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31.Mar.2005 WWI #496 side 2 Hans Ulrich Rudel + Reinhard Gehlen + Dulles Brothers + current CIA + DIA + NSA + NSC. DIE SPINNE + ODESSA + THE SPIDER... 22 countries, sworn allegiance to ... www.maebrussell.com/Bibliography%20Sheets/496s2.html

31.Mar.2005 From fs_announce-admin@freedomsite.org Mon, 13 Mar 2000 05:28:06 ... figures of the far right: Terry Long, former leader of the Aryan Nation; ... He was convicted of theft but was not deported + got a Canadian passport ... www.freedomsite.org/pipermail/fs_announce/2000.txt
Famous Soldiers ... 1945 - Germany Henry Kissinger as a counter-intelligence officer, pictured with mentor, Fritz Kraemer, a Prussian immigrant serving in the US Army ... www.nnhs65.00freehost.com/famous-soldiers.html

16.Nov.1992 - The Price of Power by Bird, Kai -The Nation- But Isaacson has Fritz Kraemer, Kissinger's mentor in the US. ...But Kissinger flew into a rage, Isaacson reports, "that shocked even those used to his ... www.nationarchive.com/Summaries/v255i0016_14.htm

31.Mar.2005 Thinkers Effect ... C. Eight Thinkers Who Affected Bob Dobbs:. 1- George I. Gurdjieff. 2- Albert Hofmann. 3- Fritz Kraemer . 4- Reinhard Gehlen. 5- James Jesus Angleton ... www.jesgrew.org/wake/ZeroPoint/Thinkers.html

31.Mar.2005 The Next Threat by Peter Schweizer ... “History is not a dotted line,” Fritz Kraemer, the man who taught Henry Kissinger realpolitik, once told me. “It’sa straight line ... www.hooverdigest.org/983/schweizer.html 29.Mar.2005

Sacramento23 His name was Fritz Kraemer + he died last November at age 95. The New York Sun's obituary headlined, "German Refugee Mentored Kissinger ... www.adelaideinstitute.org/Conference/sacramento23.htm

00.000.1945 -Die Zeit nach- Stehend von links: Georg Kolonko, Hermann Lohmann, Josef Bartol, Heinrich Grundmann, Fritz Eimers, Fritz Krämer, Fritz Benninghoff ... www.stvhuenxe.de/chronik/die_zeit_nach_1945.htm

31.Mar.2005 Irish News - Irish Independent Online - Sunday Independent, Irish ... FRITZ KRAEMER, who has died aged 95,

was a refugee from Nazi Germany who became chief civilian adviser to successive US Army Chiefs of Staff + ... www.unison.ie/irish_independent/index.php3?ca=308&issue_id=10036

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/erde/0,1518,druck-348909,00.html
Wichtig ist Sex also dann, erklären die Forscher, wenn es um das Überleben des Stärkeren unter einem selektiven Druck wie beispielsweise hoher Temperatur geht.

Die Umgruppierung des elterlichen Erbmaterials beim Sex erhöht die Chance auf neue vorteilhafte Genkombinationen, die das Überleben der Nachkömmlinge unter stressigen Umweltbedingungen vereinfachen oder

überhaupt erst ermöglichen könnten. Obwohl Sex gleichzeitig auch nützliche Genkombinationen auseinander reißen kann, scheinen die Vorteile dieser weit verbreiteten Vermehrungsweise zu überwiegen.
Wall-Street-Schluss: Sinkende Ölpreise beflügeln Aktienkurse

31.Mar.2005 Evolution: Wer Sex hat, ist im Vorteil

31.Mar.2005 Außenminister in Not: Fischer-Mobbing im Auswärtigen Amt

31.Mar.2005 Gläserne Konten: Abfrageautomatik der Finanzämter funktioniert nicht

31.Mar.2005 Irak: Immer mehr Kinder leiden an Hunger

31.Mar.2005 Internisten fordern: Nur Spendewillige sollen selbst Organe bekommen

31.Mar.2005 Boomwirtschaft Amerika: US-Unternehmen im Gewinnrausch

31.Mar.2005 Gedenken an Kriegsende: Bush und Kim Jong Il auf Moskauer Gästeliste

31.Mar.2005 Guantanamo: 38 Gefangene freigelassen

31.Mar.2005 Terrorismus: Das Web als Waffe

31.Mar.2005 Epidemie-Vorhersage: WHO hört auf Gerüchte aus dem Web

31.Mar.2005 Weltbank-Gerangel: Warum die EU Wolfowitz lieben lernte

31.Mar.2005 Millionen ohne Job: Kaltes Frühjahr blockiert Aufschwung am Arbeitsmarkt

31.Mar.2005 Vatikan: Papst wird per Magensonde ernährt

31.Mar.2005 Künftiger Weltbankchef: Wolfowitz punktet bei EU-Vertretern

31.Mar.2005 The Sound of Freedom ... squadrons to the Oceana Naval Air Station ( located in Virginia Beach ). ...Ed Schrock ( R - 2nd Dist.)could barely be heard over the jeers + www.american-partisan.com/cols/2002/gibson/qtr3/0909.htm


01.Jun.2001 One of the nation’s early naval heroes will be honored on ... US Representative Edward L. Schrock, of Virginia’s Second Congressional ...www.ss.northropgrumman.com/pressrelease/news/01_06_01.cfm

31.Mar.2005 DoD News: Guided Missile Destroyer Preble To Be Christened - Edward L. Schrock, of Virginia's 2nd Congressional District, will deliver the .. Connie Clark, wife of Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Vern Clark ... www.dod.mil/releases/2001/b06082001_bt256-01.html

31.Mar.2005 MSNBC - GOP scrambles to replace retiring Virginia lawmaker Edward L. Schrock announced his retirement amid claims that he is gay. ...of Virginia in an area that is home to the world’s largest US naval base... www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5870077


01.Jun.2001 - One of the USA nation’s early naval heroes will be honored on ... US Representative Edward L. Schrock, of Virginia’s Second Congressional ... www.ss.northropgrumman.com/pressrelease/news/01_06_01.cfm

28.Mar.2005 Northrop Grumman Corporation - Defining the Future ... War naval hero + a pioneer in naval and merchant marine service ... Edward L. Schrock of Virginia will deliver the ceremony's principal address ... www.irconnect.com/noc/press/pages/news_releases.mhtml?d=17531

00.Aug.2004 The Hamster - Archives The site links to an audio recording that it claims is Schrock calling into the ... Rumsfeld should go: Responsibility for prison abuse flowed from many www.the-hamster.com/mtype/archives/2004/08

MCF - Welsh: Code of the Brain .. + former psychological warfare expert with the Office of Naval Research. .. he [Clifford Schrock, an electronic engineer Pacific Northwest Center for ... www.mindcontrolforums.com/welshbook.htm

31.Mar.2005 Breit Drescher & Imprevento, PC ... was a preschool teacher at the Norfolk Naval Base Child Development Center ... counts of child molestation + sentenced to five life terms in prison... breitdrescher.com/caseresults.cfm

31.Mar.2005 NEWSGRID AUGUST 2004 .. Plastic surgeons' turf stays off-limits + Major Prison Reform Eludes ... Ed Schrock of Virginia announces retirement following claims he is gay ... www.newsmakingnews.com/newsgrid,8,04.htm

31.Mar.2005 Blog for America .. However, they are really be flown to Aru Ghraib prison in Iraq to be ?softened .. that will replace Schrock, the guy who was "outed" for being gay ... www.blogforamerica.com/archives/005104.html

Blog for America... well, another homophobe is about to be outed just like ed schrock ... the US Naval Base at Guant?amo Bay, Cuba, where an estimated 600 prisoners were ...www.blogforamerica.com/archives/005108.html

31.Aug.2004 Gay Republicans Withhold Bush Endorsement - Schrock, a retired career Navy officer + Vietnam veteran ...

00.000.2000 -in- to the seat in a district that is home to the world's largest naval base ... www.theweddingparty.org/inthenews/2004_08_01_archive.html

31.Mar.2005 OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM: OPERATIONS AND RECONSTRUCTION ED SCHROCK, Virginia W. TODD AKIN, Missouri J. RANDY FORBES, Virginia ... sick + shipwrecked, prisoners of war + enemy civilians in our hands. ...commdocs.house.gov/committees/security/has094000.000/has094000_0.htm

31.Mar.2005 The Swift Report: Current Affairs Tom DeLay went to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda ... Former Virginia congressman Ed Schrock landed on the bottom of the pile ... swiftreport.blogs.com/news/current_affairs

31.Mar.2005 Timshel Arts, Dust in the Light ... offers very little more by way of context for the Schrock quotation: ... was walking with his family toward the end of Naval Station Pier 2,

... when the ... dustinthelight.timshelarts.com/archives/archive-092003.htm

31.Mar.2005 Political Strategy - Politics, Strategies, Tactics, News and Opinion ... Ed Schrock (R-VA), who promptly announced he will not seek re-election this year.

Some media outlets - including Hustler - are gearing up to out Rep ... www.politicalstrategy.org/archives/000382.php

31.Mar.2005 PUERTO RICO HERALD: US Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing ... secretary of the Navy; Admiral Vern Clark, chief of Naval Operations; ...

SCHROCK : And they say we don't need to go where we're not wanted ... www.puertorico-herald.org/issues/2001/vol5n26/HouseArmServHrng-en.shtml

31.Mar.2005 N IE W - View as HTML ... Mark Schrock, who received the 2002. Massey-Ferguson Educational Award in ... of Naval Research and National. Science Foundation, as well as ... www.mediarelations.ksu.edu/WEB/News/InView/82902inview.pdf

10.Jul.2003 US HASC: Hearing on the Progress of Operation Iraqi Freedom –... USA Department of Defense now assumes the ground naval force in theater today ... SCHROCK : Kind of a follow-on to what my friend Mr. Ortiz mentioned. ... www.iraqwatch.org/government/US/HearingsPreparedstatements/us-hasc-071003.htm

01.Jan.2003-31.Jun.2003 Archive Operational naval news, curated from open source intelligence ... Edward L. Schrock, Chairman of the Navy-Marine Corps Caucus in the US House of ... www.nosi.org/archivejanuary2003

31.Mar.2005 The Case Against Privatizing National Security Ann Markusen Senior ... - View as HTML ... Nora Kahn, Michael Leary + Greg Schrock for research support ... FFRDC‘s like Rand and Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) @ none apparently have been ...www.gao.gov/a76panel/fortherecord/amarkusenpaper.pdf

31.Mar.2005 Spring 2001 Vol. XI, No. 2 – CPTweb ... by Naval officials and held overnight at the Guaynabo federal prison on the ... James Garrison + Jed Schrock, for countless hours spent restoring ... www.cpt.org/archives/spring01.php

31.Mar.2005 National & International Press Coverage of the Peoples' Summit ... to place the leaders under citizens ' arrest for crimes against humanity ... the day this article is published, I will be leaving for Denver, Colorado ... www.ee.upenn.edu/~rabii/toes/NationalPress.html

31.Mar.2005 Iraq War Resistance - Day by Day ... Food Not bombs co-founder Keith McHenry arrested while tabling w/o ... headquarters while attempting a citizens ' arrest of CEO Daniel .. www.serve.com/nukeresister/133iraq.html

31.Mar.2005 Anti War Banshees Arrested at Shannon Airport - National Anti-War ... greeted by National Guard security people + Polk Co Sheriffs ... I placed Peter Dutton under citizens arrest for his role in the war crimes against ... www.indymedia.ie/newswire.php?story_id=67254

Anti War Banshees Arrested at Shannon Airport - National Anti-War ... DM Catholic Worker Tom Schmitz bailed out of the Co. Jail at 1 am ... I placed Peter Dutton under citizens arrest for his role in the war crimes against ... www.indymedia.ie/newswire.php?story_id=67254&media_type=AUDIO -

31.Mar.2005 CCW Forums - Defense ideas ... laws (including self-defense, citizens arrest and liability), basic marksmanship ... In Colorado, you only have to believe you are in physical danger ... www.ccwforums.com/archive/index.php/t-413.html

31.Mar.2005 Idiot Legal Arguments Section Four ... of name in pleadings, but case caption had normal name); Rosenheck & Co ... and "Citizens Warrant for Citizens Arrest " sent to IRS employees) US v. ...www.militia-watchdog.org/suss4.asp

Publicola ... Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Colorado ... every night looking for drug lords & pimps to place under citizens arrest ... publicola.blogspot.com/2004_04_11_publicola_archive.html

WWIII. Axis of Evil: Bush + Blair + Sharon's ambitious ... thanks to DanielBrett.co.uk for this imageBetween the lines - what the ... How about making a citizens " arrest of George W. Bush if he dares to step off ... www.bilderberg.org/hell.htm 28.Mar.2005

Head of NORTHCOM/NORAD Discusses Threats ... I did a search on him and I came across a citizens arrest for him by some ... the authority to launch 550 nuclear armed missiles in Wyoming, Colorado ... www.terroranalysis.com/story/75889.html

Yorkshire CND - International Incident – 11/1/02 ... The Colorado Springs Municipal Court isn't usually a place where judges and ... they entered Petrerson AFB to serve a " citizens arrest warrant" on Gen ... www.cndyorks.gn.apc.org/yspace/articles/internationalincident.htm

31.Mar.2005 Will The 'Quackbusters' Survive 2005? ... been named in a FEDERAL Racketeering (RICO) lawsuit in Colorado (CAVITAT v ... We shall see when so-called "law enforcement" and/or citizens ' arrest ... www.rense.com/general62/wbs.htm

28 Point Plan To Save America ... In Colorado, tell all your friends about www.cairco.org In California ... about): Put under citizens arrest anyone you/we suspect of violating these ... www.rense.com/general62/wewni.htm

31.Mar.2005 Jukos-Prozess: Ex-Sicherheitschef wegen Mordes verurteilt

31.Mar.2005 Börse am Mittag: Dax trotzt miesen US-Vorgaben

31.Mar.2005 Zwiebelfisch: Wo lebt Gott eigentlich heute?

31.Mar.2005 Waffenembargo gegen China: Schröder will sich auch vom Bundestag nicht stoppen lassen

31.Mar.2005 Rüstzeug für den Kopf: Was 19-jährige US-Soldaten über den Irak wissen müssen

31.Mar.2005 Viren, Würmer und Trojaner: Immer mehr gezielt eingesetzte Schnüffelprogramme

31.Mar.2005 Akupunktur: Nadeln senken Bluthochdruck

31.Mar.2005 Seebeben vor Sumatra: Es fehlt an Lebensmitteln, Wasser und Benzin

31.Mar.2005 NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMPS. D: Stevens [US, 1945] ... NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMPS . Directed by. George Stevens (Lt. Col.) Produced by. US Army Signal Corps/US Counsel for Prosecution of Axis Criminality ...www.cine-holocaust.de/cgi-bin/gdq?efw00fbw000927.gd -

31.Mar.2005 TAKING NO CHANCES: GMA INAUGURAL DRY RUN AT LUNETA ... After the event at the Quirino Grandstand, the President, De Castro, the Cabinet and members of the diplomatic corps will be escorted to Villamor Air ... www.newsflash.org/2004/02/hl/hl100556.htm

TIME Magazine Archive Article - From the Huks to Hibok-Hibok ... President Quirino summoned those cabinet members who could reach the presidential palace. To the victims of Hibok-Hibok and of the typhoon ... www.time.com/time/archive/preview/0,10987,888470,00.html

31.Mar.2005 I - HTML version ... officials of the Aguinaldo cabinet ) surrendered to the USA ... 00.000.1948 -When Roxas died, he was succeeded by Elpidio Quirino as president.. www.anakbayan.org/docs/SCPSR2.doc


00.May 1950 President Quirino created an Integrity Board consisting ... encouraged his cabinet colleagues and ruling party members to follow suit. ... www.kluweronline.com/article.asp?PIPS=5379581&PDF=1

Rogue Elephant ... the victory of Ramon Magsaysay over President Quirino in the Philippines; ... By year's end, Bobby Kennedy had become the cabinet officer in charge of ... www.memresearch.org/econ/rogue.htm

05.May 1950 Special Events for the Year - Phillippines president Quirino ends emergency crisis ... UN Security Council calls on members for troops to aid South Korea ... www.vaxxine.com/mgdsite/year/1950.htm

22.Feb.2002 NucNews - "Cabinet members left in the minority must, in the name of democracy ... The official was identified as Mario Roldán Quirino, a leader of a special ... nucnews.net/nucnews/2002nn/0202nn/020222nn.htm

31.Mar.2005 minims and Maxims ... The document, buried in a filing cabinet for more than 100 years ... The letter, addressed to Quirino Garzonio, a good friend of the saint ... www.companysj.com/v221/minimsmaxims.htm

31.Mar.2005 The Militarisation of Politics and Society ... In the Philippines, the USA bolstered the tottering Quirino regime ... of the Philippines, any members of his cabinet, or their families); ... www.daga.org/press/military/military03.htm

31.Mar.2005 Spin of the Day - Center for Media and Democracy ... about activist groups ranging from Greenpeace to Mothers Against Drunk Driving ... The Michigan deaths raise many sobering questions: Could their TSE ... www.prwatch.org/spin/April_2002.html

31.Mar.2005 Magic City Morning Star: 30.Jan.1937 – Today- in History- 2nd of Stalin's purge trials; Pyatakov & 16 others sentenced to death ... 17 years in prison for killing 2 teenagers in a drunk driving accident ...

31.Mar.2005 NewZoid Best of Day Headlines for 3/1/2004 *** Jackson Moving ... Italy's Bossi Leaves Prison. US Diplomats Leave Prison ... Narrowly Proves Too Rough For Drunk Tractor Driving Pumping Iron Tames Web Searches ...www.newzoid.com/vote/monthly_BOD_2004_Mar.txt

31.Mar.2005 THEOLOGICAL UPDATES from the Progressive Review ... a lesbian suicide, drunken driving and a botched abortion - and the reeking ... The Vatican has regularly expressed its concerns over Italy's low birth ...

08.Nov.2004 Free Polish Daily News Brief Week of Polish News ... found guilty of drunken driving should have their vehicles confiscated ... "With the exception of UK s Tony Blair, Italy's Silvio Berlusconi ... www.masterpage.com.pl/outlook/newsarchive/november82004newsframe.html

31.Mar.2005 ICH Daily October 1-6 2004 ... Italy's adoration of the “two Simonas”, the women aid workers abducted in Iraq, began to sour ...

00.000.1963 Cheney, Dick arrested for drunk driving, again. ... www.williambowles.info/ich/ich-1004-1.html

31.Mar.2005 Strange Stuff In The News ... Italy's soccer squad can have sex with their wives or girlfriends during the Euro ... A man was fined nearly 300 $s (250 euros) for drunk driving a ...

31.Mar.2005 Archived US + International Road Safety News, May 2004 : South Africa - Where Fines For Drunk Driving Get Bigger Very ... "The standard penalty for impaired driving causing death is two years ... www.driveandstayalive.com/info%20section/news/news%20archives/2004-05.htm

31.Mar.2005 BBC News | AMERICAS | Mexico's most feared family ... On the US-Mexico border an FBI 'wanted' sign displays the photos of two brothers: Ramon + Benjamin Arellano Felix ... news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/americas/newsid_780000/780040.stm

31.Mar.2005 Parents. The Anti-Drug. - Drugs & Terror - News... that evidence points convincingly to Ramon Arellano Felix's having died in a Feb ... The body was cremated + the blood, the morgue photos + the ... www.theantidrug.com/drugs_terror/news_tijuana.html

31.Mar.2005 Illustrative Risks to the Public in the Use of Computer Systems ... $hi F-16 landing gear raised while plane on runway; bomb problems (S 11 5) ... SH April Fool's 1984: Chemenko at MOSKVAX: network mail hoax (S 9 4) ... portal.acm.org/ft_gateway.cfm?id=381797&type=pdf

31.Mar.2005 Representation Community > Drugs on the Border ... Police in Mazatlan shot Ramon Arellano Felix to death in February 2000 ... photos of Ruby shooting alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald; what appears to ... leehiphopshow.ipbhost.com/lofiversion/index.php/t1715.html

The War on Terrorism - communigator - Spring 2002... AFP photos by Stephen Shaver (top to bottom): Riot policeman on guard near ... the “war on drugs,” + specifically the killing of Ramon Arellano - Felix ... www.jou.ufl.edu/pubs/communigator/spring2002/terror.htm

31.Mar.2005 MIT Students, 1925 ... Click here to browse our original, vintage photos, documents, etc... ...(Almost 100000 people, many with biographies or photos .) ... www.ancestorinfo.com/mit_students%201925.htm

31.Mar.2005 A Global Overview of Narcotics-Funded Terrorist and other ... - View as HTML... Argentina’s Ramon Mestre, director of the Permanent Work ... relationship between the Tijuana Cartel of the Arellano - Félix family and the FARC ... www.loc.gov/rr/frd/pdf-files/NarcsFundedTerrs_Extrems.pdf

31.Mar.2005 CHAPTER 5 THE CIA: "COCAINE IMPORTING AGENCY" CONTENTS Opium Finds ... In 1975, Honduran president General Oswaldo Lopez Arellano received $1.5 million in ... Hasenfus identified the two as Felix Rodriguez and Ramon Medina. ...www.angelfire.com/ca3/jphuck/BOOK3Ch5.html

31.Mar.2005 AMPP: War Drugs + Bioweapons ... including six Mexicans: Ramon + Benjamin Arrellano- Felix ... gambling casino + satellite wagering operations the AFO [ Arellano Felix organization] www.mega.nu:8080/ampp/wardrugs.html


31.Mar.2005 "Gang conflicts have become a form of urban-guerilla warfare over ... indicates they are...complete with the photos the gangs send in of themselves ... The Arellano Felix drug gang is led by Ramon Arrelano Felix + his ... www.ngcrc.com/introcha.html

31.Mar.2005 Radicus Internet - News of Mexico ... Rich Mexican Photos Sparks Outrage AP/3:40PM ... TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) - Ramon Arellano Felix struck terror among rivals of his family business ... www.radicus.net/news/listall/world.americas.mexico.asp

31.Mar.2005 28 63 29 20 31 39 39 39 20 63 72 75 63 69 70 68 75 78 20 68 77 61 ... China stole US secrets on seven nuclear warheads and the neutron bomb . ...CET A hoax disguised as a hoax warning is making its rounds around AOL users. ...web.textfiles.com/ezines/HWA/hwa-hn27.txt

31.Mar.2005 People's Tribune/Tribuno del Pueblo (Online Edition) Vol. 26 No. 9 ... stole our nuclear secrets" has been proven a hoax out of whole cloth ... has the hydrogen bomb and ways to miniaturize it along with the neutron bomb ... www.etext.org/Politics/Peoples.Tribune/Volume.26/pt-26.09

31.Mar.2005 THE GLOBAL SPREAD OF COMMUNISM FINAL WARNING ... Reagan made the decision to begin production of the Neutron bomb... who publishes the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, that the coup was a hoax.. www.the7thfire.com/new_world_order/final_warning/global_spread_of_communism.htm

31.Mar.2005 Omega File-2 ... It is strange that this 'Diary', which is most likely a hoax ... + inserted a neutron bomb into the underground naval base at South Georgia Island ... www.innervoyager.com/Omega-2.html

31.Mar.2005 Zero Mass Energy; Fire from the Sky page 2 of 3 ... The nice NASA space movies we saw on TV were a pre-recorded hoax to provide ...

