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12.Dez.2002 DOW AND BHOPAL A message from Greenpeace web editor Tom Dowdall

12.Dez.2002 DOW AND BHOPAL A message from Greenpeace web editor Tom Dowdall


I have just returned from 3 weeks in India

working with the survivors of the


Bhopal poison gas disaster

that killed 20 thousand people

- the world's worst industrial accident.

To witness,

firsthand, their strength, resilience and commitment

to make sure their plight is not forgotten

was amazing -

from the enthusiastic support

shown in our action to clean up the abandoned

Union Carbide (now Dow)


and the spontaneous protest at the rough police treatment,

through the vocal,

passionate march on the

Dow Indian headquarters

to the large demonstration

to remember

the disaster

on the Anniversary.

Find out about the last few weeks and the campaign in news, pictures, audio and video here:

I'll be participating in this week's Cybercentre open house on Bhopal so you can post your questions there and remember you can help maintain the new sense of optimism in Bhopal that finally after 18 years of neglect their situation, with the help of the concerned people around the globe, may just be about to change for the better.


You can join in the Bhopal open house here:

More than 6000 Greenpeace cyberactivists have already written to Dow on this issue. If you haven't sent a letter yet, or want to reply to their form letter automatic responses, you can send a letter to Dow from here:

We'll be putting up a new website on Dow and Bhopal by the end of the week. Check the open house link above for more information.


Since genetically modified foods hit the markets,

consumers have asked for labeling of products that contain GE ingredients.

We have not been able to make this fundamental choice

to eat genetically modified organisms or not

because we often cannot tell

what products contain GE ingredients and which do not.

Now the

European Union

is leading the way

with the strictest labeling requirements in the world

for genetically modified food and

consumers will have a choice.

All GE food and food ingredients,

including highly processed derivatives

such as


refined oil and


produced from genetically modified organisms,

will have to be clearly labeled.

Another separate new regulation

will set up

a thorough 'traceability' system

in order to follow food and food ingredients

consisting of,

containing or

produced from

genetically modified organisms

across all stages

of the food processing and

distribution chain

through to the final product.

This decision proves that consumers,

when asserting their rights,

can win


the most powerful corporate lobbies.

The most important practical effect of this new regulation is

that no genetically modified food will be able to enter the European market unlabelled.

Thank you

to the 2500 European cyberactivists

who wrote to their agriculture ministers


seed contamination.

For more information, see this story:


European transport ministers failed

to immediately ban

single hull oil tankers

at a recent meeting in Brussels.

While the

European Union

agreed to ban single hulled vessels

transporting heavy fuel from its ports,

it is up to each EU member state

to decide


the ban takes effect.

Greenpeace activists simulated an oil spill at EU Headquarters

and using approximately 300 litres of oil waste and residue

brought from the Prestige oil disaster.

Activists dressed as oil-stained birds

held signs

for the ministers


Act Now.

For more information, click on:

You can participate in the oil tanker discussion here:

You can join the 14 thousand people who have written to the International Maritime Organization here:


The wonderful anti-corporate campaign organisation Adbusters has introduced a new Exxon parody poster here:

You can download a high resolution PDF version here:

Read all about the StopEsso campaign here:

To join the StopEsso campaign, go here:

To write a letter to the ExxonMobil board, go here:

To take personal action with your own Exxon banner, visit:


Do you know about the Webby awards?

What Oscars are to the movies, Webby Awards are to websites.

They have an "activism" category which recognises the best designed

and most effective sites

dedicated to environmentalism and social change.

We're big believers that the power and creativity of activism on the web needs to be recognised,

and encourage you to submit your favourite sites as nominees.

There's a charge for nomination, but Greenpeace Cyberactivists get a 10% discount.

Just enter the following Greenpeace code, GP-021969, during the registration at:


Please don't forget to visit the Greenpeace Cyberactivist Community at: