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Er habe sich nach dem überraschenden Tod seiner Frau Susie entschlossen, sich schneller von seinem Reichtum zu trennen, sagte Buffett in einem Interview mit der Zeitschrift.

"Ich weiß, was ich tue + es macht Sinn, dies zu tun", betonte er.

Startschuss für seine Großzügigkeit soll

00.Jul.2006 sein. 

Dann wolle er damit beginnen, 85 % der Aktien seiner Investmentfirma Berkshire Hathaway an fünf Stiftungen zu verteilen, sagte Buffett.

Der größte Teil, etwa fünf Sechstel, soll der Bill und Melinda Gates-Stiftung zu Gute kommen, die vom reichsten Mann der Welt, Microsoft-Gründer Bill Gates, gegründet wurde.

Die Anteile sollen über mehrere Jahre überschrieben werden. Die erste Spende im Umfang von 500 000 B-Aktien hätte nach dem Schlusskurs vom 23.Jun.2006 einen Wert von rund 1,5 Milliarden Dollar.
Mega- Spende: US- Investor Buffett verschenkt Vermögen
25.Jun.2006 US raid sparks outrage among Iraqi Sunnis: The arrest of Sheikh Jamal Abdel Karim al-Dabaan sparked outrage among Iraq's Sunnis.

The Iraqi Islamic Party, whose leader is one of the country's vice-presidents, condemned it + many government officials in predominantly Sunni Salahaddin province suspended work in protest, the deputy governor said.
Iraq Veterans Facing Homelessness: I'm just an ordinary person who served.

I'm not embarrassed about my homelessness, because the circumstances that created it were not my fault," said Beckford, 30, who was a military-supply specialist at a base in Iraq

that was a sitting duck for around-the-clock attacks, "where hell was your home."
Olmert: Israeli lives worth more than Palestinian ones : Ehud Olmert, the Israeli Prime Minister, expressed "deep regret" for army operations that have killed 14 Palestinian civilians in Gaza in just nine days but said the lives of Israeli citizens threatened by Qassam attacks were "even more important".

25.Jun.2006 Senate Now Sanctions Palestinian Authority: The Senate voted Friday to block U.S. aid to the Hamas-led Palestinian government + ban contacts with Hamas

25.Jun.2006 Hamas: A Pale Image of the Jewish Irgun And Lehi Gangs: “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”

Yet freedom fighters is exactly how Israelis view the early Zionists who fought

00.000.1947 for the establishment of Israel—and how Palestinians now consider their fighters resisting Israeli occupation.

25.Jun.2006 Timor-Leste: Behind The Demonisation Of Mari Alkatiri : The prism through which the events in Timor-Leste are presented is that of the “failed state”.

These words are meant to ring alarm bells and Australian Defence Minister, Brendan Nelson wasted no time in pointing out that failed state equals terrorism:

25.Jun.2006 Major Terror Ring Or 'Al Qaeda Lite'?: The same people who told us that Zacarias Moussaoui was the 20th hijacker + that Jose Padilla was building a radiological bomb now are telling us that they've foiled a legitimate terror plot to take down the Sears Tower in Chicago.

25.Jun.2006 Jose Padilla Case: Judge orders more information for terror suspects' lawyers: U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke called the government's

00.000.2005 indictment of Padilla, a former Broward County, Fla., resident, Adham Amin Hassoun + Kifah Wael Jayyousi "light on facts" + said defense lawyers would need more details to sift through a large amount of evidence related to the case.

25.Jun.2006 Facts about top U.S. legal cases on terrorism: Following is a list of some of the more high-profile legal cases in the "war against terrorism"

25.Jun.2006 GOP Candidate's Call for Forced Labor Camp : A Republican gubernatorial candidate's call for creation of a forced labor camp for illegal immigrants drew rebukes

Friday from two GOP lawmakers, who labeled it a low point in the immigration debate.

25.Jun.2006 World slums set for huge growth: The State of the World Cities report presented at the conference said that 38 % of urban growth will be in slums + that by 2020 six of 10 people in the world will live in cities.
25.Jun.2006 Bombenalarm in Stockholm: Schwarzer Kasten um die Hüfte
25.Jun.2006 Reformstau: Krisengipfel der Ratlosen
25.Jun.2006 Saddam Hussein: "Die Amerikaner werden zu mir kommen"

25.Jun.2006 US- Kontenspionage: Belgische Notenbank wusste von Überwachungsprogramm
25.Jun.2006 'Reading Leo Strauss,' by Steven B. Smith - New York Times  
'Reading Leo Strauss,' by Steven B. Smith - New York Times The following text about Strauss is taken from this link
The 'noble lie'
Western Magazine Awards
Strauss believed that allowing citizens to govern themselves will lead, inevitably, to terror and tyranny, as the Weimar Republic succumbed to the Nazis in the 1930 s.

A ruling elite of political philosophers must make those decisions because it is the only group smart enough.

It must resort to deception -- Strauss's "noble lie" -- to protect citizens from themselves.

The elite must hide the truth from the public by writing in code. "Using metaphors + cryptic language," philosophers communicated one message for the elite + another message for "the unsophisticated general population," philosopher Jeet Heer recently wrote in the Globe and Mail. "For Strauss, the art of concealment and secrecy was among the greatest legacies of antiquity."
Here's another
link where this is found:
In other words, Dury claims that Strauss believes that Men by their nature are inherently aggressive and can only restrained by a powerful nationalist state.

?Because mankind is intrinsically wicked,? Strauss once wrote, ? he has to be governed.

Such governance can only be established, however, when men are united ? and they can only be united against other people.? And Dury adds that this means: ?

If no external threat exists then one has to be manufactured.?

Heroic values are required for the accomplishment of this struggle + for this the egoism and utilitarianism of modern liberalism is both an inadequate and unworthy foundation.

Apparently this was shown to Strauss?s satisfaction by the utter failure of Weimar Republic to resist the rise of Hitler. In his view, Weimar?s fate is the doom of all liberal democracies given enough time.
And here's a
third take:
Challenging the ideas that Strauss was an inflexible conservative who followed in the footsteps of Nietzsche, Heidegger + Carl Schmitt, the Zuckerts contend that Strauss’s signature idea was the need for a return to the ancients. This idea, they show, stemmed from Strauss’s belief that modern thought, with its relativism and nihilism, undermines healthy politics and even the possibility of real philosophy.
--------- Why does Robert Alter completely ignore this aspect of Strauss?

25.Jun.2006 US-Regierung verschaffte sich Zugang zu weltweiten Bankdaten sfux 
SDA- Die US-Regierung hat im Kampf gegen den Terrorismus Millionen von internationalen Geldtransfers überwacht.

CIA-Ermittler verschafften sich nach dem 11.Sep.2001 Zugang zur weltweit grössten Datenbank für Finanztransaktionen in Brüssel (SWIFT).
Das US-Finanzministerium bestätigte entsprechende Medienberichte. Das geheime Programm sollte die Überweisungen von Verdächtigen mit Verbindungen zum Terrornetzwerk El Kaida überprüfen. Ausgeführt...

Bank Data Is Sifted by U.S. in Secret to Block Terror
Data provided by the program helped identify Uzair Paracha, a Brooklyn man who was convicted on terrorism-related charges in 2005, officials said.

The program is limited, government officials say, to tracing transactions of people suspected of having ties to Al Qaeda by reviewing records from the ...
Cameron 'could scrap' rights act Tory leader David Cameron says he would consider replacing the Human Rights Act with a bill of rights
25.Jun.2006 'Bomb belt' sparks Sweden alert Police evacuate part of the Swedish capital after a man is spotted wearing a suspected bomb belt.
25.Jun.2006 'Four-mile fuel slick' off coast Sightings are investigated of a lengthy fuel slick in the environmentally sensitive water separating Anglesey and the north Wales coast.
25.Jun.2006 Arrests as 300 in town violence Two police officers are injured as 300 people are involved in "large-scale disorder" in a small north Wales town.
25.Jun.2006 Secrecy Mustn't Crush Rule of Law The United States is asserting the state-secrets privilege to dismiss a series of suits that raise serious allegations of government wrongdoing.

It's time the courts stepped in and limited a tool that's evolved to protect lawbreakers, not national security.
Immaturity Level Rising in Adults ScuttleMonkey 219 Ant that a

Discovery News article is exploring the old adage, "like a kid at heart", which may be closer to the truth than we would like to admit.

New research is showing that grown-ups are more immature than ever. From the article:

"Specifically, it seems a growing number of people are retaining the behaviors and attitudes associated with youth.

As a consequence, many older people simply never achieve mental adulthood, according to a leading expert on evolutionary psychiatry."

Then we look to our WTC-7 building occupant list And what do we have here?: Standard Chartered Bank – Floors 10,13,26,27

Awoken Research Group

from the film Who Killed John O’Neill? + it appears that the dreams of ‘coincidence theorists’ worldwide may in fact be in the process of shattering.

According to the official 9/11 storybook as described in the Moussaoui indictment , Standard Chartered Bank had quite the role to play in 9/11 patsy funding:
25.Jun.2006 Bombenalarm: Schwedische Polizei sperrt Stockholm ab

Washington Post Smears War Critics, Again

One might think that a newspaper which helped fan a war frenzy that got more than 2,500 American soldiers + tens of thousands of Iraqis killed might show some remorse or at least some circumspection before attacking critics of that misadventure. But that is not the way of the Washington Post. One also might think that a newspaper would have some interest in holding dishonest politicians accountable, especially when the consequences of their deceptions have been as grievous as George W. Bush's Iraq War lies. But that also is not the way of the Post.
Neben Onkelinx sei auch Belgiens Finanzminister Didier Reynders über die Maßnahme im Rahmen des US-Anti-Terror-Kampfs auf dem Laufenden gewesen, berichteten die Zeitungen "Het Volk" und "De Standaard" heute. Reynders sei im April vom Chef der belgischen Nationalbank, Guy Quaden, informiert worden. Quaden sei bereits mehrere Monate im Bilde gewesen, dass die im Brüsseler Vorort La Hulpe sitzende internationale Finanzdatenbank "Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication" (Swift) im Anti-Terror-Kampf Daten nach Washington übermittelte, hieß es.
25.Jun.2006 Saturn- Sonde: "Cassini" beobachtet Mond- Ballet
25.Jun.2006 Geheimer Abzugsplan: USA wollen Truppen im Irak massiv reduzieren
25.Jun.2006 Gary Buell at Covert History offers an apt quote from Ehud Barak: "There's no way to win an occupation. It's just a matter of choosing the size of your humiliation." Permalink
25.Jun.2006 L.A. Times: At least 50,000 Iraqis have died violently

since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, according to statistics from the Baghdad morgue, the Iraqi Health Ministry + other agencies - a toll 20,000 higher than previously acknowledged by the Bush administration.

A British Report last year placed the likely Iraqi death toll at well over 100,000. Bush is the grim reaper.

25.Jun.2006 British 'helpless' as violence rises in southern Iraq
Face Time With Bush Up For Sale, Abramoff-Norquist E-mails Reveal 6/25
What Would Jesus Do? Another Incredible Flash Animation by 15-year-old Ava Lowery of Alabama. 6/25
Bush inspires Syria-Iran alliance 6/25

25.Jun.2006 Total confusion underlies White House claim of Zarqawi successor.

As BuzzFlash presciently noted, Rove's strategy of making the so-called "war on terorrism" into a Hollywood story is to personalize it with successive boogeyman's.

The White House (AKA Fantasy Island) had a successor to al-Zarqawi appointed before al-Qaeda did - + al-Qaida only plays a minor role in the Iraq resistance in any case.

But al-Qaeda plays a BIG role in the Bush propaganda effort, whatever the reality. 6/25

25.Jun.2006 In the south of Iraq, the first of Japan's force of 600 soldiers started pulling out of the country, crossing the border into Kuwait, according to Associated Press reporters + the Japanese Defense Agency. Meanwhile, Iraqi Puppet Government Submits "Reconciliation" Plan. Oh, Yeah, Another "Last Throes of Insurgency" Ploy. 6/25
Panel on Iraq bombings grows to $3b effort: Critics say it has been ineffective 6/25

25.Jun.2006 Taliban on the march past blooming poppy fields 6/25
25.Jun.2006 Iraq Govt. Plan Calls for U.S. Withdrawal Timetable - Newsweek The War on Iraq -
25.Jun.2006 McCain Denounces Republicans' Spending
Say Goodbye to Bolton
25.Jun.2006 Survival of the richest - The Boston Globe
25.Jun.2006 Court Bars Info Request on NSA Wiretapping
25.Jun.2006 Democrats need a new script
25.Jun.2006 Military Intelligence?  Military Intelligence Harold C. Hutchison. Making the US safe for Fascism.
25.Jun.2006 US raid in Iraq sparks outrage |
25.Jun.2006 ABC News: U.S. Denies Sending Troops to Bolivia  
ABC News: U.S. Denies Sending Troops to Bolivia

25.Jun.2006 Bolton Attacks U.N. Human Rights Official For Criticizing Flawed Administration Policies Amanda 
Yesterday, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour
sharply criticized some of the tactics being employed in the war on terror, reminding all nations — including the United States — that they are constrained by an “absolute ban on torture and the right to a fair trial.” She added, “It is vital that at all times Governments anchor in law their response to terrorism.”

U.S. Ambassador John Bolton immediately slammed Arbour’s “misplaced priorities:

For all the human rights problems in the world in places like North Korea and Iran and so on, to go after the United States and Israel — it is business as usual from the U.N. human rights machinery .

But just a month earlier, Bolton’s own deputy stated that the “U.N. human rights machinery” exists to inform all member states — including the U.S. — of their international duties and obligations:

The human rights machinery of the United Nations exists to assist UN Member States to meet their international obligations.

