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31.Aug.2006National security whistleblower posts tell-all video on YouTube
(NewsTarget) Former Lockheed Martin project manager and engineer Michael DeKort has stirred up a hornets' nest with his 10-minute video on During the video, he charges his former company of shoddy workmanship on security upgrades for Coast Guard vessels. "What I am going to tell you is...

31.Aug.2006 Buchanan: ‘The Country I Grew Up In’ Was ‘89 or 90 % White. I Like That Country’ - Judd 

Pat Buchanan has been a constant presence on cable TV since the release of his book, State of Emergency.

Last night on Hannity and Colmes, Buchanan explained that he’s motivated by his desire to keep the country overwhelmingly white.

Buchanan told Alan Colmes: “What I would like is — I’d like the country I grew up in. It was a good country.

I lived in Washington, D.C., 400,000 black folks, 400,000 white folks, in a country 89 or 90 % white. I like that country.” Watch it:

In his book, Buchanan supports the idea that whites are genetically superior to minorities. Digg It! Transcript:

COLMES: Would you prefer only white immigrants?

BUCHANAN: No. What I would like is — I’d like the country I grew up in. It was a good country. I lived in Washington, D.C., 400,000 black folks, 400,000 white folks, in a country 89 or 90 % white.

I like that country. We didn’t vote to change it.

00.000.1965, in the Immigration Act, Teddy Kennedy said we’re going to maintain immigration at about present levels and numbers + we will not consciously alter the character…


COLMES: All right, but are you saying we should work to keep an 89 % white country? Is that what you believe we should do?

BUCHANAN: No, no. What I believe is that people should not deliberately alter the character and composition of the country without consulting the American people.

If you adopt two children, Alan, you’re going to go in and you’re going to decide who comes. Who should decide who comes and who doesn’t? First, illegals should not come.

Secondarily, the American people should be consulted how many immigrants come, what are the criteria. And we haven’t been consulted.

COLMES: But it sounds like what you’re saying, though, that we should keep the status as it was back then, with the certain %ages of different ethnic groups, meaning 89 % white, not changing that to any great extent.

Is that pretty much what you’re saying?

BUCHANAN: That is what — 1964, John F. Kennedy’s book was reprinted. You know what he said?

He said we should change — no higher immigration + what we should do is — the quotas given to Germans + Irish + English + others that are not used should be given to folks from Eastern Europe and Southern Europe.

That’s what Kennedy said. I would go along with that. I supported that in a book.
Five days before Labor Day, - Nico 

President Bush has announced he will recess appoint Paul DeCampa corporate lawyer who represented Wal-Mart and built a career fighting against unions — as head of the U.S. Labor Department’s Wage + Hour Division, which oversees “the nation’s wage and hour laws, including overtime laws, workplace discrimination laws + child labor laws.” More at AFL-CIO Now.
31.Aug.2006 Mehlman Falsely Claims Rep. Shays (R-CT) Doesn’t Support Military Timeline For Iraq - Nico 

Last night on MSNBC’s Hardball, former Rove deputy Ken Mehlman said that people who want a timeline for Iraq redeployment “are going to give the terrorists a big victory.”

Mehlman was asked if his rhetoric applied to fellow conservative Rep. Christopher Shays (R-CT), who recently announced his support for his timeline.

Mehlman said he “saw him interviewed on this show, Chris Shays + he, in fact, said something very different…he did not say there ought to be a military timeline.”

Mehlman is in denial. When Shays was on Hardball on Monday, he clearly called for a “timeline on how long our troops will be there.” Watch both clips back to back: Transcript:

O’DONNELL: As this new rhetoric has emerged, though, it also comes at a time when there are some moderate Republican candidates who are actually — have similar messages to the Democrats or who are at least pulling away from President Bush.

You have Congressman Chris Shays, the Republican from out of Connecticut — 14th visit to Iraq, just came back. He’s was one of the most stalwart supporters of the president on this war. Came back and said it is now time for a timetable.

MEHLMAN: Well, I saw Chris–I saw him interviewed on this show, Chris Shays + he, in fact, said something very different than what the Democrats say. What he has said is we need to make sure that there are benchmarks established for the Iraqi people to stand up.

O’DONNELL: He said a timeline.

MEHLMAN: Well, but he did not say there ought to be a military timeline. There is a very big difference. +++++

SHAYS: I’m calling for a timetable on three things. One, that they set provisional elections, that they have reconciliation and a timeline to do it, a timeline for finishing the constitution and give them the timeline on how long our troops will be there, doing the police work that ultimately we want them to do. +++++

SHAYS: I think the way to get the Iraqis to wake up, to do the heavy lifting, is to let them know that we are not there indefinitely , that there’s not an open checkbook, that we’re not going take sustained losses indefinitely.
The Security Council voted today - Amanda  to create a U.N. peacekeeping force in Darfur, despite opposition from the Khartoum government. The force — which wouldn’t be deployed until Sudan agrees — would “replace or absorb an African Union force in Darfur, which has only enough money to exist until its mandate expires on September 30 and has been unable to end the humanitarian crisis.”
31.Aug.2006 Former Administration Mouthpiece Falsely Claims Progressives Want Withdrawal From Afghanistan - Think Progress 

Yesterday on The O’Reilly Factor, former administration official Dan Senor told guest host John Kasich that “many leftist centered activists, political activists” — such as — believe “we would be better off” if the United States withdrew from Afghanistan.

But when pressed by Kasich, Senor couldn’t name any progressives who have advocated pulling out from Afghanistan + admitted that has called for withdrawal from Iraq, not Afghanistan. Watch it:

Full transcript below:

KASICH: I don’t know anybody that doesn’t recognize that the war in Afghanistan has to be won, that al Qaeda’s got to be snuffed out, that extremists have to be dealt with. Who’s he talking about here?

SENOR: He’s talking about people who believe that we would be better off John if we withdrew from our military engagements, whether they’re in Iraq, whether they’re in Afghanistan, whether it’s a strong posture, vis-a-vie Hezbollah.

KASICH: Who’s saying we ought to withdraw from Afghanistan? I haven’t heard anybody say that.

SENOR: There are people — there are many leftist centered activists, political activists.

KASICH: Who? Name me one.

SENOR: has talked about that we should be scaling back our resources in places, our military engagements. They haven’t been specific about Afghanistan but they’ve been specific about Iraq.

KASICH: That’s a riff.
$20 million: - Nico 

The price for good news about Iraq. “U.S. military leaders in Baghdad have put out for bid a two-year, $20 million public relations contract that calls for extensive monitoring of U.S. and Middle Eastern media in an effort to promote more positive coverage of news from Iraq.”
31.Aug.2006Sen. Allen: People Don’t ‘Actually Care’ About ‘Macaca,’ It’s ‘Only The Media’ - Judd 

At an August 11 event, Sen. George Allen (R-VA) ridiculed a South Asian-American man who worked for his political opponent.

In front of a large audience, Allen called S.R. Sidarth “macaca” (a racial slur) + said to Sidarth, who was born and raised in Virginia, “Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia!

First, Allen’s campaign manager referred “to the ‘macaca’ story with a barnyard epithet and insist that the senator had nothing to apologize for.” Then, as criticism mounted, Allen apologized.

But yesterday on Fox, Allen said that Virginians don’t “actually care” that he made the remarks and it’s “only the media” who thinks it’s an issue. Watch it !

Actually, according to a poll taken after Allen finally apologized, 67% of Virginians found Allen’s remarks “inappropriateand a majority believe “he needs to say more” about the incident. Digg It! Transcript:

CAVUTO: And I’m wondering — and I know you have addressed this — if it goes back to your offensive comments to an opponent’s campaign worker that were deemed racist.

Is — is that why you’re dropping? Is it a concern?

ALLEN: Oh, heck, I have been behind in polls. I was running for governor. I was 31 % behind.

What matters to the people of Virginia is a record of performance, knowing Virginia + somebody who’s going to lead with the values that are shared by Virginians, as well as their vision.

And, for the last 20 years, I have been working for Virginians, making our commonwealth a — a safer and more prosperous place for people to live, learn, work + to raise their families.

That remark I made was a mistake. I have apologized for it. But people care — only the media asks about it. The people care about high gas prices.

They care about security, winning this war on terrorism, making sure that smaller businesses have access to more affordable health plans…


ALLEN: .. and also improving education for all Americans.

CAVUTO: All right.

ALLEN: That’s what people actually care about.


Well, I was forced to address it. It — it’s out there.

OK, Senator, good seeing you, as always — Senator George Allen.

ALLEN: Good being with you, Neil.
Is Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) - Nico  also holding up the legislation that would create a Google-like database of all federal spending?
31.Aug.2006Pentagon University Elects First Openly Gay Student President - Nico 

For the first time, a Defense Department university has elected an openly gay student council president.

The student body of Uniformed Services University (USU), which includes uniformed personnel in the armed forces, this week voted for Patrick High to represent graduate students at the school. High served nine years in the Illinois Army National Guard and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at USU.

His election “is just the latest in a series of signs that those serving in our armed forces are ready to welcome openly gay colleagues,” said C. Dixon Osburn, executive director of Servicemembers Legal Defense Network. Some other recent signs of progress:

– “Earlier this summer, a West Point graduate received a prestigious academic award for his thesis opposing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ the ban on lesbian, gay and bisexual service members.”

In May, Lieutenant General Claudia Kennedy, USA (Ret.), the first woman to achieve the rank of three-star general in the Army, called for repeal of the law, saying it is “a hollow policy that serves no useful purpose.”

Still, the number of dismissals under “Don’t Ask” increased from 668 in 2004 to 742 last year, even as the U.S. Army’s personnel readiness degraded to levels not seen “since the Vietnam era.”
31.Aug.2006Suggesting your political opponents be murdered. - Nico 

Just another day at work for mainstream media darling Ann Coulter.
TOGHE & FORCHETTE : SCARICA IL LIBRO DA INTERNET ! "Toghe & Forchette. La giustizia secondo l'ordine forense" ( Milano, 2000) è il libro che attacca la mafia forense e giudizaria e i loro metodi di aggressione al dissenso politico. Il libro ripercorre molte fasi della aggr...

31.Aug.2006Fwd: [911_truth_DFW] Air America Network in Turmoil - It looks like the rich liberals running Air America have made theirs. .
31.Aug.2006NAFTA Superhighway & Animal ID: Hank Gilbert - Paul Joseph Watson NAFTA Superhighway & Animal ID: Hank Gilbert Hank Gilbert, Texas candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture, joins Alex Jones to discuss the trans-Texas NAFTA
31.Aug.2006Wuppertal: Dreiste Medienhetze gegen "Riss+Lücke" - Riss+Lücke 
Wuppertaler Wochenzeitung "Rundschau" veröffentlicht dreiste Fehlinformationen des Polizeihauptkommisars Manfred Hakenbeck bezüglich eines Anschlags auf das Kreiswehrersatzamt und betreiben damit üble Medienhetze gegen den Wuppertaler Bauwagenplatz "Riss+Lücke".

31.Aug.2006Jahrestag 11.9.2001 - 911blogger 
11.Sep.2001 -3 wichtige events zum 5. Jahrestag :
New York

31.Aug.2006Nicotine Up Sharply In Many Cigarettes
The amount of nicotine in most cigarettes rose an average of almost 10 % from 1998-2004, with brands most popular with young people and minorities registering the biggest increases and highest nicotine content, according to a new study.

31.Aug.2006Featured Earth and Earth Science Stories
The Earth, which is located three planets from the Sun, is the only planet in the universe known to support any kind of life. The Earth is estimated to be approximately 4.57 billion years old. The moon followed not long after. The Earth rotates around its own north to south axis once every 23 hours,

31.Aug.2006Pluto vote 'hijacked' in revolt
A fierce backlash has begun against the decision by astronomers to strip Pluto of its status as a planet. On Thursday, experts approved a definition of a planet that demoted Pluto to a lesser category of object.

31.Aug.2006Forward Together - Gov. Mark R. Warner, Honorary Chair
Alexandria, Virginia? Imagine a world where politicians tell the truth, focus on the future + work together with their fellow citizens to solve problems. Forward Together PAC is working everyday to make that a reality. And it isn?t stopping at the boundaries of physical space. Tomorrow ...

31.Aug.2006 The Movement to Dump the Electoral College - Uncle Dave Should we abolish it?
31.Aug.2006 Asteroids Likely Found around Sun-like Star
Situated at the center of the solar system, the Sun is actually just a large star whose strong magnetic fields cause other solar matter, mainly planets, asteroids, comets, meteoroids and other debris, to orbit around it. The Sun is believed to be more than 4.6 billion years old + is comprised ...

31.Aug.2006 A Timeline Of The Administration’s ‘Truthiness’ On The War - Uncle Dave - An interactive tool
31.Aug.2006 Iran 'ignores nuclear deadline' Iran has failed to heed its 31 August deadline to halt uranium enrichment, the UN atomic agency says.
31.Aug.2006 Thousands to flee Hurricane John Thousands of Mexicans are to be evacuated from their homes as a hurricane sweeps along the coast.
31.Aug.2006 Religion enters Russian schools Orthodox Christianity is made a compulsory school subject in four of Russia's regions.
31.Aug.2006 Comedian leads protest groups About 100 protesters gather outside Parliament to highlight the "ludicrous" nature of new anti-demo legislation.
31.Aug.2006 Livingstone race chief 'BNP' spat London mayor says Trevor Phillips is "pandering" to the right so much that he will soon "be joining the BNP".
31.Aug.2006 Blair to tackle 'menace' children Tomorrow's potential troublemakers can be identified even before they are born, says Tony Blair.
31.Aug.2006 Gene Therapy As a Cancer Cure In the battle against cancer, saving two patients out of 17 may seem modest enough.

But researchers see hope that using genetically altered immune cells to attack tumors -- as was done in this study -- may hold the key to eventually defeating various cancers.
Greenhouse Emissions Up for Rich Signing the Kyoto Protocols is one thing, adhering to it something else again.

Greenhouse gas emissions rise for the industrialized nations, who look like they're going to have a hard time reigning in their waste to meet 2012 goals.
Stem Cell Scientist Defends Paper The lead author on a paper outlining a way to derive embryonic stem cells without damaging embryos responds to the piling-on of enemies as well as people he thought were friends. In Bodyhack.
31.Aug.2006 Lockheed Martin Wins Contract to Build Mars Lander - CowboyNeal 22 Lord_Slepnir writes

"Lockheed Martin has won a contract to build the Orion crew exploration vehicle that will eventually take humans to the moon and then on to Mars. This vehicle will hopefully also replace the aging space shuttle fleet. According to NASA the vehicle will have manned missions by 2014 and moon missions by no later by 2020."
Wayback Machine Safe, Settlement Disappointing - Zonk 58 - Jibbanx writes

"Healthcare Advocates and the Internet Archive have finally resolved their differences, reaching an undisclosed out-of-court settlement.

The suit stemmed from HA's anger over the Wayback Machine showing pages archived from their site even after they added a robots.txt file to their webserver.

While the settlement is good for the Internet Archive, it's also disappointing because it would have tested HA's claims in court.

As the article notes, you can't really un-ring the bell of publishing something online, which is exactly what HA wanted to do.

Obeying robots.txt files is voluntary, after all + if the company didn't want the information online, they shouldn't have put it there in the first place."
The IT Strategy That Makes Google Work - Zonk 56 - savio13 writes

"InfoWeek published an article on Google's IT Strategy, which can be summarized as: 'Use customized open source where possible, custom build where necessary + buy if it's not related to something that will give Google a competitive advantage.' The author interviewed several senior IT folks at Google and the article is surprisingly thorough considering how closely Google guards information about their actual IT environment." From the article: "Google managers tend to be reticent on the subject of IT strategy, they're loath to talk about specific vendors or products + they clam up when asked about their servers and data centers. But a day spent with some of the company's IT leaders reveals there's more to Google's IT operations than a search engine running on a massive server farm. Behind the seeming simplicity is a mash-up of internally developed software, made-to-order hardware, artificial intelligence, obsession with performance + an unorthodox approach to people management."
Comcast Blocks Yet Another ISPs E-Mail - kdawson 289 - Nom du Keyboard writes,

"Last week Comcast shutdown e-mail forwarding from NameZero entirely. People who have bought private domain names (i.e. and have e-mail forwarding to their current Comcast e-mail account through NameZero aren't receiving it any longer. No warnings — no e-mail. Now, again without warning, they've blocked out The Well, one of the oldest ISPs on the net. And nobody can get through to the Comcast people in charge of this to discuss the issue with them. Not the ISPs being blocked. Not the customers who pay Comcast to deliver e-mail to them. Comcast says they're protecting 10M customers from spam. I am a current Comcast broadband customer and I feel I should have the right to whitelist and receive e-mail from whomever I designate. I don't want as much protection as Comcast is giving me. Is it a basic right to be allowed to receive e-mail from whomever I desire, or does Comcast have the right to censor as they wish?" Last week Comcast was also blocking mail from I (probably among many others) left a complaint on the phone line identified in bounce messages; the block was eventually lifted.
Renamed Philips Semi lands U.S. passport deal Once a semiconductor company, always a semiconductor company--but now it's known as NXP.
31.Aug.2006 Net neutrality fans rally in 25 cities With Congress set to return to the capital next week, grassroots coalition hopes to build momentum for Senate vote this fall.
31.Aug.2006 Breaches, browsers and data privacy If you buy things on the Web--or even just browse--you could be at risk from prying eyes and sloppy security. Some people want to change that.
31.Aug.2006 Freeze on assets of Chinese journalists lifted by iPod maker Blog: Foxconn, the company that manufactures the iPod for Apple Computer, has withdrawn a motion asking a Chinese court to freeze the...
31.Aug.2006 U.K.'s Home Office admits to database breaches The government agency says four of five incidents involved members of staff accessing databases for unauthorized purposes.
31.Aug.2006 eBay, Amazon take heat on privacy practices The Net giants incur the wrath of Privacy International + eBay draws the attention of the U.K.'s Information Commissioner.
31.Aug.2006 Images: NASA says ozone layer is healing Findings show that a worldwide effort to fight an ecological danger can be successful.
31.Aug.2006 No Death Penalty for Marine: The government will not seek the death penalty against a Marine Corps private who is among eight service members charged with murder and other crimes in the shooting of an Iraqi civilian, a military prosecutor said Wednesday.

