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17.Jan.2007 MIA faces very significant challenges

00.Nov.2006 -in early- we came under sustained denial of service attack from Internet hosts in China attempting to exploit a misconfiguration in our server's operating system.

The nature and origin of the attack, our previous history with the PRC + the experience of others suggest that this maybe politically motivated and directed by the Chinese government.

23.Jan.2007 According to the researchers, the results suggest that altruistic behavior may originate from how people view the world rather than how they act in it.
"We believe that the ability to perceive other people's actions as meaningful is critical for altruism," Tankersley said.
Link to press release, Link to HealthDay article, Link to abstract in Nature Neuroscience
23.Jan.2007 “The question is why do people create this illusion of magical power?” said the lead author, Emily Pronin, an assistant professor of psychology + public affairs at Princeton.

“I think in part it’s because we are constantly exposed to our own thoughts, they are most salient to us” — and thus we are likely to overestimate their connection to outside events.
The brain, moreover, has evolved to make snap judgments about causation + will leap to conclusions well before logic can be applied.
23.Jan.2007 Dinosaur may have resembled the biplane 

The intriguing possibility of a biplane dinosaur - Microraptor gui - is suggested by Sankar Chatterjee of Texas Tech University in this week's online issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.posted by Prof. Hex
23.Jan.2007 The Many Benefits of Tea Tree Oil 

The name tea tree originated in 1770 when British explorer James Cook made a drink from this long-leaved herb found only in the coastal wetlands of Australia. While Cook realized that this new found herb could treat scurvy, only recently have the myriad of health benefits from tea tree oil been discovered. posted by Prof. Hex
23.Jan.2007 Vote fraud: Not just a conspiracy theory anymore  Cannonfire keeps an eye on it. posted by Prof. Hex
23.Jan.2007 Venezuela To Begin Imposing Tax On Idle Lands In April : A new tax seeks to force landowners to produce, which is part of Chavez's controversial land law.

The rules stipulate that those who own large land estates must engage in some sort of state sanctioned production program or face taxes and possibly even expropriation.

23.Jan.2007 This exposes Britain not as peacemaker, but perpetrator: Now it's official: the state sponsored death squads for years in Northern Ireland and this collusion prolonged the war

23.Jan.2007 UK: Compared to the enormity of the war, this is a paltry scandal : Cash for honours is a trifle when set against Iraq. But our leaders can get away with anything if the economy holds up

23.Jan.2007 Former "enemy combatant" Padilla insists he's sane: Jose Padilla rocked back + forth during the meetings with a psychologist, his chained hands sweating + facial muscles twitching + insisted repeatedly in a voice devoid of emotion that he was not crazy.

23.Jan.2007 Australia wants U.S.-held captive charged soon: Australia has asked the USA to bring new charges against Australia's sole remaining inmate at Guantánamo Bay

by the middle of next month, the prime minister said today.

23.Jan.2007 Prisoners continue hunger strike at Canada’s Guantánamo: Mohammad Mahjoub, Mahmoud Jaballah + Hassan Almrei—

who have been imprisoned indefinitely without charge or trial under a Canadian government “national security certificate”—are continuing a hunger strike to protest their inhumane conditions of detention.

23.Jan.2007 Prosecutor: Libby 'wiped out' Cheney memo: Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald used his opening statement in the CIA leak trial Tuesday to allege that Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff lied about Cheney's early involvement in the disclosure of a spy’s identity.

23.Jan.2007 U.N. climate panel to project wrenching change: A U.N. climate panel will project wrenching disruptions to nature

by 2100 in a report next week blaming human use of fossil fuels more clearly than ever for global warming, scientific sources said.

23.Jan.2007 The EPA Closes Its Libraries, Destroys Documents: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has begun closing its nationwide network of scientific libraries, effectively preventing EPA scientists + the public from accessing vast amounts of data and information on issues from toxicology to pollution.

23.Jan.2007 Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" Banned!: "Condoms don't belong in school + neither does Al Gore.

He's not a schoolteacher," said Frosty Hardison, a parent of seven who also said that he believes the Earth is 14,000 years old. "

23.Jan.2007 Bonds: As oil falls, exporters cut levels of U.S. debt: OPEC nations are selling U.S. Treasury securities at the fastest pace in more than three years as tumbling crude oil prices have sent bond prices falling.

23.Jan.2007 01/22/07 The Unthinkable: The US- Israeli Nuclear War on Iran - By Michel Chossudovsky
At no point since the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on

06.Aug.1945 has humanity been closer to the unthinkable, a nuclear holocaust which could potentially spread, in terms of radioactive fallout, over a large part of the Middle East. Continue

23.Jan.2007 Texan Poker Bluff and Persian Chess Moves -K Gajendra Singh
Like Iraq, some fancy schemes are on the anvil in the Pentagon .

To ward off the threats to the world economy if Tehran curtailed oil traffic through the Strait of Hormuz, the US has reportedly made contingency plans for the indefinite takeover of Iranian territory in Chah Bahar, which would deny Tehran its strategic leverage with Hormuz. Continue

23.Jan.2007 A Fool's Errand in Baghdad -By Mike Whitney
Let’s assume for a moment, that Dick Cheney is the driving force behind the plan to surge in Iraq.

Does anyone really believe that the vice president is genuinely concerned about the safety of the Iraqi people? Continue

23.Jan.2007 Only Impeachment Can Prevent More War -By Paul Craig Roberts
Everyone knows that Bush’s Iraq “surge” will not work. Even the authors of the plan, neoconservatives Frederick Kagan + Jack Keane, have emphasized that the plan cannot work with any less than an addition of 50,000 US troops committed to another three years of combat. Bush is only adding 40% of that number of troops + Defense Secretary Gates speaks of the operation being over by summer’s end.

23.Jan.2007 Oil, Not Terrorists, the Reason for US Attack on Somalia -By Wanjohi Kabukuru
Just why did the US attack Somalia two weeks ago? Of course, the answer given for the US military intervention and the generally accepted notion is the hunt for terrorists. But is it?

Are terrorists the only bone of contention the US has with Somalia?

00.000.1993 -When the US military devised “Operation Restore Hope”- which was short-lived after they were whipsawed by rag-tag militia in and around Mogadishu, were they fighting the ‘war on terror’? Continue
23.Jan.2007 On the Edge of Civil War: the Cedar Revolution Goes South: Beirut is now occupied by a working class tent city with "Citrus" supporters from the Opposition: Religious Shias-Hezbollah (yellow), secular Shias- Amal (green) + Christians of the Free Patriotic Movement (orange). But all are united under one banner "Clean Up the Government!"
23.Jan.2007 Ex-US official: Bush would approve Iran attack: Richard Perle says, ‘If strike on Iran required US participation for success, president would agree'

23.Jan.2007 U.S. warns Iran to back off in Persian Gulf : A U.S. State Department official ruled out talks with Iran and said Tuesday that a second U.S. aircraft carrier strike group now steaming toward the Middle East is Washington's way of warning Tehran not to challenge America.

23.Jan.2007 Brzezinski: Bush Iran Policy ’Stupid’ : He stressed that it is utterly absurd to adopt a position that the US has the right to dictate what happens in Iraq, as if Iran has nothing to say.

23.Jan.2007 Iran says still cooperating with IAEA: Iran said on Tuesday it was still cooperating with the IAEA, the U.N. nuclear watchdog, despite announcing a day earlier that it was barring 38 inspectors from working in the country.

23.Jan.2007 War pimp alert: Edwards In Israel: Iran Threat Serious: "Iran is serious about its threats," former US Senator John Edwards has told an audience in Israel.

23.Jan.2007 War pimp alert: Romney in Israel: Calls for anti-apartheid-like sanctions against Iran : Former Massachusetts governor + potential 2008 presidential contender also urged states to divest in Iran, to seek the indictment of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on genocide charges, while also making it clear that pursuing nuclear weapons "can also be a source of peril" for Iran.

23.Jan.2007 War pimp alert: Woolsey In Israel: Attack Iran as last resort : Former CIA director James Wollsey Monday recommended using force if there is no other way to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb.

"If we need to use force, we should do it decisively, not some surgical (attack) on some single, or two or three facilities," he said

23.Jan.2007 Israeli billionaire Saban biggest donor to US politicians : Communications tycoon has donated at least USD 13 million to American politicians. As a close friend of the Clintons he contributed to the Democrats, but President Bush has not been deprived either

23.Jan.2007 Delegitimization of Israel rising among US elite: In the coming years American Jewry will face the most significant delegitimization of Israel it has ever encountered, Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice-chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

23.Jan.2007 Rep. Ron Paul: Can We Achieve Peace in the Middle East? : Practically speaking, our meddling in the Middle East has only intensified strife and conflict. American tax dollars have militarized the entire region. We give Israel about $3 billion each year, but we also give Egypt $2 billion.

23.Jan.2007 Israeli Army Using Mock City to Train : "We're definitely training for the next war," said Sgt. Shalev Nachum, a medic who fought in the Lebanon campaign. "Next time, it will be different."

