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17.Mar.2005 WorldCom-Pleite: J.P. Morgan Chase zahlt Geschädigten $

17.Mar.2005 Missbrauchsprozess: Jacksons Verteidiger greifen die Ermittler an

17.Mar.2005 Wall-Street-Schluss: Rekord-Ölpreis treibt Kurse in den Keller

17.Mar.2005 Uno-Experte: "Krise im Ost-Kongo ist noch schlimmer als die in Darfur"

17.Mar.2005 Geologische Studie: In der Karibik droht hohe Tsunami-Gefahr

16.Mar.2005 "Active Measures" Album of Terrorists Decoy of Duck CIA at Home ...

00.000.1982 -the summer of- by FBI + CIA officials to the House Intelligence Panel.

... the CIA William Colby + former Defense Secretary Clark Clifford + Gen. www.thirdworldtraveler.com/FBI/Active_Decoy_Explosion_BDF.html

CIA Censors Books Bush Perfects the Cover-up excerpted from the ...

William Colby, who had replaced James Schlesinger as CIA director, was told to issue a report on MHCHAOS to Henry Kissinger.

16.Mar.2005 The Death of Former CIA Chief William Colby

... scoured the area in a search for former CIA director William Colby,

... collapse was told that FBI had not followed up on Indian Springs because the CIA ... www.btinternet.com/~nlpwessex/Documents/WATcolby.htm

16.Mar.2005 Central Intelligence Agency... the FBI to aggressively ignore vital intelligence already in its possession ...

02.Nov.1975 USA President Gerald Ford fires CIA Director William Colby + ...

Question of the Day ... the assessment of USA intelligence Others, including J. Edgar Hoover in the FBI + William Colby in the CIA, did not share Angleton's concern. www.edwardjayepstein.com/question_angleton.htm

16.Mar.2005 WashingtonPost.com: Watergate...

00.000.1994 -In his book-"Wedge: The Secret War Between USA FBI + USA CIA,".. last great "gentleman spies,"

00.000.1973-00.000.1976 Colby USA CIA director.. www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/national/longterm/watergate/cia.htm

washingtonpost.com Politics ... he refused to help Nixon use the CIA to stall the FBI's Watergate probe. ... great "gentleman spies," Colby served as CIA director

00.000.1973-00.000.1976 . www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/onpolitics/watergate/deepthroat.html

16.Mar.2005 conspiracy of silence, as well as MANY other documentaries can be found at my site as well as: http: + other places


31.May 2003 at 10:46 AM patrick818@webtv.net 207-567-3450 RR2 BOX 1356, STOCKTON SPRINGS, MAINE 04981

Any journalist worth his pay should be able to connect the dots and feel justified in investigating whether or not this national pedophile sex ring is in operation today.
Certainly, the same people and institutions are collaboarating to continue the coverup. Here are two prime examples:

Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska.

He switched his party vote making it possible for Cheney to cast his tie breaking vote in Senate.

He was Governor of Nebraska when Ted Gunderson's investigation was being stonewalled by both state and federal authorities.

The psychiatrist who treated convicted pedophile priest Paul Shanley in Boston is from Omaha, Nebraska

where he is listed on Creighton University's Board of Directors as Rev Ned Cassem, Chief of Psychiatry at Mass General Hospital.
And, a possible third link, on this Jesuit school's Board:

Willam Welsh II, the Pres/CEO of ES&S, the computer company which counted the votes in Florida giving Bush his critical electoral victory over Gore.
No conspiracy here. Probably just a coincidence, right?



When the broadcast tape was sent to the United States,

Customs officials seized the documentary and held it up as being ‘pornographic material’.

Attorneys for Discovery Channel and Yorkshire TV were able to get the documentary released.

Then, the lawyers went through the film for months, making this or that change or deletion, so that the documentary ultimately advertised to be shown on the Discovery Channel on

03.May 1994 would survive any claims of libel or slander that any of the individuals identified in the documentary might attempt to bring. The lawyers had cleared the documentary for broadcast.

During the several months that the documentary was being prepared + advertised for showing, major legislation impacting the entire future of the Cable TV industry was being debated on Capitol Hill. Legislation, which the industry opposed, was under debate for placing controls on the industry and the contents of what could be shown.

Messages were delivered in no uncertain terms from key politicians involved in the Cable TV battle, that if the Conspiracy of Silence were shown on the Discovery Channel as planned,

then the industry would probably lose the debate.

An agreement was reached:

Conspiracy of Silence was pulled + with no rights for sale or broadcast by any other program;

Yorkshire TV would be reimbursed for the costs of production, the Discovery Channel itself would never be linked to the documentary; + copies of Conspiracy of Silence would be destroyed.

Not all copies were destroyed, however,

14.Mar.2005 NEW -as of-
tomflocco.com - Photographer tied to White House child sex-ring arrested after Thompson suicide
- portland imc -

Most people prefer to believe their leaders are just and fair even in the face of evidence to the contrary,

because once a citizen acknowledges that the government under which they live is lying + corrupt, the citizen has to choose what he or she will do about it.

To take action in the face of a corrupt government entails risks of harm to life and loved ones.

To choose to do nothing is to surrender one's self-image of standing for principles. Most people do not have the courage to face that choice.

Hence, most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all... Subscribe to TheLawParty
Full Scans of the Washington Times story

16.Mar.2005 "They don't care about stopping it, they only care about who's going to take the blame" Former LAPD narcotics officer Michael Ruppert talking about the CIA drug trade at

If some are happy enough to push drugs from this organization [That was originally created by a Wall street banker/lawyer] then a little 'blame shifting' on the Franklin topic wouldn't be surprising either.

The film is still worth a look though!

16.Mar.2005 Creationist Arguments: The Lost Peking Man Skeletons

The conspiracy of silence Conclusions. Creationist author Malcolm Bowden ...

"The discovery in a cave near Peking of the fossilized bones of ten men, ... www.talkorigins.org/faqs/homs/lostskels.html

16.Mar.2005 Whatsmells.com - Global Elite Pedophile Rings

The documentary

"Conspiracy of Silence " that was removed from the ' Discovery Channel's' listing can be obtained and seen from the links below; ... www.whatsmells.com/pedbuster.html

16.Mar.2005 SolomonsTemple.com - Video: Spiked DISCOVERY CHANNEL Program ...


Conspiracy Of Silence Video Online From Thrasher ... John DeCamp, Larry King, Boys Town, DISCOVERY CHANNEL NEWS STORY SPIKED. ... www.solomonstemple.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1287

TedGunderson - Conspiracy of Silence is a true story about sex, drugs, child abuse, murder, ... Originally listed in TV Guide under

03.May 1994, on the Discovery Channel ... www.tedgunderson.com/Conspiracy%20of%20Silence.htm

TedGunderson - Product Outlet ...

CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE Video Package Special 15% off ... Conspiracy of silence on VHS. This video was set to originally air in

00.May 1994 on the ... www.tedgunderson.com/BookandTapes.htm

Conspiracy of Silence, a documentary listed for viewing in TV Guide Magazine was to be aired on the Discovery Channel, on

03.May 1994. www.freedomfiles.org/movies/conspiracyofsilence.html

16.Mar.2005 Appaling "Conspiracy of Silence" Documentary... On Tuesday,

03.May 1994 “Conspiracy of Silence” was scheduled to air on the Discovery Channel – as listed in TV Guide at that time. mkane.gnn.tv/users/user.php?bid=3190&r=1

16.Mar.2005 Conspiracy of Silence, beyond doubt, that the essential points I had ...

At the time the Yorkshire TV Team + the Discovery Channel were doing ... www.propagandamatrix.com/141003conspiracyofsilence.html

16.Mar.2005 Un de nos correspondants nous communique ..

Dans cette enquête, le nomù de Lucio Gelli (patron de la loge P2) sera souvent cité.

30.Jui.2001 Zorzi + Maggi + Rognoni sont condamnés à cesarebattisti.free.fr/articles/piazzafontana.html

Liberté pour Cesare Battisti n°16... Dans cette enquête, le nom de Lucio Gelli (patron de la loge P2) sera souvent cité. Le

30.Jun.2001 Zorzi + Maggi + Rognoni, sont condamnés à perpétuité ... cesarebattisti.free.fr/archives/gazette16.html

Là-bas si j’y suis - Archives - Les années noires, les années ..

Les actions de ces gladiateurs sont orchestrées par la loge maçonnique P2, dont le grand maître est Lucio Gelli .

Les membres de cette loge sont des ... www.la-bas.org/article.php3?id_article=397

Propaganda Due - V.Info - verschwoerungen.info...

Lucio Gelli nach langem Hin und Her nicht angeklagt;

Anklage Marcinkus durch Schutz von der CIA zurückgezogen, seine Vatikanposten wurden ihm nur nach ... https://verschwoerungen.info/wiki/Propaganda_Due=9801

16.Mar.2005 financial mafia... By explaining the activities of Michele Sindona + Roberto Calvi + Lucio Gelli as exceptional + pathological events + as examples of a Catholic + ... www.centroimpastato.it/publ/online/finmafiaen.htm

New Page 1... Verdiende zijn geld met politieke chantage en was lid van de vrijmetselaarsloge P2 van Lucio Gelli . Op

20.Mar1979 vermoord in Rome in opdracht van ...home.planet.nl/~dijk0752/poppen.htm

16.Mar.2005 LA RAGNATELA Berlusconi scende in campo - La transizione da ... Tutto questo era stato già previsto nel Piano di rinascita democratica di Lucio Gelli, intorno agli anni settanta, nei confronti della stampa (o, ... www.arcipelago.org/storie%20italiane/ragnatela5.htm

16.Mar.2005 Guerrilla News Network... Member Masonic Lodge P2 + CIA Asset + key supporter of Grand Master Lucio Gelli -admirer of Mussolini + Hitler. -THE DEVIL S Banker... www.gnn.tv/jump.php?id=F01917

16.Mar.2005 Unity Publishing's Monthly Newsletter: "Sword of Truth" - January ...

The bank laundered money for the Mafia (Pippo-Caio) + the Masonic lodge ( Lucio Gelli ).

25.Mar.1994 Hnilica organized a Theresa Lopez style ... www.unitypublishing.com/jan1_99.html

00.000.1981 At one of the presidential inaugural balls, Bush arranged for the new president, Ronald Reagan, to sit right next to P-2 chief Lucio Gelli ... Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6 Num. 03www.theconspiracy.us/9509/0010.html

20.Dec.1986 Melody Maker,... Lucio Gelli, not smiling, for he is the all-powerful Mafia Man + freemason, in fake italian accent: "Don'ta fock wid mee." Mark Smith, stage left..., www.visi.com/fall/gigography/86dec2027.html

28Jun.1990-02.Jul.1990 Operation Gladio...

Brenneke disclosures

Four programmes on state television (RAI) allege that the CIA paid Lucio Gelli to "foment terrorist activities. ... www.thejohnfleming.co.uk/gladio.html

16.Mar.2005 P2 Lodge... Lucio Gelli who was its master was expelled from Freemasonry.

He kept the name of P. 2. alive + his office gathered lists of members who, ... www.masonicinfo.com/p2_lodge.htm

Ex-President George Bush accused of war crimes... by Philip Willan (Constable, London, 1993),

Bush is alleged to had a close relationship with Lucio Gelli, the infamous head of the P2 masonic lodge. ...

16.Mar.2005 Filename Description 3.txt Speeches and Other Public Statements by ... democ-pr.txt, Producer Interests Vs. The Public Interest: The Origin of ... inslaw2.asc,


29.Feb.1988 "BARRON'S" piece on Brian - Meese - connection ... u-have.no-ip.com/txt/conspiracy

TEXTFILES... Producer Interests Vs. The Public Interest: The Origin of Democratized Privilege by ... INSLAW Case:

2/29/88 "BARRON'S" piece on Brian - Meese connection ... www.textfiles.com/conspiracy

16.Mar.2005 TEXTFILES Theories). democ-pr.txt, 9727, Producer Interests Vs. . Crocker. inslaw2.asc, 11556, INSLAW Case:

29.Feb.1988 "BARRON'S" piece on Brian - Meese connection... textfiles.sdf1.net/conspiracy

16.Mar.2005 Participate ... Have you seen, by any chance, the Unauthorized Biography of George Bush?

Tom DeLay, Phil Graham, Kay Bailey Hutchinson being examples. www.gwbush.com/archive/letdec23yeas.htm

15.Aug.2004-21.Aug.2004 Archives My Left Brain : Bush lied about his service in his biography, claiming that he continued to fly ...

Further, Texas senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson was a "top client" of ... www.myleftbrain.com/archives/week_2004_08_15.html

16.Mar.2005 Trading routes, bypasses + risky intersections: Mapping the ...- View as HTML ... mobilize conspiracy or organize crime.

By abandoning structural analysis, economic ...

The acts in the confrontation of these two titanic pairs ... www.giub.uni-bonn.de/grabher/downloads/Grabher.pdf

A Biased Timeline of the Counter-Culture [...]

00.000.1837 ): Traite [accents] de l'association domestique-agricole ( Theorie de.. 165 Wobblies arrested for conspiracy to hider the draft Nov Russian..www.jahsonic.com/CCTL.html

16.Mar.2005 "The 'Nightmare Scenario': What if the world's Y2K nuclear computer programs aren't fixed in time?", by Kevin Sanders, The Nation,

15.Mar.1999 This magazine article quotes BASIC report The Bug in the Bomb on the highly improbable potential of accidental or mistaken launch of nuclear weapons.

"Y2K Bug Causes Fears on Nuclear Security", Inter Press Service,

10.Mar.1999 .Michael Kraig is quoted in this wire story on the possibility of failures of nuclear early warning systems as a consequence of the year 2000 computer glitch.

FEBRUARY 1999 "Nuclear false alarm a worry", by David Armstong, The Press Online,

12 February 1999 BASIC's report is cited on the possibility of failures in communications + early-warning radar systems and the Y2K bug.

"2000 HUM Bug May Bring Risky Nuclear Limbo",Reuters,

04.Feb.1999 This wire story quotes Michael Kraig on US + Russian Department of Defence anti-millenium hum-bug preparations. https://www.basicint.org/media/1999.htm
Aug.1999 "The Spread of Europe's Distaste toward US Hegemony," Mainichi Shimbum,

26.Aug.1999 Julianne Smith featured in untranslated article.

16.Mar.2005 From madformedia at hotmail.com Sat

01.Jun.2002 19:19:17 From ... nuclear weapons, the US should follow what it preaches by de - alerting its missiles ...

about increasing exposure to all the many questions around 911/Bush/Oil ... lists.mutualaid.org/pipermail/imc-dc-editorial/2002-June.txt


00.000.1991 -INFORMATION FROM- THAT DEALS WITH THE ... www.thememoryhole.org/foi/caselogs/dod-2001.xls

16.Mar.2005 National Security Law - HTML-Version De - Alerting . 629. The New Debate over Missile Defenses ... 911 . James E. Baker. Introduction. 911 . Defining National Security ... www.cap-press.com/pdf/1305.pdf

16.Mar.2005 Gyre.org : ... Bruce Blair, Harold A. Feiveson + Frank N. von Hippel argue for nuclear de - alerting .

"It is time to end the practice of keeping nuclear missiles www.gyre.org/news/article/911

Authentic Journalism : Articles and Links ... back in

00.000.2000 talked about de - alerting the US missile fleet - reducing ...

Conclusie: Mossad heeft zijn spionnen opdracht gegeven een 'nieuwe 911 ' te ... alternate-press.skynetblogs.be/?date=20040527&unit=weeks&number=1 https://www.basicint.org/media/1999.htm
"Safe or sorry: the 'Y2K problem' and nuclear weapons", by Michael Kraig, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists,

00.Mar.1999 This six page article concerns the effects the millennium bug may have on nuclear weapons arsenals + safety precautions which must be taken by the Department of Defence. https://www.basicint.org/media/1999.htm
May 1999 "Nuke launch ultimate Y2K nightmare," by Michael R. Kraig, Baltimore Sun,

09.May 2000 The article states that the USA + Russia are cooperation on an early warning system to avoid unexpected launches on 31.Dec.1999 . https://www.basicint.org/media/1999.htm

16.Mar.2005 NARA | Publications | Finding Aids: Holocaust-Era Assets Military... Fabricacion Nacional de Colorantes y Explosivos, Spain. 1 p.

00.Dec.2--- 23510 Report on Karl von Schumacher, von Senger + other pro-and anti -Nazi Swiss ... www.archives.gov/publications/finding_aids/holocaust_era_assets/military_agency_records_part_2.html

16.Mar.2005 EL SECRETO OFICIAL EN LAS VENTAS DE ARMAS - Versión en HTML ... previa aprobación del Gobierno, la empresa pública Defensa y Exportación ( DEFEX - SA ),para fomentar la exportación de las empresas de defensa. ... www.uam.es/personal_pdi/derecho/jarsey/profesor/secreto_oficial_ventas_armas.doc

CTST 2005 ... Baumgarten's; Bay Harbour Mgt LC; Bayer Polymers; BC BELGIUM SA ; BCD TRADING ... Defense Threat Reduction Agency; Defex del Ecuador; Degree Six, Inc. ...

16.Mar.2005 Tribunal por la Paz ... DEFEX . Empresa Nacional Bazán. Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA (CASA). Bonifacio Echevarria. Esperanza y Cía. Explosivos Río Tinto. Instalaza ...

13.Sep.200- Terrorist and Organized Crime Groups in the Tri-Border Area (TBA ... - View as HTML

... the TBA + a diagram of drug-trafficking routes in the region.

Report on Usamah Bin-Ladin's Agents in Triborder Area Viewed,” ... www.loc.gov/rr/frd/pdf-files/TerrOrgCrime_TBA.pdf

16.Mar.2005 Terrorist and Organized Crime Groups in the Tri-Border Area (TBA ...- View as HTML

... skepticism by the US Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) + Israel’s Mossad. ... open-source indications that the Islamic terrorist network in the TBA ... www.fas.org/irp/cia/product/frd0703.pdf


... gables + turrets, just five minutes' walk from the Waterbury home. ... their daily business and two figures lay stretched on the white coral sand. ... www.factnet.org/Books/BareFacedMessiah/bfm.txt

16.Mar.2005 Rights For Security Archive ~ The DMN News Network

... has members of Coral Gables Congregational Church wondering if they were ...

New York City Police to End Practice of Collecting Data on Protesters' ... www.kosmosltd.net/Rights_for_Security_Archive.htm

00.Oct.2004 Boing Boing : 01.Nov.2004 a group of new copyright licences will be released in the UK, ...

The tide turned early, in Coral Gables, when Bush went belly up less ...

16.Mar.2005 Sociology of Religion: The Art of Moral Protest.(Review)

In his whistleblower case study in Chapter 6, Jasper discusses how unlikely candidates can be moved to protest, despite significant personal costs, by moral ... www.findarticles.com/cf_dls/m0SOR/1_60/54422506/p2/article.jhtml?term=

16.Mar.2005 The Dubya Report - Voting No On the Nomination Of Dr. Rice

... as the training ground for a new generation of terrorists. [Mapping the

Global Future: Report of the National Intelligence Council's 2020 Project, pp. ... www.thedubyareport.com/byrd2.html

16.Mar.2005 Notícias nas áreas de: Defesa, Estratégia, Inteligência e ...

O National Intelligence Council (NIC), órgão de pesquisa e de formulação ...

Global Future Report of the National Intelligence Council's 2020 Project ... www.defesanet.com.br/intel/2020oesp1

00.Mar.2005 Selected New Government Documents


Mapping the global future.

Report of the National Intelligence Council's 2020 Project .

Washington, DC: GPO, 2004. 1120p. ... tarlton.law.utexas.edu/tallons/newdoc.html

16.Mar.2005 Sobering forecast of change in balance of world power

... believe that the UN National Intelligence Council ’s " Project 2020 " was not ...

US National Intelligence Council (NIC) released the report of its " 2020 ... www.apfn.net/messageboard/02-01-05/discussion.cgi.37.html

16.Mar.2005 WORLD 21711 BANK

00.Dec.2000 -Historic Cities + Sacred Sites Pantanal + Southwest Brazil Marcos Tereno 344 43 Sacred Spaces + the ...

for subsequent longer- term projects were laid during the initial phase. ... www-wds.worldbank.org/.../WDSP/IB/2001/02/02/000094946_01011905315341/Rendered/INDEX/multi0page.txt

16.Mar.2005 Deutsch: Warten Sie. Stellen Sie sich nun vor, Sie schicken das Licht aus Ihrer Lichtquelle durch so viele dunkle Filter, dass am Ende nur noch ein einziges Photon pro Minute durch die Lochblende geht.

Was passiert?

Eigentlich würden Sie doch erwarten, dass dieses Photon, das ja jetzt nicht mehr gestört werden kann durch etwaige Nachbar-Photonen, entweder auf dem Abbild des einen oder auf dem Abbild des anderen Lochs landet.
SPIEGEL: Sie meinen, die Interferenz müsste verschwinden.
Deutsch: Genau. Aber das Erstaunliche ist: Sie tut es nicht.

Auch wenn nur ein einziges Photon durch unsere Lochblende fliegt, landet es auf einem Platz, der dem komplexen Interferenzmuster entspricht!

Was folgt daraus? Offensichtlich muss doch, während unser Photon durch das eine Loch geschossen ist, irgendetwas anderes durch das andere Loch gelangt sein, um mit unserem sichtbaren Photon zu interferieren.
SPIEGEL: Und was ist dieses Etwas?
Deutsch: Nun, experimentell lässt sich nachweisen, dass sich dieses Etwas exakt so verhält wie ein Photon.

Zum Beispiel können wir ihm Spiegel in den Weg stellen und Linsen, irgendwelches optisches Gerät - das Ding, das die Bahn unseres sichtbaren, messbaren Photons beeinflusst, wird sich benehmen, als wäre es selbst ein Photon.
SPIEGEL: Und Sie meinen jetzt, jenes unsichtbare Photon, das das sichtbare aus der Bahn wirft, stammt aus einem anderen Universum?
"Wer aus der Zeitmaschine heraustritt, betritt ein anderes Universum."
Deutsch: Sie sagen es. Und damit haben Sie Ihren experimentellen Beweis für die Existenz des Multiversums.
SPIEGEL: Und warum interferieren die beiden Universen ausgerechnet in dem Moment, in dem Sie Ihr Interferenzexperiment machen?
Deutsch: Sie tun's die ganze Zeit, nicht nur, wenn wir Experimente machen. Deshalb sind wir auch überall umgeben von indirekten Hinweisen auf parallele Universen.

Nehmen Sie die Tatsache, dass Materie fest ist.

Wenn die klassische Physik wahr wäre und Atome wirklich nur in einem einzigen Universum existieren und einander anziehen würden, dann könnte man beweisen, dass es so etwas wie feste Materie gar nicht gibt.

Es gäbe dann weder Ihren Stift noch Ihr Tonband + Sie selbst gäbe es auch nicht.

Jede Menge Eigenschaften der Welt sind verursacht durch Quanteninterferenz, durch das Zusammenwirken vieler paralleler Universen.
SPIEGEL: Sie haben vorhin gesagt, Ihre Theorie des Quantencomputers verdankten Sie letztlich der Multiversumsidee.

Gibt es sonst noch praktische Folgerungen aus der Viele-Welten-Theorie?https://www.spiegel.de/spiegel/0,1518,druck-346123,00.html
Deutsch: Aber ja! Das Leugnen der physikalischen Wirklichkeit hat den Fortschritt schwerstens behindert.

Die von mir gefundene Theorie des Quantencomputers hätte 30 bis 50 Jahre früher entdeckt werden können.

Außerdem halte ich es für fatal, dass die Leute inzwischen glauben, die Naturwissenschaft könne die Wirklichkeit nicht mehr beschreiben.

Es ist ehrbar geworden anzunehmen,

es gebe gar keine objektive Wirklichkeit.

Und die größten Physiker verleihen dieser üblen Philosophie




die Weihen der Wissenschaft.

SPIEGEL: Einer davon ist der Nobelpreisträger Steven Weinberg. Der spottet, er sei "zu beschäftigt, um sich mit Kram wie der Viele-Welten-Interpretation zu befassen".
Deutsch: Das ist schon richtig, die Viele-Welten-Theorie wird von nicht mehr als etwa 10 Prozent der Physiker vertreten.

Die anderen 90 Prozent sind immer noch gefangen in dieser - ja, wie soll ich es nennen? - Verleugnung der Wahrheit ihrer eigenen Theorie. https://www.spiegel.de/spiegel/0,1518,druck-346123,00.html
Deutsch: Überhaupt nicht. Die unlogische Trennung von experimenteller Testbarkeit und Erklärung ist genau das, was die Inquisition von Galileo zu erzwingen suchte: Sie wäre bereit gewesen, die praktischen Auswirkungen seines heliozentrischen Weltbildes zu akzeptieren, wenn er nur darauf verzichtet hätte zu behaupten, dass die Erde wirklich um die Sonne kreist. Wenn man derart die Verbindung zur Wirklichkeit leugnet, erfährt man auch nichts über die Wirklichkeit.
SPIEGEL: Wenn die Menschen die Wirklichkeit des Multiversums akzeptieren würden, würde das irgendetwas praktisch ändern?

Hitler habe seinen Stellvertreter Bormann daraufhin zornig angeherrscht: "Ich stampfe ganze Divisionen aus dem Boden. Da müsste es doch ein leichtes sein, ein paar Mädels für meinen Berghof zu beschaffen."

16.Mar.2005 Deutsch: Dass wir etwas, das wir nicht sehen können, für real halten, ist ja gar nichts Ungewöhnliches. Wir können auch keine schwarzen Löcher und keine Atome und Quarks sehen + doch sind wir überzeugt, dass es sie gibt. Das Entscheidende ist: Die Multiversumstheorie ist die beste Erklärung der Welt, die wir haben.
SPIEGEL: Welche experimentellen Beweise gibt es denn dafür?
Deutsch: Jetzt kommen wir zu dem, was ich als größten Skandal der Physik des 20. Jahrhunderts bezeichne. Bei der Quantentheorie verzichten die Physiker nämlich, anders als bei allen anderen physikalischen Theorien, völlig darauf, sie als eine wahre Beschreibung der Welt zu betrachten. Sie stellen nur die Frage nach der experimentellen Testbarkeit und reden dann von der "Interpretation" der Quantentheorie. Das ist ein fundamentaler Fehler! Er hat die Physik sehr lange aufgehalten und viel Sand ins Getriebe der Wissenschaftsphilosophie gestreut.
Quantenphysiker Deutsch: "Wer die Wirklichkeit leugnet, erfährt auch nichts über sie"

00.Mai 1941 war Heß mit einem Jagdflugzeug nach England geflogen und dort mit dem Fallschirm abgesprungen - angeblich, um mit Großbritannien Friedensverhandlungen zu führen. Historiker diskutierten lange darüber, ob diese Aktion mit Hitlers Wissen und Billigung stattgefunden habe.
Nur manchmal hätten sich die beiden Verhörten geirrt, beispielsweise wenn es um ein exaktes Datum gegangen sei. Daher seien sie von der Authentizität des Berichts überzeugt, versichern Eberle und Uhl.
"Das interessante an diesem Dossier ist, dass Linge und Günsche auch von Ereignissen berichten, von denen es keine offiziellen Protokolle gibt", sagt Henrik Eberle gegenüber SPIEGEL ONLINE. Zusammen mit dem Historiker Matthias Uhl vom Institut für Zeitgeschichte hat Eberle das Dossier übersetzen lassen und ausgewertet. Gestern wurde ihr Werk mit dem Titel "Das Buch Hitler" der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt.
Mehrere Jahre lang wurden Otto Günsche und Heinz Linge verhört: Meistens kamen die Vernehmungsoffiziere des sowjetischen Geheimdienstes NKWD nachts, wenn ihre Gefangenen besonders müde waren. Manchmal schlugen sie die beiden Deutschen, manchmal drohten sie ihnen nur. Sie wollten alles über den Mann wissen, der 1941 ihr Land angegriffen hatte: Denn Günsche war der persönliche Adjutant Adolf Hitlers, Linge der Kammerdiener des Diktators.
Auf 413 eng beschriebenen Schreibmaschinenseiten notierten die Geheimdienstoffiziere akribisch alles, was ihnen die beiden Hitler-Vertrauten verrieten - über Hitlers Beziehung zu Eva Braun, seine Lästereien über Hermann Göring, seinen Wutanfall nach der Flucht seines Stellvertreters Rudolf Hess. Der sowjetische Staatschef Josef Stalin wollte so viel wie möglich über den Mann wissen, der Tod und Vernichtung über sein Land gebracht hatte - und sei es noch so banal.
Intime Einblicke in das Privatleben Adolf Hitlers offenbart ein Schriftstück, das deutsche Historiker aufgespürt haben.

WWII.00.000.---- -Nach Kriegsende-hatten zwei Hitler-Vertraute dem russischen Geheimdienst zahlreiche bislang unbekannte Details über den deutschen Diktator berichtet.

Angefordert hatte das Dossier Josef Stalin.

16.Mar.2005 Israel: Jüdische Extremisten sollen Tempelberg-Besetzung planen

16.Mar.2005 Wolfowitz-Nominierung: Bushs Superfalke soll Weltbankpräsident werden

16.Mar.2005 Misshandlungsvorwürfe: Mehr als 25 Tote in US-Militärgefangenschaft

16.Mar.2005 Rice auf Asienreise: USA wollen Indien Kampfjets verkaufen

16.Mar.2005 Anlageskandal bei Phoenix: 800 Millionen Euro verschwunden

16.Mar.2005 Umfrage: Nur wenig Hoffnung auf Veränderungen

16.Mar.2005 Wirtschaftszeitungen: "Handelsblatt" startet globales Bloggernetzwerk

16.Mar.2005 Hamburg: Gesuchter Terrorhelfer hält Kontakt zu Familie

16.Mar.2005 Börsenschluss: Dax verliert fast zwei Prozent

16.Mar.2005 Großbritannien: Kriege kosteten sieben Milliarden Euro

16.Mar.2005 Vertraulicher Bericht: Heimatschutzministerium spielt Terrorszenarien durch

16.Mar.2005 Erste Parlamentssitzung: Iraks künftige Regierung fordert Abzug ausländischer Soldaten

16.Mar.2005 Umstrittene Beförderung: Bush nominiert Wolfowitz als Weltbank-Chef

16.Mar.2005 Les Trois Vallées: Milliardär lässt Skipisten sperren

16.Mar.2005 Hitler-Dossier entdeckt: "Ein paar Mädels für den Berghof"

16.Mar.2005 General Motors: Drastische Gewinnwarnung, Aktie stürzt ab

16.Mar.2005 Köhlers Berliner Rede: DGB-Chef attackiert den Bundespräsidenten

16.Mar.2005 Tumor-Studie: Gen-Abschaltung stoppt Hautkrebs

16.Mar.2005 Bizarre Auktion: Öffentliche Blamage zu ersteigern

16.Mar.2005 Interview zur Quantenphysik: "Zeitreisen werden die Informationsverarbeitung revolutionieren"

16.Mar.2005 Cebit-Bilanz: IT-Branche in Sektlaune

16.Mar.2005 Flugzeugabsturz in Russland: Überlebende meldeten sich per Satellitentelefon

16.Mar.2005 Antidiskriminierung: Das Geschäft mit der Gleichheit blüht

16.Mar.2005 Ranking der Werbewörter: "Schnell machen wir einfach alles besser"

16.Mar.2005 Nahost: Israel übergibt Jericho an die Palästinenser

16.Mar.2005 Kartell-Entscheid: Opec pumpt mehr Öl auf den Markt

16.Mar.2005 Der Japaner Minoru Asada, Präsident der Robocup-Federation, hält die Entwicklung einer
weichen, berührungsempfindlichen Roboterhaut für essentiell auf dem Weg zu humanoiden Robotern.
Lohs Professor, Noah Cowan, glaubt, dass die Antenne schon bald Roboter einer neuen Generation hervorbringen wird. Diese könnten sich sicher in dunklen, gefährlichen Umgebungen bewegen, etwa rauchgefüllten Räumen, in denen Schutt herumliege

16.Mar.2005 Preface THE SMALL ARMS PLAGUE – HTML-Version

00.000.1960 -By- Cummings was the most important private arms dealer in the world, ... former Zaire around the town of Goma + several hundred thousand more ... www.iansa.org/issues/documents/arms_fixers.pdf

Literaturverzeichnis - HTML-Version... Georges,

00.000.1978 :The United Nations Operation in the Congo

00.000.1960-00.000.1964 . ... Camps of Zaire : The Problem of Security, in: Howard Adelman/Astri Suhrke ...

16.Mar.2005 Sozialismus.Info - die Website der SAV, Sozialistische Alternative ...

00.000.1964 ZB war Bürgerkrieg im Kongo (dem heutigen Zaire ).

Das versuchte auch das kalifornische Parlament in Sacramento. Also fuhren am

02.000.---- ... www.sozialismus.info/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=15

00.000.1960 World Directory of National Parliamentary Libraries – Zaire -Year of foundation-

Person in charge: Mme Sabine DRABUA TANZI ... www.bundestag.de/bic/bibliothek/library/zaire.html

16.Mar.2005 Truppenabzug aus dem Irak: Berlusconi beugt sich dem öffentlichen Druck

16.Mar.2005 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Musik bleibt der einzige Ausweg"

16.Mar.2005 Vorbild Insekt: Kakerlaken-Roboter ertastet Wände

16.Mar.2005 Anthrax-Alarm: Pentagon gibt Entwarnung

16.Mar.2005 WLAN-Tricks: "Böse Zwillinge" stehlen Passwörter

16.Mar.2005 Foltervorwürfe gegen Sektenführer Schäfer: "Mit Elektroschocks gequält"

16.Mar.2005 Diktatoren-Vermögen: Pinochet hatte 100 Konten in USA

16.Mar.2005 Schleuser-Affäre: Nur jeder dritte Ukrainer kam mit legalem Visum

16.Mar.2005 Präsidentenrede: SPD attackiert Köhler heftig

16.Mar.2005 Prague Schnews report ... carried out by a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) revealed that all 10 ...

The book also aims to look at the future of the anti- capitalist movement. ... www.uhc-collective.org.uk/knowledge/toolbox/misc/reports/prague.htm

Bulletin Board, Puppeteers of America, Inc. ... phone number & email address + we will contact you with ALL the details including pay. Posted

21.Feb.2005 All available positions are PAID, NON-UNION ...

16.Mar.2005 Earth First! Journal

Those ominous words were all that my Chicana friend would say to me after I ... an answer to times of environmental destruction + capitalist chaos. ... www.earthfirstjournal.org/efj/backissues.cfm?show=summary

TELEWORK NEWS – ARCHIVE - Spam accounts for 58% of all email.

In the meantime InfoEdge is selling a 300 page... Fear + Greed-the alleged twin drivers of capitalist markets,.. www.noelhodson.com/index_files/telework_news_archive_aug03_feb04.htm

03.Nov.2002 US in denial as poverty rises -english- ..land's leaders, lies a tent city of America's poor, huddled masses.

Ed Vulliamy reports on the rise in inequality as USA nation prepares to vote Sunday

The Observer

The north wind https://alfatomega.com/index_06.html
01.Mar.2003 See No Evil - What Bush Didn't (Want To) Know About

11.Sep.2001 ...service stated that World Assembly of Muslim Youth WAMY, "support( ed ) violent activity."

00.000.2002 The Wall Street Journal's Glenn Simpson made public a report by Bosnia's government https://alfatomega.com/20030301_no_evil_01.html
20040709_Report ...surface of Mars because Mars has so little protection," said Ed Stone of Nasa s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

Unlike Earth, which has a protective https://alfatomega.com/20040709_Report.html
You searched for Amerikaner You search - for : {USA } - You searched : for : USA Amerikaner +U S +,+U.S .+U.S .+FED.+federal+$ -> BACK TO : https://alfatomega.com/index.html

Warum USA...
20021122 22.Nov.2002 Das Web wurde durchsucht nach Dulles##+Bush##+Gehlen ,Reinhard :

THE CIA CONNECTION... GTSS Dulles, Allen, A. ( Ed .). (1968).. SHADOW OF THE SWASTIKA -.

Dulles, Allen 's clients demanded+received, Allied compensation ... Richard .. https://alfatomega.com/noname18.html
2004070403_Report ... would like to draw your attention to the following op- ed by Michael McFaul + Abbas Milani in yesterday's Wall Street Journal ("Solidarity with Iran").

In the face of Iranian

00.000.1968 -more than- 34 years ago .

The used nuclear fuel consist ed of three, half-inch diameter by 18-inch long segments, weighing a total of about 4 pounds, which were cut from ..https://alfatomega.com/2004071516_Report.html

20041027 ...discussing Daishowa + the burning question of what we could do, Ed Bianchi held up a paper bag he had received the previous night when ordering a snack from a fast food chain. https://alfatomega.com/20041027.html

You searched for bernays . https://alfatomega.com/index.html

20030604 MYSUPERTIMELINESTART https://alfatomega.com/bernays.html

20041104 ... universally + the following quote from The Directory of Possibilities ( ed . Colin Wilson & John Grant) published by Webb & Bower

00.000.1981 explains why:- "The Maya of South America... https://alfatomega.com/20041104.html

20041028 02.Nov.2004 Is V-Day for Blacks in Florida : Bitter memories of

00.Nov.2000 drive electoral activism in a ... https://alfatomega.com/20041028.html
Corporate PR PROPAGANDA experts see people as "a herd waiting to be laid"- By Ed Finn -

One of the reasons --..stampede against their corporate herders. Ed Finn can be reached at ccpa@policyalternatives.ca Taken from https://alfatomega.com/noname17.html
250403antiwarblogg.html We arrived on late Monday night [ Ed .note :

10.Sep.2001 ] + went right into action on Tuesday [ Ed .note :

11.Sep.2001 ] morning". HERE you can find whree to listen to an audioclip
20041023 ...thin - The Washington Times: Editorials/OP- ED - By Kay Bailey Hutchison : "You may fly over a land ... wipe...www.washtimes.com/op-ed/20030819-094823-5897r.htm

22.Oct.2004 Kay Bailey... https://alfatomega.com/20041023.html

2004081214 Boris Petrov + first results, ed . by Ruediger Stein + Oleg Stepanets Heft ... 4(4): 15-21 Dethleff, D., Rachold, V., Tintelnot, M., Antonow... https://alfatomega.com/2004081214.html
260403antiwarblogg.html... the Wall Street Journal, mentioning that,

"The US authorities ... confirm[ ed ] the fact that $100,000 [was] wired to WTC hijacker Mohammed Atta from Pakistan by Ahmad Umar Sheikh https://alfatomega.com/260403antiwarblogg.html
20041026 20041026 00.000.1968 Bush [BGW968] legte sein Geschichts-Diplom in Yale ab,

00.000.1966 Kerry [KJF966] machte an der Elite-Universität im nordöstlichen Bundesstaat Connecticut einen Abschluss https://alfatomega.com/20041026.html

19.Jun.2004-24.Jun.2004 https://authentico.planetaclix.pt


The Dissenting Internet - progressive "log-ons" we visit regularly...

Scandal"), it is still "the newspaper of historical record."

Good Op-Ed pieces, across the political spectrum. Keep an eye out for Maureen Dowd, Frank Rich + Paul Krugman who have.. https://alfatomega.com/noname05.html
SPRÜCHE - SAYINGS - DITADOS -...noch manche Trauerspiele aufführen..."

Marx, Karl in der Kölnischen Zeitung ( Ed . Note:

If it steals elections like a Nazi + curtails civil liberties + opposition like a Nazi + encourages ... https://alfatomega.com/conteudo3.html


29.Aug.2004 authentico

28.Aug.2004 In a joint order signed today by the interior minister + transport https://alfatomega.com/200408262728.html
20041210 40); GEMLER ADOLF (51-2);GEOMILITECH CONSULTANTS CORPORATION (375); GERRITY EDWARD J JR ... www.namebase.org/sources/DX.html

Adolfo Calero -... 1992 (42); National Reporter 1986-F https://alfatomega.com/20041210.html
20030604_MYSUPERTIMELINESTART.html MYSUPERTIMELINESTART alfatomega.com/index.html

20041008 30.Sep ... https://alfatomega.com/20041008.html
2004081517 2004 www.Boston.com/News/Boston Globe/Opinion/Op-ed/Recoveringahijackedfaith -URL: www.boston.com/news/globe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2004/07/13

11.Nov.2004 Diebold Election Systems report on Disinfopedia, Niagara Buzz article, "The Not So God https://alfatomega.com/20041111.html
2004080507_und_Report URL: https://www.inthesetimes.com/site/main/article/they_knew_0802/07.Aug.2004 How will the white house be held

20041206 00.000.19-- In UK, MI6 was involved in recruiting Latvian police + ex-SS men from Germany into the...

9-19-02 Flung under the flags of evil - 7th day adventists role in ruanda...

It's one that Hitler used." * ( Ed . Note: 9/21 - The German government has 'apologized' for ... The truth needs no apology ) * ( Ed . Note: If it steals elections like a Nazi + curtails ... https://alfatomega.com/index_08.html 20041129 DeLay Trent Lott Lock Faircloth Ed Meese Howard Ahmanson Richard Devose, founder of Amway Jerry ... journalism, TV talking heads + op- ed pundits that preceded the war, they had been

16.Mar.2005 THE BELGRAVIA DISPATCH: Torture Redux

... in crime + doing it to, y 'know, their kids ...

Roberts ' + Rockefeller's responses but I found this ... confirmed new information with respect to contacts between al ... www.belgraviadispatch.com/archives/004239.html

16.Mar.2005 ENDNOTES Jerusalem Post, Small Arms Survey 2001 Patterns of Global ...- View as HTML

... demobilize its fighters by the end of 2005 ... 13 Grupo de Representaciones Internacionales SA, or GIRSA

... incarcerated Da Costa instructing his contacts to acquire .. www.fas.org/asmp/library/OAS/Endnotes.pdf

Small Arms, Terrorism and the OAS Firearms Convention - View as HTML

... de Armas de Fuego, Municiones, Explosivos y Otros Materiales ... name “Alfa Zulu.”

The email states that ... of foreign terrorists’ skills, contacts + weaponry ... www.fas.org/asmp/library/OAS/FullReport.pdf

16.Mar.2005 FITUG-Newsticker... (

27.Feb.2004 );

"Wir wollen keine unkontrollierte RFID -Einführung" (

27.Feb.2004 );/.: Open-Source ... Xbox-Linux- Projekt wendet sich an die EU -Kommission (

06.Mar.2003 www.fitug.de/news/newsticker

log Jens!?

00.Dez.2004 ... Lüneburg + Magdeburg an dem Projekt teil ... ein beliebiges Stück Papier mit RFID Kennung übernehmen ...

EU Parlament billigt Speicherung von Fingerabdrücken im ... www.reich-der-mitte.de/privat/blog/index.php?m=200412

log Jens!? ... to legally enter Germany + the EU is just ... noch Bochum, Lüneburg + Magdeburg an dem Projekt teil ...

Lauschangriff, Gefahren durch Biometrie + RFID an, bleibt ... www.reich-der-mitte.de/privat/blog /

16.Mär.2005 COMMUNITY NEWS- View as HTML ... c e l e b r a t i n g 5 0 y e a r ...

It’ sa distinction we proud of ...

It takes the head of all intelligence + makes it separate from the CIA (Central Intelligence ... www.communitypub.com/WKLYART/BCN_12-24-04.pdf

00.000.1992 Table of Contents-View as HTML-

Flight simulator training effectiveness: A meta-analysis. Military Psychology, 4(2) 63-74. *Hwang, Y.- F. (1989). The effectiveness voc.ed.psu.edu/projects/publications/books/Fall%202001/Fall,2001.pdf

Kent Bulletin - View as HTML Canterbury CT2 7NP Tel: 01227 824345 Fax: 01227 827912 Email:kent-bulletin ...of cases, including representing Philip Agee, the former CIA officer threatened... www.kent.ac.uk/alumni/pdf/kent40.pdf

NUZ-3 (R/O) - View as HTML ... including “illegal contacts, maybe suspicions of contacts,” + “suspi... from

00.Jul.of this year until

00.May 2005 ... disclosed the identity of a CIA agent, the www-tech.mit.edu/V124/PDF/N3.pdf

NUZ-7 (R/O) - View as HTML... After receiving the tip, the CIA decided that “Marwan” was probably ...

We know it’s a big decision ... it reviews the Pentagon’s budget for the 2005 fiscal year...www-tech.mit.edu/V124/PDF/N7.pdf

00.Aug.2004 guts horizon.indd - View as HTML Kauila Mel Clark 68 submitted photo A r tw a s h e sa w a yf r o mt h es o ult h ed u s to fe v e r y d a yl i f e - P a b l oP i c a s s o www.graceland.edu/pdf/alumni/HORAug2004.pdf

16.Mar.2005 Polit212 1..135 - View as HTML... agencies, the link between HIV/AIDS + security goes beyond the reality of AIDS as a physical killer:

the CIA warns that ... Sector HIV+ per 100 workers 2005 ) ... www.unisa.ac.za/contents/publications/docs/Polit212.pdf

US Air Force Academy - View as HTML... + cadets involved in research, • lists key contacts, • details a ... at (719) 333-4195 or by email at director ... DFPY) presented their findings to CIA, DIA, RAND ...

16.Mar.2005 Usenet Archive The commission says that there were no contacts that can ... houston.rr.com is invalid for email From: "Newsgroups ... I thought you were talking about

20.Jan.2005 ...www2.usenetarchive.org/Dir44/File458.html

16.Mar.2005 Bush can't fix a crooked system- View as HTML...

There’ sa gorilla in the room that nobody in ...

For info (773) 878-0166 or email billbeth@rcnchicago ...

World Party honors Jackie Kiernan, Hilda Roberts, Ricardo Leon ... www.workers.org/pdf/2002/WW071802.pdf

16.Mar.2005 BB News...

National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice admitted it was the Bush ...California Dreamin '!

Bush + Rove pulled off their two year plan of vengeance ... https://www.bushbusiness.com/bb%20news.htm

16.Mar.2005 condoleezza rice biography

10.Feb.2005 Holzlager im See - Thailand - Bangkok - Samut Prakarn -

Etwa 100 000 Baumstämme einer Firma mit engen Bindungen zu einem berühmten Lokalpolitiker in Samut Prakarn, Industrievorort von Bangkok, wurden bei einer Razzia von etwa 70 Mitgliedern des Special Investigation Department (SID) + Marine-Offiziellen im Chiang Saen Distrikt.

Man fand auch zwei große Lastwagen, beladen mit Teak-Stämmen, deren Fällen in Thailand schon jahrelang verboten ist.

Die Wächter + Arbeiter der Firma flohen, als sie bemerkten, wer da ihre Kreise störte.

Man vermutet, daß die Stämme aus dem Salaween Forest stammen + einem Schmugglerring zuzuordnen sind.
Dieser Skandal schwelt seit 1996 vor sich hin, + bisher kam es zu keinem direkten Ergebnis, weil offensichtlich einige VIP darin verwickelt sind.

Diese haben nun offensichtlich ihren offiziellen Schutz verloren… der Premier meinte, wenn da so viel Holz herumliege, sei sicher auch einiges davon illegal.

Der “Besitzer“ meinte aber, das sei alles ganz sauber erworben…

Thailand - Straßenblockaden verboten

Das Parlament beschloß mit 295 zu 0 Stimmen, Straßenblockaden bei Demonstrationen zu verbieten.

Drei Monate Gefängnis oder 5000 Baht Geldstrafe drohen bei Zuwiderhandlungen. https://www.tip-thailand.org/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1605

09.Feb.2005 548 Deutsche werden noch vermisst
Die Zahl der nach der Flutwelle in Asien vermissten Deutschen hat sich seit Wochen kaum geändert: Noch immer fehlt jede Spur von 548 Bundesbürgern. Bislang konnten lediglich 60 deutsche Todesopfer identifiziert werden.

Berlin - Eine Sprecherin des Auswärtigen Amtes gab heute in Berlin die neusten Zahlen bekannt. Nach ihren Worten ist die Identifizierung der Toten schwierig und gehe nur sehr langsam voran.

Momentan sei auch nicht abzusehen, wann dieser Prozess beendet sein werde.
Unterdessen muss die schwedische Polizei die Namen der noch mehr als 500 vermissten Personen veröffentlichen.

Das Oberste Verwaltungsgericht hatte das gestern verfügt und damit einer Klage der Nachrichtenagentur TT stattgegeben. Diese hatte verlangt, dass die Namen + andere Informationen auf der Liste bekannt gemacht werden. 52 Todesfälle wurden bestätigt, 523 weitere werden vermisst.

Die Polizei hatte die Offenlegung der Liste bislang unter Hinweis der Privatsphäre der Betroffenen abgelehnt.
Das Gericht urteilt aber: "Die Information, dass eine bestimmte Person über Weihnachten an einem bei Schweden beliebten Urlaubsort war + dann Opfer einer Naturkatastrophe wurde, greift nicht in die Privatsphäre ein."

Die Liste, auf der sich neben Namen auch das Alter, die Adressen und Nummern der mutmaßlichen Flutopfer befinden, sollte heute öffentlich gemacht werden.https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-340972,00.html

14.Mär.2005 Two USA Mercenaries Killed in Iraq: The Mercenaries were employed by the USA-based Black Water Security Services, the embassy said.

14.Mär.2005 The CIA's Campus Spies: The secrecy surrounding the current use of university classrooms as covert training grounds for the CIA + other agencies now threatens the fundamental principles of academic openness as well as the integrity of a wide array of academic disciplines.

14.Mär.2005 Growing fears credit boom may implode: Bankruptcy advisers are hiring extra staff amid fears that an end to the global credit boom could spark a surge in business failures in the US + Europe.

13.Mär.2005 Revealed: Israel plans strike on Iranian nuclear plant: The inner cabinet of Ariel Sharon, the Israeli prime minister, gave “initial authorisation” for an attack

-last month on- at a private meeting his ranch in the Negev desert.

14.Mär.2005 Aristide accuses USA govt of financing rebels in Haiti: Mr Aristide denied any involvement or contact with his supporters back in Haiti, blaming recent violence on American government-funded rebels who he claimed are “drug dealers and convicts”.

14.Mär.2005 Venezuela: Bush's next oil war? : The combination of Washington's isolation in Latin America and its need for Venezuelan oil is likely to keep at bay the threat of a direct military attack by the USA, but it is also clear the Bush administration is preparing the ground for an attack of some sort against the Chavez government.

14.Mär.2005 Israel will attack Iran 'only as last resort' : Israel will only take military action against Iran as "a very last resort" to prevent it acquiring nuclear weapons, Ephraim Sneh, a member of the Israeli parliamentary defence and foreign affairs committee, said yesterday.

14.Mär.2005 China's President Tells Army to Be Prepared for War : China's President Hu Jintao told the 2.5 million-member People's Liberation Army to be prepared for war on the eve of the expected passage of a law authorizing an attack if Taiwan declares formal independence.

