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21.Dec.2006 'Hibernating' Man Survives for 3 Weeks 

A man who went missing in western Japan survived in near-freezing weather without food and water for over three weeks by falling into a state similar to hibernation, doctors said. posted by Prof. Hex
21.Dec.2006 Meditation changes temperatures  Mind controls body in extreme experiments. Cool article. posted by Prof. Hex
21.Dec.2006 UN approves al-Qaeda appeal list : The UN Security Council has voted unanimously to approve an appeal procedure for people and groups subject to sanctions because of suspected ties to al-Qaeda and Afghanistan's former Taliban rulers.

21.Dec.2006 Indonesian court clears Bashir : Indonesia's supreme court has overturned the conviction on conspiracy charges in the 2002 Bali bombings against cleric Abu Bakar Bashir.

21.Dec.2006 True Solidarity in a Cold World: Hugo Chavez is ‘Black’ Santa Claus for U.S. Poor

21.Dec.2006 Mexican Soldiers Freelancing for Drug Cartels on US Soil: Gun-toting members of the Mexican military are crossing regularly into U.S. territory, where they are partnering with drug cartels and criminal gangs to protect sophisticated smuggling operations, according to Texas sheriffs and lawmakers.

21.Dec.2006 Report Says Berger Hid Archive Documents: Former national security adviser Sandy Berger removed classified documents from the National Archives in 2003 and hid them under a construction trailer, the Archives inspector general reported Wednesday.

21.Dec.2006 A subpoena in service of secrecy: White House attempt to retrieve a leaked document is unprecedented

21.Dec.2006 Report Reveals 2.2 Million Borrowers Face Foreclosure on Subprime Home Loans: A new Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) study reveals that 2.2 million American households will lose their homes and as much as $164 billion due to foreclosures in the subprime mortgage market.
21.Dec.2006 Iran, China sign $16b gas deal: Iran and China's biggest offshore oil producer, CNOOC, have signed a memorandum of understanding worth more than 16 billion dollars to develop a giant natural gas field, the Fars news agency reported Thursday.

21.Dec.2006 Russian Lukoil starts drilling in Venezuela: Russian oil company Lukoil started drilling the first out of 17 wells at "Junín 3," a bloc of heavy oil located in Orinoco belt, south Venezuela.

21.Dec.2006 Shell families evacuated in Nigeria : Royal Dutch Shell is evacuating the dependants of its expatriate staff from the Niger Delta after fighters planted a car bomb in a residential compound earlier in the week.
21.Dec.2006 Syria in Bush's Cross Hairs: Exclusive: A classified document suggests the Administration is considering a plan to fund political opposition to the Damascus government. Some critics say it would be an unwarranted covert action

21.Dec.2006 U.S., British warships to head for gulf: The USA + Britain will begin moving additional warships and strike aircraft into the Persian Gulf region in a display of military resolve toward Iran that would come as the United Nations debates possible sanctions against the country

21.Dec.2006 Bush: No Direct Talks with Iran : "If they want to sit down with us for the good of the Iranian people, they ought to verifiably suspend their program," he said. "We have made that clear to them. It is obvious to them how to move forward."

21.Dec.2006 Ahmadinejad derides Bush for baseless accusations against Iran: "It is 27 years that the US + Britain have stood against our nation to stop national progress but they failed."

Saddam's defeat during eight years of imposed war (1980-1988) is a good example to the US hostility to Iranian nation, he pointed out.

21.Dec.2006 Iran rejects Blair's "hateful" criticism: Iran lambasted a call by Prime Minister Tony Blair for Middle Eastern countries to form an alliance against Tehran.
21.Dec.2006 War Crimes Report Advertised In The Military Times Newspapers: “We felt that the people who are ordered to fight in Iraq + those who support U.S. presence Iraq, ought to know of the opportunity to learn about the many ways in which the USA has violated and continues to violate international law there,” said Nick Mottern, Director of, publisher of the war crimes report.

21.Dec.2006 Suicide rate spikes among troops sent to Iraq war :

The suicide rate among troops deployed for the Iraq war reached its highest point last year since the 2003 invasion, according to an Army mental health study released Tuesday.

21.Dec.2006 Navy vet says he was tortured by U.S. forces: Suit filed against Rumsfeld: - A Navy veteran from Chicago says he was detained and tortured by U.S. forces in Baghdad without being charged. Twenty-nine-year-old Donald Vance was a private security employee in Baghdad at the time of his arrest.

21.Dec.2006 Flouting the laws of war: DAVID Hicks has been accused of some ill-defined war crimes. But is he the victim of a policy promoted by the Australian Government that is itself a war crime?
21.Dec.2006 Pentagon wants $99.7 billion more for Iraq, Afghanistan: The military's request, if embraced by President George W. Bush + approved by Congress,

would boost this year's budget for those wars to about $170 billion.

21.Dec.2006 Bush 'brainwashed' Blair on Iraq pullout - Iraq VP: - British Prime Minister Tony Blair was in favor of announcing a timetable to pull troops out of Iraq, but was "brainwashed" out of it by President George W. Bush, Iraq's vice president said.

21.Dec.2006 U.S. Occupation Forces Squad Leader Charged in Killings Of 24 Iraqi Civilians : Squad leader charged in killings of 24 Iraqi civilians; More Marines expected to be charged
21.Dec.2006 Target Iran
Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter and Investigative Journalist Seymour Hersh on White House Plans for Regime Change .

This Is A Must Listen

11.Dec.2005 The aircraft carrier Eisenhower + its strike group entered the Persian Gulf.

Another aircraft carrier, the Stennis, is expected to depart for the Gulf within the next month.

The military said it is also taking steps to prevent Iran from blocking oil shipments from the Gulf.: Continue

21.Dec.2006 Who pays for the liberty you demand ? 4 Minute Video
And prove to me, America, that you care
And prove to me, America, you’re aware
Who’s dying for your freedom in this land
Who pays the cost for the liberties you demand.

21.Dec.2006 Dead On Arrival The NIST 9/11 Report on the WTC Collapse -By Mark H. Gaffney
00.Sep.2005 The NIST report was the result of a 3 year investigation + was released.

It remains the official US government explanation for why the WTC collapsed on 9/11. As you are about to discover, the report itself collapses under scrutiny.

There is no doubt that the NIST investigation was politically controlled by limiting its scope, thereby making the truth unobtainable. This is one way to neuter an investigation. Continue
21.Dec.2006 Greg Palast Investigates: In New Orleans, a Year Later, Nothing Much Has Happened -- A BuzzFlash Interview
Bob Herbert: New Orleans, the Open Wound of America
From the UPI: " A new report published Monday documents grim confirmation of the most pessimistic assessments we have made in these columns over the rapidly deteriorating situation in Iraq during the past 10 months." 12/22

21.Dec.2006 Unhappy Holiday: U.S. Deaths in Iraq Could Top 9/11 Toll On Christmas
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
It's the Stunted Adolescent -- Bush -- Vs. the Pentagon, Vs. the American People, Vs. Reality. He Should be Removed From Office, Tried + Given Intensive Psychotherapy in Prison.
Greg Palast Investigates: In New Orleans, a Year Later, Nothing Much Has Happened -- A BuzzFlash Interview

21.Dec.2006 Jeb Says He Has No Future. Is "Brand" Bush Going Bankrupt?
Enough is Enough: Send Bush, Cheney and the Twins to the Front Lines. We Have a Sociopath Running Our Government: "Bush said Wednesday he is considering an increase in American forces and warned that next year will bring more painful U.S. losses."

21.Dec.2006 The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same: "We need to make damned sure that the neighbors understand that we're going to be here for a long time -- here being the Persian Gulf," said Gates. 12/22
21.Dec.2006 Crazy Quite a few have commented on George Bush's apparent instability. Joy Tomme argues + I agree, that W is crazy to ask for another $170 billion for this war. However, I posit that the Saudis may have demanded this proposed "surge."

They can enforce their demands by threatening to disinvest in the U.S. -- which means, crazily enough, that spending $170 billion might prove less costly than the alternative.
New paper on NIST - WTC investigation at Journal of 9/11 Studies - BG -
The NIST investigation of the WTC building failures was extensive, but NIST did not substantiate its conclusions experimentally. On the contrary, many of NIST's tests contradicted its conclusions. Furthermore, there are several examples in which NIST chose to manipulate input data + then certify its findings based upon the inevitable conclusions that derive from the manipulated input. One finds little acknowledgement on the part of NIST that uncertainties in its simulations translate into uncertainties in its findings.... Source:

21.Dec.2006 Shanksville students see 'fighter plane' seconds after explosion - BG -

John: We think it was shot down because as soon as it crashed a big fighter plane flew over the school. Brian: We saw that [fighter] plane like right after it happened. We were the only ones who saw it pretty much from the school. Nobody one else saw. Narrator: How long after did you guys see the fighter plane? John: Like ten seconds. As soon as we saw the mushroom cloud, this plane goes flying over. Brian: Right there. It was right after everything. ... Source:
21.Dec.2006 Classified Doc Shows Bush Admin Plotting To Undermine Syrian Regime...
The Bush Administration has been quietly nurturing individuals and parties opposed to the Syrian government in an effort to undermine the regime of President Bashar Assad. Parts of the scheme are outlined in a classified, two-page document which says that the U.S. ...
21.Dec.2006 A Union Hearing
' In a June, 2004, speech John Kerry brought a New Jersey crowd to its feet when he declared: &quot;It's time once and for all we change the laws so workers can organize when a majority of them wants to, without intimidation and interference from management.&quot; Memorable words.
21.Dec.2006 Foreigners Living In Britain Face Compulsory Biometric ID Cards
'Compulsory powers to fingerprint and photograph 700,000 foreigners a year who live in Britain as part of the national identity card scheme were announced yesterday by the home secretary, John Reid, as the scope of what critics see as a future Big Brother state became clearer.'At the same time, 150 screening centres around the world are to be set up in 18 months so that biometric data - electronic fingerprints and photos - can be taken and stored from passengers coming to Britain from 169 countries outside Europe.
21.Dec.2006 News Hounds: Fox Guest Says Joy Behar, Matt Damon & Keith Olbermann Should Be Rounded Up And Put In A Detention Center Because They're Traitors - BG -

21.Dec.2006 Kristol falsely asserted that Sen. Kennedy wants to continue failed Iraq strategy
On Fox News Sunday, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol misrepresented Sen. Ted Kennedy's "current position" on Iraq as a plan to "continue to pursue a strategy which has not been winning." In fact, Kennedy was one of only 13 senators who voted to withdraw troops from Iraq by July 2007.

To read the entire item and check out the video clip, go to:
21.Dec.2006 Suddenly, the strange case makes sense... - BG -
Today I read of a Georgia judge who sentenced a 17-year-old male to ten years in prison without parole for having a 15-year-old girl give him consensual oral sex. The severity of the sentence reminds me of horror stories about Iran or China. I understand the Georgia is the Bible Belt, but ten years? The act was videotaped + the prosecutor says the suspect turned down a plea bargain for 2 years. But Scott Lemieux points to an explanation for it, by Publius + puts the case in the larger historical context of racism in Georgia. The male was black and the female was white. If their races were reversed, we wouldn't see a ten year sentence. And the larger context Scott points out is that many decisions by the Warren Court to limit police and prosecutors were made to stop abuses by ... Source:

21.Dec.2006 There is no such thing as an "international" tribunal - BG -
Check out this piece co-authored by a German journalist for Al-Akhbar showing how Detlev Mehlis the former UN prosecutor sacrificed relevance and professionalism with regards to the Hariri assassination in order to compulsively voice his obsession with Syria.... Source:

By William Fisher 12/19/06 Five years after the terrorist attacks of 11.Sep.2001, "Islamophobia" -- intensified by the war in Iraq and U.S. government actions at home – has left millions of American Muslims fearful of harassment, discrimination + questionable prosecutions + confused about their place in American society. Recent polls indicate that almost half of Americans have a negative perception of Islam and that one in four of those surveyed have "extreme" anti-Muslim views. A survey by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) found that a quarter of Americans consistently believe stereotypes such as: "Muslims value life less than other people" and "The Muslim religion teaches violence and hatred." In 2005, CAIR received 1,972 c...

21.Dec.2006 Sheldon Drobny: 60 Minutes: The Back Story of Nazi Holocaust Archives - BG -

21.Dec.2006 Is It Now Illegal To Link To Other Websites? - Paul Joseph Watson  Landmark Sydney legal ruling sets precedent for wholesale devastation of Internet news websites and blogs
21.Dec.2006 Lennon's Conviction: You Can Change The World - Paul Joseph Watson -avoids assassination conspiracy questions but Yoko Ono's cryptic quote lets suspicions linger
21.Dec.2006 Note to Rep. Virgil Goode: Keith Ellison Is Not An Immigrant - Think Progress  -

In a letter sent this month to his constituents, Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA) attacked incoming Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the first Muslim elected to Congress:

The Muslim Representative from Minnesota was elected by the voters of that district and if American citizens don’t wake up and adopt the Virgil Goode position on immigration there will likely be many more Muslims elected to office…

In the letter, Goode repeatedly justifies his attack as related to immigration policy:

We need to stop illegal immigration totally and reduce legal immigration and end the diversity visas policy pushed hard by President Clinton and allowing many persons from the Middle East to come to this country. I fear that in the next century we will have many more Muslims in the USA if we do not adopt the strict immigration policies that I believe are necessary to preserve the values and beliefs traditional to the USA of America and to prevent our resources from being swamped.

One problem: Keith Elision is not an immigrant. In fact, his ancestors have been living on the continent for over 250 years, before the USA was established as a country:

Mr. Ellison dismissed Mr. Goode’s comments, saying they seemed ill informed about his personal origins as well as about Constitutional protections of religious freedom. “I’m not an immigrant,” added Mr. Ellison, who traces his American ancestors back to 1742. “I’m an African-American.”

In other words, Goode’s attack is not only bigoted, it’s also ignorant. Nevertheless, Ellison told the New York Times, “I’m looking forward to making friends with Representative Goode, or at least getting to know him. I want to let him know that there’s nothing to fear. The fact that there are many different faiths, many different colors and many different cultures in America is a great strength.” Digg It!
21.Dec.2006 At midnight on Dec. 31, - Amanda - hundreds of millions of pages of secret documents that are 25 years old or older will be instantly declassified. “After years of extensions sought by federal agencies behaving like college students facing a term paper, the end of 2006 means the government’s first automatic declassification of records.”
21.Dec.2006 December 21, 2006 - Think Progress  -

After a meeting in Iraq with U.S. generals, Defense Secretary Robert Gates acknowledged that commanders “out here have expressed a concern about” President Bush’s plan to increase U.S. troop levels in Iraq .

“ Economic growth slowed to a 2 % pace in the late summer, more sluggish than previously thought, as the real-estate bust weighed on overall business activity.”

“The Pentagon wants the White House to seek an additional $99.7 billion to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ,” the Associated Press reports. “The military’s request, if embraced by President Bush and approved by Congress, would boost this year’s budget for those wars to about $170 billion.” “Overall, the war in Iraq has cost about $350 billion.”

Gov. Jon Corzine (D-NJ) will sign a civil unions bill into law today that grants to gay couples “all the rights and responsibilities of marriage under state law.” New Jersey will “become the third in the nation to institute civil unions and the fifth to offer some version of marriage.”

Yesterday, President Bush said he would support a federal increase in the minimum wage only if it were tied to tax breaks for small businesses. The federal minimum wage has not been increased since 1996.

The political opponents of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad “won local council elections…in an embarrassing blow to the hard-line leader that could force him to change his staunch anti-Western stance and focus more on domestic issues.”

“ Bears have stopped hibernating in the mountains of northern Spain, scientists revealed yesterday, in what may be one of the strongest signals yet of how much climate change is affecting the natural world.”

President Bush yesterday “signed a bill that extends the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, an independent agency that oversees $32 billion in American expenditures on the rebuilding of Iraq, into 2008.”

