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04.Nov.2004 Kerry [KFJ966] concedes in nail-biter election where Bush [BGW968] wins popular vote

04.Nov.2004 Republicans Expand Hold on Congress, Oust Daschle: Democrat Tom Daschle became the first Senate leader in a half century to be voted out of office, according to network projections.

04.Nov.2004 Latest Presidential Election Results By State :

04.Nov.2004 The US will now be ruled by the imperial party: The Republican Party has become the party not just of big government, but of global government.

If, as seems likely, the President follows the neo-conservative agenda and takes his war of "liberation" beyond Iraq - Syria + Iran seem to be the next targets - the transformation of the Republican Party will be complete:

04.Nov.2004 Pepe Escobar : Damn politics, let's dance: Fasten your seat belts: it's going to be a bumpy ride. Control of the presidency, Senate, House. A popular mandate. Four more years. Possibly four more wars.

In a nutshell, chief strategist Karl Rove got the evangelicals out in force. According to a series of Gallup polls, 42% of Americans declare themselves evangelicals or born-again Christians.

Bush [BGW968] always had a head start of 42%.

04.Nov.2004 A Dark Day in America: Bush [BGW968] wins: We deserve the government we elected, we deserve the corruption, fearmongering + war-waging that will occur in the 2nd term, we deserve every single part.

04.Nov.2004 Post-mortem Let the disobedience begin : seems the shorter of the two rich straight white male Yale-educated war criminals won, huh? The rancher beat the windsurfer.

04.Nov.2004 Divide and rule ... for now : Bush [BGW968]has dismayed half the US public +, I'm sure, much of the world by apparently winning the election.

04.Nov.2004 Demonic nonsense : Something has dropped into place - principally, an understanding that if you don't pay attention, a man like Bush [BGW968] can get away with murder.

04.Nov.2004 No backbone, no dream: It all comes down to the Democrats themselves...

04.Nov.2004 Foreign monitors 'barred' from US polls: "We were not allowed to enter polling stations," said Soeren Soendergaard, a Danish parliamentary deputy.

04.Nov.2004 How The U.S. Election System Works : WHY does America have such a confusing way of electing its presidents? It's because the racists of the Deep South wanted to hang on to their slaves.

04.Nov.2004 No less than $1.2 billion was spent in the presidential election:

The personal-spending champion of 2000 was a Democrat, Goldman Sachs mogul Jon Corzine, who spent $60 million of his own money to buy himself a U.S. Senate seat in New Jersey.
04.Nov.2004 00:03:51
Wall Street applauds Bush [BGW968] victory: USA stocks powered ahead Wednesday as Senator Kerry [KFJ966] called President Bush [BGW968]to concede the presidential election.

04.Nov.2004 Factory Orders Fall for 2nd Straight Month: Orders placed with U.S. factories fell for the second consecutive month in September, the first back-to-back decline in two years. Demand dropped sharply for manufactured goods other than defense materials, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday.

04.Nov.2004 Defense stocks surge after Bush [BGW968] win: Defense stocks jumped higher Wednesday in what one analyst called a "relief rally" following President Bush [BGW968]'s re-election.

04.Nov.2004 Oil jumps more than $1 : Oil prices surged more than $1 on Wednesday as the re-election of U.S. President Bush [BGW968] countered the impact of a big increase in spare oil supplies ahead of winter

04.Nov.2004 Canadian dollar surges more than a cent as US$ beaten up post-election : Canadians looking to exchange their money for American bucks + a holiday got a bonus from the U.S. election Wednesday when currency markets ganged up on the U.S. currency to drive the dollar up more than one U.S. cent.

04.Nov.2004 Writer says Bush [BGW968], Blair war criminals: Sydney Peace Prize winner Arundhati Roy labelled Bush [BGW968]+ Tony Blair war criminals as she lashed Iraqi coalition leaders, including Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

04.Nov.2004 Democracy Now! Special Broadcast: Reaction to Kerry [KFJ966]'s Concession and the election of George W Bush [BGW968]: We speak with Howard Zinn, Phyllis Bennis, Leslie Cagan, Julian Bond, Mahdi Bray, Michael Ratner, Rahul Mahajan, Mustafa Barghouti, Paul Reickoff, Norman Solomon and much more.

03.Nov.2004 Wall-Street-Schluss: Kursgewinne nach Bush [BGW968]s Wiederwahl

03.Nov.2004 Dokumentation: Bush [BGW968]s Rede an die Nation

03.Nov.2004 US-Wahl: Bush [BGW968] + Kerry [KFJ966] rufen zur Versöhnung auf

03.Nov.2004 Dokumentation: Kerry [KFJ966]s Rede an die Nation

03.Nov.2004 Bush [BGW968]s Siegesrede: "Große Tage liegen vor uns"

03.Nov.2004 Kerry [KFJ966]s Niederlage: "Der Kampf war nicht sinnlos"

03.Nov.2004 Presseschau: "Wir wünschen, dass Bush [BGW968] aufhört, Bush [BGW968] zu sein"

03.Nov.2004 Live-Ticker: Kurzmeldungen zum Wahlausgang

03.Nov.2004 The character "MU" can be translated as "has not", "is without", "without", "lack of", "absence".

In this excerpt, Dogen explores various layers of meaning of the famous expression, recorded as a dialog between Master Joshu and one of his students.

03.Nov.2004 P
ainted words are the true text. Painted words are the mountains and rivers, true text is the cities and the countries of our lives. It lies beyond. Beyond with/in you. A sub-text of the written.

A sub-text of thoughts + feelings. Invisible small print under-writing the written of the visible. One can’t find it in the ungraspable present moment nor hear it in the last word of Zen….. neither inside nor outside, with no place to hide, true text of life flows + it flows as breath, as your thoughts, as your mind, as your self, as me and you, ....being without...this....

03.Nov.2004 Mu (Zen) aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie

Mu (jap. ?, dt. nichts, nein ) ist die irritierende Antwort in einem bekannten Koan des Zen. Die Meditation über dieses Koan soll die eingefahrenen Denkgewohnheiten erschüttern.

Mu ist der Name eines
legendären verschwundenen Kontinents, der im Pazifik gelegen haben soll, aber ähnlich wie Atlantis eines Tages einfach in den Fluten verschwand.

Die Idee tauchte erstmals im 19. Jahrhundert auf in den Arbeiten von Augustus Le Plongeon, der die Maya Ruinen von Yucatán untersuchte. Er gab bekannt er hätte alte Maya Aufzeichnungen übersetzt, die angeblich darauf hinwiesen, dass die Maya Zivilisation älter sei als die der Atlanter oder der Ägypter und durch Überlebende des Untergangs des Kontinents Mu gegründet worden sei. Heute geht man davon aus, dass diese Übersetzungen größtenteils ein Phantasieprodukt Le Plongeons gewesen sind.

Die Thematik um den untergegangenen Kontinent Mu wird aufgegriffen in dem japanischen Science-Fiction-Film "U 2000 - Tauchfahrt des Grauens" (Kaitei Gunkan) (1964) von Inoshiro Honda, in dem deren immer noch auf dem Meeresboden wohnenden Bewohner versuchen, die oberirdische Welt zu erobern. URL:
Mu aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie
Mu ist der Name eines legendären verschwundenen Kontinents. Im Zen bedeutet der Begriff Mu nichts, oder nein. Mu (?) ist ein traditionelles chinesisches Flächenmaß, mit einer Fläche von 6,6 Ar. Im Wushu, bedeutet Mu leere. URL:

1964In den USA gewinnt Lyndon B. Johnson - seit dem Attentat auf Kennedy 36. US-Präsident - die Präsidentschaftswahlen.

Kerry [KFJ966] gesteht in den US-Präsidentschaftswahlen seine Niederlage ein – Bush [BGW968] bleibt somit Präsident.

In Henan/China herrscht nach einer Auseinandersetzung zwischen Han- + Hui-Chinesen Ausnahmezustand.

Bei den Präsidentschaftswahlen in Uruguay siegt Tabaré Vázquez.

Präsidentschaftswahlen Ukraine: Stichwahl am 21. November zwischen Janukowytsch und Juschtschenko - Beobachter sprechen von massiver Wahlfälschung.

Die Eismassen der Pole schmelzen neuen Forschungsergebnissen zufolge offenbar noch schneller als befürchtet.

03.Nov.2004 *Trivia -

"It is amazing to consider that Nikola Tesla, sometime in the 1920's first wrote in his personal journals his thoughts concerning the buildup of greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere.

These gases, caused by manmade and natural pollutants were to eventually cause the planet's overall temperature to increase to such a point that the polar icecaps would melt, flooding the coastlines.

As well, weather patterns would change dramatically bringing about fierce storms, droughts in some areas and floods in others.

Agriculture would be destroyed and life as we know it would cease to exist." [Tim Swartz, The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, p. 120]

00.000.2004 - Questionable Credibility/ Dick Cheney -"... Cheney cited a 00.Nov.2004 article in the Weekly Standard, a conservative magazine, as 'the best source of information' on cooperation between Saddam + al-Qaida.

The article was based on a leaked top-secret memorandum.

It purportedly set out evidence, compiled by a special Pentagon intelligence cell, that Saddam was in league with al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

It was written by Douglas Feith, undersecretary of defense for policy, the third-highest Pentagon official + a key proponent of the war [Jonathan S. Landay, Knight Ridder Newspapers 00.Mar.2004 ]
03.Nov.2004 Fireballs / Spain - January 5th, 2004: "Hundreds of witnesses reported seeing fireballs cross the skies of northern Spain on Sunday [01/04/04] in what authorities said may have been a disintegrating meteorite, Spanish radio said." [News Services]

2004 - Tourist Screening / USA – 06.Jan.2004 :"MIAMI - U.S. Imigration officers began fingerprinting + photographing tens of thousands of visitors arriving from other countries Monday [05.Jan.2004 ], in what federal authorities described as a sophisticated new security measure to monitor who enters the country and how long they stay." [ New York Times ] URL:

11.000 -B.C.- Species Extinction - "... in different parts of the earth (for different reasons and at different times) the long epoch of glaciation witnessed several quite distinct episodes of extinction. In all areas, the vast majority of the many destroyed species were lost in the final seven thousand years from about 15,000 BC down to 8,000 BC.... In the New World, for example, more than seventy genera of large animals became extinct between 15,000 BC and 8,000 BC, including all North American members of seven families + one complete order, the Proboscidea. These staggering losses, involving the violent obliteration of more than 40 million animals, were not spread out evenly over the whole period; on the contrary, the vast majority of the extinctions occured in just two thousand years, between 11,000 BC and 9000 BC. To put this in perspective, during the previous 300,000 years only about twenty genera had disappeared.
"The same pattern of late and massive extinctions was repeated across Europe and Asia. Even far-off Australia was not exempt, losing perhaps nineteen genera of large vertebrates, not all of them mammals, in a relatively short period of time.
"The northern regions of Alaska and Siberia appear to have been the worst hit by the murderous upheavals between 13,000 and 11,000 years ago. In a great swathe of death around the edge of the Artic Circle the remains of uncountable numbers of large animals have been found - including many carcases with the flesh still intact + astonishing quantities of perfectly preserved mammoth tusks. Indeed, in both regions, mammoth carcases have been thawed to feed to sled dogs and mammoth steaks have featured on restaurant menus in Fairbanks. One authority has commented, 'Hundreds of thousands of individuals must have been frozen immediately after death and remained frozen, otherwise the meat and the ivory would have spoiled ... Some powerful general force was certainly at work to bring the catastrophe about.' " [Graham Hancock, Fingerprints Of The Gods , p. 212-213]

_11,000 -B.C.- North American Extinction - "Reportedly, a mass extinction occurred in parts of North America and coincided with the growing population of Indian hunters."

03.Nov.2004 The idea of a sunken civilisation that was the motherland of the human race is a compelling one and it has endured throughout the years. But what some people consider "quasi archaelogical/mystical hokum" has not been accepted universally and the following quote from The Directory of Possibilities (ed. Colin Wilson & John Grant) published by Webb & Bower in 1981 explains why:-

"The Maya of South America have their own legends of a continent, Mu, which disappeared beneath the waves of the Pacific. The name seems to have been invented by a French scholar, Abbe Brasseur, who believed he had succeeded in translating ancient Mayan books in the 1860s (it is now generally accepted that his translations were largely wishful thinking). In the 1920s James Churchward began writing a series of books purporting to reveal secret evidence (from ancient Indian documents) about Mu, but internal evidence suggests that most of his facts were invented."

If you want to make up your own mind and find out more about the the lost continent of Mu (or Lemuria) then these sites are worth a look:-


The Myth of Lemuria

From Mu to Thule

I haven't yet found a decent site with information about James Churchward, author of the Mu books. Here are a couple of sites about Augustus Le Plongeon who 'discovered' Atlantis and inspired Churchward:-

emuseum article

03.Nov.2004 James Churchward & the Legend of MU

The finding of one of James Churchward's Mu books gave the band its' name and their obsession with this fabled lost continent.

Anglo-American explorer, James Churchward, who later termed himself 'Colonel' was a close friend of Auguste and Alice Le Plongeon. This French doctor and his wife had propounded the theory of the sunken lost civilisation of Atlantis in the later part of the 19th.

03.Nov.2004 Senator Kerry [KFJ966] says he discussed the need for unity when he rang Mr Bush [BGW968] to concede.

"We had a good conversation, we talked about the danger of division in our country and the need, the desperate need for unity, for finding the common ground, coming together," Mr Kerry [KFJ966] said.

"Today I hope that we can begin the healing."

Aides to Mr Bush [BGW968] say the President told Senator Kerry [KFJ966] he was an "admirable, worthy" opponent during the phone call, which concluded their bitter and close eight-month struggle for the White House.

03.Nov.2004 P
osted: 07:36 AEDT Spain links Madrid bombers to 9/11
A Spanish judge investigating suspected Islamic militants has drawn links between the September 11 attacks, the Madrid train bombings and a plot to blow up the High Court. [

Posted: 07:10 AEDT Boycott companies profiting from war: peace activist Booker Prize-winning author Arundhati Roy has told an audience at Sydney University that Australians should take action against companies that have profited from the war in Iraq. [FULL STORY]

Posted: 07:03 AEDT Oil jumps above $US50 on Bush [BGW968] win Oil prices have risen as the re-election of United States President Bush [BGW968]countered a big increase in spare oil supplies ahead of winter. [FULL STORY]

Posted: 07:01 AEDT Kerry [KFJ966] concedes defeat, calls for healing Democratic Senator Kerry [KFJ966] has conceded the race for the White House to President George W Bush [BGW968], cementing Mr Bush [BGW968]'s re-election to a second four-year term with a call to "begin the healing". [FULL STORY]

03.Nov.2004 Bush [BGW968] will die beschlossenen Steuersenkungen über das Jahr 2010 hinaus festschreiben und die Ausgaben im Verteidigungsbereich erhöhen.

Gleichzeitig verspricht er, das US-Defizit binnen fünf Jahren zu halbieren: "Diese Ziele sind zentral entgegengesetzt und kommen der Quadratur des Kreises gleich", sagt Rode.

Durch hohe Rüstungsausgaben die Konjunktur anzuschieben, erinnere an den Militärkeynesianismus der 80er Jahre unter dem damaligen Präsident Ronald Reagan.
Rüstungsprojekte schaffen kaum Jobs
Das Problem: Rüstungsprojekte wie das Nationale Raketenschutzschild NMD sind zwar extrem teuer, schaffen aber kaum Jobs.

Der Großteil des Geldes fließt nicht in industrielle Massenproduktion, sondern in die Bereiche Forschung und Entwicklung von Hightechunternehmen. Derlei Projekte können kurzfristig vielleicht einen Impuls geben.

Langfristig dürften sie aber die US-Konjunktur eher dämpfen, weil sich das Defizit im Bundesetat durch derlei konsumptive Ausgaben noch erhöhen dürfte.

"Man müsste solche Projekte eigentlich durch höhere Steuern finanzieren", so Rode. "Doch das verstößt gegen das konservative Credo."
2,3 Billionen Dollar Schulden in zehn Jahren URL:,2828,druck-325502,00.html
03.Nov.2004 Das ist eindrucksvoll, doch die weitere Prognose ist noch eindrucksvoller. Bis zum Jahr 2009, so die Schätzung des Congressional Budget Office (CBO), werden 1,5 Billionen neue Schulden hinzukommen, pro Jahr rund 300 Milliarden Dollar. Unabhängig davon, wer in den kommenden fünf Jahren Präsident der USA ist. Das CBO orientiert sich mit seinen Schätzungen nicht an Wahlversprechen, sondern an der Kassenlage und den künftigen realen Kosten .RL:,2828,druck-325502,00.html
03.Nov.2004 Bush [BGW968] hat bislang eine bemerkenswerte Gleichgültigkeit gegenüber dem hohen Defizit an den Tag gelegt.

Diese Gleichgültigkeit wird er in einer zweiten Amtszeit ablegen müssen, anderenfalls werden ihn die Märkte dazu zwingen", schätzt der Experte der Dekabank.

Erste Spekulationen gegen die faktisch festen Wechselkurse in Asien zeigten, "dass es im Währungsgefüge knirscht".

"Wir rechnen mit einem schwächeren Dollar und steigenden Zinsen in den USA, wenn Bush [BGW968] so weitermacht wie bisher."
03.Nov.2004 US-WAHL -Die bemerkenswerte Gleichgültigkeit des Präsidenten

-Die Chefvolkswirte führender deutscher Banken erwarten, dass die Wiederwahl von Bush [BGW968] die Märkte kurzfristig stärkt.

Mittelfristig drohen jedoch höhere Zinsen, steigende Schulden, eine Talfahrt des Dollar sowie "ausreichend Stoff für Konflikte" zwischen Europa und den USA.

03.Nov.2004 Die Gewinner überraschen nicht wirklich: Mit am stärksten legten Rüstungsaktien wie Lockheed Martin, Ölaktien wie ExxonMobil und Ölfeldausrüster wie Halliburton zu. Pharma-, Technologie-, Finanz-, Auto- und Konsumgüterwerte gewannen ebenfalls. All diese Branchen hatten auf einen Bush [BGW968]-Wahlsieg gehofft.
"Die Wall Street liebt Bush [BGW968]", sagte Marktstratege Robert Halver vom schweizerischen Bankhaus Vontobel. Seine Wiederwahl mindere die Unsicherheit an den Märkten. Sam Stovall, Chefstratege bei Standard & Poor's, sprach von einer "Erleichterungsrallye". In den vergangenen Wochen hatten sich die Händler zurückgehalten. Zu groß war die Furcht vor einer neuen Zitterpartie.
Noch am Dienstag hatten in den USA die Aktienindizes nachgegeben, weil es hieß, Herausforderer Kerry [KFJ966] habe in einigen umkämpften Staaten Vorteile. Da der Kandidat der Demokrat aber seine Niederlage mittlerweile eingestand, verbreitete sich schnell die Kauflaune. Kerry [KFJ966] war den Investoren nicht genehm, da er Steuererhöhungen für die reichen Amerikaner und mehr Eingriffe in die Pharma- und Energiebranche sowie andere Wirtschaftsbereiche geplant hatte.
Bush [BGW968] dagegen will seine Steuergeschenke von 1,7 Billionen Dollar dauerhaft machen. Er will Dividenden und Spekulationsgewinne weiterhin nur mit 15 % besteuern, sich nicht in den Pharmamarkt einmischen und er plant eine weitere Steigerung der Rüstungsausgaben. Der Öl- und Energieindustrie ist der Amtsinhaber bekanntlich ebenfalls sehr gut gesonnen.
03.Nov.2004 Posted: 18:41 AEDT
Patagonian toothfish pirates using fear: Govt

The Federal Government says fishing pirates are becoming more ruthless in their pursuit of the patagonian toothfish in Antarctic waters. [FULL STORY

03.Nov.2004 Posted: 22:26 AEDT Latest Bin Laden tape 'cheap propaganda' says ASIO chief The head of ASIO, Dennis Richardson, has described a recent videotape of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden as cheap and transparent propaganda. [FULL STORY

03.Nov.2004 Posted: 00:10 AEDT Mixed world reaction to expected Bush [BGW968] win

World leaders sought to adapt to the idea of four more years of US President George W Bush [BGW968], with friends hailing his expected re-election and critics vowing to make the best of it, especially in Iraq. [FULL STORY

03.Nov.2004 Posted: 02:00 AEDT Ohio outcome uncertain The mid-western state of Ohio has plunged the US presidential election into chaos, as polling returns suggested a mathematical quagmire that could hold the key to the White House. [FULL STORY

03.Nov.2004 Berlusconi spricht Bush [BGW968] den Sieg zu +++ [15.10] Italiens Premierminister Silvio Berlusconi spricht bereits von einem Wahlsieg Bush [BGW968]s.

