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13.Apr.2005 For a rather biased look at Fensterwald's history by a buff who disliked him, you may want to skim this page.

This source (+ please note that I cannot verify all that he says) alleges that "The Committee To Investigate Assassinations was funded by McCORD ASSOCIATES, which for all practical purposes, was a CIA proprietary."
A number of books on Watergate mention a still-mysterious arrangement wherein CIA man James McCord - before the break-in + well before he officially met Fensterwald - sent a number of large checks to (or through ? ) Fensterwald's CIA. To this day, no-one has explained why McCord would be funding Fensterwald.

One occasionally hears the argument that the Committee to Investigate Assassinations was being used as a money laundry.
00.000,1973 The press discovered this odd business. URL:
13.Apr.2005 I remind readers of this "ancient history" to drive home one lesson, a lesson which even Orson Welles neglected to mention:

The boycott worked.

The mightiest pressfaker of his generation was brought low by organized action.
The mightiest pressfaker of our generation is, of course, Rupert Murdoch.

Can the same tactics used against Hearst also work against him? URL:
13.Apr.2005 But Seldes reminds us of another factor:
From California to New York, labor + liberals + the unions + the universities + notable men including the President +

Senators + the head of the Society of Newspaper Editors + hundreds of organizations + thousands of men + women who are the leaders of the intelligent minority, have taken a forthright stand against Hearst.

There has been a great boycott of his newspapers + his magazines + his newsreels + his radio stations.

There has been repudiation in Congress, in the press, on the platform + from the pulpit. URL:
00.000. 1938 George Seldes' classic expose of press bias + manipulation, “Lords of the Press”.

In an eye-opening chapter on William Randolph Hearst (available online; see here), Seldes includes a passage pertinent to our own day:
00.000.1935 -The year- marked the height of the Hearst Red-baiting campaign in the universities.

It must be remarked here + now that there is no Red teaching in the schools + colleges of the USA, but the institutions of learning of our country still attempt to give their students a liberal education.

It is inconceivable that they should do anything else.

No school can supply an anti-liberal education, or a Fascist education, as these terms are contradictory.

Liberalism + education are one + all Hearst did was to call liberal education "Red" education.

What has changed since those days?

The attacks remain the same, but

nowadays we don't have a Seldes bold enough say without apology:

"No school can supply an anti-liberal education, or a Fascist education, as these terms are contradictory." URL:
Wall-Street-Schluss: Notenbank-Protokoll beflügelt Börse

13.Apr.2005 Italien: Berlusconi erzielt Millioneneinkünfte

13.Apr.2005 Visa-Missbrauch: Probleme bereits unter Kanzler Kohl

13.Apr.2005 Schleswig-Holstein: Simonis führt ihr Scheitern auf männliche Intrige zurück

13.Apr.2005 Irak: Bush dankt US-Soldaten für Einsatz

13.Apr.2005 Government Surplus Page 5 Outdoor & Sports

From Mil - Tec ® by Sturm, this heavy-duty nylon 100L Pack (they're Europea ...

Display American pride with 3 USA 3 x 5' Flags! Click image to enlarge...

13.Apr.2005 From Wed

05.Nov2003 From: ... in the US-financed Contra war against Nicaragua's revolutionary government... including Andy Warhol + Frank Gillette + Jean-Luc Godard + Valie Export,..

13.Apr.2005 IRC | RightWeb | Group Watch: Council for Inter-American Security ...

$8000 given to contra supporters such as Humberto Belli, Jose Rebelo,.. Members of the ISEI speakers bureau include Frank Aker, Adolfo Calero, Col.

The Public Eye Website of Political Research Associates ... committee investigating Iran-Contragate on his role in Contra fundraising...

Dr. Frank Aker, newsletter publisher, on "Where the Soviets are ...

00.000.1984 Nicaragua Swirl In The Eye Of The Storm

19.Jan.1984 "Argentina Ends Contra Aid." Washington Post,. A-1 30...

Obtained from files of Dr. Frank Aker.

Brief descriptions of war torn ...

Gordon Sumner ... AKER FRANK. Bellant,R. The Coors Connection. 1990 (37); Resource Center... The Iran- Contra Connection. 1987 (63); Sklar,H. Washington's War on ...

Lewis Arthur Tambs ... AKER FRANK. Bellant,R. The Coors Connection...

Sklar,H. Washington's War on Nicaragua. 1988 (231 333).

JONES BRUCE (CIA). Christic Institute...

International's president Ole C. Ostlund resigned from his employment with Aker,..

in the suicide of former Technical Director in Statoil Kåre Frank.

13.Apr.2005 Nonlinear Media - Cross Medien Konzepte und Anwendungen LBS ...- HTML-Version

... enthalten die ( Handy )Nummer des Nutzers sowie seine eingebenen Bedürfnisse...

Der Disorganizer vergleicht die vom Lokalisator (siehe ...

13.Apr.2005 Der Lokalisator ... Der "Buddy Alert" funktioniert mit jedem Handy, einfach per SMS

... freigegeben haben, mit dem Handy abfragen, ob ihre Freunde in der Nähe sind...

17.Apr.2004 The Corner on National Review Online


“As we have repeatedly made clear, Israel has the right to defend itself from terrorist attacks.”

13.Apr.2005 Updates: US Army's Future Combat System (FCS) program - Topic ...

William H. Forster, vice president of Land Combat Systems at Northrop Grumman, added,

“The consistent performance of Eagle Eyes in these tests confirms ...



General Electric,





JP Morgan

... en George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (GB: Una Biografía Indeseable),..

12.Apr.2005 ¿Quién es Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. ?

... de Manhattan de la tradición de Aaron Burr, Martin van Buren, August Belmont y JP Morgan, y aquéllos que se aferran a la tradición esclavista sureña...

El CFLC y la secta del ‘dios del trueno’

... de los intereses financieros de Wall Street,

Rockefeller +

JP Morgan

... donde trabajó en la biografía del general confederado Stonewall Jackson... - Internet en America Latina Latina seleccionados por un estudio del banco de inversión JP Morgan,

... mantener un espacio con fotografías, anécdotas, biografía, mensajes de ...

Fundación Atlas para una Sociedad Libre

Deuda Pública y Relaciones con el FMI, Eugenio Bruno (ver biografía ) ...

Asesor Económico Financiero in-house de JP Morgan ; Asesor Económico Financiero ...


Este libro nos ofrece la biografía más reveladora de Donald Trump,.. Deloitte, JP Morgan, McDonald's, Unilever, Wachovia, BMW o INSEAD y nos muestra ...


... finanziaria Charles Schwab e nel consiglio di consulenza di JP Morgan...

Lei stessa lo riferisce, nella biografia di Antonia Felix: "Mio padre non era ...

LaRouche en Radio Splendid de Argentina Que sufran las deudas, no ...

Inicio, MJL, Biografía, Audio-video, Preguntas ... Y luego está el banco JP Morgan Chase, combinado.[FIGURE 210]. Estos bancos están por hundirse,

12.Apr.2005 Instituto Schiller- articulos en Español ...

Biografía Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., devino, a lo largo de los setentas y los .. y JP Morgan, y aquéllos que se aferran a la tradición esclavista sureña...

Biografía La Dra. Condoleezza Rice recibió su investidura como ... el Consejo Asesor Internacional de JP Morgan y la Junta de Gobernadores de la ... 11.Apr.2005

Magda Bandera: La "Caixa" de Reconstrucciones .. Una vez comentado el bilderberguismo del candidato español,.. en un consorcio de bancos liderado por el JP Morgan Chase que resultó elegido por la.

Magda Bandera: Las palabras exactas de Bush ... Goldman Sachs Group, JP Morgan Chase + Morgan Stanley all gave $100000... satírica (leed el texto en español,..
Genworth Financial | MI Europe | Biografías de los Directivos ... Info Prensa; Biografía CEO; Biografías de los Directivos ... 3 años en el sector de la banca de inversiones para JP Morgan como contable cualificado...

Genworth Financial | MI Europe | BIOGRAFIAS DOS GESTORES ... Imprensa; Biografia do CEO; Biografias dos Gestores ... Antes de entrar para a GE, Andy trabalhou na banca de investimentos, concretamente na JP Morgan ...

resena.negroni.htm 1898 La Guerra Hispano Americana en Puerto Rico - 1898 The Spanish American War ... como Contador Público Autorizado para JP Morgan en la ciudad de Nueva York...

Busca biografias personajes5 - biografia biografía biografías de famosos celebridades en deporte música teatro ... 2812 JP Morgan (John Pierpont) Finanaciero norteamericano (1837-1913) ...

InfoMoreno | Petroleo ... acuerdo con importantes descuentos con los ferrocarriles que controlaba JP Morgan,..

Por ejemplo, en su voluminosa biografía de John D. Rockefeller I,..

ARMANDO GARZA SADA - View as HTML ... Eduardo Cepeda is the President + Director General of JP Morgan Grupo Financiero,..

00.000.1993 He was awarded the Premio Comillas de Biografía in Spain ( )...

Bitácora de Salvador Aragon: Sociedad y TIC ... JP Morgan, IBM y externalización; Una de libros; Un mercado virtual en juegos ... Daniel Hillis ( biografía ), un destacado emprendedor proveniente de ... /

12.Apr.2005 Ecuador, Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores ... se reunirá con su homólogo español Miguel Angel Moratinos,..

Deutsche Bank y JP Morgan (en conjunto) y

Citigroup Global Markets,

para ambos procesos...

Ecuador, Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores ...

El Gobierno español aprobó el 30 de diciembre pasado un nuevo Reglamento de

... bancos como JP Morgan y Deutsche Bank, con quienes mantuvo diálogos...
Biography of Dr. Condoleezza Rice ... More Issues. En Español.

Tsunami Relief ... the International Advisory Council f JP Morgan + the San Francisco Symphony Board of Governors.

12.Apr.2005 Table 1.7 Organisations paid £5 million or more by the Ministry of ...

Admiral PLC,

City of Westminster,

Rokbuild Ltd.

Akhter Group (Holdings) PLC ,

Claverham Ltd,

Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Group PLC ...

Table 1.16 ...

Akhter Group (Holdings) PLC,

Fitzpatrick PLC,

Services Sound and Vision Corporation.

Alfred McAlpine PLC,

Heaton Holdings Ltd,

Smiths Aerospace Ltd ...

Research INTELLIGENCE: University licences novel display technology ...

Last month the University granted the Akhter Group plc a licence to exploit the technology.

Akhter Computers was founded 20 years ago by its CEO,..

12.Apr.2005 CAAT REPORT - The Employment Consequences of a Ban on Arms Exports ...

The UK Hydrographic Office British Maritime Technology Ltd Sogea Holdings (UK) Ltd

Akhter Group (Holdings) PLC

Moyola Construction Ltd

Edmund Nuttall ...


Sogea Holdings (UK) Ltd

Akhter Group (Holdings) PLC.

Moyola Construction Ltd

Edmund Nuttall Ltd

Cap Gemini. UK Ltd

Marconi Mobile Ltd

Data Sciences UK ...

12.Apr.2005 The Pajamahadin

... but Congressional + CIA investigators agree, the intelligence ... Former Congressman Dick Armey once said that conservatives believe it when they see ...

Spencer Blog Archives 1-03 ... One of the most surprising is Dick Armey, the soon-to-retire House ... Um. Judging from this story I think it's safe to say they're telling a fib... And Iran, the former "terrorist state" has seen the US government this week move to ... DICK ARMEY AND THE PUSSYCAT: THE ILLOGIC OF INTERNET FILTERS ...

Burnt Orange Report... When someone like Dick Armey calls Barney Frank "Barney Fag", that’s pretty ... Fib Caps on non-economic damages will bring down doctors' malpractice ...

Ghost in the Machine: Politics (2002-2004) Archives ... The CIA station chief in Baghdad "has warned that the situation in Iraq is ... Salon delves into the growing rift between Tom De Lay + Dick Armey over ...

Ghost in the Machine: Election 2004 Archives ... into White House efforts to arm-twist the CIA into the right conclusions... Salon delves into the growing rift between Tom De Lay and Dick Armey over ...

12.Apr.2005 Feinstaub: Schröder erklärt Rußfilter zur Chefsache

12.Apr.2005 Wall Street: Börsenmakler sollen Kunden benachteiligt haben

12.Apr.2005 Hungerkatastrophe: Millionen Äthiopiern droht der Tod

12.Apr.2005 Neue Steuerquelle: Eichel will Casinos schröpfen

12.Apr.2005 Betriebssystem: Apples "Tiger" kommt Ende April

12.Apr.2005 Geldwäsche-Policen: Fahnder suchen den Urheber der Idee

12.Apr.2005 USA: Anklage gegen Terrorverdächtige

12.Apr.2005 Genfood: Studie nennt Klonrinder unbedenklich

12.Apr.2005 Essay: Das Todesspektakel

12.Apr.2005 Uno-Sicherheitsrat: Gegenwind für Deutschland

12.Apr.2005 Kosmische Kollision: Galaxien-Crash wirbelt Staub auf

12.Apr.2005 Filesharing: Industrie attackiert Musiktauscher weltweit

12.Apr.2005 Pariser Flughafen: Boeing 777 ist zu schwer für Orly

12.Apr.2005 Moderne Fahndung: Das Arsenal der Hightech-Polizisten

12.Apr.2005 Furcht am Flughafen: Boeing 777 ist zu schwer für Orly

12.Apr.2005 Karlsruher Urteil: GPS-Observation erlaubt - Rundumüberwachung verboten

12.Apr.2005 Militärstrategie: US-Armee will Heer in Europa massiv verringern

12.Apr.2005 Skurrile Forschung: Genies am Rande des Wahnsinns

12.Apr.2005 Sexualmoral: Bischöfin Käßmann kritisiert Johannes Paul II.

12.Apr.2005 Ermittlungen: Pfarrer soll sich an Neunjähriger vergangen haben

12.Apr.2005 Roboter: Zweibeinige Maschine für zu Hause

12.Apr.2005 Genfer Erfindermesse: Kopfschutz schießt aus dem Rucksack

12.Apr.2005 iPod-Fan Bush: Schweinkram in the Mix

12.Apr.2005 EU-Defizitgrenze: Italien droht Strafverfahren

12.Apr.2005 Unter Druck: Wo bitte geht's hier nach Morgen?

12.Apr.2005 Arbeitskampf im öffentlichen Dienst: Ver.di setzt Warnstreiks fort

12.Apr.2005 Indonesien: Vulkan ausgebrochen - Hunderte auf der Flucht

12.Apr.2005 Hintergrund: Überwachung mit GPS

12.Apr.2005 Urteil: Karlsruhe erlaubt GPS-Fahndung

12.Apr.2005 USA Seeks Access to Bank Records: The initiative, as conceived by a working group within the Treasury Department,

would vastly expand the government's database of financial transactions by gaining access to logs of international wire transfers into + out of USA banks.

12.Apr.2005 In case you missed it: Despotism & Democracy

Explains how societies + nations can be measured by the degree that power is concentrated + respect for the individual is restricted.

Where does your community, state + nation stand on these scales? Video.

17.Jan.1961 In case you missed it: Video: Eisenhower's Farewell Address to the Nation -

"This conjunction of an immense military establishment + a large arms industry is new in the American experience.

The total influence – economic, political, even spiritual – is felt in every city, every Statehouse, every office of the Federal government.

09.Apr.2005 Hail to the Robber Baron?:

Thirty years ago, President Bush was my student at Harvard Business School.

In my class, he called former president Franklin D. Roosevelt, Class of 1904, a “socialist” + spoke against Social Security, unemployment insurance + ...

12.Apr.2005 Glossing Over Israel's Human Rights Abuses: The Janus Face of the Department of State

12.Apr.2005 Juan Cole: New York Times Supports McCarthyite Witch Hunt

The David Project wants

Middle East historians

to reproduce faithfully in the classroom

the Zionist master narrative

as the "true" version of history.

We aren't going to do that + nobody can make us do it

12.Apr.2005 The Christian Right's fundamental problem

In “Genesis”,

God promises Abraham all the land "from the river of Egypt to the great river Euphrates",

an area which includes a part of Egypt,

a large slice of Iraq + Syria,

not to mention all the land from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River.

There is no room for Arabs in this promised land.

12.Apr.2005 Conservatives launch pro-DeLay offensive:

Allies + friends of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas have concluded that

public attention to his ethics is unlikely to abate for months to come +

they plan to try to preserve his power by launching an aggressive media strategy + calling in favors from prominent conservative leaders

12.Apr.2005 Illegal export of nuclear devices:

US government indicts Pakistani + Israeli businessmen:

The US government has indicted

Islamabad-based Pakistani businessman Humayun A Khan +

his Israeli partner Asher Karni

for illegally exporting devices from the US that could be employed to test, develop + detonate nuclear weapons.

12.Apr.2005 Former Mossad head: There is a danger of a coup in Israel:

"Religious soldiers are among the best fighters we have, but

if the messianic ideology grows stronger among them,

if soldiers really do not return to their units after Passover,

it will be only the beginning +

the next step will be a coup," he added.

12.Apr.2005 In case you missed it: A Simple Request - Put My Son's Name on a Bomb

The Item Below is posted to demonstrate how successful the Bush Cabal has been in misleading the American people into believing that Iraq was responsible for, or associated with the tragedy of 9/11.

12.Apr.2005 Taking Advantage Of Ignorance:

Simple lack of knowledge can sometimes be a killer. Take the invasion of Iraq, for example.

12.Apr.2005 Eric Margolis Bush rewards his failures

USA commission on Iraq just the latest surge in a Niagara of whitewash

12.Apr.2005 Rights group decries proposed military doctrine that formalizes "enemy combatant" status:

The doctrine "will send a message to the world that the Geneva Conventions are not law, but mere policies that can be changed according to tastes of a particular government,"

Human Rights Watch said in a letter to US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

12.Apr.2005 US 'smuggles wounded troops home' under cover of darkness

Just as the Bush administration has banned the media from taking photographs of the coffins of American troops killed in Iraq as they arrive in the US,

opponents say it is now trying to cover up the number of wounded.

12.Apr.2005 The horror: Iraq coverage just like Vietnam

For anyone raised on the press-release war waged by the Johnson + Nixon administrations, this was familiar indeed.

12.Apr.2005 In case you missed it:   Disappearing the Dead: Iraq, Afghanistan + the Idea of a "New Warfare":

Among those endeavors that a state or a people may undertake, none is more terrible than war.

Part of this responsibility is to estimate + gauge the effects of war, including the collateral damage + civilian casualties that it incurs.

12.Apr.2005 Eyes Wide Open: Wage Peace! A must watch flash presentation

12.Apr.2005 Zarqawi 'rejects amnesty offer'

President Jalal Talabani was an agent of the US, it said + he would never be forgiven for his "infidelity" + "spilling of the blood of Muslims".

12.Apr.2005 Israel Termed A 'Nuclear Power' By US Officials

Their publicly terming Israel a nuclear power on a par with India + Pakistan might be a sign that the US perceives of nuclear issues as too serious to condone the double standards it employs freely on other issues.

12.Apr.2005 UK: Could the election be won by fraud?

The postal voting system makes Britain look like a banana republic, says a judge. Yet Labour favours it + has ignored warnings of fraud.

12.Apr.2005 UK: Labour activists had 'vote-rigging factory' to hijack postal votes

Beneath the veneer of an apparently democratic local election campaign the battle to control areas of Birmingham involved allegations of death threats, intimidation + bribery.

12.Apr.2005 US will block Brown campaign to beat poverty with gold sale

Gordon Brown's year-long anti-poverty crusade is in jeopardy this week, as the US prepares to block his plans for a sale of International Monetary Fund gold reserves to raise cash for debt relief.

12.Apr.2005 Venezuela: Revolution in Progress:

Today is the third anniversary of the failed coup attempt to overthrow democratically elected Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

We speak with filmmaker Matt O'Neil about his new documentary, "Venezuela: Revolution in Progress."

12.Apr.2005 Venezuela: President Chavez Frias calls for creation of military strategy The President says it is time to start studying ideas, concepts and doctrines of asymmetrical conflict.

12.Apr.2005 Venezuela represents hope’: This week of solidarity will mark the third anniversary of the defeat of a US-backed coup against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez,

whose government is leading a process is implementing wide-ranging changes to eradicate poverty + build up institutions of popular power. I

n Australia, solidarity events are being organised by the Venezuela Solidarity Network.

12.Apr.2005 Inquiries of Top Lobbyist Shine Unwelcome Light in Congress:

Jack Abramoff, one of Washington's most powerful + best-paid lobbyists, needed $100,000 in a hurry.

12.Apr.2005 The business of influence in Washington: Drug companies fund group battling AARP

10.Apr.2005 The Crusaders: Christian evangelicals are plotting to remake America in their own image

12.Apr.2005 Baghdad: Hundreds Of Thousands Protest American Invasion and Occupation Of Iraq:

“The American people need to know that they can’t suppress us anymore, even with all their strength and power,”

12.Apr.2005 Iraqi Girl Blog: Baghdad Burning: Protesters in the thousands. None of the news channels were actually covering it.

12.Apr.2005 Why was there really a war?: Operation Iraqi Liberation,

which can be spelled OIL,

has been said by many to be mainly about oil.

That is one popular reason, but this is not the main reason

12.Apr.2005 Sharon: Atmosphere in Israel looks like eve of civil war

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, in an interview broadcast by NBC News on Monday, spoke of the growing threat of violence by extreme-right Jewish activists in Israel ahead of the disengagement plan.

12.Apr.2005 Shin Beth chief warns of new intifada:

The outgoing chief of Israel's main domestic security Shin Beth agency has warned that a third intifada or uprising is in the offing + that violence on a large scale could break out in months.

12.Apr.2005 Israeli occupation forces raid Nablus The troops have begun to demolish a house, a Palestinian official told Aljazeera. The troops also told reporters to leave the area.

12.Apr.2005 Dear George and Dick Neither of you have any idea of the true human, sorrowful cost of war nor do you care that you are ruining lives by the thousands and thousands. You both disgust me beyond belief.

12.Apr.2005 Are Bush & Co. War Criminals?

Some lawyers claim the USA is guilty of crimes against humanity.

There is certainly enough latitude under Canada’s Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act

to prosecute senior Bush administration officials if they visit Canada after leaving office.

12.Apr.2005 Dr. Gal Luft: Bin Laden’s Out to Destroy USA Economy

Dr. Gal Luft, Director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security says Osama Bin Laden’s main goal is the destruction of the USA economy - + that, so far, he appears to be succeeding.

12.Apr.2005In case you missed it: Al Qaeda's economic war against the United States

Osama bin Laden plans strategies based on his victory over the Soviets in Afghanistan during the 1980s.

We "bled Russia for ten years until it went bankrupt + was forced to withdraw in defeat," bin Laden boasted in his 00.Oct.2004 videotape.

12.Apr.2005 In case you missed it: Transcript of bin Ladin's speech So we are continuing this policy in bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy. Allah willing

12.Apr.2005 A must watch interview with Gore Vidal: "I would say that, in the long run, the world will be saved American despotism by the coming bankruptcy of the country.

Now, that will have awful fallout for everybody. I don't even want to look into that crystal ball." - Real Video + Windows Media.

12.Apr.2005 IMF says that surging demand and falling supply could spark 'permanent oil shock'

The worldfaces "a permanent oil shock" + will have toadjust to sustained high prices in the next two decades,

the International Monetary Fund said yesterday in the starkest official warning yet about the long-term outlook for energy supplies.

12.Apr.2005 The Price of Oil and the Bush $ Don't Blame the Oil Sheikh's

12.Apr.2005 Talabani endorses foreign troop presence

Iraq's new president Jalal Talabani has restated his support for a continued US + Australian military presence in Iraq, one day after large demonstrations demanding US troops leave the country.

12.Apr.2005 Saddam may yet be the ultimate survivor

An idea being floated in Baghdad is that if Saddam's punishment was jail for life, rather than the execution he is widely assumed to face,

the Sunni minority who enjoyed power + prosperity while he controlled Iraq might save face + break with the insurgents.

12.Apr.2005 Imperial Reach

Of the dozen or so locations mentioned in Pentagon or media accounts of new basing locations,

a majority--including










São Tomé + Príncipe,


--either possess oil themselves or abut major pipelines + supply routes

12.Apr.2005 US mulls seven bases in Afghanistan The US army plans to establish seven military bases in Afghanistan, US army Corps of Engineers Col. John B.O'dowd told reporters in Kabul on Monday.

12.Apr.2005 House of Saud re-embraces totalitarianism: Residents of the tiny provincial capital of Saudi Arabia's northernmost province last week witnessed a grisly scene in the main public square:

the corpses of three militants tied to poles, on top of which were placed their severed heads.

12.Apr.2005 Bank says Saudi's top field in decline:

Speculation over the actual size of Saudi Arabia's oil reserves is reaching fever pitch as a major bank says the kingdom's - + the world's - biggest field, Gharwar, is in irreversible decline.

12.Apr.2005 Watchdog backs Egypt torture claims:

The Egyptian Supreme Council for Human Rights (ESCHR), a state-backed organisation set up last year, gave credence in its first annual report to widespread allegations of torture by Egyptian police + security forces.

12.Apr.2005 CSIS grilled Canadian teen in Cuba, shared info with USA

Canada's spy agency admits it shared information it obtained from a Canadian teen being held as an enemy combatant at Guantanamo Bay with American intelligence services, documents show.

12.Apr.2005 "Breathtaking" poll sees defeat for Canada Liberals

Canada's minority Liberal government is heading for defeat at the hands of the Conservatives after more than 11 years in power, a dramatic new poll is predicting.

12.Apr.2005 'Bomb-plot' Cuban crosses into US A Cuban exile, accused by President Fidel Castro Havana of plotting to kill him, is preparing to apply for asylum in the United States, his lawyer says.

12.Apr.2005 Fugitive Cuban exile to seek asylum in USA, says he worked with CIA:· A Cuban exile accused of plotting to assassinate Fidel Castro and wanted by Venezuela on charges of blowing up a Cuban airliner 00.000.1976 is in the United States, his attorney said Monday.

12.Apr.2005 Moscoso obtained $4 million for pardoning Posada and his accomplices: Posada Carriles used false documents provided by the US embassy in Panama to leave that country.

12.Apr.2005 Mary Shaw: Mind Control and the American Media: The USA mainstream media are frequently accused by the right of being too liberal. But consider the following.

