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18.Jan.2007 The Bush Administration's 9/11 Story is a Conspiracy Theory - BG1 -

18.Jan.2007 Watch "Interview w/former Boston Center Air Traffic Controller regarding 9/11" on Google Video – BG- Interview w/former Boston Center Air Traffic Controller regarding 9/11 29 min 50 sec -

13.Dec.2006 Average rating: (289 ratings)
Description: Interview with former Boston Center Air Traffic Controller Robin Hordon. Visit for latest analysis into the events of 11.Sep.2001 . Tags: Air Traffic Controllers, 911, 9/11
18.Jan.2007 Things Like This Disturb My Sleep - BG -

This is just so absurd: Are we really expected to believe

aa) 12,000 pound (at minimum) set of columns came crashing down from 1,000 feet up + it didn't even crack the street?

b) a wheel was embedded so tightly in the columns it wasn't even dislodged by the impact?

c) this 12,000 pound set of columns travelled at least 500 feet from WTC1 after being dislodged from the tower?

Jesus, it's crazy.

I could see the falling columns impaling and getting stuck in the street like we see here:

But falling perfectly flat without any sign of significant impact?I don't think so.

There are a couple of other things to note.1) take a look at the item below that looks a bit like a carry-on bad with a long "handle" that is right next to the columns.

It has clearly been moved between the picture above (whe... Source:
18.Jan.2007 Turley Reacts to Pentagon Attack on Due Process
18.Jan.2007 witness to explosions/basement collapse (911 mysteries pt2)
18.Jan.2007 Phone Calls From the Planes: Surprising New Evidence | - BG -Phone Calls From the Planes: Surprising New Evidence
18.Jan.2007 Cod Enzyme Kills Bird Flu - samzenpus 75 - Jon Golden writes

"An Icelandic cod enzyme might be the cure for bird flu. A recent experiment, which the Icelandic company Ensímtaekni hf. took part in, indicates that in five minutes, the isolated fish enzyme killed 99 % of H5N1 viruses. The killer enzyme, called penzim, was extracted from the intestines of cod by Ensímtaekni and is currently being developed for beauty products and various types of medicine. The experiment on the H5N1 virus was conducted in London. CEO of Ensímtaekni and biochemist Jón Bragi Bjarnason said he is very excited about the results of the bird flu experiment. "People have feared that the bird flu virus will change into a human flu virus and now we have a likely cure in case that happens." Bjarnason also believes that penzim might prove a cure for common flu and cold, eczema in children and arthritis."
Daily Show: Deconstructing the “Surge” - BG -
Last night Jon Stewart broke down the administration's new rhetorical strategy surrounding the troop escalation. For all the talk of the Daily Show being a "fake news" program, they provide some of the most sobering and accurate analysis of the insanity that is Washington politics. For instance, no other news program points out how, despite the Bush administration's insistence that the Democrats have not offered up an alternative to escalation, the ISG report (.pdf) and the Levin-Reid amendment lay out two very clear paths. Like always, they just repeat what they're told. ... Source:

18.Jan.2007 Secret Court to Govern Wiretapping Plan - - BG -Secret Court to Govern Wiretapping Plan
18.Jan.2007 Condi Makes Nice in the Middle East More
18.Jan.2007 Day 1 at the Libby Trial More
17.Jan.2007 the big idea - To Flee or Not To Flee - How Republicans handle a failing president. - - By Jacob Weisberg
Congressional Democrats seldom agonize before ditching presidents of their own party. 00.000.1967, they fled Lyndon B. Johnson right and left--the right over civil rights, the left over Vietnam. A decade later, they shoved Jimmy Carter's legislative agenda back in his face. Bill Clinton faced constant rebellion from his own side.

Republicans are made of firmer stuff. They value loyalty, hierarchy + deference over independence and private conscience. When the GOP controls the White House, the party's congressional wing readily accepts its subordinate position. For an example of widespread GOP abandonment of a president of their own party, you have to go back to Watergate, when, as now, Republican legislators faced a tricky calculation about how to handle an embattled, isolated + failing president. To continue reading, click here.
18.Jan.2007 TPMmuckraker - Fed Prosecutor Firings? - BG -Did Bush do the firings to be able to appoint replacements without confirmation hearings?
Out Like A Lam- US Attorney Loses Job For Going After White Collar Crime & Political Corruption
TPMmuckraker January 16,:28 PM

18.Jan.2007 Did The Government Force BBC To Drop Menezes, 7/7 Dramas? - Sent Using Google Toolbar - BG -Did The Government Force BBC To Drop Menezes, 7/7 Dramas?
18.Jan.2007 » Gonzales Blames Legal Challenges For Five Year Delay In Bringing Gitmo Detainees To Trial - BG -
18.Jan.2007 The Common Ills: Judge rules Ehren Watada cannot present a defense in court-martial - BG -
18.Jan.2007 Has the UK broken its own anti-bribery laws? - BG -

The aftershocks of the government's decision to drop the probe into Saudi arms deals continue to reverberate, writes Matthew Tempest.... Source:
18.Jan.2007 From the Man Responsible for 600,000 + deaths of innocents in Iraq - BG -
President Bush said Tuesday the chaotic execution of Saddam Hussein looked like "kind of a revenge killing" and showed that the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki "has still got some maturation to do." (not to mention the TX Death Penalty Record while Bush was Gov.)

18.Jan.2007 We Blame Global Warming - "Cold Weather Blamed for Two House Fires"--headline, KSN-TV Web site (Wichita, Kan.), Jan. 15
18.Jan.2007 The American Monitor -- Ptech owner's assets confiscated in Albania - BG -
The Albanian government has seized the assets of a wealthy Saudi that, for several years, reportedly maintained simultaneous connections to both al-Qaeda + the U.S. government while serving the interests of the CIA

18.Jan.2007 On the Editorial Page BY MARY ANASTASIA O'GRADY
Thanks to economic freedom, incomes in the developing world start to catch up.

18.Jan.2007 The Western Front BY BRENDAN MINITER - Is Iraq a distraction from the war on terror? No, say Afghanistan's ambassador and the Joint Chiefs chairman.
Extra BY CHARLES MURRAY - Half of all children are below average in intelligence + teachers can do only so much for them.

16.Jan.2007 They Did It Again - By Daniel Politi
New York Times leads with news that the head of Saddam Hussein's half-brother was severed from his body during yesterday's early morning execution.

Although Iraqi government officials insist the decapitation was accidental, it sparked protests among Sunni loyalists who said it was a deliberate act of revenge by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's government.

The Washington Post leads with word that during the State of the Union address next week President Bush will say having a balanced federal budget is one of his priorities.

The Wall Street Journal tops its worldwide newsbox with the way in which Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice +

Defense Secretary Robert Gates "hit the road" to convince world leaders that success in Iraq is the best way to contain Iran's growing influence in the region.

USA Today leads with a look at how gasoline prices are declining, a trend that is likely to continue in the coming months.

At the same time though, the paper makes clear the cost at the pump will not fall as sharply as oil prices.

Gas prices are down 4 % so far this year, while the cost of a barrel of oil has decreased more than 13 %.

The Los Angeles Times leads with California state officials and farmers announcing that record cold temperatures had devastating effects on crops.

Oranges seems to be the most affected, but a variety of other fruits and vegetables were also destroyed.

The full extent of the damage is not yet known, but officials say it will be greater than

00.000.1998 when cold temperatures destroyed $700 million worth of produce. To continue reading, click here.
18.Jan.2007 50 Active-Duty Officers To Deliver Petition Against More Troops To Congress...
Vocal opposition to President's Bush's strategy of sending more than 20,000 additional troops to help secure Iraq has grown to include some of the troops themselves.

A group of more than 50 active-duty military officers will deliver a petition to Congress on Tuesday signed by about 1,000 troops calling for an end to the U.

18.Jan.2007 51% Of American Women Now Living Without A Spouse...
For what experts say is probably the first time, more American women are living without a husband than with one, according to a New York Times analysis of census results.

18.Jan.2007 Rice Lobbies Arabs for Backing in Iraq
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) -- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's appeal for Arab allies to help support the fragile government in Iraq drew only a tepid endorsement Tuesday from the administration's strongest ally in the region..

- U.N.: 34,452 Iraq Civilians Killed in '06
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Nearly 35,000 civilians were killed last year in Iraq, the United Nations said Tuesday, a sharp increase from the numbers reported previously by the Iraqi government..

15.Jan.2007 Mexico's economy - A tumbling oil price may strain Mexico's budget
18.Jan.2007 Melbourne power cut by bush fire
Australia's Victoria state and Melbourne suffer serious power cuts after bush fires affect key supply lines.
15.Jan.2007 DRUDGE RETORT - Bush's Iraq Plan Peddles Dubious Information
President Bush and his aides, explaining their reasons for sending more American troops to Iraq, are offering an incomplete, oversimplified and possibly untrue version of events there that raises new questions about the accuracy of the administration's statements about Iraq.
15.Jan.2007 Anti-Terrorism Program Mines IRS' Records
Federal intelligence + law enforcement agencies increasingly rely on the Internal Revenue Service + other government repositories of personal financial information as an important source for leads in terrorism investigations.

The masses of detailed data give investigators broad power to sift through the finances of people, charities + businesses suspected of illegal activities.
18.Jan.2007 Title: Orlev: Prime minister should suspend himself | Jerusalem Post - BG -
18.Jan.2007 Blair: Ending Saudi arms probe was right decision | Jerusalem Post - BG -
Prime Minister Tony Blair said Tuesday that Britain needed Saudi Arabia's help in fighting terrorism + that ending a bribery probe of Saudi arms deals with BAE Systems PLC was the right decision.<br/><br/>

16.Jan.2007 WP: Some Gitmo detainees fall into limbo - Highlights - - BG -
WP: Some Gitmo detainees fall into limbo Big questions emerge about low-profile inmates - By Carol D. Leonnig and Julie Tate The Washington Post Updated: 5:51 a.m. CT Jan 16, 2007

18.Jan.2007 "We went after small fries at every turn," said Neal Katyal, a Georgetown University law professor who helped argue the Supreme Court case last June that struck down the government's original plan for military trials. "Gitmo blew our credibility. And it's going to take a long time to get it back." © 2007 The Washington Post Company URL:
18.Jan.2007 Camp Chavayot - Like nothing else!
Discover Israel from a different perspective. For girls who want more out of Israel than just a tourist's tour. Hiking. Jeeping. Swimming. Rappelling. They're all part of Chavayot. But Israel is more than a giant playground. Israel is our land. Our history. A place where every blade of grass is cherished. Through Chavayot, your daughter will discover why.
Click Here
16.Jan.2007 Legalize It
How to solve Afghanistan's drug problem. - By Anne Applebaum
The British Empire once fought a
war for the right to sell opium in China.

In retrospect, history has judged that war destructive and wasteful, a shameless battle of colonizers against colonized that in the end helped neither side. To continue reading, click here.
18.Jan.2007 BBC accused of covering up De Menezes shooting - BG -BBC accused of covering up De Menezes shooting
18.Jan.2007 White House To Usurp States Powers During Disasters - BG -The power grab continues.... Source:
18.Jan.2007 Palestine Chronicle - How Israel Manipulated Western Intelligence Agencies - Curtiss - BG -
How Israel Manipulated Western Intelligence Agencies – Curtiss

18.Jan.2007 witness to explosions/basement collapse (911 mysteries pt2)
18.Jan.2007 Phone Calls From the Planes: Surprising New Evidence | - BG -Phone Calls From the Planes: Surprising New Evidence
18.Jan.2007 Unbelievable... almost as bad as Ward Churchill - BG -Author Blames 9/11 On 'Cultural Left' - Instead, America's enemies are right beneath our noses.

Dinesh D'Souza identifies them as our "cultural left."
Afghanistan after democracy: the untold story through photographic images - BG - Afghanistan
18.Jan.2007 Controlled Asset of the New World Order - BG -
His formula over the years has stayed consistent: blame "America" and "corporations" while failing to examine the hidden Globalist overclass which pulls the strings, using the U.S. as an engine of creation + destruction. Then after pinning all the worlds ills on American imperialism, Chomsky offers the solution of world government under the United Nations.

In his book "The Conspirator's Hierarchy," Dr. John Coleman named Chomsky as a deep cover CIA agent working to undermine social protest groups.

Certainly Dr. Coleman's claims appear validated by an honest review of Chomsky's role as a Left gatekeeper.... Source:
18.Jan.2007 My rebuttal to the SSCI review - BG -
Last Tuesday, I posted a rebuttal to the SSCI review of Able Danger which I obtained from sources in the House of Representatives.

Apparently, someone is still reading Able Danger Blog because two days later the full SSCI report showed up at

The Senate Intelligence Committee concluded its review of the ABLE DANGER program with a letter report (pdf) finding that,

contrary to claims advanced by former Rep. Curt Weldon and others, the program "never produced a chart with Mohammed Atta's photograph or name prior to the 9/11 attacks."

Well, here is my take on the SSCI "review" of Able Danger. To start with they admit on page two they had already concluded the Able Danger story was dubious before they even talked to all of the witnesses:

00.Sep.2005 Committee staff advised Commi... Source:
18.Jan.2007 Little Debbie Schlussel - Just Another Candy-Ass Republican - BG -
I do my best to stay out of blog-wars in which individual bloggers go at each other because I once got involved in one that truly did nothing but lower me to the level of the right-winger attacking me and, more importantly, because I truly believe that my readers are just not interested in that nonsense. I primarily cover the United States Senate and that keeps me busy enough without getting down in the gutter with every conservative blogger who decides on a given day to heave some slime at me or one of my Liberal/Progressive/Democratic colleagues. But I'm going to comment on this one because it is truly an example of how, after taking a couple of years to get up a good head of steam, our side of the blog world is truly bigger, stronger, faster and sm... Source:

18.Jan.2007 ABC News: Nuclear Blast on TV's '24' Causes Fallout for Fox - BG -
18.Jan.2007 Barrick Gold "buy"
Rating-Update: Frankfurt ( AG) -

Die Analysten von Deutsche Securities stufen die Aktie von Barrick Gold (ISIN CA0679011084/WKN 870450) weiterhin mit "buy" ein. Das Kursziel erhöhe man von 40,57 USD auf 45,26 USD. (17.01.2007/ac/a/u)
Halliburton "overweight"
Rating-Update: New York ( AG) -

Die Analysten von Lehman Brothers stufen die Aktie von Halliburton (ISIN US4062161017/WKN 853986) weiterhin mit "overweight" ein. Das Kursziel senke man von 47 USD auf 42 USD. (17.01.2007/ac/a/u)
Is 24 Propaganda? Is The Pope Catholic? - Paul Joseph Watson - Talking heads omit fact that U.S. government, Neo-Con ideologues met with cast members to run PR for war on terror
18.Jan.2007 Did The Government Force BBC To Drop Menezes, 7/7 Docu-Dramas? - Paul Joseph Watson -New revelations may have influenced decision to can recreations
18.Jan.2007 U.S. Smart Bombs Pave Way For Somali Dictatorship - Paul Joseph Watson -Peace and prosperity in East African nation become latest victim of "war on terror," but who cares when a new
18.Jan.2007 Gates: Iran Is Target Of Military Build Up - Paul Joseph Watson - Huge Military deployment in Gulf is ominous, neocon propaganda is mounting
Former CIA Man Latest To Connect LBJ To JFK Assassination - Paul Joseph Watson -Testimony in upcoming book echoes claims of Brown, McClellan in fingering Johnson as key conspirator
18.Jan.2007 Chris Matthews not interested in being the ‘big shit.’ - Faiz -

He was “against this bullshit war from the very beginning.” Tonight, Hardball host Chris Matthews argued, “If you want America to be a hegemonic power in the Middle East, you’re out of step with the American people. We’re not going to fight it out with Iran for the next 30 years to see who the big shit — I’m sorry — the big name is on the block.” Watch it:
18.Jan.2007 Santorum: Bush’s Iraq Approach Is ‘Lincolnesque’ - Judd -

Today on Fox News, former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) said President Bush’s approach to the war in Iraq, particularly his recent speech, was “Lincolnesque.”