"Die Fortführung der Bush [BGW968]-Administration macht die Sache für uns einfacher", so der Regierungschef.
03.Nov.2004 Voters unite: fortlaufend aktualisierte Liste von Wahlmaschinen-Fehlfunktionen etc.
Black Box Voting: USA E-Vote-Kritiker
Bush [BGW968]-Sieg: Schröder und Merkel gratulieren

03.Nov.2004 Feiernde US-Börsen: "Die Wall Street liebt Bush [BGW968]"

03.Nov.2004Kurznachrichten: Live-Ticker der US-Wahl

03.Nov.2004 Kongress: Herbe Niederlage für Demokraten

03.Nov.2004 Wahlpoker: In Ohio wird noch tagelang gezählt

03.Nov.2004 Kommentar: Bush [BGW968] II kann nicht so weitermachen wie Bush [BGW968] I

03.Nov.2004 US-Wahl: Kerry [KFJ966] gesteht Niederlage ein

03.Nov.2004 Hängepartie: Offener Ausgang in Iowa und New Mexico

03.Nov.2004 Deutsche Politik nach der US-Wahl: Hoffen auf den zahmen Präsidenten

03.Nov.2004 Reaktionen: Ein bisschen Gratulation

03.Nov.2004 eBay-Urteil: Bundesgerichtshof stärkt Rechte der Verbraucher

03.Nov.2004 Wahlabend in Washington: Mit D-Körbchen gegen Bush [BGW968]

03.Nov.2004 Auszählung: Alles hängt an Ohio

03.Nov.2004 Babys: Schrei-Attacken schaden der Entwicklung

03.Nov.2004 Urzeit-Kernspaltung: Wasser hielt Naturreaktor unter Kontrolle

03.Nov.2004 18:4 US-Wahl: Weißes Haus ist von Bush [BGW968]s Sieg überzeugt

03.Nov.2004 18:4 Wahlpannen: Verschwörungstheorien sprießen schon

03.Nov.2004 18:4 Wahl-Hängepartie: Nacht der Swinger

Bliebe es danach bei diesem Temperaturanstieg, rechnen die Forscher damit, dass das Arktis-Eis innerhalb von 1000 Jahren vollständig verschwindet und der Meeresspiegel in der Folge um sieben Meter steigt. Dicht besiedelte Küstenregionen weltweit würden überschwemmt. Der Anstieg des Meerespiegels wäre allein eine Folge der verschwindenden Eismassen auf dem arktischen Festland, zu dem der größte Teil Grönlands sowie Teile von Russland, Alaska, Kanada, Lappland und Spitzbergen gehören.
Doch es gebe auch positive Effekte steigender Temperaturen, heißt es in der Studie. So ließen sich Gas- und Öllagerstätten leichter anzapfen, die Voraussetzungen für Landwirtschaft im hohen Norden seien besser und die Schifffahrt könne von kürzeren Routen durch die Arktis profitieren.
Nach Berichten von Diplomaten sperren sich vor allem die USA gegen jede drastische Reaktion auf den Arktis-Report. Doch auch unter den anderen sieben Ländern - Russland, Kanada, Dänemark, Norwegen, Schweden, Finnland und Island - herrscht Uneinigkeit über mögliche Konsequenzen.
Die Umweltschutzorganisation WWF warf den acht Sponsoren des Reports Heuchelei vor. Die Länder hätten das Projekt finanziert und seien gleichzeitig für 30 % des weltweiten CO2-Ausstoßes verantwortlich. Auch sei es ihnen nicht gelungen, die Emissionen zu verringern.
"Das große Schmelzen hat begonnen", sagte Jennifer Morgan, Leiterin der Klimakampagne von WWF. Die Industriestaaten würden die Arktis als Versuchskaninchen für ein unkontrolliertes Experiment über den Klimawandel benutzen.
Am Wochenende hatten 60 Wissenschaftler auf einer internationalen Klimakonferenz in Peking ebenfalls vor den Folgen der globalen Erwärmung gewarnt. Sie lasse
das Eis am Nord- und Südpol schneller schmelzen als bisher erwartet. Der Treibhauseffekt löst nach Warnungen der Forscher auch immer mehr Naturkatastrophen wie jüngst die Hurrikane in der Karibik, die Taifune im Westpazifik sowie Dürren und Überschwemmungen aus.
"Es gibt große Gefahren durch Klimaveränderungen, wenn nicht drastische Maßnahmen ergriffen werden", sagte am Sonntag der Ozeanexperte und Klimawissenschaftler Stefan Rahmstorf vom Potsdamer Institut für Klimafolgenforschung. Er sprach von "alarmierenden Beobachtungen" am Nordpol und in der westlichen Antarktis. Der Meeresspiegel steige schneller als erwartet, auch drohten Veränderungen der Meeresströme. Rahmstorf warnte vor einem "völligen Zusammenbruch des Nordatlantikstroms", der in Europa zu einer abrupten Abkühlung und einem Anstieg des Meeres um einen Meter führen würde.
03.Nov.2004 Eigentlich sollte der Report über das schmelzende Arktis-Eis erst am 08.Nov.2004 vorgestellt werden. 250 Wissenschaftler aus acht Ländern hatten daran mitgearbeitet.

Doch dann wurden Auszüge aus der Studie der Presse zugespielt - und die teilweise alarmierenden Ergebnisse gelangten noch kurz vor der US-Wahl an die Öffentlichkeit.
Die Forscher stellten bei ihren Untersuchungen fest, dass sich die Arktis fast doppelt so schnell erwärmt wie der Rest der Welt. Die Eiskappe um den Nordpol habe sich in den vergangenen 30 Jahren um 15 bis 20 % verkleinert. Paal Prestrud, zweiter Leiter des
Arctic Climate Impact Assessment Reports (ACIA) machte vor allem Emissionen von Autos, Fabriken und Kraftwerken für den dramatischen Temperaturanstieg verantwortlich, der das Eis immer schneller schmelzen lässt.
Ein Affront für die US-Regierung, die den Einfluss des Klimagases CO2 immer wieder herunterspielt oder generell in Frage stellt.

00.000.2001 -Im Jahr- hatte Präsident Bush [BGW968] den Ausstieg seines Landes aus dem Kyoto-Protokoll verkündet, in dem sich Staaten weltweit zur Reduzierung des CO2-Ausstoßes verpflichten.

Begründet wurde der Schritt damals unter anderem mit den hohen Kosten und den nicht beteiligten Ländern aus der dritten Welt.
Die Autoren des Reports fürchten, dass die Arktis am Ende dieses Jahrhunderts während der Sommer fast eisfrei sein wird.

Dauerfrostböden könnten mehr + mehr verschwinden - mit der Folge, dass Straßen + Gebäude instabil würden.

Der Lebensraum von Eisbären + Robben werde buchstäblich wegschmelzen. Die Temperaturen in der Arktis sollen den Berechnungen zufolge in den nächsten Hundert Jahren um vier bis sieben Grad steigen.
03.Nov.2004 Eisbär im Arktischen Meer: Lebensraum droht wegzuschmelzen

03.Nov.2004 A
rktis-Gletscher: "Das große Schmelzen hat begonnen"

03.Nov.2004 Arktis-Erwärmung lässt Regierungen schwitzen
Die Arktis erwärmt sich dramatisch, die Gletscher schmelzen dahin: Eine neue Studie kommt zu alarmierenden Ergebnissen. Die Staaten, die den Report verfassen ließen, streiten über Gegenmaßnahmen.

Die US-Regierung soll gar versucht haben, die Ergebnisse bis zur Präsidentschaftswahl zu unterdrücken.

03.Nov.2004 Alarmierende Studie: Arktis-Erwärmung lässt Regierungen schwitzen

00.000.2004 - Trivia / Solar Minimum - "Solar physicist David Hathaway has been checking the sun every day since 1998, and every day for six years there have been sunspots. Sunspots are planet-sized "islands" on the surface of the sun. They are dark, cool, powerfully magnetized + fleeting: a typical sunspot lasts only a few days or weeks before it breaks up. As soon as one disappears, however, another emerges to take its place. Even during the lowest ebb of solar activity, you can usually find one or two spots on the sun. But when Hathaway looked on 28.Jan.2004 , there were none. The sun was utterly blank.

It happened again last week, twice, 11.Oct.2004+12.Oct.2004 there were no sunspots. 'This is a sign,' says Hathaway, 'that the solar minimum is coming + it's coming sooner than we expected.' [....]

'Contrary to popular belief,' says Hathaway, 'the solar cycle is not precisely 11 years long.'

Its length, measured from minimum to minimum, varies: 'The shortest cycles are 9 years + the longest ones are about 14 years.'

What makes a cycle long or short? Researchers aren't sure. 'We won't even know if the current cycle is long or short - until it's over,' he says." [NASA News] URL:
15.Oct.2004 "Globally Threatened" / Amphibians -: "Researchers reported that 1,856 species, 32.5 % of the known species of amphibians, are 'globally threatened,' meaning they fall into the categories of vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered as determined by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. By comparison, 12 % of bird species and 23 % of mammal species are threatened." [Based on: A.P.] URL:
.Oct.2004 Status / Jewish Settlements, Gaza Strip - "JERUSALEM - Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Thursday [10/14/04] all 8,200 Jewish settlers will be pulled out of the Gaza Strip starting next summer. He also ordered Israeli forces to pull out of a Gaza refugee camp, the focus of a monthlong offensive." [A.P.] URL:
03.Nov.2004 11:3
*Trivia: "When, on the Day of Atonement, you walk into a synagogue, you stand up for the very first prayer that you recite. It is the only prayer for which you stand. You repeat three times a short prayer called the Kol Nidre. In that prayer, you enter into an agreement with God Almighty that any oath, vow, or pledge that you may make during the next twelve months shall be null and void. The oath shall not be an oath; the vow shall not be a vow; the pledge shall not be a pledge. They shall have no force or effect." [Benjamin H. Freedman] URL:
2004 Status/US Trade Gap -: "WASHINGTON -

00.Aug.2004 The nation's trade gap widened -in- to $54 billion, the second largest in history, as oil imports soared to a record and exports stalled." [Bloomberg News] URL:
2004 ECK Worldwide Seminar / "Year of the Missionary" -: "ECKANKAR, Religion of the Light and Sound of God, began its annual New Year celebration with the ECK Worldwide Seminar in Minneapolis, MN [22.Oct.2004-24.Oct.2004 ]. The theme for this year is: The 'Year of the Missionary.' " [E.M.] URL:
2004 The Living Planet Report- "GENEVA - Environmentists charge in a new report that Earth's ability to sustain life is in peril from mankind's reliance on fossil fuel, the spread of cities, the destruction of natural habitats foir farmland and overexploitation of the oceans. The document - the Living World Report - is the work of the World Wildlife Fund, which issued it Thursday [10/21/04].

The report says the biggest consumers of nonrenewable natural resources are the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Kuwait, Australia and Sweden. They leave the biggest 'ecological footprint,' the report says. Humans consume 20 % more natural resources than the Earth can produce, the report says.... Use of fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil increased by almost 700 % between 1961 and 2001, the study says.... Populations of freshwater, marine and land species fell on average by 40 % between 1970 and 2000. The report cites urbanization, forest clearance, polution, overfishing and the introduction of non-native animals, such as cats and rats, which often drive out native species. The study is the group's fifth since 1998. This edition examines the 'ecological footprint' of the planet's entire population.... The world's 6.1 billion people leave a collective footprint of 33.36 billion acres, or 5.44 acres per capita. To allow the earth to regenerate, the average should be no more than 4.45 acres, the report says." [Based on: Jonathan Fowler, A.P.] URL:
2004 Rocket Launch / Brazil "Brazil succeeded in launching its first rocket into space Saturday [10/23/04], recovering from a launch-pad accident last year that killed 21 space workers." [WSJ] URL:
2004 Trivia / Memory + Stress -: "Stressful situations in which the individual has no control were found to activate an enzyme in the brain called protein kinase C, which impairs the short-term memory + other functions in the prefrontal cortex, the executive-decision part of the brain, says Dr. Amy F.T. Arnsten of Yale Medical School.... The PKC enzyme is also active in bipolar disorder + schizophrenia + Arnsten notes that a first psychotic episode can be precipitated by a stressful situation, such as going away to college for the first time or joining the military.... 'These new findings may also help us understand the impulsivity + distractibility observed in children with lead poisoning,' she said. 'Very low levels of lead can activate PKC.' " [A.P.] URL:
2004 Trivia / National Anthem, Japan - "TOKYO - Japan's emperor said that no one should be forced to face the flag + sing the national anthem - both potent symbols of Japan's 20th century militarism." [A.P.]

29.Oct.2004 Most Profitable U.S. Company / ExxonMobil Corp. - "ExxonMobile Corp., the most profitable U.S. company this year + last, said third-quarter net income rose 56 % as oil prices surged + chemical earnings quadrupled." [Bloomberg News] URL:
2004 - Oil Trivia / Nigeria : "LAGOS, Nigeria - Unions declared the top oil multinational in Nigeria, Royal Dutch/Shell, 'an enemy of the Nigerian people' on Sunday [10/31/04] and called a Nov. 16 nationwide strike that they said would target oil exports from Africa's oil giant.... Unions called the 16.Nov.2004 strike after giving President Olusegun Obasanjo until Sunday to reverse 23.Sep.2004 s 23 % increase in fuel prices in Nigeria....

A general strike last month over the fuel price increases paralyzed businesses overall but left petroleum exports unaffected....

00.Mar.2003 fighting between rival ethnic militia groups near the port city of Warri - which also drew in government troops - forced oil companies to shut down 40 % of Nigeria's oil exports for weeks.

Much of that oil remains shut off." [Based on: Dulue Mbachu, A.P.]

01.Nov.2004 Facial Transplants / Cleveland -: "CLEVELAND - The Cleveland Clinic says it is the first institution to receive review board approval of human facial transplant for someone severly disfigured by burns or disease." [A.P.] URL:

31.Oct.2004 - Ethnic Clashes / China: "Ethnic clashes between majority Han Chinese and Muslim Hui left almost 150 people dead and led authorities to declare martial law in a section of Henan Province in central China, journalists and witnesses in the region said Sunday." [News Services] URL:
2004 Oil Trivia / Kuwait -: "Kuwait's ruler has ordered that each Kuwaiti citizen receive a one-time bonus of $680, the Cabinet said Sunday.

The reward comes in response to record oil revenue flowing into the Persian Gulf emirate." [News Services] URL:

B - "Mirror History" dictionary assigns B to the ninth sound group ... -
... to Heaven [Asgard] and guarded by Heimdall the White God." ( Norse Mythology) / Asbru ... Bush [BGW968] ["shrub"], buss(ch)e, boisshe, buysche, busk, buski , bosk, bosh ... URL:
03.Nov.2004 Please send insights, corrections, and/or feedback to: Please entitle your mail: "
A Mirror Response

03.Nov.2004 Thus, measuring reality from the perspective of one, two, or three dimensions will necessarily be inferior to the measurement of reality from a fourth. The reason is that the first three dimensions are encompassed by the fourth. URL:
03.Nov.2004 Quote of the day :

"Would you call a humanity civilized that has a hundred wars in as many years? that spends trillions of dollars on murder weapons while its schools and hospitals close for want of funds? that lets half its people starve while the other half sickens from overeating? Would you call a humanity enlightened that poisons the air, the water and the soil? that doesn't know mythology from history?, or even what it exists for? This is the animal estate." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible , p. 75]

03.Nov.2004 Trivia of the day :

11.Sep.1941 „ground was broken for the construction of a vast new building to serve as the headquarters of America's military forces - the Pentagon."

03.Nov.2004 What does the Bush [BGW968] name mean?
Last Name: Bush [BGW968]
English: topographic name for someone who lived by a bushy area or thicket, from Middle English bush(e) ‘bush’ (probably from Old Norse buskr , or an unrecorded Old English busc ); alternatively, it may derive from Old Norse Buski used as a personal name. Americanized spelling of German
a special place in Celtic Ireland - Betty Crichton

First published by Chalice Well Trust, 1982, reprinted by permission.

THE HOLY ISLAND of DEVENISH lies in lower Lough Erne about two miles north-west of Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. Its ancient name was Daimhinis, "The Isle of the Ox". Irish legends tell us that Jeremiah came to Ireland after the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem, bringing with him the Royal Princess Teah Tephi, the Ark of the Covenant and the Lia Fail, now known as the Stone of Scone. Both he and the Ark are reputed to be buried on Devenish. Ollamh Fodhla, the sage and law-giver of early Irish history was said to have been Jeremiah.

On the summit of the Island, faintly discernible are the remains of a stone and earthen rath, or circle. This rath has probably been used as a safe place of habitation as well. In the beginning of the sixth century A.D., St. Molaise, also known as St. Laserian, established a monastic school on Devenish + at his death in A.D. 563 it was a seat of learning of considerable size and fame.

03.Nov.2004 Live-Ticker zur US-Wahl
+++ Berater wollen Bush [BGW968] zum Sieger ausrufen +++
[10.01 Uhr]Ein Präsidentenberater sagt nach dem Sieg Bush [BGW968]s in Nevada, Bush [BGW968] werde bald seinen Sieg erklären. Kerry [KFJ966]s Lager will aber noch keine Niederlage eingestehen.
US-Wahl: Bush [BGW968] bekommt Nevada - und will sich zum Sieger ausrufen

03.Nov.2004 The question is posed point blank: what should Labor do + what should progressive people do, when confronted with a large minorty of small-town religious reactionaries who, combined with the conservative elite of coastal America, can defeat the voting power of the working poor, organised Labor and the Democrat voting base?
Answer: get back to the streets and organise.
The unions that spent millions of dollars and mobilised thousands of dedicated activists did not waste their time and money: a base has been built for organised Labor now in places where it had little base before - and the Democrat machine has been taken over and renewed from the bunch of reactionaries who ran it under Clinton, in many places.
The pro-Kerry [KFJ966] union leaders - and the big figures of the anti-corporate movement - need now to show some leadership. We need to call a CONGRESS OF LABOR now. The unions, the pro-Labor Democrats, the Naderites and the mass movement that went on the streets from Seattle to New York this year needs to be organised and mobilised.
We need a new working class political party: call it a force or a movement if you want to keep your Democrat affiliation in hope that just one day all the religious crackpots will one day forget to vote, or Fox and Clearchannel will go liberal.
Make no mistake - we are not up against fraud here, we are up against political reaction: it is RE-action to the actions of the poor, the oppressed and the dispossessed of the world.
Middle America is dominated by a reactionary coalition with a death wish. It has voted for war and will get war.
Bush [BGW968] will now renew his war - on the poor, the working class and on the progressive struggles of people from Fallujah to Gaza to Cochabamba to Ourtown. We need to say, like William Tecumseh Shermand - we intend to give him all the war he can handle.

It Has Only Just Begun Portland IMC 03 Nov 2004 The votes are in, the selection is over. It never mattered. Liberals are turning radical, radicals are going revolutionary...and the conservative are second guessing themselves. I have been listening to portland imc web radio all day and I am now very excited, EXCITED, not despondent about tomorrow...and the next day...and the next.

Now, we can start our future the future that we have been begging for. Momentum is on our side. Had Kerry [KFJ966] won, we wouldve woken up late tomorrow and missed being out in the street. Now, they will make it a point, they may come out eary, they may take back the streets, maybe the city + perhaps, just perhaps, they may begin to take back their lives.

[ Sad about having to wake up tomorrow... I No "winner" tonight I Bad news folks: I think it's over ]
read the full article..

03.Nov.2004 Posted: 17:20 AEDT Kerry [KFJ966]'s White House dream fades

Bush [BGW968]appears likely to score crucial wins in Ohio and Florida, putting him on the verge of a victory over Democratic challenger Kerry [KFJ966] and re-election to a second term in the White House. [FULL STORY

03.Nov.2004 Posted: 18:11 AEDT Ohio key to tight US election

United States President Bush [BGW968]appears close to being re-elected but Democratic challenger Kerry [KFJ966] is refusing to concede the key state of Ohio. [FULL STORY

03.Nov.2004 Posted: 18:41 AEDT Republicans tipped to control US Senate Republicans will maintain control of the US Senate, television networks reported, turning back several close but ultimately inadequate Democratic challenges in key states. [FULL STORY

03.Nov.2004 Posted: 19:00 AEDT Edwards pledges to fight for every vote

Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards has vowed that the party will "fight for every vote" after refusing to concede defeat in the key state of Ohio, where the result is deadlocked. [FULL STORY

03.Nov.2004 Posted: 20:01 AEDT Kerry [KFJ966] delusional on Ohio: Bush [BGW968] aide

A senior aide to US President George W Bush [BGW968]'s election campaign says the Republicans have won Ohio and Democratic challenger Kerry [KFJ966] is "delusional" for not conceding defeat. [FULL STORY]

Posted: 20:00 AEDT Ice melt 'would see Aust swamped' Australia's coastal areas could end up underwater, according to a new scientific study examining melting ice in the Arctic. [FULL STORY

03.Nov.2004 Bush [BGW968] to declare victory

Press Association
03.Nov.2004 9:23 AM President Bush [BGW968]is preparing to declare re-election victory even though Democratic rival Kerry [KFJ966] refused to concede as results in the key state of Ohio remained uncertain.

"We will fight for every vote," said Kerry [KFJ966] running mate John Edwards.

After winning Nevada and pulling within 16 electoral votes of the 270 required for a second term, Bush [BGW968] was laying claim to Ohio's 20 electoral votes over Kerry [KFJ966]'s objections.

"We will not base our decision on a concession," said Bush [BGW968] adviser Dan Bartlett.

The Electoral College count was excruciating: Bush [BGW968] won 28 states for 254 votes. Kerry [KFJ966] won 18 states plus the District of Columbia for 242 votes.

Ceding nothing, Kerry [KFJ966] dispatched Edwards to tell supporters in Boston: "We've waited four years for this victory. We can wait one more night."

The remarks were an eerie echo of 2000 when advisers to both Bush [BGW968] + Democrat Al Gore told supporters that the race was too close to call - setting off a 36 day recount and a Supreme Court ruling that put Bush [BGW968] in office.

"We will fight for every vote," Edwards said, borrowing a line from Gore. Both campaigns considered sending political and legal teams to Ohio, already the scene of duelling lawsuits over provisional ballots.

Inside the Bush [BGW968] campaign, an intense debate waged into the wee hours as some aides said parachuting teams into Ohio would ensure a political stalemate in a state Bush [BGW968] believes he has already won.

Bush [BGW968], 58, won Florida this time, while Kerry [KFJ966] took New Hampshire from Bush [BGW968] - the first and perhaps only state to switch parties - but it has just four electoral votes.