14.Mär.2005 Taiwan seethes over 'war' bill: CHINA has authorised military force to stop Taiwan if it tries to declare independence.

Taiwan immediately condemned China and vowed to rally one million people to protest against the legislation.

14.Mär.2005 Russia understands China's position on Taiwan issue Russia adheres to its basic position on the Taiwan issue, believing that China is a single state entity with Taiwan being its inseparable part, said the statement.

14.Mär.2005 USA watches China warily : The head of the CIA, Porter Goss, told Congress recently that his agency believes China is ready to fight for Taiwan.

14.Mär.2005 North Korea warns USA-S. Korean military drill could result in “actual war”: North Korea warned on Sunday that annual USA-South Korean military exercises due to start this week and designed to deter any military threat from the Stalinist country could turn into “an actual war”.

14.Mär.2005 Bush orders policy to ‘contain’ Chávez: Senior USA administration officials are working on a policy to “contain” Hugo Chávez, the Venezuelan president + what they allege is his drive to “subvert” Latin America's least stable states.

14.Mär.2005 President Hugo Chavez waiting for USA to announce that Venezuela has WMD: Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has again spoken out against the Bush administration saying the USA is planning to portray his country as a security threat in order to capture its vast oil reserves

14.Mär.2005 Who's Afraid Of Venezuela-Cuba Alliance?: For a long time there was only one country in Latin America offering free health care to all its citizens. Now there are two.

14.Mär.2005 Torture: Bush's Nominee May Be 'DOA': NEWSWEEK has learned that an investigation by the USA Southern Command in Miami has confirmed some of the allegations in recently disclosed e-mails by FBI agents, reporting that military interrogators sexually humiliated prisoners at Gitmo.

14.Mär.2005 Patrick J. Buchanan: The unpredictability of revolutions: In the Middle East, rebellions and revolutions do not have Hollywood endings.

14.Mär.2005 Extreme Cinema Verite: GIs shoot Iraq battle footage and edit it into music videos filled with death and destruction. And they display their work as entertainment.

14.Mär.2005 Iraqis find irony in USA stance on Syria, Lebanon : Many Iraqis found bitter irony in President Bush's insistence last week that Syria must withdraw from Lebanon before it holds elections, for Iraqis have lived with foreign tanks in their streets for two years and voted barely a month ago under the watchful eye of the USA Army.

14.Mär.2005 Scott Ritter, CIA ‘terminally ill’ intel operation

14.Mär.2005 Vietnam's Agent Orange Victims Feel Cheated by USA Court : This is the first time that Vietnamese citizens have ever sought legal compensation for the effects of Agent Orange, which contains the toxic chemical dioxin linked to cancer, diabetes and birth defects among Vietnamese soldiers + civilians + USA veterans.

14.Mär.2005 American students shocked by Vietnam’s Agent Orange suffering : While USA courts were handing down a dismissal of Vietnam’s Agent Orange victims’ lawsuit, seven students from New York witnessed first hand the deadly toxic affects on innocent people in Quang Nam province.

14.Mär.2005 The Courts and the War on Terror: Of the 120 terrorism cases, the initial major charges leveled have resulted in only two actual terrorism convictions

14.Mär.2005 Imprisoned Without Charge: Yvon Neptune and Haiti’s Political Prisoners

14.Mär.2005 New USA Threats against Venezuela Unveiled in Miami: New USA threats to use force to choke the Bolivarian process and assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez triggered new protests in Venezuela.

14.Mär.2005 OPEC not to blame for oil price leap, say ministers: The price of crude oil was "out of OPEC's control", Qatar's Oil Minister, Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah, said yesterday.

14.Mär.2005 OPEC has reached its production limit:The end of abundant, affordable oil is in sight + the implications are colossal."

14.Mär.2005 Robert Scheer: The Bankruptcy Bill: a Tutorial in Greed: Lesson No. 1 -- Campaign cash is worth more than family values.

14.Mär.2005 White House to agencies: Ignore ruling on 'illegal' TV news releases : The White House, intent on continuing to crank out "video news releases" that look like television news stories, has told government agency heads toy ignore a Government Accountability Office memo criticizing the practice as illegal propaganda.

14.Mär.2005 Rep. Ron Paul: Deficits Make You Poorer: Most Americans are vaguely aware that Congress has run up huge deficits in recent years, but the numbers involved are so large that it’s hard to grasp what our government’s indebtedness really means to us as individuals.

14.Mär.2005 Bush setting USA up for financial fall : The war is being fought on credit, with the loans coming from Chinese and Japanese central bankers + the debt sent to our kids.

14.Mär.2005 Photos show climate change: Mount Kilimanjaro Photo Wake-Up Call : A photo of Mount Kilimanjaro stripped of its snowcap for the first time in 11,000 years will be used as dramatic testimony for action against global warming as ministers from the world's biggest polluters meet on Tuesday.

14.Mär.2005 Expert warns water crisis impending :

A leading environmental group has warned that the shrinking of Himalayan glaciers could cause widespread flooding in China, India + Nepal + create water shortages across the region.

14.Mär.2005 UN finds evidence of official cover-up in Hariri assassination :

President George Bush is expected to announce on Wednesday that Syrian - + perhaps Lebanese - military intelligence officers were involved in Mr Hariri's death

14.Mär.2005 N.Korea Says It May Build More Nuclear Weapons:

North Korea said Tuesday it may increase its nuclear arsenal to maintain a balance of power in East Asia and help prevent a USA attack on the reclusive communist state.

14.Mär.2005 Rice Says USA Concerned at China Military Build-Up:

14.Mär.2005 Gwynne Dyer: Bogeyman China serves to justify a big USA defense budget :

It will come as no surprise, therefore, that the major USA defense review planned for this year will concentrate on the rising "threat" from China

14.Mär.2005 Chalmers Johnson, Coming to Terms with China: It's rare for us to take time out of busy lives to consider how exactly the dots might be connected, how the world actually works.

14.Mär.2005 USA jittery over Nepal: Fears that Nepal will become a failed state have led the USA to pressure India to step up its efforts to help resolve last month's "royal coup" + questions concerning aid and military assistance linger. China, meanwhile, is accused of meddling where it doesn't belong.

14.Mär.2005 Bush continues to alienate world':

People who once looked toward USA with admiration + respect + as a beacon for liberty + civility now see a supremely arrogant rogue nation that holds international law + institutions in disdain.

14.Mär.2005 Brand USA is in trouble, so take a lesson from Big Mac : Instead of changing his foreign policy, President Bush is changing the story

14.Mär.2005 Former UK Guantanamo detainee accuses USA of torture : A former British Guantanamo Bay detainee said Tuesday that inmates in the USA detention camp in Cuba had been tortured by USA military personnel who tried to make them "go crazy."

14.Mär.2005 After Two Years: Four hundred World Trade Centers : Everyone in Iraq knows somebody who has died. Most families have been touched.

The war, meanwhile, has tormented everyone. From one city alone, the entire population of Fallujah, 400,000 -- minus the deaths -- are now homeless or refugees.

14.Mär.2005 AWOL in USA: Why Over 5,500 USA Soldiers Discharged Themselves: The Pentagon has estimated that since the start of the current conflict in Iraq, more than 5,500 USA military personnel have deserted, + yet we know the stories of only a unique handful, all whom have publicly stated their opposition to the war in Iraq + some of whom have fled to Canada.

14.Mär.2005 Pentagon Sees $108 Million in Overcharges by Halliburton : In one case, according to the auditing report, the company claimed that it had paid more than $27 million to transport liquified petroleum gas it had purchased in Kuwait for just $82,000, a charge the auditors dismissed as "illogical."

14.Mär.2005 Pentagon Data on Iraq Security Forces Unreliable -GAO : The Pentagon told Congress on Monday that there are 142,472 trained and equipped Iraqi security forces, but a Capitol Hill watchdog agency said data on the forces was unreliable and it was difficult to gauge whether billions of USA dollars were being used effectively.

14.Mär.2005 Iraq Insurgency 'Still Very Strong' : Iraqi insurgents will not be defeated for many months, Britain admitted today

14.Mär.2005 A Master Morality
Bush, Inc., is an enterprise operating of, by and for the privileged stockholders; as such, it is an embodiment of what Friedrich Nietzsche called a “master morality.” Ernest Partridge:
The greatest threat to the Bush regime is a widespread appreciation amongst our fellow citizens that there is a superior alternative to the “Master Morality” of Bush, Inc. It is “Social Democratic Morality,” expressed in a political system best described by Abraham Lincoln as a “government of the people, by the people and for the people.” It is a government constrained by the rule of law to which all citizens, including the President and his Administration, must submit..
Continued .

14.Mär.2005 Tariq Ali on empire and those who fight it
Every resistance movement against imperialism has been categorised as terrorist — the Mau Mau in Kenya were demonised + brutally tortured by the British; the Algerian FLN by the French; the Vietnamese by the French + the Americans.

14.Mär.2005 S.Korea's Missile System in Trouble Raytheon has been the sole bidder to provide South Korea with 48 ground-to-air missiles since Russia's Rosvoorouzhenie dropped out of the race last year. ...
Ex-President George Bush accused of war crimes The Political Use of Terrorism in Italy by Philip Willan (Constable, London, 1993), Bush is alleged to had a close relationship with Lucio Gelli, the infamous ...
Wall-Street-Schluss: Zinsfurcht und Ölpreis sorgen für Abgaben

14.Mär.2005 WorldCom-Pleite: Der tiefe Fall des Kaufrausch-Cowboys

14.Mär.2005 Vom "Krieg für Freiheit + Frieden" ... wir die “Transatlantische Brücke”, das CFR [3] ’, die ...

ETA, den Roten Brigaden + der IRA werden CIA ... Tradition so überheblich stolz sein zu dürfen ... www.zeitreport.de/kriegirak.htm

11.Sep.2001 -Fragen zum-Onlinekosten.de Community

14.Mär.2005 Maul-UK: war selber mit den IRA -Terroristen nicht ...

Clinton + Gore waren finanziert vom CFR + von

... USA müsse ein der übrigen Welt ein Beispiel sein ... www.onlinekosten.de/forum/archive/index.php/t-18417.html

14.Mär.2005 Kommunistische Presse – HTML-Version

... A-soziale Basis der Rechten + die Gründe für ihr Wahlverhalten her-aus-ar-beiten

... deutschen Kapitals in Parteigänger der alten Kolonial- mächte + der USA ... www.zeilnetz.de/Politik/Kommunistische_Presse/KP09.pdf

00.000.1871-00.000.1914 Auftragstaktik im preußisch-deutschen Heer


Für eine ... 25 s/w-Abbildungen.

Die Auftragstatktik gilt als typisch deutsches Führungsprinzip. ... www.moduni.de/product_info.php/cPath/40000000_40390000_40390100/products_id/2400788

14.Mär.2005 taz 20.1.05 "Ich gebe alles zu, was ihr wollt" Auslieferung durch die indonesischen Behörden zunächst in Neu - Ulm untergekommen ...

Als der Rückkehrer den Ulmer Anwalt Manfred Gnjidic anrief, alles schilderte ... www.taz.de/pt/2005/01/20/a0177.nf/text

N24.de... am Samstag, anscheinend sei der 41-jährige Khaled al-Masri aus Neu - Ulm mit einem ...Masris Anwalt Manfred Gnjidic erwägt demnach zudem eine Zivilklage in den USA ...

Geheimdienste: Entführungsfall belastet deutsch-amerikanisches ... Offenbar ist der gebürtige Libanese aus Neu - Ulm mit einem gleichnamigen Terrorverdächtigen ... Der Anwalt Masris, Manfred Gnjidic, erwägt zudem eine ... www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,336869,00.html

16.Mär.2005 October 1957 Chronology - Eisenhower Memorial Commission... TE Stephens; S. Adams; BN Harlow and General Goodpaster; Freemason members; Secretaries ...
Prime Minister Macmillan, S. Lloyd, Paul-Henri Spaak (Minister, Foreign ... www.eisenhowermemorial.org/presidential-papers/second-term/chronology/1957-10.htm

16.Mär.2005 WARNING! - USA Role in New World Order... Washington, although a Freemason, certainly made it quite clear that he did not invent ...

00.000.1957 -Away back in- Henri Spaak, Secretary General of Nato, made a very ... www.caterpillar.org.uk/warning/fconditions5.htm

22.MAY 2004-27.Feb.2005 ARCHIVE

00.000.1987 Iran was offered nuclear parts -Click.

Did Blair sign up for Iraq war at Bush's ranch ? … www.newsmakingnews.com/archive5,22,04.htm

16.Mär.2005 https://www.firebaseskull.com/L-A.html Sgt. Skull's Big List of Heroes of the NWO -A- Names : Amaral, Joaquim Freitas – Bilderberg -

16.Mar.2005 The New Radicals: How Liberal Campuses Harass Conservatives... Flynn keeps an eye on such professors through the Conservative Leadership Institute + wrote about them in his book, "Intellectual Morons.". ...

16.Mar.2005 Simianbrain: GOP Continues to Slander Veterans... for him.

Update: This disgusting promotion is being conducted by the Conservative Leadership Institute . Drop 'em a line. Posted ... simianbrain.atlblogs.com/archives/001949.html

16.Mär.2005 Humanists Hawaii - View as HTML

00.000.1979 -since- The ultra- conservative Leadership Institute claims- it has trained more than 40,000 college students to become "conservative leaders". hawaii.humanists.net/Archive/News200502.pdf

16.Mär.2005 CatchingFlies: "Academic Freedom Under Attack"

The ultra- conservative Leadership Institute boasting prestigious graduates such as disgraced fake White House reporter Jeff Gannon claims it has trained more ... catchingflies.typepad.com/catchingflies/2005/02/academic_freedo.html

16.Mar.2005 National - Conservative leader Jeffrey Barea has launched a Gay Youth Leadership School modeled after the ultra- conservative Leadership Institute, Inc. ...

16.Mar.2005 Div9 - All about Divorce - eFilmCritic :: View topic - Criticwatch ... here + here + here), Gannon is not a journalist;

Gannon is a "political activist" who attended a $50, two-day seminar at the conservative Leadership Institute ... www.div9.net/divorce/2811.html

29.Dec.2000 NucNews Rumsfeld knows his way around and is not going to get pushed around by anybody," said Morton Blackwell, who heads the conservative Leadership Institute + who ...
United for Peace of Pierce County, WA - We nonviolently oppose the ... expose clandestine American agents or operations in Italy," the Los Angeles Times ... a special intelligence unit (commonly referred to as a ' death squad ') of the ...

16.Feb.2005 Signs of the Times – .. leaders in USA White House + USA Pentagon + Los Alamos, USA ... wooden box, urinated on him + made death threats against ... Asia Times Pepe Escobar...

15.Mär.2005 Novas perspectivas sobre os Lusitanos (e outros mundos) - Ver em HTML... de Santa Marta (804 m), Cabeça Gorda ( 525 m), Ferreira (578 m) e ... pergun- tar se, numa inscrição de Malpartida de Plasencia, consagrada a Ban[...] Vor ... www.ipa.min-cultura.pt/pubs/RPA/v4n2/293-350.pdf

16.Mar.2005 INSIDE THE SHADOW CIA ... this day. The second thing that helped make George Wackenhut successful was that he was + is, a hard-line right-winger. He was ...

News and Discussion Forum at www.globalresearch.ca :: View topic ...

14.Mär.2005 ... Miami, was told to fly immediately to San Antonio along with three other members of SID - a unit, known as founder + chairman George Wackenhut's "private FBI ...

14.Mär.2005 WHAT THE FUCK? No Shit. And George Wackenhut is the head of that firm Wackenhut + a very good friend of Papa Bush BGHW948] . Wackenhut lived... in Florida. George Wackenhut ...

14.Mär.2005 Wackenhut, Intel Thugs of Choice... in Miami, was told to fly immediately to San Antonio along with three other members of SID -a unit, known as founder + chairman George Wackenhut's "private FBI ...

16.Mar.2005 Iraqgate ... ties to the CIA and federal contracts worth $200 million a year - was making sure Saddam would be getting his equipment intact.'... George Wackenhut is a long ...

00.000.1971 Wackenhut Bombing There were no injuries.

The following persons were interviewed: Captain of the guards, Captain Courtier + area manager, Murray Levine + George Wackenhut ...
15.Mar.2005 Wackenhut Corporation@Everything2.com ...

Wackenhut was founded by George Wackenhut, an ex-director at the CIA + Wackenhut board of directors includes several government officials from various executive ... www.everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=481388 14.Mär.2005 Today we read about George Wackenhut, who made millions by hanging out with people like William "Let's Make a Pre-Election Deal with Ayatollah Khomeini" Casey. ... www.googobits.com/2005/01/elite.html

Wackenhut: Prisons + profits + golf umbrellas ...

Sounding like a particularly bad late night movie, this is an extract from the authorised biography of George Wackenhut, entitled The Quiet American. www.greenleft.org.au/back/2001/450/450p15.htm

15.Mar.2005 Alien Intelligencer: George Wackenhut 1919-2004 "Former FBI agent George Russell Wackenhut turned a small, South Florida detective agency into a global leader in security. ...
www.alienintelligencer.com/2005/01/george-wackenhut-1919-2004.html 14.Mär.2005

Conspiracy Theories - Area 51 - Inoffiziell Ihr Boss ist George Wackenhut, ein früherer FBI-Agent. Ursprünglich durften staatliche Stellen keine privaten Firmen zu Überwachungszwecken einstellen. ...

12.Jan.2005 Blog of Death: George Wackenhut... . George Wackenhut . Former FBI agent George Russell Wackenhut turned a small, South Florida detective agency into a global leader in security. ...
www.blogofdeath.com/archives/001280.html 14.Mär.2005

George Wackenhut - Corporate profile & brands George Wackenhut is one of the 10000 corporations + 21000 brands for which Transnationale & Co. provides social, financial + ... www.transnationale.org/fiches/-149627221.htm

15.Mar.2005 prima facie: George Wackenhut GEORGE WACKENHUT, an ex-FBI man, formed his namesake security company in Florida 00.000.1954. ... Mr. Wackenhut once called George Bush "pink".

15.Mar.2005 BushWhackedUSA, Monitoring the Net for Progressive News & Opinion... (4 points) over Bush/Cheney among RVs, with or without Nader–Camejo in the mix. ... is to create a national assembly to work with the new government. ... www.bushwhackedusa.com/archive/archive07d_2004.html 14.Mär.2005

The Bush Record: Actions, Consequences, Failure + Disasters in ... I have noticed a troubling pattern that characterizes the Bush/ Cheney ... we could use or find the technologies that create energy without destroying ... www.fred.net/tds/bushfail2004.html 14.Mär.2005

The Bush Record: Actions, Consequences, Failure + Disasters in ... we could use or find the technologies that create energy without destroying ... The Bush administration has pushed the crisis to an unprecedented level. ... www.fred.net/tds/printable-bushfail2004.html 14.Mär.2005

Texas Bank Looting, The Bush Mafia, Political Corruption and Lots More .. corruption in Texas regarding the land subdivisions called Colonias, the Savings and Loan Crisis + prominent figures including the Bush family.

15.Mar.2005 NewsPro Archive... Jed Bush, Dan Quayle, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Steve Forbes and others + is a project ... Court denies Cheney attempt to keep energy group secret ...
www.trinicenter.com/selfnews/arc6-2003.html 14.Mär.2005

NewsPro Archive... George Bush understands that most Americans don't have the time, energy, ... And still they lie: Bush backs Cheney on linking Hussein, Al Qaeda ... www.trinicenter.com/selfnews/arc5-2004.html

15.Mar.2005 Air America Radio | The Al Franken Show... Cheney et al walking away with billions in Iraq. Isn’t that why the Bush ...a fake news show as an attempt to throw the election to George W. Bush... www.airamericaradio.com/weblogs/alfrankenshow/index.php?/franken/comments/1954/P200/

15.Mar.2005 TVSet . org – (Home) .. BUSH - CHENEY ENERGY STRATEGY [When first assuming office in early 2001, ... Bush asserted that addressing the nation’s “ energy crisis ” was his most ...
Scoop: Mark Robinowitz: Another Stolen Election... farce to create an illusion of democracy, since Kerry and Bush are both members .. of Skull and Bones + Kerry, Bush and Cheney are distant cousins? ... www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0411/S00123.htm

15.Mar.2005 Cheney's Secrets... on Cheney Energy Panel - A federal appeals court Tuesday rejected the Bush... between the secret White House deals, the fake California energy crisis, ...
www.tvnewslies.org/html/cheney_s_secrets.html 14.Mär.2005

Carlyle2.htm... SEC investigates accounting under Cheney's watch. By Steve Gelsi, CBS.MarketWatch.com ... Our Fake Energy Crisis : What Really Happened in California ... www.thefourreasons.org/CARLYLE2.HTM

September Archives2 .. Congressman Ron Paul Admits Conspiracy to Create World Government ... Summary of the Cheney Energy task Force's Energy Policy: President Bush's energy ... www.thefourreasons.org/september2.htm 14.Mär.2005

Kissinger Clients lead to Enron and Cheney - 911 Cover Up Wobbles... state under George Bush Snr...." Official: USA oil at the heart of Iraq crisis ... Judge Asked to Find Bush Admin in Contempt - Cheney energy task force ... www.btinternet.com/~nlpwessex/Documents/WATinquirychaos.htm 14.Mär.2005

War Against Terrorism News Archives... on the energy plan formulated by Cheney's task force last spring. ... the public interest law firm that investigates and prosecutes government ...
www.btinternet.com/~nlpwessex/Documents/war-against-terrorism-archive.htm 14.Mär.2005

Bush and Harken... help remind Americans of the corners Bush + Cheney cut during their days in... a tiny, money-losing energy company with large debts of which Mr. Bush ... www.911dossier.co.uk/bc03.html 14.Mär.2005

ENRON-BUSH-HARVARD-WTC-OIL-CONNECTION - HOW TO CREATE A PHONY POWER CRISIS: THE BUSH-ENRON CONNECTION https://www.apfn.org/enron/phoney.htm ... The Roots of the Bush - Cheney's Oil Government ... www.apfn.org/apfn/enron_bush.htm 14.Mär.2005

911 - TERROR IN AMERICA Part 3... the public interest law firm that investigates and prosecutes government ...SWISS INVESTIGATION INTO BUSH/ CHENEY INVOLVEMENT IN OIL COMPANY BRIBES TO ...
www.apfn.org/apfn/wtc_part3.htm 14.Mär.2005
The Meria Heller Show Subscriber Archives- Californias rigged energy crisis will cost Calif. upwards of $100 ... Judge Bates is a Bush man, protects Cheney ; Bush Admin. locks up records on ...
www.meria.net/subscribers/december2002 14.Mär.2005

The Meria Heller Show Subscriber Archives - November 2004... https://www.drummajorinstitute.org/ ; How to make the government and elected ... author of "The Bush Dyslexicon" and "Cruel and Unusual, Bush/ Cheney's New World ... www.meria.net/subscribers/november2004 14.Mär.2005
FindLaw - No. 03-475: Cheney vUS District Court - Joint Appendix ... CHENEY : She brought in outsiders, people who were not government employees, ... up a fake energy crisis ; GRAPHIC: (Chart) Energy Advocates in the Bush ... washingtonpost.findlaw.com/supreme_court/briefs/03-475/03-475.mer.ja.v1.html 14.Mär.2005

Daily Kos :: Plame Leaked by Fake News Source? Part VI ... White House-credentialed fake news reporter "Jeff Gannon" from fake news ...Goss staunchly supported Bush and Vice President Cheney's thesis that an ...
www.dailykos.com/story/2005/1/31/93126/4150 14.Mär.2005

Daily Kos :: Plame Affair: a breakthrough... is a lot of reporters, there is untold money in the Bush/ Cheney coffers. ...If it investigates government it won't be given any more press releases, ...

15.Mar.2005 Dowbrigade News: Wacky News... Nice to see American culture spreading around the globe. ... We have more than our fair share of Pinochets, Allendes, Al Saud's and freshly minted ...

15.Mar.2005 The Nation, 11/13/1976 - Paraguay: Terror and Profit by Lernoux, Penny... national identity in the face of Brazil's economic and cultural invasion. ...+ his henchmen are in power, however, Brasilia has nothing to fear ... www.nationarchive.com/Summaries/v223i0016_05.htm

11.Sep.2001 -AFTER-Emma Bonino - GLOBALIZATION, HUMAN RIGHTS + DEMOCRACY ...+ cultivating the fear + selfishness that immigration produces. ... to create new Saddam Husseins + Pinochets + Mobutus to defeat terrorism? ... www.emmabonino.it/speeches/553

15.Mar.2005 Comdemn this cultural vandalism + destruction... The horrors of Guatemala + Pinochets Chile + Banzer-Suarez's Bolivia + El Slavador + Honduras + ... www.forumhub.com/indhistory/7657.12.37.31.html

14.Mär.2005 SIT Study Abroad - View as HTML Module 1: A REVIEW OF HISTORY, POLITICS AND CULTURE IN CHILE. Seminar 1 and 2: ... DINA, secret police created during Pinochets dictatorship. ...

