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     03.Oct.2004 URL:
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covert operations Henry A. Kissinger psyops

External Links ::: Holdings of the White House National Security Council Files, Eisenhower Presidential Library.

00.000.1960-00.000.1961 Public Papers of the Presidents: Dwight David Eisenhower, American Presidency Project.

Citations re "psychological strategy".

The Psychological Strategy Board aka The Operations Coordination Board aka THE SPEciaL GROUP.

Council on Foreign Relations Secretaries of State. According to "The Art and Science of Psychological Operations, Department of the Army Pamphlet No. 525-7-1".

17.Apr.1999 Roundtable The Council On Foreign Relations And Weapons Of War

16.Apr.2001 published in Foreign Relations of the USA, 1964-1968 , vol. XII, Western Europe, pp. XXXI-XXXV, Note on U.S. Covert Action Programs,


03.Okt.2004 Another marine, Sgt. Christopher Wallace of Pataskala, Ohio, agreed that the film was making an impression on troops."Marines nowadays want to know stuff.

They want to be informed, because we'll be voting out here soon," he said. "

'Fahrenheit 9/11' opened our eyes to things we hadn't seen before."

But, he added after a pause, "We still have full faith + confidence in our commander-in-chief.

And if John Kerry is elected, he will be our commander in chief."URL:
03.Okt.2004 'We shouldn't be here' - Other US troops expressed feelings of guilt over killing Iraqis in a war they believe is unjust.

"We shouldn't be here," said one Marine infantryman bluntly. "There was no reason for invading this country in the first place.

We just came here and [angered people] and killed a lot of innocent people," said the marine, who has seen regular combat in Ramadi. "I don't enjoy killing women and children, it's not my thing."

As with his comrades, the marine accepted some of the most controversial claims of "Fahrenheit 9/11," which critics have called biased.

"Bush didn't want to attack [Osama] Bin Laden because he was doing business with Bin Laden's family," he said. URL:
03.Okt.2004 "Nobody I know wants Bush," says an enlisted soldier in Najaf, adding, "This whole war was based on lies."

Like several others interviewed, his animosity centered on a belief that the war lacked a clear purpose even as it took a tremendous toll on US troops URL:

03.Okt.2004 Medienbericht: Terror-Verdächtige arbeiteten an schmutziger Bombe

03.Okt.2004 Ein-Euro-Jobber: "Besser als nichts"

03.Okt.2004 Mitbringsel: Gewürze mit Krebs erregenden Färbemittel

03.Okt.2004 The world now waits with fearful anticipation the slow motion train wreck that America's course represents to see how much repair we will have to do to the tracks that we must all travel.

And we can only pray as we work to organize our rescue that her fall will be less damaging than was her rise + rule. URL:

03.Okt.2004 And in the communal future of human civilization only those societies that promote human needs over human wants will avoid the power of entropy by regenerating as opposed to degenerating. URL:
03.Okt.2004 Only those that plan and sacrifice for the care of future generations have themselves a future. URL:
03.Okt.2004 Ruthlessly clever men constructed this system in the aftermath of the Second World War.

Truman, Acheson + Keenan et al constructed the military industrial complex + a permanent wartime economic footing for a specific purpose that it has largely served exactly as it was supposed to. To wit.

It has made a very few people and companies in the world incomparably wealthy + powerful.

However what it has also done is unleash an ever-increasing concentration of wealth for the few + thereby eroded support for the institutions that underlie the very democracy it was purportedly created to protect.

USA has wasted her talents, her wealth + her vision + so humanity will seek another vision. URL:
03.Okt.2004 The issue that people overwhelmingly care about, the abyss that will scare us sufficiently to revolt against U.S. imperial aims, no matter how fearful the consequences of such a revolt,

is the abyss of the 'great die-off'.

The great herds of buffalo are gone,

the inexhaustible supply of cod is gone,

90% of all large fish in the ocean are gone,

the icecaps are going,

topsoil is going,

England and India's forests are gone,

China's + America's are next,

the lions and tigers and bears are going and the diversity of life in the world is literally coming to an end around us.

Meanwhile the U.S. Congress worries about corporate health, passes tax cuts and Wall Street editorials fulminate about how little is being done for them them. (The echo chamber at work)

Statistically speaking almost none of the world owns stock but we all very much have a stake in the natural order of things.