Why Blair secretly favoured win for Kerry [KFJ966]
Tony Blair has been telling friends and Downing Street staff in confidence that he would prefer Kerry [KFJ966] in the White House.
Special report: US elections 2004

WHO 'buried' report to please food industry
World Health Organisation accused of burying a report recommending curbs on junk food advertising.
Special report: food

Hawking joins war protest tribute to Iraq dead
Stephen Hawking joins reading of the names of those who have lost their lives In Iraq since the conflict began.
Special report: the anti-war movement

03.Nov.2004 Streit über vorläufige Stimmen: Ohio wird zum neuen Florida

03.Nov.2004 US-Wahl: Bush [BGW968] bekommt Nevada - und will sich zum Sieger ausrufen

03.Nov.2004 Militär-Hightech entzaubert: Offline im Irak

03.Nov.2004 Herrschaft im All: US-Militär besitzt Anti-Satelliten-Waffe

03.Nov.2004 Volkswagen-Tarifpoker: Einigung in greifbarer Nähe

03.Nov.2004 Videobotschaft: Bin Laden droht mit Rache für irakische Tote

03.Nov.2004 Senat und Repräsentantenhaus: Republikaner behalten die Macht im Kongress

03.Nov.2004Bush [BGW968] Favorit der Ölhändler: Ölpreis schnellt auf über 50 Dollar

03.Nov.2004 Senat und Repräsentantenhaus: Republikaner halten beide Kammern

03.Nov.2004 Unsichere Prognosen: Extrem knappes Rennen um US-Präsidentschaft

03.Nov.2004 Kurznachrichten: Live-Ticker zur US-Wahl

03.Nov.2004 US-Wählerbefragung: Kerry [KFJ966] nach inoffiziellen Daten in Florida und Ohio vorn

03.Nov.2004 USA: Kaum Probleme bei Wahlcomputern
03.Nov.2004 Voting Irregularities / Democrats vote tomorrow? in
03.Nov.2004 00:44: Update from
03.Nov.2004 00:41:
Update on Reclaim the Streets Baltimore--3 arrests
In MO, ballots where people voted both a straight ticket and in specific races will be counted normally
03.Nov.2004 00:05:
Update from Portland, Oregon
02.Nov.2004 22:13:
Democracy Now! reports: "Voting Problems Widespread in Florida, Pennsylvania"
02.Nov.2004 22:11: NYC IMC:
Voting problems in Brooklyn
02.Nov.2004 22:10: SF Bay Indymedia:
Voting Problems around the US - add more as you find them.
02.Nov.2004 22:05: Voters in Urbana-Champaign, IL forced to use provisional ballots - full story
02.Nov.2004 21:59:
Check Big Muddy IMC for election information in SOuthern Illinois

03.Nov.2004 The US justice department is also dispatching more than 1,000 of its own observers around the country, including to Long Island, New York, as a result of a surge in Hispanic registrations there.
03.Nov.2004 But xenophobic hostility from voters themselves has been entirely absent, insisted Owen Thomas, a UK monitor + chief executive of the election-management firm Electoral Reform Services, brought to the US, like Mr Bekebeke, by the human rights group Global Exchange.

"It's quite the opposite - they see us at the early voting sites and actively want to talk to us," said Mr Thomas, who had been struck by the patience and persistence of Floridian voters.

03.Nov.2004 "They have to queue for hours," he said. "In the UK there'd be a riot." URL:,13918,1341284,00.html
03.Nov.2004 One of the two cases was brought by a black couple in Cincinnati who argued that the Republican plan was designed to suppress the African-American vote - a viewpoint echoed by Jesse Jackson, who called it "Old South politics".

Republicans called the decision "erroneous" + said they planned to appeal.

The international monitors will not intervene should they witness harassment.

"We do not interfere. That's a very important principle," said Urdur Gunnarsdottir, a spokeswoman for the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, which is sponsoring most of the observers. "What we will do is to issue a preliminary report on Thursday." URL:,13918,1341284,00.html

02.Nov.2004 23:52:52
Final push on day of reckoning
President displays 'total Zen attitude' despite poll qualms
Jonathan Freedland in Washington
The Guardian He promised this would be his last campaign - + he was determined to fight it hard to the bitter end.

Bush [BGW968]told aides that, win or lose, this would be the final time he sought public office and he was determined yesterday to leave nothing to chance.

02.Nov.2004 Dollar Mixed Amid Election Jitters The Associated Press
NEW YORK (Dow Jones/AP) - The dollar ended mixed Tuesday amid jittery trading due to uncertainty and speculation on the outcome of the U.S. presidential election.

Against the euro and Swiss franc, the dollar was trading slightly higher in late trading in New York as the election seemed to go off fairly smoothly, causing some speculators to pare back dollar-bearish positions.

At the same time, the Japanese yen and British pound advanced against the dollar, helped in part by the first below-$50 a barrel settlement for crude oil in about a month and strong U.K. retail sales data for October.

Market watchers said the dollar's movements were volatile, given that many traders have been out on a limb with dollar-negative trades going into the election, concerned about a replay of the indecision of the 2000 election.

The dollar had risen versus most currencies during the session, except for the pound, as some election-related concerns were allayed by relatively smooth reports from voting sites around the country. In the afternoon, alleged exit poll information started to leak out over the Internet, taking some of the steam out of the dollar's rally.

"This is a result of the cloud of uncertainty just beginning to lift. Those with the least risk appetite are making a move," said Brian Dolan, director of research at Gain Capital in Warren, N.J. Still, he expects a "relief rally" in the dollar once the election is definitively decided.

Most of the election-related trading will begin after the New York session concludes. Voting will end in what are considered the three key swing states - Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio - by 8 p.m. EST. Traders said if exit polls from these three states point to a relatively clear victory for one of the candidates, there could be some rapid unwinding of short dollar positions in Asian trading.

In late trading in New York, the euro was quoted at $1.2674, down from $1.2749. The dollar bought 106.39 yen, down from 106.44; 1.2105 Swiss francs, up from 1.2020; and 1.2268 Canadian dollars, up from 1.2210. The pound traded at $1.8362, up from $1.8328.

The market consensus is that even if the dollar rallies on a clean result, its longer term trend is lower because of the large U.S. trade and budget deficits, high oil prices and uncertainty about growth, as well as the pace of Federal Reserve rate tightening.

If the election outcome is obvious, market attention is likely to shift to the U.S. October non-farm payrolls due Friday. Payrolls are expected to have grown by 200,000 in October, compared with September's 96,000 rise.

AP-ES-11-02-04 1748EST
This story can be found at:
02.Nov.2004 Kerry [KFJ966] must hope that it doesn't get this far. The Democrats have a far larger potential base than Republicans, but it is also less motivated. Those he was unable to excite to the polls through persuasion he must hope to get there through sheer organisation. If the result isn't close, then the Republicans cannot steal it.

02.Nov.2004 Trading volume was higher than expected throughout the session, as early confidence in a quick victory was wiped out by signs that it would indeed be a close contest. In 2000, the markets endured their worst post-election November since Harry Truman's upset victory in 1948.

"I think there's some money just waiting to come in once we have a winner in the election," said Michael Sheldon, chief market strategist at Spencer Clarke LLC. "The uncertainty of 2000 is certainly hanging over the market + we're hoping we don't get a repeat. If we don't, then we have a strong positive bias and a very healthy technical market."

02.Nov.2004 Prospect of a Deadlocked Race Leads to Late Selloff By Michael J. Martinez
The Associated Press
NEW YORK (AP) - The prospect of a tight race for the presidency - and a repeat of the 2000 court battle - prompted a late selloff on Wall Street on Tuesday, with stocks finishing the session mixed despite a fresh drop in oil prices.

News of exit polls showing a tight race were a "sell" signal to investors worried that the election would be deadlocked. Most analysts agreed that a clear winner by Wednesday morning - no matter which candidate - would boost the market. But if the election appeared headed for a prolonged court battle as in 2000, stocks could fall sharply.

"The worst thing that could happen is a contested election, because you'll see this bull run we've had over the past five or six days dissipate," said Peter Cardillo, chief strategist and senior vice president at S.W. Bach & Co. "If somebody can declare victory, then this bull run could extend right through to the end of the year."

The uncertainty kept investors from enjoying another drop in oil prices, taking the price of crude below the $50 per barrel mark for the first time in a month. A barrel of light crude for December delivery closed at $49.62, down 51 cents, on the New York Mercantile Exchange - the lowest settlement price since Oct. 4.

02.Nov.2004 23:06:31
• 11/02 05:42 pm
Crude Ends Below $50 as Selloff Continues

02.Nov.2004 23:05:57
• 11/02 04:58 pm
Prospect of a Deadlocked Race Leads to Late Selloff

02.Nov.2004 23:03:56 • 11/02 05:40 pm
Profit More Than Doubles for Prudential Financial

02.Nov.2004 23:03:31 • 11/02 05:48 pm
Dollar Mixed Amid Election Jitters
• 11/02 05:45 pm
AP Interview: Cuba's Central Bank Chief Says Convertible Peso Won't Be Devalued

02.Nov.2004 22:58:13
11:28 am
Stateside Images: Dia De Los Meurtos Images (1)
The festival began with an Aztec dance group blowing on conches, drumming and dancing.
11:26 am
The bFM WIRE Today With Russell Brown: 12 - 2pm
12:10 AUSA Report with Kate Sutton - 12.20: Broadcaster, actor and basketball coach John Dybvig - 1.30: Public Address’s Jolisa Gracewood from CT USA...
11:16 am
Public Address 03/11/04 - Coverage
I was scrambling to finish yesterday's post when it was suggested that I jump in a taxi and get myself down to the Hilton for Paul Holmes' press conference. Only Holmes could presume to upstage the most important US Presidential election in a ...
11:15 am
Molesworth & Featherston – 2 November 2004
The US votes and we look at the potential effects on New Zealand, ranging from trade to North Korea’s nuclear programme, Iraq and the Kyoto agreement. Paul Holmes gets ready for Prime time. John Tamihere’s prospects dim further. We check out this week’s ...
11:12 am
Columnleft.Com: ''Tuesday Blues''
LOS ANGELES, Election Day, November 2, 2004 ( ) - The Redskins lost, so there's lots of hope. It's too close to call + way too easy to steal. Now it's all up to those brave Americans at the heart of our vibrant democracy - ...
11:08 am
Daniel Patrick Welch: It's the Policies, Stupid
As Americans gather to excerise their god-given right to pick the leader of the free world, that world huddles anxiously in the far-flung corners of the planet to see what comes next.
11:03 am
Election Suppression In Franklin County, Ohio?
Is There Inner-City Election Suppression In Franklin County, Ohio? by Bob Fitrakis Election Day Report – Columbus, Ohio November 2, 2004 - 12:15pm EST
11:00 am
BTL: Green Party Candidate On Issues Majors Ignore
Green Party Presidential Candidate Addresses Issues Major Parties Ignore - Interview with David Cobb, Green Party presidential candidate, conducted by Melinda Tuhus
10:57 am
Noam Chomsky Offers Views Iraq War and Election
Noam Chomsky Offers Views on Motivation for Iraq War and the Choices Before Voters on Election Day - Interview with Noam Chomsky, MIT professor of linguistics, author and political activist, conducted by Scott Harris

02.Nov.2004 22:55:31
15:50 pm
Day Of The Dead: The Haunting Of The White House
Something is rising from the ashes of September 11: the spectre of questions that will haunt our country until answered.
02.Nov.2004 22:42:19
Associated Press To Count Votes on Election Day
02.Nov.2004 22:42:10
Bush [BGW968], Kerry [KFJ966] Vote After Hard-Fought Race GOP Battles to Keep Senate Control Big Early Voter Turnout Creates Long Lines

02.Nov.2004 22:35:28
But the problems are more political than logistical. The Republicans want to stop as many people voting as they possibly can. On Tuesday they will be sending supporters to the polls and courts to challenge those they say are improperly registered. Democrats are keen to see as many people vote as possible + are sending supporters to the polls to ensure that no legitimate voter is turned away. This is not because of the Democrats' love of the democratic process - although on balance they have proved themselves far more wedded to the spirit and letter of it than the Republicans. But because the higher the turnout, the greater the likelihood that Kerry [KFJ966] will emerge the victor.