31.Aug.2006 Another lie on Iraq: WHEN President Bush declared last week that "nobody has ever suggested in this administration that Saddam Hussein ordered" the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a large segment of the American public must have been very surprised.

31.Aug.2006 Australia: Iraq letter 'suppressed' lack of WMD evidence : -A DAMNING six-page letter on the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was suppressed by Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, according to a former senior diplomat.
31.Aug.2006 The Worst Kind of Terror Murder on Rucarb Street - By Eliza Ernshire
Palestine has been so reduced and so humiliated that it is now a country where the Occupying force can walk into a main city on nightfall, can walk down the main street of that city and kill a man and then walk away again as if that is a damn right of theirs and no one is going to blink an eye at it.

31.Aug.2006 Can You Really Not See?-By Amira Hass
Let us leave aside those Israelis whose ideology supports the dispossession of the Palestinian people because "God chose us." Leave aside the judges who whitewash every military policy of killing and destruction. Leave aside the military commanders who knowingly jail an entire nation in pens surrounded by walls, fortified observation towers, machine guns, barbed wire and blinding projectors. Leave aside the ministers. All of these are not counted among the collaborators. These are the architects, the planners, the designers, the executioners.

31.Aug.2006 Israel’s deceptions as a way of life-By Jonathan Cook
A clue where Israel might be heading next emerged this week when Olmert's trusted international ambassador, Shimon Peres, "revealed" that Iran is trying to transfer its nuclear know-how to terrorist organisations. Peres did not name Hizbullah but it is only time before the link is made and a new casus belli established.

31.Aug.2006 Behind the plan to bomb Iran -By Ismael Hossein-zadeh
There is strong evidence that the US administration's recent public statements that it is now willing to negotiate with Iran are highly disingenuous: they are designed not to reach a diplomatic solution to the so-called "Iran crisis", but to remove diplomatic hurdles toward a military "solution".

31.Aug.2006 Baluchistan and the Coming Iran War -By Luciana Bohne
Why should the news from Baluchistan interest us? I’ll let you connect the dots by presenting a bit of context and concluding with an article from the Carnegie Endowement, which, I think, will underline the significance of the event for the prospected US attack on Iran.

31.Aug.2006 Hizbullah's victory has transformed the Middle East -By George Galloway in Beirut - The defeat of the regional superpower could yet open the way to a wider settlement of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Continue
Unfortunately we live in a country and a society where the dead aren't just eulogized, they're propagandized.
A national ad campaign being launched on Thursday features the stories of people who remember where they were when they heard of the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Hell, why stop there? Why not have ad campaigns targeted towards specific people? Judy Smith, where were you when you found out your child had leukemia? Joe Anderson, where were you when your wife was killed by a drunk driver? Let's have ad campaigns to remind all of us all the time about every single loved one who died tragically. And not a campaign to remind you of the loved one and how great they were - oh no - a campaign to remind you of the horrible moment of their horrible death. It's like memorializing your dead mother each year not by recollecting about how she used to bake those wonderful ginger cookies, but rather, making an annual ritual out of talking about how every bone in her body was smashed by a semi-truck. What a great way to remember mom.
What the hell is our obsession with remembering September 11? We remember it, ok. I don't need a TV commercial to remind me of that day or how I felt. I was there. It took me a long time to get over it. And I most certainly don't need my politicians, or anyone else, trying to drag me back to that day kicking and screaming several times a year as if I don't remember it + as if it's somehow healthy to keep bringing it up.

Now You Can Read and Make - on All BuzzFlash Original Commentary at Your Support Made This Continued Growth Possible.
From the Big Apple to the Big Easy: Madison Square Garden Katrina Benefit Concert (2 DVD Set) Just Released.

31.Aug.2006 The Bush Administration Has Made America Less Safe. An excellent resource for the upcoming elections.
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

31.Aug.2006 Keith Olbermann Delivers a Must-See Critique of Rumsfeld's Mass Hysteria Inducing Nazi Remarks. Olbermann Comes to the Defense of Freedom, Democracy, Competence and Sanity.
Iraq Weapons Inspector: Government Covered Up My Report Concluding No WMD, Flawed Approach -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis

31.Aug.2006 George Allen Comes Out of the Closet as a Racist 9/1
A Lesson from Jill Carroll's Kidnappers: We Should Leave Iraq -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
It's Becoming Crystal Clear that Rove/Cheney/Rumsfeld Orchestrated Confrontation with Iran is the October Surprise. Read This Article.
Iran Ignores U.N. Ultimatum on Enrichment 9/1

31.Aug.2006 Houdini Was a Covert Agent, New Book Claims  The famed magician Harry Houdini guarded the secrets behind his legendary escapes from handcuffs, chains, jails, milk cans, mailbags + water chambers. But the authors of a forthcoming book on Houdini will be disclosing that he had another secret: his role as a spy.
31.Aug.2006 Hitler and Stalin were possessed by the Devil, says Vatican exorcist  Sheesh.
Best part: According to secret Vatican documents recently released wartime pontiff Pope Pius XII attempted a "long distance" exorcism of Hitler which failed to have any effect.

31.Aug.2006 Old Farmer's Almanac Forecasts Worse Winter for 2006-2007  The 190-years old publication predicts with an accuracy between 80 and 85% how weather will evolve and Americans should worry: OFA says this winter will be one of the coldest ever recorded.
31.Aug.2006 Whistleblower uses YouTube to tell his story  An article in this morning's Washington Post reveals that for the first known time, a whistleblower working on a US Government contract has posted a video on YouTube making his case about a problem inside government.
31.Aug.2006 Man Near Top of Most-Wanted List Is Captured  One of the F.B.I.'s most wanted fugitives, Warren Steed Jeffs, the leader of an offshoot Mormon sect who was wanted for sexual offenses, was captured in the Las Vegas area after a highway patrolman stopped the vehicle he was in during a routine traffic check, officials said today.
31.Aug.2006 Inquiry Criticizes U.S. Broadcasting Official Over Hiring  More Rovian corruption. Disgusting.Via Americablog.
31.Aug.2006 Ancient raptors likely feasted on early man, study suggests 
31.Aug.2006 Former Giuliani Aide's Killer Implicated Himself, Police Say 
A 26-year-old man who police said was a heroin addict with a long criminal record was identified yesterday by police and prosecutors as the murderer of a press secretary to Mayor Giuliani.
posted by Prof. Hex at
12:38 PM


00.000.2001 Kurnaz in Pakistan festgenommen und beschuldigt für die Taliban zu kämpfen.

00.Jan.2002 -Ab-saß er in dem amerikanischen Gefangenenlager Guantanamo in Haft.
Palästinenser sucht Asyl: Mit Spielzeugpistole in Botschaft eingedrungen

31.Aug.2006 Späte Zweitehe: Multimilliardär Buffett heiratet mit 76
Guantanamo- Häftling: Kurnaz laut Anwalt gebrochen
Atomstreit: Bush drängt auf sofortige Konsequenzen
Streiks in Brasilien: Staatspräsident greift VW an
Urteil: Daimler- Kritiker darf Vorwürfe nicht wiederholen
Waffen- SS- Debatte: Grass bleibt Ehrenbürger von Danzig

31.Aug.2006 Atomstreit: Iran ignoriert Auflagen des Uno- Sicherheitsrats
Keith Olbermann Delivers a Must-See Critique of Rumsfeld's Mass Hysteria Inducing Nazi Remarks. Olbermann Comes to the Defense of Freedom, Democracy, Competence and Sanity.
From the Big Apple to the Big Easy: Madison Square Garden Katrina Benefit Concert (2 DVD Set. Just Released.

31.Aug.2006 A Lesson from Jill Carroll's Kidnappers: We Should Leave Iraq -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
It's Becoming Crystal Clear that Rove/Cheney/Rumsfeld Orchestrated Confrontation with Iran is the October Surprise. Read This Article.
Bush Administration Appeases Terrorists to Release FOX Reporters: The U.S. secretly agreed to the "real demands" set by the group behind the August 14 kidnapping of two Fox News journalists in Gaza, according to a report in the pan-Arab newspaper al Hayat. This is According to ABC. 9/1

31.Aug.2006 National Review Trashes BuzzFlash for Honoring Keith Olbermann. It's a Badge of Honor, Indeed. But, You Know What, They Have Big Right Wing Money Behind Them. We Need YOUR Support.
Goebbels is Smiling Somewhere in Lucifer Land: "U.S. military leaders in Baghdad have put out for bid a two-year, $20 million public relations contract that calls for extensive monitoring of U.S. and Middle Eastern media in an effort to promote more positive coverage of news from Iraq." 8/31

31.Aug.2006 Dispatch from the BuzzFlash Department of Reality: In Iraq, Insurgents kill 77 in Iraq as bloodshed mounts 8/31
Sidney Blumenthal: As he travels the nation to commemorate Katrina and 9/11, the president is only highlighting the tragedy of his own incompetence. 8/31
KAWAN: Protest the South Korea-US Free Trade Agreement Talks Sept. 6-9 in Seattle 8/31

31.Aug.2006 Visit Scoop Independent News here.
31.Aug.2006 The plaintiffs lost their suit for an election contest and recount in this one congressional district. However, by bringing suit, they achieved an outcome that clearly proves the arguments expressed across the political spectrum from conservative legal scholar Bruce Fein to former Vice President Al Gore. In unambiguous terms, they and others decry the rapid descent of the United States into a state of tyranny which only affirms our long nightmare for democracy. Politicians can now manipulate, alter + nullify elections if those politicians are the Speaker of the House or capable of influencing the Speaker. Arbitrary, centralized rule starts with the control of vote counting. It is now clear who controls vote counting and it is not the citizens of the United States of America. The People’s House is now the Speaker’s House.
Speaker Dennis Hastert swore in Republican Brian Bilbray even though there were requests for a recount and numerous public protests about the legitimacy of the outcome. According to the San Diego Registrar of Voters, as of June 15th, there were in fact still 2,500 votes to be counted. Evidence reportedly captured from the Registrar’s internet site indicates that on June 13, induction day, there were 12,500 votes uncounted. The San Diego Registrar did not officially certify this election until June 30th. Even when the election was certified, nearly 50% of the votes had not been assigned to the appropriate precincts.
The information on uncounted and misallocated ballots was followed by the discovery that the California Secretary of State’s office, headed by Republican Bruce McPherson, allegedly provided confirmation that Bilbray had in fact been ‘elected.’
Chamber Action (Digest) U.S. House of Representatives: Page H3798
Oath of Office--Fiftieth Congressional District of California: Representative-elect Brian P. Bilbray presented himself in the well of the House and was administered the Oath of Office by the Speaker. Earlier the Clerk of the House transmitted a facsimile copy of the unofficial returns of the Special Election held on June 6, 2006 from Ms. Susan Lapsley, Assistant Secretary of State for Elections, California Secretary of State Office, indicating that the Honorable Brian P. Bilbray was elected Representative in Congress for the Fiftieth Congressional District of California. (June 13, 2006) If this official did in fact provide such confirmation, a key question must be answered. On what basis was an official stamp of approval given to the election by McPherson’s office since results were not made official until June 30? Does the California Secretary of State now have the ultimate power to deem elections final, regardless of the status of those elections? To be more precise, does the Secretary of State now have the power to override citizen protests, challenges and strongly expressed concerns for purely partisan benefit? McPherson is a Republican appointed to this office by the current Governor of California.
The special election generated immediate controversy when it was discovered that election officials had taken home voting machines for overnight stays. The supposed rationale or pretense for these maneuverings was to expedite the convenient delivery of the machines to precincts on election day.
Citizens were furious for a number of reasons. To begin with, these machines have documented security problems which render them vulnerable to hacking and thereby enable the possibility that “malicious code” can be introduced to alter vote counting. In addition, the voting machines were not supervised in the homes nor were they clearly signed in and out. Remarkably, some voting machines even failed to make it from poll worker homes to the precincts on election day.
This obvious breach of security rendered the election void, it was argued. In addition, plaintiffs pointed out that the vote counting was done in secret since the computerized vote tabulation is not open to serious inspection by citizens or even election officials. The innermost workings are controlled by computer code that by agreement cannot be reviewed by election officials or citizens. Thus, the ability to view vote counting was in no way available. This is a right preferred by 92% of voters according to a new Zogby Survey.
Yesterday, attorney Lehto took an optimistic stance when he commented on the role of the public in taking back control of their elections. The shutdown of any possibility of a court based investigation of the CA50 race could not be in more stark contrast to the 92% support for election transparency in the Zogby poll. The contrast between the two sides now could not be clearer. The question of the moment is whether and to what extent the 92% can discover its own supermajority status, or to what extent they continue to be deceived, deluded and distracted by illusions of their own powerlessness. By dismissing this case, the judge leaves a legacy which sets a precedent for the surrender of responsibility for free, fair + clean elections at the state and local levels by deferring to the arbitrary decisions of any Speaker of the House of Representatives. Using the judge’s logic, even cases of verified miscounts or election fraud would have no weight once the Speaker invokes his or her customary power of induction.
Tuesday, August 29, 2006 marks the day when every county in Californian lost the certain ability to monitor and manage elections. That function has been out-sourced to Washington, DC. It provides an unfortunate example for the rest of the country regarding the true conduct of elections and election law.
* * *
Cannon here, again. Naturally,
BradBlog has covered this matter like no-one else. Paul Lehto, one of this country's great crusaders for democracy, offered some commentary which deserves further exposure: Courts often try to protect their rulings on appeal, they don't want to suffer the embarrassment of a reversal. So, in the course of making a ruling they will give alternative bases for them. In this case, the court stated that in the alternative it didn't find that the contestant's statements were sufficient or on enough personal knowledge. This is not something the defendants pounded on too much, so it makes it more likely that it is the court trying to put a belt and suspenders on its central ruling to protect it on appeal.
If you reflect on the context of secret vote counting here where information has been systematically denied by Registrar Haas + specifically think about the electronic vote counting itself, it is NOT POSSIBLE for the contestants statements to be based very much or at all upon personal knowledge, given how the vote counting actually occurs with electronic voting and given that the Contestants are neither Diebold employees nor are they employees of the Registrar of Voters. Even if a real whistleblower were a key witness, that would STILL not make the contestants' statements ones made on *personal* knowledge. One could read the ruling as setting up the issue of secret vote counting for appeal, given the difficulty or impossibility of anyone having personal knowledge of facts, as opposed to "information and belief" from other sources, as the court finds lacking.
I would not read too much into the alleged insufficiency of the contestants statements, which were each many pages long. There is, however another aspect of the case which is to say that substantial information was denied to us, so on that level, there could be some insufficiency of pleading things that we still don't know about. But in that case, the Registrar of Voters should not be able to stonewall the information requests + then take advantage of that stonewalling by alleging that the contestants statements are insufficient. In part, we have a problem here of statutes passed with paper ballots in mind being applied to electronic situations.
It is also necessary, to understand the court's ruling, to read it with the briefs and requests of the defendants, which also provide the context and some of the reasons for the posture of the court's ruling. The ruling does not stand totally alone, in that regard, but must be read with the briefs of the parties and the motions of the parties in mind.
One other note, the court's statement that immediately follows this particular sentence appears not to be based on the reading of the case file or the contestants statements, but rather on a reading of some of the more limited press coverage of this issue, since for example the petition specifically alleges ballot definition error and other things that go well beyond the court's statement here: "The Contestants’ Statements and the Election Contest itself allege no more than that there was a possibility of security breaches and hacking of the voting machines used in this election. Such broad, unsubstantiated claims are not enough." There was much more than that + in this regard readers of bradblog would be seriously misled if they took this statement at face value.
Finally, we specifically RAISED the issue of the premature swearing in prior to certification in the opening paragraphs of the Petition for Election Contest, thus raising those facts as part of our contest. We asked the Court to recognize the difference between reviewing the Constitutionality of a premature exercise of an otherwise valid power (something courts often do) and not to see the issue purely as one of jurisdiction, as invited by the defendants to do. The Court, of course, chose to see it as a question of its jurisdiction.
Although we can not peer into the Court's motivations like we can the defendants thanks to their signed briefs, sometimes trial judges send things up to the appellate courts where cases of first impression like this belong, or will inevitably end up, anyway. And: Step One: Take Zogby 92% support for public involvement in vote counting and right to information on vote counting. Take also, belief in democracy and its nature as meaning all political power originates in the people.
Step Two: Take CA 50 realities of outright election termination, election nullification, denial of information regarding elections + assertions of absolute power.
Step Three: Compare and contrast above two items.
Step Four: Realize that there is now, unlike before, very clearcut and open contrasts.
Isn't this what is known as a winning political issue, in the long run?
It seems the only way to really beat the 92% is to help them continually and constantly FORGET that they are the 92%, or to get them to move away from the central core of election rights to watch, rights to know + rights to supervise elections.
Hey, in the legislative branch voting records have to be published SO THE PEOPLE CAN JUDGE their representatives.
In the judicial branch, there are juries SO THE PEOPLE CAN JUDGE guilt and innocence and liability.
In the executive branch which runs elections (concerning voting, the right that protects all other rights) the people ARE NO LONGER NEEDED????
Or, perhaps the prior paragraph is really supposed to end "there is public supervision of vote counting, SO THE PEOPLE CAN JUDGE THE FAIRNESS of elections." To this, I must add that I'm a little concerned by Lehto's comment "Isn't this what is known as a winning political issue, in the long run?" We all recall, or should recall, what John Maynard Keynes said: "In the long run, we are all dead." What is the use of a winning political issue when facing a dysfunctional political system?