12.Apr.2005 Greg Palast: Give it back, George: 'Did Wyly coyotes' ill-gotten loot buy White House?'

12.Apr.2005 DeLay Fundraising Plied Special Interests Tom DeLay routinely solicited donations by identifying legislative actions that prospective givers wanted, from video gambling to lawsuit limits, memos show.

12.Apr.2005 Higher Prices, Stagnant Wages Produce Pay Cut for US Workers: Inflation has outpaced the rise in salaries for the first time in 14 years. And workers are paying a bigger share of the cost of their healthcare.

12.Apr.2005 Trade Deficit Hits All-Time High in February: The USA trade deficit, exacerbated by surging imports of oil and textiles, soared to an all-time high of $61.04 billion in February.

12.Apr.2005 In theocracy they trust Christian right leaders denounced separation of church and state and prayed for a judge's deliverance to Satan. And their Capitol Hill allies were right there with them.

12.Apr.2005 Religion now more a part of politics Talk of faith, values is nearly omnipresent Forty-five years ago, John F. Kennedy was elected president only after reassuring skeptical voters that his Catholicism did not mean the pope would be dictating American foreign and domestic policy from Rome.

12.Apr.2005 James Kennedy's Christian Crusade: TV Evangelist's ministerial and media empire claim US a 'Christian nation', don't believe in the separation of church and state + aims to extend political reach

12.Apr.2005 Senators May Have Blown Cover of CIA Agent Committee Chairman Richard Lugar, R-Ind. + Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., both mentioned a name, Fulton Armstrong, that had not previously come up in public accounts of the intelligence flap.

12.Apr.2005 Russia shocks BP with demand for $1bn in back tax from oil venture:

The claim, which refers to 2001, is likely to cast a pall over Russia's precarious investment climate and came out of the blue.

11.Apr.2005 04/11/05: Murderous Thugs: 00.000.1975 my son had not yet been born. Today he is in his grave. Dick Cheney, on the other hand, is now Vice President of the United States + he is materially wealthy beyond what any of us would ever pray to be.

12.Apr.2005 Tehran to take legal action against USA for funding Iran opposition: "Our country and the regime are stable enough not to be disturbed by such measures. However, such acts are against international norms and law. The foreign ministry will take necessary legal action" against Washington, he said.

12.Apr.2005 UK Terror Trial Finds No Terror: Not guilty of conspiracy to poison London with ricin

12.Apr.2005 The Armageddon Man: A comprehensive look at John Bolton's career reveals a man who champions extremism in the service of expediency.

12.Apr.2005 Negroponte Used CIA Back Channels to Defy Congress Papers illustrate Negroponte's Contra role - show intelligence nominee was active in US effort.

12.Apr.2005 Bush calls for halt to new settlements as Sharon warns of 'civil war' in Israel

12.Apr.2005 Sharon rejects US settlements warning: Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has rejected a warning from US President George Bush not to expand West Bank settlements, saying Israel will continue its hold on areas it considers of strategic importance.

12.Apr.2005 Israel: Bush Should Lay Down the Law on Settlements: Sharon Must Be Told That USA Cannot Support Violations of International Humanitarian Law

12.Apr.2005 A Palestinian prison-state?: Sharon will spring his Generous Offer: Gaza plus 60-75 % of the West Bank and a symbolic presence in East Jerusalem. Sounds OK, But it will lock the Palestinians into the cantonized entity toward which Sharon has been tirelessly and openly working this past quarter century. It will be a new apartheid.

12.Apr.2005 Jewish settlers in Hebron wreak havoc on Palestinian neighbors: Settlers demolished part of the house with sledgehammers, working under the noses of soldiers posted on top of the structure.

Israeli police officers who arrived at the scene were pelted with stones and eggs + five people were arrested but later released, a police spokesman said.

12.Apr.2005 Regime Change Was an Immoral Excuse for War President Bush’s true reason for invading Iraq — regime change — was a poor + immoral excuse for initiating a conflict that has killed + maimed tens of thousands of innocent people — many more innocent people, in fact, than died on 11.Sep.2001 .

12.Apr.2005 US opposes amnesty for Iraqis who kill US soldiers

12.Apr.2005 War Crimes A Report on United States War Crimes Against Iraq to the Commission of Inquiry for the International War Crimes Tribunal

12.Apr.2005 Iraq's government faces old nemeses, deadly demands If it's to survive at all, the government must swiftly demonstrate its independence from Washington.

12.Apr.2005 Polish Defense Minister Poland wants to withdraw its 1,700 troops from Iraq early next year, the defense minister said Tuesday.

12.Apr.2005 USA Has No Exit Strategy for Iraq, Rumsfeld Says

12.Apr.2005 US audit probes possible Halliburton $212m overcharge Halliburton, the Houston-based oil services company, may have overcharged the USA government by $212m (£113m, €165m) for work in Iraq, according to portions of Pentagon audits released on Monday.

12.Apr.2005 Report criticizes Halliburton's work Serious cost overruns + a "poor performance" have plagued Halliburton's continuing $1.2 billion contract to repair Iraq's vital southern oil fields, a new USA State Department report says.

12.Apr.2005 Torture Air, Incorporated: It appears that Dick Cheney himself gave the greenlight for the kidnapping and torture scenario.

12.Apr.2005 Transcripts of tribunals detail stories of Guantanamo detainees In one case, according to court documents, a judge blurted out: ''I don't care about international law."

12.Apr.2005 Ex-Intel Chief Blasts Bolton at Hearing: A former chief of the State Department's bureau of intelligence and research castigated John R. Bolton on Tuesday as a "kiss-up, kick-down sort of guy" who abused analysts who disagreed with his views of Cuba's weapons capabilities.

12.Apr.2005 US appears to have fought war for oil and lost it By Ian Rutledge
According to the former head of ExxonMobil's Gulf operations, "Iraqi exiles approached us saying, you can have our oil if we can get back in there", the Bush administration decided to use its overwhelming military might to create a pliant - and dependable - oil protectorate in the Middle East and achieve that essential "opening" of the Gulf oilfields.

12.Apr.2005 Let them eat bombs
A report to the UN human rights commission in Geneva has concluded that Iraqi children were actually better off under Saddam Hussein than they are now. By Terry Jones
This, of course, comes as a bitter blow for all those of us who, like George Bush and Tony Blair, honestly believe that children thrive best when we drop bombs on them from a great height, destroy their cities and blow up hospitals, schools and power stations.

12.Apr.2005 Charge Him or Release Him
Jose Padilla USA Citizen Imprisoned Without Trial or Charges for 2 Years + 308 Days 

12.Apr.2005 Morgan calls Brad a Democrat, even though he isn't a member of the party. She is the second newsperson in recent times to make that mistake. Morgan also writes:
Now some Internet Web sites that traffic in conspiracy theories have fashioned something of a political thriller out of a series of apparently unrelated events they say prove the elections really were stolen.

To which Brad responds (in part):
Never mind also that we've never said that anything "proves the elections really were stolen" on this blog. URL:

Schon seit Jahren haben die Geheimdienste ihrer Majestät mit Computerproblemen zu kämpfen.

Ein Bericht des parlamentarischen Geheimdienstausschusses zeigt, dass ein neues Computersystem für den Inlandsgeheimdienst MI5 rund 50 % mehr kosten wird als geplant. Dabei wird es weniger leisten, als es ursprünglich sollte. 12.Apr.2005 Geheimdienste: Der MI5 kommt mit dem Netz nicht klar

12.Apr.2005 Asthma: Rauchende Omas schaden auch Enkeln

12.Apr.2005 Gefahr im Mittelmeer: Italien installiert Tsunami-Warnsystem

12.Apr.2005 Blitzbesuch im Irak: Rumsfeld fordert mehr Tempo beim Aufbau der Demokratie

12.Apr.2005 Senats-Anhörung: Breitseiten gegen Uno-Hasser Bolton

12.Apr.2005 Praxisgebühr: 1,7 Millionen Patienten dürfen gratis zum Arzt gehen

12.Apr.2005 Catering-Krise: Ver.di droht der Lufthansa mit Arbeitskampf

12.Apr.2005 Wahl in Großbritannien: Blair legt in Umfragen zu

12.Apr.2005 Airbus-Subventionen: Washington blockiert A350-Bau

12.Apr.2005 Lohndumping: Rot-Grün kämpft gegen polnische Schlachter
Lohndumping: Schröder will nicht für "ein paar Kröten" arbeiten lassen

12.Apr.2005 Wertedebatte: Thierse warnt SPD vor Rückfall in Klassenkampf

12.Apr.2005 Nach Treffen mit Scharon: Palästinenser sind von Bush enttäuscht

12.Apr.2005 CRG - "OSAMAGATE" Michel Chossudovsky. 'Now the Taliban will pay a price' vowed President George W. Bush, as USA + UK fighter planes unleashed missile attacks against major cities in Afghanistan.

The USA Administration claims that Osama bin Laden is behind the tragic events of the 11.Sep.2001.

A major war supposedly 'against international terrorism' has been launched, yet the evidence amply confirms that agencies of USA government have since the Cold War harbored the 'Islamic Militant Network' as part of Washington's foreign policy agenda.

In a bitter irony, the US Air Force is targeting the training camps established in the 1980 s by the CIA.
".. published by BBC Summary of World Broadcast, 24 March 2000. BBC, 29 January 2001, at ) Scotland on Sunday, Glasgow, 15.Jun.2001 at, see also UPI, 09.Jul.2001.

For further details see Michel Chossudovsky, Washington behind Terrorist Assaults in .."

12.Apr.2005 Full Text - The Creeping US Constitutional Coup ... At the helm of National Public Radio is Kevin Klose, formerly director of the ... office because of massive voter - fraud in the infamous 1997 election,..

12.Apr.2005 Iraq Occupation and Resistance Report ... Checking for vote fraud the modern way: Foreign observers planning to watch ... This is what famed Argentine writer Rodolfo Walsh, writing before his ...
Bluewin ... URL: 10, David Icke - Tell the Truth! ... URL: https://www. seprin. com/menu/notas418.htm...

12.Apr.2005 Willensfreiheit - Freier Wille ... Moderation: Dr. Carsten Könneker (Chefredakteur Gehirn und Geist). In der Diskussion zeigten sich die Positionen sehr schnell klar...

12.Apr.2005 NucNews - April 11, 2000 ... imposed on political dissidents + persecution of religious minorities... is warning potential trouble - makers as the department readies detention ...

1851-1854 P 08 Mariano Riva Palacio Collection: Report of trouble-makers gathering bandits into a movement of rebellion ... Gathering of political dissidents in Chalco; mistreatment of citizens;

12.Apr.2005 The Institute on Religion + Democracy Andrew J. Weaver Martin Marty Center U of Chicago Divinity School ... Fred Barnes ... who appears to have "broken" the " accusations " against Reverend ...

Cursor's Media Transparency ... by Andrew J. Weaver + Nicole Seibert for ... Venezuelan government officials have hurled accusations at USA Bush Administration ...

12.Apr.2005 Christlich-fundamentalistische Organisationen und Pressure Groups ... Contact information. 10329 - A Democracy Lane Fairfax, Virginia 22030 ... USA democracy depends upon a vibrant civil societ y composed of families, ...

12.Apr.2005 Council for National Policy – Demopedia .. 10329 - A DEMOCRACY LANE FAIRFAX, VA 22030 703 890 0113 ... the CNP has included many members bent on replacing American democracy with theocracy...

12.Apr.2005 People of Alt.Atheism ... McLeod, Kathy Leah Date of Birth: 1969 Country ... various other stuff too numerous to list ... Australia Personal Conviction: Atheist/Agnostic Profession: Customer ...

12.Apr.2005 Blog for America ... blog gets his/her name given to Ashcroft + ends up on a terrorist list. ...To an atheist/agnostic, the drive of self improvement + human equality...

Rantburg: Never forgive, never forget! ... Atheist, agnostic + humanist organizations in the Americas,.. His name as on a list of top 26 suspects issued by Saudi Arabia last year...
The Iraq War Was Wrong Blog: October 2004... No not me ( atheist agnostic ) but, some other's, I had them praying to ... past and present, a list that includes/* IWW_SELFNOTE Don't publish till ...

12.Apr.2005 Scientology's Criminal History in Canada ... Their names are Kathy Smith (formerly, in succession, Kathy Wilkens + Kathy ... Buddhist, atheist, agnostic or whether an individual or a corporation...

01.Apr.2005 Darwin Day Celebration Contact: Kathy Meidell (President KWCG Humanists),,.. Sponsor: Atheist + Agnostic + Non-Religious Student Association

12.Apr.2005 Democratic Underground Forums - For those upset about the Pope ... Edited by Kathy in Cambridge ... don't fall in with the squeaky wheels who get offended by atheist/agnostic opinions...

Is Libertarian candidate Gary Nolan a Neocon? AZ IMC ... We felt we were in the inside loop," said Neal Blair, president of FREE THE EAGLE ... seattle st louis tallahassee-red hills tennessee urbana-champaign utah vermont western mass ... - 35k - More from this site Is Libertarian candidate Gary Nolan a Neocon? NOLA Indymedia List Future Events. Media Text Image Audio Video Other ... We felt we were in the inside loop," said Neal Blair, president of FREE THE EAGLE ... seattle st louis tallahassee-red hills tennessee urbana-champaign utah vermont western mass west ...

Is Libertarian candidate Gary Nolan a Neocon? LA IMC ... We felt we were in the inside loop," said Neal Blair, president of FREE THE EAGLE ... seattle st louis tallahassee-red hills tennessee urbana-champaign utah vermont western mass ...

Is Libertarian candidate Gary Nolan a Neocon? Cleveland IMC (((i))) ... We felt we were in the inside loop," said Neal Blair, president of FREE THE EAGLE ... seattle st louis tallahassee-red hills tennessee urbana-champaign utah vermont western mass west ...

Is Libertarian candidate Gary Nolan a Neocon? Houston Indymedia Media Text Image Audio Video Other ... tallahassee-red hills. tennessee. urbana-champaign ... We felt we were in the inside loop," said Neal Blair, president of FREE THE EAGLE ...

Chicago Indymedia: newswire/36601 ... tallahassee-red hills. tennessee. urbana-champaign ... We felt we were in the inside loop," said Neal Blair, president of FREE THE EAGLE ...

Atlanta Independent Media Center (((i))): newswire/26344 ... tallahassee-red hills. tennessee. urbana-champaign ... We felt we were in the inside loop," said Neal Blair, president of FREE THE EAGLE ...
Second Part Operation Skymaster ... 1988 when his old friend from the smuggling days called, pilot Tony Aizprua,.. He worked with his friends Tony Aizprua and Iglesias, who stayed in ...

TIME Magazine Archive Article - War on Drugs: Day of Reckoning ... Tony Aizprua, the pilot whose plane landed on I-75, served no time at all, while Noriega's trusted bagman Lieut. Colonel Luis del Cid got his 70-year ...,10987,973711,00.html

TIME Magazine Archive Preview - War on Drugs: Day of Reckoning ... general. Tony Aizprua, the pilot whose plane landed on I-75, served no time at all, while Noriega's trusted bagman Lieut. Colonel ...,9171,1101910826-157750,00.html

12.Apr.2005 Voting Fraud News Vote fraud news... All 77 counties use the Optech Eagle voting machines + Tabulator's made by ES&S, Sen Hagel's republican company ...

The American Chronicle ... All 77 counties use the Optech Eagle voting machines + Tabulator's made by ES&S, Sen Hagel's republican company...

Citizens for Legitimate Government, Bush Election Coup 2000 2K ... All 77 counties use the Optech Eagle voting machines + Tabulator's made by ES&S, Sen Hagel's Republican company. The respectable, conservative 'Tulsa

12.Apr.2005 Web   Results 1 - 8 of about 42 for Optech and Tabulator's by ES&S. ( 0.16 seconds)  You Speak - - Voting Machines Count Backwards in Okla ... All 77 counties use the Optech Eagle voting machines and Tabulator's made by ES&S, Sen Hagel's republican company. The respectable, conservative "Tulsa ...

National Ballot Integrity Project Discussion Forum - OKLAHOMA ... All 77 Oklahoma counties used the Optech Eagle voting machines and Tabulator's made by ES&S, Senator Hagel's (R) company...

CANNONFIRE: 11/28/2004 – 12/04/2004 ... All 77 counties use the Optech Eagle voting machines and Tabulator's made by ES&S, Sen Hagel's republican company. Prove vote fraud in one place,..

Disinfotainment Today ... All 77 counties use the Optech Eagle voting machines and Tabulator's made by ES&S, Sen Hagel's republican company. The respectable, conservative Tulsa ...

12.Apr.2005 FORUM ... the Restaurant 00.000.1963, from his savings as a contractor in Kuwait... who set fire to Spain's embassy in Guatemala in January 1980, killing 37 people...

12.Apr.2005 SAW Polish Air Force ... By July 1948 the Polish Forces had been officially disbanded and the Air ... 1992 to Poland and handed over to the present day Polish Air Force...

12.Apr.2005 Answers to General Who ... when the Director of Women Marines' office was disbanded because of the strides ... the Distinguished Service Medal ( Army ). His citation reads in part ... 12.Apr.2005 _AuthenticO-Historia-index_20040823242526_UPDATED ... Threat Shuts Down Emergency Shuttle Landing Site in Morocco"/SPIEGEL+ NASA+... patients and the terminally ill + bombarded monkeys with microwaves...

Welcome to NASA News, links, mission schedules + NASA for kids.

12.Apr.2005 Webradios werden durch Gebührenerhöhung der GVL in die Knie gezwungen klamm-News :: Webradios sehen schweren Zeiten in die Augen,.. 06.04. 19:23 | (05)USA: Handy von Einbrecher wählt zufällig 911 und informiert ...

Date/Time: 04/12/2005 02:2   Web   Results 1 - 100 of about 1,030 for truthisall. ( 0.35 seconds) 

The Election Model by TruthIsAll ... Created by TruthIsAll. Last update: Nov.1, 2004 7:00 pm. Final Projection. Kerry 337 EV/51.80%. Bush 201 EV/48.20% ...

Election Model Created by TruthIsAll Updated: 1-Nov Simulation ... TruthIsAll. Updated:, 1-Nov. Simulation, Expected, Weighted, 5000 Trials. Projection, Elec. Vote, Pop. Vote%, Win Prob%. Kerry, 337, 51.80, 99.80 ...

Democratic Underground Forums - 4PM EXIT POLL (PRE-HACK) ELECTION ... ALTHECAT, THIS WAS THE FINAL ELECTION MODEL PROJECTION, TruthIsAll ... in a post on the Democratic Underground website under the forum name TruthIsAll...

Democratic Underground Forums - 100% ABSOLUTE PROOF: FINAL NEP ... You divert from the point of the post: 41% to 43% was IMPOSSIBLE, TruthIsAll ... I remember reading about the initial 11719, TruthIsAll,-24.Mar.2005
Who Really Won?: TruthIsAll ... TruthIsAll at Democratic Underground writes this:. Let's calculate the probability that: 1. 41 out of 50 states would move beyond the Exit poll ...

Who Really Won?: The Mandate Shrinks ... TruthIsAll ; Call in The Feds; Dear Media: Why Should You Cover the Election Story? Florida: Get Rid Of Election Day; Cincy Enquirer: It's deja vu time ...
Federal Review ... Over on DU, I found a fantastic effort by DU member TruthIsAll... Anyway, TruthIsAll sets the current probability of a Kerry victory at 97.4%,..

Federal Review ... And who is " TruthIsAll "? Well, you may remember him from the pre-election crowd ... and at 50% only a handful of times), TruthIsAll calculated - using ...

The Right Society ... " Truthisall " is a joke. Miraberto, you're not too stupid to be a Democrat,.. are growing tired of this tripe by " truthisall ". lmao smokingdevil ...

Angry in the Great White North ... or the entire electoral system is corrupt, or maybe truthisall is, well,.. TruthIsAll evidently frequents enough message boards to have earned the ...

Democratic Underground Forums - Part IIIa. To believe Bush won the ... Edited-27.Dec.2004 by TruthIsAll ... Use TruthIsAll. n/t, TruthIsAll, Dec-27-04 01:58 AM, #5. I'm sorry TIA,, bleever, Dec-27-04 01:54 AM ...

Democratic Underground Forums - Part II: To believe Bush won the election is... TruthIsAll Click to send private message to this author Click to view this ... am kick, TruthIsAll, Nov-16-04 10:28 AM, #7 ...
US presidential election, 2004, exit polls - Wikipedia, the free ... exit poll as reported by TruthIsAll on ... Final exit poll as reported by TruthIsAll on,_2004,_exit_polls

2004 Election Theft Corporate News Lies! ... 84 KERRY VOTES CAME UP BUSH! from TruthIsAll on DU (12/8) ... PART III: To believe that Bush won the election, you must also believe: - by TruthIsAll

Scoop: Unanswered Questions For Rep. Cynthia McKinney ... By TruthIsAll .. TruthIsAll. EDITOR'S NOTE: The questions appear to be identical to...

i cant think: E-Voting Round-Up .."A poster named ' TruthIsAll ' on the forums laid ... Perhaps rants like the one posted by ' TruthIsAll ' are nothing more than

American Samizdat: Rebel Scum Since 2001 ... A poster named ' TruthIsAll ' on the forums laid out the questionable results of Tuesday's election in succinct fashion: "To ...

Tegenlicht-forum - Suggesties en brandende kwesties ... Democratic Underground ( TruthIsAll ): The Time Zone Discrepancy ... Democratic Underground ( TruthIsAll ): "To believe Bush won, you have to believe... ... Democratic Underground ( TruthIsAll ): "To believe Bush won, you have to believe..." ... Democratic Underground ( TruthIsAll ): The Time Zone Discrepancy ...

Worse Than 2000: Tuesday's Electoral Disaster ... A poster named ' TruthIsAll ' on the forums laid out ... Perhaps rants like the one posted by ' TruthIsAll ' are nothing more than ...

IMPORTANT: 100000 Ohio Bush Votes Illegal (Updated with new ... which attributes the message (below) to an anonymous poster at named " TruthIsAll ": To believe that Bush won the election,..

portland imc - newswire archive - page 138 ... those manufactured polls, the odds of having the annouced results were ONE OUT OF 4.5 BILLION. Below the simple statistical calculations by TruthIsAll ...

The Columbia-Union: National/International Archives ... Paging TruthIsAll. Most of the prominent left-leaning bloggers are ... (below) to a pseudonymous poster at Democratic Underground called " TruthIsAll ": ...

CANNONFIRE: 12/26/2004–01/01/2005 "TruthIsAll" the nomme-de-net of a poster on the Democratic Underground, directs our attention to a startling new interpretation of the exit poll

Liberation News Service: LNS Post-Coup II Supplement (11/9/07) ... A poster named ' TruthIsAll ' on the forums laid out the ... the one posted by ' TruthIsAll ' are nothing more than ...

Liberation News Service: LNS Post-Coup II Supplement (11/20/04) ... name TruthIsAll. The new data confirms what was already widely known ... Underground website under the forum name TruthIsAll...

20050103 ... " TruthIsAll ," the nomme-de-net of a poster on the Democratic Underground,.. TruthIsAll then asks: URL:

ed fitzgerald's unfutz... Update: TruthIsAll took a moment out from weathering Hurricane Frances to ... even if Kerry only gets 50% of the undecideds, according to TruthIsAll's ...

ed fitzgerald's unfutz ... on Democratic Underground by TruthIsAll in which (in my correspondant's words) "He ... Update to the update: TruthIsAll has posted his analysis to a web ...
More results from ] The Randi Rhodes Show -> Fraud-04 compilation ... TruthIsAll's series "To believe Bush won, you have to believe..." sums up awhole lot of info from various sources, as well as his own statistical ...

A Corrupted Election: Despite what you may have heard, the exit ... Edited on Thu Feb-17-05 04:34 AM by TruthIsAll The National Exit Poll had Kerry winning the bulk of the 21 million new voters by a 3-2 margin...

A Corrupted Election: Despite what you may have heard, the exit ... Democratic Underground ( TruthIsAll ): “To believe Bush won, you have to believe...” ... Democratic Underground ( TruthIsAll ): The Time Zone Discrepancy ...

AlterNet: Election 2004: Worse Than 2000? ... A poster named " TruthIsAll " on the forums laid out ... Perhaps rants like the one posted by " TruthIsAll " are nothing more than ...

Analysis - Vote Counts May Have Been Altered Friday, 1 April 2005 ... Pinging TruthIsAll ! 9 posted on 03/31/2005 8:35:04 PM PST by RWR8189 (Its Morning in America Again!) [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies

Scoop: Complete US Exit Poll Data Confirms Net Suspicions ... The data emerged this evening NZT in a post on the Democratic Underground website under the forum name TruthIsAll...

RonaldReagan.Com Message Board: Gloat Thread!!! ... To believe that Bush won the election, you must also believe: - By TruthIsAll Anyone that is familiar with TruthIsAll knows that this idiot claims to be ...

Mystery Pollster: NBC's Shuster on Exit Polls ... One blogger (" Truthisall ") posted the following statistical calculation on the Democratic Underground + I would be enormously grateful for some ...

Mystery Pollster: What About Those German Exit Polls? ... Okay that was a bit mean, but I just read TruthIsAll's "rebuttal" to one of your posts and I'ma bit frustrated... For a good laugh that lasts only as ...
VELVETREVOLUTION.US : Election 2004 > Background Items .. ( TruthIsAll,, 03/27/05). The PA Voters Coalition Releases Election Day 2004 Analysis, The report evaluates how the election ...

Margo Kingston's Webdiary - A poster by the name of ' TruthIsAll ' at Democratic Underground did an analysis on the Election Incident Reporting System and came up with some ...

DNC: Kicking Ass - Evening Open Thread 10/30 ... This from TruthisALL Election Model Projections ... I checked the TruthisAll site. It says it's updated, but are all the polls listed up to date,..

Kit Watkins - Election Fraud - One Out of 4.5 Billion by TruthIsAll More Voting Questions Raised by Jon Craig The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy by Stephen F. Freeman, Ph.D...

Democrats.US - Online Think Tank for Democrats – Editorial ... With great thanks + appreciation to folks like Michael Moore, Will Pitt, Leigh Addams, Dave the Class Warrior, “ TruthIsAll ” + “demwing2,” Mr. Kerry,..

Documentation Kerry won the 2004 U ... Democratic Underground ( TruthIsAll ): The Time Zone Discrepancy ...

