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Pakistan, so der Vorwurf, tue zu wenig gegen die Terror-Gruppen in der Grenzregion zu Afghanistan.

Nun, da die angekündigte Frühjahrsoffensive der Taliban kurz bevor steht, sei man mit der Geduld am Ende.

Die offizielle Version der Visite las sich dem diplomatischen Stil entsprechend noch recht milde.

Der Vizepräsident habe zu "konzertierten Aktionen" gegen "wieder erstarkte Strukturen von al-Qaida in der Grenzregion" aufgerufen +

"ernsthafte Bedenken" in Hinsicht auf eine geplante Frühjahrsoffensive gegen die Isaf-Schutztruppe geäußert.

Musharraf hingegen ließ mitteilen, dass Pakistan bereits "das Maximum im Kampf gegen den Terrorismus" leiste.
Kampf gegen die Taliban: Cheney legt Musharraf die Daumenschrauben an
26.Feb.2007 Klar- Text: Ex- Terrorist hofft auf "Niederlage der Pläne des Kapitals"
26.Feb.2007 Indonesien: Betonkugeln sollen Schlammvulkan zähmen
26.Feb.2007 Knappes Manöver: "Rosetta" zeigt Roten Planeten in blau
26.Feb.2007 US- Regierung: Cheney und Rice ringen um Iran- Politik

26.Feb.2007 Studie: Deutsche Firmen gehören zu den innovativsten der Welt
26.Feb.2007 VIDEO: Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth Wins Best Documentary - Think Progress -

Tonight, Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth won the Academy Award for Best Documentary. Gore accepted the award, saying, “My fellow Americans, people all over the world — we need to solve the climate crisis.

It’s not a political issue. It’s a moral issue. We have everything we need to get started with the possible exception of the will to act. That’s a renewable resource. Let’s renew it.” Watch it:

Just as they blasted the Grammy-winning Dixie Chicks, conservatives are already claiming that An Inconvenient Truth won tonight simply because Hollywood agrees with Gore’s views.

The truth is, two years ago, global warming was still considered a fringe issue to many. Today, the debate is over — Americans overwhelmingly agree that the climate crisis exists and that we must act now to reverse it.

An Inconvenient Truth had a profound impact on how Americans view the issue of global warming. Al Gore deserved this award.

UPDATE: A medley of the other Gore moments at tonight’s Oscars, including his “big announcement”: Digg It! | Reddit
26.Feb.2007 Chomsky on Why Bush Does Diplomacy Mafia-Style - sfux 
Michael Shank - Noam Chomsky explains what he thinks the U.S. will do to Iran, what is really at stake for America in Iraq + why Palestinians are more likely to uphold their peace agreements than Israelis.
Michael Shank recently interviewed Noam Chomsky, noted linguist and foreign policy...

26.Feb.2007 US hint on North Korea sanctions The US is ready to end a row with North Korea over a Macau bank which threatened nuclear talks, officials say.
26.Feb.2007 Hillary Dodges Truthers - BG -
.Feb.2007 Sen. Hillary Clinton (D - New York) spoke at Keene High School in Keene, New Hampshire this Sunday.

Several members of Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth attended the event in hopes of being able to ask the former First Lady a question or two about 9/11.
Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth is supported by Franklin Pierce College's Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication, which is a very well known and respected center in the State of New Hampshire.

Usually press for the Fitzwater Center are greeted very warmly at political events.

However, when the Student Scholars attempted to get in through the press entrance, they were asked a series of question about their legitimacy after a volunteer noticed that one of the Student Scholars was wearing a shirt that read "Investigate 9/11."

Ultimately, those in charge decided that the Student Scholars could be admitted with press passes.
Operator Who Took Todd Beamer's Call (Allegedly) - BG - Blogger Thoughts: By using the word allegedly in the title, I'm not questioning the honesty of Lisa Jefferson.
Woman Remembers Taking Call From Flight 93 On 9/11
Lisa Jefferson Spoke With Todd Beamer Before Plane Went Down Related:

26.Feb.2007 AIPAC Demands "Action" on Iran - BG -
"An American Strike on Iran is Essential for Our Existence" AIPAC Demands "Action" on Iran -

Former CIA counterterrorism specialist Philip Giraldi, comparing the propaganda campaign against Iran to that which preceded the war on Iraq, has recently declared,

"It is absolutely parallel.

They're using the same dance steps-demonize the bad guys, the pretext of diplomacy, keep out of negotiations, use proxies.

It is Iraq redux."

He's only one of many in his field (including Vincent Cannistraro, Ray McGovern + Larry C. Johnson) doing their best to expose the Bush-Cheney neocon disinformation campaign according to which Iran is planning to produce nukes in order to commit genocide, while abetting terrorists in Iraq who are killing American troops.

Their efforts + those of many others, are producing results.

The mainstream corporate press is far more skeptical about administration claims pertaining to Iran than they ever were towards the equally specious claims made about Iraq on the eve of the 2003 invasion.

The American people are now inclined to distrust claims made by nameless officials about Quds Force-provisioned IEDs and EFPs, etc., supposedly smuggled by "meddling" Iranians into Iraq.

Unfortunately the Congress dominated by Democrats elected in a popular expression of antiwar sentiment has not taken a firm stance against an attack on Iran based on lies.

Maybe given the nature of the power structure it simply can't.

Giraldi matter-of-factly sums up the unfortunate politics of situation.

"The recent formation of the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus should .... be noted as well as AIPAC's highlighting of the threat from Iran at its 2006 convention in Washington,

an event that featured Vice President Dick Cheney as keynote speaker. More recently, Senator Hillary Clinton addressed an AIPAC gathering in New York City. Neither was shy about threatening Iran.

AIPAC's formulation that the option of force 'must remain on the table' when dealing with Iran has been repeated like a mantra by numerous politicians and government officials, not too surprisingly as AIPAC writes the briefings and position papers that many Congressmen unfortunately rely on."

In other words, the American Israel Political Action Committee is the main political force urging---indeed, demanding ---U.S. action.
26.Feb.2007 One can imagine a completely different spin on this story:

the scandalous failure of GTE to connect Beamer with his family.

But this is legend, not news.

00.Apr.2002- Far from failing- the operator actually received a Verizon Excellence Award in from her company. (

00.Mar.1970 -in- It was a news story when, blasts ripped through the headquarters buildings of GTE in New York in protest at the company's manufacturing missiles at the height of the Vietnam War.

GTE weapons also played a big part in Gulf War 1 + GTE remains a big Pentagon contractor.

So this is the setting in which we are to believe that Beamer left the airfone handset dangling, for the operator to overhear someone shouting:

"Let's roll" before the passengers supposedly made a brave attack on the pilots' cockpit.
26.Feb.2007 Before the alleged hijacking, the authentic pilots, too, seem to have been candidates for posthumous fame.

"After 40 seconds of silence, one of the pilots keyed on the microphone again,

allowing Cleveland air control to hear more muffled clamor and someone—presumably one of the pilots—frantically shouting,

'Get out of here!

Get out of here!' The mike went dead again."

Isn't it strange that the pilots did not at this moment press the hijack alarm button that sat right on the control column?

Even stranger, that the writers omitted to mention how strange it was.
26.Feb.2007 a juicy human drama:

A thickly accented voice came back on the air: "Hi, this is the captain. We'd like you all to remain seated.

There is a bomb onboard. We are going to turn back to the airport.

And they have our demands, so please be quiet."

Investigators think the voice belonged to (hijacker pilot) Jarrah +

that he had flipped the wrong switch, thinking he was addressing the passengers over the PA system when he was calling Cleveland control instead.

A few paragraphs later, the story says: "The hijackers had been training for two years;

the passengers came together in a few minutes."

The writers skate over the glaring contradiction.

How could hijackers, who had been "training for two years", have failed to familiarise themselves with the basic controls of the aircraft they were hijacking?

According to the Pittburgh Post-Gazette, "back in the Florida apartment he'd left four days earlier,

Jarrah had set up a full-size, cardboard replica - three panels in all - of the cockpit of the airplane they had just boarded."

The point is, that if he had not ostensibly bungled the controls, there might be no witnesses to the pilot's "thickly accented voice".

How strange that the rogue pilot of Flight 11 made the same inexplicable error of "flipp(ing) the wrong switch" + broadcasting to the world the words:

"We have some planes", that were of no interest to his passengers.

Sceptics ask: why did the alleged hijackers not instead make use of the handset provided expressly for making cabin announcements? (

28.Oct.2001 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,)
26.Feb.2007 Newsweek 's coverage of 9/11 for its 3.1 million buyers began with a flag-draped cover headlined God Bless America .

03.Dec.2001 The Flight 93 story () was read by millions more at on-line

MSNBC, owned by the right-wing Microsoft Corporation + arms-maker General Electric.

It is written in a tone of over-the-top emotionalism + propaganda,

rooting for American faith, righteous pugnacity + revenge.

It rehearses in full the "ancient litany" (the Lord's Prayer) that football-playing Todd Beamer intoned along with the Airfone telephone operator (although the Post-Gazette says it was Psalm 23).

The Newsweek story lip-curlingly rehearses the foul instructions included in terrorist handbook that the bogeyman "Mohammed Atta" had obligingly left in his held-back suitcase for the FBI to find.

The passengers are inaccurately depicted storming the cockpit to prevent another attack, whereas:

"As described by the FBI director [Robert Mueller]," the FBI's 858-page report to Congress later related,

"the cockpit tape recorder indicates that a hijacker, minutes before Flight 93 hit the ground, 'advised [hijacker Ziad] Jarrah to crash the plane + end the passengers' attempt to retake the plane'."

So according to its own documentations, the official legend of the cockpit storming was pure fiction. ( )
26.Feb.2007 Would it surprise you to learn they were British Special Forces? - BG -
20.Sep.2005 -By
Matt Hutaff-

Iraqi police recently caught two terrorists with a car full of explosives.

Would it surprise you to learn they were British Special Forces?

The story sounds amazing, almost fantastical.

A car driving through the outskirts of a besieged city opens fire on a police checkpoint, killing one.

In pursuit, the police surround and detain the drivers and find the vehicle packed with explosives — perhaps part of an insurgent's plan to destroy lives and cripple property.

If that isn't enough, when the suspects are thrown in prison their allies drive right up to the walls of the jail, break through them and brave petroleum bombs and burning clothes to rescue their comrades.

150 other prisoners break free in the ensuing melee .

Incredible, no? Yet this story took place in the southern Iraqi city of Basra recently. Violence continues to escalate in the breakout's aftermath... just not for the reasons you think.

You see, the drivers of the explosive-laden car were not members of an insurgency group — they were British Special Forces . Their rescuers? British soldiers driving British tanks.

That's right — two members of the British Armed forces disguised as Arab civilians killed a member of the Iraqi police while evading capture.

When the people of Basra rightfully refused to turn the murderers over to the British government, per Coalition "mandate," they sent their own men in and released over 100 prisoners in the process.

Winning the hearts and minds, aren't we?

Sadly, this story is really not all that surprising.

After hearing countless accounts of using napalm + torture against innocent civilians in addition to the other daily abuses dished out by American overseers, the thought of British scheming seems perfectly reasonable.

So what we have here is a clear instance of a foreign power attempting to fabricate a terrorist attack. Why else would the soldiers be dressed as Arabs if not to frame them?

Why have a car laden with explosives if you don't plan to use them for destructive purposes? Iraq is headed towards civil war + this operation was meant to accelerate the process by killing people and blaming others.

Nothing more, nothing less. That the British army staged an over-the-top escape when it could rely on normal diplomatic channels to recover its people proves that.

Such extreme methods highlight the need to keep secrets.
CBC News (Canada) Reports on 9/11 Truth - BG - David Ray Griffin:
26.Feb.2007 NIST Report on WTC Questions - BG - Atty. Leaphart launches FOIA volley at NIST from TIA by Total From 9/11 activist attorney Jerry Leaphardt via 2007-02-16:
26.Feb.2007 9/11 Questions Follow Obama Campaign Trail to Austin - BG -
26.Feb.2007 "9/11: The Conspiracy Files: The BBC Joins The Ranks of the Untrustworthy US Media | - BG -
26.Feb.2007 Al Gore’s big announcement: - Think Progress -

the Oscars have gone green. Find out more HERE and watch Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio make the announcement at tonight’s Academy Awards: Transcript: (more…)
26.Feb.2007 Promote Journalismus - Nachrichten von Heute - sfux Journalismus Nachrichten von Heute -

Ist die Platform für Journalisten und Whistleblowers. Die aus verschiedenen Staaten stammenden Autoren bringen News, Hintergrundberichte und Reportagen zum Politik- und Kulturgeschehen auf...
26.Feb.2007 CIA and the Iraq Operations Group - sfux 
Onlineredaktion - 2002, In Athens, a number of Iraqi security officials get snagged in an arms bust arranged by the CIA. The CIA made it appear as though the Iraqis were buying guns for terrorists. The operation was part of an effort by the CIA?s Iraq Operations Group to exacerbate the tension between the US and Saddam Hussein in the lead-up to war with Iraq.

Piraten kapern UNO-Schiff - sfux Nairobi, DPA und Onlineredaktio n ?

Laut einem Bericht der englischen BBC vom Sonntag wurde vor der Küste Somalias ein Frachtschiff mit UNO Hilfsgütern für die Menschen am Horn Afrikas gekapert.
Die kenianische "MV Rozen" wurde mit einem Schnellboot und Sturmgewehren angegriffen und geentert, nachdem sie 1,800 Tonnen Lebensmittel im Nordosten des Landes abgeladen hatte, wie eine Sprecherin des Welternährungsprogramms der UNO mitteilte. Das Schicksal...

Die Wiedereinführung des Feudalismus in Stuttgart - sfux Karl Weiss -

Porsche lässt die Polizei für die Ausbeutungsoffensive eingreifen
Der wesentliche Fortschritt damals bei der bürgerlichen Revolution, bei der Einführung des Kapitalismus anstelle des Feudalismus, war die weitgehende Abschaffung der beliebigen Willkür, mit der die feudalen Herrscher ihre Untertanen drangsalieren konnten und der absoluten Macht, mit der Staatsgewalt jegliche oppositionelle...

Generalstabspläne zu möglichem Angriff auf Iran - sfux Washington -

Im Büro des gemeinsamen Generalstabs der US-Streitkräfte soll laut einem Bericht des Magazins «The New Yorker» eine besondere Planungsgruppe für einem möglichen Angriff auf den Iran eingerichtet worden sein.

Die Pläne für Bombenangriffe auf den Iran könnten auf einen Befehl von US-Präsident George W. Bush hin innerhalb von 24 Stunden aktiviert werden, hiess es in dem Bericht des bekannten Journalisten Seymour Hersh unter Berufung auf Geheimdienstinformationen.
Mossad warnt vor Hizbollah - sfux Jerusalem -

In ihrem jährlichen Bericht an das Kabinett haben die israelischen Geheimdienste vor einer weiteren Bewaffnung der schiitischen Hizbollah-Miliz gewarnt. Die libanesische Miliz bereite sich nach dem Krieg im vergangenen Sommer offenbar auf eine weitere Konfliktrunde vor, erklärte der Militärgeheimdienst in dem am Sonntag vorgelegten Bericht laut einem Teilnehmer des Regierungstreffens hinter verschlossenen Türen. Der Mossad ging den Angaben zufolge...
New Sub Dives Crushing Depths A new underwater glider that can dive deeper and stay offshore longer may provide key data in predicting climate change. By Emmet Cole.
26.Feb.2007 DHS Biometric Program in Trouble Spiraling costs and a missing long-term strategy bedevil the US-VISIT program, which screens incoming travelers to the USA for terrorist links.

Luke O'Brien reports from Washington.
Court in landmark genocide ruling The UN's highest court begins its ruling on whether Serbia should be held accountable for war atrocities in Bosnia.
26.Feb.2007 Diplomats set for key Iran talks Key UN nations hold talks in London on how to make Iran comply with demands to halt its nuclear programme.
26.Feb.2007 Salvador murder suspects killed Four Guatemalan policemen held over the murders of three Salvadorean politicians are shot dead in prison.
26.Feb.2007 Scientists set for huge polar study The largest polar research programme for 50 years, by thousands of scientists, gets under way this week.
26.Feb.2007 Farrakhan makes final speech Louis Farrakhan, leader of US Muslim group Nation of Islam, attacks US foreign policy in his final major public speech.
26.Feb.2007 Caribbean hurricane fund set up The World Bank launches an emergency insurance fund to help Caribbean nations pay for key services after a hurricane.
26.Feb.2007 South Pacific is 'fattest region' An obesity survey shows the South Pacific is the world's most overweight region, with Nauru the fattest nation.
26.Feb.2007 Cheney in surprise Pakistan talks US Vice-President Dick Cheney meets President Musharraf on an unannounced visit to Pakistan.
Lung cancer 'colour breath test' A colour test shows up unique chemical changes in the breath of people with lung cancer.
26.Feb.2007 Software Bug Halts F-22 Flight - kdawson 205 Comments  mgh02114 writes

"The new US stealth fighter, the F-22 Raptor, was deployed for the first time to Asia earlier this month.

