer Wissenschaftler plant nun weitere Forschungsreisen in den Südlichen Ozean, der die Antarktis umgibt. Die Lebensbedingungen dort seien viel weniger beständig als im kanadischen Becken, erklären die Meeresbiologen.
In dieser Meeresregion würden sich antarktische Nährstoffe mit Lebensformen des pazifischen, indischen und des atlantischen Ozeans vermischen. "Der Südliche Ozean verteilt diese dann wie eine Zentrifuge", beschreiben die Wissenschaftler den Effekt in einer Erklärung. Im Dezember 2007 soll das geplante Projekt starten, 200 Forscher aus 30 Ländern werden an der Expedition beteiligt sein.
Das Spektrometer des Spitzer-Teleskops spaltete das Infrarotlicht auf und enthüllte die Existenz organischer Verbindungen. Zum ersten Mal konnten die Wissenschaftler mit Hilfe dieser spektralen Fingerabdrücke auch die Distanz zu einer Galaxie messen, die in diesem Fall über zehn Milliarden Lichtjahre beträgt.
Als die Wissenschaftler die Infrarotbilder des Spitzer-Weltraumteleskops untersuchten, erlebten sie eine Überraschung: In Galaxien, die etwa zehn Milliarden Lichtjahre von der Erde entfernt sind, befinden sich Moleküle, die auch auf der Erde die Voraussetzung für die Entwicklung von Leben sind.
"Nach dieser Entdeckung ist es nicht mehr verrückt, über Leben in anderen Sonnensystemen nachzudenken", sagte Lin Yan vom Spitzer Science Center am California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. Die Infrarotaufnahmen zeigen die Galaxien nur 3,5 Milliarden Jahre nach dem Urknall. Nach astronomischen Maßstäben stammen die Fotos damit aus der Kinderstube des Universums.
"Das liegt zehn Milliarden Jahre weiter in der Vergangenheit als alle bisherigen Funde dieser Moleküle", schreibt Yan im Fachmagazin "Astrophysical Journal". Bisher seien die Teilchen nur in Galaxien entdeckt worden, die viel näher an unserer Milchstraße lagen.
Ursprung des irdischen Lebens?
Wall-Street-Schluss: US-Börsen in verhaltener Stimmung

03.Aug.2005 London: Erste Anklage gegen Terrorverdächtigen

03.Aug.2005 Doppelter Vierbeiner: Forscher klonen erstmals einen Hund

03.Aug.2005 Druck der EU: Iran verschiebt Wiederaufnahme von Atomprogramm

03.Aug.2005 Putsch: Militär stürzt Präsidenten von Mauretanien

03.Aug.2005 Zeitleiste: Die Ereignisse in London seit 7/7

03.Aug.2005 Ermittlungen in London: Fahnder finden möglichen Link zwischen Terror-Zellen

03.Aug.2005 "Discovery": Shuttle-Reparatur geglückt

03.Aug.2005 Falscher Verdacht: Briten in Dubai nach Londoner Anschlägen misshandelt

03.Aug.2005 "Discovery"-Reparatur: Nasa startet historischen Einsatz

03.Aug.2005 Time Warner: Prozesskosten fressen die Gewinne auf

03.Aug.2005 Sambia: Mutmaßlicher London-Drahtzieher wird ausgeliefert

03.Aug.2005 Hiroshima: Das atomare Paradoxon

03.Aug.2005 Infrarotbilder: Alte Galaxien enthalten Bausteine des Lebens

03.Aug.2005 London: Angriffe auf Muslime sprunghaft angestiegen

03.Aug.2005 Sicherheit: Schily fordert schärfere Anti-Terror-Gesetze

03.Aug.2005 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Das Parfüm des Radikalen"

03.Aug.2005 Bundesagentur: Arbeitgeber fordern Rückzug des Staates

03.Aug.2005 Atomstreit: Iran weist Drohungen der EU zurück

03.Aug.2005 Uno: Bushs Mann fürs Grobe

02.Aug.2005 Terrorismus: Scotland Yard lässt vier Festgenommene frei

02.Aug.2005 Pressefreiheit: Russland erteilt Reportern von US-Sender Arbeitsverbot

02.Aug.2005 Atomstreit: Blix fordert von USA Sicherheitsgarantien für Iran

02.Aug.2005 Terror: Der Deutsche an Osama Bin Ladens Tisch

02.Aug.2005 Streit über Atomprogramm: EU setzt Irans Führung unter Druck

02.Aug.2005 Paris: Hunderte Säuglingsleichen in Krankenhaus gefunden

02.Aug.2005 Definitionsfrage: Zehnter Planet gilt noch nicht als Planet

02.Aug.2005 Interview mit Astronaut Ulrich Walter: "Ich würde mich nicht mehr in einen Shuttle setzen"

02.Aug.2005 Rente: 30 Prozent der Deutschen droht die Altersarmut

02.Aug.2005 Fahndung: Deutscher soll Bin Laden mit Insulin versorgt haben

02.Aug.2005 Diagonal Scrollen: Apple will Maus neu erfunden haben

02.Aug.2005 London: Feuer im Busmotor löst Terroralarm aus

02.Aug.2005 Hiroshima-Opfer: "Ihre Narben glänzten im Licht der Sonne"

02.Aug.2005 Iran: Prominenter Richter erschossen

02.Aug.2005 Italien vs. Großbritannien: Gezerre um Osman

02.Aug.2005 Eisiges Ökosystem: Arktische Tiefsee wimmelt von Leben

02.Aug.2005 Umstrittenes Uran-Programm: EU droht Iran mit Abbruch der Atomgespräche

02.Aug.2005 Hybrid-Roller: Honda schrumpft den Hightech-Antrieb

02.Aug.2005 Shuttle "Discovery": Riskante Reparatur wegen 19 Millimetern

02.Aug.2005 Londoner Polizei: Millionenentschädigung für Jims Familie?

02.Aug.2005 Pfahls-Prozess: Genscher verteidigt Panzer-Lieferungen

02.Aug.2005 London: Angst vor dem nächsten Donnerstag

02.Aug.2005 Umstrittenes Uran-Programm: Iran nennt Wiedereröffnung von Atomanlage unumstößlich

02.Aug.2005 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Eine neue Unterform der German Angst"

02.Aug.2005 Sudan: Zahlreiche Tote bei Unruhen in Khartum

02.Aug.2005 Uno-Botschafter: Annan mahnt Bolton zu Kompromissen

02.Aug.2005 Schäden am Shuttle: Astronauten müssen "Discovery" im All reparieren

02.Aug.2005 Der Historiker Lothar Kettenacker erinnert in dem deutsch-britischen Streit um Churchills Bombenoffensive daran, dass der Bombenkrieg vor allem ein Ersatz war für die von Stalin geforderte "Zweite Front" im Westen. "Viele Briten mögen heute die Tatsache verdrängt haben, dass die Wehrmacht in erster Linie von der Roten Armee niedergerungen wurde,

Churchill war es nur allzu sehr bewusst, dass den Russen noch nach Stalingrad stets mehr als 150 deutsche Divisionen gegenüberstanden, während die angloamerikanischen Verbände in Nordafrika nicht einmal mit einem knappen Dutzend deutscher Divisionen fertig wurden.

Churchill kam sich im Umgang mit Stalin wie ein militärischer Hochstapler vor."

00.000.1942-00.000.1943 -in den Sommermonaten täglich- Die Soviets, schreibt Kettenacker, "mussten Verluste von bis zu 10.000 Mann hinnehmen."

02.Aug.2005 Origins of the Species Neo-Con: Tracking the genealogy of the cabal of neo-conservatives who have so disastrously dominated foreign policy under George W. Bush, journalists have followed a political bloodline back to the 1960s, to cold war pamphleteers like Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz, and-more respectably if also more tenuously- to the postwar University of Chicago political theorist Leo Strauss.

Justin Raimondo : Taking Down the Neocons : Federal probes will be their downfall

Contractors, military in 'bidding war' : The U.S. military has hired private companies at a cost approaching $1 billion to help dispose of Saddam Hussein's arsenal in Iraq

In case you missed it: How The CIA Looted $40 Billion Of Military Equipment From Iraq

02.Aug.2005 Leaked emails claim Guantanamo trials rigged:
"The process is perpetrating a fraud on the American people"
Leaked emails from two former prosecutors claim the military commissions set up to try detainees at Guantanamo Bay are rigged, fraudulent, and thin on evidence against the accused.

02.Aug.2005 Deep Background
The same people in and around the administration who brought you Iraq are preparing to do the same for Iran. -By Philip Giraldi
The Pentagon, acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney’s office, has tasked the USA Strategic Command (STRATCOM) with drawing up a contingency plan to be employed in response to another 11.Sep.2001-type terrorist attack on the USA. The plan includes a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,druck-367841,00.html
Der demokratische Senator und gescheiterte Präsidentschaftskandidat John Kerry kritisierte Boltons Ernennung als "falsche Entscheidung". Die Ernennung per Dekret "mindert John Boltons Legitimität und seinen Einfluss bei der Sicherung amerikanischer Ziele bei der Uno", sagte Kerry.
Der demokratische Senator Edward Kennedy bezichtigte Bush nach der Ernennung Boltons des Amtsmissbrauchs. "Es ist ein abwegiges Manöver, das die von der Verfassung geforderte Zustimmung des Senats umgeht und durch das sich die Wolke über Boltons Glaubwürdigkeit bei den Uno weiter verdunkelt", sagte Kennedy.
Bolton ist für seinen harschen Ton und für seinen harten politischen Kurs bekannt. Neben fehlendem diplomatischen Gespür wird ihm vorgeworfen, Geheimdienstmitarbeiter drangsaliert zu haben, die seinen Einschätzungen widersprachen. Zudem soll er nachrichtendienstliche Informationen über den Iran, Kuba, Nordkorea und Syrien aufgebauscht haben. Die Vereinten Nationen hatte er in der Vergangenheit scharf kritisiert.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,druck-367841,00.html
Heute machte Bush dem Ringen ein Ende und setzte um, was er bereits vor ein paar Tagen angekündigt hatte: Er machte von einer Regelung Gebrauch, die dem Präsidenten während der Parlamentsferien die Besetzung von Ämtern per Dekret erlaubt. Angesichts des Krieges (gegen den internationalen Terrorismus) und der Diskussion über Uno-Reformen sei der Posten in New York zu wichtig, um ihn noch länger unbesetzt zu lassen. Die USA seien nun seit mehr als sechs Monaten ohne ständigen Botschafter bei der Uno.
Bolton ist der erste Uno-Botschafter der USA, der unter Umgehung des Senats eingesetzt wurde. Ein Gesetz gibt dem Präsidenten unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen die Befugnis, Ämter, die sonst ein Bestätigungsverfahren im Senat erfordern, eigenhändig zu besetzen. Das gilt dann, wenn eine rasche Ernennung seiner Ansicht nach im nationalen Interesse liegt, aber der Kongress eine Sitzungspause hat. Senat und Abgeordnetenhaus hatten am Freitag ihre Sommerpause begonnen. Nach den geltenden Regelungen kann Bolton nur bis Januar 2007 auf dem Posten bleiben, dem Zeitpunkt, an dem der im November 2006 neu zu wählende Kongress seine Arbeit aufnimmt.

02.Aug.2005 Terror-Fahndung: Neue Festnahmen in London

02.Aug.2005 Diskriminierung: Wal-Mart will Mega-Prozess verhindern

02.Aug.2005 Tod von König Fahd: Ölpreis erreicht neues Rekordhoch

02.Aug.2005 Nach Protesten: Iran verschiebt Wiedereröffnung der Atomanlage

02.Aug.2005 Bananen-Einfuhr: EU-Zölle verstoßen gegen WTO-Recht

02.Aug.2005 Schäden an "Discovery": Nasa-Techniker werden immer nervöser

02.Aug.2005 Uno-Botschafter: Demokraten empört über Bushs Entscheidung für Bolton

02.Aug.2005 Denkmalpflege: Comeback für Lenin?

02.Aug.2005 Streit mit der EU: Iran nimmt Atomprogramm wieder auf

02.Aug.2005 US-Politik: Bush ernennt umstrittenen Diplomaten Bolton als Uno-Botschafter

02.Aug.2005 Seuchengefahr: Vogelgrippe breitet sich in Sibirien aus

02.Aug.2005 Anschläge von Scharm al-Scheich: Polizei erschießt Hauptverdächtigen

02.Aug.2005 News Corporation: Familienzwist im Murdoch-Imperium

02.Aug.2005 Amnesie: Gutachter streiten um rätselhaften Gedächtnisverlust

01.Aug.2005 Interview mit Leon de Winter: "Manchmal haben wir nur die Wahl zwischen Desaster und Katastrophe"

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367761,00.html
Der Einblick in bislang unveröffentlichte Dokumente des vatikanischen Archivs soll neue Erkenntnisse über die Rolle des Kirchenstaats während des Dritten Reichs gebracht haben. Demnach hatte der Vatikan 1938 eine weltweite Aktion gegen den Nationalsozialismus vorbereitet - die dann allerdings ausblieb

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367749,00.html
Laut "Sun" sprach sich Verteidigungsminister Geoff Hoon dafür aus, die routinemäßigen Passkontrollen wieder einzuführen: "Es ist wichtig, dass wir die identifizieren können, die in unser Land kommen + die, die es wieder verlassen." Laut "Sun" könne es jedoch bis zu 80 Tage dauern, bis das Parlament die gängige Regelung ändere: Die Abgeordneten befinden sich gerade in den Sommerferien + auch aus dem Kabinett von Premierminister Blair haben sich mehrere Minister in den Urlaub verabschiedet.
Wie der "Independent" spekuliert, könnte es sich aber bei der Ausreise Osmans um gar kein Versehen handeln. Möglicherweise, so die Zeitung, hätten Fahnder den Verdächtigen absichtlich fahren lassen, um ihn zu verfolgen und auch seine Kontaktpersonen ausfindig zu machen.
Saudi-Arabien: König Fahd hinterlässt bedrohte Monarchie

01.Aug.2005 Kalkulierter Ball: Mathematiker berechnen den perfekten Elfmeter

01.Aug.2005 Ende einer Ära: Saudi-Arabien trauert um König Fahd

01.Aug.2005 Zeitgeschichte: Deutsche Bischöfe verhinderten Anti-Nazi-Aktion des Vatikans

01.Aug.2005 Fahndungspanne: Osmans merkwürdige Reise nach Rom

01.Aug.2005 Discovery"-Außeneinsatz: Astronauten reparieren Raumstation

01.Aug.2005 US-Diözese: Polizei soll sexuellen Missbrauch gedeckt haben

01.Aug.2005 Klimaerwärmung: Wirbelstürme werden immer heftiger

01.Aug.2005 Assimilation and Authenticity: The Problem of the American Jewish ... Assimilation and Authenticity : The Problem of the American Jewish Community ... In the life cycles of the various elements in the universe it saw a cyclical ... www.jcpa.org/dje/books/cp2-ch1.htm

01.Aug.2005 Trusting Records in a Postmodern World Determining the authenticity of a document is intimately connected to the question ... The last category of elements is context. The identified elements of ... www.iath.virginia.edu/sds/macneil_text.htm

The Concept of Authenticity - HTML-Version The concept of authenticity – the idea of `being oneself' or `being true to oneself' ... elements of the personality in the context of the self as a whole. ... www.kent.ac.uk/secl/philosophy/ss/AUTHENTICITY.rtf

01.Aug.2005 <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Inauthentic Authenticity or Authentic ... Authenticity of the tasks conducive to language learning.[-1-] ... One kind of meaning is that which language items have as elements of the language system,.. www.zait.uni-bremen.de/wwwgast/tesl_ej/ej02/a.1.html

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Sep.2004 10:17 PM In all probability, CBS was duped, which is unfortunate since the official record had not been disputed—i.e. Bush failed to report and complete his annual physical + he was subsequently grounded.

Since there is no apparent record of his superiors conducting the required review board, it is pretty evident that his superiors were looking out for him, so that he would not be an embarrassment to his father.

If his superiors had done their job, Bush would have most likely been called to active duty and sent to Vietnam. One could even argue that his honorable discharge was issued under fraudulent conditions.

Bush has demonstrated that he is nothing more than a pathological liar, and he should be sent packing back to Crawford.

01.Aug.2005 Translating Linguistic Variation Authenticity may be roughly defined as the opposite of parody,.. Jim) and then introducing elements that mark parody (including, in this day + age,.. www.fut.es/~apym/on-line/authenticity.html

01.Aug.2005 Establishment Newspapers and CIA The right-wing Washington Times quoted him as saying that the series "doesn't have any elements of authenticity ." And former Washington Times reporter ... www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Media/EstabPapersCIA_WMOZ.html

01.Aug.2005 Snow Job: The Establishment's Papers Do Damage Control for the CIA The right-wing Washington Times (9/12/96) quoted him as saying that the series "doesn't have any elements of authenticity ." And former Washington Times ... www.spectacle.org/197/drug.html

01.Aug.2005 Presentation - Robin Good' Sharewood Tidings "Common elements include authenticity , collaboration, the use of critical thinking skills, global implications, in-depth investigations,... read more | cat. ... www.masternewmedia.org/presentation.htm

01.Aug.2005 THE ROLE OF EDUCATIONAL LEADERS Again, these elements are authenticity (Corey, 1986; Egan, 1990; Rogers, 1962), respect (Corey, 1986; Egan, 1990), empathy (Corey, 1986; Rogers,.. www.aare.edu.au/00pap/yeu00429.htm

01.Aug.2005 Authenticity, Integrity, Retrievability Maintain the context of data elements in database structures ... Supports Policies: Authenticity , Integrity and Retrievability ... www.e-government.govt.nz/docs/data-management-standards/chapter8.html

01.Aug.2005 The artificiality of many of the videos and photographs are an attempt to cajole sublimated elements of authenticity from their subjects. ... www.contemporary-magazine.com/profile62.htm

01.Aug.2005 Authenticity - nine ways for brands to join the new revolution Here are nine elements of authenticity for brands that want to deepen their relationship with consumers:1 1. Authenticity means ethical. ... www.biz-community.com/Article/196/82/5426.html

01.Aug.2005 Rubric for Illumination Authenticity : The extent to which the entry uses period materials and ... uses elements from several pieces of a single style to create an original piece ... www.geocities.com/Athens/Forum/2963/rubric.html

01.Aug.2005 Sixteenth Century Fabrics: Fibre and Pattern - Venus' Seamstress
The elements of authenticity - materials, method + final appearance of the finished item all contribute equally to the overall level of " authenticity ". ...