Sen. Patrick Leahy, the incoming chair of the Senate Judiciary committee, “has vowed to get to the bottom of an alleged rendition of a Canadian man wrongly accused of terrorist ties.” Leahy said “he would summon US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales before the committee to explain why Maher Arar is still barred from the USA, after he was cleared of terrorist links by a Canadian judicial inquiry.”
21.Dec.2006 Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) asks President Bush: - Nico - Did you censor information about Iran?
21.Dec.2006 The war on Christmas explained. - Nico  - It’s a giant cash cow for the religious right.
21.Dec.2006 Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN) opposes Iraq escalation. - Nico  -

Coleman “said today after a two-day trip to Iraq that he would not support an increase in the number of soldiers in Baghdad. He said he would ’stand against’ any effort to send a surge of more troops to Baghdad unless there’s a clear vision that it will help end sectarian violence in the city. ‘I think it would create more targets. I think we would put more life at risk,’ he said.”
21.Dec.2006 Congresswoman Caught In Lie Over Castro Assassination Claim - Amanda  -

Clips from a new documentary posted online recently show Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) saying, “I welcome the opportunity of having anyone assassinate Fidel Castro and any leader who is oppressing the people.”

Ros-Lehtinen quickly disavowed the comments and gave a long, tortured explanation about how the video was doctored:

Ros-Lehtinen, who has never hid her loathing for Castro, says the clip was spliced together.

Watch the video closely, she says. She says her lips aren’t saying what the audio says she is. At one point in the clip, a sharp-eyed viewer can see what appears to be a skip in the filming.

“It’s twisted in a way that gives the viewer a totally wrong impression,” Ros-Lehtinen said Friday. “I’ve said the community has moved on, that those strategies are not being used today, but apparently the filmmakers think we’re still in a `60s mentality.”

Director Dollan Cannell has now released the unedited version of the Ros-Lehtinen interview, confirming that nothing was doctored. Watch it:

In response to a question about whether there is an “argument for assassination” of Fidel Castro, Lehtinen clearly states, “I welcome the opportunity of having anyone assassinate Fidel Castro and any leader who was oppressing … oppressing the people + if they don’t assassinate and if they bring him to trial, I welcome the opportunity to having him meet the … a jury of his peers and answer.” (Full transcript here.)

Cannell has called Ros-Lehtinen’s accusations “completely, totally false” and called on her “to retract what she said and to apologize.” Ros-Lehtinen had “no comment” on the new footage.
21.Dec.2006 Anti-Muslim Congressman Has ‘No Intention Of Apologizing’ - Nico  -

Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA) is under fire for a virulently anti-Muslim letter sent to constituents earlier this month. In the letter, Goode says, “I fear that in the next century we will have many more Muslims in the USA” if we do not adopt “strict immigration policies.” He references the election of Muslim Rep.-elect Keith Ellison (D-MN) + warns “American citizens” to “wake up” or “there will likely be many more Muslims elected to office.”

Last night, the Council on American-Islamic Relations said the letter “sends a message of intolerance” and called on Goode to apologize.

In an interview today with ThinkProgress, Goode’s press secretary Linwood Duncan declared that Goode has “no intention of apologizing.” Duncan repeatedly refused to answer more detailed questions, saying only that Goode’s letter “speaks for itself.” Asked whether Goode had ever targeted Muslim-Americans in his previous statements, Duncan said, “I’ve worked here for 10 years + I’m not aware of this topic being addressed in the past.” You can call and ask for an apology HERE.
21.Dec.2006 “The FBI agreed Tuesday - Nico  -

to make public the final 10 documents about the surveillance of John Lennon that it had withheld for 25 years from a University of California, Irvine historian on the grounds that releasing them could cause ‘military retaliation against the USA.‘”
21.Dec.2006 “A dangerous hypothetical.” - Nico - What President Bush called a question this morning about the possibility that he may increase troop levels in Iraq against the wishes of military leaders.
21.Dec.2006 Talk Host Gallagher: ‘Round Up’ Olbermann, Damon + ‘Put Them In A Detention Camp’ - Nico  -

Yesterday on Fox News, talk radio host Mike Gallagher said the U.S. government should “round up” actor Matt Damon, “The View” host Joy Behar + MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann and “put them in a detention camp until this war is over because they’re a bunch of traitors.”

Gallagher was upset over Behar’s comment that Time magazine should have chosen a controversial “Hitler-type” like Donald Rumsfeld as its Person of the Year. Gallagher said Damon should also be incarcerated because he “attacked George Bush and Dick Cheney”; he didn’t explain why he wanted to imprison Olbermann. Watch it:

Earlier this year, Gallagher was one of five conservative talk radio hosts invited to the White House to meet with President Bush. (HT: NewsHounds) Digg It!

Full transcript:

GALLAGHER: You know, it’s a little bit ridiculous that we continue to watch these TV stars and movie stars who smear our leaders. I just wonder, Rob, if you’ll think for a moment what our enemies think of seeing TV personalities compare the outgoing defense secretary to Adolph Hitler. I mean, you know, conservatives never get a pass. Strom Thurmond is wished a happy birthday by Trent Lott and the sky falls in on Trent Lott. But Joy Behar goes on national TV and compares a good man like Rumsfeld to the evilest man in the world and nobody, you know, there’s no repercussions for Joy Behar. I think we should round up all of these folks. Round up Joy Behar. Round up Matt Damon, who last night on MSNBC attacked George Bush and Dick Cheney. Round up Olbermann. Take the whole bunch of them and put them in a detention camp until this war is over because they’re a bunch of traitors.

THOMPSON: They’re not traitors, they’re Americans. And you know what the great thing about America is you get to say what you like and you don’t get thrown into detention camps.

GALLAGHER: No, you don’t.

THOMPSON: And that’s what the rest of the world sees. They see free Americans say what they like without having any fear of going to jail. So, if I wanted to compare someone to Hitler or anybody else, Pol Pot, whatever it might be, I have no fear of going to jail because that is what an America is.

GALLAGHER: There’s such a thing as treason, Rob.

THOMPSON: That’s not treason. That’s just political talk and satire and it might be funny at the best, at the least.
With Recession Looming, Bush Tells America To ‘Go Shopping More’ - Amanda  -

Today, President Bush held a news conference where he discussed the “way forward” for the economy in 2007. Renowned Morgan Stanley economist Steven Roach says the the “odds of the U.S. economy tipping into recession are about 40 to 45 per cent.” New York Times columnist Paul Krugman notes that “the odds are very good — maybe 2 to 1,” that the U.S. will teeter toward a recession in 2007.

Bush’s solution? “Go shopping more.” Watch it:


11.Sep.2001 -after the attacks-, Bush simply asked Americans for their “continued participation and confidence in the American economy.” From the Internationald Herald Tribune, 1/14/03:

Bush did nothing to mobilize public opinion to accept the sacrifices that war implies — the first thing a leader would do. Tax cuts could go ahead as planned + energy saving was dismissed out of hand. “Go shopping” was the administration’s message.

Bush added today that 2007 will “require difficult choices and additional sacrifices” from the American people.

Bush_Tells_America_To_Go_Shopping_More">Digg It!


As we work with Congress in the coming year to chart a new course in Iraq and strengthen our military to meet the challenges of the 21st century, we must also work together to achieve important goals for the American people here at home. This work begins with keeping our economy growing. … And I encourage you all to go shopping more.
The Greatest Threat To Our Standard Of Living - Guest  -

(The U.S. current account deficit widened to a record $225.6 billion in the third quarter, officials announced yesterday. Below, American Progress Senior Economist Christian Weller explains why it matters.)

The greatest current threat to our standard of living is the current account deficit, which now stands at a whopping $225.6 billion in just the third quarter of 2006. This is the equivalent of 6.8 % of our gross domestic product (GDP). Current account deficits above 5 % flash a threat level of “red” to economists.

The current account is the broadest measure of our international transactions. It includes, among other, smaller items, exports and imports, as well as the interest U.S. residents earn on their investments abroad, minus the interest paid on debt that U.S. residents owe to the rest of the world.

For most of the past three decades, the current account was in the deficit, largely because imports were larger than exports. Now, we also pay more in interest to the rest of the world than we earn on our assets abroad, adding to the deficit.

A current account deficit means that we spend more than we earn. To pay for this, we borrow from the rest of the world, most importantly by foreigners financing 78 % of our budget deficit. As a result, we send a lot of interest abroad. In the third quarter of 2006, the federal government spent $37 billion — or 1.1 % of our economy - on interest payments to the rest of the world. Now, we actually spend more on interest payments than we earn. The last four quarters have been the first time since the government has collected these data in 1960 that this has happened. With trade deficit continuing to be large, we will add more to our debt and interest payments abroad will continue to rise.

Why is this bad? At some point foreigners will not want to lend us money at low interest rates, especially if an ever larger share of U.S. income is dedicated to interest payments on international debt and not on important investments, such as education or health care. Already, Japan — the largest foreign creditor of the U.S. government — has slowly been selling off its T-bills. If other countries follow suit, interest rates will go up to attract more money to the U.S. This means higher mortgage and credit card payments for families, but also less investment by firms, all of which spells less growth and fewer jobs.

Conservatives contend that our trade deficit is a sign of U.S. economic strength: we consume, therefore we are! This is like celebrating a satisfying drinking binge. It ignores the hangover. Our past debt is coming due + if we continue on this path, we will have to spend an ever larger share of our economic resources to pay for this debt, automatically leaving less money for investments and possibly leading the way for a serious economic slowdown. Ignore this economic logic at your own risk. Christian Weller
21.Dec.2006 Media More Interested In Laura Bush’s Skin Condition Than Iraq - Amanda  -

During today’s press briefing, the media devoted most of its attention to the skin cancer tumor First Lady Laura Bush recently had removed. Reporters were critical of Mrs. Bush’s decision to not publicize her condition initially, asking Press Secretary Tony Snow why she “didn’t feel any obligation as a person of public status to talk about this” and arguing that she should now become an advocate for preventative care against skin cancer.

In fact, the White House press corps asked more questions about Laura Bush’s skin condition than they did about any other issue:

22 : Number of questions on Laura Bush’s skin cancer .
18 : Number of questions on Iraq .
3 : Number of questions on Iran .
1 : Number of questions on North Korea .

Highlights of reporters’ questions from the briefing:

Q Tony, can you tell us about Mrs. Bush’s skin cancer? How is she doing? And how was the decision reached not to disclose this publicly until questions were asked?

Q She is often an advocate for women’s health in the area of breast cancer or heart disease, advocating screenings, preventative care. Is she likely to talk about skin cancer in that way?

Q And she didn’t feel any obligation as a person of public status to talk about this?

Q Going back to Mrs. Bush, it seems that there are two things going on, in terms of not informing the public and the press. Which was it, was it that it was medical privacy that was the reason for not informing us, or was it that it was no big deal?

Mrs. Bush’s decision not to reveal the details of her skin condition is hardly a matter worthy of intense public scrutiny, especially when there are so many issues of real significance that the media could be covering.
11. - Nico  - % of Americans who support escalating the war in Iraq by adding at least 20,000 additional U.S. forces, according to a poll.
21.Dec.2006 Australia facing worst drought in 1000 years. - Nico  -

Australia, the only major industrialized country other than the U.S. to reject the Kyoto Protocol, is facing its worst drought in 1000 years. As ClimateProgress notes, global warming “has also taken its toll on the economy, significantly slowing Australia’s growth since so much of the country’s GDP relies on agriculture.”
21.Dec.2006 Cheney to testify in leak case. - Nico  -

“Vice President Dick Cheney will be called as a defense witness in the CIA leak case,

an attorney for Cheney’s former chief of staff told a federal judge Tuesday. ‘We’re calling the vice president,‘ attorney Ted Wells said in court.”
21.Dec.2006 In Shift To Right, McCain Embraces Henry Kissinger - Think Progress  -

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has known former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger since 1973, but during the 2000 presidential campaign, “McCain’s handlers opted not to have the two appear publicly together,” fearing Kissinger “would taint the image of the ‘Straight Talk Express.’”

Now, in his latest shift to the right, McCain is openly embracing Kissinger. Hotline On Call reports that McCain has chosen Kissinger to be the Honorary Co-Chair for his presidential campaign in New York.

The selection reflects an increasingly unified position on Iraq advocated by Kissinger, McCain + President Bush. Bush is reportedly set to adopt McCain’s plan to escalate the war with tens of thousands of additional U.S. troops + has taken up Kissinger’s mantra that victory in Iraq simply requires “sticking it out”:

Kissinger sensed wobbliness everywhere on Iraq + he increasingly saw it through the prism of the Vietnam War. For Kissinger, the overriding lesson of Vietnam is to stick it out.

In his writing, speeches and private comments, Kissinger claimed that the USA had essentially won the war in 1972, only to lose it because of the weakened resolve of the public and Congress.

In a column in The Washington Post on Aug. 12, 2005, titled “Lessons for an Exit Strategy,” Kissinger wrote, “Victory over the insurgency is the only meaningful exit strategy.”

Asked recently about his friendship with Kissinger, McCain said, “I’m not at all embarrassed about it; I’m proud of it.” Digg It!
21.Dec.2006 Save the Internet. - Nico  - has a brand new video on net neutrality that is currently ranked #1 on YouTube. Check it out:
21.Dec.2006 FLASHBACK: Bush Insisted The ‘Sober Judgment of Our Military Leaders’ Would Determine Troop Levels - Payson  -

The White House is “aggressively promoting” a plan to send “15,000 to 30,000 more troops” to Iraq “over the unanimous disagreement of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,” the Washington Post reports today. “The Pentagon has cautioned that a modest surge could lead to more attacks by al-Qaeda, provide more targets for Sunni insurgents and fuel the jihadist appeal for more foreign fighters to flock to Iraq to attack U.S. troops.”

Bush has repeatedly insisted that troop levels were determined by military commanders. A year ago, Bush said he would not raise troop levels because the “commanders tell me they have the number of troops they need to do their job.” “As we determine the right force level,” Bush said, “our troops can know that I will continue to be guided by the advice that matters: the sober judgment of our military leaders.”

28.Jun.2005 -Watch Bush on-: Transcript:

Some Americans ask me, if completing the mission is so important, why don’t you send more troops? If our commanders on the ground say we need more troops, I will send them. But our commanders tell me they have the number of troops they need to do their job. Sending more Americans would undermine our strategy of encouraging Iraqis to take the lead in this fight. And sending more Americans would suggest that we intend to stay forever, when we are, in fact, working for the day when Iraq can defend itself and we can leave. As we determine the right force level, our troops can know that I will continue to be guided by the advice that matters: the sober judgment of our military leaders.
John Bolton: Coming To A Podium Near You - Nico  -

John Bolton’s tenure as U.N. ambassador is over, but his neoconservative cheerleading is just beginning. ThinkProgress obtained a message from the Washington Speakers Bureau, which is advertising Bolton’s new job on the speakers circuit:

I wanted you to be among the first to know that a new speaker has joined Washington Speakers Bureau.

JOHN BOLTON, who was U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, has joined Washington Speakers Bureau for exclusive representation. Last week, the “Wall Street Journal” described him as someone who “saw the world as it really was” and spoke “with moral clarity about it.” […]

I hope you will call me as you start planning your upcoming events.

Have a great holiday season.

Bolton was an “outspoken critic” of outgoing U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Now, with Bolton gone, the U.S. delegation to the United Nations has found great new admiration for Annan. A statement released late last week heaped praise on Annan, saying he “worked tirelessly to make the UN a more efficient and effective organization,” was a “strong voice condemning terrorism” and “a champion of human rights.”

Full text of email:

Dear ****,

I wanted you to be among the first to know that a new speaker has joined Washington Speakers Bureau.

JOHN BOLTON, who was U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, has joined Washington Speakers Bureau for exclusive representation. Last week, the “Wall Street Journal” described him as someone who “saw the world as it really was” and spoke “with moral clarity about it.”

In one year, John Bolton led efforts to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, led efforts to move Syria out of Lebanon + pushed the U.N. to send peacekeepers to Somalia. He arranged for the U.N. Security Council’s first deliberations on Burma’s human rights abuses. He led the Security Council’s Resolution to end last summer’s Hezbollah war on Israel. He was praised for successfully implementing strong sanctions on North Korea within days of Pyongyang’s October nuclear test. And in a unique effort, Bolton invited actor George Clooney and Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel to brief the Security Council on the mass-murders in Darfur, Sudan, exclaiming, “Every day we delay only adds to the suffering of the Sudanese people.”

During his speech “America: Worth Standing Up For”, John Bolton speaks with clarity and conviction about the rest of the world that is increasingly important to America and American business.

I hope you will call me as you start planning your upcoming events.

Have a great holiday season.
Right-Wing Think Tank Advocating Two-Year U.S. Troop Escalation In Iraq ‘Has The President’s Ear’ - Amanda  -

Last night on, reporter Suzanne Malveaux noted that the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a right-wing think tank in Washington, DC, “has the president’s ear and is influencing his thinking” on Iraq. Last week Bush was briefed on a report by AEI scholar Frederick W. Kagan that calls for a troop surge in Iraq that “would probably last for anywhere from 18 to 24 months.” Watch it:

Kagan’s report specifically calls for at least 30,000 more Army and Marines per year for the next two years. It also advocates longer tours for ground forces and increased deployments for National Guard troops. The full report can be found here. Digg It! Transcript:

SUZANNE MALVEAUX, WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Aides say the president is weighing his numerous options for changing tactics in Iraq, following his consultations last week with Iraqi leaders and advisers at the Pentagon and State.

Sources say one conservative policy group that has the president’s ear and is influencing his thinking is the American Enterprise Institute. It briefed White House officials last week about its own report, which dismisses the Iraq Study Group’s recommendation to move U.S. troops from fighting positions to training Iraqi soldiers.

FREDERICK W. KAGAN: A surge of two or three months is not going to be productive. We’re proposing a surge that would probably last for anywhere from 18 to 24 months. At the end of that, we would expect that we will have brought the security situation sufficiently under control.
A Declassified Documentary Obit - sfux The National Security Archive -

As Chile prepared to bury General Augusto Pinochet, the National Security Archive today posted a selection of declassified U.S. documents that illuminate the former dictator's record of repression. The documents include... 21.Dec.2006 Bush: Mehr Soldaten für Krieg gegen den Terror - sfux Washington -

US-Präsident George W. Bush will die Streitkräfte personell aufstocken. Dabei gehe es aber nicht nur um den Krieg im Irak, sondern um den weltweiten Kampf gegen islamische Extremisten, sagte Bush am Dienstag in einem Interview der «Washington Post».
Er habe seinen neuen Verteidigungsminister Robert Gates aufgefordert, einen entsprechenden Plan auszuarbeiten. Eine Zahl nannte Bush nicht. Er fügte aber hinzu, er stimme mit Regierungsbeamten...

Secrets of skin cancer fightback The deadliest form of skin cancer cheats chemotherapy by disguising itself as a normal cell, say scientists.
21.Dec.2006 High vitamin D levels cut MS risk Higher levels of vitamin D in the blood may lower the risk of multiple sclerosis, research suggests.
21.Dec.2006 Genetics of eye colour unlocked Just a few "letters" out of six billion that make up the genetic code control most variation in human eye colour.
21.Dec.2006 New bird flu cases in Vietnam Vietnam confirms the death of some 6,000 domestic poultry from bird flu, after being free of human cases for a year.
21.Dec.2006 Researchers 'grow' heart arteries Scientists use an £84,000 to fund attempts to "grow" arteries in test tubes.
21.Dec.2006 Gazprom gains huge gas stake Russia's state-owned energy giant Gazprom wrests control of a massive gas field from Anglo-Dutch rival Shell.
21.Dec.2006 US growth hit by house market The US economy has been growing slower than forecast as a weak housing market hurt consumers, figures show.
21.Dec.2006 'Virgin births' for giant lizards Scientists report two cases where female Komodo dragons have produced offspring - despite no male contact.
21.Dec.2006 Robots could demand legal rights Intelligent robots could one day be granted the same rights as humans says a report commissioned by the government.
21.Dec.2006 Cheney to testify over CIA leak Vice-President Dick Cheney will be called to testify in the CIA leak case involving his ex-chief of staff, lawyers say.
21.Dec.2006 Colombia fighter gives testimony Colombian right-wing paramilitary commander Salvatore Mancuso testifies before a special tribunal.
21.Dec.2006 Fish deal put forward in Brussels EU officials table a compromise to cut cod catches by 25% but allow boats to spend longer at sea.
21.Dec.2006 Dow Jones at record on oil rises The Dow Jones index hits a record closing high of 12,471, prompted by rising oil prices.
21.Dec.2006 Shock Waves Can Save Hearts Scientists in Japan blast patients in the chest to restore blood flow to cardiac muscle without lifting a scalpel. By Aria Pearson.
21.Dec.2006 Media Takes on AT&T in Spy Case Press outlets, including Wired News, will ask a federal judge to unseal evidence in a lawsuit alleging AT&T illegally cooperated in warrantless government surveillance of the internet. The phone company says the documents contain sensitive trade secrets. By Ryan Singel.
21.Dec.2006 Bloggers Shrink the Planet The international Global Voices summit brings together political refugees, human rights advocates and people just determined to save the world -- or a part of it. What they have in common is a deep certainty that the internet can do more than just sell us stuff. Quinn Norton reports from New Delhi.
21.Dec.2006 The Bush Era Draws to a Close From warrantless surveillance to torture, the ugliest aspects of the "War on Terror" ended 2006 teetering on the brink of reform + renunciation. Commentary by Jennifer Granick. 21.Dec.2006 NASA Sees Glow of Universe's First Objects - kdawson 62+ -Damek writes with news from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope,

which has captured light from what may have been the first glowing objects in the universe, light generated 14 billion years ago. From the article: "'We are pushing our telescopes to the limit and are tantalizingly close to getting a clear picture of the very first collections of objects,' said Dr. Alexander Kashlinsky... 'Whatever these objects are, they are intrinsically incredibly bright and very different from anything in existence today.' Astronomers believe the objects are either the first stars — humongous stars more than 1,000 times the mass of our sun — or voracious black holes that are consuming gas and spilling out tons of energy. If the objects are stars, then the observed clusters might be the first mini-galaxies..."
Evidence That Good Moods Prevent Colds - kdawson 132+ - duguk writes in with another reason to keep happy over Christmas.

A new scientific study suggests that people who frequently experience positive emotions are less likely to catch colds. Psychologist Sheldon Cohen and his colleagues at Carnegie Mellon University interviewed 193 healthy adults daily for two weeks and recorded the positive and negative emotions they had experienced each day. The researchers then exposed the volunteers to a cold or a flu virus. Those with "generally positive outlooks" reported fewer cold symptoms. From the article: "'We need to take more seriously the possibility that a positive emotional style is a major player in disease risk,' Cohen says... Although a positive emotional style bore no relation to whether participants became infected, it protected against the emergence of cold symptoms. For instance, among people infected by the influenza virus... 28 % who often reported positive emotions developed coughs, congestion + other cold symptoms, as compared with... 41 % who rarely reported positive emotions."
Face Search Engine Raises Privacy Concerns - kdawson 106+ - holy_calamity writes

"Startup Polar Rose is in the news today after announcing it will soon launch a service that uses facial recognition software, along with collaborative input, to identify and find people in photos online. But such technology has serious implications for privacy, according to two UK civil liberties groups. Will people be so keen to put their lives on Flickr once anyone from ID thieves to governments can find out their name + who they associate with?"
Human Sense of Smell Underestimated - kdawson 205+ - Benjamin Long writes to note a study, by a team of neuroscientists and engineers, that demonstrated that humans can follow a scent trail —

an ability that most had assumed only animals possessed. Furthermore, the study demonstrated for the first time that humans make use of differential information from the two nostrils. The researchers blindfolded college students who crawled through grass to sniff out a chocolate-scented trail. Here is the abstract of the paper in Nature Neuroscience. From the article: "The humans, however, still sniffed much more slowly than dogs, which may partially account for canines' greater efficiency at scent tracking. [A commentator] says that despite their relatively sluggish speed, the fact that subjects improved with training is noteworthy. 'I think that shows the effect of our distinctively different behavior in actually using this sense,' he says. 'The dog [has] been doing this its whole life + humans [were] just asked to plunge in the first time they've ever done it.'"
When the Cat’s Away: Staat, Anarchie und Ordnung in New Orleans - HTML-Version
00.Aug.2005 wurde die Stadt New Orleans durch den Hurrikan Katrina getroffen und ... im Spiegel der Erkenntnisse der Katastrophensoziologie vor .

21.Dec.2006 TACrimSP - Ementário nº 2 Habeas Corpus nº 350.692/7 - São Paulo - 4ª Câmara - Relator: Marco ... Para que os latidos de cachorro durante a noite configurem o delito previsto no art. ...

21.Dec.2006 MATÉRIAS O latido do cachorro, ainda que durante o dia, é nefasto ao ouvido de alguns, ... pode ser penalizado com as multas previstas na convenção de condomínio, ...éria_barulho.htm

21.Dec.2006 Síndico Net :: O braço direito do síndico na internet Não há como ter controle sobre os incessantes latidos de cachorros, que muitas vezes ... Associação das Adminis-tradoras de Bens Imóveis e Condomínios de SP ...
21.Dec.2006 Como viver em harmonia no condomínio O latido incansável do cachorro pode estar ocorrendo pela falta de companhia. ... Se eles voltarem a extrapolar, uma multa será aplicada”, completou.
21.Dec.2006 Blog do Cintrão Cachorros da vizinhança. Latidos fazem fundo musical a todos os meus dias de ... Mas tem que ser multa com abordagem, para fazer o apressadinho parar, ...

21.Dec.2006 Grupo Financiero Uno Implements Falcon to Bring Advanced Fraud ... Falcon analyzes fraud and transaction data in search of the most subtle signs ... in Central America, covering Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, ...
BAI Online | Banking Strategies BAI TransPay Insights | SPECIAL ... Wells also has two bank partners in Guatemala, Banco Industrial and Banco ... would solve all or even most of their fraud problems may need a reality check, ...
21.Dec.2006 Illinois Congressman Jerry Weller,Refco and the collapse of ... Anyway after so many years of living in Guatemala in poverty for 'investing' in the Refco-Balmore-Stanford penny stock fraud Endovasc, it is paradoxical to ...
21.Dec.2006 Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism - HTML-Version
Scotland Yard + the metropolitan police forces on commercial and banking fraud ,. money laundering + drug trafficking cases.

GUATEMALA . BELIZE. HONDURAS. NICARAGUA. COSTA RICA. JAMAICA. HAITI. ARGENTINA. BOLIVIA ... badly wanting in light of the massive banking fraud uncovered ...

21.Dec.2006 Threats to Democratic Stability in the Dominican Republic and ... Uruguay arrested banking magnate Jose Periano on fraud charges. ... In Guatemala, government corruption appears to be worsening and activities to combat it ...
21.Dec.2006 Guatemala suspends Bancafe operations over Refco ... account holders and assets worth about $1 billion, Guatemala's banking regulatory body says. ... Bennett has pleaded not guilty to fraud charges. ...
Barbara Rose Johnston: Guatemalan Genocide and US Security Democracy Betrayed: Electoral Fraud and Rebellion in Mexico ... Will the US profit by banking on violence to "secure" its economic interests and halt the ...
20051017 Ganz Landstriche sind verwüstet, in Guatemala starben rund 2000 Menschen. ... Prescott’s specialty was banking fraud . And George Sr.’s specialty? ...
LiberIL View :: Illinois Congressman Jerry Weller, Refco and ...
Refco has collapsed and been found to be committing investor fraud and ... and assets worth about $1 billion, Guatemala ’s banking regulatory body says. ...
21.Dec.2006 Journalists Killed in 2000 Roberto Martínez, Prensa Libre, April 27, 2000, Guatemala City ... and their accomplices killed Cardoso because of Metical's coverage of that banking fraud . ...

21.Dec.2006 Refco Inc - Guatemala Bancafe Bank Scandal Has Barbados Link ... Collapse & Fraud At Commodities Broker Refco Inc. ... The entire Guatemala banking system has been shaken… and the tremors and aftershocks are starting to ...

Washington - Das amerikanische Nationalarchiv kann die Massen an Material, die am 1. Januar 2007 zugänglich werden, kaum verarbeiten. Monate könne es dauern, so die "Washington Post", bis die freigegebenen geheimen Regierungsdokumente für Forscher aufbereitet werden können. Trotzdem feiern US-Historiker diesen Jahreswechsel wohl ausgelassener als sonst. "Amerika muss seine Geschichte kennen lernen + die Geschichte steckt in diesen Dokumenten", sagte Anna K. Nelson, Historikerin aus Washington.

Eine Einschränkung gibt es allerdings: Die Regierungsakten müssen 25 Jahre alt sein. 1995 unterzeichnete die Regierung unter US-Präsident Bill Clinton ein Gesetz, das die staatlichen Behörden verpflichtete, ihr altes geheimes Material öffentlich zu machen. CIA, FBI und Co. wuchsen die Aktenmassen jedoch über den Kopf, die Regierung setzte den Behörden immer neue Fristen. Nach der Amtsübernahme durch US-Präsident George W. Bush befürchteten Historiker, dass dieser das Gesetz kippen werde. Bush blieb in dieser Angelegenheit aber auf der Linie seines Amtsvorgängers Clinton. "Dass das Gesetz nicht gescheitert ist, ist auch Bushs Verdienst", sagte der Forscher Steven Aftergood der "Washington Post".
Russisches Ölfeld: Gasprom verdrängt ausländische Investoren
21.Dec.2006 Schneechaos in den USA: Blizzard legt Mittleren Westen lahm
21.Dec.2006 Atomprogramm: Sicherheitsrat will rasch über Iran- Sanktionen entscheiden
21.Dec.2006 Rekordboni für Investmentbanker: $o $chön war$ noch nie

21.Dec.2006 Moskau- Reise: Steinmeier fordert rasche Aufklärung von Litwinenko- Mord
21.Dec.2006 Kritik an Energiekonzernen: Alle gegen hohe Strompreise
21.Dec.2006 Weltpremiere: Frau mit Doppel- Gebärmutter bringt Drillinge zur Welt

21.Dec.2006 CSU- Affäre Pauli: "Methoden wie in früheren Ostblockstaaten"
21.Dec.2006 Auskünfte zu Geheimdiensten: Grüne verklagen Bundesregierung in Karlsruhe
21.Dec.2006 Luftprobe: Bakterienzähler soll Biowaffen- Attacke melden
21.Dec.2006 Benzin- Sintflut: Dieselboom überfordert Raffinerien
21.Dec.2006 Afghanistan: Spionageverdacht gegen britischen Top- Militärdolmetscher
21.Dec.2006 Bundeswehr: Scharfe Kritik an geplantem Tornado- Einsatz in Afghanistan
21.Dec.2006 Religion: Widerstand gegen König Jesus von Polen
21.Dec.2006 Regierungsdokumente: USA geben Millionen Geheimakten frei

21.Dec.2006 Anleger im Rausch: Der blinde Glaube ans goldene Glück
21.Dec.2006 Bundesregierung: Wachstumsprognose steigt auf bis zu zwei Prozent
21.Dec.2006 Schlechtes Wetter: Nasa sucht Landeplatz für "Discovery"
21.Dec.2006 Munch- Gemälde: "Schrei" hat irreparable Schäden
21.Dec.2006 Mitarbeiterbeteiligung: Bundesregierung will Investivlohn steuerlich fördern
21.Dec.2006 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Bin ich Deutscher?"