An order that is rapidly collapsing around us.

Tipping point after tipping point is either past or rapidly approaching for countless species of life in our world.

As the majority of the world cannot survive for very long without these natural resources to sustain their lives this is the abyss that will motivate active resistance.

And just as with the Palestinians, the Chechnya's, the Afghans and the Iraqis as more and more of us are faced with relentlessly grinding poverty, grotesque inequalities of wealth + imminent extinction,

the demand for change will come from every corner.

How 'pretty' this will be and how soft our landing will depend on many factors.

Foremost among them the 'game plan' of the U.S. corporate elite. URL:
03.Okt.2004 It will be the abyss that the American way is forcing us to look down.

Today in Iraq USA s leaders are playing a testosterone filled game of chicken + the USA leadership is gambling that the world will be too afraid of the possible consequences to meaningfully oppose her.

USA is gambling that the world will let her take what she wants, let her be as profligate as she wants, because we so fear beginning a chain reaction to nuclear war if we oppose her. URL:
03.Okt.2004 USA s blatant grab for the power + wealth that Middle Eastern oil represents has made it terrifyingly clear that

USA accepts no limits on her wants irrespective of the needs of the people of the planet + the planet itself.

As a result despite ever increasing expenditures on the branding of the 'American way' the veils are beginning to slip from an ever-increasing plurality of eyes.

Very quickly, much more quickly than any could have projected, whole populations are recognizing who is the greatest danger to our health, wealth + pursuit of happiness.
This is nowhere better seen than in the elections of Spain something people like Charles Krauthammer have exactly backwards.

When terrorist's blow things up it makes it far more likely not less likely that people will vote for the 'strongman' who promises security and vengeance.

This unsurprising though lamentable fact is so well documented I will not belabour the point.

Though it is appropriate to mention the fact that this phenomenon is currently very obviously distorting the nature of USA politics as each candidate strives to find ways to prove he is the 'strongest' on security.

USA not Spain is the one who has allowed herself to be stampeded by fear.

USA is the one giving up her civil liberties.

USA is the one mortgaging her future for an imperial present not the Spaniards, not the French + hopefully soon no longer the Australians. 
To a rational person the surprising thing about Spain is that Zapatero was able to win despite the bombing.

Claiming he won because of the bombing is what I like to call a Rovean inversion of reality + is notable principally for how contemptuous such an attitude is of democracy.

The simple math of the matter is that 90% of Spaniards did not support USA s illegal invasion of Iraq.

Call the election result there what you will you cannot call it undemocratic. (Something the U.S. cannot say about their last 'Jim Crow/Felonious Five' election.)URL:
03.Okt.2004 Even To Empire Rules Apply By Jeff Berg 30.Sep.2004 "" -
Simply because Israel with massive U.S. military aid has successfully occupied the West Bank, Gaza and Golan Heights for over 30 years does not make it a legal occupation.

In fact by international law according to declarations to which the U.S. is signatory it is correctly classified as an illegal occupation and Israel is guilty at the very least of the international crime of unlawful use of force.

The international legal equivalent of terrorism.

The same facts now apply to USA s illegal war in Iraq excepting that the U.S. is guilty of the even greater crime of aggression as it is in contravention of Article 51 of the U.N. Charter to which it is signatory. 
From its inception the American nation has been an expansionary one.

First establishing the homeland by exterminating the indigenous population while pushing ever westward + southward on the continent of North America.

Next it began extending its control to the hemisphere at the turn of the century with the invasion of the Philippines. (200,000 killed)

Since WWII. the U.S. has been involved in several hundred military actions (Vietnam 2 to 3 million killed) + maintains over 700 military stations worldwide.

It is also no coincidence that since the second world war in Latin America wherever U.S. influence has been greatest human rights violations have been greatest + democracy least advanced.

That these facts are well known + freely discussed in scholarship is no surprise as in this way USA is remarkably free.

Though notably less so this decade than last.

What is surprising though is how little known these facts are by the majority of people + how little priority they are given even when they are known. (In USA most especially but by no means exclusively)  URL:
03.Okt.2004 USA CIA hält Sawahiri-Botschaft für echt
Nach einer Schnellanalyse hält der US-Geheimdienst CIA zudem ein Tonband des al-Qaida-Führers Aiman al-Zawahiri für echt.