Then a compact Russian neutron bomb was inserted through the shaft + ...www.geocities.com/Area51/9357/firesky2.html

The Phenomenal Earth Conspiracy ... nuclear secrets from the US by interviewing Sam Cohen, inventor of the neutron bomb ... are implicated in the hoax inflicted upon the American people. ... www.geocities.com/conspiracyx2002 /
INDIA vs PAKISTAN: AN ANALYSIS OF WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF THEY WENT ... the use of communications jamming could cause significant problems to airborne unitshich ... this could allow India to place large numbers of troops behind enemy www.terravista.pt/guincho/2104/moslem/conventional_war_analysis.html

URL: https://clientes.netvisao.pt/fanibalf/Viktor%20S-icebreaker.txt
Another imponderable is the response of UK USA to an all-out Soviet invasion of Europe.

00.Jul.1941 If Soviet forces had struck westward - would UK + USA have sided with Stalin + the USSR,

or would UK + USA have sided with Hitler + Germany + Italy + France + Romania + Finland + Hungary Denmark + the rest of Europe?

Or would Roosevelt + Churchill have decided to remain aloof from the great conflict?

31.Mar.2005 Tweeks World :: trouble ahead .. We like to brag that we're cool and high-speed 'cause we're airborne ... are only used to dealing with their troops one weekend a month...ect... ...red airborne.blog.com/90591

31.Mar.2005 RambleMind :: Is There Any Real Doubt? ... When troops from the 101st Airborne Division's 2nd Brigade arrived at the Al-Qaqaa base a day or so after coalition troops seized Baghdad on 09.Apr.2003 ... ramblemind.blog.com/58110 /

31.Mar.2005 WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 17 2001 ... Given all that we are told, airborne troops and special forces should be able to drive the Taleban from Kabul in a day, provided they are ready to take ... pwp.netcabo.pt/netmendo/portfolio%20simon%20jenkins2.htm

Centro de Coleccionadores -> Casa do Cavaleiro à Porta ... Ref.: 268, - The British troops in the Indian Mutiny 1857-1859 13,80 € ... 001, - The paras British Airborne Force 1940-1984, 16,00 € ... pwp.netcabo.pt/coleccionador/Livros/Livros.htm

23.May ---- New troops -on the-the unit day of the Airborne School (ETAT) was celebrated in ... Portuguese troops + serbian troops on Monday the 10.Jun.---- ... www.caleida.pt/ifor/homebb.htm

31.Mar.2005 Entwicklung der Ära der Macht von Marc Ravalomanana in Madagaskar .. Gleichfalls Indien, ein aufsteigendes Land, fertige 30% seiner Exporte über die ... sollten über ein neues Währungssystem für Madagaskar nachdenken ... madagaskar.malala-madagascar.net/htm_die_aera_ravalomanana_in_madagaskar.htm

31.Mar.2005 Hyperkube | Home... GEFCO is one of the most important logistics operators in Europe + is present in more than 60 ... One of the world’s biggest light manufacturers ...

31.Mar.2005 Before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure ... - HTML-Version ... Gefco . Commercial. banks. VW. Jarvis. Arriva. Sersa. Balfour Beatty ... logistics . companies. Suppliers. Financiers. Traditional. railways. Rail4Chem ...www.house.gov/transportation/rail/04-11-02/rennicke.pdf

31.Mar.2005 Nickles.de: Posting: WLAN - Strahlung noch gefährlicher - Sonne + kosmische Strahlung scheiden unter normalen Bedingungen aus ... 30 Jahre unter dieser Strahlung verbracht ? ... Beim Dachziegel der Firma X, der vorgestern ... www.nickles.de/static_cache/537617219.html

Wie wird Humus? Das Licht ... vermutliche Erklärung: Die aus Kieselsäure selbst hergestellten, Dachziegel ‘ sind stets ... Maß ist das Licht der Sonne und die kosmische Strahlung ebenso wie ... www.regenwurm.de/fr118.htm

31.Mar.2005 Yahoo! Finanzen Level 3 Communications, Inc Nachrichten ... Level 3 Communications, Inc (WKN: LVLT) ... Level 3 Communications weitet Verlust im dritten Quartal aus (finanzen.net) - 13:33 Uhr. Freitag 1 ... de.search.news.yahoo.com/search/compnews_de?p=ytic:LVLT&z=date
Government Enterprise Vendor Research Library: Level 3 ... Level 3 Communications, Inc ... USA, View All Documents by Level 3 Communications, Inc . TEL: 720-888-1000 FAX: 888-545-9407 URL: https://www.level3.com ... govtenterprise.bitpipe.com/detail/ORG/1078345018_275.html

31.Mar.2005 Level 3 Communications, Inc. Need to come up to speed on a technology fast, or want to spot a trend? Get the skinny from our whitepapers and analyst reports to make you more ... crn.bitpipe.com/detail/ORG/1078345018_275.html

31.Mar.2005 Insight Technology Library: Level 3 Communications, Inc. The InSight Technology Library is a deep source of IT + business research for business technology executives. It provides fully-indexed vendor white... britishtelecom.bitpipe.com/detail/ORG/1078345018_275.html
08Mar.1971 The Nation, – Editorials - America's Longest Running Weekly Magazine ... the, Republican – Party is ... firmly controlled by conservative elements. ... www.nationarchive.com/Summaries/v212i0010_03.htm

31.Mar.2005 Special Encyclopedias M45-1986 The Encyclopedic Handbook of Cults in America * Ref BL2525 ... K87 1996 The Encyclopedia of the Republican Party & ...Democratic Party+ $ ... abish.byui.edu/library/spency.cfm

31.Mar.2005 Panasas Overview - View as HTML ... Panasas offers the world's most scalable + agile storage network ... Paul Gottsegen, VP Marketing – Previously VP, North America Intel-based Servers ... www.rhic.bnl.gov/RCF/UserInfo/Meetings/Technology/Panasas_Public_Overview_403.pdf

31.Mar.2005 Kanasas Overview View as HTML ... Panasas offers the world's most scalable and agile storage network ... Paul Gottsegen, VP Marketing – Previously VP, North America Intel-based Servers ... www.rhic.bnl.gov/RCF/UserInfo/Meetings/Technology/Panasas_Public_Overview_403.pdf

26.Feb2001 Hush Communications - News Coverage: ... At Panasas, he'll be joining a slew of former Compaq-ees in top management, including Paul Gottsegen, vice president of marketing; Michael Heald ... corp.hush.com/about_hush/media_center/news/26a_february_01.shtml

31.Mar.2005 copyright- View as HTML ... “staged” and “destaged,” said Paul . Gottsegen, vice president of market-. ing at Panasus ... Panasas Targets the Bioinformatics Linux Cluster ... www.cbse.ucsc.edu/bioinform_10.20.03.pdf

31.Mar.2005 Panasas names new top officials - 2001-02-21 - Pittsburgh Business ... Also joining Panasas are vice president of marketing Paul Gottsegen, who was most ecently vice president of North American industry standard servers at Compaq ... pittsburgh.bizjournals.com/pittsburgh/stories/2001/02/19/daily13.html

25.Nov.2002 Expanded Perspectives Cel Celldar: Total Surveillance 2005 ... Stephen + John McCone form a separate company,. Bechtel-McCone ... alfatomega.com/noname031.html

29.Mär.2005 Revolutionärer Akku lädt in einer Minute auf Lithium-Batterie erreicht in 60 Sekunden 80 % der Kapazität - Entwicklung von Toshiba URL: https://derstandard.at/?id=1996922

29.Mar.2005 Karl Marx - Herr Vogt - VIII. Da-Da Vogt und seine Studien ... infolge der angestrengten Bemühungen der russischen Volkspartei die Kluft ... die lausitzisch- wendische Sprachinsel mitten im deutschen Sprachgebiet ... www.mlwerke.de/me/me14/me14_490.htm

31.Mar.2005 The Pentagon will never release the photos of the attack.

If it was Flight 77, then the endless speculation on this would stop immediately, freeing up skeptics to focus on the real issue (or in some cases, to invent wilder and wilder nonsense).

The endless debates is the best possible thing for the perpetrators, since it creates speculation after speculation that makes discerning the truth(s) much more difficult.

Very few people in the public give a shit about the plane/no plane pseudo-debate + release of further photos are of no interest to 99% of the public.

If it wasn't Flight 77, then obviously no photo can be released. Either way, the Pentagon gains from not releasing anything.

The "five photos" released by the military have the wrong date stamp on them (proof that they're tampered with?) and don't really show anything conclusive.

They were probably a deliberate effort to throw people into an endless debate, getting various factions arguing for one theory versus another. URL: https://www.oilempire.us/pentagon.html
A growing number of 11.Sep.2001 skeptics have realized the "no 757" story was spread to discredit/distract us.

It's a tempting theory in some ways, but if you trace the story back, there's no reality to it.

Photoshopped images, claims by anonymous people on the web, a blatant disregard of all of the evidence - these + more mental gymnastics are necessary to believe "no 757."

The "five photos" released by the military have the wrong date stamp on them (a clue that they're tampered with, a subtle statement from the military) and don't show anything conclusive.

It is probable they were a deliberate effort to throw people into an endless debate, getting various factions arguing for one theory versus another

The real issues are
WHERE it hit (the nearly empty part of the Pentagon) +

WHY the Air Force did not defend its headquarters . URL: https://www.oilempire.us/pentagon.html
1988 ..the Sandia National Laboratories conducted a test to determine the ability of reinforced concrete to protect a nuclear reactor from the impact of a jet aircraft.

The plane was an F-4 Phantom with two engines, the same type flown by Col. McClain. It was traveling at 480 miles per hour upon impact.

The test established that “the major impact force was from the engines.” Video of the test shows that the entire aircraft disintegrated upon impact, leaving no recognizable parts behind.

The video + still photos can be viewed at the Sandia web site.

We must not squabble over who has the best interpretation of this piece of evidence or that.

Instead, we should unite on the one issue about which there is little doubt.

Even if all of these burning questions are eventually answered to our satisfaction, the grim reality is that our collectivist leaders had ample warning of the terrorist attacks on 11.Sep.2001 + did nothing to prevent them.

It is not necessary to go further than that to know we have a huge problem.

They did this because they believe a war on terrorism provides a justification for increasing government power at home + for merging the USA – + all other nations – into global government based on the model of collectivism.

To reverse that plan is an absolute necessity if freedom is to survive anywhere in the world.

Let us unite in this common cause. URL: https://www.oilempire.us/pentagon.html
https://www.ratical.org/ratville/JFK/JohnJudge/notAllCequal.html Not all conspiracies are created equal by John Judge

25.Sep.2004 NucNews He found that many countries lost nuclear material or have insecure operations ... who was the Clinton administration's chief negotiator for nuclear ... nucnews.net/nucnews/2004nn/0409nn/040925nn.htm

28.Mar.2005 PirateNews.org ... The job was typical of the delicate, dangerous work Mark Loizeaux (Knoxville ... indicted warcriminal, picked by Resident George Bush Jr to control the ... piratenews.org/newsarchive.html

[CTRL] Eyewitness Reports Persist Of Bombs At WTC Collapse - View as HTML ...

00.Feb.2000 a federal grand jury indicted Mark Loizeaux + Douglas Loizeaux + Controlled Demolition, Inc. on charges of falsely ... www.mail-archive.com/ctrl@listserv.aol.com/msg81705.html

28.Mar.2005 IFPA-Fletcher Conference ... Dr. Stephen E . Flynn, Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow in National Security ... Dr. Dale Klein, Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear and ... www.ifpafletcherconference.com/speak.htm

28.Mar.2005 Federal ties to UT, UC critical in contract decision - The Daily ... Former UT vice chancellor and mechanical engineering professor Dale Klein ... on my position at the Department of Defense," Klein said in an e -mail ... www.dailytexanonline.com /.../16/TopStories/Federal.Ties.To.Ut.Uc.Critical.In.Contract.Decision-662755.shtml

28.Mar.2005 The Austin Chronicle: Politics: Will Shill for Nukes ... forward it via e -mail to the Statesman – even that address provided by the PROPAGANDA firm ...

29.Jun.1996 -edition of the Statesman- Dale E . Klein ... www.austinchronicle.com/issues/dispatch/2004-04-16/pols_feature.html

28.Mar.2005 Defense adviser says full-scale nuclear tests needed in Nevada ... Dale Klein, USA assistant to the secretary of defense for nuclear + chemical + biological defense programs, said...

... during a visit to Nellis Air Force Base ... www.rgj.com/news/stories/html/2002/08/15/21648.php

TESTIMONY OF THE HONORABLE DALE KLEIN ASSISTANT TO THE SECRETARY ... I am Dr. Dale Klein, the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for ... that increasing funding in these areas will address these important issues ... www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/library/congress/2004_h/04-04-01klein.htm

28.Mar.2005 MSNBC - Do as we say… .. 108: Millions of $s in Halliburton overcharges hidden from ... But none of this is compelling, especially in light of the deficit and weak $ ... msnbc.msn.com/Default.aspx?id=3449870&p1=0

MSNBC - Unhappy Anniversary ... 2: Estimated output of Iraqi oil industry in millions of barrels per day ... of people’s pungent commentary makes American Dream compelling to read ... msnbc.msn.com/id/7256387
MSNBC - Why did Bush let bin Laden go?

... John Candy: Lot's of clunkers in his film career, but Planes ... 2: Estimated output of Iraqi oil industry in millions of barrels per day ...

www.newsletters.newsweek.msnbc.com/id/7256387 /

31.Mar.2005 Studie: Auch jobbende Mütter sind gute Mütter

31.Mar.2005 Heute in den Feuilletons: "Die Intellektuellen resignieren"

31.Mar.2005 Powell über Irak-Politik: "Wir waren manchmal zu laut"

31.Mar.2005 Massaker von Minnesota: Sohn des Stammesführers festgenommen

31.Mar.2005 Feinstaub: Unsichtbarer Krankmacher aus der Luft

31.Mar.2005 Verhütungsfehde: Amerikaner wollen Scherings Pillenpatent knacken

31.Mar.2005 Feinstaub-Ärger: Auch CSU-Politiker plädiert für autofreien Sonntag

31.Mar.2005 Nach dem Seebeben: Tausende sind noch verschüttet

31.Mar.2005 Bayern: Rätien soll leben!

Why No One Reads The Bills

Following up on yesterday's post about Representative Slaughter's new report (PDF) on corruption and abuses of power by the House Republicans, today's post draws on another chart from the same report. This time, our subject is the tactic of demanding the votes be held on conference reports almost immediately after the reports have been issued. The abuse of the conference committee process itself is a complicated subject that will need to be left for another day.

For today's purposes all that really needs to be said about that is that conference reports are often sharply different from the bills that were originally passed by either the Senate or the House of Representatives. GOP legislative staffers have, moreover, developed a habit of interjecting certain wholly novel provisions into legislation during the conference process. The resulting bills also tend, as the graphic should make clear, to be very long. Under the circumstances, minimal concern for democracy and good government would suggest that members should be given a sufficient amount of time for the reports to be analyzed by staff and outside groups before they need to cast a vote. Ideally, one would allow the contents of a bill to be digested by those with the requisite expertise in policy and legislative language + then with that done allow members of the public and interested parties to debate the merits of the legislation. Members, too, would debate the legislation as more information becomes known. Then a vote would be held under circumstances such that members of congress and their constituents can know what's being voted on.

Clearly, at times it's necessary to put a premium on speed and it may not be possible to discuss everything in as leisurely a fashion as one might like. Looking at the legislation in question, however, it's clear that such pressing emergencies rarely account for the extraordinarily short intervals that are being permitted. Instead, the basic intention here is to shield legislative activity from public scrutiny so that influential members can get away with various misdeeds motivated by self-interest or narrow interest group politics that might be extremely unpopular if they saw the light of day. It's not a practice that can be said to advance conservatism, as such, in any substantial way. Rather, it is designed merely to facilitate corruption and abuse of power, along with providing a certain level of partisan advantage while enhancing the power of the congressional leadership to discipline members of the Republican caucus by making them increasingly dependent on the whims of conferees.

30.Mar.2005 09:2 Monday, January 24, 2005   Who Are You Guys + Why Are You Digging A Mortar Pit In My Lawn?
So, have you noticed the camo-ed up folks skulking through your woods lately? Does the clerk at your local convenience store bear more resemblance to G.I. Joe than Mr. Apu of late? Does your postman click his heels before depositing your mail in your mailbox?
Well, probably not, but that's no reason to give up on paranoia yet. There's every chance it'll come in handy soon.
King Of Zembla has an excellent post on the use of super-secret commandos within the USA Go read. It'll make your day.
Posse Comitatus has never been a favorite of the Reagan-Bush axis; during the Iran-Contra hearings, you will recall, Congress learned of a plan Oliver North had helped to draft for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), details of which included
suspension of the constitution, the imposition of martial law, internment camps + the turning over of government to the president and FEMA.
He alleged that the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which has long been accepted as prohibiting such deployments, had simply been misunderstood and misapplied.
Gonzales will have a field day with that one, nez pas?
In the two years before the Sept. 11 attacks, the North American Aerospace Defense Command conducted exercises simulating what the White House says was unimaginable at the time: hijacked airliners used as weapons to crash into targets and cause mass casualties.
One of the imagined targets was the World Trade Center. In another exercise, jets performed a mock shootdown over the Atlantic Ocean of a jet supposedly laden with chemical poisons headed toward a target in the USA. In a third scenario, the target was the Pentagon — but that drill was not run after Defense officials said it was unrealistic, NORAD and Defense officials say.
Even if the full extent of their duplicity were known, we doubt the Bush administration would have much to fear from a population of willing - make that eager - dupes. But you can certainly see why, if worst came to worst, our beloved leaders might not wish to reject outright the option of interposing an armed division between the White House and the angry, pitchfork-wielding mob.
Keep in mind that all these schemes are just as much to silence you and me as they are to combat "terror". You see, we are just as much terrorists to this administration as a nuclear-explosives-garbed Islamic fundamentalist, the minute we decide not to shut up and drink our Kool-Aid.
Go read. It's a hoot.

30.Mar.2005 phorum - Foro Xeral – radiochango ... que tuvieron las personas siguientes: Henry KISSINGER, CARLUCCI (CARLYLE - familias ... En Angola, el Dictador Pierre Falcone, traficante de armas protegido por el ... burlanegra.vieiros.com/foro/read.php?f=1&i=54838&t=54838&v=f

Billets d’Afrique Numéro 77 Janvier 2000 - View as HTML ... Il est présidé par Franck Carlucci (ancien secrétaire à la Défense) et comprend parmi ... Un duo d?hommes d?affaires, Pierre Falcone et Arcadi Gaïdamak ... www.survie-france.org/IMG/doc/77.doc

20050209 00.Feb.2005 Pierre Falcone, presumível figura-chave, do processo de tráfico de armas ... C. McFarlane, Theodore Shackley, Frank Carlucci, Rafael " Chi Chi ... alfatomega.com/20050209.html

Planície Heróica: março 2004 Arquivo ... O Pierre Falcone eo Arkadi Gaidamak são amigos do José Eduardo dos ... Esta amigo do Carlucci já nos habituou a muita coisa... mas esta foi de mais! ... planicie-heroica.weblog.com.pt/arquivo/2004_03.html

NucNews - December 28, 2000... Frank Carlucci, the last secretary of defense in the Reagan ... received $1.8 million via Brenco's president, Pierre Falcone, 00.000.1993-00.000.1998 ... nucnews.net

1 - View as HTML ... Frank Carlucci, who served as defense secretary in the waning years of the ... Other shareholders include a company owned by Pierre Falcone, an alleged ... www.zwnews.com/warbusiness.doc

LE TRAFIC ILLICITE D’ARMES LEGERES - View as HTML ... Parmi eux, Frank Carlucci, ancien directeur de la CIA, conseiller à la sécurité ... Pierre Falcone, homme d’affaire et dirigeant de la société de vente ... www.droit.ulg.ac.be/~ogci/Valverde%20final.pdf

A political analysis of world News ... Indicted arms dealer Pierre Falcone saved by Chirac (GLobal Witness) ... The strange career of Frank Carlucci (Counterpunk); A poll shows that Muslims ... www.scaruffi.com/politics/reading.html

Grande Loja do Queijo Limiano: 04/01/2004 - 04/30/2004 ... e faltando aqui Franck Carlucci, que se encontra quase totalmente ... a saber que a França quer levar o caso "AngolaGate" e Pierre Falcone ao tribunal ... grandelojadoqueijolimiano.blogspot.com/2004_04_01_grandelojadoqueijolimiano_archive.html

The Business of War: Making a Killing - View as HTML ... During Carlucci ’s tenure at BDM, the company greatly ... Other shareholders include a company owned by Pierre Falcone, an alleged arms dealer ... www.cfirdallas.com/The%20Business%20of%20War%20Making%20a%20Killing.pdf

barnabé: maio 2004 Arquivo ... à sa tête de l'homme qui inventera le système Carlyle, Frank Carlucci ... O amigo de Eduardo dos Santos, Pierre Falcone, pode passar por Portugal à ...barnabe.weblog.com.pt/arquivo/2004/05

30.Mar.2005 SOUTHERN FRONT CONTRAS ... cable noted that a contact of Prado's, arms dealer Sarkis Garabed Soghanalian ... Chamorro asserted while in custody that Pastora should be replaced ... www.cia.gov/cia/reports/cocaine/south.html

30.Mar.2005 WACKEN.HUT ... felon John Mitchell + Sarkis Soghanalian, a Turkish-born Lebanese citizen ... who escaped from custody at UC San Diego Medical Center ten days later ... www.pdxnorml.org/WACKEN.HUT.html

URL: https://grazian-archive.com/quantavolution/QuantaHTML/plaintext/lately_tortured_earth.txt

URL: https://grazian-archive.com/quantavolution/QuantaHTML/plaintext/lately_tortured_earth.txt
First Edition 1983 Metron Publications Box 1213 Princeton, N.J., USA . 08542

URL: https://grazian-archive.com/quantavolution/QuantaHTML/plaintext/lately_tortured_earth.txt
"Nihil difficile naturae est, utique ubi in finem sui properat." * Seneca De Quaestiones Naturae * "Nothing is difficult for nature.
Historischen Sozialforschung: Auswahlbibliographie 1975-2000 ... British Trade, British Trade in Slaves, British Urban Poll Books, British West India ... Canadian General Election, Canadian Historical Census Microdata ... www.zhsf.uni-koeln.de/formhist/datenbank/suchen.php

29.Mar.2005 Irak/USA: Zahlenspiele - Grossangelegter Betrug bei irakischen ... the most votes in Iraq's 30.Jan.2005 election, but the percentage it received - 47.6% ... You see, you Latinos, you are like us Arabs. You are sensitive ... www.nadeshda.org/foren/cl.menschenrechte.asien/p288s307a20.html

Dokumentation – HTML-Version ... Part 1: Latinos and the 2004 Election ... Post/ABC News poll conducted in mid-April recorded 54% disapproval and one conducted ... www.internationalepolitik.de/.../f8f6c80b73c03afb97ad4238a5961a1f/Dokumentation_200410_lang.pdf

29.Mar.2005 CeiberWeiber *2004 Ohio Election Reform Now, Common Cause Ohio, This Time We're Watching ... daß es mehr Latino-Stimmen als Latinos gab + überhaupt: "National exit ... www.ceiberweiber.at/2004/us-wahl6.htm

Metropolitans - Das Mirakel der viereckigen Falte....... at the election of 2004 and see it as the decisive election of our century. .. Newsweek Online Poll If the election were held today, who would you vote ... metropolitans.kaywa.ch/washington/das_mirakel_der_viereckigen_falte.html

Metropolitans - Comeback fuer BPAZ! ... US Election 2004 : Anomalies Begin To Show - Is There Inner-City Election ...welche auf vorbereitetem Terrain (viele Latinos sind ja schon da) eine neue ... metropolitans.kaywa.ch/washington/comeback_fuer_bpaz!.html

29.Mar.2005 Uruguyans Learn from Bolivia, Not India: 00.000.1999 the Bolivian government, following World Bank advice, provided a subsidiary of the US-owned Bechtel Corporation a 40 year lease to run the Cochabamba water supply. More than half a million people in the area, most of them desperately poor, came to depend on Bechtel for water. Bechtel tripled the price.