Recount this! ... TruthisAll posts on DU: Breaking: Bush approval ratings on Rebound, because. ... Edited on Mon Aug-25-03 10:21 PM by TruthIsAll Promise not to tell? ...

NOT BANNED YET ARCHIVE - The Impossible Bush Victory ... By TruthIsAll, DU. It makes it all so easy to raise the eyebrows of those who refuse to believe. Historically, exit polls have been much more accurate ...

workflow management tools – collaxa ... Best one: the xform ravings of truthisall, with all the DU crowd nodding their heads in wise agreement You can always make further reference model in ...

Meta-Analysis of State Polls - John Shumaker ... liberal analyst ( from TruthIsAll who also predicted a Kerry victory with a 99.8% probability... Archive: Campaign 2004 Predictions ... The Election Model by TruthIsAll is a comprehensive and unique election analysis model which cuts through the fog of polling. Right now, the model shows ...

Jakit: Don't Believe the Hype ... It was written by a poster named TruthIsAll on the DemocraticUnderground forums:. To believe that Bush won the election, you must also believe: That the ...

ReDefeat Bush – Content ... --posted by " TruthIsAll " on the forum. Those who, like Kerry, have folded like so many lawn chairs, apparently believe there's ...

Sound Bites (11/07/2004) ... A poster named ' TruthIsAll ' on the forums laid out the questionable results of Tuesday's election in succinct fashion: ...

MAX BLUMENTHAL ... From Truthisall, 10/31: Election Model Projections. If the election were held today, then based on recent state polling, the Electoral Vote Simulation ...

DA.C - John Kerry will be elected 44th President of the United States ... By the way, that site states it was created by " truthisall "? What the heck is that? Too funny. Here is a MUCH more realistic and credible web site with ...

Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Alex Miller-Mignone ... – TruthIsAll, In "2004: Another Stolen Election?" (August 2004 Daykeeper) and again in my predictions for the election in ...

The Strange Death of American Democracy: ... the Democratic Underground site under the name ' TruthIsAll ' has intimated,.. a discussion thread initiated by ' TruthIsAll ,' "I learned something about ... 10 Apr 2005

Stolen Election ... Data compilation and calculation: " TruthIsAll ". **More information on election fraud: The Solar Bus Election Fraud and Reform Center. :: View topic - ReDefeat Bush : Overturn the ... --posted by " TruthIsAll " on the forum Those who, like Kerry, have folded like so many lawn chairs, apparently believe there's

wotisitgood4: back to the election ... TruthIsAll thinks he(?) has ' incontrovertible proof' that the exit polls were broken: ... possible counterpoints to TruthIsAll's logic: ...

wotisitgood4: 03/20/2005 – 03/26/2005 ... but i wanted to help out truthisall and save him/her some of the grief i went ... TruthIsAll thinks he(?) has ' incontrovertible proof' that the exit ...
[CTRL] Fwd: Konformist: Complete US Exit Poll Data Confirms Net ... The data emerged this evening NZT in a post on the Democratic Underground website under the forum name TruthIsAll.

The new data confirms what was ...

THE DAILY BLITZ ... ( TruthIsAll, the moonbat who started that thread, has been posting flawed pseudo-scientific poll analysis for months telling DUers + anyone who would ...

Welcome to GuvWurld Data compilation + calculation: " TruthIsAll ". **More information on election fraud: The Solar Bus Election Fraud + Reform Center 1765 ...

Daypop Archives ... The data emerged this evening NZT in a post on the Democratic Underground website under the forum name TruthIsAll.

Professor Dewdney's alternative scenario suggests 9/11 was an... TruthIsAll (3705 posts) Jan-20-03 The strange case of the missing 11.Sep.2001 interceptors... The missing interceptors: It has been standard...
Professor Dewdney's alternative scenario suggests 9/11 was an ... The strange case of the 11.Sep.2001 cell phone calls. in Lobby/Latest General Discussion Forum (Protected). TruthIsAll (3675 posts) Jan-20-03,

2004 Exit Poll Analysis – Demopedia ... TruthIsAll's original thread ( ). Also see

Why Are We Back In Iraq? ... The "concrete evidence that the "chatty Dem" explanation is wrong, wrong, wrong" can be found in a post started by TruthIsAll at Democratic Underground ...

Does it Matter?: 11/07/2004 – 11/13/2004 ... A poster named ' TruthIsAll ' on the forums laid out the questionable results of Tuesday's election in succinct fashion: 'To ...
GuvWurld: No Confidence Movement Primer ... to accept the results as announced means believing a long list of implausible scenarios (credit TruthIsAll, Democratic Underground). ...

Revere Report: December 2004 ... Edited on Thu Dec-30-04 10:05 PM by TruthIsAll Am I reading this correctly? If I am, we have the SMOKING GUN: ...

Boston IMC: newswire/30664 ... By TruthIsAll To believe that Bush won the election, you must also believe: 1- That the exit polls were WRONG... 2- That Zogby's 5pm election day calls ...

News Hounds: Were Voters Intimidated in Ohio? ... "A poster named ' TruthIsAll ' on the forums laid out the questionable results of Tuesday's election in succinct fashion: "To ...

News Hounds: What About Voting in the USA? ... A poster named " TruthIsAll " on the forums laid out the questionable results of Tuesday's election in succinct fashion: ...

An Anthology of the Best Political Opinion and Commentary From the ... (Follow this link, then search " truthisall ") (2) Similarly, what is it about the Bush supporters in Ohio (etc.) that makes them embarrassed to admit ..

Skunkworks: French Reproductive Crisis ... (posted with apologies to " TruthIsAll .") Comment posted by: Oscar at November 8, 2004 12:18 PM. 19. Sorry, Oscar, but it turns out you're an idiot...

12/1/04 Dispatches ... "Worse than 2000: Tuesday's Electoral Disaster" at on 11/8/04, noted that a poster named " TruthIsAll " on a forum ...

12thharmonic Blog » 2004 » November ... A poster named ‘ TruthIsAll ’ on the forums laid out the questionable results of Tuesday’s election in succinct fashion: “To ...

Get the workflow book and here ... Best one: the wild ravings of truthisall, with all the DU crowd nodding their heads in wise agreement This way you benefit from the speed of OpenGL ...

Get the bpm workflow and here ... Best one: the wild ravings of truthisall, with all the DU crowd nodding their heads in wise agreement Later, this will help greatly in helping you to ...

workflow diagrams ... continuous electronic system often called digital workflow Best one: the wild ravings of truthisall, with workflow diagrams the DU crowd nodding their ...

New York Times Killed "Bush Bulge" Story - General Discussion By TruthIsAll - To believe that Bush won the election, you must also believe: 1- That the exit polls were WRONG...

Latest Electoral College Projections - Oct 28 ... TruthIsAll, 217, 321, -, 30-Oct-2004. USA Today, 205, 165, 169, 29-Oct-2004. Sam Wang's Meta-Analysis, 255, 283, -, 30-Oct-2004 ...

Wizbang ... Best one: the wild ravings of truthisall, with all the DU crowd nodding their heads in wise agreement. Posted by: angry_in_t_o at March 14,..

Complete US Exit Poll Data Confirms Fraud Suspicions ... Edited on Wed Nov-17-04 01:30 AM by TruthIsAll Calculated in %ages. Final 4pm Exit Polls. Note that the largest shifts occurred in the following ...

Conservative Underground - Best/Worst of DU ... Husband wants me to stop reading; truthisall strikes again; Funniest DU member; A Treasure that I didn't even know I had DU1; Randi "Baghdad Betty" ...

George W. Bush Won the 2004 Election ... this evening NZT in a post on the Democratic Underground website under the forum name TruthIsAll... Edited on Fri Nov-26-04 01:23 AM by TruthIsAll ...

Common Ground Common Sense > Online Café Archive ... (1 replies); "Red State, Blue State"- a great read (3 replies); Draft Update: Private Corp Says (0 replies); TruthisAll (0 replies) ...

Chapter 09-BEV-final.pmd - View as HTML ... “This could make Watergate look like a game of tiddlywinks... Get a good seat. This could be quite a long ride!” — “ TruthIsAll ” ...

Black Box Voting - Copyright ?2003 ... TruthIsAll. Best disinfectant for secret vote-counting: Sunlight. Public examination of those files is the best thing that could have happened...

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Stolen! The 2004 Election Fraud: This Far and No Further ... In conclusion, I will quote a poster on the Democratic Underground forums simply known as " TruthIsAll ," who sums up the entire stunt most succinctly: To ...

51 Capital March - "You Stole My Vote" ... TruthIsAll's original thread Also see the Demopedia article (highly recommended!) Exit Polls. THE MOST LIKELY SCENARIO: KERRY WON BY 7 MILLION VOTES ...

thirdredeye ... [by ' TruthIsAll ' at DemocraticUnderground forum]. Permalink @11/9/2004 01:48:42 PM. 2004-11-08. TV,movies:. fans of Conan O'Brien might want to know ...

An Open Letter to the New York Times ... website under the forum name TruthIsAll. The new data confirms what was already widely known about the swing in. favour of George Bush, but amplifies ...

November 2 Truth - The Strange Death of American Democracy ... 61] For as the mathematician who posts his analyses of exit poll data at the Democratic Underground site under the name ' TruthIsAll ' has intimated, .
John Conyers, Jr. - ConyersBlog ... The Cannonfire blog reported (3-22-05) that one " TruthIsAll " has brought new insight to the issue at ... Especially pay attention to Truthisall's posts...

DC Indymedia: newswire/24074 ... later that Bush was "still in a learning-phase" when it came to South America. END QUOTE (translated by TruthIsAll at ...


TruthIsAll has posted his analysis at ...

12.Apr.2005 portland imc - 2004.10.26 - US applying Geneva 'exceptions' in Iraq ... homepage: homepage: https://www.orbstandard .com/. add a comment on this article ... 26.Oct.2004 16:30. this thing here, link. 'After visibly urinating on ...

12.Apr.2005 PWHCE Middle East Project: John Negroponte Biography ... In this career biography of John Negroponte, the new US National Intelligence ... Text of a PWHCE talk by Vietnamese human rights activist Quynh Dao ...

Perspectives on World History and Current Events (PWHCE) – Home ... Biography: John Negroponte - David Bennett reviews the career of America's new National Intelligence Director, John Negroponte ; Winds of Change - Are we ... 10.Apr.2005

Trevor Stanley ... David Bennett's article about John Negroponte, America's new National ... Beginning his career in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, Negroponte stood up ...

12.Apr.2005 The Underground Empire, Excerpt 2 ... but who were Lu Hsu-shui, Alberto Sicilia - Falcon, Donald Steinberg? ... homicidal, power-obsessed Cuban homosexual named Alberto Sicilia - Falcon,..

12.Apr.2005 War: European Theatre of World War II ... Not only did the Italians fail to conquer Greece, but under the supervision of Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas (term April 13, 1936 - January 29, 1941) the ...

12.Apr.2005 IRON YOUTH - Hellenic National Socialist Art *** ... The leader of the NS regime that ruled in Greece in the 30s was Ioannis Metaxas .Here we offer the transcription of one of his addresses to the Greek workers...

12.Apr.2005 STUDIA HELLENICA | El Fascismo Griego: el Régimen de Ioannis ... Haz click aqui para oir las palabras de Metaxas ( metaxas. mp3 ... Konstantinos Plevris, Ioannis Metaxas (Biografia), Nea Thesis, 1996 Jon V. Kofas, Autoritarismo en ... esp.htm

12.Apr.2005 Chaos Central: Stupidity Archives ... dictator was probably high on drugs when he decided to invade Kuwait 00.000.1990... the Iraqi minister of disinformation who became famous for his absurd ...

12.Apr.2005 Chaos Central: Stupidity Archives ... dictator was probably high on drugs when he decided to invade Kuwait 00.000.1990 ... the Iraqi minister of disinformation who became famous for his absurd ...


00.000.1990 -alone- guns were used to kill 222 children under the age of 10 + 6795 ... "heroes" of today's movies are psychopathic murderers who, in real ...

The American Mind: Archives ... also use this quote from Mondale on why he didn't run for the Senate 00.000.1990 : ... Milwaukee police say that the accused murderers all lacked parental ...

24.Jun.2002 The Syriac Yakup Görgün (Zgayre) was murdered 00.000.1990 openly in Midyat. His wife Cheno identified all of the murderers, but all of these criminals were ...

Date/Time: 04/12/2005 01:10:36

MONTAG, 11. APRIL 2005

Date/Time: 04/12/2005 01: 0
Die USA hatten bisher stets darauf beharrt, es sei nicht klar, ob sich Bin Laden tatsächlich damals in den Tunneln der afghanischen Bergfestung Tora Bora befand. Nach Medienberichten von Ende März hat sich der Verdacht aber erhärtet. In einem Dokument sollen entsprechende Beweise gegen einen im Militärgefängnis Guantanamo Bay festgehaltenen Terrorverdächtigen zusammengefasst sein.
Dagegen wies Hanning die Warnung der US-Regierung zurück, die von Biowaffen ausgehende Gefahr dürfe nicht unterschätzt werden. "Die internationale Fachwelt ist von der Möglichkeit, dass Terroristen Bio-Waffen als Terrormittel einsetzen könnten, nicht verschreckt. Es gibt dafür in jüngster Zeit keine konkreten Anhaltspunkte", sagte er.

Date/Time: 04/12/2005 01:08:11

MONTAG, 11. APRIL 2005

Wir müssen auch die Geschichte des Auswärtigen Amtes in der Nazidiktatur systematisch aufarbeiten."

Die Kritik an der Nachrufpraxis war durch Anzeigen, Leserbriefe und Interviewäußerungen pensionierter und aktiver Mitarbeiter des Auswärtigen Amts in die Öffentlichkeit getragen worden.
Die Kontroverse war nach einer Verfügung Fischers im Jahr 2003 entbrannt, nach der ehemalige Mitarbeiter des Auswärtigem Amtes mit NS-Vergangenheit in der Mitarbeiterzeitung "internAA" keinen Nachruf mehr erhalten. Auslöser war ein Nachruf für einen ehemaligen Mitarbeiter, der NS-Oberstaatsanwalt in Prag war, dessen NS-Vergangenheit aber nicht erwähnt wurde. Fischer selbst sagte, dieser Nachruf sei ein schlimmer Fehler gewesen und hätte so nie erscheinen dürfen. Seit März wird in der Todesmitteilung nur die Laufbahn im Auswärtigen Amt aufgeführt. Auf ein "ehrendes Gedenken" wird verzichtet.
Der bisher einzige Vorstoß des früheren Außenministers Walter Scheel (FDP) in Richtung Aufarbeitung in den sechziger Jahren war im Sande verlaufen.

Berlin - Fischers Staatssekretär Klaus Scharioth sagte dem ZDF-"heute-journal", das heute Abend ausgestrahlt werden soll, die aktuelle Debatte zeige, dass Nachholbedarf bestehe. "Ich glaube, wir müssen uns auch den düsteren Kapiteln unserer Geschichte widmen. Wir müssen auch die Geschichte des Auswärtigen Amtes in der Nazidiktatur systematisch aufarbeiten." Dies sehe Fischer genau so.
Scharioth unterstrich, dass im Personalrat für die Einberufung einer Historikerkommission viel Sympathie bestehe. Er sagte: "Ich bin sicher, dass bei der Personalversammlung, die in der nächsten Woche ansteht, dies ein ganz wichtiges Thema sein wird."
Iran: USA bieten Geld für Demokratisierung

Date/Time: 04/12/2005 00:55:48

MONTAG, 11. APRIL 2005 11.Apr.2005 Westjordanland: Bush fordert Ende des Siedlungsbaus

11.Apr.2005 Tarife: Schröder will Lohn-Dumping bekämpfen

11.Apr.2005 NS-Zeit im Auswärtigen Amt: Fischer erwägt Aufarbeitung durch Historiker

11.Apr.2005 Jagd auf Bin Laden: BND-Chef wirft US-Fahndern schwere Fehler vor

11.Apr.2005 Fehlender Impfschutz: Masern-Todesfälle zahlreicher als angenommen

11.Apr.2005 Libanon: Regierungsbildung verzögert sich

11.Apr.2005 Urteil: Lebenslange Haft für Foltermörder

11.Apr.2005 Schwarzgeld: "Der Trend zur Flucht ins Ausland ist groß"

11.Apr.2005 Militärstrategie: Pentagon will weniger US-Truppen im Irak

11.Apr.2005 An der Unterseite der "Huygens"-Sonde befindet sich eine als Penetrometer bezeichnete Spitze, die etwa 10 cm tief in die Oberfläche eintauchte.

Ein Forscherteam um Martin Towner und John Zarnecki verglich die Daten des Penetrometers mit denen einer baugleichen Variante, die sie im Labor mit verschiedenen Oberflächen kollidieren ließen.
TROUBLE D COMPAN Y REPORTER EUROPE Thursday, October 10, 2002, Vol ... Group-wide plan affects approximately 70 managers + key ...

The Directors Salomon Brothers International Limited trading as Schroder Salomon Smith

11.Apr.2005 A HUGE WIN FOR ARSCC and the IRC DIV!!!! ... text files which cover the evils of the Scientology crime syndicate,.. Experts we found that Perris, California is very near Hemet (see map at: ...

Back in Hemet ... and more license numbers, for example 4JNB781 ( CA ) on a green vehicle... So cut over to Sanderson (print a map of the local area if this helps) went ...

Evidence entered against Keith Henson [1/2] ... And a good topo map. The approach is clear from the south. Keith Henson ... Picket report - Hemet day 1 and 2-2 Newsgroups: alt.religion. scientology ...

Crime syndicate tries to remove Judge who knows all about Scientology ... against the deadly and dangerous abuses of the notorious Scientology cult... in a criminal case for the DA's in Hemet may have also been a concern...

11.Apr.2005 Titan-Landung: Esa-Sonde hat Eisklumpen aufgespießt

11.Apr.2005 Internationaler Gerichtshof: Kongo wirft Uganda Massaker vor

11.Apr.2005 Papstwahl: Experten warnen vor Lauschern und Hackern

11.Apr.2005 Neuer Faschismus-Eklat: Lazio-Fans feiern Mussolini

11.Apr.2005 Genfer Erfindermesse: Kerzenwunder für die Torte

11.Apr.2005 Johannes Paul II.: Kardinäle streiten über rasche Heiligsprechung

11.Apr.2005 Petersdom: Umstrittener US-Kardinal zelebrierte Messe für den Papst

11.Apr.2005 Deutsch-russische Wirtschaftsabkommen: Schröder und Putin bekräftigen Zusammenarbeit

12.Apr.2005 Preemptive Karma ... largest security firms: Wackenhut Services Inc. and Vance Federal Security Services... Now, if Wackenhut and Vance lost out on previous contracts, ...

00.Aug.2003 - View as HTML ... Alutiiq Professional Services, LLC (APS). has also expanded its contract base ... subcontractor, Wackenhut. Alutiiq is an exciting company to work ...

NucNews - August 12, 2004... costs for services in Iraq, where subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root Inc... A $40 million "sole source" no-bid contract awarded to Alutiiq and Wackenhut ...

Fact-esque, A Reality-Based Blog: Iraq/Afghanistan ... of all military contracts awarded to Engineered Support Systems Inc. + a ... security contracts going to Vance International + Wackenhut Services...

Army Turns to Private Guards - Forums powered by Reason +... L. Long, the president and chief executive of Wackenhut Services, a subsidiary of Wackenhut... to the Army that we had a relationship with Alutiiq + Alutiiq ...

Car + Driver Forums ... why are all of the branches of the service not only... 12.Aug.2004 Author: Danish Wackenhut's partner is... Alutiiq said that as far as it knew, one of its ...

12.Apr.2005 Albert Einstein 1879-1955 ... In den Briefen aus jener Zeit zeigt sich die Verachtung Einsteins ... A pictorial biography. New York 1955. - MAX FLÜCKIGER: Albert Einstein in Bern...

12.Apr.2005 EU Energy Policy and Future European Energy Markets: Consequences ... - View as HTML ... + Fraser Cameron, The enlargement of the European Union (Sheffield, England : ... Petra Opitz, „The Power Sector in Central and Eastern Europe: More ...
Deutscher Militarismus, Imperialismus und Antisemitismus von 1870 ... der Flügel um Otto + Gregor Strasser das Projekt der „Vereinigten Staaten von ... 1918 (in: Opitz, Europastrategien des deutschen Kapitals, S.447f) ...

Deutscher Militarismus, Imperialismus und Antisemitismus 1870 - 2003 - View as HTML... Alldeutschen, 1895 (in: Opitz, Europastrategien des deutschen Kapitals,.. Flügel um Otto + Gregor Strasser das Projekt der‚ Vereinigten Staaten von ...
2 ... Unterstützt wurde er von Nationalrevolutionären und dem Strasser -Flügel der ... Der Faschismusforscher Reinhard Opitz analysierte den Ideenkomplex der

3 ... freilich wird nichts davon gesagt, daß Otto Strasser über Jaksch schon in den 30er ... Duisberg + Bethmann-Hollweg in: Opitz, R.: Europastrategien des ...
IDGR - Lexikon Rechtsextremismus - Alfred Franke-Gricksch ... Schwiegersohn von Gregor Strasser. Der SS-Standartenführer Alfred Franke-Gricksch ... Reinhard Opitz : Faschismus und Neofaschismus, insbesondere Kapitel ...

Investment Perspektive ... Spindletop, Texas. Sumatra. production. begins. Fears of. shortage. in USA. Post-war. reconstruction. Growth of Venezuelan. production. East Texas ...
Wann sitzen die Ölscheichs auf dem Trockenen ? - HTML-Version ... legendäre Spindletop -Feld mit Hilfe einer Drehbohrvorrichtung.

Die neue Bohrtechnologie erwies sich als ein bedeutender technologischer Durchbruch.
Beginn des Erdölzeitalters - Nordamerika ... 1899 wurden in einer Zeitung Bohrkonzessionen für den Spindletop -Hügel bei ...

00.Jan.1901 ... mit dem " Spindletop -Gusher" den bis dahin größten Ölfund in ...

Unbenanntes Dokument ... Städtchen Beaumont mit dem Anzapfen des Spindletop -Feldes ein neuer Ölrausch... ein halbes Jahr nach der Erschließung von Spindletop mit James Guffey,..
Das 20. Jahrhundert begann mit der Entdeckung unglaublicher Quellen: An einem Ort namens Spindletop in der Nähe von Beaumont zogen sprudelnde Ölquellen die... 2 Flags
Karl Marx-Forum: Die Ölordnung der Nachkriegszeit, Daniel Yergin ... Texaco, das bedeutendste Unternehmen, das aus der Entdeckung von Spindletop 1901 hervorging, war eine berühmte amerikanische Firma; sie förderte die ...
Die Zeit ... Horst Rademacher erzählt, wie vor hundert Jahren in Spindletop, Texas, ein neues Zeitalter eingeläutet wurde: "Mit großem Getöse explodierte das Bohrloch...
11.Apr.2005 - State & Local ... [mehr...]. Weiter zu: Spindletop Unwound: A True Story of Greed, Ambition and Murder in the First Degree, Spindletop Unwound: A True ...—local/8 /
00.000.1901 wurde das erste riesige Ölfeld bei Spindletop in der Nähe von Beaumont entdeckt Gulf Coast Information +

00.000.1900 wurde Galveston + seine ...

11.Apr.2005 Ihr Online Reisebüro - Pauschalreisen - Katalogreisen ... After Spindletop, Everything Changed - Brief history of the Lucas gusher at Spindletop, the well that began the oil boom in the US; ...

11.Apr.2005 1901 ... (siehe auch Imperialismus) Erdölfunde in Spindletop bei Beaumont. Januar China akzeptiert nach der Niederschlagung des Boxeraufstands,index,goto,1901.html

Wapedia - 1901 ... (siehe auch Imperialismus); * Erdölfunde in Spindletop bei Beaumont. Sie begründeten die Erdölindustrie in Texas...

1901 Definition 1901 Bedeutung 1901 Info Erklärung Beschreibung ... Erdölfunde in Spindletop bei Beaumont. Sie begründeten die Erdölindustrie in Texas. ·, 11. Januar - Gründung der König-Friedrich-Stiftung durch die die ...

11.Apr.2005 All Facts and Opinions: October 2002 Archives ... Our prayers go out for the Peace Makers, the Torch Bearers,.. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation offers its take on the unfathomable: ...

11.Apr.2005 BARISTA: January 2005 Archives ... AMY GOODMAN : We turn now to Seymour Hersh, Pulitzer Prize-winning ... and the other waving his trusty pencil, as a one-man anti - defamation task force...

11.Apr.2005 Auch deutsche Wissenschaftler arbeiten an dem Labor für die Westentasche. Im Dezember erhielt eine Forschergruppe des Fraunhofer-Instituts für Siliziumtechnologie Itzehoe aus den Händen von Bundespräsident Horst Köhler den Deutschen Zukunftspreis. Sie hatte ein Labor in Chipgröße entwickelt. Damit können Analysegeräte gebaut werden, die nicht größer als eine Scheckkarte sind und die schnelle Patientendiagnostik vor Ort erlauben.
Auf dem Chip sind Biomoleküle als "Fängermoleküle" verankert und binden Moleküle aus einer Lösung. Dadurch können DNS-Bausteine oder Proteine erkannt werden, zum Beispiel bei einer Blutuntersuchung. So ließen sich etwa schnell vor Ort Erreger der Lungenkrankheit Sars feststellen.

11.Apr.2005 China-Waffenembargo: Bischof Huber greift Schröder an

05.Apr.2005 Jim Connolly The Pope Who Revived the Office of the Inquisition: an American Catholic on the Papacy of John Paul II

Paul Craig Roberts "Partnering" the Destruction of the American Economy

Gary Leupp Bombing the Malwiya Minaret

Dave Lindorff The Grassroots Resistance to the Patriot Act

Ron Jacobs The Terrorism of War

Dan Smith Riding the Dragon, Soaring on the Eagle: USA Economic Decline + the Rise of China

Mark Engler John Paul II's Economic Ethics: Moral Values and Global Capitalism

Richard Oxman Bono for Pope

Greg Moses Narcowars vs. Civil Rights

Website of the Day Impeach Cheney and Bush

11.Apr.2005 We are facing years of collective struggle ahead.

11.Apr.2005 Their patriotism extends no further than the garish tri-colored flag on their lapel.

The catastrophe that middle class Americans face is what these elites breezily refer to as "shock therapy"; a sudden jolt, followed by fundamental changes to the system.

In the near future we can expect tax reform, fiscal discipline, deregulation, free capital flows, lowered tariffs, reduced public services + privatization.

In other words, a society entirely designed to service the needs of corporations

11.Apr.2005 I t seems that there are a growing number of people who believe as I do, that the economic tsunami planned by the Bush administration is probably only months away.

In just 5 short years the national debt has increased by nearly 3 trillion $s while the $ has continued its predictable decline.

The $ has fallen a whopping 38% since Bush took office, due largely to the massive $450 billion per year tax cuts.

At the same time, numerous laws have been passed (Patriot Act, Intelligence Reform Bill, Homeland Security Bill, National ID, Passport requirements etc) anticipating the need for greater repression when the economy takes its inevitable nosedive. Regrettably, that nosedive looks to be coming sooner rather than later.

The administration is currently putting as much pressure as possible on OPEC to ratchet up the flow of oil another 1 million barrels per day (well over capacity) to settle down nervous markets + buy time for the planned bombing of Iran in June. Like Fed Chief Alan Greenspan's artificially low interest rates, the manipulation of oil production is a way of concealing how dire the situation really is.

Rising prices at the pump signal an upcoming recession, (depression?) so the administration is pulling out all the stops to meet the short term demand and maintain the illusion that things are still okay.

(Bush would rather avoid massive popular unrest until his battle-plans for Iran are carried out)

But, of course, things are not okay.


08.Apr.2005 Coming Sooner Than You Think The Economic Tsunami By MIKE WHITNEY

"If the world's central bankers accumulate fewer $s, the result would be an unrelenting American need to borrow in the face of an ever weaker $ - a recipe for higher interest rates and higher prices. The economic repercussions could unfold gradually, resulting in a long, slow decline in living standards. Or there could be a quick unraveling, with the hallmarks of an uncontrolled fiscal crisis."

New York Times editorial 4-2-05

11.Apr.2005 Is DOOM mere months away? The (+ I mean the ) hippest piece available right now on our impending economic catastrophe (as well as our upcoming war with Iran) can be found here. URL:
11.Apr.2005 If you haven't read Bradblog today, check out
the latest on the Clint Curtis tale.

It seems that the whistleblower who claims that he cobbled together prototype vote-rigging software has passed a polygraph exam.
A story published the St. Petersburg Times, written by Lucy Morgan, tends to make light of all this. URL:

11.Apr.2005 Erste Tests mit sogenannten Fliegenden Elektrischen Generatoren (FEG), die Roberts wie einen Hubschrauber aufsteigen ließ und dann mit einem Drahtseil am Boden verankerte wie einen Drachen, seien erfolgreich verlaufen, sagt der Ingenieur.
Im Vergleich zu Windkrafträdern am Boden lasse sich die Effizienz teils verdreifachen, weil Winde in der Höhe weitaus zuverlässiger wehen als unten: "Höhenwinde sind die konzentrierteste Quelle von erneuerbarer Energie auf der Erde", so ein Klimaexperte.
11.Apr.2005 Boston - "Im vergangenen Jahr wurde zu vielen Menschen das Wahlrecht verwehrt.

Zu viele, die wählen wollten, wurden eingeschüchtert", sagte Kerry bei einer Veranstaltung der Leage of Women Voters in Boston.
Anhänger Kerrys hatten schon nach der Wahl beklagt, vor allem in demokratischen Hochburgen sei es zu Unregelmäßigkeiten wie langen Warteschlangen und zu wenigen Wahlmaschinen gekommen. Entsprechende Klagen wurden zurückgewiesen.
Kerry stellte nun dar, wie die Wähler betrogen worden seien. "Es wurden Flugblätter verteilt, auf denen stand, die Demokraten würden am Mittwoch, die Republikaner am Dienstag wählen." Am Mittwoch war die Wahl indes schon vorbei. Auch seien demokratische Wähler angerufen worden. "Man sagte ihnen, niemand, der schon einmal einen Strafzettel bekommen hat, dürfe wählen."
Bush hatte die Wahl im November deutlich gewonnen. Das endgültige Ergebnis stellte Kerry nie in Frage.
Miniaturtechnik: Forscher entwickeln Mikroskop in Zellgröße

11.Apr.2005 Geldwäsche: Tausende Kunden von Lebensversicherern unter Verdact

11.Apr.2005 Marburg-Seuche in Angola: Killervirus aus der Höhle

11.Apr.2005 Umstrittener Bush-Kandidat: Bolton stellt sich Anhörung

11.Apr.2005 Energieforschung: Fliegende Windmühlen sollen Strom erzeugen

11.Apr.2005 Top 100: "Time" wählt die einflussreichsten Menschen der Welt

11.Apr.2005 Arbeitsmarkt: Parteien schmieden Pakt gegen Billiglöhne

11.Apr.2005 Fünf Monate nach der Wahl: Kerry wirft Republikanern Tricksereien vor

11.Apr.2005 Konjunkturkrise: Steuerschätzer rechnen mit neuem Milliardenloch

11.Apr.2005 Milenio Semanal ... y que sus contactos con el narcotráfico se daban con Pablo Escobar,.. quien había estado relacionado con el narcotraficante Alberto Sicilia Falcón,..

11.Apr.2005 El valor de las exportaciones mexicanas de drogas ilegales, 1961-2000 Formato de archivo: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Versión en HTML ... 6 a 30 billones (sic) de dólares en ganancias del narcotráfico se lava en ... 00.000.1978 Organización de Alberto Sicilia Falcón : —Durante un periodo de ...

11.Apr.2005 Reflexiones ... éstos serían utlilizados “exclusivamente” para el combate al narcotráfico,.. (Carta del Subcomandante Marcos dirigída al señor Javier Sicilia Falcón,..

11.Apr.2005 Die sanierten Anlagen seien schnell baufällig oder sogar funktionsunfähig, hieß es darin. Deswegen habe es im Winter vielerorts zu wenig Strom gegeben.

In einem Bericht an den US-Kongress hat das Außenministerium nach Angaben des Blattes vorgeschlagen, rund 600 Millionen $ für zusätzliche Instandhaltungsprogramme zum Schutz der US-Investitionen auszugeben.
US-Vertreter machen Angaben der Zeitung zufolge schlechte Ausbildung der Mitarbeiter, logistische Probleme und eine Fortsetzung der zu Zeiten von Ex-Präsident Saddam Hussein praktizierten "gleichgültigen Arbeitsmoral" verantwortlich.

Außerdem hätten Aufständische die Mitarbeiter der Anlagen immer wieder eingeschüchtert, so dass niemand lange haben bleiben wollen.

Als weiterer Grund werden Machtkämpfe zwischen der Zentralregierung und Beamten in den Regionen über die Bezahlung der Projekte und Gehälter angegeben.
Dagegen macht die irakische Seite den Angaben zufolge den Vorwurf, dass sie von frühen Planungen bei der Instandsetzung ausgeschlossen worden sei und dass sie nicht die notwendigen finanziellen Mittel für die Wartung erhalte.

Aus ihrer Sicht hätten die US-Truppen den Irakern mehr Mitbestimmung einräumen müssen, welche Projekte gebaut und wie das Geld eingesetzt würden.

11.Apr.2005 Debakel um Hilfsprojekte: Hunderte Millionen $ im Irak vergeudet

10.Apr.2005 Grupo Parlamentar do Partido Socialista ... final da VIII Comissão Eventual de Inquérito Parlamentar à Tragédia de Camarate ... múltiplas falhas registadas nos sistemas de funcionamento do Cessna...

10.Apr.2005 A Capital ... paredes, lado a lado com o busto de Adelino Amaro da Costa, um dos fundadores do partido, que viria a morrer no acidente de Camarate, a bordo de um Cessna, a 4 ...

10.Apr.2005 September 11 and the Imperative of Reform in the US Intelligence ... - View as HTML .. unprecedented Joint Inquiry conducted by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence they require against foreign terrorist and intelligence threats. ..

10.Apr.2005 Middle America: August 2004 ... Ron Wyden, D-Ore., a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, .. Simply put, we're on point to protect the US from intelligence threats ...

September 11 and the Imperative of Reform in the US Intelligence ...- View as HTML ... Vice Chairman, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. December 10, 2002 ... they require against foreign terrorist and intelligence threats. Modern ...

REPORT OF THE JOINT INQUIRY INTO THE TERRORIST ATTACKS OF ... Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. The following additional views were ... they require against foreign terrorist and intelligence threats. Modern ...

Additional Views of Sen. Richard C. Shelby: Congressional Joint ... Vice Chairman, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence ... Americans with the security they require against foreign terrorist and intelligence threats. ...

10.Apr.2005 Irak/USA: WHO unterdrueckt Studie ueber DU-Einsatz im Irak ... It is certainly a concern in Iraq ... This low financial income (2-5 $s/month) led to the ... Senator Carl Levin of Michigan said Tenet presented false information ...

10.Apr.2005 Davids Medienkritik:

00.Sep.2003 ... the Congressmen expressed concern at the high level of child mortality in Iraq...

She'd lost her husband Neil Levin at the World Trade Center on 11.Sep.2001 ..

10.Apr.2005 US Presidential Campaign: Voices From Inside ...

Some activists say those stockpiles should cause more concern than the efforts of ...

Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz discusses the financial ...

10.Apr.2005 The NATO-Russia Archive - Strategic Arms Control (START) ...

American concern about the security of Soviet nuclear weapons motivated the ... which Russia desired for financial reasons + modifications of the ABM ...

10.Apr.2005 Perception of health inequalities in different social classes, by ...- HTML-Version

... again that poverty became an issue of great public concern at the ...

The activities range from financial support (eg welfare) to emotional support (eg ...

10.Apr.2005 Der angekündigte Rückzug der USA aus dem ABM-Vertrag: Reden ...

00.Dez.2001 "Our concern is not to see the ABM Treaty replaced by a ...

00.Dez.2001 mit der " Financial Times" - "First, a national missile defense ...


10.Apr.2005 We like non-fiction + we live in fictitious times. We live in a time where we have fictitious "intellectual property" laws that serve fictitious copyright holders.

We live in a time where we have fictitious private institutions that are going to war against piracy for fictitious reasons.

Whether it's the fiction of rights management or the fiction of intellectual theft - we are against this war, Mr. Reemtsma. Shame on you, Mr. Reemtsma, shame on you.

And any time you got the Arts and the Sciences against you, your time is up.
Thank you very much,
The Berlin Foundation for the Advancement of Production and Reproduction
Berlin/Germany 24.Feb.2004

10.Apr.2005 Bush, Blair and Ahern hide behind media lies - Version HTML ... Saudi Arabia is the West«s major. Arab ally + one of the world«s most ... Fein Director of European Affairs) took part in a debate by email which we ...

10.Apr.2005 Nueva Democracia Nueva Democracia. Links. Archives. Nuestro sistema politico es absoleto pues recrea el poder economico y politico de trasnacionales y socios internos quienes impiden el desarrollo sostenido del pais... del Perú y los avances logrados en la década pasada ... publico, esto es los gastos en educacion, salud y ... dorada que los aplaudio en en certamen y sobre todo, los ...
The NarcoSphere || Gary Webb, ¡Presente! Gary Webb, ¡Presente! By Luis Gomez, Posted on Sun Dec 12th, 2004 at 10:38:03 PM EST. Querido Gary: Esta noche volví a la casa y en cuatro líneas George Sanchez me explicó por qué esta vez no podrás contestar a mi palabras... Gary Webb... en los días por venir ... had been on file with the federal ... a traficantes de cocaína que operaban bajo la cobertura de la Contra nicaragüense en los años ...
Clark Community Network || Comments General Discussion - [ ] ... First, I would like the president to admit the truth about the Iraq war. There was no imminent threat from Saddam Hussein. We have killed as many as 100000 Iraqis, including women and children; I want an apology for their deaths...

10.Apr.2005 Vice-Senior General Maung Aye and wife Daw Mya Mya San attend ... ƒ – ... More UK soldiers face Iraq charges. B. AGHDAD., 27 Feb ? Nearly 50 British servicemen could be prosecuted for. murder, assault + other " war " crimes committed in Iraq, it was claimed last night...

10.Apr.2005 The suprasegmental signaling of attitude in German and Chinese: A ... - HTML-Version ... sociologists around Harvey Sacks, Emmanuel Schegloff and Gail Jeffersen,.. certain danger : Quite understandably perhaps, rather than feeling gratitude ...

Vom Krieg zum Terrorismus?- HTML-Version ... in danger of being regarded as international pariahs and paying a ... to be adopted + the sooner the better. Naturally their exact na- ...

10.Apr.2005   Web   Results 1 - 10 of about 363 for lucio gelli p2. ( 0.39 seconds) 

Freemasonry, P2, Nazi Occult, Gladio, Thule, Fascism, CIA ... Member Masonic Lodge P2, CIA Asset, key supporter of Grand Master Lucio Gelli ,... Augusto Pinoche + P2 Masonic Lodge Grand Master Lucio Gelli...

10.Apr.2005 IISS - IISS Strategic Dossier - Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction ... Der Tagesspiegel - Irak kann in einem Jahr Atomrakete haben. Die Welt – Der Irak bleibt eine "nukleare Unbekannte". El Pais - Irak tiene tecnología para ...

10.Apr.2005 Mafia, Geheimdienste und Politik der USA ... Bereits im Herbst 1963 wurde Cubela über Nestor D. Sanchez auf Castro angesetzt... Für $5 Mio. kauft er in der Nähe von Mexico City ein Anwesen...

10.Apr.2005 Imperialismo y construcción nacional = lucha de clases ... degeneradas ambigüedades o dudosas esperanzas (Venezuela y Brasil )... monopolios de Union Resinera Española, Union de Explosivos, Española de Minas,..

10.Apr.2005 - If the world could vote, it's Kerry in a ... repeated USA propaganda weapon to rationalise the deaths of more than one million innocent Iraqis since 1991 through economic sanctions is ... ...

Politics and Society ... prosecutors...they could not have risen to their station without compromising truth, honor and justice for political, social and economic advantage...

10.Apr.2005 Die definitive Geschichte des Internet von 1957 an ... Die UCLA sponsert die große Feier anläßlich des 20-jährigen Bestehen des ARPANET... National Research and Education Network ) führt "Gore 1" ( US High ...

10.Apr.2005 myProxy - (-; ... An das Skript wird einfach eine URL als Parameter angehängt: https://www. justapi .de/myproxy.php? Das Skript liest nun die Seite

10.Apr.2005 Utopia - Revista Anarquista de Cultura e Intervenção ... perigoso do que Hitler, Mussolini ou Goering, representando, além disso,.. Em boa hora, Antonia Saa Requejo resolveu elaborar uma pequena biografia ...

Utopia - Revista Anarquista de Cultura e Intervenção ... Será mesmo a biografia de Gori, jovem militante, com o seu lado aventureiro ... lugares de conflitos e batalhas onde os esquadrões de Mussolini tentarão por ...

alazar... Admirei o Mussolini, depois fartei-me dele. Cheguei a ter o seu retrato em cima da ... Embora com objectivos convergentes, sou o avesso do Mussolini...

10.Apr.2005 Big Brother Incorporated Companies List ... Econ Optics Mechanics. Intracom SA (Hellenic Telecommunications & Electronics) ... Night Vision Optics. SPAIN. Defex SA. SWITZERLAND.
20050113 Khashoggi
Current and Projected National Security Threats to the United States hearing before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, 02.Feb.2000 .. Consequently, we continue to face extensive intelligence threats from a ...

10.Apr.2005 Die_Monster_die_wir_rufen ... zum Beispiel gehört zu General Electric, einem der größten Rüstungskonzerne. Das Ranking basiert auf einer Umfrage bei Journalisten + Forschern + ...

10.Apr.2005 Plenarprotokoll – HTML-Version ... Schauen Sie sich das DFG-Förder- Ranking 1999-2001 im Internet an. Von den 10 deutschen Hoch- ... USA Rüstungskonzerne befördert. Das ist ...

10.Apr.2005 Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace: Prisoner ... However, on 05.Apr.19-- both Dohnanyi + Bonhoeffer were arrested by Manfred Roeder + the Gestapo. They were interrogated regarding the activities of ...

Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace: Characters ... Found guilty by the "people's court" and shot by the Gestapo on April 23,.. Dr. Manfred Roeder Adjutant Judge for the Military, Roeder was in charge ...

10.Apr.2005 Opfer Hitlers, Opfer des kalten Krieges ...

Als "Rote Kapelle" bezeichnet die Gestapo diese Gruppe, und dieser Name hält sich ... wird ausgerechnet der ehemalige Ankläger, Manfred Roeder, befragt.

Bibliographie... in BRACHER, Karl Dietrich, FUNKE, Manfred & JACOBSEN, Hans-Adolf (Hrsg.),.. Fischer, Frankfurt am Main, 1991. ROEDER, Manfred, Die Rote Kapelle...

Verfassgsch.b.2000-9.8.01 HTML-Version ... rer“ der Band Gestapo heißt es:.

HESSISCHER. VERFASSUNGSSCHUTZBERI CHT ... maligen Rechtsanwalt Manfred Roeder gegründet und geleitet, gehören ihr etwa ...

10.Apr.2005 Lobby spending leaps, group says: USA corporations, unions + interest groups spent $2.4 billion to lobby Congress and the executive branch in 2003, a 50 % increase from six years earlier

10.Apr.2005 The myth of threat : Will Iran really be attacked by America or there is more to it than can be seen on the surface

US closes embassy in Yemen ?: The US embassy in Yemen has closed to the public for security reasons after the State Department warned Americans not to travel to this volatile Arabian Peninsula nation, diplomats said.

How weapons makers are shaping US military and foreign policies: As a result of a rash of military-industry mergers encouraged and subsidized by the Clinton administration, the "Big Three" weapons makers—Lockheed Martin, Boeing + Raytheon—now receive among themselves over $30 billion per year in Pentagon contracts.

US troops 'tried to smuggle cocaine' : William Wood, the US ambassador in Bogotá, said the four would not be extradited even if it was proved they had committed crimes on Colombian soil.

Ecuador Civil Unrest Grows Amid Public Protests : The daily drama lived in Ecuador is absent from the news media as civil disobedience erupted this week in this country’s main cities against President General Lucio Gutierrez.

Ecuador president says military backs him: Ecuadorean President Lucio Gutierrez said he enjoyed the backing of the armed forces after an opposition leader called on soldiers to support protests against the government.

10.Apr.2005 USA military: Cameraman with CBS credentials detained in Iraq : The military said the cameraman was detained because there was probable cause to believe he posed ``an imperative threat to coalition forces.''

US general: Iraq abuse trials unfair : Brigadier Janis Karpinski, who oversaw 17 Iraqi prisons including Abu Ghraib, said the reservists jailed to date did not devise techniques such as stacking up naked prisoners or forcing them to masturbate.

10.Apr.2005 Huge Anti Occupation Protests on anniversary of Saddam's fall: Tens of thousands of followers of a rebel Shi'ite cleric have marched in Baghdad to denounce the USA presence in Iraq.

Related protests were held in Ramadi, a Sunni Arab city west of Baghdad + in Baiji, another largely Sunni town north of the capital, showing the widespread support for the demands.

Y Thousands protest USA on Baghdad anniversary: Demonstrators demand end to presence of foreign troops

In case you missed it: The photographs tell the story... : Is This Media manipulation on a grand scale?

09.Apr.2005 Thank you, Reverend Moon! A reader sent me the link to this amazing story from last year.

No, this is not an April Fool's day hoax.

On a site apparently devoted to communication between members of Reverend Moon's Unification Church, we read the following (+ keep in mind that the "True Parents" are Moon + his wife):
10.Apr.---- True Parents made special condition to liberate Arch Angelic World through striped bass fishing.

3 boats went out for fishing and each boat had 12 people to fish. Father instructed to release first 12 keep size striped bass to each 3 boat.

That was the condition for the liberation.

We left at the marina 7:30 am + Father's boat finished by 8:25am, less than an hour!

You can even see a video record of this liberation exercise/fishing trip.
Whenever you read this nonsense, think about Bush the elder and Bush the younger, both of whom do business with Moon.

Think of the Washington Times.

Think of Regnery publishing.

Think of all the conservative causes lubricated by Moon money.URL:

10.Apr.2005 Die Ergebnisse der Forscher zeigen zum ersten Mal eine eindeutige Verbindung zwischen entzündlichen Autoimmunkrankheiten + Herz-Kreislauferkrankungen, bei denen eine Beteiligung von Entzündungsreaktionen erst vor kurzem entdeckt wurde.

Die ersten Hinweise auf den unerwarteten Zusammenhang stammen aus Versuchen mit Ratten, wie die Wissenschaftler berichten.

Um zu prüfen, ob die dabei identifizierten verdächtigen Gene auch beim Menschen das Immunsystem beeinflussen,

untersuchten die Forscher drei Studiengruppen - MS-Patienten, Rheumatiker + Herzinfarktpatienten - + passende gesunde Kontrollpersonen.
Interview mit Helmut Schmidt: "Ich habe vom Kriegsende nichts bemerkt"

10.Apr.2005 Krise in Nahost: Israelische Polizei riegelt Tempelberg ab

10.Apr.2005 Indonesien: Erneut schweres Erdbeben auf Sumatra

10.Apr.2005 Retorten-Nachwuchs: Gorilla-Mutter verstößt Tochter

10.Apr.2005 Randale in Neu-Ulm: Hooligans attackieren Polizisten

10.Apr.2005 Risikofaktor: Ein Gen für Rheuma, Herzinfarkt und Multiple Sklerose

10.Apr.2005 Vatikan: Maulkorb bis zur Papstwahl

09.Apr.2005 Religionsumfrage: Die Deutschen glauben wieder

09.Apr.2005 COUNCIL OF NATIONAL POLICY-- One world "Christian" organization ... Rich DeVos was past president as well as tim and Pat! ... Bahakel, Cy Baker, Dick Balderson, Terry Ball, William Batchelder, William Bauer, Gary ...

09.Apr.2005 Bush Administration Lies and Deceit ... The post- invasion US governing authority in Iraq lost track of ... Bush Controls The FTC While Amway Rips Off Millions - Independent Media TV - Article ...'2005-01-31%2000:00:00'%7D

Bush Administration Lies and Deceit ... The Iraq war is the most serious blunder in the history of US foreign policy... Iraq invasion long before it was discussed publicly by the White House ...'2005-01-27%2000:00:00'%7D

Jesus' General ... Being an Amway distributor yourself, you know the power of multi-level ... Time + time again, you've told us that our invasion of Iraq would deal a ...

The Blog That Goes Ping » Illiberalism ... for the same reasons that Amway doesn’t call itself Amway anymore... relating the chaotic days after the US -led invasion of Iraq in March 2003...

The Command Post - Iraq - Rumsfeld Denies 'False Pretext' For Iraq War ... that the Iraq war was waged under a false pretext even though US search ... the chemical + biological weapons cited as justification for the invasion...

09.Apr.2005 July 2004, Part 1 - Jim Miller on Politics ... Years ago Louise supported Amway products until she learned company ... like the Bay of Pigs invasion, help the president at least in the short term.) ...

CATALOGUE OF BOGUS CONSERVATIVE IDEAS Ann Coulter tells us that if ... As I write this, George W. Bush is seeking support for an invasion of Iraq ... His invasion of Kuwait provoked a full mobilization of US Forces,..

09.Apr.2005 Other Contract Law News ... GAO sustains Lockheed protest in which Darlene Druyun was involved. The Air Force Should Improve How It Purchases AWACS Spare Parts, GAO Report 05-169,..

Email Pain In The Net - Breaking News ... violations for making a job offer to an air force procurement officer ( Darlene Druyun ) who controlled work that Boeing and its competitors were bidding... l

09.Apr.2005 US Government - Intelligence Agencies ... Gold Warriors: America's Secret Recovery of Yamashita's Gold [reviews ... document the manner in which Japan hid most of the gold in the Philippines (some in ...

15 Feb History... 1986 Ferdinand Marcos wins rigged Philippines presidential election... Tomoyuki Yamashita in front of Japanese newsreel cameras... is to donate his gold medal from ...

[CTRL] Yamashita's Gold - View as HTML... to reveal each place where he had taken Yamashita, where bullion and ... Philippines... evidence from former CIA deputy director Cline that the gold bullion Santy ...

[CTRL] The Southeast Asian Treasure Connection - View as HTML ... of 28-pages of detailed information concerning " Yamashita's Gold ")... whether the precious metal ( gold, platinum, silver ... Projects in the Philippines, please CLICK

09.Apr.2005 bushtrash: November 2004 bushtrash. About Me. Name:bushtrash .com. Previous Posts. Archives. Tuesday, November 23, 2004. BND-Informant und Al-Qaida-Kontaktmann. - ZDF - junge welt. BND-Skandal schlägt Wellen

09.Apr.2005 Zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen - Linksammlung Zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen - Darstellung und Behandlung im WWW, eine kritische Link sammlung. von Andreas Will. Stand: 27.06.2001 (21.00) sammlungWill.html

How to disable your blocking software
Censorware Companies and Saudi Arabia Censorship


09.Apr.2005 Companies Compete to Provide Saudi Internet Veil By JENNIFER 8. LEE The New York Times - Security Crisis

19.Nov.2001 FULL TEXT Mostly USA software companies are competing for a contract worth millions to help Saudi Arabia block access to Web sites the Saudi government deems inappropriate for 1/2 a million users +

want to sell similar contracts to other governments.

Other governments in Muslim nations, Pakistan + the United Arab Emirates, have interest in the same Internet filtering companies.

00.000.1997 -since the Internet was introduced-to Saudi Arabia, by royal decree, filters virtually all public Internet traffic to + from Saudi Arabia funneled through a single control center outside Riyadh + spent two years designing a centralized control system 00.Feb.1999 -before gingerly opening the spigot to the Internet in-

Dr. Eyas S. al-Hajery, directs the Information Security Center at King Abdulaziz City for Science + Technology, the institution that serves as Saudi Arabia's Internet control valve + decides what software to buy.

Dr. Hajery says his staff of a dozen employees receives more than 500 suggestions a day from the public to block sites that the authorities have missed.

The requests are reviewed by the staff + about half of them are ultimately added to the blacklist up to 7,000 URL's monthly.

Many of the sites forbidden on religious grounds are gleaned through this process, since the staff members are primarily focused on ferreting out pornography sites, Dr. Hajery said.

