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The United States USA Government is the governmental authority of the United States of America USA , whose powers are enumerated in the United States Constitution.

The United States USA Government is the product of a successful UK British colonists rebellion in the 18 th century +

The United States USA Government essential structure has remained in place since that successful UK British colonists rebellion in the 18 th century time.

USA government is classified alternately as a representative democracy +

USA government is classified alternately as a constitutional republic, although

USA government is believed by many to be de facto plutocracy.

There are two major political parties - Democrats + Republicans although there are a number of other, smaller so-called third parties.

THERE ARE TWO reciprocaly exclusive SOCIAL CLASSES :




September 11, 2001, Independence Day for all Oppressed Peoples” -- Anonymous Graffiti sprayed on wall in Plaza Real, Barcelona, Spain, 2003

17.Oct.2004 The Dominators dream of empire.

Not only will it extend their temporal power, they believe it will also give them immortality.

One of Dominators chief gurus, Reaganite firebreather Ledeen, Michael says that if the Dominators reject "clever diplomacy" + "just wage total war" to subjugate the Middle East, "our children will sing great songs about us years from now."

This madness, this bin Laden-like megalomania, is now driving the hijacked USA republic - + the world - to murderous upheaval. It's all there in the text, set down in black + white.

WIR HABEN ES NICHT GEWUSST !? Read it and weep. URL:

15.Sep.2002 "Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President,"Glasgow Sunday Herald,
"Foreign Policy Blueprint,",
"US and the Triumph of Unilateralism," Asia Times,

26.Sep.2002 "George Bush and the World," New York Review of Books,-issue-

25.Mar.2002 "The Next World Order," The New Yorker,

21.Nov.2001-27.Nov.2001 "Saddam in the Crosshairs," Village Voice,

00.Sep.2000 "Rebuilding America's Defenses," Project for a New Century,

03.Jun.1997 "Statement of Principles," Project for a New American Century,

15.Sep.2002 "Fortunes of war await Bush's circle after attacks on Iraq," The Independent (UK),

12.Sep.2002 "Don't Mention the O-Word," The Economist,

13.Sep.2002 "Backing on Iraq? Let's Make a Deal," Los Angeles Times,

15.Sep.2002 "In Iraqi War Scenario, Oil is a Key Issue," Washington Post,

17.Sep.2002 "Cronies in Arms," New York Times,

10.Sep.2002 Questions That Won't Be Asked About Iraq," USA Rep. Ron Paul, Republican, Texas,

17.Sep.2002 Bombs Will Deepen Iraq's Nightmare: An Iraqi Dissident Speaks," The Guardian,

10.Sep.2002 Looking War in the Face," Boston Globe,

01.May 1993-31.Jun.1993 "Iraqgate," Columbia Journalism Review,

17.Oct.2004 (They can't conquer the sun or monopolize the wind, so there's no profit, no leverage for personal gain + geopolitical power in pursuing viable alternatives to oil.)

11.Sep.2001 attacks gave the USA Bush Regime a pretext for greatly accelerating this published program of global dominance, but they would have pursued it in any case.

29.Sep.2002 Global Eye - Dark Passage By Chris Floyd

00.000.1925-17.Oct.2004 -Not since- "Mein Kampf" has a geopolitical punch been so blatantly telegraphed, years ahead of the blow.

00.000.1925 -long before Hitler, Adolf ever assumed power- in his book, clearly PROPAGATED spelled out his plans to destroy the Jews + launch wars of conquest „to secure German domination of world affairs“.

Despite the zigzags of rhetoric Hitler, Adolf later employed, the various PR spins + temporary justifications offered for this or that particular policy, any attentive reader of Hitler, Adolf vile regurgitation could have divined Hitler, Adolf intentions as he drove Germany + the world - to murderous upheaval.

Similarly - in method, if not entirely in substance - the Bush Regime's foreign policy is also being carried out according to a strict blueprint written years ago, then renewed a few months before the Regime was installed in power by the judicial coup of 00.Dec.2000.

The first version, mentioned in passing here last week, was drafted by a team operating under then-Defense Secretary Dick Cheney in 1992.

The first version, set out a new doctrine for U.S. power in the 21st century, an aggressive, unilateral approach that would secure USA domination of world affairs -

"by force if necessary," as one of the acolytes put it.

00.000.1992 -after-When the Dominators were temporarily ousted from government, they continued their strategic planning with funding from the military-energy-security apparatus + right-wing foundations.

This culminated in a new group, the aptly-named Project for a New American Century (PNAC).

Members included hard-right players like Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Zalmay Khalilzad (now "special envoy" to the satrapy of Afghanistan) + other empire aspirants currently perched in the upper reaches of government power.

00.Sep.2000 PNAC updated the original Cheney plan in a published report, "Strengthening America's Defenses."

In this + related documents, the earlier precepts were reiterated + refined.

The plans called for unprecedented hikes in military spending + the plantation of USA bases in Central Asia + the Middle East + the toppling of recalcitrant regimes + the militarization of outer space + the abrogation of international treaties + the willingness to use nuclear weapons + control of the world's energy resources.

+ the present course of action was clearly set forth: "The USA has for decades sought to play a more permanent role in Gulf regional security.

While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial USA force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein."

29.Sep.2002 Cambone, Stephen Political science doctorate from Claremont Graduate School. Was in charge of strategic defense policy at USA Defense Department in the first Bush administration. Now heads the Office of Program, Analysis and Evaluation at USA Defense Department URL:
29.Sep.2002 Zakheim, Dov, Doctorate in economics + politics from Oxford University. Worked on policy issues in the Reagan Defense Department +

1990 -s during the- Zakheim, Dov went into private defense consulting.

2000 Zakheim, Dov, to the Bush campaign, as foreign policy adviser.

00.May 2001 Zakheim, Dov, Sworn in as undersecretary of defense (comptroller) + chief financial officer for the Pentagon. URL:
29.Sep.2002 Libby, Lewis, Law degree from Columbia (Yale undergrad).

Held advisory positions in the Reagan State Department.

Was a partner in a Washington law firm in the late 1980 s before becoming deputy undersecretary of defense for policy in the first Bush administration (under Dick Cheney).

Now is the vice president's chief of staff. URL:

29.Sep.2002 Cohen, Eliot, Harvard doctorate in government who taught at Harvard + at USA Naval War College.

Now directs strategic studies at Johns Hopkins + is the author of several books on military strategy.

Was on USA Defense Department's policy planning staff in the first Bush administration + is now on Donald Rumsfeld's Defense Policy Board URL:
29.Sep.2002 Bolton, John, Yale Law grad who worked in the Reagan administration as an assistant attorney general.

Switched to the State Department in the first Bush administration as assistant secretary for international organization affairs.

00.May 2001 Bolton, John, Sworn in as undersecretary of state for arms control + international security,. URL:
29.Sep.2002 Wolfowitz, Paul, Political science doctorate from University of Chicago + dean of the international relations program at Johns Hopkins University during the 1990s.

Served in the Reagan State Department, moved to the Pentagon during the first Bush administration as undersecretary of defense for policy.

00.Mar.2001 Wolfowitz, Paul, Sworn in as deputy defense secretary in. URL:
29.Sep.2002 Rumsfeld and Kagan believe that a successful war against Iraq will produce other benefits, such as serving an object lesson for nations such as Iran and Syria. Rumsfeld, as befits his sensitive position, puts it rather gently. If a regime change were to take place in Iraq, other nations pursuing weapons of mass destruction "would get the message that having them . . . is attracting attention that is not favorable and is not helpful," he says.

Kagan is more blunt.

"People worry a lot about how the Arab street is going to react," he notes. "Well, I see that the Arab street has gotten very, very quiet since we started blowing things up." URL:
29.Sep.2002 Kagan, Donald a professor of classical Greek history at Yale + an influential advocate of a more aggressive foreign policy -

Kagan, Donald served as co-chairman of the 2000 New Century project -- acknowledges that likelihood.

"If [our allies] want a free ride + they probably will, we can't stop that," he says.

But he also argues that the USA, given its unique position, has no choice but to act anyway.

"You saw the movie 'High Noon'? he asks. "We're Gary Cooper." URL:
The 2000 report directly acknowledges its debt to a still earlier document, drafted in 1992 by the Defense Department.

That document had also envisioned the United States as a colossus astride the world, imposing its will + keeping world peace through military and economic power.

When leaked in final draft form, however, the proposal drew so much criticism that it was hastily withdrawn and repudiated by the first President Bush.

Effect on allies

The defense secretary in 1992 was Richard Cheney; the document was drafted by Wolfowitz, who at the time was defense undersecretary for policy.

The potential implications of a Pax Americana are immense. URL:
29.Sep.2002 That close tracking of recommendation with current policy is hardly surprising, given the current positions of the people who contributed to the 2000 report.