Der arabische Nachrichtensender al-Dschasira hatte gestern ein Tonband veröffentlicht, das Zawahiri zugeschrieben wurde.

Sawahiri forderte darin die muslimische Jugend zum Kampf gegen die "Kreuzritter" auf. Der Ägypter gilt als zweiter Mann an der Spitze des Terrornetzwerks nach Osama Bin Laden.
Arabische Beobachter spekulierten, dass die Qaida-Spitze derzeit unter hohem Fahndungsdruck im Grenzgebiet zwischen Afghanistan + Pakistan stehe + deshalb noch eine Art "Testament" veröffentlichen wollte.
Die norwegischen Behörden reagierten auf die Drohungen Sawahiris mit der Erhöhung der landesweiten Anti-Terror-Bereitschaft.

Wie der Geheimdienst PST heute mitteilte, wurde gestern Abend die Terrorbedrohung des skandinavischen Landes von "niedrig" auf "gemäßigt" angehoben.

Sawahari hatte auf dem Tonband den Angaben zufolge auch Norwegen genannt.URL:,1518,druck-321226,00.html
03.Okt.2004 To date, Americans have been Effective at spending money in Iraq + little else.

But it’s not too late to learn the Seven Habits of Imperial Effectiveness.

If Americans are prepared to live—indeed, to die—by those Habits, we can look forward, at least, to pacifying Fallujah. 
Pinkerton, James P. is a columnist for Newsday + a fellow at the New America Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Pinkerton, James P. served in USA White House under Presidents Reagan, Ronald + Bush,[BGHW948] URL:
11.Oct.2004 issue 7 Habits of Highly Effective Imperialists -Self-help for those who oppose self-rule URL:
Today, it’s the Americans’ turn to score low as colonizers. One poll taken this spring showed that 92 percent of Iraqis saw Americans as occupiers; just two percent saw them as liberators.

As George W. Bush himself conceded on April 13, “I wouldn’t be happy if I were occupied either.”

03.Okt.2004 But at the start of the Bush administration, the intelligence agencies also agreed that Iraq had not in fact resumed its nuclear weapons program.

Iraq's nuclear infrastructure, they concluded, had been dismantled by sanctions and inspections. In short, Mr. Hussein's nuclear ambitions appeared to have been contained.
03.Okt.2004 The stakes were high + they knew it.
'Thousands of terrorists' target Afghan poll: As many as 2,000 terrorists may try to disrupt next weekend's historic presidential election in Afghanistan, according to the commander of US forces in the country, General David Barno.

03.Oct.2004 Guantanamo has 'failed to prevent terror attacks' : Prisoner interrogations at Guantánamo Bay, the controversial US military detention centre where guards have been accused of brutality + torture,

have not prevented a single terrorist attack, according to a senior Pentagon intelligence officer who worked at the heart of the US war on terror.

03.Okt.2004 The real truth about Camp Delta : America's prison camp at Guantánamo Bay holds detainees in extreme conditions

03.Okt.2004 US 'hyping' Darfur genocide fears : Washington's desire for a regime change in Khartoum has biased their reports, it is claimed.

03.Okt.2004 How Cheney's firm routed $132m to Nigeria: A lawyer, based in offices in a run-down part of north London, worked with three UK executives from the USA construction group Halliburton

to pay at least $132m (£73m) in "unjustified" fees to contacts in Nigeria.

03.Okt.2004 New investigation uncovers more racism, voter intimidation and faulty poll machines: BLACK people intimidated at the polling booth.

03.Okt.2004 Voting machines that register ballots wrongly. Welcome to the disaster-waiting-to-happen that is the US presidential election of November 2004.

03.Okt.2004 Falwell says evangelicals control GOP, Bush's fate: The Rev. Jerry Falwell said yesterday that evangelical Christians, after nearly 25 years of increasing political activism, now control the Republican Party +

the fate of President Bush in the November election.

03.Okt.2004 Doubt over Zarqawi's role as ringleader : USA intelligence obtained through bribery may have seriously overstated the insurgency role of the most wanted fugitive in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

03.Okt.2004 Influx of wounded soldiers strains VA : Claims backlog faces troops returning from Iraq, Afghanistan

03.Okt.2004 Iran warns Iraq over alleged Israeli presence in Kurdish north: Iran said Sunday it was unable to confirm reports that Israeli agents have been operating in the Kurdish areas of northern Iraq,

but nevertheless warned Iraqi officials to “pay attention”.