15.Mar.2005 Contra-Intelligence on Oliver North-by Celerino Castillo 3rd ..-.. Mexican federal police provide little comfort in war on drug lords (March ... were being trained at a ranch in Vera Cruz, owned by Rafael Caro Quintero ... https://www.drugwar.com/castillonorthmay1104.shtm

Hemp News No. 30 -..DRUG LORDS' INFLUENCE PERVADING MEXICO; NEIGHBOR, LAST LINE OF DEFENSE FOR ... and set up ties to Mexican traffickers such as Rafael Caro Quintero and ... https://www.crrh.org/hempnews/hn_30.html

relatedarticles.html -..getting a drug shipment across the border is a triumph," Quintero said. ... a hotel where they were playing a party for a relative of Rafael Caro ... https://www.holycross.edu/departments/socant/goldstein/cocasite/carriecroucher/relatedarticles.html

Historical Text Archive: Articles: Noriega and Key Players in the ..-.. Mexican trafficker Rafael CARO QUINTERO, Miguel Angel GALLARDO, ... perched on the edge of Medellin, the drug lord built and donated 500 two-bedroom ... https://historicaltextarchive.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=114
MIHRA.ORG/ Music Industry Human Rights Association -..Politics + the Industry, ACTIVISM: Human Rights, The Drugs Page ... Rafael Caro Quintero + Ernesto Fonseca, met with USA pilots working out of ... https://mihraorg.212.net/2k/cia.htm

Mexican Cartels + Their Integration -..the Sonora Cartel run by the Caro Quintero family of Guadalajara, ... when it was revealed that he had ties with several of the Mexican drug lords. ... https://www.customscorruption.com/mexican_cartels_integr.htm

FEDS, INFORMANTS FINGER USA GOVT AS DRUG TRAFFICKER -..told him that major drug figures, including Rafael Caro Quintero, ... The photos, the ledgers, all the stuff the cops found that morning as they hit ... https://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/post/whosarat/vpost?id=12

Organized Crime and Terrorist Activity in Mexico,

00.000.1999-00.000.2002 -..on both sides of the USA border + opportunistic attacks by rival drug lords. A ... of his brother, Rafael Caro - Quintero, on drug violations + his ... https://www.loc.gov/rr/frd/pdf-files/OrgCrime_Mexico.pdf

01.May 1997 Portland NORML Weekly News Release -..a tribunal has overturned the sentence of a drug lord convicted of killing USA ... Rafael Caro Quintero was convicted in the highly publicized death of ... https://www.pdxnorml.org/050197.html

Hemp News No. 30 Compiled by Paul Stanford (treefreeeco@igc.org ..-.. brings -- rival drug lords in Rio battle for turf + distribution rights. ... + set up ties to Mexican traffickers such as Rafael Caro Quintero + ... https://www.pdxnorml.org/HN_30.txt

GLOBALISATION + DRUGS + CRIMINALISATION (Vol. 1: Ex. Summary + ... suspect was Rafael Caro Quintero, head of one of the groups controlled by Félix ... Latin Drug Lords,..USA lawmen + the war America can’t win", New ... https://www.unesco.org/most/globalisation/drugs_vol1.pdf

Drug War Chronicle, Issue #371 -..including the notorious Rafael Caro Quintero, who is doing 90 years for the ... the much larger amount of drugs "discovered in the hands of drug lords. ... https://stopthedrugwar.org/chronicle/371/full.shtml

Prison Talk Online - Cia Sold Cocaine -..informants told him that major drug figures, including Rafael Caro Quintero, ... Jorge Luis Ochoa, at the time Columbia's most ambitious drug lord. ... https://www.prisontalk.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-39437.html
Location: Tivoli Restaurant, 1700 N. Moore Street, Rosslyn, VA - View as HTML ... Lesley Fields has an extensive background in Strategic Sourcing and is the ... a prediction that the final shoe has yet to drop in Darlene Druyun case; ... www.ncmadc.org/Mar05nws.rtf

Public Policy Update Eight contracts totaling more than $3 billion have been referred for further investigation as part of the scandal surrounding Darlene Druyun ...
www.csa-dc.org/publications-press/ppc_update/2-18-05/public_policy_update_2-18-05.htm 14.Mär.2005

Other Contract Law News GAO sustains Lockheed protest in which Darlene Druyun was involved. ... this article offers background, insight + empirical data relevant to these ... www.pubklaw.com/othernews.html 00.Aug.2004 IEC Journal ... delay of sentencing of ex-Boeing employee, Darlene Druyun, until 01.Oct.200-..+ ex-Air Force acquisition official, Darleen Druyun who plead guilty to ... www.iecjournal.org/iec/2004/08/

15.Mar.2005 Documents Relating to the Bay of Pigs Invasion + the Cuban ... From Secretary of Defense McNamara to President Kennedy, SAM Sites Contingencies, 4 ... Fursenko + Naftali's Interpretation of the Turkish Missile Resolution. ... www.mtholyoke.edu/acad/intrel/cuba.htm

00.000.1954-00.000.1962 Back Yard- Guatemala + Cuba ... Washington, the military prepared to take reprisal against the SAM missile emplacements ... next day, but asked him not to mention the Turkish missile deal, which ... homepages.stmartin.edu/Fac_Staff/rlangill/PLS%20310/Back%20Yard-%20Guatemala%20and%20Cuba%201954-1962.htm

15.Mär.2005 Executive Outcomes: Arming for the post-nation state era ...

Buckingham had been set up with a pocket oil company, Heritage Oil and Gas

... British + the Lord Cayzer freight/shipping empire apparatus out of Oman ... members.tripod.com/~american_almanac/execout.htm 14.Mär.2005

IFN - Manhattan Judge Rules On Pre-Trial Motions In “Kazakhgate ...

Deuss (as President of the state run oil company Oman Oil Company (OOC) made demands on Chevron that would have required us to put up nearly all the money for ... ifn.org.uk/article.php?sid=6

14.Mär.2005 The SAS: Prince Philip's manager of terrorism ...

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, a co -founder of ...

Ironically, another strong player in Oman

during this period ... retainer with a shadowy Dutch oil trader named John Deuss ... www.eoncrisis.homestead.com/SFAN_SAsPrincePhilip.html

15.Mär.2005 Major Oil Companies Operating in the Gulf Region ...

Oman Oil Company (OOC) is the overseas investment arm of the Ministry of Petroleum,

00.000.---- -until recently- headquartered in Houston + headed by John Deuss www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/US-Israel/oilgulf.html

14.Mär.2005 Oman Country Analysis Brief ... 2%).

Oman Oil Company (OOC) is the overseas investment arm of Oman Ministry of Petroleum,

15.Mar.2005 -until recently- headquartered in Houston + headed by John Deuss ... www.converger.com/eiacab/oman.htm

14.Mär.2005 Perlo - Imperialism spell it OIL ... have a share +

Russian Prime Minister Chernomyrdin made a deal with John Deuss,

president of the Oman government-owned oil company, whereby Deuss -+ his ... www.pww.org/archives95/95-11-04-2.html

15.Mar.2005 Earth Sciences - Publications

... omission surfaces: Lower Jurassic of the UAE + Oman ... an overpressured Central North Sea oil/gas field, ... twin patterns in ferroelastic and co -elastic minerals, ... www.hyphen.info/rdf/hero/20_ra2_date.php 14.Mär.2005 March/In This Issue

With the resignation of John Deuss, the controversial president of the Oman Oil Co.,

Chevron won the latest round in its continuing battle with the government... www.rpi-inc.com/rpisite/1996/backissues/marchtoc.html

15.Mär.2005 Earth Sciences - Publications

... omission surfaces: Lower Jurassic of the UAE + Oman ... an overpressured Central North Sea oil/gas field, ... twin patterns in ferroelastic and co -elastic minerals, ... www.hyphen.info/rdf/hero/20_ra2_date.php


The nivalry has multiple dimensions.

Ah competitors are rapidly extending their produet unes.

New models + une extensions are announced almost daily ... www.crb.ucp.pt/iudps/gds/Estrategia/portableMBA.pdf

15.Mar.2005 Florida Election Stolen... prototype.

He delivered the program “to Mr. Hai Lin Nee, the quality control person at YEI,” according to his affidavit. Curtis ... www.americanfreepress.net/html/florida_election_stolen.html

15.Mär.2005 Türkei: Polizisten nach Gewalteinsatz auf Frauendemo vom Dienst suspendiert

15.Mär.2005 WorldCom-Pleite: Der tiefe Fall des Kaufrausch-Cowboys

15.Mär.2005 US-Notenbank Fed: Greenspan attackiert Bushs Haushaltspolitik

15.Mär.2005 Libanon: Syrischer Geheimdienst verlässt Beirut

15.Mär.2005 Washington: Anthrax-verseuchte Post im Pentagon

15.Mär.2005 Verhandlungen im Irak: Wie die USA aus Rebellen Politiker machen wollen

15.Mär.2005 Wirtschaftsskandale: Ex-WorldCom-Chef Ebbers schuldig gesprochen

15.Mär.2005 Anti-Terrorkampf: Fünf EU-Staaten bilden Netzwerk

15.Mär.2005 Teleportation: Der Hexenmeister von Wien

15.Mär.2005 Orientierung auf See: Sicher navigieren ohne GPS

15.Mär.2005 Millionen Dollar: Microsoft zahlt für Patentverletzung

15.Mär.2005 Bundeswehr: Mehr Beschwerden über Misshandlungen

15.Mär.2005 Verbraucherproteste: Werberat verzeichnet deutlich mehr Beschwerden

15.Mär.2005 Religiosität: Glaube könnte in den Genen liegen

15.Mär.2005 Poker und Roulette: Die Erfolgsrezepte der Profizocker

15.Mär.2005 Virtueller Rekorder: Videos aufzeichnen im Internet

15.Mär.2005 Mazedonien: Gefälschte Stimmzettel bei Kommunalwahl

15.Mär.2005 USA: Endspiel um das iranische Atomprogramm

15.Mär.2005 Musharraf zur Jagd nach Bin Laden: "Wir haben jede Spur verloren"

15.Mär.2005 Fusionspläne: Britannien baut die Supergewerkschaft

15.Mär.2005 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Zur Hölle mit dem Patriarchat!"

15.Mär.2005 Bionik-Wettbewerb: Was Rattenzähne scharf macht

15.Mär.2005 Hisbollah: Vereinigte Staaten setzen EU unter Druck

15.Mär.2005 Atomwaffen: Nordkorea droht mit Ausbau seines Arsenals

15.Mär.2005 Datenspeicherung: Breiter Widerstand gegen Regierungspläne

15.Mär.2005 Reformvorschlag: Sozialverbände nennen Arbeitgeberchef Hundt "unverschämt"

15.Mär.2005 Verhaltenskodex: Wal-Mart regelt das Liebesleben seiner Mitarbeiter

15.Mär.2005 Washington: Anthrax-Alarm im US-Verteidigungsministerium

30.Aug.2004 -Posted by jens at- The DHS's incessant warnings against any and every possible method of terrorist attack has nothing to do with security + everything to do with politics.

00.000.2002 Republican strategist Karl Rove instructed Republican legislators to make terrorism the mainstay of their campaign.

Study after study has shown that USA Americans worried about terrorism are more likely to vote Republican.

Strength in the face of the terrorist threat is the basis of Bush's reelection campaign. https://kantel.server-wg.de/rollberg/archives/004366.html
How Long Can the Country Stay Scared? https://kantel.server-wg.de/rollberg/archives/004366.html
2004 A terrorist alert that instills a vague feeling of dread or panic, without giving people anything to do in response, is ineffective.

Even worse, it echoes the very tactics of the terrorists.

There are two basic ways to terrorize people.

The first is to do something spectacularly horrible, like flying airplanes into skyscrapers + killing thousands of people.

The second is to keep people living in fear.

00.000.19---30.Aug.2004 -Decades ago, that was one of the IRA's major aims. Inadvertently, USA Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is achieving the same thing. https://kantel.server-wg.de/rollberg/archives/004366.html

15.Mär.2005 Search Tuna Report for Joseph Coors... Dr ... Group on Central America ... https://www.seekgod.ca/cnporganizations.htm resource from: google. Ideas Move Nations - 86.01 .. www.searchtuna.com/ftlive/1316.html

15.Mär.2005 Richard V. Allen - SourceWatch Allen is the former National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan (

00.000.1980-00.000.1982).[1] (https://www.seekgod.ca/cnp.a.htm#allen ). ...
www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Richard_V._Allen 14.Mär.2005

John R. Bolton – SourceWatch ... Institute."

00.000.1988 Bolton was a member of the Council on National Policy...[6] (https://www.results.gov/leadership/bio_44.html www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=John_Bolton 14.Mär.2005 Moon's Connection to the Council For National Policy Don't waste any more of my time. This is what I would expect from a Moonie.-End Update- https://www.seekgod.ca/cnp.ijk.htm ...

15.Mär.2005 Rockefeller & Global Missions... on Population Growth + USA American Future. https://www.seekgod.ca/wycliffe.htm The "contextualizing" of the gospel, which credit .. ww.crossroad.to/Quotes/Church/Conway/rockefeller.htm

15.Mär.2005 The worldwide fight against transnational organised crime ... - View as HTML 1. The Worldwide Fight against Transnational Organised Crime: Australia No. 9 Technical + Background Paper Page 2. BLANK PAGE Page 3. ... www.aic.gov.au/publications/tbp/tbp009/tbp009.pdf

15.Mär.2005 Doughty Street Chambers: Human Rights links ... www.dataprotection.gov.uk/INQUEST Exclusively concerned with deaths in custody + inquests in ... https://www.met.police.uk/ www.police.uk/Press ... www.doughtystreet.co.uk/data/h_rights/data/hrLinkIndex.cfm

15.Mär.2005 Aithne.net - TEXTS - Selection of critical + constructive ... And the owner of Explosivos Alaveses is none other ... Extremeñas, a company called Unión Española de Explosivos ... + he answered "firstly it’ is a question of ... www.aithne.net/index.asp?e=news&id=94&lang=0 15.Mär.2005

Missile Acronyms... EW electronic warfare EXPAL Explosivos Alaveses F-SHOB ... Reacteurs a Neutrons Rapides SA NESSG Nuclear ... Equipment Corporation PECSEA President's Export Council's ...

14.Mär.2005 Gerichtsurteil: Verbot von Homo-Ehe in Kalifornien ist verfassungswidrig

14.Mär.2005 Les joguines Les joguines - View as HTML ... 29 30 Europa SA A la secció Lligams del número 2 d'Opcions publicàvem un article sobre l'ERT, el grup de lobby empresarial més influent a la Unió Europea. ...

Doctor Amor Archivo - Borrador del Plan Ibarretxe ... Alava solo esta en manos de los alaveses, el de ... de producción, comercio, tenencia y uso de armas y explosivos ... Pero he de recordarte que los de SA también NO ... www.doctoramor.com/foro/showthread/t-29118.html

Date/Time: 03/14/2005 22:5 down with murder inc... Involves Investors such as George Soros and the Bin Laden family Has George ... home on allegations that he was involved in a planned coup in Equatorial Guinea ...

14.Mär.2005 "Worldview Warfare" and The Science of Coercion ... 7-14; and Edward Lilly, "The Psychological Strategy Board and Its Predecessors: Foreign Policy Coordination 1938-1953," in Gaetano Vincitorio (ed.), Studies in ... www.globalresearch.ca/articles/SIM311A.html

14.Mär.2005 SKULL & BONESDo the Illuminati really control the planet? Is ... Gordon Gray, another of Prescott's golfing buddies, was Eisenhower's national-security adviser and first director of the Psychological Strategy Board in the ... www.hightimes.com/ht/news/content.php?bid=17&aid=3

14.Mär.2005 Research Synopsis On The Majestic Documents .. regard to any provision of law." In the summer of 1952, DCI Walter B. Smith sent a memorandum to the Director, Psychological Strategy Board outlining the CIA,s ... www.rense.com/ufo6/mj.htm

00.000.1950 JPRI Critique Vol. 4 No. 1 a Psychological Strategy Board was created, comprising top officials from USA State Department, CIA + Pentagon, under direct control of the ...

14.Mär.2005 THE MOON ORGANIZATION This list is a revision of the front group ... of Causa; Dr. Joseph Churba, Pres) 213-5283 Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace - held conference "Colloquium for Christian-Muslim Friendship: Mutual ... www.ex-cult.org/Groups/Unification-Church/moonlist.txt

14.Mär.2005 "Second Messiah's" Mission to Subjugate America is Dangerously ... Gen. Daniel O. Graham, a retired head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Joseph Churba, a former DIA employee and retired Gen. ... www.usvetdsp.com/story17.htm

00.000.1981 -EIR - when the Reverend Moon-bankrolled Dr. Joseph Churba +.. . RabbiDavid Ben-Ami arranged for private meetings between. Israeli ... www.whatreallyhappened.com/Sharondirtymoney.html

14.Mär.2005 LOR - OnTarget Britain... Law and Diplomacy. The international network can be identified in Dr Joseph Churba's International Security Council. The names are ...

ALOR - OnTarget Britain... would connect Edward Luttwak or Michael Ledeen, both of whom have written leaders in Telegraph News-papers, with Perle, or with Joseph Churba's powerfully pro ...

00.000. 1967 Americans for Middle East Understanding (AMEU) was founded.

00.000.1969 -together with Joseph Churba, another well-known Zionist, + director of the Center for International Security, Kahane established the Jewish Defense ... www.ameu.org/page.asp?iid=115&aid=260&pg=1

14.Mär.2005 Free Michael!: SCANDAL! The Moonie-Sharon connection was established by the late Joseph Churba, a top operative for Moon's CAUSA, who had earlier been a co-founder of the terrorist ...

14.Mär.2005 MAE BRUSSELL'S RESEARCH ABOUT CHILD ABUSE--SANCTIONED, TOLERATED ... BARBARA LEDEEN with JOSEPH CHURBA (Rev. Moon and FRITZ KRAEMER ASSOC.) works for Perle in TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER BRANCH of Pentagon that shipped arms to Iran. ... www.angelfire.com/indie/choronzon333/panic3.html

14.Mär.2005 25-Year 'Shotgun Marriage' of Israel's Likud USA ...

00.000.1981 two Begin emissaries, Joseph Churba + Rabbi David Z. Ben-Ami, arranged a series of meetings between the Israeli Prime Minister + leading USA ... www.larouchepub.com/other/2002/2946likud_fundies.html

14.Mär.2005 ALOR - OnTarget Britain Law + Diplomacy. The international network can be identified in Dr Joseph Churba's International Security Council. The names are ...

ALOR - OnTarget Britain... would connect Edward Luttwak or Michael Ledeen, both of whom have written leaders in Telegraph News-papers, with Perle, or with Joseph Churba's powerfully pro ...

00.000.1981 EIR ... when the Reverend Moon-bankrolled Dr. Joseph Churba + Rabbi David Ben-Ami arranged for private meetings between. Israeli ... www.whatreallyhappened.com/Sharondirtymoney.html

Rev. Sun Myung Moon - SEVENTIETH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION BANQUET... Dr. Joseph Churba, who is responsible for the International Security Conference that I founded, recently returned to me from Moscow with a very satisfactory ... www.unification.net/1990/900201a.html

Bronfman and the Mafia - Sells Out the USAto Russia ... Krieger 12- Pastor James Deloach 13- Dr. Charles Monroe 14- Michael + Barbara Ledeen 15- Lambert Dolphin 16- Pat Robertson 17- Joseph Churba 18- Stanley ... www.davidicke.net/tellthetruth/coverups/bronfmanmafia.html

14.Mär.2005 ALOR - OnTarget Britain Law + Diplomacy. The international network can be identified in Dr Joseph Churba's International Security Council. The names are... www.alor.org/Britain/OnTargetBritain%20Iraq%20Before%20and%20After%20Part%201%20May2003.htm

ALOR - OnTarget Britain... would connect Edward Luttwak or Michael Ledeen, both of whom have written leaders in Telegraph News-papers, with Perle, or with Joseph Churba's powerfully pro ...

EIR 00.000.1981 when the Reverend Moon-bankrolled Dr. Joseph Churba Rabbi David Ben-Ami arranged for private meetings between. Israeli ...

Rev. Sun Myung Moon - SEVENTIETH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION BANQUET Dr. Joseph Churba, who is responsible for the International Security Conference that I founded, recently returned to me from Moscow with a very satisfactory ... www.unification.net/1990/900201a.html

Bronfman and the Mafia - Sells Out the USAto Russia ... Krieger 12- Pastor James Deloach 13- Dr. Charles Monroe 14- Michael and Barbara Ledeen 15- Lambert Dolphin 16- Pat Robertson 17- Joseph Churba 18- Stanley ... www.davidicke.net/tellthetruth/coverups/bronfmanmafia.html

14.Mär.2005 IRC | RightWeb | Group Watch: American Freedom Coalition... Intelligence Agency. (26) Joseph Churba is a former senior policy adviser to the Arms Control + Disarmament Agency. (26) Phillip ...

IRC | RightWeb | Group Watch: Unification Church... He served as a military adviser to President Reagan. (28). Joseph Churba is a former senior policy adviser to the Arms Control + Disarmament Agency. (1). ...

14.Mär.2005 25-Year 'Shotgun Marriage' of Israel's Likud and US ...

00.000.1981 two Begin emissaries, Joseph Churba + Rabbi David Z. Ben-Ami, arranged a series of meetings between the Israeli Prime Minister + leading American ... www.larouchepub.com/other/2002/2946likud_fundies.html

Bush's Arms Control Team: Whom Do They Really Work For?...

Security Council, an outfit run by Dr. Joseph Churba, co-founder of the Jewish Defense League, + a long-suspected Israeli intelligence operator. ... www.larouchepub.com/pr/2002/020116bush_arms_team.html

14.Mär.2005 WebRing:...

  1. 2, 5, 2, 5, 40 - The Latter-Day Saints Conspiracy.

  2. 17, 2, 9, 1, 2, 5 -Malleus.Net.

  1. 2, 1, 2, 1, 53 - Atheisteye Activism.

  2. 19, 1, 9, 0, 5, 51 - The ... g.webring.com/rs?ring=churchstate&allsites

14.Mär.2005 Die Rockefeller Dynastie - Konzerne ... Chevron. (

00.000.1984 -ab-). Standard Oil of Ohio ( Sohio )

00.000.1925 Vertrag mit BP, durch den Sohio Ölvorräte in Alaska bekam. ...

00.000.1987 völlige Übernahme durch BP. Sohio/BP. ... www.bornpower.de/rockefel/rockef1.htm

14.Mär.2005 From: owner-antique-tractor-digest@newidea.atis.net (antique ... a Buckeye.

Nobody outside Ohio knows what a " Sohio " station was. John D. Rockefeller's original base of operations was Ohio + ... www.atis.net/antique-tractor/digest/v02.n1615

14.Mär.2005 Connections ...

00.000.1976 Mr. Farrell’s association with ECO began- while he was the Director of Environment Affairs for the Standard Oil Company of Ohio ( SOHIO ), which evolved ... www.eco.org/Connections/Issue2-2002/Donor.html

14.Mär.2005 log Jens!? :: Big Brother ... Tod des Bankgeheimnisses, Handelsblatt - Verfassungsbeschwerde gegen Kontenabfrage )+ nebenbei ... berichtet in dem Artikel US-NGO deckt geheime FBI Überwachung ...

14.Mär.2005 stand up and fight -> Datenschutz adé ! Kontrolle total !... zu Bürger- + Menschenrechtsthemen verfasst, zuletzt: Geheime Informanten: V ...

15.Nov.2004 Wachsender Widerstand gegen heimliche Kontenabfrage durch Behörden ... www.carmilo.de/index.php?showtopic=1818

14.Mär.2005 newsclick.de - Braunschweiger Zeitung, Wolfsburger Nachrichten ...

Doch die geplante Kontenabfrage, für die Bundesregierung ein Beitrag zu ...

Ursprünglich hatte die geheime Datenabfrage der Aufdeckung illegaler Geldströme + ... www.newsclick.de/index.jsp/menuid/472005/artid/3757654

14.Mär.2005 Pressekonferenz - HTML-Version...

Erfolg verspricht.

Auch gegen die geheime Abfrage protestieren wir. ... dachtunabhängige Kontenabfrage generell verboten und die Zugriffsrechte der staat-.. www.steuerzahler.de/uploads/Pressestatements/Statement_-__Glaeserner_Steuerzahler.pdf

14.Mär.2005 Imge-Pflege: Bushs Ex-Beraterin soll Ansehen der USA aufmöbeln

14.Mär.2005 Massendemo in Beirut: Eine Million gegen Syrien

14.Mär.2005 Kapitalflucht: Deutsche Konzerne investieren mehr denn je im Ausland

14.Mär.2005 Guantanamo: Freilassung des Bremer Taliban entpuppt sich als Gerücht

14.Mär.2005 Datenspeicherung: Schily will - sonst keiner

14.Mär.2005 TV-Beiträge: Bushs perfekte Propaganda-Maschine

14.Mär.2005 Milka gegen Milka: Großkonzern macht Schneiderin ihren Namen streitig

14.Mär.2005 Alle 62 Millionen Jahre: Massensterben folgt mysteriösem Rhythmus

14.Mär.2005 Dollar-Schwäche: EZB verdreifachte ihre Verluste

14.Mär.2005 Guantanamo: Verwirrung um mögliche Freilassung des Bremer Talibans

14.Mär.2005 Nuklearstreit: Iran will Entscheidung erzwingen
Evolution: Virus formte Schimpansengene

14.Mär.2005 Klimawandel: Die Alpengletscher schmelzen dahin

14.Mär.2005 USA: Rice weist Ambitionen auf Präsidentschaft zurück

14.Mär.2005 Technik aus Potsdam: Indonesien bekommt deutsches Tsunami-Warnsystem

14.Mär.2005 Himalaya: WWF warnt vor Überflutungen durch Gletscherschmelze

14.Mär.2005 Libanon: USA dringen auf sofortigen syrischen Abzug

14.Mär.2005 Raketenabwehr: USA verweigern deutschen Firmen Einblicke in MEADS

14.Mär.2005 Anti-Sezessionsgesetz: China verstärkt Druck auf Taiwan

14.Mar.2005 Nahost: Israel will illegale Siedlungen räumen

00.Aug.2001 posts ... Catastrophe is around every corner + he resigns himself to the ... + since it is a Buffy board I am hijacking the thread ... In my humble, thread hi - jacking opinion. www.atpobtvs.com/existentialscoobies/archives/aug3_p.html

14.Mar.2005 Justice Dept. Opposes Bid to Revive Case Against FBI :: 9/11

00.000.2002 Ms. Edmonds was dismissed after complaining repeatedly that bureau linguists had produced slipshod + incomplete translations of important terrorism ... www.911citizenswatch.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=486

RE-POSTING: Open Letter to Senator Dayton (D-MN) re. Statements ... vigor.

