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01.Apr.2006 Study fails to show healing power of prayer 

A study of more than 1,800 patients who underwent heart bypass surgery has failed to show that prayers specially organized for their recovery had any impact, researchers said on Thursday.
01.Apr.2006 Chaco Canyon ruins shed starlight on mystery Did this star, made by a culture that flourished in New Mexico's Chaco Canyon a millennium ago, depict a brilliant supernova that appeared in A.D. 1054 ?
01.Apr.2006 Neue Quelle entdeckt: Nil könnte 100 Kilometer länger sein
01.Apr.2006 Announcing: Movie-Plot Threat Contest
NOTE: If you have a blog, please spread the word.

For a while now, I have been writing about our penchant for "movie-plot threats": terrorist fears based on very specific attack scenarios.

Terrorists with crop dusters, terrorists exploding baby carriages...
Hospital 'failed cancer patients' Bradford NHS Trust failed to give breast cancer sufferers vital treatment in 1980 s + 1990 s, the BBC learns.
01.Apr.2006 MONKEYS USE ROBOTS TO FLING POO!!! GROSS!!! :) :) Author: CmdrTaco 29
Bananatree3 writes "A monkey has learned to control a remote arm to fling its own poo at researchers.

From the article: " Researchers at Duke University have taught a lab monkey to control the movement of a robotic arm, using only signals from its brain.

The monkey's immediate utilization of this new skill was to shower a group of neurobiologists with feces, according to the report by lead researcher Miguel Nicolelis.""
Bush, Worse Than Watergate: John Dean Should Know -- BuzzFlash News Analysis
Mid-Term Handicapping: Dems Hold Edge in Top 20 House Races (without factoring in a craven "Bomb Iran" Hail Mary partisan vote ploy by the Busheviks)
"There is a deep spirituality to 'The Power of Harmony' -- and an honesty and frankness that is as joyful as it is painful -- A BuzzFlash Review

01.Apr.2006 A no-bid, $6 million contract represents the first time a foreign company will be involved in running sophisticated U.S. radiation-detection equipment at an overseas port without the presence of U.S. Customs agents. The deal involves a company, Hutchison Whampoa Ltd., that some Republicans have cited for national security concerns in the past. This is security? 4/1
Gary Hart: The trick is on us. Permanent U.S. Military bases in Iraq: a Neo-Con Folly. 4/1

01.Apr.2006 Condi Rice on tour in the UK -- "At the next stop, outside a school, there were pupils among a group of 150 protesters chanting: 'Hey, hey, Condi Rice, how many kids did you kill today' It can be grim up north when you're the American Secretary of State + one of the architects of the war on Iraq." 4/1

01.Apr.2006 John W. Dean, Richard Nixon's White House lawyer, told senators Friday that President Bush's domestic spying exceeds the wrongdoing that toppled his former boss.
Tony Rudy, Tom DeLay's former deputy chief of staff, pleaded guilty today in the influence-peddling investigation involving disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. He is the second former DeLay aide to plead guilty and agree to cooperate. 4/1

01.Apr.2006 Wings of Justice Award Winner (Buzz Award Mentioned in Article) Continues Planning Abortion Clinic on Native American Reservation in South Dakota 4/1
Sorry, John, leaders of the Religious Right aren?t nice -- The Last Chance Democracy Cafe by Steven C. Day

01.Apr.2006 Jews in the Service of Organisation Todt in the Occupied Soviet ... - HTML-Version
established slave- labor camps for non-German Jews. The Otto Programm ... an inmate in the slave- labor camps in Silesia, but, on the journey to the East, ... www1.yadvashem.org/odot_pdf/Microsoft%20Word%20-%202023.pdf

Auschwitz - Grosswerther - Gunskirchen A Nine Months' Odyssey ... - HTML-Version civilian clothes stumbled out of the wagons, hungry, thirsty + exhausted ... sites, were first and foremost “ labor camps.”

Their inmates constituted the ... www1.yadvashem.org/odot_pdf/Microsoft%20Word%20-%203223.pdf
Internierungslager - Wikipedia Es gibt offenbar in den USA ein "Army's Civilian Inmate Labor Program" ( Programm der Armee zur Zwangsarbeit der zivilen Insassen) mit " Civilian prison.. de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internierungslager

Haftbedingungen in US-Gefängnissen - DAA 10 This program was created by the passage of Proposition 139, the Inmate Labor Initiative of 1990, which was an initiative to overturn the 1882 abolition of ...

NET NEWS GLOBAL It has to do with official plans of the US Army to enact something called the " Civilian Inmate Labor Program." The general idea is that with troop manpower ... www.net-news-global.de/index.php?cat=50
01.Apr.2006 The Question of the Polish Forced Labourer during and in the ... They were necessary in the normal civilian production and they were a ...

Depending on the size of the German firm which employed these inmates of the ... www.remember.org/educate/dingell.html
Page 1 - HTML-Version ... transferred to the Buchenwald sub-camp Schönebeck + assigned to forced labour in the Junkers Aircraft Factory. When the SS forced the inmates to set out ...

01.Apr.2006 The Far Eastern Economic Review - Exposed - Kim's Slave Camps Inmates are crammed into clusters of huts. Each houses around 30 people, who provide slave labour for the farms + factories. Some inmates are sent to the ... web.radicalparty.org/pressreview/print_right.php?func=detail&par=3779
inmates . The prison administration within. the framework of its penal legislation. classifies the prisoners + determines the treatment programm for them. ... www.unafei.or.jp/english/pdf/PDF_rms/no57/57-24.pdf

01.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ On the other hand, I could countenance Rohrbacher's suggested use of slave labor - on one condition :

The first prisoners sent out to pick fruit must be Ann Coulter (after her conviction for voter registration fraud) and Rush Limbaugh (after his conviction for drug abuse). Permalink
01.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Do a little reading about working class living conditions in Europe in the 19th century + you'll come away with the impression that capitalism works only when subjected to a reasonable degree of regulation. Without such limitations, the natural instinct of the owners is toward peonage and slavery.
As if to prove the point, Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher today suggested that severely-underpaid migrant workers should no longer do the grunt work of agriculture. Better, he thinks, to force the prison population to perform such tasks. Why pay even a sub-minimum wage when you can use slave labor ?

01.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ The return of slave labor "At the age of five years to enter a spinning-cotton or other factory + from that time forth to sit there daily, first ten, then twelve + ultimately fourteen hours, performing the same mechanical labour, is to purchase dearly the satisfaction of drawing breath. But this is the fate of millions + that of millions more is analogous to it." - Arthur Schopenhauer
01.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ I've always rather liked Larry Flynt. Here's why. Mr. Bush: You Must Leave Office Now!
Get out, Mr. Bush. It's time to leave.

We won't ask why you're leaving, whether it's because of incompetence, corruption, treason, criminal negligence or whatever.

We just want you to resign and take that war profiteer Dick Cheney with you.

We are sick + tired of the Vice President's corrupt cronies at Haliburton getting no-bid contracts to clean up the messes you have made.
Don't try and lie your way out of what happened in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Along with everything else, you were too slow to muzzle the press, to slow to set up your spin machine.

Americans have at last seen the truth with their own eyes. They will not be deceived again.
You stole your office both in 2000 + 2004 + consequently have no legitimate claim to it.

You lied us into a war that not only has killed 2,000 U.S. troops and 100,000 innocent Iraqi men, women and children, but also tied up our national guard when it was desperately needed here.

You have gutted our civil rights, defunded the Treasury and put the American people at poverty's doorstep.
Now, with the help of Hurrican Katrina, you have allowed New Orleans-a major city in your own country-to be destroyed.

Don't deny it.

FEMA's National Response Plan makes it clear that the federal government must be help accountable, not state and municipal governments.

In any case, it was you, Mr. Bush, who defunded the levee project that would have protected the Crescent City and its citizens.
We are done with you. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

As long as you're telling the truth, Mr. Flynt -- when will we get the full version of the Gordon N./Vicki Morgan thing...? Permalink
01.Apr.2006 UPDATE2: High-resolution Germany and TruEarth
We have updated the imagery database tonight. You'll need to restart Google Earth to see it, but no new software is needed. Although updating to the latest is always a good idea. We now have almost all of Germany covered in high-resolution, plus some really high resolution insets in cities like ...

01.Apr.2006 Morton Salt, Chicago Author: James 
Morton Salt is apparently North America’s leading producer of salt and have been based in Chicago since being founded in 1848.

The roof of the factory has the company name, along with their slogan “When it Rains It Pours” and the “Morton Salt Girl”, a drawing of a ...
Not tonight darling, I’m online
On a winter afternoon in Trafalgar Square, Michael (”Please don’t use my second name”) is trying to explain how the internet has changed his life and the lives of thousands like him. “How many men are there here?” he asks, standing on the steps of St Martin in the Fields church. He ...

01.Apr.2006 College education becomes more affordable; House passes Higher Education law
College education will become more affordable to low- and middle-income groups of Americans, the House of Representatives said yesterday.

01.Apr.2006 Unions reject Chirac move Trade unions and students denounce the French president's decision to enact a modified youth labour law.
01.Apr.2006 Tories to maintain lender secrecy The Conservatives refuse to reveal the names of about 10 people who lent the party money but have been repaid.
01.Apr.2006 New 'FBI-style' agency launched The Serious and Organised Crime Agency is due to open, promising to crackdown on economic crime.
01.Apr.2006 Brazilian pioneer docks in space The first Brazilian in space docks at the International Space Station after a two-day journey.
01.Apr.2006 Uganda rebel 'terror' appals UN Rebels are carrying out "terrorism of the worst kind" in north Uganda and must be halted, a UN aid chief says.
01.Apr.2006 Rice shrugs off UK visit protests US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says she is not troubled by noisy protests against her UK tour.
01.Apr.2006 India urges nuclear deal approval India's foreign secretary tells US lawmakers not to delay a landmark nuclear deal by making changes.
01.Apr.2006 Apology call over terror arrests Lord Carlile, a government adviser, calls for a probe into why four men were held under the Terrorism Act.
01.Apr.2006 Light shed on mysterious particle Physicists confirm that neutrinos, the "ghost particles" that pervade the Universe, have mass.
01.Apr.2006 Sensitive documents surface in AT&T-NSA spy lawsuit Blog: It looks like the Electronic Frontier Foundation may have unearthed some highly sensitive documents about the National Security...
01.Apr.2006 Singapore unveils biometric passport The BioPass will be issued to government officials and airline crews + will eventually replace traditional passports.
01.Apr.2006 Here There Be Dragons Author: Zonk ThisNukes4u writes

"The Economist reports that scientists in California are coming closer to creating real-life mythical animals. Basically, they re-create the natural selection process through a computer simulation and then clone the resulting set of DNA in a donor animal." From the article: "Each computer starts with a search image (dragon, unicorn, gryphon, etc) + the genome of the real animal most closely resembling it (a lizard for the dragon, a horse for the unicorn and, most taxingly, the spliced genomes of a lion and an eagle for the gryphon). The virtual genomes of these real animals are then tweaked by random electronic mutations. When they have matured, the virtual adults most closely resembling the targets are picked and cross-bred, while the others are culled."

Bohrkerne aus der Mitte des Einschlagkraters hatten aber bereits vor zwei Jahren Zweifel an dieser Lesart geweckt. Hartings Fund verstärkt die Zweifel, dass der Einschlag und das Iridium miteinander zu tun haben: Wenn das Glas vom Meteoriten stammt, so tut es das Metall offenbar nicht.
01.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/erde/0,1518,druck-409051,00.html

Die meisten Wissenschaftler glauben, dass ein gewaltiger Meteoriteneinschlag die Dinosaurier getötet hat. Doch die Hinweise verdichten sich, dass der vermeintlich schuldige 300.000 Jahre zu früh auf die Erde getroffen ist.