Reflecting our strong support for human rights, the United States places a great deal of importance on the effective and efficient functioning of human rights bodies. …

The United States holds the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in high regard and believes it has the potential to make even greater contributions to the protection of human rights around the world.

Bolton has once again shown he is willing to throw international cooperation by the wayside and employ double standards in order to defend flawed Bush administration policies.
25.Jun.2006 Is Jon Stewart un-American? Smartalix 
It would be funny if it weren’t so sick. Anyone criticizing this administration is automatically labelled un-American. What’s un-American is what Bush is doing to this country. This is not funny: Jon Stewart and his hit Comedy Central cable show may be poisoning democracy. Two ...

25.Jun.2006 25% of Americans have no one to confide in
Americans have a third fewer close friends and confidants than just two decades ago — a sign that people may be living lonelier, more isolated lives than in the past. In 1985, the average American had three people in whom to confide matters that were important to them, says a study in today' ...

25.Jun.2006 Humans 'destroying coastal life' Human activity has had a devastating effect on coasts since Roman times, research suggests.
25.Jun.2006 Brazil's Lula seeks re-election Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva says he will seek a second term in office at elections in October.
25.Jun.2006 Dodo skeleton find in Mauritius Part of a dodo skeleton is found, the first fully preserved bones of the extinct flightless bird.
25.Jun.2006 Heart drug may help treat stroke US researchers discover plant extracts which are used in heart failure may help early treatment of strokes.
25.Jun.2006 Sailors' Data Posted on the Web In yet another government data breach, the Navy investigates the appearance on a civilian website of 28,000 social security numbers + other personal data of sailors + their family members.
25.Jun.2006 Mixing brain cells and nanodots ScuttleMonkey 48 Roland Piquepaille writes

"It's not the first time that animal brain cells have been used in conjunction with nanoparticles. But

now, a team of Israeli researchers have grown self-organizing networks of rat brain cells by binding them to carbon nanotubes.

In a short article, New Scientist reports that these neural networks are remarkably stable, surviving for almost three months in the lab.

These hybrid networks could be used in future biological sensors.

For example, they could identify a poison by measuring its effect on such a network of brain cells."
The Pentagon's Supersonic, Shape-Shifting Assassin ScuttleMonkey 260 grammar fascist writes

"CNN reports that Northrop Grumman is under contract to build a new supersonic, shape-shifting bomber by 00.000.2020 .

The main innovation is in its single, rotating wing. From the article: '[It] will cruise with its 200-foot-long wing perpendicular to its engines like a normal airplane.

But just before the craft breaks the sound barrier, its single wing will swivel around 60 degrees (hence the name) so that one end points forward and the other back.

This oblique configuration redistributes the shock waves that pile up in front of a plane at Mach speeds and cause drag.

When the Switchblade returns to subsonic speeds, the wing will rotate back to perpendicular.'"
Internet to Blame for Lack of Close Friends ScuttleMonkey 220 Anonymous Coward writes

"Duke and University of Arizona researchers are citing the Internet as one of the main contributing factors to a shrinking of social networks among Americans.

People say they have fewer people they can talk to about important stuff, even if they are talking to lots more people from all over the place about unimportant stuff online."
Biometric Payment Arrives in a Store Near You anaesthetica (posted by ScuttleMonkey) 153

"A chain of Florida convenience stores has begun accepting fingerprints as payment, using a biometric system called Pay By Touch.

The company is a Bay-area startup backed by $130 million in VC cash and the acquisition of BioPay, a Virginia-based biometrics firm that's already done $7 billion in European transactions. From the article:

'The company is a bit puzzled by customer privacy fears. After all, they say, how can using a unique fingerprint for identification be riskier to theft than a plastic card, key chain token, or account number? ...

The fingerprint image recorded is not the same as those collected by the federal government or law enforcement.'"

2004 Events SNV
Frederick Boyle -presenter. He has traveled to Iraq and Baghdad. contact Rev. Ross Campbell. Putting A Human Face on Homosexuality.

Peace One Day: 21 September
Peace One Day is asking the people of the world to honour + celebrate the Day on 21.Sep. ... International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA): Will be showing DVD to ..

Freedom of Speech: August 2003 Archives Frederick Boyle said he received a letter about two months ago from the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Asset Control.

The pastor of Titusville United Methodist Church in Mercer County, Boyle ...
25.Jun.2006 Präsidentschaftswahlen: Brasiliens Staatschef will zweite Amtszeit
Geheimes Überwachungsprogramm: Belgische Behörden ermitteln wegen US- Kontenspionage
25.Jun.2006 Terror- Anklage: Die Möchtegern- Osamas aus Miami
24.Jun.2006 -Local News-Inman's lawyer feels 'moral' duty - (6/12/2006) -Local News-Inman's lawyer feels 'moral' duty - (6/12/2006)

24.Jun.2006 Two things that offend Dick Cheney: Judd ... the New York Times and the LA Times.
24.Jun.2006 Verwechslung: US- Soldaten nehmen vorübergehend Sunniten- Führer fest
24.Jun.2006 FCC Approves New Internet Phone Taxes ScuttleMonkey 3 basotl

CNet is reporting that the FCC has approved a new round of taxes for internet phone service. Some 4 million users could receive this nasty little surprise as early as their next monthly bill. From the article: "The VoIP industry wasn't alone in questioning the FCC's move. In a letter sent last week to commissioners, attorneys for the U.S. Small Business Administration urged the agency to postpone its action until it had done a thorough analysis of the economic effect on smaller providers."
Telesur als linkes CNN für Lateinamerika Malte Olschewski 
Telesur feiert in Kürze sein einjähriges Bestehen. Der Sender ist vom Präsidenten Venezuelas, Hugo Chavez, als Antwort auf CNN und andere US-Kanäle gegründet worden.

Telesur macht nun Schule.

Auch in Brasilien, Afrika und Rußland wird an ähnlichen Projekten gearbeitet. Die Vorherrschaft der USA über die TV-Weltnachrichten geht zu Ende.
Larry Page and Sergey Brin invest in electric race car
Tesla just raised $40 million from high-profile investors including Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It plans to start selling its first model next year. It also looks like this car can out do a Ferrari or Porsche.

24.Jun.2006 Families deny US terror plot link Relatives of seven men accused of plotting to blow up Chicago's Sears Tower say they have no terror links.
24.Jun.2006 World Class Nanotechnology Research Center Opens CowboyNeal 20 Eh-Wire writes

"The University of Alberta and Edmonton are mighty proud to be home to the new National Institute of Nanotechnology.

The $52.2-million(Canadian) facility is designed to provide the optimal conditions for nano-scale research and to foster collaboration between researchers.

Apparently it is Canada's quietest space and engineered that way to minimize vibration and acoustical noise. Even the electrical wiring has been twisted to reduce electro-magnetic interference.

Curiously enough the head project architect, Donna Clare of architectural firm, Cohos Evamy was also the head project architect for Edmonton's highly acclaimed Winspear Centre, a concert hall designed specifically to enhance acoustics. There's likely going to be some big things coming from this state-of-the-art research facility for the really really small."

Natürlich musste sich gestern Tony Snow, der neue Sprecher des Weißen Hauses, den Fragen auf der gestrigen Pressekonferenz (10) stellen.

Alle anderen Themen, die der offensichtlich schlecht vorbereitete Snow aufbot, gingen unter.

Snow führte an, dass die Zeitungsberichte nicht konkret genug seien, dass die Maßnahme erfolgreich gewesen wäre + dass sie beschränkt auf "verdächtige Personen mit Verbindungen zu al-Qaida" gewesen sei.

Die Geheimdienstausschüsse seien informiert worden, eine Genehmigung des Kongresses sei aber nicht erforderlich gewesen, dabei aber kam er sichtlich ins Straucheln und konnte die rechtlichen Grundlagen nicht nennen.

Snow suchte die Rechtmäßigkeit auch dadurch zu erklären, dass doch auch private Firmen, beispielsweise Medien, die Daten ihrer Kunden sammeln und auswerten.

Das mache eben die Regierung auch.

Und er beruft sich darauf, dass im Gegensatz zu den Medienvertretern der normale Amerikaner es begrüßen würde, wenn Terroristen durch solche Maßnahmen aufgespürt werden.

Im Namen der angeblichen Terrorismusbekämpfung, die nach Ansicht der US-Regierung zudem geheim stattfinden müsse, ist eben alles möglich und legitim.

(5) http:

Telepolis Artikel-URL:
24.Jun.2006 Orientierung: Tiere haben GPS- Ersatz im Kopf

Transparenz total

Die Bush-Regierung versucht, den Lauschangriff auf die internationalen Finanzdaten, dessen Aufdeckung sie nicht verhindern konnte, zu rechtfertigen,

Legitimation, so die kaum rechtsstaatliche Begründung der fürsorglichen Big-Brother-Regierung, ergebe sich durch den Erfolg, aber auch der scheint nicht groß zu sein. Florian Rötzer
Money-track leak angers Cheney The US Vice-President condemns media disclosures of a secret programme tracking financial transactions.
24.Jun.2006 Iranian minister in nuclear talks Iran's foreign minister is in Germany for talks to tackle the stand-off over Tehran's nuclear programme.
24.Jun.2006 Expert criticises print 'mindset' A Dutch expert brought in to oversee the reform of the Scottish Fingerprint Service says it puts self interest before justice.
24.Jun.2006 U.S. Secretly Tapping Bank Databases anaesthetica (posted by timothy) 80
The Washington Post and New York Times are reporting on a Bush administration initiative that has tapped into a vast global database of confidential financial transactions for nearly five years. Relying on a presidential emergency declaration made under the International Emergency Economic Powers, the administration has been surveilling the data from the SWIFT database, which links about 7,800 banks and brokerages and handles billions of transactions a year. From the article: Together with a hundredfold expansion of the FBI's use of "national security letters" to obtain communications and banking records, the secret NSA and Treasury programs have built unprecedented government databases of private transactions, most of them involving people who prove irrelevant to terrorism investigators.

24.Jun.2006 Other measures will include "Giving control of all overseas human intelligence operations to the CIA." Looks like the Agency is no longer in the doghouse. Well, maybe this is a good development. Over the past few years, progressives have had to oppose the administration's attempts to make the CIA parrot a predetermined "party line." If the Company has become another Bush team player, progressives can resume their traditional opposition to runaway CIA covert operations. Permalink
24.Jun.2006 Still another intelligence agency I suppose the brouhaha over the bizarre and silly "Sea of David" cult will help justify the creation of still another intelligence agency.

The new service may or may not operate within the current FBI structure; this BBC story is rather hazy on that key point.

The FBI is to be re-organised + will include another new intelligence body called the National Security Service.
It will assume responsibility for intelligence work within the US + combine the Justice Department's intelligence, counter-terrorism and espionage units.
Correspondents say the measure is designed to help dissolve the barriers between the FBI and the CIA. Those barriers existed for good reason.

I believe it was Harry Truman who said something about the danger of creating an American Gestapo.
Red Alert, Bush and Cheney Lies Kill Our Troops. STATE OF EMERGENCY DECLARED IN BAGHDAD. The Iraqi government declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew today after insurgent gunmen set up roadblocks in central Baghdad and opened fire on US and Iraqi troops just north of the heavily fortified Green Zone. The military also announced the deaths of five more U.S. troops in a particularly violent week for American forces that included the discovery of the brutalized bodies of two soldiers.
Report: Abramoff used Norquist to distribute funds to Ralph Reed -- And took a cut along the way

24.Jun.2006 The One % Doctrine: Deep Inside "America's Pursuit of Its Enemies Since 9/11," by Ron Suskind. A BuzzFlash Review.
John McCain assails GOP spending. Now he sees the light? The GOP revolution started in 1994 + now McCain thinks his party is the party of big spenders? He's a joke. 6/24
Bush Promotes Iraq Insurgency by Evoking 1956 Hungarian Revolt Against Soviets - A BuzzFlash News Alert

24.Jun.2006 Ray McGovern: Next Victim: Iran or North Korea? - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
A federal appeals court on Friday declined to force the government to turn over information on the National Security Agency's wiretapping program to a man charged in a terrorism case. 6/24
Palm Beach Brothel Busts Nets Some High Profile Republicans 6/24

24.Jun.2006 Chicago Sun-Times: Several past "threats" against Sears Tower were more hoax than threat 6/24
The Truth Behind the Exaggerated Threat against the Sears Tower - A BuzzFlash News Analysis

Der belgische Ministerpräsident Guy Verhofstadt bestritt dagegen, von den Praktiken der USA gewusst zu haben.

Er will erst aus der Presse von den Vorgängen erfahren haben. Weder die betroffenen Minister noch die Nationalbank waren heute für eine Stellungnahme erreichbar.

Laut dem niederländischen Radiosender NOS wusste auch die niederländische Zentralbank über die Spionage-Maßnahmen Bescheid.

Die Überwachung tausender Konten durch die USA war offenbar weniger geheim als angenommen.

Zeitungsberichten zufolge war die belgische Regierung über die Schnüffelei informiert.

Auch die belgische + die niederländische Nationalbank sollen davon gewusst haben.

Brüssel/Den Haag -

Belgiens Finanzminister Didier Reynders +

Justizministerin Laurette Onkelinx

seien über die Maßnahme im Rahmen des US-Anti-Terror-Kampfs auf dem Laufenden gewesen, berichteten die Zeitungen "Het Volk" + "De Standaard" heute.

Reynders sei 00.Apr.2006 vom Chef der belgischen Nationalbank, Guy Quaden, informiert worden.