Fox Host Martha MacCallum asked Santorum what he thought of the criticism that President Bush “is just going his own way, not listening to the people, not listening to Congress.” Santorum responded, “Good for him.” Santorum also added that Bush understands, but most people aren’t aware, that we are already at war with Iran. Watch it: Transcript:

SANTORUM: Well, I am very encouraged by not just the speech of the things he has done over the past few weeks to, I think, heighten the awareness of the gravity of the enemy we are fighting. Particularly the focus he has given to Iran and Syria, but mostly iran. I think we’ve seen in the last several days with the storming of the Iranian compound and the type of people that are captured there, the Intel people, folks who support terrorism within iran in Iraq right now, have been there, have been fighting Moqtada al-Sadr and his brigades, as well as the secret police force in Iran having a huge — having a huge presence in Iraq. It is an indication of the kind of war that we are engaged in right now, although most people do not recognize it, with Iran.

MACCALLUM: You say most people do not recognize it + the talk you hear a lot these days is that the president is just going his own way, not listening to the people, not listening to congress. What do you have to say about that?

SANTORUM: Good for him. What i would say is that the Commander-in-Chief in the United States, in Lincoln-esque type of form, has to understand the information that he is given, the the vast — that the vast majority of which the american public do not have + he has to act in the national security interest of this country.
Army chief gives escalation ‘50/50 chance’ of success. - Nico -

“Army Chief of Staff General Pete Schoomaker has told a key House panel that the president’s new plan for Iraq stands a ‘50/50 chance’ of success, per one Republican and one Democratic source. Schoomaker appeared at a closed-door meeting of the defense subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee to discuss military readiness.”
18.Jan.2007 Senior Bush Official Misled Congress About Oil Industry Payoff - Payson -

The Interior Department inspector general has issued a report that finds “pervasive problems in the government’s program for ensuring that companies pay the royalties they owe on billions of dollars of oil and gas pumped on federal land and in coastal waters.” The report reveals top Interior Dept. officials knew about the problem for years, but refused to do anything about it.

In September 2006 testimony before the House Government Reform committee, Minerals Management Service (MMS) director Johnnie Burton told lawmakers she only learned of the issue last year:

“We are not sure what happened. We did look at it,” said Burton, who chalked up the error to a breakdown in communications at her agency. “What I wanted to know is if that miscommunication was intentional or not.” Burton said she didn’t learn of the error until this year. “I don’t think the ranks realized it was an issue they needed to tell me about,” she said. [AP, 9/14/06]

The IG report reveals a different story:

[I]nvestigators have unearthed a series of e-mail messages by officials working under Ms. Burton in March 2004. […] Marshall Rose, chief economist for the Minerals Management Service, wrote the agency’s associate director at the time, Thomas Readinger, that the decision had to be made by the “directorate” — Ms. Burton and her top deputies.

Mr. Rose told Mr. Readinger that he believed the leases entitled companies to the incentive regardless of oil price levels + that he had told his own subordinates that “you and the director were aware of the need to make a decision on this matter.” Mr. Readinger, who retired last year, responded to Mr. Rose a few hours later by writing, “Sounds like we have an answer. Let’s go with it.” According to the report, Mr. Readinger told investigators “he was sure” that he had discussed the issue with Ms. Burton.

When confronted with the emails, Burton claimed she “could not remember being told about the mistake three years ago.”

Tomorrow, the House will take up a bipartisan bill to fix the problem — The Clean Energy Act of 2007. The bill is “aimed at recouping lost royalties and stripping oil and gas companies of other tax incentives,” and would “shift $13 billion into a fund to promote energy efficiency and development of alternative and renewable energy sources.” Learn more about at the bill from our Kick the Oil Habit campaign.
18.Jan.2007 BREAKING: Bush to place warrantless spying under FISA. - Nico -

The AP reports, “The Justice Department, easing a Bush administration policy, said Wednesday it has decided to give an independent body authority to monitor the government’s controversial domestic spying program.”

As a result of these orders, any electronic surveillance that was occurring as part of the Terrorist Surveillance Program will now be conducted subject to the approval of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court,” [Alberto] Gonzales wrote [in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee], a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press.

“Accordingly, under these circumstances, the President has determined not to reauthorize the Terrorist Surveillance Program when the current authorization expires,” the attorney general wrote.

UPDATE: TPM Muckraker has the full letter.
18.Jan.2007 Sen. Kit Bond: Bush’s Speech Convinced Me Escalation Is The ‘Best Available Option’ - Amanda -

At least one person in America was convinced by President Bush’s recent Iraq speech to support escalation. Prior to Bush’s address, Senate Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Kit Bond (R-MO) said that he was opposed to an escalation of the war: “I have seen nothing so far that would push me to think a surge is a good idea.”

But today on the Senate floor, Bond said that he now supports Bush’s policy, calling it the “best available option.” Watch it:

11.Jan.2007 -one day after Bush’s speech- Bond called escalation a “significant plan that is a much more promising way forward,” and said that the option of sending more troops to Iraq “should be on the table.”

Bond, evidently, was one of the only few convinced by Bush’s speech. ABC News noted that “rather than Bush bolstering public confidence, the national survey, conducted after his address to the nation on his new Iraq strategy, finds that a new high — 57 % — think the United States is losing the war. Just 29 % think it’s winning.” Just 36 % of the American public said they support his plan to send more troops to Iraq.

[ThinkProgress is keeping track of where every member of Congress stands on escalation. Check out our full tally HERE.]


BOND: There’s nothing really good in terms of choices. One option has been put forward by President Bush. I happen to believe it is the best available option to support the Iraqis who have committed to end the insurgency, to bring in the Sunnis into a government that would share in the oil revenues and take responsibility for ending the insurgency while our troops go after the external forces–the terrorists coming in from other countries joining the Al Qaeda movement.
Conservatives not buying Bush’s escalation plan. - Amanda -

“In what appears to be a Bush Administration effort to persuade skeptical Senate Republicans to support the president’s new Iraq strategy, several of them have been summoned to the White House for a meeting this morning with National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley. The invited Republicans included Sens. Sam Brownback, George Voinovich, John Sununu, Lisa Murkowski + Susan Collins.”
18.Jan.2007 D’Souza: F.D.R. ‘Indirectly Responsible’ For September 11 - Nico -

Prominent conservative intellectual Dinesh D’Souza has released a book titled “The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11.”

Last night on The Colbert Report, D’Souza repeated the right-wing attack that President Bill Clinton “did absolutely nothing” to fight global terrorists.

Stephen Colbert jokingly asked, “Doesn’t some of it lie at FDR’s doorstep? Doesn’t things like Social Security and Medicare and LBJ’s Great Society, doesn’t some of that send the wrong message to our enemies?”

D’Souza answered, “Indirectly, yes,” explaining that “FDR gave away Eastern Europe through Yalta + then the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, the Muslims had to fight back and that’s where bin Laden got his start.” Watch it:

D’Souza’s inflammatory book is being embraced by the conservative establishment. D’Souza currently has a feature interview in the National Review + the Heritage Foundation will host a book event for him tomorrow.

PoliticsTV has video of the rest of Colbert’s show last night.

UPDATE: Steve Benen notes that Colbert was also able to get D’Souza to acknowledge that he agrees with some of Osama bin Laden’s critiques of the “liberal” elements of American culture. Digg It! Full transcript:

COLBERT: This book is a revelation to me. Okay, It’s called “The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11.” Okay, I’ve been trying to figure this one out for a while. Walk me through it. How did the liberals plan 9/11? Go.

D’SOUZA: Well, first of all, the liberals convinced Jimmy Carter to withdraw American support for a valuable ally, the Shah of Iran. The United States pulled the Persian rug out from under the Shah + who did we get — Khomeini? In trying to get back at the bad guy, we got the worst guy.

COLBERT: But Reagan got back at those bastards by selling them those Hawk missiles in the 80s, right? He showed them a thing or two about American muscle by giving them some –

D’SOUZA: Well, he also sent some, he sent missiles to Khadafi, which put him out of the terrorism trade. Here’s the second point. In the 1990s, the radical Muslims launched a bunch of attacks — the Khobar Towers, the embassies, the USS Cole. President Clinton did absolutely nothing + bin Laden said, you know what, the United States is a bunch of cowards. That’s why, he says, he was emboldened to strike on 9/11.

COLBERT: But is all the responsibility Carter and Clinton’s? Doesn’t some of it lie at FDR’s doorstep? Doesn’t things like Social Security and Medicare and LBJ’s Great Society, doesn’t some of that send the wrong message to our enemies, that America cares about domestic issues and not just about foreign policy?

D’SOUZA: Indirectly, yes, here’s why.

COLBERT: I can’t wait. Can I guess? We never got to see him standing up, and, therefore, America doesn’t stand up for its principles?

D’SOUZA: No, FDR gave away Eastern Europe through Yalta + then the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, the Muslims had to fight back and that’s where bin Laden got his start.
White House counterterrorism official dumps Bush. - Faiz -

Todd Hinnen, a counterterrorism adviser on the National Security Council staff, is leaving to become chief counsel for Sen. Joseph Biden (D-DE) on the Senate Foreign Relations Judiciary Committee. A White House ally remarked: “Once again, people on the Bush White House staff turn on him while our soldiers and Marines fight to protect the rest of us.”
18.Jan.2007 Troops uncertain about success in Iraq. - Amanda -

AP: “[N]early four years into the fighting, some soldiers say it’s getting more difficult to swing their legs over the edge of the cot each morning. With America’s Iraq policy in flux, some troops say they’re asking themselves for the first time whether the U.S. can win the war — or what winning really means here.”
18.Jan.2007 Bush: Americans Sacrifice ‘Peace Of Mind When They See The Terrible Image’ Of War On TV - Faiz -

Last night on the PBS Newshour, Jim Lehrer asked President Bush why he hasn’t called on Americans — besides those serving in the volunteer military — to sacrifice something to help our country in this time of struggle. Bush claimed Americans are sacrificing:

“They sacrifice peace of mind when they see the terrible image of violence on TV every night.” Bush explained that “the psychology of the country…is somewhat down because of this war.” Watch it:

Like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Bush said that he would “strongly oppose” raising taxes on the wealthy to help offset the increasing costs of war in Iraq because he wants “people to feel like their life’s moving on.” The Wall Street Journal reports, “The growing financial strain of Iraq will be spelled out as never before in a series of defense and war-related spending requests by the White House next month, expected to total more than $700 billion through Sept. 30, 2008.”

Bush_Americans_Sacrifice_Peace_Of_Mind_When_They_Watch_The_War_On_TV">Digg It! Full transcript:

LEHRER: Let me ask you a bottom-line question, Mr. President. If it is as important as you’ve just said - and you’ve said it many times - as all of this is, particularly the struggle in Iraq, if it’s that important to all of us and to the future of our country, if not the world, why have you not, as president of the United States, asked more Americans and more American interests to sacrifice something? The people who are now sacrificing are, you know, the volunteer military - the Army and the U.S. Marines and their families. They’re the only people who are actually sacrificing anything at this point.

BUSH: Well, you know, I think a lot of people are in this fight. I mean, they sacrifice peace of mind when they see the terrible images of violence on TV every night. I mean, we’ve got a fantastic economy here in the United States, but yet, when you think about the psychology of the country, it is somewhat down because of this war.

Now, here in Washington when I say, “What do you mean by that?,” they say, “Well, why don’t you raise their taxes; that’ll cause there to be a sacrifice.” I strongly oppose that. If that’s the kind of sacrifice people are talking about, I’m not for it because raising taxes will hurt this growing economy. And one thing we want during this war on terror is for people to feel like their life’s moving on, that they’re able to make a living and send their kids to college and put more money on the table. And you know, I am interested and open-minded to the suggestion, but this is going to be -

LEHRER: Well -

BUSH: — this is like saying why don’t you make sacrifices in the Cold War? I mean, Iraq is only a part of a larger ideological struggle. But it’s a totally different kind of war, than ones we’re used to.
January 17, 2007 - Think Progress -

The Bush administration last night “declared its opposition to the House Democrats’ proposed cutting of student loan interest rates .” The House bill, to be voted on today, cuts interest rates on some college student loans in half and “would help an estimated 5.5 million students who get need-based federal loans.”

Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) “will join two leading Democrats in introducing a resolution opposing President Bush’s buildup of troops in Iraq, putting a bipartisan stamp on the looming Congressional showdown over the war .”

Yesterday, nearly three weeks after the fact, President Bush said the execution of Saddam Hussein “looked like it was kind of a revenge killing.” On Iraq, Bush said, “I don’t quite view it as the broken egg; I view it as the cracked egg … that — where we still have a chance to move beyond the broken egg.”

“After progress in the early 1990s, the march of global freedom that President Bush advocates has stalled — from countries of the former Soviet Union to parts of Africa and East Asia,” the Freedom House organization declares in a new report, dubbing the trend “freedom stagnation.”

Charles Stimson, the top Pentagon official overseeing U.S. detainees, wrote a letter to the Washington Post apologizing for saying last week that corporate clients should consider ending their business ties with legal firms whose lawyers defend prisoners at Guantanamo Bay . “[T]hose comments do not reflect my core beliefs,” Stimson writes.

One day after the nation observed Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Virginia lawmaker Frank D. Hargrove (R) said that slavery ended nearly 140 years ago with the Civil War and that “ our black citizens should get over it .” He added, “Are we going to force the Jews to apologize for killing Christ?”

$1.2 trillion : With the money going to the Iraq war, the United States could set up a universal health care system, provide universal preschool, carry out the recommendations of the 9/11 commission, double cancer research funding, increase funding to Gulf Coast reconstruction + enact a “global immunization campaign to save millions of children’s lives.”

The United States has allowed just “ 466 Iraqis to immigrate under refugee status since 2003 — including 202 out of 70,000 slots for refugees last year — in part because of more stringent security screenings,” congressional testimony yesterday revealed. Iraq is “quickly becoming the largest” refugee crisis in the world, with roughly “1.7 million Iraqis displaced from their homes.”

“The botched hanging of Saddam Hussein and two lieutenants in Iraq by its Shiite-led government has helped to accelerate Sunni-Shiite sectarianism across an already fragile Middle East.” “The reality of the current situation is that we are approaching an open Sunni-Shiite conflict in the region,” warned Emad Gad, an international relations specialist based in Egypt.

And finally: Playing it safe, perhaps too safe, at this year’s White House Correspondents Association dinner. In contrast to last year’s performance by Stephen Colbert, a video of which became “one of the year’s most downloaded,” the WHCA has chosen a “less-combative host,” Rich Little. Little, 68, last performed at the event 00.000.1985. “You will never please everyone no matter what you do,” the group’s president said. “My dad loved (Little) + I know he will appeal to an older generation.”
18.Jan.2007 Scooter Libby trial: Day 1. - Nico - Firedoglake, The Next Hurrah, Tapped + David Corn have detailed coverage.
18.Jan.2007 Neoconservatives Take Aim At Pentagon, Kristol Calls Gates Testimony ‘Pretty Pathetic’ - Nico -

Escalation supporters already appear to be creating a scapegoat in case President Bush’s new Iraq policy fails. Prominent neoconservatives have set their aims on top U.S. military commanders and their allies in the Pentagon (apparently including Defense Secretary Robert Gates), who they claim are sabotaging President Bush’s escalation plan by “slow-walking” the deployment of U.S. forces to Iraq.

On Sunday, Weekly Standard editor William Kristol called Gates’ congressional testimony last week “pretty pathetic.” Gates told Congress that we “may be able to begin drawing down some of our troops later this year.” According to Kristol, “That’s the absolute wrong message to send. The message we should send over there is we’re coming in, we’re coming in big, we’re staying, we’re winning this war.” Kristol suggested that Gates was “letting the Joint Chiefs slow-walk the brigades in.” Watch it:

On Sunday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) agreed that the Pentagon is “dragging its feet” in implementing Bush’s strategy, saying, “I think there’s bureaucratic resistance in the Pentagon to this proposal.” Retired Army Gen. John Keane, the “military architect” of the escalation plan, is also upset:

Gen. Keane expressed his alarm after Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates testified on Capitol Hill that the troop buildup was expected to last “a matter of months” — rather than the 18 months proposed by Gen. Keane.

