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30.Oct.2005 2,000 US Troops Dead In Iraq: One Survivor Tells His Story: I went to fight in Iraq to get revenge for 9/11... I found out Bush had led us into a war that was immoral + totally wrong

30.Oct.2005 Mike Whitney : Thinking the Unthinkable: There will be no "political process" until members of the Bush administration sit down to negotiations with representatives of the Iraqi National Resistance.

As of now there is no dialogue and, therefore, no political process.

30.Oct.2005 10 More Years in Iraq?: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice declined on Wednesday to rule out American forces still being needed in Iraq a decade from now.

30.Oct.2005 Al-Sistani said to weigh pullout demand: Iraq's top Shiite cleric is considering demanding a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. + foreign troops after a democratically elected government takes office next year, according to associates of the Iranian-born cleric.

30.Oct.2005 Military shares public's declining support for Bush, war : 56 % said they strongly disapproved or disapproved of his handling of the Iraq war.

30.Oct.2005 Iraq conflict + aftermath has cost UK 3.1 billion pounds: ... so far cost the country nearly 3.1 billion pounds up to the end of 00.Mar.2005 according to the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

30.Oct.2005 Syrians tense as Iraq war laps at border: Deaths along frontier are part of escalating crisis between Bush + Assad

30.Oct.2005 Syria: U.S. troops killed Syrian soldier: A Syrian general told reporters touring the border with Iraq on Friday that U.S. forces fired across the frontier five months ago + killed a Syrian soldier during an American military operation.

30.Oct.2005 Bush calls Iran + Syria 'outlaw regimes' : President Bush on Friday called Iran + Syria "outlaw regimes" + said countries that support terrorism are just as guilty of murder as those who commit the violence.

30.Oct.2005 UN's Mehlis report discredited: International espionage over Syria? : The Bush + Blair governments have rallied together on the back of the new UN report, released last Friday,

into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, drumming up international pressure on Syria.

30.Oct.2005 SOS 'was written in blood' : AN SOS written in blood on a prison cell wall spelled out the desperation of Bahraini Guantanamo detainee Juma Al Dossary. It was his last resort after being continuously denied medical treatment as he grew increasingly ill in appalling conditions, he says in his handwritten diary of despair.

30.Oct.2005 Open Letter To The "honorable" Dick Cheney : I am against torturing prisoners for any reason – for the simple reason that I have no interest in being considered as barbaric as those we label as terrorists.

30.Oct.2005 Libby was a driving force behind Iraq war : In high-level policy meetings at the White House, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby was often in the background,

a deputy listening to the views of principals such as his boss, Vice President Dick Cheney.

30.Oct.2005 Now it’s about the Niger forgeries. : Expected to replace Libby as Cheney’s chief of staff is David Addington, a principal author of the White House memo justifying the torture of terrorism suspects.

30.Oct.2005 Arianna Huffington: Fitzgerald's Libby High Five Puts the Focus on Iraq : The five counts against Scooter Libby is a high five for those of us who have been saying (ad nauseum, ad infinitum) that the heart of Plamegate has always been the way this administration did everything in its power to cover up the lies and deceptions it used to lead us into a reckless and unnecessary war.

30.Oct.2005 Indictment Gives Glimpse Into a Secretive Operation : Vice President Dick Cheney's suite in the Old Executive Office Building appears to have served as the nerve center of an effort to gather + spread word about Joseph C. Wilson IV and his wife, a CIA operative.

30.Oct.2005 Who is Scooter Libby?: The Guy Behind the Guy Behind the Guy:

Libby's Washington career began when Wolfowitz called his former student + asked him to give up his law practice to go to work in the Reagan administration.

30.Oct.2005 Bernard Weiner: Libby's Indictment: A Window Into the White House Cesspool : If Libby goes to trial, you can bet that the potential witness list will include Cheney + Rove + Rumsfeld + Hadley Rice + maybe Bush, + a whole host of high-ranking neo-con underlings (Wurmser + Hanna + Feith + et al.). Libby - + Cheney + Rove - definitely would not want that to happen.