23.Jan.2007 Israeli attorney general recommends indicting president in sex scandal : Israel's attorney general said Tuesday he intends to indict President Moshe Katsav on charges of rape and abuse of powe

23.Jan.2007 Stop the Jewish barbarians in Hebron: It is unthinkable that the memory of Auschwitz should serve as a pretext to ignore the fact that living here among us are Jews that behave toward Palestinians exactly the way that German, Hungarian, Polish and other anti-Semites behaved toward Jews.

23.Jan.2007 Israeli president to be charged with rape: Prosecutors intend to charge President Moshe Katsav with rape and other crimes against female employees, the Justice Ministry said on Tuesday, in what would be an unprecedented indictment against an Israeli head of state.
23.Jan.2007 4 More US senators disagree with Bush's Iraq plan: Opposition to President George W. Bush's plan to increase troop strength in Iraq broadened on Capitol Hill on Monday as a new bipartisan group of four senators announced their disagreement with the strategy.

23.Jan.2007 GOP Opposition to Troop Increase Grows : President Bush's decision to send more troops to Iraq evoked increasing Republican opposition as a Democratic-led Senate panel prepared tough questioning for the man who would carry out the plan as the new war commander.

23.Jan.2007 McCain Bashes Cheney Over Iraq Policy : With his presidential hopes tied to an administration whose Iraq policy he supports but cannot control, John McCain for the first time blamed Vice President Cheney for what McCain calls the "witch's brew" of a "terribly mishandled" war in which U.S. forces are on the verge of defeat

23.Jan.2007 Mercenary firm sues families of "murdered" employees: Private security contractor Blackwater USA is seeking $10 million from the attorney representing the estates of four employees killed and mutilated in Iraq, arguing their families breached the security guards' contracts by suing the company for wrongful death.

23.Jan.2007 "Al-Qaida's" faction in Iraq considered attack inside U.S.: The plot appeared to be little more than an informal list of al-Qaida-affiliated operatives and initial plans that was found during a search of a militants' hide-out in Iraq early last year

23.Jan.2007 US general sees $70 billion bill to expand Army: The Bush administration's plan to permanently increase the size of the U.S. Army, strained by wars in Iraq + Afghanistan,

will cost $70 billion over five years, a U.S. Army general said on Tuesday.

23.Jan.2007 U.S. generals - Iraq hurt ability to fight elsewhere: The USA' ability to take on a new fight has been hurt by its wars in Iraq + Afghanistan, the top military officials for the U.S. Army + Marine Corps told Congress

on Tuesday.
Israeli separation barrier is cutting off Palestinians from their livelihood - By Donald Macintyre in Jerusalem and Anne Penketh in Herziliya
A British government-funded report says the route of Israel's separation barrier is trapping 250,000 Palestinians in enclaves designed to protect Jewish settlers in the occupied territory.

23.Jan.2007 Turning Silence Into Gold
Hillary Clinton and the Israel Lobby - By Joshua
George W. Bush's position on Iran is "disturbing" and "dangerous," reads a position paper written

00.000.2005 -in late- by American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

One year ago the Bush administration accepted a Russian proposal to allow Iran to continue to develop nuclear energy under Russian supervision.

Needless to say, AIPAC wasn't the least bit happy about the compromise. Continue

23.Jan.2007 Obama: The Democratic Messiah? - By Joel S. Hischhorn
Is Obama just another example of how our corrupt political system ingeniously creates candidates to keep hope alive? Is the self-professed progressive Obama the real thing?

Is he something other than a conventional politician? Continue

23.Jan.2007 No Way In - No Way Out - By Sheila Samples
Americans who cherish freedom would do well to stop stumbling around in the trees and forests of the illegal immigration debate and see that the Bush administration is well on its way to closing the borders of the entire nation, not only to people trying to get in, but to citizens trying to get out.

23.Jan.2007 Bush Continues to Unite the World... Against Him - By Jim Lobe
Despite two years of a concentrated effort by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her public diplomacy major- doma Karen Hughes to boost Washington's global image, more people around the world have an unfavourable opinion of U.S. policies than at any time in recent memory, according to a new BBC poll.

23.Jan.2007 Bush by the Numbers - By Frank J. Ranelli
As Americans grow wearier of Bush and his obsession with Iraq by the moment, his approval rating continues a grave and precipitous drop.

Now, nearly three-fourths of the nation is in staunch disagreement with President Bush Virtually in uncharted territory in terms of unpopularity,

the only legacy Bush appears to have ensured for himself is unreserved failure . Continue
23.Jan.2007 Why Won't the Corporate Press Discuss Bush's Character Problem? -- A BuzzFlash Editorial
Cheney Blockbusters Emerge at Libby Trial Opening

23.Jan.2007 Brent Budowsky: Al Gore's Moment: Movies That Matter And Leadership That Makes A Difference - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Prosecutor Fitzgerald: Vice presidential adviser Lewis "Scooter" Libby first learned the wife of an administration foe worked for the CIA from Vice President Cheney himself, the prosecutor in Libby's perjury and obstruction trial said this morning. 1/24
Blockbuster Cheney Revelations at Libby Trial. Also, Scooter Destroyed Evidence. 1/24

23.Jan.2007 Chicago Sun-Times: "Sen. Barack Obama on Monday refused to rule in or out the possibility that he might end up on a 2008 Democratic ticket with Hillary Clinton." 1/23
Bush Betrays Our Soldiers Yet Again: Defense Department officials have laid off most of their case workers who help severely injured service members, sources said.

23.Jan.2007 Bush Touts "Life" on Roe v. Wade Anniversary. Just Don't Ask Him about Stem Cells, Iraq, Global Warming, etc. -- A BuzzFlash News Alert
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

23.Jan.2007 Aide: In SOTU speech, Bush wants to slash gasoline consumption by 20 % by 2017, mostly through ethanol; Where Was This 00.000.2001? 1/24
23.Jan.2007 Permalink
Bob Fertik develops the thesis that these documents - which no outsider has yet seen - constitute a Rovian trick, developed in time for the State of the Union speech.

After reviewing the three published versions of this story (below), it's perfectly clear there are no credible facts - no independently verified documents, no identified witnesses + no suspects.

The whole story hinges on a single document, which was not seen by any of the reporters and probably does not exist.
Doesn't anyone in the Corporate Media remember the utterly bogus Niger forgery (created by Michael Ledeen + his Italian intelligence cronies) that helped launch the war - + led to the Wilson-Plame scandal that put Scooter Libby on trial?
Even Dan Rather had the journalistic integrity to publish his source documents on the Internet.

Too bad Rather was fed forgeries by Karl Rove via Roger Stone + his wife Nydia, who posed as the mysterious "Lucy Ramirez" who delivered the forgeries to truthteller Bill Burkett.

(Rove's authorship explains why the Bush Administration never prosecuted Burkett or anyone else for forging federal documents, ignoring the urgent pleas of rightwing bloggers.)
Also note the vague references to "suspects" in all the reports.

Were any "suspects" captured or even identified? Of course not - they never existed.

The same thought occurred to Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast: It's just too convenient.

The ONLY times we have terrorist threats or reports of attacks planned are when the Crawford Caligula is on the ropes.

Here we are, a day before he has to deliver the State of the Union Address to a hostile Congress, the bloodbath in Iraq gets worse by the say, surge or no surge + all of a sudden, we not only have what is purported to be a new al-Qaeda video, but suddenly there's a report that Iraqi insurgents had been planning attacks inside the US...
Nat Geo series on terrorism

The series also showcases a first-ever feature programme on the Kandahar episode, ‘ IC 814 Hijack ’, which brought what was till then seen as an international ...
The Hindu Business Line : Who's on the hit list? They download technical + technological information, training + operational ...

The experience with IC 814 (the flight that was hijacked to Kandahar) ...
23.Jan.2007 Oman Tribune - the edge of knowledge Singh is facing renewed attack over the

00.000.1999 Kandahar hijack crisis when he ... to exchange 161 passengers of Indian Airlines plane IC - 814 held hostage.
00.Nov.2005 TERRORISM IN SOUTH ASIA Research Paper n° 3 ...believe that the American possess data about the

00.000.1999 hijacking of Indian Airlines flight IC . 814 from Kathmandu and but are reluctant to hand them over.
23.Jan.2007 The Belmont Club: Back of Beyond 2

Nobody cared; not even when IC - 814 was hijacked to Kandahar as part of an ISI ...

Afroze admitted that he and seven al Qaeda operatives planned to hijack ...
20.Nov.2004 Omega-News: NE Irving + 16th ( behind parking lot between freeway on ramp + Benson High School ... John Pilger : Power, Propaganda and Conscience in The War On Terror ...

Bushs Zustimmungsrate im Volk ist, das belegen zahlreiche Umfragen, inzwischen vergleichbar mit der Richard Nixons - kurz bevor dieser aus dem Amt enthoben wurde.

Laut einer Umfrage des Fernsehsenders CBS glauben nur noch 28 % der US-Amerikaner, Bush mache seinen Job gut;

64 % missbilligen seine Politik. Eine gemeinsame Umfrage der "Washington Post" + "ABC-News" erbrachte ähnliche Resultate: Hiernach begrüßen 33 % der Bevölkerung Bushs Politik; 65 % missbilligen sie.