Mr. Gates also said the full deployment of 21,500 additional troops, announced by Mr. Bush last week, might not be implemented. He suggested that only two or three of the five brigades proposed for Baghdad could be deployed initially, while the rest are held in reserve.

Full transcript:

KRISTOL: The president’s language in his speech on Wednesday could not have been stronger. He said that this is a struggle that will determine the direction of the war on terror and our safety at home.

If it is that much of an issue of national security, Brit pointed out, you know, the key is what’s going to happen with the Iraqi government, what’s going to happen with the Iraqi army, which are certainly grave concerns. Why don’t we say we are going to win this war?

KRISTOL: We should. We should. And the president does. But the administration then sort of reverses the previous rhetoric. Bob Gates’ testimony on Friday I thought was pretty pathetic, frankly — you know, well, we hope to begin drawing down troops later this year. That’s the absolute wrong message to send.

The message we should send over there is we’re coming in, we’re coming in big, we’re staying, we’re winning this war. Letting the Joint Chiefs slow-walk the brigades in I think is a big mistake.

So I think the president need to insist that his administration pivot and fight this as a war to win.
McCain ‘disappointed’ he doesn’t have Dobson’s support. - Nico -

“Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said Tuesday he hopes to patch things up with conservative Christian leader James Dobson,” who recently said he would not support McCain “under any circumstances.” McCain told reporters today, “I’m obviously disappointed and I’d like to continue and have a dialogue with Dr. Dobson and other members of the community.”
18.Jan.2007 Gonzales Blames Legal Challenges For Five Year Delay In Bringing Gitmo Detainees To Trial - Payson -

The track record of the Guantanamo detention program “can be summed up quite simply: five years, zero convictions.” More than 770 captives have been held there and just 10 have been charged with crimes.

But in an interview today with the Associated Press, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales “blamed delays in trying terror detainees at Guantanamo Bay on legal challenges filed by their lawyers“:

“It’s not for lack of trying,” Gonzales said, when asked about the legal fate of detainees who have been held at the military facility, in some cases for five years. “We are challenged every step of the way.”

“We are trying as hard as we can to bring these individuals to justice,” he said.

The administration has been challenged because they have been operating under a shadow system of justice. During past hearings, the government “called no witnesses, withheld evidence from detainees and usually reached a decision within a day as it determined that hundreds of men…were ‘enemy combatants.’” The Supreme Court rejected these tribunals because they “were neither authorized by federal law nor required by military necessity + ran afoul of the Geneva Conventions.”

If President Bush had simply followed the law, these trials could have happened years ago.
‘Cultural left responsible for 9/11.’ - Nico -

Prominent conservative intellectual Dinesh D’Souza is releasing a book today titled, “The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11.” D’Souza is a fellow at the Hoover Institute + formerly served at the American Enterprise Institute. Despite the book’s inflammatory thesis, D’Souza suggests that the book “avoids much of the strident rhetoric seen in other ‘liberal-bashing’ books.”
18.Jan.2007 ABC’s The Note: Bush Gave His ‘Best TV Performance In Years’ On 60 Minutes - Faiz -

President Bush appeared on CBS’s 60 Minutes on Sunday night. A host of media and conservative blogs were not terribly impressed with his performance:

New York Times blog:

“Not much is new in the interview.”

Houston Chronicle blog:

“It’s not surprising to see Bush digging in his heels, avoiding difficult realities, or simply inventing a new narrative that suits him better.”

Conservative Real Clear Politics blog:

“As far as compelling television goes, Bush’s interview with Scott Pelley on 60 Minutes pales in comparison to Leslie Stahl’s sit down with the families of the Duke lacrosse players…”

Rush Limbaugh:

“I don’t care how you thought he did, I don’t know how many people watched it after CBS put these leaks out that Bush admitted this and said he was sorry and made Iraq worse and all this sort of stuff. The war at home here is a political war. Why then go to 60 Minutes?”

But ABC’s The Note — headed by an individual who has declared that traditional media have a liberal bias — came to a different conclusion:

“ On Iraq, the President had his best TV performance in years, minueting with Scott Pelley on “60 Minutes,” but that was largely offset by the grim news coverage out of Iraq (and the Gang of 500 mindset, which demands a fight over funding).”
Straight talk: - Nico -

“If you get involved in a major ground war in the Saudi desert, I think support will erode significantly. Nor should it be supported. We cannot even contemplate, in my view, trading American blood for Iraqi blood.” — Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), New York Times, 19.Aug.1990 .
18.Jan.2007 Rice’s Short-Lived Commitment To Middle East Democracy - Amanda -

Bush administration officials frequently claim they are committed to democracy and freedom in the Middle East, not mere “stability.” As Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice put it on 6/20/05:

For 60 years, my country, the United States, pursued stability at the expense of democracy in this region here in the Middle East– and we achieved neither. Now, we are taking a different course . We are supporting the democratic aspirations of all people.

President Bush reaffirmed this commitment more recently on the fifth anniversary of September 11. “Years of pursuing stability to promote peace had left us with neither. So we changed our policies + committed America’s influence in the world to advancing freedom and democracy as the great alternatives to repression and radicalism.”

In reality, the Bush administration continues to overlook serious abuses of fundamental democratic rights. As the New York Times reports, Rice did not address Egypt’s poor human rights record while she was in the region meeting with government officials:

In the days before Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met with officials in Egypt, the news media here were filled with stories detailing charges of corruption, cronyism, torture and political repression. …

Ms. Rice, who once lectured Egyptians on the need to respect the rule of law, did not address those domestic concerns. Instead, with Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit by her side, she talked about her appreciation for Egypt’s support in the region.

It was clear that the United States — facing chaos in Iraq, rising Iranian influence and the destabilizing Israeli-Palestinian conflict — had decided that stability, not democracy, was its priority, Egyptian political commentators, political aides and human rights advocates said.

According to the State Department’s latest report on human rights, 00.000.2005, the Egyptian “government’s respect for human rights remained poor + serious abuses continued in many areas.”
18.Jan.2007 “He has 24 months left in his presidency. - Nico -

I don’t think I’m being mean-spirited by saying [that in] the first six years of his presidency, there’s been nothing accomplished except the biggest foreign policy fiasco in the history of our country.” — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), quoted by Time magazine.
18.Jan.2007 Top Commander Downplays Impact Of Escalation, No Significant Effect ‘Until Summer Or Fall’ - Judd -

President Bush’s plan for escalating the war in Iraq has begun and, barring an intervention from Congress, over 20,000 more U.S. troops will soon be in the crossfire of a brutal civil war.

The top generals on the ground are trying to keep expectations low. Yesterday, Gen. George Casey, the outgoing top U.S. military commander in Iraq, warned that it is “going to take time” and no one should evaluate the impact of the plan until “summer or Fall.” Watch it: Transcript:

ANNOUNCER: Meanwhile, the U.S. troop surge ordered by President Bush is underway and for the if the first time, we’re hearing about a timeline.

CASEY: I think you will see a gradual evolution over the next two to three months and things get better through the summer and fall. It’s going to take time.
Congress warns Bush over Iran. - Nico -

“With President Bush adopting a more combative tone toward Iran and Syria, senior Democrats are considering legislation that would require the president to seek congressional sanction for military action against those countries,” CQ reports. “You will see a resolution saying they can’t go into Iran without congressional authorization,” said Rep. John Murtha (D-PA), chairman of the House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee.
16.Jan.2007 January 16, 2007 - Think Progress -

“There is almost no scientific evidence to back up the U.S. intelligence community’s use of controversial interrogation techniques in the fight against terrorism + experts believe some painful and coercive approaches could hinder the ability to get good information, according to a new report from an intelligence advisory group.”

“The U.S. military has sold forbidden equipment at least a half-dozen times to middlemen for countries — including Iran and China — who exploited security flaws in the Defense Department’s surplus auctions,” the AP reports.

A “much-anticipated” inspector general report to Congress will allege that Interior Department officials “covered up” a problem with oil and gas leases that cost the treasury up to $10 billion. The report “also has been investigating whether Johnnie Burton, head of the agency that collects royalties, might have been told about the problem earlier than she said in congressional testimony last fall.”

“Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, said in an interview that Taliban attacks surged by 200 % in December + a U.S. military intelligence officer said that since the peace deal went into effect Sept. 5 the number of attacks in the border area has grown by 300 %.”

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice “ conveniently ignored Egypt’s internal problems during her visit, which include charges of corruption and torture, to name a few. Rice basically thanked Egypt for its cooperation in the region making it clear that, for the United States, ‘stability, not democracy‘ is the priority.”

NASA’s earth science budget has declined 30 % since 2000 + the cuts have hindered the “government’s ability to understand and predict hurricanes, drought and climate changes of all kinds.”

34,452: Number of Iraqi civilians killed 00.000.2006, according to the United Nations. More than 36,000 Iraqi civilians were wounded last year.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and ten other senators today plan to introduce the Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act . The bill “would reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 and by 2050 require an 80 % reduction in greenhouse gases over the 1990 level.”

Rebellion is brewing among conservatives over President’s Bush’s attempt to “impose” Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL) as “general chairman” of his political party due to Martinez’s support for “amnesty” for illegal aliens.

Under an ethics reform proposal the House is likely to take up and pass this week, “ lawmakers who commit crimes in office may no longer be able to rely on a federal pension to pad their fall from grace.”

Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and others argue the Bush administration is “using a little-noticed clause in the Patriot Act to circumvent Senate confirmation ” of federal U.S. attorneys. Senators are working to overturn the provision, which “for the first time gave the attorney general, rather than local federal courts, authority to appoint interim U.S. attorneys.”

And finally: The Decider still really likes making decisions. In his interview with 60 minutes, President Bush said “decision” twenty-four times in nine minutes. The chart here “shows how often he said the word during each of the interview’s nine minutes, including two times when he practically shouted it.”
18.Jan.2007 Bush’s rallying cry backfires. - Judd -

“President Bush’s address to the nation last week outlining a ‘new way forward’ in Iraq failed to move public opinion in support of his plan to increase U.S. troop levels and left Americans more pessimistic about the likely outcome of the war.”
18.Jan.2007 BND: Im Flugschatten des großen Bruders CIA - sfux World Content News -

Dem Magazin "Stern" ist in tatkräftiger Zusammenarbeit mit dem investigativen Journalisten Stephen Grey wieder einmal ein besonderer Coup gelungen: Nach dem Cover-Up der
Rücktritt des israelischen Generalstabschef Dan Haluz - sfux SDA -

Der israelische Generalstabschef Dan Haluz hat seinen Rücktritt eingereicht. Er habe Verteidigungsminister Amir Perez sein Rücktrittsschreiben übermittelt, berichtete das öffentlich-rechtliche Radio. Haluz ziehe damit die Konsequenzen aus dem Libanon-Krieg im vergangenen Sommer.
Ministerpräsident Ehud Olmert habe den Armeechef vergeblich zu überzeugen versucht, seinen Rücktritt aufzuschieben, bis die Kommission zur Untersuchung der Mängel des Kriegs...

Army establishes Psyops Branch - sfux Federation of American Scientists -

16.Oct.2006 -"Effective- Psychological Operations was established as a basic branch of the Army, pursuant to the authority of Section 3063(a)(13), Title 10, United States Code." That is the substance of General Order...
Gerangel um die Straße von Hormuz - sfux Michael Schulze von Glaßer ?

Teure Straßen sind nicht etwa der Broadway in New York oder die Avenue des Champs-Élesées in Paris. Profitabel und nahezu unbezahlbar sind Wasserstraßen. Einmal durch den Panama-Kanal vom Pazifik zum Atlantik zu schippern kostet durchschnittlich 48.000 US-Dollar. Für große Schiffe kann es bis zu 150.000 US-Dollar kosten. So hatte die Betreibergesellschaft des Panama-Kanals...
Scooter Libby's Time-Machine Trial - sfux Robert Parry -

The Big Media has judged the trial of former White House aide Lewis "Scooter" Libby as an irrelevance, a case study in the old cliche that "it's not the crime but the cover-up."However,...
Grenzzwischenfall mit Pakistan - sfux Srinagar -

Indische Grenzsoldaten sind am Dienstag nach eigenen Angaben unter den Beschuss pakistanischer Truppen geraten. Zwei Soldaten seien getroffen und verletzt worden, teilte ein Sprecher der Grenztruppe mit. Der Zwischenfall habe sich im südlichen Teil von Kaschmir ereignet.
Der indische Militärsprecher Prem Singh warf den pakistanischen Truppen weiter vor, der Angriff habe dem Feuerschutz islamistischer Untergrundkämpfer gedient, die versucht hätten,...

What is Incirlik preparing for? - sfux Sabah -

The USA, focusing on its new Iraqi strategy to cut off the Iranian contacts in the country, sent war and early warning planes to the base in Adana. The first planes after three years are claimed to come for field exercise in partnership with Turkey.
Wieder Erdbeben in Basel wegen Geothermieprojekt - sfux SDA -

Die Stadt Basel ist am Dienstagmorgen um 1.09 Uhr erneut von einem Erdbeben erschüttert worden. Nach Angaben des Schweizerischen Erdbebendienstes (SED) hatte das Beben eine Stärke von 3,2 auf der Richterskala.
Auch diesmal lag das Epizentrum neben dem Bohrloch des Erdwärme- Projektes im Basler Stadtteil Kleinhüningen. Anfang Dezember war dort Wasser durch eine fünf Kilometer tiefe Bohrung in das Gestein gepumpt worden, um die Durchlässigkeit des Gesteins zu erhöhen.

Komet McNaughs Reise durchs Licht - sfux Harald Haack ?

Der erst vor wenigen Monaten von dem Australier McNaugh entdeckte und nach ihm benannte Komet zeigt wieder einmal drastisch, welcher Gefahr die Erde ausgesetzt ist und wie unwichtig alle Kriege gegenüber den Katastrophen wirken, die entstehen könnten, wenn solch ein himmlischer Brocken herunter kracht. Während kleinere Gestein- oder Eisklumpen als Sternschnuppe in der Atmosphere...
ob cut survivors 'depressed' Workers who keep their jobs after cuts are almost as likely to suffer stress as those who lose jobs, research says.
18.Jan.2007 Child nutrition campaign 'fails' India's programme to improve child health and nutrition has made little headway, PM Manmohan Singh says.
18.Jan.2007 Japan confirms bird flu outbreak Japan confirms a recent outbreak of bird flu at a poultry farm was the deadly H5N1 strain of the virus.
18.Jan.2007 Senators oppose Iraq troop boost Three top US senators agree on a resolution to oppose President Bush's plan to increase Iraq troop numbers.
18.Jan.2007 Tensions mount in Bolivian region Bolivia's central government refuses to accept a parallel government set up by protesters in Cochabamba.
18.Jan.2007 US 'to end warrantless wiretaps' President Bush decides not to renew a scheme allowing domestic spying on terror suspects without a warrant.
18.Jan.2007 Gazprom export sales soar 43% Russia's controversial state-owned gas monopoly Gazprom sees its annual export revenues soar 43%.
18.Jan.2007 US still gripped by extreme cold Severe weather continues across a huge swathe of the US, leaving at least 50 dead and thousands without power.
18.Jan.2007 Backyard poultry ban in Jakarta The Indonesian authorities are to ban all poultry from the capital Jakarta in a bid to control bird flu.
18.Jan.2007 Constitution 'key for EU success' German Chancellor Angela Merkel warns Europe it faces an "historic failure" if it fails to revive the EU constitution.
18.Jan.2007 Hindus opposing EU swastika ban Hindus in Europe oppose a German move to ban the display of the swastika across the EU, a Hindu leader says.
18.Jan.2007 Israeli PM faces calls to resign Israeli opposition figures call on the PM to quit after the country's military chief resigns over the Lebanon conflict.
18.Jan.2007 Top Iraqi Shia condemns US One of Iraq's most powerful Shia politicians accuses the US of undermining Iraqi sovereignty.
18.Jan.2007 Mullah Omar 'hiding in Pakistan' A captured Taleban official says the group' s leader Mullah Omar lives in Pakistan protected by its spy agency.
18.Jan.2007 Climate resets 'Doomsday Clock' Climate change is as great a threat to humankind as nuclear annihilation, global security experts conclude.
18.Jan.2007 Open source gets European boost A European Commission report says that organisations who switch to open source software could make considerable savings.
18.Jan.2007 Israel's military chief resigns Israel's chief of staff, Gen Dan Halutz, resigns over the handling of last year's conflict in southern Lebanon.
18.Jan.2007 Big freeze sours US orange crops Prices of oranges and other citrus fruits have been pushed sharply higher, following a severe freeze in California.
18.Jan.2007 Nigerian media man 'funds terror' A Nigerian newspaper owner is charged with receiving funding from al-Qaeda to sponsor terror.
18.Jan.2007 Official 'sorry' for lawyers jibe A Pentagon official apologises for criticising US law firms for representing Guantanamo detainees.
18.Jan.2007 Russian murder suspect charged Russian prosecutors charge the head of a private bank with ordering the murder of central banker Andrei Kozlov.
18.Jan.2007 Nepal Maoists lock their weapons Nepal's Maoists begin locking up their weapons in a key part of the country's peace process.
18.Jan.2007 Dwarf planet 'becoming a comet' An unusual dwarf planet discovered in the outer Solar System could be en route to becoming the brightest comet ever known.
18.Jan.2007 Bush defends boost to Iraq troops President Bush defends his decision to send more US troops to Iraq, after 70 people die in twin blasts in Baghdad.
Castro health fears 'played down' A report that the condition of Cuban leader Fidel Castro has worsened after failed operations is strongly denied.
18.Jan.2007 Australian fires threaten homes Bush fires destroy eight homes in the Australian state of Victoria, a day after they cut a key power line.
18.Jan.2007 High ski runs fuel habitat fears As winter snow becomes less reliable, ecologists say high-altitude ski slopes will threaten fragile habitat.
18.Jan.2007 Syrians and Israelis 'held talks' A former Israeli diplomat says secret talks were held with rival Syria between 2004 and 2006.
18.Jan.2007 Rice seeks Saudi backing on Iraq Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrives in Saudi Arabia to rally support for US plans for Iraq.
Protection for 'weirdest' species A project is launched to protect some of the world's most unique creatures, previously ignored by conservationists.
18.Jan.2007 Report set to criticise BP safety BP's safety record at its US oil refineries is expected to come under fire in an independent report.
18.Jan.2007 Trial examines Swissair collapse Former directors of Swissair, which collapsed 00.000.2001, go on trial in Zurich on Tuesday accused of false accounting.
18.Jan.2007 Protection urged for UK sea life Conservationists are urging the government to protect a set of "biodiversity hotspots" around Britain's coast.
18.Jan.2007 Ofcom probes Big Brother 'racism' The UK's TV watchdog looks into complaints of alleged racism against Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty.
18.Jan.2007 Computer Privacy in Distress Court decisions strip computers + databases of important protections against warrantless searches + seizures. But it's not too late to fix things. Commentary by Jennifer Granick.

18.Jan.2007 Why We Love Oil A handy graphic levels the energy playing field and puts our petroleum infatuation in perspective. In Wired Science.
18.Jan.2007 Pentagon and CIA Spy on Americans Terror fighters' use of "national security letters" to dig into bank records raises a red flag. In 27B Stroke 6.
18.Jan.2007 Find toxic wastelands via Google Earth EPA takes first step in effort to make data about polluted sites more accessible to online mapping applications and the public at large.
18.Jan.2007 Attorney general: NSA spy program to be reformed Alberto Gonzales said the controversial domestic surveillance program will now be overseen by a secret court in Washington.
18.Jan.2007 U.S.: No Net governance changes expected Bush administration applauds United Nations official who says U.N. won't try to seize more control of the way the Net is run.
18.Jan.2007 Google, British military discuss Google Earth use in attacks Blog: Google is talking with military agencies in Iraq after learning that terrorists attacking British bases in Basra appear to have...
18.Jan.2007 Feds plan global Net freedom event Blog: Fury over the now-notorious Internet censorship practices of countries like China--and the willingness of American firms, at times,...
18.Jan.2007 President signs pretexting bill into law Federal law makes it illegal to buy, sell or obtain personal phone records through fraudulent means; violations could yield prison time.
18.Jan.2007 Backyard meteorologists on the rise Blog: In what seems like a no-brainer, technology still can't outdo people when it comes to gauging the weather. According to a report...
18.Jan.2007 Scientists urge upgrade of U.S. satellite system Blog: If global warming wasn't bad enough, scientists have more unsettling news.According to a study released Monday by the National...
18.Jan.2007 Domestic Spying Program to Get Judicial Oversight - samzenpus 97 - Alchemist253 writes

"The U.S. Justice Department has consented to court oversight (albeit via a secret court) of the controversial domestic wiretapping program (the "Terrorist Surveillance Program") previously discussed at length on Slashdot. From the article, "[oversight] authority has been given to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and [it] already has approved one request for monitoring the communications of a person believed to be linked to al Qaeda or an associated terror group.""
Political Bloggers May Be Forced to Register - ScuttleMonkey 376 - Thebes writes

"Under Senate Bill S.1, political bloggers with a readership of over 500 who comment on policy matters or hope to incite 'grassroots' action amongst their readers would be forced to register with the Federal Government as lobbyists."
Cancer Drug May Not Get A Chance Due to Lack of Patent - ScuttleMonkey 317 - theshowmecanuck - in a recent study, researchers at the University of Alberta Department of Medicine have shown that an existing small, relatively non-toxic molecule, dichloroacetate (DCA), causes regression in several different cancers. From the article: "But there's a catch: the drug isn't patented + pharmaceutical companies may not be interested in funding further research if the treatment won't make them a profit. In findings that 'astounded' the researchers, the molecule known as DCA was shown to shrink lung, breast and brain tumors in both animal and human tissue experiments."
Who won? - samzenpus 431 - doom writes

"I think they call them "exit polls" because people bolt for the exits when you mention them, but I'm still fascinated by the subject myself + this book is one of the reasons why. In Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen?, the central focus is, of course, on the infamous exit-poll discrepancies of the 2004 US Presidential election; but the authors also put it into context: they discuss the 2000 election, the irregularities in Ohio 00.000.2004, the electronic voting machines issues + the media's strange reluctance to report on any of these problems. Further, in the chapter "How did America really vote?", they compare the indications of the raw exit-poll data to other available polling data. Throughout, Freeman and Bleifuss do an excellent job of presenting arguments based on statistical analysis in a clear, concise way." Read the rest of doom's review
Navy Gets 8-Megajoule Rail Gun Working - ScuttleMonkey 515 - prototypo writes

"The Free Lance-Star newspaper is reporting that the Navy Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Virginia has successfully demonstrated an 8-megajoule electromagnetic rail gun. A 32-megajoule version is due to be tested in June. A 64-megajoule version is anticipated to extend the range of naval gunfire (currently about 15 nautical miles for a 5-inch naval gun) to more than 200 nautical miles by 2020. The projectiles are small, but go so fast that have enough kinetic punch to replace a Tomahawk missile at a fraction of the cost. In the final version, they will apex at 95 miles altitude, well into space. These systems were initially part of Reagan's SDI program ("Star Wars"). An interesting tidbit in the article is that the rail gun is only expected to fire ten times or less per day, presumably because of the amount of electricity needed. I guess we now need a warp core to power them."
NASA Slashing Observations of Earth - kdawson 204+ - mattnyc99 National Research Council warning that, by

00.000.2010 the number of NASA's Earth-observing missions will drop dramatically + the number of operating sensors and instruments on NASA spacecraft will decrease by 40 %. The report says, "The United States' extraordinary foundation of global observations is at great risk." Popular Mechanics asks an MIT professor what it all means. From these accounts it is clear that the Bush administration's priorities on a Mars mission and a moon base are partly to blame for the de-emphasizing of earth science. Neither article quite says that some responsibility must fall to the administration's footdragging on global warming.
Is It Illegal To Disclose a Web Vulnerability? - kdawson 177+ - Scott writes

"I'm submitting my own story on an important topic: Is it illegal to discover a vulnerability on a Web site? No one knows yet, but Eric McCarty's pleading guilty to hacking USC's web site was 'terrible and detrimental,' according to tech lawyer Jennifer Granick. She believes the law needs at least to be clarified + preferably changed to protect those who find flaws in production Web sites — as opposed to those who 'exploit' such flaws. Of course, the owners of sites often don't see the distinction between the two. Regardless of whether or not it's illegal to disclose Web vulnerabilities, it's certainly problematic + perhaps a fool's errand. After all, have you seen how easy it is to find XSS flaws in Web sites? In fact, the Web is challenging the very definition of 'vulnerability,' and some researchers are scared. As one researcher in the story says: 'I'm intimidated by the possible consequences to my career, bank account + sanity. I agree with [noted security researcher] H.D. Moore, as far as production websites are concerned: "There is no way to report a vulnerability safely."'"
The Return of the Fairness Doctrine? - kdawson 630+ - Slithe writes

"Last week at the National Conference for Media Reform, Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich (a long-shot candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination) stated that the Fairness Doctrine may be reinstated. Kucinich will be heading up a new House subcommittee that will focus on issues around the FCC. The Fairness Doctrine was an FCC regulation that required broadcast media to present controversial issues in an honest, equal + balanced manner.

00.000.1987 -The FCC repealed it Democrats at the time tried to forestall this move but were ultimately thwarted by a veto by President Ronald Reagan.

Critics of the Fairness Doctrine have stated that it was only used to intimidate and silence political opposition.

At the convention, Kucinich said, 'We know the media has become the servant of a very narrow corporate agenda.

We are now in a position to move a progressive agenda to where it is visible.'" In the interest of fairness, here is a Republican, free-market perspective on the return of the Fairness Doctrine.
Feds Check Credit Reports Without a Subpoena - kdawson 269+ - ... by using National Security Letters, the FBI and other agencies can legally pull your credit report. The letters have been used by the FBI (mostly) but in some cases by the CIA and Defense Department. From the article: "'These statutory tools may provide key leads for counterintelligence and counterterrorism investigations,' Whitman said. 'Because these are requests for information rather than court orders, a DOD request under the NSL statutes cannot be compelled absent court involvement.'" Recipients of the letters, banks and credit bureaus, usually hand over the requested information voluntarily. A posting at quotes the Vice President on the use of the letters: "It's perfectly legitimate activity. There's nothing wrong or illegal with it. It doesn't violate people's civil rights... The Defense Department gets involved because we've got hundreds of bases inside the United States that are potential terrorist targets."
Fighting Porn Vs. Ruining Innocent Lives - kdawson 180+ -

After news of the conviction of a substitute teacher for endangering minors — because porn popups, possibly initiated by adware, had appeared on her computer during class — comes the even sadder story of 16-year-old Matt Bandy. His family's life was turned upside-down when he was charged in Arizona with possession of child pornography, even though the family computer was riddled with spyware and Trojans. After the intervention of ABC's 20/20, Matt finally was allowed to plead to a lesser charge (namely, sharing a Playboy magazine with friends) and just barely escaped being labeled a sex offender for the rest of his life.
Lessig On Net Neutrality - kdawson 58+ - nanojath writes

"Lessig delivers the final word on net neutrality. Read it 5 times to absorb the densest, most content-rich pronouncement that Wired will deliver 00.000.2007." From the article: "Those who oppose network-neutrality regulation should also oppose... regulation of [municipal broadband,] last-mile broadband's most important competitor. Municipal competition won't kill commercial broadband any more than Linux has killed Windows. Yet it could change the business model of last-mile broadband, just as Linux has changed the business model of Microsoft. If there's going to be a Linux-like miracle to counteract innovation-threatening broadband business models, then, at a minimum, miracles must not be a crime."
Mandatory DRM for Podcasts Proposed - ScuttleMonkey 305+ - Knytefall writes

"Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein + two GOP senators are sponsoring a bill called the PERFORM Act that would require podcasts with music and satellite radio to be locked-up with music industry-approved DRM software. From the article: 'All audio services — Webcasters included — would be obligated to implement "reasonably available and economically reasonable" copy-protection technology aimed at preventing "music theft" and restricting automatic recording.'"
30.Mar.1991 -The Attempted Coup D'Etat of- Chapter -XVII- - Version HTML
circles of Shackley and Clines. Weinberger had extravagant praise in his ... P-2 lodge by that lodge's venerable grand master, the notorious Licio Gelli.
Il terrore creato dai Bush - All'ombra della Cia

Durante gli anni trascorsi in Viet Nam, Shackley prese parte ...

Per esecutare il programma, Shackley creò ad hoc il cosiddetto ‘Gruppo per le Operazioni.
Democratic Underground Forums - Printer friendly page, topic ID ...

Then note that Michael Ledeen was working with Ted Shackley in Italy around ... P-2, which was founded by avowed wartime fascist grandmaster Licio Gelli, ...
Google Groups: alt.conspiracy.jfk their trademark. Then you can add in that both Shackley + Harvey spent time in Rome.

In fact it was Shackley who introduced Al Haig to Licio Gelli . ...
/reagan_tarpleu.htm">Alex Jones Presents to Fight the New World Order ...

Shackley, as we have seen, was a part of the Bush for President campaign of 1980. ...

Licio Gelli, who was then in Brazil, sent a message to Philip Guarino, ...

Wayne Madsen Report - News Archives - Dec. 14 - Dec. 31, 2006 ... a link to Licio Gelli's P-2 neo-Fascist Masonic Lodge in Italy and Gelli's ...

Iran was the former CIA Bay of Pigs station chief in Miami Ted Shackley, ...
Mafia, Geheimdienste und Politik der USA Obwohl sich Licio Gelli + Lopez de Letona, ein einflussreicher Exponent des ... CIA-Agenten Thomas Clines, Theodore Shackley + Richard Secord arbeitete.
The Randi Rhodes Show > Michael Ledeen "Shacklee" was Theodore Shackley, the legendary CIA covert ops specialist ... During the Cold War, Shackley had run many of the CIA's most controversial ...
Whose terrorists?
masonic society, P-2, under Licio Gelli . This included over a thousand politic- ...

Among this group were Richard Secord, Theodore Shackley, Thomas Clines, ...

00.000.1987-#27 (59); Marshall,J.. ... The Iran-Contra Connection. 1987 (72). SHACKLEY THEODORE GEORGE ...
Bush contro Cuba. di Aldo Mombello Shackley, in particolare, fu l’uomo che presentó a fine anni ‘60 (grazie a Frank Terpil) Licio Gelli ad Alexander Haig, viceconsigliere di Nixon per la ...
Strategy of Tension: The Case of Italy Licio Gelli, who was picked for the new strategy, had joined Freemasonry already ... Ledeen, together with Theodore Shackley, was pulling the strings of the ...
Lobster: The Journal of Parapolitics ... Sindona + Calvi) The final part of the plan was for Gelli to foment ... Its sabotage operations were run by station chief Theodore 'Ted ' Shackley, ...
The humans don't understand us they can't do anything W e'll ha ve ... - Version HTML
00.000.1965 -Reaching Laos- Shackley + Clines befriended Among tribesmen who, ... Inaugural Ball, plus Lucio Gelli, head o’ the. Fascist p-2 masons.
Ledeen, Ghorbanifar + the strategy of tension

00.Nov.---- Note also that it was Shackley who first brought Ghorbanifar into Iran-Contra . These were the Gladio Brigades + Licio Gelli's P2 Lodge, ...
14 A Strategy of Tension "The Chickens are coming home to roost ...

Gelli (AKA: the "Puppet Master") had been friends with fascists such as Italian. Shackley + Singlaub + North would go on to orchestrate the secret + ...
Usenet Archive "After meetings between Gelli, Italian military brass + CIA men in the embassy, ... said that Ted > Shackley, the CIA's deputy station chief in Rome, ...
WM :: WEB Magazine Forse la risposta a tale quesito si trova in The Third Option, libro scritto da Theodore Shackley, ex vicedirettore associato delle operazioni della CIA (p. ...

18.Jan.2007© Jeroen Bosch Gelli, Lucio [...] Ghorbanifar, Manucher [...] Giornale (Nuovo), Il [...] Gosch, Johnny [. ... Shackley, Theodore [...] SISMI [...] Spence, Craig J. [. ...
WWI #787 Transcription of broadcast

Licio Gelli, after attending Ronald Reagan's inauguration, ... General Singlaub, Thomas Clines + Theodore Shackley from the CIA — were all involved with ...
MP3 Recordings of Mae Brussell - Part 3 ... huge drug arrest in Miami, Edwin Wilson, F. Terpil, T. Shackley agents.