Paul Wolfowitz is now deputy defense secretary. John Bolton is undersecretary of state. Stephen Cambone is head of the Pentagon's Office of Program, Analysis and Evaluation. Eliot Cohen and Devon Cross are members of the Defense Policy Board, which advises Rumsfeld. I. Lewis Libby is chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney. Dov Zakheim is comptroller for the Defense Department. URL:
The United States will require bases and stations within and beyond Western Europe and Northeast Asia," the document warns, "as well as temporary access arrangements for the long-distance deployment of U.S. troops."

The report's repeated references to terrorism are misleading, however, because the approach of the new National Security Strategy was clearly not inspired by the events of 1.Sep.2001 .

They can be found in much the same language in a report issued in 00.Sep.2000 by the Project for the New American Century, a group of conservative interventionists outraged by the thought that the United States might be forfeiting its chance at a global empire.

"At no time in history has the international security order been as conducive to American interests + ideals," the report said. Stated -29.Sep.2002-two years ago.-

"The challenge of this coming century is to preserve ü enhance this 'American peace.' " URL:
National Security Strategy, a document in which each administration outlines its approach to defending the country. The Bush administration plan, released 20.Sep.2001 marks a significant departure from previous approaches, a change that it attributes largely to the attacks of 11.Sep.2001 .

To address the terrorism threat, the president's report lays out a newly aggressive military + foreign policy, embracing pre-emptive attack against perceived enemies.

It speaks in blunt terms of what it calls "American internationalism," of ignoring international opinion if that suits U.S. interests. "The best defense is a good offense," the document asserts.

It dismisses deterrence as a Cold War relic + instead talks of "convincing or compelling states to accept their sovereign responsibilities." URL:
See Also:
Global Eye -- Dark Passage: Not since "Mein Kampf" has a geopolitical punch been so blatantly telegraphed, years ahead of the blow. A Must Read

The president's real goal in Iraq URL:
29.Sep.2002 Follow links for greater depth. RL:

17.Oct.2004 "Wenn sich der Streit zwischen den Schwesterparteien hinzieht, schadet das nicht nur der Union. Es schadet Deutschland", zitiert die "Bild am Sonntag" ihn.

17.Oct.2004 Die vierteljährliche SPIEGEL-Umfrage ergab für CDU und CSU den schlechtesten Wert seit der Bundestagswahl 2002. Die Union käme auf 40 Prozent (Juli: 45 Prozent), wenn am Sonntag Bundestagswahl wäre, berichtet das Nachrichtenmagazin. Gleichzeitig steigt die SPD um sieben Prozentpunkte auf 30 Prozent. Die FDP bleibt bei sieben Prozent, die Grünen bei 13 Prozent, ermittelte TNS Infratest für den SPIEGEL.URL:,1518,druck-323542,00.html

17.Oct.2004 -Kennedys Pressesprecher Pierre Salinger gestorben
Pierre Salinger kehrte den USA vor vier Jahren verbittert den Rücken, nachdem George W. Bush ins Weiße Haus gewählt worden war. Nun ist der frühere Pressesprecher von US-Präsident John F. Kennedy im Alter von 79 Jahren in seinem selbst gewählten Exil in Frankreich gestorben. URL:,1518,druck-323597,00.html

17.Oct.2004 Trotzdem hoffe ich aber, dass alle weiterhin zusammenhalten, denn machtlos sind auch wir nicht".URL:,1518,druck-323581,00.html
17.Oct.2004 Einen Streik nennt das niemand hier, offiziell nutzen die Beschäftigten ihr Recht auf Information. "Dazu hat jeder Mitarbeiter das Recht, und solange der Werksdirektor keine Meldung macht, geben wir hier die Informationen", sagt Biagiotti URL:,1518,druck-323581,00.html
17.Oct.2004 Begeistert sind die Opelaner von einer Welle der Solidarität. Ob der Malteser Hilfsdienst, der Bäcker oder Metzger aus der Nachbarschaft oder ganze Schulklassen - sie alle spenden Brötchen, Kaffee, Wurst, Kuchen und sogar Geld. "Die Menschen hier sind wütend, traurig, betroffen und haben Angst. Aber das schweißt sie zusammen und ist ein tolles Gefühl", sagt Betriebsratsmitglied Hemmerling.

Mit rund 100.000 Leuten rechnet Hemmerling daher auch bei dem europaweiten Aktionstag am Dienstag.

Gemeinsam will man dann mit den Bochumer Bürgern - wie in allen europäischen Opel-Standorten - in die Innenstadt marschieren, um noch einmal "ein deutliches Signal für den Erhalt Tausender Arbeitsplätze zu setzen". URL:,1518,druck-323581,00.html
17.Oct.2004 Proteste bei Opel -"Wir haben doch nichts zu verlieren" -Die Auseinandersetzung zwischen Management und Arbeitern des Autoherstellers Opel spitzt sich zu.

Während die einen Tausende Arbeitsplätze streichen wollen, schwören die anderen, darum zu kämpfen.

Wenn sie untergehen, sagen die Protestler, dann wenigstens "mit fliegenden Fahnen". URL:,1518,druck-323581,00.html

1978 Zu einem spektakulären Absturz kam es. Der mit einem Kernreaktor ausgerüstete sowjetische Spionage-Satellite "Kosmos 954" in Kanada verseuchte bei dem Unglück Teile des Großen Sklavensees. Die Sanierung kostete Millionen von Dollar.

00.000.1979 fielen über dem Indischen Ozean und Westaustralien Reste der US-Raumstation "Skylab" als feuriger Ball vom Himmel. Ein Trümmerteil erschlug in Australien eine Kuh.
00.Nov.1996 drohten Teile der außer Kontrolle geratenen Raumsonde der russischen Mission "Mars 96" in Australien aufzuprallen.

Reste der sieben Tonnen schweren Raumkapsel mit 270 Gramm hochgiftigem Plutonium stürzten dann 1300 Kilometer westlich von Südamerika in den Pazifik.
17.Oct.2004 Sempach - Die geschlossene Wolkendecke behindere die Orientierung massiv und werde nachts in Kombination mit hell erleuchteten Ortschaften für die Tiere zur Todesfalle, teilte die Schweizerische Vogelwarte in Sempach im Kanton Luzern mit. Besonders betroffen seien Rotkehlchen und Singdrosseln.

17.Oct.2004 Die ständig zunehmende Beleuchtung in Städten und Dörfern erschwere den Zugvögeln die ohnehin nicht einfache Reise um ein Vielfaches. Insbesondere in bedeckten Nächten würden die Tiere vom Licht fast magisch angezogen. Sie kollidierten häufig mit hohen Gebäuden oder fänden nicht mehr aus dem Lichtdom heraus. Nach stundenlangem Irrflug fielen die Vögel dann vor Erschöpfung tot zu Boden. Eine geringere Beleuchtung der Städte, Gebäude und Monumente würde zu einer Verringerung des Risikos für Zugvögel führen, unterstrich die Vogelwarte.

17.Oct.2004 Zugvögel fliegen in die tödliche Nebelfalle -In der Schweiz ist es in den vergangenen Tagen zu einem Zugvogelsterben gekommen. Nebel und erleuchtete Ortschaften, bringen die Tiere solange vom rechten Weg ab, bis sie vor Erschöpfung tot zu Boden fallen.

17.Oct.2004 Irak: Sarkawi-Gruppe schwört Bin Laden die Treue

17.Oct.2004 Wahlempfehlung -"New York Times" stellt sich hinter Kerry -Gut zwei Wochen vor dem Urnengang mischen sich die großen Zeitungen in Amerika in den Wahlkampf. Die angesehene "New York Times" riet ihren Lesern jetzt, John Kerry die Stimme zu geben. Der Grund: Die Bilanz von Präsident Bush sei katastrophal, finden die Zeitungsmacher. Er habe das Land der radikalen Rechten ausgeliefert. URL:,1518,druck-323553,00.html

17.Oct.2004 Vowing Iraq pullback, Polish leader wins vote: Prime Minister Marek Belka of Poland narrowly survived a vote of confidence on Friday after telling Parliament that "we will not stay in Iraq an hour longer than is needed."

17.Oct.2004 Ex-CIA officer blasts premise for Iraq war : A CIA veteran is traveling the country on a mission to explain what he calls "prostituted intelligence" crafted at the request of the Bush administration to induce Congress into approving the war in Iraq.

17.Oct.2004 Naomi Klein: Why is war-torn Iraq giving $190,000 to Toys R Us? : Next week, something will happen that will unmask the upside-down morality of the invasion + occupation of Iraq.

21.Oct.2004 Iraq will pay $200m in war reparations to some of the richest countries + corporations in the world.

17.Oct.2004 "You Can Run, But You Can't Hide, Mr. Bush!" : The Bushites Are Given A Failing Grade In An Open Letter From 729 "Security Scholars For A Sensible Foreign Policy"

17.Oct.2004 Cartoon

17.Oct.2004 Genocide by the seaside and on such a lovely day: The USA mainstream media + press have signed off on their collective + respective responsibilities to humanity + they have blindly conjoined themselves to the Bush administration. They are implicated in Bush’s genocide + they all know it.

17.Oct.2004 Why We Must Prevent the Re-election of Senators Who Supported the Invasion of Iraq : Those members of the House and Senate who supported this resolution believed, or claimed to believe, that an impoverished Third World country, which had eliminated its stockpiles of banned weapons, destroyed its medium + long-range missiles + eliminated its WMD programs more than a decade earlier, somehow threatened the national security of a superpower located more than 10,000 miles away

17.Oct.2004 UN report: Israel guilty of wanton destruction: Israel is guilty of severe human rights violations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, including "wanton destruction" of houses and infrastructure, according to a United Nations report obtained by The Associated Press.

17.Oct.2004 'Sharon is a butcher' : "This is worse than an earthquake. The Israelis threw out the Palestinians in 1948 and in 1967 and they're trying to do the same thing now," said Jamila Yehya, 54, a Jabaliya refugee whose home was destroyed on Friday.

17.Oct.2004 Christian Peacemakers vow they won't be deterred by Israeli Squatter violence.

17.Oct.2004 Saudi-American Speaks Out on Confinement : He surrendered his USA citizenship, renounced terrorism + agreed to live in Saudi Arabia for five years + not sue the U.S. government for his captivity.

17.Oct.2004 Bush triumphalism masks mission unaccomplished in Afghanistan: analysts : Three years after the US-led invasion, Afghanistan is flooding the world with heroin, warlords reign in the provinces, women are scared + the new security forces are underarmed + undersized, analysts say.

17.Oct.2004 Gulf War syndrome 'does exist': Scientists in the USA say they have demonstrated the existence of the illness known as "Gulf war syndrome".

17.Oct.2004 Protesters win one on appeal : The School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia, has been the elite training academy for Latin America's dictators, mass murderers and torturers—an education provided for them by the U.S. government.

17.Oct.2004 Voter registration cards found in car : A former employee of an organization that registered voters kept hundreds of cards instead of submitting them.

17.Oct.2004 US Airways May Slash Pay by 21 Percent : "I have absolutely no doubt that wage cuts of this magnitude would and will result in severe financial hardships," U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Stephen Mitchell said Friday. But US Airways' financial situation is so unstable that "basically what we have here is a ticking fiscal time bomb."

17.Oct.2004 US planes hit Fallujah targets : US warplanes struck suspected rebel targets in the western city of Fallujajh last night, but officials denied a report that Jordanian militant Abu Musab Al Zarqawi had been captured there.

17.Oct.2004 Pepe Escobar : Zarqawi - Bush's man for all seasons: Former US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) asset turned Iraqi prime minister, Iyad Allawi, is set to give the go-ahead to what the US Army twice could not bring itself to carry out: the leveling of Fallujah.

17.Oct.2004 Following a purely military logic, this is the next step after the barrage of precision strikes that are killing dozens of Sunni Iraqi civilians

17.Oct.2004 'They want Zarqawi. They can't kill him so they're killing us': The missiles struck at just after 3am with devastating effect. Eight members of the al-Jabouri family were killed as they slept, their home destroyed. The following morning the US military issued a statement saying that fighters loyal to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, America's number one enemy in Iraq, had been taken out in a precision strike in Fallujah.

17.Oct.2004 Bush or Kerry: The Atrocity will continue: Can you “imagine German candidates [campaigning] for the Chancellor of Germany competing on who participated more actively in the Holocaust”

17.Oct.2004 Hidden players brewing coup in Iraq : The recent activities of the United States and some of Iraq’s neighboring countries as well as some undiplomatic statements by several Iraqi military + security officials indicate that a military coup against the majority in Iraq is being planned.

17.Oct.2004 World Food Day: Iraqi farmers aren't celebrating : A new report by GRAIN and Focus on the Global South has found that new legislation in Iraq has been carefully put in place by the US that prevents farmers from saving their seeds and effectively hands over the seed market to transnational corporations.

17.Oct.2004 Unit That Refused Iraq Duty Said Released : The grandfather of an Army Reserve soldier whose platoon refused to deliver supplies in Iraq said his grandson told him Saturday that he + other soldiers had been detained by military authorities but were later released.

17.Oct.2004 BBC under fire for 'false reality' : One of UK s leading documentary makers has attacked television's obsession with Islamic terrorism, claiming it has done nothing to dispel myths surrounding al-Qaeda + is too willing to take UK government line on the 'high' level of the threat.

17.Oct.2004 What Happened in Kerry's Vietnam Battles?: There is one group they have not heard from: the Vietnamese who were there that day.

17.Oct.2004 The Hypocrite + the Patriot: USA patriotism comes at a price, but I’m not thinking of that noble sacrifice that we speak of in hallowed terms on ceremonial occasions.

17.Oct.2004 Irak: Sarkawi-Gruppe schwört Bin Laden die Treue

17.Oct.2004 Umstrittene Äußerungen: Buttiglione sieht sich als Opfer einer Hasskampagne

17.Oct.2004 Proteste bei Opel: "Wir haben doch nichts zu verlieren"

17.Oct.2004 China: Satellit kracht in Wohnhaus

17.Oct.2004 Kosovo: Krisenprovinz vor neuen Unruhen

17.Oct.2004 Urananreicherung: Iran bleibt stur

17.Oct.2004 Schweiz: Zugvögel fliegen in die tödliche Nebelfalle

17.Oct.2004 Guantanamo-Gefängnis: Gefesselt bei grellem Licht und dröhnender Rap-Musik

17.Oct.2004 Wahlempfehlung: "New York Times" stellt sich hinter Kerry

17.Oct.2004 Schummel-Prinz Harry: Hat er oder hat er nicht?

Eigenschaften guter Propaganda URL:

In der weiteren Entwicklung der Massenkontrolle entwickelten Propaganda -Firmen weitere Richtlinien für effektive Wiedergaben.

Hier einige Juwelen:

Sie Entmenschlichen die angegriffenene Partei durch Nennen beim Namen + abstempeln.

Sie Sprechen in prachtvollen Gemeinplätzen mit emotional positiven Worten.

Wenn Sie etwas aufdecken, verwenden Sie kein Klardeutsch;

Sie Versuchen, Zeit zu gewinnen;

Sie lenken UNS ab.

Sie Holen „Beurteilungen“ von Berühmtheiten, Kirchen, Sportlern, Straßenvolk ein - von jedermann, der keine Fachkenntnisse zum Thema parat hat.

Der Kniff fürs "Fußvolk": Unsere Milliardäre sind auch nur Menschen wie IHR.

Wenn Sie Gräuel verharmlosen, sagen Sie nichts denkwürdiges

Wenn Sie Gräuel verharmlosen, heben Sie den Nutzen des Geschehenen hervor.

Wenn Sie Gräuel verharmlosen, vermeiden Sie moralische Fragen.

Merken Sie sich diese Liste. Fangen Sie an, nach diesen Techniken Ausschau zu halten.

Sie sind nicht schwer zu finden - schauen Sie in die heutige Zeitung oder die Fernsehnachrichten von heute abend. Sehen Sie, was Sie tun; die Jungs sind gut!

Rauch + Spiegel

Bernays' Aufgabe war, Angelegenheiten zurechtzurücken ; ein gewünschtes Bild zu erschaffen, welches ein bestimmtes Produkt oder Konzept in ein angenehmes Licht rückt.

Bernays beschrieb die Öffentlichkeit als eine 'Herde, die geführt werden muß'.

Und dieses herdenhafte Denken mache die Leute "empfänglich für Führung".

Bernays wich nie von seinem fundamentalem Axiom ab, "die Massen ohne ihr Wissen zu kontrollieren".

Die beste PR ist, wenn die Leute nicht bemerken, wie sie beeinflußt werden.

Stauber beschrieb Bernays' Begründung wie folgt:

"Die wissenschaftliche Manipulation der Öffentlichen Meinung Propaganda war notwendig, um Chaos + Konflikt in einer demokratischen Gesellschaft zu überwinden."(Trust Us, S.42)

Diese frühen Massenbeeinflusser posierten, als würden sie einen moralischen Dienst für die allgemeine Menschheit leisten - Demokratie ist zu gut für das Volk;

man muß ihnen sagen, was sie denken sollen , weil sie von sich aus nicht zu rationalem Denken fähig seien.