01.Aug.2005 Report From Falluja: "We Regard Falluja As a Large Prison" : Doctors Ahmed and Salam, says Ahmed, they see one or two dead civilians every day + that hundreds have been killed by coalition forces since the city was taken over by the US.

01.Aug.2005 Iran to put nuclear “spies” on trial: "The [MeK] had the main role in this and they have boasted before about spying against Iran in a press conference in America," Younessi said. "We have identified and arrested dozens of spies on various grounds."

03.Aug.2005 The truth behind the Indo-U.S. nuclear deal : In opening the door to nuclear commerce with India, Washington has confirmed how much an alliance with New Delhi is worth to it. But is anybody on the Indian side doing the math

03.Aug.2005 Free-trade plan splits Caribbean nations at unity conference : Almost all commerce flows north and south, mainly involving the USA, and only about 8 % of trade is between Caribbean nations, a fact Panamanian President Martin Torrijos attributed to "historic trends of domination."

03.Aug.2005 Why the U.S. and France hate Haiti : Like Sandinista Nicaragua and Castro’s Cuba, liberating itself was Haiti’s original sin. Two centuries later, the forces of counter-liberation are still relentlessly applied against it.

03.Aug.2005 Military classes are off course; In the suburbs, the armed forces are welcomed for more than just visits. They're teaching some of the classes.

03.Aug.2005 Marine Corps New: Some to Lose Hundreds in Pay Monday: Untold numbers of servicemembers residing off base will see their next paycheck shrink by as much as $250 -- and many of them may not even know the blow is coming.

03.Aug.2005 The Angry American: Polls say most Americans believe the President lied to gain approval for the war in Iraq and also believe the majority of members of Congress are corrupt and don’t serve their constituents.

03.Aug.2005 The Price of an Ambassadorship: Like administrations before it, the Bush White House is rewarding campaign fund-raisers with plum diplomatic posts. But is now the right time to risk alienating Europe? Plus, the two faces of John Roberts.

03.Aug.2005 Dems Field Another Pro-War Candidate: Meet Hack the Hawk: The latest Congressional candidate to be peddled by the pro-war Democratic establishment, including Howard Dean, James Carville, the Daily Kos, Democracy for America, Al Franken on Air America Radio, etc., is Paul Hackett in southern Ohio.

03.Aug.2005 07/29/05: George Galloway: Americans losing in Iraq and Lebanon is on brink of civil war : “I believe that the resistance will grow stronger and stronger + the occupiers will pay dearly”, he said referring to foreign forces in Iraq.

03.Aug.2005 Tony Benn: Time to end nuclear defence policy: : The most immediate danger may well be US — or even Israeli — air strikes against Iran, justified on the grounds that Tehran is in breach of the non-proliferation treaty, while protecting + arming, Israel which is the most fully equipped nuclear power in the Middle East. 

03.Aug.2005 White House Redefines The Meaning Of "Torture":  Congress may approve funding for the gulag. But the people's representatives must have no say whatsoever in the gulag's operations. To give way on this point would reintroduce the rule of law and genuine democracy to U.S. government. 

01.Aug.2005 U.S. Evicted From Air Base In Uzbekistan : Uzbekistan formally evicted the USA yesterday from a military base that has served as a hub for combat and humanitarian missions to Afghanistan since shortly after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Pentagon and State Department officials said yesterday.

01.Aug.2005 US Army to pull out of 13 German bases : Eleven bases in and around the Bavarian city of Wuerzburg will be handed over to the German government by September 2007. Two more bases near Wuerzburg will close and be handed over in subsequent years.

01.Aug.2005 Hungry in the Middle of Nowhere : Niger has about eleven million people. Perhaps four million of them could starve to death if they don't get help, right now.

01.Aug.2005 France says world was late to help starving Niger : France blamed a food crisis gripping its former colony Niger on a late response by the entire international community on Saturday, saying it was not the only country responsible for aiding the world's poor.

01.Aug.2005 Sunnis Demonstrate in Baghdad : 1 Million Iraqis say "US Out"!

01.Aug.2005 Parliament speaker warns troops not to attack Tel Affar : Parliament speaker Hajim al-Hassani has warned both U.S. and Iraqi troops against the use of military force in solving the tense situation in Tel Affar.

01.Aug.2005 Man attacks Saddam in court -defence team : "As the president stood to leave the courtroom one of those present attacked him and there was an exchange of blows between the man and the president," the statement said.

01.Aug.2005 Report uncovers U.S. fraud in Iraq : A special auditor monitoring billions of dollars spent by the U.S. on Iraq's reconstruction found millions of dollars worth of fraud by American officials and companies.

01.Aug.2005 Garbage in Fallujah Brings Iraqis Togethe r: "We worked with our bare hands. It was Shiaa and Sunni and Christians working together.”

01.Aug.2005 Carter Blasts Guantanamo Detention Camp : Former President Jimmy Carter on Saturday said the detention of terror suspects at the Guantanamo Bay Naval base was an embarrassment and had given extremists an excuse to attack the USA.

01.Aug.2005 Douglas Hurd: You cannot divorce Iraq from the terror equation : We removed a cruel dictator and substituted a scene of carnage and anarchy

01.Aug.2005 UK bomb suspect arrested in Zambia : Zambian police have confirmed they are holding British national Haroon Aswat, suspected to be linked to the 07.Jul.2005 London bombings.

01.Aug.2005 Death of a Brazilian : In order to justify the murder of Menazes it is necessary to ‘massage’ the facts to fit the crime.

01.Aug.2005 Now armed police patrol city's roads : Patrol cars carrying armed police will hit the streets of Bradford in response to the terror attacks on London.

01.Aug.2005 Italy extends anti-terrorism powers : The Italian parliament has given final approval to measures that will give the state greater powers to combat terrorism

01.Aug.2005 Was it Al-Qaeda? : In investigations of the Sharm El-Sheikh attacks, the spectre of Al-Qaeda may be a bogeyman concealing the real culprits

01.Aug.2005 Israeli Spy Affair: FBI seeks to probe senior Israeli diplomat in Pentagon spy case : The American request was discussed a few weeks ago at an interministerial meeting in Jerusalem. The consensus was that neither Gilon nor other officials should be allowed to undergo investigation by the FBI

01.Aug.2005 Iran says ready to restart nuclear work Monday: Iran said it would restart some nuclear activities on Monday unless it receives European Union proposals on Sunday to break a diplomatic impasse.

01.Aug.2005 Iran warns U.S., Israel against attack: Iranian Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani said Friday that Iran is ready to confront any military attack by Israel and the USA.

01.Aug.2005 David Ray Griffin : 11.Sep.2001 and the Mainstream Press : You might assume that the 11.Sep.2001 Commission would have played the role of an impartial jury, simply evaluating the evidence for the competing conspiracy theories and deciding which one was more strongly supported.

01.Aug.2005 Flawed Assumptions: 11.Sep.2001 in Historical Perspective: Deep Politics: Drugs, Oil, Covert Operations and Terrorism. A briefing for Congressional staff

01.Aug.2005 Roberts' radicalism needs media scrutiny: Roberts argued to the Supreme Court that Roe vs. Wade should be "overruled."

He won a case blocking doctors in many cases from even discussing reproductive options with their patients.

01.Aug.2005 He has ruled in favor of sweeping powers for the president in this state of perpetual war -- with frightening implications for our civil liberties.

01.Aug.2005 Roberts Had Larger 2000 Recount Role : The role of US Supreme Court nominee John Roberts in the 2000 election aftermath in Florida was larger than has been reported. Roberts helped prepare the Supreme Court case.

01.Aug.2005 Dodd: Bolton Lacks Support for U.N. Post : ``He's damaged goods. This is a person who lacks credibility,'' said Sen. Christopher Dodd, a senior Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

01.Aug.2005 Iraq is the new 'epicenter' of global terrorism: Al-Qaeda expert : "Like Afghanistan produced the last generation of terrorists, Iraq will produce the next generation," he said.

01.Aug.2005 Terror suspect gives first account of London attack : · Rome captive 'says Iraq sparked plot' · Security chiefs fear new wave of assaults · Huge hunt for bomb mastermind · Death gangs were linked, say police

01.Aug.2005 Extraordinary admission to interrogators by London bomb suspect : The would-be bombers watched films, "especially those in which you saw women and children killed and exterminated by the English and American soldiers, or widows, mothers and daughters who were crying". "We never had contacts with the Bin Laden organisation.

01.Aug.2005 Finger points to British intelligence as al-Qaeda websites are wiped out : Over the past fortnight Israeli intelligence agents have noticed something distinctly odd happening on the internet. One by one, Al-Qaeda’s affiliated websites have vanished until only a handful remain

01.Aug.2005 Gwynne Dyer: A few obscenities for Blair and company to chew on : Let's talk dirty.

11.Sep.2001 -The- suicide hijackers — all Arabs — attacked the U.S. instead of Brazil or Japan because the U.S. government has been neck-deep in the politics of the Arab world for a generation, whereas the Brazilian and Japanese governments haven't.

01.Aug.2005 Carter: Guantanamo's an embarrassment, war unjust : I thought then + I think now, that the invasion of Iraq was unnecessary and unjust. And I think the premises on which it was launched were false. 

01.Aug.2005 Cheney's boundless Iraq profiteering : Things are going well in Iraq for the invaders. Well, at least for some people, such as US Vice-President Richard Cheney. He is receiving more than $US1 million ($A1.3 million) a year from Halliburton, the company of which he was CEO from 1995 to 2000, in "deferred remuneration" while he is VP. He is worth every penny.

01.Aug.2005 5,000 US Troops Have Gone AWOL: Getting Out of Iraq...One Way or Another

01.Aug.2005 David Antoon : The Reality Of War: When the Bush twins are drafted, along with the children of Senators, Congressmen, corporate "fat cats", neocons + the "media cheerleaders" for this war, perhaps then + only then, will the cost of war be borne by all.

01.Aug.2005 U.S. territories hotbed for Army recruits : High school graduates from places like Micronesia and the Philippines are signing up in droves, looking for a good paycheck.

01.Aug.2005 In case you missed it: The Silence of the Blonds : How did Tony Blair, George Bush and Malcolm Fraser of Australia not understand the primeval wickedness they had let loose in Iraq? The answer was simple.

01.Aug.2005 In case you missed it: Iraq's Child Prisoners : A Sunday Herald investigation has discovered that coalition forces are holding more than 100 children in jails such as Abu Ghraib. Witnesses claim that the detainees – some as young as 10 – are also being subjected to rape and torture

01.Aug.2005 Israeli terror is worse’: Former Education Minister Shulamit Aloni blasts ‘megalomaniac’ Prime Minister Sharon in interview with Arab-Israeli newspaper, says he should face justice. Aloni also charges Israel a racist state that commits war crimes

01.Aug.2005 The War on Truth: 11.Sep.2001, Disinformation and the Anatomy of Terrorism.

Beyond Downing Street Town Hall Meeting -Featuring Nafeez M. Ahmed
This presentation by eminent researcher Ahmed was recorded at the American University during the Washington, D.C. Emergency Truth Convergence Saturday, July 23 Real Video.
Click here to watch

01.Aug.2005 Morality, Terrorism and the Laws of Motion
"Each man's death diminishes me, for I am involved in mankind."-By Liaquat Ali Khan
Civilian fatalities in Muslim cities must be tolerated, we are told, because no war is clean in killing.

But terrorists are different.

They have no other intention but to terrorize our civilians and cities.

Hence we are good and they are evil, the logic goes, because they have no moral claim to violence as we do. Continue.

01.Aug.2005 Not a Matter of Religious Belief
The aggressors present their aggression and violence as noble.-by Abid Ullah Jan
"Righteous murderers may claim they're spreading democracy and defending human rights, but clearer heads and common sense can distinguish faith based motivation of fanatics, who have killed 128,000 people so far

because God

told their commander in chief to go to war from those who stand up to their tyranny and injustice irrespective of their religious belief." Continue

01.Aug.2005 bin Laden must be a very satisfied man -By K Gajendra Singh
Gen. Musharraf and Pakistan should know a thing or two about terrorists , having incubated and nurtured Muslim militants , Jihadis and terrorists including Al Qaeda and the Talebans since early 1980s.

01.Aug.2005 Terror attacks are response to military actions
Terrorism is actually a response to military interventions perpetrated by western governments.-By Linda McQuaig
In the official, mainstream view of terrorism — the view trumpeted by western governments, think tanks and media commentators — terrorists are freedom-loathing zealots with an irrational hatred of our western lifestyle and culture.

01.Aug.2005 Exclusive: Secret Memo—Send to Be Tortured -By Michael Isikoff
This memo appears to be the first that directly questions the legal premises of the Bush administration policy of "extraordinary rendition"—a secret program under which terror suspects are transferred to foreign countries that have been widely criticized for practicing torture.

01.Aug.2005 Börse am Morgen: Dax steigt wieder über 4900 Punkte

01.Aug.2005 Saudi-Arabien: König Fahd ist tot

01.Aug.2005 Handelsstreit mit den USA: Japan verhängt erstmals Strafzölle

01.Aug.2005 Beitragserhöhungen: Unionsspitze versucht Rentendiskussion zu beenden

01.Aug.2005 Irak: Saddam-Prozess vor Verfassungsreferendum

01.Aug.2005 Terrorismus: Spur der Londoner Attentäter führt nach Saudi-Arabien

01.Aug.2005 Luftkrieg: Abstruse Vorschläge zum Schutz Berlins vor Terror

31.Jul.2005 Summary of a great article. Previously, we mentioned Mark Crispen Miller's fine new piece, "None Dare Call It Stolen," in this month's Harpers -- and not available online.

If you have a spare six bucks, the issue is worth your investment. But if the budget is tight (as it may well be, if you are working class and living in George Bush's America), Mary Anne Saucier has pieced together this precis.