11.Feb.2007 twelve Raptors flying from Hawaii to Japan were forced to turn back when a software glitch crashed all of the F-22s' on-board computers as they crossed the international date line.

The delay in arrival in Japan was previously reported, with rumors of problems with the software.

television, however, this morning reported that every fighter completely lost all navigation + communications when they crossed the international date line.

They reportedly had to turn around and follow their tankers by visual contact back to Hawaii.

According to the story, if they had not been with their tankers, or the weather had been bad, this would have been serious. has not put up anything on their website yet."

17.Feb.2007 The Peoples Daily of China reported that two Raptors had landed on Okinawa.
Carter would have become a national laughingstock.
By showing a handful of fake documents and rigged photos to a naive young lawyer, the CIA might have been able to destroy a President who threatened its position.
Carter, to his credit, did not take the bait. We can only guess as to why he did not. Perhaps Marcia Smith (whose role in all this was surely quite innocent) did not include Sheehan's startling information in her report.

Or perhaps she did include it -- but Carter's advisors wisely told him to steer clear of any assertions which did not come backed by iron-clad proof. At any rate, Carter did not mention UFOs at all during his tenure, despite a campaign pledge to make much more information on the subject public.
The scenario I've outlined here covers all the facts save one: Why was Danny Sheehan asked to find out what the Vatican had on UFOs?
In a future post, we will discuss other uses of the "double bubble" methodology.

It's Official! President Al Gore Finally Gets His Man: Oscar. Inconvenient Truth Wins the Golden Statue for Best Documentary. Now Will Gore be Restored in 2008 to the White House that Was Stolen from Him in 2000?
U.S. now bombing Sunni "terror targets" that Iraqi government helped choose -- this is such utter madness that only impeachment or sane Republicans forcing removal of Cheney and Bush from office can restore some semblance of sanity to America and the World
From Oscar to the Restoration of His Stolen Presidency? What's the Next Step for Al? 2/26

26.Feb.2007 It's History Now. "An Inconvenient Truth" Wins an Oscar for Best Documentary. Buy It from and Help Expand Progressive Media.
Low intelligence: White House is giving U.N. nuclear watchdogs "tips" on Iranian nukes that just aren't true

26.Feb.2007 Hersh: Most explosive revelation is that U.S. funds are heading to violent Al Qaeda-linked groups 2/26
Before Winning the Oscar for Best Documentary for an Inconvenient Truth, Leonardo DiCaprio Engages in Some Well-Scripted Banter About Gore Running for President. It is Starting to Appear a Bit More Real, Isn't It?
Paul Krugman: Last six years have taught us danger of choosing substance over image 2/26

26.Feb.2007 Get ready for a generation of homeless people with "Iraq veteran" signs: Hundreds are coming back from the war destitute 2/26
26.Feb.2007 Bush_Team_Member_Says_WTC_Collapse_Likely_A_Controlled_Demolition?page=24&sort=_created_dt&dir=ASC" target=nw>

Former Bush Team Member Says WTC Collapse Likely A Controlled ...

The Federal Reserve System and the Council on Foreign Relations ... As Zbigniew Brzezinski explained in his 1997 book, The Grand Chessboard, the American ...
Strategie der HOCHTIEF-Gruppe - Ver em HTML
PCH Terra Santa - Grupo Brennand Energia – MT. • Sede Administrativa Vitória – Petrobras – ES ...

A HOCHTIEF possui estratégia, estrutura e capacidade para ... 26.Feb.2007 Year One of the Russian Revolution | Chpt. 4

The First Flames of the Civil War : The Constituent Assembly ... organized a Revolutionary Committee on

22.Oct.1917 with the aim of seizing power .
26.Feb.2007 Tech Success Xontech, a subcontractor on Boeing's $1.6 billion project to build a national ...

Xontech went with an easy-to-use programming language called Eiffel,
Jul.2005 posted: 04:31 pm ET,

11.Aug.2003 Signing of ... Northrop Grumman Acquires XonTech for Missile Defense. Northrop Grumman Corp. is hoping that its

24.Jul.---- acquisition of XonTech Inc. will bolster its ...
PassengersDoD John Sammartino – 37, an engineer at XonTech Inc. in Rosslyn, ...

Leonard Taylor – of Reston, Va. was a technical manager at XonTech Inc., a research and ...
passengers Based upon track record, EM solutions were probably the secondary project co-ordinators,

along with

XonTech .


Veridian Corp,

Vredenburg Co, +

Lockheed ...
Killing Your Old Identity For The New (Loose Change Forum)

John Sammartino + Leonard Taylor worked at Xontech (missile defense), another company connected to the intelligence community, also with ties to Boeing. ...
Atomstreit mit Iran: Vetomächte und Deutschland beraten über schärfere Sanktionen
26.Feb.2007 Verschärftes Ausländerrecht: Integrations- Verweigerern droht Abschiebung

26.Feb.2007 Mikrofonfund: "Abhöraffäre" um Neskovic entpuppt sich als Scherz

26.Feb.2007 Klimaschutz: CDU- Politiker fordert Steuererlass für Öko- Autos
26.Feb.2007 Kleinkinderbetreuung: SPD will vier Milliarden Euro in Krippenplätze investieren

26.Feb.2007 Umweltbericht: EU prangert Verkehr als Klimaschutz- Sorgenkind an
26.Feb.2007 Iran Launches Payload into Space - CmdrTaco 409 Comments  An anonymous reader writes

"BBC is reporting that Iran has launched its first space rocket carrying a payload. Britain's former ambassador to Iran, Sir Richard Dalton, told the BBC that, if confirmed, such a move could destabilise the Middle East: "It is a matter of concern. Iran's potential nuclear military programme, combined with an advanced missile capability, would destabilise the region + of course if there were a bomb that could be placed on the end of this missile, it would in breach of Iran's obligations under the non-proliferation treaty." From the article: Iranian TV broke the news of the reported test saying :"The first space rocket has been successfully launched into space. It quoted the head of Iran's aerospace research centre, Mohsen Bahrami, as saying that "the rocket was carrying material intended for research created by the ministries of science and defence". In 2005, Iran's Russian-made satellite was put into orbit by a Russian rocket.

But shortly afterwards Iranian military officials said they were preparing a satellite launch vehicle of their own and last month, they announced they were ready to test it soon."
When Were the Americas Populated? - kdawson 165 Comments evil agent passes along an article in Scientific American reporting that new radiocarbon dating techniques have cast doubt on the accepted story of how the Americas were populated.

In the traditional view, "[M]igrants out of northeast Asia slipped into the Americas bearing finely shaped stone projectiles, so-called 'Clovis points,' after the town in New Mexico where they were first uncovered. This Clovis culture rapidly spread throughout the empty continents and by 1,000 years after their arrival had reached the southernmost tip of what is now South America, making them the original ancestors of indigenous Americans." The new dating of Clovis sites suggests that "Clovis" was not a people, but rather a technology. That is, a new and more efficient method of making arrowheads for hunting spread rapidly through a pre-existing population in both North and South America, over at most 350 years.
67-Kilowatt Laser Unveiled - kdawson 317+ Comments  s31523 writes

"Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California has announced they have working in the lab a Solid State Heat Capacity Laser that averages 67 kW.

It is being developed for the military.

The chief scientist Dr. Yamamoto is quoted: 'I know of no other solid state laser that has achieved 67 kW of average output power.'

Although many lasers have peaked at higher capacities, getting the average sustained power to remain high is the tricky part.

The article says that hitting the 100-kW level, at which point it would become interesting as a battlefield weapon, could be less than a year away."
Voltron-Like Modular Robot Demonstrated - Zonk 36+ Comments MattSparkes writes

"The 'Superbot', a modular robot that transforms itself into different shapes in order to walk, crawl and clamber up inclines, has been demonstrated in at the University of Southern California. Each bot module is effectively a robot in its own right + can move independently, flip over and rotate like wheels. They also have 3D accelerometers that let them know their precise orientation. The six sides of each module can dock with any other module. Once connected, the modules can communicate, coordinate shape changes and even transmit power. The bot's creators hope it will make a great working companion for places like, say, the Moon. Or Mars."
Chalmers Johnson parrots all the misleading propaganda: - BG - Update Link to Johnson's Interveiw with Meria Heller Meria With Chalmers Johnson - Nemesis-The Last Days of the American Republic
2/23/2007 : 9/11 was blow back, Iran has nukes, getting rid of the CIA will help solve the problem (of US overreach), we are headed the way of the Roman Empire ....
Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic by Chalmers Johnson - PopMatters Book Review Blogger Thoughts:

I went to Johnson's book signing last night held in La Jolla, CA. Based on his reading of his new book + the Q&A, Johnson seems to be intentional misleading, possibly a "Mockingbird." (
Johnson touted a good web site to visit to keep up on the latest developments.

26.Feb.2007 Evidence against Muslim charity appears fabricated - BG - Source: Los Angeles Times

When the Bush administration shut down the nation's largest Muslim charity five years ago, officials of the Dallas-based foundation denied allegations it was linked to terrorists +

insisted that a number of accusations were fabricated by the government.

Now, attorneys for the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development say the government's own documents provide evidence of that claim.......Source:
26.Feb.2007 propaganda-works.html">Gallup Poll: Years of Propaganda Works like a Charm - BG - 
"A Gallup poll surveying US opinion on geopolitics singles out Israel as only foreign nation Americans feel favorably toward +

also say that what happens there is vitally important to the US," the Israeli online newspaper Yedioth Internet reports.

Never mind

00.000.1967 Israel attacked the USS Liberty, killing 34 Americans + wounding 171 +

never mind

00.000.1954 Israel was caught red-handed plotting to blow up U.S. targets + presumably killing Americans in Egypt +

never mind,

00.000.1986 the main suspects in the Berlin disco bombing that killed two U.S. soldiers, an event that provided a pretext for a U.S. air assault on Libya, worked for Israeli intelligence

(with more than a little help from American spooks) according to a German public television (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) documentary +

never mind

Angelina Jolie To Join Council On Foreign Relations - BG -
26.Feb.2007 Will Wilkes and Foggo hide behind classification at trial? - BG -
26.Feb.2007 By Allen L Roland - BUSH DUMB ENOUGH TO ATTACK IRAN
Bush is playing with dynamite regarding Iran and is one dumb misstep away from not only starting WWIII. but destroying our Republic in the process.

The true test of a persons character is not how they handle adversity ~ but how do they handle power.

In that regard, George W Bush has a severe character disorder + is certainly dumb enough to not only attack Iran but to create unending carnage + chaos in the Middle East.
Global Capitalism Now Has No Serious Rivals. But It Could Destroy Itself
Our planet cannot long sustain the worldwide embrace of the manufacture of desires.

Resolved, that Richard B. Cheney, vice president of the USA, should be impeached for high crimes + misdemeanors and that these articles of impeachment be submitted to the American people

Citing the bill's failure to require paper ballots,allowing for uncounted "paper trails" instead,

Waters replied to a question of mine that she would "glad to withdraw [her] name from the bill"

when she returns to Washington on Tuesday in the wake of recent conversations she's had in California with Election Integrity advocates.

The announcement drew an enthusiastic round of applause from those in attendance at MLK convocation.

26.Feb.2007 WaPo; The Left's Newest Target On Its Hit List Of Republicrats
The Democratic majority was only three weeks old, but by Jan. 26, the grass-roots and Net-roots activists of the party's left wing had already settled on their new enemy:

Rep. Ellen O. Tauscher (D-Calif.), the outspoken chair of the centrist New Democrat Coalition.

26.Feb.2007 How Much Does Your Bank Owe You ? Federal Judge says you may be due a refund of everything you've paid to live in your house for years. This could turn the tables on deceptive mortgage lenders.
26.Feb.2007 By Jane Stillwater - Bush's Personal War On Oil-producing Countries: Which One Will Be Next? Russia? China? The US?
Since taking over the White House, George Bush's foreign policy has been visible, steady and consistent -- to seize the world's oil producing countries one by one.

He's already got Iraq. Iran's a sitting duck. Russia and China are gonna be tougher nuts to crack but he's working on it. And never forget that one of the world's biggest oil producers is America....
26.Feb.2007 -By Mickey Z. -
None Of These Will Prevent The U.S. From Bombing Iran

26.Feb.2007 By W. Christopher Epler (Bill) Conscience Belongs To The Heart, Not Politicized Religion.
Politicized religion is an obscene contradiction in terms. When political parties merge with religious cults it's lose, lose for the human race. Religion (at its best) transcends politics absolutely.

26.Feb.2007 By Kathlyn Stone Iraq Labor Vs. ExxonMobil, BP And Shell

Iraq labor unions

are finding growing support for their resistance among

other unionists + humanists + the international solidarity movement + every day citizens

who know the occupation of Iraq is all about controlling the world's oil.
By David Swanson
Impeach07 Campaign Launched
The impeachment movement is uniting and expanding.

We're joining with many other organizations to launch Impeach07, a coordinated series of actions aimed at impeaching Bush + Cheney through widespread public protest, creative dissent, media activism, education + lobbying:

By Rob Kall -The Iraq War Vote Test
00.000.2003 -Back in- I passed the Iraq war vote test.

So did millions of other americans who refused to buy Bush's WMD and Saddam story. I didn't buy Colin Powell's moment of betrayal of America and his personal integrity.

Neither did 100+ members of congress. Now some of those who voted for the war are struggling with how to explain their votes. Well they should be struggling. Why should we trust their judgment and courage now?

By Carol Wolman - Masterminds Of 9-11- IMPEACH THEM!
What were Bush and Cheney doing that day? Either they were both derelict in their duty, or they were co-conspirators. Either way, IMPEACH THEM!

26.Feb.2007 The British 9/11 Truth Campaign :: View topic - Hijack Suspects Still Alive & Well in 2007 - by Simon Ra - BG -
Last Sunday the BBC aired a documentary specifically designed to debunk 9/11 conspiracy theories. However, it contained many distortions, lies + ommissions. In September 2001, the BBC's web site ran a number of stories alerting us to the fact that many of the alleged hijackers were turning up alive and well. Here is one of them.

25.Feb.2007 Hersh: U.S. Funds Being Secretly Funneled To Violent Al Qaeda-Linked Groups - Nico -

New Yorker columnist Sy Hersh says the “single most explosive” element of his latest article involves an effort by the Bush administration to stem the growth of Shiite influence in the Middle East (specifically the Iranian government and Hezbollah in Lebanon) by funding violent Sunni groups.

Hersh says the U.S. has been “pumping money, a great deal of money, without congressional authority, without any congressional oversight” for covert operations in the Middle East where it wants to “stop the Shiite spread or the Shiite influence.” Hersh says these funds have ended up in the hands of “three Sunni jihadist groups” who are “connected to al Qaeda” but “want to take on Hezbollah.”

Hersh summed up his scoop in stark terms: “We are simply in a situation where this president is really taking his notion of executive privilege to the absolute limit here, running covert operations, using money that was not authorized by Congress, supporting groups indirectly that are involved with the same people that did 9/11.” Watch it:

Hersh added, “All of this should be investigated by Congress, by the way + I trust it will be. In my talking to membership — members there, they are very upset that they know nothing about this. And they have great many suspicions.” Digg It! Transcript: (more…)
25.Feb.2007 Hersh: Bush Administration Conducting ‘Very Aggressive’ Special Operations Inside Iran - Faiz -

Appearing on ’s Late Edition to discuss his new article, “The Redirection,” Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh warned that the Bush administration is “very far along” in its plans for a war with Iran.

Among the other highlights from the interview:

– Hersh said U.S. special forces and intelligence operatives have been conducting a lot of “very aggressive” activities inside Iran on the border of Iraq.

– Inside the military, they are planning “a 24 hour package” — that is, a plan to operationalize a strike on Iran within 24 hours of Bush’s order.

– Noting Bush’s steadfast refusal to talk with Iran, Hersh said, “Maybe we just have to really listen to what he is saying. And I don’t know what can stop him because he is president.”

Watch it: Digg It! Transcript: (more…)
25.Feb.2007 Levin: Last Congress Didn’t Investigate Walter Reed Because ‘They Did Not Want To Embarrass’ Bush - Faiz -

On NBC’s Meet the Press today, Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) argued that the Senate Armed Services Committee did not conduct oversight of the treatment at military facilities in recent years because “they did not want to embarrass the President.” As the new chairman of the committee, Levin said he will be visiting Walter Reed this week and holding a hearing on March 6.