Eine BBC-Umfrage, an der 26.000 Menschen in 25 Ländern teilnahmen, ergab, dass weltweit nur 29 % der Menschen denken, Bush spiele eine überwiegend positive Rolle im Weltgeschehen.
Kulturrevolution: Bank gewöhnt Mitarbeitern das Siezen ab

23.Jan.2007 RAF- Terroristen: Streit um Haftentlassung von Klar und Mohnhaupt
23.Jan.2007 Giftige Gesellen: Quallen- Alarm an Australiens Stränden

23.Jan.2007 Unruhen im Libanon: Rauchschwaden über Beirut

23.Jan.2007 Augenblick: Brandherd Beirut
23.Jan.2007 Klimawandel: Alpengletscher schmelzen immer schneller

23.Jan.2007 Irak- Debatte: Bushs fataler Denkfehler
23.Jan.2007 BND- Ausschuss: Wie Neskovic zum Wanzen- Opfer wurde
23.Jan.2007 JSTOR: The First Execution for Witchcraft in Ireland

One of the Extravagantes of John XXII dated at Avignon is per- haps the strongest fulmination against those who "pactum faciunt cum inferno, daemonibus, ...

London - Die Zahl der Menschen, für die die USA eine überwiegend positive Rolle im Weltgeschehen spielen, liegt nur noch bei 29 %.

Ergebnis einer heute veröffentlichten Umfrage der britischen BBC.

Ein Jahr zuvor waren es noch 36 %, vor zwei Jahren 40 %. An der Befragung haben 26.000 Menschen in 25 Ländern teilgenommen.

Auch in den USA ist dabei der Anteil derjenigen, die ihr Land vor allem als positive Kraft sehen, auf 57 % gesunken. Vor einem Jahr waren es noch 63 %, vor zwei Jahren 71 %.

49 % der Befragten sind der Ansicht, dass die USA eine vor allem negative Rolle spielen.

Besonders groß ist international die Unzufriedenheit mit der Irak-Politik von Präsident George W. Bush: 73 % sind damit nicht einverstanden.

Aber auch die US-Haltung zum iranischen Atomprogramm wird von 60 % kritisiert, Bushs Klimapolitik sehen 56 % negativ.

Die Hoffnung von Nasa-Astronom Tony Phillips, C/2006 P1 könnte der hellste Komet werden, der je in der Geschichte aufgezeichnet worden ist, hat sich hingegen nicht erfüllt.

"Es gab auch niemals eine Grundlage dafür", sagte Robert McNaught zu SPIEGEL ONLINE. Dennoch sorgt die Leuchterscheinung in der südlichen Hemisphäre für einigen Wirbel.
Fall Kurnaz: Steinmeier weist Vorwürfe zurück

23.Jan.2007 Bushs Rede an die Nation: Schwindende Zustimmung, umstrittene Konzepte
Ausstiegs- Debatte: CDU- Präsidiumsmitglied gegen neue Atomkraftwerke
23.Jan.2007 Vergewaltigungs- Vorwürfe: Staatsanwalt empfiehlt Anklage gegen Israels Präsident Katsav

23.Jan.2007 Bestechungsverdacht: Fahnder durchsuchen GEZ
23.Jan.2007 Drogenkrieg in Rio: Schießwütige Polizisten, rabiate Gangster, verschreckte Touristen
Bestrahlt: Mikrowelle macht Putzlappen keimfrei
Fall Kurnaz: EU- Ausschuss beschuldigt Bundesregierung
23.Jan.2007 Kentucky: Staudamm bröckelt - Flutwelle droht
BND- Ausschuss: Mysteriöse Geräte im Büro von BND- Ausschussmitglied Neskovic gefunden

23.Jan.2007 US- Regierung: Irakische Qaida plante Anschläge in USA
23.Jan.2007 Bundestag: Mikrofone im Büro von BND- Ausschussmitglied Neskovic gefunden
Sanfte Impfung: Pflaster soll vor Alzheimer schützen

23.Jan.2007 Flugzeugentführung vereitelt: Passagier gibt sich als Al- Qaida- Mitglied aus
23.Jan.2007 Blockade in Beirut: Airlines streichen Flüge in den Libanon
23.Jan.2007 BBC- Umfrage: Ansehen der USA in der Welt ramponiert
23.Jan.2007 "Kyrill": Orkan kostet Versicherungen bis zu acht Milliarden Euro

Hollinger is the subject of an inquiry by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Investigators are keen to understand the company's relationship with Ravelston Corporation,

which is privately owned by Black and has been the beneficiary of millions of dollars which shareholders say should be returned to them.

Toronto-based Ravelston pays millions of dollars in management fees to Ravelston Management Inc (RMI).

There are suggestions that RMI may be based in a tax haven. Hollinger spokesman Paul Healy declined to comment. Guardian Unlimited © Guardian Newspapers Limited 2003,6903,1091483,00.html 23.Jan.2007

The move would represent a coup for Black, who is desperate not to sell the Telegraph titles, which have given him considerable influence within British politics + earned him a close friendship with Margaret Thatcher.

Carlyle - which employs former Prime Minister John Major as a director, boasts George Bush Snr + his Secretary of State, James Baker, as advisers + is headed by Frank Carlucci, Ronald Reagan's Defence Secretary - has invested in media firms previously.

The group once owned 40 % of France's Le Figaro + more recently acquired part of French conglomerate Vivendi's publishing assets.

It also part-owns Qinetiq, the Government's privatised defence research laboratories + CSX Lines, a logistics firm that specialises in shipping heavy equipment for the military.

In the past, Carlyle has owned Vinnell, a company that trained the Saudi army.

If Carlyle - which, despite being only 15 years old, manages more than $14 billion in funds on behalf of investors such as George Soros + the Bin Laden family (who are estranged from their son Osama) - does take a stake in Hollinger, questions are bound to be asked over the links between the two firms, both of which have powerful links to the military.

Leading foreign policy hawks Richard Perle + Henry Kissinger sit on the Hollinger board.

Black himself is a member of the secretive Bilderberg group, an organisation comprising the world's leading businessmen + politicians, which some have accused of being an alternative world government.
Telegraph owner threatens media war | Special Reports | Guardian ... Conrad Black, the owner of the Telegraph newspapers, yesterday took the unusual step of announcing that his newspapers would vigorously campaign for a ...,9061,959671,00.html

04.Dec.2004 ... Galloway in total victory against pro-war Telegraph|

In the first Galloway was falsely accused of referring to the wife of the then Telegraph owner Conrad Black as “being Jewish”, a charge that was hastily ...
The Scotsman - Telegraph owners may have to sell titles

THE cash crisis facing the Canadian owners of the Daily Telegraph deepened last night, with Hollinger Inc indicating that it may be forced to sell some ...
Pentagon bankers may bail out Black
'Ex-Presidents Club' ready to throw lifeline to embattled Telegraph owner Jamie Doward and Jessica Hodgson

23.Nov.2003 The Observer
A powerful banking group with close links to the Pentagon, which has also invested money on behalf of the Bin Laden family, is in talks to bail out beleaguered Daily Telegraph owner Conrad Black.

The revelation suggests that Britain's bestselling broadsheet - coveted by rival newspaper barons because of its political influence - may not go under the hammer after all, as Lord Black tries to quell a shareholder rebellion in the face of allegations that he and several acolytes pocketed millions of dollars that was not theirs to take.

Article continues Daily Express owner Richard Desmond + the Daily Mail & General Trust, which owns the Daily Mail, are keen to buy the Telegraph titles, despite the fact that questions over the concentration of media ownership would be raised.

The Carlyle Group, known as the Ex-Presidents Club because of the number of former world leaders it employs,

is considering taking a stake in Hollinger International, which owns the Telegraph titles, the Jerusalem Post + the Chicago Sun-Times, according to those close to the firm.

'It's unusual for a group of assets to come to the market like this.

We would look to sell off the Jerusalem Post + Hollinger's stake in the New York Sun.

Conrad [Black] would have to step out of management, but that does not mean he would have to let go of his equity stake,' said a Carlyle source.

'Ideally, we would look to take a 25-40 % stake. That would allow us to put people on the board,' the source added.

The move would represent a coup for Black, who is desperate not to sell the Telegraph titles, which have given him considerable influence within British politics + earned him a close friendship with Margaret Thatcher.

Carlyle, - which employs former Prime Minister John Major as a director, boasts George Bush Snr and his Secretary of State, James Baker, as advisers + is headed by Frank Carlucci, Ronald Reagan's Defence Secretary - has invested in media firms previously. The group once owned 40 % of France's Le Figaro + more recently acquired part of French conglomerate Vivendi's publishing assets.

It also part-owns Qinetiq, the Government's privatised defence research laboratories + CSX Lines, a logistics firm that specialises in shipping heavy equipment for the military. In the past, Carlyle has owned Vinnell, a company that trained the Saudi army.

If Carlyle - which, despite being only 15 years old, manages more than $14 billion in funds on behalf of investors such as George Soros and the Bin Laden family (who are estranged from their son Osama) - does take a stake in Hollinger, questions are bound to be asked over the links between the two firms, both of which have powerful links to the military.

Leading foreign policy hawks Richard Perle and Henry Kissinger sit on the Hollinger board.

