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28.Jan.2006 WTC lease holder admits WTC7 was intentionally demolished ... I've said it before, I'll say it again ... Watching the PULLIT video, the building clearly collapses straight down upon itself ...

9-11 Research
Owner's Admission? Silverstein's Apparent Admission that Building 7 was Demolished.
Larry Silverstein, the controller of Building 7, the third skyscraper to ...

Silverstein, FDNY Razed WTC7
by Jeremy Baker Copyright August, 2003 by Darkprints In a stunning and belated development concerning the attacks of 9/11, Larry Silverstein, the controller ...

Pull it!
pullIt.wmv · PULLIT .swf · PULLIT .mp3. To make the context perfectly clear: pull-it2_lo.wmv. (Click triangle to play). PULLIT2.swf · pull-it2.mp3 ...

Killtown's: Was the WTC 7 pulled? - "Pull it!" (To link this page, please use the following address: ).

Silverstein said "pull it"...


Your Turn: Afraid of Crossing the Street?

Weiner Hounds Hamas »

Hey Buddy: What Brought WTC7 Down? By Jarrett Murphy |

25.Jan.2006 Of the many mysteries surrounding 9-11, 11.Sep.2001 few have been of as much interest to as broad a range of people as the fate of World Trade Center 7, the 47-story office building that was the last to fall and appears to have been the first steel-framed skyscraper to collapse due solely to fire.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, which this fall issued its final report on what happened to the Twin Towers, was supposed to report on WTC 7 at the same time.

But that got pushed to December, then to this spring + lately to the end of 2006.

Now, NIST is soliciting a contractor to try to come up with the best explanation for why the building came down.

NIST announced the move in a draft solicitation earlier this month.

A formal bid is being prepared. Michael Newman, NIST spokesman, says

the contractor will "determine the most likely scenario for the initiating event of the WTC 7 collapse + provide the global analysis of the collapse (i.e. the response of the whole building to the initiating event)."

The draft solicitation says NIST will consider the "possibility of any other events that may have occurred that day."

This is a red flag to people who harbor alternative theories of what 9-11 was all about.

WTC7, which housed offices for the CIA + the Office of Emergency Management,

is central to the notion that the buildings at Ground Zero were brought down by planned demolitions,

partly because film of the collapse shows a sudden, implosion-like demise.

The Voice asked NIST what it meant by "other scenarios." Its answer:

The contractor will look at up to 20 possible scenarios for the initiating event of the WTC 7 collapse.

In collaboration with the NIST WTC 7 team, the contractor will reduce this number to no more than 5 scenarios deemed most likely to be correct +

then focus its modeling on these five to eventually determine the single most likely scenario.

Posted in Citystate Comments

How many years must go by before we can start to accept(if ever) the fact that our govt. had a MAJOR role in 11.Sep.2001 9/11 + the destruction of all 3 WTC bldgs. with preplanted explosives.

I studied architecture as the bldgs. were put up.

I watched the steel come to the site.

I studied the engineering drawings as the towers grew.

I went on to design some of the HVAC systems inside those bldgs.

Those towers were as tough as a skyscraper comes.

They took the hit and there was a fire and it wasn't that bad.

Bldgs. like that don't just drop to the ground EXACTLY like a preplanned demolishion.

They should still be there today.

Wake up America and embrace the truth for once in your history.

11.Sep.2001 9/11 was rigged from the getgo and has been the key for this administration to turn on the war machine and rev it up.

How many Americans have to die?

How much of our freedom and privacy do we give away?

When do we take back our country from the madmen in charge?

Are you listening?

Please, do the research and figure it out for yourself.

11.Sep.2001 9/11: the biggest hoax in the world and we have it on tape!!

He linked Sinclair's support for Sacco and Vanzetti to later discredited causes of the Cold War like the Rosenberg and Alger Hiss cases.

But Goldberg might have been better served if he had read the entire letter instead of the excerpts printed in the Times or if he had access to a soon-to-be published biography by Anthony Arthur called "Radical Innocent: Upton Sinclair."

In a copy of the full letter made available to Reuters, Sinclair says that soon after he talked to Moore he began to have doubts about him. "I realized certain facts about Fred Moore. I had heard that he was using drugs. I knew that he had parted from the defense committee after the bitterest of quarrels. ... Moore admitted to me that the men themselves, had never admitted their guilt to him; and I began to wonder whether his present attitude and conclusions might not be the result of his brooding on his wrongs."

Sinclair questioned Moore's former wife who worked with the lawyer on the case + she "expressed the greatest surprise" saying he had not expressed thoughts that the men were guilty before.

In the letter, he also vowed "Boston" would tell all sides and "I would take my stand on the point that the men had not been proved guilty and that their trial had not been fair."

Arthur, who provided advance excerpts of the biography to Reuters, says that in other letters Sinclair quotes Moore as not even being sure both men were guilty.

"Moore said neither man ever admitted it to him, but he was certain of Sacco's guilt and fairly sure of Vanzetti's knowledge of the crime if not his complicity in it," Arthur wrote in the biography which will be published in June by Random House.

He added, "His knowledge had not prevented Moore from doing whatever he could to save the two men, perhaps including illegal activities. The entire legal system, was corrupt, Moore insisted, assuring Sinclair that, 'There is no criminal lawyer who has attained to fame in America except by inventing alibis and hiring witnesses. There is no other way to be a great criminal lawyer in America."'

The author said Sinclair's decision to end "Boston" on a note of ambiguity concerning Sacco and Vanzetti's guilt subjected him to "a torrent of abuse from the left."

Now he is being hit from the right.
“Everyone who looks at the ground is seeing the same thing, but they’re not necessarily seeing the same thing,” he says. “At first you’re just looking at the ground and it looks like the ground. It’s not like a footprint that you see in the sand or in the mud. Everybody sees that. What we see are the tiny little indications that someone has been there, like a little tiny broken branch, a little flower broken off, a compression in the soil. It all adds up to a track.”
28.Jan.2006 Hey Buddy: What Brought WTC7 Down? 
Of the many mysteries surrounding 9-11, few have been of as much interest to as broad a range of people as the fate of World Trade Center 7, the 47-story office building that was the last to fall and appears to have been the first steel-framed skyscraper to collapse due solely to fire. The National Institute of Standards and Technology, which this fall issued its final report on what happened to the Twin Towers, was supposed to report on WTC 7 at the same time. But that got pushed to December, then to this spring + lately to the end of 2006. Now, NIST is soliciting a contractor to try to come up with the best explanation for why the building came down.
28.Jan.2006 Jack, we never knew ya 
Desperate White House scrubbing Abramoff photos.
28.Jan.2006 ACLU Releases Government Photos 
The FBI is spying on vegans. Your tax dollars at work!
28.Jan.2006 Malaysia creates team to track 'Bigfoot' 

A southern Malaysian state will appoint a team of scientists and experts to hunt for a "Bigfoot" beast after the reported sighting of three giant human-like creatures, officials said Thursday.
28.Jan.2006 Spychips 
How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Move with RFID.
New book. Link from
boing boing.
28.Jan.2006 Starving woman curses God, dies in her sleep 
A starving Kenyan woman placed a powerful tribal curse on God, accusing him of sending famine + died in her sleep, local newspapers said Thursday.
The woman from eastern Kenya's drought-ravaged Kangundo district decided to invoke a dreaded oath from the Kamba community, famed for its potent witchcraft, media reports said.

No comment from God. Yet.

Venezuela officers 'spied for US' : The Venezuelan government says several military officers have been caught passing state secrets to the US.

27.Jan.2006 A Loud, Multicoloured 'No' to Imperialism and War: The overarching World Social Forum theme "Another World Is Possible" +

opposition to "imperialism" + war are the common denominators among the broad range of organisations + individuals gathered in Caracas this week

27.Jan.2006 Bianca Jagger: One death every minute The arms trade makes big money for the richest nations while fuelling conflict across the world

27.Jan.2006 Sidney Blumenthal: A call to the faithful : Karl Rove has once again proved his ability to obliterate history in the cause of his president

27.Jan.2006 U.S. posts wrong photo of ‘al-Qaida operative’: After year and a half, wrong man's photo removed from wanted page

27.Jan.2006 Rumsfeld's Roadmap to Propaganda : A secret Pentagon "roadmap" on war propaganda, personally approved by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld 00.Oct.2003 calls for "boundaries" between information operations abroad and the news media at home, but provides for no such limits and claims that as long as the American public is not "targeted," any leakage of PSYOP to the American public does not matter.

27.Jan.2006 Democrat support for Alito likely dooms Kerry filibuster threat: Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito's confirmation seemed all but certain Jan. 26, as two more Democrats announced their support for him, apparently giving Republicans the 60 votes required to overcome a filibuster attempt supported by Sen. John Kerry.

27.Jan.2006 Senators in need of a spine : Senate Democrats, who presented a united front against the nomination of Alito in the Judiciary Committee, seem unwilling to risk the public criticism that might come with a filibuster

27.Jan.2006 Attorney will not be allowed to represent Padilla: U.S. Magistrate denied attorney Donna Newman's request on Monday. Newman, who has previously represented Padilla, filed a motion to join two other lawyers already representing Padilla

27.Jan.2006 Don't Let Them Spy On Us: Call for a Special Counsel: Use the form to send an email to your senators telling them to insist that the Department of Justice appoint a special counsel to investigate and prosecute any and all crimes committed.

27.Jan.2006 A must watch: Video: New Orleans-Black Rage: Australian TV : SBS Dateline's Nick Lazaredes in New Orleans, with the sorry racial fallout from Hurricane Katrina and the story of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is not a pretty one.

27.Jan.2006 ACLU Releases Government Photos: Two documents relating to anti-war and anti-government protests + a vegan rally, prove the agencies have been "spying" on Georgia residents unconstitutionally, the ACLU said

27.Jan.2006 'Suicide Seeds' Could Spell Death of Peasant Agriculture,: Groups fighting for the rights of peasant communities are stepping up pressure on governments to ban the use of genetically modified ''suicide seeds'' at UN-sponsored talks on biodiversity in Spain this week.
Iran vows to put Israel into 'eternal coma' if attacked : Were Israel to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, Iran would respond so strongly that it would put the Jewish state into "an eternal coma" like Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's, the Iranian defense minister said yesterday.

27.Jan.2006 Iran: We'll Shut Down Straits of Hormuz: If Europe does not act wisely with the Iranian nuclear portfolio and it is referred to the U.N. Security Council and economic or air travel restrictions are imposed unjustly, we have the power to halt oil supply to the last drop from the shores of the Persian Gulf via the Straits of Hormuz," said Mohammed-Nabi Rudaki, deputy chairman of the Iranian parliament's National Security + Foreign Policy Commission.

27.Jan.2006 Iran accuses U.S., Britain and Israel of role in 2 plane crashes: Iran said Thursday it had information that the USA + Britain + Israel had a role in two deadly military plane crashes in the last two months

27.Jan.2006 Iran - a threat to the petrodollar?: The proposal to set up the IOB was first put forward in Iran's Third Development Plan (2000-2005).

Mohammad Javad Assemipour, who heads the project, has said that the exchange will strive to make Iran the main hub for oil deals in the region and that it should be operational by March 2006.

27.Jan.2006 US warns India over Iran stance : Washington has warned India a landmark deal giving it US nuclear technology may fall through if Delhi does not back a UN motion against Iran.

27.Jan.2006 U.S. backs off envoy’s threat to India: Ambassador had said nuclear deal would ‘die’ if India supported Iran
Sharon’s Vision: An Israel From Nile to Euphrates: Have Zionist goals changed? No, because the gang that has ruled Israel since it was planted in the Arab world have been terrorists and war criminals. The goal of colonizing has not changed since the establishment of Israel.
Former Pentagon chief sees damage to U.S. military: The U.S. military's ground forces are so stretched - that potential adversaries may be tempted to challenge the USA, a group headed by former U.S. Defense Secretary William Perry said on Wednesday.

27.Jan.2006 When Will US Women Demand Peace? : Whenever I travel to international gatherings to talk about the war in Iraq, economic development and women's rights, the question I get asked most frequently is: "Where are the women in the USA? Why aren't they rising up?"

27.Jan.2006 PM quits, says Hamas must form governmemt: Palestinian prime minister Ahmed Qorei announced his resignation + said the radical Islamist group Hamas must form the next government after the general election.

27.Jan.2006 Hamas scores stunning win - but what happens now? : Securing 76 of the 132 seats in the parliament whose existence it opposed for almost a decade,

Hamas's unexpectedly overwhelming victory challenged almost every assumption about the Middle East + plunged the Israel-Palestinian conflict into another period of unpredictability.

27.Jan.2006 After the Hamas earthquake : Bush + Tony Blair, who set such store by promoting democracy in Iraq + (selectively) elsewhere in the Middle East, should be delighted. The only problem is the result:

27.Jan.2006 Israel decides not to negotiate with Hamas : Israeli emergency cabinet meeting decided Thursday night that Israel would not negotiate with Hamas until it renounced violence + recognized Israel's right to exist.

27.Jan.2006 The Palestinians' democratic choice must be respected : The excuses given for refusing to deal with Hamas will not wash. This is a chance for Europe to have an independent role

27.Jan.2006 Arabs see US and Israel changing stance on Hamas Israel + the USA will eventually adapt to the reality of an electoral victory by the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas,

opening new opportunities for Middle East peace talks, Arab commentators said on Thursday.

27.Jan.2006 Gilad Atzmon - Where to now, Palestine? Some reflections : The consequences of today’s Hamas victory aren’t yet clear, however the election results have revealed beyond doubt some fundamental information about Palestine + the Arab world:

27.Jan.2006 How Israel and the USA Helped to Bolster Hamas: We take a look at the little-known rise of the militant group with investigative journalist Robert Dreyfuss, author of the new book

"Devil's Game: How the USA Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam." In it, Dreyfuss reveals how the U.S. looked the other way

when Israel's secret service supported the creation of Hamas.

27.Jan.2006 Hamas Victory Good for Israel? : Can Hamas' stunning success in the recent PLO election provide a reprieve for the Jewish state? Israeli national radio.

27.Jan.2006 In case you missed it: Hamas history tied to Israel : Israel + Hamas may currently be locked in deadly combat, but, according to several current + former U.S. intelligence officials,

00.000.1970 -beginning in the late s-over a period of years-Tel Aviv gave direct + indirect financial aid to Hamas.

27.Jan.2006 A six per cent democracy : Yesterday just over 6% of the Palestinian electorate in occupied East Jerusalem were granted the opportunity to vote in their city in the second Palestinian parliamentary elections. Israel tried to score points internationally by allowing elections in East Jerusalem, while trying to choke the life out of them.

27.Jan.2006 Why don’t we know what is going on in Israel & Palestine?: Recent studies of U.S. media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict reveal that the media reported Israeli children’s deaths at rates 7 to 40 times greater than Palestinian children’s deaths. Some typical examples:
How US lost billions in Wild West gamble to rebuild Iraq: AN AUDIT of US reconstruction spending in Iraq has uncovered spectacular misuse of tens of millions of dollars in cash, including bundles of money stashed in filing cabinets, a US soldier who gambled away thousands and stacks of newly minted notes distributed without receipts.

27.Jan.2006 Gore Vidal: President Jonah: Not since the glory days of Watergate and Nixon’s Luciferian fall has there been so much written about the dogged deceits and creative criminalities of our rulers.
The Killing Fields: Ghosts of the Walking Dead By Manuel Valenzuela
Iraq’s Killing Fields are as real as the sun, as dangerous as a nuclear weapon, as devastating as any plague.

The devastation taking place inside it is anathema to humanity, a war crime + crime against humanity, a malfeasant manifestation by Machiavellian miscreants.

If the world entire were made aware of its seriousness, of its criminality + of the callousness of American leaders the backlash would be a giant tsunami of anger. Continued
Video:  Confessions of an Economic Hit Man ByJohn Perkins

Since world war two we've managed to create history's first truly global empire.

This has been done by the corporatocracy, which are a few men and women who run our major corporations and in doing so also run the U.S. government and many other governments around the world. Real video
Die Zahlen dürften allerdings die Spekulationen darüber anheizen, ob die US-Notenbank Fed auf ihrer Sitzung am kommenden Dienstag den Kurs der moderaten Zinssteigerungen fortsetzen wird.
Allerdings erhöhte sich auch der Inflationsdruck.

Die so genannte Basisinflationsrate - in der die Kosten für Ernährung + Energie nicht eingerechnet sind - stieg im vierten Quartal um 2,2 %, nach 1,4 % in den vorherigen drei Monaten.

Unter Einrechnung von Ernährung und Energie sank die Preissteigerungsrate dagegen von 3,7 auf 2,6 %.
Die Analysten wurden von den Zahlen überrascht. Sie hatten mit einem Wachstum von 2,8 % in den letzten drei Monaten des Jahres gerechnet.

"Die Entwicklung steht im krassen Widerspruch zu den Daten der letzten Monate", sagte Commerzbank-Experte Patrick Franke.

Seine erste Analyse: Der Energiepreisschub nach den Hurrikans habe den Konsum gedämpft.

Darüber hinaus seien die Ausrüstungsinvestitionen so schwach wie zuletzt im ersten Quartal 2003.
Im dritten Quartal hatte die Konjunktur noch um 4,1 % im Vergleich mit dem entsprechenden Vorjahreszeitraum zugelegt.

Besonders auffällig war im vierten Quartal die Schwäche der Binnennachfrage, die gerade einmal um 1,1 % zunahm - im dritten Quartal lag sie noch bei 4,1 %.

Der Konsum der Privathaushalte gilt als Motor der US-Wirtschaft. Auch der Zuwachs der privaten Immobilieninvestitionen ließ deutlich nach - von 7,3 % im dritten auf 3,5 % im vierten Quartal.
Export-Rate enttäuscht

Katie Couric had the audacity to lie to Howard Dean's face.

She told Dean that he was the liar.

This happened on Today , which apparently has been dragooned into the effort to provide RNC spin on the Abramoff affair.
She kept repeating the lie that Jack Abramoff gave money to Democrats, which he
did not.

Furthermore, his clients/victims - casino-owning Indian tribes - diverted their donations from Democrats to the Republicans, although the tribes continued to give small amounts to their traditional allies.
As we've seen in a previous post, the Washington Post tried to make the case that Jean Carnahan received funding at Abramoff's "direction." In fact, she received nothing; her opponent did.

The Post said the same thing about Tom Daschle, who also received nothing.

Max Cleland received a mere $500 from one of Abramoff's Indian clients, but that amount probably would have been much higher if Abramoff never existed.
The Democratic Party, as an institution, should file a lawsuit against NBC for libel.

A similar suit can and should be filed against any "deep pockets" media organ who repeats the Jack-gave-to-Dems lie.
Schwächephase: US-Konjunktur bricht überraschend stark ein
Der 154 Millionen Euro teure "Meteosat 9" soll in einer geostationären Umlaufbahn in 36.000 Kilometern Höhe arbeiten.

