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26.Nov.2004 Why Tony Blair must be impeached 23 MPs across the political parties laid before UK House of Commons a motion calling for a select committee to examine the case for impeaching the Prime Minister for his conduct over the war in Iraq.

26.Nov.2004 Ukraine on brink of 'civil war' : Both sides in Ukraine's disputed presidential election have warned of a civil conflict, as tens of thousands of people continue to protest in Kiev.

26.Nov.2004 Ukraine Opposition Leader Calls for Strike: Election officials on Wednesday declared Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych the winner of Ukraine's presidential election, prompting opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko to call for a nationwide strike to protest what his camp contends was brazen vote fraud.

26.Nov.2004 Top Yukos executives flee threat of arrest: The senior executives of Yukos have left Russia, fearing for their safety amid a flurry of arrest and search warrants issued by Russian prosecutors for managers of the embattled oil company.

26.Nov.2004 Declaration of Independence Banned at Calif School: A California teacher has been barred by his school from giving students documents from USA history that refer to God -- including the Declaration of Independence.

26.Nov.2004 "Declaration Of Independence Banned" - It's A Lie!: This is the BIG STORY today, on Rush + Drudge + the rest of the Usual Suspects. And it is a carefully planned + carefully timed lie.

26.Nov.2004 White House Criticizes High Court Appeal : The Bush administration on Wednesday urged the Supreme Court not to rush a decision in an extraordinary appeal about the government's plans for military trials for foreign terror suspects.

26.Nov.2004 Four New Senators Aid Exxon's, BP's Alaska Hopes : Exxon Mobil Corp., BP Plc and ConocoPhillips are among companies poised to realize a decades- old dream of drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, thanks to Republican gains in this month's USA Senate elections.

26.Nov.2004 US 'alienating' world's Muslims : A report by the Defence Science Board says official US talk of bringing democracy to Muslim nations is seen as "self-serving hypocrisy".

26.Nov.2004 USA Double Standard Prompts UN Tactical Twists: The USA, which traditionally castigates human rights violators before the United Nations each year, has rarely or ever been formally condemned by the world body for its own transgressions of civil liberties.

26.Nov.2004 U.N. Body Rejects Censure, Threatens Revolt: Francis A. Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law, told IPS, ''Finally, the member states of the U.N. General Assembly are taking a stand against the administration of (USA President George W.) Bush and its wanton aggression, war crimes + gross human rights violations all over the world, including here in the USA where they are trying to establish a police state''.

26.Nov.2004 CIA confirms North Korea nuclear test threat : CIA has confirmed North Korea threatened to test its long-range nuclear weapons, the Kyodo news agency said Wednesday.

26.Nov.2004 Mighty greenback now China's ‘money to burn': “It's hard to find anyone buying USA dollars any more. The value of the yuan is definitely going to increase.”

26.Nov.2004 Gold hits new 16-year high : Trading has been thin with US markets closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday and Friday, but a persistently weak dollar is leading to predictions of new peaks in the coming days.

The precious metal has jumped 13% 00.Sep.2004 -since early-

New USA Foreclosure Inventory Nears

26.Nov.2004 USA Regime Change, Torture + Murder in Chile : What mattered to USA officials was not democracy in Chile but rather the same thing that matters to them today in Iraq — the installation of a ruler, brutal or benevolent, democratically elected or not, who was friendly to the USA government

26.Nov.2004 Betting on apocalypse : The "Left Behind" series, the best-selling novels for adults in the USA, enthusiastically depict Jesus returning to slaughter everyone who is not a born-again Christian.

The world's Hindus, Muslims, Jews and agnostics, along with many Roman Catholics and Unitarians, are heaved into everlasting fire: "

26.Nov.2004 War on terror 'vanishes from agenda' : You hear almost no talk - at least at the moment - about Washington's "war on terror" against al-Qaeda.

26.Nov.2004 Guardsmen Say They're Facing Iraq Ill-Trained: Members of a California Army National Guard battalion preparing for deployment to Iraq said this week that they were under strict lockdown and being treated like prisoners rather than soldiers

26.Nov.2004 Auditor: Halliburton's Iraq Payments Should Be Cut: The Houston-based company is the USA military's biggest contractor in Iraq with the potential to earn up to $18 billion for multiple contracts there. Its tasks range from cooking meals for troops to rebuilding Iraq's oil industry.

26.Nov.2004 20,802 US Soldiers Heavily Wounded : The official number of US soldiers wounded in Iraq that was announced by the US DOD (department of defense) is 8458 in Iraq and 423 in Afghanistan. The US military hospital in Germany reports that 20,802 troops have been treated at Landstuhl from injuries received in "Operations Iraqi Freedom" (occupying Iraq) and "Enduring Freedom" (occupying Afghanistan).

26.Nov.2004 What Born Again Christians Teach Their Children Or How To Hate Everyone :

This video tells us that Satan has created religions in order to deceive man.

These religions include Buddhism, Catholicism + of course, singled out for a special level of contempt, Islam.

26.Nov.2004 Dogma is one scary premise: It doesn’t matter if the dogma is political or religious, adherence to a dogmatic premise is an admission of the inability to reason. Dogma gives rise to intolerance.

26.Nov.2004 Dollar Heads for Weekly Decline; Foreigners May Reduce Holdings : The dollar is poised for a seventh straight weekly drop against the euro, its longest losing streak in 10 months, on concern foreign investors and central banks may reduce holdings of USA assets

26.Nov.2004 WTO to EU, Japan: Hit USA with Sanctions: The World Trade Organization (WTO) gave final approval on Friday to the European Union, Japan and others to hit the USA with an initial $150 million in trade sanctions in a row over an illegal anti-dumping law.

26.Nov.2004 Two more top spies quit troubled CIA : Two more of America's top spies were reported yesterday to be leaving the CIA, as an attempt to fix the troubled agency appeared increasingly to be dividing its ranks and driving out its most experienced officials.

26.Nov.2004 US campaign behind the turmoil in Kiev : Funded and organised by the US government, deploying US consultancies, pollsters, diplomats, the two big American parties and US non-government organisations, the campaign was first used in Europe in Belgrade in 2000 to beat Slobodan Milosevic at the ballot box.

26.Nov.2004 Ukraine state TV in revolt : Journalists on Ukraine's state-owned channel - which had previously given unswerving support to Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych - have joined the opposition, saying they have had enough of "telling the government's lies".

26.Nov.2004 Powell's (same old) swan song: Colin Powell's first trip to Israel and the occupied territories in 18 months saw him reading the same old script

26.Nov.2004 Iran complaints about draft IAEA resolution: Islamic republic says draft resolution presented by EU countries to IAEA is contrary to Paris accord.

26.Nov.2004 The recipe for civil war : Najaf was bombed in August. Samarra was bombed in September. Sadr City was bombed in October. Fallujah was bombed in November. Mosul may be bombed in December. And Kirkuk may be bombed in January. This is the calendar in the runup to the Iraqi elections set for January 30 next year.

26.Nov.2004 Turk lawmaker says US in Iraq worse than Hitler: The head of Turkey's parliamentary human rights group has accused Washington of genocide in Iraq and behaving worse than Adolf Hitler, in remarks underscoring the depth of opposition in Turkey to USA policy in the region.

How about we pay you to let us commit war crimes? Congress Seeks to Curb International Court : The Republican-controlled Congress has stepped up its campaign to curtail the power of the International Criminal Court, threatening to cut hundreds of millions of dollars in economic aid to governments that refuse to sign immunity accords shielding USA personnel from being surrendered to the tribunal.

We don't need to worry about war crimes! God is on our side: Rev. Bob Jones, III: God Has Granted America a Reprieve: In your re-election, God has graciously granted America-though she doesn't deserve it-a reprieve from the agenda of paganism. You have been given a mandate. We the people expect your voice to be like the clear and certain sound of a trumpet. Because you seek the Lord daily, we who know the Lord will follow that kind of voice eagerly.

26.Nov.2004 No More Excuses: Understanding the Americans: For the last three and a half years I have been making excuses for Americans. You see, I was born in the US and therefore I am continually asked by non-Americans, to explain the mysterious ways of my former countrymen.