The center also receives more than 100 requests a day to remove specific sites from the blacklist many because they have been wrongfully characterized by the SmartFilter software, he said.

09.Apr.2005 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – HTML-Version .. King Abdul Aziz City for Science + Technology ( KACST ) was responsible for ...

The Saudi Network Information Center ( SaudiNIC ) is responsible for the ...

09.Apr.2005 Big Brother Incorporated ... Tel: 34-1 555 7861 Tlx: 23616 DEFEX E Fax: 34-1 556 86 10 ... reduced + the fingerprint template can easily be stored on card systems (smart cards,..

09.Apr.2005 E agora o que devo fazer ? TAMAR - Tartarugas Marinhas RENCTAS - Rede nasional contra o trafico de animais silvestres SUIPA - Sociedade Internacional Protetora dos Animais UDEVA - União ...
Official: China Plans 40 Nuke Power Plants: China plans to build 40 nuclear power plants over the next 15 years, making them the main power source for its booming east coast, a government official said in remarks reported Thursday.

09.Apr.2005 We are rewriting the history of communism's collapse : It was Gorbachev, not the Pope, who brought the system down

09.Apr.2005 Peru imports Bolivian brand of socialism: The structural marginalisation of Peru's indigenous population is increasingly erupting in flashpoints of discontent. In January in Andahuaylas, 500km south-east of Lima, a group of disaffected former servicemen stormed a police station, killing four officers.

09.Apr.2005 Plan Colombia Backfires at Colombians: The incident with five US soldiers allowed to go home when caught in possession of 16 kg of cocaine heated up the long-standing questioning of the immunity enjoyed by US citizens under a bilateral agreement with Washington.

09.Apr.2005 Mexico City Mayor Stripped of Immunity: Congress stripped Mexico City's leftist mayor of his immunity from prosecution Thursday, clearing the way for his arrest in a vote that could also block him from running in the 2006 presidential race, which he leads in the polls.

09.Apr.2005 George Monbiot: I'm with Wolfowitz : Liberal handwringing over the World Bank simply reflects a failure to recognise the role it exists to fulfil

09.Apr.2005 Video: Capitalism & Other Kids Stuff.

09.Apr.2005 Oil for $s + $s for US deficit: The United States is extracting tribute on oil from the world. If the world wants Middle Eastern oil, it can pay for it through the Saudi branch of the US Treasury.

09.Apr.2005 Economic growth at peak, warns World Bank : Led by rapid growth in China, India and Russia, developing countries outgrew rich countries last year, with aggregate gross domestic product rising by a record 6.6 %.

09.Apr.2005 World Bank Warns USA to Cut Deficits: Accumulation of $ reserves by some Asian countries could spark a systemic foreign exchange crisis, the chief economist of the World Bank said in an interview to be published on Thurday

09.Apr.2005 Home Foreclosure Listings Surged in March, Study Shows: In what could be a crack in the housing market's sturdy foundation, the number of foreclosed homes put up for sale rose 50 % 00.Feb-----00.Mar.----

09.Apr.2005 Hunger-Based Lines Lengthen at the Faith-Based Soup Kitchens : The sight of masses of Americans gratefully chowing down on free food is indeed a show, an amazingly discreet one that is classified not as outright hunger but as "food insecurity" by government specialists who are busy measuring the growing lines at soup kitchens and food pantries across the nation.

07.Apr.2005 John Pilger: Reject the Law of Silence.From the BBC's capitulation to the Israeli government, to the rush to eulogise a deeply reactionary Pope, pressure on the media is leading to insidious new state propaganda.

09.Apr.2005 Racism by Any Other Name : Israel Makes It Harder for Non-Jews to Become Citizens

09.Apr.2005 Religious right in D.C. to target judicial system: The goal is to rein in judges who have undermined democracy and family values with recent decisions on same-sex marriage, the Ten Commandments, school prayer + the Pledge of Allegiance, said Rick Scarborough, a Texas Baptist minister.

09.Apr.2005 Sidney Blumenthal : Politics in red robes : As the authority of the Vatican was marshalled on behalf of the conservatives, the Republican right adopted its position as its own in order to capture Catholic votes. Now the social agendas of conservative Catholics and Republicans are indistinguishable.

09.Apr.2005 Get The Faith Outtta Here!: Energized by the widely held, if not strictly accurate, assumption that it cinched George Bush’s victory over John Kerry, the Fundamentalist Right is now convinced that the president owes it, big-time. They’re calling in their favors

09.Apr.2005 High alert on the Temple Mount: The Shin Bet security service has indications that Jews are planning to carry out a terror attack on the Temple Mount.

09.Apr.2005 Palestinians say truce over if mosques attacked: Leading Palestinian militant groups on Friday vowed renewed attacks on Israelis if Jewish ultra-nationalists enter a sensitive Jerusalem shrine from which Israeli police intend to bar them this weekend.

09.Apr.2005 09.Apr.2005 Jerry M. Landay: 'The new aristocracy': Behind the smokescreen of a glorious "patriotic war," fear of terrorism + pumped-up religious fervor lies a home-front war against the middle and blue-collar classes: a conservative counter-revolution, which aims at a colossal redistribution of wealth upward, to the New Aristocracy - supported by a self-serving rewriting of the law based not on legal principle but on "free-market" theory.

09.Apr.2005 Revival of the Taliban: The vast majority of Taliban commanders retreated to Pakistan or adopted a low-profile private life in Afghan villages pending Mullah Omar finalizing a new guerrilla strategy similar to that adopted by the Iraqi resistance. The results of this are expected to manifest themselves within a few months.

09.Apr.2005 Antiwar Movement Debates Occupation: Does the USA government does have an obligation to the Iraq people?

09.Apr.2005 The Basing Game: The Pentagon is closing military bases at home and opening new ones abroad.

09.Apr.2005 US unready for rising threat of 'moles': Because the US has reached such lone, superpower status, government officials say, at least 90 countries - in addition to Al Qaeda - are attempting to steal some of the nation's most sacred secrets.

09.Apr.2005 Court refuses to halt military extensions : Soldier had sued after having his discharge postponed

09.Apr.2005 Talabani proposes amnesty for Iraqi resistance: “We must find a political and peaceful solution with Iraqis who have been led astray by terrorism and grant them an amnesty,”

USA Says Detained Iraqi Women Were Not Held Hostage : The two women told Reuters Friday that soldiers had informed them they would be detained until they revealed the whereabouts of male relative suspected of insurgent attacks, or until the wanted male relatives turned themselves in.

09.Apr.2005 Big Lies, Blind Spies + Vanity Fair ": Quick Lessons From the WMD Report

09.Apr.2005 Who Forged the Niger Documents? : A former counterterrorism chief claims that the now discredited documents that showed Iraq trying to purchase uranium were fabricated right here in the United States.

09.Apr.2005 US lawmakers regret voting for Iraq war: US Representative Walter Jones, a conservative Republican, does not hide his anger when he says bad information led him to vote for the Iraq war.

09.Apr.2005 Hail to the Robber Baron? by Yoshi Tsurumi Thirty years ago, President Bush was my student at Harvard Business School. In my class, he called former president Franklin D. Roosevelt, Class of 1904, a “socialist” and spoke against Social Security, unemployment insurance, the Securities and Exchange Commission + other New Deal innovations. He refused to understand that capitalism becomes corrupt without democratic civic values and ethical restraints. Continue.

09.Apr.2005 The Big Fix
So let's have no illusions about where we are. Gangsters are in charge + nothing and no one will be allowed to challenge their dominion. By Chris Floyd
Let's face the facts. The game is over and we - the "reality-based community," the believers in genuine democracy and law, the heirs of Jefferson and Madison, Emerson and Thoreau, the toilers and dreamers, all those who seek to rise above the beast within and shape the brutal chaos of existence into something higher, richer and imbued with meaning - have lost. 

09.Apr.2005 National Petroleum News : Who is John Deuss? what will Atlantic do ...

National Petroleum News : Who is John Deuss ? what will Atlantic do? (gasoline retailers) @ HighBeam Research.

National Petroleum News : Mystery man Deuss invades East with his ...

Petroleum News : Mystery man Deuss invades East with his new Atlantic Petroleum. ( John Deuss ) (includes two related articles) @ HighBeam Research. deuss invadeseastwithhisnewatlanticpetrol
OIL FUELS APARTHEID ... feature prominently inn thee Advocate-General's Report: John Deuss of ...

"He ( John Deuss ) said that part of the premium would go into the pockets of ...

Golden Arches - The Arch Capital Group ...

John Deuss, the Bank’s Chairman + CEO, seems happy for the most part to let the ... the Bank remains committed to John Deuss ’s philosophy of low-risk,..

Africa Intelligence's Back Issues ...

John Deuss Before his company Transworld became a partner of Petro SA,.. Dutch trader John Deuss had been accused by the now-ruling ANC party of ...

Africa Intelligence's Back Issues

Africa Energy Intelligence has learned that Transworld, a company owned by renowned trader John Deuss, is talking with Summit Oil on buying into its ...


The local jet set includes oil billionaire John Deuss, for example, has been known to leave Bermuda at midnight to arrive in Europe at ...

New bank group scouts for partners ... Barclay's Bank once owned 32 % of The Bermuda Commercial Bank + subsequently sold its stake to oil trader John Deuss...

JOC-oil ... Wordt laatste supergok John Deuss fataal? In maart van dit jaar verscheen er ineens weer een artikel over de bijzonder publiciteitsschuwe John Deuss.

09.Apr.2005 Caspian Sea Library ... For a number of reasons, Dutch financier and Omani Oil Company Chairman, John Deuss - who had been closely involved with the CPC - was, by spring 1996,..

09.Apr.2005 Qatar Post... Full StorySuzan Mazur: John Deuss -

The Manhattan projects Full Story

Iran approves more cash for petrol imports Full Story

Saudi Aramco Says it Can ...

09.Apr.2005 AnalisiDifesa - IL PETROLIO CAUCASICO E LA GUERRA IN CECENIA - nr. 42

... pipeline consortium, costituito da interessi russi e kazachi, dal sultano ell'Oman e da John Deuss, un cittadino americano consulente del sultano.

31.Aug.2000 "Crude Business": Corruption and Caspian Oil - View as HTML

... as a principal figure in the

00.000.1996 ouster of the controversial Dutch entrepreneur John Deuss from the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) project .

09.Apr.2005 Profundo - The Great Game, deel 2

En natuurlijk ook de notoire sjacheraars, zoals de voormalige autohandelaar John Deuss uit Nijmegen, miljardair geworden met illegale olieleveranties ...

09.Apr.2005 SAS Larouche Afganistan ... oil trader named John Deuss, who developed a special relationship with Sultan Qaboos that was almost as tight as the Omani's ties to Brigadier Landon...

09.Apr.2005 Wat heeft Mr. Docters van Leeuwen, na zijn BVD-praktijken en Rara ... Via John Deuss, Noro, Sasea, het Vaticaan naar de P2, de Seychellen en de SHV (Makro, brand, Shell, afgezaagde slangen en rook)...

09.Apr.2005 Owners Group misbruker bank – HegnarOnline ... neither Jorn Tagge nor Owners Group have a relationship with BCB, nor is Mr. John Deuss talking to Mr. Jorn Tagge about such or any other relationship... k - 8 Apr 2005

Neue Solidarität 40/1996: Profile der wichtigsten Iran-Contra ... Nach seiner "Pensionierung" wechselte er ins "Ölgeschäft" über und beriet den holländischen Ölhändler John Deuss, der ironischerweise der größte Händler ...

09.Apr.2005 BEF Membership 2004 to 2005 ... Deuss ,, John, 587, S. Diel,, Meghan, 416, J, 29May92:12. Dolan,, Lisa, 454, F, Brooke 28Mar88:16. Duckett,, Paschal, 578, S. Dunkley,, Marye Lee, 521, S ...

09.Apr.2005 Oil Bibliography Archive 1996: Kazakhstan and Tenzig field ... The development of the Tenzig field in Kazakhstan has been delayed by disputes between Chevron and the chief of the Oman Oil Co., John Deuss...

09.Apr.2005 Dernière édition ... La très discrète société du trader John Deuss a fait entrer le chinois Sinopec sur un de ses permis gabonais. (...) [ 184 mots ] [ 3,25EUR ] Lire la ...

09.Apr.2005 Alles op een rij - Economie - De vijftig rijkste Nederlanders ... Dik Wessels (Koninklijke Volker Wessels Stevin): 1,1 miljard (op 14 met 1 miljard); John de Mol (Endemol): 1 miljard (op 16 met 890 miljoen); John Deuss ...

Exel forms aid foundation ...

00.000.1993 She acted for First Curacao International Bank + its owner John Deuss in the purchase of a 32 % stake in Bermuda Commercial Bank (BCB) .

09.Apr.2005 Now let's look once again at Schroem's paragraph. We have just begun to squeeze the juice out of it. Everything comes down to one question: Who was the writer's source?
I've written to Schroem care of Die Zeit but have yet to receive an answer. For now, let us note something extraordinary about this passage: It offers details about a highly sensitive meeting between George W. Bush and the Director of Central Intelligence. The passage implies but does not state that the two men were alone. Perhaps other administration staff members were present; even so, we can presume that the famously secretive Bush folks did not leak this material.
So how did it end up in the pages of a German periodical? Deduction: Tenet must have talked to someone. URL:
08.Apr.2005 Do we have a mole next to Bin Laden?

Xymphora directs our attention to this story from Dissident Voice, which indicates that CIA has a mole near Bin Laden. Moreover:
".. . according to one former CIA employee, 'It is entirely likely that Tenet told Bush about the mole at that August meeting at the ranch, if the president didn't already know.

Why else would he suddenly race off to Texas on a weekend?

Not just to talk about what (Condoleezza) Rice told the 11.Sep.2001 Commission was something that the administration thought of as an historical recounting of old information. It doesn't make sense.'
A second former intelligence officer said he harbored the same suspicions after news of the Tenet trip + the contents of the PDB became known publicly.

'The DCI (Director of Central Intelligence) simply doesn't interrupt the president's vacation to chat about a relatively innocuous, two or three page report unless there was something extremely sensitive the president needed to know that Tenet didn't want put on paper.'"

This refers to the infamous Presidential Daily Brief of 06.Aug.2001.

What this writer neglects to address is the possibility that this brief was once much longer.

I would like to re-post excerpts of something I wrote back on 18.Apr.2004 (when only a handful of friends read this blog).

Some of what follows is now outdated, but the evidence of a longer PDB is still worth pursuing.

Obviously, if the current tale is true and CIA does have an "inside man" close to Bin Laden, then we can more easily guess what information might have appeared in those missing pages:
PDB = Phony Documents from Bush?
06.Aug.2001 -key Presidential Daily Briefing document was originally ten pages longer than the version released with much fanfare to the public -Die Zeit- Story by Oliver Schroem indicates -00.Oct.2002.

Was Schroem correctly informed? Consider: He published the date, subject matter + title of a highly classified piece of paper intended for the President's eyes only. As far as I have been able to determine, Schroem published these details before anyone else got wind of the story.
You don't pull off a trick like that unless you have a really good source... URL:
09.Apr.2005 For the most complete overview yet - including an interview with Johnny's mother, Noreen Gosch - check out this
Des Moines Online article URL:
09.Apr.2005 Alas, Gunderson has a history of believing what he hears. There are a lot of troubled people out there claiming to be victims of conspiracies involving Satanism, mind control, cults, secret societies + so forth. Uncritical acceptance of such stories is dangerous. (Read, for example, the sad but instructive tale of
Lauren Stratford.) URL:
09.Apr.2005 For more earthbound news on the Gannon front, check out
Soundbitten. URL:

09.Apr.2005 Rainer-K. Langner Das Geheimnis der großen Wüste Auf den Spuren ... - Version HTML ... In order to avoid the initial force of the gibli, the men lie down ... the greatest open air museum of the Neolithic period, surrounded by thousands of ...

09.Apr.2005 OLDER ARTICLES NOT YET SORTED ... Ticket prices are $40.00 regular price or $35.00 for student or fixed ... Israeli military intelligence (headed by Colonel Benjamin Gibli ) planned to ..

Die chemischen Reaktionen aber, die ein Gammablitz in der Atmosphäre hervorrufen würde, hätten auch zur Folge, dass sich eine dicke Smogschicht um die Erde legt. Damit wäre eine Eiszeit nicht, wie von den meisten Wissenschaftlern angenommen, der Auslöser des Massentods - sondern nur eine Hinterlassenschaft des wirklichen Killers.
09.Apr.2005 Melotts Kollege Brian Thomas errechnete, dass ein solches Ereignis in der Erdatmosphäre eine Kettenreaktion in Gang setzen würde. Die Strahlung würde demnach Stickstoffmoleküle in Stickstoffatome aufspalten, die mit Sauerstoff reagieren und dabei Stickoxid bilden. Das Stickoxid wiederum zerstörte in der Simulation das Ozon und produzierte Stickstoffdioxid, das seinerseits mit atomarem Sauerstoff reagiert und wieder mehr Stickoxid bildet - der Verlust von noch mehr Ozon ist die Folge.
Innerhalb weniger Wochen wäre maximal die Hälfte der Ozonschicht zerstört, schreiben Thomas, Melott und Forscher vom Goddard Space Flight Center der Nasa
in einem Artikel für das Fachblatt "Astrophysical Journal Letters" (Ausg. 622, Nr. 2, S. 153).
UV-Licht tötet Mehrzahl aller Arten

09.Apr.2005 Manche Wissenschaftler sind der Meinung, dass die kosmischen Feuerwerke auch auf der Erde ihre Spuren hinterlassen haben. US-Forscher um Adrian Melott von der University of Kansas haben schon vor mehr als einem Jahr
die Theorie vorgestellt, dass ein Gammastrahlen-Ausbruch im Erdzeitalter Ordovizium vor rund 440 Milliarden Jahren die Erde getroffen und das zweitgrößte Artensterben der Geschichte ausgelöst haben könnte.
). Ein Hominide ohne Zähne habe sich auf weiche Fleischteile wie das Mark oder Pflanzennahrung verlegen müssen. Dazu müsse aber Unterstützung von zahngesunderen Verwandten gekommen sein: "Er hat Hilfe von anderen Individuen erfahren, die über das hinausgehen muss, was andere nichtmenschliche Primaten geben können."
09.Apr.2005 Sollte sich die Annahmen bestätigen, käme das einer kleinen anthropologischen Sensation gleich - würde es doch bedeuten, dass unsere Urahnen sich schon etwa zwei bis drei Millionen Jahre früher aufrichteten als bislang nachweisbar. Erst vor einigen Wochen hatten Forscher, ebenfalls in "Nature", über den bislang ältesten Zweibeinerfund berichtet: In Äthiopien hatte man
einen Hominiden entdeckt, von dem angenommen wird, dass er aufrecht gehen konnte. Dieser Fund ist aber nur etwa vier Millionen Jahre alt.
Friedemann Schrenk, Paläoanthropologe am Senckenberg-Museum in Frankfurt findet einen anderen Aspekt viel bedeutsamer: "Das muss man geographisch sehen, nicht zeitlich." Er findet eigene Annahmen durch die Funde bestätigt: "Das passt gut ins Bild." Zu dieser Zeit sei der Regenwald, der früher eine viel größere Fläche in Afrika bedeckt habe, langsam zurückgewichen. Die neu entstandene Savanne habe den aufrechten Gang zu einer vorteilhafen Bewegungsart gemacht. Verschiedene Funde legten nahe, dass er deshalb an verschiedenen Orten parallel entstanden sei. Die Rekonstruktion des Teams um Zollikofer jedenfalls sei sehr überzeugend.

09.Apr.2005 Gammablitz: Massentod durch kosmische Explosion

08. APRIL 2005

Der verstorbene Papst, sagte der maronitische Patriarch von Beirut, Nasrallah Sfeir, kürzlich zu SPIEGEL ONLINE, habe stets jene Menschen inspiriert, die das Gute wollten. Auf diese freundliche Formel können sich in den Straßen der arabischen Welt so gut wie alle verständigen - egal, ob Christen oder Muslime. Für die meisten Menschen in der arabischen Welt verläuft die Kluft dann doch eher zwischen Atheisten und Gläubigen.
09.Apr.2005. "Man ist schon traurig, wenn jemand stirbt, der sich immer für den Frieden ausgesprochen hat", sagt Muhammad. Er respektiert den Papst besonders, weil er sich deutlich gegen den Irakkrieg positioniert hat. Diesen Satz hört man in diesen Tagen von vielen Arabern. Das sei wichtiger, als die Frage, welcher Religion man angehört, findet Muhammad.
Am Todestag von Johannes Paul II. seien viele Christen des Viertels, aber auch einige Muslime, auf die Straße gegangen und hätten sich gegenseitig ihr Beileid ausgedrückt, berichtet er weiter. "Wir haben hier traditionell Frieden zwischen den Religionen", sagt Muhammad. Er hat, selbst Muslim, auch viele christliche Freunde. Sein ebenfalls muslimischer Kunde sieht das ähnlich: "Gott sagt uns im Koran, dass er die Menschen in Stämme und Glaubensgemeinschaften aufgeteilt hat. Und nur in der Frage der Frömmigkeit unterscheiden sie sich."
Nur wenige hatten zum Katholizismus gefunden, weil die Katholiken als Nachfolger der Kreuzzügler angesehen wurden. Erst im Laufe des 19. Jahrhunderts, als christliche Missionare aus Europa und den USA den Nahen Osten penetrierten, Kirchen und Schulen errichteten und die Abkehr von den als oberflächlich fromm gebrandmarkten Ostkirchen predigten, entstanden arabische Gemeinden anglikanischer, protestantischer oder katholischer Konfession.
In fast allen arabischen Staaten gibt es auch Christen, zumeist liegt ihr Anteil indes unter fünf %. Trotzdem geben sich die islamischen Herrscher Mühe, sie bei wichtigen Anlässen ihrer Achtung zu versichern. Dieser gegenseitige Respekt ist die Grundlage des fast überall leidlich friedlichen Zusammenlebens der beiden monotheistischen Religionen. Zwar wissen viele Muslime nur wenig oder gar nichts über den Papst. "Aber die Christen wissen ja auch kaum etwas über unsere Religionsgelehrten", sagt der Friseur Ahmad Fuad, der in der Innenstadt von Amman seinen "Salon Jerusalem" betreibt. Die Hauptsache sei doch, "dass man überhaupt glaubt". Denn wer glaubt, ist Ahmad überzeugt, ist kein schlechter Mensch.
In Jordanien beispielsweise, einem islamisch geprägten Land, in dem es nur rund vier % Christen gibt, hängen alle offiziellen Flaggen auf Halbmast, um das verstorbene Kirchenoberhaupt zu ehren. Ramzi Haddad, ein Christ aus der Hauptstadt Amman, weiß diese Geste zu schätzen - obwohl er selbst Anglikaner ist und der Papst für ihn unter theologischen Gesichtspunkten keine Rolle spielt. Den 60-jährigen Apotheker freut besonders, dass auch Muslime sich in die Kondolenzbücher in den katholischen Kirchen des Landes eingetragen haben. "Sogar einige Parlamentsabgeordnete waren darunter", sagt er.
Zehntausende Araber aber werden das Begräbnis live verfolgen, weil die beiden beliebten Satellitensender al-Dschasira und al-Arabia wie schon in den vergangenen Tagen ausführlich aus dem Vatikan berichten werden. Zwar gibt es in Katar und Dubai, wo die Sender beheimatet sind, so gut wie keine Christen. In weiten Teilen des Nahen Ostens jedoch leben arabische Christen, darunter auch Katholiken. Und so trauert auch die arabische Welt um den verstorbenen Johannes Paul II.
Der Tod und die Beerdigung von Papst Johannes Paul II. ist auch in der arabischen Welt ein großes Thema. Viele Muslime verfolgen die Trauerfeiern live im Fernsehen. Trotz mancher Vorbehalte gegen das Christentum wird der Glaube an sich gut geheißen.

08.Apr.2005 Jerusalem: Eingeschränkter Zugang zum Tempelberg

08.Apr.2005 Wall-Street-Schluss: Sinkender Ölpreis belastet die Kurse

07.Apr.2005 Italien: Berlusconi erwägt Neuwahlen

07.Apr.2005 Vatikan: Wurde das Testament des Papstes falsch interpretiert?

07.Apr.2005 Grenzüberschreitende Verlustvorträge: Eichel befürchtet Milliardenverluste

07.Apr.2005 Verfassungsschutz: Immer mehr Islamisten in Deutschland

07.Apr.2005 Umfrage: Miserable Werte für Rot-Grün

07.Apr.2005 "Arbeiterdichter": Max von der Grün ist tot

 Anwohner greifen Polizisten an
In der niederländischen Stadt Den Bosch haben sich Einwohner eines Stadtviertels heftige Auseinandersetzungen mit der Polizei geliefert. Polizeiautos wurden mit Steinen, Feuerwerkskörpern und ausgerissenen Laternenpfählen beworfen. Mehrere Personen wurden festgenommen.

Den Haag - Schon am Donnerstagabend hatte es in dem Stadtviertel Auseinandersetzungen gegeben. Anlass war offenbar eine Fernsehsendung, in der die Wohngegend als eines der Problemviertel in den Niederlanden porträtiert worden war.
Mehrere Anwohner warfen nun am späten Freitagabend die Scheiben der Wohnung eines Mannes ein, der in dieser Sendung zugegeben hatte, Sex mit seiner Stieftochter gehabt zu haben. Darauf reagierten Mieter mehrerer städtischer Wohnung mit Gewalt. Ihnen waren wegen illegalen Hanf-Anbaus ihre Mietverträge gekündigt worden war. Sie beschwerten sich, dass sie schlimmer behandelt würden als Kinderschänder.
EU-Verfassung: Unterhaus und Senat in Rom stimmen zu

07.Apr.2005 Gesucht: Deutschlands beste Web-Angebote

07.Apr.2005 Papst und arabische Welt: "Hauptsache, man glaubt überhaupt"

07.Apr.2005 Nikotin-Effekt: Rauchen senkt die Fruchtbarkeit
Übersicht: Die größten Pilgerbewegungen der Weltreligionen

07.Apr.2005 Dokumentation: Das Testament Johannes Pauls II.