Die europäische Organisation für meteorologische Satelliten (Eumetsat) beziffert die Kosten des MSG-Programms auf rund 2 Milliarden Euro, von denen die Organisation selbst 1,7 Milliarden + die Esa 300 Millionen Euro trage.
Indonesien: Seebeben der Stärke 7,7
Wettersatellit: "Meteosat 9" schießt erstes Foto
Nach Hamas-Sieg: Israel im Schockzustand
Palästinensische Wahlen: Warum sich die Hamas zu Tode siegen könnte

27.Jan.2006 Unschuldig im Todestrakt: Der Überleber

27.Jan.2006 Bolivien: Präsident Morales halbiert sein eigenes Gehalt
Anti-Raucher-Gesetz: Kalifornien setzt Zigarettenqualm auf Giftliste
Zeitungsbericht: USA bauen Spezialeinheit gegen ABC-Waffen auf
Netzwelt-Ticker: Endlich ein Petabyte Speicherplatz
US-Reaktionen auf Hamas-Sieg: Demokratisierung? Islamisierung!
Stahl-Monopoly: Inder Mittal und Thyssen verbünden sich für Milliarden-Deal
Neben den Plänen der Russen wirken die ohnehin schon hochfliegenden Weltraum-Visionen von US-Präsident George W. Bush nahezu mutlos.

"Wir wollen bis 2015 eine permanente Basis auf dem Mond errichten", sagte Nikolai Sewastjanow, Chef des staatlichen Raumfahrtkonzerns Energija, Zeitungsberichten zufolge bei einer wissenschaftlichen Tagung.

Und er ging noch weiter: "Bis 2020 können wir mit der Lieferung des seltenen Isotops Helium-3 in industriellem Maßstab beginnen."
Gewagter Plan: Russen wollen ab 2020 den Mond ausbeuten
Mexiko: Riesiger Drogentunnel in die USA entdeckt
Terrorismus: El-Masri soll Tawhid-Mitglied gewesen sein
Kursrallye: Gute Vorgaben treiben Dax über 5600 Punkte
Vogelgrippe: Forscher könnten Waffe des H5N1-Virus gefunden haben
Neuer Optimismus: Aufschwungslaune steckt Verbraucher an
Palästina-Wahl: Uno ruft Hamas zu Gewaltverzicht auf
00.Jan.1987 =Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik= Seite 20-24

"Wir geben den Weg zu einer schrankenlosen Geschichtsdiskussion nicht frei." Heinz Galinski Ex-Vorsitzender des Zentralrats der Juden in Deutschland

The Making of an Atlantic Ruling Class home Chapter 3 The Wilson Offensive

French policy, heralding the strategy of European integration it would follow in the 1950s,

consisted of enveloping German ambitions as much as possible in a legal framework requiring constant consultation between the European powers + securing American support for it.

Following the Locarno agreements, French foreign minister Briand tried to draw the USA into the European settlement through the Kellog-Briand pact,

a 'gesture of moral and psychological solidarity' as his chef de cabinet called it +not more. 64

A year before, Briand had become Honorary President of the Paneuropa Union, the organization of Count Coudenhove- Kalergi + in

00.000.1929 he would make a belated proposal to start discussions on the realization of a United States of Europe.

Coudenhove-Kalergi was an exemplary case of a pre-war liberal converted with religious fervour to Wilsonian Universalism.

In his memoirs, Coudenhove recalled how the American intervention in the war had made him aware of the fact that

'two prophets' were engaged in a struggle over the 'soul of Europe':

the American President and Lenin. 65

After the publication of his book Paneuropa in 1923, in which he proposed European unity as a means to prevent war + raise the standard of living in Europe by introducing American mass production + consumption,

Coudenhove was approached by Louis Rothschild + Max Warburg.

Warburg offered him 60,000 gold marks to start a movement, of which the Oresdner Bank and Rothschild's Kreditanstalt of Vienna became the trustees. 66

The organization's prominent supporters + officials were, for the greater part, bankers and their friends except for France, where liberal leaders like Herriot and cartel protagonists like Loucheur were both prominent.

In the Belgian national committee of the Paneuropa Union, Heinemanr of SOFINA was the treasurer;

in Germany, von Gwinner, of the Deutsche Bank + subsequently, H. Pitstenberg of the Berliner Handelsgesellschaft, a bank linked to AEG;

Colijn was the leading figure in the Netherlands; and

in Luxemburg, A. Mayrisch, of the ARBED steel trust was prominent.

In Britain, finally, it was the Colonial Secretary, L.S. Amery, linked to the Vickers group, who promoted Coudenhove + eventually secured Churchill's support as well.

One of Coudenhove's main concerns (shared by his banker supporters), however, was American support.

00.000.1925 Max Warburg arranged for his brothers in the USA, Felix Warburg + Paul Warburg to invite Coudenhove for an American tour.

In America, the count discussed European unity with Hoover, Kellogg, Young and Lippmann,

but also found out that American support for the unity of Europe rested on mutually incompatible foundations:

isolationists were in favour because it would diminish the chances for American involvement in an eventual European war;

internationalists saw in European unity a favourable condition for US participation in the League of Nations. 67

Fürstenberg, Carl (1850-1933), Bankier, Direktor der Berliner Handelsgesellschaft, Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender AEG:

Siehe auch:

Maximilian Harden: Fürstenberg, Carl
Aus der Fusion der

1856 errichteten Berliner Handelsgesellschaft + der

1854 gegründeten Frankfurter Bank ging

1970 die BHF-Bank hervor.

1999 -Seit- gehört die Bank zur ING Groep + firmiert seit

2002 unter ING BHF-Bank AG.
Pat Robertson Christian centre deal abandoned

The Israeli government is pulling out of a business deal with the American evangelical leader Pat Robertson, after he said Ariel Sharon's stroke was punishment by God for withdrawing from the Gaza strip.

Mr Robertson and the Israeli tourism ministry were shortly to have signed an agreement to fund a $50m (£28m) Christian heritage centre on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.

23.Jan.2006 Abramoff Scandal Threatens to Derail Reed's Political Ambitions

(Bloomberg) The Washington scandal over lobbyist Jack Abramoff may claim a casualty outside the nation's capital:

Ralph Reed, a former presidential-campaign adviser who once headed one of the U.S.'s largest Christian activist groups.
TSA: Program may use fliers' financial data

A new program to speed travelers through airport security may require passengers to agree to a check of their personal and financial records, the Transportation Security Administration said.
Bush Defends 'Terrorist Surveillance'

MANHATTAN, Kan. - President Bush pushed back Monday at critics of his once-secret domestic spying effort, saying it should be termed a "terrorist surveillance program" +

contending it has the backing of legal experts, key lawmakers + the Supreme Court.

27.Jan.2006 An American Hitler and his Gestapo

America, once hailed as the land of the free, has – under the tyranny of King George – become Amerika, reviled as a global thug that doesn’t give a damn about anyone’s rights, especially those of its own citizens.


06.Feb.2001 Gus Boulis left his office in Fort Lauderdale about 9:30 p.m. + took a shortcut on his way home to Hollywood, FL.

A car stopped in front of him + then a black Ford Mustang with temporary tags pulled up next to Boulis + someone in the car shot him at least three times with a semi-automatic weapon.

27.Jan.2006 Russian General: Nine Eleven a Globalist Inside Job

It’s ironic General Leonid Ivashov, former Chief of Staff of the Russian armed forces, delivers the truth on globalism +

this truth, unavailable in the corporate media of the “free world,” is published in a newspaper in Las Tunas, Cuba.

Ivashov tells us so-called international terrorism “is not something independent of world politics but simply an instrument,

a means to install a unipolar world with a sole world headquarters,

a pretext to erase national borders + to establish the rule of a new world elite” +

“is a phenomenon that combines the use of terror by state + non-state political structures as a means to attain their political objectives through people’s intimidation, psychological + social destabilization,

the elimination of resistance from power organizations + the creation of appropriate conditions for the manipulation of the countries’ policies + the behavior of people.”
Bush touts his record, but just to his party
GOP leaders say a state function is private, so reporters are ejected during the speech

LAKE BUENA VISTA - The Florida Republican Party on Saturday called security to eject reporters listening to Gov. Jeb Bush tout his party's accomplishments in Tallahassee.
US under fire as Chavez hosts World Social Forum

CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of international activists gathered in Caracas on Tuesday for the World Social Forum to protest U.S. imperialism + debate topics from fair trade to indigenous rights.
Impeachment hearings: The White House prepares for the worst The Bush administration is bracing for impeachment hearings in Congress.
Feds agree to pay ACLU over no-fly list

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Two federal agencies agreed Tuesday to pay the American Civil Liberties Union $200,000 to settle a lawsuit brought to uncover information about the government's no-fly list,

which bars suspected terrorists from airliners.
Rising oil price pumps up sugar futures Sugar prices surged to a 24-year high as more supplies are used for fuel because of soaring energy costs. Friday's 6.4 % rally was the biggest fluctuation of any commodity.
Wolfie at the Door Preaching against corruption at World Bank, he practices it — and staff rebels
White House Declines to Provide Storm Papers

WASHINGTON -The Bush administration, citing the confidentiality of executive branch communications, said Tuesday that

it did not plan to turn over certain documents about Hurricane Katrina or make senior White House officials available for sworn testimony before two Congressional committees investigating the storm response.
"The Emblem of Suffering and Shame"

The New York Times has printed a good, if woefully incomplete, story on the massive, death-dealing corruption of Bush's crony conquistadors in Iraq (Audit Describes Misuse of Funds in Iraq Projects).

One of the anecdotes of avarice related in the just-released audit of the Special Inspector General for Iraqi Reconstruction could well stand as an emblem of the entire murderous, misbegotten enterprise:

it's grubby, it's petty, it's driven by raw, bestial greed + it resulted in the cruel, unnecessary death of innocent people.

The criminal conspiracy that destroys America

Sadly, the President of the USA is a criminal.

In fact, he should be arrested, tried and sentenced to life in prison as a repeat offender.
Real international terrorism: How and why the West supports terrorism -By Roy Naganathan
Voltaire wrote, “It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets."

Since 11.Sep.2001 the world has changed dramatically due to the climate of trepidation instilled in Western society and the excessive use of military force, which has not been as overt since the Cold War era.
25.Jan.2006 Analysis
Clumsiness of new “Osama” propaganda: sign of increasing Bush administration desperation -By Larry Chin
Exactly one year ago,
in response to a previous bogus "Osama" transmission, I wrote: “Like previous productions, the tape was conveniently timed to reinforce + invigorate Washington’s expanding war agenda,

keep the populations of Western nations fearfully compliant and supportive of the Bush administration’s 'war on terrorism,'

further provoke anti-Western sentiment in the Middle East + distract from exploding political + economic fault lines all over the world.

Analysis of previous alleged Osama bin Laden videos + other loudly-promoted' 'terror tapes,' 'arrests' + 'trials,' have been exposed as propaganda, likely produced by operatives of the Bush administration

We can logically conclude that this work is more of the same.”
24.Jan.2006 Commentary
Unpatriotic spying -By Michael Hammerschlag

The decision by the Bush administration to go after the New York Times for exposing a portion of their spying - the unauthorized NSA spying on calls to Afghanistan- sets up the central struggle for America’s soul.
The Anti-Empire Report: Some things you need to know before the world ends -By William Blum
We read about things done + said by the Iraqi president, or the Ministry of this or the Ministry of that + it's easy to get the impression that Iraq is in the process of becoming a sovereign state,

albeit not particularly secular + employing torture, but still, a functioning, independent state.

Then we read about the IMF + the rest of the international financial mafia - with the US playing its usual sine qua non role -

making large loans to the country and forgiving debts, with the customary strings attached, in the current instance ending government subsidies for fuel + other petroleum products.
24.Jan.2006 Commentary
Another nuke exercise -- your next 9/11? By Jerry Mazza
Catch this! Some fresh-brewed Homeland Insecurity published today on WorldNetDaily .

The Department of Defense (DOD) has scheduled its second major, three-day exercise to combat nuclear terrorism, this time in the Charleston, South Caroline area.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t know Charleston had a nuclear terror problem, shades of

11.Sep.2001 -the day on which some six drills were going, enough to distract anybody from doing anything when the drills went real.
23.Jan.2006 Commentary
God bless Canada! -By John Chuckman

I hadn't realized until recently that Stephen Harper was using "God Bless Canada!" as a tagline for his speeches.

Some may think this a harmless, or even beneficent, expression for a politician to use, but for those with knowledge of history, nothing could be a more frightening.
21.Jan.2006 Special Reports
How Cheney used the NSA for domestic spying prior to 9/11 -By Jason Leopold
11.Sep.2001 -In the months before- 9/11 thousands of American citizens were inadvertently swept up in wiretaps, had their emails monitored +

were being watched as they surfed the Internet by spies at the super-secret National Security Agency, former NSA and counterterrorism officials said.
21.Jan.2006 The Splendid Failure of Occupation
Part 41: The choice: obedience or annihilation -By B. J. Sabri

00.000.1991 From one specific angle, the American bombardment of Iraq had no parallels in the entire history of modern warfare -

U.S. imperialists televised it to every corner of the globe.

With that, the show of mass destruction had become visual entertainment for some + a message on the cost of disobedience to U.S. diktat.

In the USA where TV addiction runs high, viewers were able to see the live transmission of the slaughter with a push of a button.

This writer intensely recalls how some people dinning out at New York City restaurants were wowing at the televised scenes of explosions while consuming their meals.
21.Jan.2006 News Media
Bought and paid for lies and propaganda masquerading as news -By Bill Berkowitz
Several decades ago, when veteran radio news reporter Scoop Nisker closed out his broadcasts by telling his audience that if they didn't like the news they should "go out + make some of your own,"

little did he imagine that the Bush administration + a host of its surrogates, would become masters of that domain.
21.Jan.2006 Commentary
Echoes of war -By Ghali Hassan
If one compares the engineering of the crisis which led to the war of aggression against Iraq with the current engineering of crisis to justify aggression against Iran, one is not likely to identify differences.

The lies + the language are the same.

The path to peaceful resolution is deliberately replaced by the path to war of aggression.

The motive is to manipulate public opinion + justify a war of aggression against another Muslim nation.
Regierungsbildung: Hamas kündigt "Prozess der nationalen Versöhnung an"
Machtwechsel in Palästina: Hamas erobert Ramallah
Islamisten-Wahlsieg: Israel lehnt Kontakt zu Hamas-Regierung ab
Volle Kassen: Bundesagentur erwartet Milliarden-Überschuss
Reaktionen: Bush ruft Hamas zur Mäßigung auf
"Terroristen-Regierung": Israel fordert harte Haltung der EU gegen Hamas
Umfrage: Mehrheit der Briten zweifelt an Evolution

26.Jan.2006 Augenblick: Machtdemonstration
Zensur: Iran sperrt BBC-Website

26.Jan.2006 Palästina-Wahl: Hamas-Anhänger stürmen Parlament

26.Jan.2006 Hamas-Erfolg: Rice sichert Fatah Unterstützung zu

26.Jan.2006 Hamas: Terror und Suppenküchen

26.Jan.2006 Hamas-Triumph: Endlich Klarheit
Krisenkonzern: GM macht 8,6 Milliarden Dollar Verlust
Kuschelhormon: Sex schützt vor Lampenfieber
Deutsche Atomwaffen: Union distanziert sich von Scholz-Vorstoß

26.Jan.2006 Arabische Welt: Zwischen Zweifeln und Hoffnungen
18 Jahre Greenspeak: Sag's noch einmal, Alan
Deutsche Reaktionen: "Ein Glückwunschtelegramm wird es nicht geben"

26.Jan.2006 Palästinensische Parlamentswahl: Die Angst vor Hamastan geht um

26.Jan.2006 Wahlsieg der Hamas: Merkel hält an Reise in Palästinenser-Gebiete fest
Chaos in Nahost: Abbas ruft zur Ruhe auf
Planetenfund: Forscher wollen bis 2010 fremdes Leben finden
Drohgebärde: Ex-Verteidigungsminister Scholz fordert deutsche Atomwaffen
Beginn des Enron-Prozesses: Gier vor Gericht
USA: Bush verteidigt Abhöraktion

26.Jan.2006 Immobilienfonds-Krise: Anleger haben kaum Anspruch auf Entschädigung

26.Jan.2006 Umfrage: Deutsche machen EU für Wirtschaftsmisere verantwortlich

26.Jan.2006 Seuchen-Prognose: Forscher finden das Gesetz des Reisens
Saddam to sue Bush and Blair : Defence lawyers for Saddam Hussein Wednesday distributed copies of a lawsuit against President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair for destroying Iraq.
Tehran claims Britain behind bombings in Ahvaz: Iran directly accused Britain of of equipping + directing those behind a twin bomb attack in the oil city of Ahvaz that killed eight people and wounded dozens more. 26.Jan.2006 UK's murky role in Cyprus crisis : Evidence has emerged that British undercover forces were involved in fomenting the conflict between Greek and Turkish Cypriots ten years before the 1974 partition of Cyprus. 26.Jan.2006 Spy With a Heart of Gold? : Was an American spy for Israel trying to "help" his country?
26.Jan.2006 Sometimes, you just got to laugh:
US diplomat: Chávez is meddling in other countries' affairs: US ambassador to Peru James Curtis Struble Wednesday said Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez "is meddling a lot in other countries' affairs."

26.Jan.2006 Cindy Sheehan Writes from Venezuela: There were tens of thousands of people in the antiwar, anti-imperialsm march in Caracas yesterday. Fernando Suarez (anotther member of GSFP) and I were among the people who led the march.

26.Jan.2006 Sizing Up Hugo Chávez: The poor, who have been the maids, gardeners and delivery boys, but never the fellow-citizens of the privileged, now feel the country belongs to them. That’s why the opposition is so fierce.

26.Jan.2006 Argentina gives residency to 1 million foreigners: The immigrants from Bolivia, Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay will thus be able to legally work in and travel freely into and out of the country.

26.Jan.2006 The case against Alito: If the Senate accepts President Bush's nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court, our nation will undergo profound legal changes, resulting in its transformation from a democratic republic to a corporatist dictatorship

26.Jan.2006 Pentagon and CIA refer detainee-abuse cases to DOJ: Twenty cases of detainee abuse allegations against CIA and Defence Department employees have been referred to the Justice Department for possible prosecution, a senior U.S. official said in a letter released on Tuesday.

26.Jan.2006 TSA and FBI Ordered to Pay $200,000 to Settle "No Fly" Lawsuit : Case Brought on Behalf of Two San Francisco Peace Activists Who Were Detained at an Airport
NSA Accused of Psychologically Abusing Whistleblowers: Five current and former National Security Agency (NSA) employees have told Cybercast News Service that the agency frequently retaliates against whistleblowers by falsely labeling them "delusional," "paranoid" or "psychotic."

26.Jan.2006 New Frontiers for the Police State: A provision in the "Patriot Act" creates a new federal police force with power to violate the Bill of Rights. You might think that this cannot be true as you have not read about it in newspapers or heard it discussed by talking heads on TV.

26.Jan.2006 Censorship at the Border : The ACLU has filed a lawsuit challenging a provision of the Patriot Act that is being used to deny visas to foreign scholars whose political views the government disfavors. The lawsuit charges that the provision, known as the "ideological exclusion" provision, is being used to prevent USA citizens and residents from hearing speech that is protected by the First Amendment.
Katrina vanden Heuvel : Saving Our Democracy : On a glorious Saturday in New York, a spirited crowd of close to eight hundred people gathered inside the cavernous, subterranean Great Hall at New York's Cooper Union to hear Representative John Conyers and a dozen other eloquent speakers--address the gravest issue of our time: How do we save our imperiled democracy?

26.Jan.2006 Isikoff Confirms Abramoff Shopped Bush Photos : Appearing on MSNBC, Newsweek correspondent Michael Isikoff reported that it was indeed Abramoff who floated the photographs to Washingtonian. Watch the video:

26.Jan.2006 Newspaper loses Galloway libel appeal : If the newspaper had won the case at the Court of Appeal, the Respect MP would have faced a legal bill estimated at around £2 million and bankruptcy.
British soldiers take MoD to court over 'medical negligence' : The mental scars suffered by those who have experienced the horrors of the Iraq conflict have been exposed in a series of medical studies + legal actions.
Pentagon Planning Document Leaves Iraq Out of Equation: A four-year blueprint for the military reflects a view that the war is an anomaly. There's talk of robots and drones, but no force buildup.
U.S. invasion responsible deaths of over 250,000 civilians in Iraq : New studies make the Bush administration's "liberation" argument for a 'pre-emptive' war against Iraq seem questionable.
26.Jan.2006 Unhitching our Wagons
New Blood, New Visions + a New Political Party -By Charles Sullivan
Working class people, especially progressives, must come to understand that our interests are not being served by hitching our political wagons to either the Democratic or the Republican Party. The Republicrats represent a capitalist system that has given rise to class division, the unequal distribution of wealth, private ownership + a system of wage slavery that does not serve democracy, but plutocracy .

Iran's new bourse may threaten the dollar : By Linda S. Heard
A growing number of experts believe Iran's new oil bourse is more of a threat to US interests than nuclear missiles.

26.Jan.2006 used the questioned tape to justify his warrantless wiretapping of American citizens:
"I understand there are some in America who say, 'Well this can't be true, there aren't still people willing to attack.' All I would ask them to do is listen to the words of Osama bin Laden and take him seriously," Bush said at the National Security Agency. Just who , exactly, said such a thing? Surely no-one on the left. We've been busy castigating Bush for ignoring Bin Laden.

What the world must continue to take seriously is not a threatened strike by “Osama," but the violent desperation of a stumbling New World Order (the ultimate creator of “Osama," and the paymasters of “Al-Qaeda” and “Islamic terrorism”) + a Bush administration that will resort to anything to save itself. As it was on the morning of 9/11, all eyes must remain locked on the guilty parties in Washington and the
openly criminal Bush administration, with the means, motive and opportunity to wreak havoc.

As Michel Chossudovsky points out in The Anglo-American War of Terror: An Overview:

“One of the main objectives of war propaganda is to ‘fabricate an enemy.' As anti-war sentiment grows and the political legitimacy the Bush Administration falters, doubts regarding the existence of this illusive ‘outside enemy’ must be dispelled.

“Propaganda purports not only to drown the truth but also to ‘kill the evidence’ on how this ‘outside enemy,' namely Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda was fabricated and transformed into ‘Enemy Number One.' The entire National Security doctrine centers on the existence of an ‘outside enemy’ which is threatening the Homeland.”

Even if he were real, “Osama," “Al-Qaeda” and the “war on terrorism” has exclusively served the political purposes of the Anglo-American empire, every moment that the Bush administration has needed a fabricated straw enemy. The irrefutable fact that Osama bin Laden + Al-Qaeda + all fabricated propaganda featuring their images, are creations of Anglo-American intelligence + continue to serve faithfully as intelligence assets.

The right wing's attempt to label democrats + war opponents as equal to Osama continues.

On the McLaughlin group this weekend, Pat joined the latest chorus being echoed by Joe Scarborough and their gang. Video-WMP Video-QT

BUCHANAN: John, I take him seriously for this reason. What Bin Laden is doing, he's been eclipsed by Zarqawi + Zawahiri. And what he is doing, he is saying with this what Clinton said.

I am relevant- I am here- I am alive...

If anyone believes that this is some dubious connection then you are sadly mistaken.

I will continue to monitor this "meme" the Rovian republicans are hoping becomes buried in the subconscious of the American people.

Let me know when you hear other talking heads making these statements. (We all know FOX will do it so I'm not really counting them.)
26.Jan.2006 Abramoff and Bush .
Glenn says:  " This statement is factually false + Rove has to know that it's false. Nobody of any note – let alone "some important Democrats"-disagree that it's "in our national security interest to know" who Al Qaeda is calling and why. Nobody opposes eavesdropping on Al Qaeda + Rove knows that. And yet, here he is, claiming, falsely, that the NSA scandal is based on a disagreement about whether the Government should be eavesdropping on Al Qaeda, even though no such disagreement on  
In blatant defiance of the Constitution's guarantees of Habeas Corpus + separation of powers,

the Senate on Thursday approved the Graham Amendment to the Department of Defense Authorization Act by a vote of 49 to 42.

Five Democrats joined all but 4 Republican Senators in giving the President unfettered power to hold prisoners at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba,

for the rest of their lives, with no criminal charges + no right to challenge their confinement by Habeas Corpus....
The Democrats who voted in favor of the Graham Amendment were Joseph Lieberman (Conn.), Kent Conrad (N.D.), Ben Nelson (Neb), Mary L. Landrieu (La) + Ron Wyden (Or).

Two possibilities:
1. The Bush Cult, against all evidence, believes that torture is a valuable method for gaining actionable intelligence. The administration and its allies aren't aware that U.S.-sponsored torture is turning the entire Arab and Islamic world into a terrorist breeding ground.
2. The torture is a cleverly crafted policy designed to destabilize the fledgling Iraqi government (creating more enemies to fight), prolong the war (increasing profits for the corporate/military/industrial complex) + fuel the perpetual "our god is bigger than your god" quest for hegemony in the Middle East.
Take your pick.

The Rendon Group personally set up the Iraqi National Congress and helped install Ahmad Chalabi as leader, whose main goal — “pressure the USA to attack Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein” — Rendon helped facilitate. Pentagon documents show that Rendon has the highest level of government clearance (above Top Secret), which helped it with its INC work — “a worldwide media blitz designed to turn Hussein…into the greatest threat to world peace.”
While the White House continues to insist it did not manipulate intelligence before the Iraq war, it sure seems that it hired John Rendon and his group to do just that.

It's a wrap. They got the brass ring. Whether or not the administration crumbles under it's perverse criminality, the U.S. is never going to pull out of Iraq. Yes, some troops will come home. But if you think any administration -- even a Democratic one -- is going to voluntarily extract itself from the second largest source of oil on the planet, I've got a copy of the
Carter Doctrine I'd like you to read.
One of the most penetrating analyses of the underlying motives of the Bush Cult I have yet to see.
caribmon's post at Dailykos:
The recent revelations about the virulent spread of death squads ravaging Iraq have only confirmed for many people the lethal incompetence of the Bush Regime, whose brutal bungling appears to have unleashed the demon of sectarian strife in the conquered land. The general reaction, even among some war supporters, has been bitter derision: "Jeez, these bozos couldn't boil an egg without causing collateral damage."
But what if the truth is even more sinister? What if this murderous chaos is not the fruit of rank incompetence but instead the desired product of carefully crafted, efficiently managed White House policy?

Missing Black Boxes in WTC Attacks Found One of the most important news items to emerge in some time.
As Ted Lopatkiewicz, director of public affairs at the National Transportation Safety Agency which has the job of analyzing the boxes' data, says, "It's very unusual not to find a recorder after a crash, although it's also very unusual to have jets flying into buildings."
Now there is stronger evidence that something is amiss than simply the alleged non-recovery of all four of those boxes. A source at the National Transportation Safety Board, the agency that has the task of deciphering the date from the black boxes retrieved from crash sites-including those that are being handled as crimes and fall under the jurisdiction of the FBI-says the boxes were in fact recovered and were analyzed by the NTSB.
"Off the record, we had the boxes," the source says. "You'd have to get the official word from the FBI as to where they are, but we worked on them here."
More at link.

posted by Professor Pan at
This is a must read.
I will say that again.
This is a must read.
Having been confined to one of those "free speech" pens at several demonstrations, this "little noticed" provision of the Patriot Act takes dissent even further and effectively criminalizes it.
The word fascism gets thrown about a lot these days, but this is the definition of fascism, in bold, all caps, in red, underlined + surrounded by hideous blinking html tags.

Why is it that every message from the man works to confirm Bush's talking points, I wonder?
For instance:
The war against America and its allies will not be confined to Iraq. Iraq has become a magnet for attracting and training talented fighters.
What "OBL" is saying is that Al Qaeda is the major enemy fighting the U.S. in Iraq. While it is true that there are elements of Al Qaeda in Iraq, the purported statement subtly refutes the fact that most of the fighters in Iraq are insurgents fighting the occupation of their country. "OBL" therefore reinforces Bush's continous equating of Iraqi insurgents and Al Qaeda.

13.Mar.2002 George W. Bush,“So I don’t know where he is. You know, I just don’t spend that much time on him. … And, again, I don’t know where he is. I — I’ll repeat what I said. I truly am not that concerned about him.”
26.Jan.2006 Why Won't The Media Touch This Book? 
"Bush/Cheney stole their re-election in 2004.
They stole it not just in Ohio, but all throughout the USA, from coast to coast."

Press release for Mark Crispin Miller's new book Fooled Again .

26.Jan.2006 Clumsiness of new "Osama" propaganda: sign of increasing Bush administration desperation 
This latest production may be the clumsiest and most transparent fakery of them all. Today, with the Bush administration cornered and bleeding from scandals, in need of a distraction and cover for an atrocity in Pakistan, more justification for a future conquest of Iran + facing Peak Oil and Gas-related collapse, it is a fine time for another wag, another attempt at the same old trick. But it is a trick that is losing its power.
Palästinenser-Wahlen: Kopf-an-Kopf-Rennen zwischen Fatah und Hamas

00.000.1932 Marburg, Theodore. Development of the League of Nations Idea . Edited by John Holladay Latan. New York: Macmillan,.

00.000.1918 Marburg, Theodore. Draft Convention for League of Nations . New York: Macmillan,.

00.000.1917-00.000.1918 Marburg, Theodore. League of Nations . New York: Macmillan,.

Marburg, Theodore. "Papers of Theodore Marburg." Held by the Library of Congress.
mhp: The Alliance of Bankers and Revolution The Marburg Plan , financed by Andrew Carnegie 's ample heritage, was produced in the early years of the twentieth century. It suggests premeditation for this ...

Ahmadi-Nedschad wirft London erneut Terrorbeteiligung vor
Teheran - Der Iran hat Großbritannien und die USA für die Bombenanschläge verantwortlich gemacht, bei denen im Südwesten des Landes mehrere Menschen ...

Original-URL des Artikels: Veröffentlicht:  24.Jan.2006 16:01
Bundesweite Razzia gegen Raubkopierer Auch Gesellschaft zur Verfolgung von Urheberrechtsverletzungen (GVU) im Visier

Außerdem wurde
T-Online dazu verpflichtet, nach Beendigung der jeweiligen Nutzung alle Daten, die eine Verbindung zwischen der zugeteilten IP-Adresse und dem Kläger herstellen, umgehend zu löschen. Die Kammer vertrat die Auffassung, dass diese Daten für eine Rechnungsstellung nicht erforderlich seien und deshalb deren Erhebung und/oder Speicherung nach den einschlägigen Vorschriften des TK-Gesetzes nicht zulässig sei.
Colonel Lewis Boone, ein Sprecher der Army, ging zu der Studie des pensionierten Heeresoffiziers auf Distanz. Dass die Armee vor einem Zusammenbruch stehe, sei eine "sehr extreme Charakterisierung". Die Armee sei immer noch dazu in der Lage, jede Anforderung, die an sie gestellt werde, zu erfüllen.
Krepinevich, pensionierter Heeresoffizier, warnt in seiner Studie für das Verteidigungsministerium vor einem drohenden "Zusammenbruch" der größten Teilstreitkraft der US-Armee. Der derzeitige Leiter eines Forschungsinstituts für strategische und haushaltspolitische Einschätzungen befürchtet katastrophale Einbrüche bei der Nachwuchsanwerbung, sollten die Truppen weiter derart strapaziert werden.
Noch verfüge die Army über eine ausgezeichnete Kampfkraft, aber man beginne sich zu fragen, wie lange der Stress noch weitergehen könne, warnt Krepinevich in der 136 Seiten umfassenden vom Pentagon in Auftrag gegebenen Studie. Als Zeichen eines bereits begonnenen "Abwärtstrends" gibt er an, dass das Heer im Jahr 2005 hinter seinem Rekrutierungssoll zurückgeblieben sei, trotz erheblich verstärkter finanzieller Anreize für Neulinge. Die US-Armee befinde sich in einem "Rennen gegen die Zeit", wenn sie den Anforderungen des Krieges genügen wolle oder ein "zusammenbrechen", weil die Rekrutierung sich "katastrophal" entwickle.

Gordon schätzt, dass bereits 26 % des aus der Erdkruste gewinnbaren Kupfers verloren sind - in Müll, der nicht mehr aufgearbeitet werden kann. Bei Zink ist die Lage ähnlich: 19 % seien nicht mehr zu verwerten. Die aktuellen Rohstoffpreise würden dies jedoch nicht widerspiegeln, weil derzeit noch ausreichend Vorräte zur Verfügung stünden. Zudem entwickeln Ingenieure immer bessere Verfahren, um Metall effizienter zu gewinnen.
Kurzfristig ist nach Aussagen der Forscher noch nicht mit einem Metallmangel zu rechnen. Langfristig sei dies aber der Fall. Vor allem seltene Metalle wie etwa Platin könnten schon bald knapp werden. Es gebe bislang auch keine Platin-Alternativen, etwa für den Bau von Katalysatoren oder Brennstoffzellen. Als Risiko werten die Forscher zudem, dass der Pro-Kopf-Verbrauch vieler Metalle weiterhin ansteigt. Deshalb könnten eines Tages auch bisher reichlich vorhandene Metalle rar werden.
"Wir müssen das Recycling in einem größerem Maßstab angehen", sagte Cynthia Ekstein von der National Science Foundation.

Metall solle in seinem gesamten Nutzungsprozess gesehen werden - von der Förderung als Erz bis zur Müllhalde.
Als Rakoff nun die Veröffentlichung der Namen anordnete, fügte er gleich unmissverständlich hinzu, die Entscheidung sei "endgültig". Sowohl AP als auch Amnesty International rechneten allerdings nach dem Urteil damit, dass das Pentagon in Berufung gehen wird. "Das wird mit an Sicherheit grenzender Wahrscheinlich passieren", sagte ai-Experte Bhattacharyya. "Und dann hoffen wir eben, dass das Berufungsgericht zum gleichen Urteil kommt."
Jetzt bringt ein amerikanischer Bundesrichter die US-Regierung in Sachen Guantanamo allerdings in Bedrängnis: Jed S. Rakoff, Richter am Federal District Court in Manhattan, ordnete die Veröffentlichung der Namen der mehreren hundert Guantanamo-Gefangenen an.

30.Jan.2006 -Bis zum- müsse das Pentagon die Identität der Häftlinge preisgeben, urteilte der Richter. Er gab damit einer Klage der Nachrichtenagentur Associated Press (AP) statt.
Menschenrechtsorganisationen reagieren erfreut. "Sehr positiv" und "ausgesprochen begrüßenswert" sei die Entscheidung des Richters, sagte der USA-Experte der deutschen Sektion von Amnesty International (ai), Sumit Bhattacharyya, im Gespräch mit SPIEGEL ONLINE. "Damit ist der amerikanischen Administration ein weiteres Instrument aus der Hand geschlagen - das der Geheimhaltung", sagte er. "In einer Atmosphäre der Geheimhaltung sind Menschenrechtsverletzungen Tür und Tor geöffnet."
"Argumente nicht überzeugend"
Bereits im vergangenen Jahr hatte AP die Freigabe der Protokolle von 558 Anhörungen in Guantanamo beantragt. Das Verteidigungsministerium überließ der Agentur zwar die Protokolle, schwärzte darin aber sämtliche Namen und Passagen, die möglicherweise Rückschlüsse auf die Identität der Gefangenen zugelassen hätten. Begründete wurde dies vom Pentagon zunächst mit dem Schutz der Persönlichkeitsrechte der Häftlinge - ein Argument, das Richter Rakoff bereits am 4. Januar dieses Jahres zurückwies.
Die US-Regierung versuchte daraufhin, die Geheimhaltung der Namen mit dem Schutz der Familien, Kollegen und Freunde der Häftlinge zu begründen. Diese müssten im Falle einer Veröffentlichung mit peinlichen Fragen oder gar Vergeltungsmaßnahmen durch terroristische Gruppierungen rechnen, hieß es.
Doch auch diese Argumentation ließ Rakoff nicht gelten und verwarf sie als "nicht überzeugend" und "dünne Spekulation". Schließlich hätten die Familien, Kollegen und Freunde "niemals eine begründete Aussicht" auf Anonymität gehabt.
Richter sorgte schon einmal für Aufsehen

NS-Dokumentation: Topographie des Terrors soll 2009 fertig werden
Alitalia-Streik: Berlusconi wirft Linken Verschwörung vor
US-Terrorabwehr: Bundesrichter bringt Bush-Regierung in Bedrängnis
Pentagon-Studie: "US-Army am Rande des Zusammenbruchs"
Enron-Prozess: Schauplätze und Dramatis personae eines Bilanzskandals
Energienot und Kälte: Ukraine erwägt, Industrie lahmzulegen
Weltwirtschaftsforum: Der Geist von Davos

25.Jan.2006 England: Forscher will Spukschloss entzaubern
Trotz Recycling: Metallvorräte der Erde reichen nicht
Iranischer Minister nennt Israel "kleiner Satan"
Benedikts erste Enzyklika: Love, love, love!

25.Jan.2006 Prognose 2006: Glos hält Wachstum von zwei % für möglich

25.Jan.2006 Tumulte auf Zypern: Straws Auto mit Eiern beworfen
Guantanamo: Zypries verurteilt Vernehmungen durch deutsche Beamte
Raucher: Gene bestimmen täglichen Tabakbedarf

25.Jan.2006 BND-Affäre: Opposition streitet weiter über Untersuchungsausschuss

25.Jan.2006 Straßengebühr: EU blockiert Maut-Erstattung für deutsche Spediteure
Irak: Anstieg der Armut seit Saddams Sturz

25.Jan.2006 Guantanamo: US-Militär dementiert neue Hinrichtungsregelung

25.Jan.2006 Psychische Krisen: Erste Hilfe im Netz

25.Jan.2006 Palästinenser: Hamas will bewaffneten Kampf fortsetzen
Hochstimmung: Ifo-Geschäftsklimaindex schnellt nach oben

25.Jan.2006 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Ich war Maos Hund"

25.Jan.2006 Italien: Gericht soll über Existenz Jesu entscheiden
Atomkonflikt: Iran begrüßt russischen Vorschlag
Landtagswahl Rheinland-Pfalz: SPD drohen schwere Verluste
Boomwirtschaft China: Exportüberschuss erreicht Rekordhöhe
Wechsel zur Deutschen Bank: Harsche Kritik an Ex-Staatssekretär Koch-Weser
Suchmaschine: Google übernimmt chinesische Zensurbestimmungen

25.Jan.2006 CIA-Affäre: USA weisen Europarat-Kritik zurück
Please, Help Me!: Please help me my friends, who lived through war, who experienced war around the world. Please tell me the way in which I can pass on this horrible experience to others.

Please also tell me, explain to me why many of us still, as my friend observes, keep "quiet and cower."

25.Jan.2006 Audit Describes Misuse of Funds in Iraq Projects : Much of the material in the latest audit is new + the portrait it paints of abandoned rebuilding projects, nonexistent paperwork + cash routinely taken from the main vault in Hilla without even a log to keep track of the transactions is likely to raise major new questions about how the provisional authority did its business + accounted for huge expenditures of Iraqi + American money.

25.Jan.2006 Iraq's Oil Bust: The Bush ad—ministration dreamed of liberating the country on the cheap. Billions in untapped oil reserves would pay for reconstruction and nation-building.

But hundreds of billions of American tax dollars later, Iraq's oil still isn't flowing at prewar levels.

25.Jan.2006 Fact or fiction? Bush offered Blair chance to pull out of Iraq: President George W Bush has revealed he offered Tony Blair the chance not go to war in Iraq, but the Prime Minister turned it down.

25.Jan.2006 Bolton: Bush won't tolerate nuclear Iran: According to Bolton, Bush worries that a nuclear-equipped Iran under its current leadership could well engage in a nuclear holocaust,

"and that is just not something he is going to accept."

25.Jan.2006 Patrick J. Buchanan: Bush's Dilemma: Iran vs. Israel : If America does not strike, Mofaz is saying, Israel will.

Yet, as that could produce the same results as an American attack, without the same assurance of success, Bush may have to restrain Israel, if he does not want a wider war.

25.Jan.2006 Paul Craig Roberts : US Orders Syria To Do the Impossible : Is there a person anywhere in the world who still thinks there is an ounce of sanity in the Bush administration?

If so, let that person read John Bolton’s orders to Syria in the January 24 online edition of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

25.Jan.2006 CIA flights likened to the work of gangsters : The USA was accused of "gangster tactics" yesterday + European governments were accused of turning a blind eye to the "outsourcing of torture", as a human rights watchdog concluded that the CIA conducted illegal anti-terror activities in Europe.

25.Jan.2006 EU governments condoned torture, Swiss investigator says: European governments have silently condoned the practice of abducting suspected terrorists + transporting them from European airports to countries in which torture is used, a Council of Europe (CoE) investigation has revealed.

25.Jan.2006 Video: Elusive Peace: Israel and the Arabs: Israel's former Prime Minister Ehud Barak persuaded US President Bill Clinton to devote his last 18 months in office to helping make peace with Yasser Arafat. But after tense negotiations the deal was never made. Then Ariel Sharon made a controversial visit to the al-Aqsa mosque compound in East Jerusalem, a site which is also holy to Jews.


25.Jan.2006 New Frontiers for the Police State: A provision in the "Patriot Act" creates a new federal police force with power to violate the Bill of Rights.

You might think that this cannot be true as you have not read about it in newspapers or heard it discussed by talking heads on TV.

25.Jan.2006 UK: Police stop and search 100 people a day under new anti-terror laws : Campaigners will mount a legal challenge in the House of Lords today,

as they attempt to limit the laws giving police sweeping powers to stop people even if they have no grounds to suspect them of a crime.
Study: Army stretched to breaking point: Andrew Krepinevich, a retired Army officer who wrote the report under a Pentagon contract, concluded that the Army cannot sustain the pace of troop deployments to Iraq long enough to break the back of the insurgency.

25.Jan.2006 U.S. forces must learn to fight 'Long War': "This generation of servicemembers will be in what we're calling the Long War," the general said.

"Our estimate is that for at least the next 20 years, part of our focus will be on how do we deal with the extremist networks that will continue to threaten the USA and its allies."
25.Jan.2006 Unhitching our Wagons
New Blood, New Visions + a New Political Party -By Charles Sullivan
Working class people, especially progressives, must come to understand that our interests are not being served by hitching our political wagons to either the Democratic or the Republican Party. The Republicrats represent a capitalist system that has given rise to class division, the unequal distribution of wealth, private ownership + a system of wage slavery that does not serve democracy, but plutocracy .

According to Bill O'Reilly, bloggers who went after Deborah Howell for her Abramovian obfuscations -- in other words, bloggers like yours truly -- functioned as part of a well-organized smear campaign funded by George Soros and Peter Lewis.
Does O'Reilly feel obligated to provide any evidence that either of these men paid a single dollar to a single blogger for this purpose? Of course not. "Christians" like O'Reilly always have an elastic interpretation of the commandment forbidding false witness. For the well-heeled O'Reilly to accuse anyone else of taking money is like Germany accusing Poland of starting World War II.
Permalink 25.Jan.2006
Obviously, this is the first step. Today, we are told that these intrusions are justified by the sacred cause of protecting our children. Tomorrow, we will be living in the world of Minority Report .
Iris scans Why, in a time of strained educational budgets, would the Freehold Borough School District feel obligated to spend $369,000 on a
iris scanner system designed to identify everyone in or near an elementary school ? Are terrorists infiltrating our grade schools? 25.Jan.2006
The new Gestapo The
Patriot Act reauthorization bill of 2005 offers an interesting little tidbit. Most people don't know about this:
Sec. 3056A. Powers, authorities + duties of United States Secret Service Uniformed Division
(a) There is hereby created and established a permanent police force, to be known as the 'United States Secret Service Uniformed Division'.

Subject to the supervision of the Secretary of Homeland Security,

the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division

shall perform such duties as the Director, United States Secret Service, may prescribe in connection with the protection of the following:

What follows is a list of federal properties (the White House, Foreign Diplomatic Missions + so forth). Then we get to the juicy bit:
(11) An event designated under section 3056(e) of title 18 as a special event of national significance.

The uniformed Secret Service are authorized, in the wake of such an "event," to make arrests without warrant.
What I've been looking for - and have yet to find - is Section 3056(e) of title 18.

Just what is a "special event of national significance"?

I'm thinking bombs.

I'm thinking that all the Bushies need do is set off a single mini-nuke - +

then they will have the authority, based on laws already on the books ,

to send out the Gestapo to jail all dissenters. Permalink
Klima-Studie: 2005 war wärmstes Jahr seit über einem Jahrhundert
Zahlreiche "kohärente + übereinstimmende Indizien" sowie Äußerungen von US-Beamten deuteten darauf hin, dass die CIA systematisch Häftlinge in Drittländer befördert habe, die dann die Folter übernahmen, erläuterte Marty. Es gebe Beweise dafür, dass "Folter geoutsourct" wurde.

Er nannte die illegalen Verschleppungen des islamischen geistlichen Abu Omar in Italien + die des Deutschen Khaled el-Masri.

Das sei von den zuständigen Behörden nie bestritten worden.
Ahmadinedschad-Besuch: Rätsel um Bombenanschläge in Iran

24.Jan.2006 Atomstreit: Iran und Russland streben Kompromiss an
Anyone concerned about American public life at the outset of the 21st century would do well to pay close attention to the prophetic scenario embraced by millions.

For these believers, America faces not just shadowy terrorists but nothing less than the advance guard of Antichrist himself.

Lahr knows that the Eastwind pilots are telling the truth. So does the CIA.

Now, with the 10th anniversary approaching of TWA 800's demise, it is left to a California federal judge to insist that the truth be shared with the nation.

Lahr is not overly optimistic, but he is not about to give up.
Yi folgert aus dem Ergebnis der Studie, dass Menschen + Schimpansen einer gemeinsamen Gattung zugeordnet werden sollten - wie es schon einmal der Fall war.

00.000.1775-00.000.1816 waren beide Arten Mitglieder der Gattung Homo.

Dann aber wurden Schimpansen + ihre Vettern, die weniger aggressiven Bonobos, in die Gattung Pan eingeordnet - als Pan troglodytes + Pan paniscus.

"Wir haben nicht nur ein extrem ähnliches Erbgut, sondern auch fast gleiche Zeitspannen von einer Generation zur anderen", sagte Yi.

"Menschen und Schimpansen sollten einer Art angehören."
Die Evolutionsbiologen um Soojin Yi vom Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta haben die sogenannte molekulare Uhr von Menschen + Schimpansen verglichen.

Dabei fanden sie heraus, dass sich das Erbgut von Homo sapiens und Pan troglodytes, so der lateinische Name des Schimpansen, mit nahezu der gleichen Geschwindigkeit verändert.
Die langsam laufende molekulare Uhr deutet auf eine lange Zeitspanne zwischen den Generationen und eine ausgedehnte Entwicklungszeit bis zur Geschlechtsreife hin.

Beim Menschen geht sie besonders langsam - und wird oft als eines der Merkmale benutzt, die Homo sapiens gegen das Tierreich abgrenzen.
Yis Team hat jetzt herausgefunden, dass sich das Schimpansen-Erbgut ähnlich gemächlich verändert - und in dieser Hinsicht der DNA des Menschen näher steht als der von anderen Affenarten.

Die molekulare Uhr des Schimpansen tickt nur um drei % schneller als die humane, schreiben die Forscher im Fachblatt "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences".

Zwischen Mensch + anderen Affenarten wie Gorilla oder Orang-Utan bestehe dagegen ein Geschwindigkeitsunterschied von elf %.
Ralph Catalano + Tim Bruckner von der University of California in Berkeley haben nun eine Studie veröffentlicht, der zufolge Theorie Nummer eins eher zutrifft.

Die Forscher werteten die Lebensdaten der zwischen

00.000.1751-00.000.1912 geborenen Schweden statistisch aus.

Sie fanden heraus, dass in manchen Jahren zwar weniger Jungen auf die Welt kamen, die dann jedoch länger lebten als eigentlich zu erwarten war.
Dieser Zusammenhang spricht für die Theorie der natürlichen Auslese, schreiben Catalano + Bruckner im Fachblatt "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences":

Die männlichen Föten, die trotz widriger Umstände geboren wurden, waren robuster und hatten damit eine vergleichsweise hohe Lebenserwartung.

Die ungewollte "Abtreibung" schwächerer männlicher Föten könne vom Drang gesteuert sein, für das Überleben des eigenen Geschlechts zu sorgen.

Weiblicher Nachwuchs sorge eher für den Erhalt der eigenen Art als männlicher.
Um weitere Hinweise auf die richtige Theorie zu bekommen, müsse die Studie aber mit anderen Bevölkerungsgruppen wiederholt werden, kommentieren die Wissenschaftler.
Guantanamo: Neue US-Regeln ermöglichen Hinrichtungen
Gigantische Krise: Arbeitslosigkeit weltweit auf Rekordstand

24.Jan.2006 Supreme Court: Bush setzt Richter Alito durch

24.Jan.2006 Erbgut-Studie: Schimpansen sollen wieder Menschen werden
Ahmadinedschad-Besuch: Rätsel um Bombenanschläge in Iran
CIA-Affäre: Notizen eines frustrierten Ermittlers
International koordinierte Aktion: 300 Razzien gegen Raubkopierer
Trotz Katastrophen: Tourismus steigt weltweit auf Rekordniveau
Anti-Terror-Kampf: Pentagon will Spezialeinheiten aufstocken

24.Jan.2006 Immobilienfonds-Krise: Anleger ziehen Milliarden ab
Energiepreise: Höchste Zeit für ein Kartell der Öl-Verbraucher
Luxor: Gut erhaltene Königinnen-Statue entdeckt 
Umwelt-Rangliste: Costa Rica schlägt Deutschland
Unwort des Jahres: "Entlassungsproduktivität"
Übernahmepläne: Thyssen und BASF blitzen in Amerika ab
CIA-Affäre: Europaratsermittler berichtet von 100 Verschleppten und Folter
Ekliger Fund: Wal-Erbrochenes macht Fischerpaar reich
Teure Devise: Euro klettert auf Vier-Monats-Hoch
Wolfowitz under Fire: The immediate cause of the turmoil at the World Bank is the appointment of an adviser to Mr Wolfowitz with close ties to the Republican party as the new director of the internal watchdog that investigates suspected fraud and staff misconduct.

24.Jan.2006 Supreme Ethics Problem? : What Was Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Doing on Day of Supreme Court Swearing-In?

24.Jan.2006 U.S. Senate panel endorses Alito : The Senate Judiciary Committee voted strictly along party lines today to endorse Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr. for a seat on the Supreme Court, sending the nomination to the full Senate, where confirmation is all but certain.

24.Jan.2006 Airline captain adds NSA to TWA Flight 800 case: More than five years ago, retired United Airline Capt. Ray Lahr began his FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) petition to discover why TWA Flight 800 blew up on the night of 17.Jul.1996 off the coast of Long Island.

24.Jan.2006 Consevatives win in Canadian election: Conservative Stephen Harper pledged to quickly carry out his campaign promises to cut taxes, get tough on crime and repair strained ties with Washington after his party won national elections and ended 13 years of Liberal Party rule in Canada.
Palestinian refugees will hold mock PLO elections in Brussels and Paris: Six million Palestinians exiled in Arab states, Europe, the Americas and elsewhere + Palestinian citizens of Israel, have remained stripped of their right to participate in Palestinian democratic decision making and are denied their right to return.

24.Jan.2006 U.S. ordered to reveal IDs of detainees: A federal judge has ordered the Pentagon to release the names and nationalities of hundreds of prisoners detained at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, rejecting the government's argument that it would be a violation of their privacy and expose them to retaliation by terrorist groups.

24.Jan.2006 Defending Spy Program, General Reveals Shaky Grip on 4th Amendment : The former national director of the National Security Agency, in an appearance today before the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., today, appeared to be unfamiliar with the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

24.Jan.2006 How Close Are We to the End of Democracy?: No president in over 200 years of our history has ever before claimed the "unitary powers" that Bush claims are his. Not President Lincoln during the Civil War, not President Wilson during World War I, not President Roosevelt during World War II, not President Truman during Korea + not Presidents Johnson and Nixon during Vietnam.

24.Jan.2006 Impeachment hearings: The White House prepares for the worst : "A coalition in Congress is being formed to support impeachment," an administration source said.

24.Jan.2006 Bush on Trial for Crimes against Humanity: The International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration convened last weekend in New York City's Riverside Church.

24.Jan.2006 Expulsion of U.S. Envoy Sought in Pakistan : Lawmakers in northwestern Pakistan on Monday demanded the government expel the American ambassador to Pakistan in response to a U.S. airstrike that killed 13 people.

24.Jan.2006 East Timor truth commission finds U.S. "political and military support were fundamental to the Indonesian invasion and occupation" : Report estimates 100-180,000 Timorese killed or starved 1975-1999

24.Jan.2006 11 killed in Nigeria oil raid: An armed gang dressed in police uniforms has attacked the offices of Agip oil company, a unit of Italy's ENI, in Nigeria, killing 11 people, security and government sources said.

24.Jan.2006 Venezuela vice president to Sen. McCain: 'Go to hell': Venezuela's vice president derided Sen. John McCain for suggesting that "wackos" run the South American country, saying Monday that the USA should focus on its own problems.

24.Jan.2006 Chavez says end is near for U.S. "empire": "The empire has entered the phase of desperation, like a vampire who sees dawn approaching and realizes that he still has not sucked enough blood," the outspoken leftist said in a long speech after receiving an honorary degree from San Andres University in La Paz.

24.Jan.2006 Venezuela's Chavez hosts World Social Forum : Leftist leaders are increasingly popular across Latin America, while Chavez's own "revolution" for the poor has become an inspiration for like-minded activists everywhere.

24.Jan.2006 Castro offers eye care for US poor : Fidel Castro, the Cuban president, has offered free eye operations to impoverished Americans and asked the US government to let them travel to his country for treatment.
Iranian report: Mossad agent arrested on border with Turkey : Iranian intelligence agents arrested a man who worked for Iran's Gachsaran oil company some 20 years ago. Fourteen years ago, the man allegedly hijacked an Iranian plane and landed it in Israel. Farda News reported "the Zionist regime granted the man asylum and recruited him to work as a spy."

24.Jan.2006 In case you missed it: Chris Floyd: Into the Dark: The Pentagon Plan to Foment Terrorism

24.Jan.2006 Pakistan backs Iran pipeline despite U.S. objections: Pakistan said on Tuesday that a plan to build a natural gas pipeline from Iran to India through its territory should go ahead as scheduled, despite strong opposition from the USA.

24.Jan.2006 What will China do? : Weeks ago, Chinese officials pledged to veto any U.S. or European attempt to impose UN sanctions on Iran. But since Ahmadinejad began to ratchet up tensions and the West responded with threats of its own, China has kept its intentions to itself.
24.Jan.2006 War pimp alert:
Bush commits US to defence of Israel in face of Iran threat : "Israel's our ally. We're committed to the safety of Israel + it's a commitment we will keep.

24.Jan.2006 War pimp alert: Bush says sees risk of Iranian nuclear blackmail: U.S. President George W. Bush said on Monday he was concerned a future nuclear-armed Iran could blackmail the world.
International Law, the United Nations + the War in Iraq: The U.S. representative claimed his country's actions were authorized by previous council resolutions (as many in the Bush administration are arguing again today). The British delegate similarly argued that because Iraq had not complied with the terms of Resolution 687, military force was justified.
HRW: U.S. Policy of Abuse Undermines Rights Worldwide : New evidence demonstrated in 2005 that torture and mistreatment have been a deliberate part of the Bush administration’s counterterrorism strategy, undermining the global defense of human rights, Human Rights Watch said today in releasing its World Report 2006

24.Jan.2006 Jordan: Parliament Should Reject U.S. Impunity Deal: Jordan’s parliament should reject an agreement that would shield U.S. citizens and personnel under Jordan jurisdiction from ICC prosecution for war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International said today.

24.Jan.2006 Sanitised images hide truth about war, says Fisk : The sanitised images of war broadcast on television are a "lethal weapon" masking atrocities which demonstrate that conflict can "never be justified," an Independent debate was told last night.
The Re-Declared War on Terror
By Noam Chomsky

"Terror" is a term that rightly arouses strong emotions and deep concerns. The primary concern should, naturally, be to take measures to alleviate the threat, which has been severe in the past + will be even more so in the future. To proceed in a serious way, we have to establish some guidelines. Here are a few simple ones: Continued
Investigator: U.S. 'Outsourced' Torture -
By JAN SLIVA -The Associated Press

The head of a European investigation into alleged CIA secret prisons in Europe said Tuesday that evidence pointed to the existence of a system of "outsourcing" of torture by the USA + that it was highly likely European governments were aware of it. Continued
24.Jan.2006 mag speaks of impeachment Insight on the News is a propaganda sheet allied to the Washington Times and subsidized by the Reverend Moon. To the shock of many, Insight has today published a piece on possible impeachment hearings for W. Impeachment proponents in Congress have been bolstered by a memorandum by the Congressional Research Service on Jan. 6. CRS, which is the research arm of Congress, asserted in a report by national security specialist Alfred Cumming that the amended 1947 law requires the president to keep all members of the House and Senate intelligence committees "fully and currently informed" of a domestic surveillance effort. It was the second CRS report in less than a month that questioned the administration's domestic surveillance program.
The latest CRS report said Mr. Bush should have briefed the intelligence committees in the House and Senate. The report said covert programs must be reported to House and Senate leaders as well as the chairs of the intelligence panels, termed the "Gang of Eight." There's a Lawrence of Arabia quote for every occasion -- and right now, I'm thinking of the scene where Anthony Quinn tells Omar Sharif "This is a new trick!"
The question is not "Should Bush be impeached?" but "Why is Moon pushing the idea now?" After all, the Korean Khrist has long been close to Dubya's daddy.
Brother Neil has been tagging along with the Moon roadshow for some time. And W himself even gave a televised "thumbs up" to Moon's "Tear Down the Cross Day" rally. (How our Fearless Leader managed to avoid paying a political price for that endorsement remains a mystery.)
So...what's really going on here?


So, youngsters can now blast away at their enemies on Sony gear and then graduate to an actual Cell-powered tank.

"The Cell BE processor was originally designed for the volume home entertainment market, but its architecture of nine heterogeneous on-chip cores is well-suited to the type of distributed, real-time processing that will power tomorrow's digital battlefield," said Craig Lund, CTO at Mercury. "At 200 GFLOPS, the Cell BE processor is an order-of-magnitude higher in performance than other processors. In defense computing, the availability of the Cell BE processor is an industry milestone akin to the introduction of AltiVec into the PowerPC architecture."

So far, Mercury is the only company to reveal Cell-based server designs. It has a blade server that slots into IBM's BladeCenter chassis and the more compact Turismo server coming in early 2007.
23.Jan.2006 'Science is the last unreformed institution'

What so infuriated Maddox was Sheldrake's theory of "morphic resonance" -- a complicated framework of ideas proposing that nature relies upon its own set of memories, which are transmitted through time and space via "morphic fields". The theory holds that these fields, which operate much like electrical or magnetic fields, shape our entire world. A panda bear is a panda bear because it naturally tunes into morphic fields containing storehouses of information that define and govern panda bears. The same with pigeons, platinum atoms + the oak trees on Hampstead Heath, not to mention human beings. This theory, if widely accepted, would turn our understanding of the universe inside out -- which is why Sheldrake has so often felt the wrath of orthodox scientists.

For the past 20 years, he has pursued further research on morphic fields even though no university or scientific institute would dare hire him. Much of his empirical explorations focus on unsolved phenomenon such as how pigeons and other animals find their way home from great distances, why people experience feelings in amputated limbs, why some people and animals can sense that someone is staring at them. He believes morphic resonance may offer answers to these questions.
23.Jan.2006 Cliff paintings in Ningxia may be origin of picture writing: expert 
The prehistoric cliff paintings discovered in northwestern China may be a medium of primitive language and an origin of picture writing, experts have said.
23.Jan.2006 Ancient oak felled for wine barrels 
The Morat tree, as it is called, was planted in the 1660s during the reign of Louis XIV, on the instructions of the King's main administrator, Jean-Baptiste Colbert. A huge tree-planting programme was organised at the time, to provide high quality timber for France's naval shipyards
23.Jan.2006 David and the Inflatable Goliath 
Pentagon builds monster blimp. With pic.
Attacks in Iraq jumped in 2005: Insurgents launched 34,131 attacks last year, up from 26,496 the year before, according to U.S. military figures released Sunday.

23.Jan.2006 Al-Qa'eda supporters win seats in local polls : Supporters of al-Qa'eda in Iraq have used the elections staged by the USA to gain positions of political power, the American military believes.

23.Jan.2006 Powell: US will pull troops out this year: Former Bush aide who urged caution over Iraq signals start of withdrawal by end of 2006

23.Jan.2006 Resistance And Occupation: Resistanc to occupation cannot be defeated.

Victory may be very long in coming, but come it will, because time is on the insurgents’ side. Occupation forces always withdraw, one way or another…

23.Jan.2006 American contractors leaving Iraq: American private contractors are preparing to leave Iraq as US money runs out and government ministries take charge of the reconstruction effort

23.Jan.2006 Troops return from Iraq with money to burn: Several soldiers interviewed estimated they earned an extra $700 to $800 per month while in Iraq, totaling up to an extra $9,600 for some from their year overseas.

23.Jan.2006 Nothing depleted about 'depleted uranium': Currently, more than 50 % of Iraqi cancer patients are children under the age of 5, up from 13 %. Children are especially vulnerable because they tend to play in areas that are heavily polluted by depleted uranium.

23.Jan.2006 Israel Hints at Military Action Against Iran: Israel is threatening to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran's nuclear program. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz has hinted that Israel is preparing for military action against Iran's nuclear facilities.

23.Jan.2006 Rice says time for talking with Iran is over: U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Monday there was strong international consensus against Iran's nuclear plans and time had run out for talking to Tehran.

23.Jan.2006 Iran threatens to restart full-scale enrichment if referred to U.N. Security Council : Iran will immediately retaliate if referred to the U.N. Security Council next week by forging ahead with developing a full-scale uranium enrichment program, a senior envoy said Monday.

23.Jan.2006 Senator Hillary Clinton Takes Money from Pro-Regime Iranians: Senator Hillary Clinton yesterday accused President George W. Bush of mishandling the threat from Iran while she's been accepting money from supporters of the renegade Iranian regime.

23.Jan.2006 Hillary Clinton, War Goddess : She wants permanent bases in Iraq – and threatens war with Iran

23.Jan.2006 Joe Lieberman: U.S. Prepared for Iran Strike: Sen. Joe Lieberman said Sunday that the U.S. is prepared to deal with the Iranian nuclear crisis militarily - even if the war in Iraq continues to require a substantial American troop commitment.

23.Jan.2006 Military assault on Iran could cost U.S. dearly : Diplomats around the world keep repeating the mantra: There is no military option when it comes to slowing, much less stopping, Iran's presumed ambitions to get the Bomb.

23.Jan.2006 Iran's Really Big Weapon: This could be a far more profoundly punishing blow to American interests than Iran's ability to manufacture a crude atom bomb that would have little credibility until it became small and stable and reliable enough to be delivered on some putative target.

23.Jan.2006 Mike Whitney : Iran’s Oil-exchange threatens the Greenback : This is why Bush and Co. are planning to lead the nation to war against Iran. It is straightforward defense of the current global system and the continuing dominance of the reserve currency, the dollar.

23.Jan.2006 U.S. tells Israel it will shun PA gov't that includes Hamas : The American administration has promised Israel that the USA will not recognize any Palestinian government in which Hamas participates, government sources in Jerusalem have said.

23.Jan.2006 U.S. Spent $1.9 Million to Aid Fatah in Palestinian Elections : American and Palestinian officials who spoke anonymously because they were not authorized to speak to reporters said that the program, which started in August, was intended to help defeat Hamas

23.Jan.2006 Fatah attacked for taking US funds: "This is a clear violation of the election law," he said. "Receiving money from foreign sources is forbidden and the PA and Fatah ought to clarify their position in this regard.

23.Jan.2006 Hamas sees possible indirect talks with Israel : A senior Hamas official raised the possibility on Monday of indirect negotiations with Israel, softening the Islamic militant group's stance ahead of this week's Palestinian election

23.Jan.2006 Israel killed Arafat, says Assad: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has caused outrage by accusing Israel of assassinating former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, whose death 14 months ago remains a mystery.

23.Jan.2006 Video: The Wall Of Hate: Your tax dollars at work. Windows Media. 7 minutes

23.Jan.2006 Pakistanis Stopped From Protesting U.S. : Pakistani security forces on Monday stopped hundreds of hard-line Islamists from heading to northwestern Pakistan to protest against a fatal U.S. missile attack, the first time authorities have tried to quell mounting anti-American sentiments.

23.Jan.2006 Sympathy for al-Qaida Surges in Pakistan : Sympathy for al-Qaida has surged after a U.S. airstrike devastated this remote mountain hamlet in a region sometimes as hostile toward the Pakistani government as it is to the USA.

23.Jan.2006 Bin Laden: Where is he? Who's protecting him? Why can't we find him? : The latest audiotape proves the al-Qa'ida figurehead has pulled off one of the most remarkable disappearing acts in history.

23.Jan.2006 Russia displays 'spying rock' : A programme aired on state television said four British diplomats used a hi-tech version of the "dead letter drop" of spy novel fame - a dummy rock by the roadside that could receive information electronically and beam it to a hand-held computer on demand.

23.Jan.2006 Russia blamed for 'gas sabotage' : Georgia's president has accused Moscow of serious acts of "sabotage" after gas blasts on Russian pipelines cut off supplies to Georgia and Armenia.

23.Jan.2006 Experts see $100 a barrel oil: Geopolitical conflicts taking their toll : Iran issue alone could cause disruption

23.Jan.2006 Saudi King Signs Energy Deal With China China has signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia that may boost Beijing's purchases of Saudi oil.

The deal came during a visit by Saudi King Abdullah to the Chinese capital.

23.Jan.2006 McCain says the U.S. can't rely on `wackos' oil : A top Republican lawmaker said Sunday that the U.S. must explore alternate energy sources to avoid being held hostage by Iran or by "wackos" in Venezuela -- an apparent reference to Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's populist president.

23.Jan.2006 Activists find a home from home: Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, is to host one of the world's largest anti-globalisation, anti-war events, starting this week.

23.Jan.2006 Bolivian leader sworn in as the Left advances on US doorstep: Evo Morales, a former llama herder and coca farmer, was sworn in yesterday as Bolivia's first indigenous Indian president, the latest in a string of Leftists sweeping to power across Latin America in a backlash against US-backed free-market policies.

23.Jan.2006 Thousands throng streets as Bolivian leader sheds tears: Warning to US as Morales threatens to turn to China

23.Jan.2006 U.S. Gvt. Channels Millions Through National Endowment for Democracy to Fund Anti-Lavalas Groups in Haiti: Anthony Fenton, joins us to discuss the National Endowment for Democracy - the US government-funded group - that is pouring millions of dollars into trying to influence Haiti's political future.

23.Jan.2006 Held in 9/11 Net, Muslims Return to Accuse U.S. : Physical abuse, the lawsuit says, began the moment they arrived, chained and shackled. As Yasser described it, guards supervised by Lieutenant Pray slammed his brother face-first into a wall where an American flag T-shirt had been taped, then did the same to him.

23.Jan.2006 Crime Of Compassion : Although the government continues to characterize Dhafir as a criminal supporting terrorism, the only context in which this case makes any sense is the overwhelming humanitarian crisis created by the brutal U.S. sanctions on the country of Iraq

23.Jan.2006 Free Rafil Dhafir: He is a political victim of an overzealous government that is willing to bend the rules-as we show on this web page-- to win a trophy in the war on terrorism."

23.Jan.2006 U.S. anti-war activist gets 6 months for protest at military recruiting station : A peace activist was sentenced Monday to six months in jail for splattering his own blood at a military recruiting station to protest the then-looming war in Iraq.

23.Jan.2006 Paul Craig Roberts: Cheney's War Workshop Plots Another Attack: 2006 is a dangerous year for Americans. The Bill of Rights and Americans' civil liberties are being sacrificed on the alter of unaccountable executive power, as is the separation of powers, the foundation of our constitutional system.

23.Jan.2006 Bush Aide Says Abramoff Photos Coincidence: An adviser to President Bush said Monday that Bush's photographs in the company of disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff amount to a coincidence and shouldn't be interpreted any more seriously than that.

23.Jan.2006 Bush and Abramoff—Say Cheese?: Abramoff would tell prosecutors, if asked, that not only did he know the President, but the President knew the names of Abramoff’s children and asked about them during their meetings. At one such photo session, Bush discussed the fact that both he and Abramoff were fathers of twins.

23.Jan.2006 Will Abramoff’s Deep Throat Swallow God’s Mouthpiece?: Evidence is mounting that former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed Jr., along with a former leader of the Texas Christian Coalition, may have illegally lobbied Texas state officials on behalf of crooked federal lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his clients.

23.Jan.2006 Wayward Christian Soldiers: What will it take for American evangelicals to recognize our mistaken loyalty?

23.Jan.2006 Bush nominee broke law: A federal judge nominated to the U.S. Circuit Court owned stock in corporations involved in lawsuits brought before him.

23.Jan.2006 U.S. 28th in environmental performance: The USA trailed most Western European nations, as well as Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Costa Rica and Chile in meeting environmental goals in such areas as safe drinking water and low ozone levels

23.Jan.2006 23.Jan.2006 The Truth Seeker - Big Brother is Watching You ... And .. of senior personnel from the CIA ,MI6, Mossad etc, along with military ... of the “ Mujihadeen ” to overthrow the socialist government of Afghanistan and ...  
Some may be under the impression that by "speak her mind," she means "read my script" and "take my pay-off."

I suspect that if she were to write several columns in favor of - say - a cessation of aid to Israel, the WP powers-that-be would soon find a loophole in that "contract" of hers. Permalink 23.Jan.2006
The only Indian tribes who gave substantially to Republicans were those
working with Abramoff. Of the top 10 political donors among Indian tribes in that period, three are former clients of Abramoff and Scanlon: the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe of Michigan, the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians + the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians of California. All three gave most of their donations to Republicans -- by margins of 30 %age points or more -- while the rest favored Democrats... 23.Jan.2006
On January 15, Howell wrote a column filled with deliberate lies, in which she claimed that Abramoff "had made substantial campaign contributions to both major parties." She also intimated that the Washington Post had covered up these phantom donations to Democrats.
Today she offered an
"apology" which turns out to be almost as deceptive as the original outrage. I wrote that he gave campaign money to both parties and their members of Congress. He didn't. I should have said he directed his client Indian tribes to make campaign contributions to members of Congress from both parties. 23.Jan.2006
The point is this: The Indians wanted to help Democrats, their traditional allies, who surely would have received far more from tribal donors if Jack Abramoff never existed. We still don't have even a quark's worth of proof that any tribe gave any amount to any Democrat purely because Godfather Jack directed them to do so.
Permalink 23.Jan.2006
Mark Schmitt tells us the part of the story
the Post doesn't want you to know: The Coushatta tribe didn't give one dime to Jean Carnahan. Obviously, the tribal leaders received further "directions" in their confabs with Team Abramoff. 23.Jan.2006
Yesterday, I asked (as did a lot of other people) for Washington Post Ombudscreature Deborah Howell to provide "one-half of one molecule's worth of evidence that Abramoff DIRECTED any Indian anywhere to give one dollar to any Democrat that otherwise would not have received it." The Post has made an
effort to back her BS.
I still haven't received my half-a-molecule's worth. According to the Post:
Prominent Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff mounted a far-reaching campaign in 2002 on behalf of his clients, the Louisiana Coushatta tribe, to prevent another tribe, the Jena Band of Choctaws, from winning federal approval for a rival casino. As part of his efforts, Abramoff sent the Coushattas a list of politicians and organizations, titled "Coushatta Requests," for whom he wanted to tribe to write checks.

This article is cunning work.

The Postfolk do not circle names and say "See? Democrats! Right here !" And an unrelated squib directs our attention to Ralph Reed. This charade is designed to convince us that they are being fair and balanced.
Dass die Wetterextreme zunehmen, ist für den Potsdamer Forscher jedoch Tatsache.

Zu den Extremen gehören auch Kältewellen,denn der Klimawandel führt nicht nur zu einer Erhöhung der Durchschnittstemperaturen, sondern zu einer Häufung extremer Temperaturen und Regenfälle - +zwar in beide Richtungen

Trockene Regionen leiden noch mehr unter Dürre, in Gegenden mit feuchtem Klima regnet es noch mehr.
Ein solches Extrem dürfte auch die relative Wärme in der Arktis darstellen, die Wissenschaftler
derzeit auf der Forschungsstation Koldewey an der Westküste Spitzbergens beobachten. Sie registrierten die höchsten je im Januar gemessenen Temperaturen. Der Monat ist bisher fast 10 Grad wärmer als im Durchschnitt.

Der absolute Minusrekord für Deutschland liegt allerdings schon 77 Jahre zurück + wurde am

12.Feb.1929 Kälterekord gemessen: Minus 37,8 Grad zeigte das Thermometer damals in Hüll, einem Ort im Kreis Pfaffenhofen an.

00.000.1947 Extreme Kälte ließ die Deutschen zittern.

00.000.1956 Extreme Kälte ließ die Deutschen zittern.

00.000.1963 Extreme Kälte ließ die Deutschen zittern.

"Was wir gerade erleben, löst bei mir nur ein Schulterzucken aus", sagt Gerstengarbe, der als Professor an der Humboldt-Universität in Berlin lehrt."

Anders wäre es, wenn die Kältewelle drei bis vier Wochen andauern würde."
Ganz so einfach ist die Lage freilich nicht. Auch die gegenwärtige Kältewelle, die Russland, Polen, Deutschland und weitere Länder fest im Griff hat, taugt kaum als schlüssiger Beweis für den Klimawandel.

"Nur weil es zwei, drei Tage mal richtig kalt ist, denken die Leute gleich, die nächste Eiszeit ist da", sagt Friedrich-Wilhelm Gerstengarbe, Meteorologe am Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung.
Die Kältewelle als Vorbote des Klimawandels, davon will Gerstengarbe nichts wissen. "Es geht nicht um Vorboten, wir sind mittendrin im Klimawandel", sagt er im Gespräch mit SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Dies lasse sich anhand von Klimadaten aus den vergangenen hundert Jahren klar belegen.
"Die Klimatologen sind sich sicher, dass Witterungsextreme zunehmen", so Gerstengarbe. Man müsse die Sache nur global analysieren, wie es bei großen Versicherungsunternehmen schon lange üblich sei.
Gerstengarbe warnt jedoch davor, ein einzelnes Ereignis wie den derzeitigen Frost herauszugreifen. "Das besagt gar nichts; Kältewellen sind nichts Besonderes."

Derweil kritisiert die
amerikanische Bürgerrechts-Organisation Electronic Frontier Foundation einen Gesetzesentwurf des republikanischen Senators Gordon Smith, der neue digitale Medienformate stark reglementieren soll. Genauer noch: die Entwicklung und Einführung von neuen Formaten soll praktisch dem Willen der Plattenindustrie untergeordnet werden. Bissig fragt dazu der "Inquirer": Nehmen diese Gentlemen halluzinogene Drogen? Pikantes Detail: Senator Smith hat angeblich Zehntausende Dollar von der Plattenlobby bekommen ...
Dafür gibt's noch eine gute Nachricht für alle, die Musik nicht unlizenziert kopieren, aber trotzdem hören wollen: Mercora bietet ein Internetradio an, das Platteninhalte anderer User über ein P2P-System streamt, wie der
"Sydney Morning Herald" berichtet. Tolle Idee, noch mit einigen Macken...

Hunger strikers close to death By Sarah Baxter
DESPITE  force feeding by the American military, several hunger strikers at Guantanamo Bay may be close to death, according to lawyers acting for the detainees.

Immobilienfonds-Krise: Regierung und Bundesbank beteiligen sich an Werbeaktion

23.Jan.2006 Atom-Drohung: Merkel verteidigt Chirac
Noch ist die für 300.000 Euro entwickelte Elektro-Nase ein großer Kasten auf Rollen aus rostfreiem Stahl, der jeweils drei Minuten zur Untersuchung einer Kiste Fisch braucht. Mittelfristig sollen die Apparate auf die Größe von Taschencomputern schrumpfen, wie Entwickler Pierre Loonis von der Université de La Rochelle erläutert. "Innerhalb von sechs Monaten bis zwei Jahren wird dafür ein Markt geschaffen sein."
Gefährlicher Frost: Sorge vor Eisnacht
Schülerprojekt: Jugendliche decken NS-Verbrechen auf
Konflikte: Blair wirft Iran Terror-Hilfe vor
BND-Affäre: Grüne laufen über
Extremkälte: Eiswinter erreicht Deutschland

(Panorama, Schlappe in Patentstreit: Blackberry droht Zwangsabschaltung in den USA

23.Jan.2006 Sanierungsplan: Ford schließt 14 Werke - 30.000 Jobs in Gefahr
Große Koalition: Familienförderung entzweit Union und SPD
Spionage-Vorwürfe: Agenten in der Steinzeit
Elektro-Nase: Frische Fische misst der Riecher

23.Jan.2006 Gasstreit: Russland wirft Ukraine erneut Gasklau vor
BND-Affäre: FDP rückt von Untersuchungsausschuss ab
Eiszeit in Europa: Mittendrin im Klimawandel
Nigeria: Rebellenangriffe treiben Ölpreis in die Höhe

23.Jan.2006 US-Doku "Why We Fight": Futter für die verzagte Linke

23.Jan.2006 Pressefreiheit: Uganda mobbt ausländische Journalisten
Italien: Priester soll Nonne vergewaltigt haben
Deutsche Bank: Ex-Staatssekretär Koch-Weser berät Ackermann
Merkel bei Chirac: Schatzsuche in Versailles

23.Jan.2006 Atomstreit: Irans Führung lobt Steinmeier

23.Jan.2006 Machtkampf: Kuweits Regierung will neuen Emir absetzen

23.Jan.2006 Prioritäten: Warum Aids gefährlicher ist als der Klimawandel

23.Jan.2006 Rekordfrost: Eiszeit in Europa
Frostfalle: Siebenjähriger friert mit Zunge an Laterne fest
Große Kreuzfahrtschiffe: Schwimmende Bettenburgen erobern das Mittelmeer

23.Jan.2006 Hubschrauber für China: Japan zeigt Yamaha Motors an
Kurssturz: Angst und Schrecken an der Wall Street
Wie bei "James Bond": Russland wirft britischen Diplomaten Spionage vor
Medizin: Gentech-Bakterien statt Pillen
Washington - Reporter des "Time"-Magazins sahen laut einem Bericht vom Sonntag allein fünf Fotos, die Abramoff und Bush zusammen zeigen
Berichten zufolge hat die Staatsanwaltschaft in dem Korruptionsfall bis zu 20 Kongressmitglieder im Visier. Nach Angaben des unabhängigen Forschungszentrums Center for Responsive Politics profitierten seit 1999 etwa 300 Abgeordnete von Abramoffs finanziellen Zuwendungen. Abramoff hatte unter anderem die Wahlkämpfe von US-Präsident George W. Bush großzügig mitfinanziert. Auch zum früheren Chef der Republikaner im US-Repräsentantenhaus und einst engen Bush-Vertrauten, Tom DeLay, unterhielt er gute Kontakte. DeLay war im September wegen Korruptionsvorwürfen zurückgetreten.
Kurienreform: Ratzinger plant Perestroika

23.Jan.200 Investment-Krise: Anleger flüchten weiter aus Immobilienfonds

23.Jan.200 Sachsen-Anhalt: Auf dem Weg zum Briefkasten erfroren

23.Jan.200 Eisiges Deutschland: Thermometer fiel auf minus 33,8 Grad

23.Jan.200 Weltbank: Revolte gegen Wolfowitz
Iran-Atomstreit: Experten warnen vor Preisexplosion beim Öl

23.Jan.2006 BND-Affäre: Grüne nennen Bedingungen für Verzicht auf Ausschuss

23.Jan.2006 Renten: Müntefering warnt vor Alarmstimmung
Atomstreit gegen Iran: Opposition fordert Distanz zu Chirac

23.Jan.2006 Korruptions-Affäre: Fotos zeigen Bush mit Lobbyisten Abramoff
Für seine 45-minütige Rede erhielt Belafonte Jubel und stehende Ovationen. Im Publikum waren neben anderen der Sänger Peter Yarrow, die Folkgruppe Peter, Paul and Mary sowie Künstler aus mehreren dutzend Ländern.

Harry Belafonte, ohnehin nicht gerade als Verehrer von US-Präsident George W. Bush bekannt, hat Washington Nazi-Methoden vorgeworfen. In einer Rede verglich er das Heimatschutzministerium mit der Gestapo. Sein Publikum feierte ihn mit stehenden Ovationen.

New York - Der Sänger Harry Belafonte hat die US-Regierung erneut mit schärfsten Worten kritisiert. "Wir sind in einer dunklen Zeit angelangt, in der die neue Gestapo des Heimatschutzes lauert und die Rechte von Bürgern aufgehoben werden", sagte der Entertainer am Samstag in einer Rede vor der Arts Presenters Members Conference in New York. "Man kann ohne Ermittlungsverfahren festgenommen werden. Man kann festgenommen werden und hat kein Recht auf einen Anwalt."
Adictos a la guerra, de Joel Andreas
La siniestra historia de los Estados Unidos que nos cuenta Andreas es fácil de seguir. ... La NBC es propiedad de GE [General Electric], CBS es de Viacom ,


Ein Pflanzenextrakt in Hustenpastillen eröffnet neue Möglichkeiten im Kampf gegen die Vogelgrippe. Sollte sich die antivirale Wirkung bei Tests bestätigen, könnten Betroffene die Infektion eines Tages regelrecht weglutschen, hoffen Wissenschaftler.

Berlin/Tübingen - Es wäre zu schön, um wahr zu sein. Die Vogelgrippe kommt - und wird nicht etwa durch aufwändige und teure Präparate bekämpft, sondern durch simple Hustenbonbons. Genauer gesagt - durch einen Wirkstoff, den es schon in allerlei Pastillen gibt: Cystus-Extrakt.
According to Rand (no hotbed of liberalism), we are
losing the war on terror: The sum of "international" and "domestic" terrorist attacks in 2005 was 3991, up 51% from the previous year’s figure of 2639. The number of deaths that resulted from those attacks was 6872, which is 36% higher than the 5066 that occurred in 2004...
In contrast, in the last year of the Clinton presidency (2000), there were 1138 attacks and 776 deaths. Since then, after five years of Bush's macho 84 billion-dollar-a-year War on Terror®, attacks have increased by 250% and deaths by a whopping 550%. Let's force the Republicans to run on that record.

For the reactionaries, reality does not matter. What is real is what they want to be real.
Could the Osama tape be another concoction? The audio technology is certainly there. The motive is there. More importantly, the history of fakery is there -- for all to see.
Pakistan PM: No evidence of al-Qaida dead: Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz said security agencies in the area of Damadola "have not found any tangible evidence that a particular group or any individual was there."

22.Jan.2006 Al Qaeda's No. 2 Follows bin Laden's Lead and Resurfaces : The Central Intelligence Agency confirmed today that the voice on the 18-minute audiotape, posted on an Internet forum that has carried Al Qaeda communiqués before, was Mr. Zawahiri's.

22.Jan.2006 Extraordinary renditions: Osama bin Laden, who, like Bush, is the privileged son of an oil dynasty, was once the good friend of the USA. Now the commander-in-chief has turned his guns on this one- time ally in a repetitive mantra of demonology.

22.Jan.2006 Decoding the latest "bin Laden" tape : Ah, yes, another low-quality tape from bin Laden's secret cave complex. Pardon my skepticism

22.Jan.2006 Rove: GOP to Use Terror As Campaign Issue : Embattled White House adviser Karl Rove vowed Friday to make the war on terrorism a central campaign issue in November. He also said Democratic senators looked "mean-spirited and small-minded" in questioning Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito.

22.Jan.2006 Bush Leads Defense of NSA Domestic Spying : The Bush administration is opening a campaign to push back against criticism of its domestic spying program, ahead of congressional hearings into whether President Bush has the legal authority to eavesdrop on Americans.

22.Jan.2006 Kennedy resolution demands Bush wiretap probe: "If President Bush can make his own rules for domestic surveillance, Big Brother has run amok," Kennedy said yesterday. "We need a thorough investigation of these activities. Congress and the American people deserve answers + they deserve answers now."

22.Jan.2006 The War on Dissent Gets Creepy: "Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war + millions have been killed because of this obedience...Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity + war + cruelty.

22.Jan.2006 Belafonte: Bush administration backs Gestapo tactics: "We've come to this dark time in which the Gestapo of Homeland Security lurks here, where citizens are having their rights suspended," Belafonte told thousands of people at the annual meeting of the Arts Presenters Members Conference.

22.Jan.2006 Mystery firm linked to US lobbyist scandal : Among the likely subjects of interest here is a previously unknown company called Rose Garden Holdings. In May 2002, Abramoff notified the US Senate that Rose Garden had hired him and Greenberg Traurig, his firm at the time, to represent Rose Garden's "interests before federal agencies and [the] US Congress."

22.Jan.2006 Libby lawyers to subpoena reporters in CIA leak: Libby's lawyers also said that it may be necessary for the defense to issue subpoenas to government agencies but they did not indicate which agencies.

22.Jan.2006 John Lindh not a traitor, father argues : He says he didn't fight U.S., but was rescued

22.Jan.2006 U.S. losing edge in world market, Edwards says at poverty forum: With China and India aggressively investing in math and technology, the USA needs leaders who think about how to keep the nation competitive for coming generations, John Edwards, a former Democratic vice presidential candidate, said yesterday.

22.Jan.2006 A must watch video : Dr. Michael Parenti: "Terrorism, Globalism and Conspiracy": Globalization is an attempt to extend corporate monopoly control over the whole globe. Over every national economy. Over every local economy. Over every life.

22.Jan.2006 Bolivia's Morales Urges Unity, Strength: To roars from the crowd of tens of thousands, Morales _ the first Indian to be elected as Bolivia's president and a fierce critic of the U.S. _ called his landslide election a victory for indigenous populations around the world, saying it was evidence that poor countries can rise up to challenge richer ones.

22.Jan.2006 Sometimes you just got to laugh: U.S.: Venezuela Overspending on Military: Venezuela is planning a "buying spree" for military equipment that goes beyond the country's legitimate needs, the State Department said Friday.

In case you missed it: Plan Colombia - Cashing In on the Drug War Failure
"Fixed" Intelligence from Feith's "Gestapo Office," : Inspired by Mossad, Feith's rogue intelligence cell appears to have solicited, reexamined, digested and regurgitated evidence from the programmed liars put forward by Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress - evidence that the Intelligence Community already had considered, before dismissing as unreliable

22.Jan.2006 War pimp alert: Tehran plans nuclear weapon test by March: Tehran is planning a nuclear weapons test before the Iranian New Year on March 20, 2006 says a group opposed to the regime in Tehran.

22.Jan.2006 Iran's Bomb: There's been a lot of talk recently about Israel and/or the USA bombing the nuclear facilities in Iran. I wouldn't worry about that. I believe they are both bluffing.

22.Jan.2006 Iran will be taught a lesson: Burns: US Undersecretary of State R Nicolas Burns has called Iran “a threat to world peace” and vowed to “teach it a lesson”.

22.Jan.2006 Talk Of Military Action As Iran Nuclear Standoff Continues: Israel's defense minister hinted Saturday that the Jewish state is preparing for military action to stop Iran's nuclear program

22.Jan.2006 Iran's conventional forces remain key to deterring potential threats: The minimum force packages required for an Israeli or US strike would vary widely. An Israeli strike on even a single Iranian nuclear facility would stretch Israel's nascent long-range strike capability and require innovative basing and airborne refuelling solutions

22.Jan.2006 Italy Min Warns Against Any Israeli Action Vs Iran : -Italian Foreign Minister Gianfranco Fini warned Friday that any pre-emptive strike by Israel on Iranian nuclear facilities would have potentially disastrous consequences for the Middle East and the world.

22.Jan.2006 Gordon Prather: Currency War : The Iranian Bourse will be competing directly with London’s International Petroleum Exchange and New York’s Mercantile Exchange, both of which are owned by US corporations + whose transactions are denominated in Dollars.

22.Jan.2006 Iran shifts billions from banks in Europe amid fears of UN sanctions : · Tehran's nuclear stand-off intensified by transfers

22.Jan.2006 Hillary Outflanks W.on Iran--On the Right: Ms. Clinton lambasted the Bush administration – not for its threats against Iran, but for weakness. In particular, she hit the administration for going along with the European-led negotiations over Iran’s nuclear research, accusing Bush of “outsourcing” U.S. Iran policy.

22.Jan.2006 Iran and Israel: The Ambiguous Nuclear Weapons: For more than fifty years Israel has been directly and illegitimately funded and aided in its nuclear weapons production by France, the USA, Britain, Germany and Norway yet maintaining "ambiguity". During that time, Israel has also refused to sign or negotiate any commitment against the use of biological weapons

22.Jan.2006 Robert Fisk: My challenge for Steven Spielberg: 'Munich' suggests for the first time on the big screen that Israel's policy is immoral

22.Jan.2006 Former analyst gets 12 years for giving secrets to Israel: The sentence given to the analyst, Lawrence A. Franklin, 59, by U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III in court in Alexandria, Va., was at the low end of the federal sentencing guidelines.
I will not support Hillary Clinton for president -By Molly Ivins
Enough. Enough triangulation, calculation and equivocation. Enough clever straddling, enough not offending anyone This is not a Dick Morris election. Sen. Clinton is apparently incapable of taking a clear stand on the war in Iraq + that alone is enough to disqualify her.

The Enduring Threat: A Brief History
Iranian Nuclear Ambitions and American Foreign Policy -By Terence M. Gatt

The controversial issue of Iranian ambitions for a civilian nuclear energy project ironically began with the assistance of the USA during the reign of Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlevi. In 1957, Iran signed a civil nuclear cooperation agreement with the USA as part of the USA Atoms for Peace Program. Additionally, under this program Iran purchased a research nuclear reactor from the USA that was put into operation in 1967. Continued
Was, wenn das gesamte beobachtbare Universum eine solche Membran wäre, an die alle Teilchen + Kräfte gefesselt sind?

Wenn also die Welt nur eine von vielen dreidimensionalen Inseln in einem viel gewaltigeren Universum wäre?
Randall rechnete und kam zu dem Schluss, dass eine dreidimensionale Membran tatsächlich den sie umgebenden Raum so gründlich verbiegen kann, dass sie von der Außenwelt vollständig isoliert wäre - fast vollständig jedenfalls + genau dieses "fast" faszinierte sie besonders.
Anders als bei den meisten Stringtheorien nämlich scheinen ihre Ideen überprüfbar zu sein.

Schon wenn im nächsten Jahr der gewaltige Teilchenbeschleuniger LHC am Cern nahe Genf in Betrieb geht, dürfte sich zeigen, wie viel Randalls Spekulationen mit der Wirklichkeit zu tun haben.
Auf einem 27 Kilometer langen Tunnelparcours werden dort Teilchen beschleunigt, um am Ende mit nie zuvor erreichter Wucht aufeinanderzukrachen.

Im Schauer der Splitter, die bei diesen Crashs entstehen, hofft Randall Spuren jener Dimensionen zu finden, die es bisher nur in ihren Gleichungen gibt.
Vor acht Jahren erst begann sich Randall für mögliche Zusatzdimensionen des Universums zu interessieren. Eine kleine Gruppe von Kollegen hatte da schon einen Vorsprung von fast 20 Jahren.

Anfang der achtziger Jahre hatten sie entdeckt, dass sich eine Vielzahl bisher rätselhafter Phänomene erklären ließ, wenn man annimmt, dass die Welt in Wirklichkeit nicht aus Teilchen, sondern

aus aberwitzig winzigen Fädchen besteht.
Viel zu kurz sind diese "Strings", als dass sie mit Mikroskopen welcher Art auch immer sichtbar gemacht werden könnten. Wahrnehmbar sind nur ihre Vibrationen - sie äußern sich in Gestalt von Teilchen.

Elektronen, Lichtquanten und Quarks sind demnach also nichts anderes als die Schwingungen der eigentlich elementaren Strings.
Rasch allerdings mussten die Physiker einsehen, dass Strings, die im gewöhnlichen dreidimensionalen Raum schwingen, mathematischen Unfug produzieren. Gutmütig verhalten sie sich nur in neun räumlichen Dimensionen.

Das, so hätte man meinen mögen, sollte reichen, einer Idee den Garaus zu machen.

Doch die Physiker waren zu sehr verliebt in die phantastischen Eigenschaften ihrer Strings, um sich von den sechs zusätzlich erforderlichen Dimensionen schrecken zu lassen.

Da sie nicht sichtbar seien, so argumentierten sie forsch, müssten sie eben unsichtbar sein. Aufgerollt zu Knäueln, abermilliardenfach kleiner als Atomkerne, seien sie den Physikern bisher verborgen geblieben.
Eiswinter: Grimmige Kälte erreicht Deutschland
Image-Sorgen: Schweizer Bank schließt Schalter für Schurkenstaaten

22.Jan.2006 Tierseuche: Verdacht auf Vogelgrippe bei Französin
Verbale Breitseite: Belafonte vergleicht US-Ministerium mit Gestapo
Folter: Militärgericht spricht US-Offizier schuldig
Cystus-Bonbons: Lutschen gegen die Vogelgrippe

22.Jan.2006 Monarchie: Australier wollen keinen König Charles
Physik: Suche nach verborgenen Dimensionen des Alls

22.Jan.2006 Atomstreit: Israel warnt Iran
In the end, campaign officials decided not to go with Herskowitz’s account, and, moreover, demanded everything back. "The lawyer called me and said, ‘Delete it. Shred it. Just do it.’ "
"They took it and [communications director] Karen [Hughes] rewrote it," he said. A campaign official arrived at his home at seven a.m. on a Monday morning and took his notes and computer files.
So, said Herskowitz, the best material was left on the cutting room floor, including Bush’s true feelings.
"He told me that as a leader, you can never admit to a mistake," Herskowitz said. "That was one of the keys to being a leader."
You can read the whole article
here, if you can stand it!
06.Jan.2006 Bush announces radical shift in foreign policy;

No U.S. media report it

In case you thought the Bush administration's dangerous + national-security-weakening unilateralism was just a one-time deal in Iraq, think again.

Buried in the UK's Financial Times - and as far as I can tell, not reported anywhere else -

are the details of a State Department briefing this week in which the Bush administration very publicly said it is essentially scrapping U.S. support for NATO + the United Nations. No joke.

Here's the key excerpt:

"The Bush administration says it wants to be able to form 'coalitions of the willing' more efficiently for dealing with future conflicts rather than turning to existing but unreliable institutional alliances such as Nato.

'We ad hoc our way through coalitions of the willing. That's the future,' a senior State Department official said in a briefing this week."
GLASNOST Berlin - Manfred Behrend: Bildung, Tätigkeit und Ende der ... Eine ursprünglich von dem Deutsche-Bank-Direktor Mankiewicz geäußerte "Warnung" aufgreifend, die Siegermächte würden Reichseigentum als Unterpfand für ...
GLASNOST Berlin - Manfred Behrend: Bildung, Tätigkeit und Ende der ...Hilferding eine Drohung des Direktors Paul Mankiewicz von der Deutschen Bank, ... Eine ursprünglich von dem Deutsche-Bank -Direktor Mankiewicz geäußerte ...
Beiträge zur Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung – HTML-Version Eine ursprünglich von dem Deutsche-Bank -Direktor Mankiewicz geäußerte “Warnung” aufgreifend, die Siegermächte würden Reichseigentum als Unterpfand für Reparationen ...
51 Geheimgesellschaften -Kapitel 51 - Übersicht über die ...
Birrenbach , Kurt Präsident der DGAP, Mitglied der Bilderberger ... Sohl, Hans Günther Aufsichtsratvorsitzender der Thyssen AG ...