03.Okt.2004 How the White House Embraced Disputed Arms Intelligence : The Intelligence Committee's report makes clear, that 93-page estimate stands as one of the most flawed documents in the history of USA intelligence.

The committee concluded unanimously that most of the major findings in the estimate were wrong, unfounded or overblown.

03.Okt.2004 Polizeiaktion gegen Eta-Führung: Terroristen-Paar festgenommen

03.Okt.2004 Denmark hopes to claim North Pole
San Francisco dances to Loveparade

03.Okt.2004 61% say Kerry easily beat Bush
Bush pounds Kerry on foreign policy
03.Okt.2004 Prototype micro fuel cell for 3G handset

03.Okt.2004 America and Israel: The embedding of fear + the conquest of hope. 11.Sep.2001 -911- was a godsend to the Likudniks + far-right religious parties in Israel.

03.Okt.2004 UN/Brazilian Troops stand-by as Haitian police provoke violence

03.Okt.2004 Sidney Blumenthal: Retreat into a substitute reality : By touching on Bush's ambivalent relations with his father, Kerry exposed his delusions about Iraq

03.Okt.2004 Thousands in Florida may be turned away at polls due to faulty registration : Thousands of Floridians who think they're registered to vote could be turned away at the polls Nov. 2

03.Okt.2004 Cold sufferers need ID to get relief: Gov. Ted Kulongoski issued an order Friday that will require people buying over-the-counter cold medicines in Oregon to show identification + leave personal information at the register.

03.Okt.2004 Weltbank und IWF: Briten fordern Schuldenerlass, Eichel winkt ab (Wirtschaft,

03.Okt.2004 Migranten-Auffanglager: EU-Außenminister kritisieren Schily

03.Okt.2004 Vatikan: Österreichs letzter Kaiser, selig sei er!

03.Okt.2004 Vulkan Mount St. Helens: Anzeichen für größeren Ausbruch

03.Okt.2004 Mernissi, Grande Dame der marokkanischen Frauenbewegung, war eine der Ersten, die die Auswirkungen des Satellitenfernsehens auf soziologischer Ebene untersuchte.

Ihre Kollegin Jamila Hassoune, Buchhändlerin aus Marrakesch, dokumentiert den Internetgebrauch von Jugendlichen und fördert diverse Alphabetisierungs- und Literaturprogramme für Frauen.

Leicht ist die Arbeit der beiden nicht immer. Mernissis Studien werden in Hassounes kleiner Librairie teilweise noch unter dem Ladentisch verkauft.

Dass die Bücher dennoch weggehen wie warmer Couscous, hat mit dem stetig wachsenden Interesse der Bevölkerung zu tun. Darunter sind immer mehr Frauen, die wissen wollen, was in ihrem Land passiert.

Vor kurzem waren die Soziologin und die Buchhändlerin in Berlin, um über die Auswirkungen der neuen Medien zu diskutieren.

Während der Konferenz im Haus der Kulturen der Welt verkündete Mernissi nichts Geringeres als die "digitale Demokratisierung" Marokkos.

Denn sie sieht Satellitenfernsehen und Internetboom als Antipoden zur staatlichen Zensur der alten Medien.

Das staatliche Medienmonopol werde durchbrochen, weil der Bürger heute endlich die Chance hat, selbst zu entscheiden, was ihn interessiert.

Am Rande der Konferenz sagte sie: "An die 150 Fernsehkanäle stehen dem Zuschauer nun zur Auswahl. Und er kann selber zwischen Unterhaltung und Informationsprogrammen wählen."

Ähnliches Potenzial traut sie dem Internet zu: "Männer und Frauen können sich in der Anonymität des virtuellen Raums unterhalten und sich damit dem kontrollierten Familienumfeld entziehen.

Gerade für Frauen und Jugendliche wird durch die neuen Medien ein öffentlicher Raum geschaffen, den es zuvor nicht gab."

Mernissi glaubt, dass die Demokratisierung des Wissens und die öffentliche Auseinandersetzung den Weg zu einer mündigen Gesellschaft ebnen können.