If the facts are wrong or incomplete then the recommendations that flow from those flawed findings may be flawed as well... www.911citizenswatch.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=485

14.Mar.2005 The Oath of Office for the US Senate USA ...".

For nearly three-quarters of a century, that oath served nicely, although to the modern ear it sounds woefully incomplete... www.couplescompany.com/Features/Politics/2004/SenateOath.htm

11.Sep.2001 Analysis on 911 by John Judge-

21.Oct.2001 .. Level;

Cheney Says War Against Terror `May Never End' by Bob Woodward, Washington Post ... www.ratical.org/ratville/JFK/JohnJudge/911oct2001.html

11.Sep.2001 Analysis on 911 by John Judge-

05.Mar.2003 "A war that will not end in our lifetime" said Cheney... " WASHINGTON, - Richard N. Haass, USA State Department's director of policy planning, is ...

13.Mar.2005 Million Worker March:



... the plan circulating in many Washington corridors

... industry executives from Vice President Richard Cheney

00.000.1998 ... It is a permanent war that " will not end in our ... www.millionworkermarch.org/article.php?id=60

11.Sep.2001 The Truth About 9/11 "Crossing The Rubicon"... prosecution" of that case by means other than Dick Cheney's " war that will not end in our lifetime ...

Dick Cheney knew about it...

"Check That Oil" - Washington Post

14.Nov.200- ... www.nuclearfreenz.org.nz/ruppert.htm

13.Mar.2005 Democratic Underground Forums - Notes from "Confronting the ... are the prize at the end of the rainbow for dick cheney's war that will not end in our ...

He said Flight 77 took off from Washington + went to Ohio ... Read my post...www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=125x19616

portland imc -

18.Apr.2002-11.Sep.2001 investigation: indymedia

... that this happened, Vice President Dick Cheney was sitting ..

I was in Washington + said, "Look there's no

.. is presented to us as a war that will not end in our .. portland.indymedia.org/en/2002/04/9556.shtml

The Big Brother Files #50: The Deceiver-In-Chief &His Cohort ... ( washington post) as long as the oil lasts ( Cheney calls it the war that will not end in our ... www.earthrainbownetwork.com/Archives2004/BigBrother50.htm


13.Mar.2005 André Ventura da Cruz Marnôto Zúquete ... Research Interests. Security in Distributed Sistems .

Electronic Voting . Secure Execution of Applications. Distributed Systems. Operating Systems. Publications... www.ieeta.pt/~avz

IMPLY Tecnologia Eletrônica .: The Electronic Voting Panel was developed by Imply Tecnologia Eletrônica to make voting sistems easier. This placard dynamize + ...

L:eXchangeissue 7Jan-March01 - Versiunea HTML So, for example, Brazil launched an electronic voting system: they are very proud that it is a better system than that of the USA,+ it seems ... www.infodev.org/exchange/pdf/exch7.pdf 13.Mar.2005 RÜSTUNGSKONTROLLE IM CYBERSPACE – HTML-Version P


13.Mar.2005 Internet-Based Psychological Experimenting- HTML-Version Participation in non- restricted web surveys: A typology and explanatory model for ...

29.Dec.2001 Retrieved from HREF="https://www.psychologie.unizh.ch/sowi/team/reips/papers/Reips2002.pdf">www.psychologie.unizh.ch/sowi/team/reips/papers/Reips2002.pdf

Theorie + Praxis der Information Warfare in den USA - HTML-Version

Adding Wings to the Tiger: Chinese Information War Theory + Practice, Foreign Military Studies Office, Fort Leavenworth, KS., https://call.army.mil/call/fmso ... www.politik.uni-koeln.de/jaeger/downloads/eckert01.pdf

13.Mar.2005 Fußnoten. 1.

00.000.2002 ( https://www.defenselink.mil/speeches/2002/s20020131-secdef.html )... the military budget be vastly increased, that civil liberties be restricted + that ... www.bpb.de/popup_fussnote.html?guid=DNGY8L

Writing a Secret report on No 3 Troop after

WWII. from his home at Crug, Caernarvon

00.Apr.1946 Bryan Hilton-Jones said that No 3 Troop "were conspicuously successful +

earned high praise all round, the best illustration of which is that many were Commissioned as officers into the Commandoes to which they had been attached.. ...

They were the most interesting + worthwhile branch of No 10 Commando".

After D-Day, Capt. Griffith (aka Glaser) became the first Jewish CO of the Troop until he was killed at the River Aller crossing on 11.Apr.1945 .

00.Sep.1945 the whole Commando was disbanded, but many of No 3 Troop continued in sensitive + secret work in the Occupation Forces, tracking Nazi Resistance groups, war criminals, translating captured documents etc.

WWI.+WWII. -During- Second World Wars, UK + Allied nations Jewish Servicemen + Women played a part in those struggles in excess of the proportion to their numbers in the general populations.

WWI.00.000.1915-00.000.1916 Many will know of- the- Zion Mule Corps +

WWI.00.000.1917-00.000.1919 Jewish Legion (38th-42nd battalions, Royal Fusiliers) +

00.000.1944-00.000.1946 Jewish Brigade the 51st (mainly Jewish Palestinians) Middle East Commando,

the SIG Commando in North Africa,

the Jewish members of SOE + other Jewish groups of WWII.

WWII.00.000.1939-00.000.194- One of the best kept secrets of-, however, has been the nature of the existence of No. 3 (Miscellaneous or "X" Troop)

of the unique No. 10 (Inter-Allied) Commando/Special Services Brigade.

13.Mar.2005 Ian Dear's excellent seminal work on No 10 Commando ("
Ten Commando 1942-45", published by Leo Cooper Ltd 1987)
is the only thorough, published study of this amazing group of men + a large section is devoted to the famous "Jewish No. 3 Troop".

1987 -Before- his research, virtually nothing had been published about them.

It is not my aim therefore to repeat what Ian Dear has so wonderfully + ably already researched.

Suffice to say that there were French, Dutch, Belgian + other "National" Troops (totalling at its largest about 1000 men altogether) + then the Jewish Troop.

13.Mar.2005 -Even now- many of 3 Troop cannot speak for a variety of reasons, of the nature of their exploits + others have of course died.

But X Troop were, even by the standards of No 10 Commando, a particularly extraordinary bunch

having, as well as the normal skills of all Commandos, in explosives, parachuting + so on,

extremely high intelligence + education + were indeed by far the most highly trained group in the UK army, especially in fieldcraft, camouflage, compass marching, street fighting, housebreaking + lockpicking

("One Day in York" Michael Arton, Hazelwood Press, 1989) . Many were attached to the SSRF (Small Scale Raiding Force, part of SOE), SBS + SIS

and most files on this aspect of WWII. remain closed.[ 13.Mar.2005 -Even now- ]

13.Mar.2005 Geheimdienste ... sich auch im Logo der Operation wiederfand (s.o)...

00.000.1956 Gladio wurde Offiziell gegründet durch USA CIA ... in der Türkei die "Red Sheepskin ", in Griechenland ... www.wiese-mau.de/geheimdienste/gladio.htm
PERUHuantar" was directly oriented by the CIA, the intelligence ... brought by several Peruvians, the Operation Chavin de ... Cross, that "wolf in a sheep skin " which, in...www.geocities.com/lbi_br/rmm0201.html

Discarded Lies: NATO's Secret Armies ... common denominator: extreme rightism." The Gladio " Sheepskin " group was ... in the 1960 s with the CIA or Clinton's ... + also the failed Mossad operation on that ...
Rolling Thunder Times - View as HTML CONFERENCE, 908-369-5439 NOV 6 SC-1: Annual Poker Run, Rock Hill ... Ground: Ground Other Personnel in Incident: Six other Kellogg, Brown & Root employees; Thomas ... www.rolling-thunder-nh1.org/Newsletters/rt-times-october-2004.pdf

13.Mar.2005 We, as Mayans + as Mexicans:... government had the responsibility to redistribute private + public lands to needy communities ... Chamula: un pueblo indio de los altos de Chiapas...

13.Mar.2005 Participants List... Alfredo R. Huete, Terrestrial Biophysics + Remote Sensing Lab, University of Arizona ... Christoph Steiner, EMBRAPA, Manaus, University of Bayreuth ...

A Look at Amazon Basin Seasonal Dynamics with the Biophysical..-HTML-Version... Soil, Water + Environmental Science, University of Arizona, 1200 E. South... University of Sao Paulo2, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center3 lba.cptec.inpe.br/abstracts/Manaus2002/submitted-abstracts-Manaus-July2002.pdf

13.Mar.2005 SWP - Stiftung Wissenschaft + Politik - Researcher's Profile... Fregattenkapitän Thomas Papenroth, MA. E-Mail: thomas. papenroth @swp-berlin.org. Research Unit European + Atlantic Security ... www.swp-berlin.org/forscher/forscherprofil.php?id=1366&active=wissenschaftler&lang=en

13.Mar.2005 Pax Americana + gewaltsame Demokratisierung. Zur politischen... Defense Policy Board unter GW Bush ), Jeb Bush ( GW Bush's Bruder + USA George W. Bush ist alter ... Der Wahlkampf hat die Amerikaner polarisiert. ...

13.Mar.2005 EgyptAir Flight 990 + HISTORY OF FACTION TWO... my belief that the position of Grand Master passed to his son, Admiral Wilhelm Johann, USA Navy, also known as William Raborn, William Raeder, Joseph ... www.rumormillnews.com/egypt.htm

ME Sharpe, Inc. - Book Information... John; Cambodia; Canada; Canaris, Wilhelm ; Carter, Jimmy ... Hanssen, Robert; Harlfinger, Admiral Fritz; Hart ... Raborn, William F.; Radar; Radio; Rado, Alexander; Reagan ...
www.mesharpe.com/mall/resultsa.asp?Title=Encyclopedia+of+Intelligence+and+Counterintelligence 11.Mar.2005

History of Rocketry Neubert, Theodor A. Poppel, August Schultze, Eberhard Rees, Wilhelm Jungert + ... The Special Projects Office was commanded by Rear Admiral William F. Raborn... www.spaceline.org/history/6.html

People by Last Names: R ... William F. Raborn, Government, CIA Director



06.Mar.1990 ...Erich Raeder, Military, Reich Admiral,


06.Nov.1960 ...
www.nndb.com/lists/510/000063321 11.Mar.2005

Mind Justice - Rights Abuse Report A Washington Post

07.Aug.1977 article by John Wilhelm stated that Dr...Retired Navy Admiral William Raborn, CIA director under Lyndon B. Johnson, for years..www.mindjustice.org/7.htm

University Archives: Simonsen Collection: US Military... 1987 SIG US Navy-- Admiral of the Fleet, Undated 3 11 ..INSC 8 PIRIE, Robert B. SIG 8 RABORN, William F. SIG ... 2 EHLERT, NE 1990 SIG/INSC 2 ESHELMAN, William P. 1993 ... www.lib.ksu.edu/depts/spec/findaids/pc1993-10e.html

Blazing the Trail. The Early History of Spacecraft + Rocketry -See also DFH-1 (Dong Fong Hong) Dönitz, Admiral 158 Donovan, Allen 390 Doolittle.. R1 433 R2 434 R3 434 Rabe Institute 161, 162 Raborn Jr., William (Red) 254

13.Mar.2005 birkenbihl-insider Wandzeitung ... Das Hauptübel im Gefängnis sind nämlich die Rassenkämpfe der Insassen, zB Latinos ( Mexikaner, Puerto Ricaner) gegen Schwarze oder Asiaten + umgekehrt ... www.birkenbihl.de/wandzeitung/BEITRAEGE.asp?ID=619

13.Mar.2005 The BCCI Affair - 19 Ed Rogers + Kamal Adham -..phone logs at Rogers + Barbour indicate that on

05.Aug.19-- he placed a phone call to Mr. Sam Bamieh at Intertrade Group in San Mateo, California... https://www.fas.org/irp/congress/1992_rpt/bcci/19rogers.htm

Trustees - Houston, Texas*. Sam Bamieh San Mateo, California, Jack Laughery Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Perry R. Bass, Sr. Fort Worth, Texas, Kenneth L. Lay ... https://www.georgebushfoundation.org/bush/asp/OverView/Trustees.asp

1994 Individual Contributions to Ridge Campaign in-..$5000 Bamieh Sam San Mateo CA 08/16/94. $5000 Barness Herbert Doylestown PA 09/07/94. $5000 Barth Robert Bryn Mawr PA 27.Oct.1994 ... https://www.corporations.org/campaign$$/ridge94ind.html

LASNET Archive 1994: PER your request: 187 + more info -..7) Sam Bamieh, American Intertrade $112000 Group, San Mateo CA 8) David Price, American Golf Santa Monica CA. $110000 9) E&A GALLO WINERY, ... https://www1.lanic.utexas.edu/la/region/news/arc/lasnet/1994/0396.html

The Trivialization of Everything - ABC News + many other media organs carried the story of one Sam Bamieh, a resident of San Mateo County, California, who was suing for conspiracy ... https://www.geocities.com/saudhouse_p/thetrivi.htm

.2005 Eavesdropping Agency Warned Bush of Need to Monitor Networks Used by Americans By Katherine Shrader Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON (AP) - The nation's electronic intelligence agency warned President Bush

00.000.2001 that monitoring USA adversaries would require a "permanent presence" on networks that also carry Americans' messages that are protected from government eavesdropping.

The warning was contained in a National Security Agency report entitled "Transition 2001," sent to Bush shortly after he took office and reflects the agency's major concerns at the time.

The report was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the National Security Archive, a private security watchdog group at George Washington University that made the document public Friday.

The papers offer a rare glimpse into the usually publicity-shy NSA, which monitors communications involving foreign targets and does code-making and breaking.

The document showed an agency making a case to the White House that information security should be a top priority.

It raised questions about how new global communications technologies were challenging the Constitution's protections against unreasonable searches and seizures.

"Make no mistake, NSA can and will perform its missions consistent with the Fourth Amendment and all applicable laws," the document says.

But, it adds, senior leadership must understand that the NSA's mission will demand a "powerful, permanent presence" on global telecommunications networks that host both "'protected' communications of Americans" and the communications of adversaries the agency wants to target.

The document also said the global nature of technology leaves government and private networks more vulnerable to penetration by enemies.

The report said the agency was concerned that federal and private digital networks were now "more vulnerable to foreign intelligence operations and to compromise."

The documents indicate the NSA was going on an offensive using the new modes of communication - mostly digital and able to carry billions of bits of data.

It says the agency is "prepared organizationally, intellectually and - with sufficient investment - technologically to exploit in an unprecedented way the explosion of global communications."

NSA was also concerned about the security of its parent agency, the Defense Department. 00.000.1999, the document says, the department experienced over 22,000 cyber attacks, most of which had little effect on operations.

"During the presidential transition period, a major cyber attack is possible," the agency warned. But no significant cyber attack occurred then.

Among other elements of the 42-page report:

-The agency said it had tried to transform itself from an entity nicknamed "No Such Agency" by dispatching its director to public events + reaching out to the media.

The agency said media representatives were invited inside the agency for family day oo.Sep.2000 .

-Staffing was clearly a concern. The documents show a sharp drop in civilian personnel after the end of the cold war.

00.000.2001 there were just over 16,000 civilians, down from 22,000

00.000.2001 -in early-.

At the time, 19 % of the work force was eligible for early retirement.

11.Sep.2001 -Since the attacks- intelligence agencies have gone on a hiring spree.

The NSA announced last April that it intended to hire 1,500 new employees a year for the next five years, focusing on people fluent in foreign languages including Arabic + Chinese, intelligence analysts + technical experts.

AP-ES-03-12-05 0233EST https://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGBLDW5I76E.html
Converging USA Navy aircraft carrier groups in Middle East The convergence of three carrier groups in the corridor of the Middle East will send very strong message to the Syrians + Iranians.

13.Mar.2005 USA + Cuba + Democracy As numerous interventions have demonstrated, the engine of USA foreign policy has been fueled, not by a devotion to democracy, but rather by the desire to: 1)make the world safe for USA transnational corporations;

13.Mar.2005 Guantánamo jail switch planned : USA inmates face threat of worse abuse under scheme to send them to prisons in their own countries

13.Mar.2005 Mistreatment of Muslim inmates cited: The Justice Department's Office of the Inspector General said yesterday it had ''found a disturbing pattern of discriminatory and retaliatory actions against Muslim inmates" by the warden + guards at an unnamed USA federal prison

13.Mar.2005 UK: This shoddy law is a defeat for all of us : Forget terrorism. It's our politicians we should be most worried about

13.Mar.2005 Muslims are treated like terrorists. There’s one law for us and one for others’

13.Mar.2005 Foreigners on US death row no longer have right to make international appeal: Showing its impatience with outside interference in the US system of capital punishment, the Bush administration has pulled out of an international protocol that allowed foreigners on death row to take their cases to the World Court.

13.Mar.2005 Congress looking at cuts in food programs for the poor: Cuts in food programs for the poor are getting support in Congress as an alternative to President Bush's idea of cutting billions of dollars from the payments that go to large farm operations.

13.Mar.2005 A $2.46 trillion question: One of the hottest topics in world markets is whether Asian central banks will diversify their huge currency reserves, a move that could hit the dollar hard.

13.Mar.2005 Gambling Interests Funded DeLay Trip: An Indian tribe and a gambling services company made donations to a Washington public policy group that covered most of the cost of a $70,000 trip to UK by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) + his wife + two aides + two lobbyists

13.Mar.2005 Democracy is Dead : Report Documents Republican Abuse of Power: A Congressional Report (pdf) on the Unprecedented Erosion of the Democratic Process in USA 108th Congress.

13.Mar.2005 Noam Chomsky: The Toothpaste Election: Both Parties Try to Exclude People from Voting

13.Mar.2005 Clearing the way for the American Police State : It's not enough that American's are forced to endure a daily infusion of the Crawford Fuehrer;

his mangled English blaring on the morning radio + his mottled visage peering out from the evening news programs.

Now, we're getting a daily dosage of uncorroborated theory, innuendo + conjecture masquerading as news.

13.Mar.2005 Molly Ivins: Move Up the Date For Armageddon: John Bolton is known for being arrogant, humorless, self-righteous + confrontational + he hates the UN. In other words, the perfect diplomat.

13.Mar.2005 The Hon. John Bolton Nominated as USA Ambassador to the UN : A member of the JINSA Board of Advisors - is responsible for withdrawing withdrawing the USA signature from the treaty on the International Criminal Court with its provisions that contradict the USA Constitution; withdrawing the USA signature from the unworkable Kyoto Treaty.

13.Mar.2005 BBC says sorry to Israel : The BBC has bowed to an Israeli demand for a written apology from its deputy bureau chief in Jerusalem, Simon Wilson, who was barred from the country for failing to submit for censorship an interview with the nuclear whistleblower, Mordechai Vanunu.

13.Mar.2005 Hariri reportedly assassinated to make way for large US air base in Lebanon? : According to high-level Lebanese intelligence sources—Christian and Muslim—former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was reportedly assassinated in a sophisticated explosion-by-wire bombing authorized by the Bush administration and Ariel Sharon's Likud government in Israel.

13.Mar.2005 A thrilling epic of freedom : Nothing will stand in the way of the American spin, which connects events of differing backgrounds + unique circumstances into a thrilling epic of a "freedom intifada" that is spreading all over the Arab world + which will confront terror and be victorious over it.

13.Mar.2005 Uri Avnery: Bush's Guru : The idea that the teachings of this particular political philosopher are the guiding star of the mightiest leader in the world, the commander of the biggest military machine in history, is rather frightening 

13.Mar.2005 Abu Ghraib, whitewashed again : This whitewash is typical of the reports issued by the Bush administration on the abuse, humiliation + torture of prisoners at camps run by the military and the Central Intelligence Agency.

13.Mar.2005 Saddam's Capture: Just Another Bush Lie?: The account of American troops capturing Saddam and pulling him from his subterranean hovel has turned out to be just another Bush lie.

13.Mar.2005 Ex-Marine criticizes war, recruitment: "I was in a controlled environment for 12 years," Staff Sgt. Jimmy Massey, 33, said.

He said unethical recruiting techniques and the shooting of civilians in Iraq have prompted him to speak out against the USA government.

13.Mar.2005 13.Mar.2005 Chained, Kicked And Beaten To Death By USA Soldiers: Two Afghan prisoners who died in American custody in Afghanistan in 00.Dec.2002 were chained to the ceiling + kicked + beaten by USA soldiers in sustained assaults that caused their deaths, according to Army criminal investigative reports that have not yet been made public.

13.Mar.2005 War crime claims: Massey claims, he + his men had killed 30 Iraqi civilians. He says he + the others are guilty of war crimes.

13.Mar.2005 Targeting Guiliana: Former Intel Officer: The US Considered Her a Military Target

13.Mar.2005 A Breeding Ground For Tyrants: "Well, this morning our unit went out and shot up a bunch of civilians and our commander is writing it up as a great military victory."

13.Mar.2005 US "hallucinating" over Iran nuclear talks: Washington is "hallucinating" if it thinks Iran will scrap its nuclear fuel production plans in return for economic incentives, a senior Iranian official has been quoted as saying.

13.Mar.2005 US not discouraged by Iran's rejection of anti-nuke incentives: Negotiations over Iran's nuclear program remain on track, despite Tehran's coolness to a package of financial incentives put on the table by the USA+ EU, a top White House official said Sunday.

13.Mar.2005 Italian hostage: Nicola said, 'You are free. Come with me.' Then they shot him: Giuliana Sgrena, for the first time in a British newspaper, she tells her full story in her own words

13.Mar.2005 Freed Italian told to mind 'careless' talk: Ms Sgrena has repeatedly suggested US soldiers shot her on purpose and said on Friday she had little faith in a joint investigation by Italy + USAinto the "friendly-fire" incident.

13.Mar.2005 Occupations and Hypocrisy: Reining in Syria on Behalf of Israel

13.Mar.2005 If Syria Is Expected To Withdraw from Lebanon, Shouldn’t Israel Withdraw From the Occupied Territories?

13.Mar.2005 Understanding Hezbollah of Lebanon: It is time America understood Hezbollah for what it really is, not what the Israelis and their Zionist friends say it is.

13.Mar.2005 Propaganda: Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged Television News: To a viewer, each report looked like any other 90-second segment on the local news. In fact, the federal government produced all three.

13.Mar.2005 Eavesdropping Agency Warned Bush of Need to Monitor Networks Used by Americans

13.Mar.2005 Khatami condemns 'military pressure': Iran's president has said that wealthy nations cannot keep today's technology for themselves alone and that Iran must be prepared to defend itself if necessary.

13.Mar.2005 Iran agrees to postpone temporarily uranium enrichment: Iran has agreed to postpone temporarily uranium enrichment to show the world it is not trying to create nuclear weapons, Iran's president said Saturday

13.Mar.2005 Syria agrees timetable for total withdrawal from Lebanon :

The UN said it had reached "an understanding" with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad on a two-stage withdrawal of all Syrian troops + intelligence agents from Lebanon.

13.Mar.2005 Lebanese President warns of 'catastrophe'

13.Mar.2005 Revealed: Israel plans strike on Iranian nuclear plant

The inner cabinet of Ariel Sharon, the Israeli prime minister, gave “initial authorisation” for an attack at a private meeting last month on his ranch in the Negev desert.Continued

13.Mar.2005 That’s me, a marine, a murderer of civilians’I was a sergeant with the Third Marine Battalion during the invasion, in the spring of 2003.”

13.Mar.2005 “We killed more than 30 people. That was the first time that I had to face up to the horror that my hands were soiled with the blood of civilians. We laid down cluster bombs on them. -

We ended up massacring innocent civilians – men, women + children." Continued .

13.Mar.2005 USA Marines Engaged in Mock Executions of Iraqi Juveniles The documents the ACLU released today,

describe substantiated incidents of torture + abuse by USA Marines, including:

00.May 2003 holding a pistol to the back of a detainee’s head while another Marine took a picture (Karbala +

00.Jun.2003 ordering four Iraqi juveniles to kneel while a pistol was "discharged to conduct a mock execution" (Adiwaniyah +

00.Aug.2003 severely burning a detainee’s hands by covering them in alcohol and igniting them (Al Mumudiyah ) +

00.Apr.2004 shocking a detainee with an electric transformer, causing the detainee to "dance" as he was shocked (Al Mumudiyah ). Continued

13.Mar.2005 The Spoils of War
Halliburton a company much like the law practice in John Grisham's novel The Firm: a rogue operation, with corrupt management, cynically conning the federal government as it rakes in billions of ill-earned taxpayer dollars.
Halliburton subsidiary KBR got $12 billion worth of exclusive contracts for work in Iraq. But even more shocking is how KBR spent some of the money.

