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Das PYRON- SOLAR -Verstromungsprinzip löst die dringendste Herausforderung unserer Zeit:

Stopp der Lufthüllenvergiftung durch Kohlendioxid und Stopp der Verbrennung der un ersetz lichen Ölvorräte

durch die eleganteste Methode der solaren Stromerzeugung
Die Multi-Junction-Zellen erzeugen bei gleicher Zellenfläche 800 Mal mehr Strom als konventionelle Einsonnen-Zellen. Erneut verbesserte Zellen von Boeing-Spectrolab erzeugen sogar das 1.200-fache an Strom wie gleichgroße Siliziumzellen. Trotzdem betragen die Kosten pro Watt nur ein Fünftel. Dadurch sind die Pyron-Solarkraftwerke konkurrenzfähig zu Kohle- und ölgefeuerten Kraftwerken geworden. Die konkurrenzlose Leistung dieser Zellen wurde vom US-National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), einer Abteilung des Department of Energy, nachgemessen und bestätigt.
Den Rekord im Wandeln der Sonnenstrahlung in Elektrizität hält Boeing-Spectrolab, den Rekord im Verhältnis von Linsenfläche zu Grundfläche hält Pyron Solar. Zum Rekord im niedrigsten Solarstrom-Gestehungspreis führt deren Kombination.


Here's how Wolfowitz, taken from a May 9, 2003 interview transcript, described his morning on that unforgettable day: Wolfowitz: We were having a meeting in my office. Someone said a plane had hit the World Trade Center. Then we turned on the television and we started seeing the shots of the second plane hitting + this is the way I remember it. It's a little fuzzy.

Q: Right.

Wolfowitz : There didn't seem to be much to do about it immediately and we went on with whatever the meeting was. Then the whole building shook. I have to confess my first reaction was an earthquake . I didn't put the two things together in my mind. Rumsfeld did instantly. [Emphasis added.]

Unfortunately the interviewer, Sam Tanenhaus, then with Vanity Fair and now the editor of the New York Times Book Review, let the jaw-dropping exchange pass without comment and without any follow-up questions. Keep in mind the first 9/11 plane struck the World Trade Center at 8:46, the second at 9:03 and the third, which bombed the Pentagon, rained down at 9:37. Also keep in mind that after the second plane struck the WTC, even TV anchor people, let alone senior defense officers, who reaching the obvious conclusion; that the plane crashes were deliberate acts of terrorism. Yet incredibly, Wolfowitz, one of the most influential members of the Bush Defense team, decided there wasn't much to do about it immediately and continued on with a meeting.

According to 9/11 researcher Paul Thompson, here are a handful of events that unfolded between 9:03, when Wolfowitz saw the second plane hit the WTC + 9:37 when his own Pentagon was struck. (Taken from Thompson's invaluable research tool, the Complete 9/11 Timeline):

11.Sep.2001 09-03 a.m. After ): Rice Learns of Second Attack; Goes to Basement Bunker

11.Sep.2001 09-03 a.m. After ): Secret Service Wants Fighters Scrambled from Andrews

11.Sep.2001 09-05 a.m.): Clarke, Cheney + Rice Talk, Clarke's Recommendation to Evacuate White House Is Ignored

11.Sep.2001 09-09 a.m.: NORAD Said to Order Langley Fighters to Battle Stations Alert

11.Sep.2001 09-10 a.m.): Rice and Cheney Apparently Go to White House Bunker

11.Sep.2001 09-18 a.m.): FAA Command Center Warns Flight Controllers Nationwide to Watch for Suspicious Aircraft

11.Sep.2001 09-21 a.m.: All New York City Bridges and Tunnels Are Closed

11.Sep.2001 09-24 a.m.): Langley Fighters Are Ordered to Scramble; but One Pilot Claims the Order Is Only a Battle Stations Alert

11.Sep.2001 09-26 a.m.): Rookie FAA Manager Bans All Take Offs Nationwide, Including Most Military Flights? Mineta Asserts He Issues Order Minutes Later

11.Sep.2001 09-27 a.m.): Cheney Given Updates on Unidentified Flight 77 Heading Toward Washington

11.Sep.2001 09-28 a.m.: Reports US Officials Think Attacks Caused by Terrorists

11.Sep.2001 09-29 a.m.: President Bush Makes a Scheduled Speech; Proclaims Terrorist Attack on Our Country

11.Sep.2001 09-29 a.m.): Pentagon Command Center Begins High Level Conference Call

11.Sep.2001 09-30 a.m.: Langley Fighters Take Off Toward Washington; They Could Reach City in Six Minutes but Take Half an Hour

11.Sep.2001 09-30 a.m.): Clarke Asks Cheney's Bunker for Air Force One Fighter Escort and Shootdown Authorization; Neither Happen for Some Time

11.Sep.2001 09-32 a.m.: Cheney Is Notified That Flight 77 Is Headed To Washington

11.Sep.2001 09-35 a.m.): Treasury Department Evacuates; Pentagon and Other Washington Department Do Not

11.Sep.2001 09-37 a.m.: Flight 77 Crashes into Reinforced Section of the Pentagon

The bright side? I suppose we should be grateful ABC's "The Path to 9/11" didn't portray Wolfowitz as a man of action, barking out orders in a valiant effort to save the Pentagon. Link
Germany issues arrest warrants for suspected CIA agents | Special ... German prosecutors have issued arrest warrants for 13 suspected CIA agents ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the suspected agents ...,,2002970,00.html
Germans issue arrest warrants for 13 suspected CIA agents ... Italy has issued arrest warrants for alleged CIA agents in a separate case. ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the suspected ... | Warrants issued in CIA-linked Germany kidnapping BERLIN -- Arrest warrants were issued for 13 people in connection with the ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 -- 11 men + ...
FederalNewsRadio-FED: Warrants Issued in Germany Kidnapping

Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 _ 11 men and two women ... He has said he was released in Albania in May 2004 after the CIA ...
Arrest Warrants for Suspected CIA Agents -

31.Jan.2007 - The NDR television released a list of 11 men and two women reportedly named in the warrants . It said three had been contacted by its reporters and had refused ...
Free Internet Press

Germany Issues Arrest Warrants For Suspected CIA Agents ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the suspected agents - 11 men + two ...
CANOE -- CNEWS - World: Germany issues arrest warrants for 13 ...

Germany issues arrest warrants for 13 suspected CIA agents ... NDR television released a list of 11 men and two women reportedly named in the warrants.
Warrants issued in Germany kidnapping - Yahoo! News CIA -orchestrated kidnapping of a German citizen in the agency's ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 — 11 men and two women ...
Warrants Issued in Germany Kidnapping - Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 - 11 men and two women ... He has said he was released in Albania in May 2004 after the CIA ...
Rockford Register Star | Web site of the Rock River Valley BERLIN (AP) -- Arrest warrants were issued for 13 people in connection with ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 - 11 men + ..

01.Feb.2007 :: KARE 11 TV - Germany issues 13 arrest warrants for ... Germany issues 13 arrest warrants for alleged employees of the CIA ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 -- 11 men and two ...
Warrants Issued in Germany Kidnapping | World Latest | Guardian ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 - 11 men and two ... Al-Masri has said he was released in Albania in May 2004 after the CIA ...,,-6383982,00.html
Warrants issued for 13 in connection with alleged CIA kidnapping ... BERLIN — Arrest warrants were issued for 13 people in connection with the ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 — 11 men and ... NewsFlash - Warrants issued in Germany kidnapping Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 — 11 men and two women ... He has said he was released in Albania in May 2004 after the CIA ...
Warrants Issued in Germany Kidnapping NDR television released a list of 11 men and two women reportedly named in the ... warrants are, according to our current knowledge, aliases of CIA agents," ...
metro Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 -- 11 men ... that based on the list, they were seeking to ban several CIA agents suspected ...
KSDK NewsChannel 5 - CIA Agents May Be Indicted For Kidnapping In ... BERLIN (AP) -- Arrest warrants were issued for 13 people in connection with ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 -- 11 men ...
York Dispatch - Warrants are issued for 13 in connection with the ... Warrants are issued for 13 in connection with the alleged CIA kidnapping of a ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 -- 11 men ...
Germany seeks 13 over CIA 'kidnap' - .com Arrest warrants have been issued for 13 suspected CIA agents in connection ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 -- 11 men and ...
Warrants issued in Germany kidnapping -- Page 1 -- Times Union ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 -- 11 men and two women ... He has said he was released in Albania in May 2004 after the CIA ...

01.Feb.2007 News::News Article Arrest warrants were issued for 13 people in connection with the alleged ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 _ 11 men and ...
German court orders arrest of El Masri kidnappers - Yahoo! News NDR said the 13 suspects listed in the Munich arrest warrant were CIA employees. It published 13 names it said were on the warrant, noting they were largely ...
Warrants Issued in Germany Kidnapping, Warrants Issued for 13 in ... Warrants Issued for 13 in Connection With Alleged CIA Kidnapping of German ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 _ 11 men and ...
Warrants issued for 13 in connection with alleged CIA kidnapping ... BERLIN (AP) - Arrest warrants were issued for 13 people in connection with ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 - 11 men and ...
BREITBART.COM - Warrants Issued in Germany Kidnapping Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 _ 11 men and two ... Al-Masri has said he was released in Albania in May 2004 after the CIA ...
U.S. Air Force AIM Points: Germany seeks 13 over CIA 'kidnap' BERLIN, Germany (AP) -- Arrest warrants have been issued for 13 suspected ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 -- 11 men and ...
Macedonia Media News - Media Monitoring Service by EIN News Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of ... was abducted in December 2003 at the Serbian-Macedonia border and flown by the CIA to ... were ...
ROUNDUP: German Arrest Warrants For 13 Suspected CIA Agents ... Germany's NDR television said 11 men and two women were listed in the arrest warrant . Prosecutors suspect most of the names are CIA aliases. ... - The News On 6 Warrants issued for 13 in connection with alleged CIA kidnapping of German ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 _ 11 men and ...
Times-News:, Twin Falls, ID BERLIN - Arrest warrants were issued for 13 people in connection with the ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 _ 11 men and ...