Quaden sei bereits mehrere Monate im Bilde gewesen, dass die

im Brüsseler Vorort La Hulpe sitzende internationale Finanzdatenbank "Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication" (Swift) im Anti-Terror-Kampf Daten nach Washington übermittelte, hieß es.
Geheimes Überwachungsprogramm: Belgier wussten von US- Kontenspionage
24.Jun.2006 Ill-fated invasion was gift to Egyptologists 

The West has never forgotten Napoleon's invasion of Egypt (

00.000.1798-00.000.1801 ), a brief + violent occupation that ended with a French army, abandoned by the soon-to-be-emperor, surrendering in thirst + hunger to inferior British forces.
24.Jun.2006 1,000 skeletons found in Rome catacombs  ARCHAELOGISTS exploring one of Rome's oldest catacombs have discovered more than 1,000 skeletons dressed in elegant togas.
24.Jun.2006 Shells Could Be Earliest Jewelry  Ancient beads that may represent the oldest attempt by people at self-decoration have been identified from sites in Algeria and Israel.

100.000 Jahre alter Schmuck entdeckt
Wahrscheinlich schon vor 100.000 Jahren griffen die Menschen zu Schmuck. Dies schließen Forscher aus Schneckenhäusern, die bereits vor 60 Jahren in Israel + Algerien gefunden worden waren +

seitdem in Museumsarchiven lagern.

Die drei Schneckenhäuser sind in der Mitte mit Bohrungen versehen, an denen sie wahrscheinlich aufgefädelt werden konnten.

Entdeckt hatten sie Ausgräber bereits in den dreißiger und vierziger Jahren in Israel + Algerien. Seither schlummerten die Funde in den Archiven des Museum of Natural History in London und des Musée de l'Homme in Paris.

Eine genaue Altersbestimmung haben erst jetzt Wissenschaftler um Marian Vanhaeren vom University College in London vorgenommen.

Bürgerrechtler zweifeln die Legalität des Programms an.

Der Direktor der American Civil Liberties Union, Anthony D. Romero, sprach gegenüber der "New York Times" von einem "weiteren Beispiel des Machtmissbrauchs der Bush-Regierung".

Deutsche Verbraucherschützer bezeichneten die Operation als Skandal.

Die Aktion der US-Behörden "schafft ganz neue Dimensionen und bestätigt, dass sich die USA in ihrem Anti-Terrorkampf nicht an Recht + Gesetz gebunden fühlen", sagte

Patrick von Braunmühl vom Bundesverband der Verbraucherzentralen.
"Was ich an diesen Geschichten besonders beunruhigend finde, ist die Tatsache, dass Medien sich herausnehmen, entscheidende nationale Sicherheitsprogramme zu veröffentlichen + es damit schwieriger machen, künftige Angriffe auf das amerikanische Volk zu verhindern", sagte Cheney bei einer Wahlkampfveranstaltung des Republikaners David McSweeney. "Das stößt mich ab", fügte er hinzu.

Gestern hatten "The Times", "New York Times", "Los Angeles Times" und "Washington Post" berichtet, dass sich die amerikanischen Terrorermittler Zugang zu den Daten des internationalen Finanzverkehrs über den weltweit zentralen Datenknotenpunkt in Belgien verschafft hatten.
24.Jun.2006 Scharfe Kritik: US- Soldaten nehmen hochrangigen sunnitischen Geistlichen fest
24.Jun.2006 Familie: Niemand will weniger Kinder als die Deutschen

24.Jun.2006 Philippinen: Präsidentin Arroyo schafft die Todesstrafe ab
24.Jun.2006 Arbeitsplatzabbau: Gewerkschaftsboss beschimpft Allianz- Manager als "vaterlandslose Gesellen"
Ausspionierte Kontodaten: Cheney attackiert Presse wegen Veröffentlichung des Geheimprogramms

24.Jun.2006 Eingeständnis: Struck nennt Mehrwertsteuererhöhung unnötig für Reformen
24.Jun.2006 Deutsche Nationalhymne: "Die blödsinnigste Parole der Welt"
Zufallsfund im Museum: 100.000 Jahre alter Schmuck entdeckt
24.Jun.2006 Psycho- Marketing: Auf der Suche nach perfekter Manipulation
24.Jun.2006 Jon Stewart, Enemy of Democracy?
Two political scientists found that young people who watch Stewart's faux news program, "The Daily Show," develop cynical views about politics + politicians that could lead them to just say no to voting.

Comedian + fake-news anchorman Jon Stewart makes the already cynical viewers of Comedy ...
IPI Publication Full Text - IPI Issue Brief
In his recent IPI Ideas paper “Will Congress Circumvent the DMCA?,” Richard Epstein notes how the “other purposes” of Rep. Boucher’s (D-VA) H.R. 1201 “could eviscerate the already inadequate protection that federal law provides against copyright policy.” ...

24.Jun.2006 French nanotech center opening delayed by large protest
I had heard rumors and today at a meeting at the British Consulate here in SF I heard again that there was a big protest in Grenoble in connection with the opening of their new nanotech center Minatec, which appears to have been delayed to the next day due to ...

24.Jun.2006 US fears home terror threat Terror plots hatched inside the US could pose as much danger as al-Qaeda, the US attorney-general says.
24.Jun.2006 Claim over July bombers warning A computer expert warned police about the activities of two of the 7 July London bombers 00.000.2003 , he says.
24.Jun.2006 Terror raid intelligence denial The man accused of providing the intelligence that led to an anti-terror raid in east London denies responsibility.
24.Jun.2006 Peugeot staff protest in London Peugeot workers from the Ryton factory take their protest against the plant's closure to London.
24.Jun.2006 Anger over 'racist' school play The mother of a seven-year-old black boy withdraws him from a school play after he was cast as a monkey.
24.Jun.2006 Watergate Echoes in NSA Courtroom AT&T and Justice Department lawyers line up to try + kill a lawsuit alleging that

the phone company cooperated in an illegal government surveillance program.

AT&T's novel defense: We've done it before. Kevin Poulsen reports from San Francisco.
France Launches Maps Site French government creates a website with high-resolution images to challenge Google Maps. By Eli Milchman.
24.Jun.2006 Judge to decide on AT&T spying suit AT&T, DOJ say companies are protected from privacy laws when working with government on national security issues.
24.Jun.2006 String Theory a Disaster for Physics? timothy 314 BlueCup writes

"Mathematician Peter Woit of Columbia University describes string theory in his book Not Even Wrong,.

He calls the theory 'a disaster for physics.' Which would have been a fringe opinion a few years ago, but now, after years of string theory books reaching the best sellers list, he has company."
Complaints Filed Over Firms Seeking H1-B Holders timothy 287 Vicissidude writes

"Since May, the Programmers Guild has filed 100 complaints with the U.S. Department of Justice, accusing several companies of advertising that they specifically want H-1B workers, a violation of U.S. law.

The U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act requires that U.S. jobs must be available to U.S. workers.

The complaints stem from ads containing wording such as "We require candidates for H1B from India," +

"We sponsor GC [green card] and we do prefer H1B holders," the Programmers Guild said.

The Programmers Guild, looking for ads on major online job boards, has so far targeted only ads seeking computer programmers, the guild said.

It plans to file 280 more complaints over the next six months."
Summer Camps Join Fray Against MySpace anaesthetica (posted by timothy) 140
The New York Times reports that now even summer camps are raising concerns about social networking sites such as MySpace, Friendster + Facebook.

Camps are worried about the ramifications of certain activities being associated with their summer programs after revealing pictures or postings are made online.

Some camps are banning digital cameras, while others are instructing campers and parents to remove references to the camps from blog postings.

Of course, the camps take the stance that they are merely trying to protect the children: "The information that kids share today often is personal and private information that allows predators to track them down.

We're also concerned about cyber-bullying."
24.Jun.2006 Neutrality There's a great film on Rocketboom about net neutrality. Takes a while to load up, but it's worth the wait.
The page also links to
this message on neutrality by Google. Here's what bothers me: The page hasn't been updated recently - + I still see no link to this message on the main Google page.

Why are they treating so important an issue in so lazy a fashion? At present, net neutrality appears doomed. Google - + perhaps only Google - has the advertising power to turn this thing around. Why don't they use it? Permalink 24.Jun.2006 The Truth Behind the Exaggerated Threat against the Sears Tower - A BuzzFlash News Analysis
The One % Doctrine: Deep Inside "America's Pursuit of Its Enemies Since 9/11," by Ron Suskind. A BuzzFlash Review.
Red Alert, Bush and Cheney Lies Kill Our Troops. STATE OF EMERGENCY DECLARED IN BAGHDAD. The Iraqi government declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew today after insurgent gunmen set up roadblocks in central Baghdad and opened fire on US and Iraqi troops just north of the heavily fortified Green Zone. The military also announced the deaths of five more U.S. troops in a particularly violent week for American forces that included the discovery of the brutalized bodies of two soldiers. 6/24

24.Jun.2006 Ray McGovern: Next Victim: Iran or North Korea? - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Baghdad Declares State of Emergency as Resistance Battles Right Up to the Green Zone and the Mainstream News is Still Barking After the Ludicrously Inflated and Politically-Timed "Terrorist Raid" in Miami: "Feds: Plot More Aspirational Than Operational." The Closest the Gang Got to Al-Qaida Was An FBI Undercover Agent. 6/24

24.Jun.2006 A secret CIA-Treasury program to track financial records of millions of Americans is the latest installment in an expansion of executive authority in the name of fighting terrorism. The administration doesn't apologize for President Bush's aggressive take on presidential powers. Vice President Dick Cheney even boasts about it. 6/24
The Bush code of secrecy: How the White House is covering up CIA abductions, brutal interrogations and spying on Americans. 6/24
Bush Promotes Iraq Insurgency by Supporting 1956 Hungarian Revolt Against Soviets - A BuzzFlash News Alert

24.Jun.2006 Boston Globe review: 'The road to Guantanamo' is a chilling story of cruelty and endurance 6/24
When law becomes a bother - The Last Chance Democracy Cafe by Steven C. Day

24.Jun.2006 U.S. missile defense in question: U.S. officials suggested Thursday that the military has limited ability to shoot a North Korean missile out of the sky + spurned suggestions of a pre-emptive strike on the ground.

24.Jun.2006 Bush’s Austria trip has underscored just how much Europeans dislike the U.S. president: It’s more than just simple dislike. A Harris Interactive/Financial Times survey released Monday found that 36 % of Europeans view the United States as the world’s greatest threat to “global stability.”

24.Jun.2006 Gore Vida, on why he hates George Bush : "Benjamin Franklin was shown the new American constitution + he said, 'I don't like it, but I will vote for it because we need something right now. But this constitution in time will fail, as all such efforts do. And it will fail because of the corruption of the people, in a general sense.' And that is what it has come to now, exactly as Franklin predicted."

24.Jun.2006 Patrick J. Buchanan: Needed: A new policy on Islam : As one watches U.S. Armed Forces struggle against Sunni insurgents, Shia militias and jihadists in Iraq + a resurgent Taliban, all invoking Allah, Victor Hugo's words return to mind: No army is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.

24.Jun.2006 Expulsion is racist: Threats against four prominent Jerusalemite Palestinian activists are but prelude to what the state of Israel has in mind for the entirety of the occupied city

24.Jun.2006 Israeli forces expelling Palestinian cancer patient : Doctors for Human Rights reported that Israeli forces finally allowed Al Hilo to enter Israeli borders in order to be hospitalized, however within moments Israeli guards arrived demanding to be paid for their “services.” Al Hilo cannot afford to pay 1,700 shekels per day, which is approximately 380 USD.

24.Jun.2006 Palestinians in Jordan Valley feel strangled by Israel: Israel is cutting off Palestinians in the Jordan Valley from neighbouring villages and preventing access to vital sources of income in a bid to force them out, local villagers say.

24.Jun.2006 Mexico leftist has narrow lead in tight election: Mexican leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has a narrow lead over his conservative rival going into the final days of the campaign, two closely-watched polls showed on Friday.

24.Jun.2006 Venezuelan Government Warns that some TV Licenses : What some owners of radio and television service providers need to understand is that impunity has ended in this country.”

24.Jun.2006 Poverty - Not a Pressing Issue for the Press: The fight against poverty, which calls for a multipronged effort against hunger, inequality + social marginalisation, is a pressing issue in Latin America.

But it is apparently not for the press. In Colombia, where roughly half of the population lives in poverty, the only nationwide newspaper, El Tiempo, dedicates just 0.8 % of its coverage to the issue.

24.Jun.2006 Miami men accused of discussing attacks: "There was no immediate threat," Gonzales said, acknowledging the defendants never had any contact with al Qaeda + did not have any weapons.

"They didn't have the materials required."

24.Jun.2006 Were Sears Tower "Terrorists" Set Up?: ANDREWS: So somebody had approached him to give him money to blow up buildings?

24.Jun.2006 Miami Cult not Muslims: CAIR: The sister of one was just on MSNBC saying that he deeply resented Bush spending money to drop bombs on poor people who could not defend themselves, while depriving the poor in the United States of any support.

24.Jun.2006 In case you missed it: WMD Plot Uncovered In East Texas: At least one weapon of mass destruction - a sodium cyanide bomb capable of delivering a deadly gas cloud - has been seized in the Tyler area. Investigators have seized at least 100 other bombs, bomb components, machine guns, 500,000 rounds of ammunition and chemical agents

24.Jun.2006 U.S. Gets Access to Worldwide Banking Data : The U.S. government gained sweeping access to international banking records as part of a secret program to choke off financial support for terrorism, officials confirmed Thursday.

24.Jun.2006 US secretly tracks bank deals: The US government has engaged for years in a secret effort to track terrorist financing by reviewing confidential information on transfers of money between banks worldwide - without the knowledge of many banks and their customers.

24.Jun.2006 Bush's domestic spying: How America is rapidly becoming a police state

24.Jun.2006 Whistleblower Exposes Bush Officials Traded Abramoff Favors: Jack Abramoff and other lobbyists redefined "access and influence" inside this Administration. Smith blows the whistle on officials described as Abramoff's 'point man' inside the Department of the Interior.