30.Oct.2005 In case you missed it?: Joseph C. Wilson: What I Didn't Find in Africa : Did the Bush administration manipulate intelligence about Saddam Hussein's weapons programs to justify an invasion of Iraq?

30.Oct.2005 Endless sunset: While you were, ah, distracted, Congress was quietly renewing every major provision of the Patriot Act.

30.Oct.2005 Ladies and Gentlemen: The Real George W. Bush: The best way to think of George W. Bush is as a beard for others.

At every step in his career, individuals of wealth or power groomed him + then used him as their front man.

30.Oct.2005 By Maureen Dowd: Who's on First? : This administration's grand schemes always end up as the opposite. Officials say they're promoting national security when they're hurting it;

they say they're squelching terrorists when they're breeding them; they say they're bringing stability to Iraq when the country's imploding. (The U.S. announced five more military deaths yesterday.)

30.Oct.2005 Palestinians seek halt to Israeli bombings in Gaza: Palestinians called on Saturday for swift international intervention to stop a series of Israeli air strikes on Gaza that have knocked out electricity to several thousand homes + blasted deep craters in roads.

30.Oct.2005 Police use stun grenades to keep Palestinians out of J'lem : Police and Border Police officers threw stun grenades at hundreds of Palestinians gathered at the A-Ram checkpoint north of Jerusalem on Friday morning, in an effort to maintain the closure imposed on the West Bank in the wake of Wednesday's suicide bombing in Hadera.

30.Oct.2005 Iranian President defies worldwide criticism to repeat call for Israel to be 'wiped from map' : Yesterday, he was on the streets of the capital with demonstrators waving placards calling for the "death of America". He said: "My words are the Iranian nation's words. Westerners are free to comment but their reactions are invalid."

30.Oct.2005 True Jews hate Israel: Iran's Jewish MP :- MP for Jewish community Morris Motamed said that all the true Jews and followers of the divine religion as well as those believing in Moses (AS) hate usurper Israel due to the barbaric behavior of the 'Zionist' regime.

30.Oct.2005 Iran fires 3 ambassadors, recalls 18 envoys after row over Israel : Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has fired his country’s ambassadors to UK + France + Germany + ordered 18 envoys to be recalled to Tehran, a government official in the Iranian capital told Iran Focus.

30.Oct.2005 Israel and the Consequences of "Uniqueness": Why did the creation of Israel engender such deep but opposing emotions in the Islamic world and the West?

30.Oct.2005 Russia, China insist Iran has right to nuclear fuel cycle: vice president : Speaking to reporters upon arriving from Moscow where he attended a prime ministerial meeting of member countries to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Davudi expressed hope that Russia would adopt a position in favor of Iran at the November meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors.

30.Oct.2005 US poor set to lose food stamps : With more than 38 million Americans too poor to buy adequate food, the US Congress has begun to take away the food stamps many of them receive.

30.Oct.2005 Texas leads nation in rate of households at risk for hunger: A higher %age of Texas households were at risk of going hungry over the past three years than in any other state.

That's according to data released today by the US Agriculture Department

30.Oct.2005 U.N. poverty expert finds N.O. 'shocking' : "Something went wrong and it appears to be a gross violation of human rights," said Sengupta, United Nations independent expert on human rights + extreme poverty.

30.Oct.2005 Rich Senators Defeat Minimum-Wage Hike: US senators - who draw salaries of $162,100 a year +enjoy a raft of perks- have rejected a minimum wage hike from $5.15 an hour to $6.25 for blue-collar workers.