Für manch einen kann so viel unbekannte Offenheit allerdings auch zur Verwirrung führen, mitunter gar zu häuslichen Konflikten.

Denn es gibt kein geruhsames Familienfernsehen mehr, das durch drei spärliche nationale Sender dominiert wird. Stattdessen stehen Familien auf einmal vor der Qual der Programmwahl.

"Familienmütter kaufen sich heute ihre eigenen tragbaren Fernseher", erzählt Mernissi. "Damit sie sich ihre Lieblingssendungen heimlich in der Küche ansehen können.

Aber wehe, der Ehemann schielt im Nebenzimmer den leicht bekleideten Damen aufs Dekolletee." Familienfernsehen scheint passé. URL:,1

25.Sep.2004 Die Welt, Wim Wenders neuer Film "Land of Plenty" hat heute in Hamburg Premiere. In einem sehr langen Interview spricht Wenders auf den Kulturseiten über Amerika :

Er liebt das Land, aber die missionarischen Züge missfallen ihm, "vor allem da, wo sich das Missionarische mit einem geschäftlichen Hintergrund verbindet. Lassen wir den Irak da mal außen vor.

Wir haben das auch auf harmloserem Terrain erlebt, in Sachen Kino z.B., wo Anfang der Neunzigerjahre versucht wurde, im Rahmen der GATT-Verhandlungen den Europäern die Subventionen fürs eigene Kino zu untersagen +

somit das europäische Kino im Handumdrehen abzuschaffen.

Nur wenige sind sich darüber im Klaren, wie knapp wir dem entgangen sind. Wenn es nicht gelungen wäre, durch die Franzosen die 'Kulturelle Ausnahme' zu etablieren, wäre Kino in Europa kaum mehr möglich gewesen."

Wenders spricht auch als gläubiger Katholik über den gläubigen Protestanten George W. Bush : "Im Grunde betet er zu SEINEM Gott , der ihn ja auch ernannt hat. Sein Gott IST Amerika.

Wie soll man sich als europäischer Christ dazu stellen, wenn da einer plötzlich Deinen Glauben usurpiert und 'umbesetzt'?

Ich weiß nicht, ob es stimmt, aber der Papst soll neulich vom 'Antichristen' geredet haben. Verübeln könnte ich ihm das nicht... "URL:,1518,druck-319900,00.html
_50.000-03.Okt.2004 -Vor- Jahren war die Zeit der Riesensäuger: Vertreter mehr als 150 unterschiedlicher Arten, eine jede schwerer als 44 Kilogramm, streiften damals über die Erde.

_40.000 Jahre Doch später bot sich ein ganz anderes Bild.

Zwei Drittel aller großen Säugetierarten waren vom Globus verschwunden - darunter Mammuts und Ur-Elefanten, Riesenfaultiere und Säbelzahntiger.
Die Frage, die sich Forscher seit langem stellen: Was hat das gewaltige Sterben ausgelöst? Klimatische Veränderungen? Die zunehmende Jagd durch den Menschen? Oder vielleicht beides?
Anthony Barnosky und Kollegen sind überzeugt, nun eine Antwort gefunden zu haben, wie sie im Fachmagazin "Science" berichten.

Doch erst die Kombination von Beweisen aus der Archäologie, der Paläontologie, der Klimaforschung und der Ökologie hätte geholfen, die Schuldfrage zu klären.
Blitzkrieg gegen alle Kreaturen
"Bislang wurde viel darüber spekuliert, dass Menschen die Ausrottung ausgelöst haben, indem sie wie in einem Blitzkrieg alle Kreaturen töteten", sagt Barnosky, ein Paläobiologe an der University of California.

"Ein genauer Blick auf die Indizien zeigt jedoch, dass die Menschen zwar die Hauptschuld tragen, klimatische Veränderungen aber auch ihren Teil zum Massensterben beigesteuert haben."
So verabschiedeten sich einige Riesentiere wie der Kurznasige Bär, mit bis zu vier Metern Länge das größte Landraubtier der Eiszeit, oder das Mammut in Alaska,

lange bevor die ersten Menschen in diesen Regionen auftauchten.