.2002 top-500-miljonairs .. John Deuss. Olie. Transworld Oil. 20. E 750.000.000. 0. Teunis van Wettum. Vastgoed. Bank voor de Bouwnijverheid ... MILJONAIRS. Quote-top-500 2002 en De ...

Am kommenden Sonntag, dem 3. September, soll "Smart-1" um 7.40 Uhr morgens mit rund 7200 Kilometern pro Stunde auf dem Mond zerschellen und dabei einen Krater von drei bis zehn Metern Durchmesser schlagen.

Die Gegend des Absturzes wird dann allerdings im Dunkeln liegen. Direkte Spuren des Aufpralls werden nur zu erkennen sein, falls Trümmer höher als 20 Kilometer emporgeschleudert werden. Dann würde das Sonnenlicht sie erreichen.

Mit Teleskopen oder Ferngläsern könnten dann auch die Erdbewohner das Ende von "Smart-1" mitverfolgen - allerdings nur von Amerika und dem Ostpazifik aus.

Über Europa ist der Mond zum Zeitpunkt des Missionsendes nicht zu sehen.
Atomstreit: Iran ignoriert Auflagen des Uno- Sicherheitsrats
Stadt- Stress: Münchner Amseln reagieren lässiger
Flugzeugunglück in Kentucky: Lotse kam nach nur zwei Stunden Schlaf zum Dienst
Vulkanausbruch: Der Ätna spuckt Feuer
Bush- Bashing: Schüler darf den Präsidenten verspotten

31.Aug.2006 Reservisten- Demo gegen Olmert: "Dieser Krieg hatte kein Ziel"

31.Aug.2006 Johann Sebastian Bach: Früheste Handschriften in Weimar entdeckt
Flatrate- Evolution: DSL und Internet via Handy im Paket

31.Aug.2006 Messe für Superreiche: Helikopter- Shopping an der Côte d'Azur

31.Aug.2006 Keine Girokonten für Arme: Banken weisen Kritik zurück
Ratssitzung: EZB belässt Zins bei drei Prozent

31.Aug.2006 Afghanistan: Schwere Gefechte im Süden, Raketen auf Kabul
Libanon- Einsatz: Merkel macht der Marine Mut

31.Aug.2006 Schutzhülle: Ozonschicht bis 2050 wieder intakt

31.Aug.2006 Passagierdaten: Luftfahrtverband warnt vor massenhaft Flugausfällen
Folter- Lesung in Berlin: Hoden aus Stahl
Netzwelt- Ticker: Handy- Daten sind leichte Beute
Banken: Erst kündigen, dann schröpfen
Uno- Ultimatum: Ahmadinedschad will nicht nachgeben
Sonden- Crash: Letzte Schnappschüsse von "Smart- 1"

31.Aug.2006 US- Investor: Nordbank- Deal wühlt Bankenszene auf
Congress Should Define Commercializing the Flag as Desecration, Commercial Alert Says (press release)
If the U.S. Senate approves a constitutional amendment to prohibit flag-burning, Commercial Alert is urging U.S. Senators to define commercializing the flag as a form of desecration of the flag.

The flag-burning amendment (S.J. Res. 12) empowers Congress to define and prohibit 'the physical desecration...
Senator Hillary Clinton: All Show and no Substance - sfux Sibel Edmonds & William Weaver -

Recent surveys measuring public opinion and confidence in congress all arrived at the same conclusion: over seventy % of Americans have lost faith and confidence in the United States Congress.

The public no longer trusts...
USA warnen Teheran vor Konfrontation - sfux AFP -

Das UN-Ultimatum zum Stopp der Urananreicherung an den Iran läuft heute ab + mit jeder Stunde schwindet die Hoffnung auf eine Einigung.

Bundesaußenminister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) warnte Teheran für den Fall des Festhaltens an der umstrittenen Urananreicherung vor den Folgen einer Konfrontation mit der westlichen Welt.

Die USA rechnen damit, dass bereits im September ein Sanktionspaket beschlossen werden könnte.
Steinmeier sagte der "Bild"-Zeitung,...

A Meta-Group Managing Drugs, Violence + the State - sfux 

Dunlop?s Account of the Beaulieu Meeting?s Purpose: The ?Russian 9/11?00.000.1999 / Part IV
Peter Dale Scott - According to Russian sources, one of the alleged purposes of the meeting at the villa ? but...

31.Aug.2006 Fidel bald wieder fidel - sfux Harald Haack ?

In Kuba herrsche absolute Ruhe, wie Raul Castro, der Bruder des kubanischen Revolutionsführers Fidel Castro, jetzt einer syrischen Delegation erklärte. Außerdem, so berichtet die Parteizeitung ?Granma?, erhole sich Fidel ?allmählich und zufrieden stellend?. Raul ist der derzeit amtierende Präsident von Kuba. Fidel Castro hatte ihm, da schwer erkrankt, den Posten übertragen....
A Meta-Group Managing Drugs, Violence + the State - sfux The Meta-Group, BCCI + Adnan Khashoggi / Part III
Peter Dale Scott - A drug meta-group with such broad connections is not unprecedented. As I argue in my other paper to this conference, I see a...

31.Aug.2006 USA: Faschisierung des Staatsapparates - sfux Karl Weiss -

Die Faschisierung des Staatsapparates in den USA schreitet fort. Noch bestehen wesentliche bürgerliche Rechte für die breite Mehrheit der US-Bürger, aber für solche, die willkürlich als ?Terrorverdächtige? bezeichnet werden und solche, die vom FBI unter die Kategorie ?Anarchisten?gesteckt werden ohne irgenwelche Anhaltspunkte, gelten sie schon nicht mehr. Damit ist der Willkür Tür und Tor geöffnet.
Selbstverteidigungsrecht - sfux Karl Weiss -

Das einzige Argument, das im Sinne des Überfalls der israelischen Truppen auf den Libanon, beginnend mit dem 12.Juli, vorgebracht wurde, war, es sei ein Akt der Selbstverteidigung Israels. Sehen wir uns dieses Argument unter den Aspekten des Völkerrechts, des Strafrechts und des gesunden Menschenverstandes an.
Gehen wir einmal davon aus, es sei wirklich so gewesen, wie Israel anfangs...

The photo Sen. George Allen (R-VA) - Nico  doesn’t want you to see.
31.Aug.2006 White House ‘Cuts And Runs’ on ‘Stay the Course’ - Judd  In today’s Washington Post,

the White House complains that its critics use the term “stay the course” to describe President Bush’s strategy in Iraq:

Many Democrats accuse the president of advocating “stay the course” in Iraq, but the White House rejects the phrase and regularly emphasizes that it is adapting tactics to changing circumstances , such as moving more U.S. troops into Baghdad recently after a previous security strategy appeared to fail.

Strategically, we are staying committed to the fact that this is an important mission and one that should be accomplished,” said a senior administration official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Democrats, this adviser said, say “we’re ‘doing the same thing over and over’ when that’s not the case.”

Where did anyone get the idea that the White House supports a “stay the course” strategy?

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, 8/17/06: “[31.Aug.2006 ]ou…cannot be a President in a wartime and not realize that you’ve got to stay the course.”

Snow, 8/16/06: “[T]hat’s why the President is determined to stay the course.”

President Bush, 7/11/06: “As a matter of fact, we will win in Iraq so long as we stay the course.”

Vice President Cheney, 6/6/06: “[W]e have to stay the course.”

People who say the Bush administration wants to “stay the course” in Iraq are not making an accusation, as today’s Washington Post suggests. They are telling the truth.
During an appearance yesterday - Nico  with First Lady Laura Bush, Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) “talked about the war on terrorism, saying a ‘faceless enemy’ of terrorists ‘drive taxi cabs in the daytime and kill at night.’” (HT: Wake-Up Call)
31.Aug.2006 August 31, 2006 - Think Progress 

A crowd of thousands cheered Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson” at a protest of President Bush’s appearance in town yesterday, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. Anderson called Bush a “dishonest, war-mongering, human-rights violating president.”

Gov. Schwarzenegger (R-CA) and Democratic leaders agreed yesterday on the “ most sweeping controls on carbon dioxide emissions in the nation ,” which call for a 25 % reduction in emissions by 2020, “and could establish controls on the largest industrial sectors, including utilities, oil refineries and cement plants.”

As many as one in five members of the armed services are being preyed on by loan centers set up near military bases that can charge cash-strapped military families interest of 400% or more, a new Pentagon report has found.”

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) “will probably be fined” and face other penalties for falsely telling the Tennessee Department of Health he had fulfilled all the requirements that doctors with active licenses must maintain in the state.

In a move to satisfy his “most conservative supporters,” President Bush on Wednesday nominated five “extremely divisive” people as appeals court judges , “including one whom Democrats have threatened to block with a filibuster.”

Violent crime is up for the first six months of 2006, according to statistics shared by 170 local officials. “At the summit, city officials shared stories about their challenges in fighting growing crime, particularly among juveniles, amid cuts in community programs for youths as well as an uneven economic recovery.”

28 %: The drop in the number of white-collar crime prosecutions from five years ago, according to a new analysis of federal data, apparently due to a shift to homeland security cases.

The amount of nicotine in most cigarettes rose an average of almost 10 % from 1998 to 2004, with brands most popular with young people and minorities registering the biggest increases and highest nicotine content.”

And finally: Rochester, Minn., City Council member Pat Carr has apologized for posting anonymous messages on the local newspaper’s Web site , such as, “Pat Carr has done nothing but stand up for the silent majority.” Carr said, “I stand by what I said,” but noted that he didn’t write every one of the self-glorifying posts; “one was written by a friend visiting his office.”
31.Aug.2006 From Hype To Hysteria: Fox News Selling Preemptive War Against Iran - Think Progress 

Tomorrow marks the deadline for Iran to comply with U.N. demands to suspend portions of its nuclear program. Fox is using the opportunity to sell another preemptive war.

Today Fox has aired multiple segments featuring pundits who claim that a U.S. military attack on Iran is both essential and imminent. Fox anchors repeatedly parrot these arguments.

Watch a compilation of clips culled from the last several hours:

Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) said recently that a military strike on Iran would be “disastrous, catastrophic,+ “would inflame the Middle East in ways we can’t imagine today.”

A bipartisan group of national security experts agrees there are no good military options in Iran. Digg It! Full transcript:

FOX ANCHOR: In a Washington Times article, Arnaud de Borchgrave writes, “Odds makers bet sometime before the end of his second term President Bush will order a massive air attack on a wide range of carefully selected targets in Iran, in partnership with Israel + against the advice of many of his advisers.”…
FOX ANCHOR: Some though think a more hawkish approach is in order, suggesting that President Bush should order the military to hit targets in Iran sometime before he leaves office.…
FOX ANCHOR: Do you see that as a possibility?
BILL KRISTOL: It sure is a possibility, Jon. And I think the President would hate to leave office with Iran well on its way to getting nuclear weapons …
GEN. BURTON MOORE: It’s interesting that we’re discussing pre-emptive strike now as we get close to the deadline, which suggests that more + more people, particularly in conservative circles realize Iran’s not going to back down. The U.N. is not going to be able to enforce it and it will be up to the United States, perhaps Britain with some logistics support from perhaps France and of course Israel, will have to carry out a strike before Iran gets too far down the road here. …
FOX ANCHOR: And could the Bush administration prepare to launch a massive air strike against Iran’s nuclear sites? This hour we will talk with one expert who says yes. …
FOX ANCHOR: And I talked to a guest last hour who said military action could be imminent before Bush leaves office. …
FOX ANCHOR: What about a pre-emptive strike on Iran? More and more reports on this now.

31.Aug.2006 Apocalypse not now. - Payson “If you hadn’t heard,” writes

Aditya Dasgupta at Foreign Policy’s blog, “Bernard Lewis - an eminent Princeton academic who is an extremely influential voice in the White House - actually predicted that Iran might try to wipe out Israel on August 22, 2006. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised to see this kind of blind speculation gracing the op-ed pages of the WSJ. And one week after August 22, the prediction seems even more ridiculous.”
31.Aug.2006 Caught Red-Handed: Stevens Blocked Creation of Federal Spending Database - Guest 

Last week, an “unidentified senator” placed a hold on legislation introduced by Sens. Barack Obama (D-IL) and Tom Coburn (R-OK) that would create a easily-accessible Google-like database of all federal spending, which totaled $2.5 trillion last year.

The bill appeared to be headed for passage after being approved unanimously in committee. However, the anonymous senator’s hold on the bill prevented it from coming to a vote.

In response, liberals and conservatives worked together to ask every Senate office whether they had placed a hold on the bill. Of all 100 senators, only Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) would not deny placing the hold. In addition, one of the bill’s leading sponsors, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), said of Stevens, “he’s the only senator blocking it.” Stevens’s opposition to such a bill is not surprising; he is one of the most prolific earmarkers in the Senate:

00.000.2005 Stevens helped slip in legislation to begin construction on the “Bridge to Nowhere,” earmarking over $200 million for a bridge to an island home to 50 people. When an amendment jeopardized funding for the project, Stevens threatened to resign.

Later that year, Stevens tried to insert an amendment into the national defense bill allowing oil drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge. When the Senate struck the provision, Stevens called it “the saddest day of my lifeand has “written offSenate friends who opposed drilling.

This year, Stevens earmarked $450,000 to research baby food made from salmon and over $1 million for “alternative salmon product research.” This is the third year in a row he has appropriated money to research salmon products.

More at TPMmuckraker.
31.Aug.2006 VIDEO: Rumsfeld Compares Iraq War Critics To Hitler Appeasers - Judd 

In a speech to the American Legion yesterday, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld continued his blistering attack on critics of the administration’s Iraq war policy.

Rumsfeld compared critics of his policies to people “in the decades before World War II” who believed Hitler “could be appeased” and “argued that the fascist threat was exaggerated — or that it was someone else’s problem.” People critical of his current efforts, according to Rumsfeld, “have still not learned history’s lessons.”

Rumsfeld added, “any moral or intellectual confusion about who and what is right or wrong can weaken the ability of free societies to persevere.” Watch it:

Read the full text of Rumsfeld’s remarks here. Digg It!
31.Aug.2006 August 30, 2006 - Think Progress 

President Bush will launch another major public-relations offensive to strengthen support for the Iraq warthis time likely emphasizing the high stakes and changing nature of the battle more than the progress being made.” The new series of speeches begins tomorrow at the annual American Legion convention in Utah and will continue through the 9/11 anniversary.

$32.7 million: the average compensation in 2005 of the CEOs of the largest 15 oil companies, according to a new study.

Fox News ratings have plummeted , down 28 % since Aug. 2005.

The new Census figures show “the gap between the richest and poorest Americans widened last year.” “What have been missing,” the New York Times explains, are policies “like strong support for public education, a progressive income tax, affordable health care, a higher minimum wage and other labor protections.”