Hier ein Auszug aus Bernays Propaganda :

"Wer die ungesehenen Gesellschaftsmechanismen manipuliert, bildet eine unsichtbare Regierung, welche die wahre Herschermacht unseres Landes ist.

Wir werden regiert, unser Verstand geformt, unsere Geschmäcker gebildet, unsere Ideen größtenteils von Männern suggeriert, von denen wir nie gehört haben.

Dies ist ein logisches Ergebnis der Art wie unsere demokratische Gesellschaft organisiert ist.

Große Menschenzahlen müssen auf diese Weise kooperieren, wenn sie in einer ausgeglichen funktionierenden Gesellschaft zusammenleben sollen.

In beinahe jeder Handlung unseres Lebens, ob in der Sphäre der Politik oder bei Geschäften, in unserem sozialen Verhalten + unserem ethischen Denken werden wir durch eine relativ geringe Zahl an Personen dominiert, welche die mentalen Prozesse + Verhaltensmuster der Massen verstehen.

Sie sind es, die die Fäden ziehen, welche das Öffentliche Denken kontrollieren."

Eine etwas andere Ansicht zum Thema von Thomas Jefferson:

"Ich kenne keinen sichereren Treuhänder der ultimaten Macht der Gesellschaft als das Volk an sich;

und wenn wir sie nicht für erleuchtet genug halten, diese Kontrolle mit wohlwollender Umsicht durchzuführen, dann ist die Abhilfe nicht, sie ihnen wegzunehmen, sondern ihre Umsicht zu prägen."

Ihre Umsicht prägen.

Bernays glaubte, daß nur einige wenige den nötigen Einblick in das Gesamtbild haben, um mit dieser heiligen Aufgabe betraut zu werden.

Und ganz zufällig hielt er sich für einen der wenigen. Bernays, Edward L. War der NEFFE von FREUD, SIGISMUND SCHLOMEL

07.Feb.2000 Posted; 24.Mar.2004 re-posted 17.Oct.2004 [Portuguese]
The media "justified" NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia with images of Albanians supposedly driven out by Serbs.

Opponents of the war said no, they were fleeing NATO bombs. Both sides were wrong. How NATO Staged Albanians' Flight during 1999 Bombing
This interview with the leading historian of Kosovo is the most important article we ever published about Yugoslavia.

This interview with the leading historian of Kosovo helps explain what is happening in the West Bank + Gaza + in Chechnya + in other so-called trouble spots.
17.Oct.2004 Portuguese

(1) Evidence of high-level government complicity

(2) Interviews related to 9-11 & Afghanistan

(3) Osama Bin Laden's involvement in Western attacks on Afghanistan and the Balkans. Evidence he kept his ties with the CIA.

(4) US/West European links to Islamic Fundamentalism

(5) Evidence that "Strategic Racism" is the method of the US/Euro Empire.

(6) What is the US/Euro Strategy in Central Asia? We argue that it's not about oil...

17.Oct.2004 Why are we 'dredging up' Croatia's past ?

The Western Media Suppressed the Truth about the
Rebirth of Croatian Clerical-Fascism

by Jared Israel, Editor + Andy Wilcoxson, Research Associate Emperor's Clothes [Posted 11.Aug.2004]

11.Aug.2004 Some N.Y. Times Articles did Warn about Croatian Fascism...Seven Years Late Three NY Times articles Comments by Jared Israel + Andy Wilcoxson [Posted]

00.000.1947 Yugoslav Embassy report on Catholic Church crimes in Ustashe (Nazi) Croatia  is available as a word file for printing.
You may distribute the report freely using both this word file and the
Internet version .

Lies the (London) Guardian told me,' or 'The Return of Villainy 'by Jared Israel -Posted-

00.000.2004 Reporter Ed Vulliamy repeats his

00.000.1992 claim that the Bosnian Serbs were running death camps, re-publishing one of his "death camp" photos... EC's Editor responds []

06.Sep.2004 USA President Carter's
Ex-Security Chief Brzezinski's Interview makes clear: The Muslim Terror Apparatus was Created by USA Intelligence as a Geopolitical Weapon Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski
Comments by Jared Israel: Are we witnessing the Brzezinski doctrine in action today? [Posted 06.Sep.2004]

17.Oct.2004 4) During a press confrence with Jaques Chirac in France last June, there was an inadvertant "feed" of Bush's ghost prompting that was carried live by all major networks... check out the video URL:

17.Oct.2004 5) There are various other reports of this "ghost voice" during press confernces including a post 11.Sep.2001 news story aired on channel 56 WLVI Boston... I'd love to see that video.
6) Is this the apparatus?
7) There are reports from cameramen at the Republican Convention that the Bush advance team required all wireless audio frequencies to be disclosed in advance.
8) There are a lot of photos of Bush's previous "bulges" circling the net... besides the now famous photo from the first debate, including some close-up shots of Bush's ear with something in it... If you know any post 'em or the links! URL:

17.Oct.2004 DAYTONA BEACH, USA (AFP) - USA President George W. Bush surprised his listeners at a campaign rally by seeming to oppose, then favor, then oppose replacing the all-volunteer US military with a draft.URL:

17.Oct.2004 How can we trust the Bush administration to protect us from a biological terrorist attack when it can't even manage to provide flu shots?URL:

16.Oct.2004 at 00:36:03 GMT Bush is losing his mind by kos You think Bush looked terrible in the debates, check out this videoPC | Mac leaked to me by a member of the Iraqi Survey Group. (Big QT file.) URL:

17.Oct.2004 The clip is a 'thank you' message taped by Bush for the members of the Iraqi Survey Group. It hasn't been altered in any way.

The fact he can barely finish his sentences should be a genuine cause for concern.

This was no impromptu appearance, like his disastrous press conferences + debate appearances. This was a planned, scripted, recorded address. URL:

I'm starting to think rumors of Bush's ill health may have basis in reality.

Watch the clip and decide for yourself. It clearly made a stir amongst the members of the ISG. Bush Administration ::

17.Oct.2004 URL:
11.Sep.2001 -Essays on- Most Forwarded in September 2001  

01.Oct.2001-31.Oct.2001 Most Forwarded in  
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The Algebra of Infinite Justice by Arundhati Roy

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Granfalloons, Toy Balloons + American Flags by Laurel Wamsley

A Widow's Plea for Non-Violence by Amber Amundson

Addressing the Sources of Middle Eastern Violence Against the United States by Steve Niva

Bomb Afghanistan to Stone Age? It's Been Done by Tamin Ansary

Why I Opposed the Resolution to Authorize Force by Barbara Lee

No Glory in Unjust War on the Weak by Barbara Kingsolver

'Brutality Smeared in Peanut Butter' by Arundhati Roy

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"Wealth Has Never Yet Sacrificed Itself on the Altar of Patriotism" by Molly Ivins

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A War of Lies by Rahul Mahajan and Robert Jensen

Lost in the Rhetorical Fog of War by Robert Fisk

Three Arguments Against the War by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

Afghanistan: We Didn't Have To Do This by Stephanie Salter
01.Nov.2001-31.Nov.2001 Most Forwarded in
This Isn't the Speech I Expected to Give Today... by Bill Moyers

A Just Cause, Not a Just War by Howard Zinn

Nightmare of Fascism Seems Too Real Since Sept. 11 Attacks by Kristine M. Holmgren

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Bush’s Definition of Terrorism Fits Northern Alliance Like a Glove; TV Interviewers Don’t Notice by Dennis Hans

First, the Bad News, Then... The Bad News by Eric Margolis

Corporate Patriotism by Ralph Nader
17.Oct.2004 Sinclair Broadcasting, the largest owner of local television stations in the US, ordered its 62 stations to preempt regular programming to air an anti-Kerry documentary just a few days before the election.

Sinclair's mission is clear: sway the election in favor of an administration that lets companies like Sinclair get even bigger. It's great for Sinclair's bottom line — terrible for our democracy.

This is not about 'liberal' or 'conservative.' It's about corruption, the threat to democratic discourse + the manipulation of elections. Together, we can stop them. URL:

Take action now!