30.Oct.2005 Grand jury issues new subpoenas in DeLay investigation: A Texas prosecutor asked Thursday for all e-mail sent and received in 2002 by three indicted associates of U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay as part of an investigation into an alleged campaign finance scheme.
3 New Delhi Explosions Kill at Least 49 : Coordinated explosions in India's capital ripped through at least two markets jammed with evening shoppers ahead of an upcoming Hindu festival + a bus, killing at least 49 people.
Scooter Meet José Padilla Suddenly, Bush Embraces Right of Fair Trials-By DAVE LINDORFF
When President Bush was confronted by reporters as he left the White House for Camp David following the announcement of the five indictments of +

the resignation of Vice President Dick Cheney chief of state I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, he offered up a lame comment, which at the same time exposed him as a grotesque hypocrite. Continued
Indicting America - By Scott Ritter -The indictment of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby by Special Prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald provides the most cogent and visible evidence to date of the criminal mindset that exists inside the Bush administration regarding the decision to invade Iraq. Continued
Forging the Case for War Who was behind the Niger uranium documents? - by Philip Giraldi
Information developed by Italian investigators indicates that the documents were produced in Italy with the connivance of the Italian intelligence service. It also reveals that the introduction of the documents into the American intelligence stream was facilitated by Undersecretary of Defense Doug Feith’s Office of Special Plans (OSP), a parallel intelligence center set up in the Pentagon to develop alternative sources of information in support of war against Iraq.

Government for and by the dead -By Robert Fisk
For as someone who has to look at the eviscerated corpses of Palestine and Israel, the murdered bodies in the garbage heaps of Iraq, the young women shot through the head in the Baghdad morgue, I can only shake my head in disbelief at the sheer, unadulterated, lazy bullshit - let's call a spade a spade - which is currently emerging from our great leaders.

Special report: Bush faces his Watergate : Sleaze, leaks and an indictment add up to the worst presidential crisis since Nixon. And it will get worse. The White House has lost one key man but the whole chain of command may be engulfed by a scandal slowly revealing the lies that led to war.

30.Oct.2005 Berlusconi says warned Bush against Iraq war : The Italian leader has been defending himself against accusations in Italy that the country's intelligence agency, possibly after government pressure, passed-off fake documents to Washington used to bolster claims of Iraq's nuclear ambitions.

30.Oct.2005 How the 'IoS' broke the story of the ambassador and the fake uranium claim : When the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) finally had the opportunity to look at the documents itself, it concluded they were forgeries. Last week the Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported that they had been created by low-level agents of Sisme, the Italian intelligence service, which was trying to curry favour with the White House by supporting its WMD campaign.

30.Oct.2005 Joseph C. Wilson: Our 27 months of hell : AFTER THE two-year smear campaign orchestrated by senior officials in the Bush White House against my wife and me, it is tempting to feel vindicated by Friday's indictment of the vice president's chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby.

30.Oct.2005 UAE Says Saddam Agreed to Exile Before War : Saddam Hussein accepted an 11th-hour offer to flee into exile weeks ahead of the U.S.-led 2003 invasion, but Arab League officials scuttled the proposal, officials in this Gulf state claimed.

30.Oct.2005 Aziz denies naming George Galloway in oil probe, Says "These are lies" : Former Iraqi deputy prime minister Tareq Aziz has denied telling investigators that a British lawmaker personally profited from the United Nations' oil-for-food program for Iraq.

30.Oct.2005 Galloway allegation 'based on lies' : George Galloway has accused a US Senate committee of making allegations based solely on lies and demanded that it clear his name.
The White House Criminal Conspiracy -By Elizabeth de la Vega
Legally, there are no significant differences between the investor fraud perpetrated by Enron CEO Ken Lay and the prewar intelligence fraud perpetrated by George W. Bush. Both involved persons in authority who used half-truths and recklessly false statements to manipulate people who trusted them. There is, however, a practical difference: The presidential fraud is wider in scope and far graver in its consequences than the Enron fraud. Yet thus far the public seems paralyzed.
Allerdings verliert Bush durch die Vorfälle weiter Kredit bei den Wählern.

Nur noch 39 % der 600 Befragten zeigten sich in einer heute veröffentlichten Umfrage der "Washington Post" und des Fernsehsenders ABC mit der Amtsführung des Präsidenten zufrieden.