Former President Jimmy Carter has expressed his willingness to meet with former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami after Iranians indicated their desire for such a meeting. Carter’s spokesman said, “He believes that it is much better to be talking to people who you have problems with than not to + that’s the approach he takes now.”

A day after a U.S. military spokesman said “we are actually seeing progress” in Baghdad, Iraqi police found 27 bodies “in three separate locations” around the city yesterday. “They included 11 bullet-riddled corpses discovered near a school in a Shiite neighborhood of south Baghdad and 13 more dumped behind a Shiite mosque in the west of the city.”

Women are suddenly scarce among Supreme Court justice clerks , accounting for only 7 of the 37 clerkships for the new term. That is “the first time the number has been in the single digits since 1994, when there were 4,000 fewer women among the country’s new law school graduates than there are today.”
Former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage acknowledged he was the
primary source for Robert Novak and Bob Woodward on Valerie Plame’s identity as a CIA officer.

Hospitals in Iraq have become the war’s new “killing fields.” “In growing numbers, sick and wounded Sunnis have been abducted from public hospitals operated by Iraq’s Shiite-run Health Ministry and later killed.”

And finally: Blanco chokes, Wolf doesn’t. “Gov. Blanco of Louisiana chokes while being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on Late Edition. Wolf keeps his cool. Of course he does. He’s Wolf Blitzer.”
31.Aug.2006 Bush Appointee Used Taxpayer Resources For His Personal Horse Racing Operation - Nico 

The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) is the federal agency responsible for all U.S. government international broadcasting, including Voice of America and U.S. broadcasts into countries like Iran and Cuba.

President Bush appointed “staunch conservativeKenneth Tomlinson to the board of the BBG in 2001 + nominated him to serve as Chairman in 2004 2002. Today, a State Dept. inspector general’s report was made public showing that Tomlinson has abused his position and effectively defrauded taxpayers. Among the lowlights, Tomlinson:

used BBG resources to support his personal horse racing operation;

requested the hiring of a personal friend as a contractor without the knowledge of other board members or staff + signed invoices providing almost $250,000 in compensation even though the contractor provided no written reports or other supporting documentation required by the contract;

requested and received compensation that exceeded the maximum allowed by law;

If this story sounds familiar, it is. Tomlinson resigned last year from the board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting after the CPB inspector general found Tomlinson had used “agency money to hire consultants and lobbyists without notifying the agency’s board,” among various other offenses.

Today, Reps. Howard Berman (D-CA) and Tom Lantos (D-CA) and Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-CT) wrote President Bush urging him to immediately remove Tomlinson from his position. (Read the full letter HERE.) Hopefully Tomlinson has the decency to resign first.

Bush_Appointee_Used_Taxpayer_Resources_For_Personal_Horse_Racing_Operation">Digg It!
Fox News Calls In The Experts On Hurricane Katrina: Richard Simmons and Don King - Amanda 

Today on Fox News, Neil Cavuto devoted much of his show’s coverage to the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. To give the real picture of what’s going on, Cavuto brought in two “experts” on back-to-back segments — exercise guru Richard Simmons and boxing promoter Don King:
31.Aug.2006 Sinister Plan to Divide Iraq
Hassan Tahsin One of the most unrealistic statements made by US President George Bush in recent times is that he is worried about the lack of progress in Iraq. In his statement in the Pentagon meeting on Aug. 15, Bush also expressed disappointment at the Iraqi people?s lack of understanding of the American "sacrifices" in terms of man and material for their sake. However the most serious point made by Bush at the meeting was, according to a White House statement, his rejection of the ! idea of Iraq?s division as a solution to end the violence. This meeting was not, apparently, held to express the US president?s worries over the Iraqi people?s plight. It was, presumably, to chalk out a method to extricate the US from the Iraqi quagmire. At the same time the US also wanted to guarantee the implementation of its secret scheme to divide the Arab world into small petty states that could be easily brought to obedience in order to protect the US and Israeli interests forever. Those familiar with the American behavior in recent times could view the White House statement only as a preliminary step on the road to Iraq?s division into three states ? Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish. This division would also pave the US road to Iran and Syria...

Apocalypse Now or Pack of Lies?*
UK Airport Terror Plot
Felicity Arbuthnot** On September 11, 2001, when Prime Minister Blair announced, in the wake of the disaster of the Twin Towers ? apparently without discussing Britain's stance with his Cabinet and with no debate in Parliament ? that Britain stood "shoulder to shoulder" with the United States, the refrain on the street, on the bus, among friends was broadly "thanks a bunch, Tony, we are all targets now." Inspite of the outpouring of sympathy for innocent! lives lost, people were mindful of possible reasons, such as the 21 countries attacked or destabilized by America since 1945.

Yet when London's bombings of July 7, 2005, took place, grief and sadness were accompanied by huge doses of cynicism.

The Lobby and the Israeli Invasion of Lebanon:
Their Facts and Ours
James Petras, All the national, state and local Jewish organizations have launched a $300 million fundraising + propaganda campaign in support of the 21 Jewish civilians + 116 soldiers killed during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon (but not the 18 Israeli Arabs who were excluded from Jews-only bomb shelters). As adjuncts of the Israeli foreign office not a single one of the 52 organizations which make up The P! residents of the Major Jewish Organizations in the US voiced a single public criticism of Israel?s massive destruction of civilian homes, hospitals, offices, supermarkets, refugee convoys and churches and mosques + the deliberate killing of civilians, UN peacekeepers and rescue workers with precision bombing. On the contrary the entire Jewish lobby echoed in precise detail the Israeli lies that the Lebanese deaths were caused by the Lebanese resistance?s "use of human shields," despite the total devastation of the heavily populated southern suburbs of Beirut, completely out of range of any Hezbollah rockets. The magnitude of the Jewish Lobby?s cover-up of Israel?s massive military assault can be measured in great detail...

If You Get Your News From the Corporate Media: Just Shut Up and Listen!!!
Advice to the Uninformed From TvNewsLIES
TvNewsLIES ...YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING IN IRAQ! You don?t know that the war in Iraq is getting less media coverage than any other conflict in American history. You only know that the invasion of Iraq is supposedly part of a greater War on Terror. The connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda was a lie, but you still believe the claim. The insurgency is made up largely of Iraqis who op! pose an invasion of their country, but they are constantly referred to as terrorists. No one tells you where the billions upon billions of your war dollars have gone; the Bush administration certainly has not rebuilt the country they bombed to smithereens. You don?t know what is happening because US reporters are not free to leave the safety of the Green Zone and they rely on official military reports for their information. You hear what the Pentagon chooses to tell you. You hear that progress is being made, despite the ongoing, daily, non-stop death and mayhem and carnage. You just don?t know...

Free Speech or Censorship?
Project for the Old American Century blog This story could end up being pivotal in terms of both free speech and censorship issues. The US government arrested and charged Javed Iqbal - an American businessman originally from Pakistan - for providing customers in New York with broadcasts from Al Manar (a "Hizbullah" television station in Lebanon). According to the prosecutor (Stephen A Miller), "The charge lurking in the background is material support for terrorism." Mr. Stephens said he! did not know of any other cases of people "accused of breaking US law by offering access to news outlets via satellite dish." Mr Iqbal was arrested under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act ("IEEPA") (pdf) as Al Manar was listed as a terrorist organization in March 2006. Al Manar was bombed by Israel on June 12, 2006. Al Manar is one of the 10 most watched Arab stations...

The Assault on Iraqi Agriculture --- U.S. Agribusiness Targets the Fertile Crescent
Daniel Stone ...In 1991, the U.S. deliberately bombed Iraq's civilian infrastructure of water purification and electrical plants + then prevented Iraq from rebuilding same by imposing sanctions (more accurately a "military blockade" - an act of war). In both 1991 and 2003, "US bombing raids targeted cattle feed lots, poultry farms, fertilizer warehouses, pumping stations, irrigation systems, fuel depots and pesticide factories ! ---the very infrastructure of Iraqi agriculture." It will take years to restore these operations under good conditions. Under the U.S.-driven sanctions' rubric of "dual use," the most common and necessary materials were blocked from entering Iraq. For instance, some parts for irrigation systems were banned, thus preventing the repair and use of irrigation...

Iraqi hospitals are war?s new ?killing fields'
Medical sites targeted by Shiite militiamen
Amit R. Paley ...In Baghdad these days, not even the hospitals are safe. In growing numbers, sick and wounded Sunnis have been abducted from public hospitals operated by Iraq's Shiite-run Health Ministry and later killed, according to patients, families of victims, doctors and government officials. As a result, more and more Iraqis are avoiding hospitals, making it even harder to preserve life in a city where dea! th is seemingly everywhere. Gunshot victims are now being treated by nurses in makeshift emergency rooms set up in homes. Women giving birth are smuggled out of Baghdad and into clinics in safer provinces. In most cases, family members and hospital workers said, the motive for the abductions appeared to be nothing more than religious affiliation. Because public hospitals here are controlled by Shiites, the killings have raised questions about whether hospital staff have allowed Shiite death squads into their facilities to slaughter Sunni Arabs (...) According to patients and families of victims, the primary group kidnapping Sunnis from hospitals is the Mahdi Army, a militia controlled by anti-American Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr that has infiltrated the Iraqi security forces and several government ministries...

Doing the Wrong Thing in Afghanistan: Depleted Uranium: The Definitive Moral Paradox
Michael Clarke It is Canada Day evening + I can barely hear the whistles, booms and bangs of the fireworks. It sounds a bit like distant bombs exploding, reminding me of the incredible moral paradox our federal government's aggressive military role in Afghanistan has created for all Canadians. Our government, military, newspapers, television and radio media are efficiently dispersing the official sound bytes: "our troops in Af! ghanistan have the moral authority"; "Canada is doing the right thing"; "it's a noble mission"; and, "we are just spreading freedom and democracy". But, they are not telling us that there is something else we are spreading around Afghanistan that any truly moral person would instinctively consider immoral and evil...

Iraqi forces strike truce with Shiite militia after battles kill at least 80
Daily Star staff Iraqi forces struck a truce Tuesday with Shiite militia fighters after violent clashes in a town south of Baghdad left at least 80 dead since Monday (...) The deal with the Shiite militias came as a string of sectarian attacks killed at least 10 and a pipeline exploded near Diwaniyya, incinerating at least 36 civilians as they looted fuel. And Iraqi police found the bodies of 24 people who had apparently been tortured an! d shot before being dumped at two locations in Baghdad, police said. "We reached a settlement with Mehdi Army forces to end the confrontation," town councilor Sheikh Ghanim Abid said, as shops in Diwaniyya reopened and water and electricity supplies were turned back on. Saheb al-Ameri, the head of cleric Moqtada Sadr's office in Najaf, said Diwaniyya's governor met the cleric on Monday to negotiate an end to the battle, which he blamed on the "personal behavior" of some Mehdi Army members...

Today in Iraq U.S. soldier killed by roadside bomb southeast of Baghdad late Saturday. Marine killed on Friday in Anbar is identified as Cpl. Jordan C. Pierson, 21, of Milford, Connecticut. Bomb in a minibus in central Baghdad kills 9, injures 16. Bomb in a marketplace in Baghdad northern suburb al-Khalis kills six, wounds more than 12. Car bomb attack on Iraqi government-run newspaper in Baghdad kills one, injures 30, according to one report, kills two, wounds 20 accor! ding to another, kills 2, wounds 25 according to AFP. Al-Sabah, or "The Morning," newspaper is part of the government-run Iraqi Media Net group, which includes Iraqiya Television channel. 20 bodies found around Baghdad, shot in head and showing signs of torture...

Israeli Apartheid
Segregation, Control and the Creation of Bantustans in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).
Owen Powell The question of Israel as an apartheid state has received increasing attention over the last years as Israel has continued colonial expansion in the West Bank while simultaneously attempting to diverge itself from the Palestinians. The purpose of this article is to highlight the growing systemization of apartheid in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) with particular r! eference to Israel's policy of unilateral disengagement. The need for this debate is highlighted by the effective outcomes of disengagement which has already resulted in the segregation of Palestinian communities and delineation of exclusive Jewish space by means of the segregation barrier. Furthermore the creation of Palestinian enclaves or ghettos in the OPT bears a striking resemblance to the South African policies during the apartheid era which sought the establishment Bantustans as a means to facilitate segregation and to secure privileges for an ethnic minority...

Why Israel Creates a Humanitarian Disaster in Palestine
James Marc Leas Palestine is suffering a manmade disaster stemming from a sequence of US backed Israeli actions: military occupation, the wall, the embargo + now the military invasion. Israel's pretext for these actions has been suicide bombers, captured Israeli soldiers + rockets fired at Israeli towns. The real purpose appears to be weaken, humiliate + force out the civilian population so Israel can take over the rest of their land. Back in 2003 a! UN report stated that "a humanitarian catastrophe" was already building in the occupied Palestinian territories "as a result of extremely harsh military measures that the occupying Israeli military forces have imposed in response to the outbreak of the second intifada in September 2000."...

More Sunni-Shiite clashes are reported in Baghdad
Nancy A. Youssef and Mark Brunswick, McClatchy Newspapers Armed groups of Sunni and Shiite Muslims battled Tuesday for control of several neighborhoods in southwest Baghdad, residents of those areas reported. It was another sign that security is deteriorating in the capital and that Iraq may be moving closer to a full-fledged civil war. Fighting between armed groups of Shiites and Sunnis isn't uncommon in Baghdad, but the extent of Tuesday's fighting was unprecede! nted (...) There was no official version of the fighting in al Ray, Shurta Rabiyah, Ghuratan and Suwaib, which are predominantly Sunni neighborhoods. Residents said an effort by supporters of militant Shiite cleric Muqtada al Sadr to seize control of the areas had triggered the fighting. A Sadr spokesman, while acknowledging battles, said no Sadr supporters were involved...

Media Disinformation on 911: Anatomy of a Hatchet Job: CBC Radio?s ?The Current? and Scholars for 9/11 Truth
Prof. Michael Keefer, ...That?s much what happened in 2003 and since to the corporate media?s narratives about Saddam Hussein?s fearsome weapons of mass destruction, about the supposed reluctance of Bush and Blair to go to war in Iraq + their supposedly pure and democratic motives when they did. That?s much what?s happening now to the claims advanced by Israel to legitimize its renewed! aggressions against the Palestinians and Lebanese (Hizbollah?s "kidnapping" of two Israeli soldiers rather loses its steam as a casus belli once people learn about Israel?s prior provocations?and about the fact that all the early Israeli statements and press reports identified the soldiers as having been on Lebanese soil when they were captured). It?s happening as well to two somewhat more complex stories that have, until recently, been managing to sustain themselves in the corporate media. One of these is the story that George W. Bush actually won the 2004 presidential election + hence has some right to the office he continues to occupy. The other is the no less fraudulent story that the terrorist crimes of September 11, 2001 were perpetrated by a gang of Islamist fanatics led by a bearded Saudi in an Afghan cave?rather than being organized (and subsequently covered up) by civilian and military officials at the highest levels of the Bush regime...

America Is Losing Iraq: Is Anybody Watching?
Danny Schechter, ...Iraq has been reduced to a litany of bloody incidents and body counts. For many, it is both boring and hard to follow + so they tune out. Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds, terrorists, insurgents, private militias...whatever happened to 'us' and 'them?' No wonder that when the JonBenet Ramsey story resurfaced the TV channels flocked to it like flies to a flame. When I worked for network TV, we had a term for stories we lost interest in. We ! would say, "Been there, done that!" In the nation's newsrooms, the triage has begun -- with Iraq sounding more and more like something that happened long ago. Get ready for more History Channel specials and somber retrospectives that help us to believe that we can be forgiven for thinking of the Iraq War in the past-tense. Besides, covering Iraq is so dangerous. Few reporters want to take so many risks for so little "face time" on TV. And there are hardly any " positive" stories to report -- even though the conservative media keep beating the bushes for them...

Israel is a terrorocracy, not a democracy
Khalid Amayreh, One of the most enduring myths about Israel is the often-made claim that it is a democracy. The big lie is marketed effectively in many Western countries where Zionist-controlled or Zionist-influenced media has a definitive stranglehold on public opinion. consequently, the "veracity" of the myth is taken for granted by many politicians, journalists, intellectuals and ordinary people + is used as a ready-made weapon against Israel?s c! ritics.

The truth of the matter, however, is that Israel is not a real democracy but rather a nefarious religious- ethnic terrorist regime that heavily employs state-terror as official policy...

The Big Lie About 'Islamic Fascism'
Eric Margolis The latest big lie unveiled by Washington?s neoconservatives are the poisonous terms, "Islamo-Fascists" and "Islamic Fascists." They are the new, hot buzzwords among America?s far right and Christian fundamentalists. President George W. Bush made a point last week of using "Islamofacists" when recently speaking of Hezbullah and Hamas ? both, by the way, democratically elected parties. A Canadian government minister from the Conservative Party compared Lebanon?s He! zbullah to Nazi Germany. The term "Islamofascist" is utterly without meaning, but packed with emotional explosives. It is a propaganda creation worthy Dr. Goebbels + the latest expression of the big lie technique being used by neocons in Washington?s propaganda war against its enemies in the Muslim World. This ugly term was probably first coined in Israel ? as was the other hugely successful propaganda term, "terrorism" ? to dehumanize + demonize opponents and deny them any rational political motivation, hence removing any need to deal with their grievances + demands...

