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Ms Rice refused to say which countries were involved with the prisons.

"Were I to confirm or deny,

say yes or say no

then I would be compromising intelligence information +

I'm not going to do that," she said yesterday.

Rice deliberately refrained from criticising the US but said Germany took its international obligations on human rights seriously.

Rice had also raised the issue of CIA "overflights" following revelations that the CIA had flown to Germany 437 times.

Standing next to Ms Rice, Ms Merkel yesterday said that the US had "accepted" it had "erroneously taken" Mr Masri, who spent five months in a freezing Afghan jail after the CIA grabbed him in Macedonia.

The affair is also bad news for Germany's former government under Gerhard Schröder.

It apparently knew about the CIA blunder but agreed to US requests to say nothing about it.

A special Germany parliamentary commission would now investigate, Ms Merkel said.

The American Civil Liberties Union, meanwhile, yesterday announced that it was suing the CIA + its director at the time George Tenet over his case.

Mr Masri had been due to address a press conference - but was apparently unable to attend after US officials refused him permission to enter the country.[0f the free]

Ms Rice declined to comment directly. But asked if she could "guarantee" that the CIA would not snatch anyone else,

Rice said: "Any policy will sometimes have mistakes. It is our promise to our partners that, should that be the case, we will rectify those mistakes."
Rice admits US mistakes in war on terror after wave of criticism across Europe

· New claims that CIA shut down secret prisons
· Germany to investigate kidnap scandal Luke Harding in Berlin


Guardian Condoleezza Rice began her tour of Europe yesterday with a rare public admission that the US had made "mistakes" in the war on terror.

Speaking after a meeting with Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, Ms Rice again insisted that the US did not "condone" torture.

"It is against US law," Rice said.

But she appeared to concede for the first time that the Bush administration's uncompromising policy of "rendition" against terrorist suspects had sometimes gone wrong.

"We recognise that any policy will sometimes result in errors," the US secretary of state said.

Rice added: "When this happens we will do everything we can to rectify it."
Kritik an den USA: Uno beklagt "Verwässerung des Folterverbots"
Ex-Professor Acquitted on Several Charges : In a stinging defeat for prosecutors, a former Florida professor accused of helping lead a terrorist group that has carried out suicide bombings against Israel was acquitted on nearly half the charges against him Tuesday + the jury deadlocked on the rest.

07.Dec.2005 Ex-Professor Acquitted in Patriot Act Test Case Federal prosecutors had no comment Tuesday on what was, for them, a dismaying outcome after 13 days of jury deliberations + five months of detailed testimony US Atty.

Paul Perez said he + his staff would review the case before deciding whether to retry Al-Arian, 47. Until then, he will remain in jail.

07.Dec.2005 Jailed for fighting terror : The hypocrisy of the US war on terrorism is revealed by its treatment of my husband

07.Dec.2005-00.000.1999 -Since Early-According to Indictment, AIPAC Has Been Under Investigation - is like a parallel government in Washington—except that it fights any American effort that Israel wants fought.

It is a parallel government whose spiritual heart is in Tel Aviv, not in Washington, DC.

00.Jan.2006 - if they occur as scheduled in- The trials of Franklin + former AIPAC honchos Rosen + Weissman,may reveal the true subversive face of AIPAC

07.Dec.2005 Candidates for US Senate weave Israel into campaigns: Democratic US Senate candidate Robert P. Casey Jr. made clear earlier this year that he would compete for the Jewish vote.

07.Dec.2005 US gives Israel a large new camp: Nachshonim, which covers almost 400 acres, is the third base the USAhas built for Israel

07.Dec.2005 Passenger shot on Florida plane : A passenger claiming to have a bomb on board an American Airlines plane in Miami has been shot + wounded by a US federal officer, officials have said.

07.Dec.2005 New York gets Venezuela cheap oil : An oil company controlled by the Venezuelan government has made its first delivery of cut-price heating oil to the Bronx borough of New York City.

11.Sep.2001-07.Dec.2005 Running From the Truth: 9-11 Commission dealt with several issues by simply ignoring them

07.Dec.2005 Ex-GOP Official Faces Conspiracy Charge : James Tobin, President Bush's onetime New England campaign chairman,

is being tried on one federal count of conspiring against voters' rights + several counts involving telephone harassment.

James Tobin could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

07.Dec.2005 Reporters Get Peek at Cunningham's Bribes : In the warehouse in the San Diego suburb of Poway, camera shutters clicked as appraiser Dave McPheeters peered into dresser drawers, jotted notes on a yellow legal pad and measured the size of Cunningham's carpets.

00.000.1816-07.Dec.2005 -Breakingt a tradition of openness -that began- the Bush administration has without explanation withheld the names + work locations of about 900,000 of its civilian workers, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday. Suit Decries New Secrecy in Government :

07.Dec.2005 Spineless: Democrats fear antiwar talk could backfire: The critics said that comment could reinforce popular perceptions that the party is weak on military matters + divert attention from the president's growing political problems on the war and other issues.

07.Dec.2005 Connecticut begins to boil with chatter of Lieberman challenge: Connecticut seems to now be moving into a boil over Sen. Joe Lieberman's (D) continued efforts to be a mouthpiece for the Bush administration's Iraq War policy.

07.Dec.2005 Secret Memo Reveals Hillary’s Red State Strategy for ‘08 : Hillary Clinton’s attempt to rebrand herself as a red state friendly DLC Democrat - Bush on Brains - continues with her decision to sign on as a co-sponsor of the Flag Protection Act, which makes it illegal to desecrate the American flag

07.Dec.2005 Court Rules Social Security Can Be Seized To Pay Student Loans: Not paying up on school debts can cost you when you're older or disabled.
US Christians March on Guantanamo: "As a Christian, I feel compelled to reach out across national boundaries to perform one of the most basic acts of faith as described in the gospel of Matthew 25, I was in prison + you visited me," explained Catholic Worker Matthew Daloisio

07.Dec.2005 AP Poll: Most Say Torture OK in Rare Cases : Most Americans + a majority of people in Britain + France + South Korea say torturing terrorism suspects is justified at least in rare instances, according to AP-Ipsos polling.

07.Dec.2005 If it's not torture, then it's OK to use it on Cheney: "We do not torture.": That's what President George W. Bush said + we can believe him, right?

After all, that whole water boarding thing is just a walk in the park.

Here is how CIA sources described this technique to ABC News:
CIA 'emptied secret jails' before Rice Europe trip: Eleven leading al-Qa'eda suspects were transferred to a new CIA facility in North Africa + current + former officers told ABC television.

07.Dec.2005 Rice's answers on secret CIA flights "unsatisfactory":: Dutch Foreign Minister Ben Bot has said the comments by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice about secret CIA flights and detention centers for terrorist suspects outside the USAwere "unsatisfactory," Dutch news agency ANP reported Tuesday.

07.Dec.2005 Angela’s Betrayal : It’s clear now that Bush has a reliable ally in Bonn who will disregard the interests of her own people to serve the policy goals of the American administration.

07.Dec.2005 Does Anyone Believe Condoleezza Rice?: US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice may have left Berlin, but her visit has left all sorts of bad tastes in the mouths of Germans. Nobody seems terribly convinced by her claim that America doesn't torture. And what is "torture" anyway?
Iraqi oil industry in crisis: An official of the Oil Ministry in Baghdad said: “We do not know the exact quantity of oil we are exporting, we do not exactly know the prices we are selling it for + we do not know where the oil revenue is going to.”

07.Dec.2005 Al-Qaida's No. 2 urges continued violence: Al-Qaida's deputy leader called for attacks against Gulf oil facilities + urged insurgent groups in Iraq to unite to drive out American forces, according to a videotape posted on the Internet Wednesday.

07.Dec.2005 Abuse 'widespread' in Iraqi prisons : Major R. John Stukey, a US Army doctor who served in Baghdad from January to June, says he personally treated about a dozen men who had been tortured and observed an environment of overcrowding and neglect
Ex-president doubts US military will ever leave Iraq : Former President Jimmy Carter says doubts whether the US military will ever completely pull out of Iraq,

despite what the Bush administration says about a possible withdrawal beginning 00.000.2006 -next year-.
Keepers at the Gate
He Who Controls Television Controls the Masses -By Manuel Valenzuela
With Americans watching so much
television on a weekly basis, discarding books of enlightenment for monitors of idiocy,

preferring the drug of fantasy over the sobering realm of reality,

no longer capable of analytical, logical thought, choosing to incorporate as their own the views, beliefs + opinions of corporate media,

the keepers at the gate are free to do as they please, disseminating lies + distortions + manipulations + propaganda + fictions into our homes + the minds of our family + young + old + never discriminating +

always flowing in the interest of the Establishment. Continued
Torture Is an American Value

07.Dec.2005 Reality vs. the Rhetoric -By S. Brian Willson
Instead of the recent euphemism "illegal combatants,"

the USA in Vietnam claimed prisoners were "criminal" +

therefore exempt from Geneva Convention protections.

The use of torture as a function of terror,

or its equivalent in sadistic behavior,

has been historic de facto US policy. Continued
"An act of blatant state terrorism, "-By Harold Pinter
Video and text of his Nobel Prize acceptance speech
The 2,000 American dead are an embarrassment.

They are transported to their graves in the dark.

Funerals are unobtrusive, out of harm's way.

The mutilated rot in their beds, some for the rest of their lives.

So the dead + the mutilated both rot, in different kinds of graves. Continued
Reagan's out to get Dean It's not every day that
the son of a president calls for the death of a major figure like Howard Dean.

06.Dec.2005 Yesterday, radio personality Michael Reagan said "Dean should be hung" for advocating an Iraq pullout.
I think Reagan meant to say "Dean should be hanged ."
The proposition that taxpayer monies were funneled into political campaigns is hardly outside the realm of the thinkable, especially in light of the Wilkes + Wade CIA connections.

For decades, the CIA has used similar methods to engineer elections in other countries - in Italy + in France + in Lebanon + in Japan + ..

The old Covert Action Information Bulletin once printed a story -

which claimed that some Agency hands used these very same "covert funding" tactics to help unseat Frank Church, the congressman who had caused the Company some annoyance 00.000.1970 -in the s-.
One happy warrior who has taken aim at the beast is
Laura Rozen. Check out her latest:
-today- Heard a funny story about Brent Wilkes, alleged Cunningham co-conspirator 1. That Brent Wilkes has a whole lot of water bottles in his office.

When someone remarked on them, Wilkes said he was going to be selling that water to the government.

Hey, who said Pure Aqua Technologies was a shell company?
"Cassini" hatte schon im August erste Anzeichen für die überraschende Aktivität entdeckt.

Die neuen Bilder belegen nun eindrucksvoll, dass die Forscher mit ihren ersten Vermutungen richtig lagen.

Zu sehen sind mehrere Partikelstrahlen, die von der Region um den Südpol von Enceladus stammen + fast 500 Kilometer weit ins All reichen, was in etwa dem Durchmesser des kleinen Mondes entspricht.
Im Augenblick sind der Studie zufolge 38,5 Millionen Inder online. In den vergangenen zwei Jahren ist der Anteil der Netznutzer an der Gesamtbevölkerung damit schon gewaltig gestiegen - Anfang 2004 lag die Anzahl demnach noch bei 25 Millionen. Für Ende 2008 prophezeit die Internet and Mobile Association of India nun einen noch größeren Sprung auf 100 Millionen.
Vor allem der Onlinekauf von Flug- und Bahntickets, Büchern und Haushaltsgeräten befeuere den Boom, sagte ein Sprecher des Branchenverbandes. Die Vorhersage basiere auf der erwarteten Zunahme von E-Commerce und Online-Kommunikation. Der Studie zufolge hat allein die Anzahl von Internetcafés in Indien von 18.000 im Jahr 2001 auf 105.350 im Jahr 2005 zugenommen

gelangt der englische Dramatiker zur Einsicht, dass die politische Rhetorik den Bürger verdumme und ihm die Wahrheit vorenthalte.
Durchgespielt wurde diese These am Beispiel der USA, die Pinter systematischer Verbrechen in aller Welt beschuldigte.

So erklärte Pinter in der in Stockholm auf Video abgespielten Rede, Amerika zerstöre souveräne Staaten mittels Korruption + verdeckter Gewalt.

Man verfahre so, "dass man das Herz des Landes infiziert, dass man eine bösartige Wucherung in Gang setzt und zuschaut wie der Faulbrand erblüht. Ist die Bevölkerung unterjocht worden oder totgeprügelt - es läuft auf dasselbe hinaus - und sitzen die eigenen Freunde, das Militär + die großen Kapitalgesellschaften bequem am Schalthebel, tritt man vor die Kamera und sagt, die Demokratie habe sich behauptet".
WWII. -Nach dem- hätten die USA außerdem "jede rechtsgerichtete Militärdiktatur auf der Welt" unterstützt oder sie in vielen Fällen erst hervorgebracht.

"Ich verweise auf Indonesien + Griechenland + Uruguay + Brasilien + Paraguay + Haiti + Türkei + die Philippinen + Guatemala + El Salvador + natürlich Chile", so Pinter.

"Die Schrecken, die Amerika Chile” [11.Sep.1973-07.Dec.2005] “zufügte, können nie gesühnt + nie verziehen werden.

In diesen Ländern hat es Hunderttausende von Toten gegeben.

Hat es sie wirklich gegeben?

Und sind sie wirklich alle der US-Außenpolitik zuzuschreiben?

Die Antwort lautet ja, es hat sie gegeben +

sie sind der amerikanischen Außenpolitik zuzuschreiben.

Aber davon weiß man natürlich nichts."

Wer altersmilde Dankesworte erwartet hatte, wurde von einem Donnerschlag überrascht:

00.000.2005 -diesjährige- Der Literaturnobelpreisträger Harold Pinter nutzte seine

07.Dec.2005 -heute- veröffentlichte Rede für eine massive Amerika-Kritik. Fazit: Die USA sind "brutal + verächtlich skrupellos".

Letztes Jahr hatte sich Elfriede Jelinek noch in ausladende Sprachartistik eingesponnen, von Politik oder gar Gesellschaftskritik kein Ton.

Ganz anders der britische Dramatiker Harold Pinter, der in seiner gerade veröffentlichten Literaturnobelpreisrede die Gelegenheit nutzte, über die Suche des Schriftstellers nach Wahrheit zu sprechen - und wie diese Suche von korrupten Machthabern immer mehr erschwert wird.
Das US-Heimatschutzministerium berichtete, ein Flugmarschall habe den Mann mehrfach aufgefordert, sich auf den Boden zu legen. Als der Passagier dies immer wieder ignorierte, mit den Händen vielmehr in die Tasche mit der vermeintlichen Bombe griff und in den Tunnel zum Terminal rannte , eröffnete der Sicherheitsbeamte das Feuer. Der 44-jährige US-Amerikaner wurde dabei tödlich verletzt. Ob sich in der Tasche des Mannes tatsächlich ein Sprengsatz befand, wurde zunächst nicht bekannt gegeben.
Eine Augenzeugin berichtete dem US-Sender WTVJ, der verdächtige Passagier sei im Flugzeug wild im Gang herum gerannt. Eine Frau sei hinter ihm hergelaufen und habe gerufen, ihr Mann sei geisteskrank. Er habe seine Medizin nicht genommen.
Den Angaben zufolge war der Vorfall seit den erhöhten Sicherheitsmaßnahmen im Zuge der Terroranschläge vom 11.Sep.2001 das erste Mal, dass ein Flugmarschall einen tödlichen Schuss abgab. Das aus Kolumbien kommende Flugzeug der US-Fluggesellschaft American Airlines mit der Flugnummer 924 hielt sich den Angaben zufolge zu einem Zwischenstopp auf dem Internationalen Flughafen von Miami im US-Bundesstaat Florida auf. Nach den Schüssen umstellten Mitglieder eines Einsatzkommandos die Maschine.
Miami: Flugmarschall erschießt Passagier
Umwälzungen an der Wall Street: NYSE fusioniert mit Handelsplattform Archipelago
Fall el-Masri: Nichts hören, nichts sehen, nichts sagen
Eklat bei Nobelpreisrede: Pinters Frontalangriff auf die USA

07.Dec.2005 Böse Überraschung: Ford will bis zu 30.000 Jobs abbauen
CIA-Flüge: Blair und Berlusconi wollen nichts gewusst haben

07.Dec.2005 Indien: Studie sagt gigantisches Netz-Wachstum voraus

07.Dec.2005 Außenminister-Treffen: Keine Einigung im EU-Haushaltsstreit
Studie: Passivrauchen tötet 3300 Deutsche pro Jahr
CIA-Affäre: Schily will vor Kontrollgremium aussagen

07.Dec.2005 Schüler-Prügelclique: Von Gewaltvideos angeregt
Terroristen-Steckbriefe: Uno und Interpol suchen US-Geisterhäftling Binalshibh

07.Dec.2005 Angeschlagener Platzhirsch: Neue Millionenstrafe gegen Microsoft
Hochhäuser: Experten streiten über Erdbeben-Gefahr

07.Dec.2005 CIA-Affäre: Lammert meutert gegen Merkel-Plan

(Politik,Funk-Internet: Kabelloses Breitband für Kaiserslautern
Denn die Wissenschaftler haben festgestellt, dass die mächtig bestückten Fledermausmännchen nur ahnungslose Opfer weiblicher Zügellosigkeit sind. Wechseln die Weibchen häufig den Partner und legen wenig Wert auf Treue, haben die Männchen der betreffenden Spezies mehr zwischen den Beinen und weniger zwischen den Ohren. Die Mausohr-Fledermaus Myotis albescens aus der Familie der auch in Europa vertretenen Glattnasen etwa steckt mehr als doppelt so viel Energie in die Hoden wie ins Hirn, bemerken die Forscher.
Bei Fledermausarten mit monogamen Weibchen seien die Denkorgane der Männchen dagegen verhältnismäßig groß. So trägt die holde Weiblichkeit am Ende doch noch den moralischen Sieg davon: Bei Arten, die es zum Überleben weniger bunt treiben müssen, gilt die partnerschaftliche Treue - und schon werden die Männchen schlauer.