With just 24 hours to go there is nobody left for Kerry [KFJ966] to woo. At this stage, his victory or defeat will hinge on whom his machine can get to the polls and whether their votes will count when they get there. To understand why this is more crucial for Kerry [KFJ966] than for Bush [BGW968], it helps to understand the election as a three-phase process: registration, mobilisation and verification.

The Democrats have already won the first round. Thanks to everyone from P Diddy to Michael Moore, this year has seen an unprecedented number of new voters registered, which could produce the highest turnout of those eligible in more than 40 years. In Ohio, where the Republicans won by just 165,019 votes in 2000, there are 700,000 new voters on the rolls. More than 60% of those are believed to be Democrats. In Florida, which Democrats lost by just 537 votes in 2000, more than a million have been added since February, with Democrats boasting almost 45,000 more than Republicans. Many of these are first time voters; a huge portion are young, black and/or poor. Kerry [KFJ966] has a sizeable advantage among each of these groups. In the past, they have also been the groups least likely to vote. But this year, thanks to issues like the war, the draft and the supreme court, they claim to be particularly stirred. Almost three-quarters of college students say they will definitely vote this year.

This is partly why the polls have been so erratic. Most measure "likely voters", which excludes most first timers; and none polls people who only use cellphones, excluding large numbers of young people. The bottom line is that this huge new batch of voters is a wild card. This is not because there is no way of knowing how they will vote, but because there is no indication of whether they will vote. Moreover, those who have never voted before will make up a huge proportion of those who turn up in the wrong place or with insufficient ID and end up having their credentials questioned. They could play big; they could not play at all; and they may turn up to find Republicans playing dirty.

02.Nov.2004 22:30:45
polling booths will not be the place where the partisan conflicts of this polarised nation will be settled but, in all likelihood, where they will escalate before heading to the courts. The results may be within the margin of error, but the outcome could well be determined by the margin of litigation.

02.Nov.2004 22:19:01
The road to the courts

If it's close, the Armageddon election could be about to sink into a legal purgatory Gary Younge
Monday November 1, 2004

The Guardian They have called it the "Armageddon election". "Each side predicts the end is near if the other side wins," says pollster John Zogby.

02.Nov.2004 22:01:43
Regime Change Day
Don't Just Vote, Don't Just Not Vote...
02-11-2004 16:59

02.Nov.2004 22:00:36
Darwin Police arrest their strongest critics
Armed Police arrest 'Parliament Invader' protestors...
02-11-2004 13:02

02.Nov.2004 21:53:38
Seit September hindert das Zucker-verarbeitende Unternehmen Ingenio Tabacal, Eigentum der Seabord Corporation die EinwohnerInnen eine Guaraní Gemeinde sich frei auf dem Land bewegen zu können, was für ihre Existenz in der Salta Region von Orán unerlässlich ist. Die Truppen werden von der privaten Sicherheitsgruppe Search, ebenfalls aus den USA, befohlen. Die neuesten Restriktionen nach La Loma einzureisen, eine 5000 ha großes Gebiet, das täglich benutzt wird, um Feuerholz und Heilpflanzen zu besorgen, war Anlass zu einem neuen Vorwurf von Seiten der indigenen Guaraní Gemeinde. Dem Gebiet El Tabacal der Hipólito Irigoves. Zwei Stellvertreter der Gemeinde reisten nach Buenos Aires, eingeladen um an der Eröffnung des Lehrstuhls für indigene Rechte an der Universität von Morón teilzunehmen und sie nutzten die Chance um ihre Situation vor den nationalen Repräsentanten, öffentlichen Agenturen und der Presse zu verurteilen. Mónica Romero - Präsidentin der Gemeinde - und Haidee Cuñandipa - Vizepräsident - erklärten Indymedia, dass die Einreisebeschränkungen seit 4. September angewandt werden, als Angestellte von Ingenio Tabacal Brücken abrissen, die nach La Loma führten und Erdwälle bildeten. Nur wenige Stunden zuvor reiste eine Delegation von nationalen RepräsentantInnen ab, die dort hin reisten, um sich von den andauernden Verletzungen der indigenen Rechte zu überzeugen.. Mit der Vergangenheit unzufrieden, bestellte die Geschäftsführung der Zuckerfabrik Sicherheitspersonal unter der Leitung der Search-Group, die Errichtung von Kontrollposten und ständige Patrullien über das Gelände. Die einzige Möglichkeit das Land zu betreten wäre, Dokumente zu unterzeichnen, die von Politikern stammen, die mit Ingenio Tabacal in Verbindung stehen - laut den Forderungen des Wachpersonals - obwohl der Inhalt der Dokumente unbekannt ist. Die Repräsentanten der Gemeinde kündigten auch an, dass die Polizeiwache der Stadt sich bis zum Eingriff der Repräsentanten aus Buenos Aires weigerte sich die Anschuldigungen anzuhören.

02.Nov.2004 21:33:18
10/22/2004 (2)
9/11 Secret in the CIA's Back Pocket
Robert Scheer

02.Nov.2004 21:29:32
To the critics who said before the Iraq war that Rumsfeld accepted too much risk in U.S. war planning, Rumsfeld responded by saying he had ordered rigorous reviews and was satisfied with his new war plan. "We are prepared for the worst case," Rumsfeld told the Times.

02.Nov.2004 21:07:00 Großbritannien vor der US-Wahl: "Aus Bush [BGW968]s Schlafsack raus kriechen"

02.Nov.200420:39) US-Wahl: Kopf-an-Kopf-Rennen mit hoher Wahlbeteiligung

02.Nov.2004 21:06:44 Interview mit Leon de Winter: "Das zweite Kapitel einer Tragödie"

02.Nov.2004 20:51:55 Bush [BGW968] Will Lose 01.Nov.2004 20:55
"Brad Menfil"
I've been reading, with some distress, negative comments about my postings. Trust me, I'm no Bush [BGW968] plant. I just know what happens when people speak up around here.
The campaign is depressed. Victory was lost in the last week as we discovered the uncounted (read 18-29 demographic), not the undecided, were breaking in a major way towards Kerry [KFJ966].
The Bin Laden tape was a fake and it was intended to steal this election. I TOLD YOU SO!
The hero of this election is Joe Lockhart, Sr. Advisor to the Kerry [KFJ966]-Edwards campaign. The folks here at the RNC worried about Joe's return. You can check this out too if you'd like.
Here is where I stand: Scott Zale betrayed his true feelings. The Knoxville Times has a reach that extends beyond Australia which, as you know, is the Motherland of Rupert Murdock
Tether Technologies works undercover in Columbia, Missouri. There's no crack investigators on the Internet. I've given you all so many leads and clues and nobody has figured out how to substantiate them.
This is the last you'll hear from me. The campaign will be over tomorrow and Scott and I will be looking for work.
At least we know that Bush [BGW968] won't be re-elected. Good luck to all of you.
Just kidding 01.Nov.2004 22:05
"Brad Menfil"
02.Nov.2004 20:34:27
6 News Groups Sue Ohio Elections Chief --Six national news organizations filed a federal lawsuit Monday seeking additional access at the polls on Election Day. ABC, CNN, CBS, Fox News, NBC and The Associated Press sued Ohio Secretary of State [and Reichwing whackjob] Kenneth Blackwell over a policy that would prevent exit polling within 100 feet of a voting place.

02.Nov.2004 20:34:11
Oil Down $2, Speculators Bet on Kerry [KFJ966] Win - Oil prices fell heavily on Monday, taking U.S. crude below $50 on speculation that a U.S. election win for Senator Kerry [KFJ966] could ease the geopolitical friction that helped fuel this year's record-breaking rally.

Kerry [KFJ966] tops Bush [BGW968] in virtual vote --Democratic challenger Kerry [KFJ966] has won a landslide victory over Dictator Bush [BGW968] in a global sample of the world's opinion on the race for the White House. More than 113,000 people from 119 countries made their choice at, handing Kerry [KFJ966] a crushing win with 77 % of the vote, a spokesman for the Web site said on Monday.

02.Nov.2004 20:30:38
An Election Spoiled Rotten - It's not even Election Day yet + the Kerry [KFJ966]-Edwards campaign is already down by a almost a million votes.

That's because, in important states like Ohio, Florida and New Mexico, voter names have been systematically removed from the rolls and absentee ballots have been overlooked—overwhelmingly in minority areas, like Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, where Hispanic voters have a 500 % greater chance of their vote being "spoiled." Investigative journalist Greg Palast reports on the trashing of the election. "Kerry [KFJ966] is down by several thousand votes in New Mexico, though not one ballot has yet been counted. He's also losing big time in Colorado and Ohio; and he's way down in Florida, though the votes won't be totaled until Tuesday night. Through a combination of sophisticated vote rustling—ethnic cleansing of voter rolls, absentee ballots gone AWOL, machines that 'spoil' votes— Kerry [KFJ966] begins with a nationwide deficit that could easily exceed one million votes ."

Arming the Left: Is the time now? --by Charles Southwell

02.Nov.2004 20:28:27
Mega coup alert!!
AP Will Be Sole Source of Vote Count --News organizations will be relying on The Associated Press for a quick and accurate [?!?] count of votes cast in Tuesday's elections, from top of the ticket races like president, Senate and governor, down through state legislature.

02.Nov.2004 20:26:46
Bush [BGW968] Brownshirts attack journalist:
Deputy tackles, arrests journalist for photographing voters -A widely published investigative journalist was tackled, punched and arrested Sunday afternoon by a Palm Beach County sheriff's deputy who tried to confiscate his camera outside the elections supervisor's headquarters.

About 600 people were standing in line waiting to vote early when James S. Henry was charged with disorderly conduct for taking photos of waiting voters about 3:30 p.m. outside the main elections office on Military Trail near West Palm Beach. A sheriff's spokesman and a county attorney later said the deputy was enforcing a newly enacted rule from Elections Supervisor Theresa Le GOPWhore Pore prohibiting reporters from interviewing or photographing voters lined up outside the polls . [Yes, a new fascist Florida law, implemented to facilitate another coup d'etat by the GOP.]

Building evacuated so Jeb Bush's Brownshirts can tamper with election software: Fla. State Elections Office Evacuated -A suspicious package was reported Monday in the building that houses Florida's Division of Elections + employees were kept out while the building was searched .

02.Nov.2004 20:25:38 Peace, Love, ...and VICTORY!! Lori R. Price
Citizens For Legitimate Government, November 2, 2004 URL:

02.Nov.2004 Spanien vor der US-Wahl: Der Krieg trennt Madrid und Washington noch immer

02.Nov.2004 ElBaradei issues N Korea warning: The UN's chief weapons inspector says North Korea is presenting a serious challenge to attempts to limit the world's nuclear weapons.

02.Nov.2004 Paid Bush [BGW968] supporters cause uproar : Democratic field organizers in the area alerted supporters and volunteers Friday about students from nearby colleges who had been paid to hold Bush [BGW968]-Cheney signs and wear campaign stickers on the Green.