01.Feb.2007 - Warrants Issued For CIA-Led Kidnapping In Germany Arrest warrants were issued for 13 people in connection with the alleged ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 - 11 men and ...'s Printer-Friendly Page BERLIN (AP) — Arrest warrants were issued for 13 people in connection with ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 — 11 men and ... list=
InfoStructure Internet Service Provider BERLIN - Arrest warrants were issued for 13 people in connection with the ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 - 11 men and ...
Afghanistan Media News - Media Monitoring Service by EIN News Germany issues 13 CIA arrest warrants 31 Jan 2007 12:30 GMT ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of ... were investigating a list of ...
Warrants issued in CIA-linked Germany kidnapping - Military Photos Warrants issued in CIA -linked Germany kidnapping General Discussion. ... Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 -- 11 men and two ...
Charter - News Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 — 11 men and two ... Warrants Issued for 13 in Connection With Alleged CIA Kidnapping of ...
Charter - News NDR television released a list of 11 men and two women reportedly named in the ... Warrants Issued for 13 in Connection With Alleged CIA Kidnapping of ...
Germans issue arrest warrants for 13 suspected CIA agents Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the suspected agents ... warrants are, according to our current knowledge, aliases of CIA agents. ... for Orange County - National Warrants Issued for 13 in Connection With Alleged CIA Kidnapping of German ... NDR television released a list of 11 men and two women reportedly named in ...
Warrants issued in Germany kidnapping | - Houston Chronicle

Germany's NDR television released a list of the names of the 13 — 11 men and two ... Al-Masri has said he was released in Albania in May 2004 after the CIA ...
ZNet Deutschland - a community committed to social change

Die bedeutendste dieser Figuren, Edward Bernays, stützte sich in seiner ... 1925 kam also Bernays ' Buch Propaganda heraus + gleich zu Anfang heißt es ...
ZNet Deutschland - a community committed to social change

Edward Bernays erklärte in seinem Leitfaden Propaganda von 1925, die "intelligenten Minderheiten" müssten den "öffentlichen Geist genauso stark ...
Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass Zivilgesellschaft politisch ist

Ich darf bei dieser Gelegenheit daran erinnern, dass bereits Edward Bernays 1925 in dem Standardwerk 'Propaganda' schrieb, dass man 'das Denken der ...
Splitterbomben ... der

00.000.1925 das Wesen der Demokratie mit folgenden Worten auf den Begriff ... dessen Verfasser, Edward Bernays, zu den führenden Persönlichkeiten der ...
Mahler defence 1 Kein Geringerer als Graf Coudenhove-Kalergi[iv] brachte schon

00.000.1925 ihr Wesen wie ... die Juden Edward Bernays und Noam Chomsky zur Kenntnis genommen werden. 1925 - Suchergebnisse Suchbegriff(e): 1925 - 2802 Ergebnisse - Seite 131 von 281 ... Praktiker vorgestellt: Der Nestor der amerikanischen Public Relations Edward Bernays, ...
20051017 They were duly appropriated by Hitler, who wrote in Mein Kampf ( 1925 ): “But it was ...

In the 1920s and '30s, Sigmund Freud's nephew Edward Bernays used his ...
Das negative Menschenbild der Eliten und die wissenschaftliche ...

Freud (1856-1939), Freuds Neffe,

Edward Bernays (1891-1995),

Walter Lippman (1889-1974), ...

Eric Trist (1911-1993),

Frederick Edmund Emery( 1925 -1997).
1995 - Wikipedia

März: Edward Bernays, prägte für seinen Beruf die Bezeichnung PR-Berater ...

November: Gilles Deleuze, französischer Philosoph der Postmoderne (* 1925 ); 5. ...
01.Feb.2007 Normale 06 @ erstmals in Wien aus "Propaganda" von Edward Bernays ( 1925 ), auch heute noch Standardwerk der Public Relation-Industrie. "Verstehen um zu handeln." ...
2004092425 ... headed into the

00.Nov.2000 election, the total breakdown + betrayal of fundamental ...

Rove's plan for Bush opponent, Vice President Al Gore, ... :

18.Sep.2005 -

24.Sep.2005 ...
Bush Heads To Colorado For Military Takeover Drill ... Carter says Gore won 2000 presidential election ...
Early Warning by William M. Arkin -
William M. Arkin on National and Homeland Security ... Recently, Al Gore was asked if the election of 2000 was stolen.
01.Feb.2007 The Memory Hole > Newest Additions
Secret History, by William M. Arkin Filled with new revelations and telling ... Florida May Destroy Ballots From 2000 Election The most ...
01.Feb.2007 1997: This Far and No Further
Former Army intelligence analyst William Arkin will reveal the existence of the command in ... law enforcement.&quot; Reporter William ...
01.Feb.2007 The Next Hurrah: Bush Administration
William Arkin, in a post generally critical of Petraeus and Khalilizad, sees ...

00.000.2000, in Florida, James Baker III rode to the rescue of ...
01.Feb.2007 : Secret Pentagon Unit May Have Gathered and Kept Unauthorized Files ...
Secret Pentagon Unit May Have Gathered and Kept Unauthorized Files on Thousands of Innocent Individuals and Organizations, Labelling Some ...
01.Feb.2007 In Iraq, It's All About Strategic Communications - Early Warning
William M. Arkin on National and Homeland Security ... 00.000.2000 Florida and Ohio, Florida is a bush family state + a military state ...
20060205 Feb.2006 Neuer Job: Greenspan berät jetzt britische Regierung ... Noch der letzte große Klimareport des Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) der ...
Neue Studien: CO2-Ausstoß steigt kräftig - Klimapolitik verpufft ... Der Uno- Klimareport zeigt im Detail, dass sich die Entwicklung genau in die falsche ... Afrika werde am stärksten betroffen sein, hatte der britische ...,1518,445528,00.html - Naturwissenschaft, Technik und ...

00.Okt.2006 Temperaturen lagen 2,4 Grad über dem langjährigen Mittelwert - Experten ... Neuer Bericht der britischen Regierung : Falls der Klimawandel nicht ... - Naturwissenschaft, Technik und ...

Kenneth Rogoff ist Professor für Ökonomie und Public Policy an der ... Neuer Bericht der britischen Regierung : Falls der Klimawandel nicht gebremst wird, ...
weltklima [Archiv] - Seite 2 - Die US- Regierung verweigert sich weiterhin dem internationalen Klimaschutz.

Der britische Premier Tony Blair räumte ein, dass er keine Chance hat, ...
Schweizer Sturmforum - Klimaentwicklung und dramatische Folgen

Doch der Kyoto-Prozeß wird nicht nur von der Regierung Bush und der Öl-Lobby kritisch gesehen. Im vergangenen Jahr veröffentlichte eine Gruppe von ...
DHCR Trying to Gut Tenant Protections; Outrage Slows the Tide ... - View as HTML
nes, un análisis interno de la au-. toridad de vivienda concluyó al fin ... these, Pataki has all but handed over this agency to the real - estate industry.

20050116 The real estate bubble will burst + values will plummet, ... Yesterday, I discussed an interesting-if-flawed forecast by one Phil Scott (not an economist ...
James Mahoney, Colonialism and Development

The Catholic Church occupied an extremely powerful position in society through its control over rural and urban real estate, its ability to dispense loans, ...
Duncanson & Holt - OneLimeStreet

More joy for those on syndicate 957 ( Cackett, as was). Monument was a major player in the later years of the PA spiral (1996 - onwards).

OneLimeStreet - Reply to Topic No doubt Mr. Deeny will advise his Names to pay up quietly and not rock the boat. bluewater, I thought 271 was Pearson? Cackett was 957 ? ...
UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK X ... - View as HTML no longer at Duncanson & Holt and Cackett was no longer at Syndicate 957 . Consequently,. the defendants required new reinsurers in order to perpetuate the ...
20061123 00.000.1995 Mr Cackett had been the active underwriter of Syndicate ... the Syndicate .

00.Jun.1996 Mr Cackett left Syndicate 957 ...
THE ILLUMINATI Buderus von Carlhausen ( Carl Buderus ), the Treasury official who handled ... and Sons (which was closed during World War II after the Nazi occupation). ...

Gentile Folly: the Rothschilds Buderus, the Elector’s treasurer, was still unable to imbue his master with much faith ... Then the panic reached Germany (pre- Nazi ) and her international ... - 255
FINAL WARNING: A History of the New World Order
FINAL WARNING: A History of the New World Order. FINAL WARNING. A HISTORY OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER. by David Allen Rivera ...

The Rothschild Bloodline "According to official Soviet Reports, 1695904 people were executed from January ... conspiracy like some Neo- Nazi groups + various Churches unrelated ...

The House of Rothschild [Archive] - The Phora

... the implimentation of the plan has been so smoothly executed that it has ... Buderus von Carlhausen ( Carl Buderus ), the Treasury official who handled ...
20060725 ... one of whom is scheduled to be executed this week for killing a fellow ... + Rothschild Foundation backed Nazi eugenicists when John Foster Dulles was ...
SEC Info - Witter Dean World Wide Investment Trust - N-30D - For 9 ... 1113420 MANUFACTURING 1300 Buderus Dem.

... transactions are accounted for on the trade date (date the order to buy or sell is executed ).
The Truth Seeker - The House of Rothschild

Buderus was made a Baron + the Rothschilds were the richest bankers in Europe.

... Sons (which was closed during World War II after the Nazi occupation).
20061123 "Die letzten fünf Meter bis zum Boden sind die schwierigsten",. beschreibt Stefan Levedag, Direktor des DLR -Instituts für Flugsysteme einen Hauptaspekt des ...
0202 This is a must listen interview ... And Stones Video - CBC- Fifth Estate ... a Louisville, Kentucky bookmaker, while Anthony Accetturo, a reputed ...

20050303 ... broadcast an extraordinary interview with an international arms ... 285 ACCETTURO, ANTHONY ...019 031 041 067 074 115 121 179 201 256 LHO: AUDIO TALK ... 01.Feb.2007 Fuck Bush - Codewolf Systems, Inc.

I.E. Slovenia, Checkoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Russia, Poland + many others ...

I am the first to agree that the liberals who came to power in the 1960s got ...
The fall of the USSR [Archive] - Total War Center Forums

I say let America have Germany, Checkoslovakia + whatever else that's not Russian land, ...

The Article 58 ...