21.Dec.2006 Fusionsrekord: Der 2.900.000.000.000- Euro- Boom
21.Dec.2006 Fluggäste in London gestrandet: "Es ist wie im Irrenhaus"
21.Dec.2006 CRE - Sreda,

12.Okt.2005 - ITEM-013 Wenn er das nicht tut, dann wird er sich im Weltsicherheitsrat ... They were put on the terror list about three years ago without any legal basis. ...

Wealth Disparities Will Intensify (Drummond and... in Speechless by oceanflynn · 6 days ago · 5 blogs link here

Wealth Disparities Will Intensify (Drummond and Tulk 2006)

15.Dec.2006 This is a draft is being written on line back and forth between...

20.Nov.2006 Toronto, Canada, Masterfile Corporation has implemented Tag Clouds on its site, making it easier to find images

What are Tag Clouds? Tag Clouds display the most popular words and compound phrases used by clients to arrive at a particular image. The bigger the font, the more popular the word is. Clicking on one of these Tags automatically invokes another search. Trying interesting compound phrases can help designers find the images they want more quickly.

John McDonald, Vice-President Marketing, Masterfile Corporation says, "Tag Clouds can reduce the amount of time you spend thinking of keywords to filter large generic searches, like 'woman' or 'man' or 'people'. If someone else has searched for 'woman portrait eye contact' in the past, you can simply click a link to refine your search. The introduction of Tag Clouds is yet another way we are enhancing the user experience on Masterfile."

Da habe ich auch noch einen schönen:
George W. Bush und Tony Blair treffen sich zum Essen mit Gästen im Weißen Haus.
Fragt einer der Gäste: "Mister President, worüber unterhalten Sie sich denn so den ganzen Tag?"
"Wir planen gerade den 3. Weltkrieg."
"Und wie sieht der aus?"
Bush: "Wir töten 4 Millionen Moslems und einen Zahnarzt ..."
Der Gast schaut etwas verwirrt: "Wieso einen Zahnarzt?"
Tony Blair klopft Bush auf die Schulter und meint: "Was habe ich dir gesagt, George. Keiner wird nach den Moslems fragen ..."

21.Dec.2006 The Stock Photo Industry Press Release Cemetery: Masterfile ... John McDonald, Vice-President Marketing, Masterfile Corporation says, "Tag Clouds can reduce the amount of time you spend thinking of keywords to filter
20060101 "Technically, a moron is someone who is stupid but looks normal," said Albert Nerenberg, a Toronto -based film director who is completing a television ...
babble: The Conservative Guidebook and List Famous Quote: " Let's lower the age to ten." (The age to be tried as an adult. ... ( Albert Nerenberg, filmmaker of the documentary, Stupidity) ...

20041101 This is a must watch BBC documentary

The Power of Nightmares continues its assessment of whether the threat from a hidden + organised terrorist network is ...
EFODON e.V. - Die Bibel - nicht Gottes Wort? (H. G. Birk) John Marco Allegro anlässlich eines Interviews der britischen BBC für helle ...

Die zunehmenden Feindseligkeiten der entmachteten Amun-Priester führten zur ...
21.Dec.2006 CIA: "You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl ... journalists willing to peddle CIA propaganda and cover stories.

"Katherine The Great," by Deborah Davis (New York: ... At the Industrie Club in Düsseldorf ...
21.Dec.2006 PEHI - Appendix A - Institutes Worldwide - Proven & Unproven Industrieclub (Germany and abroad), Israel ... In his 1977 book 'The Night Watch', former CIA officer David Atlee Phillips wrote on page 123 (according to ...
faschismusdiskussion ... zu Terroristen abgestempelte Opfer der CIA peinigen und foltern und morden in ... Kohle- + Stahlbarone mit Adolf Hitler im Düsseldorfer Industrieclub.

21.Dec.2006 Does the CIA Operate the History Channel? [Free Republic]

Government Miscellaneous Keywords: CIA HISTORY CHANNEL Source: self ...

00.000.1982 -At the Industrie Club in Düsseldorf- von Blücher boasted to journalists, ...
Allmystery • Der Tag, an dem A. Hiltler [sic !] starb....!

Genies erreichen ihr Ziel mit einem einzigen Schritt; der gemeine Sterbliche nur nach einer langen Reihe von Versuchen. -= CIA =- *|CduS|* ...
21.Dec.2006 Mockingbird The Depraved Spies and Moguls of the CIA's Operation MOCKINGBIRD ...

At the Industrie Club in Dusseldorf in 1982, von Blucher boasted to journalists, ... %20operation%20MOCKINGBIRD.htm
OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD Part 2 CIA operative discussing with Philip Graham, editor Washington Post, ...

At the Industrie Club in Düsseldorf in 1982, von Blcher boasted to journalists, ...
21.Dec.2006 Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice California Community Foundation · Munger Tolles and Olsen · Farmers Insurance · Adelphia Cable · Skadden, Arps, Slate Meagher & Flom ...

21.Dec.2006 ABA Pro Bono Publico Award Munger, Tolles and Olsen 1996. Rolando Cruz Defense Team 1996. B. Riney Green 1996. Judge Ann Q. Niederlander 1997. John Chen 1997. Allan Gropper 1997 ...

21.Dec.2006 Folleto: 1 - Página: 31 La mayor es EXPAL ( Explosivos Alaveses S.A.), que produce un número importante de minas, explosivos y bombas de racimo para la exportación a países como ...
España, Landmine Monitor Report 2004

Existían cinco empresas de fabricación: Bressel, Explosivos Alaveses ( Expal ), Explosivos de Burgos, Fabricaciones Extremeñas, y Unión Española de Explosivos ...
Acción Directa Noviolenta contra la fábrica de armas SENER en ... y en explosivos ( Expal, Explosivos Río Tinto...).

Hoy se ha refinado la forma de matar y se fabrican misiles, turbopropulsores, sistema de guiado... (JPEG)
campañas-contra el gasto militar y el salvaje armamento-venta ...

Explosivos Alaveses ( Expal ) ganó un concurso internacional para suministrar bombas de aviación al Ejército del Aire turco al que se presentaron empresas de
Centre d'Estudis per la Pau J.M.Delàs Explosivos Alaveses, SA ( EXPAL ), fundada el febrer de 1946, havia aconseguit a principi dels 80 una important activitat exportadora.
Worldwide Production and Export of Cluster Munitions: Appendix ...

Expal Explosivos SA (Spain). Forges de Zeebrugge (Belgium). Giat Industries (France). Gesellschaft für Intelligente Wirksysteme (Germany) ...
INFORME: "Industria Aerospacial 2000"

Propiedad: EXPAL es la cabecera del Grupo de Defensa de Unión Española de Explosivos (UEE, propiedad del Grupo Pallas Investment, formado por Swiss Bank, ...
Legislación MCYT - RESOLUCIÓN 320/38048/2004, de 9 de marzo, de la ...

Recibida en la Dirección General de Armamento y Material la solicitud presentada por la empresa EXPLOSIVOS ALAVESES, S.A. ( EXPAL ), con domicilio social en ...
2005060210 Mines were produced by five Spanish private companies: Bressel, Explosivos Alaveses ( Expal ), Explosivos de Burgos (EDB), Fabricaciones Extremeñas (FAEX), ...

21.Dec.2006 down with murder inc

William Colby wrote in his memoirs that he received support of governments in ...

According to General Gianadelio Maletti, the director of Italian military ...
References - Bibliography - Thesis: Le organizzazioni paramilitari ... Martini Fulvio, Maletti Gianadelio, Morucci Valerio, Piperno Franco, ... The Memoirs of an Intelligence Agent, Corgi Publisher, London, 1980. ...
CIA Sûreté d'Etat Gladio Tueurs Brabant CCC fraude électorale vote ...
The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's Mind-Controlled Slave ...

The allegation was made by General Gianadelio Maletti, a former head of military ...
A- (2) A. (7) A1 (16) A10 (1) A112 (1) A14 (3) A14 Adriatica (1 ... Gianadelio Maletti (4) Gianalfonso (1) Gianantonio Arduini (1) ... Memoir (1) Memoria (1) Memorial Cecchi Gori (5) Memorial Ruffini (1) Memorie (1) ...
Conservative Revolutionary American Party III: November 2005 ... to the Sea” wherein Sherman claimed in his memoirs that his army “destroyed ... and culprits," General Gianadelio Maletti told la Republica newspaper in ... ~ article "Operation Gladio" According to Daniele Ganser, General Gianadelio Maletti, former head of ... In 1978, William Colby, former director of the CIA, released his memoirs in ...

21.Dec.2006 Terrorists 'helped by CIA' to stop rise of left in Italy | The ... The allegation was made by General Gianadelio Maletti, a former head of military ... In a posthumous memoir published last year, the wartime resistance hero ...,3604,462976,00.html
Operation Gladio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia General Gianadelio Maletti, commander of the counter-intelligence section of ... Clarridge (quotes from Clarridge's 1997 memoirs An Agent for All Seasons), ...
Gladio Wikipedia RSS Feed powered by BlinkBits General Gianadelio Maletti, commander of the counter-intelligence section of ... In 1978, William Colby, former director of the CIA, released his memoirs in ...
Operation Gladio: Information from According to Daniele Ganser, General Gianadelio Maletti, former head of Italian ... (quotes from Clarridge's 1997 memoirs An Agent for All Seasons), ...
Diputación de Valencia - S. Estudios Arqueológicos Valencianos General Gianadelio Maletti, commander of the counter-intelligence section of ... released his memoirs in which he described the setting-up of stay-behind ...
The CIA in Western Europe, by In a posthumous memoir published in 2000, the Italian wartime resistance hero Count ... General Gianadelio Maletti, former head of SID, the Italian military ...
20041206 00.000.1971-00.000.1975 GENERAL GIANADELIO MALETTI, head of Italian ... 00.000.2000 published,In a posthumous memoir in the Italian WWII. resistance hero ...
Re: More complete examples about the MYTH of "extreme right wing ... Bonaparte, upon reading this memoir, was enchanted with an explanation so ... The allegation was made by General Gianadelio Maletti, a former head of ...
This article provides a general overview of the nature, history ... - View as HTML
This article provides a general overview of the. nature, history and operations of the CIA and is. followed by more detailed accounts of the ...
Security Culture : SF Indymedia The New York Times correspondent Cy Sulzberger presents in his memoirs the ... General Gianadelio Maletti explained that SID had discovered that right wing ...

21.Dec.2006 Euskal Herria Journal | A Basque Journal | News EXPAL ( Explosivos Alaveses) has been shipping bombs to Iraq since 1976. In 1982 EXPAL exported arms to Iraq valued at ESP 1000 million. ...
Estopines de artillería - MUNICION.ORG M 82 V.E." fabricados por EXPAL ( Explosivos Alaveses, S.A.) de Gasteiz. FOTOS: SIMÓN ... Explosivos Alaveses S.A. ( Expal ) de Paraje de Ollavarre (Vitoria). ...
Antimilitarismo. Gastos de armamento. Guerra. Datos sobre la ... En segundo lugar nos aparece EXPAL ( Explosivos Alaveses) con 18.078 millones de pesetas repartidos en 134 adjudicaciones recibidas (es, con dife-rencia, ...
Guerra Irán-Iraq - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Esta inspección examinó obuses iraquíes que no habían estallado, llenos de gas mostaza. Los obuses estaban fabricados por EXPAL ( Explosivos Alaveses). ...án-Irak
TRANSPARENCIA EN EL CONTROL DEL COMERCIO DE ARMAMENTO Las empresas exportadoras más importantes son: Construcciones Aeronáuticas (CASA) Empresa Nacional Bazán, Explosivos Alaveses ( EXPAL ) Explosivos de Burgos ...
[Infomoc] La empresa de explosivos Expal cerrará su La empresa de explosivos Expal cerrará su planta alavesa, que emplea a 82 operarios Planteará a sus 82 operarios el traslado a las fábricas que tiene en ...
Spain, Landmine Monitor Report 2004 There were five manufacturing companies: Bressel, Explosivos Alaveses ( Expal ), Explosivos de Burgos, Fabricaciones Extremeñas + Unión Española de ...
PaNeDu Los obuses estaban fabricados por EXPAL ( Explosivos Alaveses). Enlace: . ...
Las minas terrestres en Africa: el terror después de la guerra ... fabricando actualmente en el centenar de industrias públicas y privadas de unos 50 países.13 Entre ellas, la española Expal ( Explosivos Alaveses S.A).14 ...

21.Dec.2006 Los Angeles Downtown News; news Thomas E. Edwards, Robert K. Johnson, R. Gregory Morgan ... Wa; mit Creel, CA, Medical malpractice; professional liability; insurance coverage; ...
Fraud on a Noisy Market

MIT Sloan Working Paper ... See Bradford Cornell & R. Gregory Morgan, Using Finance Theory to Measure ...
Traders ( MIT Sloan School of Management, Working Paper No. ... See Bradford Cornell & R. Gregory Morgan, Using Finance Theory to Measure ...
JSTOR: Rethinking U.S. Securities Laws in the Shadow of ... ... J. Richard Zecher, The SEC and the Public Interest 51 ( MIT Press, 1981). 62. ... More generally, see Braddord Cornell & R. Gregory Morgan, Using Finance


" Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants, it is the creed of slaves ." William Pitt speech to the House ...
Reservan datos del secretario de Marta Sahagún Ante la negativa de Omar Saavedra Boddy, secretario particular ... y del cubano-estadunidense Alberto Sicilia Falcón, considerado el primer zar de las drogas. ...
Consulta Efemérides SECRETARÍA DE EDUCACIÓN PÚBLICA ... Se dio en el penal de Lecumberri de ... de un largo túnel: Alberto Sicilia Falcón, Luis Antonio Zúccoli Bravo, Alberto ...
20041221 1 SHAW CLAY L 1 SICILIA FALCON ALBERTO 1 SINDONA MICHELE 1 SINGLAUB JOHN K ... homicidal power-obsessed Cuban homosexual named Alberto Sicilia - Falcon, ...
21.Dec.2006 Today.Az - Lord Russel Jonston: "Legitimacy of referendum in ...

"But these principles were not observed at the referendum held yesterday," the Chairman of the Parlamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Lord Russel ...
Overview of Sir David Russell Johnston

Gazetteer for Scotland: Definitive description of Sir David Russell Johnston (1932 -)
Minister Oskanian received the PACE delegation led by Lord Russel ...

Concerning the elections on

25.May ---- Lord Russel -Johnston said: “We return having been assured that our principal criticisms have been accepted by the ...
Head of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Visits ...

Minister Oskanian and Lord Russel -Johnston discussed progress in the ongoing ...
Lord Russel -Johnston said that the statement of the leadership of the ...
Cyprus News Agency: News in English (PM), 99-02-19

According to a press release issued by Council of Europe, Lord Russel Johnston
... Lord Russel Johnston said "the presence of international observers at the ...
News Reports

Lord Russel informed the President Gligorov about the current preoccupations + activities of the Council of Europe + its efforts for improvement of the ... Azerbaijan Democratic Reforms Party » 09.01.2006

The report of the head of the subcommittee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on Nagorny Karabakh, lord Russel Johnson have been ...
John Russell, 1. Earl Russell - Wikipedia

aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche. John Russell ·
vergrößern. John Russell. Lord John Russell, 1. Earl Russell (* 18. ...,_1._Earl_Russell
A list of the Commons: Fifth Parliament of King William (1701 ...

Bedfordshire,, Lord Russel . Sir William Gostwick ... Whitchurch, Lord Russel,

Richard Woollaston. Winchelsea, Thomas Newport, Robert Bristow ...
A list of the Commons: Second Parliament of King William (1690-95 ...

Tavistock, Robert Lord Russel, Sir Francis Drake. Taunton, Edward Clarke, John
Speake ... Whitchurch, James Lord Russel, Christopher Stokes ...