29.Mar.2005 American Indians Battle Suicide, Poverty : Nearly half the girls said they'd actually tried to kill themselves. Twenty percent of boys said the same - numbers about triple the rate statewide.
AIPAC works to preserve clout in USA : Last year, about half the Senate and one-third of the Congress was at the banquet, alongside governors and dozens of other politicians. Not many other organizations can put on such a display.

29.Mar.2005 A European Student's Experience at Columbia : The truth is out about what Israel has done to the Palestinians. But in the USA the hope is that by whipping up enough hysteria they can still win here. If they do, it won't be because what they're saying is true but because the rest of us were, yet again, "silenced" and "stifled."

29.Mar.2005 Business sees gain in GOP takeover : Fortune 500 companies that invested millions of $s in electing Republicans are emerging as the earliest beneficiaries of a government controlled by President Bush and the largest GOP House and Senate majority in a half century.

29.Mar.2005 Collision Course : Europe + the Bush are on a collision course, over a deep issue: what kind of world we will live in. It is a global game of chicken over wages and prices.

29.Mar.2005 Records show more Saudi flights homeward after 11.Sep.2001 : Newly released government records reveal previously undisclosed flights from Las Vegas and elsewhere + point to a more active role by FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation in aiding some of the Saudis in their departure.

Several Saudis were allowed to leave the country without first being interviewed, the documents show.

29.Mar.2005 True face of World Bank is turned away from impoverished: The World Bank has such a soft + reassuring name.

It conjures up images of smiling cashiers serving the people of India, perfumed personal bankers offering mortgages to Guatemala and a water cooler in the corner for sub-Saharan Africa.

29.Mar.2005 Panel ignored evidence on Gitmo detainee "The USA government has known for almost two years that he's innocent of these charges," said Baher Azmy, Kurnaz's attorney.

"That begs a lot of questions about what the purpose of Guantanamo really is. He can't be useful to them. He has no intelligence for them. Why in the world is he still there?"

29.Mar.2005 Iraqi doctor: US troops storm hospital: The soldiers ordered medical staff and patients to leave, he said, before destroying the hospital's doors and detaining members of staff.

29.Mar.2005 Right to Life backed law that irks wife:Jannette Nikolouzos is angry with the Texas law that allows St. Luke's Hospital to unhook her husband from life support.

"I'm so ashamed of my state that it executes civilians without criminal history," she told reporter Todd Ackerman.
Zimbabwe archbishop calls on nation to rise against Mugabe: A senior Zimbabwean clergyman has issued an unprecedented plea for a peaceful Ukraine-style "popular mass uprising" to remove President Robert Mugabe after elections this week.

29.Mar.2005 Group Rallies Against Pakistan President : Thousands of opposition activists rallied Monday in this city in northwestern Pakistan, chanting ``Death to dictatorship!'' in the latest demonstration against President Gen. Pervez Musharraf's grip on power.

29.Mar.2005 Weaponizing the Subcontinent: F-16s to Pakistan: A sucker is born every minute. It may not always be obvious who the sucker is. Pakistan is negotiating with the USA to buy some airplanes.

29.Mar.2005 Pakistan bought USA nuclear wares in secret, feds find: A federal criminal investigation has uncovered evidence that Pakistan has made clandestine purchases of USA high-technology components for use in its nuclear-weapons program in defiance of USA law.

29.Mar.2005 India takes a swipe at America: India indirectly criticised the USA on Monday for focusing on Iran and North Korea's nuclear programmes while soft-pedalling on ally Pakistan's suspected supply of nuclear technology to them.

29.Mar.2005 Venezuela VP Responds to Rumsfeld: USA Wants to Destroy Latin American Unity

29.Mar.2005 The Dawn of a New Oil Era?: China is the world's second-largest consumer of oil. It has about 20 million cars + trucks now. By the year 2020, that may be 120 million.

29.Mar.2005 David Corn: Jeb Bush's Expert Undercuts DeLay et. al. on Schiavo...and W's Hypocrisy

29.Mar.2005 American nightmare : When the likes of Bolton sit in the UN and Wolfowitz presides over the World Bank we know that the "new American century project" has moved well beyond the planning phase. We had better gird ourselves, for the nightmare is just beginning.

29.Mar.2005 Video: Why America Must Stop John Bolton: Think Bolton's the right man for the job of UN Ambassador? Take a look and decide for yourself Windows Media.

29.Mar.2005 Draft Needed To Bail Out the Cakewalk War : A case for the draft as the only way "America can remain the world’s superpower."

29.Mar.2005 The Case for the Draft : America can remain the world's superpower. Or it can maintain its current all-volunteer military. It can't do both.

29.Mar.2005 Should USA Recruit Non-citizens? : Those who enlist in his proposed “Freedom Legion” would be disposable cannon fodder: “USA politicians, wary (and rightly so) of casualties among USA citizens, might take a more lenient attitude toward the employment of a force not made up of their constituents.”

29.Mar.2005 Cut in USA Aid to Manila Linked to Iraq Pullout: Nearly a year on, the ripples from the Angelo de la Cruz decision has come back to haunt relations between the USA + the Philippines.

29.Mar.2005 Communist rebels say USA troops could come under attack in Philippines, as in Iraq: Communist guerrillas on Monday renewed their threat against USA troops on training missions in the Philippines, saying the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq prove they can be killed despite their superior military power.

29.Mar.2005 White House Must Lead by Example for Department of State's Democracy Report to be Effective : Amnesty International USA warns that as long as the White House continues to flout international law and blatantly disregard the Geneva Conventions, many of its policies to promote democracy and human rights will be greeted with deep skepticism.

29.Mar.2005 Look Who's Not Talking—Still: A new report says USA intelligence agencies haven't learned to share information, despite lessons of 11.Sep.2001 .

29.Mar.2005 Sharon: We can't expect explicit USA okay to build in settlements : The large blocs of settlement in the West Bank "will remain in Israel's hands and will fall within the (separation) fence + we made this position clear to the Americans. This is our position, even if they express reservations," he said.

29.Mar.2005 Israel to defy US and keep large West Bank settlements: US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice hastened to declare that President George W. Bush had indeed declared last April it would be "unrealistic" to expect Israel to vacate all of the West Bank in view of the creation of major Israeli population centres in that area during the past three decades.

29.Mar.2005 Will final settlement include an apology?: The alternative to the traditional and alternative view for solution to the Israeli -Palestinian problem is for Israel to formally apologise for the dispossession of the Palestinian people. It must compensate all who have suffered in the process. It must hand back all land not provided for at the end of British Mandate and gained through war and terror.

29.Mar.2005 Vanunu Faces New Prison Term: Who would have guessed that this brave man would not only survive 18 years in a 6X9 foot windowless cell, eleven and a half of them in solitary confinement, not to mention near-continuous harassment by his handlers, but would emerge unbowed and unbroken, as plucky as ever?

29.Mar.2005 Israel: Budget for cancer mapping doesn't extend to Israeli Arab sector : "Only mapping Jewish communities violates constitutional rights, anchored in the Basic Law on Human Dignity and Freedom,"

29.Mar.2005 Iran: Arguments just don't square up: Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and outgoing Deputy Secretary Paul Wolfowitz held key national security posts when the administration of Gerald Ford made the opposite argument 30 years ago.

29.Mar.2005 Al-Arabia correspondent detained with Falluja films: Iraqi police have arrested a correspondent of Al-Arabia television network with film tapes shot in the town of Falluja in his possession at Baghdad International Airport

29.Mar.2005 Coming to your town soon?: Tracking locals with the BAT of an eye : Biometrics Automated Toolset, otherwise known as BAT, is being used throughout Afghanistan and Iraq to keep a database of the local population and detainees.

29.Mar.2005 UN Reports Irregularities in Iraq Elections: Two months after an election described as “historic,” a new United Nations report revealed irregularities in the legislative election process.

29.Mar.2005 Iraq Official Discourages Demonstrations: Iraq's interior minister warned citizens Monday not to hold protests, saying the gatherings were an invitation for a large-scale terrorist attack. His comments came a day after government bodyguards opened fire on a group of employees demanding higher wages, killing one person.

29.Mar.2005 US court mulls death row Mexicans : The US Supreme Court is hearing a case that could decide the fate of 51 Mexicans on death row who say that their rights were denied.

29.Mar.2005 Spying on citizens: The American tradition of free speech is under attack across the country, as law enforcement agencies - under the guise of the war on terror - intimidate ordinary citizens into silence.

28.Mar.2005 Is No One Accountable? : Lawlessness should never be an option for the USA.

29.Mar.2005 Robert Fisk: When Weeping For Religious Martyrs Leads To The Crucifixion Of Innocents

29.Mar.2005 Empire Builders : The doctrine of preemptive war threatens Iran, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba + sooner or later China and anyone else who dares stand in the imperial way.

29.Mar.2005 The Long Emergency: What's going to happen as we start running out of cheap gas to guzzle?

29.Mar.2005 A weak man who bends to power, not political vision : Tony Blair is psychologically incapable of building a fairer society

UK trebles military exports to China : THE value of UK arms exports to China has more than trebled to more than £100m in the past three years alone, it emerged last night.

29.Mar.2005 Paul Krigman: What's Going On? : We can't count on restraint from people like Mr. DeLay, who believes that he's on a mission to bring a "biblical worldview" to American politics + that God brought him a brain-damaged patient to help him with that mission.

29.Mar.2005 Chilean leader calls for more flexible OAS: Chile's socialist president has called for a radical overhaul of the Organisation of American States, saying the most important regional organisation in the Americas must be “faster, more responsive and more flexible”.

29.Mar.2005 Brazil: “No longer to subordinate to IMF”: Brazil announced Monday that it will not renew the stand-by credit agreement it signed with the IMF in September 2002 because the good shape of the national economy makes it superfluous

29.Mar.2005 Israel: Their best defence : Israel has no choice but to withdraw from the West Bank - not to indulge the Palestinians but to save itself

29.Mar.2005 Israel maintaining 'strangulation' policy in Gaza Strip : The report, titled "One Big Prison," documents what the organization says are Israel's violations of human rights and international law in the Gaza Strip.

29.Mar.2005 177 Palestinian Prisoners Killed Since 1967: Planning and Statistics Department of the Ministry said in ,a statistical report, 69 Palestinian prisoners (39%) were killed due to being liable to severe torture whilst 37 prisoners (20.9%) died due to the lack of medical health care.

29.Mar.2005 Absolute monarchy to absolute democracy : King Gyanendra has taken the people of Nepal on a disastrous course, using the excuse of fighting an insurgency to compromise democracy.

29.Mar.2005 Rice Alarms Reformist Arabs with Stability Remarks: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has alarmed many reformist Arabs with comments suggesting a new USA approach that promotes rapid political change without regard for internal stability.

29.Mar.2005 US draws up list of unstable countries: US intelligence services are drawing up a secret watch-list of 25 countries in which instability might lead to US intervention

29.Mar.2005 US scatters bases to control Eurasia : The USA is beefing up its military presence in Afghanistan, at the same time encircling Iran. Washington will set up nine new bases in Afghanistan in the provinces of Helmand, Herat, Nimrouz, Balkh, Khost and Paktia.

29.Mar.2005 Our new nightmare: the USA of America: Australians are as just as concerned about USA foreign policy as Islamic extremism and regard the US as more dangerous than a rising China, according to a new poll.

29.Mar.2005 Military Pollution:The Quintessential Universal Soldier : As children, we were taught that the military protected us in times of war. We learned about soldiers being killed and wounded by 'the enemy' + how people died if they got shot or if a bomb landed on them. Sometimes innocent people got killed during a war, but the fact that most victims were civilians was carefully hidden from us by our elders

29.Mar.2005 59 American Ex-Diplomats Oppose Bolton: Challenging the White House, 59 former American diplomats are urging the Senate to reject John R. Bolton's nomination to be the next USA ambassador to the United Nations.

29.Mar.2005 Report Assails C.I.A. for Failure on Iraq Weapons: The report particularly ridicules the conclusion that Mr. Hussein's fleet of "unmanned aerial vehicles," which had very limited flying range, posed a major threat. All of those assertions were repeated by Mr. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and other senior officials in the prelude to the war.

29.Mar.2005 Fight To Survive : This site is the mouthpiece for a group of soldiers who are fighting in a war they oppose for a president they didn't elect while the petrochemical complex turns the blood of their fallen comrades into oil

29.Mar.2005 Iraq Veterans Against the War: We, the veterans of the war, now know all of these reasons for invading the sovereign country of Iraq were false + we have paid a heavy price for these lies.

29.Mar.2005 Approaching Spiritual Death : Martin Luther King, Jr. foresaw Americas spiritual death. King was right about a lot of things, including his prophecy that USA was losing its soul. Violence of all types in epidemic, especially the violence of poverty. Gun violence, from homicide to suicide, is all too common.

29.Mar.2005 Iraq War Is Top Problem For Americans : According to a poll by CBS News. 26 per cent of respondents say the military operation is the most important problem facing the country today.

29.Mar.2005 A Time to Break Silence For the sake of those boys, for the sake of this government, for the sake of the hundreds of thousands trembling under our violence, I cannot be silent. By Rev. Martin Luther King
"I knew that I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today - my own government."
Listen to this speech in full

29.Mar.2005 Thanks, Dubya! How bad is the state of our economy? Read the text of this speech by David M. Walker, Comptroller General of the USA.

A couple of numbers put the deficit into scale: The Federal Government owes or is committed to pay $43 trillion, while the net worth of all Americans is $47 trillion. URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
29.Mar.2005 iuliana Sgrena: You think you know why she was shot? You think you know the circumstances? Doesn't matter whether you're on the left or right - the fact is, everything you know is wrong .

Check out this important Democracy Now interview. URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
29.Mar.2005 Stanley Monteith's radio show - Monteith is (or should I say "was"?) a rightist with what some consider extremist tendencies.

But we owe "Dr. Stan" a round of applause for providing Brad with a friendly forum in which to discuss vote fraud. A great show - check it out! URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
29.Mar.2005 The exit polls in 2004 were weighted in favor in Bush, not Kerry. We've noted this under-appreciated fact before, but
here's further discussion.
URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/0,1518,druck-348603,00.html
29.Mar.2005 i
n einer Curry-Sorte hat das Labor den Angaben zufolge die verbotenen Farbstoffe Sudanrot I und IV aufgespürt.

Diese werden bei der Verdauung in Stoffe gespalten, die als Krebs erregend und Erbgut verändernd gelten. Viele der untersuchten Gewürze enthalten Spuren von Schimmelpilzen, wie es weiter heißt.

Zum Teil werde sogar der gesetzliche Grenzwert für Aflatoxine überschritten, die als hochgiftig und Krebs erregend gelten.
Frankfurt am Main - In 16 von 56 untersuchten Produkten seien Bestandteile von genmanipulierten Nahrungsmitteln gefunden wurden, schreibt das Magazin "Öko Test".

Bis auf eine Ausnahme liege der Gehalt aber unterhalb des Schwellenwerts von 0,9 %. Daher müsse er auch nicht auf der Verpackung deklariert werden.

Lediglich ein Vogelfutter habe erheblich mehr gentechnisch verändertes Soja enthalten, ohne dass dies auf der Verpackung notiert worden sei.
Vor allem Lebensmittel auf Soja- oder Maisbasis seien betroffen, heißt es in dem Magazin. Nicht immer sei klar, wie die gentechnisch veränderten Bestandteile in das Produkt geraten konnten.

Zu Vermischungen mit konventionellen Pflanzen könne es bei Ernte, Lagerung, Transport und Verarbeitung kommen.
Farbstoffe, Pestizide, Schimmelpilzgift
In einem weiteren Test schreibt die Zeitschrift, in Paprika und Curry befänden sich oft gefährliche Farbstoffe, Rückstände von Pflanzenschutzmitteln und Schimmelpilzgifte.

Insgesamt wurden 36 Paprika-, Curry- + Pfefferprodukte analysiert. Danach waren alle zwölf getesteten Pfeffer-Produkte "sehr gut".
Forscher loben Vögel: Die Geier grübeln schon 22.Feb.2005
·   Energiewende: Windkraft liegt erstmals vor Wasserstrom 22.Feb.2005
Der Nabu hatte 127 Studien ausgewertet, die weltweit erstellt wurden. Das Fazit des Naturschutzbundes lautete, dass in Deutschland keine Vogelart durch die mehr als 16.000 Windkraftanlagen in ihrem Bestand gefährdet ist. Während der Bundesverband Windenergie den Umfang des Vogelschlags auf etwa 1000 bezifferte, sprach der Nabu von 100.000 bis 150.000 Tieren pro Jahr. Die Kollisionsraten lägen zwischen null und 60 Vögel und zwischen null und 50 Fledermäusen pro Turbine und Jahr.
Optimismus: Bush sieht Tauwetter im Nahen Osten

29.Mar.2005 Tintenkrieg: HP verklagt Anbieter von Nachfüllpatronen

29.Mar.2005 Jukos-Prozess: Staatsanwalt fordert zehn Jahre Arbeitslager für Chodorkowski

29.Mar.2005 Showdown vor Gericht: Ist P2P-Software illegal?

29.Mar.2005 Weltbank-Chefposten: Frankreich will europäischen Aufpasser für Wolfowitz

29.Mar.2005 Minister Trittin: "Windräder keine Vogelschredderanlagen"

29.Mar.2005 Testbefund: Genmanipulierte Stoffe erreichen die Supermärkte

29.Mar.2005 Fotoreisen: Schule des bewussten Sehens

29.Mar.2005 Investmentbanking: Ausländische Institute deklassieren Deutsche Bank

29.Mar.2005 Feinstaub-Diskussion: Autobauer treiben Einbau von Rußpartikelfiltern voran

29.Mar.2005 Mangelnde Mobilität: Nur jeder dritte Arbeitslose würde umziehen

29.Mar.2005 Meerkühe: Knochen zerbrechlich wie Porzellan

29.Mar.2005 Arbeitnehmer gegen Unternehmen: Schmutzwäsche im Web (

29.Mar.2005 Seebeben: Warum die Todeswelle ausblieb

29.Mar.2005 Sparforderung: Arbeitgeber wollen Unfallschutz beschneiden

29.Mar.2005 Bushs neuer Uno-Botschafter: Widerstand gegen Hardliner Bolton

29.Mar.2005 Qualität im Krankenhaus: Mit Zuckerbrot und Peitsche gegen die Schlamperei

29.Mar.2005 Generalabrechnung: US-Ökonom kritisiert Europas Führer als Angsthasen

29.Mar.2005 Luftverschmutzung: Umweltschützer wollen Feinstaub-Klage einreichen

29.Mar.2005 Schweres Seebeben: Behörden rechnen mit 2000 Toten in Indonesien

URL: https://search.earthlink.net/search?q=clothes%20needed%20at%20WHCA&area=earthlink-ws&channel=narrowband
WhiteHouseTapes.org :: The secret White House recordings of ... Nixon also wanted an accurate record of his presidency for use in preparing ... According to Jack Albright, Commander of WHCA, who accompanied Nixon's ... https://www.whitehousetapes.org/pages/tapes_rmn.htm

29.Mar.2005 The Religious Left ... rallying for an officially Christian nation, a theocracy,” said the Rev ... not represented by Opus Dei, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, James Dobson ... religiousleft.blogspot.com/2004_10_01_religiousleft_archive.html

29.Mar.2005 corpfraud_gen2 ... BCCI bank fraud; Bhopal, Dow; Boeing, Darlene Druyun . Citigroup, Parmalat; Credit Suisse First Boston; Enron, Bush, Lay, Skilling; Insurance industry ... www.newsfollowup.com/corpfraud_gen2.htm

29.Mar.2005 FederalDaily > Congressman Questions DoD’s Iraq Information Policy... have been referred for investigation as part of the scandal surrounding Darlene Druyun, who was the Air Force's former chief acquisition officer...