02.Nov.2004 Wary Colorado prepares for no confidence vote : A rash of problems over election rules has left Coloradans unsure whether their votes tomorrow will count

02.Nov.2004 Of Human Wrekage and Zionists Dreams: Resolution 242 requires withdrawal to the Green Line of 1967 as well as from the many dozens of illegal settlements. Must there be a crescendo of suffering, an Armageddon, before the master retreats?

02.Nov.2004 UN waiting for Israel apology of rocket claim : The United Nations is still waiting for Israel to apologise for an erroneous allegation that Palestinian militants used a UN ambulance to transport a rocket, a senior UN official said on Monday.

02.Nov.2004 Zarqawi's role in Iraq overstated, analysts say : American officials have grossly inflated the role of Jordanian Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in the violence in Iraq in their eagerness to blame foreign terrorists for the insurgency, according to Jordanian analysts and Western diplomats.

02.Nov.2004 Colin Powell believes U.S. is losing Iraq war: Secretary of State Colin Powell, a former general who stays in touch with the Joint Chiefs, has acknowledged this privately to friends in recent weeks, NEWSWEEK has learned.

02.Nov.2004 Withdrawal is the only honorable way out: Neither candidate has a solution for a conflict that has cost more than 1,100 American lives. Unfortunately, the killing will continue until the United States and its allies withdraw their forces, leaving Iraq to the Iraqis.

02.Nov.2004 Francis Boyle: The Nazis Had Their Law Professors, Too

02.Nov.2004 US Seeks Clarification From China on Election-Eve Criticism: An unprecedented election-eve attack on Bush [BGW968] administration policies by a senior figure in the Chinese government suggested that, despite undeniable improvements in ties with Washington, elements in Beijing remain deeply suspicious of the United States, a China scholar said Tuesday.

02.Nov.2004 Palestinians Killed by Israelis at 2½-Year High: According to an inquiry by Haaretz, 50 of the 165 dead, or just over 30 %, were civilians, including women + children + the elderly + males under 16.

02.Nov.2004 Iraqi Girl Blog: Some Terrorists...: So Umm Ahmed is one of the terrorists who were driven from the city. Should her husband and son die, they will be leaders from Al-Qaeda or even relatives of Abu Mussab Al-Zarqawi himself… that’s the way they tell the story in America.

02.Nov.2004 Spectacular attacks hit Iraq oil flow: Saboteurs have mounted the biggest attacks yet on Iraq's oil infrastructure, blowing up three pipelines in the north and hitting exports via Turkey, oil officials say.

02.Nov.2004 Uranium pollution in Iraq damaging: If you thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, then consider this: the ongoing conflict in Iraq will leave behind a legacy of depleted uranium, which will affect not just the U.S. troops, but also the Iraqi people, maybe over generations, said Diane Henshel, associate professor of public and environmental affairs.

02.Nov.2004 Full transcript of bin Ladin's speech : Al-Jazeera aired only four minutes of Osama bin Laden's videotape released last week, this is the transcript for the full 18 minutes. " No-one except a dumb thief plays with the security of others and then makes himself believe he will be secure. Whereas thinking people, when disaster strikes, make it their priority to look for its causes, in order to prevent it happening again. "

02.Nov.2004 Bin Laden Transcript Outlines Plan to Bankrupt U.S. Through War : Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden said he is trying to bankrupt the U.S. through its war on terror, a strategy he says felled the Soviet Union two decades ago in Afghanistan, according to a translation by al-Jazeera television of his full, videotaped statement.

02.Nov.2004 In case you missed it: 1998 Interview With Osama Bin Laden: Osama bin Laden answers questions posed to him by some of his followers at his mountaintop camp in southern Afghanistan. In the latter part of the interview, ABC reporter John Miller is asking the questions.

02.Nov.2004 Secret Afghan Envoy Tells All : How Bush [BGW968] Was Offered Bin Laden and Blew It

02.Nov.2004 Israeli secret agents killed 310 Iraqi scientists :

The Iraqi ambassador in Cairo, Ahmad al-Iraqi, accused Israel of sending to Iraq immediately after the US invasion “a commando unit” charged with the killing of Iraqi scientists.

02.Nov.2004 Frankreich vor der US-Wahl: Spiel mit der Angst

02.Nov.2004 Diagnose: Arafat leidet nicht an Leukämie

02.Nov.2004 Die Queen in Deutschland: Schröder will keine Entschuldigung für englische Luftangriffe

02.Nov.2004 Browser-Trends: Firefox gewinnt an Fahrt

02.Nov.2004 Die gute Nachricht: Benzinpreise fallen, Hoffnung für Heizölkäufer

02.Nov.2004 Kulturkampf: Der vollendete Terrorist

02.Nov.2004 Italien vor der US-Wahl: Der Selfmade-Milliardär und sein Amico aus Texas

02.Nov.2004 Niederlande: Islamkritischer Filmemacher van Gogh ermordet

02.Nov.2004 Börse am Nachmittag: Ölpreis fällt unter 50 Dollar

02.Nov.2004 Russland: Plutonium in der Garage versteckt

02.Nov.2004 Kenia vor der US-Wahl: "Afrika ignoriert Kerry [KFJ966], aber hasst Bush [BGW968]"

02.Nov.2004 Regieren nach der Wahl: Das Dilemma des Siegers

02.Nov.2004 Interview mit Forscher Michael Schultz: Wurde Tutanchamun ermordet?

02.Nov.2004 Irak: Saddams Familie feuert Anwalt

02.Nov.2004 Zeugenaussage: Motassadeq soll Bin Laden in Afghanistan begegnet sein

02.Nov.2004 US-Wahl: Spendensammeln für die Klage am Tag danach

02.Nov.2004 Bioterrorismus: Forscher rechnen mit Pocken-Anschlag

02.Nov.2004 Israel vor der US-Wahl: Heimspiel für Scharons Traumpartner

02.Nov.2004 Island: Vulkan spuckt 13 Kilometer hohe Aschesäule

02.Nov.2004 Entsprechende Listen verzeichnen derzeit über 1000 frei verfügbare Programme, die mit Spyware verschiedenster Art verbunden sind.
02.Nov.2004 Der PC-Verkäufer Dell hat gerade den Kampf gegen Spyware und Anverwandte zur vornehmsten Aufgabe erklärt.

Schon jetzt bezögen sich satte 15 % aller Supportanfragen auf Spyware-Probleme.

Bei AOL schätzt man, dass nur drei solcher Programme für rund 300.000 abgebrochene Verbindungen verantwortlich seien - und zwar täglich.
02.Nov.2004 Wer sich die Mühe macht, nachzuschauen, wird den entsprechenden Zustimmungs-Passus in den Nutzungsbedingungen der meisten Spyware-verseuchten Software finden:

Irgendwo im unteren Bereich der ellenlangen Erklärung vor dem "I agree" steht schwarz auf weiß, dass man natürlich mit der virtuellen Kernspin-Tomographie einverstanden sei + sich nur allzu gern scheibchenweise durchleuten + verkaufen lasse.
Theo Van Gogh: Islamkritischer Filmemacher erschossen

02.Nov.2004 Gekidnappte Browser: Mafia-Marketing

02.Nov.2004 Zeitgeist: Ständig ist Götzendämmerung

02.Nov.2004 The mainstream reaction to this story is best summarized by this final story from David Lindorff. The bottom line: Few newspeople seem to discount the earpiece theory outright + some truly wanted to look into it. But no-one in the so-called "liberal" media - not even Bob Woodward! - would countenance the commission of investigative journalism. For reasons outlined above, a diligent reporter for a well-known periodical could well have gotten "call-backs" that we mere bloggers do not merit.
By way of comparison: Mainstream news sources still credit the allegations made by right-wing bloggers that the CBS "National Guard" documents were concocted using Microsoft Word - even though those claims have been decisively countered.
We come, at last, to philosophical issues.
How much evidence is enough? Some will aver that we never acquired enough proof to hoist bulge-gate out of the rumor category. Others feel that the available photographs + the lame "blame the tailor" ploy, suffice to prove the point.
No-one can define your standards of evidence for you.

02.Nov.2004 Sicher ist somit nur eins: Dass der wichtigste Stimmgang seit Jahrzehnten beginnt, ohne dass die Bedingungen zuvor geklärt sind. Sollte das Ergebnis heute Abend knapp wie vor vier Jahren werden, könnte sich die schlimmste Befürchtung der Amerikaner bewahrheiten: Dass der neue Präsident noch Wochen nach der Wahl nicht feststeht.
Denn einen freiwilligen Rückzieher wird keine der Parteien vor Gericht machen. Diese Wahl wird bis zum bitteren Ende ausgefochten.
02.Nov.2004 Noch haben die allermeisten Amerikaner die Wahllokale nicht betreten, doch schon ist die befürchtete Schlacht der Anwälte entbrannt. Allein in der Ostküstenmetropole Philadelphia wollen republikanische Juristen die Legitimation von 10.000 Wahlberechtigten anzweifeln, vorwiegend aus den Schwarzenvierteln im Westen der Stadt. Konsequenz für die Betroffenen: Sie dürfen ihre Stimme nur provisorisch abgeben, bis ein Wahlkomitee oder gar ein Gericht über die Fälle entschieden hat. Das kann schon mal ein paar Wochen dauern.
02.Nov.2004 Offiziell begründen die Republikaner ihr Vorgehen damit, drohenden Missbrauch durch zahlreiche neu registrierte Wähler verhindern zu wollen. Doch immer stärker wird der Verdacht, dass es den Aktivisten am heutigen Wahltag nur um eines geht: die Stimmabgabe in demokratischen Hochburgen durch allerhand Fragen und Einwürfe zu verzögern, so dass schließlich massenhaft Wähler nach Stunden vergeblicher Warterei nach Hause ziehen.
Juristen gegen Juristen
Die Demokraten haben sich gewappnet, ein dutzend Anwaltsfirmen und renommierte Uniprofessoren sind rekrutiert. Sie sollen die republikanischen Helfer bei massiven Störungen noch am heutigen Wahltag vor Gericht zerren und auf Strafzahlungen von bis zu 100.000 Dollar verklagen.

02.Nov.2004 In der offiziellen Darstellung wurde verschwiegen, dass der Konflikt zwischen Muslimen und Han-Chinesen ausgebrochen ist. Die Unruhen hätten von Mittwoch bis Sonntag gedauert, wurde zugegeben

02.Nov.2004 In China hat es erneut blutige Unruhen mit Todesopfern gegeben. Tausende Soldaten und Polizisten sind gegen Bauern eingesetzt worden, die in Südwestchina gegen ein Dammprojekt protestierten.