Levin decried the deplorable conditions at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. “Where we need a surge is not in Iraq. We need a surge of concern for our troops, for the veterans, for the injured, for the wounded, for the families of those who have lost loved ones. That’s the surge of concern and that’s the surge that we need,” Levin said. Watch it:

In its cover story, “Failing Our Wounded,” Newsweek reports that the government is struggling to care for an increasing number of injured soldiers. Newsweek’s investigation of the VA system “paints a grim portrait of an overloaded bureaucracy cluttered with red tape; veterans having to wait weeks or months for mental-health care and other appointments; families sliding into debt as VA case managers study disability claims over many months + the seriously wounded requiring help from outside experts just to understand the VA’s arcane system of rights and benefits.”
25.Feb.2007 Kristol: Bush ‘Could Easily Build Political Support’ For Iran Attack ‘At The Beginning Of 2008' - Nico -

Today on Fox New Sunday, Weekly Standard editor William Kristol said the Bush administration was doing a “decent job at threatening Iran,” but said he “would like a little more” rhetoric like Vice President Cheney’s recent claim that military strikes are still on the table.

Kristol added that while “you can’t just suddenly use force,” the question is, “can the President build a predicate if he feels he has to use force.”

Kristol was confident: “I think if things have stabilized in Iraq, then you could easily build political support for being much tougher on Iran at the beginning of 2008.” Watch it:

00.Jun.2006 Kristol predicted “we’ll have success through pressure and sanctions, or we’ll be forced to use military action.”

00.Aug.2006 Kristol said, “I think we could be in a military confrontation with Iran much sooner than people expect.”

Bush_Could_Easily_Build_Support_For_An_Iran_War_in_2008">Digg It!
President Carter Rips Cheney Over Iraq: ‘His Batting Average Is Abysmally Low’ - Amanda -

Last week, Vice President Cheney attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) for supporting Iraq redeployment. He charged that their plan would “validate the al Qaeda strategy.”

Today, former President Jimmy Carter rejected Cheney’s charges, stating that calls for a change of policy in Iraq are “not playing into the hands of al Qaeda or the people who are causing violence and destruction over there.” He added, “If you go back and see what Vice President Cheney has said for the last three or four years concerning Iraq, his batting average is abysmally low. He hasn’t been right on hardly anything.” Watch it: Digg It! Transcript: (more…)
25.Feb.2007 UN: Administration intel on Iran unreliable. - Nico -

“[M]ost U.S. intelligence shared with the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency has proved inaccurate and none has led to significant discoveries inside Iran,” diplomats tell the LA Times.

“The officials said the CIA and other Western spy services had provided sensitive information to the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency

at least since 2002, when Iran’s long-secret nuclear program was exposed. But none of the tips about supposed secret weapons sites provided clear evidence that the Islamic Republic was developing illicit weapons.”

UPDATE: Kevin Drum has a eerily similar flashback from February 2003.
25.Feb.2007 Generals will quit over Iran attack. - Faiz -

The Sunday Times reports that up to five Pentagon generals and admirals “are willing to resign rather than approve what they consider would be a reckless attack [on Iran].

‘There are four or five generals and admirals we know of who would resign if Bush ordered an attack on Iran,’ a source with close ties to British intelligence said.”
25.Feb.2007 Bush bikes through White House bomb drill. - Amanda -

“Dozens of high-level officials joined in a White House drill [today] to see how the government would respond if several cities were attacked simultaneously with bombs similar to those used against U.S. troops in Iraq. … President Bush went on a bike ride [this] morning and did not take part in the test.” (HT: Huffington Post)
25.Feb.2007 Hersh: New Pentagon Unit Developing Contingency Plan To Bomb Iran - Faiz -

In the latest issue of The New Yorker, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh reports that a special Pentagon unit has been charged in recent months with developing plans for U.S. air attacks on Iran. From Reuters:

Despite the Bush administration’s insistence it has no plans to go to war with Iran, a Pentagon panel has been created to plan a bombing attack that could be implemented within 24 hours of getting the go-ahead from President George W. Bush, The New Yorker magazine reported in its latest issue.

The special planning group was established within the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in recent months, according to an unidentified former U.S. intelligence official cited in the article by investigative reporter Seymour Hersh in the March 4 issue.

According to the article,

the Pentagon unit was initially charged with destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities but has recently changed its mission “to identify targets in Iran that may be involved in supplying or aiding militants in Iraq.”

Earlier this week, the BBC also reported the existence of U.S. contingency plans for war with Iran that extend beyond Iran’s nuclear facilities.

This weekend, Vice President Cheney said war with Iran remains an option.

While contingency war plans exist for many potential conflicts around the world, Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) warned this week that the administration’s rhetoric and flawed intelligence on Iran give rise to a special concern that a strategic mistake could lead to war:

In a hazy, hair-triggered environment, careless rhetoric and military movements that one side may believe are required to demonstrate resolve and strength…can be misinterpreted as preparations for military options. The risk of inadvertent conflict because of miscalculation is great. Digg It!

UPDATE: Hersh’s article is now posted.
25.Feb.2007 Defense Trust Hails Libby As ‘Loyal Soldier In The War On Terror’ - Nico -

National Journal’s Hotline reports that a recent fundraising letter issued by Scooter Libby’s Legal Defense Trust includes the following quote from former Cheney aide Mary Matalin:

This loyal soldier in the War on Terror doesn’t have to go at it alone.

Scooter Libby knowingly exposed the cover of a CIA operative. He did it to exact political revenge on Joseph Wilson, who had revealed that intelligence was “twisted to exaggerate the Iraqi threat.” The damage from the leak was serious enough to warrant a CIA investigation. Arthur Brown, a CIA division chief who retired in 1995, described Libby’s action as the “moral equivalent to exposing forward deployed military units.”

Libby is no “soldier,” let alone a “loyal soldier.” A different label for him was offered by President George H. W. Bush: “I have nothing but contempt and anger for those who betray the trust by exposing the name of our sources. They are, in my view, the most insidious of traitors.”
25.Feb.2007 Americans lowball Iraqi death toll. - Nico -

“Americans are keenly aware of how many U.S. forces have lost their lives in Iraq, according to a new AP-Ipsos poll. But they woefully underestimate the number of Iraqi civilians who have been killed.”

When the poll was conducted earlier this month, a little more than 3,100 U.S. troops had been killed. The midpoint estimate among those polled was right on target, at about 3,000. …

Iraqi civilian deaths are estimated at more than 54,000 and could be much higher; some unofficial estimates range into the hundreds of thousands.

The U.N. Assistance Mission for Iraq reports more than 34,000 deaths in 2006 alone.

Among those polled for the AP survey, however, the median estimate of Iraqi deaths was 9,890.
25.Feb.2007 Dispatches from Iraq. - Nico -

From McClatchy’s Baghdad bureau: “The other kid that i can not forget was in Fallujah, he is laying down suffering bullets injuries and his father, mother and aunt were killed in the car behind him and he can not see them… he refused to let the ambulance take him to the hospital only if I swear to him that his family are alive… he pulled my shirt and said “don’t lie to me”.. I was looking at them all killed in front of me and he is laying down, an American sobbing soldier beside him was treating him till the ambulance arrived + I had to swear to him that they were alive and he will find them in the hospital if he allowed the ambulance to take him, he and his one year old sister who were covered with here mother’s blood all over her body…”
25.Feb.2007 Cheney in 1991: - Nico -

“For the U.S. to get involved militarily in determining the outcome of the struggle over who’s going to govern in Iraq strikes me as a classic definition of a quagmire.” Cheney today: “I stand by what I said in ‘91.
25.Feb.2007 Constituents confront Lieberman over Iraq. - Nico -

“During an interview with the media a student interrupted to shout ‘No more Troops! Bring them home!’ to which Lieberman replied: ‘I got the message.’ … When asked if he understood a majority of the public didn’t support the troop increase Lieberman responded by saying, ‘Iraq is a bit more complicated.‘ … [Another student] said during his campaign Lieberman promised to bring the troops home as soon as possible and now he supports a plan to increase troop levels. ‘It doesn’t make sense,’” the student said.
25.Feb.2007 800: - Satyam -

Number of civilian contractors working under the Pentagon killed in the Iraq war. “If the contractor deaths were added to the Pentagon’s count of U.S. military casualties, the number of war dead would climb about 25 %, from about 3,000 as of the end of 2006 to nearly 3,800.”
25.Feb.2007 Media correct false report on Powell. - Amanda -

This morning, news outlets reported that former Secretary of State Powell told an audience at Purdue University yesterday that he “supported President Bush’s decision to send more U.S. troops to Iraq.” But ThinkProgress followed up with Powell’s office and confirmed that these reports were wrong. Powell has never indicated support for escalation.

Dan Shaw, who wrote the original story for the Lafayette (Ind.) Journal and Courier, has corrected his original story. Below, the original and corrected versions side-by-side:

Though the new article does not acknowledge the original error, the reporter says a correction will run in tomorrow’s paper.
Bachmann Retracts Her Embarassing Iran/Iraq Conspiracy Theory - Think Progress -

In a recent interview, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) claimed that she knows of a secret plan by Iran to partition Iraq and turn half of the country into a “terrorist safe haven zone” called the “Iraq State of Islam.” Bachmann, who famously refused to let go of President Bush at the State of the Union, claimed

there is “already an agreement made,” but she “did not say how she knew about this plan, nor with whom Iran has made this deal.” Listen here: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO BACHMANN

ThinkProgress contacted Bachmann about her remarks + received a statement from her office stating that coverage of her Iran statement was “misconstrued.”

Bachmann claims she was actually talking about widely-discussed plans to partition Iraq among the Sunnis, Shiites + Kurds + her fear that Iran would overtake the Shiite region.

Bachmann is no stranger to conspiracy theories.

She continues to insist that there is a link between the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Iraq, despite the 9/11 Commission’s conclusion that there was “no credible evidence” of any connection. Digg It!

Read her radio transcript and full statement: (more…)
25.Feb.2007 Iraq Veteran Shot In The Head Describes ‘Systemic’ Neglect At Military Hospitals - Think Progress -

Yesterday, for the first time, the Army criticized the Washington Post for its investigation into the gross neglect of wounded U.S. veterans at Walter Reed’s outpatient facilities. Lt. Gen. Kevin C. Kiley, chief of the Army Medical Command, called the Post’s reporting “one-sided” and questioned whether it was “an accurate representation.”

Moreover, he claimed the Army had already “fixed all of those problems” discussed in the article. (Reporter Dana Milbank noted, “Kiley might have had a stronger case if men wearing Tyvek hazmat suits and gas masks hadn’t walked through the lobby…or if he hadn’t acknowledged, moments later, that the entire building would have to be closed for a complete renovation.”)

But last night on the PBS Newshour, Lt. Brady Van Engelen — a former Walter Reed outpatient who has personal experience with the hospital’s failed bureaucracy — confirmed the Post’s reporting + said the problems with America’s military health care system go well beyond Walter Reed. Watch it:

Engelen was shot in the head in Baghdad in April 2004 + had a large piece of his skull replaced with a titanium plate. Days after his surgery, he actually had to hail a cab to take him to the outpatient facility, because he didn’t feel well enough to walk there. “This stuff happens all across the country,” Van Engelen said. “I’ve spoken to soldiers that have told me just as much. It’s systemic. It’s not just moldy beds, walls + hospital beds, you know + the poor TV reception or anything else. It’s just the mentality, you know. The system just needs an overhaul.”

Later on the show, Rep. Bob Filner (D-CA), chairman of the Veterans Committee, said “the White House and [Kiley] are in denial about this whole thing.” Transcript: (more…)
25.Feb.2007 And then there were 8. - Nico - U.S. Attorney Margaret Chiara of Michigan’s Western District appears to be the eighth prosecutor to have been fired by the administration in recent months.
25.Feb.2007 No questions. - Faiz -

Newsweek’s Holly Bailey, who is traveling with Dick Cheney, writes that the vice president has not allowed for any questions from the press pool so far.

Bailey writes, “After nearly 27 hours of air travel over the last four days, reporters on the trip have laid eyes on Cheney for only the briefest snippets of time.”

Bailey has become so frustrated that she put Cheney on the stopwatch — see her results.
25.Feb.2007 Tony Blair reportedly hired psychics to find Iraq WMDs. - Amanda -

Newly declassified documents revealed that the Ministry of Defense spent £18,000 of taxpayers’ money in an experiment “to see if volunteers could ’see’ objects hidden inside an envelope.

It is claimed the ministry hoped positive results would allow it to use psychics to ‘remotely view’ Bin Laden’s base and also to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.”
25.Feb.2007 Begriffs-Verwirrung: ?Glühbirnen? - onlineredaktion Harald Haack -

In Norddeutschland gibt es eine Speise mit Birnen, Bohnen und Speck; nicht gerade für Jedermanns Geschmack. Heiße Birnen!

Nun sollen sie nicht nur in Australien, sondern auch in den USA und auch in Deutschland verboten werden. Der Grund: Klimaschutz.
It is quite possible that the government has withheld the security camera videos confiscated

from the CITGO station on Washington Boulevard (across the street from the pentagon),

from the roof of the nearby Sheraton Hotel, from the highway department +

from the pentagon itself,

NOT because this footage would show a missile or a smaller plane, but

for a very different reason.

The videos might reveal that no pilot could possibly have flown the plane that hit the pentagon.

In short,

the footage may show that the steep banking turn made by Flight 77 exceeded the software limitations built-into Boeing 757 flight-controls.

Which would be conclusive evidence that Flight 77 was being flown by remote control.
The generals also lied about NORAD when they claimed that its mission was solely to defend against external threats.

For which reason–––we were told–––NORAD was blind on 9/11.

General Eberhart gave this lame excuse during his testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee +

General Myers repeated it to the 9/11 Commission.

On that occasion Myers said:

“We were looking outward.

We did not have the situational awareness inward because we did not have the radar coverage.”[lvi]

Let us be very clear.

The pentagons account was not merely “incorrect,” it was a lie.

This was the conclusion of Senator Mark Dayton (D -MN), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, who

after reading the just released 9/11 Commission Report accused the pentagon of

the “most gross incompetence and dereliction of responsibility and negligence that I’ve ever witnessed in the public sector.”

According to Dayton, the generals “lied to the American people, they lied to Congress + they lied to your 9/11 Commission.”[liv]

Of course, Sen. Dayton was laboring under the belief that the military lied to conceal its incompetence.

But what if the motive was quite different? 

What if the generals lied to conceal their complicity in the 9/11 attack–––or their guilty role in staging it?

That would explain their unreserved acceptance of the new timeline, as well as their previous “incorrect” testimony.
Debunkers, of course, had a field day trying to discredit both Vialls + his 9/11 scenario.

What is surprising is that, five years later, his ideas continue to have traction despite the debunkers. Let us now discuss the more thoughtful criticisms.

A high-level decision was made and Boeing very quietly included a “back door” into the computer designs for two new commercial planes then on the drawing boards: the 767 and 757.

Both planes went into production in the early 1980s.   

Vialls shocked even internet users when he posted all of this on his web site in October 2001.[ix]  He contended that the system, although designed for the best of intentions, fell prey to a security leak. Somehow the secret computer codes fell into the hands of evildoers within the Bush administration, who surreptitiously used the remote channel on 9/11. Armed with the secret codes–––Vialls charged–––the conspirators activated the hidden channel built into the transponders and simply took over the flight controls. Whether or not the alleged nineteen hijackers were actually on board was uncertain. But the issue clearly was of secondary importance since fanatical Muslims were not flying the planes.  

Crucially, on 9/11, not one of the eight commercial pilots and copilots sent the standard signal alerting FAA authorities that a hijacking was in progress.[x] Sending this signal, or “squawking,” as it is called, takes only a few seconds + is done by activating a cockpit device known as an ELT (emergency locator transmitter). A pilot simply keys-in a four-digit code and the message “I have been hijacked” flashes on the screen at ground control. The fact that none of the pilots or copilots transmitted this standard SOS on 9/11 was suspicious, the first indication to Vialls that the planes were being flown by remote means. Vialls concluded that once the evildoers had commandeered the transponders the pilots lost the ability to transmit. Additional evidence turned up in a video of the last seconds of Flight 175.  According to Vialls, the footage is anomalous because it shows the plane executing a maneuver during its final approach that exceeds the normal software limitations of a 767.

Boeing jets are designed with liability concerns in mind, as well as passenger safety.

Flight control software prevents a pilot from making steep turns that pull substantial “g” forces. Such turns run the risk of injuring passengers, especially the aged and infirm, which could result in costly lawsuits. Since a pilot cannot normally make such a maneuver, this was powerful evidence that the plane was under remote control.

This raises disturbing questions.

00.Sep.2001 -in late- Did George W. Bush wander off his crib sheet in his remarks about aircraft safety?

Did Bush blunder when he mentioned ROV technology in the same breath with 9/11?

Surely one does not need a Ph.D. in rocket science to know that what holds for the goose is also true for the gander.

Could not the same ROV technology designed to foil hijackers also be used to commit acts of terrorism, such as, flying planes into tall buildings?

Certainly it could, depending on who is at the controls.

It’s tempting to wonder just how much (or how little) George W. Bush knew (and knows) about 11.Sep.2001 . It’s a fair question + here’s another: Did Bush come within a whisker of giving the game away?  

Joe Vialls’ “back door” theory  

00.Sep.2001 -In late- just weeks after the 9/11 attack- George W. Bush mentioned ROV technology while discussing ways to improve airline safety.