I don't think anyone will mind if I reprint much of it...
The Conyers report details the disenfranchisement of Democrats through “intentional misconduct and illegal behavior, much of it involving Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, the co-chair of the Bush-Cheney campaign in Ohio.”
There was unequal placement of voting machines.
County boards of elections were ordered to reject all Ohio voter-registration forms not printed on white, uncoated paper of not less than 80 lb. text weight.
Access was limited to provisional ballots.
“Caging” was used to challenge 35,000 individuals who did not sign for registered letters sent to new voters.
There was restriction of media from covering the election and conducting exit polls.
There was a prearranged FBI terrorist attack warning in Warren County which kept reporters from observing a post-election ballot-counting.
There was restriction of foreign monitors from “watching the opening of the polling places, the counting of the ballots, and, in some cases, the election itself.
Numerous statistical anomalies all deducted votes from Kerry.
In Cuyahoga and Franklin Counties, “the arrows on the absentee ballots were not properly aligned with their respective punch holes, so that countless votes were miscast.”
In Mercer County, 4000 votes were mysteriously not in the final count.
In Lucas County a polling place never opened because no one had the key.
In Hamilton County, many absentee voters could not vote for Kerry because his name was not on the ballot.
In Mahoning County 25 electronic machines changed Kerry votes to Bush.
Dirty tricks told voters to go to false polling places; that Democrats were to vote on November 3; volunteers offered to take absentee ballots to the election office; voters were challenged to prove eligibility to vote. The “Texas Strike Force” (25 people registered at a Franklin County Holiday Inn, paid by the Republican Party) threatened targeted people from a pay phone, if they voted.
Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell created rules for the Ohio recount (requested by the Green and Libertarian Parties) which would prevent “countywide hand recounts by any means necessary.” The end result was “the Ohio vote was never properly recounted, as required by Ohio law.”
13.Dec.2004 - it was reported by Deputy Director of Hocking County Elections Sherole Eaton, that a Triad GSI employee had changed the computer that operated the tabulating machine + had “advised election officials how to manipulate voting machinery to ensure that [the] preliminary hand recount matched the machine count.” This same Triad employee said he worked on machines in Lorain, Muskingum, Clark, Harrison + Guernsey counties.
“Based on the above, including actual admissions and statements by Triad employees, it strongly appears that Triad and its employees engaged in a course of behavior to provide “cheat sheets” to those counting the ballots. The cheat sheets told them how many votes they should find for each candidate + how many over and under votes they should calculate to match the machine count. In that way, they could avoid doing a full county-wide hand recount mandated by state law. If true, this would frustrate the entire purpose of the recount law—to randomly ascertain if the vote counting apparatus is operating fairly and effectively + if not to conduct a full hand recount.”
In Union County, Triad replaced the hard drive on one tabulator.
In Monroe County, “after the 3 % hand count had twice failed to match the machine count, a Triad employee brought in a new machine and took away the old one. (That machine’s count matched the hand count.)”
Green and Libertarian volunteers reported that in Allen, Clermont, Cuyahoga, Morrow, Hocking, Vinton, Summit + Medina counties, “the precincts for the 3 % hand recount were preselected, not picked at random, as the law requires.”
Even though the 3 % hand recount in Fairfield County was different than the machine count, there was no hand count as required.
“In Washington and Lucas counties, ballots were marked or altered, apparently to ensure that the hand recount would equal the machine count.”
„In Ashland, Portage, and Coshocton counties, ballots were improperly unsealed or stored.”
At great cost, Belmont County had an independent programmer change the counting machines so they would only count votes for President.
“..Democratic and/or Green observers were denied access to absentee, and/or provisional ballots, or were not allowed to monitor the recount process, in Summit, Huron, Putnam, Allen, Holmes, Mahoning, Licking, Stark, Medina, Warren + Morgan counties.
Miller writes about the January 6, 2005 Electoral challenge from Ohio Representative Stephonie Tubbs-Jones and California Senator Barbara Boxer. He decries its rejection by the Congress and the press, with the Republicans calling the Democrats “troublemakers and cynical manipulators”, etc., etc.
According to Miller, “all this commentary was simply wrong” and “went unnoticed and/or unreported;” and with Bush’s re-inauguration “all inquiries were apparently concluded, and the story was officially kaput.” Miller emphasizes that, even after the National Election Data Archive Project, on March 31, 2005, “released its study demonstrating that the exit polls had probably been right, it made news only in the Akron Beacon-Journal,” while “the thesis that the exit polls were flawed had been reported by the Associated Press, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, USA Today, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Columbus Dispatch, CNN.com, MSNBC + ABC..”
So what is McPhereson's trick? Perhaps this: By rejecting Diebold machines in the voting booth, he looks clean. But he has not rejected Diebold tabulators -- the "mother mchines," as they were once memorably called. In a close election, the tabulators do the real mischief. URL: 
01.Aug.2005 California saved? (Vote fraud update) California's Governator-appointed Secretary of State, Bruce McPhereson, was supposed to be Diebold-friendly. Very friendly. As in: Count the nation's largest state as beet red, from here to doomsday.
So what's
After possibly the most extensive testing ever on a voting system, California has rejected Diebold's flagship electronic voting machine because of printer jams and screen freezes, sending local elections officials scrambling for other means of voting.
"There was a failure rate of about 10 % + that's not good enough for the voters of California and not good enough for me," said Secretary of State Bruce McPherson. More:
McPherson denied approval of the TSx after a series of failedtests, culminating in a massive, mock election conducted on 96 of the machines in a San Joaquin County warehouse. San Joaquin is one of three California counties that purchased a total of 13,000 TSx machines in 2003 for more than $40 million and have paid to warehouse them ever since.
For eight hours on July 20, four dozen local elections officials and contractors stood at tables and tapped votes into the machines to replicate a California primary, one of the most complex elections in the nation. State officials watched as paper jams cropped up 10 times + several machines froze, requiring a full reboot for voting to continue. You can find McPhereson's letter to Diebold
URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
01.Aug.2005 More recently, Cannistraro's name cropped up in pieces exposing the Iranian connections of that former BushCo darling,
Ahmed Chalabi.
In a not-unrelated move, he also offered
important testimony in the continuing Wilson/Plame investigation. A sample:
The leaking was, in my judgment, a manifestation of the continuing battle by some policy-makers to pressure the intelligence community into providing the intelligence data that would support previously adopted objectives. Some senior officials have contempt for the professional intelligence community, including CIA and DIA. This contempt has been manifested by attempted intimidation of analysts to produce supporting data for the policy-makers' own ideological beliefs. This disdain for the intelligence community led to dependenceby policyy makers on dubious channels of information such as the defector sourcesproduced byyaimedd Chalabi and the INCC....
...The Vice President and his chief of staff Lewis Libby visited CIA headquarters to engagethe CIA analysts directly on this issue of uranium acquisition in Africa and thealleged renewall of a nuclear program. I have heard that this unprecedented act, in which a Vice President engages desk level analysts, resulted in a contentious give and take. That "contentious give and take" remark remains one of our few clues as to what really went on when Dick invaded Langley.
Even more revealing is
this recent discussion between spook-watcher/broadcaster Ian Masters and Cannistraro on the still unresolved mystery of just who forged those Niger documents. (Yes, I know Rush Limbaugh still tells his listeners that these docs were real. He's lying. As usual.)
Here are a few excerpts. This, friends, is must-read material , because it hints at a great scandal to come -- the scandal behind the Plame scandal:
URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
Giraldi co-publishes a newsletter called Intelligence Brief , which is circulated within the business community. (It doesn't seem to have an online existence.) His partner in that enterprise is an equally intriguing fellow -- another former CIA guy named Vincent Cannistraro, formerly chief of operations for the CIA's counter-terrorism efforts. URL: 
01.Aug.2005 Cheney/Pentagon plan to nuke Iran after the next big terrorist incident -- even if Iran is innocent. As long-time readers know, I've predicted just such a scenario for quite some time -- and those predictions appeared well even before the revelations in (of all places) American Conservative brought made my worst fear-fantasy seem all too real.
The original piece can now be found online
here. You may also want to see (See this response, as well as the Al Jazeera take on this matter. Giraldi's brief squib has riveted the attention of observers across the political spectrum.
This really is the most important story of our time. More important than Judge Roberts, Senator Roberts, or Mister Roberts . More important than the appalling rape of young boys at Abu Ghraib. More important than Rove or Wilson.
Why? Because Cheney's scheme could not so much change history as end it.
And I've discovered an interesting new angle to the tale... URL: 
Eine Folterzentrale mitten in London würde weitere Anschläge eher befördern als verhindern.
Durchaus erlaubt sind allerdings perfide Taktiken beim Umgang mit den Verdächtigen. Schlafentzug durch häufige Zellenkontrollen in der Nacht gehört zum Potential der Terror-Fahnder, ebenfalls die Kontrolle von Essen je nach Kooperation. Da stets dieselben Beamten für die Vernehmungen zuständig sind, entsteht über die Zeit ein vertrautes Verhältnis. Genau über dies soll später Druck ausgeübt werden, um die Rucksackbomber zu Aussagen zu bewegen. Bei den Verhören können zudem andere Beamte in einem Kontrollraum jederzeit Anweisungen geben, was die beiden Vernehmungsbeamten tun sollen. Dazu sind in der Zentrale Psychologen, Geheimdienstler und Verhörspezialisten versammelt.
Die Polizei betont, alle muslimischen Gefangenen bekämen in ihrer Zelle auf Wunsch einen Koran und einen Gebetsteppich. Ehemalige Gefangene berichteten nach ihrer Freilassung, dass grelle Neonlicht in den Zellen bleibe 24 Tag am Tag eingeschaltet. Andere vermuteten, dass die Polizei an der Belüftung der Zellen manipuliere und die Temperaturen absichtlich extrem heiß oder kalt einstelle. Diese Taktik ist aus den Verhörzentren der CIA bekannt. Die britische Polizei weist alle Vorwürfe der indirekten Folter zurück. Allerdings verweigerten die Behörden auch kritischen Politikern stets den Zugang zu dem geheimen Zentrum.
Tag und Nacht müssen die Verdächtigen mit Vernehmungen rechnen, die meist nur durch 15-minütige Pausen unterbrochen werden.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367677,00.html
Eine ganze Keller-Etage haben die Planer der Station für besonders gefährliche Terroristen eingerichtet. Diese ist durch mehrere Sicherheitsschleusen und Kontrollen von der normalen Polizeistation komplett abgetrennt. Für alle Eventualitäten wurde vorgesorgt: Bei Stromausfällen steht jederzeit ein Notstromgenerator zur Verfügung. Auch die Sauerstoffversorgung kann zur Not aus künstlichen Reserven geregelt werden. Im Terror-Keller soll für jeden der Verdächtigen der Eindruck einer komplett künstlichen Welt entstehen, aus der es für die Inhaftierten keinen Ausweg gibt. So wollen die Fahnder die mutmaßlichen Terroristen unter Druck setzen und möglichst schnell Aussagen aus ihnen herausbekommen.
Daneben mahnten seriöse Zeitungen wie der "Economist" schon vor Tagen, die britischen Behörden dürften trotz der terroristischen Bedrohung die Menschen- und Bürgerrechte nicht aus den Augen verlieren.
Gerade wegen der strengen Geheimhaltung ranken sich um die Zustände im Terror-Zentrum von Paddington Green Gerüchte. Bisher haben nur wenige Zivilisten den Komplex tief im Keller des Polizeikomplexes gesehen. Nur die Anwälte von einigen Terror-Verdächtigen hatten hier die seltene Gelegenheit in das Gefängnis zu schauen, das in den Zeitungen in Bezug auf das US-Terror-Lager auf Kuba gern als das "britische Guantanamo" beschrieben wird. Sie beschreiben ein Verhörzentrum, das in solcher Form bisher nur aus den Zentralen der Bösewichte in James Bond-Filmen zu sehen war. Glaubt man den Berichten, existiert tief im Londoner Untergrund zumindest eine Light-Version von Guantanamo.
Mit den Rucksackbombern haben britische Fahnder erstmals Terroristen lebend gefasst, die nun in einem Hochsicherheitsgefängnis verhört werden. Agiert wird unter extremen Zeitdruck, die Behörden fürchten weitere Anschläge. Schon wird diskutiert, wie weit man bei Terror-Verdächtigen gehen darf.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367661,00.html
Der spanische Geheimdienst geht ebenfalls davon aus, dass hinter den jüngsten Londoner Anschlägen eine umfassende Organisation steckt. Geheimdienstchef Alberto Saiz sagte heute in einem Interview mit "El Pais", es gebe kaum Parallelen zu den Terroranschlägen in Madrid im vergangenen Jahr. Beide ähnelten sich lediglich darin, dass sie dem Nahverkehr gegolten hätten. Die Londoner Attentäter hätten offenbar mit anderen Gruppen in Verbindung gestanden oder "Anweisungen von oben" bekommen. Es handele sich nicht um eine isolierte Gruppe, sondern "die Entscheidung kommt von oben", wurde Saiz zitiert.
Eine Sprecherin von Scotland Yard sagte, es gebe wahrscheinlich noch mehrere Hintermänner. Spekulationen über eine dritte Terrorzelle wies sie zurück. Die "Sunday Times" hatte unter Berufung auf Sicherheitskräfte berichtet, eine dritte Gruppe gewaltbereiter Extremisten sei noch auf freiem Fuß und plane weitere Attentate in London.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367661,00.html
In Verhören hat Hamdi Adus Issac jede Verbindung zwischen der zweiten Anschlagserie in London und dem Terrornetzwerk al-Qaida bestritten. "Wir wollten nicht töten, wir wollten nur Terror verbreiten", zitierte die Zeitung "La Repubblica" den Briten äthiopischer Herkunft am Sonntag. Wie aus Kreisen der Ermittler verlautete, gab der 27-Jährige an, er habe nicht genügend Sprengstoff bei sich gehabt, um irgendjemanden zu verletzen. Die britische Polizei widersprach allerdings dieser Darstellung. Der Londoner Polizeichef Ian Blair betonte laut der britischen Nachrichtenagentur PA, die Attentäter vom 21. Juli hätten sehr wohl Menschen töten wollen. Die Attentate schlugen vermutlich deshalb fehl, weil die Zünder der Sprengsätze nicht richtig funktionierten.
Terrorverdächtige: Weitere Festnahmen in Großbritannien

31.Jul.2005 "Discovery": Schaden am Shuttle entdeckt

31.Jul.2005 Atomstreit: Iran nimmt Nuklearprojekt wieder auf

31.Jul.2005 Justiz: Neonazi-Parole doch strafbar

31.Jul.2005 Terror-Knast Paddington Green: Guantanamo light

31.Jul.2005 Rassismus: Schwarzer mit Axthieben getötet

31.Jul.2005 Atomstreit: EU will Iran Sicherheitsgarantien anbieten

31.Jul.2005 Terrorbekämpfung: Kritik an Becksteins drastischen Vorschlägen

31.Jul.2005 Werbung: Wo Moral zur Marketingmasche wird

31.Jul.2005 Anschläge in London: "Wir wollten uns am Westen rächen"

31.Jul.2005 Indien: Zahl der Monsunopfer steigt auf Tausend

31.Jul.2005 Russische Armee: ABC nach Bassajew-Interview auf schwarzer Liste

31.Jul.2005 Leere Kassen: Union und FDP erwägen Rentenkürzungen

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367645,00.html
Nachdem die rund 5000 Teilnehmer der nicht offiziell angemeldeten Veranstaltung eine Wiese bei Tachov nicht räumen wollten, setzte ein 1000 Mann starkes Sondereinsatzkommando Tränengas und Wasserwerfer ein.
Die CzechTek-Veranstalter versicherten, die Techno-Party sei genehmigt gewesen. Nach Darstellung der Polizei verletzten die Teilnehmer Eigentumsrechte. Die Polizei schritt kurz nach Beginn der Veranstaltung am Samstagabend ein.
Schweiz: Gummigeschosse gegen wilden Braunbären

31.Jul.2005 Italien: Regierung verschärft Anti-Terrorgesetz

31.Jul.2005 Ende einer Techno-Party: Mehr als 100 Verletzte bei massivem Polizeieinsatz

31.Jul.2005 Bundestagswahl: CDU-Minister Laschet für Multikulti

31.Jul.2005 10:58) Steuerhinterziehung: JU-Mitglieder haben privat kassiert

31.Jul.2005 Partnerwahl nach Erbanlagen: Gene führen zur perfekten Liebe

31.Jul.2005 Großbritannien: Furcht vor einer dritten Terrorzelle

URL: https://home.t-online.de/home/M.S.Salomon/rezens2.htm
Earl Doherty: Das Jesus-Puzzle. Basiert das Christentum auf einer Legende? Neustadt: Angelika Lenz Verlag 2003. 481 Seiten, broschiert, Euro 25,90, ISBN: 3-933037-26-3.

Die Literatur über Jesus von Nazareth, den vorgeblichen Heiland, der nach einer weit verbreiteten Legende vor rund zweitausend Jahren nicht nur beachtliche Wunder gewirkt, sondern die gesamte Menschheit erlöst haben soll, ist so groß und vielfältig, dass man eigentlich nichts Neues mehr erwarten sollte.

Die meisten Forscher, die sich mit Jesu Leben beschäftigen, haben sich damit abgefunden, dass man nichts Definitives über Jesus sagen könne, allenfalls, dass eine solche Gestalt, sofern es sie überhaupt gegeben hat, wohl im jüdischen Kontext dachte und handelte. Infolge dessen hat sich in der historisch-kritischen Literatur das Bild vom jüdischen Wanderprediger Jesus eingebürgert, der erst in Folge der späteren Mythologisierung (beginnend mit Paulus) seiner jüdischen Wurzeln entkleidet und zum Christus, dem „Erlöser aller Menschen“, stilisiert wurde.

Völlig falsch!, meint Earl Doherty, der mit seinem Buch „Das Jesus-Puzzle“ eine erfrischend neue Interpretation der Jesus-Figur vorgelegt hat.

Das Evangelium der Christenheit beruht, so Doherty, auf der Verschmelzung zweier Traditionen, die ursprünglich gar nichts miteinander zu tun hatten:

1. einer „Galiläa-Tradition“, die eine neue Ethik sowie das Nahen des Reichs Gottes + des sog. „Menschensohns“ verkündigte + 2. einer „Jerusalem-Tradition“, in deren Zentrum ein himmlischer Sohn Gottes stand (Jesus oder Yeshua, Christus oder Messias genannt), der in einer übernatürlichen Welt durch einen metaphysischen Opfertod und anschließender Auferstehung bereits zwischen Gott + der Welt vermittelt hatte (Erlösung) + dessen irdische Ankunft für die nahe Zukunft erwartet wurde.

Die Überlieferung der Unterdrückten lehrt uns, daß der „Ausnahmezustand „, in dem wir uns befinden, nicht die Ausnahme, sondern die Regel ist.

Walter Benjamin, Geschichtsphilosophische Thesen

30.Jul.2005 ScrappleFace: Former CIA Boss Tenet Calls CBS Memos 'Slam Dunk' ...just a guy with a job working for CBS - the wizard of oz is somewhere ... plant complete with a framed photo of the President + Mrs. Bush ... www.scrappleface.com/MT/archives/001837.html

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367624,00.html
Nebenbei aber müssen sich die Fahnder den Kopf zerbrechen, wie die verschiedenen Täter zusammenpassen. Einfacher wird die Arbeit dadurch nicht.
Ein Muster lässt sich aus den spärlichen Details über die Verdächtigen bisher nicht erkennen, erst recht kein Profil für die Suche nach potentiellen Attentätern erstellen.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367624,00.html
Britische Zeitungen zeigten bereits am Freitag Bilder des Verdächtigen, die ihn auf Partys zeigten und zitierten Freunde, die ihn keineswegs als gläubigen Muslim bezeichneten.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367624,00.html
Statt in England geborenen Pakistanis handelt es sich nun um Männer aus verschiedenen afrikanischen Ländern, die in jungen Jahren nach England gekommen sind.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367624,00.html
Wegen ihrer Bewegungsfreiheit mutierte plötzliche eine ganze Bevölkerungsgruppe Englands zu potentiellen Terroristen.
Anschläge in London: Sambia will Terror-Verdächtigen ausliefern

30.Jul.2005 02) US-Waffenindustrie: Schusswaffenopfer dürfen nicht klagen

30.Jul.2005 19:52) Weltraumspaziergang: Nasa-Astronauten beenden Shuttle-Check

30.Jul.2005 Krieg gegen den Terror: Usbekistan fordert Abzug der US-Truppen

30.Jul.2005 Ermittlungen: Multikulturelle Terrortruppe gibt Fahndern Rätsel auf

30.Jul.2005 17:5 Stress am Steuer: Berufspendler leben wild und gefährlich

(Auto, 17:5 Atomstreit: Iran setzt EU Ultimatum

30.Jul.2005 17:3 Pornofilm-Skandal: "Deep Throat" beschäftigt noch immer die Sittenwächter

30.Jul.2005 17:3Fotostrecke: Der Kult um "Deep Throat"