The fall of the USSR - Page 2 - Total War Center Forums Originally Posted by

But live in USSR was very good, i miss it too, but i am speaking of 1960-1975. ...

01.Feb.2007 Kurdistan-Rundbrief (Inhalt 1996) Ein neues Buch von Genocide Watch · Jagdszenen aus Stuttgart und Umgebung. Polizei, LKA und BKA auf "Kurdenjagd".

Fast 100 Freiheitsentziehungen.

20051117 LKA -Beamte untersuchen das Massengrab: "Damals hat das niemanden interessiert" ...

Er gab detailliert Auskunft über die Greueltaten der Nazis und bezifferte ...
United States National Guard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The National Guard Bureau is located in Arlington, VA and is a joint command operated by the United States Department of the Army and The United States

01.Feb.2007 Army National Guard The Army National Guard (ARNG) is one branch of the U.S. Total Army, ... the National Guard Bureau and the Adjutants General of the several states remain ...

31.Oct.2004 People in business Moore served as counsel for AIG/American General.

Mike Cohen has joined Knoxville-based Ackermann PR as a senior account manager.
Europäischer Energie- Gigant: Weg frei für E.ons Superdeal
Auslieferungshaft in Kanada: Schreiber hinter Gittern - Ermittler erleichtert

01.Feb.2007 Fall Masri: US- Medien nehmen Haftbefehle ernst
Schlacht mit Hunderten Toten: "Heer des Himmels" im Nebel von Nadschaf
Auszeichnungen: Al Gore für Friedensnobelpreis nominiert
Berliner Hauptbahnhof: Bahn erwägt Klage gegen Architekten
Unesco- Abkommen: Deutschland tritt Kulturgüterschutz bei

01.Feb.2007 Windows- Sicherheitslücke: Vista- Computer hört auf fremde Stimmen

00.000.1492-00.000.1557 Georg Rörer () war Doktor der Theologie. Seit

00.000.1527 wohnte er in Wittenberg in Luthers Haus + wurde dessen Assistent und Reisebegleiter.

Von Rörer stammen viele Niederschriften der Predigten, Vorlesungen, Tischreden und Briefe des Theologen.

00.000.1555 erschien Rörers Jenaer Luther-Ausgabe, die bis zum Tod des Herausgebers auf vier Bände anwuchs.
19.Feb.2007 -Am-solle Rörers Nachlass von dem Handschriftenexperten der Unibibliothek, Joachim Ott, erstmals der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt werden.
Bisher gehe die Legende von dem in der Fachwelt umstrittenen Thesenanschlag auf eine nachträgliche Überlieferung Philipp Melanchthons aus dem Jahr

00.000.1546 zurück.
00.000.1540 . Dort hat der Vertraute des Reformators, Georg Rörer, an einer Stelle handschriftlich eingefügt: "Im Jahr

1517 am Vortag des Allerheiligenfestes hat Dr. Martin Luther in Wittenberg an den Türen der Kirchen seine Ablassthesen bekannt gegeben."
Ein Schriftstück zu Martin Luthers Thesenanschlag sorgt jetzt für Aufsehen:

In der Jenaer Universitätsbibliothek ist eine handschriftliche Notiz entdeckt worden, in der ein Zeitgenosse des Reformators vom Anbringen der 95 Thesen am

31.Okt.1517 am Tor der Wittenberger Kirche berichtet. Dieser Eintrag könnte belegen, dass sich die Legende wirklich zugetragen hat.
31.Okt.1517 soll Luther (1483-1546) die Thesen auf eigenwillige und spektakuläre Weise veröffentlicht haben - so zumindest lehren es die Geschichtsbücher.

Doch ob die Reformation tatsächlich mit der berühmten Szene an der Wittenberger Schlosskirche begann, hielt die Fachwelt ...

Jerusalem - Irans Präsident Mahmud Ahmadinedschad sei ein Problem für das iranische Volk,

weil er seine Versprechen nicht halte und keine Lösungen für Probleme biete, sagte Peres bei einer Diskussionsveranstaltung mit Studenten in Jerusalem.

Auf die Frage des Moderators, ob er einen militärischen Einsatz gegen Iran ausschließe, sagte Peres: "Durch Israel, ja."
Dokumentenfund: Neuer Beleg für Luthers Thesenanschlag

01.Feb.2007 Staphylokokken- Infektion: Mysteriöse Vergiftung nach Russland- Reise
Außeneinsatz: Raumstation hat giftiges Ammoniak verloren
Kanada: Rüstungslobbyist Schreiber in Auslieferungshaft

01.Feb.2007 Strom und Gas: E.on greift Rivalen mit Kampfpreisen an
Demografisches Problem: Putin macht Homosexuelle für Geburtenrückgang mitverantwortlich
Bitten an den US- Gesetzgeber: Web- Giganten suchen Hilfe beim Gut- Sein
Handy- Studie: Angst essen Daten auf

01.Feb.2007 Von Polizist erschossen: Familie trauert um Maximilian G.
ExxonMobil: Ölkonzern verbucht höchsten Gewinn der US- Geschichte
IPCC- Report: Harte Kämpfe um die Klima- Bibel
Rekordgewinn der Deutschen Bank: Große Stunde, leise genossen
Neues Energiekartell: Putin hält Gas- Opec mit Iran für "interessante Idee"

01.Feb.2007 Iran- Krise: Chirac sinniert über Vernichtung Teherans durch Atombombe

01.Feb.2007 Fall Kurnaz: Schröder stellt sich vor Steinmeier
Spendenaffäre: Scotland Yard verhörte Blair

01.Feb.2007 Werbe- Wahnsinn: Toyota kündigt größte Plakatkampagne Deutschlands an
Massenprotest in Mexiko: Biosprit- Boom treibt Tortilla- Preise in Rekordhöhen

01.Feb.2007 Misslungenes Marketing: Guerilla- Werbung stürzt Boston ins Chaos

01.Feb.2007 Kohle- Ausstieg: SPD und Gewerkschaften nehmen Rüttgers ins Visier

01.Feb.2007 Maus- Experiment: Creutzfeld- Jacob- Krankheit rückgängig gemacht
Leck im Rumpf: Kreuzfahrtschiff in der Antarktis evakuiert

01.Feb.2007 Mexiko: 6,6- Kilo- Riesenbaby geboren

01.Feb.2007 Ermittlungen gegen Polizisten: Todesschuss auf Randalierer - Hinweise auf Notwehr

01.Feb.2007 Gaus- Interview mit Christian Klar: Doku- Drama hinter Gittern
Reporter ohne Grenzen: Pressefreiheit weltweit in Gefahr

01.Feb.2007 US- Präsidentschaftswahl: Rassismusvorwürfe gegen Senator Biden

01.Feb.2007 Konjunktur: Glos erwartet Wachstum von mehr als 1,7 %
Backpacker in Australien: Sex- Dienstleistungen fürs nächste Flugticket
Fall Kurnaz: Steinmeier wird am 8. März vernommen
Überlebenshilfe: Auch Fische brauchen Freunde
Nahost: Israel will Iran nicht angreifen

01.Feb.2007 Überlebende des Holocaust: "Keiner von uns ist ganz normal"

01.Feb.2007 Heute in ihrem Postfach: BKA warnt vor Viren- Mails mit BKA- Absender

01.Feb.2007 Kohle- Ausstieg: Rüttgers' Blockade erzürnt die SPD
Klanggesteuerte Musiksuche: Die Ohrwurm- Maschine

01.Feb.2007 Waffenhilfe: USA fürchten Irans Macht im Irak
Saarland: 38- Jähriger tot geprügelt

01.Feb.2007 Zeitungsbericht: Frankreich verkauft Atomreaktoren nach China
Stromausfall: BASF prüft Klage gegen E.on

01.Feb.2007 Mexiko: Zehntausende protestieren gegen hohe Tortilla- Preise

01.Feb.2007 Jahresabschluss: Deutsche Bank erzielt Rekordgewinn

01.Feb.2007 Brandenburg: Polizist erschießt Randalierer

01.Feb.2007 Ausblick: Experten erwarten bei Deutscher Bank Rekordgewinn
DDR: Stasi erstellte Liste von Westjournalisten mit NS- Vergangenheit

01.Feb.2007 Geständnis: Miss USA pushte sich mit Kokain

01.Feb.2007 Großbritannien: Brown will EU- Verfassung notfalls durch Veto blockieren

01.Feb.2007 Irak- Politik: Bush fühlt sich nicht im Stich gelassen
Kriegsnation USA: Reibach für die Rüstungs- Riesen
Spitzentreffen vertagt: Streit über Kohle- Ausstieg neu entfacht
Solarmodul-Hersteller SOLON AG meldet positives Ergebnis für 2004

28.Feb.2005 SolarWorld AG: Bürgschaften flankieren Expansionsvorhaben

28.Feb.2005 Klimaschutz in der Praxis: 22 Kommunen mit dem "Climate Star" ausgezeichnet

28.Feb.2005 Frankreich organisiert Solarforschung neu

28.Feb.2005 EU-Kommission startet Förderprogramm "Intelligente Energie – Europa"

27.Feb.2005 Neues Buch verknüpft Wasserstofftechnik und Wirtschaft

27.Feb.2005 Pflanzenöl statt Diesel: Studenten entwickeln aus Salatöl eine Geschäftsidee

27.Feb.2005 Öko-Institut bezieht NaturPur-Strom

26.Feb.2005 Umfrage: Wissen zur Umweltpolitik lückenhaft

26.Feb.2005 BMU-Projekt "BioRegio" zur nachhaltigen energetischen Nutzung von Biomasse

26.Feb.2005 STIFTUNG WARENTEST: Höchste Zeit für Kontrolle der Strompreise

25.Feb.2005 Wirtschaftsverband Windkraftwerke begrüßt Einigung über dena-Studie

25.Feb.2005 UBA legt Studie zur gerechten Fortentwicklung der internationalen Klimaschutzkonvention vor

25.Feb.2005 Emissionshandel: Über 1.000 Zuteilungen rechtskräftig

25.Feb.2005 Greenpeace: Dena-Studie nimmt Windkraftgegnern Wind aus den Segeln

24.Feb.2005 Dena-Studie zeigt Wege zur Integration der Windenergie

24.Feb.2005 Trittin: Schwarzmalerei gegen Ausbau der Windkraft hat keine sachliche Grundlage

24.Feb.2005 Fachzeitschrift SONNENENERGIE: IEA-Zahlen zu Erneuerbaren zu niedrig

24.Feb.2005 WWF wertet das Schröder-Bush Klima-Aktionsprogramm als positives Zeichen

23.Feb.2005 Deutsch-amerikanisches Aktionsprogramm für umweltfreundliche und effiziente Energie, Entwicklung und Klimaschutz

23.Feb.2005 Trittin nimmt an UNEP-Konferenz in Nairobi teil

23.Feb.2005 Solar-Fabrik AG gibt Preis für Neue Aktien bekannt

23.Feb.2005 FDP: Bilanz der Erneuerbaren übersieht zunehmende Probleme

23.Feb.2005 Vladimir Dyakonov erforscht neuartige Materialien für die Photovoltaik

23.Feb.2005 NRW-Bauminister Vesper: Jetzt Anträge für REN-Förderung einreichen!

23.Feb.2005 Windjahr 2005 startet mit deutlichem Plus

22.Feb.2005 BMU-Statistik: Jede zehnte Kilowattstunde aus erneuerbaren Energien

22.Feb.2005 DLR: Brennstoffzellen-Hybrid-Auto besteht Testfahrt

22.Feb.2005 BIOHAUS feiert Richtfest für neue Produktionshalle

22.Feb.2005 SolarWorld AG erwirtschaftet 2004 Nettogewinn von 18,1 Millionen Euro

21.Feb.2005 Tripel-Solarzellen: Photovoltaische Winzlinge erzielen hohe Wirkungsgrade

21.Feb.2005 EUROSOLAR-Konferenz: Energie nachwachsen lassen

21.Feb.2005 Trotz Kyoto und Emissionshandel: Wissenschaftler erwarten drastische Folgen des Klimawandels

20.Feb.2005 5 MW-Solarstromkraftwerk "SONNENFLECK" fast fertiggestellt

20.Feb.2005 Jugendwettbewerb: mit "unendlicher Energie" für den Klimaschutz

20.Feb.2005 WM-Ort Oberstdorf: Skispass mit Sonnenenergie und Wasserkraft

19.Feb.2005 Unternehmensjubiläum: 12 Jahre SOLARWATT

19.Feb.2005 SMA Technologie AG: Mitarbeiter sind Teilhaber

19.Feb.2005 Informationsangebot der Internetplattform erweitert

18.Feb.2005 Conergy AG: Solarunternehmen will an die Börse

18.Feb.2005 Bundesweite Imagekampagne "SolarLokal" für Solarstrom gestartet

18.Feb.2005 Regierungspräsidium Leipzig ebnet Weg für 5-MW-Solarpark in Sachsen

18.Feb.2005 SolarWorld AG beschließt Kapitalerhöhung um bis zu 10 %

17.Feb.2005 EU-Kommission begrüßt Inkrafttreten des Kyoto-Protokolls

17.Feb.2005 Gute Noten für Solarbranche: Weltmarktführer Sharp auf Platz 1

17.Feb.2005 Applied Films: erste Vakuum-Beschichtungsanlage für Solarzellen-Herstellung verkauft

17.Feb.2005 Phönix SonnenStrom AG schließt Rahmenvertrag mit RWE SCHOTT Solar

16.Feb.2005 NABU überreicht Trittin eine Torte für Kyoto

16.Feb.2005 Kyoto-Protokoll in Kraft: BMU bekräftigt Ziele der Bundesregierung

16.Feb.2005 Öko-Institut: Kyoto ist erster Schritt, aber kein Grund zu jubeln

16.Feb.2005 Solahart erhält "Solar Keymark" für komplettes Solarwärmesystem

16.Feb.2005 WWF: Kyoto-Protokoll als erster Schritt aus dem Treibhaus

15.Feb.2005 BUND: Neues Klimaschutzprogramm für Deutschland ohne Substanz

15.Feb.2005 Union: Trittin leugnet eigene Zielvorgaben in der Klimaschutzpolitik

15.Feb.2005 BSH gibt grünes Licht für achtes Windpark-Projekt in der Nordsee

15.Feb.2005 Kyoto-Abkommen tritt in Kraft - erster Schritt zum Klimaschutz

15.Feb.2005 SPD: Wir nähern uns beim Klimawandel dem Punkt ohne Umkehr

14.Feb.2005 DUH: Energierechtsnovelle als "dreister Subventionsdeal" für große Unternehmen

14.Feb.2005 DIHK: Stromregulierungspläne der Bundesregierung gehen zu Lasten des Mittelstandes

14.Feb.2005 Modulsystem kombiniert konventionelles Heizen und Solarwärme

14.Feb.2005 Wechselrichter: Sputnik bringt SolarMax-C-Serie auf den Markt

14.Feb.2005 efc-Brennstoffzellen-Heizgeräte in der Testphase

13.Feb.2005 Biogas- Boom birgt Chancen und Risiken

13.Feb.2005 Solarstrom-Anlagenüberwachung online mit FRONIUS

13.Feb.2005 NRW-Kommune Rüthen: Holzfeuerungsanlage im Nahwärmenetz

12.Feb.2005 Zukunftsenergien: Erde und Sonne bieten innovative Energieversorgung

12.Feb.2005 KfW zeichnet vorbildliche Sanierung von Wohnhäusern aus

12.Feb.2005 Nachhaltige Landwirtschaft: Energie vom Acker gedeiht

11.Feb.2005 EU-Kommission stellt neue Klimastrategie vor

11.Feb.2005 SolarWorld AG stärkt internationales Konzerngeschäft

11.Feb.2005 Solar-Warmwasser-Sets von Teufel & Schwarz auf der ISH

10.Feb.2005 Trittin: Umweltverbände kritisieren den Falschen

10.Feb.2005 Umweltverbände nennen Trittins Umweltpolitik "substanzlos"

10.Feb.2005 Innovationspreis der deutschen Wirtschaft für PEMEAS Fuel Cell Technologies

10.Feb.2005 Europäischer Wasserstoffverband EHA verstärkt Aktivität

10.Feb.2005 NRW: 6. Wärmepumpen-Wochen mit über 100 Veranstaltungen

09.Feb.2005 FVS: Bernhard Milow und Rolf Brendel neue Sprecher

09.Feb.2005 Messe CARBON EXPO 2005: enormer Ausstellerzuwachs

09.Feb.2005 Freiburg: Solares Marketing-Training für Handwerker

08.Feb.2005 Sonnenhaus-Institut bietet Wanderausstellung an

08.Feb.2005 Windkraftanlagen: EnerSys steigert Aufstellungszahlen

08.Feb.2005 Seminar zur öffentlichen Ausschreibung von Stromlieferungen

07.Feb.2005 Internetportal zu innovativen Energie-Projekten neu gestaltet

07.Feb.2005 Ökoenergiefonds: New Energy Fund legt um 35,1 % %punkte zu

07.Feb.2005 IWR-Index: Positive Stimmung in der Branche der erneuerbaren Energien

06.Feb.2005 PYRON-Wüstenprojekt soll Solarstrom für Europa liefern

06.Feb.2005 Wohn-Nebenkosten: Heizung und Warmwasserbereitung größter Posten

05.Feb.2005 Talisman Energy plant Offshore-Forschungsprojekt „DOWNVInD“ mit REpower 5M

05.Feb.2005 UmweltBank: Wachstum ungebrochen

05.Feb.2005 Schüler aus NRW bauen ihr eigenes Brennstoffzellenmobil

04.Feb.2005 Solar-Fabrik AG meldet Rekordumsatz und -ergebnis für 2004

04.Feb.2005 SolarWorld AG gründet Technologiezentrum für Halbleiter

04.Feb.2005 Wechselrichter: SMA präsentiert Neuentwicklungen in Bad Staffelstein

04.Feb.2005 FDP-Sprecherin Brunckhorst: Weltgrößte Windkraftanlage wirft Fragen auf

03.Feb.2005 Informationsdienst Solarthemen erwartet lange Lieferzeiten für Photovoltaikanlagen

03.Feb.2005 Solarbundesliga: Rettenbach ist Herbstmeister

03.Feb.2005 Fronius verlängert Garantie aller IG-Wechselrichter

03.Feb.2005 Sunways AG spendet für "Ärzte ohne Grenzen"

02.Feb.2005 Union und SPD streiten über Atomausstieg

02.Feb.2005 Sunways AG verkauft 80 % der Solarzellenproduktion an Solarwatt

02.Feb.2005 3sat-Zukunftsmagazin "nano" fragt: Kyoto in Kraft – Klima kaputt?

02.Feb.2005 Hilfsaktion: 300 weitere Solarkocher für Sri Lanka

02.Feb.2005 Nordhessische Solar-Patenschaft: Landkreis Kassel und SMA Technologie AG kooperieren

01.Feb.2005 Trittin weiht weltgrößte Windenergieanlage ein

01.Feb.2005 renewables2004: Auswertung des internationalen Aktionsprogramms vorgelegt

01.Feb.2005 Wechselrichter-Hersteller Sputnik will Produktionskapazität verdreifachen

01.Feb.2005 Windkraft: Hersteller REpower revidiert Ergebnisprognose 2004
Sensation - die Super Zelle - Umweltthemen - Gomopa: Finanzen ...

00.Jul.2004 an dem Nikolaus Laing zum ersten Mal den roten Schalter umlegte, war wolkenlos.

Bruchteile einer Sekunde später drehte sich im Garten des ...
Franz Alts Sonnenseite: Neue Solarkraftwerke: Kommt die Superzelle ...