21.Dec.2006 Philadelphia Rare Books and Manuscripts: Wing Books

21.Jul.1683 The speech of the late Lord Russel, to the sheriffs: Together with the paper deliver’d by him to them, at the place of execution, on ...
21.Dec.2006 Think Progress » Gen. Batiste: Rumsfeld ‘Served Up Our Great ...

Redeploy the troops out of Iraq, to surrounding regions, like Bahrain + ... torture your parents + have you sent to Checkoslovakia to be tortured ...
A.B.A denounces Bush Admin re detainees [Archive] - Mac Forums just like iraq ,north korea, iran,afgahnistan,syria, <insert favourite axis ...

Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Checkoslovakia all fell to the iron fist ...
21.Dec.2006 Matthew Yglesias: Not Good... "In general rewarding acts of aggression with appeasement is a net negative. See: Hitler, Checkoslovakia ". Well, there is a contribution finally. ...
Anti-Americanism/American Appreciation Thread . . . - Page 51 ... The policy of appeasement towards Hitler by the Brits and Russians who sold out Poland and Checkoslovakia certainly didn't engender any feeling of moral ...

21.Dec.2006 BBC NEWS | Talking Point | Is France right to force a split on Iraq? The threat of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons from outlaw regimes like Iraq, Iran, Libya or North Korea falling into the hands of Islamic terror ...
Political Forums > Westerners Losing Heart to Preserve Greatness Refusing to 'give' Hitler Checkoslovakia would have changed nothing. ... I do agree that the " appeasement " of 1938 may have had some beneficial side effects ...

came the official ending of the war with the signing of the peace treaty. ... LAWRENCE, Paris 2nd. Battalion. Killed in action September. 28 1917.

21.Dec.2006 Kermit Roosevelt ~ War in the Garden of Eden I last saw Colonel Lawrence in Paris, whither he had brought the son of the King of the Hedjaz to attend the Peace Conference . When I got back to Alexandria .

21.Dec.2006 WIND IN THE SAHARA - BODLEY, RVC The author, a grand-nephew of Gertrude Bell, met TE Lawrence at the Paris Peace Conference : ~"Go and live with the Arabs!" he cried. ...

21.Dec.2006 Lawrence in Paris - TE Lawrence Studies List Re George Hoffman's query of March 5 about where Lawrence stayed in Paris during the Peace Conference : The letter to his family of Jan. ...;mode=threaded
lawrence "He, said Malraux, had already into his pocket the Seven Pillars, the collaboration with Churchill during the Peace Conference, the break-up with the world, ...
20060804 At the Peace Conference, Feisal enjoyed the support of Lloyd George who ... Aug.2006 TE Lawrence and the Arab cause at the Paris Peace Conference This paper ...
Gertrude, Queen of the Desert - Sunday Times - Times Online At the Paris peace conference, convened to settle the future of the post-war world, Bell and AT found western politicians ignorant and uninterested in the ...,,2099-2260632_2,00.html

21.Dec.2006 Eject! Eject! Eject!: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY You mean like the one in Iraq that started in 1991 when they thought we ... If Isreal is allowed to fall (as Checkoslovakia and Poland were allowed to fall ...
Webmaster Friendly Forum - Threat Level Or Terror alert to High What Iraq looks like is Poland or Checkoslovakia . Who does Bush look like huh? And what do the war cheerleaders who seem to be well represented here look ...
The GOP's Idiotic Comparison with WWII [Archive] - Page 6 - Sean ... Islamic Extremist are the ones running countries like Iraq, Iran, Syria, etc. ... We engaged in at least as much ' appeasement ' with the Soviet Union for 50 ...
Daily Kos: Why The Arab World Hates Us Because of the war and the subsequent occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan ... and the Ostro-Hungarian empire + so was Hungary, Checkoslovakia and Austria. ...

21.Dec.2006 [FREE IRAN Project] In The Spirit Of Cyrus The Great :: View topic ... did in Iran- Iraq war. We have completely different agenda time. We are ... Checkoslovakia ...1968. The march of freedom is a long hard road + it doesn't ... - 106
Time to boycott Iran Iran and Syria carry on like this because they know they will suffer no ... When it comes to the E.U. crowd all we have to recall is Checkoslovakia & Poland ... - 38
Bush Criticizes FDR Over Yalta In contrast, President Clinton, like Mr. Chamberlain, will be forever associated with the appeasement of dictators. I can only imagine what Senator Kerry's ... - 80

21.Dec.2006 The Baltimore Reporter When Britian and France gave Hitler Checkoslovakia, Hitler later turned the tanks and the weapons from Checkoslovakia on Europe. It is the appeasement of ...

21.Dec.2006 The Raving Atheist » Archives » June 2005 » Judge Orders Child to ... A lot of this stuff about Chamberlain and appeasement is nothing more than ... deciding and taken Austria and checkoslovakia without firing a bullet.
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hatte sich bereits an den drei Vorgängerfonds von EQT beteiligt. EQT Scandinavia I und II erwirtschafteten bisher eindrückliche. Gewinne.
20060101 Die Gesellschaft. ist bereits Investor im Vorgängerfonds Carlyle Europe Partners .


00.Jan.2006 In case you missed it: Controversial lobbyist had close contact ...

00.Jan.2006 Wer von Deutschland reden will, darf vom Islam nicht schweigen Mit ... 0111.html
SPRÜCHE - SAYINGS - DITADOS - "Die Bevölkerung weiß am besten, was ein Krieg bedeutet."

Doch dann legt er nach - wie ein Vertreter einer Mittelmacht.

Neue Unsicherheit

Magazin für elektronische Lebensaspekte Damit die ängstlichen Handy-Besitzer nicht vom eigenen Mobiltelefon mit UV-Strahlung angegriffen werden, funktioniert die Desinfektion nur, wenn das Gerät zugeklappt ist. Die Selbstreinigung soll etwa drei Minuten in Anspruch nehmen. Dass sich der Vorgang per Definition im Verborgenen abspielt, könnte sich allerdings noch als Manko erweisen, schließlich handelt es sich beim Handy-Schmutz eher um ein psychologisches als ein medizinisches Problem - jedenfalls aus europäischer Sicht.

Unlängst zeigte Nokia-Entwickler Jan Chipchase auf seinem Blog "Future Perfect"
entsprechende Fotos, die hierzulande eher für Heiterkeit sorgen dürften. Sollte die Weltbevölkerung allerdings eines Tages von einem Virus dahingerafft werden, das sich ausschließlich über Mobiltelefone verbreitet, werden wohl die Südkoreaner zuletzt lachen.
21.Dec.2006 Unionszwist: Müntefering schimpft über Stoibers Attacken auf Merkel
21.Dec.2006 Mitarbeiterbeteiligung: Bundesregierung will Investivlohn steuerlich fördern
21.Dec.2006 Fusionsrekord: Der 2.900.000.000.000- Euro- Boom
21.Dec.2006 Dichter Nebel in London: Zehntausende Fluggäste sitzen in Heathrow fest
21.Dec.2006 Palästinenser- Konflikt: Olmert plant Treffen mit Abbas
21.Dec.2006 Fischereiwirtschaft: EU einigt sich auf neue Fangquoten

21.Dec.2006 Hochwasser in Malaysia: Zehntausende sind auf der Flucht

21.Dec.2006 Überhöhte Strompreise: Politiker wollen alle Energiekonzerne überprüfen
21.Dec.2006 Irak: US- Demokraten folgen Bushs Truppen- Plänen
21.Dec.2006 Gute Nase: Maus erschnüffelt Futter unter Wasser
21.Dec.2006 20. DEZEMBER 2006
Schmäh- Annonce: Dänen schmuggeln Ahmadinedschad- Beschimpfung in Teheraner Zeitung
20.Dec.2006 Irak und Afghanistan: Pentagon will 100 Milliarden mehr für Krieg gegen den Terror
20.Dec.2006 Die USA auf dem Weg in eine Diktatur? [Archiv] - Seite 6 ... Nirgends hat Kuba den Vereinigten Staaten das Recht eingeräumt, das Land als Gefängnis oder Konzentrationslager zu nutzen. Präsident Fidel Castro, der die ...
20.Dec.2006 Arbeitslose: "Nichts schmerzt wie Langzeitarbeitslosigkeit"
20.Dec.2006 Irak- Strategie: Bush schwört USA auf zusätzliche Opfer ein
20.Dec.2006 John- Lennon- Forschung: FBI erlaubt Zugang zu Geheimdokumenten

20.Dec.2006 Sawahiri- Botschaft: Al- Qaidas Chef vom Dienst kämpft um die Frustrierten
20.Dec.2006 Reisepass: Chip speichert ab Ende 2007 Fingerabdrücke
20.Dec.2006 Gigantische Lava- Luke: Vulkan kann Krater aufklappen
Soziale Gerechtigkeit: Verdrehte Welten in Berlin

20.Dec.2006 Magnetschwebebahn: China will Transrapidstrecke verlängern
20.Dec.2006 Nato- Anforderung: Deutsche Tornado- Jets in den Süden Afghanistans
20.Dec.2006 Sechs- Parteien- Gespräche: USA zu Sicherheitsgarantie für Nordkorea bereit

20.Dec.2006 Emissionshandel: EU will Fluglinien zu mehr Klimaschutz zwingen

20.Dec.2006 Marktplatz- Fusion: New Yorker stimmen für Transatlantik- Börse
20.Dec.2006 Roboterhersteller IWKA: US- Firmenjäger vertreibt Vorstandschef

20.Dec.2006 Muslime in Deutschland: "Das Problem ist die generalisierende Kritik am Islam"
20.Dec.2006 US- Starkökonom: "Dann wird die Eurozone explodieren"
Vietnam: Vogelgrippe in zwei Provinzen ausgebrochen
20.Dec.2006 Neue Dollar- Münzen: First Ladies in Gold
20.Dec.2006 Ungeheuerliches Fossil: Zweiköpfiges Urzeit- Reptil in China entdeckt

20.Dec.2006 Terrorwahn am Flughafen: Oma schiebt Baby durch Handgepäck- Scanner
20.Dec.2006 Dollar: Schwarze Zeiten für den Greenback
"In den nächsten Jahren werden echte und unechte Schleimpilze in der Genforschung eine große Rolle spielen", prophezeit Gernot Glöckner. Denn mit ihrer Hilfe könnten die Forscher herausfinden, welche Gene sich bereits bei den gemeinsamen Vorfahren von Tieren und Schleimpilzen verändert haben und welche erst im Schleimpilz-Zweig des Stammbaums.

Zusammen mit Forschern aus Köln, Großbritannien und den USA hat er im vergangenen Jahr das Genom des zellulären Schleimpilzes Dictyostelium discoideum entschlüsselt. Neben der Stellung der Schleimpilze im Stammbaum des Lebens brachte die Genomanalyse ein weiteres, überraschendes Ergebnis: Dictyostelium besitzt 12.500 Gene, fast genauso viele wie die Fruchtfliege und immerhin mehr als halb so viele wie der Mensch. Offenbar war also schon der Genpool unserer einzelligen Vorfahren sehr groß.
Was für Lebewesen sind Schleimpilze? Schon 1864 hatte der Freiburger Botaniker de Bary erkannt, dass Myxomyzeten keine Pflanzen sind, und sie den Tieren zugeordnet. Nicht nur wegen ihrer Wanderleidenschaft, sondern auch aufgrund der "Aufnahme und Wiederausscheidung fester Ingesta, von denen mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit anzunehmen ist, dass sie nicht zufällig in die Leibsubstanz gelangen, sondern zum Behufe der Ernährung aufgenommen und verwendet werden". Moderne Genforscher wissen es besser: Tiere, Pflanzen und Schleimpilze haben zwar gemeinsame Vorfahren, doch seit 700 Millionen Jahren bilden die Schleimpilze einen eigenen Zweig im Stammbaum des Lebens. Zuvor waren bereits die Pflanzen eigene Wege gegangen.

"Auf diese Weise erreichen wir eine Rückkoppelung, der Schleimpilz wird zum Gehirn des Roboters", erklärt Zauner. Bisher erinnern die ungelenken Bewegungen des Gefährts allerdings noch an eine Breakdance-Vorführung. Trotzdem sehen die Wissenschaftler in ihm den ersten Schritt in der Entwicklung von Robotern, die in komplexen Situationen nicht so schnell überfordert sind wie heutige.
"Irgendwann nimmt dann aber doch jeder Schleimpilz die Salzhürde", sagt Zauner. Aber warum? Erzeugt ein Frustrationsmechanismus einen Mut der Verzweiflung? Niemand weiß das.
In einer Anfang dieses Jahres veröffentlichten Studie schlägt Nakagaki daher ein neuartiges Navigationssystem vor: Ausgehend von den Regeln, die der preußische Physiker Gustav Robert Kirchhoff im 19. Jahrhundert für den Bau von Stromnetzen aufstellte, und den Strömungsgesetzen des französischen Mediziners und Physikers Jean Louis Marie Poiseuille, hat er die Theorie des kürzesten Schleims aufgestellt. Mit Hilfe des Schleimpilz-Algorithmus kann ein Computer auf einer Karte der Vereinigten Staaten tatsächlich den schnellsten Weg zwischen Seattle und Houston finden.
Mittlerweile haben Toshiyuki Nakagaki und seine Kollegen weitere Intelligenztests für ihren Schützling ersonnen.

Es wird noch unheimlicher: Der japanische Forscher Toshiyuki Nakagaki von der Hokkaido-Universität in Sapporo setzte ein Exemplar der Art Physarum polycephalum in ein Labyrinth. Schnell wucherte es sämtliche Gänge zu, mied aber die Trennwände aus Kunststoff. Nun platzierte der Wissenschaftler an den beiden Ausgängen des Labyrinths Haferflocken. Der Schleimpilz nahm Witterung auf, pulsierte schneller. Dann zog er sich aus den Sackgassen des Labyrinths und den langen Umwegen zurück. Übrig blieb ein einziger dicker Plasmastrang, der sich auf dem kürzesten Weg zwischen den Haferflocken durch das Labyrinth schlängelte.
Ein Moralinstinkt würde die vertrauten Rechtsordnungen in ein völlig anderes Licht tauchen. Diese wären keineswegs nur "artifizielle, zweckrationale Kulturschöpfungen" (Mahlmann), sondern bauten auf Eingebungen auf, die allen Menschen gemein sind.
Zu Ende gedacht, so der Berliner Jurist und Philosoph Mahlmann, werde das zu einer Stärkung der Menschenrechte führen. "Jeder Einzelne besitzt mit der moralischen Urteilskraft eine bemerkenswerte Eigenschaft, die neue Gründe liefert, das Menschsein zu achten." Das klingt wie bester Humanismus, allerdings auf evolutionärem Fundament.

* Marc Hauser: "Moral Minds". Ecco, New York; 512 Seiten; 27,95 Dollar
Die Gurkenempfänger erkannten, dass sie mit schlechterem Futter abgespeist wurden + verloren das Interesse - Hinweis auf einen von der Evolution geformten Gerechtigkeitssinn
So scheinen sie nicht zu zögern, den dicken Mann vor den Zug zu stoßen, um die fünf Gleisarbeiter zu retten. Sie sehen nur den guten Zweck, nicht aber das schreckliche Mittel. "Das ist eine sehr wichtige Entdeckung", urteilt Hauser. "Wir fangen an, Bausteine des Gehirns einzugrenzen, die notwendig sind für das normale moralische Urteilsvermögen."
Marc Hauser und der Neurologe Antonio Damasio von der University of Southern California in Los Angeles wiederum erforschen, ob die Moral einen festen Platz im Denkorgan hat. Dazu haben sie kürzlich Menschen mit Schäden in einer bestimmten Region des Gehirns (Stirnlappen) untersucht. Diese sollten sich zu einer ganzen Reihe von Dilemmas äußern.
Erste Auswertungen der noch unveröffentlichten Daten legen nahe: In einigen Fällen haben hirnverletzte Patienten tatsächlich einen anderen Moralinstinkt

Beide Gruppen hielten es mehrheitlich für schlimmer, den dicken Mann vor den Zug zu stoßen, als die Weiche umzustellen. Die Forscher führen dies darauf zurück, dass es sich im einen Fall um einen "beabsichtigten", im anderen nur um einen "vorausgesehenen" Schaden handle.
Matthias Mahlmann, nunmehr 40-jähriger Dozent am Fachbereich Rechtswissenschaft der Freien Universität in Berlin, hat bereits vor sieben Jahren in einer mehr als 350 Seiten starken Abhandlung eine angeborene "Universalgrammatik der Moral" postuliert. Die in der aristotelischen Philosophie gängige Beschreibung des Menschen als animal rationale, als vernunftbestimmtes Tier, sei zu ergänzen: "Er ist ebenso ein animal morale, ein moralbegabtes Wesen."
Ungefähr zur gleichen Zeit ersann John Mikhail, der heute am Georgetown University Law Center in Washington D. C. arbeitet, ganz ähnliche Hypothesen. Dazu befragte er Studenten der elitären John F. Kennedy School of Government der Harvard University und normale Schüler (acht bis zwölf Jahre alt) aus Massachusetts zu Varianten des Gleisarbeiter-Dilemmas und verglich die Antworten.