Snohomish County Business Journal ... Boeing also fired the former Pentagon official, Darlene Druyun . “I could see doing something about that when we get to a lesson on conflicts of interest ... www.snohomishcountybusinessjournal.com/archive/feb04/ethicsedu-feb04.htm

29.Mar.2005 The Underground Empire, Excerpt 1 ... This book, I hope, will take the reader there too. For its subject, finally, is not merely Centac or Dennis Dayle . Its subject is the Underground Empire ... www.iowatelecom.net/~sharkhaus/tue1.html

29.Mar.2005 Carmilla on line ® ... Seguiamo James Mills, in Underground Empires: "Ho chiesto a Dennis [ Dennis Dayle, ex capo della DEA Centac ; la DEA è l'agenzia antidroga USA]: ... www.carmillaonline.com/archives/2003/05/000242.html

Poliltics,The Clinton agenda for Colombia's $1.6 billion weapons ... Dennis Dayle, former head of DEA's Centac, was asked the following question: "Enormously powerful criminal organizations are controlling many countries ... www.freerepublic.com/forum/a38cb2db731b0.htm

December 2004 eDebate Archives: [eDebate] g morning paysans: vo ... " CENTAC " unit, Dennis Dayle . Hand and Dayle claimed the investment fraud was actually a CIA front to fund off-the-books intelligence operations being ... www.ndtceda.com/archives/200412/0001.html

29.Mar.2005 Drug War: Viva Zapata ... As one disgusted DEA agent put it, none other than Dennis Dayle, 1978-82 chief f Centac, the DEA's international strike force: "In my 30-year history ... www.drugwar.com/vivazapata.shtm

29.Mar.2005 An Appraisal of the Technologies of Political Control - Summary ...Q: <https://jya.com/stoa-atp.htm>

19.Oct.1998 ... on USA American + other allied countries telephone + cable traffic via the Helios 1A Spy satellite. ... confidenz-depesche.com/download/stoa-atpc-so.html

29.Mar.2005 Indonesien: Gewaltiges Seebeben, Todeswelle bleibt aus

29.Mar.2005 Cedefop Library and Documentation - Ver em HTML ... https://www.icnyp .net/www/files/coe_report_youthpolicy.do. c. Council of Europe - COE. youth policy; young person; government policy; standard; www.iqf.gov.pt/Refernet/documentos/actividades/lista_aquisicoes_julho_04.pdf
Ambidextrous ... necessarily lead to the diminished economic power of the USA ... of misleading accounting when Vice President Dick Cheney ran the company ... ambidexterity.blogspot.com/2004_08_01_ambidexterity_archive.html

01.Okt.1940 "Sozialistische Mitteilungen", Nr. 18 “Den Vorsitz führt der namhafte internationale Jurist Sir Cecil Hurst ... 9 -

00.000.1897-00.000.1964 Ivone Kirkpatrick, UK Diplomat,

00.000.1950-00.000.1953 Ivone Kirkpatrick, UK Diplomat, UK Hoher ... library.fes.de/fulltext/sozmit/1940-018.htm

29.Mar.2005 Posesión demoníaca en el NT ... Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick, en sus memorias relativas al tiempo transcurrido en la embajada de Berlín (1937-1938), escribió de Hitler: "Parecía envuelto en ... www.mercaba.org/FICHAS/TEXTOS/diablo_03.htm

17.Jun.1953 | Runderlaß des Staatssekretärs Hallstein ... Allan Dulles, Robert Bowie (Leiter des Planungsstabs des State Department) und Botschafter David Bruce sowie mit Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick (der gerade seine ... www.17juni53.de/chronik/5312/doc_1.html

DOKUMENTE Projekt ???17. Juni 1953“ - HTML-Version ... des State Department) und Botschafter David Bruce sowie mit Sir . Ivone Kirkpatrick (der gerade seine Stellung als Permanent Secretary des Foreign Office ... www.17juni53.de/chronik/5312/dez53_hallstein.pdf

29.Mar.2005 The truth and the diplomat ... wrote a round robin to the Permanent Under-Secretary, Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick, a hawk who encouraged Eden on November 2, 1956, three days after the air ... www.frontlineonnet.com/fl1811/18110900.htm

29.Mar.2005 Foreign Office's covert propaganda, Guardian 27 Jan 1978 ... Attlee called him down to Chequers to discuss it and until 1950 Mayhew ran IRD with Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick, then deputy under-secretary at the FO and ... www.cambridgeclarion.org/e/fo_deceit_unit_graun_27jan1978.html

29.Mar.2005 "Stellvertreter"... Der britische Gesandt im Vatikan, Ivone Kirkpatrick, hatte darüber im August 1933 ein ... Der britische Gesandte beim Papst, Sir Francis d’Arcy Osborne ... www.kbwn.de/html/_stellvertreter_.html

29.Mar.2005 Case History of Government fabricating defense ... One client, Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick, showed me a newspaper article on an opal game made up by a Lutheran theology student, Wayne Zanker ... www.robertsonj32.freeserve.co.uk/SouthAusGovDefendsClaimByCovering-upMaliciousProsecution.htm

29.Mar.2005 HITLER'S RISE TO POWER By Dennis Barton ... He confided to Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick, an official at the British Embassy in Rome in 1933, that he was rushed and had to decide quickly ... www.church-in-history.org/pages/booklets/rise(n)-2.htm

29.Mar.2005 The Face Of The Third Reich ... Kirkpatrick, Sir Ivone, The Inner Circle. London, 1959. Klemperer, Klemens von, Konservative Bewegungen zwischen Kaiserreich und Nationalsozialismus. ...www.ourcivilisation.com/smartboard/shop/festjc/chap28.htm

29.Mar.2005 Neue Seite 1 ... Und 1953 blieb es dem Britischen Hochkommissar Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick vorbehalten, das Eindringen ehemaliger Nationalsozialisten in die FDP ... www.uni-potsdam.de/u/PolWi_Dittb/gedanken/offener_brief.htm

29.Mar.2005 Tyne Tees TV ... Another distinguished guest was Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick, the ITA's Chairman (Independent Television Authority now known as the ITC - Independent ...www.tynetees.tv/about/about_history.htm

29.Mar.2005 Thema : Adenauer: Spalter Deutschlands oder Wegbereiter der Einheit? - HTML-Version ... Der britische Außenminister Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick schreibt in seinen Aufzeichnungen vom. 16.12.1955: “...,daß ich ihm [dem deutschen Botschafter in ...www.fundus.org/pdf.asp?ID=1072

Fundus.org ... Der britische Außenminister Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick schreibt in seinen Aufzeichnungen vom 16.12.1955: "...,daß ich ihm [dem deutschen Botschafter in ... www.fundus.org/referat.asp?ID=10128

29.Mar.2005 Foreign & Commonwealth Office Fusion and Cold War, 1946-62 ... Strang's immediate successor, Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick, fully appreciated this paradox.

In his memoirs Kirkpatrick later recalled his thoughts on taking up ... www.fco.gov.uk/servlet/Front?pagename=OpenMarket/Xcelerate/ShowPage&c=Page&cid=1036414870460 26. März 2005

Foreign & Commonwealth Office Permanent Under Secretaries of State ...

00.Feb.1919 Kirkpatrick, Sir Ivone joined the Office – havin spend the previous ... have made 'an excellent general' ( Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick ... www.fco.gov.uk/servlet/Front?pagename=OpenMarket/Xcelerate/ShowPage&c=Page&cid=1007029395969

29.Mar.2005 Foreign Office's covert propaganda, Guardian 27 Jan 1978 ... to bring the organisation - the so-called "Information Research Department"... to discuss it + 00.000.1950 -until- Mayhew ran IRD with Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick ... www.cambridgeclarion.org/e/fo_deceit_unit_graun_27jan1978.html

29.Mar.2005 Cold War feature ... secret Foreign Office department, known as the Information Research Department ... "Yvone Kirkpatrick was entrusted with the task of setting up IRD and ... www.newworker.org/coldwar.htm

29.Mar.2005 Gladio oder die Rache Moros ... Former MI6 officer Leigh Tracey revealed that Neave plotted to organise a paramilitary army of resistance in case Labour won the general election of ... home.arcor.de/gssw1997/ksk/glad8.htm

29.Mar.2005 Die "Aasgeier" der Immobilienbranche sind im Anflug ... Nach Informationen der WELT erwarb Cerberus - auch als Hedge oder ... + Hedge Funds - branchenintern werden sie auch "Vulture Fonds " (Aasgeier Fonds ) ... www.welt.de/data/2004/01/19/225191.html

Die "Aasgeier" der Immobilienbranche sind im Anflug ... Star als auch Soros + Cerberus als Interessenten ... Dutzend ausländischer Opportunity + Hedge Funds - branchenintern ... sie auch "Vulture Fonds " (Aasgeier Fonds ... www.welt.de/data/2004/01/19/225191.html?s=1

29.Mar.2005 Ireland's OWN: History ... New Allegations Over INLA Killing of Airey Neave Denied ... carA man named by a republican informer as playing a part in the murder of Airey Neave ... www.irelandsown.net/neave4.html

29.Mar.2005 Subj: Political Clones Date: 12/6/00 8:00:03 AM Pacific Standard ... They were each one identical in appearance to Mr. Airey Neave . Airey Neave had been the Conservative Party "King Maker". At one time possibly the most ...www.cyberspaceorbit.com/frontpage/polclonesx.htm

29.Mar.2005 The text for this talk will be available on-line at a later date ... Airey Neave, who was the UK legal officer chosen to present the defendants with their indictment at Nuremberg rightly regarded this option as ... www.sant.ox.ac.uk/areastudies/lectures/nicholls.html

29.Mar.2005 Airey Neave Airey Neave ... + that the two murdered MPs, Airey Neave + Robert Bradford, had both been victims of an USA conspiracy. Details in Like The Roman ... www.clublet.com/c/c/why?AireyNeave

29.Mar.2005 Airey Neave biography .ms ... Airey Neave . Airey Middleton Sheffield Neave (23.Jan.1916-30.Mar.1979 ) was a British Conservative MP for Abingdon + a prominent politician ... airey – neave...

29.Mar.2005 Welcome to The Airey Neave Trust – Website The Airey Neave Trust encourages + funds research on issues of tyranny + injustice. The trust also supports home Office approved refugees ... www.aireyneavetrust.org.uk

BBC ON THIS DAY | 30 | 1979: Car bomb kills Airey Neave Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Airey Neave is killed by a car bomb as he leaves the House of Commons car park. news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/march/30/newsid_2783000/2783877.stm 26.Mär.2005

30000.1979 BBC ON THIS DAY Conservative MP Airey Neave, Car bomb kills Airey Neave Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Airey Neave is killed by a car bomb as he leaves the ... news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/march/30/default.stm

URL: https://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/low/dates/stories/september/3/default.stm

01.Sep.1939 Top Story: Germany invades Poland URL: https://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/low/dates/stories/september/3/default.stm
1939 UK + France declare war on NAZI Germany UK + France are at war with Germany following the invasion of Poland two days ago.

01.Sep.1943 Allied troops invade mainland Italy UK troops land on mainland Europe four years to the day after war was declared on Germany.
1.Sep.---- Top Story:

01.Sep.1939 NAZI Germany invades Poland
2.Sep.1945: Japan signs unconditional surrender Top Story:

URL: https://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/low/themes/conflict_and_war/northern_ireland/default.stm
2001: Second blast at London post office
29.Mar.2005 19th century humanist Col. Robert G. Ingersoll, known as "the Great Agnostic."

"When I became convinced that the universe is natural, that all the ghosts + gods are myths, there entered into my brain, into my soul, into every drop of my blood the sense, the feeling, the joy of freedom.

The walls of my prison crumbled + fell.

The dungeon was flooded with light + all the bolts + bars + manacles became dust.

I was no longer a servant, a serf, or a slave of the clergy + their biblical revelations.

There was for me no master in all the wide world, not even in infinite space.

I was free - free to think, to express my thoughts - free to live my own ideal, free to live for myself + those I loved, free to use all my faculties, all my senses, free to spread imagination's wings, free to investigate, to guess + dream + hope, free to judge + determine for myself ... I was free .

I stood erect + fearlessly, joyously faced all the worlds."

URL: https://members.aol.com/porchnus/memorial/skeppie5.htm
Humanism developed into a philosophy that denied the commonly accepted presence of misery and oppression as an expression of God's will and changeable only through prayer. Humanism held that humans alone were endowed with the brains and ingenuity to defy and overcome misery, oppression, disease and poverty. But first, they needed to experience religious freedom.

URL: https://members.aol.com/porchnus/memorial/skeppie5.htm
named Pythagoras.
  His profound statement has survived for close to 3000 years: "Man is the measure
  of all that is. All loves, all lives and all gods are his." That heretical statement survived the deliberate burning by Christian fanatics of the immense library at Alexandria in the 4th century. That library housed, among other priceless treasures, all the existing writings of the Greek philosophers including Plato, Epicurus and Socrates. The Alexandria library, considered to be among the eight wonders of the world, was unfortunately also considered by the Church to be a storehouse manuscripts full of pagan abominations. Its burning was considered a gift to God by members of the one true Church. (Insert some Greek philosophers from notes)

URL: https://members.aol.com/porchnus/memorial/skeppie5.htm
If you think that, except for Iran, theocracies are anachronisms, remember that Pat Robertson and his powerful Christian Coalition wing of the Republican Party are struggling to create a Christian America ruled by the bible instead of our Constitution. Also, instead of 1000 years ago and the Dark Ages, it is important to remember that only a bit more than 200 years ago, the theocratic colony of Virginia had a penal code that made jail mandatory for colonists who missed church services or openly questioned the Holy Trinity. Consequently, there were very few self- proclaimed Unitarians in pre-Revolutionary Virginia. My approach is to compare political and religious freedoms, available health-enhancing discoveries, sufficient appropriate clothing for all seasons, enough decent food to eat at least three times a day, affordable comfortable shelter and the availability of music, literature, newspapers, paintings, education, philosophy, theater and travel, plus the income to enjoy all of the above.

Too many Americans rarely give much thought to the following. During most of the 1800 years from the introduction of Paulist Christianity, until the emergence of the Age of Enlightenment, a mere 200 plus years ago, the human condition was radically different from what we take for granted today. For century after century, beginning when Constantine decreed that Christianity would be the official religion of his Roman Empire, the civilized world was obsessed with religiosity.

Religious dogmas + doctrines could be questioned only at the risk of one's life.

They were beyond question + they permeated all aspects of human life.

A 16th century Spanish philosopher, Michel de Montaigne, described the period most succinctly:

"Nothing is so firmly believed as that which we least know."

Humanity bent its collective knees to kings + cardinals + princes + priests + emperors + bishops, all ostensibly appointed by God himself to rule over the multitudes.

For the most part, these were centuries when mankind wallowed in poverty + ignorance + disease + illiteracy + superstition. . . .

29.Mar.2005 The Heritage Foundation ... Paul Weyrich is a Melkite Greek Catholic whose personal background ...

00.000.1976 Weyrich + Viguerie + Howard Phillips attempted a takeover of the ... watch.pair.com/heritage.html

Council for National Policy Database AG ... Protestant, Jewish, Greek Orthodox + (Mormon) leaders come together in such ... Ellis + Viguerie built the Congressional Club mailing list to more ... watch.pair.com/database.html
heated circumstances of the 1968 or 1972 campaigns; those errors ... in which Buckleyite Richard Viguerie manipulates so many today, is the pathetic side of ... is a British-copied fraud, the original Greek texts survive ... www.publiceye.org/larouche/Scans/republabpty/republabpty-pp6-10.htm

TIME Magazine Archive Article - The New Right Takes Aim - Aug ... Frequently the host is Richard Viguerie, 45, the direct-mail ... A Greek Catholic, Weyrich began the effort to involve prominent Evangelical ... www.time.com/time/archive/preview/0,10987,947346,00.html

TIME Magazine Archive Article - Hot on the Campaign Trail - Sep ... His coup in luring right-wing Fund Raiser Richard Viguerie away from the ... The student body was divided between the Greek social fraternity members ... www.time.com/time/archive/preview/0,10987,920596,00.html

CANNONFIRE: 03/28/2004 – 04/03/2004 ... network came from Richard Viguerie + David Franke in the Los Angeles Times. .. wanted to engineer some real-estate shennanigans on a Greek island ... cannonfire.blogspot.com/2004_03_28_cannonfire_archive.html

CANNONFIRE: 12/19/2004 – 12/25/2004 .. In Greek, this phrase sounded indistinguishable from "eat the flesh of the .. Elsewhere in the badlands of the nation, one Richard Viguerie was now the ... cannonfire.blogspot.com/2004_12_19_cannonfire_archive.html

29.Mar.2005 Trojan Horse - October 26, 2004 - View as HTML ... brady brim-deforest tackles the greek question, p. 3 ... A. Viguerie, a co-founder of the Moral. Majority. Public relations firms like Viguerie ’s ... www.troho.com/pdfs/Trojan%20Horse%20-%20October%2026,%202004.pdf

The Heritage Foundation ... Paul Weyrich is a Melkite Greek Catholic whose personal background ... 00.000.1976, Weyrich + Viguerie + Howard Phillips attempted a takeover of the ... watch.pair.com/heritage.html

Council for National Policy Database AG ... Protestant, Jewish, Greek Orthodox and (Mormon) leaders come together in such ... Ellis and Viguerie built the Congressional Club mailing list to more ... watch.pair.com/database.html

29.Mar.2005 Daily Kos :: Creating the anti-Gay/far-right Movement ... Shortly after the 1964 defeat, a Richard Viguerie painstakingly compiled the .. Paul Weyrich is a Melkite Greek Catholic who is a deacon of his church ... www.dailykos.com/story/2004/12/14/20544/822

Daily Kos :: BlogPAC Intelligence Briefing: USA Next ... According to one source, Richard Viguerie formed the Council for ... Paul Weyrich is a Melkite Greek Catholic who is a deacon of his church whose ... www.dailykos.com/story/2005/2/25/161929/908

29.Mar.2005 GetReligion: March 26, 2005 ... actually - rocking the Greek Orthodox Church back in the motherland ... "Now comes the revolution," Richard Viguerie crowed in a Kirkpatrick report on ... www.getreligion.org/archives/2005/02 /

29.Mar.2005 Commentary Magazine - The Election & the Evangelicals ... That network includes Richard Viguerie + his famous computer in Falls Church, .. with the Greek root of the term "evangelical" which means messenger ... www.commentarymagazine.com/Summaries/V71I3P27-1.htm

29.Mar.2005 The Council for National Policy - Selected Member Biographies W – Z ... 2000; Ordained Deacon of Melkite Greek Catholic Eparchy of Newton by ... Ellis retained Richard Viguerie (CNP) to help pay off the Helms campaign debt ... www.cephasministry.com/state_of_the_union_cnp_w-z_bios.html

29.Mar.2005 Council for National Policy (CNP) - Wi-Z - Member Biographies ... 16 United Methodists, four Greek Orthodox, three American Baptists ... Ellis retained Richard Viguerie (CNP) to help pay off the Helms campaign debt ... www.seekgod.ca/cnp.wi-z.htm

Council for National Policy (CNP) -D- Member Biographies ... Protestant, Jewish, Greek Orthodox and (Mormon) leaders come together in such .. and Richard Viguerie, a major fund-raiser for conservative causes ... www.seekgod.ca/cnp.d.htm

29.Mar.2005 Conservative Icon Weyrich Warns 'Moral Minority' Still Dwindling ... Weyrich, one of two proto deacons at his Melkite Greek Catholic Church in ... Richard Viguerie, Howard Phillips and Weyrich and their predecessors ... www.conservativenews.org/Politics/archive/200201/POL20020114b.html

29.Mar.2005 SpinWatch - A New Target for Advisers to Swift Vets ... German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Macedonian ... the group was used as a device to enrich other companies owned by Mr. Viguerie ...spinwatch.server101.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=469

29.Mar.2005 On Secular Humanism ... by the ancient Greek philosopher, contemporary of Socrates, named Pythagoras. .. Richard Viguerie, Jimmy Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Pat Robertson ... members.aol.com/porchnus/memorial/skeppie5.htm

Strange Bedfellows ... such as beer magnate Joseph Coors and direct-mail entrepreneur Richard Viguerie ... “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free ... www.yuricareport.com/RevisitedBks/StrangeBedfellowsDennisCrews.htm

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/spiegel/0,1518,druck-348103,00.html
Tatsächlich klingen seine "Bekenntnisse" über die Verquickungen amerikanischer Politik und Wirtschaft doch nicht so unglaublich, erinnert man sich an manche inzwischen gutdokumentierte Geschichte aus der jüngeren Vergangenheit.
Da ist etwa der höchst bizarre, aber fast vergessene Fall der United Fruit Company, heute bekannt als "Chiquita": Als 1953 der Präsident von Guatemala einen Teil der riesigen Plantagen des US-Konzerns in dem lateinamerikanischen Land enteignete und an Kleinbauern verteilte, wurde er wenig später mit CIA-Unterstützung aus dem Amt geputscht + amerikanische Piloten bombardierten die Hauptstadt.
Die Umstände erinnerten an einen schlechten Hollywood-Thriller: Der damalige CIA-Direktor Allen Dulles und sein Bruder, Außenminister John Foster Dulles, waren die Firmenanwälte, der US-Botschafter bei den Vereinten Nationen, Henry Cabot Lodge, war United-Fruit-Großaktionär.
Ähnlich dubios und dokumentiert sind die Verwicklungen der heutigen Bush-Regierung mit der Ölindustrie und dem Großkonzern Halliburton, der eine führende Rolle beim Aufbau des Irak spielt.
Und natürlich kommt Perkins die von US-Präsident George W. Bush gerade vorletzte Woche bekanntgegebene Nominierung von Paul Wolfowitz als neuem Chef der Weltbank gerade recht: Der stellvertretende Verteidigungsminister gilt als erzkonservativer Falke und Expansionist, seine Ernennung löste vor allem bei Entwicklungshilfeorganisationen heftige Proteste aus.
Doch was kann Perkins von seinen eigenen Erlebnissen konkret belegen? Welche Beweise gibt es, dass "Wirtschaftskiller" auch heute noch etwa in Venezuela im Auftrag der USA unterwegs sind, wie er behauptet?
Perkins arbeitet nicht mit Dokumenten + auch detaillierte Zahlen aus einzelnen Projekten nennt er nicht. Das Buch sei nicht für Wirtschaftsfachleute geschrieben, sagt er, sondern für jedermann. Allerdings, sagt er dann, sei ihm bewusst, dass die Frage nach Belegen und detaillierten Daten beantwortet werden müsse: "Es ist wohl Zeit für ein zweites Buch."
Das Medieninteresse an seinen Erzählungen ist jedenfalls gewaltig: Gerade war ein Kamerateam des ORF da, später stehen noch Interviews mit Radiostationen in Brasilien und Malaysia an. Die wichtigen amerikanischen Medien dagegen ignorieren ihn trotz des Verkaufserfolgs.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/spiegel/0,1518,druck-348103,00.html
"Wenn wir unsere Arbeit richtig gemacht hatten, wurde das Empfängerland nach ein paar Jahren von der Schuldenlast erdrückt und musste die Zahlungen sowohl an die amerikanischen Förderbanken als auch die US-Konzerne einstellen", sagt Perkins. Dann seien die eigentlichen Forderungen gekommen: "Kontrolle über Uno-Voten, Installation von Militärbasen, Zugang zu Ressourcen wie Öl oder den Panamakanal."
Doch was sollte die Motivation der Regierungen von Panama oder Ecuador und all der anderen von Perkins erwähnten Beispiele sein, das eigene Land zu ruinieren? Auch für diese Motivation war Perkins nach eigener Aussage zuständig: "Bestechung, persönliche Bereicherung, Wahlmanipulation".
Das klingt nach Verschwörungstheorie. Doch dagegen wehrt sich Perkins heftig: "In diesen Topf lasse ich mich nicht werfen." Zumal Verschwörungen ja stets den Anstrich des Illegalen hätten. "Aber genau das war doch das Perfide meiner Arbeit: Offiziell war alles höchst legal."
"Economic Hit Man", Wirtschaftskiller, das klingt doch, als hätte es sich der Verlags-PR-Chef mit Schaum vor dem Mund ausgedacht. Nein, nein, wehrt Perkins ab, der Begriff sei tatsächlich real, schon 1951 geprägt, als die CIA einen ihrer Agenten auf den Sturz des iranischen Premiers angesetzt hatte, nachdem der die Ölindustrie verstaatlicht hatte. Natürlich sei es keine offizielle Bezeichnung, eher ironisch gemeint, aber in eingeweihten Kreisen tatsächlich gebräuchlich.
Und wie, bitte schön, verübt man einen Anschlag auf eine Volkswirtschaft? "Vor allem mit Großkrediten", sagt Perkins. Seine Aufgabe sei es gewesen, ausgewählten Ländern völlig überzogene Milliardenkredite für neue Infrastruktur zu vermitteln, die aber finanziell gar nicht zu verkraften waren: "Wasserkraftwerke in Ecuador, Elektrifizierungsprojekte in Indonesien, Flughäfen in Mittelamerika". Er habe vor allem für die traditionell US-geführte Weltbank und die US-Entwicklungshilfebehörde manipulierte Finanzpläne aufgestellt, um die Kredite zu rechtfertigen: "Es ist gar nicht schwer, einen vermeintlich immensen Anstieg des Bruttosozialprodukts vorzugaukeln, wenn man mit den Daten geschickt trickst."
Die Milliardenkredite seien dann ausschließlich in Aufträge für US-Großkonzerne wie Bechtel und Halliburton geflossen. Oder an MAIN, eine internationale Consultingfirma, für die Perkins als Chefvolkswirt arbeitete und deren Hauptkunde die Weltbank war.
"Letztlich verlässt das meiste Geld die USA nie", sagt er mit der emotionslosen Stimme eines Vortragenden, als hielte er eine Vorlesung vor unwissenden Erstsemestlern. "Es wird bloß von den Banken in Washington zu den Konzernzentralen in Houston, New York oder San Francisco umgeleitet."
Vor der Tür steht John Perkins, 60 + auch seine großen Zeiten liegen schon lange hinter ihm. "Kommen Sie, kommen Sie", sagt er und führt hinein in ein Wohnzimmer, das kaum etwas verrät über die 15 Jahre, die sein Besitzer zwischen Ecuador und Saudi-Arabien, Panama und Südostasien verbrachte. Nur auf dem Marmorkamin stehen zwei buntbemalte hölzerne Puppen aus Indonesien. "Die stammen noch aus meiner Lehrzeit", sagt Perkins, "meiner Lehrzeit als Wirtschaftskiller."
Es ist eine seltsame, eine fast unglaubliche Geschichte, die der schlaksige Mann mit leiser, aber eindinglicher Stimme erzählt. Von 1971 bis 1981 sei er im Auftrag der USA als verdeckter "Economic Hit Man" unterwegs gewesen. Sein erklärtes Ziel: "Mit viel Geld Regierungen von Dritte-Welt-Ländern in ein Netzwerk aus US-Interessen hineinzuziehen und sie in eine finanzielle Abhängigkeit zu befördern, die sie für die USA wirtschaftlich und politisch steuerbar macht." Kurz: Volkswirtschaften zu ruinieren.
Perkins hat über diese Zeit ein Buch geschrieben: "Bekenntnisse eines Economic Hit Man". Nur wenige Wochen nach Erscheinen im vergangenen November kletterte es bis auf Platz neun der "New York Times"-Bestsellerliste - fast ausschließlich über Mundpropaganda. Zeitweilig führte es sogar die Amazon-Verkaufsliste an.
Vergangene Woche erschien das Buch auch in Deutschland, Veröffentlichungen in etlichen anderen Ländern, von Japan bis Italien, folgen in den nächsten Wochen.
Perkins ist überrascht von seinem Erfolg. Er hätte sich eigentlich "vor allem das schlechte Gewissen von der Seele schreiben" wollen. Denn revolutionär sei seine Geschichte eigentlich gar nicht.
Bekenntnisse eines Killers Von Thomas Schulz

In einem Enthüllungsbuch beschreibt John Perkins seine Arbeit als "ökonomischer Auftragsmörder" der USA: Er sollte, behauptet er, Dritte-Welt-Staaten ruinieren und so politisch gefügig machen.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,druck-348512,00.html
Nach Einschätzung amerikanischer Geologen handelt es sich um ein Nachbeben des schweren Bebens, das an Weihnachten einen Tsunami auslöste. Ein Experte der US-Behörde für Geologische Überwachung sagte der Nachrichtenagentur Reuters, das Epizentrum liege im Meer 125 Meilen westlich der Stadt Sibolga auf der Insel Sumatra in fast 30 Kilometern Tiefe.
Tsunami-Alarm in Südasien: Dutzende Tote nach gewaltigem Beben vor Indonesien
Urteil: Sony soll 90 Millionen $ Schadensersatz zahlen

29.Mar.2005 Feinstaubbelastung: Bayern erwägt Fahrverbote

06.Nov.2004 Moore. "Wenn die Medien nach einem Trend Ausschau halten, dann sollten sie das berücksichtigen: Dass so ... 20050325

29.Mar.2005 Deutsche Einheit: Jeder vierte Wessi will die Mauer wieder

29.Mar.2005 Bionik-Wettbewerb: Schwimmen ohne nass zu werden

URL: https://www.nesma.com/subsidiaries.html
NESMA group company NATEL has successfully executed major telecommunications projects for prestigious private and governmental clients including the MOPTT, SCECO, MODA and Saudi Aramco.

29.Mar.2005 Addresses ... Iran and Libya Sanctions Act: extend authorities (see S. 994), S5967 [7JN] ... Nomination of Dale Klein To Be Assistant Sec. of Defense for Nuclear and ... thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?j107:I07005:j107LEVENTHAL.html

29.Mar.2005 CNS-DC Nonproliferation-Related Hearings in the 107th Congress ... of Dale Klein to be Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear and ... To consider the reauthorization of the Iran and Libya Sanctions Act. ...cns.miis.edu/research/congress/107hear.htm

29.Mar.2005 Chemical, Biological + Nuclear Terrorism/Warfare : A ... “Deterrence and Defense in a Nuclear, Biological + Chemical ... " Libya's Pursuit of Weapons of Mass Destruction," The Nonproliferation Review ... library.nps.navy.mil/home/bibs/chembioper.htm

I. INTRODUCTION - View as HTML ... by Dr. Dale Klein, the assistant to Donald Rumsfeld for nuclear, chemical ... North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Syria + Libya are among the countries that ... www.iir.ubc.ca/pdffiles/webWP38.doc

NucNews - January 20, 2000 ... P. Wilson was convicted of smuggling 20 tons of high explosives to Libya ... plutonium center Governing Board Chairman Dale Klein immediately accused ... nucnews.net/

NucNews - August 30, 2004 ... under emergency conditions," wrote Keith Klein, the manager of DOE's ... of IAEA investigations into secret nuclear activities by Libya and Iran ... nucnews.net/

In Brief continuous rev ... Dale Klein said the USA would need to resume nuclear testing ... Carter discounted the possibility of Cuba collaborating with Libya on BW ... www.idds.org/acr2003/InBrief2002.html

29.Mar.2005 COMMITTEE BUSINESS SCHEDULED WEEK OF OCTOBER 29 ... 10(a)(1) of the Iran- Libya Sanctions Act ( PL 104-172); unnumbered ... Dale Klein to be Assistant to the Secretary for Nuclear # Chemical + ... www.house.gov/international_relations/107/surv1029.htm

The Review: February 2004 Archives ... Maybe I missed something about Dale Frank's position on this ... revealing the extent of its nuclear treachery; the developments in Libya are surreal ... www.dalefranks.com/archives/2004_02.asp

29.Mar.2005 NTI: Global Security Newswire - Wednesday, February 9, 2005 ... Dale Klein, assistant to the defense secretary for nuclear and chemical and ... source of uranium that ended up in Libya ’s now-defunct nuclear program ... www.nti.org/d_newswire/issues/2005_2_9.html

NTI: Global Security Newswire - Wednesday, January 14, 2004 ... whether Libya ’s decision, along with Iran’s decision to open its nuclear ... from Dale Klein, assistant to the US Secretary of Defense on nuclear ... www.nti.org/d_newswire/issues/2004_1_14.html
[A-List] US military: new nuclear arsenal [A-List] US military: new nuclear arsenal ... meeting in the Pentagon on January 10 this year called by Dale Klein, the assistant to the defence secretary ... lists.econ.utah.edu/pipermail/a-list/2003-February/023744.html

[RG] A Glossary of Warmongering ... Next message: [RG] Re: Dale Jacobson and his poetry [very old friend and comrade and fine ... What happened in the Gulf was a form of nuclear warfare ... lists.econ.utah.edu/pipermail/rad-green/2003-March/007514.html

[US-War-On-Terrorism] US Plan for New Nuclear Arsenal [US-War-On-Terrorism] US Plan for New Nuclear Arsenal ... the Pentagon on January 10 this year called by Dale Klein, the assistant to the defense secretary ... listi.jpberlin.de/pipermail/us-war-on-terrorism/Week-of-Mon-20030217/000318.html

- 1 - Minutes for the Nuclear Energy Research Advisory Committee ... - View as HTML ... Dale Klein asked what the Executive Committee of NERAC can do in DOE and ...Al-Qeada, Iraq, Libya and North Korea have all sought to acquire nuclear ... www.ne.doe.gov/nerac/neracminutessept2002.pdf

2004 Congressional Hearings on WMD ... Dr. Dale E. Klein, Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear ... Libya : Next Steps in US Relations February 26, 2004 SENATE COMMITTEE ON ... www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/library/congress/2004_h

OpinionJournal - Outside the Box ... As Pentagon official Dale Klein said at the Hudson conference: "As the war . The same is true of the governments of Iran + Libya + Syria + of course.. www.opinionjournal.com/columnists/pdupont/?id=110002648

29.Mar.2005 Center for Strategic Decision Research, Peter Struck, Michele ... The Honorable Dale Klein US Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear ... Libya + Pakistan + India + North Korea [?IsRAEL?] to develop nuclear weapons ... www.csdr.org/2004book/Klein.htm

Center for Strategic Decision Research, Peter Struck, Michele ... Secretary of Defense Michael Wynne US Assist Secretary of Defense Dale Klein US Assist ... Libya was once a rogue state but recently changed its status by ... www.csdr.org/2004book/Maulny.htm
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | US plan for new nuclear arsenal ... 10 this year called by Dale Klein, the assistant to the defence secretary ... Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya as potential targets for US nuclear weapons ... www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0,12271,898550,00.html

US Plan for New Nuclear Arsenal ... US Plan for New Nuclear Arsenal Secret talks may lead to breaking treaties .. this year called by Dale Klein, the assistant to the defense secretary ... www.commondreams.org/headlines03/0219-02.htm

US Plan for New Nuclear Arsenal ... 10 this year called by Dale Klein, the assistant to the defense secretary, .. Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya as potential targets for US nuclear weapons ... www.mafhoum.com/press4/ramsa113.htm

Secret Pentagon plan for new nuclear arsenal - smh.com.au ... minutes of a meeting in the Pentagon on January 10 called by Dale Klein ... Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya as potential targets for US nuclear weapons ... www.smh.com.au/articles/2003/02/20/1045638426664.html

US Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike Plan: It Keeps Getting Scarier and ... 10, 2003 memo from Dr. Dale Klein, outlined plans for an August 2003 ... nuclear arsenal: Russia, China, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Libya and Syria ... www.larouchepub.com/pr/2003/030224nukefirst.html

Key Events ... USA will not use nuclear weapons against any non- nuclear -weapon state party ... Stewardship Conference Planning Meeting” called by Dale Klein ... www.cooperativeresearch.org/timeline.jsp?timeline=us_military&weapons_of_mass_destruction=us_military ...

ArtsEdNet Archive for February 2003 Especially for those of you in ... Pentagon on January 10 this year called by Dale Klein, the assistant to ... Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya as potential targets for US nuclear weapons ... www.getty.edu/artsednet/hm/Feb03/0684.html

What's New in INES, No. 3/2003 ... Libya + Syria should be stripped of weapons of mass destruction after Iraq. .. Secretary for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons Dale Klein has ... www.inesglobal.com/whats_new_in_ines/wn3_03.html

29.Mar.2005 In Brief continuous rev ... Dale Klein said the USA would need to resume nuclear testing ... Carter discounted the possibility of Cuba collaborating with Libya on BW ... www.idds.org/acr2003/InBrief2002.html

29.Mar.2005 Postnational family/postfamilial nation: family, small town and ... .. Luico Tan, Hans Menzi, Campos Yao, Rolando Gapud, Roman Cruz ... past, revealed in Navarro-Pedrosa’s unofficial biography The Untold Story of Imelda ... taylorandfrancis.metapress.com/index/GPCBXJM4RBP40EAY.pdf

29.Mar.2005 MONOPOLY p1 ... Instead, according to a recent biography of Ninoy's father-in-law Jose Cojuangco .. of self-confessed Marcos cronies Jose Yao Campos and Rolando Gapud ... www.pldt.com/monopoly1.htm

29.Mar.2005 Evidence of Fraud in the 2004 US Presidential Election: An ... both to back-door manipulation and to hacking at the voting tabulator level ... “Immediate Steps to Avoid Lost Votes in the 2004 Presidential Election: ... auto_sol.tao.ca/node/view/1033
Author Index SZ... "Mathematical Structure of Voting Paradoxes l; Pairwise Votes ."... Aviad Heifetz and Yossi Spiegel, Revised October 2000 ... www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/research/math/author_index_s-z.htm
NEXUS: Information Control, Social Control... Spike Jones, born Adam Spiegel, has been the director of numerous music ... oil companies + their manipulation of US foreign policy in order to ... www.nexusmagazine.com/articles/InformationControl.html

Science and Truth as Cultural ImperialismHTML-Version ... science is there to yield profit - in terms of money or in terms of votes ... 1990 that the first university ranking was published (Der Spiegel 1990) ...
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The Smirking Chimp... Denial and lies are the shield. Further manipulation is the tactic ... Some of em's ain't concerned with how dey can get Bush sum' mo votes ... www.smirkingchimp.com/article.php?thold=-1&mode=nested&order=0&sid=20049
Newsletter September 1996, Excerpts from International Press... Times, 11 May 1996. Turkish coalition "buying votes "... Der Spiegel, 27/1996. Doubts about ethics standards in medical profession in Germany ... www.transparency.org/newsletters/96.3/sept96-7.html
CANNONFIRE: 11/21/2004 - 11/27/2004... (barely) even if his forces had not engaged in systemic e-vote manipulation ? ... Law candidate Peroutka received 215 votes to Bush?s 21 and Kerry?s 290
Zweitausendeins publishes the... Governor Jeb Bush sanctioned manipulation of the electoral registers in ... The German newsmagazine Der Spiegel (42/2002) called Broeckers’s book "the ... www.broeckers.com/9-11-engl.htm
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From editor@telecom-digest.org Wed Jan 7 02:21:55 2004 Received ... to Manipulation Walden O'Dell is entitled to call himself a "Pioneer ... possible to help Ohio "deliver its electoral votes to the president" in 2004 ... massis.lcs.mit.edu/archives/back.issues/recent.single.issues/V23_%2310
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28.Mar.2005 Mason, Sir Peter (Chief Executive of AMEC, involved in renovation of the wedge of the Pentagon, which was later hit. Hired for Controlled Clean-up of both Pentagon and WTC. Among Clients: SAIC and Telcordia/Robert W. Lucky, member of ANSER Institute for Homeland Security since 1999)

28.Mar.2005 Here is the list of possible witnesses, who could help more about the cover-up of the Sep11th attack, the Anthrax attack, the War against Afghanistan and Iraq, which is all connected.

28.Mar.2005 Peter Levenda and the Magickal Roots of Nazism, Interview by Tracy ... THE ILLUMINATI - PETER LEVENDA AND THE MAGICKAL ROOTS OF NAZISM ... Whatever the case, he was definitely hired by MI5 during WWII ... www.american-buddha.com/levenda.nazi.htm
Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Special report ... December 20: Sir Alan Budd today said he had established a "chain of events" linking ... December 20: A senior MI5 officer, Peter Mason, is to take over ... politics.guardian.co.uk/commons/0,9054,442878,00.html
The Top 150 Subpoena list for the 911 Commission ... (Described as a british mole of the MI5 within "Al-Quaeda") ... Mason, Sir Peter . (Chief Executive of AMEC, involved in renovation of the wedge of the ... post911timeline.org/article006.htm
Aber, so die "New York Times", die Unterlagen werfen neue Fragen auf.

Die Dokumente schlössen nicht aus, dass einige der eilig ausgereisten Saudis im Besitz von wichtigen Informationen zu den Anschlägen waren.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,druck-348470,00.html
Die neuen Dokumente widersprechen nicht direkt der Einschätzung der Untersuchungskommission des US-Kongress, die die Ausreise der Saudis untersucht hatte.

Sie war zu dem Ergebnis gekommen, dass keine der fraglichen Personen das Land vor der Wiederöffnung des Luftraumes am

13.Sep.2001 habe verlassen dürfen, das Weiße Haus nicht "politisch interveniert" + das FBI eine ausreichende Personenkontrolle vorgenommen habe.
28.Mar.2005 D
as Weiße Haus stritt jedoch stets alle Vorwürfe ab, Saudis bevorzugt behandelt zu haben.
SPIEGEL ONLINE - 28. März 2005, 11:06

Neue Dokumente FBI ließ Bin Ladens Verwandtschaft ausfliegen
Der Verdacht ist schon Jahre alt, doch jetzt musste die US-Regierung einem Zeitungsbericht zufolge bislang unbekannte Dokumente herausgegeben: Danach hat das FBI Dutzenden Saudi-Arabern nach dem 11. September dabei geholfen, das Land zu verlassen - darunter Verwandten von Terrorfürst Osama Bin Laden.

Hamburg - Die Regierungsdokumente belegen laut "New York Times", dass es für die Saudis speziell gecharterte Flüge von Las Vegas und anderen amerikanischen Städten aus gegeben hat. Außerdem gehe daraus hervor, dass die Bundespolizei FBI eine wichtige Rolle bei der Organisation der Aktion gespielt habe.
So habe das FBI für zwei prominente saudische Familien in Los Angeles und Orlando Eskorten zum Flughafen bereitgestellt und einigen anderen erlaubt, ohne vorherige Befragung das Land zu verlassen. Mit Blick auf die Eskorten sagte ein FBI-Vertreter der Zeitung, es handele sich dabei um keine Bevorzugung, man würde dies für jeden tun, der sich bedroht fühle. Allerdings bestand der Beamte auf Anonymität. Die beiden Familien hatten den FBI-Schutz beantragt, weil sie sich im Zuge der Attentate vom 11. September als Araber nicht sicher fühlten.
Libanon: Video zeigt die letzten Sekunden vor Attentat auf Hariri

28.Mar.2005 Interview mit Antisemitismus-Experte: "Das Anwachsen rechtsextremer Einstellungen ist erschreckend"

28.Mar.2005 Koma-Patientin: Schiavo erhält die Letzte Ölung

28.Mar.2005 Neue Dokumente: FBI ließ Bin Ladens Verwandtschaft ausfliegen

28.Mar.2005 Clergy and Laity Abuse of People by Alisandra and Ammond ... leader of a Christian sect, was charged with felony child abuse in the ... of children at the Presidio daycare in San Francisco, died of AIDS. 08.Nov.---- ... www.skepticfiles.org/atheist/clergydo.htm
Light Reading - Networking the Telecom Industry ... Back when we added Cogent Communications Inc . to the Top 10 Private companies list, we cited one reason - just one - why it had won a spot over all ... www.lightreading.com/document.asp?doc_id=3990

28.Mar.2005 NANOG 20 Registration List ... Merit Network, Inc . No Charge. Burke. Chuck. Exodus Communications Inc ... Cogent Communications . Paid. Collura. Chris. The Presidio Corporation ... www.nanog.org/mtg-0010/registration.list.html

28.Mar.2005 Creative Generation Communications, Inc. .. Multi-Homed OC-12 Tier-1 Fiber Connections ( Cogent Free) Pre-Installed Software .. Creative Generation Communications, Inc . All Rights Reserved. ww.creativegeneration.com/dedicated_free.html

28.Mar.2005 High Speed, Low Cost - Emerging Technology - CIO Magazine Mar 15,2001 .. Caterpillar Inc . (www.caterpillar.com) Cogent Communications Inc ... Allied Riser Communications (ARC), Cogent Communications in Washington, DC ... www.cio.com/archive/031501/et.html

28.Mar.2005 Cogent Acquires ISP in the Midwest (washingtonpost.com) ... Cogent Communications Inc . of Washington plans to announce today that it ... its wholly owned subsidiary, Cogent Great Lakes Communications Inc . ...

www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn?pagename=article& node=&contentId=A13574-2003Feb27&notFound=true

(washingtonpost.com): Washington Post: Top 200 Companies in ...Cogent Communications Group Inc . 1015 31st St. NW Washington, DC 20007 ...
Cisco Systems Inc . had loaned Cogent more than $260 million to help the 1999 ...

28.Mar.2005 The News Archive 2000- Optical Ethernet Web Site ... December 18,2000 Cogent Communications, which calls itself a ... October 11,2000 Yipes Communications Inc . proved earlier this week that funding for ... www.optical-ethernet.com/news2000.htm

The News Archive 2002- Optical Ethernet Web Site ... Cogent Communications brings high-speed Internet access to Canada (LightWave) November 7, 2002 - Cogent Communications Group Inc ., a tier-one ... www.optical-ethernet.com/news2002.htm

Offshore Communications 2004 - Past Attending Companies ... Coastel Communications CODAN US, Inc . Cogent Communications Comtech EF Data omtech Systems Inc . Conoco ConocoPhillips Containerhouse International, Inc ... www.offshorecoms.com/oc04/companies/

28.Mar.2005 JVP - Jerusalem Venture Partners ... Prior to founding Cogent Communications in 1999, Dave was the sole founder of Pathnet Inc, which raised $36 million in private equity and completed a ... www.jvpvc.com/aboutjvp/experts.html

28.Mar.2005 Fast Company | Built at Light Speed ... Cypress Communications Inc ., Eureka Broadband Corp. + Yipes Communications Inc ., are targeting the same customers that Cogent wants. ...www.fastcompany.com/magazine/41/faststart.html

28.Mar.2005 Technical Presentation of the Azorean Regional Government Portal ... Dr. Rui Bettencourt Coordenação (editor): Dr. João Lima Produção (autores): Dr. Tibério Lopes Dr. Mira Leal João Pedro Montalverne Marco Arruda ... portal.azores.gov.pt/Internal/en/info/fichatecnica

28.Mar.2005 PortugalGay.PT - Respostas de políticos sobre questões GLBT .. Rui Bettencourt candidato do PS à Câmara Municipal de Ponta Delgada.

28.Mar.2005 Sixth International Congress - Papers (ordered by subject) ... 9:00, Rui Bettencourt Melo and A. Sérgio Miguel Urban bus drivers' exposure o whole-body vibration. 9:20, Mattias Sjöberg ...icsv6.dat.dtu.dk/programme/papers_sub.html

28.Mar.2005 Wingmen ensure AF continues to fly high HTML-Version ... Dr. Rui Bettencourt, has opened. it up to US patients.” According to Senior
Master. Sgt. David Montano, 65th MDG. superintendent, the facility adds ...

28.Mar.2005 Pagina do Daniel (Datsun 1200 (ACDME2))... 13, Rui Bettencourt, Alfa Romeu 1750 GTV, 1970, PH, 1795. 14, José Feio, Triunph SpitFire MK4, 1972, H, 1823. 15, Fernado Felipe, Triunph SpitFire, 1966 ...students.fct.unl.pt/users/dfb/datsun/ACDME.htm
D14.2: 13: Security in ATM Networks .. Participants to the experiment. Rui Bettencourt, FCCN, Portugal. Dates and hases. Phase 1: Review of the security-related specifications of the main ... archive.dante.net/ten-34/DELIVERABLES/D14.2/13.html

Comissão Organizadora ... Rui Bettencourt, Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional, Convidados. ui Jorge Morgado Rodrigues, Banco Finantia, SA, Outros Participantes ... www.uc.pt/crc98/particip.html

28.Mar.2005 Seminário .. Dr. Pedro Rui Bettencourt da Camara; Dr.ª Paula Carneiro Microsoft Corporation; r.ª Donzilia Queiroz ABN AMRO Bank; Dr.ª Carla Costa Procter & Gamble ... wwwvelho.lis.ulusiada.pt/html/eventos/links/seminario/grh/default.htm

28.Mar.2005 RIPE Meetings .. Rui Bettencourt, PT, FCCN. Ivan Beveridge, GB, Demon Internet Ltd. Denesh Bhabuta, B, Demon Internet Ltd. Maurizio Binello, UK, London Internet ... www.ripe.net/ripe/meetings/ripe-31/attend.html

28.Mar.2005 GlobalFreePress- Dep. INN – News ... Hani Hanjour, Nawaf Alhazmi, Ahmed Alghamdi and Majed Moqed lived in an apartment .. Khalid Almidhar and Hani Hanjour was later arrested by the FBI ... inn.globalfreepress.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=324

URL: https://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/post/whosarat/vpost?id=163286&trail=60
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 30, 1998 CONTACT: Michael Schmitz
(202) 225-2201 CIA Confirms It Allowed Contra Drug Trafficking ep. Waters Calls On Committee to Hold Hearings In 106th Congress
Washington, D.C. - Today Representative Maxine Waters (CA-35) called on House Intelligence Committee Chairman Porter Goss to hold investigative hearings into dramatic new developments in the scandal involving the CIA's complicity with Contra drug traffickers. (excerpt)

URL: https://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/post/whosarat/vpost?id=163286&trail=60

15.Feb.2000 the Select Committee on Intelligence held a business meeting, at which they discussed the committee's draft report on the allegations of CIA involvement in Nicaraguan Contra drug trafficking activities. The subject of the meeting was not announced in advance or open to the public. At the meeting, members of the committee voted to approve the committee's draft report but are not releasing it to the public at this time.
“I have been working on this issue for over three years, but I was neither invited to this meeting nor informed of it,” said Rep. Waters.
“The declassified version of Volume II of the CIA Inspector General’s Report confirms allegations of CIA knowledge of and support for drug trafficking in the USA by the Nicaraguan Contras. The Report provides extensive details of the evidence available to the CIA and the Reagan Administration regarding drug trafficking by the Contra rebels and their supporters. The Intelligence Committee should have thoroughly investigated this evidence and questioned those individuals who were aware of drug trafficking by the Contras,”said Rep. Waters.
On two separate occasions - once on November 30, 1998 + again on April 9, 1999 -
Rep. Waters wrote to Congressman Porter Goss, the Chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence, requesting that additional public hearings be held to fully investigate the CIA's involvement in drug trafficking by the Contras. However, there were no additional public hearings + only one hearing - which was closed to the public - was held by the committee during 1999. Rep. Waters requested permission to attend this hearing but was not allowed to do so.

28.Mar.2005 Robert Redford Message Board ... https://news .bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/americas/newsid_1138000/1138009.stm ... At the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, everywhere you looked there were..

28.Mar.2005 Drug War Chronicle Archives ... ENGLISH DRUG REFORMERS MAP ROUTE TO POST-PROHIBITION DRUG POLICY ... Newsbrief: Rio de Janeiro Jails Stuffed With Drug Offenders; Newsbrief: UN Warns ... stopthe drugwar .org/chronicle/archives.shtml
- FEDS, INFORMANTS FINGER US GOVT AS DRUG TRAFFICKER ... Federal Police off the coast of Rio de Janeiro ; their ship, The Nobistor ... News, would never be heard by those of us who speak and read in English ... www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/post/whosarat/vpost?id=163286&trail=60
Charge Three: Adultery

Defectors also accused Way leadership of practicing and approving adultery as a godly practice. John Lynn claims that Wierwille and at least four other trustees had sex with literally hundreds of women, many of whom Lynn and other ex-leaders have counseled personally. 9 They also claim the Trustees fired long-time researcher John Schonheit for writing a brief paper summarizing the Bible's teaching against adultery. Additionally, ex-members have on file letters and transcripts in which Way president L. Craig Martindale defends sex outside marriage in many situations.
Many Wayers have accepted these allegations in part because they explain and confirm previous experiences. Almost every long-time member has had at least one question such as: "Why did Dr. Wierwille never speak against adultery in his 'Christian Family and Sex' class?" "Why does my Limb leader often spend the night with certain twig leaders of the opposite sex?" "Why did our women's meeting leave the impression that a woman should satisfy any physical desire of visiting Way leaders?" "Why do Way leaders give contradictory answers when I ask about the biblical stance on sex outside of marriage?" "Why did the twig leader make sexual advances toward me the first time I attended?" 1

28.Mar.2005 Knoxville Confidential: Towcrime ... The job was typical of the delicate, dangerous work Mark Loizeaux ... ROY LEE CLARK was indicted on October 23, 1991, for the murder of RECTOR and was ... towcrime.freewebsitehosting.com

911 for the Truth ... The job was typical of the delicate, dangerous work Mark Loizeaux (Knoxville ... the CEO of Rite-Aid, who has been indicted of conspiracy and fraud ... www.geocities.com/forthetruth911

The New Pearl Harbor - David Ray Griffin ... Mark Loizeaux, who wrote the clean-up plan for the entire operation ... 1993 attack on the World Trade Center (in which Mohammed was also indicted ) ... www.geocities.com/psyop911/david-ray-griffin-the-new-pearl-harbor.html

Dan Wyman ... Loizeaux Brothers, New York. No Date (1940s). Presume 1st Edition Cloth ... which had published the pamphlet, were indicted under the Espionage Act ... www.geocities.com/daniel_wyman/catalog9f.htm

WUTK: Knoxville Progressive Radio Censored ... to USA in Pentagon/CIA/NASA Operation PAPERCLIP, indicted warcriminal ... Summer of 2001 documentary of UT Knoxville graduates at Loizeaux family ... www.geocities.com/wutk_censored/wutkcensorship.html

portland imc - 2002.12.05 - Science says &quot;Eutectic ... .. Implosion expert Mark Loizeaux of Controlled Demolition, Inc ... has discussed plea bargain with him since he was indicted in November 2001 ... portland.indymedia.org/en/2002/12/36835.shtml

28.Mar.2005 ity aper - View as HTML ... Nashville,” said Mark Loizeaux, CDI president. “It’s ... He was indicted on charges of. driving under the influence and il- ... www.nashville.gov/des/Kaboom-Thermal%20stack%20goes7.23.04.pdf

Past Peak: October 2004 Archives ... ARSHINKOFF: You want her indicted, get her indicted ... In fact, American tree Press quoted Mark Loizeaux, president of Controlled Demolition ... www.pastpeak.com/archives/2004/10

Majority Report Radio: "Alan Greenspan, pompous hack. Harry Reid ... in some cases after the traffickers had been indicted by federal law enforcement ... Tully called Mark Loizeaux, president of Controlled Demolition ... www.majorityreportradio.com/weblog/archives/001837.php

Chapter Fourteen ... If "Gehenna" is eternal torment, God has indicted Himself in being an accomplice to ... Reading Hislop's Two Babylons, published by Loizeaux Brothers ... www.tentmaker.org/books/asw/Chapter14.html

28.Mar.2005 Eyewitness Reports Persist Of Bombs At WTC Collapse ... In February 2000, a federal grand jury indicted Mark Loizeaux, Douglas Loizeaux and Controlled Demolition, Inc. on charges of falsely reporting campaign ... www.rense.com/general17/eyewitnessreportspersist.htm

28.Mar.2005 Some Survivors Say 'Bombs Exploded Inside WTC' ... In February 2000, a federal grand jury indicted Mark Loizeaux, Douglas Loizeaux and Controlled Demolition, Inc. on charges of falsely reporting campaign ...


The Truth Seeker - Some Survivors Say "Bombs Exploded in WTC"... In February 2000, a federal grand jury indicted Mark Loizeaux, Douglas Loizeaux and Controlled Demolition, Inc. on charges of falsely reporting campaign ... www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/article.asp?ID=245

URL: https://www.capitolgrilling.com/cgi-bin/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=1&t=010982
28.Mar.2005 posted document.write(timestamp(new Date(2003,9,28,9,20,0), dfrm, tfrm, 0, 0, 0, 0)); 10-28-2003 09:20 AM 10-28-2003 09:20 AM If diebold can't or won't secure their own files where they can't be hacked, how can we expect them to secure the integrity of the voting machines and our vote? Although this is probably true, I feel the biggest threat of vote tampering will come from the owners/controllers of the voting machines themselves. They do not need to hack to get the code, they have it and I suspect they are afraid the ones who hacked into their system possesses the ability to watch what they are doing. Sorry, but in this case, I side with the hackers. Keep up the good work guys.
28.Mar.2005 posted document.write(timestamp(new Date(2003,9,28,5,9,0), dfrm, tfrm, 0, 0, 0, 0)); 10-28-2003 05:09 AM 10-28-2003 05:09 AM E-voting flap sparks legal threats

Despite lawsuit threats from one of the nation’s largest electronic voting machine suppliers, some activists are refusing to remove from Web sites internal company documents that they claim raise serious security questions.

DIEBOLD INC. sent “cease and desist” letters after the documents and internal e-mails, allegedly stolen by a hacker, were distributed on the Internet. Recipients of the letters included computer programmers, students at Swarthmore College and at least one Internet provider.

Most of the 13,000 pages of documents are little more than banal employee e-mails, routine software manuals and old voter record files. But several items appear to raise security concerns.

Diebold refused to discuss the documents’ contents. Company spokesman Mike Jacobsen said the fact that the company sent the cease-and-desist letters does not mean the documents are authentic — or give credence to advocates who claim lax Diebold security could allow hackers to rig machines.

We’re cautioning anyone from drawing wrong or incomplete conclusions about any of those documents or files purporting to be authentic,” Jacobsen said.

Madigan in the Hunt - Illinois AG Lisa Madigan will announce the filing of lawsuits within the next few days against two of the nation's largest insurance brokers, (London-based) Willis Ltd. and (New York-based) A.J. Gallagher & Co. These lawsuits will mirror actions taken by New York AG Eliot Spitzer + are part of an attempt by the 29-year-old Illinois AG to make a name for herself.
Krise in Kirgisien: Altes Parlament löst sich auf

28.Mar.2005 Koma-Patientin Schiavo: Auch Jeb Bush gibt auf (

URL: https://raenergy.igc.org/Torture.html
With the help of Nestor Sanchez of the USA Department of Defense, Alvarez landed a job working with Rand's top anti-terrorism expert, Brian Jenkins—a ubiquitous talking head after last year's World Trade Center bombing.
Still, a prestigious consulting job in Santa Monica wasn't quite enough for the deposed general. During Alvarez's Rand stint, the FBI discovered and broke up a drug-financed Miami-based plot to kill Honduran President Suazo Cordova and restore the exiled general to power.
Evidence clearly indicates that Alvarez and his associates were deeply involved in the cocaine trade as well, as Christopher Dickey reported in his disturbing book, "With the Contras" (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1985).
So, returning to the Times's and AP's most recent revision of Honduran history in the early 1980s, one is apt to be suspicious of passages like this: "The rights commission's report blamed Honduran counterintelligence units trained by Americans and Argentines and backed by the contras for the torture and killing of leftists in the 1980's, when much of Central America was engulfed in civil wars."
While the wire story mentioned Alvarez and Battalion 3-16, claiming that the commission's report "blamed much of the wrongdoing on Intelligence Battalion 316" [sic], it neglected to mention that Honduras's woes were manufactured in, and funded by, our own government.

28.Mar.2005 CNN.com - Court will rule on covert international kidnappings ... prosecutors pursued charges against a doctor they believed administered drugs to keep agent Enrique Camarena -Salazar alive for two days of torture to find out ... cnn.com.tr/2003/LAW/12/01/scotus.arrests.ap /

28.Mar.2005 USA: Worlds apart: Violations of foreign nationals on Death Row ... Although transcripts of Nika's questioning while detained in Chicago were ...

00.May 2000 in Geneva, the UN Committee Against Torture called on the US ... web.amnesty.org/library/Index/ENGAMR511012000?open&of=ENG-382

URL: https://watch.pair.com/jbs-cnp.html
00.000.1966 The
World Anti-Communist League (WACL) was founded as the public relations PROPAGANDA arm for the governments of Taiwan + South Korea to continue Hitler's policy of forming a unified front against communism. -> ANTIBOLSCHEWISTISCHE FRONT -> GLADIO -> _*/+_

According to Inside the League, "It has since become something far more important: an instrument for the practice of unconventional warfare - assassinations, death squads, sabotage - throughout the world." Not only did the WACL adopt the techniques used by Nazis, but the Eastern European Nazi network as well: "When most people think of Nazis, two images are evoked: aging war criminals, the Josef Mengeles and Klaus Barbies living in frightened obscurity somewhere in South America, or else of disenchanted youths, who, in brown shirts and jackboots, vandalize synagogues and march through city streets. But there is a third type of Nazi, who is far more powerful, public + dangerous than the other two: these are the Croatians, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Latvians who carried out the German-dictated massacres, who never faced a Nuremberg, and who joined the World Anti-Communist League. "The participation of these Eastern Europeans in the Holocaust remains one of the least-told stories in modern history. The reason this is so is simple: many of them were recruited by American and British intelligence, brought into the USA and Canada, allowed to rise to prominent positions in their emigré communities + ultimately to revise history... Through their front groups and their involvement in American politics, the Nazi collaborators have blended in and become respectable." "If one wants to find Nazi collaborators, it is only necessary to examine the European chapters of the World Anti-Communist League. With the creations of the World Anti-Communist League, there came into existence a worldwide network of fascism..." 29. The first American League Chapter of the WACL was the American Council for World Freedom (ACWF), founded in 1970 by Lee Edwards, former director of Young Americans for Freedom, the youth organization of the John Birch Society. Edwards attracted many members of the New Right, such as Reed Irvine and Richard Viguerie, also Unification Church president, Neil Salonen. When the ACWF resigned from the WACL in 1975, due to mistrust from the Latin American League, convicted Nazi collaborator and racialist Briton, Roger Pearson, served as the American League president for three years: ...Pearson has traveled in New Right circles for many years, formerly as an editorial associate for such mainstream organizations as the Heritage Foundation and the American Security Council... On the other [hand], he is a white supremacist who warns of the dangers of whites breeding with 'inferior' stock... and bragged to an associate about his alleged role in hiding Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, the infamous 'Angel of Death' of the Auschwitz extermination camp. He is also the man who, as world chairman of the World Anti-Communist League in 1978, was responsible for flooding the European League chapters with Nazi sympathizers and former officers of the Nazi SS... 30.

URL: https://watch.pair.com/jbs-cnp.html
Operation Phoenix was a terrorist and drug operation in Southwest Asia which would form the experiential basis for the later theatre of operation: Latin America. Professional assassinations manager Felix I. Rodriguez met with Bush aide Donald P. Gregg, officially and secretly, at the White House. Gregg then recommended to National Security Council adviser Robert "Bud'' McFarlane a plan for El Salvador-based military attacks on a target area of Central American nations including Nicaragua. Gregg's March 17, 1983 memo to [NSC adviser Robert] McFarlane said: "The attached plan, written in March of last year, grew out of two experiences: "--Anti-Vietcong operations run under my direction in III Corps Vietnam from 1970-1972. These operations [see below], based on...a small elite force...produced very favorable results."... [CIA assassinations manager Felix I.] Rodriguez followed his CIA boss Ted Shackley to Southeast Asia in 1970. Shackley and Donald Gregg put Rodriguez into the huge assassination and dope business which Shackley and his colleagues ran during the Indochina war; this bunch became the heart of the "Enterprise'' that went into action 15 to 20 years later in Iran- Contra. Shackley funded opium-growing Meo tribesmen in murder + used the dope proceeds in turn to fund his hit squads. He formed the Military Assistance Group-Special Operations Group (MAG-SOG) political murder unit; Gen. John K. Singlaub was a commander of MAG-SOG; Oliver North and Richard Secord were officers of the unit. By 1971, the Shackley group had killed about 100,000 civilians in Southeast Asia as part of the CIA's Operation Phoenix. 27.

URL: https://watch.pair.com/jbs-cnp.html
Roger Pearson's successor as head of the American WACL was John Singlaub, whose high level and government connections restored an appearance of respectability to the WACL. Serving on the advisory board were such notables as Howard Phillips of Conservative Caucus, Andy Messing of the National Defense Council and Fred Schlafly, husband of Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum. The membership also included several high-ranking military officers such as Lt. Gen. Daniel O. Graham, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency and former member of the advisory board of CAUSA USA, the political arm of Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church. With the help of Oliver North, John Singlaub would enable the Contra resistance in Nicaragua, assisting David Rockefeller + J. Peter Grace with the corporate takeover of Latin America:

URL: https://watch.pair.com/jbs-cnp.html
28.Mar.2005 Pearson, a member of the
British Eugenics Society, was educated at the London School of Economics, which was funded by fellow eugenicists Henry Ford and the Fabian Society for the purpose of training an elite caste to govern a new social order: "Obtaining his bachelor of science in anthropology from the University of London in 1951 and his master's in economics in 1954, Pearson showed an early interest in eugenics...He wrote several books on the subject, including Eugenics and Race and Race and Civilization . " 30. Pearson was relocated to the USA in 1965 by Willis Carto, head of the anti-Semitic Liberty Lobby, and became editor of Carto's magazine, Western Destiny .

URL: https://www.siegerjustiz.de/anti.html
In Germany the WACL is well known for its relations with the conservative parties, the CDU and the CSU, especially with the CSU.

Wahre Eltern und göttliche Prinzipien  

...Eine weitere Organisation der Munbewegung ist die WACL (World Anti Communist League), zu deren Mitgliedern u.a. Otto Habsburg gehört. Die WACL, 1990 in "World League for Freedom and Democracy" umbenannt, wurde zu Beginn des Kalten Krieges in Taiwan "unter Beteiligung westlicher Geheimdienste" (vgl. Die rassistische Achse nach Südafrika; Antifaschistisches Presse Archiv Wien, Juni 1994) gegründet; ihre Kontakte reichen bis in die ÖVP. 

Die Helfer der "Killer im Zweireiher"

Die "Antikommunistische Weltliga", die weltweit Todesschwadrone, Drogenschmuggler, Contras und Rechtsradikale unterstützt, tagt derzeit in Genf/Die Organisation, deren Aktivisten nach Gerichtsbeschluß auch "Killer im Zweireiher" genant werden können, verfügt in der BRD über beste Beziehungen zu CDU und CSU

Wider die Kommunistenfresser

Proteste gegen "Antikommunistische Weltliga" in Genf/CSU-MdB schickte offiziellen Vertreter

Genf (taz) - Rund 800 Menschen - eine für Genfer Verhältnisse hohe Zahl - demonstrierten am Samstag gegen den 21.Jahreskongreß der antikommunistischen Weltliga (siehe taz v.27.8)

Kommunistenfresser in Genf Jahreskongreß der Antikommunistischen Weltliga begann in Genf Hotel von Privatpolizei gesichert/Gegendemonstration am Samstag Die Rolle der USA

Philippinischer Kongreß untersucht die Hintergründe des Putschversuchs unter Führung des Oberst Honasan

13.Aug.1988 Birma-betr.: Tagesthemenseite Birma, taz vom 13.8.88

URL: https://www.siegerjustiz.de/anti.html

28.Mar.2005 CHIANG KAI-SHEK   gave the World Anti-Communist League, an international organization with links to Nazis, drug smugglers and the CIA, its first home.

URL: https://www.siegerjustiz.de/anti.html
Lest we forget: IRAN-CONTRA Trading Cards: 07 Retired Army Major General JOHN SINGLAUB

Retired USA Major General John Kirk Singlaub was a key player in the privatization of the contra war. Through his chairmanship of the world Anti-Communist League (WACL) and its USA chapter, the USA Council for World Freedom (USCWF), he enlisted paramilitary groups, foreign governments + American conservatives in the contra cause. WACL fund-raising events, featuring speakers such as Adolfo Calero (see card #4), helped to provide the contras with weapons, money, and training. The WACL organization's membership includes Latin American dictators, death squad leaders + neo-fascists.

URL: https://www.spitfirelist.com/ftr-old.htm
FTR-158 The Life and Times of Sen. Thomas Dodd (Two 30-minute segments.) $8.50
In the wake of the Columbine High School massacre in Littleton, Colorado (see FTR-150 ), the popular sentiment in favor of gun control was greater than ever. Generally perceived as part of the liberal political agenda, gun control actually has its roots in the murky depths of international fascist intrigue. This broadcast documents connections between the assassination of President Kennedy and the world of Senator Thomas Dodd of Connecticut. (For more on Sen. Dodd, see Miscellaneous Archive Show M-60 .) A member of the USA prosecutorial staff at Nuremberg., this former FBI agent was close to the American Security Council (ASC), a domestic fascist group. (For more on the ASC, see RFA #'s 14, 15 .) With its roots in the Hitler-Goebbels AntiComintern, the American Security Council was a key American link to the former World Anti-Communist League or WACL. Created by former FBI agents disgruntled at the demise of Senator Joseph McCarthy's "investigations," the American Security Council coalesced around the files of Harry Jung's American Vigilance Intelligence Federation. (Virulently anti-Semitic, Jung's organization was part of the Anti-Comintern prior to World War II.) Counting among its ranks some of the most prominent names on the far right, the organization kept track of people it considered "subversive," sharing political intelligence with prospective employers (particularly defense contractors). The ASC hated Kennedy and it is not, therefore, altogether surprising that Dodd helped to disseminate the disinformation that Lee Harvey Oswald had been trained in assassination by the KGB. With CIA assistance, Dodd inserted this disinformation into a Senate Subcommittee report. This disinformation, with roots in the same WACL milieu as the ASC, led liberals to cover-up the assassination out of fear that public perception that a communist killed the President would lead to a Third World War. (For more on this gambit, see REA #'s 15, 37 .) Dodd's role in this affair is all the more interesting when one considers the possibility that Oswald may have ordered his weapons while working for Dodd's Subcommittee. Investigating the mail-order firearms business, the Dodd committee focused on the two firms from which Oswald allegedly purchased his weapons. Oswald was apparently extraordinarily interested in mail-order guns, a strange way for a prospective assassin to acquire weaponry. In 1963, he could have purchased his guns over the counter with no trace of the transaction. Manuel Pena, an intelligence-connected Los Angeles Police officer involved with the "investigation" of Robert Kennedy's assassination, also worked with the Dodd Subcommittee. Pena helped to trace Oswald's mail order gun purchases. Dodd was instrumental in crafting 1968 gun control legislation that borrowed from the Nazi weapons control act of 1938. The assassinations of the Kennedys and Dr. Martin Luther King generated popular and legislative support for gun control. The program also sets forth Dodd's relationship with the Julius Klein public relations firm and, through it, key German corporations. When Senate investigations of Klein's connections to those German corporations threatened that relationship, Dodd traveled to Germany in a vain attempt to convince Klein's German clients that the Senate investigation should not stand in the way of their relationship to Klein. (They feared the publicity - Klein was an apparently unregistered foreign agent.) In Germany, Dodd met with Dr. Ludger Westrick. An economic adviser to German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, Westrick had been a key Nazi bureaucrat, liaison between industry and the SS and economic adviser to Martin Bormann. (See also: G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4; RFA #'s 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 37: Miscellaneous Archive Shows M-3, M-20, M-22, M-25, M-29, M-37, M-38, M-56, M-59, M-60, as well as FTR #'s 8,19, 46, 47, 54, 62, 63, 71, 72, 76, 99, 102, 104, 110, 111, 114, 115, 116, 120, 121, 125, 145, 152, 155 .) (Recorded on 6/6/99.)

URL: https://www.spitfirelist.com/ftr-old.htm
FTR-142 The Genesis of Latin American Death Squads (Two 30-minute segments) $8.50
Excerpted from RFA-15, this broadcast highlights the relationship between fascist elements of USA intelligence, the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (Mexico), the Latin American Branch of the former World Anti-Communist League and the formation and operation of Latin American death squads. Operating under the banner of the "White Hand," Latin American death squads were coordinated by the CAL (WACL's Latin American affiliate) and had the University as its epicenter. The program analyzes the genesis of this relationship in Guatemala, arising out of the 1954 CIA-backed coup that overthrew Jacobo Arbenz. Utilizing CAL, elements of the CIA midwived the formation of the terror apparatus that sowed death and destruction in Guatemala and other Latin American countries in succeeding decades. (In March of 1999, President Clinton apologized on behalf of the USA for the bloodshed that the USA had been responsible for in Guatemala.) The program sets forth the pre-World War II background of "Los Tecos," the Mexican branch of CAL (based in Guadalajara). Allied with Adolf Hitler, tutored by a member who had studied in Nazi Germany and espousing an anti-semitic and anti-catholic occultism, Los Tecos dominate the Autonomous University. Founded, in part, by the USA State Department and Agency for International Development (the latter a frequent cover for USA intelligence operations abroad), the University serves as an ideological training ground and operational coordinating center for the terror units of the White Hand. (This information was supplied by a member of the Honduran branch of the death squad apparatus.) The broadcast highlights the milieu's operations in El Salvador and Nicaragua, both operations coordinated with Ronald Reagan's CIA and both assisted (particularly in the beginning) by Argentine fascists. In addition, the program delineates the on-going relationship between the Autonomous University and thirteen different American universities. Visiting American students are obliged to comply with ideological training mandated by Los Tecos. (See also: RFA #'s 4, 10-13, 14, 19, 27 and 29-34 as well as FTR #'s 5, 65, 121 and 136 .) (Recorded on 3/14/99.)

URL: https://www.spitfirelist.com/ftr-old.htm
FTR-49 Ustachi, ABN, WACL and the Shooting of the Pope (One 30-minute segment) $5.00
This program analyzes the pivotal role played in the former World Anti Communist League by the Ustachi, the brutal Croatian fascists allied with Hitler during World War II. The Ustachi formed a central element in the Anti Bolshevik Bloc of Nations, an organization descended from Hitler’s "Committee of Subjugated Nations" and one of the main elements of the WACL The broadcast highlights the role of the Ustachi in attempting to establish April 10 (the anniversary of the Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia during World War II) as a Crotian-American holiday. The broadcast also discusses the involvement of elements of the ABN and WACL in the plot to shoot Pope John Paul II. (See also: FTR #’s 29, 48, 50. ) (Recorded in the fall of 1995.)

27.Mar.2005 Drug War Facts: Methamphetamine ... Source: "Amphetamine Dependence", The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy ... For Desert Storm : 57% used stimulants at some time (17% routinely ... drugwarfacts.org/methamph.htm

27.Mar.2005 portland imc - 2004.02.17 - Clone ban lifted to help fight terror ... recent genetic engineering of biotech altered soldiers funded by taxpayers towards military research like Raytheon, Wackenhut and other private research ... portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/02/280698.shtml

27.Mar.2005 Stolen Documents and Eavesdropping ... theft of documents and eavesdropping by Raytheon and its agent Wackenhut ... denials by Raytheon and Wackenhut officials during the discovery phase of ... www.gis.net/~larrabee/AGES.htm

Raytheon Corporate Profile ... Raytheon Company's positive public image stands in stunning contrast to its ... one of the listening devices allegedly used by Wackenhut spies]. ...www.gis.net/~larrabee/raytheonprofile.htm

USDOL/OALJ Reporter: Whistleblower Caselist - 1995 to 1996-ERA ... Raytheon Engineers & Constructors, Inc. Recommended Order of Dismissal (ALJ ... Wackenhut Corp. Order Recommending Dismissal of Complaint (ALJ July 19 ... www.oalj.dol.gov/Public/WBLOWER/refrnc/eralist4.htm 25. März 2005

Raytheon ... Quick Summary not found for this subject Wackenhut Corporation, hired by Raytheon, used video and audio surveillance to spy on a consulting firm hired by ... www.absoluteastronomy.com/encyclopedia/R/Ra/Raytheon.htm

Raytheon: Information From Answers.com ... The Boston Herald reported that AGES alleged that the security firm Wackenhut Corporation, hired by Raytheon, used video and audio surveillance to spy ... www.answers.com/topic/raytheon

http ... AGES GROUP WINS LAWSUIT AGAINST RAYTHEON AND WACKENHUT FOR USING SPIES TO ... against Raytheon Aerospace Company, Inc. and The Wackenhut Corporation ... www.newsmakingnews.com/contents11,16,00.htm

http ... AGES GROUP WINS LAWSUIT AGAINST RAYTHEON AND WACKENHUT FOR USING SPIES TO STEAL A GOVERNMENT CONTRACT BID. Click. On George W. Bush, Dick Cheney ... www.newsmakingnews.com/archives/archivenewsgridsnov,2000.htm

Issue 14: Tales From The Grassy Knoll by Eva Sion ... the WACKENHUT corporation, illegally spied on its competitors a la the ... but after they sold out to RAYTHEON (to the tune of BILLIONS) the Department ... www.tabletnewspaper.com/old%20tablet/vol2iss_14/tales.htm

Raytheon: A History of Abuse, Corruption and Incompetence ... AGES charged that Raytheon hired security company Wackenhut to eavesdrop on confidential conversations and to steal confidential documents ... www.antarcticstorm.org/documents/Raytheon_History_of_Abuse.htm

Raytheon: A History of Abuse, Corruption and Incompetence - HTML-Version ... AGES charged that Raytheon hired security company Wackenhut to eavesdrop on confidential conversations and to steal confidential documents.16 Though ... www.antarcticstorm.org/documents/Raytheon_History_of_Abuse.doc

Nuclear Dreamland ... Raytheon manufactures airplanes + microwave devices for military + ... According to an article in Spy magazine, Wackenhut and the CIA overlap each ... www.mindcontrolforums.com/hambone/dream.html

Endgame Directory of Transnational Corporations ... Raytheon hired security firm Wackenhut to conduct surveillance of its ... consent judgments totaling $8 million $s against Raytheon and Wackenhut ... www.endgame.org/dtc/r.html

27.Mar.2005 RENSE.COM An American Appeal To The UN Security Council By Hsing ... They even got Wackenhut to set up a biochem lab for Saddam at one point ... Raytheon and everyone else involved in missile defense made out large too ... www.rense.com/general34/apo.htm

27.Mar.2005 789876 ... This think tank published a plan for toppling Iraq in 2000 based on the ... Commission + a Bilderberger, Deutch sits on the board of Raytheon ... www.abidemiracles.com/789876.htm

27.Mar.2005 New 1998 Trade Secret Cases ... It was undisputed that Raytheon had in possession of this Schedule B, but Wackenhut contends that Raytheon's copy was obtained through a government ... my.execpc.com/~mhallign/new2.html

27.Mar.2005 MAP ROI Management Team ... Working with firms such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Bechtel ... Wackenhut/Naval Security Station, Washington, DC, $60 million ... www.maproi.com/0_Home/About/about_us_management.asp

27.Mar.2005 Boycott Bush Corporate contributors to George W. Bush's inauguration festivities 2000 ... Wackenhut Corrections Corp. Palm Beach Gardens FL $ 20000.00 ... www.amerikaos.com/boycottbush.html

27.Mar.2005 AP Wire | 01/27/2004 | US: Nuclear Plant Cheated During Drill A broader investigation uncovered more evidence of ... plant is handled by Wackenhut, the largest ... South Carolina, Colorado's Rocky Flats Environmental Technology www.mercurynews.com/mld/charlotte/news/special_packages/john_edwards/7802856.htm

27.Mar.2005 Homeland Security at Risk. Demand Review of Wackenhut's Security ... a bomb-detection unit at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology ... I believe that Wackenhut is putting our ... an immediate and comprehensive investigation of all ...www.unionvoice.org/seiu/alert-description.tcl?alert_id=650597

Threat Matrix- Daily Terror Thread (4): ... Wackenhut also provided false information to plant ... conducting a government-ordered investigation into whether ... unit at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology ... freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1084291/posts?page=2165

TOMPAINE.com - Whistleblowers: Shooting The Messenger ... "In every investigation concerning problems at the ... Lt. Mark Graf was Alarm Station Supervisor for the Wackenhut protective force at Rocky Flats ... www.tompaine.com/feature.cfm/ID/4971/view/print

TOMPAINE.com - Chronic Insecurity: Three Case Studies ... Edward McCallum by Wackenhut whistleblower Jeff Peters revealed ... found the same problems Rocky Flats had agreed ... found in an undercover investigation that more ... www.tompaine.com/feature.cfm/ID/4972

911 Job Forums - Wakenhut cheats in exercises ... A broader investigation uncovered more evidence of ... plant is handled by Wackenhut ,the largest ... South Carolina, Colorado’s Rocky Flats Environmental Technology ... www.911jobforums.com/vB/archive/index.php3/t-27691

Graf v. Wackenhut Services, LLC, 1998-ERA-37 (ALJ Dec. 16, 1999) ... of retaliation against Wackenhut Services LLC ... a subcontractor at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology ... of Labor, conducted an investigation and determined ... www.oalj.dol.gov/PUBLIC/WBLOWER/decsn/98era37h.htm

27.Mar.2005 AMERICAN AUTOBAHN INTRODUCTION ... Wright of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Chicago Field Office ... Plutonium triggers were last produced at the Rocky Flats facility in Colorado ... www.americanautobahn.com/americanautobahncheckpoint.html

27.Mar.2005 Citizens for Legitimate Government, Bush Election Coup 2000 2K ... and their families is just one more opportunity for big profits for Wackenhut ,... environmental crimes at the former Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant ...www.legitgov.org/shortnews_0804_page_two.html

27.Mar.2005 Technology Issues Janaury 2004 - View as HTML ... a former assistant to then-Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, called Wackenhut's defense. of the Rocky Flats atomic storehouse in Colorado "miserable ... www.rmaa.com.au/docs/branches/nsw/pub/TISreport/2004/TIS200402.pdf

27.Mar.2005 What's News Archive – 2005 ... Oak Ridger - Wackenhut focus of IG investigation - Ellen Rogers; The State -Duke gets ... Rocky Mountain News - Reassessment at Rocky Flats - Ann Imse ... www.state.nv.us/nucwaste/archive.htm

What's News Archive – 2001 ... Daily Camera - Rocky Flats refuge bill praised - By Sandra Fish ... Oak Ridger - Wackenhut disappointed by contract rejection - by Paul Parson ... www.state.nv.us/nucwaste/arch2001.htm

27.Mar.2005 Endgame Directory of Transnational Corporations ... Raytheon hired security firm Wackenhut to conduct surveillance of its competitors. .. Operates the Rocky Flats, Colorado nuclear weapons facility ... www.endgame.org/dtc/r.html

T-REX: News Headlines ... Nuclear security, Wackenhut style: Editorial, St. Petersburg Times ... More plutonium-contaminated soil removed from Rocky Flats, KCTV-TV, Kansas City ... www.trex-center.org/monthlynewsasp?month=09&year=2004

T-REX: News Headlines ... Feds Join Investigation Into Missing PG&E Nuclear Rods, KTVU-TV, San Francisco, CA ... Wackenhut tests self, Old Colony Memorial, Boston, MA ... www.trex-center.org/monthlynewsasp?month=10&year=2004

Wackenhut deal makes Group 4 Falck truly global Wackenhut deal ...- View as HTML ...

03.Sep.1919 A native of Philadelphia, George Wackenhut born,...

00.000.1951- from George Wackenhut served with the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI ... www.group4securicor.com/special_issue_2002.pdf

27.Mar.2005 Endgame Directory of Transnational Corporations ... Raytheon hired security firm Wackenhut to conduct surveillance of its competitors ... Operates the Rocky Flats, Colorado nuclear weapons facility ... www.endgame.org/dtc/r.html

27.Mar.2005 Medicine & Global Survival ... The Rocky Flats, Colorado plant--which was shut down in 1992--lies a mere 16 .. Bechtel Construction employees, Wackenhut Security Service employees ... www.ippnw.org/MGS/V2N1Brauer.html

27.Mar.2005 Briefs and Other Related Documents USA Court of Appeals ... - View as HTML ... Kaiser-Hill Company, LLC; Wackenhut Services, LLC; EG & G Rocky Flats, Inc. .. the case remained under seal during this investigation . ...www.rxcompliancereport.com/resources/Ridenour397F_3d925.doc

397 F.3d 925 Page 1 397 F.3d 925 (Cite as: 397 F.3d 925) © 2005 ...- View as HTML ... for cooperating with the FBI in its investigation of environmental crimes); .. Rocky Flats, which included security. During these same years, Wackenhut ... www.rxcompliancereport.com/resources/Ridenour397F_3d925.pdf

27.Mar.2005 Satanism, Child Abuse & Republican Fundraising [Free Republic]... a lawyer in Oregon who had a child custody case where Satanic sexual abuse and ... Child Abuse At The Presidio . 18 Posted on 07/14/2000 22:00:28 PDT by ... www.freerepublic.com/forum/a396facc72f4d.htm

The Konformist - Daddy's Little Princess... The Presidio Army Base in San Francisco. A huge sexual abuse scandal first ... early eighties at the Orwellian named Presidio Child Development Center ... www.freedomdomain.com/articles/jonbenet.htm

27.Mar.2005 Satanism and Ritual Abuse Archive... See, "Officials Describe 'Cult Rituals'in Child Abuse Case "... After the Presidio Day Care case, he sued the Army after they "titled" him under an ... www.meta-religion.com/World_Religions/Christianity/Articles/satanism_and_ritual_abuse_archiv.htm

Occult News... rumored about her intense investigation of the San Francisco Presidio child abuse case and Michael Aquino + his Army Intelligence and Nazi contacts ... www.exorthodoxforchrist.com/occult_news.htm

27.Mar.2005 Family Advocacy - Presidio of Monterey... The length of stay varies with each case ... Command Education; Domestic Violence Prevention; Child Safety; Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention ... www.acs.monterey.army.mil/fap/fap.htm

SignsOfFakeApocalypseTerrorNet... Excerpts from an excellent and alarming article on Presidio Satanic child - abuse case, entitled Army of the Night (see my Satanic Knighthood in the US ... www.econcrisis.homestead.com/SignsOfFakeApocalypseTerrorNet.html

Satanic Subversion of the US Military... was employed at a child care center on the US Army base at Presidio ... [3] Bonacci is a good example of a typical victim of satanic child abuse ... www.econcrisis.homestead.com/Satanic_Subversion_US_Military.html

SFGov: Office of the District Attorney: Sexual Assault/Child Abuse ... Attorneys in the sexual assault/child abuse unit review cases investigated ... Crimes that occur at Ocean Beach, on the Presidio, or at Aquatic Park are ... www.sfgov.org/site/da_page.asp?id=331

27.Mar.2005 Mind Control Victim Awarded $1 Million... about the sordid history of the case called The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse ... him that stuck [the San Francisco Presidio child abuse allegations] ... www.raven1.net/ra1.htm

DECLARATION OF DIANA NAPOLIS... we suspected was a criminal network encompassing cult groups, child abuse ... of Ms. Hopkins’ position defending a child molestation case in that town ... www.raven1.net/napolis1.htm

PROBLEMS FOR VICTIMS OF RITUAL ABUSE IN SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA... Michael Aquino was the subject of an investigation for sexual child abuse and related crimes in the Presidio case (www.illusions.com/opf/aquino02.htm ) ... truthbeknown2000.tripod.com/Truthbeknown2000/id2.html

Ritual Abuse Victims Advocate Responds to Defamatory Article in ... as a result of the Presidio ( child abuse ) investigation," and that Michael ... Presidio Army Base case, even though nobody was successfully prosecuted ... truthbeknown2000.tripod.com/Truthbeknown2000/id4.html
Aquino - San Jose Mercury, July 1988... Gray, the daughter of a district court judge, had never before handled a child sexual abuse case . The Presidio case, in fact, was believed to be the ... www.outpost-of-freedom.com/aquino01.htm

Aquino - Army's Memorandum... attorney's office closed its investigation of child abuse at the Presidio CDC ... the Commander of Fort Leonard Wood had decided to take in the case ... www.outpost-of-freedom.com/aquino02.htm

SYSOP'S NOTE: The following file is the complete text of a letter ... of a "typical" ritualized child abuse case in a "typical" day- care center ... Presidio of San Francisco - it was also used in the case of the child ... www.skepticfiles.org/tos/muffinse.htm

URL: https://blogs.csmonitor.com/liblog/2004/09/
27.Mar.2005 Casey understood Israel’s concern. Of course he could help—but did Israel really need to be so worried about the AWACS sale to the Saudis? Couldn’t the Jewish lobby in the States be called off? The heads of the intelligence service of the USA + of Israel managed, before Casey left, to arrive at a mutually helpful arrangement.

On Sunday, June 8 Israeli aircraft bombed the Osirak reactor. Casey was notified at home at four-fifty that afternoon.

Within two hours + American KH-11 Big Bird photo reconnaissance satellite was diverted from its customary orbit over the Soviet Union + China;

+ within six hours, Israeli intelligence was getting KH-11 photos direct by satellite revealing the destruction wrought on the Iraqi plant.

During the administration’s push to win approval of the AWACS deal, Casey had watched with admiration the energy of two military officers on the project.”

Oliver North + Richard Secord.

URL: https://blogs.csmonitor.com/liblog/2004/09/
27.Mar.2005 However, the idea of striking a country in possession of nuclear capabilities is not new.
The Center for Non-Proliferation Studies at the Monterey Institute of International Studies notes that Iraq attacked Iran’s Bushehr plant six times throughout the Iran-Iraq War (or Iraq-Iran war, depending).

The Israeli attack on the Osirak, or Tammuz I, nuclear facilities in Iraq in June of 1981 is undoubtedly the most famous + it has been lately invoked by the press in the wake of statements coming out of Iran + Israel.

Some commentators have turned the tables and drawn renewed attention towards Israel’s nuclear program.

And while, downplaying a nuclear preemptive move, Israel has recently announced acquisition from the USA of 5000 "smart bombs" worth $319 million, including 500 so-called "bunker busters," or BLU-109s, capable of penetrating 7ft of concrete.

URL: https://blogs.csmonitor.com/liblog/2004/09/

00.000.1979 -then Prime Minister of Pakistan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, made the following statement: We know that Israel + South Africa have full nuclear capability.

The Christian + Jewish + Hindu civilizations have this capability.

The communist powers also possess it.

Only the Islamic civilization was without it, but that position was about to change.

URL: https://www.consortiumnews.com/2003/092503.html
But Bush brushed past some of America's oldest friends and their warnings of danger. He had enough pals and enablers who helped him climb behind the wheel and roar off into the fog of war.

So, instead of pouring French wine into gutters and publishing diatribes about France as the new enemy, perhaps Americans should ask themselves if they would have been better off today if they had heeded the advice from France + other nations, if they had stopped Bush for his – and America’s – own good.

Back to front

URL: https://www.consortiumnews.com/2003/092503.html
. Even supposedly smart USA commentators, it appears, have deadened their senses with the intoxication of Bush propaganda.

URL: https://www.consortiumnews.com/2003/092503.html
Inconvenient Facts

But Bush leaves out inconvenient facts, like the Security Council's demand for more time for U.N. inspectors to determine whether Iraq had, in fact, disarmed. There’s also the fact that neither U.N. inspectors nor USA forces on the ground have found any of the alleged stockpiles of trigger-ready chemical and biological weapons that Bush keeps citing as a chief reason for war. But Hume and other news personalities know when not to contradict the notoriously thin-skinned Texan.

Still, even as Bush digs in his heels on his justifications for the death and destruction in Iraq, other pro-war advocates have begun to adjust their rationales. One new spin, popular with American pundits, blames Saddam Hussein for the invasion on the grounds that he confused the USA about whether Iraq did or didn't possess weapons of mass destruction. This new argument claims that Hussein refused to say that he had gotten rid of his WMD so he would look tough to his neighbors and that it was this Iraqi conceit that caused the war.

The problem with the argument, however, is that Iraq repeatedly did state that it had rid itself of its chemical and biological weapons. Indeed, Hussein and his government insisted for months that they were in compliance with U.N. disarmament demands and grudgingly agreed to give U.N. inspectors free rein to examine any suspected weapons site of their choosing. Hans Blix and other U.N. inspectors were reporting cooperation from the Iraqis when Bush cut that process short, claiming that war was necessary to ensure Iraq's disarmament.

27.Mar.2005 Der Spindoktor: Juli 2004 ... In February, American officials in Baghdad released a 6700-word letter ... Wassef Ali Hassoun, ist dagegen wohlbehalten in Beirut aufgetaucht ... www.spindoktor.de/2004_07_01_archiv.html

27.Mar.2005 MEDIAFRONT: January 2005 ... At a mosque in Beirut, Ahmed Kourani, a Shi'a preacher, attacked the US-led occupation ... kicked off on Sunday, January 9 + runs through February 5 ... mediafront.blogspot.com/2005_01_01_mediafront_archive.html

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/erde/0,1518,druck-348044,00.html
27.Mar.2005 ·   Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
·   Southern California Earthquake Center
·   National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
·   Wissenschaftsmagazin "Nature"

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/erde/0,1518,druck-348044,00.html
Auf diese Weise konnten sechs der neun schweren Beben entlang des ostpazifischen Rückens aus den Jahren 1996 bis 2001 rückwirkend vorhergesagt werden.

URL: https://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/erde/0,1518,druck-348044,00.html
27.Mar.2005 Neue Erkenntnisse amerikanischer Wissenschaftler könnten dies nun ändern. Zumindest die Vorhersage von Seebeben an den Austrittszonen von Magma am Meeresboden könnte schon bald mit erstaunlicher Präzision gelingen. Jeffrey McGuire von der Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution und seine Kollegen stellten bei Analysen aufgezeichneter Daten der letzten Jahre fest, dass Beben am ostpazifischen Rücken sich durch kleinere Vorbeben ankündigen. Es handle sich um die erste kurzfristige Prognose von Beben im Bereich von Stunden, schreiben die Wissenschaftler im Magazin "Nature" (Bd. 434, S. 457-461).
Demonstrationen: Bombodrom im Visier der Ostermarschierer
"Urbi et orbi": Der stumme Segen des Papstes lässt die Kirche bangen

27.Mar.2005 Komafall Schiavo: Heilige Kommunion löst neuen Zwist aus

27.Mar.2005 Militärtribunale: US-Regierung erwägt mehr Rechte für Angeklagte

27.Mar.2005 Guantanamo: Militärgericht soll Entlastungsmaterial für "Bremer Taliban" ignoriert haben

27.Mar.2005 Osterbräuche: Unheimliche Kapuzenträger und süße Bunnys

27.Mar.2005 Auswärtiges Amt: Mitarbeiter rebellieren gegen Fischer

27.Mar.2005 Frühwarnung: Manche Seebeben sind vorhersagbar

27.Mar.2005 Großbritannien: Blair hat gute Chancen auf dritte Amtszeit

27.Mar.2005 Urbi et Orbi: Todkranker Papst spendet Ostersegen

27.Mar.2005 Nordkorea: Vogelgrippe ausgebrochen

27.Mar.2005 Rally Against War - Fayetteville, NC - March 19, 2005 : Hear the Rally (most speakers), with photos and links

27.Mar.2005 Body Double - The boy suffocated within seconds, legally killed - against the wishes of his anguished mother - in accordance with a draconian law signed as a "cost-saving" measure by the state's former governor: George W. Bush.

27.Mar.2005 Is This A New Dark Age? : Little proof to the contrary that we are indeed in a very long, bleak tunnel. Is there any light?

27.Mar.2005 Goss says CIA ban excludes "terrorists:" CIA Director Porter J. Goss told lawmakers that the ban on assassinations by USA intelligence is still in force, but that it does not prohibit the agency from killing the "terrorist" enemies of the USA.

27.Mar.2005 The USA is Becoming a ‘Failed State’ : The Bush regime has summoned the failed state chicken home to roost, with a vengeance, as it attempts to strip away every social obligation of the state to the people.

27.Mar.2005 Blair ignored them all : MI6, Jack Straw, defence staff: His public assertions on Iraq were at odds with what he was told in private

27.Mar.2005 UK: Goldsmith 'failed duty to MPs' by withholding advice on war : Lord Goldsmith was warned yesterday that he could face an inquiry by Parliament's watchdog if he ignores MPs' demands to publish the background to his advice that war would be legal.

27.Mar.2005 Tariq Ali: For one day only, I'm a Lib Dem : We must take the politics of the anti-war front into the electoral arena

27.Mar.2005 The Missing WMD Report: It seems that Pat Roberts, the Republican chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, wants to break the promise he made last year to investigate whether the Bush administrationy misrepresented the prewar intelligence on WMDs. What a surprise.

27.Mar.2005 Bush Administration Reaching Out to Syrian Opposition : Washington's action is the result of a discussion between President Bush + French President Jacques Chirac, in which Mr. Chirac cautioned that Syria's government is not likely to survive the withdrawal of its troops from Lebanon.

27.Mar.2005 US discusses 'weakening Syrian regime' with dissidents: report: US officials held an “unpublicised” meeting with exiled Syrian dissidents in Washington to discuss ways of “weakening the Syrian regime,” a pan-Arab newspaper reported on Saturday.

27.Mar.2005 France Threatens Military Action Against Syria over Lebanon!: "France has long resisted calls for directly attacking Syria. So do not push us into a situation where we have to change our stance."

27.Mar.2005 Lebanese defence capability doubted: Lebanon's defence minister has warned that the country's forces will be incapable of filling the void left by the Syrian army if it withdraws completely.

27.Mar.2005 Kyrgyzstan in chaos as riots sweep capital : Newly declared head of state struggles to impose order as looters smash stores and exiled leader denounces revolution

27.Mar.2005 Report Reveals USA Plan to Destabilize Kyrgyzstan : "Our primary goal — according to the earlier approved plans — is to increase pressure upon Akaev to make him resign ahead of schedule."

27.Mar.2005 Iranian stockpile scares USA : Arms needed to fight drugs, nation insists.

27.Mar.2005 A Legacy of Violence and Counter-Violence: Israel's Record is "Not Reassuring": Palestinians are victims + their rights, security and welfare should be the priority of the international community.

27.Mar.2005 Israel has no right to demand security from its victims; it lost that right the moment it breached international law when its tanks rolled onto Palestinian land.

27.Mar.2005 US plan to make India world power: THE USA unveiled plans to help India become a "major world power in the 21st century" even as it announced moves to beef up the military of New Delhi's nuclear rival, Pakistan.

27.Mar.2005 Ex-soldier says he was asked to kill Haitian leader Someone from interim Prime Minister Gerard Latortue’s office asked him last month to murder fellow inmate Yvon Neptune.

27.Mar.2005 Neptune is the deposed prime minister who served under exiled President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. He has been jailed for nearly a year without trial.

27.Mar.2005 Different Strokes For Different Folks: Mr. Bush is on a roll. He¹s so happy he¹s thumbing his nose at the world.

27.Mar.2005 He¹s got away with Abu Ghraib, with Fallujah and Haiti and everywhere the rent-a-crowd counter-revolutions just seem to go rolling along.

27.Mar.2005 For some soldiers, battle reaches home front : Time spent serving overseas can prove costly to military personnel caught up in custody cases

27.Mar.2005 From Hero To Homeless: "I fought for this country," he said. "I shed blood for this country. I watched friends die." And like so many, Herold Noel came home a hero, but he wound up homeless.

27.Mar.2005 The God Racket, From DeMille to DeLay Mr. Bush who couldn't be bothered to interrupt his vacation during the darkening summer of 2001, not even when he received a briefing titled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in USA," flew from his Crawford ranch to Washington to sign Congress's Schiavo bill into law. 

27.Mar.2005 Blows were taught, reservist testifies at hearing: USA Army reservist accused of killing a detainee in Afghanistan told investigators that the blows that caused the man's death were commonly used to deal with uncooperative prisoners and said his superiors approved of the technique.

27.Mar.2005 Flight to torture: where abuse is contracted out: 18.Dec.2001 -ON THE night of- a Gulfstream jet, tail number N379P, landed at Bromma Airport in Stockholm carrying eight hooded USA Americans in business suits.

27.Mar.2005 UK Lawmakers Accuse USA of Grave Rights Violations: The USA has committed "grave violations of human rights" against prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan + Iraq, the Foreign Affairs Committee of UK s parliament said in a report on Friday.

27.Mar.2005 Human rights + Cuba : The USA government the has no moral authority to elect itself as the judge over human rights in Cuba,

00.000. 1959 -since- there has not been a single case of disappearance, torture or extra-judicial execution in Cuba,

27.Mar.2005 UK panel faults gov't position on torture: A House of Commons committee faulted Prime Minister Tony Blair's government Friday for not saying whether it uses information extracted through torture in other countries 27.Mar.2005 USA Troops Tortured Iraqis in Mosul, Documents Show: American soldiers tortured Iraqi prisoners at a military base in Mosul but nobody was court martialed over the abuse, USA army documents say.

27.Mar.2005 America's Dangerous Mideast Assumptions Syria sees Washington's policies as driven by fallacies and misinformation. By Bouthaina Shaaban
I'm afraid that Americans don't know what's really going on in the Middle East today. Apparently it doesn't come through from your "embedded journalism."

What is happening today is that Palestinian groups are being dismembered, the Lebanese resistance is being disarmed + the Syrian government is being demonized — all while Israel continues to occupy the Arab lands it has held since 1967 in violation of all U.N. resolutions calling for its withdrawal. Continued.

27.Mar.2005 Weekend Video National Teach-In on Iraq: "How Can We End This War?"
Speakers Naomi Klein, journalist and author, Phyllis Bennis from the Institute for Policy Studies, Celeste Zappala, founding member of Gold Star Families for Peace, Anas Shallal from Iraqi Americans for Peaceful Alternatives, Michael Hoffman from Iraq Veterans Against the War + others talk about "National Teach-In on Iraq: How Can We End This War?"  
Watch it online now!

27.Mar.2005 Noam Chomsky Edinburgh Lecture
Entitled "Illegal but Legitimate: a dubious doctrine for the times."
Noam Chomsky delivered the last in the Gifford Lecture series at Edinburgh University’s McEwan Hall on Tuesday, 03/22/05   

Watch It Now . Real Video.

27.Mar.2005 The Arms Merchant ... But senior US military officials did not act on the contractor's pleas for tighter financial ... France pours cold water on Bush's sunny vision of Iraq ... armsmerchant.org/article_search.php?search_term=Allawi

The Arms Merchant Britain UK + France + Germany, have now agreed on a common approach to the ... but senior USA military officials did not act on the contractor's pleas for armsmerchant.org/article_search.php?search_term=Iraq

27.Mar.2005 DefenceTalk.com | US Defence Budget bigger than next 10 hightest ... between 3.5% to 5.0% of GDP for 2002.' France : 2.57% (2002 ... F-22 air-to-air fighter in the 2005 budget is ... is prime contractor for both planes, as well as for the ... www.defencetalk.com/forums/post-7404.html&sid=8ce6c8bff01853c01e3e8dceb6a36c64

Civilization Fanatics' Forums - Ft. Wellington Daily Herald ... from the USA, Canada, Chile and France ... sprayed gunfire inside an oil contractor's office, killing ... for the creation of a Palestinian state by 2005 ... forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=86586&page=2

27.Mar.2005 ecoi.net - World Report 2004: Human Rights and Armed Conflict... and Alison Parker describe various ways in which the Bush ... Inspector General released a comprehensive report on the treatment of ... www.ecoi.net/detail.php?id=19150& linkid=23426&cache=1&iflang=de&country=all

ecoi.net - Jahresbericht 2005 (Berichtszeitraum 2004)... inspector general. Meanwhile, no one seems to be looking at the role of ... applied for registration in 2002 and that the government had issued no ... www.ecoi.net/detail.php?id=28242&linkid=33188&cache=1&iflang=de&country=all

01.Apr.2002 From colist-admin at comm-org.utoledo.edu Mon Mary Parker Follett Conversation on Creative Democracy 2 ...

Within 02 days of ACORN getting involved, a fire inspector + the case manager from the ... comm-org.utoledo.edu/pipermail/colist/2002-April.txt

27.Mar.2005 CIDI Nieuws 2000 Overzicht ... eerste keer zijn dat Arafat weer op de Westelijke Jordaanoever komt sinds 29.Sep.2000 ... Jihad-beweging en de terreurorganisatie van Osama bin Laden ... www.cidi.nl/news/news2000.html

27.Mar.2005 Eisenbahn im Film - Rail Movies ... gemäß Original-Besetzung ein gewisser Osama bin Laden (! ... Den Menschen wird die Computerwelt direkt ins Gehirn vorgegaukelt, sie halten sie für real ... www.geocities.com/joachimbiemann/beil/eif1.htm

27.Mar.2005 ÑÇÈØÉ ÈÇÈá ááßÊÇÈ æÇáÝäÇäíä ÇáÚÑÇÞííä Ýí åæáäÏÇ ... Michael Scheuer, who once headed the hunt for Osama Bin Laden and left ... https://www.iht.com/bin/print_ipub.php?file=/articles/2004/10/29/news/explode www.babil-nl.org/nederlands.php

27.Mar.2005 USA & eternal war USA Schurkenstaat USA & Eternal War Irak Iraq ... Het resultaat van onze inspanningen: de Talibaan, en Osama Bin Laden ... ROTTERDAM, 29 OKT . Onderzoekers schatten dat 100.000 Iraakse burgers tot nu ...www.xs4all.nl/~stgvisie/VISIE/schurkenstaat.html

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Im Interview mit SPIEGEL ONLINE ... www.spiegel.de/kultur/literatur/0,1518,327028,00.html

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27.Mar.2005 Drug War: Viva Zapata ... a CIA weapons brochure found in the personal papers of Alberto Sicilia - Falcon ... photos - were forced to raid one of their own protected operations ... www.drugwar.com/vivazapata.shtm

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THE SECRET NESTS: Flushing out some birds from deep cover! ... Mexican police, assisted by US drug agents, arrest Alberto Sicilia Falcon ... for the Nicaraguan Contras, those photos were leaked to the media ... www.the-catbird-seat.net/CIA.htm

VHeadline.com - CIA operative secretly smuggled 22 tonnes of ... Mexican police, assisted by US drug agents, arrest Alberto Sicilia Falcon ... his $2-billion fortune as a cocaine supplier to Alberto Sicilia Falcon ... www.vheadline.com/readnews.asp?id=12132

NucNews - May 7, 2004 ... Odom made his remarks before the Abu Ghraib photos were released ... Mexican police, assisted by US drug agents, arrest Alberto Sicilia Falcon ... nucnews.net/nucnews/2004nn/0405nn/040507nn.htm

Historical Text Archive: Articles: Noriega and Key Players in the ... essays, documents, historical photos + links, screened for content ...homicidal power-obsessed Cuban homosexual named Alberto Sicilia - Falcon ... historicaltextarchive.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=114

From: Orlin Grabbe <kalliste@delphi.com> Now archived and ... a drug associate of both Alberto Sicilia - Falcon and Juan Ramon Matta Ballesteros ... The record contains no explanation why these photos vanished ... www.pdxnorml.org/FOSTER0

Mafia, Geheimdienste und Politik der USA - View as HTML ... der erste Botschafter in Washington nach dem Krieg, Alberto Tarchiani ... unter anderem von Albert Sicilia Falcon, und eignen sich bestens ... www.bfed.info/bfed/us_politik_arbeitslose_biz.doc

VHeadline.com - CIA operative secretly smuggled 22 tonnes of ... Mexican police, assisted by US drug agents, arrest Alberto Sicilia Falcon, whose Tijuana-based operation was reportedly generating $3.6 million a week from the ... www.vheadline.net/readnews.asp?id=12132

From Ralph McGehee Reference in CIABASE to: Drugs and the CIA ... of national security." national reporter s 86 43 alberto sicilia falcon : miami cuban ...claimed cia trained him, said he obtained three photos showing pindling ... spot.acorn.net/jfkplace/03/RM/drugs-cia

27.Mar.2005 From: Orlin Grabbe <kalliste@delphi.com> Now archived and ... a drug associate of both Alberto Sicilia - Falcon and Juan Ramon Matta Ballesteros ... The record contains no explanation why these photos vanished ... www.pdxnorml.org/FOSTER0

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27.Mar.2005 PTECH, 11.Sep.2001 9/11 + USA-SAUDI TERROR PART II ... relationship had been going on mediated by Ptech for 2 years prior to 11.Sep.2001 9/11 ... 8 "A Banking System Built for Terrorism," by Meenakshi Ganguly, Time ...www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/012705_ptech_pt2.shtml

27.Mar.2005 Indian Academy of Sciences – Archive ... A missing type of Brassica campestris recovered - TS Sabnis + TR ...(Candida albicans) In dental caries - JV Bhat + Meenakshi V. Shetty, 228-229 www.ias.ac.in/j_archive/currsci/15/vol15contents.html

27.Mar.2005 Disseminative Systems and Global Governance ... ‘Doomed,’” Times, 13.Jan.2003 ; Meenakshi Ganguly, “A Banking System ... 2002); Deepak Nayyar, “The Existing System + the Missing Institutions,” in ... www.extenza-eps.com/extenza/loadPDF?objectIDValue=58778

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NetLantis - HOME The Robban Tool. Guessing Up and Downstreams ... Analysis of AS13264. AS NAME : UNSPECIFIED. MAINTAINER : BARAK - MNT . DESCRIPTION : BarakNet. SOURCE : RIPE ... www.netlantis.org/?menu=1&page=robban&as=13264

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27.Mar.2005 Schizophrenics learn surface but not abstract structure in a ... - HTML-Version ... in explicit or effortful cognitiv e tasks such as the ... perspective that a neural network model of the fron-. tostriatal system www.isc.cnrs.fr/dom/DomGeorgieff97.pdf

Empire, amerikanisch America has no empire to extend or utopia to ... - HTML-Version ... in einem Interview im Public Broadcasting Network unmissverständlich for- ... defnitiv überholt.

Gebraucht wird ein ??? Gorilla unter den geopolitischen ... www.rainer-rilling.de/texte/americanempire_wf.pdf

El Kaidas Saat – HTML-Version ... zu Network Centric Warfare. angemessen berücksichtigen. muss, um auch zukünftig die ... nitiv letzte ???Hawk“-Rakete das Startgerät ver- ... www.bundeswehr.de/C1256EF40036B05B/vwContentByKey/N264JFJL297MMISDE/$File/BWAKTUELL_0347.PDF

El Kaidas Saat – HTML-Version ... einem Symposium des Bundesverbandes der Deut- schen Industrie eV in Berlin die Folgerungen für die Streitkräfte zu dem Thema ??? Network Enabled Capabilities ... www.bundeswehr.de/misc/pdf/service/bundeswehr_aktuell/bwaktuell_0347.pdf

27.Mar.2005 The Complete Maccabean, July, 1999 The election of Ehud Barak as Israel's new Prime Minister has not made even... Answer: the West is provisioning the Arab forces + undermining Jewishwww.freeman.org/m_online/July99/
EXHIBITOR QUOTES FROM INFOSECURITY EUROPE 2002 "The best ... - HTML-Version ... "With provisioning being a new market in the EMEA region, it was important ... Barak Ben Avinoam, General Manager, Business Layers, Europe ... www.infosecworld.com/files/UK_Exhibitor_Quotes_2002.pdf
Die Effektivität des MenschlichenHTML-Version ... das Verbergen der eigenen Motive und Emotionen hinter einer ???richtigen“ ... ist somit weniger die neue Erkenntnis der Naturwissenschaftler, sondern ... www.if-weinheim.de/download/Systhema_pdfs/Sys_1998/3_1998/Sys_3_1998_Kriz.pdf

27.Mar.2005 Panel and Task Force Members ... NTL . Malcolm Wall United News + Media. Ian West InterTrust ... Guildford Educational Services. Higher Education Funding Council of England (HEFCE) ... www.foresight.gov.uk/.../Foresight_1999__2002/Information_Communications_and_Media/Reports/panel.htm

27.Mar.2005 Report of the Special Rapporteur on torture and cruel, inhuman or ..... 3 days later he had undergone surgery during which a part of his lung + ... Hogtied + blindfolded with masking tape, they were transferred to a ... www.umn.edu/humanrts/commission/96TORAD1.htm

03.Jul.1995 Report of the Special Rapporteur on torture and cruel, inhuman or ... the Special Rapporteur sent an urgent appeal concerning Sheikh Mohammad ... hogtied + placed face-down on his stomach in a police car ... www1.umn.edu/humanrts/commission/thematic52/96TORAD1.htm

27.Mar.2005 Newton even received a videotaped commendation from Nancy Reagan herself, who was a frequent visitor to STRAIGHT clinics. (She called the toilet-obsessive STRAIGHT program "the best drug abuse treatment program I have ever seen.) Even though the ACLU sued STRAIGHT for abuse + kidnapping as early as 1982, Nancy continued to ally herself with the group + with the sadistic "Reverend" Newton.
This page shows GHWB attending a STRAIGHT conference. The parents of our current president would stay at the Sembler home during campaign stops in Florida.

The same page offers a link to a video of GHWB offering Sembler's program an official endorsement - well after the horror stories began to emerge.
More recently,
Barbara Bush has made a film endorsing the DFAF, the current incarnation of STRAIGHT.

She has done despite the many reports by survivors that the Sembler cult tortures children.
The pattern is unmistakable. In previous posts, we have discussed the Bush family's enthusiasm for the Moon cult and for the child-abusing Children of God.

Now we have the current White House honoring the toilet-obsessive, child-abusing cult leader Melvin Sembler. URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
27.Mar.2005 As you read the above, always keep in mind: This house of horrors was assembled by Melvin Sembler, a man long close to the Bush family. Sembler now represents you in Italy.
Imagine the conservative press reaction if a Clinton ally had a similar history!
Wes Fager has put together
a remarkable page on the numerous connections between the Republican party and the Semblers' cult.
A side note: Some of you may hope learn more about Sembler's henchman, the afore-mentioned "Reverend Doctor V. Miller Newton," described by a number of lawsuits as a sadistic child abuser.

Now calling himself Father Cassian Newton of the "Orthodox Catholic Church" (one of several groups going by that name;

none are affiliated with the Roman Catholic church), he and his wife went on to found their own STRAIGHT offshoot, KIDS of North Jersey.
He eventually had to settle 254 fraudulent insurance claims. But that's only the beginning: Six years ago, Newton settled with an
abused former "client" named Rebecca Ehrlich for 4.5 million $s.

I have yet to discover where he obtains the funds to pay these settlements, which, taken together, now total over $11,000,000.
Even more mysterious are the linkages between these STRAIGHT men + the GOP. Of Newton's
nefarious and widely-reported abuses in New Jersey, we learn that:
...nothing was ever done.

In fact for 10 years Republican Governor Christie Whitman ignored Judge Klinger, Judge DelBaglivo, the newspaper and television reports.

For 10 years Len Fisher, Governor Whitman's Commissioner of Health and Human Services, granted Dr. Newton a special certificate to operate. URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
27.Mar.2005 Jeff Gorenfeld offers
this report about Sembler:
There were major problems, though. He modeled STRAIGHT after another program, creepily named "The Seed," shut down after the USA Congress literally issued a report i 00.000.1974 comparing it to "the highly refined 'brainwashing' techniques employed by the North Koreans." Sembler's imitation wasn't shut down until 1993 for illegal child abuse: beatings + sexual humiliation. Kids were thrown against walls.

Or forced to sit in their own menstrual blood. Unless, of course, they were ready to cooperate, confess + chant "I'm at STRAIGHT, feeling great" with the others.

In that case they got to be the enforcers.

Dozens of lawsuits exposed a similar picture in 12 clinics across America. STRAIGHT did not truly end 00.000.1993

Under a new name, the Drug-Free America Foundation, the group metamorphosed into a drug policy pressure group.
Another site,
TheStraights.com, is devoted to uncovering child abuse networks masquerading as therapeutic systems.

They reveal that STRAIGHT "alumni" have reported terrifying beatings and other forms of torture and humiliation, inflicted on them during enforced isolation from all family members.
Here is the story of
one child forced to undergo Sembler's tender mercies: URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/
27.Mar.2005 Republican child abusers George W. Bush's ambassador to Italy, Melvin Sembler, ran the finances of Dubya's 2000 campaign.

But the 75-year-old Sembler has an ugly little secret: He ran a cult-like "behavior control" clinic accused of abusing the underaged.

Sembler's taxpayer-financed "therapies" were so outrageous that the program was shut down during the early Clinton years.
Sembler and his wife Betty called their program STRAIGHT. Supposedly, the purpose was to rehabilitate young drug addicts - a worthy goal. Of course, the notorious Synanon cult of the 1970s (which, as I recall, was regularly invited to my high school) had the same claimed objective, until the press revealed the founder's penchant for violence and attempted murder.
STRAIGHT has a history so troubling as to make Synanon's rattlesnake-in-the-mailbox hijinx seem like mere pranksterism. Jeff Gorenfeld offers
this report about Sembler:
URL: https://cannonfire.blogspot.com/

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