17.Oct.2004 URL:
Sinclair Broadcasting Accused of Dodging FCC Rules
Ex-Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft Rips Bush Diplomacy
Poll: US Military Faults Bush's Lack of Troops in Iraq
Planning for After the War in Iraq Non-Existent
World Writes to Undecided Voters
More Bush Military Records Found After Officers Sign Oath Saying All Disclosed
Audit: Bush Can't Account for Billions Spent in Iraq
Study: US to Lose More Than 400,000 Jobs This Year
Che Guevara's Daughter Voices Cuban Fears That Bush has Country in His Sights
Karl Rove Testifies in CIA Leak Investigation
Platoon Defies Orders in Iraq; Mississippi Soldier Calls Home, Cites Safety Concerns
'Squandered Sympathy' New Poll Reveals World Anger at Bush
Mother’s Tour of Duty Around the Nation to Inspire Americans to Question the Iraq War
Report Examines Decisions by Bush Judges in 2004
Media Matters for America Calls on Sinclair Broadcasting to Cancel Plan to Air Anti-Kerry Movie
Bloomberg Administration Criminalizes Free Speech, Says War Resisters League
House Majority Leader DeLay Is Attempting to Chill Public Complaints About His Unethical Behavior
Bush Jobs Record Fails To Live Up To Campaign and White House Rhetoric Cheney Distorted Truth About Small Business Taxes
House Majority Leader Tom DeLay Should Resign Leadership Post Over Ethical Lapses
17.Oct.2004 19:03:14
16.Oct.2004 Howard Zinn:
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17.Oct.2004 Will Bush's health become an issue?

If you hoped that "Promptergate" would turn the electorate against Bush to any significant degree, you lived in a fool's paradise.

The Rovian forces simply kept their smirks frozen in place, dusted off all those hoary jokes about tin foil hats + stood their ground until the controversy blew over.
Which, to a large degree, it has.
True, Salon did a
terrific piece offering up some genuine evidence in favor of the thesis.

But I doubt that any major press organs will follow up; attention is turning elsewhere. The Bush forces successfully toughed this one out.
Can any story turn this election around? Yes. URL:

17.Oct.2004 UN weapons inspectors were preparing to return to Iraq after a gap of four years, but they would do so against the background of a government intelligence dossier, published a few weeks earlier, which painted a blood-curdling picture of a dictator ready not only to use his weapons of mass destruction, but to share them with terrorists.
In the Middle East, the US was fast building up its forces. Britain, despite the threat of a firefighters' strike which might require troops to operate "Green Goddess" fire engines, was making its own deployments. And British and American aircraft supposedly patrolling the "no-fly" zones over northern and southern Iraq were in fact staging daily bombing raids, aimed at the systematic destruction of the regime's air defences.
The experts were not there to talk Tony Blair out of invading Iraq. "It was made clear to me beforehand that we could not talk about the advisability of war, only about what the aftermath might be," said Professor George Joffe, of King's College London and Cambridge University's Centre of International Studies. The Downing Street meeting "was not a lobbying exercise against an invasion", said Sir Lawrence Freedman, professor of war studies at King's College, at whose initiative it was held.
Dr Toby Dodge of London University's Queen Mary College, had just returned from a visit to Baghdad. "Our basic message was that if you choose to invade, it will be much, much more difficult than you may have been led to believe," he said. "I thought an invasion was a really bad idea."
17.Oct.2004 Revealed: the meeting that could have changed the history of Iraq
00.Nov.2002 -When six of UK leading experts on Iraq went to Downing Street, they sought to warn Tony Blair about the dangerous consequences of his actions.

In this extraordinary account of that meeting, they reveal for the first time their shock at his response, offering a unique insight into the mind of a Prime Minister determined upon war
By Alan George, Raymond Whitaker and Andy McSmith 10/17/04 "The Independent" -

00.Nov.2002 They felt it was their duty. Six of Britain's leading experts on Iraq trooped into No 10 Downing Street on a Tuesday afternoon in November 2002, determined to warn Tony Blair that occupying the country would be difficult at best + catastrophic at worst.

By the time they left, most were convinced that war was inevitable - + in the view of one at least, that there was nothing the Prime Minister could do about it.
17.Oct.2004 00.Nov.2002 -Nearly two years later- UK Prime Minister is caught in a similar bind.

He would like to stop talking about the Iraq war, to focus public attention on domestic policy.

But he + his advisers have had to admit to one another that the issue just will not go away. article7092.htm
17.Oct.2004 In case you missed it ;
Tony Blair's new friend : UK + USA claim a moral mandate - + back a dictator who boils victims to death

y In case you missed it ; Our Presidents New Best Friend Boils People Alive : Let me introduce you to our presidents new best friend, President Karimov of Uzbekistan.
Revealed: The meeting that could have changed the history of Iraq: When six of the country's leading experts on Iraq went to Downing Street in November 2002 , they sought to warn Tony Blair about the dangerous consequences of his actions. In this extraordinary account of that meeting, they reveal for the first time their shock at his response, offering a unique insight into the mind of a Prime Minister determined upon war article7087.htm
17.Oct.2004 They are comprised of clever and intelligent men with an understanding of patience and the long-term benefits of history. Unlike those in the Oval Office, those “living in caves” envision the larger context of humanity and our history. To underestimate them is to make a grave mistake. article7087.htm
17.Oct.2004 Osama has succeeded in franchising Al-Qaeda throughout the world. America has played right into his hands through the foolish ignorance of the Bush administration. Now, Al-Qaeda has branched off, inspiring thousands of new recruits spread out throughout the world that continue to be assembled faster than they are killed. Bush’s war has created hundreds of new bin Laden’s eager to punish America for its continued subjugation of Muslims. The assembly line Henry Ford invented Bush has, through his dim-witted sojourn into Iraq, allowed to flourish in the hands of purveyors of violence. article7087.htm
17.Oct.2004 Hatred of America is at an all time high. Thousands of jihadists have been created, ready to die in holy war against the Great Satan. Bush has succeeded in employing more “terrorists” than American workers. Winning hearts and minds has failed throughout a Muslim world that sees an American Crusade to conquer, pilfer, rape and humiliate. The war in Iraq has allowed terror to sprout and thrive throughout the lands of the western world. 
The Iraq war was unleashed to satisfy the ignoble loathing Bush and the neocons had for Saddam, to quench the thirst of the military-industrial complex and the energy industry and to put into place a new era of market colonialism with the Middle East subservient to America and deferential to Israel. Genuflecting and penitent the Arab world is expected to become, allowing one more time the Infiltration into their lands of Western Judeo-Christian ideology and armies intent on pilfering all black gold the Arabian lands possess. 
17.Oct.2004 War of Error 
As Paul O’Neill and Richard Clarke have made clear, the Bush administration was never seriously concerned with Al-Qaeda, even with multiple warnings about its dangers. Instead, upon squirming into the Oval Office, Bush began concentrating on Iraq and Saddam Hussein. Meanwhile, others began to unilaterally dislodge the US from numerous world protocols, treaties, institutions and conventions. Missile defense was given priority, as was the entire spectrum of scorched earth and polluting industries. Yet Al-Qaeda was placed in the back burner, of little concern to an administration intent on catering to its corporate masters. 
17.Oct.2004 Today, everything evil done in our name is excused as being done in the noble name of the war on terror. After all, war is peace. Yet also extremely profitable, which is why the War of Error will last years, perhaps decades into our future. article7087.htm
17.Oct.2004 Enemies are the American government’s best friend, for they help expand the economy, curtail the population and enrich the oligarchs. It is, therefore, natural that with the implosion of the evil communists a new, more sinister and wicked enemy arise from the ashes of human wickedness to scare the living daylights out of average Americans ignorant to the manipulation of their primitive emotions. article7087.htm
17.Oct.2004 It is a product of an administration limited in knowledge and vision, common sense and history, understanding of culture and empathy for humankind. It was begun by a Commander in Chief possessing inalienable limitations of grey matter, incurious and unlearned of both people and planet, born into royalty lacking understanding of how billions see the world and with a myopic vision of delusion, fantasy and religious weak-mindedness. Throughout history easier battles and smaller wars have been lost by more able men. article7087.htm
17.Oct.2004 Created to enrich and empower oligarchs and corporations, the War of Error subjugates us and sends us spiraling back to times of feudalism and religious intimidation and trepidation. We are put at the mercy of the powerful that become more powerful the more they spawn fear into our conscious. Witness the gradual evisceration of American civil liberties and the increased power over our lives now prevalent in government. article7087.htm
17.Oct.2004 The War of Error fails to understand the other side, or to confront it. 9/11 was a manifestation of frustrations and hatreds that had been boiling for years. It was a massive demonstration of resistance, targeting the two most repressive symbols of American power gone awry. This truth is a reality 280 million Americans have not been made privy to. It is truth hidden in fictions and manipulation, carefully orchestrated to make captive and ignorant those living within the belly of the beast. Why is it that the world’s view and opinion of reality is so vastly different than those who are enveloped by airwaves transmitting an umbrella of distortions and deceptions from Atlantic to Pacific Oceans? It couldn’t be the altered state of world reality Americans are bombarded with, can it? Certainly it isn’t the escaping of fact for fear of uncovering the evils done in our name, right? Living in and experiencing heaven on Earth is certainly better than seeing how American excessiveness, capitalism, consumerism, greed, individualism and materialism have condemned most of the world to hell. article7087.htm
17.Oct.2004 Symptoms of the Disease 
The War of Error is being waged by nefarious Cold War mentalities espousing modern exploitive criminal capitalism using fervent psychologically corrosive fear-mongering to control populations and assure power through the perpetual shedding of blood. A war without necessity has become a war without end. A war of illegality has become a war of resistance. 
17.Oct.2004 Pushed forward by those wishing to fight Israel’s enemies using American financial and military might, the Iraq war was born in dogmatic democratic delusion, historical and cultural ignorance and in criminal apathy for the over 600 American soldiers sent to die for causes having nothing to do with fighting for freedom or democracy or for fighting terror. 
Thus was born the War of Error, a war unlike all others, self-defeating and perpetual, that instead of solving problems has and will continue to exacerbate them. Thus was born a War of Proxy, of Greed, Deceit, Criminality and Stupidity. A war not of necessity but of choice; a war that only enraged an already burning world opinion resulting from America’s continual devastation of people’s life, health, opportunity, ability and freedom through the incessant mechanisms of oppression and exploitation arising out of the debilitating forays into global empire building. 
17.Oct.2004 True, 9/11 had yet to happen, but already fixations with Saddam Hussein were metastasizing throughout the self-righteous Bush administration. 9/11, more than anything else, became, politically, the perfect excuse needed to drag America into a war that had already been preordained by those with axes to grind, scores to settle, empires to expand and profits to make. article7087.htm
17.Oct.2004 Offensichtlich schlagen im Menschen nicht nur zwei Herzen, in seinem Gehirn arbeiten auch zwei völlig unabhängige Netzwerke, wie US-Forscher nun im Fachmagazin "Science" berichten.