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/politik/0,1518,druck-365663,00.html
30.Jul.2005 Zum Thema im Internet:    ·   "Safe Harbor"-Programm des US-Handelsministeriums
·   US-Regierung: Überblick zu "Safe Harbor"
·   Bundesbeauftragter für den Datenschutz
·   US Gesetz zum Schutz des Heimatlandes (Patriot Act)
·   "Pivacy Policy" von eBay.com
·   "Privacy Notice" von Amazon.com
Das starke Gefälle in der Qualität des Datenschutzes zwischen der EU und den USA hält das Thema Datentransfer weiter auf der Tagesordnung. Durch die anhaltenden terroristischen Aktivitäten wird die Begründung für den staatlichen Zugriff weiter frei Haus geliefert. Die gängige Praxis und die schwach ausgeprägten Kontrollmöglichkeiten sollten jedermann zu denken geben, wem er persönliche Daten überlässt.
Im letzten Jahr sollte die Europäische Kommission dem Parlament in einem ersten Bericht über die Ergebnisse von Safe Harbor berichten. Dazu ist es bisher nicht gekommen + auch beim Besuch einer Delegation des amerikanischen Handelsministeriums vor wenigen Wochen spielte das Abkommen keine Rolle. "Wir gehen dieser Frage auch im Zusammenhang mit dem Flugdatenabkommen nach", sagt Dr. Ulrich Dammann. "Wir haben dazu keine Kenntnisse + darauf warten wir eigentlich. Ein Bericht zum Abkommen ist in Vorbereitung. Es wird im Herbst dazu eine Veranstaltung geben mit der EU, den Datenschützern und dem amerikanischen Handelsministerium, der Federal Trade Commission".
In den USA dürfen staatliche Stellen im Namen der Terrorabwehr von allen Unternehmen und Institutionen Auskunft darüber verlangen, was ihre Kunden tun und ihre Daten abfragen. Dazu ist kein offizieller Durchsuchungsbefehl notwendig und man benötigt auch keinen belegbaren Tatverdacht. Für die Erlaubnis ist ein von der Öffentlichkeit abgeschottetes Bundesgericht zuständig und die Beschlüsse können nicht von anderen Gerichten überprüft werden. "Amazon.com verlangt grundsätzlich eine gültige gerichtliche Vorladung, ehe der Anfrage nach Kundendaten von Seiten einer Strafverfolgungsbehörde nachgegangen wird", beharrt Christine Höger.
Bisher gibt es kaum Erkenntnisse, wie oft Amazon oder Ebay mit Anfragen staatlicher Stellen bedacht werden. "Als übliche Verfahrensweise kann das nicht lange verborgen bleiben. Es kann natürlich sein, dass es interne Fahndungshinweise sind und das man Schwerpunkte macht", sagt Dr. Ulrich Dammann. "Ich habe einen Betroffenen gebeten, mir die Erlaubnis zu geben, diesen Fall zu verfolgen, aber habe sie nicht bekommen."
Bisher ist nur der Fall einer Bundesbürgerin pakistanischer Herkunft bekannt geworden, die im Oktober 2003 nicht in die USA einreisen durfte. Die Grenzbeamten wussten dabei auffallend viele Einzelheiten über ihr Kaufverhalten bei Amazon.
Erst vor zwei Jahren haben Äußerungen von Joseph Sullivan, Leiter der Ebay-Abteilung "law enforcement and compliance", für großes Aufsehen gesorgt. Danach mussten die staatlichen Stellen nur ein Fax oder eine Mail schicken, um an die gewünschten Kundendaten zu kommen. Etwa ein Jahr nach dem Abkommen zu "Safe Harbor" wurden die Grundsätze des Datenschutzes in den USA durch die Anschläge vom 11. September grundlegend geändert. Fortan bestimmte die innere Sicherheit den Umgang mit personenbezogenen Daten und der "Patriot Act" regelte die Einschränkung der Bürgerrechte.
Bei Amazon sieht man da keinen grundsätzlichen Gegensatz zur deutschen Praxis. "Amazon.com und Amazon.de haben sehr strikte Standards, wenn es um den Schutz von Kundendaten geht", erklärt Christine Höger. "Die Möglichkeit der US-Regierung, Amazon.com zur Preisgabe von Kundendaten zu zwingen, unterscheidet sich nicht von dem Recht, welches die deutsche Regierung innehat, um ähnliche Information von Firmen in Deutschland zu erhalten."
So sollte den deutschen Nutzern des Auktionshauses Ebay immer klar sein, dass sie mit der Bestätigung der Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen auch in die "privacy policy" einwilligen. In dieser Erklärung heißt es zunächst einmal unter Punkt 1, Absatz 1, dass alle Daten in die US-Zentrale übermittelt werden dürfen. Damit ist noch lang nicht garantiert, dass sie wirklich nur dort gespeichert werden.
Datenweitergabe auf Verlangen
30.Jul.2005 Safe Harbor"
"Den Schutz persönlicher Daten bei Amazon garantiert ein Abkommen zwischen der Europäischen Union und den USA", sagt Manfred Illgenfritz von der für Amazon zuständigen bayerischen Datenschutzaufsichtsbehörde. "
'Safe Harbor' soll sicherstellen, dass keine Daten zum Beispiel an staatliche Stellen weitergegeben werden."
Eigentlich gestattet die europäische Datenschutzrichtlinie keine Übertragung in andere Länder, die über kein vergleichbares Datenschutzniveau verfügen. Das gilt insbesondere für die USA, da dort keine umfassenden gesetzlichen Regelungen existieren. Das Abkommen jedoch ermöglicht es europäischen Unternehmen, personenbezogene Daten legal in die USA zu übertragen.
"Das 'gift giving patent' wurde von Amazon im April 2000 eingereicht und im April 2005 genehmigt", bestätigt Christine Höger, Pressesprecherin bei Amazon Deutschland. Das aber bedeute keineswegs, dass es auch zur Anwendung komme: "Amazon hat keinerlei Pläne, die in dem Patent beschriebene Technologie einzusetzen. Als die Patentanwendung im Jahr 2000 geschrieben wurde, versuchten wir, soweit wie möglich in die Zukunft zu blicken und haben sehr viele unterschiedliche Anwendungen entwickelt, mit denen wir unseren Kunden hilfreich bei der Produktauswahl zur Seite stehen können."
Ein Patent auf entsprechende Analysemethoden wurde Amazon.com kürzlich erteilt. Es spielt dabei keine Rolle, ob jemand schon bei Amazon registriert ist oder nicht. Der Buchversender könnte damit das Verhalten seiner Kunden auch beim Verschenken besser verstehen und ihnen Vorschläge für entsprechende Präsente machen. Wenn der Anlass ermittelt ist, kann der Kunde bei jedem Geburtstag erinnert und zum Einkauf aufgefordert werden. Neukunden wiederum könnte man so mit passenden Angeboten empfangen - als "alte Bekannte" so zu sagen.
30.Jul.2005 Die Meldung sorgte vor einigen Monaten für einiges Aufsehen: Amazon, hieß es da, plane, auch die Daten von Menschen zu sammeln, die durch Amazon-Kunden beschenkt werden. Auch Informationen, die Kunden in Besprechungen über Bücher oder CD's von sich preisgeben, möchte das Unternehmen künftig genauer unter die Lupe nehmen und den schon gespeicherten Profildaten seiner Kunden hinzufügen. "Nach amerikanischem Datenschutzverständnis ist das nicht grundsätzlich ein Rechtsverstoß", sagt Dr. Ulrich Dammann vom
Bundesbeauftragten für den Datenschutz in Bonn.
Amazon verkauft nicht nur viele Bücher, sondern ist auch sehr an den Daten der Käufer interessiert. Doch nicht nur der Datenhunger der Unternehmen wächst, auch der des Staates: Gerät hier der Datenschutz unter die Räder?

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,druck-367613,00.html
Washington - 16 Bestimmungen des Anti-Terror-Gesetzes, die der US-Bundespolizei FBI und anderen Ermittlungsbehörden erhebliche Befugnisse bei der Überprüfung von Bürgern einräumen, sollen nach dem Willen der Abgeordneten vorerst nur bis zum Ende des Jahres gelten. Zwei Bestimmungen über das Einsehen von Daten aus öffentlichen Bibliotheken wurden nur für die Dauer von vier Jahren verlängert.
Eine von der US-Regierung angestrebte Regelung, die es dem FBI erlauben würde, ohne richterliche Erlaubnis Informationen über Verdächtige aus Banken, Krankenhäusern oder Hotelregistern einzusehen, wurde vom US-Senat abgeschmettert.
Der Patriot Act war nach den Anschlägen vom 11. September 2001 in den USA verabschiedet worden.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367615,00.html
"Ich trug den Rucksack. Aber töten wollte ich niemanden", erklärte er laut "Corriere della Sera". Der mutmaßliche Attentäter hatte Großbritannien fünf Tage nach den Anschlägen verlassen - per Zug.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367615,00.html
Rom/London - Osman Hussein gab laut einem Bericht der italienischen Zeitung "Corriere della Sera" zu, dass er einer der Gesuchten Attentäter vom 21. Juli ist. "Ja, ich bin es", zitiert heute die Zeitung aus dem Verhör des gestern in Rom festgenommenen Verdächtigen.
Iraq Wants Quick Withdrawal of U.S. Troops : Iraq's transitional prime minister called Wednesday for a speedy withdrawal of U.S. troops and the top U.S. commander here said he believed a ``fairly substantial'' pullout could begin next spring and summer.

30.Jul.2005 Civil War Spectre Spurs New Iraq Exit Plans: Growing pessimism about averting civil war in Iraq, as well as mounting concerns that the U.S. military presence there may itself be fuelling the insurgency and Islamist extremism worldwide, has spurred a spate of new calls for the USA to withdraw its 140,000 troops sooner rather than later.

30.Jul.2005 Poll: USA doubts Iraq success, but not ready to give up: Most Americans don't believe the USA will succeed in winning the war in Iraq or establishing a stable democracy there, according to a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll.

30.Jul.2005 Pentagon identifies top Iraq rebels: Pentagon officials confirmed yesterday that they have identified the top eight to 10 leaders of the insurgency in Iraq, but said the USA had no idea how many insurgents had been killed or captured in the past seven months.

30.Jul.2005 US 'misread motivation' of suicide bombers: Not everyone accepts the stereotype of suicide bombers recruited by the Al Qaeda network, as religiously-inspired haters of Western values, intent of destroying Western civilisation. One American analyst says it's too simplistic to assume Islamic fundamentalism in the central cause.

30.Jul.2005 Al-Zarqawi Issues Video-History Of His Terror Group.: "The crusader armies have been taken prisoner in Iraq and the head of the crusaders [the US president George W. Bush] made an error when, in 2003, he announced the end of the war in Iraq, because it has only just begun

30.Jul.2005 Guardsman: CIA beat Iraqis with hammer handles : CIA officials used a sledgehammer handle to beat various prisoners in Iraq + one official, whose name is classified, would often brag about his abuse of prisoners, according to testimony in a closed session of a military hearing.

30.Jul.2005 Calif. National Guard Company Under Torture Investigation: The investigation appears to deal with allegations an electric stun gun was used to abuse or torture Iraqi detainees

30.Jul.2005 Frist pulls defense bill to elude votes on handling captives: The unusual move came after senators, including several leading Republicans, beat back an effort by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to block amendments setting standards for military-prisoner interrogations and delaying base closings scheduled for approval later this year.

30.Jul.2005 The Iraq mess: The fighting has transformed itself largely into civil war. The 170,000 Iraqi security forces, largely Shiite in composition, represent the Shiite-dominated government of Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari. They are opposed and targeted by the largely Sunni insurgents.

30.Jul.2005 Bulgaria's Withdrawal from Iraq - Top Priority for Draft Cabinet: Withdrawing the Bulgarian military contingent in Iraq will be a major priority of the coalition between the country's Socialists and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF).

30.Jul.2005 Fewer early sign-ups as Army struggles to recruit soldiers: The Army, which expects to miss its 2005 recruiting goal by about 12,000, already is falling behind for next year.

30.Jul.2005 British Police Storm Home, Arrest Suspect In Failed Bombings : British police may have tracked down one of the four men they believe carried out last week's failed bombings in London.

30.Jul.2005 London terrorists 'left 16 unexploded bombs': The London bombers left a stash of 16 unexploded bombs in a car, some packed with nails, it was revealed today.

30.Jul.2005 Ready to strike again: THE fugitive bombers who bungled their attacks on London’s transport system last week returned to their secret cache of explosives to rearm themselves for another assault, Scotland Yard believes

30.Jul.2005 The Israeli Spy Affair: FBI seeks to probe senior Israeli diplomat in Pentagon spy case: The Federal Bureau of Investigation is demanding that Naor Gilon, head of the political department at the Israeli embassy in Washington, be interrogated in connection to the Pentagon spy case.

30.Jul.2005 Israel's Defense Minister Cancels Trip to Washington: Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz has canceled a trip to Washington due to new U.S. demands to oversee Israeli weapons exports, part of a growing crisis over Israeli arms sales to China, an Israeli defense official said.

30.Jul.2005 Gideon Levy: They broke the public's heart : The media is to blame: For months, it portrayed the story of the "great sacrifice" the evacuated settlers must make. For years, it ignored the injustices they inflicted on their neighbors and thus helped portray the settlers in a false light.

30.Jul.2005 US Openly Supports Iranian Terrorist: The U.S. Government is now openly supporting the Mujahideen-e-Khalq, an Iranian resistance movement designated as terrorist organization by the US State Department.

30.Jul.2005 The U.S. and Iran: Democracy, Terrorism + Nuclear Weapons: By arranging for the Iranian government to be overthrown or crippled, American policymakers hope to acquire unprecedented leverage in shaping the future direction of the Middle East.

30.Jul.2005 Is Iran Being Set Up? : Reports about the recent flurry of Iran-Iraq diplomacy must shock the neocons. Things are not going at all according to plan. Neocon ally Chalabi should be in power, hosting the Israeli prime minister's official visit and mapping a common strategy against Iran.

30.Jul.2005 Silent crisis of Niger's starving millions: In Niger 2.5 million people are facing famine, 150,000 children are expected to die from malnutrition by the end of the year and the country's many starving need at least 23,000 tons of food just for the hope of survival.

30.Jul.2005 Famine in Niger - how to help: According to the UN's World Food Programme poor rains and the worst locust invasion in 15 years have pushed Niger into severe "hunger season". More than a million people are facing a serious food crisis and children, always the most vulnerable, are now beginning to die from starvation

30.Jul.2005 Latin America's "Bin Laden" Denied Bail, Judge Cites Posada's Terror Record: Leading anti-Castro terrorist Luis Posada Carriles is denied bail in his Texas immigration trial. We speak with a U.S. immigration lawyer who has been retained by the Venezuelan government to represent it in the case as it continues to demand his extradition

30.Jul.2005 Florida church speaks out against Islam : A sign outside a Jacksonville, Fla., church proclaims, "Islam is evil and believes in murder. Jesus teaches peace."

30.Jul.2005 "Christian" Country Or A nation In Shame?: The Religious Right has corrupted Christianity beyond recognition 

30.Jul.2005 Deal for DeLay district added to energy bill, Democrat says: A top House Democrat is accusing GOP leaders of slipping a provision into a sprawling energy bill to give hundreds of millions of dollars to a private energy consortium in the suburban Houston hometown of House majority leader Tom DeLay -- a consortium that includes energy giant Halliburton Inc. as one of its most prominent members.

30.Jul.2005 Waxman letter in full: $1.5 Billion Giveaway Secretly Slipped into Energy Bill: In a letter to Speaker Hastert, Rep. Waxman writes that after the energy legislation was closed to further amendment in the recently concluded conference, a $1.5 billion provision benefiting oil + gas companies + Halliburton + Sugar Land, Texas, was mysteriously inserted in the text.

30.Jul.2005 Subcontractor's Story Details Post-11.Sep.2001 Chaos : Three years ago, Sunnye L. Sims lived in a two-bedroom apartment north of San Diego, paying $1,025 in monthly rent. Then she landed a dream job, with $5.4 million in pay for nine months of work.

30.Jul.2005 U.S. House approves Central American trade agreement: Republicans, mostly from textile states, jockeyed over who would be allowed to vote against the bill and save face back home. The final count came minutes after midnight.

30.Jul.2005 The CAFTA Agreement: How Did Your Representative Vote:

30.Jul.2005 One mother's war: Mother seeking support cursed at for questioning war; Son escaped suicide bomb

30.Jul.2005 ISP 'censored' anti-war email: A US broadband provider and a security services company have been accused of blocking emails relating to an anti-Iraq war protest.

30.Jul.2005 US under fire over al-Qaeda guide : The US Department of Justice has come under fire for posting an al-Qaeda training manual on its website.

30.Jul.2005 07/27/05: Who's Taking Blame for Christian Violence? : How do our current religious leaders think Jesus would react to the concept of collateral damage?

30.Jul.2005 Dance of deception : The assumption that worldwide Islam bears the responsibility for radical young men and women who blow up buses and trains is devoid of logic and conscience.

30.Jul.2005 Are Stupid White Men Really Stupid? : We must wake up and regain our country from the criminals, fools, and traitors who’ve assumed it.

30.Jul.2005 Tariq Mehmood : In the Eye of the Storm: The apologies of Muslim ‘leaders’ for what happened in London is like bowing in front of a devil because of the actions of a demon.

30.Jul.2005 Feds move swiftly to exploit 7/7: Subway riders in New York and Washington are now subject to random searches, because they might have bombs. Forget that a suicide bomber would only detonate his payload upon being approached by a policeman, and take out whatever number of hapless innocents might be near him in these crowded venues. 

30.Jul.2005 Soldier Who Refused Iraq Duty Faces Charges: Benderman served in Iraq during the 2003 invasion, but says he decided he could no longer be a part of the destruction he witnessed, even if that meant choosing his conscience over his commitment to his fellow troops.

30.Jul.2005 "Emergency Action: Support US Army Sergeant Kevin Benderman,"

30.Jul.2005 Turkey threatens action unless US tackles Kurdish rebels in Iraq : Speaking in an interview, the Prime Minister said Turkey was committed to fighting terrorism, but also expected help from its allies in a struggle against fighters from the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK), which has some 3,000 militants based in northern Iraq.

30.Jul.2005 Iraq police accused of torture : Iraq's new police force is facing mounting allegations of systematic abuse and torture of people in detention, as well as allegations of extra-judicial killings. The minority Sunni community in particular claims it is being targeted by the Shia-dominated police force.

30.Jul.2005 Transcript Suggests CIA Involved in Abuse : Sgt. 1st Class Gerold Pratt of the Utah National Guard said he saw unidentified U.S. personnel use the 15-inch wooden handle to hit prisoners.