El-Masri war Ende 2003 in Mazedonien festgenommen worden. Nach seinen Aussagen wurde er für fünf Monate in ein geheimes Gefängnis in Afghanistan gebracht. Er war freigelassen worden, nachdem die USA zu dem Ergebnis gekommen waren, es gebe keine Gründe mehr für seine weitere Inhaftierung. Auf die Frage, ob die USA je konkrete Erkenntnisse gehabt hätten, die dessen Gefangenhaltung gerechtfertigt hätten, lehnte ein US-Regierungsvertreter eine Stellungnahme ab. El-Masri sei von den US-Behörden ursprünglich wegen des Verdachts festgenommen worden, einen falschen Pass zu benutzen. Außerdem sei sein Name mit dem eines Terroristenführers verwechselt worden sei. Der Pass erwies sich allerdings später als echt.
Möglicherweise habe sich die Kanzlerin mehr auf Medienberichte bezogen als auf den Inhalt ihrer Gespräche mit der US-Regierung, sagten anschließend die US-Regierungsvertreter laut Reuters. Von der Bundesregierung gibt es bislang keine Reaktion auf den Streit.
Am Nachmittag hatte die US-Bürgerrechtsorganisation ACLU in Washington angekündigt, die CIA im Fall el-Masri zu verklagen. Möglicherweise stehen die Irritationen, die Merkels Bemerkung in der Umgebung von Rice auslöste, im Zusammenhang mit Gerichtsverfahren in den USA. Einen "Fehler" zuzugeben, könnte die Rechtsposition der US-Regierung gefährden. Bis heute hat die Bush-Administration in keinem der umstrittenen Fälle, in denen die CIA Verdächtige in befreundeten Staaten verhörte, öffentlich Fehler eingestanden.
In dem Gespräch mit Rice hatte Merkel erklärt, dass Deutschland von den USA die Einhaltung demokratischer Regeln bei der Bekämpfung des internationalen Terrorismus erwartet. Die Kanzlerin bekräftigte, die Bundesrepublik werde die Amerikaner weiter in ihren Bemühen unterstützen, Terroranschläge zu verhindern. Das schließe auch Aktivitäten der Geheimdienste ein. Die deutsch-amerikanische Partnerschaft beruhe auf gemeinsamen Werten wie Demokratie und Rechtsstaatlichkeit, die auch im Kampf gegen den Terrorismus gelten müssten. Rice versicherte, die USA hielten sich bei ihrem Vorgehen an nationales und internationales Recht.
Steinmeier räumt Kenntnis des Falls Masri ein

Saturnmond Enceladus: Eisiger Brocken hat heißes Herz

07.Dec.2005 Spektakuläre Bilder: Die Eismonde des Saturns
Bolivien: Im Labyrinth der Unordnung
Irak: Saddam boykottiert Prozess
Missverständnis: Al-Dschasira sendet altes Sawahiri-Video
Volkswagen: Deutsche Werke leben von Auslandstöchtern

07.Dec.2005 Brauntöne: Farbenblinde sehen manchmal besser
Anti-Folter-Konvention: USA verbieten Grausamkeiten bei Verhören
Europa: Wo die Grenze keine Rolle mehr spielt
Iran: Pilot der Unglücksmaschine wollte nicht starten
Geheimdienste: Schily weist Vorwürfe in CIA-Affäre zurück
Zwiebelfischchen: Gameboy töten Gehirn ab!
Den Haag: 20 Jahre Haft für geständigen Kriegsverbrecher
Fledermäuse: Große Hoden, kleines Hirn
Iraks Polizei: Innenminister unzufrieden mit deutscher Ausbildung
CIA-Affäre: Kontrollgremium wusste frühzeitig von Masri-Entführung

07.Dec.2005 Al-Qaida: Zawahiri befiehlt Angriffe auf Ölanlagen

07.Dec.2005 CIA-Affäre: US-Regierung erbost über Merkels Wortwahl

07.Dec.2005 Private Sicherheitsdienste im Irak: Söldner außer Kontrolle
APPENDIX 2 GLADIO EP 22.11.90 joint resolution replacing B3-2021, 2058, 2068, 2078 + 2087/90 RESOLUTION on the Gladio affair


having regard to the revelation by several European governments of the existence for 40 years of a clandestine parallel intelligence and armed operations organization in several Member States of the Community,


whereas for over 40 years this organization has escaped all democratic controls +

has been run by the secret services of the states concerned in collaboration with NATO,


fearing the danger that such clandestine network may have interfered illegally in the internal political affairs of Member States or may still do so,


whereas in certain Member States military secret services (or uncontrolled branches thereof) were involved in serious cases of terrorism + crime as evidenced by, various judicial inquiries,


whereas these organizations operated + continue to operate completely outside the. law

since they are not subject to any parliamentary control + frequently those holding the highest government + constitutional posts are kept in the dark as to these matters,


whereas the various `GLADIO' organizations have at their disposal independent arsenals + military resources which give them an unknown strike potential,

thereby jeopardizing the democratic structures of the countries in which they are operating or have been operating,


greatly concerned at the existence of decision-making + operational bodies which are not subject to any form of democratic control + are of a completely clandestine nature

at a time when greater Community cooperation in the field of security is a constant subject of discussion,


Condemns the clandestine creation of manipulative + operational networks + Calls for a full investigation into the nature + structure + aims + all other aspects of these clandestine organizations

or any splinter groups,

their use for illegal interference in the internal political affairs of the countries concerned,

the problem of terrorism in Europe + the possible collusion of the secret services of Member States or third countries;


Protests vigorously at the assumption by certain US military personnel at SHAPE + in NATO of the right to encourage the establishment in Europe of a clandestine intelligence + operation network;


Calls on the governments of the Member States to dismantle all clandestine military + paramilitary networks;


Calls on the judiciaries of the countries in which the presence of such military organizations has been ascertained to elucidate fully their composition + modus operandi +

to clarify any action they may have taken to destabilize the democratic structures of the Member States;


Requests all the Member States to take the necessary measures, if necessary by establishing parliamentary committees of inquiry +

to draw up a complete list of organizations active in this field +

at the same time to monitor their links with the respective state intelligence services + their links, if any, with terrorist action groups and/or other illegal practices;


Calls on the Council of Ministers to provide full information on the activities of these secret intelligence + operational services;


Calls on its competent committee to consider holding a hearing in order to clarify the role + impact of the `GLADIO' organization + any similar bodies;

8. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Commission + the Council + the Secretary-General of NATO + the governments of the Member States + the USAGovernment.

Source: Statewatch briefing [ALL EMPHASIS ADDED]

05.Jul.2001 Richard Clarke in a White House meeting : "something spectacular is going to happen."

If anyone knew most about warnings + war plans at the same time, it was Richard Clarke.

Interestingly Richard Clarke was also connected with John O'Neill, who died in the World Trade Center WTC .

This is what the New Yorker wrote about Richard Clarke with John O'Neill relationship:

11.Sep.2001 -in a PBS interview on- But with all Richard Clarke s connections,

Richard Clarke only response was:

"Well, they may well have had some kind of indication that something was going to happen."

With all due respect, but this seems to be bogus.

In the same interview Richard Clarke also said something else rather strange:

" terrorist groups, there isn't anybody except people who want to be terrorists.

So it cuts back on your ability to recruit spies inside terrorist organizations

if you can't recruit people with some kind of a violent past.."

How does this fit with the history of the Taliban, which was created with the help of the CIA + ISI?

It also seems like a Freudian slip,

when the CIA confirms something like this:

"US had agents inside al-Qaeda ...the terror group, but the intercepts + field reports didn't specify where or when a strike might occur.."

Woolsey definitely knew about these CIA moles.

Did he let the attack happen on purpose?

If so, under whose direction or influence?

11.Sep.2001 James Woolsey :

"Recruit spies inside terrorist organizations if you can't recruit people with some kind of a violent past.."

Many people claim, that

11.Sep.2001 -before- ex-CIA director Woolsey had so much insider information, that

11.Sep.2001 -before- it seems very unrealistic to claim ex-CIA director Woolsey wasn't able to connect the dots of all these early warnings +

11.Sep.2001 -before- it seems very unrealistic to claim ex-CIA director Woolsey didn't warn the highest levels of Pentagon +

11.Sep.2001 -before- it seems very unrealistic to claim ex-CIA director Woolsey didn't warn the White House to prevent the attacks.

Some even think,

Woolsey, R. James is also member of the so-called shadow government,

"to ensure survival of federal rule after catastrophic attack",

01.Mar.2002 the existence of the so-called shadow government was confirmed by Bush.

But what are the goals of this shadow government? Did Woolsey have personal interest in letting the attacks happen on purpose?

Woolsey has a long experience with the US government.

Woolsey is a close friend of Richard Armitage + Richard Perle + Paul Wolfowitz, a group often called the “Wolfowitz Cabal” under Reagan + Bush I. Woolsey probably has a lot of conflicts of interest.

00.000.1993-00.000.1995 Woolsey, R. James was the director of Central Intelligence CIA.

00.000.1989-00.000.1991 Woolsey, R. James served as an ambassador + USA representative to the Negotiation on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE), Vienna .

00.000.1977-00.000.1979 Woolsey, R. James served as the undersecretary of the Navy +

00.000.1970-00.000.1973 Woolsey, R. James was general counsel to the US Senate Committee on Armed Services from.

In addition,

00.000.19---00.000.19-- Woolsey, R. James was an advisor to the US delegation for the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT I) in Helsinki + Vienna,

00.000.19---00.000.19-- Woolsey, R. James was an analyst with the Office of the Secretary of Defense and National Security Council staff +

00.000.19---00.000.19-- Woolsey, R. James was a captain in the US Army.

00.000.19---00.000.19-- Woolsey, R. James was a delegate at large at the US-Soviet Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) +

00.000.19---00.000.19-- Woolsey, R. James was a delegate at large at the US-Soviet Space Arms Talks (NST).

In the private sector,

00.000.19---00.000.19-- Woolsey, R. James served as director of Martin Marietta,

as well as

00.000.19---00.000.19-- Woolsey, R. James served as director of British Aerospace,

00.000.19---00.000.19-- Woolsey, R. James served as director of Fairchild Industries,

00.000.19---00.000.19-- Woolsey, R. James served as director of Titan Corporation,

00.000.19---00.000.19-- Woolsey, R. James served as director of USF&G,

00.000.19---00.000.19-- Woolsey, R. James served as director of Sun Healthcare Group Inc.,

00.000.19---00.000.19-- Woolsey, R. James served as director of Yurie Systems Inc. +

00.000.19---00.000.19-- Woolsey, R. James has served as director of DynCorp, where ENRON executive Herbert S. "Pug" Winokur is on the board as well.

DynCorp, according to Alex Cockburn + Jeff St. Clair, is the USA s 22. largest defense contractor

00.000.1998 -with US Government contract revenues of $475 million.

DynCorp, which currently has between 300-600 contracted employees in Colombia, is performing functions like crop eradication (using defoliants – similar to those used in Vietnam), to sophisticated aerial reconnaissance, to combat advisory roles training military + possibly even paramilitary forces.

As noted by highly credible writers such as Peter Dale Scott, Col. Fletcher Prouty + even the legendary "retired" CIA executive Ted Shackley in his book The Third Option, the use of private corporations, whether directly owned by CIA as "proprietaries" or not, is a common practice for the extension of US military and diplomatic power.

James Woolsey, who now describes himself as a "private citizen," is the man who was very early on entrusted with investigating Iraqi involvement in the September 11 attacks and anthrax outbreaks.

Woolsey also perpetuated the incompetence theory of the Sep. 11th attacks. Does that implicate him as well? That seems very unrealistic.

Woolsey is a master strategist.

It is well known that Woolsey wanted a war against the Taliban for years, but was even more interested in a war against Iraq.

00.Oct.2001 The Iraqi National Congress, the exiled group that opposes Saddam Hussein, said that it held meetings in London with Mr Woolsey.

Administration sources have said Woolsey s trip was funded + approved by Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy Defense secretary.

But Woolsey made no comment about the exact nature of his brief.

Woolsey told The Telegraph: "I was in London + that's it."

Woolsey also supported the story, that Mohammad Atta met an Iraqi diplomat in Prague.

This was obviously based on rigged information.

However Woolsey said, "I doubt very seriously if this was simply a social relationship or that they liked to drink Czech beer together." +

Woolsey expressed this in Pentagon's Top Advisor Richard Perle’s paper Daily Telegraph, owned by Perle’s company Hollinger Inc.

Woolsey participated also in various Terror Scenario war games.

22.Jan.2000 Woolsey participated in a CFR Project run as a war-game simulation at its Manhattan headquarters.

22.Jan.2000 For the simulation, the CFR enlisted 75 people, including bankers, former Treasury Secretaries + former State Department officials.

22.Jan.2000 Participants were divided into four teams, sent into four rooms, with the ability to communicate with each other + with a command headquarters through the computers.

00.May 2000 Woolsey participated in a bioterrorism exercise at Andrews Air Force Base.

00.May 2000 Woolsey played the CIA director.

00.May 2000 This event was organised by the Hopkins Center + in collaboration with the

ANSER Institute for Homeland Defense + the

Center for Strategic and International Studies +

the Oklahoma Memorial Institute for the Study of Terrorism.

12.Jul.200-13.Jul.2000 Woolsey was part of yet another CFR "conference" called "The Next Financial Crisis: Warning Signs, Damage Control and Impact"

12.Jul.200-13.Jul.2000 This was played out before a high-powered audience of 250 people, comprised largely of bankers + investors + corporation officials + policymakers, mostly from the USA, but also from Europe + revolved around the possibility that the US stock market + potentially the world financial system would undergo a melt down.

Woolsey knew also about the Bio Terror Scenarios organized by Dr. Inglesby (Johns Hopkins Institute)

almost simultaneously,

15.Jun.2000-16.Jun.2000 in St. Louis - Bio Terror Scenarios organized by Dr. Inglesby (Johns Hopkins Institute) +

26.Jun.2000-27.Jun.2000 Atlanta -Bio Terror Scenarios organized by Dr. Inglesby (Johns Hopkins Institute)

22.Jun.2001-23.Jun.2001 Woolsey also particpated in the biggest Terror Scenario, called Dark Winter, once again developed by Dr. Inglesby ( Johns Hopkins Institute ),

22.Jun.2001-23.Jun.2001 in the biggest Terror Scenario, called Dark Winter Woolsey "played" the director of the FBI.

00.000.19—11.Sep.2001 Woolsey knew exactly, what the USAcould expect very soon.

Woolsey still had enough contacts at the CIA.

But maybe it was a conflict of interest which stopped Woolsey from doing anything.
Entreprises de paix

Le profil de ces entreprises est varié.

Plusieurs petites compagnies aériennes figurent dans la liste des sociétés militaires privées candidates à des contrats de maintien de la paix :

c'est le cas d' Air Scan + d' International Charter Incorporated + d' Eagle Aviation Services and Technologies, etc.

Elles côtoient des sociétés spécialisées dans le déminage humanitaire

(comme DSL-ArmorGroup + Ronco + Greenfield Consultants + Specialist Gurkha Services) +

de très grosses entreprises de génie civil

(Pacific Architects and Engineers + ITT + Combat Support Associates + Kellog, Brown and Root).

Ces entreprises sont les poids lourds d'un nouveau mercenariat.

Elles sont parvenues à une certaine respectabilité d'abord en s'organisant en PME spécialisées dans les services militaires, puis en rejoignant le giron de grands groupes industriels.

C'est le cas de MPRI (racheté par L3 Communication),

de Crucible (par Kroll),

de DSL (par ArmorGroup),

de DynCorp (par Computer Science Corporation),

de Vinnell (par Northrop Grumman),

de Betac (par ACSDefense),

de Titan (par Lockheed Martin)

ou encore de Wackenhut (par les Danois de Group 4 Falck).

En fait, ces multinationales, toutes cotées en Bourse, se dotent, grâce à de telles acquisitions, d'un véritable " bras armé ".

Elles peuvent, dès lors, répondre à l'ensemble des appels d'offres lancés par les ministères de la Défense ou de l'Intérieur USA, UK ou encore sud-africain.

Ces administrations, adeptes de l'" outsourcing ", externalisent et privatisent, à grande échelle, des missions qui sont traditionnellement du ressort des forces armées nationales.

00.000.1994-00.000.2002 -Selon les chiffres du Pentagon repris par le Center for Public Integrity, le ministère de la Défense aurait passé plus de 3000 contrats avec des SMP, pour une valeur totale de 300 milliards de $$.

Ces contrats concernent aussi bien la gestion du patrimoine immobilier (70 000 logements militaires sont ainsi en phase de privatisation aux USA), que les transmissions, la protection des sites sensibles

(22 bases de l'armée de terre américaine sont déjà protégées par des sociétés privées),

la formation des armées étrangères, la sécurisation des zones minières et pétrolières, le soutien aux troupes en opérations extérieures, voire la conduite d'opérations de combat...

Des missions que l'ONU confie toujours, avec plus ou moins de célérité et de bonheur, aux Casques bleus et sur lesquelles lorgnent désormais ces grands groupes privés.

L'humanitaire et le maintien de la paix, voire son imposition, constituent en effet des marchés prometteurs.

D'une part, parce que la pacification des conflits régionaux, si souhaitable qu'elle soit, n'est pas pour demain ; d'autre part, parce que les sommes en jeu sont importantes.

Même si elle se révèle souvent un payeur tardif, l'ONU ne lésine généralement pas sur les moyens et les fonds à engager.

Ce qui ne peut que conforter les ambitions des sociétés militaires privées qui se targuent de faire mieux que les Casques bleus... et pour moins cher.

Ainsi, dans le cadre du Congo-Kinshasa, l'IPOA chiffre à 200 millions de $$ le coût d'un contrat confié à des privés, soit " cinq fois moins que celui d'une opération onusienne ".

Par ailleurs, les nouveaux mercenaires, ces soldats privés qui travaillent pour des prestataires de services militaires, sont toujours en quête de reconnaissance, de crédibilité et de respectabilité.

Au prix de manipulations sémantiques, ils tentent de convaincre l'opinion publique de l'existence d'un subtil distinguo entre, d'une part, les " mercenaires " (des soldats de fortune sans éthique) ou

les "volontaires étrangers" (c'est ainsi qu'ils appellent les légionnaires français et les Gurkhas britanniques) et,

d'autre part, les employés des SMP : c'est, en effet, à ces derniers que certains commentateurs anglo-saxons attribuent le plus haut degré de professionnalisme et la plus grande légitimité.

Répétons-le : travailler pour de grands organismes internationaux ou pour des ONG et s'imposer dans la niche de l'humanitaire constituerait, pour les SMP, une reconnaissance indiscutable.


01.Mar.2005 Adital - La guerra como negocio Otros como la británica Sandline International y la...Con Irak y Afganistán, las corporaciones que hoy destacan...que adquirió a la no menos popular Dyncorp )

Trouw, nieuws & achtergronden - Irak - Particuliere beveiligers ... Dyncorp heeft goede banden met het Pentagon.

Het bedrijf kreeg in Irak een contract voor het... De ondernemingen CACI International Inc en Titan Corporation ...

01.Mar.2005 DEVENEZ LA RÉSISTANCE AL'INTÉRIEUR DE LA FORTERESSE AMÉRIQUE DU ... même printemps a vu CSC/ DynCorp obtenir le...Affaires étrangères Canada /Commerce international Canada ... Site internet pour le bloc...

Le Web de l’Humanité: Des guerres " privatisées ". Par Paul ... de la première guerre du Golfe, mais ensuite dans les Balkans, en Afghanistan, et maintenant en Irak, des firmes comme Halliburton + Bechtel + Dyncorp , dont les ...


The Party's Over begins with a commanding review of world history, where past + current developments including war, empire + population growth are interpreted as functions of cheap or increasingly scarce + expensive energy.

The discussion of substitutes for fast-depleting fossil fuels + the formidable impediments to making the transition that would allow industrial civilization to continue, are important to every investor + citizen.
- Virginia Deane Abernethy, Ph.D., author of Population Politics – Original Member of The Club of Rome


I was real interested in the information about Virginia Abernethy, particularly because I am concerned about how racists still try to have some sort of an impact in today's society. Abernethy is one of a number of profiled people on a anti-racist website called One People's Project.

You can find that profile at Posted by: Antifa at October 26, 2004
spokespersons in this 11.Sep.2001 9/11 "truth"-movement, as represented in the activist group,

or put the infiltrations of obscure or controversial new age gurus on hold, including population eugenic Virginia Deane Abernethy, Vice-President of the original Club of Rome.

Satellite Spy System
As mentioned earlier, the so called "classified spy satellite system", as
debated last week by US Congress + one day after the introduction of the controversial 9/11 bill, has ties with 11.Sep.2001 .
-in the last few years- This "secret satellite system" isn't new + was well known in Washington,

As mentioned in my Chapters 6-8 of "lost terror drill?",

00.000.1998 This "secret satellite system" is also connected with "Project Trailblazer", was officially launched + subcontracted by the NRO + NSA to a dozen of smaller companies,

among them :

BTG Inc. + Booz Allen Hamilton + Titan Corporation + many others.
11.Sep.2001 2 companies, who received a contract of "Project Trailblazer", worked in the attacked wing of the Pentagon :

11.Sep.2001 BTG Inc. company, who received a contract of "Project Trailblazer", worked in the attacked wing of the Pentagon : +

11.Sep.2001 Booz Allen Hamilton company, who received a contract of "Project Trailblazer", worked in the attacked wing of the Pentagon :

21.Sep.2001-11.Sep.2001-ten days later- Booz Allen Hamilton company, who received a contract of "Project Trailblazer", worked in the attacked wing of the Pentagon was sold to Titan Corporation, 00.000.200- -recently- Titan Corporation involved in the Abu Ghraib scandal.

11.Sep.2001 All 5 employees, who worked on Project Trailblazer , got killed.
In reality, this "secret satellite system" is also connected with "Project Trailblazer" is already the third generation of the "stealth satellite program" +

"secret satellite system" is also connected with "Project Trailblazer" is being built primarily by Lockheed Martin.

More dangerous than Osama bin Laden
Chemical pollutants near US military bases
by Underground Panther in the Sky, Unknown News

29.Apr.2004 Posted by: Brian Bell at 10:22 PM

I think we're going to see a lot of the most dehumanized being ready recruits for right wing death squads, if the deal goes down back here...

WWI. - -after- - In Germany, demobilized vets were organized by the Generalstab der Wehrmacht – Schwarze Wehrmacht- general staff into "freikorps" - paramilitary units that helped put down communist insurrections [antibolschewistische Front] in Berlin + Bavaria + , + that specialized in the elimination of left-wing leaders.

Death squads, in other words.

--> STADTLER, Eduard

WWI. - -after - - Later – BEFORE END OF WWI.- freikorp members became the original hard core of the Nazi SA.

CNBC is now also showing the pics on their evening news - military command is 'considering' action against the general in charge of the prison.

So it looks like the cover up is pretty far along.

I wonder if the general will take her lumps - confident the system will make her whole somewhere down the line - or demand a court martial.

Personally, I think its obvious from looking at that picture at the top of he post that this isn't some kind of "isolated abuse."

This is policy - probably adopted on the advice of Centcom 's Mossad or Shin Bet advisors.

00.000..2003 -last summer-Sy Hersh was writing about this. Posted by: Billmon

Julian Borger has evidence linking this abuse to the role of "private contractors" in Iraq:

The scandal has also brought to light the growing and largely unregulated role of private contractors in the interrogation of detainees. ...

A military report into the Abu Ghraib case - parts of which were made available to the Guardian - makes it clear that private contractors were supervising interrogations in the prison ...

One civilian contractor was accused of raping a young, male prisoner but has not been charged because military law has no jurisdiction over him. [emphasis added] ...

The military investigation names two US contractors, CACI International Inc and the Titan Corporation, for their involvement in Abu Ghraib. Posted by: medieval oya at 29.Apr.2004 10:29 PM

Put me in the category of folks who think Kate and Billmon were talking past each other.

On Hiroshima and Nagasaki, those two incidents of mass murder directed at civilians actually did have a context - I'd condemn a great many other American actions more harshly than them, though I'd still condemn those two as well.

For instance, read what historian Bruce Cumings says about the Korean War in his latest book on North Korea - the US probably killed more civilians through bombing in Korea than it did in WWII.,

but there's probably not one American in a hundred who knows about it.

And unlike Hiroshima, you can't even begin to make a case for it.

As for My Lai, people miss the point about Vietnam.

Read Jonathan Schell's book "The Military Half" about US behavior in Quang Ngai or read (in various places) about Operation Speedy Express in the Mekong Delta.

American forces bombed or shelled villages with slight or no provocation at all and this is what caused most of the civilian casualties.

Given the attitude of the high command, you'd expect the low level grunts to occasionally shoot up a village.

But then we hear about how "exceptional" that was--normally Americans kill innocent people in a more civilized fashion. Posted by: Donald Johnson at 29.Apr.2004 10:30 PM
Titan Corporation
California Firefighters Battle Blazes Using Aging Computer Infrastructure

Wilkes is a lean 33-year-old with sandy, close-cropped hair + fair skin.

For our interview, he wore worn jeans + a V-necked lightweight cotton shirt.

Wilkes looks far younger than his actual age, which is 33.

ADCS has about 100 staff located at its headquarters in Poway, an inland suburb just north of the city of San Diego.

ADCS is in multiple businesses:

ADCS does document conversion + warehousing + scanning in paper documents + extracting the information from the scans + cross-referencing the information in usable form.

ADCS biggest project was archiving 1.2 million engineering drawings for the Panama Canal 00.000.1999 .

ADCS Sister companies -that have been spun off from- include a marketing company, Group W Media +

Mirror Labs, an independent research + testing laboratory +

a catering company + transportation company.

Kellogg, Brown & Root (Halliburton) Iraq $10,832,000,000   DoD
Michael Baker Jr., Inc. Iraq $4,528,328   DoD
MZM Inc. Iraq $1,213,632   DoD
Native American Industrial Distributors Inc. Iraq $123,572   DoD
Science Applications International Corp. SAIC Iraq $159,304,219   DoD
Titan Corporation Iraq $402,000,000   DoD

Según el general Oswald Le Winter, antiguo oficial encargado del Gladio en el seno de la CIA,

confesó que los protocolos adicionales del Tratado del Atlántico Norte estipulaba que los Estados [países] miembros renunciaban en perseguir en justicia las actividades y atentados que sus miembros realizasen.

Dichos miembros eran los que componían los grupos de extrema derecha fascistas utilizados por los servicios de la organización.

Estos documentos habrían sido firmados por Robert Schuman en nombre de la Francia, cuando este era presidente del Concejo.

En los USA, este servicio secreto al principio recibió el nombre de Buró para la Coordinación Política (OPC).

Su primer director fue Frank G. Wisner [ 20 ].

Este personaje fue escogido por el Secretario de Estado, el general George Marshall en una lista que contenía seis nombres y que fue redactada [ 21 ] por su consejero George F. Keenan, el cual mantenía una estrecha relación con Allan Dulles.

Irving Brown, representante del sindicato AFL-CIO en París y Norris Chapman, diplomático con puesto en París hacían parte de la lista.

William Colby describe esa época de la siguiente manera: « Desbordando de dinamismo y de inteligencia, Wisner no ahorro sus energías y en algunos meses, con la ayuda de sus antiguos colegas del OSS, puso en funcionamiento, en el mundo entero, una nueva generación de "Templarios", encargados de defender la libertad occidental contra el oscurantismo comunista...y la guerra».

A comienzos de los años cincuenta, el general Walter B. Smith, recientemente nombrado director de la CIA, no estaba de acuerdo que el Buró permanezca en su jurisdicción solamente de manera administrativa.

Smith quería que este se subordinara a su autoridad completamente. Logró obtener la fusión con la Dirección de la Planificación de la Agencia en 00.Aug.1952 .

Las autoridades estadounidenses admitieron en esa ocasión que la OPC había existido y pretendieron que dicho organismo acababa de ser disuelto.

No podían decir y reconocer otra cosa, ya que la fusión y las actividades de la ex OPC se mantenían ilegales.

El general Smith contó con el apoyo de Allan Dulles, antiguo jefe del OSS y hermano del Secretario de Estado John F. Dulles.

00.000.1946 -el presidente Harry S. Truman se consagra a la reconversión de la economía y de las instituciones de guerra de los USA.

Tomando en cuenta las dificultades que su país encontró durante la WWII., Truman decide de dotar a los USA de una industria de guerra y de servicios secretos permanentes.

Esta decisión puede ser considerada como legitima cuando se demostró la improvisación en que se hallaba el país durante la guerra.

Esta decisión toma en cuenta la enorme dificultad de reconvertir la gran maquinaria bélica en una economía de paz.

Truman tuvo que resistir a fuertes presiones políticas viniendo de todos lados, para poder ratificar su decisión.

Según las preconizaciones del general William J. Donovan, director del OSS, la nueva Agencia Central de Inteligencia (CIA) comenzaría a sustituir parcialmente y poco a poco los servicios de la Marina, del Ejército de tierra y de la Secretaria de Estado. Su función no se resumiría en recoger información, sino que debía estar capacitada para actuar en el extranjero, violando así la soberanía de los Estados.

Si Truman estaba de acuerdo con la primera función de la CIA, no lo estaba con la segunda.

00.000.1947 -Oficialmente, el National Security Act, fue validado por el Congreso , perennizando en tiempos de paz un dispositivo militar general que

incluye una agencia de espionaje exterior, la CIA es desprovista de toda competencia para realizar «operaciones especiales».

La Organización Gehlen en Alemania y la red stay-behind en toda Europa no habrían tenido en adelante una justificación para continuar su existencia.

De esta manera debieron ser desmanteladas.

Sin embargo, a la ocasión de los debates sobre las condiciones de ocupación de la Alemania vencida,

la conferencia de ministros de Relaciones Exteriores en Moscú demostró que era casi imposible a los demás países del mundo, no tomar posición, obligándolos de esta manera a ubicarse geopolíticamente en el conflicto USA-URSS.

El primer país en escoger su «campo» fue Francia.

Escogió el campo de los Anglo-Estadounidenses.

Era el comienzo de una guerra no declarada y sin operaciones militares convencionales, la famosa «Guerra Fría».

Dando marcha atrás y de manera ilegal contra lo que fue decidido en el Congreso de USA, Harry S. Truman constituye en secreto un nuevo servicio para conducir operaciones de guerra en tiempos de paz.

La Organización Gehlen y la red de stay-behind son los que van a aportar los fundamentos y cimientos de esta nueva organización secreta.

18.Jun.1948 -del- la National Security Council Directive on Office of Special Projects (NSC 10/2) es La única base jurídica de las operaciones especiales .

Este documento clasificado «top secret» fue dado a conocer públicamente solamente 50 años más tarde [ 16 ].

Esta directiva estipulaba que las operaciones de la red debían ser planificadas y conducidas bajo la autoridad de un Buró administrativo adjunto a la CIA y sólo en tiempos de guerra y

en coordinación con el Estado Mayor del Ejército.

El jefe de este Buró sería nombrado por el Secretario de Estado, reconocido a su vez por el director de la CIA y confirmado en el puesto por el Concejo Nacional de Seguridad.

Inicialmente este Buró disponía de una autonomía completa y no era supeditado a la CIA, a fin que pudiera beneficiar de un financiamiento legal.

En caso de desacuerdo entre el Buró y el director de la CIA, o desacuerdo entre el Secretario de Estado y/o el secretario de la Defensa, el litigio debía ser resuelto únicamente por el Concejo Nacional de Seguridad.

Cada autoridad respectiva debía designar un oficial de enlace reconocido por el Buró, trasmitiéndole a esta persona toda la información necesaria a fin de preservar el secreto y la existencia del mismo. La competencia del Buró fue definida así: «Todas las actividades conducidas o apoyadas por el Gobierno [de USA] contra los Estados [países] o grupos hostiles, o los apoyos de Estados [países] o grupos amigos, deben ser planificados y ejecutados de manera que la responsabilidad de ningún Gobierno [actual y posteriores de los USA] pueda aparecer a las personas ajenas y no autorizadas, y si ellas son descubiertas, el Gobierno de los USA pueda denegar de manera fehaciente toda responsabilidad. Precisamente, tales operaciones están involucradas en la actividad secreta y en relación con la propaganda;

la guerra económica, la acción preventiva directa, que incluye el sabotaje, el anti-sabotaje, las medidas de destrucción y de infiltración; la subversión de Estados [países] hostiles, donde se incluye la asistencia a los movimientos de resistencia, a las guerrillas locales y a los grupos de liberación en el exilio; el apoyo a los elementos anticomunistas locales que se encuentren en los países amenazados del mundo libre.

Estas operaciones no toman en cuenta los conflictos armados conducidos por las fuerzas armadas militares reconocidas, las del espionaje y el contraespionaje, la cobertura y el engaño llevadas por las operaciones militares».

La organización interna de la red a sido definida en un memorando secreto, redactado por el director principal del Buró y a la atención del director de la CIA [ 17 ].

Está dividido en cinco grupos funcionales:
  el Grupo de guerra psicológica (prensa, radio, rumores, etc.)
  el Grupo de guerra política (ayuda a la resistencia en los países comunistas, ayuda a los movimientos en el exilio, ayuda a los movimientos anticomunistas en los países libres, estímulo e incitación a los tránsfugas);
  el Grupo de guerra económica (impedimento y trabas en la adquisición de materiales y de provisiones, manipulación de los mercados, mercado negro, especulación sobre las monedas, falsificación de monedas, etc.);
  el Grupo de acción directa preventiva (ayuda a las guerrillas, sabotaje, contra sabotaje, destrucción, infiltración, agentes dobles, stay-behind),
  el Grupo « diversos ».

Para Truman y su equipo, la nueva guerra no es de tipo convencional y no la opone los USA a la URSS, es de naturaleza política, económica, psicológica y la enfrenta el Occidente al Comunismo.

Los intereses de los USA se convierten en la defensa de los valores de sus «padres fundadores» [ 18 ], dándole así no una dimensión religiosa, sino mística a la Guerra Fría.

Todos los medios debían ser movilizados y aplicados para que los Occidentales se reconozcan en el campo estadounidense, identificándose de esta manera al « mundo libre » y preparándose a sacrificarse por él.

El stay-behind fue y es una arma con un objetivo bien claro en esta cruzada.

La expresión « stay-behind » fue utilizada por los servicios de espionaje británicos para designar a sus agentes secretos que se quedaron detrás de las líneas enemigas en el frente de guerra. Tenían por misión organizar una resistencia local, recibían ayuda y suministros gracias a los aviones que lanzaban en paracaídas el material, armas, aparatos de comunicación y de transmisión para tales fines. Durante la Guerra Fría, la idea de una ocupación soviética en Europa occidental favoreció la preparación logística de tal operativo.

La idea era también reclutar una red similar pero a escala atlántica, con ayuda de anticomunistas acostumbrados a la acción secreta.

A parte de los agentes nazis que fueron enrolados y enviados por la OSS, el Carmel Offie continuó reclutando personal en los medios de extrema derecha para apoyar la estructura estadounidense.

Respecto a la facción ultramontana [19 ] de los católicos, los anglo-americanos llevaron a cabo un acuerdo global con la Santa Sede por intermedio del cardenal Francis Spellman.

Desarrollo del stay behind ...
Faye Wilkes
(202) 219-3258

Answering media inquiries about his "mysterious bulge", President Bush identified it as "my spine."

The following individuals are listed in the Corporate Yellow Book +

The Leadership Library® on the Internet.

Angela Wilkes, Owens & Minor, Inc.
Roy Wilkes,
Washington Group International, Inc.

Modern society is currently ruled by a political-economic  system that is controlled and determined by money.   One Dollar = One Vote

The only votes that count in our current society are the dollar votes  we exercise by buying or not buying products.

We can change our society by voting our $$ for those products that help humanity, and, of equal importantance, by not voting our $$ for those products that hurt humanity.

Problem One's Solution Candidates

The following Solution Candidates  have been proposed as providing partial solutions to the Fossil Fuel Depletion-Over Population Crisis . Please examine them carefully.

1) Co-Operative Trusts 

These are  organizational models  that allow small to large groups of humans to synergically organize themselves to meet their common needs with much greater efficiency and economy .
Wilkes University whois :
OrgName: Wilkes University OrgID: WILKES Address: P.O. Box 111 City: Wilkes-Barre StateProv: PA PostalCode: 18766 Country: US NetRange: - CIDR: NetName: WILKES1 NetHandle: NET-146-94-0-0-1 Parent: NET-146-0-0-0-0 NetType: Direct Assignment NameServer: WILKES1.WILKES.EDU NameServer: NS1.WILKES.EDU Comment: RegDate: 1991-01-29 Updated: 2004-03-09 TechHandle:
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19 Sep 02:37:23 MSIE 6.0 Windows XP 1024x768 USA( optimi pessima achilles
Drei Kilometer unter dem Eis Grönlands haben Forscher Mikroben entdeckt, die zum Teil mehr als 100.000 Jahre alt sind.

Die Bakterien produzieren Methan - was darauf hindeutet, dass ähnliche Lebensformen noch heute auf dem Mars existieren könnten.
Die Wissenschaftler um Buford Price von der University of California schätzen das Alter der Bakterienkolonie auf mehr als 100.000 Jahre.

Sie gehen davon aus, dass die Mikroben sich in der unwirtlichen Umgebung nur mühsam am Leben erhalten. Anstatt ihre Gemeinschaft zu vergrößern, müssen sie sich damit begnügen, Erbgutschäden zu reparieren.
EU-Haushalt: Londons Budgetvorschlag trifft auf eisiges Nein
Streit um Irak-Krieg: Enttarnte CIA-Agentin quittiert Dienst

07.Dec.2005 Rumänien: USA bauen neue Militärstützpunkte auf
07.Dec.2005 Forum - Powered by XMB 1.9.1 Nexus " Novo Ordo Seclorum " heißt soviel wie 'neue, weltliche Ordnung' im Gegensatz zur geustlichen (Monarchie, Kirche) des europäischen Mittelalters. ...

Negotiators try to resolve detainee-abuse language -By Roxana Tiron and Patrick O’Connor
High-stakes players who gambled at the table with Casino Jack - By Josephine Hearn
00.000.2003 -In the fall of- a butterfly in Louisiana flapped its wings. The American Press in Lake Charles reported that members of the gambling-rich Louisiana Coushatta Indian tribe were questioning lavish fees their leaders had paid to two Washington political insiders, lobbyist Jack Abramoff and public relations consultant Michael Scanlon.

House Dems now regret their ‘yes’ votes on Iraq -By Josephine Hearn and Jackie Kucinich
00.Sep.2002 When Rep. Mike Ross (D-Ark.) went to the White House, as the president was shoring up congressional support for a resolution authorizing military force in Iraq, he brought a notepad.

ElBaradei to 'Post': No 'smoking gun' in Iran: Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency have found no "smoking gun" in Iran that would indicate a nuclear weapons program, Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, the director-general of the IAEA, told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

07.Dec.2005 War pimp alert: AIPAC Blasts White House On Iran: As time dwindles for diplomatic efforts to curtail Iran's drive for nuclear weapons, the pro-Israel lobby in Washington is criticizing the Bush administration's handling of the issue.

07.Dec.2005 Israel: The nuclear campaign issue: Netanyahu, who is running for the Likud leadership, threatened on Israel Radio this week that if elected prime minister he would weigh military action to prevent Iran's attaining nuclear capability.

07.Dec.2005 In case you missed it: Armed Israeli aggression against the Iraqi nuclear installations : Noting with concern that Israel has refused to adhere to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and, in spite of repeated calls, including that of the Security Council, to place its nuclear facilities under International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards

07.Dec.2005 Russia Confirms SAM Sale To Iran: Russia has confirmed that it has signed an agreement for the sale of anti-aircraft systems to Iran.

07.Dec.2005 EXCLUSIVE: Sources Tell ABC News Top Al Qaeda Figures Held in Secret CIA Prisons: 10 Out of 11 High-Value Terror Leaders Subjected to ' Enhanced Interrogation Techniques ' Torture

07.Dec.2005 CIA 'closes terror prisons': Eleven al-Qaeda prisoners who were held in Eastern Europe have been transferred and were being relocated "to a CIA site somewhere in north Africa," ABC reported, citing CIA sources.

07.Dec.2005 Britain's role in war on terror revealed : · 200 ghost flights logged across nearly 20 airfields. · MPs urge government to state level of cooperation

07.Dec.2005 UK 'breaking law' over CIA secret flights : The British government is guilty of breaking international law if it allowed secret CIA "rendition" flights of terror suspects to land at UK airports, according to a report by American legal scholars.

07.Dec.2005 Victims Could Sue for Human Rights in European Court of Justice: : The Munich human rights attorney Georg Note speaks with Spiegel Online about Germany's responsibility and possible repercussions of the affair.

07.Dec.2005 Torture Saves European Lives, Rice Tells Europe...s Leaders: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice chastised European leaders on Monday, saying that before they complain about secret jails for terror suspects in European nations, they should realize that interrogations of these suspects have produced information that helped “save European lives.”

07.Dec.2005 No exceptions to the ban on torture : The absolute ban on torture, a cornerstone of the international human rights edifice, is under attack. The principle we once believed to be unassailable - the inherent right to physical integrity and dignity of the person - is becoming a casualty of the so-called war on terror.

07.Dec.2005 Ex-CIA Agent in Milan Asks for Immunity : An Italian judge rejects the request of the retired station chief, wanted in a suspect's abduction.

07.Dec.2005 UK: MPs dismiss US denials as 'disingenuous' and 'beyond belief' : Assurances by Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State, that America did not send detainees abroad for torture were dismissed last night by a cross-party group of MPs as "beyond belief".

07.Dec.2005 CIA Flights Made 50 Landings at Ireland's Shannon, Amnesty Says : The group said the information contradicts US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who said last week that Shannon had not been used for ``untoward'' purposes.

07.Dec.2005 Keep quiet about secret flights to secret jails, Rice tells Europe: CONDOLEEZZA RICE challenged European leaders to back controversial American anti-terrorism tactics yesterday as she robustly defended the CIA’s extrajudicial seizure, transportation and interrogation of thousands of suspects.

07.Dec.2005 Months Of Terror For Man Held By Mistake: With his arms held high behind his back he was driven to a plane, thrown on the metal floor and given an injection.

07.Dec.2005 German Man Claims US Tortured Him : ``I am asking the American government to admit its mistakes and to apologize for my treatment,'' al-Masri said in a written statement. ``I am hoping that an American court will say very clearly that what happened to me was illegal and cannot be done to others.''

07.Dec.2005 CIA ruse on missing cleric misled Italians: Agency spread disinformation to cover its tracks

07.Dec.2005 Australia approves tough new anti-terrorism laws: Australia's parliament passed a tough new anti-terrorism package on Tuesday amid fears the laws will strip citizens of their civil rights and erode free speech.

07.Dec.2005 Democracy under threat : Chávez will only gain from the US-backed opposition's ploy to undermine elections

07.Dec.2005 Panel gives US five 'F's in attack-preparation : Time, money and ever-present terror threats have done little to close gaping holes in the nation's security system, the former Sept. 11 Commission said Monday in accusing the government of failing to protect the country.

07.Dec.2005 Report: FBI botched terrorism probe: FBI agents botched a terrorism investigation in Florida + tried to cover up mistakes,

said Justice Department investigators, who also concluded that a high-ranking official retaliated against the veteran undercover agent who first pointed out the problems.

07.Dec.2005 Charge against DeLay upheld: A state judge upheld a felony money-laundering charge against former US House Majority Leader Tom DeLay on Monday, dealing a blow to the representative's bid to get his powerful job back.

07.Dec.2005 The king of congressional corruption: THOSE OF US who are true fans of hypocrisy and corruption need to pause and salute Randy Cunningham on his way out of town toward the beckoning slammer.

07.Dec.2005 Contractor 'knew how to grease the wheels': In government documents, he is referred to as "co-conspirator No. 1": a man who gave more than $630,000 in cash + favors to former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham for help in landing millions of $$ in federal contracts.
Insurgents dismiss Iraq polls, brace for battle: "Expect black days.

Elections won't change anything.

This is a long-term struggle.

We will fight for the next 20 years," said Abu Mohammed

07.Dec.2005 Dean Questions Commitment to Iraq Strategy : Democratic Chairman Howard Dean on Monday likened the war in Iraq to Vietnam and said,

"The idea that the USAis going to win the war in Iraq is just plain wrong," comments that drew immediate fire from Republicans.

07.Dec.2005 Rumsfeld assails US news coverage from Iraq: - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld assailed US news coverage of the Iraq war on Monday and accused journalists of rushing to find fault with the USAand its military.

07.Dec.2005 Riverbend: Iraqi Girl Blog: Mother of All Trials...: Couldn't they find more credible witnesses? They were fifteen and ten at the time... it just doesn't make sense.

07.Dec.2005 Court showdown today over military recruiting : A question before the US Supreme Court today is whether colleges' free-speech rights are violated by a law that could allow the government to withhold money from schools that limit military recruiters' access to campus

07.Dec.2005 Counter-Recruitment Day Sweeps US Colleges : "A military that is an unequal employer and that funnels people into an immoral war should not be able to recruit on campus,"
Ex-Professor Acquitted on Several Charges : In a stinging defeat for prosecutors, a former Florida professor accused of helping lead a terrorist group that has carried out suicide bombings against Israel was acquitted on nearly half the charges against him Tuesday + the jury deadlocked on the rest.

07.Dec.2005 Secret Memo Reveals Hillary’s Red State Strategy for ‘08 : Hillary Clinton’s attempt to rebrand herself as a red state friendly DLC Democrat -- Bush on Brains -- continues with her decision to sign on as a co-sponsor of the Flag Protection Act, which makes it illegal to desecrate the American flag

07.Dec.2005 Rice's answers on secret CIA flights "unsatisfactory":: Dutch Foreign Minister Ben Bot has said the comments by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice about secret CIA flights and detention centers for terrorist suspects outside the USAwere "unsatisfactory," Dutch news agency ANP reported Tuesday.
America can't take it anymore
The Bush administration has embraced torture as a key part of the "war on terror." Finally, members of Congress, the military and the CIA are speaking out against the abuse.-By Mark Follman
Five days after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Vice President Dick Cheney instructed the nation that the US government would begin working "the dark side" to defeat its enemies in a new global war. "A lot of what needs to be done here will have to be done quietly, without any discussion," Cheney declared on NBC's "Meet the Press." He added, "It's going to be vital for us to use any means at our disposal."

Permalink 07.Dec.2005
The Iran-contra connection! 07.Dec.2005
The sex scandal? Josh Marshall calls it "some sort of legislative love shack Wilkes used to lubricate the pay-for-play operation that made him and his pals so much cash..." (My favorite comment so far: "Great! Blowjobs! Now we can finally start impeaching people!")
DeLay, who is facing questions about his ties to recently indicted Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff, has raised $1.09 million since his fund was set up in 2000 to fend off a Democratic lawsuit, which has been settled. Many of his fellow lawmakers -- including Cunningham -- have contributed to DeLay's fund.
16.Sep.2005 link

Just the kind of guy you want to give a lot of power to.

We mentioned a few days ago a woman named Elizabeth Reyes who was an attorney in the elections division of the Texas Secretary of state.

Elizabeth Reyes who was an attorney in the elections division of the Texas Secretary of state answered a press question about a law that Karl Rove had broken - though she wasn't told that Rove was the person involved.

Elizabeth Reyes who was an attorney in the elections division of the Texas Secretary of state was immediately fired.

Now it turns out that Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams decided to fire Elizabeth Reyes who was an attorney in the elections division of the Texas Secretary of state

after getting a call from Rove himself.

But for the morons among us, Williams would like to make clear that Rove's call had nothing to do with it.

( ed.note : Special thanks to TPM Reader J for the tip.) -- Josh Marshall


China has been deemed as assisting Iran's intermediate-and long-range missile programs.

US officials said dozens of Chinese companies + individuals have provided components + technology for Iran's Shihab-3 + Shihab-4 programs.

US officials said the components + technology also aimed to help Iran develop a weapons of mass destruction warhead.


USA Defense Department has acknowledged that a leading arms trafficker was contracted to help the US military in Iraq.

USA Pentagon said it has supplied fuel to aircraft operated by Victor Bout, regarded as the leading arms trafficker in the world.

Victor Bout , a Russian national long based in the Gulf, has been contracted to fly supplies to US troops in Iraq.
Lockheed Martin, the world's largest weapons manufacturer, gave Cunningham a whopping $15,000.

Cunningham's number three source of funds is MZM Inc. of Washington, DC,

whose government clients, in addition to the Pentagon,

include the "US intelligence community,"

the "Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force," +

the Department of Homeland Security.

MZM gave Randy $11,000 for his services.

Next in line is the Cubic Corporation of San Diego, which has numerous multimillion dollar contracts with the Pentagon

to supply "realistic combat training systems" + surveillance + reconnaissance avionics.

Cubic Corporation of San Diego gave Randy Cunningham $10,000.

General Dynamics ponied up $10,000 for Randy Cunningham, Congressman, as did

San Diego's Science Applications International Corporation, or SAIC as it is commonly known.

SAIC's largest customer by far is the US government, which accounts for 69% of its business according to SAIC's filings with the SEC. (SAIC was supposed to build a new, pro-American TV + radio network in Iraq but bungled the job badly.) The remainder of Cunningham's top contributors reads like a who's who among the merchants of death: $9,500 from Northrup Grumman, $8,000 from Raytheon (which makes the Tomahawk cruise missile), $8,500 from Qualcomm + $7,000 from Boeing. All this for just one Congressman.
DeLay: Pervasive Corruption at U.N. a Crisis; Votes to Withhold U.N. Funds Until Urgent Reforms Are Made Fri Jun 17, 4:24 PM ET

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) today said the state of corruption at the United Nations is a crisis as the House of Representatives passed reform legislation calling for withholding up to half of the U.N. dues contributed by the US until crucial reforms are made.
00.000.2003 A Defense Department directive kept CIFA from engaging in law enforcement activities such as "the investigation, apprehension, or detention of individuals suspected or convicted of criminal offenses against the laws of the USA."

Perhaps the prime illustration of the Pentagon's intelligence growth is CIFA, which remains one of its least publicized intelligence agencies. Neither the size of its staff, said to be more than 1,000, nor its budget is public, said Conway, the Pentagon spokesman. The CIFA brochure says the agency's mission is to "transform" the way counterintelligence is done "fully utilizing 21st century tools and resources."

One CIFA activity, threat assessments, involves using "leading edge information technologies and data harvesting," according to a February 2004 Pentagon budget document. This involves "exploiting commercial data" with the help of outside contractors including White Oak Technologies Inc. of Silver Spring + MZM Inc., a Washington-based research organization, according to the Pentagon document.

For CIFA, counterintelligence involves not just collecting data but also "conducting activities to protect DoD and the nation against espionage, other intelligence activities, sabotage, assassinations + terrorist activities," its brochure states.

"In the age of terrorism," Conway said, "the US military and its facilities are targets + we have to be prepared within our authorities to defend them before something happens."
Australia blasts Singapore hanging as 'barbaric'
(US) For a candlelight vigil in support of convicted drug trafficker Nguyen Toung Van who will face death by hanging in Singapore on Friday. (Thu Dec 01 04:16:43 2005 PST)

US Christian Group Names Captives in Iraq, Blames US, U.K. -
LINK - ``We are angry because what has happened to our teammates is the result of the actions of the US and U.K. governments due to the illegal attack on Iraq and the continuing occupation and oppression of its people,'' the statement said. Bush’s Bloody Strategy for Victory - LINK - Already, "the tempo of American bombing seems to have increased," Hersh reports. And he cites a Pentagon press release that notes that one Marine aircraft unit alone has "dropped more than 500,000 tons of ordnance." So Where is the White House’s Apology to Iraq? - LINK - Am I wrong here? Am I stupid for believing that a nation that conducts itself in a way that results in creating a dangerous and deadly environment for another nation should at the very least apologize for doing so?
Bush in Iraq, Slouching Toward Genocide -
LINK - Despite pretty words about democracy and freedom, George W. Bush’s “victory” plan in Iraq is starting to look increasingly like an invitation to genocide, the systematic destruction of the Sunni minority for resisting its US-induced transformation from the nation’s ruling elite into second-class citizenship.
FBI Is Taking Another Look at Forged Prewar Intelligence -
LINK - The FBI has reopened an inquiry into one of the most intriguing aspects of the pre-Iraq war intelligence fiasco: how the Bush administration came to rely on forged documents linking Iraq to nuclear weapons materials as part of its justification for the invasion. Neo-Crazies Already Planning Beyond Iran - LINK - There are other steps Bush could take to prevail in the War on Terror he has declared + neo-crazy Frank Gaffney has just published a book suggesting 10 of them. And a gaggle of fellow neo-crazies at the American Enterprise Institute has just published an obbligato – entitled "Launch Regional Initiatives" – based upon a couple of them.
US Army admits Iraqis outnumber foreign fighters as its main enemy -
LINK - Their conclusion, disclosed to the Sunday Telegraph in interviews over 10 days in battle-torn Anbar province, contradicts the White House message that outsiders are the principal enemy in Iraq.
Saddam's trial will not be fair, says United Nations -
LINK - The UN said yesterday said that Saddam Hussein's trial would never satisfy international standards because of ongoing violence and flaws in Iraq's legal system

Bush had reportedly called the proposal "a brilliant idea."

As part of this tour -- which hasn't been fully embraced by the real U.N., contrary to the reporter's assertion - Moon is also calling for a tunnel linking Alaska and Russia, with help from the chairman of the Arizona GOP and various metropolitan leaders of different political stripes.

As regular readers of this blog know, attending these groups is a Bush family tradition.

Barbara Bush + Bush [BGHW948] have long attended Moon's lucrative + stately peace festivities, which stress the Reverend Moon 's mastery of family values as God's path to world peace.

It's unclear whether wayward son Neil Bush, who romped with prostitutes in Asia, has any special expertise in this area.

Lately Neil Bush has also been jogging with a fugitive Russian tycoon + lobbying Capitol Hill for Scientology.

00.000.1996 Bush [BGHW948] Sr. praises Moon as "man with vision" in Buenos Aires ( Pat Boone as Moon's emcee

This post has been revised for clarity. link

So that's what he's been up to since his divorce (see also "miscellaneous consulting services").

And another Bush joins the Reverend Moon world tour?

Brother Neil Bush's journey with Washington Times owner + possible Messiah Rev. Sun Myung Moon is reported in the Manila Bulletin.

The occasion: promoting Moon's idea for a Universal Peace Federation.

According to Moon's promotional videos, his organizations are prophecied to kick off his "Eternal Peace Kingdom," in which all religions + countries would become one under his guidance.

To the casual observer, a surprising cause for a Bush to get behind...
UC has joined Bechtel National + other industrial partners in a bid to retain its contract to run Los Alamos, in a competition against a consortium consisting of Lockheed-Martin, the University of Texas, several New Mexico universities + various industrial partners. --> CARLYLE
Makhijani says he isn't taking sides in the competition but that he would prefer the weapons labs be run by industrial contractors rather than universities.

The reason, he said, is that university connections to the weapons labs tend to lead to restraints on free inquiry and speech within the universities.
The report concludes that at least 661 pounds of plutonium generated at the lab over the last half-century is not accounted for.

The atomic bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, 00.000.1945 contained about 13 pounds of plutonium.
"The security implications . . . are extremely serious, since less than 2 percent of the lowest unaccounted-for plutonium is enough to make one nuclear bomb," the report said.
The problem of plutonium accounting began worrying lab critics in the mid-1990s, when Energy Department officials released lab records as part of the Clinton administration's openness initiative.
Critics found they had trouble determining exactly what the lab was doing with the plutonium waste that is generated during the manufacture of spherical plutonium "pits," the fissile triggers of nuclear bombs.
Makhijani said he and colleagues from two other activist groups hoped the problem would be resolved in August 2004, when they sent a letter of complaint to then-Los Alamos Director G. Peter Nanos. Nanos was trying to reform lab operations after highly publicized scandals over UC management of Los Alamos.
Nanos and lab officials did not respond, though + nine months later Nanos left for a different job. Makhijani said he and associates had decided to make their report public to dramatize federal officials' failure to resolve the puzzle of the missing plutonium.

Plutonium Could Be Missing From Los Alamos
Date: Monday, December 05 @ 07:25:25 EST
Topic: National
Enough plutonium to make dozens of nuclear bombs hasn't been accounted for at the UC-run Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico and may be missing, an activist group says in a new report.
There is no evidence that the weapons-grade plutonium has been stolen or diverted for illegal purposes, the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research said. However, the amount of unaccounted-for plutonium -- more than 600 pounds + possibly several times that -- is so great that it raises "a vast security issue," the group said in a report to be made public today.
The institute, which is based in Takoma Park, Md., says it compared data from five publicly available reports and documents issued by the US Energy Department and Los Alamos from 1996 to 2004 and found inconsistencies in them. It says the records aren't clear on what the lab did with the plutonium, a byproduct of nuclear bomb research at Los Alamos.
A spokesman for UC, which manages the national laboratories at Los Alamos and Livermore for the Energy Department, did not address the report's specifics but said the New Mexico lab tracks nuclear material "to a minute quantity."