07.Apr.2005 Sony-Patent: Kinofilme sollen riechen und schmecken

07.Apr.2005 Abschied aus dem Vatikan: Papst-Diener muss die Koffer packen

07.Apr.2005 Trauerfeier: Peking erbost über Vatikanische Außenpolitik

07.Apr.2005 Tankstellen: Benzin steigt auf Rekordpreis

07.Apr.2005 Anthropologie: Das Gesicht unseres ältesten Vorfahren

07.Apr.2005 Pilger-Ansturm: Ausnahmezustand in Rom

07.Apr.2005 Space Shuttle "Discovery": Nasa räumt Unfallrisiko ein (

07.Apr.2005 Teures Öl: EU-Kommissar fordert Tempo 90 in Europa

07.Apr.2005 Knappes Öl: Saudi-Arabien will an der Kapazitätsgrenze fördern

07.Apr.2005 Mit sanftem Druck: Microsoft drängt Firmenkunden zum SP 2-Download

07.Apr.2005 Uni-Vermögen: Harvard verkauft heikle Aktien

07.Apr.2005 Uno-Reform: Entwicklungsländer stellen sich gegen Annan

07.Apr.2005 Fastfood-Kette: McDonald's zahlt Boni an tote Chefs

07.Apr.2005 Ehrgeizige Pläne: Japaner wollen zum Mond

07.Apr.2005 Britische Unterhauswahlen: Blair konkurriert mit Vater eines getöteten Soldaten

07.Apr.2005 Niederlande: Anwohner greifen Polizisten an (

08.Apr.2005 Grande Loja do Queijo Limiano: 11/01/2003 – 11/30/2003 ... it has never been the case that something has simply killed something else... Propaganda Duo (P2) de Liccio Gelli de que Berlusconni aliás foi membro,..

08.Apr.2005 PEN-L message, The Internet Anti-Fascist: Friday, 1 Dec 2000 - 4 ... .. By the time he was done, Smith had killed two people and wounded nine... who maintained close ties to the Vatican was the mysterious Liccio Gelli,

08.Apr.2005 REPORT ON CALVI AUTOPSY RETURNS SPOTLIGHT TO VATICAN BANK SCANDAL... Another curious thread of the tapestry involving the Vatican Bank was Liccio Gelli... but was killed elsewhere to become a prop in a staged suicide...

00.Jul.2004 Noseweek - Issue No. 58 - STATE OIL COMPANY IN BED WITH A WHORE.

We outline PetroSA's alliance with John Deuss, a man with a past.

VW CARAVELLE. The story just runs and runs.

10.Apr.2005 Executive Outcomes: Arming for the post-nation state era

Shackley supervised Dutchman John Deuss's oil smuggling to South Africa, which was supplied in large part from Oman.

Sitting on the board of Heritage Foundation ...

08.Apr.2005 Catalogue of the archive of the Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1956-98 ... John Deuss + oil exports to South Africa, 1985-90 Shelfmark: MSS AAM 1758 ... Robben Island hunger strike, 1990 Shelfmark: MSS AAM 2005 ...

08.Apr.2005 ARCHIVE MAY 22 ARCHIVE MAY 22, 2004 TO PRESENT. February 27, 2005. Click. Iran was offered nuclear parts 00.000.1987. Click. Did Blair sign up for Iraq war at Bush's ranch ...,22,04.htm

08.Apr.2005 What are we to believe? ... Reporting for Duty, Wesley Clark (Hackworth's sftt .org 09-22-03) ... enabling bin Laden to avoid US spy planes and satellites overhead" ...

08.Apr.2005 9/11 Investigation Bookmark File ... re satellites new and old & US aid against chechnya ... "FBIC: Fight Bad Faith Insurance Companies"; SFTT - Soldiers For The Truth ...

08.Apr.2005 Complete timeline of the 2003 Invasion of Iraq Complete Iraq ... satellite companies, instead of US spy satellites, to monitor Iraq's activities... https://www.sftt .org/article02202002b.html | The Washington Post,.. jsp?timeline=complete_timeline_of_the_2003_invasion_of_iraq

08.Apr.2005 ATTACK ON IRAQ REPORTEDLY BEGAN QUIETLY ON 3/13/03 ... military intelligence from Russian satellites and other Russian intelligence assets,.. "Soldiers For Truth" + is located at: https://www.sftt .org/...

08.Apr.2005 Captured by the One-Eyed Cyclops (I): Vest Report, March 22, 2002 ... DefenseWatch ( sftt .org), March 20, 2002. [2] Ilene R. Prusher,.. intelligence flowing out of satellites as well as the Global Hawk and Predator UAVs...

08.Apr.2005 Airborne Combat Engineer: Space ... Soldiers for the Truth ( SFTT ); AnyServiceMember; AUSA;; Amer... constellation of satellites to track moving targets on the ground [SBR]; ...

Airborne Combat Engineer: Intelligence ... Soldiers for the Truth ( SFTT ); AnyServiceMember; AUSA;; Amer... Echelon satellites are unable to penetrate fiber-optic communication ...

08.Apr.2005 - USA aktuell ... Der in die USA ausgewanderte Brite Niall Ferguson berichtet, um wieviel länger die Amerikaner arbeiten und betont dabei, dass die Wertschöpfung in ... php?name=News&file=article&sid=216

08.Apr.2005 Parlament - Parteien – Wahlen - v obliki HTML ... Ferguson, Niall. Politik ohne Macht :. das fatale Vertrauen in die. Wirtschaft... Eastern Europe and the origins. of the Second World War ...

08.Apr.2005 Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität ... Niall Ferguson/Robert Kagan: The United States Is + Should Be, an Empire... transatlantic slavery shared by Africa, Europe and the Americas alike,..

08.Apr.2005 widerst@nd! - MUND vom 10.10. 2002 ... contemporaine à la montée de l'extrême-droite en Europe, que l'Autriche vit ... Niall Ferguson : Die Geschichte der Rothschilds. Propheten des Geldes...


08.Apr.2005. "Es wurde abgefangen, nachdem wir verlässliche Geheimdiensthinweise erhalten hatten, dass eine Bombe an Bord sei", sagte ein Sprecher der italienischen Luftwaffe.

08.Apr.2005 Die Begräbnisfeierlichkeiten für den verstorbenen Papst waren von beispiellosen Sicherheitsvorkehrungen begleitet. Flugabwehr-Raketen wurden in Stellung gebracht, der Luftraum über der italienischen Hauptstadt gesperrt. Vor der Küste patrouillierte ein Kriegsschiff.
08.Apr.2005 Auf die Großaufnahme mit Bushs Gesicht reagierte die Menge vor dem Petersplatz mit Buhrufen und Pfiffen.

08.Apr.2005 Umstrittener TV-Auftritt: Pflüger wirft Vollmer antiamerikanische Verschwörungstheorien vor

08.Apr.2005 Papst-Totenmesse: Israels und Syriens Staatschefs reichen sich die Hand

08.Apr.2005 "LA Times": GM storniert Anzeigen wegen Negativ-Schlagzeilen

08.Apr.2005 Italien: Kampfjets fangen Flugzeug über Rom ab

08.Apr.2005 Kampf um Ethikunterricht: Ideologischer Glaubenskrieg in Berlin

08.Apr.2005 Klimawandel: Wo das Wasser steigen wird

08.Apr.2005 Dokumentation: Die Predigt von Kardinal Ratzinger

08.Apr.2005 Trauerfeier: Gläubige pfeifen Bush aus

08.Apr.2005 Saubermann: Schily will Graffiti-Sprayer mit Hubschraubern jagen

08.Apr.2005 Nordrhein-Westfalen: Jeder zweite Wähler noch unentschieden

08.Apr.2005 Debatte um Trauerbeflaggung: Aufstand der Laizisten

08.Apr.2005 News-Ticker: Kurzmeldungen aus Rom

08.Apr.2005 US-Armee auf dem Campus: "Rufen Sie hier bloß nicht noch mal an!"

08.Apr.2005 Hewlett-Packard: Interimschef bekam 58.000 $ pro Tag

08.Apr.2005 Norbert Schwarz leitet aus den Resultaten eine konkrete Forderung ab: "Wenn möglich, sollten Informationskampagnen sich auf das konzentrieren, was wahr ist - und es vermeiden, zu wiederholen, was falsch ist."

08.Apr.2005 Die jungen Versuchspersonen profitierten davon, eine Warnung mehrmals zu lesen:

Sie erklärten zuvor als "falsch" gelernte Informationen seltener fälschlicherweise für "richtig", wenn ihnen die Warnung in der ersten Phase des Experimentes mehrmals präsentiert worden war.

Bei den älteren Versuchspersonen zeigte sich nach drei Tagen der gegenteilige Effekt:

Je häufiger sie eine Warnung gehört hatten, desto eher schlugen sie sie später in den Wind. 40 % der zuvor mehrmals als "falsch" präsentierten Botschaften wurde von den Senioren in der Testphase als "richtig" eingestuft. Bei Warnungen, die sie nur einmal gehört hatten, machten die älteren Versuchspersonen diesen Fehler nur in 28 % der Fälle.
08.Apr.2005 Was aber vertraut klingt, das ist eine alte sozialpsychologische Erkenntnis, wird auch eher als wahr akzeptiert.

Diese "Wahrheitsillusion" machen sich Werbestrategen schon lang zunutze.

Sie ist mit verantwortlich dafür, dass die "Claim" genannte Qualitätsbehauptung einer Marke in so vielen Spots endlos wiederholt wird.

Obwohl gerade diese Methode Werbung oft schwer zu ertragen macht, funktioniert sie: Weil wir irgendwann vergessen, woher die Information stammt, sie aber als korrekt akzeptieren, weil sie uns so bekannt vorkommt.
08.Apr.2005 Aus Warnung wird schlimmstenfalls Werbung.
"Unsere Experimente zeigen unglücklicherweise, dass Warnungen, in denen falsche Behauptungen wiederholt werden, sich in unabsichtliche Empfehlungen verwandeln können", sagt Schwarz. Als Beispiel zitieren die Forscher eine fiktive Werbung für ein Kräuterelixier gegen Arthritis. Das Medikament hat sich als unwirksam erwiesen, potenzielle Kunden werden in einer Kampagne gewarnt, der Kräutertrank helfe gar nicht wie behauptet gegen Gelenkschmerzen. Was aber hängen bleibt ist, besonders bei älteren Menschen, etwas ganz anderes: Wenn die Verknüpfung "Hilfe gegen Gelenkschmerzen"-"Kräuterelixier" auch in den Warnungen wiederholt werde, setze sie sich im Kopf der Konsumenten fest - trotz des Zusatzes, dass sie nicht zutrifft.
Hängen bleibt eher die gute Nachricht
08.Apr.2005 Paradoxe Psychologie
 Aus Warnung wird Werbung
Warnungen vor irreführender Werbung können einen paradoxen Effekt haben: Wie Sozialpsychologen jetzt zeigten, kann der Warnhinweis ein Produkt sogar noch attraktiver erscheinen lassen. Besonders ältere Menschen sind in Gefahr, zum Opfer dieses Erinnerungsfehlers zu werden.

08.Apr.2005 Terrorgefahr: US-Behörden nehmen angebliche Attentäterinnen fest

08.Apr.2005 Uno-Reformpläne: Russland, China und die USA stellen sich gegen Annan

08.Apr.2005 Eklat in Frankreich: Streit um Trauerbeflaggung für den toten Papst

08.Apr.2005 11:39) Marburg-Erreger: Killervirus breitet sich in Angola weiter aus

08.Apr.2005 Paradoxe Psychologie: Aus Warnung wird Werbung

08.Apr.2005 News-Ticker: Kurzmeldungen aus Rom

08.Apr.2005 DSL-Preiskampf: Durchmarsch der Flatrate

08.Apr.2005 Krach am Riff: Junge Fische lieben Lärm

08.Apr.2005 Interview mit Tad Williams: Ganz und gar weltlich

08.Apr.2005 Uno-Reform: USA lassen Annan abblitzen


08.Apr.2005 Papst-Trauerfeier: Invasion der Staatsoberhäupter (

08.Apr.2005 Papst-Trauerfeier: Invasion der Staatsoberhäupter

08.Apr.2005 EU-Verfassung: Vollmer fordert neue Debatte über christlichen Bezug

08.Apr.2005 Papst-Beisetzung: Castro wirft Bush Heuchelei vor

08.Apr.2005 Vietnam-Krieg: Die Kinder der Operation Babylift
The Invisible Hand (of the USA Government) in Financial Markets: The USA government is manipulating all major USA financial markets—stocks, treasuries, currencies.

This article shows how it is possible + how it is done, why it is done, who specifically is doing it, when they do it + where they get the money to do it.

08.Apr.2005 Chicago International Documentary Festival HITLER'S HITPARADE Oliver Axer, Susanne Benze Country of production: Germany Year: 2003 Language: German Mins: 75 ...

08.Apr.2005 USA Forum View topic Ami Propaganda WWII. Speaking of propaganda, if you can, go see " Hitler's Hitparade ". We've seen it recently at an independent theatre + it was powerful in a very subtle ...

08.Apr.2005 Teen Girls Accused Of Planning Suicide Bombings In USA: The New York Times reported that the girls were arrested March 24 on immigration charges and remain in custody in Pennsylvania. One is from Bangladesh and the other is from Guinea

08.Apr.2005 Columbia University and the New Anti-Semitism : Rape, massacre, theft, torture, ethnic cleansing: these are not crimes which nations can defend with ease - especially when unearthed by their own historians. Israel recently faced this most troubling predicament.

Craig Murray, the doorstep diplomat: Former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, "I left the foreign office over the issue of MI6 allowing the use of intelligence obtained during torture. They take torture intelligence coming out of Uzbekistan and pass it on to the CIA."

UK: Galloway's party pledges honesty : The anti-war Respect coalition has launched its election campaign with a promise that its candidates will always be honest with voters.

08.Apr.2005 Bush won't raise thorny issues with PM Sharon in USA visit : United States President George Bush is expected to refrain from bringing up any issues on which he and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon are at odds when the two meet next Monday at Bush's Texas ranch

08.Apr.2005 Israel unveils ultra-modern weapons : Women soldiers will operate remote-control machine guns in conjunction with cameras and censors in a bid to stop infiltrators.

08.Apr.2005 Opt Out: As a student you have the right to request that your private information is not released to military recruiters and others. Complete this Opt-Out form and give it to your Principal or School Administrator.

08.Apr.2005 Blix says war motivated by oil: "They wanted to secure oil in case competition on the world market becomes too hard."

08.Apr.2005 Reject the Law of Silence By John Pilger
From the BBC's capitulation to the Israeli government, to the rush to eulogise a deeply reactionary Pope, pressure on the media is leading to insidious new state propaganda.

08.Apr.2005 blog. ilha das maçãs .. Something Wicked This Way Comes. Double, double toil and trouble Fire burn + cauldron bubble Double, double toil and trouble ...

08.Apr.2005 widerst@nd-MUND vom 19. Juli 2001 ... Demonstranten aus ganz Italien und dem übrigen Westeuropa Richtung Genua ... Staatspräsident Robert Mugabe bislang erworben, um das Land an landlose ...

08.Apr.2005 Wednesday, April 06, 2005 Vote Fraud study makes the big time! (He said facetiously) I am happy to announce that the all-important US Count Votes study - a scientific analysis proving that the exit poll/actual discontinuity indicates vote fraud - has received an additional mention in a "real" press organ.
By "real" I mean
Africa's They reprint the Akron Beacon story mentioned in an earlier post.
Wow! We're really making headway now! Good thing the media is so dang liberal... URL:
08.Apr.2005 One reader said that our elections have always been crooked; reference was made to the 1960 election. I'm sure most of you have read
Slate's take on that vote. URL:


11.Dez.2000 -taz vom- weltweit größten Erfolge bei der Reduzierung von CO2-Abgaben nachweisen können ... Sharifs lebenslange Haftstrafe sei im Interesse Pakistans aufgehoben ...

08.Apr.2005 Das Zürcher GrabMilevas - View as HTML ... Nicolas Tesla war ein bedeuten-. der + genialer serbo-amerikanischer Erfinder + Physiker. Der am 10.Jul.1856 im heutigen ...
Weather Modification: Another Asymmetric Terrorist Weapon All of this seemingly Star-Trek-like technology originated from a Serbian immigrant named Nicolas Tesla who came to the USA just at the end of ...

07.Apr.2005 Minuteman Liberty The FBI and government agents told us all that they were concerned about ... an individual formed a company and developed the ' PROMIS ' software package ...

07.Apr.2005 Intelligence Online's Back Issues ... graft an artificial intelligence capacity onto illegal copies of Promis software,.. a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) court action against the FBI ...

Intelligence Online's Back Issues ... The FBI continues to push for the legal imposition of built-in "backdoors" ... sold the World Bank the pirated and perhaps bugged PROMIS software (I. ( ...

07.Apr.2005 +++ Lost Arts Media Online • The PROMIS Software Scandal +++ A ... Affairs told FTW, "The FBI has discontinued use of the Promis software ... the FBI have been operating INSLAW's PROMIS software since the late 1980's,..

07.Apr.2005 From The Wilderness Publications Stories, Essays + News by Category ... PROMIS Software. Government Corruption/Complicity. Economy ... on systems in the FAA - and NORAD + the FBI + the White House + the Navy,..

00.Jul.2000 Intelligence Briefs -The knowledge that Enhanced Promis software was used in last month's ... FBI sources who are leading the investigation say that the area around the ...

00.Jul.2000 Intelligence Briefs - FBI agent" who reportedly was instrumental in introducing the Promis ... Using the Promis software, it would be possible for any terrorist group to have.

07.Apr.2005 William G. Martin, Privatizing Prisons from the USA to SA ... control of a private corporation, the Wackenhut Corporation headquartered in Miami ... or buying up state enterprises being sold fast and cheap—they ...

07.Apr.2005 Community Forum - Cheney + Iraq = Halliburton $$$$$$$$$ Community Forum for Maryland, Ocean City, Annapolis, Baltimore with a focus on ... firms: Wackenhut Services Inc. and Vance Federal Security Services ...

07.Apr.2005 Wackenhut Corporation, 12-CA-23294, JD(ATL)-44-04, Michael A ... 2004, alleges that the Respondent, the Wackenhut Corporation, violated Section 8(a)(1)(3) + ... See Bottom Line Enterprises, 302 NLRB 373, 374 (1991) ...

Wackenhut Corporation, 12-CA-23294, JD(ATL)-44-04, Michael A ... - HTML-Version ... complaint, as amended on March 5, 2004, alleges that the Respondent, the Wackenhut ... See Bottom Line Enterprises, 302 NLRB 373, 374 (1991) ...

07.Apr.2005 The Profits of African American Male Criminalization ... This has resulted in what Wackenhut's Patrick Cannan described as a ... an array of private enterprises locked in a parasitic embrace with the state ...

Dept of Public Works: Mr Radebe - Budget Debate 1999 ... geared to create opportunities for emerging business enterprises and contractors ... Sa Custodial Services Pty LTD has equity shareholders as Wackenhut ...

07.Apr.2005 Lest We Forget - A short history of internal military deployment:
1890, South Dakota, 300 Lakota Indians massacred at Wounded Knee
1894 Chicago IL, Breaking of rail strike, 34 killed
1898 Minnesota, Army battles Chippewa at Leech Lake
1901 Oklahoma, Army battles Creek Indian revolt
1914 Colorado, Breaking of miners' strike by Army
1932 Washington DC, Army stops WWI. vet bonus protest
1943 Detroit MI, Army puts down Black rebellion
1967 Detroit MI, Army battles Blacks, 43 killed
1968 United States, After King is shot; over 21,000 soldiers in cities
1970 Kent OH, National Guard fires on anti-war protesters, 4 killed
1992 Los Angeles CA, Army, Marines deployed against anti-police uprising
Respond to Friday, May 24, 2002]
22.May 2002 Give War A Chance
A passage from (Tom) Friedman's 1999 book "The Lexus and the Olive Tree" sums up his overarching global perspective: "The hidden hand of the market will never work without a hidden fist.

McDonald's cannot flourish without McDonnell Douglas, the designer of the U.S. Air Force F-15.

And the hidden fist that keeps the world safe for Silicon Valley's technologies to flourish is called the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps." full story [Respond to Wednesday, May 22, 2002]
CLACTON-ON-SEA Nacro Community Enterprises Ltd in CLACTON-ON-SEA ...
CLACTON-ON-SEA Nacro Community Enterprises Ltd in CLACTON-ON-SEA UK is on of
CLACTON-ON-SEA's Housing Associations & Trusts - these details are brought to ...

07.Apr.2005 BITC - A project in partnership with AF Blakemore & Son Ltd. & Nacro Nacro work with local people, practitioners + inter-agency partnerships to reduce crime levels, lessen the fear of crime + regenerate communities + ...

07.Apr.2005 xfxrxaxnxkxexnxdxexsxixgxnx ... Carter's statement, made Monday during a tour of Cuba's premier ... It is a history of wickedness, that has served to corrupt + brutalize mankind; ...

ENUF! ASHCROFT ORDERS LAW BOOKS DESTROYED ... 03.Aug.2004 Read these criminal activities at the highest levels..

07.Apr.2005’s webvergnügen » The Joy of eVoting ... Update Via Sean: This is not a conspiracy theory, it’s history in the making –

In suburban Columbus, OH, an oder eVoting machine,..

07.Apr.2005 Schon der Homo erectus baute vor 370.000 Jahren kleine Grashütten, mit Platz für vier bis acht Personen. Für Intimität war da kein Platz. URL:,1518,druck-349363,00.html
Um den permanenten Unfrieden zu stoppen und überhaupt im sozialen Verband leben zu können, glaubte auch Sigmund Freud, habe das aufrecht gehende Wesen das älteste Sittengesetz der Welt ersonnen: den Totemismus.
Dieses System sorgte zwar für Ruhe und Ordnung. Zugleich aber bürdete es dem Einzelnen einen horriblen Triebverzicht auf.
Aufgrund der neuen Entdeckungen ist ein alter Zwist wieder entfacht. Zwei Lager streiten um ein grundsätzliches Problem. Die Frage lautet: Lebten unsere Vorfahren locker und ungehemmt? Oder war in der Urwelt Askese angesagt? Soziobiologen unterstellen den frühen Hominiden promiske Wurzeln. Liebestoll seien sie durch die Flora gesprungen, einem genetischen Diktat überschießender Hormone folgend. Die "Tabuisten" dagegen nehmen an, dass bereits auf den Urmenschen ein strenges System aus Triebverzicht und Enthaltsamkeit lastete - kein Spaß im Neandertal.

Ebenso spektakulär wie die Erotikfigur aus Sachsen ist ein Fund vom Bodensee. Dort wurde ein Tempel entdeckt, aus dessen Wänden einst üppige Lehmbrüste herausquollen. Das von Archäologen in Ludwigshafen zutage geförderte "Kulthaus" ist fast 6000 Jahre alt.
Auch die Wanderausstellung "100.000 Jahre Sex", die derzeit durch die Republik tingelt, bemüht sich um eine neue Bestandsaufnahme. Gezeigt werden Reizwäsche aus der Bronzezeit, deftige Fresken aus Athen und Stoffkondome, die in Milch getaucht wurden.
Die Ratlosigkeit ist typisch. Wenn es ums diluviale Liebesleben geht, stockt der Fachwelt der Gedankenfluss. Allzu lang sei das Sozialverhalten der frühen Menschen "vernachlässigt" worden, klagt die Historikerin Angelika Dierichs aus Münster.
Wann schämte sich der erste Mensch? Wer erfand das Inzestverbot und die Einehe? Schliefen bei den Neandertalern Oma, Vater und Tochter alle gemeinsam in der Grashütte? Wer diese Fragen beantworten könnte, besäße einen Schlüssel, um das Tor ins Reich der Urzeit aufzustoßen.
Statt Lösungen tun sich überall Lücken auf: Nebel umhüllt die Bettstatt von Adam und Eva. Doch langsam kommt Bewegung in die Sexfront.
Bislang waren erst von den Griechen - gemalte - Geschlechtsaktdarstellungen bekannt. Die aber sind über 4000 Jahre später entstanden. Entsprechend groß ist nun die Verwirrung. Von "Spielzeug" ist die Rede. Vielleicht sei es "schick" gewesen, solche Skulpturen in den "Häusern der ersten Bauern zwischen Saale und Elbe aufzustellen", spekuliert das Fachblatt "Archäo". Die Forscher sprechen von "Fruchtbarkeitskult" - was ebenso schlicht wie schwammig klingt.
Rom: Bush eilt vom Flughafen direkt in den Petersdom

07.Apr.2005 Europa: Italien ratifiziert EU-Verfassung

07.Apr.2005 Berliner Al-Qaida-Prozess: Die zweite Niederlage der Terror-Jäger

07.Apr.2005 Afghanistan-Mission: US-Militär kritisiert deutsche Polizeiausbilder

07.Apr.2005 Reformen: Bundesregierung drückt aufs Tempo

07.Apr.2005 Junk-Food-Imagepflege: Wunderstoff gaukelt Zucker vor

07.Apr.2005 Westjordanland: Jüdische Siedler greifen Israels Soldaten an

07.Apr.2005 Streit um Planetenfoto: Historischer Riese oder Brauner Zwerg?

07.Apr.2005 Vatikan: Konklave zur Papstwahl beginnt am 18. April

07.Apr.2005 Zu wenig Pilger: Sonderflüge nach Rom gestrichen

07.Apr.2005 Papst-Euphorie bei der Jugend: Generation JP 2

07.Apr.2005 Unter Druck: Zum Sterben zu viel, zum Leben zu wenig?

07.Apr.2005 Vatikan: Verkehrschaos - Millionen pilgern nach Rom

07.Apr.2005 Großbritannien: "Daily Telegraph" ruft zu Blairs Abwahl auf

07.Apr.2005 Steinzeit-Sex: Triebstau im Neandertal

07.Apr.2005 America is usurping the democratic will in Iraq : To forestall a clerical-driven religious regime, Washington has a plan to arm small militias

07.Apr.2005 Florida to expand law on gun use : A law letting people in Florida kill in self-defence on the street without first trying to flee an attacker has been passed by Florida politicians.

07.Apr.2005 USA will demand passports from Canadians: In response to a new rule requiring most Canadians to carry passports for entry into the USA, Public Security Minister Anne McLellan

07.Apr.2005 Colombian calls for extradition of USA soldiers in drug arrests: USA soldiers being held in the United States for allegedly smuggling cocaine from Colombia should be extradited to the South American country to stand trial, a leading senator said Tuesday, pointing out that extradition should be "a two-way street."