30.Jul.2005 Former Abu Ghraib warden says dog use was urged by Guantanamo boss: Dinenna also testified that teams of trainers were sent to Abu Ghraib from Guantanamo Bay to try to incorporate certain interrogation techniques in Iraq.

30.Jul.2005 U.S. wants Colombia to get tough on rights abusers : Colombia must aggressively prosecute human rights atrocities and ensure that right-wing paramilitaries who are guilty of murder are brought to justice, a top U.S. government official said on Wednesday.

30.Jul.2005 Thomas Friedman, Liberal Sadist?:: The acclaimed New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman has often voiced enthusiasm for violent destruction by the U.S. government. Hidden in plain sight, his glee about such carnage is worth pondering.

30.Jul.2005 Pepe Escobar : The Algerian connection : The US has already secretly established a "huge military surveillance base" in the Algerian city of Tamanrassat  

30.Jul.2005 Salaries of private security guards in Iraq as much as $33,000 per month: A nonpartisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) report issued Thursday reveals that the U.S. is spending as much as $33,000 per private security contractor per month -- some $396,000 per year on individual guards

30.Jul.2005 UK: Nine more arrested: Anti-terrorist officers arrested nine men in raids this morning in connection with the botched July 21 attacks on London's transit system, bringing to 20 the number of people police have in custody, including one of the alleged bombers.

30.Jul.2005 Gilad Atzmon - Blair the Camera Man: Tony Blair is an advanced political thinker. Following his articulate analysis, terrorists are killing people for the ‘sake of it’. The soldiers that he made certain the Great Britain sent to far off lands, on the other hand, kill only because Blair and Britain want to help Arabs and Afghanis to ‘build their democracy’. Come on Tony, do we look that stupid?

30.Jul.2005 Brazilian did not wear bulky jacket : : Jean Charles de Menezes, the Brazilian shot dead in the head, was not wearing a heavy jacket that might have concealed a bomb + did not jump the ticket barrier when challenged by armed plainclothes police, his cousin said yesterday.

30.Jul.2005 Italy says it arrests fourth London bomb suspect: The fourth man suspected of trying to detonate bombs on London's transport network on July 21 has been arrested in Rome, Italy's interior minister said on Friday.

30.Jul.2005 Further attacks likely, says police chief : The risk of another terror attack remains very high, Sir Ian Blair warned yesterday as an unprecedented security operation began on Britain's transport system.

30.Jul.2005 Shooting to kill: Londoners, don't let your bobbies grow up to be cowboys, which would compound the terrorist toll.

30.Jul.2005 Inside the Minds of Suicide Bombers : What inspires young men and women to become suicide bombers? Religious fanaticism? Nationalism? Alienation? Or some toxic mix of all three?

30.Jul.2005 War pimp alert: U.S.: Iranian Cadre Training Hezbollah : A top State Department official informed Congress on Thursday that Iranian cadre were training Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon.

30.Jul.2005 32,000 children in Niger face ‘mortal threat’ : UNICEF appeals to the world community for an additional US$14.6 million to save children’s lives in Niger

30.Jul.2005 Niger diary I : Arriving on the ground : Mark Snelling is a member of the British Red Cross Society's Emergency Response Unit in Niger. He has been keeping a diary for the BBC News website.

30.Jul.2005 Mauritania also at risk of hunger : The combination of the locust invasion and drought which has brought a food crisis to Niger is set to affect the entire Sahel region of West Africa.

30.Jul.2005 Basayev broadcast enrages Russia : Russia says it is outraged by an interview with Chechen rebel leader Shamil Basayev broadcast on America's ABC television network.

30.Jul.2005 New post to help Castro 'demise' : US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has announced the creation of a new post to help "accelerate the demise" of the Castro regime in Cuba.

30.Jul.2005 Australia releases children from detention camps : Australia on Thursday began releasing the last 42 children from razor-wire immigration detention camps

30.Jul.2005 CAFTA Voting Irregularities : After Congress passes CAFTA by one vote in a midnight count, questions are being raised about the process. We speak with the Director of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch about the GOP leaders' round-up of House votes to approve trade agreement.

30.Jul.2005 Jonathan Tasini: Spanking The CAFTA 15 : Enough is enough. The 15 so-called Democrats who voted for the Central American Free Trade Agreement must pay a heavy price for turning their backs on labor: None of them should receive a dime from labor unions and each one should face a labor-backed primary challenger next year.

30.Jul.2005 FBI wants more subpoena power: Director says bureau shouldn't have to seek court approval

30.Jul.2005 07/28/05: They Just Never Meant Very Much To Us : Samples From An Ocean Of Suffering

30.Jul.2005 The Globalization of State Terror : The expression of Bush's maligned vision is now evident everywhere; from the gun-towers over Guantanamo, to the concertina wire surrounding Falluja

30.Jul.2005 The victim and the killer : Yasser Salihee was an Iraqi journalist. Joe was an American sniper. On June 24, 2005, fate brought them together on a Baghdad street.

30.Jul.2005 Iraq Affecting Mental Health of Troops : 30 % of Troops Develop Mental Problems After Coming Home From Iraq, Military Says

30.Jul.2005 Majority in U.S. Feels Bush Misled on Iraq War : 51 per cent of respondents believe the Bush administration deliberately misled the American public about whether Iraq had weapons of mass destruction

30.Jul.2005 Lets Not Forget: Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President : A SECRET blueprint for US global domination reveals that President Bush and his cabinet were planning a premeditated attack on Iraq to secure 'regime change' even before he took power in January 2001.

30.Jul.2005 Ray McGovern: Iraq-Niger: Cheney and the Forgery I believe this helps to explain the highly unusual role Vice President Dick Cheney played regarding the forged “intelligence” about Iraq seeking to acquire uranium from Niger—the source of that particular lie.

30.Jul.2005 Bob Herbert : Oil and Blood : The whole point of this war, it seems, was to establish a long-term military presence in Iraq to ensure American domination of the Middle East and its precious oil reserves, which have been described, the author Daniel Yergin tells us, as "the greatest single prize in all history."

30.Jul.2005 Army Mechanic Acquitted of Desertion : Sgt. Kevin Benderman, an Army mechanic who refused to go to Iraq while he sought conscientious objector status was acquitted of desertion Thursday but found guilty of a lesser charge and sentenced to 15 months behind bars.

30.Jul.2005 State Dept. Now Says Bolton Interviewed : John Bolton, President Bush's nominee for U.N. ambassador, neglected to tell Congress he had been interviewed in a government investigation into faulty prewar intelligence that Iraq was seeking nuclear materials in Africa, the State Department said.

30.Jul.2005 W.House gives strong signal on Bolton appointment : President Bush will soon bypass the Senate and appoint John Bolton to become the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

30.Jul.2005 Madrassa foreigners 'must leave' : Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf says all foreign students at madrassas, or religious schools, some 1,400 pupils, must leave the country.

30.Jul.2005 Philippine diplomats pulled out of Iraq : Philippine diplomats in Iraq have left their Baghdad mission indefinitely pulling back to Jordan due to a rash of kidnappings of foreign diplomats.

30.Jul.2005 US troops may protect envoys in Iraq : The US military is to consider protecting foreign diplomats in Baghdad after al-Qaida claimed responsibility for the killing of three Algerian diplomats this month, the new American ambassador said.

30.Jul.2005 Iraqi Kurds demand say over northern oil fields : Iraq's Kurds want at least partial control over northern oil resources in a post-war political system that ends uneven distribution of wealth, Planning Minister Barham Salih said on Friday.

30.Jul.2005 Mike Whitney : Don't count on early Withdrawal from Iraq : We can expect to hear a lot about civil war in the next few weeks; and federalism, too. Don't believe a word of it. The Pentagon is moving forward with its plan to divide Iraq into three parts and it's using the pretext of civil war to justify its strategy.

30.Jul.2005 Security costs slow Iraq reconstruction: Efforts to rebuild water, electricity and health networks in Iraq are being shortchanged by higher-than-expected costs to provide security and by generous financial awards to contractors, according to a series of reports by government investigators released yesterday.

30.Jul.2005 White House Redefines The Meaning Of "Torture"- By Chris Floyd
Congress may rubber-stamp the gulag ("a buy-in to Guantanamo"); that's allowed. And Congress may approve funding for the gulag. But the people's representatives must have no say whatsoever in the gulag's operations. To give way on this point would reintroduce the rule of law and genuine democracy to U.S. government. And the Bush militarists have gone too far, waded through too much blood, to return to such "quaint" notions now.

30.Jul.2005 Time to end nuclear defence policy: -By Tony Benn

The most immediate danger may well be US — or even Israeli — air strikes against Iran, justified on the grounds that Tehran is in breach of the non-proliferation treaty, while protecting + arming, Israel which is the most fully equipped nuclear power in the Middle East. Continue

30.Jul.2005 Americans losing in Iraq and Lebanon is on brink of civil war - British MP George Galloway
“I believe that the resistance will grow stronger and stronger + the occupiers will pay dearly”, he said referring to foreign forces in Iraq. He added that the situation in Iraq is extremely dangerous. “No one can predict if the occupiers will leave on their own accord, or if the resistance has come closer to achieving its goal (of driving the occupying forces out).”

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,druck-367596,00.html
Amman - Laut dem Büro der Verteidiger Saddams in der jordanischen Hauptstadt Amman ereignete sich der Vorfall am Donnerstag. Ob Saddam dabei verletzt worden sei, ging aus der Erklärung nicht hervor. Der Chef des Tribunals soll nicht versucht haben, die Schlägerei zu stoppen.
Saddam Hussein ist bei einer Anhörung vor Gericht von einem unbekannten Mann angegriffen worden. Iraks ehemaliger Diktator wehrte sich und lieferte sich eine Schlägerei mit dem Angreifer.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367431,00.html
Beim Motorrad-Grandprix auf dem Sachsenring wurden nach Polizeiangaben 41 Menschen durch umherfliegende Zeltteile verletzt. Bäume und Lichtmasten knickten um, Starkstromleitungen und Oberleitungen der Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe wurden beschädigt.

30.Jul.2005 Terrorermittlungen: Rucksackbomber soll gestanden haben

30.Jul.2005 Patriot Act: USA verlängern Anti-Terror-Gesetze

30.Jul.2005 "Discovery": Notreparatur im All

30.Jul.2005 Sommerwetter: Schwere Gewitter, Wirbelstürme, golfballgroße Hagelkörner

30.Jul.2005 Strafvollzug: Störsender soll Handys im Knast blockieren

30.Jul.2005 Ferienbeginn: Hunderte Kilometer Staus in Deutschland und Frankreich

30.Jul.2005 Finanzkonzerne: Allianz lehnt Fusion mit Deutscher Bank ab

30.Jul.2005 Vor Gericht: Saddam liefert sich Schlägerei

30.Jul.2005 Am Rand des Sonnensystem: US-Forscher entdecken zehnten Planeten

30.Jul.2005 Visaschwindel: Deutsche Botschaften verstärken biometrische Kontrollen

30.Jul.2005 Große Koalition: Klaus Wowereit warnt vor GAU

30.Jul.2005 Kurzer Wahlkampf: Parteien sparen Millionen

30.Jul.2005 7000 Meter tief: Japan plant Rekordbohrung am Meeresboden

30.Jul.2005 Anti-Filz-Kampagne: China will Schüler gegen Korruption impfen

30.Jul.2005 London: Scotland Yard nimmt fünften Verdächtigen fest

29.Jul.2005 Atomgespräche: USA konfrontieren Nordkorea mit geheimen Daten

29.Jul.2005 Zollunion: Türkei verweigert Anerkennung Zyperns

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367415,00.html
29.Jul.2005 ...
und wird es auch bleiben.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367415,00.html
"Es wird in den nächsten Tagen immer wieder Polizeiaktionen geben", sagte er. Ob er damit weitere Festnahmen meinte, ließ er offen. Deutlich aber machte er seine Einschätzung zur Gefährdungslage Londons und aller anderen britischen Städte. "Die Gefahr ist nicht gebannt, sie ist immer noch in jedem Moment da und wird es auch bleiben."

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367415,00.html
Verhalten sich die anderen mutmaßlichen Komplizen ähnlich, dürfte die Suche nach den Hintermännern schwierig werden. Gleichwohl war heute ein wichtiger Schritt zurück zu einer Normalität, die sich wohl alle Briten herbei wünschen.
Mehrere Polizeiexperten erklärten in Interviews, nach den schnellen Folgeattacken nach dem 7. Juli sei es mehr als wahrscheinlich, dass es noch mehr Täter gebe. Diese könnten jederzeit an jedem Ort in Großbritannien zuschlagen. Wüsste man mehr über die Bomben, könnte man vielleicht den Bombenbauer finden.
Trotz der erfreulichen Festnahme fragen sich schon jetzt viele, wie Hussein trotz der groß angelegten Fahndung das Land in Richtung Frankreich verlassen konnte.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367415,00.html
Am Vormittag schlugen die Polizisten zu. Da die Medien von der Aktion Wind bekommen hatten, erlebte ein Millionenpublikum den Polizeieinsatz am Fernseher mit. Live waren die Stimmen von Polizisten zu hören, die in die umstellte Wohnung schrieen: "Muhammad, komm' raus. Warum kommst du nicht aus der Wohnung?" Kurz darauf ein lauter Knall, offenbar hatten Spezialeinheiten die Eingangstür im vierten Stock eines Wohnblocks auf einem balkonartigen Vorbau gesprengt. Die Beamten setzten sofort Gas ein, als sie in die Wohnung des Backsteingebäudes stürmten.
Auf Bitte der Polizei stellten die Medien ihre Live-Berichterstattung zwischenzeitlich ein. Nichts sollte die heikle Festnahme verhindern oder stören - auch weil die Verdächtigen vielleicht noch weiteren Sprengstoff hatten.
Erst nach dem Ende des Zugriffs wurden die teilweise grotesken Szenen übertragen: Parallel zur Stürmung der Wohnung am Dalgarno Garden, in der zwei der Bombenleger vermutet wurden, lief zwei Stockwerke tiefer eine weitere Razzia. Ein Polizist, der eine Wohnungstür zu öffnen versuchte, musste zunächst zwei Kinder aus einer Nachbarwohnung abwimmeln, die mit ihm sprechen wollten. Als es dem Beamten nicht gelang, die Kinder zum Rückzug zu überreden, unterbrach er seine Aktion.
Währenddessen sah man vor der Wohnung im vierten Stock zwei Männer mit nacktem Oberkörper. Sie hielten ihre Hände hoch. Betäubt von Tränengas, versuchten sie ihre Nase zu putzen, indem sie sich mit den Fingern schnäuzten. Später berichtete eine Zeugin: "Wir hörten dann auch einige Schüsse, wie von Maschinengewehren."
Bei den beiden Männern soll es sich um zwei der vier verhinderten Rucksackbomber handeln. Englands oberster Terror-Fahnder Peter Clarke gab ihre Namen mit Ramsi Mohammed und Ibrahim Muktar Said an. Den Namen Saids hatten die britischen Medien schon seit Tagen genannt. Laut den Berichten kam der 27-Jährige als junger Mann aus Eritrea nach Großbritannien. Er soll am 21. Juli eine Bombe im Bus 26 abgelegt haben.
Ramsi Mohammed wurde bisher nicht als Verdächtiger genannt. Am Freitagabend wurde jedoch immer deutlicher, dass er am 21. Juli versucht haben soll, eine Bombe in der U-Bahn der Northern Line zu platzieren.
Kriegsähnliche Zustände mitten in London
Heute hatten die Beamten genaue Ziele: An zwei Orten, nur knapp eine Meile voneinander entfernt, marschierten ganze Regime von schwarz gekleideten, schwer bewaffneten und mit ihren Gasmasken kaum zu erkennenden Elitepolizisten der Einheit SAS auf. Seit dem frühen Morgen hatten sie zwei Häuser observiert - eins nahe den Dalgarno Gardens in North Kensington, ein anderes am Tavistock Crescent in Notting Hill. Genau dort vermuteten sie zwei der verdächtigten Rucksackbomber vom 21. Juli.
29.Jul.2005 ..
wie sehr sich London nach dem 7. Juli 2005 verändert hat. Aus der sonst gerade in ihren Wohngebieten so beschaulichen Metropole London mit seinen engen Straßen und zweigeschossigen Backsteinhäusern ist eine Stadt unter Belagerung geworden. Immer und überall ist Polizei präsent. Doch anstatt der unbewaffneten Bobbys sind nun Beamte mit schweren Maschinenpistolen und schusssicheren Westen. Nicht noch einmal wollen sie zulassen, dass weitere Bomber ihre tödlichen Werkzeuge ablegen können. Der Terror ist allgegenwärtig geworden - egal ob in der U-Bahn oder bei jedem Londoner zu Hause.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367415,00.html
Diesmal waren es keine Terror-Bomben gewesen, durch die Henning vor etwas mehr als drei Wochen in dem U-Bahnzug an der Station Aldgate verletzt worden war. Heute waren es gezielte Polizei-Sprengsätze, eingesetzt von Elitefahndern bei der Suche nach Terroristen.
Omar hat sein halbes Leben in Großbritannien verbracht. Lange genug offenbar, um die Welt rings um die Heybarnes Road herum so hassen zu lernen, dass er sich und andere in die Luft sprengen wollte

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367373,00.html
Nach der Festnahme des mutmaßlichen Rucksackbombers haben Unsicherheit und Angst im Viertel Einzug gehalten. Am Mittwoch um fünf Uhr morgens war Singh gerade dabei, seinen Laden zu öffnen, als die Polizei ihm mitteilte, dass seine Straße evakuiert würde. Er musste, genau wie die Bewohner von etwa hundert Wohnungen, seine Sachen packen und gehen. Zu Verwandten oder dem Saltley Community Leisure Centre nahe Bordesley Green. Das Zentrum war von lokalen Behörden geöffnet worden, als die Polizei eine Sperrzone um die Nachbarschaft herum errichtet hatte. Ein Bombenräumkommando und ein forensisches Team untersuchten das Haus, in dem Omar lebte.
Attentäter Nr. 4: Durchs Handy verraten (