Die Idee vom Moralsinn fußt auf Erkenntnissen des amerikanischen Linguisten Noam Chomsky. Der große Gelehrte behauptete, alle Sprachen dieser Welt folgten einem kleinen, aber grundlegenden Repertoire grammatischer Regeln. Dieses habe sich im Lauf der Evolution fest im menschlichen Gehirn verdrahtet. Und nur aufgrund dieser angeborenen Vorkenntnisse könne ein Kleinkind überhaupt komplexe Sprachen lernen. Die Umwelt entscheide nur, ob dies dann Koreanisch oder etwa Norwegisch ist.
Um das Muster der Antworten ist jetzt eine Debatte in den Natur- und Rechtswissenschaften entbrannt. Überall auf der Welt teilen Menschen offenbar gleiche Intuitionen von Werten wie Fairness, Verantwortung oder Dankbarkeit. Jemanden mit Absicht zu verletzen etwa gilt in allen Kulturen als viel schlimmer, als wenn dies ohne Absicht geschieht.
Beweisen diese kulturübergreifenden Werte, dass ein jedes Menschenkind mit einem Sinn für Gut und Böse geboren wird? Urteilen Angehörige verschiedener Völker im Prinzip ähnlich, wenn es um Fragen wie Sterbehilfe oder den Todesschuss auf einen Geiselnehmer geht? Genau das behauptet eine wachsende Schar von Philosophen, Juristen, Psychologen und Biologen. "Wir haben einen Moralinstinkt entwickelt; eine Eigenschaft, die von Natur aus in jedem Kind wächst", schreibt etwa Marc Hauser von der Harvard University in einem neuen Buch zum Thema*.


The Global Drug Meta-Group:
Drugs, Managed Violence + the Russian 9/11

By Peter Dale Scott (18,734 words) 10/29/05
See also
A Ballad of Drugs and 9/11 (I wish to acknowledge the invaluable assistance in the preparation of this essay from N, a Russian who for the time being prefers to remain anonymous.) Tajik authorities have claimed repeatedly that neither the US nor NATO exerts any pressure on the drug warlords inside Afghanistan. "There's absolutely no threat to the labs inside Afghanistan," said Avaz Yuldashov of the Tajikistan Drug Control Agency. "Our intelligence shows there are 400 labs making heroin there + 80 of them are situated right along our border ... Drug trafficking from Afghanistan is the main source of support for international terrorism now," Yuldashov pointed out last year.[1]

TABLE OF CONTENTS The Meta-Group, the Russian 9/11 + Kosovo

Violence and the Political Requirements of the Global Drug Traffic A Digression: Drugs, Meta-Groups and the Compradorial Revolution The "Russian 9/11" in 1999: Bombings and Plans for War The Meeting in Khashoggi's Villa, July 1999 Khashoggi's Interest in Chechnya Dunlop's Redactions of His Source Yasenev The Khashoggi Villa Meeting, Drugs + Kosovo

The Meta-Group, Drugs, Salafist Islam + America

The Role of Anton Surikov: The Dunlop and Yasenev Versions Surikov, Muslim Insurrectionism + Drug Trafficking Allegations of Drug-Trafficking and Far West, Ltd Far West, Ltd, Halliburton, Diligence LLC, New Bridge + Neil Bush The U.S. Contribution to the Afghan-Kosovo Drug Traffic How the U.S. Restored Narco-Barons to Power in Afghanistan, 2001

The Meta-Group, the War on Terror + 9/11

U.S. Geostrategic Goals and Chechnya The Meta-Group's Geostrategic Goal: Maintain the War of Terror Concluding Question: The Meta-Group and the USA Government The False Dilemmas of 9/11 Theories
20.Dec.2006 Joe, you said: "-- nothing justifies building a mass movement around the voice of the one who stands against the many."
Sic transit Christianity..!
Anyway, I loved this post and the comments. Although it does seem to me that you want to stop blogging and are looking for a way to be justified in doing it. Why else invite what you told us beforehand would be interpreted as intolerable abuse?
Why not take this whole debate as a merry adventure?
I want to give an especial nod of appreciation to Sofla for her comment. If you've got readers as educated and articulate as her, Joseph, what the hell are you bitching about? We love you, Joe. Maybe you should sit down this Christmas and watch It's a Wonderful Life again, see if the tale of George Bailey doesn't give you some perspective.
Or take a vacation. We'll check in once in a while to see if you come back. Best from all of us.--unirealist
# posted by unirealist : 9:20 PM  

Hey guys. It’s my opinion that we only now have enough evidence to correctly contemplate a gravitational collapse. While there were questions, I believe it was incorrect to do so. We had squibs 20+ floors below the collapse line, we had theories that magically removed the inner columns, we had a woman standing on the edge of the steel, awaiting rescue, where it was to be hot enough to melt or weaken steel, we had missing black-boxes, mysteriously alive highjackers (still do?), mysterious spike in put options (still do), melted steel in the cavity for 6 weeks (till recently I hadn’t heard any plausible explanation), we had a near free-fall collapse (still do not completely or satisfactorily explained), we had extraneous explosions being reported all over (not just in CT sites but in normal newscasts, etc.), we clearly had tremors precipitating the collapse, we had helicopters but NO helicopter rescue attempts, disappearing black-boxes?, controlled removal of steel.
More recently we’ve had an abundance of evidence that the administration minimized what they knew prior and still refused to come clean (still) and they obviously knew a lot, we had stacked commissions, lack of oversight, lopsided and underfunded research, attempts to stop and then minimize the commission by the administration. We had mysterious lock-downs, under-reported prior to the event and reports thereof ignored since and a security firm with principles in the Bush family. We had simultaneous exercises of planes flying into buildings? while real planes were flying into buildings and we couldn’t respond because of that; all the while the administration is explaining “who would have thought they’d fly planes into buildings?” I mean, how can you believe those guys or their henchmen?
Honestly, if you didn’t think there was some sort of shenanigans going on, you had to be idiotic. And try to get information! Why are the architectural plans for the towers locked up? How can you do any math or projections? What could the story be there?
It took me a year to overcome the implausibility factor of some sort of controlled demolition assist. But the earmarks were there. Finally, absent any competent rational and with abundant ineptitude and apparent cover-up, I had to side with the assist, as implausible as it appeared. There were squibs, an otherwise fine steel structure buckled without apparent cause, twice. Still, highly, highly implausible but better that than the impossible free-fall collapse under highly suspicious data, research and denial.
So, four years in the cd-assist camp, looking for the team and now, finally now we are coming up with some additional analysis that may show the gravitational collapse was possible. We’re not out of the woods yet, though. We’ve come this far because of the whacky theorists and I thank them for it. I’ve always wanted to believe in the natural collapse, but the facts didn’t add up. I’m hoping they do, but there is still so much to uncover. I haven’t seen a peer-reviewed mathematical model of the pancaking effect with such speed which is something NIST decided not to study. Why do we need that? Because of the cloak of incompetent denial that ensued from this event! We have to counter that so we can more objectively view the incompetence of the principles subsequently.
After reading these latest reports that have arisen because of the cd papers, movements and sites, we have a broader understanding of the possible physical nature of the collapse. We didn’t have that before. With all this, the implausibility of a cd-assist becomes important again and weighs in on the side of a natural collapse. I’m not convinced but I’m hoping we’ll reach a better point of understanding.
It’d be nice to believe there isn’t such evil in the world, other than those whacko terrorists be they Muslim or otherwise. And they certainly are otherwise.
# posted by Anonymous

20.Dec.2006 My friends and I used to play tricks like this on a certain high school teacher. A real "Principal Skinner" type, he was. We would conspire to "misunderstand" every sentence he said, just to see him fume and sputter and search for ever-more-precise wordings of what he meant to say. Of course, no matter how he would re-word his point, we would pretend to take his words in some other way, often making a show of taking offense. (I'm trying to think of an example, but this was many years ago.)
It was great sport -- for an adolescent.
# posted by Joseph
20.Dec.2006 does anyone in the CD crew wonder why they have very little difficulty marginalizing the 911 Truth Movement with print on Loose Change in the mainstream press? In fact, it's about the only thing they will write about these days....
gone are the Sibel Edmunds stories...
gone are the widows of 9/11 stories.
Seems to me - the mainstream press enjoys writing about the 911 Truth Movement's crazy documentary...easy to dismiss us ALL with that single movie.
CBS News
and just for you Joe--
911 Cult Watch

20.Dec.2006 If established, of course, "controlled demolition" at WTC cuts the overall Official Story of 911 into little pieces.
The coverup (the 911 Coverup Commission) was headed up by Philip Zelikow, Condi Rice's pal and ardent neo-con, who stated in a public appearance at the University of Va. in 2003 that the real "threat" against which we went to war in Iraq was not WMD, but the threat to Israel.
This makes Jews or people very sensitive to anti-Semitism VERY skittish about 9-11 skepticism in general.

20.Dec.2006 The NIST report, however ponderous, lacks credibility among other things in that obviously for political reasons its scientists and engineers were not permitted to consider any evidence for possible controlled demolition + therefore did not evaluate any evidence suggesting controlled demolition.
20.Dec.2006 We have seen evidence at the highest levels of government, essentially worldwide, of networks of pedophiles protecting and/or blackmailing other pedophiles. Headlines in the right-wing Washington Times, normally a mouthpiece for the GOP, detailed such rings operating in DC, with access right into the top of the Reagan/Bush administration, so much so that the pimp/procurer Spence was able to get midnight tours of the WH with trick in hand. The Franklin Coverup covers similar territory. Current events show a 'pink mafia,' a collection of gays at the top of a party that claims to be God's own party.
400,000 people marched in Brussells, the capital city of Belgium (and of Europe, essentially, HQing NATO and the European Union parliament), to protest a pedophile ring covering up the high level connections of one many who was discovered by delaying his trial years + having his prosecutor killed. Didn't hear about that one? It occured on September 10, 2001.
So, you say, sure, pedophiles, of course, but SATANISTS??!?!?! Yes, unfortunately, either Satanists, as in, the real God is Lucifer, or pagans of one stripe or another, using the trappings of Satanism for their psychological effects, perhaps.

US the loser in Iraq's growing civil war, says Colin Powell
Joe Darby is This Week's BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award Winner: Darby upheld a higher ethical benchmark than Rumsfeld, Cheney or Bush. "We're Americans, we're not Saddam," Darby said. "We hold ourselves to a higher standard."
The Man Needs to be Hauled Before a Grand Jury, After Receiving Appropriate Mental Health Treatment. Today's Gem from the Man Who Lets Other Die for His Stubborn Vanity: "U.S. Not Winning War in Iraq, Bush Says for 1st Time." 12/20

20.Dec.2006 Rice Spins Fantasies for the Washington Post. She's our Scheherazade Secretary of State. 12/20
In an Unseemly and Unconscionable Act, Bush Will Expand the Number of GIs to Die for His Lost Honor and Disastrous War. Who Will Remove This Man From Power and Put Him on Trial? Why Does the Press Treat Him With an Ounce of Credibility? He is a Liar and a Loser. 12/20

20.Dec.2006 It's Deja Vu All Over Again: Gates in Iraq. He's on a "Learning" Trip. Ain't That Reassuring! Did he Bring a Plastid Turkey for the Troops? Why is This PR Flight to a Photo Op Even News? 12/20
Vote the News Up or Down at!

20.Dec.2006 Bush Determined to Continue to Keep Prying Open the Jaws of Hell. He's a Man of His Word, Isn't He? 12/20
Abstinence in Wonderland - Last Chance Democracy Cafe by Steven C. Day

20.Dec.2006 Rechtsphilosophie: Die Suche nach der Grammatik der Moral
20.Dec.2006 Strategie- Suche: US- Verteidigungsminister Gates besucht Irak
20.Dec.2006 Spitzel- Vorwürfe: Stoibers Bürochef soll im Privatleben von Kritikerin geschnüffelt haben

20.Dec.2006 Videobotschaft: Al- Qaida hetzt gegen Neuwahlen in Palästina
20.Dec.2006 Blair: Kampf gegen Extremisten ist Jahrhundert- Aufgabe

20.Dec.2006 Nach Kundenbeschwerden: Hohe Strompreise - Kartellamt mahnt RWE ab

20.Dec.2006 US- Studenten auf Achse: "Die Deutschen sind klüger"
20.Dec.2006 Atomwaffen: Iran fordert Uno- Sanktionen gegen Israel
20.Dec.2006 Matusseks Kulturtipp: Die Krise als Kunstwerk 

20.Dec.2006 Weder Tier noch Pflanze: Bizarre Wesen aus der Schleimzeit
20.Dec.2006 Goldman- Sachs- Chef: 54 Millionen Verdienst - der bestbezahlte Banker der Wall Street
20.Dec.2006 Libyen: Weltweites Entsetzen über Todesurteile gegen bulgarische Krankenschwestern

20.Dec.2006 Irak: Bush spricht erstmals nicht mehr von Sieg
20.Dec.2006 2005060210 Jun.2005 Finanznot: Hedgefonds greift nach Michael Jacksons Beatles-Songs ... Jun.2005 Firmenjäger : US-Investor darf deutsche Bank betreiben ...
20.Dec.2006 Unternehmensformen und Finanzierung (Kapitaleignerkulturen) Die Erforschung der Funktionsweise der Institution Kapitalmarkt und seiner ... als 30 Milliarden Dollar oft als "Ausbeuter" und " Firmenjäger " angesehen.
20.Dec.2006 Jobvernichtungsmaschine Siemens, Off-Topic - HIFI-FORUM

Der neueste Streich der klügsten ( bestverdienensten ) Manager Deutschlands. Wenn es das ist, was man Studenten an ...
20.Dec.2006 politikforum - Thema: Empörung um Effenberg-Interview

Effenberg, einer der bestverdienensten Arbeitslosen überhaupt. ... Karl-Heinz Rummenigge und Manager Uli Hoeneß Gespräche zum «Fall Effenberg» an.

00.Oct.2005 White House -linked clandestine operations " NEWGATE ". + .

To these people, lying is a sacrament and false documents are scripture. ...
TEMPLE, Frederick Am

04.Dez.1902 sprach er ein letztes Mal im House of Lords über Balfours Vorlage zum ... on Reservation of the Sacrament (London 1900); Self-Sacrifice.
20.Dec.2006 The Crumbling Twin Towers - The Big Lie This is American sacredness, the sacrament of infinite justice. ... from US fascist domination, but the writing is already on the wall of the White House . ...