Am 11.Sep.2005 hatte er noch bei 42 % Zuspruch gefunden.

In der Affäre um die Enttarnung der CIA-Geheimagentin Plame stuften 69 % die Anklagepunkte gegen Libby als schweres Verbrechen ein.

Lediglich 29 % sagten, es handele sich um ein minderschweres oder rein verfahrenstechnisches Vergehen.,1518,druck-382414,00.html
Das Scheitern von Miers gilt als eine von zwei schweren Schlappen für Bush innerhalb kürzester Zeit. Die Zuspitzung im CIA-Skandal bringt den US-Präsidenten zusätzlich in Bedrängnis.

Der bisherige Stabschef von Vizepräsident Richard Cheney, Lewis "Scooter" Libby, war am Freitag wegen Falschaussagen, Meineids und Rechtsbehinderung angeklagt worden.
Ihm wird Lüge bei den Ermittlungen zur Klärung der Frage vorgeworfen, wie es zur Enttarnung der Agentin Valerie Plame kam.

Bereits in dieser Woche muss Libby zur offiziellen Anklageverlesung erstmals vor Gericht erscheinen.

Schon am Freitag hatte er die Vorwürfe entschieden zurückgewiesen.

Er habe nicht wissentlich die Unwahrheit gesagt, sondern nach seinem besten Erinnerungsvermögen gehandelt, erklärte Libby.
Bush selbst hatte die Verdienste Libbys als Spitzenberater gewürdigt und zugleich von einem "ernsten juristischen Verfahren" gegen den Ex-Stabschef gesprochen.

Weiter betonte er, dass er sich dadurch aber nicht von seiner Arbeit ablenken lassen wolle.,1518,druck-382414,00.html

US-Präsident unter Druck
Bush versucht die Flucht nach vorn
US-Präsident George W. Bush gerät zusehends in die Defensive.

Erst scheitert die Nominierung seiner Kandidatin für den Obersten Gerichtshof, dann wird einer seiner wichtigsten Regierungsberater wegen Meineids angeklagt. Bush plant nun den Befreiungsschlag.
So the argument comes down to Libby's willingness to withstand pressure. We can be certain of this much: This man does not want to do time + his "bad memory" defense is laughable. Literally. Reporters guffawed when Fitzgerald gave a dead-pan rendition of Libby's inane story.
Bush can pardon Libby. But will the President take that step?
As I see it, he's facing three possible futures: 1. Deal with the firestorm which would follow a pardon, 2. Deal with the bigger firestorm of a trial, or 3. Deal with the unendurable firestorm resulting from an indictment of the VP. The first option must seem more palatable.
On the other hand -- is Cheney, in fact, the real target? On Friday, Fitzgerald was spotted taking a meeting with James Sharp, Dubya's personal lawyer. Bet you wish you were a fly on that wall...
Hariri-Mord: Syrien bildet eigene Ermittlungskommission

30.Oct.2005 Israelfeindliche Parolen: Irans Ex-Präsident Chatami kritisiert Nachfolger

30.Oct.2005 US-Präsident unter Druck: Bush versucht die Flucht nach vorn

30.Oct.2005 Jugendgewalt: Dritte Krawallnacht erschüttert Pariser Vorstadt

30.Oct.2005 Hurrikan-Alarm: "Beta" tobt über Nicaragua

30.Oct.2005 CIA-Affäre: Bushs Umfragewerte fallen weiter

30.Oct.2005 Frauenkirchen-Weihe: "Ich bin überwältigt"