24.Jun.2006 Speaker Hastert's Land Deal Questioned: House Speaker Dennis Hastert denied Thursday that he pushed for federal funding for a proposed highway in northeastern Illinois so he and his wife could reap about $1.8 million from land deals near their home in Kendall County.

24.Jun.2006 U.S. House, votes to cut estate tax: While the measure falls short of the full repeal sought by President George W. Bush + business and farm groups, Republican backers said it was the best they could do in light of failed efforts to get permanent repeal through the Senate.

24.Jun.2006 U.S. Senate rejects raising minimum wage: The proposal was for a three-step increase in the current minimum wage of $5.15 to $7.25 an hour.

The Republican-controlled Senate voted 52-46, eight short of the 60 needed to pass the bill.

24.Jun.2006 CEOs earn 262 times pay of average worker: In fact, a CEO earned more in one workday than an average worker earned in 52 weeks, said the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C.

24.Jun.2006 Stolen body parts shipped to Australia: MEDICAL products made from human body parts stolen from funeral homes in New York have been implanted into Australians.
24.Jun.2006 Legacy of Treason: Depleted Uranium and the Poisoning of Humanity
24.Jun.2006 Peace deal offers Iraq insurgents an amnesty : The Government will promise a finite, UN-approved timeline for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq; a halt to US operations against insurgent strongholds; an end to human rights violations, including those by coalition troops; and compensation for victims of attacks by terrorists or Iraqi and coalition forces.

24.Jun.2006 The Way Out of Iraq: A Road Map: There has been much talk about a withdrawal of U.S. and coalition troops from Iraq, but no defined timeline has yet been set.

There is, however, an unofficial "road map" to foreign troop reductions that will eventually lead to total withdrawal of U.S. troops.

24.Jun.2006 Senate rejects withdrawal of American troops from Iraq : Six Democrats joined 54 Republicans in opposing it. They were Mark Dayton of Minnesota, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut, Bill Nelson of Florida, Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Mark Pryor of Arkansas.

24.Jun.2006 Pro-Israel Donors Rally For Joe Liberman, as Left Takes Aim: With Senator Joseph Lieberman facing an increasingly tight primary fight, pro-Israel interest groups are stepping up their support for the former vice presidential candidate.

24.Jun.2006 In 2003, U.S. Spurned Iran's Offer of Dialogue : An unusual two-page document spewed out of a fax machine at the Near East bureau of the State Department. It was a proposal from Iran for a broad dialogue with the United States + the fax suggested everything was on the table -- including full cooperation on nuclear programs, acceptance of Israel and the termination of Iranian support for Palestinian militant groups.
24.Jun.2006 Democracy in chains By Greg Palast
US Republicans are planning to change the law to stop black, Hispanic and Native American voters going to the polls in 2008.

24.Jun.2006 Next Victim: Iran or North Korea? By Ray McGovern
This may seem a bit quaint, perhaps even obsolete, but it used to be standard procedure to require intelligence before deciding to make war. Unless you have been asleep these past several months, you know that this sequence was reversed in 2002 when the White House ordered intelligence "fixed" to justify a prior decision for war on Iraq.

24.Jun.2006  The Alchemists: Turning Blood Into Gold By Chris Floyd
This week an interesting story appeared in the Washington Post – buried on page 16, of course, lest anyone think it was of the slightest importance.

It revealed that documentary proof has now emerged confirming the fact that in the spring of 2003, the Bush Regime – flush with its illusory "victory" in Iraq – spurned a wide-ranging peace feeler from Iran which offered "full cooperation" on every issue that the Bushists claim to be concerned about in regard to Tehran: "nuclear programs, acceptance of Israel and the termination of Iranian support for Palestinian militant groups." Continue

24.Jun.2006 The Nutty Demagogic Spin of Curt Weldon's Internal Gyroscope By Walter C. Uhler
Called a "connoisseur of terrorism nightmares," who possesses the personality of a "blowtorch," Weldon likes to use props - a dummy nuclear suitcase, or a replica of a sarin gas dispenser, or a genuine Russian missile gyroscope - to bring theatricality to his Chicken Little histrionics.

24.Jun.2006 Crackdown in Ramadi By Mike Whitney
US forces have surrounded Ramadi causing tens of thousands of people to flee into the countryside.

The city is clearly the next domino in the Pentagon’s master-plan to decimate Iraqi society and divide the country into three small state's Continue
24.Jun.2006 Global Warming Skeptics Engage In Denial And Spin Over New Academy Report; Gore Responds Faiz 
The National Academy of Sciences released an important report yesterday detailing the fact that the Earth’s temperatures in the last few decades
have been the warmest in recorded history, raising concern about the impact of global warming. Warming skeptics have responded with their typical denial and spin.

24.Jun.2006 Electricity Daily (sub. req’d), which covers news from the perspective of the electricity industry, reported:

The NAS report casts serious doubts on the conventional scientific wisdom of man-made climate warming, particularly as described by political advocates such as former Vice President Al Gore. … Those who argue that solar activity drives global climate, not CO2, will take heart.

In fact, the report specifically states that “human activities are responsible for much of the recent warming.” Moreover, as ThinkProgress noted, the report factored in the natural variations in temperature — volcanic activity, solar radiation, etc. — and concluded that these can’t explain the warming trend.

Another well-known skeptic, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), zeroed in on a study conducted by climatologist Michael Mann that is reviewed in the NAS report.

Through his famous “hockey stickgraph, Mann argued that recent years have been the hottest on record in the last millennium. Inhofe responded:

Today’s NAS report reaffirms what I have been saying all along, that Mann’s ‘hockey stick’ is broken.

In fact, the NAS report “largely vindicatesMann’s central thesis, stating it is “plausible that the Northern Hemisphere was warmer during the last few decades of the 20th Century than during any comparable period over the preceding millennium.”

As House Science Committee Chairman Sherwood Boehlert (R-NY) said, “There is nothing in this report that should raise any doubts about the broad scientific consensus on global climate changeor any doubts about whether any paper on the temperature records was legitimate scientific work.” But science has never stood in the way of global warming skeptics. The NAS report is no exception.

On a conference call that Al Gore held with bloggers this afternoon, I asked him for a response to the claims made by Electricity Daily and Sen. Inhofe. He said that global warming skeptics “will seize on anything to say up is down and black is white.” Gore explained that science, by nature, thrives on uncertainty and tries to eliminate it; politics, on the other hand, is vulnerable to being paralyzed by uncertainty. When science and politics converge, Gore argued, the chance for “cowardice is high.”
Jon Stewart, Enemy of Republicrats Stephen VanDyke 
The Washington Post has a one-sided story on how The Daily Show supposedly makes their young audience less likely to vote due to cynicism about politicians and the media — Jon Stewart, Enemy of Democracy?: The results showed that the participants rated both candidates more negatively after ...

23.Jun.2006 US Not Prepared for Net Attacks
If the United States were to suffer from a catastrophic Internet disruption, it is likely that there would be a significant impact to both homeland and economic security.

A report issued by the Business Roundtable Friday claims that the country is ill prepared for such an event.
Verizon to exit in-flight phone business Verizon Airfone plans to stop offering its in-flight phone service by the end of the year.
23.Jun.2006 Fox News: “Are ‘Scoops’ More Important To Media Than Stopping Terror?” Amanda 
This morning, the New York Times reported that the Bush administration has concealed a “
secret program of combing through a vast international data base containing banking transactions involving thousands of Americans.”

Fox News host Neil Cavuto and his guest, former CIA operative Wayne Simmons, called the Times’s aggressive reporting an attempt to drive-down President Bush’s poll numbers. Watch it: Full transcript below:

CAVUTO: Do you think the fact the President’s low in the polls — he’s picked up a little bit — that that affects this, too?

That the media might be saying look, you’re doing so poorly, we’re going to run anything and everything. …

SIMMONS: Listen, it’s absolutely no coincidence, Neil. You’re right on money. It’s no coincidence that the President’s rise in the polls, because the Americans are recognizing that he is defeating terrorists, that this happened to show up today or yesterday in the media.

CAVUTO: Guys, thank you very much. Appreciate it.
Left in the dark. Payson 

Congressional and administration officials have admitted that “U.S. President George W. Bush and his White House were kept in the dark about the Department of Homeland Security’s grant allocations, even though they included controversial cuts to New York City and Washington, until after the decisions were made.”
23.Jun.2006 JetDixon4.pdf (application/pdf Object)  
JetDixon4.pdf (application/pdf Object)
No mention of a large, commercial-class aircraft loitering in the restricted airspace of lower Manhattan during the strikes on the WTC towers will be found in the 9/11 Commission Report.
It does not appear in any version of the Official Story. It is largely unknown even in critical studies of 9/11.

Yet substantial evidence exists to support its presence coincident with the attacks, actually orbiting in close proximity to the towers for several minutes while the North Tower burned and the South Tower was struck. Photography, video footage and eyewitness accounts, including FDNY transcripts and mainstream media audio, confirm this fact.
Law Librarian Blog: Leading Criminologist to Justice Scalia: You turned my research completely on its head.  
Law Librarian Blog: Leading Criminologist to Justice Scalia: You turned my research completely on its head.

23.Jun.2006 Secretary of State Establishes New Global Internet Freedom Task Force
The Internet is a potent force for freedom around the world, but challenges to its independence by repressive regimes threaten its transformational power. In order to ensure a robust U.S. foreign policy response to these challenges, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice established the Global ...

23.Jun.2006 WiFi freeloader arrested in Washington Caesar 
Another reminder that you should be careful in the face of temptation: a Washington man has been arrested for mooching off of an open WAP.

23.Jun.2006 Template for News Stories on Government Data Gathering Solove 
NSA warrantless wiretaps. NSA collection of phone records. CIA gathering of financial records. The stories are endless. To help out reporters, I thought I'd just write a quick and easy template to make reporting a little bit easier. So here...

23.Jun.2006 'Bad' Words Earn Blogger Big Fine An Italian man convicted of defamation must pay $16,900 even though the information he published was apparently true, according to Reporters Without Borders.
23.Jun.2006 Zombie builders send out phone texts Hackers are trying a cell phone approach to try to dupe people into downloading a Trojan horse program.
23.Jun.2006 U.S. unprepared for Net meltdown, blue chips warn Group of powerful companies in various sectors calls on federal government to beef up readiness efforts.
23.Jun.2006 Shoptalk and sociology at Supernova 2006 Tech bigwigs in business, government and academia gather to discuss the future--and how to navigate it.
23.Jun.2006 Unternehmenssteuern: Steinbrück plant Senkung auf unter 30 %

The program, run out of the Central Intelligence Agency and overseen by the Treasury Department, "has provided us with a unique and powerful window into the operations of terrorist networks and is, without doubt, a legal and proper use of our authorities," Stuart Levey, an under secretary at the Treasury Department, said in an interview on Thursday.

The program is grounded in part on the president's emergency economic powers, Mr. Levey said + multiple safeguards have been imposed to protect against any unwarranted searches of Americans' records. . . .

That access to large amounts of confidential data was highly unusual, several officials said + stirred concerns inside the administration about legal and privacy issues.

"The capability here is awesome or, depending on where you're sitting, troubling," said one former senior counterterrorism official who considers the program valuable. While tight controls are in place, the official added, "the potential for abuse is enormous."

Posted by Daniel J. Solove at

23.Jun.2006 URL: You realize we're doomed, right? They're never going to give up this power.

Even after the Bush Administration is nothing but a bad nightmare + a story parents tell their misbehaving children, the government will still hold on to its surveillance power. Welcome to the security state.
Massive Government Data Mining of Financial Records 18 minutes ago    permalink Solove / Concurring Opinions

Apparently, warrantless wiretapping and gathering of phone call records just aren't enough to quench the Bush Administration's thirst for data.

Now we learn that the government has gathered massive quantities of financial records. The New York Times reports: Under a...
U.S. government sifts through private financial records of thousands of Americans as part of counterterrorism program
(NewsTarget) -- A secret finance-tracking program started by the Bush Administration shortly after 9/11 allows counterterrorism officials access to millions of U.S. citizens' private financial records in an effort to trace funding for terrorist activities. The program -- run by the CIA and overseen...

23.Jun.2006 US government caught secretly spying on Americans' financial records
Thanks to the LA Times, a new revelation about secret spying on American citizens by the Bush Administration is now emerging.

Only this time, it's not your phone records, airline travel records or internet traffic that's being spied on without your knowledge... it's your financial records. We're now...
Bush hasn’t done his homework. Faiz 
From today’s White House press briefing — QUESTION: “As the president begins to do his homework leading up to the Russia trip, what are his current feelings about Putin?

Does he remain a trustworthy friend or has he evolved to something else?” SNOW: “First, he has not begun to do his homework.”
Donald Trump on Iraq. Faiz 
“I think the war was a mistake,” said the star of NBC’s The Apprentice. “I would get out of Iraq as soon as possible consistent with the practicalities of a bad situation. …
It’s being held together by sugar candy. No matter what happens, I believe Iraq will fall again.”

23.Jun.2006 Fox Gets ‘Fair And Balanced’ Access to Guantanamo Nico 
Last week, the Pentagon “
shut down access entirelyto the Guantanamo Bay prison after the suicide deaths of three detainees. Journalists covering the suicides had their clearances revoked and were immediately flown back to the United States + regular visits between detainees and their lawyers were cancelled. Human rights groups protested:

This press crackdown is the administration’s latest betrayal of fundamental American values. The Bush Administration is afraid of American reporters, afraid of American attorneys and afraid of American laws.

Afraid of American journalists, that is, as long as they’re not from Fox. This morning, Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano described how the Defense Department had personally invited him on a trip to Guantanamo on Wednesday:

NAPOLITANO: I was doing my radio show with Brian Kilmeade the other day and I get an email from the Defense Department saying, “We have an extra seat on a flight down to Guantanamo, would you like to come?” So, of course, I cleared it all — I cleared it here with our superiors. …

HOST: What’d you see?