Peking - Mehr als 20.000 Bauern hätten drei Tage lang gegen das Pubugou-Dammprojekt in der Provinz Sichuan protestiert, berichteten Bewohner im Kreis Hanyuan. Sie hätten gegen ihre Zwangsumsiedlung und aus ihrer Sicht unzureichende Entschädigungen demonstriert. Tausende von Soldaten und Polizisten seien mobilisiert worden.
02.Nov.2004 Auch wenn sie es nicht offiziell zugeben will: Kerry [KFJ966] liegt der chinesischen Regierung mehr als Bush [BGW968], der für eine unilaterale Weltordnung steht. Sie geht davon aus, dass der Herausforderer im Gegensatz zu dem Texaner weniger den Weltpolizisten herauskehren, sondern mehr Wert auf Diplomatie und Konfliktlösung in internationalen Institutionen legen wird.
02.Nov.2004 Offiziell hüllt sich die chinesische Regierung in Schweigen, wen sie als künftigen Chef der Supermacht vorziehen würde. Alles andere wäre, verkündete Regierungssprecherin Zhang Qiyue eine "Einmischung in die inneren Angelegenheiten" der USA.
02.Nov.2004 Die KP ging sogar so weit, den Medien eine Diskussion über das Für und Wider der einzelnen Kandidaten zu untersagen. So berichteten Zeitungen und Fernsehen in den vergangenen Tagen zwar über den Wahlkampf, achteten aber sorgfältig darauf, keinem der Bewerber mehr Sympathien als dem anderem zu schenken.
Nur ein ehemaliger Politiker brach am Vortag der Wahl den Komment: "Die Philosophie der 'Bush [BGW968]-Doktrin' ist im wesentlichen Gewalt. Sie befürwortet, dass die USA über die gesamte Welt mit überwältigender Macht herrschen sollte, besonders mit militärischer Macht", schrieb Ex-Vizepremier und Ex-Außenminister Qian Qichen in einem Zeitungskommentar.
02.Nov.2004 "Bush [BGW968] hat Saddam Hussein nur legitimiert - heute würde der einst meist gehasste Despot eine Wahl im Irak locker gewinnen", sagt MJ Akbar, Chefredakteur der indischen Tageszeitung Asian Age und selbst indischer Muslim. "Ja, Kerry [KFJ966] wäre schlecht für das sich globalisierende Indien, aber wenigstens wäre er gut für die Welt."

02.Nov.2004 URL:,1518,325832,00.html

02.Nov.2004 Seit Japan die Welt nicht mehr so stark mit wirtschaftlichen Erfolgen beeindruckt, rüstet die verunsicherte Nation moralisch und militärisch auf. Symbolisch für die Kehrtwende sind Koizumis provokative Besuche am Yasukuni Schrein in Tokio - seit seinem Amtsantritt 2001 pilgerte der Premier bereits viermal zur umstrittenen Kriegerstätte, an der auch Nippons 1948 hingerichtete Hauptkriegsverbrecher als shintoistische Gottheiten verehrt werden.
02.Nov.2004 Amerikaner wildern im Einflussbereich des Kremls
Die USA ließen sich von Putin stattdessen die Stationierung von Truppen in den mittelasiatischen GUS-Republiken Kirgisien und Usbekistan genehmigen, um diese Länder unter dem Deckmantel des Anti-Terror-Krieges an sich zu binden. US-Diplomaten und -Stiftungen haben mit einer theatralischen "Revolution" den Russland-Gegner Michail Saakaschwili als Präsidenten in Georgien inthronisiert und pflegen über ihr Außenamt Kontakte zu tschetschenischen Separatisten, deren "Außenminister" in den USA politisches Asyl genießt. Durch offene und verdeckte Wahlhilfe versuchen die Amerikaner dieser Tage gegen Moskaus Drängen auch in der Ukraine einen Vertrauensmann Washingtons zum Präsidenten wählen zu lassen. Und zur russischen Innenpolitik äußerte Außenminister Colin Powell immer wieder "Besorgnisse" wegen einer anhaltenden Drift der Moskauer Macht ins Autoritäre.
Dennoch fürchten Moskaus Außenpolitiker von den Demokraten mehr Ungemach als von der jetzigen Regierung. Schon die Sowjetunion, in deren Tradition sich Moskauer Politik wieder zunehmend versteht, geriet zu Zeiten des demokratischen Präsidenten Jimmy Carter durch dessen tönende Menschenrechtskampagne unter Druck. Dabei zeigt sich das heutige Russland, das als Demokratie gelten will, gegenüber derartigen Kampagnen weit verwundbarer als der Sowjetstaat. Das KPdSU-Regime konterte noch jeden Vorhalt aus Amerika, es quäle Dissidenten, mit dem lauthalsen Hinweis auf das traurige Schicksal mittelloser Schwarzer an den Ufern des Mississippi.
Als böses Omen dessen, was Russland von den Demokraten zu erwarten hat, sehen Moskauer Strategen einen Anti-Putin-Aufruf vom 28.Sep.2004 der unter anderem von zwei maßgeblichen Demokraten aus der Umgebung Kerry [KFJ966] s unterzeichnet wurde, von Ex-Außenministerin Madeleine Albright und Richard Holbrooke. Der Appell hält dem russischen Präsidenten eine "drohende Haltung gegenüber Russlands Nachbarn" vor und eine "Rhetorik des Militarismus und des Imperiums". Der Aufruf, in dem es oberlehrerhaft heißt, eine Diktatur könne "nicht die Antwort auf Russlands Probleme sein", trägt unter anderem die Unterschrift des Ex-CIA-Chefs Woolsey, der sich bei soliden US-Geheimdienstlern längst einen Ruf als überdrehter Hardliner erworben hat. Die moralinsaure Albright hat sich in Moskau vor allem als treibende Kraft zum Krieg gegen Jugoslawien 1999 keine Freunde gemacht. Zumal seitdem deutlich wurde, dass der militärische Kampf für die Menschenrechte der Albaner im Kosovo mit einer Vertreibung der orthodoxen Serben aus dem Gebiet endete.
02.Nov.2004 Is it a security device - if so, why is nobody in the administration suggesting that? Instead of clear answers, Bush [BGW968] officials only issue bizarre dismissals. "The president is an alien," Bush [BGW968]-Cheney campaign chair Ken Mehlman told reporters in the Spin Room at Wednesday's debate. "You heard it here first. The president is an alien. That's your quote of the day. He has been getting information from Mars. The shock of the debate will be the president's alien past will be exposed, which is why that box is there."

Are we supposed to think the White House is hiding nothing when it issues statements like that? "You have the Internet people doing their thing + the Internet people are letting whatever the rumor of the day is go ahead," says Chris Shaw, who runs the Bush [BGW968] Wired blog. "But the White House is putting out their stupid rumors themselves, too."

And the story is hurting Bush [BGW968].

In the last week, Salon has run three pieces on the bulge + we've been absolutely deluged by Web traffic. The story is now a regular feature on late-night comedy shows + it's come up in the post-debate spin room several times. Just about the only site on the Web where you can't find talk of the bulge is Matt Drudge's - but Drudge's refusal to link to the story is itself an indication of just how powerful this thing is. Drudge instead pushed a strange, competing story about Sen. Kerry [KFJ966] allegedly removing an object from his pocket during the debate - an object that later turned out to be a pen. Nobody knows better than Drudge (who didn't respond to requests for this story) the value of a good, believable political rumor. The idea that Bush [BGW968] was prompted in the debate - like the claim that Al Gore took credit for inventing the Internet, or Bush [BGHW948] wasn't familiar with supermarket scanners - resonates with people.

02.Nov.2004 Who the hell is Dave Lindorff? | Archive | Links

02.Nov.2004 Article "Oiling Up the Draft Machine" exposing Pentagon efforts to prepare for reviving the draft, which ran last fall in Salon magazine, was just selected by Project Censored as one of 2003''s "Most Censored Stories." To read it, click here. You'll go to the Salon site archive page. Click on an ad and 30 seconds later, you'll have the full story.

02.Nov.2004 Der von Otologics entwickelte und hergestellte MET™ Ossicular Stimulator stellt eine neue Behandlungsform bei Schallempfindungs-Schwerhörigkeit dar.

Es handelt sich dabei weder um ein Hörgerät noch um ein Cochlea-Implantat. Bei dieser revolutionären neuen Technologie handelt es sich vielmehr um eine Mittelohrprothese, bei der der Gehörgang und das Trommelfell vollständig umgangen werden. Auf diese Weise werden die anatomischen und physischen Einschränkungen überwunden, die bei herkömmlichen Therapieformen einer maximalen Wiederherstellung der Hörfähigkeit mittel- bis hochgradig hörgeschädigter Patienten im Wege stehen.

Der MET Ossicular Stimulator liefert ein Signal mit hoher Klangtreue direkt ins Mittelohr, wodurch eine verbesserte Funktionalität und höherer Tragekomfort gegenüber konventionellen Hörgeräten erzielt wird.

02.Nov.2004 Opinion: Faith in America

02.Nov.2004 Russland vor der US-Wahl: Putins dialektischer Freundschaftsdienst

02.Nov.2004 Amerika wählt: Auftakt zur Schlacht der Juristen

02.Nov.2004 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Im sanften Faschismus reicht eine diffuse Angst"

02.Nov.2004 Indien vor der US-Wahl: "Kerry [KFJ966] - gut für die Welt, schlecht für uns"

02.Nov.2004 Esa-Satellit "Proba": Dreijährige Foto-Session im All

02.Nov.2004 Bauern-Proteste: Wieder blutige Unruhen in China

02.Nov.2004 Quartalssaison: US-Unternehmensgewinne erreichen Rekordhoch

02.Nov.2004 China vor der US-Wahl: Bu Shi oder Ke Li - Peking sind beide recht

02.Nov.2004 Angesichts der knappen Umfragen kommt der Wahlbeteiligung eine hohe Bedeutung zu. Der Leiter des Komitees zum Studium der Amerikanischen Wählerschaft (Committee for the Study of the American Electorate), Curtis Gans, schätzt, dass 117,5 bis 121 Millionen Menschen ihre Stimme abgeben werden - das sind 58 bis 60 % der Wahlberechtigten. Vor dem Wahltag am Dienstag gaben schon mehrere Millionen Wähler in 32 Staaten vorzeitig ihre Stimme ab, darunter allein in Florida mehr als 1,8 Millionen.
02.Nov.2004 Washington - Der US-Sender CNN und die Zeitung "USA Today" sahen in ihrer Umfrage Bush [BGW968] + Kerry [KFJ966] landesweit bei jeweils 49 %.

Auf den parteilosen Kandidaten Ralph Nader entfiel ein %. Das Meinungsforschungsinstitut der Marist-Universität sah Kerry [KFJ966] bei 49 %, Bush [BGW968] bei 48 %.
Kurz nach Mitternacht des heutigen Dienstags (Ortszeit) begannen die Präsidentschaftswahlen in den USA mit der Öffnung der Wahllokale in zwei kleinen Dörfern im Bundesstaat New Hampshire. Traditionell gingen die Wahlberechtigten in den Dörfern Dixville Notch und Hart's Location bereits in den ersten Minuten des Wahltages an die Urnen.

In Dixville Notch stimmten 19 Wähler für Bush [BGW968] + 7 für Kerry [KFJ966].

Das teilte das Wahlbüro nach Auszählung der 26 Stimmen mit. In Hart's Location bekam Bush [BGW968] 16 + Kerry [KFJ966] 14 Stimmen, Ralph Nader eine.
US-Wahl: Kampf bis zur letzten Minute

02.Nov.2004 Japan vor der US-Wahl: Die ersten Gratulanten hoffen auf Bush [BGW968]

02.Nov.2004 Auf Jule Vernes Spuren: In 80 Stunden um die Welt