Black himself is a member of the secretive Bilderberg group, an organisation comprising the world's leading businessmen + politicians, which some have accused of being an alternative world government.

In a separate move, it has emerged that Wall Street fund manager Tweedy Browne will take legal action against the Hollinger board if it is not satisfied with the company's actions.

Shareholders are angry that tens of millions of dollars that Black + fellow directors took in 'non-compete' fees did not go to Hollinger.

'I want to know how this board came to pay out a red cent to these people,' said Tweedy Browne analyst Laura Jeresky.

Hollinger is the subject of an inquiry by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. SEC

Investigators are keen to understand the company's relationship with Ravelston Corporation, which is privately owned by Black and has been the beneficiary of millions of dollars which shareholders say should be returned to them.

Toronto-based Ravelston pays millions of dollars in management fees to Ravelston Management Inc (RMI). There are suggestions that RMI may be based in a tax haven. Hollinger spokesman Paul Healy declined to comment.
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2001 election Press freedom campaign

23.Jan.2007 Bush-Berater + PNAC-Mann William Kristol freut sich: "Wir konnten Dinge umsetzen, die vorher politisch schwierig erschienen.

11.Sep.2001 -Drei bis vier Wochen nach dem- führten wir in Afghanistan Krieg, wir hatten Militärbasen in Zentralasien.

Wer hätte vorher gedacht, daß das möglich ist?" (S. 352) Feindbilder als Vorraussetzung für den Krieg

11.Sep.2001 -Weitere Filme, die den- vorbereiten, sind: Armageddon, Soldier of Fortune (Fernsehserie), Airforce One, Independence Day, Deep Impact, Delta Force One
23.Jan.2007 Hollywood: das militärische Propagandazentrum der USA
"Wir sind der Überzeugung, daß der Film eines der modernsten und weitreichendsten Mittel zur Beeinflussung der Massen ist, die es überhaupt gibt.

Eine Regierung darf deshalb den Film nicht sich selbst überlassen."

Dabei sei vor allem auf die Wirkung des Unterhaltungsfilms zu setzen. Denn "Nicht das ist die beste Propaganda, bei der die eigentlichen Elemente der Propaganda immer sichtbar zutage treten, sondern das ist die beste Propaganda, die sozusagen unsichtbar wirkt, das ganze öffentliche Leben durchdringt, ohne daß das öffentliche Leben überhaupt von der Initiative der Propaganda irgendeine Kenntnis hat."

Diese Einschätzung der Rolle des Films stammt in dieser Formulierung nicht von führenden Kreisen Hollywoods, auch nicht von Regierungsmitgliedern der USA, sondern von NS-Propagandaminister Joseph Goebbels.

11.Sep.2001 -Haupt-Nutznießer der Anschläge vom- sind die USA und Israel. (S. 293)

Die US-Administration wollte Krieg, Öl und Weltherrschaft, was sie durch die Anschläge vom

11.Sep.2001 bekam. (S. 294)

Die Wirtschaft der USA und die Weltwirtschaft befinden sich in einer verheerender Krise, in einem irreversiblen Krankheitsprozess. (S. 299)

1. Lösungsversuch: Fusion von kranken US-Unternehmen mit gesunden ausländischen - Beispiel Daimler-Chrysler (S. 300)

2. Lösungsversuch: Raub von Rohstoffen (S. 300 f)

3. Lösungsversuch: Krieg (S. 301 ff)

Nach Helmut Creutz ist... "der Krieg das beste Mittel, um die endgültige Katastrophe des ganzen kapitalistischen Wirtschaftssystems immer wieder hinauszuschieben." (S. 303)

Gerhard Wisnewski formuliert: "Krieg in fernen Ländern" ist "das beste Mittel, um weiter wirtschaften zu können wie bisher."

Ohne Krieg droht der totale Wirtschaftszusammenbruch schon jetzt. (S. 304)

Nach dem Krieg der USA gegen Afghanistan wird als Präsident des Staates Hamid Karsai eingesetzt, seinerzeit Spitzenberater des US-Konzerns UNOCAL (Union Oilcompany of California) (S. 305 f)

Hollywood: das militärische Propagandazentrum der USA

00.Mär.2002 -Erst im- tauchen Bilder einer Überwachungskamera auf, deren Authentiziät aber vom Pentagon weder bestätigt noch dementiert wird. (S. 152 ff)

Die Bilder - auf einem ist ein weißer Raketenschweif zu erkennen - deuten eher auf den Einschlag einer Rakete denn einer Boeing 757 hin. (S. 153 f)

07.Mär.2002 von der 'Washington Post' behaupteten Zeitspanne von vier Hundertstel Sekunden, die von den fünf aufgetauchten Bildern abgedeckt würden- Gemäß der- würde eine Boeing 2 # 3 Meter zurückgelegt haben.

Das einschlagende Objekt muß demnach wesentlich schneller gewesen sein, auch schneller als eine Cruise Missile. (S. 237)
23.Jan.2007 -Kommentatorin Barbara Olson soll ihren Mann, US-Generalstaatsanwalt Ted Olson, zweimal von Bord der AA77 angerufen haben - gemäß Aussage von Ted Olson benutzte sie nicht ihr Handy, sondern das im Sitz eingebaute Telefon - das gibt es zwar in einer Boeing vom Typ 777-200 oder 767-300 aber nicht in einer 757, in der sie saß. (S. 157 ff)

11.Sep.2001 -am-Sprengstoffexperte Van Romero aus New Mexico kommt zu dem Schluß, daß der Einsturz durch Sprengstoff verursacht sein muß. (S. 139 f)

21.Sep.2001 -10 Tage später- widerruft Van Romero diese Einschätzung. (S. 140)

00.000.2001 -Kurze Zeit später- übernimmt er in einer präsidentiellen Kommission einen Job, der ihm von Präsident Bush verschafft ist. (S. 143)
23.Jan.2007 Die Geschichte der US-Erdölindustrie - HTML-Version
William Knox d'Arcay erwarb 1901 Konzessionen für ein Großes Gebiet in Persien. Es kostet 20.000 Pfund + 20000 Aktien + eine Beteiligung von 16% am ...

00.000.1901 William Knox d'Arcay erwarb Konzessionen für ein Großes Gebiet in Persien...

Mobil vermarktet 270 Millionen Tonnen vom saudi - arabischen Öl..
23.Jan.2007 William Knox D'Arcy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

11.Oct.1849-01.May 1917 William Knox D'Arcy, The entrepreneur was one of the main founders of the oil + petrochemical industry in Persia (Iran).'Arcy
British Petroleum and William Knox D'Arcy His name, William Knox D'Arcy, the son of a local solicitor. It was William Knox D'Arcy who began the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company after approaching the ...
William Knox D'Arcy - Wikipedia

11.Oct.1849-01.May 1917 William Knox D'Arcy *in Newton Abbot, (Devon, England); † in Stanmore, (Middlesex) war ein ...'Arcy
William Knox D'Arcy The name of William Knox D'Arcy appears very early in the history of Mount Morgan, ...

William Knox D'Arcy was born at Newton Abbot, Devonshire, ...
Deutsche BP - Unternehmen - Eine neue Gesellschaft entsteht

00.Mai 1901 -gehen auf den zurück-Die Ursprünge der BP-als der wohlhabende Engländer William Knox D'Arcy eine Konzession vom Schah von Persien erhielt,
William Knox D'Arcy: Information from

11.Oct.1849-01.May 1917 William Knox D'Arcy *in Newton Abbot, (Devon, England); † in Stanmore, (Middlesex) British businessman.
William Knox D'Arcy -- Encyclopaedia Britannica

If you think a reference to this article on William Knox D'Arcy will enhance your website, blog-post, or any other web-content, then feel free to link to ...
D'Arcy, William Knox (1849 - 1917) Biographical Entry - Australian ... D'Arcy, William Knox (1849 - 1917) Biographical Entry -

The Australian Dictionary of Biography Online, or ADB Online, is a biographical dictionary featuring ...
William Knox D'Arcy William Knox D'Arcy ,Vorlage:Personendaten,1. Mai,11. Oktober,1849,1901,1909,1917,28. Mai.'Arcy
Lexikon William Knox D'Arcy Dieser Artikel basiert auf dem Artikel " William Knox D'Arcy " aus der freien Enzyklopädie Wikipedia und steht unter der GNU-Lizenz für freie Dokumentation.'Arcy
Ketzer-Zitate ( Alighiero Tondi, ehem.päpstl.Theologe). "In Zeiten blinden und unwissenden Glaubens hat die Kirche festgesetzt, dass die Schriften, besonders die des Neuen ...
23.Jan.2007 Hijacking oder Fernsteuerung

11.Sep.2001 -am Abend des- notiert Präsident George W. Bush laut 'Washington Post' in sein Tagebuch:

"Heute fand das Pearl Harbor des 21. Jahrhunderts statt - wir glauben, es war Osama bin Laden."