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/netzkultur/0,1518,367396,00.html
29.Jul.2005 Erst am Abend des Donnerstags stellte sich dann heraus, welche Wirkung diese Wiki-Meldung tatsächlich hatte: Die Nachrichtenagentur Associated Press (AP) hatte die Meldung über die fortschrittliche und freundliche Polizei, die sich mit eigenen Vorträgen am Hackerkongress beteiligt, in ihren Ticker ungeprüft aufgenommen. Die Folge: Dutzende Nachrichtenseiten, etwa
die der "Washington Post", von "USA Today", "CNN" und "ABC-News", ja sogar von der indischen "Hindustan Times", berichteten darüber.
Das überraschte selbst den Verursacher der Meldung. Er ist ebenfalls Teilnehmer der Konferenz und wollte eigentlich nur sehen, ob social hacking tatsächlich funktioniert.
Fahndungserfolg: Dramatischer Polizeieinsatz - mutmaßliche Rucksackbomber gefasst

29.Jul.2005 Fahndungserfolg: Dramatischer Polizeieinsatz - mutmaßliche Rucksackbomber gefasst

29.Jul.2005 Dick und durstig: Fruchtzucker fördert Fettpolster

29.Jul.2005 Terrorfahndung: Vierter mutmaßlicher Rucksackbomber in Rom gefasst

29.Jul.2005 Raumfähre "Discovery": Shuttle-Chefin irritiert über Schäden beim Start

29.Jul.2005 Terror in Großbritannien: "Vielleicht stehen wir uns nicht so nahe, wie wir dachten"

29.Jul.2005 Terror-Reaktion: Pakistan will Ausländer von Koranschulen ausschließen

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/weltraum/0,1518,druck-367320,00.html
29.Jul.2005 ...
die nun veröffentlichten Aufnahmen sind trotz allem spektakulär: Denn die Eisfläche, die wie eine Pupille im Auge des Kraters liegt, scheint aus Wassereis in reiner Form zu bestehen. Gefrorenes Kohlendioxid, das sonst die Nordpolkappe und das Wassereis bedeckt, ist zu dieser Jahreszeit schon verdampft und in der Atmosphäre aufgelöst. Im Mars-Sommer erreichen die Temperaturen auf dem roten Planeten bis zu 20 Grad Celsius.
Die Eisfläche liegt etwa 200 Meter über dem Kraterboden, wahrscheinlich auf einem Plateau. Das Eis selbst ist nur wenige Dezimeter dick: Unter dem Eis erhebt sich vermutlich ein großes Dünenfeld, von dem man die Randgebiete noch unter dem Eis erkennen kann. Der Krater hat einen Durchmesser von 35 Kilometern und liegt in der nördlichen Tiefebene "Vastitas Borealis".
Moskau - "Wir haben den stellvertretenden Chef der US-Botschaft eingeladen, um unserer Sicht über die Übertragung eines Interviews mit seinem Terroristen Ausdruck zu verleihen ... Wir haben unsere Empörung ausgedrückt", sagte ein Sprecher des russischen Außenministeriums. Dies sei ein "extrem negativer" Vorgang, erklärte das Außenministerium in Moskau. Mit der Ausstrahlung der Interviews sei "einem blutrünstigen Terroristen eine Bühne gegeben worden".
Die US-Botschaft lehnte einen Kommentar zu der Angelegenheit ab. Nach dem Abschied des früheren US-Botschafters Alexander Vershbow gibt es derzeit noch keinen Nachfolger für dessen Posten in Moskau.
Kreml: Helle Empörung über Interview in US-Fernsehen

29.Jul.2005 Ungewöhnliche Balz: Keulenpipra singt mit vollem Körpereinsatz

29.Jul.2005 Terrorfahndung in West-London: Berichte über Festnahmen weiterer Rucksackbomber

29.Jul.2005 Festnahme in Sambia: Terrorverdächtiger soll Bin Ladens Leibwächter gewesen sein

29.Jul.2005 Irak: US-Firmen sollen Hilfsgelder unterschlagen haben

29.Jul.2005 Italien: Verwunderung über barsche Worte aus dem Vatikan

29.Jul.2005 Kommentar: Kalter Wind aus Rom

29.Jul.2005 "Mars-Express"-Fotos: Eisscholle auf dem Mars entdeckt

29.Jul.2005 Ranking: Die mächtigsten Frauen der Welt

29.Jul.2005 Shuttle "Discovery": Trümmerteil könnte Flügel beschädigt haben

29.Jul.2005 Luftfahrt: Boeing erobert China

29.Jul.2005 "Forbes"-Liste: Condoleezza Rice zur mächtigsten Frau der Welt gekürt

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-367282,00.html
Ein Ersuchen der USA an Südafrika, Aswat festnehmen zu dürfen, sei an Großbritannien weitergeleitet worden. Die dortigen Behörden hätten aber den Antrag mit Blick auf die britische Herkunft des Mannes abgelehnt.
Mittlerweile gebe es Hinweise auf eine mögliche Verbindung des Mannes zu den Terroranschlägen auf U-Bahnzüge und einen Bus, bei denen 56 Menschen ums Leben gekommen waren. Britische Medien hatten Aswat vergangene Woche als "britischen Qaida-Führer" bezeichnet.
Anschläge von London: Britischer Pass rettete mutmaßlichen Drahtzieher

11.Nov.2004 Iran Daily Angola: Billions Lost in Diamond Smuggling.

About $350 million worth of diamonds are illegally extracted in Angola every year.

LUANDA, Nov... -since 2000 -the state-run Jornal de Angola said on Wednesday, Reuters ... DETROIT, USA , Nov. 10--Japanese automakers lived up to their reputation for ... Copyright 2004, Iran Daily Newspaper ...

29.Jul.2005 Ärger um päpstlichen Segen: Streit zwischen Vatikan und Israel eskaliert

29.Jul.2005 5Grenzenlose Strafverfolgung: USA wollen Auslandshilfe an Auslieferungen koppeln

29.Jul.2005 Festnahme von Terrorverdächtigem: Polizeichef kritisiert Einsatz von Elektroschockpistole

29.Jul.2005 Nordirland: Um 17 Uhr gab die IRA den Befehl zum Frieden

29.Jul.2005 Machtkampf in der Uno: Erpressung? Normalfall!

28.Jul.2005 Fahndung: Weitere Festnahmen in Ägypten

28.Jul.2005 Terror-Fahndung: Mutmaßlicher Drahtzieher der Londoner Anschläge in Sambia gefasst

28.Jul.2005 Sensationeller Fund: Älteste Dinosaurierbabys der Welt entdeckt

28.Jul.2005 Pakistan: Verdächtiger im Mordfall Daniel Pearl gefasst

28.Jul.2005 Schäuble bei Bush: 45 Minuten für Merkels Gesandten

28.Jul.2005 "Discovery": Shuttle-Pannen gefährden Esa-Projekte

28.Jul.2005 Irak: USA sollen Wahlen manipuliert haben

28.Jul.2005 Chronologie: Die blutige Spur der IRA

28.Jul.2005 Raumfähre "Discovery": Shuttle-Besatzung an Bord der ISS

28.Jul.2005 Dokumentensicherheit: Scanner erkennt gefälschte Papiere

28.Jul.2005 Zentralrat der Juden: Paul Spiegel übt Kritik an Benedikt XVI.

28.Jul.2005 Renten: Versicherer beziffern die Lücke auf 2,5 Milliarden Euro

28.Jul.2005 Ermittlungen in London: Scotland Yards wichtigster Zeuge

28.Jul.2005 Benedikts erste 100 Tage: Nummer 16 schweigt

28.Jul.2005 Nordirland: Blair würdigt Friedenserklärung der IRA

28.Jul.2005 Nato-Angriff auf Serbien: Deutschland entgeht Entschädigungszahlungen

28.Jul.2005 Diktaturen: Polen zieht Botschafter aus Weißrussland zurück

28.Jul.2005 Uno-Reform: Berlusconi will auch in den Sicherheitsrat

28.Jul.2005 Cassini-Fotos: Mondfalten als Zeichen der Jugend

28.Jul.2005 Nordirland: IRA schwört bewaffnetem Kampf ab

28.Jul.2005 Hessen: Zweijähriger überlebte tagelang allein im Wald

28.Jul.2005 Shuttle-Manöver: "Discovery" sicher an ISS angedockt

28.Jul.2005 Berlusconi auf Schuldsuche: "Prodis Euro hat uns alle abgezockt"

28.Jul.2005 Unwetterkatastrophe: Hunderte Tote in Indien

28.Jul.2005 Terrorangst in London: "Das sind keine Amateure"

28.Jul.2005 Halbjahresbilanz: Kräftige Gewinnsteigerung bei der Deutschen Post

28.Jul.2005 Notfallplan: Rettungsshuttle soll am Boden bleiben

28.Jul.2005 Polen: Konflikt mit Weißrussland spitzt sich zu

28.Jul.2005 Quartalszahlen: Deutsche Bank übertrifft alle Erwartungen

28.Jul.2005 Großbritannien: Bombenfund deutet auf schlagkräftige Terrorzelle hin

28.Jul.2005 Virologie: Forscher finden Herpes-Rezeptor

28.Jul.2005 Unwetter: Orkanartige Stürme fegen über Deutschland hinweg

28.Jul.2005 Aktienoptionen: RWE-Chef kassiert zusätzliche Millionen

28.Jul.2005 Altersvorsorge: Rentenloch viel größer als erwartet

28.Jul.2005 Uno-Reform: Italien soll Albanien unter Druck gesetzt haben

28.Jul.2005 USA-Visite: Bush schenkt Schäuble 45 Minuten

28.Jul.2005 Umweltschutz: USA legen alternatives Kyoto-Konzept vor

28.Jul.2005 Uno-Reform: Japan droht mit Kürzung seiner Zahlungen

2004062426_Report In der irischen Hauptstadt Dublin demonstrierten am Freitag rund Zehntausend ...

Jun.2004 New Mosquito Disease Deadlier Than West Nile. 25.Jun.2004 Rev. ... https://alfatomega.com/2004062426_Report.htm
Former Bin Laden friend denies terror ties | csmonitor.com

A Saudi merchant with links to Al Qaeda speaks to the US press for the first time since 1994. ... Yet Mr. Khalifa is unsure how long he will enjoy these freedoms ... Using charities in the ... www.csmonitor.com/2003/0121/p07s01-wome.html

29.Jul.2005 Raumfahrt: Nasa stoppt Shuttle-Flüge

29.Jul.2005 Osama bin Laden - ICT Coverage ... Al-Qaida claims attack on US Consulate in Jiddah. Nov 19, 2004 ... Clinton's Letter to Congress on Freezing of bin Ladin Assets ... www.ict.org.il/articles/bombin gs.cfm
WebRoots Library U.S. History States NY ... 14. " Bin Laden's ' Letter to America,'" Observer Worldview, . 24.Nov.2002 (trans ... of al Qaeda operative,. 14.Feb.2004 .

Two senior Bin Ladin associates have adamantly denied that any ... www.webroots.org/library/usahist/ny/911rpt14.html

alt.bible NewsGroup Archive: by thread ... Starting Sat Oct 30 2004 - 22:15:24 PDT ... of bin Ladin 's speech. bob young.

02.Nov.02 2004 56 Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians 13 ... www.mailarchive.ca/lists/alt.bible/2004

11.Sep.2001 Commission Report - Notes - 4 Responses to Al Qaeda's Initial Assaults ... 14, 2004 ); Frank G. Interview (02.Mar.2004 ); DOS report, "Usama Bin Ladin Intelligence Update," . 19.Nov.1999 .

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Bin Laden's ' Letter to America,'" Observer Worldview, Nov . 24, 2002 (trans ... operative,. 14.Feb.2004 . Two senior Bin Ladin associates have adamantly denied ... https://911.gnu-designs.com/Notes_2.html

15.4.NOTES TO CHAPTER 4 Responses to Al Qaeda's Initial Assaults.

1. ... interview (Mar. 2, 2004 );

DOS report,"Usama Bin Ladin Intelligence Update," Nov . 19, 1999.

... the UAE, see White House letter , President Clinton to bin Zayid, 23.Jul.1999 DOS ...

15.5.NOTES TO CHAPTER 5 Al Qaeda Aims at the American Homeland.

1. Though KSM + Bin Ladin knew each other from the anti-Soviet campaign of the 1980s, KSM apparently did not begin working with al Qaeda until after the 1998 East Africa embassy bombings. ...

13,Nov.2003 On KSM's independence, see Intelligence report, interrogation of KSM, Jan. 9, 2004 .

Even after he began working with Bin Ladin ... letter , June 25, 2004 , pp ...

Ely Times ... COLUMN: When we missed Bin Ladin . By Dick Morris ... Kerry tried to spin the bin Laden tape to his own ... the next four years. - LETTER : Talk to the seniors, first ... www.elynews.com/archive/2004/11/05/Opinion

InFact 11.Sep.2001 Commission Report Index InFact - The 11.Sep.2001 Commission Report - Page 532.

532 NOTES TO CHAPTER 7. recently, Binalshibh has claimed that he neither called nor sent a letter to KSM, but rather passed a verbal message via Essabar. ...

17, 2002;

06.Nov.2003 ;

08.Apr.2004 ... Bin Ladin to cancel the operation.

Intelligence report, inter- rogation of KSM, Jan. 9, 2004 ... www.insightful.com/products/infact/911/page/191/9.html
Pakistan: Hunderte unter Islamismus-Verdacht festgenommen

27.Jul.2005 Londoner Anschläge: Polizei fasst mutmaßlichen Bombenleger (

27.Jul.2005 Atombomben-Bau: Wissenschaftler soll Bin Laden informiert haben

27.Jul.2005 Urananreicherung: Paris verliert die Geduld mit Iran

27.Jul.2005 Raumfähre "Discovery": Nasa hält schon Notfallplan bereit

27.Jul.2005 Anti-Kyoto-Strategie: USA planen eigenes Klimabündnis

27.Jul.2005 Kardinal Meisner: Der Gotteskrieger vom Rhein

27.Jul.2005 Lausch-Urteil: Niedersachsen sieht Polizei im Kampf gegen Terror geschwächt

27.Jul.2005 Sicherheit: SPD-Politiker erwägen Bundeswehreinsatz im Innern

27.Jul.2005 Großbritannien: Polizei betäubt Terrorverdächtigen mit Taser

27.Jul.2005 US-Serie über Irak: Ein Fernsehkrieg, der süchtig macht

27.Jul.2005 Gaza-Abzug: Israels Polizei will renitente Siedler in Käfige stecken

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/erde/0,1518,druck-366880,00.html
Der gemeine Getreidepilz Gibberella zeae verschießt seine Sporen mit der 870.000fachen Erdbeschleunigung aus seinem Fruchtkörper - zehnmal kräftiger als eine Gewehrkugel. Und das Pilzgeschoss übertrifft mit einer Geschwindigkeit von bis zu 130 Stundenkilometern auch den bisherigen Redkordhalter in Sachen Bioballistik: Der sogenannte Hutschleuderer, auch als Pilobolus bekannt, bringt seine Sporen nur auf 100 Stundenkilometer, schreiben die Biologen im Fachblatt "Fungal Genetics and Biology".
Demnächst wollen die Wissenschaftler klären, wie die atomdünnen Materialien industriell hergestellt und wo sie zuerst eingesetzt werden können. Geim warnt jedoch vor allzu viel Euphorie: "Einige Anwendungen sind sicher noch Jahrzehnte entfernt."
Die Materialien wurden mit einer speziellen Technik, der mikromechanischen Spaltung erzeugt, schreibt das Team um Andre Geim von der University of Manchester im Fachblatt "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences". Dabei schälten die Forscher einzelne atomdünne Schichten von Kristallen ab. Abhängig vom Kristall können die Schichten als Metalle, Halbleiter, Dämmstoffe oder Magneten funktionieren. Bisher wurde angenommen, dass solche dünnen Materialien grundsätzlich nicht existieren können. Geim und seine Kollegen haben nun bewiesen, dass die Herstellung nicht nur möglich, sondern auch verhältnismäßig einfach ist.
Winzige Schichten: Atomdünnes Material entdeckt

27.Jul.2005 Uno-Eklat: Italien behauptet, Beweise für Erpressung zu haben

27.Jul.2005 Anschläge von London: Polizei soll Rucksackbomber festgenommen haben

27.Jul.2005 Stichwort: Der Hitzeschild des Space Shuttles

27.Jul.2005 Raumfähre "Discovery": Nasa befürchtet Schaden am Hitzeschild

27.Jul.2005 Digitales Kino: Filmstudios einigen sich auf gemeinsamen Standard

27.Jul.2005 Atomstreit: Nordkorea nennt US-Vorschlag unvernünftig

27.Jul.2005 Bundesverfassungsgericht: Karlsruhe verbietet vorbeugende Telefonüberwachung

27.Jul.2005 Lernstress: Leistungskiller Lampenfieber

27.Jul.2005 Bio-Ballistik: Pilz feuert stärkste Breitseite der Natur

27.Jul.2005 Umfrage: Deutsche trauen großer Koalition am meisten zu

27.Jul.2005 Ghosts of the 1915 U.S. Invasion Still Haunt Haiti's People: While it takes American leaders and their armed enforcers just a few hours, days, weeks, months to rewrite another sovereign nation's history, it takes more than 90 years to overcome devastations caused by such an operation

30.Jul.2005 Venezuela: New TV network hits airwaves: The station is being marketed as an alternative to major news outlets like CNN and Fox.

30.Jul.2005 Rep. Ron Paul: The Patriot Act Four Years Later : Some of my congressional colleagues referenced the recent London bombings during the debate, insinuating that opponents of the Patriot Act somehow would be responsible for a similar act here at home. I won’t even dignify that slur with the response it deserves.

30.Jul.2005 Patriot Games : If House Democrats had stuck together in opposition to moves by the Bush administration to reauthorize the worst elements of the Patriot Act, the legislation would have been defeated and a major victory would have been won for civil liberties.