Auch Elefanten und Nilpferde, die sich gut an die vorhergehende Warmzeit angepasst hatten, überstanden die plötzliche Eiszeit vor rund 45.000 Jahren nicht.
Erst später, als vor 11.500 Jahren die kalte Zeit zu Ende ging + die Temperaturen abrupt kletterten, kamen auch die Menschen im großen Maßstab ins Spiel.

Die steinernen Speerspitzen, die die Jäger auf einmal benutzten, machten zusammen mit der Wärme auch den letzten Mammuts den Garaus. Pferde und Kamele, Pekaris und Riesenfaultiere folgten.
Immenser Flächenbedarf
Eine ähnliche Katastrophe könnte auch heute wieder drohen: Derzeit ändert sich das Klima deutlich schneller als zum Ende der Eiszeit - + der Mensch hat durch seinen Jagdtrieb,

vor allem aber durch seinen immensen Flächenbedarf, bereits viele Tierarten stark dezimiert.
Die rücksichtslosen Menschen machen dabei besonders den größeren Tieren zu schaffen; die kleineren sind, so Barnosky, eher ein "Kollateralschaden".

Das Klima dagegen wirkt sich übermäßig auf die kleinen Mitglieder des Tierreichs aus - worunter im Zuge der Nahrungsketten auch die Riesen leiden. URL:,1518,druck-320880,00.html

"Zusammen dürften Klimawandel und menschliche Aktivitäten somit", berichtet der Biologe, "zu einem unvermeidlichen Massensterben führen und das gesamte Ökosystem dramatisch verändern."

03.Okt.2004 Köhler-Rede zur deutschen Einheit: "Kurzum: Seit langer Zeit läuft einiges schief"

03.Okt.2004 Gewalt in Gaza: Scharon verlangt vom Militär hartes Vorgehen

03.Okt.2004 Promiskuitäts-Indikator: Sexappeal kann per Telefon bestimmt werden

03.Okt.2004 Rüstungsexporte in den Irak: Deutsche Kriegsgewinnler

03.Okt.2004 Meanwhile, the Islamic Council of Victoria told a 2,000-strong rally in Melbourne that the socially conservative Family First party was a front for religious bigots responsible for spreading the new racism of "Islamophobia".

"Islamophobia is the new racism, a new racism being used by religious bigots and neo-Nazis," ICV's human rights coordinator Bilal Cleland said.

"We've seen an attempt by the conservatives to set up a stooge party like Family First, with its fundamental Taliban-style Christianity being funded to try + snatch seats from the Greens + Democrats in the Senate."

03.Okt.2004 -today Thousands march against Howard
THOUSANDS of people from a variety of community + political groups took to the streets as part of a nationwide 'End the Lies' campaign to oust the Howard government.
In Sydney, high profile author Thomas Keneally and Australian actor John Howard joined an estimated 6,000 protesters in a march from Town Hall to Belmore Park near Central Station.

"When I get lied to as a citizen, I feel very alone," Mr Keneally said. "And today I feel there are others who feel like me - alone."

Mr Howard blasted the policies of his political namesake while a small group of Muslims turned to pray to Mecca at Sydney's Town Hall Square.

Above Sydney Harbour, sky-writers attempted to emblazon "Not Happy John" on a blazing Sydney sky but struggled with high winds smearing the message.

Muslims for Peace spokesman Paul White said his group was marching against Australia's involvement in the war in Iraq.

"Striving for peace is one of the duties of Muslims," Mr White said.

"Our religion tells us to struggle peacefully against any injustice and so that's what we're doing." URL:,6093,10958393,00.html

03.Okt.2004 Thai girl has bird flu

03.Okt.2004 Ausgerottet: Mensch und Klima löschten die Mammuts aus

02.Okt.2004 Deadly side-effect in vitamin boosters

Vitamin supplements increase the death rate of people taking them, medical researchers have found - but they don't know why.

About one in three women and one in four men in Britain take dietary supplements to boost their health.

But a review of 14 trials of vitamin pills taken by 170,000 people found they increased the death rate.

The researchers, writing in British medical journal the Lancet, say 9000 of every one million people taking the supplements will die prematurely as a result.

Dr Goran Bjelakovic, of the University of Nis in Serbia, who led the review, said: "We could not find evidence that anti-oxidant supplements can prevent gastrointestinal cancers.

On the contrary, they seem to increase overall mortality." Two British experts described the findings as "somewhat chillingURL: