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The papers and words and writings of Justin's belong to the estate, Daily said.

"Our position would be just because the bank owns a safety deposit box doesn't mean the contents belong to the bank."

The Detroit News also received an overwhelming response to the story it published Tuesday on the family's battle with Yahoo!

Family fights to see soldier's last words A fallen Wixom Marine's e-mail messages from Iraq are held up by Yahoo! over a privacy issue. Jennifer Chambers / The Detroit News 10-16-04
Hello all, I just wanted to send an e-mail saying that i am doing well here + i believe that we are making a big difference but what makes it worth it is hearing from all of you at home and hearing that there are those out there that may not necessarily support our president you support our troops + that makes us push on and keeps us motivated...all In all i just wanted to say i am doing well and i am truly grateful for your support.
Thank You and God Bless Lcpl Ellsworth, Justin m. P.S. GO LIONS!!!!!!!
Justin's family fights Yahoo over access to his e-mail account

16.Jan.2005 As life goes digital, questions are raised at death Families are asking firms for access to e-mail, files Baltimore Sun -

16.Jan.2005 Murió en Irak, pero Yahoo! no revela contraseña de e-mail Miami Herald Estados Unidos, Miami (In Spanish) -

02.Jan.2005 La privacidad del correo electrónico, en entredicho La Voz De Galicia Spain (In Spanish)

14.Jan.2005 Wem gehören Justins E-Mails? The Spiegel (In Greman) -

222004 Red Rules vs. Blue Rules Matt Thorne -

11.Jan.2005 - Who owns your e-mails? -

01.Jan.2005 Bereaved father fights Yahoo for dead son's war e-mails London Telegraph -

29.Dec.2004 Father's fight for dead son's e-mails touches off debate over privacy Chicago Tribune -

29.Dec.2004 US family takes Yahoo! to court over dead soldier's e-mails AF Press -

27.Dec.2004 Digital life can't pass on when someone passes away The Associated Press -

23.Dec.2004 Family seeks Yahoo e-mails of fallen US soldier AF Press -

22.Dec.2004 Help offered to Marine's family Capital News 9 -

21.Dec.2004 Dead Marine's E-Mails In Limbo CBS News Detroit -

21.Dec.2004 Yahoo denies family access to slain soldier's e-mail The Lansing State Journal -

24.Dec.2004 Who Inherits the E-mail? The Associated Press -

21.Dec.2004 Fallen Michigan Marine's e-mail messages held up over a privacy issue (Yahoo!) The Associated Press -

21.Dec.2004 Yahoo denies family access to dead marine's e-mail From C|net -

23.Dec.2004 Technical Snafu From Fox News -

23.Dec.2004 The Latest AP Release From The Associated Press -

21.Dec.2004 Transcript of John's Interview From The Abrams Report -

22.Dec.2004 Family Gets Help to Access Marine's E-Mail From The Associated Press -

22.Dec.2004 Yahoo! Won't Give E-Mail To Marine Casualty's Family From KNSD-TV -

22.Dec.2004 Family's Yahoo! fight goes national From the Detroit News -

21.Dec.2004 Dead Marine's kin plead for e-mail From the Associated Press -

21.Dec.2004 Family fights to see soldier's last words From the Detroit News -

Die Periode des späten Miozäns und des frühen Pliozäns ist wichtig, da sich etwa in dieser Zeit die Vorfahren des modernen Menschen und der heutigen Schimpansen trennten", sagte Mark Weiss von der amerikanischen National Science Foundation, die das Projekt in Äthiopien mitfinanziert hat. "Jedes neue Fossil verrät uns ein wenig mehr über die Geschichte dieser frühen Phasen der menschlichen Entwicklung."
21Jan.2004 4,5 Millionen Jahre alte Vormenschen entdeckt
Forschern ist in Afrika ein erstaunlicher Fund gelungen: Das Erdreich gab die Überreste von neun urzeitlichen Vorfahren des Menschen frei. Die Fossilien sind rund 4,5 Millionen Jahre alt - und untermauern die These, dass der aufrechte Gang schon damals gepflegt wurde.


21Jan.2004 Since we've reached the point where just about every active duty unit in the Army is either in Iraq or Afghanistan, or will soon return there, it seems like it's become something of an Orwellian euphemism to speak of a "volunteer army."

When the Pentagon starts extending stop loss orders to the first-born sons and daughters of service people, I guess we'll know we've reached the next stage of feudalism. Posted by billmon at June 2, 2004 04:03 PM | TrackBack Comments

What this episode shows is the extent to which the antiquities community has laid itself open to abuse. According to Israel Finkelstein, archaeology professor at Tel Aviv university, most biblical land has been officially and rigorously excavated and produced few relics. "Do you want me to believe that robbers are then going with a flashlight at night and managing to find 50 inscriptions? Of course I don't believe it."

The story gets cloudy where the pomegranate enters.

The Israel museum bought this relic

00.000.1988, paying $550,000 (£287,000) into a numbered Swiss bank account.

For more than 20 years, it has been hailed as the only surviving physical evidence of the First Temple.

This temple is the holiest of holies in Jewish tradition;

it is said to be where Abraham, the father of the Hebrew people, prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac to God.

(The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem is the western wall of the Second Temple, built on the site of the first in the sixth century BC).

Scholars thought that the thumbnail-sized fruit, which has a hole in the bottom, was used as the top of a temple priest's sceptre.

The pomegranate is a high-profile example of a relic acquired "through the market", meaning that it was not uncovered during a licensed excavation.

Such objects carry no official documentation denoting their origin.

The theory is that they come from looted sites.

"The pomegranate surfaced a number of years before it was acquired and displayed here," says James Snyder, director at the Israel museum.

"It was examined by a lot of scholars + it wasn't accepted into our collection until ithad the consensus of all available experts that it was authentic."

Snyder says that there is always a question mark over the authenticity of an object acquired through the market, but none the less, some 10% of the museum's 70,000 antiquities come from this channel.


"Because the objects are very special + so they can be placed in a museum setting and benefit the public. You wouldn't want to miss that opportunity."

Unless, of course, the object is a fake.

The museum insists that the pomegranate was found to be a forgery through its own investigation, independent of the IAA. However, one source, speaking on condition of anonymity, says that this is rubbish.

"The authority heard about the pomegranate from a witness in the investigation," he says, adding that the museum was asked to take the relic to the IAA but refused, negotiating instead to conduct its own analysis.

Such analysis revealed that the pomegranate dates from the Bronze period - 3,400 years ago and long before the First Temple period.

The temple-specific inscription was added to the fruit recently

but it was the relic's patina - older than the first temple period - that gave the game away.

20.Jan.2005 US official confirms Allawi shot six dead : A former Jordanian government minister has told The New Yorker that an American official confirmed to him that the Iraqi interim Prime Minister, Iyad Allawi, executed six suspected insurgents at a Baghdad police station last year.

21.Jan.2005 Friends, Americans, countrymen, send me your cheers : George Bush's inauguration as US president tomorrow is a thoroughly imperial event, scripted down to the last detail.

21.Jan.2005 Karachi opens door to US forces: KARACHI - Having teamed up with the US to help eliminate Taliban rule in Afghanistan, Pakistan is once again proving its worth in the "war on terror", this time in Washington's quest against Iran.

21.Jan.2005 Courageous Haitian women bring civil suit for torture: Haitian Death Squad Leader,Toto Constant, to be brought to justice for his campaign of rape and murder. Toto Constant has lived and worked openly in Queens, New York, for the last ten years.

21.Jan.2005 Tsunami, Humanity and the Canadian Saga of “Terrorism” Myth: Would the Government of Canada dare to hold the intelligence agencies accountable for their misadventures and violations of human rights against the law-abiding citizens? One political observer wondered, if Canada and America were shaping up to ‘police states’ behavior, as was the case with the former Soviet Union and East European states?

18.Jan.2005 U.S. Army Specialist David Beals: Why I went AWOL: Well aware of the possible consequences he faces for refusing to deploy, Beals is firmly convinced he is doing the right thing. “I won’t compromise my beliefs for the Army, come what may” he said. 

21.Jan.2005 Why Terrorists May Be Coming Soon to a Mall Near You : Fair is fair, as they say, in love and war, especially war.

21.Jan.2005 Lawsuit Filed Against Bush and Cheney : The complaint alleges that both defendants and others working within the White House and Defense Department have covertly implemented a white paper called “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” as presented by the Project for the New American Century or PNAC in September, 2000 two months before the murky elections of that year.

21.Jan.2005 Justin Raimondo: Exporting Democracy – or Terrorism? : Seymour Hersh exposes the scheme to make America a terrorist state

21.Jan.2005 Nobel Peace Prize nominee: Bush re-election may end the human race: "The Bush administration have been able to con the American people with their extremely brilliant propaganda and brainwashing, with the help of the media ... they consistently lie."

21.Jan.2005 US And Congress Knew Saddam Was Smuggling Oil: The Clinton and Bush administrations not only knew but told the US Congress that Iraq was smuggling oil to Turkey and Jordan + in both cases recommended continuing military and financial aid to countries seen as important allies.

21.Jan.2005 U.S. Building Forts On Iraq Border: The U.S. military is also supervising a complex of 32 forts being built along the borders with Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria.

21.Jan.2005 Poll: World more dangerous with Bush: A large majority of people questioned in a BBC World Service global opinion poll think US President George Bush has made the world more dangerous.

21.Jan.2005 The Bush boom will end soon - and how it ends will define his second term in office: The President's speech tomorrow will be full of big themes - but one will be missing: the world of economics

21.Jan.2005 4 More Countries Added To Bush's Axis Of Evil : In an echo of President Bush's "axis of evil," Condoleezza Rice on Tuesday named Cuba, Myanmar, Belarus and Zimbabwe as "outposts of tyranny" requiring close U.S. attention.

21.Jan.2005 Bush admits Iraq war helped extremists : Some of George W Bush's decisions, like the war in Iraq, had helped Islamic extremists in their public relations battle with the United States, the president said in an interview broadcast today.

21.Jan.2005 An Open Letter To Seymour Hersh : Musharraf's clandestine co-operation with the USA against Iran started in February, 2002. In return, the USA did not act against him for the complicity of his ISI in the kidnapping and murder of Daniel Pearl

21.Jan.2005 Audio: Sen. Boxer to Rice on Iraq Invasion: "Your Loyalty to the Mission...Overwhelmed Your Respect for the Truth": The most heated exchange in the first day of Condoleezza Rice's confirmation hearing for Secretary of State came with Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA). Boxer chastised Rice for stating Saddam Hussein was close to developing nuclear weapons in the lead-up to the Iraq war. Real Audio. This is a must listen.

21.Jan.2005 Transcript: Boxer, Rice Exchange Pointed Words : Dr. Rice, when Senator Voinovich mentioned the issue of tsunami relief, you said -- your first words were, "The tsunami was a wonderful opportunity for us." Now, the tsunami was one of the worst tragedies of our lifetime -- one of the worst. I was very disappointed in your statement. I think you blew the opportunity.

21.Jan.2005 Paul Craig Roberts: How Americans Were Seduced by War: Americans have been betrayed. Sooner or later Americans will realize that they have been led to defeat in a pointless war by political leaders who they inattentively trusted. They have been misinformed by a sycophantic corporate media too mindful of advertising revenues to risk reporting truths branded unpatriotic by the propagandistic slogan, "you are with us or against us."

21.Jan.2005 Reservist ready to refuse call-up : The first British soldier has come forward to urge mass refusal among the ranks to serve in Iraq, saying he would rather go to prison than accept a call-up to war.

21.Jan.2005 A catalogue of British abuse: "Shocking and appalling" photographs of British troops allegedly torturing and sexually humiliating Iraqi civilians were revealed yesterday.

21.Jan.2005 Two Iraqis involved in vote killed: MILITANTS in Iraq posted today an internet video showing the killing of two Iraqis who were working for a US communications firm involved in the country's election.

21.Jan.2005 Warren Buffett sees no way but down for US dollar: The dollar cannot avoid further declines against other major currencies unless the US trade and current account deficits improve, legendary investor and businessman Warren Buffett said.

21.Jan.2005 Social Security: A New Deal to scupper a presidency: To achieve this conservative dream, the public must first be convinced that social security is "bankrupt". The administration, Wehner writes, must "establish an important premise: the current system is heading toward an iceberg

21.Jan.2005 Imperialism Vs. Freedom - An Analysis of the 2004 Inaugural Address: A counter-analysis of Bush's speech

21.Jan.2005 Loophole Allows Inaugural Spending Binge : Corporate wining and dining of public officials and large cash contributions are normally prohibited under ethics laws, but as with the Democratic and Republican conventions, there is an exemption for inaugural week.

21.Jan.2005 Condi Rice/Steady on, toward disaster : You'd have thought from the way committee members treated Rice that she'd just arrived in Washington and had no part to play in + no real knowledge of, the foreign-policy disaster that was President Bush's first term.

21.Jan.2005 In case you missed it: Why does Senator Feinstein support War?: Army contract for Feinstein's husband Blum is a director of firm that will get up to $600 million

US Army Sergeant Kevin Benderman Charged With Desertion

21.Jan.2005 The U.S. Army Has Formally Charged Sgt. Kevin Benderman: Sgt. Kevin Benderman, who recently refused deployment a second time to Iraq and had filed Conscientious Objector status paperwork, has been today formally charged with violation of articles 85 and 87 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice by the U.S. Army.

21.Jan.2005 Canada, here they come...: They threatened to run for the border if Bush was re-elected. But how many did? Today, as the President is sworn in on the steps of the Capitol, Andrew Buncombe meets the Americans who are choosing to begin new lives in self-imposed exile

21.Jan.2005 Iran Launched Hunt Operations To Find U.S. Commandos: ranian authorities have launched a massive, but discrete operation aimed at finding and arresting possible American commandos that an American investigative journalist said are now operating inside Iran.

21.Jan.2005 Iran issues sharp warning to US over any military action: Iran accused the United States of trying to disrupt its nuclear negotiations with the European Union by evoking the threat of a military strike + warned Washington it would respond to any "unwise measure."

21.Jan.2005 Iran media scorn New Yorker story : Iranian media commentators are refusing to take seriously a claim in the American news magazine The New Yorker that US special forces are operating in Iran targeting military sites as a prelude to a possible military strike

21.Jan.2005 Europe united on Iran as Bush refuses to rule out military action : If the Iraq war divided Europe, the continent is united in calling for continued negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program after US President George W. Bush refused to rule out possible military action.

21.Jan.2005 World fears new Bush era: A poll of 21 countries published yesterday - reflecting opinion in Africa, Latin America, North America, Asia and Europe - showed that a clear majority have grave fears about the next four years.

21.Jan.2005 Europe Must Work with Bush, Says Ex-Envoy : Europe must abandon its “schizophrenic” attitude to American power and work with President George Bush to tackle international problems, a former British ambassador to the United States urged today.

21.Jan.2005 Inauguration: Lifestyles of the Rich and Heartless: A look at this week's festivities by the numbers

21.Jan.2005 Faking it: The discovery that ancient artefacts sacred to Jewish history are forgeries has sent shockwaves through the museum world. But was the gang behind the scam only interested in cash, or did they have other motives? Rachel Shabi investigates

21.Jan.2005 Cuba Tells US to Stop Guantanamo Bay Prisoners 'Abuse' : Cuba today accused the United States of lying to the world about its treatment of prisoners at the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay, saying torture was a daily occurrence at the prison camp for terror suspects.

21.Jan.2005 Iraq: New War, Old Tactics?: A new Red Cross report concludes that abusive practices were still occurring last fall at Guantanamo Bay, well after Graner was charged, NEWSWEEK has learned.

21.Jan.2005 Robert Steinback: Drop the 'Bush Doctrine' : The Bush administration last week admitted having committed what may be the most astounding miscalculation in American military history -- and most of America barely blinked.

21.Jan.2005 The Nuremberg Principles : War Crimes: Violations of the laws or customs of war which include, but are not limited to, murder, ill-treatment or deportation of slave-labour or for any other purpose of the civilian population of or in occupied territory, murder or ill-treatment of prisoners of war or persons on the seas, killing of hostages, plunder of public or private property, wanton destruction of cities, towns, or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity.

21.Jan.2005 Support for War in Iraq Hits New Low: Most No Longer Back the Administration's Basis for Invading, but a Majority Say U.S. Troops Should Stay Longer to Assist With Stabilization

21.Jan.2005 Norman Solomon: A Shaky Media Taboo - Withdrawal from Iraq: Recent opinion polls show that most of the U.S. public has a negative view of the war -- but Americans seem to be all over the map about what to do now.

21.Jan.2005 Zarqawi warns insurgents victory may take years: An audio tape purportedly from Al Qaeda ally Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has urged militants to prepare for a lengthy holy war against US-led forces in Iraq, saying victory could take months and years.

21.Jan.2005 Iraqi Children Witness Killing Of Parents By U.S. Occupation Forces: U.S. soldiers opened fire on a car as it approached their checkpoint in northern Iraq, killing two civilians in the vehicle's front seats, the military said Wednesday. Six children riding in the backseat survived the attack.

21.Jan.2005 'Why did they shoot? We have no weapons': "Civilians!" someone shouted + soldiers ran up. More children - it ended up being six all told START https://alfatomega.comed emerging, crying, their faces mottled with blood in long streaks.

21.Jan.2005 Baghdad’s Checkpoint Madness: Probably no single aspect of the American presence in Iraq has so infuriated Iraqis as their treatment at these checkpoints.

21.Jan.2005 Why did these men die Mr. Bush?

21.Jan.2005 U.S. Contractor Slain in Iraq Had Alleged Graft: The weapons dealer had accused officials in the Defense Ministry of a kickback scheme.

21.Jan.2005 Coronation of Corruption They are in Washington to crown the corruption of humanity -By Manuel Valenzuela
This power-addicted and profit-hungry cabal of corporatist and elitist vermin, extolling both the virtues of immorality and policies of unscrupulous undertakings that have laid waste billions of lives in the present while condemning billions that have yet to exist. For like vultures attacking a dead carcass they have descended upon Washington to further empower humankind’s enduring romance with its self-corruption and the continuing decline into our moral abyss.

21.Jan.2005 Gonzales excludes CIA from rules on prisoners : Officers of the Central Intelligence Agency and other nonmilitary personnel fall outside the bounds of a 2002 directive issued by President George W. Bush that pledged the humane treatment of prisoners in U.S. custody, Alberto Gonzales, the White House counsel, said in a document.

21.Jan.2005 What Is Wrong with Torture : Not a single senator, Democratic or Republican, has announced the intention to filibuster the nomination of White House Legal Counsel Alberto Gonzales, thus assuring that the face of legalized torture is attached to the position of Attorney General of the United States.

20.Jan.2005 Why the emperor has no clothes Uncle Sam has reneged and defaulted on up to 40% of its trillion-dollar foreign debt + nobody has said a word except for a line in The Economist. In plain English that means Uncle Sam runs a worldwide confidence racket with his self-made dollar based on the confidence that he has elicited and received from others around the world + he is a also a deadbeat in that he does not honor and return the money he has received. Continued

Satire: France Invades US, part 7 The Cause” George Bush, Chirac claimed, had links to terrorist groups. He also invaded his neighbors, used lethal chemical weapons against prisoners while governor of Texas + even tortured, killed and humiliated prisoners at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, said Chirac. Continued

20.Jan.2005 Let's attack Iran! The talk is still macho, but the performance is not there to back it up. What the US public gets for all the taxes it pays on defence - currently around $2,000 a year for every American man, woman and child- is armed forces that are barely capable of holding down one middle-sized Arab country. Continue

20.Jan.2005 The Salvador option By any standard, the ongoing American occupation of Iraq is a disaster. By Scott Ritter
The highly vaunted US military machine, laurelled and praised for its historic march on Baghdad in March + April of 2003, today finds itself a broken force, on the defensive in a land that it may occupy in part, but does not control.

21.Jan.2005 Wall-Street-Schluss: Ebay drückt die US-Kurse

21.Jan.2005 Eklat: US-Senat verschiebt Ernennung von Rice

21.Jan.2005 Bezahlen im Internet: Ebay will sein System zum Standard machen

21.Jan.2005 "Busengrapscher"-Vorwurf: Schwarzenegger soll Moderatorin belästigt haben

21.Jan.2005 Antrittsrede: Bush will Tyrannei in der Welt beenden

21.Jan.2005 Bush-Rede im Wortlaut: "Amerikas Einfluss ist nicht unbegrenzt"

21.Jan.2005 Folter in Basra: Richter warnt vor Vorverurteilung

21.Jan.2005 What’s Inside - View as HTML .. Signs Agreement to Provide Radioactive Waste Services at Los Alamos National Laboratory ownership of GTS Duratek’s preferred stock, The Carlyle Group is

21.Jan.2005 Democratic Underground Forums - 9/11 relatives sue bank in terror Ca Take a look at this from the same site, more Carlyle Nuclear Weapons ... of Regents
that "we’re back in the bomb business" because Los Alamos had just ...

21.Jan.2005 US Nuclear Weapons Complex: Security At Risk... tape or disk and walk out the door as it was during the controversy at Los Alamos.The Iron Triangle: Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group by Dan Briody ...

21.Jan.2005 USA .. Experience; California Peace Action; Los Alamos Study Group - LASG; 20/20 Vision's Web Resource Page; Abolish ... Bomb. Carlyle & Nukes. UC ...

21.Jan.2005 Panasas Debuts NAS System; CEO Schrock to Step Down (Linux ...VP Paul Gottsegen boasts that the $2.6 million Los Alamos deal is ... Centennial Ventures,
Intel Capital, Novak-Biddle Venture Partners, Carlyle Venture Partners ...

21.Jan.2005 Cosmic Iguana - Voice of the Evil Doers: CARLYLE GROUP TAKES OVER ...14.Sep.2004. CARLYLE GROUP TAKES OVER US NUCLEAR PROGRAM. No kidding,
Livermore and Los Alamos Labs: The [nuclear] program ...

21.Jan.2005 Norris Bradbury took over as Director of Los Alamos in October ...- View as HTML in

00.Sep.1954 Ralph Carlyle Smith (a member of Bradbury’s administrative staff) describes growth of the theoretical effort at Los Alamos during the push ...

19.Jan.2005 NMLA : Board Of Directors Silver City

1932/33 Myrtle Whitehill, (later Mrs. John Carlyle ), Librarian, New.. Santa Fe 1957/58 Helen F. Redman, Librarian, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratories

19.Jan.2005 Outsource Nukes? - by Gordon Prather

Thomas Carlyle . ... of Regents of the University of California, signed a contract to operate "Project Y," already under construction at Los Alamos, NM Underhill ..

19.Jan.2005 Carlyle Group Takes Over US Nuclear Weapons Program...+ Los Alamos . The program remained under a no-bid University of California management contract for 61 years. In a stealth takeover by the Carlyle Group ...

20041202 Don't forget the Carlyle Group Halliburton in addition to Kellogg Root Brown. Wackenhut & Lockheed Martin are in on it too. LOS ALAMOS ken

GRC Director Emeritus - Carlyle B. Storm was the Director of the Gordon Research Conferences from

00.000.1993 until ...

00.000.1985 he moved to the Los Alamos National Laboratory as a staff member ..

19.Jan.2004 Missing Person: LINDMAN, Alexander Lars Arne, Swedish Boy, 15 ... View as HTML

Missing Person: LINDMAN, Alexander Lars Arne, Swedish Boy, 15 months old ... Visiting
Place: Kho Pra Thong, Phang Nga Province, Thailand (Golden Buddha Beach Resort ...

Das Ermittlungsverfahren, das bis heute vom Generalbundesanwalt Kay Nehm auf Stichhaltigkeit geprüft wird, geht auf eine Strafanzeige der New Yorker Menschenrechtsorganisation "Center for Constitutional Rights" zurück. In einer ausführlichen Anzeige beschuldigt das Zentrum Rumsfeld wegen angeblicher Kriegsverbrechen im Irak, Verstößen gegen das Völkerrecht und die Uno-Folterkonvention, insbesondere in den irakischen Gefängnissen und in Guantanamo.
Rechtlich stützt sich die Anzeige, die bereits Ende November bei der Bundesanwaltschaft in Karlsruhe eingereicht wurde, auf das weit reichende deutsche Völkerstrafgesetzbuch, nach dem in der Bundesrepublik auch Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit verfolgt werden können, die nicht in Deutschland und auch nicht von Deutschen verübt wurden. Dass Nehm das Verfahren wirklich eröffnet, wird bisher von allen Seiten stark bezweifelt, trotzdem sorgte die Drohung Rumsfelds nicht nur unter den Juristen in Karlsruhe für verstimmtes Kopfschütteln.
Gastgeber Horst Teltschik sagte der Münchner "Abendzeitung", die US-Regierung schicke Douglas J. Feith zu dem hochrangigen Treffen. Hintergrund könnte eine Strafanzeige gegen den Pentagonchef beim Generalbundesanwalt wegen angeblicher Kriegsverbrechen im Irak sein.
Teltschik betonte: "Das wird in Europa Enttäuschung hervorrufen, da es wegen der Iran-Krise erheblichen Gesprächsbedarf gibt." Als Grund sei ihm eine Auslandsreise Rumsfelds genannt worden. "Die Strafanzeige wurde nicht als Argument angeführt. Aber hilfreich war sie sicher nicht."
München: Rumsfeld kommt nicht zur Sicherheitskonferenz

19.Jan.2005 Folterskandal von Basra: "Schock und Scham" in britischen Medien
Eid vor dem Kapitol: Bush beginnt seine zweite Amtsperiode

19.Jan.2005 Staatsakt zur Flutkatastrophe: "Wir können den Schmerz kaum ermessen"

19.Jan.2005 Schwere Geburt: Riesenbaby wiegt mehr als sieben Kilo

19.Jan.2005 Clownschule: Ausgebildete Pappnasen

19.Jan.2005 BGH: Genervte Flughafenanwohner erhalten keinen Schadenersatz

19.Jan.2005 Jesus-Karikatur: Haderer zu sechs Monaten Haft verurteilt

19.Jan.2005 George W. Bush, die Zweite: Mit Gebeten in die zweite Amtszeit

19.Jan.2005 CDU-Außenpolitik: Merkel fürchtet die Iran-Falle

19.Jan.2005 Harrys misslungene Maskerade: Da lacht sogar das Nazi-Schwein

19.Jan.2005 Beben-Messung: Sehen, wie die Erde zerreißt

19.Jan.2005 Kampf der Nachrichtenkanäle: N24 prophezeit n-tv das Aus

19.Jan.2005 Staatsakt für die Flutopfer: "Wir trauern um die Toten"

19.Jan.2005 Zweite Amtszeit: Wenig Zuspruch für Bush

19.Jan.2005 Pumpgun, Gewehre, Granaten: Polizei entdeckt Waffenarsenale

19.Jan.2005 Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Van Goghs Freundin will sich dem Terror nicht beugen

19.Jan.2005 Weißrussland: Lukaschenko rächt sich an den USA

19.Jan.2005 Tech-Pioniere: Der alte Mann und die Bitströme

19.Jan.2005 "Pompöser Aufwand": Historiker Fritz Stern kritisiert Bushs Amtseinführung (

19.Jan.2005 Kriminalität: Mafia macht doppelt so viel Umsatz wie der Fiat-Konzern

19.Jan.2005 Fossilien: 4,5 Millionen Jahre alte Vormenschen entdeckt
China: Bus in Unruheprovinz von Explosion zerrissen

19.Jan.2005 Vernon Gillespie Click on a name for a new proximity search:

COMMODITY CREDIT CORPORATION: Mantius,P. Shell Game. 1995 (35). DEUSS JOHN : Corn,D. Blond Ghost.

20041210 Vernon Gillespie -... 1995 (35). DEUSS JOHN : Corn,D. Blond Ghost. 1994 (373). GEOMILITECH CONSULTANTS CORPORATION : Corn,D. Blond Ghost. 1994 (375).

Inmate Rafael Caro Quintero, center, is seen in this security

... that its highest-profile inmate, Caro Quintero, had escaped ... to quell the rumors.(AP PHoto/SSP-HO ...

Fact Sheet Overview of the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation ...

Alberto Arellano-Felix; Ramon Eduardo Arellano-Felix; Jose de Jesus Amezcua-Contreras; Luis Ignacio Amezcua-Contreras; Rafael Caro - Quintero ; Vicente Carrillo ...

2004127 General: Newspapers both the United States + abroad published a picture of both presidents before...

Rafael Caro - Quintero - Cartel level ...


News>>Inmate Rafael Caro Quintero, center, is seen in this ...

Inmate Rafael Caro Quintero, center, is seen in this security ... that its highest-profile inmate, Caro Quintero, had escaped ... to quell the rumors.(AP PHoto/SSP-HO). ...

19.Jan.2005 - World News  ...

In addition to Arellano Felix,

La Palma houses Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo + Rafael Caro Quintero, the Sinaloa-based drug traffickers who were convicted of ...,0,5614642.story?coll=ny-leadworldnews-headlinespv,0,5614642.story?coll=ny-leadworldnews-headlines','9',600) [Preview This Site]

Good Afternoon Everybody…  ... fail to see the big picture ; to understand the bigger picture, change cannot ... Miguel Gallardo + Rafael Caro - Quintero supplied the contras with guns + money. ...

19.Jan.2005 20041221 Curtis sagt, er habe für Yang Enterprises gearbeitet, wurde ... Cleanup Crew – Yang non-response to clinton curtis ... is a software called Promis software, which was

Software zur Wahlmanipulation entwickelt |

Abgeordneter in Florida + auch Berater von Yang Enterprises . aus Politik, Showbiz & Promis, Sport, Wirtschaft ... PHP-Nuke is Free Software released under the GNU ...

19.Jan.2005 Formal ontology... 9 [9] Yang F. Overview of the jade bird project. ... Journal of Software, 1996, 7(3): 137-144 ... 17 [17] Lu R, Jin Z, Liu L, Jiang A, Lai H. PROMIS 2.0: An intelligent ...

ANOTHER SHIT : Vicki Yancey Shuyin Yang Yuguag Zheng UNITED AIRLINES FLIGHT ... with Justice Department officials, that PROMIS was used ... several times that the software was used ...

20.Jan.2005 Unfiltered: Unfiltered 12/13/04 Zetter quotes a statement from Yang attorney, Michael ... his then-employer to write software to alter ... of Danny Casolaro, who investigated the PROMIS system, which ...

19.Jan.2005 Workshop A Wen-Shyong Hsieh, Chu-Sing Yang (Korea ... " PROMIS : A Reliable Real-Time Network Management Tool for ... Performance and Quality Aspects of Virtual Software Enterprises .

19.Jan.2005 US Attorneys' Bulletin Vol 45 No. 02 - View as HTML Page 1. USABulletin April 1997 Volume 45, Number 2 Health Care Fraud Issues In This Issue Interview with United States Attorney Lynne ...

19.Jan.2005 Brooks-PRI Automation Wins Million Dollar MES Project from Leading... has purchased Brooks- PRI's PROMIS (TM) software solution. PROMIS is a complete suite of applications that ... Yang Shuqi, Executive Vice President of SGNEC states

20.Jan.2005 »»Reviews for Crime««... including a successful lawsuit by the software developers that ... of whoever they sold the PROMIS program to ... The Taiwanese film director Edward Yang once gave a

19.Jan.2005 [CTRL] Fwd: Bush, CIA, Khashoggi -- and Votescam Software?

like a replay of PROMIS (and has ... clandestine operation paid for "vote switching" software . ... NASA Kennedy Space Center contractor, Yang Enterprises, Inc., during ...

19.Jan.2005 Afghanistan: Dostum entgeht Mordanschlag

19.Jan.2005 Inaugurations-Feier: Die Bush-Show überrollt Washington

Boston - Die Behörden versuchen seit gestern mit Hochdruck, Licht in die Sache zu bringen, berichtete der "Boston Herald" auf seiner Webseite. Die Rettungsdienste in Boston seien in Alarmbereitschaft versetzt worden, berichtete CNN. Heute wird George W. Bush zum zweiten Mal in sein Amt eingeführt

Kurz vor der Amtseinführung des US-Präsidenten hat die US-Bundespolizei FBI eine Untersuchung über einen möglichen Anschlag mit einer "schmutzigen Bombe" in Boston eingeleitet. Zeitungs- und Fernsehberichten zufolge könnten sich vier Chinesen möglicherweise mit nuklearem Material im Gebiet von Boston aufhalten.

"Die Behörden versuchen verzweifelt, die Puzzlestücke zusammenzusetzen", zitierte der "Boston Herald" eine Polizeiquelle. Der Bürgermeister habe die Lage mit Vertretern der Bundespolizei FBI, des Geheimdienstes CIA und mit dem Sicherheitschef von Massachusetts für Heimatschutz besprochen. Die Polizei betone, dass es keine Beweise für die Richtigkeit der Angaben gebe. Möglich sei, dass der Anrufer sich von den illegalen Einwanderern übers Ohr gehauen fühlte und sich nun an ihnen rächen wolle.
Verbündete: Blair sieht Evolution in Bushs Außenpolitik

19.Jan.2005 Dicke Kinder: EU will Fast-Food-Werbung notfalls verbieten

19.Jan.2005 Plagegeister: Duft-Tarnkappe schützt vor Mücken

19.Jan.2005 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Ist Amerika noch eine Demokratie?"

19.Jan.2005 Arcor orakelt: "Videotelefonie wird ein Blockbuster"

19.Jan.2005 Weltweite Umfrage: Wer hat Angst vor George W. Bush?

19.Jan.2005 Boston: FBI sucht nach schmutziger Bombe

19.Jan.2005 Mekka: Zwei Millionen Pilger - Furcht vor Massenpanik

19.Jan.2005 Deutsche Bank: Investmentsparte droht Jobkahlschlag
Bundeswehr: Grüne und Liberale fordern Abschaffung der Wehrpflicht

19.Jan.2005 _A_O_20050101_THAY_ALL_VICTIMS_LIST_UNCOMPLETE_GERMAN_search.html Richard Leitsch Mr Pang-nga Hospital Germany 29/12/2547 5654 Ronny Graeser Mr. Pang-nga Hospital

19.Jan.2005 Dioxin-Eier: Union und FDP werfen Künast "ideologische Politik" vor

19.Jan.2005 Wall-Street-Schluss: Schlechte Quartalszahlen drücken die Kurse

19.Jan.2005 US-Außenpolitik: Rice kündigt harte Linie gegenüber Iran an

19.Jan.2005 Nahostkonflikt: Israel gibt Palästinensern "letzte Chance"

19.Jan.2005 Umfrage: Weltweit wenig Sympathien für Bush

19.Jan.2005 Verwaltungsgericht: Einberufungspraxis ungerecht, aber verfassungskonform

19.Jan.2005 Gesetzentwurf: Transparenz von der Dienstvilla bis zum Gärtner
"Huygens"-Mission: Der bewegte Mond

19.Jan.2005 Bushs Inauguration: Viertägiges Hurra auf Amerika

19.Jan.2005 Flutkatastrophe: Zahl der Opfer steigt auf über 225.000

Seit der Aufhebung des Verbots bestehe eine "ungewöhnlich hohe Nachfrage" nach Mobiltelefonen mit Kamera, berichtete "Arab News". Die Firma Etisalat, die die Lizenz für Kamera-Handys in Saudi-Arabien hält, erwarte demnach sieben Millionen Kunden innerhalb von fünf Jahren - was rund einem Drittel der Bevölkerung des Wüstenstaats entspricht.

Pro Jahr importiert Saudi-Arabien etwa sechs Millionen Handys. 70 Prozent der Konsumenten planen nach Angaben von "Arab News", ihre Modelle auszutauschen.

"Es ist heute ein globaler Trend, ein Mobiltelefon mit Kamera zu besitzen", sagte Ahmad Nasser, ein Handyverkäufer in Dschidda der Zeitung.
Trend hin oder her - die Religionsgelehrten kämpfen weiterhin gegen die Verbreitung von Kamera-Handys.

Es gebe "eine Menge Druck" von Seiten der Gelehrten, sagte ein Mitarbeiter des Innenministeriums den "Arab News".

Sollten die Theologen weiterhin eine derart unversöhnliche Haltung einnehmen, sind Auseinandersetzungen programmiert. Denn für viele Saudis hört beim Thema Kamera-Handys der Spaß auf.

So schreibt ein Teilnehmer eines Internetforums:

"Wenn der Tag dämmert, an dem alle Mobiltelefone Kameras haben + die Religionspolizisten sie zu konfiszieren versuchen -

das wird der Tag sein, an dem die Revolution beginnt." URL:,1518,druck-337550,00.html
Zwölf Jahre später, im Zuge der "Machtergreifung", setzte Hitler dann alle Hebel in Bewegung, die "Volksseele" wieder zu "entgiften" - um seinen zutiefst verabscheuungswürdigen Sprachgebrauch noch einmal zu bemühen. Und als die deutschen Juden immer stärker unter der Realpolitik des "Führers" zu leiden hatten, machten nicht wenige ihrer maßlosen Enttäuschung und ihrer Wut auf Einstein Luft - indem sie ihm zum Beispiel hasserfüllte Briefe ins Exil sandten. URL:,1518,druck-337550,00.html
Auch aus Hitlers unmittelbarem Umfeld griffen Autoren aktiv in den "Kampf um Einstein" ein und schulten die eigene Ideologie in der Auseinandersetzung mit den Stereotypen der Relativitätstheorie, wie sie im öffentlichen Bewusstsein der Weimarer Republik ihr Unwesen trieben. 1921 stimmte Hitler selbst in die Anti-Einstein-Tiraden seiner Gesinnungsgenossen ein. So klagte er auf der Titelseite des "Völkischen Beobachters", des Hetzblatts der NSDAP: "Wissenschaft, einst unseres Volkes größter Stolz, wird heute gelehrt durch Hebräer, denen im günstigsten Fall diese Wissenschaft nur Mittel ist zu ihrem eigenen Zweck, zum häufigsten aber Mittel zur bewussten planmäßigen Vergiftung unserer Volksseele und dadurch zur Herbeiführung des inneren Zusammenbruches unseres Volkes."URL:,1518,druck-337550,00.html
Rechten Demagogen war es daher ein Leichtes, in den Köpfen ihrer Mitmenschen das Schreckgespenst des "linken Juden" zum Spuken zu bringen. Ein Verweis auf Einstein genügte dafür schon. Ohne es zu wollen, avancierte der Forscher so zum idealen Sparringspartner für antidemokratische Volksverhetzer, und speziell die frühen Nationalsozialisten schärften ihre Propagandainstrumente ausgiebig an seiner Person und der "jüdisch-bolschewistischen Weltanschauung", für die er angeblich stand.URL:,1518,druck-337550,00.html
Das alles machte den jüdischen Intellektuellen für Rechte und Reaktionäre zur perfekten Zielscheibe. Der "akademische Obersozi", wie Einstein sich selbst scherzhaft nannte, entsprach in idealtypischer Weise dem Klischee des ruchlosen Staatsfeinds, der sich in den Schleier höchster wissenschaftlicher Kapazität hüllt - in Wirklichkeit aber nichts anderes verfolgt, als die "Volksmoral" durch antinationalistische, anarchistische Äußerungen zu zersetzen.URL:,1518,druck-337550,00.html
Seit er 1914 als Direktor des Kaiser-Wilhelm-Instituts für Physik nach Berlin berufen worden war, hatte er sich für pazifistische, antinationalistische und jüdische Interessen engagiert. Unter anderem setzte er sich für die Belange der gesellschaftlich besonders geächteten "Ostjuden" ein und reiste mit dem späteren ersten Präsidenten des Staats Israel, Chaim Weizmann, in die USA, um Mittel für den jüdischen Nationalfonds und die hebräische Universität in Jerusalem einzuwerben. Außerdem bekundete er öffentlich Sympathien für Lenin.
Auch innerhalb der erzkonservativ geprägten Scientific Community machte ihn solcherlei Engagement zum Außenseiter. Das hatte sich bereits kurz nach Ausbruch des Ersten Weltkriegs gezeigt, als Einstein seine Unterschrift unter einen Aufruf von Deutschlands wissenschaftlicher Elite verweigerte, die Politik Wilhelms II. aktiv zu unterstützen. Zeitlebens machte der Nonkonformist unmissverständlich klar: Seine tiefe Leidenschaft galt der sozialen Gerechtigkeit; jede Art von Militarismus hingegen lehnte er vehement ab.
Reihenweise fielen Einsteins Zeitgenossen einem Wortkurzschluss zum Opfer, indem sie die Physik auf das rein Sprachliche reduzierten:

Es gebe nichts Absolutes (mehr) in der Welt, lautete das vermeintliche neue Paradigma der Wissenschaft. Einstein habe bewiesen, dass alles "nur relativ" sei.

Einstein selbst zeigte sich von der enormen Breitenwirkung seiner Arbeiten völlig überrascht. "Gegenwärtig debattiert jeder Kutscher und jeder Kellner, ob die Relativitätstheorie richtig sei", wunderte er sich jener Tage.
Anderen Zeitzeugen blieb nicht verborgen, dass zwischen der allseits wachsenden Kritik an Einstein und den gesellschaftspolitischen Umbrüchen jener Jahre ein sehr subtiler Zusammenhang bestand.

Der Soziologe Paul Szende ( 1879-1934 ) etwa bemerkte, derart heftig hätte die allgemeine Diskussion über die Relativitätstheorie nur in einer historischen Phase entbrennen können, in der das Prinzip des Absoluten auf sämtlichen Kulturgebieten stark erschüttert worden sei.
Vor allem die weltanschauliche Verunsicherung nach dem Untergang der Monarchie war noch allenthalben spürbar: Die Menschen suchten verzweifelt nach Orientierung und einem Weg aus der Krise.

Und nun kam dieser Einstein und verkündete angeblich, es gebe überhaupt keine allgemein gültigen Maßstäbe mehr. Die fatale Entwicklung war nicht mehr zu stoppen:

Während die links orientierte, fortschrittlich gesinnte Presse versuchte, den berühmten Physiker als Vorkämpfer für die eigene Sache optimal in Szene zu setzen, schrieb ihr rechtes Pendant wie rasend gegen ihn an.

Auf diese Weise stand Einstein über Jahre hinweg wie keine zweite Person des öffentlichen Interesses im Zentrum der Aufmerksamkeit und wurde zum Spielball, ja Opfer der Medien.
Die verschiedenen Interessengruppen instrumentalisierten ihn in einer Art, die sich seiner direkten Einflussnahme naturgemäß entzog.

Allerdings: Einstein leistete den ideologischen Ausschlachtungen seiner wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnisse immer wieder dadurch unfreiwillig Vorschub, dass er sich aktiv in tagespolitische Diskussionen einmischte - manchmal aus eigenem Antrieb, manchmal, um anderen einen Gefallen zu tun.
Campact: Bürgernetzwerk fordert mehr Transparenz bei Politikern

19.Jan.2005 Flutkatastrophe: Zahl der Opfer steigt auf über 225.000

19.Jan.2005 Ideales Feindbild: Wie die Nazis Einstein für ihre Zwecke missbrauchten

19.Jan.2005 Interview mit Rupert Neudeck: "Die Uno muss in Aceh endlich in die Fläche gehen"

19.Jan.2005 Nach dem Skandaljahr 2004: Fluthilfe - die letzte Chance für die Uno

19.Jan.2005 Großbritannien: Folterfotos bringen Blair in Bedrängnis

19.Jan.2005 Zum Tode Clark Darltons: Perry Rhodans rohe Poesie

19.Jan.2005 Mehr Billigangebote: Handwerkspräsident will Zehn-Minuten-Tarif einführen

19.Jan.2005 Zweite Amtszeit: Bush und die Heroen aus Gips

19.Jan.2005 Keine Gnade: Schwarzenegger ließ Doppelmörder hinrichten

Taxales - Die Taxaceen sind immergrüne Büsche oder Bäume mit kleinen, linearen, schraubig angeordneten Blättern und sehr festem parenchymfreiem Holz. Die Tracheiden sind durch zusätzliche schraubige Verdickungen verstärkt. Die Mikrosporangien sind zu Zapfen vereint, die Megasporangien stehen einzeln. Bei
Taxus baccata (der einheimischen Eibe) sind die Integumente außer an der Spitze mit dem Nucellus verwachsen und bilden eine feste Samenschale, die von einer rot gefärbten, fleischigen, becherförmigen Hülle (Arillus) umgeben ist. Die Früchte der nordamerikanischen Gattung Torreya besitzen eiförmige Samen, die von einer dünnen holzigen Schale und einem fleischigen dicken Mantel umgeben sind .
Abendländischer Lebensbaum Thuja occidentalis

Gesammelt werden im Juni die frischen Zweigspitzen, woraus man Essenz, Fluidextrakt und Tinktur bereitet.

Solche Verordnungen empfiehlt die Kräutermedizin gegen Polypen und Warzen.

19.Jan.2005 Debatte: Transparent sollst du sein, Bürger

19.Jan.2005 Seebeben: Japan hebt Tsunami-Warnung wieder auf

19.Jan.2005 Gesetzentwurf: SPDler wollen Manager-Gehälter öffentlich machen

19.Jan.2005 also see TouchGraphLinkBrowser, TouchGraphWikiBrowser + the latest app:

In brief, a very very cool set of apps for Visualizing Data

CategoryInformationVisualization CategoryGraphTheory

TouchGraph provides a hands-on way to visualize networks of interrelated information. The networks are rendered as interactive graphs, which lend themselves to a variety of transformations. By engaging their visual image, a user is able to navigate through large graphs + to explore different ways of arranging the graphs's components on screen.

Visually navigating through a network is inherently a dynamic process + steps need to be taken to keep the user feeling oriented and in control. TouchGraph achieves this by keeping the graph looking as static as possible + more importantly, by making sure that dynamic changes are predicable, repeatable + undoable. The associative nature of a network makes remembering its structure surprisingly easy, but it is the experience of seeing a series of recurring stable visual images that really gives a boost to the user's memory. The ability to create and navigate these stable images is what makes TouchGraph special + is also the key to empowering both the designer and the user.

There are many innovations to be made before the evolution of the graph-based interface is complete. TouchGraph seeks to be at the forefront of these developments. TouchGraph anticipates a time when associative networks + the graph-based interfaces used to navigate them are omnipresent.


It's live on this site --

19.Jan.2005 Alarm vorm Weißen Haus: Mann droht mit Selbstmordanschlag

19.Jan.2005 A380-Presseschau: Was Amerika über Europas Riesenairbus denkt

19.Jan.2005 Styropor-Ersatz: Kunststoff aus Orangenschalen

19.Jan.2005 Britischer Militärprozess: Fotos zeigen Misshandlung von Gefangenen in Basra

19.Jan.2005 Riesenflieger A380: Airbus-Gigantomanie kostet die Flughäfen Milliarden

19.Jan.2005 Ermittlungsdebatte: Widerstand gegen Ausweitung der DNS-Analyse wächst

19.Jan.2005 Besucherrückgang: Online-Händler verlieren im Weihnachtsgeschäft

19.Jan.2005 Naturereignis: Japanische Behörden geben Tsunami-Warnung heraus

19.Jan.2005 Angebliche Hilfe für Iran: USA bestrafen chinesische Firmen

19.Jan.2005 Bushs Außenpolitik: Furcht vor dem Iran-Konflikt

19.Jan.2005 Saudi-Arabien: Die Handy-Revolution

19.Jan.2005 Alarm am Weißen Haus: Mann will sich in die Luft sprengen

19.Jan.2005 The Regents of the University of California COMMITTEE ON FINANCE ... - View as HTML

Regents Davies, Gonzales, Khachigian, Leach, Montoya, Nakashima, Parsky + Soderquist ... legally marry the right to share medical insurance + state pensions. ...
20041202 ... was mentioned, I noticed that the chair, Gerald Parsky, + the vice ...

Increasing social spending, including payment of pensions and state salaries, are attributed
BEHIND THE BUSHES: Chronology of a family KEY WORDS: George W. ...

In addition to being Chairman of a large financial firm, Parsky was chairman of ... to pay fair wages or contribute towards benefits - including pensions - for the ...
19.Jan.2005 Inmate Rafael Caro Quintero, center, is seen in this security camera image released on.

06.Jan.2005 by the Federal Publc Safety Secretary, inside of the Puente Grande federal high security penitentiary near Guadalajara, Mexico.

The credibility of prison officials has gotten so bad that on

06.Jan.2005 -when police beefed up a security cordon around Puente Grande, rumors flew that its highest-profile inmate, Caro Quintero, had escaped + authorities had to show a video of him in custody to quell the rumors.(AP PHoto/SSP-HO)  More...
Saturday, January 08, 2005 2:10:00 AM
DejaVu8 Yet another is Rafael Caro Quintero, owner of a farm where Iran-Contra DEA agents are ... Much of his information, photos, etc, are actually gathered by the mob.

19.Jan.2005 El Andar: Los Amigos de Bush... that all three agents who were present separately identified Muñoz Rocha from photos.

...a Tijuana disco together with a member of the Caro - Quintero drug cartel ...

19.Jan.2005 Officials acknowledge meltdown at Mexico's federal jails

The inmate -- Rafael Caro Quintero, serving a 40-year sentence for the torture-murder of a US Drug Enforcement Administration agent -- was among dozens of ...

18.Jan.2005 Web   Results 1 - 100 of about 11,100 for " Carlyle " "Bechtel" "Halliburton" . ( 0.34 seconds) 

Halliburton? Illuminati! Your one-stop shop for Halliburton, Bechtel, Carlyle Group + related evil overlords. Halliburton currently has several billion ..

20041202.. equal to half of USA total annual military spending, most of which goes into the pockets of the Carlyle Group + Bechtel Group + Wackenhut + Halliburton

20041114 ... service and the IRS are both subsidiaries of Carlyle / Bechtel / Halliburton

CorpWatch: US: Carlyle Stands to Profit from Disaster... of companies are "making billions off this illegal war."

Aside from Bechtel, he cited Halliburton, Lockheed-Martin, ChevronTexaco + the Carlyle Group.

18.Jan.2005 Chris Floyd: Bush, Bin Laden, Bechtel and Baghdad... however, the bin Ladens cashed in their Carlyle chips + But they remain welded to Bechtel + will now. Jason Leopold Halliburton Still Flouts the Law as It ...

14.Apr.1945 Besetzung Schömbergs durch die Französische Armee Kein Eintrag dazu im Protokoll

14.Apr.1945 Besetzung Schömbergs durch die Französische Armee URL:
Nov.1945 Der Landrat hat die alsbaldige Auflösung des Zweckverbandes Calw für die Beschaffung von HJ-Heimen empfohlen.

18.Jan.2005 Mosaics and compositions created by ESA can be found

18.Jan.2005 Bundespräsident: Knesset-Präsident stellt sich hinter Köhler

18.Jan.2005 Strafermittlung: Schily will auch von Ladendieben DNS-Proben

18.Jan.2005 Ukraine: Oberstes Gericht macht Juschtschenko den Weg frei

18.Jan.2005 Palästinenser: Abbas Gefolgsleute wollen Militante entwaffnen

18.Jan.2005 Premiere des A380: Der größte Europäer

18.Jan.2005 Neue US-Außenpolitik: "Jetzt ist Zeit für Diplomatie"

18.Jan.2005 Lobbyisten: Ex-Politiker im Dienst der großen Konzerne

18.Jan.2005 Streit um Knochen: Graböffnung soll Columbus-Rätsel lösen

18.Jan.2005 Bushs Weltordnung: Iran warnt USA vor Angriff

18.Jan.2005 Günter Grass: Die "toten Seelen" der Urheber

18.Jan.2005 Nach EU-Strafe gegen Microsoft: Abgespecktes Windows zum vollen Preis

18.Jan.2005 "Huygens"-Mission: Esa-Rohbilder verzücken Titan-Fans

18.Jan.2005 Spanien: Autobombe explodiert im Baskenland

18.Jan.2005 China: Regierung verteidigt Massaker auf Tiananmen-Platz

18.Jan.2005 Terror-Alarm: Kampfjets eskortieren Verkehrsflugzeug

18.Jan.2005 Roll-out des A380: Europa feiert sich als Supermacht der Luftfahrt

18.Jan.2005 Super-Aluminium: Superatome sprengen Periodensystem

18.Jan.2005 Personalchefin im Weißen Haus: Bushs Headhunterin

18.Jan.2005 Erfolg für Eichel: EU-Finanzminister setzen deutsches Defizitverfahren aus

18.Jan.2005 Irak: Kidnapper lassen entführten Erzbischof frei

18.Jan.2005 Azure MT computer consulting ... Alto, CA United States. Azure Systems : Jeff Cathers Gilroy, CA United ... ... Alto, CA United States. Azure Systems : Jeff Cathers Gilroy, CA United ...

18.Jan.2005 The DHS News Briefing -- 03/17/04 ... aviation radar systems, according to an indictment made public Tuesday." The AP added, "Ting-Ih Hsu, a naturalized US citizen and president of Azure Systems Inc ...

18.Jan.2005 Lords of Azurwroth Mankind Guild Support ... Evan Carver, Director of Azure systems ( a propulsion research Laboratory ) had foreseen the coming crisis + for decades secretly planned for a broad scale ...

18.Jan.2005 USING THE CANVAS TO CANVASS A current show by another artist-activist, Clinton Fein, called ``Numb and Number'' at the Toomey-Tourell gallery in San Francisco features digital montages ...

18.Jan.2005 11/10/99 Open Letter to the Internet Engineering Task Force ...Brian K. Durham. Dave Farber University of Pennsylvania. Clinton Fein ApolloMedia Corporation. Leonard N. Foner MIT Media Lab. Michael ...

18.Jan.2005 Clinton Fein Abbildungen der Kunstwerke Clinton Fein - Hier finden Sie Kunstwerke, Preise und Ausstellungen des Künstlers/ der Künstlerin Clinton Fein in Galerien weltweit. ...

18.Jan.2005 NewsIsFree: Saudi Arabia However, controversial political artist Clinton Fein discovered that. Seventy million Arabs still unable to read or write: report



20041221... essays, documents, historical photos + links, screened for content, ...homicidal power-obsessed Cuban homosexual named Alberto Sicilia - Falcon,

Drug War: Viva Zapata... by the likes of Archbishop Casariego, who, in a famous photo, blessed US ... a CIA weapons brochure found in the personal papers of Alberto Sicilia - Falcon, a major ... - CIA operative secretly smuggled 22 tonnes of ...

Mexican police, assisted by US drug agents, arrest Alberto Sicilia Falcon, whose Tijuana-based operation was reportedly generating $3.6 million a week from the ...

00.000.1998 Zona Latina Book Reviews...

00.000.1997 Budweiser has in fact lost its lead to Coors, another US-based company that sponsored events (see photo, credit: D ... Names like Alberto Sicilia Falcón .

The Death of Former CIA Chief William Colby

00.Aug.2002 Don't Take the Bait - Fight Smart ANIMATED PHOTO ESSAY - CLICK ...

Mexican heroin magnate Alberto Sicilia - Falcon not only claimed to have been a CIA agent ...

THE SECRET NESTS: Flushing out some birds from deep cover!

The team also revealed a security photo of two men among the ...

Mexican police, assisted by US drug agents, arrest Alberto Sicilia Falcon, whose Tijuana-based ...

18.Jan.2005 Drug War: Viva Zapata

... by the likes of Archbishop Casariego, who, in a famous photo, blessed US ...

a CIA weapons brochure found in the personal papers of Alberto Sicilia - Falcon, a major ... - CIA operative secretly smuggled 22 tonnes of ...

Mexican police, assisted by US drug agents, arrest Alberto Sicilia Falcon, whose Tijuana-based operation was reportedly generating $3.6 million a week from the ...

18.Jan.2005 Irak-Wahl: Behörden verhängen Ausgangssperre und machen Grenzen dicht
Auch in Deutschland wird überwacht
Die Beobachtung von Chaträumen findet allerdings auch in Deutschland statt. Seit einigen Jahren bieten verschiedene Firmen eine Art Webmonitoring als Dienstleistung an, mit denen Konzerne Online-Piraten und Raubkopierern auf die Spur kommen wollen. Das wichtigste Werkzeug der neugierigen Ermittler sind kleine Programme, die sich als "Spider" auf die Suche nach Schlüsselbegriffen machen.
Von vielen Netzaktivisten werden diese Dienste als unliebsame Schnüffler betrachtet, aber die Anbieter Verisign, P4M oder Mediatime halten sich nach eigenen Angaben an den Datenschutz. Der Spider "Gridpatrol" wurde von der britischen Firma Envisional aus Cambridge entwickelt und soll 95 Prozent des Netzes durchsuchen können. Dabei werden nicht nur Webseiten, sondern auch Newsgroups, Chatkanäle oder FTP-Server auf Beweismaterial kontrolliert. Mit Fuzzy Logic, Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie und Bayesian Belief Networks soll es möglich sein, Milliarden von Webseiten automatisch zu scannen.

Laut Projektbeschreibung wollen die Forscher am RPI ein System entwickeln, das automatisch Profile von Internet-Chattern, Chat-Gruppen und ganzer Chatrooms erstellt. Mit Algorithmen, Graphentheorie und Annahmen über soziale Netzwerke möchte man die Kommunikation automatisch beobachten und auswerten.
So sollen die Teilnehmer enttarnt werden, die das alltägliche Geplauder nutzen, um über bestimmte Codes heimlich zu kommunizieren. Mit den daraus entstehenden Mustern wollen die Forscher die einzelnen Personen über ihre Äußerungen identifizieren und auch beim Wechsel in andere Chats weiter verfolgen können. Die Auswertung erfolgt nach mathematischen Kriterien und kann mit bestimmten Schlüsselbegriffen weiter verfeinert werden.
Chat: Privatgespräch oder öffentliche Kommunikation?

Nach den Anschlägen vom 11. September 2001 hat die amerikanische Regierung viel Geld für Forschungen ausgegeben, die eine bessere Überwachung der elektronischen Kommunikationswege des Internet zum Ziel hatten. Nutznießer des Geldsegens waren auch Wissenschaftler des Renselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in New York, die an Methoden forschen, die Kommunikation in Chaträumen besser belauschen zu können. Die Fördermittel kommen von der US-amerikanischen National Science Foundation (NSF) und stammen aus dem Programm "Approaches to Combat Terrorism (ACT)", an dem auch die amerikanischen Geheimdienste beteiligt sind.
Entdeckt wurde die Zusammenarbeit von der amerikanischen Bürgerrechtsorganisation Electronic Privacy Information Center: "EPIC hat Details eines Memorandums zwischen der CIA und der NSF zur gemeinsamen Finanzierung in Bereichen der Mathematik und der Physik entdeckt", erklärt die Organisation auf ihrer Website. "Dabei geht es auch um die Erforschung der Überwachung von Chatrooms auf terroristische Aktivitäten. Das Gemeinschaftsprojekt trägt den Titel: Approaches to Combat Terrorism: Opportunities for Basic Research".

Überwachung Chatten unter Aufsicht
Das Chatten halten viele für die anonymste Form der Internet-Kommunikation: Unter selbst gewählten Alias-Namen wählt man sich ein, wo immer man gerade auch ist. Das stört vor allem die amerikanischen Geheimdienste - und deshalb sollen Chaträume jetzt lückenlos überwacht werden.

18.Jan.2005 Überwachung: Chatten unter Aufsicht

18.Jan.2005 Sprache: "Humankapital" ist Unwort des Jahres

18.Jan.2005 Demenz: Bilder-Test könnte Alzheimer entlarven

18.Jan.2005 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Die Tyrannei des Besitzes ist grausam"

18.Jan.2005 Langfristige Hilfe: Aceh braucht mehr als eine Milliarde Euro

18.Jan.2005 Betrugsprozess gegen Bernie Ebbers: Ende einer Milliarden-Freundschaft

18.Jan.2005 Handelsbilanz: Deutsche Firmen erzielen neuen Export-Rekord

18.Jan.2005 Expansionsdrang: Deutsche Bank plant Einstieg bei der Bank of Beijing

18.Jan.2005 Stabilitätspakt: Griechenland droht Milliarden-Geldstrafe

18.Jan.2005 Meinungsforschung: Keine Wechselstimmung im Land

18.Jan.2005 Zeitung: Dänemark will Truppen aus Irak abziehen

18.Jan.2005 USA: Soldatin England liebt verurteilten Graner noch immer

18.Jan.2005 USA: Bush nimmt Iran ins Visier

18.Jan.2005 Kriegsverbrechen: 18 Jahre Haft wegen Srebrenica-Massaker

18.Jan.2005 Absurde Waffen: Labor wollte Schwulmacher fürs Pentagon entwickeln

18.Jan.2005 Irak: Katholischer Erzbischof in Mossul entführt

18.Jan.2005 Deutsche als Firmengründer: Nur die Portugiesen sind ängstlicher

18.Jan.2005 Ausfiltern von E-Mails: Urteil mit Nebenwirkungen?

18.Jan.2005 Tsunamis in Großstädten: Wenn die U-Bahn im Wasser versinkt

18.Jan.2005 Fahndungserfolg nach Moshammer-Mord: Bayern will DNS-Tests ausweiten

18.Jan.2005 11.Sep.2001 Acht Terroranklagen in Spanien

18.Jan.2005 BY GOVERNMENTS - Versión en HTML

Swiss company responsible for setting up shell companies for the Enterprise, transferring funds + managing several secret bank accounts; Defex, SA, a front ...

Walsh Iran / Contra Report - Chapter 8 The Enterprise and Its ...

They had the Enterprise's Swiss fiduciaire CSF

00.Jul1985 create a Liberian shell corporation named `` Defex SA '' The new corporation was intentionally given ...

18.Jan.2005 Did Adnan Khashoggi Throw the Election to Dubya? Timothy Noah.. on private planes owned by Saudi weapons dealer Adnan Khashoggi ...

Iranian arms buyer,into contact with the arms -selling Israelis. ... Imelda Marcos ' Shoe Collection.

philippines - ppu information.. in Manila; the army ceased to back Marcos, who fled ... wide + also had its own arms factory. ... anti-aircraft weapons, rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns. ...

FRONTLINE/WORLD . Sierra Leone - Gunrunners . Gallery of ...he leased a plane to Ferdinand Marcos for his ... Arms Dealer Implicates Peru Spy Chief in Smuggling Ring The ... Those guns ended up with FARC (Revolutionary Armed ... Flashy Fugitive Richard Hirschfeld Dies... Hirschfeld and an associate posed as arms dealers and taped ... to a Senate subcommittee about Marcos's plans ... Mr. Hirschfeld remained a wheeler- dealer who believed ...

20041210 Seagrave,S. The Marcos Dynasty. 1988 -.. 1987 ...Harper's Magazine: Licensed To Kill - arms dealer Ernst Werner

The BCCI Affair... it dealt with such figures as Noriega, Saddam, Marcos, Peruvian President ... Western intelligence groups as well, especially in arms deals ... It could have been guns. ...

BLACK-MARKET TRANSFERS View as HTML According to Comandante Marcos, one of the top leaders of ... a military expedition against Haiti and to export arms.. a small quantity of machine guns to Brazil ...

SOUTHERN FRONT CONTRAS... of a working arrangement with Colombian drug dealers...its belief to Headquarters that Marcos Aguado, a ... that a contact of Prado's, arms dealer Sarkis Garabed ...

18.Jan.2005 Through racist eyes : The entire state of Israel has institutionalized racism because its charter is to preserve a Jewish character. Any other country in the world would be lambasted for such ethnic exclusionary premises. But in the US, Israel is celebrated.

18.Jan.2005 An Ideological Tower of Babel: Christian Zionism: Franklin Graham, whose father Billy converted Bush, has called Islam evil and Graham's decision to join other Christian evangelists in Iraq both to aid and convert Iraqis must bolster the Muslim perception of the invasion as an alliance of "Jews and Crusaders."

18.Jan.2005 Revealed: how the tsunami warning was bungled:

Scientists at the Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii did not use an existing rapid telecommunications system set up to get warnings around the world almost instantly because the bureaucratic arrangements were not in place.

18.Jan.2005 Sharon accused of exploiting violence:

Ariel Sharon is accused of using the recent Gaza border incident as an excuse to sever contacts with Mahmud Abbas, says the leader of Israel's left-wing Yahad party, Yossi Beilin.

18.Jan.2005 Sharon orders crackdown : Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says he has given his troops a free hand to launch a crackdown on Palestinian anti occupation forces.

18.Jan.2005 46 Palestinian Election Officials Resign : Forty-six members of the Palestinian election commission, including top managers, resigned Saturday, saying they were pressured by Mahmoud Abbas' campaign and intelligence officials to abruptly change voting procedures during the 09.Jan.2005 presidential poll.

18.Jan.2005 Israel says freezing talks, no Palestinian state: Israel's unilateral plan to evacuate some occupied land and keep the rest will indefinitely prevent a Palestinian state with Washington's blessing, a senior Israeli official said in an interview published Wednesday.

18.Jan.2005 Mahmoud Abbas Extends His Hands In Peace: Israel Occupation Forces Kill Six In Gaza:

18.Jan.2005 Report: FBI botched internal spying probe: A former FBI linguist's allegations of possible espionage involving a colleague are credible but still have not been properly examined nearly three years after they were made, according to a new internal Justice Department report released Friday.

18.Jan.2005 Bush Says Election Ratified Iraq Policy: President Bush said the public's decision to reelect him was a ratification of his approach toward Iraq and that there was no reason to hold any administration officials accountable for mistakes or misjudgments in prewar planning or managing the violent aftermath.

18.Jan.2005 Dr. James J. Zogby : The Reality of the Two Americas : Two radically different Americas were on display this week. Both are real + both must be recognized a real to understand my country.

18.Jan.2005 The forgotten inmate of Guantanamo Bay and the British secret service connection: London resident believes he was set up after being illegally arrested by US intelligence.

18.Jan.2005 Bush’s Grand Plan: Incite Civil War : When you destroy a man’s home and kill and disgrace his friends, he’ll fight back. And, when you rob a man of everything he has, including his dignity, you leave him with one, solitary passion… rage. This rage is now animating the resistance in ways that no one had previously anticipated.

18.Jan.2005 We Are Really, Really Sorry: We have become a nation that accepts no responsibility for its actions or its mistakes. We have become an apathetic people led by fat little kings who cater to a Boy King

18.Jan.2005 William Blum : Eastern Europe: From Soviet Satellites to American? : American interference in the political and economic affairs of nations in every corner of the world is, unfortunately, a tale told many times. - It had all been a con game

18.Jan.2005 The Failure of Empire: The United States is facing the prospect of a major defeat in Iraq that is likely to constitute a serious setback in the ongoing campaign to expand the American empire.

18.Jan.2005 Bush’s Cambodia: Syria in the Crosshairs: Americans simply don’t care, or can’t be bothered, about Bush’s dirty invasion, occupation + now expansion of hostilities into Syria, even though, if we are to believe the corporate media conducted polls, roughly fifty percent of Americans think invading Iraq was probably not the right thing to do, not that Americans plan to go into the streets to put an end to it.

18.Jan.2005 U.S. Army Spc. Charles Graner Jr, Gets 10 Years For Iraq Prison Torture : Asked if he felt remorse after the sentence was handed down, Graner said, "There's a war on. Bad things happen."

18.Jan.2005 Higher Officials Unlikely to Be Tried: To some, the low-level Army reservist may look like the fall guy in a debacle that embarrassed the United States throughout the world and tainted the image of American forces in Iraq. Yet analysts said that for now, at least, it was doubtful that higher-level officials would be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt

18.Jan.2005 Group Calls for a Kenneth Starr for Abu Ghraib:

The latest annual report by Human Rights Watch describes the torture and sexual humiliation as Abu Ghraib one of the most insidious threats to human rights 00.000.2004.

18.Jan.2005 The price of pain : Declassified FBI and military documents point the finger at the White House for allowing the torture of suspected terrorists.

18.Jan.2005 Abu Ghraib abuse firms are rewarded : As prison ringleader awaits sentence, defence contractors win multi-million Pentagon contracts

18.Jan.2005 British soldiers accused of abuse: Shocking images of British soldiers allegedly abusing Iraqi prisoners will be revealed in a courtroom in Germany.

18.Jan.2005 Pentagon Is Taking Steps For Longer Stay in Iraq: The Pentagon is building a permanent military communications system that suggests American soldiers will be in Iraq for the foreseeable future.

18.Jan.2005 In case you missed it: Ron Suskind: Without a Doubt : Bush grew into one of history's most forceful leaders, his admirers will attest, by replacing hesitation and reasonable doubt with faith and clarity. Many more will surely tap this high-voltage connection of fervent faith and bold action.

In politics, the saying goes, anything that works must be repeated until it is replaced by something better. The horizon seems clear of competitors.

18.Jan.2005 Auschwitz Remembered: Torture, murder, rape + robbery, these are the eternal camp followers of war; guilt settles on the shoulders of the persons who dig the wellspring whence these crimes flow.

18.Jan.2005 Gordon Prather: Should I Laugh or Cry? : Does Bush really believe that Russia, France and China disbelieved the International Atomic Energy Agency report of March 7, 2003, which refuted every one of Bush's pre-war assertions about Iraqi nukes?

18.Jan.2005 U-S intelligence found no evidence W-M-D moved from Iraq

18.Jan.2005 A Celebration for the Bush Administration : Has the soul of America been so crushed by fear and apathy that we are no longer capable of listening to the voices of the heart and mind that tell us violence should only be an action of last resort? Are we so mesmerized by leaders infected with greed and privilege that we can no longer admit our mistakes or take the collective action to bring about real justice?

In case you missed it: US Senator Robert Byrd : Reckless Administration May Reap Disastrous Consequences : To contemplate war is to think about the most horrible of human experiences. On this February day, as this nation stands at the brink of battle, every American on some level must be contemplating the horrors of war. Yet, this Chamber is, for the most part, silent -- ominously, dreadfully silent. There is no debate, no discussion, no attempt to lay out for the nation the pros and cons of this particular war.

18.Jan.2005 America: Land of the free? - Not if you're a Muslim. : "Racial profiling is to the 21st century what Jim Crow laws were to the last, turning entire groups of people into second-class citizens and denying them the rights to which we all are due."

18.Jan.2005 West Wing wanabees: wake up and smell the coffee : Bush's second term shows that Britain's political class is living in the past

18.Jan.2005 Saddam to Be Moved to Qatar U.S. Base: The decision was made in consensus with the Iraqi government as a precautionary measure against surprise developments that might occur ahead of the upcoming elections slated for 30.Jan.2005

18.Jan.2005 A Russian Uprising: Cuts in social benefits ignite protests across the country — and rare criticism of President Putin

18.Jan.2005 Putin orders pension increase: President Vladimir Putin called today for a larger-than-planned hike in pensions for the elderly after protests by pensioners angry at the withdrawal of Soviet-era benefits spread throughout the country

18.Jan.2005 A trail of torture at hands of US forces : The image of the corpse wrapped in polythene, his right eye bandaged, his nose broken and his mouth open as if gasping for his last breath, signifies that darker practices than sadistic games have taken place in US-run jails in Iraq.

18.Jan.2005 The Scapegoat : The show trial of U.S. Army reservist Charles Graner had something for everyone: tragedy, comedy, pathos + propaganda.

18.Jan.2005 A Man of Integrity: Sgt. Kevin Benderman—“No To War”: In this decision to apply for Conscientious Objector status and to walk away from war, I support Kevin and Monica Benderman totally. This old Nam vet considers Kevin Benderman a man of ethics, integrity and honor

18.Jan.2005 Robert Fisk: Hotel journalism gives American troops a free hand : "Hotel journalism" is the only way to describe it. More and more, Western reporters in Baghdad are reporting from their hotels rather than the streets of Iraq's towns and cities.

18.Jan.2005 U.S. Lowers Expectations for Once-Heralded Iraq Vote: Unable to deliver on its lofty goal of bringing democracy to Iraq through the Jan. 30 elections, the Bush administration is pressing a damage-control campaign to lower expectations for the vote.

18.Jan.2005 Robert Fisk: Not Even Saddam Could Achieve the Divisions This Election Will Bring : Sunday 30 January, the magic date upon which Iraq is supposed to transform itself into a democracy will no doubt be greeted as another milestone in America's adventure and, I suspect, another "great day for Iraq" by Lord Blair of Kut al-Amara.

18.Jan.2005 A Matter Of Conscience

I have chosen not to take part in war and it was easy to come to that decision. By Sergeant Kevin Benderman, U.S. Army
I have learned from first hand experience that war is the destroyer of everything that is good in the world, it turns our young into soulless killers and we tell them that they are heroes when they master the “art” of killing. That is a very deranged mindset in my opinion. It destroys the environment, life + the resources which could be used to create more life by advancing our endeavors.

18.Jan.2005 Through The Army Meat Grinder
What is wrong with a country where war is glorified and fighting for peace is cowardly?
What is wrong with the direction of the world when a man and his wife receive phone calls and emails from all over their country asking them to explain themselves, calling them cowards, wondering if they have ever read the Bible or studied the scripture, all because a man has chosen to speak out against war and violence + his wife has chosen to stand with him?
Continued .

18.Jan.2005 It's Official: My Brother Died in Vain After two years, the government has called off its fruitless hunt for WMD.
My family and I have lived with the grief of losing a loved one. We have struggled to explain his death to his son. We have gazed at the shards of life scattered at our feet, in wonder of its fragility, in perpetual catharsis with God.

18.Jan.2005 Video: The Human Cost of War   This Is A Must Watch Documentary

18.Jan.2005 This film is our soldiers’ perspective of the Iraq War + how they are being treated upon returning home. It goes beyond the war stories to look underneath our American tradition of engaging in war and then abandoning the warrior. Watch it online now!

18.Jan.2005 An Appeal to Global Conscience An appeal to the peace and justice movement, calling for a long-term strategy for undermining the foundations of war.
The time has come to recognize that the U.S. occupation is the principal cause of the violent insurgency and growing civil war. We disagree with those who, while admitting that that the war was a mistake based on fabricated evidence, nevertheless claim it would be a bigger mistake to end the occupation and withdraw.

18.Jan.2005 Report: U.S. Conducting Secret Missions Inside Iran: The United States has been conducting secret reconnaissance missions inside Iran to help identify potential nuclear, chemical and missile targets

18.Jan.2005 Seymour Hersh: The Coming Wars: Bush’s reëlection is regarded within the Administration as evidence of America’s support for his decision to go to war. It has reaffirmed the position of the neoconservatives in the Pentagon’s civilian leadership who advocated the invasion.

18.Jan.2005 Pakistan rejects report on Iran nuclear programme : Pakistan Monday categorically rejected a US media report that Islamabad had helped US commandos in their covert operation inside Iran against the country's nuclear programme

18.Jan.2005 Audio: Target Iran?: Interview with Seymour Hersh

18.Jan.2005 In case you missed it: Will Iran Be Next?: Those who have hoped that a U.S. military victory in Iraq would somehow bring about a more peaceful world are in for a rude awakening. The final resolution of this war and the U.S. occupation of Iraq will likely not be the end, rather, only the prelude to a succession of future crises

18.Jan.2005 CANNONFIRE Observations on politics and society by Joseph Cannon A PROUD MEMBER OF WHAT TOM DELAY CALLS "THE X-FILES WING OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY" URL:
18.Jan.2005 Daniel Hopsicker on Sequoia : In his latest radio interviews (go to
part one and part two), this odd-but-interesting Florida-based independent journalist looks into the shady history of a major vote-counting firm. You think you've heard the worst? Think again.
He discusses the history of this company in the 1990s, including the indictments issued after a shady vote on a New Orleans gambling initiative. One of the individuals caught with his fingers in the cookie jar was Jerry Fowler, who went to jail. Hopsicker connects Fowler to a bete noir, Adnan Khashoggi -- whose name, you will recall, came up in our discussion of Triad, or rather the various companies bearing that name. (Khashoggi, it is said, had an interest in a proposed casino + thus in the electoral results.)
18.Jan.2005 Bubble, bubble, boil and trouble... Steven Roach, the chief economist at Morgan Stanley, thinks your house costs too much. Way too much.
In a
piece in Forbes that a reader kindly brought to my attention ("World on Brink of Ruin" -- catchy title, eh wot?) this expert blames Alan Greenspan for bringing the Unites States to the edge of the economic cliff + draws specific attention to "the biggest bubble of all: residential property." Of course, this is a bubble unlike most others: The Dutch didn't really need tulips, but people do need a roof overhead. Still, one can't excape a few anxious shivers when experts sound apocalyptic warnings parlously close to those heard from down-at-heels bloggers and usenet ranters.

17.Jan.2005 Titan-Bilder: "Wie die amerikanische Westküste"

17.Jan.2005 Kultur-Konservierung: Total Recall im Schwarzwaldstollen

17.Jan.2005 Unter 8000 Euro: Ford verkauft ab sofort Billig-Ka

17.Jan.2005 Order an Polizei: Abbas will Terrorangriffe auf Israel unterbinden

17.Jan.2005 Hilfsorganisationen: Dänemark gibt Terrorwarnung für Fluthelfer heraus

17.Jan.2005 Märtyrer-Effekt: Wie der Glaube den Schmerz eindämmt

17.Jan.2005 Stechender Zahnschmerz: Mann schießt sich unbemerkt Nagel in den Kopf

17.Jan.2005 Erste Verhaftung: FBI schnappt Tsunami-Spam-Betrüger

17.Jan.2005 Deutsch in der Knesset: Abgeordnete drohen mit Boykott der Köhler-Rede

17.Jan.2005 Erlebnispädagogik und Kneipenverbot: Harry soll Daddys Schweinestall ausmisten

17.Jan.2005 Flutkatastrophe: Zahl der Opfer steigt auf über 175.000

17.Jan.2005 Zum Tod Zhao Ziyangs: Der weggeschlossene Reformer

17.Jan.2005 Bangkok: Hunderte Verletzte bei U-Bahn-Unglück

17.Jan.2005 Amtseinführung des US-Präsidenten: Bush-Fest mit Pomp und Waffen

17.Jan.2005 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Die Furcht eines zerzausten Bürgertums"

Denn besonders durch die Langleinen-Fischerei sterben jedes Jahr unzählige Albatrosse; mittlerweile stehen 19 der 21 bekannten Arten auf der Roten Liste. Croxall hofft nun, Schutzzonen für die Vögel einrichten zu können, deren zeitliche und räumliche Grenzen auf den neuen Erkenntnissen zu den Flugrouten basieren. Dadurch könnte sich die Zahl der getöteten Albatrosse, so die Hoffnung des britischen Forschers, um 75 bis 95 % reduzieren lassen.

Die Vögel erwiesen sich dabei als echte Langstreckenflieger. Mehr als die Hälfte der untersuchten Albatrosse drehte im Quartier vor der indischen Küste nicht um, sondern flog gleich weiter und umrundete dabei die Erde. Der schnellste Albatros brauchte für eine Strecke von 22.000 Kilometern gerade einmal 46 Tage. Drei Vögel brachten es zwischen den Brutperioden sogar auf zwei Erdumrundungen.
Während der Feiern gilt ein Flugverbot im Umkreis von 37 Kilometern um die drei Flughäfen Reagan National, Dulles und Baltimore-Washington. Gewöhnlich ist lediglich der Luftraum im Umkreis von 25 Kilometern um das Washington Monument gesperrt.
Neben der Polizei sollen auch rund 2500 Soldaten für einen störungsfreien Ablauf der Feierlichkeiten am Donnerstag sorgen. Er glaube aber nicht, dass die Zuschauer wegen der umfangreichen Sicherheitsmaßnahmen beeinträchtigt würden, meinte der Kommandeur des Militärbezirks Washington, Generalmajor Galen Jackman. "Ich denke, die Menschen werden mit dem, was wir hier machen, zufrieden sein", sagte Jackman. Zur Vereidigung Bushs am Kapitol, dem Sitz von Senat und Repräsentantenhaus, werden etwa 250.000 Zuschauer erwartet. Rund 500.000 Menschen dürften die Strecke entlang der anschließend stattfindenden Parade vom Kapitol zum Weißen Haus säumen.
Der scheidende Heimatschutzminister Tom Ridge bezeichnete die Amtseinführung als die bedeutendste Manifestation der amerikanischen Demokratie. Die Sicherheitsbehörden hatten im vergangenen Jahr von Geheimdienstinformationen über mögliche Terroranschläge anlässlich der Präsidentenwahl berichtet und auch eine Bedrohung der Feiern zur Amtseinführung nicht ausgeschlossen. Es gebe keine Hinweise auf eine konkrete Bedrohung, sagte Ridge nun auf einer Pressekonferenz. Dennoch wurden die, nach seinen Angaben schärfsten Sicherheitsvorkehrungen getroffen, die es je bei einer Amtseinführungsfeier gab.
Gefiederte Vielflieger: In 46 Tagen um die Welt

17.Jan.2005 Abgeraucht: Zigaretten-Verkäufe brechen 2004 ein

17.Jan.2005 Kampf der Giganten: Boeing plant Super-Jumbo

17.Jan.2005 Bonusmeilen: Lufthansa schuldet Kunden 491 Millionen Euro

17.Jan.2005 China: Gestürzter Parteichef Zhao Ziyang tot

17.Jan.2005 Apple-Jubel: Fangemeinde akzeptiert Mac mini

17.Jan.2005 Abgesang auf den Jumbo-Jet: Bye-bye, Buckelwal

17.Jan.2005 Nebenjobs: Korrupte Politiker sollen härter bestraft werden

17.Jan.2005 Moshammer-Mord: Politiker fordern häufigere Anwendung von DNS-Analysen

17.Jan.2005 USA: Höchste Alarmstufe bei Bushs Amtseinführung

16.Jan.2005 Schweizer / WS 03/04 – 200 Text-Version

Schweizer / WS 03/04 - 200- 01.10.03 zu Ziff. 4.3311: U"bergangswahrscheinlichkeiten zu:aus: R. WAGNER, Korpusbasierte Konstruktion ...

16.Jan.2005 archiv: neues aus der realitätsforschung archiv: neues aus der realitä tsforschung . ...

Die Sprünge in der Wissenschaft sind nicht logischen Prozeduren, sondern dem Phänomen Kreatività ¤t zu ...

Laut Hershs Bericht arbeiten die amerikanischen Einheiten mit pakistanischen Wissenschaftlern zusammen, die früher in engem Kontakt mit den Iranern gestanden haben. Im Austausch für die Informationen der Pakistaner, so Hersh, verzichteten die Amerikaner auf die Auslieferung des "Vaters der pakistanischen Atombombe", A.Q. Khan.