Grand Master LICIO GELLI walks out of Swiss Jail. Death Squads of Spain, ...'s%20CDs%20Part%203.html
THE "WHO'S" AND "THEY'S" AT THE ROOT OF "GLOBAL BANKING, FINANCIAL ... After meetings between Gelli, Italian military brass and CIA men in the embassy, ... My husband worked with Ted Shackley .. He was the Account Holder for ...
Edizioni Achab, informazione internazionale. Informazione da Cuba ... Shackley, in particolare, fu l'uomo che presentó a fine anni '60 (grazie a Frank Terpil) Licio Gelli ad Alexander Haig, viceconsigliere di Nixon per la ...
Operation GLADIO, Italy - Version HTML
Early 1970s Meeting between Alexander Haig and Licio Gelli . "In an interview the ex-Nato operative said that Ted Shackley, the CIA's ...
Giuseppe Santovito Licio Gelli's List of P2 Members. 1981 · Marshall,J.. ... SHACKLEY THEODORE GEORGE · Marshall,J... The Iran-Contra Connection. 1987 (72) ...
Statewatch Briefing: Operation Gladio — Archive ... Licio Gelli, was sentenced to 7 years for his involvement in the case. ... Licio Gelli "In an interview the ex-Nato operative said that Ted Shackley, ...
Gioia e Rivoluzione Il personaggio chiave è Licio Gelli che ex agente nazifascista riesce nel '43 a ... di Roma della CIA guidata allora da Theodore Shackley e Marc Wyatt, ...
Carmilla on line ® Ted Shackley venne scelto nei primi giorni del 1962 per dirigere a Miami i piani ... E di adesso: si consideri, alla luce della presenza di Gelli in questo ...

18.Jan.2007 chapter 14 online Gelli's P2 and elements within the Vatican (such as Father Krujoslav Dragonovic, ... Shackley, Singlaub + North would go on to orchestrate the secret + ...
Michael Ledeen Demands 'Regime Change' in Iran ... Director for Plans Theodor Shackley, who was another pivotal Iran-Contra figure. ... As for P-2 Grand Master Licio Gelli himself, he was the perfect ...
Video di Fioravanti e Mambro di CRISTIANO LOVATELLI RAVARINO NEWS ... di aver estromesso dall'agenzia Theodore Shackley -il secondo di perseguire ... Un’altra volta mi chiese spiegazioni su una mia intervista a Licio Gelli ...
The killing of de Menezes and Operation Gladio Early 1970s Meeting between Alexander Haig and Licio Gelli :. According to Searchlight: In an interview an ex-Nato operative said that Ted Shackley, ...
UK Indymedia - US connection points to CIA/P2OG possibly behind ... In the interview the ex-NATO operative said that Ted Shackley, the CIA's deputy station chief in Rome, "fixed a meeting between Alexander Haig and Gelli at ...
The Webfairy -- onelove~ [Fwd: [CIA-DRUGS] . . . At least, that's ... Through Licio Gelli, the CIA also comes into contact with both the Knights of Malta and the ... Shackley was Wilson's CIA supervisor. He had distinguished ...
OPERATION GLADIO "In an interview the ex-Nato operative said that Ted Shackley, the CIA's deputy station chief in Rome, "fixed a meeting between Alexander Haig + Gelli at Bush book: Chapter -17- Shackley, as we have seen, was a part of the Bush for President campaign of ... Here Razin repeated the account of the message from Gelli to Guarino + ...
Neue Solidarität 13/2004:Die "Strategie der Spannung" in Italien ... SIFAR die Verschwörer vom Istituto Pollio + Karamessines förderte den US-Geheimdienstmann Theodor Shackley, der Verbindungen zum P2-Boß Gelli hatte.
The Local - View topic - US bugged Diana's phone on night of death ...

Gelli was too experienced a covert action operator to have ever sent such an risky ... unlike what William King Harvey's successor at the CIA, Ted Shackley, ...
aangirfan: The killing of de Menezes and Operation Gladio

Early 1970s Meeting between Alexander Haig + Licio Gelli : According to Searchlight: In an interview an ex-Nato operative said that Ted Shackley, the CIA's ...
NUGAN HAND BANK Theodore Shackley, Maj. Gen. Secord. London banks. Mitchell WerBell. LICIO GELLI . 1. The Springing of Licio Gelli, London Times 8/14/83. ...,8,22,83.htm
Info on Italy's CIA-backed Dual State - P2, Gelli, Gladio Info on Italy's CIA-backed Dual State - P2, Gelli, Gladio ...

00.000.1976 George HW Bush appointed Shackley the CIA's Associate Deputy Director for Operations, ...
Growth of Reagan's Contra Commitment excerpted from the book The ... Shackley and Clines, by coincidence or not, personified the CIA-mafia connection ...

One of these 16 was P-2's leader Licio Gelli, who had spent most of the ... Wikipedia - Licio Gelli

During the 1930s, Licio Gelli volunteered for the "Black ... "Declassified secret service papers reveal that Ted Shackley, deputy chief of the CIA station ...

After meetings between Gelli, Italian military brass and CIA men in the embassy, ... My husband worked with Ted Shackley ... He was the Account Holder for ...
Il personaggio chiave e' Licio Gelli che ex agente nazifascista riesce nel ... dalla stazione di Roma della CIA guidata allora da Theodore Shackley e Marc ...
Neue Solidarität 18/2004:Die Strategie der Spannung in Italien Pazienza + Gelli wurden zur Amtseinführung der Regierung Reagan-Bush eingeladen. ...

Ledeen zog zusammen mit Theodore Shackley die Fäden in der ...
radiofre Although not well known, Licio Gelli's P-2 Lodge has wielded a profound influence ... One of the agency’s most important operatives, Shackley had numerous ...
McSherry article1 station chief in Rome, Ted Shackley, introduced Gelli to General Alexander Haig, then Nixon's chief of staff + later, from

00.000.1974-00.000. 1979, NATO Supreme ...
Licio Gelli - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

During the 1930s, Licio Gelli volunteered for the "Black Shirt" expeditionary ... "Declassified secret service papers reveal that Ted Shackley, deputy chief ...
Licio Gelli: Information from

21.Apr.1919 Licio Gelli born in Pistoia, Tuscany, was the masonic ... "Declassified secret service papers reveal that Ted Shackley, ...
Associazione informazioni sulla Palestina In una intervista, un ex agente segreto della NATO disse che Ted Shackley, il vice capo ... Dopo incontri tra Gelli, alti gradi militari e uomini della CIA ...
Anti-Fascist Archives: RFA 17-21: Who Shot the Pope? Although not well known, Licio Gelli's P-2 Lodge has wielded a profound influence on the ... For more about Shackley, see RFA #s 4, 25, 27, 29, 30, 34, ... Gelli free online encyclopedia article for Licio Gelli, powered by Wikipedia. ... "Declassified secret service papers reveal that Ted Shackley, ...
aangirfan: The Bologna Bomb 1980, Gladio, terrorism in Europe "Declassified secret service papers reveal that Ted Shackley, deputy chief of the CIA station in Rome

in the 1970's introduced the notorious Licio Gelli
Operation Gladio ... Irish Times, 15.Nov.1990 )

Early 1970s Meeting between Alexander Haig and Licio Gelli "In an interview the ex-Nato operative said that Ted Shackley, ...
Booman Tribune ~ A Progressive Community One of these 16 was P-2's leader Licio Gelli, who had spent most of the post-war years ...

00.000.1980 Ledeen + Shackley teamed up to provide "war games-type ...
Lo Stay Behind e la sovranità limitata dell'Europa

Il personaggio chiave e' Licio Gelli che ex agente nazifascista riesce nel 43' a ... di Roma della CIA guidata allora da Theodore Shackley e Marc Wyatt, ...
20050202 With help from Lucio Gelli, who founded the P2 P-2 Italian Freemason Lodge, ... the CIA's William Colby, Ted Shackley + fielded by General John Singlaub.

18.Jan.2007 Organized Crime and Terrorist Activity in Mexico, 1999-2002 - View as HTML
The Amezcua - Contreras family manages a synthetic drug production and trafficking ... joined his two older brothers, Luis and Jose de Jesus Amezcua, ...
Bush proíbe brasileiro de fazer negócios com americanos - 02/06 ...

Jornais, BBC Brasil, Cox News Service, El País, Financial Times ... A organização mexicana é controlada por José de Jesus e Adan Amezcua Contreras,

10.Sep.1999 "....Afghanistan is now firmly established as the world's leading opium ... Luis Ignacio Amezcua - Contreras and Jose de Jesus Amezcua - Contreras, ...
Er werde sein Möglichstes tun, das Vorhaben Bushs zu stoppen, weitere 21.500 Soldaten in den Irak zu schicken, erklärte Hagel, der als möglicher Präsidentschaftskandidat im kommenden Jahr gilt. Den Plan Bushs nannte er "gefährlich unverantwortlich".

Unterdessen gab US-Justizminister Alberto Gonzales in einem Brief an den US-Senat bekannt, dass ein umstrittenes Abhörprogramm, das nach den Anschlägen vom 11.Sep.2001 eingeführt wurde, nicht verlängert werde. Das Programm solle nach seinem Ablaufen vielmehr einem speziellen Gericht unterstellt werden, so Gonzales.

Derzeit kann die US-Regierung mit diesem Programm noch internationale Telefongespräche und E-Mails von US-Bürgern ohne gerichtlichen Beschluss abhören, um mutmaßliche Extremisten und Attentäter zu finden. Kritiker hatten jedoch wiederholt darauf verwiesen, dass diese Praxis der US-Verfassung und einem Gesetz von 1978 entgegensteht, in dem das Abhören von US-Bürgern ohne gerichtlichen Beschluss verboten wird.


Kurnaz' Rechtsanwalt Bernhard Docke sagte, sein Mandant habe deutlich gemacht, dass Folter und Misshandlungen in dem US-Lager in Kandahar offensichtlich waren. Auch seine Vorwürfe gegen die KSK-Soldaten habe er wiederholt und konkretisiert. Darüber hinaus stelle sich die Frage, ob deutsche Behörden dazu beigetragen haben, dass Kurnaz aus dem US-Gefängnis in Afghanistan nach Guantanamo geschickt wurde.

Docke sagte, die US-Soldaten, die Kurnaz in Kandahar befragt hätten, hätten Informationen zu seiner Bremer Vorgeschichte gehabt - zum Beispiel über einen Handy-Verkauf und Bewegungen auf seinem Bankkonto. Es dränge sich daher der Verdacht auf, dass die Amerikaner im Kontakt zu deutschen Stellen gestanden hätten. Diese Informationen hätten möglicherweise dazu geführt, dass die USA Kurnaz für einen "dicken Fisch" gehalten und nach Guantanamo geschickt hätten.

Kurnaz war Anfang 2002 wegen Terrorverdachts zunächst in Afghanistan gefangen gehalten und später nach Guantanamo gebracht worden. Erst im August 2006 kam Kurnaz frei.
Irakpolitik: US- Senatoren legen Anti- Bush- Resolution vor
18.Jan.2007 Bluttat in Tessin: "Ich habe das als dummen Jungenstreich angesehen"

18.Jan.2007 US- Gefangenschaft: Kurnaz schildert schwere Misshandlungen
18.Jan.2007 Frankreich: Recht auf Wohnung für Obdachlose

Das Forscherteam erkennt in seinen Untersuchungen den Ausgangspunkt für ein Modell, was 1918 im menschlichen Körper passiert sein könnte, da Makaken und Menschen viele Eigenschaften teilen. Die Studie liefert Anhaltspunkte, warum ausgerechnet Erwachsene zwischen 20 und 40 Jahren am schwersten unter der Spanischen Grippe litten: Junge Menschen dieses Alters haben generell ein starkes Immunsystem, das ihnen in diesem Fall mehr geschadet als genutzt habe, heißt es in "Nature".

"Wir wissen zwar immer noch wenig über das Virus, aber die Erkenntnis einer überschießenden Immunreaktion war entscheidend", sagt Darwyn Kobasa von der Public Health Agency of Canada in Winnipeg. "Mit diesem Wissen können wir uns anders auf eine eventuelle Pandemie vorbereiten."
Steinmeier und Rice: Nahost- Quartett soll Anfang Februar beraten
18.Jan.2007 Spanische Grippe: Millionen starben an Überreaktion des Immunsystems
Will They Bomb Bedford?
Divine Strike in the Bible Belt -
More than two tons of cyanide compounds, 1,535 pounds of phosgene gas, the primary chemical in "mustard gas" chemical weapons, 1,318 pounds of methylene chloride, a human carcinogen, 2,387 pounds of carbon tetrachloride, another carcinogen and 1,650 pounds of chlorine, a poison, will be released from the giant explosion being suggested by the United States Department of Defense for southern Indiana 00.000.2007 in southern Indiana
Bizarrely named "Divine Strake," the explosion is meant to mimic a nuclear bomb dropped on underground nuclear weapons facilities in Iran. While no nuclear material will be used in this weapons test, the huge amount of explosive material is nevertheless a deadly stew that could have devastating impacts on people's health in surrounding communities for years to come.
A limestone quarry owned by the giant highway builder, the Rogers Company in Lawrence County, near Spring Mill State Park and close to numerous populated areas is suggested as a possible site for the massive 1,400,000 pound explosion by DOD personnel, who have been stymied from setting the device off at the Nevada Test Site by outraged regional citizens.
When the test was postponed after proposed dates of June 2 and June 23 were met with severe opposition, DOD indicated that other sites were being considered. The original site was once the primary test zone for America's nuclear arsenal in northeast Nevada, some thirty miles from any populated area. Southern Indiana and another site at White Sands, NM were given as possible alternative sites to reporters who queried DOD officials what might happen since the test had been effectively stopped in Nevada.
Lawrence Country, where DOD has suggested the test be done has a population of 45,922 according the US Census Bureau and is home to both Bedford and Mitchell. Bedford is considered the 'Limestone Capitol of the World" because of the high quality building stone that lies beneath the surface of the region.
It is the limestone that is attracting the DOD. In fact, they have already set off two, 3,000 pound explosives there as part of the Divine Strake experiment. Those tests were conducted 00.000.2004 and 2005 without any sort of local notice or input. Apparently, DOD was hoping to keep this a secret as well since several recent reports indicate that there are no state or local officials who have been informed as to the blast's possibility.
DOD theorizes that the limestone embedded in the earth in Lawrence County is similar to what would be experienced if a nuclear "bunker busting" bomb was dropped on the underground nuclear facilities in Iran.
Such a nuclear weapon cannot be tested under the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty that America proposed and signed nearly fifty years ago. So DOD is seeking to use the next best thing, Divine Strake. 1.4 million pounds of mostly ammonium nitrate, the same as used by bomber, Terry McVeigh to blow up the federal building in Oklahoma City a decade ago is a mere substitute for the nukes that Rumsfeld and Bush are raring to use on Iran.
Already there is concern that this is just a cheap trick to get around the Test Ban Treaty since it use would be ostensibly designed to test a similar nuclear weapon.
But Bush seems to care little for our treaty commitments. Earlier this year he signed an agreement with India that allows India to secure nuclear material from the US although they have refused to sign the international Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, something that looks like an illegal act according to some legal scholars.
Although word of Divine Strake in Indiana only arrived a couple of days ago, activists listserves have been abuzz with discussion and organization. One activist even indicated that such a plan would come to pass "only over (his) dead body."
Others have been in contact with activists in the West, seeking input on how they have successfully opposed the test there. It has been suggested that those against the test gather commitments from all candidates for office in the upcoming election to oppose such a test. It is being postured as a win-win for politicians since it is clear that "DOD's proposal reeks of insanity. Dr. Strangelove stuff!"
Mitchell, Indiana the nearest community to the site was Virgil "Gus" Grissom's hometown. Grissom was the second American after Alan Shepard, Jr. to go into space. Grissom later died in NASA's first fatal accident when he and two others were killed in a fire during a test of Apollo 1 in January 1967. Grissom's legacy is certainly threatened by the same federal government that made him an American hero.
It is threatened because instead of Mitchell being known as Gus Grissom's home, it could well become "the big hole" in the ground that was made by man's quest to spread democracy to the middle east.
Toxic Chemicals Galore
The Revised Environmental Assessment released in May was the project's undoing in Nevada. People in the region were up in arms when it was revealed that the Divine Strake blast would create a "mushroom cloud" rising more than 10,000 feet into the sky. The prospect of such an event shook locals who were forced in the 1950s to endure a whole series of atmospheric and underground nuclear explosions, leaving much of the Nevada desert unfit for much of anything, especially life of all sorts.
In this case, area citizens united to oppose the bomb because they fear the detonation will unleash radioactive material that permeates the test site both on the surface and underground. But their concerns were even greater when it was revealed that large amounts of toxic chemicals would be blown into the Nevada sky to fall wherever the wind blew.
Opponents in Indiana also fear the release of things like phosgene, chlorine and methylene chloride which each could have immediate and long term health consequences for those who may be unfortunate enough to breathe them in from ambient air affected by the explosion.
This is not the first time that DOD has made Indiana countryside a quagmire of dangerous chemistry. For years, DOD operated the Jefferson Proving Grounds about 60 miles east of Mitchell. There, they left a "no-mans land" of depleted uranium and other "unexploded ordnance" which has left an otherwise beautiful region unfit for much of anything.
Also, the Army is proposing to burn 327 lead and PCB contaminated buildings at the Indiana Army Ammunition Depot, some sixty miles southeast of Mitchell because it the least expensive method of demolition. Several buildings were burned 00.000.2004 until citizen opponents, led by Valley Watch protested and temporarily stopped the burn.
If Hoosier opponents of Divine Strake succeed, they will get a fairly quick determination from the Defense Department that the high population area around the proposed Indiana site is unsuitable for such a scheme,
In the meantime, regional opponents are exasperated as to how such an insane plan could even be proposed, in Indiana or anywhere.
John Blair is president of the environment health advocacy group, Valley Watch and earned a Pulitzer Prize for news Photography 00.000.1978. He can be reached at: (