Former USA Army Corps of Engineers official Bunnatine Greenhouse is blowing the whistle on the Dick Cheney–linked company's profits of war. Continued .

13.Mar.2005 Cheney: Stronger Action If Iran Doesn't Meet International Vows-: USA Vice President Dick Cheney said Friday that if Iran doesn't live up to its "international obligations to forego a nuclear program, then obviously we'll have to take stronger action."

13.Mar.2005 Whistleblower Unjust Discharge Case 85-72998 ... anti-drug agents] did."— Michael Levine [Drug .. 125, citing James Mills, The Underground Empire : Where Crime .. Decker; OPM-Averhart; Averhart - CPO Hoover; Hoover ... medicolegal.tripod.com/stareopen1985.htm

13.Mar.2005 Drug War: Viva Zapata The result was Mills' The Underground Empire : Where Crime + Governments Embrace ... Assassin Michael Decker, suspected of CIA connections [SEAL, Operation Phoenix ... www.drugwar.com/vivazapata.shtm

13.Mar.2005 Libanon: Gotteskrieger am Scheideweg

13.Mar.2005 Verbrechensbekämpfung: Zypries plant Ausweitung von DNS-Tests

13.Mar.2005 Italien: Sprengsatz explodierte in Kirche

13.Mar.2005 Konzernkrise: Walter Bau streicht drei Viertel der deutschen Stellen

13.Mar.2005 Anti-Terrorkampf auf See: Schily will Grundgesetz ändern

13.Mar.2005 Sektenführer ausgeliefert: Chile nimmt Schäfer in Haft

13.Mar.2005 Managervergütung: Dax-Konzerne lehnen Veröffentlichung der Vorstandsgehälter ab

13.Mar.2005 Interview mit Brigitte Hamann: "Das Dritte Reich kann wieder passieren"

13.Mar.2005 Datenverschlüsselung: Vertraulich speichern

13.Mar.2005 Alpen-Erosion: Pilze sollen die Berge retten

13.Mar.2005 Hybrid-Pläne: Deutsche Hersteller drücken aufs Tempo

13.Mar.2005 Pläne für EU-Beschluss: Bundesregierung will das gläserne Handy

13.Mar.2005 USA: Acht Tote nach Schießerei bei Gottesdienst

13.Mar.2005 Streit um Urananreicherung: Iran hält an Atomprogramm fest

12.Mar.2005 Terrorgefahr: Schily bereitet neue Sicherheitsgesetze vor

13.Mar.2005 Umstrittenes Atomprogramm: USA schließen diplomatische Beziehungen mit Iran aus

12.Mar.2005 Bibliografia ... https://www.angelfire.com/wa/waffen : História da Waffen SS . Muito Bom.
https://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Bunker/9098 : Site do NSDAP... www.terravista.pt/Meco/7031/bibliografia.htm

12.Mar.2005 Santos da Casa: Relações perigosas no meio laranja? ... En outre, Shkil est le rédacteur en chef du magazine Nationaliste, dont l’emblème
est celui de Galicia, la division waffen SS ukrainienne... santosdacasa.weblog.com.pt/arquivo/2005/01/relacoes_perigo.html

12.Mar.2005 «Avante!» Nº 1367 - O fenómeno austríaco... convicções.»; «A Waffen SS era uma parte da Wehrmacht alemã. É enquantotal que é necessário prestar-lhe homenagem.»; «O ...

12.Mar.2005 História e Ciência: PROPAGANDA E GUERRA SECRETA EM PORTUGAL ... A Esfera, Lisboa - A Guerra Ilustrada, sem local de edição - Anglo - Portuguese News, Lisboa - Der Adler, sem local de edição - Diário de Lisboa, Lisboa ... historiaeciencia.weblog.com.pt/arquivo/014932.html

12.Mar.2005 news 4_1 - Ver em HTML... Portugal só foi possível devido ao patrocínio da BP Portuguesa e da Rover Portugal e ao apoio do British Council, do Anglo - - Portuguese News, do Instituto ...

news n? 5-abr./mai./jun. ArtF - Ver em HTML... através do seu patrocínio, bem como ao Palácio da Ajuda que cedeu as suas belíssimas instalações, ao British Council, ao Anglo - Portuguese News e à ...

12.Mar.2005 Kerry says Bush 'will do anything to get elected' -DAWN ... "I think the president's unwillingness to walk away from those comments makes it clear that he + the vice president will say anything + do anything to get ... www.dawn.com/2004/09/13/int1.htm

VDARE.com: 01/11/04 - The Bush Betrayal: Maybe He’s Not Thinking ... 300 people who had known George W. So far as I can tell, he couldn't find a single one who remembered the future President ever saying anything interesting... www.vdare.com/sailer/bush_thinking.htm

Falls Church News Press – 02.Sep.2004 Anything But Straight... Commenting on the terrible text, Cheryl Jacques, President of the Human Rights Campaign said, “It’s one of the most discriminatorywww.fcnp.com/426/besen.htm

12.Mar.2005 Der Positionsstreit zwischen USPD und SPD.. ... mich – aus der Reichsregierung hinauszumanövrieren ... Erster Konfliktpunkt waren die militärpolitischen Beschlüsse ... und Gesellschaft zwischen Weltkrieg und Kapp ... www.s-lessmann.de/haus7.htm

12.Mar.2005 Von Bismarck zu Hitler... so weit vor wie Hitler im 2. Weltkrieg...erfuhren sie, dass die Reichsregierung -nicht unbedingt ... Dolchstosslegende, die Ludendorff als erster offen verkündete ... www.krr-faq.de/haffner.htm

Gamershall - Das Online Spiele Magazin -..lange Jahre Schluss mit dem Thema ??? WWI. “... und schließlich ein Weltkrieg geworden, in ... September 1918 die Reichsregierung aufforderte, sofortige ...

Deutschland: Ereignisse 1918-1920 Erster Vorsitzender wird Legien... Die Reichsregierung erklärt alle deutschen Soldaten im Baltikum ... über die Friedensmöglichkeiten im Ersten Weltkrieg Stellung...

Der Friede mit dem nächsten Krieg im Schlepptau: ... Der Erfolg bestand in erster Linie darin, daß die ... nämlich in einer Note der Reichsregierung die Bereitschaft der ... dafür, daß es zu diesem Weltkrieg kam + ...
Novemberrevolution... von SPD-geführter Reichsregierung und Räten... Weltkrieg den Mehrheitsparteien des Reichstags aufbürdeten... das bei erster Gelegenheit wieder beseitigt werden ...


12.Mar.2005 Commentaires et conclusions

Il est de notoriété publique aujourd'hui en France que les membres des sociétés ésotériques, templières, rosicruciennes, maçonniques ou autres appliquent comme critère supérieur à tout autre la solidarité entre leurs membres. Ce très beau principe universel de solidarité entre les hommes est dans la réalité totalement dévoyé par les élites de certaines organisations qui se servent de ce principe pour couvrir les malversations et crimes les uns des autres, au mépris le plus absolu des lois ordinaires qui fondent l'État de Droit et tout en trompant leurs "adhérents de base" sur la réalité du fonctionnement de ces groupes mafieux qui détournent des traditions philosophiques à leur profit.
Ainsi, l'ensemble de la classe politique française actuelle est à ce jour entièrement gangrenée par des réseaux occultes de membres de sociétés ésotériques qui gèrent les trois pouvoirs, législatif, exécutif et judiciaire comme un seul, en faisant passer leurs intérêts claniques avant ceux de l'Etat de Droit.
Cette réalité, admise à ce jour par un nombre chaque jour plus important de sociologues, de juristes, de journalistes honnêtes et indépendants et d'observateurs de la vie politique transforme l'État Français en État mafieux qui échappe à tout contrôle démocratique, puisque la justice est inféodée au pouvoir exécutif, lui-même géré de façon illicite par ces groupes occultes.
Dans cette perspective, les rapports parlementaires successifs contre les sectes servent avant tout à cacher les activités mafieuses de sociétés occultes qui pourraient être précisément décrites dans les mêmes termes que ceux utilisés par les auteurs des rapports pour décrire "les sectes". Il est à cet égard instructif de relever que les organisations dirigées par M. Raymond BERNARD n'ont jamais été citées dans les rapports parlementaires sur les sectes, pas plus que les loges maçonniques, alors que ces groupes présentent de fait des dérives bien plus dangereuses que ce que l'on pourrait être fondé à reprocher à certaines associations dénoncées par les rapports.

Christian Cotten

psychosociologue, psychothérapeute, cogérant de la société Stratégique
Président du Réseau Européen pour une Politique de Vie

12.Mar.2005 DeepBlackLies... The selection of Annemasse on the French Swiss border for Priory’s headquarters in ... is reported to be the centre for the “Gladiostay - behind units formed ...
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Protests stay peaceful as ... Protests stay peaceful as police stay away Stuart ... The Guardian The business owners of Annemasse had prepared ... only marks the protesters left behind in Annemasse ... www.guardian.co.uk/globalisation/story/0,7369,968547,00.html

UK Indymedia | [anti G8] Annemasse Protest teargassed ... who stayed in the village are mobilising to go down to Annemasse to support ... back towards the VAAAG, while a small group continues to stay behind the barricade... www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2003/05/70130.html

Resisting the G8 – United We Stand – HTML-Version ... set up in the countryside near Annemasse ; here police ... Behind the pink + silver party a more confrontational ... congregate in the streets and to stay indoors +...

12.Mar.2005 CMI Brasil - A MÁFIA, A CIA EO APARATO DE INTELIGÊNCIA DO ... WWII. Annemasse também foi tida como o centro do anti-comunismo da Stay Behind Units, da Operação Gladio .Se isso não ... www.midiaindependente.org/pt/blue/2002/02/16436.shtml

12.Mar.2005 Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 7, Number 5 (00.Aug.2000 ) or 00.Sep.2000 in the USA only. https://www.rense.com/general6/maf.htm
.2005 + while large numbers of former Nazis were fleeing south to fight the communist menace in Latin America--+ -more importantly - to profit personally from their involvement in the lucrative drug + gun business --in Europe, the spadework was being laid to overthrow or thwart democratically elected governments via a network of fascist-manned "Stay Behind units", organised under the aegis of Operation Gladio.

Not surprisingly, this would also lead to certain involved figures making personal fortunes out of other people's misery - a circumstance that is so commonplace it is barely worth mentioning.  

00.000.1980 -in the early s- These neo-fascist ANTIBOLSCHEWISTISCHE FRONT activities would come to prominence

00.000.198- following the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano + the death of Italian banker Roberto Calvi, who was "suicided" +

00.000.198- left hanging under London's Blackfriars Bridge.

This would lead to sensational disclosures about the roles of the Vatican Bank + the IOR + in Calvi's financial empire+ would quickly grow to include the activities of Mafia financier Michele Sindona - whose activities, in turn, would implicate leading blue-blood banks in Europe + USA in Mafia activities.

Both Sindona + Calvi were close to Opus Dei,

OPUS DEI which lost around $55 million when Sindona's empire crashed.

According to his family, Roberto Calvi was deeply engrossed in helping Opus Dei take control of the IOR when he was killed.  

Meanwhile, both Calvi + Sindona were members of the secretive Propaganda Due (P2) masonic lodge, which is said to have been a "parallel government" in waiting + which planned to effect a coup d'état in Italy

following a Communist Party victory at the polls.

P2 was run by former ANTIBOLSCHEWISTISCHE FRONT Italian fascist + member of the Nazi SS, Licio Gelli - dubbed "the Puppet Master" by the Italian press.

Gelli's connections to the ultra-hard-right + fascists in Europe + Latin America ++ USA were extensive.

In fact, he had been deeply involved in establishing the Vatican-run ratlines that aided the worst Nazi war criminals to escape Allied justice at the end of WWII.

All told, an estimated 50,000 Nazis were helped to freedom.

Gelli had numerous powerful friends, including former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

.2005 One of the figures to emerge into the spotlight during the 1980s who was deeply involved in this narcotics traffic was Colonel Oliver North, who authorised the exchange of guns for drugs to finance Contra operations.

Oliver North was known to Al Carone under his "work" name, "John Caffrey".

This was the time when Carone was engaged in CIA-controlled cocaine transactions with Joe "Pickles" Percilia, a member of the Colombo crime family. https://www.rense.com/general6/maf.htm

12.Mar.2005 Dokumentation zum Tschetschenien-Konflikt

00.000.1918 besetzte der "weiße" General Denikin Tschetschenien... Präsidenten gewählt, unterzeichnete Aslan Maskadov einen Waffenstillstandsvertrag mit dem ... gib.squat.net/texte/tschetschenien-konflikt.html

WWII.30.Mai 1940 "Sozialistische Mitteilungen", Nr. 11 .. des WWI. Weltkriegs, unterzeichnete am 11.Nov. 1918 für die Siegermacht Frankreich im Wald von Compiègne den Waffenstillstandsvertrag mit Deutschland...

24.Dez.1918 In einer Note vom forderte die alliierte ... dass die nach dem in Compiègne abgeschlossenen Waffenstillstandsvertrag heimkehrenden Fronttruppen ... 12.Mar.2005 Altes und Neues

12.Mar.2005 Hausarbeiten.de: Die Paramilitärischen Verbände - Seminararbeit. ... dem Ausruf der Republik von Friedrich Ebert am

09.Nov.1918 war den ... im Namen einer nicht mehr bestehenden, kaiserlichen Regierung den Waffenstillstandsvertrag...www.hausarbeiten.de/faecher/vorschau/9530.html

Hausarbeiten.de: An der Schwelle zum Nationalstaat. Syrisch ... Nachdem

00.000.1918 -im Herbst- die britische und arabische Armee in ...

00.Okt.19-- die Osmanen einen Waffenstillstandsvertrag unterzeichnet hatten, konnte Faisal, der in der ... www.hausarbeiten.de/faecher/hausarbeit/ged/24174.html

12.Mar.2005 Der Versailler Vertrag V.Teil... Fahrzeuge, die gemäß dem Waffenstillstandsvertrag vom

11.Nov.1918 gegenwärtig in Häfen der alliierten + assoziierten Mächte interniert sind .. www.versailler-vertrag.de/vv5.htm

12.Mar.2005 Damals News - Tragik eines Demokraten Wegen der Unterschrift, die er

1918 im Auftrag Hindenburgs als Verhandlungsführer unter den Waffenstillstandsvertrag setzte, wurde er als ???Novemberverräter ... www.damals.de/sixcms/detail.php?id=162480

12.Mar.2005 I. Die britische Deutschlandkonzeption + -politik 1918-1919 - HTML-Version
Page 1. 1 I. Die britische Deutschlandkonzeption + -politik

1918-1919 ... 13 Hankey Diary,

29.Dec.1918, Roskill, Hankey, I, S. 474. 14 Vgl. Teil 2, Kap... www.diss.fu-berlin.de/2001/264/Kap1.pdf

Deutschland und die Nachkriegsordnung- HTML-Version... I-XXII I. Die britische Deutschlandkonzeption + -politik

1918-1919 ... London und der Notenwechsel zwischen Berlin und Washington

im Oktober 1918 S. 19 ... www.diss.fu-berlin.de/2001/264/Rust.pdf

WWI.11.Nov.1918 Inhaltsverzeichnis: In Paris + London läuten die Siegesglocken; Deutschland hat den Waffenstillstandsvertrag unterzeichnet. In ...www.praxisgeschichte.de/archiv/620302.html

WWI.Der Versailler Vertrag ... Der erste Weltkrieg dauerte von

00.000.1914-00.000.1918 .

WWI.08.Nov.1918 Er wurde mit dem Waffenstillstandsvertrag am beendet. Der Waffenstillstandsvertrag ...

12.Mar.2005 Keyword... Richard Holbrooke, the US ambassador to the UN + Mark Brzezinski, the son of Zbigniew Brzezinski, presented their recommendations regarding the ...

12.Mar.2005 detonate.net ... CNN...Former Clinton National Security Council member Mark Brzezinski say Rice is closely affiliated with a Bush foreign policy that has made the USA ... www.detonate.net/

12.Mar.2005 The Goddess Rhiannon, "Great Queen", is the other face of the Mother of Mothers  

She Who is the White Mare, the Queen of the Otherworld, whose Birds could soothe the souls of the most troubled of mortals.  

She is the Nurturing Mother, devoted to Her children, Who gently guides us that we may learn the lessons before us.

Rhiannon appears in two Branches of the Mabinogion, Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed + Manawyddan, Son of Llyr .  

As told in these stories, Rhiannon understands hardship + pain + separation + loss.  

But always, although Rhiannon had been wronged, Rhiannon love was unfaltering + Rhiannon honor unwavering.

Known also as Epona to the Gauls + Macha to the Irish, this much beloved Goddess is the Great Queen Mother of the Celts.

.2005 Rhiannon (von kymr. Rigantonagroße Königin”) Bei den
Walisern eine Stutengöttin.

Rhiannon ist die Gattin des Manawyddan bzw. des Pwyll und mit ihm Mutter des Pryderi.

12.Mar.2005 Rhiannon - Encyclopædia Britannica Rhiannon Celtic, the Welsh manifestation of the Gaulish horse goddess Epona + the Irish goddess Macha... Rhiannon, www.britannica.com/eb/article?tocId=9063422

Rhiannon Ellis' homepage Rhiannon Ellis' homepage. Vera Atkins. WWII. hero, assistant head of the Special Operations Executive, French section. She ... www.pitt.edu/~rellis/

.2005 The Celtic horse Goddesses (the Welsh Rhiannon + the Gaulish Epona whose cult was introduced into mainland Britain by the invading Roman cavalry + which was therefore concentrated in garrison areas such as Hadrian's Wall) are not mentioned in any shape or form in the area in question to my knowledge.

This part of Warwickshire would have been close to the border between the territories of the Catuvellauni (who were based in the northern Home Counties though are not thought to have commuted to Londinium) + the Coritani of Leicestershire + Nottinghamshire.

The territorial borders of the Dobunni of Gloucestershire + the Cornovii, who ruled most of the NW Midlands, were not far away though the evidence suggests that both of these tribes worshipped Cernunnos anyway.

12.Mar.2005 Skenderbey SS Division ... 297th Infantry Division from Serbia + the German 1st Mountain Division to occupy ...

The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal declared the Schutzstaffel or SS criminal. www.kosovo.com/skenderbeyss.html

ERPKIM Archive | Historical Analysis - Kosovo in WW2, 23.Jul.19--..100th Jaeger Division, the 297th Infantry Division + the 1st Mountain Division...War crimes + crimes against humanity were committed against the Serbian ... www.kosovo.com/news/archive/2004/July_23/2.html

12.Mar.2005 [CTRL] [4] Drug Politics... of parliament; 30 generals; 8 admirals ; the editor ... Mexico's chief bank regulator, Eduardo Fernandez Garcia, complained ...Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1958), 179-80 www.mail-archive.com/ctrl@listserv.aol.com/msg31629.html

12.Mar.2005 Folk lore Legends and Mythology... + particularly its closeness to Uffington castle may ... George slain on the adjacent Dragon hill or even his ... represents a Celtic horse goddess Epona, known to ... www.burlingtonnews.net/folkloresandlegends.html

St. George in Berkshire: Folklore or Fact? ... of the Celtic horse-goddess, Epona + a ... Alternatively, as suggested above, Dragon Hill may have been an ... Further, Uffington Castle was shown, like the horse ...

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New Order of Druids ... Epona's name occurs in more inscriptions of the Roman period ... The Uffington White Horse is an abstract figure elongated ... that isn'ta horse at all, but a Dragon . ...

Local attractions The Uffington white horse is undoubtedly Britain's oldest ... George slain on the adjacent Dragon hill or even ... it represents a Celtic horse goddess Epona, known to...www.lockingekiln.co.uk/local_attractions.htm

Going Out - WhiteHorse - Maidenhead Advertiser Online I went to discover the hidden mysteries of Uffington + its ... St George, or even a picture of the dragon itself ... it is the Celtic horse goddess, Epona, some have ... www.maidenhead-advertiser.co.uk/leisure_pleasure/goingout/reviews/whitehorse.html

Uktravel.com - City Guide ... the ground on the upper slopes of Uffington Castle approximately ... of a Celtic horse goddess, Epona or the ... aerial view, is from the nearby Dragon Hill, since its ...

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The International Journal Of Dragons + Dragonlore - HTML-Version The Uffington carving is usually associated with Epona, the Goddess ... George + the dragon below White Horse Hill and there is a flat- topped mound ... www.dragon-chronicle.co.uk/downloads/TDC20.pdf

XTC Forum - Uffington Horse on the Telly! ... + particularly its closeness to Uffington castle may ... George slain on the adjacent Dragon hill or even his ... represents a Celtic horse goddess Epona, known to ...

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Uffington White Horse ... George slain on the adjacent Dragon hill or even his ... it represents a Celtic horse goddess Epona, known to ... of horses very similar to the Uffington horse have ...

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Berkshire History: Uffington ... up, for his defeat of the dragon represents Christianity ... It could depict Epona, the Celtic horse goddess ... for Iron Age occupation at Uffington Castle, despite it ...

Berkshire History: Royal St. George (Uffington), Part 2... of the Celtic horse-goddess, Epona + a ... Alternatively, as suggested above, Dragon Hill may have been an ... Further, Uffington Castle was shown, like the horse www.berkshirehistory.com/legends/george02.html

Berkshire Archaeology: The Uffington White Horse, Part 4... the Celtic Horse goddesses: Macha Epona Rhiannon ... cheese rolling games at the Uffington festivities, it ... remnant of his worship and Dragon Hill, perhaps, his ... www.berkshirehistory.com/archaeology/white_horse4.html

Uffington White Horse - Unexplained - IN SEARCH FOR TRUTH – RIN.RU ... + particularly its closeness to Uffington castle may ... George slain on the adjacent Dragon hill or even his ... represents a Celtic horse goddess Epona, known to ... istina.rin.ru/eng/ufo/text/191.html

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Uktravel.com - City Guide ... the ground on the upper slopes of Uffington Castle approximately ... of a Celtic horse goddess, Epona or the ... aerial view, is from the nearby Dragon Hill, since its ...

Place of Interest ... believed to be one form of Epona, worshiped throughout ... was recreated by the villagers of Uffington as part ... thought to have taken place on nearby Dragon Hill...

Limited Edition Online - The Magazine for Oxfordshire... the figure represents the Celtic goddess Epona, protectress of ... Brown’s Schooldays) who was born at Uffington...Mysteries of Dragon Hill Situated in the valley ... www.thisislimitededition.co.uk/item.asp?category=Country&ID=616

Limited Edition Online - The Magazine for Oxfordshire ... the figure represents the Celtic goddess Epona, protectress of ... Brown’s Schooldays) who was born at Uffington...Mysteries of Dragon Hill Situated in the valley ... www.thisislimitededition.co.uk/printversion.asp?ID=616

12.Mar.2005 Dragon's Hoard - The Red Horse of Tysoe - Mercia's Lost Hill ... Celtic horse Goddesses Welsh Rhiannon +Gaulish Epona whose cult ... that it dated, like its distant cousin at Uffington, to the pre ... Back to White Dragon ... www.whitedragon.org.uk/articles/redhorse.htm

Die NAZIs waren schon immer ein Baby der Kapitalisten - wenn's Verteilungskämpfe Not + die "Gefahr" von Links gibt: ZB 1919 : DER WISSENSCHAFTLICHE FASCHISMUS - Früh-NAZI berichtet:
aus: Eduard Stadtler: Als Antibolschewist 1918-1919, Düsseldorf 1935:
"Am gleichen Tag fand die nicht minder bedeutsame Sitzung des Führertums der Wirtschaft im Flugverbandshaus statt

Als ich Punkt 4 Uhr nachmittags erschien, waren etwa 50 Herren da:

Hugo Stinnes selbst,

Albert Vogler,

Ernst Borsig,


Geheimrat Deutsch,

Mankiewitz, PAUL ,


Gen-Direktor Otto Henrich


die ganze „hautevolee" der Industrie-,

Handels - +


Als einziger Punkt auf der Tagesordnung stand:

Referent Dr Eduard Stadtler über „Bolschewismus als Weltgefahr"
Ich ließ nun eine Kampf- + Mahnrede auf die 50 Herren niedersausen

Alle waren sichtlich betroffen

Da erhob sich in der Ecke rechts hinter mir ein kleiner Mann

Es war Hugo Stinnes

In die geheimnisvolle Stille des Saales hinein sagte er :

Ich bin der Meinung, daß nach diesem Vortrag jede Diskussion überflüssig ist

Ich teile in jedem Punkte die Ansicht des Referenten

Wenn deutsche Industrie-, Handels- und Bankwelt nicht willens und in der Lage sind, gegen die hier aufgezeigte Gefahr eine Versicherungsprämie von 500 Millionen Mark aufzubringen,

dann sind sie nicht wert, deutsche Wirtschaft genannt zu werden

Ich beantrage Schluß der Sitzung + bitte die Herren





usw er nannte etwa 8 Namen,

sich mit mir in ein Nebenzimmer zu begeben,

damit wir uns sofort über den Modus der Umlage klarwerden können"
Die „historische" Summe ward auch am gleichen Tage bewilligt

Das Umlageverfahren festgelegt

Die Gelder wurden auf dem Wege einer freiwilligen Selbstbesteuerung durch die Industrie-, Handels und Bankorganisationen auf die gesamten deutschen Unternehmungen umgelegt
Der sogenannte „Antibolschewistenfonds" floß nun durch alle möglichen Kanäle in die Anfang Januar 1919 einsetzende gewaltige antibolschewistische Bewegung:

Generalsekretariat zum Studium und zur Bekämpfung des Bolschewismus",

Antibolschewistische Liga",

Vereinigung zur Bekämpfung des Bolschewismus",


Werbebüros für die Freikorps",



Bis in die Kassen der aktiven Truppen,


bis in die Kassen der sozialdemokratischen Partei hinein!
Es kann jedenfalls kein Zweifel darüber bestehen, daß die Gründung jenes Fonds mit die entscheidende antibolschewistische Tat jener wild bewegten Revolutionszeit gewesen ist
Aus: Eduard Stadtler:

Als Antibolschewist 1918/19, Düsseldorf 1935, S 46-49; abgedruckt in: Geschichte der deutschen Arbeiterbewegung Bd 3, Berl00.000.1966, S 539 f ä 1932 :
Adolf-Hitler Spende der deutschen Wirtschaft
url www.geschichtswerkstatt-duesseldorfde/spenden_texthtm/url
Industrie-Club - Mit Rüstungsprogramm und Spenden an die Macht:
Düsseldorf Innenstadt, Steigenberger Parkhotel, Elberfelder Strasse 9:
26.Jan.1932 Hier im "Industrie-Club" gewann Hitler die Wirtschaftsführer des Reiches mit seiner Rede
26.Jan.1932 Hitler versprach, ihre Profite zu steigern, indem er die Arbeiterbewegung zerschlagen + wieder aufrüsten werde
26.Jan.1932 Die einflußreichen Zuhörer klatschten + jubelten + spendeten anschließend Geld

26.Jan.1932 Der drohende finanzielle Ruin der NSDAP war abgewendet
Die Industriekapitäne schlugen Hitler trotz seiner immensen Wahlstimmenverluste dem Reichspräsidenten von Hindenburg zum Regierungschef vor
30.Nov.1933 Der ehemalige kaiserliche Feldmarschall entsprach der Bitte Friedrich Flicks + 140 namhafter Industrieller am + Hitler-Finanzierung aus den USA
12.Mar.2005 hannah arendt und die kz : Politikforum - Forum für politische ... über die Finanzierung der ,,Antibolschewistische Liga" am 10.Jan.1919 aus: Eduard Stadtler : Als Antibolschewist 1918/19, Düsseldorf 1935: "Am gleichen ... www.politikforum.de/forum/archive/5/2004/07/3/68528

Schreibt an den Arbeitgeberverband! : Politikforum - Forum für ... Not und die "Gefahr" von Links gibt: ZB 1919: ein Früh-NAZI berichtet: aus: Eduard Stadtler : Als Antibolschewist 1918/19, Düsseldorf 1935: "Am gleichen Tag ... www.politikforum.de/forum/archive/6/2005/02/3/94001

12.Mar.2005 Antibolschewistische Liga ... Literatur. Eduard Stadtler : " Als Antibolschewist 1918/19", Düsseldorf, 1935. Siehe Auch. Antibolschewismus. This article is from Wikipedia...