This article comes from Global News Matrix
The URL for this story is:



As I pointed out in the Introduction, The 11.Sep.2001 Commission Report endorses the official conspiracy theory,

according to which the attacks of 11.Sep.2001 were carried out solely by al-Qaeda, under the direction of Osama bin Laden.

I am looking at this report from the perspective of the alternative conspiracy theory, according to which officials of the US government were involved.

Although the 11.Sep.2001 Commission did not mention this alternative hypothesis, it was clearly seeking to undermine its plausibility.

One way to do this would be to show that, contrary to those who hold this hypothesis, the Bush administration did not have any interests or plans that could have provided a sufficient motive for arranging or at least allowing such murderous attacks on its own citizens.

The 11.Sep.2001 Commission did not do this directly, by explicitly addressing the motives alleged by those who endorse the alternative hypothesis.

But it did not do it indirectly, by portraying the Bush administration + the US government more generally, as devoid of motives in question.

The Kean-Zelikow Commission, however, could provide this portrayal only by means of numerous omissions and distortions.

Besides omitting the Bush administration's reference to the 11.Sep.2001 attacks as "opportunities," it omitted any discussion of the US Space Command, with its mission to solidify global dominance + of the PNAC document, with its suggestion that a new Pearl Harbor would be helpful.

11.Sep.2001 Commission omitted historical facts showing that the Bush administration had plans to attack both Afghanistan + Iraq before 11.Sep.2001 so that the attacks served as a pretext rather than a cause.

And the 11.Sep.2001 Commission distorted US motives in those attacks, portraying US leaders as interested only in self-defense, human rights + peace, not oil, bases + geopolitical primacy. link

For example, two California ID cards of Flight 77 passenger, Susanne Calley, were miraculously uncovered in the Pentagon wreckage by a first responder, Capt. Jim Ingledue of the Virginia Beach Fire Department two days after 11.Sep.2001.

Although Capt. Ingledue believes the official account of 11.Sep.2001, he admitted it was "very strange and highly unusual" to find unblemished paper-thin evidence in a meltdown like the Pentagon.

And even more miraculously than Calley's ID's a year after 11.Sep.2001, four unscathed credit cards were returned to the parents of Waleed Iskandar, a suspicious Flight 11 passenger also not on the original passenger list but included a year later on unofficial flight lists.

Strangely, in light of the miraculous discoveries, both Iskandar and Calley's loved one's did not question the return or authenticity of the items returned, adding they were in perfect agreement with the government's official version of 11.Sep.2001.

Investigators noted there was no suicide note and the only thing found next to her body was a letter from then New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani inviting her to an upcoming memorial service at Ground Zero to mourn 11.Sep.2001 victims.

After the apparent suicide, several school friends and even family members said Kalashasthi was, of course, devastated by her loss, being married for only a short time, but was determined to move forward and complete her dental studies.

Further, friends pointed out she was devout Hindu who believed in reincarnation, making suicide an even more unlikely choice since a return to earth is inevitable according to Kalashasthi's Hindu beliefs.
Strange Suicide of a Flight 11 Passenger's Wife Raises More Doubt as to What Really Happened on the Four 11.Sep.2001 Flights
Prasanna Kalahasthi, 25, a USC dental student and married to Pendyala Vamsikrishna, a Flight 11 passenger, killed herslf one month after 11.Sep.2001 in her Los Angeles apartment even though friends say she was 'in good spirits and determined to finish dental school.'
3 Dec

General Kevin Byrnes was fired for attempting to prevent the drill from going live. (See
Lehrman/, Szymanski/Arctic Beacon, Jones,Watson/PrisonPlanet, Skolnick/Cloak&Dagger.
Now a Washington Times report, also anonymously-sourced, highlights the flimsy basis on which he was fired -- adultery. Not the Jeff Gannon kind of military adultery popular in the White House; but involvement, while separated from his wife, with a woman in a separate command. It also turns out Rumsfeld tried to chase him out the military three years ago. Looks like he finally found a pretext.
WashTimes August 10 : An official announcement yesterday did not specify why Gen. Kevin P. Byrnes, 52, was removed from his command of all soldier training and doctrine development, but two retired Army officers said it was for having an extramarital affair.

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Der leitende Mailänder Staatsanwalt Armando Spataro sagte, die CIA-Aktion sei nicht nur ein "Verbrechen gegen die italienische Souveränität und die Menschenrechte" gewesen. Sie habe zudem die "Antiterror-Bemühungen in Italien und Europa ernsthaft beschädigt". Wäre Omar nicht entführt worden, wäre er nun Angeklagter in einem legalen Verfahren und säße im Gefängnis. Außerdem hätten die Ermittler möglicherweise Komplizen aus seinem Umfeld identifizieren können, sagte Spataro.
Inzwischen hat die Mailänder Justiz 22 Haftbefehle gegen CIA-Mitarbeiter in dem Fall erlassen. Die italienischen Ermittler vermuten, dass der CIA-Chef in Rom die Aktion geleitet hat. Koordiniert worden sei die Entführung von Mitarbeitern der US-Botschaft. Schwer beschuldigt wird außerdem der CIA-Chef im Mailand, Robert Seldon Lady. Gegen ihn ist ebenfalls ein Haftbefehl erlassen worden.
Die Bemühungen der italienischen Staatsanwaltschaft werden jedoch von der Berlusconi-Regierung torpediert. Auslieferungsgesuche an die USA zur Überstellung verdächtiger CIA-Mitarbeitern nach Italien seien von Justizminister Roberto Castelli bisher nicht genehmigt worden, berichtet die "Washington Post".
Mailand - Im März 2003 erhielt die Antiterror-Abteilung der italienischen Polizei eine als dringlich eingestufte Mitteilung von der CIA über den ägyptischen Imam Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, genannt Abu Omar, der einige Wochen zuvor in Mailand auf mysteriöse Weise verschwunden war.
Die US-Sicherheitsleute teilten mit, sie wüssten über den Aufenthaltsort des Vermissten Bescheid, Abu Omar sei auf den Balkan geflüchtet. Nun meldet die "Washington Post", diese Information des amerikanischen Geheimdienstes sei falsch gewesen. Die CIA habe die italienischen Behörden bewusst in die Irre geführt.
Die vorsätzliche Lüge sollte die Italiener auf eine falsche Fährte locken und die Entführung Abu Omars durch Agenten aus Langley kaschieren. Die Strategie sei mehr als ein Jahr lang aufgegangen, berichtete das Blatt unter Berufung auf italienische Justizdokumente und Gespräche mit Ermittlern.
Erst Monate nach dem Verschwinden Abu Omars gelang es den italienischen Ermittlern die Geschichte seines Abgangs zu rekonstruieren. Am 17. Februar 2003 war er entführt und von der US-Luftwaffenbasis Aviano nach Ägypten ausgeflogen worden. Dort soll der 42-Jährige gefoltert worden sein. In abgehörten Anrufen an Bekannte in Italien berichtete er vom Stromschlägen und Kälteschocks. Zurzeit befindet sich der Ägypter in dem Land unter Hausarrest.
Während seines Aufenthalts in Italien war er auch von den italienischen Behörden beobachtet worden. Sie sammelten Belastungsmaterial gegen ihn, weil er ihnen als Mitglied der extremistischen Organisation Jemaah Islamiah galt.
"Antiterror-Bemühungen beschädigt"

CIA-Flüge: Schonfrist für Steinmeier
CIA-Geheimlager: Im Osten nichts Neues
Nach Meinung des Historikers Parks Stephenson, der am gestrigen Montag ebenfalls an der Konferenz in Woods Hole teilgenommen hat, ist nun eine neue Rekonstruktion der "Titanic"-Katastrophe fällig. "Das Auseinanderbrechen und das Sinken der 'Titanic' wurden niemals präzise dargestellt", sagte er.
Robert Ballard, der das Wrack 1985 rund 600 Kilometer südöstlich von Neufundland in einer Tiefe von 3800 Metern entdeckt hat, kommentierte die neuen Funde mit triefendem Sarkasmus. "Sie haben ein Fragment entdeckt. Eine wirklich tolle Sache", sagte er der Nachrichtenagentur AP. "Bin ich beeindruckt? Nein. Wenn man dort hinunter taucht, sieht man überall etwas herumliegen." Ballard, der mit dem "Titanic"-Fund ein Vermögen verdient haben dürfte, scheint mittlerweile das Interesse an dem Wrack verloren zu haben. "Sie hat einen Eisberg gerammt und ist gesunken. Kommt endlich darüber hinweg."
Stalking: Wenn Mord zur Privatsache wird >

06.Dec.2005 New Orleans: Nach uns die Sintflut
CIA-Affäre: Verschlusssache Aufklärung
US-Geheimdienst: Wie die CIA die Italiener foppte
Zum Tode Hanns-Dieter Hüschs: "Moralist reinster Prägung"

06.Dec.2005 Interview mit Völkerrechtler Nolte: "Opfer könnten vor dem Europäischen Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte klagen"
Großbritannien: Cameron zum neuen Tory-Vorsitzenden gewählt

06.Dec.2005 Studie: Mehr Blogger als Blog-Leser
Palast der Republik: 10.000 Unterschriften gegen den Abriss
Verschleppung: US-Bürgerrechtler klagen im Fall Masri gegen CIA

06.Dec.2005 Esa-Etat: EU-Minister beschließen Mars-Mission
Spanien: Fünf Eta-Bomben explodiert
CIA-Affäre: FDP droht mit Untersuchungsausschuss
Gerichtsurteil: Betreiber haften für Forumsbeiträge
Selbstmordanschlag in Bagdad: Polizei hält Putzfrauen für Täter
Neue Funde: "Titanic" sank schneller als vermutet
Kampf gegen Terror: Rice verspricht Korrekturen
Schulspender mit SS-Vergangenheit: Zank um Beisheims Zaster

06.Dec.2005 Santander: Eta-Bombendrohung gegen Flughafen
Enzyklopädie-Vandalismus: Wikipedia verschärft die Regeln

06.Dec.2005 Flugzeugunglück in Teheran: Hercules stürzt in Hochhaus - Hunderte Tote befürchtet
Munition in Nord- und Ostsee: Explosive Gefahr auf dem Meeresgrund

06.Dec.2005 Berlin-Besuch: Rice verteidigt geheime CIA-Aktionen

06.Dec.2005 Hanns Dieter Hüsch ist tot: Humorpoet des Alltags

06.Dec.2005 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Republik der Angst"
Umfrage: US-Verbündete lehnen CIA-Geheimverhöre ab

06.Dec.2005 Grönland: Mikroben aus dem Eis könnten Mars-Methan erklären
Südafrika: Ex-Vize-Präsident wegen Vergewaltigung angeklagt
Neue Domain: Mittwoch beginnt die ".eu"-Zeit

06.Dec.2005 Manila: US-Botschaft nach Terrorwarnung geschlossen
Stromausfall: Politiker fordern Prüfung aller Masten

06.Dec.2005 Terror-Häftlinge: Die Geistergefangenen der USA
Neue CIA-Enthüllungen: "Irgendwo in Nordafrika"

06.Dec.2005 New Yorks Bürgermeister: Bloomberg zahlte 77 Millionen Dollar für Wiederwahl

06.Dec.2005 Irak: Rumsfeld von der Kraft des Widerstandes überrascht

06.Dec.2005 US-Regierung: Keine Hilfe für GM und Ford

06.Dec.2005 Haushaltsdefizit: EU verschiebt Verfahren gegen Deutschland

06.Dec.2005 Rice-Besuch: Zwei CIA-Gefängnisse sollen erst kürzlich geschlossen worden sein

06.Dec.2005 Vorwurf der Geldwäsche: Bush-Vertrauter muss vor Gericht

06.Dec.2005 Südafrika: Angriff auf die letzte Bastion der Reichen
01.May 2001
01.May 2001
Five Days That Shook The World: Seattle and Beyond
01.May 2001 -plus cracks in the cockpit canopy.
01.May 2001 But what has all that money bought?

Not much when compared to the F-15 and F-16.

Even the Pentagon's top testing officer disagrees with the performance status of the F-22.

20.Dec.2000 -in a memo to the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, Phillip Coyle, director of Operational Testing and Evaluation for the Pentagon, concluded that the problems with the F-22 were so overwhelming that a decision on putting the plane into production should be delayed indefinitely
01.May 2001 a case study for the Pentagon's procurement pathology: call it the buy-before- you-fly syndrome.

"One of the oldest tricks is putting off testing until production has begun," says Danielle Brian, director of the Project on Government Oversight.

"As a result, the contractor gets paid twice: once to make a flawed system and once to fix it."

The Nazgûl
The Nine Dark Lords of the Senate
Wayne Allard: Supports Torture
202-224-6471 - fax
Kit Bond: Supports Torture
No fax
Tom Coburn: Supports Torture
202-224-6008 - fax
Thad Cochran: Supports Torture
No fax
John Cornyn: Supports Torture
202-228-2856 - fax
James Inhofe: Supports Torture
202-228-0380 - fax
Pat Roberts: Supports Torture
202-224-3514 - fax
Jeff Sessions: Supports Torture
202-224-3149 - fax
Ted Stevens: Supports Torture
202-224-2354 - fax
Dick Cheney and the Nine have held up torture reform in the House with the aid of their agent:
Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert:
202-225-0697 - fax
Link to orginal vote... This is already being denied in the MSM.

Selbstmordanschlag: Israel kündigt "Kampf mit allen Mitteln" an

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California called the report an indictment of US counterterrorism efforts.
Pentagon Expanding Domestic Surveillance Programs, Wants Exception To ...

... stemming from the Iran-Contra scandal . He stood trial for five ... and other neoconservative journals have allied themselves with the ... has to be governed," he once wrote . "Such governance can only be ...
Aine | 23.Sep.200-
" Congress will not formally investigate charges that the Reagan campaign stole the election in 1980, in large part because Israel's supporters on Capitol Hill do not want to put the spotlight on Israel's role, which during that period sold weapons to Iran in blatant disregard of President Carter. " -- Prediction by Newsweek correspondent Eleanor Clift, on the NBC television talk show The McLaughlin Group, May 12, 1991 via "Reprise of the October Surprise: Is the Worst Surprise Still to Come?" at
October surprise in Iran? : The Bush administration is set to take a tougher line with Tehran despite a lack of consensus among its allies. By Simon Tisdall @

Wie der Terrorismus bekämpft wird - HTML-Version
Geheimdienste voll und ganz bestätigte, den ehemaligen CIA-Verbindungsoffizier Colonel Oswald . LeWinter er sagte:. "Die Brigate Rosse waren unterwandert. ...

Impeach A President
Gold Whistleblower: Oswald LeWinter Whistleblower: Rodney Stich News Links Forum Campaign to Impeach President George W. Bush by PROFESSOR FRANCIS A. BOYLE ...

Silent Lucidity: October Surprise?
OSWALD LeWINTER ADDRESSES PORTUGAL'S PARLIAMENT ON THE 'OCTOBER SURPRISE' "Congress will not formally investigate charges that the Reagan campaign stole the ...

CIA-Skandal: Rice verteidigt Geheimdienst-Praktiken
Iran threatens counter-strike: 'Zionist authorities are well aware that if they make a foolish mistake against Iran, Iran's harsh response will be destructive and determined'

05.Dec.2005 Iran Plans to Build Second Nuclear Power Plant : The broadcast said President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Cabinet ministers decided Sunday night to build the reactor in Khuzistan province, southwestern Iran.

05.Dec.2005 A 'Big Four' coalition emerging?: The Bush administration is quietly seeking to build with Britain, Japan and India a globe-spanning coalition system that can contain China, claims a leading neo-conservative thinker.

05.Dec.2005 Russian Foreign Minister Acknowledges Growing Divergence With US: “We can come to the conclusion that in the whole complex of our (foreign) relations the weight of existing military and strategic links between Russia and the USA... will be constantly declining,” Sergei Lavrov said.

05.Dec.2005 The torture files : CIA agents have broken ranks to reveal the 'cruel and inhuman' interrogation techniques they are ordered to use at secret prisons around the world, including freezing and near-drowning.

05.Dec.2005 Rice to claim Euro backing for CIA prisons: Stung by what many US officials see as a two-faced approach by some allies, she will also call on European governments to argue more forcefully with their own citizens that co-operation with the CIA is vital for their security.

05.Dec.2005 CIA ghost flights over Canada: Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr was taken off the streets of Milan on Feb. 17, 2003, then flown to Ramstein Air Base in Germany — considered US territory — and from there to Egypt where he was reportedly tortured.

05.Dec.2005 British Tory MP Blasts Extraordinary Rendition, Says Britain Broke International Law and "Complicit in Torture" if Flights Passed Through UK

05.Dec.2005 11.Sep.2001 Panel Cites Inadequate Security Steps former 11.Sep.2001 commission gave dismal grades Monday to the federal government's efforts to shore up national security + prevent another terror attack on the USA.

05.Dec.2005 Free Abdel-Jabbar Hamdan: Abdel-Jabbar Hamdan came to the USA more than 25 years ago + has been proud to be called an American ever since.

This confidence in the inherent beauty + justice of the USA was betrayed on the night of 27.Jul.2004

05.Dec.2005 Clinton gets anti-war challenger: In a move that is certain to harden the battle lines among Democrats surrounding the Iraq war, a veteran union organizer will announce Tuesday that he is campaigning to unseat Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York.

05.Dec.2005 Paul Krugman: The Joyless Economy : It should have been a good year for American families: the economy grew 4.2 percent, its best performance since 1999. Yet most families actually lost economic ground. Real median household income - the income of households in the middle of the income distribution, adjusted for inflation - fell for the fifth year in a row.

05.Dec.2005 Going hungry in Ohio and Michigan: Soup kitchens find need outpaces resources: Operators of Victory Temple and other soup kitchens and food pantries in northwest Ohio say a loss of factory jobs and surging utility costs are sending growing numbers of people to their doors.

05.Dec.2005 JPMorgan to hire 4,500 graduates in India: American banking giant JPMorgan Chase is to hire 4,500 graduates in India over the next two years with plans to move 30 per cent of its back office and support staff at its investment bank offshore by the end of 2007.

05.Dec.2005 A Twist in the Rove-Plame Mystery: The available evidence now suggests that Rove did lie to a federal grand jury – even after his lawyer got the warning in early 2004 – and that Rove only admitted the initial contact with the Time reporter when documentary evidence surfaced nine months later.
Rumsfeld says media should be more accountable: US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on Monday was critical of US media coverage of the war in Iraq and said that the Pentagon should improve its approach with the media because the war is very much a "battle for peoples minds."

05.Dec.2005 War Crimes, USA : If the USAis involved in committing war crimes, we as Americans have a responsibility to address that.

I don’t think hiding from reality is a solution to the fact that no one likes to be told that they’re doing something wrong.

05.Dec.2005 Saddam's Comments Highlight Unruly Session : Saddam Hussein railed at the judge Monday + the former president's lawyers briefly walked out of court before the first witness testified that Saddam's agents carried out random arrests, torture and killings in an Iraqi village

05.Dec.2005 Saddam-era Iraqi prime minister dies in US custody: Former Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Hamza al-Zubaidi, who was one of Saddam Hussein's most senior deputies in the early 1990s, died in US detention last week, the US military said on Monday. 

05.Dec.2005 Has 'War' become a leading brand for USA ? : How Bush's imperial policies are being linked to economic woes and CEO angst in America

05.Dec.2005 Navy to Expand Fleet With New Enemies in Mind : The Navy wants to increase its fleet to 313 ships by 00.000.2020 , reversing years of decline in naval shipbuilding + adding dozens of warships designed to defeat emerging adversaries, senior Defense Department officials say.

05.Dec.2005 Today Iraq, Tomorrow the World: According to the latest edition of the "Active Duty Military Personnel Strengths " published by the Defense Department’s Directorate for Information Operations and Reports (DIOR), the US has troops in 142 countries

05.Dec.2005 Drudge, Jerusalem Post sensationalize story about nuclear Iran: An article in the Jerusalem Post trumpeted by the conservative Drudge Report grossly sensationalizes the comments of Mohamed El-Baradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency.
Hadley: Pentagon Propaganda In Iraq Continues : On Sunday’s ABC This Week, Stephen Hadley acknowledged that President Bush has not yet ordered the shut-down of the Pentagon’s propaganda campaign in Iraq.
Propaganda and bribery : It seems such a tiny, insignificant thing. Why worry about planting a little propaganda and bribing a few journalists when your men in the field are dying day after day? "This is war," says the Pentagon. Yes indeed, adds the sonorous senator who chairs the armed services committee, "this is war". And in war, of course, anything goes (even including bombing al-Jazeera) because ... well, it's war, isn't it?
US missile kills two children in Pakistan: Report : Pakistani tribesmen on Sunday displayed parts of a US-marked missile they said hit a house and killed two boys, evidence at odds with the government which says an explosion there killed a top al Qaeda commander.
Where they hide the cash
We help rich individuals and companies to spirit away vast sums from the developing world -By Duncan Campbell
Five trillion $$ has been corruptly removed from the world's poorest countries and lodged permanently in the world's richest countries. That is the "conservative estimate" not of a leftwing anti-globalisation activist but of a leading American businessman and enthusiast for capitalism who has just completed a major study of how multinational corporations, wealthy individuals and unscrupulous governments are using the world's banking systems in ways that spread povert.

The torture files : -
By Raymond Whitaker

CIA agents have broken ranks to reveal the 'cruel and inhuman' interrogation techniques they are ordered to use at secret prisons around the world, including freezing and near-drowning. Continued
11.Sep.2001 Special Documentary - "The War On Terror Is Bogus"

Was 11.Sep.2001 more than just an attack? Could the Bush administration have had anything to gain from the attack? Two prominent European politicians, Michael Meacher and Andreas von Bülow, express their serious doubts about the official version of the 11.Sep.2001 story.” Watch it online. Real video
Nuclear Iran? You bet! -By Mike Whitney
Washington has joined the Middle East tussle, flaunting its public relations campaign; “The War on Terror”, to justify another century of exploitation, resource-theft + jack-boot subjugation of the native people. So, how does this relate to Iran?

Neoreality: Peak Oil And Iraq
What level of American casualties should be spent to keep America from economic and social collapse? By Bill Henderson
Why did the US make war on Iraq?

The official reasons - Iraq's alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction WMD + its links with Al-Qaeda - have now been shown to be lies.

What then were the real reasons? Continued
What Happened to Iraq's WMD
How politics corrupts intelligence -By Scott Ritter
The politicization of the intelligence community allows the process of fixing intelligence around policy to become pervasive + the increasingly polarized political climate in America prevents any real checks and balances through effective oversight, leaving Americans at the mercy of politicians who have placed partisan politics above the common good.

Zu viele alte Bekannte aus der Schröder-Zeit sitzen auch bei Angela Merkel an wichtigen Positionen: Frank-Walter Steinmeier, einst Schröders mächtiger Mann im Kanzleramt und intimer Kenner aller Vorgänge, ist nun Außenminister. August Hanning, unter Rot-Grün Chef des gut informierten Auslandsgeheimdienstes BND, ist nun Staatssekretär im Innenministerium. Keiner dieser Beteiligten kann ernsthaft Überraschung oder gar Empörung über die Maßnahmen der CIA vorgaukeln. Sie kennen die Details seit Jahren zu gut. Auch wenn es für Merkel bitter ist, holt sie die Vergangenheit der rot-grünen Vorgänger bei den Beziehungen zu den USA schneller ein, als ihr lieb sein kann. Wenigstens aber kann man deshalb davon ausgehen, dass das Gespräch im Kanzleramt trotz allen Getöses in Wirklichkeit sehr nett werden kann. Mit Ehrlichkeit hat das indes wenig zu tun.
Amtshilfe für die CIA
Noch aktiver halfen die deutschen Behörden den Amerikanern im Fall von zwei Jemeniten, welche die CIA im Jahr 2003 über einen verdeckten Informanten nach Frankfurt lockte. In einem dortigen Hotel half das Bundeskriminalamt beim Verwanzen der Räume und hinterher auch bei der Festnahme. Schon zu Beginn der verdeckten CIA-Aktion gab es Zweifel an den Beweisen gegen die beiden Männer, die angeblich 20 Millionen Dollar für den bewaffneten Kampf spenden wollten. Doch Deutschland störten die Zweifel nicht. Brav machten die deutschen Behörden mit und überstellten die beiden Männer umgehend an die USA. Auf kritische Nachfragen wurde mit dem routinierten Schweigen reagiert, das die USA sehr schätzten.

Darf sich Deutschland an illegal agierenden Behörden eines alliierten Staates annähern, um an für die Behörden wichtige Informationen zu gelangen? Darf eine deutsche Regierung aus außenpolitischem Kalkül über schwerwiegende Menschenrechtsverletzungen schweigen? Öffentlich herrscht zu diesen Fragen das altbekannte Schweigen.
Als Bonus gab es Fakten
Ähnlich diskret verhielt sich die Bundesregierung im Fall eines weiteren Deutschen, dem Deutsch-Syrer
Mohammed Haydar Zammar.

11.Sep.2001 -Seit dem- wussten die deutschen Behörden, dass Zammar an der Rekrutierung der Todes-Piloten beteiligt war.

Nur eben beweisen konnte man ihm nichts.

00.000.2001 -Ende- Als Zammar schließlich nach Marokko reiste, verschwand Zammar unter dubiosen Umständen +

Zammar wurde von der CIA nach Syrien verschleppt +

Zammar wurde in Syrien unter landesüblichen Umständen verhört.

Im Klartext bedeuten diese Umstände, dass rechtsstaatliche Konventionen dort keine Rolle spielen.

In Deutschland wusste man zumindest bei den Geheimdiensten recht genau um den Vorgang. Dass die deutsche Regierung informiert war, lässt sich nicht beweisen, doch muss man es vermuten.
Doch die Deutschen hatten ihre ganz eigenen Interessen. Sie wollten auch wissen, was Zammar ausgesagt hatte, also bemühte man sich um Details. Am Ende vereinbarte man mit den Syrern einen schmutzigen Deal. Wie der SPIEGEL kürzlich aufdeckte, versprachen hohe deutsche Regierungsbeamte bei einem Geheimtreffen im Kanzleramt der syrischen Seite, juristische Anklagen gegen zwei mutmaßliche syrische Agenten zurückzuziehen, wenn deutsche Ermittler dafür Mohammed Haydar Zammar vernehmen dürften. Die Syrer ließen sich auf den Kuhhandel ein. Schon kurz darauf reiste im November 2002 eine Delegation von deutschen Beamten nach Damaskus, verhörte Zammar und bekam einige interessante Details fürs Archiv der Terror-Ermittler.
Gespielte Überraschung über die Geheim-Gefängnisse

Die großen Zeiten Schröders sind nun vorbei. Doch die Frage der Beteiligung Deutschlands an den Methoden der CIA-Agenten aus Langley holt die Polit-Pensionäre Schröder, aber auch seinen ehemaligen Außenminister Joschka Fischer und vor allem den Ex-Innenminister Otto Schily nun im Altenteil ein. Neue Berichte und die Ergebnisse von intensiven Recherchen der "Washington Post", des SPIEGEL und anderer zeigen, dass weder die ehemalige Regierung noch die neue Truppe von Angela Merkel überrascht gewesen sein dürften, als in den letzten Wochen Berichte über geheime Gefangenentransporte, geheime Gefängnisse und über stabsplanmäßigen Entführungen durch die CIA zu lesen waren. Immer deutlicher wird nun, was Beobachter der Sicherheitsbehörden schon lange vermuteten. Die rot-grüne Bundesregierung war über die Entführungen und geheimen Gefängnisse der Amerikaner sehr früh und detailliert informiert. Nicht nur aus der Zeitung kannten die Mitglieder am Kabinettstisch die schmutzigen Einzelheiten aus George W. Bushs gnadenlosem Kampf gegen den Terror. In einigen Fällen versuchten gar deutsche Ermittler von den Praktiken zu profitieren, indem sie die Gefangenen und ohne jede rechtliche Grundlage Festgehaltenen für Vernehmungen besuchten. Neben der in Deutschland populären Haltung Gerhard Schröders gab es quasi noch die dunkle Seite des Anti-Amerikaners. Dieser schwieg lieber und wurde ab und an dafür belohnt.
Verschlusssachen statt Proteste
Die am Wochenende bekannt gewordenen Details aus dem Fall
Khaled el-Masri beschreiben die ambivalente Haltung der alten Regierung zu den Praktiken der USA beispielhaft. Da wird Innenminister Schily offiziell und stellvertretend für die Bundesregierung im Mai 2004 vom US-Botschafter informiert, dass die USA einen aus ihrer Sicht terrorverdächtigen Deutschen verdeckt festgenommen, entführt und in einen Kerker nach Afghanistan verschleppt haben. Da es aber trotz intensivster Verhöre und der Anwendung aller Methoden der CIA keine Beweise gegen den Mann gebe, wolle man ihn nun möglichst ohne großes Aufsehen zurück in die Freiheit entlassen, berichtet der Botschafter seinem guten Bekannten Schily in dessen Ministerium.
Robles: Dieses Gefängnis stand unter dem Befehl der Nato-Truppen Kfor, der "Kosovo Force". Mich interessierte deshalb damals zunächst, auf welcher juristischen Grundlage es der Kfor erlaubt war, Gefangene außerhalb normaler rechtlicher Verfahren einzusperren. Denn diese Menschen dort waren ja direkt von der Armee verhaftet worden, ohne die Möglichkeit, sich dagegen juristisch zu wehren. Sie hatten keinen Anwalt. Es gab keine Berufungsinstanz. Es gab noch nicht einmal genaue Vorschriften darüber, wie lange die Menschen in Haft gehalten werden durften. Also schrieb ich in meinem Bericht: So geht das nicht mehr: Man muss hier demokratische, rechtsstaatliche Standards einführen. Und das ist inzwischen ja auch passiert.
SPIEGEL ONLINE: Wieso hat das damals, im Jahre 2002, kein Aufsehen erregt, sondern erst jetzt?
Robles: Ich habe das alles in meinen Bericht an den Europarat aufgeschrieben. Darüber im Plenum diskutiert wurde zwar nicht, aber immerhin steht es seitdem im Internet. Ich habe schon damals auch öffentlich darüber gesprochen. Aber da gab es wohl nicht dasselbe Interesse wie heute.
SPIEGEL ONLINE: Die Amerikaner weisen jede Verantwortung für das Gefangenenlager im Kosovo von sich. Das sei keine CIA-Einrichtung, sondern eine der Kfor-Nato-Truppen. Haben sie Recht?
Robles: Absolut. Und der damalige Kfor-Chef General Marcel Valentin hat mir bei meiner Visite nach Kräften geholfen. Da gab es ja auch keine Geheimnisse zu vertuschen. Jeder wusste Bescheid, wie es im "Camp Bondsteel" zuging.
SPIEGEL ONLINE: Auch die Europäer, auch deutsche Stellen kannten also die Verhältnisse dort?
Robles: Ja, gewiss. Man wusste genau, dass dort Menschen unter solchen, völlig unbefriedigenden Bedingungen festgehalten wurden: ohne ausreichende rechtliche Handhabe, ohne rechtsstaatliche Garantien. Nichts davon war geheim.

Robles: Im Auftrag des Europarates bereiste ich damals den Kosovo, um einen Bericht zu schreiben, ob und wie die Menschenrechte dort respektiert würden. So habe ich viele Gefangenenlager gesehen, auch "Camp Bondsteel". Und dort sah ich tatsächlich Gefangene in einer Situation, die der, die man von Fotos aus Guantanamo kannte, absolut ähnlich war.
SPIEGEL ONLINE: Geht es etwas präziser?


Ohne juristisches Verfahren wurden in einem Militärcamp im Kosovo Menschen monatelang weggesperrt. Zustände wie in Guantanamo habe er gesehen, berichtet der Menschenrechtsbeauftragte des Europarates, Alvaro Gil Robles, im Interview mit SPIEGEL ONLINE. Auch die Deutschen wussten davon.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Herr Alvaro Gil Robles, Sie haben das Kriegsgefängnis "Camp Bondsteel" im Kosovo im September 2002 besichtigt. Warum waren Sie dort? Was haben Sie gesehen?
Robles: "So geht das nicht, man muss das ändern"
Acht der 33 Patienten waren in den drei Monaten zuvor nicht mit Antibiotika behandelt worden,
schreiben die Forscher um Esther Chernak im "Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report" der CDC. Sieben hätten sich vermutlich bei anderen Menschen mit Durchfallerkrankungen angesteckt. Das zeige, dass das Bakterium durch Mutation ansteckender geworden sei.
Viele Mediziner sehen in der zunehmenden Resistenz sogenannter Krankenhauskeime gegen Antibiotika eine der größten Gesundheitsgefahren der Zukunft. "Ich will niemanden vor einer Antibiotika-Behandlung abschrecken", sagte Clifford McDonald, Hauptautor einer der Studien im "New England Journal of Medicine". Die neuen Erkenntnisse seien aber besorgniserregend. "Wir müssen darauf reagieren", betonte der Mediziner. "Uns sollte klar werden, dass das Risiko von Antibiotika-Behandlungen steigt."
Laut der
zweiten Untersuchung ist ein besonders ansteckender Stamm des Bakteriums in den USA aufgetaucht, der gegen bestimmte Antibiotika, sogenannte Fluorochinolone, resistent ist. Zu den Symptomen einer Infektion mit Clostridium difficile gehören schwerer Durchfall und Darmkrämpfe. Insbesondere bei älteren Menschen kann die Erkrankung zum Tod führen.
Das Bakterium namens Clostridium difficile - benannt nach seiner schwierigen Auffindbarkeit - ist bereits seit längerem als Gefahr in Krankenhäusern bekannt. Rund drei Prozent aller Gesunden und 20 bis 40 Prozent der Krankenhauspatienten tragen es in sich, wie das "Deutsche Ärzteblatt" berichtet. Meist ist das Darmbakterium ungefährlich - es sei denn, man wird wegen einer anderen Infektion mit Antibiotika behandelt. Während andere Bakterien im Darm absterben, kann es zu einer explosiven Vermehrung des resistenten Clostridium difficile kommen.
Das "New England Journal of Medicine" veröffentlicht in seiner aktuellen Ausgabe gleich zwei Studien und einen Kommentar zu dem Thema.
Eine der Studien besagt, dass allein im vergangenen Jahr in zwölf kanadischen Krankenhäusern 117 von 1703 Patienten mit Clostridium difficile an den Folgen der Ansteckung gestorben sind. Rund 22 von 1000 neu eingewiesenen Klinikpatienten hätten das Bakterium in sich getragen, was eine deutliche Steigerung gegenüber früheren Zahlen bedeute.

Gleich drei medizinische Studien aus den USA und Kanada kommen zu alarmierenden Schlüssen: Ein potentiell tödliches Bakterium verbreitet sich nicht nur immer weiter, sondern ist mutiert und befällt auch Menschen, die bisher nicht als gefährdet galten.
Großbritannien: Polizei schnappt drei Terrorverdächtige

05.Dec.2005 CIA-Flüge: Kanzleramt soll Bescheid gewusst haben
Terrorabwehr: US-Kommission bemängelt massive Sicherheitslücken
Truppenbesuch: Jung sieht Bundeswehr noch jahrelang im Kosovo
Verhandlungserfolg: Navigationssystem Galileo ist gerettet
Iran: Zweite Atomanlage geplant >

05.Dec.2005 CIA-Flüge: Bundesregierung mauert sich ein >

05.Dec.2005 Terror-Häftlinge: Die Geistergefangenen der USA
Resistenter Erreger: Tödliches Bakterium breitet sich in den USA aus
Rüstung: Russland verkauft Raketen an Iran
CIA-Flüge: CDU und Opposition wollen Schily zum Reden bringen
Stuttgarter Innenminister: Datenspeicherung geht nicht weit genug

05.Dec.2005 CIA-Verschleppung: Rice verteidigt Umgang mit Terror-Verdächtigen
Ostafrika: Schweres Erdbeben am Tanganjikasee
CIA-Methoden: Die dunkle Seite des Anti-Amerikaners
Ukraine: Mit Napalm gegen die Vogelgrippe
Transplantation: Nase, Mund und Kinn von Spenderin

05.Dec.2005 CIA-Affäre: Staatsanwaltschaft verzichtet auf Schily-Befragung
Hawaii: Vulkan lässt Küstenstreifen abbrechen
Bagdad: Saddam-Anwälte bezweifeln Rechtmäßigkeit des Verfahrens

05.Dec.2005 US-Versicherungen: VW und Audi erhalten Preise für sicherste Pkw
Grünen-Forderung: RWE soll für Stromausfälle zahlen
Verseuchter Seuchenschutz: Viren befallen Anti-Viren-Programme
Geheimlager in Europa: "Jeder wusste, wie es in Bondsteel zugeht"
Geldsegen: Dax-Aktionären winkt Rekord-Dividende
Renaissance der Modemtechnik: Handys sollen piepen statt funken

05.Dec.2005 Wahl in Kasachstan: Sieger Nasarbajew kündigt Reformen an

05.Dec.2005 Geldsegen: Dax-Aktionären winkt Rekord-Dividende
Konzernumbau: Allianz-Belegschaft droht mit Streik

05.Dec.2005 EU-Finanzstreit: Blair plant Verzicht auf Rabatt-Milliarden
Er habe sich gefühlt "wie in einer Show". Die Blicke und Fotos hätten Bin Laden aber nicht verärgert, erinnerte sich der saudi-arabische Journalist. "Er machte Witze darüber."
Batarfi zufolge hatte sich Bin Laden zu der Reise entschlossen, um seinen kranken Sohn in den USA medizinisch behandeln zu lassen. Batafari konnte sich nicht erinnern, wo der Sohn behandelt wurde. Die Reise fand statt, bevor sich Bin Laden in Afghanistan den islamistischen Mudschaheddin anschloss und das Terrornetzwerk al-Qaida gründete. Vertreter von US-Regierung und Geheimdiensten konnten laut "New Yorker" nicht bestätigen, dass Bin Laden schon einmal in den USA war. Es lägen keine Akten mehr darüber vor.

Terrorismus: Bin Laden reiste in die USA
Als Bush Doktrin auch Wolfowitz Doktrin genannt wird das.. "Bush-Doktrin" (auch "Wolfowitz-Doktrin" genannt) wird das außen- + sicherheitspolitische Konzept der US-Regierung um ...
Bush-Doktrin - Wikipedia
Bush - Doktrin . ... Die Bush - Doktrin wurden bereits 1992 von Paul Wolfowitz unter dem damaligen Präsidenten George HW Bush sen. Ausgearbeitet. ...

Details emerge on terror supects' Afghanistan jailbreak : The prisoners were considered some of the most dangerous men among the hundreds of terror suspects locked behind the walls of a secretive and secure US military detention center in Bagram, Afghanistan. Their escape, however, might as well have been a breakout from the county jail.

04.Dec.2005 Zbigniew Brzezinski: Do These Two Have Anything in Common?: President Bush has equated Islamic radicalism with communism. Is the comparison sound? Is it wise?

04.Dec.2005 The next holocaust: Islamophobia is not a uniquely British disease: across Europe, liberals openly express prejudice against Muslims. Do new pogroms beckon?

04.Dec.2005 USrael and Armageddon:The Israelis are supported and egged on in their expansionism and intransigence by the "Armageddon Lobby," thirty million "Christian Zionists" who believe Israel must expand to its Biblical borders in order to bring on Armageddon and the return of Jesus Christ."

04.Dec.2005 Saying "No" to King Herod: The Forgotten Christmas Story: There is a forgotten Christmas story. A story rarely dwelled on in Christian churches. A story often drowned out by a "multitude of the heavenly hosts" singing Christmas carols.

04.Dec.2005 Netanyahu: Israel should take out Iranian nuclear facilities: Israel should undertake an operation to destroy the Iranian nuclear programme similar to the airstrike it launched against the nuclear reactor built by Saddam Hussein, leading opposition legislator and prime ministerial candidate Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday.

04.Dec.2005 Netanyahu: Bold action needed to stop nuclear Iran : MK Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud) said Sunday that Israel should take "bold and daring" action to thwart Iran's plans for nuclear armament, citing Israel's 1981 air strike on an Iraqi nuclear facility.

04.Dec.2005 Israel voices worry over Iran-Russia missile deal: Israel has lambasted Russia over the sale of anti-missile systems to arch-enemy Iran, the latest round of what the local press has dubbed the "Iranian-Israeli arms race."

04.Dec.2005 Iran's patience running out over nuclear issue: Iran's patience regarding Western opposition to its nuclear program is wearing thin and Tehran will give the EU only a few months to settle the issue through talks, the country's chief nuclear negotiator said on Sunday.

04.Dec.2005 Iran: Measures taken to sell oil in euros : The Chairman of the Majlis Energy Commission, Kamal Daneshyar said here, on Friday, that preparatory measures have been taken to sell oil in euros instead of dollar, adding that such a measure is quite positive and should be taken as soon as possible.

04.Dec.2005 Israelis killed Zia, suspects ex-US ambassador: The Israeli secret agency Mossad most probably killed Gen Ziaul Haq, suspects John Gunther Dean,

00.000.1988 John Gunther Dean was the American ambassador to India in, according to an article in the latest issue of World Policy Journal by Barbara Crossette.

00.000.198800.000.1991 Barbara Crossette was the South Asia Bureau Chief of the New York Times.

04.Dec.2005 Oversight of war spending is faulted: The Pentagon's accounting methods make it difficult to monitor how the armed services have spent more than $300 billion since the war on terror began.
Funds may be lacking for ample Iraqi army: The US general in charge of shaping an Iraqi army raised the prospect yesterday that the new Baghdad government will not have sufficient money to fund the 10-division army envisioned by the Bush administration.

04.Dec.2005 Iraq's Death Squads: OF ALL THE bloodshed in Iraq, none may be more disturbing than the campaign of torture and murder being conducted by US-trained government police forces

04.Dec.2005 Death By Torture: The Proof is in the Military's Own Autopsy Reports: US Media Ignores Hard Evidence

04.Dec.2005 Smear Pattern : Rather than address the issues the soldiers raised, angry White House officials devised a plan to attack the messenger – the ABC correspondent who filed the story, Jeffrey Kofman.

04.Dec.2005 All the President's Flacks: Mr. Woodward knows more about the internal workings of this presidency than any other reporter.

He has been granted access to all its top officials, including lengthy interviews with the president himself, to produce two Bush best sellers since 11.Sep.2001.

But he was gamed anyway by the White House, which exploited his special stature to the fullest for its own propagandistic ends.

04.Dec.2005 In case you missed it: Revealed: the secret cabal which spun for Blair: BRITAIN ran a covert 'dirty tricks' operation designed specifically to produce misleading intelligence that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction to give the UK a justifiable excuse to wage war on Iraq.

04.Dec.2005 In case you missed it: Revealed: how MI6 sold the Iraq war: THE Secret Intelligence Service has run an operation to gain public support for sanctions and the use of military force in Iraq. The government yesterday confirmed that MI6 had organised Operation Mass Appeal, a campaign to plant stories in the media about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.

04.Dec.2005 In case you missed it : John Pilger: Squeezed to death : Half a million children have died in Iraq since UN sanctions were imposed - most enthusiastically by Britain + the US.

Three UN officials have resigned in despair. Meanwhile, bombing of Iraq continues almost daily.

04.Dec.2005 CIA Shoots Al Quida Leader : The US Intelligence Service CIA used a remote controlled air attack to kill a high ranking Al Quaida commander. Witnesses report that a rocket fired from a "Predator" drone hit the man's hideout in Pakistan.

04.Dec.2005 Al-Qaida No. 3 killed in Pakistan in joint operation with US : According to reports, Rabia was killed by rockets fired from an unmanned American aerial vehicle.

The rockets were aimed at a house in western Pakistan, in which Rabia was hiding. Four other people suspected of belonging to al-Qaida were also killed in the attack.

04.Dec.2005 Saddam trial judge steps down : One of the five judges in the Saddam Hussein trial has stepped down after learning that one of the defendants may have been involved in the execution of his brother, a court official said today.

04.Dec.2005 FBI mishandled terrorism case, report finds : Officials at the FBI mishandled a Florida terror investigation, falsified documents in an effort to cover repeated missteps and retaliated against an agent who first complained about the problems, Justice Department investigators have concluded.
The Revolt of the Generals: "Broken, Worn Out" and "Living Hand to Mouth": "The Four Star Generals picked Murtha to make this speech because he has maximum credibility." It's true.

Even in the US Senate there's no one with quite Murtha's standing to deliver the message, except maybe for Byrd
US Army admits Iraqis outnumber foreign fighters : Of 1,300 suspected insurgents arrested over the past five months in + around Ramadi, none has been a foreigner.

Col John Gronski, senior officer in the town, Anbar's provincial capital, said that almost all insurgent fighting there was by Iraqis
On the road to Damascus -By William Bowles
Much has been made in the corporate/state-run media of Blair being some kind of ‘restraining influence’ on Bush + the ‘neo-cons’ but as the report makes abundantly clear, US-UK foreign + energy + military policies are ‘joined at the hip’ + have been so for the past century + in spite of the rivalries.

Wrongful Imprisonment: Anatomy of a CIA "Mistake"
German Citizen Released After Months in 'Rendition' -By Dana Priest
Coats informed the German minister that the CIA had wrongfully imprisoned one of its citizens, Khaled Masri, for five months + would soon release him, the sources said.

There was also a request: that the German government not disclose what it had been told even if Masri went public.

The US officials feared exposure of a covert action program designed to capture terrorism suspects abroad + transfer them among countries + possible legal challenges to the CIA from Masri + others with similar allegations. Continued
Corporate America controls the media and we get manufactured news.  Corporate America now controls the voting machines and we get manufactured elections.

The analysis also demonstrated that other voter statistics make it impossible for Bush to have won. Even if all Bush voters from 2000 showed up and voted for him, he still needed an additional 13 million votes. He didn’t get them from new voters and those who did not vote in 2000; those voters preferred Kerry by an almost 3-to-2 margin. Because of this, a Bush victory required that he must win a whopping 14% of Gore 2000 voters, all of whom had to return to vote in 2004. But Gore voters were angry; they came back to defeat Bush once again after having the election stolen from them.

Logical absurdities and inconsistencies in Election 2004 abound. The data, analysis + narrative are available here for open-minded individuals who want to form their own conclusions about “Stolen Election 2004.”

This work is just part of a comprehensive set of election fraud work and analysis provided by the dedicated voting rights activists in DemocraticUnderground.Com’s “2004: Election Results and Discussion” forum, a unique Net resource
After the polls closed, data from the Edison Mitofsky NEP survey (sponsored by the major television networks and CNN) was unintentionally released over the Internet. This was internal network data, embargoed from public use, data with statements like “Estimates not for on-air use” and “This page cannot be displayed.” The networks had locked down this data for their own use in an “electronic cover-up” that was offensive to those who knew the story. Luckily for all of us, Jonathan Simon downloaded the exit poll data and saved the CNN screen shots! The Edison-Mitofsky (EM)-Corporate Media (CM) “embargoed data” was available for anyone with eyes to see it and a mind to review it.
The debates on DemocraticUnderground's "2004: Election Results and Discussion" forum are legendary and have attracted observers from all over the Net.
Which brings us to the larger question surrounding these out-of-nowhere defense firms: How much of this stuff is real?
Interestingly, Dean found an MZM contract with the DOD dated February 13, 2003 in which MZM states that it has zero employees and zero revenue. The contract is for a mere $12,740,000.
MZM, run by Mitchell Wade -- a longtime member of the Wilkes/Cunningham "posse" -- began life in the early 1990s. Yet during most of the ensuing years, it made little impact on the world. As a "defense and intelligence" firm, it seems to have sprung from nothing in 2002, like a Rambo-ized Venus from the brow of Ares.
Another oddity: According to Dean, on each ADCS form -- whatever the year -- the company is listed as having 130 employees and annual revenues of "$13,345,9." (Yes, that is the figure given.) These numbers, I am told, never vary.
John Dean found that each of the DOD contracts to ADCS and its related firms were prepared by "DOD_MIGRATOR" -- whoever or whatever that may mean.
Who is the "inside man" in the Pentagon? I cannot believe that checks went to Wilkes based purely on the say-so of Duke Cunningham or the other bribed pols. Someone in the Pentagon's procurement offices must be signing off on these expenditures. If investigators identify the person or persons involved, then this conspiracy can be blown wide open.
Other recipients of Wilkes' largesse: President Bush, Katherine Harris, Tom Delay, Virgil Goode Jr. and Elizabeth Dole -- whose husband, as you may recall from yesterday's post, lent his name to Reverend Moon's "stamp out the cross" crusade. Talk about being on the Dole!
Did all these pols understand the ultimate source of the funds? Perhaps not. However, we know that Duncan Hunter -- chairman of the House Armed Services Committee -- was a
big ADCS pusher: Since 1994, Wilkes and ADCS gave $40,700 in campaign contributions to Rep. Duncan Hunter, a San Diego Republican who now chairs the House Armed Services Committee. Hunter has acknowledged that he joined with Cunningham in 1999 to contact Pentagon officials who reversed a decision and gave ADCS one of its first big contracts, for nearly $10 million." (USA Today, 11/29/05)
So which candidates got chunks of that taxpayer money earmarked for "defense"?
Henry Bonilla, Roy Brown, Rick Clayburgh, Duke Cunningham (of course!), John T. Doolittle, Maria Guadalupe Garcia, George W. Gekas, Lindsay Graham, Duncan Hunter, Darrell Issa, Samuel Johnson, Thaddeus G. McCotter, Constance Morella, Devin Nune, Steve Pearce, Bill Van de Weghe Jr., Jerry Weller.
All Republicans, of course. As the scandal unfolds, the pundits will try to convince us that "both sides do it." That simply is not true.

believe that, for all practical purposes, there is no Mirror Labs, although a firm by that name may well have performed an actual service at one time. So where did the money go? When that nice fat check filled with taxpayer $$ was sent to 15092 Avenue of Science, who opened it? And what did they do with the money?
Here is the organization that really has -- or had -- offices at that address: ADCS PAC. That's where the money went.
this archive page reveals that they once did have a site up, from 2001 to early 2004, at which point the firm, such as it was, seems to have become defunct.
On one form, the given address does not relate to the massive Wilkes complex on Stowe Avenue in Poway. Instead, the address is 15092 Avenue of Science, San Diego CA 92128.
That, we are told, is the address of a defense firm called Mirror Labs, allegedly a leading firm in the field of testing military equipment. They are referenced in
this edition of the Homeland Defense Journal. Their website, we are told, is
That URL goes nowhere. Google has no cache of anything ever being there.

excellent piece in Kos, you may want to read "Wilkes: The Invisible Empire" first. Also, I'm happy to report that this blockbuster piece on Wilkes in the San Diego Union Tribune strengthens the thesis presented here.)
The good news is that reporters working for the mainstream media have caught on -- in part. They understand that Randy "Duke" Cunningham is hardly the only Republican politician to receive economic "assistance" from Brent Wilkes, head of the Poway-based "defense" firm ADCS -- a.k.a. the Wilkes Corporation, a.k.a. Group W Advisors, a.k.a. lots of other names.
But they still treat this company as though it were something real . Not a single mainstream reporter has scrutinized those web sites and reported on the
obvious signs of fakery.
No reporters -- and, for that matter, no procurement officers at the Pentagon -- bothered to do any checking at the patent office. If they had, they would have found that there are no patents covering the "proprietary" designs and innovative equipment advertised by the many ADCS subsidiary firms.
The truth: Wilkes was a mechanism by which public funds earmarked for national defense were funneled to G.O.P. candidates and causes.

Bei den Mitarbeitern der Hauptabteilung Personenschutz, für die Heilmann von 1985 bis 1990 tätig war, habe es sich nicht um "einfache Türsteher", sondern vielmehr um eine "hochprofessionelle, bewaffnete Bewachung" der obersten Partei- und Staatsführung zum Schutz vor der Bevölkerung gehandelt. "Für Opfer des DDR-Regimes ist es eine unerträgliche Vorstellung, dass ein Mann mit dieser Vergangenheit im Parlament sitzt", sagte Knabe.
Auch für den Besuch der US-Außenministerin Condoleeza Rice diese Woche in Berlin ist der ausführliche Bericht in der "Post" über den Fall al-Masri unangenehm - und zwar für beide Seiten. Zu gern würde die neue Regierung etwas mehr Nähe zur USA praktizieren und die alten Differenzen wegen des Irak-Feldzugs endgültig begraben. Gleichwohl wird man schon wegen des öffentlichen Drucks kaum umhin kommen, Themen wie den Fall al-Masri und auch die umstrittenen geheimen Gefangenentransporte der CIA, bei denen auch immer wieder deutsche Flughäfen angeflogen oder zumindest deutscher Luftraum passiert wurde, zumindest zu erwähnen. Für Kanzlerin Merkel und auch den neuen Außenminister dürfte der Besuch deshalb zur Feuerprobe der schwierigen Diplomatie mit den USA werden.
Genau das passiert dann auch, als der Anwalt von al-Masri mit schweren Vorwürfen gegen die USA an die Presse ging.
so der damalige Wunsch der US-Regierung, sollte die Bundesregierung schweigen und so tun, als ob sie nichts wisse.
Berlin - Dass Otto Schily (SPD) sich gern als einer der engsten Freunde der USA sieht, ist kein Geheimnis. Keine Gelegenheit ließ der Mitstreiter im internationalen Kampf gegen den Terrorismus aus, um sich demonstrativ neben den Größen der US-Behörden ablichten zu lassen und erwähnte sie in Gesprächen gern ganz amerikanisch nur beim Vornamen. Auch zu seiner Freundschaft zu dem ehemaligen US-Botschafter Daniel R. Coats machte Schily nie eine Verschlusssache. Oft sah man die beiden auf Empfängen in Berlin beim freudigen Parlieren, wobei Schily sich gern im Englischen übte.
Dass nun jedoch die US-Zeitung "Washington Post" in großer Aufmachung detailliert über ein etwas diskreteres Treffen der beiden Freunde in Berlin berichtet, dürfte Schily weniger freudig stimmen. Wieder einmal ging es bei dem Besuch des Botschafters in Schilys Ministerium im Mai 2004 um den internationalen Terrorismus und was der US-Geheimdienst CIA dagegen so unternimmt. Statt sich aber über neue Erkenntnisse auszutauschen, musste US-Botschafter Coats Minister Schily im Auftrag seiner Regierung einen peinlichen Fehler der CIA beichten. Detailliert informierte er den deutschen Innenminister stellvertretend für die Bundesregierung, dass die CIA Ende 2003 irrtümlich einen deutschen Staatsangehörigen unter Terrorverdacht entführt und inhaftiert hatte.
Was Schily im Mai 2004 von seinem Gegenüber aus den USA erfuhr, ist fast anderthalb Jahre später recht gut dokumentiert. In einer haarkleinen Recherche ermittelte ein deutscher Staatsanwalt monatelang viele Details der schier unglaublichen Odyssee des Neu-Ulmers Khaled el-Masri. Mittlerweile bestanden auch vor der "Post"-Enthüllung kaum noch Zweifel daran, dass der Mann mit deutschem Pass Ende 2003 in Mazedonien zuerst festgenommen, dann später von der CIA entführt und im Januar 2004 nach Afghanistan ausgeflogen wurde. Grund für die Festnahme war vermutlich, dass bei den Ermittlungen über die Todespiloten der Name al-Masri mehrmals auftauchte. Nachdem sich jedoch trotz intensiver Verhöre, bei denen laut Masri selber auch folterähnliche Methoden angewandt worden sind, keine stichhaltigen Beweise gegen ihn fanden, wurde er Ende Mai 2004 heimlich wieder nach Europa zurückgeflogen.