A Universidade de Al Mustansiriya - em
árabe) está situada no Iraque e é uma das mais antigas do mundo, sendo fundada em 1233
17.Jan.2007 Shofar FTP Archives: people//b/bellant.russ/bellant.end-no 141 "Western Goals Annual Report, 1981-82," Alexandria, Virginia, 1982; Karol Sitko, , March-April 1983, pp. 10-13. 142, Dec. 17, 1985, p. 16;, Sept. ...
Index of/pub/academic/political-science/fascism/bellant - Wersja HTML Russ Bellant, Old Nazis, the New Right,. and the Republican Party.

17.Jan.2007 Karol Sitko SITKO KAROL. Bellant,R. Old Nazis. 1989 (44). pages cited this search: 1 Order hard copy of these pages · Show a social network diagram for this name ...
2005041827 Karol Sitko, "a rotund Polish-German emigre who has maintained close ties ... National Congress [DANK], the council is headed by Karol Sitko.
20041108 Their associates included prominent post-WWII fascist Karol Sitko as well as various associates of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who has made no secret of ...
Council for National Policy Database H-M A subsidiary of the pro-Nazi German American National Congress [DANK], the council is headed by Karol Sitko was also the organizer for the West...
Council for National Policy (CNP) - Ho - Member Biographies ...

Groups Council for Citizenship Education : "A subsidiary of the pro-Nazi German American National Congress [DANK], the council is headed by Karol Sitko.
Another View Of Nuclear Israel And The Middle East Arms Race

The executive director of the group was Dr. Karol Sitko, "a rotund Polish-German emigre who has maintained close ties with the Republican Party as an ...
All Resources Search Results Karol SITKO - Ancestral File Gender: M Birth/Christening: Abt 1912 Liptovska Osada,, Slovakia. 9. Pavol SITKO - Ancestral File ...
From oneb!!destroyer!caen!uunet!olivea!sgigate!sgi!cdp ... 141 "Western Goals Annual Report, 1981-82," Alexandria, Virginia, 1982; Karol Sitko, <ABN Correspondence>, March-April 1983, pp. 10-13. ...
Bartrcops JFK headed by a Karol Sitko + (ibid.):. "He was supported by billionaire HL Hunt and General John Singlaub." Let's also not forget that HL Hunt was one of ...
Shofar FTP Archives: people//b/bellant.russ/bellant.pt2 A subsidiary of the pro-Nazi German American National Congress (DANK), the Council is headed by Karol Sitko . Active in NCAEG, Sitko was described in the as ...

17.Jan.2007 Because there are so many worthy nominees, it is extremely rare that BuzzFlash awards the "Wings of Justice" honor twice to the same person. But in the case of Bill Moyers, the exception is well-deserved.

17.Jan.2007 Scotland Says All Its Schools Will Get Free Copies of Gore's Inconvenient Truth, Days After U.S. City Bans It -- A BuzzFlash News Alert
"Did You Eat a Big Bowl of Stupid for Breakfast?" Fridge Magnet. It's the Question We Want to Ask the Busheviks.
Robert Parry: Scooter Libby's Time-Travel Trial 1/17

17.Jan.2007 It Never Stops, Does It? Gates to consider more troops for Afghanistan. It's Time for the Twins to Do Their Duty. And Send Bush and Cheney to the Front Lines, While You're At It. Condi, Too. 1/18
Amid bloodshed, Bush wants a 'thank you.' If Bush stopped there, all he would have been was arrogant. But he kept going: "I think the Iraqi people owe the American people a huge debt of gratitude." That is inhuman. We destroyed a nation under the false pretense of weapons of mass destruction. Uh. we aren't being hyperbolic when we label Bush a sociopath. He is. 1/17
GOP Faces "Tough Vote" on Whether or Not to Stick with a Six Year Loser and His Death Warrant on American GIs

17.Jan.2007 Maureen Dowd: "It?s unnerving to be tutored by an educator in chief who is himself being tutored. The president elucidating the Iraqi insurgency for us is learning about the Algerian insurgency from the man who failed to quell the Vietcong insurgency." 1/17
The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers

17.Jan.2007 Primakov would do history a service if he revealed not just what he knows but how he knows it . Permalink
17.Jan.2007 Former Russian prime minister Yevgeny Primakov made the rather startling claim that Saddam's execution was "rushed" to prevent the Iraqi dictator from talking about his relationship with the Bush clan and with American intelligence. If Saddam Hussein “had said everything (he knew), the current United States president (George W Bush) would have been greatly embarrassed,” said Primakov, a Middle East expert formerly on good terms with Saddam. I have no trouble believing this claim.

eRx Now kann neben einem elektronischen Rezept auch die richtige Dosierung und mögliche Wechselwirkungen mit anderen Medikamenten überprüfen. "Tausende von Menschen sterben, während wir jahrelang über das Problem diskutieren", sagte Glen Tullman, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Firma Allscripts, die das Projekt mit ins Leben gerufen hat, zur "Time". "Das ist doch verrückt: Schließlich haben wir die Technologien."

Das Klischee findet noch immer traurige Bestätigung: Ärzte haben eine miese Klaue. Einige Patienten kostet die unleserliche Handschrift sogar das Leben.

Nach Berechnungen des Institute of Medicine der National Academies of Sciences sterben in den USA jedes Jahr 7000 Menschen, weil ihre Ärzte unleserliche Rezepte ausstellen. Forscher des Instituts hatten im

00.Jul.2006 außerdem Zahlen veröffentlicht, nach denen falsch eingesetzte Medikamente insgesamt rund 1,5 Millionen US-Bürgern schaden, was allein in Krankenhäusern Kosten von 3,5 Milliarden Dollar verursache.

Die Menschheit befindet sich nach Ansicht führender Atomwissenschaftler näher am Abgrund eines Atomkriegs als in den vergangenen zwei Jahrzehnten.

Auf fünf Minuten vor zwölf wurde die symbolische Uhr heute gestellt - von bisher sieben Minuten vor zwölf.

Getty Images

Doomsday Clock: Zeiger zwei Minuten vorgestellt Die Fachzeitschrift "Bulletin of Atomic Scientists" will damit den Grad der nuklearen Bedrohung mit einem Ziffernblatt anschaulich machen.

So wahrscheinlich wie gegenwärtig war nach Ansicht der Experten ein nuklearer Schlagabtausch seit dem Ende des Kalten Krieges nicht mehr.

1988 hatten die Forscher - nach einem Abrüstungsabkommen für Mittelstreckenraketen zwischen den USA und der UdSSR - den Zeiger von drei auf sechs Minuten vor zwölf zurückgedreht.

In den folgenden Jahren verstellten sie den Minutenzeiger noch mehrmals. Seit 1995 nähert er sich wieder stetig der Zwölf.

"Wir stehen am Rande eines zweiten Nuklearzeitalters", schreiben die Herausgeber des "Bulletin" jetzt.

Zusammen mit einem Beratergremium, dem 18 Nobelpreisträger angehören, habe man sich daher entschieden, den Zeiger vorzurücken.

In einer öffentlichen Erklärung auf der Website des Fachblatts begründen sie ihre Entscheidung ausführlich
17.Jan.2007 Gasprom: Streit um Gaspipeline in Polen
Behördenwahnsinn im Fall Kevin: Sozialarbeiter hat 240 Kinder gleichzeitig betreut
"Kyrill"- Alarm: Deutschland rüstet sich für gewaltigen Orkan
17.Jan.2007 Schlampige US- Ärzte: 7000 Tote jährlich durch unleserliche Rezepte
17.Jan.2007 Konjunktur: Inflationsrate sinkt erstmals seit drei Jahren
Regierungskrise Israel: Libanon- Debakel holt Premier Olmert ein
17.Jan.2007 Hohe Benzinpreise: Immer mehr Deutsche steigen auf Bus und Bahn um

17.Jan.2007 Geheimdienstwarnung: Russland verhängt erstmals Terroralarm
17.Jan.2007 Warnung von Atomforschern: Fünf vor zwölf für den Weltuntergang
"Dass die gesamte Republik mindestens von Windstärke 11 auch in den Niederungen betroffen sein wird, fällt aus der Reihe", sagte die Meteorologin.

Ungewöhnlich seien die große Ausdehnung des Tiefs und die großen Druckunterschiede, die für die hohen Windgeschwindigkeiten sorgen.

Deutschland sei derzeit genau auf der Zugbahn der Atlantik-Tiefs + zwischen warmen und kalten Luftmassen.

Es bleibe jedoch mild, "die Polarluft ist weit weg".

5500 Jahre liegen die Spuren der dramatischen Szene unter den Trümmern. Dann, im Herbst

2006, stoßen Archäologen bei der Ausgrabung des alten Hamoukar auf das eingestürzte Haus, dessen Wände einst zwei Meter hoch waren.

Im Inneren finden sie rund 1100 Lehmkugeln. Zwei Dutzend liegen noch immer säuberlich aufgereiht neben dem eingegrabenen Gefäß. Sie wurden nie benutzt.
Rhode Island news | | The Providence Journal ...

The Bush administration changes its “reasons” with the political tide. ... If you'd like to know more about the march, log on to ... 17.Jan.2007 Trotz Atomausstieg: Deutsche Kernkraftwerke steigern Stromerzeugung

17.Jan.2007 Archäologie: Der erste Krieg der Menschheit

17.Jan.2007 Regisseur Clint Eastwood: Krieg an allen Fronten
17.Jan.2007 Mit Messer am Flughafen: US- Gericht verurteilt Passagier zu einem Jahr Haft

17.Jan.2007 Warnung vor dem Orkan: "Mindestens Windstärke 11 in ganz Deutschland"
17.Jan.2007 Weltpremiere: Hamburg, die schönste 3D- Stadt in Google Earth
17.Jan.2007 Russisches Öl: Zusätzliche Tanker steigern Ölpest- Gefahr
17.Jan.2007 VW- Prozess: Hartz legt Geständnis ab

17.Jan.2007 Elektrotechnik: China schlägt den Export- Weltmeister
17.Jan.2007 PR- Querkopf Kocks: "Lügner reden immer nur von Notlügen"

17.Jan.2007 Merkels EU- Fahrplan: Erst Verfassung, dann Erweiterung
17.Jan.2007 Venezuela: David entpuppt sich als Goliath
17.Jan.2007 Exhibitors/Sponsors ASTRA (SES ASTRA S.A.) Bivio Networks Blazepoint Limited Business Security Cisco Systems Clearswift Ltd . Compucat Europe Ltd . Crypto Bulgaria Ltd . Dell Inc. ...

17.Jan.2007 Corporate Membership Blazepoint Ltd is based in Chalgrove, Oxfordshire + has over 20 years experience in the design, supply, installation + support of rugged computer.
200409261002 Okt.2004 A Casualty Of Bush's War: Jeffrey Lucey, a Marine veteran of the Iraq war, ... Sep.2004 Afghanistan-Einsatz: Struck stellt sich vor seine Soldaten ...
17.Jan.2007 Bush-Doktrin">National Security Strategy vom September 2002 - Wikipedia Dieser Teil des Berichts, der sich u.a. mit Präventivkriegen befasst, wird auch als Bush-Doktrin bzw. Wolfowitz-Doktrin bezeichnet.

11.Sep.2001 -nach dem- sind die Schatten der imperialen Präsidentschaft in den USA länger geworden.

Eine grundlegende strategische Neuausrichtung der ...,0,0,Die_BushDoktrin_der_Irakkrieg_und_die_amerikanische_Demokratie.html

Die Außenpolitik der Regierung George W. Bush - Aus Politik und ... Um diese Ordnungspolitik durchführen zu können, spricht die Bush-Doktrin den Vereinigten Staaten das Monopol der Waffengewalt zu. ...
Imperialismus und Völkerrecht: Von der Monroe- zur Bush-Doktrin ... Die von Glennon zum Ausgangspunkt seiner Operation genommene National Security Strategy vom

00.Sep.2002 wird heute allgemein als Bush-Doktrin bezeichnet.

Bush-Doktrin Beschreibung in Library - Definition und Buch-Tipp. Bush-Doktrin (auch Wolfowitz-Doktrin genannt) wird das außen- und sicherheitspolitische Konzept der US-Regierung um Präsident George W. Bush bezeichnet, ...

ZEIT online - International - Presse international - Tod der Bush-Doktrin ? Republikanische Kandidaten der Zwischenwahlen verlassen das Schiff der Bushisten. ... Von Markus4711 Truman-Doktrin, Bush-Doktrin ...

ZNet Deutschland - a community committed to social change

Paxman eröffnete mit der Frage danach ob Chomsky andeuten wolle, dass an der sogenannten Bush-Doktrin nichts Neues ist. Nun, das kommt darauf an ...

DE FACTO » Die Bush-Doktrin 3 Responses to “Die Bush-Doktrin ”. EuroNeuzeit Says:

22.Jan.2005 In Europa stellt man nicht nur nicht die richtigen Fragen, ...

CAP - Aktuell - Medienspiegel - Die Bush-Doktrin Die Nach-Kalte-Kriegszeit scheint in der neuen Außenpolitikdoktrin der Regierung Bush ihr Ende gefunden zu haben. Die US Administration hat eine neue ...

Preemptive Self-Defense. Die Bush-Doktrin und das ... Preemptive Self-Defense. Die Bush-Doktrin und das Völkerrecht: Bücher: Arthur R. Kreutzer by Arthur R. Kreutzer.ölkerrecht/dp/3899755030

GSoA Zeitung 104 - Irak nächstes Opfer der Bush-Doktrin Der US-Präsident hat die wesentlichen Elemente der neuen Bush-Doktrin in zwei programmatischen Grundsatzreden Ende Januar und Anfang Juni 2002 ausgeführt.

Die Zeit - joerglau » Untote Bush-Doktrin? Die Bush-Doktrin sei keineswegs tot, wie viele angesichts der Mißerfolge der amerikanischen ... Podhoretz rekonstruiert die Bush-Doktrin, die nach dem 11. ...

