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11.Mar.2007 Waxman plans hearing on Halliburton move. - Nico -

Time’s Karen Tumulty comments on Halliburton’s plan to move its headquarters from Houston to Dubai: “Is this about tax breaks? Getting beyond the reach of congressional subpoenas?

And what about all that sensitive information that Halliburton has had access to?

At a minimum, reincorporating in Dubai would mean that Halliburton will be paying less taxes to the U.S. Treasury, even as it collects billions from government contracts.”

She also reports, “Henry Waxman is already planning to hold a hearing on this, an aide tells me.”
11.Mar.2007 Iran president seeks UN audience President Ahmadinejad says he wants to address the UN Security Council to defend Iran's nuclear programme.
11.Mar.2007 White House Seeks to Boost Aquaculture (AP)

The Bush administration wants to allow ocean farming for shellfish, salmon and saltwater species in federal waters for the first time, hoping to grab a greater share of the $70 billion aquaculture market.
Cancun, Nature at War Over Beaches (AP) Cancun and Mother Nature are at war again.

00.000.2005 beaches washed away by Hurricane Wilma -Mexico spent $19 million to replace- but erosion has shrunk Cancun's sandy playground to the point where waves at high tide lap against some hotel patios.
Northwest Australia braced for second cyclone

Residents of Australia's storm-battered northwest on Sunday braced for more destruction as another maelstrom approached land, days after a powerful cyclone claimed two lives.
Climate Report Warns of Drought, Disease (AP) T

he harmful effects of global warming on daily life are already showing up + within a couple of decades hundreds of millions of people won't have enough water, top scientists will say next month at a meeting in Belgium.
Biofuels Boom Raises Tough Questions (AP) America is drunk on ethanol. Farmers in the Midwest are sending billions of bushels of corn to refineries that turn it into billions of gallons of fuel. Automakers in Detroit have already built millions of cars, trucks and SUVs that can run on it + are committed to making millions more. In Washington, politicians have approved generous subsidies for companies that make ethanol.
11.Mar.2007 Fermions do not travel together, theory proved Fermions tend to avoid each other and cannot "travel" in close proximity. Demonstrated by a French team at the Institut d'optique (CNRS), this result is described in detail in the January 25, 2007 issue of Nature. It marks a major advance in our understanding of phenomena at a quantum scale.
11.Mar.2007 Gold nanorods assemble themselves into rings Rice University chemists have discovered that tiny building blocks known as gold nanorods spontaneously assemble themselves into ring-like superstructures.
11.Mar.2007 Don't ask U.S. workers about warming The head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said protocol is the reason employees going to meetings about the Arctic are not to discuss climate change.
11.Mar.2007 Put sleeping sickness bug to sleep An Israeli researcher has found a way to kill the parasite that causes sleeping sickness.
11.Mar.2007 Kids Learn Words Best by Working out Meaning

Toddlers learn new words more easily when they figure out the words' meaning for themselves, research by a 22-year-old Johns Hopkins undergraduate from Medford, N.J., suggests.
Clock gene sleep research has implications for workforce
People differ markedly in their response to sleep deprivation but biological markers of these differences have remained elusive.

In findings published in this week's issue of Current Biology, researchers at the University of Surrey's Sleep Research Centre report their discovery that a genetic difference in the body clock gene PERIOD3 makes some people particularly sensitive to the effects of sleep deprivation.
Experts: Safeguards Lacking on Cadavers (AP)

Despite recent ghoulish cases of illegal sales of human body parts, the nation still lacks a universal oversight system to prevent illicit marketing of cadavers donated to science, experts say.
EU Leaders Agree to Cut Greenhouse Gases (AP)

European Union leaders on Friday endorsed binding targets to cut greenhouse gases and ensure a fifth of the bloc's energy comes from green power such as wind turbines and solar panels.
Study Probes Odor, Sleep and Memory Link (AP)

Doctors have long advised that a good night's sleep is important for memory - but researchers now say a familiar scent wafting in the bedroom might help sometimes, too.

The caveat: In the study, being published Friday in the journal Science, it only worked for some kinds of memories and during one stage of sleep, meaning it's not the answer for people hunting a quick memory boost.
6 Air Force Research Satellites Launched (AP) A cluster of Air Force research satellites rocketed into space Thursday night.
11.Mar.2007 Games shaped by brain-waves on the horizon Video games with action dictated by brain waves will be available by the end of the year, according to a Silicon Valley company that has created low-cost headsets.
11.Mar.2007 Type of stem cell found to reside in transplanted lungs

A new study involving a type of stem cells from the lungs of transplant patients demonstrates for the first time that these progenitor cells reside in adult organs and are not derived from bone marrow, which leads to the possibility that the cells may be able to help with the rejection of donated organs and with various kinds of lung disease.
Conflict noted between African scientists A conflict between scientists working with the human immunodeficiency virus and those working with tuberculosis is being reported in Africa.
11.Mar.2007 New diesel fuel filtering process created U.S. researchers have developed a simple, inexpensive filtering process that could prevent costly instability and deterioration of military diesel fuel.
11.Mar.2007 Gadget Aims to Help Tourists in Greece (AP)

If you have ever wandered around a dusty Greek archaeological site in midsummer, clueless about what you are seeing or where you are going, help is finally at hand.

Greece's Culture Ministry on Thursday unveiled a hand-held gadget for visitors that offers high-resolution video, detailed diagrams of sites such as ancient temples, position indicators + imagery along with stereo sound.
Regardless of global warming, rising CO2 levels threaten marine life Like a piece of chalk dissolving in vinegar, marine life with hard shells is in danger of being dissolved by increasing acidity in the oceans.
11.Mar.2007 AIDS Medicine Is Rationed in Puerto Rico (AP)

The U.S. has halted payments to clinics that treat AIDS patients in Puerto Rico, forcing hundreds of poor people to go without free medicine in a U.S. territory with an AIDS rate nearly double that of the mainland.
Digital Crystal Video Receiver: Researchers Patent Process for Aircraft Radar Warning Receivers
Researchers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute have patented a discovery that could significantly increase reliability and reduce cost in equipment that helps protect U.S. military aircraft from attack.

11.Mar.2007 Metacognition: Faced with a test, rats can check their knowledge first
Researchers have found evidence that rats are capable of metacognition?that is, they can possess knowledge of their own cognitive states.

This ability, which can also be thought of as the capacity to assess or reflect on one's own mental processes, was previously only recognized in humans and other primates.

The findings are reported by Allison Foote and Jonathon Crystal of the University of Georgia and appear online in the journal Current Biology, published by Cell Press, on March 8th.
Social tolerance allows bonobos to outperform chimpanzees on a cooperative task
In experiments designed to deepen our understanding of how cooperative behavior evolves, researchers have found that bonobos, a particularly sociable relative of the chimpanzee, are more successful than chimpanzees at cooperating to retrieve food, even though chimpanzees exhibit strong cooperative hunting behavior in the wild.

11.Mar.2007 McCaskill Says VA Secretary Nicholson Is ‘A Brownie Situation,’ Calls For Him To Resign - Nico -

Today on CBS’s Face the Nation, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) called on the Bush administration to remove Lt. Gen. Kevin Kiley from his post as Army surgeon general + to fire Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson, whose appointment “looks like a Brownie situation.”

“This is a political appointment,” McCaskill said of Nicholson. “This is somebody who has spent a whole lot of the last few years defending everything about the White House.”

CBS host Bob Schieffer piled on, saying “in at least two television appearances that I have seen him…he seemed unfamiliar with the services that were being offered by his own agency.” Watch it:

Nicholson is the Michael Brown of veterans affairs.

His primary qualification for the job was

00.000.1997-00.000.2000 serving as chairman of the Republican National Committee from “raising close to $380 million for the 2000 cycle.”

During Bush’s first term, Nicholson was rewarded with the plush ambassadorship to the Vatican;

after being selected to run the VA, he promptly ranked #4 in The New Republic’s list of “the 15 biggest Bush administration hacks.”

In the wake of the Walter Reed revelations, President Bush appointed Nicholson to lead a special panel to “cut through red tape” affecting veterans.

But veterans advocates say it was Nicholson’s “inept management of the VA [that] has lead to the red tape.”

ABC News revealed last week that Nicholson shelved a program that could have avoided many of the bureaucratic delays plaguing injured vets because of its cost — less than $1 million. Transcript: (more…)
11.Mar.2007 Olmert and Abbas meet for talks Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert meets Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Jerusalem.
11.Mar.2007 Halliburton plans move to Dubai Halliburton, the oil services giant formerly headed by US Vice-President Dick Cheney, is moving its HQ to Dubai.
The Economist Magazine Looks Outside For Insight - kdawson 106 - "All of traditional media is scrambling to remain relevant on the Net, but The Economist of London is taking it to extremes, with a skunkworks operation called Project Red Stripe. The magazine gathered six staffers from around the world, set them up in a London office + gave them six months to come up with a radically new idea for the business. As a magazine for free markets, they figured others would have the best ideas — so are throwing open the doors for community input."
Subliminal Messages Might Actually Work - kdawson 147 - GrumpySimon writes

"New research indicates that subliminal messages may actually work. In a paper titled Attentional Load Modulates Responses of Human Primary Visual Cortex to Invisible Stimuli, Bahrani et al. demonstrate that even though stimuli may not be available to consciousness, they are processed by the visual cortex. While I'm sure that marketing agencies all over the world are rubbing their hands in glee at this news, the authors report that there's no evidence that this can make people buy things against their will. So with any luck the use of subliminal messages in advertising will remain an urban legend."
Political Leaning and Free Software - kdawson 466 - 00_NOP writes

"HateMyTory is the world's first political rating site and occasionally gets blasted or promoted by British bloggers on either side of the political spectrum. But

here's something even more intriguing: when the right come visiting they hate the site but they are disproportionately likely to be users of free software, whether that is just Firefox on top of their Windows box, or all the way with some Linux distro. But

when the left rally to the cause they are more likely than not to be proprietary software users, albeit with a big bias towards Apple.

If Microsoft's defenders think free software is the road to socialism, why don't the left seem to agree?

As a leftie + a free software advocate, I find this pretty puzzling."
No Passport For Britons Refusing Mass Surveillance - kdawson 685 - UpnAtom writes

26.Mar.2007 -from- "People who refuse to give up their bank records +

tax records +

details of any benefits they've claimed +

the records of their car movements for the last year,


refuse to submit to an interrogation on whether they are the same person that this mountain of data belongs to —

will be denied passports.

The Blair government has already admitted that this and other data will be cross-linked so that the Home Office + other officials can spy on the everyday lives of innocent Britons.

Britons were already the most spied upon nation in Western Europe — more so even than Sweden.

Data-mining through this unprecedented level of mass-surveillance allows any future British government to leapfrog even countries like China and North Korea."
Prototype Telescopes Complete Key Test - CowboyNeal 22+ - Matthew Sparkes writes

"Two prototype antennas for the world's largest array of millimeter-wave telescopes have passed a key test, working to track and image Saturn for more than an hour.

Ultimately, ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array) is expected to resolve details 10 times finer than the Hubble Space Telescope when it is completed 00.000.2012 ."
Can Outing an Anonymous Blogger be Justified? - CowboyNeal 82+ - netbuzz writes

"Absolutely, depending on the circumstances, yet a Florida newspaper's attempt to unmask 'a political group hiding behind the name of a fictitious person' has sparked outrage in some circles.

Part of the reason for that outrage is that the paper posted to its Web site a surveillance video of the blogger visiting its advertising department, a tactic the editor says he now regrets.

What's really at issue here is the right to publish anonymously vs. the right to remain anonymous. The former exists, the latter does not."
British Military Deploys Skynet - CowboyNeal 90+ - rowleyrw writes

"The BBC are reporting, 'The British military is set to take one of its most significant steps into the digital age with the launch of the first Skynet 5 satellite.

The spacecraft will deliver secure, high-bandwidth communications for UK and "friendly" forces across the globe.' It's not yet the Skynet of Terminator, but how long before it becomes self aware?"
Scientists Say Nerves Use Sound, Not Electricity - ScuttleMonkey 271+ - gazzarda writes

"The CBC is reporting that a team of Danish scientists are claiming that nerve impulses are transmitted by sound and not electricity.

'The common view that nerves transmit impulses through electricity is wrong and that they really transmit sound, according to a team of Danish scientists.

The Copenhagen University researchers argue that biology and medical textbooks that say nerves relay electrical impulses from the brain to the rest of the body are incorrect.'"
Connecticut Wants to Restrict Social Networking - ScuttleMonkey 200+ - csefft writes

"According to the Hartford Courant, Connecticut became the latest state to want to restrict the use of MySpace and other social networking sites.

The proposed bill would require that all such sites verify the identity and age of users, as well as get parent's permission for those under 18.

Sites that failed to comply would be subject to a $5,000 per day fine.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said of the proposition, 'If we can put a man on the moon, we can verify age on the Internet,' but quickly followed with the acknowledgment that there is no foolproof method."
Sea Creatures to Provide Basis for New Electronics? - ScuttleMonkey 54+ - hakaii - that

the shells of tiny sea creatures may help to lay the foundation for new electronic devices including an improved pollution detector.

"Using a chemical process that converts the shells' original silica (silicon dioxide, SiO2) into the semiconductor material silicon,

researchers have created a new class of gas sensors based on the unique + intricate three-dimensional (3-D) shells produced by microscopic creatures known as diatoms.

The converted shells, which retain the 3-D shape and nanoscale detail of the originals, could also be useful as battery electrodes, chemical purifiers - +

in other applications requiring complex shapes that nature can produce better than humans."
NASA Backs Quantum Computing Claim - ScuttleMonkey 106+ - narramissic writes

"Canadian startup D-Wave's demonstration via Web link of a prototype quantum computer in

mid-February was met with skepticism in the academic community, but NASA has confirmed that it did, in fact, build a special chip used in the disputed demonstration.

According to an article on ITworld, D-Wave designed the quantum chip and then contracted with NASA to build it."
Game Theory Computer Model Backs Net Neutrality - ScuttleMonkey 261+ - Stu writes

"'A world without net neutrality is one devoid of intellectual development' said Sir Tim Berners Lee in a presentation to congress last week.

Well, now there's a computer model that uses game theory to back that forecast up. Developed at the University of Florida, the model shows that everyone loses if the IPs get their way — even, eventually, the IPs."
Audit Finds FBI Abused Patriot Act - ScuttleMonkey 309+ - happyslayer writes to mention that according to Yahoo! News a recent audit shows that

the FBI has improperly and in some cases illegally utilized the Patriot Act to obtain information.

"The audit by Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine found that FBI agents sometimes demanded personal data on individuals without proper authorization.

The 126-page audit also found the FBI improperly obtained telephone records in non-emergency circumstances.

The audit blames agent error and shoddy record-keeping for the bulk of the problems and did not find any indication of criminal misconduct.

Still, 'we believe the improper or illegal uses we found involve serious misuses of national security letter authorities,' the audit concludes."
Wind, Solar & Biofuels to Power Remote Cell Towers - ScuttleMonkey 114+ - tcd004 writes

"How do you set up a cell network when there's no power grid? Namibia, India and Nigeria are building towers using localized power sources to provide critical cell phone access to the most remote parts of their countries. Wind/solar hybrids + biofuel power plants will power the radio towers, peripheral communications + even the protective fencing around the installations."
Sweden Admits Tapping Citizens' Phones for Decades - ScuttleMonkey 198+ - paulraps writes

"Sweden is close to implementing new surveillance legislation that will include the monitoring of emails, telephone calls and keyword searches using advanced pattern analysis.

The objective is to detect 'threats such as terrorism, IT attacks or the spread of weapons of mass destruction' but the proposals have divided the country.

In a misguided attempt to put people at ease, the government admitted that Sweden has been tapping its citizens' phones for decades anyway."
From the NYT Magazine - BG -"One of the government’s witnesses, a forensic psychologist named Daniel Martell, testified that brain-scanning technologies were new + untested +

their implications weren’t yet widely accepted by the scientific community."
Robert Kagan’s eternal optimism. - Nico -

One day after the Washington Post reported that President Bush’s rosy claims about escalation were misleading or false, it runs an op-ed by Robert Kagan, William Kristol’s frequent writing partner, titled

The ‘Surge’ Is Working.” Glenn Greenwald writes:

No rational person would believe a word Robert Kagan says about anything.

He has been spewing out one falsehood after the next for the last four years in order to blind Americans about the real state of affairs concerning the invasion which he + his comrade + writing partner, Bill Kristol, did as much as anyone else to sell to the American public.

00.Apr.2003 Kagan declared the war over + said we won.

Since then, he has continuously claimed that things were getting better in Iraq.

He is completely liberated from any obligation to tell the truth and is a highly destructive propagandist whose public record of commentary about Iraq ought to disqualify him from decent company,

let alone some sort of pretense to expertise about this war.
More Rove fingerprints on attorney purge? - Nico -

Newsweek: “Justice officials say the dismissals were for ‘job-performance reasons,’ as well as for failure to pursue Bush administration policy priorities.

But where did the list of particular U.S. attorneys to fire come from?

Two senior Justice officials, who didn’t want to be named discussing the dismissals, tell NEWSWEEK that Kyle Sampson, Gonzales’s chief of staff, developed the list of eight prosecutors to be fired

00.Oct.2006 - with input from the White House. In a recent statement, the White House said it approved the firings, but didn’t sign off on specific names.”
11.Mar.2007 Kristol Claims A Libby Pardon Would Remove The ‘Cloud Over The White House And The War’ - Faiz -

In this week’s Weekly Standard, editor Bill Kristol writes that Bush must pardon Libby immediately. “If the president does intend to pardon Libby, there is no reason to wait,” he writes.

Asked to comment further on his editorial, Kristol claimed this morning that pardoning Libby would remove the “cloud hanging over his White House and over the war.”

He added that if Bush waits, “Fitzgerald will keep repeating that there’s a cloud over the White House + Bush will be passive + it will demoralize his supporters.” Watch it:

The reason a cloud exists over the White House is because it has failed to confront questions about the involvement of Bush, Cheney, Rove + other key figures.

As Juan Williams noted, if Bush were to pardon Libby, he would only exacerbate the cloud that exists.

“It would be more than a cloud,” Williams said. “It would be a veil at that point, because people would say there is no accountability in this administration for their actions and they excuse their friends.” Transcript: (more…)
11.Mar.2007 Halliburton shifts headquarters to Dubai. - Nico -

“U.S. oil services giant Halliburton Co. will shift its corporate headquarters from Houston to Dubai,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

Halliburton’s new location “will be better placed to focus on relations with the Gulf’s enormous national oil companies.”
Sen. Schumer Calls For Alberto Gonzales To Resign - Nico -

Today on CBS’s Face the Nation, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to resign.

Schumer said Gonzales has “been even more political than his predecessor,

Attorney General Ashcroft,” + that Gonzales “either doesn’t accept or doesn’t understand that he is no longer just the president’s lawyer, but has a higher obligation to the rule of law +

the Constitution, even when the president should not want it to be so.”

“For the sake of the nation,” Schumer said, “Attorney General Gonzales should step down.” Watch it:

Schumer’s call echoes a New York Times editorial this morning. The Times examined Gonzales’ record beyond the U.S. Attorney purge and the FBI’s Patriot Act violations:

Gonzales “repeatedly defended Mr. Bush’s decision to authorize warrantless eavesdropping on Americans’ international calls and e-mail.”

– Gonzalez “was an eager public champion of the absurd notion that as commander in chief during a time of war, Mr. Bush can ignore laws that he thinks get in his way .”

Gonzales “was disdainful of any attempt by Congress to examine the spying program, let alone control it.”

Gonzales “helped formulate and later defended the policies that repudiated the Geneva Conventions in the war against terror + that sanctioned the use of kidnapping, secret detentions, abuse and torture .”

Gonzales “has been central to the administration’s assault on the courts, which he recently said had no right to judge national security policies + on the constitutional separation of powers.”

Under Gonzales, the Justice Department “has abandoned its duties as guardian of election integrity and voting rights .

It approved a Georgia photo-ID law that a federal judge later likened to a poll tax, a case in which Mr. Gonzales’s political team overrode the objections of the department’s professional staff.”

Under Gonzales, the Justice Department “has been shamefully indifferent to complaints of voter suppression aimed at minority voters .

But it has managed to find the time to sue a group of black political leaders in Mississippi for discriminating against white voters.” Transcript: (more…)
11.Mar.2007 Upset Over Canceled Fox Debate, Kondracke Attacks ‘Left-Wing Liberals’ As ‘Junior-Grade Stalinists’ - Faiz -

On Fox News’ Beltway Boys, co-host Mort Kondracke blasted the decision by the Nevada Democratic Party to pull out of a Fox News-sponsored presidential debate.

Kondracke said, “This tells you a lot about what, Daily Kos kind of left-wing liberals are all about. I mean they are not about free speech and free debate.”

He added, “This is junior grade Stalinism on their part.”

Defending his network, Kondracke claimed, “If Fox was embarrassingly right wing or something like that, it would be plain for all to see.” Watch it:

Indeed, the heart of the problem is Fox’s propensity to be “embarrassingly right wing.”

As Atrios has said, “The problem with Fox isn’t that it’s conservative, it’s that it’s basically a propaganda outlet” for right-wing partisans.

Matt Stoller added that the Fox News audience is not the issue, “the problem that we have is that allowing Fox News to singlehandedly host the debate gives that channel the legitimacy of claiming to be a real news source.” And the more deference Fox is given as “a ’serious’ news operation,” notes Markos, the greater platform it has to peddle unfounded smears against the left.

By refusing to engage these substantive concerns, tonight’s Beltway Boys segment helped prove the point. (HT: Newshounds) Transcript: (more…)
11.Mar.2007 Did Rove orchestrate the U.S. attorney firings? - Faiz -

New Mexico Republican Party Chairman Allen Weh said he complained 00.000.2005 about then-U.S. Attorney David Iglesias to White House officials + asked that Iglesias be removed because he was not indicting Democrats. 00.000.2006 -in late-during a visit to the White House- “Weh said he followed up with Rove personally.”

Weh said Rove told him: “He’s gone.”

His account calls into question the White House’s involvement in the recent firings of eight U.S. attorneys.
11.Mar.2007 Lost opportunity to engage Iran. - Nico -

“So they went, shook hands and chatted briefly. And that was the sum of the direct interaction between American + Iranian delegates at a long-awaited, day-long regional summit on Iraq today in Baghdad.

… U.S. + Iranian officials said there were no private conversations of any substance.” UPDATE: NewsHog has a round-up.
11.Mar.2007 Gates may undo Rumfeld/Feith intel changes. - Nico -

Pentagon chief Robert Gates is considering whether to dismantle some controversial spying operations set up by his predecessor, Donald Rumsfeld, as a way of by-passing the CIA.

… Former officials involved in an ongoing debate about Pentagon spying say he’s considering whether to pull back the so-called ‘Strategic Support Branch‘ + other intelligence channels established by Rumsfeld + his former lieutenants, Stephen Cambone + Douglas Feith.” Shane Harris has the full story in the National Journal. UPDATE: Steve Clemons has more.
11.Mar.2007 Boehner And Putnam Call For ‘Real Debate’ On Iraq, Then Criticize Congress For Taking Real Action - Faiz -

Nearly two months ago — as Congress began debate over a non-binding resolution that sought to put lawmakers on the record as to whether they supported escalation —

conservatives complained that it was a “debate without any real consequence.”

They derided the debate over the non-binding resolution as “a meaningless political stunt” and pure “political theater.”

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) and Rep. Adam Putnam (R-FL) called on the majority to produce a substantive proposal:

BOEHNER: “Why don’t we have the real debate and have the real vote and do it now? Let’s get out of the shadow boxing.

Let’s get away from the non- binding resolution. Let’s get away from the slow bleed. Let’s just have the real debate that the American people want us to have and bring it to an end.” [, 2/16.2007 ]

PUTNAM: “If you’re not cutting off the funds for the troops in the field, then you are supporting the commander in chief’s policy.

This gamesmanship sends the wrong message to our troops + it is trying to have it both ways.” [SF Chronicle, 2/7.2007 ]

This week, House Democrats did what the conservatives had been asking for.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced a legislative plan to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq by

00.Aug.2008 at the latest, tying the proposal to the authorization of funding for the war.

So how did Boehner and Putnam react to the news that Congress could now engage in a “real debate”?

By shifting their attacks and blaming Congress for taking the action that they had been encouraging just weeks earlier:

BOEHNER: “The Democrats are using the critical troop funding bill to micromanage the war on terror, undermining our generals on the ground and slowly choking off resources for our troops. [Press Conference, 3/8.2007 ]

PUTNAM: “ Democrats have put forward a haphazardly created proposal that micromanages the war now in order to slowly bleed off funds for our troops later.” [Statement, 3/8.2007 ]

Because House conservatives’ are so desperate to avoid an Iraq debate and provide cover for Bush’s Iraq policy, their hypocrisy knows no bounds.
General: Conservatives Are ‘Absolutely The Worst Thing That’s Happened’ To The U.S. Military - Nico -

Retired Army Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton, who from

00.000.2003-00.000.2004 was in charge of training the Iraqi military appeared last night on HBO’s Bill Maher Show.

“We are in the midst of recovering right now from a constitutional crisis where you had the executive trump the other branches of government,” Eaton said.

“Thank god” Congress changed hands in November, he said, giving us “a chance to unsort and figure out how to get out from under this.”

Eaton lamented that so many service members believe that conservatives “are good for the military.” “That is rarely the case.

And we have got to get a message through to every soldier, every family member, every friend of soldier,” that the Bush administration + its allies in Congress

have “absolutely been the worst thing that’s happened to the United States Army + the United States Marine Corps.” Watch it:

One year ago this week, Eaton called for the resignation of then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in a New York Times op-ed. Vanity Fair has a new article checking in on Eaton now:

His new business cards say “consultant,” primarily because he doesn’t know what else he now is.

Since he spoke out, several possible defense-related jobs have mysteriously dried up. ‘Maybe it’s the way I part my hair,’ he says.

In late January, his elder son, a 29-year-old Arabic linguist who is an army specialist, went to Afghanistan.

His younger son, 27, an army captain who has already spent 14 months in Iraq, will probably go back before long. Digg It!
11.Mar.2007 Administration ‘loses’ Padilla interrogation tape. - Nico -

Jose Padilla, a U.S. citizen, was detained for four years without formal charges, much of it in solitary confinement.

An independent medical expert say his repeated interrogations have made him mentally unfit for trial.

Now, the judge in Padilla’s case has ordered the administration to turn over all tapes made of his interrogations, specifically a session from

00.Mar.2004 while he was still held as an “enemy combatant.”

But the administration says it lost the tape.

U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke was incredulous that anything connected to such a high-profile defendant could be lost.

“Do you understand how it might be difficult for me to understand that a tape related to this particular individual just got mislaid?”

Cooke told prosecutors at a hearing last month. Glenn Greenwald has much more.
11.Mar.2007 Senior Bush Official: ‘No Trend’ Showing Escalation Is Working - Nico -

On Tuesday, President Bush gave a speech claiming the Iraq escalation is showing “encouraging signs” of progress. But in

today’s Washington Post, a senior Bush administration official acknowledges that “right now there is no trend” showing the escalation is working.

Moreover, officials say the information Bush presented to back up his rosy claims was skewed or flat-out false. A fact check:

President Bush: “General Petraeus recently arrived in the Iraqi capital + the plan he is executing is in its early stages. … Yet even at this early hour, there are some encouraging signs.”

FACT: “Sectarian attacks in Baghdad are down at the moment, but the deaths of Iraqi civilians and U.S. troops have increased outside the capital.

… If violence is down in Baghdad, analysts said, it is likely because the Shiite militias operating there are waiting out the buildup in U.S. troops, nearly all of whom are being deployed in the capital.

At the same time, Sunni insurgents have escalated their operations elsewhere.”

President Bush: “Iraq’s Council of Ministers recently agreed on legislation they will submit to their parliament on the development of Iraq’s oil resources and the sharing of revenues.”

FACT: “Though Iraqi leaders have agreed on a new framework law for oil resources, the details of how the oil revenue will be divided among competing Iraqi groups remain unresolved.”

President Bush: “The Iraqi government has completed the deployment of three additional Iraqi Army brigades to the capital. They said they were going to employ three brigades + they did.”

FACT: “A senior U.S. military official in Baghdad said this week that two Iraqi brigades and one battalion of a third have arrived in Baghdad.”

President Bush: “Iraqi and U.S. forces have rounded up more than 700 people affiliated with Shia extremists.”

FACT: “Bush’s report…appears to have little to do with the new strategy.

The number is ‘based on captures…since July 2006,’ the military official said. Bush first reported the same roundup — citing 600 captures — last fall.”

On the same day President Bush gave his speech last week, suicide bombers and gunmen attacked Shiite religious pilgrims, “killing at least 130 people in one of the deadliest days of the four-year war.”
11.Mar.2007 The fox designs the hen house. - Nico -

“The Internal Revenue Service is asking tax lawyers and accountants who create tax shelters and exploit loopholes to take the lead in writing some of its new tax rules.

… [Critics] worry that having private lawyers and accountants draft tax rules could allow them to subtly skew them in favor of their clients.

‘It’s not the fox guarding the hen house; it’s the fox designing the hen house,’ said Paul C. Light, a professor of political science at New York University.” Kevin Drum has much more.
11.Mar.2007 McCain backs Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. - Nico -

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) claims that “military leaders” he’s talked to about the ban on gay servicemembers say, “‘Generally, overall, it’s working.’

… And right now we’ve got the best military we’ve ever had - the most professional, best trained, equipped and the bravest.

And so I think it’s logical to leave this issue alone. I really do.”

Currently, the U.S. Army’s readiness for war “has eroded to levels not witnessed by our country in decades,” + since Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell went into effect, the Pentagon has dismissed more than 11,000 servicemembers, many in key specialty skills such as training in Arabic.
11.Mar.2007 Update: says Tom DeLay not joining network. - Nico - Via Hunter, a network spokesperson tells MediaBistro that criminally-indicted ex-Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) is not joining .
11.Mar.2007 Army Secretary Who Resigned Over Walter Reed Given Lavish Farewell Ceremony - Nico -

Army Secretary Francis Harvey resigned last week after the neglect and squalor at Walter Reed military hospital was exposed by the Washington Post.

Harvey not only oversaw these conditions, but chose to place Lt. Gen. Kevin Kiley — who had been personally aware for years about the problems and apparently done nothing — back in control of the hospital.

That decision was reversed days later by Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Despite the terms of his resignation, Harvey today was given a celebratory farewell ceremony at the large Conmy Hall in Virginia, pictured below.

ThinkProgress obtained a media advisory promoting the event, which states that Army chief of staff Peter Schoomaker would be hosting the “farewell ceremony in honor” of Harvey.

In the text of his “Message to the Army,” Harvey says, “I am leaving your ranks saddened,” but claims that the “well-being” of “Soldiers and their families” has “always been my highest priority.”

Significant progress has also been made in force and business transformation, modernization, leader development + the well-being of Soldiers and their families - your well-being has always been my highest priority .

The press advisory notes, “The Secretary of the Army will not conduct a media availability before or after the ceremony.”

Your tax dollars at work. (And how long until the Medal of Freedom?) Digg It!
11.Mar.2007 EXCLUSIVE: Clinton Says Bush Has No Authority ‘To Do Anything With Respect to Iran’ - Think Progress -

Yesterday, ThinkProgress interviewed Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) +

asked her about Sen. Jim Webb’s (D-VA) efforts to expressly prohibit President Bush from taking “unilateral military action in Iran without the express consent of the Congress.”

Clinton expressed her support for the position, saying, “I think that the President should not assume that he has any authority to do anything with respect to Iran.”

Clinton said that Bush “needs to come to the Congress + neither the resolution regarding Afghanistan or Iraq give him authority to take offensive action.” Watch it:

Center for American Progress fellow Ruy Teixeira has noted that the public’s views could not be clearer on Iran: make diplomacy, not war.

Despite the Bush administration’s attempts to ratchet up tensions with Iran, a majority of Americans (57 %) have consistently expressed the view that Iran is a threat that can be contained with diplomacy.

Another 20 % don’t see Iran as a threat to the U.S. at the current time. Support for military action has fallen recently, registering only 15 %. Transcript: (more…)
11.Mar.2007 House demands answers from White House on purge. - Satyam -

The House Judiciary Committee today requested documents from the White House related to the Bush administration’s purge of eight U.S. attorneys.

“The committee is also seeking to interview at least one current official in the White House’s counsel’s office, William Kelley, Deputy Counsel to the President + former White House counsel Harriet Miers.”

Read the letter from Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) and Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) HERE.
11.Mar.2007 Accountability at the FBI…kind of. - Payson -

At a press conference today,

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III responded to the Justice Department Inspector General’s report that found “pervasive errors in the FBI’s use” of National Security Letters

to obtain the personal information of U.S. citizens.

“How could this happen?” Mueller asked rhetorically.

“Who is to be held accountable? And the answer to that is, I am to be held accountable.”

However, Mueller “dismissed the idea of offering to resign, saying there has been ‘no discussion of that.’
11.Mar.2007 Tom DeLay says he’ll be commentator. - Nico -

“Tom DeLay is becoming a commentator for, according to John Fund.

In today’s WSJ Political Diary, he writes:

‘Despite his antipathy toward liberals, Mr. DeLay joked that he’s happy to work with them. He told me he is about to sign on with as a commentator.

“I may be their only conservative on air, but someone has to do it.”‘”
Veterans receive unequal treatment from VA. - Amanda -

“Veterans face serious inequities in compensation for disabilities depending on where they live and whether they were on active duty or were members of the National Guard or the Reserve, an analysis by The New York Times has found. … Those factors determine whether some soldiers wait nearly twice as long to get benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs as others + collect less money, according to agency figures.”
11.Mar.2007 House Conservatives Appoint Chief Climate Skeptic To Lead New Global Warming Panel - Think Progress -

The House of Representatives voted yesterday to create a new congressional committee devoted solely to addressing the global climate crisis.

Unable to block the creation of the committee, House conservative leaders are now doing everything they can to neuter it.

Conservative leadership aides reportedly told Republican members that a vote in favor of the bill creating the global warming panel “would put them out of running for a seat” on the panel.

Worse, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) has named Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) to be the committee’s top ranking Republican member.

A look at Sensenbrenner’s record:

Sensenbrenner praised as ‘Inhofe of the House’:

“If there is an Inhofe on the House side, it has to be Wisconsin’s James Sensenbrenner Jr.,” says the American Conservative Union’s David Keene, referring to Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK),

who calls global warming the “greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.” [Link]

Sensenbrenner led climate skeptic delegation to Kyoto conference: “ -back-

00.000.1998 As chairman of the Science Committee, Sensenbrenner led a delegation of skeptics to the Kyoto conference + fought then-President Clinton’s attempt to go along with the Kyoto protocols.” [Link]

Sensenbrenner asked scientist about placing catalytic converters on cows to combat warming:

“Does (it) mean to stop this increase in methane we’ve got to put catalytic converters on the backs of cows?”

Sensenbrenner asked a climate scientist at a hearing last month. If cows are partly responsible for methane gases,

Sensenbrenner said, that “could hit Wisconsin’s economy right between the horns.” [Link]

Sensenbrenner endorsed by Competitive Enterprise Institute:

A spokesman for the oil industry-backed Competitive Enterprise Institute called

Sensenbrenner “exceptionally well qualified” and “a good choice.” [E&E Daily, 2/17.2007 ]

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) — who last month claimed that global warming may have been caused by “dinosaur flatulence” — was reportedly a finalist for the ranking member slot.

Only 13 % of congressional Republicans say they believe that human activity is causing global warming, according to a recent poll, compared to 79 % of Americans.
11.Mar.2007 Rove busy shaping Bush’s legacy. - Nico -

“In an interview this week in his windowless West Wing office, Karl Rove said that there is ‘very little’ discussion about President Bush’s legacy at the White House these days,” the Washington Post reports.

But behind the scenes, Rove “has begun trying to put his own distinctive spin on current events and the longer historical view,” specifically asserting that the “Bush doctrine” will be adopted by future U.S. presidents.
11.Mar.2007 Sixth paper drops Coulter. - Amanda -

Greg Sargent at Horse’s Mouth reports that the North Carolina Sanford Herald has decided to stop running Ann Coulter’s column in its Sunday paper.

The editor said that his paper, which has a circulation of 10,000 to 12,000, has received 834 emails today asking it to drop her.
11.Mar.2007 Brazilian Reactions To The U.S. President: Then And Now - Faiz -

More than six years after President Bush assumed office, the global view of the United State’s role in world affairs has significantly deteriorated.

A recent BBC world poll reported that even in the past two years the U.S.’s reputation around the world has gone “from bad to worse.”

The practical fallout of “the Bush effect” has been on full display in Brazil, where only 19 % of the nation has a favorable opinion of him.

A review of news reports from President Clinton’s trip to Brazil 10 years ago demonstrate how much times have changed:

15.Oct.1997 Christian Science Monitor :

[I]t was his trip to a Xerox-sponsored sports center in the Rio slum of Mangueira that won the hearts of many Brazilians + caused a TV commentator to tell his viewers that Clinton’s speech had him on “the verge of tears.” … [Clinton] ignored the Secret Service’s rigid security by shaking hands and allowing admirers to hug and kiss him.

Some gave him shirts and caps emblazoned with the logo of the slum’s carnival group.

“He looked liked a happy kid finally let loose on the streets,” said Jamelao, one of Mangueira’s most famous samba personalities.

Clinton waved a Brazilian flag, listened to samba music while hitting a tambourine + kicked a soccer ball with Brazil Sports Minister Edson Arantes do Nascimento, the legendary ex-player known as Pele.

09.Mar.2007 BBC :

Clashes broke out in Brazil’s largest city as US President Bush arrived at the start of a six-day regional tour.

At least 20 people were injured in clashes with riot police in Sao Paulo after thousands turned out to protest against George W Bush’s visit.

… In Sao Paulo, about 10,000 people spilled out along one of the city’s broadest avenues, in the heart of the financial district, banging drums, waving red flags + carrying banners reading “Bush Go Home.”

… Many of the demonstrators are angry at the war in Iraq and the proposed ethanol deal, which they say is an attempt to control the country’s production of the bio-fuel which powers eight out of 10 new cars in Brazil.
Ex-Navy official protests Swift Boat funder’s nomination. - Amanda -

Today in the Washington Times, Wade Sanders — former deputy assistant secretary of the Navy, decorated former swift boat skipper + combat veteran — has an op-ed

attacking President Bush’s nomination of Sam Fox to be ambassador to Belgium:

“And as a military man, it doesn’t matter much who is being attacked — John McCain, Max Cleland, John Kerry, or Jack Murtha — I just don’t believe that assaults on the military records of veterans belong in our politics.”
11.Mar.2007 FBI breaking laws that Bush pledged to ignore. - Nico -

“The story here is not merely that the FBI is breaking the law and abusing these powers,” Glenn Greenwald writes.

“That has long been predicted and, to some degree, even documented.

The story is that the FBI is ignoring the very legal obligations which George Bush vowed were not obligations at all, but mere suggestions to be accepted only if he willed it.

It is yet another vivid example proving that the President’s ideology of lawlessness exists not merely in theory, but as the governing doctrine under which the executive branch has acted, time and again +

as deliberately as possible, in violation of whatever laws it deems inconvenient.” (Via Atrios)
.Mar.2007 March 9, 2007 - Think Progress -

A chilly Latin American reception for Bush. As he “opened a weeklong tour of Latin America” yesterday, “police clashed with protesters in Brazil and across the region.”

Adding insult to injury, “Mayan priests will purify a sacred archaeological site to eliminate ‘bad spirits’” after Bush visits next week.

Valerie Plame, the former covert CIA agent whose cover was blown by the Bush administration, has agreed to testify before the House Committee on Government Reform

“about the disclosure + how the White House handled it.”

“One day there will be a new attorney general, maybe sooner rather than later,” said Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA),

in a “scathing criticism” of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’s “handling of the firing of eight U.S. attorneys”

“More than a quarter of military veterans with disability cases before the Department of Veterans Affairs wait six months or longer for the agency’s decision, creating financial hardships for them + their families.

03.Mar.2007 -… As of- the VA had almost 401,000 pending cases for disability compensation with almost 115,000 languishing for six months or more.”

The Bush administration said it is “ open to holding direct talks with either Iran or Syria over how to help mend Iraq at a regional conference this weekend.”

David Satterfield, the State Department’s Iraq coordinator, said yesterday that

if we are approached over orange juice by the Syrians or the Iranians to discuss an Iraq-related issue that is germane to this topic — stable, secure, peaceful, democratic Iraq — we are not going to turn + walk away.” (more…)
11.Mar.2007 ‘Scathing’ report says FBI violated guidelines. - Nico -

“The FBI repeatedly failed to follow the strict guidelines of the Patriot Act when its agents took advantage of a new provision allowing the FBI to obtain phone + financial records

without a court order, according to a report to be made public Friday by the Justice Department’s Inspector General.

The report, in classified + unclassified versions, remains closely held, but Washington officials who have seen it tell ABC News it documents ‘numerous lapses’ and describe it as ’scathing’ and ‘not a pretty picture for the FBI.’”


Tomorrow, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will “deliver keynote remarks before the International Association of Privacy Professionals.”


Washington Post: “The inspector general’s audit found 22 possible breaches of internal FBI + Justice Department regulations — some of which were potential violations of law — in a sampling of 293 ‘national security letters.’ 00.000.2003-00.000.2005 The letters were used by the FBI to obtain the personal records of U.S. residents or visitors.

The FBI identified 26 potential violations in other cases.”
Rep. Jones (R-NC) backs House Iraq timeline. - Nico -

Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) “signaled Thursday he supported the plan proposed by Democratic leaders today to lay out a specific timeline to withdraw U.S. troops. ‘Conceptually I like what’s been proposed…I think this is on the right track,’ he said. Jones praised the benchmarks in the plan and the inclusion of a date certain for beginning a withdrawal of US troops.”

UPDATE: A new poll shows that a “majority of Americans in competitive, conservative-leaning House districts approve of setting a date for troops to withdraw from Iraq.”
11.Mar.2007 Administration caves on U.S. Attorney law. - Nico -

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and other senators met with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales this afternoon.

According to Schumer, Gonzales said the White House will not oppose reversing the PATRIOT Act provision that allows U.S. Attorneys to be installed without Senate approval:

“While we didn’t get any better explanation for these unprecedented firings, two important developments came from this meeting.

First, the Attorney General told us the Administration would not oppose our legislation requiring Senate confirmation for all U.S. Attorneys.

Second, in one form or another, each of the five Department of Justice witnesses will be made available to us for questioning.

The details and venue are still being worked out, but we are hopeful they will cooperate.”
Former Clinton Chief Of Staff Rebuts Rove Claim That Clinton Purged Prosecutors Too - Amanda -

At a speech in Little Rock today, Karl Rove described the Bush administration’s purge of federal prosecutors as “normal and ordinary,” claiming that Clinton did the same thing.

Clinton, when he came in, replaced all 93 U.S. attorneys,” Rove said.

“When we came in, we ultimately replace most all 93 U.S. attorneys — there are some still left from the Clinton era in place.” Watch it:

Clinton’s former chief of staff John Podesta told ThinkProgress that Rove’s claim is “pure fiction.” The Clinton administration never fired federal prosecutors as political retribution:

Mr. Rove’s claims today that the Bush administration’s purge of qualified and capable U.S. attorneys is “normal and ordinary” is pure fiction.

Replacing most U.S. attorneys when a new administration comes in — as we did 00.000.1993 +

the Bush administration did 00.000.2001 — is not unusual.

But the Clinton administration never fired federal prosecutors as pure political retribution.

These U.S. attorneys received positive performance reviews from the Justice Department and were then given no reason for their firings.

We’re used to this White House distorting the facts to blame the Clinton administration for its failures.

Apparently, it’s also willing to distort the facts and invoke the Clinton administration to try to justify its bad behavior.

Earlier this week, Mary Jo White, who was U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York from

00.000.1993-00.000.2002, also stated that the Bush administration’s prosecutor purge is unprecedented in “modern history”:

You serve at the president’s pleasure, no question about that.

… However, throughout modern history, my understanding is, you did not change the U.S. attorney during an administration, unless there was some evidence of misconduct or other really quite significant cause to do so.

And the expectation was, so long as that was absent, that you would serve out your full four years or eight years as U.S. attorney.

As White noted, attorneys need to serve “without fear or favor and in an absolutely apolitical way.”

By firing well-respected federal prosecutors and replacing them with Republican loyalists, the Bush administration has politicized the judicial system. TPMmuckraker has the transcript: (more…)
11.Mar.2007 House creates special global warming committee. - Nico -

“The House of Representatives voted today to create a new congressional committee, devoted solely to addressing the issue of global warming.

Legislation creating the new ‘Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming’ passed 269 to 150, with 44 Republicans voting in favor of its creation.”

UPDATE: More details at The Gavel.
11.Mar.2007 Exclusive: Hillary Blasts Bush on Military Readiness, Revisionist History - Faiz -

Today, ThinkProgress sat down for an interview with Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) after she delivered an address at the Center for American Progress Action Fund on the U.S. military’s readiness crisis.

We’ll be featuring clips from the interview today and tomorrow.

We asked her to comment on this quote attacking President Clinton from then-candidate George W. Bush 00.000.2000:

So let’s get something straight right now. To point out that our military has been overextended, taken for granted and neglected, that’s no criticism of the military.

That is criticism of a president and vice president and their record of neglect. [, 11/3/00]

“Bingo!” Clinton responded. “It wasn’t true when he said it, but it sure is true now.

[Bush] has in a very deliberative way created conditions that are straining our military, underfunding it with respect to what actually gets to troops on the ground and what they get when they get home.” Watch it:

00.000.2000, Bush claimed there were two Army divisions “not ready for combat.”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer fact-checked Bush’s attacks on the Clinton administration. It reported:

Every unit in those two divisions, down to nine-man squads, was in fact ready for combat, division officers said.

Had war broken out somewhere, they were ready to go. But Army regulations require any division with units deployed away from home be reported as not combat ready.

Maj. Thomas Collins, an Army spokesman, said at the time: “All 10 Army divisions are combat-ready, fully able to meet their war-fighting mission.”

In contrast, the U.S. Army’s preparedness for war today “has eroded to levels not witnessed by our country in decades.”

Virtually all of the U.S.-based Army combat brigades are “rated as unready to deploy,” Army officials say +

a recent Pentagon survey found that troops in Iraq + Afghanistan suffer from chronic shortages of armored vehicles, heavy weapons + communications equipment.

Bush_on_Military_Readiness_Revisionist_History">Digg It! Transcript: (more…)
11.Mar.2007 Waxman to hold oversight hearings on Plame leak. - Faiz -

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Henry Waxman announced he will hold a hearing on whether White House officials followed appropriate procedures for safeguarding the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson. In addition, Waxman released a letter he wrote special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, stating in part:

“The trial proceedings raise questions about whether senior White House officials, including the Vice President + Senior Advisor to the President Karl Rove,

complied with the requirements governing the handling of classified information.

They also raise questions about whether the White House took appropriate remedial action following the leak + whether the existing requirements are sufficient to protect against future leaks.

Your perspective on these matters is important.”
Bush will veto House bill on Iraq withdrawal. - Amanda -

Talking to reporters aboard Air Force One, White House adviser Dan Bartlett said that the White House plans to veto the the House Democrats’ bill to withdraw troops from Iraq by the fall of 2008. He said, “It would unnecessarily handcuff our generals on the ground. … Obviously, the administration would vehemently oppose and ultimately veto any legislation that looks like what was described today.”
11.Mar.2007 Murtha To Cut Funds For Iraq Contractors To Force Pentagon’s Hand - Nico -

Today, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other House leaders held a press briefing to announce their Iraq war spending plan, which would redeploy U.S. forces out of Iraq by August 2008 at the latest. More details HERE.

Another provision of the bill was detailed by Rep. John Murtha (D-PA), chairman of the defense spending subcommittee. Murtha explained that the Pentagon has repeatedly stonewalled information about the role of private contractors in Iraq. “I asked the Under Secretary of Defense. He says, ‘I’ll let you know tomorrow.’ We’ve never gotten an answer back,” Murtha said.

Now, Murtha says, both the Government Accountability Office and the Special Inspector General for Iraq have come to him and said, “Help us get a handle on the contractors.”

So Murtha is going to play hardball. “[W]e took five % of their money out + that’s about $800 million. We also fenced 10 % of their money.

We want answers about whether these contractors — how much it costs us, how many we have + how the contracts are being, are being given to these various organizations.” Watch it:

Also today, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is marking up the Accountability in Contracting Act, which would require federal agencies to limit the use of abuse-prone contracts +

increase transparency and accountability in federal contracting. Transcript: (more…)
11.Mar.2007 CONFIRMED: Top House Spending Official Knew Of Walter Reed Squalor - Nico -

Congressional Quarterly confirms today that senior House conservatives, including the chairmen of the appropriations and oversight committees, knew about the neglect and deplorable conditions at Walter Reed years before they were exposed by the Washington Post.

Rep. C.W. Bill Young (R-FL), former chairman of the House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee, said he stopped short of going public with the hospital’s problems “to avoid embarrassing the Army while it was fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan”:

“We got in Gen. Kiley’s face on a regular basis,” Young said, adding that he even contacted the commander of the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda in the hopes of getting better care there for the patient with the aneurysm, though doctors at Walter Reed declined to transfer him. …

“We did not go public with these concerns, because we did not want to undermine the confidence of the patients and their families and give the Army a black eye while fighting a war ,” Young said.

Young claims he regularly “got in Gen. Kiley’s face.” But Kiley never responded to Young’s complaints. Nevertheless, as ThinkProgress noted last week, Young was publicly praising Kiley during a congressional hearing as recently as January:

YOUNG: Well, Mr. Chairman, I want to join you in welcoming our guests and our witnesses today, having known especially Don Arthur and General Kiley very, very well over the years . I thought they’d get tired of seeing us in their hospitals. And we haven’t had as much opportunity to visit with the Air Force, General. But I know that these gentlemen are committed to providing our war heroes with the very, very best medical care that is possible .

Also, while Young claims he didn’t want to go public with the problems at Walter Reed, he was more than willing to use wounded veterans publicly as a political cudgel. Here is Young on the House floor on 11/18/05, speaking against Rep. John Murtha’s (D-PA) redeployment plan:

YOUNG: So tonight, Mr. Speaker, we need to send a strong message to our troops and to their families. For those families who are dealing with the loss of a loved one, for those families who are dealing with a seriously wounded soldier or marine who might be at Walter Reed Hospital or at Bethesda Hospital or at Landsthul in Germany, we need to let them know that we are here to support them . (CR, p. H11009)
A cloud over the Vice President. - Faiz -

Time magazine’s cover article portrays “Dick Cheney in twilight” within the White House. “Cheney has become the Administration’s enemy within,” writes reporter Michael Duffy, “the man whose single-minded pursuit of ideological goals, creaking political instincts and love of secrecy produced an independent operation inside the White House that has done more harm than good.”
.Mar.2007 March 8, 2007 - Think Progress -

The Senate Judiciary Committee is set to “vote today to authorize subpoenas for Justice officials” involved in the purge of U.S. Attorneys, including Michael Battle, who carried out the firings + Kyle Sampson, chief of staff to Attorney General Alberto A. Gonzales.

Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno, the day-to-day commander of American forces in Iraq, has recommended in a private memo that President Bush’s escalation of U.S. troop levels “be maintained through February 2008.”

Internal memorandums circulated by the Bush administration’s Federal Fish and Wildlife Service “appear to require government biologists or other employees traveling in countries around the Arctic not to discuss climate change, polar bears or sea ice if they are not designated to do so.”

“The Federal Emergency Management Agency hurriedly bought 145,000 trailers and mobile homes just before and after Katrina hit, spending $2.7 billion largely through no-bid contracts. Now, it is selling off as many as 41,000 of the homes, netting, so far, about 40 cents on each dollar spent by taxpayers.”

Yesterday, C-SPAN announced that it would grant public access to many of its video feeds . The network explained, “These actions are intended to meet the growing demand for video about the federal government and Congress, in an age of explosive growth of video file-sharers, bloggers and online ‘citizen journalists.’(more…)
11.Mar.2007 REPORT: 72 % Of Army Brigades Have Served Multiple Tours of Duty - Payson -

The Center for American Progress has released a new study on the state of our military readiness. The report — “Beyond the Call of Duty: A Comprehensive Review of the Overuse of the Army in the Administration’s War of Choice in Iraq” — undertook a “massive research project to identify, brigade by brigade, the number and duration of deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan by the active Army.” The report found a large majority of Army brigades have served multiple tours:

– Brigades with one tour in Iraq or Afghanistan: 12

– Brigades with two tours in Iraq or Afghanistan: 20

– Brigades with three tours in Iraq or Afghanistan: 9

– Brigades with four tours in Iraq or Afghanistan: 2

The report also points out that a total of 420,000 troops have deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan more than once + over 84,000 National Guard and Reservists have done multiple tours.

The multiple deployments and extended tours of duty are taking a serious toll on our soldiers. Two-thirds of Army brigades are “not ready for wartime missions,” and one Pentagon survey found that troops in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from chronic shortages of armored vehicles, heavy weapons + communications equipment.

In addition, an Army survey conducted last year found “U.S. soldiers serving repeated Iraq deployments are 50 % more likely than those with one tour to suffer from acute combat stress, raising their risk of post-traumatic stress disorder”:

Combat stress is significantly higher among soldiers with at least one previous tour — 18.4 %, compared with 12.5 % of those on their first deployment, the survey found. […]

The report also found a

00.000.2004-00.000.2005 doubling of suicides among soldiers -serving in the Iraq war from-to- the latest period for which data are available.

President Bush’s escalation strategy will push these overstressed troops even further.

“Our Army is in bad shape,” report co-author Lawrence Korb said, “and the surge will only make it worse for the Army and the country.” 11.Mar.2007 Libby’s pardon problem. - Nico -

Newsweek reports that Scooter Libby “does not qualify to even be considered for a presidential pardon under Justice Department guidelines,”

which in part “require a petitioner to wait a period of at least five years after conviction or release from confinement (whichever is later) before filing a pardon application.”

President Bush can easily waive the rules, but up until now he “seems to have followed those guidelines religiously.”
Nicholson stalled program to aid wounded vets. - Nico -

“A proposal to keep seriously wounded vets from falling through the cracks of the bureaucracy was shelved 00.000.2005 when Jim Nicholson took over as the secretary of the Veterans Affairs Department,” ABC News reports. “As a result, seriously wounded veterans continued to face long delays for health care and benefit payments after being discharged from the military, says former VA program manager Paul Sullivan.

… Sullivan said he was told the cost of the system — less than $1 million to build and requiring a handful of staff to maintain — was prohibitive.”
11.Mar.2007 Kennedy Rails Into Conservatives Trying To Block 9/11 Bill To Hurt Workers - Nico -

The White House has threatened to veto a critical 9/11 Commission security bill if it includes legislation giving federal airport screeners collective bargaining rights and whistle-blower protections.

Senate conservatives have argued that providing basic workers’ rights to TSA employees endangers our national security. “It’s absolutely absurd,” said Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC). “Terrorists don’t go on strike. Terrorists don’t call their union to negotiate before they attack.

Today on the Senate floor, Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) ripped into the right wing for suggesting that our first-line defenders would sacrifice America’s security. “What is it about the other side that questions that these are men and women of dignity that will do their job when this nation is threatened?” he said. “As the smoke was coming out of the buildings in New York, when we saw the collapse of the first buildings and men and women under collective bargaining agreements were asked to go into those fiery infernos, no one was talking about collective bargaining agreements! They were talking about doing their duty to the United States of America.”

Watch it: The good news: the Senate held the line and voted 51-48 to approve the workers’ protections. Transcript: (more…)
11.Mar.2007 ‘Mostly free of scandal.’ - Nico - David Gergen on the Libby verdict: “This is an administration that has been mostly free of scandal over the last six years +

now they have the taint that they cannot erase.
Afrika feiert Ghanas 50. Geburtstag - sfux Dr. Alexander on Paleske - Am

06.Mär.1957 wurde die britische Kolonie Gold Coast als erstes Land südlich der Sahara unabhängig. Über 100.00 Menschen hatten sich im Stadium der Hauptstadt Accra eingefunden. Um Mitternacht wurde der Union Jack eingeholt und unter grossem Jubel die Fahne des neuen Staates Ghana, rot grün und gold, gehisst.
In seiner Ansprache erklärte der neue Präsident, Kwame Nkrumah, dass die Unabhängigkeit Ghanas bedeutungslos bleiben...

Kann der Iran erobert werden? - sfux Michael Schulze von Glaßer ?

Ob der Konflikt zwischen den USA und der islamische Republik Iran in Zukunft mit Waffen ausgetragen wird lässt sich nicht genau sagen. Doch kann der Iran überhaupt erobert werden?
Im von den USA besetzten Irak sind nach der Truppenaufstockung etwa 170.000 US-Soldaten im Einsatz. Hinzu kommen 9.000 Britische Soldaten und weitere der ?Koalition der willigen?. Die Besatzungstruppen im...

Israel has a long history of supplying Iran with weapons - sfux Dr. Alexander von Paleske -

The Shah of Iran, who was chased from power 00.000.1979, had bought plenty of weapons, before his departure, in the US, for roughly 18 billion US Dollars. Amongst them 80 warplanes of the type F 14.
Nächster Stop: Venezuela? - sfux Karl Weiss -

Unabhängig davon, ob man demnächst den Iran überfällt oder ob man dies vorsichtshalber verschiebt, wird die Weltöffentlichkeit von der US-Regierung bereits auf das nächste Angriffsziel vorbereitet: Venezuela. Es werden bereits Berichte in die Medien kolportiert, Venezuela würde angeblich nicht genug gegen den Kokain-Schmuggel tun, es würde zum Transitland für den Schmuggel und zum sicheren Hafen für Schmuggler....
Teurofighter wird zum Jagdbomber - sfux Michael Schulze von Glaßer -

Die scheinbaren Preissteigerungen die der Euro nach seiner Einführung am 1.Januar 2002 mit sich brachte, heimsten der Währung den Namen ?Teuro? ein. Volkswirte bewiesen aber, dass es keine gesamtwirtschaftliche Preissteigerung gab. Eine deutliche Preissteigerung ist jedoch beim europäischen Jagdflugzeug ?Eurofighter? feststellbar die wohl noch nicht einmal von Volkswirten entzaubert werden könnte. Ob der Volksmund den teuren Vogel wohl auch bald umbenennen...
Oklahoma Bomber McVeigh hatte FBI Hilfe - sfux Stephan Fuchs ?

Terry Nichols, der Mitverschwörer beim

19.Apr.1995 Anschlag auf das Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City- hat

unter eidestaatlicher Aussage vor einem Gericht in Utah erklärt, dass ein hochrangiger FBI Agent, Larry...
11.Mar.2007 Bürgermeister zum dritten mal autopsiert - sfux Stephan Fuchs ?

Der mit grosser Wahrscheinlichkeit ermordete schwarze Bürgermeister von Westlake im südlichen Bundesstaat Louisiana findet keine Ruhe.

Sein Leichnam wurde exhumiert und zur dritten Autopsie nach Pittsburgh überstellt.
Gerald Washington war der erste gewählte schwarze Bürgermeister im 4500 Seelen zählenden Südstaatenstädtchen Westlake.

Die Seelen freilich, sind vorwiegend Weiss. Die Angehörigen des ehemaligen Bürgermeisters sind überzeugt,...
Saudi-Arabien ein Schurkenstaat? Von den Gründen der Kriege - sfux Karl Weiss -

Um nur einen groben Eindruck von den heißgeliebten Verbündeten der US-Regierung zu bekommen, hier ein Detail aus Saudi-Arabien: Eine Frau war gezwungen, sich mit einem Erpresser zu treffen.

Sie wurde danach von einer Gang entführt und von allen Mitgliedern wiederholt vergewaltigt.

Sie erhielt nun die Strafe von 90 Peitschenhieben, weil sie mit dem Mann, dem Erpresser, zusammen im Auto gesessen hatte. Ja,...
Subliminal images affect brain Subliminal images do attract the brain's attention on a subconscious level, say UK researchers.
11.Mar.2007 'Alarm' airport doctor struck off A doctor who put on full protective gear to diagnose a plane passenger with a cough is struck off.
11.Mar.2007 Many mutations drive cancer Many more mutated genes drive the development of cancer than previously thought, research shows.
11.Mar.2007 Snorers cost two years of sleep More than a third of Britons are losing two years of sleep in a lifetime because of their partner's snoring, work suggests.
11.Mar.2007 Laos teenager dies from bird flu Laos officials confirm the nation's first definite human bird flu fatality, after a 15-year-old girl dies from H5N1.
11.Mar.2007 Bush visit to boost ally Colombia President Bush arrives in Colombia in a display of continued support for efforts to fight a leftist insurgency.
Mauritania votes in landmark poll Mauritanians vote for a new president in the final stage of their transition to civilian rule after a coup.
11.Mar.2007 Chavez launches biting US attack The Venezuelan leader lashes out at US policy towards Latin America as he and the US president continue rival tours.
11.Mar.2007 Australian PM begins Japan visit Australia's John Howard arrives in Japan on a visit that will include signing a bilateral security pact.
11.Mar.2007 No deal on UN sanctions for Iran China and Russia express concern about further sanctions on Iran proposed by the UN Security Council.
11.Mar.2007 Best treatment pledge for troops The government pledges to improve medical treatment after claims of neglect of returning UK troops.
11.Mar.2007 Light to detect wound infection UK researchers have developed a way of using light to detect the presence of bacteria.
11.Mar.2007 Iraq plea to help tackle violence Iraq's PM calls for support in ending violence, as world powers including the US, Syria and Iran attend key talks.
11.Mar.2007 Bush talks trade with Uruguay US President George Bush meets the Uruguayan president as part of his five-nation Latin American tour.
Howard backs Japan security deal Australian PM John Howard dismisses suggestions a security declaration with Japan could strain China ties.
11.Mar.2007 Diary reveals Hirohito war doubts Japanese emperor Hirohito expressed doubts about going to war with China, a diary by an adviser reveals.
11.Mar.2007 Insurgent 'leader' held in Iraq A "senior leader" of an al-Qaeda linked insurgent group is held in Iraq, an Iraqi military spokesman says.
11.Mar.2007 Rally to support Pakistan judge Pakistani lawyers protest at the decision by President Musharraf to remove Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry.
11.Mar.2007 Child medicine additive concern Medicines for young children often contain additives banned from food for under-threes, research shows.
11.Mar.2007 Portuguese MPs vote for abortion Portugal's parliament approves abortion on demand after a referendum last month failed to settle the issue.
11.Mar.2007 Chrysler knocked by huge recall US carmaker Chrysler is to recall almost half a million vehicles, its second recall in two weeks.
11.Mar.2007 Climate Report: Drought, Disease An international scientific report warns of floods, famine and global water scarcity. Sound familiar? But

the government has yet to edit before it's presented in 00.Apr.2007 in Brussels. By AP.
Turkey Lifts YouTube Ban An official for Turk Telekom says the court is lifting the block on YouTube, imposed because of videos insulting to the founder of modern Turkey. By AP.
11.Mar.2007 No Show: U.S. Bioterror Defenses The Centers for Disease Control can't show how the $5 billion given to public health departments

11.Sep.2001 -after-has prepared the country for a bioterrorism attack or flu pandemic. By AP.
March 10, 2000: Pop! The Nasdaq begins its spectacular collapse, signaling the end of the dot-com boom. Compiled by Tony Long.
11.Mar.2007 Report: FBI's snooping did not follow rules The FBI has continually misused the Patriot Act's surveillance powers by unlawfully snooping on Americans without court orders, audit finds.
11.Mar.2007 SEC goes after stock spammers, hackers Separate actions target penny stock promoters and hackers who allegedly broke into stock trading accounts.
11.Mar.2007 Killer salmon with an order of fries? Blog: Maybe you thought farmed salmon was a responsible way to consume some tasty fish without threatening the environment? Staying...
11.Mar.2007 Carbon dioxide + water = unhappy solution Blog: The more carbon dioxide we put into Earth's atmosphere, the more dissolves in the ocean. University of Illinois research just...
11.Mar.2007 This helmet plays mind games Emotiv Systems has developed a neural-processing technology that lets players manipulate a game environment with their mind alone.
11.Mar.2007 Chemical sniffing device uses water, handheld computer. Video: Chemical sniffing device uses water, handheld computer..

Purdue University has helped develop a handheld sniffing system that can detect bacteria, drugs or any other residue of interest.

Applications range from food safety to homeland security. In this video provided by Purdue, analytical chemist Graham Cooks explains DESI (Desorption Electrospray Ionization).

MI5-Chefin Eliza Manningham-Buller soll die Entdeckung dieser Pläne zum Anlass genommen haben, das Regierungs-Zentrum zum Schutz der Nationalen Infrastruktur ins Leben zu rufen.

Es soll Infrastruktur von Telekommunikationseinrichtungen bis zu Öl-, Gas- und Atomanlagen schützen.
Der Geheimdienst MI5 habe bei Razzien im vergangenen Jahr in Südengland Computer-Festplatten sichergestellt, auf denen Hinweise zu einem solchen Anschlag gefunden worden seien, berichtet die Zeitung.

Die Verdächtigen seien festgenommen worden. Die Polizei war für eine Bestätigung dieser Angaben zunächst nicht zu erreichen.

London - Das Terrornetzwerk al-Qaida hat einem Bericht der "Sunday Times" zufolge einen wichtigen Internet-Knotenpunkt in London im Visier gehabt.

Die Verschwörer hätten eine Infiltration des stark gesicherten Internet-Zentrums geplant, um dieses womöglich von innen her in die Luft zu sprengen.
Irak- Heimkehrer: Blair wegen katastrophaler Veteranen- Versorgung unter Druck
11.Mar.2007 Tonbandbotschaft: Al- Qaida- Vize Zawahiri wirft Hamas Kapitulation vor
11.Mar.2007 Mega- Knotenpunkt im Visier: Terroristen wollten Londons Internet- Verbindungen sprengen
11.Mar.2007 IWF- Prognose: Deutschland setzt zu starkem Aufschwung an

11.Mar.2007 Deutsche Wirtschaftsforscher: Angriff aufs Konjunktur- Kartell
11.Mar.2007 Minister gegen Tempolimit: "Dann wird das Klima eben bei Tempo 130 versaut"
11.Mar.2007 Evolution Not macht schlau - Wissen - Tierischer Weltmeister im Werkzeug-Gebrauch etwa sei kein Primat, sondern die Neukaledonische Krähe :

Vor zwei Jahren hatte der Oxford-Zoologe Alex Kacelnick ...
Tales from the Script September 2004 – Bugs schleichen sich ein ...

Neukaledonische Krähen mögen in der Lage sein, Werkzeuge zu verwenden, aber wer hat wohl die afrikanische Blauantilope ausgelöscht? Na?
spektrumdirekt Neukaledonische Krähen besitzen einen angeborenen Instinkt zur Werkzeugfertigung. Geschickt vermögen Geradschnabelkrähen aus natürlichen Materialien ... - Krähen basteln sich Werkzeuge

Star der britischen Forscher ist eine Neukaledonische Krähe namens Betty, die aus einem geraden Stück Draht selbstständig einen Haken bog, um damit Futter ... - Werkzeug in die Wiege gelegt

Neukaledonische Krähen sind unter Biologen schon lange für ihre geschickte Verwendung von Werkzeugen aus Zweigen und Blättern in freier Wildbahn bekannt.
NETZEITUNG WISSENSCHAFT: Krähe baut sich Werkzeug selber

Neukaledonische Krähen waren in der Wissenschaft schon von jeher als überdurchschnittlich «begabt» bekannt. Immerhin benutzt diese Vogelart in der freien ...
Radio Galaxy In einem Experiment zeigten neukaledonische Krähen erstaunlichen Erfindergeist:

Die Versuchstiere bastelten sich Angelhaken, um an schwer zugängliche ...
Leonardo - Wissenschaft und mehr - HTML-Version
Neukaledonische Krähen etwa sind im Sinne des Wortes geborene Werkzeugmacher +

perfektionieren ihre Kunst im Lauf des Lebens durch Lernen + Einsicht.
Krähen vererben die Fähigkeit, Werkzeuge zu bauen

Die Fähigkeit von Krähen zum Bau von Werkzeugen ist einer Studie zufolge nicht erlernt, sondern vererbt. Gefangene neukaledonische Krähen, die nie ihre ...
NABU | Vogelschutz | Wie Vögel Werkzeuge nutzen

Durch besondere Leistungen fallen Neukaledonische Krähen auf: Sie stellen sich selbst Ästchen als Werkzeuge her – und sind dabei überwiegend „Rechtshänder“.
web & lab sport bits & bytes | wissenschaft & technik ...

Gefangene neukaledonische Krähen, die nie ihre Vogeleltern dabei beobachten konnten, wie sie Zweige zur Nahrungsbeschaffung einsetzten, entwickelten diese ...
Sep.2005 Umweltproteste : Atomkraftgegner blockieren Zwischenlager Gorleben ...

06.Sep.2005 Großbritannien : Nazis planten explodierende Schokoladentafeln.
11.Mar.2007 Bush_Protesters">Brazil Police Battle Bush Protesters: Police + anti-Bush protesters also clashed in Colombia, where Bush is scheduled to visit on Sunday

11.Mar.2007 EU leaders agree to cut greenhouse gases:

EU leaders agreed Friday on a bold set of measures to fight global warming, pledging that a fifth of the bloc's energy will come from green power sources such as wind turbines + solar panels by 2020 +

10 % of European cars will run on biofuels.

11.Mar.2007 Belafonte's fires undimmed at 80 : Harry Belafonte at 80 has a real story to tell.

He remembers, for example, a barely known political hopeful turning up at his apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
Congo official in uranium scandal : A minister in the Democratic Republic of Congo has said that his top nuclear research official is part of an international network to illegally mine and export uranium.

11.Mar.2007 Turk convicted of genocide denial : A court in Switzerland has found Dogu Perincek, head of the Turkish Workers' Party, guilty of denying that mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks

00.000.1915 amounted to genocide.
Afghan Official a Convicted Trafficker : When the deal went down in Las Vegas, the seller was introduced only as ``Mr. E.'' In a room at Caesars Palace hotel, Mr. E exchanged a pound-and-a-half bag of heroin for $65,000 cash - unaware that the buyer was an undercover detective. The sting landed him in Nevada state prison for nearly four years.

11.Mar.2007 US sends spies into Pakistan to kill bin Laden : America is stepping up its hunt for Osama bin Laden by dispatching additional CIA operatives and paramilitary officers to Pakistan to kill or capture the al-Qa'eda leader.

11.Mar.2007 Pakistan threatens US alliance :

Pakistani legislators have threatened to halt counterterrorism cooperation with Washington if American military aid is made conditional on Islamabad's commitment to fighting the Taliban + al-Qaeda.
11.Mar.2007 I
srael planned for Lebanon war months in advance, PM says:

Preparations for Israel's war in Lebanon last summer were drawn up at least four months before two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped by Hizbullah in July, Ehud Olmert, the prime minister, has admitted.

11.Mar.2007 EU plans to re-engage with Syria : The European Union is preparing to restart high-level contacts with Syria for the first time in two years.

11.Mar.2007 Jimmy Carter: Palestinians 'Victims of Oppression': Despite the storm it ignited, former U.S. president Jimmy Carter held fast Thursday to his accusation that Israel oppresses the Palestinians on the West Bank and Gaza + seeks to colonize the land.
11.Mar.2007 Russian, Iranian negotiators fail to agree on Boushehr reactor financing : Russia + Iran have failed to come to terms on a deal paving the way for nuclear fuel to be shipped from Russia to the Boushehr nuclear reactor project, which is being built under Russian supervision, Interfax News Agency said Friday.

11.Mar.2007 Israel behind Iranian general's 'defection,' US official says : Washington Post quotes official as saying that Asgari's disappearance was voluntary, orchestrated by Israel. Another American official says former Iranian defense official is providing Western intelligence agencies with information on Hizbullah-Iran ties

11.Mar.2007 Mossad implicated in missing defector mystery: One of the sources said Mossad, the Israeli foreign intelligence agency which is known to have extensive contacts in Iran, coordinated his defection although there was no official confirmation from the Jewish State.

11.Mar.2007 Bedein: Israel On Alert For Iranian Attack : Israeli officials said their Defense Ministry and Foreign Ministry have increased security on embassies and legations throughout the world. They said the government declared an alert after Tehran accused the Jewish state of abducting a senior Iranian official.

11.Mar.2007 U.S. has met discreetly with Iran over years: The White House insists that the USA won't talk directly with Iran until Tehran suspends its nuclear program. But U.S. officials have been discreetly meeting their Iranian counterparts one-on-one for more than a decade, often under the auspices of the United Nations.
11.Mar.2007 Petraeus says U.S. will have to negotiate with Iraqi militants: The general leading the troop surge in Iraq admitted Thursday the new offensive won't defeat the insurgents and said the U.S. will have to negotiate with militants.

11.Mar.2007 Maliki suspends UK military cooperation : The government of Iraq has put on hold all its collaboration with British military forces deployed to that country, Al-Iraqiyah news network reported.

11.Mar.2007 Georgia to double troops in Iraq : Georgia has announced that it will more than double the number of troops it has serving with the US-led forces in Iraq from 850 to 2,000.

11.Mar.2007 Coincidence? House endorses further NATO expansion: On a voice vote, the House backed a resolution calling for the "timely admission" to the alliance of Albania, Croatia, Macedonia +

two former republics of the old Soviet Union, Georgia and Ukraine.

11.Mar.2007 The Four Unspeakable Truths: When it comes to Iraq, there are two kinds of presidential candidates. The disciplined ones, like Hillary Clinton, carefully avoid acknowledging reality.

The more candid, like John McCain + Barack Obama, sometimes blurt out the truth, but quickly apologize.
UN panel tells Israel to respect Palestinian rights: Israel should ease roadblocks + other restrictions on Palestinians + put a stop to settler violence + hate speech, a United Nations rights watchdog said Friday.

11.Mar.2007 Obama woos Jewish voters: Democratic candidate perceived as genuine friend of Israel, say Jewish leaders

11.Mar.2007 Robert Fisk: Torture in Lebanon via a Toronto stage: I do know that one of the torturers - who, of course, appears in Scorched as Nawal's rapist - is believed to have found guilty sanctuary in Toronto

11.Mar.2007 Sweden May Spy On E-Mails: Government Wants To Give Intelligence Agency Right To Spy On E-Mail That Crosses Nation's Borders

11.Mar.2007 Tape of Padilla Interrogation Is Missing: ' 'You can't help but be suspicious,'' Markus said. ''It's the government's burden to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt.

When it 'loses' evidence, defense lawyers are right to cry foul.''

11.Mar.2007 The Tragic Case of Jose Padilla. -Affidavits from Padilla and his attorneys detail outrageous conditions of confinement, particularly while he was held as an "enemy combatant," and not yet charged with a crime.

11.Mar.2007 There's no watchdog for secret budgets: How eTreppid won a no-bid, $30-million contract 00.000.2004 for secre

11.Mar.2007 Angry crowds hunt Bush as protests mark start of Latin American tour : Some arrived clutching banners telling "Mr Butcher" to go home. Others brought effigies of "The Warlord" dangling miserably from a hangman's noose.

11.Mar.2007 Putin Still Above 80% Mark in Russia: Vladimir Putin maintains a high level of support in the Russian Federation, according to a poll by the Yury Levada Analytical Center. 81 % of respondents approve of their president’s performance, down five points since January.

11.Mar.2007 03/09/07 Turn Off the Life Support: America is Dead -By DOUG THOMPSON
Turn off the life support. Disconnect the IVs. Bring in the priest for last rites. The US of A is brain dead with no chance for revival.

11.Mar.2007 Beyond Quagmire -.By Tim Dickinson
The war in Iraq isn't over yet, but -- surge or no surge -- the USA has already lost. That's the grim consensus of a panel of experts assembled by Rolling Stone to assess the future of Iraq. "Even if we had a million men to go in, it's too late now," says retired four-star Gen. Tony McPeak, who served on the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Gulf War. "Humpty Dumpty can't be put back together again."

11.Mar.2007 The Deserter's Tale -Video Report-US Soldier Joshua Key has told Tony Jones about his new book, which concludes that American soldiers were behaving like terrorists in the Iraq war, as a result of their training. Video and transcript

11.Mar.2007 A Predator Becomes More Dangerous When Wounded -By Noam Chomsky
It's widely reported when Ahmadinejad says Israel shouldn't exist - but there is silence when Khamenei says that Iran supports the Arab League position on Israel-Palestine, calling for normalisation of relations with Israel if it accepts the international consensus of a two-state settlement.

11.Mar.2007 George Bush's Samson Option -By Stephen Lendman - Full-scale war on Iran may just be a concocted terrorist attack away from starting the "shock and awe." Continue

11.Mar.2007 Iraq: The Hidden Cost Of The War -By Andrew Stephen
America won't simply be paying with its dead. The Pentagon is trying to silence economists who predict that several decades of care for the wounded will amount to an unbelievable $2.5 trillion.

“Black Tuesday”; Après le deluge -By Mike Whitney
Last week the stock market bull plopped down on an I.E.D. and wound up in intensive-care sucking food from a straw and drifting in and out of consciousness. That put Paulson on the road to South Korea, Japan and China where he’ll meet up with his foreign counterparts to strategize on the deteriorating state of world markets. It’s a daunting task.

11.Mar.2007 In Debt We Trust - America Before the Bubble Bursts -A Documentary Film By Danny Schechter,
The Emmy-winning former ABC News and producer's new hard-hitting documentary investigates why so many Americans are being strangled by debt. It is a journalistic confrontation with what former Reagan advisor Kevin Phillips calls "Financialization"--the "powerful emergence of a debt-and-credit industrial complex."

11.Mar.2007 Justice Dept.: FBI Misused Patriot Act -By LARA JAKES JORDAN
The FBI improperly and, in some cases, illegally used the USA Patriot Act to secretly obtain personal information about people in the USA, a Justice Department audit concluded Friday.

11.Mar.2007 NSA Pressured LA Times To Kill Domestic Spying Story -Video report
While working at AT&T headquarters in San Francisco, Klein discovered (and had the courage to speak out about) a secret eavesdropping room that all of the company's traffic was routed through.

11.Mar.2007 Ghawar Is Dead!-By Matthew S. Miller
The Wide-Spread Use of Advanced Extraction Techniques are Killing the Mother of All Oil Fields.

11.Mar.2007 Oil, War and Geopolitics: -A Must Watch - Video Lecture - Q &A - Michael Klare -The Global Struggle Over Disappearing Petroleum . Real Video
11.Mar.2007 Women soldiers have died of dehydration to avoid late night trips to toilet [VIDEO] : Women soldiers face more than just the "typical" horrors of war, they have to contend with harassment, assault + sometimes rape -- from those in uniform. The military, many say, is unhelpful when women attempt to report their experiences.
11.Mar.2007 Pigs at the trough: Democrats link pet causes to troop plan: Democrats seeking votes for their Iraq-withdrawal plan have stuffed the bill it's in with billions of dollars for farms, flu preparedness, New Orleans levees, home heating and other causes.

11.Mar.2007 Turkish general says can hit Kurd rebels in Iraq: A top Turkish general on Saturday reaffirmed Ankara's right under international law to send troops into northern Iraq to crush Turkish Kurdish rebels hiding there if it saw fit.

11.Mar.2007 US and Iran talk during conference: The US ambassador to Iraq, Zalmy Khalilzad, said he exchanged views with Iranian delegation "directly and in the presence of others" at the one-day meeting of Iraq's neighbours and others including the five permanent members of the UN Security Council

11.Mar.2007 U.S., Iran spar over detainees at Baghdad meeting: A source at the multilateral talks said Iranian delegates used the forum to demand the release of several Iranians captured by U.S. forces in Iraq in recent months.

11.Mar.2007 Ray McGovern: There's still time to rethink Iran: More than five years have passed since President Bush labeled Iraq, Iran and North Korea the ''axis of evil.''

It is imperative that we try to piece together what role U.S. intelligence played in supporting the ''axis'' idea and the misguided policies and actions that ensued.

11.Mar.2007 Americans are being subjected to con job: The administration once convinced more than half the American public that Iraq had WMDs, that Saddam supported al-Qaeda in 9/11 + that he was a threat to U.S. national security. Now it's Iran supplying weapons that kill Americans, Iranians infiltrating the borders + the uranium enrichment program intended for weapons.

11.Mar.2007 Iranian general 'hands over vital documents after defecting to US' : An Iranian general appears to have defected to the West with vital documents, despite Iranian claims that he was snatched last month from a Turkish hotel by US or Israeli agents.

11.Mar.2007 China balks at proposed financial bans on Iran: China, backed by Russia, balked on Friday at financial sanctions against Iran

during talks among six powers on a new U.N. Security Council resolution that would penalize Tehran for its nuclear program.

11.Mar.2007 Top Gun aircraft are seized from US museums in ‘paranoia’ raids: Federal US agents have seized disabled F14 fighter jets from museums in California because of fears that parts would be sold to Iran.
11.Mar.2007 Growing Up Jewdy -By Judy Andreas
Each day, I read stories about Jewish cults and customs, corrupt Jewish leaders and the heinous activities of the Zionist elite. Each day I read about the brutality in the Middle East, the plight of the Palestinians + the culpable Jewish leaders in America. And each day, as I think back on my personal history, my coming of age in an average American Jewish family, I wonder, "where do I fit in?"

11.Mar.2007 Lift The Curtain -By BOB HERBERT -Neglect, incompetence, indifference, lies.

Why in the world is anyone surprised that the Bush administration has not been taking good care of wounded and disabled American troops? Continue
11.Mar.2007 The Politics of Naming: Genocide, Civil War, Insurgency -By Mahmood Mamdan
The history of colonialism should teach us that every major intervention has been justified as humanitarian, a ‘civilising mission’.

Nor was it mere idiosyncrasy that inspired the devotion with which many colonial officers + archivists recorded the details of barbarity among the colonised – sati,

the ban on widow marriage or the practice of child marriage in India, or slavery and female genital mutilation in Africa. Continue

11.Mar.2007 There's Still Time To Rethink Iran -By Ray McGovern
More than five years have passed since President Bush labeled Iraq, Iran and North Korea the ''axis of evil.''

It is imperative that we try to piece together what role U.S. intelligence played in supporting the ''axis'' idea and the misguided policies and actions that ensued. Continue

11.Mar.2007 Global Realignment and the Decline of the Superpower -By Mike Whitney
The truth is there’s a straight line from the founding of this country to the killing fields of Baghdad.

That line may be interrupted by periods of enlightenment and peace, but it is still an unbroken stripe from the Continental Congress to Abu Ghraib, from Bunker Hill to Falluja, from Valley Forge to Guantanamo Bay.

It all grows from the same root. Continue

11.Mar.2007 The Great Moral Issues of Our Time -By David Michael Green
You liberals, though – you’re hopeless. You keep thinking that hundreds of thousands of deaths from war and genocide are more important than dudes marrying other dudes.

You keep thinking that preserving democracy is more important than preventing premarital sex. You keep thinking that saving the planet is more crucial than discouraging masturbation. Continue
11.Mar.2007 The Dixie Chicks, 2007 Grammy Award Winners for Best Song, Best Country Album and Best Record. Revenge is Best Served Gold.
Treason, Inc.: Halliburton is moving its headquarters to UAE. Who are they working for? 3/12

11.Mar.2007 Halliburton's hand in the Walter Reed scandal -- as usual, war profiteer corp feeds the rich while it buries the poor 3/12
Frank Rich: Washington apparatchiks don't understand how ugly their pleas for Scooter Libby sound against the backdrop of GIs maimed and swept out of sight 3/12
After Dems cancel on Fox, sour "Beltway Boys" prove it was a good idea--taunting party as "junior-grade Stalinists" 3/12

11.Mar.2007 You'll never imagine whose Roving fingers are all over the fired attorney scandal 3/12
NY firefighter heroes hate Giuliani for abandoning their buried comrades to dig up gold instead 3/12
Rob Boston: Well-coordinated "faith-based" initiatives and anti-evolution lobbying in state capitols from New Jersey to Colorado signal a stealth national strategy by Religious Right organizations 3/12
Afghanistan is slipping away, according to Canada's Afghan version of the Iraq Study Group report 3/12

11.Mar.2007 The State of Israel - dr. elsewhere here
This point might have been as easily placed in a comment for
Joseph's last post on this topic, but I feel it truly deserves close scrutiny. And, it focuses not on Israeli art students and 9/11, but the state of Israel today.
11.Mar.2007 Firefighters against Guiliani This is interesting: "America's mayor" gets slammed by New York City firefighters.

Rudy is in the lead for the Republican nomination right now, but I don't think he will hold that position. McCain is not well-liked, but he is all they've got. Permalink # posted by Joseph : 9:24 AM
11.Mar.2007 On the other hand, those hoping to enter the housing market will see falling prices. Permalink
11.Mar.2007 The mortgage crisis The New York Times carries a frightening story today on the rise in mortgage defaults.

Far too much of the Bush economy depended on lending institutions handing out adjustable mortgages to folks who could not reasonably be expected to keep up with the payments.

Those folks routinely lied about how much they earned -- and the lenders required little or no documentation to prove income.
Already, more than two dozen mortgage lenders have failed or closed their doors + shares of big companies in the mortgage industry have declined significantly.

Delinquencies on loans made to less creditworthy borrowers — known as subprime mortgages — recently reached 12.6 %.

Some banks have reported rising problems among borrowers that were deemed more creditworthy as well.

I'm reminded, in a way, of the Savings and Loan scandal, which also focused to a large degree on loans to unworthy applicants.
Like worms that surface after a torrential rain, revelations that emerge when an asset bubble bursts are often unattractive, involving dubious industry practices and even fraud.

In the coming weeks, some mortgage market participants predict, investors will learn not only how lax real estate lending standards became, but

also how hard to value these opaque securities are and how easy their values are to prop up. In the S&L crisis, misleading accounting practices turned bad loans into "assets."
journalismus - nachrichten von heute Michael Schulze von Glaßer – Der Goldrausch auf einer indonesischen Insel sorgt für Kriminalität und Umweltzerstörung.

Ein Insel-Paradies wird von gierigen ...
11.Mar.2007 Rupert Murdoch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The distinction of owning The Times came to him through his careful cultivation of Britain's Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, at a time when she was under ...

Jan.2006 Zentrum gegen Vertreibungen: Wanderausstellung soll Kritiker überzeugen ...

Number of Foreign Forces in Iraq Seen Falling Below 100000 This Year ...
20050317 Prison Talk Online - Cia Sold Cocaine -..informants told him that major drug figures, including Rafael ... ABRAMS, GUS WILLIAM.., 285 ACCETTURO, ANTHONY . ...
11.Mar.2007 Wasser Durch die stark verbreitete Einnahmen der Antibaby-Pille hat sich der Anteil von Östrogen im Wasser in der Nähe von Wasserwerken stark erhöht.
11.Mar.2007 Carl Ludwig Schleich - Wikipedia Massler, Paul: Carl Ludwig Schleich . - Berlin : Grewe,

1922; Massler, Paul: Die Forschungen von Carl Ludwig Schleich und das religiöse Erleben.
11.Mar.2007 Carl Ludwig Schleich

00.000.1892 -Auf dem Kongreß berichtete SCHLEICH über seine Methode. der Infiltrationsansthesie, die er ... CARL LUDWIG SCHL]ICH ist am 07.Mär.1922 im Alter yon ... - Zitate von Carl Ludwig Schleich

Carl Ludwig Schleich, dt. Arzt und Schriftsteller,

1859-1922 Erfinder der Anästhesie. Ein Glaube, der unruhig m... Aberglaube ist die Form der Ehrfurcht, ...
11.Mar.2007 - Zitat Carl Ludwig Schleich Geb. 19.7.1859 Zitat - Carl Ludwig Schleich - Geburtstag 19.7.1859.

Um Wunder zu erleben, muss man an sie glauben.
Toni Mathis :: Leben und Bewegen Biophysikalisch bleibt Östrogen im Wasser.

Man kriegt diese und andere Schadstoffe nicht mehr aus dem Wasser, außer mit dem eQuell-Verfahren. - Special

Prozentualer Anteil männlicher Fische eines Flusses in England, bei denen sich das Sexualverhalten als Folge von Östrogen im Wasser veränderte:, zirka 50 ...
20051117 Schon seit längerem wird befürchtet, dass Östrogen im Wasser solche Veränderungen hervorrufen könnte. Dieses Hormon ist in Antibabypillen enthalten, ...
OnlinePortal: Hybride Stoffe im Tag-Gesundheit Markt

So, wenn Glukose Oestrogen eskortieren kann und Sie einen Überfluß am Oestrogen im Wasser, das Sie trinken + in der Geburtenkontrollepille haben, ...
11.Mar.2007 Carl Ludwig Schleich

Schleich machte sich auch einen Namen in der Kriegschirurgie, ...

Aus: Carl Ludwig Schleich, Die Wunder der Seele, Mit einem Geleitwort von C. G. Jung, ...
11.Mar.2007 Stralsunder Straßennamen/C - Wikipedia Carl- Ludwig - Schleich -Straße (Knieper/Kniepervorstadt) ... Carl Ludwig Schleich ist der Erfinder der Infiltrationsanästhesie.ßennamen/C
11.Mar.2007 19150800_Schleich_C_Ludwig_Schaltwerk_Propaganda_01[PROP] Aug.1915 Schleich, Carl Ludwig, vom SCHALTWERK DER GEDANKEN [PROP] ... Berlin, im

00.Aug.1915 Carl Ludwig Schleich 1920 S. FISCHER VERLAG BERLIN ... Schleich _ C_ Ludwig _Schaltwerk_Propaganda_01.html
Maya- Priester: Geistervertreibung nach Bush- Besuch
11.Mar.2007 Globale Erwärmung: Klimaflüchtlinge vom Ende der Welt
11.Mar.2007 Hilfe für Putin: Schröder geißelt Bushs Raketenabwehr

11.Mar.2007 Atomstreit: Ahmadinedschad sucht Showdown im Sicherheitsrat
11.Mar.2007 Aufpust- Unterkünfte: Nasa baut Zelte für Mond- Astronauten

11.Mar.2007 US- Budget: Bush will mehr Geld für Krieg, weniger für Bildung und Gesundheit
11.Mar.2007 MPRI: Washington’s New Private Army -

00.000.1988 -In its first full year- MPRI had revenues of only $300000; it now has what it calls a ... the Army Materiel Command, the U.S. Army Recruiting Command, ...
11.Mar.2007 U.S. Army Turns Recruiting Duties Over To Private Company

A private company is now handling U.S. Army recruiting in this area of southwest Ohio ... Robert Jones, MPRI's company training manager for the Dayton area, ...
11.Mar.2007 United for Peace : The Pentagon's Private Army

Diane Potts of the Army's recruiting command says the goal of this pilot program ... MPRI advised the Croatian army shortly before it launched a pivotal ...
United for Peace : The Pentagon's Private Army

MPRI, for its part, has trained foreign militaries in places like Croatia and ... Diane Potts of the Army's recruiting command says the goal of this pilot ...
11.Mar.2007 ALIC - The John E. Taylor Collection

Access to information on American history + government, archival ... CIA documents on the Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962. ...

The CIA under Harry Truman. ...
Ratten sollen Tuberkulose erschnüffeln - Aktuelles - Archiv - DAHW eV

Den Geruchssinn von Ratten wollen sich Mediziner für die Diagnose von TB zunutze machen.
Riesenhamsterratten als Spürhunde: Tuberkuloseinfektionen ...

Äußerst erfolgreich waren die Tiere bereits beim Erschnüffeln von ... dass die Ratten 150 Speichelproben in 30 Minuten auf Tuberkulose testen könnten.
Ratten als Minensucher | MDR.DE

Ratten dagegen erschnüffeln nur Sprengstoffspuren und lassen andere ... Sie können Tuberkulose schneller und billiger als jede Labortechnik diagnostizieren.
11.Mar.2007 ORF ON Science - Ratten sollen auch Tuberkulose erschnüffeln können

Ratten sollen auch Tuberkulose erschnüffeln können. Riesenhamsterratten, die in Afrika zum Aufspüren von Landminen eingesetzt werden, sollen in Kürze auch ...
ORF ON Science - Tuberkulose: Alarmierende Ausbreitung in Afrika

"Die Informationen des Berichts erlauben zu hoffen, dass die Tuberkulose (TB) besiegt ... Ratten sollen auch Tuberkulose erschnüffeln können (16.12.03)
Ratten sollen Tuberkulose erschnüffeln -Projekt läuft an ... Der Einsatz von Ratten sei daher möglicherweise nicht nur preiswerter, es könnten auch mehr ...
Der Klimawandel lässt die Rattenpopulationen wachsen

Einzelne Hirnzelle steuert Barthaare von Ratten · Systematische Ausrottung der Ratten · Ratten sollen Tuberkulose erschnüffeln ...
11.Mar.2007 Türkische Frauen: Die Opferrolle hat ausgedient
11.Mar.2007 Rosige Aussichten: Mittelstand boomt - Unternehmen voller Zuversicht
11.Mar.2007 Klimaschutz: EU- Kommissar verlangt Tempolimit in Deutschland

11.Mar.2007 Wanderarbeiter in China: Knechte des Booms
11.Mar.2007 One suggestion is that some property of empty space is responsible - cosmologists call it dark energy.
00.000.1998 astronomers discovered that the universe is expanding at ever faster speeds.

It's an effect still searching for a cause - until then, everyone thought the universe's expansion was slowing down after the big bang.
11.Mar.2007 There are, however, a couple of holes in this reasoning.

Established theory does allow the tetraneutron to exist - though only as a ridiculously short-lived particle.
11.Mar.2007 FOUR years ago, a particle accelerator in France detected six particles that should not exist.

They are called tetraneutrons: four neutrons that are bound together in a way that defies the laws of physics.
11.Mar.2007 Maybe we can't work out what dark matter is because it doesn't actually exist.
11.Mar.2007 And they still can't.
11.Mar.2007 Although researchers have made many suggestions about what kind of particles might make up dark matter, there is no consensus.

It's an embarrassing hole in our understanding. Astronomical observations suggest that dark matter must make up about 90 % of the mass in the universe, yet we are astonishingly ignorant what that 90 % is.
11.Mar.2007 In scientific terms, the uniform temperature of the background radiation remains an anomaly.
11.Mar.2007 We have a lot to learn about what is happening here, Benedetti says, but one thing is clear:

the mind can affect the body's biochemistry.

"The relationship between expectation and therapeutic outcome is a wonderful model to understand mind-body interaction," he says. Researchers now need to identify when and where placebo works.

There may be diseases in which it has no effect. There may be a common mechanism in different illnesses. As yet, we just don't know.
11.Mar.2007 ABC, NBC still haven't covered U.S. attorney firings 
Your liberal media at work. posted by Prof. Hex
11.Mar.2007 NYT Editorial: "Anyone who wanted to believe that all Mr. Bush was seeking was a short-term security push ? as part of a larger strategy to extricate American troops from this unwinnable war ? now needs to face up to a far less palatable reality.

What is under way is a significant and long-term escalation."
Citizen Kane (Special 2-DVD Set), Remastered.
"Bush's troop buildup in Baghdad apparently will be bigger and more costly ? and perhaps last longer ? than it seemed when he unveiled the plan in January as the centerpiece of a new Iraq strategy." Duh! Who Would Have Thunk It? 3/11
An Embarrassment to America and National Tragedy of Failure Beyond Belief: Pentagon Struggles to Find Fresh Cannon Fodder for Iraq War. Send Bush, Cheney, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter and the Twins to the Front Lines. Let Them Put Their Lives Where Their Mouths are.
As BuzzFlash Predicted, Bush Needs to Pardon Libby to Protect Himself and Cheney from Potential Impeachment and Legal Prosecution: "A White House official said last night that there was a "strong expectation" that President George W Bush would pardon Lewis "Scooter" Libby, the disgraced aide." Wingers Justify Perjury for Libby; but impeachment for Clinton. They Keep Saying That the "Wrong Guy" Was Tried. No, But Rove, Bush + Cheney Should Have Been There in the Docket Too. 3/11

11.Mar.2007 Latest Presidential Candidate Polling: Rudy "The Adulterer and Thrice Married" Giuliani Leads Repubs as Obama Closes In on Clinton 3/11
This Was Predicted By Many Progressives When the UnPatriot Act Was Passed: "The nation's top two law enforcement officials acknowledged Friday the FBI broke the law to secretly pry out personal information about Americans. They apologized and vowed to prevent further illegal intrusions." In fact, in another area of Bushevik lawbreaking, Gonzales, many moons ago, was asked by a Congressional Committee if the Busheviks might be electronic eavesdropping on American elected officials for political purposes. He could not assure the committee that it wasn't happening -- and nothing much was made of it. 3/10

11.Mar.2007 Rove Tied Directly to ProsecutorGate and the Suborning of Justice for Partisan Prosecution 3/11
11.Mar.2007 HISTORY OF JPMORGAN CHASE 1799 To PresentHTML-Version

Chemical Bank,

First National Bank of Chicago,

Manufacturers Hanover Trust ...

Manufacturers Hanover + Chemical Bank entered the national credit card ...
11.Mar.2007 The Big Apple: “Manny Hanny” (Manufacturers Hanover Trust) "Manny Hanny" was the popular nickname of Manufacturers Hanover Trust, an old New York City bank .

Manufacturers Hanover Trust merged with Chemical Bank + then Chemical Bank ...
11.Mar.2007 Wer besitzt die Fernsehsender in den USA ?

John McKinley, Vorsitzender von TEXACO ist auch der Direktor des " Manufacturers Hanover Trust" + der " Manufacturers Hanover Bank ", ...
In the late seventies, while conducting the research in computerized strategies for managed futures Aronson realized the potential of applying of artificial intelligence to the discovery of predictive patterns in financial market data. This practice, which is now gaining acceptance on Wall Street, is referred to as data mining.

00.000.1982 Aronson founded Raden Research Group, an early adopter of data mining and non-linear predictive modeling to the development systematic trading methods.

Aronson’s innovation was to apply data mining to the enhancement of traditional computerized trading strategies.

This approach was described for the first time in Aronson’s article, “Pattern Recognition Signal Filters”, Market Technican’s Journal - Spring 1991.

Raden Research Group Inc. conducted predictive modeling + filter development research on behalf of various trading firms including:

Tudor Investment Corporation, Manufacturers Hanover Bank, Transworld Oil, Quantlabs + a number of large individual traders.

Labid Abbawi, ein ranghoher Beamter des iranischen Außenministeriums, bestätigte, dass es zu einer Auseinandersetzung zwischen den Vertretern der USA und seines Landes gekommen sei.

Der Beamte, der an dem Treffen teilgenommen hatte, äußerte sich allerdings nicht näher dazu.

Der US-Delegierte David Satterfield warf in seinen Ausführungen Iran vor, schiitische Milizen im Irak zu bewaffnen.

Daraufhin entgegnete laut einem Gewährsmann der iranische Delegationsleiter + stellvertretende Außenminister Abbas Araghtschi, die USA versuchten mit solchen Vorwürfen lediglich von ihrem Versagen im Irak abzulenken.

Die internationale Konferenz in Bagdad war in gewisser Weise eine Premiere:

Erstmals seit Jahren kam es wieder zu direkten Gesprächen zwischen Vertretern der USA und Irans.
Irak- Konferenz: Wortgefechte zwischen Iran und USA
Spanien: Eta- Politik treibt Massen auf die Straße

Eigentlich hätte Hitler ein Jahr zuvor schon des Landes verwiesen werden müssen, da

00.000.1923 Hitler wegen Hochverrats im Kapp-Putsch zu Festungshaft verurteilt worden war.

Doch der deutsch-national gesinnte Richter fabulierte, auf "einen Mann, der deutsch denkt + fühlt wie Hitler", könne die "Vorschrift des Republikschutzgesetzes" keine Anwendung finden.

So blieb der Problemfall im Lande.
Das Grundgesetz verbietet den Entzug der Staatsbürgerschaft, wenn der Betreffende danach "staatenlos" wird.

Das trifft in diesem Fall zu, da

00.000.1925 -schon- Hitler die österreichische Staatsbürgerschaft abgelegt hatte.

Erst die Parteifreunde in der Nazi-Hochburg Braunschweig waren erfolgreich.

Zwar scheiterte ein erster Versuch, den NSDAP- Vorsitzenden als Professor am Institut für Erziehungswissenschaften an der Technischen Hochschule Braunschweig zu installieren.

Im zweiten Anlauf schließlich klappte es: Notgedrungen -

Hitler wollte an den bevorstehenden Wahlen zum Reichspräsidenten teilnehmen - ließ sich der Aspirant zum Regierungsrat im Landeskultur- + Vermessungsamt ernennen;

das Staatsministerium beauftragte ihn sodann mit der "Wahrnehmung der Geschäfte eines Sachbearbeiters bei der Braunschweigschen Gesandtschaft Berlin".

Von Fachkenntnissen frei, stellte der Neu-Deutsche mit Migrationshintergrund sogleich mehrere Urlaubsanträge und trat sein Amt, wie geplant, nie an.

Als Adolf Hitler Deutscher wurde, bürstete er einen eilfertigen Gratulanten brüsk ab: "Mir brauchen Sie nicht zu gratulieren, aber Deutschland!" Das geschah am

25.Feb.1932 in Braunschweig, wo der Exilant mit der Ernennung zum Regierungsrat die für die Politikerkarriere dringend benötigte Staatsbürgerschaft erhielt.

Okt.2004 'US could hit Pak nukes if Musharraf is removed': In such a situation, ...

I've got a hunch Jesus wouldn't be too thrilled with Bush's first term. ...

00.Mar.1935 „ INTELIGÊNCIA “ - MENSÁRIO DA OPINIÃO MUNDIAL MAR./35 Garantia: EM ÓTIMO ESTADO Dimensões Largura: 15,5 cm - Altura: 23 cm - Comprimento: 1 cm ...

Mai 1941 war Heß mit einem Jagdflugzeug nach England geflogen und dort mit dem ...

Mär.2005 Photos show climate change: Mount Kilimanjaro Photo Wake-Up Call ...
Irak- Konferenz: Iraner, Syrer und US- Amerikaner sprechen miteinander
10.Mar.2007 Feuergefahr: Chrysler ruft 480.000 Geländewagen in die Werkstatt

10.Mar.2007 Biblis- Laufzeiten: Union ignoriert Merkels Machtwort im Atomstreit

10.Mar.2007 Kritik in Klimaschutzdebatte: Auto- Lobbyist Gottschalk ausgebremst

Bei den vorgebrachten Anklagepunkten entging North darüber hinaus dem schwerwiegenden Vorwurf der Verschwörung.

Zwei der Anklagepunkte mußten fallengelassen werden, weil die Regierung Reagan klassifizierte Informationen zurückhielt und damit nach Ansicht des Gerichtes ein "fairer Prozeß" nicht gewährleistet gewesen wäre.

Bei seiner Aussage vor dem Senatsausschuß wurde North mit Samthandschuhen angefaßt, so daß er den wirklich kritischen Fragen ausweichen und sein "Einzelkämpfer-Image" pflegen konnte.

Außerdem gelang es ihm so, trotz seiner Lügen gegenüber dem Kongreß auf freiem Fuß zu bleiben.

Zu keinem Zeitpunkt während der gesamten offiziellen "Iran-Contra"-Untersuchung kam die Verwicklung von Bush + North in den Drogenhandel zur Sprache,

in dessen Verlauf ganze Flugzeugladungen Rauschgift in die USA gebracht wurden.

Theodore Shackley (Spitzname: der "blonde Geist" des Geheimdiensts) ist der Urgroßvater der Contra-Drogenoperation.

Er erfand die sog. "dritte Option", den Einsatz ausländischer Armeen vor Ort unter Leitung der US-Geheimdienste für "Stellvertreterkriege" gegen sowjetische Satellitenstaaten.

Von ihm stammt auch die Idee, bewaffnete Aufstände durch die Zusammenarbeit mit Drogenhändlern zu finanzieren und den Stellvertreterarmeen insgeheim logistische Unterstützung zu geben.

Erste Erfahrungen sammelte er dafür im "Geheimkrieg" der CIA in Laos in den 60er Jahren.

Nach Angaben von Victor Marchetti, ehemals leitender Assistent des CIA-Vizedirektors und Sekretär des Haushaltsausschusses der CIA, trug seine Behörde nur etwa 10% der Kosten des "Geheimkriegs" in Laos.

Die übrigen 90% deckte man mit Gewinnen aus dem Opium- und Heroinhandel des Goldenen Dreiecks. Viele enge Vertraute und Untergebene Shackleys bei den verdeckten Kriegen der

60er und 70er Jahre in Indochina wurden von Vizepräsident Bush als Schlüsselfiguren in der Contra-Operation übernommen.
00.000.1996 -Aus der Neuen Solidarität Nr. 40/- Profile der wichtigsten Iran-Contra-Drahtzieher
Theodore Shackley
Donald Gregg

Felix Rodriguez alias Max Gomez

Richard V. Secord

Oliver North
Theodore Shackley:
Der "blonde Geist" des US-Geheimdienstes

Plamegate: Finally Fitzmas Is Here!: -

Dick Cheney's Chief Of Staff Convicted Of Lying About Revenge Attack On CIA Agent Valerie Plame (For Her Husband's Exposure Of Iraq War Lies) - Washington -

Former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby was convicted Tuesday of obstruction + perjury + lying to the FBI in an investigation into the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity to reporters.

See... Scoop Link: Libby Found Guilty in CIA Leak Case

Lawrence R. Velvel: Let Us Now Praise Honest Men

William Fisher - Challenging Bush Admin. Military Commissions & The Weapon of Mass Change

David Swanson - The Fierce Urgency of Impeachment
NEWS LINKS: McLatchy & NYT -
Attorney Told Gloves Would Come Off Over Criticism

The Washington Post - White House Backed US Attorney Firings - Officials

NY Observer - Libby Trial Exposes Neocon Shadow Gov

The Hill -Democrats Send Out First Round of Subpoenas

UQ Wire: Rabbi Michael Lerner On 911 Conspiracy Theory -

The I am an agnostic on the question of what happened on 9/11.

I’m convinced that there are huge holes in the official story and contradictions that suggest that we do not know the whole story.

I would not be surprised to learn that some branch of our government conspired either actively to promote or passively to allow the attack on 9/11.

See... Critique Of Griffin’s “The American Empire & 9/11"
MORE: Sherwood Ross -
UQ Wire: Illegalities Suggests Bush Role In 9/11 & Did Cheney Allow 9/11 Plane To Strike Pentagon?

10.Mar.2007 Officials told to 'back off' on Saudis before 11.Sep.2001

General John Singlaub had offices across the hall from Charles Keating .

Brian further discovered that Walter Bush of Walter Bush Securities, George ...
<de-propagandizing america> Everyone there was fascinated by the undeniable Keating/Singlaub/Bush connection.

I spent hours on the phone and Federal Expressed 2 lbs of original ...
the junk bond daisy chain fraud starring leonard

Charlie Keating had his office across the hall from General Singlaub + Walter Bush .

General Singlaub + General Secord as well as other notable ...

07.Jul.2003 -Press Release- The Death Of Brian Downing Quig Special ...

Brian was further bringing out some old Charles Keating -Walter Bush -General John Singlaub evidence, that people now have interest in.
Why Frank Keating Should Not Be A Vice President or Cabinet ...

On the other hand General Singlaub has a pretty good record, refusing to obey the order ...

I think Keating would be a losing proposition for Bush being the ...

John Singlaub, one of the principal leaders of private efforts to ...

Because presumably Keating asked Bush to help him put some pressure on Ed Gray, ...
VULTURES IN THE MEADOWS: The story of Investors' Equity Life ...

For example, General John Singlaub + the CIA's Latin American military ... of Ronald Reagan + George Bush, Keating purchased the property located at ...
THE STRANGE SAGA OF BCCI - Sightings from The Catbird Seat

Keating is a man who has done favors for many powerful individuals including Presidents Ford + Reagan + Bush. Steven Pizzo, author of INSIDE JOB, ...
Bush book: Chapter -18-

Singlaub warned North that Rodriguez was boasting about having `` daily contact '' with George Bush's office. According to Singlaub, this could `` damage ...
Gene E Phillips Brewton,P. The Mafia, CIA + George Bush . 1992 (248). SINGLAUB JOHN K · Pizzo,S. Fricker,M. Muolo,P. Inside Job. 1989 (251). SMITH GERALD (ALLIED BANK) ...
Ben F Barnes KEATING CHARLES H JR · Brewton,P. The Mafia, CIA + George Bush . 1992 (365-366); Mayer,M. The Greatest-Ever Bank Robbery. 1990 (177) ...
SEC Bank Fraud Wall Street Scandal Money Laundering FBI Texas Land ... Tom DeLay's PAC Indicted, OMB + More Bush Cronies INDICTED ARRESTED

... was an adviser to a firm associated with retired Major General John Singlaub, ...
SEC Bank Fraud Wall Street Scandal Money Laundering FBI Texas Land ...

Oliver North, Charles Keating, John Hull, Michael Milken, Larry Mizel, George Bush + others kept popping up, as well as bona fide gangsters such as Carlos ...

Bush remains in the shadows.

All that is known is that he met regularly with Keating .

There is no evidence that Keating + Singlaub ever met or that ...
Scary Social Security letter - Gary Jarmin can destroy George Bush We have seen how Graham and Singlaub assured Guatemalans

00.000.1979 that "Mr. Reagan ... Washington D.C. John Berthoud, National Taxpayers Union David Keating, ...
Scary Social Security letter - Gary Jarmin can destroy George Bush

Bush intends to move on investing Social Security after the election. ... All of us want to get rid of Bush . Perhaps we can do even more.
Water oz Affront at News: Breaking Health News connections.

Singlaub had offices across the hall from Savings & Loan CIA Scamster Charles Keating .

Singlaub shared offices with George H. W. Bush ’s nephew ...
George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography - Part 7 of 8

Singlaub warned North that Rodriguez was boasting about having "daily contact" with George Bush's office./Note #7/Note #0

The Scandal Breaks "October 5, ... BOOK_7.html
HiddenMysteries Conspiracy Archive ...

July article linking the activities of Charles Keating + General Singlaub.

... the weakest points in the armor of George Bush + the “New World Order”.
00.Feb.1992 Whatever It Was, I Was Against It: Their failures left FDIC $8.3b poorer, inc $98m to Keating ’s Lincoln S&L, ...

1988 gave honorific Ark “Traveller” citations to the Caleros & John Singlaub ...
IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT Gale Norton (Current U.S. Secretary Of Interior/Bush Crime Family ...

Answers to: General John Singlaub -Ollie North's Not yet Prosecuted Criminals, & ...
Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG)

Its directors include former US president George Herbert Walker Bush, ...

The present Bush administration is, by personnel, policies and illegal conduct, ...
Stew Webb: Ted Gunderson is a bad, bad, bad ,man! by Stew Webb ...

Gunderson ties are to General John Singlaub, who had offices across from Charles Keating-Lincoln Savings + Walter Bush-securities had offices on the same ...

Does this imply a Carl Lindner/Walter Bush connection long before Keating came to Phoenix?

When Keating + Singlaub arrived in Phoenix at the same time + ...
[CTRL] Walter J. Bush Does this imply a Carl Lindner/Walter Bush connection long before Keating came to Phoenix?

It sure looks that way.

When Keating and Singlaub arrived in ...
Part four of a six-part series: The USA in the ...

Vice President George Bush, a longtime friend of Marcos, hailed Marcos for his ...

John Singlaub, who was raising money for the Nicaraguan contra rebels.

CARLYLE directors include-d- former US president George Herbert Walker Bush, ... Corporation;

former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating ;

Victor Fung, ...
Bush-cont.shtml" target=nw>George W. Bush Democrat Davis, Republican Keating Push

07.Nov.2000 Their Candidates. POA Final Poll: Bush 49%, Gore 40% Tuesday, Nov.
LP: 4 Bush Biographers--All Suicided

General John Singlaub had offices across the hall from Charles Keating .

Brian further discovered that Walter Bush of Walter Bush Securities, ...

It's Official: Dick Cheney Is The World's First Trillionaire!!:

Along with Cheney, a number of other individuals in the Cheney/Bush ...

John Hull;

John Singlaub ;

Charleton Heston;

Carrot Top;

Jerry Falwell;

Candie Apples ...
Subject: more S+L links CIA money laundering Keywords: more of ...

The "New York Times" reported that Bush, who from

00.Jan.1976 was CIA director ... that was paid to bail out Charles Keating's Lincoln Savings of Irvine, ...
Bush book: Chapter -18- When the scandal broke, in late

1986 and early 1987, George Bush maintained ...

Singlaub was a commander of MAG- SOG;

Oliver North + Richard Secord were ...

The Unholy Alliance - Christianity and The NWO - 3

Singlaub denies association with Operation Phoenix, though his Task Force was ... (2)

Of course Bush Sr. was a leader of the Council for Foreign Relations, ...

Council for National Policy (CNP) - I - J - K - Member Biographies

30.Jan.1984 -In a letter dated-to Irvine, Singlaub said that: "Any help ... Barbara Keating -Edh -CNP




1998; president, Consumer Alert.


WEBB: Well the whole thing ties in with Silverado Savings, Neil Bush, George Bush ... + ... who started Charles Keating's, down there + the whole bit. ...

Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 2 Num. 72 who started Charles Keating's, down there + the whole bit. jail on the minimum, mandatory sentence guidelines that George Bush created back

The Unholy Alliance - Christianity & The NWO Part III

Singlaub denies association with Operation Phoenix, though his Task Force ... chair), Zbigniew Brzezinski (honorary chair), Peter L. Keating (exec vice pres) ...
http Kathleen Keating suggested I contact you about Ted Gunderson (bad guy). ...

Al Martin CIA accountant + partner to George Bush, Jr. George, Sr., Jeb Bush, ...,quig,6,23,03.htm
Unauthorized Biography of George Bush - David Icke E~Magazine

David Icke's E~Magazine Article - Unauthorized Biography of George Bush ... Singlaub was a commander of MAG- SOG; Oliver North + Richard Secord were ...
The Nevada Observer Pelosi and Reid Urge Bush to Prioritize Spending for SCHIP [State ...

The Q & A on the Shorezone plan (John Singlaub column, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza) ...
Nevada Nevada News Digest & Breaking News Archive.

February 2007.

December 2004-June 2005;

July-September 2005;

October-December 2005;

January-March 2006;

20050202 Brenda Negri Murdered Journalist Brian was further bringing out some old Charles Keating -Walter Bush -General John Singlaub evidence, that people now have.

DOE/EIS-0250D; Draft Environmental Impact Statement for a Geologic ...

Mr. John O. Singlaub. Field Office Manager. Bureau of Land Management ...

The Honorable Jeb Bush Governor of Florida.

The Honorable Roy Barnes ...

Aurora - L'alleanza blasfema - la Cristianità e il Nuovo Ordine ...

Singlaub nega legami con l'Operazione Phoenix, quando la sua Task Force ne era ...

Peter L. Keating (ex-vice presidente) Bert Schwarz (vice presidente), ...
U.S. Hegemony/The USA in the Philippines In

00.Nov.2001-after secret negotiations between George W. Bush + Arroyo, ... John Singlaub, who was raising money for the Nicaraguan contra rebels.

dialognow | Civil and thoughtful dialog This was carried out by North along with Hakim, Secord + Singlaub .

The US ambassador to India Keating insists that, "military aid to Pakistan is just ...

The 1205 Document Singlaub + Cavanaugh do recall that as many as forty-seven Asian special ops ...

Katz- Keating says that her source claimed that the CIA forged the 1205 ...
Water oz Affront at News: Breaking Health News

connections. Singlaub had offices across the hall from Savings & Loan CIA Scamster Charles Keating . Singlaub shared offices with George HW Bush ’s nephew ... :: View topic - FBI Fruhmenschen Program

Neither Paul nor Keating, whose homes were allegedly tapped,

... passing to an assortment of fringe forces represented by such notables as Singlaub, Secord, ...
The covert operation is blown, but Bush escapes the hearings (00.000.1986-00.000.1987 ) ...

Singlaub sent a memo to Oliver North on the Contra resupply effort under Felix ...
la Cristianità e il Nuovo Ordine Mondiale

L'ex presidente George Bush Sr. (ed ex direttore della CIA) ricevette ... Singlaub nega legami con l'Operazione Phoenix, quando la sua Task Force ne era ...
FEIS Vol 2, Appendix D Mr. John O. Singlaub Field Office Manager Bureau of Land Management Carson City Field Office ...

The Honorable Frank Keating Governor of Oklahoma ...
Appendix D Mr. John O. Singlaub . Field Office Manager. Bureau of Land Management. Carson City Field Office ...

The Honorable Frank Keating . Governor of Oklahoma ...
The Unholy Alliance - Christianity & The NWO Part III

Singlaub denies association with Operation Phoenix, though his Task Force was ... (2) Of course Bush Sr. was a leader of the Council of Foreign Relations, ...
ACA_july_05_pg.qxd (Page 1) General John Singlaub. General. Singlaub's Special Operations ... General Singlaub was also Commander ... Air Commando Bush Hat (M,L,XL) .

Former President George Bush Sr. (and one time former CIA Director) received ...

A pro- Bush Inaugural luncheon, held in Washington DC was sponsored by the ...

Aurora - L'alleanza blasfema - la Cristianità e il Nuovo Ordine ...

Singlaub nega legami con l'Operazione Phoenix, quando la sua Task Force ne era incaricata ...

Certo Bush Sr. Era un leader del Council of Foreign Relations, ...
Narcotics Money Laundering: GOP campaigns?! [Archive] - Argus ... financier of both the George Bush + Bill Clinton presidential campaigns).

"Then he ended up going after Keating + Singlaub.

00.000.1991 | M.E.R. Magazine's Brian Quig-Columns from-

Ted Shackley was number 2 in the CIA when George Bush was number 1. ... Charlie Keating and the AMERICAN CONTINENTAL scandal with General Singlaub + the ...
Endnotes (645) "Tested by Fire," People magazine, date unknown, quoted in, Gene Wheaton, "Another Bush Boy," Portland Free Press, 00.Jul.1995 .

Keating stated ...
Topica Email List Directory

00.000.1980-00.000.1990 -during the s- Weapons Operations with John Hall + General John Singlaub ... NEIL BUSH, CHARLES KEATING, GENE PHILLIPS ... - » Ray Cline, CIA and Taiwan history Keating ; Mandate From Heaven;; Rafel Blog; Rank; TaipeiTimes ...

Moonie connection: Just a month or two ago wasn’t Neil Bush in Taiwan with some ...

Masons - Page 2 - Bluelight Prescot bush + Rockefeller were the main guys to bring the modern brotherhood ... Singlaub, John Sirico, Robert Skousen, Mark Smith, Alice Smith, Baker ...
Forum NWO - Nuovo Ordine Mondiale, illuminati, cospirazioni ... L'ex presidente George Bush Sr. (ed ex direttore della CIA) ricevette parecchi ...

Una inaugurazione pro- Bush, fatta a Washington DC era sponsorizzata dalla ...

Try To Live Better by Self Education

Bush as the next president, new — or rather decades old — skeletons keep rattling ... + Charles Keating (The Daisy Chain), which claimed over $6 billion.
Try To Live Better by Self Education

Millman, Larry Mizel, Charlie Keating, Gene Phillips + the Bush Crime Family, by Stew Webb. (With actual Real Estate Transactions and Time Line.) ...
Common Ground Common Sense > Sen Daschle "bites the dust"

Singlaub, John Sirico, Robert Skousen, Mark Smith, Alice Smith, Baker ... but then things were swept under the rug, "Poppy" Bush pardoned a bunch, ...
Christianity & The New World Order - MysticWicks Online Pagan ...

Former President George Bush Sr. (+ one time former CIA Director) received ... Singlaub denies association with Operation Phoenix, though his Task Force ...

00.Dec.2002 -Email Group Messages for-

Singlaub (27 Dec 2002 09:37:55).

Anita Bush ...

The Keating Perspective: Something to Ponder (27 Dec 2002 09:29:42). Anita Bush ...
AOH :: Political Bufu :: HEROIN-8.TXT

Ted Shackley was George Bush's number 2 man at CIA when Bush was CIA Director. ...

It is not necessary to mention how lavishly Keating paid off the local ... presents MONMAG91.TXT Bush, Gorbachev + Hussein planned the war together for their mutual benefit.

YaHooka Forums - Blood on the Border: A Memoir of the Contra War

Oliver North, US Attorney William Richard Scruggs + the other Bush Crime Family ... George HW Bush, General Singlaub, John Hall, General Richard Secord, ...
YaHooka Forums - Extradition Blues

The current President George Bush, whose very name evokes a dark era many would ... George HW Bush, General Singlaub, John Hall, General Richard Secord, ...
A Gathering of Eagles: Advice on Leadership, Success + ...

MG John Singlaub, USA (Ret.) 97, (1) ...

George Bush, Former President. 180, (1). George W. ...

Frank Keating, Governor, Oklahoma. 196, (1) ...
NEWSMEAT - 22314 Zip Code Campaign Contributions Since 1978 ...

THC-Cannabis-Ministry:Community:View topic-Prince of ... Post Posted: Wed

25.Oct.2005 Post subject: Extradite the Bush Crime Family ... George HW Bush, General Singlaub, John Hall, General Richard Secord, ...
Talkinaboutinvolution Its directors include former US president George Herbert Walker Bush, former US secretary of ... former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating ; Victor Fung, ...
NOMINATION: George Pickett Memorial Trophy - Page 89 - What Pisses ...

Along with Cheney, a number of other individuals in the Cheney/Bush ... Gary Bauer; Orlando Bosch; Charles Keating ; Michael Milkem; Gunga Dinesh and ...
Nathan Hale Institute for Intelligence and Military Affairs™ Walker Bush, former US secretary of state James Baker, current US secretary ...

Prime Minister Paul Keating ; Victor Fung, chairman of the Hong Kong-based Li ...'s%20Corporate%20Front%20in%20Manila.htm
Les Forums d' -> **Nicolas Sarkozy** 11 ans après, jour pour jour, le

11.Sep.2001 , BUSH (fils) tient un ... Le Général Singlaub, ancien Chef d’Etat Major des Forces américaines en Corée ...
Google Groups: misc.invest.real-estate

NEIL BUSH, CHARLES KEATING, GENE PHILLIPS ... Singlaub during the 1980s-1990s. (See: Breaking News: Top Secret Indictments + ...
Google Groups: alt.gossip.celebrities connections to "The Company", which simply include the Bush ... Keating .

00.000.1960 -During the s- Keating + his Cincinnati law firm represented ...

This was part of The Bush Crime Family's game to try + get you declared ... John Singlaub + CIA George Pender, controllers for "The Bush Crime Family".
John Abizaid, Schema-Root news Bush named him to replace retiring General John Abizaid who has led American ... john singlaub . john vines. joseph fil. joseph p. hoar. karl eikenberry ...

00.Sep.2006 -Preemptive Karma-Archives-Many of the militarists who executed the Contra war - John Singlaub, ...

Social Security Choice's Director is David Keating (Senior Counselor + former ...
Whatever happened to the WTC HARD-DRIVE recoveries? - Forums ...

Bush & Co. planned to ELIMINATE the one thing that would have prevented 9-11 ...

Operations with John Hall and General John Singlaub during the 1980s-1990s.
Blog Export: Reconstitution,

Lieutenant-Colonel Oliver North, Major General John K. Singlaub + other ...

Keating Five + Neil Bush . Yeah, I can see where Bu$hCo would still have an ...
OWR 5 Coup D Etat, Bush appointed by Chabad Lubavitch rabbi, Schneerson of Universal ...