In a public statement reported by the New York Times Bush promised federal grants for stronger cockpit doors, new transponders that cannot be turned off + video cameras that will allow a pilot to monitor the passenger section of a commercial jetliner. Notably, Bush also hinted that new technology one day would make it possible for air traffic controllers to land hijacked planes by remote-control. He implied that this helpful technology belonged to the future.[vi]  

Yet, there is evidence it may already have existed when Bush spoke + even before 9/11.

11.Sep.2001 -Shortly after attack- a small Arizona-based high-tech company named KinetX, together with another firm named Cogitek, proposed such a system to the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).

In a white paper the two firms claimed that their National Flight Emergency Response System (NFERS), as they called it, would prevent 9/11-style hijackings in the future. They insisted that a prototype could be up and running within a year. The white paper described NFERS as “the integration of existing technology for the purpose of transferring cockpit operations to a secure ground station in case of an emergency.” The paper states: “It is important to note that the essential technology exists now.” [vii] [my emphasis] According to the KinetX web site, the FAA never responded to their proposal. However, in January 2006 the Boeing company announced the patent for a similar system.[viii]  Boeing’s “auto-land system” reportedly involves an onboard processor. Once activated, it overrides the cockpit controls and guides a hijacked plane to an emergency landing. The auto-land system can be preprogramed into the plane’s autopilot, or operated remotely by ground controllers. It can be activated in several different ways, either directly by the pilot during a hijacking in progress, or indirectly by sensors installed in the cockpit door, which would be tripped by forcible entry; or, lastly, by ground controllers via a remote link.  
00.000.1983 The US first employed drones when Ronald Reagan ordered the invasion of Grenada, a small island nation in the Caribbean.

According to various reports, Global Hawk surveillance of Iran is ongoing as I write.  
00.000.2006 -During the summer of- the Israelis used similar technology during their aerial campaign against Lebanon.

In fact,

00.000.1982 the Israelis pioneered the use of drones during a previous invasion of their northern neighbor.

A Cautionary Tale:

The Flight of the Global Hawk  

22.Apr.2001+23.Apr.2001 -just weeks before the pentagon issued the new hijack order, an unmanned aircraft, the RQ-4A US Global Hawk, completed its maiden 7,500 mile flight from Edwards AFB in southern California to Edinburgh AFB in South Australia.[iv] 

The nonstop 8,600 mile passage across the Pacific took only 22 hours + set an endurance record for an unmanned vehicle.

00.Jun.2001 -In early-after a dozen joint-exercises with the Australian military- the drone returned to California.

00.000.2000 -The previous year- the Global Hawk made a similar transatlantic run to Europe, where it participated in NATO exercises.  

You are probably thinking:

So what?

What is so special about the Global Hawk?

And how does it relate to 9/11?

I’ll get to the second question in a moment.

Rod Smith, the Australian Global Hawk manager, answered the first when he said:

“The aircraft essentially flies itself....from takeoff, right through to landing + even taxiing off the runway.”[v] 

The drone follows a preprogrammed flight plan, although ground controllers monitor it and remain in control.

The jet-powered craft is 44 feet long, has a wingspan the equivalent of a Boeing 737 + can remain aloft for 42 hours.

It flies at extremely high altitudes, up to 65,000 feet + has a range of 14,000 nautical miles.

The name Global Hawk is not a misnomer.

The drone truly has a global reach.

Its cruising speed is nothing special, about 400 mph, but its ability to reconnoiter vast areas of geography is amazing.

In a single flight the bird can surveil an area the size of Illinois: more than 50,000 square miles.

It comes equipped with advanced radar, infrared and electro-optical sensors, i.e., cameras that can return up to 1,900 high-resolution images during a single flight.   
Smoking alters brain 'like drugs' Smoking cigarettes causes the same changes to the brain as using drugs like cocaine, a study suggests.
25.Feb.2007 Iran defiant on nuclear programme Iran insists it will continue its controversial nuclear programme, ahead of UN talks on possible new sanctions.
25.Feb.2007 Iraq crackdown 'doomed to fail' An Iraqi Shiite militia leader says the US-backed surge in Baghdad is doomed to fail, as 42 die in a college bombing.
25.Feb.2007 Sick Iraq leader flown to Jordan Iraqi President Jalal Talabani flies to Jordan after falling ill due to pressure of work, his office says.
25.Feb.2007 Virginia 'sorry' for slavery role Virginia's General Assembly expresses "profound regret" for the US state's role in slavery.
25.Feb.2007 Pirates seize UN ship off Somalia Pirates hijack a cargo ship just after it delivered UN food aid to Somalia, the World Food Programme says.
25.Feb.2007 Aid arrives in flood-hit Bolivia International aid starts to arrive in flooded Bolivia, which the UN says is suffering its worst ever disaster.
25.Feb.2007 Record private equity buyout due Texas Pacific and KKR could announce the biggest private equity buyout ever as soon as Monday.
25.Feb.2007 Space probe performs Mars fly-by Europe's unmanned Rosetta space probe flies within 250km of Mars on its 10-year journey to land on a comet.
25.Feb.2007 Colombia head 'ready for talks' Colombian President Alvaro Uribe says he is willing to reopen "direct contact" with left-wing Farc rebels.
25.Feb.2007 US cedes control of S Korea army South Korea will take control of its military from 2012 under a handover deal with the US, ending a 50-year pact.
25.Feb.2007 Bolivia head issues flood attack Bolivian President Evo Morales says a failure to combat global warming has caused floods which killed 40.
25.Feb.2007 Pledge to seek cluster bomb ban Forty-six nations agree to work towards a treaty banning cluster bombs, but the US rejects any ban.
25.Feb.2007 Litvinenko inquiry 'nearing end' The UK envoy in Russia says the probe into the poisoning of ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko should end within weeks.
25.Feb.2007 Canada court rejects terror law Canada's Supreme Court rejects a law allowing the detention and deportation of foreign-born terror suspects.
25.Feb.2007 Sudan head accuses US on Darfur Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir accuses the US and the West of exaggerating the conflict in Darfur.
25.Feb.2007 India arms scandal suspect 'held' An Italian man named in an Indian arms bribery case has been detained in Argentina, Indian officials say.
25.Feb.2007 London Olympics could cost £9bn Ministers are discussing a final cost for the 2012 Olympics four times the initial estimate, the BBC learns.
25.Feb.2007 Smoking alters brain 'like drugs' Smoking cigarettes causes the same changes to the brain as using drugs like cocaine, a study suggests.
25.Feb.2007 New lakes beneath Antarctic ice Scientists find four big lakes under the ice of Antarctica which may help explain how ice flows into the sea.
25.Feb.2007 UN envoy hits Israel 'apartheid' A UN human rights envoy says Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories is like South African apartheid.
25.Feb.2007 Glimmers of Hope in Iran Report Buried in the IAEA report on Iran's nuclear activities are a few encouraging facts. In Danger Room.
25.Feb.2007 Surveillance Cameras Get Smarter Researchers develop cameras that size you up. Instead of being used after the fact for ID, this new breed of security cam detects suspicious behavior to help prevent crime. By the Associated Press.
25.Feb.2007 Lawmaker Probes TSA Website Gaffe A service intended to help innocent travelers get off the No Fly List sent their personal information unencrypted to a Virginia company. Following a post on the Wired News blog 27bStroke6, a congressman asks the TSA to explain. By Ryan Singel.
25.Feb.2007 Feb. 25, 1836: Rapid Fire The weapon that opened the American West is born, midwifed by Samuel Colt. Compiled by Tony Long.
25.Feb.2007 Europe Seeks Tighter Online Laws Trying to outlaw using fake information to open e-mail accounts or set up websites, some European nations could run afoul of privacy advocates. By the Associated Press.
25.Feb.2007 Japan Launches 4th Spy Satellite With the successful launch, the country can monitor activities worldwide and better observe neighboring North Korea's nuclear program. By the Associated Press.
25.Feb.2007 Audit: Voting Machines Didn't Err Florida's secretary of state says an independent review reveals no evidence of error in a tight November race that favored Republican Vern Buchanan over Democrat Christine Jennings by 239 votes. By the Associated Press.
25.Feb.2007 North Korea Solicits Talks Inviting the IAEA chief inspector to visit, North Korea signals it's willing to allow scrutiny of its nuclear program for the first time since 2003. By the Associated Press.
25.Feb.2007 Scanner Sees Through Clothes For the first time in a U.S. airport, Phoenix tests new X-ray technology that can see through people's clothes and show the body's contours with blush-inducing clarity. By AP
25.Feb.2007 Cheney on Chinese Space Threat The VP acknowledges Chinese help with North Korea, but criticizes its anti-satellite missile test.

He neglects to mention a U.S. $290 million plan for a space weapons platform. In 27B Stroke 6.
The pilot of the drug flights on Wally Hilliard’s Lear jet, Diego Taxar-Levine, told authorities he’d known Valles-Diaz for just nine months,

during which he flew him from Venezuela to Fort Lauderdale + then on to New York at least 30 times. 

Bohringer was hanging out with Mohamed Atta all over Southwest Florida in the year before 9/11 while serving as the personal pilot of fugitive financier, Victor Kozeny, the so-called “Pirate of Prague .”

Kozeny ran afoul of U.S. officials after attempting to bribe his way to ownership of the state oil company in Azerbaijan. His endeavor was assisted by shady American financing, including money from AIG Insurance, whose subsidiary Coral Reinsurance, according to the Arkansas Project, was implicated during the 1980's in cocaine trafficking through Mena, Arkansas.
Global Intelligence News » 2006 » December MadCow Morning News, FL -

28.Nov.2006 Former CIA pilot Mark Shubin, who witnessed the controlled crash landing of Seoul South Korea during an investigation ...

And perhaps, says Mr. Jacobovici,

"although this is pure speculation, when Jesus on the cross says 'mother, behold thy son,' he's not referring to himself or to his mother, but to his son, who is there with Mary Magdalene".

"There are really only two possibilities," says director Jacobovici. "Either this cluster of names represents the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth + his family.

Or some other family, with this very same constellation of names, existed at precisely the same time in history in Jerusalem."
25.Feb.2007 The Shock of Awe (Part Two) 
New Rigorous Intuition. posted by Prof. Hex
25.Feb.2007 Atomstreit: Iran sieht sich für Krieg gewappnet
25.Feb.2007 Krise in Italien: Prodi stellt sich Vertrauensvotum
Sogar bis nach Europa gelangte der Ruf der Nomadendynastie. So überlieferte Marco Polo von seinen Reisen das Wort "Catai" als Bezeichung für China. Es leitet sich unzweifelhaft vom Namen der Kitan ab und zeugt vom hohen Ansehen, das die Dynastie der Liao einst genoss.

Die von chinesischer Seite also wenig geschätzten Kitan wurden bereits in Quellen aus dem 4. Jahrhundert n. Chr. erwähnt und als Nachkommen der Xianbei beschrieben, einer mächtigen Volksgruppe aus dem Nordosten des heutigen Chinas, die die Nördliche Wei-Dynastie (386-554) begründet hatte.

Die Geschichte des Nomadenvolks als Herrscher über Nordchina begann jedoch erst im Jahr 907, als die dort führende Tang-Dynastie zusammenbrach - und sich der Anführer der Kitan, Abaoji, den Titel kaghan (Herrscher) verlieh. Den Thron bestieg er aber erst im Jahr 916, nachdem er mit "Säuberungen" in den eigenen Reihen seine Position gesichert hatte. Erst damit war es ihm gelungen, seine Macht endgültig zu festigen. Wenig später gründete er in der Inneren Mongolei die "Erhabene Hauptstadt" Shangjing.
Geheimbericht: Hunderte Selbstmordattentäter warten in Großbritannien auf ihren Einsatz

26.Feb.2007 Nordkorea und Iran: Amerikas Alpträume

25.Feb.2007 Verschollene Nomadendynastie: Barbaren der Steppe
25.Feb.2007 Another U.S. Military Assault on Media: "They killed our colleagues, closed so many newspapers, arrested hundreds of us and now they are shooting at our hearts by raiding our headquarters. This is the freedom of speech we received."

25.Feb.2007 Former U.N. Envoy Supports Iraq Pullout : - President Bush should follow British Prime Minister Tony Blair's lead and start withdrawing troops from Iraq, former U.N. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke said Saturday.

25.Feb.2007 100,000 on London anti-war march demand all troops out of Iraq: A huge demonstration filled the streets of central London today, calling for all occupying troops to be withdrawn from Iraq, no replacement of Britain’s nuclear weapons system and no attack on Iran.

25.Feb.2007 Kurdish officials to back Iraq oil law: Approval of a new oil law could help open the way for international oil companies to invest billions to upgrade Iraq's decrepit wells and pipelines and exploit the country's reserves, among the world's largest.

25.Feb.2007 American armada prepares to attack Iran: The addition of a second aircraft carrier to its strike groups has fuelled the belief that America is gearing up for a fight with Iran. Not since the Iraq war in 2003 has America amassed so much fire power around the Gulf.

25.Feb.2007 AIPAC Demands "Action" on Iran: "An American Strike on Iran is Essential for Our Existence"

25.Feb.2007 Shell, Repsol, Total, Defy U.S. to Seek Iran Deals: President George W. Bush's campaign to turn Iran into an economic pariah is being rebuffed from Spain to Malaysia as countries and companies pursue long-term agreements to tap into the world's second-largest reserves of oil and gas.

25.Feb.2007 No Change on Sanctions After Abbas Trip : - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas ended his European tour Saturday without persuading any country to end crippling economic sanctions based on his power-sharing deal with the rival Islamic militant Hamas.

25.Feb.2007 U.S. takes harder line on talks between Jerusalem, Damascus : The USA demanded that Israel desist from even exploratory contacts with Syria, of the sort that would test whether Damascus is serious in its declared intentions to hold peace talks with Israel.

25.Feb.2007 46 of 49 Nations OK Ban on Cluster Bombs : Some key arms makers - including the U.S., Russia, Israel and China - snubbed the conference of 49 nations. Of those attending, Poland, Romania and Japan did not approve the final text.

25.Feb.2007 Venezuela's growing influence in Bolivia raises U.S. concerns: Since Morales became president little more than a year ago, Venezuela has quickly come to rival the USA as Bolivia's main patron. It has provided assistance for the army, cattle ranches, soybean cultivation, microfinance projects, urban sanitation companies and the oil industry.

25.Feb.2007 Chavez Expands Energy Aid to Nicaragua, Strengthens Ties : Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, deepening ties with Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, revised agreements to provide the Central American nation with discount oil, energy infrastructure and small business loans.

25.Feb.2007 Venezuela's Chavez accuses U.S. of plan to sabotage economy: President Hugo Chavez warned Thursday that the U.S. government, allegedly frustrated by failed assassination plots against him, was now planning to sabotage the oil-producing country's economy.

25.Feb.2007 Protests Mount Against Mining Giant: - Dangerous levels of lead and arsenic have been found in the blood of Honduran villagers living downstream from a controversial gold and silver mine owned by Canada's Goldcorp Inc., the world's third largest gold mining firm.

25.Feb.2007 Canada's top court strikes down anti-terror law: Canada's Supreme Court struck down a controversial anti-terror law on Friday that allows foreign suspects to be detained indefinitely without trial on the basis of secret evidence.

25.Feb.2007 Affidavit: McVeigh had high-level help: According to Oklahoma bombing conspirator, ranking officials were involved in the attack

25.Feb.2007 Nichols says bombing was FBI op: The only surviving convicted criminal in the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City is saying his co-conspirator, Timothy McVeigh, told him he was taking orders from a top FBI official in orchestrating the bombing.

25.Feb.2007 "Theater Iran Near Term" (TIRANNT) By Michel Chossudovsky -Code named by US military planners as TIRANNT, "Theater Iran Near Term" has identified several thousand targets inside Iran as part of a "Shock and Awe" Blitzkrieg, which is now in the final planning stages. Continue
25.Feb.2007 Israel Seeks All Clear for Iran Air Strike-By Con Coughlin in Tel Aviv -Israel is negotiating with the USA for permission to fly over Iraq as part of a plan to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, The Daily Telegraph can reveal. Continue

25.Feb.2007 Foreign Devils in the Iranian Mountains -By M K Bhadrakumar
I n a rare public criticism of Pakistan, the Tehran Times commented last week that an exclusive Islamabad-Washington nexus is at work manipulating the Afghan situation. The daily, which reflects official Iranian thinking, spelled out something that others perhaps knew already but were afraid to talk about publicly.

25.Feb.2007 7 Reasons To Nuke The USA-By Yamin Zakaria
According to the doctrine of pre-emptive strike which the US has adopted since 9/11, it too can be subjected to a pre-emptive nuclear strike, as it poses a threat to other peaceful nations of the world. The US has a sordid track record for using such weapons against civilians and it has constantly maintained a large stockpile of such weapons of mass destruction + continuously develops them. There are additional reasons to nuke the US, however I have decided to highlight only seven.

25.Feb.2007 U.S. Population Underestimate Iraqi Death Toll -By NANCY BENAC-Associated Press Writer
02/24/07 WASHINGTON (AP) - Americans are keenly aware of how many U.S. forces have lost their lives in Iraq, according to a new AP-Ipsos poll. But they woefully underestimate the number of Iraqi civilians who have been killed.

25.Feb.2007 Tony Blair Makes Comical Ali Seem the Voice of Reason -By Marina Hyde-The former Iraqi regime spokesman's boasts seem almost prophetic. Unlike the prime minister's deluded declarations. Continue

25.Feb.2007 It Can Happen Here -By Joe Conason-

For the first time since the resignation of Richard M. Nixon more than three decades ago, Americans have had reason to doubt the future of democracy + the rule of law in our own country. Continue

25.Feb.2007 Will America Face the Truth About 9/11?-By Mark H. Gaffney 
If we have the courage to face the fact that our nation has descended into a swamp of corruption and evil, perhaps we can still salvage the future for ourselves and our children.

We should draw strength from the knowledge that the 9/11 nightmare, bad as it was, might have been even worse. Continue
25.Feb.2007 the war The grand encampment to stop the war begins on

March 12 and lasts until March 19.

For more data, go here.


on the mall directly in front of the Capitol building (3rd street between Constitution and Independence)
WHY NOW? During the week beginning March 12, Congress will begin voting on Bush’s request for $100 billion more for the wars in Iraq and Afganistan.

If Congress votes to cut off funds, they can end the war now and bring the troops home.

If they approve Bush’s war funds, the killing + dying and occupation will go on…it’s as simple as that.

This vote will be the most important war related vote since Congress voted to authorized Bush to invade and occupy Iraq

The antiwar movement must be there to let Congress know that we won’t let them get
away with it this time.
Right now, the Troops Out Now Coalition is working with local organizers, churches and mosques, unions + community groups to prepare for a long-term occupation of Washington by the anti-war movement.

Local organizers across the U.S. are organizing buses, vans + car caravans.
We have a real opportunity if we act decisively--and we need your help. Please contact us by Monday,

February 26 --use the "comments" section of the volunteer form to let us know:
Can you come to Washington for the Encampment to Stop the War? On what day can you join the encampment? For how long? Some are planning to come for a day or two, others are staying longer.
Do you have equipment that would be useful for an encampment (tents, sleeping bags, etc.)??
Can you volunteer to take on a task during the encampment (logistics, medical, security, legal, transportation, etc)?
If you live in the Washington DC area, do you have space for people to sleep or freshen up?

25.Feb.2007 Not ONE Member of the Bush Extended Family Has Served in Iraq! Not One! Take a Look. -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
Low intelligence: White House is giving U.N. nuclear watchdogs "tips" on Iranian nukes that just aren't true

25.Feb.2007 Don't interfere with our war, Condi tells Congress 2/26
U.S. Army veteran held by immigration officials for 18 months during deportation detention 2/26
Nominate This Week's BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award Winner

25.Feb.2007 LA Times: Diplomats say U.S. intelligence on Iranian nukes is thin
NEWSWEEK: How U.S. is failing its war veterans 2/26

25.Feb.2007 Mystery of rebel cleric Al-Sadr's recent restraint: Is his motive PR, control or cooperation? 2/26
Bill Richardson's campaign relies on diplomatic experience, Hispanic roots + call to leave Iraq this year 2/26
Historically, early polls don't predict Democratic candidate very well 2/26

25.Feb.2007 Hersh on the Middle East Seymour Hersh offers the best current overview of the mad situation in the Middle East.
25.Feb.2007 thinks that the goal is partition not just of Iraq but all other nations in the region, including Saudi Arabia:

Partition would leave Israel surrounded by “small tranquil states,” he said. “I can assure you that the Saudi kingdom will also be divided + the issue will reach to North African states.

There will be small ethnic and confessional states,” he said.

“In other words, Israel will be the most important and the strongest state in a region that has been partitioned into ethnic and confessional states that are in agreement with each other.

This is the new Middle East.”
25.Feb.2007 of the main problems with the invasion of Iraq -- and this is a point Hersh drives home -- is that it left Iran without a countervailing power in the region.
Hersh saves some of his most fascinating material for the end, where some may miss it.
Iran-Contra was the subject of an informal “lessons learned” discussion two years ago among veterans of the scandal. Abrams led the discussion.

One conclusion was that even though the program was eventually exposed, it had been possible to execute it without telling Congress.

As to what the experience taught them, in terms of future covert operations, the participants found:

“One, you can’t trust our friends.

Two, the CIA has got to be totally out of it.

Three, you can’t trust the uniformed military +

four, it’s got to be run out of the Vice-President’s office”—a reference to Cheney’s role, the former senior intelligence official said.

Yeah, we kind of figured as much. But: The Pentagon consultant added that one difficulty, in terms of oversight, was accounting for covert funds.

“There are many, many pots of black money, scattered in many places and used all over the world on a variety of missions,” he said.

The budgetary chaos in Iraq, where billions of dollars are unaccounted for, has made it a vehicle for such transactions, according to the former senior intelligence official + the retired four-star general.
“This goes back to Iran-Contra,” a former National Security Council aide told me. “And much of what they’re doing is to keep the agency out of it.”

He said that Congress was not being briefed on the full extent of the U.S.-Saudi operations. And, he said, “The C.I.A. is asking, ‘What’s going on?’

They’re concerned, because they think it’s amateur hour.” Permalink # posted by Joseph
25.Feb.2007 Weltraumprogramm: Iran meldet Raketenabschuss
25.Feb.2007 :: ANM ::: November 2004 The politics of Lesser Evilism. Published Friday,

05.Nov.2004 by ANM. This is the most convincing analysis of the US elections I have read so far.
USA: Bush gewinnt mit "Kampf für Moral, Anstand und Religion ... I'd bet anything that if the election ballots hadn't had the names Bush + Kerry ...

25.Feb.2007 20041119 Manufacturing Dissent:

How "Progressives" Gave The Election To Bush, Carolyn Baker, ...

00.Nov.2004 76.6 % of the last hour's traders had gone to Kerry, ... 1119.html
JCI: House of cards comes tumbling down : Mail & Guardian Online

18.Feb.2007 Africa's first online newspaper. ... millions of Randgold Resources Limited (RRL) shares on behalf of JCI + Randgold & Exploration ...
Kebble fraud: JCI faces R5-billion claim : Mail & Guardian Online

Randgold & Exploration is claiming R5-billion from associated company JCI largely for fraud committed by former CEO Brett Kebble, Business Day reported on ...
Business Report - Kebble saga slowly unravels

Evidence of this is that the KPMG forensic auditing team that investigated Randgold + JCI's books reported that almost half of the funds that went ...

Apr.2006 Neil Young writes anti-war album Veteran rock singer Neil Young announces an album of protest ... One track says it all: ' Impeach the President' ...
Die schnellste Waffe der Welt
Die Zündung der Kugeln erfolgt durch einen elektrischen Impuls. So können die Projektile rascher hintereinander abgeschossen werden als bei jeder bisherigen Waffe.

Das Guinness-Buch der Rekorde hat die „Metal Storm“ offiziell als schnellste Waffe der Welt anerkannt.

Die neue Technik gibt es in den verschiedensten Größen: vom kleinen Maschinengewehr bis hin zum Mörser.

25.Feb.2007 Derzeit entwickeln die Hersteller eine Metal Storm für die Westentasche.

Sie soll aussehen wie ein normaler Revolver, aber über eine elektrische Zündung und vier Läufe verfügen.

Doch bei aller Begeisterung über solch ausgefeilte Technik sollte niemand vergessen:

Waffen werden entwickelt, um Menschen zu töten! © Welt der Wunder GmbH Quelle:
Die neue Superwaffe
In der heutigen Zeit hat der Waffengebrauch und der weltweite Handel mit Kleinwaffen Ausmaße angenommen, die alarmierend sind. 639 Millionen sind in Umlauf.

Amnesty International hat ermittelt, dass jährlich 500.000 Menschen durch diese Waffen ums Leben kommen – ein Mensch pro Minute.

Trotzdem gibt ein Drittel aller Länder mehr Geld für Waffen und Rüstung aus als für das eigene Gesundheitssystem.

Der Film „Lord of War“ mit Nicolas Cage beschreibt dieses Geschäft mit dem Tod auf sarkastische Weise.
... rations other than War" oder " Non Lethal Defense" zusammengefasst, darunter fällt seit ...

Auch als "Group Mind Weapons " bekannt. Die Technik be- ...
Technik/Hightech - Teaserseite Non-Lethal Weapons -Schießen ohne zu töten.

Wie der Einsatz von nicht-tödlichen Waffen ...

Der große Knall – Forscher entwickeln einen Super-Sprengstoff aus Sand ...

25.Feb.2007 Eugenics or Democracy Part 1.

00.000.1930 John D. Rockefeller + John D. Rockefeller Jr. were members of the American ...

This means that they still believe that they can and should control ...
DefenceTalk Defence Forum

2 weeks US Armoured divisions marching towards Tehran;

... the force in Iraq this year was driven in part by a realization that the Army was overextended.
CP22(5/99) final - View as HTML
starters, the USA is overextended : It is manager of an unmanageable region, ... The lower cost of conscript armies + Europe’s focus ...

War Without End :: View topic - Neo-Con Agenda: Iran, China ...

What these neoconservatives seek is to conscript American blood to make the ... in the region—the regimes of Damascus, Baghdad, Tripoli, Tehran + Gaza.
War Without End :: View topic - Neo-Con Agenda: Iran, China ... And

11.Sep.2001 -since- he's been less concerned with the threat to America than to ...

For America is about to make a momentous decision: whether to launch a ...
New Left Review - Gopal Balakrishnan: Algorithms of War

The enormous conscript citizen armies of the Great Power nation-state were ...

If we, in America, were treating it as a war there would be Democrats in the ...
and strikes against Tehran and Pyongyang are contemplated as sequels. ... organization of which is opaquely jumbled + overextended . The con-
The Role of NATO - View as HTML
speeded up Tehran ’s tilt toward Armenia in the conflict. ... has the largest concentration of conscript soldiers, but it is also recruiting contract ...

20061030 67 % of Army and Marine veterans believe their forces are overextended.

... ship them off to another state; conscript them in a law enforcement mode; ... -
Wichtig war:

Die Christliche Union hatte beträchtliches historisches Glück auf ihrer Seite.

00.000.1949 -Dank ihres knappen Wahlsieges- wurde die Christliche Union zur Gründerpartei einer Republik + Gesellschaft, die reüssierte, aufgrund etlicher günstiger Voraussetzungen

im Unterschied zu 1918/19 auch reüssieren konnte.

00.000.1901 Erich Ollenhauer als Sohn eines Maurers in Magdeburg zur Welt gekommen.

Nach der Volksschule absolvierte er eine kaufmännische Lehre.

Doch in einem privatgewerblichen Beruf arbeitete der Angestellte Ollenhauer nie.

Ollenhauer wurde sogleich Parteifunktionär, erst als Volontär des sozialdemokratischen Heimatblattes, dann als Sekretär und Redakteur beim Hauptvorstand der sozialistischen Arbeiterjugend in Berlin.

00.000.1928 Vom Sekretärsposten ging Ollenhauer eine weitere Sprosse höher, hinauf zur Funktion des Reichsvorsitzenden im sozialdemokratischen Jugendverband.

00.Apr.1933 wählten Ollenhauer die Delegierten der SPD-Reichskonferenz in den zentralen Parteivorstand.

Im Prager Exil organisierte Ollenhauer die Auslandsarbeit der SPD als rechte Hand des Parteichefs Otto Wels.

00.000.1941 -Ab- war Ollenhauer in London ansässig,

00.000.1946 -Anfang- kehrte Ollenhauer endgültig nach Deutschland zurück, wurde dort abermals die rechte Hand eines Parteivorsitzenden, nun: von Kurt Schumacher.

Milan Nitzschke glaubt deshalb nicht an die grünen Pläne der Konzerne.

Er ist Geschäftsführer des Bundesverbands erneuerbarer Energien (BEE) und hat genug negative Erfahrungen gemacht.

"Immer da, wo wir in relevanter Masse auf den Markt kommen, versuchen sie uns zu bekämpfen."

Als einige der großen Stromunternehmen bei ihm anklopften und Mitglied des Verbandes werden wollten, lehnte Nitzschke dankend ab. "Das hätte überhaupt nicht gepasst."

"Auf Brandenburgs Feldern könnte schon bald Erdgas wachsen", sagt Jochen-Christian Werner von der Gasag-Tochter EMB.

Nach einer Studie des Bundesverbands der Gas- und Wasserwirtschaft (BGW) kann die Bundesrepublik

00.000.2030 immerhin zehn % ihres Gasbedarfs mit Bioerdgas decken.

"Mit Klein-Klein kommen wir nicht mehr weiter"
Denn Vattenfall setzt immer mehr auf Ökostrom.

"Da lässt sich richtig Geld verdienen."


Windräder in Brandenburg: "Da lässt sich richtig Geld verdienen" Das Besondere daran: Weinmann ist kein Umweltlobbyist, sondern Manager beim drittgrößten deutschen Energiekonzern Vattenfall Europe.

Das Unternehmen ist bisher vor allem durch seine ausgedehnten Tagebaue aufgefallen. Mit klimaschädlicher Braunkohle produziert Vattenfall 80 % seines Stroms.

Auch der schwedische Mutterkonzern Vattenfall AB ist bei Naturschützern nicht gerade beliebt. Zuletzt sorgten Pannen im Atomreaktor Forsmark für Schlagzeilen.

In Zukunft könnte sich das ändern.
Iran: Neuer Bericht über Angriffspläne des Pentagon
25.Feb.2007 Klimaschutz: Gabriel will Glühbirne aus Europa verbannen
25.Feb.2007 Waghalsiges Manöver: Rosetta schießt erfolgreich am Mars vorbei
25.Feb.2007 Alternative Energien: Energieriesen verdrängen die Öko- Pioniere
24.Feb.2007 From the Desk of Patrick J. Fitzgerald: One More Week...

argyll equities llc ceo, rumor of bush land deal in paraguay, awol army turn yourself in, 60 arrested temporarily yours boston escorts, fbi atf corruption ...

Jul.2006 Report: U.K. failing to fight Net fraudsters Police not helpful as they could be to businesses, individuals who suffer Internet fraud, ...

Dec.2005 Fraud trial will hit heart of American Right: Abramoff
"CÃES" Curiosidades do programa "Despertar Lusitano" na Radio 90.7 ...

Os americanos gastam mais dinheiro em comida de cão do que em comida de bebé. www.
Einen Vorbeiflug an der Erde hat "Rosetta" bereits hinter sich, zwei weitere Erdbegegnungen stehen bis 2009 an.

"Rosetta" ist die größte und teuerste Planetenmission, die momentan mit einer Esa- Plakette durchs Sonnensystem kreuzt.

Mit rund einer Milliarde Euro Gesamtkosten und drei Tonnen Gewicht ist der Kometenspäher nicht nur finanziell ein Schwergewicht.

00.000.2004 -Seit- fliegt die Sonde ihrem Ziel, dem Kometen 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, entgegen.

Geht alles nach Plan, wird sie ihn im Jahr 2014 erreichen.

Doch unterwegs kann Rosetta bereits die eine oder andere wissenschaftliche Aufgabe übernehmen. Bereits im

00.Jul.2005 als die Nasa mit ihrer "Deep- Impact"- Sonde den Kometen Temple- 1 bombardierte, saß Rosetta mit ihren Kameras gleichsam in der ersten Reihe+ observierte rund zwei Wochen den malträtierten Himmelskörper 24.Feb.2007,1518,druck-468456,00.html
Bisher seien 1660 Fälle von Dengue-Fieber und 1452 Malaria-Erkrankungen gemeldet worden.

Die Wasser- und sanitäre Versorgung seien durch das Hochwasser eingeschränkt worden, warnte die Uno.

In einer Erklärung baten die Vereinten Nationen die internationale Gemeinschaft um Finanzhilfen in Höhe von 9,2 Millionen Dollar.

Überflutungen, Schlammlawinen, Seuchen: Das Klimaphänomen El Nino hat in Bolivien für eine verheerende Katastrophe gesorgt.

Präsident Evo Morales gibt den Industriestaaten die Schuld an dem Drama.

La Paz - Morales warf den Industriestaaten vor, mit ihrer Klima- und Wirtschaftspolitik die Überflutungen in seinem Land ausgelöst zu haben.

Es gebe Länder, die mit ihrer unkontrollierten, maßlosen Industrialisierung die Erde verschmutzten und die Umwelt zerstörten, sagte der bolivianische Präsident.

Und die armen Länder leiden darunter", zitierte die Zeitung "Hoy Bolivia" den Politiker.

Der Staatschef kritisierte insbesondere jene wohlhabenden Länder, die das Kyoto-Protokoll zur Reduzierung von Treibhausgasen nicht respektierten.
Critical Vision:

00.Jan.2006 Pope Benedict XVI has been described as the Antonin Scalia of the Vatican. ... see Patrick McGrath's review of Andrew Scull's Madhouse: A Tale of ...
01.Jan.2005-31.Jan.2005 Alamo Nation : WASHINGTON - When Antonin Scalia + Stephen Breyer walked into a lecture hall at American ...