NAPOLITANO: Well, we saw everything. … We saw all six camps. … We had FBI interviews, I actually sat down and examined the evidence they’re going to use at trial with prosecutors. It was very detailed.

HOST: That was some kind of access.

NAPOLITANO: It was. It was great.

Napolitano offered his fair and balanced review of conditions at the prison: among other glowing reviews, he claimed it is “now gentle, almost child-like the way they treat the detainees.”
Preemptive Strike On North Korea Is ‘Ill-Conceived’ and ‘Factually-Flimsy’ Guest 
Former Secretary of Defense William Perry is one of America’s great national defense assets. So it is difficult to understand
his lapse in judgment in proposing, with Harvard’s Ash Carter, to start a war with North Korea. Perhaps it is an attempt to position themselves to the right of President Bush, but their plan is ill-conceived, factually flimsy + feeds directly into the crisis atmosphere that dictator Kim Jong-Il wants to create. Their June 22 Washington Post op-ed, commits five basic errors:

1. They exaggerate the threat. Calling North Korea’s test launch an “intercontinental ballistic missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead on U.S. soilis a huge analytical leap unsupported by any evidence. The last time North Korea fired a long-range missile was in 1998, it went about 1300 kilometers and failed to put its tiny payload into orbit.

2. They adopt the Bush administration’s deeply flawed preventive war strategy. The view that we have to go to war before “the threat has maturedis precisely what sent us into Iraq. The 1998 test was not an imminent threat and this one is no different -– certainly not the “race to threaten this countrythat the authors suggest.

3. They justify the attack on flimsy intelligence. The very first sentence of the op-ed – “North Korean technicians are reportedly in the final stages of fueling a long-range ballistic missile” –- is in error. South Korean intelligence officials, who were the first to report the missile fueling, have now rejected the reports.

4. There is little calculation of the next move. Perry and Carter assume that once the U.S. attacked North Korea, Kim Jung-Il will do nothing. This assumption is convenient, but unsupported. Do the authors really think that Kim can afford to lose massive amounts of face and still maintain his grip on the military? What if he launches a missile at a U.S. facility in South Korea in a tit-for-tat exchange? Never count on winning a chess game with one bold move.

5. Finally, this whole approach plays directly into Kim Jung-Il’s hands. This test is aimed at increasing North Korea’s bargaining leverage, as shown by North Korea’s simultaneous calls for one-on-one discussions with the United States in order to resolve issues over the missile launch. Exaggerating its importance does just what Kim wants: makes him appear a more dangerous foe than he is. It also helps conservatives who have hyped the North Korean missile threat for years as a way to pour money into the anti-missile sink-hole.

Rather than the pre-emptive strike path suggested by Perry and Carter, the wisest course is to join with our allies in opposing any new missile tests, insist that North Korea return to the six-party talks + indicate that if they do they will find a United States willing to negotiate a final solution to end these programs, as former US ambassador Jack Pritchard recommends. Kim Jung-Il is a petty dictator that we should be perfectly capable of maneuvering into surrender. We should not let his cheap stunts terrify us into playing his pathetic game.
23.Jun.2006 Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, Amanda 
only Democrat in President Bush’s cabinet, has resigned. Asked why Mineta resigned, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow said: “Because he wanted to.”

23.Jun.2006 VIDEO: Springsteen Hits Coulter, Defends Right To Take A Stand On Political Issues Payson 
In a recent interview, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien asked Bruce Springsteen (aka “The Boss”) about criticism he has received for taking a stand on political issues. Springsteen responded sarcastically, “Yeah, they should let Ann Coulter do it instead.” He added that there are “idiots rambling on on cable television on any given night of the week,” and called the idea that musicians shouldn’t speak up, “insane” and “funny.”
Watch it:

O’BRIEN: In 2004 you came out very strongly in support of John Kerry and performed with him - your fellow guitarist, I think is how you introduced him to the crowd. And some people gave you a lot of flack for being a musician who took a political stand. I remember…

SPRINGSTEEN: Yeah, they should let Ann Coulter do it instead.

O’BRIEN: There is a whole school of thought, as you well know, that says that musicians – I mean you see it with the Dixie Chicks - you know, go play your music and stop.

SPRINGSTEEN: Well, if you turn it on, present company included, the idiots rambling on on cable television on any given night of the week + you’re saying that musicians shouldn’t speak up? It’s insane. It’s funny.

O’BRIEN: As a musician though, I’d be curious to know if there is a concern that you start talking about politics, you came out at one point and said, I think in USA Today listen, the country would be better off if George Bush were replaced as President. Is there a worry where you start getting political and you could alienate your audience?

SPRINGSTEEN: Well that’s called common sense. I don’t even see that as politics at this point. So I mean that’s, you know, you can get me started, I’ll be glad to go. […] You don’t take a country like the United States into a major war on circumstantial evidence. You lose your job for that. That’s my opinion + I have no problem voicing it. And some people like it and some people boo ya, you know?
June 23, 2006 Think Progress 

The Bush administration has gained access to financial records from a vast international database and examined banking transactions involving thousands of Americans. “Treasury officials did not seek individual court-approved warrants or subpoenas, instead relying on broad administrative subpoenas for millions of records.” The program has not received specific Congressional approval or authorization.

Congratulations Paris Hilton. Yesterday, the House voted to cut the estate tax , exempting from taxation “individual estates up to $5 million and couple’s estates up to $10 million.”

Gen. George W. Casey, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, said Iranian support for extremists inside Iraq has shown a noticeable increase” this year. “We are quite confident that the Iranians, through their covert special operations forces, are providing weapons, IED technology and training to Shia extremist groups in Iraq,” he said.

In April, President Bush blamed high gas prices on “boutique fuels,” localized fuel blends that help states meet clean air rules. But a new EPA task force study proves Bush wrong .

In the words of Justice Antonin Scalia, passing a constitutional amendment to ban flag burning “dilutes the very freedom that makes this emblem so revered.”

Representatives of three intelligence agencies downplayed claims by Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-MI) that they had found the WMD in Iraq. The intelligence officials said the munitions had been produced prior to the ’91 Gulf War, that they had been degraded + that there is no evidence of post-’91 munitions. Meanwhile, “a lone Americancontinues to wage his private battle to locate the WMD.

The Federal Trade Commission — the agency charged with fighting identity theft — has “ lost two government laptops containing sensitive personal data .” Data of approximately 1,100 people were on the laptops stolen from an FTC attorney’s locked car 10 days ago.

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled yesterday that businesses can be held financially liable if they retaliate against employees who file discrimination complaints .

Goverment ethics group CREW has released 108 pages of Department of Labor (DOL) documents showing extensive contacts between DOL officials and conservative lobbyist and executive director of the anti-union group Center for Union Facts, Richard Berman.

And finally: After his recent conviction in the Abramoff scandal, former White House official David Safavian is feeling “rather numb — sort of an emotional paralysis.” But don’t worry, it isn’t all sadness for Safavian: “Just this morning, I even found myself laughing, as Katie [daughter] danced to ‘The Wiggles.’ So I am keeping some degree of perspective.”
23.Jun.2006 June 22, 2006 Think Progress 

Kevin Drum agrees with Jonah Goldberg, who is fascinated by “how the Internet is allowing the nation to return to its historical relationship with the media , not how it’s changing everything.”

The Bush administration sends mixed signals on its plans to deal with North Korea .

Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) on the benefits of cutting the estate tax : “Paris Hilton, once this is passed, will be able to jet set around the world buying herself more bling and more dogs to carry around in her purse and probably never work a day in her life.”

Stop the Bush administration from “strangling” the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission , “the federal agency charged with protecting employees and job applicants from workplace discrimination.”

U.S. military documents, obtained by ABC News, list the brother of Afghanistan president Karzai as a ‘problem maker’ in the pay of drug lords.”
23.Jun.2006 presents Full Clip (Fetzer on Hannity & Colmes) presents Full Clip Fetzer talks about Mineta on 6/22. Mineta resigned on 6/23.
Mineta to Quit As Transportation SecretaryABC News - 2 hours ago... But he has since recovered. Asked why Mineta resigned, Snow said: "Because he wanted to.". "He was not being pushed out," he said. ... Mineta to Quit As Transportation Secretary ABC NewsTransportation Secretary Mineta Resigning abc11tv.comTransportation secretary to depart next month

23.Jun.2006 CNN Terror Poll  
Do you feel safer today about a potential terrorist attack in the United States than you did in the months after 9/11?
18897 votes
34471 votes
Total: 53368 votes
This QuickVote is not scientific and reflects the opinions of only those Internet users who have chosen to participate. The results cannot be assumed to represent the opinions of Internet users in general, nor the public as a whole. The QuickVote sponsor is not responsible for content, functionality or the opinions expressed therein.

23.Jun.2006 S.E.C. Is Reported to Be Examining a Big Hedge Fund

One of the nation's most prominent hedge funds, Pequot Capital Management, is said to be under investigation for possible insider trading, according to officials.
Once again the police are clueless! Another man is arrested for using a wide-open WiFi connection SN 
23.Jun.2006 Massive Government Data Mining of Financial Records Solove 
Apparently, warrantless wiretapping and gathering of phone call records just aren't enough to quench the Bush Administration's thirst for data.

Now we learn that the government has gathered massive quantities of financial records. The New York Times reports: Under a...
GOP Rebellion Stops Voting Rights Act House leaders abruptly canceled a vote to renew the

00.000.1965 Voting Rights Act yesterday after rank-and-file Republicans revolted over provisions that require bilingual ballots in many places and continued federal oversight of voting practices in Southern states.

The intensity of the complaints, ...
Study reveals humans wore beads 100,000 years ago Ancient beads that largely constituted the oldest pieces of jewelry worn by man have been identified from archaeological sites in Algeria and Israel.
23.Jun.2006 Blair attacks the 'justice gap' There is a growing gap between the public and the authorities on tackling crime, Tony Blair has said.
23.Jun.2006 Seven charged over 'Chicago plot' Seven men are charged with conspiring to work with al-Qaeda to attack US targets including Sears Tower.
23.Jun.2006 US defends secret cash tracking US officials defend a secret programme to track international money transactions.
23.Jun.2006 Japan shrine challenge rejected Japan's highest court rejects an attempt to stop PM Junichiro Koizumi's visits to a controversial war shrine.
23.Jun.2006 Survey highlights Islam-West rift Deep mutual suspicions between Muslims and the West are documented in a survey of global opinion.
23.Jun.2006 Polish minister fired in spy row Polish Finance Minister Zyta Gilowska is dismissed amid claims she lied about her communist past.
23.Jun.2006 'Progress' in anti-Taleban talks Progress has been made in talks with Pakistan on tackling Taleban violence, the Afghan foreign minister says.
23.Jun.2006 Cameron backs Blair on Iraq war Conservative leader David Cameron says he still thinks going to war in Iraq was the right thing to do.
23.Jun.2006 'Warm' species invading Antarctic Invasive species threaten the Antarctic's unique ecosystems, scientists tell a major meeting in Edinburgh.
23.Jun.2006 Mobile phone risk during storms Doctors warn of increased risk of serious injury from lightning strikes when using mobile phones outdoors in storms.
23.Jun.2006 Cadbury recall after health fears Over a million Cadbury chocolate bars are to be taken off the shelves over salmonella fears.
23.Jun.2006 Family vector for Sumatra bird flu The WHO says limited human to human transfer of the bird flu virus occurred in an Indonesian family.
23.Jun.2006 vCJD 'may take decades' BSE could lurk in the human body for up to 50 years before it develops into vCJD, scientists say.
23.Jun.2006 Dueling Network Neutrality Commentary on NPR Roblimo 220 cube farmer writes

Wednesday National Public Radio featured a commentary by telecom representative Scott Cleland in opposition to Network Neutrality legislation. Thursday Craig Newmark, the Craig behind craigslist, countered that Network Neutrality is essential for consumers. Who made the stronger case?
Muslims 'Still in Denial' About 9/11, Pew Survey Finds - New York Times  

Muslims 'Still in Denial' About 9/11, Pew Survey Finds - New York Times: "did not believe that Arabs carried out the 11.Sep.2001 attacks in the United States."
The Truth About the 9/11 Attacks  The Truth About the 9/11 Attacks
23.Jun.2006 WTC-7 tenant did banking for 9/11 patsies  WTC-7 tenant did banking for 9/11 patsies
23.Jun.2006 Military Knew Soldiers' Families Weren't Told Truth - Los Angeles Times  Military Knew Soldiers' Families Weren't Told Truth - Los Angeles Times
23.Jun.2006 Cooked Terror Plot Recycles Politics Of Fear Paul Joseph Watson Cooked Terror Plot Recycles Politics Of Fear 'Al-Qaeda' plan to fly planes into London skyscrapers concocted by government lobbyists
23.Jun.2006 Study: Most Technology Companies Have Data Losses
Over half of all companies doing business in the technology, media + telecommunications sectors have experienced data breaches that potentially exposed their intellectual property or customer information, a new research report shows. According to the report, published by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu,

23.Jun.2006 Concern as AT&T Alters Privacy Policy
In a change sure to anger some privacy advocates, AT&T has changed its privacy policy to allow the company to claim ownership of subscriber information.

The change will also permit AT&T to hand over data to others if it sees fit, analysts say.
FCC approves new Internet phone taxes
Cell phone bills, even broadband services, could also see hikes in quest to overcome subsidy shortfalls for phone service in rural and high-cost areas.

23.Jun.2006 What The ‘UFO Hacker’ Found In NASA’s Files Uncle Dave 
Is he for real or just trying to get out of going to jail?

23.Jun.2006 The Corner on National Review Online
The National Academy of Sciences has reported on its investigation into the "hockey stick." That was the controversial reconstruction of temperatures over the past thousand years that said there was very little variation in those temperatures until the last century and that the 1990s ...