Die Erfinder dieser neuartigen Zellen, das deutsche Physiker-Ehepaar Inge + Nikolaus Laing, leben

seit 27 Jahren in Südkalifornien, in San Diego, ...
Pyron Solar die neue Solarstrom-Generation

Photozellen erzeugen 800 Mal mehr Strom als konventionelle +

sind billiger Im kalifornischen Unternehmen Pyron Solar INC. haben Nikolaus + Inge Laing in ...
PYRON-Wüstenprojekt: 24 Stunden Solarstrom für Europa Solarwasserstoff und Solarstrom zur Batterieladung sollen Benzin, Diesel- und Heizöl ersetzen. Nikolaus Laing | Quelle: pressetext ... - Revolution in der Solartechnik Inge und Nikolaus Laing, das deutschstämmige Ehepaar aus dem Süden Kaliforniens, hat sich mit dieser Entwicklung einen lange gehegten Traum verwirklicht. ...,1872,2375507,00.html
Quappe SoSe 2005 - HTML-Version
Nikolaus Laing ist ein Absolvent der Universität Karlsruhe. Inzwischen lebt der 82-jährige Physiker in. Kalifornien und entwickelt mit seiner Firma Pyron ...
einfach · gut · aus prinzip einfach · gut · aus prinzip - HTML-Version
Erfindung Kugelmotorprinzip durch Nikolaus Laing .

1980. Die 25-Watt-Version geht in Serie. 1992. Von nun an alle Pumpen von Laing mit Keramiklagerkugel ...
Geschichte | Laing GmbH Systeme Für Wärmetechnik

1950, Gründung eines Forschungsinstituts durch Nikolaus Laing mit Sitz in Karlsruhe, Schwerpunkt Entwicklung von Strömungsmaschinen und Tangentialgebläsen ...
Pyron Solar: Die neue Solarstrom-Generation - pressetext.austria

Im kalifornischen Unternehmen Pyron Solar INC.

haben Nikolaus und Inge Laing in zwanzigjähriger Entwicklung gemeinsam mit ...
Jbschwäb-fränkG 26, 1969-33, 1994

Nikolaus LAING, Energie: Herausforderung an den schöpferischen Geist, in: Jbschwäb-fränkG 29, 1979/81, S. 59-72 Hubert WECKBACH, "… einer der geistvollsten ...
All Eyes On Iran After False Flag Attack In Karbala - BG -
Unnamed officials from two different US government agencies have told that the Pentagon is looking at possible Iranian ties to a "brazen attack" on a meeting in Karbala which left five American troops dead. As reported here previously, the attackers wore American combat fatigues, drove black GM Suburbans, carried American weapons and spoke English. The attack was bold and swift, obviously carefully planned and well rehearsed. According to, Pentagon officials are looking at whether the attack was "carried out by Iranians or Iranian-trained operatives". adds: Both officials [...] agreed this possibility is being looked at because of the sophistication of the attack and the level of coordination.Well forgive me for asking, but... Since when have Iranians or Iranian-trained operatives ...

01.Feb.2007 Jason Leopold and Marc Ash | Cheney's Handwritten Notes Implicate Bush in Plame Affair - BG -
01.Feb.2007 Paula Zahn 9/11 Loose Change Review
01.Feb.2007 Operation Overlord II: NYPD Planned RNC Arrests - BG -
The police department had a code-name for its plan to cope with the invasion of tens of thousands of protesters who were expected to take to the streets during the 2004 Republican National Convention: Operation Overlord II. The name is an apparent reference to the secret plan for the Allied invasion of Normandy, which was codenamed Overlord. Reports of the planning and intelligence gathering leading up to D–Day are a part of military lore. But the preparations for Overlord II, which resulted in... Source: If you no longer wish to receive message like this, please contact the sender. Try Google Reader

01.Feb.2007 Bin Laden’s brother-in-law killed - Africa - - BG -
Malek Khalifa told Dubai-based Al Arabiya television that the aim of the killers appeared to have been to rob his brother, Jamal Khalifa, who mined + traded precious stones in Madagascar.
01.Feb.2007 NATO, U.S. neglect "psychological warfare": report | Top News | - BG -
The USA and its allies must pay more attention to 'psychological warfare' as they battle insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan, an influential think-tank said on Wednesday.

01.Feb.2007 Sen. Charles E. Schumer: Positively American - BG -Blogger Thoughts: Senator Schumer has been useless in exposing the the truth about 9/11.
01.Feb.2007 Interfaith Sages Council Established for Jerusalem
01.Feb.2007 Police Investigation into Olmert´s Bank Leumi Behavior
01.Feb.2007 Politics: Dispatches From the Scooter Libby Trial - BG -politics
Dispatches From the Scooter Libby Trial
What does Judith Miller remember?
By John Dickerson, Dahlia Lithwick + Seth Stevenson
Updated Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2007, at 8:10 PM ET
From: John Dickerson
Subject: What Does Judith Miller Remember?
Posted Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2007, at 8:09 PM ET

Today, Scooter Libby's lawyer William Jeffress was so frustrated with Judy Miller I thought he'd yell liar, liar, pants on fire . The former New York Times reporter had presented detailed accounts of three conversations with Libby during the prosecution's questioning, but during the defense cross examination, she seemed incapable of remembering much of anything. Jeffress kept pressing her. "Do you remember my question?" he snapped at one point. Miller sighed. She apparently didn't.

There are nine women on the jury. Scooter Libby's defense team better hope they don't have strong sisterhood feelings because Jeffress' thinly veiled condescension was enough to create sympathy for Miller. In Washington, that's like creating cold fusion. Miller's reporting on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has been renounced by her former paper. Her role in the Libby affair led to a very public spat that ended in her departure. To continue reading, click here.
Propping Up the War on Terror - BG -
Propping Up the War on Terror: Lies about the WTC by NIST and Underwriters Laboratories KEVIN RYAN/Scholars for 9/11 Truth (undated) 30mar2006 Propping Up the War on Terror Lies about the WTC by NIST and Underwriters Laboratories KEVIN RYAN/Scholars for 9/11 Truth (undated) 30mar2006
[More on 9/11 | World Trade Center]

This paper will appear in 9/11 AND THE AMERICAN EMPIRE: INTELLECTUALS SPEAK OUT, David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott, eds. (Northampton: Interlink Books, 2006)

"Already there is near-consensus as to the sequence of events that led to the collapse of the World Trade Center."—Shankar Nair, as quoted in the Chicago Tribune September 19, 2001

Turn on C-Span, or "Meet The Press," or any other media program presenting federal officials. Whatever the issue, it always comes back to the same thing. Our government really has nothing else to offer us but protection from another 9/11. It uses this painful story to cut public services, eliminate our basic rights + plunder the national coffers. But for many of us, it is not entirely clear from whom we most need protection.[1] As our debt explodes and our freedoms diminish, it would be wise to maintain focus on the origins of our War on Terror. No matter where this war leads us, we will need to keep the beginning in mind if we ever hope to see an end.

The Point of Origin: The Collapse of the WTC
01.Feb.2007 The Pancake Theory was promoted by an influential 2002 NOVA video called "Why the Towers Fell," in which Corley (yet again) and Thornton were the primary commentators. Both of them talked about the floors collapsing + Thornton described how the perimeter columns buckled outward, not inward as Koch had described. The video made a number of false claims, including exaggeration of the temperatures (2000 F), remarks about melting steel + the incredible statement that two-thirds of the columns in WTC1 (the North Tower) were completely severed. NIST's report now indicates that only about 14% of the columns in WTC1 were severed + in some photos we can count most of these for ourselves.[13]
01.Feb.2007 NIST and Underwriters Laboratories

In August 2004, Underwriters Laboratories evaluated the Pancake Theory by testing models of the floor assemblies used in the WTC buildings. Despite all the previous expert testimony, the floor models did not collapse. NIST reported this in its October 2004 update, in a table of results that clearly showed that the floors did not fail and that, therefore, pancaking was not possible.[14] NIST more succinctly stated this again in its June 2005 draft report, saying: "The results established that this type of assembly was capable of sustaining a large gravity load, without collapsing, for a substantial period of time relative to the duration of the fires in any given location on September 11th."[15]
01.Feb.2007 Other than the video, NIST left us with only some vague statements about a few sagging floors suddenly destroying two hundred super-strong perimeter columns and forty core columns. But since sagging floors do not weigh more than non-sagging floors, it is difficult to see how this might occur, especially so uniformly. NIST claimed the perimeter columns saw increased loads of between 0 and 25% due to the damage, but it never reconciled this with the original claim that these columns could resist 2000% increases in live load. And the outward-buckling theory, suggested by Thornton, was changed again to inward buckling—apparently the forces involved were never well defined. Additionally, NIST suggested that the documents that would support testing of the steel components, along with documents containing Skilling's jet-fuel-fire analysis, could not be found.[26]
01.Feb.2007 Some of us remain hopeful that we can still achieve a critical mass awareness of the need for truth + in doing so pull the support out from under what John McMurtry calls "the 9/11 Wars."[29] But if we cannot, even as the hopes for peace fade and the number of 9/11 families continues to grow, we should remember how we got this story and how it was propped up despite all the evidence against it. Because whatever happens next, after the smoke clears, our children may have a need to know.


1 Richard Heinberg, "Götterdämmerung," Museletter, No.144, March 2004 (

2 David Ray Griffin, The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions ( Northampton: Interlink Books, 2005). Griffin summarizes the omissions and distortions in "The 9/11 Commission Report: A 571-Page Lie," 911 Visibility Project, May 22, 2005 (

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14 Table of results from Underwriters Laboratories August 2004 floor model tests, as presented by NIST in October 2004 ( ), 25.

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16 Silverstein's statement is contained in "America Rebuilds," PBS documentary, 2002 ( It can be viewed ( or heard on audio file ( ).

17 "Structures Can Be Beautiful, World's Tallest Buildings Pose Esthetic and Structural Challenge to John Skilling," Engineering News-Record, April 2, 1964: 124.

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29 John McMurtry, "9/11 and the 9/11 Wars: Understanding the Supreme Crimes." In David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott, eds., 9/11 and the American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out ( Northampton: Interlink Books, 2006). My present essay will also appear in this volume.

source: 23apr2006
NIST Tests Provide Fire Resistance Data on World Trade Center Floor Systems - BG - NIST Tests Provide Fire Resistance Data on World Trade Center Floor Systems
conducted at Underwriters Laboratories (UL) facilities in Northbrook, Ill. + Toronto, Canada—are part of NIST's building and fire safety investigation of the

11.Sep.2001 WTC disaster.