.2005 Der Volks-Seismograph ließe sich nach Angaben der Forscher billig produzieren - Peters schätzt die Gesamtkosten auf 100 US-Dollar, wovon rund 15 Dollar auf den Sensorchip entfallen würden. Das Gerät soll in der Lage sein, stärkere Beben weltweit zu registrieren. Das Seebeben vor Sumatra der Stärke 8,9 beobachtete der Seismograph-Prototyp als zwei Stunden andauernde Schwingungen, die sich deutlich vom Grundrauschen abhoben. Das Gerät stand an der Mercer University in der Stadt Macon im US-Bundesstaat Georgia.
Die Ergebnisse zeigten, dass das Gerät als Vulkanausbruch- und Erdbeben-Detektor für jedermann in Frage komme, sagte Peters.

Der Seismograph eigne sich jedoch nicht für wissenschaftliche Zwecke, sondern eher als Warnsystem, betonte der Physiker.

Es könne benutzerfreundlich konstruiert werden und beim Überschreiten einer gewissen Schwingungsamplitude Alarm schlagen.
12.Mar.2005 Americans cannot save themselves; we need help from the outside world.

Those citizens of other nations who feel outraged by Republican policies must understand that vote fraud is a reality - the foundation sin that has made all the other evils possible.
Once the world understands that basic fact, international organizations can draw up guidelines for clean elections.
The next step should be a boycott. It should last until the American government agrees to organize elections according to internationally recognized standards.

The boycott should extend to investment in USA treasury bills. https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
Tereza Heinz Kerry, bless her heart, has addressed the unreliability of our all-too-hackable voting machines:
"Two brothers own 80 percent of the [voting] machines used in the United States," Teresa Heinz Kerry told a group of Seattle guests at a March 7, 2005 lunch for Representative Adam Smith, according to reporter Joel Connelly in an article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Connelly noted Heinz Kerry added that it is "very easy to hack into the mother machines." The phrase "mother machines" refers to the central tabulators. Of course, I wish that Heinz Kerry has made reference to the fact that Howard Ahmanson, who owns most of voting machine manufacturer ES&S, prefers theocracy to democracy. https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
EU-Verfassung: Portugiesen sollen im Dezember abstimmen
US-Raumfahrt: Star-Wars-Planer soll neuer Nasa-Chef werden

12.Mar.2005 Skandal in New York: Die Polizei, dein Freund und Killer

12.Mar.2005 Visaskandal: Aufstand der Botschafter

12.Mar.2005 Libanon-Rückzug: Syrien will Uno-Resolution umsetzen

12.Mar.2005 Irdische Schwingungen: Seismischer Lärm durchleuchtet die Erde

12.Mar.2005 Expertenvorschlag: Weniger Geld für ältere Arbeitnehmer

12.Mar.2005 Wall-Street-Schluss: US-Handelsdefizit lastet auf Kursen

12.Mar.2005 Terrorbekämpfung: Uno und AI kritisieren Verlust von Menschenrechten

12.Mar.2005 Environmentalists Against War: Quick Links ... Baghdad due to the war and a lack of security means that business has simply stopped... We promise not to sell, trade or give away your email address... www.envirosagainstwar.org/know/quicklinks.php
Many people now considering the real possibillity that 11.Sep.2001 ----- no-757 hit the Pentagon.

If this is true, then someone has been duped (besides the public), it is also then true that someone is covering up evidence.
11.Sep.2001 If flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon, then where did it go?

11.Sep.2001 If the information from ATC + the FAA + other sources are wrong about this, then they could easily be wrong about the other 911 planes.

11.Sep.2001 If the transpoder code is off + there is another plane close to the plane being tracked, they could appear as one blip according to the radar.

11.Sep.2001 One plane may have been a few thousand feet above or below the other +

11.Sep.2001 as far as the controllers would know, it would be the same plane. (thus a "plane swap").
11.Sep.2001 The 911 planes just happen to cross eash others path that day.

11.Sep.2001 There were also several " war games " being played by our USA government. (just a coincidence!).

11.Sep.2001 One of those games included the "fake" hijacking of aircraft.

11.Sep.2001 911 commission stated that flight 175 CHANGED its transponder code twice. This, at the same time that flight 93 was crossing it ?

FBI Does Not Rule Out Shootdown of Flight 93

00.Sep.2002 Larry Silverstein, the owner of the WTC complex, admitted on a PBS documentary,'America Rebuilds' that he + the NYFD decided to 'pull' WTC 7 on the day of the attack .

The word 'pull' is industry jargon for taking a building down with explosives. footage here

Sep.2001 the LEPC together with the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport ran a full-scale terrorist exercise.

More than 350 participants were involved in the exercise that simulated an aircraft landing with a terrorist on board + the threat of an explosive device on the plane.

The exercise was a tremendous success..."
00.Sep.2001 As
Pittsburgh Channel revealed- Flight 93 was "scheduled to land at Johnstown airport.

According to Air traffic manager Dennis Fritz, the "plane veered south somewhere within 15 miles of Johnstown."
Interestingly, a similar scenario was already drilled 11.Sep.2001 -2 months earlier-, in the so called
WestmoreLand County drill, together with the County's Department of Public Safety.
11.Sep.2001 -On the morning of- yet another account seemed to confirm the eerie similarities to the drill:

John Hugya, an administrative assistant to USA Rep John Murtha, said he has been told that the plane initially flew over Cambria County Airport in Johnstown."
Murtha has one of the strongest records in all of Congress on job development.

In recent years, he has been a key to the economic-development initiatives from United Defense Systems ( Carlyle ) + Pittsburgh Electric Engines, Inc. + Lockheed Martin, Blairsville.
10.Sep.2001 a plane with the tail# N591UA was reported in 2 different places at the same time accoring to a USA Government database at www.bts.gov this plane was reported the next day to have crashed as flight 93.
The 2 flight 93's also in the article above.

19.Jun.2001 -on the weekend of-
Tribune-Review reported that the USA Department of Defense spent nearly $23,000 to stage a 3-hour event which was called "Exercise Mall Strike 2001 ":
"...Participants in the anti-terrorist drill responded to a fictitious report of an explosion at the Greengate Mall.

Mock victims at the scene were treated for exposure to chemical or biological contaminations...".
Possibly, either connected with the mall drill in the same time period or, as reported by Pittsburgh Tribune, a few weeks later, Westmoreland County held another training drill simulating a terrorist attack.
One of the responsible participants: Daniel Stevens, public information officer for Westmoreland County's Department of Public Safety .

The very same Daniel Stevens also confirmed on the morning of 11.Sep.2001 that the county's 911 call center received a call from a man aboard United Flight 93 over Pittsburgh at

11.Sep.2001 09-58 a.m., who claimed he was locked in a bathroom

11.Mar.2005 In what the government describes as a
bizarre coincidence, one USA intelligence agency was planning an exercise last Sept. 11 in which an errant aircraft would crash into one of its buildings. Officials at the Chantilly, Va.-based National Reconnaissance Office had scheduled an exercise that morning in which a small corporate jet would crash into one of the four towers at the agency's headquarters. Snip... Adding to the coincidence, American Airlines Flight 77 - the Boeing 767 that was hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon -- took off from Dulles at 8:10 a.m. On 11.Sep.2001 - 50 minutes before the exercise was to begin.

Were the war games a cover for the terror drills on 911?
look at the officials from the area of flight 93 crash site + terror drills that were happeneing that day.

Look at the shady charachters + their connections...

11.Mar.2005 The Animal Testing Page Of SXETHIC ...

Warner-Lambert Westwood Pharmaceuticals Whitehall Laborotories Co. (TRESemme) Alcon Labs Allergan inc . Arm & Hammer Aziza Bausch & Lomb Bic Corporation ... www.angelfire.com/ok2/sxethic/atest.html

11.Mar.2005 Code Letters Used by Companies for Experimental Substances – HTML-Version

Alcon Labs ., Inc ., USA. AM. AMRAD Corp., Australia. Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Japan. AMA. Takeda Chemical Ind. Ltd., Japan ... themerckindex.cambridgesoft.com/TheMerckIndex/AdditionalTables/pdfs/CodeLetters.pdf


Rate of Population in the Madeira archipelago, Portugal ’s mainland + ...

e) How the colonos obtained credit + used improvements as real estate ... www.ics.ul.pt/aphes2004/prog/pdf/C2BeneditaCamara.pdf

11.Mar.2005 WASP und Skull & Bones...

Die hierarchisch und autoritär strukturierten Puritaner hingegen brachten US - Präsidenten, Richter des Obersten Gerichtshofes und Staatsmänner sowie eine ... www.kalaschnikow.net/de/txt/2002/eussner041.html

This fascinating article from ABC presents evidence from a psychological study that the public tends to recall as true stories later proven to be false.

Just as jurors instructed to disregard testimony may nevertheless keep it lodged in memory, citizens will recall fables -- such as the Jessica Lynch myth -- long after they have been exposed as such.
"In etwa 14 Kilometern Höhe erreichte der Gegendruck der Atmosphäre 'Zermalmungsstärke'", schreiben die Wissenschaftler.

Der Meteorit wurde in Einzelteile zersprengt, die Fragmente hätten sich dann ausgebreitet, um in etwa fünf KM Höhe eine Wolke von etwa 200 Metern Durchmesser zu bilden, "in der Form eines Pfannkuchens".
Nur der Kern dieses Riesenpfannkuchens aus glühendem Gestein und Metall, ein immer noch mächtiger Brocken mit etwa der halben Masse des ursprünglichen Meteors, habe dann den Krater in den Boden geschlagen.
Terrorbekämpfung: Uno und AI kritisieren Verlust von Menschenrechten

11.Mar.2005 Hitler-Vergleich: Union solidarisiert sich mit Schily

11.Mar.2005 Nuklearstreit: USA bieten Iran WTO-Beitritt für Verzicht auf Atomwaffen an

11.Mar.2005 Atomstreit: Europa und USA erhöhen Druck auf Iran

11.Mar.2005 Horrorfilm "Creep": Zuschauerproteste gegen Gewaltverherrlichung

11.Mar.2005 Folterskandal: US-Soldaten hielten Elfjährigen in Abu Ghureib gefangen

11.Mar.2005 Paul-Ehrlich-Preis: Streit um Auszeichnung für Klon-Forscher

11.Mar.2005 US-Studie: Genpatente gefährden Forschung

11.Mar.2005 Raucherklage: Erstmals hoher Schadenersatz für europäisches Tabakopfer

11.Mar.2005 Guantanamo: Pentagon plant Hälfte der Häftlinge zu verlegen

11.Mar.2005 Interview mit HIV-Entdecker Gallo: "Die Pharmaindustrie hätte eine Strategie einfordern müssen"

11.Mar.2005 Biometrie: Bloß keine Berührungsangst

11.Mar.2005 Bundestag: Große Mehrheit für Verschärfung des Versammlungsrechts

11.Mar.2005 Deutsche Klimaforscher: "Die Emissionen müssen verringert werden"

11.Mar.2005 Alan Greenspan: "US-Defizit gefährdet Stabilität"

11.Mar.2005 Nahost: Uno droht Syrien mit Ultimatum

11.Mar.2005 Entschädigung: Deutsche Bank zahlt 325 Millionen Dollar für WorldCom-Pleite
Colonia Dignidad: Sektenführer Schäfer in Argentinien festgenommen

10.Mar.2005 Demos für Jobs und Löhne: Streiks legen Frankreich lahm

10.Mar.2005 Kriegsverbrechen: Ex-Premier Haradinaj wegen Mordes angeklagt

10.Mar.2005 Uno: Annan warnt vor Nuklear-Anschlag

10.Mar.2005 Todesstrafe: US-Regierung kündigt internationales Abkommen

10.Mar.2005 China-Experte im Interview: "Es wächst ein Volk von Egoisten heran"

10.Mar.2005 Medien in der Türkei: Schily wehrt sich gegen Hitler-Vergleiche

10.Mar.2005 Meteoritenkrater: Glühender Riesenpfannkuchen fiel langsam

10.Mar.2005 Verhütung ohne Hormone: Spermien haben einen Eiweiß-Schlüssel

10.Mar.2005 Atomprogramm: Pakistan räumt Zentrifugen-Lieferungen an Iran ein

10.Mar.2005 Harvard gehackt: Zu raffiniert für die Eliteuni

10.Mar.2005 UV-Licht: Gesundheit aus dem Solarium

10.Mar.2005 Wende im Libanon: Pro-Syrischer Ministerpräsident Karami wieder im Amt

10.Mar.2005 Internet-Cafes: Surfen nur noch ab 18 Jahre?

10.Mar.2005 Terror in Europa: Die Bombe vor der Tür

10.Mar.2005 Sgrena-Freilassung: Italien streitet Zahlung von Lösegeld ab

10.Mar.2005 Musik im Kopf: Ohrwürmer verirren sich im Gehirn

10.Mar.2005 NZOOM - ONE News – World ... to Daschle's personal office in a Senate office building ... a directive issued by USA Capitol Sergeant of Arms ... of letters amid concerns that a US anthrax outbreak ... onenews.nzoom.com/onenews_detail/0,1227,62227-1-9,00.html

10.Mar.2005 Statement Of Senator Patrick Leahy Senate Judiciary Committee ... Senator Hatch + me, again + provided us with a ... I commend Sergeant at Arms William Pickle + his ... this unprecedented case of partisan spying in USA Senate ... leahy.senate.gov/press/200403/030404.html

10.Mar.2005 Wired News: Macs' Last Stand on Capitol Hill ... The Senate Office of the Sergeant at Arms (SAA), which makes technology recommendations to senators, has eliminated almost all Macs on Capitol Hill with the ... www.wired.com/news/mac/0,2125,52175,00.html

10.Mar.2005 [Full-Disclosure] Major hack attack on the US Senate ... The office of Senate Sergeant -at- Arms William Pickle ... With the help of forensic computer experts from General Dynamics and the US > > Secret Service ... lists.netsys.com/pipermail/full-disclosure/2004-January/016044.html

10.Mar.2005 Security Watch: Why hacking the US Senate is apparently A-OK ... serious. I'd like to see those investigating the case - the Senate sergeant -at- arms + the US Secret Service - press charges. I'd ... reviews.cnet.com/4520-3513_7-5118858-1.html

11.Mar.2005 Ideabank... is current Fellow of the Institute of African ... global business, managing director, Alfa Bank, Russia...Background in microbiology, biotech research, IT research ... www.ideabank.ca/pages/team.htm

11.Mar.2005 Burlington Votes to Bring the Troops Home Now! : "A town meeting revolt over the Iraq war" is what The Christian Science Monitor called Vermont's historic votes for anti-war resolutions in 49 of 57 cities and towns. The resolutions passed not only in traditional liberal strong holds, but also in rural areas usually dismissed as conservative.

10.Mar.2005 Court hears antiwar protestor acted 'on philosophies of Isaiah': Mr O’Reilly said, in reply to his counsel, that Shannon Airport had become "a pit stop for death" and by damaging the aircraft he wanted to prevent the death of thousands of Iraqis

10.Mar.2005 London peace camp to protest against US targeting of Iran : "The 'war on terror' continues with the sights now set on Syria and Iran together with an unprecedented attack on civil liberties," MFAW said in announcing the three-day peace camp starting next Wednesday.

10.Mar.2005 Military hopefuls called anti-social: Young Canadians interested in joining the military tend to lack life goals, feel alienated + accept violence to achieve ends, says an internal army study

10.Mar.2005 Tougher bankruptcy bill gains in Senate: The Republican-controlled Senate cleared the way for a final vote as early as Wednesday on an industry-backed bill to make it harder for consumers to wipe out debt through bankruptcy

11.Mar.2005 Taiwan issue could lead to war, says China: CHINA is demanding that the Howard Government review its 50-year-old military pact with the US, warning that the ANZUS alliance could threaten regional stability if Australia were drawn into Sino-US conflict over Taiwan.

10.Mar.2005 Gwynne Dyer: The secret of ballistic missile defence : The notion that North Korea might fire one or two ballistic missiles at the US, even if it had a few long-range missiles and nuclear warheads to put on them, is ludicrous.

10.Mar.2005 Chávez: "Washington has done all it can to topple my government": In a press conference in Paris,

Chávez reminded the audience "how the Bush administration plotted + staged a coup against Venezuela + my government".

10.Mar.2005 Statements Indicate Chávez May Indeed Be in Somebody's Crosshairs :

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has repeatedly claimed that the USA government has plans to assassinate him, recent statements by the top USA official in Venezuela appear to back up his fears of a plot against his life.

10.Mar.2005 US Not Seeking Confrontation With Venezuela's Chavez : In congressional testimony, Ms. Rice said USA officials are concerned about whether Mr. Chavez intends to govern democratically + about his relationship with Cuba's President Fidel Castro.

10.Mar.2005 Noriega: Chávez' Venezuela does not help to improve democracy in Latin America: In relation to Chávez, Noriega said that the Venezuelan President's "efforts to concentrate power at home, his suspect relationship with destabilizing forces in the region + his plans for arms purchases are causes of major concern."

10.Mar.2005 Chavez seeks Iran economic ties : The presidents of two leading oil producing nations, Venezuela and Iran, are due to meet to discuss closer economic co-operation.

10.Mar.2005 Seven Pillars of International Power of Hugo Chávez : This remarkable document might serve to wake progressive USA citizens up to the fact that all South America is moving to get out of the ruinous situation in which we are all involved and that, if we don’t wake up, too, we will be left behind.

10.Mar.2005 Haiti's Aristide Says Will Return: Ousted Haitian leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide said Wednesday he expected to return to his country as president, but added he did not know when and denied involvement in recent protests aimed at restoring him.

10.Mar.2005 In the shadow of Aristide: On March 2, Haitian police fired on a peaceful demonstration in the capital slum of Bel-Air, killing three and wounding several more, bringing the death total to nearly 30 in just five days.

10.Mar.2005 Four USA senators call for Haiti's jailed former premier to either be charged or released

10.Mar.2005 Agent Orange Case for Millions of Vietnamese Is Dismissed : A federal judge in Brooklyn today dismissed a damage suit filed on behalf of millions of Vietnamese that claimed American chemical companies committed war crimes by supplying the military with the defoliant Agent Orange.

10.Mar.2005 Disabled veterans protest budget proposal for health care : Hundreds of disabled veterans booed and jeered Republican House members on Tuesday for their budget proposal for veterans’ health care, which critics call inadequate to deal with the future needs of current troops.

10.Mar.2005 11.Mar.2005 Sidney Blumenthal: The enemy within : How an Americanist devoted to destroying international alliances became the US envoy to the UN

10.Mar.2005 It is not democracy that's on the march in the Middle East : Managed elections are the latest device to prop up pro-western regimes

11.Mar.2005 Patriot crews heading to exercise in Israel : USA Patriot missile crews stationed in Germany are once again headed to Israel to participate in a joint exercise with the Israeli military.

10.Mar.2005 Israeli study: Government violated law on outposts: The Israeli government is funding and building Jewish settlement outposts across the West Bank in violation of its own laws and international mandates, according to a government-sanctioned report

11.Mar.2005 Sam Nunn: US not example for nuclear non-proliferation: "It's awfully hard to ask countries around the globe to do a lot more to fight against the North Koreans or the Iranians getting nuclear weapons if we ourselves seem to be increasing our dependence on nuclear weapons," Nunn said.

10.Mar.2005 Syrian Troops Continue Withdrawing from Lebanon : Almost half of Syrian's 14,000 troops in Lebanon were involved in the withdrawal, which will take up to 10 days, according to Lebanese defense Minister Abdul Rahim Mrad.

10.Mar.2005 Syrians rally around their leader: THE relief on President Assad’s face was visible, as the young Syrian leader waved from a balcony to tens of thousands of his cheering supporters who turned out on the streets of Damascus yesterday to give the beleaguered regime a badly needed boost.

11.Mar.2005 Pakistan: Khan supplied Iran centrifuges: A nuclear scientist who is at the heart of an international nuclear black market investigation gave centrifuges to Iran, but Pakistan's government knew nothing about the transfer, the information minister has said.

11.Mar.2005 Secret FBI Report Questions Al Qaeda Capabilities : No 'True' Al Qaeda Sleeper Agents Have Been Found in USA.

10.Mar.2005 A secret FBI report obtained by ABC News concludes that while there is no doubt al Qaeda wants to hit the United States, its capability to do so is unclear.

10.Mar.2005 Troops Who Fired On Hostage Were Protecting USA Ambassador

10.Mar.2005 Berlusconi contradicts US friendly-fire account : The Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, said today the driver of the car in which an Italian agent was killed by US forces in Iraq last week had obeyed orders to stop

11.Mar.2005 Sacrifices,” the Cost of War and “War-Resistance” in the Ranks By: Jack Dalton
When was it the state gained the power to dictate to any of us when, where, how and if, we will participate in the killing of other human beings? When was it the state gained the power over us to tell anyone of us we will go to jail if we are not willing to participate in the mass murder that is war, let alone one launched behind deliberate lies and disinformation as this one in Iraq? 

11.Mar.2005 The invisible wounded By Mark Benjamin

Injured soldiers evacuated to the USA never arrive in the light of day -- and the Pentagon has yet to offer a satisfactory explanation why. Continued

11.Mar.2005 Land of “Murka”  The Fundamentalist Threat -By Manuel Valenzuela
Once the right buttons are pushed, once new Pearl Harbors are manufactured,

the Establishment has little problem bringing out their mobilized army of hypnotized primates, millions of citizens mutated by fear + hatred + anger + conditioned into them by the same elite that will begin exploiting their emotions, in short order bringing to the surface the ever dangerous, never thinking, blood-thirsty and always self-destructive human animal. Continued .

11.Mar.2005 Fritakis weighs in: Bob Fritakis has written a powerful piece on voter fraud in Ohio which sums up many key aspects of the case. Here's a factoid you may not know:
Even in the last election in the Ukraine, the Associated Press reports “the Bush administration has spent more than $65 million the past two years to aid political organizations in Ukraine….” And the Bush family’s candidate, Viktor Yushchenko, who won on a re-vote because the Mitofsky exit polls detected fraud, is married to Kateryna Chumachanko, a former Reagan White House official and daughter of right-wing Ukrainian exiles. Chumachanko was accused of being a CIA operative by her husband’s political opponents, according to the Washington Post.
William Shatner's immortal line: "The course of action I'd recommend is a course of action I can't recommend." https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
The bankruptcy bill just passed The credit card industry, which makes over 30 bill a year in profits, wants and will get more more more. Next step: The reinstitution of debtor's prisons.
They wouldn't dare try these shennanigans if we still lived in a democracy. Obviously, the Republicans no longer worry about alienating voters.https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
Turnabout | Culture, politics, tradition + Catholicism...WHERE IN THE WORLD. FYI, I'll be speaking at Intelcon tomorrow morning about immigration ...