Ihm selbst dürfte bewußt sein, was er damit zum Ausdruck bringt:

11.Sep.2001 -die Geschehnisse des- sind ein herbeigeführtes Ereignis, mit dem der erste Krieg des 21. Jahrhunderts legitimiert werden soll, der so genannte Krieg gegen den Terror.
23.Jan.2007 Der gewünschte Wandel zu einer dominanten Rolle der USA auf dem Globus lasse sich nur dann beschleunigen, wenn

ein 'katastrophales Ereignis' eintrete, 'das als Katalysator dient - ein neues Pearl Harbor '. Das wird im Jahr

00.000.2000 im Rahmen des 'Project for the New American Century' (PNAC) formuliert.

Zu den Männern, die sich in dieser Weise Gedanken um die Zukunft der USA machen, gehören viele Mitglieder + Hintermänner der

jetzigen US-Regierung darunter Richard Perle, Richard B. Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld + Paul Wolfowitz.
00.000.2001 -Im Frühsommer- kommt der Film ' Pearl Harbor ' in die Kinos und verbreitet die alte Propaganda, die USA seien auf heimtückische Weise von Japan angegriffen worden.

Das geschieht, obwohl zu diesem Zeitpunkt durch die Offenlegung der Akten, die mehr als 50 Jahre lang streng geheim waren, längst bekannt ist, daß es sich

00.000.1941 um einen von den USA provozierten Angriff gehandelt hat, mit dem in der Bevölkerung eine Stimmung für den Eintritt der USA in den Zweiten Weltkrieg geschaffen werden sollte und wurde.
First-hand Accounts of Underground Explosions In The North Tower
28.Nov.2004 This article from Chief Engineer magazine presents eyewitness account of the moments after the first plane crash + describes evidence of large explosions in the lobby, parking garage and subbasement levels of WTC-1 at the time of the crash
It contains some fascinating first-hand accounts of the events of September 11 as recounted by operating engineers on the scene. One of the most remarkable is the story of Mike Pecoraro, who was working in the 6th sub-basement of the North Tower when the first plane hit. Here are some excerpts:
At about 6:45 he went to the mechanical shop in the second subbasement, ate his breakfast and chatted with his co-workers who were also arriving for the normal 8:00 a.m. beginning of their shift. Mike’s assignment that day would be to continue constructing a gantry that would be used to pull the heads from the 2,500 ton chillers, located in the 6th sub- basement level of the tower. 49,000 tons of refrigeration equipment were located in the lower level of the tower. The 2,500 ton units were the smallest in use...
Deep below the tower, Mike Pecoraro was suddenly interrupted in his grinding task by a shake on his shoulder from his co-worker. “Did you see that?” he was asked. Mike told him that he had seen nothing.

“You didn’t see the lights flicker?”, his co-worker asked again. “No,” Mike responded, but he knew immediately that if the lights had flickered, it could spell trouble. A power surge or interruption could play havoc with the building’s equipment. If all the pumps trip out or pulse meters trip, it could make for a very long day bringing the entire center’s equipment back on-line.
Mike told his co-worker to call upstairs to their Assistant Chief Engineer and find out if everything was all right. His co-worker made the call and reported back to Mike that he was told that the Assistant Chief did not know what happened but that the whole building seemed to shake and there was a loud explosion. They had been told to stay where they were and “sit tight” until the Assistant Chief got back to them. By this time, however, the room they were working in began to fill with a white smoke. “We smelled kerosene,” Mike recalled, “I was thinking maybe a car fire was upstairs”, referring to the parking garage located below grade in the tower but above the deep space where they were working.
The two decided to ascend the stairs to the C level, to a small machine shop where Vito Deleo and David Williams were supposed to be working. When the two arrived at the C level, they found the machine shop gone.
“There was nothing there but rubble, “Mike said. “We’re talking about a 50 ton hydraulic press – gone!” The two began yelling for their co-workers, but there was no answer. They saw a perfect line of smoke streaming through the air. “You could stand here,” he said, “and two inches over you couldn’t breathe. We couldn’t see through the smoke so we started screaming.” But there was still no answer.
The two made their way to the parking garage, but found that it, too, was gone. “There were no walls, there was rubble on the floor + you can’t see anything” he said.
They decided to ascend two more levels to the building’s lobby.

As they ascended to the B Level, one floor above, they were astonished to see a steel + concrete fire door that weighed about 300 pounds, wrinkled up “like a piece of aluminum foil” and lying on the floor.

“They got us again,” Mike told his co-worker, referring to the

00.000.1993 terrorist attack at the center.

Having been through that bombing, Mike recalled seeing similar things happen to the building’s structure. He was convinced a bomb had gone off in the building.
Consider the implications of what Mr. Pecoraro describes: At this point the only overt damage to the building was the plane crash some 95 floors above, which could not have caused violent explosions underground.

Since the towers were anchored at the base to the bedrock

the shaking caused by the crash would have been greatest close to the crash site, getting progressively weaker as it approached the rigid attachment at the bottom.

Yet the underground damage he describes can not have been the result of a mere shaking - nothing short of an explosion could reduce the contents of a machine shop to rubble.
Damage to the North Tower Lobby
The damage to the parking garage and lobby simultaneous with the first plane impact are also indicative of the effects of high explosives, with widespread blast damage and fine dust covering the entire scene.

Below is a link to a video clip of the WTC-1 lobby area just after the first plane crash, as seen in the documentary "9/11" made by Jules and Gedeon Naudet:
The narrator claims that he "later learned" that there had been an explosion caused by fuel pouring down an elevator shaft, but the lobby shows none of the soot or fuel residue we would expect from such an explosion. Instead we see blown-out windows and a fine dry dust covering the entire lobby, very much the signature of high explosives.

Similar damage to the parking garages and subbasements can only be explained by pre-placed explosive charges that were detonated at the moment of the plane's impact.
Construction worker Phillip Morelli describes being thrown to the ground by two explosions while in the fourth subbasement of the North Tower.

The first, which threw him to the ground and seemed to coincide with the plane crash, was followed by a larger blast that again threw him to the ground and this time blew out walls.

He then made his way to the South Tower and was in the subbasement there when the second plane hit, again associated with a powerful underground blast.

This is one of a series of interviews with WTC survivors done by NY1 News:
Addendum: Original Story Link: WITH MURDER INC.
A respected and established voice in the intelligence community, his views were eagerly accepted + i

04.May 2001 Dov went from his position at Systems Planning Corporation to become the Comptroller of the Pentagon. (2)

00.000.1993 -Perhaps not so coincidentally- it was an SPC subsidiary, TRIDATA CORPORATION, that oversaw the investigation after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Summary
Below is a quote from the Pentagon Biography on Dov Zakheim:
04.May 2001 Dov S. Zakheim sworn in as the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) + Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Defense.

Dr. Zakheim has previously served in a number of key positions in government and private business.

Most recently, he was corporate vice president of System Planning Corp., a technology, research + analysis firm based in Arlington, Va.

He also served as chief executive officer of SPC International Corp., a subsidiary specializing in political, military and economic consulting.

00.000.2000 -During the- presidential campaign, he served as a senior foreign policy advisor to then-Governor Bush.
Original Source File: [Dove Zakheim File Photo]
And below are quotes regarding Dov Zakheim + his public thoughts about PNAC, Project for a New American Century.

SysPlan Corporation FTS System
Consider this, that as you read this, Nasa is 'flying' or remotely controlling the latest little robotic units they sent to Mars,

using radio signals + a very sophisticated and advanced offshoot of the technology that we are now learning about.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that we are able now, to control in entirety, up to eight aircraft + fly them entirely without the intervention of humans, apart from programming the unit.

That is correct, this FTS unit by Sysplan Corporation, is capable of flying, from start to finish, up to eight individual aircraft, regardless of size, from taxi + takeoff, the entire flight plan, as well as landing;

And this in their own words "is completely transparent to the operators."
Enter Dov Zakheim

01.Dec.2006 From lorenlightng at

Uncontrolled burning of Jet fuel does not create molten metal pools. ... plainly visible in photographic an video evidence from the WTC buildings on 9/11.
20060708 "As timely as today's headlines, this vital book explains why impeachment should be deployed against the serial Constitution-shredder George W. Bush."
23.Jan.2007 Redenschreiber David Frum: "Die Bush- Regierung ist auf halbem Wege stecken geblieben"

23.Jan.2007 Generalstreik: In Beirut brennen die Barrikaden
23.Jan.2007 Massenauflauf nach Schiffsunglück: Die Nacht der Schatzsucher
23.Jan.2007 Geheimdienste: Neue Unklarheiten im Fall Murat Kurnaz
23.Jan.2007 NY Delegation: 9/11 Workers Getting Sicker - BG -
At the State of the Union address,

members of New York's congressional delegation - joined by ailing World Trade Center workers - will urge President Bush to include funding for treatment of sick 9/11 first responders in his budget....

23.Jan.2007 Libby Trial: Continued Misinformation from Neil Lewis of the Times - BG -
Times reporter Neil A. Lewis is resolute in his refusal to accurately summarize the central facts of the Libby case. His effort for Monday,

22.Jan.2007 recycles his error from

15.Jan.2007. Here we go, from his latest:Mr. Libby had......

23.Jan.2007 Man kicked off flight for Bush-bashing T-shirt | Oddly Enough | - BG -

An airline passenger barred from a flight for wearing a T-shirt labeling President Bush a terrorist has threatened legal action against Australia's flag carrier Qantas.