(updated from original statement issued 26.Aug.2004 )
01.Feb.2007 The findings from the ASTM E119 WTC floor system tests are available at . (.pdf; download Acrobat Reader) These findings may be revised and additional findings may be included in the NIST investigation team's final report, scheduled for release as a draft document in December 2004. NIST is not making any recommendations at this time. All recommendations will be made in the final report.
More information on the NIST WTC investigation is available at

As a non-regulatory agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce's Technology Administration, NIST develops and promotes measurement, standards and technology to enhance productivity, facilitate trade and improve the quality of life.
01.Feb.2007 So...UL has, in fact, been involved in NIST's program to find out what really happened in the WTC on 9/11. UL employee Keven Ryan, going off the reservation + commenting about a UL department for which he didn't work, sent a letter to a NIST employee stating that the sum of all the fires inside the WTC did not cause the steel to melt. And therefore, the collapse of the WTC had to have happened for other reasons. Ryan was then fired by the company.
In his letter, Ryan also alluded to government employees who had come forward at risk to themselves and their jobs---to tell the truth about the destruction of the WTC on 9/11. What employees? Did they come forward and speak to Ryan? To Ryan's former employer? To NIST?
Now that Ryan has been fired, perhaps he will add to what he has already said. Perhaps he will tell us how exactly he communicated with other UL employees in the fire-testing department + what they told him.
I hold out zero hope that NIST will come up with a truly shocking conclusion in its study of the WTC collapse. NIST will stick to the party line.
Will Ryan give us more? JON RAPPOPORT
01.Feb.2007 Rogue U.S. Troops Knowingly Bombed British In Iraq - BG -Rogue U.S. Troops Knowingly Bombed British In Iraq
The only mainstream media outlet to ask any serious questions about the incident was
Australian TV news which according to one viewer gave, "credibility to the 'conspiracy theorists' who have long claimed many terrorist acts in Iraq are, in fact, being initiated and carried out by US, British and Israeli forces."

01.Feb.2007 Hagel Sounds Off About Bush In GQ. Regrets And Explains War Vote
First time in a long time I read something by a Republican + don't get an urge to throw up.

We should try to get him to switch parties. It would allow us to put pressure on "certain other Democrats" who refuse to tow the line.
Middle-East Doesn't Know Which To Fear More -- US Or Iran
The Washington Post's Anthony Shahid quotes a Saudi academic: "There is one thing important about the ascendance of Iran here. It does not reflect a real change in Iranian capabilities, economic or political. It's more a reflection of the failures on the part of the U.S. and its Arab allies in the region."

01.Feb.2007 What The US Can Learn From Europe About Global Warming
The real trick to effective legislation is in its details, a lesson that the European Union (EU) has learned the hard way as it prepares to cut greenhouse-gas emissions next year under the Kyoto treaty. So many companies emit so much carbon dioxide that the potential market for emissions trading is huge.

01.Feb.2007 US Military Opens High-Tech Rehab Center For War Amputees
Of the over 20,000 US Iraq War wounded, more than 500 have lost limbs and are now dealing with life as amputees. The Pentagon just opened a new rehab center for them at Fort Sam Houston in Texas. The picture shows a line of soldiers arriving for the dedication, marching in one by one, on crutches all of them. Their missing legs made it easier to see how long the line actually was.

01.Feb.2007 MSNBC Live Vote: Do You Should Bush Be Impeached?
Quick! Go vote before they take it down. At this moment in time, 87% say "yes". This was put up at MSNBC, not some radical left website.

01.Feb.2007 The Destruction Of The Myth Of John McCain
Brave New Films put together this devastating film on "Straight Talkin'" John McCain's whack-a-mole positions regarding Iraq, gay marriage + the Christian Right as the champagne smash across the bow of a new website. Video link included.

01.Feb.2007 Secret EAC Reports Reveal Sloppy, Incomplete And Non-Existent Testing By Federal Test Lab For Voting Machines Used Acros
The secret reports do not reveal which election jurisdictions received untested voting machines and are in sharp contrast to public statements by CIBER about its testing program. Such questions --- and secrecy --- however, are par for the course when it comes to the entire process and "oversight" (such as there is any) by the EAC for voting machines and American voting machine companies.

01.Feb.2007 9 Arrested In Anti-war Protests In Congressional Office Buildings
Al Gore: Executive Power And The Constitution Al Gore Speaks out on the expansion of executive power.
01.Feb.2007 Seeing The Full Cheney: America Held Hostage, Year Six Cheney basically told the American people last week: "F**k Off! I am the government. Live with it."
I love satire and when its well done ~ it's priceless in delivering its message. I was hungry for it after hearing the Presidents State of The Union address. Than a reader, Lynda Hendrell, sent me this brilliant piece by Rosa Brooks from the LA Times. Of course, the President's speech was a code meant to be deciphered ~ like the Da Vinci code. How could I have not have known ? Read and enjoy ~

01.Feb.2007 By Clifford Hoeft- We Need To Know The Enemy To Defend America
The education system they built has assured our ignorance, their media distracts our attention, their economic control keeps us servile + their wars keep us seeking the sense of Order our base nature craves through all of the other Chaos they create to divert our energy.

01.Feb.2007 By Roberta Wood - Unions Sue Bush Dept. Of Labor Over Worker Deaths; 50 Deaths, 400,000 Injuries Tied To OSHA's Inaction

01.Feb.2007 By Matt Kjeldsen - Emergency Citizen's Congress
Do you want to take America back from the corporations and the power brokers? Do you want to fix the broken system? Vote for an Emergency Citizen's Congress 00.000.2008.

01.Feb.2007 By Mark Petersen - Is There An Ethical Crisis In The U.S. Today?
What is a crisis? Essentially it involves a point of change; a turning point. Ethics involves moral principles and values, right vs. wrong + standards of conduct. We have reached a turning point in this country; an ethical turning point. A look at a few of the issues and conclusions.

01.Feb.2007 By Michael Watson - Bush Is Buying The Insurance Companies' Propaganda
When Bush takes note of the need for health insurance, it's time to ask what's in it for his biggest campaign contributors.

01.Feb.2007 By Jalil Bahar - Iran's Intellectual Holocaust, Part III --- A Lost Generation
US policy towards Iran aside, its Mullahs in Iran have destroyed a generation, which has either taken solace in drugs or fled the country. In fact, the Iran diaspora is now producing more value than Iran's oil.

The Cheney/Bush living legacy of social injustice, political corruption, economic inequity, racial discrimination and moral hypocrisy is clearly seen in Louisiana and dimly envisaged in Iraq. Hurricane Katrina fully exposed the soft and corrupt underbelly of the Cheney/Bush administration and the media has let them get away with it. Multiply the Cheney/Bush administration's Katrina failures by ten and your looking at Iraq.

01.Feb.2007 By Kent Welton - GROWTHISM & The Ruin Of Everywhere
Given capital's social supremacy, growth is never seen as the problem but, instead, is continually offered up as the only solution to every ill of our corrupt economies and degenerating environments. With capital's mis-measures we then progressively destroy all real wealth and avoid issues of factor parity, natural freedom + population balance. With empty statistics, we then decline in real terms as we "grow."

01.Feb.2007 By Andrew Bard Schmookler - On Polarization And The Moral Pathologies Of America: Two Thoughts
At the root of America's problems is the polarization that has developed in the culture at large, creating two opposing camps that go to battle against each other wielding their half-truths as if they were the whole truth. This is the larger context that the Bushite forces have exploited to come to power. Here I offer two thoughts about this problem of polarization and the means by which it must be overcome.

01.Feb.2007 By Karen Fish - Jesus Christ Commands George Bush To Nuke Iran - George Bush gets ready to strike them all out.
01.Feb.2007 By Richard Dubin - Why Demonstrate - What is gained by demonstrations, what gains an individual might expect by attending such.
01.Feb.2007 By Nicola Nasser - Lebanon Crisis Playing Into Israel's Hands - A second civil war looms in Lebanon while Israel waits in the wings to wrap up last summer's "inconclusive" war.
01.Feb.2007 By Mickey Z. - Hell, High Water, & Corporate Profit - What's the downside of acting as if humans were the sole cause of climate change?

01.Feb.2007 By Joel S. Hirschhorn - Healthy Political Faith
Dissidents exist because placing faith in mainstream politicians is as delusional as George W. Bush believing that sending more American soldiers into the Iraq cauldron is justified. It flies in the face of reality, experience and sanity. The great paradox is that so many people still desperately place faith in politicians. There are better things to place your political faith in.

01.Feb.2007 By Joan Brunwasser - Shopping For Mental Health, The Washington Rally And What The Civil Rights Movement Has To Teach Us
As Susan Brownmiller writes in "My Soul Looks Back in Wonder", "Change in this country comes from people's movements. It doesn't come from electoral politics or legislation. It starts with very special people who declare themselves soldiers in an unpaid volunteer army of the moral, knowing they can really make change."

01.Feb.2007 By Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers - GOP Elders Take That Long Walk To The White House: Transcript
GOP leaders are terrified that CheneyBush's surge plan will doom the party to minority status for a long, long time. Extreme action must be taken. Here's the transcript of that tense Oval Office conversation.

01.Feb.2007 By Jane Stillwater - "Lost" And "September 11": A Tale Of Two Rigged Plane Crashes?
With more spare time at my new job, I thought I'd finally catch up on past seasons of "Lost".

So far it seems there was a plane crash that was secretly caused by people who then posed as victims + it's all very confusing + there is a lot of speculation in the chat rooms about what actually happened.

Sound a lot like 9-11? Yeah.

01.Feb.2007 By Jgideon - 'Daily Voting News' For January 30, 2007 - a run-down of the days elections/voting news from across the country and overseas.

01.Feb.2007 By Ernest Partridge - Only Americans Can Restore America's Honor
The Bush/Cheney administration has done enormous damage to the reputation of the USA throughout the world. But the damage need not be permanent. Not if people and politicians of good will and loyalty to the USA and its principles and traditions act courageously, vigorously and persistently

01.Feb.2007 By David Swanson - Lobbying For Impeachment
Our president took us into war before Congress gave its so-called authorization. He did so without telling Congress or the American people and without Congress appropriating any funds for the purpose. In the summer of 2002, Bush took $2.5 billion � according to the Congressional Research Service � away from other projects, including Afghanistan + used it to build airfields in Qatar and to begin bombing Iraq...

01.Feb.2007 By Steve Young - Methodical Bill O Proves There Are No Other Options To Bush Iraq Policy
And Those Who Say He's Wrong Are Cowards!

01.Feb.2007 By Christopher Patton How Globalism Materially Corrupts And Spiritually Eviscerates, Part 2
Globalism represents itself as the ultimate perpetual wealth machine. Why can't we see through the illusion?

01.Feb.2007 By Kevin Zeese Feingold Asks The Basic Question: What Is Congressional Power To Stop The War?
Sen. Feingold holds hearing that shows Congress has the power, indeed the responsibility to address the Iraq War. And, if it wants to prevent a war with Iran, it better take action to do so.

01.Feb.2007 Woman becomes quadruple amputee after giving birth - Hospital won't tell her why! - BG -
01.Feb.2007 propaganda-machine-working-flat-out-to.html">Propaganda Machine Working Flat-Out To Prepare Us For War With Iran « The Heathlander - BG -
Everyone, it seems, is talking about the upcoming invasion of Iran. Mark Cliffe, chief economist at the ING Group, argues that

The Nuclear Threat
The former Soviet Union leader joins the call for action.- By MIKHAIL GORBACHEV- Jan

1.Jan.2007 today's papers
Resolution Dreams -By Daniel Politi
Los Angeles Times leads with word that German investigators have recommended arrest warrants be issued for 13 American intelligence operatives who were involved with the "extraordinary rendition" of a German citizen. Investigators say Khaled Masri was kidnapped and sent to Afghanistan where he was allegedly beaten and secretly detained for five months before he was released without charges. The Washington Post and New York Times lead with the increasing debate among Republican senators on how best to respond to President Bush's plan to send more troops to Iraq.

USA Today leads with a look at how at least a dozen states are discussing whether they should use their budget surpluses to decrease business taxes in an effort to lure investors. The paper says this is a change since states have traditionally preferred to target personal taxes. The Wall Street Journal tops its worldwide newsbox with news that at least 58 people were killed in Iraq yesterday "during rites" on the Shiite holy day of Ashura. The NYT notes that last year there were less than a dozen people killed on the holiday, but 00.000.2004 at least 180 people died. To continue reading, click here.
01.Feb.2007 The Lonely, The Proud, the Bloggers
(published on 1/30/2007)Got a blog? Then you're probably lonely. This according to new research out of the University of Calgary.
01.Feb.2007 GOP "Widely Divided" Over Plans For Iraq
In advance of a possible Senate vote on the resolutions, Republican senators now appear widely divided over how to proceed.

In trying to head off the resolution supported by Senators Warner + Collins, allies of the White House appear to be trying to muster at least the 41 votes they would need to prevent a vote on the measure under Senate rules.
01.Feb.2007 Wall Street Thinks Future Of Cigarettes "Brighter Than Ever"
For all the industry's apparent troubles, however, the future of cigarettes appears to be brighter than ever.

That at least is the message investors are sending as the Altria Group -- the company once known as Philip Morris and the maker of the world's most popular cigarette, Marlboro -- prepares to split itself by spinning off its Kraft Foods division to shareholders and become, once again, primarily a tobacco company.
01.Feb.2007 Choice for No. 2 at State Dept. Defends Bush's Stance on Iran
John D. Negroponte defended the Bush administration's more confrontational policy with Iran.;en=7ced2db30938af03&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss
01.Feb.2007 Senate Allies of Bush Work to Halt Iraq Vote
The new effort is aimed at preventing a potentially embarrassing rejection of the president's plan to push 20,000 more troops into Iraq.;en=35ffdd731bbb77e5&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss
01.Feb.2007 Warrants Issued in Germany Kidnapping - BERLIN (AP) -

Arrest warrants were issued for 13 people in connection with the alleged CIA-orchestrated kidnapping of a German citizen in the agency's extraordinary rendition program, a Munich prosecutor said Wednesday..

- British Police Arrest 8 on Terror Charges
BIRMINGHAM, England (AP) -- Eight terror suspects accused of planning a kidnapping were arrested in pre-dawn raids Wednesday, police said..

01.Feb.2007 Cuba TV Shows Castro Meeting With Chavez
HAVANA (AP) -- Cuban state television Tuesday showed a video of a healthier looking Fidel Castro meeting with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and saying his recovery was "far from a lost battle," in the first images of the ailing leader in three months..
01.Feb.2007 Has The White House Interfered On Global Warming Reports?
'More than 120 scientists across seven federal agencies say they have been pressured to remove references to &quot;climate change" and "global warming" from a range of documents, including press releases and communications with Congress. Roughly the same number say appointees altered the meaning of scientific findings on climate contained in communications related to their research.
01.Feb.2007 Rogue U.S. Troops Knowingly Bombed British In Iraq - Paul Joseph Watson -British soldiers desperately released friendly fire smoke canisters, before A10 bombers swooped in for a
01.Feb.2007 As White House Plays Anti-Military Card, Troops Go Without Guns, Supplies, Armor - Payson  -

The Bush administration claims that any congressional resolution opposing escalation would hurt the morale of U.S. troops.

“It would be, I think, detrimental from the standpoint of the troops,” Vice President Cheney said last week.

Cheney should spend less time on non-binding resolutions and more on equipping our forces. An audit by the Pentagon’s Inspector General released to Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) shows that U.S. soldiers have had to go without the necessary weapons, armor, vehicles + equipment in Iraq and Afghanistan:

The Inspector General found that the Pentagon hasn’t been able to properly equip the soldiers it already has. Many have gone without enough guns, ammunition + other necessary supplies to “effectively complete their missions” and have had to cancel or postpone some assignments while waiting for the proper gear, according to the report from auditors with the Defense Dept. Inspector General’s office. Soldiers have also found themselves short on body armor, armored vehicles + communications equipment, among other things, auditors found.

“As a result, service members performed missions without the proper equipment, used informal procedures to obtain equipment and sustainment support + canceled or postponed missions while waiting to receive equipment ,” reads the executive summary dated Jan. 25. Service members often borrowed or traded with each other to get the needed supplies, according to the summary.

More bombshells are likely to come soon. Following a letter last year from Slaughter to the Pentagon, the Inspector General’s office reported two ongoing audits into the procurement of armored vehicles and body armor for American soldiers. “The results of those studies will be available in July and October of 2007, respectively,” Slaughter’s office says.
01.Feb.2007 American dream pushed further out of reach. - Amanda  -

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has announced that it wants to “raise the application fee for citizenship from $330 to $595 and the fee for becoming a legal permanent resident from $325 to $905.” 00.000.1991, the application fee for legal permanent residents was just $90. NALEO notes that according to “2000 U.S. Census data, about three out offour Mexican and Central American non- citizen households (74%) have annual incomes of less than $25,000.”
01.Feb.2007 Iranians United With U.S. On Terrorism, Bin Laden, But Oppose Permanent Bases - Faiz  -

A recent poll released by reveals that Iranians are both “very concerned about the danger of terrorism, reject attacks against civilians overwhelmingly + share strongly negative views of Osama bin Laden.” The findings suggest a basis for diplomacy with Iran.

But the results do sound one important note of caution for the Bush administration. If it pursues permanent bases in Iraq, Iranians understand that it will have a negative affect on stability in the region. The American public, on the other hand, appears to be willing to accept permanent bases:

Recommendation 22 of the Iraq Study Group said: “The President should state that the USA does not seek permanent military bases in Iraq.” So far, Bush has refused to do so.

Last year, congressional conservatives quietly stripped a provision from a funding bill that would have prohibited permanent bases in Iraq. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) pushed a provision through the House — which was accepted unanimously — that put Congress on record as saying the U.S. would not be in Iraq forever. Lee recently pledged to continue pushing for the resolution until it is passed by Congress.
01.Feb.2007 Bush Blames Iraq For Widespread Disapproval Over The Economy - Nico  -

“Ladies and gentlemen: The state of our economy is strong,” President Bush told a Wall Street audience today in his second speech this week devoted to shoring up Americans’ disapproval with the economy.

In an interview last night, Bush was asked why only 41 % of Americans approve of his handling of the economy. ABC News’ Betsy Stark said, “Can that be summed up in one word? Can that be summed up as Iraq?” Bush responded, “I think so, yeah,” adding, “We’re in a time of war + war’s unsettling. War’s negative.”

Stark asked Bush why 67 % of Americans believe he doesn’t understand the problems of average people. Bush said, “I think it’s ’cause of the war again + I think people are feeling pretty down about, kind of, things ’cause of the war.” Watch it:

Americans have plenty of reasons beyond Iraq to be frustrated with the economy and worried about their quality of life. From American Progress’ new State of the Economy report.

– Job growth is the weakest on record. Job growth during the current business cycle, beginning in March 2001, has averaged an annualized 0.5 % per month, the lowest of any business cycle since the Great Depression. In fact, this is less than a quarter of the average of all prior business cycles since World War II.

– Sharp spike in costs for necessities. From March 2001 through June 2006, prices for the five largest consumption items–medical care, housing, food, household operation + cars–grew more than twice as fast as they did for the smallest five consumption items. At the same time, college costs continue to soar. (more…)
01.Feb.2007 Gonzales to release warrantless spying details. - Nico  -

“Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Wednesday he will turn over secret documents detailing the government’s domestic spying program, ending a two-week standoff with the Senate Judiciary Committee over surveillance targeting terror suspects,” the AP reports. “The records will be given to Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt. + the panel’s top Republican, Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., who two weeks ago lambasted Gonzales for refusing to turn over documents that even the FISA Court’s presiding judge had no objection to releasing.”
01.Feb.2007 Chicago Tribune blames bloggers for Obama smears. - Amanda  -

The conservative newspaper notes that the smears against Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-IL) background are “a sign of the growing indifference Internet ‘journalism’ presents on the question of truth. Rumor is good enough.

Bibles of blogging are created based on nothing more than rumor.” In reality, Insight Magazine — run by the Washington Times — started the rumors. Bloggers helped dispel them.
01.Feb.2007 Soldier In Iraq Calls Out Bush For Evading His Question About Escalation - Amanda  -

On Monday, NPR senior correspondent Juan Williams interviewed President Bush and asked him a question from Spec. Ryan Schmidt of Forest Lake, MN, who is serving in Iraq: “What if your plan for a troop surge to Baghdad does not work?” Bush avoided answering the question, stating:

Well, I would say to Ryan, I put it in place on the advice of a lot of smart people, particularly the military people who think it will work + let us go into this aspect of the Iraqi strategy feeling it will work . But I will also assure Ryan that we’re constantly adjusting to conditions on the ground.

Williams didn’t press Bush further, instead switching the topic to Iran. But last night on NPR, reporter John McChesney followed up with Schmidt and asked him whether he believed the President adequately answered his question. Schmidt’s response was a resounding “no.” Listen here:


Schmidt added, “For some of us that are over here, particularly me, my unit, we all feel, what’s the point of us being extended if your initial plan to send more troops over here does not work? What are you going to do, Mr. President?” (HT: NPR Check) Transcript: (more…)
01.Feb.2007 CentCom Nominee Refuses To Endorse Bush’s Escalation Strategy - Faiz  -

Admiral William Fallon — Bush’s nominee to replace Gen. John Abizaid as head of U.S. forces in the Middle East — yesterday refused to endorse Bush’s escalation strategy in Iraq. In questioning during his confirmation hearing, Fallon rebuffed repeated attempts by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) –an avowed proponent of escalation — to solicit his endorsement of the new Iraq plan:

GRAHAM: And you would support sending more troops to accomplish that goal?

FALLON: I don’t know how many troops are going to be necessary to effect the outcome that we want. But General Petraeus, in my conversations with him, indicated that he believes he needs these troops now, to get moving…

GRAHAM: And if he said he needed more, you would support him?

FALLON: I don’t know, sir. I haven’t been there yet + I’m not in a position to make that judgment.

GRAHAM: Well, it’s his judgment about 21,500, does it make sense to you?

FALLON: I will better be able to give you an informed answer when I understand the situation better.

Moments later, responding to a question from Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL), Fallon divulged he’s always “felt more comfortable in smaller numbers” rather than a larger force “decorating the landscape”:

FALLON: I cannot tell you with any degree of accuracy what %age of troops or what the numbers are that are effective. And I believe that this is pretty judgmental. It’s pretty subjective, in my opinion, my experience. And it’s one that I am very anxious to gain an appreciation for from our ground commanders.

I’ve always been someone who felt more comfortable in smaller numbers of very effective capabilities than a large number of — whatevers — decorating the landscape. So we’ll be really interested in trying to find out where we really stand with these forces.

President Bush said of Fallon, “[He] has earned a reputation as one of our country’s foremost military strategists.” And like many other military strategists, he appears to have deep concerns about escalation in Iraq.
01.Feb.2007 75,000: - Amanda  - Number of young people who will see Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” documentary this week, as part of Climate Week of Action, the nation’s largest youth mobilization on climate. For more information on what’s happening this week, check out It’s Getting Hot In Here + see photo petitions from students here.
1.Jab.2007 January 31, 2007 - Think Progress  -

Former New York Times reporter Judith Miller testified testified yesterday against the administration official she previously spent 85 days in jail trying to shield. Miller told the jury that “Scooter” Libby was “very irritated and angry” during a June 2003 conversation when he revealed to her that Valerie Plame worked at the CIA.

After months of ethics scandals, Rep. Gary Miller (R-CA) was chosen this month “as the ranking member of a panel charged with investigating financial institutions — even as the FBI was looking into his land deals.” The Hill reports that FBI officials have contacted local officials about Miller’s land deals in the last two months.

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) goes ad hominem on Al Gore.

“Al Gore thinks he can use climate change + global warming — he thinks that’s his ticket to the White House,” Inhofe said yesterday at a Senate hearing on climate change.

A new audit of U.S. reconstruction spending in Iraq shows the State Department “paid $43.8 million to contractor DynCorp International for the residential camp for police training personnel…that has stood empty for months. About $4.2 million of the money was improperly spent on 20 VIP trailers and an Olympic-size pool.” U.S. officials spent another $36.4 million on weapons and body armor that “can’t be accounted for.”

Michael McConnell — Bush’s nominee to be the nation’s new spy chief — works as a $2 million-a-year private consultant with some of the same senior military and intelligence officials he would supervise as director of national intelligence. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) said he would raise concerns about McConnell’s ethical entanglements. “I made it clear that I was going to be asking questions about issues relating to his work with contractors.” (more…)
01.Feb.2007 Congress has the power to end the war in Iraq, - Nico 
- experts told a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing chaired by Russ Feingold (D-WI) today.

“I think the constitutional scheme does give Congress broad authority to terminate a war,” said Bradford Berenson, a Washington lawyer who was a White House associate counsel under Bush from 2001 to 2003.
01.Feb.2007 Post drops Cheney suit. - Nico  -

“The Washington Post has quietly retreated from a legal battle with Vice President Cheney by dropping a lawsuit demanding Secret Service logs of visitors to his office and residence.”
01.Feb.2007 Unity Dow - Portrait einer afrikanischen Richterin - sfux Dr. Alexander von Paleske -

13.Dez.2006 -Als am- das Obergericht von Botswana das Urteil in Sachen Buschmänner gegen die Regierung von Botswana verkündete, da hatte eine Nachrichtenagentur bereits voreilig gemeldet,

die Klage sei abgewiesen worden sei. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt war das Verdikt der dritten Richterin, Unity Dow, die sich nicht nur als Juristin, sondern auch als Schriftstellerin...
Retailers to stop trans-fat use Major UK retailers plan to stop adding harmful trans-fats to their own-brand products.
01.Feb.2007 Chavez gets sweeping new powers Venezuela's assembly approves giving President Hugo Chavez new powers to "transform the country".
01.Feb.2007 Germany issues CIA arrest orders Germany orders the arrest of 13 suspected CIA agents over the alleged kidnapping of one of its citizens.
01.Feb.2007 First bird flu death in Nigeria A Lagos woman is the first person in Nigeria to have died with the deadly H5N1 strain of avian flu, a minister says.
01.Feb.2007 Police hand over Litvinenko file Scotland Yard hands a file on the death of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko to prosecutors.
01.Feb.2007 US interest rates held at 5.25% US interest rates are kept on hold at 5.25% for the fifth time running, amid signs of "firmer" economic growth.
01.Feb.2007 No stoning, Canada migrants told A Canadian town council issues new rules to immigrants telling them not to stone or burn women.
01.Feb.2007 Climate change warning for Sydney A report warns that life in the Australian city of Sydney could be made unsustainable by climate change.
01.Feb.2007 EU to debate data transfers to US Europe's Parliament is to look at how data on air passengers and citizens' bank details is being sent to the US.
01.Feb.2007 US money is 'squandered' in Iraq A huge unused swimming pool is one example of the US reconstruction funds being wasted in Iraq, auditors say.
01.Feb.2007 Consumer spending lifts US growth The US economy grows faster than expected in the last quarter of 2006, lifted by consumer spending.
01.Feb.2007 Wild wolves 'good for ecosystems' Reintroduction of wild wolves into the Scottish Highlands would benefit the ecosystem, a study concludes.
01.Feb.2007 Bin Laden's relative 'murdered' A brother-in-law of al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden is killed in an apparent robbery in Madagascar, relatives say.
01.Feb.2007 Rape prosecutions 'must improve' Police and prosecutors are not implementing measures aimed at boosting rape conviction rates, watchdogs say.
01.Feb.2007 Sowing the Seeds of Surveillance History suggests the spy technology we build to catch terrorists will eventually be used to bust minor scofflaws. Commentary by Jennifer Granick.
01.Feb.2007 Jan. 31, 1958: The Earth's Girdle Scientists have long believed that the planet is surrounded by a radiation belt. Now it's a confirmed fact.
01.Feb.2007 Secret Report on Secret Spy Court
The Congressional Research Service details the workings of the secret court that oversees spying on spies and where the Supreme Court fits into the picture. Plus:

Gonzales will release wiretap orders to Senators. In 27B Stroke 6.
Google beats fourth-quarter estimates Blog: Google's fourth-quarter revenue rose 67 % on continued strength in its cash-cow paid search business, beating analyst estimates....
01.Feb.2007 IBM supports genetic antidiscrimination bill Company backs legislation that would make it illegal to discriminate against someone based on his genetic code.
01.Feb.2007 California Proposes to Ban Incandescent Lightbulbs - ScuttleMonkey 539 - zhang1983 writes to tell us

is reporting that California Assemblyman Llyod Levine wants to make his state the first to ban incandescent lightbulbs with the "How Many Legislators Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb Act". The act will promote Compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) to replace the inefficient incandescent lightbulbs. According to him, "Incandescent lightbulbs were first developed almost 125 years ago + since that time they have undergone no major modifications, meanwhile, they remain incredibly inefficient, converting only about 5 % of the energy they receive into light."
Why You & Yahoo Should Like This Human Rights Law - CmdrTaco 150 - Regular contributor Bennett Haselton has written in to say that

"The Global Online Freedom Act, introduced last year during a firestorm of controversy over American companies cooperating with totalitarian governments in China and elsewhere, was introduced this month as the Global

00.000.2007 -Online Freedom Act of --

00.000.2006 -When Chris Smith (R-NJ) first introduced the law- Yahoo was under fire for recently turning over information to Chinese authorities that led to the arrest of a political dissident, Microsoft was attacked for removing pages from MSN Spaces China at the behest of the government, Google was being criticized for removing political sites from search results displayed to China + Cisco was accused of helping to enable Chinese filtering of the Web. All four corporations testified at a

00.Feb.2006 House hearing during which Representative Tom Lantos summed up the mood of many of his colleagues by telling the companies, "I do not understand how your corporate leadership sleeps at night." The companies protested that they had no choice but to comply with local Chinese laws, but that they were troubled by their own actions + -- in a rarity for individual tech companies, much less for a chorus -- they all invited the U.S. government to play a bigger role, while being vague about what the role should be."
UK Greens Declare Vista Bad For Environment - kdawson 254 - schwaang writes

"The UK Green Party says that Vista's DRM requirements will force many unnecessary hardware upgrades. Quoting: 'There will be thousands of tonnes of dumped monitors, video cards + whole computers that are perfectly capable of running Vista — except for the fact they lack the paranoid lock down mechanisms Vista forces you to use. That's an offensive cost to the environment. Future archaeologists will be able to identify a "Vista Upgrade Layer" when they go through our landfill sites.'"