Analyse der Bush-Doktrin: Vom Containment zur Pax Americana - Die ... Die Bush-Doktrin ist deshalb ein Ausdruck der Entscheidung des Präsidenten ... Er bescheinigt der Bush-Doktrin : "Sie diktiert einen Verhaltenskodex am Rande ...

Amerika – der müde Titan?: Was taugt die Bush-Doktrin? Die „ Bush-Doktrin “ betont zum einen die Notwendigkeit präventiver ... Die Bush-Doktrin enthält zwei Prämissen, die nicht miteinander vereinbar sind und ...

Die Welt der Muslime: Die Bush-Doktrin: Selektives Engagement im ... Die Bush-Doktrin : Selektives Engagement im Nahen Osten. Essay von Kenneth W. Stein. Erschienen in: Ausgabe März 2003. In den Vereinigten Staaten ist in der ...

Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte, Nr. 45 2004, 01.11.2004 - Die Bush ... Die Bush-Doktrin, der Irakkrieg und die amerikanische Demokratie. ... The Imperial Presidency Redux: Der 11. September und die Bush-Doktrin ...

Weltweite Demokratisierung: Republikaner distanzieren sich von ... Republikaner distanzieren sich von Bush-Doktrin . Freiheit und Demokratie in der Welt zu verbreiten, ist der Anspruch von George W. Bush. ...,1518,406511,00.html

Die Bush-Doktrin Amerikanische Außenpolitik unter neuen Vorzeichen.

Neue Bush-Doktrin im strengen,objektiven Sinn des Wortes ... Neue Bush-Doktrin im strengen,objektiven Sinn des Wortes imperialistisch.

17.Jan.2007 Kompass - Baki/Baki/Azerbaidschan/Weltweites Firmenverzeichnis Baki seheri Vergiler Departamentinin 2-ci filiali (Bineqedi, Nesimi, Nerimanov rayonlari uzre) · IBN - SINA apteki · Petroleum Pipe Company (Caspian) Ltd. ...


The nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays started his business life as a publicist. ... writing in particular Bernays ' book " Crystalizing Public Opinion. writing in particular Bernays ' book " Crystalizing Public Opinion." Bernays was one of the engineers of the Cold War. He perfected the technique of ...

17.Jan.2007 Edward L. By now Bernays was already something of a PR guru, with two books to his name: Crystalizing Public Opinion (1923) + Propaganda (1928). ...
The Father of Spin: Edward L. Bernays & the Birth of Public ...

Bernays bragged in his autobiography that Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels valued his book " Crystalizing Public Opinion" above all others in his ...
17.Jan.2007 Bernays in his classic studies eloquently describes propaganda as the purpose of communications. In Crystalizing Public Opinion, for example, he dismisses ...
Sosyal Hizmet Uzmani Web Sitesi

00.000.1923 Dünyanin en meshur Halkla iliskilercisi, Edward L. Bernays " Crystalizing Public Opinion" kitabini basti ve "halkla iliskiler danismanligi" kavramini ...
Bernays, Edward L. Freud's American nephew and disciple used Bernays ' book,. Crystalizing Public Opinion,. as the basis. of his campaign. to prepare Germany. for the destruction of the Jews.

Most of the daily PR ...
20061118 Hitler's propaganda chief used Bernays ' book Crystalizing Public Opinion as the ... Bernays published Crystalizing Public Opinion + popularized the term ...
Freedom of Education | Quotations About Education + Schooling

Edward L. Bernays, Crystalizing Public Opinion. I suppose it is because nearly all children go to school nowadays and have things arranged for them that ...
Edward L. Bernays Papers (Library of Congress) Finding aid for the Edward L. Bernays Papers in the Manuscript Division, Library of Congress.
Product Listing - Bernays Bernays, Editor. Eight experts lay-out the technology of mass brainwashing via ... Crystalizing Public Opinion Crystalizing Public Opinion by Edward L. Bernays
How to Recognize a Skunk, Or, Why Most Americans Can't Think ... Hitler's propaganda chief used Bernays ' book Crystalizing Public Opinion as the basis of his campaign to prepare Germany for the destruction of the Jews. ...
Edward L. Bernays: A Register of His Papers in the Library of ... The papers of Edward L. Bernays, public relations counsel, were given to the Library of ... Crystalizing Public Opinion (1924), 1924, 1961-1962, n.d. ...
Papers of Edward L. Bernays [finding aid]. Library of Congress ...
The papers of Edward L. Bernays span the years 1890-1979, with the bulk of the material within ... Crystalizing Public Opinion (1924), 1924, 1961-1962, n.d. ...
Colorado State Journalism and Technical Communication 1923 -- Edward L. Bernays published Crystalizing Public Opinion and popularized the term "public relations counsel." He also taught the first public ...

17.Jan.2007 Kommunikations- Kommissarin Wallström: "Der EU fehlt die Story"
17.Jan.2007 Schlamperei und Todesfälle: Das BP- Inferno
17.Jan.2007 Italien: Koalitionsstreit um US- Militärbasis
17.Jan.2007 Energie: Gas verteuert sich um zehn Prozent

17.Jan.2007 Haushalt: Ab 2011 keine neuen Schulden mehr
17.Jan.2007 Globalisierung 2067: Endlich blühende Landschaften

17.Jan.2007 Wolfowitz' Weltbank: Wer Geld hat, muss es ausgeben

``Amateurs can do real science. We can actually help,'' Mann said.

Andrew Westphal, associate director of the Space Sciences Laboratory at Berkeley, praised amateurs _ it would probably take his whole life to find all the dust sprinklings, he said.

``It's stunning how good they are. I think they're better at this than we are,'' Westphal said.

The Internet has also benefited professional astronomers, who often have to fight for scarce telescope time at major research observatories.
17.Jan.2007 Reading Shakespeare has dramatic effect on human brain 
Just stumbled on this. posted by Prof. Hex

Experts believe that this heightened brain activity may be one of the reasons why Shakespeare’s plays have such a dramatic impact on their readers.

Professor Neil Roberts, from the University’s Magnetic Resonance and Image Analysis Research Centre, (MARIARC), explains: “The effect on the brain is a bit like a magic trick; we know what the trick means but not how it happened. Instead of being confused by this in a negative sense, the brain is positively excited. The brain signature is relatively uneventful when we understand the meaning of a word but when the word changes the grammar of the whole sentence, brain readings suddenly peak. The brain is then forced to retrace its thinking process in order to understand what it is supposed to make of this unusual word.”
Our grip on reality is slim The Brain Gets the Big Picture
Once is happenstance.
Twice is coincidence.
Three times is enemy action.
- from Goldfinger by Ian Fleming, who achieved the rank of Commander in British Naval Intelligence.

17.Jan.2007 Bush: It's all 'unacceptable'  President Bush thinks a lot of things are "unacceptable" - except, of course, his presidency. posted by Prof. Hex
17.Jan.2007 We Are Family  Rigorous Intuition on the Bush administration's Manson Family Values. posted by Prof. Hex
17.Jan.2007 Euro displaces dollar in bond markets:

The euro has displaced the US dollar as the world’s pre-eminent currency in international bond markets, having outstripped the dollar-denominated market for the second year in a row.

17.Jan.2007 UAVs to patrol Canadian border: Unmanned surveillance aircraft will start patrolling the Canadian border by this fall, a Department of Homeland Security official said.

17.Jan.2007 US Housing Crash Continues: Prices disconnected from fundamentals. House prices are far beyond any historically known relationship to rents or salaries. Rents are less than half of mortgage payments. Salaries cannot cover mortgages except in the very short term, by using adjustable interest-only loans.
17.Jan.2007 Israeli Arabs 'racially profiled' : A new report alleges that Israeli security officials are being given a free hand by airports around the world to use racial profiling against Arab passengers, in violation of international law and the host countries' domestic legislation.

17.Jan.2007 Burning Conscience: Israeli Soldiers Speak Out: Video - A searing interview with Avichai Sharon and Noam Chayut, both veterans of the Israeli Defense Forces. After thorough introspection, these young men have chosen to speak out about their experiences as self-described "brutal occupiers of a disputed land." Producer: Sat Gwin

17.Jan.2007 A Basic History of Zionism and its Relation to Judaism: For many years Zionism remained a minority movement of mainly Eastern European Jews, excluding the whole religious establishment, most central and western European Jews and, last but not least, all non-European Jews who, unbeknown to Herzl and his co-founders, form the majority of us.

17.Jan.2007 Christians and Zion: Christian Zionism is the direct product of this unusual and recent Western form of Protestant theology. Found primarily in North America and England, it is now exported around the globe via satellite television, the internet, best-selling novels such as the Left Behind series, films and a new breed of missionaries.
17.Jan.2007 War pimp alert: Tehran stance "very negative" on Iraq - US's Gates: U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates accused Iran on Monday of doing nothing to help the United States in Iraq, saying Washington could only engage with Tehran if it showed it was ready to be constructive.

17.Jan.2007 Hersh: US, Israel support PKK's Iran wing: Israel and the United States have been “working together in support of a Kurdish resistance group known as the Party for Free Life in Kurdistan,” wrote Hersh

17.Jan.2007 Russian Admiral Says U.S. Navy Prepares Missile Strike on Iran: U.S. Navy nuclear submarines maintaining vigil off the coast of Iran indicate that the Pentagon’s military plans include not only control over navigation in the Persian Gulf but also strikes against Iranian targets, a former commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Eduard Baltin has told the Interfax news agency.

17.Jan.2007 Rice: UN sanctions on Iran 'not enough': Talk of a military strike against Iran shows how serious it would be for the Iranians to continue down the path of nuclear development, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in an interview with Channel 10 Sunday evening.

17.Jan.2007 U.S. says it will 'go after' Iran, Syria networks in Iraq : U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Monday that increased U.S. military activity in the Persian Gulf is meant to counter "very negative" behavior by Iran and undercut its belief that American forces are overcommitted in Iraq.

17.Jan.2007 Iran seeks Saudi help to ease tensions with U.S.: Iran asked Saudi Arabia to help ease tensions between the Islamic Republic and the United States as Washington held out the possibility of "engagement" with Tehran if it changed tack in Iraq.

17.Jan.2007 Rafsanjani calls for vigilance vis-a-vis United States: Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said that given the US failure to achieve its goals in the region, it is seeking to embark on a new adventure to cover up its defeat and urged the need for vigilance.

17.Jan.2007 Major investment bank issues warning on strike against Iran : Warning that investors might be "in for a shock," a major investment bank has told the financial community that a preemptive strike by Israel with American backing could hit Iran's nuclear program
15.Jan.2007 Bush Must Go
Only Impeachment Can Stop Him -By Paul Craig Roberts
When are the American people and their representatives in Congress and the military going to wake up and realize that the US has an insane war criminal in the White House who is destroying all chances for peace in the world and establishing a police state in the US?

17.Jan.2007 Escalation in the Middle East -By Rep Ron Paul
While the president’s announcement that an additional 20,000 troops would be sent to Iraq dominated the headlines last week, the real story was the president’s sharp rhetoric towards Iran and Syria. And recent moves by the administration only serve to confirm the likelihood of a wider conflict in the Middle East.

17.Jan.2007 Administration leaving out important details on Iraq -By Mark Siebel
President Bush and his aides, explaining their reasons for sending more American troops to Iraq, are offering an incomplete, oversimplified and possibly untrue version of events there that raises new questions about the accuracy of the administration's statements about Iraq.

17.Jan.2007 Misreading The Enemy-By Juan Cole
The president cannot seem to let go of his fixation on Al-Qaida, a minor actor in Iraq + his determination to confront Iran and Syria. He still assumes that the insurgents are outsiders to their neighborhoods and that U.S. troops can chase away the miscreants and keep them out, acting as a sort of neighborhood watch in khaki. In fact, Iraq's Sunni Arab elite is playing the spoiler + until a deal is negotiated with its members, no one will be allowed to enjoy the new Iraq.

17.Jan.2007 Bush the Empire Slayer -By Bernard Chazelle
Yeats bemoaned an era when the best lacked all conviction, while the worst were full of passionate intensity. Today, Kristol blusters and hectors, Cheney scolds and forebodes, Bush struts and smirks. Meanwhile, the giant, timid chorus listens politely to the deafening silence of the outraged—and the mad march of war goes on.

17.Jan.2007 Iraq War and the American Peasant -By Christopher King
Christopher King explores the phenomenon of the American peasant - that segment of US society which, through suspension of all critical faculties and indifference to the truth, defy logic and evidence by supporting the war against Iraq.

17.Jan.2007 Video : Elite Propaganda -The Myth of the Liberal Media
Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky demolish one of the central tenets of our political culture, the idea of the "liberal media." Instead, utilizing a systematic model based on massive empirical research, they reveal the manner in which the news media are so subordinated to corporate and conservative interests that their function can only be described as that of "elite propaganda."
Click to view

17.Jan.2007 New Congress Can Save Lives, or Money -By Desmond Tutu
The new Congress, led in the House by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is about to make its first decision regarding how America's money should be spent - a decision that leaves millions of lives hanging in the balance. Congress's choice to bypass 2007 appropriations legislation and extend fiscal 2006 funding levels into the new year will mean, in effect, cuts of almost $1billion in funding for programs to combat AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

17.Jan.2007 Martin Luther King, "It's A Dark Day In Our Nation" - Martin Luther King Jr.: "Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam" - Audio and transcript
"I call on the young men of America who must make a choice today to take a stand on this issue. Tomorrow may be too late. The book may close. And don't let anybody make you think that God chose America as his divine, messianic force to be a sort of policeman of the whole world. "
This is a must listen

17.Jan.2007 Military Is Expanding Its Intelligence Role in U.S. -By ERIC LICHTBLAU and MARK MAZZETTI
The Pentagon has been using a little-known power to obtain banking and credit records of hundreds of Americans and others suspected of terrorism or espionage inside the United States, part of an aggressive expansion by the military into domestic intelligence gathering.

17.Jan.2007 Bolivian governor calls off autonomy plans: The governor of Cochabamba in central Bolivia said on Monday he will stop pressing for a referendum on regional autonomy, the issue that sparked deadly street clashes last week

17.Jan.2007 U.S. guns pour into Mexico : Arms race among drug cartels, end of ban in America result in flood of high-power weapons over border

17.Jan.2007 Italy to give green light to U.S. air base expansion : Italy will not object to U.S. plans to expand one of the largest American military bases in Europe, Prime Minister Romano Prodi said on Tuesday, despite divisions in his centre-left government over the Vicenza air base.

17.Jan.2007 Democrats in Senate Fail to Block Bill on Ethics : After campaigning for months on a promise to tighten ethics rules, Senate Democratic leaders tried unsuccessfully Thursday to block a measure that would shine a light on the shadowy practice of earmarking federal money for lawmakers’ pet projects.

17.Jan.2007 Libby perjury trial will drag in Iraq policy : The biggest US political court case for decades opened in Washington today when Lewis “Scooter” Libby, the former chief of staff to vice-president Dick Cheney, went on trial for perjury.

17.Jan.2007 Passenger wins discrimination case : John Cerqueira, a US citizen of Portuguese descent, charged that he was removed from a 2003 flight at Boston's Logan International Airport because he appeared Middle Eastern + was denied service even after police determined he did not pose a threat.

17.Jan.2007 Big Brother's new toy: It will be powered by solar energy + will stay in a geocentric orbit for up to a year, undetectable by ground-based radar. You can't see it from the ground. But it can see you.

17.Jan.2007 Cold Snap Destroys Most Calif. Citrus: Three nights of freezing temperatures have destroyed up to three-quarters of California's $1 billion citrus crop, according to an estimate issued Monday as forecasters warned the weather could continue.
17.Jan.2007 Olmert to face corruption probe : Israel's justice ministry has said its chief prosecutor has ordered an investigation of Ehud Olmert, the country's prime minister, over his alleged role in the privatisation of Israel's second-largest bank.
17.Jan.2007 President dubs alleged Pearl killer MI6 spy: Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf has disclosed that Omar Sheikh, who kidnapped and murdered American journalist Daniel Pearl and is now facing death penalty, was actually the British secret Agency MI6’s agent and had executed certain missions on their behest before coming to Pakistan and visiting Afghanistan to meet Osama and Mullah Omar.