23.Jan.2007 Schneier on Security: "Clear" Registered Traveller Program - BG - Schneier on Security: "Clear" Registered Traveller Program "But the stupid idea is the background check."
23.Jan.2007 ABC News: Pa. Man's Letter Brings Secret Service - BG -
An elderly man who wrote in a letter to the editor about Saddam Hussein's execution that "they hanged the wrong man" got a visit from Secret Service agents concerned he was threatening President Bush.

23.Jan.2007 » Archives » Energy Scarcity vs. Cost of the War in Iraq - BG - Energy Scarcity vs. Cost of the War in Iraq
23.Jan.2007 Bush said he'll tell Americans in his State of the Union speech that "what happens in Iraq matters to your security here at home."

The Wall Street Journal tops its worldwide newsbox with Bush promoting tax deductions for those who buy health coverage outside of the workplace during his radio address on Saturday.

The plan also calls for workplace health care to be counted as income, which would be taxable.

The Los Angeles Times leads with word that situations in Iraq and Afghanistan have forced the U.S. military to greatly reduce its efforts to detect and stop illegal drug shipments from entering the country.

For example, the Pentagon has decreased the amount of time it spends doing surveillance flights over some key drug routes by more than 62 %. The New York Times leads with an unsurprising look at how intense the campaign for the White House has become even though there's still "a full year before the first vote is cast." Most of this stuff has been reported before: how it's the first time in more than 50 years that there's no presidential or vice president incumbent, the way candidates need more money than ever, how this all makes it harder for an unknown candidate to get any attention, etc. The paper mentions that all the talk of presidential campaigns so early in the game will make it more difficult for Democratic leaders to highlight their successes in Congress.
23.Jan.2007 Minimum Wage Rises, Sky Does Not Fall - BG -
When I flew to Seattle last week, airport security gave me trouble over the four pound ham I was carrying. Several TSA officials gathered to consider the question of whether ham is a "gel," to which I retorted:

If ham is a gel, so am I. I suggested that they biopsy it for hidden box-cutters. I offered to divide it into 21 three-ounce chunks, each appropriately stowed in a Ziploc baggie. But no deal.

So I broke down and told them I was flying into what I had been warned would be a food-free zone:

Washington, with the highest minimum wage in the country ($7.63 an hour), could hardly be expected to have affordable restaurants or a functioning economy of any kind.

Notable conservative economists have almost unanimously predicted that an increased minimum wage would result in wi... Source:
23.Jan.2007 Political Cortex: 9/11 Chronicles: Broeckers Breaks Through Media 9/11 Blitz - BG -
Mathias Broeckers has written a compelling work questioning the mainstream media account of 9/11 that has been trumpeted by the incumbent Republican Administration.

It has risen to bestseller status in his native Germany.
23.Jan.2007 McCain Blasts Cheney Over Iraq Failures, Continues To Distance Himself From Escalation Plan - Think Progress  -

The new Capitol Hill newspaper, The Politico, launches tomorrow. In its lead story — an exclusive interview with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) — the senator lashes out against Vice President Dick Cheney.

Roger Simon writes:

With his presidential hopes tied to an administration whose Iraq policy he supports but cannot control, John McCain for the first time blamed Vice President Cheney for what McCain calls the “witch’s brew” of a “terribly mishandled” war in which U.S. forces are on the verge of defeat. […]

Although McCain had once lavished praise on the vice president, he said in an interview in his Senate office: “The president listened too much to the Vice President … Of course, the president bears the ultimate responsibility, but he was very badly served by both the Vice President and, most of all, the Secretary of Defense.”

At a July 15, 2004 appearance in Michigan, McCain called Cheney “one of the most capable, experienced, intelligent and steady vice presidents this country has ever had.”

Also in the interview, McCain continued his back-pedaling from the escalation strategy that he first proposed. After offering a full-throated endorsement of the Bush plan just days ago, McCain opened the door to the redeployment of U.S. forces back to the borders of Iraq should the president’s plan fail. He added, “I don’t know if this is enough troops or not. I can’t guarantee success by doing this.” Digg It!
23.Jan.2007 00.000.2004, General Now Leading Escalation Lauded Progress of Iraqi Security Forces, Predicted Success - Think Progress -

The person in charge of executing Bush’s escalation plan in Iraq is Gen. David H. Petraeus. According to the Christian Science Monitor, Petraeus “agrees with ’surge’ advocates.” And he’s highly regarded by many. But in Iraq, his judgment has proven completely wrong before. Here is what Petraeus had to say about the Iraqi security forces in September 2004:

[T]here are reasons for optimism. Today approximately 164,000 Iraqi police and soldiers (of which about 100,000 are trained and equipped) and an additional 74,000 facility protection forces are performing a wide variety of security missions. Equipment is being delivered. Training is on track and increasing in capacity. Infrastructure is being repaired. Command and control structures and institutions are being reestablished.

Most important, Iraqi security forces are in the fight — so much so that they are suffering substantial casualties as they take on more and more of the burdens to achieve security in their country.

[T]here is no shortage of qualified recruits volunteering to join Iraqi security forces. In the past couple of months, more than 7,500 Iraqi men have signed up for the army and are preparing to report for basic training to fill out the final nine battalions of the Iraqi regular army. Some 3,500 new police recruits just reported for training in various locations.

Of course, the column has the usual caveats: “There will be more tough times, frustration and disappointment along the way.” But the conclusion of the column is clear: “Iraq’s security forces are…developing steadily and they are in the fight…this trend will continue.”

If fact the trend has not continued. Iraqi security forces have been infiltrated by insurgents and many have walked off the job “due to scheduled leave, absence without leave + attrition.” Nealy two-and-a-half years later, U.S. troops are still bearing the responsibility of providing security in Iraq.
23.Jan.2007 FBI inspector general: - Nico -

The FBI failed to take action after receiving inappropriate emails sent by Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL), then lied about it and tried to blame the government watchdog group CREW.
23.Jan.2007 Gay marriage ban dropped. - Nico -

Sen. Wayne Allard (R-CO) and Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO), the two leading advocates of amending the US Constitution to ban same-sex marriage, “say they have no plans to make a third try to advance the proposal.” “If we thought there was a decent chance to bring it to the floor for debate, I would, but with the new Congress, I’m not sure we will ever have that opportunity,” Allard says.
23.Jan.2007 Harvard Scientists Say White House Distorted Their Research On Stem Cells - Amanda -

In Aug. 2005, researchers at Harvard University developed a way to turn “ordinary skin cells into what appear to be embryonic stem cells — without having to use human eggs or make new human embryos in the process.”

This month, the White House Domestic Policy Council (DPC) put out a report citing this research as evidence that embryonic stem cell research is unnecessary.

But according to the authors of the Harvard study, the White House has distorted their research. In a letter to Reps. Diana DeGette (D-CO) and Mike Castle (R-DE), the authors write:

We are surprised to see our work on reprogramming adult stem cells used to support arguments that research involving human embryonic stem cells is unnecessary. On the contrary, we assert that human embryonic stem cells hold great promise to find new treatments and cures for diseases. …

The work that we performed and that was cited in the White House policy report is precisely the type of research that is currently being harmed by the President’s arbitrary limitation on federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research . …

We feel that the President’s restrictive policy has directly impeded research that provides a hope for cures for millions of Americans . …

The White House has clearly gotten it wrong.

The overwhelming consensus in the scientific and medical community is that embryonic stem cell research holds the greatest potential to cure diseases and end the suffering of millions.

Read the full letter HERE. (American Progress’s Jonathan Moreno and Samuel Berger have more on the DPC’s distortions.)
23.Jan.2007 Bush’s Millennium program running out of funds. - Amanda -

WSJ: “President Bush’s signature foreign-assistance program is likely to run out of money this year, leaving in the lurch several poor countries that have labored to meet its strict eligibility standards,

according to aid officials.

00.000.2002 Mr. Bush introduced the Millennium Challenge program as a new approach to fix the perceived failures of overseas-development assistance.”
BREAKING: Sen. John Warner To Introduce Resolution Opposing Iraq Escalation - Think Progress -

Sen. John Warner (R-VA) will introduce a resolution today “making clear that he does not support the President on increasing the troop levels in Iraq” and calling escalation “a mistake,” ’s Dana Bash reports. Warner’s resolution will be cosponsored by Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Ben Nelson (D-NE).

Warner, the former Armed Services Committee chairman, is a “very influential voice when it comes to military matters,” Bash reports + until this fall had been “whole-heartedly behind the president and the war.”

His new resolution “certainly…is not going to sit well with the White House.” Watch it:

Warner said last week that Congress must move swiftly to address President Bush’s new strategy. “Each of us are pained by the casualties that we are taking.

We cannot dither around on it.” Warner’s bill is viewed as a less confrontational alternative to the Iraq resolution backed by Sens. Joe Biden (D-DE), Chuck Hagel (R-NE) and Carl Levin (D-MI). Digg It! Full transcript:

DANA BASH: Well, today, we are going to hear from a very influential, a senior Republican, making clear that he does not support the president on increasing the troop levels in Iraq.