20.Dec.2006 20051017 Oct.2005 White House -linked clandestine operations " NEWGATE ". + . ... To these people, lying is a sacrament and false documents are scripture.
20.Dec.2006 Reiss 1033 ... synodorum ecclesiae Coloniensis, ex pervetusto & authentico codice, qui in archivo archiepisopali asservatur ...
20.Dec.2006 Man-made Marine Disaster to worsen
ECOP- marine . ECOP- marine - Investigative report into the murky waters of East-African sea-fisheries (CL 2005) Kenya: Man-made Marine Disaster to worsen? Consumers must wake up. ... covered with dead juvenile fish and other marine life -forms ... seriously enforce the protection of the marine as well as ... was registered in Monrovia, Liberia, but said its owners had ...

20.Dec.2006 Oceans Home | Defending our Oceans
Add your voice to our global campaign to Defend Our Oceans. You will be part of a million strong demand to the world's governments to protect 40 % of the world's oceans. ... life from high seas bottom trawling, also against overwhelming scientific advice. Are the mechanisms of marine protection ... government: " Marine Reserves now ... network of marine reserves ...

20.Dec.2006 Bermuda's International Non-Insurance Businesses

Privately held engineering company Dresser Inc, owned by Dresser Holdings Inc, a ... support in most of the significant oil, gas + geothermal markets in ...

Headlines/Breaking News from Houston Business Journal - a privately held ambulatory surgery center company based in Houston . ... a Houston - based independent oil and gas exploration and production company, has ...
20.Dec.2006 whose principal assets are the shares of stock of its. worldwide operating ... Abraxas Petroleum Corporation is a San Antonio- based crude oil ...
20.Dec.2006 Random House | Books | Bushwhacked by Molly Ivins + Lou Dubose Aloha was a small chain of gas stations and convenience stores in Hawaii, ...

00.Jan.1990 IMR in turn sold its stake in Aloha to a privately held company ...
20061203 ... company Transworld Oil was based + opened an OOC technical office in Houston . ... this real estate investment subsidiary of privately - held Transworld Oil .

At this time, however, several factors combined to change significantly the context in which the postwar housing struggle was fought. The first was the rise of the Red Scare -- the wave of rampant anti-radicalism and nativism that swept the country in late 1919 and early 1920. The tenant movement became the target of widespread red-baiting, with league organizers and members harassed in the courts and on the picket line. The five Socialist members of the state assembly were suspended and eventually expelled from the legislature, a development that symbolized the general exclusion of the tenant leagues from the negotiation process over legislative remedies to deal with the crisis.
New York City Tenant Organizations and
the Post-World War Housing Crisis Joseph A. Spencer Part 1 The decade following World War I is one of the most significant periods in the history of New York City tenant activity due to the extent that renters organized against landlords as well as the gains achieved through such mobilization.

Lack of construction, increased demand for apartments + rampant speculation in New York's tenement neighborhoods led to increasing landlord-tenant bitterness during the last years of the war. In the face of repeated rent increases, many families organized to resist. Relying on help from the Socialist party and its allied labor unions, tenants built effective building- and neighborhood-level organizations in several working-class communities of the Bronx, Brooklyn + Manhattan and forced hundreds of landlords to rescind rent increases or improve building conditions. Tenant leaders were much less successful, however, in achieving broader goals such as legislative limits on rent increases and stronger code enforcement provisions. Furthermore, they failed in efforts to build a larger citywide organization and translate renter support into Socialist victories at the polls.

Nevertheless, government officials could not treat the situation lightly. By early 1919, eviction cases clogged the municipal courts + thousands of families suffered eviction each month. Approximately twenty-five thousand apartment dwellers had affiliated with a tenant league + the crisis was spreading into more and more of the city's neighborhoods. Many felt that unless something were done, the Socialists would eventually reap major political benefits from their advocacy of the tenants' cause.

In the spring of 1919, elected representatives responded by appointing committees to deal with the housing shortage. The most important was the Mayor's Committee on Rent Profiteering, which competed with the leagues by arbitrating landlord-tenant disputes and providing legal aid to renters through local Democratic clubhouses. Although the committee helped thousands of families, the cycle of rent increases, strikes + evictions grew worse. By the end of 1919, tenant leagues existed in a dozen neighborhoods + the Socialists had won several key victories in the November elections.
109. For a detailed account of the Socialist party schism, see David Shannon, The Socialist Party of America (New York, 1955), chap. 6.
82. Stanley Coben, "A Study in Nativism: The American Red Scare of 1919-1920," Political Science Quarterly 79 (Mar. 1964): 52-75.

  1. Home News,

  2. Feb. 5, Mar. 16, 25, 1920.

  1. Ibid.,

  2. Feb. 29, 1920; Evening World,

  3. Mar. 9, 1920. A Home News account of a Fair Play Rent Association meeting on

  4. Feb. 23, 1920, demonstrates the patriotic fervor of the organization.

  5. The meeting began with a "patriotic program": three men presented a dramatization of the Spirit of '76, a man dressed as George Washington gave a speech + the daughter of FPRA founder Patrick McGlynn recited a poem entitled "The True American."
    63. Melvin I. Urofsky, "A Note on the Expulsion of the Five Socialists," New York History 47 (1966): 41-51.
    62. Thomas E. Vadney, "The Politics of Repression: A Case Study of the Red Scare in New York," New York History 49 (1968): 58-74.

14. Daily North Side News, Feb. 24, 1918; New York Times, Feb. 10, 1918, sect. 4; New York Tribune, Jan. 30, 1918. The Bronx alone had twenty-five hundred eviction cases between Dec. 1917 and the end of Feb. 1918; Daily Forward, Jan. 12, 20, 1918
New York History - World's largest online library. 1000's of popular research topics
20.Dec.2006New York Times Headlines: March 19, 1920 New York Times Headlines: March 19, 1920 ...
20.Dec.2006New York Times: December 2001 NY TIMES, Dec . 30, 2001) EDITORIAL: NEW YORK CHANGES COMMAND: Mayor Giuliani Bows Out (NY TIMES,

20.Dec.2006The Central Trust New York Times, Dec . 31, 1883.) William E. Dodge was one of the pallbearers at his funeral, which was attended by numerous wealthy and powerful ...

The "Power Elite" Controls Both Sides New York Times, Dec . 31, 1935.) Lester Eisner Jr. was the father of Michael Eisner, the former head of the Walt Disney Company; ...
20.Dec.2006IBM and Boeing alliance targets govt IT contracts IBM and Boeing alliance targets govt IT contracts...
20.Dec.2006 CorpWatch : Meet the New Interrogators: Lockheed Martin ... Fort Huachuca, Arizona), these contractors will work side-by-side with military ...

Titan's Translators in Trouble, May 7th, 2004 ...

CorpWatch : Intelligence ... procedures that allowed the Army to hire civilian interrogators in Iraq + has ... noted, last year's attack on Iraq " will be remembered as a conflict in which ...

Hessians Shareholders in privately owned DynCorp will receive $15 in cash + about $43 ... breed of ex-soldiers who serve as guns for hire to thugs throughout the world. ...

Megasprayer - Oil, Power & Empire

Big Bunny ...

Kathryn Cramer: John Israel ... LTD is looking to hire native arabic linguists that are fluent in reading, ...

Or perhaps Titan's contract with the US government required translators to have ...

20060515 That contract will likely keep Titan's force of over 4,000 translators working ... from the American government, is the biggest supplier of linguists to the Army. ...
20.Dec.2006 WHO-WHAT-WHEN-WHERE - MEGAMEMEX TimeBased Chronographical Archive ...

The 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution establishes a national prohibition on ...

Drexler is also an active member of the Thule Society ( Germanenorden ). society

Article 13 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland states: ... Communist League (US) · Fenian Brotherhood · Germanenorden · Katipunan · Logia Lautaro ...

20.Dec.2006 History - The Germanenorden as the Reichshammerbund and the Germanenorden (Order of Germans). ... from a constitution, which he succeeded in establishing

in 1921, 'which provided fo support
Timebase Multimedia Chronography(TM) - Timebase 1921 1921 September 29 Brockhusen's constitution for the Germanenorden is accepted, providing for a complex organization of grades, rings + provincial ...

20.Dec.2006 20060808

00.Sep.1918 Another Germanenorden meeting is held at the Four Seasons Hotel. ...

00.Jul.1918 The first Soviet Constitution is adopted by the Fifth All-Russia ...
This Booklet Contains Actual Legal Evidence That The Terrorist ... ... people who make "numerous references to the Constitution "; and those who ... to be the leader by a Freemason style secret society called Germanenorden.
P2 - The Nazi Party, the Thule Society, the Occult + German ... By this Constitution, Frederick resigned his authority as Grand Commander ... Sebotendorff himself is Master of the anti-Semitic Germanenorden's Bavarian ...
Secret society - Biocrawler Article 13 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland states: ... Carbonari · Fenian Brotherhood · Germanenorden · Mau Mau · Narodnik ...
Born Atheist? - Topic Powered by eve community (are you forgetting the American constitution, all men are free and equal ... The esoteric Thule Society and Germanenorden were secret societies which while ...
Rigorous Intuition: Nine Angles of Separation The chief result of this underground movement was the Germanenorden ("Order of ... Another group, the Southern Committee to Uphold the Constitution, ...
Heidegger's Chronology Drexler was elected chairman and his constitution was accepted by 24 men, ... Drexler was also an active member of the Thule Society ( Germanenorden ). ...

20.Dec.2006 WHO-WHAT-WHEN-WHERE - MEGAMEMEX TimeBased Chronographical Archive ... A Germanenorden lodge is established at Duisburg with 30 brothers. ... Wyoming approves the Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, becoming the last ...
Weimer constitution . Oswald Spengler’s Decline of the West had ... strains of the WWI. the Germanenorden split into the ...

20.Dec.2006 Will the World Finance the Imperium Americanum? : SF Indymedia by Craig Morris Friday,

02.May 2003 at 10:07 AM ... Now Bush &Co can not only do as they please to get at ...
20.Dec.2006 Vee Jay says, 28; Pat Robertson

Das Imperium americanum schlagt zuruck. Von Gott berufen, "die Welt zum Frieden zu fuhren. ... was titled "Das Imperium americanum schlagt zuruck", the ...
20.Dec.2006 Will the World Finance the Imperium Americanum? : SF Indymedia printable version - email this article. Will the World Finance the Imperium Americanum ? ... "The US could come out of the war in Iraq to establish a new, ...
20.Dec.2006 Imperium Americanum?, Tadeusz A. Kisielewski - Ksiazki w

Tadeusz A. Kisielewski, Imperium Americanum ? ... Start/Ksiazki/Literatura faktu/dokument, esej, felieton/Imperium Americanum ? ...

Illud Imperium Americanum - Page 2 - hektik forums


portland imc - 2003.05.02 - Will the World Finance the Imperium Americanum? english espanol.

SPECIAL COVERAGE. green scare. katrina ...

Will the World Finance the Imperium Americanum ? author: Craig Morris

Das Imperium Americanum als historisches Konzept Die Säulen des Capitols ... GAIA - Imperium Americanum . Emanzipation Humanum.

Imperium Americanum <Imperium Americanum. D I E ")NEUE "WELT"ORDNUNG. I M (") Z E I C H E N " )

Imperium Americanum? - Tadeusz Kisielewski - ...

Trio ... Powiadom znajomego o ksiazce "Tadeusz Kisielewski - Imperium Americanum ? ...

GIGA.DE - Imperium Americanum – Hat George W. Bush die Weltherrschaft?

Direkt neben dem Berliner GIGA-Studio, also unmittelbar unter dem ... Was hat sie dazu gemacht und ist das Imperium Americanum nur noch mehr Schein als Sein?
Freace - Imperium Americanum Nachrichten, die man nicht überall findet. Imperium Americanum .

10.09.2003 ... Amerika mit dem Römischen Imperium ist in letzter Zeit ... | Will the World Finance the Imperium Americanum? ((i))

INDYMEDIA; Suisse ... Répression. Logement. Guerre. G8-évian. WEF ...

Will the World Finance the Imperium Americanum ? Theme(s) Guerre - 03-05-2003 06:52
20.Dec.2006 EMM News Explorer Als Reaktion auf Nordkoreas Atomwaffentest hat die Europäische Union heute Sanktionen ... Japan beschließt Embargoliste gegen Nordkorea ... Similarity: 0.31 ...,ORF-5b3a64217071d3d021b98e96493ac6a4.html

20.Dec.2006 52 species discovered in Borneo rainforest 

00.000.2006 scientists discovered 52 species in the highly threatened rainforests of Borneo according to a new report from WWF,

an environmental group working to preserve the biodiverse "Heart of Borneo" from further destruction. posted by Prof. Hex
20.Dec.2006 Unique Petroglyphs Discovered In The Caucasus 

Archeologists from Saint Petersburg have discovered unique petroglyphs at the Western Caucasus, reports the fellow of the Institute of History of Material Culture. posted by Prof. Hex
20.Dec.2006 Bush Admin: What You Don't Know Can't Hurt Us 

Just how many different ways has the Bush Administration tried to hide once-public information sources from the public record? Help us count the ways. posted by Prof. Hex
20.Dec.2006 This Modern World  The year in review, Part II.
20.Dec.2006 Irak: Bush erwägt kurzfristige Aufstockung der Truppen
20.Dec.2006 Biographical information on Lee Hamilton - NAME -- Lee H. Hamilton AGE-BIRTH DATE -- 75; April 20, 1931, in Daytona Beach, Fla. /

20.Dec.2006 .com - Transcripts And Lee Hamilton, co-chairman of the group, who served 34 years as a Democratic congressman ... KING: We'll be right back with James Baker and Lee Hamilton, ...

20.Dec.2006 Think Progress » 9/11 Commission Vice Chair: Path to 9/11 Is ‘Not ...

I got to meet Lee Hamilton in the

1980’s while we were fighting this same ...

I have watched Lee Hamilton for many years….and I trust his dedication to the ...
Jimmy Lohman: Lee Hamilton - So Easy to Ignore | BuzzFlash

Indeed, it is now clear that the way to avoid dealing with any major pressing potentially-catastrophic issue is to make Lee Hamilton the chairman of a ...
20.Dec.2006 Lee H. Hamilton News - The New York Times News about Lee H. Hamilton . Commentary and archival information about Lee H. Hamilton from The New York Times.

20.Dec.2006 ABC News: Recommending a New Mission in Iraq James Baker and Lee Hamilton sat down for an interview Wednesday after delivering their report to the president. "It's very clear that everybody knows ...

20.Dec.2006 Iraq Study Group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The ISG was led by co-chairs James Baker, a former Secretary of State (and a Republican) + Lee Hamilton, a former U.S. Representative (and a Democrat).
20.Dec.2006 Lee H. Hamilton, a Compromiser Who Operates Above the Partisan ...

The retired House member’s willingness to find common ground is likely to be on display again with the release of the findings of the Iraq Study Group.
Hamilton: In Five Years Since 9/11, USA Is 'Safer But ...

Lee H. Hamilton, the vice-chairman of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the USA (also known as the 9/11 Commission), says "I would ...
20.Dec.2006 CBC News: Sunday - 9/11: TRUTH, LIES AND CONSPIRACY

CBC News: Sunday's Evan Solomon interviews Lee Hamilton, 9/11 Commission co-chair and co-author ...

Lee Hamilton : We felt we had an important story to tell, ...
20.Dec.2006 Hamilton and Iran-Contra Lee Hamilton, D-Ind., who was chairman of the Iran-contra panel. Hamilton cared deeply about his reputation for bipartisanship and the Republicans quickly ...

20.Dec.2006 Online NewsHour: Newsmaker: Former 9/11 Commissioner Lee Hamilton ... 9/11 Commission Chairman Thomas Kean and Vice Chairman Lee Hamilton discuss the final ... Lee Hamilton served as Vice Chairman of 9/11 Commission.
20051218 Dec.2005 Bush didn't know there was a difference between Sunni + Shiites

09.Dec.2005 GOP Seeks Quick Passage of Anti-Constitution, ...
Break Up Iraq Now! - Israel Forum President Bush needs to perform radical surgery on Iraq now, while the world remains in a funk ... more so than the difference between sunni's + shiites.