Dies sei dem pakistanischen Präsidenten Pervez Musharraf zugesichert worden. Khan gilt als Schlüsselfigur in der Weitergabe von Nukleartechnologie an Iran, Libyen und Nordkorea.
Hersh zitiert einen Regierungsberater mit den Worten: "Die Zivilisten im Pentagon wollen in den Iran gehen und soviel militärische Infrastruktur wie möglich zerstören".

Ein anderer hochrangiger Informant sagt dem Reporter: "Die Bush-Regierung sieht dies als eine große Kriegszone an. Als nächstes werden wir einen Irankrieg haben".
Präsident George W. Bush habe eine Reihe von Geheimbefehlen unterzeichnet, die den Undercover-Einsatz von US-Truppen in bis zu zehn Ländern autorisierten, so Hersh weiter.

16.Jan.2005 Krieg gegen den Terror: Wirbel um amerikanische Undercover-Mission im Iran

The damage inflicted on our communities by organised crime groups is real and tangible.

These people trade in misery and fear for the sake of profit. People traffickers exploit vulnerable people and are responsible for 70% of illegal migrants to the EU according to Europol estimates.

"Organised drugs traffickers import the heroin + cocaine which ends up on our streets.

The drug addict, trapped into a cycle of crime to pay for his habit, steals from his neighbours.

Organised crime is not victimless, it affect all of us.

Organised criminals should be under no illusion, there is no hiding place from the law.

"There will be no relaxation in our existing efforts to tackle organised crime while we put in place the new structures.

Our existing organised crime agencies will continue combating organised crime with determination, professionalism and above all, with continued success." URL:
The Home Secretary, David Blunkett, said:

"Organised criminals make their millions from human misery - trafficking in drugs and people, engaging in fraud and extortion.

They control criminal empires that reach from the other side of the world to the dealer on the street corner.

They believe they are beyond the reach of justice and out of our sights.

That is not the case - no-one should be untraceable and no-one should be untouchable.

This new agency will focus on tracking them down.

"Modern organised criminals are sophisticated, organised and well-resourced entrepreneurs.

We need to respond to this changing criminal threat,

harness the skills of non-traditional investigators like accountants + legal experts + combine these with our world-class detectives and intelligence officers.

We must become better organised,

more sophisticated + more technologically capable than the criminals.

We must not just keep pace but have to get ahead of them.

The Adjudicator's Office

The Adjudicator, Dame Barbara Mills, DBE, QC, looks at complaints that Customs + Excise have been unable to resolve to the satisfaction of the complainant.

The Adjudicator looks at both sides of a complaint +

where she considers it justified,

she makes recommendations to Customs + Excise about putting things right.

Her recommendations are independent + her services are free.


The Inland Revenue is responsible for the efficient administration of ... tax, capital gains tax, petroleum revenue tax, inheritance tax ...

The Adjudicator's Office. ...

16.Jan.2005 Harry macht Mut

16.Jan.2005 Flutopfer: Wem gehört Baby 81?

16.Jan.2005 Vor Feiertag: USA entlassen 81 Häftlinge in Afghanistan







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16.Jan.2005 PROJECT DATABASE - HTML-Version It is being implemented through a Namibia- Spain Cooperation Agreement. The Spanish companies, Page, Ineco and Defex will collaborate with the Ministry of Works ...

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Neben der TV-Show, einer weiteren Labeltour im Herbst + Remixe für Melino + das kubanische Stimmwunder Gitana Loca, Housetwins, Defex + Alex Deluxe ...

16.Jan.2005 Walsh Iran / Contra Report - Chapter 8 The Enterprise + Its ...

The vessel headed for Spain, where it remained anchored for two weeks.

Enterprise received $1.2 million + the remainder went to Parlow or Defex, who worked ...

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There were over 500 banging' mixes sent to us from all over the world (America, South Africa, UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Japan, Brazil to name a few ... 14. Jan. 2005



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Air Namibia privatisation threatened by opposition and withdrawal of union-controlled partner, 15191C, 4 Namibia, Ineco-Page- Defex ( Spain ) signs contract to ...

The Manila Times Internet Edition | REGIONS > Govt launches more ...mixed-credit financing scheme from the Kingdom of Spain totaling to $35 million. The vessels were built by Spanish ship maker, Rodman Plyships SA and DEFEX . ...

[ACrowd Control Technologies : An Assessment Of Crowd Control ...- HTML-Version ... weapons Gasin Gases Industriale / Spain DEFEX SA / / / East / West Engineering Co / Falken SA / / NitSpy Defensa Y contraespionaje / / ...

PARIS 2005 Spain Federator : DEFEX Sweden Agent : SAI - Strategy Analysis International Federator : SWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL Switzerland Agent : CCO - Creative Consulting ...

16.Jan.2005 Tampa PRO 2003 Saturday Street Qualifiers Contest Results @ SPoT ...Sponsors: Sushi Wheels, eS, venture, Rockstar Bearings, S-One, Defex Clothing Hometown:
NYC ... 24, Ruben Garcia 1 Comments Sponsors: Dogtown Hometown:, Spain Notes

Tampa PRO 2002 Saturday Street Qualifiers Contest Results @ SPoT ...Sponsors: Sushi Wheels, eS, venture, Rockstar Bearings, S-One, Defex Clothing Hometown ...3 Comments Sponsors: Reef, Ciencia, Zona Skate Shop Hometown: Spain, Notes ...
EADS NV - Shared Companies Among the Spanish companies in which CASA participates as a capital shareholder ( Defex, Detycom, Inisas, etc.), special ... de Aragón, 404, 28022 Madrid · Spain .

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.. the Governments of the Republic of Namibia + the Kingdom of Spain signed a ...

The Spanish companies involved in the undertaking are Defex, Page and Ineco, which ... - 15. Jan. 2005

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Accenture, SL Álava Ingenieros Aplein Ingenieros Coritel, SA Defex Empresarios Agrupados ...SA (MARZASA) Meisa Defensa y Transporte SL Munters Spain, SA Parafly ... defensa

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Mines at Brescia + the SNIA BPD at Fugia in Italy, the Hertenberge Ltd in Austria, the Companhia de Explosivos Valporaiba of Brazil + Defex of Spain .

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KBP DESIGN BUREAU, 13E-A3, ROSVOOROUZHENIE, 12W-B5, SPAIN, BAZAN SEPI/ EN, 13E-B15, Spanish. DEFEX (Spanish Pavilion), 13E-B15, Spanish. EXPAL GROUP, 13E-B15, Spanish ...

Big Brother Incorporated SOUTH AFRICA. Barlows Electronics Ltd Night Vision Optics. SPAIN . Defex SA. SWITZERLAND. Security Systems International. TAIWAN. Startek Engineering. UNITED KINGDOM ...

Lilliths Realm - ATPC - NOTES and REFERENCES... and Rennhak Nachtsichtsysteme in Germany; ATET SRi in Italy; ALphaSafety in Luxembourg; Reinaert Electronics in the Netherlands; Defex in Spain and Spycatcher .

ACCUSED BEATNIK TERMITES : taste the sand lp (r’n’r inc 001, spain ) m-/vg+++ € 9. ... DECONTROL : s/t lp (hardly,'87,sealed) m-/m € 12 DEFEX : beyond machine gun

UK Indymedia | Purveyors of fine technologies of political control Zone Box 3061 Herzlia Israel Phone- 972 9 9555464 Fax- 972 9 9559146 email- DEFEX SA Spain 1. INI (National Institute for Industry) has ...

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Post your comment Friday, January 07, 2005. Post your comment. Link defex to military reform. There is undoubtedly a case for an increase in India’s defence budget. ...

[The most important and influential publication for the Spanish and ...- HTML-Version... airlines sales tool JULY/AUGUST ILA’2004 (Berlin, Germany) report Lockheed Martin + Spain and Latin ... DCN INTERNATIONAL * DEFENDORY * DEFEX * DELAZ * DENEL ...

16.Jan.2005 EUPF - European Procurement Forum: The EU UN-Procurement Seminar... Caterpillar Consulate General of The Netherlands Control Risks Group -D- Defex SA Degremont ... KG Medentech Ltd Mission of Spain to the UN Monetti SpA Mundoforma ...

NISAT - [document title goes here] ... Defensa Exportación, DEFEX : is the export company for Spanish made Security and Defence ... Click here to view a table of small arms producing companies in Spain . ...

Biometrics Spain : Identity National Document, DNI (along with Spanish Mint, as technological partner). ... System for the National Police (along with Defex, as technological

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20041219 Gasin Gases Industriale / Spain DEFEX SA / / / East / West Engineering Co / ... www ... 4 Namibia, Ineco-Page- Defex ( Spain ) signs-. 7



Facts ???, 153 exhibitor. Participating country pavilion: ????, Civipol (France), Defex ( Spain ) Rosoboronoexport (Russia).

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Defex - Spain Ms. Peggy Lambert "Established new prospective client for spanish companies". DSM - The Netherlands Mr. Adri Van Der Waals "Good event for us".

ICG Spaces - community weblog - Weapons & Technology Public From what I could make of limited English text, there were three country pavilions: Civipol (France), Defex ( Spain ) + Rosoboronoexport (Russia). ...

00.000.2004 Spain, Landmine Monitor Report

17] Intervention by Spain, Standing Committee on ... Fabricaciones Extremeñas + Unión Española de Explosivos, which were all part of the DEFEX (Defense +

00.000.1999 SPAIN, Landmine Monitor Report

All are a part of the group DEFEX (Defense and Export), which, in turn, is controlled by the INI (the Industry National Institute). ... [4] Spain has produced

16.Jan.2005 12:
Rom - Den Befehl zur Entführung habe Hitler dem damaligen SS-General Karl Friedrich Otto Wolff in Rom gegeben, berichtet die römische Zeitung "La Repubblica" unter Berufung auf ein Memorandum des SS-Generals im Jahr 1972 gegenüber dem Vatikan.
"Ich habe den Befehl, Pius zu entführen, persönlich von Hitler erhalten", zitiert die Zeitung Wolff. Der Papst sollte demnach dafür bestraft werden, dass die katholische Kirche tausende Juden in Klöstern versteckte und so vor den Nazis gerettet habe.
Wolff habe sich jedoch geweigert und Pius von der Gefahr gewarnt. Der Heilige Vater hätte zunächst in einem Schloss in Baden-Württemberg festgesetzt werden sollen, heißt es in dem Bericht. Der Plan Hitlers habe offenbar auch eine "physische Eliminierung" vorgesehen.
Die italienische Bischofskonferenz veröffentlichte die Dokumente jetzt, um das Image des umstrittenen Papstes aufzubessern. Pius, der von 1939 bis 1958 regierte, ist als "Papst des Schweigens" in die Geschichtsbücher eingegangen, weil er die Judenverfolgung der Nazis nicht laut und deutlich verurteilt hat
Vergangene Woche sind neue Vorwürfe gegen Pius erhoben worden. Der Vatikan will jedoch den bereits eingeleiteten Prozess der Seligsprechung Pius' zu Ende bringen
Das Kapitel Pius XII. ist eines der dunkelsten der katholischen Kirche. Israel hatte sich mehrfach indigniert über die geplante Seligsprechung geäußert. Historiker meinen, er hätte viele Juden retten können, wenn er offen gegen deren Verfolgung protestiert oder etwa hohe Nazis exkommuniziert hätte. Dagegen führt der Vatikan immer wieder an, die Kirche habe im Stillen tausende Juden gerettet.

Offener Widerstand gegen Hitler hätte noch schlimmere Verbrechen provoziert, so die Rechtfertigung des Vatikans.

16.Jan.2005 Gewaltverbrechen: Iraker gesteht Mord an Moshammer

16.Jan.2005 Irak: Zehn Jahre Haft für Foltersoldaten

16.Jan.2005 Palästina: Hamas und Islamischer Dschihad lehnen Gewaltverzicht ab

16.Jan.2005 Irak-Krieg: Bush sieht sich durch Wiederwahl bestätigt

16.Jan.2005 Vatikan-Dokumente: Hitler wollte Papst kidnappen