Today's 'Islamic fascists' were yesterday's friends
Brendan O'Neill ...In a nutshell, the wars over state, territory + politics that defined the Cold War era have given way to cosmic battles between "good" and "evil" - between a West apparently keen to defend secular, democratic values and its twisted opponents who prefer the idea of autocratic Islam. This simplistic view of the new geopolitical landscape is deeply problematic. It overlooks the key role that the West played in nurturing radical Islamist groups! , precisely as a means of isolating and undermining secular movements that were judged by Western governments to be too uppity or dangerous. Over the past 80 years and more - from Egypt to Afghanistan to Palestine - powerful governments in the West and their allies in the Middle East helped to create radical Islamic sects as a bulwark against secular nationalist parties or pan-Arabism. They gave the nod to + in some instances funded and armed, Islamist movements that might challenge the claims of local anti-colonial, liberationist, or communistic outfits...

Johann Hari. "Who Is This Guy?"
Stalin?s nephews in our democracy fiction
Gabriele Zamparini, The cat's dream Johann Hari, the "award-winning journalist" , the "twice-weekly columnist for The Independent, one of Britain's leading newspapers" and "the youngest person to ever be nominated for the prestigious Orwell Prize for political writing" wrote on 25 August 2006 "An intriguing example of blatant anti-Semitism and blindness to it by some on the left" where he accused me of anti-Semitis! m not for something I did, said or wrote but for a comment someone else left on my blog. Accusations of "anti-Semitism" have become in these days like patriotism: usually used as the refuge of the scoundrel. In spite of the ludicrous writing of Johann Hari, this topic is quite important and it?s the subject of two interesting books by Norman G. Finkelstein: The Holocaust Industry and Beyond Chutzpah,

On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History ...

Battle highlights splits in Iraq's Shi'ite south
Reuters A battle between militiamen and Iraqi troops that left dozens dead highlighted deep fractures among Shi'ite parties united in the Baghdad coalition government but warring for influence over the oil-rich Shi'ite south (...)
At the heart of the fighting in Diwaniya, a provincial capital in the fertile Middle Euphrates plain, appear to have been fighters from the Mehdi Army militia, even though senior political officials close to its clerical leader Moqtada al-Sadr denied involvement in a battle that killed at least 20 soldiers. Sadr's movement, popular among poor and long-oppressed Shi'ites for charity work modelled on Lebanon's Iranian-backed Hizbollah, is one of a handful of major Shi'ite parties grouped in the United Alliance, which dominates parliament and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's U.S.-backed national unity government...

GI Special 4H29: Cornered Rat - August 29, 2006
Thomas F. Barton Rumsfeld Caught Telling More Stupid Lies:
Meets With Families Of Soldiers Held In Iraq Against Their Will;
Press Shut Out, But Soldiers Wife Tapes And Spreads It;
"A 'Death Watch? For Soldiers"
... Asked why reporters would not be permitted to cover his meeting with the family members, Rumsfeld at first replied, "I don't have any idea. I haven't addressed the subject." Later he said he makes it a practice to make all family meetings private ...
The Men Who Knew Too Much?
Brad Friedman
NSA Wiretapping Whistleblowers Found Dead in Italy and Greece

Adamo Bove and Costas Tsalikidis: Both uncovered a secret bugging system and both met untimely ends.
Was That Just A Coincidence? And Who Made Your Cell Phone?
Is someone murdering people who know too much about NSA wiretapping overseas?
Two whistleblowers — one in Italy, one in Greece — uncovered a secret bugging system installed in cell phones around the world. Both met with untimely ends.

The resultant scandals have received little press in the United States, despite the profound implications for American critics of the Bush administration.
new articles on APFN -

22.Aug.2006 NSA Wiretapping Whistleblowers Found DeadBrad Friedman

22.Aug.2006 26 USC 104 Ruled UnconstitituonalConstitution Society

22.Aug.2006 Audio: Tom Horn on TransgenicsNew World Exposure radio

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22.Aug.2006 Plans moving forward to create a North American UnionAmerican Policy Center

22.Aug.2006 Our Tyrannus, Treasonous, Traitorous, Treacherous US SenateEd Ward, MD

22.Aug.2006 Richard Armitage outed CIA operative Valerie PlameValerie Plame

22.Aug.2006 Re: Richard Armitage outed CIA operative Valerie PlamePatricia Johnson-Holm



22.Aug.2006 One million homeschooled childrenMCAC

22.Aug.2006 The Corporation illuminates the corporation's grip on our"Radio Your Way"

22.Aug.2006 Then and Now images of KatrinaWWL 870 AM

22.Aug.2006 ...No Blood for Oil.....Armed Madhouse...."The Charles Goyette Show"


22.Aug.2006 Killawog, New York 13794: Site of the Last Judgment?Stephen M. St. John



22.Aug.2006 Bush just doens't get it!Keystone State,

30.Aug.2006 Bush just doesn't get it!Keystone State,

30.Aug.2006 More Heneghen DISINFO Ads by Mary!!Larry Lawson,

31.Aug.2006 Did you know....?

1. 80% of all votes in America are counted by only two companies:

Diebold + ES&S. ... ...

2. There is no federal agency with regulatory authority or oversight of t...
The Painful Lessons Of Hurricane Katrina - Paul Joseph Watson - Government can't, won't protect you Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | August 31 2006 One year after Hurricane...
31.Aug.2006 NIST To Probe Whether WTC 7 Downed By Bombs - Paul Joseph Watson- Forced to issue response to 9/11 truth movement questions on official website Paul Joseph Watson/Prison
31.Aug.2006 Dallas Storm: The Bilderberg Experience - Paul Joseph Watson -Here is the special footage that DallasStorm attendees saw this past weekend plus some added material of Alex Jones and
31.Aug.2006 LBJ Night Before JFK Assassination: "Those SOB's Will Never Embarras - Paul Joseph Watson - Me Again" Outside the debate of magic bullets, multiple shooters and grassy knoll
31.Aug.2006 Lowest common legal denominator - Jeff Jarvis 
The New York Times tried to block UK readers from its detailed story about evidence in the London airplane bomb plot so as not to run afoul of British laws restricting such pretrial coverage.

But The Guardian reports that it wasn’t — it couldn’t be — 100 % effective ...
Housing by the Numbers - Ritholtz 
What a difference a year makes:Housing by the numbers Housing Stat Year Over Year Change Builders’ sentiment -52.2% New-home sales -21.6% Purchase-mortgage applications -20.9% Building permits -20.8% Housing starts -13.3% Existing-home sales -11.2% Existing-home inventories +39.9% New-home ...

31.Aug.2006 Startup Uses Military Tech to Fix Low Res Video - Michael Arrington 
Motion DSP is creating a simple web based interface that will significantly enhance low resolution camera phone video into surprisingly high quality stuff.

00.000.1998 It started off as a U.S. military funded project at UC Santa Cruz. In January 2005, Professor Peyman Milanfar, the primary researcher ...
Katrina Fiasco Continues. Somehow Methodist Church Gets Hold of $66 Million. Spends Some on Admin, Apparently Banks the Rest. - John C Dvorak 
This is just more bad news.

31.Aug.2006 Officials Reach California Deal to Cut Emissions The agreement imposes the most sweeping controls on carbon dioxide emissions in the nation.
31.Aug.2006 Keith Olbermann Delivers One Hell Of a Commentary on Rumsfeld
Olbermann delivered this commentary with fire and passion while highlighting how Rumsfeld’s comments echoes other times in our world’s history when anyone who questioned the administration was coined as a traitor, unpatriotic, communist or any other colorful term. Luckily we pulled out ...

31.Aug.2006 Clueless N.Y. Times Openly Censors online article to British Web readers - John C Dvorak All the News that's fit to censor.
31.Aug.2006 Sen. Stevens is 'the secret senator'
CNN has confirmed that Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, has placed a hold on a bill that would require the government to publish online a database of federal spending. "He does have a hold on the bill," Stevens' spokesperson Aaron Saunders told CNN. "At the time he placed the hold he ...

31.Aug.2006 SAT scores dip as students take revised version
The average score of students going into colleges this year in the critical reading and math portions of the enlarged SAT examination they took showed the steepest dip in 31 years, according to a report by the College Board, the test's owner.

31.Aug.2006 Power station protesters arrested Twenty-eight campaigners are arrested during a "mass day of action" at Britain's largest coal-fired power station.
31.Aug.2006 Iran defiant on nuclear deadline Iran says it will not yield to Western pressure, as a UN deadline for it to stop sensitive nuclear work expires.
31.Aug.2006 Armed man in British Embassy An armed man is in the compound of the British embassy in Tel Aviv, the Foreign Office confirms.
31.Aug.2006 Outrage at Zimbabwe bugging plan Zimbabweans express anger at proposed legislation to monitor telephone calls and internet use.
31.Aug.2006 Labour 'has alienated key voters' Labour has alienated key supporters which brought it to power, says ex-Home Secretary Charles Clarke.
31.Aug.2006 Glitch hits university admissions Thousands of university applications are thought to have been delayed by computer problems.
31.Aug.2006 Supernova captured in 'real time' Astronomers say they have captured a stellar explosion - or supernova - unfolding in real time.
31.Aug.2006 EU promises help with migrants The European Commission says it will do more to help EU member states handle large flows of migrants.
31.Aug.2006 UN condemns Israel bombs The UN humanitarian chief condemns Israel's heavy use of cluster bombs in the final days of the Lebanon conflict.
31.Aug.2006 Muslim Miss England attacks PM The country's first Muslim Miss England criticises Tony Blair for comments to Muslims after the 7 July attacks.
31.Aug.2006 Anger 'harms lung function' Anger can damage lung function, according to research.
31.Aug.2006 John Pilger: Return Of People Power The Lebanese resistance, armed and unarmed, is from the same wellspring as other movements throughout the world. Each has learned to put aside its sectarian differences in the face of a common enemy - rampant empire and its proxies.
31.Aug.2006 Why Are We In Iraq? We are in Iraq because of empire. We have armed forces in Iraq because of error. We have empire because we have a runaway state.
31.Aug.2006 The Five Morons Revisited When the neocons launched the Bush administration’s invasions of Afghanistan + Iraq + announced plans for invading Syria + Iran, I labeled Bush + Cheney + Rumsfeld + Wolfowitz + Rice “the five Morons.” With the passage of time I see that I over-estimated their mental capabilities.
31.Aug.2006 Rummy’s Reverie: “The Media made me lose the War”No offense, Mr. Secretary, but you’re losing the goddamn war + you’re blaming it on some fictitious Islamic media which only exists in your fevered imagination.”
31.Aug.2006 The Lobby and the Israeli Invasion of Lebanon: Their Facts and Ours
The Jewish Lobby does work ‘day in and day out’ to make sure that Israel can ethnically cleanse Palestine, drop 5-ton bombs on Lebanese apartment buildings, bulldoze villages + isolate the US from even its closest allies at the expense of the US taxpayers, our democratic ideals and our sovereignty.

And the American Jewish Committee has the chutzpah (arrogance) to say that it is ‘our mutually beneficial link’. Now that is a bit of political dishonesty!
Corporate Globalization and Middle East Terrorism
It is ironic that the people who think they are the freest are the most controlled people on earth.

It is equally odd that those who think they are part of the greatest democracy the world has ever known do not participate in a democracy at all; nor do they recognize one when they see it.

These facts attest to how thoroughly the American people have been propagandized by the corporate media.
Today's 'Islamic fascists' were yesterday's friends
From the Muslim Brotherhood to Hamas: how the West and its allies created a layer of anti-secular radical Islamism.

31.Aug.2006 The Big Lie About 'Islamic Fascism'
The term "Islamofascist" is utterly without meaning, but packed with emotional explosives.

It is a propaganda creation worthy Dr. Goebbles + the latest expression of the big lie technique being used by neocons in Washington’s propaganda war against its enemies in the Muslim World.
Bigotry and Ignorance of Islam
President George Bush's ignorance of the Middle East and its people is well-known. So also is his habit of parroting words and sentences given to him by other people.

He hit a new low when he referred to "Islamic fascists."
Israeli Apartheid
The creation of Palestinian enclaves or ghettos in the OPT bears a striking resemblance to the South African policies during the apartheid era which sought the establishment Bantustans as a means to facilitate segregation + to secure privileges for an ethnic minority

31.Aug.2006 Two scholars say pro-Israel lobby has warped U.S. policy
John Mearsheimer, a University of Chicago political science professor + Stephen Walt, a professor of international relations at Harvard University's Kennedy School, said the U.S. government's unstinting support for Israel's recent war in Lebanon once again placed the agenda of what they call the Israel lobby ahead of U.S. strategic interests.

31.Aug.2006 Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy
Two international affairs experts discussed pro-Israel lobbying and its influence on U.S. attitudes toward the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Topics included Israel and international law, U.S. neutrality, defining terrorism + $3 billion per year U.S. aid to Israel.

31.Aug.2006 AIPAC, the Religious Right and American foreign policy
Nobody can understand what's going on politically in the United States without being aware that a political coalition of major pro-Likud groups, pro-Israel neoconservative intellectuals and Christian Zionists is exerting a tremendously powerful influence on the American government and its policies.

31.Aug.2006 Bush Seeks Retroactive Laws to Protect Himself from War Crimes Prosecution
Today the US and its last remaining non-coerced ally, Israel, are almost universally regarded as the bad guys over whom John Wayne would triumph.

Today the US + Israel are seen throughout the world as war criminal states
Reclaiming The Issues: Islamic Or Republican Fascism?
In the years since George W. Bush first used

11.Sep.2001 as his own "Reichstag fire" to gut the Constitution and enhance the power + wealth of his corporate cronies, many across the political spectrum have accused him + his Republican support group of being fascists. 31.Aug.2006 Blogosphere unmasks the 'secret senator' Blog: reports that Alaska's Ted "Secret Senator" Stevens--aka the funny, old, "Internet is a series of tubes" guy in ""The Daily...
31.Aug.2006 Will fiber optics replace the lightbulb? They distribute data and can separate cells from each other. But can they adequately light a room? Photos: Fiber optics lighting the way
31.Aug.2006 Time to Rake a Little Muck
The former vice president turns his gaze, at least momentarily, from melting ice caps to the state of the American media. These are troubled times for the Fourth Estate + here's why. Commentary by Tony Long.

31.Aug.2006 Web   Ergebnisse 1 - 10 von ungefähr 34 für "Harvard's Shame" . ( 0,40 Sekunden) 

Harvard's Shame Harvard's Shame . comment | posted May 3, 2001 (May 21, 2001 issue). Harvard's Shame . Benjamin L. McKean.

Letters Why are people surprised that Harvard is not acting in a socially just fashion [Benjamin L. McKean, " Harvard's Shame ," May 21]? ...
'Just World News' by Helena Cobban: Harvard's shame (and Chicago's) Harvard's shame (+ Chicago's). Posted by Helena Cobban at

24.Mar.2006 08:48 AM. So it is indeed true. Harvard has indeed "removed its logo" from the ...

'Just World News' by Helena Cobban: Comment on Harvard's shame ... -: Harvard's shame (+ Chicago's). Kalb's credentials here:.

Out of curiosity Helena in what subject did .
Harvard's Shame The USA cannot seem to forget Vietnam. Robert McNamara's long overdue mea culpa has once again ripped open the rawest of wounds ...

Cover Story The Continuing Legacy of Vietnam. Harvard's Shame · `In Retrospect': Where's the Apology? Reopening, Not Healing, Old Wounds.

Harvard's Shame.(wages at Harvard University)(Brief Article ... ' Harvard's Shame .(wages at Harvard University)(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included) from Nation, The in News & Society provided by LookSmart Find .

Coeducation Collection, Series 3: Clippings and Other Published ... + " Harvard's Shame ",

1974 Nov. 4 - Nov. 6. Courant [Hartford] "Decision at Amherst Applauded by Students", 1974 Nov. 24. Folder 15 Nov. ... /

Harvard's Shame Harvard's Shame . By BENJAMIN L. MCKEAN, in The Nation. Cambridge, Massachusetts -- When fifty of us dashed into Massachusetts Hall on April 18, ...

The Nation - May 2001 - HighBeam Research Harvard's Shame .(wages at Harvard University)(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included) · PROGRESSIVE HEALTHCARE IDEAS.(Brief Article)(Statistical Data ...