19.Dec.2006 Abschied als Uno- Generalsekretär: Annan warnt USA vor Militäreinsatz gegen Iran

19.Dec.2006 Atomenergie: Gutachterstreit sorgt für Neuordnung im Strahlenschutz

19.Dec.2006 Nahost: Neue Waffenruhe zwischen Fatah und Hamas
19.Dec.2006 Siemens- Affäre: Münchens OB fordert indirekt von Pierers Rücktritt
19.Dec.2006 Rumsfeld has one last lie for the road -By ROBERT SCHEER
I’m not going down that negative road that finished off old Bob McNamara’s legacy. What a disappointment - this is a guy who could sell us the Vietnam War and then blows it by suddenly getting all squishy about the truth when he’s long retired. Jeez Louise, he was once my role model. No secretary of defense ever sold a losing war better.

19.Dec.2006 US bans Hicks psychiatrist : The US military has prevented a senior Melbourne psychiatrist from visiting David Hicks at Guantanamo Bay to provide an independent mental health assessment for his legal team.

19.Dec.2006 40,000 Take 5th Ave In March For Bell" Heard All Over The World": A roiling crowd of 40,000 protesters poured onto Fifth Avenue yesterday to protest the fusillade of 50 cop bullets that killed a groom on his wedding day - and to demand better treatment by the NYPD.

19.Dec.2006 Witness says police shot man in back: The shooting death of Ronald Madison, a 40-year-old, mentally retarded man, has triggered a police investigation and a grand jury probe even though the NOPD claim that the incident has been thoroughly investigated already.

19.Dec.2006 Lorain, Ohio police use Taser on 12 year old child: I’m digging around for old news about police brutality where officers used Tasers on children, elderly, handicapped, or other defenseless people.

19.Dec.2006 The Highwaymen : Why you could soon be paying Wall Street investors, Australian bankers + Spanish builders for the privilege of driving on American roads.
19.Dec.2006 Christians plan 'night to honor Israel': A leading Evangelical US pastor has announced plans to hold a "night to honor Israel " in every major American city as part of an Evangelical political campaign.

19.Dec.2006 War pimp alert: Netanyahu to ambassadors: It's 1938 again, stop Iran: Opposition leader speaks to 60 ambassadors in Tel Aviv, says Ahmadinejad, like Hitler, is a problem for Jews but also for rest of world.

19.Dec.2006 U.S. Military Buildup A Warning To Iran: The Pentagon is planning to bolster its presence in the Persian Gulf as a warning to Iran's "continuously defiant government."

19.Dec.2006 US wants vote on UN sanctions resolution against Iran this week: The USA wants the UN Security Council to vote this week on imposing sanctions on Iran for its failure to freeze its uranium enrichment programme, the State Department said Tuesday.

19.Dec.2006 Iran: sanctions will not stop nuclear plans: "The new draft resolution, which has been drawn up by the European troika (Britain, France and Germany) and is now being debated within the UN security council, takes most of our approaches into consideration," the Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, told the news service Interfax.

19.Dec.2006 White House Now Grows Skittish Over Iranian Demarche of 2003: The White House does not want the public to know that in May 2003, the Iranian Foreign Ministry floated the prospect of a wide-ranging dialogue with America on everything from uranium enrichment to anti-Israel terrorism.

19.Dec.2006 Iran to replace dollar with euro : The Iranian central bank is to convert the state's foreign dollar assets into euros and use the euro for foreign transactions.

19.Dec.2006 Oil producers shun dollar : Oil producing countries have reduced their exposure to the dollar to the lowest level in two years and shifted oil income into euros, yen and sterling, according to new data from the Bank for International Settlements.

19.Dec.2006 UK: No 10 investigated for perversion of justice: Downing Street aides + Labour officials involved in the cash-for-honours inquiry are being investigated on suspicion of perverting the course of justice, The Times has learnt.

19.Dec.2006 Israeli housing to expand in Golan : Israel is to speed up development on land it occupies in the Golan Heights, despite Syrian calls for talks, the country's interior minister says. Roni Bar-On told Israeli army radio on Tuesday:
19.Dec.2006 UK troops rampage through Kandahar: An official investigation was launched December 9 into allegations that British troops had opened fire indiscriminately at civilians in Kandahar city, southern Afghanistan, following a suicide car bomb attack on a NATO-led convoy.

19.Dec.2006 Afghan general held for spying for Pakistan: Afghan intelligence agents have arrested a local army general on charges of spying for Pakistan, officials said on Monday. General Khair Mohammad was detained within the past week after he was found to be selling information to Pakistan’s intelligence agencies, the press office of the Afghan national intelligence agency said
19.Dec.2006 White House, Joint Chiefs At Odds on Adding Troops: Joint Chiefs think the White House, after a month of talks, still does not have a defined mission and is latching on to the surge idea in part because of limited alternatives, despite warnings about the potential disadvantages for the military, said the officials

19.Dec.2006 White House: more U.S. troops in Iraq under consideration, no rift with Joint Chiefs: The White House said Tuesday that increasing U.S. troops in Iraq is an option under consideration and denied that there are differences with the Joint Chiefs of Staff over that idea.

19.Dec.2006 Pentagon: Iraq suffers 1,000 attacks a week: The average number of attacks per week on American and Iraqi troops and Iraqi civilians from mid-August to mid-November increased by 22 per cent from the previous three months, the largest number since Iraq regained its sovereignty in June 2004.

19.Dec.2006 Iraq on brink of collapse: report: Iraq is on the brink of total disintegration and could drag its neighbors into a regional war, a leading think-tank said, after the Pentagon confirmed violence was at an all-time high.

19.Dec.2006 Iraq becoming failed state: Radical action is needed to save a "hollowed-out and fatally weakened" Iraqi state and ease violence that a new Pentagon report says is at an all-time high, a prominent think-tank warned on Tuesday.

19.Dec.2006 Pentagon: Sadr now main Iraq problem: Al-Qaida in Iraq has been replaced by Moqtada Sadr's Mehdi Army as the most dangerous group fueling sectarian violence, a U.S. Pentagon report says.

19.Dec.2006 Maliki's Ties to Sadr Complicate U.S. Mission in Iraq: The USA is counting on Maliki to take responsibility for securing + governing Iraq, but he has blocked U.S. attempts to crack down on Sadr's militia, the Mehdi Army.

19.Dec.2006 Iraq executes 13 prisoners, shows video: Video released by the government showed the men wearing hoods and green jumpsuits + standing against a wall shortly before they were hanged. Some images showed two men standing together on a gallows with nooses around their necks.

19.Dec.2006 War criminal seeks forgiveness, on road to White House: Sen. Clinton qualifies Iraq vote: U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., said she wouldn't have supported a call for action against Iraq if she knew then what she knows now.

19.Dec.2006 In case you missed it: Hillary Clinton: No regret on Iraq vote: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said she is not sorry she voted for a resolution authorizing President Bush to take military action in Iraq despite the recent problems there but she does regret "the way the president used the authority."
19.Dec.2006 The Iraq Study Group Report: Defeat With Honor-By Christian Parenti
That's what it is: a plan for defeat with honor. To put the report in very simple terms, its message is: The USA got its ass kicked, time to go. Or, if you prefer a direct quote: "The ability of the USA to shape outcomes is diminishing. Time is running out." And later they ponder how to "avert catastrophe."

19.Dec.2006 Why we stand for immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq -By Tariq Ali, Arundhati Roy, Howard Zinn and many others
Iraq's infrastructure has been destroyed + U.S. plans for reconstruction abandoned. There is less electricity, less clean drinking water + more unemployment today than before the U.S. invasion.

19.Dec.2006 End of the strongmen -Do America and Israel want the Middle East engulfed by civil war? -By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth 
The era of the Middle East strongman, propped up by and enforcing Western policy, appears well and truly over. His power is being replaced with rule by civil war, apparently now the American Administration’s favoured model across the region.  

19.Dec.2006 Noam Chomsky: From Bolivia to Baghdad Audio and transcript -Noam Chomsky on Creating Another World in a Time of War, Empire and Devastation . Continue

19.Dec.2006 Our Own Nuremberg Trials-By Nat Hentoff
Our rampant lawlessness during the past four years at Guantánamo has long been "controversial" in the international press and among human rights groups. But the extent and depth of our abuse of these prisoners—resulting in a number of desperation suicides—have been illuminated with damning clarity in a series of reports by New Jersey's Seton Hall University School of Law.

19.Dec.2006 US Army might break Goodyear strike -By Bernard Simon in Toronto
The US Army is considering measures to force striking workers back to their jobs at a Goodyear Tire & Rubber plant in Kansas in the face of a looming shortage of tyres for Humvee trucks and other military equipment used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

19.Dec.2006 Another Take On The BAE Saudi Arabia Arms Deal -By Said K. Aburish
Instead of buying arms to protect their country, it was the commissions to members of the royal family and to their counterparts on the this side which mattered. As we saw when Saddam invaded Kuwait in 1990, the Saudis paid the Americans and their partners in the coalition to protect them and eject Saddam from Kuwait. Coming on top of arms deals like Yamama this means the Saudis pay for protection twice.

Hang in there Joseph. Dr.Jones should have his say but I don't think he is right, just as I don't think the nutty missle-hit-the-Pentagon theory is right. Some people are just not rational, at least on certain subjects.

I myself was recently called a "zionist troll" on another site, just because I criticized Holocaust Denial. One thing I have learned is that you cannot engage in reasonable discussion with unreasonable people.
These people who say that the fall of WT7 defies the "laws of physics" probably don't know the first thing about physics. That's ok, neither do I.The difference is that I am less likely to advance an opinion on a subject of which I am ignorant + to defer to the opinions of experts. I believe that Bertrand Russell once said that on scientific matters, the best that a layman could do was to go with the scientific consensus, while recognizing that the consensus was sometimes wrong.
# posted by ZONTAR THE GOOD

19.Dec.2006 Bush and Cheney (Two Combat Personal Cowards) Vs. the Pentagon: "The Bush administration is split over the idea of a surge in troops to Iraq, with White House officials aggressively promoting the concept over the unanimous disagreement of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, according to U.S. officials familiar with the intense debate."

19.Dec.2006 Attacks in Iraq at Record High, Pentagon Says. A report found an average of almost 960 attacks on U.S. and Iraqi targets every week from early August to early November. Meanwhile, the Boy in the Bubble Walks Around Oblivious to the Damage of His "Decidering."
BuzzFlash Earned the Honor of Being Called "the Shrillest and Most Dimwitted Political Site on the Web" by the Wall Street Journal.

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Poll: Approval for Iraq handling drops to new low.

A record 70 % of respondents said they disapproved of Bush's war management, up from 64 % in the October poll.

Why is This Pathetic Man Still Occupying the White House?

19.Dec.2006 Stephen Grey, Author of Ghost Plane: The True Story of the CIA Torture Program -- A BuzzFlash Interview
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.

19.Dec.2006 Lucinda Marshall: Thank You Alice: A Meditation for the Winter Solstice -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
Aiham Alsammarae, the most senior Iraqi official arrested on corruption charges, made a brazen escape Sunday in Baghdad. Some reports say that he escaped with American privatized military support. 12/19
On a worldwide resolution against small arms, every single country in the United Nations voted to pass a nonbinding resolution to look into tighter regulation. Every single country, that is, save for one.

The USA was the sole vote against reason.

Because of the influence of the NRA, our government is standing alone against the fight to end gun violence around the world. 12/19
19.Dec.2006 - the first online Arabic news site in North America.
By Dr. Mohamed Elmasry ...

By: Salim Nazzal.

Clutching at straws while looking for leadership to prevent drowning in chaos ...
19.Dec.2006 Bulletins 8/1-9/22/06

00.000.1871 -On this date- the Reese River Reveille changed hands, ... a passing school of dolphins or a CIA-staged event to widen support for the Vietnam War.
20051218 Charley Reese : We'll Miss Saddam: We committed what international ...

00.Dec.2005 Israel sends powerful signals: The new Dolphins are to be equipped ...
19.Dec.2006 human rights watch | colombia — guerra sin cuartel Información sobre los derechos humanos en Colombia. ...

Josué Giraldo, co- fundador del Comité Cívico para los Derechos Humanos de Meta, ...
19.Dec.20006 CMI Brasil - Crônica da Guerra Contra as Drogas #382 indymedia,imc ...

Editoriais Notícias Editoriais Antigos Arquivo de notícias Calendário Local e ... Conheça os princípios do Centro de Mídia Independente. Bate ...

CMI Galiza - Galiza Indymedia indymedia,imci, galiza, galicia, prestige, nunca máis, ...

Mulher. Saúde. Especulação. Redes. Direitos Humanos. Convocatórias. Laboral. Resistência Global ...

IMC Brazil - Crônica da Guerra Contra as Drogas #376 indymedia,imc ... archive the ... um projeto do Washington Office on Latin America, se concentra especificamente ...
19.Dec.2006 „Wir sind auf gutem Weg“ „Wir sind auf gutem Weg“ - HTML-Version
mit Porträts der Ajatollah Khomeini und Khamenei (dahinter ein Pla- ... Lebenslauf :. Bettina Zimmermann. q. geboren 1975 in Großburgwedel. bei Hannover ...


Gleichzeitig warnt die Organisation, dass das "noch weitgehend unerforschte Urwald-Paradies" bedroht sei. Alle 20 Sekunden verschwände auf Borneo Regenwald von der Fläche eines Fußballfeldes, die Hälfte der ursprünglichen Wälder seien bereits durch Brände, Umwandlung in Plantagen sowie durch legalen und kriminellen Holzhandel vernichtet worden. Das Holz werde vor allem zur Produktion von Gummi, Öl und Papier verwendet. In ganz Indonesien ist nach WWF-Angaben seit 1996 die Abholzung auf rund zwei Millionen Hektar pro Jahr gestiegen.

Insgesamt 52 neue Tier- und Pflanzenarten haben Forscher der Umweltschutzorganisation WWF zwischen Juli 2005 und September 2006 auf Borneo gefunden: 30 bisher unbekannte Fische, 6 neue Spezies des Siamesischen Kampffisches, 2 Arten von Baumfröschen sowie mehrere neue Ingwerarten und 3 neue Baumspezies. Viele dieser neuen Spezies wurden laut WWF Deutschland im Herzen von Borneo entdeckt, einem 220.000 Quadratkilometer großen, gebirgigen, von dichtem Urwald überwucherten Hochlandgebiet im Inselzentrum.

Nur wenige Millimeter groß ist der Karpfen, den Forscher der Umweltschutzorganisation WWF auf der Regenwaldinsel Borneo entdeckt haben. Das macht ihn zum zweitkleinsten Wirbeltier der Welt. Er ist nur eine von 52 neu gefundenen, überraschenden Spezies.

Nein, das ist keine Kaulquappe. Sondern ein richtiger Fisch - und das zweitkleinste Wirbeltier der Welt: Nicht einmal einen Zentimeter lang ist das Tier. Wissenschaftler haben den Mini-Fisch in einem extrem sauren Torfmorast der südostasiatischen Regenwaldinsel Borneo entdeckt und festgestellt: Das ist eine neue Karpfenart. Paedocypris micromegethes soll die neue Spezies heißen. Das kleinste Wirbeltier ist ebenfalls ein Mini-Fisch: Paedocypris progenetica, beheimatet auf der Nachbarinsel Sumatra.
Fall Litwinenko: Weitere Menschen mit Polonium belastet
19.Dec.2006 Deutsches U- Boot: Unterwasser- Sarkophag für das Gift- Wrack der Nazis
19.Dec.2006 Protektionismus: Russland droht EU mit Fleischkrieg
19.Dec.2006 Siemens- Affäre: Ex- Vorstand soll Mitwisserschaft eingeräumt haben
19.Dec.2006 Einkommen: Steuern zehren Gehaltserhöhung auf
19.Dec.2006 Überraschende neue Arten: Minifische, Klebefische, schimmernde Fische