Meanwhile, there's a petition to release the Davos transcript...

25.Oct.2004 WIN #39-04 dtd ... According to a transcript of the speech delivered on 24.Sep.2004 + special events, the National Intelligence Conference + Exposition ( INTELCON ) will debut ... www.afio.com/sections/wins/2004/2004-39.html

11.Mar.2005 Griechische KFOR-Soldaten helfen den albanischen Terroristen ... tis Alwanias, ekei fainontai oti pseudonte asistolos I UCC alwanoi tromokrates perimenei na drasei stin Ellada gia mia " eleutheri Cameria " kai alles anoisies ... www.deutsche-demokratie.de/forum/archive/22/2003/09/2/36381

Envie esta página aos amigos - vale a pena ver as injustiças no nosso País


11.Mar.2005 Sentença de 06-06-1995 - Tribunal Administrativo do Círculo ... Marjolein Wilemina de Vitta Muller Massis, identificada nos autos, veio interpôr recurso da deliberação da Câmara Municipal de Monchique (CMM) de 8.3.89 ... www.diramb.gov.pt/data/basedoc/TXT_JN_9097_1_0001.htm

27.Feb.2005 ALERTA - 30.000 a 40.000 crianças maltratadas em Portugal por ano


" As estatísticas referentes aos casos de crianças maltratadas em Portugal são escassas.

Segundo um estudo do Centro de Estudos Judiciários (CEJ), realizado nas freguesias do Porto e de Lisboa e apresentado em

00.000.1993 surgem por ano no país entre 30 a 40 mil novos casos de crianças maltratadas.  Segundo os dados do CEJ, grande parte destas crianças vive apenas com um progenitor, (...)
A lista dos maus tratos físicos mais frequentes é longa e vai desde o simples abanar o bébé (que pode ter consequências graves), a queimaduras + feridas + fracturas + traumatismos cranianos + abandonos na via pública + violações + ao não-cumprimento dos programas de vacinação + a falta de tratamento de doenças congénitas e a falta de higiene."


- como se vê, políticos e juizes preocupam-se tanto, que o ultimo estudo, é só sobre Lisboa e Porto... e de

1993 - Tem 12 anos !

E FOI FEITO SÓ EM LISBOA E PORTO Imagine-se nas terras por aí - Nunca mais nenhum partido, juizes, e outras instituições, fez, nada ! Pudera ... criança não vota, nem pode protestar .
Iluminado: Novembro 2004 Archives... Já os meus vizinhos de cima são o oposto, e fazem com que viver numa cave ... Barulho .

Esta noite, o cão do vizinho ladrava tanto que me deu vontade de saltar a ... ruistorm.ptisp.org/iluminado/arquivos/2004/11/index.php

11.Mar.2005 Queixa ... tipo de queixa : Barulho...O cão é perfeitamente desprezado, maltratado até e os donos confrontados com as queixas dos vizinhos, não querem saber... www.queixas.co.pt/popup.php?id_queixa=6538

11.Mar.2005 Iran-Now.de - Nachrichten und Community Portal... Runde 2 gegen Top-Teams wie Japan, Saudi -Arabien + ... allerdings erst im Jahre

1901, als William Knox D'Arcy ... Perser, dass es ihnen ohne den Öl -Reichtum besser ...

Die Geschichte der US-Erdölindustrie – HTML-Version ...

00.000.1901 William Knox d'Arcay erwarb Konzessionen für ein Großes Gebiet in Persien...

Mobil vermarktet 270 Millionen Tonnen vom saudi - arabischen Öl. www.internationalesozialisten.de/Oelkrieg/Die%20Geschichte%20der%20US.doc

Internationale Sozialisten – HTML-Version

Wo gibt es Öl, wo sind die zukünftigen Ölquellen?«

1 ... USA haben den Folterschah im Iran + den mittelalterlichen Terrorkönig in Saudi -Arabien unterstützt ... www.internationalesozialisten.de/Oelkrieg/KKFO.pdf

Der Vordere Orient: Wirtschaftszentrum... der Golfstaaten aus: der Flächenstaaten Saudi -Arabien + ...

Das Öl hat sie aber auch abhängig gemacht ...

00.000.1901 Als der britische Abenteurer William Knox dÕArcy ... www.lpb.bwue.de/aktuell/bis/3_98/bis983f.htm

11.Mar.2005 Privatised Prisons and Detention Centres in Scotland: An ... - View as HTML ... produced circuit boards closed down only to re-open within one of Wackenhut ’s ... 1 The Estates Review doesn’t mention the Chief Inspector ’s Reports on ... visar.csustan.edu/aaba/Cooper&Taylor.pdf

Conspiracy Net v5 - Archives - Article CNCjb014... Corporation for its client, the Alyeska Pipeline consortium ... staff) or 225-6065 (Republican.) Basically, Wackenhut set up ... his family was found murdered, then his ... www.conspiracy-net.com/archives/displayart.php?showtype=c&showcat=j&showfile=CNCjb014
BeyondUnreal Forums - Search Results ...

Go G36! All the police in my area use them.

(Actually, IIRC, Cobb County, GA was the first large law-enforcement purchase of the G36 stateside. Go us!)... forums.beyondunreal.com/search.php?do=finduser&u=38886
Keith Devens - Weblog: Evolution -

29.Aug.2002 The Cobb County, Ga ., School Board voted unanimously

22.Aug.2002 to consider a pluralistic approach to the origin of the human race, rather..

Blue Sky On Mars: January 2005 Archives ...

Found via Ksenia Marasanova: the css-discuss wiki is a companion to ...

Judge nixes evolution textbook stickers talks about Cobb County, GA's ridiculous textbook ... www.blueskyonmars.com/archives/2005/01

10.Mar.2005 "Stay Behind": NATO's Terror Network The Stay Behind network was conceived by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff + put into ...

At the same time George K. Young, deputy head of MI6 until 1961, ... www.citinv.it/info/ustica/staybeh.htm

Secret Warfare: Gladio .. MI6 was centrally involved with setting up and training the stay - behind

... in England where the MI6 trained stay - behind officers together with the ... www.ocnus.net/cgi-bin/exec/view.cgi?archive=60&num=15498&printer=1

10.Mar.2005 NATO’s secret armies linked to terrorism? - View as HTML

... research into stay - behind armies has progressed only very slowly, due ...

Allegations that NATO, the Pentagon, MI6, the CIA, + European ... www.isn.ch/php/documents/collection_gladio/newspapers/Gladio_Security_Watch.pdf

10.Mar.2005 Institutionalising Intelligence: The Development of MI 6 Internal ... - View as HTML... between the Secret Intelligence Service (also known as MI 6 ) ... was created to set up stay - behind networks in light of Soviet expansion into East-..www.psa.ac.uk/cps/1994/davi.pdf

Hong Kong... To ensure continued intelligence from Hong Kong, GCHQ and MI6 have also established extensive " stay behind " networks that include agents and bugs ...

10.Mar.2005 Parallel History Project on NATO and the Warsaw Pact... In Sweden a British MI6 agent closely involved with the stay - behind army ... that the MI6 and SAS had set up stay - behind armies across Western Europe... www.isn.ethz.ch/php/documents/collection_gladio/chronology.htm

Parallel History Project on NATO and the Warsaw Pact This chapter describes the reactions of NATO, the CIA and MI6 to the discovery of the secret stay - behind armies. The chapter details how NATO reacted ...
UK - Post-Cold War - General - AI To ensure continued intelligence from Hong Kong, GCHQ and MI6 have also established extensive ' stay behind ' networks that include agents and bugs ...

Covert Action - Middle East... minimizes the external dimension" of Western intervention from the CIA + MI6 ... According to the author, the CIA ended its funding of stay - behind ...

The Pentagon's 'NATO Option' Allen Dulles, the first chief of the CIA, worked out the original plan + British MI6 + special forces teamed up with the CIA to train “ stay - behind ... www.commondreams.org/views05/0210-22.htm

MI6: Inside the Covert World of Her Majesty's Secret Intelligence ... Because of the smaller numbers, MI6 officers indulge in less ... to set up arms dumps on the border of Macedonia as part of a stay - behind network. 7 ... www.politrix.org/foia/mi6/mi6-restored.htm

Stay Behind: Den ufortalte historie Den private spionchef Arne ... var aktivt deltagende i opbygningen af Stay Behind . CIA og MI6 på banen ... I Norge har specielt MI6 i årtier trænet norske Stay Behind -enheder i..

10.Mar.2005 Counterintelligence News for January 14-20, 2001... network in the White House to an unsecured network, but was allowed to stay on the job... I am not a spy, claims elusive figure behind the MI6 expose ... www.cicentre.com/2001_CI_News_Archives/NEWS_Jan_14_to_20_01.htm

Counterintelligence News for Sept 20-23, 2000 How the New York Times helped railroad Wen Ho Lee; MI6 headquarters fired ...the most serious of their convictions + reduced their time behind bars...

10.Mar.2005 sciencelife:ETH Life - ETH Zurich's weekly web journal... Daniele Ganser, NATO set up so-called " stay - behind " networks... involved in the network of NATO's secret armies but it had close contact to MI6...www.ethlife.ethz.ch/e/articles/sciencelife/NatoGeheimarmee.html

Forschungsinstitut für Friedenspolitik eV... ausführlich dargestellt, überdies die großen westlichen wie CIA + NSA + DGSE oder MI6.

00.000.1983 Die stay - behind -Organisation GLADIO sei aufgelöst worden,www.ffi-weilheim.de/Roewer.htm

10.Mar.2005 AP Wire | 01/20/2004 | Peru Ex-Spy Chief Goes on Trial The Aybar brothers implicated Montesinos as their boss and Sarkis Soghanalian, the US-based international arms dealer who brokered the transaction with Jordan ... www.charlotte.com/mld/charlotte/7755521.htm

The Advertiser: Ex-spymaster faces arms trial (archived) Acelor put them in touch with international weapons broker Sarkis Soghanalian, a Turkish-born Lebanese citizen and 20-year US resident - whose long career ...

FearBush.com -> do you hate france ?... a Chinese F-8 fighter flew into its propeller, photos show Israeli ... an extraordinary interview with an international arms dealer, Sarkis Soghanalian, who lives ...

Comunidade Internacional | br101.org - o diário de um jornalista ... El procurador Ronald Gamarra dijo que el traficante de armas libanés Sarkis Soghanalian, conocido como el mercader de la muerte (a la sazón socio del reino ... br.br101.org/archives/cat__comunidade_internacional.html?from=4

Comunidade Internacional | br101.org - o diário de um jornalista ... Max Damien Acelor (fue quien presentó a los hermanos Áybar Cancho a Sarkis Soghanalian )... warn: Israel in grave danger," read the headline above photos of the ... br.br101.org/archives/cat__comunidade_internacional.html?from=10

The CIA = Narco Terr'ists - Marijuana Growing... A Lebanese arms dealer, Sarkis Soghanalian, known as ‘The Merchant of Death’, gets the rifles from Jordan + puts them on a Ukrainian plane that ...

Worldandnation: Pursuers closing in (they think) on spy-turned ... The surveillance photos apparently showed Montesinos holed up at a ... A prominent international arms dealer, Sarkis Soghanalian, has described meeting Montesinos ... www.sptimes.com/News/050301/news_pf/Worldandnation/Pursuers_closing_in_t.shtml

Cocaine... on Nov 3, 2004 Relevance: Sarkis Soghanalian, the international ... the years, the twice-convicted Soghanalian was dubbed ... Keefe, looking up at the photos that fill ...

History... to discuss their findings, identify newly acquired photos + review ... Global Exchange - Indexed on Nov 3, 2004 Relevance: Sarkis Soghanalian, the international ...
From: dona@bilver.uucp (Don Allen) Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors ... used to call "that pinko") as well as framed photos of Presidents ... former US attorney general and Watergate felon John Mitchell and Sarkis Soghanalian, a Turkish ... www.ufo.net/ufodocs/text.documents/w/

miaminewtimes.com | Winning Wasn't Everything | 1994-04-20 ... "He loved when Sarkis told stories ... "These questions are garbage," Soghanalian declares... Altemar marches to the bedroom, down a hallway draped with photos from a ... https://mia.secure.newtimes.com/issues/1994-04-20/feature2.html

AP Wire | 01/20/2004 | Peru Ex-Spy Chief Goes on Trial... » Today's photos...The Aybar brothers implicated Montesinos as their boss + Sarkis Soghanalian, the US-based international arms dealer who brokered the ..

Flogging the Simian @ WeBlog.ro The photos, according to a former White House official who studied them, show ... Earlier in the year, I met with the notorious Sarkis Soghanalian in the balmy ...

Conspiracy Net v5 - Archives - Article CNCja004 ... used to call "that pinko") as well as framed photos of Presidents ... US attorney general + Watergate felon John Mitchell and Sarkis Soghanalian, a Turkish ...

BPR Mailing List Digest: 07/11-17/99 ... List) Subject: [BPR] - More Water from the Temple Mount photos From: bpr-list ... DISC - MERCHANTS OF DEATH - Private arms dealers Sarkis Soghanalian + Sam ...
Yahoo! Groups : ohioleft Messages : Message 1966 of 15005 4. BCCI's relationships with convicted Iraqi arms dealer Sarkis Soghanalian, Syrian drug ... groups.yahoo.com/group/ohioleft/message/1966

Yahoo! Groups : iowachat Messages : Message 478 of 511 "When Vice President Bush secretly sent his chief of staff to Panama to meet Manuel Noriega, ( Sarkis ) Soghanalian (a Miami ...

Xasa - Russian Mafia and Victor Bout Again -NYT -17.Aug.2003 ... The photos, according to a former White House official who studied them, show ... Earlier in the year, I met with the notorious Sarkis Soghanalian in the ... www.xasa.es/grupos/en/soc/article/5681/soc.culture.liberia


Subject: Handbook subjects Date: Sun, 04.Oct.1998 -0500... TO MADDOX....\152 \ RUBY, JACK: PHOTOS .....146 \ RUBY ... 158 \ SOG.....SEE\...DEA/SOG\ SOGHANALIAN, SARKIS .....051 \ SOLDIERS OF ... karws.gso.uri.edu/Marsh/Newsgroups/handbook.txt

ImmInst.org -> Global Arms Proliferation... warning radar, Cobra attack helicopters + US spy satellite photos for Tehran ... Sarkis Soghanalian, an Armenian-born Lebanese arms broker who has a long history ...
[CTRL] Fwd: Inside The Shadow CIA - SPY Magazine – 00.Sep.1992 - View as HTML... "that pinko") as well as framed photos of Presidents Reagan + Nixon +... + Watergate felon John Mitchell + Sarkis Soghanalian, a Turkish-born...www.mail-archive.com/ctrl@listserv.aol.com/msg63220.html

10.Mar.2005 911 Skeptics Unite... "Painful Questions," which references photos + videos to make its claims ... on the early role of George Bush + weapons dealer Sarkis Soghanalian...www.911skeptics.blogspot.com

Channelnewsasia.com Alleged Lebanese arms dealer Sarkis Soghanalian, who has not been detained, is suspected ... AFP text, photos, graphics and logos shall not be reproduced, published ...

10.Mar.2005 The BCCI Affair Adnan Khashoggi, Manucher Ghorbanifar, Sarkis Soghanalian, the Palestine ... the Navstar photos liberated from the Kremlin safe, had joined them... www.mediawar.info/CIObcci.htm

Daily Kos :: Plame Leak/Fake News, Summary/Process: Part V Eyebrows, eyes, forehead + skull shape + ears all seem very similar in these photos...SOGHANALIAN SARKIS G (55) SOUTHWIRE COMPANY (92-3) .

FBI Documents [Free Republic]... State line south + west of Branson ;-) Trying to get photos... Sarkis Soghanalian, identified as the owner of Pan Aviation by the Transportation .. www.freerepublic.com/forum/a39288fdc7337.htm

10.Mar.2005 Right is Wrong Sarkis Soghanalian, the international arms dealer who bought billions in ... as well as 2002 photos of the president driving + working in a T-shirt on ...

10.Mar.2005 Cuba News/Miami Herald - Cuba News/Noticias - CubaNet News In his decade on the federal bench, Moreno has presided over some big-time cases - including the 1991 conviction of Sarkis Soghanalian, a Lebanese arms ... www.cubanet.org/CNews/y00/may00/19e3.htm

Aujourd'hui, 2 messages :... Au cours de la même période, des types comme Sarkis Soghanalian, ... "J'ai vu les photos ." Au cours d'un autre déjeuner, j'apprends que Al Qaeda ... vdedaj.club.fr/cuba/bulletin/csp_525.htm

tbp: November 2004 Archives ... (See photos from the Arctic.) The results could be catastrophic for polar ... Sarkis Soghanalian, the international arms dealer who bought billions in ... www.blueverticalstudio.com/05/archives/2004_11.html

AN OCTOPUS NAMED WACKENHUT: Sightings from The Catbird Seat ... weapons in the field + to return a research report, complete with photos ... John Mitchell + Sarkis Soghanalian, a Turkish-born Lebanese citizen. www.the-catbird-seat.net/Octopus.htm

EastSouthWestNorth Blog, January 21-25, 2004 ... The five photos below come from Vietnam, in which medical personnel ... Acelor put them in touch with international weapons broker Sarkis Soghanalian, ...

In an Alternate Universe: Was Florida's Vote Rigged? ... But there are no photos of muons available at this time... Today Is Not An Ending; Interview With Sarkis Soghanalian, "Merchant of Death" ...

10.Mar.2005 INSIDE THE SHADOW CIA... former US attorney general and Watergate felon John Mitchell + Sarkis ... Wackenhut agent David Ramirez, the company considered Soghanalian "a very ...
www.think-aboutit.com/Conspiracy/inside_the_shadow_cia.htm 08.Mar.2005

ImmInst.org -> Global Arms Proliferation... satellite photos for Tehran in violation of the US embargo against Iran. ...Sarkis Soghanalian, an Armenian-born Lebanese arms broker who has a long ...

10.Mar.2005 Counter News A Lebanese arms dealer, Sarkis Soghanalian, known as ‘The Merchant of Death’, gets the rifles from Jordan and puts them on a Ukrainian plane that ...

nuvo.net/Wagging the dog... CIA it wanted to see top-secret spy satellite photos to assess the damage... One conduit, Miami-based arms dealer Sarkis Soghanalian, regularly flew ...

Arms and the Man ... Sarkis Soghanalian, the international arms dealer, in Aqaba, Jordan... The photos, according to a former White House official who studied them, ...

WWII. 00.000.1944 - Timelines - War in Europe - Eastern Europe.. announce the capture of Vilna + continue their advance into eastern Galicia ... is taken prisoner by a commando unit led by SS major Otto Skorzeny... www.worldwar-2.net/timelines/war-in-europe/eastern-europe/eastern-europe-index-1944.htm

00.000.1943 THE HOLOCAUST PROJECT - Timebase

27.Feb.1943 The SS puts into operation the "Factory Action," deporting more ...

00.Apr.1943 Mass killings in Galicia continue, as do deportations to ... www.humanitas-international.org/holocaust/1943tbse.htm

10.Mar.2005 portland imc - 2003.12.15 - Fascism and the Republican Party... Laszlo Pasztor from the Hungarian Arrow Cross, Florian Galdau of the Romanian Iron Guard + Nicolas Nazarenko, the leader of a Cossack SS division ... portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/12/276520.shtml

05.Dec.2004 UNDERNEWS:... independent candidate Ralph Nader was not on the Ohio ballot

02.Nov.2004 ...of collecting e-mails + license plate numbers from peaceful activists ...
On Lisa Rein's Radar: Election 2004 - Aftermath Archives Ohio electoral votes + open a discussion of the election on USA Senate ... is no reason why USA Senate should not have taken up + passed that bill...

Friends of Micronesia: Homeland News: Israel Archives... Senate Resolution 408 supports Israel 's construction of a security fence to ... hours until they + their cars' license plates had been photographed...

Spontaneous Arising: 11/01/2004 – 11/30/2004 ... by party in Florida + compared them to presidential vote results...He's got at least 11 days (per Ohio's Blackwell) to raise enough doubt to ...

00.Aug.1998 AGR Online/Environment -..BP merged with US oil company Amoco creating one of the largest petroleum + petrochemical groups in the world... https://www.agrnews.org/issues/83/environment.html

00.Sep.2003 BP merged its Russian assets into those of Tyumen Oil Co. (TNK), creating TNK-BP, a joint venture between the Company + the Alfa Group ... MSN Money - BP Company Report: Investing - https://moneycentral.msn.com/investor/research/profile.asp?Symbol=BP&FYI=True

BP (British Petroleum) road maps from Europe -

00.000.1996 BP merged its downstream activities into a joint venture with Mobil, with BP as the senior partner which saw the end of the Mobil name on ... https://www.ianbyrne.free-online.co.uk/bp1.htm

Issue Ads @ APPC - BP plc -

00.000.1998 BP merged with Amoco (www.bp.com).

00.000.2000 BP began an extensive two year "corporate rebranding exercise, shortening its name from British ... https://www.annenbergpublicpolicycenter.org/ISSUEADS/organizations/BP_plc.htm

bp background and overview -..However, many of the merged group's operating companies (such as BP Exploration & Oil Company (BPX&O) + Amoco Oil Company) continued as separate legal ... https://www.dep.state.pa.us/dep/deputate/airwaste/wm/Remserv/bpamoco/background-overview.html

The BP Amoco Expansion -..BP Amoco has announced plans to expand its retail operations at 3rd + H ... of arbitration being instituted between BP Amoco + the community... https://www.hstreetdc.com/amoco/amoco.html PA Consulting Group - 2000 - Telecom user case study: BP Oil group ... -

00.000.1998 When BP merged with Amoco, managers were faced with two important tasks, says group telecoms director Peter Dudley... https://www.paconsulting.com/news/about_pa/2000/about_pa_200022150.htm

BP: North America Finance & Accounting Outsourcing -..When BP merged with Amoco to capitalize on its market strength in the mid-western USA, downstream services for Amoco transferred from Tulsa, ... https://www.accenture.com/xd/xd.asp?it=enweb&xd=industries\resources\energy\case\ener_bpnorthamerica.xml

Welcome to ServiceTec: John Cross Opinion .. in the time + management attention taken with managing an army of staff;

00.000.1998 -when BP merged with US Amoco- Amoco had an inhouse IT team of 5000... https://www.servicetec.com/John_Cross_Opinion.145.0.html
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Das heutige Portugal, hervorgegangen aus dem dreißigjährigen Abschliff der ...

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We watch Arnaud deBorchgrave work the 101st Airborne table (yes,...Washington Times) https://washingtontimes.com/national/20021119-6610950.htm Capitol ... www.mail-archive.com/hardball@lists.msnbc.com/msg00145.html

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1988) + Arnaud deBorchgrave (CNP,

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1984 ... www.mail-archive.com/futurework@scribe.uwaterloo.ca/msg07140.html
Coming geopolitical quakes - The Washington Times: Commentary ... By Arnaud de Borchgrave.

The world can now count on one geopolitical ...Arnaud de Borchgrave is editor at large of The Washington Times + of United...


Wildmon, Donald + du Pont, Pierre + Drexel, Ann + deBorchgrave, Arnaud + DeVos ... alfatomega.com/20041206.html

Accuracy In Media - Media Monitor - Is North Korea a Terrorist ...

In a Washington Times column, its editor-at-large Arnaud DeBorchgrave criticized President Bush s depiction of North Korea as evil... www.aim.org/publications/media_monitor/2002/02/20.html

Accuracy In Media - Media Monitor - Strange Criticism For Bush

To make matter worse, the Times followed with a column by editor-at-large Arnaud deBorchgrave that also dismissed Bush s speech... www.aim.org/publications/mm020219.html

Washington, DC Professional Chapter: Ed Bliss Cited for Dateline's...

of Washingtonian Magazine, Terry Michael of the Politics + Journalism Internship Program, Bob Levey of The Washington Post + Arnaud deBorchgrave of the ...

The Kenneth Joseph Story: Wag the Kennel?

... entity on the map: https://www.namebase.org/cgi-bin/nb06/06150?_DE BORCHGRAVE_ARNAUD A namebase search on this website for Arnaud deBorchgrave produced 101 www.britons4peace.org.uk/articles/lipton2.html


vs. WASHINGTON TIMES Inc. by + through resident agents:

BO HI PAK, ARNAUD DeBORCHGRAVE 3600 New York venue, NE Washington, DC 2000 ? DEFENDANTS ORDER... From the Radio Free Michigan archives ...

Press Internatl CFR Michael Posner - Reuters CFR David Rogers - Boston Globe CFR Henry Trewhitt - Baltimore Sun CFR Arnaud deBorchgrave - Washington Times CFR ... fraktali.849pm.com/text/CFR.txt

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025/00: "Anhaltender Widerstand gegen Machtverhältnisse " ... Eine Time Corp . im buchstäblichen Sinn? Hat Saskia Sassen dies im Sinn gehabt, ...

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... als neokonservativer harter Hund der mit seiner news corp weltweit agiert,... die Machtverhältnisse der Medienlandschaft einseitger konzentriert +... forum.rap.de/forum/archiv/topic/35165-1.html

10.Mar.2005 Der Spindoktor ... through the new Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive...said Kenneth Tomlinson, chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, ... www.spindoktor.de/
Nachrichten The Persian Puzzle by Kenneth M Pollack (Asia Times Online,...

Through a series of secret executive orders,

Bush [BGW968] has given Rumsfeld the www.artemodus.de/cars/nachrichten3.html