26.Nov.2004 Outlook is for war, then more war: Powell's successor, the ghastly Condoleezza Rice, will be telling Bush only what he wants to hear, just as Donald Rumsfeld does from the Pentagon, which is that the US is locked in a struggle between good and evil which can be won only by fire and sword and, when that doesn't work in a hurry, by more fire and more sword.

26.Nov.2004 'Unusual Weapons' Used in Fallujah : The USA military has used poison gas and other non-conventional weapons against civilians in Fallujah, eyewitnesses report.

26.Nov.2004 President Bush, I need some advice regarding God's Laws and how best to follow them
For Instance
Leviticus 25.44 states that I may possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans but not to Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can't I own Canadians?

26.Nov.2004 Bombing The Sick And Dying by MILES SCHUMAN
While the North American news media have focused on the military triumph of US Marines in Falluja, little attention has been paid to reports that US armed forces killed scores of patients in an attack on a Falluja health center and have deprived civilians of medical care, food and water.

26.Nov.2004 Machtkampf in der Ukraine: Rivalen einigen sich auf Runden Tisch

26.Nov.2004 Ukraine: Der Osten droht mit Abspaltung

26.Nov.2004 Ukraine: Mitglieder der Wahlkommission widerrufen Unterschrift

26.Nov.2004 EU-Betrug: Milliarden-Schäden durch Mauschelei

26.Nov.2004 Venezuela: Präsident Chavez will Ölpreis über 30 Dolllar

26.Nov.2004 Angst vor Anschlägen: 30.000 Christen fliehen aus dem Irak

26.Nov.2004 Hessen: Brandanschlag auf muslimische Metzgerei

26.Nov.2004 Russland und die Ukraine: Putins riskanter Fehlgriff

26.Nov.2004 COUNCIL OF NATIONAL POLICY One world "Christian" organization-- Very new information

Here is a new New World Order group I have just learned about.  They must have been out of sight for some time, or I just missed them.  Anyway, take notice please.  We now have for Christendom an exact carbon copy of the Council on Foreign Relations.  The Whore now has her enforcers IN HOUSE.

The new Inquisition could start anytime +

The new Inquisition need not even include the Holy Office of the Vatican.  (

Our correspondent must remain anonymous by his request).

Ankerberg, John wrote a book against Masons but he is connected to DeVos of Amway, Rich, 33rd Degree Freemason, .

Ankerberg, John is a member of the Council of National Policy.

This group is parallel to the NWO politicians: the Council of Foreign (CFR) Relations.(




00.000.1981 -formed in- for leading USA conservative political leaders, financiers + religous right activist leaders -The Council for National Policy is a secretive forum, .

“Educational conferences for national leaders in the fields of business, government, religion + academia to explore national policy alternatives.

Weekly newsletters are distributed to all members to keep them apprised of member activities and public policy issues.

A semi-annual journal is produced from membership meeting speeches,” it states in its 2002 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) return.[1]

The CNP, which meets three times a year, gathered ahead of the 2004 Republican National Convention.

"The real crux of this is that these are the genuine leaders of the Republican Party, but they certainly aren't going to be visible on television next week," the executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Barry W. Lynn, told the New York Times .[2]

According to ABC News, "The CNP describes itself as a counterweight against liberal domination of the American agenda." [3]

"a highly secretive... a theocratic organization -- what they want is basically religious rule" (Mark Crispin Miller, A Patriot Act ).

Date/Time: 11/26/2004 21:0 WASHINGTON POST
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Academy, Randolph Macon

American Copy

American Public
Annan, Kofi

Omnibus Spending

Ceol, Edward

Co-Host Co-Publisher Conservatism,


Corsi, Jerome R. CORSI JEROME R     1
Crane, Philip
Curtis, Carl


Ordained Proto Democracy Institute DEMOCRACY INSTITUTE     5
Democracy, Russian

Dossier Magazine

Dulles International

Eagle Forum EAGLE FORUM     12
Education Foundation Elya, John

Feulner, Ed FEULNER EDWIN J JR     100
Free Congress Commentaries Free Congress Foundation
Free Congress Research

Gedrich, Fred

Ghattas, Ignatius

Helen Broadcasting Corporation

Heritage Foundation HERITAGE FOUNDATION     232
Immigration Policy


American Voters

Jefferson, Thomas

Kerry, John KERRY JOHN FORBES (D-MA)     198
Kreible Institute Krieble Institute

Conservative Leadership Institute LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE     13
Leadership, Servant

Liberties, Endangered

Listen America Radio Network

Mason, George

Mobility Research

Monitoring Project

National Journal
National Policy
North, Chicago

Pascoe, Craig

Policy Centers

Politics Journal

Productions, Weyrich

Reagan, Michael
Religious Broadcasters

Republican, Virginia

Republicans, Young

Revisionists, Secularist

Rice University

Roe Foundation ROE FOUNDATION     2
Senate Steering Committee

Smigun, Joyce

Spending, Federal Texas Review

U. S. Senate

Veterans, Swift Boat

Washington Post WASHINGTON POST     190
Weyrich, Joyce Smigun

Weyrich, Paul M.

00.000.1984 Council for National Policy. Mailing List. 1984


Date/Time: 11/26/2004 20:47:44
Council for National Policy, 732 North Boulevard, Baton Rouge LA 70802 (address was current as of 1984).

Member Participants,

Members-Elect + Special Guests.

00.Aug.1984 Dallas TX,.

00.Feb.1985 New Member Participants, Rancho Las Palmas CA, .

These lists include a biographical paragraph on each of 223 elites from the Right who participated in two conferences.

Years ago the John Birch Society developed the view that the Council on Foreign Relations, dominated by Rockefeller's money and Kissinger's politics, was too soft on the cold war.

27.Nov.2004 -Today- many conservatives, from Birchers to Lyndon LaRouche, still see CFR as more or less part of the Soviet conspiracy.

The Left, on the other hand, has always felt that CFR is an example of imperialism in the service of ruling class interests.

00.000.1981 the Hunt brothers + Davis, T.Cullen founded the Council for National Policy as a counterweight to CFR.

This was not a collection of right-wing nuts, but rather the cream of the wealthy activist Right in America.

Forget about trying to join either one -- both CNP + CFR are for elites only.

It is unclear whether CNP is still active.

The last time they were in the news was when North, Oliver first named by the media in 00.000.1985, was found on CNP's 00.000.1984 confidential mailing list.

WATCH UNTO PRAYER - ... Dialectical Process The John Birch Society ~ A CFR Front. The Council for National Policy ~ The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Sun Myung ...

Council for National Policy -
... The Council for National Policy . ... I have added to David Harris' work information on the National Center for Privatization and the Council for National Policy .

Council for National Policy - Disinfopedia -
Council for National Policy . ... Other members. Council for National Policy
membership roster, last updated July 2001. Member Directory. ... 24.Nov.2004 -

Council for National Policy - Disinfopedia -
Council for National Policy . (Redirected from Council on National Policy ). ... Other
members. Council for National Policy membership roster, last updated 00.Jul.2001 . ... _Policy

The Council for National Policy: What it Is -
Research > The Council for National Policy (CNP).

The Council for National Policy : What It Is Update: 05.Jul.2001 . John 10: 26-30.

Council for National Policy Executives & Members -
Research > Council for National Policy (CNP). ... Council for National Policy . Member
Participants. 1984 Online source:

Council For National Policy -- US Right's Answer to the Leftist ... -
... You are here: Remnant Saints > Inter-Continental Congress > Related > Council for National Policy (CNP). Council for National Policy (CNP). ...

International Council on National Youth Policy (ICNYP) International Council on National Youth Policy – homepage.

26.Nov.2004 Americans United: Behind Closed Doors -
... Who Is The Council For National Policy And What Are They Up To? And Why Don’t They
Want You To Know? ... That answer is the Council for National Policy (CNP). Do You Know About the Council of National Policy and Who ... - Do You Know About the Council of National Policy + Who Belongs to it? Subj: CNP to Meet This Week in San Diego Date: 00.000.1996

26.Nov.2004 National Security Council

The National Security Council is the President's principal forum for considering national security foreign policy matters with his senior national security ... 25.Nov.2004 -

The John Birch Society and the Council for National Policy


Wolves in Sheep's Clothing | Why the Council for National Policy? - ... org. Why the Council for National Policy ? By Charles H. Kendall Jr.,Ph.D., advisor to Protecting Marriage, Inc. 00.Sep.1998 . Since

Council for National Policy -

Council for National Policy Unofficial Information Page - Council for National Policy Unofficial Information Page. Welcome to the text version of the Council for National Policy unofficial information page. ...