17.Oct.2004 Let us be honest: the “War on Terror” in America is basically a sham, a charade. While great, even ultimate sacrifices have been demanded of relatively few, chiefly those in the armed forces, for the overwhelming majority of Americans having the country at war has meant massive tax cuts, exhortations to spend and consume, enormous deficits, politics and government spending as usual—in short, no wartime sacrifice at all. The rest of the world knows this and sees the hypocrisy, if we do not. URL:
17.Oct.2004 America’s government, institutions, and civil society were rock solid. It had no homegrown terrorist organizations to fear or ethnic and religious differences for terrorists to exploit. Its relatively small Muslim population was well integrated and overwhelmingly loyal to the United States, thankful for its blessings and freedoms. URL:
17.Oct.2004 The only sensible answer, once the foolish and inadequate ones are discarded, is that Osama bin Laden anticipated the American reaction and wanted it. His purpose in attacking the United States directly in its homeland was to get the American government to do what it had not done in response to his previous attacks: to declare an all-out war against him and al-Qaeda and a worldwide War on Terror led and organized by the United States, with every other country in the world summoned to follow and support or be considered an enemy. That seems to deepen the puzzle. Why thus deliberately multiply the ranks of his enemies and organize their efforts under the leadership of a single, powerful, aroused country? 
The answer, if one thinks about it free from emotion and preoccupation with oneself, is clear. Deliberately provoking the United States into open, declared war against him, his forces, radical Islamism + worldwide terrorism was bin Laden’s way of expanding a struggle he was already waging but losing, one he could not win on account of its insoluble contradictions, into a larger war free from internal contradictions that he could hope ultimately to win. To put it in a nutshell, Osama bin Laden needed the United States as a declared enemy to enable him to win his war against his primary enemies and thus achieve his goals. URL:
17.Oct.2004 A revolutionary or terrorist movement has much to gain from getting a real government to declare war upon it. This gives the movement considerable status, putting it in some sense in the same league with the government with which it is now recognized as at war. No sensible government wishes to give such quasi-legitimacy to a movement it is trying to stamp out. Consider Napoleon’s treatment of the insurrection in Spain from 1808 to 1813. The insurgents had powerful claims to belligerent status and even legitimacy. They maintained a government in a small corner of Spain, represented the former legitimate Bourbon government Napoleon had overthrown, included the regular Spanish army + were supported and recognized by a major power, Great Britain. But Napoleon always insisted they were nothing but brigands, used this designation as justification for the brutal campaign he waged against them, and acknowledged a state of war with them only when, defeated in Spain and on other fronts, he decided to cut his losses, evacuate Spain + make peace with them and the Bourbon regime. URL:
17.Oct.2004 If bin Laden and al-Qaeda declared war on the United States and committed unmistakable acts of war against it, then obviously the U.S. had no choice but to declare war in reply, just as it had to do so against Japan after Pearl Harbor. 
No, not really. Some other obvious facts also need consideration. First, states frequently wage real, serious wars of the conventional sort against other states without declaring war or putting their countries on a war footing. In the latter 20th century, this practice became the rule rather than the exception. Korea and Vietnam are only two of many examples. Second, revolutionary and terrorist organizations and movements have for centuries declared war on the governments or societies they wished to subvert and overthrow. Yet even while fighting them ruthlessly, states rarely made formal declarations of war against such movements. Instead, they treated these groups as criminals, revolutionaries, rebels, or tools of a hostile foreign power, not as organizations against which a recognized legitimate government declares and wages war. 
25.Oct.2004 American Conservative – issue- The War Bin Laden Wanted - How the U.S. played into the terrorist’s plan-

George W. Bush’s re-election campaign rests on three claims, distinct but always run together: that the USA is at war against terror, that it is winning the war + that it can ultimately achieve victory but only under his leadership.
The second and third propositions are hotly debated. Critics of Bush contend that the U.S. is losing the struggle against terror on the most important fronts and that only new leadership can bring victory, but except for a few radicals, no one denies that the struggle against international terrorism in general and groups like al-Qaeda in particular constitutes a real war. The question comes up in the campaign only when Republicans such as Vice President Cheney charge that Democrats view terrorists as mere criminals and do not recognize that the country is at war. The charge, though false—no Democratic leader would commit political suicide by even hinting this—is effective politically.
Some experts on international law and foreign policy object to calling the struggle against terrorism a war, pointing for example to the legal problem of whether under international law a state can declare war on a non-state movement and claim the rights of war, or arguing that terrorism constitutes a tactic and that no one declares war against a tactic. Both arguments indicate the sloppy thinking that pervades the rhetoric of the War on Terror. The first point, moreover, has important practical consequences for such questions as the treatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay + elsewhere + for our relations with allies, other states + the UN. Yet these kinds of arguments seem too academic to matter. The general public can hardly understand them, much less let them influence their votes. 
Other reasons, however—different, more powerful, highly practical + astonishingly overlooked—argue against conceiving of the struggle as a war and, more important still, waging it as such. The reasons and the logic behind them are somewhat complicated, but the overall conclusion is simple: by conceiving of the struggle against international terrorism as a war, loudly proclaiming it as such + waging it as one, we have given our enemies the war they wanted and aimed to provoke but could not get unless the United States gave it to them.  URL:
Schneller Spaß: Gehirnzellen feilschen um Glücksgefühle

16.Oct.2004 Eight Tossup States May Decide Election
Senior House Republican in Re-Election War
Army Finalizes Bioweapon Test Expansion
Ex-Security Adviser Rips Bush [BGW968] Diplomacy

16.Oct.2004 Military Families Express Some Iraq Doubts
Poll: Service Members Doubt Iraq Strategy
Court: Terror War Can't Curtail Liberties
Spain offers justice at last to victims of Franco's tribunals
65 years after end of civil war, Spain sets about restoring honour of tens of thousands who gave their lives for the losing side.
Haiti mob violence overwhelms peace force Spiralling political violence + looting in Haiti has overwhelmed UN peacekeeping forces + threatens to escalate further.

16.Oct.2004 An American scapegoat in London Comment: In UK USA-bashing is so bad that I fear for my safety, writes Carol Gould .

16.Oct.2004 What the world thinks of USA

16.Oct.2004 Yukos fate is sealed as state auction looms Russian oil company is being forced into a cut-price sale of its jewel in the crown.
Jason Burke discussed al-Qaida + radical Islam -Observer's award-winning chief reporter + author of Al-Qaeda: the True Story of Radical Islam, was live online -on- Read what he had to say.

16.Oct.2004 Arab voters shift to Kerry [KJF966] Gary Younge visits Dearborn, Michigan, the hub of Arab USA.

16.Oct.2004 Military 'are rallying behind Bush [BGW968] '

16.Oct.2004 World writes to undecided voters

16.Oct.2004 Doubts about US morale in Iraq

16.Oct.2004 Comment: Naomi Klein

16.Oct.2004 "Wir erleben hier ein bisher nicht gekanntes Ausmaß von Ausrottung", sagte Simon Stuart von World Conservation Union, der die Untersuchung leitete.

"Wo Amphibien vorangehen, könnten andere folgen, vielleicht auch wir." Mit ihrer durchlässigen Haut seien Amphibien ein besonders sensibler Indikator für Umweltgefahren.
Die Studie von mehr als 500 Forschern aus über 60 Ländern, die heute in der Online-Ausgabe des US-Fachblattes "Science" erschienen ist, nennt beunruhigende Zahlen.

Demnach sind 1856 Amphibienarten akut vom Aussterben bedroht.

Sie machen knapp ein Drittel aller bekannten Amphibienarten aus.

Bei Säugetieren beträgt der Anteil der bedrohten Arten 23 %, bei Vögeln 12 %.
Frösche, Kröten und Salamander sterben derzeit weltweit rasch aus - oft aus rätselhaften Gründen.

Bei fast der Hälfte der 435 am stärksten bedrohten Arten ist die Ursache des Sterbens nicht bekannt, betont die World Conservation Union.

43 % aller bekannten 5743 Amphibienarten befinden sich im Niedergang + verschwinden sogar in Schutzgebieten. URL:,1518,323242,00.html
16.Oct.2004 One of his main points is that the USA administration helped 142 Saudis including two dozen members of bin Laden's family fly out of the USA 11.Sep.2001 -two days after the attacks, even though commercial air space was closed.

"That's false + can be verified by anyone," said the Saudi-born Binladin, who intentionally spells his name differently from Osama, the prime suspect in the 11.Sep.2001 attacks.

"They benefited from no exceptional authorization to leave USA territory."

A recent 11.Sep.2001 panel report states that the chartered flights took place starting 14.Sep.2001 ,once airspace had reopened.

Binladin, who has lived in Geneva for many years + has Swiss citizenship, told the magazine that 20.Sep.2001 his USA-based family members flew into Geneva before taking off again for Saudi Arabia. URL:

16.Oct.2004 Hersh speculated on why those dehumanizing techniques had been used.

He was sure that they were not, as some have claimed, the "stress outlet" or other spontaneous recreational ideas of young soldiers from West Virginia.

Instead, he said, they were the outgrowth of a massive manhunt for information, any information, about first Al Qaida, the Taliban, + then the Iraqi insurgency:

00.Dec.2001 -since- My USA government has a secret unit that has been disappearing people just like the Brazilians + the Argentineans did.

11.Sep.2001 after Rumsfeld decided that he could not wait. The president signed a secret document…There's a team of people, they fly in unmarked planes, they fly in Gulfstreams, they have their own choppers, they don't carry USA passports, and they just grab people. And maybe in the beginning I can understand there was some rationale.

11.Sep.2001 -Right after- we were frightened, we didn't know what to do …

The original idea behind the sexually humiliating photos taken at Abu Ghraib, Hersh said he had heard, was to use them as blackmail so that the newly released prisoners — many of whom were ordinary Iraqi thieves or even civilian bystanders rounded up in dragnets — would act as informants.

"We operate on guilt, [Muslims] operate on shame," Hersh explained. "The idea of photographing an Arab man naked and having him simulate homosexual activity + having an USA GI woman in the photographs, is the end of society in their eyes." video1021.htm

16.Oct.2004 Enter the utopians "I think it's real simple to say Bush [BGW968] is a liar.

But that would also suggest there was a reality that he understood," explained Hersh.

"I'm serious. It is funny in sort of a sick, black humor sort of way, but the real serious problem is, he believes what he's doing."

In effect, Bush [BGW968] , Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, + the other neocons are "idealists, you can call them utopians." As Hersh understands them, they really believe that the solution to global terrorism began with invading Baghdad and will end only with the transformation of the last unfriendly government in the Middle East into a democracy.

"No amount of body bags is going to dissuade Bush [BGW968] ," said Hersh, despite the fact that Hersh's sources say the war in Iraq is "not winnable. It's over." As for Kerry [KJF966] 's war plans, Hersh said he wished he could tell him to stop talking as if the senator's plan for Iraq could somehow still eke out a victory there. "This is a disaster that's been going on. It's a civil war, the insurgency. There is no 'win' anymore in this war," he argued. "As somebody said, 'We're playing chess, they're playing Go.'" video1021.htm

16.Oct.2004 US diplomats baulk at Jewish bill: The US State Department has raised objections to a bill approved by Congress that would require it to set up an office on anti-Semitism.

16.Oct.2004 Bob Barr: An agonizing choice : Conservatives have plenty of cause to abandon Bush [BGW968]

16.Oct.2004 In 2004 Florida, Lawsuits Begin Before Election: Not a single ballot has been counted in the presidential election, yet Florida is already teeming with lawsuits charging the state + its county elections supervisors with voter disenfranchisement, a legal muddle likely to grow worse 02.Nov2004 -before Election Day-.

16.Oct.2004 Top USA advisers to address AIPAC meet : USA National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice + Richard Holbrooke, chief foreign policy adviser to Democratic presidential candidate Kerry [KJF966] , will address an USA Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference in Florida next weekend.

16.Oct.2004 Democrats Target Iran: Barak O-Bomb-a?: Kerry [KJF966] 's antiwar supporters have repeatedly warned that a military attack on Iran is imminent if Bush [BGW968] is reelected. But Democrats are rattling their sabers at the same target.

16.Oct.2004 Lessons Disregarded: The USA + Cluster Munitions: The use of cluster munitions is not a new development in warfare. The USA has a long history of using such weapons.

16.Oct.2004 The hardest word: Unable himself to admit direct sorrow for the Iraq war, the prime minister has acquired a group of ready apologists, willing to spread qualified regret across UK on his behalf.

16.Oct.2004 Scarlett must go : He should resign because he was, in his previous job as chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC), directly responsible for the false prospectus on which UK went to war in Iraq.

16.Oct.2004 UK: Goldsmith faces calls to resign over Iraq: The attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, faced calls to resign last night as Tony Blair's legal justification for going to war against Iraq began to unravel.

16.Oct.2004 John Pilger cheers the islanders fighting dirty tricks: More than 30 years ago, the UK expelled the inhabitants of Diego Garcia so the USA could establish a military base.

Now the government's dirty tricks are being challenged in court.

16.Oct.2004 US treatment of detainees defies int’l law: HRW : The USA is violating international law by holding prisoners in its war on terror incommunicado and in secret hiding places, Human Rights Watch said in a report to be published on Tuesday calling for an end to such practices.

16.Oct.2004 Presidents, Prime Ministers + psycho-politics: The global mistreatment of innocent people is shocking, it is reprehensible, it is inhumane + it is grossly insane on any psychiatric level of assessment. Consult the New England Journal of Medicine + see how this esteemed publication, likened the torture policies of the USA to those practices used by Nazi Germany.

16.Oct.2004 Video: Third Presidential Debate : The lesser of two evils.

16.Oct.2004 Caught On Video: What Bush [BGW968] Actually Said About Bin Laden: Proof positive of another Bush [BGW968] lie. 

16.Oct.2004 Fallujah negotiator questions Zarqawi ultimatum: Iraq's interim prime minister has threatened to attack Fallujah unless it turns in foreign militants, but a negotiator for the rebel-held city said its people were being asked to chase shadows.

16.Oct.2004 Zarqawi is Not in Fallujah, Nor Has He Ever Been There: USA media, in cooperation with the Bush [BGW968] team + the Bush [BGW968] military, keep perpetrating the lies that the people they are killing everyday are “terrorists,” or “insurgents,”

16.Oct.2004 Tortured terror suspects have mental illnesses, say doctors: Eight foreign terror suspects held without trial for nearly three years in British prisons have experienced mental torture and are now suffering from serious psychiatric illnesses, a team of doctors revealed yesterday.

16.Oct.2004 Fact or Fiction? : Gordon Thomas : Bin Laden is in China : During the home stretch of the USA elections, Osama bin Laden could prove to be the ace in the sleeve of president Bush [BGW968] . As we speak, Washington is negotiating a highly secretive agreement with Beijing

16.Oct.2004 Saudis Blame USA and Its Role in Iraq for Rise of Terror

16.Oct.2004 Catholic hospitals and dying patients hunted by Israeli tax collectors : Jerusalem tax authorities have intensified a campaign of intimidation against Catholic institutions, in violation of the Agreement between the Holy See + Israel.

16.Oct.2004 International poll: The world opposes Bush [BGW968] , except Israel : Israelis, perhaps not surprisingly, are alone in their support of the USA president.

16.Oct.2004 USA declines to endorse women’s rights statement : The USA has refused to join 85 heads of state + government in signing a statement that endorses a 10-year-old UN plan to ensure every woman’s right to education, health care + choice about having children.

16.Oct.2004 Follow the Money: Experts from the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies at the University of California, San Francisco, no longer sit on the presidential AIDS advisory council; they have been replaced by a former beauty queen who lectures on abstinence and an antigay evangelical barnstormer from Turning Point ministries.

16.Oct.2004 Retired flag officers unimpressed by White House response to letter: Eight months ago, 120 retired generals + admirals signed a letter to President Bush [BGW968] urging him to expand the active-duty Army by 40,000 soldiers.

16.Oct.2004 USA Mililtary Draft 2005 - Video

16.Oct.2004 Pat Buchanan: Iraq: How Do We Get Out?: At the root of the insurgency—the goal of every enemy fighter—is a determination to drive USA out. Our presence, our use of tanks, Bradleys, gunships and fighter-bombers, causing inevitable civilian casualties, is recruiting more enemy than we are killing.

16.Oct.2004 Alexander Cockburn: The Year Of Surrendering Quietly: The correlative to a politics of ‘Anyone but Bush [BGW968] ’ has become:‘ not a word against Kerry [KJF966] ! ‘ Alexander Cockburn on the great silence of progressive USA as the Democratic candidate pledges more troops for Iraq, greater fiscal austerity + a strong hand in the war on terror.

16.Oct.2004 China fights UN sanctions on Sudan to safeguard oil

16.Oct.2004 The Brownshirting of USA: Where Did These Conservatives Come From?

16.Oct.2004 Bush [BGW968] 's best is not good enough : His story is only of war. At home, he offers merely evasion + denial

16.Oct.2004 Bush [BGW968] plans pension raid to stay afloat: Less than a day after President Bush [BGW968] implied that his Democratic challenger Kerry [KJF966] lacked "fiscal sanity", the Administration said it had hit the debt ceiling set by Congress + would have to borrow money set aside for federal employees' pensions until after the election.

16.Oct.2004 Paul Krugman: : Block the Vote: Earlier this week former employees of Sproul & Associates (operating under the name Voters Outreach of USA), a firm hired by the Republican National Committee to register voters, told a Nevada TV station that their supervisors systematically tore up Democratic registrations.

16.Oct.2004 Powell doubts Kerry [KJF966] can "magically" produce more US allies on Iraq: A pillar of Kerry [KJF966] 's presidential campaign has been his promise to obtain more international support for the USA effort in Iraq.

16.Oct.2004 Poll reveals world anger at Bush [BGW968] : Eight out of 10 countries favour Kerry [KJF966] for president

16.Oct.2004 Polls show worsening of USA reputation: USA s reputation around the world is hurting, according to a series of coordinated polls published Friday from 10 countries, including many of the USA' closest allies.

16.Oct.2004 Sharon's rampage: The Palestinians are now sandwiched between the Israeli "hell-fire" + the USA veto

16.Oct.2004 U.N. rips Israel for rights violations: Israel is guilty of severe human rights violations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, including "wanton destruction" of Palestinian homes, according to a U.N. report obtained by The Associated Press on Thursday.

16.Oct.2004 Palestinian children are not terrorist: Terrorist is the label all too frequently attached to Palestinian children. Today, many Palestinian youngsters feel misjudged by a world choosing to condemn them rather than know them.

16.Oct.2004 Questions of responsibility: Israel's deliberate confusion of Judaism with Zionism is a policy fraught with danger

16.Oct.2004 The making of the terror myth : 11.Sep.2001 -Since- UK has been warned of the 'inevitability' of catastrophic terrorist attack. But has the danger been exaggerated? A major new TV documentary claims that the perceived threat is a politically driven fantasy - and al-Qaida a dark illusion. Andy Beckett reports

16.Oct.2004 Juan Cole: Neo-Baath v. the Shiites: Brig. Gen. Muhammad Abdullah Shahwani, the head of the Iraqi secret police, has charged 27 employees in the Iranian embassy in Baghdad with espionage + sabotage. - Personally, I find Shahwani's allegations fantastic.

16.Oct.2004 The Three Stooges in Iraq + the USA’s First Stooge : In order to achieve some degree of legitimacy, it was important to create a native stooge—what some call a “comprador”—heavily dependent upon USA power to govern in the interests of the USA government.

16.Oct.2004 USA War Resisters Seek Refuge in Canada : USA soldiers who are resisting the war in Iraq are now looking north of the border for a safe place to call home. We speak with two Iraq war resisters, Jeremy Hinzman and Brandon Hughey who are seeking refugee status in Canada as conscientious objectors.

16.Oct.2004 Secret papers warned Blair war on Iraq was 'illegal' : Secret government documents show that Tony Blair was warned by his own advisers a year before going to war that there was no growing threat from Saddam Hussein + that invading Iraq would be illegal.

16.Oct.2004 This week's casualty: the legal case for war in Iraq : It can only be a matter of time before the invasion is challenged in court

16.Oct.2004 Platoon defies orders in Iraq: A 17-member Army Reserve platoon with troops from Jackson + around the Southeast deployed to Iraq is under arrest for refusing a "suicide mission" to deliver fuel, the troops' relatives said Thursday.

16.Oct.2004 Iraqi nuclear sites looted ‘professionally’ : Officials of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) believe that the stripping of several Iraqi dual-use nuclear facilities, must have been carried out by professionals with access to heavy moving + demolition machinery, unnamed diplomats told Reuters news agency on Friday.

16.Oct.2004 Creeping Fascism at Sinclair: Don't look now, but your local network is a propaganda machine.

16.Oct.2004 Global Agreements Threaten Media, Privacy: The growing use of international treaties to bypass the will of national parliaments, by bodies waging the so-called "war on terrorism," increasingly threatens civil liberties + freedom of the media, warn privacy advocates. 

16.Oct.2004 Under attack as never before: "The fundamental right of Americans, through our free press, to penetrate + criticize the workings of our government is under attack as never before,"

16.Oct.2004 Bush [BGW968] guru Rove testifies in CIA leak probe : Friday President Bush [BGW968] 's top political adviser, Rove, Karl testified before USA federal grand jury trying to determine if an administration official leaked the name of an undercover CIA officer.

16.Oct.2004 Bush [BGW968] 's New England Campaign Chief Resigns : Friday President Bush [BGW968] 's New England campaign chairman stepped down after the Democrats accused him of taking part in the jamming of their telephone lines on Election Day 00.000.2002.

15.Oct.2004 Jon Stewart on Crossfire (video) : Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show, appeared on CNN's Crossfire. He calls co-host Tucker Carlson a "dick," + more.

16.Oct.2004 Nuns must follow headscarf ban too - report : A German federal court has ruled that a regional ban on Muslim teachers wearing headscarves in public schools must also apply to Christian nuns

16.Oct.2004 The War Bin Laden Wanted: For more than three years after 11.Sep.2001 things have generally been going his way, he could not have achieved this huge, improbable victory without indispensable USA help. USA gave bin Laden precisely the war he needed + wanted.

16.Oct.2004 Thomas L. Freidman: Addicted to 11.Sep.2001 -By exploiting the emotions 11.Sep.2001 -around- Mr. Bush [BGW968] took a far-right agenda on taxes, the environment + social issues - for which he had no electoral mandate - + drove it into a 12.Sep.2001 world. In doing so, Mr. Bush [BGW968] made himself the most divisive + polarizing president in modern history.

16.Oct.2004 Video: Watch it online: Hijacking Catastrophe : 11.Sep.2001 + Fear + the Selling of USA Empire: Hijacking Catastrophe is powerful, understated, straightforward + educational. In a single meticulously organized hour of evidence + analysis, viewers are treated to a thoughtful explanation of modern USA empire, neo-conservatism as a driving force for the current Bush [BGW968] administration.

16.Oct.2004 Naomi Klein: Why is war-torn Iraq giving $190,000 to Toys R Us? : Next week, something will happen that will unmask the upside-down morality of the invasion + occupation of Iraq.

21.Oct.2004 Iraq will pay $200m in war reparations to some of the richest countries + corporations in the world

16.Oct.2004 Eigene "Big Brother"-Stadt: Kandidaten sollen für immer bleiben

16.Oct.2004 Meeresungeheuer: Gefräßige rote Teufel vor Alaskas Küste

16.Oct.2004 Panne beim Andocken: Sojus-Kapsel war zu schnell

16.Oct.2004 Islamisten in Deutschland: Ende der Schonzeit

16.Oct.2004 Irak: US-Bürgerinitiative startet Foto-Offensive gegen Folter-Bilder

16.Oct.2004 Opel-Krise: GM will kurzfristig keine Werke schließen

16.Oct.2004 Nord-Wales: Wo sich einst Europas Adel traf

16.Oct.2004 Medizin: Antibiotikum stoppt Krebswachstum