09.May 2001 Harvard, students end sit-in with plan to form panel


The Boston Herald

Both sides declared victory yesterday as Harvard University + students protesting workers' wages ended their 21-day impasse with an agreement to form a joint committee to review the issue. The 29 students who occupied administration offices for three weeks were greeted with cheers from hundreds of students, union leaders and professors as well as the gratitude of Harvard's janitor s and dining hall workers. "I think I speak for everyone when I say, it's beautiful out here," said protester Stephen Smith, 21, emerging into spring weather for the first time since April 19. "For a long time we were the forgotten workers in America. But not any more," said Harvard janitor Consuelo Tizon. "Thanks to you, all the world understands the story of the living wage at Harvard University." AFL-CIO Massachusetts President Robert Hanes said, "You should be proud of yourselves. You are the moral conscience of this university and for that, we salute you. There is a great moral irony here in Harvard Yard when the students are doing the teaching." The agreement calls for a committee of 11 professors, one administrator, one dean, four students and three workers to make recommendations on pay raises and health-care benefits. Protesters, citing Harvard's $ 19 billion endowment, demanded that wages now as low as $ 6.50 an hour be raised to a minimum of $ 10.25. Their campaign drew support from politicians and alumni. Harvard President Neil Rudenstine said in a statement, "As a socially responsible institution, Harvard is committed to employment practices that reflect a humane and principled concern for the well-being of all individuals who work here . . . I also believe that reasoned deliberation, by a faculty-led committee that gathers objective information . . . is the appropriate way for a university to address such matters." Harvard spokesman Joseph Wrinn said the agreement leaves final authority with the administration, rather than ceding to protesters' wage demands. "Each side can find something to look at as a victory or an adherence to a previous position," Wrinn said. He added that some students could face disciplinary action for occupying Massachusetts Hall and for any academic failures during the three-week protest. .."

31.Aug.2006 Calling Bluff on String Theory It was supposed to reconcile atoms with space-time. Now, Lee Smolin wants to unravel the unifying approach. By
31.Aug.2006 A Robot That Walks Like a Gorilla Our three-part series on cheap, plastic robots concludes with the Robotikits Jungle Robot, a stump of voice-activated plastic and metal that resembles an encephalitic R2-D2.
31.Aug.2006 Star Burst Caught in Real Time A NASA satellite catches the action as a massive star smashes to smithereens. It open up a whole new universe to astronomers.
31.Aug.2006 Radio Shack E-Fires 400 workers - samzenpus 188 KingSkippus writes

"You've got mail! ...and no job! The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that RadioShack has notified 400 workers by e-mail that they are being laid off. The e-mails state, "The work force reduction notification is currently in progress. Unfortunately your position is one that has been eliminated." Nothing says thank you for your years of service to our company quite like an e-boot out the door."
Cell Phone Secrets Die Hard - samzenpus 106 duplo1 writes

"According to an article on CNN, "Selling your old phone once you upgrade to a fancier model can be like handing over your diaries. All sorts of sensitive information pile[s] up inside our cell phones + deleting it may be more difficult than you think." It seems that corporate security policies need to extend their disposal standards to mobile devices; but what is there to educate consumers regarding such a potential breach of privacy?"
SMART Probe to Crash Into the Moon - ScuttleMonkey 133 cyberbian writes

"Amateur astronomers will be excited to note that they can witness the impact of the SMART-1 probe crashing into the moon. The impact is scheduled for the morning of September 2nd (PDT). From the article: 'There's nothing wrong with the spacecraft, which is wrapping up a successful 3-year mission to the Moon. SMART-1's main job was to test a European-built ion engine. It worked beautifully, propelling the craft in 2003 on a unique spiral path from Earth to the Moon. From lunar orbit, SMART-1 took thousands of high-resolution pictures and made mineral maps of the Moon's terrain. One of its most important discoveries was a "Peak of Eternal Light," a mountaintop near the Moon's north pole in constant, year-round sunlight. Peaks of Eternal Light are prime real estate for solar-powered Moon bases."
31.Aug.2006 The 4 other game markets they identified are Social Gamers, Leisure Gamers, Dormant Gamers, Incidental Gamers. If you are wondering what those categories mean, the article gives descriptions of what each segment is. A surprising result from the survey is the importance of social gaming; video games are often considered a solitary activity, but Parks Associates' findings indicate a significant portion of the market views gaming as a social activity."
Bloggers 1, Smoke-Filled Room 0 - kdawson 326 MarkusQ writes

"A few days ago a bi-partisan bill (PDF) to create a searchable on-line database of government contracts, grants, insurance, loans, financial assistance, earmarks and other such pork was put on 'secret hold' using a procedure that does not appear to be mentioned in the Constitution or in the Senate bylaws. This raised the ire of bloggers left and right and started an all out bi-partisan effort to expose the culprit by process of elimination. As it turns out it was our old friend the right honorable Senator from Alaska, Mr. 'Series of Tubes', Ted 'Bridge to Nowhere' Stevens."
Possession of Violent Pornography Outlawed in UK - ScuttleMonkey 595 An anonymous reader writes

"The BBC is reporting that possession of violent pornography is now punishable by three years in prison. This decision was handed down in response to a campaign waged by a grieving mother who lost her daughter to someone obsessed with violent pornography." From the article: "Shaun Gabb, director of the anti-censorship organization the Libertarian Alliance, said: 'If you are criminalizing possession then you are giving police inquisitorial powers to come into your house and see what you've got, now we didn't have this in the past.'"
Single-Celled Species' Genome As Complex As Ours? - kdawson 227 An anonymous reader writes:

"A new paper reports on the sequencing and analysis of the genome of a single-celled species known as Tetrahymena thermophila. This ciliate (like the Paramecium people look at in school) has some 27,000 genes, or nearly as many as humans. And despite existing as a single cell, this spcies encodes fantastic complexity and unusual features. For example, it has a primitive immune system that prevents the invasion of foreign DNA. Also, it is able to cordon off its germ cell lineage much as humans do with sperm and eggs. But Tetrahymena does this by having two nuclei within each cell, with one of the nuclei being held in reserve for sex. Basically, this species uses its genome complexity to function like a single celled chameleon, changing its shape and its properties in response to the changing environment. For example, when a new nutrient shows up in its neighborhood this species can build a kit to suck the nutrient in, degrade it + turn it into cellular biomass quickly. Thus whereas humans use their genomic complexity in part to create a stable environment for the body, this species simply uses a genomic swiss army kit to make do with whatever environment it encounters."
Misconceptions About the GPL - ScuttleMonkey 371 lisah writes

"Misconceptions about the widely used GNU General Public License (GPL) continue to plague the free software user community and, according to the ITManagersJournal, 'the confusion is frequently based on misreadings, rumors, secondhand accounts + what is convenient to believe.' In order to clarify some of the more common misunderstandings about the GPL, Bruce Byfield consulted with three experts: attorney Richard Fontana, one of the main drafters of the third version of the license; Harald Welte of the GPL-Violations project; and David Turner who is assisting with revisions of the license. Together, they help clarify the distributor's role in providing source code to customers, whether GPL is viral or unenforceable + why some misunderstandings are really rooted in varied interpretations of the law." ITMJ and Slashdot are both owned by OSTG.
The Future of Human-Computer Interaction - ScuttleMonkey 25+ ChelleChelle writes

"Starting with the Xerox Alto and the Star, ACM Queue briefly covers the history of human-computer interaction from past to present. It doesn't stop there, however. Using a hypothetical situation involving context-awareness in cellphones, the author lays out his thoughts on the future of HCI, offering opinions, advice + examples."
The Light Bulb That Can Change the World - ScuttleMonkey 683+ An anonymous reader

FastCompany is reporting on the latest and greatest version of the compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL). While CFLs of the past may have been efficient, they certainly were not effective. However, according to the article, CFLs have come as far as cell phones have since the mid 80s while still maintaining that high efficiency. From the article: "if every one of 110 million American households bought just one [CFL], took it home + screwed it in the place of an ordinary 60-watt bulb, the energy saved would be enough to power a city of 1.5 million people. One bulb swapped out, enough electricity saved to power all the homes in Delaware and Rhode Island. In terms of oil not burned, or greenhouse gases not exhausted into the atmosphere, one bulb is equivalent to taking 1.3 million cars off the roads."
RadioShack: You've got pink slip Blog: For RadioShack, apparently the best way to deal with employees is not face to face. The electronics retailer giant this week thought...
31.Aug.2006 A lone voice, thousands listen Blog: A former Lockheed Martin engineer has taken to YouTube to air charges of corruption in a military contract he apparently worked...
31.Aug.2006 Nokia taps Sourcefire to secure corporate networks Nokia security appliances will run Sourcefire's Intrusion Prevention System to offer businesses enhanced network security.
31.Aug.2006 Journalists give $30,000 to defend jailed vlogger Blog: The Society of Professional Journalists board of directors voted 23-0 at a conference last week to award a record $30,000 grant...

24.Dec.2001 Harvard-Janitors/12_24_bg.html">Harvard now sees the error of its wages in The Boston Globe

22.Dec.2001 Harvard-Janitors/12_22_nyt.html">A Fairer Sort of Harvard in The New York Times

20.Dec.2001 Harvard-Janitors/12_20_wsj.html">Harvard Gets A Labor Lesson in The Wall Street Journal

20.Dec.2001 Harvard-Janitors/12_20_ppg.html">Pay raise for Harvard workers in The Pittsburg Post-Gazette
Harvard-Janitors/12_20_us.html">Panel supports raises for Harvard workers in USA TODAY
Harvard-Janitors/12_20_mjs.html">Harvard panel asks raises for workers in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Harvard-Janitors/12_19_bg.html">Harvard Study Urges Pay Hike For Poorest Workers in The Boston Globe
Harvard-Janitors/12_19_ap3.html">Harvard commission recommends pay hikes for low-wage workers, but rejects living wage by The Associated Press
Harvard-Janitors/12_19_wp.html">Report Blasts Harvard Pay Scale; Lower-Wage Workers Can't Afford Necessities, Panel Says in The Washington Post
Harvard-Janitors/12_19_ap2.html">Harvard students get what they want, but ask for more by The Associated Press
Harvard-Janitors/12_19_nyt.html">Panel Asks Raise for Low-Pay Harvard Workers in The New York Times
Harvard-Janitors/12_19_ap.html">Panel: Low-paid Harvard unions deserve raises by The Associated Press
Harvard-Janitors/12_18_bh.html">Harvard has opportunity to close big gap in The Boston Herald
Harvard-Janitors/12_17_lat.html">Alumni Say Harvard Is Stingy With Workers in The Los Angeles Times
Harvard-Janitors/12_17_bh.html">Harvard alumni report blasts wages; University effort follows by days in The Boston Herald
Harvard-Janitors/12_17_ap.html">Alumni group criticizes Harvard treatment of low-wage workers by The Associated Press
Harvard-Janitors/harvmag.pdf">Ways and Means: Harvard's Wage Debate in Harvard Magazine
Harvard-Janitors/10_24_wp.html">Pay for custodians and security guards at Harvard University lags behind inflation in The Washington Post
Harvard-Janitors/10_23_ap.html">Study: Harvard custodians are making less by The Associated Press
Harvard-Janitors/10_23_bg.html">Harvard Custodians are Making Less, Study Finds in The Boston Globe
Harvard-Janitors/08_31_ap.html">Battle lines shift in fight for living wages by The Associated Press
Harvard-Janitors/08_03_che.html">How Much Should Colleges Pay Their Janitors? in The Chronicle of Higher Education
Harvard-Janitors/07_05_nyt.html">Battle Over Living Wage Heats Up in The New York Times
Harvard-Janitors/07_02_tn.html">Joe Hill Goes to Harvard in The Nation
Harvard-Janitors/06_24_bg.html">The case for higher numbers in The Boston Globe
Harvard-Janitors/06_24_nyt.html">Harvard's Hoard in The New York Times
Harvard-Janitors/06_11_itt.html">Students and workers gain ground in Harvard living wage campaign in In These Times
Harvard-Janitors/06_10_nyt.html">The Moral Compass On Campus in The New York Times
Harvard-Janitors/06_05_nyt.html">Students Reprimanded For Protest in Tne New York Times
Harvard-Janitors/06_04_ap.html">Four protesters in workers' wages sit-in reprimanded by law school by the Associated Press
00.May 2001-00.Jun.2001
Harvard-Janitors/05-06_lf.html">Fair Harvard? in Linguafranca
31.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_31_jp.html">University professors take up cause of menial workers on campus in The Jerusalem Post
30.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_30_prospect.html">Awakening The Giant: How the Living Wage Movement Can Revive Progressive Politics in The American Prospect (online)
29.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_29_tg.html">Rebels with a cause in The Guardian
28.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_28_bw.html">What Exactly Is A "Living Wage"? in Business Week
25.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_25_che.html">Sit-Ins Over Staff Wages Have Different Outcomes at Harvard + University of Connecticut in The Chronicle of Higher Education
21.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_21_tn.html">Harvard's Shame in The Nation
19.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_19_bg.html">Employees, Harvard Reach Agreement in The Boston Globe
18.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_18_maariv.html">David and Goliath in Cambridge, Massachusetts in Maariv
18.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_18_ap.html">Harvard dining hall workers approve contract that puts most above "living wage" by the Associated press
13.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_13_nyt.html">Allow Us to Demonstrate: Student Protest Comes of Age in The New York Times
12.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_12_ar.html">Stingy Harvard Stiffing Workers in The Arizona Republic
10.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_10_ft.html">Harvard students end sit-in after deal with union in The Financial Times
09.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_09_wp.html">Harvard Ends 3-Week Sit-In in The Washington Post
09.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_09_reut.html">Harvard OKs Talks; Students End Sit-In by Reuters
09.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_09_ppg.html">Wage sit-in at Harvard ends in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
09.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_09_nyt.html">Harvard Sit-In Over Pay Ends With Deal to Re-examine Policies" in The New York Times
09.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_09_mst.html">Harvard students end wage sit-in in The Minneapolis Star Tribune
09.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_09_bh.html">Harvard, students end sit-in with plan to form panel in The Boston Herald
09.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_09_bg2.html">To Cheers, Harvard Wage Sit-In Ends in The Boston Globe
09.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_09_bg.html">Harvard Works It Out in The Boston Globe
09.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_09_ap.html">Harvard, students reach labor sit-in settlement by the Associated Press
08.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_08_sdut.html">Students give old college try for 'living-wage' in The San Diego Union Tribune
08.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_08_bg2.html">Harvard, Students To Review Wage Plan in The Boston Globe
08.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_08_bg.html">Labor Influence Key In Harvard Sit-In in The Boston Globe
07.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_07_msnbc.html">Leading the fight for a ‘living wage’ on MSNBC (online)
07.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_07_csm.html">Harvard, do the right thing in The Christian Science Monitor
07.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_07_ajc.html">Harvard students showing compassion in The Atlanta Journal and Constitution
06.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_06_lat.html">At Harvard, Living Wage Meets the Ivy League in The Los Angeles Times
06.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_06_ap.html">Sen. Kerry lends support to Harvard protest by the Associated Press
05.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_05_wp.html">Harvard Sit-In For 'Living Wage' Divides Campus in The Washington Post
05.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_05_ap2.html">Harvard workers say they're grateful for protests by the Associated Press
05.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_05_ap.html">Harvard officials seek silence as books and megaphones clash by the Associated Press
04.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_04_prospect.html">The Democrats Have a Lot to Learn From the Harvard Students' Living Wage Campaign in The American Prospect (online)
04.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_04_nyt.html">Graduates Protest Harvard Wages in The New York Times
04.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_04_lat.html">Harvard Dining Hall Staff OKs a Strike in The Los Angeles Times
04.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_04_bg.html">Custodians At Harvard Show Unity In Protest in The Boston Globe
03.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_03_nyt.html">Harvard's Heroes in The New York Times
03.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_03_lat.html">Student Sit-In Tests Harvard's Labor Policies + Patience in The Los Angeles Times
03.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_03_bh.html">Students, workers stage protest in The Boston Herald
03.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_03_bg.html">A Life Of Its Own in The Boston Globe
03.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_03_ap.html">Harvard workers say they're grateful - though sometimes quietly by the Associated Press
02.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_02_bg.html">To Yes At Harvard in The Boston Globe
01.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_01_bh.html">Parents join chief of AFL-CIO in support of Harvard sit-in in The Boston Herald
01.May 2001
Harvard-Janitors/05_01_bg.html">Labor Chief Buoys Protestors - Sweeny, Yancey Back Harvard Sit-In in The Boston Globe
Harvard-Janitors/04_30_tp2.html">Inside The Harvard Sit-In: A Daughter's Report at
Harvard-Janitors/04_30_tp.html">Harvard To Workers: Let Them Eat Culture at
Harvard-Janitors/04_30_nyt.html">Disparities At Harvard in The New York Times
Harvard-Janitors/04_30_cnn.html">Harvard students protest workers' wages at
Harvard-Janitors/04_30_ap.html">Labor leader joins Harvard living wage protest by the Associated Press
Harvard-Janitors/04_29_bg.html">Protestors, Harvard Volley Over Wages in The Boston Globe
Harvard-Janitors/04_28_bg.html">Harvard Warns Protestors of Academic Discipline in The Boston Globe
Harvard-Janitors/04_26_nyt.html">At colleges, as elsewhere, employers' prosperity lifts workers' expectations in The New York Times
Harvard-Janitors/04_26_ft.html">Harvard students defiant in wage protest Harvard-Janitors/04_26_bh2.html"> in The Financial Times
Harvard-Janitors/04_26_bh3.html">Harvard's brightest minds put spotlight on hypocrisy in The Boston Herald
Harvard-Janitors/04_26_bh2.html">Workers join students at Harvard demonstration in The Boston Herald
Harvard-Janitors/04_26_bh.html">Students win labor backing for sit-in over worker pay in The Boston Herald
Harvard-Janitors/04_25_reut.html">Harvard students demand pay rise for workers by Reuters
Harvard-Janitors/04_25_nyt.html">Protesters Blooming in Harvard Yard in The New York Times
Harvard-Janitors/04_25_ap.html">Harvard protest moves into second week by the Associated Press
Harvard-Janitors/04_24_tnr.html">Good Wage Hunting in The New Republic (online)
Harvard-Janitors/04_24_csm.html">Harvard sit-in asks for a 'living wage' in The Christian Science Monitor
Harvard-Janitors/04_24_bg2.html">Harvard Protestors Ask Moral Questions in The Boston Globe
Harvard-Janitors/04_24_bg.html">Council Urges Harvard Wage Action in The Boston Globe
Harvard-Janitors/04_24_ap.html">Kennedy, Rudenstine discuss protest by the Associated Press
Harvard-Janitors/04_23_bg.html">Sit-In Turns Into Live-In Over Wages At Harvard in The Boston Globe
Harvard-Janitors/04_22_bh.html">Harvard protesters say cause mirrors Quebec's in The Boston Herald
Harvard-Janitors/04_21_ap.html">Harvard students turn up pressure in fourth day of living wage protest by the Associated Press
Harvard-Janitors/04_20_ap.html">AFL-CIO, Sen. Kennedy endorse living wage protest at Harvard by the Associated Press
Harvard-Janitors/04_19_bg.html">Harvard Students Stage Sit-In Say They'll Remain Until Campus Staff Are Given Raises in The Boston Globe
Harvard-Janitors/04_19_tn.html">Upping the living wage ante at Harvard in The Nation (online)
Harvard-Janitors/04_18_ap.html">Harvard students stage protest to demand raise for employees by the Associated Press
Business as Usual on Living Wage in The Crimson
Bad Jobs at Harvard in The Crimson
Harvard-Janitors/article.aspx-ref=103653.htm">Parents for a Living Wage in The Crimson
When Parents Protest in The Crimson
PSLM Protest Draws Heavy Media Attention in The Crimson
Harvard-Janitors/ap4.html">Students Greet Summers with Protest by the Associated Press
Harvard-Janitors/index.htm">11.Mar.2001 Press Conference + Protest -NECN TV News coverage of
Harvard-Janitors/ap3.html">Former Treasury Secretary Summers accepts appointment to be Harvard's 27th president by the Associated Press
Harvard-Janitors/reuters1.html">Harvard's New Head to Be Ex-Cabinet Member Summers by Reuters
PSLM Protests Search Process in The Crimson
Banner-Waving Parents Barred from Lewis Speech in The Crimson
A (More) Silent Struggle in The Crimson
Living Wage Protestors Give Rudenstine a Valentine in The Crimson
A Lesson For Protestors in The Crimson January


19.Dec.2000 PSLM Crashes Rudenstine's Mass. Hall Christmas Party in The Crimson
First Annual Worker Appreciation Day held by Undergraduates in The Crimson
Mock Pageant Held to Criticize Labor Practices in The Crimson
Mock Pageant Held to Criticize Labor Practices: Rudenstine Made Specific Target of Attack in The Crimson
PSLM Fights for Labor Posters in Science Center in The Crimson
Rudenstine Speaks of Move to Allston, Living Wage in The Crimson
Living Wage Advocates May Target Harvard Corp. in Future Protests in The Crimson
The Untouchables in The Crimson
Splintered Partnerships: Harvard, Cambridge Spar Publicly in The Crimson
Stymied by Secrecy in The Crimson
Harvard's New Dining Halls Work- But Are the Workers Happy? in The Crimson
The Living Wage Fight in The Crimson
University Negotiator for Unions to Resign in The Crimson
24.May 2000
City Official Says President Failed to Develop Relations in The Crimson
22.May 2000
Rudenstine Timeline in The Crimson
14.May 2000
Harvard-Janitors/globe2.html">Subject of Workplace Fairness Has Harvard Playing Dunce in The Boston Globe
08.May 2000
Affleck, Damon Join Campaign for Living Wage in The Crimson
08.May 2000
What the Committee Forgot in The Crimson
08.May 2000
Good Will Rally in The Crimson
07.May 2000
Harvard-Janitors/nyt1.html">At Rally for Low-Paid Workers, Protestors Reject Harvard Plan in The New York Times
06.May 2000
Harvard-Janitors/ap1.html">Damon, Affleck Back Minimum Wage Fight at Harvard by the Associated Press
06.May 2000
Harvard-Janitors/ap2.html">Actors Seek Harvard Wage Hike by the Associated Press
Harvard-Janitors/index.htm">06.May 2000 Rally -NECN TV News Coverage of-
06.May 2000
Affleck, Damon Speak at Living Wage Rally in The Crimson
05.May 2000
Dope Will Hunting in The Crimson
05.May 2000
PSLM Argues Benefit Increases Not Enough in The Crimson
04.May 2000
Harvard-Janitors/globe1.html">Harvard Report Rejects Living Wage Activists' Pay Recommendations in The Boston Globe
04.May 2000
Harvard-Janitors/herald1.html">Harvard Counters Wage Plan in The Boston Herald
04.May 2000
Report Calls for Dramatic Increase in Health Benefits, Job Training in The Crimson
03.May 2000
Wage Campaign Will Not Hinder Harvard Growth in The Crimson
02.May 2000
Labor Task Force to Release Wage Report on Thurs. in The Crimson
01.May 2000
PSLM Defies HUPD, Occupies Byerly Hall for Six Hours in The Crimson
01.May 2000
PSLM Protestors Use New Tactics in Occupation in The Crimson
Showdown at University Hall in The Crimson
The Numbers Tell a Grim Story in The Crimson
City Leaders Join Students in Living Wage Rally: Councillors threaten Harvard development in The Crimson
Administrators Fear Sit-Ins, Call for Extra Security in The Crimson
High Time for a Living Wage in The Crimson
Councilors Angered by Harvard Wage Stance in The Crimson
Hillel Council Endorses Living Wage Campaign in The Crimson
Labor Activists Stage Three Teach-Ins in The Crimson
New Report Assesses Living Wage in The Crimson


21.Dec.1999 PSLM's Public Rallies Force University to Take Notice in The Crimson
Nothing But Hollow Excuses in The Crimson
Two Hundred Rally For Living Wage in The Crimson
Labor Activists Win Disclosure, Wage Increase in The Crimson
Janitors and PSLM Members Rally for Higher Wages in The Crimson
A Tale of Two Campaigns in The Crimson
Denying Wages and Outsourcing Blame in The Crimson
KSG Students Endorse Living Wage Campaign in The Crimson
Mayor Advocates Wage Increase in The Crimson
Sharing the Wealth in The Crimson
Changing the Guard in The Crimson
University, Union Ink New Labor Deal in The Crimson
After Rally, Activism Down But Not Out in The Crimson
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University, HUCTW Issue Joint Statement in The Crimson
Graduates Protest Greenspan Speech in The Crimson
Have Pity on the Working Man in The Crimson
Student Activists Plan to Interrupt Alan Greenspan in The Crimson
Today's Activists Burdened by Legacy in The Crimson
Raising Awareness in The Crimson
Activists Rouse a Dormant University in The Crimson
Sweatshop Movement, Living Wage Campaign Forge Different Paths to Success in The Crimson
19.May 1999
Jumping on the Wagon in The Crimson
12.May 1999
Area Politicians, Faculty Join Wage Protest in The Crimson
10.May 1999
Harvard Faculty Sign Living Wage Petition in The Crimson
04.May 1999
Council Approves Living Wage Ordinance in The Crimson
03.May 1999
Students Rally for Guards' Wages in The Crimson
03.May 1999
Labor Groups Pursue Two Plans of Action in The Crimson
Little Progress on Living Wage in The Crimson
Guards' Union Files Complaint With Fed. Government in The Crimson
A Closer Look at Employment Policies in The Crimson
Harvard-Janitors/adhoccommittee.html">Ad Hoc Committee on Employment Policies Appointed in The Harvard University Gazette
Living Wage Campaign Meets Provost in The Crimson
Harvard-Janitors/032999campus-activism.html">Activism Surges at Campuses Nationwide + Labor Is at Issue in The New York Times
Harvard Wages Disgraceful in The Crimson
Guards Demonstrate for Higher Wages in The Crimson
Realities Make Living Wage Campaign's Claims More Credible in The Crimson
Harvard-Janitors/employpol.html">Ad Hoc Committee to Review Employment Policies in The Harvard University Gazette
New Faculty Task Force to Study Wages in The Crimson
The Realities of Guarding Harvard in The Crimson
Cambridge Urges University to Pay Living Wage in The Crimson
Mansfield's Remarks Belittle Legitimate Concerns in The Crimson
Underpaid at Harvard in Perspective
Activists Benefit from Cooperation in The Crimson
Activists Plan a Breather in Wake of Rally in The Crimson
When the Dust Settles in The Crimson
The Active Voice: Living with a Harvard Wage in The Crimson
Hundreds at Rally Call for Labor Reform, Rape Resources in The Crimson
United in Protest-- The Crimson endorses the Harvard Living Wage Campaign
Students Ready to Surround University Hall in The Crimson
Snowstorm, Labor Protest Greet Juniors' Parents in The Crimson
A Thousand Caged Birds, an opinion piece in The Crimson
Living Wage for Workers Backed by Council in The Crimson
Epps to Meet 'Living Wage Protestors' in The Crimson
Students Rally Support of Workers in
The Crimson

Während Experten davor warnen, sich dem aggressiven Delfin zu nähern, haben manche schon ihr Interesse an einem Tauchgang mit Jean bekundet.

Die Fachleute wollen den wild gewordenen Flipper nun mit Lärm vertreiben. Akustische Signale werden schon eingesetzt, um Delfine von Thunfischnetzen fern zu halten.
Geiselnahme in Berlin: Russische Familie zahlt eine Million

31.Aug.2006 Enttäuschung am Arbeitsmarkt: Arbeitslosenzahl sinkt nur leicht
Brenzlige Situation: Pilot sperrt sich aus Cockpit aus
Mexiko: "John" peitscht die Pazifikküste entlang

31.Aug.2006 Thailand: Mehr als 20 Bomben explodieren vor Banken
Pflegeversicherung: Drastische Kürzungen für Heimbewohner?

31.Aug.2006 Nahost: "Gaza ist eine Zeitbombe"

31.Aug.2006 TV- Panne: CNN sendet während Bush- Rede live aus dem Klo
Libanon: Uno- Koordinator nennt Israels Kriegsführung unmoralisch

31.Aug.2006 Treibhausgase: Schwarzenegger macht auf Grün

31.Aug.2006 Ultimatum: USA und Deutschland drohen Iran mit Strafen
31.Aug.2006 PR Impact on Society This paper will address how Public Relation (PROPAGANDA) has come to impact society + my opinion on how feel PR has impacted society .
31.Aug.2006 ... need to discount the APPEARANCES as reported by even wholly otherwise reliable bystanders, as those APPEARANCES are the frame up for the TRICK.

Chefermittler Patrick Fitzgerald klagte Libby im Oktober 2005 wegen Meineids und Behinderung der Justiz an. Das Urteil steht noch aus.

Das Magazin Newsweek hatte diese Woche bereits Auszüge eines neuen Buches von Michael Isikoff und David Corn über die Affäre gedruckt. Darin heißt es, Armitage habe seine Rolle als "Leaker" erst realisiert, als Novak in einer weiteren Kolumne schrieb, er habe seine Informationen über Plame nicht von einem "politischen Revolverhelden".

Armitage habe das Justizministerium rasch über seinen Verdacht informiert und mehrere Gespräche mit dem FBI gehabt. Die Autoren des Buches zitieren auch den ehemaligen FBI-Chef Carl Ford Jr., dem Armitage gestanden habe: "Ich bin vielleicht der Mann, der das alles losgetreten hat". Der Vizeaußenminister habe bedauert, einem Journalisten versehentlich zu viel erzählt zu haben. agö
National Review Trashes BuzzFlash for Honoring Keith Olbermann. It's a Badge of Honor, Indeed. But, You Know What, They Have Big Right Wing Money Behind Them. We Need YOUR Support.
Yes, It's Absolutely True. Bush Loves to Play "Fart" Pranks in the Oval Office, So BuzzFlash is Honoring Him with a Special Doll that Befits His Indignity.

31.Aug.2006 Most of mainstream media's television and print news are proving that Eric Boehlert was exceptionally accurate when he titled his book "Lapdogs." One rare exception is Keith Olbermann. That is Why He is This Week's BuzzFlash "Wings of Justice Award" Winner.

31.Aug.2006 Bush's Gruesome Debacle: Iraqi hospitals are war?s new ?killing fields?
Dispatch from the BuzzFlash Department of Reality: Bombings across Iraq kill at least 39 8/30
From Hype To Hysteria: Fox News Selling Preemptive War Against Iran 8/31

31.Aug.2006 The Drug-Scrambled Brain of Pig Boy on the Loose: ?The Government Is Killing the Poor?With Too Much Food.? 8/31
Interesting Insight Into a Recent Clash Between the Iraqi Army and the Shiite Militia 8/31

31.Aug.2006 In democracy big shots sometimes lose, Senator Lieberman - The Last Chance Democracy Cafe by Steven C. Day
Brent Budowsky: The CIA Leak Case: On Bob Novak, The Washington Post + the Winds of War 8/30


Evolution der Menschenaffen beeinflusst?

Der Anthropologe hat in seiner Arbeit nun 669 Primatenknochen untersucht, die er unter 16 Nestern von Kronenadlern im Tai-Nationalpark in der Elfenbeinküste gefunden hatte.

Das für McGraw erstaunliche Resultat war, dass ein Drittel der Knochen von größeren, bis zu elf Kilogramm schweren Affen stammte - die meisten wohl von Mangaben.
Nahostkonflikt: Annas und Abbas fordern Palästinenserstaat
Bootsflüchtlinge: Spanien bittet um Hilfe

31.Aug.2006 Entlassener Guantanamo- Häftling: Murat Kurnaz redet nicht über die Haft
"Jean Floch": Wild gewordener Delfin wütet an Frankreichs Küste
Libanon: Siniora lehnt Frieden mit Israel ab
CIA- Affäre: "Leaker" outet sich
CIA- Affäre: "Leaker" outet sich
Klimawandel: Ernte in der Gletscherbucht
New York: Ganzes Stadtviertel steht zum Verkauf

31.Aug.2006 Atomstreit: Iran nimmt Urananreicherung wieder auf

31.Aug.2006 Sektenführer Warren Jeffs: Das Ende eines polygamen Despoten
Nach Waffen- SS- Geständnis: Grass will auf Brückepreis verzichten
Schädel- Vergleich: Riesige Raubvögel jagten Vormenschen
30.Aug.2006 And, never ever forget. Permalink
30.Aug.2006 For an eye-opening memorial that exposes yet another Bush contribution to the disaster, watch Greg Palast's short documentary on how the evacuation planning got outsourced to a private company. It's most excellent + it will really tick you off.
And to explore the real implications of
private outsourcing (read: profit ), don't miss Naomi Klein's take-down of the trend in the latest issue of The Nation . Here also is a list she made a year ago of the privatizing plans for NOLA problems drawn up by the House Republican Study Committee (less than one month after landfall; they wasted no time, but oodles of moolah).


Im Weißen Haus hofft man, dass bei den Kongresswahlen im November noch einmal die Angstkarte sticht. Wie zuletzt bei Bushs Wiederwahl 2004 gilt: "It's terrorism, stupid." Die Welt wird immer gefährlicher, die Demokraten immer pazifistischer, lautet ihre Botschaft. Eine Niederlage Liebermans, gibt Bush-Vize Dick Cheney schon den Ton vor, helfe nur den "al-Qaida-Typen, die hoffen, dass wir die Nerven verlieren."
"Ist der Präsident ein Idiot?", fragte gerade eine von dem ehemaligen republikanischen Kongressabgeordneten John Scarborough moderierte populäre Talkshow.