Council for National Policy. Member Participants. 1984 - ... [CIA and cookies]. Name index for Council for National Policy . COUNCIL NATIONAL POLICY ; COX JACK (TEXAS); CROWLEY MARY C; DALTON KELLY; DANNEMEYER WILLIAM E (R-CA

Council for National Policy. Mailing List. 1984 -
Council for National Policy , 732 North Boulevard, Baton Rouge LA 70802 (address was current as of 1984). Board of Governors Mailing List. 1984. ...

The Pro-Family Movement Has Never Been So Energized URL:
Safe Act Is A Wise Bet When it Comes To Protecting Constitutional Liberties URL:
Noted Conservative Leader To Address World Russian Forum Paul M. Weyrich: "Russian Democracy: An American Copy Or Uniquely Russian?" URL:
24.May 2004
Paul M. Weyrich's Reflections On Today's Presidential Speech URL:
Thanksgiving—To God, Not To Secularist Revisionists

11.Nov.1990 Ordained Deacon of Melkite Greek Catholic Eparchy of Newton by Archbishop Ignatius Ghattas,

24.Sep.2000 Ordained Proto Deacon by Archbishop John Elya -Religion URL:

URL: Education University of Wisconsin, 2 years

00.000.2003 Presented "Patriot of The Year Award" from the Leadership Institute, URL:
00.000.1996 Winner of the 1996 Crystal Ball Award from the Washington Post for correctly predicting the outcome of the elections that year, URL:
00.000.1985-00.000.1990 Chairman, Dulles International Airport (Washington, D.C.) Light Rail Task Force, URL:
www. URL:
Weyrich Productions

Weyrich, Paul M. Chairman and CEO

Weyrich, Paul M. is Chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Research and Education Foundation.

00.000.1977-00.000.2002 Weyrich, Paul M. served as President of Free Congress Research and Education Foundation

00.000.1989-00.000.1996 Mr. Weyrich, Paul M. served as President of the Kreible Institute of the Free Congress Foundation,

responsible for training democracy movements in the states comprising the Former Soviet Empire.

Weyrich, Paul M. is a founder + past director of the American Legislative Exchange Council,

Weyrich, Paul M. the founding president of the Heritage Foundation +

Weyrich, Paul M. the current National Chairman of Coalitions for America.

Weyrich, Paul M. -A former reporter + radio news director +

Weyrich, Paul M. is a regular guest on daily radio + television talk shows.

Weyrich, Paul M. A sought-after writer, has published policy reports + journals on a variety of conservative issues +

Weyrich, Paul M. has contributed editorials to The New York Times,

Weyrich, Paul M. has contributed editorials to The Washington Post,

Weyrich, Paul M. has contributed editorials to The Wall Street Journal.

Weyrich, Paul M. has been described by The Economist as "one of the conservative movement's more vigorous thinkers."

00.000.1981-00.000.1983 three years in a row Voted from by readers of Conservative Digest as one of the top three "most popular conservatives in America not in Congress,"

Weyrich, Paul M. has been named by Regardie's Magazine as "one of the 100 most powerful Washingtonians."

00.000.1963 -since- Weyrich, Paul M. has been married to the former Joyce Smigun, is the father of five children + serves as a deacon in his church.
02.Nov.2004 USA
Election 44 Percent of Hispanics Voted for Bush? Ruy Teixeira

26.Nov.2004 ADVENTISTS Their diplomacy can affect some good things, like the truce in Rwanda. URL:

26.Nov.2004 GNN: Are they codified like the Masons or something?

SHARLET: There is an inner core group that is codified in their documents, called the Core.

I don't know who is in it other than Coe, Doug.

00.000.1980 -up to the late s -The documents I saw only went [] with senators, congressmen + a lot of military men.

Senator Huges, Harold was Core Before he died.

Former Senator Hatfield, Mark used to be Core + may still be.

In the AP article, there is an Air Force officer who I hadn't known about.

Then there are associates, usually about 150 associates + they are the key individuals in their areas + then there are the people who are in a cell with an associate + they are very close.

And then there are close friends.

Senator Inhofe, James Republican from Oklahoma, is frequently, for instance, referred to as a close friend.

President Museveni of Uganda is a close friend.

There is no membership card.

In all of their letters there is a paragraph that says this is a private, confidential relationship + we don't talk about it when they are recruiting a new person into the group.

GNN: Are there formal events and meetings, other than this national prayer breakfast?

SHARLET: There are literally thousands of governors', mayors', prayer breakfasts around the country.

Some of those probably launched forty, fifty years ago + have long since lost their connection to the mothership, as it were.

But that's the idea. They're part of the movement.

The system is in place, that we should turn to God to make all our decisions.

00.000.0000-00.000.1970 -Up until the 's, they had Core meetings around the world, but that's as far as I saw in the documents.

26.Nov.2004 They have gotten into trouble with a lot of evangelical groups. They invited Yasser Arafat to the National Prayer Breakfast.

They've boasted + I don't know if it's true, that they had special permission from the State Department to bring anyone they wanted to the Cedars, that they'd brought some Sudanese on the terrorist list to their mansion headquarters and they'd love to get Osama bin Laden down there.

GNN: But where does Christ fit into all of this? This seems like a lot of Old Testament stuff, not the new [Testament], meek-shall-inherit-the-earth Jesus part.

SHARLET: That's an interesting point. For them, Jesus is just a regular guy, a buddy, a guide, the standard evangelical stuff, no sex. It's sort of a weird hipster puritanical view. If you met them you wouldn't think they were uptight.

26.Nov.2004 [They say] "We need to convert everyone, the high and the low." The Family says, "No we don't need the high." All these guys Hitler, Lenin, Pol Pot and Osama bin Laden is another guy they cite a lot, are guys who understood the power of a political avant garde. That's what they mean by the Hitler Concept. Also keeping your message simple + repeating it again and again because there is only one message and it is "Jesus Loves." You can express lots of different things with that term.

I always try to play the devil's advocate. They are not the traditional right wing bad guys. They have been able to do what they do for so long because no one has been looking for this kind of thing.

A lot of this is already in the culture, take [the book] "Ghengis Khan Business Secrets," for instance, the admiration authoritarian leaders.

26.Nov.2004 GNN: It sounds to me like some sort of extended Skull and Bones, an Old Boys Network crafted onto a religious context.

SHARLET: The religious context is real. The Old Boys Network is about business. This is about more than business. This is about maintaining a certain kind of power, a certain view of how power should be distributed. The Episcopalian Old Boys Network was a lot more easygoing than this. This is a lot more militaristic. Really at its fundamental core, almost monarchist. We would be told time and time again, "Christ's kingdom is not a democracy" This is their model for leadership. They would often say, "Everything you need to know about government is right there in the cross - it's vertical not horizontal."

GNN: In that vein, reading your article I got the impression they are praising guys like Adolph Hitler and Ghengis Khan -- a lot. Is that a fair assessment of your intention?

SHARLET: In fact, Harpers made me cut back on that stuff. [They said] 'We know it's true, but this is already so much to absorb.' That's why I included that line at the end of the story. The leader of the group is having dinner with the younger members of that group and is talking about the bond, the covenant. And he says, "Can anyone think of someone who had a covenant?" And the answer, of course + everyone knows it, is "Hitler."

This goes back to the 1960's, Vereide was instructing young men by having them read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich -- "Look at what those guys did." But they will say, "We are not trying to kill Jews." What we are talking about is imagine if you took the "Hitler Concept," and they'll use that phrase, the Hitler Concept, to work for Christ, or the Mao Concept. We're not right wingers, they'll say. You can use the Mao Concept.

GNN: Define what they mean by Hitler Concept.

26.Nov.2004 GNN: What are their core issues then?

SHARLET: The core issue is capitalism and power. The core issue they would say, is love. There are a lot of different things love means. They will always work with both sides of the issue. I saw some correspondence with Chinese officials before Deng Xiao Ping was in power. They had some very clandestine associations with senior Chinese officials + were told Deng was a guy they could do business with. So that was fine with them.

26.Nov.2004 GNN: Who are these guys + how many are there?

SHARLET: The only estimate was made by Charles Colson, Nixon's chief dirty tricks guy who went on to become the head of Prison Fellowship Ministries. Right before he went to prison the founder [of the Fellowship] Doug Coe turned him on to Christ. Colson said there are about 20,000 people involved in the USA But you aren't really supposed to talk about it.

I always say to interviewers, "This is not a conspiracy." There's no secret badge or anything. It's much looser. This is how the vast right-wing conspiracy works, by being associates, friends.

GNN: But they speak of themselves as operating in terrorist-like cells.

SHARLET: Yes, they do. Inside your cell, you might know six or eight guys.

Let me give you a real quick history. In 1935, Abraham Vereide starts it. By the 1940s he has about a third of Congress attending a weekly prayer meeting. In the mid-50s, he gets Eisenhower's support.

[According to a 2002 Los Angeles Times article, during the 1950's Vereide played a major role in the USA government's anti-communist activities: "Pentagon officials secretly met at the group's Washington Fellowship House in 1955 to plan a worldwide anti-communism propaganda campaign endorsed by the CIA, documents from the Fellowship archives and the Eisenhower Presidential Library show. Then known as International Christian Leadership, the group financed a film called 'Militant Liberty' that was used by the Pentagon abroad." Showing Faith in Discretion, Lisa Getter, The Los Angeles Times, Sep 27, 2002]

It's sort of stabilized now. By the mid-60's, they sort of realized they didn't want too many people. Too many people dilute the organization.

One scene I saw was Congressman Todd Tiahrt, Republican from Kansas, who seemed as if he was interviewing to be in the organization. He was very nervous. The leader of the organization was asking him questions, sort of leaning back and testing him. I think he wanted into this network + he would fumble a little by talking about abortion. They don't really care about abortion. They are against it but they aren't really concerned about it.

26.Nov.2004 GNN: What are some this group's core ideas and what level of secrecy is involved here?

SHARLET: The goal is an "invisible" world organization led by Christ -- that's what they aspire to. They are very explicit about this if you look in their documents + I spent a lot of time researching in their archives. Their goal is a worldwide invisible organization. That's their word + that's important because it sounds so crazy.

What they mean when they say "a world organization led by Christ" is that literally you just sit there and let Christ tell you what to do. More often than not that leads them to a sort of paternalistic benign fascism. There are a lot of places that they've done good things + that's important to acknowledge. But that also means they might be involved with General Suharto in Indonesia and if that means that God leads him to kill half a million of his own citizens then, well, it would prideful to question God leading them.

26.Nov.2004 GNN: You went undercover into this house. Who were you posing as and what were you trying to find?

SHARLET: Actually, I was posing as myself. I write about religion. A friend said go check it out, it's an interesting place. I went not knowing the politics. Within a few days I began to see things were not at all what I expected. This was connected to a pretty vast political network. Still it was quite a pleasant place to live. These people had a different approach than I did, but I was interested in learning. As time went on I started hearing more and more disturbing talk.

That's when I started keeping my ears open. I didn't go in undercover, but I suppose I left undercover. But I told them who I was, I never told a lie.

GNN: Some people have called your story a hoax.

SHARLET: I've got lots of letters from people saying this has got to be a hoax, or please tell me it's a hoax or curiously from people who know a little too much to be saying the things they were saying.

GNN: What are some this group's core ideas and what level of secrecy is involved here?

26.Nov.2004 If this all sounds like something out of a conspiracy theorist's wet dream (or paranoid nightmare), you're right. Sharlet's account of his three weeks of "man to man" interaction can only be described as disturbing and downright bizarre. In fact, it was so creepy many accused him of making the whole thing up.

26.Nov.2004 The Family's only publicized gathering is the National Prayer Breakfast, which it established in 1953 and which, with congressional sponsorship, it continues to organize every February in Washington, D.C. Each year 3,000 dignitaries, representing scores of nations, pay $425 each to attend. Steadfastly ecumenical, too bland most years to merit much press, the breakfast is regarded by the Family as merely a tool in a larger purpose: to recruit the powerful attendees into smaller, more frequent prayer meetings, where they can "meet Jesus man to man."

26.Nov.2004 Ivanwald, which sits at the end of Twenty-fourth Street North in Arlington, Virginia, is known only to its residents and to the members and friends of the organization that sponsors it, a group of believers who refer to themselves as "the Family." The Family is, in its own words, an "invisible" association, though its membership has always consisted mostly of public men. Senators Don Nickles (R., Okla.), Charles Grassley (R., Iowa), Pete Domenici (R., N.Mex.), John Ensign (R., Nev.), James Inhofe (R., Okla.), Bill Nelson (D., Fla.) + Conrad Burns (R., Mont.) are referred to as "members," as are Representatives Jim DeMint (R., S.C.), Frank Wolf (R., Va.), Joseph Pitts (R., Pa.), Zach Wamp (R., Tenn.) + Bart Stupak (D., Mich.).

Regular prayer groups have met in the Pentagon and at the Department of Defense + the Family has traditionally fostered strong ties with businessmen in the oil and aerospace industries. The Family maintains a closely guarded database of its associates, but it issues no cards and collects no official dues. Members are asked not to speak about the group or its activities. The organization has operated under many guises, some active, some defunct: National Committee for Christian Leadership, International Christian Leadership, the National Leadership Council, Fellowship House, the Fellowship Foundation, the National Fellowship Council, the International Foundation. These groups are intended to draw attention away from the Family + to prevent it from becoming, in the words of one of the Family's leaders, "a target for misunderstanding."

13.Jun.2003 Posted on 26.Nov.2004 Printed on / Meet 'The Family' By Anthony Lappé, Guerrilla News Network

It sounded like a reality show on the PAX network:

Six conservative politicians living in a DC townhouse owned by a fundamentalist Christian organization.

What happens when you stop being polite + start finding Jesus?

00.Apr.2003 the AP broke the story that six USA congressmen were paying the bargain rate of $600 a month each to live together

in a swanky DC townhouse owned by a secretive fundamentalist Christian group known as the Fellowship or the Foundation.

Many, understandably, were curious. Who is this organization + what is its agenda?

The group, the AP reported, is best known for holding the annual National Prayer Breakfast at the White House, which offers scores of national + international heavy hitters the opportunity to praise God in close proximity to the President.

In the article, the congressmen boarding at the house denied owing any allegiance to the group + several professed ignorance of even the most basic facts about the organization.

Little else was reported about the group's history, motives or backers.

There is a reason for that.

The Fellowship is one of the most secretive + most powerful, religious organizations in USA.

Its connections reach to the highest levels of the USA government + include ties to the CIA + numerous current + past dictators around the world.

00.May 2003 Harper's magazine published a rather extraordinary article by Jeffrey Sharlet, editor of the irreverent web site +

co-author of the upcoming "Killing the Buddha: A Heretic's Bible" (Free Press). The piece chronicled Sharlet's three-week semi-undercover stay at Ivanwald, the Fellowship's mansion:

00.000.200- At one meeting, Rove turned to Attorney General John Ashcroft, Bush's most conservative Cabinet member + joked,

"John, did you ever think that you and I would represent the left in a meeting like this?"

22.Apr.2001 The Busiest Man in the White House
22.Apr.2001 As Bush hits 100 days in office, his top strategist, Rove, Karl is already eyeing 2004. 22.Apr.2001 Rove, Karl latest task: cleaning up W.'s anti-environment image By JAMES CARNEY AND JOHN F. DICKERSON

Read the whole thing here:

The Integration of Theory and Practice:
A Program for the New Traditionalist Movement

Weyrich, Paul's Teaching Manual?

28.Jan.2002 The American Prospect, Inc. published "Fair-Weather Friend; Going Down as it Came Up; School Sprays; They're Back!" a brief excerpt reads:

28.Jan.2002 28.Jan.2000 "Two years ago, ur-conservative Weyrich, Paul stunned the religious right by calling for a retreat from temporal concerns.

"Conservatives have learned to succeed in politics," he wrote in an open letter that's still available on the Web site .

"But that did not result in the adoption of our agenda.

The reason, I think, is that politics itself has failed.

And politics has failed because of the collapse of the culture."

The right no longer had a "moral majority," he wrote.

The solution?

"To look at ways to separate ourselves from the institutions that have been captured by the ideology of Political Correctness, or by other enemies of our traditional culture."

In essence, Weyrich, Pau said, the religious right should espouse cultural + political separatism--by setting up its own schools, television networks + even courts of law.

"The rest of the country breathed a sigh of relief.

No more silly Disney boycotts by southern Baptists.

No more flaky school-board members pushing creationism. No more Weyrich, Paul!

"The whew, alas, was premature. It turns out that what Weyrich + his folks really had in mind was less separatism than guerrilla warfare-

-a "New Traditionalist" movement that, according to its manifesto, written by Weyrich protégé Eric Heubeck + bearing the grandiose title

"The Integration of Theory and Practice:

A Program for the New Traditionalist Movement," would seek "to advance a true traditionalist counter-culture based on virtue, excellence + self-discipline."

The New Traditionalists--who sound a lot like the old traditionalists--will "reject the materialism, hedonism, consumerism, egoism + the cult of self-actualization which permeate modern life."

Heubeck elaborates:

"We will not try to reform existing institutions.

We only intend to weaken them + eventually destroy them.

We will endeavor to knock our opponents off-balance and unsettle them at every opportunity. . . .

We will maintain a constant barrage of criticism against the Left.

We will attack the very legitimacy of the Left.

We will not give them a moment's rest.

We will endeavor to prove that the Left does not deserve to hold sway over the heart and mind of a single American.

12.Dec.2001 Originally published by

15.Feb.2004 [ Editor's Note: This article has been revised with new information + new links.

The entire original article, The Integration of Theory and Practice: A Program for the New Traditionalist Movement by Eric Heubeck, is at the Yurica Report.

Excerpts from the operation's manual are no longer available at the Free Congress Foundation website:

A second site where the Yurica Report obtained a copy has also ceased to be available.

However, we have since located the material at the following sites. In addition to the Buzz Flash quote cited above on 12.Dec.2001 , a Buzz Flash reader sent in a brief quote, "A Right Wing Jihad" at

An excerpt may also be found at under the title, "Right -Wing Jihad Explained."

Another link to Heubeck's essay is at

A second important article by Luke Setzer that is based on and references Heubeck's material is at: ]

22.Apr.2001 URL:
The Bush administration is apparently quite cozy with Weyrich.

This quote from a Time magazine article is apropos, Time Magazine wrote this:

"Each Wednesday Rove dispatches a top administration official to attend the regular conservative-coalition lunches held at Weyrich, Paul's Free Congress Foundation.

When activists call his office with a problem, Rove doesn't pass them off to an aide.

Rove often responds himself.

When Weyrich heard a few weeks ago that Bush's budget slashed funding for a favorite project called the Police Corps, which gives scholarships + training to police cadets, he complained to the White House.

To Weyrich's surprise, Rove called back. “We've taken care of it,” Rove said.

“The problem is solved.”

Weyrich, who says his memos to the Reagan + Bush Sr. White Houses were rarely read, was impressed. “That,” he gushes, “is what it means to have friends in the White House.”

22.Apr.2001 The Busiest Man in the White House  BY JAMES CARNEY AND JOHN F. DICKERSON,8816,107219,00.html

Pasted below are excerpts from the Free Congress Foundation's lengthy strategic statement for the Traditional Conservative Movement. It lays out the expedient, propagandistic, morally relativistic strategy obviously supported by some on the far right. Recall that the Free Congress Foundation is headed by prominent and influential conservative activist Weyrich, Paul (who also founded the Heritage Foundation). 

The Integration of Theory and Practice: A Program for the New Traditionalist Movement

Heritage Foundation

According to informed sources in Washington + Houston, the Bush campaign spent some $29 million to pay polling place operatives around the country to rig the election for Bush.

The operatives were posing as Homeland Security + FBI agents but were actually technicians familiar with Diebold, Sequoia, ES&S, Triad, Unilect, Danaher Controls voting machines.

These technicians reportedly hacked the systems to skew the results in favor of Bush.

The leak about the money and the rigged election apparently came from technicians who were promised to be paid a certain amount for their work but the Bush campaign interlocutors reneged and some of the technicians are revealing the nature of the vote rigging program.

There have been media reports from around the country concerning the locking down of precincts while votes were being tallied.

In one unprecedented action in Warren County, Ohio, election officials locked down the facility where votes were being counted.

The officials said this was in response to a Level 10 high-threat terrorist warning being issued by the Department of Homeland Security + the FBI for Warren County.

George Bush won 72 % of the vote in Warren County, much larger than his percentage of victory statewide.

The money to rig the election in favor of Bush reportedly came from an entity called

Five Star Trust, largely based in Houston but a worldwide entity that is directly tied to the Saudi Royal Family. Five Star Trust was termed "a well-protected vehicle" that has been used to support both Bush + Osama bin Laden in the US + around the world.

26.Nov.2004 15:5
Special Report - Saudis, Enron money helped pay for US rigged election - By Wayne Madsen - Online Journal Contributing Writer - URL:
25.Nov.2004 Exposed: Funding vote fraud -- a "five star" investigation Hope you all had a fine Thanksgiving.

If the following account is true, we may not that damned turkey hanging around for another four years.
Saudi money? For vote fraud-watchers, the article of the day must be
Wayne Madsen's piece in the Online Journal. It is a must-read :
25.Nov.2004 According to informed sources in Washington and Houston, the Bush campaign spent some $29 million to pay polling place operatives around the country to rig the election for Bush.

The operatives were posing as Homeland Security and FBI agents but were actually technicians familiar with Diebold, Sequoia, ES&S, Triad, Unilect, + Danaher Controls voting machines. These technicians reportedly hacked the systems to skew the results in favor of Bush.
The leak about the money and the rigged election apparently came from technicians who were promised to be paid a certain amount for their work but the Bush campaign interlocutors reneged and some of the technicians are revealing the nature of the vote rigging program. Madsen goes on to say that money for the operations was funnelled through a Saudi-linked financial entity based in Houston called Five Star Trust, which was also apparently used to fund both Bush and Bin Laden .
Other monies came from carefully-hidden Enron loot stashed away in the Cook Islands:
Cook Islands banks also handled some of the weapons smuggling financing of the Iran-Contra scandal. A former Justice Department attorney who helped prosecute the BCCI case said the use of the Cook Islands by the Bush reelection team indicates they wanted the bank arrangements to be a "quick folding tent" operation that would cease to exist when the election was over. Madsen goes on to detail the complex history of these Cook Island accounts, which apparently continue in the same inglorious money-laudering tradition of the Nugan/Hand bank.
The article does not name names -- that is, Madsen's sources have not gone on the record. Not yet . But Madsen is a serious writer, his account is detailed + his knowledge of parapolitical financing is solid. This is the sort of article that either changes history or proves to be a scarlet red herring.
My guess? I'll bet you three donuts that his sourcing amounts to more than mere scuttlebutt.
So pass Madsen's piece around. Let's all do what we can to solidify this research. For example...
I've tried some preliminary Googling on Five Star Trust (which is also spelled "5 Star Trust"). One citation goes to a court case listed
here, involving one Marion Horn, Jr., a.k.a. "J.R. Horn," a one-time Republican candidate in Kentucky later convicted of wire fraud. (Also see here and here.) From what I can tell, the guy received a ridiculously attentuated sentence -- 18 months -- for a serious crime (one commentator mentioned the figure of "$1B") committed while on parole for a similar offense.
Eighteen months...! Isn't it nice to have friends?
Much of the above information came by way of the Diligizer Board, which seems to be a clearinghouse for information about shady operators in the financial world. On
one page they take a brief look at an accused security fraudster named Howard E. Liner -- and just look at what pops up:
He claims to be directly involved with VP Chaney and running actually the FED program. Mr. Liner pretends to be a former JAG and Military attorney. They are connected to Noir Intertrade, who shall be the commitment holder! They also mentioned the 5-Star Trust, the worlds richest trust with TRILLIONS (sorry forgot to ask the currency!!) on the account in Credit Suisse and UBS. Hmm. Did he just say trillions ? It that's true, the allegation of Saudi involvement may well have substance.
Mind you, truth becomes a particularly elusive commodity when we look into financial wheeler-dealers operating on this level. Please understand that, at this time, I have no idea if or how any of the above data connects to the allegations of election tampering. But right now, every little bit of research may prove useful.
In a previous article, I mentioned John Allen Paulos, the latest expert to note the foul odor surrounding this election. (I neglected to mention that Paulos wrote Innumeracy , one of my ladyfriend's favorite books.) Paulos felt uncomfortable with the conspiracy idea, because he did not see how so widespread a scheme could take place without one or two players getting talky. (Of course, people once made similar disparaging comments about Enron's plot against California.)
If Madsen's article proves true, Paulos' main objection has been met: Lips have indeed loosened.
If we really do have a conspiracy, what should we expect next? Well, these things tend to follow a predictable course. The corpses should pop up soon: "Mysterious "suicides" in underground parking structures, healthy men suffering heart attacks, that sort of thing. After that will come the Gerry Posner-esque debunkers who will smirk their most arrogant smirks at all of us "tin-foil-hat" guys.
Until then, we should have ourselves a nice little shit-storm. While it lasts, we must grab hold of any and all stray evidence that blows our way.
# posted by Joseph : 10:52 PM

26.Nov.2004 Russland und die Ukraine: Putins Liebe zu sinkenden Schiffen

26.Nov.2004 Pfiffige Aktion: Attac verkauft rein gar N.I.X.

26.Nov.2004 Folter bei der Bundeswehr: Hinweise auf weitere Fälle

26.Nov.2004 Kölner Müll-Affäre: Teilgeständnis von Ex-SPD-Mann Wienand

26.Nov.2004 Digitalfotografie am Limit: 2.487.227.305 Pixel

26.Nov.2004 Psychologie-Studie: In jedem steckt ein Folterknecht

26.Nov.2004 Bundesanwalt: Übersetzerin wegen Landesverrats angeklagt

26.Nov.2004 Gesundheitskosten: Milliardenschaden durch gesponsorte Ärzte-Software

26.Nov.2004 Royal Dutch/Shell: Rätsel über Ölreserven, Hauptversammlung verschoben

26.Nov.2004 Volksaufstand in der Ukraine: Opposition bejubelt die Überläufer

26.Nov.2004 Gehälter: Deutsche Bosse Spitzenreiter in Europa

26.Nov.2004 Gewaltserie: Fünf Mexikaner mit Kopfschüssen hingerichtet

26.Nov.2004 Georgiens Staatschef Saakaschwili im Interview: "Lieber ein armer Mafioso in Freiheit als ein reicher in Haft"

26.Nov.2004 Die Portugiesen stehen dem Verfahren skeptisch gegenüber. Laut einer Zeitungsumfrage zweifeln über 60 Prozent von ihnen daran, dass es ein gerechtes Urteil geben wird.
26.Nov.2004 Vor zwei Jahren waren die Vorfälle ans Licht gekommen, nachdem die Justiz jahrelang Berichte über den Missbrauch in den staatlichen "Casa Pia"-Heimen ignoriert hatte. Ganz Portugal war schockiert. Dann drangen aus den Akten die Namen prominenter Politiker an die Öffentlichkeit, gegen die es keine Beweise gab. Der Kolumnist Edgar Correia fasste die Stimmung in der Bevölkerung damals so zusammen: "Portugal ist ein krankes Land".

26.Nov.2004 Dem Münchner Team von Scheibel + seinen Kollegen von der Hebrew University in Jerusalem gelang nun jedoch, woran Wissenschaftler bisher gescheitert waren:

die Produktion von Spinnenseide in einem industriell anwendbaren Verfahren. Sie entwickelten gleich zwei gentechnische Methoden, bei denen stabile Fäden erzeugt werden.
"Wir können in 48 Stunden so viel Spinnenseide produzieren wie 10.000 Ziegen der Firma Nexia", sagt Scheibel im Gespräch mit SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Die in Jerusalem und München entwickelte Technologie wurde zum Patent angemeldet, die Wissenschaftler sehen gute Chancen für ihren Bio-Hightech-Werkstoff.
Alternative zu Kevlar und Nylon
Als medizinische Anwendung bieten sich unter anderem besonders kleine chirurgische Fäden an, die bei Augenoperationen und in der Neurochirurgie benötigt werden.

Dort setzen Mediziner bislang auf Materialien wie Nylon oder Kevlar.

"Solche synthetischen Materialien sind biologisch nicht abbaubar und müssen in einer zweiten Operation entfernt werden", erklärt Scheibel.

Spinnenfäden aus Eiweißen seien hingegen nach sechs Monaten verschwunden.

26.Nov.2004 Embargo: Klopapier-Boykott gegen Bushie-Staaten

26.Nov.2004 Millionen Tote: WHO hält globale Seuche für unvermeidbar

26.Nov.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Die Macht wird umgeschichtet"

26.Nov.2004 Opinion: New Kids on the Bloc

26.Nov.2004 EU-Haushalt: Mitgliedsstaaten setzten eiserne Disziplin durch

25.Nov.2004 Kiew: Opposition sperrt Janukowitsch aus

25.Nov.2004 Neues Rekordhoch: Euro klettert über 1,32 Dollar

25.Nov.2004 Justizreform: Künftig nur noch zwei Instanzen

25.Nov.2004 Massendemo in Kiew: Der lange Atem der Männer vom Donbass

25.Nov.2004 Ukraine: Gericht stoppt Machtübernahme Janukowitschs

25.Nov.2004 Prozess in Portugal: Prominente sollen jahrelang Heimkinder missbraucht haben

25.Nov.2004 Ukraine: Berliner Telefondiplomatie

25.Nov.2004 Putin zur Ukraine: Gerichte sollen Machtkampf entscheiden

25.Nov.2004 Falludscha: Iraker wollen Chemiewaffenlabor gefunden haben

25.Nov.2004 Neue Schindler-Biografie: Zweifel am Helden-Image

25.Nov.2004 Kriminalistik: Blutspuren verraten ihr Alter

25.Nov.2004 Schlacht von Waterloo: Verwundete überlebten ohne Hightech-Medizin

25.Nov.2004 Internationale Atombehörde: Iran will weiter Uran anreichern

25.Nov.2004 Machtkampf in der Ukraine: Lech Walesa will in Kiew vermitteln

25.Nov.2004 Ukraine: Opposition legt Beschwerde bei höchstem Gericht ein

25.Nov.2004 Print Story  

24.Nov.2004 Full court press on vote fraud Kerry: I've just heard from one of the most noteworthy soldiers in his campaign "army" (not a general, but not just a grunt) that the senator does not consider this fight over.
Recounts in Ohio: A federal judge has ruled that the
recount effort must wait until Blackwell finishes his very, very leisurely tabulation of the provisionals.

If, as promised, that occurs on 06.Dec.2004 - the recounters have little time to finish their work:

The electoral college votes on 13.Dec.2004 .

Don't listen to those who say we can wait until 00.Jan.2005 -- a full vote of the House and Senate is needed to overturn any state's slate of electors.
Mitofsky, Warren continues to mislead about the exit polls conducted by his own organization.

Mitofsky, Warren actions are understandable: The Republican party, which usually gets what it wants, hopes to shut down exit polling completely;

Mitofsky, Warren if he wants to stay in business, Mitowsky must kowtow to Power. Once again, he tells Keith Olbermann that the exits should be compared to "the score at half time at a football game."
No, Mr. Mitofsky, Warren .

They should be compared to the score at half time at fifty football games.

Better analogy: Fifty tosses of a coin. Error should skew in both directions; if the coin keeps coming up heads, something is wrong with that coin.
Lawsuit: Black Box Voting has finally delivered its promised announcement.

A Volusia county resident named Susan Pynchon, with the help of some local legal muscle, will sue the county with the aim of setting aside the election results.

A major plank in the complaint concerns the pattern of non-compliance with Black Box Voting's record requests:
6. Some or all of the information requested on 02.Nov.2004 by Black Box Voting is still missing from 59 of the 179 voting precincts,

including portions of or all of the voting machine tapes for those 59 precincts, which are a vital part of official paper record of the election results from those precincts.
7. Complete information on problems with the voting machines prior to and during the election has not been provided.
8. Complete information relating to memory card failures during the election has not yet been provided.
9. Only a partial list of the transmission logs from the Accu-Vote optical scan server has been provided.

01.Dec.2004 -until- will not be available- Despite repeated requests, the Elections office has refused to provide to the Volusia County Democratic party the official election results, now stating that those results[].
10. The Elections office has provided incomplete data regarding Early Voting and Absentee ballots.

The Supervisor of Elections, for example, reported that the total number of absentee ballots + Early voting ballots, combined equaled 89,999 votes,

yet the published figures for those totals is 84,100 votes, leaving over 5,800 votes unaccounted for.
11. In addition to the pattern of delay in providing the requested information,

the true election results are in doubt because of numerous violations of election law procedure + unanswered questions concerning the results.
12. The polls were opened early and closed late during Early Voting.
13. Many public records, including one signed results tape from a voting machine were found in the trash.

Many of the requested records not furnished by the Elections office have been found in the trash.

Results from the tapes found in the trash do not match the results of the copies of tapes furnished.
14. An email from Mark Earley, of Diebold Elections Systems, Inc., to the Elections office was provided which asked the recipient for an explanation of why Volusia County had more memory card failures than all of their other Florida customers combined + then asked why the 17 memory card failures which the Elections office reported on November 3, increased to 25 before November 12, 2004.
15. The reported memory card failures were significant and troubling and included reporting zero votes after one week of voting, requesting permission to upload votes before the voting began + messaging whether the card should be reformatted.

17.Nov.2004 -According to a statement by the Supervisor of Elections on- the GEMS computer is not networked + is "stand alone." The furnished computer logs show evidence of at least two attempts to remotely access the GEMS central tabulator, which is claimed to be secure. A computer screen shot printout on November 17, 2004 (found in the trash) shows that the GEMS computer at that time had two networked hard drives. That last item is the real beauty.
Still more expert opinion! John Allen Paulos is a professor of mathematics at Temple University in Pennsylvania + he agrees with Dr. Freeman that exit polls are usually reliable and the current discrepancies are outlandish:
Since exit polls historically have been quite accurate + the differences as likely to have been in one candidate's favor as the other's, we're confronted with the question of what caused them. Given the indefensible withholding of the full exit-poll data by Edison Media Research, Mitofsky International, the Associated Press and various networks, we can only hazard guesses based on what was available election night. Note that: "indefensible withholding."
With two words, Professor Paulos demolishes the conspiracy theory -- offered by Dick Morris and other G.O.P. disinformationists -- that the exit polls, not the final tallies, were intentionally skewed to depress Bush voters. Ignore, for the moment, the fact that we have not heard a single anecdotal report of a potential Bushie who skipped the election because of the exits. Simply concentrate on the phrase "indefensible withholding." Why would alleged pro-Kerry conspirators withhold this information?
Paulos goes on to make mincemeat of the "chatty Democrat" theory:
Earlier voters across the country might have differed significantly from later voters. More women might have voted then or angrier partisans did or unemployed people walking their dogs wanted to cast their ballots sooner rather than later. This is hard to credit, however, without any supporting evidence for such an effect in other elections.
Another possible explanation is that a fraction of the Bush voters were ashamed of their vote for him and lied to or avoided the exit pollsters. This happens regularly in polls on personal matters, but rarely in political polls. He goes on to note that while some might fib about voting for (say) a David Duke...
...Bush is certainly no Duke + very few of his supporters seemed in the least shy, but an attenuated version of this phenomenon may be behind the difference. Who knows?
Absent any proof or compelling reasons for the differences between the final tallies and the exit polls in the swing states, I don't understand why these gross discrepancies are being so widely shrugged off. After all, the procuring of random samples is far more of a problem for ordinary telephone polls, where the minority of people who cooperate with pollsters presumably differs in some way from the majority who don't. Still, these polls are not dismissed with the same impatient nonchalance as this year's exit polls. Should we trust the Ukrainian exit polls? Colin "the compromised" Powell
has announced that the USA does not accept as legitimate the recent vote in the Ukraine, citing "credible reports of fraud and abuse." Of course, the only real evidence of fraud comes from the exit poll disparities.
Bush apologists who have touted the party line -- "exit polls are not accurate" -- suddenly turn mum when the subject switches to foreign elections.
Let's view the events in the Ukraine in Morris-vision. What if the exits, not the final tallies, are at fault?
The exits favored pro-Western opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko. So did the Bush administration. So who paid for this exit poll information? According to the
Los Angeles Times, the poll showing the widest Yushchenko lead was "financed in part by the USA Embassy and other Western diplomatic missions."
Freeze frame; reverse the image. What would most Americans say about the legitimacy of an exit poll financed by the Ukrainian embassy and other former Soviet republics? The answer is easy to guess.
So why should anyone in the Ukraine believe in an exit poll financed by foreign interests favoring one candidate?
Reuters tells us that the organizations conducting the most important exit polls were the Kiev International Institute for Sociology and the Razumkov Center. (Another poll, financed by the government, still gave Yushchenko a victory, albeit a much narrower one.)
Who supports the Razumkov Center? According to their website, they receive financing from various Ukrainian government institutions -- but also from the "Democracy Encouragement Foundation of the USA Embassy," as well as the Rand corporation (basically an adjunct to American intelligence and the DOD), Britain's International Institute for Strategic Studies (which some have linked to MI6 + which appears to have helped provide
questionable information on Iraq before the war), a mysterious entity known as the Brinkford company + a number of other western sources of much-needed hard currency. (The list also includes non-western foreign associates, such as Iran.)
I have yet to look into funding for the Kiev International Institute for Sociology, but I would not be surprised if they had similar links.
"Follow the money," goes the famous dictum. The money behind the Ukrainian exit polls traces back to this administration and its allies, which were never disinterested observers.
So why are the Ukrainian exits considered valid, while many scoff at the exits conducted in the USA?
Much the same point is made in
Pravda. This article is by no means unbaised -- but it does offer a few interesting quotes:
In this case, Viktor Yushchenko, the defeated centre-right candidate, is well known to Ukrainian society because he was already Prime Minister for two years between 1999 and 2001.
Where was this condemnation during the appalling electoral fraud committed in the USA on November 2nd? And:
Mention of "electoral fraud and abuse" from an American observer was risible, after the two fiascos in the USA which saw the most flagrant examples of vote-rigging and electoral fixing in modern history. And:
When the Republican Party deploys electronic voting machines bought from Republican Party fundraisers who promised before the election to help the President to win, the OSCE observers describe it as localised and insignificant incidents. However, when the incompent stooge Yushchenko fails to win in the Ukraine, it is fraud. Finally: Previously, I've counseled readers not to yell at Salon, Josh Marshall, Kos and Atrios for their "hands off" attitude toward the vote fraud story. But the dogpile of new evidence -- particularly Bev Harris' discovery of fake poll tapes in Florida, as well as the studies by academics -- changes the landscape. If Harris' work holds up under scrutiny (and I am betting it will) then we no longer must ask if fraud occurred; the question is now how much .
Don't let anyone fob you off with false reassurances along the lines of: "Well, yeah, tampering may have happened, but not to a degree that would have changed the overall results." Harris was able to retrieve only a small number of the genuine poll tapes; the rest no doubt went into the burn bags or the shredders. Thus, any proof of intentional official tampering in any part of Florida renders the entire 2004 election invalid.
So now is the time to shout at our "liberal" media. But I advise you to shout politely . Be nice when you hit 'em upside their heads.
In case I don't get online again before tomorrow, happy Thanksgiving. My lady and I will probably visit our favorite haunted restaurant, the Big Yellow House in Summerland. Much recommended. Plenty of leftovers for the pooch.
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25.Nov.2004 Many of their open-ended responses described the unethical treatment of subordinates in research as a very serious problem:

abuse of graduate students by advisers.

slavery of graduate students. Professors threaten to not write letters of recommendation unless graduate students stay in their group to produce more data.

Too often students are treated as labor instead of [as] students and progress towards finishing [their degree] relegated to secondary importance.

Truthfully, graduate school's purpose is to provide cheap, talented labor to get science done cheaply.

Treatment of 'subordinates' is appalling—students and postdocs are merely vehicles for publication.

There are no checks on abuse—and reporting of any abuse usually results in the end of a subordinate's career—even if the complaint is correct and justified.

Junior members expressed concerns over not giving students credit for research by leaving their names off published papers.

They also wrote of supervisors imposing grueling hours on their graduate students and sometimes pressuring them to do unethical things such as overlooking data that did not conform to expectations.

Particularly shocking to the task force was how often the words "abuse" and "exploitation" were used to describe the treatment of graduate students.

A number of junior members suggested that ethics training should first be made mandatory for professors, so that they could "learn how to treat their students and postdocs in a humane way."

Several wrote of the "powerlessness" of graduate students and postdocs, who depend on their supervisor for letters of recommendation and therefore cannot afford to blow the whistle on instances of mistreatment.

One of the most important recommendations to come out of the task force study was that APS ethics statements should be broadened to include treatment of students and subordinates.

That has now been done and adopted by APS council in 00.Apr.2004 .

The statement appears in box 1. Web links to this and earlier APS ethics statements are listed in box 2. URL:
25.Nov.2004 By far the highest response rate + the most extensive + heart-felt answers to the open-ended survey questions came from the junior members of APS—that is, physicists within the first three years after getting the PhD.

Clearly, issues of ethics and professional conduct find strong resonance in that group of young physicists. Here is a small sample of their many responses:

The only real answer to the ethics problem is for tenure review boards to stop rewarding the Science / Nature / PRL culture above all else.

Our scientific community promotes the search of the surface and superficiality [to the] detriment of content and deepness.

Many breaches of ethics arise from the pressure to publish . . .

The researcher . . . will be judged [by] the number of articles + the corresponding journal names, appearing on the CV.

He or she will not be judged [by] the work spent on each paper, how many backup checks were performed to confirm the results + so on.

High number of papers, in highly ranked journals, is what builds a career. . . .

The recent sad events [show] that it is for many people more important to publish spectacular results than to publish true results.

The junior members' concerns over careerism and other issues are echoed again and again in response to the survey question,

"What do you see as the most serious professional ethics issues which could/should be addressed by APS?"

The entire junior membership of APS was surveyed via the Web.

Almost half of them responded, many within hours of receiving the survey.

That is an excellent response rate, considering that no additional reminders were sent.

We saw this group as being of central importance to the work of the task force because it uniquely spans recent experience both in the educational system + in the real world of working professional physicists URL:

25.Nov.2004 Nanotechnology at Zyvex: Events Gallery URL:   events.html
".. Cheney to discuss the practical applications of nanotechnology.

Tom Cellucci visits with Presidential Strategist Karl Rove before giving an executive briefing about nanotechnology to President Bush .

Tom Cellucci visits with Tim Russert, Managing Editor and Moderator of “Meet the Press,” while discussing the government’s role in commercializing nanotechnology. .."
".. S. Senator Bill Frist during a recent trip to Washington D.C.

Tom Cellucci meets with the President and First Lady.

Zyvex president, Tom Cellucci, met with USA President George Bush + First Lady Laura Bush during a recent trip to Washington D.C.

NIST-ATP Director, Marc Stanley, visits Zyvex.

01.Mar.2004 Marc Stanley visited with members of the Research and Development team .."
".. UTD for extended sabbaticals.

See the UTD press release.

back to top

00.Dec.2003 Zyvex Founder invited to Oval Office ()

Zyvex Chairman + CEO, Von Ehr, Jim was invited to join President Bush as he signed the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act in the Oval Office of the White House, December 3, 2003.

You can see the story here. You can read Jim Von Ehr& .."
25.Nov.2004 BIG CRUNCH: Opposite of the Big Bang: the singularity at the end of time, in a collapsing universe.
25.Nov.2004 BOGOSITY FILTER: A mechanism for detecting bogus ideas and propositions.

BORGANISM: 1) An organization of formerly autonomous beings who have merged their individual wills to create one, collectively conscious being;

2) The social and political theory that advocates the creation of borganisms. [, >H HUMOR: Borganism in the media]

To upload somebody by scanning their neural patterns and simulating them directly with little or no changes + no attempts to refine the patterns (also called blind uploading).

This is often used as a benchmark in discussions about what capabilities are needed for full uploading.

BUSH ROBOT: A flexible robot structure, where each manipulator branches off into smaller copies of itself, forming a fractal tree over many scales (possibly down to the nanoscale).

Each branch would contain a distributed system to calculate movement and minimize central processing [Hans Moravec, Mind Children ]. B
Nov.2004 Cover: 00.Nov.2002 Two years ago, high-profile violations of research integrity rocked the physics community.

Those cases engendered much discussion, not only of blatant deceptions but also of far more subtle ethical questions.

In this issue we present three articles exploring research ethics.

The first two offer analyses by physicists (page 42) and a philosopher (page 48). The third (page 55), reprinted from 1952, provides a different perspective.

Hans Peter Moravec URL:   index-31.html
".. Intelligence, Harvard University Press (1988) Amazon: ISBN: 0674576187

Mind Children: Card Catalog Entry Reviews Articles Moravec, H. P.,

J. Easudes, "Fractal branching ultra-dexterous robots ( Bush robots)", NASA PR-Number 10-86888,

00.Jan.1999 Moravec, H. P., "When will computer hardware match the human brain?", Journal of Transhumanism, vol. 1, 00.Mar.1998 . .."
25.Nov.2004 Obwohl das Regierungslager vor dem Gebäude der Wahlkommission mit Wodka + Champagner auf den amtlichen Sieg anstieß, blieb die Stimmung dort mürrisch.

Konfrontationen mit den Demonstranten gingen die Janukowitsch-Anhänger aus dem Weg.
Die Sicherheitskräfte wurden von beiden Seiten mit Respekt behandelt.

Auf der Rückseite des Präsidialamtes stand ein Bereitschaftspolizist Wache, als sich eine Demonstrantin näherte.

Mit einem schüchternen Lächeln bat sie, ihn Fotografieren zu dürfen.

Wenig später zog der Polizist seine schwarze Maske ab, um eine angeregte, aber ruhige Diskussion mit Juschtschenko-Anhängern zu führen.

"Leute, ich muss hier meine Arbeit machen", erklärte er.

"Ihr müsst verstehen, dass ich hier bin.

Die Verfassung verlangt, dass ich die Rechtstaatlichkeit schütze."

"Aber das Recht sollte für das Volk sein", erwiderte ein Demonstrant mit heiserer Stimme.

Höflich, wenngleich ohne Einigung, debattierten die beiden einige Minuten weiter.URL:,1518,druck-329531,00.html
EU-Kartellverfahren: Microsoft macht Gegner mit Millionen gefügig

25.Nov.2004 Öko-Image: Marken ohne Malus

25.Nov.2004 Ukraine: Opposition bittet den Westen um Hilfe

25.Nov.2004 Machtkampf in der Ukraine: Nach der Volksfeststimmung macht sich Angst breit

25.Nov.2004 Konjunktur: Stimmung trübt sich überraschend stark ein

25.Nov.2004 "Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei": Anarchie und Alltag

25.Nov.2004 Interview mit Raketen-Experten Schmucker: "Iran hat sinistre Absichten"

25.Nov.2004 Technik-Test: Welcher IT-Typ sind Sie?

25.Nov.2004 Bagdad: Mitarbeiter der US-Regierung erschossen

25.Nov.2004 Sagen-Sammler: "Offenbar gibt es da Bedarf"

25.Nov.2004 Zahlenvirtuose: Mathe-Genie bricht Weltrekord im Wurzelziehen

25.Nov.2004 Jukos: Vorstand flüchtet ins Exil

25.Nov.2004 Visaerteilung: CSU-Politiker drängten selbst auf schnelle Abwicklung

25.Nov.2004 Ukraine: Powell warnt Kiews Machthaber

25.Nov.2004 Italien: Schweres Erdbeben am Gardasee

25.Nov.2004 Ukraine: Widerstand mit ausgesuchter Höflichkeit

25.Nov.2004 Niederlande: Sechs Festnahmen wegen Brandstiftung an islamischer Schule

25.Nov.2004 Schwarzbuch Bildung: "Deutsches System in einer schockierend armseligen Verfassung"