Affichage d'un sujet ... depuis 1833 : Rockefeller (Standard Oil) Harriman (chemins de fer ... Kurt membre du Bundestag Birrenbach Kurt président ... d'administration de la Thyssen AG Sommer ...

Affichage d'un sujet Apel Hans Amerongen Otto Wolff von Bangemann Martin Birrenbach Kurt, ... Sohl Hans Günther président du conseil d'administration de la Thyssen AG ...

Graf Bon und The Nice and Sexy Corporation ... Günther (Aufsichtsratvorsitzender der Thyssen AG) Sommer ... von Bangemann, Martin Birrenbach , Kurt, Prüsident ... vom Rothschild-Imperium) Harriman (Eisenbahn, wie ...

CAMGUIDE Apel Hans Amerongen Otto Wolff von Bangemann Martin Birrenbach Kurt, ... Sohl Hans Günther président du conseil d`administration de la Thyssen AG ...

Capítulo 52 - Resumo das mais importantes organizações conhecidas ...·Ponto, Jürgen, Dresdner Bank; ·Reirzle, Wolfgang, BMW AG; ·Rosenberg, Ludwig;

... · Birrenbach , Kurt presidente da DGAP, membro dos Bilderberger; ...

Chapter 6 With Clayton, Harriman + such members of the Harriman Committee as Paul ... Kurt Birrenbach , chairman of the board of Thyssen after the Vereinigte

Chapter 6: The Marshall Offensive and Capitalist Restoration in Europe – HTML-Version succeeded Wallace as Secretary of Commerce + the eventual Harriman Report on ... Kurt Birrenbach , chairman of the board of. Thyssen after the Vereinigte ...

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Sociétés Secrètes Partie B L' "Union-Bank" était une alliance de Thyssen et Harriman . Jetons un coup d'oeil sur la ... Birrenbach , Kurt - président de la DGAP, membre des Bilderberger ...étésSecrètesB.htmlétés... 896 - HTML-Version

Zusätzliches Ergebnis Bilderberg-Konferenz – Wikipedia ... von W. Averell Harriman , dem amerikanischen ... html) Kurt Ministerpräsident Freistaat Sachsen Birrenbach (https://de ... Vorsitzender August- Thyssen -Hütte AG Blomeyer ...

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Page 1. 1 SECRET SOCIETIES AND THEIR POWER IN THE 20 TH CENTURY By Jan Van Helsing Reference: A Guide Through the Entanglements of ...
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Bilderberg-Konferenz – Wikipedia Vorsitzender Dresdner Bank AG, Frankfurt/Main Prozner Konrad ehem. ... Direktor der a.- Thyssen -Hütten AG, Essen Sommer Theo Mitherausgeber "die Zeit", ...

Bilderberg-Konferenz Vorsitzender Dresdner Bank AG, Frankfurt/Main Prozner Konrad ehem. ... Direktor Der A.- Thyssen -hütten AG, Essen Sommer Theo Mitherausgeber "die Zeit", ...

Archiv Andreas Maislinger Personenregister A B C D E F G H I J K L ... Ardenne , Manfred von 1907- RE 29)I 28/9, Dresdner Club, Ardent , Fanny Schauspielerin ... Bornemissza , Hanns-Peter von Thyssen -Bornemissza . - HTML-Version

Bilderberg-Konferenz Definition Bilderberg-Konferenz Bedeutung ... Vorsitzender Dresdner Bank AG, Frankfurt/Main Prozner Konrad ehem. ... Direktor der A.- Thyssen -Hütten AG, Essen Sommer Theo Mitherausgeber "die Zeit", ...
John Kerry's diary ::
Here's what I'd like to see debated on Hardball.  

President Bush's mouthpiece Scott McClellan can claim this administration puts terrorists out of business, but yesterday's tape reminds us that instead of being out of business, Osama is still out there.

If this administration had followed through on the opportunity to capture Osama Bin Laden at Tora Bora in 2001, the world would be a better place with Osama Bin Laden brought to justice -- and we wouldn't be having this discussion today.  

And here's what the media should insist we discuss.

President Bush and his defenders continue to claim that Osama Bin Laden didn't escape at Tora Bora. But Gary Bernstein's book Jawbreaker documents what I said early in 2002 and during my debates with George Bush: that because Donald Rumsfeld's Pentagon didn't use American troops to do the job and instead outsourced the job of killing the world's #1 terrorist to Afghan warlords, this cold blooded killer got away.  

So what's the truth? There's a question that the full force of cable television should demand be answered. Press accounts over the last month have raised new concerns about the reliance on Afghan forces at Tora Bora in 2001. One account cited a Department of Defense document said to summarize the case against a suspected al Qaeda militant.  The militant was believed to have helped Osama bin Laden escape from Tora Bora. More recently, August Hanning, the head of German intelligence, has said bin Laden bribed Afghan forces at Tora Bora to make his escape.

The evidence keeps mounting:

Among the people who say Osama Bin Laden escaped at Tora Bora:

Gary Schroen, former senior CIA agent, Author of First In:  How seven CIA officers opened the war on terrorism in Afghanistan

Gary Berntsen, former CIA operative in Afghanistan, requested additional U.S. troops for the assault on Tora Bora, author of Jawbreaker.

Peter Bergen, terrorism analyst and author of The Osama bin Laden I Know

U.S. DOD, in a legal brief summarizing evidence against a suspect in U.S. custody at GTMO

Still - the Administration toes their party line. In 2004 they even dispatched their surrogate General Tommy Franks to dismiss all those who say otherwise.  

Isn't it time we had the truth? Yes or no, did Osama Bin Laden escape from Tora Bora in 2001?

Here's a subject suited for true hard ball, on Hardball:  four years of failure - enough is enough - why hasn't Osama Bin Laden been captured or killed + how will he be destroyed before he next appears on tape to spread his disgusting message?

That discussion -- rather than criticizing American citizens who exercise their right to free speech and express dissenting opinions - is the discussion that America needs. That would be the kind of debate on Hardball to which we should all tune in.
Make Osama the issue: WHY IS HE STILL FREE? No less a personage than John Kerry - does the name sound familiar? - is the
blogger of the moment over on Daily Kos.

And the post is so damn good, I would have made it a top recommendation even if his name were John Doe.
Moskau - 15 russische Regionen seien auf den Temperaturabfall nicht vorbereitet gewesen, erklärte Gasprom am Samstag in Moskau. Grund sind nach Darstellung das Monopolunternehmens Industriekunden, die einen Notfallplan zur Heranziehung alternativer Energiequellen nicht beachtet hätten. Laut Gasprom war demnach abgesprochen, dass diese Kunden innerhalb von 24 Stunden mehr als 211 Millionen Kubikmeter Gas durch alternative Energieträger ersetzen sollten. Das dadurch eingesparte Gas hätte zur Gasversorgung der Bevölkerung eingesetzt werden sollen. Bisher habe die Industrie aber erst 40 Millionen Kubikmeter Gas eingespart.
Kälte in Russland: Gasprom räumt Lieferschwierigkeiten ein

00.000.1941 Pearl Harbor bombed and war is declared.

00.000.1942 Leo Crowley, the US Alien Property Custodian ordered the seizure of all property of Hapag-Lloyd in Aug.

00.Oct.1942 US Alien Property Custodian seized thestock shares of the Union Banking Corp. of New York, whose shareholders were Chm./Dir. E. Rowland Harriman; Pres./Dir. Cornelis Lievense (banking functionary for the Nazis); Treasurer/Dir. Harold D. Pennington (of Brown Brothers Harriman); Dir. Ray Morris (of Brown Brothers Harriman); Dir. Prescott S. Bush; Dir. H.J. Kouwenhoven (Dir./Chief foreign financial exec. of German Steel Trust); Dir. Johann G. Groeninger (Industrial Exec. In Nazi Germany).

In the same month, the USA government seized two additional companies: Seamless Steel Equipment Corp. & Holland-American Trading Corp both ran by Union Bank.

00.Nov.1942 the Nazi assets of Silesian-American Corp were seized leaving the American partners to carry on with business.

Seizure of the whole company would have been detrimental to the war effort.

25.Mar.1942 U.S. Assistant Attorney General Thurman Arnold announced that William Stamps Farish had pleaded "no contest" to charges of criminal conspiracy with the Nazis.

Farish was the principal manager of a cartel agreement between Standard Oil and I.G. Farben.

The cartel built an industrial plant to produce artificial rubber and gasoline from coal at Auschwitz to take advantage of the slave labor.

The Deutsche-Amerikanische Petroleum A.G. (DAPAG), the Standard Oil subsidiary in Germany, was 94-% owned by Standard Oil of New Jersey.

Standard Oil of New Jersey was represented in the inner circles of Naziism by Karl Lindemann, director of DAPAG + member of  Himmler's Circle of Friends +

by board member Emil Helfrich, who was an original member of the Keppler Circle.

Karl Lindemann connections extended into the international banking area as director of several banks, including

the Dresdner Bank +

the Deutsche Reichsbank +

the private Nazi-oriented bank of C. Melchior & Company

00.000.1945 The Treasury Department revealed to congress that United Steel produced the following %ages of war munitions for the Nazis:

Pig iron 50.8%; Pipe & tubes 45.5%; Universal plate 41.4%; Galvanised sheet 38.5%; Heavy plate 36%; Explosives 35%; Wire 22.1%. This is the same firm Prescott Bush acted, as banker for.

In effect, Prescott was Hitler’s American banker.

Allen Dulles sought out a young Naval Officer that had been put in charge of some captured Nazi documents.

If the documents surfaced it would have revealed Dulles as a traitor.

In a deal to bury the documents, Dulles agreed to finance the young man’s first political race.

This was the beginning of the political career of Richard Nixon.

Project Paperclip begins to import Nazis into the USA.

00.000.1946 Nixon defeated Jerry Voohris for congress with the help of an influx of money from New York centered banks.

00.000.1947 Following the war, authorities seeking to locate the Dutch Royal family’s jewelry discovered the transaction papers of the Silesian American Corporation in the books of Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart.

The bank manager, H.J. Kounhoven came under intense scrutiny + was shocked by the discovery.

Soon Kounhoven traveled to New York to inform Prescott Bush. T

wo weeks later, the otherwise healthy Dutch banker died of a heart attack.

00.000.1950 Prescott Bush defeated in his political race due to his background association with the American eugenics movement.
Escandalo del grupo bancario JP Morgan, Credite Suisse, Dresdner Bank y los hermaos Rohm. 17:31 Nov-24
See Also:
Blood money: two exposés of Swiss collaboration with the Nazis
[30 May 1998]

Hjalmar Schacht Bankier, Politiker
22.Jan.1877 Hjalmar Schacht wird als Sohn eines Kaufmanns in Tinglev (Nordschleswig) geboren.
00.000.1895-00.000.1899 Studium der Wirtschaftswissenschaften in Kiel, München und Berlin.
1900 Tätigkeit für einen Handelsvertragsverein.
1903 Als Archivar tritt Hjalmar Schacht in die Dresdner Bank ein.
1908 Hjalmar Schacht wird stellvertretender Direktor der Dresdner Bank.
1916 Hjalmar Schacht Wechsel als Direktor zur privaten "Nationalbank für Deutschland".
1918 Hjalmar Schacht ist Mitbegründer der
Deutschen Demokratischen Partei (DDP).
1920 Hjalmar Schacht Geschäftsinhaber der "Nationalbank für Deutschland".
1922 Nach der Fusion der Nationalbank mit der Darmstädter Bank für Handel und Industrie zur sogenannten Danat-Bank leitet Hjalmar Schacht eine der deutschen Großbanken.

"If one believes that individuals should be held accountable, the accountability should apply to banks and corporations," said Ruth Klein , the national director of B'Nai Brith's Institute of International Affairs.
The shakedown continues: The "hold-up"

08.Jun.2000 Bank's Nazi ties spur call for ban Jewish groups want Canadian branch held up until deal made in Holocaust lawsuit -Glen McGregor

THE German bank accused of once holding accounts for members of Adolf Hitler's dreaded SS is planning to open a branch in Canada, but Jewish groups want the federal government to block the deal until all outstanding claims over the bank's role in the Second World War are settled.

Frankfurt-based Dresdner Bank AG, Germany's third-largest bank, recently applied to Canada's Superintendent of Financial Institutions for permission to open a branch in Toronto.

Dresdner is part of a group of German industrial giants negotiating to settle enormous class-action lawsuits filed by Holocaust survivors and their families over the use of slave labour and the laundering of money taken from Jews during the war.

B'Nai Brith Canada considers securing restitution from German industry a "tremendous symbolic issue" that should be resolved before the banks are allowed to operate freely in Canada.

Dresdner Bank war an Auschwitz-Firma beteiligt
Dresdner Bank im Zwielicht:

Nach SPIEGEL-Informationen belegt eine Studie, dass das Geldinstitut weit stärker in das NS-System verstrickt war als bisher bekannt.

Demnach war die Dresdner Bank Großaktionär einer Firma, die das Vernichtungslager Auschwitz mitgebaut hat.

Hamburg - Wie Wissenschaftler um den Zeithistoriker Klaus-Dietmar Henke herausgefunden haben, war die Dresdner Bank maßgeblich an der Huta beteiligt, einem der führenden Hoch- und Tiefbauunternehmen der NS-Zeit. Die Firma errichtete mindestens zwei der Krematorien für die industrielle Menschenvernichtung in Auschwitz, außerdem Wirtschafts-, Wohn- und Entlausungsbaracken.

00.000.1910 -Seit- stellte die Dresdner Bank immer wieder den Vorsitzenden des Huta-Aufsichtsrats.

Bankchef Herbert Walter sagt zu den neuen Erkenntnissen, dass die NS-Geschichte des Unternehmens nun "in einem überaus kritischen Licht" erscheine.

"Dieser Verantwortung müssen wir uns stellen."

Die umfangreiche historische Untersuchung soll im kommenden Monat veröffentlicht werden.

[huta - "Definitions: pour into the fire, cast into the fire, offer, sacrifice." (Sanskrit)]
BND-Affäre: Schäuble warnt vor Untersuchungsausschuss
Das Forum ist neben dem Kolosseum die wichtigste antike Sehenswürdigkeit Roms. Bereits seit mehreren Jahrzehnten graben Archäologen an der Stätte nach Spuren des alten Roms.

Im Herbst 2005 fanden sie Reste eines Gebäudes aus dem achten Jahrhundert vor Christus. Das sogenannte Haus der Vestalinnen soll einst neben dem Vesta-Tempel am Fuße des Palatin-Hügels gestanden haben
Vom Einsatz computergesteuerter Großdrachen könnte nach Ansicht der Experten in einigen Jahren auch die Handelsschifffahrt profitieren.

Berechnungen zufolge können mit dem parallelen Einsatz des neuen Antriebs etwa 50 % des Dieselverbrauchs eingespart werden.

Demnach würden sich die Investitionen schon in drei bis fünf Jahren amortisieren.
Wrage rechnet damit, dass weltweit etwa 40 000 Schiffe mit dem patentierten Antriebssystem nachgerüstet werden können.

00.000.2013 -Bis- will das Hamburger Unternehmen mindestens 1,5 % der Welthandelsflotte sowie etwa 250 Superyachten mit dem Windantrieb ausstatten.
In der Ostsee vor Wismar wollen deutsche Forscher 2006 ein Schiff von der Größe eines Kleinfrachters mit einem riesigen Lenkdrachen in Fahrt bringen.

Der weltweit erste Test eines windgestützten Antriebssystems für Großschiffe wird gegenwärtig von Experten und Studenten der Seefahrtschule Leer in Niedersachsen vorbereitet.

Das Projekt soll für das in Hamburg entwickelte Projekt den Durchbruch in der Welthandelsschifffahrt bringen.
Atomstreit mit dem Iran: Ahmadinedschad ruft zu Sanktionen gegen den Westen auf
Haushaltskrise: Steinbrück will Finanzen unter Brüsseler Kontrolle stellen
Hochfliegende Pläne: Lenkdrachen sollen Frachter ziehen

21.Jan.2006 Forum Romanum: 3000 Jahre altes Grab entdeckt

21.Jan.2006 Reporter im Banlieu: "Die ticken nicht mehr so wie wir"

21.Jan.2006 Tonband-Botschaft: Poesie des Terrors

21.Jan.2006 Projekt "Barracuda": Luftwaffe begutachtet geheime Flugdrohne
Angst vor Unruhen: Holländer wollen junge Arbeitslose in Kasernen drillen
Israel: Arbeitspartei will Ostteil Jerusalems zurückgeben
21.Jan.2006 Ergebnisse 1 - 100 von ungefähr 148.000 für La ola Welle . ( 0,24 Sekunden) 
Im Devisenhandel stieg der Kurs des Euro zum Dollar auf 1,2138 (1,2097) Dollar. Die Feinunze Gold verteuerte sich um 30 Cent auf 554,30 Dollar.
Die Händler begründeten den Absturz auch mit den Problemen mit Nigeria und Iran. Es sei zu befürchten, dass das viertgrößte Ölexportland Iran auf eventuelle Uno-Sanktionen mit dem Stopp der Öllieferungen antworten könnte. Zur Verunsicherung an den Ölmärkten habe auch das am Donnerstag vom arabischen Sender al-Dschasira ausgestrahlte Video des al-Qaida Führers Bin Laden beigetragen, der mit neuen Anschlägen in den USA drohte. An der Rohstoffbörse New York Mercantile Exchange kletterte der Preis für ein Barrel Öl um 2,3 % auf 68,36 Dollar.
Unter den Tagesverlierern waren mit der Citigroup und General Electric zwei globale Schwergewichte. Beide verfehlten im vierten Quartal die Erwartungen der Analysten.

21.Jan.2006 Permalink
21.Jan.2006 I am forever struck by the contrast between the way right-wingers think we think and the way we actually do think.
21.Jan.2006 A manipulation of this sort would explain why Osama has recently shown a tendency to say what Republicans would like him to say. He discusses polls in America. He no longer dwells on obscure (to Americans) points of Islamic history or theology.
Faked audiotapes and television broadcasts were prophesied by Dr. Steven Metz and Lieutenant Colonel James Kievit (of the Army War College) in their extraordinary 1994 document The Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of War , which is one of those revealing "think" pieces the Pentagon probably wishes had never seen a public release. You can read the file
Interesting, wasn't it, how an Osama communication hit the public in late 2004 -- just in time to help deep-six John Kerry's chances?

Some have also questioned whether the tape is real. Even if the voice is that of Osama Bin Laden, it could still be a fake, thanks to advances in technology. Check out this
Washington Post piece from 1999: "Gentlemen! We have called you together to inform you that we are going to overthrow the USA government." So begins a statement being delivered by Gen. Carl W. Steiner, former Commander-in-chief, U.S. Special Operations Command.
At least the voice sounds amazingly like him.
But it is not Steiner. It is the result of voice "morphing" technology developed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.
By taking just a 10-minute digital recording of Steiner's voice, scientist George Papcun is able, in near real time, to clone speech patterns and develop an accurate facsimile. Steiner was so impressed, he asked for a copy of the tape.