Singlaub, John Sirico, Robert Skousen, Mark Smith, Alice Smith, Baker ...
McCurtain Gazette

Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating, a former FBI agent himself, ...

Robert K. Brown, the magazine's publisher, is an associate of General John Singlaub, ...

15.Sep.2001 Singlaub : Prepare for Biological, Chemical Attacks; - Did Satan rear ...

27.Aug.2001 Bush Budget 'Starves' NASA;

27.Aug.2001 Ghosts: What Are They? ...
Daily Kos: Plame Leaked by Fake News Source? Part VI

When Bush carved the school vouchers out of his new "No Child Left Behind" back ...

Donald Luskin, Kerry Kerstetter, David Keating, Andy Roth, Carrie Lukas, ...
Daily Kos: State of the Nation

... + linking Diebold et al to CNP + Bush (via Carlyle Group): ... Richard Shoff Terry Siemans William E. Simon Major General John K. Singlaub "Father" Rev. ...
10.Mar.2007 THE CATBIRD SEAT: Part I - Birds of a Feather.

And what was worse:

after Bush started pointing out that Dole was rich, the newspaper in ...

It was Bush who demanded that Dole release his tax returns.).
federal land patents index ... 028 189 1893/02/14 KEATING ROBERT MD 0060S 0320E 029 189 1893/02/14 KEATING ... 1919/10/11

SINGLAUB JOHN J MD 0130S 0350E 018 712561 1919/10/11 SINGLAUB ...
Scrap Book-Doco-Documentation-Media Snippets

All of this comes at a time when President Bush is sending even more troops to ... John Singlaub, who was raising money for the Nicaraguan contra rebels.
HIGH CHURCH DOCTRINE Simon reminds me of Charles Keating, of S & L bankruptcy fame ...

Editor of Soldier of Fortune + was a member of the '' Singlaub panel'' of the Pentagon, ...
Council for National Policy (CNP) - I - J - K - Member Biographies

Singlaub, enlisted the help of Reed Irvine.

30.Jan.1984 -In a letter dated-, ... During the Bush administration, James was the Assistant Secretary for ... :: View topic - Ted Gunderson ...

Task Force 160, OSG2, Assassin, Pilot, Ollie North, Bush, Clinton Expose’ of Government Corruption and Impending New World Order from an insider. Click.
10.Mar.2007 ARLINGTON, VA Political Contributions by Individuals

Singlaub, John Maj. Gen. (Retired), (Zip code: 22202) $500 to REPUBLICAN ...

KEATING, TIMOTHY J, (Zip code: 22207) $500 to HOLLINGS FOR SENATE on 11/05/03 ...
100 Hearings: Senate Committee Meetings by Date (1987)

John K. Singlaub, USA (Ret.). Hearings continue tomorrow. ... Department of the Interior; Joe R. Keating, CENEX, Billings, Montana; Kenneth A. Wonstolen, ...
Whatever happened to the WTC HARD-DRIVE recoveries? - Forums ...

Bush & Co. planned to ELIMINATE the one thing that would have prevented 9-11 - an ... with John Hall + General John Singlaub during the 1980s-1990s.
EQUAL TIME.[Archive] - The Superhero Hype! Boards

Frank Keating lauded the federal response but said the first people to respond to any ...

Jack Singlaub reveal several disturbing concerns about a major ...
Artillery in Korea

20.Dec.1946 Memo, MG Frank M. Keating for Chief of Staff, ... had OSS experience was the CIA, which recruited officers such as MAJ John K. Singlaub ... 10.Mar.2007 Encyclopedia BETA John K. Singlaub John K. StewartJohn K. Tener · John K. WatersJohn KabbajJohn Kahn ... Jonathan Browning (UK businessman)Jonathan BroxtonJonathan Bush ...
10.Mar.2007 Metal Missionaries to the Nation: Christian Heavy Metal Music ...
This trend was driven in part by the Jesus Movement, a ... acceptance to white middle-class values such as family, marriage + “tradi- ...
Rebecca Dingo - Securing the Nation: Neoliberalism's U.S. Family ...

Neoliberalism's U.S. Family Values in a Transnational Gendered Economy ... See, for example, Linda Kintz, Between Jesus and The Market: The Emotions that ...
10.Mar.2007 British Library Direct: Jesus, Mary and Joseph! (Holy) Family ... Jesus, Mary and Joseph! (Holy) Family Values in Film.

Current Article "Tolerance" Jesus ’ family values .

Is culture or scripture shaping our view of family ? By Rob Marus. The rhetoric is heating up. As November 7 draws near, both political ...
10.Mar.2007 The Blotter Typical of the Family Values Party.

Just add Foley to list of Tom DeLay, Duke Cunningham,Bob Ney, ... Maybe Jesus said torture and blow up your enemies.
10.Mar.2007 A Globe of Witnesses When I hear people talking about biblical family values, I often smile. ...

Jesus himself is no " family man," and one gospel consistently refers to "The ...
10.Mar.2007 search of"tag:jesus family"// Bruce Feiler: The Jesus Hoax | The Huffington Post ...

Conservatives have long invoked family values to promote wedge issues and win elections, ...
10.Mar.2007 Unbelievers and Prime Time Television When a disciple requested time off for his father's funeral, Jesus rebuked him: "Let the dead bury their dead." These are hardly " family values ." 10.Mar.2007 Not in Polite Company Those who persecuted the Christians did so, therefore, out of a desire to defend “ family values ” against the immoral teachings of Jesus and Paul;
10.Mar.2007 Evangelicals and Moon join in common cause - Sun Myung Moon ... family values from Christian Century in Reference & Education provided free

... which teaches that Jesus failed in his mission because he was unable to ...
10.Mar.2007 Jesus and family values In the vein of "practice what you preach", what follows are a few examples in the bible of jesus ' own family values . Conservative politicians must get their ...
10.Mar.2007 Jesus&family values Jesus and "family values ". Luke 14:26:. "If any one comes to me + does not hate his own father + mother + wife + children + brothers + sisters, ...

The 1960s in its most obvious sense refers to the decade between 1960 and 1969, but the expression has taken on a wider meaning over the past twenty years.

The Sixties has come to refer to the complex of inter-related cultural and political events which occurred in approximately that period, in western countries, particularly Britain, France, the USA and West Germany. Social upheaval was not limited to just these nations, reaching large scale in nations such as Japan, Mexico and Canada as well. The term is used both nostalgically by those who participated in those events + pejoratively by those who regard the time as a period whose harmful effects are still being felt today. The decade was also labelled the Swinging Sixties because of the libertine attitudes that emerged during the decade. Popular memory has conflated into the Sixties some events which did not actually occur during the period. For example, although some of the most dramatic events of the American civil rights movement occurred in the early 1960s, the movement had already began in earnest during the 1950s. On the other hand, the rise of feminism and gay rights began only in the very late 1960s and did not fully flower until the Seventies. However, the "Sixties" has become synonymous with all the new, exciting, radical, subversive and/or dangerous (according to one's viewpoint) events and trends of the period.
10.Mar.2007 Klaus Schweinsberg schreibt » Blog Archiv » Das Kapital der ... Aber selbst wenn sie jede Geldanlage als direkte Investition rechnen (was ... Sache: Der National Recovery Act wurde 1841 von Clinton Roosevelt ersonnen.
10.Mar.2007 Die Entwicklung des Bankensystems der Russischen Föderation Bankrott, so dass Präsident Franklin D. Roosevelt im Winter 1932/33 die Banken ... Banken, durch stärkere Bestraffung der verantwortlichen Manager; Verbot ...
10.Mar.2007 » Keine Angst vor Niemand. von Gabriele Rollnik Untertitel: Über die Siebziger, die Bewegung 2. Juni und die RAF . ... und den eigenen Gefängnisausbruch zusammen mit drei anderen Frauen.
10.Mar.2007 ID Textarchiv - HTML-Version
00.000.1977 Enth.u.a: Ereignissliste (zur RAF ) hs. 1977 ; ... Änderung des StvollzG 1989, Gefängnisausbruch . Berlin 00.000.1976, Rote Hilfe, Flugblätter zu Politisch ...

10.Mar.2007 RAF- Debatte: Drohungen gegen Klars Fürsprecher
10.Mar.2007 Experten- Schätzungen: Bundesbank- Gewinn steigt deutlich

10.Mar.2007 Schuldenpartei: NPD hat Ärger mit Geldgebern
10.Mar.2007 Kunst im Netz: Auf der Suche nach Warhol
10.Mar.2007 Missbrauch von Marktmacht: Geheime Daten deuten auf Preistreiberei durch Stromkonzerne hin
Bush in Südamerika: Charming- Tour im Feindesland
Neues Jugendhobby: 52 Gläser Tequila, zwei Wochen Koma

10.Mar.2007 Bagdad- Konferenz: Krisengipfel sucht Rettung aus der Irak- Katastrophe
10.Mar.2007 911: The Israeli angle Briefly:

This piece by Christopher Ketcham relates what we know about the mysterious Israeli "movers" + "art students" who, it is alleged, played a role in the 911 disaster.

Perhaps they were observers, perhaps they were participants, but on some level, they knew : They had not been told the reasons for their arrest.

Yet, according to DeCarlo's report,

"this officer was told without question by the driver [Sivan Kurzberg],'We are Israeli.

We are not your problem.Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.'"

Another of the five Israelis, again without prompting, told Officer DeCarlo ­- falsely ­- that "we were on the West Side Highway in New York City during the incident".

From inside the vehicle the officers, who were quickly joined by agents from the FBI, retrieved multiple passports and $4,700 in cash stuffed in a sock.

According to New Jersey's Bergen Record, which on

12.Sep.2001 reported the arrest of the five Israelis,

an investigator high up in the Bergen County law enforcement hierarchy stated that officers had also discovered in the vehicle "maps of the city with certain places highlighted.

It looked like they're hooked in with this", the source told the Record, referring to the 9/11 attacks.

"It looked like they knew what was going to happen when they were at Liberty State Park."

And: What is perhaps most damning is that the Israelis' celebration on the New Jersey waterfront occurred in the first sixteen minutes after the initial crash, when no one was aware this was a terrorist attack.

In other words, from the time the first plane hit the north tower, at

11.Sep.2001 08-46 a.m., to the time the second plane hit the south tower, at

11.Sep.2001 09-02 a.m., the overwhelming assumption of news outlets and government officials was that the plane's impact was simply a terrible accident.

It was only after the second plane hit that suspicions were aroused.

Yet if the men were cheering for political reasons, as they reportedly told the FBI, they obviously believed they were witnessing a terrorist act + not an accident.
After returning safely to Israel

00.000.2001 -in the late autumn of-, three of the five New Jersey Israelis spoke on a national talk show that winter. Oded Ellner, who

11.Sep.2001 -on the afternoon of- had, like his compatriots, protested to arresting officer Sgt. Dennis Rivelli that ‘we're Israeli’, admitted to the interviewer:

‘We are coming from a country that experiences terror daily.

Our purpose was to document the event’. By his own admission, then, Ellner stood on the New Jersey waterfront documenting with film and video a terrorist act before anyone knew it was a terrorist act.
Victory! Breaking: Nevada Fox News debate killed. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and the Nevada Democratic Party announced today that they are backing out of a Fox News-sponsored presidential debate in August following Fox President Roger Ailes?s recent remarks comparing Democratic Senator Barack Obama to al Qaeda terrorist Osama Bin Laden.
"America Back on Track" (Hardcover), By Senator Ted Kennedy

10.Mar.2007 Democrats shift debate to Iraq endgame
Just Another Orwellian Bushevik World Revelation: Report Says FBI Violated Patriot Act Guidelines
Furious U.S. Democrats threatened Friday to limit the FBI's anti-terror powers after an audit uncovered major problems with how agents used the Patriot Act to secretly obtain personal information like credit reports. 3/9
2-1 Conservative Majority in D.C. Court of Appeals Overturns Judicial Precedent and Claims Second Amendment Grants Individual Right. A Bad Decision for America's Security and Safety. 3/9

10.Mar.2007 "Boiling Point: How Politicians, Big Oil and Coal, Journalists and Activists Are Fueling the Climate Crisis--and What We Can Do to Avert Disaster" (Hardcover). A BuzzFlash Book Value Offer.
The Next Step for Congresswoman Heather Wilson of New Mexico is Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer in ProsecutorGate: She is the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week.

10.Mar.2007 Appeals Court Says Gun Ban in DC Violates 2nd Amendment; Court relied on a interpretation rejected by nine federal appeals courts 3/10
Winner of Two First Place Project Censored Awards in the Last Three Years -- and Four Project Censored Awards Overall in the Same Period of Times, BuzzFlash is Asking for Your Financial Support Now.

10.Mar.2007 Planet Earth · Parent & Child Advocacy, Surrey ... world's largest deserts, the Kalahari in southern Africa, could double in size because of global warming .
10.Mar.2007 20061115 Nov.2006 Global Warming Debunker Debunked - kdawson 126+ - ... Nov.2006 Inhofe Attacks Children’s Book on Global Warming - Judd - ...
10.Mar.2007 weblog » 1 - Top Stories He also made $400000 selling his 65-foot flat bottom riverboat to New York developer Thomas Kontogiannis, on whose behalf Cunningham wrote a favorable ...
Wot Is It Good 4: 03/01/2006 - 04/01/2006 laura: "From August until October 2004, Georgia Kontogiannis, the wife of alleged Duke Cunningham co-conspirator Thomas Kontogiannis, gave $18000 to ...
Wot Is It Good 4: 02/01/2006 - 03/01/2006 And if the Armenians bribe Duke Cunningham in an attempt to level the playing field, again, ... and leave out the part about Duke financier, Kontogiannis.

10.Mar.2007 Librarian3: Bush Campaign Chair Corruption in CA. Randy "Duke" Cunningham for help in landing millions of dollars in federal contracts. ... businessman Thomas Kontogiannis and financier John T. ...
10.Mar.2007 VoyForums: Potpourri Thomas Kontogiannis, businessman and un

Die nun anlaufenden Anhörungen sind von Menschenrechtlern heftig kritisiert worden. Das Vorgehen sei rechtswidrig und US-Behörden hätten Aussagen unter Folter erzwungen. Ein weiterer Vorwurf: Das US-Militär habe Scheintribunale eingerichtet, die die erzwungenen Aussagen sogar heranziehen dürften.

Außerdem werde den Häftlingen bei der Anhörung nicht einmal ein Rechtsbeistand zugestanden.
10.Mar.2007,1518,druck-470922,00.html Vorwürfe: Rechtswidriges Verfahren und zensierte Protokolle
10.Mar.2007,1518,druck-470922,00.html Er galt als Nummer drei
10.Mar.2007,1518,druck-470922,00.html In Pentagon-Unterlagen wird er als "einer der berüchtigsten Terroristen der Geschichte" bezeichnet,
10.Mar.2007,1518,druck-470922,00.html der den USA bislang ins Netz ging.
10.Mar.2007,1518,druck-470922,00.html Der Pakistaner Khalid Scheich Mohammed ist der größte Fang,
10.Mar.2007,1518,druck-470922,00.html Die Liste der Verdächtigen liest sich wie ein "Who's Who?" des Terrorismus.
10.Mar.2007,1518,druck-470922,00.html Die Anhörungen im Hochsicherheitstrakt des Lagers sind der erste Schritt zur Anklage vor den umstrittenen Militärtribunalen,

die eigens für die Guantanamo-Insassen eingerichtet wurden.

Und sie folgen ihren eigenen Regeln:

Die Anhörungen finden unter Ausschluss der Öffentlichkeit statt, Beobachter sind nicht zugelassen;

den Verdächtigen wird kein Anwalt zur Seite gestellt, sondern nur ein US-Offizier, der sie "repräsentiert";

ein Gremium aus drei Offizieren muss entscheiden, ob es sich bei den Verdächtigen tatsächlich um "feindliche Kämpfer" handelt, die dann vor einem Tribunal abgeurteilt werden können.
[imc-alberta] Michael Jackson arrested or Miami crushes anti ... +

... recorded phone conversations between project leader John Lavorato + Belden released by the utility suggest they knew the scheme - similar to those ... risktrac_portfolio_book - View as HTML
00.Mar.2006 -Enron-TrialWatch-Archives To take a look at Fastow's indictment, biography + plea bargain,

... knew "(ENA Chief Operating Officer John) Lavorato told Mr. Skilling the reserves were ...
20061201 According to his biography on this web page, his publications have been ... John Lavorato;

Billy Lemmons;

Errol Mclaughlin;

Dutch Quigley;

Robin Rodrigue ... - 346
The Tyranny Response Unit News 14 release of Bush Family biography.

The biography is obviously unauathorized. ... + recorded phone conversations between project leader John Lavorato + ...
People from KY-LG in Spoke's business directory

The Lawyers — attorney biography, are not certified by the Texas Board of Legal ... John Lavorato — President and CEO, Enron Americas of Enron Corp ...
Too Beautiful, the blog project leader John Lavorato + Enron trader Tim Belden show they knew the scheme -- similar to those later used in California -- was illegal.
Page 1 of 130 = Enron Corp. Board of Directors Meeting ...


Mark Frevert Dave Delainey John Lavorato


Mark Frevert John Sherriff

bankrupt com tcr_public 021104 mbx

John Lavorato, - Jeffrey Hodge + - Mark Taylor. are being asked by the government agencies to give testimony or information as witnesses about the ...
T R O U B L E D C O M P A N Y R E P O R T E R Tuesday, February 8 ... Enron's Portland trading office + John Lavorato, who led the Project Stanley project for Enron, were both well aware of the Tom Lavoie — Lavrentis Lavrentiadis : ZoomInfo Business People ...

John Lavorato, CPA, ... - John graduated from San Jose State University . ... Robin Lavornia Lila Delman Real Estate - Robin Lavornia Realtor Biography ...
Pam Darling — Willard Darling : ZoomInfo Business People Information

Darling, Pamela, LAVORATO & DARLING INC, John Lavorato and Pam Darling . ... Darling, Toby, Biography, Toby Darling, ..., Biography ...
10.Mar.2007 Biblis- Laufzeiten: Merkel stützt Gabriel im Atom- Streit

10.Mar.2007 Parlamentswahl: Hardliner siegen in Nordirland

10.Mar.2007 Irak: Premier auf kippeligem Stuhl
10.Mar.2007 Anti- Terror- Kampf: FBI bespitzelte unkontrolliert US- Bürger - Politiker schockiert
09.Mar.2007 Homeland Security Tests Snoop Computer System - CowboyNeal 140 - Parallax Blue writes

"The Washington Times reports that Homeland Security has developed + is testing a new computer system called ADVISE (Analysis, Dissemination, Visualization, Insight and Semantic Enhancement) that collects + analyzes personal information on US citizens. Relevant data 'can include credit-card purchases, telephone or Internet details, medical records, travel and banking information.' The program apparently uses the same process as the Pentagon's Total Information Awareness project, which was aborted 00.000.2003 due to privacy concerns."
Speed Found to be Key to Galaxy Formation - CowboyNeal 46 - QuantumCrypto writes

"The All-wavelength Extended Groth strip International Survey (AEGIS), a collaborative effort involving nearly 100 scientists in half a dozen countries, revealed a new principle in the formation of all galaxies, from disk-like spirals, cloud-like ellipticals + just irregulars. In essence the morphology of the galaxies depends on total mass involved and the internal speed it generates.

'By defining a new speed indicator, their analysis has managed to make sense out of very chaotic-looking objects,' said Sandra Faber, professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz."
All Microsoft Updates Phone Home - samzenpus 213+ - juct writes

"In the wake of heise Security's report on the garrulous WGA Notification, Microsoft has now supplied additional details on the data sent.

They have revealed to developers that apparently all updates relay information to the company in Redmond."
Brain/Computer Gaming Interface Coming 00.000.2008 - samzenpus 26+ - -

"Emotiv Systems today unveiled a brain/computer interface system with a helmet and software applications at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

The Project Epoc system can move objects based on a gamer's thoughts, reflect facial expressions + respond to the excitement or calm the gamer mentally exerts, the company said....

While Emotiv is not yet ready to announce any partnerships, [they] did say the product will be coming to market 00.000.2008."
Remote Control To Prevent Aircraft Hijacking - ScuttleMonkey 342+ - Snad writes

"The UK's Evening Standard is reporting that Boeing plans to roll out aircraft remote control systems in a bid to eliminate the threat of terrorist hijackings + prevent any repetition of the events of 11.Sep.2001 .

'Scientists at aircraft giant Boeing are testing the tamper-proof autopilot system which uses state-of-the-art computer and satellite technology.

It will be activated by the pilot flicking a simple switch or by pressure sensors fitted to the cockpit door that will respond to any excessive force as terrorists try to break into the flight deck.

Once triggered, no one on board will be able to deactivate the system. Currently, all autopilots are manually switched on and off at the discretion of pilots.