30.Jul.2005 Seattle Police Officers Begin New "Anti-Terror" Training : The Seattle Police Department plans to spend $30,000 for training to prevent suicide bombers for all officers + it will include training from an Israeli general.

30.Jul.2005 Welcome to America: LAX-To-London Flight Diverted to Boston: A flight from Los Angeles to London was diverted to Boston early Tuesday because three Pakistani passengers were acting suspiciously, but nothing amiss was found and the three were released after questioning, authorities said.

30.Jul.2005 Welcome to America: Police force frightened tourists off bus : Officers in riot gear handcuffed a group of apparently harmless South Asian-looking men with British accents after a jittery tour bus worker reported they seemed suspicious. The men were forced to kneel on the footpath, with their hands bound behind their backs, in front of the Winter Garden theatre.

30.Jul.2005 The Anointed of America : In fundamentalist circles, the Christian doctrine of love and devotion blends sheer hypocrisy with a primitive agenda of enforced ignorance and intolerant control.

30.Jul.2005 Legendary Funds Manager Predicts 20 million people could lose their home s : Inflation will run into the double and triple digits. "Food production will fall. People will be carrying around U.S. dollars in wheelbarrows like Germany," he said.

27.Jul.2005 Italy orders arrest of six more CIA agents: An Italian appeals court yesterday ordered the arrest of six additional CIA agents in connection with the disappearance of a radical Muslim cleric who was snatched from the streets of Milan two years ago, a prosecutor said.

27.Jul.2005 Judge denies bond for Cuban, seeks Bay of Pigs info: Lawyers for Luis Posada Carriles called the request "surprising" because they said if Posada is found to have engaged in terrorism, it would imply the CIA did also.

27.Jul.2005 A U.S. creation or not, don't call Posada a soldier : No matter what you may think about the war in Iraq, it is outrageous and insulting to compare American soldiers to a man who boasted of paying people to secretly plant bombs in hotels and restaurants that cater to innocent civilians.

27.Jul.2005 A nation slowly starving to death: Discussions have begun on food lifts from Australia, as Niger faces what the United Nations has described as the No. 1 neglected crisis in the world.

27.Jul.2005 US to keep military base in Kyrgyzstan: The USA has won assurances from Kyrgyzstan that Washington can keep its military base in the former Soviet Central Asian state as long as the situation in Afghanistan required it.

27.Jul.2005 'Possible' Explosives Found in London Home: British police investigating last week's failed terror attacks said they found a large amount of possible explosives in a North London apartment Tuesday.

27.Jul.2005 Poll says most Muslims want to leave U.K.: The Guardian/ICM poll, released Tuesday, said one in five Muslims has suffered Islamophobia that included abuse or hostility against the persons or a family member since the attacks by British-born suicide bombers.

27.Jul.2005 The Guardian/ICM Poll In Full

27.Jul.2005 Brazilians demand arrest over killing: Hundreds of relatives and friends of a Brazilian shot to death in London after being mistaken for a terrorist marched along the cobblestone streets of his hometown Monday, demanding the arrest of the British police who fired the fatal shots.

27.Jul.2005 Former Bush aide turns critic as Iraq inspector : The office had paid a contractor twice for the same work. A U.S. official was allowed to handle millions of dollars in cash weeks after he was fired for incompetence. Of the $119.9 million allocated for regional projects, $89.4 million was disbursed without contracts or other documentation. An additional $7.2 million couldn't be found at all.

27.Jul.2005 50,000 Iraqi insurgents killed, arrested : A retired U.S. Army general claims U.S. and Iraqi forces have killed or arrested more than 50,000 Iraqi insurgents in the past seven months

27.Jul.2005 07/26/05: The Morals of Tony Blair: Quite possibly Tony Blair rightly fears the real eventual possibility of impeachment and arraignment as a war criminal if he were ever to show even the hint of uncertainty over the rightness of his war crimes.

27.Jul.2005 The Iraqi Resistance Is Prepared For Ten Year War : An Interview with a top Baath party official

27.Jul.2005 White House denies access to Roberts' tax returns: The Bush administration will not give Senate investigators access to federal tax returns of Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr., White House and congressional officials said Tuesday, a break with precedent that could exacerbate a growing conflict over document disclosure in the confirmation process.

27.Jul.2005 The GOP is Certain to Win in 2006 — Unless...: Here’s the very bad news: the Democrats will almost certainly lose in 2006 and again in 2008.

27.Jul.2005 Condoleezza Rice at the Center of the Plame Scandal: She alone among senior officials was knowing and complicitous at every successive stage of the great half-baked yellow cake fraud.

27.Jul.2005 Iran says it will restart nuclear activity: Iran will restart some nuclear activities, including a key step prior to uranium enrichment, despite a European agreement over its contentious atomic program.

27.Jul.2005 Iran oil bourse wins authorization : Iran’s Bourse Council has given the go ahead to establishment of the first-ever oil, gas and petrochemical stock market in the Islamic Republic, a deputy minister of oil said.

27.Jul.2005 British Police Storm Home, Arrest Suspect In Failed Bombings : British police may have tracked down one of the four men they believe carried out last week's failed bombings in London.

27.Jul.2005 London terrorists 'left 16 unexploded bombs': The London bombers left a stash of 16 unexploded bombs in a car, some packed with nails, it was revealed today.

27.Jul.2005 Ready to strike again: THE fugitive bombers who bungled their attacks on London’s transport system last week returned to their secret cache of explosives to rearm themselves for another assault, Scotland Yard believes.

27.Jul.2005 Report: MI5 sought to recruit al-Qaida leader: MI5 tried to recruit senior al-Qaida figure Abu Qatada as an informer in a bid to keep terror off the streets of Britain, it was reported Wednesday.

27.Jul.2005 Cause and consequence : Two million people, including a vast number of British Muslims, took to the streets against the invasion of Iraq. Blair preferred the warmth of the White House's embrace. Ignore the marchers and you risk igniting the murderers. If the alternative to terrorism is democracy, then it is time the people of Britain and Iraq alike were listened to + the occupation ended.

27.Jul.2005 John Pilger: Blair Is Unfit To Be Prime Minister: The bombs of 07.Jul.2005 were Blair's bombs. Blair brought home to this country his and Bush's illegal, unprovoked and blood-soaked adventure in the Middle East. Were it not for his epic irresponsibility, the Londoners who died in the Tube and on the No 30 bus almost certainly would be alive today.

27.Jul.2005 Halliburton announces 284 % increase in war profits: - Halliburton announced on Friday that its KBR division, responsible for carrying out Pentagon contracts, experienced a 284 % increase in operating profits during the second quarter of this year.

27.Jul.2005 Calif. National Guard Company Under Torture Investigation: The investigation appears to deal with allegations an electric stun gun was used to abuse or torture Iraqi detainees

27.Jul.2005 Pentagon identifies top Iraq rebels: Pentagon officials confirmed yesterday that they have identified the top eight to 10 leaders of the insurgency in Iraq, but said the USA had no idea how many insurgents had been killed or captured in the past seven months.

27.Jul.2005 US 'misread motivation' of suicide bombers: Not everyone accepts the stereotype of suicide bombers recruited by the Al Qaeda network, as religiously-inspired haters of Western values, intent of destroying Western civilisation. One American analyst says it's too simplistic to assume Islamic fundamentalism in the central cause.

27.Jul.2005 Al-Zarqawi Issues Video-History Of His Terror Group.: "The crusader armies have been taken prisoner in Iraq and the head of the crusaders [the US president George W. Bush] made an error when, in 2003, he announced the end of the war in Iraq, because it has only just begun

27.Jul.2005 Guardsman: CIA beat Iraqis with hammer handles : CIA officials used a sledgehammer handle to beat various prisoners in Iraq + one official, whose name is classified, would often brag about his abuse of prisoners, according to testimony in a closed session of a military hearing.

27.Jul.2005 Calif. National Guard Company Under Torture Investigation: The investigation appears to deal with allegations an electric stun gun was used to abuse or torture Iraqi detainees

27.Jul.2005 Are Stupid White Men Really Stupid?
We must wake up and regain our country from the criminals, fools, and traitors who’ve assumed it.-By Dom Stasi
The vast majority of Americans are honorable people. But Americans are people who’ve been lied to by those in positions of trust for so long and so often that they’ve lost their ability or their desire to recognize the truth.

27.Jul.2005 Dance of deception
The assumption that worldwide Islam bears the responsibility for radical young men and women who blow up buses and trains is devoid of logic and conscience. -by James M. Wall
Enough of giving advice to Muslims. Our responsibility is to demand that Western leaders accept that what they've done to others has a direct connection to what is now being done unto us.

27.Jul.2005 Who's Taking Blame for Christian Violence?
How do our current religious leaders think Jesus would react to the concept of collateral damage? -by Calvin White
Now that imams in Britain and Canada are standing up and publicly condemning terrorist acts as anti-Muslim and against the teachings in the Qur'an, I wonder if pressure might be put on Christian leaders to take a similar stand.

URL: https://www.salon.com/opinion/feature/2004/03/10/osp_moveon/index2.html
The message sent by Policy appointees and well understood by staff officers and the defense intelligence community was that senior appointed civilians were willing to exclude or marginalize intelligence products that did not fit the agenda.

URL: https://www.salon.com/opinion/feature/2004/03/10/osp_moveon/index2.html
Even the most casual observer could note the tension and even animosity between "Wild Bill" Luti (as we came to refer to our boss) and Bruce Hardcastle, our defense intelligence officer (DIO). Certainly, there were stylistic and personality differences. Hardcastle, like most senior intelligence officers I knew, was serious, reserved, deliberate + went to great lengths to achieve precision and accuracy in his speech and writing. Luti was the kind of guy who, in staff meetings and in conversations, would jump from grand theory to administrative minutiae with nary a blink or a fleeting shadow of self-awareness.

URL: https://www.salon.com/opinion/feature/2004/03/10/osp_moveon/index2.html
27.Jul.2005 |
All the caveats made by intelligence were relegated to footnotes and kept from the public
1, 2, 3, 4, 5

URL: https://www.salon.com/opinion/feature/2004/03/10/osp_moveon/index2.html
Neoconservatives march as one phalanx in parallel opposition to those they hate. In the early winter of 2002, a co-worker U.S. Navy captain and I were discussing the service being rendered by Colin Powell at the time, and we were told by the neoconservative political appointee David Schenker that "the best service Powell could offer would be to quit right now." I was present at a staff meeting when Bill Luti called Marine Gen. and former Chief of Central Command Anthony Zinni a "traitor," because Zinni had publicly expressed reservations about the rush to war.

URL: https://www.cooperativeresearch.org/entity.jsp?id=1521846767-1813
27.Jul.2005 William Luti actively participated in the following events:

Complete Iraq timeline
Seven members of Donald Rumsfeld's so-called neocon “brain trust,” including Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith and William Luti, head of the Pentagon's Near Eastern and South Asian desk, are “busy on unrelated missions in Europe and the Middle East.” They return to Washington the next day (see
September 12, 2001). [

Vanity Fair, 5/2004, pp 234 Sources: Douglas Feith, William Luti]
People and organizations involved:

Douglas Feith,

William Luti

Complete Iraq timeline
Seven members of Donald Rumsfeld's so-called neocon “brain trust,” meet at an airport in Frankfurt, Germany where they are picked up by an Air Force refueling plane which brings them back to Washington. During the flight they discuss the implications of the 911 attacks for US foreign policy. [
Vanity Fair, 5/2004, pp 234 Sources: William Luti, Douglas Feith] “Right there on the plane, we took out our laptops and sketched out for Secretary Rumsfeld where we thought we had to go, what it meant to get things on a war footing,” William Luti will tell Vanity Fair magazine. “Obviously we had Afghanistan on our minds straightaway. That was our immediate concern. But we also thought we had to learn about the terrorist networks, how they connected to he states.” They arrive at Andrews Air Force base a few minutes after five in the afternoon. [Vanity Fair, 5/2004, pp 234]
People and organizations involved:
Douglas Feith, William Luti
00.000.002 -Early- Complete Iraq timeline
Bruce Hardcastle, the Defense Intelligence Agency officer assigned to Bill Luti, provides Luti's office with intelligence briefings. But his reports are not appreciated by Luti or his colleagues, because they do not support neoconservatives' assumptions about Iraq's weapon capabilities and terrorist activities. [
Salon, 3/10/04 Sources: Paul O'Neill]
People and organizations involved:
William Luti, Bruce Hardcastle
00.Dec.2003 -Mid-  Complete Iraq timeline
The existence of a June 2002 memo—revealing that intelligence from the INC was being sent directly to the offices of Dick Cheney and William Luti—is reported in the December 15 issue of Newsweek magazine, which also reports that Francis Brooke, a DC lobbyist for the INC, admits having supplied Cheney's office with information pertaining to Iraq's alleged arsenal of weapons of mass destruction and Saddam's supposed ties to militant Islamic groups. [
Newsweek, 15.Dec.2003 Sources: Francis Brooke, Memo] Furthermore, he acknowedges that the information provided by the INC was driven by an agenda. “I told them [the INC], as their campaign manager, ‘Go get me a terrorist and some WMD, because that's what the Bush administration is interested in.’ ” [Vanity Fair, 5/04, pg 230] Brooke had previously worked for the Rendon Group, “a shadowy CIA-connected public-relations firm.” [Mother Jones, 1/04] However, an unnamed Cheney aid interviewed by the same magazine flatly denies that his boss' office had received raw intelligence on Iraq. [Newsweek, 12/15/03 Sources: Unnamed staff aid of Dick Cheney's office]
People and organizations involved:
Richard ("Dick") Cheney, William Luti, Francis Brooke
Early 2002  Complete Iraq timeline
Bruce Hardcastle, the Defense Intelligence Agency officer assigned to Bill Luti, provides Luti's office with intelligence briefings. But his reports are not appreciated by Luti or his colleagues, because they do not support neoconservatives' assumptions about Iraq's weapon capabilities and terrorist activities. [
Salon, 3/10/04 Sources: Paul O'Neill]
People and organizations involved:
William Luti, Bruce Hardcastle
Fight the ReichWing: March 2004 Fight the ReichWing. Are they really that stupid or are they truly evil?

31.Mar.2004 A colossal Medicare scandal is brewing that involves your tax dollars, White House deception + potential criminal behavior. ... in urgent post-election intelligence briefings in 00.Dec.2000 ...

Bush officials in intelligence briefings that he led ... director of central intelligence in both administrations. ... evilorstupid.blogspot.com/2004_03_01_evilorstupid_archive.html

NOTES ... Intelligence . Homeland Security. Space ... 72.

Bruce Hardcastle , Smarter Next Time:

What Iraq and Iran Have Learned From Desert Shield and Storm (Washington, DC ... www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/library/news/iran/1997/dadj/ch5n.html

Suburban Guerrilla ... were not practicing good tradecraft and vetting intelligence ," my source said. " ...

Defense intelligence experts say Bruce Hardcastle , a senior Defense Intelligence Agency official for ... suburbanguerrilla.blogspot.com/2003_10_19_suburbanguerrilla_archive

22.Oct.2003NucNews Brazil. CIA declined intelligence , former official says ... news agencies.

Israel's military intelligence chief, Maj. Gen ... head of Israel's military intelligence warned yesterday that if ...

Office to cover up WMD ... of the neoconservative capture of the policy- intelligence nexus in the run-up to the ... our boss) and Bruce Hardcastle , our defense intelligence officer (DIO).

Certainly, there ...

00.Mar.2004 a relative path: Archives As I mentioned, the Intelligence Committee is seeking to have ... this was in secret intelligence I had seen in the ... to say which actual intelligence reports made these claims, he ... www.relativepath.org/2004/03

Usenet Archive ... It's the fault of the " intelligence community." Wide-spread abuse of Iraqi ... administration's worldview. When Bruce Hardcastle , the Defense Intelligence Agency's senior officer for ... www2.usenetarchive.org/Dir95/File411.html

Bush Iraq Saddam Hussein invasion CIA ... invasion [George Tenet, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency] ... He was Bruce Hardcastle was a senior officer for the Middle East for the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA). Now ... www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1890.cfm


Resources to aid your Understanding ... invasion [George Tenet, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency] ...

He was Bruce Hardcastle was a senior officer for the Middle East for the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA). Now ... philadelphians.50megs.com/lies.html

10.Jul.2004 NucNews -Spy Chiefs 'Retract Wmd Intelligence '

U.N ... Panel Condemns Iraq Prewar Intelligence .

Plame's Input Is Cited on Niger ... of Iraq.

Admitting Intelligence Flaws, Bush Stands by Need ...

Western Policy Center ... Mark Schneider; and Bruce Hardcastle of the Defense Intelligence Agency for counterterrorism policy ... www.westernpolicy.org/InThePress/20011101b.asp

The new Pentagon papers (Weird News, Daily News, Other News Today) A high-ranking military officer reveals how Defense Department extremists suppressed information + twisted the truth to drive the country to war. ... of the neoconservative capture of the policy- intelligence nexus in the run-up to the ... our boss) + Bruce Hardcastle , our defense intelligence officer (DIO). Certainly, there ... http:www.krombie.net/news/2004/03/11/4420.php

20050321 _00.000.0000-20050321 alfatomega.com//20050321.html

Usenet Archive -CIA, he set up his own in-house intelligence shop, the Office of Special Plans, to make an ... been identified in news reports.

Bruce Hardcastle , a senior DIA official for ... www2.usenetarchive.org/Dir33/File693.html

GQAZN's Xanga Site ... that the Bush administration misrepresented intelligence findings to justify war against Iraq ... Bruce Hardcastle , the Defense Intelligence Agency officer assigned to Bill Luti ... www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=GQAZN

Strangelove Blog " [SL] Analyst Questioned Source's Reliability ... detailed in the Senate Select Intelligence Committee's report on prewar intelligence , underscores a ... identified in news reports.

Bruce Hardcastle , a senior DIA official for Middle ... www.strangeloveblog.com/index.php?p=68

14.Mar.2004 Fight the ReichWing: ... of the neoconservative capture of the policy- intelligence nexus in the run-up to the ... our boss) and Bruce Hardcastle , our defense intelligence officer (DIO). Certainly, there ... evilorstupid.blogspot.com/2004_03_14_evilorstupid_archive.html
Bruce Hardcastle < appointed official < Government < : news feed ... Bruce Hardcastle , the Defense Intelligence Agency officer assigned to Bill Luti, provides Luti's office with intelligence briefings.

But his reports are ... ... Bruce Hardcastle , the Defense Intelligence Agency officer assigned to Bill Luti, provides Luti's office with intelligence briefings.

But his reports are ...

a relative path: Like Intelligence, But Different ... our boss) and Bruce Hardcastle , our defense intelligence officer (DIO). Certainly, there ... Hardcastle, like most senior intelligence officers I knew, was serious, reserved, deliberate ... www.relativepath.org/2004/03/like_intelligen.html

early 2002 ... Bruce Hardcastle , the Defense Intelligence Agency officer assigned to Bill Luti, provides Luti's office with intelligence briefings. But his reports are ...

Analyst Questioned Sources' Reliability (washingtonpost.com) ... detailed in the Senate Select Intelligence Committee's report on prewar intelligence , underscores a ... identified in news reports.

Bruce Hardcastle , a senior DIA official for Middle ... www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A39770-2004Jul9.html

Iraq War Planner Downplays Role (washingtonpost.com) ... Critics say Luti manipulated intelligence to support a war.

(Tech ... Defense intelligence experts say Bruce Hardcastle , a senior Defense Intelligence Agency official for Middle Eastern ... www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/A61603-2003Oct21

The Fatty Newsroom News Article - Delivering News That Matters "Internet Searching Without All The Schwag!" iNQUESTER (Entire Fatty Network) iNQUESTER Directory (Web Search) Fatty Newsroom (... Luti was running a shadowy intelligence operation intended to second-guess the ... Defense intelligence experts say Bruce Hardcastle , a senior Defense Intelligence Agency official for ... www.fbbn.com/cgi-bin/viewnews.cgi?category=3&id=1066838044

william luti ... Bruce Hardcastle , the Defense Intelligence Agency officer assigned to Bill Luti, provides Luti's office with intelligence briefings. But his reports are ... www.cooperativeresearch.org/entity.jsp?entity=william_luti

Complete timeline of the 2003 Invasion of Iraq: Key Events related to issues raised in Downing Street Memo ... British Defense Ministry's Defense Intelligence Staff creates a secret intelligence office known ... Bruce Hardcastle , the Defense Intelligence Agency officer assigned to Bill Luti ...

Viewpoint: America's habit of self-deception -The CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the State Department did gather ... administration's worldview. When Bruce Hardcastle , the Defense Intelligence Agency's senior officer ... www.natcath.com/NCR_Online/archives2/2004c/073004/073004v.php
BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | N Korean movies' propaganda role Films play a key role in North Korean leader Kim Jong-il's domestic propaganda machine, say experts. ...

The army are the stars of North Korean pictures ... news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/3142257.stm

URL: https://www.freemasonrywatch.org/morganreport.html
Sep.2001 - Another Operation Northwoods?

27.Jul.2005 P2 Lodge The Masonic P2 Lodge and the scandal surrounding it. ... Licio Gelli was born in 1919 + when 17 years old, volunteered for the fascist expeditionary force sent ... of June, 1976).

Lucio Gelli who was its master was expelled from ... www.masonicinfo.com/p2_lodge.htm
la Repubblica/fatti: Concessi a Gelli gli arresti domiciliari - La decisione è stata presa dal Tribunale della libertà. "per le gravi condizioni di salute dell'ex Venerabile" Concessi a Gelli . gli arresti domiciliari. ROMA - Arresti domiciliari per l'ex capo della P2, Lucio Gelli . ... del Tribunale (davanti ai quali Gelli è imputato per il crack Di ... www.repubblica.it/online/fatti/domici/domici/domici.html
Ex-President George Bush accused of war crimes www.fantompowa.net/Flame/bush_war_criminal.htm+LUCIO+GELLI&hl=en ... had a close relationship with Lucio Gelli , the infamous head of the ...
P2 Grand Master Lucio Gelli probed in Roberto Calvi murder ... P2 Grand Master Lucio Gelli probed in Roberto Calvi murder ... Rome,19.Jul.----

Former right-wing subversive Licio Gelli is under investigation in the murder of 'God's Banker ... www.freemasonrywatch.org/gelli_probedcalvimurder.html
27.Jul.2005 Washington Times
New probe in 1982 'God's banker' death. 20,Jul.2005 (UPI) Italian magistrates have informed an 86-year-old man in Rome they are investigating his connection with the 1982 death of "God's banker," Roberto Calvi.

URL: https://www.freemasonrywatch.org/gelli_probedcalvimurder.html
(ANSA) - Rome, July 19 - Former right-wing subversive Licio Gelli is under investigation in the murder of 'God's Banker' Roberto Calvi . Gelli, 86, is suspected of commissioning the murder .

Also joining four suspects facing trial is former smuggler Silvano Vittor, police said on Tuesday .

Gelli's lawyer said his client was "amazed" at press leaks of a questioning session earlier this month .

The lawyer denied Gelli's alleged statement that police should "look to Poland" for those who ordered the banker's murder 23 years ago .

Four people face trial in October for the murder of Calvi, found hanging from Blackfriars' Bridge in London in 00.Jun.1982 .

URL: https://www.freemasonrywatch.org/gelli_probedcalvimurder.html
27.Jul.2005 ANSA
https://ansa.it/main/notizie/awnplus/english/news/2005-07-19_794573.html Gelli probed in Calvi murder Ex-head of shady lodge thought to have ordered Mafia hit

27.Jul.2005 Loch in der Rentenkasse: Wirtschaftsweiser Rürup fordert höhere Gehälter

27.Jul.2005 Eklat bei der Uno: Italien wirft G-4-Ländern Erpressung vor

27.Jul.2005 Raumfähre "Discovery": Hitzekachel beschädigt - Nasa rätselt über Risiken

26.Jul.2005 Hitzewelle in den USA: Öffentliche Kühlräume für überhitzte New Yorker

26.Jul.2005 Irland: Hoffnung auf dauerhaften Frieden wächst

26.Jul.2005 Terrorverdacht: Flug von Los Angeles nach London unterbrochen

26.Jul.2005 Raumfähre "Discovery": Erneut Teil bei Start abgebrochen

26.Jul.2005 Glaubensfrage: Zeugin Jehovas verblutet bei Entbindung

26.Jul.2005 Volles Programm: Der Zeitplan des "Discovery"-Flugs

26.Jul.2005 Gaza-Abzug: Jüdische Fanatiker sprechen Todesfluch gegen Scharon aus

26.Jul.2005 Shuttle-Start: Nasa kehrt zur bemannten Raumfahrt zurück

26.Jul.2005 Space Shuttle: "Discovery" erfolgreich gestartet

27.Jul.2005 But why should I say anything, when Larry Johnson can defend himself so eloquently? Check out his response here.
The rightwing is resurrecting an op-ed I wrote in July 2001. I stand by the full article. It is still relevant today. I am accused, incorrectly, of ignoring the threat of terrorism. In fact, I correctly noted that the real threat emanated from Bin Laden and Islamic extremism.
President Bush, for his part, ignored the CIA warning in August of 2001 that Al Qaeda was posed to strike inside the USA.
Reprinted below is the article I wrote in January 2003. My key warning is contained in the second paragraph. I wrote, "In fact there is a serious risk that a U.S. led war against Iraq may crystallize the diffused anger in the Arab and Muslim world--a heretofore unattained goal of bin Laden and his followers--and persuade more Muslim youths to take up the terrorist banner against American and her citizens." Thanks go to
Brad Friedman for bringing this matter to our attention.
URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
27.Jul.2005 Leading the pack was none other than Dubya's close friend -- yes, everyone's favorite he-whore, the one invited for purely innocent overnight stays at the White House --
Jeff Gannon. Following right behind Gannon (you should pardon the expression) were the Murdoch crew, who raised the very same talking points.
All within the very same hour, yesterday morning. "Gentlemen, start your engines...!"
URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
A smeared Johnson Ever notice that right-wing "newsmen" often start spouting the very same line all at once?
It's almost as though Karl Rove or Ken Mehlman sends these guys a script. It's almost as though conservative "reporters" are so thoroughly lacking in self-respect that they prefer to recite the prescribed text, as opposed to applying any independent research or thought to their task. It's almost as though they can hear a starting gun which remains silent to everyone else. URL: 
27.Jul.2005 The corruption of Iraq and the corruption of our military by the dollars around, the invidious and systematic corruption of our military is just beyond belief.

The article referenced above is titled "Where has all the money gone?" You can find it here. Much of it deals with the kind of corruption we've heard about from other sources -- in particular, Kellog, Brown + Root's demonstrated penchant for outrageous overbilling. URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
27.Jul.2005 Astonishingly, the Bush administration has admitted that it had a plan in place to give Allawi covert and illegal help.

This Democracy Now exchange between Hersh and host Amy Goodman explains much: URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
27.Jul.2005 Bush Administration admits to vote fraud plan in Iraq. Did it also happen here ? Did stolen Iraq oil loot pay for dirty tricks?

Heretofore, I've made only oblique references to an article we should have discussed some time ago:

Seymour Hersh's excellent expose in the New Yorker of the Bush administration's attempt to rig the 30.Jan.2004 elections in Iraq. URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
27.Jul.2005 How to fight Roberts? Write to any and all Democrats on his committee -- in particular, Jay Rockefeller. Rockefeller, alas, is known as a Republican doormat. He needs to have some stiffener injected into his spine.
If even one Democrat on that committee rebels -- if one member storms out in protest or offers a blistering statement to the media -- Roberts' scheme will stand exposed.
You can find all the members of the Senate Intelligence Committee listed
here. Democratic members include Feinstein of California, Bayh of Indiana, Mikulski of Maryland, Levin of Michigan + Wyden of Ohio.
URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
26.Jul.2005 Senator Pat Roberts is the new enemy. Here's how to fight him. Senator Pat Roberts, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, refused to investigate the Niger forgeries, citing "an ongoing investigation" by the FBI. (Sound fmailiar?) Yet, as we mentioned earlier, he now has time to investigate the very concept of CIA cover.
An increasing number of progressives understand that these hearings will function as a tool to undermine the Plame investigation. We need to get the word out: This forthcoming "investigation" is important precisely because it will be rigged.
Now we learn that Roberts intends to
investigate an investigator. He has set his sights on Patrick Fitzgerald. (Scroll down to the final paragraph of the linked story.)
Nope, he's not going to investigate Rove or Libby or anyone else who may have functioned treasonously in this scandal. Instead, Roberts intends to "probe" (read: undermine) Fitzgerald's attempt to determine the truth.
The ever-controversial Wayne Madsen has something to say about all this -- and he also offers further details about the coordinated attacks on CIA man Larry Johnson (the subject of an item posted earlier today; scroll down a bit). Whatever your opinion of Madsen's previous work, this information strikes me as quite persuasive (I've added paragraph breaks for clarity): URL: 
Demnach besaßen die Vorfahren des modernen Menschen die Mutation schon vor 80.000 bis 800.000 Jahren. Bevor nach der gängigen Theorie die ersten Auswanderer von Afrika aus die Welt besiedelten, konnte der Mensch also wohl bereits zuverlässig Bitterstoffe erkennen - auf jeden Fall aber lange bevor er mit Ackerbau und Viehzucht begann, erklärten die Forscher.
Bereits seit mindestens 80.000 Jahren können Menschen Bitterstoffe schmecken. Die Fähigkeit half, giftige Pflanzen von essbaren zu unterscheiden, fanden Wissenschaftler bei Genanalysen heraus.

Mit dem Geschmackssinn erobern Babys die Welt. Und auch wenn sie größer werden, liefert die Zunge wichtige, unter Umständen sogar lebenswichtige Informationen. Ob eine unbekannte Pflanze gegessen wird oder nicht, ist vor allem eine Frage ihres Geschmacks. Vor allem Bitteres meidet der Mensch - und zwar schon seit Tausenden Jahren, wie ein internationales Forscherteam jetzt herausgefunden hat.
Generalstreik: Griechen fordern Erhalt der 40-Stunden-Woche

27.Jul.2005 "Discovery"-Start: Astronauten an Bord, letzte Tests laufen

27.Jul.2005 Randale: Demonstrierende Bergarbeiter gehen auf Polizei los

27.Jul.2005 Menschlicher Geschmack: Seit 80.000 Jahren sensibel für Bitteres

27.Jul.2005 Blairs Strategie: "Dem Terror keinen Zentimeter weichen"

27.Jul.2005 Personalpolitik: Bush will Bolton am Senat vorbei zur Uno schicken

27.Jul.2005 Zu Tode geprügelt: Berüchtigter russischer Spammer ermordet

27.Jul.2005 Ärger über Papst-Segen: Israel fordert Benedikts Mitgefühl

27.Jul.2005 Bündnis mit der Opposition: Blair will Anti-Terror-Gesetze verschärfen

27.Jul.2005 Fahndung in London: Rucksackbomber lebten von staatlichen Hilfen

27.Jul.2005 Aids-Konferenz in Rio: Experten fordern mutigere Politik

27.Jul.2005 Selbstbewusster Kanzler: "Rot-Grün hat die Republik verändert"

27.Jul.2005 Potentes Grünzeug: Mehr Sex durch Salat

URL: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trinity_test
26.Jul.2005 The "Trinity" test was the first
test of a nuclear weapon. It occurred on July 16, 1945. A plutonium bomb was tested, the type of weapon later dropped on Nagasaki, Japan (the weapon used against Hiroshima was a uranium bomb, a type not tested prior to its use in World War II because it had a more simple design).

URL: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trinity_test
26.Jul.2005 For more information, see
Manhattan Project

The creation of nuclear weapons arose directly out of scientific and political developments of the late 1930s, as new conceptions of atoms and the rise of fascist governments in Europe converged in the plans of the USA and the United Kingdom to develop powerful weapons utilizing nuclear fission as their primary source of energy. The Manhattan Project, as the Allied effort was called, culminated in the test of a nuclear weapon at what is now called Trinity site in July 1945 + the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki a few weeks later.

URL: https://www.elsewhere.org/journal/
26.Jul.2005 Quote: I want to be different, like everybody else I want to be like. I want to be just like all the different people. I have no further interest in being the same, because I have seen difference all around + now I know that that's what I want. I don't want to blend in and be indistinguishable, I want to be a part of the different crowd + assert my individuality along with the others who are different like me. —
King Missile

URL: https://www.elsewhere.org/journal/
A foul and awesome displayBulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Manhattan Project Heritage Preservation Association
CONELRAD: All Things Atomic
Trinity Site and McDonald Ranch
Trinity Test, July 16, 1945 - Eyewitness Accounts
Ben’s BBsTrueMajority

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-366817,00.html
Fast acht von zehn Muslimen in Großbritannien sehen einer Umfrage zufolge einen direkten Zusammenhang zwischen der britischen Beteiligung am Irak-Krieg und den tödlichen Anschlägen von London. Auf die Frage, ob die britische Entscheidung zum Einmarsch im Irak hinter den Attentaten vom 7. Juli stehe, antworteten 58 Prozent der befragten Muslime mit "sehr", wie es in einer heute veröffentlichten Umfrage der britischen Tageszeitung "The Guardian" hieß. Weitere 21 Prozent der Befragten sahen "ein wenig" Zusammenhang, während nur zehn Prozent "gar keine" Verbindung zwischen den beiden Ereignissen herstellen konnten.
Die Hälfte der Befragten gab an, dass ihre muslimische Gemeinde nicht genug dagegen tue, um sich vor Extremisten zu schützen. Jeder fünfte Muslime sagte, er oder ein Familienmitglied seien nach den Anschlägen mit 56 Toten feindselig behandelt oder beleidigt worden.
Nach Informationen der "Times" schickte die Polizei noch mehr Scharfschützen in Zivil auf die Straße.
Muslime beklagen Anfeindungen
Gesundheitsministerin Patricia Hewitt sagte, die Briten lebten nun in einem "permanenten Terrorzustand".

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-366817,00.html
Der Scotland- Yard-Chef Sir Ian Blair sprach von einem "Wettlauf gegen die Zeit".
Die Knochenhaut am Schienbein bildete innerhalb weniger Wochen große Mengen an neuem Knochengewebe. Der neu gebildete Knochen unterschied sich weder in der Druckfestigkeit noch strukturell von herkömmlichem Knochengewebe, berichten Stevens und seine Kollegen im Fachblatt "Proceedings of the National Acadamy of Sciences". Zudem lasse es sich leicht entnehmen, denn es gebe zwischen dem Schienbein und dem gezüchteten Gewebe eine Art Sollbruchstelle.
Als die Forscher das neue Knochengewebe in ein beschädigtes Schienbein transplantierten, integrierte sich dieses vollständig in den defekten Schienbeinknochen

26.Jul.2005 Bundestagswahl: Fast ein Drittel wankt noch

26.Jul.2005 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Es ist eine schwarze Komödie"

26.Jul.2005 Afghanistan: US-Soldaten töten Dutzende Taliban

26.Jul.2005 Zentralrat der Muslime: Zusammen mit der Polizei gegen Radikale

26.Jul.2005 Niger: Wieczorek-Zeul verspricht weitere Soforthilfe

26.Jul.2005 Interview zur Hungersnot in Niger: "Sie aßen die Blätter von den Bäumen"

26.Jul.2005 Internationaler Terrorismus: Musharraf weist Berichte über pakistanische Verschwörung zurück

26.Jul.2005 Trotz Praxisgebühr: Niedrigverdiener gehen häufiger zum Arzt

26.Jul.2005 Altersbezüge: Rentenkasse droht im September der Kollaps

26.Jul.2005 London: Polizei identifiziert zwei Rucksackbomber

26.Jul.2005 Peking: Nordkorea redet wieder über sein Atomprogramm

26.Jul.2005 Datenhunger: Amazon, Terror-Abwehr und der Staatsschutz

26.Jul.2005 Tsunami-Forschung: Das Dröhnen des Todesbebens