07.Apr.2005 Reviving Cold War Reporting on Nicaragua: As the Bush administration carries out what the New York Times (4/5/05) describes as a "concerted effort" to block the return of the left-wing Sandinista party to power in Nicaragua, USA media are returning to the kind of distorted reporting on Nicaragua that characterized coverage during Washington's war against that country in the 1980s.

07.Apr.2005 India's international oil ties risk USA displeasure Latin America hasn't always figured highly on India's diplomatic agenda. But the recent visit to New Delhi by Hugo Chávez, the president of Venezuela - the first such trip by a Venezuelan leader - is seen as crucial for both countries.

07.Apr.2005 07.Apr.2005 Israel ignores US reproach over settlement expansion The planned expansion conflicts with international law that regards all settlements as illegal + also contradicts the US view that settlements should not be enlarged

07.Apr.2005 USA Refuses To Allow U.N Rep Investigate Possible Abuse and Torture at Guantanamo : Manfred Nowak met Monday afternoon with Pierre Prosper, the American ambassador-at-large for war crimes + said USA officials refused to guarantee him the right to speak to detainees in private an ``absolute precondition'' for such a visit.

07.Apr.2005 White House restricts information on CIA terror suspect detentions: report : The White House is maintaining extraordinary restrictions on information about the detention of high-level terror suspects by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), permitting only a small number of Congress members to be briefedon the issue

07.Apr.2005 Theodore E. Lang: Conflict of Command: The Destruction Of American Military Honor: “Duty, honor, country,” were once the moral standards for the American military. It is nothing short of both a rude, astonishing awakening, as well as a great sense of shame and humiliation, to witness how far both our military and this once great nation have fallen into such disgrace, disrepute and international condemnation and rebuke.

07.Apr.2005 Afghanistan likely to have permanent US military : Afghanistan's defence minister signalled Kabul was eager for “enduring arrangements” that could include permanent air bases or “pre-positioned” military equipment that would be used by rapidly deployed US forces in a crisis.

07.Apr.2005 The Bush Administration's Afghan Spring: Drugs, Bases + Jails : The power of the new, democratically elected government of Hamid Karzai extends only weakly beyond the outskirts of Kabul. Large swathes of Afghanistan are still ruled by warlords + drug lords +

armed militias dominate much of the country as they did

00.000.1989 -after the Soviet withdrawal.

07.Apr.2005 Bad News Bears Go Into Hibernation: The utter disregard the American media have shown this story is astonishing.

07.Apr.2005 Iraqi Girl Blog: Baghdad Burning: American Media... : Two years ago, the major part of the war in Iraq was all about bombarding us with smart bombs and high-tech missiles.

Now there’s a different sort of war- or perhaps it’s just another phase of the same war.

Now we’re being assailed with American media. It’s everywhere all at once.

07.Apr.2005 Half of Americans say Bush deliberately misled about Iraq: For the first time since the war in Iraq was launched in spring of 2003, more people than not, or half of all Americans, said the Bush administration deliberately misled the American public about alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, according to a USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll released on Wednesday.

07.Apr.2005 From Cruise Missiles to the Patriot Act
The Terrorism of War By Ron Jacobs
Our foreign policy has been decided by oil companies, Wall Street + the politicians who serve them, for too long. If the world is to survive, the US can no longer act as if the world is its real estate. It is essential that we put human needs before corporate desires.

06.Apr.2005 The Political Paradox of Finance Capitalism: Interests ... HTML-Version ... This led to an unraveling of the state’s meticulously crafted cross- ...
Transparenz und Publizität (Transparenz- und Publizitätsgesetz), v ...

06.Apr.2005 ... own guns into our faces and forcing us to take injections, imprisoning us,..

Warning: US Military's Slogan, "Be all you can be", now entails your body

06.Apr.2005 - 911 widow lawsuit against bush.txt Yet, according to NORAD's official timeline, NORAD was not contacted until ... Retired Army General Tommy Franks the former commander of the military's...

06.Apr.2005 ... - ????? HTML ... Bravia -Sociedade Luso-. Brasileira de Viatures ... a standstill, cars were stoned + people in the crowded streets rushed to escape salvos of rubber ...
Russian Defense Business Directory – M ... CONVERSION PROJECTS: Production of a new line of subway cars is planned,.. British Russian Aviation ( Bravia ) is a new joint venture firm created by ...

06.Apr.2005 UUnniivveerrssiittyy ooff PPrreettoorriiaa eettdd – VVaann Wwyyk ... included arm ored personnel carriers, arm ored cars, battle tanks, light ... made by Gervasithat a Portuguese firm, Bravia, had produced V -150 ...
Lilliths Realm - ATPC - NOTES and REFERENCES ... Bravia - Sodedade Luso-Brasileira & ITB in Portugal; DEFEX and Santa Barbara SA ... Panhard supplied 18 VBL Light Amphibious Scout Cars (JDW 18/12/96) ...

06.Apr.2005 SurfWax - News Articles On CNET Networks ... Dyson said she received a small ownership stake in ... Holdings for an undisclosed amount of cash and stock ... is crossing swords with Larry Ellison over PeopleSoft

06.Apr.2005 Political Animal: Comment on The Essence of Today's Conservatism? ... movements everywhere from France to the former Soviet Union to Africa ... The shareholders and employees of defense contractors, for example ...

06.Apr.2005 Die Reihe "Analyse von Reden" bei School-Scout Analyse von Reden. Die neue Reihe für Materialien zum Einsatz im ... 4345, Antrittsrede des amerikanischen Präsidenten George W. Bush am 27.02.2001 ...

06.Apr.2005 [CTRL] The British Eugenics Establishment Dateiformat: Unerkennbar – HTML-Version ... of importance in the Reagan administration was filled by Fabianist ... Vickers Hall,
top Fabianist in the US and the number one man at Heritage,..

06.Apr.2005 American Volunteers in the French Foreign Legion, 1914-1917 ... "A Fabianist ," and with that he gave me an account of the growth of Socialismin England, how it influenced the continents---the briefest kind of a ...

06.Apr.2005 Was die lebendige Welt im Innersten zusammenhält ... Die Menschenmenge wurde quasi dazu gebracht, eine La- Ola - Welle wie im Fußballstadion zu machen. Aus der Art der erzeugten Schwingungen konnte Stenger ...

06.Apr.2005 Astrophysiker finden die Welle La Ola auch auf der Sonne DIE WELT im Internet: Ihr Online-Informationsdienst.

06.Apr.2005 Pressemitteilung Nr. 138/2000 Erregbare Medien treten in mannigfacher Gestalt auf: Die "La Ola "- Welle im Fußball-Stadion oder die Ausbreitung von Waldbränden sind nur wenige ...

WG03-Euskirchen... die Wise Guys animierten zu einer La-Ola-Welle, die von den meisten...die Wise Guys machten zweimal die La-Ola-Welle + hatten beim 2. Mal

06.Apr.2005 La-Ola Welle verboten!! | Off-Topic & Smalltalk | AutoExtrem - Das ... Ab der Rückrunde darf in den deutschen Stadien keine La- Ola Welle mehr gestartet werden!! Vereine, deren Fans es trotzdem tun, werden mit harten ...,t-24116.htm

Innsbruck 2004 - Reisebericht S.3 ... aber das anwesende Jugendorchester lässt sich von dem enttäuschend-ausgezeichneten Auftritt nicht beirren + startet La-Ola-Welle nach La-Ola-Welle.

06.Apr.2005 Kickbase Forum - Reading Topic: Unglaublich ... (Frankfurt, dpa)Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation in Asien hat sich der Deutsche Fussball Bund entschlossen die La Ola Welle in den Stadien zu verbieten ...

06.Apr.2005 Die Zeit - Chancen : Lasst sie laufen! ... Eine La- Ola - Welle beispielsweise breitet sich mit zwölf Metern in der Sekunde ... Die lassen sich bei vorhersagbaren Ereignissen wie einer La- Ola - Welle ...

06.Apr.2005 Arbeitsblatt 2 Die Geschichte des Fußballs Wissen für "Fußball ...HTML-Version ... Bei der WM in Mexiko wird die La- Ola - Welle (7) erfunden ... (7) –e La- Ola - Welle :Die Zuschauer stehen Reihe für Reihe von ihren Plätzen auf und werfen ...

06.Apr.2005 brand eins Magazin – Inhalte ... Dass die Schwarmtheorie aber auch für Menschen gilt, zeigt die La- Ola - Welle ... Bei der La- Ola - Welle ist die Regel: Beobachte deinen Nachbarn ...

06.Apr.2005 Die Physik der La Ola: eben keine Bewegung der Massen Denn auch die La-Ola-Welle ist nichts weiter als eine Schwingung, die durch die Massen läuft.

"Ein sich wellenförmig verbreitender Ausdruck ...

Lernen im Schlaf durch La-Ola-ähnliche Nervenwellen ... "Wie Fußballfans, die ihre Hände während einer La-Ola-Welle gleichzeitig aufstrecken, reagieren Millionen von individuellen Hirnzellen gleichzeitig mit.
LA-OLA-WELLE ... einer La-Ola-Welle in Stadien mit mehr als 50.000 Zuschauern ... Um eine La-Ola-Welle auszulösen, bedarf es nur einer kritischen Masse,..

06.Apr.2005 Web   Ergebnisse 1 - 100 von ungefähr 16.300 für La Ola Welle. ( 0,35 Sekunden)  Meinten Sie: LaOla Welle  

TP: Mathematisches Modell der La-Ola-Welle ... mit der die Mechanismen der La- Ola - Welle in Fußballstadien erklärt werden ... Und im Gegensatz zur chemischen Reaktion schwappt die La- Ola - Welle nur in ...

06.Apr.2005 I. Die britische Deutschlandkonzeption und -politik 1918-1919 - View as HTML ... das "War Cabinet" - von nur fünf Mitgliedern sicherte Lloyd George in der ... Drittens forderte die Note "The reorganisation of Europe, guaranteed by a ...

06.Apr.2005 NucNews - September 14, 2000 ... Nigerian soldiers in the UN force had come under attack elsewhere overnight ... The taxes, combined with OPEC's rise in oil prices over the past year,..

NucNews - September 8, 2000 ... of Petroleum Exporting Countries ( OPEC ) to reduce high oil prices ... were delivered by Bono and Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo to UN ...

uncategorized threads in TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) ... Saudi Oil Official: OPEC Won't Increase Oil Production; Polly Smears TB 2000 Posters ... CitiGroup ( CitiBank ) Reports Record Income For 4Q, Year ...

06.Apr.2005 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, 1999 ... Financial fraud is mostly limited to Nigerian -type scams aimed at ... six mutual funds, five fund managers + 16 trust companies operating in Labuan ...

06.Apr.2005 International disorganisation ... a spokesman for Citibank said that foreign exchange now accounts for 20 to 25% of the ... The Nigerian shopkeeper is the future hope of his continent,..

06.Apr.2005 Submerging Markets™ - Recent Posts: 121503.Saddam's Demise - Do ... Naturally we trust the Bush Administration to share all his candid responses with us ... Lula Proposes Zero Famine Fund, Paid for by Global Tax on Arms,..

06.Apr.2005 After the Rain - How the West Lost the East - View as HTML ... Hence Russia's frequent clashes with OPEC (of which it is not a member) and ... Citibank placed $900 million of Sibneft's corporate debt in the past 5 ...

06.Apr.2005 Einen Preis in Höhe von 15.000 $ gab es im ersten "Current"-Videowettbewerb für drei Filmemacher, die einen satirischen Spot über Wahlkampfwerbung gedreht haben.

Die Produktionsmittel liegen in den Händen der Jugend
Die technischen Innovationen der letzten Jahre hätten die TV-Produktionsmittel in die Hände der Jugend gelegt, sagte Gore: "Aus der Fernsehkamera für 100.000 $ ist eine hochauflösende Kamera für 3.000 $ geworden, aus dem Schneidetisch für 250.000 $ ein Apple-Computerprogramm für 1.000 $." Ein fünfköpfiges Fernsehteam könne von einer Frau mit Ausrüstung in der Größe einer Handtasche ersetzt werden.
Gore: "Wir wollen diese Generation ermächtigen, in den demokratischen Dialog einzutreten und im dominanten Medium unserer Zeit zu erzählen, was sich in ihrem Leben abspielt."
Ein zentrales Element soll dabei sein, die Zuschauer von "Current" zur Herstellung eigener Videoproduktionen zu ermutigen. Dazu sollen auf der Webseite des Senders auch Hilfsmittel wie Schnittsoftware bereitstehen. Mehr als die Hälfte aller Programminhalte sollen schließlich von den Zuschauern selbst stammen. Daneben soll es aber auch herkömmliches Fernsehfutter zu sehen geben. Der "Current"-Programmdirektor David Neuman hat zuvor bei CNN und Walt Disney Television gearbeitet.
Er habe "die Initiative ergriffen, das Internet zu erschaffen", hat Al Gore, ehemaliger Vizepräsident der USA, einmal gesagt. Jahrelanger Spott von allen Seiten war damals die Folge, ein Senator behauptete in einer Retourkutsche gar scherzhaft, die Büroklammer erfunden zu haben. Jetzt hat Gore wieder die Initiative ergriffen - aber dabei, Amerikas Jugend vom PC zurück vor den Fernseher zu locken.
Erreicht werden soll dies, indem das Fernsehen zu einer Art Sparversion des weltweiten Netzes gemacht wird. Hier wie dort ist das Zauberwort Interaktivität. "Current" heißt der neue Fernsehkanal, der vor allem junge Zuschauer dadurch binden will, dass er auch ihre selbst gemachten Beiträge zeigt: Heimvideos. Daneben soll "Current" Nachrichten und Kulturelles senden.
Gore wird dem Aufsichtsgremium des neuen Kabelkanals vorstehen, der seine Zentrale in San Francisco haben wird. 70 Millionen $ hat er gemeinsam mit dem Vorstandschef Joel Hyatt von Investoren zusammengebracht, um damit von Vivendi den Kanal Newsworld International zu kaufen.
06.Apr.2005 SEC Eyeballs Siebel [The Motley Fool Take] November 14, 2003 ... we've been through this before: Without admitting guilt, Siebel paid a $250000 ... and represented Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election dispute) ...

06.Apr.2005 boosts float with cautious big boy wins – ... Broadcasters switch on to digital production. UK voters fear election fraud ... by Andy McCue. But still losing out to Siebel on major CRM rollouts ...,3800002402,39118700,00.htm

06.Apr.2005 Majority Report Radio: post show post – Friday ... Hell, if its up to me we catch em on election fraud and kick ALL the sons of ... IDX Systems Corp Lacerte Technologies Siebel Systems Vignette Corp ...

PRIVACYnotes Big Brother is Here ... sold to taxpayers by Siebel Systems [see news link in privacy news below] ... Building on the USA Patriot Act and Computer Fraud and Abuse act,..

06.Apr.2005 Software Development Online: Vote Early, Vote Often ... Will fraud follow us through the 2004 election, despite the promises made by electronic voting machine advocates? Questions of reliability—and ...

06.Apr.2005 Citizen Works - In settling the civil fraud suit, WorldCom admitted no wrongdoing ... The votes had hardly been counted from the November 5 election when Senator ...

06.Apr.2005 Software Engineering - Are/Were you a Siebel Software Engineer? ... We are interested in information about how many hours a week Siebel ... Maybe John Edwards thinks he is going to lose the election ...

06.Apr.2005 Sherman's Blog - Political & Social Commentary: 12/05/2004 - 12/11 ... Tech firms were surprisingly Blue (Sun, Cisco, HP and IBM), with Siebel,.. Election Fraud : Making the rounds, courtesy of Brad Friedman. Legs? ...

06.Apr.2005 US Together on ... the Help America Vote Act increases likelihood of election fraud,.. An FBI translator, Siebel Edmond said that many FBI documents revealed as early as ...

06.Apr.2005 Cover Pages: XML Articles and Papers October 2002 ... Siebel Systems Inc. and PeopleSoft Inc. with their own custom products ... and the Sputnik APs interact using the open-source Jabber IM protocol ...

06.Apr.2005 ISPCON: Faculty List ... where he is a voting member of the 802.11 Working Group + the IETF,.. Kathy is Director of Product Management at Sputnik, Inc. where she is ...

06.Apr.2005 DigiMedia persberichten ... partners van Siebel Systems in de Russische markt zijn onder andere Accenture,HP, IBM, Sun Microsystems, RBC Soft, Sputnik Labs en TechoServ A/S ...

06.Apr.2005 Hisbollah: Der Bremsklotz der libanesischen Revolte

(Politik, 08:45) Visa-Vergabe: BND warnt vor chinesischer Schleusermafia

06.Apr.2005 Irak: Bush nominiert Khalilzad als neuen US-Botschafter

06.Apr.2005 Letzte Ehre für den Papst: Immer mehr Pilger strömen nach Rom

06.Apr.2005 Las Vegas vs. Hollywood: Babylons zweite Traumfabrik

06.Apr.2005 Usbekistan: Auf der Suche nach dem Zauber

w – 1338.htm ... contrata cum authentico, incontratus seil, cum autographe col- latus.6) Das fällt nun schon in das humanistische Gebiet, auf ...
06.Apr.2005 • Unterkunft in Gastfamilien in Barcelona... Wenn Du Dich für den “authentico” Aufenthalt in Barcelona interessierst, hilft Dir die passende Gastfamilie zu finden ...
06.Apr.2005 PS]
EMOTION-BASED AGENTS Rodrigo Martins de Matos Ventura (Licenciado ... - Ver como texto ... RESUMO Resultados recentes da neurofisiologia t^em mostrado alguns aspectos inte-
A psychic + physical reaction (as anger or fear) subjectively ...

06.Apr.2005 - Wer profitiert von den Rekordständen beim Öl? ... US- Ölhändler halten mittlerweile Ölpreise von mehr als 50 $ je ... Citigroup findet die Deutsche Bank zu teuer Firmenmeldungen International [01.10.2004 ...

Zeitbombe für die Weltwirtschaft ... Hapag-Lloyd oder Chemie- und Pharmakonzern Bayer, ob Deutsche Lufthansa oder ... Weltmarkt, doch das spielt für die nervösen Ölhändler erfahrungsgemäß keine ...

06.Apr.2005 FTD - An den Finanzmärkten wächst der Pessimismus ... dürfte", sagte Gerd Haßel von der ING BHF- Bank ... wird zum Bremsklotz auch für die deutsche Konjunktur ... Aus der FTD vom 16.8.2004 Ölhändler und Ökonomen ...

06.Apr.2005 Mafia, Geheimdienste und Politik der USA ... Frey der faschistischen Deutsche National Zeitung an und beschuldigt Oswald,.. Die Rex wird von JA Belcher, Ölhändler aus Miami, an die Collins Radio ...

06.Apr.2005 Neue Rheinische Zeitung" - Montesquieu LVI ... In Wien hüteten die Arbeiter während ihrer Herrschaft die Bank, die Häuser und ... Ölhändler die durch Verrat der Revolution Exzellenzen und Ritter des ...

06.Apr.2005 Skandal: CIA vermutlich Drahtzieher der Anschläge vom 11 ... Ölhändler in Afghanistan USA ernennen Khalisad zum Sonderbeauftragten - Ein Mann ... der Federal Reserve Bank, die eine Vereinigung PRIVATER Banken ist,..

06.Apr.2005 KURIER.AT FORUM: Europäer kritisch gegenüber Wolfowitz ... brauchten die internationalen Ölhändler, die die Transaktion koordinierten,.. Durch die Wirtschaftskrise waren sehr viele Deutsche arbeitslos,..

KURIER.AT FORUM: Europäer kritisch gegenüber Wolfowitz ... Die globale Bedeutung der Bank schlägt sich in ihrem Intranet nieder, das als Host für ... brauchten die internationalen Ölhändler, die die Transaktion ...
Umweltbank | Wochenrückblick ... Ölhändler rechnen Agenturmeldungen zufolge mit sinkenden Ölpreisen für den ... Nach Überzeugung der Schweizer Bank Sarasin werden Erneuerbare Energien .

06.Apr.2005 Spekulanten flüchten vom Markt ... Die Ölanalystin der Bank Societe Generale, Deborah White,.. Auch deutsche Ölhändler rechnen nichtmehr mit deutlich anziehenden Ölpreisen,..

06.Apr.2005 Yukos-Auktion wird immer dubioser ... In einem Strategiepapier hatte die Deutsche Bank Gazprom geraten,.. und der Petersburger Ölhändler Gennadij Timtschenko die Schlüsselspieler sein ...

06.Apr.2005 StockSelect-Börsenboard - Weltmacht USA: Vor dem Abgrund? ... Kopf habe): Wir sind doch alle mittlerweile zu Ölhändlern degradiert, die Aktienhändler, die Devisenhändler, die Bondmarktspezialisten – alles Ölhändler ...

06.Apr.2005 - Infos zu Gold & Silber, sowie deren ... 21.03.05, Deutsche Bank sieht Potenzial bei Rohstoffen, ... Bei Bonuszahlungen sahnen vor allem Ölhändler und Fusionsexperten ab ...

06.Apr.2005 Jan van Helsing: Geheimgesellschaften, Teil 2 ... Im September 1993 war es ihm gelungen, die Bank of England in die Knie zu ... Dazu sollen der wenig bekannte Metall- und Ölhändler Marc Rich und der ...

06.Apr.2005 Stock-World - die Performance zählt ... Investment-Idee der W., Deutsche Bank (05.03.31), Experten ... Größere Ölhändler können aufgrund ihrer Kreditlinie nichtmehr die Mengen an Öl bewegen ...

Stock-World - die Performance zählt... Ölpreis-Entwicklung bleibt für deutsche Aktien bestimmend ... sieht die ING-BHF- Bank den deutschen Aktienindex schon innerhalb von vier Wochen wieder ...

COMPUTERWOCHE ONLINE: Business Process Outsourcing ... oder die Deutsche - Bank -Tochter ETB (European Transaction Bank ),.. haben Pleiten der jüngeren Vergangenheit gezeigt: Der Ölhändler Enron hatte etwa ...

06.Apr.2005 Faschismus und Nationalsozialismus ... "Das Dritte Reich wird ein Bauernreich sein oder es wird vergehen wie ... Zum einem schützte es die Bauern vor Zwangsversteigerungen und Verschuldung.

06.Apr.2005 Narco News: Investigation Derailed ... a former Customs inspector named John Carman + several other federal ... gamma-ray imaging devices at border crossings to scan incoming railcars.

06.Apr.2005 Elections | Democracy for Colorado ... We have 2 years to build a stronger base for the next big election ... MSNBC daytime anchor: "[Y]ou're asking me if a CAT scan was done? ...
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TP: 50 Jahre Brain Warfare ... The CIA program, known principally by the codename MKULTRA,.. Richard Cheney und Donald Rumsfeld beteiligt, so das Fazit des Autorenduos Koch/Wech ...

Musik, Magie und Medizin - Schallwaffen I ... und Donald Rumsfeld beteiligt, so das Fazit des Autorenduos Koch/Wech." ... Nach den Tierversuchen ( MKULTRA Unterprojekte 142 und 94) flog "im Juli 1968 ...

The land of the free - gibt sich die Ehre : Politikforum - Forum ... The CIA program, known principally by the codename MKULTRA,.. Richard Cheney und Donald Rumsfeld beteiligt, so das Fazit des Autorenduos Koch/Wech/B ...

politikforum - Thema: The land of the free - gibt sich die Ehre ... 1975 auch der junge Richard Cheney und Donald Rumsfeld beteiligt, so ... Die meisten MKULTRA -Dokumentationen wurden jedoch rechtswidrig von CIA-Direktor Richard ...

Elektrosmog, Echelon ... MKULTRA, MK-ULTRA - Forschungsprojekt zur Fernsteuerung und Manipulation der ... August 2002, 22 Uhr. Donald Rumsfeld und Richard Cheiny scheinen damit ...

Fafnirs unglaubliche Welt des lügens und betrügens ... 00.000.1953-00.000.1964 bestand das MKULTRA - Programm aus 149 Projekten,.. von immenser Bedeutung sind, namentlich Donald Rumsfeld + Richard Cheney ...

allMystery • Auf was wollen die Russen hinaus...? Direkt zum letzten Beitrag auf der letzten Seite ( mkultra ) ... nur eine marionette ist, denn die wahren schurken sind leute wie donald rumsfeld ...

allMystery • Politik & Religion ... von Goblin_Hood Direkt zum letzten Beitrag springen. Politik/Religion: Rumsfeld hat sich "versprochen" - 11. September ... von Mkultra, Seite: 1 2 ...

widerst@ndMUND Januar 2001 ... -Secretary of Defense, Donald H. Rumsfeld was Secretary of Defense under President Ford. Rumsfeld like Powell, Cheney, Rice + numerous other Bush ...

220403antiwarblogg.html ... Allen Allen Dulles approves MKDELTA & MKULTRA ... wollen eine einstweilige Verfügung gegen Bush + Verteidigungsminister Donald Rumsfeld, die diese ...

20041108 In the 1970s, a small flood of documents on Project MKULTRA proved the point. 5. October Surprise ... The Sharon- Rumsfeld Plan: Going after Hezbollah ...

Shithappens offbeat Fun news Film, Video, Geeks, robot ... examines the historical context of the interrogation manual, the MKULTRA connection + ... 2004.03.24, 21:09. Die Poesie des Donald Rumsfeld Im vergangenen Jahr ...

Shithappens offbeat Fun news Film, Video, Geeks, robot... report examines the historical context of the interrogation manual, the MKULTRA connection, + ... 2004.05.13 A happy Herr von Rumsfeld after receiving his ... | "Ziviler" Irak-Einsatz der Bundeswehr ? ... ihre Überforderung bei Polizeiaufgaben und forderten gar den Rücktritt von Rumsfeld ... Folterungen an Kindern im Rahmen des Projektes MKULTRA durch (links ...

NOCHMALIGER HINWEIS ZU DIESEM CvA-FORUM! ... Ex-Berater von B.Dole Rumsfeld ) packte aus: die Bush-Clique ordnete den 11.Sep.2001 ... RE: Das Projekt MKULTRA .– CIA - haben sie nichts anderes im Kopf? ...

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friendly printed version:Kill the Boeing Tanker Deal ... Darlene Druyun, the Air Force’s principal deputy assistant secretary for acquisition + management, is reported to have fed Boeing cost information ...

06.Apr.2005 Perceptions and Reality Two Strategic Intelligence Mistakes in Korea ... North and the activities of Communist guerrillas operating in the South ... created an atmosphere in which the anti - Communist fervor and accusations of ...

06.Apr.2005 AFL-CIO’s Dark Past: (3) ... They made a perfect team, with Jay plotting the anti - communist labor ... said that action had to be taken to thwart the communist guerrillas who were on..

US Labor Secretly Intervened in Europe, Funded to Fight Pro ... - HTML-Version ... anti - communist contacts within the WFTU to sharpen divisions over the ... that action had to be taken to thwart the communist guerrillas who were on the ...

06.Apr.2005 Westjordanland: Bush fordert von Israel Ende des Siedlungsausbaus

06.Apr.2005 Avslørte mafiaforbilder - Dagbladet ... Jeffrey Sharlet, som kom seg innenfor det mektige nettverket Kjell Magne ... Blant annet dokumenterer han hvordan lederen, Doug Coe, bruker mafiaen og ... 3 Apr 2005

Dagbladet - Innenriks – Arkiv ... Doug Coe, da han skulle sikre seg plass på Stortinget i 1997 ... Jeffrey Sharlet, som kom seg innenfor det mektige nettverket Kjell Magne Bondevik er ...

06.Apr.2005 Prairie Weather: Lest we forget ... The author, Jeffrey Sharlet is a co-founder of Killing the Buddha,.. At the 1990 National Prayer Breakfast, George HW Bush praised Doug Coe for what

06.Apr.2005 Project Gutenberg's The Religion of the Ancient Celts, by JA ... like Epona, perhaps a river-goddess merged with an animal divinity,.. + it may have been a magical invocation of the powers of nature at the ...

06.Apr.2005 Manifest der kommunistischen Partei ... wurden die alten Religionen von der christlichen Religion besiegt ... die schreienden Mißverhältnisse in der Verteilung des Reichtums,..

06.Apr.2005 Mobile Robotics Lab : Past Events 2002 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) Dr. José Azinheira Dep. of Mechanical Engineering, IST, Lisbon. · 06/03/02, Internal lecture, event type A

VISION BASED STATION KEEPING AND DOCKING FOR FLOATING VEHICLES ... Recently, research on the utilization of unmanned aerial. vehicles has grown with an increasing interest on robotic. airships, also known as blimps or ...
What Does ... Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Programs: Iraq denies any connection between UAV programs and chemical or biological agent dispersal ...
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and Explosivos Alaveses (EXPAL), ,.. ( 0.11 seconds) 

06.Apr.2005 New laser guided penetrator bomb for Spanish Hornets Raytheon Company + Explosivos Alaveses ( EXPAL ), SA, of Spain have introduced the BPG-2000 Laser Guided Penetrator Weapon following completion of a...

INFORME: "Industria Aerospacial 2000" ... -Thales Raytheon Systems Company : es un grupo de empresas entre las que está ... Grupo EXPAL : Explosivos de Burgos (EDB), Fabricaciones Extremeñas, SA ...

I -Thales Raytheon Systems Company : es un grupo de empresas entre las que está ... Explosivos Alaveses, SA ( EXPAL ). Facturación total del grupo en 1998:

06.Apr.2005 jiw - Company Index EXPAL SA. EXPAL. Explosivos Alaveses SAA ( EXPAL ) ... Raytheon Communications Systems. Raytheon Systems Company. Redick Arms Development ...

jiw - Section Index GmbH; EUROINVEST; Eurometaal NV; Euromissile; Explosivos Alaveses SAA ( EXPAL );A/S; Raytheon Communications Systems; Raytheon Systems Company; Redick Arms

06.Apr.2005 AMDG Fall Winter (Read-Only) - View as HTML The Diocese of Arlington, Va ., is infected by a. network of homosexual priests,.. + Father Steve Leva who were best friends + the ...

06.Apr.2005 Cannabis Culture Forums: Upcoming show: Mind Control Drug History ... 1946-1947 - Nuremburg Germany The ... After an Allied tribunal had convicted the first echelon of surviving ...

MKULTRA - encyclopedia article about MKULTRA. Free access, no ... surrogates are typically states that are "satellites" of the conflicting nations, ie, nations allied to them or ... Ironically, Cameron was member of the Nuremburg ...

06.Apr.2005 Cannabis Culture Forums: Upcoming show: Mind Control Drug History ... ME4182/1999Q2/Webs/ProjectPaperClip/paperclipteam.jpg 1946-47 - Nuremburg Germany The ... After an Allied tribunal had convicted the first echelon of surviving ...

MKULTRA - encyclopedia article about MKULTRA. Free access, no ... surrogates are typically states that are "satellites" of the conflicting nations, ie, nations allied to them or ... Ironically, Cameron was member of the Nuremburg ...

06.Apr.2005 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS IN SOUTH ASIA DIRECTORY OF INSTITUTIONS - View as HTML ... I felt the need for a directory compiling basic information on South Asian
... Four Years; Sohrab Ali, Mohammad, Zahir, M. & Hasan, KM, Legal aspects of ...

06.Apr.2005 Death Squad links. Drug war and more. Worldwide. Mostly US-run or ... Dates below are sometimes indicated only by the month and year numbers. ...'We came to power on a CIA train,' admitted Ali Saleh Sa'adi,..

06.Apr.2005 26 Mafia Cities - St. Louis, MO ... with a Hogan Gang lawyer Jacob H. Mackler and provided an airtight alibi ... charged with the wounding of Charles John Michaels; Robert M. Carbaugh,

06.Apr.2005 Council for National Policy (CNP) - H - Member Biographies ... were Senator Jesse Helms' (R-NC) aide-at-large John Carbaugh, Mario Sandoval,.. Sam Crutchfield, a lawyer for Helms, has been the lawyer for Pearson's ...

06.Apr.2005 Drug War: SETCO ... So says an influential coalition of lawyers, doctors and church leaders in ... Also attending the 00.Sep.1980 CIA/CAL celebration was John Carbaugh,..

06.Apr.2005 Pakistani nuke scientist A Q Khan met Osama: Report : scientists Abdul Qadeer Khan and Sultan Bashiruddin Mehmood had held meetings with Osama bin Laden + other Al-Qaeda leaders, exchanged letters with militant organisations like the Lashkar-e-Toiba and attended their gatherings + rallies, a media report said.

06.Apr.2005 Pentagon Chief Escalates Threats against Venezuela : The orchestration of propaganda campaigns over arms deals to justify US military aggression is an old game in Washington

06.Apr.2005 Venezuela's Media Minister Andres Izarra replies to the Washington Post: Who stated in an article published March 28 that in Venezuela, journalists are persecuted + the press is censored.

06.Apr.2005 USA: Rights abusers do not belong on U.N. human rights panel USA delegates to the UN Commission on Human Rights say that body's country membership must be reformed to prevent those who abuse human rights from using their positions on the committee to prevent criticism of their records

02.Apr.2005 Many killed in Yemen fighting Yemeni army tanks and helicopters have pounded Shia strongholds in the north, killing at least 36 people, officials and fighters' sources have said.

06.Apr.2005 Robert Fisk: US forces, are prisoners in their own fortresses: Sitting in Saddam Hussein's palace they can stare over the parapets but that is as much as most will ever see of Iraq

06.Apr.2005 US relied on 'drunken liar' to justify war An alcoholic cousin of an aide to Ahmed Chalabi has emerged as the key source in the US rationale for going to war in Iraq. According to a US presidential commission looking into pre-war intelligence failures

06.Apr.2005 Fury at 'shoot for fun' memo : One of the biggest private security firms in Iraq has created outrage after a memo to staff claimed it is 'fun' to shoot people.

06.Apr.2005 USA Forces May Have Beaten Iraqi General Previously secret court testimony indicates an Iraqi general imprisoned by USA forces was badly bruised and may have been severely beaten two days before he died of suffocation during interrogation.

06.Apr.2005 Green light for Iraqi prison abuse came right from the top : Classified documents show the former US military chief in Iraq personally sanctioned measures banned by the Geneva Conventions.

06.Apr.2005 If You Build It, They Will Kill: USA Military Weaponry of the Near Future

06.Apr.2005 Canadian Intelligence Agencies on a rampage of arrest and torture: Time, logic and history will question the framework of the “War on Terror” as a racist doctrine and unilateral plan of action aimed exclusively at terrorizing Muslim people.

06.Apr.2005 Fiery priest and USA critic says he'd consider seeking Haiti's presidency : Supporters call him Haiti's Martin Luther King Jr., a fiery Roman Catholic priest who electrifies the masses with populist sermons urging social equality and nonviolent protest.

06.Apr.2005 06.Apr.2005 USA threatens Bolivia in effort to secure criminal court immunity : That effort, which includes a threat to withhold financial aid and access to free trade, seems to be backfiring.

06.Apr.2005 5 American soldiers accused of smuggling cocaine in Colombia : Five U.S army soldiers are under investigation for allegedly trying to smuggle about 15 kilograms of cocaine out of Colombia aboard a USA military aircraft, American officials said Thursday.

06.Apr.2005 Israel to dump 10,000 tons of garbage a month in the West Bank: The project was launched despite international treaties prohibiting an occupying state from making use of occupied territory unless it benefits the local population.

Poll: Most Jewish Israelis favor emigration of Israeli Arabs: A majority of Jewish Israelis believe that the state should encourage Israeli Arabs to emigrate

06.Apr.2005 Maureen Dowd: The latest intelligence study - 601 empty pages : It is absurd to have yet another investigation into the chuckleheaded assessments on Saddam's phantom weapons of mass destruction that intentionally skirts how the $40 billion-a-year intelligence was molded + manufactured to fit the ideological schemes of those running the White House + Pentagon.

US envoy says pope considered Iraq war 'defeat for humanity': The former US envoy to the Vatican, Jim Nicholson, recalled Pope John Paul II's vocal opposition to the US-led invasion of Iraq on the grounds that war represented a "defeat for humanity."

UK: This edgy volatility will usher in a three-party era : Iraq has dismayed voters + two-party politics disgusts them

06.Apr.2005 Three USA soldiers charged with murder: Army prosecutors claim Mowhoush was put headfirst into a sleeping bag, wrapped with electrical cord and knocked down before the soldiers sat and stood on him, prosecutors said. The cause of death was determined to be suffocation.

04.Apr.2005 : Corporate Assassin: George W. Bush is a murderer + a prolific one at that.

06.Apr.2005 Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons :  It’s terrible to watch some of the videos and realise that you’re not only seeing torture in action but, in the most extreme cases, you are witnessing young men dying.

06.Apr.2005 Uzbekistan - Torture Trail : Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray, says he repeatedly warned the British Government that Uzbekistan was systematically torturing suspected Islamic militants to obtain intelligence.

06.Apr.2005 Australia: Death in custody autopsy finds signs of torture : A second autopsy conducted on Mr Scott's body at the weekend found lesions that were consistent with torture procedures, like being kicked in the genital region, with a facial blow and strangulation.

06.Apr.2005 Canada's Corruption Scandal Breaks Wide Open : Extracts of testimony given in secret by Jean Brault revealed a massive pattern of corruption going to the highest levels of the Liberal party and government. Brault testified to hundreds of thousands of $s of bogus transactions designed to benefit the Liberal Party of Canada over a period from 1994-2002.

06.Apr.2005 Japan orders changes to school text books: In its latest screening of junior high school text books, the Ministry has ordered publishers not to state that weapons of mass destruction were not found in Iraq.

06.Apr.2005 Cartels cloud country's commerce : The Philippines is a tragic basket case of a country that for all its raw materials, abundant skills among its far flung peoples, is so riddled with a corrupt political elite - a legacy of its four hundred plus years of being browbeaten by colonial masters - first the Spanish, then the USA

06.Apr.2005 Former Ecuadoran president ends his exile: He returned home after spending eight years in exile in Panama, telling thousands of rallying supporters he plans to lead a "revolution of the poor" modeled around that of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

06.Apr.2005 Wanted Chávez foes flee to South Florida : South Florida is quietly emerging as a sanctuary for foes of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. USA officials said their presence hasn't become a policy issue - yet.

06.Apr.2005 Gangstas R US! So Sayeth The Judge! : Isn’t it obvious that our government uses force in exactly the same manner as organized crime?

06.Apr.2005 The End Of Cheap Oil : It's inevitable. But just how soon will the vital fuel become so scarce and expensive that we're forced to make hard choices about how we live?

06.Apr.2005 FBI monitored British activists : Agents tapped the phones and read emails of animal rights campaigners

06.Apr.2005 In case you missed it: A Conservative Total for USA Aid to Israel: $91 Billion—and Counting. The common figure given for USA aid to Israel is $3 billion per year—$1.2 billion in economic aid and $1.8 billion in military aid. As impressive as this figure is, however, since it represents about one-sixth of total USA foreign aid, the true figure is even more remarkable.

06.Apr.2005 Israel's Next War?: They do not believe in peace talks. They do not want to share the land. They are well armed and are carrying out increasingly violent attacks, even targeting innocent civilians. They are members of Israel's militant far right + they are threatening to become Israel's next big problem.

06.Apr.2005 Chechen leader orders own death : CHECHEN rebel leader Aslan Maskhadov ordered his bodyguards to kill him to avoid being captured by Russian forces.

06.Apr.2005 Moscow rejects reports of nuclear-armed Chechens : Moscow doesn’t believe Chechen gunmen have a nuclear device and may use it in a terrorist attack, Russia’s foreign ministry said on Tuesday. It was responding to allegations by Boris Berezovsky, Russian billionaire living in a self-imposed exile in Britain, that Chechen gunmen have nuclear weapons.

06.Apr.2005 Centrist Democrats warn liberals : "I can't tell the difference between the positions the DLC puts forward and Republican policy," said Jack Blum, counsel for the liberal Americans for Democratic Action.

06.Apr.2005 Pentagon: Muslim Society Does Not Seek USA "Freedom" : A USA Defense Department study has determined that Muslims in the Middle East do not yearn for USA liberation.

06.Apr.2005 Probe suggests CIA role in Iraqi deaths : CIA interrogations may have played a role in the deaths of several detainees in Iraq, as Bush administration lawyers were advocating an aggressive interrogation policy that critics say led to torture, military documents and officials say.

06.Apr.2005 UN Torture Envoy Confident of Visit to Guantanamo : Some nine months after the request was made, Austrian law professor Manfred Nowak said there were signs the USA would agree to let him and other U.N. human rights envoys travel to the naval base in Cuba.

06.Apr.2005 Bob Herbert: Is no one in administration accountable? : The Bush administration is desperately trying to keep the full story from emerging. But there is no longer any doubt that prisoners seized by the United States in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere have been killed, tortured, sexually humiliated and otherwise grotesquely abused.

06.Apr.2005 Crushing defeat for Italy's Berlusconi : Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has suffered a crushing defeat at Italian regional elections, official results have shown, a huge boost for centre-left leader Romano Prodi's hopes of unseating him next year.

06.Apr.2005 Blair calls election as Tories narrow the gap: Tony Blair has confirmed the worst-kept secret in politics - that an election will be held on May 5 - as opinion polls suggested a closer contest than any since 1992.01temp

FBI seeks expanded search powers: Justice Dept. also wants expiring Patriot Act provisions renewed

06.Apr.2005 Yushchenko says previous Ukraine regime sold missiles to Iran, China : Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said in an interview late Thursday that nuclear-capable cruise missiles were sold illegally to Iran and China under Kiev's previous regime.

06.Apr.2005 Ted Rall: Who Lost Central Asia? USA Again Sides with Dictatorship over Democracy

06.Apr.2005 What kind of revolution is this? Was it people power? Was it a coup? Or was it just the toppling of a clan?

With the same lightning speed with which it materialized, the 24.Mar. revolutionary object called the Tulip Revolution has disappeared like a comet in the geopolitical cosmos.

06.Apr.2005 Support grows for beefing up USA forces The war-strained all-volunteer USA military has a growing manpower problem and a cross-section of Washington policymakers has proposed a solution - increase the size of the regular military by 30,000, 40,000 or even 100, 000 or more.

06.Apr.2005 Overview: The Great Energy War
US & Allies Neutralized, WWIII. Ends by John Stanton
By the 1990’s, securing energy resources and limiting the growth of the economies of China, India, Russia, Brazil and Venezuela became paramount.

Even with the US colonization of Iraq in 2005, there was not enough oil & gas to satisfy both US needs and those of the high growth nations. The historical record shows that the resource domination was the real goal of the disingenuous US War on Terror.

And with the US removing itself from international diplomacy and treaty + refusing to share the wealth, world war was just a step away. Continue

06.Apr.2005 Venezuela at the Crossroads of the New Humanity Century
Humanity is at a junction, where it can either choose a more sane and sustainable future for all, or it can choose the path of annihilating other nations in order to steal their resources until there are no resources left.
By Vladimir Bravo-Salazar
The quest is to achieve a solidarity-based, non-violent society, a real and participative democracy, health care for all, free access to education and quality of life for all its members.

This stands in contrast to the neo-liberal alternative, which reduces the individual to an island with no sense of the common good and only concern for the self. Continue.

06.Apr.2005 Exclusive:  Iraqi Mujahideen Claim To Have Killed CIA Shadow Director in Iraq
The following video and text is purported to be from the Iraqi Resistance

06.Apr.2005 Bernays, Edward L. impact -public relations in America USA ...into a nation of consumer slaves? How has television given

06.Apr.2005 More relevant pages from

06.Apr.2005 Once again, we see use of a bold tactic: The use of a foreign spy shop as a go-between, in order to legitimize + circulate bogus (but ideologically useful) data within the USA intelligence community.

A similar history beset the yellowcake scandal and the infamous "sixteen words."
If there is a label for this technique within spy argot, I don't know it. But if the tactic does not yet have a name, I'd like to suggest one: "Curveballing." URL:
06.Apr.2005 Justin Raimondo has parsed some of the reports coming out of the intelligence committees that looked into this strange affair.

Although I don't agree with all of Raimondo's views, I do think he is correct in linking the Curveball imbroglio with Douglas Feith's Office of Special Plans, a neo-con unit within the Department of Defense.

The OSP had a bad habit (among its many other sins) of channeling "massaged" data through the USA intelligence community and "stovepiping" said data directly into the White House.

Moreover, the OSP worked so closely with Mossad that one cannot always easily distinguish between the two agencies.
Whoever gave Curveball the map to the BND's door was probably the one who came up with that ever-so-cute nickname. URL:
As the Los Angeles Times (which has done fine work on this story) + other media voices have reported, the Germans tried to warn American intelligence that CB was an alcoholic + unreliable.

01.Apr.2005 From an [ ]LAT story:
Before Powell's presentation, the CIA pressed for permission to speak directly with Curveball.

The head of one of the agency's divisions arranged a lunch with a German intelligence official.
The German official discouraged the idea, saying, "You don't want to see him because he's crazy," according to the commission report.

The German went on to suggest that Curveball had suffered a nervous breakdown, that speaking with him would be "a waste of time," and that he might be a "fabricator." URL:
06.Apr.2005 Yet if you go to Google news right now and type in the words "US Count Votes" - what pops up? About five stories.

The top-most one is my own post, as relayed via Bellacio. (Some of the responses over there are amusing.) Google also directs you to Brad Friedman's fine work.
But as for mainstream news reportage - forget it. The Akron Beacon Journal remains the only paper in the country to cover this issue. URL:
Why does the very idea of vote fraud make so many people - even Kerry supporters - feel so uncomfortable? Perhaps because the ramifications are too frightening.

If our democracy is a sham, the ghosts of our forefathers urge us to take action. But who wants to do that ? As one British respondent put it:
So what are you going to do? Live with it. You can't do otherwise. You don't have half the character that other countries have when their elections go bad.
Grab your remote, a bag of fat snacks, a case of beer or some drug laced diet pop + a cryin' towel and watch the soaps like all Americans do.

Get back to real livin'. And so we become a nation of Hamlets, convinced that the times demand rebellion but unwilling to play the rebel.
Just for the record, here are some contributors to the study in question:
Josh Mitteldorf, PhD - Temple University Statistics Department
Steven F. Freeman, PhD - Center for Organizational Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania
Brian Joiner, PhD - Prof. of Statistics (ret) University of Wisconsin
Frank Stenger, PhD - Professor, School of Computing, University of Utah
Richard G. Sheehan, PhD -Professor, Department of Finance, University of Notre Dame
Paul F. Velleman, PhD - Associate Prof., Department of Statistical Sciences, Cornell University
Victoria Lovegren, PhD - Department of Mathematics, Case Western Reserve University
Campbell B. Read, PhD - Prof. Emeritus, Department of Statistical Science, Southern Methodist University
Jonathan Simon, J.D., National Ballot Integrity Project
Ron Paul Baiman, PhD. Institute of Government and Public Affairs, University of Illinois at Chicago
Not enough PhDs for you? Apparently, the New York Times considers the brainpower behind this report insufficiently hefty.
What the hell can we do to make sure more people read the work of these scientists? Not to mention the previous studies indicating that vote fraud is no mere theory? URL:
06.Apr.2005 When talk turns to the exit poll discrepancy, many still parrot the "chatty Dem" theory, which holds that NEP pollsters received greater feedback from Kerry supporters in 2004.

But no pundit has tried to reconcile that allegation with the fact that the same respondents said that, in 2000, they had voted for Bush over Gore, 43% to 37%.

(Gore, as I never tire of repeating, actually won the popular vote.) Neither do the pundits address the fact that the discrepancy was at its widest in Bush strongholds.

These two facts prove that Bush supporters, not Kerry supporters, were over-represented by the NEP poll.
Mention these inconvenient pieces of evidence to any conservative and watch how quickly they switch the subject: "Your qvestions haff become tiresome. Now is ze time on Shprockets ven ve dahnce!"
What troubles me is that even the really liberal media - Salon, the Nation, American Prospect and so forth - refuse to mention this report.

They won't acknowledge it even to snarl at it. (To be fair, Salon just now got around to mentioning the Gannon-Gosch rumor, which most bloggers - or at least this blogger - laughed out of court weeks ago.

By the way, Cannonfire was mentioned in a Des Moines Register article on the Gosch-2-Gannon conspiracy theory.) URL:
05.Apr.2005 "Handelsverbindungen mit außerstädtischen und nicht staatlich kontrollierten Produktionsstätten scheinen also schon in vorindustriellen Staaten eine wichtige Rolle gespielt zu haben", erklärt McKillop.

Diese Art der unabhängigen Produktion unterschied sich deutlich von anderen bekannten antiken Werkstätten, in denen - direkt an die Königshöfe angeschlossen - spezielle Güter für die jeweiligen Herrscher angefertigt wurden.
05.Apr.2005 Vorsichtig schnorchelten sie in der Lagune, um den Schlamm nicht unnötig aufzuwühlen.

Mit Erfolg: 41 weitere Salzwerkstätten der Maya kamen zum Vorschein.

_0300-0600 -Sie stammen aus- Die Forscher identifizierten + datierten die Salzwerke über Tonwaren, die bei der Salzgewinnung verwendet wurden.

Wie an vielen anderen Orten der Welt wurden offenbar auch hier große Mengen an HOLZ VERASCHT um Meerwasser zu verkochen + um die Ware “Salz” zu gewinnen.
Besonders interessant finden die Wissenschaftler die Tatsache, dass die Salzproduktion wahrscheinlich nicht unter staatlicher, sondern unter lokaler Kontrolle stand.

"Da die Salzfabriken so weit weg von den Maya-Städten liegen, wurden sie wohl nicht vom Staat kontrolliert",

schreibt McKillop in der Fachzeitschrift "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" (Online-Vorabveröffentlichung).

Die großen Siedlungen der Maya lagen im Inneren der Halbinsel Yucatan, die heute Teil von Mexiko, Guatemala + Belize ist.
Wall-Street-Schluss: Ölpreisrückgang belebt Börse

05.Apr.2005 Regionalwahlen in Italien: Berlusconi hält trotz Niederlage an Kurs fest

05.Apr.2005 Ölpreise: Greenspan sieht Anreize zum Energiesparen

05.Apr.2005 Einbalsamierung: Päpste für die Ewigkeit

05.Apr.2005 Terrorangst: Luftabwehrraketen werden in Rom positioniert

05.Apr.2005 Irak: Seit Kriegsende wurden 6000 Zivilisten getötet

05.Apr.2005 Rio de Janeiro: Polizisten sollen 30 Passanten erschossen haben

05.Apr.2005 Übersichtskarte: Welche Länder die Todesstrafe anwenden

05.Apr.2005 Vatikan: Der Papst nimmt Geld mit ins Grab

05.Apr.2005 Nicht essbar: Forscher entwickeln Bildschirm aus Eiweiß

05.Apr.2005 Risiko Armut: In Deutschland geht die Angst um

05.Apr.2005 Teller ohne Boden: Das Auge macht den Appetit

05.Apr.2005 Größte Anti-Terror-Übung: Horror-Szenario in New Jersey

05.Apr.2005 Preisschub: Erboste Gas-Kunden reichen Sammelklage ein

05.Apr.2005 Frau säugt Katzen: Pack' den Tiger an die Brust

05.Apr.2005 Unterhaus-Wahlen: Briten stimmen am 5. Mai über Blair ab

05.Apr.2005 Verspätete US-Studie: Internet-Forscher überziehen um sechs Jahre

05.Apr.2005 Terror-Prozess: Gericht fordert Einsicht in US-Akten

05.Apr.2005 Papst-Nachfolge: "Gott ist Brasilianer"

05.Apr.2005 USA: Vater verkauft Mordgeständnisse seines Sohnes

05.Apr.2005 Jamiri: Unter Piraten

05.Apr.2005 Antiker Handel: Salzwerkstätten der Maya entdeckt

05.Apr.2005 Kampfansage: Boeing will Airbus 2005 vom Thron stoßen

05.Apr.2005 Amnesty International: Hinrichtungsrekord in China

05.Apr.2005 Arbeitslosenversicherung: Strafgebühr für Jobvernichter gefordert

05.Apr.2005 Senioren: Bundesregierung schließt Rentenkürzung aus

05.Apr.2005 Johannes Paul II.: Millionen nehmen Abschied

05.Apr.2005 Italienischer Stimmungstest: Herbe Niederlage für Berlusconi

05.Apr.2005 Deutsches Wachstum: "Aufschwung auf dünnem Eis"