30.Oct.2005 Wiederaufbau der Frauenkirche: Das 60.000-Tonnen-Projekt

30.Oct.2005 Dresdner Frauenkirche: Auferstanden aus Ruinen

30.Oct.2005 Erfolgreicher A380-Test: Airbus-Bosse atmen auf

30.Oct.2005 Anlegerschutz: Juristen fordern Sammelklagen nach US-Vorbild

30.Oct.2005 Bombenserie: Indien feiert den Helden von Delhi

30.Oct.2005 Sturmwarnung: Hurrikan "Beta" gewinnt an Stärke

30.Oct.2005 Dresdner Frauenkirche: 450 Posaunen stimmen auf Weihefeier ein

30.Oct.2005 Superairbus: A380 beendet Airport-Test

30.Oct.2005 Stallpflicht für Geflügel: Wenn dem Bauern die Voliere reißt

30.Oct.2005 US-Verbündeter: Berlusconi hadert mit Irak-Einsatz

30.Oct.2005 CIA-Affäre: Dunkle Tage im Weißen Haus

30.Oct.2005 Neu-Delhi: Massenverhaftungen nach der Bombenserie
"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." --Joseph Stalin   Audio        

Report            Thur 11 Nov VoteFraud Latest
Listen mp3 or Dwnload
Google Censors VoteFraud Stories ,

09.Nov.2004 by Fintan Dunne, Editor
Search engine Google is ignoring thousands of news stories about the alleged theft of the U.S. presidential election.
Google's news coverage is driven by a sophisticated search engine, which scans news stories and groups them by content. You can test this system manually by typing search terms into Google News.
For example, the keywords
"Arafat" and "coma" currently yield just over 7,000 news stories. And the search term "Sunni+election+boycott" shows almost 1,900 stories.
The sheer volume of stories on those topics is why the related stories are grouped together on the front page of Google News --right now.
However, searching Google News for "
presidential+election+fraud" gives over over 10,000 stories! Try it yourself.
Then check the Google
U.S. News page -where some of the story groupings have a mere 40 or 50 stories. How come these get covered and yet the VoteFraud issue gets no mention --despite 10,000 stories in the super-efficient Google News database?
And there are over 5,600 stories for "
And there are over 2,000 stories for "
And there are over 1,000 stories for "
Nevertheless, there has been no coverage of the election fraud issue on the Google News
front page or even it's U.S. News page.
Google : Working hard to preserve the Status Quo.
Just thought you'd like to know.
Fintan Dunne
See Also:
Google Censors Abu Ghraib Images
" I stole the election, and    you can't prove it ! " --Karl Rove Wanna bet?  
VoteFraud Page
  VoteFraud  Top Stories

VolusiaFraud.htm" TARGET="_blank">Bev Harris: First Breakthru in Florida !
Dueling lawyers, election officials gnashing teeth, film crew catching it all.
This is it folks...the first crack in Florida.
After a day of furious auditing Bev, Andy and Kathleen of Black Box Voting have uncovered discrepant results in Volusia county. Their attorny has LOCKED DOWN all poll tapes, memory cartridges and the GEMS central tabulator.
The discrepant results were concentrated in mainly minority areas. They are currently going through trash obtained early this morning via an FOIA request. At one point they were threatened with arrest but avoided it narrowly.
VolusiaFraud.htm" TARGET="_blank">Full Story
mc6912004.html" TARGET="_blank">The Big Fix, 2004 PART 1 -By Daniel Hopsicker
Executives and owners of the two largest electronic voting companies, E S & S and Sequoia Pacific, have been convicted of bribery and suborning public officials in more than a dozen states, and until recently ---also accused of bribing the Prime Minister of Ireland.
While the name Dr. Michael Smurfit is not well-known to Americans, his company manufactures the software used to compile more than two-thirds of the nation's electronically-counted votes.
Perhaps this may help explain why, for the second Presidential election in a row, a Democratic bandwagon was derailed early on Election Night by an unusual television appearance by the Bush Family, after exit polls showed them losing in key battleground states.
Conservative Lawyer Backs VoteFraud ! MUST READ
We've Been Had by Edgar J. Steele
Houston, we have a problem.
Look -the people apparently disenfranchised this time around primarily are those with whom I generally disagree, but the fundamental unfairness of what has taken place offends me, not to mention the path down which America now treads.
If this is what it means to be conservative today, I want to be liberal
.Read " I think Kerry actually won the election and allowed
Bush to steal it. In retrospect, it appears to me that
Al Gore did the same thing." -
Edgar J Steele
map.htm" TARGET="_blank">Larger Map "Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide   everything" Joe Stalin
map.htm" TARGET="_blank">Purple America:
No Red and Blue Lies
For Kerry supporters, the most awful sight of the night of November 2nd, 2004
was to watch a red Republican tide sweep across the election result maps on
network TV. By early next morning, America's hue seemed as bloody as it's
foreign war in Iraq. But, those maps --like the rest of Bush's "victory"--
were just an illusion. Purple America tells a different tale.
map.htm" TARGET="_blank">
Read on
" I stole the election +    you can't prove it ! " --Karl Rove Wanna bet?  
VoteFraud Page   Support

