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25.Mar.2003George W. Bush - Terrorist in the White House - The War For Israel

Bush Sr's Carlyle Group Gets Fat On War And Conflict By Jamie Doward


Corporate Political Links


Harvey Pitt + the SEC



Message_Boards ...

Iraq delays hand Cheney firm $1bn : Guardian Unlimited | Special reports ... home.columbus.rr.com/lfairban/Pages/Corporate.htm
04.Apr.2007 'Aqoul: The Economic Side of the Lebanon War

Foreign reserves may have been depleted by $1bn -$2bn. ...

With respect to the Carlyle plans for the USD $1 billion push into Mideast, well, ... www.aqoul.com/archives/2006/07/the_economic_si.php
00.Jul.2006 SUSRIS News Archive Carlyle Plans $1bn Push into Mideast [more]. Saudi Arabia Condemns Massacre in Lebanese Town of Qana [more].

War Risks Returning the Region to the 1980 s ... www.saudi-us-relations.org/news/archive/2006-07.html
Saudi-US Relations Information Service - Newsletter

Carlyle Plans $1bn Push into Mideast [Jul 30] "Carlyle Group, the US buy-out fund, is planning an investment push into the Middle East with a dedicated fund ... www.saudi-us-relations.org/newsletters/2006/newsletter-172.html

Jul.2006 Google Alert - carlyle group Carlyle plans $1bn push into Mideast

MSNBC - USA. Carlyle Group, the US buy-out fund, is planning an investment push ... alfatomega.com/20060802.html
20061203 Scoop: Mazur: John Deuss ' Editors On Record On The Man ...

The Wall Street Journal tops its worldwide newsbox with the no-show prime minister saying it ... alfatomega.com/20061203.html

IFN - Manhattan Judge Rules On Pre-Trial Motions In “Kazakhgate ...

The Wall Street Journal has reported that former Kazakh Prime Minister ...

Viktor Chernomyrdin had brought in Dutch oil trader Johannes “ John ” Deuss to play ...ifn.org.uk/article.php?sid=6
04.Apr.2007 NuclearMarket - Business opportunities and Sourcing services

Areva NC Formerly Cogema Engineering Corporation (USA) ·

Areva NP (Formerly Framatome ANP Nuclear Fuels) (USA) ...

Beta Analytics International, Inc. (USA) ... www.nuclearmarket.com/Suppliers/ByName/namesupply8.cfm

Wallace J. Hilliard filed the lawsuit against Dekkers, claiming Dekkers owes him money ... alfatomega.com/20070226.html - 643
31.Dec.2000 SEC Info - Bankrate Inc - 10-K - For

Home Finance of America Secured Funding Corp.


28.Mar.2000 a purported class-action lawsuit was filed against the Company + ... www.secinfo.com/dsdTs.4Gk.htm
16.Apr.2006 Panic in Year Zero (1962)

...aka Pabst Blue Ribbon Louise Brooks Box aka Condoleezza Rice and Sausage Tactics (2006).
The Bush administration intentionally turned a blind eye as AQ Khan's black market network supplied Iran with nuclear raw material and technology.

This is why Bush + Cheney + I. Lewis Libby (or is it G. Gordon Liddy ?) exposed the identity of Valerie Plame.

Her investigation into Khan's network was getting too close to the nuclear Wal-Mart's links to Dick Cheney + Rumsfeld + Bush.

00.000.2003 George W. Bush did not bomb Iran -This is also why-, when the media revealed the Ayatollah's regime was harboring al-Qaeda operatives.

Harboring these operatives was a violation of the so-call 'Bush Doctrine,' yet Bush did not attack, so as to give the Iranian regime more time to further its nuclear ambitions and to undermine the 'sting operation' Plame's front company, Brewster-Jennings, had set into motion in order to destroy the AQ Khan network.

Bush and Cheney are essentially running a black market nuke operation out of the White House and are using US taxpayer dollars to fund it.

It's all about mad cash for fat cat corporatist fascists and various other traitors and assorted criminals. Zionists, Nazis, Islamofascists. Israel, US, Saudi Arabia, Iran.

It's all the same fucking fascist cocktail party at the top.

The 'War on Terra' is just one big cluster fuck scam job, global protection racket and extortion scheme.

Everyone is in on it for fun and profit:

the Turks, Russians, Americans, Italians, British, Germans, Israelis, Pakistanis, Saudis, Iranians, Syrians, black market nuke proliferators, weapons dealers and international narcotics cartels.

There are no 'good guys' here and the name of the game is to line your pockets with cash, while killing as many Arabs and Jews (and Persians ?) as possible in the process.

The foot soldiers on the ground and the general public are clueless as usually. Jesus and Allah have nothing to do with it.

The Bush Family is seeping blood from every pore of its skin, (imagine the elevator scene in The Shining ) while the American population + the World suffers from a collective case of Stockholm Syndrome and Cassandra Complex. The global elites are all playing nuclear Russian Roulette with the Planet just to make a buck, impose global fascism and turn us all into feudal slaves.

Igor keeps putting the wrong brain in the monster over and over again and Dr. Frankenstein keeps wondering why his monsters are always attacking him.

I would not be surprised if Bush uses a small tactical nuke on Iran (though I pray it will not happen). Multi-generational madness knows no bounds. 

A tactical nuke will be the icing on the Bush 'Terra' cake + Iran will be the last sacrificial lamb, as the WTC + Iraq were before it, thus insuring this 'ghost war' lasts generations--a claim (or 'threat' ?) Cheney has repeatedly made in the past.

People like George HW Bush, Michael Ledeen, Manuchehr Ghorbanifar + an odd assortment of other shadowy figures are all old leftovers from the Iran-Contra scandal.

They should have been brought to Justice then.

They were not, so the tentacles of this network have been left to expand unchecked for decades now.

00.000.1947 -to at least-, when the OSS + the Gehlen spy outfit merged + President Truman signed the National Security Act,

The origins of these tentacles can be traced back- ushering in the alphabet soup of intelligence agencies we have all grown so accustomed to today.

The World is now experiencing the fruits of this network's labors run amok. Mae Brussell didn't call him 'Killer Bush' for nothing.

Is it too late for the Somnambulist to awake?  Busha Nostra is counting on you to remain asleep, silent and separate.

Whatever the result of all this is, I am sure planet Earth will make it through just fine. It is, after all, 4.5 billion years old.

Hopefully, the only nukes that will be going off around here are of the ' oh my god ' exclamation variety, which will lead to immediate Impeachment proceedings.

Now that will be a nice ending to this movie. also see:
Lobster: The Journal of Parapolitics


In fact, arms merchant Ari Ben-Menasche identified Cardoen as the person who ... lobster-magazine.co.uk/intro/search.cgi? ... &zoom_and=1&zoom_sort=0

nthposition online magazine: Homeland insecurity: the politics of terror in America

The Office of Homeland Security seemed to rise fully-fledged from the flames of ...

8 According to eyewitness Ari Ben-Menasche, Reagan's campaign manager, William J ... www.nthposition.com/homelandinsecurity.php?font=minus
Ex Bush advisor gets 2 years probation - Air America Place Message ...

Ex Bush advisor gets 2 years probation, for theft.

Options ...

He was sentenced to two years of supervised probation and ordered to pay a $500 fine. ... www.airamericaplace.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=17255
04.Apr.2007 Ex-Deputy to Plead Guilty in Lobbyist Case - washingtonpost.com

00.Jan.200- Ney was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison after admitting to taking bribes ...

Bush's Americas Policy;

FEC Democrats Say Bush Violated Limits ... www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/03/23/AR2007032300581.html?nav=rss_politics
Ex-Aide To Bush Found Guilty

Ex -Aide To Bush Found Guilty.

Safavian Lied in Abramoff Scandal

29.Mar.200- -after pleading guilty- was sentenced to five years and 10 months in prison ... www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/06/20/AR2006062001626.html?referrer=delicious
08.Aug.200- .com-Noelle Bush given 10 days in jail for contempt -

A judge sentenced the daughter of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to 10 days in jail for contempt of court Thursday after she ...

Money: Ex -Tyco CEO found guilty ... archives.cnn.com/2002/LAW/10/17/noelle.Bush
Ex-Illinois Governer George Ryan Sentenced to 6.5 Years » Netscape.com

Ex -Illinois Governer George Ryan Sentenced to 6.5 Years.

Politics –

Former Illinois Governor George Ryan ...

If Terrorism Doesn't Scare You, Maybe Bush Will ... politics.netscape.com/story/2006/09/06/ex-illinois-governer-george-ryan-sentenced-to-65-years
Bush_administration_Ex_CIA_prisoner_shouldn_t_speak_to_attorney">Digg -

Bush administration: Ex-CIA prisoner shouldn't speak to ... - [

Bush administration: Ex -CIA prisoner shouldn't speak to attorney ...

People know murderers are sentenced to death but that never seems to stop them. digg.com/world_news/Bush_administration_Ex_CIA_prisoner_shouldn_t_speak_to_attorney
Ex-Deputy Pleads Guilty in Abramoff Case » Netscape.com

Ex-Bush aide Safavian sentenced to . Vote ·

Rep. Ney pleads guilty in Abramoff ...politics.netscape.com/story/2007/03/23/ex-deputy-pleads-guilty-in-abramoff-case
Ex-Bush aide Safavian sentenced to 18 months » Netscape.com

Ex - Bush aide Safavian sentenced to 18 months. News –

Former Bush administration official David Safavian was sentenced to 18 months in prison on Friday for ... news.netscape.com/story/2006/10/27/ex-bush-aide-safavian-sentenced-to-18-months
Truthdig - Ear to the Ground - Ex-Bush Official Sentenced For Vote ...

18.May 2006 The senior official in Bush ’s reelection campaign got 10 months for his part in a phone-jamming scheme to keep New Hampshire Democrats from ... www.truthdig.com/eartotheground/item/20060518_bush_vote_suppression
Truthdig - Ear to the Ground - Ex-Bush Official Sentenced For Vote ...

Ex - Bush Official Sentenced For Vote Suppression

The senior official in Bush ’s reelection campaign ... www.truthdig.com/eartotheground/email/20060518_bush_vote_suppression
Ex-East Timor Official Is Sentenced

Ex -East Timor Official Is Sentenced. Wednesday AP on Topix.net

George Bush going to Iraq…and he will stop that evil men called ... www.topix.net/forum/id/timor-timur/TA31U3MHRMKE1AL2U
Bush Ex-Aide Sentenced to 18 Months in Abramoff Case [Archive]

Bush Ex -Aide Sentenced to 18 Months in Abramoff Case Political Discussion. talk.livedaily.com/archive/index.php/t-552788.html
informationliberation - Ex-Bush aide Safavian sentenced to 18 months

Ex - Bush aide Safavian sentenced to 18 months. WASHINGTON (Reuters) -

Former Bush administration official David Safavian was sentenced to 18 months in prison ... www.informationliberation.com/?id=17402
Ex-adviser to Bush sentenced - TODAY: People - MSNBC.com

Claude Allen, a former top aide to President Bush, pleaded guilty

Friday to charges he made phony returns to Target.

A judge sentenced him to two years ... today.msnbc.msn.com/id/14189452
Ex-Bush official sentenced to 18 months in lobbying scandal - The ...

WASHINGTON A federal judge sentenced a former Bush administration official to 18 months in prison in the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal yesterday ... 2006/10/28/ex_bush_official_sentenced_to_18_months_in_lobbying_scandal
Bush Ex-Aide Sentenced In Abramoff Case

Bush Ex -Aide Sentenced In Abramoff Case related news:.

Former Bush aide sentenced in Abramoff case — The Seattle Times: Seattle Storm; Official in Abramoff ... www.feedsfarm.com/article/7261bba4b7184a5b760db20b9a91d8a1246693ef.html
04.Apr.2007 Democracy Now! | Ex-Bush National Security Council Member: How ...

Ex - Bush National Security Council Member :

How Bush Bungled The War on Terror ...

00.Mar.2002 six months after President Bush announced the war on terror, ... www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=04/04/02/1516227
Ex-Member Of Bush Campaign Disagrees With The President On Iraq ...

01.Apr.2007 at 12:46 pm Ex-Member Of Bush Campaign Disagrees With The President On Iraq. By Rob No Comments Yet. And suddenly his position in the ...
Ex-Bush Aide Dowd Says He “Misplaced” Faith In Bush | The Moderate ...

The Times notes that Dowd is the first member of Bush ’s inner circle to ...

“Ex -Aide Details a Loss of Faith in the President” about former Bush chief ... themoderatevoice.com/politics/11859/ex-bush-aide-dowd-says-he-misplaced-faith-in-bush
ABC News: Ex-Bush Aide: White House Officials Called Evangelicals ...

Ex - Bush Aide:

White House Officials Called Evangelicals 'Ridiculous'

... has written a new book that claims members of the Bush administration mocked ... abcnews.go.com/GMA/story?id=2570947&page=1
Ex-Bush Aide Sets Off Debate as 9/11 Hearing Opens

Ex - Bush Aide Sets Off Debate as 9/11 Hearing Opens ... His book is the first by a former administration member to challenge the president directly on what ...
Ex-Bush Official: I Fixed The Facts Around The Policy » Netscape.com

Ex - Bush Official:

I Fixed The Facts Around The Policy ... politics.netscape.com/story/2007/03/20/ex-bush-official-i-fixed-the-facts-around-the-policy

Ex-Bush Official: I Fixed The Facts Around The Policy » Netscape.com

Ex - Bush Official: I Fixed The Facts Around The Policy ...

Up to this point, dozens of Nobel laureates, numerous members of the National ... politics.netscape.com/story/2007/03/20/ex-bush-official-i-fixed-the-facts-around-the-policy
Privacy and Security Law Blog: The Evolution of Ex-Bush Cabinet ...

The Evolution of Ex - Bush Cabinet Member Put on Hold.

Posted by Steve Chung. If your puppy is missing, the microchip your vet implanted may save Spot from ... www.privsecblog.com/archives/17106-print.html
Ex-Bush aide Safavian sentenced to 18 months » Netscape.com

Ex - Bush aide Safavian sentenced to 18 months ... news.netscape.com/story/2006/10/27/ex-bush-aide-safavian-sentenced-to-18-months
A Loss Of Faith, Former White House Insider Tells Lesley Stahl ...

7 Interfaith Members Leave Bush -Clinton Fund;

Say Advice Was Ignored ...

Watch Video Ex -Tyco Chief Behind Bars ... www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/10/14/60minutes/main2089778.shtml
04.Apr.2007 » Ex-Bush Official Exposes 9/11 As Inside Job

The organizers of Reynolds’ talk urged audience members to come to the upcoming ...

Discuss Ex - Bush Official Exposes 9/11 As Inside Job in the forum! ... www.rinf.com/columnists/news/ex-bush-official-ex poses-911-as-inside-job
Ex-Member Of Bush Campaign Disagrees With The President On Iraq ...

And suddenly his position in the President’s political campaign + his importance to it gets inflated by Reuters who claims that Matthew Dowd w. www.kxmb.com/getARticle.asp?ArticleId=109924
Democracy Now! | Ex-Bush Official Warns the Administration: Don't ...

Flynt Leverett, former member of President Bush's National Security Council.

Inside the Case Against Ex -Cheney Chief of Staff Lewis “Scooter” Libby ... www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=05/03/31/1558238

Ex - Bush Official Busts 9/11 Perps at U.W. Historical Society ...

The organizers of Reynolds’ talk urged audience members to come to the upcoming ... www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?noframes;read=92886
minister ex communicates members for not backing bush ...

The Dispatch is a member of the New York Times Regional Media GroupAll Material © 2007 The Dispatch. www.the-dispatch.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050506/APN/505060896&cachetime=5
The New York Times > Washington > Ex-Bush Aide Says Threat of ...

Members of the panel investigating the 9/11 attacks divided along partisan lines as they questioned ...

Ex - Bush Aide Says Threat of Qaeda Was Not Priority ...
Bush">Ex-Aide Says He's Lost Faith in Bush

He's the first member of Bush's inner circle to break publicly with the ...

In today's NY TImes ex - Bush aide Matthew Dowd explains how he lost faith in the ... https://tailrank.com/1648265/Ex-Aide-Says-He-s-Lost-Faith-in-Bush

Convicted ex-Bush official asks for new trial » Netscape.com

Ex - Bush aide Safavian sentenced to ...

Photo surfaces of Bush + corrupt . ... news.netscape.com/story/2006/08/20/convicted-ex-bush-official-asks-for-new-trial
The Democratic Daily » Blog Archive » Ex-Bush Aide Hopes to Cut a ...

One Response to “ Ex - Bush Aide Hopes to Cut a Deal on Theft Trial” ...

Our goal is to engage members + readers in civil conversation. ... blog.thedemocraticdaily.com/?p=3485

16.Jun.2005 Former Bush Admin Member Appears On Alex Jones Show; Says Government Complicit In 9/11. Prison Planet. Former Chief Economist for the ... www.prisonplanet.com/articles/june2005/160605governmentcomplicit.htm
04.Apr.2007 Ex-Bush speechwriter: I was to provide a justification for war

Ex - Bush speechwriter: I was to provide a justification for war ...

Key Bush cabinet members had been pushing for a take-over of Iraq + its oil fields for ... www3.sympatico.ca/sr.gowans/frum.html
NPR : Ex-Bush Adviser Clarke Weighs

Sept. 11 Report Richard Clarke, a former counterterrorism adviser to President Bush who has ... www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=3614601
FOXNews.com - Ex-CIA Accuse Bush of Manipulating Iraq Evidence ...

Ex -CIA Accuse Bush of Manipulating Iraq Evidence, A small group of retired, ...

The 25- member group, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, ... www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,81148,00.html
Meet The Carlyle Group - Former World Leaders and Washington ...

How Bush + other ex -politicos profit from connections + access.

Bush Hides Presidential Records

What doesn't he want Americans to know? www.hereinreality.com/carlyle.html
Bush ex-aide slams Iraq strategy | NEWS.com.au

Bush ex -aide slams Iraq strategy.

From correspondents in Washington ... to Mr Bush during two election victories, became the first member of the president's ... www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,21488276-1702,00.html
abc7news.com: Ex-Bush Aide: White House Played Judas To Evangelicals

Ex - Bush Aide: Officials Called Evangelicals 'Ridiculous' ... events designed to rally the evangelical conservative GOP members 00.000.20 targeted races 00.000.2002 . abclocal.go.com/kgo/story?section=nation_world&id=4665213
USNews.com: Inside Washington: Bush Ex-Aides Regret 'Schmooze' Deficit

Bush Ex -Aides Regret 'Schmooze' Deficit ... Post executive]

Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn's Georgetown home, didn't have enough members here for dinner. ... www.usnews.com/usnews/news/articles/070323/23schmooze.htm
Ex-Bush speechwriter has a message for liberals: I hate you - On ...

A former member of the Bush administration calling the DEMOCRATS liars?

Just like CONVICT Ex -Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham who STOLE MILLIONS for ... blogs.usatoday.com/ondeadline/2006/10/former_bush_spe.html
Reuters/Second Life »

Bush ex-strategist says loses faith in president

You may notice a few new members of the Reuters Second Life family starting this week. ...

Bush ex -strategist says loses faith in president ... secondlife.reuters.com/stories/2007/04/01/524ad17c31c8cc0dda8c43fdee0a5325
Ex-Bush Aide Sets Off Debate as 9/11 Hearing Opens by E Bumiller ...

Ex - Bush Aide Sets Off Debate as 9/11 Hearing Opens by E Bumiller & J Miller ... administration officials repeatedly warned members of the incoming Bush ... ics.leeds.ac.uk/papers/vp01.cfm?outfit=pmt&folder=1259&paper=1454
04.Apr.2007 Gefangene Briten: Erste direkte Gespräche zwischen London und Teheran
Umfrage zur Außenpolitik: US- Bürger lehnen weitere Militäreinsätze ab

04.Apr.2007 Konferenz mit Taliban: Becks Afghanistan- Vorstoß spaltet Koalition
04.Apr.2007 The Frustrating Fraud: A3 Skywarrior

Raytheon + Boeing Ground Control:

00.Aug.2001 On Raytheon ’s perfection of a new ...

"Missing Pentagon Jet Engine Identified? - A 727 JT8D Rense.com. ... frustratingfraud.blogspot.com/search/label/A3%20Skywarrior
04.Apr.2007 New high quality Shanksville crater footage | 911Blogger.com

The crater is not from 93, its from something smaller.

Global Hawk?

A3 Skywarrior?

... I have heard that Raytheon was missing two A3s -- 77 and 93? ... www.911blogger.com/node/7288
04.Apr.2007 Hard-boiled Dreams of the World » Blog Archive » The September 11 ...

The plane that hit the Pentagon was an unmanned A3 Skywarior from Raytheon ’s fleet.

They’re missing one, ask them where it is.

It was guided to the target ... joecrubaugh.com/blog/2007/02/28/the-september-11-2001-attacks
Kevin Kattke Click on a name for a new proximity search:

... KATTKE KEVIN . pages searched: 12. These names share the indicated number of pages with the ... www.namebase.org/main3/KevinKattke.html
Commodity Credit Corporation


Mantius,P. Shell Game. 1995 (34 36). HOGAN JOHN M · Mantius,P. Shell Game. 1995 (234-235) ... www.namebase.org/main1/Commodity-Credit-Corporation.html
20070206 His associates include Kevin Kattke, who

00.000.1983 helped 0liver North ...

Kevin Kattke Kattke was a textbook Soldier of Fortune ripped from the pages of the ... alfatomega.com/20070206.html
20050308 The shadowy Garrison, who is constantly at Cedras' side, has flown in Kevin Kattke, former Macy's department-store maintenance engineer who has had his ... alfatomega.com/20050308.html
Vox Pop Kevin Kattke . Kattke was a textbook “Soldier of Fortune” ripped from the pages of the magazine.

When his handlers at CIA wanted his K-Team to kill some ... www.voxpopnet.net/tausdevecchio.html
poonal Es wurde von einem Mitarbeiter Oliver North's, Kevin Kattke, gegründet.

Das NFI organisierte unter anderem eine Reihe von Treffen für die ... www.npla.de/poonal/p138.htm
The Marine's Private Army |

Senate investigators have learned that North used a Macy's department store maintenance engineer named Kevin Kattke in covert operations in Grenada. ... www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,964978-2,00.html
Haiti-konflikten i återvändsgränd

Det kanske mest uppenbara beviset för CIA s direkta inblandning är dock de fyra "utländska experter", Lynn Garrison + Kevin Kattke + Henry Womack och Norman ... www.kommentar.org/arkiv/Kommentar_1994/Kommentar_94_2/Haiti_konflikt.html
Michael J. Sylvester Biography sylvester.html

His associates included George Hebert, Kevin Kattke + Sal Imburgio.

According to Oliver North in his book "Guts and Glory. P. 176: ... www.thegrenadarevolutiononline.com/sylvester.html
Hustling for the Junta: PR [PROPAGANDA] Fights Democracy in Haiti - Center for ... His associates include Kevin Kattke, who

00.000.1983 helped Oliver North prepare the US invasion of Grenada;

Norman Bailey, chief economist for the National ... www.prwatch.org/prwissues/1994Q3/junta.html
20061114 Prescott Bush on learning that the Union Bank had ties with Nazi Germany had his . ... reference to Bush family friend Mel Sembler + to his group Straight, ... alfatomega.com/20061114.html
20060301 by Union Bank .

00.Nov.1942 the Nazi assets of Silesian-American Corp were seized ...

Feb.2006 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/Melvin Sembler, founder of ... alfatomega.com/20060301.html
"The Real DEAL" of the NWO

For proof of the Rockefeller owned Chase Bank's Nazi connection see: "Chase ...

00.000.1996 for instance, the Uruguayan bank employees union blew the whistle ... www.holyconservancy.org/4554.htm

For proof of the Rockefeller owned Chase Bank's Nazi connection see: "Chase ... Mel Sembler - Ambassador to Italy Martin Silverstein - Ambassador to Uruguay ... www15.ocn.ne.jp/~oyakodon/doc5.htm

Nazi's persecution on European JEWS prompted their migration to Israel + Soviet Union.

As a result, many JEWS settled down in Israel after WWII. ,thus, ... www15.ocn.ne.jp/~oyakodon/newversion/yudayasensou.e.htm

Absorbed.org - bank mergers knowledge base

Wachovia has turned into a FEE bank.

Avoid them.?

First Union was getting a bad reputation as a ...

Mel Sembler - President of the export-Import Bank of US. ... www.absorbed.org/knowledgebase/browse/93/bankmergers.html
Bush-Clinton Crime Family President Al Gore

16.Jan.2006 State of the Union Address Speech ...

Leonard & Elaine Millman owned Silverado Savings, Bank of America + CITI Bank before ... www.stewwebb.com
Think Progress » Matthews Battles Snow Over Iran Attack, Says He ...


Prescott Botch was an officer + part owner of the Union Bank of NY.

Comment by dixie blood —

11.Jan.2007 @ 9:08 pm ... thinkprogress.org/2007/01/11/snow-matthews-iran
Slapp Suits

Amongst all the crimes of Straight, is Mel Sembler using the courts to silence ... 9

2002969MF, MTG FORECL,

05.Oct.1992 FIRST UNION NATIONAL BANK OF FLORIDA ... www.thestraights.com/articles/logansinjunction-encl4.htm
Bush as Fuhrer - The Other Side of Irony Tom wrote,

"The ' Nazi analogy' is making its slow way into the critical ... victors who effectively erased the Soviet Union led by Marxist/Communists as the ... www.ocnsignal.com/bush-as-fuhrer.htm
03.Apr.2007 https://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/03/science/03etruscan.html?_r=1&oref=slogin&ref=science&pagewanted=print

Three new + independent sources of genetic data all point to the conclusion that Etruscan culture was imported to Italy from somewhere in the Near East.

Because Italians take pride in the Roman empire and the Etruscan state that preceded it, asserting a foreign origin for the Etruscans has long been politically controversial in Italy.

00.000.1995 -who died-Massimo Pallottino, the dean of modern Etruscan studies in Italy held that because no one questioned that the French, say, developed in France, the same assumption should be made about the Etruscans. “Someone who had a different position didn’t get a job in archaeology,” said Antonio Torroni, a geneticist at the University of Pavia.

Though Roman historians played down their debt to the Etruscans, Etruscan culture permeated Roman art, architecture and religion.

The Etruscans were master metallurgists and skillful seafarers who for a time dominated much of the Mediterranean.

They enjoyed unusually free social relations, much remarked on by ancient historians of other cultures.

“Sharing wives is an established Etruscan custom,” wrote the Greek historian Theopompos of Chios in the fourth century B.C.

“Etruscan women take particular care of their bodies and exercise often. It is not a disgrace for them to be seen naked.

Further, they dine not with their own husbands, but with any men who happen to be present.”

He added that Etruscan women “are also expert drinkers and are very good looking.”
12.Apr.1935 Dáil Éireann-Vol.55 -Vote 11—Public Works ...

What I would urge upon the Parliamentary Secretary and the Minister is that they should get a good selection of aerial photographs of this section of the ... historical-debates.oireachtas.ie/D/0055/D.0055.193504120009.html

00.000.1858 The first known aerial photograph was taken from a balloon.

Dec.2005 Irish Senator: CIA 'using Baldonnel airport ' : Mr Norris also branded US ... alfatomega.com/20060101.html
03.Apr.2007 DNA Boosts Herodotus' Account of Etruscans as Migrants to Italy 

Geneticists have added an edge to a 2,500-year-old debate over the origin of the

Etruscans, a people whose brilliant and mysterious civilization dominated northwestern Italy for centuries until the rise of the Roman republic in 510 B.C. posted by Prof. Hex
03.Apr.2007 Early Human Remains Challenge 'Out of Africa' Theory 

The discovery of ancient human remains in China has challenged the long agreed upon theory that humans developed in African, then began moving to the rest of the world from there. posted by Prof. Hex
03.Apr.2007 Prehistoric whale found in inland Italy 

Italian researchers have found the skeleton of a 33-foot prehistoric whale in the Tuscan countryside, a discovery that could shed light on the ancient environment of the sea, officials said. posted by Prof. Hex
03.Apr.2007 Department of Homeland and Security wants master key for DNS:

11.Sep.2001 -after the attacks on-The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which was created as a kind of overriding department,

wants to have the key to sign the DNS root zone solidly in the hands of the US government.

Blind Faith: The USA is the most religious nation in the developed world, - Americans are also the most religiously ignorant people in the Western world.

Fewer than half of us can identify Genesis as the first book of the Bible + only one third know that Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount.

Americans get an 'F' in religion : Sixty % of Americans can't name five of the Ten Commandments + 50% of high school seniors think Sodom and Gomorrah were married.
03.Apr.2007 Hillary, Rupert + the Culture of Corruption : By having Murdoch host her fundraiser, Hillary Clinton seems to be signaling to Murdoch that while Democratic Party activists have mobilized in recent years against media conglomeration and policies that favor and subsidize media giants, those are not concerns of hers.

Income Gap Is Widening in US: According to the times, the new data also shows that the top 300,000 Americans collectively enjoyed almost as much income as the bottom 150 million Americans
03.Apr.2007 I feared they'd shoot me, Hicks said before gag: DAVID HICKS feared he would be shot if he did not co-operate with US interrogators, the Australian prisoner says in an affidavit for an English court case.
03.Apr.2007 Supreme Court won't decide Guantanamo prisoner appeal: Over the strongly worded dissent of three justices, the high court said it would not rule on the constitutionality of part of an anti-terrorism law that Bush pushed through Congress last year. The law takes away the right of the foreign terrorist suspects at the U.S. prison in Cuba to have a judicial review of their detention.
03.Apr.2007 Freedom for British resident after five years in Guantanamo : Family who fled Saddam's torture regime rejoice as innocent man's ordeal nears end
03.Apr.2007 France ‘was seconds’ from downing Israeli jet : France and Israel are on a collision course in south Lebanon following incidents involving Israeli warplanes over- flying the positions of the French military contingent serving with the UN peacekeeping force there.

03.Apr.2007 Turkey Rejects U.S. Military Request: : The government of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan was said to have again rejected a Pentagon request to expand U.S. training rights in Turkey.
03.Apr.2007 Venezuela will not fold its arms before US attack on Iran: "Whatever happens in Iran will set the tone for what will come next. (Venezuelan) President (Hugo) Chávez and Venezuela have been very clear in this regard. We will not stay indifferent in the face of a unilateral US attack on Iran," he said.
03.Apr.2007 U.S. colonel defends Iran's right to detain Britons: Retired Colonel Ann Wright has defended Iran's detention of 15 British navy personnel as a legitimate right to protect its national sovereignty.
03.Apr.2007 Iranian officer reports incursion by US warplanes: US warplanes have violated Iranian airspace in the southwestern oil-rich province of Khuzestan, Al-Alam Arabic language news satellite channel quoted a local military chief as saying on Sunday. "Two aircraft trespassed into Iranian airspace northwest of [the southwestern
03.Apr.2007 Kissinger says military victory not possible in Iraq: Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who helped engineer the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam, said Sunday the problems in Iraq are more complex than that conflict + military victory is no longer possible.
03.Apr.2007 Your Modern-day Republican Party -By Glenn Greenwald-Leading GOP presidential candidates believe in the power of imprisoning American citizens with no charges or review. Continue

The Secret War -By David Wilson-Far from being the "greatest generation", Lilly exposes the ugly underbelly of the US army's behaviour in Europe. Continue
03.Apr.2007 Europe tops US in stock market value :

Europe has eclipsed the US in stock market value for the first time since the first world war in another sign of the slipping of the global dominance of American capital markets.

03.Apr.2007 Top US lender in Chapter 11 move : New Century Financial, one of the largest sub-prime lenders in the US, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

03.Apr.2007 Trillions in Debt, Can the Middle Class Hang On? : How do we stop the credit industry's predatory business model and get Americans out of debt when incomes aren't rising as fast as the costs of healthcare and housing?

03.Apr.2007 Residues of medicines turning up in waters: Residues of birth control pills, antidepressants, painkillers, shampoos and a host of other compounds are finding their way into the nation's waterways + they have public health and environmental officials in a regulatory quandary.

03.Apr.2007 Britain's dirty cities more dangerous than an A-bomb : Air pollution in major cities is potentially more damaging to health than being exposed to the radioactive fallout of an atomic bomb, according to a report published today.

03.Apr.2007 Undercover agents slip bombs past DIA screeners : "It really is concerning considering that we're paying millions of dollars out of our budget to be secure in the airline industry," said passenger Mark Butler who has had two Army Swiss knives confiscated by screeners in the past. "Yet, we're not any safer than we were before 9/11, in my opinion."
03.Apr.2007 Israel: US House Speaker 'won't rest till captives are home' : Before leaving Israel for Syria and Lebanon, Nancy Pelosi tells kidnapped soldiers' families she will demand their release

03.Apr.2007 Israel's deputy Prime Minister cancels his visit to Ankara : Congressman Tom Lantos on Thursday night called Foreign Minister Abdullah G?l and reacted to the invitation of Hamas. Lantos reportedly threatened the Turkish government with cutting its support to block an Armenian genocide resolution in the U.S House of Representatives.

03.Apr.2007 Historian to quit Israel for UK : Ilan Pappe, a senior lecturer in the University of Haifa's Department of Political Science, says he is moving to the UK because it is "increasingly difficult to live in Israel" with his "unwelcome views and convictions."

03.Apr.2007 Orwell at Guantanamo : Here's what the Bush administration has done to the values, traditions and honor of the United States of America:

An accused terrorist claims he confessed to heinous crimes so that agents of the U.S. government would stop torturing him + no one is shocked or even surprised.

03.Apr.2007 Police Log Confirms FBI Role In Arrests: A secret FBI intelligence unit helped detain a group of war protesters in a downtown Washington parking garage in April 2002 and interrogated some of them on videotape about their political and religious beliefs, newly uncovered documents and interviews show.

03.Apr.2007 The Once and Future Republic of Vermont: Vermont was once an independent republic + it can be one again. We think the time to make that happen is now. Over the past 50 years, the U.S. government has grown too big, too corrupt and too aggressive toward the world, toward its own citizens and toward local democratic institutions
03.Apr.2007 Stranger than fiction: British pilots asked to consider suicide flight: During a training exercise, Air Vice-Marshal David Walker put it to newly qualified pilots that they should think of flying suicide missions in a "worst case scenario" when a terrorist attack was imminent.
03.Apr.2007 How Bogus Letter Became a Case for War: Intelligence Failures Surrounded Inquiry on Iraq-Niger Uraniu

03.Apr.2007 In case you missed it: CIA Analysis: The Predicament Mr. Bush And The Pentagon Have Gotten US Into : CIA analyst Stephen Pelletiere (ret. prof at the Army War College) says that after Desert Storm, when Iraq refused to bow to US. pressure, holding out against American dominance, George W. Bush fabricated the present crisis so as to, once and for all, beat the Iraqis into submission - to control oil..."

03.Apr.2007 In case you missed it: Saddam: America's Best Enemy: Historical account of the relationship between America and Saddam Hussein. Reveals the complicity of America in Saddam's atrocities. Forty years of secrets, incomprehension and incompetence led to the occupation of Iraq

03.Apr.2007 Iran, Britain resolute on diplomatic crisis solution : Britain has agreed to Iran's offer to resolve the issue of British captives through diplomatic talks, said a spokesman for Britain's Foreign Office.

03.Apr.2007 Iran outlines conditions for release of UK sailors: Laying out what appeared to be a vague road map for the freeing of the British personnel, Mr Larijani said that, if it was found they had crossed into Iranian territory, there should be an apology and they would then be released.

03.Apr.2007 UK promised to cease illegal incursions 00.000.2004: Iran's ambassador to Islamabad says that British forces trespassed Iranian territorial waters on at least five separate occasions in recent years.

03.Apr.2007 Washington hurting British bid to free crew : Tough words from U.S. highlight rift between White House and Downing Street

03.Apr.2007 Bush sees no swap for British sailors in Iran : The Iraqi government is trying to secure the release of five Iranians detained by U.S. forces in northern Iraq in January, as the British government seeks freedom for the British military personnel seized by Iran March 20 on charges of being in Iranian waters.

03.Apr.2007 TV: kidnapped Iranian diplomat released in Iraq : Iran accused the U.S. forces in Iraq of "supervising the operation," saying, "Iran holds America responsible for the safety and life of the (abducted) diplomat."

03.Apr.2007 Former FBI agent missing in Iran: US : The USA asked Iran on Monday to provide information about a former FBI agent believed to have gone missing several weeks ago while on private business there.

03.Apr.2007 Russia refuses to deliver nuclear fuel to Iran till disputes solved : Russia will not send nuclear fuel to the Russia-building nuclear power plant in Bushehr, southwestern Iran, until disputes between the two sides were solved, Russian media reported on Tuesday.

03.Apr.2007 Iran Warns Russia Over Nuclear Fuel Deliveries: Iran has warned that if Russia does not deliver atomic fuel for the Islamic Republic’s first power station, the move would justify Tehran’s controversial work to make its own nuclear fuel.

03.Apr.2007 ABC News pushing Bogus Iran nuke story: This is nothing more than disinformation, a well timed leak doled out to Ross and ABC. Nothing more. Nothing less.

03.Apr.2007 Russia says concerned force might be used against Iran : Russia is concerned that Iran will be exposed to a military strike, first deputy foreign ministery Andrei Denisov said Tuesday.

03.Apr.2007 Russia anxious about military action against Iran near its border : Russia is concerned about a possible attack on Iran and insists that military action near its border is totally unacceptable, the first deputy foreign minister said Tuesday.
03.Apr.2007 Government And Citizenship -By Charles Sullivan
When violence is the first resort of a government, the people have no business referring to it as a democratic republic. They must offer resistance to it. They must bring it into line with the values and code of ethics of the citizenry.

03.Apr.2007 The Unearthing: An Awakening Has Arrived -With Truth Comes Awakening -By Manuel Valenzuela  
It is our love for humankind, our respect for life, our desire for a better world, our hatred of wickedness and injustice and deception and all the evils the truth we seek has created and brought forth that compels in us the responsibility to bring honor and dignity to those whose voice and energy have been silenced.

03.Apr.2007 The Botched U.S. Raid That Led To The Hostage Crisis - Exclusive Report: By Patrick Cockburn
A failed American attempt to abduct two senior Iranian security officers on an official visit to northern Iraq was the starting pistol for a crisis that 10 weeks later led to Iranians seizing 15 British sailors and Marines.

03.Apr.2007 The Truth Sometimes Hurts! -By Joseph M. Cachia
As the Western media turns its attention to and prattles about the fate of the 15 Britons detained for allegedly trespassing into Iranian waters, the status of the five Iranian officials captured in a US military raid on a liaison office in Northern Iraq on January 11, remains a mystery. 

03.Apr.2007 Even Mormons Jumping Off Bush Bandwagon As War Takes Its Toll -By Bill Gallagher
Iraq is lost militarily and politically. Even the Mormons are now abandoning President George W. Bush's mad war. That's akin to the Swiss Guard deserting and leaving the pope to fend for himself with the Vatican under siege.

03.Apr.2007 400 Die in Mogadishu's Worst Fighting in 15 years -Democracy Now ! - Audio Report:
Ethiopian tanks, artillery and helicopter gunships have fought against guerillas armed with machine guns, missiles and rocket-propelled grenades. The guerrilla forces comprise fighters allied to the Somali Council of Islamic Courts and clan militias who are opposed to the transitional government and the Ethiopian occupation.

03.Apr.2007 Protesting Priests Escape Jail Before Torture Trail-By Bill Quigley.
Despite calls by federal prosecutors to jail two priests protesting against torture training at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, a federal judge has allowed them to remain free until their trial, which is set for 04.Jun.2007.

03.Apr.2007 And the Bushevik Band Played On --A BuzzFlash Editorial

03.Apr.2007 A secret FBI intelligence unit helped detain a group of war protesters in a downtown Washington parking garage

00.Apr.2002 + interrogated some of them on videotape about their political and religious beliefs, newly uncovered documents and interviews show.
Giuliani, Bush + Kerik in Cesspool of Political Incest and Corruption -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis

03.Apr.2007 God without Religion: Questioning Centuries of Accepted Truths (Hardcover)
Did Rove's Protégé Puff Up Résumé? A Bushevik unqualified for a job, yet has the job? Shocking!! 4/4
Cheney is target of rare protest at Brigham Young
Marjorie Cohn: Coming Up Short on Habeas for Detainees -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Cindy Sheehan: Three Years Ago Today -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
President Skips Opening Day Of Baseball Season, Afraid Of Getting Booed -- Verse-Case Scenario by Tony Peyser

03.Apr.2007 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Impeach Bush! The argument for impeachment proceedings based on the mis-use of signing statements.
03.Apr.2007 https://www.cannonfire.blogspot.com/ Kamikaze Brits: The U.K. is strongly hinting that its pilots should, you know, sort of...er...kill themselves in order to kill terrorists. But only as a last resort.
Bush family friend and
Republican "turncoat" Vic Gold has crafted the words by which Dick Cheney will be known to history:

"A vice president in control is bad enough. Worse yet is a vice president out of control."
2004070403_Report The discovery will lend support to the idea that almost every sunlike star in our galaxy + probably the Universe, is accompanied by planets. ... alfatomega.com/2004 070403_Report.html -
03.Apr.2007 The WELL: The Wrong War? I have an uncle who was in the Royal Navy who would make Bush look like a hippy.

He and his pals think the Iraq war is absolute lunacy. ... www.well.com/conf/inkwell.vue/topics/200/The-Wrong-War-page03.html
Sieben- Jahres- Rekord: Dax schließt über 7000 Punkten
03.Apr.2007 Atlanta: Tödliche Schießerei in der - Zentrale
03.Apr.2007 Schacht Konrad: Bundesgericht gibt Weg für Atommüll- Endlager frei
03.Apr.2007 Mexico Army Finds Tons of Cocaine on CIA Plane from arriving from ...

Nayif was also reported to have met with drug cartel members in Marbella, Spain, ...

Jeb Bush, Texas Rep. Tom DeLay + others who benefited from the www.gnn.tv/threads/14650/Mexico_Army_Finds_Tons_of_Cocaine_on_CIA_Plane_from_arriving_from_Venezuela
Dear Condoleezza ... from Guardian Unlimited: News blog

What do you make of your country's interventions in Colombia + other south american ...

PNAC’s statement of principles, signed by, among others Jeb Bush, ... blogs.guardian.co.uk/news/archives/2005/04/20/dear_condoleezza_.html
03.Apr.2007 The Memory Hole > 5 States Sue Vatican Over Money-Laundering + ...

Frankel who has plead guilty to 20 counts of wire fraud and one count each of securities fraud ...

The Vatican Bank, which is controlled by Cardinal Sodano, ... www.thememoryhole.org/states-v-vatican.htm
Vatican Lawsuit Liability Could Reach $1 Billion in US -- 05/22/2002

00.Aug.2001 -since his arrest- Colagiovanni has been under house arrest in Ohio on charges of wire fraud + conspiracy to launder money in connection with ... www.cnsnews.com/ViewCulture.asp?Page=%5CCulture%5Carchive%5C200205%5CCUL20020522a.html
A Safe Heaven for Pedophiles: Section 7

The Vatican bank (" Institute for Religious Works ") agreed to pay $250 million ...

Jimmy Bakker of all 24 counts of mail fraud, wire fraud + conspiracy. ... www.skeptictank.org/cabuse7.htm
Examples of Ponzi Schemes

Monsignor Emilio Colagiovanni, 82, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud + to launder money. while assisting Frankel in using the Saint Francis ... www.crimes-of-persuasion.com/Crimes/InPerson/MajorPerson/examples.htm
Retired Vatican official pleads guilty to scam. (Nation).(Brief

... who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud + money laundering, ... Frankel used the Vatican bank to transfer $50 million to the foundation ... www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1G1-92136110.html
Reader’s Guide - View as HTML

Wire Fraud . COMPANIES. A. H. Robins. AAMCO. Adelphia Communications. Allied Chemical ...

Securities Fraud . Stock Fraud . Teamsters Pension Fund. Vatican Bank ... www.sagepub.com/upm-data/4531_Salinger_Readers_Guide.pdf
List of Articles - View as HTML

Vatican Bank . Vaughan, Diane. Vietnam War. W–Z. Wage Crimes. War Crimes ... Wire Fraud . Witness and Victim Protection Act. Workplace Deaths ... www.sagepub.com/upm-data/4532_Salinger_List_of_Articles.pdf
Press Releases ... charging him with conspiracy to commit wire fraud + to launder money.

JACOBS then executed documents for the Vatican Bank reflecting his status on ... www.usdoj.gov/usao/ct/Press2004/20041013.html

FBI traces fugitive $1bn fraud suspect to Europe Independent, The ...

Mr Frankel is wanted in the US on charges of alleged wire fraud + money ... neither legal standing with the Vatican nor an account at the Vatican bank . www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn4158/is_19990702/ai_n14256232 Vatican Bank Claims Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Reinstates Lawsuit Against Vatican Bank,

28.Jun.2002 ... Sex, Fraud, Money Laundering: All Roads Lead to Rome, ... www.vaticanbankclaims.com/press.html
20070311 Nico-Via Hunter, a network spokesperson tells MediaBistro that criminally-indicted ex-Rep. ... SINGLAUB JOHN K · Pizzo,S. Fricker,M. Muolo ,P. Inside Job. ... alfatomega.com/20070311.html
03.Apr.2007 The following is part one of a two-part series on BCCI that ...

The issue of tax fraud in the BCCI scandal has been virtually ignored by the ...

00.000.1980 -In the early s-the Vatican bank scandal produced widespread calls for ... www.skepticfiles.org/conspire/bccidoc.htm
03.Apr.2007 Risks to the Public in Computers and Related Systems

... ties + wire fraud in connection with the distribution of a ... to rob the Vatican bank, the IOR. The police arrested 21 ...
19.Jul.2005 Lawyers, lawsuits, class actions, settlements, verdicts, free case ... (); Vatican Bank + the Franciscan Order allegedly helped

... fraud + deceptive trade practices by increasing the price of the Vegas Grand ... www.lawyersandsettlements.com/law_suits_filed.html?page=5
HAIL TO THE CHIEF - Sightings from The Catbird Seat

19.Sep.1983 Rich was indicted by a U.S. Federal Grand Jury on more than fifty counts of wire fraud, racketeering, trading with the enemy + ... www.the-catbird-seat.net/TheChief.htm
Sep.2004 Colagiovanni agreed to use a Vatican charity + its Vatican bank account, ...

The moral of this story is that the New Order will resort even to fraud + ... www.traditio.com/comment/com0409.htm
20041210 Conspiracy to commit an offense >> Fraud >> Wire fraud >> Obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies + committees >> Tampering with a witness ... alfatomega.com/20041210.html
Luke Akehurst's Blog: Statue Competition Entries Flood In

"In gustatus perquam putidus est" - Vatican Bank ... feeble excuse of protecting millions of pounds of Council funds from fraud + embezzlement in order to ... lukeakehurstsblog.blogspot.com/2006/07/statue-competition-entries-flood-in.html
03.Apr.2007 Amerika - Waffenland

Geheimprojekt : Bushs Cyberkrieger Kriegführung am Computer schien bislang ...

Antimaterie und Teleportation-US- Luftwaffe forscht an Science-Fiction-Waffen ... www.arendt-art.de/deutsch/USA/amerika-waffenland.htm

03.Apr.2007 US State Department - Policy - Directorate of Defense Trade Controls

00.Jul-1988-00.Nov.2006 List of Statutorily Debarred Parties, ... Novacom, Inc . (57 Federal Register 43768, September 22, 1992), (57 Federal Register ... www.pmddtc.state.gov/debar059.htm

Sheet1 - HTML-Version
1, Defense Trade Controls - List of Statutorily Debarred Parties, ... 293, Novacom, Inc . (57 Federal Register 43768, September 22, 1992), ...
Defense Trade Controls - List of Debarred Parties July 1988 ... - HTML-Version
Defense Trade Controls - List of Debarred Parties.

00.Jul.1988-00.Mar.2002 ... Novacom, Inc . (57 Federal Register 43768, September 22, 1992) ... www.noao.edu/cas/terms/export_talk/export_part_09.pdf
Defense Trade News, v.5 n.02

Ms. Tucker is currently statutorily debarred pursuant to 22 C.F.R. $127.7(c) of the ... November 2,1993) Novacom, Inc . 22 U.S.C. $ 2778 December 13, 1991, ... dosfan.lib.uic.edu/erc/arms/defense_news/DTNv5n02.html DEFENSE TRADE NEWS, VOLUME 5, NUMBER 2, APRIL 1994

Public Notices of Debarred Persons The following persons have previously been ... November 2,1993) Novacom, Inc . 22 U.S.C. $ 2778 December 13, 1991, ... jya.com/dtn0494.htm

00.Jul.1988 Defense Trade Controls - List of Debarred Parties . ... George R. Mitchell, Novacom Inc ., Pan Aviation Inc. + Sarkis Soghanalian. alfatomega.com/20070215.html
20050913 'New Austrian Dark Wavers, We're On Our Way!' or. 'Hunger Is The Best Cook '. or 'Psychoanalysis Is Only A Shabby Generative Tool!' ... alfatomega.com/20051013.html

May 2005 Diplomacy By Death Squad: How Bolton Armed Haiti 's Thugs and Killers ...

This Christinan -Muslim, Jewish-Muslim conflict is completely artificial, ... https://alfatomega.com/200504280517.html
Picatinny Arsenal GlobalSecurity.org is the leading source for reliable military news and military information, directed by John Pike. www.globalsecurity.org/military/facility/picatinny.htm
03.Apr.2007 Die Wurzeln des Holocaust WICHTIG!!! UNBEDINGT LESEN!!! - Seite 8 ...

Weder zu den Nürnberger Gesetzen von 1935, noch zur Reichspogromnacht vom

09.Nov.1938 äußerten die ... Quelle: https://de. wikipedia .org/wiki/Dhimma ... www.politikcity.de/forum/showthread.php?t=12224&page=8

00.000. 1935 -em- por exemplo, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Wirth e Richard Walter ...

Jan.2007 Kartelle: Stromkonzerne nutzen ihre Marktmacht für Wucherpreise ... alfatomega.com/20070120.html

Mar.2007 Rupert Murdoch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... Missbrauch von Marktmacht: Geheime Daten deuten auf Preistreiberei durch Stromkonzerne hin ... alfatomega.com/20070311.html

Feb.2007 By Matt Kjeldsen - Emergency Citizen's Congress Do you want to take America back from the corporations and the power brokers? ... alfatomega.com/20070201.html

Though officially a watchdog group, Judicial Watch got its start by filing over 50 nuisance lawsuits against the Clintons,” the post on Smirking Chimp ... alfatomega.com/20060522.html
BioEverything work as the jailing of Darleen Druyun, a former U.S. Air Force weapons ... the three lawsuits he is bringing against Coca Cola, Drummand Coal and ... bioeverything.blogspot.com/2006/01/grain.html
04.Mar.2005 NucNews---NUCLEAR---accidents + ... Additional info on the Agent Orange issue and lawsuit :

... federal criminal investigation into the company's illegal recruiting of Darleen Druyun, ... nucnews.net/nucnews/2005nn/0503nn/050304nn.txt
00.Jan.2004 Total Travel Management Industry News Page 1 - View as HTML
Druyun, an Air Force procurement. official, while she was supporting Boeing’s tanker bid. ... against international flights. The meeting followed ...

20060603 ... with the top of the convertible down." Homeland InSecurity: The White House should be renamed the Heart of Darkness . alfatomega.com/20060603.html
03.Apr.2007 lifeinfo.de | Peak Oil Spezial

Uran reicht noch mindestens 25 Jahre (taz, 10.1.06).

The Power of Oil: Scramble for diminishing resource shapes global relationships (YaleOnline, 10.1.06) ... www.lifeinfo.de/inh1./texte/aktuelle_news.Peakoil.html
20041101 Heute sind wir stolz - und manchmal auch ein wenig erstaunt über 25 Jahre taz . https://www.georgewbush.org/deadletteroffice/... alfatomega.com/20041101.html
20051023 Heute sind wir stolz - und manchmal auch ein wenig erstaunt über 25 Jahre taz . DISA Customer Partnership Conference 2005 Save This Date! ... alfatomega.com/20051023.html

03.Apr.2007 TPMmuckraker

$525000 paid to company owned by Thomas Kontogiannis, in order to pay off a mortgage issued by John T. Michael on Cunningham's Rancho Santa Fe, Calif. Home. ... tpmmuckraker.com/cunningham.php
Alleged Cunningham co-conspirator has checkered past North County ...

Then came the Cunningham scandal, in which Kontogiannis is suspected of giving the ... I, myself have worked at Coastal Capital and know John Michael on a ... www.nctimes.com/articles/2006/01/08/news/top_stories/12_00_201_7_06.txt
Report says Cunningham wore wire North County Times - North San ...

is John T. Michael, chief executive officer of Coastal Capital Corp., a New York mortgage lender.

Michael is a nephew of Kontogiannis ' wife. ... www.nctimes.com/articles/2006/01/07/news/top_stories/15_44_081_6_06.txt
Brent Wilkes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

... deal with Cunningham); and John T. Michael, Kontogiannis ' nephew.

The nephew is the owner of a New York-based mortgage company Coastal Capital Corp. ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brent_Wilkes
Duke Cunningham - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

... questionable boat deal with Cunningham); and John T. Michael, Kontogiannis ' nephew (the owner of a New York-based mortgage company Coastal Capital Corp. ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duke_Cunningham
American Prospect Online - ViewWeb

Michael officially heads the mortgage company, Coastal Capital ...

Wade, Kontogiannis + those whom the Cunningham plea agreement describes as “others. ... www.prospect.org/web/page.ww?section=root&name=ViewWeb&articleId=10816
American Prospect Online - ViewPrint

Michael officially heads the mortgage company, Coastal Capital Corporation, ... opaque what precisely Kontogiannis got out of the Cunningham arrangement. ... www.prospect.org/web/view-print.ww?id=10823
The Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter - All "imploded" lenders

2007 -02-16: Coastal Capital - Mortgage Banker ( story ) ...

According to news reports, Michael is the nephew of Kontogiannis ' wife. In an earlier interview, ... www.ml-implode.com/imploded.html
Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall

Out of the four named coconspirators in the case (one of whom is Kontogiannis's nephew, John T. Michael ), Kontogiannis is the only one who hasn't been ... www.talkingpointsmemo.com/
SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Politics -- Ex-congressman's friend ...

Kontogiannis + his family members have owned more than a dozen mortgage companies, including Coastal Capital, which financed $1.1 million in mortgages ... www.signonsandiego.com/news/politics/20060415-9999-1n15tommyk.html
03.Apr.2007 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Politics > Randy 'Duke' Cunningham ...

Paid the capital gains tax on the home at Cunningham's request. ...

The officials also confirmed that Kontogiannis + John T. Michael are the other two ... www.signonsandiego.com/news/politics/cunningham/20051129-9999-1n29duke.html

Interviewed in the March/April 2007 issue of BAI’s Banking Strategies, ... to the presidential pardon sold by Bush via Cunningham to Thomas Kontogiannis, ... lo5m.ddneo.com/2007/03
Wayne Madsen Report - Political Chatter After Dark - Archives

Coastal Capital financed Cunningham's home in Ranacho Santa Fe, ... Howard Dean, John Kerry, Michael Moore, Richard Gephardt + Adolf Hitler. ... www.waynemadsenreport.com/PoliChatter/pcad2005.php
Why did Goss resign? - Tilted Forum Project

The officials also confirmed that Kontogiannis + John T. Michael are the other two ... docked in a Washington, D.C, marina a few blocks from the Capitol . ... www.tfproject.org/tfp/showthread.php?p=2221053
Daily Kos: State of the Nation

Both Lewis and the investment company, Cerberus Capital Management, ... a New York real-estate developer + an unnamed family member of Kontogiannis . ... www.dailykos.com/story/2007/3/10/21556/5045
Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall: September 11, 2005 ...

Mike Ferguson (R-NJ) seems to be a bit wobbly on the Gulf Coast Wage Cut. ...

Before that, Chertoff, not Michael Brown was in charge. ... www.talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/week_2005_09_11.php

John T. Michael, owner of a mortgage company in New York, helped Thomas Kontogiannis ... alfatomega.com/20061129.html

22.Jan.2007 Terror Watch: Is Pentagon ... alfatomega.com/2007 0123.html
TPMmuckraker: Brent Wilkes Archives

28.Jan.2004 - Wilkes treated Foggo to a dinner at the Capital Grille, ...

New York businessman Thomas Kontogiannis + his nephew, John T. Michael ... www.tpmmuckraker.com/archives/cats/brent_wilkes
09.Mar.2007 12:56 PM. leveymg's Journal Top GOP Figures Profited from Privatization of VA Hospital, CIA Contracting A large global hedge fund, Cerberus Capital ...
Feb.2007 This Far and No Further

Mortgage banker John Michael was also named charged with obstructing justice by ... Michael is the nephew of the wife of Thomas Kontogiannis, a Long Island ... www.iraqtimeline.com/feb07.html

Results for "Druyun "

03.Apr.2007 War Profiteers - View as HTML
Heebner's case is similar to Boeing's infamous courtship of Darlene Druyun, the Air Force acquisition officer who was. eventually sentenced to nine months ...

Samar, his neighbor and his two young children were thus sentenced, in an accelerated ...

Boeing's case was not helped when it emerged that Darlene Druyun, ... mparent7777-2.blogspot.com/2007_01_05_archive.html
Reclaiming space The 10 Most Brazen War Profiteers «

Heebner’s case is similar to Boeing’s infamous courtship of Darlene Druyun, the Air Force acquisition officer who was eventually sentenced to nine months in ... peoplesgeography.com/2006/09/05/the-10-most-brazen-war-profiteers
LiberIL View - war profiteering

Heebner's case is similar to Boeing's infamous courtship of Darlene Druyun, the Air Force acquisition officer who was eventually sentenced to nine ... www.soapblox.net/liberilview/tag.do?tag=war%20profiteering&feed=rss
03.Apr.2007 AlterNet: War on Iraq: The 10 Most Brazen War Profiteers

Heebner's case is similar to Boeing's infamous courtship of Darlene Druyun, the Air Force acquisition officer who was eventually sentenced to nine months in ... www.alternet.org/waroniraq/41083
20050331 ... Center ... counts of child molestation + sentenced to five life terms in prison

Boeing also fired the former Pentagon official, Darlene Druyun . ... alfatomega.com/20050331.html
20060522 Here name was Darlene Druyun. She was the number 2 procurement official for the Air Force ...

May 2006 Former RNC Official Sentenced To Prison For Phone Jamming

00.000.2004 Senate Race - Verse-Case ... alfatomega.com/20060522.html
Microsoft PowerPoint - WASH_1542130_1.PPT - View as HTML

U.S. Army colonel sentenced to prison for ...

Darlene Druyun, former #2 procurement official for the Air Force, convicted for ... www.foley.com/files/tbl_s88EventMaterials/FileUpload587/570/PDCA%20PPT.pdf
1 1 2 3 ARMED FORCES EPIDEMIOLOGICAL BOARD 4 5 6 7 8 SPRING 2005 ... - View as HTML 3

Here name was Darlene Druyun . She was the number ... 3 court + she has been sentenced to prison for. 4 about 9 months. But that is the only merest ... www.ha.osd.mil/afeb/meeting/2005/spring/AFEB_transcripts_22_March_2005.pdf
03.Apr.2007 October Surprise - Elite wiki

LeWinter is well-known in government circles in Portugal for his role as one of three senior CIA officers who came to Portugal 00.000.1974 to help in the ... www.global-elite.org/elitewiki/index.php?title=October_Surprise
03.Apr.2007 Troops train for casualties

The new program, an adaptation of the tactical combat casualty care ...

Guidry's deployments include Guantanamo Wackenhut Security Services for more than ... public.carson.army.mil/sites/pao/mountaineer/archives/03-31-06.htm
03.Apr.2007 https://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/natur/0,1518,druck-475484,00.html
Die Ausgrabungsstätte der Festung Tharo befindet sich nordöstlich der Stadt Quantara, die direkt am Fluss Suez liegt.

Bis nach Kairo sind es von dort 150 Kilometer. Archäologen haben die Reste von vier rechteckigen Türmen entdeckt, die zu Zeiten der 18. Dynastie (ca. 1530 bis 1290 vor Christus) aus Lehmziegeln errichten worden waren. Damals vertrieben die Alten Ägypter auch das semitische Volk der Hyksos aus der Region.

Das Team von Zahi Hawass, Chef der ägyptischen Altertümerverwaltung, fand nicht weit entfernt vom Suez-Kanal tatsächlich Reste der Festung.

Viel spektakulärer sind jedoch die etwa 20 Stücke Bimsstein, die sie beim Graben entdeckten.

Die Steine sollen vulkanischen Ursprungs sein und von jenem gewaltigen Ausbruch auf Santorini herrühren, der 1600 Jahre vor Christus rund 35.000 Menschenleben im südlichen Mittelmeerraum forderte.

Der Ausbruch wird auch mit dem Untergang der minoischen Kultur auf Kreta in Zusammenhang gebracht.

Lavagestein des Vulkans war bereits auf Kreta und in der Türkei gefunden worden, nicht jedoch an der 850 Kilometer entfernten Küste Ägyptens.

Der Fundort liegt sogar im Landesinnern - sieben Kilometer südlich der Küstenlinie.

Die Vulkanexplosion, die erst vor einem Jahr mit der Radiokarbonmethode genau datiert worden war, löste einen gewaltigen Tsunami im Mittelmeer aus.
03.Apr.2007 Syrien- Reise: Bush kritisiert Parlamentschefin Pelosi scharf
03.Apr.2007 Sieben- Jahres- Rekord: Dax schließt über 7000 Punkten
03.Apr.2007 Erstmals seit 1914: Europas Aktien mehr wert als amerikanische
Irak: Entführter iranischer Diplomat freigelassen
03.Apr.2007 Konferenz mit Taliban: Becks Afghanistan- Vorstoß mischt Koalition auf

03.Apr.2007 Extremwetter- Vorhersage: US- Forscher prognostizieren heftige Hurrikan- Saison
03.Apr.2007 Ökopioniere: Die Strombauern aus dem Schwarzwald

03.Apr.2007 Santorini- Eruption: Vulkangestein gelangte bis zum Sinai

First Curacao investigated for money laundering - Talkgold HYIP . ... Meridian Shipping Agency Pvt.Ltd. NLS Agency (India) Pvt.Ltd. Orient Express Ship ... alfatomega.com/20061203.html -
SEC Info - Navios Maritime Holdings Inc - 6-K - For 2/1/07 - EX-99.1

Money Laundering : any Security Party is in breach of or fails to observe any law, requirement, ...

Meridian Shipping Enterprises Inc. NAVIOS ALEGRIA ... www.secinfo.com/dsvrn.ujp.d.htm

Navios Maritime Holdings Inc. (Form: 6-K, Received: 12/19/2006 09 ...


... the meaning of section 8 of the German Money Laundering Act (Gesetz uber das Aufspüren ... pcquote.brand.edgar-online.com/EFX_dll/EDGARpro.dll?FetchFilingHTML1?SessionID=MEg6jgomAhodUMJ&ID=4831401
Sheet1 - View as HTML

00.000.1980 CRASH OF A DC-9 AIR PLANE OPERAED BY ITAVIA AIR LINES WHILE FLYING USTICA, NEAR SICILY ITALY ... www.thememoryhole.org/foi/caselogs/dod-2003a.xls
Sheet1 - View as HTML1075, 02-F-1048,


00.000.2001 LANDING OF US EP-3 NAVAL SURVEILLANCE PLANE ON HAINAN ISLAND IN CHINA ... www.thememoryhole.org/foi/caselogs/dod-2002.xls
The American's Contents -

00.Apr.2007 Movies: Feudal Mafia

FedEx executive Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) survives a plane crash but finds ...

Andrea Purgatori’s efforts to get at the truth behind the Ustica crash . ... www.theamericanmag.com/article.php?show_article_id=505
00.000.1957 This Day in History -Ramon Magsaysay, President of Philippines dies in a plane crash ...

00.000.1906 The island of Ustica was devastated by an earthquake. ?

1907 - Pres. ... aproudliberal1.blogspot.com/
20050317 00.000.1976 Mr. Farrell ’s association with ECO began- while he was the Director ... deputy head of MI6 until 1961, ... www.citinv.it/info/ustica/staybeh.htm ... alfatomega.com/20050317.html

03.Apr.2007 /* basquiat's lovely winter riot */- Artikel mit Tag religion ... Mitstreiters, Sam Harris . George W. Bush und Osama Bin Laden, vereint auf der Seite des Glaubens und der Gewalt, gemeinsam gegen Vernunft und Diskurs. ...blog.basquiat.de/plugin/tag/religion
11.Sep.2001 Hintergrundinformationen zu den Eregnissen-

So wie heute Henry Kissinger, den Johan Galtung zu recht als "Ibn Ladin Chiles" bezeichnet hat, kaum jemand noch übel nimmt, dass ihm im heiligen Krieg ... home.mail.de/akin/conspirary1.htm
03.Apr.2007 Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung

In Einzelfällen, d.h. wenn ein Bezug zum Forschungsprofil (z.B. Hamburger Nationalclub, Sammlung Friedrich Schwend ) oder zur Institution (z.B. Bestand P.F. ... www.his-online.de/cms.asp?IDN=352&H='990'
Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung

Alt-Nazis in Südamerika ( Friedrich Schwend u.a.),; IG-Farben Nachfolger,; Bestand P.F. Reemtsma (1893-1959). Der Bestand ist in der Archivdatenbank erfasst ... www.his-online.de/cms.asp?IDN=440&H='996'
03.Apr.2007 Die Emigration der NS-Täter nach 1945 Schwerpunkt: Argentinien - HTML-Version

Vertriebschef für das "Unternehmen Bernhard" war Friedrich Schwend, ... u. a. der zuvor beschriebenen Fälscherwerkstatt von Friedrich Schwend aus dem KZ ... www.lbihs.at/LVText/BspReferat2004.pdf
03.Apr.2007 Jungle World ··· 50/2005 Thema ··· Deutschunterricht ...

Kollegen bei der peruanischen Geheimpolizei, Friedrich Schwend .

Der hatte sein Wissen über Nazi-Gold an das OSS verkauft, war dafür nach Peru entkommen. ... jungle-world.com/seiten/2005/50/6814.php
Jungle World 50/2005 Thema Deutschunterricht

... an den Pharmakonzern Boehringer-Ingelheim, Koka-Paste und Waffen an den Ex-SS-Mann + Kollegen bei der peruanischen Geheimpolizei, Friedrich Schwend . ... jungle-world.com/seiten/2005/50/6814.php?print=1

... der österreichische Nachrichtendienstoffizier + SS-Oberstleutnant Höttl war übrigens neben den dubiosen NS-Protagonisten Friedrich Schwend + Otto ... www.etika.com/d49ns/49ns1e.htm
03.Apr.2007 Main Rheiner · Die Fragen sind bis heute offen - Wolfgang Löhde ...

Die ersten Recherchen enden bei einem SS-Mann, der als "Chefverteiler" des 130-Millionen-Pfund-Coups galt, Friedrich Schwend, abgetaucht in Südamerika. ... www.mainrheiner.de/region/objekt.php3?artikel_id=2761059
Die unendliche Geschichte

Verantwortlich dafür war Friedrich Schwend, der Falschgeld-Vertriebschef der Nazis. ... Friedrich Schwend, der laut CIA zusammen mit Klaus Barbie an einem ... www.echoonline.at/echo/salzburg/chronik.php?we_objectID=2338
20041012 Ustascha + Adolf Dammann + Friedrich Schwend + British National Party (BNP) + American Nazi Party (ANP) + Kampfbund Deutscher Sozialisten (KDS) + Solidarier ... alfatomega.com/20041012.html
Zukunfts- und Kulturwerkstätte

12 Erich Priebke

13 Alois Hudal

14 Otto Adolf Eichmann

15 Klaus Barbie

16 Hans Ulrich Rudel

17 Josef Mengele

19 Friedrich Schwend

NUMMER 18 fehlt!

... www.diezuk.at/online/page.php?P=32998& PHPSESSID=f09c9b1f81c119bd487ef636e37777a8
20060725 known as the father of PR [PROPAGANDA], or the original spin doctor, ... hygiene movement ... the eugenics movement including the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany. ... alfatomega.com/20060725.html
20050121 by the likes of Archbishop Casariego, who, in a famous photo, blessed US ... a CIA weapons brochure found in the personal papers of Alberto Sicilia - Falcon ... alfatomega.com/20050121.html - 389
Elections: Latin American Studies: Collections: SSHL

Jonas 1974: “In

00.Mar.1968 ,…the ‘MANO Blanca’ kidnapped Archbishop Casariego, hoping the deed would be blamed on the Left + would provoke a military ... sshl.ucsd.edu/collections/las/guatemala/1961.html
Drug War: Viva Zapata

Catholic Action stood in opposition to a Latin Church too often ruled by the likes of Archbishop Casariego, who, in a famous photo, blessed U.S. military ... www.drugwar.com/vivazapata.shtm
03.Apr.2007 This Day in History: March 10......

1681 - English Quaker William Penn, 26, received a charter from Charles II, ...

1958 - A B-47 accidentally drops a nuclear bomb on the town of Mars Bluffs, ... aproudliberal1.blogspot.com/2007/03/march-10.html
The Luigi Andrea ("Anthrax") Warren Deception:

He has even demonstrated this skill for ABC TV cameras.

... questions and comments about this article at 1 p.m. Monday on www.washingtonpost.com/liveonline . ...luigiwarren.blogspot.com/2005_04_01_luigiwarren_archive.html

Jan.2005 Wapenhandel: Hoe Nederland India en Pakistan bewapent.

... answer questions from readers....www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/liveonline/world.htm ... alfatomega.com/20050113.html -
Council for National Policy Database A-G

THE COUNCIL FOR NATIONAL POLICY. Past/Present Officers & Prominent Member Profiles. Part 1 ~ A - G. Jack Abramhoff - CNP Membership Roster (1984-85. ... www.watch.pair.com/database.html
Council for National Policy Database N-Z The Council for National Policy. Past/Present Officers & Prominent Member Profiles. Part III ~ N - Z. Don Nickles - U.S. Senate (R-OK). ... www.watch.pair.com/database2.html
Democratic Underground Forums - Printer friendly page, topic ID ...

Council for National Policy Database HM ... Gary Jarmin -CNP Membership Directory (1984-85, 1988, 1996, 1999). Legislative ...
Edward G. Atsinger III - SourceWatch

00.Jun.1999 -According to information posted on- the Council for National Policy database :. "Edward G. Atsinger III-CNP Board of Governors (1996). www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Edward_G._Atsinger_III
Council for National Policy Database NZ

2006 - Google Search Council for National Policy Database NZ. Oct02.pdf (application/pdf Object). AM 05 ORAFS FINAL PROGRAM 01 20 05 B.pdf (application/pdf Object). army085.htm ... www.vle176.com/1042pm102505.html
20060603 Council for National Policy Database A-G Armstrong confirmed this + agreed that some of the money may come from the South African government. ... alfatomega.com/20060603.html
20070118 Council for National Policy Database H-M A subsidiary of the pro-Nazi German American National Congress [DANK], the council is headed by Karol Sitko was ... alfatomega.com/20070118.html
princeton university senior theses brief display

Council for National Policy Database NZ 2006 - Google Search. princeton university senior theses Full Record. princeton university senior theses Full Record ... www.bonkm.com/search/Princeton+University+Senior+Theses+brief+display
03.Apr.2007 Know your BFEE: Corrupt Craftsmen Hoover and Dulles

Other political leaders deposed by Executive Action included Patrice Lumumba of the Congo, the Dominican Republic dictator Rafael Trujillo, ... www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=104x3908104
Whatever happened to the WTC HARD-DRIVE recoveries? - Forums ... In a

00.000.1980 decision, reaffirmed

00.000.1993, the New Jersey Gaming Commission banned ... and Western (Gulf and Western was also associated with Michele Sindona, ... www.libertyforum.org/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=news_crime&Number=1245955&page=&view=&sb

Whatever happened to the WTC HARD-DRIVE recoveries? - Forums ...

Gulf + Western was also the corporation that U.S. military intervention

00.000.1965 brought to a dominant role in the small Dominican Republic, ...
Encyclopedia entries starting with PRO

Professional baseball in the Dominican Republic has evolved dramatically in its ...

P2 came to public light with Michele Sindona's inculpation and the Banco ... encycl.opentopia.com/P/PR/PRO-open book: September 2006 Archives

Father Michel, a member of the Indonesia Jesuit province, revealed that he was ...

... after scandals linking it to Mafia financiers such as Michele Sindona, ... amywelborn.typepad.com/openbook/2006/09/index.html
1980: Information from Answers.com

A federal jury at New York convicts Italian financier Michele Sindona

March 27 on ... David batters the Dominican Republic

August 31 and kills at least 600, ...www.answers.com/topic/1980

1974: Information from Answers.com 1974 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 Contents: political ...

Sicilian financier Michele Sindona, 53, is a director of Franklin National's ... www.answers.com/topic/1974
Utente:Alfiobot/copyright report PD - Wikipedia

Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. < Utente:Alfiobot ... Immagine:Cattura-di-Damietta.jpg · Immagine: Dominican republic sm03.gif · Immagine:Sant'Ambrogio. ... it.wikipediaorg/wiki/Utente:Alfiobot/copyright_report_PD

Dec.2006 Threats to Democratic Stability in the Dominican Republic and ...

20041221 1 SHAW CLAY L 1 SICILIA FALCON ALBERTO 1 SINDONA MICHELE 1 SINGLAUB ... alfatomega.com/20061221.html

1965 in the Dominican Republic in +

1973 Chile + ... By explaining the activities of Michele Sindona, Roberto Calvi + Lucio Gelli as exceptional and ... alfatomega.com/20050301.html
Orwellian Ireland

At stake was not only the presidency of the Dominican Republic, ... P-2 member Michele Sindona was the conduit between the CIA + the architects of "the ... www.indymedia.ie/atomfullposts?story_id=70223
Orwellian Ireland - Indymedia Ireland

17.May 2000 "As voters in the Dominican Republic went to the polls ..., ... P-2 member Michele Sindona was the conduit between the CIA + the architects of ... www.indymedia.ie/article/70223
Respect discussion board

00.000.1980 -from- His legal counsel was Boyden Gray, who became the chief legal ... which has been linked with the Michel Sindona financial scandal in Italy. michaellee.modernwriters.org/viewtopic.php?p=863&sid=1b1d4197c8095c5ecf799afdec9abf49
Germany encyclopedia : Cultural Information, Maps, Germany ...

00.000.1980 Berlusconi founded Italy\'s first private national network Canale 5, ... Berlusconi thus presented to the President of the Republic the dissolution ... www.germanyiworld.com/wiki-Silvio_Berlusconi

Romania encyclopedia : Cultural Information, Maps, Romania ...

This was a hint of an alleged involvement of Andreotti in the assassination of banker + felon Michele Sindona, killed in jail with a poisoned espresso. ... www.romaniaiworld.com/wiki-Giulio_Andreotti
03.Apr.2007 Pirate News Newswire

Sir John, the head of MI6, played a key role in the Hutton Inquiry coverup into the ... Ground operations warning - Supersonic jet exhaust vs automobile ... www.piratenews.org/newswire.html
20050630 USA CIA + MI6 collaborated to spread disinformation about the Labour ... force ...

Jun.2005 Mann, like Tomlinson, also has a history with Reader's Digest. ... alfatomega.com/20050630.html
Disappearing the Dead: Iraq, Afghanistan + the Idea of a "New ...

In the case of Operation Iraqi Freedom, however, this characteristic actually ...

Nicholas Rufford, "Revealed: How MI6 Sold the Iraq War," The Times, ... www.comw.org/pda/0402rm9.html
14.Jul.2004 NucNews- MI6 said in a statement today that it regarded the report as "wise and good. ...

Tomlinson also defended the content of the new operations, saying they are ... nucnews.net/nucnews/2004nn/0407nn/040714nn.htm
00.Mar.2006 FPF-HENK RUYSSENAARS: 697,00 men and women served in the

00.000.1991 Operation Desert Storm. ... And in

00.Jan.2001 the renegade MI6 officer, Richard Tomlinson, claimed Dominic Lawson ... forpressfound.blogspot.com/2006_03_01_forpressfound_archive.html

MI6 officer present during the torture of 28 Pakistanis in Greece ...

Kenneth 03.Apr.2007. Tomlinson, the head of the federal agency that oversees most government ... www.northernsunnews.com/archive.htm
03.Apr.2007 Hitler Youth Speakers

By agreement between the Reichspropagandaleitung and the press and propaganda Office of the Reich Youth Office, the Hitler Youth received official ... www.calvin.edu/academic/cas/gpa/hjredner.htm
Political Correctness: The New Communism

The propaganda experts working for the British Government responded by inventing "Political Correctness".

By the end of the War, Hitler had been completely ... www.students.org.au/political/correctness
..:: Reopen 9/11 - Catch the Real Terrorists ::..

Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, is thought to have let arsonists into the parliament building through a tunnel leading from the official ... reopen911.org/hiddenhand.htm
Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?

Adolf Hitler's propaganda machine was headed by Joseph Paul Goebbels. Goebbels most famous and successful propaganda ideology was the "Big Lie". ... www.av1611.org/question/cqdevila.html
George Lunt - EzineArticles.com Expert Author

EzineArticles - Expert Authors Sharing Their Best Original Articles ...

Even Hitler's propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels, kept Bernay's books in his library. ... ezinearticles.com/?expert=George_Lunt
Reader Comments - AIG Fired CFO, VP Who 'Took the Fifth' Over ...

Not only did "Hank" Greenburg retire right around the time employees are being terminated for stating they will ...

the IJ article on his resignation emphasizes what a hands-on, micromanagement approach Greenburg has applied to AIG . ... www.insurancejournal.com/comments/?a=/news/national/2005/03/22/52866.htm&c=10214
AIG AIG aig Greenburg ,? ... guba2.eastmoney.com/600811,960682,guba.html

---?AIG? (Maurice R ... - ? - American International Group Inc.,??" AIG ") ... ?

Dialogue between Greenburg and China's Enter prisers [????International Financing] ?? ...scholar.ilib.cn/Abstract.aspx?A=yhj200310013
Financial E-News

Maurice "Hank" Greenburg of AIG and Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway.


The Principal just received a subpoena from the Office of the Attorney General of the State of New York seeking information on ... www.fsonline.com/enews_archive/enews031505/enews0315.shtml

[cia_tradecraft] Hank Greenburg AIG and The Global Crime Syndicate

08.Dec.2005 01:06:40 -0800. Stephen Calkins Thu, Hi Sec Hum Folks!, Here is a little more insight into Hank Greenburg and the Global Criminal Elite. www.mail-archive.com/cia_tradecraft@yahoogroups.com/msg00599.html
The Dividend Tax Cut: Fortune 100 Corporate Executives Would Reap ... HTML ?
Citigroup, Gordon Moore of Intel + Maurice Greenburg of AIG, all of whom would save more than an estimated $5 million annually ...

Maurice Greenburg . AIG . $13.1 million. $5 million. Selim Zilkha. El Paso. $10.7 million. $4.1 million ...www.house.gov/schakowsky/pdf_admin_dividend_tax_cut_executives_rep.pdf
American Chamber of Commerce in Japan - greenburg

2003-06-28: Maurice R. Greenberg, chairman and CEO of American International Group ( AIG ), Inc., spoke to a packed room at the Palace Hotel on

June 24. Mr. Greenberg evaluated the economies of both countries + described the relations ... www.accj.or.jp/pages/greenburg
AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP SUCKS This led to a partial demise of AIG described here and cost Greenburg his job.

AIG paid $2 billions in fines and took a ... But Greenburg's replacement at AIG, Martin Sullivan was also a board member of C.V. Star until very recently. ... americaninternationalgroupsucks.com/page2
AFoCR Newletter HTML ? Cernan presented Maurice “Hank” Greenburg of AIG, Incor-. porated with the Award;

and Czech American businessman. Fred Malek received the Award from the hands of Judy Baar. Topinka, Treasurer of the State of Illinois. ... www.afocr.org/newsletters/summer2005/summer2005.pdf
|| Businessworld - Play the game || ... of state Henry Kissinger, Al Haig and Lawrence Eagleburger + CEOs like Maurice Greenburg of AIG Insurance. ... For example, Greenburg, who is often called China's informal ambassador to the US, has used his position as a member ... www.businessworld.in/mar0804/coverstory03.asp

03.Apr.2007 Campaign Finance - Money, Politics, Campaign Finance

GREENBURG, MAURICE, AIG, 2000, 05/17/2004, NEW YORK, NY, 10270. HUGHES, KEVIN, AGRI BEEF CO, 2000, 03/17/2004, BOISE, ID, 83702. JOHNSON, JEFF, AGRI BEEF CO, 2000, 03/17/2004, PARMA, ID, 83660. JOUNG, CHANSOO, GOLDMAN SACHS & CO, 2000 ... www.campaignmoney.com/committee.asp?committeeID=C00330886&cycle=04
Campaign Finance - Money, Politics, Campaign Finance

Broad, Eli, AIG SunAmerica Inc/Chairman, 2000, 10/13/2004, Los Angeles, CA, 90024. Brown, Ann W, SAFE/Consumer Advocate, 2000 ...

Charles, Fern D. Greenburg Central Schools/Education, 2000, 03/31/2003, White Plains, NY, 10607 ... www.campaignmoney.com/committee.asp?committeeID=C00255141&cycle=04
20070204 Sightings from The Catbird Seat. Nora Slatkin -.

This retired CIA Executive Director also sits on Citibank's board.

Maurice "Hank" Greenburg - The CEO of AIG insurance, manager of the ... www.the-catbird-seat.net/TheEagleAwakes.htm ...alfatomega.com/20070204.html
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03.Apr.2007 https://www.answers.com/how%20does%20pr%20impact%20society%3F

Unfortunately, poorly planned coastal developments and/or management decisions continue to impact the Puerto Rico shore: 1) New gabions, seawalls and ... gsa.confex.com/gsa/2004AM/finalprogram/abstract_77480.htm

PR [PROPAGANDA] and It's Impact on Society - CheatHouse.com
PR [PROPAGANDA] and It's Impact on Society . Wikipedia, an internet encyclopedia source, ...
For businesses, the public does not just consist of the community in which ...

Bernays, Edward L. impact -public relations in America-.html
does it. teach us. to use the tools. that are necessary. for engaging in public.
discussion and debate. in today's world. In. a. society . where. PR [PROPAGANDA] - ... alfatomega.com/noname21.html

Nicolas Tesla : génie oublié [Voltaire] Nicolas Tesla : génie oublié | 7 janvier 1943 [Voltaire]www.voltairenet.org/article15890.html
THE SUBTLE FRAUD OF THE SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS It's safe to say Nicolas Tesla had credentials hundreds of times more impressive and stated that the Æther is kinetic. Even Einstein didn't deny the Æther. www.groupsrv.com/science/post-1887895.html
Cellular Stimulation - Technical UK, MicroStimula Mk II Successful results were obtained by some early experimenters in the 18th century using high electrostatic fields ( Nicolas Tesla ). Later (Prieuré, a French ... www.technicaluk.com/cells.asp


20050113 ... patents based on the work of Nicolas > Tesla + E-Systems, the CIA's favorite contractor,besides > Halliburton Biografia Edgardo Sogno è nato a ... alfatomega.com/20050116.html
20050418 All of this seemingly Star-Trek-like technology originated from a Serbian immigrant named Nicolas Tesla who came to the USA just at the end of ... alfatomega.com/20050418.html

Two surreal details of the 5-ton cocaine bust deserve mention. ... the resignations from the Board, of Mr. Brent Kovar, Mrs. Joy Kovar + Mr. Jim Kent. ... www.libertypost.org/cgi-bin/readart.cgi?ArtNum=137653

Two surreal details of the 5-ton cocaine bust deserve mention... Being connected to two such world-class ... Brent Kovar, Mrs. Joy Kovar + Mr. Jim Kent. ... www.libertypost.org/cgi-bin/readart. cgi?ArtNum=137653&Disp=40&Trace=on
Mexico Army Finds Tons of Cocaine on CIA Plane from arriving from ... “Congressman Tom Delay, Majority Leader, has appointed Brent C Kovar to serve as the ... Two surreal details of the 5-ton cocaine bust deserve mention… ... www.gnn.tv/threads/14650/Mexico_Army_Finds_Tons_of_Cocaine_on_CIA_Plane_from_arriving_from_Venezuela?page=1
Mexico Army Finds Tons of Cocaine on CIA Plane from arriving from ... What I do know is that this cocaine bust merits minute scrutiny and ... Brent Kovar Glenn Kovar Colline Korth Joy Kovar Ron Nepusund Russ Boreing Scott ... www.gnn.tv/threads/14650/Mexico_Army_Finds_Tons_of_Cocaine_on_CIA_Plane_from_arriving_from_Venezuela
Mexico Army Finds Tons of Cocaine on CIA Plane arriving from ... Two surreal details of the 5-ton cocaine bust deserve mention… ...

Brent Kovar Glenn Kovar Colline Korth Joy Kovar Ron Nepusund Russ Boreing Scott LimeHouse ... neverknwo.gnn.tv/blogs/14492/Mexico_Army_Finds_Tons_of_Cocaine_on_CIA_Plane_arriving_from_Venezuela

May 2006 FPF - HENK RUYSSENAARS: 5.5 Ton Cocaine Bust Reveals New Details . ... s/Joy Carson Kovar Director 10/23/02 -- Joy Carson . ... alfatomega.com/20060522.html
Yahoo! 360° - All Points of View: Anti-War - Pro- Peace

Venezuela seized 58.4 tonnes of cocaine last year, 87 per cent more than 00.000.2004, ...

Brent Kovar Glenn Kovar Colline Korth Joy Kovar Ron Nepusund Russ ... blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-bfMJDIowYba0fcgLhfE-?cq=1&l=1036&u=1039&mx=1039&lmt=5
M of A - Another Weekend OT And SkyWay’s resident “boy genius,” Brent Kovar is no Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. ... has press release’s issued at about the same time as the cocaine bust … ... www.moonofalabama.org/2006/09/another_weekend.html

May 2005 HOWTO: Internetzensur umgehen . Ein Tutorial zum aushebeln von . ...

The biggest is Northrop Grumman’s most recent acquisition, TRW Inc., ... alfatomega.com/200504280517.html
Magisterarbeit Florian Leppla.doc

Abs. Die Firma TRW, ein Unternehmen von Boeing, wies die ... Ronald T. (2000a): Statement of Lieutenant General Ronald T. Kadish, USAF. ... content.grin.com/data/20/9291.pdf
03.Apr.2007 SiteMap - Ayamonte IT-Services [Webdesign//Hosting//Internet ...

Sicherheitsprüfung der Check Point Connectra lässt sich umgehen Read more . ...

Auch US-Autozulieferer TRW an Siemens VDO interessiert Read more . ... www.ayamonte-it-services.com/de/sitemap/2.html
03.Apr.2007 WorldNetDaily: Author ties McVeigh to Aryan group

Thomas, WND said, along with fellow ARA members Peter K. Langan, ... discussing Mark Hamm's new book that presents a link between McVeigh and an Aryan group. wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=23380
The New York Times: Search > Topic: ARYAN REPUBLICAN ARMY


Peter Langan, the leader of a white supremacist gang that the authorities say ... query.nytimes.com/search/query?ppds=org&v1=ARYAN%20REPUBLICAN%20ARMY&v2=%20
BBC NEWS | Programmes | Q&A: What really happened

00.000.1993 The “Aryan Republican Army” was formed + their primary objective was to rob banks to fund attacks on federal buildings. Peter Langan, their leader ... news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/6264927.stm
Cincinnati CityBeat : 09/08/2004 : Queen City Terror

"In early 1992 Langan joined the Ohio chapter of the Aryan Nation," the book ...

"Our interest in Peter Langan was that he could tie some of his cohorts ... www.citybeat.com/2004-09-08/cover.shtml
Domestic Terrorism 101 - Elohim City

Peter Langan, on of the Army's leaders, called himself "Commander Pedro" on a two-hour video that was made to promote the ARA called, "The Aryan Republican ... eyeonhate.com/mcveigh/mcveigh2.html
Oklahoma City, Government-Paid Neo-Nazis + the FCC Many visitors to Elohim City were sent there by Aryan Nation leader MARK THOMAS.

In a series of bank robberies undertaken with PETER LANGAN, ... www.aci.net/Kalliste/okcbomb2.htm
03.Apr.2007 New Zealand, or Aotearoa, or Dominion of New Zealand ... 4141000 | Capital: Wellington | Chief of state: Queen Elizabeth II, represented by ...

British petroleum company BP paid $44 million in exchange for a. ... www.britannica.com/eb/topic-412636/New-Zealand
03.Apr.2007 roland walter

00.000.1998 Colombia's biggest foreign investor is BP Amoco, formed when British Petroleum merged with Chicago-based Amoco.

The London-based giant controls ... www.newsmakingnews.com/lm4,30,02,harvardtoenronpt4.htm
03.Apr.2007 John Browne, Baron Browne of Madingley: Information from Answers.com

00.000.1987 Browne oversaw British Petroleum's buyout of the remaining 45 % of ... ARCO owned 22 % of Prudhoe Bay + BP Amoco owned 51 %, ... www.answers.com/topic/john-ross-browne
5-11D7-91F3-0000B4A60532">ULYANOVSK, Russia--If history, symbolism + fine words can have ...

front of Queen Elizabeth II, Putin tried to consign the dispute to the past ... deal to merge the Russian and Ukrainian assets of British Petroleum ( BP ) + ... www.ceeol.com/aspx/getdocument.aspx?logid=5&id=48D8E558-ABC5-11D7-91F3-0000B4A60532
Oil February 26, 1907 - Royal Oil merged with Shell Transport and Trading Company to form British Petroleum ( BP ).

May 26, 1908 - First major Middle East oil ... www.kipnotes.com/Oil.htm
How Churchill handled Iran - War on Terror - AOL Message Boards

1954 - He is acclaimed by Queen Elizabeth II and parliament as "the ... AIOC is also renamed the British Petroleum Company, better known these days as ' BP '. ...

03.Apr.2007 British 1991 Queen Elizabeth becomes 1st British monarch to address U.S. congress ...

1907 Royal Oil and Shell merge to form British Petroleum ( BP ) ... www.brainyhistory.com/topics/b/british.html
The Chamber of Shipping 1874-1990 MSS.367/COS/12/10 British Petroleum staff portraits 1980, n.d.. MSS.367/COS/12/10/1 Photo of G.A.B King, of B.P. Black and white. 1980 ... www.warwick.ac.uk/services/library/mrc/ead/367cos.htm

20051220 Exxon (called Esso in Europe), Shell, BP ( British Petroleum ), Gulf, Texaco, ... source told me that when Baker met Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, ... alfatomega.com/20051220.html
03.Apr.2007 NewsMine.org - more accomplices 00.000.1995 oklahoma city bombing.txt

Peter Langan, a member of the Aryan robbery gang said he plans to testify at Nichols' trial that federal prosecutors several years ago offered and then ...

Sean Kenny: ZoomInfo Business People Information The Secret Service and FBI took Peter Langan out of prison in Georgia 00.000.1994 ...

Paul Hammer McVeigh's ties to Kenny and the Aryan Republican Army (ARA), ... www.zoominfo.com/people/Kenny_Sean_849403801.aspx
03.Apr.2007 midwest bank robbers.html - Articles about midwest bank robbers.html

FBI destroyed evidence that may have tied McVeigh, Aryan robbers ... bank robbery files of Peter Langan, one of the Midwest bank robbers) that ... www.wordiq.com/article/midwest+bank+robbers.html
03.Apr.2007 Regret the Error: Newspapers

The Reuters dispatch, datelined Chapel Hill, N.C., began: "Democrat John Edwards ... On Thursday,

March 22, MSNBC.com incorrectly reported that presidential ... www.regrettheerror.com/newspapers/index.html
03.Apr.2007 March 2001, MT Express 22 . MONITORING TIMES.

March 2001. 867.2375. 867.3250. 867.3875. 867.6875 ... West Dispatch . 453.700r 2. East Dispatch . 453.800r 3. License & Warrant ... www.the-write-thing.com/MTMar2001(hires).pdf
CONTACT, The Phoenix Project: February 11, 1997

February 28- March . 2, 1997 . Where:. The Imperial Palace. Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada ...

The following dispatch out of New York speaks for. Itself: ... www.phoenixarchives.com/contact/1997/0297/021197.pdf
20070201 York Dispatch - Warrants are issued for 13 in connection with the ... Warrants are issued ... ROUNDUP : German Arrest Warrants For 13 Suspected CIA Agents . ... alfatomega.com/20070201.html
03.Apr.2007 https://www.spiegel.de/reise/aktuell/0,1518,druck-475388,00.html
International konkurriert der TGV mit dem deutschen ICE und dem japanischen Shinkansen. Zurzeit wird insbesondere in Argentinien geprüft, ob der TGV dort auf einer Hochgeschwindigkeitsstrecke eingesetzt werden soll.
03.Apr.2007 https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,druck-475436,00.html

London - "Denken Sie, dass es unzumutbar wäre, wenn ich die Anweisung gäbe, ihr Flugzeug abstürzen zu lassen, um ein Fahrzeug mit einem Taliban- oder al-Qaida-Befehlshaber zu zerstören?", fragte Generalmajor David Walker laut "Sun" gestern Abend bei einer Ausbildungsveranstaltung.


Britische Kampfjets im Einsatz: Soldaten empören sich über Idee des befohlenen Selbstmords Walker entwarf vor den Jet-Besatzungen ein Szenario, in dem Terroristen mit Flugzeugen eine britische Stadt angreifen wollten oder sich im Auto auf dem Weg zu Anschlägen befänden. Weil die Waffensysteme der Flugzeuge versagt hätten, gäbe es keine andere Möglichkeit, die Terroristen zu stoppen als durch den Einsatz des eigenen Lebens.

Dem Bericht zufolge reagierten die Piloten ablehnend: "Die Idee, dass Offiziere den Mannschaften befehlen, Selbstmord zu begehen, ist widerlich", sagte ein Flieger. Ein anderer ergänze flapsig: "Ich bin vorbereitet, das zu tun, aber erst nachdem es mir der Generalmajor vorgemacht hat." Ein weiterer Pilot entrüstete sich: "Er deutet an, dass er jeden unter seinem Kommando in den Tod schicken könnte, wenn er das wünschte."

Ein Sprecher des Verteidigungsministeriums erklärte, Walker habe lediglich Fragen nach dem Verhalten von Piloten in Extremsituationen aufwerfen wollen. Der Generalmajor habe jedoch nicht gesagt, dass er Kamikaze-Einsätze tatsächlich anordnen würde. Es handele sich um Entscheidungen, die so unwahrscheinlich und schrecklich sie auch seien, von Soldaten möglicherweise getroffen werden müssten.

"Ich gehe in meiner ganzen Therapie davon aus, dass es lediglich meine Aufgabe ist, Leiden zu beheben. Das Leiden lässt sich aber gerade dadurch heilen, dass man die Suche nach Patentlösungen aufgibt", sagte Watzlawick einmal in einem Interview mit der Zeitung "Die Welt".

Paul Watzlawick wurde am 25. Juli 1921 in Villach, Kärnten geboren und studierte Philologie und Philosophie an der Universität Venedig. Nach seiner Promotion absolvierte er eine Ausbildung in Psychotherapie am C.-G.-Jung-Institut in Zürich, die er 1954 als Diplomanalytiker abschloss. 1957 übernahm er einen Lehrstuhl für Psychotherapie in El Salvador. 1960 wurde Watzlawick vom amerikanischen Schizophrenie-Experten Donald Jackson zu einem Wechsel an das Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto/Kalifornien geholt, wo er als Forschungsbeauftragter und Psychotherapeut tätig war. Ab 1976 lehrte er außerdem als Professor an der Stanford University, wo er auch bis ins hohe Alter noch als Emeritus Vorträge hielt.

Kommunikation und ihre Störungen blieben sein Hauptthema. Maßgeblich entwickelte er gemeinsam mit Gregory Bateson und weiteren Kollegen die Theorie des "double bind". Watzlawick leistete aber auch bedeutende Beiträge zum radikalen Konstruktivismus.
Tempo 574,7: TGV bricht Weltrekord auf der Schiene
03.Apr.2007 Klimagipfel: Australien weist EU- Kritik zurück
03.Apr.2007 Gefangenen- Krise: Blair stellt Iran indirekt 48- Stunden- Ultimatum
03.Apr.2007 Royal Air Force: Piloten sollen Selbstmord- Einsätze erwägen
03.Apr.2007 Einkaufs- Besuch: China plant Riesen- Shoppingtour in den USA
03.Apr.2007 Familienstreit: Gericht untersagt Diamantenbestattung
03.Apr.2007 Aufschwung ohne Wirkung: Mehrheit der Deutschen merkt nichts vom Boom
03.Apr.2007 https://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/mensch/0,1518,druck-475385,00.html

Das Tianyuan-Skelett teilt viele anatomische Merkmale mit heutigen Menschen. Doch laut Trinkaus und seinen Kollegen weisen einige Proportionen darauf hin, dass es sich bei diesem Skelett um einen Mischling von Urmensch und modernem Menschen handeln könnte. So ähnelten etwa die Zahnstellung und andere Knochenmerkmale denen der späten Urmenschen, von denen der Neandertaler der bekannteste ist. Der Fund deute damit auf die Vermischung von modernen Menschen und Urmenschen hin.
Den Neandertaler, so die vorherrschende Lehrmeinung, habe der Homo sapiens in Europa verdrängt, statt sich mit ihm zu paaren.
03.Apr.2007 Alte Knochen: Moderner Frühmensch in China entdeckt

03.Apr.2007 Online- Musikverkauf: EU droht Apple mit Strafe von 488 Millionen Euro
03.Apr.2007 Afghanistan: Union entsetzt über Becks Vorschlag für Friedenskonferenz mit Taliban
03.Apr.2007 Energiehunger: China plant 50.000 Kilometer neue Pipelines
03.Apr.2007 USA: Häftling saß 22 Jahre lang unschuldig im Gefängnis
03.Apr.2007 Wirtschaftsboom: Steuerplus von 60 Milliarden Euro in Aussicht
03.Apr.2007 Umwelturteil gegen Bush: Das Ende der Klima- Farce
03.Apr.2007 US- Wahl: Digitale Wahlmaschinen vor dem Aus?
03.Apr.2007 Machtkampf: Ukraine droht neue Zerreißprobe
03.Apr.2007 Afghanistan: Schweres Erdbeben erschüttert Hindukusch- Region

03.Apr.2007 US- Wahlkampf: Romney sammelt bei Republikanern am meisten Geld
03.Apr.2007 Gen und Gewohnheit: Ungesundes Essen, nicht Veranlagung macht dick
03.Apr.2007 Regierungskrise: Parlament stemmt sich gegen Juschtschenko- Erlass
02.Apr.2007 G8- Gipfel: Bad Doberan befreit sich von Ehrenbürger Hitler

03.Apr.2007 Gefangenen- Krise: Iran schlägt versöhnliche Töne an
02.Apr.2007 Regierungskrise: Ukrainischer Präsident ruft Neuwahlen aus

03.Apr.2007 Iran: Ex- FBI- Agent spurlos verschwunden
Kommunikationstheorie: Philosoph Watzlawick gestorben
Schlachtfest: Kanada eröffnet die Robbenjagd
02.Apr.2007 Übernahmen: Zell gewinnt Rennen um Medienriesen Tribune