CIA-Flüge: Grüne verlangen Aufklärung von Schily

04.Dec.2005 Terrorverdächtige: US-Regierung verteidigt Festnahmen im Ausland
Nahost: Netanjahu will Angriff auf Iran
Transplantation: Spender-Gesicht kam von einer Selbstmörderin

04.Dec.2005 Saddam-Prozess: Bomben und Raketen gegen das Tribunal
CIA-Entführungen: Stille Komplizen im Kampf gegen den Terror
Der versteinerte Dung stammt von einem Sauropoden, riesigen Landwirbeltieren mit langen Hälsen und kleinen Köpfen. Die Exkremente, Koprolith genannt, enthielten mikroskopisch kleine Partikel, die in Pflanzenzellen entstehen und deren Muster auf die Art der Pflanze schließen lassen. Nach den jüngsten Funden, die jetzt im Magazin "Science" vorgestellt werden, sind die Forscher sicher, dass nicht nur Gräser, sondern auch Reis und Bambus auf dem Speiseplan der Dinosaurier standen.
Die Gräser müssten sich also schon vor mehr als 80 Millionen Jahren - weit früher als bisher angenommen - entwickelt haben, um bis zur Zeit der Dinosaurier so viele Arten entstehen zu lassen, erklärte Caroline Stromberg vom Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm. Trotz allem machte das Gras jedoch keinen großen Teil der Dino-Ernährung aus. Dafür waren ihre Zähne nicht geeignet.
In den kommenden Wochen werden IPN-Wissenschaftler und Generalstäbler das Archiv durchsehen und entscheiden, was publiziert werden darf und was aus Gründen der "nationalen Sicherheit" geheim gehalten werden soll. Moskau ist bereits entrüstet: "Das ist eine politische Provokation", schimpfte der Vorsitzende des außenpolitischen Ausschusses der Duma in Moskau, Konstantin Kossatschew. Der Schritt der Polen diene nur dazu, "die falsche Überzeugung zu verbreiten, dass die Sowjetunion und Russland die Hauptquelle allen Unglücks in Europa und Polen gewesen sind".
Geheim-Archiv: Nukleares Inferno
Zahlungsmoral: 4,5 Milliarden Euro Außenstände
Verirrte Hirten: Kirche zahlt Missbrauchsopfer Entschädigung
Netz-Schutz: Viren sollen in Honigtöpfen kleben bleiben
Paläontologie: Ur-Vogel stand auf Dino-Füßen

"The bigger question is how do we capitalize on the placebo effect,'' said Dr. Helen Mayberg of Emory University, whose studies suggest some antidepressants have a "placebo-plus'' activity in the brain. "There may be a phenomenon we all have access to.''
But it appears that because Alzheimer's robs patients of the cognitive ability to expect a benefit, they need higher doses of painkillers to get as much relief as non-demented patients

To further prove the power of belief, Benedetti hooked pain patients to a computerized morphine injection system. Sometimes the computer administered a dose without them knowing it; sometimes a nurse pretended to give it. The morphine was up to 50 percent more effective when patients knew it was coming.
Seas Rising at Twice the Rate of 150 Years Ago
New View of Early Earth: A Habitable Place
Britain to Deploy Roadside 'Big Brother' System
Vatican Astronomer: Intelligent Design is Not Science
04.Dec.2005 Why are men less religious?

It may be form of risk-taking, impulsivity just as criminal behavior is 

For decades researchers have pondered a mysterious gender disparity in religious commitment.

It turns out they may have been asking the wrong question, according to a University of Washington religious scholar.
Instead of asking why women are more religious than men,

they should have been asking

why men are less religious than women,

said Rodney Stark, a UW professor of sociology + comparative religion. posted by Prof. Hex at 8:14 PM

Stone 'jigsaw puzzles' yield clues about mysterious Saharan nomads 

A faint image of mysterious ancient Egyptian nomads living in the Sahara Desert has emerged from thousands of stone artifacts painstakingly collected + reassembled

by a University of Washington archaeologist. posted by Prof. Hex at 8:12 PM

Montreal teacher makes prehistoric find  The last time the rock face was seen was in a 1920 photograph, which was kept by a museum in New York State, but Scardera says the exact whereabouts of the rock were lost.
04.Dec.2005 Evangelist charged after 'counter-Halloween' incident 

Controversial Christian evangelist Peter Hammond confirmed on Wednesday that he has been charged with assault following what he said was a Halloween "accident" with a paintball gun.
Hunting trick-or-treaters with a paintball gun?

Sounds like an "accident" to me!
04.Dec.2005 Baltimore Losing Lamp Poles to Thieves  

bizarre new crime spree in the city of Baltimore is leaving police in the dark.

Thieves have managed to cut down + make off with more than 130 city light poles, even stealing them in broad daylight.
04.Dec.2005 Groups Protest Cannibalism in Video Games 
While real-life cannibalism remains unprotested.
04.Dec.2005 Justice Staff Saw Texas Districting As Illegal 

Justice Department lawyers concluded that the landmark Texas congressional redistricting plan spearheaded by Rep. Tom DeLay (R) violated the Voting Rights Act, according to a previously undisclosed memo obtained by The Washington Post. But senior officials overruled them and approved the plan.
04.Dec.2005 Newfound Greek Site is Really Ancient 
Archaeologists in northern Greece have uncovered traces of two prehistoric farming settlements dating back as early as 6,000 B.C., the Culture Ministry said Monday.
04.Dec.2005 FBI Is Taking Another Look at Forged Prewar Intelligence  
The FBI has reopened an inquiry into one of the most intriguing aspects of the pre-Iraq war intelligence fiasco: how the Bush administration came to rely on forged documents linking Iraq to nuclear weapons materials as part of its justification for the invasion.
Bücher aus dem BIFFF...:   Wie Gerhard Schröders Weltmacht- und Sozialabbau-Politik vorbereitet wurde, vollständig online:
Rechte Genossen. Neokonservatismus in der SPD   Das linke Grundlagenbuch gegen den Esoterik-Irrationalismus auf der Linken und der Rechten, vollständig online, mit Bilddokumenten, erweiterter Text  2002: Die Götter des New Age. Im Schnittpunkt von "Neuem Denken", Faschismus und Romantik   Zum Kapital-Interesse an der "Neuen Rechten": In bester Gesellschaft. Antifa-Recherche zwischen Konservativismus und Neo-Faschismus
Der Gruppengeist ebnet zugleich das Gefälle zwischen oben und unten in den Betrieben ein." So wird faschistische Betriebsideologie der 30er und 40er Jahre verkauft: Was in der japanischen Kultur verwurzelt ist, kann jedenfalls nicht nationalsozialistisch sein.
2. Krisensozialismus und Sozialpatriotismus
Formierung der Gemeinschaft gegen das Individuum

Die Sozialdemokratie der 90er Jahre betreibt eine Politik der Gesellschaftsformierung, um den Sozialabbau zu ermöglichen, der die Hightech-Subventionen finanzierbar machen soll. Sie greift dabei auf den Antiliberalismus und Antihedonismus zurück, der ihre Politik bereits im Ersten Weltkrieg und teilweise in der Krisenzeit am Ende der Weimarer Republik bestimmte. Der Abbau sozialer und demokratischer Rechte, die ökonomische Eroberung und künstliche Verarmung Osteuropas, Konsumverzicht im Westen, der Ruf nach Zwangsdiensten zugunsten der Konzerngewinne: all dies pries die Sozialdemokratie bereits früher und preist sie heute wieder als Fortschritt an. Nationale Rhetorik geht dabei mit konservativer Zivilisationskritik in eins. Die materiellen Interessen der Mehrheit der Individuen werden geopfert zugunsten eines angeblichen Gemeinschaftsinteresses, das sich wiederum nur als Kapitalverwertungsinteresse der Besitzenden zeigt.
A Brief History of the Living Wage Debate at Harvard
The Campaign holds demonstrations with the Harvard University Security, Parking,... In the first demonstration organized by Harvard janitors in decades, ... hcs. harvard .edu/~pslm/livingwage/timeline.html – 27

A Brief History of the Living Wage Debate at Harvard April 1999 The Campaign holds demonstrations with the Harvard University Security, Parking, ... Hundreds of janitors remain below the living wage standard, ...
hcs. originalpage/timeline.html
Chicago 10/17/02 SEIU Janitors for Justice
Chicago 10/17/02 SEIU Janitors for Justice . ... Chicago 10/17/02 SEIU Janitors for Justice . by Robert P. Kolb · Robert P. Kolb ...
Justice for Janitors’ Goals: Were They Set High Enough? - HTML-Version
stated goal of the Justice for Janitors . 2000 campaign was simply “to improve wages and working conditions in. the janitorial industry,” as one SEIU ...

Workers World July 1, 1999: Janitors march for justice on Wall Street
This year they celebrated Justice for Janitors Day by taking to the streets "to
... Justice for Janitors Day began after picketing workers were attacked and ...

Workers World Aug. 2, 2001: Justice for Janitors wins contract Janitors in suburban Philadelphia office buildings have won their first union contract.

mparent7777: IMPERIAL MARGARINE A hard-boiled observer such as Ferguson should have to conclude that the game is not worth the candle.

Paul Cammack Angriff auf die Armen (Attacking the Poor) - View as HTML
... der New Left Review zugänglich, aber weitere. freie Artikel (auch aus dergleichen Nummer):. +. .

2 [
1] ROCKEFELLER, William Avery "Doc", quack b: 13 Nov 1810 Granger, , NY d: 11 May 1906 Freeport, , IL #: RFLR103
Klassenkampf 28 Zeitschrift der Internationalen Sozialisten, Der ...
Die "junge Anaconda" John D. Rockefeller , wie er von seinen Gegner genannt wurde, nutzte dises Chaos aus. 1870 gründete der Hilfsbuchhalter Rockefeller die ...

Freitag 46 - Die Saat der Zerstörung
1972 hatte Präsident Nixon den Stiftungsrat, John D. Rockefeller III, zum Vorsitzenden der präsidialen Kommission "Bevölkerung und die amerikanische ...

Humboldt Network Events Humboldt Associations Humboldt Kolleg ...
In: Essays on the History of Rockefeller University. (Ed. Darwin Stapleton) New York: ... Dr. John Roger, Carleton College, USAof America ...

OM 2003 -R. Heinrich, Gelsenkirchen, 20.04.03
John Rockefeller , der Öl-Milliardär hat das Öl die "Tränen des Teufels" genannt. Es zerstört die Umwelt und treibt Völker in den Krieg. ...

Einstein Archives Online - Contents of Folder 18-1
Get full record from archival database, 18-49.00, 06/20/1931, Einstein, Albert, Rockefeller , John D. Jr. Get full record from archival database, 18-50.00 ...

Weg vom Öl – Frieden durch Sonne
HTML-Version drohen deshalb zunehmend wirtschaftliche Krisen, politische Konflikte und Kriege um Erdöl. John Rockefeller ,. zu seiner Zeit der größte Ölunternehmer der ...

Du bist Deutschland ~ Presse & Meinungen ~ Resonanz ~ Medienecho ...
Denken Sie an John Rockefeller oder Walter Chrysler, an Henry Steinway oder an den besagten Levi Strauss aus Buttenheim. Sie alle haben deutsche Vorfahren. ...

Private Stiftungsgründungen durch Industriemagnaten wie Carnegie und John Rockefeller bilden die zweite Phase in der US-Philanthropiegeschichte. ...

Histrorische Hintergrundinformationen Es sterben Edgar Wallace (10.2.1932), Marie Curie (4.7.1934), John Rockefeller (23.5.1937), Kemal Atatürk (10.11.1938), Sigmund Freud (23.9.1939). ...

Friedrich Engels - Über die Konzentration des Kapitals in den ...... Mackay, der Silberminenbesitzer, Macher der Agitation für die "vertragsmäßige
Doppelwährung" - 50 Millionen; Crocker - 50 Millionen; John Rockefeller , ...

Edith Rockefeller und Anchesenpaaton Kunstfond limited
Edith Rockefeller ist nicht irgendjemand, sondern die Tochter von John D. ... John D. Rockefeller Junior war bereits seit 1902 einer der ganz großen ...

Rockefeller Genealogy
John M.7 Rockefeller was born September 12, 1814 in Readington, New Jersey. 50. ii. Maria7 Rockefeller was born June 30, 1816 in Readington, New Jersey ...

Einsteiger Willi H. Grün Mehr Geld verdienen mit Aktien Ullstein ...- HTML-Version Oil“-Kartell wurde John Rockefeller zum. reichsten Mann der Welt. Das Buch spiegelt.
nicht nur die Erfolgsgeschichte des heute ...

03.Dec.2005 - Wissenswertes und Aktuelles z. Zt. Sein Assistent war Laurence Rockefeller , einer der vier Enkel John D. Rockefellers.

Als sich der 2. Weltkrieg seinem Ende näherte, ereiteten sich die USA ...
New York City | Sehenswertes | Freiheitsstatue, Statue of Liberty ... Rockefeller Center Eigentlich plante John D. Rockefeller 1928, eine neue Oper zu errichten. Wegen der darauf folgenden Wirtschaftskrise entschloss er sich ...
Kiwanisnet: Männer des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts
Der Amerikaner John Pierpont Morgan war in vielerlei Hinsicht bedeutender als etwa John Davison Rockefeller . Er rettete nicht nur mehrere Male das ...

OeAI - Ephesos: Geschichte
1926 war die Wiederaufnahme der Arbeiten einmal mehr nur durch ein Zusammenspiel des offiziellen Österreich und privater Sponsoren - John Rockefeller jun. ...

Der_neue_US-britische_OEL-Imperialismus Sein Assistent war Laurence Rockefeller , einer der vier Enkel John D. Rockefellers. Als sich der 2. Weltkrieg seinem Ende näherte, bereiteten sich die USA ...


10.Jun.2005 Authentic Happiness

10.Jun.2005 A process that continually selects for more complexity is ultimately aimed at nothing less than omniscience, omnipotence + goodness.

10.Jun.2005 Coherence

Being consistent.

Being "internally tuned", like a laser.

10.Jun.2005 Welcome! And thank you for visiting my site.

"Never again will we stand
On the threshold of a new age.
We that are here now are touched
In some mysterious way
With the ability to change
And make the future."

- from Ben Okri's
Mental Fight: An anti-spell for the 21st Century
Phoenix House, London, 1999
ISBN 1-861591 64 0.

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Is there reason for hope?
America slowly confronts the truth
The old media dog sniffed the air, found power was moving away from the White House + began to drool -By Robert Fisk
Americans are ready to discuss the United States' relationship with Israel.

And America's injustices towards the Arabs.

As usual, ordinary Americans are way out in front of their largely tamed press + television reporters.

Now we have to wait and see if the media boys and girls will catch up with their own people. Continued
California's fight is your fight As you may know, democracy is under attack in California.

If Diebold wins here, the Republicans will control the presidency forever.

Debra Bowen, an honest state legislator who hopes to become Secretary of State, has made it easy for you to send a message that could impact the future.

You don't need to be a California resident. Please help! Permalink
Can you imagine - can you imagine - the outcry of horror that would have erupted if Bill Clinton or anyone in his family had given a public thumbs-up to the purveyors of "take down the cross day"?

When are the "Christians" in this country going to wake up ?
Note to Neil: Father Moon mandates that you cannot have sex without a picture of Moon overseeing your activity. Better remember that, next time you hear one of those inexplicable knocks at the door...

George W. Bush, wrote a warm letter of support presented at the event by a state senator, in which the president and his wife Laura sent his best wishes to the sponsors -- and thanked them for rallying his "armies of compassion." It is unclear what the ACLC has done for society's problems, though its Web site is selling a video called "Beyond The Cross," and an affiliated Moon front group, Free Teens USA, has received almost half a million $$ under Bush's Abstinence-Only program
The fling with the Thetans was a passing fancy; the Bush family's real loyalties remain with Moon.
When a Moon front group called the American Clergy Leadership Conference sponsored its "Tear Down the Cross" day, both 41 and 43 made public
declarations of approval:
And what about Neil Bush ? Interestingly enough, this is not the first time his name has been linked with a cult.

00.000.2002 -Three years ago-, Neil Bush functioned as a spokesman for Scientology

00.000.2002 -when Neil Bush appeared before a Congressional committee in opposition to the use of Ritalin. (This is one case in which the Hubbardites may have a point.

Even so, a presidential brother should never associate with a cult front group.) 03.Dec.2005
Interestingly, the IIFWP played a roll in a previous Moon-approved crusade that nearly all Christians would find particularly appalling. Just last year, this front group made an attempt to convince (and by "convince," I mean bribe) churches to get
rid of their crosses. Moon does not like the cross.

In truth, he doesn't like Jesus either, although his followers tend to keep the spotlight well away from that corner of his theological foundation. 03.Dec.2005
But here we have what I believe to be a shot of Neil Bush alongside the Reverend Moon.

They travelled to Manila to inaugurate Moon's latest project:

A "spiritual" version of the United Nations, called the Universal Peace Federation, which seems to be an outgrowth of Moon's International Inter-religious Federation for World Peace.

(He gives these things such lovely names, doesn't he?) See here for more. 03.Dec.2005
So why is Neil Bush - the president's brother + notorious S&L crook - hanging out with the even more notorious Reverend Sun Myung Moon, cult leader and self-proclaimed Lord of the Second Advent?
Although the Bush family has long-standing ties to Moon (see
here and here), members of our ruling dynasty have carefully avoided being photographed alongside the Korean "Messiah."

No doubt, this reticence stems from Moon's known ties to Fascists, North Korea, drug money and other unsavories. Worse, his theology ( Jesus was a failure; Moon's the better Messiah ), not to mention his history of having sex with his followers, would annoy most members of the Christian right.
16.Sep.2005 Maßeinheiten: Ersetzt die Watt-Waage das Urkilogramm von 00.000.1889 ?,1518,374765,00.html
Zum Thema im Internet: National Institute of Standards and Technology
"Journal of the Optical Society of America "

Lawall hat das neue Verfahren bereits bei einer Entfernung von einigen Millimetern getestet.

Es könne später für bis zu 50 Millimeter lange Abstände eingesetzt werden.

Könnte man mit diesem Verfahren die Strecke von New York nach Los Angeles bestimmen, läge der Fehler lediglich bei einem Millimeter, erklärte der Forscher.
Um eine derartige Präzision überhaupt erreichen zu können, zählte Lawall nicht die Wellenlängen, sondern konzentrierte sich auf die Frequenz des Laserstrahls.

Er fing das Licht zwischen zwei gegenüberliegenden Spiegeln ein - eine Art optische Orgelpfeife.

Die Länge einer Orgelpfeife kann mithilfe der Frequenz bestimmt werden, bei der es zur Resonanz kommt, die Pfeife also besonders laut ist.

Ähnlich geht Lawall bei dem Laserstrahl vor: Er variiert die Frequenz, findet die Eigenfrequenzen des Spiegelsystems + kann daraus den Abstand der Spiegel berechnen.
Russische Vermittlung: Iran will Neuaufnahme der Atomgespräche
Vogelgrippe H5N1: Ukraine erklärt Teile der Krim zum Katastrophengebiet
Präzision: Gerät misst auf Billionstel Meter genau
Luftangriff: CIA erschießt al-Qaida-Führer
Pakistan: Militär tötet ranghohen al-Qaida-Kommandeur
Gekaufte Wissenschaft: Im Würgegriff der Tabakkonzerne
Kehrtwende: Bundesagentur setzt weiter auf McKinsey
Handy-Netze: Hacker können Mailboxen leicht abhören

03.Dec.2005 Geheime CIA-Gefangenenflüge: Dauergast im deutschen Luftraum
Kambodscha: Erbe der Khmer
Astronomie: Forscher entdecken Mini-Planeten