... a classic pirate banner with a scull and crossed bones . ...
US Plans for Iraq Civil War | Air America Radio

Antonin Scalia, did not serve Clarence Thomas, did not serve Ralph Reed, did not serve Michael Medved, did not serve Charlie Daniels, did not serve ...
Irak: Massenproteste nach Festnahme von schiitischem Politikersohn

24.Feb.2007 Literaturmarkt: Rotbuch- Autoren rebellieren gegen Verlagsverkauf

24.Feb.2007 Klimaabgabe: Grüne fordern Sanktionen für umweltschädliche Pkw

24.Feb.2007 Weltraumstaub gesucht: "Rosetta" jagt ominöse Mars- Ringe

24.Feb.2007 Verheerende Überschwemmungen: El Nino stürzt Bolivien ins Unglück

24.Feb.2007 Krippenstreit: Beck vergleicht Bischof Mixa mit kastriertem Kater
24.Feb.2007 Iraqi War Refugees: Millions of Iraqis Flee The Violence : The United Nations is warning that the violence in Iraq is leading to a disastrous refugee crisis in the Middle East.

Out of a population of 26 million, nearly two million Iraqis are internally displaced and another two million have fled abroad, according to recent UN estimates

24.Feb.2007 Patrick Cockburn : The retreat from Basra : "They promised us freedom and now we find ourselves like slaves: no rights, no homes, no freedom, no democracy + not enough strength to say a word."

Like many Sunni she believed the US had deliberately fomented sectarian hatred in Iraq to keep control of the country.

24.Feb.2007 British Army wanted out of Iraq faster: British military chiefs had been pushing for much bigger cuts in troop numbers in Iraq than those announced by the Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

24.Feb.2007 Fallujans Defiant Amidst Chaos: Resistance attacks against U.S. forces have been continuing in Fallujah despite military onslaughts and strong security measures

24.Feb.2007 North Of Baghdad, War Getting Worse : More Attacks, Less Troops In Diyala Province As Military Focuses On Baghdad Crackdown

24.Feb.2007 Kenneth Anderson: The Long Game: Of sweetheart deals and the "surge": [PDF File] Do details revealed in a draft oil law explain the need for more troops in Iraq?

24.Feb.2007 Oil Grab in Iraq: A new Iraqi law proposes to open the country’s currently nationalized oil system to foreign corporate control.

But emblematic of the flawed promotion of “democracy” by the Bush administration, this new law is news to most Iraqi politicians.

24.Feb.2007 Oily Truth Emerges in Iraq : President Bush and his aides in the White House have scoffed at even the slightest suggestion that the U.S. military occupation has anything to do with oil.

The President presumably would have us all believe that if Iraq had the world's second-largest supply of bananas instead of petroleum, American troops would still be there.

24.Feb.2007 Nation-building, Resource Manipulation and Zionist Skullduggery: Though the US war on Iraq has been a disaster for nearly everyone, the Israelis have benefited in three distinct ways:

24.Feb.2007 Ramzy Baroud: The Final Punch:

As the voice of reason, from a traditionalist viewpoint, is being hushed or sidelined, the warmongers’ hold on Washington is still as tight as ever, one of whom is Israel and its dedicated friends on Capitol Hill.

24.Feb.2007 U.N. Commissioned Report Compares Israel to Apartheid in South Africa: An independent report commissioned by the United Nations compares Israel's actions in the West Bank and Gaza to apartheid South Africa — charges that drew angry rebukes from Israel and may revive charges that the U.N. Human Rights Council is biased against the Jewish state.

24.Feb.2007 Apartheid looks like this: Jonathan Cook joins a watchdog group on duty in the West Bank, documenting abuses and numberless humiliations that characterise the daily life of ordinary Palestinians under occupation

24.Feb.2007 Arabs say Israel is not just for Jews: A broadly representative elite of Israel's Arab minority has rejected the idea of Israel as a Jewish state and demanded a partnership in governing the country to ensure that Arab citizens get equal treatment and more control over their communities.

24.Feb.2007 US poll: Israel alone named 'vital friend': Gallup poll places Israel as only country majority of Americans both view favorably and see as important. Iraq most unfavorable but most important while only 9 % view Iran as favorable

24.Feb.2007 All candidates are pro-Israel" : All the hopefuls for the office of the president have put the interest of Israel ahead of the best interest and security of the USA. Why?

24.Feb.2007 Israeli daily stokes fears of Syrian attack: A reported Syrian troop build-up near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights has fueled speculation in Israel about a future conflict, over three decades after the two enemies last went to war.

24.Feb.2007 Cheney hints at Iran strike: US Vice-President Dick Cheney has raised the possibility of military action to stop Iran acquiring nuclear weapons.

24.Feb.2007 Any U.S. strike might not destroy Iran nuclear sites: Any U.S. attack against Iran could involve thousands of sorties and missile launches lasting weeks, but it still would not eliminate the country's nuclear program, U.S. military officials and analysts say.

24.Feb.2007 British officials fear US will attack Iran: Senior British government officials fear that US President George W. Bush will attack Iran before his final term in office ends in a little less than two years time, a newspaper reported in an early Friday edition.

24.Feb.2007 Fears grow over Iran: Tony Blair has declared himself at odds with hawks in the US Administration by saying publicly for the first time that it would be wrong to take military action against Iran.

24.Feb.2007 Iran Must Get Ready to Repel a Nuclear Attack : For the general Leonid Ivashov, the former Chief of the Russian armed forces’ Staff, it is doubtless that the Bush administration plans nuclear attacks against Iran and that the Pentagon will be capable to carry them out within the few coming weeks

24.Feb.2007 Iran is a force for peace: Instead of demonising, the US must accept that we have every right to a civil nuclear programme

Unnamed source: Booby Traps Detonated by US Remote Controls : An informed source said here in Tehran on Tuesday that after terrorists' hideout in Iran's southeastern city of Zahedan was raided, Iranian police discovered several US-made remote controlled detonators there.

24.Feb.2007 US and Iran Trade Accusations of Bombing Involvement : An interview with Sam Gardiner. Retired Air Force Colonel.

24.Feb.2007 Saudis' cutbacks raise oil concerns: Drivers who remember those $3-a-gallon days of the past two years, be warned. Oil prices are up and the world's biggest producer has been cutting back — a recipe for those prices to keep on climbing.

24.Feb.2007 Future oil much harder to extract: THE world's extra oil supply is likely to come from expensive and environmentally damaging unconventional sources within 15 years, according to a detailed study.

24.Feb.2007 Anti-American feelings soar among Muslims, study finds: The War on Terror has radicalised Muslims around the world to unprecedented levels of anti-American feeling, according to the largest survey of Muslims ever to be conducted.

24.Feb.2007 The myth of Muslim support for terror: Those who think that Muslim countries and pro-terrorist attitudes go hand-in-hand might be shocked by new polling research: Americans are more approving of terrorist attacks against civilians than any major Muslim country except for Nigeria.

24.Feb.2007 Terrorists have ambitions of empire, says Cheney: TERRORISTS' ultimate aim is to establish "a caliphate covering a region from Spain, across North Africa, through the Middle East and South Asia, all the way to Indonesia -and it wouldn't stop there," the US Vice-President, Dick Cheney, warned yesterday.

24.Feb.2007 In case you missed it: 'A Very Long and Very Bloody War': In contrast to Bush administration pronouncements that America's enemies despise our way of life, Scheuer says bin Laden has been quite clear that he is opposed to policies of the USA, not its character.

24.Feb.2007 Asia no longer in awe of US superpower: Times Asia Editor looks at how Dick Cheney's visit has displayed a new mood in the region

24.Feb.2007 Walter Reed Ex-Patient, Wife Speak Out on Poor Conditions: The Washington Post revealed that hospital rooms at Walter Reed were infested with mouse droppings, cockroaches, stained carpets, rodents and black mold.

24.Feb.2007 Another 1,500 British troops being sent to keep control in Afghanistan: The extensive reinforcement, bringing the number of British troops in Afghanistan to about 7,000, has been agreed with Nato after alliance partners failed to offer more infantry units to fight in the south.

24.Feb.2007 Philippine army linked to murders : The Philippine military is under new pressure after a government-backed commission linked some soldiers to a spate of political killings.

24.Feb.2007 Expert: Padilla Unable to Stand Trial : Alleged al-Qaida operative Jose Padilla suffers from intense stress and anxiety after being imprisoned in isolation for years and cannot adequately help his lawyers prepare for a criminal trial, a mental expert testified Thursday.

24.Feb.2007 Venezuela Offers Ecuador Credit, `Cooperation': Ecuador's recently elected President Rafael Correa, a close ally of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, has threatened to default on his country's $10 billion foreign debt so he can divert funds for welfare programs modeled on those Chavez introduced.

24.Feb.2007 Global capitalism now has no serious rivals. But it could destroy itself: Marx thought capitalism would have a problem finding consumers for the goods that improving techniques of production enabled it to churn out. Instead, it has become expert in a new branch of manufacturing: the manufacture of desires.

24.Feb.2007 Causes of Poverty: Nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names. Less than one per cent of what the world spent every year on weapons was needed to put every child into school by the year 2000 and yet it didn’t happen.

24.Feb.2007 The Rising Prevalence of Severe Poverty in America: A Growing Threat to Public Health:

00.000.2000-00.000.2004 the prevalence of severe poverty increased sharply while the proportion of Americans in higher income tiers diminished.

24.Feb.2007 No cash for wrongly-jailed pilot:

11.Sep.2001-attacks-today- A PILOT who spent nearly five months in jail after false allegations he was involved, lost his High Court fight for the right to seek compensation.

24.Feb.2007 UK: Secrets, lies and diplomats: We know next to nothing of how our overseas embassy staff operate in our name.

In an astonishing exposé, a former high-flying official reveals the vanity, elitism and lack of moral purpose in Britain's diplomatic service.
Theater Iran Near Term" (TIRANNT) -By Michel Chossudovsky
Code named by US military planners as TIRANNT, "Theater Iran Near Term" has identified several thousand targets inside Iran as part of a "Shock and Awe" Blitzkrieg, which is now in the final planning stages.

24.Feb.2007 In case you missed it: The Enduring Threat: A Brief History -Iranian Nuclear Ambitions and American Foreign Policy
These recent Iranian aspirations for nuclear weapons as purported by American policy makers are not a recent occurrence;

00.000.1974 the Shah established the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran +

stated that Iran would have nuclear weapons without a doubt very soon. Continue

24.Feb.2007 Stop Bullying Iran-By Hossein Derakhshan -The Islamic Republic is worth defending. Even at its worst, it is way better than anything the US or anyone else can bring to Iran. Continue

24.Feb.2007 Revealed: The True Extent of Britain's Failure in Basra -By Patrick Cockburn -The partial British military withdrawal from southern Iraq announced by Tony Blair this week follows political and military failure + is not because of any improvement in local security, say specialists on Iraq. Continue

24.Feb.2007 A Trial for Thousands Denied Trial -By Naomi Klein-Something remarkable is going on in a Miami courtroom.

The cruel methods US interrogators have used since 11.Sep.2001 to "break" prisoners are finally being put on trial. Continue

24.Feb.2007 Poker, Prostitutes and Bribes - Did Corruption Force CIA Boss To Quit? Video -BBC - Newsnight's Peter Marshall has been investigating the reasons behind the resignation of former CIA chief, Porter Goss. Click to view

24.Feb.2007 Venezuela's Revolution: Giving Power to the Poor-By Stuart Munckton
“We + millions of people around the world … believe another world is possible, a world free from war, poverty and hunger.

Here in Venezuela the [government of socialist President Hugo Chavez] along with the majority of the people in our country are fighting hard to build this new world, despite the attempts of the old elite and the US government to prevent us from succeeding." Continue

24.Feb.2007 Hugo Chavez's Social Democratic Agenda -By Stephen Lendman
These are dramatic examples of two nations going opposite ways. In Venezuela, Hugo Chavez supports free expression, social democracy + using state revenues to insure and improve both.

In the US, both parties support wealth and power, are jointly running a criminal enterprise masquerading as legitimately elected government. Continue
24.Feb.2007 Padilla mystery In today's Guardian, Naomi Klein reports that accused terrorist Jose Padilla has been subjected to extreme methods of pscyhological torture -- techniques reminiscent of the worst abuses uncovered during the MKULTRA investigations: Arrested in May 2002 at Chicago's O'Hare airport, Padilla, a Brooklyn-born former gang member, was classified as an "enemy combatant" and taken to a navy prison in Charleston, South Carolina. He was kept in a cell 9ft by 7ft, with no natural light, no clock and no calendar. Whenever Padilla left the cell, he was shackled and suited in heavy goggles and headphones. Padilla was kept under these conditions for 1,307 days. He was forbidden contact with anyone but his interrogators, who punctured the extreme sensory deprivation with sensory overload, blasting him with harsh lights and pounding sounds. Padilla also says he was injected with a "truth serum", a substance his lawyers believe was LSD or PCP .
According to his lawyers and two mental health specialists who examined him, Padilla has been so shattered that he lacks the ability to assist in his own defence. He is convinced that his lawyers are "part of a continuing interrogation program" and sees his captors as protectors. (Emphasis added.)

24.Feb.2007 a piece by George Monbiot, published last December: The purpose of these measures appeared to be to sustain the regime under which he had lived for more than three years: total sensory deprivation. He had been kept in a blacked-out cell, unable to see or hear anything beyond it. Most importantly, he had had no human contact, except for being bounced off the walls from time to time by his interrogators. As a result, he appears to have lost his mind. I don't mean this metaphorically. I mean that his mind is no longer there. (Emphasis added.)
24.Feb.2007 of which sounds extremely troubling, even damning -- although finding a triable crime in that resume seems to have given prosecutors difficulty. However, Padilla's phone wiretaps have been leaked + the evidence is far from compelling:
The leaked transcripts documented seven telephone conversations on which Padilla's voice is heard that were intercepted under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Defense lawyers have said that Padilla is never overheard discussing any violent acts and that many of the conversations involve family matters, casting doubt on the strength of the government's case.

24.Feb.2007 conspiracy theorists have suggested that Padilla could well have been the infamous John Doe #2 of Oklahoma City bombing lore.

Padilla does bear an inarguable resemblance to the drawing issued by the Janet Reno Justice Department. Then again, so do many other people.
Incidentally, it seems to me that the only possible witness against Padilla, vis-a-vis the dirty bomb charge, would be Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.

Whatever happened to him + why aren't more people curious about his fate?

Many would dearly love to see him on a witness stand -- indeed, many would love to see him tried. No charges have ever been brought against him. Why not?
Longstanding rumor holds that KSM was never captured and has been living comfortably in Pakistan.

Most people believe that he is being held in rough detention in Jordan, undergoing torments even worse than those applied to Padilla.

I wish we knew the truth. Alas, too much of current history is written in invisible ink. Permalink
24.Feb.2007 From Little Rock to Baghdad, The Last Gasps of White Male Entitlement Lead America to Disaster -- A BuzzFlash Editorial

24.Feb.2007 BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week: "Well, she's back: one-half of the "Ken Starr" dream team of GOP legal assassins, Victoria Toensing...Toensing's argument was so specious ? and the Washington Post's timing of the publication to influence the Scooter Libby jury so transparent ?that it crossed the line into de facto, but legal, jury tampering."

24.Feb.2007 Help BuzzFlash Battle For Justice, Liberty and the Constitution. Our Credit Card Payment Looms. Buy Something From The BuzzFlash Progressive Marketplace Or Make a Donation. It's A Small Price To Pay for The Truth -- With Attitude
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
As BuzzFlash and Others in the Blogoshpere Predicted, Lieberman is Holding the Democratic Party and the Welfare of Our GIs Hostage to His Own Bushevik Delusions. 2/24
Barbara's Daily BuzzFlash Minute for February 23, 2007

24.Feb.2007 Dave Lindorff: Impeachment: Breaking the Dam in Olympia, Washington -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Well, Pardon Me! -- Ms. Smith Goes To Washington
Joe Conason: In light of the series of laws passed in Congress and precedents set by the Bush administration, people have good reason to doubt the future of democracy and the rule of law in America. 2/24
Wolfowitz may bring World Bank back to Iraq -- Gloria R. Lalumia's World Media Watch for February 23, 2007

24.Feb.2007 Europa- Politik: Müntefering fordert radikale Reform der EU
Tempolimit: Spanien bremst für Wale

24.Feb.2007 Krise in Rom: Präsident lehnt Prodis Rücktritt ab

24.Feb.2007 Zeitungsbericht: Spaniens Justiz hat Beweise im Fall Ullrich freigegeben

24.Feb.2007 Gebärmaschinen- Streit: Bischof legt gegen von der Leyen nach
24.Feb.2007 TV- Krimi "Lutter": Illuminati für Schichtarbeiter

24.Feb.2007 Bundeswehr- Elitetruppen: Ex- KSK- Chef lobt NS- Spezialeinheit als Vorbild

24.Feb.2007 Krise in Rom: Italien rechnet mit neuer alter Regierung

24.Feb.2007 Fall Kurnaz: BND- Vermerke widersprechen Steinmeier

24.Feb.2007 Militärpläne: Israel soll Luftangriff auf Iran vorbereiten
24.Feb.2007 Includes a daily index of the latest breaking news from a variety of media on the war in Iraq, as well as other conflicts.
24.Feb.2007 Everything about MozillaZine - An airship museum is planned to open in Suffolk, England. Zeppelins have also occasionally inspired fictional works.