Börse: Steiler Einbruch an der Wall Street
Börsenschluss: Dax knickt ein, Nervosität steigt
Drohende Sanktionen: Iran zieht Währungsreserven aus Europa ab
Verirrter Meeressäuger: Wal schwimmt durch London
Israel und Iran: Der Point of no Return rückt näher
21.Jan.2006 In case you missed it:
Petrodollar Warfare: Dollars, Euros and the Upcoming Iranian Oil Bourse: Despite the complete absence of coverage from the five U.S. corporate media conglomerates, these foreign news stories suggest one of the Federal Reserve's nightmares may begin to unfold in the spring of 2006, when it appears that international buyers will have a choice of buying a barrel of oil for $60 dollars on the NYMEX and IPE - or purchase a barrel of oil for €45 - €50 euros via the Iranian Bourse.
U.S. targeted-killings of al Qaeda suspects rising: U.S. sources said Washington would not have undertaken the airstrike without an OK from Pakistani officials, while experts dismissed Pakistan's angry public response.

21.Jan.2006 Ted Rall: Death From Above: U.S. Drone Planes Have a Nearly Perfect Record of Failure

21.Jan.2006 Robert Scheer: What's Up With Osama Bin Laden? : Now we are left holding the bag in two desperate countries with bleak futures where perpetrators of 9/11 are reportedly thriving and guerilla warfare and terror bombings have continued to increase.

21.Jan.2006 Noam Chomsky, 'The War on Terror', (full text): Described by The New Yorker as 'one of the greatest minds of the 20th century', Noam Chomsky gave the 2006 Amnesty Lecture, hosted by Trinity College Dublin, on January 18th. The theme of the lecture was 'The War on Terror'.
Full Text of Bin Laden Tape
Bin Laden appears to be addressing the American people: By The Associated Press
My message to you is about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and how to end them. I did not intend to speak to you about this because this issue has already been decided. Only metal breaks metal + our situation, thank God, is only getting better and better, while your situation is the opposite of that.

Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela will assist Bolivia: Hugo Chávez, declared that the three countries are preparing an urgent program to assist the new president of Bolivia, Evo Morales. Chavez said he wanted something on paper by Sunday (January 22), in time for Morales' inauguration

21.Jan.2006 Revolution in the Andes : Fidel Castro's prophecy has at last been fulfilled as Bolivia joins Latin America's 'axis of good'

21.Jan.2006 Bolivia's Morales talks tough over missile saga: Bolivia President elect Evo Morales vowed tough punishment on Wednesday for military chiefs who sent the country's only missiles to the USA to be destroyed, apparently without the outgoing president's consent.

21.Jan.2006 CIA warned its operatives to stay out of Italy, according to e-mail: The CIA warned its operatives to stay out of Italy after learning that Italian prosecutors were preparing to seek arrest warrants in the agency's 2003 kidnapping of a radical Muslim preacher, according to an e-mail message recovered from the computer drive of the chief suspect in the case.

21.Jan.2006 The CIA is engaging in an unlawful practice –”extraordinary rendition”: In a history-making lawsuit, the ACLU is challenging the practice on behalf of Khaled El-Masri, an entirely innocent victim of rendition who was released without ever being charged.

21.Jan.2006 US poised for radical reform of foreign aid programme: The Bush administration wants its multibillion-dollar aid programmes to serve its foreign policy goals better. Critics are worried that by in effect merging USAID into the State Department, the agency will lose some of its independence + development will become purely politicised.

21.Jan.2006 Depleted Uranium - A Hidden Looming Worldwide Calamity: There's possibly one threat that tops all others both in gravity and because it's been deliberately concealed from the public - never discussed, explained or had any action taken to remediate it. It's the global threat from the toxic effects of depleted uranium (DU)More on this topic

21.Jan.2006 Whitewash: Administration defends NSA wiretapping: The Bush administration offered its fullest defense to date on Thursday of the National Security Agency's domestic eavesdropping program, saying that authorization from Congress to deter future terrorist attacks "places the president at the zenith of his powers in authorizing the NSA activities."

21.Jan.2006 Why Stanford prof is suing Bush over NSA spying: ``It is not simply what the president is having the NSA do. It is the unilateral and unconstitutional means by which he is doing it.''

21.Jan.2006 U.S. Obtains Internet Users' Search Records: Yahoo and others reveal queries from millions of people; Google refuses. Identities aren't included, but the data trove stirs privacy fears.

21.Jan.2006 Ominous sign/The president's growing disregard for the law: President Bush's latest tool for disrespecting the Constitution, Congress and the American people, used more than a hundred times so far, is the presidential signing statement. Tripping Up on Trips: Judges Love Junkets as Much as Tom DeLay Does : The judicial seminars are conducted under the innocuous-sounding banner of "judicial education." In reality, these slanted multiday sessions mock the ideal of an independent, impartial judiciary + pose a threat to the appearance and reality of judicial integrity.

21.Jan.2006 Charles Sullivan : Talking Revolution : We will never have a just society by being silent and remaining ignorant. We have no rational choice but to open our eyes and to see things as they really are. We have a moral obligation not only to speak out against injustice; we have an obligation to act against it. That is our duty as citizens; it is our duty as servants of justice and peace.

21.Jan.2006 What They Won't Tell You Corruption Is Really All About : Beyond the brazen vote-buying/bribery that our money-drenched political process periodically is afflicted with is the far more systematic way America's entire political debate is artificially limited to ensure an outcome favorable to Big Money interests.

21.Jan.2006 British firms top foreign spending on US lobbyists: BRITISH companies have spent more than $165 million (£93.7 million) since 1998 with an American lobbying industry that is being described by US Democrats as “part of a poison tree of corruption”.

21.Jan.2006 When it comes to spin, Washington is no match for Wall Street: Ignored was the fact that November’s deficit was still the third largest monthly deficit ever + regardless of expectations, an unmitigated economic disaster. Such a "celebration" is akin to a student celebrating an “F” on his report card, as it represents an improvement on the “F-“ earned the prior semester.

21.Jan.2006 USDA blocks real probes, records fake ones: The Department of Agriculture has effectively blocked employees from pursuing complaints of anti-competitive behavior in the livestock industry and inflated the number of investigations it has conducted to make it appear it is vigorously upholding the law, the department's inspector general reported Wednesday.
What they don't want you to know about the coming oil crisis: Soaring fuel prices, rumours of winter power cuts, panic over the gas supply from Russia, abrupt changes to forecasts of crude output... Is something sinister going on? Yes, says former oil man Jeremy Leggett + it's time to face the fact that the supplies we so depend on are going to run out

21.Jan.2006 Nigeria militants say all oil producers at risk: Militants behind attacks aimed at disrupting Nigeria's oil exports said they will target all producers in the country, in a message singling out U.S.-based Chevron.

21.Jan.2006 U.S. Rejects Truce Offer From bin Laden : Breaking more than a year's silence, Osama bin Laden warned Americans in an audiotape released on Thursday that Al Qaeda was planning more attacks on the USA, but he offered a "long truce" on undefined terms.

21.Jan.2006 US wrong to sniff blood in bin Laden tape-analysts: Michael Scheuer, a former top CIA official who once led the spy agency's hunt for bin Laden, said the Bush administration failed to understand al Qaeda and would shrug off the tape at its peril.

21.Jan.2006 It's all about the voice: Osama bin Laden, master media manipulator turned global politician, is back. Talk about astonishing timing.

21.Jan.2006 Drug gang plan to smuggle in Osama's guys: A drug-trafficker who admitted importing a quarter-ton of cocaine from Mexico also plotted to smuggle 20 men he said were Iraqi terrorists into the USA, charging them $8000 a head.

21.Jan.2006 Chirac raises threat of nuclear strikes: Jacques Chirac, the French president, has provoked concern and criticism from opposition parties at home and in Germany after suggesting the threat of a nuclear strike against any state that launches terrorist attacks on French soil

21.Jan.2006 In case you missed it: ' Video: The Power of Nightmares: Part 1 '. Part 2 - Part 3" In the past our politicians offered us dreams of a better world. Now they promise to protect us from nightmares.

21.Jan.2006 U.S. Press Quiet On Israeli Spy Affair: Ex-Pentagon man gets 12 years in AIPAC case : Franklin was also found guilty of sharing classified information with Israeli diplomat Naor Gilon. He was also fined $10,000.

21.Jan.2006 Ex-Pentagon analyst jailed for passing US secrets to Israel: A former Pentagon analyst was sentenced to 12 years and seven months in prison on Friday for passing U.S. defense information to two pro-Israel lobbyists and for sharing classified information with an Israeli diplomat.
ElBaradei rejects EU’s request to condemn Iran : Mohamed ElBaradei, the head of the UN’s nuclear monitor, has turned down a request by the European Union to issue a far-reaching condemnation of Iran’s nuc­lear programme when the agency’s board meets in extraordinary session next month.

21.Jan.2006 Iran starts transferring foreign assets: Iran, which could face UN economic sanctions over its atomic programme, has bitter memories of its US assets being frozen shortly after the 1979 Islamic revolution.

21.Jan.2006 Syria backs Iran in nuclear standoff: "We support Iran regarding its right to peaceful nuclear technology," Assad said at a news conference with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the start of two days of meetings.
Pakistan: Why Blame America? By Yamin Zakaria
The US air strikes carried out on the 13th of January 2006, on the remote Pakistani village of Damadola was a clear act of terrorism. Out of the 18 civilians killed, 10 were women and children. It seems US terrorism inside Pakistan is becoming routine, earlier on the 7th of January 2006 at least eight civilians were killed by the US helicopters attack. To be precise, such acts are state-terrorism or primary-terrorism as opposed to the usual: secondary-terrorism of individuals or groups! The bombings were indiscriminate and without warning, like the routine bombings of the defenceless Iraqi cities or the Palestinian villages and towns.

The Proposed Iranian Oil Bourse
Abstract: the proposed Iranian Oil Bourse will accelerate the fall of the American Empire.- By Krassimir Petrov, Ph.D.
A nation-state taxes its own citizens, while an empire taxes other nation-states. The history of empires, from Greek and Roman, to Ottoman and British, teaches that the economic foundation of every single empire is the taxation of other nations. The imperial ability to tax has always rested on a better and stronger economy + as a consequence, a better and stronger military.

The approaching war with Iran
How real is the Iran nuclear threat to the USA? By Ed Haas
Given the fact that nuclear power plants are currently operating in 31 countries with 7 more countries in pursuit of atomic energy, is it possible that the USA is honestly threatened by Iran seeking nuclear power capabilities?

Alternate translation of of 01/19/06 Bin Laden tape. An earlier translation by Associated Press can be found here .

21.Jan.2006 Audio Statement By Sheikh Osama Bin Laden

My message to you is about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the way to end it. I was not intending to speak about this subject, because for us it’s obvious; blood for blood + all praise be to Allah, our situation is getting better and better while your situation is the opposite. Continued
Osama bin Laden: Is it him? Almost certainly -By Robert Fisk
How much longer can this nonsense go on? President Jacques Chirac warns that France - of all countries - might use nuclear weapons, if attacked. On whom, I wonder? America blows Pakistani children to pieces and claims it has killed five wanted men, including a bomb-maker. But there's absolutely no evidence.

Normalerweise herrscht in Ny-Ålesund, der nördlichsten Siedlung der Welt, in diesen Tagen Frost um minus 12 Grad Celsius. Seit dem 4. Januar liegen die Temperaturen aber über dem Gefrierpunkt. Der bisher wärmste Tag war der 16. Januar mit einer Höchsttemperatur von plus 6,5 Grad Celsius - zwei Grad mehr als der bisherige Januar-Höchstwert.
An zehn Tagen wurden die bisherigen Tagesrekorde um bis zu 3 Grad Celsius überschritten, teilte das Institut mit. Im Mittel sei der Januar bisher fast 10 Grad wärmer als im Durchschnitt. Gleichzeitig ist nach Messungen des norwegischen Polarinstituts in der ersten Januarhälfte dreimal so viel Niederschlag gefallen wie sonst im gesamten Monat.
Die hohen Temperaturen lassen große Mengen des im Winter gefallenen Schnees schmelzen. Zwischen Restschnee und Dauerfrostboden entstehen gefährliche, weil nicht sichtbare Schmelzwasserabflüsse. "Wir können den Ort praktisch nicht mehr verlassen, um an unseren Messgeräten außerhalb zu arbeiten", erklärt Kai Marholdt, Ingenieur an der Forschungsbasis.

Die vor einem Jahr gegründete "Bruin Alumni Association" gibt auf
ihrer Webseite an, alle "radikalen" Professoren der University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) "entlarven" zu wollen - denn die wollen angeblich mit ihren extremen Ansichten die Studenten missionieren. Besonders schlimm seien dabei die Linken:

Obwohl offiziell Professoren jeder politischer Ausrichtung verfolgt werden sollen,

hat die Vereinigung bisher ausschließlich Profile von 30 Lehrkräften der Universität veröffentlicht, denen sie linken oder liberalen Missionarseifer unterstellt.
Einer Anthropologie-Dozentin etwa wird dort vorgeworfen, sie habe in den letzten zehn Jahren ihre Unterschrift unter 14 "radikale" Petitionen gesetzt.

Eine Historikerin wird als "in jeder Hinsicht moderne Akademikerin" beschrieben: "kämpferisch, ungeduldig, anklagend und radikal - sehr radikal."

Insgesamt, so empört sich Bruin, seien an der Universität 500 offene Briefe, Petitionen oder öffentliche Stellungnahmen unterschrieben worden:

Die Unterzeichner setzen sich für Menschenrechte im Irak ein, fordern Aufklärung über Fälle in Guantanamo und Abu Ghuraib;

viele krisieren US-Präsident George W. Bush, den Verlauf des Nahost-Konflikts oder Krieg im Allgemeinen.
In einem Land, das viel Wert auf die Meinungsfreiheit ("freedom of speech") legt, sehen die angeprangerten Lehrkräfte in der Initiative eine Hetzjagd,

die die Unterrichtsatmosphäre an der Universität von Kalifornien empfindlich beeinträchtigt.

Drei Mitglieder haben aus Empörung über die Aktion den Beirat der Bruin Association verlassen: ein ehemaliges US-Kongressmitglied, ein emeritierter UCLA-Professor und ein Historiker aus Harvard.

Hetzjagd auf linke Professoren
Der Geist von McCarthy weht durch die University of Califonia. Absolvent Andrew Jones will Studenten für die Denunziation linker Dozenten bezahlen - jedes Spitzel-Paket bringt 100 Dollar.

Ziel der Treibjagd: der Abschied liberaler Professoren.

Eine Alumni-Vereinigung unter der Führung eines ehemaligen studentischen Republikaner-Vorsitzenden bietet Studenten bis zu 100 Dollar für jeden Kurs,

in dem sie Informationen über Professoren sammeln, die "schimpfliche, einseitige oder zum Kursthema nicht zugehörige" politische Ideologien verfechten.
Portugiese übernimmt Vorsitz
Neben Wolgau, Kreissl-Dörfler und Özdemir sitzen auch die deutschen EU-Abgeordneten Ewa Klamt (CDU), Alexander Nuno Alvaro (FDP) und Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann (Linke) im Ausschuss.

In der nächsten Woche wird sich dieser konstituieren.

Im Gespräch für den Vorsitz ist derzeit der portugiesische Konservative Carlos Coelho.

Für Coelho wäre die Untersuchung von Geheimdienstaffären nichts Neues.

00.000.2000+00.000.2001 -Schon in den Jahren- leitete er einen Sonderausschuss des Europaparlaments, der sich an der Aufklärung von Aktivitäten der US-amerikanischen Geheimen versuchte.
Damals ging es um das weltweite Abhörsystem "Echelon", mit dem die CIA + die National Security Agency (NSA) Computerdaten + E-Mails + Faxe europäischer Unternehmen abfingen.

Der damalige CIA-Chef James Woolsey hatte die systematische Wirtschaftsspionage sogar öffentlich eingeräumt:

Man wolle die Wettbewerbschancen der US-Wirtschaft gegenüber europäischen Konkurrenten schützen, erklärte er seinerzeit.

Als dann allerdings einige Abgeordnete des EU-Parlaments wie verabredet nach Washington reisten, um CIA + NSA zur Rede zur Stellen, ließen die Geheimdienste alle Gespräche platzen.

"Besorgt und entsetzt" kehrten Coelho und seine Kollegen nach Europa zurück.
Mit einer Kooperation der US-Schlapphüte werden die Europäer wohl auch diesmal nicht rechnen können.

Umso mehr müssen sie auf den Aufklärungswillen in den eigenen Reihen zählen.

Doch auch hier gibt man sich bislang eher schweigsam: Wiederholt hat der vom Europarat eingesetzte Schweizer Sonderermittler Dick Marty,

mit dem die EU-Parlamentarier sich eng abstimmen wollen, die mangelnde Zusammenarbeit auch der europäischen Regierungen beklagt.

"Schockierend passiv" seien diese, wenn es um die CIA-Aktivitäten in Europa geht.

Wie zum Beweis sieht sich jetzt die britische Regierung mit dem Vorwurf konfrontiert, mehr über geheime Flüge gewusst zu haben, als sie bisher zugab. Und schlimmer noch: Downing Street 10 soll sich sogar Gedanken über eine bewusste Vertuschungs-Strategie gemacht haben.
In vier Monaten will der EU-Ausschuss einen ersten Zwischenbericht vorlegen. Sollten die Ergebnisse bis dahin unbefriedigend sein, behalten sich zumindest die Europäischen Grünen vor, auf einen echten Untersuchungsausschuss zu drängen. "In diese Richtung sollte man heute schon denken", sagt Özdemir.
46 Abgeordnete wollen in den kommenden zwölf Monaten herausfinden, ob die CIA Terrorverdächtige nach Europa flog, dort festhielt und möglicherweise folterte.

Für den Fall, dass einzelne europäische Regierungen über mögliche Praktiken des US-Geheimdienstes informiert oder darin verwickelt waren, hat der EU-Justizkommissar bereits mit scharfen Konsequenzen gedroht: Mitgliedstaaten der Union könnten etwa Stimmrechte im Ministerrat entzogen werden, warnte Franco Frattini.
Die Erwartungen sind hoch: "Alle 25 Mitgliedstaaten und Beitrittskandidaten müssen klar und deutlich erklären:

Bei uns hat es keine Gefängnisse gegeben", sagt Wolfgang Kreissl-Dörfler, der für die Fraktion der europäischen Sozialdemokraten im Ausschuss sitzen wird.

Vor allem dem EU-Land Polen und dem Beitrittskandidaten Rumänien hatte die Menschenrechtsorganisation Human Rights Watch wiederholt unterstellt, geheime Gefängnisse auf ihrem Boden geduldet zu haben.

Die Regierungen der beiden Länder haben energisch dementiert, was Kreissl-Dörfler nicht zufrieden stellt:

"Polen und Rumänien müssen uns gegenüber die Vorwürfe ausräumen."
Ein stumpfes Schwert?


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21.Jan.2006 Force de Frappe: Scharfe Kritik an Chiracs Atomwaffendrohung

21.Jan.2006 CIA-Flüge: Vertuschungsaffäre belastet Blair