23.Jun.2006 Greek Wiretapping Scandal
Back in February, I wrote about a major wiretapping scandal in Greece. The Wall Street Journal has a really interesting article (link only good for a week, unfortunately) about it: Behind the bugging operation were two pieces of sophisticated software,...

23.Jun.2006 The strange death of modern advertising
The funeral rites have been observed. The gravediggers have done their work. The mourners are assembled. Most of them are embarrassed to say they ever knew the deceased. "Advertising?" they say, "I'm not in that business." At the age of only 50, advertising was cut down in its prime. Advertising ...

23.Jun.2006 Cheney downplays N Korea threat
The US vice-president rebuffs calls for military action against North Korea, saying its capabilities are "rudimentary".

23.Jun.2006 Italian chosen as Pope's deputy Pope Benedict XVI appoints an Italian cardinal and former departmental colleague as his secretary of state.
23.Jun.2006 Kennedy not ruling out his return Charles Kennedy refuses to rule out returning as Liberal Democrat leader at some point in the future.
Study reveals 'oldest jewellery' By Paul Rincon
Science reporter, BBC News

The earliest known pieces of jewellery made by modern humans have been identified by scientists.

The three shell beads are between 90,000 and 100,000 years old, according to an international research team.

Two of the ancient beads come from Skhul Cave on the slopes of Mount Carmel in Israel. The other comes from the site of Oued Djebbana in Algeria.

The finds, which pre-date other ancient examples by 25,000 years, are described in the US journal Science.

The pea-sized items all have similar holes which would have allowed them to be strung together into a necklace or bracelet, the researchers believe.
Study reveals 'oldest jewellery' The earliest known pieces of jewellery made by modern humans have been identified by scientists.
23.Jun.2006 Seoul eases N Korea missile fears Seoul dampens fears North Korea is about to carry out a missile test, as the US warns of punishment if it does.
23.Jun.2006 Earth's Temperature at Highest Levels in 400 Years CowboyNeal 7 thatguywhoiam writes

"Congress asked + the scientists have answered: 'The Earth is the hottest it has been in at least 400 years, probably even longer. The National Academy of Sciences, reaching that conclusion in a broad review of scientific work requested by Congress, reported Thursday that the 'recent warmth is unprecedented for at least the last 400 years and potentially the last several millennia.'"

Afghanistan -Karzais Bruder soll in Drogenhandel verstrickt sein
Ein Bruder des afghanischen Präsidenten Hamid Karzai ist nach einem als "geheim" klassifizierten Dokument der US-Armee in den Drogenhandel am Hindukusch verstrickt. Wali Karzai erhalte Bestechungszahlungen und erleichtere im Gegenzug den Drogenhandel, heißt es in dem Papier.

Washington - Der Geheimbericht sei auf einem USB-Stick gespeichert, der unweit des US-Stützpunktes Bagram bei Kabul auf einem Markt verkauft wurde, berichtet der US-Sender ABC.

Auf Anfrage von ABC bestritt Wali Karzai, der sich in Kandahar im Süden Afghanistans aufhielt, jede Verwicklung in den Drogenhandel.

Das Dokument scheine indes echt zu sein, erklärte ABC.

Darauf seien auch vier Trainingslager des Terror-Netzwerkes al-Qaida in Pakistan und die Namen von 16 führenden al-Qaida- und Angehörigen der Taliban aufgelistet, die sich vermutlich in Pakistan aufhielten.

Nach Informationen der "Los Angeles Times" werden USB-Sticks in großer Anzahl von afghanischen Angestellten des Stützpunktes Bagram entwendet und für Preise zwischen 20 und 80 Dollar auf dem nahe gelegenen Basar versetzt. lan/AFP
Es ist das dritte Mal, dass die Bush-Regierung in die Kritik gerät, weil sie im Anti-Terror-Kampf in die Privatsphäre Tausender unschuldiger Menschen eingedrungen ist.

Beamte der Bush-Administration baten die "New York Times" vor Bekanntwerden des Skandals, das Geheimprogramm nicht öffentlich zu machen, um seine Wirksamkeit nicht zu zerstören, schreibt das Blatt. Die Redaktion habe die Argumente der Regierung sorgfältig abgewogen. Man sei aber schließlich davon überzeugt geblieben, dass der "außerordentliche Zugang der US-Administration zu dieser riesigen Menge von internationalen Finanzdaten eine Sache von öffentlichem Interesse ist", sagte Chefredakteur Bill Keller.

Eigentlich gilt die Aktion weiterhin als geheim. Nach den Zeitungsberichten ging jedoch auch das Finanzministerium in die Offensive. Der US-Geheimdienst CIA, die Bundespolizei FBI und andere US-Geheimdienste hätten Zehntausende von Finanztransaktionen untersucht - routinemäßig, erklärte das Haus.

US-Regierung appellierte an Journalisten

Dabei übermittelte der internationale Knotenpunkt der US-Regierung über fünf Jahre hinweg vertrauliche Daten von Kunden in riesigem Ausmaß, wie heute mehrere US-Zeitungen berichteten. Das Geheimprogramm sei dazu gedacht, Geschäfte von mutmaßlichen Terroristen mit Verbindung zu al-Qaida ausfindig zu machen. Das Vorgehen sei "ohne Zweifel legal", verteidigte sich das Finanzministerium, das die Oberaufsicht über die Aktion führt.

"Umfang ist Furcht einflößend"
Man unterwerfe sich bei der Arbeit den Gesetzen der Länder, in denen die Organisation tätig sei. Auch in den USA hat das Unternehmen ein Büro. Warum genau das US-Finanzministerium der Organisation aber "verbindliche Anweisungen" geben darf, wollte eine Sprecherin gegenüber SPIEGEL ONLINE nicht erläutern

Hamburg - Man habe nach den Anschlägen vom 11.Sep.2001 einer verbindlichen Anordnung aus dem US-Finanzministerium Folge geleistet, heißt es schlicht bei der Kommunikationsgesellschaft Swift, die den Datenverkehr zwischen Banken weltweit regelt und ihren Sitz in Belgien hat. So entschuldigt die Einrichtung, die täglich elf bis zwölf Millionen Einzeltransaktionen abwickelt, dass sie der US-Regierung Informationen über Tausende von Bankkunden zur Verfügung stellte.
Die internationale Transaktions-Gesellschaft Swift stellte die Daten zur Verfügung. Die Anweisung dazu sei aus Washington gekommen, rechtfertigte sich Swift heute.
"Potentiell könnte auch eine große Menge an Deutschen betroffen sein", sagt vzbz-Experte von Braunmühl. Ihn erregt außerdem das Vorgehen der USA, denn für Organisationen wie Swift würde immer noch europäisches Datenschutzrecht gelten.

Auch der Bundesbauftragte für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit sieht die US-Aktion kritisch: "Das ist ein gravierender Vorwurf, der aufklärungsbedürftig ist", sagte Sprecherin Ira von Wahl gegenüber SPIEGEL ONLINE. Nun gelte es schleunigste zu prüfen, inwieweit auch deutsche Bankkunden ausgeforscht wurden.

Auch die Deutsche Bundesbank spielt den Vorfall herunter. Schließlich stehe immer noch nicht fest, welche Kundendaten überhaupt an die USA geliefert worden seien. Dabei ist die Bundesbank nicht nur Nutzer des Swift-Systems, sondern gehört gemeinsam mit anderen Nationalbanken in Europa auch zur Überwachungs-Instanz von Swift. Ob und wann die Deutsche Bundesbank über die Schnüffel-Aktion der US-Amerikaner informiert wurde, wollen die Zentralbanker jedoch nicht preisgeben.

Das Netzwerk fungiert als eine Art Kommunikationsanbieter und bietet Informationen zu Transfers zwischen rund 7800 Institutionen weltweit.

00.000.2005 wurden bei Swift rund 2,5 Milliarden Mitteilungen verschickt.

Deutschland lag mit 245 Millionen Transaktionen hinter Großbritannien und den USA auf Rang drei.

Die Finanzinstitute sind nicht nur Nutzer, sondern auch Träger der Gesellschaft:

Swift wurde vor 30 Jahren gegründet + gehört 2200 Organisationen, darunter fast jede große Geschäftsbank der Welt.

Zu den Folgen der US-Regierungs-Aktion halten sich die Kreditinstitute hierzulande lieber bedeckt.

So heißt es beim Bundesverband deutscher Banken in Berlin, "dass wir uns zu diesem Thema nicht äußern können".

Auch die Großbanken selbst lassen verlauten, dass "es keine Notwendigkeit gibt, zu reagieren".

Sie wollen sich "auch weiterhin darauf verlassen, dass bei Swift der Datenschutz und alle Regeln eingehalten werden".

Potentiell auch deutsche Kunden betroffen

Die CIA hat mit Hilfe der Transaktions-Gesellschaft Swift weltweit Tausende Kontendaten durchleuchtet. Auch deutsche Bankkunden sind vermutlich betroffen.

Doch die Banken schweigen beharrlich zur der umstrittenen Anti-Terror-Aktion der USA. Verbraucherschützer sprechen von einem Skandal.

Hamburg - Für den Bundesverband der Verbraucherzentralen (vzbz) ist die Lage eindeutig:

"Aus Sicht der Verbraucher ist das ein Skandal", sagte vzbz-Wirtschaftsexperte Patrick von Braunmühl gegenüber SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Die Aktion der US-Behörden "schafft ganz neue Dimensionen und bestätigt, dass sich die USA in ihrem Anti-Terrorkampf nicht an Recht und Gesetz gebunden fühlen".

DPA Internationaler Zahlungsverkehr: 

Wer Geld über Grenzen schicken will muss bei Überweisungen die Felder IBAN und BIC (SWIFT-Code) ausfüllen.
US-Zeitungen hatten aufgedeckt, dass die US-Regierung seit dem 11.Sep.2001 systematisch Millionen von Geld-Transaktionen durchwühlt und ausgewertet hat.

Ziel der geheimen Aktion war, die Geldquellen von Terrorverdächtigen trocken zu legen und weitere finanzielle Verbindungen aufzuspüren.

Ausgeführt hat die Aktion der US-Geheimdienst CIA, beteiligt war aber auch das US-Finanzministerium.

Es habe geholfen, Terroristen zu finden, rechtfertigte sich Finanzmininister John Snow. So sei es gelungen, al-Qaida-Terroristen und ihre Finanziers auszuschalten und "Leben zu retten".

Die US-Behörden verlangten umfangreiche Finanzdaten von dem Anbieter Swift in Brüssel:

Die "Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication" verwaltet jeden Tag rund elf Millionen Transaktionen - die meisten davon grenzüberschreitend.

Man habe nach den Anschlägen vom 11.Sep.2001 einer verbindlichen Anordnung aus dem US-Finanzministerium Folge geleistet, heißt es bei Swift lapidar.

Mehr wollte eine Swift-Sprecherin gegenüber SPIEGEL ONLINE dazu nicht sagen. 

Swift gehört 2200 Organisationen

Washington - Es sei für ihn an der Zeit, sich "neuen Herausforderungen zu widmen", schrieb der 74-jährige Mineta ohne Angabe näherer Gründe in einem Brief an Präsident George W. Bush.

Das gab der Sprecher des Weißen Hauses, Tony Snow, heute in Washington bekannt. AP

Diente schon unter Präsident Clinton: Norman Mineta:
Mineta will am 07.Jul.2006 ausscheiden, ein Nachfolger ist bisher noch nicht benannt.

Er war der einzige Demokrat im Bush-Kabinett und hatte bereits unter Vorgänger Bill Clinton als Handelsminister gedient.
Irak: Bagdad badet im Blut AN>USA: Noch ein Rücktritt im Weißen Haus
Terror- Ermittlungen: Anklage wegen geplanten Anschlags auf Sears Tower
23.Jun.2006 Weltweit Kontodaten ausspioniert: Banken schweigen, Verbraucherschützer alarmiert
105 Millionen Euro: EU gibt Hilfen für Palästinenser frei
23.Jun.2006 Klimadebatte: Globale Erwärmung belegt und geleugnet
23.Jun.2006 Indonesien: Sohn übertrug H5N1 direkt auf Vater
Konflikt mit Nordkorea: Warnschuss im Pazifik
176 Jahre auf dem Panzer: Schildkröte Harriet ist tot
23.Jun.2006 Weltweit Kontodaten durchforstet: Swift beugte sich Schnüffelbefehl aus Washington
Flugüberwachung: Luftraumscanner für zu Hause
23.Jun.2006 Bush am Morgen: "Der Präsident bringt mir Kaffee ans Bett"

23.Jun.2006 Bagdad: Irakische Regierung verhängt Ausnahmezustand
China: Todesstrafe wegen obszöner Tattoos
Menschwerdung: Streit um Toumaïs Platz im Stammbaum

23.Jun.2006 Roger Waters in Israel: "Reißt die Mauer nieder"
Evolution: Bernsteinfund löst Spinnenrätsel
Elektronische Zeitungen: Der Anfang vom Ende gefällter Bäume
Afghanistan: Karzais Bruder soll in Drogenhandel verstrickt sein
23.Jun.2006 Hillary 2008: Bremsklötze am Clinton- Express
23.Jun.2006 From an article entitled BIG SURPRISES AT BILDERBERG in
"Timothy Geithner, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, predicted rising interest rates and difficulties for families that have obtained adjustable rate mortgages, or “variable” interest rates.

Many are likely to lose their homes as rising home mortgage rates add hundreds of dollars to their monthly payments, he said."
Die Machtübernahme der NSDAP und die Errichtung der Diktatur Hitlers Die Machtübertragung an Hitler und die NSDAP ...

Nach der Machtergreifung der Nationalsozialisten 1933 wurde die SA (ca. 700.000 Mitglieder) zum Teil als ...
Great Moments in the History of Imperialism By William Blum
I was moved to compile a list of the many kinds of misfortune which have fallen upon the heads of the Iraqi people as a result of the American liberation of their homeland.

It's depressing reading + you may not want to read it all, but I think it's important to have it summarized in one place. Continue
H a r l a n   C o u n t y   USA
Least we think that America was built by the starched shirts and expensive suits featured on FOX News + CNN.
This documentary will help to remind us that our freedoms + working conditions were not won by U.S. soldiers in foreign lands but through the suffering + sweat of our fathers + grand fathers in their struggle against commercial interests.
Click here to watch.

23.Jun.2006 Why We Fight Video Documentary

What are the forces that shape and propel American militarism? This award-winning film provides an inside look at the anatomy of the American war machine. Click here to watch. Real Video

Die Anweisung zu der Kontenüberwachsung sei von höchster Stelle gekommen:

US-Präsident George W. Bush selbst wies demnach das Finanzministerium

00.Sep.2001 in einer sogenannten Executive Order an, die Finanzquellen für Terroristen trocken zu legen.

Es ist das dritte Mal, das die Bush-Regierung in die Kritik gerät, weil sie im Anti-Terror-Kampf in die Privatsphäre Tausender unschuldiger Menschen eingedrungen ist.

00.Dez.2005 -Erst im vergangenen- war bekannt geworden, dass Washington sich 

11.Sep.2001 -nach dem- über Gesetze hinweggesetzt + den US-Geheimdiensten erlaubt hatte, ohne richterlichen Beschluss internationale Telefongespräche mitzuhören.

00.Mai 2006 wurde dann bekannt, dass die US-Regierung in einer geheimen Datenbank Angaben über Millionen US-Telefonkunden speichert.
Dieser Knotenpunkt mit Namen "Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication" (Swift) leitet laut "NYT" Finanztransaktionen zwischen Banken, Brokerhäusern, Börsen + anderen Finanzinstituten in einem Volumen von sechs Billionen Dollar (4,8 Billionen Euro) täglich weiter.

Swift wickle den Finanzverkehr von etwa 7800 Geldinstituten in mehr als 200 Ländern ab.

Das Programm sei vor allem angewandt worden, um telegrafische Überweisungen und ähnliche Geldtransfers weltweit oder in die USA oder aus den USA zu kontrollieren.

Tausende Amerikaner und in den USA lebende Ausländer seien betroffen, heißt es in dem Bericht.

Ziel des seit den Anschlägen vom 11.Sep.2001 laufenden Verfahrens sei es gewesen, das Finanzgebaren von Verdächtigen mit möglichen Verbindungen zu al-Qaida zu durchleuchten.

Das Weiße Haus teilte gestern Abend mit, eines der wichtigsten Werkzeuge im Kampf gegen den Terrorismus sei es, die Finanzierung zu stoppen.

Das Vorgehen habe dazu geführt, dass gesuchte Topterroristen von al-Qaida in Südostasien gefasst werden konnten.

Das US-Finanzministerium nannte das Vorgehen "ohne Zweifel legal". Der US-Geheimdienst CIA, die Bundespolizei FBI + andere US-Geheimdienste hätten Zehntausende von Finanztransaktionen untersucht.

Der "New York Times" zufolge hatte das Finanzministerium die Aufsicht über die Untersuchungen.

Nach Angaben des Ministeriums seien im internationalen Finanzgeschäft Geldtransfers von Privatleuten, Unternehmen, Wohlfahrtsverbänden und anderer Organisationen im Fokus der Ermittler gewesen.

Nur ein kleiner Teil der untersuchten Transaktionen habe Geldgeschäfte innerhalb der USA betroffen.

Hamburg - Das geheime Programm sei darauf ausgerichtet gewesen, die Überweisungen von Verdächtigen mit Verbindungen zum Terrornetzwerk al-Qaida zu überprüfen, schreibt heute die "New York Times" (NYT).

Wie das Blatt berichtet, hätten sich die amerikanischen Terrorermittler Zugang zu den Daten über den zentralen internationalen Datenknotenpunkt in Belgien verschafft.
Machtergreifung - Wikipedia
Eigentlich müsste nach heutigem historischen Kenntnisstand von einer Machtübertragung gesprochen werden.

Während der Ausdruck “ Machtergreifung “ nahelegt, ...

Hitlers Weg zur Macht: Machtergreifung oder Machtübernahme ? Bis zur Ernennung Hitlers zum Reichskanzler haben wir es mit einer Machtübertragung zu tun, ab dem 30.Jan.1933 mit einer Machtergreifung . ... Seite laden
Beginn der nationalsozialistischen Herrschaft - NS-Staat
... Adolf Hitler nach der spektakulären Machtübertragung alles tat, ... Das Bild von der "nationalsozialistischen Machtergreifung ", das von der ...,0,0,Beginn_der_nationalsozialistischen...
Seite laden
Phasen ( Machtergreifung , Machtübertragung ) Januar - März 1933; Die Gleichschaltung März -Frühsommer 1934; Die Vollendung der Diktatur - ab Sommer 1934 ...
Thesen Der Begriff " Machtergreifung " beschreibt die tatsächlichen intrigenhaften Vorgänge bei der Machtübertragung an Hitler nicht richtig. " Machtergreifung " ist ... Seite laden
Deutsche Geschichten system bot Hitler mit der Machtergreifung die Chance, seinen Eid auf die ... nach der spektakulären Machtübertragung alles tat, um den Eindruck eines ... ...
Seite laden
Fachportal Pädagogik - Ergebnis der Suche in der FIS Bildung ... Die deutsche Arbeiterbewegung und die Machtübertragung an Hitler. ... Stein, Peter: Projekt Machtergreifung 1933 - realisierbares Vorhaben fuer jede Schule? ... Seite laden
Gleichschaltung/ Machtübernahme und Machtergreifung in Nazideutschland
Gleichschaltung/ Machtübernahme und Machtergreifung in Nazideutschland. Machtübertragung (-ergreifung) und "Gleichschaltung" ...
Schülerwettbewerb 2001/02 Der Weg zur “Machtergreifung “ Hitlers ... 4.Die Preisgabe des Staates und die “Machtübertragung “ an die Nationalsozialisten. ... Informationen 251 Nationalsozialismus I Die vorgebliche nationalsozialistische Machtergreifung war zunächst + vor allem eine Machtübertragung , bis die Nationalsozialisten in einer Verbindung von ...

23.Jun.2006 HEADLINES
Lieberman Leads the Charge for the Republicans Against Bringing Our Troops Home! Let Him Run as a Republican for Senator.
Could You love a Republican? Let Us Know. Comment Here. - The Last Chance Democracy Cafe by Steven C. Day

23.Jun.2006 "Whose Freedom?: The Battle Over America's Most Important Idea," By George Lakoff. Available Now on
On the Day of the Debate Over Iraq in the Senate, Rove Tears a Page Out of His "Terrorist Fear" Playbook, Yet Again. WMDs that didn't exist are resurrected; terrorists are hiding under beds in Miami -- we've seen it all before. It's election time + fear gets votes for the GOP. 6/23

23.Jun.2006 "No Imminent Threat" "Terrorist" Arrests in Miami Means It's Time to Undercut the Democratic Party Move to Get Us Out of Iraqmire Through Scare Tactics Again. Rove Knows How to Orchestrate This By Heart Now. 6/23
Darth Vader Cheney Tells CNN that "More People Must Die Because I Am a Master of the Universe and Never Make a Mistake." (BuzzFlash's Interpretation.) 6/23
Ann Coulter Lauds Joe Lieberman. Bye, Bye, Joe. 6/23

23.Jun.2006 AT&T Makes Its Cooperation with Big Brother Official: "The largest U.S. telephone company, AT&T, has revised its privacy policy for its television and Internet customers, asserting that the personal information it collects is owned by the company and may be shared in response to court orders and other legal processes." 6/23

23.Jun.2006 At least 25 people found executed in Mosul 6/23
FBI Finds Phone Data Brokers Act Illegally, but the Busheviks Buy Information from Them, Making Their Actions Illegal, Right? 6/23

23.Jun.2006 Obscene - Just as our legislators, in their wisdom, have declined to raise the minimum wage, we learn that CEOs earn 262 times more than the does the average worker.
Here's the part that intrigues me: For example, the chief executives of 11 of the largest companies were awarded a total of $865 million in pay in the last two years, even as they presided over a total loss of $640 billion in shareholder value, a recent study from governance firm the Corporate Library, found.
00.000.1965, U.S. CEOs at major companies earned 24 times a worker's pay.

That ratio surged in the 1990 s + hit 300 at the end of the recovery in 2000, according to EPI.

So. The big boys were doing even better under a Democratic administration. They've lost money because shareholder value has plummeted.
And yet they insist on the infallibility of Bushnomics.

Geheimprogramm: US- Regierung schnüffelte in Tausenden Bankkonten
USA: Terroristen sollen Sears Tower ins Visier genommen haben
El- Masri: Beschwerde gegen Telefonüberwachung 
Fight looms over Net neutrality in Senate
First day of debate on a massive communications bill brings no vote on the concept, but politicians stake out their positions.

The cost of Bush's aggression, both in money and lives, has turned America into a nation of war criminals
Faced with mounting civilian carnage, both from war crimes committed by demoralized and broken US troops and from the raging civil war unleashed by Bush's ill-fated illegal invasion of Iraq, the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee has decided to waste another $50 billion to continue the lost war...

Los Angeles to spy on citizens with airborne cameras, GPS tracking devices on remote drones
(NewsTarget) The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department began testing what could be the future of law enforcement -- Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) -- for use last week.

The small drones weigh roughly 5 pounds and come with a standard GPS device and camera, making them ideal for surveillance. According...
AT&T's new privacy policy declares the end of privacy for phone records
(NewsTarget) In the wake of a number lawsuits leveled at phone companies over their alleged involvement with a U.S. government domestic spying program, AT&T has revised its privacy policy to make it clear to customers exactly who owns their phone records. The company's original policy stated that...

Bush's domestic spying: How America is rapidly becoming a police state
For years I've been warning my readers about the coming police state and the abusive use of power by the Bush administration.

This year, we have learned that President Bush -- or should I say King George Bush -- personally authorized domestic spying on American citizens by the National Security Agency...
Fox News Analyst: Administration Hid Evidence of WMD To Protect China, Russia and France Judd 
Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-MI) are hyping a document that describes degraded, pre-1991 munitions that were already acknowledged by the White House’s Iraq Survey Group and dismissed.

The Defense Department has already claimedknocked the story down. But on Fox this is big news, proving that Saddam Hussein had WMD, just as the administration claimed.

The question is, if this information is so significant, why would the administration keep it under wraps? Alan Colmes asked Fox News Military Analyst Thomas McInerery that question last night. McInerery explained that the administration was complicit in a multinational cover-up intended to protect Russia, China and France. Watch it:
New Study: All Warming Is Not Created Equal Judd 
The National Academy of Sciences, an independent organization created by Congress to provide scientific guidance, has released an important new study.

The AP leads with the Academy’s conclusion that the “recent warmth is unprecedented for at least the last 400 years + potentially the last several millennia.”

It’s an alarming fact, but ultimately, not the most significant. An excerpt from the study:

It should also be noted that the scientific consensus regarding human-induced global warming would not be substantively altered if, for example, the global mean surface temperature 1,000 years ago was found to be as warm as it is today.

Why is that? Because there are other things beside increased carbon dioxide emissions that can cause temperatures to rise. These factors “include volcanic eruptions, variations in the intensity of incoming solar radiation.”

Here is the really important point:

In particular, the numerous indications that recent warmth is unprecedented for at least the last 400 years and potentially the last several millennia, in combination with estimates of external climate forcing variations over the same period, supports the conclusion that human activities are responsible for much of the recent warming.

In other words, the Academy factored in the natural variations in temperature -– volcanic activity, solar radiation etc. -– and concluded that these can’t explain the warming trend. What does explain it is increased carbon dioxide emissions from human activity.

Climate skeptics routinely point to other periods of time where there were temperature changes — the early 20th century, the “medieval warm period-– as “proof” that global warming isn’t real. This fundamentally misunderstands global warming science. The scientists have taken natural variations in temperature under consideration and concluded that the current warming trend is different. Human activity is driving it.

Fight back with the facts. Pledge to see An Inconvenient Truth.
New Study: Global Warming, Not ‘Natural Cycles,’ Played Major Role in 2005 Hurricane Season Nico 
The 2005 North Atlantic hurricane season was the most active in recorded history + caused an unprecedented level of damage.

Now, in the second major global warming study released today, the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) has found:

Global warming accounted for around half of the extra hurricane-fueling warmth in the waters of the tropical North Atlantic in 2005, while natural cycles were only a minor factor.

The study contradicts recent claims that natural cycles are responsible for the upturn in Atlantic hurricane activity since 1995. It also adds support to the premise that hurricane seasons will become more active as global temperatures rise.

Some background: Last year, sea-surface temperatures in the tropical Atlantic “were a record 1.7° F above the 1901-1970 average.”

Previous studies had suggested that the more intense hurricane activity was largely due to a 60-to-80-year natural cycle in sea-surface temperatures.

But according to the study released today, less than .2° F of the rise was due to this natural cycle. Global warming, on the other hand, caused roughly half (about 0.8° F) of the rise, more than any other factor.
Dan Bartlett Stumped When Asked to Name Anyone ‘Calling for the White Flag of Surrender’ Nico 
The White House strategy on Iraq — to smear critics as favoring “
retreat and defeatism” — has provided “a much-needed psychological boostto conservatives in Congress.

At a fundraiser on Monday, President Bush himself got in on the act:

It is important to have members of the United States Congress who will not wave the white flag of surrender in this war on terror.

It apparently doesn’t matter at all to the right that their smears are completely untrue.

Yesterday on NBC, Matt Lauer gave Bush councelor Dan Bartlett the opportunity to point out one person “calling for the white flag of surrender.” Bartlett couldn’t do it.