Du musst deinen Geist beschäftigen, denn das wird Dich davon abhalten unpassende Bemerkungen zu machen. ...
24.Feb.2007 Tom Barry: The US Isn't "Stingy"; It's Strategic Christopher Deliso War and the Tsunami: Putting It in Perspective ...

Tom Barry The Vulcans Consolidate Power: The Rise of Stephen Hadley ...

Tom Barry: Robert Zoellick: a Bush Family Man Tom Barry The US isn't "Stingy"; It's Strategic: Aid as a Weapon of Foreign Policy ...

Christopher Deliso War and the Tsunami: Putting It ...
24.Feb.2007 Schutz vor Zigarettenqualm: EU fordert totales Rauchverbot in Deutschland
24.Feb.2007 Book Reviews Hence in chapter eight we hear about the Pujo Hearings, Brandeis’s criticism of Wall Street as a ‘moneyed oligopoly’ with ‘other people’s money ’, ...
24.Feb.2007 C2ore » News & Features: Latest Political and Economic News » Heir ...

The business connections between Prescott Bush + Fritz Thyssen were more direct than what has been ...

00.000.1930 -s- Hitler Rises – Thyssen/Bush Cash In ...
Care2 Connect - after today, I just feel like kicking out the jams ... Bush Family Connections to Genocide + Financing Hitler ...

This guns and railroad connection returns for

WWI. when Buckeye Steel produced gun ...
24.Feb.2007 for Bush.html The most intriguing of Bush [BGHW948]'s early connections is to Nixon, ...

As we shall see, the Mexican-CIA connection played an important part in the ...

Bush-Nazi-Connection01 The business connections between Bush [BPS917] [s&b] & Thyssen, Fritz were more ...

"Nobody's made the connection before between Consolidated Silesian Steel ...
Jun.2006 Netzwelt- Ticker: Flugzeug- Internet vor Bruchlandung ...
24.Feb.2007,John_.html Singlaub

11.Sep.2001 -Die Terroranschläge vom- überwältigten alle Bemühungen, ...

11.Sep.2001 -long before- Claims, administration planned Iraq invasion.
24.Feb.2007 Wired News: Tech Sites Pick up the News

11.Sep.2001 10-48 AM Personalized Internet radio stations + technology websites abandoned their normal news-delivery operations as major Internet media ...,1284,46716,00.html
24.Feb.2007 September 11 - 11.Sep.2001 News Archives - The 9 ...

11.Sep.2001 Archives of the terrorist attack on America at the World Trade Center Towers in New York City + The Pentagon in Washington.

11.Sep.2001 aus dem Nationalarchiv in Washington entfernt zu haben.

00.Jul.2004 Terroranschlag in Madrid: Spanische Polizei ignorierte Sprengstoffhinweis ...

Sep.2006 Wie die Öffentlichkeit in der Terrorabwehr getäuscht wird - sfux Karl Weiss - ?

Terroranschläge von der Größenordnung des 11.Sep.2001 vereitelt ? ...
D i s c u s s i o n P a p e rHTML-Version

21. Jahrhunderts steht eindeutig im Schatten der Anschläge des

11.Sep.2001 -Terroranschlag vom-

11.Sep.2001 auf New York + das Pentagon ...
Quartalsbericht 3/2001HTML-Version

00.000.2001 -Das dritte Quartal- stand ganz im Zeichen des Terrorangriffs am 11.Sep.2001 ...

Die Schwäche der Kapitalmärkte, der Terroranschlag am 11.Sep.2001 ...
Image:September 14 2001.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

September, verursacht durch den Terroranschlag am 11.September.

11.Sep.2001 The building was destroyed during a Sep.11,2001, terrorist attack.
EMM News Explorer: #alias Auswärtigen Amt

Terroranschlag auf US-Botschaft in Damaskus.

WortLuxembourg 12-SEP-06.

Iran will Uran- Anreicherung für zwei Monate aussetzen. Spiegel 11.Sep.2006 ...
EMM News Explorer: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

Terroranschlag auf US-Botschaft in Damaskus. WortLuxembourg 12-SEP-06. Auftakt zu 9/11 -Trauerfeierlichkeiten in New York. Salzburger 11 - SEP -06 ...
24.Feb.2007 Aktuell: Erstausstrahlung Filmbeitrag "Riesenkalmar" (AT)

Die Netzseiten des Tintenfisch-Archivs – der Schnittstelle zwischen Wissenschaft und Populärwissenschaft zum Thema "Tintenfische"!

MOVINGSCIENCE hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, Unsichtbares sichtbar zu machen, Inhalte zu veranschaulichen + Zusammenhänge anspruchsvoll zu präsentieren.

Der Schwerpunkt ...
20070120 “I cannot be more clear that we never mentioned Iraq, we never gave him any guidelines,” says Steve Scully, president of the WHCA. “The only thing we told ...
24.Feb.2007 A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

Afterwards, American officials say, the CIA cut its ties to SIN, but

00.000.1992 a US Drug Enforcement Administration document described SIN in the present ...
21.Nov.2006 Table of Contents Declassified US State Department. records show that two major narcotraf-

... when Nick finds her – a baby mockingbird, fallen. from its nest.
CIA-- Mantra and Truth - The Other Side: The True Face

00.000.1992 -By- they would nearly double that, to 42 % — the highest level of ... Catholics to the Vatican to establish rapport + forge an alliance. ...

00.000.1998 /09/11 Chile and the USA: Declassified Documents Related ...

WWII. -Since- the Central Intelligence Agency has been running operation MOCKINGBIRD, ., ., . , ..
Mini-Microsoft: 10000 More Microsofties - What Do They Do?

FYI - in a small operation like here in South Africa, the Dynamics group just increased by 40-50%. By Simon G, at Thursday,

24.Feb.2007 forex dubai forex e-mini forex help trading forex investment forex learn ..
20050116 Thatcher heads for the US after court drama :

Sir Mark Thatcher is expected to leave South Africa for the USA within the next few days, ...
MSN Nachrichten - Politik, Wirtschaft, Panorama, Sport, Wetter

USA sollen Ziele im Iran schon festgelegt haben · US-Militär: Al -Sadr ist in den ...
08.Okt.2005 - Tagesinhalt Scharfe Kritik an al-Baradei und IAEA: "Tarnorganisation der Nuklearindustrie"

... es kein Christentum geben · Seine Offenbarung: Die Bibel · Lebenslauf ...
10.Mär.2003 Imperialismus sans Phrase sie sei aber deutlich besser geworden, sagte al - Baradei . ... denkbar dubiosen Lebenslauf :

Angehöriger einer Killertruppe im einstigen Rassistenstaat ...
27.Nov.2003 Presseschau Kurdistan, Bei Mike gibt es keine Widersprüche, nicht einmal in seinem Lebenslauf . ...

Der IAEA-Generaldirektor Mohammed al - Baradei hat sich an einer ...,-27.11.2003-18677.html
21.Sep.2003 Presseschau Kurdistan, Deren Vorsitzender, der Ägypter Mohamed Al Baradei, weiß, wie man mit Orientalen umgeht.

Sein Lebenslauf qualifiziert den Iraker durchaus für den Spagat ...,-21.09.2003-18576.html

Jun.2004 USA: Polizist prügelt auf Schwarzen ein - Untersuchung eingeleitet

Nach den Schadenersatzforderungen wegen Radarschäden drohe der Bundeswehr ...
Beschlüsse Deutscher BundeswehrVerbandHTML-Version

Diese Untersuchung ist innerhalb eines weiteren Jahres zu wiederholen,

sofern die erste Begutachtung ... Gewährung von Ansprüchen von durch Radarschäden ...$FILE/Beschlussumdruck.pdf

22.Mar.2004 green bay press gazette

A Lear jet belonging to "the true owner of Huffman Aviation, financier Wallace J. Hilliard, 70, of Naples, Fla., was seized by federal agents at Orlando

The juxtaposition of the discovery of a huge cache of heroin on a Lear jet belonging to Wallace J. Hilliard, 70, of Naples, Fl, Huffman Aviation’s owner, ...
"Heroin, Al Qaeda and the Florida Flight School"

The seized plane belonged to 70-year old Wallace J. Hilliard of Naples, FL., multi-millionaire businessman, self-styled Mormon Bishop, ...
Democratic Underground - Oryx Investments - Wallace Hilliard and ...

It is funny that Jeb Bush also used the jet once for free of course (7).

The plane was owned by Wallace J. Hilliard (6) ...
Wallace J Hilliard HILLIARD

WALLACE J. Hicks,S. The Big Wedding. 2005 (34, 37-8);

Hopsicker,D. Welcome to TerrorLand. 2004. pages cited this search: 4 ...

Huffman Aviation plays a central role +

two flight-school entrepreneurs active in Venice, Wallace J. Hilliard + Rudi Dekkers, have curious connections ...
Wallace J. Hilliard Fund

The Wallace J. Hilliard Fund is an endowment established by the Hilliard Family ...

Wallace J. Hilliard is a UW-Madison alumnus.

In addition to paying for ...
student and instructional news undergraduate from left man

UW-Madison alumnus Wallace (Wally) J. Hilliard announced

last April the establishment at the UW Foundation of The Wallace J. Hilliard Fund for the purpose ...
SEC Info - Hilliard Wallace J - SC 13G - American Medical Security ...

Wallace J. Hilliard S.S. or IRS IDENTIFICATION NO. OF ABOVE PERSON. 342-20-5001 2. ...

NAME OF PERSON FILING Wallace J. Hilliard ITEM 2(b). ...
SEC Info - Hilliard Wallace J - SC 13G/A - 21st Century Holding Co ... OF ABOVE PERSONS (ENTITIES ONLY) Wallace J. Hilliard ... Dated:

05.Jun.2002 /s/Daniel Hilliard, Trustee for Wallace J. Hilliard Flint Trust ...

AMERICAN MEDICAL SECURITY GROUP INC - AMZ Quarterly Report (10-Q ... ("AMSG") + WALLACE J. HILLIARD, an individual ("Employee").

Wallace J. Hilliard . Hilliard Limited Partnership 840 Willard Drive Green Bay, WI 54313 ...


10.17 Option Surrender Agreement dated Exhibit

10.3 to 3/31/99 10-Q

30.Mar.1999 between American Medical Security Holdings, Inc. + Wallace J. Hilliard ...
The 9/11 Heroin Connection - The Salt Lake Tribune's TribTalk ...

murky backgrounds + potential criminality of the individuals in the U.S., Rudi Dekkers + Wallace J. Hilliard, who hosted the terrorist hijackers. ...
HuffmanAviation - 9/11Encyclopedia The owner of the flight school in Venice, Wallace J. Hilliard, ...

The seized plane belonged to 70-year old Wallace J. Hilliard of Naples, FL. ...
portland imc - 2005.08.18 - Atta's 'drug trade cell' stayed in USA ... belonging to Wallace J. Hilliard, 70, of Naples, Fl, Huffman Aviations ...

In fact, the only effort made at holding financier Wallace J. Hilliard, ... - hilliard huffman drug connections.txt

25.Jul.2000 A Learjet belonging to Huffman Aviation owner Wallace J. Hilliard, confiscated with 45 pounds of heroin onboard on Orlando Executive Airport ...
EDGAR Online SEC Filings


EDGAR Online


EDGAR Online Person.

WALLACE J. HILLIARD FLINT. Records 1 - 7 of 7. Company Name, Form Type, Received Date, View. 21ST CENTURY HOLDING CO, SC 13G/A, 6/13/2002 ...

In a curious aircraft transaction discovered while probing the tangled business affairs of Wallace J. Hilliard, 70, of Naples, FL, Truman Arnold appears to
akaginajudd's web site reviews and blog

This is the same year, when dutch immigrant Rudi Dekkers "arrived" at Huffman Aviation, which in reality belonged to Wallace J. Hilliard, who had "ties with ...
Sander Hicks

All Wisconsin Employers stock is held by Ronald A. Weyers, president + Wallace J. Hilliard, chairman of the board.

00.0001969 They founded the firm ...
Manifest Raises Questions About Saudi Flights After 9/11

Interestingly, reporter Dan Hopsicker says the learjet was owned by multimillionaire businessman Wallace J. Hilliard of Naples, Florida, who Hopsicker says ...
Welcome to The MadCowMorningNews ... school impresario Wallace J. Hilliard, re-surfaced in the Ukraine last year as the mastermind of an assassination plot against a man appointed Secretary ...
New York Press ... a Lear jet belonging to Dekkers' financial backer Wallace J. Hilliard, a retired insurance executive from the Midwest, was seized by the DEA with 43 ...
911 The agents found 43 pounds of heroin aboard the Lear jet of Huffman Aviation's secretive financier Wallace J. Hilliard .

The Orlando Sentinel called the bust ...
24.Aug.2002 -Venice Gondolier- Wallace J. Hilliard filed the lawsuit against Dekkers, claiming Dekkers owes him money for Huffman stock Hilliard sold him. Hilliard also claims that ...
Scoop: UQ Wire: 911 The Evangelical Christian Connection

Rudi Dekkers’ financier Wallace J. Hilliard, 70, has so far managed to avoid being caught in the glare of publicity surrounding former business partner ...
Scoop: UQ Wire: Sarasota Herald Tribune Retraction Sought .

Wallace J. Hilliard, had his Lear jet confiscated on a runway at Orlando Executive Airport by DEA agents who found 43 pound of heroin onboard.
Florida 911 Terrorist Flght School linked to Jeb Bush Tony Ryals ... - View as HTML

The seized plane belonged to 70-year old Wallace J. Hilliard of Naples, FL., multi-millionaire businessman, self-styled ...
For The Record Summary Posts

... American Jet Charters, along with the planes owner, 75-year old Wallace J. Hilliard, the Wisconsin insurance executive who says he ‘retired’ to Florida, ...
For The Record Summary Posts

... the flight school's owner Wallace J. Hilliard, 72, of Naples, FL., was simultaneously pursuing his own diplomatic opening to Fidel Castro’s Cuba.
Pierre Legrand’s Pink Flamingo Bar » When we say that the Press ...

00.000.200- -The same month Mohamed Atta arrived to attend his flight school in Venice - Huffman Aviation, the owner of that flight school, Wallace J. Hilliard, ...

Mohamed Atta and Rudi Dekkers Seen Together in Venice in Weeks ...

Orlando Executive Airport is also where Huffman Aviation's owner Wallace J. Hilliard's Learjet had been confiscated just months earlier, by DEA agents with ...
Worldandnation: In 9/11 glare hid another visa tale

It was through the Naples airport that Dekkers met the multimillionaire who would become his benefactor + partner: Wallace J. Hilliard.
The Book on Ben-Veniste affairs of Wallace J. Hilliard, 70, of Naples, FL, Truman Arnold appears to have 'loaned' Hilliard—for only a dollar—a Beechcraft King Air 200 worth over $2 ...
Filmmaker Hopsicker Discusses Odd Activities Of 911 'Ringleader ...

In fact, you'll even find that the owner of the flight school in Venice, Wallace J. Hilliard, was in business with a key figure in the Whitewater scandal, ...
Terror Flight School Owner Implicated in 'Protected' Drug ...

Federal court documents obtained by the MadCowMorningNews reveal that the Learjet belonging to Huffman Aviation owner Wallace J. Hilliard, ...
Florida Flight School Owner Accused Of Unauthorized Flights - News

... +

00.Apr1999 +

00.May 1999 Plane 1 Director Wallace J. Hilliard of making the unauthorized flights from Naples to numerous locations around the country ...
[CTRL] Fwd: Demand Retraction from the Sarasota Herald Tribune

Huffman Aviation, the owner of that flight school, Wallace J. Hilliard, had his Lear jet confiscated on a runway at Orlando Executive Airport by DEA ...
Fireman's Fund To Buy Insurer - New York Times

All Wisconsin Employers stock is held by Ronald A. Weyers, president + Wallace J. Hilliard, chairman of the board.

00.000.1969 They founded the concern. ...

00.Apr.2001 Wallace J. Hilliard resigned as a director of the Company for personal reasons.

Compliance with Section 16(a) of the Securities Exchange Act ...
American Medical Security Group Statement Regarding Erroneous 21st ...

The release incorrectly reported that Wallace J. Hilliard was the current chairman of American Medical Security Group, Inc. Mr. Hilliard is not + has ...