That Republican is the senior senator from Virginia, the former Armed Services Chairman in the Senate, John Warner.

We are told that he is going to introduce a resolution late this afternoon along with at least one other Republican and a conservative Democrat, making clear that he believes that sending more U.S. troops into what he has called increasing sectarian violence is a mistake.

And that is a message, certainly that is not going to sit well with the White House because John Warner, as I said, is a very influential voice when it comes to military matters, especially the Iraq war.

Until this fall, he had been whole-heartedly behind the president and the war. He’s somebody who has a lot of sway with his colleagues, Republicans and Democrats here on the Hill.
Iraqi assailants dress as American soldiers. - Faiz -

New details have emerged about this weekend’s assault in Karbala that killed five U.S. soldiers. The Iraqi gunmen “were wearing what appeared to be American military uniforms in an effort to impersonate USA soldiers.” This appears to be the first time that attackers have portrayed themselves as Americans, raising concerns about Bush’s plan to embed U.S. troops in Iraqi units.
23.Jan.2007 NIE still MIA. - Nico -

The long-awaited National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq is still not complete, a National Intelligence Council official told senators last week. The official said the intel community has been too busy “dealing with the many demands placed upon it by the Bush Administration to help prepare the new military strategy on Iraq.” Senate hearing attendees “now believe that senior intelligence officials are stalling because an NIE will be bleak enough to present a significant political liability.”
23.Jan.2007 'Multiple attempts' on Litvinenko BBC's Panorama finds that multiple poisoning attempts may have been made on former spy Alexander Litvinenko's life.
23.Jan.2007 Israel names new military chief Maj Gen Gabi Ashkenazi is named Israel's new military chief, after the resignation last week of Gen Dan Halutz.
23.Jan.2007 Explosion at TV offices in Gaza A large explosion damages the offices of Arabic satellite TV station al-Arabiya in Gaza City, witnesses say.
23.Jan.2007 Flying dinos had bi-plane design The first flying dinosaurs took to the air using two wings, just like a World War I bi-plane, a study shows.
23.Jan.2007 Grave concerns over beached ship Two containers of hazardous chemicals are washed overboard as oil leaks from a beached cargo ship.
22.Jan.2007 IRS tapes missing in Kansas City Twenty-six computer tapes containing taxpayer information disappear from City Hall. Officials are investigating.
22.Jan.2007 MIT-led study finds geothermal energy potential untapped Heat mining technology can be improved and deployed broadly to generate clean electricity, says an Energy Department-sponsored report.
22.Jan.2007 Father of Internet Warns Against Net Neutrality - ScuttleMonkey 163 -
An anonymous reader writes "At a recent talk at the Computer History Museum Robert Kahn, co-inventor of TCP/IP, warned against net neutrality legislation that could hinder experimentation and innovation. Calling 'net neutrality' a slogan, Khan also cautioned against 'dogmatic views of network architecture.' A video of the talk is also available."

Walking Molecule Now Carries Packages - ScuttleMonkey 81 -
Roland Piquepaille writes "Chemists from the University of California at Riverside designed two years ago a molecule which could move straight on a flat surface — a nano-walker if you wish. Now, they've found a way to force this walking molecule to carry packages. The nano-worker can now carry two CO2 molecules. And like yourself when you carry two heavy bags, this nano-worker is slower when it carries other molecules. The researchers think their discovery will lead to reliable ways of carrying molecules, an equivalent of the conveyor belts in today's factories."

A Peek Inside DARPA's Current Projects - ScuttleMonkey 64 -
dthomas731 that Computerworld has a brief article on some of DARPA's current projects. From the article: "Later in the program, Holland says, PAL will be able to 'automatically watch a conversation between two people and, using natural-language processing, figure out what are the tasks they agreed upon.'

Exploding Robots May Scout Hazardous Asteroids - ScuttleMonkey 95 -
An anonymous reader writes to mention NewScientist is reporting that a small force of robots designed to explode could help reveal an asteroid's inner structure. This could in turn allow scientists a better understanding of how to divert a rogue asteroid on a collision course with Earth. From the article: "The main spacecraft would stay a few dozen kilometers away, perhaps nudging the probes towards the asteroid using springs. Once on the surface, the protective spherical shell of each probe would open to allow the probe to scan the surface nearby. To reduce complexity and costs, the probes lack solar panels and run on battery power, limiting their lifetime to a few days. But each probe could still cover a lot of ground in that time, as they could be fitted with small thrusters to let them hop across the surface. Eventually the probes could detonate onboard explosives, sacrificing themselves for science one by one. Probes that had not yet detonated would listen for any seismic waves sent rippling out from the explosion + the main spacecraft could observe the craters left behind. That would tell scientists about the asteroid's strength and internal structure."

Music Companies Mull Ditching DRM - PoliTech (posted by Zonk) 223 -
PoliTech writes to mention an International Herald Tribue article that is reporting the unthinkable: Record companies are considering ditching DRM for their mp3 albums. For the first time, flagging sales of online music tracks are beginning to make the big recording companies consider the wisdom of selling music without 'rights management' technologies attached. The article notes that this is a step the recording industry vowed 'never to take'. From the article: "Most independent record labels already sell tracks digitally compressed in MP3 format, which can be downloaded, e-mailed or copied to computers, cellphones, portable music players and compact discs without limit. Partially, the independents see providing songs in MP3 as a way of generating publicity that could lead to future sales. Should one of the big four take that route, however, it would be a capitulation to the power of the Internet, which has destroyed their monopoly over the worldwide distribution of music in the past decade and allowed file-sharing to take its place."

Scientists Find 'Altruistic' Center of the Brain - Zonk 181 -
davidwr writes "A team of researchers at Duke University published a paper linking the brain's posterior superior temporal cortex to altruistic behavior. The BBC also picked up the story. If confirmed this has applications in neurology, psychology, child-rearing + a host of other domains. From the BBC piece: 'Using brain scans, the US investigators found this region related to a person's real-life unselfish behaviour. The Duke University Medical Center study on 45 volunteers is published in Nature Neuroscience. The participants were asked to disclose how often they engaged in different helping behaviours, such as doing charity work + were also asked to play a computer game designed to measure altruism.'"

British Cops Hack Into Government Computers - Zonk 202 -
CmdrGravy writes "The British Police have hacked into Government computers as part of the on-going 'cash for peerages' investigation. They've uncovered evidence which has, so far, led to one arrest and charge of perverting the course of justice for a leading Labour party figure. This charge carries a potential life sentence. The British police have the power to hack into computer systems as part of an investigation. On previous occasions they have said they did not believe the government was providing them with the information they had been asking for and had warned that they would seek other methods to gather evidence. The police won't say what tools they have used. From the article: 'The investigators did not have to notify No 10 if they were "hacking" into its system. One legal expert said: "In some cases, a senior officer can give permission. In other cases, you might need the authorization of an independent commissioner, who is usually a retired judge appointed by the Home Office."'"


IAEO-Sprecherin Melissa Fleming sagte dazu in Wien, die Organisation verfüge ungeachtet des Einreiseverbots über "eine ausreichende Zahl von Inspekteuren" zur Überprüfung des iranischen Atomprogramms.

Laut dem Überprüfungsabkommen zur Einhaltung des Atomwaffensperrvertrags zwischen Teheran + der IAEO hat der Iran offiziell das Recht, einzelnen IAEO-Inspekteuren die Einreise und damit den Zugang zu seinen Atomanlagen zu verweigern. Allerdings machen Mitgliedstaaten des Atomwaffensperrvertrags gewöhnlich nur sehr selten von diesem Recht Gebrauch.

Mottaki machte deutlich, dass die Entscheidung Teherans eine direkte Folge der vom Uno-Sicherheitsrat beschlossenen Sanktionen gegen den Iran sei.

Unklar ist noch, welcher Nationalität die betroffenen Inspekteure angehören. Der Iran hat grundsätzliche Bedenken gegen Inspekteure aus den USA.

Auszüge aus dem Video zeigte das unabhängige Washingtoner Institut Site ("The Search For International Terrorists Entities"), das sich mit Antiterrorismusforschung befasst, auf seiner Website.

Site gab an, die Botschaft abgefangen zu haben, machte aber keine weiteren Angaben zur Quelle und zur Authentizität des Videos. Die Organisation hatte schon in der Vergangenheit Videos von al-Qaida gezeigt.

An die US-Bürger gewandt sagte Sawahiri, sie sollten "die Fantasien ablehnen, mit denen Bush sie betrüge".
Iran: Teheran behindert Uno- Atominspekteure
Republican Opposition to the Bush Sociopathic Death Warrant on Our GIs Grows, But

There are Still a Lot of Republicans on Capitol Hill Who Don't Care How Many GIs Die for the Pathology of a Delusional Administration
"In Debt We Trust" DVD. The Credit Card Industry Gets Its Way with Both the Republicans and Democrats -- and the Consumer Gets the Shaft.

23.Jan.2007 Bush Touts "Life" on Roe v. Wade Anniversary. Just Don't Ask Him about Stem Cells, Iraq, Global Warming... -- A BuzzFlash News Alert
Only a minority think Bush is honest -- 44 %, down from 53 % two years ago. That means 44% are drinking the Kool Aid.