17.Jan.2007 Israeli, Syrian representatives reach secret understandings : In a series of secret meetings in Europe between September 2004 and July 2006, Syrians and Israelis formulated understandings for a peace agreement between Israel and Syria. The main points of the understandings are as follows:

17.Jan.2007 Turkey plans to extend gas, oil and water pipelines to Israel : Turkey and Israel have tentatively agreed on building a network of pipelines to ship oil, natural gas and water from Turkey to Israel, the The Turkish Energy Ministry said Tuesday.
17.Jan.2007 Iraqis will never accept this sellout to the oil corporations : The US-controlled Iraqi government is preparing to remove the country's most precious resource from national control

17.Jan.2007 Saudi Arabia skeptical about Iraqi government: President Bush's new plan to save Iraq got a skeptical reception from Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, as Washington's close ally questioned whether Iraq's weak government can rein in sectarian tensions and stabilize its neighbor.

17.Jan.2007 MSNBC: Saudi Arabia mulls sending troops to Iraq : NBC News' Andrea Mitchell reported on MSNBC that Saudi Arabia is mulling whether or not to send troops to Iraq, to "protect their interests" there.

17.Jan.2007 Iraq vets' suicide rate soars : While over 3,000 American soldiers have died in hostilities, a growing number have taken their own lives, often because of the horrors of fighting the war.

17.Jan.2007 Service members join war protest: Several dozen service members joined peace activists today to call for an end to the war in Iraq, part of a nationwide effort that links a growing group of active-duty protesters to the peace movement.

17.Jan.2007 Mike Whitney: “When will this Nightmare End?”: The war in Iraq is not an “ideological struggle against Islamic extremism”, as Bush avers, but a brutal colonial war aimed at Iraqi civilians; the rest is merely smoke and mirrors.

17.Jan.2007 Selective Amnesia: The pundits who sold the Iraq War change their tune and bury their records.

17.Jan.2007 Iraq edges closer to Iran, with or without the U.S. : The Iraqi government is moving to solidify relations with Iran, even as the United States turns up the rhetorical heat and bolsters its military forces to confront Tehran's influence in Iraq.

17.Jan.2007 Dilip Hiro: Cords that cannot be broken: Several months before his declaration in a televised speech on January 10 that the Pentagon would go after the Iranian networks in Iraq, President Bush signed secret orders authorising military action to counter Iran's ambitions in Iraq and the broader Middle East.

17.Jan.2007 Iranian troops shoot down U.S. spy drone: report : Iranian troops have shot down a U.S. pilotless spy plane, local Fars News Agency reported on Tuesday.

17.Jan.2007 Allies 'go after' Iran as beefed-up naval force sails for Gulf: Britain is joining an American military campaign to blunt Iranian influence in Iraq and the Gulf.

17.Jan.2007 Russian missiles delivered to Iran: Ivanov : Russia has delivered new anti-aircraft missile systems to Iran and will consider further requests by Tehran for defensive weapons, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said on Tuesday.

17.Jan.2007 Exiles train to overthrow Tehran : From their base the fighters cross the porous border into Iran to carry out attacks. Al Jazeera witnessed a group of highly motivated men carry out a mock attack on Iranian


17.Jan.2007 AP: Iran Gets Army Gear in Pentagon Sale : A Pakistani arms broker convicted of exporting U.S. missile parts to Iran resumed business after his release from prison. He purchased Chinook helicopter engine parts for Iran from a U.S. company that had bought them in a Pentagon surplus sale
17.Jan.2007 Spain seeks US soldiers' arrest : Spain has issued an international arrest warrant for three US soldiers accused of causing the death of a TV cameraman during the Iraq war.
17.Jan.2007 Murtha proposes bill to choke funding for surge -By Eric Pfeiffer
Mr. Murtha said that he doesn't think Democrats can stop Mr. Bush from instituting the first wave of a troop surge, but that his panel will be able to pass legislation to stop further waves within a month. "I don't know how many troops they can get in the field before we get our bill up and passed in the Congress," he said.

17.Jan.2007 John Murtha: “It’s a whole new Ballgame” -By Mike Whitney
Murtha is demanding that the administration “stop extending tours of duty, stop depleting our strategic reserves + retrain returning soldiers so they can be ‘recycled’” according to the normal procedures. He knows that the military is gravely over-stretched, so he’s trying to derail the war with bureaucratic red tape.

17.Jan.2007 President Bush: Meet Walter Jones -By Patrick J. Buchanan
I don't believe it. If tomorrow Bush took out Iran's nuclear facilities, would a Senate that lacks the courage to cut funds for an unpopular war really impeach him for denying a nuclear capability to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Bush's lawyers would make the same case Nixon made for the 1970 "incursion" into Cambodia – and even a Nixon-hating Democratic House did not dare to impeach him for that.

17.Jan.2007 Where's the outrage? -By Gary Kamiya
A real antiwar movement would end our Iraq disaster. But the middle class doesn't care enough to protest, so the kids who go to community college will keep dying.

17.Jan.2007 Escalation Against Iran - The Pieces Are Being Put in Place - By Col. Sam Gardner
The pieces are moving. They’ll be in place by the end of February. The United States will be able to escalate military operations against Iran.

17.Jan.2007 More Blood for Oil - By Carl Bloice
Forget about all that stuff about Ethiopia having a 'tacit' o.k. from Washington to invade Somalia. The decision was made at the White House and the attack had military support from the Pentagon. The governments are too much in sync and the Ethiopians too dependent on the U.S. to think otherwise.

17.Jan.2007 Chalmers Johnson: Republic or Empire - Audio Interview By Jeff Blankfort
Chalmers Johnson, author of Blowback and Sorrows of Empire, discusses the build-up of the US empire based on Keynesian military spending, its conflicts with the concept of the US as a republic + its inevitable downfall.

17.Jan.2007 " This is the moment freedom begins " - By Bill Moyers:
"Virtually everything the average person sees or hears outside of her own personal communications, is determined by the interests of private, unaccountable executives and investors whose primary goal is increasing profits and raising the country's share price. More insidiously, this small group of elites determine what ordinary people do not see or hear. "
Audio and transcript This is a must listen/read

17.Jan.2007 Bizarre Bushevik U-Turn: "Bush chides Iraq over recent executions." Okay, George, Whatever You Say.
Uh, does the following description sound like anyone we know? Perhaps the "decider-in-chief" in the White House? "As Martha Stout explains, a sociopath is defined as someone who displays at least three of seven distinguishing characteristics, such as deceitfulness, impulsivity and a lack of remorse. Such people often have a superficial charm, which they exercise ruthlessly in order to get what they want. Stout argues that the development of sociopathy is due half to genetics and half to nongenetic influences that have not been clearly identified." [From Publishers Weekly]

17.Jan.2007 Haaretz: Big Story About Detailed Potential Peace Agreement Between Syria and Israel. Why Would Bush Single Out Syria if Peace Between Israel and Syria is So Close? Good Question, Indeed.

17.Jan.2007 Republican Dumbo Senator Ted "The Internet is a Bunch of Tubes" Stevens Ate a Bowl of Stupid for Breakfast: "President Bush?s plan to add more than 20,000 troops to Iraq looks to Sen. Ted Stevens like the first step in a careful withdrawal from the country." Is This Guy a Trip or What? 1/17

17.Jan.2007 A Banana Republican Farce That Never Ends. After the recent controversy surrounding Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Detainee Affairs Charles "Cully" Stimson's comments about major law firms representing Guantánamo detainees pro bono, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales then blamed attorneys for the lack of trials to date. 1/17
Dick Cheney is Selected the Gun Guy of 2006! 1/17

17.Jan.2007 Perjury Trial of Libby Starts with Wrangling Over the Jury. Put BuzzFlash on the Jury, Then We Won't Need to Hold a Trial. Guilty as Charged. Send Scooter to Gitmo! Who Said We are Biased? Off With Their Heads. Oh, Sorry, That's Happening in Iraq Already. 1/17
Bomb blasts in Baghdad leave 109 dead. The "Surge" is Going in the Wrong Direction, As Usual, George.
Four U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq. Bush's Signature is On Their Death Cerficates. 1/17

17.Jan.2007 Michael Winship: Media Reform: Arming the Lambs -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
16.Jan.2007 - Liste der "Bestverdienensten " Toten, Elvis immer ... Re: Liste der "Bestverdienensten " Toten, Elvis immer noch Nr. 1


11.Sep.2001 -The legacy of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) is recorded in New York Harbor (NYH) sediments as a stratigraphic layer containing elevated concentrations of several elements, including Ca, S, Sr, Cu + Zn. Textural and analytical results indicate that the deposition of WTC ash (via atmospheric input or urban runoff) could account for all these elevated elemental concentrations.

This “geochemical fingerprint” provides a potential tool for assessing the environmental + health impacts of the WTC catastrophe + for quantifying particle + contaminant dynamics in the Lower Hudson River Estuary.
Canadian Spectator ... to the United Nations accusing Iraq of harboring weapons of mass destruction ... Ridge wanted to " debunk the myth" that his department was needlessly frightening ...
and human migration across the Himalaya and pave the way for possible new economic, military and political alliances in the region. (7) Glacier retreat might open new sanctuaries for terrorists and open new corridors for possible ground-based military offensive action across the HKH ranges. The documentation of glacier characteristics that may influence their trafficability + projections of future glacier extent and
16.Jan.2007 Israel: Generalstabschef Holutz tritt zurück
16.Jan.2007 Wintereinbruch: Viele Teile der USA versinken in Schnee und Chaos
16.Jan.2007 Korruption: Israelische Justiz leitet Ermittlungen gegen Olmert ein
16.Jan.2007 Säbelrasseln: Türkei bringt Militär- Aktion im Irak ins Spiel
16.Jan.2007 Israelisch- syrische Geheimtreffen: Scharon duldete Verhandlungen über Rückgabe des Golan
16.Jan.2007 Umfrage: Ungarische Regierung auf Rekordtief
16.Jan.2007 Winterstürme: Nordsee nagt deutsche Inseln an
Ostdeutschland: Schlechte Stimmung wie noch nie
USA: Obama will sich um Bush- Nachfolge bewerben
16.Jan.2007 Kredite von der Bank: Beraten und verkauft

Auch aus den USA gingen Waffenteile nach Iran - allerdings ungewollt: Die US-Streitkräfte haben in mindestens sechs Fällen verbotenes Gerät an Mittelsmänner von Ländern wie Iran und China verkauft. Die Mittelsmänner nutzten dafür Sicherheitslücken bei Auktionen des US-Verteidigungsministeriums aus. Verkauft wurden unter anderem Teile für Kampfflugzeuge und Raketen. In einem Fall gelangte die Ware nach Erkenntnissen von Bundesermittlern nach Iran.

Dabei habe ein pakistanischer Waffenhändler Motorteile eines "Chinook"-Hubschraubers von einer US-Firma gekauft, die die Teile aus Überbeständen des Pentagons erstanden habe, erklärten Beamte der US-Zollbehörde, die nicht genannt werden wollten. Der Waffenhändler verbüßte bereits eine Haftstrafe wegen Exports von Raketenteilen in den Iran. Nach seiner Haftentlassung nahm er sein Geschäft wieder auf.

Die Artenschützer der ZSL planen auch ähnliche Programme für Reptilien, Vögel und Amphibien. "Wenn man sich das Leben der Edge-Tiere wie die Welt der Kunst vorstellt, wäre es so, als ob man die Mona Lisa verlieren würde", sagte Baille zur BBC. "Die Tiere sind einzigartig und unersetzbar."

Das Projekt wird Wissenschaftler in jeden der unterschiedlichen Lebensräume der Tiere schicken und dort Vorgehensweisen festlegen. Nach und nach sollen so in den nächsten fünf Jahren Schutzprogramme für alle 100 von Edge ausgewählten Arten entstehen.

"Es ist eine Tragödie, dass viele Spezies übersehen werden und so unbemerkt aussterben", betonte Baille. "Wir müssen diese bemerkenswerten Arten unbedingt bekannt machen und sie beschützen, bevor es zu spät ist."
Artensterben: Verlust der skurrilsten Tiere droht

16.Jan.2007 Waffen- Deal: Russland liefert Raketensysteme nach Iran
16.Jan.2007Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr - Wikipedia, the free ... Hale and Dorr gained national recognition 00.000.1954 when partner Joseph Welch, ... Both Hale and Dorr and Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering have a long history of ...
16.Jan.2007 ICONDO - PERGUNTAS E RESPOSTAS Então, os cães latem, uivam o dia todo, e/ou á noite toda, (durante o tempo que estão sozinhos) a ponto de incomodarem os demais vizinhos. ...


11.Sep.2001 + the Bush Administration: Compelling Evidence for ...

To appear in Bernd Hamm (Ed) (2005). Devastating Society: The Neo-liberal Assault on Democracy and Social Justice.
Portfolio Institutionell: Europäische und asiatische Konkurrenz ...

Wenn Venture Capital, dann USA.

Diese Einstellung könnte sich künftig ändern. ...

Darunter befinden sich teils bekannte Namen wie Sequoia, 3i oder Axa,
20051023 Dec.2004 Sequoia is the corporate parent of a private equity firm, Madison Dearborn ,which is partner in the Carlyle Group .."

Nachrichten In a stealth takeover by the Carlyle Group, facilitated by 5 Admirals, ... SAIC is a private spook corporation, involved in voting machines ( SEQUOIA etc.

KMU werden mobil KMU werden mobil - HTML-Version
Private te-Equity-Unternehmen Carlyle Group . (. ) + versucht mit ... nischen IT-Investoren Sequoia Capital. ( ...
Geschäftsbericht Leistungsbilanz Sequoia oder Kleiner Perkins, haben über Jahre – trotz hoher. Marktvolatilitäten – Renditen von über ... etablierten Partnern, wie z.B. der Carlyle Group . ...
Wikimedia Commons: Main Page link0 __NOTOC__ __NOEDITSECTION__ nav ...

Jerusalem is also the capital of Israel. nav The Old City link2880 nav The ...

Wikimedia Commons: Thomas Carlyle link23085 Thomas Carlyle (04.Dec.---- ...
Geheime Treffen: "Scharon war an israelisch- syrischen Verhandlungen nicht interessiert"
Vogelgrippe: H5N1 in Japan nachgewiesen
Istanbul: Alle zwei Wochen stirbt eine Frau - für die Ehre
Manager und Mäzen: Unternehmer- Legende Rudolf August Oetker gestorben
16.Jan.2007 Afghanistan: Regierung plant neues Mandat für Tornado- Einsatz
16.Jan.2007 Klimaschutz: EU erwägt CO2- Zertifikatehandel für Autohersteller

16.Jan.2007 Gewalt im Irak: Uno zählt mehr als 34.000 tote Zivilisten in einem Jahr

16.Jan.2007 Aktienmarkt: Weniger Anleger trauen sich an die Börse
16.Jan.2007 Erdwärme- Projekt: Erneut Erdbeben am Bohrloch von Basel
16.Jan.2007 Fall Litwinenko: Britische Ermittler wollen erneut nach Moskau

16.Jan.2007 Miserable Ernte: Produzenten prophezeien "Pommes- Krise"

16.Jan.2007 ZDF- Schocker "Aufstand der Alten": Oma sieht rot
16.Jan.2007 Raubtiere: Warum Tiger kleiner sind als Saurier
Nahost- Konflikt: Bericht über geheimes Friedensabkommen zwischen Israel und Syrien

16.Jan.2007 Professoren: Die Vertreibung der Weisen
16.Jan.2007 Finanzen: Bund und Länder steigern Steuereinahmen

16.Jan.2007 Schlag gegen Islamisten: Pakistanische Armee greift Terror- Camps an
16.Jan.2007 Ölstreit: Russland sucht nach Bypass für Druschba- Pipeline
16.Jan.2007 Kampf um Rohstoffe: Waffen, Öl, dreckige Deals - wie China den Westen aus Afrika drängt
15.Jan.2007 Peinliche Panne: Einsatzprotokolle der Polizei landen im Internet
Bundestag: Erneuter Vorstoß für Kinderwahlrecht
Londoner Leichenfund: Russland vermutet Mord an Jukos- Gründer

15.Jan.2007 Verbrecherjagd: EU- Minister wollen DNA- Datenbanken vernetzen