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Atta attended a flight school where DEA agents found 43 pounds of heroin aboard the Lear jet of Huffman Aviation’s Wallace J. Hilliard ?
A Bush Narco-regime--here in the USA?

“The agents found 43 pounds of heroin aboard the Lear jet of Huffman Aviation’s secretive financier Wallace J. Hilliard .

The Orlando Sentinel called the ...
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WALLACE J HILLIARD . Records 1 - 25 of 61. Next 25. Company Name, Form Type, Received Date, View. PERFICIENT INC, 424B3, 2/2/2004 ... - Comments

Its owner Wallace J. Hilliard had his personal Lear jet seized at Orlando Executive Airport by the DEA. 43 pounds of heroin were found aboard. ...
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Rudi Dekkers - financier Wallace J. Hilliard, 70, has so far managed to avoid being caught in the glare of publicity surrounding former business partner ...
FTR#482—Interview with Daniel Hopsicker—(Two 30-minute segments ...

00.000.2000 a Lear jet belonging to the true owner of Huffman Aviation, financier Wallace J. Hilliard, 70, of Naples, Florida, was seized by Federal Agents at ...
Impressions On Vieira's First Day On "Today"... | The Huffington Post

... of the flight school, Wallace J. Hilliard, had his Learjet surrounded by DEA agents with submachine guns on the runway of Orlando Executive Airport.
Florida Flight School Owner Accused Of Unauthorized Flights ...

Plane 1 Leasing Co. + Plane 1 Director Wallace J. Hilliard of making the unauthorized flights from Naples to numerous locations around the country in ...
austin indymedia: Cocaine One Bust Lifts Veil on GLobal Drug Cartel

... them at the time) to have a private tête-à-tête on the runway with mysterious financier Wallace J. Hilliard, the owner of Huffman Aviation in Venice.
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Why Sibel Edmonds Will Never Talk

That plane was N351WB and it was owned by Wallace J. Hilliard.

Wallace J. Hilliard owned the Huffman Aviation school where the hijackers Atta + al-Shehhi ...
Daily Kos: Why Sibel Edmonds will never talk (9/11) The owner of the Flight School where Mohammed Atta + Marwan al-Shehhi trained is Wallace J. Hilliard .

And Wally Hilliard seems to be an acquaintance of ...
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WALLACE J HILLIARD JULIE. Records 1 - 3 of 3. Company Name, Form Type, Received Date, View. PERFICIENT INC, S-3/A, 10/9/2002. PERFICIENT INC, 8-K ...
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00.000.2000 -during the year- ... in from Venezuela -on a Lear jet owned by terror flight school impresario Wallace J. Hilliard re-surfaced in the Ukraine last year, ...
Open your eyes, America

A recently unearthed photograph leaked to the MadCowMorningNews shows terror flight school owner Wallace J. Hilliard strapping a Rolex (with the must-have ...
St. Louis Independent Media Center - :: Christopher Cox ...

Orlando Executive Airport is also where Huffman Aviation’s owner Wallace J. Hilliard ’s Learjet had been confiscated

just months earlier, by DEA agents with ... ...

00.000.2000 to attend the flight school at Huffman Aviation in Venice, FL., the owner of the flight school, Wallace J. Hilliard, had his Learjet surrounded by ...
National Underwriter Life & Health-Financial Services Edition ...

(American Medical Security Inc. President Wallace J. Hilliard ) (health insurance industry, health care reform) · Co. sells 'broker-friendly' annuities. ...

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The plane was owned by Wallace J. Hilliard . [84] (

The Orlando Sentinel hailed the bust as "the largest ...
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johnson city forum: 06/01/2005 - 06/30/2005

The seized plane belonged to 70-year old Wallace J. Hilliard of Naples, FL., multi-millionaire businessman, self-styled Mormon ...
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VRI Open Discussion forum

VOXNYC: "George Bush - He means what he says."

Now the MadCowMorningNews has learned that 70-year old Wallace J. Hilliard of Naples, FL., multi-millionaire businessman + self-styled Mormon Bishop, ...
Loose Change 2 Becomes The Most Watched Documentary About 9/11 ...

How did a retired-to-Florida insurance executive named Wallace J. Hilliard from Green Bay Wisconsin become such a central figure in the story of the ...

Jeb Bush,

Katherine Harris,

Wallace J. Hilliard,

Huffman Aviation +

Heroin Traffick

Through the Venice, Florida Airport

Compliant porous groin and shoreline reclamation method - US ...

Inventor(s). Wallace J. Hilliard · Lance D. Reich. Assignee. Parker Beach Restoration, Inc. Application. No. 943706 filed on

2001-08-31. Current US Class ...

26.Jun.2004 Interestingly, reporter Dan Hopsicker says the learjet was owned by multimillionaire businessman. Wallace J. Hilliard of Naples, Florida, ...
11.Sep.2001 -Verschwörungstheorien zum-(Sammelstrang)-Seite 2018 ...

Wallace J. Hilliard hat Rudi Dekkers allerdings auch verklagt:

... Wallace J. Hilliard filed the lawsuit against Dekkers, claiming Dekkers owes him money ...
Verschwörungstheorien zum 11.9.2001 (Sammelstrang) [Archiv

... wurde der Learjet des Eigentümers der Flugschule in Florida, Wallace J Hilliard, beschlagnahmt, weil in Orlando DEA Agenten 43 Pound Heroin an Bord gefunden ...
Mafia, Geheimdienste und Politik der USA

... holländische Versicherungsmagnat + Mormonenbischof Wallace J. Hilliard .

Dekkers + Hilliard geniessen bei der DEA + Polizei in Venice Immunität. ...
Unanswered Questions: Thinking For Ourselves Rudi Dekkers' wife was a student at Falwell's college + Wallace J. Hilliard, Dekker's financier, gave Falwell a loan. Hilliard also works with the ...
Lintukoto/Muut/Salaliittoteoria Miljardööri Wallace J. Hilliard (jolla väitetään olevan yhteyksiä mm. Bill Clintoniin) alkoi vuonna 1999 ostamaan lentokoulutuksia Floridasta. Insider NASDAQ:HDTV Insider activity for WALLACE J HILLIARD FLINT TRUST.

06.Dec.2006 -Updated- 12-21pm ET. NASDAQ:HDTV Insider Trading for WALLACE J HILLIARD ...
00.Oct.2005 -Lil Mike's Last Known Thoughts & Random Revelations-

The owner of the airschool, Wallace J. Hilliard, had his Lear jet seized by the DEA when it was found to contain 40+ pounds of Heroin in it on a runway in ...
11. syyskuuta ja terrorismin vastainen sota

Wallace J. Hilliard, (70-vuotias monimiljardööri ja mormonipiispa ja jonka taustasta löytyy kytkentöjä Bill Rudi Decker Clintoniin, Whitewater jupakkaan ja ...
FireSite & RoboMouse tackle top awards at Innovation Days 2005

Wallace J. Hilliard . Jane L. Hilsenhoff. Virginia S. Hinshaw. Lyle F. Hird. Jane G. Hobson. Kent Hobson. Nicola Hoerig. Charles P. Hoke. Gerald R. Holdridge ...
patrick carr: Patrick Carr

A SEC search of companies shows that Farhad Azima + the Mohammed Atta flying school, Huffman Aviation's Wallace J Hilliard, are heavily invested together ...
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Lear jet appartenant à Wallace J. Hilliard, 70 ans, de Naples, Fl,propriétaire de l’école de vol Huffman Aviation, au moment exact ...
9/11 - My own review

Rudi Dekkers was financially backed by the wealthy businessman and mormom-bishop Wally Hilliard ( Wallace J. Hilliard ).

This man had connections with people ... - Stock Quotes, Charts and News - Company Information ...

05.Nov.1999 Wallace J Hilliard Flint Trust, Exercise, 142857, 0.7 to 0.7, $100000.

05.Nov.1999 Hilliard LP, Exercise, 214285, 0.7 to 0.7, $150000 ...
Green Bay WI 54303- Tax Exempt Organizations and 54303 Green Bay ...

(c/o WALLACE J HILLIARD ), 310 W WALNUT ST STE 350, Charitable Organization ( Fund Raising Organizations That Cross Categories), *, $131768, 06/2005 ...
Green Bay WI- Tax Exempt Organizations and Green Bay Wisconsin Non ...

(c/o WALLACE J HILLIARD ), 310 W WALNUT ST STE 350 54303, Charitable Organization ( Fund Raising Organizations That Cross Categories), *, $131768, 06/2005 ...
Actueel nieuws Hij trad en treedt op als stroman voor Wallace J. Hilliard . Een zeventigjarige multimiljonair uit Naples Florida en eigenaar van luchtvaartondernemingen als ...

09.Jan.2003 "Six Degrees of Richard Ben-Veniste"

Terrorist Flight School owner Wallace J. Hilliard was a business partner of Whitewater Scandal figure Truman ...
Marie Hilliard — Bevis Hillier : ZoomInfo Business People Information

16.Jun.---- Hilliard, Wallace, VisionAire Corporation, Wallace J. Hilliard Elected to Board of Directors of VisionAire Corporation - ST. LOUIS, Missouri, ...
24.Feb.2007 Verschwörungstheorien zum 11.9.2001 (Sammelstrang) - Seite 2018 ...

Wallace J. Hilliard hat Rudi Dekkers allerdings auch verklagt: ... Wallace J. Hilliard filed the lawsuit against Dekkers, claiming Dekkers owes him money ...
Verschwörungstheorien zum 11.9.2001 (Sammelstrang) [Archiv ...

wurde der Learjet des Eigentümers der Flugschule in Florida, Wallace J Hilliard, beschlagnahmt, weil in Orlando DEA Agenten 43 Pound Heroin an Bord gefunden ...
Mafia, Geheimdienste und Politik der USA ... holländische Versicherungsmagnat + Mormonenbischof Wallace J. Hilliard .

Dekkers + Hilliard geniessen bei der DEA + Polizei in Venice Immunität. ...
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Unanswered Questions: Thinking For Ourselves

Rudi Dekkers' wife was a student at Falwell's college +

Wallace J. Hilliard, Dekker's financier, gave Falwell a loan.

Hilliard also works with the ...
Lintukoto/Muut/Salaliittoteoria Miljardööri Wallace J. Hilliard (jolla väitetään olevan yhteyksiä mm. Bill Clintoniin) alkoi vuonna 1999 ostamaan lentokoulutuksia Floridasta. Insider


06.Dec.2006 -Updated- 12:21pm ET. NASDAQ:HDTV Insider Trading for WALLACE J HILLIARD
00.Oct.2005 -Lil Mike's Last Known Thoughts & Random Revelations-

The owner of the airschool, Wallace J. Hilliard, had his Lear jet seized by the DEA when it was found to contain 40+ pounds of Heroin in it on a runway in ...
11. syyskuuta ja terrorismin vastainen sota

Wallace J. Hilliard, (70-vuotias monimiljardööri ja mormonipiispa ja jonka taustasta löytyy kytkentöjä Bill Rudi Decker Clintoniin, Whitewater jupakkaan ja ...
FireSite & RoboMouse tackle top awards at Innovation Days 2005

Wallace J. Hilliard . Jane L. Hilsenhoff. Virginia S. Hinshaw. Lyle F. Hird. Jane G. Hobson. Kent Hobson. Nicola Hoerig. Charles P. Hoke. Gerald R. Holdridge ...
patrick carr: Patrick Carr

A SEC search of companies shows that

Farhad Azima + the Mohammed Atta flying school, Huffman Aviation's Wallace J Hilliard, are heavily invested together ...
Veritas-Europe Forums-viewtopic-11 septembre suite

Lear jet appartenant à Wallace J. Hilliard, 70 ans, de Naples, Fl,propriétaire de l’école de vol Huffman Aviation, au moment exact ...
9/11 - My own review

Rudi Dekkers was financially backed by the wealthy businessman + mormom-bishop Wally Hilliard ( Wallace J. Hilliard ).

This man had connections with people ... - Stock Quotes, Charts and News - Company Information ...

05.Nov.1999 Wallace J Hilliard Flint Trust, Exercise, 142857, 0.7 to 0.7, $100000.

05.Nov.1999 Hilliard LP, Exercise, 214285, 0.7 to 0.7, $150000 ...
Green Bay WI 54303- Tax Exempt Organizations and 54303 Green Bay ...

(c/o WALLACE J HILLIARD ), 310 W WALNUT ST STE 350, Charitable Organization ( Fund Raising Organizations That Cross Categories), *, $131768, 06/2005 ...
Green Bay WI- Tax Exempt Organizations and Green Bay Wisconsin Non ...

(c/o WALLACE J HILLIARD ), 310 W WALNUT ST STE 350 54303, Charitable Organization ( Fund Raising Organizations That Cross Categories), *, $131768, 06/2005 ...
- Actueel nieuws Hij trad en treedt op als stroman voor Wallace J. Hilliard . Een zeventigjarige multimiljonair uit Naples Florida en eigenaar van luchtvaartondernemingen als ...

09.Jan.2003 "Six Degrees of Richard Ben-Veniste" Terrorist Flight School owner Wallace J. Hilliard was a business partner of Whitewater Scandal figure Truman ...
Marie Hilliard — Bevis Hillier : ZoomInfo Business People Information

Hilliard, Wallace, VisionAire Corporation, Wallace J. Hilliard Elected to Board of Directors of VisionAire Corporation - ST. LOUIS, Missouri, June 16, ...
Den verstorbenen Staatschef der Sowjetunion, Leonid Breschnew, machte der CSU-Politiker kurzerhand zum US-Präsidenten.

"Ich habe es für wohltuend empfunden, dass die Bundeskanzlerin gegenüber dem amerikanischen Präsidenten Breschnew Guantanamo kritisiert hat + nicht mit dem Rechtsstaat in Übereinklang beurteilt hat", sagte Stoiber.

Harald Schmidt präsentierte in seiner ARD-Sendung Stoibers Patzer. Auch im Internet wird über die neuesten Eintrag in den "gestammelten Werken" (Stoiber-Spott) gelästert.

Überschrieben ist das Forum mit folgenden Worten: "Ein rhetorischer Genuss: Stoiber verwechselt Bush mit Breschnew."

Ein Nutzer in einem Forum: "Ich hätte den Patzer gerne als mp3, würde so gut in meine Sammlung passen."

Jun.2004 Doomsday - The Electrical Connection By Michael Goodspeed ... which according to Al Martin is an exact copy of the symbol of the Nazi Waffen-SS. ...
Quellen zur Filmgeschichte 1.12.2004 Und ich lobte, was ich liebte - auch, wenn es verbotene Filme waren.

Die " doomsday -machine" ist nur das letzte Glied in einer Kette, deren erstes der ...
24.Feb.2007 » Monatsübersicht (0); 13: Scientists prepare to move Doomsday Clock forward (0)

22: War crimes investigator says Al Quaeda spawned from Nazi Third Reich (0) ...

Jun.2004 Doomsday - The Electrical Connection By Michael Goodspeed ... which according to Al Martin is an exact copy of the symbol of the Nazi Waffen-SS. Quellen zur Filmgeschichte 1.12.2004 Und ich lobte, was ich liebte - auch, wenn es verbotene Filme waren. ...

Die " doomsday -machine" ist nur das letzte Glied in einer Kette, deren erstes der ...

23.Feb.2007 Großbritannien: Passagierzug entgleist - Verletzte

23.Feb.2007 Lettisches Altenheim: Bewohner verbrennen bis zur Unkenntlichkeit
23.Feb.2007 "Militärische Option": USA lehnen Verbot von Streubomben ab
23.Feb.2007 Sicherheitsmängel: Brüssel will pakistanische Fluglinie weitgehend lahmlegen

23.Feb.2007 Regierungskrise in Italien: Prodi wartet auf Napolitanos Auftrag
23.Feb.2007 Kurzpässe: Italiener verhindern Anschlag, DFL braucht professionelle Hilfe (Sport)
23.Feb.2007 Vanity Fair grüßt SPIEGEL ONLINE: Wie schneidig von Dir, Posh

23.Feb.2007 Warnsignal an der Börse: Der hässliche Tripel- Triumph

23.Feb.2007 Thriller- Serie "24": US- Militärs fordern Folterverbot für Jack Bauer
23.Feb.2007 Streit über Geschwisterliebe: Inzest- Streit entzweit deutsche Politik
23.Feb.2007 Verfehlte Selbstverpflichtung: CO2- Ausstoß von Neuwagen kaum gesunken
23.Feb.2007 Augenblick: Kunst ist Trumpf
23.Feb.2007 Aschermittwochs- Nachwehen: Stoibers Breschnew- Bush- Patzer amüsiert Deutschland

23.Feb.2007 Ursula von der Leyen: Pragmatisch, praktisch, Wut

23.Feb.2007 MP3- Format: Hickhack um Patentrechte

23.Feb.2007 Umweltverpester: Grüne fordern Werbeverbot für Spritfresser

23.Feb.2007 Hygieneskandal in New York: Ratten und Kakerlaken in Schnellrestaurant entdeckt