23.Jan.2007 What War? Bush Expected to Ignore Iraq Quagmire in State of the Union, Promote Democrats' Domestic Agenda as His Own -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Universal Health Coverage Attracts New Support, Except for the Busheviks Who are Still Doing the Bidding of the Insurance Companies

23.Jan.2007 Nominate This Week's BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award Winner!
Five Americans killed by insurgents wearing U.S. uniforms. U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Hits 27 for Weekend. Bush is Sending Even More American GIs Off to Die. 1/22
Bush's Bottomless Pit of Failure: He Has Turned Arab Allies Against U.S. War's Arab Supporters Bitter Over Its Results. 1/22

23.Jan.2007 Tony Snow Gives Us Preview of Bush's SOTU Speech -- Says "It's Hard To Say" Whether Iraq Is "The Most Important Issue Facing The U.S."; What Does Bush Have Up His Sleeve Now? 1/23
22.Jan.2007 weapons inspectors thrown out of Iran? Were weapons inspectors thrown out of Iran?

Yes, says Reuters and AP. But Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story checked the facts and found that it just ain't so;

see here + here. She called the IAEA, which denied that any inspections have been impeded. Three cheers for Larisa! Now Permalink
20050325 (Spike) Zywicki – biography ... but in those days Booz - Allen, ... Senior management: John Chr MAM Deuss – Chairman + Chief Executive Officer; ... - 250
20061129 John Warner (R-VA), once one of the staunchest supporters of the ... John T. Michael, owner of a mortgage company in New York, helped Thomas Kontogiannis ...

22.Jan.2007 Terror Watch: Is Pentagon Creating a Secret Police Force ...

Intelligence experts warn that a proposal to merge two Pentagon ... could “disestablish” CIFA and DSS and “consolidate their components into the Department ...
Terror Watch: Is Pentagon Creating a Secret Police Force ...

A CIFA merger with DSS could also alter the job responsibilities of the 280 inspectors employed by DSS to inspect security arrangements and procedures at ...
Pentagon May Merge Two Intel Units To Create Secret Police Force ...

The merger was initially suggested by a government commission set up to recommend ...

It would appear that CIFA is merging to inherit DSS's investigation ...
_TerrorWatchIsPentagonCreatingaSecretPoliceForce.html">Terror Watch: Is Pentagon Creating a Secret Police Force ...

A merger between CIFA and DSS would weaken those internal controls, the source said. A CIFA merger with DSS could also alter the job responsibilities of the ...

Majikthise : Rummy's secret police If the merger goes through, the scandal-plagued CIFA may also gain access to the DSS's vaults of secret files on Defense Department employees, ...
Counterintelligence Field Activity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Discussions are underway (2006) that propose a controversial merger between CIFA and Defense Security Service ( DSS ) [2]. Critics say the merger would create ...
Carroll Publishing - News

As a result, the source told Newsweek, DSS rejected the requests.

A merger of the agencies would weaken those internal controls, the source said. CIFA has
Homeland Security - Age Of Tyranny News

The proposed CIFA/DSS merger would mesh nicely with NORTHCOM's and the Department of Homeland Security's fusion centers; + when supplied with ...
13.Apr.2006 TPMmuckraker MZM on Both Sides of Pentagon "Secret Police" Merger By Justin Rood -

13.Apr.2006 How many requests went from one MZM employee at CIFA to one at DSS ?
New Acting Director of DSS named, 6/1/06

Watson's selection as the new acting director of DSS comes at a crucial time for both DSS + CIFA as the department studies the potential of merger as ...
VVAWblog DSS also maintains millions of confidential files containing the results of background investigations on defense contractors¹ employees. The merger was ...
[Intelforum] Miscellaneous News The merger of CIFA and DSS <>

Both Pentagon insiders and privacy experts fear that if CIFA merges with, ...
Political Friendster - Counterintelligence Field Activity - CIFA ...

Intel experts warn that a proposal to merge two Pentagon intelligence units could create an ominous new agency.

See CIFA links for details.
Comments on: Breaking: Another General Calls For Rumsfeld’s ...

DSS also maintains millions of confidential files containing the results of ... a possible merger between the Counterintelligence Field Activity ( CIFA ), ...
09.Apr.2006 Swiftspeech! The Base Realignment and Closure Commission also suggested that the Pentagon could "disestablish" CIFA + DSS + "consolidate their components into the ... - View as HTML CIFA . DSS . NGB. USCG. Combatant Commands. Joint Staff (J-34)

Candidate for closure, divestiture, merger with another division, relocation ...

00.Apr.2006 Operation Eroding Freedom:

... a possible merger between the Counterintelligence Field Activity ( CIFA ), + the Defense Security Service ( DSS ), a well-established older agency ...
Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) and Organizational ... reorganized along lines that reflect the end goal of the merger . An- ... better with the work of CIFA than with DSS .

00.000.2003 the Under ...
wordbabey's bookmarks tagged with "terrorism" on to

00.000.2006 cifa dss pentagon merger defense intelligence counter-terrorism terrorism bush controversial not-printed article ... saved by 1 other person ... on ...
The Existentialist Cowboy: Impeachment is Not Enough DSS also maintains millions of confidential files containing the results of ...

Bush seems to have taken this process to its final stage: a merger of the ...
22.Jan.2007 In This Issue Bensoussan, Marling receive high honors from SCIP - View as HTML about how to proceed with a possible merger between the.

Field Activity ( CIFA ), a post-9/11 Pentagon creation that has. been accused of domestic spying,
God is NOT an Asshole As stories about the CIFA scandals circulated earlier this year, talk about merging the controversial unit with the less controversial DSS appeared to stall ...
Bush Administration Creating a Secret Police? (Common Sense +

..the Pentagon could “disestablish” CIFA + DSS + “consolidate their components into the Department of Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency.”
09.Apr.2006-15.Apr.2006 -Week of- | Prometheus 6

They can merge with the Secret Services Uniformed Division to get even greater ... a possible merger between the Counterintelligence Field Activity ( CIFA ), Coup: J. Edgar Hoover Archives

... you thought CIFA was scary, wait until you here what's up next. MSNBC reports that the Pentagon is trying to merge merge CIFA and the DSS to create a. ...
NEWS FROM APRIL 2006 The Base Realignment and Closure Commission also suggested that the Pentagon could “disestablish” CIFA and DSS and “consolidate their components into the ...
FLASH 4/8 - 22/06 CIFA - DSS - SSB - CIA - DIA - DOD - NSA - FBI - FEMA - DHS - ATF Intelligence experts warn that a proposal to merge two Pentagon intelligence units could ...
Pacific Life Research Center - View as HTML merger of CIFA with the Defense Security Service ( DSS ).

DSS is an older agency that investigates the. security arrangements of defense contractors, ...
22.Jan.2007 Kriegsschauplatz Irak - 'Massaker' von Halabja Am

31.Jan.2003 erschien in der 'New York Times' ein ungewöhnlicher Artikel von Prof. Stephen C . Pelletiere über das

00.000.1988 Massaker von Halabja im Jahre, ...
ESBR Detailansicht - HU-Ortsverband Marburg - Detailansicht So hat Prof. Stephen C . Pelletiere in der New York Times vom

31.Jan.2003 eine ganz andere Version des Giftgas-Angriffs zu Protokoll gegeben als die ...
170403antiwarblogg Prof. Stephen C. Pelletiere als früherer führender Mitarbeiter der CIA + der US Army zu Wort meldete: »Aufgrund meiner früheren Tätigkeiten weiß ich ...

22.Jan.2007 The Posada File: Part II Luis Posada Carriles spoke of plans to "hit" a Cuban airliner only days before ...

At one point Richard Secord sent him $1000.00 for one of his paintings .
Five Cuban Prisoners - - Cuba vs Terrorism Washington D.C.

09.Jun.2005 - Luis Posada Carriles spoke of plans to "hit" a ...

At one point Richard Secord sent him $1000.00 for one of his paintings .
Declassified Documents on Luis Posada Carriles

Richard Secord had nothing to do with Posada getting to El Salvador. ... one of his paintings to Secord. Posada did so + Secord sent Posada $1000 for it.
The Posada File: Part II Luis Posada Carriles spoke of plans to "hit" a Cuban airliner only days before ...

"Quintero told him to send one of his paintings to [ Richard ] Secord ," the ...

Know your BFEE Ollie was buying his weapons through a business owned by Richard Secord, ... to roost" with our own homegrown American made terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles.
22.Jan.2007 FEDS, INFORMANTS FINGER U.S. GOVERNMENT AS DRUG TRAFFICKER ... Luis Posada Carriles had a long relationship with the CIA.

At one point Richard Secord sent him $1000.00 for one of his paintings.
22.Jan.2007 The humans don't understand us they can't do anything W e'll ha ve ... - Se som HTML-version

00.000.1976 One member, Luis Posada Carilles,. wasarraignedforbombinganairliner,snuffed ...

Richard Secord . Secord was deputy air wing commander. in Laos.
Wayne Madsen Report - News Archives -

00.000.1978 Richard Secord , without any previous experience on Capitol Hill, ...

Luis Posada Carriles is the name of that terrorist who is protected here.