LAUER: The white flag of surrender — that’s a very dramatic and harsh expression to use against the Democrats. Have you heard any Democrats calling for the white flag of surrender?

BARTLETT: Well, I have heard a lot of Democrats call this President a liar, saying we’ve gone into Iraq for the wrong reasons, saying that he’s incomptent.

So there is a lot of heated rhetoric in Washington.

But what we see in the heart wrenching developments, when we see our 2 soldiers lose their lives in such a horrific way, is that we’re up against a very determined enemy.

This is an epic struggle in which we have to be committed to winning.
Wall Street Journal Falsely Claims Ethanol is Responsible for High Gasoline Prices Guest 
Is clean-burning, domestically-produced ethanol the reason that gas prices are topping $3 per gallon?

That’s what Big Oil + the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) are saying. From Monday’s WSJ:

Demand for ethanol as an additive has caused its price to soar about 65% since early 00.May 2006 to around $4.50 a gallon in U.S. spot markets, according to the Oil Price Information Service.

That makes it far more expensive than gasoline, which costs about $2.90 a gallon at the pump on average, according to the AAA driving club. …

We’d probably have retail gasoline prices between $2.30 and $2.40 a gallon if not for ethanol ,” estimates economist James Glassman of J.P. Morgan.

Actually, ethanol is reducing the price of gasoline. Here’s why:

1. Ethanol is a liquid fuel that displaces 2 % – or 4 billion gallons – of the transportation fuel market.

That’s four billion gallons of fuel that is not petroleum based – which is good news with oil selling over $70 per barrel.

2. Ethanol’s high octane rating means that less crude oil is used in the refining process to generate higher octane gasoline.

A conservative estimate would suggest that ethanol extends the supply of clean-burning, high octane gas and increase the volumes of finished gasoline by as much as 10 %.

3. 85 % of ethanol is sold on long-term, fixed price contracts – the average price for existing contracts at the moment is between $2.00 and $2.50 per gallon – not on spot market prices that the Journal cites.

Bottom line? If we did not have the more than four billion gallons of ethanol to extend our limited gasoline supplies, prices at the pump would be even higher than they are now.

Help fight back — join Kick the Oil Habit today.

Denis McDonough and Stephen Geer
All aboard the ‘Straight Talk Express.’ Nico 
A two-year report by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) into the Abramoff-linked Indian gaming scandals to be released

today is “expected to steer clear of any money trails that lead from the now-convicted Abramoff to some of McCain’s colleagues in Congress.”

UPDATE: McCain’s report has been released (pdf). The report does not list a single lawmaker in its “Table of Names.”
Earth’s temperature highest in 400 years. Nico 
A major new 155-page report by the National Academy of Sciences has found that Earth’s rising temperature “is unprecedented for at least the last 400 years and
potentially the last several millennia,” + that

human activities are responsible for much of the recent warming.” Read the full report.
Media ignoring public opinion on Iraq. Nico 
Editor & Publisher’s Greg Mitchell: “[A]ll major polls show that the public favors withdrawals, with strong support for a timeline or total pullout within a year. …

It’s one thing when polls are dismissed, ignored or twisted by political or media spinmeisters. But when journalists in their news stories do it, it is downright misleading.”
U.S. Senate votes: stay the course. Nico 
The Senate has voted
60-39 against an amendment to begin redeploying U.S. forces out of Iraq by the end of 2006. See how your senators voted.

June 22, 2006 Think Progress 
In an effort to meet recruiting goals, the Army has raised its maximum enlistment age to 42 .

The move “marked the second time this year the Army has boosted the maximum age for new volunteers.”

The House delayed a vote on extending the landmark Voting Rights Act .

Texas lawmakers objected to the bill, which enjoys broad bipartisan support, because of its federal oversight + multilingual voting requirements.

I don’t think we have racial bias in Texas anymore,” explained Rep. John Carter (R-TX).

41.2 million:

The number of Americans who lacked health insurance last year, 14.2 % of the population. 8.9 % of American children did not have coverage.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai urged the international community to reassess its approach to the war on terror , claiming that there has not been enough focus on the roots of terrorism itself.

I strongly believe … that we must engage strategically in disarming terrorism by stopping their sources of supply of money, training, equipment and motivation,” he said.

Rep. Alan Mollohan (D-WV) “helped funnel at least $179 million in U.S. government contracts over the last six years to companies that gave to” his family-run charity, tax records and other documents show.

The Pentagon waited nine months after completing an investigation into the deaths of two U.S. soldiers before notifying the families that the men were killed by Iraqi troops.

House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) isn’t the only one apparently turning taxpayer-funded earmarks into personal profit . The Washington Post finds others, like Rep. Ken Calvert (R-CA), who “received nearly double what he paid for a four-acre parcel near an Air Force base after securing $8 million for a planned freeway interchange 16 miles away.”

Middle-class neighborhoods, long regarded as incubators for the American dream,” are disappearing rapidly across the country, a new study shows.

In their place, poor and rich neighborhoods are both on the rise, as cities and suburbs have become increasingly segregated by income .”

It’s official. “Californians will vote in November on a ballot measure proposing a constitutional amendment that would tax oil production to fund a range of alternative energy efforts .”

Californians for Clean Energy gathered 1,143,365 signatures to put the initiative on the ballot.

And finally: Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has apologized to 85-year-old veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas.

Remarking on Abu Musab Zarqawi’s death last week, King said, “There probably are not 72 virgins in the hell he’s at. And if there are, they probably all look like Helen Thomas.'’
Mickey Cobras Street Gang Mitglieder verhaftet sfux Stephan Fuchs ?

Die Drug Enforcement Administration DEA verhaftete in Chicago 29 Mitglieder der Mickey Cobras Street Gang. Darunter der 29 Jährige ?König? der Cobras, James Austin von Ohio.

Die Gang soll massiv mit Heroin und Crack gedealt haben.
Zur Verhaftung der Chicagoer Gangmembers wurde im Vorfeld ein der Polizei angegliedertes Intelligence Unit, eine Einheit die sich geheimdienstlich um...

Wo das Geld bleibt Martin Bayer Sowohl Großindustrie als auch Mittelstand in Deutschland sind offensichtlich reich. Sogar unsagbar reich.

So reich, dass sie immer mehr Werbemaßnahmen finanzieren können, die immer fragwürdiger sind: Eine immense Vergeudung von Ressourcen und eine extreme Zumutung für die Bürgerinnen und Bürger.
Net Neutrality: This is serious When I invented the Web, I didn't have to ask anyone's permission. Now, hundreds of millions of people are using it freely.

I am worried that that is going to end in the USA.

I blogged on net neutrality before + so did a lot of other people. (see e.g. Danny Weitzner,, etc.) ...
Old man, Uncle Sam wants YOU! Smartalix Now I can even join back up if I want! They subtract your years active from your age, so I’m officially in “in the zone” again.

(I wonder how old you have to be to avoid recall…) The U.S. Army, aiming to make its recruiting goals amid the Iraq war, raised its maximum ...
IBM Supercomputer Hits Record Speed An IBM Blue Gene/L computer has achieved a new world record in computer performance.

A system owned by the National Nuclear Security Administration recorded sustained performance of 207.3 teraflops, a record for floating-performance.
US Senate rejects Iraq withdrawal The US Senate votes overwhelmingly against a Democratic call for troops to begin leaving Iraq this year.
UK police 'to tackle corruption' The UK is to put together a police task force to tackle allegations of international bribery and corruption.
Blair crime measures criticised Tony Blair's law and order measures seem to be about winning votes not cutting crime, a crime expert says.
Quake fears for south California The southern part of the San Andreas fault, near Los Angeles, is overdue for a large earthquake, according to a report in the journal Nature.
Karzai criticises foreign tactics The Afghan president calls for a rethink on the fight against the Taleban as four US troops are killed in the country.
Medical data errors 'risk lives' Patient care is being risked by hospital bosses sending medical notes abroad to be typed up, a union says.
Laptops Give Hope to the Homeless They may not have roofs over their heads, but some homeless people are toting around old laptops and trading tips on the best hot spots.

Some are even blogging. Jacob Ogles reports from Fillmore, California.
It's Hot + We're to Blame The Earth's temperature is rising at a rate unprecedented in at least 400 years, concludes a report from the National Academy of Sciences + regardless of what the Bush administration says, human pollution is the main reason why.
Senators Take On Motown's Big 3 A bipartisan foursome of senators wants to require that vehicles average 35 miles per gallon, but Detroit wants no part of it. In Autopia.
Solar's next hot spot: Ontario Blog: Following governments in Germany, Japan and a few states like New Jersey, a bunch of nations are jumping on the solar bandwagon....
Stem Cells Cure Paralyzed Rats samzenpus 242
"According to an article on Forbes as well as other sources, 'Scientists have used [embryonic] stem cells + a soup of nerve-friendly chemicals to not just bridge a damaged spinal cord but actually regrow the circuitry needed to move a muscle, helping partially paralyzed rats walk.'"

Lieberman Leads the Charge for the Republicans Against Bringing Our Troops Home! Let Him Run as a Republican for Senator.
Could You love a Republican? Let Us Know. Comment Here. - The Last Chance Democracy Cafe by Steven C. Day

22.Jun.2006 "Whose Freedom?: The Battle Over America's Most Important Idea," By George Lakoff. Available Now on
Paddy Ryan: J'Accuse - A BuzzFlash Reader Contribution

22.Jun.2006 LA Times Editorial: "The GOP's immigration shame -- Republicans choose divisive campaign politics over urgently needed policy."
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

22.Jun.2006 You'd never know it from some of the reporting + bloviating on the debate over an Iraq withdrawal, but

all major polls show that the public favors withdrawals, with strong support for a timeline or total pullout within a year.
Republicans Turn Their Back on Our GIs.

They Commit America to Driving Over the Cliff with Bush + Cheney.

The GOP "Cuts and Runs" From Ensuring America's National Security by Ending a Disastrous Mistake.
Will Pat Roberts Succeed in Deep-Sixing Probe into White House's Manipulation of Iraq Intel?

Looks that way, unless some Dems with a spine step up and stop him. The truth is a rare commodity in the Bush administration. 6/23

22.Jun.2006 "Skippy": Net Neutrality Challenge - A BuzzFlash Reader Contribution
22.Jun.2006 Cleaning up our elections process means that we must give renewed attention to the privacy rights of individuals who wish to participate in the process.

Surely we can devise a methodology to make registration information available to those who need to know it without making it available to Choicepoint and cognate firms.

People who have made financial mistakes should not be disenfranchised. Permalink
Die Computerexperten untersuchten die Angelegenheit aber weiter und kamen mehr als zwei Wochen später zu dem Schluss:

Der Hacker könnte Zugriff auf persönliche Daten Tausender Angestellter und Geschäftspartner gehabt haben.

Am gestrigen Donnerstag informierten sie den Minister Mike Johanns, der kurz darauf vor die Presse trat und von dem Einbruch berichtete.

Der Eindringling habe womöglich Namen, Sozialversicherungsnummern und Fotos von 26.000 Personen kopieren können, erklärte Johanns gestern in Washington.

Das Ministerium werde allen Betroffenen anbieten, neu aufgenommene Kredite ein Jahr lang auf Auffälligkeiten hin zu überwachen.

In den USA hat die Sozialversicherungsnummer eine wichtige Funktion auch außerhalb des Sozialsystems:

Sie dient zur Identifikation etwa bei der Aufnahme von Krediten oder beim Hauskauf und kann deshalb auch missbraucht werden.
Pariser Club: Moskau kündigt Schuldenrückzahlung an
Irak: US- Senat schmettert Vorstöße für Truppenabzug ab
Allianz: Wütende Proteste gegen Stellenabbau trotz Milliardengewinn

22.Jun.2006 Griechenland: Randale bei Studenten- Demo
Raumschiff- Antrieb: Der Marathon von "Smart- 1" in der Todeszone
Grüne Gentechnik: Seehofer will mehr Gen- Freilandversuche
Besuch in Budapest: Bush würdigt Ungarns Freiheitskampf als Vorbild für Irak
Schummelstudenten in China: Mini- Kopfhörer lässt Trommelfell platzen
Fall Khaled el- Masri: Ex- Telekom- Direktor will Botschaft über Festnahme informiert haben
26.000 Datensätze betroffen: Erneut Hackerangriff auf US- Ministerium
Kriegsverbrechen: Uno soll im Kongo Massaker geduldet haben
Bericht an US- Kongress: Klimaforscher widersprechen Bush
Angebotspaket im Atomstreit: USA erwarten Irans Antwort bis Mitte 00.Jul.2006
Vatikan: Papst ernennt Hardliner zum Regierungschef
Fortpflanzung: Weltweit über drei Millionen Babys mit künstlicher Hilfe
Haushaltsdebatte im Bundestag: "Menschen zum Hungern und Frieren freigegeben"
Blümchensex: Orchideen- Penis verblüfft Forscher

23.Jun.2006 Europa- Vergleich: Deutsche Bosse verdienen zu viel
US- Bericht: Wie al- Qaida in London zuschlagen wollte

22.Jun.2006 Markenwelt: Alles ist geschützt

22.Jun.2006 Geraubte Kunst: Getty- Museum gibt Hehlerware zurück
Gasblasen: Die Erde fliegt durch heißen Schaum
Makelele- Interview: "Ein bisschen was von Klassenkampf"
Videobotschaft: Zawahiri ruft Afghanen zum Widerstand auf

22.Jun.2006 Irak: Australier erschossen aus Versehen Leibwächter

22.Jun.2006 Langstreckenjet: Airbus will A350 komplett neu entwickeln

22.Jun.2006 Sekten: Wie Scientology Schüler umgarnt
Unterkühltes Wasser: Forscher halten Schonfrosten von Menschen für möglich

23.Jun.2006 Indonesien: Mehr als 300 Tote nach schweren Regenfällen