   Tuesday 16 Nov
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VoteFraud's Mr. Big in Smoking Gun Find
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Can't fool computer geeks
Voting Problems Hit Media
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Bush Threatens to Nuke20041113-101804-4752r.htm" TARGET="_blank">
America if VoteFraud is Challenged
Millions of Americans Think Kerry Won
Democrats win in court
250 Milion to One Bush's Victory Odds
Kerry Won Ohio Palast
NC Election: Clear Case for Fraud
Two N.C. Races Held
Up by Voting Problems

Dear GW, by Bob Jones
Rumors of irregularities fuel debate on election Mainstream Whitewash
Democrats Sue Over Ballots in Wash. Governor Race
5 Things You Can Do Right Now to
Reclaim Democracy
by Bev Harris
Bush's 'Incredible'
Vote Tallies

MSNBC's Olbermann : Did Your Vote Count?
Media Black Out on Vote Fraud Allegations
No Blackout - says Media
Computer glitch still baffles county clerk
Countinghouse Blues --Too many votes
Fla slot machines issue --Absentees 9-1 in favor
More votes than voters
Kerry Margins: Paper and Non-paper ballot
The Speech WhichKerry Never Gave
November 2 : Exit Poll Scam
Kerry Margins: Paper-ballot and Non-paper ballot states
Bush's 8 Mil New Votes?
Florida Slot Machines Absentee votes went 9-to-1 in favor
Absentee ballots expected to tip scales against gambling
Machine error caused slots vote problem
Florida hit by "Perfect storm" for gambling interests
Slots win in late surge
Fighting the slots Goliath
Jeb Bush opposes slots
Never Say Die-bold
John Kerry lied
Why Kerry Conceded
Democratic Party Blog :
Florida rigged scanners

"Now comes the Revolution"
Vote Hacked: Evidence Mounts
House Dems Seek Election Inquiry PR Gesture Only
Was Ohio Honest and Fair? Nothing about other States
Hello: You are now living in a fascist empire Pushing the 'Peak Oil' Con
The Stolen Election More Peak Oil propaganda
TruVote's fate may be clearer by Election Day 04
TruVote sitting on sideline for election
Two companies count 80% of U.S. election
Nader's N.H. Election recount bid is invalid
OSCE Election Observers are another NWO facade
Massive Voter Suppression and Corruption in Ohio
Exit Polls Vs Actuals
Have the people really spoken at the polls?
eVote Fraud : Brief History
More Stories... to the accumulation + reinvestment of profits gained in a free market...

The first claims about nanobacteria came from geologists studying tiny ...
11. Spieltag: Wenn Torhüter Fliegen fangen

30.Oct.2005 Terror im Irak: Dutzende Tote bei Autobombenanschlag

30.Oct.2005 Bombenserie: Anschläge erschüttern Neu-Delhi

30.Oct.2005 Anti-Terror-Krieg: US-Regierung öffnet Guantanamo für Uno

30.Oct.2005 Bombenserie in Delhi: Viele Tote bei Anschlägen auf Marktplätze

30.Oct.2005 Berlin: Hunderte bei Anti-Israel-Demo

30.Oct.2005 Indien: Viele Tote bei Bombenserie im Zentrum Delhis

30.Oct.2005 A380-Visite: Frankfurt staunt über den Superairbus