Kleine Glaskügelchen entlasten den Meteoriten von Chicxulub. Dass sein Einschlag für das Massensterben der Dinosaurier verantwortlich war, wird immer unwahrscheinlicher. Jüngste Analysen bestätigen den Verdacht, dass der Himmelskörper die mexikanische Halbinsel Yucátan rund 300.000 Jahre zu früh traf, um als globaler Killer infrage zu kommen.
Der Großbritannien-Besuch von US-Außenministerin Rice gerät zum PR-Desaster. Eine schnelle Bemerkung über "tausende Fehler" im Irak muss sie nachträglich relativieren. Ein Treffen mit Ex-Beatle McCartney platzte, ebenso ein Besuch in einer Moschee und ein Fußballspiel. 
01.Apr.2006 Massensterben: Meteorit als Saurierkiller entlastet
01.Apr.2006 US-Außenpolitik: Staatsbesuch wird zum Desaster

01.Apr.2006 Konfrontationskurs: Steinbrück gegen Mindestlohn
01.Apr.2006 Angekommen: Neue Besatzung übernimmt ISS
01.Apr.2006 Vorstandsgehälter: Konzernchefs profitierten von satten Gewinnen
Chirac-Rede: Studenten und Gewerkschaften fordern mehr Änderungen
01.Apr.2006 Terrorismus: Bombenangst am Kai AN>Kündigungsschutz: Arbeitgeber begrüßen Aufschub der Reform
Geheim-Bürgschaft: Empörung über Ex-Kanzler Schröder
01.Apr.2006 Heute in den Feuilletons: Israels heimliches Kriegsziel
01.Apr.2006 Hochwasser: Dresdner müssen ihre Häuser verlassen
Klimaforschung: Hitzewallung über der Antarktis
Anhörung im US-Senat zu Bushs Lauschangriffen: Ex-Berater Nixons zieht Vergleich zu Watergate-Affäre
George W. Bush zu Iran: Hilfe für Erdbebenopfer, Schelte für Regierung
01.Apr.2006 Charlie Sheen Reinvigorates 11.Sep.2001 Truth Movement Author: Paul Joseph Watson Charlie Sheen Reinvigorates 11.Sep.2001 Truth Movement Average Americans defend
01.Apr.2006 GM SUV spoofed by environmentalists Environmentalists use editing tools provided by carmaker to bash the company on global warming.
01.Apr.2006 NY releases 11.Sep.2001 emergency calls New York releases partial tapes of emergency calls from the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001.
01.Apr.2006 Video: People use "make your own ad" contest to blast SUV Video: People use "make your own ad" contest to blast SUV. Chevrolet created a contest to let users make their own ad for the Chevy Tahoe, but the company let a couple slip by under its nose depicting the SUV as a gas-guzzling, environment-destroying machine. Here are two clips from Chevy's site.
01.Apr.2006 IBM Challenges Microsoft With an Ad Campaign Author: Zonk 50
Rytis writes "IBM is about to spend $300 Million dollars on a campaign to win customers and to convert them from Microsoft Exchange to Lotus Notes and Domino under Linux. IBM is also said to offer resellers a bounty of $20,000 for switching customers to its Linux-based e-mail programs from Microsoft server software. It seems that the concurrence Microsoft Corp. is facing is getting tighter and tighter. The Penguin gets more and more support from the two biggest rivals that Microsoft have ever had."

01.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,druck-409076,00.html
Bush hat diesen Vorwurf zurückgewiesen. Die Lauschangriffe dienten dem Ziel, Terroristen zu entdecken, bevor sie auf amerikanischem Boden zuschlügen, erklärte die Regierung.
01.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,druck-409076,00.html

Anhörung im US-Senat zu Bushs Lauschangriffen
Ex-Berater Nixons zieht Vergleich zu Watergate-Affäre
Starker Tobak im US-Senat: Bushs Handeln übertreffe noch Nixons Fehlverhalten in der Watergate-Affäre, sagte ein früherer Berater von Ex-Präsident Nixon in einer Anhörung des US-Senats zu Lauschangriffen, die George W. Bush ohne richterliche Genehmigung anordnete.

Washington - Der Senat müsse Bush offiziell rügen, sagte Nixon-Berater John Dean vor dem Rechtsausschuss des Senats. Sollte dies aus politischen Erwägungen nicht erwünscht sein, müssten die Senatoren Bush zumindest verwarnen. Für ihn sei dies keine parteipolitische Frage, sondern eine Frage des parlamentarischen Stolzes. "Der Präsident muss daran erinnert werden, dass Gewaltenteilung nicht eine Gewaltenisolierung bedeutet", erklärte Nixons ehemaliger Berater laut einem vorab verbreiteten Manuskript. Präsident Nixon stürzte 1974 über die Watergate-Affäre.

"Man muss ihm sagen, dass er nicht einfach ein Gesetz missachten kann, ohne dass dies Folgen hat." Wäre Nixon damals vom Kongress gerügt oder verwarnt worden, "wäre die Tragödie von Watergate vielleicht verhindert worden", sagte Dean.
Despite the great importance of genes in brain function, Dr. Thompson said experience could also change the brain.
01.Apr.2006 https://www.nytimes.com/2006/03/30/science/30brain.html?ei=5088&en=c2844419d472ba41&ex=1301374800&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss&pagewanted=print

"There are many enigmas of intelligence that they can now solve," he said.

Dr. Thompson said the new study opened huge possibilities because researchers should be able to identify the factors that influence the brain by looking at the scan patterns identified by the researchers.

The analysis was started to check out a finding by Dr. Thompson: that parts of the frontal lobe of the cortex are larger in people with high I.Q.'s.

Looking at highly intelligent 7-year-olds, the researchers said they were surprised to find that the cortex was thinner than in a comparison group of children of average intelligence.

It was only in following the scans as the children grew older that the dynamism of the developing brain became evident.

The researchers found that average children (I.Q. scores 83 to 108) reached a peak of cortical thickness at age 7 or 8.

Highly intelligent children (121 to 149 in I.Q.) reached a peak thickness much later, at 13, followed by a more dynamic pruning process.

But basically the brain seems to be rewiring itself as it matures, with the thinning of the cortex reflecting a pruning of redundant connections.
The Bull Market Is Back | March 31, 2006 17:35:18
After a few years in the doldrums, companies are flocking to business schools in droves again + the job market is looking rosy + base salaries for M.B.A.'s continue to climb.

01.Apr.2006 Doctors In Demand | March 31, 2006 17:35:18
Physician salaries are robust, signing bonuses are the norm + the opportunities for young doctors are ever expanding. According to a physician staffing executive, "There's no such thing as an unemployed physician."

01.Apr.2006 Lawyer: Rep. McKinney Victim Of Racism | March 31, 2006 18:23:50
Rep. Cynthia McKinney, the Georgia congresswoman who had an altercation with a Capitol Police officer, said the officer started the incident by "inappropriately touching and stopping" her after she walked past a security checkpoint.

01.Apr.2006 Taboo Media - Music Censorship https://www.tabootunes.com/media.html

"Peter Blecha has written the first comprehensive history of music censorship." ?New York Press (6/2/04) "Taboo Tunes is a www.tabootunes.com
Independent Online Edition > Home Bush 'operating secret gulag in eastern Europe'

Palestinians 'terrorised' by sonic boom flights

Pirates use 'flag-hopping' to plunder world's fish ... www.independent.co.uk/world/fisk
George Galloway : Surfing in the sewer: "Our press, which you appear to regard as being free ... is the most enslaved and the vilest thing." William Cobbett, Political Register, 1830.

01.Apr.2006 Exxon Mobil not welcome in Venezuela anymore : Venezuela's oil minister said today that Exxon Mobil Corp., the world's second-largest integrated oil company, was no longer welcome in this oil-producing nation.

01.Apr.2006 Send in the marines: U.S. Strike Group Will Head South For "Training" : Some defense analysts suggested that the unusual two-month-long deployment, set to begin in early April, could be interpreted as a show of force by "anti-American governments in Venezuela and Cuba".

01.Apr.2006 Venezuela postpones ban on US airlines : The decision to postpone the ban was made after talks with US officials + Venezuela's INAC aviation authority said on Wednesday (30 March) that it would suspend the ban until 25.Apr.2006

01.Apr.2006 S.America pipeline said to exceed estimate: The cost of building a natural gas pipeline spanning South America would exceed the most recent estimate of US$25 billion (euro20.7 billion), the chief executive of Brazil's state-owned petroleum company said in an interview published Thursday.

01.Apr.2006 Fear and Loathing in Asia: The Pentagon’s annual report to Congress confirmed the rapid growth in Chinese military capabilities.[3]

The report pointed out that the weapons that Beijing has amassed to intimidate Taiwan--700 short-range missiles, a modernizing fleet of diesel and nuclear submarines, fourth-generation aircraft procured from Russia, increased operational tempo and sophistication of military exercises--also can be used against other regional powers.

01.Apr.2006 Ex-Prosecutor Accused of Concealing Evidence in Terror Case : A grand jury charged today that a former federal prosecutor in Detroit who led one of the Justice Department's biggest terrorism investigations concealed critical evidence in the case in an effort to bolster the government's theory that a group of local Muslim men were plotting an attack.

01.Apr.2006 Long Live The 11.Sep.2001 Conspiracy! : Anyone still care about the heap of disturbing, unsolved questions surrounding Our Great Tragedy?

01.Apr.2006 The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll: You probably already know that much of what exactly happened on 11.Sep.2001 remains deeply unsettling + largely unsolved - or to put another way, if you don't know all of this + if you fully + blithely accept the official 11.Sep.20011 story, well, you haven't been paying close enough attention.

01.Apr.2006 Explosive Testimony: Revelations about the Twin Towers in the 11.Sep.2001 Oral Histories: Aan interview with Professor David Ray Griffin

01.Apr.2006 Sheila Samples : 11.Sep.2001 -- Eliminating The Impossible.: I said I'd never do it -- say what I think about that terrible morning of 11.Sep.2001 .

I've seen what happens to those who question the elaborate, tangled explanations the Bush administration offers about what happened, how it happened, who did it
Evelyn Pringle: Which Soldier Will Be The Last To Die For Bush's Mistake? : Lets quit pussy-footing around + call it like it is.

The war in Iraq is a grand profiteering scheme gone awry and Americans need to take off their blinders and face the truth.

01.Apr.2006 Repairing Rumsfeld's Damage: Anyone else might be embarrassed when not one but two detailed studies of the way he's doing business conclude that

his plans + assumptions are totally wrong, but not Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld.

01.Apr.2006 Manufacturing consent for war: UN Security Council calls on Iran to suspend enrichment-related activities : Expressing serious concern that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is unable to conclude that there are no undeclared nuclear materials or activities in Iran, the United Nations Security Council today called upon that country to re-establish full and sustained suspension of all enrichment-related + reprocessing activities,

01.Apr.2006 UN demands Iran stop uranium enrichment work: Iran remained defiant, saying that it was not seeking an atomic bomb and regardless of assurances, the United States + others would find new reasons to fault Tehran.

01.Apr.2006 Iran rejects call to halt enrichment: Iran refused Thursday to comply with a UN Security Council demand to freeze uranium enrichment, defying a call by major world powers to curb its nuclear program or face isolation.

01.Apr.2006 World powers discuss next steps in Iran crisis: Six world powers were gathering in Berlin on Thursday to discuss the next steps in dealing with Iran's nuclear programme, with Russia + China looking for assurances that there are no plans to use force against Tehran.

01.Apr.2006 Russian warning over Iran crisis : Russia has warned it will not support any attempts to use force to resolve the stand-off over Iran's controversial nuclear programme.

01.Apr.2006 Iran to hold large-scale naval war games: Today, Iran is calling for its rightful demands with strength + national unity + these exercises will show an increase of strength + preparedness?, the navy commander


01.Apr.2006 Iran's plan to weaken the dollar will fail: Surely Tehran lost touch with reality when it developed its plan to use a new, euro-based oil exchange, on Kish Island in the Persian Gulf, to dethrone the greenback from its position as the world's reigning reserve currency.

01.Apr.2006 Weinberger, Bushes & Iran-Contra: In the early-to-mid 1980s, Ronald Reagan had sought to avoid a head-on clash with Congress by taking his foreign policy underground, using cutouts like Israel to ship missiles to Iran + White House aide Oliver North to funnel supplies to the contra rebels fighting in Nicaragua.
01.Apr.2006 "
Democracy" For Sale - Mr Abramoff Goes to Washington
Abramoff's testimony threatens not only the most senior politicians in the country but it is also exposing the corrosive influence of lobbyists' money on American democracy

01.Apr.2006 Bush, Blair had ‘no evidence’ of Iraq WMDs

It's extremely rare,  to get this kind of an insight of an extremely private, we should say secret meeting between two leaders preparing for a coming war. Tell us what you think are the main insights to be gained from the so-called White House memo?
Leaked memo details US, UK war talks -Reporter: Stephen McDonell
TONY JONES: New evidence has emerged which appears to show that the United States and the British governments were set to invade Iraq, regardless of whether a second UN resolution was carried and even if international arms inspections failed

01.Apr.2006 Making the World Safe for Christianity -By Congressman Ron Paul

The Muslim world is not fooled by our talk about spreading democracy and values. The evidence is too overwhelming that we do not hesitate to support dictators and install puppet governments when it serves our interests. When democratic elections result in the elevation of a leader or party not to our liking, we do not hesitate for a minute to undermine that government.  Continue Video and transcript
01.Apr.2006 03/30/06 Will The U.S. Nuke Iran?
Professor of Physics Highlights The Dangers

New US policy  to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear countries has been officially formulated in two US government documents Nuclear Posture Review delivered to Congress in December 2001 and  Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations dated 15.Mar.2005 Continued
The new face of apartheid: J. Kenneth Hackwell: The most unprincipled and opportunistic man in the history of Ohio, Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, stands poised to claim the Republican primary for governor. Blackwell and his far-right theocratic “rapture-ready” Christian dominionists will doom the Buckeye State to further despair.

01.Apr.2006 Antarctic air is warming faster than rest of world: New finding could have implications for sea level rises

01.Apr.2006 Pentagon block on move for safer water: The Pentagon stalled efforts to clean water supplies contaminated by a carcinogenic chemical despite evidence that it posed a significant health risk to millions of people, it was reported yesterday.
Iran says it has successfully test-fired a missile able to avoid radar: - Iran successfully test-fired on Friday a missile with the ability to avoid radar and hit several targets simultaneously, the airforce chief of the elite Revolutionary Guards said.

01.Apr.2006 Iran: Scenarios of an American strike: The risks are great if Washington's neo-cons choose military options to prevent Iran from blocking US imperial designs for the Middle East

01.Apr.2006 Head of Arab League Calls on Arab States to Enter Nuclear Club:According to a report in the Associated Press, Arab League head Amr Moussa called on Arab states to pursue the development of atomic energy

01.Apr.2006 US professors accused of being liars and bigots over essay on pro-Israeli lobby: An article by two prominent American professors arguing that the pro-Israel lobby exerts a dominant + damaging influence on US foreign policy has triggered a furious row, pitting allegations of anti-semitism against claims of intellectual intimidation.

01.Apr.2006 James Petras : Record Profits and Rising Authoritarianism : The ascendancy of finance capital and its influence over US economic policy has had major, largely negative, consequences for the US economy, especially our living standards, external accounts and budget.

01.Apr.2006 The US-China trade imbalance: The world's interlinked economies no longer trade to capture a comparative advantage; they compete in exports to capture dollars needed to service dollar-denominated foreign debts and to accumulate dollar reserves to sustain the exchange value of their domestic currencies.

01.Apr.2006 Blackburn mosque cancels Rice invitation: Muslim leaders yesterday withdrew an invitation to the US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, to visit a mosque in the Blackburn constituency of the home secretary, Jack Straw.
Hamas offered Israel 30-year truce in 1997: Islamist group Hamas offered Israel a 30-year truce in 1997 but it was overtaken by a botched assassination attempt against its now leader, Khaled Meshaal, a former spy chief is reportedly to reveal in upcoming memoirs.
01.Apr.2006 Former US presidential advisor Brzezinski presents plan to quit Iraq: The plan would allow Washington to disengage gradually in Iraq, ”without victory, but also without defeat,”

01.Apr.2006 Insulating Bush : Karl Rove, President Bush's chief political adviser, cautioned other White House aides in the summer of 2003 that Bush's 2004 re-election prospects would be severely damaged if it was publicly disclosed that he had been personally warned that a key rationale for going to war had been challenged within the administration

01.Apr.2006 K Gajendra Singh: Hyper power hubris: Here are men in USA with terrible means of destruction in their hands , with their narrow corporate experience and vision ,with little overall holistic understanding , hurtling along a mad course to a war , opposed by majority of the world and its population .

01.Apr.2006 Noam Chomsky on Failed States: The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy: Professor Chomsky thinks that the United States is beginning to resemble a failed state that cannot protect its citizens from violence and has a government that regards itself as beyond the reach of domestic or international law.
Shiite Ayatollah Ignores Letter From Bush : A letter from President Bush to Iraq's supreme Shiite spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, was hand-delivered earlier this week but sits unread and untranslated in the top religious figure's office, a key al-Sistani aide told The Associated Press on Thursday.
01.Apr.2006 Iraqi girl tells of US attack : Ten-year-old Iman Walid lost seven members of her family in an attack by American marines last November. If her story is true - and it has been disputed by the US military - human rights workers say it is the worst massacre of civilians by US troops in the country.

01.Apr.2006 DAVE LINDORFF: The Mustafa Mosque Massacre was No Accident or Error: Events in Iraq are giving the lie to administration claims that all it wants to do is create a stable, democratic Iraq + then leave
A Man’s Word -By Monica Benderman
My husband, Sgt. Kevin Benderman, chose to no longer participate in war. He followed the Army regulations, filed a Conscientious Objector application + acted honorably every step of the way. His unit commanders chose to punish him for not allowing them to control him with their threats + my husband went to jail simply because his commanders had no integrity, no honor and no respect for the very constitution they had given a sworn oath to uphold.

01.Apr.2006 Ignorance by Content and Omission -By Charles Sullivan
Little by little the minds of the people have been poisoned by propaganda and it is called nourishment. As a result the more noble traits of our culture are incrementally dying. Through the judicious use of lies and distortions the people are deceived into supporting the atrocities of war and conquest that are committed in their name.

01.Apr.2006 Vision Quest -By Chris Floyd
The war aims of the Babylonian Conquest have always been obvious to anyone who concentrates on the operational reality of the action, ignoring the ludicrous cornball about democracy and security that Bush dishes out to gull the rubes back home.

01.Apr.2006 Noam Chomsky on Failed States -The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy

Professor Chomsky thinks that the United States is beginning to resemble a failed state that cannot protect its citizens from violence and has a government that regards itself as beyond the reach of domestic or international law
Four Words that Spoke Volumes
Just as Germans were complicit in the crimes of their government not that very long ago, so too are we American citizens complicit in the crimes of our own government. -By Mike Ferner
"Sentenced to time served," were the welcome words pronounced by Senior Judge Stephen Milliken, of the District of Columbia's Superior Court, on 28.Mar.2006

01.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/erde/0,1518,druck-408822,00.html

Heiße Quellen und Geysire erinnern noch immer an die Apokalypse, die den heutigen Yellowstone-Nationalpark einst erschaffen hat.

Das Naturwunder im Norden der USA entstand durch die gewaltigen Eruptionen eines sogenannten Supervulkans. Bisher ging man davon aus, dass die Explosionen von Yellowstone in ihrer Größe weltweit einzigartig waren.

Aber nicht nur Nordamerika musste in der jüngeren Erdgeschichte solch kolossale Vulkaneruptionen über sich ergehen lassen.

Wissenschaftler haben jetzt herausgefunden, dass auch Südamerika von Supervulkanausbrüchen erschüttert wurde. Die Explosion, welche die bisher weitgehend unbekannte Vilama-Caldera in Nordargentinien erschaffen hat, scheint sogar mit der Yellowstone-Eruption gleichziehen zu können.

Wer oberhalb der 6000-Punkte-Grenze weiterhin in Aktien investieren will, sollte schon an eine Fortsetzung des amerikanischen Konsumwunders glauben.

Zweitens: In den USA wird nicht nur der private Konsum zum Risikofaktor.

Das Land schiebt ein Leistungsbilanzdefizit in Höhe von mehr als 700 Milliarden US-Dollar vor sich her + muss sich täglich rund sechs Milliarden Dollar vom Rest der Welt borgen, um sein Defizit zu finanzieren.

Um das Problem in den Griff zu bekommen, müsste der Dollar kräftig abwerten.

Am Ende erwächst daraus für die Weltwirtschaft ein kaum kalkulierbares Dollar-Risiko.
01.Apr.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/0,1518,druck-409002,00.html

Ein Rückgang des privaten Konsums in den USA wird mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit sowohl die Aktienmärkte in den USA als auch im Rest der Welt belasten.

Wer argumentiert, die US-Märkte hätten nach Jahren der Underperformance gegenüber Europa und Asien nun einen Teil ihrer stolzen Bewertung abgebaut und wieder viel Luft nach oben, übersieht zwei Dinge.

Erstens: Die US-Börsen dürften kaum eine Rallye am Aktienmarkt anführen, wenn der heimischen Konjunktur die wichtigste Stütze fehlt.

Kaum kalkulierbares Dollarrisiko

Platzt die US-Immobilienblase, kommen viele US-Bürger in Schwierigkeiten.

Sie können erstens ihren großzügigen Kreditrahmen nicht mehr mit dem gesunkenen Wert ihrer Immobilie besichern + müssen zweitens auf Grund höherer Zinsen mehr Geld für den Schuldendienst aufbringen.

Das bedeutet bei einer Sparquote von Null weniger Geld für den Konsum + das ist für die US-Wirtschaft ein gewaltiges Problem.

Doch nun kommt Ben Bernanke + Bernanke tut richtig weh. Der neue Chef der US-Notenbank hat wenig Zweifel daran gelassen, dass die Zinsen in den USA in diesem Jahr wohl noch auf mindestens fünf % steigen werden. Damit
[M] AP; manager-magazin.de Immobilienpreise in USA: Anstieg der Preise für Einfamilienhäuser zwischen 2000 und 2005 in %
steigt die Zinsbelastung für all diejenigen, die Kreditverträge mit variabler Zinsbindung abgeschlossen haben. Gleichzeitig machen steigende Zinsen eine Immobilienfinanzierung weniger attraktiv: Die Zahl der Neubaugenehmigungen in den USA sind, ebenso wie Hauspreise, im Februar 2006 bereits zurückgegangen.

https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Late-breaking news on the RFK assassination Cannon here : Thanks to Gary Buell, I stumbled across an interesting document pertinent to the RFK assassination, brought to you by the good folks over at the Smoking Gun. The information amounts to little more than a tale told at second- or third-hand -- but, as we shall soon see, we may be able to track down a first-hand witness.
01.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/The Spooks of 7 World Trade Center
Of all the government agencies which called 7 World Trade Center home, one name rivets the attention of parapolitical researchers: The Central Intelligence Agency.

https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ The DSS web site lists the service’s field offices. In the state of New York, offices are located in Westbury, Syracuse, Liverpool, Rome + Griffiss Air Force Base; no mention of any past or present office in New York City proper. News accounts of the disaster do not record either DSS or DIS as a tenant of any building in the trade center complex. Yet in the fall of 2001, the Southwest Bell SMARTpages online directory listed a phone number for the “US Defense Investigative Svc” at 7 World Trade Center.
Perhaps someone forgot to tell CIA about the name change.
An official told reporter Rizen that CIA personnel vacated these offices “soon after the hijacked planes hit the twin towers.” This version of events places the evacuation order after 9:06, the time of the second strike, even though most other building tenants left immediately after the first strike at 8:48. The account, if accurate, conjures up a grimly amusing image: Were the intelligence professionals the last people in the building to figure out that they were under terrorist attack?

01.Apr.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/The New York Times report raises the question of classified material falling into the wrong hands: The recovery of secret documents and other records from the New York station should follow well-rehearsed procedures laid out by the agency after the Iranian takeover of the United States Embassy in Tehran in 1979. The revolutionaries took over the embassy so rapidly that the C.I.A. station was not able to effectively destroy all of its documents + the Iranians were later able to piece together shredded agency reports. Since that disaster, the agency has emphasized rigorous training and drills among its employees on how to quickly and effectively destroy and dispose of important documents in emergencies.
As a result, a C.I.A. station today should be able to protect most of its secrets even in the middle of a catastrophic disaster like the Sept. 11 attacks, said one former agency official. "If it was well run, there shouldn't be too much paper around," the former official said. The implication here is that CIA personnel destroyed scads of documents during that all-important 49 minute period between 9:06 and 9:55. One wonders why they would bother. Why not simply leave and lock the doors? After all, according to the official chronology, fire had not yet broken out within 7 WTC -- and even if smoke alarms were already ringing, no-one should have expected a building collapse. Nothing of the sort had ever happened before.
31.Mar.2006 https://groups.yahoo.com/group/infowarsnews/message/822

Speaking to The Alex Jones Show - Asner, best known for his Emmy-winning role as Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, echoed Charlie Sheen's sentiments in stating, "I became suspicious of 11.Sep.2001 on the day it happened."

"I will always be that suspect of it and challenge it and challenge various points of it," said Asner.

Asner agreed that the official story of 11.Sep.2001 and the Kean Commission investigation was a fable and a fraud
Actor & Director Ed Asner Shares 11.Sep.2001 Concerns
Highlights story of hijackers still alive and well

31.Mar.2006 https://groups.yahoo.com/group/infowarsnews/message/822

Asked who gained from 11.Sep.2001 Asner answered, "Certainly the military has, Halliburton, Brown and Root, Mr. Cheney's old outfit....the oil companies of course now with record highs + the White House is of course involved with oil and the military and always has been."

Asner doubted that another terror attack needed to be staged in order to accomplish more of the same agenda.

"They don't have to have another attack, if they indeed launched the first one they have screwed up our country so badly they could just let us sink in upon ourselves."

Asner questioned why CNN chose to cancel his scheduled spot on Showbiz Tonight. After speaking to inside sources within CNN we were able to confirm that the order came down from a higher office to "kill" the story, despite the fact that the issue had generated the most interest Showbiz Tonight had ever encountered.

Asner is a true humanitarian and is an activist in the fields of missing US PoW's, depleted uranium, which Asner suggested was a deliberate population reduction method + the fight to get the FDA to eliminate deadly thimerosal mercury additives to vaccines.

His public stance on 11.Sep.2001 and his support of Charlie Sheen helps in the ongoing effort to encourage public figures with large media platforms to step forward and become prominent voices for the 11.Sep.2001 truth movement.

"Sheen tritt in die Meschugge-Brigade ein", spottete die "New York Post". Doch der Schauspieler befindet sich in illustrer Gesellschaft. Ausgerechnet in diesen Tagen, da sich Qaida-Anhänger Zacarias Moussaoui vor einem US-Gericht mit den abenteuerlichsten Geschichten über seine Rolle an den Anschlägen selbst das Grab schaufelt, scheinen immer mehr Amerikaner Gefallen an alternativen Versionen vom 11. September zu finden. Sheens Interview passt prima ins ganzjährige "Sommerloch" der überdrehten US-Medienwelt aus Kabelnews, Klatsch und Blogs, die rund um die Uhr gefüttert werden wollen.

Eine Google-Suche nach den Stichworten "Charlie Sheen 11.Sep.2001" ergab gestern 795.000 Fundstellen, eine nach " 11.Sep.2001 conspiracy" sogar 15,5 Millionen. Als Sheen seine Zweifel auf dem Mainstream-Sender CNN wiederholte, ließ sich dessen Publikum mitreißen: In einer CNN-Blitzumfrage erklärten 34.692 Zuschauer (84 % der Teilnehmer), auch sie glaubten, die Regierung verheimliche die Wahrheit über den 11. September.

Bush, Bin Laden und die Meschugge-Brigade
Von Marc Pitzke, New York

Die Verschwörungstheorien um den 11.Sep.2001 bekommen neuen Auftrieb: Jetzt ist es der Schauspieler Charlie Sheen, der öffentlich über ein bizarres Komplott zwischen CIA, Bin Laden und Bush spricht.

Ein Großteil der Amerikaner scheint an solche kruden Thesen zu glauben.

New York - Charlie Sheens wilde Zeiten sind lange vorbei. Früher hat der US-Schauspieler mit Frauengeschichten, Schießereien und Drogenexzessen Schlagzeilen gemacht. Heute verdient sich der Sohn von Altstar Martin Sheen ("Apocalypse Now", "West Wing") mit einer passablen TV-Sitcom das Auskommen.

Jetzt aber hat Sheen Junior ein neues, publizitätssicheres Steckenpferd entdeckt: Er ist unter die Verschwörungstheoretiker gegangen und hat sich dem wachsenden Chor der Zweifler an der offiziellen Version des 11. September 2001 angeschlossen. Denn die werfe für ihn "viele Fragen auf", sagte Sheen einem amerikanischen Talk-Radiosender jetzt.
Actor & Director Ed Asner Shares 11.Sep.2001 Concerns Author: Paul Joseph Watson 
Actor & Director Ed Asner Shares 11.Sep.2001 Concerns Highlights story of hijackers

31.Mar.2006 Study: Tumor Risk from Cell Phones
Researchers at the Swedish National Institute for Working Life issued a report this week disputing two earlier studies that claimed cell phone use has no correlation to increased brain tumor risk.

The Swedish study found that long-term mobile phone exposure could raise the chance of developing ...
Plug-In Hybrids Take It to Fleets
Diesel-electric cars of the future could fuel delivery revolution. Plus: Ethanol hybrid passes on gas. In Autopia.

Exclusive: Alexa Web Search Platform Beta Author: Michael Arrington 
Amazon have been beta testing their web search platform and we have managed to get a hold of some screenshots as well as some information about it.

Alexa is giving users and developers access to their crawler in order to build their own search engines. From the website: The Alexa Web Search ...
Scans Show Different Growth for Intelligent Brains
The brains of highly intelligent children develop in a different pattern from those with more average abilities, researchers say.

Rice admits multiple Iraq errors Condoleezza Rice admits the US has made thousands of tactical errors in Iraq, but says the strategy was right.
Tories reveal £16m lenders list The Tories say they owe £16m to 13 backers but the identity of those whose loans were repaid stays secret.
Bush backs 'controlled' migration George Bush says he wants to give legal status to undocumented workers but calls for more border security.
Chirac to sign France's job law France's president says he will sign the youth labour law that has triggered protests, but pledges to modify it.
Blair 'could quit by end of year' Tony Blair is at the centre of speculation that he will resign as prime minister by the end of the year.
Protests to follow Rice's UK tour US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice faces anti-war protesters as she begins a tour of north-west England.
Drei Monate lang spielen ganz normale Passagiere der britischen Airline BMI und der portugiesischen TAP dann Versuchskaninchen - dank der Technik aus Genf können sie in 10.000 Meter Höhe mit ihrem eigenen Handy telefonieren. "Fühlen sich die Sitznachbarn gestört? Gibt es neue Herausforderungen für die Flugbegleiterinnen?

Bei solchen Fragen wollen wir prüfen, ob wir mit unseren bisherigen Annahmen richtig liegen", erklärt Cooper im Gespräch mit SPIEGEL ONLINE.
Cancer chemical 'in soft drinks' Soft drinks containing a cancer-causing chemical should be removed from shops, a food watchdog says.
'Mind control' over muscle power Research suggests thinking about the way your muscles work could physically boost your strength.
Clean the Blood, Cure Bird Flu? A San Diego biotech company claims its blood-cleaning technology will cure bird flu and a slew of other infections like anthrax and Marburg. By Mark Baard.
Mobiles Safe? Hold the Phone Contradicting earlier studies, Swedish researchers conclude that long-term use of mobile phones increases the risk of brain tumors.
U.S. sought data from more than search engines, report says Blog: The Justice Department demanded information from at least 34 Internet service providers, search companies and security software...
Democrats attack new bill over Net neutrality House Democrats push for more federal regulations of broadband providers, saying Republican-backed bill doesn't go far enough.
Yahoo May Be Facing Suit Over Chinese Journalist Author: Zonk 42
WindBourne wrote to mention a story covered by Forbes, detailing a possible suit against Yahoo! as a result of their involvement in a Chinese Journalist's jailing. From the article: "Zhang Yu, representing the family of Shi Tao, said they were considering taking Yahoo Hong Kong Holdings to court either here or in the United States. 'We believe what (Yahoo) did was illegal so we are considering taking Yahoo to court,' Zhang told reporters, adding that Yahoo had refused to discuss the matter with him. "

34 ISPs Subpoenaed By U.S. Government Author: Zonk 347 seanonymous writes

"The Justice Department, in their continued effort to revive questionable legislation, has subpoenaed dozens of ISPs for files. Considering that ISPs generally host their users' mail, this seems like it could be a larger issue than their fight with Google over search queries. Some, like Verizon, even resisted the call for information." From the article: "Representatives for McAfee and Symantec confirmed that the companies had received and complied with the subpoenas. A spokeswoman at LookSmart did not immediately return a phone call. Many of the subpoenas asked for information related to products that can be used to filter out adult content for underage Internet users. Symantec's subpoena, dated June 29, asked for a wide range of information about the price and popularity of the Internet filtering products it sells and how the products are used by customers. " Information Week has a number of the documents involved, including the letter of objection from Verizon.
Totally Random One Time Pads Author: Zonk 122+ liliafan writes

"Scientists in Japan have come up with a way of harnessing a truly random datasource for generating one time encryption pads: Quasars.

One time encryption pads are widely accepted as being the most secure form of encryption, but this new technology from the National Institute of Information + Communications Technology makes the pads even more secure."

"Ja, hallo, es gab hier eine Explosion", sagt ihr Sohn.

"Anrufzeit: null-achthundert-Uhr, fünfzig Minuten und dreißig Sekunden", sagte die Stimme eines Fremden.

11.Sep.2001 08-50-30 Sekunden - nur vier Minuten, nachdem das erste Flugzeug an den Türmen zerschellte.

Die nun folgende Stimme kam ihnen bekannter vor.

"Ja, hallo, ich befinde mich im 106. Stock des World Trade Centers, es gab hier eine Explosion", sagt ihr Sohn.

"Im 106. Stock?", fragt der Mann in der Notrufzentrale.

"Wir hatten eine Konferenz hier oben", sagt Chris Hanley. "Es sind ungefähr 100 Leute hier."

Der 35-Jährige arbeitete für Radianz, damals ein Tochterunternehmen der Nachrichtenagentur Reuters. An jenem Morgen war Chris Hanley auf einer Konferenz, die von Risk Waters organisiert wurde, einem Finanzverlag. Sie fand in einem Luxusrestaurant statt, das direkt unter dem Dach des Nordturms lag.

"Alles um den 11.Sep.2001 herum ist verrückt", sagt Frau Andreacchio. "Warum haben sie so etwas nicht schon viel früher herausgerückt? Das wird niemals aufhören."

Johann Fuchs, Wissenschaftler am Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung in Nürnberg, glaubt auch nicht an die These der Vollbeschäftigung durch demografischen Wandel. Aber immerhin: "Die Arbeitslosigkeit in Deutschland wird dadurch sicher weniger werden", sagt er. Aber Vollbeschäftigung? "So einfach ist die Welt nicht. Die Theorie taucht immer mal wieder auf. Ich kenne aber keinen Forscher, der das ernsthaft vertritt." Bei Hochqualifizierten wie Akademikern und Facharbeitern könnte es tatsächlich zu einem Engpass kommen, räumt auch Fuchs ein.
Hamburg - Alles ganz simpel, sagt der Ökonom Wim Derks von der Uni Maastricht: Die Wirtschaft in den Niederlanden wächst mit zwei %, die Nachfrage nach Arbeitskräften steigt, während die geburtenstarken Jahrgänge nach und nach den Arbeitsmarkt verlassen. In fünf Jahren, sagt der Volkswirt, beginne die Zahl der arbeitenden Bevölkerung im Alter von 15 bis 64 Jahren sogar zu schrumpfen. In zehn Jahren werde die Nachfrage nach Arbeitskräften dann größer sein als das Angebot - es würde quasi Vollbeschäftigung herrschen.
31.Mar.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/weltraum/0,1518,druck-408846,00.html

Rosswog ist zuversichtlich, dass die Computersimulation nahe an echte Kollisionen herankommt. "Momentan sind acht Systeme mit sich umkreisenden Neutronen-Doppelsternen bekannt. Sie alle haben fast exakt die 1,4-fache Masse der Sonne." Der Computer habe einen Zusammenprall mit "Standardmassen" simuliert. Das Resultat - blitzschnell entstehende, mächtige Magnetfelder - falle aber auch bei Sternen anderer Größe ähnlich aus.

Mit mehreren Jahren Vorlaufzeit und intensiver Arbeit in den vergangenen zwei Jahren entwickelten Price und Rosswog ein Rechenmodell für die auftretenden physikalischen Parameter beim Zusammenprall zweier Neutronensterne: Anziehungskräfte, Kernphysik, Hydrodynamik - "wir saßen einige Wochen praktisch Tag und Nacht am Computer, bis wir endlich einen Lösungsalgorithmus gefunden hatten. Die tatsächlichen Rechnungen liefen dann noch einmal fast einen Monat", sagt Daniel Price.
Dem Bericht zufolge können Downloader über die IP-Adresse ihres Rechners zurückverfolgt werden. Die Adressen würden von den Providern meist drei Monate lang gespeichert.
31.Mar.2006 https://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/politik/0,1518,druck-408865,00.html

Die Verbraucherschützer kritisierten, dass die Industrie auch mit überzogen Mitteln kämpfe. So sei der Kino-Werbespot "Raubkopierer sind Verbrecher" juristisch falsch. Im strafrechtlichen Sinn handele es sich nicht um ein Verbrechen, sondern um ein Vergehen.

Die angekündigten fünf Jahre Haftstrafe drohten nur, wenn jemand gewerblich mit illegalen Kopien handele. In der Praxis müssten Raubkopierer vor allem mit Geldstrafen rechnen.
Frankreich: Chirac unterschreibt umstrittene Arbeitsmarktreform
31.Mar.2006 Irak-Krieg: Rice räumt tausende Fehler ein
31.Mar.2006 Vogelgrippe: Aggressive H5N1-Variante in Berlin und Mannheim bestätigt
31.Mar.2006 Hochwasser in Dresden: Behörden rufen Katastrophenalarm aus

31.Mar.2006 Klage: Yahoo Hongkong soll Nutzerdaten an China geliefert haben
Jugendgewalt: "Aggression ist ihre Überlebensstrategie"
31.Mar.2006 Arbeitsrecht: Frankreich wartet auf Chiracs Entscheidung
31.Mar.2006 US-Wirtschaft: In der Zinsfalle
31.Mar.2006 Atomstreit: Iran meldet Test von Tarnkappen-Rakete

31.Mar.2006 Mega-Eruptionen: Explosiver Zwilling des Yellowstone-Vulkans entdeckt
Verfassungsgericht: Freisprüche nach NS-Unrechtsurteilen nicht möglich
31.Mar.2006 Fotostrecke: Bush, der Mossad und die Saudi-Connection

31.Mar.2006 Verschwörungstheorien: Bush, Bin Laden und die Meschugge-Brigade
Handy an Bord: Flugfirmen stopfen das Mobilfunk-Loch
31.Mar.2006 Energieallianz: Russland liefert Strom an China
31.Mar.2006-11.Sep.2001 -Tonbänder: Echo der verlorenen Stimmen
31.Mar.2006 Neutronenstern-Kollision: Stärkster Magnet im Universum

31.Mar.2006 Elbhochwasser: Dresden bereitet Evakuierungen vor
Demografie-Studie: Vollbeschäftigung dank Geburtenschwäche?
31.Mar.2006 https://newyorkmetro.com/news/features/16464/index6.html

They got their gold and shipped us to Fresh Kills,” he said. Call it one more conspiracy theory, but many uniformed firefighters believe the powers that be cared more about finding the gold reserves held in vaults beneath the Trade Center than the bodies of their fallen brothers.

Still, the fireman said, if he had to pick a letter in my poll, it would be A.

Osama fucking bin Laden, like Bush says. If I thought it was someone else, then I’d have to do something about it. And I don’t want to think about what I’d do.”
31.Mar.2006 https://newyorkmetro.com/news/features/16464/index6.html

I asked Dr. Sunder about 7 WTC. Why was the fate of the building barely mentioned in the final report?

This was a matter of staffing and budget, Sunder said. He hoped to release something on 7 WTC by the end of the year.

NIST did have some “preliminary hypotheses” on 7 WTC, Dr. Sunder said. “We are studying the horizontal movement east to west, internal to the structure, on the fifth to seventh floors.”

Then Dr. Sunder paused. “But truthfully, I don’t really know. We’ve had trouble getting a handle on building No. 7.”

11.Sep.2001 -William was late.

Instead of mopping the stairwells on the 110th floor, where he almost certainly would have died, he was chatting with the maintenance crew on level B-1 in the basement.

I heard this massive explosion below, on level B-2 or 3. I saw this guy come up the stairs. The skin on his arms was peeled away . . . hanging. Then I heard another explosion, from above.

That was the first plane, hitting the building.”

In possession of one of the few master keys in the building, William led firemen up the stairwells.

He was responsible for getting at least a dozen people out of the towers.

Trying to escape as the North Tower fell, he found himself beneath a half-buried fire engine.

I told myself this is going to be a slow death, but I should make it last as long as I could.

My training as an escape artist helped me. I knew to be calm. They found me just in time. I understood my whole life had been pointing to this moment.”

Acclaimed as “the last man pulled from the rubble,” William became a hero of 11.Sep.2001 .

I was at the White House. They took my picture with President Bush.”

Four years later, after repeatedly being rebuffed in his attempts to tell officials his story about the basement explosion, William is suing the U.S. government under the rico statute, legislation drafted to prosecute Mafia families. The suit reads like an Air America wet dream, with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, John Ashcroft, George Tenet, Karl Rove + others (the Diebold Company is thrown in for good measure) listed as defendants.

They say I’m a conspiracy theorist; I call them conspirators, too,” William says.
“We’re like the minutemen of Revolutionary times, prosecutors in the discovery phase of a trial that’s sure to come,” says Les Jamieson.
31.Mar.2006 https://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/gate/archive/2006/03/29/notes032906.DTL&type=printable
Or maybe you should peruse one of the countless Sept. 11 conspiracy sites, many of which link to relevant video and one of which --
scholarsfor911truth.org -- claims to be "a non-partisan association of faculty, students + scholars, in fields as diverse as history, science, military affairs, psychology + philosophy, dedicated to exposing falsehoods and to revealing truths behind 11.Sep.2001." Start there.
31.Mar.2006 https://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/gate/archive/2006/03/29/notes032906.DTL&type=printable
For you, we have the surprisingly compelling indie documentary "
11.Sep.2001 Loose Change" (Google it), freely available on the Internet and produced by three very astute and very young and very strong-willed dudes who managed to cobble together a truly astounding array of proofs and interviews and evidence, a full 1 hour and 20 minutes' worth of mesmerizing footage you will not be able to easily forget.
31.Mar.2006 https://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/gate/archive/2006/03/29/notes032906.DTL&type=printable

There is also the very big question of what happened to 7 WTC, the only building not hit by anything at all, but which collapsed anyway, in a perfect controlled-demolition sort of way, for no reason anyone can sufficiently explain. But which just so happened to contain vital offices for the IRS, the Department of Defense, the CIA, the Secret Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission and more.
There is, ultimately, the stunning failure of the entire multi-trillion-dollar American air-defense system. Just for starters.
31.Mar.2006 https://www.thepeoplesvoice.org/cgi-bin/blogs/voices.php/2006/03/30/p7339
"It is always better to say right out what you think without trying to prove anything much: for all our proofs are only variations of our opinions + the contrary-minded listen neither to one nor the other." ~~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Palace of Greek Warrior Ajax Said Found 
Among the ruins of a 3,200-year-old palace near Athens, researchers are piecing together the story of legendary Greek warrior-king Ajax, hero of the Trojan War.

I said I'd never do it -- say what I think about that terrible morning of 11.Sep.2001. I've seen what happens to those who question the elaborate, tangled explanations the Bush administration offers about what happened, how it happened, who did it + why they did it. It doesn't matter if those who dare speak truth to the lies are professors, investigative reporters, eyewitnesses, scientists -- "conspiracy theorist" is immediately tattooed on their foreheads. They are jeered at, ridiculed, spat upon and swift-boated right out of the room. They are banished to the outskirts of civilized society.

31.Mar.2006 Long Live The 11.Sep.2001 Conspiracy!  Anyone still care about the heap of disturbing, unsolved questions surrounding Our Great Tragedy?

31.Mar.2006 Borneo rainforests a treasure trove of rare species  About three years ago, wildlife researchers photographed a mysterious fox-like mammal on the Indonesian part of Borneo island. Since then, more new species of plants and animals have been found and conservationists believe Borneo, the world's third-largest island, is a treasure trove of exotic plants and animals waiting to be discovered.
31.Mar.2006 Frogs found to communicate ultrasonically 
University of Illinois researchers have reported the first documented case of an amphibian communicating ultrasonically, as do bats, whales and dolphins.
31.Mar.2006 Sleuthing librarians reconstruct Franklin's collection 
When it comes to literary mysteries, the death of Benjamin Franklin's library is not exactly a whodunit.
Scholars already know the collection was killed by his grandson, William Temple Franklin, who inherited most of the books and sold them for cash.
The real crime, historians say, is that there's no surviving inventory of the 4,276 volumes - a list that could provide valuable insight into Franklin's life.

Sanctions against Iran 'bad idea' Iran is not an imminent threat and sanctions would be a bad idea, the UN nuclear watchdog chief warns.
Tories prepare to reveal lenders The Conservatives are preparing to publish a list of people who secretly lent them money, the BBC learns.
Venezuelan Government To Launch International 11.Sep.2001 Investigation Author: Paul Joseph Watson Venezuelan Government To Launch International 11.Sep.2001 Investigation Truth
Race Riots Could Lead to Camps For Americans and Illegals Author: Paul Joseph Watson - Race Riots Could Lead to Camps For Americans and Illegals Mexican extremists
Camera adapter for detecting melanoma Author: Eliot Phillips 
MM] has built a simple lighting adapter for analyzing skin lesions . Different layers of the skin absorb different parts of the light spectrum.

By shining those particular wave lengths on the skin you can get an image of the lesion in various layers. This camera adapter is designed for a Nikon ...
Justice Department Subpoenas Reach Far Beyond Google
In its effort to uphold the 1998 Child Online Protection Act (COPA), the U.S.Department of Justice ... has demanded information from at least 34Internet service providers, search companies + security software firms.... The full list of companies subpoenaed by the Department of Justice includes:...

Asteroid Impact Fueled Global Rain of BBs
But the planet-covering residue left behind may tell us something about the direction of the incoming asteroid, as well as possible extinction scenarios, according to new research.

The falling spherules might have heated the atmosphere enough to start a global fire, as one example. How the ...
Microsoft hired ex-EU judges for mock trial Author: Tom Warren 
Microsoft is clearly taking its upcoming appeal against the European Commission very seriously. The software giant has hired three former EU judges to stage a mock trial.

The trial conducted in January in New York contained a former Belgian justice minister, Melchior Wathelet, who worked for the ...
July bomber considered 'low risk' Intelligence staff considered the lead bomber in the 7 July London attacks not worth putting under greater scrutiny, the BBC learns.
French job law 'constitutional' A youth employment law that has sparked protests across France is legal, says the top constitutional body.
Nuclear clean-up 'to cost £70bn' The UK's nuclear clean-up programme could cost more than £70bn, says the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.
Clarke attacked on ID card costs The home secretary is criticised as he says passport applicants will have to pay for ID cards whether they want one or not.
Unexpected warming in Antarctica Dramatic increases in air temperature over Antarctica question the reliability of climate models to predict the future.
Protests stop Rice's mosque visit A visit to a Blackburn mosque by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is cancelled amid fears of protests.
UK carbon emissions rise again Britain's carbon dioxide emissions rose between 2004 and 2005, provisional government figures show.
Google Accused of Bio-piracy Author: Zonk 207+
Simon Phillips writes "ZDNet is reporting that Google has been accused of being the 'biggest threat to genetic privacy' this year for its plan to create a searchable database of genetic information.

From the article: 'Google was presented with an award as part of the Captain Hook Awards for Biopiracy in Curitiba, Brazil, this week.

The organisers allege that Google's collaboration with genomic research institute J. Craig Venter to create a searchable online database of all the genes on the planet is a clear example of biopiracy.'"
UK Government Passes ID Card Bill Author: ScuttleMonkey 31+
cowbutt writes "The two houses of the UK government, the elected House of Commons + the House of Lords have agreed a compromise on Labour's ID cards bill, after Conservative peers accepted a Labour amendment.

Under the new amendment, anyone renewing a designated document (e.g. passport) will be able to opt-out of getting a card until 2010, but will still have their details put on the National ID Register immediately."
Anovi - XIXe siècle John ROCKEFELLER (Richford, 08.Jul.1839 - Ormond Beach, 23.May 1937 ) Par Marc Nadaux ... Les Rockefeller s’installent ensuite à Moravia, puis à Owego.

C’est là, à l’âge de douze ans, que John a une révélation. ... www.19e.org/personnages/etranger/rockefeller.htm
"As the 2004 election loomed, the White House was determined to keep the wraps on a potentially damaging memo about Iraq."
Same-sex couples from states where gay marriage is banned cannot legally marry in Massachusetts, the state's highest court ruled Thursday
"A hip encyclopedia that gives you background on key players in the new 'great game.'" -- A BuzzFlash Review of "What Every American Should Know About Who's Really Running the World"
Bush Leaves America's Gates Defenseless: "Nearly five years after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the Washington region still lacks a strategic plan to guide preparations for any future attacks or to effectively spend hundreds of millions of homeland security dollars, federal and local officials told a U.S. Senate panel yesterday." 3/30
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

30.Mar.2006 Support Fair Trade on BuzzFlash.com: Empowering People, Creating Jobs, Sustaining Lives. It's in your hands to make a difference.
Atrios: In other words, [Scalia] didn't just make the sign for "f*** you" he said "f*** you." In church. What will we tell the children. 3/31
Iran Defiantly Rejects New U.N. Demands to reimpose a freeze on uranium enrichment. Despite what Rice said, the international community IS divided: Russia and China opposed strong language, don't want sanctions and the current demand has no penalty if Iran doesn't comply.

30.Mar.2006 Fla. AG Subpoenas Voting Machine Companies 3/30
Carroll's Dad Thanks Those Who Helped 3/31

https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Permalink

Bowen has uncovered a new plan: McPherson, taking his cue from Katherine Harris, has instituted a new voter registration database , designed to "weed out" the poor and the homeless. (And there will soon be plenty of them , once the housing bubble bursts.) More than 14,000 new voter registration and re-registration applications just from Los Angeles County were recently invalidated under this new stringent set of regulations — and other counties are seeing similar results.
This is a 43% rejection rate! In fact, virtually all of these applications would have been accepted before Secretary McPherson rolled out his new statewide voter registration database. Typically rejection rates are 1-2%. This is outrageous.

Fitzgerald Will Seek New White House Indictments : Insiders say he'll soon be seeking a Grand Jury indictment against Karl Rove or National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley.

30.Mar.2006 Abramoff gets 5 years, 10 months in fraud case : Assuring the judge he is working to become “a new man,” disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff was sentenced Wednesday to nearly six years in prison for committing fraud in the purchase of a fleet of gambling boats.

30.Mar.2006 GOP congressional candidate faked photo of Baghdad : He posted on the official Web site for his campaign a picture taken in “downtown Baghdad,” he said, during his visit to the city, which supposedly indicated that the media was wrong about the level of violence in the city.

30.Mar.2006 GM Begins Firing Salaried Workers at About 30 U.S. Locations : General Motors Corp., struggling with $10.6 billion in losses last year, started firing hundreds of its U.S. salaried employees at about 30 U.S. locations, part of a North American restructuring plan.

30.Mar.2006 Thom Hartmann : Illegal Workers: the Cons' Secret Weapon : None will tell Americans the truth about why we have eleven million illegal aliens in this nation now (when it was fewer than 2 million when Reagan came into office), why they're staying, or why they keep coming.

30.Mar.2006 Jesse Jackson : Wage War on Poverty, Not Immigrants : We can spend billions trying to lock immigrants out and hold those that come in down. Or we can devote energy and resources now wasted on a civil war in Iraq to help lift our neighbors up, gain real trading partners and significantly reduce the misery that drives people from their homes.

30.Mar.2006 Brazil's Lula Lashes Out At Rich Nations: Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva Monday castigated the wealthy and technologically advanced countries of the world for failing to live up to their responsibility in tackling poverty and environmental degradation on the planet.

30.Mar.2006 Argentina & Uruguay Abandon School Of Americas: Critical victory for human rights organizations across the Americas

30.Mar.2006 Watchdog contends budget bill broke law: President Bush signed into law a bill that never passed the House. Bill – in this case, a major budget-cutting measure that will affect millions of Americans – became a law because it was “certified” by the leaders of the House and Senate.

30.Mar.2006 U.S. bonds dive after decision on rates : Prices on U.S. Treasury notes plunged on Tuesday after the Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the 15th straight time and signaled that further increases lay ahead.
N-bomb: 'Saudi secretly working with Pak experts' : Saudi Arabia is working secretly on a nuclear programme, with help from Pakistani experts, the German magazine Cicero reports in its latest edition, citing western security sources

30.Mar.2006 Neo-con cabal blocked 2003 nuclear talks : The George W Bush administration failed to enter into negotiations with Iran on its nuclear program 00.May 2003 because neo-conservatives who advocated destabilization + regime change were able to block any serious diplomatic engagement with Tehran, according to former administration officials.
Halliburton overcharged for Iraq oil work: : Halliburton Co., the world's second largest oil services company, repeatedly overcharged taxpayers + provided substandard cost reports under a $1.2 billion contract to restore Iraq's southern oil fields, according to a new report by U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman

30.Mar.2006 MI5 enabled UK pair's 'rendition' : "They could hear screams from other prisoners "
Charley Reese : Time To Leave: We, the United States, cannot fix Iraq now or ever.

We can pay bribes and cajole and threaten, but in the end, the fate of Iraq is now in the hands of the Iraqis + there is nothing we can do about it.

30.Mar.2006 A madness for war : We took out a madman with madness. At a minimum, there should be hearings, with Bush under oath. With any more details like this, the next step is impeachment.

30.Mar.2006 Bombing civilians is not only immoral, it's ineffective : The US marine air wings operating in Iraq announced in a press release 00.Nov.2005 that since the invasion began it had dropped more than half a million tons of explosives on Iraq.

30.Mar.2006 The Iraqi Civil War in Context : Those seeking to discover some of the key precipitating factors behind Iraq's furious plunge into chaos and disintegration might find one of them in the records of an obscure Congressional committee meeting on 10.Aug.2004 .

30.Mar.2006 Dahr Jamail: An "Alliance" of Violence : A disturbing trend noticeable in Iraq for quite some time now is that each aggressive Israeli military operation in the occupied territories results in a corresponding increase in the number of attacks on US forces in Iraq.
'If you start looking at them as humans, then how are you gonna kill them?' By Inigo Gilmore and Teresa Smith joined them
He claims that US soldiers such as him were told little about Iraq, Iraqis or Islam before serving there; other than a book of Arabic phrases, "the message was always:

'Islam is evil' + : 'They hate us.' Most of the guys I was with believed it." Continued

30.Mar.2006 Finding no fault - By Molly Ivins
The Pentagon has once again investigated itself!

And - have a seat, get the smelling salts, hold all hats - the Pentagon has once again concluded the Pentagon did absolutely nothing wrong and will continue to do so. Continued

30.Mar.2006 Channel 4 - Paints Chavez As Dictator By John Pilger
This was a disgrace from beginning to end.

Worse, it joined the kind of hysteria in the US that is following the Bush administration’s agenda of “positioning” Venezuela as a “rogue state” + a threat to US interests: in other words, softening it up for attack. Continued

30.Mar.2006 Interview With America's Auditor -in-Chief, David Walker

Is America facing an economic disaster?

The richest, most powerful nation on earth faces a fiscal "tsunami" which threatens to overwhelm Government and citizens alike. Who says so? America's auditor in chief, David Walker, whose job it is to oversee all Federal spending. He's pleading with US politicians and taxpayers to face up to the harsh economic realities that come with an ageing population and spiralling budget deficits. But is economic disaster really so close at hand?
Energiekonflikt: Gasprom droht Weißrussland mit höheren Gaspreisen

30.Mar.2006 Frankreich: Verfassungsrat billigt Arbeitsmarktreform
Bekannt war auch, dass SS-Obersturmführer Hans Sommer, der 1941 im besetzten Paris sieben Synagogen sprengen ließ, Unterschlupf beim BND fand, ebenso wie der Eichmann-Adjutant Alois Brunner, der immer noch weltweit wegen hunderttausendfachen Judenmords gesucht wird - Brunner soll als illegaler BND-Resident in Damaskus operiert haben.
"Wir wussten, was wir taten", sagte der CIA-Russland-Experte Harry Rositzke. "Es war unbedingt notwendig, dass wir jeden Schweinehund verwendeten. Hauptsache, er war Antikommunist."

London: Bürgermeister beleidigt US-Botschafter
Atomstreit mit Iran: Außenminister meiden Festlegung auf Sanktionen
Nahost: Hamas droht finanzieller Kollaps AN>Minirock-Alarm in Paris: Deutsche Austauschschülerinnen mit Steinen beworfen
Innenminister Schäuble: Weitere 5000 Soldaten sollen WM sicher machen
Italien: Abdul Rahman als Flüchtling anerkannt
Britische Spendenaffäre: Scotland Yard will Blair verhören
Frankreich: Schulen verweigern Wiedereröffnung
Numerator: Fingerzahl macht Rechnen schwer
BND: Als Nazis Schlapphüte wurden
Langschläfer: Frühes Aufstehen führt zu Dauer-Jetlag
Naturgewalten: Forscher dokumentieren Monsterwellen-Attacke
Krise in Frankreich: Villepin soll mit Rücktritt gedroht haben

30.Mar.2006 Kleine Trabanten: Mini-Monde zeichnen Propeller in Saturns Ringe
Heute in den Feuilletons: "Puppenspieler, der als Kasper auftritt"
Arbeitslose: Frühjahrsbelebung fällt bescheiden aus

30.Mar.2006 Verflogen: Ryanair landet auf falschem Flughafen
New Orleans: Video bringt Prügel-Polizisten vor Gericht
Großeinkauf: Google steigt bei AOL ein
Hedgefonds: Sehnsucht nach dem Crash
Tarifstreit: Metaller erhöhen den Druck mit Warnstreiks

30.Mar.2006 Terrorprozess: 30 Jahre Haft für geplanten Mord an Bush

30.Mar.2006 Naturkatastrophen: Sachsen flüchten vor dem Hochwasser

30.Mar.2006 Raumfahrt: Erster Brasilianer im All
Atomstreit: Uno-Ultimatum lässt Iran kalt
Streit um Atomprogramm: Sicherheitsrat setzt Iran 30-Tage-Frist
Moussaoui-Prozess: Geschworene beraten über Todesstrafe
80 Cameras for 2,400 People
This story is about the remote town of Dillingham, Alaska, which is probably the most watched town in the country.

There are 80 surveillance cameras for the 2,400 people, which translates to one camera for every 30 people. The cameras...
Apology for 'wrong runway' error An airline apologises after a plane destined for City of Derry Airport lands at an Army base by mistake.
UN urges Iran to halt enrichment The United Nations Security Council approves a statement urging Iran to suspend uranium enrichment.
US man jailed for Bush death plot A US citizen convicted of plotting to kill President Bush and supporting al-Qaeda gets 30 years in jail.
Bill Clinton e Monica Lewinsky - how it was staged - the real story   
In the CNN message board, John Weekly gave a demonstration of defense of the truth, facing a group of of psyops of the NSA working at CNN. ...
Elian - the antichrist uses a child to achieve the destruction of ... Elian, Fatima", discussion started 01.Jun.2000 , on the court decision to continue to keep Elian and his father hostages in the US. Psyops entered it ...
JornalismoPortoNet: Soldado das fotos diz que cumpriu ordens    Pessoas de patente superior disseram-me “fica quieta, agarra esta corda e olha para a máquina” e depois tiraram a foto para a PsyOps [operações ... https://jpn.icicom.up.pt/2004/05/12/soldado_das_fotos_diz_que_cumpriu_ordens.html
Jornal Defesa e Relações Internacionais  Acção psicológica: PSYOPS de acordo com as directivas político – militares;.

Informações: preparação ao nível do comando e controle, ... https://www.jornaldefesa.com.pt/conteudos/view_txt.asp?id=238
ROCKEFELLER PAPIERE In »Die Rockefeller Papiere« beschreibt der Amerikaner Gary Allen ausführlich, ...

Seit vielen Jahren finanziert die Rockefeller -Dynastie das Union.. www.whitehousestinks.com/article/Glossar/1044804960.html

29.Mar.2006 Grow your own MEAT?! Huh? Wha!? Author: Muddyboy While some people may grow fresh herbs in their homes, others may be growing fresh meat in the future.
New vote machines ignite feud in Emery
After 23 years as Emery County clerk, Bruce Funk will decide this morning whether he will resign because he cannot endorse an election on Utah's new voting machines.

"In no way could I feel comfortable with these machines," Funk said Monday. "I don't want to be part of something that put into ...
https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Bush stayed in that school some 25 minutes after being informed of the second strike.

Even if he didn't have the presence of mind to leave, why didn't Andrew Card think of the obvious course of action?
The first reporter to interview the retired Card should ask that question.

https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Bob Fertik summarizes one version of the tale: According to ABC's John Cochran, Bush discussed the first crash with his Chief of Staff, Andrew Card, before he left his hotel.

As Bush approached his car, a reporter asked, "Do you know what's going on in New York," and Bush said he did - and would say something later.
All of which suggests that
conspiracy-minded folks might want to check up on an overlooked AP story from November 27 of last year:
A small, twin-engine plane carrying White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card made an emergency landing in Nashville Saturday after smoke began pouring into the cockpit, officials said...
The plane left Texas, where Card has been meeting with President Bush...at his ranch in Crawford, White House spokesman Ken Lisaius said.

29.Mar.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Many believe that Card has had an adversarial relationship with Karl Rove.

They disagreed over the Harriet Miers nomination: Card pushed for Miers, while Rove probably aided the conservative groups who called for her to withdraw.

Some observers aver that Card quickly lost enthusiasm for the Iraq war itself.
Needlenose points out: Given this uneasy relationship with Rove, it's possible that the Plame leak was the proverbial last straw for Card + when he learned that there would be a full Justice Dept. investigation, he decided to make it clear that he wouldn't be going down with Rove's ship.

https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ These very same emails went missing during the original Justice Department inquiry, perhaps during those key twelve hours.

(The deadline to turn over all materials was October 10.) Andrew Card could probably tell us some very interesting details about this strange matter.
https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ We know, though, that when the Justice Department launched a criminal probe into the outing of Plame, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales gave Andrew Card a twelve-hour "heads up," which provided plenty of time to clear damning information from the White House computers. ...when Gonzales was notified about the investigation on the evening of Monday, Sept. 29, 2003, he waited 12 hours before telling the White House staff about the inquiry. Official notification to staff is meant to quickly alert anyone who may have pertinent records to make sure they are preserved and safeguarded. Just what did Card do during that twelve hours -- and in subsequent days?
29.Mar.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ What if he decides to talk?
He probably won't, of course. But we can still speculate: What if he spilled the beans on just two issues -- Plamegate and the World Trade Center attacks?
WHIG . Because Card has always kept such a low profile, few understand that he played a key role in
the war conspiracy.
The White House Iraq Group (WHIG) was formed in August 2002 by Andrew Card, President Bush's chief of staff, to publicize the threat posed by Saddam Hussein. WHIG operated out of the Vice President's office.
The group's members included Rove, Bush advisor Karen Hughes, Senior Advisor to the Vice President Mary Matalin, Deputy Director of Communications James Wilkinson, Assistant to the President and Legislative Liaison Nicholas Calio, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley and I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby.

29.Mar.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ The new Islamic bomb Worried about nukes in the hands of Islamic despots? Don't look at Iran. The real problem may be Saudi Arabia.
29.Mar.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Those tempted to dismiss the report should read Joseph Trento's Prelude to Terror : In 1975, the royal family was approached by Pakistan’s government for help in financing a pan-Islamic nuclear weapon. [Saudi Intelligence chief Kamal] Adham and his advisers had simultaneously reached the conclusion that the royal family could not survive if they let the Israeli nuclear-weapons program stand unchallenged. So what, precisely, makes nuclear weaponry acceptable in Saudi Arabia and not in Iran? Permalink
29.Mar.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ So what is the burning issue of the day in America? Immigration.
Yes, immigration is a genuinely important problem. Has been for decades. But why is it the number one topic this morning? Because the right would rather we didn't talk about all that other stuff.

29.Mar.2006 Christian clerics are fostering hate: I think the leaders of our country and all people of conscience should repudiate these remarks that translate into acts of bias, discrimination and even violence against Muslims.

29.Mar.2006 Protests in Puerto Rico mount against FBI over tactics: The FBI is under attack in Puerto Rico for operations that critics say unfairly target pro-independence activists.

29.Mar.2006 U.S. Willing to Deploy Combat Troops to Colombia : Given that the U.S. government’s intervention in Colombia already involves everything but the deployment of U.S. combat troops, it is clear that Patterson’s comments were intended to illustrate the Bush administration’s willingness to deploy U.S. troops to Colombia to combat FARC guerrillas.

29.Mar.2006 'Asia must prepare for dollar collapse': East Asian economies need to prepare for a possible collapse of the US dollar, the Asian Development Bank says.

29.Mar.2006 East Asian economies must prepare for possible sharp US dollar slide : With the US trade deficit at a record high and global interest rates rising, East Asian economies need to be prepared for a possible sharp slump in the value of the dollar, the Asian Development Bank warned here.

29.Mar.2006 Core contradictions: The US trade deficit with China ballooned in 2005 to US$202 billion, more than one-quarter of the total deficit

29.Mar.2006 Ron Paul: The Perils of Economic Ignorance: Last week in this column I wrote of a perfect economic storm facing America, caused by a federal government that spends, borrows + prints so much money that our dollars are eroding in value at an alarming rate.

29.Mar.2006 American Theocracy: Kevin Phillips Interviewed by Grover Norquist: Kevin Phillips, a former Republican strategist explains his problems with America's majority political party. His new book is titled "American Theocracy: The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil + Borrowed Money in the 21st Century."

29.Mar.2006 Big Oil's Big Windfall : A public already groaning under huge deficits does not need more red ink. An oil industry already rolling in record profits does not need more tax breaks. But both are sure to happen unless some way can be found to claw back from a decade's worth of Congressional and administrative blunders, aggressive lobbying and industry greed.

29.Mar.2006 We can afford bombs while : 'Policy' denies nutrients to 1,000 Florida children: More than a thousand severely disabled or chronically ill children who relied on state dollars for life-sustaining nutritional supplements have been cut off from Florida's Medicaid program, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings to the agency, state officials acknowledged Thursday.

29.Mar.2006 Peak oil and failing mass media: How can we solve a problem that we do not know exists? Who will speak out?

29.Mar.2006 Citizenship bill heads to Senate floor : A Senate panel Monday approved a bill that would allow millions of undocumented immigrants to obtain legal status and eventual citizenship without first leaving the United States. It also would allow hundreds of thousands of foreigners to come work here every year.

29.Mar.2006 Paul Krugman: North of the Border : I'm instinctively, emotionally pro-immigration. But a review of serious, nonpartisan research reveals some uncomfortable facts about the economics of modern immigration + immigration from Mexico in particular.

29.Mar.2006 Video: The Future of Food : THE FUTURE OF FOOD offers an in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled U.S. grocery store shelves for the past decade.
Noam Chomsky: The Israel Lobby : I've received many requests to comment on the article by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt (henceforth M-W), published in the London Review of Books, which has been circulating extensively on the internet and has elicited a storm of controversy. A few thoughts on the matter follow.
29.Mar.2006 Halliburton’s Performance Worsen: Halliburton “tried to inflate cost estimate by $26M.” In a third example, Halliburton claimed costs for laying concrete pads and footings that the Iraqi Oil Ministry had “already put in place.”

29.Mar.2006 Eric Margolis: Neocon ambitions and the spectacular disaster of Iraq : In reality, the Bush Administration went to war to attain two objectives: 1. Seizing Iraq’s vast oil reserves + turning Iraq into a base to dominate the Middle East; 2. Destroying one of Israel’s two main enemies( Iran being the other).

29.Mar.2006 Imperial overreach is accelerating the global decline of America : The disastrous foreign policies of the US have left it more isolated than ever + China is standing by to take over

29.Mar.2006 Iraqi Documents Are Put on Web + Search Is On : American intelligence agencies and presidential commissions long ago concluded that Saddam Hussein had no unconventional weapons and no substantive ties to Al Qaeda before the 2003 invasion.

29.Mar.2006 U.S. top court to weigh Guantanamo tribunals: The U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear a challenge Tuesday from Osama bin Laden's former chauffeur on President George Bush's power to set up war crimes tribunals at Guantanamo Bay.

29.Mar.2006 Britain 'complicit' in human rights abuses at Camp Delta : Britain has been complicit in the human rights abuses committed by US authorities at Guantanamo Bay prison camp, according to a report released today.  

29.Mar.2006 Drawing on exhaustive interviews with detainees and evidence from security services, the dossier gives the complete picture of the British government's co- operation with the US over a camp it now says should be closed.

29.Mar.2006 Fabricating Terrorism - Executive Summary : ‘Our promotion of human rights and democracy is in keeping with America's most cherished principles and it helps to lay the foundation for lasting peace in the world …

The duty to defend human rights and to help spread democracies' blessings is especially great for the United States and other free nations …" Condoleezza Rice

29.Mar.2006 Report: Full Text: Fabricating Terrorism: British Complicity in Renditions and Torture
Soldiers flee to Canada to avoid Iraq duty : Hundreds of deserters from the US armed forces have crossed into Canada and are now seeking political refugee status there, arguing that violations of the rules of war in Iraq by the US entitle them to asylum.
29.Mar.2006 In case you missed it: Looking for an Iraq precedent? Try Honduras : The report last week that Iraq's recently installed prime minister, Iyad Allawi, was setting up a new security service, the General Security Directorate, to "annihilate" terrorists, rang a bell.
29.Mar.2006 Veteran: War Based On Greed -Delta Force founder finds Bush deaf to Iraq criticism - By Diane Wagner
It is the duty of every American citizen to stand up and say it when something is wrong,” he said. “This administration has wrapped itself in the troops.

They’ve learned from Vietnam to say, ‘If you don’t support me, you don’t support the troops,’ but they’re hiding behind those kids.” Continued 

29.Mar.2006 Pillaging the Treasury and the Constitution -By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS
President Bush passes himself off as a conservative Republican and a born-again Christian. These are disguises behind which Bush hides.

29.Mar.2006 Would a Christian invade another country on false pretenses, kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians + show no remorse or inclination to cease the aggression? Continued

29.Mar.2006 US living on borrowed time - and money -By Julian Delasantellis
Buried deep in the arcanum of some recently released economic statistics are indications that the world is tiring of its role as America's charge card.

29.Mar.2006 The Cowards Path An open letter to Ralph Nader - By Linda H Riegler - Sir, I owe you an apology… Continued
History's a Bitch, huh Rummy?

It is the open and honest truth about war itself that will change the false perceptions and moral abiguity that have allowed a culture of war to be perpetuated by our government in our name for a century.

Let us never forget that the use of the chemical weapons that once existed in Iraq was given a wink and a nod by Donald Rumsfeld personally. https://www.gwu.edu/...

By the summer of 1983 Iran had been reporting Iraqi use of using chemical weapons for some time.

The Geneva protocol requires that the international community respond to chemical warfare, but a diplomatically isolated Iran received only a muted response to its complaints [Note 1].

It intensified its accusations in October 1983, however + in November asked for a United Nations Security Council investigation.

The U.S., which followed developments in the Iran-Iraq war with extraordinary intensity, had intelligence confirming Iran's accusations + describing Iraq's "almost daily" use of chemical weapons, concurrent with its policy review and decision to support Iraq in the war [Document 24].

The intelligence indicated that Iraq used chemical weapons against Iranian forces, and, according to a 00.Nov.1983 memo, against "Kurdish insurgents" as well [Document 25].

What was the Reagan administration's response?

A State Department account indicates that the administration had decided to limit its "efforts against the Iraqi CW program to close monitoring because of our strict neutrality in the Gulf war, the sensitivity of sources + the low probability of achieving desired results." But the department noted in late November 1983 that "with the essential assistance of foreign firms, Iraq ha[d] become able to deploy and use CW and probably has built up large reserves of CW for further use. Given its desperation to end the war, Iraq may again use lethal or incapacitating CW, particularly if Iran threatens to break through Iraqi lines in a large-scale attack" [Document 25]. The State Department argued that the U.S. needed to respond in some way to maintain the credibility of its official opposition to chemical warfare + recommended that the National Security Council discuss the issue.

Following further high-level policy review, Ronald Reagan issued National Security Decision Directive (NSDD) 114, dated November 26, 1983, concerned specifically with U.S. policy toward the Iran-Iraq war. The directive reflects the administration's priorities: it calls for heightened regional military cooperation to defend oil facilities + measures to improve U.S. military capabilities in the Persian Gulf + directs the secretaries of state and defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to take appropriate measures to respond to tensions in the area. It states, "Because of the real and psychological impact of a curtailment in the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf on the international economic system, we must assure our readiness to deal promptly with actions aimed at disrupting that traffic." It does not mention chemical weapons [Document 26].

Soon thereafter, Donald Rumsfeld (who had served in various positions in the Nixon and Ford administrations, including as President Ford's defense secretary + at this time headed the multinational pharmaceutical company G.D. Searle & Co.) was dispatched to the Middle East as a presidential envoy. His December 1983 tour of regional capitals included Baghdad, where he was to establish "direct contact between an envoy of President Reagan and President Saddam Hussein," while emphasizing "his close relationship" with the president [Document 28]. Rumsfeld met with Saddam + the two discussed regional issues of mutual interest, shared enmity toward Iran and Syria + the U.S.'s efforts to find alternative routes to transport Iraq's oil; its facilities in the Persian Gulf had been shut down by Iran + Iran's ally, Syria, had cut off a pipeline that transported Iraqi oil through its territory. Rumsfeld made no reference to chemical weapons, according to detailed notes on the meeting [Document 31].
The walls have ears
and people will talk Yesterday's backyard fence = Today's blog.
Wearing Out, Yes -
The Fear Factor is fading.

And when they try and boot it up again with an alert or a military intensive, well, people aren't being rebooted.

Their fear uptake receptors are all burned out now.

Overused and completely non-responsive to images of death and destruction, threats of pillage and rape.

I am very quizzical (and surely rambling) now because I'm not sure this has ever happened to so many people and so globally.  I know people were really burned out after the two world wars.

But what of this, in the absence of wide spread physical trauma as well?

What will replace this knee-jerk fear response in the people?

Perhaps Rumsfeld doesn't know either + so he sits late at night (in pressed boxers, no doubt) reading the blogs, on their websites + searching, searching, searching for the next thing.

While the wife sleeps deeply, in an Ambien haze + the blue light of the computer screen winks friendly in the dark quiet of the inky air.
In effect, the WH has become a home for the
criminally insane. we're shocked by a naked nipple, but not by naked aggression
  i agree i had that in my post, then edited it out for length. but yeah, the mere fact the secretary of defense acknowledges the impact of blogs in his op ed is testament to how huge our influence really is.
29.Mar.2006 French unions plan more protests Unions and student groups call for fresh action next week to keep up pressure over the youth job law.
29.Mar.2006 ID card compromise reached The battle over the government's controversial ID Cards Bill ends after peers accept a compromise deal.
29.Mar.2006 Lobbyist Abramoff gets 70 months Disgraced former US lobbyist Jack Abramoff is jailed for 70 months in Miami for conspiracy and fraud.
29.Mar.2006 Parties face fresh loan questions The Electoral Commission says questions remain over whether the secret political loans broke funding rules.
29.Mar.2006 Plane lands at airbase by mistake A passenger jet which was destined for City of Derry Airport lands at an Army base six miles away by mistake.
29.Mar.2006 India sex selection doctor jailed An Indian court jails a doctor for agreeing to abort a female foetus, the first such sentence in the country.
29.Mar.2006 Jell-O Fix for Spinal Cords Scientists can cure paralysis caused by spinal cord injuries -- in rats. A new technique using a gelatinous substance might restore injured humans. By Elizabeth Svoboda.
29.Mar.2006 Global Warming: Be Very Afraid New Yorker staff writer Elizabeth Kolbert warns that climate change is here to stay + it isn't going to be pretty. Last in a three-part series. By Mark Anderson.
29.Mar.2006 America's Most Polluted Cities Tough new regulations aim to choke off ozone and particle pollutants emitted by cars and trucks.

The goal? Cutting a scourge in the sky that puts up to 152 million Americans at risk. From Forbes.com.
The Internet's War of the Roses
A Supreme Court ruling in the case of a wife who let police search for her husband's drug paraphernalia offers hope to privacy advocates.

Just substitute "corporations" for "angry wife," and "your personal data" for "cocaine straw." Commentary by Jennifer Granick.
Hybrid Airship Does Heavy Lifting A cross between a jet and a blimp could take the freight business to the air. By Timothy Sprinkle from Wired magazine.
29.Mar.2006 Photos: Keeping watch with unmanned aircraft UAVs prowl the skies over Iraq and along the border of Mexico--+ they might soon fly more widely in U.S. airspace.
29.Mar.2006 CNN - Explosive Interviews zum 11.Sep.2001 Author: Heiner Buecker 
Explosive Aussagen zum 11.Sep.2001 auf CNN (USA) landesweit um 19.00 und 23.00 Uhr.

In einer Show kommen Hollywoodstars Charlie Sheen
und Sharon Stone zu Wort, zusammnen mit Gegnern und Verteidigern der offiziellen Version der Terroranschläge des 11.Sep.2001 .

Bislang jeweils 15 Minuten an 4 Tagen seit dem 23.3. - Blackout der Printmedien - total
Diebold Threatens Wary Voting Clerk Author: CmdrTaco 427
An anonymous reader writes "From the Salt Lake Tribune: a wary county clerk called in BlackBoxVoting.org

to test the integrity of Diebold voting fraud machines, part of a recent $27 million statewide purchase (to make sure that only the "Right" candidates win).

Diebold goon says machines are now jinxed and it may cost up to $40,000 to fly in a company witch-doctor to make sure there were no warranty violations.

Since EVERY SINGLE VOTER who uses these machines is a potential hacker looking to alter election results, why is Diebold so concerned? "
Iran Cracks Down on Bloggers Author: ScuttleMonkey 203
Wired News is reporting that dozens of Iranian Bloggers have been met with harassment by the government and some have even been arrested for voicing dissenting views in recent history.

The article takes a look at some of the bloggers who are fighting for their rights and how. From the article:

"The Iranian blogging community, known as Weblogistan, is relatively new.

It sprang to life in 2001 after hard-liners -- fighting back against a reformist president -- shut down more than 100 newspapers and magazines + detained writers.

At the time, Derakhshan posted instructions on the internet in Farsi on how to set up a weblog."
Sicherheitsrat: Vetomächte verlangen Stopp von Irans Uran-Anreicherung

29.Mar.2006 Moussaoui-Prozess: Staatsanwalt verlangt die Todesstrafe
Fußball-WM: Keine Soldaten in Stadien
18.Mar.2006 at 09:21:42 AM PDT
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, attempting in vain to defend his administration's failed Iraq policy:

Some have described the situation in Iraq as a tightening noose, noting that "time is not on our side"and that "morale is down."

Others have described a "very dangerous" turn of events and are "extremely concerned."

Who are they that have expressed these concerns?

In fact, these are the exact words of terrorists discussing Iraq - Abu Musab al-Zarqawi + his associates - who are describing their own situation +

must be watching with fear the progress that Iraq has made over the past three years.

The terrorists seem to recognize that they are losing in Iraq. I believe that history will show that to be the case.

Fortunately, history is not made up of daily headlines, blogs on Web sites or the latest sensational attack.

History is a bigger picture + it takes some time and perspective to measure accurately.

History, for Rumsfeld, would ideally be made up of neatly organized DOD press releases.  Yet the legacy of this war will include the blogs.  

The internet has empowered the citizens of this country to preserve facts in the face of a relentless propaganda campaign.  

Where the administration has sought to cover-up and hide the reality of this conflict, blogs have stepped up to counter their revisionist history.  

As the scribes of a new millennium, we preserve in pixelated form every folly, every lie + every death Rumsfeld wishes was overshadowed by false claims of victory.  

Ultimately, it will be the truth-seekers, on and off the internet, that will shape the legacy of this war as an ill-conceived fraud perpetrated on the American public,

as an endless war grossly mismanaged by those who breached the public trust.
In der tschechischen Hauptstadt Prag wappnen sich die Einwohner ebenfalls gegen das Hochwasser.

Hunderte von Freiwilligen schichteten Sandsäcke auf und bereiteten die Räumung von Gebäuden entlang der Moldau vor.

Die Behörden hoffen, dass ein inzwischen installiertes Hochwasserschutzsystem seine Bewährungsprobe besteht.
Das sächsische Hochwasserzentrum korrigierte seine frühere Vorhersage kräftig nach oben. Bis Freitagabend rechnen die Flutexperten in Schöna mit bis zu 8,60 Metern, am Pegel Dresden mit bis zu 7,65 Metern.

Normal sind etwa zwei Meter. Bei der Jahrhundertflut im August 2002 war in Dresden ein Höchststand der Elbe von 9,40 gemessen worden.

Abgesehen davon wurde die Sieben-Meter-Marke in Dresden seit 65 Jahren nicht mehr erreicht.
Ein Salzstock soll für 75 bis 300 Millionen Euro zu einem unterirdischen Druckluftspeicher umgebaut werden. Hier will EnBW Energie aus unsteten Quellen wie etwa aus Windkraftanlagen zwischenspeichern.

Auch bei diesem Vorhaben eines Speichers sprach Claassen von einem "Kraftwerk".
Auch nach tagelanger Suche bleiben sie unauffindbar.

Nach fünf Tagen informiert der Schichtleiter den Kraftwerksleiter, eine Woche nach dem Verschwinden erfährt das für die Atomaufsicht zuständige Umweltministerium davon.

Stuttgart/Philippsburg - Die Spur der Schlüssel verliert sich am Nachmittag des 10. März. An jenem Montag, so der Stand der Ermittlungen, lässt sich ein Mitarbeiter des Kernkraftwerks im baden-württembergischen Philippsburg morgens im Block 1 einen Schlüsselbund aushändigen. Der Mann soll Kontrollarbeiten vornehmen, offenbar an einem Notstromaggregat, die Übergabe des Bundes wird ordnungsgemäß schriftlich dokumentiert.

Stunden später sind die zwölf Schlüssel weg, drei davon ermöglichen den Zugang zu sicherheitsrelevanten Bereichen, allerdings nicht zum "primären Reaktorbereich", wie es heißt.

Die baden-württembergischen Grünen kritisierten nach Bekanntwerden des Vorfalls in Philippsburg das Sicherheitssystem des Betreibers scharf. Die zugesagte neue Sicherheitsphilosophie des Energiekonzerns habe kläglich versagt, sagte der Grünen-Landtagsabgeordnete Boris Palmer.

Die Proteste gegen die Reform gehen unvermindert weiter. In mehreren Städten des Landes blockierten Studenten am Vormittag Verkehrswege. Im westfranzösischen Rennes bildeten sich deshalb Staus von Dutzenden Kilometern Länge. Die zweitgrößte französische Gewerkschaft CGT rief für Donnerstag und Freitag zu Streiks im Öffentlichen Dienst gegen die Reform auf. Gemeinsam wollen die Gewerkschaften einen weiteren großen Streiktag am nächsten Dienstag organisieren.  

Villepins einst hohe Popularität hat in der Krise erheblich gelitten. Die Zeitung "Le Monde" berichtet, Villepin habe weitere sieben Punkte auf 29 % verloren.
Sarkozys Politikberater Patrick Devedjian sagte, 90 % der regierenden UMP-Fraktion hätten sich für eine Aussetzung des umstrittenen Erstanstellungsvertrages (CPE) ausgesprochen.

Dem widersprach allerdings Regierungssprecher Jean-François Copé: Die Mehrheit stehe vereint hinter Villepin und dem CPE.

Mit Spannung wird die für morgen erwartete Entscheidung des Verfassungsrates über das Reformgesetz erwartet, das Mittel- und Großbetrieben die Möglichkeit gibt,

bei jungen Arbeitnehmern in den ersten beiden Jahren Kündigungen ohne Grund auszusprechen. Dabei geht es um das Eilverfahren, mit dem Villepin das Gesetz durch das Parlament gebracht hatte.

Erklärt der Verfassungsrat dieses für unzulässig, müsste es nochmals in die Nationalversammlung. Villepin, der die Rücknahme des Gesetzes ablehnt, bekäme dann die Möglichkeit, Änderungen vorzunehmen.

Auch Staatschef Jacques Chirac könnte das Gesetz vor Inkrafttreten nochmals an das Parlament verweisen. Er ließ ankündigen, er wolle sich "in den nächsten Tagen" zu dem Streit äußern.
Bei einer Konferenz in Australien haben Wissenschaftler nun erste Schritte auf dem Weg zu einem globalen Frühwarn-System zum Schutz von Korallenriffen beschlossen.

Auf rund 400 Kilometern Länge soll dazu ein Pilotsystem am Great Barrier Reef, dem weltweit größten Riff, installiert werden.

Das neue System ist Herzstück eines Plans, auf den sich 60 Experten aus zehn Ländern am heutigen Mittwoch bei ihrem Treffen in Townsville an der Nordostküste von Australien einigten.

Am Ende soll ein Netzwerk von Sensoren stehen, das auf Riffen, die über den gesamten Erdball verteilt sind, Verschmutzung und Temperaturen misst.

Die Empfänger der Messdaten wurden bereits in Taiwan, Florida und in der Südsee getestet.
Die Trapper in Alaska ärgern sich über löchrige Wolfsfelle. Die Tiere kratzen sich und reiben ihre Körper an Bäumen - weil ihnen Läuse im Pelz sitzen.

Die Ausbreitung der Parasiten bedeutet aber nicht nur für Jäger, sondern auch für Wildhüter Schwierigkeiten: Offenbar ist der Läuseplage kaum Herr zu werden.

Der Kampf scheint inzwischen an vielen Fronten zugunsten der neuen Erreger auszugehen, wie Rudi Balling, Leiter der vom Bund betriebenen Gesellschaft für Biotechnologische Forschung, im Gespräch mit dem SPIEGEL ONLINE feststellt. "Unser Gesundheitssystem ist nicht optimal vorbereitet, es kommen nur noch sehr selten neue Wirkstoffe auf den Markt."

Die aber wären nötig, um den tödlichen Erregern den Garaus zu machen.

"Die Industrie hat sich in den letzten Jahren immer mehr aus der Entwicklung neuer antiinfektiver Medikamente und Impfstoffe zurückgezogen", sagt Balling.

Die Erklärung sei relativ einfach: "Die Entwicklung dauert lange und ist extrem kostenintensiv."
Auch Bakterien, deren Existenz nie ein Mensch für möglich hielt, sind auf dem Vormarsch. Jedes Jahr etwa sterben mehr als eine Million Kinder an Pneumokokken-Infektionen,

weil die neue Bakteriengeneration Streptococcus pneumoniae den meisten Medikamenten trotzt.

"Nipah kam gewissermaßen aus dem Nichts", erklärt Klaus Stark, Experte für Zoonosenerkrankungen am Berliner Robert-Koch-Institut (RKI) im Gespräch mit SPIEGEL ONLINE.

"Vermeiden kann man solche Ausbrüche ohnehin nicht."

Unendliches Reservoir, keine Medikamente

Derartige Ausbrüche, bei denen bislang völlig unbekannte Krankheitserreger auftauchen, sind keinesfalls neu - nehmen aber seit Jahren zu.

Als nahezu sicher gilt, dass die Killerviren zunächst im Tierreich auftreten + erst danach, nach entsprechenden Mutationen des Erbguts, auf den Menschen überspringen.

Neue Seuchen beunruhigen Experten Von Vlad Georgescu

Regierungen in aller Welt planen Maßnahmen gegen eine Vogelgrippe-Pandemie, doch Experten fürchten noch eine andere Gefahr: 

tödliche Viren und Bakterien, die noch niemand erforscht hat - und gegen die es keine Medikamente gibt.

Seit Anfang März rätseln Epidemiologen und Mediziner in aller Welt über das, was ihre Kollegen aus der indischen Provinz Orissa am Golf von Bengalen alarmiert gemeldet haben:

Ein bislang unbekannter und bis heute noch unidentifizierter Erreger hat innerhalb kürzester Zeit rund 3000 Menschen infiziert + bei den Erkrankten hohes, teilweise lebensbedrohliches Fieber ausgelöst.

Das Virus hat sich derart rasant verbreitet, dass indische Behörden die internationale Forschergemeinschaft um Unterstützung gebeten haben.

AP Begräbnis von Ebola-Toten in Zaire 1995: Tropische Gebiete in Afrika und Asien gelten als Wiege neuer Seuchen
Was auch immer in den Slums von Kishantola, Rukotola und Banglatoli am 01.März 800 Menschen ansteckte, erreichte nur wenige Tage später die Stadt Rourkela +

machte dabei nicht einmal vor isolierten Lebensräumen halt - zu den Infizierten zählen auch Insassen des staatlichen Gefängnisses.

Von "epidemischen Zügen" sprach der staatliche Chefmediziner des Distrikts, Premananda Patnaik.

Die Analyse von immerhin 857 Blutproben förderte nur wenig Verwertbares zu Tage.

Immerhin: Die Epidemie stand in keinerlei Verbindung zur weltumspannenden Vogelgrippe, wie die Untersuchungen belegten. Welcher Erreger aber am Werk war, bleibt ein Rätsel.

Es war, heißt es im internen Infodienst der International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID), eine "mysteriöse virale Attacke" die, so viel scheint klar, über die Luft übertragen wurde.
'Immigration Protests' Cover For Racist Ethnic Cleansing Movement Author: Paul Joseph Watson 'Immigration Protests' Cover For Racist Ethnic Cleansing Movement Atzlan and
29.Mar.2006 Rumsfeld: History Isn't Made Up Of Blogs or Headlines Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, attempting in vain to defend his administration's failed Iraq policy:

Some have described the situation in Iraq as a tightening noose, noting that "time is not on our side"and that "morale is down." Others have described a "very dangerous" turn of events and ...
Election loans 'within the rules' Labour and the Tories say they have nothing more to declare on loans received in last year's election campaign.
29.Mar.2006 US court takes Guantanamo case The US Supreme Court considers the legality of military trials at Guantanamo Bay prison camp.
29.Mar.2006 Fifth defeat for ID cards plans Peers have rejected for a fifth time government plans to make passport applicants get ID cards.
29.Mar.2006 Pacific isles get wildlife drive A major initiative is launched in Micronesia to conserve the fragile wildlife of the islands of the Pacific.
29.Mar.2006 Public health service 'in crisis' Job losses and training cuts could be seriously hampering the work of public health doctors, a report suggests.
29.Mar.2006 Google, Microsoft protest House Net proposal New House of Representatives bill doesn't include federal regulations mandating "Net neutrality." Internet companies protest.
29.Mar.2006 Steve Ballmer: "I've got my kids brainwashed: You don't use Google + you don't use an iPod."
29.Mar.2006 Tarifkonflikt: Tausende Metaller gehen für mehr Lohn auf die Straße
29.Mar.2006 Prognose: Regierung rechnet mit Aus für Arztpraxen

30.Mar.2006 Katastrophenalarm: Wassermassen bedrohen Dresden
Alternative Energie: Deutsche Küste soll erstes Wellenkraftwerk bekommen
Philippsburg: Schlüssel für Atomkraftwerk verschwunden
Interview mit Avi Primor: "Israel und Hamas brauchen einander"
Geschäftsbericht: Bank-Chef verdreifacht sein Gehalt
Frankreich: Villepin in Bedrängnis
Korallensterben: Frühwarn-System soll Riffe schützen
Parasiten im Pelz: Läuse plagen Alaskas Wölfe
Manhattan: Knochenfund neben Ground Zero
Unbekannte Erreger: Neue Seuchen beunruhigen Experten
Rüstungsriese: EADS soll größer und französischer werden

30.Mar.2006 Wirbelsturm: Neuer Zyklon bedroht Australien

29.Mar.2006 Warten auf Vista: Analysten sehen Schaden für Microsoft
Heute in den Feuilletons: "Intelligenz ist ein Rasiermesser"
Online-Banking: Trojaner greift PINs und TANs ab
Tarifkonflikt: IG Metall startet bundesweite Warnstreiks

29.Mar.2006 Bushs Pannenserie: Frühjahrsputz im Weißen Haus
Atomstreit: Sicherheitsrat vor Einigung im Iran-Konflikt

29.Mar.2006 Israel: Olmerts Kadima gewinnt Wahl
Sonnenbeobachtung: Finsternisforscher hoffen auf freie Sicht