Selbst in der eigenen Partei ist Bushs Zauber verflogen
Eine mächtige Allianz aus Bloggern und Internet-Aktivisten, die entschlossen ist, die Demokraten auf strikten Anti-Kriegs-Kurs und den Abzug der US-Truppen zu verpflichten, brachte Lieberman Anfang August bei den parteiinternen Vorwahlen zu Fall. Als Kandidat der Demokraten für die Wahl in den Senat wurde ein Geschäftsmann namens Ned Lamont gewählt.

Sogar gegen parteiinterne Forderungen, ganz aus dem Rennen auszusteigen, muss sich der ehemalige Bürgermeister von Derby inzwischen wehren. Und Schuld an allem, sagt Schlesinger, ist das Weiße Haus: "Sie haben den Wahlkampf hier gekidnappt."

AP Präsident Bush: Zweifel an Intellekt und Kompetenz
Da hat er sogar Recht, der Bann des eigenen Kandidaten geschieht mit ausdrücklicher Billigung von ganz oben. Dann auch Präsident George W. Bush setzt auf den Erfolg des demokratischen Senators Joseph Lieberman, obwohl der doch zumindest pro forma als politischer Gegner gelten muss.

Lieberman ist demokratisches Urgestein, 2000 war er im Wahlkampf von Al Gore Kandidat für das Amt des Vizepräsidenten, ein echter Parteipromi. Wie die meisten Demokraten votierte er für den Irak-Krieg - aber er ist einer der Wenigen, der sich bis heute offen zu dieser Entscheidung bekennt: "Es war richtig."

Was passiert also, wenn man Kohlendioxid in die Tiefsee pumpt? Pläne, das Klima erwärmende Treibhausgas einfach im Meer zu versenken, gibt es seit Jahren. "Niemand kennt die Konsequenzen dieses CO2-Disposal", sagt die Meereswissenschaftlerin Boetius. Sie und ihre Kollegen wollten nicht urteilen, ob dieses Verfahren gut oder schlecht ist. "Wir wollen nur darauf hinweisen, dass mit steigendem CO2-Gehalt am Meeresgrund weniger Mikroben da unten leben."

"Warum soll das Meer zur Endlagerstätte werden?"

Gut 50 Meter von dem Kohlendioxid-See entfernt geht es nämlich viel lebhafter zu, erzählt Boetius. Da gebe es Schlote und Krebse. "Warum also sollen die Ozeane unsere Autoabgase aufnehmen? Warum sollen sie zur Endlagerstätte für Industrieabfälle werden", fragt sich Onno Groß von Deepwave.

Indes gibt es auf der ganzen Welt Projekte, Kohlendioxid unter die Meere zu bringen, wie eine Datenbank des "IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme" zeigt. Das Programm wurde 1991 nach einem Abkommen der Internationalen Energieagentur (IEA) gegründet, um sich dafür zu engagieren, den Ausstoß an Treibhausgasen in die Atmosphäre zu reduzieren. Mitglieder sind Deutschland und 16 weitere Nationen, die Europäische Kommission, die Opec und Sponsoren aus der Industrie, darunter Shell, RWE und e-on.
30.Aug.2006 Republikaner- Wahlkampf: Angst soll Bush zum Sieg verhelfen
Strom- und Gaspreise: Breite Front gegen Energieanbieter
Urheberrecht abgelaufen: Google stellt Tausende Bücher ins Netz

30.Aug.2006 Religion und Terror: Als der Turban seine Unschuld verlor
Sri Lanka: Regierung für Massaker verantwortlich

30.Aug.2006 30 Jahre Mitbestimmung: Die Mitbestimmung bleibt, aber nicht ohne Reform

30.Aug.2006 Streit mit Zentralrat: Regierung verteidigt Wieczorek- Zeul gegen Antisemitismus- Vorwürfe
Köln: Mann trägt Handgranaten spazieren
Volkszählung in Deutschland: Früher pfui, heute hui!
Kohlendioxid: Tödliche Tristesse in der Tiefsee
Quasseln im Flug: Ryanair ermöglicht Handy- Nutzung
USA: Rumsfeld warnt vor Terror- Appeasement
VW- Werk in Brasilien: 12.000 Arbeiter streiken
Stau im Weltall: Russland verschiebt "Sojus"START

So etwas hat es noch nie gegeben in Spaniens Netz-Geschichte.

Mehr als 400.000 Websites waren zwei Stunden lang nicht zu erreichen, ersten Erkenntnissen zufolge wegen eines Software-Fehlers im Server des staatlichen spanischen Betreibers ESNIC.

Adressen, die mit dem Länderkennzeichen ".es" enden, waren nicht zu erreichen.

Presseberichten zufolge verschwanden Internetseiten von Banken oder Zeitungen ebenso Webmail-Accounts und spanische Foren.

Verzweifelte Kunden riefen in Scharen bei öffentlichen Einrichtungen und Banken an, während in nicht betroffenen Internetforen über das historische "Verschwinden" Spaniens aus dem Netz diskutiert wurde.
Bush's Gruesome Debacle: Iraqi hospitals are war?s new ?killing fields?

30.Aug.2006 Yes, It's Absolultely True. Bush Loves to Play "Fart" Pranks in the Oval Office, So BuzzFlash is Honoring Him with a Special Doll that Befits His Indignity.
Most of mainstream media's television and print news are proving that Eric Boehlert was exceptionally accurate when he titled his book "Lapdogs." One rare exception is Keith Olbermann. That is Why He is This Week's BuzzFlash "Wings of Justice Award" Winner.

30.Aug.2006 Dispatch from the BuzzFlash Department of Reality: Bombings across Iraq kill at least 39 8/30
Maureen's Dowd Nails It: "Somebody needs to corner the defense chief and explain that it?s not that we don?t want to fight terrorism, it?s that we want to do it efficiently and effectively. Why is it necessary to scare the country, make false connections between an ill-conceived war and fighting terror + demonize critics with outrageously careless historical references to Hitler and fascism? W. needs to restore the soul, not merely of the Big Easy, but of the White House." 8/30
Signed Copies of The Architect: Karl Rove and the Master Plan for Absolute Power. The Must-Read Sequel to "Bush's Brain" for Those Who Want to More More About Karl's Twisted Psyche and Demented Genius.
Dispatch from the BuzzFlash Department of Reality: Worst Afghan fighting since 2001 8/30

30.Aug.2006 Put Rumsfeld in a Hospice for the Demented Already, With an Armed Guard to Keep Him From Doing Continuing Harm to the Public. 8/30
Bush is Talking About All Kinds of Fascism Except His Own 8/30
Dispatch from the BuzzFlash Department of Reality: The US military on Tuesdsay announced the deaths of four US soldiers, bringing to 12 the number of troops that have died over three days. 8/30

30.Aug.2006 Lift blockade, Annan tells Israel Lebanese suffering 'humiliation'· Israeli PM sidesteps question US accused of bid to oust Chávez

30.Aug.2006 US government accused of funding opposition groups.
30.Aug.2006 Bush admits New Orleans failures

30.Aug.2006 George Bush acknowledges that his government's response to the devastating storm was woefully inadequate.
30.Aug.2006 Prosecutor says she should be 'held accountable'

30.Aug.2006 JonBenet murder case prosecutor admits that she should be held accountable for mistakes made in botched investigation.
Six killed in protests over UK mining firm in Bangladesh

30.Aug.2006 Bangladesh faces a nationwide strike following fatal shootings of six people protesting against an open-cast coal mine.
30.Aug.2006 Fugitive Mormon leader's reign of fear ended by traffic violation

30.Aug.2006 Head of polygamous sect caught near Las Vegas · Charges of forcing underage girls to marry

30.Aug.2006 King's treasures on show in Dresden The extraordinary collection of objects of Augustus the Strong goes on display for the first time since the second world war.

30.Aug.2006 Turkish police step up security Turkey tightens security throughout its tourist areas as Kurdish group threatens 'hell'.

30.Aug.2006 Italian women's claim to name Italy's male lawmakers will face demands from their female colleagues for a change in the family law.

30.Aug.2006 Ahmadinejad condemns UN and challenges Bush President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad brushes off deadline to suspend a key part of his country's nuclear programme.

30.Aug.2006 Japanese fishermen to be freed but skipper is held Russian authorities will release two of the three Japanese fishermen they have been holding for illegal fishing.

Then there was another seemingly random event. I have quoted this passage before on this site. It is from Jim Lehrer's autobiography, A Bus of My Own . He was at Love Field in Dallas that morning, as a young reporter covering the President's motorcade. He was on the phone with a man at the newspaper.

Just before the plane was scheduled to leave Fort Worth for the short flight to Dallas, the rewrite man, Stan Weinberg, asked me if the bubble top was going to be on the presidential limousine. It would help to know now, he said, before he wrote the story later under pressure. It had been raining early that morning + there was some uncertainty about it.

I told Stan that I would find it. I put the phone down and walked over to a small ramp where the motorcade limousines were being held in waiting. I spotted Forrest Sorels, the agent in charge of the Dallas Secret Service office. I knew Mr. Sorrels fairly well, because I was then the regular federal beat reporter. . . .

I looked down the ramp. The bubble top was on the president's car.

"Rewrite wants to know if the bubble top's going to stay on," I said to Mr. Sorrels, a man of fifty or so who wore dignified glasses and resembled a preacher or bank president.

He looked at the sky and then hollered over at one of his agents holding a two-way radio in his hand. What about the weather downtown? he asked the agent.

The agent talked into his radio for a few seconds, then listened. Clear, he hollered back.

Mr. Sorrels yelled back at the agents standing by the car: "Take off the bubble top!"

How can we factor that series of events into the plans of Oswald and/or anyone else? If the bubble had been left on, would JFK have been assassinated a week or a month later? By whom?

History is complex. It is more complex than any conspiracy can deal with predictably.
30.Aug.2006 recent piece by Gary North called When Conspiracy Theories Induce Paralysis.
On the 9/11 problem specifically,

it brought to mind a couple classic articles from Hopsicker examining a curious nexus involving international super-crooks, best-selling author John Grey (Men Are From Mars...) + the "Truth Movement".
30.Aug.2006 Bussi- Affäre: Israels politische Elite versinkt im Skandalsumpf

30.Aug.2006 Atomstreit mit Iran: Ratlosigkeit über Umgang mit den Mullahs

30.Aug.2006 Alarm in Stade: Polizei stellt verdächtigen Koffer sicher
Londoner Terrorplan: Justiz klagt weitere Verdächtige an
Interview mit Skype- Manager: "Skype reißt keine Löcher in Firewalls"

30.Aug.2006 SPD: Schlechte Umfragen, große Pläne

30.Aug.2006 "Katrina"- Tournee: Bushs zynische Gesten
Anzieh- Kunst: "Mode ist reine Gehirnwäsche"

30.Aug.2006 Umfrage: Große Koalition immer kleiner

30.Aug.2006 Neuer Geldtransportskandal: Polizei verhaftet Manager
Anschlag: Ringstorff- Haus mit Farbbeuteln und Steinen beworfen

30.Aug.2006 Einreisekontrolle: CDU und SPD wollen Fingerabdrücke nehmen lassen

30.Aug.2006 Ahmadinedschads Ablehnung: Kühle Reaktionen aus Washington und London

30.Aug.2006 Klimawandel: 1000 Eiszeiten für die Präzision

30.Aug.2006 Höhlentauchen in Mexiko: Menschenopfer für den Wassergott

30.Aug.2006 Dinosaurier: Knochenfunde in Brasilien und China
Trotz Tropensturm: "Atlantis" zurück zur Startrampe

29.Aug.2006 Frankreich: Autodieb rast auf Kolonne des Premierministers zu

29.Aug.2006 Atomstreit: USA werfen Ahmadinedschad Ablenkungsmanöver vor
2004062426 If Bush were to be judged by the standards of the Nuremberg Tribunals, he'd be hanged.
02.Jun.1998 CNN - Report: Neutral nations' trade kept Nazi war machine going - Report: Neutral nations' trade kept Nazi war machine going ...

WWII. - Allied forces, played a key role in keeping Nazi Germany's war machine ...

The Nazi Hydra In America Nazi Hydra takes a deep look at the influence of fascism within the USA.

While the US defeated the Nazis on the battlefields of Europe, it lost the war against ...

Heartfield versus Hitler Anti-fascist images from German artist John Heartfield who clearly ...

Sources on US Collaboration with the Nazi Regime Before, During + After WWII. ..

Bush Family Fortune Tied to Nazi War Machine - HANSON.NET Forums

Bush Family Fortune Tied to Nazi War Machine ... between the US first family + the Nazi war machine have circulated for decades. ...

Ford + GM Scrutinized for Alleged Nazi Collaboration ... that they assisted the Nazi war machine or that they significantly profited ... more important to the Nazi war machine than Switzerland," said Bradford Snell, ...

US intelligence was formed from Nazi criminals.

The US Recreated the Nazi War Crimes Machine * Part 1. by Jared Israel ... inoculated against hearing the truth about US recruitment of Nazi war criminals.
Bush-Nazi-Connection01 ... war machine that would decimate the world + then even benefiting from Nazi slave labor...

As bad as financing the Nazi war machine may seem, aiding and abetting ... index_09.html
30.Aug.2006 Forums :: View topic - US Corporate Invovlement in the NAZI War Machine ... House, that US corporatoins were hleping build the NAZI war machine .

US Corporate Invovlement in the NAZI War Machine . Robodoon. Just say NO to WORLD WAR III !
30.Aug.2006 Charles Russell [Lord Killowen] Charles TazeRussel fonde la " Watch Tower Bible and tract Society of ... Charles Russel . vendait du blé " miraculeux ". à 60 dollars le boisseau! ...

Témoins de Jéhovah. Un peu plus de cent ans d'histoire, pour mille ... ... de Jéhovah apparaît la personnalité de Charles Taze Russel (1852-1916).

Par exemple l'affaire du blé miraculeux - découvert par le fermier KB Soner ...

Sectes Charles Taze Russel (quand ses prédictions pour 1914 ne s'étaient pas réalisées. ... Charles Russel vendait du blé " miraculeux " à 60 dollars le boisseau! ...

06 PS02 Elle a un nom : Charles - Taze RUSSEL (1852-1916). ... en prévision de la fin du monde, du blé miraculeux , soixante fois plus cher que le coût normal. Russel ...

Le Kiosque des sciences religieuses Par exemple l'affaire du blé miraculeux - découvert par le fermier KB Soner - dont ...

06.Jan.1917 Joseph Rutherford succède à Charles Taze Russel

Le fondateur des témoins de Jéhovah était-il un homme intègre au ... Elle aime encore moins que l'on revienne de trop près sur la vie de son fondateur « Charles Taze Russell ».

Quant à oser aborder la nature de cet homme, ...

Vitam -I- Vero Précisons que dès l’origine, le pasteur Charles Taze Russell , fondateur de ... très actif des « intérêts du Royaume » (voir l’histoire du blé miraculeux ), ...

ATHEOLOGIE & CREDOPATHIE : Archives Son fondateur s ' appelait Charles Taze Russell , né en Pennsylvanie en 1852.

1 ) Sombre magouille que cette histoire de blé miraculeux , revendu 60 ...

Cahiers Annuels thématiques Russell entre Barbour et Storrs Le complot de 1894 Charles Taze Russell contre Maria F. Russell Russell marchand de blé miraculeux

Le schisme de 1917 ...

U-blog / clivern / Témoins de Jéhovah Charles Taze Russell était-il immoral ? En

00.000.1879 Charles Russell a épousé ... appelé " blé miraculeux " de par sa croissance singulière, frère Russell le ...
30.Aug.2006 BatzLog - Noch etwas Salz?

Friedbert Pflüger , der wenn er lächelt ausschaut als würde er Kindern auf ... war oder bei Merkels Bücklingsbesuch bei Bush 2003 , den Steigbügelhalter gab, ...

10.Mär.2003 Imperialismus sans Phrase sagte der außenpolitische Sprecher der CDU Friedbert Pflüger . Ein Angriff der USA ohne ausdrückliches Mandat der Vereinten Nationen ...

18.Jul.2003 Als Hofschranze abgerichtet / Porträt: Der CDU ... Als Hofschranze abgerichtet Porträt: Der CDU-Außenexperte Friedbert Pflüger hat in seinem Leben fast nie etwas anderes gemacht als Politik ...

30.Aug.2006 | Browsing PR | Propaganda (n.)

The college of the Propaganda , instituted by Urban VIII. (1623-1644) to educate priests for ...
30.Aug.2006 Corporate PR experts see people as "a herd waiting to be laid" EXPOSING THE BUSINESS PROPAGANDISTS- Corporate PR experts see people as -a herd waiting to be led-
30.Aug.2006 Propaganda Exposing the 4th Reich of the Elite + ... Exposing the New World Order and Government Sponsored Terrorism. /
The Mafia in New Jersey - La Cosa Nostra - State of New Jersey Commission of Investigation 1989 Report - The ... resentment over the emergence of Anthony Accetturo Jr . as a soldier + rising star in ... he was traced to North Carolina , where he was taken into custody00.000.1988 for ...