A threatened airliner could be flown to a secure military base or a commercial airport, where it would touch down using existing landing aids known as 'autoland function'.'"
Total Information Awareness is Back - Paul Joseph Watson -Resurgence of the mother of all surveillance programs
09.Mar.2007 US-Brazil deal to boost bio-fuels sources, in an attempt to reduce dependence on oil.
09.Mar.2007 FBI obtained records 'illegally' The FBI illegally or improperly obtained information on the US public, a new justice department report says.
EU deal on renewable energy EU leaders agree to adopt a binding renewable energy target, a day after backing cuts in carbon emissions.
09.Mar.2007 Guantanamo to hold key hearings Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged 9/11 mastermind + 13 other key Guantanamo inmates face hearings.
09.Mar.2007 Pakistan's top judge is suspended Pakistan's top judge, Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry is suspended by President Pervez Musharraf for "misuse of authority".
09.Mar.2007 Turk guilty of genocide remarks A Swiss court convicts a Turkish politician who denied that

00.000.1915 mass killings of Armenians amounted to genocide.
Argentine ex-military ruler held Reynaldo Bignone, the last of Argentina's military rulers, is arrested as part of an inquiry into human rights abuses.
09.Mar.2007 Chavez attacks Bush 'domination' Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez lambastes President Bush as the pair continue rival Latin American tours.
09.Mar.2007 EU plans to re-engage with Syria The European Union prepares to restart high-level contacts with Syria for the first time in more than two years.
09.Mar.2007 Egypt anger over US rights report Egypt reacts angrily to criticism of its human rights record by the USA - one of its main allies.
09.Mar.2007 Sinai war film maker admits error A director whose documentary sparked an Israeli-Egyptian row admits wrongly identifying 1967 war dead as Egyptians.
09.Mar.2007 Crime boss jailed for seven years One of the UK's most notorious criminals is jailed for seven years for money laundering offences.
09.Mar.2007 Robo-salamander's evolution clues A Franco-Swiss team uses a robot amphibian to study how the first land animals on Earth might have walked.
09.Mar.2007 The Green Room Germany's Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel says species loss is making the world a poorer place.
09.Mar.2007 Strong exports narrow US deficit Soaring US exports help to narrow the country's trade deficit, while unemployment falls slightly.
09.Mar.2007 Bush greeted by clashes in Brazil Riot police and protesters clash in Sao Paulo as the US president arrives at the start of a Latin American tour.
DR Congo 'uranium ring smashed' A Congolese minister says an international network to illegally use the country's uranium has been broken up.
09.Mar.2007 EU to look at cloned meat safety Europe's food watchdog is to assess whether meat and dairy products from cloned animals are safe to eat.
09.Mar.2007 Democrats set Iraq pull-out plans Democrats in the US Congress propose legislation requiring all US troops to leave Iraq by 00.Aug.2008 .
09.Mar.2007 Cyclone batters western Australia At least two people are killed and about 20 injured as a powerful cyclone hits north-west Australia.
09.Mar.2007 PM 'says Israel pre-planned war' Israel's PM Ehud Olmert said its Lebanon war strategy was drawn up months in advance, a newspaper claims.
09.Mar.2007 EU 'close to renewables target' EU leaders are edging closer to a deal on binding targets for renewable energy use, sources in Brussels say.
09.Mar.2007 Israeli army 'used human shields' Israel's human rights group B'Tselem accuses the Israeli army of recently using two Palestinians as human shields.
09.Mar.2007 World's billionaires at record high Almost 1,000 people can now lay claim to being members of the world's billionaire club, says Forbes magazine.
09.Mar.2007 General says Iraq talks critical The top US general in Iraq says force alone will not end the conflict, as political reconciliation is "critical".
09.Mar.2007 US coast guard in Cuba exercise The US coast guard stages a huge exercise to prepare for a possible mass Cuban exodus.
09.Mar.2007 Iran police stop women's protest Police in Tehran prevent protests outside parliament to mark International Women's Day.
09.Mar.2007 EU leaders face climate challenge European leaders, looking to set the pace in the race against global warming, consider tough new targets.
09.Mar.2007 UN official guilty in bribe case A Russian diplomat at the UN is found guilty of conspiracy to launder hundreds of thousands of dollars.
09.Mar.2007 FBI 'Misused' Patriot Act

The FBI was acting illegally when it used the USA Patriot Act to covertly obtain telephone, business and financial records about people living in the USA, according to an audit by the Justice Department. By AP.
Sweden: Monitor Communications A Swedish government security plan would allow a defense intelligence agency to monitor - without a court order - e-mail traffic + phone calls crossing the nation's borders. By AP.
09.Mar.2007 March 8, 1918: The Killer The first case of Spanish infuenza is reported. Unfortunately, it won't be the last. Compiled by Tony Long.
09.Mar.2007 EU Plan for Greener Planet German Chancellor pushes Green agenda at the European Union Summit. Plus: Congress proposes a pricey Great Lakes cleanup plan and TiVo steadies its losses.
09.Mar.2007 Crash-Testing a Killer Bot Israel rolls out a tiny, Uzi-toting robot. But what happens when the armed equivalent of the Blue Screen of Death occurs? In Danger Room. In Danger Room.
09.Mar.2007 France Bans 'Happy Slapping' On the anniversary of motorist Rodney King's beating by Los Angeles police being caught on amateur video,

France approves a law that bars non-professional journalists from filming violent attacks and distributing them on the internet. By AP.
I'm getting quite fed up with the Muckrakers Report's disinfo - BG -clipped from

taking the fat out of the fat bin Laden confession video

07.Mar.2007 For millions of people seeking the truth about

11.Sep.2001 the videotape released by the Department of Defense on

13.Dec.2001 in which Osama bin Laden confesses to prior knowledge of 9/11 has been a
01.Jan.1953-31.Dez.1953 -Das Jahr-Ereignisse + Auswirkungen - HTML-Version Was nachweislich dennoch stattfand, war der geheime Einsatz. einer durch die CIA angeleitete Emigranteneinheit („Red Sox/Red Caps“) in. Ungarn ab dem 23.
09.Mar.2007 Merkels Scheinerfolg: Geschönt, gemogelt, gefeiert
09.Mar.2007 Regional- Währungen: Wirtschaftsboom durch bunte Blüten

09.Mar.2007 Dramatischer Kursrutsch: Wall Street fürchtet Immobilien- Pleite
"Unterschwellige Reize können nur Verhalten verstärken, das ohnehin geplant war", erklärt Wilfried Kunde, Psychologe an der Universität Halle. Ein bereits geplanter Tastendruck mit der rechten oder linken Hand kann beschleunigt werden, wenn der unterschwellige "Prime" passt - viel mehr aber auch nicht.
immer gilt: Ein unsichtbarer Reiz kann eine später auszuführende Handlung beschleunigen oder abbremsen. Präsentiert man Menschen beispielsweise Ziffern, die sie möglichst schnell als größer oder kleiner fünf einstufen sollen, klappt diese Einstufung zügiger, wenn zuvor eine entsprechende kleine oder große Ziffer unterschwellig gezeigt wurde. Blitzt eine unsichtbare "1" auf, kann eine anschließend gezeigte, sichtbare "3" schneller als "kleiner fünf" klassifiziert werden, wurde vorher eine "6" gezeigt, geht die Einstufung der "3" langsamer vonstatten.

Tatsächlich haben Bahador Bahrami vom University College London und seine Kollegen etwas ganz anderes gezeigt:

Dass Unterschwelliges nur dann im Gehirn ankommt, wenn man Aufmerksamkeit dafür übrig hat - so paradox das klingt.

Unbewusste Beeinflussung existiert tatsächlich

Dass nicht bewusst wahrnehmbare Reize vom Gehirn tatsächlich verarbeitet werden, ist seit langem bekannt.

"Priming" nennen Psychologen das, wenn man einer Versuchsperson zum Beispiel einen nach rechts zeigenden Pfeil extrem kurz präsentiert - + anschließend an der gleichen Stelle etwas anderes erscheinen lässt, so

dass das Nachbild des Pfeils von der Netzhaut gelöscht wird.

Der Pfeil stimmt das Gehirn auf "rechts" ein:

Lässt man die Versuchsperson anschließend eine Taste drücken, kann sie das schneller, wenn diese auf der rechten Seite der Tastatur liegt - der Pfeil, der in diese Richtung zeigt, hat das Gehirn gewissermaßen darauf vorbereitet, dass rechts gleich irgendetwas getan werden muss. Obwohl die Versuchsperson selbst gar nicht weiß, dass der Pfeil da war.

Die Bemühungen der US-Regierung, die pakistanische Führung zu einer konstruktiveren Zusammenarbeit zu drängen, dürften zumindest teilweise innenpolitischen Ursprungs sein.

Die Mehrheit der Demokraten in beiden Parlamentskammern gibt der US-Regierung paradoxerweise die Möglichkeit, den Druck auf Regierungen in der Region zu erhöhen.

Immer wieder fordern die Demokraten angesichts der ausbleibenden sicherheitspolitischen und demokratischen Erfolge in den Ländern, die teils enormen Hilfszahlungen und militärischen Zulieferungen zu kürzen oder zu stoppen. Pakistan, als enger US-Verbündeter im Anti-Terror-Kampf, würde ein solcher Schritt besonders treffen.
Afghanistan: Bundestag schickt Tornados über die Front
09.Mar.2007 Zweites Gutachten: Berliner Psychiater soll Ex- RAF- Terrorist Klar bewerten
09.Mar.2007 Anti- Terror- Kampf: USA planen für Bin Laden böse Geburtstagsüberraschung

09.Mar.2007 Kriminalitätsbericht: Gewalt in US- Städten explodiert
09.Mar.2007 Durchbruch bei EU- Gipfel: Europa will Weltmeister im Klimaschutz werden
09.Mar.2007 Unbemanntes Shuttle: Italiener testen eigenen Raumgleiter
Atommeiler Biblis A: Gabriel schmettert Antrag auf längere Laufzeit ab
09.Mar.2007 Lateinamerika- Reise: Ausschreitungen bei Anti- Bush- Demos in São Paulo und Bogotá
09.Mar.2007 Bundestags- Eklat: Linke mussten Plenum verlassen
09.Mar.2007 Internet- Rechner: CO2- Schleuder Mensch

09.Mar.2007 Verfassungsgericht: Unions- Rebellen klagen gegen Tornado- Einsatz

09.Mar.2007 Nachhaltiges Reisen: Veranstalter auf dem Öko- Trip

09.Mar.2007 Afghanistan- Mission: Parlament stimmt für Tornado- Einsatz
09.Mar.2007 Unterschwellige Beeinflussung: Die Angst vor dem Hexenwerk
09.Mar.2007 Erfolg für Merkel: EU einigt sich im Klimastreit
09.Mar.2007 W&F1-06 Carlyle 1, Die bisher einzige Monografie zu Carlyle ist: Briody, Dan: The Iron Triangle . Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group, New Jersey 2003. ...
09.Mar.2007 Einleitung „Vor 8 Wochen gab es noch keinen Oberbürgermeister ... Das versuchte Miteinander im Kampf gegen Hitler scheiterte zum einen an den unterschiedlichen ... der „ Kampf gegen den Bolschewismus “ ginge jedoch weiter.
09.Mar.2007 Roll List for Berlin Document Center Library Collection, A3345-B ...

Kampf gegen die Hochfinanz (Fight against high finance)1933. ... signed by A. Hitler, permitting defined structure for top SA leadership with three ...
09.Mar.2007 IMIS-BEITRÄGE - HTML-Version Although Switzerland had signed a reciprocal treaty on visas with ...

Im Kampf gegen Hitler . Deutsche Sozialisten im Schweizer Exil 1933–1945, Zurich ...
09.Mar.2007 JSTOR: Soldiers, Nazis + War in the Third Reich However, while grate- fully accepting Hitler's proposal of a so-called ...

"Freiwillige für den 'Kreuzzug Europas gegen den Bolschewismus,'" in Der Angriff ...
JSTOR: The Organisation Consul 39 Rudolf Kanzler, Bayerns Kampf gegen den Bolschewismus (Munich, 1931), pp. ... and some of his close associates, remained rivals of Hitler to the end.

09.Mar.2007 Titel So hatten sie auch ihre Rolle als Alliierte im Kampf gegen den Hitlerfaschismus ... die Aufgabe hatten, als „Bollwerk gegen den Bolschewismus " zu dienen. ...
09.Mar.2007 GERMAN FREECORPS IN THE BALTIC, 1918-1919 Charles L. Sullivan ... schen Separatismus, russischen Bolschewismus, und die Awaloff-Bermondt Affdre ...

27 General Ftrst Pavel Mikhailovich Awaloff-Bermondt, Im Kampf gegen den ...
Convergence: The Classic Case Nazi Germany, Anti-Semitism and Anti ...
See also the sequel to Mein Kampf that Hitler wrote 00.000.1928 but did not ... [45] “Die Briten–Helfer des Bolschewismus ,” + “USA auch in Vorderasien,” ...


Drei Jahre später, als Hitler gegen Stalin antrat, hatte sich die Rote Armee ... tauchen die damals obligatorischen Angriffe gegen den Bolschewismus auf.
01.Sep.1941"Sozialistische Mitteilungen",Nr.29 vom- Die britischen + russischen Truppen sind ohne Kampf im Iran einmarschiert,[2]

um eine gemeinsame Verteidigungsstellung gegen einen neuen Vorstoss Hitlers ...
"Renaissance Nr. 3 - Projekt ISK-Zeitschriften retrodigitalisiert Leute, die schon während des Kampfes gegen Hitler die Spaltung der Hitler - ...

Der Kampf gegen die "übermässigen" Profite wird im Dritten Reich nur ...
20051104 Nov.2005 Im Kampf gegen al-Qaida soll die CIA hochrangige ... KAPITAL dazu gebracht hat Hitler aufzubauen und den Krieg gegen "den Bolschewismus " zu führen ...
20050317 Referent Dr Eduard Stadtler über „ Bolschewismus als Weltgefahr" ...

Mar.2005 Medien in der Türkei: Schily wehrt sich gegen Hitler -Vergleiche ...
(Microsoft Word - 14_illegale_Bl\344tter.doc) - HTML-Version
Bolschewismus die Macht in Polen rücksichtslos an sich reißen will, ... polnische politische Häftlinge sich in ungleichem Kampf gegen ihre Ermordung gewehrt ... (Microsoft Word - 02_Einf\374hrung.doc) - HTML-Version
Jüdischer Bolschewismus - Zur Identifikation von Juden + Kommunismus im ...

Stichwortgeber für dessen Kampf gegen die innenpolitische Opposition ...
00.000.1839-00.000.1937 ROCKEFELLER I, John Davison

... der Pennsylvania-Eisenbahn. Rockefeller besuchte Scott + legte ihm höflich nahe, ... von seinen Extratouren doch lieber abzulassen. Scott weigerte sich.
Offenbar - und das ist eine für Biologen potentiell wichtige Erkenntnis - hätten die ersten Landtiere keine vollständig neuen Nervenbahnen entwickeln müssen, um ihr Repertoire an Fortbewegungsmethoden zu erweitern.
Es gibt nur wenige Maschinen, die sich ähnlich wie Tiere oder Menschen fortbewegen können, ohne dabei unfreiwillig komisch zu wirken.

Noch seltener aber sind Maschinen, die gleich auf drei Arten vom Fleck kommen: Der mechanische Salamander kann kriechen, laufen und schwimmen.

Doch selbst das ist nur ein Nebenprodukt seiner eigentlichen Aufgebe:

Er soll helfen, eine zentrale Frage zur Entwicklung der Wirbeltiere zu beantworten - wie die Meerestiere die Fähigkeit zur Fortbewegung weiterentwickelten, als sie

vor rund 400 Millionen Jahren begannen, das Land zu erobern.

Der Roboter-Salamander zeigt, dass die Umstellung möglicherweise einfacher war als bisher vermutet, schreiben Forscher aus der Schweiz + Frankreich in der aktuellen Ausgabe des Fachblatts "Science" (Bd. 315, S. 1416). Schon eine simple Verstärkung des Gehirnsignals zur Steuerung der Fortbewegung könne ausreichen, um von Laufen auf Schwimmen umzuschalten.

Ein Schlüsseltier namens Salamander
Mitmachen beim Chaos Communication Camp Feenstaub für die Welt von morgen

08.Aug.2007-12.Aug.2007 fragen sich Hacker auf dem Chaos Communication Camp 2007 am Flughafenmuseum Finowfurt bei Berlin, wie die Welt aussehen soll, in der sie morgen leben möchten.

Der Call for Participations ist online und verschafft einen ersten Eindruck von den Themen und Workshops des größten europäischen Outdoor-Hackertreffen.

Besonders umstritten sind offenbar die Stellen, in denen Plame über ihre Zeit als sogenannter NOC in Europa erzählt.

Die "Non Offical Cover" sind ein besonders gut gehütetes Geheimnis der CIA, die im Ausland stationierten Agenten geben sich meist als Geschäftsleute aus.

Plame soll eine Zeit in Europa als NOC gearbeitet haben, angeblich als Energieberaterin. Weil europäische Verbündete auf solche Agentenspiele ziemlich gereizt reagieren können, will die CIA davon kein Wort lesen.

Zudem soll offenbar kein Präjudiz geschaffen werden, zumindest ehemalige Undercover-Agenten sollen sich nicht auch noch in die Riege der schreibfreudigen CIA-Pensionäre einreihen dürfen.

Zwei Millionen soll allein der Verlag für das begehrteste Manuskript zur Affäre garantiert haben, die Memoiren der einstigen CIA-Agentin Valerie Plame.

Der Verrat ihres Namens löste die umfangreichen Ermittlungen eines Sonderermittlers aus, die letztlich zu Libbys Verurteilung führten.

Warner Brothers hat die Filmrechte erworben. In Hollywood schwirren schon Gerüchte, dass Nicole Kidman die attraktive Blondine und Zwillingsmutter spielen soll, deren Foto inzwischen ganz Amerika kennt.

Das Timing wäre jetzt ideal, aber ob und wann Valerie Plame ihre persönliche Geschichte der Affäre veröffentlichen darf, ist völlig ungewiss. Das Manuskript ist lange fertig, aber erscheinen darf es nicht.

Seit Monaten verweigert der Geheimdienst die Freigabe, es drohe "operativer Schaden", behauptete CIA-Sprecher Mark Mansfield gegenüber der "New York Times."

Washington - Es gibt Zeiten, da empfindet selbst die liberale "Washington Post" Mitleid mit der Bush-Truppe.

Irak, Afghanistan, der Skandal um die mangelhafte Versorgung von Kriegsveteranen und dann auch noch die Verurteilung von Lewis Libby, Vizepräsident Dick Cheneys früherem Stabschef.

Im Weißen Haus, befand das Blatt diese Woche mitfühlend, "müsse ein Gefühl wie in einer überarbeiteten Notfallambulanz herrschen".
"Forbes"- Liste der Milliardäre: Russland, Indien, China - die neue Heimat der Superreichen
09.Mar.2007 Klimaschutz: Rasmussen rühmt Dänemark als Musterland

09.Mar.2007 Gute Geschäftszahlen: VW- Aktie springt auf Allzeithoch

09.Mar.2007 Reformprojekt: Bundestag beschließt Rente mit 67
09.Mar.2007 "Orbital Express": Mechaniker- Roboter ins All gestartet
09.Mar.2007 CIA- Affäre: Das Weiße Haus wird "Jane Bond" nicht los

09.Mar.2007 "Wegbereiter des Osthandels": Wolff von Amerongen ist tot
09.Mar.2007 EU- Gipfel: Merkel jubelt über Durchbruch im Klimastreit

09.Mar.2007 CIA- Affäre: Enttarnte US- Agentin Plame sagt vor Kongress aus
09.Mar.2007 Biomechanik: Roboter schwimmt und rennt wie ein Salamander
09.Mar.2007 Gipfel- Streit: EU ringt um Klima- Kompromiss - Merkel muss in Nachspielzeit

09.Mar.2007 Ökosteuer: EU- Blockade kostet Firmen teils Millionen
09.Mar.2007 Lateinamerika- Reise: Brasilianer protestieren gegen Bush
09.Mar.2007 Geteilte Insel: Griechische Zyprer reißen Grenzmauer ein

08.Mar.2007 Abstimmung: Gewerkschaften warnen bis zuletzt vor der Rente mit 67

08.Mar.2007 Afghanistan- Mission: Unionspolitiker wollen gegen Tornado- Einsatz klagen
08.Mar.2007 US- Präsidentschaftskandidat: Weiße Weste im Wahlkampf
08.Mar.2007 Neue Studie: Jeder fünfte Deutsche arbeitet schwarz
23.Apr.2001 Audio + transcript of the ABC News television report on hidden video caught of a Skull and Bones ritual by New York Observer reporter Ron Rosenbaum